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Mce, No. SI Clark Street*
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club »w.w
mr Money la Registered Letter, nay be seat at
fmr The remittance for clno> most, in all caeca,
he made at on time.
Addreas “CHICAGO TRIBUNE," Chicago, HI.
Cljiccgo ®ribniw.
jy See the Ineldc, third pore, where will he
found three columns oi “Wants," For Sale,
Amusements and Auction advertisement*. An
immenee “ ad ” on the fourth page occasions the
t:aoEfcr to the ineldc.
The news from Western Virginia is of
especial local Interest, os relating to onr
■brave Irish regiment under the command of
Col. Mulligan, the hero of Lexington.
Our sjKfcinl dispatches from Cincinnati, de
scribes tbc late retrograde movement of onr
forces from Dandridge hack to Knoxville, a
distance of thirty-live miles. It was a most
•disgroccfhl affair, Shockingly managed, and
needlessly precipitate. A vast amount of
unimal food was unnecessarily lost. Other
ucconnte state that large quantities of cloth
ing were also abandoned to the rebels.
Ever since Gen. Burnside left East Ten
nessee, and Gen. Foster took command,
things have * been at loose ends, and
have been going on from bad to worse.
By bis order, it seems the advance was made
to Dandridge, by troops without artillery or
ammunition for a fight Gen. Longstreet
perceiving tbc advantage moved forward to
encounter them, when our troops beat a
busty retreat, which was accelerated
into a flight sacrificing stores, clothes,
food, catUc, hogs—everything, and now onr
*oldlere arc suffering for the want of the very
property destroyed orabandoned. We repeat,
the affairs of that department have been bad
ly managed since Gen. Burnside left. Scho
field cannot do worse if ho tries, and any
change must be tor the better.
In common with the public generally we
bare supposed that large fortunes were to be
made along the Mississippi by renting the
plantations abandoned by the rebels. Dor
present information leads us to the belief
that there is likely to be great difficulty and
danger for those who engage In his business,
especially during the coming year. A gentle
man just returned from Hatebez where he had
gone to rent a plantation assures us that the
withdrawing of our troops from various
points along the Mississippi has left the peo
ple no protection, and hence those who had
gone down “to possess the land” are
returning in large numbers. Twenty
*rnm«> up on the boat with our informant
And besides, the eecesh arc largely returning,
•f jit-tug the oath of allegiance, and claiming
their plantations. Of forty offered near.
Goodrich's Landing, seventeen were thus
inVffp by their former owners. Of these, one
•was Kit Hamilton, tUI recently on the rebel
General Gail HamUtonls staff The troops
were withdrawn and concentrated for the
great expedition from Memphis and Vicks
burg into the interior of Dixie. Of these we
Lave more informal! ontiian it Is prudent now
to publish. As at present advised, therefore,
we would suggest to all who have good situ
ations, that until matters become more set
tled along the Mississippi, It a ill be far safer
smd better for them to remain where they are,
rather than to risk life and all they have in
the doubtful exj»criment of making a fortune
by raising cotton. If yon have “a sure
thing,” keep tt.
pgr* The safe men -arc never without a
Lone to pick with one another. Elsewhere
in our columns, to-day, will be found a very
substantial Herriug~ho»e. The discovery and
application of Franklinite ore marks an era
in a class of iron mannfactnre, which espec
ially requires the qualities that the Franklin-
Itc affords.
Sliamclal Kllltarf Klsmanazement><
Retreat oronr Army belore a band*
ini of Rebels*
[BpccUl Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune-] “TP
CzKOOfKATi, Feb. 2,1861.
The history of the late scare in East Ten
nessee is published in the Gazette., this morn
ing. The following is a synopsis:
The 4tb and 24th Army Corps were ordered
to concentrate at Dondridge, some thirty-five
miles from Knoxville, with the nnderstand
ing that they wonld remain in the region
thereabouts until tbc supplies of the county
were exhausted. It was well known that
X-ongstrect was in front with a strong force
well famished with the munitions of war,
and eager to wipe out the disgrace of his de
feat at Knoxville. This advance movement
was made, but no sooner completed than
Xongetrcet, jealous of the the territory thus
occupied, advanced to give battle, and onr
forces were thereupon ordered to retire has
tily. It appears that onrforces in their hasty
change of base, did not destroy the bridge at
Strawberry Plains. They set fire to it, but
did it in such a panic style that before they
were out of sight the fire was out and the
rebels w ere crossing over. Leaving a natur
ally strong position at Strawberry Plains
which being only 1C miles from Knoxville,
and on the line of the Railroad, was a most
•valuable outpost, Onr whole army hurried
over the river, destroyed what it could not
conveniently cany along, and allowed an in
significant squad of4oo or 500 cavalry to har
rass and prey upon its rear up to within four
miles oi the city, and before our very eyes to
drive away 7,000 hogs and 1,000 head of cat
tle, a part of which were afterward recap
tured by a few hundred determined cavalry,
cent out from here for that purpose; and now
ns jin offset to this humiliating sheep's run
allnir, wc are semi-officially informed that
tbe movement was simply made to secure a
l>ig pile’ of com which is supposed to be
somewhere in the left valley of the French
| tit appears that Longstrcct's main force is
yet back in the vicinity of Dandridge, per
haps Boll's Gap, and it is believed by many
who arc well informed, that he has no inten
tion whatever of pressing bis present advan
tage, for advantage it evidently is.
Refugees from the front state that Long
street is conscripting all white males be
tween 20 and 50, and negroes indiscriminate
ly. Prisoners boldly assert that he will be
driven out $f East Tennessee before six weeks.
The Provost Marshal's office at Knoxville
is thronged with citizens anxious to go north.
The correspondent concludes by saying in
italics, Let it he plainly understood, the De
portment of Ohio is in a wretched condition
We must have more energy and efficiency at
head-quarters before we can accomplish the
full measure of our duty. Scvcralhand-blUs.
such as have been circulating among the
rebel soldiers at Dalton have been received In
this city. It protests violently against the
movement to conscript those volunteer regi
ments whose term of enlistment is about to
terminate. It counsels resistance against
ench unheard of tyranny.
The 4lh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, re-culist
<*J, will arrive to-night.
Washington. Feb. 3.—The following was
received at headquarters of the army today:
yABPYn.Lt, Feb. S, ISBI.
Gen. Bodge reports that oa the 24th nil. oar
forces under Col. Phillips drove Roddy to the
sooth side of the Tennessee River, and captured
alibis trains, consisting of over SO mule teams,
200 bead of cattle, 60 > bead of sheep, and about
300 head of horses and moles, and destroyed a fac
tory and min which bad largely sapplled him.
(Signed) John A. Rawlins, Brig. Qca.
Tbo Opera.
The opera troupe is under a cloud. Lorinlcoatin
see ill and laboring under a heavy cold, which ne
cessitated the performance of La Favorite last
evening instead of Trovatore. The house was
crowded with a eplcndld audience, drawn out by
the expectant melodies of Verdi, and although
there was a shade of disappointment at the change,
et 111 the audience evidently appreciated the circum
stances and gave the Favorite a handsome recep
.Railroad Bali .-To-night one of the marked
..events of the fashionable season will transpire at
the Trcmont House. It Is the Annual Railroad
yialL, got np under the management of gentlemen
.connected with the Chicago, Alton ana ShLoula
Railroad. Its entire success, in all respects, la
insured. ,
Musical Union.—A rehearsal under the direc
tion of Ur. Charles Ansorge, will take place at
their Hall, "in the Methodist Church Block, this
MAsquxnans.—The masquerade progresses
nnoce, and promises to be a marked success. It
Uin the hands of the right kind of manager*.
Obey understand the work they have to do. and
»cd will do it in a manner that will be sore to
gratify those who will attend.
Mnsxu*.—There was a large crowd at the Mu
seum-over *ix hundred In.aU-to see old Nep
tune, w ho will in a few days take his departure for
the East, The Invisible Lady is not yet quite
joady to cAotr hortdt She will .be icady to n»
«eive calls is a few days.
€hichM OVUumu
Resignation of Judge Skinner Ac
cepted-Appointment of E. B.
UcCagg as'Vresident.
The readers of the Tamm have been made
aware ol the fact that some time ago Hon. Mark
Skinner bad tendered hie resignation as President
of the Chicago branch of the Sanitary Commis
sion, which was not acted upon, the Commission
believing that be might be induced to reconsider
his determination. That hope was, however, not
fulfilled, and a meeting was held on Monday last,
at which the resignation was accepted, and Ezra
B. McCegg was elected to AH the vacancy. The
following resolutions were offered by Bev. W. W.
Patton, DJ)., and unanimously adopted:
That in accepting with great regret
and after .vain efforts to secure its withdrawal, the
resignation of the Hon. Hark Skinner, the Pre«-
dem| of this body from the commencement of its
operations, the North Western Sanitary Commis
sion feels it to be dne alike to him and themselves,
to place on record their unanimous testimony to
the ability, courtesy, devotion and fidelity with
which he has discharged the duties of his respon
sible and self denymgpoeltltm, mcetlngwlth cuar-
Jeristic urbanity, candor, Intcligence and decision
the difficult questions and conflicting Interostajeon
nected with the Sanitary operations at home and
In the field; making large sacrifices of time, pecu
niary emolument and personal ease and health, in
gratuitous labors for the dekandwounded soldiers
and the salvation of the country; treating with
uniform consideration and honorable deference,
his associates in the Commission; representing
this North Western Branch In the meetings of. the
Parent organization to the mntnal satisfaction and
advantage of both bodies: nroenringifor this Com
mleeionbybispersonallnfluence and well-earned
reputation, a large place lu tbc confidence of the
loyal public; and steadily rotating to allow the
success of this Commission and his own popularity
as its President to be prostituted to any party or
eelfit-hends. ...
fitfdted, That In parting from their honored
President, the members of the Commission would
express their earnest hope and prayer for the
speedy and entire recovery- of the health imoaired
by hie service in the cause of humanity and pat
riotism, and their expectation that be and they
will soon bave occasion to rejoice In the close of
Banitarr operations by the triumph of loyalty, lib
erty ana the Union, over treason, slavery and the
Let ofrsrf, That a copy of these resolutioßslbe pre
sented to Eon. Mart. Sid oner* and that one be also
furnished for publication in the dally papers.
On motion. Ezra B_McCagg Esq. was then elect
ed to fill the vacancy, occasioned by the resignation
of Jadge Skinner ae President of the Commission,
and Cyras Bentley, Eaq., was appointed Corres
ponding Secretary..
While every patriot will regret the illness which
has deprived the Sanitary Commission of the in
valuable services of its late President, it Is caose
of congratulation that his place will be so worthi
ly filled. Ko more efficient officer coaid be found
than Mr. HcCagg, a gentleman who is in every
wav fitted to meet the responsibilities of the po
sition, and will folly sustain the high character
which the commission has gained.
[Special Dispatch to the-Chicago Tribune.)
Foot Smith, Art., Feb. 3, 1864.
A terrific storm swept over the entire
Southwest last Sunday.. About 11 o'clock in
the morning It rose to a tornado, which raged
with tremendous violence some twenty min
ntes, and extended over a portion of the In
dian Territory and down the Arkansas Val
ley. Immense damage was done. The tele
graph lines were prostrated for miles. That
to little Eockwas almost destroyed.
Brig. Gen. Thayer has arrived at Fort Smith
from little Rock. He took command yes
The river Is becoming more free of ice.
There is five feet dear on the bars, and ris
ing. The rise has amounted to eight feet
thus for since Sunday night
Gen. Thayer, accompanied'by his staff and
his wife, was out in all. the. Sunday storm.
They Buffered terribly while the tornado
raged, being unable to obtain shelter.
The Union Convention in Utile Rock has
nominated Judge Isaac Murphy as Provision
al Governor, and haveorganized a Provisional
State Government ltd proceedings are to be
submitted to a vote ofjthe people in May next
County officers will bo elected in May; in
some parts of the State in March.
Major F. J. Anderson, Chief of Staff here,
has been relieved from duty here at his own
request He will join Gen. Blunt at Leaven
worth in a few days.
Wabhixotok, Feb. Z, 1661.
An amendment was'agreed to striking out
the S4OO commutation, thus leaving it S3OO.
The following clause was secured oat of
tbe bill: “Ana if any drafted man shall pay
money for the procuration of a substitute,
such payment shall operate ’ only to relieve
each persons from the draft in filling the
quota, and his name shall he retained on the
roll in filling future quotas without farther
The committee rose. A bill was reported
for a ship canal for war vessels, from the MU
siseiopl to the northern lakes.
TlTe House went Into Committee on Amend
meats to the Enrollment bill.
Mr. MTERS of Pa, proceeded to show
that if, as had been asserted, the draft was
unpopular, it was because of certain traitors
who bad striven by their speeches to render
it odious.
Mr. WILLIAMS of Fa., made a speech in
favor of a droit.
The debate here closed, and the Committee
proceeded to discuss the amendments.
Washisotos’, Feb, 8.
The enrollment bill- was postponed until
The report of the Committee on the Judici
ary in the Hale case was adopted, and the
Committee discharged.
On motion of Mr. FESSENDEN, the Senate
took up the House Revenue Bil as reported
from the Committee of Finance with amend
Mr. FESSENDEN, explained at length the
effect and merits of the Committee's amend
ments*. ' •-
Farther consideration of the Revenue Bill
was postponed until to-morrow.
Mr. SUMNER, of Mass., presented a pro
test of the Germans in Boston against the
President's scheme, .of reconstrnnion. Re
ferred. •
The hill repealing the acts allowing foreign
goods to be imported into Canada through
the United States, or exported from Canada
through, was referred to the Committee on
Foreign Relations. *
The bill establishing an uniform ambulance
system was passed.
A resolution was introduced equalizing the
pay of soldiers.
After an executive cession, the Senate ad
New Tore, Feb. B.—The steamer America,
from Bremen, ria Southampton 20th of Jan
nary, has arrived. £200,000 in specie was
sent from the Bonk of England to France.
The demand lor discount in London Is
heavy. Consols 90j£a90j£ for money. Rebel
loan 84a44. 1
The French Admiral Hamlin is dead.
It alt. —The Diriiio has been seized for
publishing Garibaldi’s address, announcing
the formation of a committee to promote
Italian union.
The Berlin journals assert that Denmark is
ready to participate in the conference propo
sed by England, provided France will.
Prince Charles leaves Berlin on the 20th
v, Ith his staff
Thirty-two thousand Prussian troops were
dispatched to Holstein, via Hanover, who
would cross the Elbe without halting.
Austrian troops <br Schleswig were forwar
ded on the 20th, by special trains, carrying
1,000 men each.
?ia Berlin it is asserted that the Austrian
lower bouse refuses the ten million credit de
manded by the Government for the expenses
of the occupation of Schleswig.
•La France asserts that Prussia's and Aus
tria's first act will be to order Prince Angust
cnberg to quit Holstein.
The Wiener Zeltung says: If the small
Stales bad forseen that the Great Powers in
tended to uphold. the London treaty under
all circumstances, they would have voted for
occupation at the outset.
The DogSadet says that Denmark cannot
comply with Austria's and Russia's ultima
tum. What happens depends on the eventu
alities of Europe and Germany. In case of
war, the German armies require four weeks
to collect the necessary strength. By them
the Banish army will be larger than ever,and
fortified with works'able to bold In check
an enemy twice as strong.
An almost Immediate return of the Bank
of England's rate to 8 per cent, is looked
The Austrian force for Schleswig will hard
ly number 20,000 men..
Latest.—lt Is stated that, an English
squadron would be ordered to Heligoland.
The Bank of England has raised its rate of
interest to 8 per cent
It is reported that, Saxony and Hanover
will allow free passage to lAustrian-Prassian
troops. These will march without delay in
to Schleswig.
The London' Tima of the 21st has a report
that Denmark bos offered to suspend the ob
noxious constitution and address. If such
an offer has been made, It will for a time
avert the Imminent-danger of war.
Exdfement in Edgar County.
TVftttg Haute, lud., Feb. B.—Considera
ble excitement phcvaUa at Paria, DL, in con
sequence of an anticipated attack on return
ed soldiers by butternuts of that vicinity.
The citizens of Paris have telegraphed here
for aid. ’
Col. Mulligan’s Irish'
Brigade Attacked by
a Rebel Force.
The War in Arkansas—Our
Fort Smith. Dispatch.
Matters Congressional
and Military.
Rumored Excitement in Ed-
gar County, 111.
Late Foreign and Pacific. News,
<Sco., <Scc., <Scc.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Ctn cuts ATI, Feb. 8,1834.
The rebel Gen. Early la making one of his
periodical incursions into Western Virginia.
On the 29th a train of about eighty wagons
was sent out from Hew Creek heavily laden
with commissary stores for the garrison at
Petersburg, escorted by 800 men of CoL Mul
ligan's 33d Illinois, (Irish Brigade), 4th Vir
ginia cavalry, 2d Maryland, Ist and 6th Vir
ginia infantry and one hundred of the Ring
gold cavalry. It was suddenly attacked three
miles south of Williamsport by 2,000 rebels.
A hard fight ensued, lasting oil the afternoon
At night our forces were forced to retreat,
losing the wagon train and leaving eighty
killed and wounded on the field. The rebel
less Is supposed to be about the same. The
Illinois Irish regiment lost heavily.
The rebels next turned to attack the garri
son at Petersburg, which was saved by the
speedy abandonment of the post. The rebel
Gens. Rosser end Gilmore are once more in
the saddle and Imboden is also moving.
Gen. Kelly Is preparing to dispute their
further advance.'
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. S, 186t
Gov. Brough received dispatches this after
noon from Gallatin on the Ohio River (this
State) stating that the steamer Levi, with
Gen. Bcommon on hoard, was captured this
morning at Reed House on the Kanawha. Ho
further particulars.
Hew Tobk, Fcb.S.— -A. special to the Her
otfpSated Headquarters, Western Virginia,
Feb. 2,8 p. m., states: CoL Mulligan this
morning drove the enemy from and re-occu
pied Burlington and Moorfield Junction, in
Patterson Creek Valley. At noonSOO of Ros
ser's rebel cavaliy attempted to bum North
Branch and Patterson Creek bridges and cat
the telegraph. They were driven without
doing serious damage. The fires were put
out and the rebels pursued by the Pennsylva
nia cavalry.
The trade restrictions In Western Virginia
ore removed by tbe Secretary of the Treasury.
Baxtjmoee, Feb. 3.—A special to theAm-r
--ican, dated Cumberland, Md-, Feb. S, 12 m.,
The guard of one company of infantry
posted at Patterson Creek bridge, eight miles
east of Cumberland, was attacked, at ISO
6, m. yesterday, by 500 cavalry under CoL'
osscr. and oner a spirited resistance, in
which two of onr men were killed and tea
wounded, the greater part of the company
were captured. This accomplished, the reb
els set fire to the bridge, and leaving it to its
destruction, started on with their prisoners.
The employees of the Railroad Company suc
ceeded in staying the fire, and saved the
bridge, with only partial damage.
Gen. AverQl, with his command, who bad
been sent oot from Martinsburg by Gen.
Kelly, this morning overtook the rebels, near
Springfield, and a severe engagement ensued.
Ihe rebels were driven through Spriugfield,
and thence to and south of Burlington. Many
of the rebels were killed and wounded, and
onr captures arc large, including the recovery
of onr men token yesterday, ana many horses.
Tbc enemy are being hotly pursued by our
The intended raid on tbe Creek has been
thwarted by Gen/Averill’s quick movements
and the other ample arrangements whereby
their unimportant success is turned into a
complete rout and discomfiture. The Balti
more and Ohio Railroad is now clear of the
enemy, and the fall operation of tbe line will
be at once resumed.
[bpedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
WASUDfOTOS, Feb. 3, 1813.
A caucus ofEepublican members of thcHonse
called for to-night will have several questions
brought before it The principal and most
important one relates to resolutions prepar
ed by Henry Winter Davis, chairman of the
select committee on reconstmction. Which
in general purport affirm that reconstruction
is an affair for the whole Government and not
thc|Execntive Department; to he effected by
legislation and not proclamation. An effort
will probably also be made to fixtbebonrfor
the close of the debate on the confiscation
The statement of the Copperhead journals
that at the senatorial caucus night before last,
all the speeches were against Mr. Lincoln,
is unfounded. Two Senators criticised his
course, especially for tardiness in the matter
of enlisting colored soldlors, and for bis ac
tion on Missouri aflairs, but then defended
his policy as a whole.
The bin reported by Mr. Arnold, from the
Committee on Roads and Canals, and recom
mitted for the construction of a ship canal
from the Mississippi Hirer to the Great
Lakes is substantially the same as that de
feated last year, Frank Blair Introduced a
a hUI to-day for the establishment of an
Assay office at St. Louis.
A bill was introduced in the House to-day
instructing the Judiciary Committee to in
quire Into the propriety of so amending the
Confiscation Act, as to provide in the sales
of plantations of over five hundred acres, for
a division into lots of not over one hundred
and sixty acres. This, like the bill intro
duced in the Senate looks to the extension
of the Homestead Laws to confiscated lands
for the benefit of soldiers.
Gen. Schofield's nomination was not re
ported back from the Military Committee, as
expected, to-day.
The plan for doing away with the difficulties
and delays in the movement of steamboats
on Western waters, experienced last season,
from scarcity of fuel, devised by Capt, W. T,
Burch, Quartermaster at Louisville, and en
dorsed by Gen. Robt. W. Allen, was adopted
to-day by the War-Department The plan is
to engage 6,000 newly arrived German and
Irish laborers in New Tork, and other East
ern parties, to organize them into working
parties of one hundred each, in charge of
proper officers and distribute them at suita
ble points along the river. It also proposes
to arm end drill these laborers, so as to make
♦bpm available for repelling guerilla attacks,
for keeping the river banks dear of the ene
my, and protecting Government plantations.
One dollar per cord to be allowed to wood
choppers. It is expected that the plan will
do a wav with the necessity of supplying coal,
and save the Government nearly $3,000,000
during the present year. It is also expected
that these laborers can be : engaged for the
aamepnrpoee In Canada, as stated in official
letters from American consuls, v .
Capt, Burch was forme rtf cbmmlfifcfcner' of
emigration for lowa.
The Lieutenant General T>Ul is likely to meet
with considerable opposition in the Senate.
It is anticipated that if passed at all it will
be modified, thereby striking out the clatfae
making the Lieutenant General commander'
©fall the clause recommend
ing Grant for the appointment The opinion
is entertained in high quarters tbattf passed
In its present shop? it would greatly* embar
rass the President and War Department, and
that in view; of the very friendly relations be
tween Gens. ITalleck and Grant the latter
would decline to accept a promotion which
would displace the former.
The military hospitals here are rapidly* be
ing cleared, There were ten thousand vacant'
beds to-day.
Inr anticipation of the passage by the .Sen
ate of House amendment to Internal Revenue
Bill exempting from income and certain oth
er taxes Consuls of those foreign govern
ments under which onr own consuls ore ex
empt, the Secretary of State has prepared a
circular to our consuls Inquiring concerning
their treatment in this respect.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
WAsnDforesr, Feh. 3,1861.
The Senate Military Committee have report
ed back a’bfll providingjor tbe examination
of all paymasters, quartermasters and com
missaries) in the service, with, an amendment
thot.the Board of Examination shall act un
der oath to decide Impartially and not divulge
the rote of any member.
The Senate Judiciary Committee reported a
bill to prevent members of-Cbagresa, or any
Government employee, from taking fees for
the prosecution of claims, .or appearing as
consul in any military court, any commission,
bureau, or department of* tbe Government,
under a penalty of a fine not exceeding $lO,-
000, and imprisonment noi exceeding two
Mr. Wade introduced a bill repealing the
act of March 3d, 1845, authorizing the tran
sit of Imported goods through the United
States to Canada dnty free..
The Senate passed the. Ambulance bill to
day, as reported by the Military Committee,
with an amendment authorizing them to use
the horse and mule litter, lor the transporta
tion of wounded when judged expedient by
the Medical Inspectors of the army.
The, House Committee on Public Expendi
tures are vigorously proseceting their inves
tigations into the Ncw.York Custom House
frauds. It has leaked ont that the Commit
tee has already ferreted out enough to se
riously implicate certain high officials and
ex-officials, and to show a state of things de
manding instant and radical reform.
Mr. Baird, constructor of the engines of
the steamer Kin Kiang, and Sir. Oliphant, her
owner, were on board the naval steamer Eu
t&u on the recent trial trip. Beth express
the opinion that the Eutau will outran the
Ki nKiang at sea, though’the latter might be
faster in smooth water.. Naval officers affirm
that the Eutaw will out run aoy thing afloat
in any kind of water.
The Commissioner on Internal Revenue has
decided that the tax of oao-elghth of one per
cent os the average amount of bank deposits,
applies to savings institutions, and all associa
tions, coiporatlons, or- individuals, receiving
deposits subject to. payment on check or
draft A balance occurring in daily business
between banks in cities Is not taxable.
Gratz Brown to-day presented a memorial
of 300 citizen!* of Harrison county, Mo.,
complaining that all loyal military companies
there had been disbanded and disarmed, and
the disloyal armed and placed over them.
The first signer of the memorial was Gen.
Leslie Combs.
Mr. Brown said that Harrison conntiy is
one of the most thoroughly loyal counties in
the State, and contained only four slaves.
The memorial was referred to the Joint
Committee on the Conduct of the War.
The Senate Committee on Foreign Rela
tions have agreed to report a bill providing
for tbe appointment of a Commission to ex
amine and report for the action of Congress
the French Spoliation claims.
The only difference between tbe army ap
propriation bill reported to-day and the esti
mates of the War Department are as fol
The par of the regular army is two mil*
lonslcss, the appropriation' fbr subsistence,
one million greater.
The court-martial of CoL Mcßeynolds, Ist
New York cavalry, on charges of Maj. Gen.
■Wilcox, for neglect of duty at Winchester
last summer is in session, to-day.
The Court engaged on findings of the
Military Commission, President, Major Gen.
Doubleday, hare convicted Military Detective
Hommil of larceny and sentenced him to
three years imprisonment in the Penitentia
ry, and to refund the stolen money.
Wm. Tohen in charge of the contrabands at
Cairo, for assisting in abducting contrabands
and selling them into slavery in Kentucky,
was sentenced to five years in the peniten
The court-martial of Surgeon General Ham-
mond alter sitting steadily for eight days, has
not yet concluded the examination of the scc-
ond witneses.
Three hundred and fifty pages of testimony
Lave been taken, and over eighty witnesses
arc summoned. Dr. Cooper, Pnrevyor of
Philadelphia, the witness still on the stand,
to-day detained orders from the Snrgeon Gen
eral to Wyeth & Bro., of Philadelphia,
amounting to $537,000, besides large transac
tion with Stephens of New York, all of which
it is charged, are tainted with illegality and
[Spedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Feb. 3,1864.
After two hours general speech-making the
House went to work on the enrollment bill
The first proposition, by Mr. Holman, of In
diana, to strike out the commutation clause
altogether, was rejected by a vote of twenty
six to seventy-three, most In the affirmative.
The Republican amendment, moved by
Thad. Stevens, in effect leaving the commu
tation clause precisely as in the present law,
subject to the construction of the War De
partment, was adopted, by tellers, seventy
nine to forty-nine. All Copperheads voted
in the affirmative.
H. Winter Davis moved and supported in a
strong speech an amendment confirming the
operation of the commutation clause to
clergymen, .Quakers and persons on whom
wives, children or others ore dependant lor
support Fending this the House adjourned.
In the Senate Mr. Fessenden called np the
Internal Revenue bill, and spoke half an
hour on the amendment of the Finance Com
mittee. He sold the Committee were not
legislating on the morals of the community,
but endeavoring to obtain the greatest
amount of revenue for the Government. He
condemned whisky and the whisky manufac
turers ought to he treated like other subjects
for taxation, not as objects of punishment
and legislative vengeance.
The paper question was how to obtain the
most money not merely this year but for a
series ofyears. 'He believed whiskey would
hear a higher rate of taxation than, that pro
posed in the House hill. The committee
therefore adopted 80 cents after next Jan
Mr. Fessendenis himselfin favor of Impos
ing a part additional tax on stock on hand
not heretofore taxed, as a matter of expedi
ency though he deemed the principle of ret
rospective taxation os wrong.
As for re-taxing an article which has already
raid a tax; such a thing was never known in
the history of the world. The question was
settled as fer as Congress was concerned, two
years ago, when both houses relhsed to tax
stock on hand, although the amount of reve
nue which might have been realized then
was much greater than now. He considered
that the stability of commerce and good faith
of the Government has greater consequence
than slight temporary advantage id revenue.
The Committee believed, from the best evi
dence accessible, that the stock. on hand
amounted to half a million barrels, from
which, it all are relaxed, $5,000,000 might he
derived; but it is Impossible, with the pres
ent internal revenue machinery, to reach any
except in the hands of distillers and large
holders. v
The Senate proceeded with the coneidera
tion of ±hc bill, and adopted verbal amend
ments, when, on motion of Hendricks, ot
Indiana, it was postponed till to-morrow.
A large majority of EepublkanUnlonmem
bers of the House met in caucus this eve
ning, Mr. Morrill in the chair; Mr. Elliott
of Mass., Secretory. They agreed that after
a srcech by Mr. Wbodbhdge of Vu, to-mor
row, the previous question should be called,
on the Confiscation Joint Resolution, and
the Enrollment bill, which comes up next,
shall be disposed of as speedily as possible.
It was also agreed tlat the Union members
of both Hearts be Invited to meet in caucus at
an early day to devise measures for securing
greater unity olastion in legislation and in
the approoching'poUtical contest.
Much genencrof debate ensued, lasting till
eleven o’clock, in the course of which* Win
ter Davis argued the importance of Congres
sional action with reference to the re-organ
laatioo of rebel States, that al\ depots of* the
Government might work in harmony in the
matter referring especially to the blit
on the subject about to* be reported from hi*
Committee. The presidential question was
nottouched oh directly or indirectly.
WasAikoton, Feb. 3d.—The Ways and
Means Committee have informally considered
the petroleum and tobacco, A‘delegation of
butchers were before the Committee to-day
remonstrating against any increased tax on
beeves. .
A epecfalcoswnlttco to Inquire into the ex
penditures of the Naval Department will meet
to-morrow. Tie matter first investigated Is
•to be that concerning purchases made by cr
uder of the department not in. accordance with
llhe laws where exhorbitantprices wore paid.
> The SenuteMUxtery Committee have passed
[upon a largo*number of military nomina
! lions.
Gen. SebofioHPh nomination, together with
many others were postponed.
Tbe Senato’sOfc'Viil Committee also passed
upon all naval! nominations before them.—
They likewise considered and will report a
UH to equalize * the grade or line officers In
the navy.
The specials Jbaf says the commit
tee on ways andvneans will undoubtedly obey
the instructloD3*ef the House yesterday in
the attempt to increase the income of Gov
ernment very largely by increased taxation.
Mr. of New York, introdu
ced in the House fco-day a blit to construct a
chip canal aronnd’Ntvgara Falla.
Gen. McClelland report Is out.
Mr.- Lovejoy remains very 18.
The Supreme Courtis still considering the
case of Greene C. Bronson vs. the La Crosse
and Milwaukee R. E. Co., and three other
cases in that connection. There is mnch en
tanglement and the issue involves $750,000.
The amendments- reported by Senator
Trumbull to-day, tothe law forbidding mem
bers of Congress from acting as agents for
presentation of cloßhs, &c., proposes to re
peal tbe provision which precludes them
trom acting os counsel or agents in any coart
or before any commission.
Heads of Departments, Chle& of Bureaus,
Clerks and other officers of the Government,
arc prohibited from accepting pay for ser
vices in connection with claims, contracts or
accusations, before any department, or mili
tary or naval commission. The fine on con
viction is limited to SIO,OOO and two years
imprisonment, sA tbe discretion of the court
trying the same.
The Senate to-day in executive session, con.
firmed the following appointments:*
W. B. H. Waters, as Receiver of Public Monies,
at Nebraska City..
Alexander McCready, to be Receiver ofTnlGlc
Monies, nt Docotah City.
Jobs. W. Bails, to bo It ec elver of Public Monies,
at Vermillion.
Ralph S. Doit,,to be Receiver of Pnbllc Monies,
at San Francisco.
F. E. Adame, to bo Receiver of Public Monies at
Humboldt, Romos.
Wm. A Meiriweathcr, to be United States Mar
shal for Kentucky.
Washington, Feb. B.—The Senate yester
day In Executive Session, confirmed the fol
lowing nominations:
. James Duane Doty, to be Governor cc’Utah.
Edward A. Rollins, of New Hampshire, to be
Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue.
John N_ Goodwin, of Maine, to be-,Governor of
Arizona. '
Commander D. D. Porter, to bo Rear Admiral in
the DiTT, from July 4th, 18C3.
Captain John Rodgers, to be Commander in the
navy, from June 17th, 1>63,
Newton Edwards, to be Governor of Dacotab.
Ames Reed, to be Secretary c f the Legation to
Utah. ;•
TV. A. Woods, of lowa, to boßoapital Chaplain,,
under the act ofMay, 1662.
O. B. Irish, to be Snporinbndent of Indian Af
faire for Utah.
Five hundred rebel prisoners at Point
Lookout have been enlisted in the U. & ser
vice, Aboni 8,000 more have petitioned to
be allowed to take the oath under the Am
nesty proclamation,
Washington, Feb. 3. —Orders have been
lorwarded to the military authorities in the
several States to promptly forward all troops
to the field immediately upon the expiration
of their furloughs. Other veteran regiments
arc in the field, awaiting their turn to visit
their homes. Delay, on the part of those
now enjoying that privilege, to. report at the
rendezvous at the appointed thne. will not
only be an Injustice to their comrades In the
fleld, but will subject them, to-arrest as de
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SraiKorzELD, Feb. 2, 1864.
I learn that by order of the War Depart
ment the 13th Illinois is to be mounted im
mediately from the Government horses at
St Louis, and then sent without delay to re
port to Gen. Banks at New Orleans.
The Soldiers 1 Aid Society of Biggsvillc,
numbering fifteen members, have forwarded
to CoL Williams, agent of the State Sanitary
Commission, the amount of SIOO, to bo ap
plied for the benefit of sick and wounded
soldiers. $73 has also been received from
Chester, to be applied to the some noble
We learn that Mrs. Grigg, formerly of Ot
tawa, has been appointed Matron of the hos
pitals at Gamp Butler. The lady, we under
stand, is eminently qualified for the responsi
ble position, having bod considerable expe
rience In the hospitals nt Vicksburg.
Gen. John A. McGlcrno&d left lost evening
on the Alton and St. Louis train for the
South, to Join his command in the Deport
ment cf the Gulf.
Maj. J. M. Hubbard, of the Ist battalion
Missouri cavalry, marine brigade, has been
honorably discharged from service to enable
him to accept an appointment as un officer of
an Illinois regiment.
Spbinopield, Feb. 3.—By order from
Washington, Brig. Gen. Julias White, Lite In
command of the 3d division of the 23d army
corps, in East Tennessee, la assigned to dniy
here, in command of this department for
dratted men, relieving Gen. J. M. Corse.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 0. 1864.
. About one score and ten broken down
politicians assembled by several of the
gentler sex, have been In conclave all to-day,
calling themselves the New Church party.
They were under the leadership of High
Priest Olds, of Fort Lafayette memory, and a
political scallawog by the name of Given, an
ex-Methodist preacher, who was so much
affected withsecesh doctrines os promul
gated by the Crisis of this place and Times of
your city, that his congregation gave him
peremptory notice to find another field of
labor. Nothing but talk was done other than
to name the new organization the Christian
Union Church. Indeed the whole movement
seems to he a failure. A dozen _or more
backsliders under the lead of such miserable
political and moral sinners as Olds, Given and
Van Trump are not likely to revolutionize
the theological world. This very select body
of very exemplary Christians is still in ses
sion in the hall, ont of reach of the general
Basil Duke has been released from confine
ment in the Ohio penitentiary by order of
the War Department He is now on parole
with instructions to report at camp Chase.
The House to-day passed a resolution cen
suring and condemning Cox and Pendleton
of Ohio, copperhead congressmen, for voting
against the patriotic resolutions offered in
Congress by Greene Clay Smith, of Kentucky,
on the ground that they have proved false to
the war platform on whlcb they were elected.
The South Carolina delugates with a few
weak kneed Union men voted against the res
olution. The Legislature has passed a bill
to accept congressional grants of land for an
Agricultural College.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. PAtm, Feb. 8,1864.
The Senate was not in session to-day, a
large number being absent on a visit to the
State Prison at Stillwater.
The House passed the resolution of the
Senate telegraphed you yesterday, approving
the last call for troops, with the following
And that we, as members of the Legislature, will
discharge the duties incumbent upon ns here with
ah possible dispatch, and testify our sincerity in
the adoption of the above resolution by enlisting
In the military service of the country, immediately
upon our return to our constituents.
This t was carried by a vote of 86 to 4, so
that the rebels may as well look out as our
House of Representatives will be down upon
them like an avalanche in the spring.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CoromwATi, Feb. 8,1864.
The 9th Ohio Cavalry, a new regiment over
1,200 strong, is embarking to-day for Nash
ville. . The 19th, 51th and S3d Ohio, and 51st
Pennsylvania veterans arrived to-day.
[Special Dispatch to the ChicagoTrfffcsej
Catbo, Feb. 3,-4604.
Capt. Kelly, of the steamer Freestone, ar
rived to-day item below, and brings thtrfol
lowing items of news. About a week since
a force of rebels about 200 strong,
under Captain Forrcut, brother of the rebel
General, made their appearance at Island 60
almost In eight of Helena, Ark., robbed some
stores, and committed other depredations,
and then disappeared. Shortly afterwards the
same party turned up at Friar’s Point, cap
tured a man named Somerville of McCrack
en Co., Ky. with three hundred'and fifty-five
■ dollars, and robbed a Mississippian of
f $4,C00. Tbe next heard, ol this band they
J turned up on the 27th ult., at Carson Laud
| fog, about fifteen miles above the month of
White River. Capt Kelly, of tbc steamer
Freestone, was warned by the commander of
the gunboat No. 20, then lying there, that
guerillas were about Tbe gunboat had the
oteamer Lady In convoy. Capt. Kelly obeyed,
and held steam up ready to leave at a mo
ment's notice. The same day,, Capt Kelly
west ashore, and while there Forrest came
up with his men. Some citizens went
upon the Freestone with the Captain, and
were on their way bad: in a skiff when they
fired with revolvers upon the Freestone, ap
parently as a signal, and was followed by a
gcnaral volley from Forest’s men. The gun
boat immediately engaged the rebels. The
fight lasted three quarters of on hour, when
the rebels getting tbe worst of Ik, retreated.
Tile loss on their side unknown, our loss is
trifling. It appears the rebels were across
the point some days to Buelah landing, where
they fired upon and captured the steamer
Lillk Mortin loaded with cotton, and steam
ed with her up the Arkansas river, and has
not since been heard from.
A few days since the steamer Shreveport
was fired Into by guerillas at Bado Island,
and a soldier on board killed. A gunboat
being near shelled them oft . .
Information came here this evening, that
while officers of the Government in WU
lam son county, yesterday, were engaged
capturing five or six deserters one of the lat
ter made resistance and was fired upon and
The remainder were token and
(brought here for transportation or final dis
E. Thompson, the citizen of Dnqnoln, who
yesterday shot and killed Wm.. Thomas, a
member of the 12th Illinois, was afterwards
token out by his incensed comrades and pub
licly executed.
By the arrival of |the steamer Belle Menu
phis, Capt Don Mnsselman, Clerk Butler,
bringing a few refugees, seventy rebel .prig
oners from Vicksburg, and a portion of the
Sd regiment Michigan cavalry, re-enlistcd. as
veterans, we have Memphis elates to Monday
evening, the Ist Inst.
Arrangements are being made to bring all
the available force of the enrolled State Mi
litia into the field.
We have the following news from, Gen. El-
Ict’s Marine Brigade, located above St Jo
seph, La., dated Jan. 83:
Qfl Saturday, the 16th of January, while a
pacty of contrabands were catting wood a
short distance from the boats, the rebels
made & dash and drove them to shelter of
the steamer. Gen. EUet immediately sent
ont two companies of cavalry who drove the
enemy away, wounding several. Lt Kirk,
commanding Co. C, Brigade cavalry, was
seriously wounded, and a private slightly.
The next day Gen. EUet sent out a force of
cavolry and mounted infantry and had an en
gagement with the enemy near Port Gibson,
killing- fonr and wounding quite a number
without any loss on the Union side. It wiU
be observed that our account differs material
ly from that received through the rebel lines.
The above may be relied upon os strictly
The steamer Fairchild of the brigade squad
ron, has -just returned from a visit to New
Orleans for stores. Some twenty ladies and
gentlemen who had been waiting at Vicks
burg for a favorable opportunity to go down
the river, took passage through the kindness
of her Captain, Geo. L. White, A. Q. M., and
made a trip on the Fairchild
A large Confederate maU was also capture d
Capt. T H. Haines, A. A. G. to Gen. S. A.
Hnlbnrt, has recently met with suitable re
ward for Ida services, in promotion to the
rank of Lieut Cot of volunteers.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
The veterans still come home, re-cnlisted
for the war. The 48th and 50th Ind. infantry
left Huntersville, Ala. yesterday, for this
city. The S2d is expected to-morrow. A
glorious reception awaits all these gallant
boys. The Usth, 4Cth, 117tb, and 118 th In
dianaslx months men arc on their way home
from Knoxville, Tenn., their term of service
having expired. Most oftho boys will re-eq
A special term of the United States Dis
trict Court will he held on the second Tues
day in March, in accordance with act of Con
The Marlon county Agricultural Society
had an interesting meeting to-night, and a
dispatch from Washington says that a large
quantity of land would he granted for Agri
cultural Colleges.
Great preparations ore being mode for the
giand Union Convention on the 23d.
The Governor Is better.
Indianapolis, Feb. 3.—Gov. Morton is
about to issue a proclamation calling on .the
peoolc of Indiana to respond to the Presi
dent’s lost call lor troops and fill np the quo
ta of this State. The number of men re
quired will be given as soon os the official
data can ho obtained.
Gov. Morton is confident of the ability of
the State to meet this demand.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Madison, Feb. 3,1364.
Senator Clarke Introduced a joint resolu
tion, which was adopted, calling for a com
mittee to investigate juniors of corruption
of the Legislature by railroad influence dar
ing the last session. A resolution was also
adopted instructing the joint Committee on
Agriculture to examine into the expediency
of memorializing Congress for the abrogation
of the reciprocity treaty.
The 3d ’Wisconsin veteran regiment leaves
here to-morrow lor Tennessee, their thirty
day furlough having expired. The regiment
has recruited up to about 600 men.
The Governor has appointed Hon. G. W.
Washburn, of Oshkosh, Judge ot the 10th
circuit, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the
death of Judge Wheeler.
A Sorghum Convention is in session here
Some 560 men have been sent to the field
from Camp Randall in the last ten days, and
583 received. The following old organiza
tions of Wisconsin soldiers have been re
cruited to the maximum: 80th and 83d infan
try; Ist cavalry; Ist, 3d, 4th, sth, 6th, 7th,
oth and 13th batteries.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Lansing, Mich. Feb. 3,1E01.
The house to-day concurred in the admend
ments mude by the Senate, to the soldiers’
suffrage bill and that measure only needs
the signature of the Governor to become a
law. The two houses having disagreed on
the volunteer bounty bill, a committee of
conference was appointed, and their report
was concurred in. Thus the two leading
measures of the Session have been perfected.
The legislature will adjourn to-morrow. A
considerable number of local bills are still
on the general order, but will be disposed of
before the adjournment.
[SpecialDiepatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Fkakktobt, Ky„ Feb. 3,1864-
Nothing of importance has occurred in the
Legislature. The balloting for United States
Senator was again postponed, considerable
discussion ensuing. It is now well settled
that there will be no election this season.
AbQlhaa passed both Houses providing
for firing salutes upon the arrival of veteran
volunteers in the city.
A resolution was introduced in the House
that the Legislature adjourn sine di* at 3
o’clock, which was voted down by a large
From Hilton. Head,
New York, Feb. 3. —The Atlantic, from
Hilton Head, brings the 63d Ohio Regiment
of re-enlisted veterans.
the W&at nr north cabo.
1, via FobtKoxbox.
To ITaj. Gen. Sutler;
Early this morning onr outposts at Bach
ellor’a Creek were attacked by the enemy,
represented to Bc*in force of 15,C00 strong,
consisting of Hooke’s brigade and Pickets
division. It being impracticable to make an
adequate defense our force fell back te good
order, destroying the camps, abandoning a
few stores, with tbe'- loss of from" 5(7 to 100
and one section ©flight artillery. Onriorccs
• are now so arranged that we are confident of
i a successful resistance. Almost simulta
: neotuly with this nttack-thc enemy advanced
-on the south side of Trent, with what force
.It Is difficult to estimate, and were hand
! somely repulsed.
The communication coittiznsesuninterrupt
ed with Morehead, bub the rebels ore
near the railroad, with ttefevident intention
of cutting it. Tbe commander at Beaufort
is aware of the situation, and will use every
effort to prevent interrnptvim l with the rail
road. J, C. Paj-ama; Brig. Gen.
The section of artillery supposed to have
been captured Is at Beach Creek* rad may be
Fortress Moxboe, Feb. Sw—Gen. Butler
has received the following:
On the 26th ult, Gen. Fadmerseni an expe
dition to capture a force of rebel cavaliy in
Jones and Onslow counties, N. C. They suc
ceeded in routing the enemy, esptured twen
ty-three men with their borsaa and equip
ments, destroyed 150,000 to 200,600 pounds of
pork* TO bushels of salt, 10,000 pounds of to
bacco* S3 barrels of beef, and also captured
several mules, horses, &c.
On the 27th ult, Capt. Cady,, of the 31th
New York battery, proceeded wftb bis com
mand-to Tyrell county, N. C., when they cap
tured five men, who bave been gnilty of a se
ries of robberies, and one of the murderers of
Jinigan. They tooktwo Confederate officers
end 1,000 sheep.
the war in menu.
' Februarr3 r lS'>l. ]
Intercepted letters from rebel ladles show
that of 3,000 cavalry sent Into th* Valley da
ring the recent cold weather, not over 500
had returned. Many were frozen to death;
others were frost-bitten and sought refuge
in farm houses and villages. The entire
movement was a fat ilfailure.
At last acconnta Early's force- was resting
on Middle River, near Mt Crawford, having
abandoned the enterprise.
This morning eleven prisoners and ten
horses, belonging principally to the 6th Vir
.. ginia cavalry, were captured near Blue Ridge,
i in the vicinity of Thornton's Gap.
1 Deserters continue to arrive from the
fret. They report a great scarcity of pro
visions, forage, and clothing, and also-large
numbers waiting for a proper opportunity to
avail themselves of the President's Amnesty
Proclamation. The enrollment of civilians,
white and colored, within the lines of the
army, is nearly completed.
New Yobk, Feb. 3.—The steamer Western
Metropolis from New Orleans January 26th,
has arrived. She captured 50 miles from
Tortugaa, the blockade runner steamer
Vesta, of Havana, .and took her into Key
West. •
Tbe last or Earth.
St. Louis, Feb. 3.— Governor Gamble was
buried to-day with acivic and military dis
play—nn occasion probably the most solemn
and imposing ever in St. Lonia. All the,-
conrts adjourned, and the members of the.
bar attended in a body. The members of the
Merchants' Exchange, the Common Connell,
city officers, members of the Legislature,
members of benevolent and other associations,
city scholars, several schools, universities,
large number of; citizens and military joined
the funeral cortege, with many public
Business houses were closed, and flogs
hung at half-mast
There seemed to be almost universal sor
The ceremonies were performed in
the Second Presbyterian Church,, where Rev.
Dr. Broqks delivered an appropriate dis
course., ‘ •
Pennsylvania Legislatnre.
Pittsburgh, Feb. 3.
The dead-lock In the Pennsylvania Semite
will soon be ended. Senator White, a Mar
jor In the army, is a prisoner at Richmond,
and his vote is necessary to enable the Union
ists to elect the Speaker. A letter has been
received from him resigning his Slnatorshlp,
and a writ has been issued for the election
of his successor. Tbe Legislature will, In the
mean time, beat at a stand-still.
Markets by Telegraph.
Cinninnati Markets,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CINCINNATI, Feb. S, 1861.
Wmarr— Market opened buoyant, and a farther ad*
vance was established, with sales of I,loobrls atß[email protected]
Ss«4c—the latter for foreign. Under the favorable ad
vices from New York, a farther advance of 2c was
obtained this afternoon—the market closing very Una
a*. 87c.
Provisions— The demand for Bulk Meats, partly
speculative, continues neavy, footing up nearly 1,000,-
OCO Ad, though no change In price, though on advance
of [email protected] higher was generally asked at the close. We
quote Shoulders at 7MO7KC; loos* Bib Sides 99#®
sJsc; Clear Sides [email protected]; for light to heavy Hams
[email protected]#c. Sales repo red: 800,000-as mb Sides at
9c,loose, delivered at an Interior point: 1,000 Clear
Sides, averaging 45 as at 10jjc # loose; 100 hhds Bib
Sides, averaging 28 to SO As, at 9}{c, packed and de
livered at Richmond,lnd.; 11,500 As ShnghfcH ?js c ,
packed and delivered at Lafayette. Boxed Meats are
held at 9Yc, which is above tha views of bnyers.
Cumberland Cuts arc UK® for short and lOJfftU for
shortcleor. But few lota of Bacon are ontotsmoke.
and but little Is done ontslde of army supplies. Lard
doses In good demand at 12 Kc for prime elty and
country. 50 tres Hams sold lltfe. There Is a fair de
mand for new city Mess Pork, and $20.50 was offered
-nd refused, [email protected] higher being asked; 43bbls choice
country brand sold at $30.50.
Gbocvsirs—Active but prices unchanged.
Tobacco—For selections we anote ; Ohio Seed Leaf
SCQSBC; Kentucky Manufacturing. [email protected] ; Virginia
Leaf, [email protected],
Milwaukee Marker,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
UnwATJKsi. Feb. 5,1361.
Whjeat—Unchanged. The receipts were only 4,000
bushels, owing to snow storms from the west. Sales
H.CCObnNo Un store at SUBK; 7,000 bu at ;
£9,C00 bn at sl.lß : 6.700 bu Ho 3At $1.11; WOO bu at
f 1JOK; 1,000 bu at SUO K.
Oats—Steady. Bales 4.000 bn No 1 In store at 60c;
4CO bn rejected »t 58c.
Corn—Unchanged. Sales 400 bu new shelled oo
track atSOc.
At NewhaU this evening wheat was quiet and firm.
Soles 15,000 bu at [email protected], cash; and $lO9 bnyers*
Urrsbxd Hogs—No receipts and shade easier. Sales
ats7.73averaglng3oo As.
The Foreign Markets,
By Telegraph.! [Feb Stxamzb Amxcica.
LrvxnpooL, Jan. 30,1853.
Cohxzrczal—'The Uverpooll cotton market is de
pressed and >[email protected] lower. Wheat [email protected] lower Flour
London Markrt- Wheat [email protected] lower.
Liverpool Mabext—Cottoa doll and slightly
Breadstuff's - Steady and unchanged.
Provlslonsare quiet and steady.
Sugar—Very dull.
Petroleum—Firm. Refined la 6d«
Consols closed for money at 90j<@903tf.
New York Market—Feb. 3.
Cotton—l to IKc higher, with good demand at [email protected]
84 Ji for ml dllng uplands.
r loch— 6ft 10c better, with sales at |[email protected]?-13 for ex
tra state, eweily [email protected], $7 [email protected] for extra round
hoop Ohio, chlctly 17.15©/50, [email protected] for trade
brands. Market closing steady.
Wm*KV—Firmer at &>@9sc, state and western chief
ly 90c.
Grain—' Wheat [email protected] better, snd fair demand at 1155
@157 for Chicago spring ; sls6>[email protected] for Milwaukee
club; |[email protected] for winter red western. Uye heavy
at [email protected]: 3. corn opened with an active specula
tive demand, and advanced 3c, bnt closed heavy and
closed 2ftoff the extreme rates, at [email protected] for
shipping muted western In store, closing dull at about
fJJSS Oats opened a shade firmer bat closed doll at
about previous prices, [email protected] for western.
Wool—Quiet and unchanged. . „
Prteolrun—Shade firmer at SOc for Crude; 4ic Re
fined lo bond; [email protected] Ketinedftrce.
Provisions— Pork shade easier. Sales at $20.00 for
tncßß;[email protected] old do; [email protected] tor.naf
dor and new do; 820J»@20J5 for
prime mess do. Beel-More active and steady at
JormesS;[email protected] prime; lO©llc for repacked, and
[email protected] for extra mces. Cat meats firm; for
shoulders, and 11®12>4c for hams. Beef-Sides firm.
Dressed hogs without material change at 9ftOKc for
western, the latter for choice. Including Inferior at
8-Sfc, Laidwlthont material change at I3»iß*c, the
latter an extreme.
Sew York Stock Market—Feb. 3*
Mosar—Active but very easy at "per cent.
STXBl.nfO—Firmer, bat close, dull and heavy at
Opening at 57# and advancing to
CSV, closing dull at M#. „
Gore«NM»xx Stocks Steady. U. 9.6s 81; coupons
IC6#OlC6#; U. 8.6.20 coupons 103#; 1 year certificates
Mo. 6s 67#; K. T.C.153#: Erie
107#; Pacific Mali 226: Erie pfd. 101#; Hudson 141;
Harlem 104; Headingibi's ILC.tS; P- Ft.W. A C.
88; M.8.91#; I. C.scrip 127; C. A P. Ul#: Clev. A T.
(seller sixty) 135; C. AR. 1.143; M. &P.Da C. 57.
In this city, Feb. Ist, at the residence of the bride’s
mother, by the Rev. Dr. t'olver, Mr. ALBERT W.
MERRILL and Uifa SABAH GUILD, bo cards.
In this city, on Monday. Feb. lat. at the Bishop’s
residence, oy the Rev. Father McMahon, WM. 9.
POWh LL and ASKIK M. MURREY, all of this city,
gartfew York and Philadelphia papers please copy.
In this City, Feb. 3,IS64.FREDERIC L. SMITH.
Friends o/ihe family are cordUlly Invited to attend
his lUceral, from the residence of hta brother. J. Gard
ner Smith. 138 Wolcott street, Friday. Feb. sth, at u
“a Feb. 3. mi abkhb.
’gfi'fSJfS Smbf KiuMi CO..
Vccbeeler, S. F.paper.pleaiecupf
toe 3d tart-Hlsa
6 F?nwf Suti at the residence other
fathcsvS Lyman* No. M Congress street,at 3 o’clock,
T>„rV.Feb.3.1 c «. HKBECCA lf„ wife of
dacjblcc oftte Rov.Joha
oi «dlndiana afreet*oa Friday, Feb. a. at »
daughter ot J. O. and Eachil 6I«U. »S«d 9 years. *
Ncto aubertfemenfs.
>1 a special conclave of Apollo Commandery ?*o.
1 Knights Templar will be held at tbetr Asylum, Ma
sonic Temple, ilils (THURSDAY) evening, Feb. 4th,
at»}{ o’clock, for work tad drill. _
fetwSMt J. A. iIONrGOH2R7. Recorder.
A medium sized, second-hand Safe,ln-perfect or
der, wanted.' Address, at once, “ SAFSi" F. O. Rox
«17,ChlcagJ. ftfrwttMt
At Greatly Reduced Prices
Oaring this »«d the coming week.
Beautiful Album*, $2. 25,
Blank Book Manufacturers and Stationers,-
JLTX or Chicago,
Loomin’ IQock, No. S ClaiH Street*
Near South WaterStrcet. •*
AH Savings open which Six per cent. Interest !r
paid, will ho secured by the Five-Twentyßonds *C
the united States- . . „ , _
J. F. EE2NOB, PmbX
Agents for KnantiNNachod A Kahno, Lolpslc, Get*
many. £el-wlf&-12t-TH *aT*TC-netH
38 Clark Street.
OF at.t.
6-20 Bonds.
J. BOvd, Bavskx,
38 Clark street.
\_y The undersigned bare this day formed a copart
nership under the Arm name and style of
For ihe transaction of the Wholesale Hardware busi
ness-it 113 Lake street, Chicago. aEEBEHGEB,
Chicago, Jan. 28,1861.. B. A. BBBAHKk.
(sreexsataa. to n. o. stone,)
Wholesale Dealers In
Cutlery, Nails, &c., &c.,
Parties bolding Course Tickets for prot. Agassiz’s
Lectures can seenra
Reserved Seats for the Coarse
it GEO. E. CUITTESDESPS, 106 Lake street,
By presenting their tickets and selecting their seats.
CT* Tickets can be obtained at MR. CHITTEN
DEN’b, and at the Bahk of T. O. CONRAD, 47 Clark
street. fe4-wlt3-2t
-A.t BBY-A.3ST K.A.XjXj,
Potoruary 4t3i»
Doors open at a before 7 o’clock. Lecture to
commence at 8 o’clock.
Admlsalt nSO cents. No extra charge for reserved
seats. Reserved seats for sale at GGO. R. CHITTEN*
DEN’S, 106 lake street. Sale of tickets at the door
will commence at 7 o’clock. feMrtll-lt
(S. V. cor. Lake and Clark streets.)
This Bank Is authorized to receive deposits for the
two year
Five per cent. Interest bearing Legal
Tender Notes.
Interest on these notes will begin with date of de
posit. E. £. BItAISTED, Cashier.
X i • LEST.”—Soldiers having belonged to this
Regiment, whether they ever received their dis
charge or not, or whether they were paid or not,may
Is most eases hear of something to their advantage
by calling at the subscriber’s Pension and Prize Claim
Office. Custom House Place. Sd door north of the Chi
cago Pest Office, or communicating with him by let
ter. contalEg return stamp. Address E. F, ADAMS,
Chicago, Illinois. fe4-w202-lt
XZj ©.mother, weeping o’er thy boy.
who ne’er may Uep thy name again s
Thou crlest—“liewasroyllfe.myjoyr*
And the hot tears descend like rain.
Her only comfort, the recollection of having had
his Cartes de Vlslte taken at En-ritt’s Art Gallery at
only S3 per doz. HAYS IAS, Agent.
Persons desirous of contracting for the delivery of
Suitable for manufacturing, during the coming sea
son , ate requested to address
fe4-w174-8t BELOIT, WISCONSIN.
5.20 BONDS
Cor. Clark t Sooth Water Sts.,
Central Prsdiet k Coialadn Menhaats,
27 North Levee,
54:0 FEET GoaD
Manufacturer* of any W»i oa» And at our office
this amount of good, available
’ It l& wtn located,easy'of access fey the giver, by
macadamized road, or tatter paaslng
alonglt. It will W ao» cheap—the whole or part—
for eatf>,oroalowUp9v?or farther particular* ap
ply to b. nmroSr * co-».
fci-vrtCfrlt nl>e*rboru itreet.
_Nr to _ a^iberttsemenbL.
We bate removed to gar New FlrsVCba Marble
Front Stores,
19 and 21
1,000 Packages
Bought daring December aaf before tb*
Present Advance In Prices,
We otfhr special Indneementa to
Packa|ge Buyers,
AH are Invited to <v*slt oar- splendid stares and no
equalled stock. T53M3 CASH.
Importmaand Jobber* of
Dry Goads, Woolens, Nations, Crockery, Ac*
H£XBT FUUDEB, President,
W, B. iBTHDB, Vice Preildent*
board or DCRBorour
J. P. SMITH, Jr., Superintendent.
O. Q. BliAlkße Trcaanrer.
This Company, organised for the purpose of sccnr*
log & pent ansnt and reliable supply of
From Crytal Lake.McHcnry County, HI., has adopted
for its method of business the system so successful In
Eastern cities, vl*s selling exclusively nt wholesale
and to distributing teams t and for the Information,
of consumers Is appended a list of Arms who have ar
ranged with the Company, thereby securing to thft
public of the WHOLE CITT a full supply of
AMOKY DIGCLOW dk CO., all that part of
the Sooth Division lying east of the centre of Third
avenne, north to tho csmxo of Van Boren at»ct*and
north of said centre of Van Buren streetball east of
Clark street.
F. SCHUBERTH, all that part of the Booth
Division lying west of above described boundary.
31. A. SEYMOUR Sc CO„ all that part or the
West Division lying south of a line running through
the centre of blocks between Randolph and Washing
ton streets, west to Union Park, and a Una running
through the centre of blocks between Washington
avenue and Pork avenue.
W. T. hllilEß, an that part of the West Dlvis
ion lying north of the above described boundary.
C. 11. GOTTIG, the entire North Dlylaioa.
J, P. S9HTH, Jr., Saperlntendeit.
A tract of Land, containing 83 acres, with a largo
Distillery (brick), 136x43 feet, four stories high, run
ning now IJOO bushels pcrdav.aitd can, at a ijiall
cou.be Increased to 3,000 bushels perdar. One En
gine to do the mashing ami grinding, Is 32 inch bore*
and live feet stroke, with fly wheel, 30 feet diameter,
weighs eleven tons. Eight Cylinder Boiler.*, 36 Inches
diameter, 40 feet long, with I run of Burrs, iKfeetdl*
• nn tk* m,>*» Blau, Oil
small Knglnc of 20 horse power, to. work pumps, Ac.
Also, two Mash Tubs, Just put up, coppered, anc all
In complete order. Also, one Brick Building,soxß3.
one story high, with office and scales, used forstorlag
ondfllUxg hlgnwlncs. All the Dulldings are gravel
roofed. Also, two copper Alcohol Sulla; capacity of
eaeh,l,loo gallons, with 80-borse holler ti ran same.
Cattle Barns to it ed 1,600 bead, or O.COO Bogs, all In
good order. Corn Cribs to hold 100.000 bushels. Coop*
ersge facilities for manufacturing (330) three hundred
and hity barrels per day. Fuel is now delivered at
the Works, at stz cents per bushel. It Is located la
the town of Danville, Vermillion county, HI., which
has a population ofS,<HX),OD the Groat Western Bail*
road. The Works were put op In IS6I, and no oxpersa
spared. It la well worth the attention of parties do*
(•frous of going into the Distillery business, to take *
view of the property, as It will be sold at a bargain.
A pplT to IRWIN A MOBET. No. 0 Board of frado
Bunding, Chicago, or P. BEESIIONO A SONS. Dan
vHlc,VermmionCo.,lll. fel-w177-3t-2tew-TH*nr
AND EAR - —Dr. Under-
JCi wood, celebrated for bis critical operations oa
the Eye and Far. and extraonll.iarr Cures or ihe
jnost obstinate thoie delicate ortraua, con
tlonealilspMcticeatXSt Randolph street. Or.tf.hua
devoted tweniy-eleht yearn of his professional life to
the treatment of diseases of (beSyeand Ear. luring
nice of which be boa practiced In Chicago. ArtlUclil
Eyes and Kar-Prums Inserted. fe3-w!2Wtnet
Orrxcx comxtssabt or Bt7BaisTX2to3.l
2* Biv r street. v
CmcAQO, 111., Fab. 3d, 1361. )
Scaled Proposals (in duplicate) will ho receive I by
the undersigned until 13 o’clock If. Tuesday, v
buxjit 9th, 1861, for famishing the following Sab*
sistence Stores:
EP.CW pounds of best quality coarse Hominy, moda
from prime Coro, pat up In ordinary barrels,
thoroughly coopered, and In good order. Bar*
rets tone fun head lined.
30,0(0 pounds of best quality kiln-dried Grits, mads
from prime Com. put op la ordinary barrels,
thoroughly coopered, and In good order. Bar*
rels to be fall head lined.
ICO.OCO poonds of dry. light yellow Coffee Sugar, or
choice dry, raw Sugar. Barrels to be new, and
of the best in usefor the purpose,and to bo
full head lined
10,000 gallons of the best quality oi pure Vinegar,
made from elder or whisky, free from all for
eign acids and injurious substances, and of a
uniform strength. The whisky Vinegar taking
thirty-lire grains of hl-earhonato of potash to
neutralise one ounce troy; the cider Vinegar
to bo as near the same strength as may be. To
be pnt np In barrels or half-barrels of 9 gallons
capacity. Each proposal most state distinctly
the kind and quality of Vinegar offered, ana
the kind of package.
12,510 pounds beat quality of Adamantine Star Can
dles, or Stearic Lights, to be 16 ounces to Uo
40,(00 pounds good hard Soap, to be made only front
good materials, free from clay, soluble glass,
or other adulteration, to have no onpleasanc
odor, to contain not more than twenty-five per
cent, of water, and to be well dried before Do
ing packed.
40.(00 pounds of good,clean, dry fine Salt, In strong-,
tight, well coopered barrels
-3£oo canons of good Molasses, In barrels or half*
1,5(0 pounds Pure Ground Black Pepper The Pep
per to be pnt np In four ounce papers or on
boxes, full welgnt.and packed In boxes con
taining twenty-lye pounds each. -
To he delivered In two equal Installments—on the
15th and 20th of February.
Separatepioposalsln duplicate must be made for
each article enumerated, and bidders may propose
for the whole or any part of each.
Samples of sU articles meet be delivered with the
proposals, and referred to therein. Samples of Hom
iny, Grits, Sogmr, Salt and Pepper mast be In neat
boxes of card board or tin, folly labelled, and not ta
paper parcels.
Samples of Vinegar should he at least in quart bob'
ties fully labelled.
A printed copy of this advertisement must he at
tached to each-proposal, and the proposal* moat her
specific tn complying precisely with all lt» terms.
No bids will be received (nmesa from parties known
to the undersigned) without a written guarantee of
two responsible names as follows*vizi
“Weriheandersisned. hereby guarantee that should
all or any part of the above bfubo accepted it aha) I -
he duly mulled according to Us true purport and
condiuoua. Also, that a written contract with bonds
to the amount of one-fourth the value of the stores
proposed to ho furnished shall be executed if re
The sellers name, place of business, and the date of
Enrchsae.aawellaa the name of contents with crow,
ire and net weights, and shipping marks, to
after designated, must he plainly marked on every
package. All oihcrmarksmuatne obliterated.
Return ol weiehta, sl:rae>l by an authorized public
weigher, must he furulshed whenever required.
Ail the above stores will be c&refuilv Inspected be
fore their delivery and compared with the retained
The cost of the packages tohe Included In the price
of the article.
The shove stores to he delivered free of draynge at
the Commissary Storehouse, 24 River street, or as
such place In the City of Chicago aa may be re
quired by the undersigned.
Contractors will he required to hold their goods •
without expense to the Doited States until required -
for delivery or shipment. • •
payment to be made in inch funds as may be fur
nished by the United Slates.
The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or '
all bids offered. i( _ .. .
proposals for different articles most be on separate
sheets of paper.
Bidders are respectfully invited to be present at the '
opening of the bids. :• •
All persons receiving contracts win be required to
sign a certificate and agreement, which may be seen
at the office of the undersigned.
A copy of the recent laws with reference to Con
tract* and ContraeSess maybe found at this office,-
and will be furnished to Contractors for their Infer--
matlon and guidance.
Proposals musb be In duplicate, enclosed In aa en
velope, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed
** Propcsails for Subsistence Store*,” •
U. r. SMALL.
Lieut. Colonel and Commissary of Subsistence.
fc4-w2i9-Ct -
“t“fc Volunteer* win be
Tbo under* Izned will recruit for the 4Uh Hestoept
HUnola Volunteer*, which regiment U wmm-nied by
experienced officer*, and has a good name «««
armr SICS will be paid to now recruit*, and $903 ta
veteran*. Of which fl"3 will be paid on hcLi«r
tered into the service. Offices at oStendorP* Saloon,
qi a Eaodfilvhet<i &c t-13 North
3 A? *tGelo?SaJoon, Conorof MeggUiSSti!*
Illinois, »>JM SSSSig nBBKT,
0 „o door «“*»■ HUm,to
m-wUSM* 1 : -
Wrought Iron Pipe
jSSSoIt 7 ® < io4»a4ioi‘W*s«Ato»afCtv

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