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Special Notices.!
Doctor Xliomson*
Formerly Assistant Surgeon to De Koto Hospital,
Marie, Llsbofi, l onnral, and Surgeon to Hoe*
vital. fi&lnt A&taict. Saint Ptcrrc, V7*l, hae devoted
ntmMlt to the treatment of e jntamou?blood disease*
/or more than thirty years, lee yean practice in
chicapo. 11U has established for hun an unpreceden*
t.«d reputation incunnc Kcrofula- Erysipelas. Rhea
realism, and all blood diseases. Nervous Debility,
■Ac- without theuseot mtrecry. The various com
plicated Ond distressing diseases incident to lemsles.
ireeled with eminent success. Ofilceand Anatotnlcal
Mut-eum nt its SotiUi Dark pireet. P.0.80x 72. By
ii.cl-'stnc is ceuu tn postage stamps, The Unfortunate*
Gc.dc shall be forwarded to any address s 2 D <.
Stales. rcs*wCM«i£_
Hair Dye! Hair Dye!!
EACJlHLOK'Becl'bmtrii HAIR DTRI» mfm
abls Dye known. TfiU ej'irnajd Bair Dye 1* Penoct
—ebanecs Red, Rusty or Grey n » lr .A? >t *® t “7«IPS
lee Hair or stalnlnc the HKio, leaving Ibo Hair Soft
and Bcsoumi; imparts fro.* vitality, frequently res*
lortne lie pristine color, arulrccilfire the Ul eatrt* ot
red Dyes. The Genuine If flrned William A. Bach
sloe, all other* arc mere imitation*, and ifconlu be
fc voided, bold by nlll froggy;*, Ac. Factorjygl Bar*
itiay street, New York. jy>gwn«iy.
of Folse ProplicUU
Who isr.'i!..*-f' ■«.■> restore gray hair lo lunatorsi color
With poll i n'.e and ltui>cneci dves of wuplJtf aau
>ad. ViTMADOftO’S Its THE ONLY DTE that IS
•per colly c!*-nu; pericctly pure: perfectly sure: per*
i»*ctljr reUablc; i*crl<*cUy simple; pertcclls harmleaa;
perfectly poifonles*; nciiccny Imitates nature, and
combines In itself all the perfections of a perfect dye.
Manufactured br J. CRIfiTADOBO, 6 Astor POU*e.
New York. 6old everywhere, nod applied by all Hair
Price aul $3 per box according
c size. lals-ul«s-lmU
Cancer con he Cared.
Dr. Bobers, cancer and Consumption Champion,
located at ICS Deal born street, opposite Post t»f
?>r. Chicago, 111. Re successfully kill* and extracts
Cancers without pain or knife. In from four to twen
r>>jr honr*. Also, cures ail kind! of sores and all
c.HMilc riucuhea :,ntl piles. A core alwaysguaran
i' ed or a* par. P. O.BoxWCi, fsfrwSO-dlm
fSaaum Frailty, or Physiologi
cal Kescnrchcs,
oiiould be read by every body. It treataoa, and
t n>»k boa, the evil result* arising from early abuse
a'.a unhappy contuninatloc m«y he subverted, with
•%. cure method of dispelling tbe misgivings manv ex*
.cerience tu entering the marriage state. Sold by Da.
V- A. BARBoW, 191 Bieccter street, hew York.
I'nse 25 cent*. Mailed free everywhere.
To be bad also of B. 6COVTL. “J® Randolph street.
Ouraco HI. «iex;-w-lv-i*
2Eo ffiontramts
I-IAEMY. lio.2oSon(ht>trrm. )
r.LALLD I’HOFoaALS (In duplicate) %rlll be re
el m-c* m »his OiJlce until 12 M od TaVKSDAT, Feb
m«ry isih, ISGI, for fcrol.-liinr tsc Veiled State* Sab
•-.•it-nco Di mriment with—
J OLI{ l II uUBAM)^«4, COT) H F. AJI OF BEEF cat-
1 ilit- tioof«
Delivered i!ii:St“i“rHiti«s<»lw t , ÜBalUmorc,Vd,
» lou of d.ccO) one thousand each erery (iu> ten
: to be weighed within one and a half day# after
arrival, at iL" expense cf the contractor. They moat
*'• about UXfH>) tlilruen hundred pounds grots
v eight, cl! tal.irc short of (1,000). one thousand
l ouiid.- cror-s weight,Hubs,Macs, Oxen.Cows,Uelfcre
am; noThb ss tffitle will br rejected.
A deduction of ten flO* pounds will be mad* from
the weight of each Hirer accepted under this con*
tract, provided the animal dots not stand In the pens
two atd 0..r half hours before being weighed, oris
t.--t weighed immi dintely cuer removal from the ears.
Blank fonm-lor prrpoaals can be had on applies*
i»ou ti ;liir onicc either In person, bv mall, or telo
•. r:il h. .. .
I be Government will claim the rlcbt of welching
rcy one aniruol separate, ir its appearance indicates
U>s m'ciyht than me n.lnimtuc mentioned above: the
evnem i o' v cubing will be paid by the party erring
in nt.
tnch tld to secure et nUdcratlon most con’atn a
vritun tunramec of two responsible persons, ns
We , of tbe Connty of , State of - do
hereby irnarantee that 1b (or are) able to fulfil
irci'iitnict in accordance trim the term* ol bis (or
y '.i-in proposition, end should bis (or tbeir) propotl
/ Hon be ace. p:ed,be (or they) win at once enter into
v. contract in accordance therewith, and we are pro*
> :ir< o to bcaome Lis securities, giving good and auf-
I ' U ni bonds for its fulfilment.
"J i.e leapoualbility of the cuarantors most be ebown
1 » U:coii'cli;l cenlficatr or tbe Clerk of the nearest
Mstrlct Court, or of tlic United StslKDistrict Atlor
re' .to be enclosed wlib tbe bid.
The Government reserves lolwctf tbe right tore-
I- ft ut.v or nil bids considered unreasonable,
rMmeinetoDc made a>:o- each deliver* In tnch
funds ns tuny be on band; if none on band, tobemade
soon ns received.
pinpoFals unist ?c «jflor«cd distinctly, “PKOPO
i-ALfi I'OU bECF CATTLK,” and addressed to
*• i ;.pj. TIIOS.C.SrLU'. AS, C.6., Baltimore, Mary
if n bid 1 ■ in tbe name of a firm, tbeir names and
; .< lr po-t oilier address nmst appear, or they will not
be eonslib red.
Fuel: person or every member of a firm offering a
{•j ..i o:ai must accompany It byanorth of allegiance
tin* rnlti d States Government, If he has not ah
i < ndy filed one in this oifice.
All rib* a t owi'LT.yQ bttjctxt with Tax
Captain and C. s„ U 8. A,
insolutlc (Cement.
■Arjdicable to the; Is of more general practical
CselulArta. nullify than ranv Invention now
{before the public. It baa been
;thoroughly ic*tcd doting the last
stwo years hr practical men, and
pronounced i>y all to be
Superior to Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
a. new thins. Hilton’i Insoluble Cement
: Is a new thing, and the result ol
j>n»re ofrtody; Us coznblnxtlonls
,on SciEKTinc Pnufaw.us, sod
, . .under no rlrcnmstancraor chance
Its Combination. <o { temperature will it become
icon apt or emit any offensive
UtrH and Bnoe Man
Manufacturers, asln; Machines,
twill find It the best article knows
{for Cementing the Channels.»»it
works without delay, is not affec
ted bj any change of tetoperature.
Will Hud It sufficiently adhesive
for their use, as has been proved
It in especially adapted
to Leather,
And we claim as an especial
merit, that it sticks Patcnes aod
Linings to Boots and Shoes Euffl
clanily strong without stitching.
Extant that is a sore thing for
ta a uquid.
And articles of Household Use.
.Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
ils In a liquid fora, and os easily
j applied as paste.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
| Is Insoluble In water or oIL
’Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
| Adheres oily substances.
Y. «n ember.
I Supplied in Family or Manufac
turers Packages, from 2 ounces
to 100 pounds.
SMITH, Wholesale Druggists, 2£
0.111-General WcstcrnAgcuis,to
iy he addressed. jdD-sC-lywrajt *
Sold hy LORO ft
t,ake street, Chlutgi
'whom all order* mo
Jiallmanh’s jjgpectfic.
LAJLLEMAXU’6 SPECIFIC will not cure «11 dls
cases, it win cure
Rheumatism, Gout and Neuralgia.
Hundreds bare certified to this lacU
J7or hale hr all D rnctJ« t *- * >rtc ®. One
DoUtr per Bottle*
J. H. BLOOD. Bole Agant, , .
24 North Fifth street, fit,Lonl*.
J. H. REED ft CO„
noIW-n-em.-KTS:. Agent, tor CbleMM.
Drugs anS (Cljcmicals.
T H. REED & CO.,
* importers and jobbers of
S2 Lake St., Chicago, 111.
also, deal largely in
Faint** Oils, Window Glass, Gl&sa-
Kvare. Burning Oils, Kerosene,
Soapznalcers* Stock, Manu
facturer* 1 Goods, dec.,
wiiich vc oficr ut price* favorable to Western filer
v, uico *>v M( j fiuunfocinrcrs.
H.A'.^SiCT r Sc‘g°. C 1 ViMuns-u
justness (gatHg.
atioekets Aim cotjhselloks,
Vo. 91 Watli ’ t t T,'^' c ' c 0 B?'‘ , 2 s ,d Ch,c «°- m -
TVT 11.10-T-6M-M] josnCA mm
Attorneys and Omnselltn « Ui,
I ry WoalHfurton street, Cblciica* DllooU.
nmui l. Lewis.
airaa anfr ©it ESlorhs.
Cor. Clinton and Fulton SU.,
lead Kpe» Sheet Lead, Bar lead,
linseed on and oil cake.
f Collier White Lead and OH Cx
an Ago AtrCDur lor | Bt. uiSnto't'e Co.
Particular attention Is invited to my
boiled usseed on..
Mid to amaUUt* to «nlt
xebms cash.
For price, all to* E - ' w -
13oofe Uinbcrs.
Blank Book Manufacturers
ipo» belcf fulled •» our cuWifJunent.
MS iAUE tTEECT, Tp SUlre*-
euccEseoas to
42, 44 and 40 Wabash Aycnac,
We have in Store,
Sheetings, Shirtings and Drills.
Stripes and Denims.
F & M Casslmeres -
and Sommer Stulls.
Apron .Checks.
Bleached Goods.
, Dress Goods.
Also, a Fan Assortment of
AH oT which wUI be sold at the
Haris? purchased our Stock prcrloos to January,
VK TaK AKT» TVILL ofTcr inducements to heavy,
close buyers that cannot Dali to i>lca»e.
A. *jT
BOSS & 0933ASE,
(Successors to 1". Til. BOSS & C 0..)
167 & 189 Lake Street,
Hare received aod arc dally le reception ol
lw Styles of SeasosaMe &ooas.
. French Chintzes.
Percales and Brilliants,
Scotch and Chamhray Ginghams,
Plain, Plaid & Striped Valeuoias,
Lustrous Poplins, in new colorings
Paris Taffetas,
Checked Lustres,
* Plain Alpaccas, in all colors,
Eich Kobe de Chamhres, etc.
Rich Colored and Black Silks,
In“AnEures.* "Eerr*.” M Oro.de Afriques,” M Gro.
ae Eco.-sc.
Plain Lyons Taffetas, Fl-ored, etc., elf.
A Great Bargain In »
Wilt. Ft. Spool Cotton,
J.,000 doz. Nt 73 cts. per dor.—worth ftio.
IBT and 1® Lake street.
Dissolution. —The copartner
ship heretofore existing under the Arm name
of J. W. Doane A Co„ Is this dav dissolved by mntnal
consent. .1. tv. Doane will continue the same busi
ness under the same firm name at the old stanch IS A
14 Dearborn street, and will settle up the business of
the late Ann. J. w. DOAKE,
February Ist. IBM. febT-wI3Q-lw
signed hare this day formed a copartnership,
undertbe name and «yle ol PETTITT ft SMITH, for
the purpose of carrying on a General Commission
business. BOBT. W. PETTITT,
Chicago, Dec. J», 1863. G. L. SMITH.
(Successors to T. M. Turlay ft
SI Boctb Water street, corner of State, Chicago.
b w. pimrr. IdeSO-sSiirSm] 0.1. mute.
The undersigned hare this dav funned a Copartner
ship, under the name and srjle of
BALTHIS & BROTHER, of Chicago,
For the transaction of the Wholesale and Detail Taos - ,
Stzix, Nana. Bcoot, Waoox stocks and Sueur
Habowasc Buenress, and bare taken toe large new
Jfa 207 Lalce Street.
Chlcnpo, December 13,1563. feUwlO-lm
The copartnership
heretofore existing between theuDdersiruedis
UjU dardiabolved by mutual consent. Samuel finacK
forc will continue the Produce Commission burtnew,
aid la alone authorized to me the name of the late
Arm in the aettlement of
Chicago. Feb. i, 1864. 6AM LiBHACKPOLO,
fes-w266*18t GEO. M. HOW. _ _
The firm of COOLEY, FAEWELL ft CO. expires
this day by limitation. Either of the Partners will
““ toe ton n.me to B. COOLW.
CblcaEO, Feb. 1,1861. lUB3IIALL FIELD.
The undersigned have formed a Copartnership, un
der the nauc and style of
» w » f Coolel - *SSES‘ v.'fakwelu
Chlm. Feb. 1, ISM. S. K. KIiLLOOG,
fe2-ws-2wlß I*. 2. LEIfEB.
Mr. James A. Fsrles* is associated with us from
tr.l« date. The i-tj le ol tee firm hereafter will be FAB
LFAS. GUEKNE ft CO .who wIU continue tbe Paint,
Oil and Varnish business at the old stnod.l29 South
Water«trcet,Cli}cAeo. 6AML. GREENE & CO.
Chicago, Jan. 25, fsCi. Jaß6-ufis7-la
JBxprcss Hines.
All’Pomte in the West
The Great Western Despatch Is s tabt nnoat
use established bj the Unued States Express Com
pany for transporting merchandize from New York
end Boston to the West that will not bear Express
charges, and Is required In quicker time than Is made
by ordinary Frelsbt Trains.
Great Western Despatch Freight is shipped via
Erie Bullnaf, Lake Shore and SI. S. S Es.
Between New York and Chicago. Making better time
thf n any other line, except the regular Express Com
M. JL lloviT, Aecnt, 251 Broad xay. New York.
Geo. J. Docebat, Agent, 15 State-si, Boston.
W.H PERRY. Sopt., Buffalo.
I*. FOWLED, Agent,
ISO Lake Street. Chicago.
Will receive several additional pupils, between the
aces of nine and fourteen, to educate with her own
daughter? at Idlewtid. Address Mas. S. P. WILLIS,
Moodna, Orange County, N. Y. deZS-tIS-am-wraMii
S'euect faaiily school
», A gc ten miles from Boston, on the line of the Bos
t7.n and wcrce?t‘r rullway*. it almstosecorcaiitbc
Jk? wSietltne. Tbe number of the puplU Isllml.
t7d the InPtructJOß thorough, the disclpUn- parental,
li.« Xre mOBt healthy. Pupils are received at any
. . ra clrf«» mM to.timoto J. .tons J. IC
U?K)DBEU«E. Anliuntoalc.SlMi. EeferbtqE. 6.
■ CL albums,
n. B. APPLEBY’S. 134 Mh
Poc*l bar till j*o bw hU slock. acMfl-to
€l)tcago tribune*
Fls ID AT, FEBRUARY 12. 18W.
a health to gex. bubnside.
The following song was snug at a dinner given
in Boston recently to Gen. Burnside. Itwas writ
ten for the occasion by Bey. Theron Brown, of
Canton, Mass.:
Here's a health to the heart that has weathered tho
To the hero who leaped at the battle’s first hlow-
And nisled where the war gathered black round
Fall aimed for God’s vengeance and Treason’s
. undoing I
Hail, Lull to tho Chief from the battle’s rod
With the smell of the strife on his cassock and
plume 1
For the welcomes of freemen to valor belong.
And the deeds vt the brave are the glory of
From ibj tar well fought fields, hail, O Soldier I
well done 1
Where they squadrons still march and thy rifles
ere pealing.
Thy foes and the Joes of thy country are one;
Thy friends are its friends—one in faith as in
Three cheer* fur tbr laurels, O Gocat of the
Free \
From the border, the sea board, the blue Tennes-
Fur tho welcomes of freemen to valor belong.
And the deeds of the brave arc the glory of
A Policeman, Merchant andtlio Jani
tor of the Exchange Stabbed by
a Speculator in Corn.
The Perpetrator Arrested
and Taken to the
Station House.
LFrom tho N. T. Times, Feb. 9.]
At the close of last fill, Mr. Lather C. Tib
betts gnlucd considerable notoriety for him
self, by making: very heavy speculative pur
chases of Mixed Western Corn, at extraordi
nary high prices, the corn deliverable in the
first ten da> s of the current month of Febru
ary. He bud subsequently some difficulty
with his bankers, because of what he called
the defamatory representations of certain
rivals in bnsincss. He managed, however,
to work through this difficulty, and deter
mined to gain control of the available supply
of corn here, so as to render It next to im
possible for those who had sold to him, to
till their contracts unless on such terms os
would suit his Interest or convenience. On
Friday last, at about noon, ho male his ap
pearance on 'Change and commenced buying
briskly, until he had purchased twenty
three loads at prices varying from §LJJ3 to
£L4O, agreeing to pay Sc per bushel cash on
t*,at day, and the balance of the purchase
money within ten days, lie also sold a single
load at £1.20, cash. About 1 o’clock p. In.
he grew very much excited, having been
greatly annoyed by some unknown parties,
»bo had b en pelting him with lumps of
domrh and'quantities of grain; also by the
persistency of a merchant, who had been
offering a load of corn at $1.40, but with
whom he had repeatedly declined to have any
direct basinets transactions. He began to talk
loudly about combinations which had been
organized to crush him; about his fidelity to
principle; his determination to fight out the
battle of principle even if it cost him. his life;
his enemies might take his corn and his
money, but be would maintain his character,
which he prized above everything else. Efforts
were made to reason with him, but these ef
forts only increased his nervousness and men
tal excitement. He appealed to his God for
protection, and refused to be pacified or rea
soned with, warning all parties to avoid in
terfering with him or bis rights. At this
time tbc excitement on the floor was Intense,
and business was totally suspended. Shouts
of “ Put him out,” were heard on all sides;
he defied any one to put him oat; bo was
fighting for principle, and ho would not he
Etil don n. Two merchants then took hold of
im, drew him to the stairway and down the
eloirwaytoth&strcct, whence he started by
himself for his office.
On Saturday, he was suspended and denied
the privileges* of tbe floor of ’Change by a
formal rote of the Directory of thcKew'Tork
Commercial Association, because of his tur
bulent conduct.
Tcslerday, a few minutes before noon.be
mede bis appliance at the Produce Ex
change, bolding in bis bands some boxes of
grain, and. as was afterwards proven, a couple
oi packages of Hobson & Sons 1 dirk knives,
known lo tbe trade as the ** Southern knife. 11
He ascended tbc stairway, evidently prepared
to force bis way in on tbc floor in defiance of
tbe sentence of suspension adopted by the
Board of Directors of the Association. On
the landing at tbe bead of tbe first flight of
stairs, be was met by Mr. Vanderbilt, tbe Jan
itor, who Informed him that be could not go
np any farther. He made a very surly re
sponse, and gave positive evidence of bis de
termination to light bis way up, by casting
aside, bis boxes of corn and on unbroken
quarter dozen package of dirk knives. Mr..
Vanderbilt instantly seized bold of him to
? rerent him from resorting to violence, but
ibtetts quickly released himself, and bran
dishing an open dirk knife, ran rapidly up tbe
second fitebt of steps to tbe main floor, tbe
crowd at the bead of tbc stairway scattering
in all directions before him, the majority
keeping on tbe ran until they had got safely
out of tbc bonding. Once on the floor, be
mode directly for one of the grain tables, and
jumping thereupon commenced a violent ha
rangue, bolding bis knile aloft In tbc most
threatening manner, and dancing wildly about
on tie tabic. He yelled ont frantically that
“be was now monarch of all be surveyed;
in indisputable control of that department o t
business, 1 ’ ready to Kill any of his enemies
and shed bis own * blood, and . sacrifice
bis life in maintenance of bis posi
tion. His enemies, be exclaimed, bad
robbed him of bis money, of bis corn, of
bis character They might now take bis life,
bat be would die fighting In bis own defence:
it he fell, be would be avenged. He kicked
off tbe table nearly two scores of sample
boxes full of grain, and for a few minutes
mancevred like an Indian in a war-dance.
Soon a policeman (Officer Bcslmcr) made bis
appearance,and aided by the janitor and a few
merchants, tried to knock Tibbetts off tbe
table. Tbe janitor finally upset him, and a
struggle then ensued between Tibbetts and
tbe policeman. He stabbed tbe policeman
three or four times, once seriously, in tbe
small of tbe back. Tbe policeman struck
him with bis club over tbc forehead, cutting
into the flesh. This fight lasted, only a mo
ment, when Tibbetts was overpowered and
thrown to the floor again. A merchant
jumped on tbe arm with which be held tbe
dirk-knife, but Tibbetts managed to stab
Mm in the toes of the right foot, wounding
him slightly. Several other policemen now
arrived, hammered Tibbetts tonghly, and
finally disabled him so as to be enabled to
take iiai into custody. He was then removed
to the First Precinct Station-house, where
charges were made against Mm by the Direc
tory of tbe Commercial Association, and
the policeman, whom be bad so repeatedly
In the braffle with Mr. Vanderbilt, the jan
itor, in the beginning of the mefce, Tibbetts
1 made a desperate effort to stab the janitor.
I Once the knife grazed bis right band, inflict
’«ing a Blight wound on tbe-forefinger of the
I Mud; during another attempt, the point of
| the dirk-kniie passed through the left breast
i of the coat, struck the watch in Mr. Vander
• blits vest pocket, and, glancing off this, cut
through the vest and completely severed
. a suspender, hut fortunately did no further
The unbroken package of dirk knives,
which Tibbetts threw away as he was ascend
. lug the stoirs of the Produce Exchange, was
• taken possession of by A£r. Bouton, the clerk
I of the Exchange. We examined one of tbe
{ knives. It was a weapon of the most pene
! trative properties, having a sharp-pointed
i blade, measuring some three and a half or
j four Inches in length, and adjusted by a pow
| crful spring. The handle was artistically flu
; ieLcd off with a metallic *• shoeing,” adorned '
by a spread eagle in relief. What Tibbetts,
required a half-a-dozen of such knives for,
surpasseth the comprehension of sane men.
j Tibbetts was generally regarded os insane;
;he certainly acted like a maniac It was re
i ported on ’Change that he has been an ardent
believer In spiritualism for several years post,
and that he has avowedly entered into various
business speculations under the guidance of
“certain propitious spirits,” we give this
report for what It is worth. Air. Tibbitts is
naturally intelligent and enterprising. In
ordinary intercourse, independent of business
cares and their deplorable consequences, he
was uniformly courteous and conciliatory.
Be Is obviously a man of extremely nervous
temperament, and cosily excited to a pitch of
frenzy. His com speculations and the at
tendant circumstances have engrossed all his
thoughts during the past half year. It.may
be that In dwelling so constantly and anxious
lv on a single subject, his mind has succumb
ed. It is certain that his * recent conduct on
’Change indicated extraordinary mental aber
ration. He is a native 61 South' Berwick,
Maine, and about forty-five years of age.
The gentlemen present on tbe Com Ex
change arc evidently such as should be ex
empt Rom draft. They all actedlike cowards.
ti-prj were terrified, many of them, almost out
of the windows, and a large number entirely
out of the doors. None dared to attempt to
disarm one man, and when the officer, Besl
mer, was in deadly struggle with him, there
was not one with pluck enough to rush in to
his assistance. After he was stabbed, officers
Jacobs and Doric arrived to his aid. Mr.
Keslmcr, who llad three severe wounds, one
in the thigh, one in tbe shoulder, and one in
the hock of the right side, was conveyed to
an adjacent hotel, where his wounds were at
tended to, and thence taken to the station
house, subsequently being taken to his home.
He is veiy severely injured, but, it Is thought,
not dangerously. Offiwrße’iner Is one of
the most Ciithfnl, reliable men In the depart
ment, most popular with his officers, asso
cintes. and lows precinct is recognized ne a
TBlnahie officer. , ■
When Tibhetta traa hron-ht to the elation
house, he was asked by Sergeant Matthew the
ordinary questions, and*to that as to his age,
responded that he was “the same age as
Oliver Cromwell was when he commenced
; his career.” He expressed no regret for his
'act, but alleged he would do It again, and
wished he had another opportunity. Sergeant
Matthew’ locked him up.
At 3p. m. Sergeant Townsend, then in
command, concluded, as the station bduse
: was being overran with the prisoner’s friends
; and others, to send him to tbe Tombs. He
■ was accordingly taken there and'arraigned
I before Justice Dowling, at a late hour. After
a preliminary examination ho was committed
, to await the result of the injuries he had In
t fiictcd on the officer. Tibbetts is reputed to
be a man of wealth. His family, a wife and
I six children, rcsldeaat Falls Village, Conn.
! Besides the six dirk knives that were found
j upon him was a letter, the following of which
h a copy. He had sent theprigmal to his
; wife in Connecticut:
Fx». 7,1961
Dcab Wxra—lnclosed is a report of Friday’s
Com Market, from the New York Ttmu, which ie
tctt correct, sad much better then I can do it mi
self. Tie contest that lam now carrytneon is
what I bare often told yon that I would do-If It
co*i me my life. It baa now arrived at anoint
where my life will he put at stake, and I shall
B iclr lay it down rather than swerve one lot or
one tittle from what I consider right and Jnalu If
my life is sacrificed in this contest you will bo tel
egraphed immediately, and 1 wish you to come to
this dty with all of the six children, and take the
same weapon that I used, and with the same zeal
(f truth and jCßllceco immediately on *Chao<re and
hflTc pome cnc p**lnt out to yon the individual that
has sacrificed mv property and tried to destroy
»•' vi jiaaer. and there stand and sell daybr'dir
com enongb for cash down to meet the payment*
ta itrey become due: but sell only one load of com
to any one party. Keep the children on ’Chaago
wlih you, and lay down tout life and sacrifice
them, which I know yon will do to carry oat the
Samples which I have inaugurated on that Com
change. Don't wait for or take any care for roy
burial. Let others do that. Your work is ofmucb
more Importance. Mr. Fletcher will instruct tot
in regard to the way and manner of doinrr the busi
ness in carrying out m* wishes. Try and be ready
at a moments warning to leave with all the chil
dren. Let me assure yon that I shall not return
home until this thing is decided, and it shall bo
victory cr death with me. Dave faith, he of good
caet rand teg oke, for all things are working well.
Mj eyes are so weak that I dare not write,”
The brother-in-law of Mr. Tibbetts, states
that the original of the foregoing letter was
mu led to his (Tihbett’s) wife, in Connecticut,
eillcr Sunday, or at an early bour yesterday
morning The friends of Mr, T. conclude
that be has of late been laboring undcra tem
porary aberration of mind.
Erart-Bcndlng Particulars of the
Fate ofThrco Canadians—Sc
[From the Victoria Colonist, December 15.]
From Mr. John Giscome, just returned
from a prospecting tour from the mouth of
the Quennclle to a distance 850 mllea cost of
the Bocky Mouuluins, we have the following
details of the fate of a portion of tho Cana
dians who attempted to cross overland to
Cariboo, an incomplete account of which
appeared in the CotonM of July 11:
While wintering at Fort George, about the
sth of December. ISC2. two brothers named
Gilbert and Thomas Bennie, rnrived at the
fort in avery weak slate frum cold and want
of food.' Thomas Bennie bad bis feet frost
bitten. They reported that they bad got on
a rock above Fort George, and bad left three
of their party behind in a feeble state, with
only fen dr.ys* previsions, adding their
belief that they wera dead by that time, os
thc£two brothers bad token twenty-eight
dajs to reach the focL Mr. Charles Judged,
from their description, that the accident liad
token place abont ninety miles up. He
tbercfoic dispatched two Indians In search,
but they returned, oiler a few hours* ab
sence, stating that the weather was too se
vere to attemp it.
On tho let of January the two Bennies
came to Giscome’s cabin, and while there
four Indians arrived. One of the Bennies,
who spoke Frenc' ■, inquired of the Indians if
they hud teen or heard of the missing men.
They rcjTxd that they had'not come by the
way of the Frazer, but by u nearer route. On
the following day the Indians left the fort,
professing to return to the lake they had
come from. Mr. Glscomc, however, subse
quently learned from other Indians tint at a
certain point two of thfc four Indians went up
the river seeking for the unfortunate men,
whom they succeeded in finding. Two of
tbuu (believed to bo Helstonc and Wright)
w ere still alive, but bad killed Wm. Bennie
(brother of Gilbert aud Thomas), and had
eaten all but his legs, which they held in
their bands when found, and were tearing
the raw flesh from the bones. The Indians
were going to light a fire for them, when the
two men drew their pistols, and tho ludims
fled, but did not return to give information at
the fort. This nous* did not reach the fort
until March, and the two Bennies, who had
become discontented with their fare at Fort
George (which was tho very best to be had)
left »t the end of January.
When Mr. Glscomc was to start on
his prospcclingtourin April, Mr. Charles told
him that from information his wife had pro
cured from tho Indians, ho was afraid some of
the Indians had murdered the -last survivor,
and requested Giscoroe, should he proceed
that way, to examine the camp particularly.
On reaching the month of Salmon Biver, and
finding it high, the guide displayed great re
luctance in taking the route which led to the
spot, but upon being well paid he consented
to go. Glscomc found the comp about fifty
miles above Foil George, with the remains of
two men, but the third was missing. Their
canoe was still lying close by, but blankets
and everything else worth removing h*d been
carried oil'by tbc Indians. Inside the camp,
in one corner, there lay a small pile of bones,
carefully preked together;-among them was
the skubjof a young man (supposed to bethat
of William Bennie) with the whole ot the
lower law and a row of good teeth still per
fect, He also found the skullof on older man
which hod eight prints of an use upon it
where it had evidently been chopped open.
Some of the bones were still bloody, and were
bulf chewed at the ends. Outside of the
camp he found a patch of Bennie’s hair still
adhering to a piece of skin. Glscomc and
his partv collected tho bones, dug a grave,
and burled them, leaving a written notice in
c&ec the spot should be visited by any other
Subsequently, on thefirstlokc after leaving
the Frazer, Mr. Giacomo was engaged in
writing a few notes of what he had seen to
Mr. Charles, when the Indians, who had as
sisted in packing over tbe portage, became
vexed, and declared he was writing to say
that they had murdered the last man. Gis
come appeased them, when one of the num- 1
ber said he knew where the third man could I
be found. Be was lyingfiOOorlOOyards from
the camp, over a rife, stripped of his clothes, i
and several cuts from a hatchet on his head i
and body. Be promiscd to bnry the body on
bis way back, and from subsequent informa- j
tion Las reason to believe be did so. j
At an Indian camp on the first lake, Gls
come saw a small Bible with a photograph of
a young lady in it, hut no name to indicate
wmch of the party It belonged to, also, two
axes, a spy-glass, and -some camp utensils,
which the Indians said thev bad removed
from the camp, but they would not disclose
anything with reference to the murder of the
, survivor. They further said that they intend
ed taking them to Mr. Charles. It is not
known whether they did so or not, but that
gentleman has in his possession some of what
s supposed to be youug Rennie’s hair, and
also some shoemaker’s tools belonging to
one of the Rennies, which he was desired by
Air. Giscome to give to the brothers if he
should ever hear of them.'
Among other things shown by the Indians
on the first lake, was young Rennie’s coat,
which had nine holes in the hack and one un
der the right arm, apparently made with a
knife. They said they hod found.it Just as it
was in tbe camp.
From the statement of the Indians, and
pcrsonol inspection made by Air. Giacomo
and bis companions, he came to the painful
conclusion that the poor men had been re
duced by starvation and cold to the last ex
tremities, and had actually killed and eaten
one another. There were no signs of fires
having been lit, or wood cut, anti yet they
must have existed for about tea weeks, the
longest liver having, to all appearances, suf
fered a cruel death at tbe hands of the Indi
ans for the sake of plunder.
Air. Giscomc desires us to state that he has
in his possession three letters, which he will
be bappy to deliver up to the friends of the
parties—ouc from Airs. Gilbert Rennie to her
husband at Fort Carry, the other two from,
the mother of the deceased Rennie.
The Mormons arc opcratinglargclyftiaome
portions of Canada. Forty-seven converts
wire recently baptized at Chatham.
—lt has been recently ascertained that less
than two hundred privateersmen of the war
or 1813 remain alive..
—The Winslow will case, thathas for some
time been on trial at Bridgeport, Ct, has
been compromised and withdrawn from
court. Tbe heirs, by the adjustment, are to
have about one-quarter of a million dollars.
—The laic King of the Sandwich Islands
was succeeded on the day of his death by bis
elder brother. Prince Lot, now Kamebamcha
V. The new King was bora on December 11,
3830, accompanied his brother on his travels
through Europe and the United States, and
wes lor the last seven years the Aliniaier of
the Interior.
—The Montreal Wltnc** asks for a scientific
explanation of the fact that this bos been the
mudest winter ever known in Lower Canada,
and the severest perhaps ever known in the
Western States, and even os fir South os SL
Louis and Washington.
—There were 25,700 muskets made at the
armory in Springfield last month—the largest
number ever made in any month.
—The directors of a London Insurance
Company at their recent annual meeting had
a regular light. Sticks were used, heads bro
ken, and the police called.
—California contributed $53,110 to the funds
of the Sanitary Commission during the month
of January. *
—Maple sugar, made in mid-winter, is one
of the luxuries the editorial fraternity are en
joying in Berkshire county,
—Robert Girgnon, £0 years old, and the
man who captured the famous Indian named
Blockhawlr, perishedin a snow drift near his
own house New Tear*B-day, near Oshkosk,
—A Newfoundland paper, in speaking of
the House of Assembly «of that island, eulo
gizes It in the following unequivocal-lan
guage: “ Take them for all in all, from the
Speaker downward, wc do not suppose that
a greater set of low-lived and lawless scoun
drels, as public men, can be lound under the
conopv of heaven.
—The Chronique tie* Arts states that among
the articles recently discovered at Pompeii Is
a small head of Juno, in silver, of exquisite
workmanship: also the body, in silver, hat
broken; a bridle-hit in bronze; a lamp, in the
same metal complete, with cover, suspend
ing chain, and extinguisher; apatcra; a large
ana handsome vase, with the handles termi
nated by winged genii holding a cornucopia;
other small vases in bronze; and a seal in that
metal hearing the name of the master of the
Louse in which the aiticles were found—
Lucio Coruelio Diadumcno.
—The'price for the burial of the dead has
increased, and a considerable addition is de
manded for coffin, hearse and carriages. A citi
zen was recently overheard querying whether
to die would not he an expensive proceeding,
but, he added, provisions have increased ami
living is higher; hut the real truth is, there
are many hundreds who cannot alford to live
or die at present prices.
Artcmns Ward Sick. **
[From a letter£ion Gte .t Silt Lake City.]
The Showman from Baldwinsville is among
ub very sick. He came here a week ago,
from California, afteraveryexciting lecturing
tour on the Pacific He came to us tired and
weaiy, and Boon evinced that sickness had
set in upon him —1> p'told fever. He lies very
ill at the Salt Lake House Yesterday ms
physician informed me that though nothing
could he said, for two or three days, with cer
initiiy—the chances then were against his re
covery. To-day Dr. Kingston, ms agent, in
forms me that he thinks him rather better,
and hopes that the inflammation they dreaded
Is not to take.place. The people would
mourn the loss of ArfeBTCB Ward.
&ux Entice.
tTVAX K OTICE—To oiraers, ocou-,
JL Joints, atsepyecs. acd all persons whom It QiV 1
concent. Take notice thatoathctweary-elchlb day o'
JoJy.Ji.D^itea, 1 purchased (or other parties par*
dieted whose name* are hereinafter siren, and snbse
qrentiy ctrigued to me l!ie cortUilcatcs ofporcha-e)
I see that Irn now Use legal fcoMcr of all the *-.ld c?r
--i tiCcutcs of perchase Of tac Lot# anJ Damn hereinafter
• tmciloaed. Said Lots and Loads were eoli hr the
Ccwr.y Treasurer and es-oii.cio Collector of took
• co; ntr, Illinois, t.l:li the En'uxags, If any, shuite
tiureun.at r ?;;;e madcln Uw,on the
da} ofJuir, A.D.ia2,aad unit me time
for nmiuption t>f srid ».«»>% Lmin and Brai Kojc
v.i’l oyprtoa the t»cnij--clv.l:iL*or Jf.ly. A D. I'm.
Ail ihcpUiSiitJyhtrtlnarcr mentioned 1* within lue
fcbM f.cnly oKocK. •
Albrnlatiot* men In the following n;tlcc.
I It. is used to denote Forth.
8. “ u •* South.
E, ««•*. East.
1 17.“““ We*t.
i Sec, •* “ •* Section.
• T. “ “ “ Township.
It, 44 “ “ Range,
P. il. ** ** “ Principal Meriui.tu.
A. u *• ** Acre. -
ti.orx. ** “ “ Quarter,
n. “ *• “ feet.
Bub. Dir, “ ** u Subdivslon.
The cn:crsicncd purchased us aforesaid.
Original Town of Chicago.
Esofloflot2,b!ock2s,cfa«sedto A. Wlggleswortil.
S2M It 8 and adjoining F’22js it.
Atm 10 ft In alley by 70 it deep oflot S, blockM, as
eeged to Thomas Page,
TV v oflotSG, block Cf, assessed to unknown.
Cm.al Trustiessubdlv ofS E jf, sec 21, T 39, 811, Eof
•8d principal meridian.
Sub tot l lit lot 6, block 40, assessed to unknown.
E X F* TV X r f lot 9, block -U', assessed to unknown.
Walker and Others Ee Snbdtv, of Dhllch'tf Subdlv of I
a. In K E X ScosU, T S9, U 11‘ E otSd P il.
Lois 1 and 2. assessed to unknown.
Lois 35,16,17,13, Si, 47, 43, 49, 50, 56, assessed to un
Cwml Trustee* subdlv of W K Bee 27, TB9,RH,E of
Sdl* Jl.
- Lot ۥ, block 2. assessed to G. W. Thompson.
Lots ti 81,16, SO, E K block Kkossessed to unknown.
CcnalTnistce* subdlv Sec 50,T89, It 11, E oiSdPM.
Sub!otßof]ot3,blocklS,aß&essca.to unknown.
L’nd Mof sub lots 29,80, of lot 4, brock 21, assessed to
unknown. .. _
Sublotsßl,SSof!ot4,blockSl,assessed to unknown.
N WKofM’iacrc oflot 6, block 27, assessed to An
drew Cahill.
Freeman’s Subdir of 10 A, S and adj N2O A of W X, S
WH, See S4, T SI, 814, EOfSd P if.
L«1589,40,4i,42,43,50,51, block “A," assessed to un
Stone's Subdir cf SA, 8 and adj N35 A.W jf p S Wjf,
Sec SI, T SO, It 11, EofSd I’M. .
Lots 25, SI, S2, assessed to unknown.
Drown'* subdivision ofF*«SU’K See ft. TC9, IS 11
Sub lot 10 of lot* 9 and 10, assessed to unknown.
D F Johnson’s Subdivision la See ft, T Co.lt I),E of
8 PII.
Lots CO to 71 inclnelrc, assessed to G H Littlejohn.
School Section Addition to Chicago.
Improvements on lot 8, block l.assetaedto J W Di
South « of block IS, assessed to G J Stow.
Lot 4, block Cl, assessed to I) Curran.
SX of lots 1,2, block (S, assessed to B Cooler.
20 it n and an j s St) ft, 6 it deep, of lot 4 block ft, assess
ed to UK weir.
2714 ft of lot 5, block 101, assessed toF B Bryan.
. . w right’* Addition to Chicago.
Lot 1, block 10, csscfsed to F 8 Miller.
Ogden’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot U. block ft, assessed to 2. Peterson.
Lots,block C 6, assessed to Ogden & Jones.
Sampson A Green’* Addition to Chicago.
That part not subdivided of 5 a la n w part or block 2.
assessed to unknown.
Lots IS. &1,71, 7,’, 73,74, block 9, assessed to unknown.
Lot 20, block IG, aspersed to A J Kiibeley, agent.
Lot2l,block IG,abseiled to unknown*
Rockwell's Addition to Chicago.
Lots 1,2,8,4,6, C, 7,3. block s, assessed to unknown.
Spears' Addition to Chicago.
Lots 8. 9,10.11, block 1, assessed to W II Hoyt.
Lois II and 13, block 2, assebsed to unknown.
Lot* II and IS, blocks, assessed to unknown.
Lots 17,13, block I, assessed to unknown.
Bralnard ft Evan’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots 21 and £l, block 9, assessed to 1). Dralnaru.
Bawan .k Hodman's AUdltloa to Chicago.
Lot 21, block 2, assessed to r.A. Holfinaa. •
Lot 7, block S, na-cssed to "\Y 51 Eassmerer. .
Lot 19, block 8, obsessed to F A uolTama.
brand’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot IC, block 11, assessed to unknown.
tecltcyuolds* Adiition to Chicago.
End kof lot 44, blocks, assessed to unknown.
Lot S,block 7, trecsscd to G IrStcvros
Lot IS, block 7, assessed to Smith, Waller & Co.
Und X lots 81,85, block 9, assessed to Smith, Waller &
Und X lots 26,27,23. block 9, assessed to unknown.
Lot lb In e H block 11, assessed to A M Bobbtson.
Lot 25 lu c it block u, absented to unknown.
Canal Trustees' Subdivision of See 5, TS9, It HE of
Blcck C, (ex lot* 16 to 85 and 76 to 85 inc,) assessed to
ITeaf ants ft Brcnn.
Lot* 29, block 7, asseseed to C Cowper.
Lot* 9. 4, 25 to 50 inc, block 12, a&>esscd to Rees ft
Lots *3 und 8 In SE X of Wk IS. assessed to unknown.
Let 20, in mil blkfi in blk I>. to K ’.v* Jaeger.
Cinrkeon'is Scboitldon of K 5 acres of S 25 ncree yf i£
>’E K Section 8, Town 85, Itunge It, KX>fSUP. ii.
Tot 5, l>lk 1. asecMvd to unknown.
Lots 13,1 C, bile ‘2, assessed to C D Jones and Sons,
JobDfetouA: Subdivision, £t;SE M Sec-
Soft Town 01*30* KU~
Lot 1, blk i;'. to W S Johnston. jr.
Lots 2, 4, 5,6.7,8.0,10, 11.12, LJ.II, 13 and IS, blk 13,
bh e*sed to tV S Johnston, Jr.
Lctßl,C t 7,8,9,b1k15,U8'-CCSed to W 8 JoIUUtOU, Jr.
Lot 2, oik 36, atfctc&cd to unknown.
Lot 8, blk 15. iwsecscd to J Drown.
Lets 10,11,12,18,14, 15,16, blk 15, assessed to TVS
JoUnstcn.Jr. ’
Lots 1.2, S, 4, S, 6,7,9,9,10, blk 17, assessed to W S
Johnston, Jr.
Canal Tioptcc’s Subdivision Section 7, Town 39, Range
UKOtSdP.M. ,
Lots 11,12,13,23, 21,27,28,86,03, Bd, 97, inXW part
blk £f, as.Hwed to unknown.
Lois 0,67,95, blk 26, assessed to unknown.
Lot 2. tab blk 2 In blk :£, assessed to Geo C Thayer.
Lot 27, sub blk 2, blk 82, aaseissed to PM Qalgley.
K K lot 77, blk 52, ns*es>cd to unknown.
Canal Trustees’ Subdivision of W ii and Wkol 2JE
K,Section 17,'L'uvmS3Range 14 Eof SdP. il. -
Lot 5, blk 22. a>*ct»eU to Kll Kinney.
Lots 13,10.38,20. V 2. 21,28, U), £8,40, 42,44, 45,48.50,
52, £4. JC. w>CI,OS, G5, blk 42,arsessctl to unknown.
Lots By,bl f fc5,86,88,£4),W, id. 06, 09.1U1, ]Q2,103, blk
42. assessed to unknown
Lots 1«. 105,106. ICS, 110,112.118. 120,122,121.129.130,
15»1.132. blk 42, assessed to unknown.
Canal Trustee’s Subdivision of SEW Section 17. Town
£9. Range 1-1, E of Sd p. if.
Lois 8,9.19. blk 2, assessed to unknown,
net 7 Vi *7 blk 4, assessed to unknown. .
Lot S, blk 16. assessed to B Daley. •
Lot tz, blk SO, assessed to unknown.
Smith’s Subdivision InJiEX NE Jf Section 18, Town
89, Range 14. K of 3d I*. M.
Lot S,blk 2, nssesneu to B. W. Ilonideod.
Ticrnaa’s Subdivision or £ part of E K S W U and W
X SK X Section 18, Town 89, Range 14, E of Sd PAL
Lola I.a,S, 4, blk 2, assessed to unknown.
LcU 10. 11.12,13, IL 15,16,17, 19,19, and 28 to 36 In
clusive, blk 2, aesetsed to unknown.
Lot 2 in snb blk 1 in blk 8, assessed to unknown.
- Lots 3,6,7,9 to 23 inclusive, sob blk 1 blk 3, assessed
to nnknown
Lots 24.23, sub blk lln blk 3, assessed to unknown.
Lots 28 and 29, sub blkl in blk 3, assessed to un
Lot 1, sub blk 2 in blk S, assessed to unknown.
Lot 4, sub Mk 2 lu blk 3, assessed to unknown. *
Lots 9.12,18. 7C and 17 to 27 Inclusive, and lot SO In
cob blk 2 of blk 3, assessed tounkcowu.
Lots 1 tml 2, sun blk u In blk S, anknowa.
Lot 1, sab blk 1 in blk 5, assessed to nnknown.
Lots 4,5 9,12. IS.,20.21. 22.20,26,27,50, In
sob blk 1 In blk 5, assessed to unknown.
Lots 1. 2,8.4.6,7.10, 11, 13.1t, 16,17.20.21,21,29,28,
r nd 29. sub Ilk 2 In blk 5, assessed to unknown.
ExXWX.B W X.Snlwllr Bee 19, T 39,81i,£ of Sd
Lots 43 to 53 Inclusive hlk 29, assessed -to unknown.
Court Common rieas’Snb-dirS K, S W K,N E*f,Scc
Lots 15 and 16hlk 1, nwtea-d to nnkoown.
Ksjior’e faub-dlv oiS KK. Sec 20, T 89, 811, Eof 3d
lots ?S,S?, 59.1)11; 9, owcMx-d to nnlfßOwn.
Canal Trustee** S ob-d i v._Ni,'. Sec 21, T 39. HH, E
of 3d P mT
lot7,bikßl.assessed to nnkcown.
Sub-lot. 1 m lot S, and w H lot 9, bik 61, assessed to D
Hoisiein being a rub-dlr of W NW X, S:e 31, T 40,
Und H lotn 1 to 36, and 17 to 43 Inclusive, bUt 3, as
sessed to unknown.
Lot 30. bik S, assessed to unknown.
Und h lou l to 13. and 13 to S3 inclusive. blk 12, as*
erased to unknown.
Und X lots 5,4.8, and 10 to 20 Inclusive, bUc 17, as
sessed to unknown. _
Lots 1,8,25, 26, 37, 5i,53,37, to 43 inclusive, blk 17, as*
stated to unknown.
Klnzle’e Addition to Chicago.
Lots 5 and c. blk 12, assessed to iv’ S Johnston.
Wolcott’s Addition to Ctdeaso.
Lot 10 and 11, blk 2, aiwwd to A Price... __ ..
S2U ft of lots 15 sad 16, blk B>, as>es*td to EKelly.
Newberry's Addition to Chicago.
Lots,blk4,assessed to MUyme.
linshneirs Addition to Chicago.
Kl2O ft of blk 12, assessed to £ Blatchford.
.lobnston, liobcrta & Storr’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 8,0, it*, blk4, assessed to unknown.
N y lot H, blk A, assessed to unknown.
K ol ft o: lot 5, blk S, assessed to TJios Manahao.
Lota 9, It', blk 19, finessed to unknown.
1 ot 16, r Ik 15,sssetsen to O S Hubbard.
Lota 8,4.9.10, blk 26, assessed to unknown.
Mone’sSnb-dlroi Aster's addition to Chicago.
KK lot 10, blk 2, assessed to WJf Stokes,
total,S,blk 3, assessed ton O Slone.
Bronson's Addition to Chicago.
K 68 ft of lot 07, assessed to M 31 Ford.
N CS ft ol E 4S It of lot t6, assessed to M M Ford.,
Lot 201, assessed to 3! 31 Ford.
eiitflleM'6 Addition to Clilenco.
Sub-lot 8, loE K lot l,blkl, assessed to unknown. '
BXCExC6ft)BX' SWX, lot 12, blk2.assessed to
(Ex Kl7 ft) EC6 ft, NW X» lot 13. blk 2* assessed to
WX.SXoflot 15, blk 3, assessed to T Lyons.
LoisSl.U2.Sh 84,:£>, blk SI, assessed to US Morris.*
Lots 41, 42, IP, 41,45,1)11(51. a&scssed to unknown.
LotsCC, C«, 63,65, TO, 92, 99 to 108 and.block St, assessed
to Hit Smith.
Lots 4.6,51,52, 53,64,55, blk 35, assessed toERSmUh.
Lot 93, blk to, assessed to unknown.
Lot St, blk 36, assessed to E It Smith.
Canal Trustees* Subdivision. Sec. 53.T40, lUI.Eof
3 P. M.
Lot 44 In n K blk 21, assessed to unknown.
Trufsdaire Addition to Athens, T3i.BU,E of 3 PM.
LotHLhlk2,assessed toCrts Pltzman.
Village of Lemont, TS<, Rll.Eof 3P M.
Blk 2. assessed to It 1C Co.
Lot 9, blk S, assessed to Layton..
Lot 8, blk 5, assessed to D 1 Brown.
Lot 4.blk 7, assessed toßenontßndd.
Lemont, T 37. Itll, Eof 3P M.
LotS.lnw34and eeKncli s cXsec3l,assessedlo
Lot 4. In w Ki and s e X n e X a e X sec 51, assessed to
Lot6,inwKandßeXn eXBeX sec a, assessed, to
118 Jennings.
tMalolot 4,wXs wX*e«l3,assessed to JBdL
IVkDwXneK scc2>, assessed to Anthony Meyer.
Whecling.T 42,R11.E0f3PM.
Miners* Addition to Dnnton.
Lotsl and 2. blk 9 assessed to James Weeks.
Palos, T 57, It 12, E of 8 P M.
EXswXueX sec 19, assessed to Alex 6 iron.
Lyons, T 38, It 12, E of 3 P U.
W X s e X sec 31, assessed to Sherman & Co.
Lcydcn.T 40.R12, EofSPM.
La Framhols’ Reserve.
Sob lot 2 of lot 3, assessed to F Haas.
W x w X n w X (N J B) of sec 31, ass’d to unknown.'
Maine.T4l,lt 12,80 l BPM.
Lot 13. In n w K sec 31, assessed to Chas Matter.
Kortiifleld. Tl2, It IS, Eof 3P M
-10 a In n w i orncr nwxs w X sec IS, assessed to Ball.
Worth, T Si, ins, Eof SP M.
Lots 2,8,11,15 lo seclfi, assessed to John B Whiting.
• K w X s e X sec 28. assessed to D M Adams.
Loti s e line 14 sec SO assessed to Martin Schroeder.
nvrXsec S3, assessed to H
6 Restart).
Lot 11,w 14 ne Xand n Xsec3s,assessed to
Eel Graham Marr.
w X eXlot9,infaubor 473-:COa, n of Archer B’d, of
e K n w X ecc 1, as.wsed to unknown,
EtOanXnwXecc 13, assessed to unknown.
Cicero, TS9, UIS. Eoi 3PM. „„ .
E X s c X eec 5, (ex lot 7.) assessed to Alvin Salisbury.
Lot 12 w x n w & sec 11, assessed to W S Johnston, j£
Pollock’s Subdivision of 8 X Ex E X o. W 13K», E
46K a, 8 X S E X Bee 12.
Lots 12 and 41, assessed to unknown.
Subdivision of w X n e X see It.
So b lot IC3, in lots 12,13 and pt 11, sss’d to unknown.
Bnh lots C 3,65,72 to W of lota 12, 13 and pt U in w X n
cX sec 14, assessed to unknown, _ , .
gnb 1018190,301,102, Ui, 116,117 of lots 12,13 and ptil
In w X neX sec 14, assesses to unknown.
Sub-lots 118 to 149 Inc), of lots 12 IS and pt 11 w h ne q
sec 14, assessed lo unknown. .
Sob-lots 150 to Ito incl, of lots 12 13 and pt 11, wh neq
see 14, BEFcsscd to unknown.
DcWolfs bohdlv of w 27a w b, w lb se q, see 15.
Lot 7, assessed to L W Stone.
J.o: S, asscesca to Cody. . ..
LotUhSchool Trustees snb apart sec 19, assessed to
Ward* Hoyt. •
Lotia, School Trustees sub n pt sec 16, assessed to
- Ward & Hoyt.
Cook & Anderson’s snbdlv wh, no q, (exRR) scc2l.
Lot 7, blk 7. assessed to W 8 Breckinridge.
W h, nw q, sec 86, assessed to H O Stone. _ „
(Ex Canal) sw q, nw q, sec S6, assessed to 8 J Walker.
Town of Manchester.
End h lots 1 lo 52 led, blk 4, assessed to unknown.
Town of Brighton. • ,
Eub lots 53 54 55 of snbdlv of lots lto 20 incl, assessed
to N P Iclelmrt. _ _ , .
Lots 61 to to 81 £5 S6 87, assessed to 17 Plglehart. .
Jefferson—T 40. »IS E, of 8d PM.
Ogden &. Jobes' subdiv oi Bronson s tract of se TXa, n
eh Caldwell reserve. • • ~ .
Bw h, lot 7, and nw b, lot 10, assessed to unknown.
Kilos—T 11.U13i.0f 3d PM.
8 h lot 5 Caldwell’s reserve, assessed to J Rogers.
Calumet—T 87, It 11E, 3d PM.
Kwq,swq, sec 3, assessed to Miss Smith. .
Lctß.vr h.nw q, andwh.swq.sec 15, assessed toA
Lake—T £3; RUE, of 81PM.
Lots 1 to 21 lucl, blk l,w b, otr q, sec 8, assessed to nn*
LouiS*24 Ind blkl, w b, nw q, se q. sec SAseessedto
Lcts?2°B49lo Ul*, blk 8, wb,nw q, sec 8, assessed to
4, w b, nw q,sec 8, assessed to tin*
lots°lto*2l incl, blk 5, w b, nw q. sec 8. assessed to nn-
LoteTtoUlnd, blk CjWh.nwqseQ 8, assessed to tm*
LossTto*2flncl.blk7,wb,nwq stcS, assessed to un*
LotsTio 21 tod, blk 8, w b. nw q sec 3, assessed to nn*
LottltQ*23 Ind, blk 9, w h,*w q sec 8, assessed to un*
LoSTaiTc 2,7 to 18 Inch and 18,21, blklO.whnw a see
lJt^o2Unchbikthi* : hnwqsec 8, assessed to nn*
LouTto*24 Inch blk 12, w h nw q sec 8, assessed to un»
E2C»ofn TSa of ae q sec 4, assessed to J W Prior,
B V Jobutou’t tubdlv of se q se q sec 4.
.^l. IS*. «> q«c 4.
(Exl: B) ne q sw q sec 9, assessed to W O Beyers.
, Blair’s snbdlv pan whsw q sec 10* Of Michigan
1 avenoe.
; eCaxNtificc.
Lots 12 825 and 81. assessed to unknown.
Lots9loll,sssesied47 unknown.
2aßandadinßlMoooflotS4sandl6, sec 16, assessed
to Joseph Johnston.
27 8a of s 6a of lots IS 16, sec 18. assessed to Joseph
JehnstoD. * * ■
F h of bit 29. sec 16, assessed to Hntcblns & Fagan.
(I sK E) und he bne 4 see 21. assessed to 51 Skinner.
F 525 w h nw q sec 22, assessed to It It Co.
(Lx I5&n) t Ka w hnw q see S3, assessed to unknown.
Lake view T 40.814, ex of3d P. 21.
Und h, S h. J* E q, F Eq.Sec lß,'assessed to Arno Toss.
IJv.'e Park T J3.8 14 B of 3 P M.
Undb.Fh.FEqsec 22, assessed toil.Honor*.
W p, s W f), tec io, asteseedfo John Johnston.
J.li.WotKixcrtb’ssabdlTisofloUSaadffrS Eq,
bub Lot 22, a? Fcsscd to P. 8. Sherman.
laicmet T, 87 8,15E Of Sd P W,
Ucu h, nnd b, W h,N E q sec 6,assesscd.to Ogden & co.
A. C. Lewi* purchased and assigned to the tutderelgnj
Idas aforesaid.
Original Town of Chicago.
*> Lot Lot*C*nd7Dlock6l.aßßC66Cd to unknown.
. Clark’s Addition to Chicago.
Let 4, liloci. 4. atse-Ecd to Jacob HairU.
.Conk! fnLLicfs’fcabdlvlalonofSE q, see2l,TS9 a 81l
lot C Block 25, assffrcd to unknown.
(Ess. I0(i ft.) Lot 1 Block 49, assessed to unknown,
t-nu J.ot 8 In I ot $ Block 44, assessed to unknown.
Sob Lots 15,16. Lot 1 Blocc: 43, assessed to uakuuwn.
6 b 2» K q Lot 2 Block 48, as?cssod to J. McDonald.
L’pjal Trustees’subclris ofW b sec 27, T 89, Rl4 Eof
Lot Gln Eh Block 79, assessed to Clapp & Marble.
Lot 16 in E li of block 79, assessed to unknown,
let SO, Blcck £4, assessed o Wm. Harper.
The EL oi Block 9. assc* v ed to W. 8. Johnston, Jr.
W.JI. Adams'SnbuivlsHfh.EEq,S Eq,sec23,T 13,
, HllEolSdP.M.
LolsSJ niidft, nfsertsed lo J, J, Flack.
Fractional section 29, T 89. it HE of Sd P M.
Sub Lot‘•A” of Lot 2 Block 29, assessed to on
Cmio)Trustees*SnbdlvisEhtec31,T89,1» 14 Eof 3d
Trustees’snbdivi''past sec S3, TS9 Eli Eof Sd'
Lot 13. Block 20, assessed to J- B. Bacsen.
E ofSdPi? acbcUvl|, » SEq - N w q » Bec S4 » T
Sub Lot 48 oi Lots'6,G, Block], assessed to unknown.
Fretman’s scbdlvls oi lea s and adj. 27 29a. W b.SW
,q. see ft, T :9, Rl4 EofSd PM.
Lois rt, S3, ft. 85, SO, Dlofk •• A." assessed to 118 Hurd.
Lots ft, S3, Block** A,” assessed to unknown.
». . Prnctlcnal section SS. T 89, It HE of :<dPM.
83-ICCo F and adJ, 61-ICO lying X of T. Cleavers’ SI-lOOs
acsCFsed to unknown.
School section addition to Chicago.
Lot IP,block P.asferscdto K. c. Tates.
W h, fc h Lot 14. Block 19, asaessed to P. Jorraskl.
Lot 5, Block 102, assessed to Butler & Blaney.
Lots 8,4,8,9,10, Block IC2, assessed to Sutler & Bla
IS ft. W and adj £ ft ft of Sub Lot 8 and £ 15 ft Sub Lot *
C, In Lots 1 and 2, Block US. assessed to Eat. a.Cow
-27 Lot 3. Block 122, ns-esfed toS.M.TVUson.
fa'urrpson ft Green’s addition to Chicago.
Lot 4. Block 6, assessed to A. J Eulscly, Agt.
Lots 89,40. Block 0, assessed to H. Algnun.
Lot 44, Block 16, csicsscd to A. J. Farrell.
Lot 45, Bloc. 16, assessed to unknown.
Spears’Addition to Chicago.
Lots 12,13 aou 14, blk 4, assessed to W. tl. Hoyt.
Union Park Addition to Chicago.
SOft on Lake street by 100 ft on Sheldon street. In blk
5, assessed to S. B. Dwyer.
Sawyer’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 5, blk 4. assessed loTf.s. Johnson.
Mcßcycolds’ Addition to Chicago.
Lots 27 to £2 inclusive and S3, blkJ, osscased to Smith,
IVnllcrA Co.
Lot 10. Mk 8, assessed to Smith Waller ft Co.
Lola 13 to 24 Incl, and 25, S3 and 1G to 82, blk 5, assessed
to Su Ith Waller ft Co.
Lot 15. blk 7. assessed to Smith Waller ft Co.
Lot 0, blk 10, assessed to Winchester Hall.
Lots 6,9 and 10, blk to unknown.
Cochran’s BnbdlvolWkSEjf,Sec6,Tß9,Rl4Eof
Let 8 in n e qr of blk l,asscaEc’d to PL Sherman.
Lots 9 and 10, no qr of blk 1, assessed to S. Anderson.
Luts 13 and 14. n c qr blk l, assessed to noknown.
Lois 19 and 20, n e qr blk J, assessed to P L Sherman.
Let*7 and 27 and il to id Inclusive,lnn hf of blkß,
assumed to unknown.
Strip of lands of street known as lot 47,lnnhf blkß,
atscEEcd to unknown.
Johnston ft Lawrence's Subdir.E H, SEV,seeC.T
, C9,RI4,EorSdPM?
I ots 5.8,7. blk 1?, assessed to W 8 Johnston, Jr,
(Kx t> 80 ft) lot 9. blk 19, assessed to unknown.
27 bf lot IS, blk li>, assessed to unknown.
S bf lot U. blk 19. assessed to unknown.
The wsa of *25 aofwhfnw qr of see G, 189, rll eof
3d pm, assessed to R Clarkson.
Csntir Trustees* Snhdlv of tec 7,189, r 14 e of 8d p m.
LoisC,7,B,b]k2C,a&sesseii to unknown.
Lot 42. in sub blk 1 of blk 29, assessed to J N Cochran.
Sub loti of lot 2), blkiG, assessed to unknown.
Snb lot 1 of lot 2.‘, blk 85, assessed to unknown.
Lot 24, In c hf Mk S3, assented to W M Savage.
Circuit Court Partition of Lot K..N W Sec9,TS9,
_ Rl4, Eof3d P 51.
Wqr lots ft, 86,87. SS. blk 2, ossesaed to Finnegan.
Canal Tmices’ Enbdlv of S E v See 17, T 89. It H, E
J ot 2, in wbf blk 13, ast eased to F McXorz
(Ex n w qr s w or) tec 19. T £9, RIIU of 3d P iL
Lots 85,85. 87, blk 29, assessed to Sirs, btccle.
Court of Common Pleas,Subdir S XS vr M.KEJf.
See 20, T S9, Rl4 Eof BdP M.
Lots CCand 96 lu block 1, assessed to I>. Cameron.
’ll oiler’* Scbdlr XJV , Sec 20, T 38li 11 E of
Lot S8 In Meek 7, aesesecd to unknown.
Lot 1 In block 9. assessed to unknown.
Cecal Trustees SnbdtvN W L' Sec 21, T 39. B 11 E of
Snb lot 1 oflot 2 In block C 5, assessed to M Meara.
Snb lot 3 of lot 2, block ft, aHfrescii to unknown.
Holstein, being a Subdlv of W w,,V W X, Sec a, T 40,
lillEoi SdPM.
TJnd X ot lota 1 to 20 incl, block 6, asscsed to HO Mar
Und Xot lots 21,22 23,24, ft to 48 Inel, block 6,aasess
- cd to unknown.
Und X accretions c of blk 19jtsse*sed to W J Johnson.
Boiler, Wright ft Webster’s Addition to City of Chi-
Lot 22, blk 0. assessed to B Adams.
Bussell. Matt er & Booms’ Addition to Chicago,
Lot 5, blk76, r t*«»ed to W S Juhn-on.Jr.
Johnston, Roberts & Storrs* Addition to Chicago.
Lot 6 blk 25, assessed to F Murphy.
Bronson’s Addition to Chicago,
Sab lot 16 in subdlr of lots IST, 193, SOI and e CO ft 0f203,
assessed to Smith and Freeman.
Buttcrtield’s Addition to Chicago,
Sub lot 1 In suMlr of lots 9 and n3O ft of 10, assessed.
to Michael Brnr.
Sub lot 4 of lots 78,60,62. assessed to B Gathmeier,
Lot 110, assessed low 8 Johnston,Jr.
Lot icp, assessed to J Butterfield.
Canal Trustees Subdlr S3, T 40, Rl4 Bof 8d
Lot 19, blk 20. assessed to unknown.
Lot £O, c M blk 26. assessed to nnknown.
Bcbaumberc, T tl. It 10 E of 8d P M.
14MC0 As of road svrX b e X eec S3, assessed to A
Kortbflcld, T 42, 812 K of 3d P M.
Ekook see 11, assessed to Andrew Pally.
Bremen, T 56, 813 Eof3d PM.
Lots 1. ?, 3.4, subdir nvr x sec 2, aaaessedto unknown.
SXsw Xn w sec il, assessed to M Schwotts;
Worth, T SV, Kl3 EofSd PM.
X o X s c X sec S3, assessed to Jere Prau.
Lake, T SB, Rl3 Eof S.I PM.
TbenlOA ekncj{tec 13. assessed to B Clark.
Jetfcrson. T 40, B in, E of 3d P M.
SAeandadj wSAne o* PlankßoadinswX BWX
sec 25, assessed to E Cowper.
Eew Trier, T 42. p.ISE of BdPM.
Wtaetka—blk 22. assessed to P L Wells..
Calnmet, T S7,R 14 Eofsd P M—l own of Worth-
Blue Island—lots lto 12 inch blk S3, assessed toX Ilex
Blue Island—lots 6.7. blk (T7, assessed to K. Bexford*
Blue Island—lots 1,2. blk, ISL assessed to B.Reiford.
Lake T £B. Kl4, Eof3d PM.
UndXofseXßWX (cx rr end,sc 10aand7a,paid
by Eb Prescott J se>:9. Assessed to John C Dodge.
Ex rr, nwXd wx« assessed to J A Matteson-
Ex rr. und Xe X sec 9, so X> sec 36, assessed to C V
Lx rr, und x T Kt« X. see S6, assessed to C V
Exrr. uu(lX*XcKacW«sccS6f*sseaaedto C V
Lake View, T 40,.8 14. E of Sd P 51.
(Fx j>nb lot 7) Lot 2 of sub, e frac sec 23, assessed to J
Ji Bees.
Lot u insubdlrfe* s2oaan2n SOa) wo w see
28, assessed toll I( Clarke.
ADoersonviMe, 10ta4,5,6,h1k 2, assessed to D Brown.
Andcreonrllle, lots 8, 9,10, U, 12,13, bik 2, assessed
AcdertoDTlUc, lots 7,B,bik I, asscssedto John Church
W. K Heed purchased and assigned to the undersign
ed as afomald:
Original Town of Chicago.
lot 5, bik 66, assessed to K Frankenthal.
Canal 1 rvstctV Bubdlr, Sec 27, T C 9,8 li. £ ofSd
lot SO, bik C 5, assessed to Johnston.
Lot >, e Ji bik SO. assessed to J I) Jennings..
Lot 17 sod DK lot 20, w K bik S3, assessed to W E
Lots 12.13,19,20.21.23. blk 7. assessed to nnknawn.
Fuodlr, S Itac. 6ec 29, TS9, RII, Eof3d PM.
fob lot 2 of lot 6, bibs 5 and 6, assessed toil. Kelrt.
Sr.blotsll,l2aad4l,onot4, bile 21, assessed to JO
Lot 14, blfe 91, assessed to 2f B Cote,
airs-AliceLyncb’s Sobdlv,N Wir K T7 U, Sec 82,T
S3, Ull, Kof 3d rai.
Lotsll,l2snd2o,assessed to unknown. •
Springer* Foss’ Addition to Chicago,
lot SO, blit 4, deceased to unknown.
Freeman's Snbdlv of 10a S. mU N 20a, of W X. S WK.
Fee SI. T 89. Rl4, EOf Mi* M.
Lots 10,17.18,23.26, In oik “A,” assessed tollß Hurd.
School Section Addition to Chicago.
E K * M lots, blk 83, assessed to J Fltrlmocs.
Lot SS, blk liS, assessed to J E Pollard.
E H lot 15, blk IS. assessed to K P Dickinson *
■Leasehold interest and Improvements on lot 83j>Ik 112,
assetECd to £ 81o«ne.
Carpenter’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 13, blk 25, assessed to E Davis.
Duncan's Addition to Chicago,
Lot 13, blk 10, assessed to J s Kewhall.
Sampson & Green’s Addition to Chicago.
Lois C 2,63, blk 6, assessed to unknown.
Lot 9, snb pt iXa. n c corner blk 9. assessed to C Feqt-
Lot 10, subn optima, ne comer blk 9. assessed to F
Rockwell’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot s,blk 10, assisted to WB Ogden.
Lot 5, blk 11. assessed to WD Ogden. _
Bralnsrd & Brans Addition to Chicago,
lot 23,1 it F, assessed to D BnJaard.
Let 23, hit 9, Off rssed to D Frainard.
jlcßernoia’s Addition lo Chicago.
End k lot 41, blk 2,assesaed to unknown.
Lot 5. l<lk 3, assessed to O T CUlo.
Lot 16, blk 6, assessed to Smith, Waller & Co.
Lots 31 and il, blk 6, assessed to B W Oson, Jr.
Canal Trustees subdivision, sec 7, T S9, Kl4, Eof 8d
LotlNWp,blk2o»aßsesjeato nnknowa.
Lots 122 ana 123, B part blk 21, e sseeaetl lo tin known.
Loilh.snbb ki.blk 29, assessed to PW James. _
Canal Subdivision, WXandWX»HEX«
Bec 17. T 89. 814, EofSP M.
End k lots 8 and 10, blk 8, assessed to unknown.
Lutl£fenbblk2,bik4D,aeseßscd lo unknown.
Canal Trustees’Subdivision. BWy aadntSß X» W
ol River. Sec 21, T 89, 814, BofBP M.
825 ft of sob lot 21 of lot 1, blfc 58, assessed to W Shack
DoUUln.belDgSuhdlvlsiooof W)r 17 W k*SecSl,T
• 6 40,1t 14,E0f CdPM.
LotsSS. 40,42.44,40,48, blkl, assessed to unknown.
End k lots 81, £», 83.84, to, 86,31,29,41.43,45, 47, blk 1,
asst Bsrd to unknown.
End X lots 1 to 31 Inclusive, blk O/assessod to un
EndX lots 14to 191ed,22,23, 24,27t032 1nc1,34t04S
toci,blk 13, assessed to unknown.
End X lots 88,87 to 41,45,46,47,48 incl, blk 16, assess
ed lo unknown.
Kewberry’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 2, blk 4, assessed to M Byrne.
Bronson’s Addition to Chicago.
Snb lot 2 tn Starr’s snbdlv of lots ill, 115,116, assessed
to JF Starr.
Snb lot Si In Starr’s snbdlv of lots 114,115,116. assess
ed to J Bcmpsted.
Butterfield's Addition to Chicago.
£ 8 ft of lot 57, assessed to unknown.
Sheffield's Addition to Chicago.
BKBX NR X lot 22, hlk 2, assessed to C C Welch.
Canal Trustees’ Subdivision, s £r, Sec 3. T 89, 814 £
of 3 PM.
Lot 6, blk 29, assessed to P Gable. ■ ,
r-Ar.ai Trastces* Subdivision. Sec 33, TlO, Rll.Eoi
SdPM. . •
LotßWX.blk4l,asseasedto unknown.
Lots 6.7,8, 9,10,12,13,14,16,17, W X. hlk 41, OMBJSed
to unknown.
HanoTerT4l.R9.Eol SdPH.
Lot 47, sec 15, afsesecd to H Harts.
KW X lotto, see 15.assessed to FDcakman. ..
£lla K of roao ot lot 3, see 20, assessed to nail.
l > alatlneT42 I RIO, EoISdPM.
8 W 34,8 EK, 8 K 34. sec SI, assessed to O Duttman.
Lot 8 inK £ 34, see SI, assessed to J Thomas.
Lot 2 in n c 34 see tot assessed to J T Barden.
LotSinnwH sec 25, assessed to H & T Thlea.
Lot 17 in n w 34 sec 25, assessed to Mace Gay.
Lo! 18 in nw 34 ecc 35, assessed to U Kruger.
Lot SO In n w 34 see S5, assessed lo Wright Carrier.
Lemont, TS7, R 11, K of 3d P M.
Lots 9,10,11,12, blk 83, town of Dcsplalnes, assessed la
J Bell.
Elk Grove, T 41. HU.
N w X s e U, sec 24, assessed to J Stagge,
W X n c 3< e e 34,ecc 21. assessed to J btagge.
Leyden,T 40, It 12Eof SdPM;
K c ft- 34 sec 15, assessed to unknown. .
Maine, T 41, Rl2 E ol 3d PM.
Lot 16, (Ex R B) n w X sec 21, assessed to Wm Rooney.
WAs w34 tec 25, assessed to Thomas George. .
Cicero,TS9,RI3EoCSdPM. ..
LotlOsubaivialon,w jj b c X sec 11, assessed to M
KofroadeXs oK sec 23, assessed to Est P Maxwell.
W X lot 5, blk 4, sab, ofiots 2»*>, 5.6,7,8,13,11.15,-15,
if, 18 In e X n e_J4 tec 21. nssessed to unknown.
Town of Manchester. -
Ebd X lots 1 to 89, blk 8, assessed to unknown.
End X lots 1 to a, blk 7. aassssed to nnlmown.
Jefferson, T 40, RISE of SdPM.
Lotß3neX« and awXlot27,Ogden * Jooes sub-
Ch Ision of Bronson’s Tract of s c 720 aneX Laid
well's Bescrro. assessed to unknown.
(SJB)laone side of that SC&l® Inclu
ded m village, sec 9, assessed to P
Kioftw j, irs§gsn«pS^
™ H e^e#^K J or'S M. own - ■
lot s I and 2, bit 13. Taylor’s Port, sec S, assessed to
Lotto,assessor’s subdivision, sec S3, assessed to 31
Scbumaker. T 58.r.14,F. o?8d PM- t
Lots 71 and 1«3, blk 2 of sob, 525 as e X see 4, assessed
Frarer^nbdtrof2saw X . _
Lots 2,8,4,9-. 19,11,12, IS, if, I^.. WL 8, assessed to un
t» •4 » n It, nw X n ,K. iec 9. wieued
Enb 1M fin lot 7 of Mb lots 17 to a. MC 16, assessed lo
“l?fa arter.
BKW -ffjd?&t.T&EUEorSdP M.
Lavlnla’s shbdiv of s 40 > a ne X see 10. ...
Bob lot 9of snb lots I, *. 3,4.5 and* n X 6,8,9, blk IS, as-
to unknown.
EX B fc View. X 40, Ul4, E ofad PM. -
BX lot 8 subdivision ol eXn e X »«c 17-osseued to
J BK “wK'feof Greettßa r road t |CC n-*»eseed
STar Notice.
Evanston. T 4J. 814. E of Sd P if.
Lots 2to 7 inclusive, blk 10, Tillage of Evanston—
assessed to John Evans.
Block 51, Tillage of Evanston-assessed to P. L. For-,
W. G. Goldsmith purchased and assigned to the un
dersigned as aforesaid.
Original Town of Chicago.
Lot 13, blk ©— assessed to J. Brooks.*-
Fractional Section 15. addition to Chicago. _
6K tub loti In lotlß,blk7—ns3«*cdtoTho9.FaTreß.
Cecal Trustees’ subdiv'n of S E ji See2l,T 89,1114, E
Snb lot Bln lots 2.3,4, blk Si—oas:ssed to unknown.
SHlotß.blkft-awcssedto.i'.Hall. „ _
Assessors’ subdiv’n ot4OX a S W K sec 22. T 89, K H, E
_ Of BdPSI.
Bbt2obllc4—asacssedtoS.2l. Dexter. __
Canal Trustees subdiv’n W X sec 2T.T89, RH.Eof
Lot 2 In E X block SO—asses*ed to J. D. Jennings.
Smith’s subdiv’n SE K oec 27, T 8?, Rl4, Eof 3dP 5L
Blcck? 1 ard 2—atscssed to C.Bcmley.
Ctnal Trustee*’ fiulKliv’fl, Stb ecc 29,158, 811, E ofSJ
Snb lets £0 and 82 In lot 3, hit 20—assessed to unk*wn.
Undl-6 sub lot 19 oflot 4. Dlk H—assessed to onk*WD.
Sublctdoflotslond 4, blk 23—assessed to Moore ft
Brown’s Addition to Chicago,
lots ffl end 40. blk B—asFcped to unknown.
Freeman’* scbdtv’n of 10a S endadl'oa K2oa W K 3
W Jf see S!,TS?,n 14, E of 1’ >f.
Lois 1,2,8,4,5. blk ’*A**—assessed toH. I». Hard.
East pnrt of Ellis’ Addition to Chicago.
J Ot 29—Ats< feted to ankuowD,
Caiti ctcr'* Addition to Chicago.
E }i let 5, blk 10—a<je?bdl to 8. S. llnyes.
trhcol Section Addition to Chicago.
T'Jflot3.bltl6-atse#sctlto E.l’rime.
• I ot 14, blk Cl—nsscFsed to J. C. Foot.
V. is il ot n X lot 12, blk S3—a#scs*ed to A. I’oncelot
ft Co.
_ Elston’s Addition to Chicago.
Eoflotsblk77—i-sscssedto nnknows.
Biainanl ft Evans’ Addition to Chicago,
ted X lot 1 blk 6—ae?c.-ssed to It. Bralnard.
l aw: n ft HcHbum’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot4l, blk S—astes#cd to Ludwig Christian.
. McHeytold’s Addition to Chisago.
Lot 17, lit S—assessed to Smith, Waller ft Co.
Ashland’*2d Addition to Clilcago*
Lots 5.6,7, Ilk IC—assessed to unknown.
Canal Trustees’ subdiv’n of sec 5, X S3, El 4, Eof Sd
Lot 9 sub blk I,NK blk is—assessed to W. V. Coe.
Let 19, enb blk iKk blk IS—assessed to W. V. coe.
Lot 87. ?t b Mk 1, blk 19—assessed to 51. Qthnhm.
lot 58, Mk 2C—assessed to S. S. William*.
Canal Trustees’Subdivision See 7, T 89, K 11, EofSd
Lot 47u wpert.blk 20, assessed to G H Ewing.
Lot 49, n w pan blk 20, assessed to unknown.
Canal Trtsucs’snbdlr.swi/tmd pan » o X west of
river. Sec 21, T SD,ll li K ofSd PSI.
Sub lot 17 m lot 2, blk 46, assessed to Thomas Stinson.
Holstein, being subdlvnot wK ti \v X sec SI, T 40, B
• iicorsdpr.i.
Lad X of lots 1,2,8,4,5,6,7, 10, blk l,aasessedto
Ucd jj oi JotaltoG.Llto 21 incl, 29. SO, S3 to 43 incl,
oik 7, assessed to unknown.
Lots 7.3.9,10,11,25,26, 27, SS, blk 7, assessed to nn
Und X lots 12, H. 15,16. 17,18,19,21,23,23,24,23,29,81,
85, nlk 16, attested to unknown.
Umi X lots IC, H. biklC, assessed to R Atkinson.'
, Sbennan’s Addition to Holstein.
Und X lot l to 7 Inc), 29,81,41,15..46, blk 7, assessccT to
nnkcown. -
Lots ,0, H, 25, 26, 27,15, blk 7. assessed to DHern
Lcis32 to 21 incl. 80, a, 52,85, 25, blk 7, assessed to on
Bnlterflela’a Addition (o Chicago,
s O' X lot 9L c£3M3id to P Connolly.
thAfltld'a Addition to Chicago.
Snb lot IC7 ii lot 9 to 22, blk l, assessed to unknown,
lot 9t, blk 7, nsfecf *ed to unknown.
Snb lots fl to 15 loci, in lot 10,.b1k 13, assessed to on
Canal Trustees* Subdlv Sec 83, T 40 BHE of 8,1 PM.
Lois 10,19,20, in s x blk2l. nracbset to noknoivn.
Lot II m v' X blk 51, d to 21 Grogban.
hanover.TH.na.Eof SdPJL -
Lots 25 and 27, ecc 15, a&scsstd to unknown.
Palatine, T -12. Ii 10.
lot 4, blk *‘P,” Assessor’s subdlv, vrX sw K *ec 14,
part qr eHsc >f ?cc 15, aad nw X nwjf«c23,as
• sessed to waiter Bookies.
Elk Grove,T4l,li HEofSdPM.
FEX fc Jf. see 8, assessed to V E lllegln?.
, „ jV heeling, T, 42,1; U, K PM.
Lot 5, Mk 27, town of Duu ton, usect A’d to F Proctor.
Lot 81, J LMcCndy’s subdlv of part of sections 1.2,
11 and 12, assessed to J 8 McDuffy.
Leyden, T4O. Rl2 Eof MPM.
SE X *c Xt *cu 14, assessed to j Rowley.
Bub lot 2 of lot l. u sec of Robinson’* reserve, assessed
to Joseph RoMoson.
Maine, Tll, Rl2 EofSd PM.
Lot 9utwX ne X 9, assessed to John Stagge.
Lot S s X no j( ecc 16, assessed to D Kaeon.
i.ot 19 w X no K scr Si, assessed to WmslcDonnclL
Lot 2f, w X uc M 6ec2t,asse*aeii to Wm Rooney.
SlB a, wx »w Mjec 27, to Cba* Madcr.
FE X ue x, tee S3, assessed to Mr Talcot.
Lot i, bvx, sec Si, assessed to Thos George..
Lot 7, wxot X mc 84. tssts#ed to unknown.
B ot Dundee road, lot 4,»e K sec 25, assessed toF Ton
Lot S7, Ilk 5, town of Bricktown, assessed to Tbos
L(>te IB and C 9, blk 5, town cf Brlekton, aaacaaed to
Tbos George.
Kcrthfltld, T 4?,R 12, E of Sd PM.
WlO anwx uw X sec 3, to Oeo Saeonlsne.
S 1C a e X uc J< sec 14. assessed to J W Steele,
(Ex ISX s Inee corr.er,) b}£mx nwifsecSO, assessed
to Kelly ft Kinder. *
CTciro.T 89,813,E ofSdPJf.
Lots 2,8,6 end 7, blk 4. G n Clark’s subdir, c#sw M
sec 18 asseeseo to unknown.
Luts l to lo*nd 12 to 2u in Scott's addition, nw Xse >(
ne L' sen 14, aseesfeed to uukoowu.
LotsZl to 37 undS9 to 57 Incl, ScoU’*addU!on, assessed
to unknown.
Lots 58 and 84 to 102 inclu, Scott s addltoo, auessed to
Lot iksubdiv, w X ne X esc!i.assessed to M Hetman.
Lot 57, subdir, w X na x sec 2S, sseeused to Wm Hear-
J» of road Saw and adj o 2 a nw K see 27,asseased to
Geo a Hetdisnt.
DndX lets 1 to 83 Incla, blk 3, Manchester, assessed to
End K lots 1 tois laclu, bIL 8, Manchester, assessed to
unknown. •
JeOrion, T 40, Rl3, Eof 3d PM.
Sc K se X ace 2, afb'ersed to IV S Johnston. Jr.
Lot llnttk sec 13, assessed to Mr Chaoron.
t\ f-iOoneX nwx sec 19, assessed to J Falb.
Lot 1, blk a. wKso K sec 85, assessed to John Borden.
Lot I,bik4.w XseXsccSo, assessed to anknown.
E 2 a nw X swk sec SO, assessed to A Price.
Lot 17, blk 4, Stave’s subdlr, pi no x sec 30. assessed
to unknown.
iv uuiuiutiu*
Mies, Tll, Rl3, E ofßd P U.
87a oflot 3, nw a fee 11, assessed to A McDaniels.
Lotß,6w j; nwKseclt, osi cased to Belchncr,
(ts 3 97*100 aonn eldo and lae of plank road, being
4 tWOO aj lot 18, lcX etc SI, assessed, to H UUfert,
Bnbdot 4 oflot 8, Jane Miranda Reserve, assessed to
J Fink.
Hyde Park. T ffl, 814, Eofsd PM.
Lot lS,Bubclv ot n 40 a ot s 80 a ciX be x sec 3. In For*
mt> Hie, assessed to unknown.
Lots 14.15. blk 9. and tHof 8, Woodbrldce’a sabdlr
of Lyman, Lamed d; woodhrldge’bsotxurofsecll,
assessed to unknown.
Lot 19, blk 9. and s X of 8, same subdlr. assessed to A
Blakle. _
Lot 3, blk 10, Lyman, Lamed & woodbridec’s sabdlr
of e XnwX of uw X no X sec 11, assessed to on
known. _
27 x wX sw X sec 11. assessed to Faal ComelL
WX twk neX sec26,asse9seo to lu CeaK ttCo.
B H sw U ue X sec 26. assessed to Ogden & Co.
Sl3 awa)an4o ane Jf sec 31, nsscssu to unknown.
Lou 7 and 9,blk 58, BydePark, assessed to J p Boot.
Lake View, T 40. Ull, Eot Sd PM.
Lot 13, blk 4. e X see 29, assessed to Jobnßoble.
2117 aea nw U »ec sO, a«gel?ed to M. Humps ins.
PBbhell purchased aodasslgned to the undersigned
as jJorosale.
fclton’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots £0 and 21, bin Id, assessed to unknown.
Ifockvlllc Addition to Chicago.
Lot & to hlk 7, assessed to unknown.
Elnzle’e Addition to Chicago.
Lot 6-hlk 46, assessed to F. Jones.
jjewberry’s Addition to Chicago.
Lota 10 and 20, hlk 12, assessed to W L Sewbcrry.
Johnson, Roberts & storrs’ Addition to Chicago.
Lot 10, hlk *, tueegsed to John Hennaed.
% Butterfield’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots 1,2,4, Starrs’ sub of sub-lot 2,3, lotliO, assessed
to unknown.
Sfceffleld’s Addition to Chicago.
Fub-lot s4. o, 7,8, In S h if.
Lot 24<_blk ii, astewed to b IT Wilson,
canal Trustee*’ sub-dlr pi Sec 33, T 40, nil E of 8d PM.
Lot 24. bik is, assessed to unknown. -
Lot !£. bik 40, assessed to C Higgins.
L0i520,23,23,2t,23,26,27,wjj Bik-11,assessed to un
known, •
Lois 29 and 80, WX bik 41, Assessed toS3f Wilson.
Cicero, T 33, IMS, E of Sd P M.
Lots 59 to S3, inclusive, Scott’s Addition, X W Jf S £
Sec 14, assessed to unknown.
Nof Hoad,S Ca, W 1106 aof WtfSE tf£ec23,assess
ed tobehenz. - -
S of Canal, nndv’d yi 1? Ey{ h E See 36, assessed to
Stcclc & Buchanan.
Unax’dKSE«KE X Sec 36, assessed to Steele &
Undv’d H lots 1 to 32, inclusive, bib 3, Manchester, as*
sesscd to unknown.
Jclfcrson. T 40, Rl3, Eof 31P M.
StVySE jx Sec 16, aa*Cbsed to un known.
S K SIS aSE sec SI, assessed to Livingston.
SE)(h'E ifScc SI, assessed to Amos Shaw.
Lot it, blk 4in IVkSE)» see S3.assessed to JBorden.
Lake Kffiw, TW, 814, Eof3d PM.
Lots 19 and 20, blc I, stub K >£ Sec 29, aajeasod to John
n c Kelly purchased and assigned to the undersigned
as aforesaid. _
School Section Addition to Chicago.
SIM ft 2» and adjoining s7sft of lot bln Nl3O ft of blk
12, assessed to unknown.
Lndv'd XEUtCi of lot 15, blk 51, assessed to Daolop
& McLcllau. .
Lots, in blk 61, assessed to unknown.
Klnzic’fl Addition to Chicago.
TV K lot 5, blk I, assessed to Cbas Sweet.
Lot 3, blk 4, assessed to Chas Sweet. _ .
Johnson, Roberts & Stuns* Addition to Chicago.
E M lot 8, hlk SC, assessed to John Welch.
Sheffield's Addition to Chicago.
6nh*lots 1 and2,sntMtlv; s MS# Tot 5,
blk 1, assessed to unknown. .
proviso, T 89, Rl3, Eof 3d PM. •
£zEE,6a.s WcornetKE MSecU,assessed to Ru
dolph & llyman. , ...
GI) Eoydcn purchased and assigned to* the under*
signed aforet-sIU.
Ellis’Addition to Chicago.
yr u lot 10, blk 2. assessed to E K Woodruff.
Carpenter’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots 21.22, blk S2, assessed to unknown.
Duncan’s Addition to Chicago.
W Klot 8 blk 1. assented to J J Rose.
W K lots 4 and 5 blk 11, assessed to W G Ewing.
School Section Addition to Chicago.
8 K lot 28 blk 131, assessed to A Wllmanter.
Johnston & Lawrence’s Sub EU.&E }{, Sec 6, TSO, E
11 K,ofBdPM
Blks 3.9, and 11, assessed to TV S Johnson, Jr.
Caial Trustees Subdivision. See 7, T 39, R U,Eof
Lets 96 and 100 In K W port of blk £O, assessed to os
Elnzlc’s Addition to Chicago.
Water lots to and SI, assessed to W S Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson T, 40, it 13, Eof Si PM.
SXN W If, N WX.SecM.asscsscdto3lß Bacon.
W'k SE 34.27 W X. Sec 19, assessed toTho Hardcastle.
lafflwluEotirit •
W-X hlk 4,Pnor’s snbdlvslon, of pt 3» E X sec 4, assess
ed to unknown. •
tVXhlkS,Trior’s snbdlvUlonofpt NEX See 4, a»-
scssed to unknown. „ „„ _ „
CalnmctT 37, RIS.E ofSdFM.
V to a 8 Ex, 27 E X * ee assessed to Allen E Lewis.
J Taylor purchased ami assigned to themndcrslgned
88 a^orc * 0 \Trigbi’B Addition to Chicago.
Lot 11 blk 12. assessed t<> Ogden & Jones.
Ogden’s Addition to Chicago. .
Lot 3 blk 22, assessed to Ogden & Jones.
8£ X lot 12 blk as, assessed to estate *1 Wagner.
E X of lot 3 blk 88, assessed to Chrlitc S jhcrller*
McKeyi old’s Addition to Ctdcago.
Lot 6 hlk 2, assessed to unknown. ,
Els ton’d Addition to Chicago.
Lotl2blk2,asßtßßcdtoHODreßaler. ■
Johnston & Lawrence’s Subdivision, E X, 3 E X, See
\ 6, T 39, RILE Of Sll PM.
£ X lot 8 blk 24 (Ex W U feet), assessed to nn-
CaoaTEtnstees Subdivision,6cc7,T39,RUE of3PM.
Lots 8 and 9 in sub blk 1, blk 5, assessed to nnknowa.
- Wolcoit’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 5 blk I, assessed to T Conley.
R’e a berry’s Addition to Chicago..
Lot 1 and 4 blk 4, usse&sca to M Byrne.
EuisellMathcr-* Itoocrts* Addition to Chicago.
LotlO blk 73* assessed to W 8 Johnson, Jr.
Uushnell’b Addition to Chicago.
WSO feet of 8 E X bins, assessed tounknowm.
Sbeilleid’o Addition TO Cldcaeo.
Lotsl and2,bcou’s&nbdlTision ofW X InkUcsaessed
totmltoottOj^^ Tsßj I[u t E ofMPM
5 X lot 22, Eot R K subdivision of 23 a, N.E 34,5E Xt
tec B. assessed to Josboa Bell. _ .
v xiot2?,Eolßßßabai7lßlonof23 a,I7E X. SE X»
hcc 9. assessed to Joshim Bell. D M Ward purchased
and resigned to the undersigned, as afoxesaid.
benool Section Audition to Chlca; Ow
W hf e hflot 7 blk U7, assessed to J E S Fuller.
Hyde Park Town S3, Ran ;e 11, B of 3d P M.
lots 16 to 16 incl blk I Hoy t’s snb n 10 a,n o<jr, see 21,
accessed to unknown. . _
Lots 1 andstoll Incl,blk2 Hoyts St* it 10,aneqr
£ec 24. assessed to unknown. . .
A triangular lot between Hoyt street and blk 2. about
2X nln Hoyt’s sub of&10 a, neqr see 2>, assessed to
and asaignedtothe undersigned
Subdivision S part Eec29,TS3,R 14, E
Of Sd P M.
w XOf w 49-50 of lot 2 blks 5 and e.assesecd to btlrs
oiPfepe’wao. ,
School Section Addition to Chicago.
W bf lot 4 blk 9,B!<svEeed to James Finn.
W 7-10 of lot 41 blk ‘.O, assessed to F Martin.
Elston’s Addition to CMcagr.
Lot G blk £O, a<6es*ed to unknown.
Abhland’sZd Ai ltian to Chicago.
Ids 15 ocdlG.blkl2, assessed to unknown.
Canal Tmatte’s Submit lelon, SEqf See 17, T S,Bli,
- E Of 3d t* Mi
Enb lot 1 Assessors 6nbd*a of lota 1,2,3 and Bto II la*
clcme.bVM, lo unknown.
Lota 28 and 29 ebi blklo, as«*B»od to ontaiown.
Canal Trustee** Subdivision!* W qr, Sec 2i, X 33,, B
14, E of 3d PM.
Canal Trustees’ sub-division of b E H section 21* town
s9,racgel4,EoraP >L
Loti, bucSS.assesßedto unknown.
E part of £Uls* addition to Chicago..
WK of lot€s, WH * Klot 68 and W KlotlOl assessed
ExS f0 ftaad K£s ft and BHU(t,S amladj N 23 ft,
lot ICG assessed to unknown. _
Sawyer* addition to Chicago,
K £oft of £6oficflot7.blkl, assessed to unknown,
k£o ft 8 « ft of lot 8. bit I. assessed to unknown,
Mclrcynolds'addition toCnlcoso.
Lois 2.3,7 In‘W Kblkli, assessed to unknown.
Lotsl&rifll7, 23^33and&}, W H blk 11, Assessed.tana*
Lo?2gTw M blk U. assessed toS'Vlaebeater IlalU
Left* 8,17.18,23 in E K blk 11. jessed to unknown.
xo c ’ addition to Chicago.
T ctS9. assessed to Henry Varwooo.
Canal Trustees* snb sec 7, Town CD, roagelhKofM
Lots£6, SI Wk SO, assessed to unknown,
Tctsi blk33 assessed toP.Conler.
Snblot»lana2 ©flat9,blk Skassessed to unknown.
Sob tots I and a of lot 10, blk SB, assessed to nnknow •.
Bob lots 1 and 3 oflot ll,b\kSß, assessed to unknown.
Bub lots I and 2 of lot 12, blk S3, assessed to unknown,
lob lot 2 oflot 16, blk SB. assessed to unknown,
w u lot 9 to E K, blkM. assessed to onkno wo.
CausdTnialCt* eub K sadWk SKx sec 17 lown
WW4 S9.raneell. EofSdPM, ■
rod vollots Wendso, blk assessed to 3,5. Mott,
Eax Notice.
IDpclns* A Laws* addition to Chicago,
lots 17 asa 19, hlk 7, assessed to nnknown.
- Johnston, Roberts * Storrs* addition to Chicago.
(Ex Sift) lotlfi. bik 19, assessed to unknown.
„ . Bmtcrteld’s addition to Chicago.
Lot P£h assessed
Lot ISJ, assessed to J Bntterfleld. '
Lejden town 10, tango 12. K 0f54 PM.
TV X of lot 1 in N \f ii »ec 3, assessed to Pb, Tanner
J.Tons town 18. range 12, K ofSd p M-
Und KKHX E «* sec 9. aasoacdio Kellogg & Bolton.
Nof Vial rd F.U STV i*' sec 9. avowed to E. Bolton.
End X EJs SEJi sec 9, aascosedto Kellogg & Uol
Bremen CC. range IS. K ofs.l P 3!.
NTV if STV Vpec2.assessed to TV.Pralt.
Exßit lot ISofN TV see 29. fissesocd to A. Swan.
Late Town SB, range 13 E of 3d PM.
B){BTek,.vE,tNE}f sco 13, assessed to unknown.
K HS Ex.SE if XE W, see IS, assessed to unknown.
Lots S. 6, 25, 90, bU 2, JHlnnehoha, assessed toon*
Lot* SO. 81.88. bik 7. Minnehaha. iu««sed to unknown.
Lots 10 and a, Mk 10, Minnehaha, assessed, to un
Ecb lots 8,7 of lot lof lot 82, see 18, assessed to un
known. ■
Sob]ot9,oflot2oflotS3,see la,assessed to unknown.
Fnb lot 2 of lot 4 of lot S3, see 16. <us»f svd to unknown.
TV BE Gray pnrciiuttu tad u*algucd to tea nader>
signed a* ntoreittd.
Ooktnwuld, being ptsbfnc ijrecc3l,TS9,lJll,Eof
Let Ifi, in trb-div of loti, nsetssed to unknown.
Ftenuon’s Subdivision oflO acres Band a-M X 33 acres
OITVhfdTV qr, Stc SI. T », Ul4, 2 otSdi’.M.
Lets 27. fS,». 80.3. bik - A," a,-f*esscd to 118 Ear J.
East Part of Kill*’ Addition to Chicago.
Lot tfi, stressed to unknown.
Fsrtlozpl Sec S3, T SP, Ull.E of 3d P M.
SGlCOanofCUcavtr’s I6J* a and s of X Cleaver’s
tl-ICP, tssemd to unknown
Carpenter’s Addition to Chicago.
SnblotlOofloiM to 9 bIkTS assessed to J K Norton.
School Section Addition to Chicago.
Lot 7, bik U. c*ac*sed to U.Ttacalej.
Lot rf.Mk I*J to A "Tcelesworlb.
529 ft of e lMftoflota,blk!P.R.*sej3edto A, Kearns.
TVhiebflotS.blkEO.assesocd to unknown.
Sampson A Greene’s Addition to Chicago.
Lois42anrt4S,liß:9.a>»e%S'‘dto John McCafcn.
Rockwell's Addition to Chicago,
lots 14,15,, b\k 5, assessed to unknown.
ir. nds* Addition to Chicago.
Lots 1 lo 12. loci 11.15,13 to 23, incl 29, 3), block 11, as
sessed to TV. E. TVaue.
Canal Trustee a’ Snbdlv. Sec 7, T 39, Ell, E 0f3.1 P. M.
Lot 27, bik 8, assessed to unknown
Lot# I,2,s,6,blkll.assessed to J.Dennison.
Lots S and 4, fob. bik 1, b\k 50. assessed to V. A 'Marsh.
Circuit Court Snbdtv of Lot “E” N \v u, sec 3, T 39,
Lots 23.21,23. block 2, assessed to unknown.
CanalTtusussSnbTVWand'WXXEjfSeclT, X 29,
Lot 29, bik IT, assessed to S. B. Mason.
Canal Trustees’ Snbdlv BKy, Sec 17, T39.R11, E of
Lot 7, bik 24. assessed to O BrenzeL
Subdivision of S E M. See 20. T 89, R 14 E of Sd P. 3f.
Lots 41, *2,48,
Holstein,beingSnbmv if,Sec 81,T43, R ll
End X Ito 14,25 to 3C, 51,* 44 to 48, Incl bik 3; as
sessed to nnknown.
Lnd K lots ht o 48, Inc bik 11, csseA'tcd to nnknown.
Pearce’s Addition to Eolstcin.
Lot 25, bik 8, assessed to unknown.
L'ot 19 and SO.blk 12, assessed to unknown.
LotsSi.2Bt-9>bikl3,aiu«ssed to NTV Plonk Road Co.
Lot 34, bik 15, assessed to unknown.
Sortllcld’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots 4. 5.6,7. S. 44,45,15. bik 2T, assessed to O J Rose.
Lot % block S3, aa»is*cd to unknown.
Coral Trustees’Snbdir S true. Sec 5 T 39,Ti1l E of
Sd PM.
Lot 7, bib SO, assessed to Hnlbritter.
Cicero. T S9. Rl3. £of 3dPM.
Lola S and 9, v bf nc nr sec 14, assessed to if Tlenutu.
Ted y, s X sw Jf, sec 27. assessed to N. Stevenson & Co.
■WK Haase purchased and assigned to the unduriiaa
ed as aforesaid:
School Section Addition to Chicago.
TV VC lot 20, bik S3, assessed to W.S. Johnston.
Johnston, Robert A Btorr’a Addition to Chicago.
N y lot 1, h)k4, itsat-ssed to J. Brady.
Uofeteto, being Eubdl v onv k x W)f, 6cc, 31, T 40,
Rll.EotSd P.M.
ITnd K of lots XI to 20, led bik 1. assessed to nnknown.
Dud x of lots sto 19 and 21 to 43. Incl hlk 8, assessed
to unknown.
George Everts purchased and assigned to the under
timed as aforesaid.
Canal Trustees’ Snbdir ofß E if. Bee 21, T 89, B It, E
J% e v of lot 2. bik 17, ussosjeii to EKnlghta.
Brown’s snbdlv ot K Sec SI.TSJJ.P.tI
gnb lot s 1,3,9,4,5,6,7,8 and 9, of lots 9 and 10, assessed
lo unknown.
School Section Addition to Clilcago.
Learehold interest and improvements on a hf of lot 5
and all of lot 8, bik 112. assessed to C Bentley.
Ogden’s Addition to Cblcaco.
TV bf of lot 16, bik 19, assessed to Ogden is Jones.
Sampson & Green’s Addition to Chicago.
1 ots 41 and 43, bik 1, assessed to J TVPson.
Lots9oand9l,bikß,obsessedtolT&C Erisble.
Bralnnrd & Evans' Addition to Chicago.
Lota 9,10,18.28, bik 9. assessed to f>. Bnunaro.
McKcynolds’ Addition to Chicago.
. Lot 18, bik 8, assessed to Smith Trailer & Co.
Canal Trustees’ Snbdtv of TV.#and TV >*E V Sec 17.
Lots 14 and 15, n hf bik 28, nsM«sed to unknown.
Eohstcln,btlogSntdtv of TV K SW i<Secai,T4o,B
End hf of lots 21,21,27,23,29, SO, bik 1, assessed to un
End hi of lots 1 to 18, and 21 to 81, Incl, bik 10, assessed
to unknown.
Sherman's Addition to Holstein.
Und bf of lots 1 to 29. inch MW 6, assessed to unknown
■ Wheeling. T 42. UIIK of of BdP M.
Lot 3. blk 19. Miner’s add’n to D union. assessed to J C
lot 3, blk 10, Miner’s add*n to Dunion, assessed to An*
gnstaMicloo. . _
Lot 4, MW 10. Miner’s ndd’n to Button, assessed to P,W
Bracken. clccro> T 30, Hl3 EofSd P 31.
•S of Sand Bulge Road, eqr of w 13.33 acres ehfwhf
sw or sec 11, assessed to John Dahlia.
W It Stow purchased and assigned to theundcralgncd
as aforesaid.
Canal Trustees’Subdlv T7K See 27, T £9, K 11 E of
2d P M.
S bf of lots 13. It. 15 and IS of b1k548,47 and 58, assessed
to CB AtJnns'm. *
Brown’s SuhUiy ofNKStv usw K Sec 31.T39, Jl 14
Sub lets 11,12,13, IS, 15, In lota 3 and 10, assessed to un
Ellis’ Addition to Chicago.
Lot 8, Mk 2, asserted to J I) Thomas.
s-ci.ool fcectlon Addition to Chicago.
Improvements on lot 29. blk i,assessed to a Salisbury.
Elston’s Addition to Chicago.
Old Toll Gate Bouse lot, aw comer of ElstoU road and
MllwcukceaTenne,bounded uhr 811 Elston’s add’n,
ebv Elston’s road and a by Milwaukee avenue. In
blk 11, assessed to Richmond & Co.
Union Park Addition to Chicago.
Lot 3, blk 1, assessed to Reuben Taylor.
Waller’s Snbdir MW acc 20.T39, RHE of
Lots 88, $9.10,41 and 42. blk 3, assessed to unknown.
Holstein, being SabdlT of W K XW K Sec 31, T 40, B
14 E of 3d P. if.
Und.bf of lots 1,2.8,4,5 and Bto 31,37 to 13, blk 5, as
sessed to unknown.
Und bf of lots f5 and 3C,blks, assessed to S-M-Flelach
A. l orothy purchased and assigned to the under
signed as aforesaid:
Carpenter's Adoltlon to Chicago.
Lot SC, blk 49. assessed to J F. Norton.
Bradveli’s Addition to Chicago.
Lots 9.10,11.21.22,23,26,27,29,31,4* and 43, blk 1,
assessed to unknown.
Lots 3,16,17.19,19.25, 26,37,40,41 and 43, In blk 2,
assessed to unknown. , ..
Lota s, 4.7.9,19, 20.26. blk 8, assessed to unknown.
Lota 21,22. bik 4, assessed to unknown.
Lots 1,2.15,16,17, n 9,30,40,4i, 40, 50, blk 5, assessed
to unknown. *
Smith’s Snbdlv. NEK FE K Sec. 19, T. 39. B.U, £. of
?d P. M.
L0t51,2,a.4,5,6,7,8,bJkat, assessed to unknown.
bheffield'a Addition to Chicago,
lotall, 12. hikßl.es»et>»ed 10 K 8 Morris.
Lots IS. It. 15, blk St. assessed to unknown*
Jefferson. T. 40.R.15. e oxcdP
910 a, n 90 a, w Kw)£»uwKSec. 35, a«#cM«4to
J Baas purchased and assigned to the undersigned
as aforesaid.
Sewberry’s Addition to Chicago.
Lot 10, blk 17, assessed to J O Garfield.
BPotis purchased and assigned to the undersigned
88 K Sec. IW, T. 89, E. 14.eofSdP.lt.
Lots 29 and Si, blk 9, assessed to unknown,
J Mattocks purchased and assigned to the
signed as afor« said, _ . „ w
* Jefferson, T. 40, R. IS. e of ad P M.
TV X, be V, Sec. 20, assessed to A T Mcltevnolds.-
jeexe OH* purchased and assigned to the under*
signed as alorvssld. _
Scbaombcrg, T. 41, R. 10, c ofSdP. 1L
SE Jf See.Bl, assessed to S B Goodman.
Jobu Lontrgan purchased and assigned to the un
dersigned as aforesaid. _ .
Jefferao n ,T.4o.H.lß.e ofSd P.H.
SkQek.se M,Sec.27. assessed to John Donnlngton.
Robert Kenney purchased and assigned to the un
dersigned aa aforesaid. „ „
Thornton. T. 3*» R. 14, e of 8d P. If.
BJB, seK Sec.7, assessed to Thos. Meeke.
C Uennehy purchased assigned to the undersigned
as aforesaid.
Canal Trustee’s Sobdlv. of w «5ec.27,T,59,8.14, eof
Sd P. M .
Lot 6, blk 84. assessed to M.L Keith.
Thornton, T. SO, R. 14. e ofSd P.3L
S J B. n e H Sec. 7. assessed to Thos. Meeke.
Redemptions can be made at the otllcc of Laurln P.
BiUlara, the County Clerk of said County, np to and .
includlrg Jute 2*tb. A. D. ISf-l, after that date the un
designed will apply for Deeds of the property, which
remains uz>redeeu.ed. JOHN B. KING,
242 South Water st., foot of Franklin, Chicago.
Office hours fromßtolOA.M.aad£rom2toßr.M.
Neb) 13 ut jicat ions.
Or, Etiquette and Eloquence.
A Boob of Information and Instruction for
tbose who desire to become Brilliant and
Conspicuous'in General Society* or
at Parties* Dinners* or at ’
Popular Gatherings*
Containing Model Speeches for all occasions, with di
rection how to deliver them; 2foToasts and Send-,
meniß for everybody, and their proper mode of in
troduction: How to useWino at Table, with rules
forjudging the quality of wine, and Boles tor Carv
ing: Etiquette, or Proper Behavior la Company,
v.TUi an American Code of Politeness for every oc
casion ; Etiquette at Washington. Remarkable Wit
. and Conversation at Tabic, &c„ Ac- To which la
added—The Duties of a Chairman of a Public Meet-
Ing. with rules for the orderly conduct thereof; to-
? -ether with Valuable Hints end Examples (Or draw
ng up Preambles and Resolutions, and a great deal
of instructive and amnsingmatternover before pub
lished. cloth, nearly 400 pages.
PRICE. &1.25*
Published by
No. IB Ann, street, N. Y.
Also for sale by nil Booksellers In this place.
Copies of the above book sent hr moil, to any ad
drees, Dec of postage, on receipt of the price.
lebß-w**sV«od '
The Brother’s Secret,
Anti other Tales.
’ Author of ** Lady Audley*h Secret/* •* Aurora Floyd,**
“John Marcbmont’s Legacy," **llllo6XloXo3Dead,**
etc. Pnce M cents. Also,
Ob, Osb n usd hid Tucks bob inc Dbawrto Roov.
Containing eo Extensive and Mlacellan-ions Collec
tion of Conjuring and Legerdemain; Sleights with
Dice. Dominoes, Garde, Klbbons. Binge, Fruit, Colo,
Bolls, Handkerchiefs, etc., all of which may he Per
formed In the Parlor or Drawing Boom, wliboat tbs
aid of any apparatus; also embracing a choice va
riety of Cor loos Deceptions, which maybe performed
with the aid of simple apparatus; the whole lllostes
ted and olsarly explained with 121 engravings.
Paper coven.price •‘S COT **«
Bound In hoards, with cloth hack... BScenw,
Ako.ncw* editions fromtbe following popnlarNorels.
i A nr lisle
DABEELL markham .
CB” n» PBESS.ftom the Author’s Advance Sheet*:
Ob. tub Bbaxd or Socnrrr.
Bv M. E. BBADDON. Published by DICE A
PITZGEUALD. is Ana street. New York.
Also for rale by all Booksellers in. this place.
Copies of the above books sent by mat), to any
drrw.free of postage, on receipt cT the price.
By tbe Orsnnlst of Trinity Church, Boston*
PfalmfccdllymnTnncs. Sentences,Chants.Services,
-Anthems, Ac. By A. U. KvTtsj, Organise of Trln-
Uv Church. Boston, 'ihh volume contains the best
ot the Music perforntd at Trinity Church during the
pist twenty-nve tris, and gTi-stly admired by all
übotavelad or.opportunity of bearing U.ondcm.
cot fall to be highly prized by the public, to whom it
la ccw offered aline following low price. In cloth
binding, ?? 'tj. plain, 52.21. Mailed, postpaid, on rc
tlpt of *,n c price. OLIVER DIT3ON A CO., Pub
lisher*, Bc»:on. fe3 vIK-flt?-av
I j We are constantly prepared to negotiate loans
open real estate In this city for a term of jean.attfcl
**"*• Cocnar Lake and LsssbeX*
Semi-Annua! Statement
Hartford, Conn..
First Dav of January, 1864,
Iffede to the Audi ter of nifaofg, pannaattotlM
Statute of that State, entitled “An Act to
Begnlate Insuranca companies not la*
ccxpoiated by the State of
Cash. ' Mkt,v«Ue.
Inbandin bank. $ T/.ti'S
In bands or agents and In transit,. tS>pu«3S
United states Treasury notes and accrued
Interest WflM
1210,515 7t
StsteorCoDQeciieat.6per cent Interact....4lo3Xoo 00
State of Ebode Island. •* per cent Interest... ST/-00 09
State ot Obio.Cper ceat laterest IWiCDO 00
8u te of Kentnely.6 per cent. Interest....... 10,(00 00
StatoofAiicbtsaa.B percent. Interest..2s,3oo 00
Stale of New Jersey. 6pcr cent. Interests... 13.003 00
State of New York S per cent, interest...... SSjtf) 00
State of Indiana,!!.') per cent, interest 43,600 00
' cm tyi ne
Unincumbered in Hartford. Cincinnati*
LoubviUe and Indianapolis $57.96S 13
Uoney dne the Company and secured by
mortgage and Interest 1378,900 00
Rochester City Bonds. 7 per cent. and 1nt.... 908,000 00
Brooklyn City Waterßonds,6p«rcent.and
interest. 37,300 00
Jersey City Water Bonds, < per cent, and lal S3,ODD OP
Itartlord City Bonds. 6 per cu»t. and 10t.... <3.800 00
Hartford Town Bonds, 6 per cent, and lat...
Se*TorfcCUyifcmd»,6pcrcenc.aadlnt... 81,00950
sCo*barca H«rtlord ana Haw Harm Kail-
road stock.
SCC ebares ConnVetient BUer BU R.'siociV."/ s£wJ Oft
107 sbarca Uoatoc fled Worcester B,B,Stoc£ l^fiOO
t?ta.p»y» oo
United SlateuFtocks, s and (j percent. lat..SS>t 100 Oft
Atlantic Mamai Insurance Company, scrip
jiaea a "Iv •... fl3/» 00
56 shares Connecticut iuVef v *VCO OQ
"Wayne Comity, 31 tch., Bonds. 7 per cenc.lat 29,000 00
814,310 00
110 ebarca Aina Basis Stock 8t( sfio 00
ICO abarta Basic of Hartford Coontj Stock., sjco CO
SCO abareacity Bask Stock 23,k>jC0
100 shares Charter Oak Bask Stock...- 10.03000
ttOsbareaExcbaocßßaox Stock..... .... 10,300 ffl
410 shares farmer*’ and ilecbanlca* Bank
Stock 55,510 00
SCOebareaUartlordStock Bask 31,000 00
ICO shares Merchants’ and Masolkotnren*
Bank Stock 10,600 00
ItOybareaPUooDlxßtocJcßaDt. 35,100(0
250 Fb»rcs Slate Stock Basic. Si, - iSO 00
UOeltaresCoimectlcaiiUvcrßaok&tock... Jl^jOo
tfOabarcß-AmertcanEicaanceßank........ $<3,300 fid
300 abates Bank of America Stock 88,100 oo
SCOeharesßrocdwajßoiilcStcck*... 51.CC000
SCO chores Batchers’ and BroTers* Bonk
6 J®s k .*M-."L , "w«L‘s::"u' 2VJM»
ICO shSTCsHatoTerßank Stock CO
ICO shares Clt? Bank Stock .. U.-JC9 00
SCftaharcsßaokof Commerce Slock 20,600 00
ICO shares Bank of Comnoaweajth Stock... 10,000 00
SCO slums Importers* and .Traders’ Bank
stock SUOCCO
too shares Mercantile Bank Stock. i3,ououo
SfOsbaresMiirketßank Stock —... 20,100 00
IMOahares Mechanic’s Bank Stock .. S&OOflO
SCO shares Merchant’s Exchange B’k Stock.. 10,000 09
MO shares Metropolitan Bank stock .. 40,10 00
820 shares Merchants’ Bank Stock- 43,1*3 00
4toshares BankofManhattanCo.Bank stkfioooo
SCO shares Nassau Bonk Stock at.300 00
200 shares North Elver Bank 510ck...,. 10AOO 00
SCO shares Bonk of New York Stock.
2CO shares Bank ofNorth America Stock.... 21.00 1 Oo'
SPO shares Bank of the Republic 5t0ck....... 21,000 00
400 shares Ocean Bank Stock..... 19,200 00
4CO sharcsPeople’s Hank Stock iu,ooo oo
BCOsbaiesPbotuktßank Stock-.* lO,«ocoo
4CO shares Union Bank Stock..,. 23.000 GO
153 shares New York Life Insurance-and
Treat Company Back Stock.
ICO chares UMt'Q States Treat Company
Bank 510ck...., 50000 00
1851.908 00
BBfiharesCltlzcns’BankStock, Waterbary. £5450 09
iCehsres Stafford Back Stock, Staflord
Spring*. 5,000 00
36 shares if ogle Bank Stock. Providence 1,800 09
2CO sbaresltevere Bank Stock, Boston SOfiOa 00
ICC tharea Safety Fund Book, Boston . .... 10,000 OO
2CO shares B’t of Slate of Missouri,SlXonls, iWOO 00
100 thares Merchants' Ran* Stock, Su Loots.
SCO shares Mech ■ »cs* Bant Stock.Bi. Loots. 16,000 00
400 shares Tame; * and Mechanics* Bank
Stock, Fhlladciphla „ 22300 00
Total Ossets.
The atronnt of liabilities, doe or not dae, to'
boiksorottacrcreditors...... ... None.
Loeses adjusted ana dae None.
Losses adjusted and noi dae SBJ9O 2d
Lo*e«t unadjusted,to susv^nae.-waHincfor
further proof. 115413 89
All other claims against the Company ore
small, lor printing, Ac
TotalliablUtles fiuoscs
' .Agents Instructed to take no risk exceeding Tweuty
Thousand Dollars, without special permission.
The greatest amount in any one city, town, ylllags
or block Tories, and depends upon the construction,
materials tud the means of arresting ares
Copy of the charter on file with the Auditor otIUW
nola, and Is unchanged. • ‘
Lrcico J. HuiDKs. Secretory.
Hartford, January Ist, 1864.
TY, SS—Personally appeared before me. UenryFow
ler.a Justice of the Peace.duty quaUQcdtoaamlnlo
ter ostbe. Thomas A* Alexander. President, aod Lu
cias J. Hendce. Secretary, and made solemn o*t»,
that the foregoing statement of the assets and condi
tion of the .£tna Insurance Company Is true. •
Henry Fowler, Justice of thoPeue.
Certificate to expire on the 21st day of January 1365.
AvniTuit’s Omcx, State or itnoroi-*,»
Sracrorixzj>, January 16.1861. f
Whereas. theVEtna Insurance Company, located at
Hartford. In the State of Connecticut, has tiled In this
office a statement of the condition of its affairs, at i e
qulred by**An Act to regulate the agencies of Inn-tr
ance Companies sot Incorporated b* the Slate of Il
linois," approved Febrnary 14,1353. and an net amen
datory January 23.1337, and whsreas
said Company has famished satisfactory evidence that
Ills possessed ofthe required amount of capital 1d-
Tcatettln stocks and mortgages, and has filed In thin
office a written iasfrument signed by thePreddentand,
Secretary thereof, appointing GURDBN 8. HUHBAUD
and CHAS.UrfIUM ofChicago Its Agent* for the trans
action of the business of the said Company, and tally
and unreservedly authorizing them to acvmw’edge
service ofprocess for and on behalf of said Company,
consenting that service of proct ss upon them, the sant
Agents, snail be taken and held as valid as If served
upon the;Tompnny, and waiving all claim of error by
reason orsuch service.
Now thi refore, in pursuance of the provisions of
the acta aforesaid, 1 .l»s-» K. Dubois, Auditor of
Public Accounts of the State of Illinois, do hereby
certify that the Bald GORDON 9. HDBOARD ana
CUAS. n. HUNT, of Chicago, are authorized aa.
Agents for the said Company,to transact the business
oflnsurance in this State until the tblrty-firstdarof
Jai oary. In the year eighteen hundred and stxty-uve*
so far as they may be legally empowered sotodoby
said Company.
t /—ln testimony whereof, I have hereunto
4 sxai. > subscribed m; name and affixed the seat of
( —> my office at Springfield this alxteenth day of.,
January, A. D.1864.
JESSE E. DUBOIS, Auditor P; A-
Located in all the Principal Cities and Towns
la the State of Illinois*
111 Fine Street, Cincinnati.
J. B. BEHHETT, General Agent
Kept Ewlnslrelj on the European Flan.
Such an establishment bos Ion? been, needed la oar
growing city, and, we jvrc happy to inform oar read*
ere, each % oao Is now about to be opened. The
Soloes ami fevonsbly known to the traveling cs®“
monitj nndcrtbe proprietorship of ilpsrs. Haws*
Tabor,at ore time the leading Hotel of ibis c Kt*A®“*
la fact , of the West, has been parchawd by so me Near
Tcrt gentlemen, who Lave made mas o“*“**”}
entirely remodeling.rhfbroisblng, newly palntl^and
dccoratlne the boose from top to bottom, oeslou
naUDS extensive and valuable Improvements la Uio
8S&»»" »dil rnlarecd Kitchen,Laundry,com
pltlrM,.*ss2sl£vnP«S’ the EaropMn ttyle. to»
never before been opened west of New Tort City,
Dot the advanced rates of Labor, and the hUrh prices
of provisions and every artlc' e requisite for properly
conuaettog a largo Hotel, necessarily advancing the
nrtce of board, have convinced the proprietors or
the RICHMOND that this will become the Cave ml
style of conducting good Hotels, in Justice to Uod
lords, and to. enable the guests to live at tbetr own
The old, or American plan noon which all onr largo
Hotels are at present kept, la upon such a;i oxtrava
gant scale that, m order to meet expense*, H Is
eary to charge what may bo considered high prices*
Each guest,T>e bU wants little or great. Is obliged to
pay three dollars per day 5 in many Hotels, three dol
lars and flH} cents. The wants o; some travelers ana
boarders are trifling, as compared with those of otb
ess.yel it Is Impossible for the proprietor# of this
style of Hotel to discriminate, wlthont rendering
themselves liable to the odious charge of partiality,
and all roust pay alike. This evil Is remedied by tho
plan adopted at the-UICHMOND. Every guest pay*
according to hla demands: obMlr»bl*ro«ia at a pr.ca
dependent upon Its sit-' an-J slTriou.-.oii? rooms
■being let at tae low nrl.* T.» c per d*y: others
mnch higher, thus gW.r;: e-ieh bU choice, aeunrdln.
to circumstances. *5: * <ar;c >Qd b=;mu'nl
Hoorn Utobccondoo-l vpo-t thciuht.-iljcn*oL?l h a
has characterized the Jtcoirg Ha r.ao. the Last, A.
■core of colored waiters * l»» to co t n *“* V*'J?
auce to tale acd supply ord.ra
Meals may be obtained at all boaw, and everything
Ch.nr.cllor la prjcnrtloci to flESggvJ'mi of tho
l»r *• "«■’*"» «*
guests on
iKondaj. the Bth inst..
Under the management of Mr. W. E. BCGKOUGIIS
©f New Yoik. • . Ifi . t
0 I'Mfueo. Feb ■lth.lSdl;
Price SO cts.
.Price BOcts.
kohiteoture —J. f. c*
±% Moulnier, ArtUtset,from Paria.hasJ^awjre®
In Chicago after residing In Sew
«ars,andl»atthedl*posaiof all P«2S?ftjS£J?sjs
38,000 OO
.1903333 09

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