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•Valent ok* time.
i.Jdr«* “ CHICAGO TEIECNE," Ohlcngo, B.
Cljtcago ®xlbrmc»
news is more suggestive thin in detail,
. certain that quiet prevails in no part
rf the theatre of war. In oil onr armies
/rein the Potomac to the Lower Mississippi,
:Ll note of preparation is already changing
to the signal of advance. Meade and Bailer
be said to constitute the left of this
license aggressive line, as they are Jointly
driving employment to the enemy’q right,
resting on the rebel capital. Onr force in
Mississippi and Tennessee, with ChatUnoo
and Knoxville as the base, form tbe
centre, and the grand movement from
>*cw Orleans is closing in onr
IcC. The part to be played about the rebel
capital will doubtless do no more than to
prevent tbe withdrawal of tbe rebel troops
to the aid of other points. We look to
■speedily see great and striking changes of
S position in the centre and left. Gen. Grant
■ with a well supplied and eager army Is now
on the confines of the inner realm of the re
iAellion, & region of refuge from all parts of
e Confederacy' until now. And this he
means to penetrate. "Wc look to read of his
icaling a.blow at Longetreet within a short
time, while Folk and Johnston will hare too
xuch to do each in his own behalf to
cQCcor him. For the first time since
the war began, the grand army of the
Union, operating as one, isjacting in combin
ation, and this lime the pcndnlum movement
tvill not avail the rebels. It will be remem
bered that it is now a twelvemonth since the
rresident, with characteristic sagacity and
clearness of perception, ordered precisely
-ueb a grand simultaneous movement. It
h!is cost ns one year’s delay to get rid, of in
coiupctcncT In command. Apparently we
rc now ready. We could wish our armies
cre in larger force, lor the drains of the
car have been immense, and the present
veakening of force by the well-earned for
bugbs ol veterans is no light one. But in
this particular, also, the news is most en
couraging, as our Chattanooga dispatch of
yesterday attests.
Let the people now fall to work and fill up
the column rbat must move steadily from
these States to the frost to fill up our armies.
A little longer period is offered for volun
teering, and then the Government will desig
nate who must go. Great events hang on the
next ninety days. Let the demands be met
with promptness, zeal and patience. Let the
people imitate our noble veterans, and re
'/'lid In the work of crushing the rebellion.
We give ah interesting and important
budget of Southern news. We have been
freely reporting the statements of refugees,
deserters and contrabands relative to affairs
in the South, now read what the rebel Con
gress says.
A hand of guerilla robbers stopped a train
I on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, near Mar
tinsburg, night before last, by obstructing
the track, when they plundered the passen
gers and got safely off with a rich booty of
nearly s£o,ooo in aIL
' The House yesterday passed the Senate
b v Mcndmeute to tbeEnrollmcnt Bill,with oth
amendments, which will return it to that
ody. We hope unless some great advantage
is to be gained, that it wQI no more be made
game of haitic-door and shuttle-cock be
tween the two bouses. The people wish the
Enrollment BUI completed. With more dili
gent regard for the pnbUc interests, Congress
might have given ns the bill a month ago.
The advices from abroad give a certainty to
previous rumors that the rebels have recently
possessed themselves of formidable additions
to their pirate fleet and are certain to make
themselves beard from in an attackupon some
exposed point orport. Theperils of our mer
chant marine will be temporarily brightened
and their losses increased, hut the duty of the
hour is apparent. Lot us crush out the pa-
Tent nest whence these wasps issue and their
retgn will be short and its end ignominious.
The most extraordinary'naval preparations
urc being made to meet the new crisis.
Gen. Gilmore, apparently, is to play his part
in the grand combined movement of our ar
mies, and is on his way to create a diversion
in the extreme southeastern verge of rebel
dom, by the reported expedition into Florida.
REBEL hatal phepaba-
New Form, Feb. 12.—The New York Tri
trees ays: “A letter from our London cor
respondent contains some precise informa
tion on a point of importance which, aa yet,
has attracted little or no attention. The
news, in a nnt-ehcll, is that at this moment
there is a fleet of six rebel war steamers in
Chinese waters. These vessels were fitted
Jjul in England by Sherap Osbom, ard Eng
lish naval captain, and were recruited among
the officers and men of Her lirittanic Majes
ty's nary; They were under contract to the
Chinese Government, bnt when they reached
China a disagreement arose between Osbom
and the Chinese authorities, and the vessels
were not delivered, but thrown on the mar
ket and sold at auction—Osbom. officers,
crews guns and all—to Jefferson Davis. It
is not*unnaturally intimated that Osbom had
=omc Blight expectation of reaching this re
sult when he left England. Funds for the
purchase arc said to have been provided In
' p-rt by the sale of the rebel rams in the
Clyde. There are now bnt few American
-hli.s in East Indian waters, and it Is thought
probable that this fleet, in company with the
other rebel pirates, may be destined to attack
San Francisco. In order to show their re
spect for British neutrality, the British crews
*rrkc an oath of naturalisation as citisans of
•he Confederacy when the flag changes. If;
therefore, 6an Francisco should happen to
be burned and plundered, John Bull washes
bia hands of aB responsibility.’’
.on* Hnndred Thousand 3Hen or tbo
A,n,r or tlie Potomac Hilled and
Gen. Meade made a brief speech in Phila
delphia on Wednesday in response to Mayor
Henry’s address of welcome. He said:
When I came to the city to visit my family I did
sot anticipate such a demonstration as this of to
day. and. through you, I thank the dUreas of
Philadelphia. Ifcar, however, you attach too
much importance to the sen-lees yon have been
k*nd enough to mention. With the Divine assis
tance It is to the oOccrs, and particularly to the
b, role valor of the private soldiers, wo owe the
Tlc’orT of Gettysburg. [Cheers.] Had it not been
lor the spirit of determination is every private
soldier when the army leit Frederick, that he
wonld leave his bones upon the field or drive back
the invader, no ability ermine would have suf
ficed to win the battle of Gettysburg, and, there
fore on this occasion 1 desire to give the brivstc
rs >3dlcr* this public acknowledgment. ]Cheers.
Xcforc that battle I felt the deepest concern, as 1
ti tw what would be the result of a failure, and to
my ofllcers, brigade, regimental and company com
nanders. and the privates, the country is indebted
for the victory which crowned our efforts. I assure
you that the army, which has sometimes hem
called 41 unfortunate,” is and will be acknowledged
ihcmoetgallantannytheworldeversaw. [Cheers.]
As a statistic It mav not be uninteresting to know
that since March. 16C1, when tbit army leit its
lines in front of Wnshlnctan, not less taaa one
bliundred thousand men have been killed and
rVcundcd. Such a record proved the valor of the
troops. That army Is inspired with a spirit of de
votion to its country, and when the season for ac
ll\c work arrives, It shall be my pleasure to again
lead that army, with the knowledge that its ser
vices arc appreciated at home, and I shall be in
spired by the thought that my fellow citizens are
interested in my welfare and will appreciate what
ever is done. Allow me again to thank you.
New Tore, Feb. 12.—Tbc steamer Fulton,
from Fort Royal the fith and Charleston Bar
the morning of the 10th, with the 67th Ohio
regiment on board, arrived this morning.
Purser McAdams furnishes the following
for tbc press:
A blockade-runner grounded daring the fog
of the 7th. and was destroyed by our fleet ana
batteries in Charleston harbor.
' An expedition left Port Royal on the sth,
under Gen. Seymour, consisting of three bri
gades and one light battery, and landed at
Jacksonville, Fla., on the morning of the Bth,
without any casualty. It is reported the ex
pedition will push on to Tallahassa.
* Gen. Gilmore and Staff sailed on the Bth for
Port Royal, to Join the expedition.
The British war steamer Petrel, with dis
■ \va r arrived off Charleston bar on the sth,
ijtaiid requested permission to communicate
i with the British Consul at Savannah, which
-Admiral Dahlgren declined to grant, and the
Petrel put to sea immediately.
; The Savannah JUpuUican gives gloomy ac
counts ofrebcl affairs. It is stated that only
one month's supply of subsistence Is in the
possession of the Commissary Department.
Admiral Dahlgren, with the Pawnee, Water
Witch and Wachnsett, has sailed for St.
John's, Fla.
.Three deserters from the 97th Pennsylva
nia regiment were to be shot oathefth.
LEPUfA nir vn PKininil tinucd till the June term on application of
fshnS BY TELfcimAPH ««defendant
11 ■ “ ■ Capt G. A. Marsh of the 12th Illinois car
airy, 'who -was badly wounded during Gen.
Btoneman’a raid at Torstal Station,'.Va-, was
in this city Wednesday. •
Lieut, CoL J. T. Drish of the 123 d regiment
lUlnola volunteers arrived in our city Tues
Great Army Movements on
the Tapis.
The House Passes the Amend
ments to the Enrollment Bill.
Grave and New Charges Against
Q. M. 6. Meigs,
Rebel Bandits on tbe Balti
more & Ohio Railroad.
Dili (ary Matters at Springfield,
Madison and Indianapolis.
From Cairo and Below—Latest from
Memphis and Lower Mississippi.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Chattanooga, Feb. 12,1861.
It Is not allowable to give a hint os to
events on the tapis, but if the people at home
deem this army quiet in winter quarters they
are mistaken, and sure to get their eyes open
presently. Everything wears the finest and
most encouraging aspect. The railroad is
open, and trains are running to Knoxville,
crossing the break at tbe Tunnel bridge
across the. Holstein Biver at Loudon by a
Tbe temporary drain on the army by re
enlistments of veterans gone home on a fur
lough is fully equalled by the return wave of
convalescents, recruits, and conscripts. The
veteran regiments are also beginning tore
tom, and henceforth will come in rapidly,
bringing revived spirits and fresh material.
The 47th Ohio has ro-enlisted. The Ist
Ohio Sharp Shooters are still busy burying
the dead of the Chickamauga battles, in the
new National Cemetery. Six hundered have
already been interred by them.
[Special Dispatch to tbs Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, Feb. IS.
Latest advices from Chattanooga report
that Gen. Logan left Huntsville, Ala., some
days ago with the 15th army corps, to act in
conjunction with Gen. Sherman.
The cavalry expedition under Grierson and
Smith crossed the country from Corinth,
moving southwardly.
It is understood that thefle columns are in
tended to act in conjunction—-the one to at
tack, and the other cut of Folk’s retreat, and
disperse the cavalry of Forrest, reported as
scouring central and northern Mississippi.
There is no reason to doubt, thoughbeyond
this enterprise the combinations are merely
conjectural,- hut that a great flank movement
on Johnston's army is intended. Time will
fully develop if we arc mistaken in our cal
The army at Chattanooga la by this time in
motion for Tuncl Hill and Dolton. Its move
ments may have been delayed by circum
stances unknown to us,butlilsundermarch-
Ing orders.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
St, Patm, Feb. 12, IBM.
Cot McLasen, of the 2d Minnesota car
iijry, received orders yesterday to report with
his regiment immediately at New Orleans.
Eight companies are at Fort Snclllvg and
Fort Ripley, and two at Fort Rldgdy. Quito
a nnmber of the men are absent on twenty
five days’ ftirloughs, so that It will require
two weeks at least to rendezvous the whole
regiment at Fort Snclling.
The reriment was raised with the express
understanding that It was for service on the.
frontier, and the Governor so announced in
his proclamation calling for troops.
Gen. Pope has planned a second campaign
against the Indians, in which this regiment
was expected to take the leading part.
This order will prevent an active campaign
against the Indians next season. Governor
Miller and Generals Pope and Sibley arc
making strenuous exertions to have the order
countermanded. The design is to send the
regiment with an expedition into Texas, but
it would require months training after reach
ing New Orleans before they could be made
valuable for service. The regiment was raised
during November and December and have
notyct received horses with which to drill.
Onr Mayor has decapitated the entlropolice
force of the city and appointed a Committee
of Aldermen to aid him in selecting a new
The police have been notoriously corrupt
all the year, but the Mayor has retained
them. This movement is merely an election
eering trick to secure a re-nomination In the
spring. It won't work.
Tbo Senate Committee on State Prisons
reported to-day that tbo prison at Stillwater
is in good condition. A new building bos
been erected with clgtaty-four cells, and there
are twenty-one convicts in prison.
The Committee recommended an addition
al appropriation of $2,700 for completing the
building and {famishing water and a library
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Dks Moxxss, Feb. 12, IMW.
A bill was introduced in the House to-day
requiring each agent of foreign insurance
companies to deposit twenty-five thousand
dollars In bonds with the State Auditor and
otherwise restricts the business of foreign
[Special Dispatch to the ChlcagoTrllraneO
Bnusanzua, Feb. 12, XSOi.
Two hundred and ninety-seven rccrnlta
were transferred from Comp Tates to Comp
Butler yesterday. It Is rumored in the city
that Gen- While will Issue an order to trans
fer the hospital and all the troops from
Camp Tates to Camp Bntler, and designate
Camp Tates os only for veteran volunteer*
The veteran regiments will soon re-organ
ize, and it Is now a question with the author
ities where to obtain camps of rendezvous
sufficient for them. Gen. White now has'
supervisory charge of all the recruiting camps,
and is determined to leave nothing undone to
make the recruits as comfortable as possible.
The 10th regiment of Illinois cavalry were
paid off and received their furloughs at Comp
BuH«* yesterday.
In the United States District Court yester
day, only one case was tried, viz: United
States vs. the steamer Lady Walton, and
prize captured by the Mississippi squadron.
A decree of condemnation and forfeiture was
rendered. The Grand Jury presented an in
dictment against Thos. Parmer, of AiaT*«a«w»
county, for passing a counterfeit twenty
dollar United States Treasury note. . John £
Rosette, Esq., was assigned as connsel lor
the defendant. The case was continued until
the June term on application of the defen
The case of Andrew Dotson, for having in
his possession, with intent to pass, a
twenty dollar United States Treasury
note. J. E. Eossctt, Esq., was assigned as
counsel for the defendant. The ewe was con-
Capt. David Lynch of the sSth regiment ar
rived in this cisy Wednesday.
(Special D ispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] :
nuygvopT, Ky., Feb. 12, ISM.
The Senate has occupied most of the day In
the consideration of a bill to establish a
court of common pleas in Jefferson county,
which was finally passed in the orders of the
A bill was passed allowing prisoners to be
sent to Jails in other counties when there is
no Jail in the proper county, or the jail is in
secure, several Jails having been destroyed or
injured by guerillas.
The Senate discussed a bill to provide civil
remedy for injuries done by disloyal persons,
but adjourned without coming to ~a vote.
In the House Mr. Sparks offered the follow-,
ing resolutions, which, was referred to the
Committee on Federal Eolations:
Beared, That this is no time for resolutions.
That the loyalty ol Ky. is well known. She Is true
to her own interests and the Government of the
United States. This Is no time for parties or men,
but to put down rebellion.
The Senate bill to adjourn on the 15th was
amended in the House by substituting the
19th for the 15th.
Under a suspension of the rules Colonel
Hawkins introduced a bill to suspend the
State laws in relation to fugitive slaves, and
authorized jailors to turn them over to the
military. The bUI was understood to be
written by the Governor, and.one member
called It a negro recruiting bUL It was re
ferred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
-The Federal resolutions arc stiff under dis
cussion in the House.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.].
Baltimore, Feb. 12,1801-
The Western express and passenger train
on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, which left
Baltimore last evening, was waylaid nine
miles cast of Martlnsburg, at 2 a. m., by a
band of 40 guerillas. They had placed some
obstructions on the track, running against
which the train was thrown off. As soon as
It stopped the guerillas boarded, and, pre
senting pistols to the heads of the passengersi
commenced robbing them of watches and
money. They got from forty to fifty watches
and from $35,000 to $40,000, including ex
press money and about $8,500 in the posses
sion of the conductor. They also rifled the
valises and carpet bags of the passengers, and
took all the good hats they could find.
The passengers were completely taken by
surprise, and offered no resistance. The
rebel robbers were dressed in United States
uniforms, and under command of the notori
ous Harry Gilmore of Baltimore. It is re
ported that they did not disturb the moils
nor attempt to destroy cars. They made off
sis soon as they secured the booty. Their
plans were to capture also a passenger train
from the west, but it received timely warn
ing and stopped at Martlnsburg till the dan
ger was over.
Several bodies of our cavalry are pursuing
the guerillas from various points.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Indianapolis, Feb. 12, 1864.
A glorious reception was given to tbe 22d
and 11MH Tndinnft
These veterans were welcomed by Gov.
Morton, who said that:
Though In feeble health be would not deny him
self the pleasure to to them. With joy ho
saw them return alter what they had endured.
They were entitled to all our gratitude. Our
hearts overflow with Joy to greet such brave men;
your names are dear to many hearts; It will be
aald of yon, well done faithful soldiers: you have
behaved wlthhonor to theßtateandKation. When
valor Is crowned by a great and
glorious cause, it deserves immortality in
history. When our revolutionary fathers
fought, their deeds were remembered, and as they
dropped into their graves, one by one, many were
the tears shed. Thus will you live in our heart of
hearts. By your re-enlistment yon have mado the
brightest gem in your diadem. It is one of the
brightest examples in military history to see such
brave hoys coming up like heroes to light for out
Union. . Glorious men, good-bye I Tou have writ
ten your names forever in tbe annals ol our coon
try’s glory.
Gen. Carrington followed in a few eloquent
remarks, and the boys went home.
The 6tb Ohio battery passed through here
this morning, ICO strong.
The 63d Indiana left to-day.
The weather is summer-like,
[Special Dlfpatch to tbe Chlw.co Tribanc.]
CrNonnfATi, Feb. 12,18 M.
The Finance Committee of the late Sanita
ry Fair have made their reports. The total
receipts were over $208,000, and the total
profits abont $230,000. The tables of the la
dies* bazaar netted over $73,000.
The Chamber of Commerce has appointed
delegates to the Convention to he held at
Louisville, on February 21th, to devise meas
ures for the improvement of the navigation
of the Ohio River, from Louisville to Pitts
The latest arrivals from Knovlllc report
that the troops at that point are in excellent
spirits, and able to repulse any attack that
can be made.
The 67th Ohio, veterans, arrived to-day,
250 strong
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tnhune.]
Sax Fbancibco, FebTl2,lßo4.
Honey is easy. Atlantic currency and ex
change held at the rate of 50c. and 53c. pre
mium for gold in New York. Sterling ex
change unsettled; quotable at 48and 49
pence. Legal tenders 64 and 65c.
Wheat and flour advanced, owing to favor
able news from China,
Many goods recently arrived from New
York, per clippers, turn out damaged while
passing through the tropics,
The business portion of NapoClty was par
tially burned yesterday. Loss about $90,000.
[SpecialDispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Masnox, Wis., Feb. 12,1864.
In the Senate a resolution was. introduced,
Inquiring into the expediency of the State
payinc one hundred dollars bounty to volun
teers for this and all further calls for volun-.
tcers; also, instructing the Commute on
Militia to inquire Into the expediency of pro
curing a change or modification of the law or
order allowing volunteers to be credited to
any town, city or village in the State.
Bills-were passed to incorporate the Bohe
mian Relict Society, of Milwaukee.
The resolution standing on the State prison
investigation, submitted from the Assembly
with their non-concurrence, was was post
poned till Tuesday next
In the Assembly, the Senate resolution for
an increase of the’ number of Judges of the
Supreme Court to five, was indefinitely post
The Committee on tbo contested election
of Mr. Castagon by Mr. Cady, reported
against the eMm of the latter gentleman.
Among the bills passed were three bills
amending the charters of the Monroe. and
River Side, Flattevllle and Calamine, and
Milwaukee and Prairie du Chicn Railroad
companies, so ns to. facilitate the. construc
tion of a railroad through Southwestern "Wis
consin, with the bridging of the Mis
sissippi river, .and connecting, with rail
roads in lowa.
An order of the Governor Is issued from
the Adjutant General's office to-day, stating
that the exact quota of this State has not
been ossigned by the War
F.arh Congressional districtand town
can be approximately ascertained
by adding her third quota assign
ed under the October call Information as to
credits for volunteers cannot be given before
the 20th'inst The. people are urgently ad
vised to continue enlistments on the above
basis, that there may be less t® accomplish
between the 20th and date of draft to fill up
the quotahy volunteering..
It Is said that it will require earnest and
constant labor throughout the State for a
limited The order concludes by the
Governor confidently expressing the
opinion that wc will probably furnish,
the quota of the volunteers underthe last call
of the President. Let the people approximate
at nearly as possible to the quota of localities,
and secure the number of necessary
to clear them from the draft. Lctthcsacred
ncss of the cause we would render trium
phantly successful, and the waning strength
of tbe rebellion Inspire ns anew with a fresh
devotion, and secure a force from Wisconsin
which will, aid in‘the speedy overthrow of
traitors and the return of peace to the land.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
gimmerm, Feb. IS, ’BO4.
Mr.Schenck’s substitute for the Senate en
rollment hill—being that bill as amended In
Committee of the Whole—passed the House
’by a more than three-fiflha vote.
Two important amendments were engraft
ed into the bill to-day, on tho suggestion of
Thad. Elevens, Schcnck accepting them. One.
providcs that the payment of the three hun
dred dollars commutation money shall ope
rate to relieve tho person paying, daring the
time for which be was drafted, unless tbe
names then placed in the box for draft shall
sooner be exhausted, in which cose the name
pbftll hcretnrned to the wheel
The section requiring the enrollment of all
abio-bodled males of African descent,betwecn
military ages; that loyal masters shall receive
the bounty of SIOO for each slave, on freeing
him ; also, a Just compensation, not exceed
ing S3OO, upon the-award of a commission, to
be appointed by the Secretary of War,—la in-
eluded in the bilk An amendment added to
day, applies these provisions to colored per
sons heretofore enlisted, as well os to those
hereafter recruited.
Xbc Senate spent most of the day on the
Deficiency Bill, the usual dullness of 'which
was relieved by a sharp speech from Mr. Mor
rill on Quartermaster General Meigs, on the
subject of the purchase of the steamer Niag
ara, which, previously to the purchase, had
been condemned by the Senate Committee on
tbc Banks expedition, It having been proved
by the testimony of the Government inspec
tors, that she wo* a rotten hulk, worthless
except for her Iron and machinery, which
were worth perhaps six thousand dollars,
and that she leaked when a few hours out
from New York, and was obliged to put into
Mr. Morrill said that although these facts
were brought to the knowledge of the Quar
termaster, ho had since bought the Niagara
for§Go,ooo, and had tried to induce the Third
Auditor, and failing with him, the Second
Comptroller, to pay $25,000 on the charier
party under which the Philadelphia voyage
was mode. "
The lat£er statement was made by Morrill,
upon his own responsibility, and convicts
Meigs of a falsehood in a recent official com
munication to the Senate.
Mr. Conneee said, if Meigs had done what
was reported, Congress ought to pass a Joint
resolution requesting the President to dis
miss him. If no one else did it, he (Conncss)
would introduce such resolution.
Hendricks, from the Committee on Public
Lands, introduced on amendment to increase
the salary of the Assistant Secretary of tbo
Interior to §4,000.
Mr. Fessenden killed it in a short spicy
argument, in which be paid a compliment to
Assistant Secretary of War Watson, the
hardest worked officer'of that class in the
Government, and the only one who does not
ask to have his salary raised.
Considerable debate ensued on tbo amend
ment for appropriating §00,000,000 for extra
ordinary expenses growing out of the Prcsl-
dent’s last coll for troops.
Revercdy Johnson said the time was when
the Executive Department of the Govern-
ment consisted of the President and tbo Cab
inet, and important measures were discussed
and matured In Cabinet meeting. Now mem
bers of the Cabinet derived their first knowl
edge of thomost momentous ’afiairs of Gov
ernment in the columns of some distant
Consequently it was no wonder the proper
officers were unable to lay before Congress de
tailed estimates of these expenditures.. The
amendments were adopted.
Another amendment appropriates §OOO,OOO
for repairing Navy Yard at Norfolk, and con
struction of wharves, &c., and buildings- ior
naval purposes at Port Royal.
The section creating the office of Second
Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, which
is understood to be for the purpose of ena
bling George Harrington to reside at Paris at
public expense, was not reached.
Henderson, the warrant clerk of the Treas-
ury, has not been put in the Old Capital Pris
on, os slated in the New York papers. He is,
nevertheless, under arrest.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, Feb. 12,18 W.
It is authoritatively announced that the tel
egraphic reports published in morning papers
credited to the Cincinnati Ga&tte and to the
elfect that parties arriving at Nashville from
Knoxville on the 10th inst, report that Cum
berland Gap is cut off and that nearly all that
part of. East Tennessee is in possession of the
rebels Is, not confirmed by any information in
the possession of the Government. If such
news had been received at Knoxville on the
9th or 10th it would certainly have been im
mediately communicated to the Government
before this.
It may be added that this story' was pub
lished three weeks ago in almost the identical
language of to-day.
Information reached hero that every regi
ment in the army of the Potomac has return
ed to the position occupied before the recent
The 20-Inch Rodman gun for the use of the
army, cast at Pittsburgh, yesterday, is the
largest gun ever cast. It carries a ball
weighing 1,000 pounds.
Navy gtms.of the some calibre are to be
Admiral Dnpont will probably be President
of the .Court Martial for the trial of Com
mander "Wilkes for improperly publishing his
letter to . the Secretary of the Navy, com
plaining of language touching himself in the
annual report. The Court is likely to con
vene in a fortnight.
A resolution has been introduced by Scna :
tor Lane, of Ind., directing the Judiciary
Committee to Inquire into the expediency of
the laws regulating the Jurisdiction
of the Supreme Court so as to limit them to
the consideration of questions of law.
Senator Foster reported favorably from, the
Committee on Pensions - on the bill giving
eight dollars per month to John T. Burns,
a citizen of Gettysburg, nearly 80 years old,
who alone reinforced Gen. Meade's army In
the defense of that place.
The House to-day agreed to tbe usual swin
dle ol purchasing Lanman's Dictionary ol
Congress—ayes 70; nays 68. All the Cop
perheads voted in the affirmative, and enough
Republicans added to cany It An effort
will be made to shape a resolution that the
work must not be printed at the Govern
ment printing office. If this prevails the
amount of plunder will be only $3,000.
The House Judiciary Committee agreed to
report the resolution of Mr. Wilson, of
lowa, for an amendmentlo tbe Constitution
prohibiting slavery throughout the United
States. This proposition was the first of the
kind brought forward in either house of
The same committee agreed to hear the de
fence in the Miller impeachment case. The
defence is represented by ex-Attorney Gen
eral Black and ex-Govcmor Salomon.
. The statements In the New York Tima this
morning that the President on Wednesday
nominated to the Senate a batch of Brigadier
and Major Generals, and that the Military
Committee returned them to the President
because no - vacancies existed,' are - entirely
without foundation. No Generals have been
nominated since the four Indiana Colonels, the
return ol whose names to tbe President I tel
egraphed to yon three days ago. ~,
The statement of the Time* that the Military
Committee of the Senate was nnnnimqns In
Us determination not to report Gen. Scho
field lor confirmation Isalso untrue. !
The draft of the Bankrupt 811 l by Mr. Jenks
of Rhode Island, is not yet considered by tbe
Select Committee, but will be printed for its
use. It may'be amended. before beingsre
porlcdto the House.-
New Tobk, February 13.—The Washing
ton special ol the New York Times says:
The vast batch of nominations of Briga
dier and Major Generals sent by the President
to the Senate yesterday were returned to the
President to day by the Military Committee,
with tbe statement that there were.no vacan
cies whatever for new Major Generals and
Brigadier Generals, and that these appoint
ments were-therefore Illegal. The Senate
Military Committee are unanimous In their
determination not to report General Scho
field's name to the Benate for confirmation.
The New York rritnwVKjecialeaya:
The Rev. 8. O. Wiley, of Philadelphia, Rev.
J.R. Sloan, of New York, and William
Brown, ofPhiladelnhia, a committee of the
Reformed Presbyterian Synod, had an inter
view this morning with the Prcshitmtj on the
subject of amending thcConetitntlonin favor
ol Christianity and freedom. They were in
troduced by Judge Bingham, of Ohio, and
presented their memorials. The President
replied to the delegation that he would take
the matter into serious consideration and
give it such attention as his duty to onr
Maker and country seemed to demand.
New Yoek, Feb. 12.—The Washington
special to the Eimwg ibA* says: The House
Post Office Committee will report a bill in
favor of direct mail communication with
Brazil. _ „
Tho Select . on Railroads be
tween "Washington and New York arewa it-
Ing for statements from tbe Yrwidents of the
existing railroads. The report of the Com
mittee will probably recommend a new road.
The California Quicksilver Mining Compa
ny case came up in the Supreme Coart to-day
and r wns set fpr a hearing on the 30th. Tho
mines are now worked on a contract to pay
the Government one third of the proceeds
and in the event of a decision in favor of the
IT. 8., the Company is to give peaceable pos
session. . , , .
There seems to be no difference of opinion
among the senators that the recent-election
of a senator by the Kansas -
premature and therefore invalid. - 5
A resolution will shortly be introduced in
the Senate, defining the constitutional pro
vision with reference to such elections. ’
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Canto, Feb. 12,1554.
By the steamer Sultana, captain, Lodwick,
we have New Orleans papers of the sth.
Tbeirprinclpal feature is Banks’ proclama
tions In regard to the elections to toko place
in tbc State on the £2d, and the subject of in
augurating tho'uew labor system In Louisiana.
The latter Is quite lengthy. It provides for
the suspension of the enlistment of soldiers
from plantations under cultivation in tbc
department by the Government; divides
parishes into school poflte districts, and pro
vides regulations fur government of em
ployees upon iilautatioue, providing for their
pay, rations, etc., after the style authorized
by the Treasury Department in Mississippi
and Tennessee, already published at the
We have Memphis dates to the afternoon
of the 10th. An unconditional Union meet
ing is to be held In Memphis shortly. Gov
ernor Johnson, Hon. Horace Maynard, Gen.
Buford and Bon. J. 1. Bailer of .Arkansas are
expected to attend and have something inter
esting to present on the occasion.
The Bulletin publishes a card signed by 200
of the best citizens, addressed to the citizens
of Tennessee, upon tbc subject of rcorganiza
•tion of the State, and re-establishing relations
with the National .Government, It recom
mends emancipation, Immediate and uncon
ditional, as the best and truest policy, and
the only alternative; and calls upon all to
support tbo same by a meeting, la Memphis,
on the 22dinsc.
The oth Illinois cavalry, Col. J. J. Mudd,
has re-enllsted. It is now attached to the 13th
army corps. .
Brig. Gun. Obeltlain, of corps D’Afriqnc,
is here to-day.
The gunboat Ozark, from St. Louis, in an
unfinished state, is reported here to-day. Has
not yet been accepted by the Navy Depart
ment.j , ,
Cob Hawkins, said to have been at Hun
•tington, Tenn., lately, says squads of rebels
who ore infesting the. neighborhood were
:driven pff befofe him,.
Lieut. Robinson, of the 7th Tenn., and six
of his men, had a sharp fight at Lavinla, Car
roll county, with fourteen rebels. Robinson
came out ahead and marched off eight Con
federate prisoners.
In the upper counties Newsome has been
persecuting Unionists, stealing and destroy
ing their property. Tbo inhabitants are hear
tllv sick of secession and allits concomitants.
Many are joining the Federal army, deter
mined to aid in putting down what has pro
ven bitterness and a curse to them.
On Monday Major B/B. Smith;-'later of the
7th Kentucky cavalry, while traveling Oh a
branch ofthe Holly Ford road, southeast of
Memphis, about 13 mile out, was set upon
by 13 of Collins 1 band. They charged -.him
with being a spy; took his horse, saddle, bri
dle, §750, and papers, under threats and by
force of firearms. They then compelled him
to toko of his clothes, g.vvo him four dollars
and a butternut suit of scanty proportions,
and let him offi This gang passed many like
It who seceded from Forrest’s command
when he moved couth.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Natchez, Miss., Feb. u, via Cairo 12,1631.
There is not a great quantity of news here.
Scouts brought In three days since a rebel
Captain and six privates, taken In' the vicin
Trade Is rather brisk, and would ho better
if restrictions were removed. At least one
half tbe people of Mississippi and Louisiana,
in places accessible to our coats, ore desirous
of taking the oath, and would if present pro
hibitions were not in existence.
lIHAnquAHTEBs Dsp't op West I
YinaixiA, Feb. 11. f
Captured private letters from persons with
in the rebel lines contain much curious and
interesting information in relation to the ser
lons difficulties resulting from the enforce
ment of the rebel conscription law." These
letters tell of daily encounters between clti
r.ens and’soldiers. Some of the letters refer
to eases where the encounters have hern at
tended with loss of life.
New York, Feb. 12.—The Raleigh, N. C.,
Progre** contains a strong article against the
new Confederate enrollment act It says:
“If Congress Is bent on fastening a military
despotism on the people, they must submit
quietly, or resist the tyranny. . Resistance to
tj rants is obedience to God, and tbe people
of North Carolina won't hesitate which course
they should pursue. Pass the tyrannical bill
repealed by the Military Committee, and the
collision so long talked of between North
Carolina and the Confederate States is upon
Army or the Potomac.
New York, Feb. 12.—The Herald's special,
dated “Army-of the Potomac, Feb. llth,’
l *Since the late movements fewer deserters
come In thanjprevionsly. On some parts of
onr lino, rebel plckts shoot at our cavalry
videttes.” ■ ' . - * .
Reward of Merit.
New auk. N. J., Feb. 7.—A very superior
and elegant set of horse equipments for Gen.
Grant, lias been completed by Mr. George
Peters, of this city, and arc now on exhibition
previous to being sent West.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fobtbess Monroe, Feb. 10. —General Wls
tar and bis command arrived safely at York
.town this morning. _
Late rebel papers say tbe Court House at
Mobile was homed on Saturday.
Washington. Feb. 12,1661
On motion of Mr. LaNE, of Ind., tbe Committee
on Judiciary was Instructed to Inquire into thei ex
pediency of amending the present law-regelating
the Scpreme Court, so as to confine Its decisions to
matter* of law alone. _ _ .. „
Tbe Senate then took np the House Deficiency
bill, as reported by the Senate Finance Commlt-
Tho Committee's amendments were mostly
screed to. They strike out all the Bou=c provis
ions for an increase of clerical force In the various
Departments, and authorize the appointment in
the various Bureaus, for a time not
year after the close of the rebellion, of about 1,000
clerks, and provides for salaries by appropriation,
and also provides for the employment of femsjes.
Certain amendments from the Naval Committee
were concurred in. . . ' r^_
The amendment appropriating $60.00n fetf defi
ciencies in tbe Quartermasters, Ordnance and
Commissaries* Departments, was adopted. .
• Various amendments were offered, when the
Senate adjourned until Monday.
WA?HEfOTON, Fob. 12.
' I ■> HOUSE.
Tbe Bouse engaged in the ofpri-
The House proceeded to the consideration of the
Senate enrollment bill as amended by the Commit
tee of the Whole on the state of the Union.
. Mr. COX, of Ohio, suggested that.the bill lie over
until Monday. In order to rive farther time lor Its
examination, rtw* amendment being in such a
C< Vr snurofTK, of Ohio, replied that the public
exigencies were so pressing that he co old not giro
anhonr. He then moved the previous question,
and explained the amendment and snbatUiite, con
cluding by an appeal to the friends of the counts
to pass the bill, that the army might bo recruited
and tbe Government sustained. .u
Mr. HABDINQ, of Ky., desired to address the
of Ohio, proposed Hut the gen
tleman (Harding) should, by general consent, bo
allowed naif an nonr for that purpose.
Mr. SCHENCK objected to this proposition.
Opposition to further proceedings on the blu
was manifested, when Mr. Koceje.of.N. J., moved
•to reconsider the role by which, in the earlier
stage of the proceedings, the House had agreed to
adjourn till Monday _,, , . . _
This motion was laid on the table by a vote of
ICO against 40. " , . . ..
The House then proceeded to ' vole on the
amendments to the Senate biU, --- _
The Bouse voted on the - following • House
amendment: *• All able-bodied male persons of
African descent between the ages of twenty and
foxty-fi\e, whether citizens or not, resident la tat
United States, shall be carolled according to tho
provlelocs of this act, to which this is
euppltmtntory and form a part of the national
forces: and when a slave of a loyal citizen shall
Le drafted-and muttered into tne service of tho
United Stales, bis master shall have a certificate
thereof. The bounty of SIOO now psyabls by law
for each drafted man, shall be paid to the person
to whom such drafted person owes aemceor labor
at the time of his muster into the service of the
lulled State, on freeing tbe person.
The Secretary of War shall appoint a Commis
sioner frem each of the slave States represented
in Congress, charged to award a justcompcaas
tier, not exceeding s£oo, to eacb-loja! person to
whom tbe colored volunteer mar owe aeries who
may volunteer into the service of the United
States, payable out of tho commutation money
rpoc the master freeing the slave.
The amendment waa agreed to. Teas, 84; nays,
Tbe House baring thus agreed to the Commit
tee's amendments to the bll£ Mr. Schenck submit
ted a substitute which was agreed to and tho orig
inal bill aa amended waapaesed. Yeaso3, NayeGO.
The bill as passed provides tha‘ the quota of
each ward of a city, township, precinct or election
district or county, where the same is divided into
wards, towns, townships, precincts, or election
districts, shall be aa nearly as possible in propor
tion to tbe number of men resident therein, sub
ject to draft, taking into account aa far aa practi
cable the nnmbcrwbich has been previously fur
nished therefrom, and in ascertaining and filling
seidtqnota, there shall be taken into account tbe
number of men who h&vo heretofore entered tho
naval service of tho United States, and whoso
names ore borne upon the enrollment lists as al
ready returned to the office of tho Provost Marshal
General of tbe United States.
Any person enrolled under the provisions of tho
enrollment act who may hereafter be enrolled may
furnish at any time previous to the draft an accept*
able substitute, who is not liable to draft, nor at
the Ume In the military or naval service. Such
person furnishing a snbetitnte shall be exempt
ircm draft daring the time for which said substi
tute shall be exempt from draft, not however cx
exceeding the time for which snch substitute shall
have been accepted, but no private soldier, mnsi
clan nor non-commissioned officer, being actually
in the military service of the United States shah
be procured or accepted as a substitute.
The Boards of Enrollment arc to enroll all per
sons liable to draft, under the provisions of this
act, and of the enrollment act, whose names shall
have been committed hr the proper enrolling offi
cer, all persons who snail arrive at the age of 2J
} cars before the draft; all aliens who shall declare
their intention to become citizens; all persons
Cli chained from the military or naval service of
the United States, who have not been in such scr
service two years during the present war. and all
pet eons who have been exempted under the
provisions of the 2d section of-the act to which
ihlsfict Is supplementary, but who are not exempt*
ed by the provisions of this act, and tho Boards o!
Enrollment shall release and discharge from the
draft all persons who, between the time of the
enrollment and tho draft, shall have arrived at the
age of forty-live years, and shall strike the names
oi such persons from enrollment- Any person
drafted into the military service of the United
States may. beiore the time fixed for his appear
ance for duty at the draft rendezvous, furnish an
acceptable substitute, subject to such rules and
regulations as may be prescribed by the
Secretary of War. If such substitute Is not liable
to draft, tho person famishing him shall be ex
empt from draft during tho time for which such
substitute is not liable to draft, not exceeding the
time for which be is drafted; and if each substitute
Is liable to draft, the name of the person famish
ing him shall be liable to draft in fining up future
quotas; and If any drafted person shall hereafter
Say money for the procuration of a substitute un
er the provisions of this act, of which this is an
amendment, such payment of money shill operate
only to relieve such person from draft during the
time for which the person was drafted, unless the
names pbcc-d in the box be sooner exhausted, in
which case the name shall be returned to the
Members of religions denominations who shall
by oath or affirmations declare that they arc con
scientiously opposed to the bearing of arms, and
who are prohibited from doing so by the rules and
articles of faith and practice or inch religious de
nomination shall, when drafted into military ser
vice, be considered non-combatants, and shall he
assigned by tho Secretary of War to duty In tho
hospitals, or to the care of Ireedmcn, or shall pay
tho sum of SBOO to such person as the Secretary of
War shall designate to receive it, to bo applied to
the benefit of sick and wounded soldiers.
rsovu>E3>, That no person shall be entitled to
the benefit of tbe provisions of this section unless
his declaration or conscientious samples against
bearing onus shall be supported by satisfactory
evidence that bis deportment has been uniformly
consistent with such declaration. Any mariner or
able seaman who shall be drafted, shall have tho
right, within eight days after tbe notification of
such draft, to enlist in the naval service as a sea
man. No pilot, engineer, master, or anr acting
master, acting engineer, oracling masters mate,
haring an appointment, or acting by appointment
as such, ana being actually in the naval service,
shall bo subject to military draft while holding
such appointment.
Tho following persons are exempted and ex
cepted from enrollment and draft, namely such as
are rejected as physically or mentally unfit for the
All persons actually In tho military or naval ser
vice of ihe United States at the time of the draft,
and all persons who have served in the military or
naval service two years daring the present war
and honorably discharged therefrom, and no per
sons but such as ore herein excepted shall bo ex-
e two classes heretofore provided for enroll
ment are considered. In all cases where colored
persons have been heretofore enlisted in the mili
tary service ofthe United States.
All the provisions of this act, so fores tho par
' xnent of bounty and compensation la provided,
ohwii he equally applicable, as well as to those who
mar be hereafter recruited.
The bill also contains tho section for enrollm:
ell the able-bodied males of African descent, one
upon which a separate vote was taken before the
bill was passed.
At hall-past six tho Douse adjourned, until
The Military Situation lin
(.From Our Own Correspondent.]
Nashville, Tcnn., Fob. 9,18*4,
The military situation in Tennessee Is un
changed—substantially as it tv as. The troops
comprising the left of Gen. Grant’s army at
the time of the panic "Week before last, were
moved In from the different advanced posts
which they bad occupied and concentrated at
and about Knoxville. This movement you I
will remember took place soon after Gen. I
Grant’s visit to that part of the line. The !
enemy, under Longstreet, was threatening his
flank and the importance and danger ot the
position necessitated the order to concentrate.
All this was accomplished without great loss.
Gen. Foster absolutely unqualified by physi
cal disability for a field command has been
relieved by an active and competent officer,
and the'command of the 23d corps given to
Stoncman, an officerof ability and experience.
Troops which could be well spared from the
center have been moved up within support
ing .distance. Supplies have been crowded
through as rapidly as possible and everything
now indicates readiness for defence at any
time, and a rapidly approaching preparation
to assume the offensive. If the enemy on our
left will wait a time with patience, they will
be accommodated with all the battle they
covet, without the labor of a march from the
Smoky Range to Knoxville.
As to the reported reinforcement of Long
street, there is no reliable evidence of its
truth. There have been innumerable rumors
to that effect. It has been stated as a fact, in
dispatches from Knoxville, os well as from
thiscity, Onlyyesterday, the associated press
telegraphed to this city, and I suppose to all
others, the wild conjectures of a World let
ter written hero, in relation to the position
in Grant’s front. But there is no evidence of
their truth. Longstreet occupies substan
tially the same position to which he retreated
when Sherman came thundering on his flank,
before Knoxville. His cavalry followed Fos
ter’s brigades as they fell back from their
scattered posts, and picked up straggling sol
diers, abandoned cattle and deserted wagons.
But his army has never, since the siege, been i
within thirty miles of Knoxville, and It is
hardly possible, since the admirable disposi
tions which Grant bos made, that the enemy
will at present make the attempt There is
every indication, however, that another bat
tle must be fought in East Tennessee. Move
ments that have token place and are still in
progress, ore delaying the collision, and it
mgr be averted by events in other quarters.
The rebel opportunity for an offensive cam
paign has passed. Before Grant’s visit, our
troops were badly scattered, and almost des
titute of supplies. A campaign undertaken
at that time,wonld have been fall of danger to
ourposscssion ol East Tennessee. The manner
of our falling back from Strawberry Plains—
the loss of cuttle and stores arc bat an Indica
tion of what might at that time have happen
ed if a rebel army had then and there been
• moving upon.ua. But the rebel commanders
failed to seize the opportunity, and the dan
gcris passed.
The army which under Hardee has held a po
sition near Dalton, since the battle of Mdslon
Bldge, Is believed to have fallen back. CoL
Burke, of the 10th Ohio, was sent by Gen.
Thomas, with a flag of truce, for the purpose
of delivering Into sccesh bands a bevy of re
bellious women, sent outside onr lines by
order ot Gen. Kousscan, and to effect an ex
change of surgeons in our hands for an equal
number captured by them. Ho did not find
the army, as was expected, ot Dolton After
reporting to Gen. Thomas, and receiving In
structions to proceed until they were found,
he proceeded by the main country road os lor
south as Kingston. At this place—forty-one
one miles south of Dalton, he found the ene
my in force—was very hospitably received,
and accomplished the object of ms flag.
Kingston Is the junction of the Mobile Ball
road with the short railway which runs to
Borne, where the Confederates have exten
sive and valuable foundries for the manumc
tnro of cannon. , ..
It is quite evident, from this information,
that the main army in Thomas’ front has
tallcn hack, and tha£ the presoot Intention la
to hold Borne. A portion of the army has
been sent to Mobile. The trath with regard
to their leaders seems to be that they have
—the column pushing southward from Mem- |
phis under Merman—the movement from
Vicksburg to Jackson—the formidable cav
alry raid ' threatening them under Seward
Smith—the expedition of the 15Ui corps south
of the Tennessee, with the rapid concentra
tion and reinforcement of theaimy at Knox
viQe. have confused them. --Thenew combi
nations on the military chejs-bowd astomd
ed and bewildered them- The latest and best
, information by.flssmtcra .Mid ecomr show*
plainly that the rebel officers have been at a
loss how to Interpret the movements of
Grant. They may solve the secret of his
strategy in time to meet hi™ at the objective
point Time will demonstrate.
Markets by Telegraph.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
CnccraATi. Feb. IS, 1331.
Fbovibiosb —Very strong feeling In the market, and
an Increased firmness on the part of holders checking
tho demand to some extent, and transactions were
comparatively light. NcwllcssPorksoldatßiOA&A
3J.CO for country, and $21.50 city, and In many cases
stocks were withdrawn entirely. Tbe stock of old
Mess Is notparge, and is generally held for higher fig
ures. A liberal business could be done at tl&SO for
two year old and for last season’s. Shoulders In
good request at 7J*©7*c. Itib Sides 9X39*e snd Clear
sides st UUiGIOXc, but a shade higher Is asked. Hans
are In demand at lONdlOSfc. There Is a difference
between buyers sod sellers in regard ta boxed meats,
bet prices have not changed. Pia'.n basts held firmly
canvassed sod packed at UXQUc for best
brands stigar cured. Lard in good demand at 13K®
12\'c. bnt Is held Xo higher. Head and gut Is held at
11*011 *c.
Gnocaniaa—Market unchanged and firmer.
Guars—Wheat in light offering with leu demand
and holdcra ore firm at $L2391 AG for Red, and HAT®
l.Wfor White. Not much doing In Corn, holders are
uklcgCtc(3|l.oolor ear,but buyer* do notteemdls-*
poacd to pay it. Shelled U saleable at tacked,
buyers furnishing sacks. Oats in good demand and
market rnlea steady at 60961 c in balk, and 90391 In
tacks, Rye In good demand at fIAO. Barley—nothing
doing and prices nominal; SLS99LB Is asked for
Spring, and $1,55®!.® lor fall.
Fnotm—Demand limited. Superfine held at $5.70®
8.c«: Extra at J5, c s<a6*o: |fi£s®SA9 for family.
WmsKT—Market opened buoyant and a farther ad
vance of Sc per gallon was established, hut the ad
vices from New York were not as favorable as anticl-
pated and the market at the close was less active.
Sales were made at 830854 c, bat dealers are not (Us*
posed to sell freely at these figures.
Bxma—Clover seed In fair demand at *&£308JO:
Timothy 13.40C3-V, «
Toiuicco—Market unchanged. Sales 50 lihds new
Kentucky leaf lags and trash at J1L5U313.75.
Oliltrankee Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Milwaukee, Feb. 12, XS&L
Receipt* of wheat 23,060 bushel*.
Flouk—Market steady and moderately active,
ales 50 hrls good spring at SSJ2?,
Geai>'—Wheat declined Ic. Sales 1,500 bn No. 1
erring 1c store at SUB 4; 59.C00 bu do at SUS; 0,000 bu
do at $1.17,4: €6,000 ba do at 11.17,4; TOO bn No. aat
sl.ll. Oats more active. Sales SJOO bn No. Ila store
at 61c. Corn active. Barley quiet. Rye dull.
Deemed lloos—Receipts 70 head. Market quiet,
packers ofer $7.23®8J0, dividing on 200 lbs. No sales.
At the Ncwball House this evening the market was
very dull and heavy. Nosalcs of wheat; $1,174 offer
ed for No. 1 spring.
St. Louis market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Bt. Louis, February 11, 1964.
Tobacco—Lowcrgradcs declining. Balestnlsmorn
ing comprises 23 bhda Green Lugs at SSdOO6AO; 14 do
Planters* Logs at $6.6037.70: IS do Common Leaf at
$9.70319.90; sdo Medium Leaf, $15,70(317.80; 7do Me
dium Manufacturing at $17.50; 264 do good and lino at
S6O each.
Floub—Market languid. Sales comprises 70S brls at
s7.7C,private; 100 do Super at $5.50; 120 do at SL(M»
610 doable head lined Inspected and delivered; 150 do
Choice Soper at $5,35; IGO do good super at $5.15.
GxAia— Wheat dragging. Sales comprise 559 sacks
Choice at SLB9OI.SS; 7023 do prime at 91 JO; $lO do
fair prime at $1.27; 1,045 do common to good at $1.20®
Oats declined, with sales of 1,263 sacks at 83 •
1,476 do at 924; 70 do at 92. Com drooping: Bales In
clude 293 sacks Old White at SUO; K33 do New at $1 ;
103 do at sl.Ol, and 7XO do at $1,03; 160 do at sl. Ryo—
Bales comprise $4 sacks at 95c; SO do at 90c; 95 do pri
vate. Barley rather heavy, with sales of 497 aks Fall
at $1.10; 826 do Spring at SL26; IC6 do at 90c.
Wdiskt— Held firmer with sales of 200 brls at SCc;
100 do at 85c; 65 do at «C.
Pbovisious.—Bacon—Sales of 12 tierces Sugar
Cored Rams at 124. Lard sales comprise US tierces
at 114.. Grease tales include 90 tierces white at 10,4;
27 do yellow at 94-
New YorkMnrket—Feb. 13*
Cottos—Dull, heavy andlower at 81c. .
Fiouc—Heavy and a Bbado lower. Bales at *6.700
CJS for extra State, Inside fbr Inferior; t7.2ja7.45 tor
extr round hoop Ohio; *7.5039.50 for trade brands—
market closing heavy. „ . ,
whisky—Rather firmer. Solos lost evening at
Sdaik- Wheat in moderate demand and a shade
cosier. Trice*. 41.K01.G0 for Chicago Sprinc, Inside
fbr inferior: «L£.701.61f0r Milwaukee club; 41.56.31-68
for winter red western. Com opened dull bat closed
better with a firmer demand. Prices, *1.22 for shin
ning mixed western in store—this la now refused.
Oat* quiet and steady at 89091 c for western—chlel
ly CCc.
wooL-Qolet and firmer. _
Pkteoledh—A shade easier. Grade 294030 c; re-
Ci cd In bond 46047 c. . . . . ...
Provisions.—Fork firmer and in fair demand. s2l
(3*21.25 for Mete. old do, $33 new do., sl6
CUSold and new Prlmu. Prime Mesa, Inclu
ding choice city at $23-M; *«> bbls. new Mess, to
be ucltvcred In alorcb, $7025,1J00 bbls. do. Feb., at
seller’* option. S2‘.LWO bbls co March, $23.30, SW Obis
old do.. MfTcb, buyer’s option, $20.75. Beef *tc*dr.
and in lair demand. Cm Meals lu good dctaami. 84
d?9k for Shoulders, 114013 Hams,. Beef Sides In fair
request. Pressed Hog* firm at 940104- Western
Lsrtl In fair demand. Sales 1,220 bbU. at 130134, Its
eluding small parcel very choice at 134.
New York Money Market—Feb* I'A -
Monkt—Very easy at 6®7.
Sterling Excuanox-DuII at 171 M.
Gold—Quiet, opening at 59>», closing doll at 59J4®
Govehkxext STOCKS—Firmer and In active do
nv.r.d. U. S. Cs of *CI coupons 10S3110. w _
Stocks —Stronger. 5*20 coupons ICOif, Mo. Ga 0%,
N. Y. C.l Cist HarlemlC3Jf. Eric H3«,do. preferred
IC4, Hudson HCtf, Reading 112tf, M.C. 183, M.5.91«,
M. 8. guaranteed 137, 111. C. serin 131, C. A: P. 11G, Ga
ll Uli£ Clilccgo 117, C.& T. U6tf.C. A U.LIIJM, P.
Ibc Post says the loan market Is working more catv
it 7. Tho amount of capital to be borrowed at d.P
:cnt Is dally Increasing. Mercantile paper passes at
stock market Is active, and a number of new
buyers are dally crowding the precincts of the Stock
Exchange. (Should the present ease la money con*
tlnuc, there Is little doubt that a speculative rise In
stocks will bo inevitable. , , ...
Government stocks have advanced considerably,
this morning, on the news that foreign orders to buy,
amonnllcg. to nearly f2.000.C00, came over by the lasi
steamer, in consequence of the excited and rapid ad
vance, some of ourNatlonal Banks have difficulty In
procuring the clean coupon 6s of *Bl. They are. how
ever, beginning to buy indorsed bonds, by which plan
they save Z per cent, and obtain securities equally lit
for their purpose.
Keto SUJbcrtlsmcnts.
MASONIC . —There -will be a
Special Communication of Cleveland Lodge
No. 211, A. F. A A. M, this (Saturday) evcnlngai?
o’clock for work By order of the W.M.
felS-wCM-lt WM. HIMBOD, pro.tem.
10. of O. F.—Funeral Notice.
• The members of Chicago Encampment No. 10.
are notltlpd to assemble at Odd FeJlowa r Hall, 48 Clark
street, this Saturday, Feb. 13th, at 12Vi o’clock P- M..
lo attend the inneral of declared Patriarch FRANK
LIN £ CAM MON. P. C-P. Inabsence of the C. I*.
fclS-W“OS-lt JAMBS F. HALE), S.W.
of O. F. —Funeral Notice.
• Th“ members ol DnnnftLodgoNo.il. sre notified
to assemble at their Lodge Room, «8 Clark street, this
Saturday, Feb. 13th, at 7 o’clock P-M..to attend the
foxral oi our doccnncd Brother FRANKLINSCAM
KON. P. P. G. M. Members of other Lodges are in
vited to attend. FRANK. U. SCHAFER, N G.
yA L E N TIN E S.—Yesterday, a
comumt nm on TALIM ADQE & CO’S lam a»-
Bortm.nt of v.leaiine. waa experlcncel. It will do
more so to-day. Call at the
Custom House Place, first door north of the Post Office
Remember the number,
Comer of Laealle. iflsbt pictures for oaodollar. All
kinds of I‘hotogrsphs of superior quality and low
prices. - Everi 4t’ s Art GnUarv.
felS-w6t!-lt RAY NIAS. Agent.
Between Twelfth and Liberty street*
Two coot 3 Framed Homes, with trick basement*,
bares, £c-, all In good order. Apply to
felS-wGT4-St 55 Clark street, up-stain.
P|~ERRIInG —200 Bbls. and Halves
No. I Herring,
In store and for sale by QEO.H.PAOE.
fclS-ffCCMt 18 layer street
lo Bolldlcc LoUon
soo.l. ofModlfion.
83 WafiMcston bttect.
EVANSTON .—A handsome
Cellar and out-bulldlng*. with icn acre# of land at*
trcli rr l, adjoining tho town of Evanston.
In tho town of Evanston, together with other well lo*
cited lots ini toda m
65 CUrk street, up-stair*.
STEED MILLS.—I am Beilins the
r beet combined Iron Feed andShslllng MllU now
in nee Will grind any toad of train for feed ana
make'nil10/ftmlly we. TheMl!ue« <Wey urj
not liable to get ont of order, do Ml twyare
reccmmenrttd to do. particulars address C
BICHAKPS, Post Office Box 2399, Chicago, HI.
tvi'e have
’ ’ a Few Thousand BoUem
t* inan on central Improved real estate In the city, of
Suitable lor the cocntiy trade. For sale to tho
tiadeby GEO. H. PAGE. IB Blvcrstreet.
felS-w€9s-U -
Besponslble farmers .orpaftics ownlngt earns, to
sell ibem. Price HO. wlltablo amngemeau canne
made by calling on or addressing &CO^
2« Lake street, Chicago- fel>w€M-stnet aavAx
3tww« ilaMS!***'
TSTcto .atibertisments.
Grand Winter Festival,
Grand Winter Festival,
Grand Winter Festival»
Go in tho Forenoon Early,
Go in the Forenoon Early,
Go in th« Forenoon Early,
At it may thaw and the crowd U imller.
As It may thaw and ths crowd Is smaller,
As it may thaw aid the crowd Is mailer.
Go in the Afternoon,
Go in ths Afternoon,
Go in the Afternoon,
As It la flnnny and Pleasant,
As It is Bunny and Pleasant,
As it Is Bonny and Pleasant.
Go in the Evening,
Go in the Evening,
Gc in tho Evening,
As It Is Beautiful Moonlight,
As It is BeanUlnlMoonUght,
As it Is heamtml Moonlight,
Go and Look On,
Go and Look On,
Go and Look On,
Ton can Kent Skates at the Part.
Ton can licet Stale* at the Park.
Tot can Boat States at the Part.
A Fine Band In Attendance*
A Fine Band in Attendance*
A Floe Band In Attendance*
Randolph. Street Cars*
Randolph Street Cars,
Randolph Street Cars,
Land you at the Park,
Land you at tho Park,
Land you at the Park.
fcl3-w-et>Ht baAmo net
Land warrants and
Upon better terms than can be obtained.
All sizes for sale and guaranteed eon «ct In all ns
•peels. > K. W. MORSE, Agent,
Office of Bnxton A Co., Bankers corner of Lskc and
Clark. Dpi 03$. sat xvanniet
The owner desirous ot retiring will sell for cash the
stock and natures of an
Address WM. L. ‘WOOLBKT, Laßalle, Illinois.
40 and 42 Lake Street,
Have now in store, and daily arriving,
a very largo and complete assortment
of Staple and Faney Dry Goods, pur*
clxased for cask, at Davoreble periods,
whereby we are able to present to oar
friends and the Trade generally, every
Indacement, both In goods and prices,
that can be found East or "West*
. DAVIS, BAWTEB A CO, Chicago.
Our firm in St. Louis Is 8. C. DAVIS A CO.
fe7-w43Wotnet ___
ATI.E QKKAfiE, te.
175 Lake Street
Patent Champion.
Ja7-t"U-Sm TH-fIAATP pet
FOE *t.t. sewing IIACHUTSS.
Chicago, January 23,158J
D D?a'S^lvf,^»niidOTl^Se^eMatbto.Moii
«r rSiMfo aner haying oaed and sold year Bell
ln &°CoI, General Asent* ;-inicox A Gibbs.
Empire, and Taggart* FarriWm. H.Sharp
Gcpcial Northwestern Agont^Tlore^e: Bol
lorn General Agent Jigger A Co.;F. Gen
eral Agent Grover A Baker ; J. O. Bryant A CO., uen
rral Agents Howe; W. IL Bnllsr, five
ler A Wilson’s office. Chicago;Sc co r A Baller, Pa
tentees of Seccr’s Loop check far the Wheeler * « U
•onilachlne: Jefferson Farmer. Gene^ Agent 1 * eed.
V. ilazilM, General Agent |^“er AKaj^er:^-M.
Came, General Agent ParkerJJ. M. Co. telS-woil-lt
Books for camp and
HOME.—James Bedpath. Boston, announces a
series of ten cent Books for the Camp Fires, of a much
■?T«ißot the South,” with five fine Ulastratlona- No.
? ift—*Tbe Vendetta.” one of Balzac’s beat taleajran'-
for the nnblSisr. JTo. 4 U-Onlllvert Travels
inMUipnt h0.5 U Victor Hugo’s eloquent deecrlp-
UonoftheßatUoof numberUcom
-nletelnltselfandnnahridged. Ten cents senttotbo
SubUsber will secure a specimen copy, postage paid,
loany home or camp addre*s-or ceata the
llstabove announced. 80. 1U out. aid the five win
be pnhllshed before the close of February. Addrcae
JAB. KBDPATH, Publisher, Boston.
Win supply the trade. • > ftlAwiWltaAW
•af ACKEBEL— y.i ■;
■ Ml w— ■- ~
ForMlatotfca tn£o*V GKO- H. PAPE-
;.Krt» aabwtißrmthte.
« * It Snlb Wrier «wt
Sugars, Tobacco,
Syrups, Teas,
Coffees, Fish,
Salerafus, Soaps,
Starch, Caudles,
Spices, Nuts,
Fruits, Cordage.
Ve have ft large stock of the abort gttflft
with mitpeUansoua articles including
thing wanted by Grocers, and la tack quastf*
tics that we can offer inducements to inlaad
Jobber* at well u Betailcrs, to purchase ia.
this Market
A large part of our goods were purchased
when prices wererery much lower andreosmi
fcy low freight*, daring the &U, aad will be mU
at price* that will defy competition..
■We particularly invite the dOMct buy t*
look through our stock and compare ours with.
Eastern, prices, and also with prices of Manu
facturer*’ and Heflnen’ Agents. WE ABS
QUGAR—S2S lihds. fair to choice
P l...or»a«dror. 3 l.l>7 i)AriAlLE!l 4CO _
■U and 46 South Water street.
j\» in a tore and arriving, of all grades. For tale by
-44 and 46 bonUi vvatorstroet.
COFFEE. —ICOO bags now* due
and for aalc by DAT. ALLEN A CO
-44 and 46 Sooth Water street.
TE AS.—I2OO chests of Green and
PJkct, ofallcradee, Including choice LnpoeM.
and Gun Powder, In store and :or sale by
Hand -sGbouih Water street.
1000 bLU. Eastern and Chicago Refinery, for said
lutr by DAY. ALLEN A CO.,
44 and 46 Sooth Water street.
Tobaccos —5000 caddies and
butts of Plug Tobacco, choice brand*, bought
baore tho auvancc, and otl'end at bargain* by
44 and «6 booth Water street.
Tobacco.— isoo bus. and hair
btls. Fine Cat Chewing and Smohlnr, In store
and for sale by b&Y. ALUS t CO..
44ondidboaih Water street*
TMSn.— 3000 boxes Herring,
JU 120 hoses Codfish.
20C0 bf. bbls. and kit* Mackerel.
In store and lor tale by DAY, ALLEN A CO
-44 and *6 booth Water street.
V T 2100 doz. Palls, two and three hoop.
lU.O doz. Tub«, No*. 1,3 and 3.'
SOU doz. ('hmc,
SCO doz. Hnli Bushel Measure*,
JSCO doz. Washßoards,
ICCfI boxes Clothes Pins,
In store and for sale, less than minntaclnreiV ortcoa,
-44 and 46 booth Wattrstrea*.
.'A> cents.
CJPICES. —150 bags Pepper,
IO 15 bags Al?p!ce,
liCO malts Cassln,
23 talcs I’lovcs,
44 and 46boctii Water struct.
OOAP.—3OOO boxes all grades and
O prices. Including EMORY'S Improved mottled.U,
store and for sale by DAY, ALLEN* A CO.,
44 and 46 booth Water street.
,40 bit’s. DeLand’a. Bytes A Dwight’s, for sale at Eac*
ttlcts.by DAY, AIILKN A CO
* it and 16 South Water street.
ST A RCH . —SOOO boxes Oswego
.nd for uio^^utvAco,
44 and 46 Somh Water greet.
A 1 10CO boxes Layer and M. R. Raisins,
23 casks Cnrrants,
10 cate* Citron.
For«la 2 ?r iI)r ‘ e<l Al,,> liAT. AfLKS * CO.
'VTUTS. — Its bbls. Nnts, all kinds,
Dl *“ < ° r “V/t. AIXEN- tOO, ■
44 and 46 South Water street* ~
CJUNDRIES. —The largest ar.-wit
m«nt to to foned. la 007 Grocery House i; *.!io
city,for tale at prices that & c ,,
44 and 46 Sootn Water street.
FOWLE’S pile and humor
bottle warranted a rEBXiKSNT curb lu evnry kt ’
P«f*l two I oltlfS lo LEi’KOSV. SCROFULA, V. - .
RllF.toLatdandlseasesoftEeSiln. IncaieoCAL.. ».
all an* requested to return tho empty bottles ana' • i
backtbtlrmocej. Aver-jjo 3 bottles in iDCO return* v ,
anC those were Fistula No <.f fail”-* In riles or
Humors. Sola everywhere. All ceaitre must w«-
ua*ct U. For sale In Chicago by F A Ri-YAK. Prlc*
11.00 perbottle. netwAa
Slil? Cfcamllers and SallOlairrs,
Linen and Cotton Canvas,
Wacom Coven and Paulin*, silk and
Ban tine Flees, Ac.
A mil assortment and large stock of everything la
oar line.
206 &207 South Watcr-st,, comer of Wells.
ja26-uEIM3t TV Taiax, net
Proposals for cavalry
HORSES* Cataltt PmiiAU, 1
Omen or Cnrrr Qcabtui »ASTrs,V
WktfHlKOTosr.D.C.. February 9,18GJ. )
Scaled Proposals will be rcaelvcd at this office ~n*u
13 o’clock M. FRIDAY, February IP, IS6I* for
To be delivered la VTafhlcgton, (Glesboro’ Depot)
within forty (40) days of date of contract.
Said horses to-be sound In all particulars, not le*
thanflve (5) nor more than nine (9) years old: from 15 ,
to 1$ hands blab; full deshed, compactly built, bridle
wise, and ot <dze sufficient for cavalry purposes.
Tuxes srecincATiOKß will n» stbiotlt ad-
T Nobld’win be entertained unless accompanied by s
guaranty for us falthlul performance.
Form of bid and guaranty can bohxd on application ■
* Saccessftii* bidders will bo required to enter Into
written contracts, with good and sufficient security,
within four (4) days from the date of acceptance ot
b The oath of allegiance must accompany eaeh bid.
The undersigned reserves the right to reject all bids
.deemed unreasonable. . , . , . __
No hid win bo entertained for less than fifty norsez.-
Pavmcot will be made on completion ef contract, or
ss soon thereafter as funds may be received.
Proposals must be indorsed •* Proposals forCarnlry
Horses,” and addressed to Captain James A. Elan,
«Jef Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau, Washington
3’ c ssSw u,f<jrm “' 1 °° wm asssaes “
elfl-wCCMt Chief Quartermaster Cavalry Emraan*
w conmffiioN mehchajtts,
Have on hand and are dally receiving, some of the
CHOICEST BRANDS of Spring and Winter Wheat
Flour manufactured, to which the attention and in-,
■pectlon of purchaser* - -
fell-wS9frstsst 51 State street.
Afler the 4lh ol January, ISM, we that! occupy *%h«
Booms, . -
No. 22 Lake street.
Until the completion of our sew Store, now beta*
erected on the corner of Late an 1 Micbi-xan a\enu*.
’ and offer our goods at manufacturers' prices*
SDUiufecnirert and Wholesale Dealers In
The Le**e and Pnrnltore of tli« Wi-Fti-otf
t* CroMe.WjscooFln. Lcmc reju
nltnre neerl* new. The paying hotel on-taew
In the Northwest. I’o&kmIod flrcn imßertUte.Wa
ftu»wea-gmet ; j_n.i4.nA.ii. ,
Ti if Edirard William Jeffrie# will com.-i-i ileal*
08. POWBIX, Victoria, Vancouver’s TtTtnj,'
Be will bear of tometiilns to Ma adraoiartf.
fe&»w2tTUt»net ~ _
Coro'Cronp Every Time.
Cures Tickling in the Throet.
Corea the Moot Stubborn Cough.
Caret chills and Paver.
Corea Tti#amzw and Bora Throat.
Corea Aatitaa and Believes Conaomptiav.
Cures an If the directions are strictly fbllowad.or
yi« money wIU be refunded.
lord a smith,
sold tr Brneilsts Everywhere.
wholesale bj. 1 B,T.CRHBapB>. j :
uKkkaanet - P.Waadia«WsttTaer strut
MfE -AND f EAR-—Dr. TJmder
wood, celebrated fbrhie critical epeianw on
•he Ereand Far. and extraordinary cure* of- the
dl«eas«pf emutot.
ttonwhiepredictat W* Eaadol£*tr^l^Wjh£

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