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gsjcrial jSTottccs.
Pure Sympathy,
mnalhy is a beautiful thing, for It exhibit* the
angelic” part 01 human nature. We deeply and
om sincerely sympathise with chose few a mcrlng
lib a Imd eold who have not used or cauuot obtain a
..tile of M Madame Porter's Cough Ualsam." for
«ey arc deprived of one of the mot; cffcctoal rerne
-Im> for Couchs, Colds, Am, ever given to toe
mwc can hare no svmp&thy witu any o*> e wn .’i.
*c any other CougliMcclcine, when tidsp'-pa l ** ar
< lc, price only 25 cents per bottle, can he *» «u
XolloVray’H PUIs— i*rcsnuu»cy.
weal relict by suing this mild rnteanic glcK .
■otrectlnz tfcoue “ d . Tiicy
ir.* to which they arc sublet p * rjj v
4vc a gentle JSreiTidrtin-lutc tbcutomaoj
md cipel all thow hmnorea u«c mo3 t delicate
ead bowel*. They arc th nerfcct safety. For
«s.r.:lnc Sold by
p°»- aawaaw
Dr. .lames,
saes* Hospital, f'urtom Hotnc street,
v UI. ; u*. r*;ab\Uheoln IW),Uow Of 8d Randolph
r;| * * Illinois, specialist In the treatment
, /I, t-jirovic. Slekcuuiai., Dlood ajtdFkls iiib
o»g*nic WracKKss. Certs them with
. ri r. u. ;*fu‘to Mcrcnry. loolde Poiauil. Arsenic or
Hr. .lame* vans a KauriUki.izaa,
■wi’irii is a J-OSITITF. cm* In all blood diseases.
Mr-anicW\aV;mfir.brongUtocby excess, over ta«-
•iur of bunmv*. or emailed hereditarily, causing
or memory, nervous and general deolllty,
'tued in an imublr-’e method, and the only care for
•'i i- wral.oese—saving both llP*s and expanse.
old Diseases of UiC MOST dOBlilaLU CLASS,
where the blood has become poisoned, producing
bionics cn the face, email watery blister*. ains in
• c.o hcn« and bonce, ulcerated throat,noer, limbs and
] ,miy. fcr»>icu, together with an endless cumber of
'/ r. 1 j'axW 1* recommended by the press generally
of ihpßmitu,the medlc*l facottr. amt pmtts-ora of
n:< di’.al co Iliac*, etc* These aUUctcd thoa d apply
.jiiiutOlutc.y, nnfl be cored of these terrible disease*.
Uemcmber-Or. James’ Office ana Parlors are at 86
Bamlulnh, between fcutc and Dearborn streets
Ollier open irom bA. M. until BP.M. CoosaltaUons
.uviolablc. jat4-uSU-.iw
Dr. Bigelow^
confidential Plivalcjan, (furmerJr of St.Lou!% Mo.)
c..u tic conruUc'd at Ll* omce, 159 South Clark street,
rumor of Monroe, Chicago. liU hair* block trout the
Poet Oflicc. ol nil Chronic Diseases, and Diseases ol
n private and delicate nature, in t-otli aeies, which he
rrcatSTrlth nonarnlleled success. Room* separate,
v. i ure Ladli * uiid Oemlenn-D can commit the Doct ir
with theftrident prlvarr. omce boursfromSA.M
;o 6y. M.: Sundays 10 to 12 A. M. Oommanlcationß
contlduDual. CoLeulutlont. free. Addrt-saF. O.Dox
IM. Hnclosptwo stamps and get tils Jaideto uealth.*
From th" Doctor’s lone experience in Hospital and
private practice, Lc Is able to perform, and will eoar
untoc, perfect cures for all Chronic JMseases intbclr
raost severe and eompllcatco stay cs, in a very short
time, without the use.-f mercury. . ...
Young men snirertncfrom self-abuse -art Invited to
call. A perfect cure warranted. Female irregaurt
t:e* aUoutlant on Fnbertr, iltnstrnation, vr persons
having any obstruction* to marriage, should can at
oi ce and be cured. Best of city retcrenrejras to
ability and success. fclD-wWWw
Or. James,
Formerly of Jamtt* Hosrutal, custom Bctuc street,
New Orleans. La., established IQ 1650, now perma
nently loCMt-d at 86 Randolph street, Chicago, im
uols,8 i p*tli'lb» In the t -eat meat ol Ovo chbosic.Mxb
crrait, £pboituii>. and ail kinds ox Btoor iso
BKix Diseases and Di obdj ks **r a CoNTamocs
\»ni rm cwauACTEB. Cnro :htm wltuoui resorting
toMcrcnin*, lohide, t otas*ii. Arsenic or any poison,
tom wiih a *fEmuu*rK, a positive otke lornii
humors ind blood poisons. , . . ,
Oiu-akic Wkakkkss. m'h as Seminal Weakness,
Noctmual ana Dluroal Emissions, bronchi on by
abuse ol the sr*teui. early ladbcrcuous excea*
or entailed hereditarily, earning loaso! memory, cqa«
Jiuioc, d' ana ofler tlmif insaniry,
wIU» oliter d’-plorabie train of eymptotticlreatcd ana
radically cured by an uuoJlibie method, saving mucii
time and expm.se. Glei-t, Goaorrhea.&trleturc, ana
all diseases jK-cullar to the teses, ofa private nature.
Old llifßthet of the MOST BORRIBLE CLASS,
Abere tuc blood has become poisoned, producing
rtlotchcs on the face, small watery blisters, pales in
he head and bones, ulcerated throat, nose,limbs and
uotly, Hcrofula, together with an endless number oi
* C I»r. recommended toy the pre*» generally ol
he South, the medical faculty, and nrofesaors ol mea
rn 1 collrctt*. etc. Those atnfctcd tuiould apply unmo
2:utch’, and be cured oi these terrible diseases.
Remember Dr. James’ Office and j'artora arc at B6
Randolph, between State and Dearborn street*.
Ofllct open irom 9 A.M. until EP. SI. Con’mllatlon?
coufidenttaL fe6-wSSS-2w^
Doctor Thomson,
Formerly Assistant Surgeon to De Novo Hospital,
Santa Marie, Lisbon, Portugal, tua Surgeon to Hos
pital. Saint Autotne. Saint I'itrre. W-1 , bos devoted
himselt to the treatment of canuunousblood diseases
for more ttian thlrrv year?. leu-years practice la
rtiiraeo, HU has established lor him an unpreceden
ted reputation incunoc Scrofula, Er.»rigclus,l»?n
--n-nUst i, end blood Awases, Nervous Debility,
Ac., wubout thcurcof tutrenry. the various com
plicated «.nd dlsire*slDg CUe:*e» incident to icciales.
treated with eminent nieces*. Oiflcrand Anaiomlo.il
Mui>cnm»tl«SSouth Clark street. P.O. Box »2. By
.-tclobldc iscentMn postage stamps.The unfortunate*
Guide shall be forwarded to any oddrcfcs In the UnlUd
g* r .ieM. fc2-v<s-4wi*
flnir Hair
BAURELOirs celebrated HAIB DTK is THE WLS:
2: rnx would. The only Bazzless, Tntra and Reli
ible Dye known. This splendid Hair Wye Is Perfect
•■changes Red, Busty or Grey Bair Distantly, to &
-Lossy tLarx or Satueal Hnown,withoutLmurine
Skin, leaving the Hair Son
vid Bc»ntlfnJ; imparts fresh vitality, frequently rcs
icriiig its pristine color, and rectifies the ill efforts 01
iidDyrtu The Genuine 1? signed William A. Bach*
clou, all others are mere Imitations, and should br
ivoldod. Sold by ail Druggists, Ac. F«ciory.W Uar
ti»y street. New York. JyS-aWWy.
Beware or Fake Prophets,
Wlio promise to restore gray hair to itsnatnrslcolcr
* iih poisonous and impenect dves ot sntpher end
ictd. CIJBTADOKO’S lb THfc ONLT DTE that la
f>- r cftly clf-an; pencctly pure: perfect!y sure • pi-r
--tectly reliable; pencctly simple; pcnecily UaraileSfc;
perfectly polsonlcw; perfectly imitates nature, aurt
combines in itself all uic perfections of a perfect dye.
Manufactured bv J. ( EiSTADOKU. t Aslnr Pouse.
New York. Sold cvcrvtrhcrc,cnd applied by all Hair
ffrcsi-ers. Price H, fiAO- and *3 per box according
1 o size. lau-nltS-lmla
iSankiiis anti iSirijange.
Comptroller of the Currency.
WAamxoTCir, February 15t,1661.
WflEAE*s,by satisfactory evidence preiontcd totb’--
uiKlerslsncd, it baa been marie no appear that Toe
SLCON ti National Bank of CHICAGO, lo the Couoty
oi COwE and State of ILLINOI-. basbeendaiyor
"nulzcdnndcranc accordlnc to the reqclremeots ot
ihc net oi Congrow, entitled **An Act to provide n
National Currency, secured by a pledge of United
States stocks, ana to provide for the circulation and
redemption thereof,” approved February 2S, 1363, and
Das complied with all the provisions o' said act re
quired to be complied with before commencing the
buftness ot Backlog.
trailer ot the Currency, do hereby certify that tbs
SKCOKD National Bank of CHICAGO. County of
COOK aud State of ILLINOIS, is authorized to com
mence the business of Banking under the sctalore
. Ik Tzsttmokt whereov, witness my bund
\ seal f and ami of office, this FIRST day (f FEB
' v—- i KUARV, 1964. _
No. 225. Comptroller of the Currency.
Wc arc now prepared to receive Deposit*, buy and
sell Exchange, and transact a General Banking Bust
nt\vral*o keep on band fbraale United State* Bave
nue 6Umps,&llowinz the usual discount on orders for
one honored dollars and upwards.
dlfOcc Korthwost corner of take and
Clark. Streets*
j. a. ELLIS, President.
•nK,rciSoSI;»S" , ._ M-WJBS.6M
jlocororetrd Febniary. 186LJ - .
Office 104 d; 106 tVnslilDgton-at— Jlctho
dlat Church Blocs.
litis institution receive# deposits of FIVE CENTS
tie rutf of six percent, perannum Dlridtuidspava
t.H- on thr tiWt Monday of January and July, tx
/•):*ngc sold cn the Principal Cid<#ofßuaM.
imMlfen C D. BICKFORD,
ul °- VHcMident. Assistant Casbi-r.
CAPITAL PAID IN* - • 5300>lfW»
unith E. E. BBAISTKD, CaHblM.
E. Aram. President. _ naß-pWMy-l#
H Police l» hereby Elvcji. Uut .11 Bills or clrou.«t
till b™
Dated tills Mtt day of
E. W. W*tT- r Cashier. Jy2bj^»-to)e«ji^
insoluble Cement
>vnn!tcable to the Is of inort general practical
M l rt*cial AxU. utility than any Invention now
.before the public. It has been
•thoronshly tested daring the last
;two yean bv practical men, and
I pronounced ny all to be •
Superior to Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
»•" ,hlDp - Hilton’, Insoluble Cement
a new thing, and the result ot
iyear# of study; liscomblnationli
*m Scrrsnric Pntscxrtxa, and
huder no circumstance? orchange
luoomhlnatton. W temperature will it become
1 corrupt or call any offensive
t 3i«i*iiiißßoeMip.BOOT and SHOE
Msnnfacturtrs, uslnx Machines,
will find it the best article known
for Cementing the Channels, as it
'works without delay. Is cot affec
ted by any change of temperature.
(Win find It aufflclently adhcslrt
{for their use, as has been proved
:lll« especially' adapted
j to Leather,
{And wc claim m u ' e*nsc&)
•ssetnes* an fait, that u aticts Patches and
Union to Boots and Shoes bq{Q
ciootlf wrong without stitching.
MAwam cement
Extant that Is a sure thing rot
And articles orHooschold Use.
•Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is In a liquid lorm, anl as easily
applied as paste.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is Insoluble In crater or oil.
Hiiton’s Insoluble Cement
■ J Adheres oily sulwtaocea.
Supplied in Family or Uamxihc*
tararvFaetaeeSf from 2 ounces
.to 100 pounds.
j yrr.TQg BEOS, & CO.,
fuu ** .. .. Psorarrroßß,.
peovtdekce, B. L
Sold by LOBO A SMITH, 'Wholeaalß Druggists, 28
whom all orders may be addressed. JelX®< - iywr*x
33rg (Boobs.
(Successors to W. H. BOSS & C 0.,)
167 & 169 Lake Street,
Earc received and arc dally In reception ol
l¥ Styles of Seasonable (Ws.
Prenci Chintzes-
Percales and Brilliants,
Scotch and Chamhray Ginghams,
Plain, Plaid & Striped Valencias,,
Xnstrons Poplins, in new colorings
Paris Taffetas,
Checked Xnstres,
Plain Alpaccas, in all colors,
Biih Robe de Chamhres, etc.
Rich Colored and Black Silks,
In u Annum,’ 44 Repp*,” 44 Oro. de Afriquea,” “ Gro.
oe Ecosee.
Plain Ljons Taffetas, Fiji red, etc., etc.
and shawls,
A Great Bargain in
Wilt. Ft. * Spool Cotton,
6,C00 dor. at 55 cts. per doz--worth f 110.
IC7 and Lake street.
\j B.rred have this day formed a copartnership,
BtaJtS?2tmeandstyto otPhTTITT &'sMlTH,for
SiKS: 060 ° f “ rrr ‘° c “ noifr.'wl
Chicago.Dec. U.t£6S. O.L.SMITH.
(Successors to T. U. Turlay A C 0.,)
B1 gouth Water street, corner of State, Chicago.
a w. ittutt. ide2o-sSISSm) G.z^sotmi.
The undersigned have this dsy fonred a Copartner
ship, under the name and style of
OAIiTinS & BROTHER, of Chicago,
For the trsnsactlohof the Wholesale and BctaU Inoa*.
Stem- Nails. Bcoot, Wagon Stocks andSeeu?
Baedwasi: BUEQtEe*. and have taken tne large new
Eo. aor r.nlco Street.
arms mhton baltoxs.
Chicago, December 15, IS®. . ftS-wttg im
The copartnership
heretofore exist Inc between the undersigned !j
tills dav dissolved bv mutual consent. Samuel Snack*
foru wilt continue the Produce Cominlsaion business,
aid la alone anthorl'td tome the name of the late
firm jn the settlement of its buslnwa.
Chicago. Feb. 4.15C1. BAM'ti SHACKFOBD,
feS-wSCS-lSt GEO. M. HOW.
'The firm of COOLKT, FAKWELT. dr CO. expire*
this day by limitation. Cither of the Partners will
do, tlte ten name In ;IS B- COOLKr>
The nadersigned have famed a Copartnership, un
der the na'oc nnd style of
ttihe«lA«tt4afOoolef,* 3 rwg^ AUW
Chicago. Feb. 1,1661. «• V. KKLLOGG,
ftS-w&lnm L. Z. LKIIEIL
Mr. James A. Farless Is associated with as from
this date. The style oi toe firm hereafter will bo FAu>
LESS. Gi:KKNE A CO , who will continue ibe Paint,
<■l! aiid Vnralfcb business at the old stand. 19 South
Water street, Chicago. SAML.GHUENC<kI'O.
Chicago. Jan. 2S, IF6I, Ja26-nu>rfrn
Kept Exclusively on the European Plan*
Such &n establishment has long been needed in onr
growing city, and, we are happy to inform onr read
ers, rack a one is now about to be opened. The
Solongand favorcblyknown to thetravcllnj com
munity under the proprietorship of Messrs. Hawk A
Tabor, at ore time the leading Hotel of this city, and,
in fact, of the West, has been purchased by eomeKcw
York hcoUemsr. who hare made great outlays lo
cntlrrjv remodeling.refurnishing, newly painting and
decorating the house irom top to bottom, beside*
waking extensive and valuable Improvrmcats In the
shape of a new and enlarged Kitchen, Laundry, com*
plrtc Steam Apparatus. Ac. _
Aflnt-claiS iloose.apon the European style, has
never before been opened west of New Yore city.
Bat the advanced rates of labor, and the high prices
of provisions and every artie’e requisite for properly
conducting a large BotcLucecssarliy advancing the
price of bo«rd t bare convinced the proprietors of
the BIfUMOXD that this will become the favored
style ol conducting good Hotels, in Justice to land
lords, and to enable the guests to live at their own
oltl.or American plan npon which all onr large
Hotels arc at present kept, is upon such anexttava :
jmnt scale that, m order to meet expense*. It Is neces
sary io charge what may be considered high prices, i
Each gncst.be hi* wants little or great, is ob.lged to
Eiy three dollnis per dsy;ln many Hotels, three dov
ra and fifty cents. The wants 01 some travelers and
boarders are triCing.as-compared with those of oth
ers, yet it is Impossible for the proprietor* of this ,
style of Botel to discriminate, without rendering
themselves liable to the odious charge of pavtiaUtv,
and all must pay alike. Thiscvilis remedied by the
plan adoptetfat the BICHAIOND. Every gn«t pay#
according to bis demands; obtains bis room nt a price
dependent npon Its size ami altuouon, some rooms
Heine let ft the low oricc of 7i cents per day: others
much higher, thus giving, each his cj£jce. according
to circumstance*. Tlic large and beanttml Uinln.
Boom Is to be conducted npon thcliberal wle wiueh
has characterized the Itading Hotriaof Uie Uast. A.
score of cclored waiters will be constantly in attend
cnee to take ard snrplv tho ordua of the guests.
Neals may be obtained at ail tour?, oni everything
charged lor In proportion to the market nrlce.
The whole rendPring the MraMOSO ot* offift
finest and at *fcc sa * • time ihc Uf?a I ECONOMICAL
Hotel In tbeWeetero jonnfry. ,
The Htn»e vriß be opened for the reception of
guests on
Monday, the Bth iiwt.,
rnr-crtbemM»gpmcntof Mr. W. H. BUKKOUGHS
of I*ew York.
Cblcaeo, Feb 4th. IS6I.
Befpcctfelly call the attention of Business men and
the Travelling Community to the enpcrior accommo
dation and comfort oltered to their establishment,
vfjt^nlo7-£m ■Steals KANAGA. FOTFIjEB & CO
■Notice to gltppcrs.
General Western Produce.
The undersigned pay pAcncrxas Arramox t*.<
the sale of the above articles, aao Conslgnmc-ntawm:
■ to them vrlll be
pbojkptlt disposed op
quick betcbis biabb.
r*> vrrTadvmnwireons tenna, WeIMneaWBF.KLT
m? C D BhKNT of ibe above articles, which we
mlllenaTißU) those send leg their address to
de2M2SSM»m 32 Water fitrcet> K. V. Cltr.
35i?rcss 3tinrs 1
AH Points in tie West
The Gnat V.ci'lem pHpatcb U ft fast toxxout
us£ cfrU' dsbcd by the United States Express Com
pacy for transporting merchandize from New York
and Boston to Uie West tb&t will not bear Express
eLareca, and Is required In quicker time than is made
by ordinary Freight Trains.
Great Western Despatch Freight is shipped via
erlt Uallwdj, tate Shore and SI. S. B Es.
\nm only
Between New Vorkaod Chicago. Hiking better time
thin any other Hue, except the regular Express Com*
M. H. lIOYXT. Broad * ®y, Kev York.
C*o. J.Docksat, AseaV-S SutwU, Boston.
V. H. PE lißr.Sapt.,Buffalo.
FOWIEB, Aecnt,
Wkke Street. CUlcaco.
/■ „ OF ALL SIZES. . ■
Fairbanks, Greenleaf A Co.,
jhabching song of the “first
The following song was written by Captain
Bindley Miller, of the First Arkansas Colored Reg
iment. Captain Miller says the "beys" sing the
song on dress parade with an effect which can
hardly be described, and he adds that 41 while it Is
not very conservative it will do to fight. with.”
Captain Miller is a son of the late ex* Senator Mil
ler ol New Jersey.
Oh l we’re de bully soldiers of de a First of Ar
Wc are fightin’ for de Union, we are fightin' for
We can hit a rebel (hrder dan a white man eucr
As we go marching on :
Glory, glory, tihUelqjah, £c*
Sccdar! above de centre, where doslaga is wavin’
Wc eregoln' out of slavery; we arebonndfor free
dom’s light, ' .. ,
We mean to show Jeff. Davis how de Africans can
fightl '
As we go marching on.
Wc hab done wld borin’ 1 cotton, we hab done- wld’
bocln' com, •
Wc arc coloreaTankce soldiers now, as sure us
you are bom:
When de Massas near ns yellin’ dcy’U link its Ga
briel’s horn.
As we go marching on.
Dcy win hab to pay us wages, de wages of their
Dcy will hab to how their foreheads to their col
ored kith and km,
Dey will hab to gib ns house-room, or dc roof shall
tumble in!
As we go marching on.
Wc beard de proclamation, massa hush it as he
Do biro he sing it to ns/ hoppln' on de cotton hill,
dc possum up dc cum tree he couldn’t keep it
As he went climbing on.
Dey said, 44 Now colored bredreu, yon shall be for
ever free, . . _
From de first of January, eighteen hundred sixty,
Wc heard it In dc ril cr ;*oia’ rushln' to de sea,
As it went teuuoisg on.
Father Abraham has spoken, and dc message has
been sent, , , ■ . ,
De prison doors be opened, and out de pris nere
To join de sable army of de 44 African descent,"
As we go marching on. 4 *
Den fall m, colored bredren, you’d better do it
soon; - ■
Don’t yon hear dc drum a heatin’ de Yankee Doo
dle tune? „ . ,
We arc wid you now this mornm’, we’ll be far
away at noon.
As we go marching on.
. Goomucu’s Landing, La., January 19,15C1.
Frank Acknowledgments of Desti
tution in ike South.
free ZVcgrrocs and Slaves Co l>c
Employed in Cite Army.
ernnKOTinaaFo the abxt.
On Jaanary CO. the rebel Houso of Repreaentn-
Uvcs had bciore it the bill “ amendatory of the act
to pnt an end to the exemption from military serv
ice of those who have heretofore furnished substi
tute?, approved January 5.1664.” In the course of
the debate, Sir. Smith, of North Carolina, said:
We had at this time -JOO.OIC men on onr muster,
tolls, low many were actually in the field, ho
was arable to state; probablv it was that one-half
were not there, and it was well known that we
were unable to feed the fractional port who were
in the field. IA however, there were half—lf 2 *•..
UXJ ftbinld require the possible seizure of one-half
of the provisions oi the country—where, he would
ssk, were the means to feed the ten times that
nwnberwho remained at home? With this con
dition of affairs staring ua in the ihcc, it was
now proposed to break up the farms, and re
duce ihe acriculmral interests of the country to
about naught. Look at the condition of the coun
try around Richmond; but this was scarcely
more than a type of every other part of the
Confederacy. Congress did not propose to reduce
the efficiency of the different bureaus: it did not
reduce, lor instance, the efficiency of the ordnance
and nitre bureaus, because the men must be fur
nished with munitions of war. And yet muni
tions of war were cot all that wo could rely on.
We gpust feed and clothe the army, and not only
the army, but the people at home. Private ap
peals were daily coming to the members of Con
gress from soldiers in the. army, sneaking of sol- '
ring at home; how many of their families are
wantieg the necessaries ot life, when they arc un
able to send them any part of their scanty pay;
how many asking relief to the farming interests;
how some, stimulated by the prospects of starva
tion at home, and the deficiency of food in the
army, arc driven to dcsualr and desertion. With
three things constantly before it, would Congress
still breakdown and cripple the limited resources
that were left os to carry on this war t
Mr. Chambers, of Virginia, said manufactories
were as necessary as agriculture, and there was as
great a deficiency In clothing to day os there was
mtccd. Hid the gentleman mean to say that onr
soldiers deserted to the Yankees because they
were not led I We could, ho believed, feed double
two hundred thousand men tn the field; and if wc
donld cot, then the sooner we made terms with
Abraham^Lincoln thebetterfor ns. Wetnnat have
more than two hundred thousand men in the field
next Spring; we have now all the supples we will
have then, ror the farmers' productions wont be
available till next Winter. Everybody admits and
expects that next Soring will be the worst and the
heaviest and most decisive campaign that will oc
cur, and vet there is a demand for more exempt
ions. Be was not opposed to the exemptions of
planters; whether they famished substitutes or :
nor, it made so difference. But he was opposed -
to class legislation.
Mr. Hnprc. of Louisiana, believed that if Con
gress Lad given more attention to transportation,
the subject of food would not now be exciting so
many ieare. He had traveled a long way in net
ling here, and from Western Louisiana to this
place lie had seen very largo quantities of provi
sions, which only wanted transportation to be dis
tributed to the people and the army. The cry of
scarcity was a stratagem employed by traitors, and
it misfed manr honest and conscientious men,
who really believed what tbey said. It was a
stratagem to excite the spirits and the efforts of
the Northern people, oad disaffection and hope
lessness In onr own.
Mr. Good, of Virginia, was able to state, upon
the best authority, that in reply to inquiries pro
pounded by them’by Col. Preston. Chief of the Con
script Bureau, all of tho enrolling officers of the
State, who were assembled here a few days ago,
said that the State could not stand another
draft. It had beenj said that the agricultur
ists necessary at tome might be enrolled
and detailed. If men were wanted outside of the
army, it was our duty to exempt them by law. and
not leave It to tho fcecretary or War nnd the Presi
dent to dole oat detail*. Be was not one of tboso
who delighted in the Quixotic pastime of making a
man of straw and tilting at him; be had no fears,
acd the people need have no fears oftheExecutive,
audit was with nofeeiins ofwantofcoofidencem
the Executive when he said that he preferred this
Congress to pass its own laws, rather than call
upon that branch of tho Government to do it for
them. The great danger to-day to our cause did
not ccmc from onr own Executive—lt came from,
the tyrant at Washington; and it should be the
effort of this Government to use a>l its- energies in
providing against the calamities which the tyrant
would endeavor to Inflict npon us.
Mr, Holcomb, of Virginia, said that by the bill
of which this was an the entire agri
cultural population would bo put m the army, mid
that in a country whose agricultural population
greatly outbalances that of the cities and towns.
Napoleon, in the ruthless conscription which he
inmeted on France, never went above the age o;
thirty vears. Wc proposed to put In all, of every
ace, and when it was Known that it was a precari
ous matter to supply, from week lo week, the at
or in the field- when the supplies were known
to’be so scarce, the slaves were to bo withdrawn,
from tho fields, and it was proposed in time Ur
draw still more largely upon the vital resources cf
the country. From his district would bo drawn
one hundred men for the army and stop two then
sand laborers now engaged in producing grain for
the armv. Wc had now five hundred thousand
men In the field to provide for ;.tbo now law would
add one hundred thousand mere, and was it possi
ble to escape starvation when, there were none at
home to provide for them ? Where was thc.weak
point of the enemy? Certainly, not In wont of
provisions. It was not probable then, that a de
cisive victory could be fought this spring,
and r.o such deeperale hope should be allowed to
animate ns to such, desperate measures as that of
putting everybody in the army. Tho weak point of
the cDcmy.was in its condition. It was our
policvto protract the war. Time and distance
vverc'our great allies. Wc must remember that,in
reference to this State at least, our las: crops were.
Car below the average. Onr space, Lad been con
tracted. andsll now mast be devoted 'to the"
production of provisions for tho next year. Take
away the men, and statvation at homo and ruin in
the army would he, in his opinion, the inevitable
Mr. Conrad, of Louisiana, grid that they had
heard this cry of starvation now for nearly three
vears. They had gotten so used to starving,in litet,
that, like the Irishman’s horse, wc will soon be
able lo live on nothing.
Avoice— w V?henthc hoisedicd.*’
Laughter and merriment at the gentleman’s
unintended iciEsapptication ot the illustration.]
Mr. Conrad concluded by alluding to tho priva
tions ol the army and the people as incvltabioxnd
only lo be surmounted by the vigorous prosecution
of the war. (
Mr.McPea,of UlfElsslppl, believed that the
moel certain way of feeding the army teas to in*
etcase it* numbers in tho field. The insufficiency
existed because there were so many of the enemy
within our border*, and we had not sufficient num
bers to drive than out. Seme had attributed the
scarcity to comitticn in the Commissary Depart
ment, and though unprepared for an opinion as to
(be truth of that charge, he still believed that that
department was inefficient: olhere attributed It to
want ot transportation, and want of transportation
Imd.'ccrtainJy much to do with it, Wehadnowbut
cue line oi raUroad.thc Knoxville and Chattanooga
being in the possession of the enemy, with a vast
auxiliary cut off. Ho believed that there was no
deficiency in the country, and that li we could drive
the cnctnv back, wc could feed the army, no raat
ter whet Itsnumbeis.
\iter further deenltorv debate, the bill was pass*
edlrv Tens4l, navsSJ. Itreadsasforows:
A Bill to be call tiled an Act amonda'ory of an Act
Acttopnt an end to the Exemption
from Military Service of those woo bare heretofore
tuinblicd Substitutes. Approved Jan. 5, 150 L
cj-.—jn,: i The Congress ofihc Confederate Staten
oi America do enact that the ab-ove recited act shall
rot-unlv'olanr.crsand planters tmsmgcdoathe sth
, ‘ ,c pyodcetb’nof grain and
Hthrr bv tiuir own manual lm»or or in
the labor of others: Provided, that
S?wirp& herein contemplated is granted sub*
J«S‘&dr IScreof shall do
vote fSfflli lalJOr Sr wWcli be to, the cat
duct orisft ycr.*,) for the old df H*? “P?T|ii if bo re
-111. That the verson thus cxeas;pled wUV u jn t c
qmrcd.scll all his surplus pn»vWo»B now oflh-no o.
rerr'ftrr raised, for :he use of tolalcrs ianxiues.or
lor the ceCoC the aimr.at prices‘,f. o £^£^ io sSs
these fixed for the time btlag brtho CoffluU-sioncra
eppoliitcd under the Implement Act. . • .
TV. That the perm etching to atrll Llrosclfofihe
benefit of ihlsi-ct shall baVe Ihrnishod a
not liable to military duly, who is now in
or who bos been legally discharged therefrom, or n no
b of this aet shall not apply
porcensen farms or pl»nta*iens on which ther» is any
ot* ct male adult no: liable tomllitaryduty. „
b£a2. J'otlJng contained m this act shall be con
strrrd a? limbing the poweroi the President, under
existing laws, to exempt inch persons as he may deem
preper, cn grounds of canity. Justice and necessity.
OnFcb.l, the House discussed the blilreported
from the Committee on Military Affairs; to Increase
the efficiency, of the army by the employment of
free negroes and sieves under certain .circum
An unsuccessful attempt logo into ‘secret ses
sion was mede, the ponding Question being upon
an amendment offered by Mr. B*ldwin,of Virginia,
toaddtothe fleet section the words: “And no
free negro engaged in the production of food and
forage shall be taken nnder this act.
Ur. Barksdale, of Mississippi, said that It was
no harm to say that we needed troops, and it was
the dntT ot Congress to place men in the army,and
fill aptfcose serried ranks now so gallantly main*
taming our cause in the field. The Chairman, of
the military Committee had Informed the House
that the proposed measure would bring forty
thousand troops into the field—more than bad
been ergaged in any greet battle—without
materially diminishing oar resources; and
vet we were met .at the threshold
by a question relative to exchange. Suppose these
free negroes were taken prisoners; the free negro
Is not a useful ingredient of our society. Bcwia
astODisfaed.a few days ago, at the assertion of the
gentleman from Virginia (Mr. Baldwin) that this
class was a useful one in his Slate. Ho would
leave It to the gentleman's colleagues to answer
that; but wouldaay, that, according to his obser
vation, the free negro was a blot neon our cstach-.
con, or.d pernicious to onr slave population. Net
tber were they engaged in agricultural pursuits. •
The amendment o? the gentleman from Virginia,
proposed to make a most unjust discrimination 1
agalntt the poorer whiteclasses. Be says to the
Irce negro, you shall not bear the burdens of this,
war—while hegees to the dwelling of the humble.
white citizen and savs to him—you must take your
place In the army. It was contrary to the usages
of Government to regard a negro as a citizen, and
yet the gentleman proposed to discriminate be
tween them and the poorer white classes.
Ur. Baldwin—Does the gentleman wish to place
the negroes and whiles on an equality?
Mr. Barksdale said that he was In favor of the
bill just cb it came from the committee. Be would
employ negroes in menial services in the army
ana Urns increase its efficiency by placing able-,
hodlcd white men. now performing those services,
Mr. Atkiua of Tcnn.. called the question, which
was ordered, and Mr. Baldwin's amendment was
Mr. ‘Wright, of Tczms, said he would like to vote
for the hill, but a constitutional difficulty suggest
td itself to bis mind. Be would Inquire or the
Ctalimsu ot the Military Committee If the propo
sition to pay negroes eleven dollarc per month was
notunconstitntTonal, .
Mr. Miles thought the objection not a very sub
tle cue. hen the Constitution provided that no
. private properly should be taken without just
compensation to the owner, it did not deprive Con
fries ofthe privQe&eof fixing tbo compensation.
1 did not mako It obligatory that it should be
fixed by a Jury. If Congress determined to em
ploy negroce in menial operations in the army, it
was perfectly competent to determine the compcu
eation to he paid to the owner. While we were
paying soldiers but cloven dollars per month, he
thought the compensation ample for the services
ofnegroes. , ■
Mr. Smith, of Alabama, moved to strike out the
first section of the hill. It was proposed to put
into the fortifications and in the army,' in the ca
pacity of teamsters, free negroes—a chub who
were inimical to our cause. Many of them could
read, write and draw, and being Introduced into
the fortifications, and becoming acquainted with
their details, bad only to communicate them to
the enemy. So with regard to teamsters. They
might, by carrying devices, dog the movements of
a whole army. t
Mr. Elliott, of Ky. Docs the gentleman suppose
tree negroes are more inimical to onr cause than
slaves: .
Hr. Smith had never heard that free negroes had'
done anything good to onr cause. Ho was willing
to pass the second section, which provides for the
employment of slaves, but opposed the free negro
teatnre iu toto. _ ...
Hr, Chambliss, of Virginia, said that ho repro
presenteda district that was overwhelmed with
ircc negroes, and since the departure o! the slaves
they were were the only laborers that could be
procured. There were many dependent females,
who bad no other means of procuring subsistence
orfnc-1. There was, however, a clause in the bill
which authorized the President to exempt each
free negroes as the interests of the country might
require: and he was willing to trnst to the justice
ot the Executive iu this respect, and should vote
for the bill. Ho was quite n» willing W trust, toe
negroes in the army as slaves, however much we
might be attached to the latter class. He hoped
the section would not be stricken out. It was
bis Intention to vote for every measnre to increase
the army, and he invoked the House to stand
boldly up to its responsibility. If oar cause failed,
this Congress would he handed down to posterity
with contempt, because It refused to make uao of
the measures within its reach. *
Hr. Smith’s amendment was lost.
Various other amendments were proposed, some
of which were adopted and others rejected, and
the bill finally passed In the following form;
a bill to be zsnnip aw act to ixcheasb the
zfyxenucer or the abet nr the employment
Wuebeas, The cfitcicncy of Hie army Is grettly
dmilflltlifd hr the withdrawal from the ranks of able
bodied soldiers to act as teamsters, and lo various
oiler capacities in which free negroes and slaves
tulphtbc advantageous]i* employed; therefore,
Stcnox 1, The Congress ot ibo Confederate States
of America, co enact. That all male free negroes, In*
ctbcinc these who are frccondcrtbc treaty of Paris
of lfiß,or the treaty with Spain of ißts, resident in
the confederate jtates,between the ages of 13 and SO
years, shall be held Ueblc to perform such
duties with the army, or in connection with
the military defences of the country, in the
wav of work opon fortifications, or in Govern
mint works - for the production or preparation of
maurislot wur.or lo iho military hospitals,as the
Secretary t’fTVannay.from time to time, prescribe;
and while encagedin the performance of s-ich dutl-js
shall receive rations and clothing, and compensation
at the rata of eleven dollars per month, under such
rules and mmlailonsaslbc caiJ Secretary may estab
lish ; r.*o\ bled, Thnt the Secretary of » ar, with cao
approval of the President, may exempt from the oper
ations el (Lis cct such free negroes as the Interests of
the country mav require should be exempted, or such
ns he may think proper to exempt on ground? of Jus
tice, t unity or niccmtx. .
iixc.2. And be It further enacted. That the Secre
tary ofWitrishrrcbyccthorlztd to employ, for du
ties similar to those indicated in the preceiimgsection
onhtswr, asr-icnymalenezroslaves.not to exceod
twtntyihucsand.as. in hixiadgnient, the wonts of the
servlet* tuav require, furnishing them while so cis
.ployed with proper rations and clothes, under rules
uj>i regulations to be established by him, and paying
to the owrors of snld slaves wages at the rate or Sll
per month for ihelr service, and In the event of the
icesot rny slaves while so employed, by the act of the
cr< my, cr by escape to the enemy, or by death inflict
ed y tlct-DUDy, or »>y disease contracted white In
any retries required of said slavca,thcu tho owners of
Uu.fci.me shall he entitled to receive the fall value of
each slaves, to be ascertained by agreer.ert, or by an
appralecmtct under the taws regulatlsg Imprest;
iMtitaacth' time.lobe paid nnder such roles and
rtgelations as Hie Secretary of T.’armay cst tbhih.
brc. 3, Be it Inriher enacted, That when the Secre
tary of "ar shall be.nnablo to procure, the services of
slaves in cny military department lo sufficient num
bers for the t eeese.t!cs or the department npon tbs
tctirs and conditions set forth In tee preceding section
then he Is hereby authorized so Impress-the services
of a* many male Haves, not to exceed twenty thou
sand, as may tv required from time to time to dis
charge the datura indicated in the first section of this
act. according to the laws regulating the impress
mcntoffclavcfi in other cases : Proria<jQ r Tbot slaves
bo impressed shall.-whilc cmyloved, receive the same
rations and clothing In kind and quantity as slaves
regularly hired frem their owners, and in the event of
their loss, ahull be ualdforln the same manner, and
under the same rules established be the *al® laiptvit
m outlaws: Provided. That if the owner hare but one
male slave hrtveezihe ages of eighteen and -fifty
years, he shall not betiupreased without the consent
further enacted. That Impresaaent of
gh. vo shall, os far as practicable, be made In countie*
and districts, the prod ictlon* of which arc least avail -
aide for the use ot the army, or remote from faculties
lor transportation: and shall be proportioned, as
nearly as practicable, among the owners. .according to
uan-bcrsof laboring hands: VrovHco, that, in mak
ing the impressments, not more than one In every
live male slaves, between the ages of is and lA years,
shall be taken from an* owner. Provided. itoUwr.
That free negroes shall he first impressed, and It there
ahontd ben deficiency It shall be supplied b? the Hn
pmsment of slaves, according to the foregoing pro
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MtJcryHEmis Midler Maria mrs
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MabOMy Timothy mrs Miles mre ~ .
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Mathews Jcnnlemlss Mcalglo Susan •
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Menvin pricella mrs Mnrphymrs
MacombrrLydlo- Mtxrphjr Kaio
Matbtwa HanictD Mycraacrah Am«
Melody Sorahmlss Meyer Lizzie miss
Merrill A M mn
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jucAdam Agnes mrs McKlancv A J mre
ilcArlliy 3lar>' mre McKvntv Henry mrs
dcAiTeiy Adalln* mlea Mcoee josepa W mre
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VrClsrc lizzie suss McLain 11S mrs
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McDahlels Louisa cisa Mciiannis Mary 2
McElwalnc Cornelia MeSlecc JoMe mire
McCartvEllenmi» McVlCkorHarriet Gmrs
McGiills Flora mire McQuado A mre
McGraw Mary Ann mire Mc'ftaalmre
McGuire Lizzie ma- SlcPhte Eva mire
McGee Ansa Louisa mlsa
Nagle Mary
Norton Eliza
Nugent Cathcnno
Nos**nt Dabclla 2
North CbrlssleE
Newman Emma
Nevins Bridget
OTtricn Magg’c
O’Brien Lizzie
O’Brien Margaret
O’Kricn Ellen U.
O’Brien Mary
O’Karrall Nancy
O’lfonoko Alice
O’Neil Anna A
Oliver Jennie
Onnst'cry Mary A
Oliver Dahclla
Owen Louisa
Ondvrklri: Thos mrs
Ovetotkcr Penny M
Pitkin M J rare
Pitkin Louisa R 8
J’lattz Margctto
Pierce Mk
Policy Edward mrs
Polk alary J *
Potter Jane
Potter Sarah
Ponsardt Jane
Pole Nettle
Prate Mollis Olem
Potter Emma M
I’rattßD mre-
Prescott Catherine E
Preston C K
Provost EfltcllaJ
Price Mareret
ITcsser T T mrs
Prnc Sarah J
ITicce Clara
PnrlU Slaty *
Pntdy Aimed*
PondevUtc Ellen
Palmer Msxihs
Ihihuer S M mre
I>almcr Cornelia M
I’ark Hattie M
|*ai k Mario
I'atcher Elizabeth
Pan-oss Hanntih A
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I a* jinote Stuan
Peck I’hehe
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Perklus Marlt-n
Ptriy J Jwra
Pcuerkln Ellzth
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Quirk B mrs
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Itoao Lizzie
Robb Charlotte „
Robinson Mary Q 2
Rogers Amelia S
Feme Pnclicl
L’afihrock Kattle
• Rowe Mattie
Rowell Jnlla
Rnvscll Dora
Rnck Megcio
Roby Fannie
Ryder Anne
Russell mre
Russell Jane or Miles
Russell Hattie
Ryan Bridget
Roberts Elizabeth
Rafferty mra
Ragen Nelly
Raync-r Katce
Rapp Cathrines
Kt-ed Suran T 3
R«ld Elizalelh
Reid dr John mre.
Rhodes Policy
Rice Susan M
Dice J.myß
Rich mra
ir.i-ini m mrs
Richardson KatoL
Ritter Eliza Ann
Livers Lera Ann
Robinson Jane
Robinson H E mra
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»nillh Lizzie mbs Salter Corlsslo mre
ton menille Ante mrs Saburton rore
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Scckridge Louisa mrs SrolthKatejnre
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Batterly row Smith A I> robs
Taylor Lucy mire Tlnpley Anna M miss
Taylor Hattie TV mre Thompson Marta robs
Taylor BarthErore Thompson Mary mre
Taylor George mre . Thompson Amelia A miss
Taylor Elljro mre 2 Thompson Hattie rolsa
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T£M John H dr rore Thompson Caroline mbs
Tbonlon Acna robs Toner Theresa rolsa
Thornton Margaret Toncey Krora
Thom Anna B mbs Tnmey mre
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Tibbetts Sarah Emits Mary S mrs
Tibbets Mangle A nlissi Turner Jnlla miss
Tiffany Drors Tubbs Sarah Enrata miss
Tinker Celeetla miss _
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Mckcry Jane L rore
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Arnold Win Allen IIT Adams CVT
Atwater John R AmficrGW Atarelt Cba* ®
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Albnt bt Join* D ArnolcOeo Allen Kansom
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Armsby JM C Arnold Frcdk Asnew Ruck
AbnbantJF Adams SW Adana RJ
Allen James Alexander AshleyAckwlr Richard
Ancocr J A Anderson Andrr Allerf Edward
Aver# JarresS Ackley Allen AnersooEilS
AlUnHarrlron Alden Basils AntroeFrcd
Alexander J AUonCbas Anderson H
Andrews JH 2
Baghy Joseph Bapgsgenl • BcckT Komycn
Battles TV rjntf-rgere S ' Bigger James H ,
Bakings mr Balls A ‘ Blanon JAW
Ball Zonher Baldwin S D col Benccict Harry
UarkirMartin Bailey BO . Black Virgil
Patcwlnmr Barbour Sichard BecklagtonHanry
Bartlett 11 Barr it A BicdcHiary
Barter IV “ Barnes Charles M Bilgh Henry
Bassett T7mP BarncsC- - BeebeGoorge
Ballitt WO- t. Esscom Pollock Bennett George
Baldwin John Bates & Curtiss 81.-vir George DT. .
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Laincy James A Blanchard WSrevffliell Daniel P ; • j
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Ealfocr Jmcs Bigelow WK Blxby Oj-as ?
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Bascom Hartley BeecLcr.WF Bell Charles
Bacon HM BettmairJohn Bean B .
Bcrrcn Henry Beaugrand John BUUngsa Jackson
Ball filV B cap Berry Adam J
Bayly George . Beadle John 3 Bell Ncl’Oi ;
Pnflev Qeergo Beckwith JS dr BemnsAmos
Baber TH2 Blanks James Bcobio James
Bryant mr ‘ Bagecsfumuel Bark John
Brcdbcck'Wm BoEtwickFH Burnsm A
BroolcrWm Britt Frank BurkrLonU ■
‘ BrinkcrlioofWm Bokcr E - Burns Michael u
Eastwlclr John Boswell R Burgess WT • ;
Brown JobnAllcnEarnesE E • Bunnell WB .
BrtnncckJohnsßnmhanEK Burkett VTlTllim •
Brown Joftnb - Baber E Bnrcbarl William;
Be&sleyJobnß BransteadEß Barden William
Brown James? Brown DR Bright Joseph
BrnccJcmcsC Brohetonßan' Buck John j
Brewster J O -Brackett Popcornßyrncs John
EceidnJS&co BracyPstrlck BuilJene-j.
Bradley James P Bohan Patrick Butler James ;
BrugccrJ Alton Beaucrand Chan-Buckler a
BrucblerJO cyT . - Burris James .. .
llowcmJTV Bolts Charles Bundy Henry, .
Brecan James W Brown Nathan A Beecher UL
Brown J Brems canton Brash GH
Brockcnhargh Brown ChasE&coßutterflcld F L
James 2 Boorman C Ccovn T H
BoclJL BrowncllCS Byrnes Thomas 3
Brock laacc 800 l ChssTUcutßaxnhnmTW
Brenacn James Bontell Chasll Burch TF-
Brown Hugh ' Bowcr&NorwoodßusU Richard
Brennan Henry . Brace Alexander Burbank E A
Btups Henry Brown Alfred BurkßM
Bindley Cft eo 'Brartß ~
Brow n Georco BodwellAJ Burns Daniel
Brldccs T B Brown Amun- Burr Amos..
BramlccterTH Brown Bei\}T Burns A •
Bryant Geo E Bonhcm Oscar b Burdick A D rev,
Brown Sara Brown tor Burnll J
Brooks DF ' Black John II Beatty John
CoffoyDanl Alexander A Crowley Jno T i
Corey David A CsoeaAU Crowley Wm .
Conners Talk CraryNO CrcaihWm B •
Collins Patfc Crowell Charlie Crowley Melvin P
Cooly ChasC Crane Chas CuslngL
('onion Talk Croffer Chas Curtin MchT
Colby P A Crain D E CartUul cant .
Coonrerry CrowleyComcllUflColter Edwd P i
Cowlca C w Cropsey C Cowles J A
Connolly PatT: CrillyDan’lF Colt Jas
Conchra«n P rev Carter li CaugUlln JasF
CookChasorFrcdCrandall Edwd Cooper
Corwin Of car B Cromwell R J Collins I'heodorcS
Con'sn A B Crook Henry Commons George
Colunan Andrew Cushing Henry Carbct Thoa
CorMtt.Tno • Cushing 1111 CorlcssOT
Colton Jno Crozler Hiram P Copeland Geo N
Cook Jno A Cratjuln Henry B Cordukes Thos
Collies Jno ' Cunningham Jas ColpssvGeo
Colenan Jro C Crowl Jacob coiosThoaD
Collins V. m I Crowell J Collins *
Cobb Lucius. I CtowJas CasalUFD
Ccok Matthias Cunningham JaePCasscl Fred’*
CochraneWmß rTcgghcnd Jno -Cohen Tim
GaezclmanLcvl Curtiss JE Coons Samuel .
Coe M D CremerJno Clark DanTU
Corey K Castkle Joseph Crap'Cr Stephen
Crane Orrln Culver Jonathan Carpemler George
C oster nr • Curradcr Jno Connelly Francis
Crowfoot Abel Crowe Jno CoqnrlUeE
Christian U ■ Chambers &co Caproni Raffcld
Clerk MI) • Clarke Addison Cun Danl
Clark MW . Clark AlsinK Carter David A
Claik Wanen Chapman A F Cahill Daniel
Churchcr WmH Chambers AH Cassells Dame P
ChiltickWni Clarke Patt Carsalian Charles
ChntfltldW’yneßCHtttCA GartwrighlP ~
ClarkoVliioaG Cantyrar • Carraghor Patrk
Clccuc Jno E Casey Michael Carter A*tlmus
’LippJno Calam esqr CadyTl
C lour Josephus Cass Moon Carpenter A,* H
Churchill b W . Carr wm . cnmphellAA
ClarLo Joseph Case Wm Caroy Adam
Claim JP Calvert Win Carroll Owen,
Churcbwood J E Cams Wm C ws.WooU*y Leo
ChanranlC CafleryJno Cameron Alczr
ttnunccy Henry Casey Jno Chetmiu A 3 col
Chan nlon T E coicarruthcre Jas ChetUln A S brig
Cline GP. Campbell Jas gen -
Clarke Geo curcy Jclterey .Carr a Sit
ChacmanSSsr Carpenter Jas Clancy Patrick
Clara Edwd calawav Henry Collins Timothy
Clement E B Cameron Hngb Church Wm
i i a i cdr 3 Caropman H Cook tar
ChrlttleDnvidß. CampbellOP Culkln Kilt
Chandler Dan captCarver Thos Cnthbcrt Edwd
Campbell M i CalabeaThos Culkln Richard
rltorv P CaproaUto Cross FredfcC
ClsrkChas O Cartwright Th’drcCritchard Thos
Chandler capt Can tine Geo W CuenyGco
Carey B E Callahan Thos P Crlte* G A
Clifford Patrick CadwcllPAdr CurreyGeo
Chaplain C B Carey Edwd Cooley F B
Chllsoa Chas F Cotton Edwd Cohen E
Dickson Jas P Dewerley Goo DuITJmS
DeLong Jno Dermont Thos,- Lonogbuu.lohn-
DarlingandPros-DavlsSamnclM Doooer James
ntr Peach SR Untcher John R
tiß Devine & II Donovan Jem*
3wvis Melvin J Devine SB DoddJJJ
Davis Walter W DcmmlngEdwL Dowsoa J D
Pet n Walter * Dibble Rich II Donnell Jas
Dearborn Wm N Dougherty RS D Dyer J D
DehuvU&t Wm Darling HD
Janies Denison Dan Duly non Tbps E
Pecker Wm Panlcls Chnstor Daman GW
Denison WL DanaChasp DutcherOeoK.
DavlaWP Dawson Phillip DnanGeo
Dearborn W W Darling & Proper Dnprey S J
Dlp&bcck John Darling & Proper IJm-nc Aiuton
I’ciiharity Wm Darling* Proper imtcher Geo
PuonJoecph Dale*"lsurharu DotyOF
l»arling John Darling &cp Draper George
Ptmlt Joseph Dtsbrow Orin Doyle Thotuas
Dcacrc John Davidson A L Dolphonty Thos
Daniels John A Devine A Dodd& VT
DevoeJohn F DarllnAronE P o^, 6 ,^™ 0 ?. ..
Day John K Dan, Able &co Doodrldge Frame
Porcey Jas Davis N B perever oteven
Dorlloc James Davidson Walter DnrandF S
Delong J U H Dwight E C
Dctomlere J P Dram Michael Draper Eneene
Dixon J Danoher Michael Drake lit
Davis J C DcW G R Drake RF
Dniley JosFmlth DowesMlchael Douglass R A 1
Daln-mple JarncsDoylcAtlchael ponglsajUA
Dlcklnsrn JII Dwyer Michael puaton David 1
Dewey JP baffle wm , Drummond DA
Dalrymple James Dnnlap Wm B Donapnan D.vvl l
Dean Jl> capt Dnnlap wm L prew fcUwin
Dean Harvey Dress Joseph Donohne Chas
Devrtll Henry Dunn John Doty capt
Papcn Henry Dtbcoll John Dolan Pat
Davenport Oldc- Frake John • Dnnlap&Nyci
onw DonnellJno J SJ Donovcnßon
Pale Thos N Ponicy John Doe Nelson B
Diamond George Dunlap John DoloN
Dement Henry D Drew Joslab G Dolan BcrnaM
DanalmThos DwcrJohD Doe Nelson R
Dav I<TD Dunn Jno O Dnnlap * Green-
Day G W Downey Joseph
Dcwalt G Dwtrack Joseph Doonc James
Dickinson Hc’y B Dooncr James
Emerv rtr EdrolnaterF Emmcrson * co
Evans B H licslman Henry C meats . ;
Evans WmF KlllottThos J Eadfs Charles !
EmmcKon WroKdbroo t George Eenn Patrick.,
WlmSow English Turney KlUott * Phellcn
Ebhen W m Eggleston GeorgcFgglc.ton N S ,
Ewing Wm F ErSotoOVV Everts A capt
Edmonds Wm Kills Thos T Enoch Ahro
fiwltieJeoJ EataSllasW Eaganl Wcapt
EarnutJno Ermnonds Stews-Epps Chas
EveiaJuoll ton Ewing Augustus
EanHcrPeter JnoFmmondsßlchardEnright Anastera
Emmons J P 3 Evans Richard Easter & Gammon
Eldrldgc Isaac Eldrldge cnrncl
Farr Fred W Foosßichard Fl.'oidy Jas
Fagan Loul? , Fuller ITal Flannagan Jerry
Fcunlgau MlchaclFrecraan E G Fira James ; •
Finn M B Fntncss E J Fuller .*1 N ■
Fitzgerald Wm B Flahuretr Kdw horbs Henry D
t Idas Wm A Fatcher Kcw Foster Herman
-Favretn Jnllns Fowler Elisha FortncvllcnryM
Fitzgerald Jno Fowler ES* co Frcar Geo A
Farwcll Jno B Fcnlon C C • Foley oco
Fitzpatrick JC 8 Fean chas W Freyslc:en*G capt
FdtonJasA FlnePUllip Foley Simon
Feosan Jamra FahorChas PosaS D
FUznatiick JF Forrcll * Rafferty Hint D
Fiske Harry F FawsettAF FlcmmlpsDaVo
Farrar DP FDherAD Fogarty i*B _
FcakcsThos fcnuetiz mr Joster Chester M
Fallon Thos Farrell Robt _ I rlsblo Orton
Finley Thos J Fifleldllcut JD JTowrsNcd-
Fltrgihlcna Tim Fnllcr Moses m filler Albert
Fare Fred Fuller SI J -Fortin A .
FebrinFL FosterL D 2 FrazoUfiamnel
FirnswonhFrnk Flynn Jno
FlshcrF J Flynn AB gteuhcn
Fcrbeck Robert Foren James Fagan W J
FfttwcU E J Foster Jas * .
Gctlly Martin Gibbs llScrly Gunderson Simn
Gilicttmr Gallagher Altx GoffSC
Gallery Michael Gerrlty Oliver 2 Goodelin E_ t
Gassbit Lnton Gagoler Barney GoodnoagUEll
cflSer Jlrrtin Glavln Nicholas Gecwßo|t *Wm
Glbeon Wllli’mWGortun G W - GoveKW
gS William Graff Ji» , Uonldlngiacbsrd
Gear WO Graflns Lewis GraylieutßS
Gibson dr Wm Gnbbs W B Gregory Hfhert
Gavin William Gregory Wm Oblerson Edward
GarrlttJohn Graham wai Green DW
Gale John Grant U Ilium Gridin Charles
GfbhrDsJohn Greer* co Oogreveo
Cade John Gonld John Gnmaer C L ,
GanlgsnJ GußtyJolmß GrcadyPatncfc
Gamton Jesse GardJonnß Grnbbpntn
Galilean 1 homes Graham John J Gowcy Patrirk
GlllurtCY Gordon Jas Gasage Charles
Gardner G B Gnlick dr John J Grcmn Patrick
GatdnerGW GrenwlUJasD GorotunndC
Gale OB GriflinOH Goan Peter
Gardner George Green AD Qnllck Charles
GearingFrtd Graut J J _ Orayra * co
Gin Robert GrovcrHH GofTOM
Gleet on Body Uuruea O W Good * Butts 2
Gavin Davy Grist GO GroplyAudy
GUI capt Cbailes Ocerll GlbsoßFrank
Gay Charles Green Tonny Gurney Chester T
GsffeiyP Gough Thomas OorrcuJaraes
GlrccyPatrick GravT _ a , GUrsWUUam
Gl&nd * Avery Goodhue rev S C GowanßL *co
Honan TV H Hamllltro Wm n Hancock Thomas
iiecirnan illchl Ham John A Hszlctt Geo it
Hall U C Homroon John Harding Timothy
IletbcrroaaiUchl Hall Joseph Haywood FJ
Hamlin M Hals John Hathaway Henry
I’alc TV H Henderson JarocaKanaon Henry
Hamilton TV II Harollu J H Harrozy II
Here Martin llalrcy James H Hand HR
HcdgeTbcß HallJJ . Harris JD_
Heenen Thos M Htdicfi J A Kaywr.rd JTV
HendricksTbosFHager J M llardlsgJ
Hale T boroas Heopeteau HenryMayca samuel
Hcaly Timothy Herman!! Hartwell Joseph
Iltropeell 'Jfcomasllnll Hiram Harper John
lieywood V S Ilcsa H G liyrobrodo Jos
Halloway EP Hall Henry a Hanley John
Hcndereon E 8 Harney C J Hardenbnrgh J A
Hcman TbccdoreHanla brothers Hart Joseph
Hamlin K D Hart Noah Hawkins JG
Unlllprn Daniel HavilaadAC MardlngWm
Hall U C Htnna A B - Harigan Wm M
Hetey Dennis Harris CC Howes dr OK
Haroyer I’corick lint P UasbrouckG A &
Knylcy C L Haskell Campbell co
Haller Cbas Haven Charles Hassell ror
llealyPat HtnshcydrP HaakellGW
Heath CE Hayes I'at Higgins John F
Henott Charlie JHarpcr D- Hlcks &co
Harris Charles P Hand David • Hinckley C V
HcndrickßonAlo llavroan EdwerdHUliard S A
Hale.Laroburg Allartwcll Edward Dickey Timothy
eo Harron T A Hickey Tim P
HBislUon Wilt H Hanover Samuel Hilton George
Rasim on TVm G Hatch Gecrge HUlHenry
Bltchlns Henry Hopkins Daniel BHxmtcrllowardw
Hibbard J TV acoHorn W H Hmlsou Jacob
Elchland John Hcnsford K. S Harwood J F
Huyt David HcUln Edward Hoovcn JD
Hcroe JrFercnsonUowe WchanlS Huntington J
Bjnell &smith Hanexfcrd C G Howe Jeremiah
H.irstM & J Hopkins KohertSHnll J D
Howe Bralnerd Hoyt Famnel HnbbellJohnM
HoLt&Owules Hardman Frank
TiollAdoiphua Huicluason &co Halbreck JFTh
Hunter AD HuIIFJI • HassyJohn
How & co HnrlbutF Jit coll/cron John
Hoyt A'on Hore Simon Hapey John
Holler Allen HubbellQeo Horton M
Hunter AD Holden ThomasKHopklns t\
Hunt ror Hull Thomas HowardTVra B
Holmes Fat iiolsworth Geo Ballon TV UH
FaicknaChristlanHoldtnThos Hocloa TVm
Kuntcon Charles Hyde Geo W 4 coKoward Wm B
HolceJll Hollis Geo TV HodirsonH
Hutchins Chas M Hutchinson Thos Hovt Myron A
Che? E Hnboard meo C HydeLeallo 1»
Ilucblns C il Hoyt Harris Horton Oil
Hull CM Horton H
Horen David C Howland HowardUarriaThomas ,
Hunterdr Hoflhu»h Ki-jtie G
Irgrrham Henry Ives El 3 InscrsolJH
I\ cb «hurley I vis James IvoamrCF
IrrlceC IrgrtmH Isbell 6 M
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Johnson Z Jciman George Johnson W B
Jewett J S Jones Greer Joy Jas F
Jerome Benjamin Jackson Geo M ' JoyncsTlVin 2
Johnson BaiciranJndy Geo W _ Jones TTm
S James Thomas B James John
Jems Albert Jones Thomas Johnson V/J
JoicoF&rrick Jamcifon TbomaaJohnson tv A
Jr-hosmCK Johnson Horace Johnson kelson
Jewell Elias Xi Johnson cant
.Jonts EobtF Jenks Howard Martin
wcnnlEgs Edward Jones Hsrry 2 Jolco Mathew
Jewell sW Jordan James 2 Jordon 31C
jockey Frederick
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KcrrettJß . KellySanmcl KlnrJohnE
KcfiPnyjD • Kellogg John
Kf etrich H C Kenedy ThorntonKeofe John
•Kt-Hoffg JohnU • KeameyTheodoreKinnyJohn
'•KellocaAP- • . KirbyThomaa . KimballJoslahE
Keertr Adfim .. Kiser Qeorgo Kline John C
KeethA . . Kane Q A , King John
Kutoton AlcxandrKlnnyHL ~ KcnnoWL
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Krme Philip ■' Kenny-Jamci • - Keeton lx C
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I Katravl/ Kelly J Keith'WN
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Lee Knocb* Laurence JoUn ucnry.
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Latorn M G Loucka Morgan 2 Lawley i o
Lawrence TP Lockl*
Myers A O Meacham Wm MllchellPW
Mir Frank MagleWH Moore
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Martin EH Maxwell MUlaraMooreN 8
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Maguire Johix - yicfiAel John iiorphy WUllnm ’
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Maitland Joseph Mix \l Wiam MeM« m “ ,
Martin WMTtckamtchener 9 C Michael.
Maxwell TV 1111 am Murray L W MurnhjMMiua ,
Mullcdy Vlt WilesM A « 1
Matthews W T&MopoonJphn •
So Morrissy John MorphyLuke
Merritt Wiliam Moore J A
McGowoaFrednSMcMnllla CbM HeComacb: JB
McCreaAogL McOrenl) McKenny Jaraca •
MeWbiuney JasSMeKec D A McElreani James
McCartney E A MclCaclironD’n’lJMcCollam Jos
McClcau maj DanMeCay D McgonalJ John .
McDonald* BcoUKcLeonß L «
McKay Angus McCombJlobt McHermott Jnor
McDonough A J McQavln Edwar&McUvaln J 3
McGuire KernardJfcCormacFr’nclsMcMeaaiiun John
Mcßride Andrew McMullen F )fl , n^nn^T c ® h n o , hn J
McDonald Allan McWaynecaptalnMcGl 1 John?
VrfiifiiliPhllln Surn’l2 McAllister w 1* .
McDonnell J hP 3fcClurg Steward McLanglln W _
McConhlckCM McOndeTerrenceMcDonald Wlllm
.McCabe Charles MeGruth Ferrence Itob t •
McGratUPstclck McMahon Thou MSnSssi?wir ;
MeGarrv Charles McMllgoitThos McDonald WF
McGllUsCharles McTilerlhos
McOnctnCE McMnrrvJames McKamnraTM
McDermott Cbas MoKlllop Hugh McWeowj MAll
Mcl'rldo Perry M.McClure Hugh McKea Mardoefc
McKcal ChasXV. McArthur JasK K c §. w^c^i, c tl hac f
Me Aten Patrick McCady James Me Wade John t
Nolen Edmund Nevan Thomas N ght Bimael
NoußlcySamuel Mcolea Thomas Mchols John
Norris Thee A B Nicolesdhomns JNojou John i
Norton Pugene Nicoles T lie Nyman John ■
Newman liP Nllca Hiram Nelson Mark
Neman Daniel Norris Henry Nolan Michael ;
Nash Charles NewhaUH A (
KcvcnPN NlckclsJerrv Nelson Marlin
Nolen Peter Norton JEC Nichols Matthew
Ktdham AII Nyman Jay S, ,
Nlcbol ArchlhaldNaughton James Nichols mr
NolenEnward NentcnNormer NelnJohnP
Nobel StowortHNelaon John
Nye Frond* Nichols John C NlchoUWU
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O’Connell JoeephOTtcllly Eugene O’Neil A \
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Hickord dr Rich Jas W Rogers Martin
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KecvlCH ihsnsomJW Rooney T F sargt
Reynolds Chas iwed Janies Lowland Geo w
Deed Christopher Rankin J Client Russell OP
Redmond Chas P Beseem JU Bowen Patrick
Redmond chas M Reed JAB Ryan CornelUns
J’tld Jno T Ryan William Rogers 3 H
R< Id JosHS Ryan mr Rcfaftrll Daniel
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Kean It col A H Roberts JJI Kopp COsrte
Rice A L Roberts J c Rjun Patrick II
Richman N P Roberta OJ Ryerspn* Gross
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Bawson-W H Rolf J F H’S^iFS
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Eevnolus Jos S RockwoodJnoFJßoberta Charles
cant Boas Henry
Stratton Jno I* SonthwiekWllVrdSninvanCorneUna
Sheldon faeth SpaffordWmC Strevcllu-Wachtr
Smith Jno SowerbyWm Stone AT
ImlthJW Scottßoht Stevens >N
Smith Wm F Savago Walter St Clair Alex r
Smith Jra F S in© Wm |tnrsea U
Smith JC* co SarapsonWmA SlolckJno
Smith Jas Sbcedy Wm • Snllivan Jno
vmlihJß Stea WM Stearns Jno W
SmttUJWdr BcfilyWll’ Stanarct JosephK
Smith Wm SlumahanWm Stewart Wm
Smith Wm SllgleySavage Jno snUvan Wm
EmlthMathcw Scanlon jno faiacJraolewT
Smith A Pttodlo Shandner Jno Starry^tichmgnd.
Smith Bernard Scales Joseph S Summerville Wm
Smith A B Sallett Jro capt _
Smith RL fahcpanl J F brig Storey Wm F
Smith Flannel L gen , , btevensWm
Smllh RlchiiM SLarkJasL
nmth FrcdkU Seward Henry M Stover WH
Smith Samuel Stems JF StOect WmH .
Smith Ccoa Faisbnry JasF - Bwanton «Vm„
Smith h c Sherman Victor Stephan Jno M
SxuPbllP SchryverJß SwansbroWs
c aonstt Jos - SandcrsHenry A Stephan Jno
*lccomJerem’hßShoresT9 Stevenson Joseph
SpunocleJA . Shannon Thos-J Staring JB
SomhwlcUHß Sawyer UF Sutter Jacob
Smart Blram C ScovHlc,GeoE Strong J B
Sleets Hrnrvß ShergoMThos StroagJß
SbnlTcrvn& SaylesTbosW Strain Jas
Snell J T Scales Thos Still Jas M
Slcat C*oW Seg»nsDeo StanleyJG
SnvdcrTliOS SeworolM StevensJosß
Snrau 0 lies F Shrcttlcr J F stlmpy Jjre
Silver? CcoW SattnmThos Sweetmsn Henry
Sloan Roht ShoorJ? IIW Stewart capt A
Simona SP Sawyers SnlUvan Henry
Sir«on Edward Scnndcr Harvey ScUvanUugh
Simmon John Scaring U Sturdivant H3l
Spears Jco Shaferll Stanwood Henry
SunonaJnmns SacklcymaJ Geo Strack Henrich
Sill Jno D Sheldon Seth L Sweetman Henry
Silver Edwd Sawyer S fitcclcTW
Sonlvllte EmaTV Seely S M enpt -Summers Geo
Simons D Sheldon Frank Stuart Thos
Simmons Dennis Shurtleff 5 M Sntton Thos
Skinncr&LmdsleySalem Edward SnckloyGeosnrgQ
Sulder Daniel Sanderson RobtJ Stinson F
SnowDJ2 Shuck Daniel Stewart captoaml
Sprague Daac W Shook Dujolel StcbblnsS J
SmlihChlrlcy RhawD'W
SraHs Carlton SawverDE Sweet Emory J
Bites Peter Saunders Patt Stevens Renhen
SltccerCr as T ScriberCbas StecledrEA
Simmons A A SegoamTH Bturgwß
Spink Alfred Sbevall Angnstntetlles ciaraccc
SililmnnAlbertS Scanlon Barney gtylcalticha
Sllbcrß Sheppard A StallcnpChas
Simpson A J Sargent A Stoffercß
Snow* Green SaylcsßT StearnsCß
Singer Newton Sargent A W Standley Robt
Sloan Norman Sknnnon Nicho’s SulllvanCornelins
Simmon Andrtc JSattcrlvFrnnk StatbnckChas li
Sim peon AT 3 Shields M Starkweather C H
SnanWlnsCM Banker >1 Sallivan Peter
PrencrrWm ShcaMlchl Swain B
Smith WtnL SnndnsChas StearnsCß
SpnrkfWW Stuart CS Sykes CJ
TvnanFdward- TindalThomas TalorJno
TcaliAH TwxerOeou TylerJD
Ttuolcton JF Toomey Thomas Tyler JamesD
ThretrrtWm . Tyler IredC TagnerHenryT
Tlrmermer Jno S Thompson F L Tnompso ■ ilsrtln
Twoktr Jno TownoSK Tyler mlllnmK
Tobin Jno Tompkins Frank Treicy John
TolamlJcoß Tracers Francis Thompson dr .
VbMta Jco W Thomson K H Taylor JamesM
Trotter Jno Thomson KG TorwflllgerJ il
Tlttsworth Jno Turner E TaylorEaac
ToMnW Thompson KG Tcrhell J R
TlomesMJ TrcrwUb D K Teabell JM
T homnsen W G Townsend David Talbott Frank E
TcrcmcnWm TowcllCharley TallcrtHS „ t
Thomson JII Timothy Charles TaylorHenryJohn
TorrcrJa£on2 Thompson AO Taylor Heman 2
Tran J 3 Tramwell, Oliver Taylor Thos O
Tucker Israel - & co TcrllnmTheodore
Ihco-pion J TroleUßF.. Tavlor
Thnr James TomlinsonOUvrMTalcottE A
Tcrrcv Jason E Thomas A G Taylor E W
Thorn Horatio Taylor Wm E Taylor C L
TlbhitThnrlow TavlorJno Travers Peter ■
TorneyGercme TcarcJncdr TaylorCLS
TongnrcL _
Underwood H M Underhill C G Underbill 4 co
Van Horne,Mur- Valentino J P VanLeoaKlcbolas
ray 4 co Tnnshan James VanßrantAmosC
Van Bnran mr VanshackSV Van Valklnburs
VlellLonU Vcreon C-eo H Albert
Vacnelt Jno Vcrbcckf rlvcsterVan Name 4 co
J Von Daniel Van Horn, Marry
VnnettaJW VallCbasA & co
VencnJN Van Kamo 4co 2Vlncent JH ,
Willloms John B Whitcomb HP Wheeler CT
WlckersbsmEbjhWlUardHenry Hlnslo** Cbas
Williams Seth J Wetbcrell Geo Whalen Start
wraiarnsrobtAwnsoaThos wubercu
WHUemsK P Whit!car Thos E WllkimoaL
Wllllcms G Wells Tho* Wintcr Jl
Williams WM Wickham Geo L^toLß
Wllrr 1F Watkins* Tracy J Willard H W
Wheeler Charter White Thos Wiley Jno F
WnilsmsDavid WbittlckerGll Wilson W E
J r tnW Wilson F P , Whitcomb JoS
WlleonJßS While Jales
Wheeler JM WaUcFrcdkS Wilson JohnsD.iM
Wwts Jacob . Wilson Francis WhltncyJohnX
K WlnßlOWl F Wilson Joel B
Wlns°r a g .
& Hayden Wright WIIII Wolcott E S
wSmS william WrlshiJohnathanWood Kli
WMdFirt bright Jamesc revRW
Tviwmcipt Jno Warren GW WDd Walter O
\VftTtt-orth John Weber Edwin
wSSjohn ..Warts EB. . . • warder W H
winch John WteuwithD W ' Washburn Wm
WAtiKm'Johnß ' Walber Daniel - Watson James
Walters - ■ - Wetmore Collins Walden IKS
Woodcock Wro,- WebbChaoocy J Wslkcrlli ,
We therfl eld H J Webb Charles • Weed James |
Walker Henry H West Daniel > Warner JC
Walker Henry, Wager Cornelias Wced J
Wentworth Har-Wcbeter-4 Case -Ware T
aid Wagner Peter Webb Jacob
Waterman Geo Weus broa WccSa Jacob w
Tr«thiD(rtonSMnl2W«rrm * Dotli-W«Uon Wm
Walker xbadeo* veil • • S*J*??*Tr* w
VonhlngtonStmlWright KP. ®!Sn SSim
Vatson 911 m WeSorsto S 3 WatowaJamt*
■Webber FW WaldonKJ Welch Tbojna*
Warner Sidney WagnerXE 8
WebeterßS Watwnßß , Wambaihmr
Well*GeorgeW Walker LP • ' WeedSß
•Wilkins EW WtldnerN WejlonP
Warner Eanos
Tonng A B Young .lop E Tort Herbert
TonrgThoa C Tonng T JcfferinYaica Jerome
Young tnr Young J P
Zimmerman JnoSZlmmennan A
Initials* _
Com> ponding Secretary S * H M D. ...EarlkL...
SSlatl*ticalMlrror....Sectrr Evam-tou CoanclUD a
A LSI J....15C... Fort Odce Drawer 6013....A+-
troiOKtr....Genl Agt Sowe’aS U C0....'f0d.P Oboe
T14 08 is 8 T ..N 5 P H....Manufacturer of Wlic:l
Evans’ Gift Book Store... .Charics Hotel, 70 Landolph
Bt. ...Stranger, city P O, Chicago.
Persons wishing drop letters, advertised must afllx a
th^- C open Worn Ist of April to Ist of NoTcmber
from 7a. m, till Fp. m. From AovembcrlstUll April
Ist, from 6 a.m. tiITS p. m., and on Sundays from BJO
~-.™v 1 o U(tlsa,m ' J.L.SCRU'FS.r.M
- Aim mil Statement
Hartford, Conn.,
First Dav of January, 18&4,
tlade to the Auditor of Illinois, pursuant to tht
Statute of that State, entitled “An Act t)
Segnlato Insurance companies sot In- .
corporated by the State of Illinois.
Ca»h. Mkt.Talce
Id hand In hank S 7,*)695a
In bonds of agents and In transit IS>J»XI <*i
United states Treasury notes and accrued _ „
fntcicst. 83,013 M
State ofUonnertleut,e.per cent interC3t..,.4lCS.ooo 00
Siate of Khode Island. *» per cent laterest... StJXX) Cu
Stnteof Ohlo.Sper cent Interest 109JXWOJ
S«* te of Kentucky, G percent lnt«*rest.... M . 10, too (X»
State of New Jersey. 6 per cent. Interest...,. 15.000 00
State cf New Tork .6 per cent Interest Sj>so 03
State of Indiana,2.* per cent, interest....... *3.600 on
*330,130 01
Unincumbered ia liartiord, ClnctnnaD.
J.onlavllle and Indianapolis....; #37*96SS IS
Money doe the Company and secured by -ir>
mortgage and Interest |3iP a 99o 0r
He cheater City Bonos. 7 per cent, and Int.-. $39,000 00
Brooklyn City Water Bonda,Bpercent.and
Interest 2VMO 00
Jersey city Water Bonds, 8 per cent, and Int swgjto
Hartford City Bonds. Goer cent, and 1nt.... C.BOO OO
Hartford Town Bonds, 8 per cent, and Int... 684 M) 00
Sew York City Bonds,6 per cenuandint... SLOOOQo
*113,300 00
SCO shares Hartford ana New Haven Rail* •
road stock - SIOO,OOO 00
CCC shares Connecticut River K- B. Stock... SUSOO OO
107 shares Boston andWorcestcrß,B.Stockll,ss2 OO
*1184)32 00
United States stocks. 5 nod b percent. lnt..*SM 100 OO
Atlantic Mmnal Insurance Company, scrip
1562 and 1563 *IW»»
£6 shares Connecticut River Co. 5t0ck...... 1,250 00
TVayne County,Mlcb„ Bonds, 7per ceot.lnt 25,000 00
»m3to oc
140 shares Atna Bank Stock *l4 560 00
1U) shares Bank uf Hartford Coonty stock,. S^OOUO
SCO she res C) ty Bank Stock SLttOOO
100 shares Charter Oak Bank Stock. 104)00 00
SCO shares Exchange Bank Stock..... .... 10,00000
«0 shares farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bmk .
Stock 53240 00
SCO shares Hartford Stock Bank TIjJOOOO
1M pharrs Merchants’ and Mannfactnrera* •
. Bank Stock W. 500 0»
ICO shares Phoenix Stock Bank JVIS2I2
220 shares State Stock Bank 31250W
ISC shares Connecilcnt Hirer Bank Stock... 11^)00
$373203 OO
460 shares American Excnance Bank * t3.200 00
SCO shares Bank of America 5t0ck....... ... 38400 00
SCO shares Broadway Bo»k Stock. 34,000 00
SCO shares Butchers’ and Drovers’ Bank _ _
ttoek 254)00 00 ;
K0 shares Hanover Bank Stock. J°*92922
ICO shares City Dank Stock JAuGi CO
SOOsharcsßankof Commerce Stock 20,600 00
ICQeharca BaokofCocimonweaUhStock... 104)00 00
aosharts Importers’ and Traders’ Bank
stock S3JJOCM
ICO shares Mercantile Bank Stock 134300 W
2CosharesMerkPtßank Stock 20.10000
1200 shares Mechanic’s Bank StOck .. J-WjWOO
2CO shares Merchant s Exchange B’te Stock.. W.JB 03
JCOsharesMctropolltan Bank stock .. ...... <q W
CC shares Jlprehsnta’ Bank Stock. 43.W 00
<Coabares Bank of Manhattan Co. Bant 23.00J 0)
SCO ehartaNaasan Bank Stock. 31~go W
200 shares North River Bank Stock.. 10.8 CO 00
SCO shares Bank of New York Slock. ..... *>ooo 00
SCO shares Bank of North America Stock.... 21,00 00
froeharesHankoftheßepabUcStock 21,00000
400 ehares Ocean Bank Stock. IWWOI.
4CO pbaresFeople’s Bank Slock. 10,000 00
ncosharesPhoenlxßank Stock. ...
4fo shares Union Bank Stock. 234)00 00
ISOplurcs New York Life Insurance and
Traai Company Bank Stock 30,000 DO
leOshares fhu«a States Trust Company
Bank S’.ock. gaOM 00
$637,960 00
50 shares Citizens’ Bank Stock, Watcrbcry. $5430 00
*C abates btalford Bank Stock, Staflord
Swines SJOO 00
SBshares Eagleßunk Stock. Providence WM 00
‘CIO shares Revere Bonk Stock, Boston 3WOOM
ICC iharc? Safety fond Bank, Boston .... 10,000 00
2(oshares B’k or State of Missouri. StXonia. 16£» 00
ICO shares Merchants’ Bank Stock, Sf. Louis. BAfl W
SCO shares Mechanics* Bank Stock.St. Lonls. 16,000 00
400 shares Fanners* and Mechanics* Bank
Stock, Philadelphia 2LSOO 00
Total Assets.
The atr onnt of Uahilitles, doe or not duj, to
harks or ether creditors None.
Loftes adjusted and due **,° l SS*«,
Losses adjusted and not dno .. . .... $3,090 90
Losses unadjusted, in suspense, waiting for
further proof. • ............ 119473 83
Another claims against the Company are
small lor printing, &c
• Totaiiiahnities si»46isj
Agents instructed to tike no gtsk exceeding Twenty
Thousand Dollar?, without special permission.
The greatest amount in any one city, town, village
or block varies, and depends npou the construction,
materials end the means of arresting Are*
Copy of the charter on file with the Auditor of HU*
rol,. Ud b AT.EXAND2K, President.
Lrcirs J. Hcsdek. Secretary.
Hartford, January Ist. 1861.
TY, SS—Personally appeared Delore me, Henry Fow
ler a Justice of the Peace, duly qualified to admlnls
ter oaths. ThomaaA. Alexander. President, and Ln
cine J. Hendee, Secretary, and made solemn oath,
that the foregoing statement of the assets andcoudl-
Uoncf the A!tun insurance Company U true.
Henry Fowler, Justice of thePeice.
[OEIOtSAI,.! „
Certificate to expire cn the Slat day of January 1363.
AimiTofc’a Ovncs, State or Inusots,)
SraixcrCßLi), January 18,18 W. (
■Whereas, the*iEtcn Insurance Company,located at
naniord. in the State of Connecticut, has died In this
ctliec e statement of the condition of its affairs. a§ te
qnlred by ** An Act to regelate the agencies of Insur
ance Companies not Incorporated h$ the State of Il
linois,” approved February M, 135?, and an act amen
datory thereto.npproved January 21.1557, and whereas
said Company has lUmlshedsatiaftctary evidence that
Ills possessed of the required amount of capital In
vested In stocks and tnortunces. and has filed In this
office* written insir intent iignrdby the PresideatHOd
Secretary thereof,appointing OURD6N 3. HUBBARD
and CBAS.HIBUNT of Chicago Its Agents tor the trans
action of the holiness of the said Company, and tally
and unreservedly authorizing them to acknowledge
service of process for and on behalf of said Company,
cc nrentmg that service of process upon them, the said
Agents, snail bo taken ana held as valid ss If served
ns. on the-Company. and waiving all claim of error hy
reason of tnch service. . ..
Now therefore. In pursuance of the provisions of
tl-e acts aforesaid. 1 -Ihs-t: K. Drmots, Auditor of
Public Accourts of lb* State of Illinois, do hereby
certify that the said OUR DON S. HUBBARD and
(HAS. H. BUNT, of Chicago, are authorized as
Ag'-nta for the said Company,to transact the business
«i insurance In this State until toe thirty‘first dor or
Jar.nary, in the year eighteen hundred and sLttT-ave,
so far as they may be legally empowered so to do by
said Company. , _ , .
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto
18BkJ.fr subscribed m; name snd affixed the seal of
> my office at Springfield this sixteenth day of
January, A. D. K> DUBOIS, Auditor P. A.
Lcr&ted In all tlie Principal Cities and Towns
in tie State of Illinois.
171 Vine Street, Cincinnati,
J. B. BENNETT, General Agent.
Office 232 I*ake Slreet, up •tairs.
SebeitMWrtal In marker, and unsurpassed for
Brilliancy, Durability and Color.
Onr prices are as low es thi’so of any Eastern man
ufacturer, ihcrebj saving to the consumer the cost of
U |gr Wanted to give satisfaction, or m.iy be re*
turned at our expense. Delivered anv -where In the
city free ct cliarge. JOHN CLcXTGH. Pres’t.
jr. R. V as Nxeg. GenT Agent. * JaS-tTM-cat
i-tou aub iHarijinerfi.
NAIL COMPANY.—Tbo worts of •hlscjmnnny
arc in tuU opt ration, and arc now mauaiacturing a
superior VXD NVlli**
Order*arc solicited*nu*d will heflUcd with despatch.
Cleveland. Ohio.
JL ANCE New York, F.S. Winston, Presi
dent. Cash Assets. February Ist, 1863,
O CEOKKHITIS. General Agent for Northern and
Centra HUlaol*. No. H Oar* U, Chicago. JeU-f&lv
1 J ;We are constantly prepared to negotiate loaai
upon real estate In this city for atenn oiycars.atiM
Cor=!r Ijiie mi L>M2<n<f
k? ABUT. - - - Ho. 20 Bon‘b street. ?
February ICUuOSW- I
SEALED PKOPOTALS (la wiil t* re
ceived at thu Office until 12 M. on THU L? DAT, Feb
ruary IStb.ISM, for furnlsMus the Unite i States Sub
sistence Department with— _ _
TLE. on the hoof, w .
Delivered at the State CntUes>caK». at RnltimoreJld .
m lots of (1.W0) one thousand each every (IDf ten
dais; to be weighed within one and a half daya alter
arrival, at the expense of tho contractor. They moat
'average about (Li 00) thlrtien hundred pounds gro*
weight - , all laung abort of one thontMd
ronnds gross weight*Boltß,Sta«g, Oxen.Cows,Belfera
and Hornless Cattle will be rejected. - . .
A dednctlon of ten OO; poands will
the weight ol each Steer accepted under th\a eon
tracT, provided the animal does not stand to the pipm
two and one half boors before bein* weigh"*-
not weighed immi {Lately after *£*s?**•
Blantformsfor proposals can bo had oa appllc*-
tlcn at ibis office either In person, by man, or tele
win claim tho rt sht
any one animal separate. If Its appearanco lomcatr
lew weight than the minimum mentioned
expense of weighing will bo paid by tho party erring
secure emigration must contain a
wrlttin guarantee of two responsible persons,
foUowju__ the County of .State of-—-. *>
hereby guarantee that Is (or are) able to faifll
a contract In accordance with the terms of bis (or
their) croposlilon. and should his (or thstr) propobl-
Don bo accepted, he (or the?) wilt at once eater mto
a contract In accordance therewith, and wa are
pared to beaome hls giving good and s«-
tclcnihmdaforUsfUUHmcn:. .
The rtspowlhllltv of the enarunlora most be shown
bv the official ctrilflcate of the Clerk of the nearest
restrict Court, or of the United states District Attor
ney to be enclosed wlih the hid.
The Government reserves to Itself tho tjsh. to to*
lect nuy or all bids considered nnrcasoaahje,
* PBvmentstohemsde oPcj each delivery to sum
funds caiuay be on bud; if noneon hand, tobomaaa
•WSStTSSf?-* flatlncttr - TOOP&-
vnii PEEF CATTLE,’* and addressed to
*'lfa bid I* In the name of a firm, thclr name* and
their post office address must appear, or they wIU not
be considered. . ,
t nch person or ev»ry member of a unit oaertnir o
crocotal must accompany It by an oath of alleglaaoe
to the United Staler Government, if he has.not .at
"in"™” «J?'SSSSSo raam-T-imri.
Captain and C. S». U. 8. A*
JL CrnzFQTT*KT;aMAsrn*-3 Orric*.?
• nr v '' c.m ijapor. recemhcr 8,190* \
*~l, are lf »u e ‘ b £ tP ® * a Ss*’*
Slgtet’tor •nVtWcif the tf S
B^WvSsßfSS!««?v& SSSR&k
ofeerr or osc= an-* Wtonr of hay o.
Bticira moat afale at wtlcb of tie iTX)Ttb—
colots they propose to make dellverl'a, arntna fates
atwMcc they will crate deliveries thereat, the quaa.
It* o: eachar’lcls aroeosedxo to delivered, toe ttasa
Then isla • alwtrUa shall he cusjucacad, ana whs&
t to fonipJet***.
Rernes mart o« written out m wordso*theMfia
Corn to re pat up la cooc stoat mw-Ju oiaboattwo
1 a«l elf each. Oat* Id 'fee st ks. ofaboattareehtuheh
«aeb The wc»? to he turn »h-d without extra chaise
to ths Government. The nay aa-i straw to he teoarcQ
t- led
T.e rarLulnrklal or firscrfrtlon o'ott*. com,hay,
or*tra», propo:ec to cs ceUT&rodmnat be stated a
vie proposal*
All thearrciw cfftre-1 underthe MJj herein Inrttsd.
all; he saMect tj a ;U! fna. action by the Gorera*
mentlnapectorhefcre?*lng»ccepied. . _
Contracts will te awsr e trom time to tlmetothu
low est rnponalcle bldcer. aa ttefnterert of the Gov.
• rirteataa? rtqnlre aae payment will bcmadewve
few* ole amount contracted tor shall hare been a*
ivnuec aao accept'd.
The hicctr a Ifl te required to sssompaay hit
t* sal with a Rnaraatf. signed by two tespoaMMopcr.
90z\ tuat la ca»es>!s£l’ls accepts heoMheywlU,
wlmla ten cays thereafter, execute the contract for
tie nid«,wtta goot> ano infflcentroTfiicMn a sum
scud to (he amount or the cor tract, t - deliver the
Mace proroaed In conformity with the v rma of this
audincaso tna sain tl-rt*T
to et ter Into the coot act, trey to make eeoc ve »*ff
fcrence between ih* offer ofsaf-t hi’der and Um net*
lan eat repo: nhle MJdrr. or the person to T>m !>•<•
wontract may he a»ar*eu
Tberescnialtnllt. of the sua'&rtort mast hcahow m
hr the c fallal rertlflcaie ora U. 3. uimict Attorney
Collector of Co or any other oflfrera*.eerfre
Ini ed states Ca. :smect. or responeinle. poms
knowntotltoofflca. ....
Allhlsren will he duly notified of tne acceptance or
pfjecilor of them pronqials.
The fall name and r O aodreasof eachhid-sraast
telealhly »t!tt*ntn the proposal *
Prorcsul* most bo to Brigadier General
D. ii. hocher. Chief Oepot Quanermaatcr. wainia»
toe. D c.snd should be pfaL lymartea* 4 PhopesaSr
for Forage **
Bonrp. tn a totz. equal tc the amountottae contract
af.rcdhy thecoa ractoron-1 Doth lUguaractvrs.will
nemjDi-e-»of»hfl .accetstul bidder or bld'enupoa
sttnißv ttec«utra«t
Hank torn.* of Man, gua aote a, ana Boaii,m»yb»
(Town.County,andSUtß> —-
I. the salami***, do nereov prowwe to tnrsisfc an£
rellver to tse United States, at the Quartermaster*
Dciatttuentat .agreeably to the teuns ol
ton? ar rent eraent. fnvjtl*« proposals fur f
ciT'i* v.mhiafton Depot, December 9.1363,tacf0110w*
1Z f^hni-'•Vllcf'Corn, In sacks, at per bushel ci i*
bmnelict Oats.in &s<X ; , at —per boshdoXS*
to? aof tied Raj. at per too of VfiO pounds.
—— ton*orbs!edit aw,at per ton oiz,.AOpoanap
Delivery to iommetceon or netbre tne —— dt*
ot ,ISS , ana to f»e comput'd on or before tne
iiyof—— .136 .ana aleigo zayselrto en
ter lrto a written contract «tth the Unf ed State*,
with good an* approver seramtes, within ite*p«vr
01 ten * a* a after being noMdec that my bid has bees
accepted. Yonr obealant servant.
Stlsader Go- era! D. It Kncxx.i,
ChlefDepot Quartermaster,
_ Wftsalogton, D. C.
guaranty* ■
We, tte nnacTSlgne i, raii-ents of ; uune
(Carrol .anaS'aieof— — -.herebyjointly arc
sevetaUf,covenant with toe title aStaies,aa<igaat*
u,tf M tlnc»rethe foregoing blx of besew-ced.
that beortbeykiU, within tea oaysattertoeacoeni
ance of said old, execute the contract for tan same
With guoo and snnDlentaurctiea, In a sum equal to ft
jtTpnw.it of tbe contract, to funder tne fbrago propet e J
in conformity to tbe turns of aaverfjea ent anted i>>
eunber AlSfe3,uader whDn ibebld«asmarte,aTK*,ta
casethaiald snail tall to enter Into a contract a *
aiorc«alr,wegnaiant©-*toinaSe good tbe tlfferet-e
between »he offer by t-e md ■ ■ and the nira*
low est rribcnchle bi: der or tbe person to whom tut
under cor hands *nd seals
,um d * ,ot_ •(Wj
I herebv certify that, to Use beat or a.’ euowtodfc?-
aa*t bcUa£ tie above named guarantor- ire good ami
snSldent as sureties for the amount lur ablehtbev
offrr to b« security. ■ ■■■*
To be certified bv tbe United Stves Utjtrlr.t Attu
ne*. Collector of Cnitoms. or any.the- - om -it ua-.f?
tbe united States Goviinmens.tr rupotub-lepersoa
known to this ctllce . ... . *
“All proposals received under thia adveru«mieiMl
will be orened and examined nt this ottice on WED
NESDAY and SATURDAY of csch week, at b- M.
Bidders are respectfolly invlred to be present, t
opening of bids,” U they desire, R niTCKfc
delt433l*Bm Brigadier General and Quartern
Utah aub ©ll Jisaorlts.
Cor. Clinton and Falton Sti^
Lead Pipe, Sheet Lead, Bar Lzui,
f Collier White Lead and Oil Co*
Chicago Ageneyfor-Jst. Lonls Shot Tower Co. '
( W. & B. Donglaa* MannftatF Co,
5135J30 OO
Particular attention is invited to my
Of which a stock is kept constantly on band. OIL*
CAKE, ground and onground, parked In harms ter
shipment, and sold In quantities to suit*
teems cash.
For prices address £. W. BLATCHFORD,
nol3-p733-3m Chicago,DL
JDrtigs auh (Eijmicals.
j n. reed & c *•*.,
33 Lake St., III.
Paint*, Ollsy window Glass, Glass
ware, Burning Oils, Kerosene,
Soapmakcrs’ Stock, Manu
facturers’ Goods, dec.,
Which we offer at prices favorable to Western Mer
chants and Mar.n&ictnrcts.
J.H.Rx*D,l7i Pearl street, N.T.? __
H. A. Hukiajct Chicago. \ selS-mfW&tf _
Will receive several additional pupils, between to«
ages of nine and fourteen, to edecate with her y«a
daughters at Idlewlid. Address Mbs.
Moodna, Orange County, N.Y. de23-tl3-&n-wmind
31ASS., tcnrallra from Boa :oa, on tile line of IS. Btja
ton and wrrcemr railway, it aims to secure,ml the
the same time. The number of the .pupils Ulltni
tcd. the instruction thorough, the discipline parental*
the nloco most healthy. Pupils are received at any
time, for circular and testimonials address J. r..
W UODDHIEGB, Anbumdale,Maas. RaraaaTOfi.it.
Chesboro. Esq.. of this city. ja3l-o9Ps.*w
I alltnianh's gpettfic.
U s 2
LALLEMA2»U*3 SPECIFIC will not care all <!*«•
ewes. It will core
Rheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia.
Hundred* hire certified to IW* fltet.
FOX sate ° n *
J.H. BLOOD. Sole Agent.
24 North Fifth street, St.
jfloi - anti f^emp.
±J TUSK, TTABinsaTos.D.C-Dcc.O.l'M.
To the Growers ar.dslanaf.cturtrsof Ftaxnal ifr.ap:
The Commissioners appointed by tbls Dipnr[.:i.*af,
cor slating of Hod. J. K. ilorehead, of PenniVU :n»,
William m Bailey, of Ktode island. and A*
Warder of Ohio, to consider the following appro prtv>
ttofl made by the last Congress, viz: wt . *
“For Investigations to test the practlcablutv of
cultivating and preparing fl-tx and hemp as a suhati
tote for cotton, twenty thousand dollar*. • ■
Having met, and after several daya* !nvest»aa , t‘-o«
believing that a farther and jnllcr notice of thr* ‘»j
vistigatTons might produce valuable rwuli
learned to meet again on t\ ednesday, the 31th • -•
Februarynext, at 12 o’clock SI. Hi-rMhnJt ,
They request all Interested la Jte dUtribot « •
this appropriation, op anxious to develop lh« roo • *
for the public good, to send
or before that day, samples of «o ;
the different stages of preparation : oftne nore at
ftbriw prepared h? them, accompanied
feasWlS MSWuSftSBi-
uk -Mgenc
distribution of the
d<.«.tlTT-2m i—m-i i
ISook Umbers.
<fc SMEAL,
Blank Book Manufacturers
BOOK B ! Rf) i; R S.
. , -.T~Hou -Mdl anding bUEEP HUSf .
« cnl K # w ”a ! *iaeV,c»en hound to fi-lor (a ev--y
Clrt Hooks. wori. done taay
our establishment. .
M? ui* mm. *9 suir*w ■
Agents for ClUs ic-

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