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Ci;ica<ja tribune.
Tim Bur* Island Bobbbbt.—The four
parties arrested on suspicion of having committed
the daring burglary on Blue Island avenue, noticed
in the Tiubuke of yesterday, had a hearing yea.
lerday afternoon before Justice McDonnell at the
Police Court. Owing to the absence of witnesses
the case was continued until to-day—Fry being
licldtobaQin S2OOO, and Finley and Collslle In
SSOO cadu Store was discharged.
VijnuiCT op the Jcitr nr the Dieteich
Abobtjok Cask.—Yesterday afternoon, after four
days investigation, the Coroner's Jury in the Die
trich Abortion case returned a verdict that *• the
deceased, Caroline Dietrich, died on the Ist of
February at her father's residence; that she was
delivered of a child previous to her death, the
whereabouts bdng unknown to tbejury; that her
death was the result of a dangerous type of sore
throat, and that the jury do censure the parents
for not securing medical care for her in time.”
Did hot Abscond.—ln the latter part of
January one of the juvenile attwhti of Boblnson
A Howe's Circus Troupe now in our city—named
Master 'Willie—disappeared under circumstances
which naturally led to the belief that he had ab
sconded with a portion of Mr. Bobinson's warde
robe. The proprietors hare received reformation
which has disabused them of this idea, and desire
to have the statement corrected. They have rea
son to believe that he was enticed away by one De
Noebut.t.—Wc clip the following from the
Peoria Transaijit of Wednesday last. The ques
tion has occasionally been asked before, ** who is
Lord Norbmyt” and now, as Paddy said, Hacho
answers, ** Who f”
”We web* greatly surprised yesterday to ob
serve In the Chicago Journal a London letter leu
than three columns in length. Our surprise
abated, however: on discovering that It was not
from the Joumars “own correspondent.” but was
aelectedfrom* New York exchange. “Norbury's”
wind Is still good for three columns when he gets
Washington's Bibthdat.—The following
bankers of this city have agreed to dose their
places of business on Feb. 22, Washington's Birth
day: 6. Btnrgcs A-Sons, J. Y. Scammon, Mer
chants’ Savings, Loan £ Trust Co., C. C. Parks £
Co., Buxton £ Co., J. M. Adslt, J. O. Conrad, F.
G. Adams, O. C. Smith & Bro., H. Doolittle, Pres
ton, Willard AKcan, C. B. Blair, W. F. Coolbaogh
£ Co;, Henry Greenbaum, B. Carver, First Na
tions] Bank, Second National Bank, A. L. Badger,
W. M. &F. Ins. Co., .State Savings Institution,
Merchants', Farmers' and Mechanics' Savings
A Nok-Patixg Passesoeb.—The evening
train of yesterday on the Northwestern railroad
brought In a military passenger from some station
In the country, whose behavior was, to say the
least, obstreperous and unfair, while It might have
resulted seriously If not fatally. When asked for
’Us fare he pulled out a revolver, which he pointed
at the conductor, using threatening language. The
conductor seized the weapon by the stock, and
the soldier pulled the trigger, which came down
on the thumb of the other Injuring It rather se*
vcrcly. Had not the conductor's thumb been in
the way, the cap would doubtless bare exploded,
wounding or killing some of the passengers. The
revolver was finally taken from the belligerent
<U ad-head, and was not afterwards restored.
Excellent -Yesterday af
ter unoon John Excel I applied to Justice Brown
for a warrant to be issued-against John Loomis, a
proprietor of the Cottage Grove Stock yards.
Some years ago complainant leased some ground
from Loomis and erected a shanty saloon—the.
Union observatory, fronting Camp Douglas. Tin
fortunately for defendant and his partner this
tavern took considerable custom from bis hotel—
the Cottage Grove Dense; they consequently tried
to eject the complainant, hat he feeling that he
was doing excellently well refused to have Ids
lease cancelled, which refusal, attended by legal
proceedings, engendered considerable ill feeling
between the parties, so that yesterday morning,
upon some trivial pretence, Loomis expressed his
determination to send Excel on a voyage of dis
covery through the regions ofHades hr means of
a souvenir from a/* colt." Finding such under
taking unpleasant even in prospect, Excell applied
for judicial protection to the magistrate.
Alleged Peujtbt,—Yesterday afternoon,
Jennie Pannaa, a young waman, was charged be
fore Justice Brown, with perjury, upon a warrant
«worn out by John Hobcrt. The particulars of the
ease are briefly as follows: Some few months ago
complainants wife, who is sister to the defend
ant, eloped from her home, moving with her the
whole of her husband's furniture. Those things,
alter some trouble, were discovered by Hr. Ho
bert, in the possession of Hiss Barman, at her
apartments 370 Scale street, and upon his seising
them, she had him arrested lor larceny, swearing
that she had purchased the articles from his wife
with the consent oi the husband. It was upon
this statement, made nndcr oath, that the charge
ofpeijuiy was based, but after the argu
mentspro and con hie Honor declared that the of
fence bad not been proven, and consequently dis
missed the case.
Thu 'Weather.—On Monday Inst, and fora
few days previous, the weather- had been Teiy
like early spring, and eo moderate skating
parka were deserted, and fora fcwhonn overcoats
laid aside. About 8 o'clock Monday afternoon a
cold bleak wind sprang np from the Northwest,
and the temperature rapidly descended the scale,
eo that •during the night the mercery indicated
IS degree* below aero; nor has It since then at
any one time, we believe, been more than so de
grees above aero. On Tuesday night it was down
to 111>elow, and on Wednesday night to 8 bdow.
The Skating Forks have advertised Carnivals,
and thfe street cars have been well patronized by
men and maidens with their skating accoutre
ments; stcomboatmen and sailors, who had hoped
for an early opening of navigation, as they saw
the river almost free from ice, now find it firmly
dosed over again; dealers in feel take fresh cour
age, and the price of fad as nsaol goes spas the
mercury goes down; the poor are more earnest
and persistent in their appeals fur food and fuel,
and all complain of the unexpected **cold snap."
However, daring yesterday the weather moderated
considerable, and lost evening the thermometer
ranged 6 deg. above aero, and still later had an
upward tendency- The weather-wise predict a
January thaw.” So mote it be!
Police Co cut.—The institution known a*
the Police Court, was not very well patronized
yesterday, six miserable drunks and disorderlies
disgracing the room at t c morning session, and
two more grave charges in the afternoon, neither
of which was sustained. There are some men—
and the same is true of corporations—who are so
unfortunately fated, that so long as their business
arrangements ore in a composed state, they arc
crowded with work, but the moment they get so
well satisfied of the certitude of custom as to
make proper arrangements for conducting it with
decorum, they discover that the machine lolls to
ran, and behind glided desks in gorgeously ap
pointed rooms, they while away the weary hours
in vainly waiting for that business which
comes only when they are unprepared therefor.
This would eeemto be partially the case with the
Police Court. For many long years the sessions
of that reformatory power were held in a room
with appointments which were a disgrace to a civ
ilized community. Then Us lovees were crowd
ed. Some little time ago the room was changed
and fitted up in consonance with ordinary ideas of
magisterial dignity. Since then its patronage has
wonderfully decreased, and ** Ole fellers occeipa
shnn’e gon.”
Freedom of (he Prea.— Two young and rather in
teresting looking girls were charged yesterday
with the crime or pushing dirty valentines under
the door of a neighbor. Tne offense was a wicked
one, without doubt, and the court intimated such
as his opinion, but knew of so statute which would
meet the case. Since the revocation of Burnside's
order the freedom of the press has been considered
tm fait accompli, end If the vilest of treason may
be rented with Impunity, there sorely can be no
excuse for laving an embargo on the pub
lication of mere indecencies. Tnen, of course, the
ciiculatlon of the minor is no greater offence than
the major, which has been adjudged to be no offence
at all except in military districts. The court did
not intimate that these considerations influenced
his decision, but he might enrdy have been par
doned for the comparison. The prisoners were dis
A Borrower in Trouble.—On. Clark street be*
tween Polk and ramson, reside two persons who
wonld perhaps feel insulted if called other than
young ladies. They have sot perhaps followed the
example of some who held all things in common,
but they had cxtcnsive!y shared the use of wearing
apparel till one of them became tired of the supe
rior attnetinmesb of her quondam friend and re
solved towork a little diversion which would for
ever abolish the freedom and end the rivalry. One
evening last week, the hated one took a shawl to
go to an even tag party, and in«a few minutes an
officer was on her traca. 'But the plan failed. The
court could not sec a case of iarcenv, and giving
the shawl to the one who claimed It, bade her be
MoViCKKtfs Theatre.—Maggie Mitchell, in her
vole of characters, is proving a great success at
McVicker'e Theatre. She baa played Fancbon for
four successive nights, with high gratification to
the audiences. Tonight ahe appears In her favor
ite character of Margot, xn The Poultry Dealer,
O’Shea, with songs and dances..
Tua Skatxxg Paints.—'These Institutions are'
an open to visitors, and attended with as much in
tcresl and pleasure a* at the very opening of the
“ Tux Great PmrLuox.”_Th3s beautiful al
legory was repeated at Bryan U*ll i Mt evening to
anandienceTmnch larger than the preriouaoae
Tbere.waa a marked improvement m all theparis*
He young ladies all acquitted themselves wiili
much Spirit, and were heartily applauded by the
audience. The Zouaves also, did their part much
better than the sight before. The whole thing is
exceedingly attractive, and ought to receive the
cordial patronage of the people of Chicago.
Orou. or Br. Louis.—Gran's Italian Opera
Troupe In SC Louis on Monday night with Lucre
xia Borgia, to an audience which crowded the
bouse ftom pit to dome. Lonul Is equivocally
commended by the press.. Stffean! was unfortu
nately broken dbwn'by the stupidity of tbe orches
tra, In the famous trio. Morelll made a very favo
rable impression; bm Uoronsl, as Orelni, was the
favorite of tbe evening, o'lclLlng a warm mark
of lavor early In the evening, and calling forth a
of applause at her rendering of* tbe
drtnldng aong. On Tuesday night Mabtha was
promised, but gave way to Trotatore, aJUnk or two
having dropped out in the cast. Our experience
is likely to be repeated in St, Louis.
•Oo to tbe OcJjex.— lf any person can skate, be
should sot trait* but go straight to theOgdea gate,
«arir, sot late, for the Carnival will sot wait.
X'c’ooreralltrbo deem it sice to see rare sport on
i t can take the same advice, is a trice. Bee ad
>. i Isemcnt of aald dlrertlsement.
Proposed Change of location—STeces
t it y—Plan,—Difficulties—N ego
The contemplated removal of the Board of
Trade from its present quarters la provocative of
much discussion and some little 111 feclin* Direr*
plane have been dismissed lor getting over the
difficulties which Inevitably attend any Important
change where so many persons have to be
consulted. The membership of the Board
numbers shoot twelve hundred many of
whom are property owners, all of them business
men, and a majority located within the area lodged
advisable to be looked over for a location. There
la, however, very little difference of opinion as to
the necessity of making some change. The pres
ent room Is only 300 feet by 40, giving an area of
4,000 square feet. This would giro a space of less
than twenty-two inches square to each member,
were they an present at one time, (which luckily
they are not.) to say nothing of the room occupied
by tables, desks, Ac, The fact is. there is not
room enough to do the business. The crowd is so
great daring the height of 'Change, that to more
from one end of the room to the other, requires al
most as skillful pilotage as Is needed to steer clear
of the quicksands which threaten to engalph the
Insufficiently posted speculator In produce. This
seriously interferes with business in winter, but in
summer is absolutely stifling, and the propinquity
of the river with its sickening smells effectually
bars any attempt at that vigorous. ventilation
which is so loudly called for by the heated crash.
A removal Is a sine guo non except with those who
arc Identified with the building. It needs notnow
to speak of the foiling plaster, since a bare allusion
tothatlspronouncedUbelllons. FiatjvUUiiru.
at coehan. The Beard will have justice in spite of
the foiling celling and the tender consciences who
daubed up that wall with untempered mortar.
The only difficulty in the way is the foct that
there is an nnexplred lease in the way, running
from 1859 to 1869, five years being unexpired. Of
course the Board cannot be bound to continue to
meet in a room one-half too small for its accom
modation, and of coarse the Board is liable for the*
“ rint ” for the wbole period. But there is no rea
son to suppose that very much more could not be
realized in that location were the building con
verted to other uses, and the Board would be no
loser pecuniarily by the change.
Then comes the discrimination between the leas
ing of a building already erected and the putting
up of a new structure specially adapted to the to
quirementa of the Board. This tow is easily dis
posed of; when it Is considered that no hall in
Chicago could be made capable of accommodating
the increasing throng which the past his
tory of the Board justifies them In
expecting. Metropolitan Hall will do well enough
as a temporary location while a permanent and
more commodious structure is being built, but
unless made ol Indian rubber walls it would soon
become small and the Board would be reduced to
the necessity of crying as did the sons of the
prophets—” This place fo too strait for us.”
What Is needed is a new building, ample enough
for future expansion, central in its location, ar
ranged for the convenience of the multifarious op
erations and processes therein conducted, and one
which by Its tout entemUe will be an or
nament to the city, and an architectural ex
rent of that noble body of men who will occupy
Several plans have been already submitted,
some of which seem to offer nearly what is de
desired. It is considered that a room 100 teet
square would not be too large, and more ante room
is wanted than that possessed in the present loca
tion. No plan can, however, be adopted nntil a site
shall have been secured, and for this the Board ie
now advertising.
At a recent meeting of the Board of Directors, a
Committee of ten -was chosen to elaborate plans
for organizing a building association, or for ena
bling the Board to build under its charter. That
Instrument empowers the Board to hold property
to an extent not exceeding $200,00*, but,
we bellere, does not specify the form
in which snch property may exist. There
exist There is little donbt that all difficulties of
that nature wonld vanish could the required
money be raised. “But bow to do itl” Some
advocate a levy of $lO3 on each member, and the
fixing ef the rate of admission subsequently at the
tame figure. It may well be donbted if all the*
members could subscribe this amount without se
rious detriment to their business, and It wonld
be a fanrttal rule which could not be applied to all.
And it must be considered that the Board of Trade
numbers so many members solely because it offers
facilities lor the trasacclon of business, cheaply
and speedily; If one of these elements be taken
away, the success of the Board is problematical.
The committee on organization met yesterday
with a deputation from the newly organized
Chamber of Commerce, which last named body ?
hadaproposltioutoEdbmit,bnlwhetherwithrvf- J
crenceto amalgamation, to transferor charter, |
or other point, is not known, as the meeting was !
strictly private. The proceedings will be-laid be
fore the Board at an early dar.
Arrival of the Thirteenth and Sev
enth Wisconsin Infantry Seg
ments Yesterday.
The Soldiers Best, as far as outward appearan
ces are concerned, is finished, and were it not for
the delay in getting in the water and gas pipes,
owing to the cold weather, the building would era
now have been completed. It is divided off into
four large rooms, one as a dining room and the
others as sleeping apartments, while at the north
end is a large kitchen, in which stands one of the
largest sized cooking stores. In the dining room
are twenty large tables, each capable of seating
twenty men, while it is heated by a large store,
always red hot. The room is gracefully draped
with streamers and stars and stripes. The sleep
ing apartments are each provided with font tiers
of double bunks, extending round the sides, while
in the centre of the room stands a large coal stove,
whose capacity is almost half a ton.
It was announced in our issue of Wednesday mom.
ing, that the 18th Wlscbnsinln&mtiy wa aenrouif
for Chicago end would probably arrive that after
noon. In accordance witn.thls supposition a num
ber of ladles assembled at the rest and prepared a
sumptuous dinner for the boys. At 4 o'clock it
was supposed that they would shortly arrive, but
they failed to come At 6 o'clock they had not ar
rived, and it was then understood that they would
not reach here oeforo 11. Eleven tolled out the
hour but still they came not; the stoves were re*
plenisned with fuel, and presently grew red hot,
blushing all over. At midnight a dispatch came,
stating that they would certainly arrive about S
o’clock in the morning.' Finding it necessary to
make virtue of patience the the ladies and a few
gentlemen in altcndsnne gathered round the
stove and made the time pass quickly by cracking
jokes, singing snatches ot operatic gems, Ac.
About half-past 10 a gentleman was sent oat to
reconnoitre, and in a few moments he returned
with the gratifying intelligence that two trains
were in sight, and would quickly arrive at the de*
pot. At this announcement there was “hurrying
to and fro"—the hot meats were token from the
oven and carved; the coffee-pots were got ready,
and everything was put in apple-pie order. Pres
ently the trains come rambling along. Everbody
ran to the windows, bat nothing was seen but a
long train of empty freight cars, and the Michigan
Central express two hours behind time. Finally,
ats o’clock yesterday morning, after a tedious j
ride ot thirty-ill boors, the boys arrived and were
immediately escorted overto the Best by T. Keefe,
Capt. Potter’s MS. Here a magnificent breakfast
was laid, to which the bora did omple Justice, I
after which they gave three cheers and a tiger for |
the ladies of Chicago About half past six they j
marched to the Northwestern depot, where they
took the core for Janesville. This regiment num- ,
bers some four hundred men under ine command
of Colonel W. P. Lyons. It was organized in
Janesville in September, 18GI. and went to the
field 950 strong. They have all re-enlisted, and
have thirty days’ furlough in which they recruit
and fill op their decimated ranks.
Yesterday about noon the 7th Wisconsin ar
rived at the Soldiers’ Best from Madison en route
for Washington. This Begiment has been on far*
lough tor the past thirty days, in which time It baa
recruited and re-organised. Some 900 recruits
were left at Madison, and on being mastered will
at once jeln the regiment. The numbers who
took dinner yesterday at the Best was some 825
men. of whom about 103 were recruits. The fol
lowing is the present roster:
Colonel—W. W. Robinson.
lieutenant Colonel— Mark Fnnnlcnm.
Major— H. Richardson.
Adjutant—B. H. Phillips.
QuarUrmafUr—T). bhmell.
Surgeon—D. C. Ayers.
AseisUmt Surgeon—L, Brain erf.
Chaplains, W. Raton.
Company A— First Lieutenant, 3. Johnson.
Company B—Captain, H. C. Hobart: First Lieu
tenant, C. C. Weeks; Second Lleotenant, E. A.
Company O— Captain, J. Neuman; First lieu
tenant, E, A, Andrews; Second Lieutenant, J.
Company J—Captain, A. W. Bean.
Company Jv—Captain, L. C. Ford; First Lieuten
ant, G. W. Gibson; Second Lieutenant, W. H. Gil
dcrslccve, *
Company F— Captain, H, F. Toting; First Lieu
tenant, W. E, Siaute; Second Lieutenant, A. A.
Company <?— Captain, F. L. Warner; Second
Lieutenant, B> Neuman.
Company .Zf—Captain, Robert Montelth; first
Lieutenant, Chas. Fnlks; Second Lieutenant, F.
Company I —Captain, J. N. P. Bird; First Lien
tenant, C. Prntsman; Second Lieutenant, W, W,
Company K— Captain, Geo. S. Hoyt; First Lieu
tenant, A. Ford,
Supply of Fuel to the Poor-Meeting
Last Evening.
As is shown by the records of the Young Hen's
Christian Association, the War Fund Committee,
the Ladies 1 Belief Society, and the County Agent,
the article of Fuel constitutes an important item
in the public as well as private expenditure for the
poor. Believing it expedient to devise some plan
to aiwrfTitwh the increasing demand on public be
neficence, and also to afford encouragement to
habits of Industry and economy, it has been de
cided to organize • a Fuel Savings Society
in this city, through the Instrumentality of
which a great majority * of the poorer
classes men and women of moderate
means, can, by the weekly or monthly savings of
small sums during the summer, secure for them*-
selves their supply ot winter fuel at a rate far less
than that demanded by the dealers daring the
winter months. A society of this kind has been
In successful operation In Philadelphia for forty
ibclr report for the year ending
the occupation of depositors are given
TiSS?ysi?a cmak< g > 285 Washerwomen 142;
i®s?E ln fc^. oiaem ■hd Seamstresses,
MS?- Boarding-Home Keepers'
SSSBooBe-Cieane?., Wotdmien,> n£
rKL , c " rrim! >Bjere, stonecutter!? Pro
vision Bioro-kocpcrs, Coopers, Fruit Venders
Button Maker., Tin
““““j, Beaters, Brass Turners Brick Ms-
A primary meeting for the purpose of organlrinz
fhialmportant movement was firid at PaSor n?
J, Tremont Monae, last evening. The meeffi
calling Bot/WTH. Ryder to the
Chair, arid appointing N. H. Paifear, Secretary
Tbs Chairman stated the objects of the meeting,
heartily endorsing the project. Alderman Brown
Stc his experience in supplying the poor during
e past two years, in the capacity of Chairman o*
«e War Fund Committee, and the information
Imparted by him more firmly Impressed noon
those present, the importance of the organization
under consideration. ' “
pr.C. M. Fitch al.uded to the success of a chart*
table movement In this direction last winter and
suggested points wherein the course pursued by
the bencrplont persons connected with that soci
ety could be Improved upon.
Ker. E. B. Tattle, (lately Missionary) made some
pertinent and well-timed remarks as to the Imoor*
trace of this organization—that it should be placed
upon a permanent basis,—and that its object
should be to encourage the industrious and eco
nomical lamUicc of small means, as well as to In
duce those who seem pro-disposed tobedepend-
Ovality and Industry, and to
strive to help themselves.
After a general discussion on the subject. In
which numerous suggestions were made as to the
plra ofprpanlzatloD, rules, regulations, *e.
Aid. Brown moved that a committee of fear be
appointed to drafts Constitution and By-Laws,
to report at an adjourned meeting to be held at
EamL- place, on Tuesday evening next.
The Chair appointed as e&id committee. Aid. F.
Dr. C. M. Pitch, I. B. Dltt, audN. H.
Cn motion, the meeting adjourned to moot at
iheTremout Douse, on Tuesday evening next, at
half-past 7 o'clock. . 5 ’
Number of Enlistments—Total Cred
its for Cook County—Bounties by
the War Fond Committee.
There is an apparent decrease in enlistments in
Cook comity, but a general increase In other pans
of tho State. Many counties are offering larger
bounties than the county of Cook, and many who
wsnld'otherwise be induced to come to Chicago
and enlist remain where they are, or go to those
counties where larger bounties are paid. While
therefore there is a slight foiling off here, there is
. an increase in the State at large.
For several months Capt. C, C. Pomeroy has
been in charge of the United .States mustering
office at this poet. Yesterday, Lieut. H. A, Hun
tingdon, 4th U. 8. Artillery, reported to him, and
was by him aeslcned to the duty of mustering in
new recruits, with headquarters at the armory.
Becntitlng officers in this city and vicinity are,
therefore, notified that, hereafter, their recruits
must, after having been duly Inspected and accep
ted by the Examining Surgeon at the Provost Mar
shal's office, be presented to Llent. Huntingdon.
Fo more will be mustered in by Captain Pomeroy,
except veterans who have returned for reenllst
ment, to bo mustered out and remastered as vete
ran volunteers. ....
On the Btb of February at noon there were mas
tered in by. Captain Pomeroy a total of 1033 re
cruits. We give below the masters since that
Feb, 81h A. M,, total reported 10
7eb.6thP.-U T.:
Feb, Oth -
Feb. lib
Feb. 11th * :
Feb. 12th
Feb. 16th . o
Feb. 16th i
Feb. ICth
Feb. 17th
Feb, 81h A. M,, total reported.
Feb, 9th..
Feb. 1- Ih,
Feb. 16th si t
Feb. l£th, A.U.
Forty-three of these were mastered out and mus
tered in as veteran volunteers, and fifty-seven had
once served as soldiers and hack been discharged
for disability.
Of course not all these count on the quota of Cook
county. Wo give below the different counties in
the State and elsewhere to which the recruits are
accredited, and the number belonging to each. As
might have been expected Cook leads the column.
Cook 1,218 Henry 9 Fc
Sangamon 3 Kankakee 7 f e i
Kane 2* Peoria l
Hock Island 1 Fulton 8 ®
Adams 2 Stark i tti
Will is Green... 37 '
Knox— 8 Winnebago 3 on
8 Whiteside 17 trt
DeKalh 4 McDonough 1 lo
Bureau S Carroll 8 P*
Kendall 8 Lee a nil
Ford S Boone 2 in
-0pie...,. i Warren 8 ml
Dupage 1 Livingston 8 t
Lake 97 Alamabee, 10wa... 1 * al
Tie total of musters therefore which arc accred-
Itcdto the county of Cook in the office of the
United States mustering officer, is 1,218. It will
be seen that of these only forty three are veteran
volunteers. The regiments which were mustered
In while in service In the field, of course do not
show on the records here. They win be passed to
the credit of the county in the War Department.
The musters by the Provost Marshal aggregate
778. No veterans are enlisted by this officer, and
orcourse bat a comparatively small portion of the
new recruits. It is at his office,‘however, that all
have to undergo examinational the hands of the
surgeon. This work, by no means a labor of love,
is performed by Dr. Freer.
The recruits mustered by the Provost Mumbai
are distributed among the following regiments and
7dd Inf. 41
SSd do 7
34th do 6
19th do 8
Hath do 7
86th do 5
82d do 27
89th do 14
£sth do 1
89th do 10
56th do 19
9Sth do 1
16th do 4
7th do 1
19th do S
76th do l
13th do 1
48d do Si
3!d do 3
45th do 3
JESt do .; 1
6Sd do 11
lOthdo ... 1
9Td do 1
67th do 1.
64th do 111 T0ta1.... 778
The credits for these enlistments arc as follow s:
C00k......... 7b5 Lake 21
McHenry 8 Iroquois 2
Kankakee 2 Bureau i
Lee 1 Boone.; s
St. Clair 1 Belmont co. 0hi0.... 1
Winnebago 6 Hlnsdaleco.Mich.... 1
Putnam co. Ohio 1 Whiteside co. Ohio.. 1
New York 1
Hamilton co. 0hi0... 1 Total
117 th Inf.. 1
82d do 1
53d do 1
41th do 2
74th do 1
sdCaval 0
4th do 4
fth do G
6th do 1
7th do S
«h do 117
9th do 14
Uthdo a
12th do 820
18th ds 4
14th do 8
15th do 7
6th do 0
17th do l
let Artillery. 41
Bridges' Bat a
Board of Trade Bat.. 10
Bigin Bat a
Mercantile Bat. 7
There have been mustered there by the U. S.
mustering officer 1,479 recruits, and by the Pro
vost Marshal 77e—altagethcr 1,917 men. To arrive
at the credit of the county, we deduct SGI, mus
tered by Captain Pomcror, and 43, mastered by
Captain James, and we have 1,953 recruits which
is the exact number credited to Cook county un
der the late csHb.
An inspection of the books of the
county War Fond Committee shows np to
the close of business yesterday, they
paid bounties to 1.930 recruits, or alxty-tbree since
our lost report. The total amount of bounties
paid to these is $902,950. Of this amount the city
has paid $190,000, and the county 83,250.
The sixty-three new recruits ore distributed
among regiments as follows:
let Art 5 89th Inf 0
39th Inf. 1 12th Inf 8
72d do 1 17th Car ~.4
571h do 9 10th Car 2
64th do 7 letCoVdßeg't. 1
Bridges Bat. 2 37th Inf.
4th Regulars 2
Bth Cavalry 18
2d Artillery 4
ig wards and towns will
ring table:
1 Oth ward 9
nth “ 4
12th “ S
ISth " l
14th “ 1
38th *' l
16th “ 3
Northfield 3
Elk Grove 1
The distribution amoi
be learned from the folloi
let -ward 10
2d “ 7
Sd ** 1
4th “ 4
6th “ 8
6th “ :. 4
7th “ ...: 2
Bth “
9th •* 5
Bloom 1
Proviso 1
Jefferson l
Below we giro the
(Here who hare received
Chicago 1,749
Jefferson 81
KUoa -12
Evan5t0n......... 16
Elk Grove 8
Bremen •. 6
Wheeling 0
Lament 6
Lvona *..... 8
Bloom 14
Lake View 1
Calumet 41
Barrington , IS,
Thornton.. 2J Total 1,930
Up to the 9th of January all residents of Chicago
were credited on the hooka of the Committee to
city at large. Since that time, credit has been
given to the wards in which recruits reside. The
following la the result:
Ist Ward lt>7 lllh Ward 00
2nd 44 182 12th 44 12
3rd 44 40 J3th “ 16
, 4lh 44 52 14th 44 80
.sth “ 61 15th u SO
6th 44 87 16th 44 103
7th •** S3 The city at large.. 765
Sth 44 19 .
IWh 44 28 Total 1.930
It-th 44 66
tsldence of the l/KJO bol*
bona ties:
i Rich 2
Lake a
New Trier fl
Leyden... ?
Proviso a
Cicero fi
i Worth 1
• Palatine 5
Palos 4
Northfleld 4
Orland. S
Maine l
Among so many names,' there arc necessarily
very cnrioQß ones. 11 Gen. Houston 11 is the appel
lation of one soldier, Jastolebski of another, and
♦Tanehezcr of another. Of Browns there are fif
teen, or Davisea five, of Dorothea four, of Dunns
five, of Johnsons seventeen, of Joneses five, of
Kellys seven, of Kanes four, of Lewises of
Uses forty-two, of Millers nine, of Morrises five,
of Murphys five, of Morgans three, of Kelsons
nix, of Nicholses font, of O’s ulna, of Parkers
five, of Pattersons two. of Qnitmans two, of
Quigleys two, of Beeds three, ot RirhurdHnna fire,
of Robinsons five, of Bosses three, of Byans
three, of Smiths twenty-four, of Scotts six, of
Thompsons six, of Williamses sixteen, of
■Wrights three, of Wilsons eight, of Walkers five,
of Welshes three, of Wests three, and of Youngs
six. There is one Thomas Jefferson, one Man
shefokey, one Manlove, one Plato, six John
Smiths, four John Browns, one Yonder Hyde, one
Baehielie, three George Washingtons, one John
Washington, and one Mas sens.
Four hundred and nineteen of these recruts can
neither read or write, and sign the muster roll
and receipt with an X.
From the data collected above, the conclusion is
reached that Cook county is largely behind her
quota. Enlistments must largely appreciate dur
ing. the next ten days, or even the will
not save ns from the draft.
Tbe War Fund Committee are in need of funds
to continue tbe payment of county bounties to
volunteers. There fe an opportunity for those dis
posed to aid them, to purchase the county orders,
by calling upon the Committee at their rooms in
the Conrt House. Ono hundred dollars will hav
en order for one hundred and twelve dollars, which
will be receivable for the taxes of 1804.
Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad—As
v*TiT Vmntn.-Thfl annual meetiogof the stock
holders of the Chicago and Milwaukee Railroad
was held on Saturday last, at the office of tfao Com*
panyln Milwaukee, and the officers of the road
were elected for the ensuing year. The following
is the list; it shows but little change from that of
tbe year just dosed:
President—Alexander Mitchell.
Vice Prtfidmi—'K. K. Rogers.
Secretary and Trtantrer— A. 8. Downs.
Svperkuendent—6. o. Baldwin.'
General Freight A■ eni —J, E. Moody.
General Ticket Agent—A. V. H, Carpenter.
Directors—Alexander MttcheJL Stillman Wirt,
W. 8. puraee, Julius Wadsworth. S. K. Bogota,
B4w i rt a^ e S i Sfjr r ® a - Bchochftlit, B- STwidi
worth, 8. C. Baldwin.
Vegetables 'Warned for the Women
and Little Ones—Ten bur
geons Heeded..
The following letters from Her. J.!R. Bhlpherd,
Secretary of the Northwestern Frecdmen’a Aid
Commission, will, wo hope, meet with a ready and
ample response from everyone who ia able to con*
tribute to the object named. They need no en
dorsement, the worthiness of the effort being
known to all, they require no amplification, being
full, though brief. Will the readers of the Tm
buss please read and act:
We have a dispatch dated Vicksburg, February
4th, running thus:
** If yon Commission wishes to do anything for
the sanitary condition of the freed people, and I
know it does, send us all the pickled cabbage,
sourkrout, potatoes and onions you can procure.
The ecnrvy is making its appearance, and cannot
bo checked while we feed on army rations.
Your most obedient servant,
. . D. O. McCobd,
Medical Director of Freedoms.”
These freed people are the wires and children of
stout black men fighting oar -battles for $s a
month besides food and clothing.
This is the first appeal ior food that has been
made in their behalf. Packages from the country
sent to the “Northwestern Freedmen’e Aid Com
mission, care of Col. B. B. Mason, Chicago,” will
come by railroad free of freight.
. Parcels in the city will be called for if notice Is
sent to the undersigned, or they maybe sent to
the Booms, 86 Washington street.
No general opportunity has been afforded our
citizens heretofore, to aid the National Frcedmen.
Shall not the response to this first appeal bo
worthy of ns T “Will not the ladles In the various
churches and aid societies unite In systematic
efforts to obtain these supplies t
We have a requisition from Surgeon D..0. Mc-
Cord, Medical Director of Froedmen in the De
partment of Tennessee, headquarters % at Vicks
burg, for ten good physicians.
lie says: “They must bo recommended by your
Commission; must be graduates of medicine;
must have good moral character, and a heart in the
“They will be paid SIOO per month by the Gov
ernment. and mast report to meat Vicksburg
within six weeks.”
Applications in person or by letter will receive
prompt attention.
Apply at the Booms No. 86 Washington street,
or address Bor. J. R. Shiphebd,
Sec. N. W. F. A. Commission, P. O. Box, 4617,
Record ©f Caeca In all tb© Courts.
The case ot Harding tb. the City of Rockford,
which came np before the Circalt Court of the
United States, was a suit on interest coupons
originally attached to bonds issued by the defend*
ant, under an act of the Legislature enabling the
city to loan its credit for the benefit of some. rail*
road.. The plaintiff sued on three coupons of one
hundred dollars each. His counsel offered the
coupons in evidence, running as follows:
SIOO. No. 3.
The City of Rockford will pay to the holder on
the first day of December, A. I), iB6O, at the Amer
ican Exchange Bonk, in the city of New York, the
sum of one hundred dollars, interest due on that
day to City Loan Bond, No. 3.
Seely Faust, Mayor.
For (he plaintiffs counsel contended that as the de
fendant bad not denied tho execution of the instru
ment under oath, the execution most, under the
statute, be considered as admitted.
This the counsel for the defence denied, on the
ground that it was impossible for the corporation
to take an oath, and claimed that tho burden of
proof was upon the plaintiff to show both the geo
ninencss of the signature,and that the person sign
ing It did so by the authority of the corporation.
The Court, however, was inclined to bold that so
far as the gemuncnces of tho signature was con
cerned, that must be taken as confessed, but con
sidered that ft would bo encouraging a very loose
practice to hold that the person signing had au
thority in behalf of the city to do so, without some
proof of that fact. As the counsel for the plaintiff
was not provided with testimony on that polnt,tho
case was postponed, in order to give him time to
procure It. Fayson for Plaintiff, Hiller for Defend
.. 3
.. 17
.. l
The case of Stevens vs. Laveridgo, also tried be
fore the same Court, involved tome singular ques
tions. This was an action of ejectment, the plain
tiff claiming title under a patent to a soldier of the
war of 3812. In i 835 the soldier went to sea, and
never returned. The mother died in 1821, the
father not till 1862. Tho plaintiff purchased the
title of the brothers and sisters and their children.
The defendant set up color of title and payment of
taxes under tho statute. Plaintiff contended that
the land descended to the father and mother as
next of kin, providing the son died before the
mother; also that the father of the soldier was
tenant by courtesy daring his life, and consequently
entitled to possession as against the heirs, and
therefore the limitation could not run as against
the mother’s interest. The Court coucurredln the
plaintiff’s view of the case, provided the proof
was satisfactory that tho son died before the
mother; hut as the eon had not been absent seven
years at the time of the mother's death, the proof
on that point was deemed insufficient, ana the
plaintiff’s counsel consented to a verdict against
him. ■ ■'
In the Probate Court yesterday the will of the
late Ennkbn Bcammon was admitted to Probate.
The widow of the deceased. Harriet Scammou.
J.jVoung Bcammon, Esq., his brother, Kobett E.
Moss, Esb., ot this city, and Cyras Bcammon, of
Florence dale. Will connty, HUnols, are appointed
The testator authorises the exocntore to dispose
of his herbarium in such a manner as they may
deem expedient.
In the Recorders' Court, before Judge Van Da
ren. OJe KJlngenberg was tried on anTndictment
for larceny asbailee. Ole la a Nonvelgan, and by
trade a tailor. He took work to do from Solomon
-Harris, who keeps a clothing store on Randolph
street, near Franklin. Towards the close of De
cember, Harris engaged him to make a thousand
linen coats, and be took some cloth home for that
purpose. After aportlon of the coats bad been
made, and before they had been delivered, Kllng
enberg's house.was burnt, not without suspicions
that be wusthc author or the fire. A day or two
later. Hams saw KUngcnberg and Inquired after
the fate of the coats, when the latter assured Har
ris that they had all been consumed in the house.
Ole was arrested and examined on the charge of
arson, and the same day a trank containing the
linen coats to the number of one hundred ana six
was found concealed in a barn on the outskirts of
the city, where it was afterwards ascertained that
Ole had placed them.
The defense tried to maintain that Harris was
tn debt to Klincenberg lor work, and that the lat
ter simply retained tho goods to enforce in that
way the collection of the monies duo him. Tho
Jury, however, took a different view of the case,
and me Kllnpenberg a year in the Penitentiary.
For the State. Knox and Reed; for the defense,
Larsen and Mason.
In the same Court yesterday, Mary Conolly,
charged on two indictments with the larceny or a
balmoral skirt and shawl, from the boarders at the
New York Honse, where she was employed as a
servant girl, was acquitted on one or the indict
ments. She will probably bo tned on the other
United States Circuit Court —Before Son.
Thoa. Drummond, Judge.—Common Law,
47tS. Gookins vs. Smith. Motion to continue.
480. Walworth ts, Otis ct al. Same.
. 5»6. Fowler tb. Brady. Judgment for plaintiff.
4G2. Stevens vs. Leveridge. Judgment for de
628. Same vs. Hall. Same.
634. Same vs. Hoarc. Same.
610. Pennlston tb. McCabe. Continued at de
fendant’s costs.
637. Harding vs. City of Rockford. Plaintiff
withdraws a Juror and discharges the rest of the
panel. Case continued.
659. U. 8, A. vs. Davidson et al. Demurrer to
declaration argued and taken under advisement.
BM. Sumner vs. Cowles et at Judgment for
BS6. Barney ct al. vs. Wise, Judgment for plain-
Wheeler tb. Underhill. Judgment for plain-
552. Lombard vs Moore. Judgment for plaintiff.
13. U. S. A. vs. Wooorhff (indictment for spirit
ing away a deserter.) Defendant gave bail in sum
Superior Court— Before Chief Justice JdknM.
}Vi’etn~ln Chancery.
411. Booth vs. Boedecker. Decree entered.
406. Peter et al vs. Lytle. Masters report filed.
SOI. Fitzpatrick vs. Fitzpatrick. Decree en
420. Woodard vs. Woodard. Decree entered.
437. Wlckman vs. Wlckman. Decree entered.
Before Son, Van H, Slggins, Judge— Common Law.
849. The Corporation ofNcwMillaryvs Worstcr,
et ah Judgment for plalntlfL *
21. Badauck vs. City of Chicago. Now trial
830. Baldwin vs. Higgins. Judgment for de
133. Kenyon vs. White. Judgment for plaintiff.
Before Son. Joseph E. Oarey, Judge~ Common
1204. Biggins vs. Crosby. Rule to plead within
ten days.
1230. McClain v&.McHfilen. Judgment forplain
1008. Leach vs. Campbell, et al. Judgment for
440. White vs. Alexander. Judgment forpTain-
1120. The Union Line Transportation Company
vs. Fcnby. Dismissed at plaintiff's costs. .
CntcciT Coubt— Before Eon. B. 3. Williams
Judge— Common Law.
No. 854. Eddy vs. Henry. Leave to add count in
Trover to declaration.
No. 198. Boyden vs. Wentworth. Leave to de
fendant tofile addition pleas within twenty days.
No, 545. lill et al., vs. Schmidt. Time to plead
Ho. fcßl. Andrick vs. Kennedy. Default and
Courtaasoss. *. > •
Ho. 'OB. J-ederson et ah, vs. Williamson et ah
Dismissed at plaintiffs costs.
Ho. 873. McAndrews vs. Bradley et ah Leave to
file special plea or notice of special defence within’
ten days.
Ho. 516. O’Brien vs. Wallbaum. Dismissed at
plaintiffs costs.
Brockhaus ct ah, vs. Shoycr. Judgment for
plaintiff confessed.
Ho. 876. Bicherdlkc et ah, vs. Stolbrand Dis
missed with procedendo.
No, 842. Baweon ct aL, vs. Wood et al. Appear*
ance of Wood entered by Attj’fl McComas & Bo*
170. S6?. McCarty et aL, ts. Gallagher. Dis
missed at plaintiffs costa.
Ko. 60S. Ford ts. Upman. Demurrer argued and
taken under advisement. : <-
■ Ko. 640. Morgan va. Morgan. Same proceed*
Ko. 831. Brant tb« Llctatcnhcim. Bole to plead
extended to Monday next. ,
Ko. BS6. Kelnmann ts. Johnson. Dismissed on
motion of plaintiffs Attorney.
539. ’Costard re. Costard. Default and reference
to master.
E64. Brown vs. Schwelnfnrth, Bale to answer
extended SO days.
MO. Crawfrot vs. Prescott el al. Role to answer
extended 10 days.
490. Strieker vs. Bnrback et al. RnleJo close
proofs in IS davs &c
LSS. Petition of Jane E, King.. Report of sale
filed and confirmed.
6TO. Silverman vs. Monger. Bill taken pro con*
fee so, and referred to master Ac.
' £>7l. Mitchell via. Xndlow. Learo to plead Ac. in
30 day*.
448. Ely tb. Bradly et ah Decree entered.
47T. Fuller tb. Stowe et aL Deferred to master
to take proofs.
476. Johnson tb. Benson. Bnle to plead in 10
s®. Morast tb. Morast. Referred to master Ac.
543. SchroedcrTß. Schroeder. Referred to mas*
ter Ac.
565. Clark tb. Brown et al. Motion to dissolve
injunction argued and taken under advisement.
. BMOOSD*n'* Coyvi—£#ort E. Tan But* i,
Jvdgt, Criminal Casa.
People tb. H»ip«,(Uicmt7). Continual.
People re. Mary Coaly. (larceny). Verdict aol
People r*. Floater, (larceny). Verdict guilty,
and one year in penitentiary.
People tb. Zetteriy, (larceny). On trial
Beslgnatlei of ihe Pastor-ltesamo
of the l>uncnltle»—Action of
the Church.
The difficulties of a political nature which have
for some time past interfered with the harmonious
action of Pastor and Congregation of the North
Presbyterian Church, located on the corner of
Case and Indiana streets, have finally culminated
in the declination of the Pastor, Ber. John B.
Stewart, to continue his ministrations. A meet
ing of the congregation was called a night or two
since, which was largely attended. On motion,
Mr. A. H. Hoge was called to • the Chair, and Hr.
A. M. Fence officiated as Secretary. The Pastor
then spoke, as follows:
iVar Brethren and Friends: The purpose for
which I have Invited yon to meet as a congrega
tion this evening, la to decline the call which vou
tendered me seventeen months ago, which 1 here
by do, thus releasing you from all its obligations.
A few words of explanation may be necessary.
It will be remembered by some that I was very re
luctant to undertake the charge of o church which
I feared was deeply and radically divided. On the
representations and assurances and at the earnest
request of brethren (some of whom almost imme
diately upon my arrival among yea ceased to co
operate with me,) I was, nevertheless, induced to
Undertake the charge, believing that Cod in Bis
providence was leading me hither. Fortunately
or unfortunately—'which, remains for the future to
show—one of my first duties was to preach a
Thanksgiving sermon. Knowing the divided state
of the church on the great subjects of political in
terest to the country, and that If I preached such
a sermon, 1 would toko a stand which would prob
ably give offense to some, I felt it bat right to say
eo to the Session. With the facts before them, all
present agreed that I should preach It. I did so.
and have never yet .seen reason to regret U, al
though it resulted, ae'was feared, In crlevious of
fense to some who Immediately withdrew from the
church ordinances, and as much so to others who
remained. The remaining facts are familiar to
you ail, ondneedno explanation.
At this juncture with a very heavy debt on the
chnrch and afolony about being settled in an im
portant part of the city, which colony Is thought
to bo connedw with tno educational interests of
our church. It is threatened that some six families
to whom God has given wealth will leave in the
event of my remaining. While X hereby enter my
solemn protest against the principle involved in a
monied minority coercing a church, and while I
protest ftgdn* political preferences determining
theiormationorconttnuanceof the of the pasto
ral xelation in any chnrch, and while 1 believe that
God will not bless any people who suffer them
selves t© be coerced and* controlled, believing
moreover that in yielding to such demands we give
up the Kepublican feature of our church poaty,
and that which has always been dear to the hearts
of Presbyterians, that for which the choicest blood
of Scotland has been poured out like wa
ter—whilst' f I - believe all these, yet
they are but private opinions of mine, and,of
no authority in determining the fixture action of
the church. I am, therefore, unwilling to take the
responsibility (which docs not belong to mo) of
sajdrg by my continuance with you that these
people shall ou my account leave the church.
To the many friends who have so nobly stood by
me, I hope lo havoa future opportunity of express
ing the profound sentiments of esteem which I
feel bat cannot at this time express.
After making the above communication, Mr.
Stewart withdrew from the meeting. The congre
gation then adopted the following preamble and
resolutions: c-
flflereos—Rev. J. B. Stewart, the pastor elect,
has concluded to decline the call of this church
and congregation, and to vacate the pulpit which
he has filled so acceptably for the last fifteen
months. Therefore,
lietoxed. That we deeply regret the causes
which have made this step expedient.
Jtefdzed, Ti nt we entertain for Hr. Stewart
feelings of respect and confidence, esteeming him a
consistent Christian, a faithful pastor, a true friend,
an able and successful minister of the Word.
Sttolttdi That we cordially recommend him to
the churches, with a sincere prayer that he may
snd a field or labor where his eminent abilities
and his faithful efforts may be Instrumental In re
turning to the blaster a rich harvest of souls.
. Jlesofred, That wo deeply regret the financial
embarastmenta of the cncrch and its consequent
inability to discharge its pressing obligations.
We regret that at this juncture it should be thought
by some deemable to form a distant colony from
our membership, and by a few others to withdraw
their support, at a time when this support was
Betdzed, That wo deeply regret these evils, oc
curring es they do, at a moment when our sky be
gins to brighten, when oar Sabbath unions are
more fully attended, when ear pastor elect is win
ning his way to the confidence and respect of the
community, when stronger*} ore disposed to unite
themselves with us, when onr blooding coon try
finds a place In tho petitions of tho sanctuary.
BactutJ % That wo exonerate Hr. Stewart from
all blame In the premises. Finally,
- Bttoltul. That the Secretary be requested to
spread these resolutions npon tho annals of the
church, to forward a copy of them to Mr. Stewart,
and to publish a copy la the Pruhyterlan. at Phil
Alonzo Harvey, V Committee.
Wislbt Husain, ) •
The congregation then voted to present to Hr.
Stewart, as a token ef regard, a quarter’s salary,
amounting to $500... This amount was Increased
by voluntary subscription on the ground to abont
SIOOO, and will be still farther increased by the
donations of those who were not present at-the
To be Married.— I “Gottschalkis aboutto
be married to a very rich heiress residing in Fifth
avenue. New York. Wo. are not at liberty to di
vulge hername, although we can assure onr read
ers that she Is said to be worth $200,000. Ho is
abont to retire from public life, and establish in
New York a grand eonservaUAr of music, in wklch
classes will have the benefit of his great genius
and skill. He was very anxious to retire some
time ago, hut ho is held firmly by the iron claws of
Haxfitrahosch In thtf shape of a written agree
ment. Since somebody may be accused unjustly
of divulging these secrets, we state that not long
ago Gottschalk and Has were snowed up at Harv
ard Junction, on the Northwestern railroad, threo
days; during that time letters and*fly leaves of
books were scattered around carelessly.’’ Some
pftheso frond their way into the hands of semo
scribblers for the newspapers, and hence tho nows
comes to us all the way from the Quaker City.
Gottschalk has an undoubted right to marry, and
If be must become a Benedict, $2U),000 is a proper
coating for the potion.
Chicago Sabkalli School Ualon.—The
next regular meeting of the Chicago Sabbath
School Union will be held on Monday evening
next, the 33d inst, at the new building recently
erected for the North Market Mission Sabbath
School, on Illinois street, between La Salle and
Wells streets. It is expected that the following
prominent Sabbath School laborers will bo present
ent and address the meeting: Rov. Mr. Wyckoff,
of Feorla; William Reynolds, President of the
Young Men's Christian Association of Peoria,
and ller. Louis E. Charplot, of Trombull, Conn.
The singing will be conducted by the North Mar
ket Mission Sunday School. Superintendents of
Sabbath Schools arc requested to give notice of
this meeting at their respective schools on Sun
day next, and urge upon their teachers to attend.
, Yonng Men’s Christian Association.
—The dally and evening meetings of this society
of Christian men and women continue to be held,
and to excite deep Interest throughout our com*
mnnity. At the meeting last evening stirring ap
peals were made by Reverends Stuart, Charplot,
Hanha and others, which found responses from
many hearts. This day and evening’s meeting
will bo addressed by the Revr Louis E, Charplot,
of Connecticut, and others. All are cordially in
vited to attend.
Yates Sharpsliooterst-TUs regiment is
now nearly filled to its maximum,those wishing to
Join one of the best regiments that has ever left
our State will do well to enlist in this. Capt. Jo
seph S. Reynolds in the Court Honse Square will
receive you if application be made at once. By join
ing now yon receive the SIOO local bounty on being
mastered, besides the Government bounty. No
better opportunity has been offered. Fill up the
Lecture at the University.—Prof. Buck’
of Hungary will lecture at the University to-night,
Feb. 19th, commencing at 7# o’clock. Subject—
“ Revelation and its Adversaries.” The friends
of the Institution are cordially invited to attend.
The Richmond—Pamitord & Bald
win.—The opening of the Richmond Rouse
upon the European plan la a feature which
is novel in this city, and promises to
be eminently successful. The patronage al
ready received by the Richmond Is large and
steadily increasing. The honse Is elegantly fur
nished, and supplied with every appliance Calcu
lated to add to the comfort and enjoyment of its
patrons. A leading feature of the establishment
is the stand of Bamford & Baldwin, wherein arc
kept imported cigars, books, and all the loading
papers and pododicals of the day. Give the Rich
mond and these gentlemen a call.
Washington’s Birthday,—The young
men of tLe Reformed Presbyterian Church (Her.
Dr. Patterson) present an opportunity of spending
a Tery pleasant, and profitable evening on Wash
ington's Birthday. Patriotic and brief spirited
addresses on interesting subjects will he deliver
ed, and opportunity afforded for social enjoyment.
We know of no more agre cable Vay of celebrating
the birth of the Father of oar* country.
IHshth. Illinois Cavalry.
Bkadquahtbim 6th lix, Cavatjit, f
St. Chabiss, Eh, Feb. 18th, 1861. )
All leaves and furloughs to officers and men arc
hereby revoked, and all will join the regiment at
St. Charles, Illinois, without delay.
The regiment Is ordered to active service in the
field, at once, where it has been continuously in
the front dnring tho last two and a half years.
It Is a high compliment to the regiment to bo
ordered back again inside of thirty days, while
other cavalry regiments have been permitted to
remain over two and a half months at home, evi
dently showing that the Bth Illinois cavalry is two
and a half times more efficient than some other
regiment. I will therefore expect that the regi
ment will assemble promptly and bo ready to fight
Its way through as heretofore, without expecting
or receiving any favor from any source. The
fighting reputation of the jold Bth must bo main
tained without' any fictitious puffs so much de
pended on by others. W*. Gamble,
Col. Com’d’g. Bth HI. Cav.
French Benevolent Society ol Chico*
CO—Gift from the Emperor,—This insti
tution was founded in 1661 since which time Mr.
Eerleaa, one of the oldest and most estimable
French residents of Chicago, has been its Presi
dent. Deeply Interested in the duties which his
office devolves upon him, and desiring to give per
petuity to the work which he directs, and particu
larly to increase Us efficiency, he has asked from
the Governmait of the Emperor Napoleon in. an
annual contribution. It is well known that the
French Government, more than any other, seeks
to extend a realty efficacious, equal and paternal
care over all iU subjects, how. far ever tbey may
be from their native land; therefore it has favora
bly received this request.
Mr. Bert can has Just been officially informed by
Hr. Bavin d’Elpex, vice-consul of France at Chi
cago, that a decision of the Minister of Foreign
Affairs, M. Drouyn de L'Huya. grants to the
French Society af Chicago a yearly allowance of
BSO franca.
The Institution presided over by Ur. Bertean
baa done much good, and has the sympathy ot
many of our well-known citizens. Some among
them who speak French encourage it by generous
Tito Soldiers’ Home.—The following are
the arrlrala at the Soldiers* Home, No. 45 Randolph
street, for the past 2* hours:
/Siron-L. Klnr, P, 8: H. Sanford, K. 95; It
K - 17: F - J - Craft, C, 52: J. Murphy. B,
77 ! <^ P f," n V' do ; w - 8 - ionoa, M. 12; 3. Man
pan. D, 51: J RieWaon, T. M. Merrlan. J. W.
Dlenn, J.E. Edwards, L. Shirks, a Shafer, U. L.
■Srewenandß.Bloomflold, C, 1); W.
IVhJtnej- D CC: B. E. AJlen, a S6; J, Coder. D,
Bockinaa, K, 13; a Smith, C.Bli.S.
■ Re fTO r, 01 .. : J - 9 arr - C, 57; C. Pert, 3. Gilmore
*P d^-S?"*r. T A v 67 5 D - Parker, I, 105: J.Doa
°-J - Jeffereon, I, SO; J. M. Warwick,
Conker, H, 25; J. Boers, B,
II ; o H. Batkin, G, 23; L. Haler*!, 20; if. Uanche,
Sf Ifdfpon—P. Oscariilo, B. 1; B Morian, do: A.
aa’mnenbat^at L - »■ «> fr « 7 ' d °;
Ifinneeoia— J. 8. Tunetln. K. 7
JfiMOttrf-O. Wilson. B, is?!
lowa C. Alley, C,S.
Invalid CorpTS. W. Laflln, HSreg.
Dr. Ayer’s New Mode of Treatment.
. T sSm llo 't l ”Si eUer » merchant of this ettv.
*1I!-In^i,i; l i cnce . 0 m! h0 remfl rkable success oi
Br. Ayer in the core of Throat and Luar niscascs
Consojtafaon free, and all interested are*urited to
Investigate the system which is attracting so ranch
notice and doing so much good. b
- Having used the new remedies of Dr.lWins
lowAyer.of the Throat aad lung Institute, m!>
Cormick’s Building, comer of Randolph and Dear
horn streets, lor CStarrh and throat Disease. I am
happy to say they have proved highly effectual, and
I am perfectly satisfied that they are all that i had
previously beard them recommended. I have en
tire confidence in Dr. Ayer’s System of
“ Q. W. Pclsipsb, Merchant, W. Polk St,*
Persona out of the city wishing to consult
the Doctor, and unable to come - .to Chicago, may
address “ X Winslow Ayer, M. D., Box 6880, Chica
go, DL,V and a list of questions and a little book
on Throat and Lung Diseases will be forwarded to
the applicant. febi7-wi6s-3tdy Itwk
Dr, Kendall still continues at his office cur
ing corns, bunions and diseased nails of the most
Inveterate kind, without pain dr bleeding, 254
East Madison street during thin week,
feb 19-w9yS-2t.
lupobtant Dtscovznr.-A real remedy lor Asth
ma has been found in Jonas WhUcomb'i Remedy.
prepared by Joseph Barnett ft Co.. Boston.- It has
never failed to give relief, even in the most severe
cases. Feby 15w7i2-St~M w r and b-wk.
Go to tub Best—Go to Bryant & Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical bnsinees education. For- circulars ad
orefcß (enclosing stamps) Bryant ft Stratton. Chi
cago, Illinois.
SST - Bouse and Sign Painting, Calclmlnlng
Glazing and Graining. Paper Bangings and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
York prices. F.E. Right, 69 Randolph St.
Box 6833. jaySS-uSmrn
In Fnltonvme,N.y.,on the Sd in>t.. at the residence
ot iheHon.P.Fleh, by Lhe Rev. R.L.Schoonm<k‘*r.
atwlsted by the Rev. Dr. Wells, Lient. WInUAM S.
bCUOONMAKEB, of tbe Sthßeglmeat Invalid Corps,
Camp DonulatcChlcsco,Hl.,sod -Miss C. VIRGINIA
BE LA MATEB. of Fultonvllle, N. Y. felD-wTW-lt
In this city. Feb.lSLh, at the residence of bis father,
T.ILLIAM M. TtRIiY, aged 29 years ami fl mouths.
Funeral from his late residence, 3*o West Randolph
street, on Saturday, VSih In til., at 12 o’clock M. Friends
of the family arc Invited to attend.
HT* Buffalo papers please copy.
In this city, Feb. 16to, CHAEuKS W. COLSON, need
S8 years, formerly uf Buffalo.
The funeral will tnkc place cs Saturday, 20lh lust.,
at f a A. M., from bis residence on Warren street, b>
tween Wood and Lincoln
'€flsit«7 fiiajir*A4 aiaue 3s*&U>,
*— AttXUTXf,
Detroit Express. 8:15 a. m. 8:25 a. m.
Detroit Express 5:40 p. a. 13:15 aa.
DetroitExprcM...... 19:45 p.m, 10:30 p.m.
men. cent., oihcxhkati and louxbtzzjji mini
Morning Express 6:15 a. a. 10:35 p. a
Night Express.,,,,— 9:45 p.m. 6.25 a.m.
♦vay Express
{Evening Express.
{♦Night Ezpresr..
- 6:15 a.m. iftSOp.c *
5:40 p.ns. 6:00 a. &♦£
.10:00 p.m. IfcaOp.m?
♦Day Express 6:15 a. m, lOtSOp.m*
{Evening Exbress 5:40 p. m 6:00 a. m.*i
Union Depot, West Side, near et. Bridge.
DsyExpress 630 a.m. 8,35 a.m.
Djj Express—......... 8:80 a.m. 8:35 a.m.
Night Express 9:10 p.m. 10:30 p.m.
Day Fasseng** 8:45 a. m. 9:30 p. m.
Night Express 9:10 pm. 7:60 a.m.
*Urbatmaaccommodatlos. d't^p.m.Sat'daysonly
Hyde Park Train 7:00 a. m. BffiO a. m.
Hyde Park Train .12:60 m. 1:35 p. m.
Hyde Park Train 6:76 p. a. 6H6 p. m
♦Mall and Accommodafn. 4:00 a. m. 9:10 p. rn ♦
♦Day Express 6:30 a, m. 1 J:3u a. m.
{Night Express lOUOp.n. 10.89 p
{Cin. & Louisville Express 9:10 p.m. 8:35 a. m.
No trains Icovo on Saturday evening, and no
trains arrive on Sunday evening.
Leave Pittsb'jf. 3:00 a. m. 4:33 p.m. 6:45 p.m.
“ Harrlflb’g. 1:00 p.m. 2:46 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
ArrivePhila.... 5:80 p.m. 7:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m.
u N. Tork
via ~,, .... i:ps p, n,
Allenl’n P
" N.York
'' '•hlla, lOjCOt* *-
riaPhlla. f 10:00 p.m. 12:00 m. 2:15 p.m.
“ BalUm'e.. 5:40 p.m. 7:00 a. m 11:50 a.m.
“ Wash's.. 9:00 p.m. 10:25 a.m. 5:00 p.m.
Fulton Passenger 9d» a. m. 4:40 p. m.
Fnlton Passenger tll:40 p.m. 4:30 a.m.
Prcbport Passenger «... fcooa.m« 4:40 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 11:80 p.m. 13:45 a. Nx
Rockford, E)eln,Foz Slyer
and State Lina 4:00 p. a, 11:10 a.ni
Geneva Passenger 6:30 p. m. &30 a. m.
Mall Passenger 8:80 a. m. fclOJp. m-
Nleht Passenger (hSOp. to. 5:45 a.n.
Joliet and Wilmington Ac
commodation I*B3 p.m. 10*30 a. m.
Day Express and Mall 9:46 a.m. 4:45 p.n
Eight Express 11: SO p. m. 4.45 a. m
Joust Accommodation.... 4:00 p.m. 8:40a.s
Day Express 8:16 a.m. 7:00 p, m
Night Express ... H:80 p.m. 6:45 a. m
Mendota Accommodation. 4:00 p. m. 10:3 •a, m
Express 9:00 a.m. 8:30p.m
fit, Paul Express 12.15 p. m. 11:35 a. m.
* Sundays excepted, t Baturdsyfl excepted
X Mondays excepted,
xn: and wsaz wATXitsrAxsts.
Morning Passenger 9:00 a. m. 6:30 a. m.
Day Express 1:00 p.m. 12:55 p.m.
Night Passenger 5:00 p.m. 8:10 p.m.
jTurmsijing (Sophs.
The best assortment of
In the city.
Steam Cured, Free from Smell,
E. G. L FAXON 9 §,
Ja22-u492Stew mw aytthp
®o laent.
TO RENT.—The five-story ’Brick
, Building and Basement, No. IG7 Randolph street.
atffifVm For particulars Ju^ufre
TO RENT.—House to rent and
furniture for sale, on one of the pleasantest ave
nues in the city. Furniture nearly new. Possession
klyen anytime. Address Post Office Box 2W9.
TO RENT—Two Stores on South
Water street, west of Clark street, suitable for
wuole&alc Grocery business. Apply to the subscriber
at the Banking House of C. C. Parks * Co.
•TIO RENT—Let or for Sale, a
JL Farm of SQO acres, well improved, known as the
’•Bmckwell Farm," within three-fourths of a mile of
Dnntun Station, on the Northwesters Railroad, 30
miles from Chicago. Address GEO. *C. W. SHER
WOOD. Sox 70X3, Chicago, 111., or can on them at 118
Lake street. • feU-wTIMt
TI) RENT.—The best Boarding
House In the West Division, located in the cen
tre of Uie railroad depots and cattle yards, Qi 100x23
feet, four stories bleb, with gas. water, and sewerage.
wlthprlTllefte of pottlee a bonding on a4O feel vacant
lot. The host place in Chicago tc Invest $4,000 or $3 DOu.
Apply to T. CLANCY, corner of Canal and wrszht
streets. fel-w-£9-16t
TD RENT—The building known
as the Albany Restaurant, adjoining the Cham
ber of Commerce. It la fitted up fora first-class Ben
tßurnnt. Bar. Billiard Boom, wine Cellar. Kitchen,
&c. It is one of the best locations in the Northwest,
and will bo rented low, to a good tenant who can
and will keep a first-class Restaurant—noon other
need apply. Inquire of W. n. BODWAT, No, 12
Juneau Block, MHwankec. Wls. Ja?G-niC4-lm
BOARDING. —A large front room
tad two single rooms to rent, with board, at
Waeblngtea ttrcet.be ween State and Wab uh ave
nue. References required. Also, a few day boarders
can bo accommodated. fei&-«969-lt
BOARDING. —A gentleman and
'wi/e, or two single gentlemen, can procure good
board and a pleasant front room, where there are so
othcrboarders,by applying immediately at 331 West
Adams street. fcl9-wSBT-2t
BOARDIN G.—I -would like board
In a private family on the South Side, for my
self, wife and Infant. Address, stating terms, Post
Office Box 5708. feU-wIPOO-lt
BOARDING. —Two pleasant
front rooms to rent with good boardln aprirate
faintly, at 327 South Clark street. A few day boarders
can be accommodated, feld-TlMt
OARDING.—One pleasant room
with board, suitable fora gentleman and wife.
it29slodlana street. References exchanged.
LOST —Satniday, Feb. 13th, a
Black Belt and Ooldßackle. A satiable reward
will be given by leaving it at 195 West Washlnztoa
Iwet. fct^w96ti-8t
LOST —On Sunday morning last, a
LadVa Jet Breast Pin, with pearl cross la the
centre, somewhere on Wabashavenae, between Madl
son street and Second Prcsbj terlan Charch, or on
Madison street cars. A soluble reward will be oald
the Under by retotnloc the same to the office of P B
MAMBESTER& SONS, 40Lasalle street.
On .mxreday, Feb. 18tb,
—* a Single Stcne Dlamonl Breast Pin—oM ■»«!«
KUlng. Tbo finder will pleaee leave Uat ttoTnbono
office, and receive a suitable reward feW-w93>2t
This celebrated
In such universal demand, la made from the choicest
materials, is mild and emollient in Its nature, fra
grantly scentetLand extremely beneficial in Its action
upon the sain. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy
Goods Dealers. js3tirn93yS i xß>aaT'TUtp
WfNT'ED-At LmdeU Hotel, St.
tenr. Wwriffeg^ l^ 7 cu "
WANTED—A Nurse Girl. Call
tie lake*. 1 N °' 3 E «hleenlh strrel. hrlek ■.on^ne-.r
T\/ ANTED—A good kitchen <nrl
*3 STnSJtI Of colored. to d* plain
fc&wSfsSt* ** Adam 3 nearthe USe. 1
WANTE D—A Gum Drop and
Fine Candy maker. Good wages and coaatant
employment Riven. Address “AC I! ” Journal office,
staring where as interview can be bad. fcls-w9TMt
\J\7ANTED —A porter in a jewelry
▼ * store. To one who can give the best of city
references a permanent situation u offered. Asdlv
between Baad II A.M.at X26Lake street. felO-vi&ft
ANTED—Any person having a
“ * saloon license to sell will hear tell of a cash
ens'eter r by addressing Post Office Box 3177, Chicago.
fel»vl7-lt *
WANTED —Experienced hands
In trimming aad making bonnet*. Apply
at 45 and 47 Lake street, upstairs. KEITH, FAXON
ft CO. fei9-vlMt
WANTED —By a practical and
experienced engineer, a situation to run a
BUtionery engine. Adores* “J L C,“ Box 57». _
fen-wSiO-lm *
WANTED.—The advertiser has
▼ » $2 504 which ho wisbes to laves- la buslacsi.
Would prefer being empljyed In sail business. Ad
dreaa Box 8181, Chicago. fvlS-w9J7-lt
W ANTED—A two-seated Top
.JA Boarr. sliding top or otherwise. for one
fSSwWW?* 8 * 80 * 2m * Chles *° PoK omce -
WANTED —A Cook. A good
cook, washer and Ironer will find a steady
■omo in a small family, with good wages, at 202 Mlclil
tP-Tenue. German, American or Norwegl m
WANTED—Peddling Wagons
, » y Three good 2-horse Peddling Wagon*, suitable
for the Yankee Notion badness. Any one haTto*-
such for sale will please address A. W. SHAW, p. o.
Drawer Sqm, Chicago. fCW-wTbblw
TIT"ANTED—To exchange lands in
v T Northern Indiana for lands la Minnesota,
lowa, allMonri or Kansas. Address, with particulars,
post Office Bex 252, Kankakee City, uu&ou.
WANTED—A genteel good look-
Tv lug vonog lady as traveling companion. Most
bear acoocf cbawctcr. Address, wUhoinceof Inter-
View, GEOBGE B. ABBOTT, Chicago Post Office.
WANTE D—A situation by a
young man from E?gland, as Porter, with a
aaowiedge ot the wholesale ana mall woolen and dry
goods business. Is a good packer. Address“OC P,*
Tribune office. fel9-w9St-2t
WANTE D—A situation by a
young mania the wholesale wlnaao*liquor
pQHucsa. Lj a g»od mixer aad bottler, aad a good
iron* the old country. Address
“STKANGJB,” Tribune office. fel9-w995-2t
T \T ANTE D—A good Harness
TT Maker that can do all kinds of common and
fine work. Steady employment and good wasesuald.
Address HEBiaCK ft WADSWORTH, Dixon. Lee
County, 111. felS-wSSMI
WANTED—A situation as Tray
tag Agent fora wholesale hooseln thUcCy*
will ?rrv good references. Am well acquainted
through lows andean command a good trade. Ad
tlrtaa s H 8," F. O. A> rawer 6350. £el7-wW2St
WASTE D—Board by a young
lady, in a private family or boarding house,
with hot tew boarders. Snath Side preferred. Ref
erences exchanged. Address, until 23a lost. “W 3 B,”
Box 621. fe!9 w991-3t
\\t ANTED—To purchase a first-
Y? class Grocery Store. Anyone having a good
stand can bear of a purchaser for his stock by ad
dressing “A C," at this office, or calling at 93K south
Green street. fe!3 w342-2t
WANTED— From $2,000 to
, 13,000 for eneyear, upon satisfactory security,
for which extra Interest will be paid. Apply toT.S
BAKER. 124 Randolph street, Room No.x/
VV ANTED—By a thorough prac-
Y T tlcal English farmer—has bsdtwo years etpi>
rtence In Canaria—a el, nation as farm bailiff or mana
ger. Wife can take charge ol dalr» If required. Ad
«ress**P .M,”Noblet*n JDnjr, Canada West.
WANTE D—Two experienced
Dry Goods Entry Clerks, who write hand
somely and are rapid and correct lu figures. None
other need apply. Address, with specimen of pen
manship and references, BOWEN BROTHERS, Post
Office Box COM. fel3-v4-3t
WANTED lnformation of
Adclla, Catherine or Bridget Meexan, formerly
or Aiayoac, Parish ot Antskene. County Monahan,lre
land, bv their sister Jane Meecan, who UJuat from ire
land. Ir this should meet the eye of either they wid
please call at 107 South Jackson street. felS-wisfe-U
VV ANTED—To rent by a prompt
▼ Y paying tenant, a good sized, comfortaole
House, eligibly located- from first of May, for wnlch
a liberal rent will be paid. Address, with location,
ascription and terms, “B," Post Office Box 2166.
"VyANTED—A young married
T T man. with an extensive Late Superior and
State acquaintance, wishes a situation a* salesman la
a wholesale grocery and provision bouse. The hot
of reference* given. Address ‘ J W B,** Tribune
office. • 1ef0w957-2t
XyANTED—SCO a Month. I
T T want Agents at 360 a month, expenses paid, to
ecu my Everlasting Fan cils,Oriental Burn
and thirteen other new, useful and curioosarticies.
Fifteen circulars sent free. Address JOHN F.LOiID.
Blddeford. Maine. JaS^nSRFSm
W A XT ED.—Employment. §75
f T a month. Agent* tv anted to sell Searing
Machines. We will elve a commission on all Ma
chines sold, or employ agents who will work for the
above wares and all expenses paid. For particulars
address BOYLAN A CO., General Agents, Detroit,
Mich. fel9-vav6t
WANTED —Men in. every town
T T in the Northwest and South, to sell Colby's
Patent Clothes Wringers—the best tn use. Great in
ducements offered to rnrrchants.pedlera and all, to
sell them. Send and get wholesale prices. 201 Like
street, Chicago, W. 41. HOETON, P. O. Box ’lO3,
VV ANTED—To sell. - Eight Hon
▼ T dred Dollars will buy half an Interest la one
of the best paying cstahlLAmenUln this city. Tola la
a rare chance. Forced to sell on account ot 111 health.
None need apply hot those haring the money. Apply
at 215 State street. felt-wS9S-5,
W ANTED.—Lumbermen, Atten
* T tlon!—The advertiser, who has had an experi
ence of the past nine years In the city, wishes a msa
tlon ss Salesman, Foremen, Book-Keeper, or all com
bined, in the Lumber Trade. Refers to past and pre
sent employers. Address "W H P, M P.O. Box 21«.
\\f ANTED—A Salesman in the
T T Jobbing business Oncwbo Is familiar with
Yankee Notions and Fancy Goods. Liberal arrange
ments will be made with a party commanding a good
trade Address ••Fasct Goors t ,, Tnbanc omcc.
W ANTED—House and Lot. The
. * T advertiser wishes to purchase for cash a small
house and lot on the North Side, cutt of Franklln-st,
and not further north than the cemetery. It man be
la a good locality, and supplied with gas and water.
Address,stating terms,location.Ac.. P.0.80x 6134,
Chicago. fcl9-wWI-3t
VV ANTED—A situation in a pri
.T T vate family as coachman, by a young man who
is experienced and somewhat acquainted with the
c hy. -;ind can bring the bestof recommeadattonsrs
to ability ana character. Is conversant with tba Ger
man, French and English langnage. Address M J 1.,”
Tribaac odlce. fel9*wftß-2t
ANTED.—A good prompt pay
lag tenant,before sn absence of a tew weeks,
wishes to engage a honse which will be for rent or
•f 1 ® the first of April or May next, containing
clcht to ten rot ms. Any one having such winget goal
WANTED—Efficient agents ia
.IT every State and Conntyin the west, to sett
of the Great Rebellion In the United States of Atne--
Apply immediately to GKO,
SHERWOOD * CO., UM Lake street, Chicago, U!„
estern Publishers, box 2013. _ft IS-wSS-3w
V\/ ANTED—And no humbug! A
▼ ▼ from NXABLT XTX&T TOWNSHIP to make
two or three hundred doliara a year without delaying
other huslness. Alsq. gentlemen wishing to change
their business can moke four or five thousand dollars
Call persot ally at Room 1, (op-scaln.) Hi
Clark street, or send twenty-fire cents to Post Office
Box 5613. Chicago, PI. fel9-w909-lt
\\f ANTED—A smart active man
T T for a partner In a Hardware and Drug Store.
In one of thebrst bnsfce« cities in HUnoh. The bad
ness has been established ten years and now doing a
large trade. A man acquainted with drugs preferred.
Reason for selling half Interest, can’t do the work
alone. Address Box 5C*3, with real name and refer
ence. fol9-w991-6t
\V ANTED—By a steady young
T V man of ten years business Experience laLiTer
£ool (Englana) ana Central Canada, a situation In a
Eerchant'e, Storekeeper's or Railway Office, as book
or casb-hcepcr.correspondeßt, Invoice, aceonnt.salcs
or general clerk. A moderate salary will suffice dur
ing the winter months. “Address "J J,” Box 933.
North Branch Post Office, Chicago. felS-wMMt
WANTED —Agents to sell
J. V. D. Heards *• Htstorv- oi the Indian Max-a
cre in Minnesota,” and other valuable works. Wo
have the beat list of Agent’! Books to be found. Call
at 88 Washington street, or address ROBINSON *
TOOMASjPWs Office DrawerCJ», Cwcago, 18.
W ANTED—A yonng ladv to go
FT into the family oi a gentleman In a’nelghfjor-
Ing city, to assist in taking care of children, do plain
sewing, practice music, or lake charge of the noose la
the absence ofthe mistress, as occasion may require.
To a young lady of refinement an t pleasing address,
good looks being no serioru objection, a pleasant
home and associations will be guaranteed. Address,
stating where an interview may he had. WM H. Ca.fi
TER, Chicago Post office. lel3-w97kit
~\\I ANTED.- 500 men wanted to
_J, Btll the “Great Natural Weather Indicator ”
This wonderful instrument is attracting the •'uriomtv
ami admiration of Scientific men. The Academy *
science here have been much interested In noticing
Its operations. Its proiessore pronounce it a
weaiher • prophet. It will InvariablyfoncU So
channels of the weather several hours In advance!
Enclose stamp for circular. 80x5256. HALL* pike*
cai<ogq> fel3-wgM.it *
W/ AXiiD—The photographers
I »«kaow that their toning trouble? wificease
rwiS?« ei prl £ u can easily be obtained
Of Carbntt s new Salt of Gold, Aaro Calclo
Chloric e. One bottle of thirty grains Is warn at c*i to
tone three times the quantity or prints as is toned by
Uio osnal IS grains bottle. Price 11.25 per bottloof 30
TJiiD—-A purchaser for a
i Lumber Yard. Fernttoro and Hardware Store,
ICO roUca spaUior Chicago, on L C. RaUroatf
Branch, tn a thrlTlnz Tillage, containing l 000 Inhabi
ts one teo Distillery, two Flonrini and one
Sorghcm Mill, Ac„ with as good a tanning country
surrounding as there Uln the State. Address “Ln w-
Box SJ37. Chicago, or J. T BULLARD. Lodi
Iroqecia Connty, 111, fe13»w665-lw
\\f ANTJ£D—For the Government
T f in thn Quartermaster's Department, at St
Looia,lCOQnanrmcn. Wagesf3sper monthand taZ
UODB. Also, 2ADO Laborers and Teamsters. Wages
S3O per month and rations. Free transportaion uit
nlflbed to place of destination and returned to St
Louis, Mo. For farther information inquire at the
Government Office, Ufitf South Water afreet. Chi.
eago.ni. JAMES W.CLAUK,
Ja2o-n371-8m Government Agent.
ANTED—An experienced Girl
. . for second work; also a man to take care of
boms, carriages, milk, make firas, &c. Ihermnit
be niillDffio jo to the country wife the family from
May to November; also a warn strew to seir and look
afltr children. None netd appu wao a.-e notfallv
qnaUiled and willing to attend to their respective dii.
ties. Irlth need not apply. Address r. 0. Box oto?
Chi Cago. - JblT w3TS-'n *
W ANTE T)—Agents in every
L Co . n aß . d J a ev ?T7 to s-?il, by sub
scription, •• Chroolcles of tbs Great Rebellion.” three
editions gold before published, by iter. Alien w
fcott. D. D.. of Mempbia, Tenn. compete la 0 «‘
octnYO TOlame of 511 paces. Price f1.50 per copy, a
humorous outline of the Rebellion. written la the
and esc chronicle style One of the most salable twoka
errrofftired by agents. Exclusive tetrltory glvemand
liberal Inducements offered to thorangfly accom
r'lsLcd atrems. Sold only by subscription »•v
r * CO., Publishers, S3 West FeuK, Cl„cl n :
Mtl.OhlO. fen-WJTfriw
W A N T ED—"Wood Choppers,
em SuSSfM
Si2T§Sifis3 l o°a r ( , Mli '* üb ''“
The Korthwcfitcrn iron Company, enzaxed in the
asM&%g^«ass&-^K , s
E iJiS- Ve ?v.^iafei° r Y l^at. '
» «/ AN TED— To hire between this
f T and tbe Ist or May, a house, respectably loca
ted, with ftUble (hr horses. Address Drawer 6053, cl V
tag name of tirctt, number and price. febl6-w9*-7t
good Coopers
TT »o go to the country. Permanent work *ll the
time. Men wiib families nref-rred. ApolvtoJOHK
B. KIKG. Hi South Water street, foot of PraAklln.
W ANTED—Ten or fifteen active
▼ T and intelligent business men to engage in can
vassing in the States of lUjnui*, lowa, Wisconsin aad
Mlnnetoia in LRe Insurance, for which good salaries
or commissions will he paid, for the right kind of
men Address IRAK, LEONARD, Watertown, Wu,
TV ANTED—Energetic men in
* cverr County In the Nor Sweat to *all “Mitch,
eu s hew General Atlas”—the best for family use
erer pnblUhcd-aad •‘Stcbblna* Klphtr Tears’ Pro
erese of the United States,” from the Revolutionary
'War to the Great Rebellion— the best works ectant
for Agents. Address J.X WHIDDBS, No. 7 Motho
dht CLnrrh Block, t hlcj-o. 111. P. 0. Bor 5T9!-
W ANTED—Agents to sell the
Lin or Major Oiseul Onurr, thahers ol
ironaidson.Ylckaburg and rbsttanooca—in one vel.
£rlct>2s ccnta. Alio a splendid Ufc-lika steel Bsgilit-
Xk# c» Oi.vinAL Grant, 9>s hy lilnches. Price M
cents* Mailed free upon receipt of price. Active
agents make $lO a day. Address E.RSS.C. Treat.
119 South Clark street, Chicago. fclS-vIS-it
WASTE D—An agent in every
Conaty to sell the Bistort o? imlvr.y
BAOxe. Including a (milling account of the late Mav
s&cnx ik Mikkisota, by tho popular author J* T.
H'Ahm w one large voL—nearly SCO pages aad
over 4C engravings—now ready. Sold only by ageitr.
It la the best paying agency of tbe day. Send stamp
for circulars and term l . E. B. &R. C.TREAF, 119
South Clark street, Chicago, 111. fel9-vlB-3t
WASTE D—lnformation of the
when shouts of Leonidas Hamllue DefenLwbo
left home in Res Molies, Polk Comty, lowa, on the
12th day cf July Inst. He Is twelve years eld, of me
dium size, black eves,brown hair, and Is rather bastt
ml among arraigns, (stirred Eaat when he left home.)
■U father. William Deford, is very sazloas to hear et
tots wtxreaboata, Any iniortsa'los wonld be very
thankfully receiv'd hr him. Addrea* WILLIAM 1>&-
FORD, Des Moines, lowa. fcl^-vl-lw
Ural 35state for Sale.
FOR SALE.—Lake Shore and
other Residences lor salo:
Indiana avenue ftiU depth lots near Old. for a
few days.
Prairie arenas lots 400 feet in depth, sad ISO feet in
depth near Old.
Michigan and Wabssb arenas lots, fall depth, and is
different locations.
Calumet arenas iota of great depth to Lake, between
Twenty-first aod Tweatjf-sccond streets.
Other Lake Shore arenas lota, some as low as 523 ocr
. foot, aboat Hardin Plage.
Michigan arenas houses and lots cheap.
Wabajh avenue near HahbarC Court.
Union Park sad West Washington street lots; slaoser*
eral corners (all east of the Park) at SSO per foot.
Residences on North Losalle, Ohio, Pine, Illinois
streets, Ac.
Also, flrst-clasi bosihess property In the centre of the
city. THUS. U BRYAN A CO..
• fels-w966-lw Bryan Hall.
Tj'Oß SALE.—S6,OOO. Two houses
X andloti.Nos 117 and 119 South Jefferson street,
between Monroe and Adams bib. Will bow rent for
$4Cv to (500 each per year. Poesealon given lint of
May next.-'Title perfect. For pat tlcnlan apply to
AKHUhbT * DOuOLAB Boat Yard. Bridgeport, or
address Post Office Box 4417.
fel»w9Bß»3t AEHURST * DOUGLAS.
FOR SALE—Lot on south side
of Park avenue, between Benben and Paulina,
t) oy 151 lett.
Lot on sooth side of Park avenne, between Wood
and Lincoln, SO by 131 feet.
Foot Lots on north flideofYaaßarcnstreot.be*
Thrcep and Loomis, each 25 by 130 feet.
Also, a number of Lots on wabasb, Michigan, Indi
ana and Prairie avenues j also, a number of Dwellin'*
Houses and Lots In different parts of the city, farms,
and Illinois Lands. SAMUEL A. SARGKNr,
felS-v** Beal Estate Agent. 4 Metropolitan Block.
Tf OR SAlE—House and Lot 254
X__ Indiana street—price »2 r r OO.
130ieet on Bandolpb,corner of Elizabeth street,
fit per foot.
home and Lot on Hnbbard street—price $1,900.
: An Improved farm (near Cblcaso) *.'120 acres
price only f1,500. Apply to PETEK BUIMP,
fe2Dvll-2c IS7 state street.
FOR SALE—House and Lot 450
State street (near Polk.) This is oneof the best
holiness place* In the Sooth Division. Can be bad at
a great bargain if applied for within one week. Ap
iel3-vlo-2t 167 State alreeU
Xj'Oß SALE.—Five large River
X Lots on the South Branch, with good railroad
facilltirs; 20 acres in the South Division, north of
Buena Vista Placet also Lots. Lands, and Improved
Farms Ter sale by GEO. M. HIQGIN6ON Real Es
tate Oflice So. 7 Metropolitan Block. '
lels-w753-Bt—x WAy
FOR SALE.—A Farm of 140
Acresof good Land, sltaatecll34 miles south of
hue*, with Two good Bouses on It, rood Barns and
put Buildings,alarae Strawberry Nursery, and all
kinds of Fralt. It fa in blsh cultivation, or cau be
divided Into two farms, of 60 acres, anc 80 acres each.
For particulars Inquire of MRS. LINDSAY, on the
premises, or address p. O.Box IW, Niles, JUchiesn.
F)R SALE—The sooth hall of See
tlon 25, By, 12. consisting of 820 acres of tbeflnest
1 and lo Cook County, within half a mOe of the Station
at Lyons, on the line of the Chicago. Burlington and
Quincy Ballroad. A part of this tract Is covered with
a handsome growth or wood. Terms ÜberaL Annie
de!3-?3Ci-Sm x war
F}R SALE—I2S Lots, constituting
Block 23 Canal Trustees* Subdivision of Section
7. fronting on West Indiana, Ashley and Fourth-sta.
Terms liberal. Apply to OGDEN, FLEETWOOD A
CO. del3aS62-3m x war
H"OR SALE—2S Lots in Block 5,
X Sampson * Greene’s Addition, fronting on Samp
son street. Terms liberal. Apply to OGDEN,FLEET
WOOD *CO del3*B4Mm xwav
roOR SALE—House and Lot, cor-
X ner of Warren and Lincoln streets House and
Lot on Washington near Oakley street, also one on
Oakley street. Terms of the last two one-tulf cash
and balance In March, 1687, at six per cent Interest.
Also, Lota on Washington and Park Avenue streets.
Terms one-third cash, balance In three years at six
per cent interest. Lot on Warren street, between
Lincoln and Eobey, for (25 per foot, and Lots on
North Lasslle street. J. F. STABE. TU gut Ban
dolph street. felS-wOS-at
Tf'Oß SALE—24O acres of Land
X In the Town of Ganges. County of Allegan,
Michigan, 4K miles from Pier Cove Landing, and live
mPes from Kalamazoo lUver, heavily timbered with
Beech, Maple. Whltewood aad Hemlock. Good rood
f- om land to the landing on the Lake, soil rich and
very desirable for fanning pnrpoiea. Price 81,500.
One hi If caah or pine lumber, delivered at Chicago,
balance In live annual payments, at seven per cent.
Interest. AddressC. A WABD,BarrOak.Si.Joseph
County, Micb. fei3-w3&lw
F3H SALE—For $1,600 House of
serea rooms, center lotsoxl2S, pleasant location
and pood neighborhood. North Side. S6OO cash,
balance on time at 8 per cent. Desirable Residence
Lots from 810 to 825 per foot. Valuable Residence on
Huron street at $12,600. also, one at SB,OOO. 1H*!0-
core HOLBROOK, Real Estate Broker. 43 South
Clark street. felS-w9&3t
FOR SALE—House and Lot on
the northwest correr of School and Deanl tinea
street, near Madison street, at SI,BOO. YOUNG A
SPRINGER, Beal Estate Agents, NoTt Metropolitan
Block. lelSwitti-St
pOR SALE. Sale! A 1
A good business lot, with buildings. No. 88 West
Randolph street, will be sold on SATURDAY, Pcb.
Sptb.at 10 o’clock A. M. t at the north door of the
Court House. fe!7-wSB3-3t
17 OR SALE—Hard Wood Timber
J- Land,about forty miles from Chlcego; 1,070 acres
between and near the iunction of the Southern Mich
igan and Michigan Central Railroads—first rate farm*
lug lands, never falling stream water. It can ba
bought for less than Its value when clrared; wood
and timber will net threo-fold Its cost. Owner living
Eastwantstherooney. EDWARD SICKET.
fcl6-wtg»6t No. 10 South Clark St., Chicago.
FOR SALE—2BO acres in the
south part of Lasalle Countv, five miles north,
east of Miuonk Station, on tho Illinois Central rail
road—22s seres of which Is in clean timothy meadow.
There is one small hoose, one granary, 10xi4« a stable
and yoong orchard. Price sl2 50 per acre until April
alter that 815 per acre. Apply to HENRY
S94W. Tremont, Tazewell County,nunols,
A large first class
i Hotel, in a thriving city, doing an extpn.
""'it, or T&M moderated
F ftjfiteim 1 addrtM -l:i G.-Tribeceomce;
POR SALE The “Valley View
Farm/’ lytaf. In Madison County, HUnols This
vaionb'e property, ontalnlng about fourteen hundred
acres, cf which five hundred and mty acres Is In cul
tivation, Is within two miles of Hdwardsvllle. Illinois,
with valuable Improvements on tho place, will he sold
2®, «V S S??- 1 5i5. n S 8 , °? “PPhcitloato the Bant of the
State of Missouri, St. Lotus. ft7M»3B9-Sw
FOR SALE—One large double
front counting-house Desk. Onelarge Platform
10 ’ foT rr waT^ Loaße * Also. mu set or RarrelMa
cllßery’ Trapp s patent, both for ti?ht andl-joso
stave dressers and plain era
cost over 82JC0O—will be sold cheap for eaan. or ex
changed for city property. w. fi. SAMPSON.
leO-wsSlw an “ Laad Agent, 8 MetropoUtaa Hail.
F3R SALE.—Farm lor sale, one
of Huntley Station, on the G. A C. U.
x>.w,la McHenry county, iu. Said Farm contains
2 c^.‘*ore s of good Jand, with living y ater. roodHonw
Wtt^l{TO D^« t th CS,&c * Thcr ®L a?e flltfen acres of
Bye on the ground, and fifty seres of F&n
sold for *2sj«6p aero? t«SS
leS-ym-lm B. CiUY.
T? 2,? SALE.— Great Bargains.
«rt .S tef/.W ?” I ll ' nne of theXoirins.
c £*\?*£** roa(1 ’ ln Livingston county. 111.
Slcs e d?T^iSlrt l^*a^ d rol Ji?K* aB “ within three
Cl“«wonb and Forrest-
mOea from a good Coal Mine, and will
T?*T*flt C iw a « ’ oae l J H l o*Bo, balance in five or seven
?£!£££»♦ There is a Beet Sugar
Manufactory at Chatsworth, in auccessfal oDeration
D K E ,Vi e w a %*, AdtfrS to
in *t RTtf l^i^a^i ol P h 4tfe et Chicago, or
t °!^.uHs7^t FELI '* Clutisworth, Illinois.
FOR SALE—Furniture of a family
declining bonaekeepJne, conslatlnc of nartor
TSSffifffn'Stf Mtfhen ftamtnie, andSeWwffc?»- #
o tsi ck f« p nsi .'' ,B ° a alee Ox over* Baker
TTOR SALE.—To Book Binders.
iIOTSE, Lhlcauo, lll.,orPoatOlScs Boi3€o,^acy,
SALE.—A new Canal Boat
z o% r ss!
in the Tlllaeo of CteriT Vaher on ♦hßffc- 1 - te 3
Galena railroad, 86 mllea wm^fchi«as^a^f^p?if
sVacUrJiSSS EDW “ ™
"p'93„ SALE—Hardware and A<m-
Kr offer* lor utah'l/cit™
Mi SgEaLK^lo.rLuifloT.* l . 'ndC
r£?nio S 'M^ E— Schooner Cuba
For coughs, colds and
*• Ihenioat highly approved medfctne ever
T^ Te tf. e £n lT v stood tx£ bxst or all ijww.
haring had an unprecedented sale of nearly
.forty year*. It la recommended by onr beatphya*
tciana. oor moat eminent cltlaenaTtbo Freaa,the trade,
in (het hr all who know it. Tor certificates, which
mb* gWen to aim oat any extent, sea wrappegta
each tonic. The proprietors wm
£^il ce **
delM«l-«aa *m u**9 4th*
Open This Day and
IdatlHlaa Gentlemen 50«
The Skating for Prizes comes off To
moirow (Saturdsy) High!
IVedaesday, Tlinijjdny, 'Friday and dalarday
February i«;b, 13th, 19th and 50th, USi.
Assisted by the ELLSWORTH ZOUAVES. who ul
..... _Jol*tJv Interested la Its pro'lncaom.
MISS P. A. HAGEU. (pupil of S. It. Mills.) Pltar».
Tickets 10 cents, locladiiyt a book ofSJ pages with*
oa i e *Vw tcl i a are r * e - Tickets for sale at the Music Stores
tod at toe asor.
Boors open at fIK; to commence at ~K o'clock,
nr The epltndid Steinway Concert Grand run*
Forte used at these enterratnmenta U from dnrra A
Nison's, 201 Eonth Clark street, and the Mason A
Hamlin Cabinet Organ irom Boot A Cadt's.
On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Feb. 20th. Ticket*
admitting Schools and Children, 15 cents. Adoltn,2S
cents. Boors opin at I o'clock; to commence at Z
N B.—The Matinee -wilt be in every retnert the
game as the Concert, with Gas, Ac. fel»w9»3t
Madison street, between State and Dearbor*
Proprietor and Manager. J?h, MoTloker. *
FCIDAV EVRVISO, BENEFIT of the cbsraltuc
young Comedienne,
mo will appear In two characters.
BfABGST, The Poultry Dealer,
With, fcjongs and Dances.
Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
FANCBOIf, The Grlclcet.
Miss Maggie mtchelt.
Admlsalen. 23 ceota.
Saturday nlght-MABGOT and SATT O’SHBAL.
115 A 117 Dearborn sfteet.
Lessee aadProprietor.
T. L. FITCH Stage Manager.
A new and varied Programme
Dreee Circle andParquerte ....
Private 80xe5.... *
Toang Men’s Mntnal ImprcTenznt JsscdaUa*
Of the First B eftmned Presbyterian Church, (Bar
Dr. will he hod on
Monday Evening, the SAtl Inst..
In the Church, corner of Fulton and Clinton streets.
Doors opes at 7 o'clock.
Tickets so Cents, to be bad at the door.
fCI9-v2S-3t T SAAX
200,000 Curiosities on Exhibition.
Secood week of THE ISVJSIBLE LADY. Monds.
February 13th.
Hours of ex bihltlon, dally (Sundays excepted) from
BA. M. until 10 P. M. Admission to all the Booms,
Balls and Galleries, Scents, Children, under Wveara
of age,ls cents, fe.-wCS-lw
Robinson & HOWES* cham-
Great Feats—Grand Spectacles.
Introducing the
Who, on Friday night next, will bare a
Academy of music.
Washington street,between Clark and Dearbors.
j^P^BATevening. Feb. 15th, and every evening
wees of the magnificent
“s“°t’ lan F *fce, **Tho Happy Man. or the Treaty
.Hew Scei,<? ry. Costumes. Properties,
Ac., the best aflerplcce ret produced. First week of
e i , < y \ ten< i? 5 Visitation; The Victim of Vico and
tno vicious villlan; immense success of B. A. Latka*»
Monster Concert, last week of Its production; When
Johnny Cornea Marching Home; Uncle Sam Grant.
Splendid Programme. Secure yonr seats In time.
8 o’clock^* >I >^^^^^ ,E Feb. SCih, commencing at
Doors open at 7 o’clock, commencing at 8 P. M. Ad*
mission 25 cents; Seats secured through the day 30
cents,* Private Boxes $3 00. R. 9. DINGUS. Agent.
auction Sales.
Nos, 103, 105 and 107 Dearborn Street,
-*• For account of underwriters.
~ _ On THURSDAY, Fpo 18th. at 11 o’eloefr
At Butters Auction BoomsJn Portland Block, corner
m ... of Dearborn and woshlngton-ets.
feblg-wSIS-at WM. A. BUTTERS & CO, Aucfre.
DRT GOODS, &c„ & c .,
At Auction.
,ITil® w (THURSDAY) morning, Feb. 18th, at 9ig
Butters* Anctionßoo ms Portland Block
fel9-w9ES-lt WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Aucfpfc,
On SATURDAY, Feb. 20th, at 9,V o’clock,
AtßottertAuctlonßooms, in Portland Block. No*
1-3.105 A 107 De*trborn street
i- . .of two families relinquishing housekeeping.’
AND\nORAVINGS-A flue col.
FIREFHOOF SAFE—A large Plra-Proof Safe, double
PLATEIVWABIC— An invoice of PUtcd-Ware.
BILLIARD TABLK4—One fine >llll ard Table, la
complete order. One do., do- do., marble bed.
not complete. . *u«u.o
COMPASS—One Surveyor’s Compass,
with Trtpqn and Chain. r
SHOW fine Show Case.
fel4-w75Mt WM. A. BUTTERS A CO., Auct’rs.
44.46 and 43 Dearborn street.
Underwriter’s Sals by Catalogue of
On THURSDAY, Feb. SStb.at 10 o’clock, we shall
Bell at our salesrooms, 48 Dearborn street, by order
°f Underwriters,Mcrates of C.C. Ware, and3o crates
ol White Granite Ware, in open lots. The crates will
be opened and quantities guaranteed as In catalogue.
Goods packed lor the country.
1e1J.w582.9l GILBERT A SAMPSON, Auct’rs.
41,46 A Dearborn street
Criginal Oil Paintings,
Sow 021 exhibition at 107 Lake street.
On WEDNESDAY. 7eb.3ltb. at 10 o’clock A. U. and
7K o'clock P. SI.
The gallery contains aboatcco ilctnreaby eminent
liTlnc orusis, of L-miacspcs, Figures, Se* Views,
Cattle. Interior?. Scripture ana Historical Piece*,
Fancy Subject*. &c. Also, valuable Originals by tbe
old Italian, French and Flemish masters, as Mr.
Boebe la declining tbe business, tbo wbolo catalogue
will be closed wltnoa: any reservation whatever.
.fel7-wßßl<tt GILBERT & 3AMPBO?-, Auct'rs.
Gilbert & sampsox.
General Anctloneers, 41, W& is Dcarbora-st.
Mirrors, &cc~, &zo.,
On PKIDAY. Peh, 19th. at 10 o’clock, we ahall sell
at onrSa.csrooma, a large ana soperlor assortment of
Rich Chamber Suits,
In roFCrrood, Oil sml TamUbtd Wjlnol, eltwnt
£°K« e - C £SS; BtaS£r£S
U ’SSiiSSI Anctloaeera.
I) x. HAZE'LL, Auctioneer.—lm
!>• nortftOtpoaldTC sale of c*;er
n nffo worth of Hardware and Gallery*
C'--°' flUU wKi)NKBJ > A?, Jfchmnry 21th.
And following d»J» until the whole is sold.coanieft-
P£i at 10 o'clock each dar. at .So. 3 PLATT STKKBrr
SfW TOIJK, (by order Messrs. C. 'v ScofloW* Co.
are declining the Hardware branch of their boat
m-sa.) The entire stock of
HCVT .nd Catlerf
Contained In aald store, comnrialns
ersl .iNortment of desirable goods, ail of wiUOhwUI
positively be sold.
con be bad o« VlffimE
leJ3wM7-Wt 68 Liberty afreet, Sew Tor*.
XTOnCE.—If Jim and Bill Maher
Xl are here from Montreal a Mead would likat*
see them. TLUTt’KiT, Mattisou House,
.25 cent*,
.99 ecus.

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