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Chicago Cnbmte.i
wednesjAt, march s, iscl J
Poor old John Bull is putting his loot into
it everywhere, and seems destined to get into
everybody’s china shop. Not to spook of hii
bnnilng-np eight thousand
women and children, thereby provoking the
moral indignatiofi~bT the whole civilized
world, nor the ead plights he Is in - over
Indemnity claim, his Schi es wlg-Holstda
troubles arc more mortltying than oil others
combined... The latest intelligence says Eng-;
hmd has proposed an armistice between the
Danes and Germans, preliminary to a confer
ence to be held for the purpose of definitely!
settling the Scblcswlg-Eolstcln question.'
This, of course, Is axonccssion to Louis Na-|
poleon. He first proposed a general Con-:
gross, and England refused to comc in; now;
England is tbe first to ask for one. Napoleon’
must have bailed the war with delight, for it;
afforded a splendid opportunity to repay the
©light practiced upon.Mm. ...He could go
skating, or write Ms life of Csesar, while the
Germans were storming the Dazmcwerko.*
■What mattered it to Mm ? He had simply to
wait and watch for Ms own aggrandizement.
Kot so with England.. She must take action.
The Prince of Wales married the daughter of
the Boyal Done. Printe Alfred is Germanic'
inhissympaUiica. The Queen’s eldest daugh
ter is wife of the Crown Prince of Prussia,
and the Crown Prince isin the field fighting
against the father of Ms sister-in-law, the
Princess of Woles. : The Dnke of Angusten
burg, about whom all tills trouble has arisen, :
irthe nephew of 'Queen Victoria. In taking
action England thas most side with' neither
party, and therefore the only resort Is a coll
for a Congress. This Napoleon had done be
fore blood was shed, and England refhsed to
participate. Now England proposes It, and
Napoleon, enjoying the humiliation, heaps
coals of fire on the Bull’s head by accepting
the invitation. , %
We took occasion recently to direct public:
attention to tbe magnitude of the products'
of the Lake Superior iron mines. Stating
that this year they would reach 300,000 tons;
and would give employment to 100 sailing
vessels. Hitherto the route for these ores
has been over the Iron Mountain Railroad to
Marquette, thence through Lake Superior,
the Sant Canal, and St. Mary’s River, to the
lower lake ports. But tMs. year a hew route
will he opened, through the Peninsula Rail
road, from the mines to Bay dcs Noqncts of
Lake Michigan which, it is believed, is far
more, feasible than that hitherto pursued, and
one which the navigating interest of the
- lakes cannot view with indifference.
The advantages of this new route maybe
aummed up os follows: .
L The distance la-the voyage from the
Lower Lake ports, taking Presque Isle as the
diverging point is 100 miles less.
2 The cost of towage through tbe Stl
Mary’s River wMch omonntstoabont SIIO.OO
both ways, and occupies about three days’
time, will be avoided; and estimating tbe
cost of chartering a vessel at SIOO.OO per day,
would make a difference ol $410.00.
3. The tolls for passing thp canal, which
is 12c both ways,, rating according to the
vessel's tonnage and not her cargo, would
also be avoided, which on a vessel of 380
tons, whose average cargo would he 450
ions gross, would amount to $45.60, making
a difference in expenses of $455.60.
4. Assuming the freights from Marquette
to Cleveland to he $3.00 per gross ton, and
that the depth of water in the canal is suf
ficient for ordinary vessels, the rates of trans
portation by thh new route ought to be from
25 per cent to S3 per cent less.
5. As the depth of water in the canal dur
ing the past Reason was only ten feet three
Inches, the larger vessels were either ex
cluded from thin route or compelled to load
light—vessels of6oo .tons only loaded to two
thirds of their capacity. Such vessels, with
ample depth of water and loaded to their
full capacity, can he navigated about 5 per
cent cheaper than ordinary ones.
C. Navigators complain that the sides and
bottom of the canal were left rough and
jagged, so that a vessel touching is injured;
and from this . cause daring the past
season many vessels arriving in port were
compelled to go into dry-dock. Hence, ves
sel owners are reluctant to engage in this
trade. By the other route no perils of this
kind will be incurred.
7. The harbor ol Marquette is merely an
abrupt bend in the coast, affording no shelter •
from North and north-east winds, and hence
vessels ere. often compelled to weigh anchor
and jmt to sea.. The harbor of Bay des
Noqucts on the other hand, is deep, land
locked, and capacious enough to ride the
whole Lake fleet, with no liability to inter
ruptiqp while loading.
8. An additional advantage is that *in the
Summer, when freights are dun, vessels
would run down light from Chicago to Bay
dcs Noquct, take in a cargo of ore and pro
ceed to Cleveland or Buffalo, at a time when
they would not go to Marquette at all. In
the fall, when freights are high, this rule
wbula outum* sB relatively more time would
be consumed in going to Marquette tlian to
Chicago, In consequence of the prevalence of
westerly gales;
9. It may be assumed that the new route
will afford at least six weeks additional navi*
gallon—not that there will be that difference
between the opening end closing of the two
routes, but navigators arc reluctant to enter
Lake Superior after the 10th of October,
when they are sure to encounter boisterous
weather, and incur great risk of being nipped,
by ice In the St Mary's Hirer. On the other.
bond, vessels may safely approach Bay des
Noqncts until excluded by ice, with the foil
assurance that they will fiind open ports be
low. ;
The Iron Mountain Bollroad starts from
Marquette and reaches .the Jackson mine at
a distance of 14 miles, and at a height of 830
feet above the Lake, and thence is protracted
6 miles further. Instead of a uniform grade
of CO feet to the mile, there is one up grade
of 79 feet, and a descending grade of CO feet,
while the course of the road Is marked by nu
merous abrupt curves, all of which facts have
a direct Influence on its capacity for trans
portation. The usual freight train is made up
of 20 cars, loaded with 8 tone of ore, equal to
160 tons; and to haul back such a-train emp
ty, up a grade of 179 feet, taxes the capacity
of the most powerful locomotive/
The Peninsula Railroad, on the other hand,
starts from Bay des Noqncts of Lake Michi
gan, and runs nearly due North for 15 miles;
thence N. N. W. along tbe water-shed be
tween the Es can aba and White fish rivers for
25 miles in an air-tine; and thence, after reach
ing the region of crystalline rocks, by a more
devious course, tor 22’ miles to the Jackson
mine, making the whole (distance a littleovcr
€2miles. There arena abrupt curves, nor
heayy grades, the steepest being 53 feet—in
fhet, the route affords no impediments more
serious than arc found on the prairies of Illi
nois. The tractive .power of a locomotive
over this road will, be capable of hauling 50
cars each, loaded with B,tons of ore, equal to
400 tons, on a descending grade, with the
ability of hauling them back empty.
A locomotive on tbe Iron Mountain Road
makes two trips in 12 Lours and delivers on
tbe lake shore 830 tons of ore, making a run
of 08 miles. A locomotive on the Peninsula
road, making one trip in 12 hours, 'will deliv
er at Bay des Noqncts 400 tons of ore, making
a run of 134 miles, from which point tbe rate
of transportation will be SLOO less than from
Marquette. - . .
. As a passenger route, it must commond the
favorable consideration of the community.
Leaving Chicago in the-morning by tbe
NoriiiwestifS .221™, Us trsYsnor, sft-r
an easy ride, finds himself by dusk at Green
Bay, where he embarks on board of anew
steamer which lands him the next morning
atEscanabo, and at noon .he dines at Mar?
quelle, thus reducing the distance between
Chicago and Lake Superior to thirty hours ;
This communication has nil of the Impor
tance ol a national work. Without it, In the
event of -awar with Great Britain, the whole
commerce of the Lake Superior region could
readily be cut oil; either by the destruction
of the locks of the St Mary’s Canal, or the
blockade of the St Mary's Elver. The waters
of that river, after leaving -the Sant, expand
into ten thousand channels' and embrace as
.tdost islands, among which gunboats of light
droll could glide with little fear of detection;
On the other hand, with Mackinac fortified,
the whole commerce of that region could
be thrown into Lake Michigan, with little
inconvenience, and with no probability of
interruption. . This important work was
commenced in August last, under the ener
getic management of P.H. Smith, Esq., of
this city, as President, and will be completed
bv the middle of June next; and when it is
considered that the route' lay through an un
broken forest, it may be regarded as a splen
did feat in railroad construction.
The snapping, snarling secession con
cern-denounces Congress for cresting the
J nrade of Lieutenant General, and abuses the
' President for conferring that rank on General
Gran’. It denies that Grant is our greatest
nr most deserving General, and makes him
out a rather small potato compared with the
stick-in-the-mud McClellan. If any officer
deserves the laurel wreath It professes to
1 think that tbe copperhead grave digger of the
Cldckabominy Is the Individual, saying:
m other thousand* would speak of him who at
Malvern Diila, Andctam, Sharpaburg, and other
battle-field*. has ehownagcnms lor command, a
caoacltT for the conception and execution of vast,
comcrt'DcnßiTe and logical plana, that entitle him
to a Jolly height in the esteem of both Mends and
Malvern Hills! ;• Te gods and little fishes.
General McClellan:, had no. more to do with
fghting the battle of Malvern Hills than the
man in the moon. "While that battle was go
ing on “ Toung Napoleon” was safely encons
cd on board a friendly gunboat on the James
river. Hc.heard the roar of the contest, but
did not sec it. - He was Too much “ demoral
ized” to come close enough for that.
At the battle of AnUotam, where he had
94,000 men against 05,000 rebels, he refused
toTeinf6rce"clthcr~ his right wing under
Hooker and Stunner, or his left nadcr Burn
side, but kept Porter's whole corps of 25,003
men Idle all day. The result was, that what
onghtto hare been & decisive defeat of thej
rebels, resulted in a drawn battle. At
Gaines’ Mill, he allowed Porter's ‘ Corps of
80,000 men to straggle for nine hoars against
70,000 rebels under Dill, Longstreet and
Stonewall Jackson, and only sent to their
relief, towards sundown, two small brigades
0f4,000 men. It was entirely in his power to'
have sent reinforcements - enough to have
completely. repulsed the enemy, and with*
his left wing to have marched straight into ;
Richmond, which was almost undefended.!
Be allowed less than 8,000 rebel troops to
skirmish with and amuse the 80,000 troops
composing his center and left wing, wnile
the whole rebel army was crashing his right
wing. This is’ the individual whom the
seccsh concern declares “ has shown a
“genius for command, a capacity for the
“ conception and execution of vast, compre-'
■“ hensive and logical plans; that entitle him’
“to a lofty height in the esteem of both
“friends and enemies.” The lost 'three
words should read; “rebels and Copper
“ heads,” for they alone esteem snch general-!
ship. JcH Davis and Ms coadjutors would
give a million boles of cotton to bavc Gen.
Grant removed and McClellan put in Ms
place; that change of commanders would
mokcaß Secc&sla ring joy bells and scream
with delight; it would cause the pious
Davis to proclaim a day for thanksgiving and
prayer. • •
It is surely well to print a few copies of
McClellan’s Report It ought to be. kept;
for there ore several objects to be gained by
saving It to posterity, bnt where is the paper
to be got to print them on ? We submit, that
paper is outrageously high now; to exhaust
the stock is to raise it still higher; and every
newspaper and book printer, and reader, is
in danger of being put to tax, jnst to help
out this forest of lottos, Into the world. But
who is to read them? Well, no matter for
that. People are hot expected to read all
that is printed.
But IMs Report is a grand thing in its way.
It was just the thing wanted. Nothing else
would have settled the public mind, and that
of the army, as to Its author. When Web
ster killed Turkman, he had his trial, and was
convicted. Bnt. the evidence was all circum
stantial, consequently, one-third of the peo
ple were not convinced. In this condition of
things Webster made a free and voluntary
confession of the mime, and the case was at
rest forevermore.
This Report is McClellan’s confession. He
had his trial in front ol Washington, and on
the Peninsula. The verdict came in, and
many received it as it plainly was. Bat oth
ers, and especially the Eastern army,
were not satisfied. McClellan was a good fel
low—no doubtofthat. He was a fine looking
officer. He was gifted with the gab; he could
make a book; hp knew what an army want
ed to fit It for a campaign; he was a good
furnisher; he was a fair drill officer; ho could
get up a splendid review; he'could make
hlmsdf popular with troops; Hewas, more
over, an engineer; he could dig like an army
of woodchucks. But he failed—failed miser
ably. He jailed In two things. His young
head was staffed with political theories; be
was fighting the moral and political battle, as
well as the martial, instead of leaving that
to the Administration above him.. And be
sides, his political notions were not sound.'
They were ora crude, pro-slavciy, conserva
tive, copperheadlsh sort, which would never
Lave settled the troubles of the country till
doomsday. They were ol the old threadbare
variety, which had been in use for twenty
years, and which of all things we wanted to
be rid of, and could never do a thing till we
were rid of them. Admit that they were
those of the country at the time—that Is, of a
large part of the country- True, but they ore
those of their authoryet This report proves
it. McClellan can learn nothing. These three
past years have taught him nothing.- And
what is a man good for who is as dry and un
moved as if his head were of solid basswood,
through two such years of history os the
past ?
These political theories, then, carried Into
the camp, were one thing that spoiled him.
The other was an absolute inability to handle
troops in the field. He had no aggres
sive military honor. He could not march
overland, and*attack and conquer. He was
not Sherman, Rosccnms, or Grant. He took
like a gopher to the earth. Instead of march;
ing square on Richmond, fighting the enemy
when he found him, he went into the middle
of the Chickahominy swamp several miles
away, and where there was no rebel near
him and Ixgan to dig. 'When bis ditch was
dug, the rebels came out, got on his flanks
and made him fight with no more reference
to it than if it was In the moon. The result
we all know and deplore.
Now this- Report, for which the whole
world is to.be scoured oi paper rags, is just
needed, as a confession of inability, which
shall Clinch the whole case. A man who
could write such a report as that, proves his
incapacity for successful command. No sol
dier who knows what work in the field is
will believe in him for a moment 'any longer.
We called him 11 Napoleon.™ Bead Napoleon's
military papers. Me has no words to spore.
He makes one sentence, of five words, do
more work than five pages of this stuff A
letter of his seldom covers a page of com
mercial note paper, written in a big scrawl
ing hand; and his words go off like hand
grenades, snapping and cracking with heat
and fire. Be sure a man who in time of war
writes by the ream, cannot fight in the field.
He may sit down to a siege; he may take a
fortress, bnt field work involves motion; and
active working men cannot find time for long
winded stories.
But it Is a great thing for a man in a false
position—bearing a fictitious value, to show
his hand,- and rather than not have It, we
would consent to have ten thousand copies.
The 22d is Southern Illinois.— The 22d
was celebrated at Jonesboro', Union county,
in an appropriate manner. The Cairo Newt
estimates tbe number of jersons present at
two thousand, many .of whom came from the
adjoining counties of Alexander, Pulaski,
Johnson, Williamson, and Jackson. Speeches
were made by MqJ. Kuykendall, enrollment
commissioner in tbe 13th district; Col John
Dougherty, the pi d * ‘Democratic War Horse,”
so bitterly hated by traitors and copperheads;
CoL Edwin B. McCook, of the SlstHllnois;
D. W. Munn, Esq., and Dr. Agnew, of the
6th Illinois cavalry. All the speeches breathed
a spirit of the most determined loyalty.
Those of CoL Dougherty and Col. McCook
were especially severe, in their denunciations
ofcopperheadlsm. The followingresolutlon
was offered by CoL Dougherty: ,
iterated. That as citizens of tiffi United States
wc pledge ourselves, our lives, our property, and
our sacred honors to sustain the Government at all
r •_ I
The Cairo Jfcuur, to which we are ‘ Indebted
for these particulars, says this is but the
commencement of a series of similar meet
ings which will be held in every county in
that district . * "
Gov. Tates on the Education of Sol*
diem’ Orpli^ns.
Got. Talcs has written the following letter
in reply to an invitation to be present at Mrs.
LippincoU’e late lecture in this city:
State orlMJSois, Executive Depahtuest,) T
- SrartfcnELD, Feb. 55,16 W. f (
Ihsre just retnrnsd Ifrom Qnlncv, and find your
letter requesting rcc to be present at the meeting at
Brran Hall, to Thj boldai on Saturday next, in be
half of aland for the education of the children of
ocr deceased soldiers.
I tincerelv regret that my heavy engagements
here prevent mvbeing present on that occasion. I
regret it all the mom because the object of the
meeting is one of the highest and holiest which can
encase our attention, and one which, from the bot
tom of my heart, I desire to have succeed. It
should be the earnest effort of all patriots and
Christians to see thnt the chlldrcn of our deceased
soldiers arc taken care of clothed and educated. In
this way shall wc most honor the memory of onr
glorious dead. "We owe to the eon of every de
ceased soidicr every comfort and education which
that soldier's manly arm could have secured if liv
iuc. We owe this, not as a ebaritv, but as a sacred
debt *’ • .
Again rcerettlng that it Is not possible for mo to
be present, lam. Truly youw, i
.5?" The London JTeraW, which loses no
opportunity of berating the present British
Cabinet, referring to the bombardment of
Engodnm and the Japan question, says;
“The Japanese are weak, and utterly unable
to contend with a first rate European power.
They are Just the people that Lord Bussell
likes to deal with.” .. J
; . f59“ The Marquise Barolo-Colbert, .whose
husband was Sardinian -Ambassador to the
Court of Napoleon L, and who was. herself
formerly reader to the Empress Josephine,
died at Turin la January.. V t
. py rite John Porter Is announced among
the Pike’s Peak mines.' If the miners there
about will sink n shaft in bis bead, they will
strike a rich lead of copper.
Rebel Military iflMrs In tbe Southwest—Tbe
• Defense of TUksbnrg—Jclt Davis' Corres
pendence uUh Joe Johnston—The Vex
- aliens of the Bebel Position. .•
On Feb. 16, pamphlet copies of the corres
pondence between the President and
Gen. Joseph E. Johnston, together with that
0f the rebel Secretary of War and the Adjn
tantandthe. .Inspector..General,.daring the.
months of Moy, Jdnc and JuTy,lßC3“wldch~
was submitted in response to a resolution of
the rebel House, adopted on the Uth of Jan
uary, were distributed among the members.
This correspondence is quite voluminous,
embracing as it docs over sixty pages, and
covering aU the lettcre and telegrams which
passed between the Executive and Gen. John
ston from the time the latter was assigned to
the command, of the, army in Mississippi, un
til the 81st of July—nearly one month after
the fall of Vicksburg. -
. - In . thc~ early, part of tho correspondence,
the President urged upon Gen. Johnston the
necessity of making an effort for the relief of
the garrison in Vicksburg,' and on’ the 24th of
Hay be sent Mm tho annexed dispatch,wMch
was In response to one from Gen. J. t express
ing confidence to Gen.*Pemberton’s tenacity;
To Gen. J. B. Johnston, Canton, HUe4
Icoocnr In your reliance in thd tenacity with
which Gen. Pemberton will dctendAls position,bnt
tie disparity of numbers renders prolonged de
fento dangerous. I hope yon will soon be able tq
break the Investment, make a junction, and cany
in munitions. Gen. Bains, who has made valnable
ieventions. is ordered to you for special scrrlcaand
will, 1 thick, be nsclM, both on land and river.
Gen. Brneg has probably commnalcated with you:
If my strength permitted, I would go. to yon.
Jefferson Davis. ;
-Again, on the 28th, the President telegraph
ed that he had withheld nothing from him
wMch it was practicable to give; that numer
ical equality was not to be hoped for, and
that time would probably increase the dis
On tho same date Gen. J. telegraphed tho
President from Jackson, Miss., as follows: j
To HU Excellency, the President. i
It U reported that the last infantry coming, leave
Montgomery to-night. When they arrive I shall
bare about £3,000. Pemberton can be saved only
by beating Grant. Unless yon can promise more
troops we most try with that number.- The odds
against ns will bo very great. Can you not add
7,000? Ask for another Major-General, Wilcox, or
; whoever von may prefer. We want good general
officers quickly. 1 have to organize an army and
collect ammunition, provisions, and transportation.
• J. E. Johnston.
With reference to the troops sent to Gen.
Johnston, tho President telegraphed _ on the
80th of May, as follows: <
To Gen. J. E. Johnston, Jackson, Misw.
Tour dispatch of the SSth was received. Tho
Secretary of War reports the re-enforcements or
dered to yon a? greater than the number you re
quest. Added to the forces you have from Pember
ton’s army, he states year whole force to be thirty
four (34) thousand, exclusive of militia. Bowen and
Walker promoted. French and Breckinridge order
ed to von, win, I hope, meet your want of Major-
Generals. If another be required, S. D. Lee fs. I
tbtntr, equal to tbet grade. Officers in the field
here cannot be sent to yon without too great delay;
The treope sent to you were so folly organized that
I suppose you will have little trouble as to organi
zation, unless it be of militia. Col. Stockton can
probably£bswcr your requisition for ammunition.
.You no doubt will be embarrassed by deficiency of
Add transportation. The recent robberies have
diminished the amount in the country.
Jefferson Davis.
To this Gen. Johnston replied on the Ist of
Jane from Canton, Miss.
To UU Excellency the Praidmi:
The Secretary of War is greatly mistaken In hli
numbers. By their own returns the troops at my
disposal available against Grant are:
Of Pemberton’s 0,700 1 Of Beauregard's...s,ooo
Ofßrngg’s 8,400 J
Total... 31,100
Not including a few irregular cavalry, nor Jackson’s
command, the strength of which 1 do not know.
Bowen and Leo 'arc in Vicksburg. beyond my
reach. In thd estimate that garrison is not inclu
The total of the above is twenty-four thousand
one hundred (34400).
These ore the numbers of effectives. • .
The first point of difference appears to have
been with reference to the appointment of a
Major General for the Mississippi Depart
ment. Gen. Johnston asked for the appoint
ment of Brig.-Gcn Cadmus Wilcox, to which
the Department responded by sending Major
General French. On hearing of the assign
ment of Gen. French to the command of.a
division in his Department, Gen. Johnston
sent the following dispatch to the President,
dated June 10,1863 : : ( ;
To hit Excellency President Davit:
It has been suggested to me that the troops in
this Department arc very hostile to officers of
Northern birth, and that, on that account/ Major-
Gen. French’s arrival sill weaken instead of
strengthen ns. I beg you to consider that all the
officers of Northern ofrth are on dnty in this De
partment. . There is now a want ofMajor-Gcnerala.
It is important to avoid any canse of farther dis
content. , . r • J. E. Jonssrox.
To this dispatch the President replied on
the 11th of June as follows: . . . <*'■:
To General J. E, Johnston: •
Your dispatch received. Those who suggest that
the arrival of Gen. French will produce discontent
among the troops, bccan*o of us Northern birth,
are not, probably, aware that ho is a citizen of Mis
sissippi, was a wealthy planter until the Yankees
robbed him, and before the Confederate States bad
an aj my was the chief of ordinance and artillery in
*tbe force which Mississippi raised to maintain her
right of secession. As soon as Mississippi could
Fparc him, he was appointed a Brigadier General in
toe Provisional Array of. the Confederate State?,
and has frequently been before the enemy where be
was the senior officer. If malignity should under
mir e him, as it has another, yon arc authorized to
notify him of the fact, and to relievo him, commu
nicating it to me by telegram. Surprised by your
remark as to the General officers of Northern birth,
1 turned to the register, and find that a large ma
jority of the number ore elsewhere than in the De
partment of the Mississippi and Eastern Louisi
ans.' Jrn'xcsox Davis.
The next point of difference seems to have
been with reference to the geographical lim
its of Gen. Johnston's military department,
that officer conceiving that his transfer to
Mississippi relieved him from the command
of the Confederate forces in Tennessee. Od
the 12th of June he telegraphed the Secretary
of War from Jackson, Miss.:
“I have not considered myself commanding In
Tcimct'pee since assignment here, and have not felt
authorized to lake-troops-from that department
after having been informed by the Executive that
no mere could be t-pared. To take from Bragg a
force which would make this army fit to oppose
Grant, would involve the yieldiiur of Tennessee.
It Is for the Government to decide between this
State and Tennessee.”
This dispatch was replied to by the Presi
dent under date of June 15:
u To Gen. J. E. Johnston, Jackson, Miss.;
“ Your dispatch of the 12th instant to Secretary
of War noted. Tbe order to go to Mississippi did
sot diminish your authority In Tennessee, both
being in the country placed under tout command
in tbe original assignment. To what do yon refer
as information from me restricting your authority
totransfertroopabccaneenomore could hespaiS
■ed 7 Officers ordered to youlordutygeneraliyare
of course, subject to assignment by you.
In the conclusion of this letter, the Presi :
dent says: .. . * 1
I In no manner, by no act, by no language, either
of myself or of the Secretary of War, has your au
thority to draw troops from. one portion of your
department to another been withdrawn, restricted
or modified.
Now that Vicksburg bos disastrously fallen, this
subject woddprceeni no pressing demand for at
tention, and its examinations would have been
postponed till a future period,bad not your dis
patch of the sth instant, with Its persistent repeti
tion of statements, which I had Informed von were
enormous, and without adducing a single fact to
sustain them, induced me to terminate the matter
at emee by a review of all the facta. The original
mistakes in your telegram of the 13th June, would
cladly have been overlooked as accidental, If ac
knowledged when pointed ont.
The perseverance with, which- they have been
insisted on haa not permlttcdme to pass them by
as a mere oversight, or by refraining from an an
swer to them to admit the Justice of the statement.
The remainder of the correspondence has
reference to. the operations of our own and
the enemy's forces subsequent to the fall of
Vicksburg. _ : r
Little Bhody for President Lincoln.
The General Assembly of Btiode Island
have passed the following resolutions t
■WnxnEAB, Abraham ' Lincoln, President of the
United States, in the midet of the great trials of a
civil war. begun for no other pmposc but for the
extension and perpetuation of* domestic slavery,
has administered toe National Government with a
wisdom, a patriotism and an integrity which have
commanded the highest confidence of the American
people; and whereas, in the present unhappy con
dition of the country, tbo election; of - a President
ought, so far as practicable, to bo divorced from
party strife and passions, and to he conducted with
paramount reference to the speedy suppression of
the rebellion and *tbc restoration of the National
Union: It is therefore - ;
Eefdrxd, That regarding, as wc do, the admin
istration of President Lincoln as reflecting to an
unusual degree the sentiments of tbe American
people; ana believing it* leading measures to have
been eminently wise, and demanded by the necessi
ties of the country, and especially being sincerely
des irons to discourage all party animosities and
contentions in this time of onr - national perils,- wb
earnestly recommend'.to the loyal.people of the
United States that, disregarding all secondary is
sues, and lopking only to tbe ultimate triumph of
the Union and the Constitution, they unite with
occ accord in re-electing Abraham Lincoln for the
coming Presidential term. *
Referring to tbe passage oi the above, tbe
Providence Journal says:
The discussion and the vote in the General As
sembly yesterday on the resolutions recommend
ing the re-election of Abraham Lincoln, show what
iadeedwas before well known to every one here,
Pint the President baa a deep and strong hold on
tbe affections and esteem of the citizens of this
State, Those who disapproved of the adoption of
the resolutions by the House, on the ground that
such action was not the proper business of a legis
lative body,—and no other ground of opposition
was taken, wc believe,—vied with those wbo favor*
ed the adoption of the resolutions in bestowing
commendations on the respected Chief Magistrate
of the nation,
The Kentucky Kidnapping Trade.
The following, one of the many, taken
from the Frankfort CowmouwaKh, is an ex
ample of an extensive, business carried on In
Kentucky, in the. lace of the President's
emancipation proclamation, and of Its prom
ise of protection to freedmen In their liberty,
and in defiance of all the military orders, and
expressed and implied pledges to the ne
groes: •
NOTICE.-—There was committed -to tho Carroll
county jail, a runaway slave, a r .mu caUlng
hiuifcir Williams. He Is about 6 feet 8 orfl latgiea
blub, light complexion, 19 years of age,badonwhen
taken up a striped caMlmere borboit, bltcKftnbat.
and gray mixed pent*. and_lnhiß noß?es3ionan ml
cloth and blanket, marled with the letters U. S. He
was taken from the steamer Priam Donna, at the
wharf at Carrollton, Carroll county, Kv.Sayabobt
lorcs to Park Townsend, of JluutsviUCrAla. _• .
Ibe owner can come forward, prove property and
! pay charges, or be .will be dealt with as the lavr re
, Tuvin Owes, J. C. C.
Dec.ii.lS6s—im ■ •
v. As usual In these.cases,-this doed not des
cribe a vagrant or fugitive negro; buta steam
boat; very likely in- the Government service,
lauds at the wharf, and straightway the pro
fessional negro hounds of the place board and
scorch her, and take tala light colored ™nn
from his lawful and honest employ meat to
sell him'into slavery through the process of.
jail fees. .
.The vagabond Kentuckians who follows
this kinnapplng business, and who defendlt,.
talk of their local laws. But their laws .were
made for the purpose of restoring fugitive
negroes to their owners. If they aro;really
tiyirg to cany out their local laws, by re
turning these colored men to the traitors and
active rebels, it will come under the head of
furnishing aid and comfort to' tbe enemy, and
will moke a case requiring military treatment
of these official kidnappers. ; If justice : werc
to be executed, they bad much , better put
their business under tbe hood of stealing for
their own private account. —Cincinnati Gazette.
[From Oar Regular Correspondent.!
Washington, Feb. 28,1801.
There was quite ah animated debate in the
House yesterday on tho Navy appropriation
bill, wMch finally passed. ; Mr. Holman, of
Ind.. (copper) attacked Secretary Wollsv
whole course; He said there was enough to
make the checks of the American people
mantle with shame, and yet the President re
tains Mm In defiance of the public judgment
against hiza. Mr. Kelley (Union) replied In
defense* of the Sccrclary arguing that the hisi
tory of the Department would hereafter bo
read with patriotic pride. In addition to Its
victories, it had established and maintained
trade es was never before'attempted by any
nation. MK Davis, (Union) of Maryland, sta
ted that the attack on Charleston was a mls
- crablo failure. Tbe charge 'of the famous
“ six hundred ” English soldiers atßalaklava
was not more brilliant and insane. It was got
up by a “ cotton-spinner,” who supposed he
knew better about attack and defense than
Admiral Dupont himself Mr. D. said that
bad Ibis officer remained forty mlnnics lon
ger in action Ms fleet would have fallen Into
the hands of the enemy.. .The Department
refused to take the advice of Dapont and fur
nish him with 25,000 men tq advance by Sto
no and James Islands, while tbe fleet acted in
co-operation.. Mr. Stevens, of Pa., (Union)
deprecated these insane attacks upon the
Administration. If they were continued the
business of Congress would be impeded and
neglected. The general appropriation bills
are yet to be acted upon. Mr. Griswold
(Union) defended the fleet in tho attack on
Charleston. There were scarcely more men
in that fleet than were necessary to man an
ordinary man of war. Tet it received ten
thousand shot ' The Ironsides was not pen
etrated, and only one life was lost, that of
the gallant Rodgers. , The American Navy
stands to-day in advance ofany navy in the
wprid, and onr fleets aro the best diplomats
to prevent foreign interference In our affaire!
Mr. Bice, ofMlnn., presented some statistics
showing the operations of the army. He
wanted them printed. j
Mr. Brooks, (cop.) presented arguments
of a different character, to show that although
we have a navy of COO vessels, onr commerce
has suffered by privateers, since the com
mencement of the’war, a loss of $18,500,000.
Mr. Blair, (Union) of Missouri, defended tho
navy.- The “cotton spinner” was a gentle
man and a Union officer. The Navy Depart
ment shrunk from no inquiry. Could Mr.
Davis and otheJßjsayußjnuch for their for
vorito In the Cabinet i Tbe navy had done
well on the coast, and it bad opened the
slssippi river to our commerce. Mr. Davis
had voted against an inquiry Into the affairs
of tho Treasury Department and be ought to
trust the Navy Department with at least the
same consideration. The Mil as passed ap
propriates sll9,ooo,ooo,including $250,000 for
bounties to seamen. ' ,
As I stated in my sketch of this gentleman,
his organ of combatlveness Is very large:
Indeed it Is much too large. Ho is, like the
Irishman of Donnybrook, always spoiling
forafizht. Be appears to be ever wanderinz
about dragging on Imaginary coat upon tbe
floor of the House and daring any one to
tread upon it On both occasions he has
fought his way Into Congress, and he evi
dently means to keep'flghting, now that he
has got in. But the worst ol It is he seems
to care but little whetberhe “ larrups ” away
at friend or foe. Only give Mai a chance to
fibow*his intellectual muscle and he'll “ sail
in ”to tbe crowd indiscriminately. His fa
vorite object of attack just now is Old Abe,
He hits against him, (like a male animal of
. the bovine species at n piece of red cloth) ihe
moment. his name is mentioned. In the
mean time the President, at tbe White House
when he hears of these reported attacks,
throwing one leg across the other and ex
claims: .
“ Wen, well, it appears to do Mm good,
and as it docs me no injury, (that islaon'c
. feel that it does) what's tbo norm in letting
him have his fling.' If he did not pitch into
me he would Into some poor iellow whom
be might hurt.”...
•Notwithstanding the report to that effect,
the Secretary of the Treasury , has no Inten
tion to make; an additional issue of five
twenty bonds. The'bill reported .In Con
gress is intended..to. authorize the issue of
bonds redeemable after five years, and paya
ble within forty years, under which authori
ty it is stated Mr. Chase will probably offer
an Issue of five per cent bonds, redeemable
after ten, and payable forty years after date.
The bill is also intended to authorize the is
sue of bonds forthe excess of subscription to
the five-twenty lean. This excess is sold to
be between ten and eleven million of dollars.
The billfrcportcd by Committee of Ways and
Means authorizes the issue of these not to ex
ceed $200,000,000.0f these ten-forty bonds. |
It. is now stated that the dispatch of Mr,‘
Seward to Lord Russell, and not presented
by Mr. Adams, was that In which Mr. Sew
ward stated that if the British Government
did not stop the fitting oat of the rams, that
the United States would send armed ships
into British ports and destroy them there.
Though the dispatch may not not hare been
presented, Lora Rnssell was made aware of
its contents, and It appears thought fit to act
go promptly as to make its presentation an*
necessary. This is the reason that Lord Derby
accuses Russell of acting under a threat in
stopping the rams. The reclamation ques
tion as respects the Alabama’s depredations,
has yet to come. '
It will be remembered that young Donen
bewer, masters* mute of the U, S. steamer
Vandcrbllt } Eliot a,man named Gray, mate of
bark Saxony captured while taking goods for
the pirate Alabama to the coast of Africa.
Ho bus asked for a trial, which is to come off
here. I learn also that Earl Bussell writes to
Lord Lyons on the subject, and states the
matter is under examination of the criminal
lawyers, and that Lord Lyons is drected to
state to Mr. Seward that if the deposition of
the second mate of the Saxon be true, Don
enhewer ought Instantly be tried for willful
murder. As that gentleman has asked tor a
trial, the whole matter will be soon settled.;
This gentleman, brother of the Professor
aud novelist, died in this city lost evening, of
paralysis, alter a short illness, having been
seized with it last Sunday. He had charge of
a department In the Dead Letter office since
the coming in of the Administration. Hb
was formerly connected with the Illinois
Central Hail road office in your city, was fifty
years of age, and a native of Portland, Me. i
Congress has created the office of Warden of
the Jail in the District,with a salary of SI,OOO
and no fees and emoluments whatever in ad-
dition thereto. It Is said this will materially
cut down-Harshal Lomoo’s salary, which has
been put at as high os $20,000. j
I hear that the copperhead sheet here to
day wIU .publish another circular Issued by a
secret society here, which Is inimical to the
rc-uomination ol Mr. Lincoln. These attacks
arc recoiling on the heads of their authors.
Within the post few days the opponents of
Mr. Lincoln’s renomination have become very
much dispirited. -The unanimity of the peo
ple for him Is apparent every day. A gentle
man from tho western army inlorms me that
the idea of running Gen. Grant is not at nil
acceptable to the army. They want him
where he is, which they say is bis proper
sphere. Mr. Lincoln is stated to be their al
most unanimous choice. It is the some with
the Potomac army.
A. Church Edifice Attacked by a mob—
Xho Building Partially De
stroyed—Retaliation An
ticipated—Tho Police
on the Alert.
(From the Detroit Advertiser, Feb. 2Stb.]
During tbc past 'week the Rev, Father
Chiniquy, for a length of time connected
■with the Roman Catholic Church, but more
recently a convert to Protcstanlsm, has been
Iccturingatthcßcv. Mr. Desroche’s church
in this city, to large audiences. We have
from time to time given an account of his
doings here, from which it would appear that
he has succeeded in convincing many who
have hitherto acknowledged the Roman
Church as the true religion, to Protestant
ism. How manvofhis hearers have flocked
tohia standard we know not, bat his themes
have been the topic of conversation among
the congregations of the different churches
of the city. •
Of course, his principal object was to
denounce Popery, and Its • influences,
and being a talented speaker,; it is not to be
wondered that he has succeeded to a remark
able degree in Ids undertaking. His remarks
appear to have met with considerable deri
sion from the Roman Catholic portion of the
•community, and a few easily excited people
of that class had resolved to. be revenged.
Each day the subject occasioned much com
ment, and on Saturday afternoon culminated, ■
we arc sorry to say, in open hostilities. The -
church edifice of Rev. Mr. Desroche, where
Father Chiniquy had been lecturing, was vis
ited by on Infuriated mob, who demolished
the windows and played .sad havoc with the
building generally. The church is situated
near the suburbs of the city* consequently
the damage to the building was done before
any one, except those engaged in the afiair,
knew anything about It i
This outrage created a feeling of revenge
throughout a portion, of the commonlty, and.
& rumor was set afloat that St Anne’s Church
on Darned street would he retaliated noon ;
Saturday night These rumors, Whether
tine or not, rendered precautionary measures
necessary, and Sheriff Fralick was consulted
on the subject of tbe alleged contemplated
raid.' The Sheriff, with commendable prompt
ness, detailed a sufflclcntfbrcc of officers to
guard the building, and after dark they took
their positions to awalfnny hostile demon
etratioue. Up to the hour of going to press
nothing had transpire! to disturb the quiet
The demand for money today has been unusually
active,and wlth'aomeof tho .hanks U begins tone
clew. Bnslncw for the aeaeon U heavy,merchants,
maonfacturers, commission men, and. In act
'othcra having about all the trade-they can oomfor
tablydo Whatever maybe the conditioner other
cltlMClicajto certainly haa no just causeforcom-.
P 'xcw York cichapye Is doclitcdly closc. Wcrcnol
(Wdtm.nd fcrcoirtticy bo prwdas thtscUw price
wonldtioK. hat .syetlhc current rale Is K. Only
ccßtomtra »rc .applied- Tlio traylug r»cs» u H®
CO cle-lsoim of coarse only paylas the upper fljsare
uhenltcy can’t TjclplL ’ ---- . LT, -ZT
Gold opened In York at 5:15 o. m.,
p. m , 159 X —l:2o, same figure, closing at 160 r
Tbe brokers here paid 153)059.
Canada currency 157){@153. Silver ll<9l-'O. Treasury
notes firm at baylug and X selling. Govern
mentt.jo bonds ardlndemand at IJKKSltßXoaylng •
seUinglin.’ - -,r;—r•
Tun MiLwaura MoirxT ILuisxi.—Tbo Stntlue
ofyeelerdayjays: •
The week commences with a tolerably essy money
market, and an active demand for money.- in.inter*
cat and commissions stlu hivo to pay
nbootli percent for money. Excbangewar tinner
yefterdsy, nnd only In exceptional caaca-were sales
made below tbe outside onotaiion. Gold was lalX
Bcr cent hlghervadracclng to 159K but closed dull at
figure. ■ .
DaKovnocs Altxeatioks.—Two very dangerous
altered bibs are now In circulation. One is a one dob
lar bill altered toaflve, on the state Bank of Madison,
Ly close observation this will be at once detected,: as
aiurgerortlonofthc word* 4 one,” printedacross the
face of tbe bill, has not been crassd»,«nd' tbe “.fire dol
lar*,"which isinseitcd in German text, is not well
done. The pinto being a genuine makes It (longeron.*.
Tbe other lathe most dangerous altered bill that has
been put Into circulation In a lone time. It Is a one
dollar bill on the Winona County Bank, Minnesota,
altered to a five,’and tbe alteration .Is so.walL done
that several fair judges of money pronounced the bill
■ genuine that wtashown them yesterday. A close eern-
Uny oi the 44 five” on each upper corner, and aa exam
ination oi the hack cf the oil), will expose the nutri
of tie Government oatstanding and being lamed is as
follows; - *
- / leaned. Authorized.
Act OfFeb; 1662....; $150,000,000 $150,000,000
Actor July, 18CJ. 150,000,000 ' ISO^OJ.OOO
Act Of March, 1663. ]r.Q,OCOjOOO 150,000,000
Fractional Currency 20,000.000 50.000,000
Act of March, tJ.CP cents J00,00i,000 : 400.000.000
Act of Feb., ’ft, Nat. Bonks,. . 7,000,000 , SOO.OOO.'iW
Tolfd $571,000,000 $1^00,000.000
The National Bans Issues.—ln relation to the
National tupik Issues, the official Treasury estimates
have the following;
Ills estimated that this bureau will he required to
frfrm.-h to National banks during the fiscal year (IS6S)
circulating notes to the amonnt of forty millions of
dollars, which, estimating the average of notes at
eight dollars, and four notes to an Impression, would
require 12.P.C00 Impressions, which, at sixty-five dol*
larger thousand Impressions,produces the sum of
.The progress of the National Basics has been more
rapid than was then contemplated, and this amount
will probably be ranch exceeded. i'
Tb* Fiyi-Foutim.—The proposed Fire-forty
stock, if anthemed, will not be ready ranch before
July, bc-cantc (ho preparation of the plates and print.
iDgrecjoirelODelfmc. The 5 percent legal tenders
bonchtby the banka September 1 were not delivered
until January i.andtho Trcaanry paid sl6s,oooextra
interest because of the delay. A. similar delay .will
InvolTethediebnrsemeQtotaHthe above paper au
thorized before tho bonds will be ready. After that
the Nadot.nl Bonks will go on feeding the market
with currency wtihont In any way aiding the Treasu
ry, and the Department will not have the power to dt
mlnlfh Its circulation In any way. It, then, the
whole appropriated liw thcTrai-Wl
la raised from • loans, there will be $1,21X3,000,1X0 of
lean! under and biuk notes In clrcnlac.on la addition
to the old hank circulation. I
New Torfc Stock Blarfcet—Marcli 1, i
Beceivrabv F. G. Saltoustaß & Co., commission
stock and Itond brokers. 34 Clark street, Chicago.
Ist D*d. Sd B*d. Ist B’d. 3d BM.
31 T. C ..ICSif 185 Harlem 135 IS) !
C'AN.W 53 .... Quicksilver... 57# 68:
Erie (cam.)...m# ill Cieve &T01...M6 UT ;
C:&P....1.:..116 116 BMdtaS 131 I*2 •
M.B (com.).. 9-t 96 llndßonmver.ls7# 157#
M.B. (Ktd)..„U3 HI lU.6percent.lol
P.F.W.A C..100 ... H. 8.6 P cent.
M.C 141# Ml# B-20conpous407
C.& A. (com.) 87* .... U* 8.6 9 cent.
r. A A. (pfd).. 93 oonds,lft*i..ltl#
0a1e8».»...~.W1 1« »U. 8.2MH...U1 ....
KMklßi«na...n9!< iiOKltr S.ivr.crt..i»«
IU.CcmreL...ISX ISS>? MU.iP.DO..M« 65.
C..8. & Q 18)# .... 1 American Qoldl ICO:
MxßKet—lst Board steady- 2d Board steady.
Tubsdat Enarso March 1,1861.'
Wsebxt Bbvikw.—During the past week the grain
and flour markets hove ruled dull, with a strong
downward tendency. Wheat shows a decline of 2c
per bushel on the week ; Old Corn has declined S3-1C
per bushel, and Now Corn about 2c per bushel
ontho week. Oats fell 2c per bushel, and
Bye 3c. Barley was steady and quiet. Flour was
dull and neglected. Hlghwlnes fell [email protected] down
as low as GSc. and again advanced to 75c—closing at a
decline on the week of 8c on tbo gallon-prices show 1
ing a range of 15c. The market goes np and down
' with almost every scrap sent from Washington on the
subject The Provision market Is steady and quiet.
Groceries of all kinds are Arm, with an advancing
The following table allows the receipts daring the
past twenly-four hours. .
mecehth, la.sTTws2nrr.76uc som '
Floor, Wheat, Coro, Oats, Rye, Barley
brta. bu. bo. ba. bo. bo.
G&CCBE. SOO 8S1S: 897 4000
ftlltß 790 8100 : 6736 LSW ; SSO . ....
■IC UR STS .... 'TOO ..... 810
CBSOBB, 490 8900 9600 1990 790 850
NWBR 705 1750 1050 600 590
A&StLßii .... 1(10
T0ta1,... .. 8310 16593 17897 7000 1900 SO
Grass Cured Lire Drcs’d Beef
Seeds, Meats, Hogs, Hogs, Cattle, Hides,
lbs. ns no. no.' no. t>*.
04CUR E. 5210 42i0 510 25 280 SO
RIRR... em .... M .. 8232
lII.C-R.8..... 26M 60 16 HOC
CB&QRB.. 050 223161 .... S3 .... 17178
NWBR. 1100 8140 ..... 62 20 1730
A&StLBR 2901 .... 12 .... 99H
Total 19760 810758 SOO . 191 . 316 4033
To-pat the Bremen,vllh. Liverpool dates to the
lethulL, was telegraphed—reporting rather unfavor
able news with regard to breadstuffs.
The receipts of Hogs to-day amounted to onlylH
Dressed, and 590 Live. There was a more active la*
qulry for Dressed Hogs, and tbo market was firmer—
with light sales at 874508J0-chlefly at 87.75 and
BS.ro. dividing on 200 lbs. Live Hogs were steady and
firm for good quality, but common lots ruled SQlOc
lower—with sales of 1,654 head at $5400840 chiefly
at 86400*743. The receipts of Beef Cattle were trifling,
and the market was necessarily quiet and steady,
with sales at 83403540.
The Provision market ruled Inactive, but there Is up
change to note m prices. .Mesa Pork Is still held at
$2040. Prime Mess Pork Is In demand at 8174 C—sel
lers holding at 813.00. Pickled Hama arc still In active
request and • firm at [email protected], with sales
to-day of . about 500 brls and tierces at
those quotations. Bulk Bams . are scarce
and In good demandiwlth sales of about 2400 pcs conn*
tryatlOJSclooscand packed. Rough Sides are mfalr
demand and we noee sales of 250,000 B8 at 9)£c packed
and7TO pcs at 9C loose. Lard Is In fair Cemand and
steady, with sales to-day of about TOOtcsat
for prime Leaf, and UK<t for No. 1 Lard.
There was an easier feeling In the market for nigh*
wlnca and prices closed about 1c lower—with sales of
EOObbls at 73075 c—closing -with sellers at 74c, asd
buyers at 78c.
The Flour market was very quiet, and wo note
light sales at |340 for good spring extras, 8440 for
apriugsuper, and 8(43 for winter super. ;
T f o Wheat market opened firmer, and on No. Ban
advance of Ko was gained; but owing to tho dnß
news by the Bremen, the market closed weak, ano
tho advance was not sustained. Only about 60400
bushels were sold at BLKKSLIS for No. 1 Spring, and
5149K01-1O for No. 2 Spring, bnt at the close there
were tellers at the Inside holding
off. " •. »
Old Corn was more active, but at do material lid'
.provemint In prices—No. 1 telling at 83985 c, and No.
2at 52® Kc. New Corn openedbuoyant and2c higher;
but towards the close the market became doll and
the advance was partially lost—with sales at a range
orwessxc.. : 1
There was more Inquiry for Oats to-day, and sellers
had the advantage—No. I selUng at and No.
[email protected]— an advance on yesterday of if®He per
bnsbeL Rye was quiet at SI.OO for No. 1. Barley .was
neglected and nominal. I
in the afternoon and evening abont 100 brls High*
wines were sold at 74c, and the market closed quiet at
that price—buyers offering TSc. The feeling among
Wheat operators .was very dull, oa account of the
steamer** news.
Philadelphia Dry Goods Market.
.[From the North American, Feb. 26th.} '
The drylgood* trade opens slowly, and thom&rkst
Is firm but Inactive, with rather more dolnz among
the Jobbers, bat tho commission bouses remain quiet.
There Is no dlspoiitlon, however, on the part of hold
er* to press sales, and for tho leading articles of cot
ton manufacture prices are well maintained ana firm,
with moderate but well assorted stocks for the sea
son. Woolens keep well sold np and firm, and lor
some styhs holders are askteg an advance. {
Review of the New Vorlc Grocery Market.
(FromthoNowTorkShlppU)gLlflt,27th.) . j
Suaan-There arc no new features to npdee-tha
demand la light and the business small, hut the market
retains tts finuneta, and, with moderate offeringa, pri
ces are steady and nolform. It is understood tost,
notwithstanding Urn Web ratca now ement, sata
are making at a positive, loss to importers. Befinca,
too. tbcusti inactive, is firm at previous rates. The
Bulca of Baw are 123 thds. Cuba at 13 W' cents: 3LPor
to Wco. ISH; 100 English M“d.j&jZMNowOc
lean:. ilrailK. including some Clarified at 15; 61 do In
terior ax» * moe.; and f.BW bxs Havana, foe export, on
tenrsnotmade public. ■ ... , , •
Moiassse—There is a steady lair demand lor home
use. sod though the market cannot bo called active,
It is firm st supported rates. The sales Include 396
hhds.Sstcsand JSI hrls new crop Cuba Muscovada
(Trloldad) for refining at 66c cents: 60 bhd* old crop
do.Cic; 266 brls old New Orleans, 50®60c; and 806 do
andlC6hldonewdo,67K®7sc,4mos. „ „ _
g Cocoa—Wo notice a sale of f 0 bags Gnayaquil, for
export,utx:c,caah,lnbond, . . . *
Corrsx—Tho demand has been moderate since oar
Ip st. and though holders generally are still firm, tbc
market cannot be considered so buoyant as before,
nor could so extreme rates be realized. Four cargoes
Elo, received this week, were sold and reported pre
viously, and. pissing into second bands, are not ad
ded to thestpek. Inc sales include 1.650 bags lllq,
part ct SC®S7c; ECO Maracalto, 86k®370; 500 mats
stained Java, 40c, 4 mo*., or usual discount for
•KObgs bt. Domingo. S2®339fc, cash; and 333 do Java,
on t<>nnswc dldnot learn. - ... . •
Spices-Pepper has continued In active demand and
the stock having of late become much concentrated,
prices htve farther advanced, tbe salep reaching np
wsrdsof 7/CO bags, almost all at [email protected]®35c is
now asked. Most other descriptions are also active
and buoyant, prices tending upaard: we notice 150
esses cassia vera at VITMcSSOcy cash; 400 do cassia, in
bond. 1,000 mats do, and 50 brls and 100 cases nutmegs,
on terms not made public. j
- Rice—ls In steady demand, without chanzo In
prices: we notice 3,0:0 bags Rangoon at ©>A
In bona; and I,SCS cargo styles Patna, on terms not
mace public. . i
Tm—The market continues active aud buoyant; the
reported sales embracing only a portion of the busi
ness, as It docs not include the usual trade in lincsfor
tie immediate wants of consumers. Among the trans
actions yesterday was one of 7-*»7hf chests Green, to go
out of the market, which, quality and price consider
ed. Is sold to have been made at a higher rate than any
ever before known here: this sufficiently indicates the
tone of the market, which continues buoyant at grad
ually improving prices. Tho sales, part from eccoad
hands reach 2.1C0 hf chests nncolored Japan, 13/00 do
Creen,ls,oCQ do In English order. 213 chests aud 5M hf
chest: do Souchong, about 13.000d0 and 233bxs Oo
losg,&6lhfcbcstsAnkoi,&c Our quotations arc bo
low present market rates. ’ t
Review of 2Jew York Provision Market. >
[From the shipping and Commercial List, 271h.] i
• Provisions--'The speculative demand for pork for
future delivery continues, and the business in this
way has been extensive, hot lor Immediate delivery
the Inquiry Is moderate, and prices of new have
receded 75c, while old, forwblch there Is at present
rue at call, remains firm; prime Is ecarco and the turn
dearer: the receipts are less than the deliveries, bat
with Increased cirerlogs, the market closed tamely;
for March delivery we hear ot sales of 4.500 brls, two
and one year cla mess. B. 0., at <21.7V%32.73; for
March isih to April 13tb. 500 two year old do., same
option, fiitasc! 25: for March and April, 2 300 do
new mess O- S2IXO; for June, 5,000 do, S. 0., $21.00
©24.23; and !,(&» do prime mess. $21,00; and for last
-fifteen days of March,' 2,000 do prime mess
on private terms: for Immediate delivery, 6.C03
brls closing for two year old Mess, $223
22.23 for year old do, $2L25®2150 tornew do, $16.75 for
oil Prime, *19.75 for new do, S2K&a.2S far Western
Prime Mess, and [email protected]ßfor soar and Maaty Mess.
Drcescd bogs arc In moderate request, and the market
1* lower; we quote western Sjf®loJ<c*and !o>f for'
city. Cut meats are In good request, and price* rule
steady; sales 2SGO nkgs at OYOiOc far Snoaiders. and
JS<SIS)S for Short Cut. andlfli for Western Long Cat
Haras. Bacon is less active, and tbomarketscarcely
so firm; sales lao bis atUMSUMc for Western Com
herland Cut, 11Y for Western short Ribbed, 12*< for
Western Long Clear, and 12K for Short Clear. Lard Is
dull, and prices favor the buyer; sales,9soo brls and
tree ati2kei3Vcfor old and new. Including prime
kettle at li. Beef rules sloaoy, with sales of 5000 brls
■at foil prices. The Goveroment contract awarded
since enr last. Include 48S7brls Mess and extra Mess (In
iron chime toop>) of which itTShrla were taken*! sis,
475 do at $11.75, R» do. at
t0 do at SI4XO: 6CoatslsX2; at SISX3; and 800
dost $15.41k. Tierce Beef is in good request, with
sales of ixttfpw-gs at s29for 'V estern prime rae«
(321. with sales of 200bbls..Tbo slock of Butter has
beerme reduced, and the market is;firm, though less
a«t ve; we nnote extra State at 34038 c; pood to prime
do,£K?sSc: Western Beserve Ohlo,29®Slc: and Mid
dle ard Southern do, 2ft32oc. Cheese ia also scarce
and firm; we quote factory made State extra at 17®
1?c; citm fine State ritlrr at and good to fine
Plate do at n*3lsc; Western la scarce at ll®lCc for
' fre m Ist to 33d Fob.:
• laM,
■- v.V Kow York Iron Btorket,—Feb, ay,
'■ Tritb incrcailng receipts'et Scotch Pi?, the market
la slacker, and the stock though still llgat, la accumu
lating * ire only notice small sales at $03351. Ameri
can &r sold freely,batwlihlnr day ortwo has be-'
comeonlet again, buyers, In -view of the recent re
daction in contract rates, bolding off for the present;
wc notice forth* r sales ot IWW tons Thomas, for dellv
* cry to Jnly l, at Kllzaboi bpo:t, ot sls for No: 1, and
slsforNo.B; 500doGlcndon N0.2 Foundry, sso,for
Immediate delivery at Philadelphia, an extreme
rricc; 200 do, same, at Ellzabetbport, ?I8:
iCOD _do~ White >niT7-MOUIeT . toric,.
>,O, ot Works; SCO do >o. 2 and 3 hard Gray
sl6. at EUzsbethpurt; 200 do >'o 1 Blsohnttin. at
Works, sl2. all c;'Bh:nnd 1,000 do Manhattan Gray
Forge, season’s delivery, on terms wo did not learn.
Common American Bars may bcqnotcdllls.an l re
fined *125. English Rails are In demand nt higher
prices: wc now quote cash: 2.03033.000
tons here end to arrive; :sold on terms not made pub
lic. Besides the sales of American now and previous
ly reported, about B,loo tons Nos.land S hare been
disposed of within a month past, for the season's de
livery, chiefly Atom Poughkeepsie, at tho current mar
ket rates; andSOCOdoNo. SGlcndonOray Force, sl2,
at tfaeworks. We notice. In additlon.-abont 530 tons
(say $09,000 m value.) Pheoix Wrought Iron Beams,
anulXCO Wrought Iron Chain, at market rates time
of delivery.
Philadelphia GpoceryMarket—Fcb.27.
CoFF£B.—lbc«toctß and receipt* of all kinds con-
Unne light, andthe market very firm, with furtner
sales orWCO bags, mostly Lairaavra, at 53J£335c, In
clacllne Wo, In small lots, at 33q»Sc, Capo at ale. nod
Java at SfS.<oc, cash ana time/ leaving little or no
stock In Cm bands. '
lIOLABBBS —There Is very Uille "offering and the
market Is firm, the sales being confined to small lots
Cuba and Kew Orleans at fliU prices.
Scoahs.— Ttemarket Is active asd firm, bat the
wont of stock checks buslacss. some 630 hhds. Cuba
and New Orleans have been disposed of at
for tie former, and l4ff<3t3Kc for the latter, cash. aud
time, and 150 brla. Engar noose at 12Kc, cash.
Pico.—Tic market is firm bat qnlot, with small
sales,.to come here from another market, at Btfo3)sc
7 a for Para and Rangoon.
NetrYorU Wool Market—Fob. 29.
The market rales very quiet, except for Kersey de-
Bcrlptlone,—all parties walling for Che •actions Ala an
nounced for the Sd proximo, when 5,000 bales Callior
nlo and 1,200 do Cape are to be offered. It Is under
stood (bat tils sale is to be peremptory, and buyers,
therefore, have more confidence In awaltlnzlts remit.
The sales since ear last include 150,000 as New York,
Ohio and Michigan Sceco at [email protected]; 60,010 do palled,
GO&Tic for No' 1 to extra, and several thousand bales
foreign, including Rnssia, Donskol, Cane, Mestizo,
Mexican, Ac., on private terms. - Dyancuon, ISO bales
Cape, badly damaged, sold at 23}[email protected], cash.
TussnAT Evicnsa, March 1,1351.
HOGS—The receipts of Hogs at .the various sards
amount to 1,820 head, hut the entered sales to 1,63t
bead, at prices ranging from $3.50®3.W, ctlfiQy at
[email protected]*3. At SB.CO there was but one sale of 22 bead
of cboico selected Hogs averaging 302 as each. There
Is no decline In the activity or firmness of the market
Car heavy Hogs, It would rather appear that astho
supply or these diminishes the demand' Increase*
There has beeu to-day less activity and a more limited
demand for the light Hogs, which formed the largest
proportion of the supply, and, as the result, wo note a
decline'on yesterday’s quotations of [email protected] 100 lbs.
; • Sellers. - niV bnyerß° * Av.Wt. Price
O.Adarafl .W.M.T11dcn..... 61 - 160 |UO
MnUorr ... ... do 122 2*l. 7.50
........... do ' 191 804-• 6.87#
do M....151 .m ixr
aJjwu£" Qolna 81 181, 6.20
F. A;-Holt .-..A. Smith. 31 160- 5.50
W.M. Tilden Q01nn....... -28 ■SW . 8.00
Pryc&Co .WUUam»..... 71 176 . 6.W
Smith... ...V.V.A. do .88 120 6.00
Gndtey Romp A Hough... 63 303 6.(0
QfeeD. do - h.. 65. 192, 0.53
"o do ;...139 ' 173 . 6.10
Gilbert A Pcarco.Webnn Ig ITS- f.«
Stone .Nlcolea ~'72 ,16) ; 6.10 ,
Tierney- Lesto.r..63 200 B.SO
BEEF CATTLE—The receipts ofßeefCattle during
the day amount to' about 528 head, a Urge Lumber of
which are being shipped through oo owners* accunnt.
The entered, sales at the various yards amount to 831
head, at prices ranging from $3A)03.i0 P 100'ns. The
amount of business done is insufficient to enable us to
glye any alteration to onr previous quotations of this
market: there is, however, an evident reaction since
Saturday, In favor of sellers, with an improved de
mand for nil medium to extra grades. Prime Cattle
are In good request, and for anch the market la Ann,
• with on evident upward tendency.
Fellers. Bavers, No. Av.wt. Price
Arnold Hudson 16 1113 $3.00
.Bronnoman C. Kahn, Jr .31 953 8.50
McPherson.'..••••. do .......IDO 991 4.C0
Moloy do W 940 3.45
Jones Hyman.. 23 UJ2 5.10
Gilbert A Pearce.Cash 13 l3Ji 4.C0
I rye ACo Dolbey 23 1053 4.75
J2f" Warfbou*6 receipts for grain tinted F*b. 25 th
and afterward*. are tiihjfct onltj to 3}fc storage up
■ till the lUh April; white those dated be fore the 2Xh
ate subject to ■ic storage. It is therefore staled in
Utiamarlet report when the tala.art for wlnieror
for fresh receipt*,
Tcz6d.it Etzmiwo. March i, IS6J.
FREIGHTS—There U Btill plenty of freight of
fering ond the roads leading to the east are taxed to
their fnllcat capacity. Shippers to Baltimore are still
poorly serredby the Chicago, Pittsburg* Fort Wayne
Kailroad, and the Michigan Southern Itallroad have
been compelled to stop taking any freight for Baltl<
more for the present, owing to a change being made
in the etwee on one of the Ohio Beads, with which
they connect. We quote *
Fourth Dressed
Flour Class. Hogs.
....2.20 140 140
..,.2.80 Lls 1.70
...LS2 044 1.36
....240 LOO 143
....200 105 1.79
...4.06 143
To New Tort..
To 805t0n......
To Montreal...
To Albany......
To Portland...,
To Cincinnati .0.70 2.35 040
FLOUR—Received today, 8,310 brls; received
last week, 16,178 brls. Tbo demand for Floor by ship*
Een baa ogam fallen off, and tho market rules doll and
envy. Daring tho past -week the sales daily have
been scneraUy.ofavcry trifling character, at 83.753
SXO for medium to good spring and 81.73 for
choice and favorite brands. Several round lots, bow*
over, have been cold oa private terms; but at a con
cession in prlceaon tho part of holders. Spring Sa
perfinf {brands have been In good demand and steady
aV43.75d4.7S lor common to very good. Winter ex*
Iran have been almost entirely neglected, and quota*
Uons are nominal. The stock Is light,' and It Is gen
erally held off the market. The stock of Flour held
now In thU city Is about 77441 brls, against 73.150 brls
on the corresponding date in 1383, We quote the mar*
ket at the close os follows s . ‘' _ ■
St. Louis and Southern HI. White Winter 5...87400845
White Winter extras. 740A740
Mixed Bed and White extras 6450740
Red Winter extras 6400640
Winter superfine 44003.00
Spring extras,very choice 5.75®...i
do do good to choice 5.400540
do do fair to good 54303.40
do do common to medium 5.000543
Spring superfine . * 3.7304.73
llje Flour. 5400545
Buckwheat Flour F brl 34000.60
TO-dat tbo sales were: iOObrls ‘•ElpoQ"BprlDSex
tra at *5X0:100 Ltlswinter superfine at(4£3; lOfforlß
“Northern lows” soper at *1.50; 11 brls Bye Floor at
CORN MEAL—The supply U folly eqnal to the
demand, ami the market is quiet at the following
SoftedMea!. ® ton..?. ; |»l.oo®»ua
Unbolted Meal. ?? ton, 81.00333.00
[iiTT.Ti STUFFS—'There Is a better supply of
Bian.and tbo market Is easier. 170 quote: . •
Fine Middlings, v ton ; $2L00®35.«
Coarse “ “ 18i»@20.00
Bran. V ton [email protected]
WHEAT—BeccWed to-day, 16.0C8 bu; received
last •cck,ifiOJ3l bushels, against 1333® bushels the
previous week. K. 453 bushels on the corresponding
week in IS®. The market daring the week has ruled
doll, and prices show a decline since the date of our
last weekly review of about2c per bushel. There is
some Inquiry on Canadian account, but apart from
this tbe demand is chiefly speculative. • The depress
ing nature of the news from Europe seems to have
paralyzed New Tork operators, and but few orders
ore btlac received. The following table shows the
prices paid each day during tbe week, with the num
ber of bushels sold: !
Bate. Bu.seld. No 1 Spring. No 3 Soring.
Feb. 21 22,000 1,16 @U6K lJo>iQlUl.
Feb. IX’.OCO 1.16 @1.17 1.10 »U1 ■
Feb. 28 SJ.COO [email protected] . [email protected]>$
Feb. 27 :...77,000 USjjUl.lS I.O9>»@UU ;
Feb.» a,ooo iai ©ids ij» ®i.oox
March 1 ....33,000 JJJKSUS 1.09K01.10 ;
To-dat the market opened nrmer. and No. 2 Spring
ruled M&kc higher ; but this advance at the close was
oarclv fcnitalncu, Salwwcro: 12,000 \mlreshreceipts
No 1 Spring In store at *1.15: 2430 ba do at *1.14*; 12,-
000 bn winter receipts No I.spring In store at *1.15 :
8,000 bu do at
receipts No3Spring instore at *1.10; 4,000 bn doat
*I.U>y;S3CO bn do at bn winter receipts
No Zfapnnz In store at SIUAiK; 400 bu Rejected Spring
In store at u9c: SCO bn winter receipts No 3 Bed winter
In store at *1.31.
CORN—Received to-day, 17337 bu; received last
week. 331429 bushels. Outing the past week Old Com
baa been neglected and dull, aud wc note a decline in
prices of [email protected] per bushel since tbe date of oar last
weekly review. New Corn fans been Irregular, but
moderately active, and tbe market baa ruled lower—
closing at a decline on tbe week ot 2c per basher 5
To-day the market was buoyant, and prices ofNcw
Corn show an advance since yesterday of abont 23 per
bushel—bat towards tbo cloio a reaction took place,
and thcadvance was partially lost. Old com was more
active: but there was no improvement In pnccs.
Sales were: Old Cohn—lCO bu fresh receipts No 1
Com In store at 85c; 2,000 bo do atS3«c ; 400 ba float
83c; #OO bu fresh receipts No 2 Corn In. store atfflo;
7.00 dbu winter receipt* do at BCe. New Corn—4oo bn
fresh receipts In store at TSMo; 13,000 bo do in lots at
7SC; 6jOCQ tm do at 71c; I.OOOmn do (la A. D. <fc Co.’?)
at 76fcc; 1,200 bn do at,76c: 800 bu fresh recelpto “ No
Grade" in store at 7*:; 1,200 bn do at .4c;&Wbttdo
atTSc. For future delivery; 20,CC0bu New, Corn In
store (In Soath Side bouses) for delivery within ten
d*ye,buyer’s option,at TSc. , ,
OATS*—Received to-day, *.OGO bushels; received
last week, 131389 bushels. Tne market lor Oats during
the week has been unusually depressed, and We note
a decline in prices ofIKOZo 9 bushel. The shipping
demand is unusually light, and tbo Increased reccipfe
bes tended to render speculators more cautious. The
stock of Oats in store In this city is about 1,710,(XD
there was abetter demand for Oats, and tbe
market advanced K®)£P P er bushel. Sales were:
S.CCObofroih rcctlpts No. 1 Oats in store at 63#e:
iS.COObudoateSKC; 40,000 bn winter receipts No. 1
Oats in store at CDWc; 3,000 hostels fresh receipts No,
2 Oats in store at 6’c; I.OCO bn wi ter receipts do ot
61kct COO bushels Rejected Oats In store at 59c. In
bumps: 13(0 bushels at Tie delivered; 600 bn do at
75c delivered. For Future Delivery: 10,000 bushels
winter receipts No. 1 Oats for delivery next 13 days,
b SvE^Sjeceivedto^dny,l3^) bushels: recelvcdlast
week, 6353 bushels. There is very little' Inquiry for
Itvo and the market Is doll and heavy—prices enow?
Inc a decline stnce.the date of our last weekly r*
view of fully 3c per bushel. The stock of Rye m
store is upwards of 90,000 bushels. To-day the market
was quiet. Sales werel,ooo bn No 1 Rye in |store
(fresh Receipts,) at* Loo. _ „ , , :
BARLEY—Received to-day, 1,950 bushels; receiv
ed last week, 8303 bushels. There Is a fair laqulryfor
Barley and the market has ruled steady at |U7e1.13
tor No 3la store. By sample, lota in bass have been
rrcderatcly active at a range of $1.3931.33 for fair to
prime, ana several lots of choice have changed hands
[email protected] The stock of Barley In store In this
city Is about 170,000 bushels: but It Is held In few
10-PAT the sales were:—lOObu, fre-h receipts. No.
2 Barley In store, at #ll7 : 400 bu bysamplo at *149 on
ALCOHOL—The market for Alcohol Is unsettled
In consequence of tbo fluctuations In the market for
Dighwlnea, and we note a decline in prices on the
weekofSo gallon—cloalngnominalßt*[email protected] <
ASHES—There Is no change to noteln the mar
ket. Pots in barrels or tierces are In demand at 6}sc ;
and Babbitt’s Pure Potash In tin cans, at 16c.
BUTTER—There Is still an active shipping de
msndiorßuitcr.nndthe marketisflrm. IVeqooto:
Prime Dairy, la crocks and tubs &337 C
Fair to good Dairy in crocks and tubs..... [email protected]
Prime shipping in firkins [email protected]
Fair to good do 2332 tC
801 l Batter, la boxes and barrels. [email protected]
Common Butter ,32323 c
To-dat the sales were: 6C firkins prime shipping
bnti er at Ssc: I.iOO Dfl good roll la barrels at 2lc; &0
its cbolce Dslry. in crocks, at S6®£7c-'
BEANS—Tberc 19 less inquiry for Beans and the
market is qclet. We quote:
Good to Prime Mixed.
Fair to Good do
BBOOairOEN—ThenTlVaverf limited supply,
but ibe stock m rev hands and ncld firmly. Vi e
Prime Brush * «30X0®mM
Fair to good do. 1MX0«18W»
Sales to-day were: 6 tons fair quality at SiOGJ3O per
ton: 1 ton oeolce at $200.00 per ton.
BE COM 3-Market contlnnea active, prices rale,
firm with a limited supply, and prospects favorable
for an advance on onr present quotations. We note
an advance on Common Brooms o ttiH&isc on pro-
TEoas quotations. We quote: •
Common PU In handles |2X* ALSO j
do Painted ; '.■irer. i
Medium 2.55 ®BXS{
BAGGING—There baa been Utile activity In the
market during the past week, prices generally rule
firm at previous quotations, with an advance ox 2: on
Burlaps per yard. Of Burlaps the stock on baud is
light. Gunnirs are very scarce, and in restricted
supply.. Seamless sacks arc in very limited receipt
ond several brands quoted nominally. Sewed Linen
Bags in good demand with a htlr supply. Flourascka
very firm with a strong upward tendency. We quote
Burlaps [email protected] We quote:
Chicago A, seamless S3 e
Auburn Mills A, ** LOO -
Prince Albert A, “ LOO
star A. “ oo c
Hampden,E, ■ u - .... so c
Star Linen 50 c
PlitsfleldK, • ** IXO »
Buxlups,fourbu..... is®tl c
Guuuica, twobn.... M • 27 c
“ . four bn. 43050 c
Eewediinenßags,two bn,No.l. 50 c
“ « *- 6, « - K0.a...;......,.... 40 c
“ ** Corn Exchange A so c
■** _ •* .** , **• - Extrahtavy.. 55 c
Flour Sacks, Kbrla, cotton.,;. ; 43 c
** ** M “ MUnen 40 e.
“ “ X “ c0tt0n..... 23 c
** “ vis*;./ ** . a c
BRICKS-iM&rket has continued quiet, with no
farther advance towards the commencement of the
Spring Trade. Prices are firm and steady at previous
'quotations. We quote;
-Common,-$> thonaand..sloAo®l2Jlo
rrrsted.P thousand. 18XO»»MIO-
Fire Bricks 6aXO®3Loo
COAL—With the tuuai demand for household and
Other purposes, the small stocks on hand, for tali
»e*#oaor tbe3ew,arebecomlic yery bare.-luhard
coals only tbc large eiseaean bj re»f.llr obialn>J;
range and cbo tnct being almost oat of tba market.
Self coals ate in Ultlc better supply, bal oiijb.'rall*
road, bo t iaa prices generally mie firm, bat witboat
Inr cean;elnprcrk>Mrates.. W 3 quote:
Ebu- hrookbao,..; ftWO
.do Orm9’»T... ........ . •"
. V4~ V.IUB I(UA
"CLZTeLAjro—larlnr Dll! tn.ps
do .-Mistrals;idijc....„. , s«o
do . Willow Bank. , jjo
BlOMLurr n,oq
Lump Lehl „ hjjj
Lackawanm,prepared llfig
Scranton. iy^,
Illinois 8X0&L69
CAPiUIiKS—In full C:qnest, price# generally rula
flat) and bteodjr at prctloa* quotations. We quote:
Stcanne c
Pressed 12*8 e
Star i'asdics. No. i .n (StflKe
Star randies, Ko, 2 l'i)f 420 We
, -Cool?i£i£AGS—la J/ork~BarreU~tho market-ha* -
as 90c. Liqcob Kcc s also very quiet, with a decline
(IXO on previous quotations Oa all other descrip
tions me market rules iasy, with so farther change
on pYcvloos rates. Wo qoto;
Pora: Barrels... 90S IXI3
Lard Txerccs..'. .. ijOekLto
'VhlakT Barrels 1*159 1 * 55
Flour Barrels, fiat hoop 0.15® 0.43
Flour Barrels, round h00p,,... - o.4*® ffJO
LsrdSecs.....‘SC® IX9
Liquor Kegs,? d 05......... 13X0®11.9)
Tight Barrel Staves and Heading 5.......... 1&O0318LOO
Floor Barrel Staves and Square Headings. B.oo® £OO
Floor Barrel Staves and Circle Headings... 10.00 • _ •
Flat Hoods. 5J»®7.00
New Hickory Poles 2SJft*Sxo9
Oak P01e5...... 15J»®MtOO
Floor Barrel Poles..; IQXPdILOO
Loosehalfbrls........ S^atOc.
Sales to-dat £66* *TlVrew*aV flJ!s;s7sVork
Barrels at fsc—«l! on track.
CUBKs>E—There hanbecn more than usual activi
ty In ibis market daring the pant weoc. In-coats
qucnco of large purchases in Buffalo for the No*" York
xnarketEtocks there arc In soma cases exhausted, anl
mothers reduced as low as iher well can be,so that
there is considerable difficulty In replenishing stocks
here, unless from purchases made some months since,
.The market has advanced daring the week per
B» on nil grades, and at present quotations deal era are
holding firmly, la view of higher rates, Himhnrgs
are bciag sold at and In a few cases as
high ns 18c per V. the former quotations can only bo
made ns the result of having stocks on hand. We
Hamburg i .r? ®lB
Wcstcrnlleserve 15Jj*WJ£
Illinois and Wisconsin... ’A.... . ®!C
COFFEE—There has been a firm and healthy (one
In this market during the week. Prices have ruled
uorestcocy, but with an inadequate supply, especial,
lyol all grades of Rio. prices necessarily very firm
with an upward tendency. We quote;
Samoa . 83U) e
Java «... c
RJ o, fair to good ,
Rio. good to prime
DBUtiS AND CIIEUUCALB-Darln»tad past
week mere has In the increased activity of the mar
ket been the nsaal indication of the commencement
ol the sprlns trade. The market Is generally In small
supply and goods arc hold firm In first bands. In antic
ipation of Higher rates. As an indication or the firm*
ness of the market we note n farther advance on
Gnm Opium of 50c: on Ipecac of 37e; on lodide potaa
of 25c; on Qnlckjllvtr ol sc: on Glauber Salts of J*c;
on Oarb Ammonia of se. and on Caust c Soda of r<e.
Patent Medicines of all descriptions are Tery firm and
advancing. We quote:
Aloes, bocotrlne.
1.00 “do smSac iio
Alma 5® 6 do Tr»g flake. 91^5
Annatto 45 do Myrrtu.'.... CKJdi
Arsenic pow B®lo do Opium..... 11 AO
Arrow Root Jam. 45 tpecac 5A114
do Bcr. H Indigo UOtALSO
Bai. Copaiva 1,75 lodine ,4.7595.00
Bui.Tom 4.25 lodldepotas 4 JSb
. 81-carb. Soda iW&lk Jalap &üBS
81-cto. Potash,... CO Juniper Berry.... 10
fZXZ,Z?S!Z* „®9SJ -Morphine 7.7593.25
Camphor do on Castor 2JJ393A5
Copperas Am..... S.K9SY Qmcksuro*.. 91J20
CreumTartar.... &59<0 Quinine
Cnbebs, 75 vitriol, blue * wiik
01ac.be5t,....... 40 Soda Ash,3o o-0.. SL7S
Olnc.com -UO2O Sol Soda OY
Aqua Ammonia.. 14 Glauber Salta a
Corb.Ammoula., S3® 10 Canstic Soda 10
EGGS The unsettled hat generally cold weather
whit h has prevailed for the past two or tlirea weeks,
has very materially lessened the supply which* had
Srcvlonsly commenced. Prices have consequently
nctuoteu pretty considerably. Daring the past week
’ the receipts have been almost nominal and quotations
have been tolerably high with a fair demand. We
quote fresh Kiras at 15920e i) doz.
FEATHEHti—There has been no Improvement
either tn the supply or the activity of the market, bas
Iness having apparently resumed Us woold be life
less ctsracter jorthls and the ensuing months of
spring and summer. Dealers are buying whatever
comes to band asd our previous quotations continue
to rule firm and unchanged. IVeqnotc; __
Prune Live Geese Feathers .* 5305 Cc
hlfdinm b®4Se
Ftns-Tho demand for the present season has
apparently ceased, receipts are nominal, and the mar*
ketfor shipping as well as manufacturing Is doll and
thoroughly 1< active- We give the following quota
tlons nominally. We quote: _
Bean, (piaea, large ana mu seasoned)..,. gIO.OCfiIX.OQ
Bears!brown 2.QOQ&QO
Bears, cabs * to * value
Beaver, (black and dark)
Beaver, (uale and silvery)
Badger, (large and fine).
Deer Bkina, (red and bine)
Peer Skins, (grey)
Fishers, (dark, large,and silky}...-
Fi*ner3,(paie or brown)
Foxes, cross the less red the better.
Foxes, red, southern and western..
Foxes, ere;..,. 35® SO
House Caw, black and grey. 10® , IS
Lrnx, large and dne.. Looai.oo
Muskrats, Dill and winter 12A 13
Marten,aarkwlthontred ....; 3.0001.08
Marten, common and pale LSOOISO
Mtriks. Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin.... S.CO® 130
Minks.lllinois and 10w5......... 2.C0®|8.00
Otter, Black, large and fine ...
Otter, Brown .. .. e.v»»
Opossum, Northern, dry and clean IQd U
Opossum, Southern, .. .. 5® -10
Raccoon, Cllaols, Wisconsin, &c 10® W
Skunk, black..,. 20® 80
Skunk, striped... 10® 20
Wildcats 10® «
Wolfskins, large, white and flue. I.oo® LM
WalfSkiQS. Tirains 5C® 75
PISH—The market for all descriptions has been
active with a generally inadequate supply, wain
Fisn are becoming more than usually scarce for this
Eeriod oftheyear, and prices which for sometime
are ruled very Arm bare again advanced 90e 9 hf
brt. Tboct in rather bettor supply, but owlazto
the general activity of tbe market have for*
tber advanced 30c V half barrel, and are
held very Arm at present quotations. Itaaotßiz.
arc lo ihir supply and good demand at preseat quota,
tions. codfisu—Grand Bank m small supply.
George's Bank quoted nominally, there being little if
In the market. llmncro In tolerable request with
good stocks generally on band. Prices Arm and un
changed. we quote:
No.l WhUeAahthairbrls.
N0.3 •» •*
No.l Trout, *
No. 2 Trout. "
No.l4Jac*et«l,new,* halfhri.
N0.2 “ “ **
No.l • ** old '
No. 2 M “
No.l “ new kits.
N0.2 - - -
No.t *• old “ ...
N0.2 •• •* ••
codfish. Gecrjre's Bank, V lO9 As.
Codfish, Grand ‘ ,
No. 1 Dried Herring, V b0x.......
Scaled , **
Pickled Herrings, new.
Pickled Hemass. e1d..............
. No. 1 Lake Herring..
No. 2 *
FRUITS —Gwct Arpnxs-Market still tolerably
active and prices have undergone little change. Sort
ed Fruit Ib selling at various prices Crom [email protected]?XQ 9
brl. and really prime sound Apples at ail prices from
[email protected] V brl. l.EMoys—The supply iuu been more
literal, and la at present tolly equal to the demand.
The market U tolerably firm and steadv at former quo
tations. Obajtoes—ln better supply though still lim
ited. There Is a fair demand and previous quotations
are Arm and unchanged. Ceanbebeies—The require
ments for the present season appear to have dwindled
down to as low a point as they well can with any de
mand at all remaining in the market. Prices role
easy at present quotations. Hicxoet Huts— Quoted
nominally nod chiefly because several small lots are
yet In the market. Little or nothing is, however, do
les in them. Wo quote: '
areca Apples. > brt fair to prime. 3 2.250 2.15
“ C0mm0n....... IX«@IX7X
Lemons, 9 box [email protected]
Oranges (Sicily) 9 box [email protected] 6.00 -
. Cranberries, v orl. [email protected]
Hickory Huts, V bu [email protected] LiO
• ■ *• large. 9 brl 2.00® 2-50
PRIED FRUlTß—Apples—'There has been con
siderable activity In the market daring the past
week. It has. however, appeared that prices have for
the present, attained as high a range os with the pre
sent demand they are likely to do. considering tbit
the stocks on hand in this city ate in most instances
by no means light. Still at present quotations the
market la very linn and steady. Michigan, Ohio, and
Fasten: fruit is rather dllflcult to get, especially In
any bnt small lots, and la freely sold at WQlOJic 9 a.
Peaches in good demand both pared and unpared,
and the market with a very Inadequate supply, rales
Arm at present quotations. Balelna la fair supply
with no change on previous rates. CU£saxts In good
demand, and a limited sopply of new limit, the mu
-1 kot rales Arm with a further advance of KOlc 9 B.
Figs In good supply and demand. Marketnnchanged.
Kaspbe3E!ES In small and Irregular supply. Market
steady at present quotations. Blaokbbseibs In
moderate demand, prices Arm. Casnuras la fair sup
ply and easy at present quotations. We quote: .
I wxu ioj<
OnparedPeaches U a is >
Pared do 22 CS 4t!
anielns—Layers 9 box SXO A 92
Balsfns-M. it. V box La?K<% 5.00 >
I Cnrranta.9 B. W ® *2
Flgs.emynaHß a « a*
I Dried Raspberries S ® Si
I ** -Blackberries.. ?3 o* 25*
“ Cherries • IS 0 30
“ Unpitted 9 « 10
Sales to-day: SCO bags com Southern Apples at
1 9*jc: SO bags onpared Peaches at 15c; 23 bags Ohio
butas the packing houses are now nearly all closed
the offerings are light, and the market Is firm. We
9n?Po Grea5e........... 10!<@U c
Yellow ** gxaiA e
Brown ** ...»,9 a 9.-fC
To-dat the Bales wereMtrcs good White Grease
TTTnnWTVEH—Eeoeivcdto-dar.tsabrls; received
In iveeic.3,ls7 brls, against 2,79! crls the weekpra- -
yieus. The market during the week has been very
much unsettled, owing to the failnro of Congress to
ogrec on too Internal revenno bill, and we note ado
ciibo In prices on the week of about So per gallon. A
week ago to-day, Feb. 23, Hlghw mes were sold at 81)
63c; on the 21th sales wero made at?>S73; on the 23th, -
thcvfell to6B®7os oa ilie 2oM, the sales werj at 79c?73:
onthe27th,at 72674* on the23tb,at 71375 c* and to
dat at From this. It wilt be seen that there
was a range of prices from the highest to the lowest
' of If c per gallon. • .
Tr-D»Ttf.e market was nnnsnally qoict, rad prices
closed easier than TMler.lay. sales weic: 13J brls at
73c; ICO brl* at 74 «c: fcxbrlsat'.4c ; 100 brls at 73c. :
DRESSED HOGS—Received to-day, m Hogs;
received last week, Hogs. The mildness of cue
weather during the past week has rendered the re
ceipts very light, and-the market is less attractive
and lower. •
Tc-dat there was a good inquiry and the market
ruled Arm. The sales were t
8 Hogs at 3? SC and f».00 dividing on 200 89.
39 ** “ *7.73 and BXO ** 200 Ds.
7•* » 775 and 9XO *. 200 Bs..
17 “ “ , 7.Tsand.BXo, 200 Ba. ;
12 “ *• 7.73 and 8.00 " 200 83.
7 Hogs averaging 135 ns.at $7.23. s - *
2i -dS)Bs. at 7.HK- i
HAY—TIe supply during tho post week has been
nnnsnally large, and from the best" information it
would appear that the stock In the country Is more
considerable than brd by many been expected. The
prcfent demand, except for Government supply, is
; small, and prices rale low and weak, with a decline
on loose pressed Timothy of f IXO, and of $3.03 on
Prairie pressed and loose, we quote: i
Timothy, beater pressed £ISXOOIBXI
*• .loose •• [email protected]
. “ loose 13X0314.00
Prairie loose pressed [email protected]
Prairie loose [email protected]
HOPS—There Los been a tolerable amount of ac
tivity in the market dnnng the week. Good bops ara
In lair shipping demand, and for medium to choice
qualities the market rales dm and unchanged. Hew
York old are In nominal request, and we note a d>
cllne on nrcvlons quotations of 4S3c, with little in
quiry. Wc quote:
Hew York, new ..........3>sS2o
, Hew York, old [email protected]
Western, rcwt [email protected]>o
Wc quote prices at 13&I8C fi B.
HiDEa—'There baa been more than .usual change
in this market during the past week. Poring toe
early part of U from an Increased competition among
buyers’ an advance tipoo all descriptions or .Hides
varying from IK®2C V E>. took place, at which rates
for two days sales were freely made. There being no
explainable reason why such a rife In prices shorn*
occur, especially at . this period of the year, it was
scarcely likely ft would be maintained, and on Satur
day a re-action took place, with a decline of nssriric
?» a ; this has since Increased Uc at which the aarfeet
now stands with a marked want of firmness, and con
siderable dullness In the market. The receipts arc
rather liberal and fully equal to the demand, ne
Green Country, trimmed.
Green Sallted, .d 0...
Green, pars curetL, d 0...
Dry Salted, d 0...
Dry Flint. d 0...
Kip and Calf. Green
Kip and Calf. Murrains..
tlvliy In the market during the past week, with a Wr
anDolvof aeneral descriptions excepting Hoop and
w»fi<3i la more scarce, with an advance of
Sc auotXas: wufc the high prices and '
2SSl?aKslSf. im”« t « "J” cjtrtmdjflrm
at previons quotations. Wc quote. 0
Flat Bar, Sable... Sua ?
Flat Bar, Charcoal 4.
HorseShoe Iron .
RoMd an d Squire I
Bound and Square, Charcoal .9 ®9«
1 IR(BN— 'with the present limited and almost
nominalrupply. the activity of the market has been
And further, the general Indlspoal-
Smamoas we tew holders of stocksln the market us
Hnolv other than their own customers, tends to an
fettle and cripple the trade very materially. Several
brands ore quoted nominally, and of others the supply
i# at present very Insignificant. Prices rule firm with
» strong upward tendency. We quote: •
•Massillon, 2*0.3 - 60JO
superior.- BfO
Union Pig Iron A No. 1 63.0s
Union Pig Iron 8N0.2„... ; (OJDO
Union Pie Iron 8N0.2 S&00
LEATHER-There hu been some little Improve
meat in the activity of the market, bet there u a feci-
[email protected]^o
BAO ai.oo
Inc attowrwnce country ki
higb.an4 they areconseqaej
ctifttes. Jb«n»i*,«oow£
of the trade, with nugiim
the conntrr onosealiy light,
of a tj decline la the activity
time* on the otter hsudttei
aercy both on homo mot
tood*. On Hemlock, I!ar
■Ctanco of l£t?c« i»cd Coif*
V*s<nt quotations the mi
quote: .
nartißM, 9 tlAitc
Line ** .. 47®10c
Cau; •• .. yi-CftRiSS
Upper, v foot., tftassc
Cow.s foot,, 31&..C
HUtomb, « iO«tTc
Sip, No. I mr»
—dUai^-..,.. v . ti.juai.K
Kip; No. 1 besrr —t6B?oe
raft. Extra LIOUUO
cboicc i-?O£l.U
Frcccta Calf, 27
a 246Q120
French Calf, SI
lilSlE AND STUCCO—The market bu been
moie act ho onrinjc the post week.and iritU no »buai
»nt topply | rices rule itry firm at promos quota
tion*. CzindT la in smalfsupplr. 1' e qaoie:
u iso id bait. fi.23at.2a
Llmoln bcla..
Water Lime..
Noya Scotia stucco.
PlcsJprcra Hair ft bo So' 4 41
Marble Dost, V brl
Land Plaster, ft brl 8 23^
I.KAI) AKD BHIM?—Bab and Pro Lead in zood
demand ami moderate supply. Market very arm.
‘Sdot qaletand unebanjed. wo quote:
pie Lead ~ As9»ia
Shot, baps 25 Da. - gHWg
Buck-Shot. 25 c.9 S.!O^3JS
LUfllCEU—There baa bcenalargc amount or ac
tivity in the jarda during the week, especially among
city tnllilen*. the prcsfiiig want of houses acemlnc to
have tacscca Urge numbers to commence apsras.uj*
at once. In anticipation ortho comine season wo and
that Lumbi-r contracts have been made wi-hsomoof
Ibo heaviest manuUctnrcra to deliver 111 to 30 millions
during the next season of mill ran lambcrlat Jl.iJOjP -
hCCOlcct. The market has a very Ann tendency. We
IntibiTiincciai, * v*» atst....'..~tS-iame.a
Second Clear - - •* ........... s?.ou©46.M
Third Clear, . 52.00®55.M
Stock 80ard5,,.... .............. 23.90355.CC
Box or Select Boards.. 50.00353.63
Common Boards, dry. i?.octsn.se
Fencing. ..
- ",1-1. u.wa
Pirn Clear Flooring, t00jyi............. 37,00®...,.
Second clear Flooring, rooglu 3LOC®^.„
Common Flooring', roogo 3100®....,
Siding Clear, dreased. SIM®
Second Clear. 20.W®..,..
Common do.. x7.Mteiia.3o
.375WIJ< c
..38338* G
Loar Joists.
Shared Shingle* A 921.
Shared ShinglesNo 1...
Cedar Shingles;.;
Sawed Shingles, A
Sawed Shingles, M 01...
lihtli, V I,oo* pCB.
Posts. 9 1.003 ;
Gum Trag.
HlKTAlLg—Market is general!; active. fcnro Uin
very limited supply and prices rules Ann with an ad*
vnoccoflcon previous quotations. TtK is la fair
supply and Urm at present quotations, which are leas
than stocks can be rcplaced for at tha present rates
of the New York Markers. Coppss la good supply
and active demand. fticea-Steady and unchanged.
TTo quote; •
- Tis - • I Coane 19
Box TlnPlate, I C, ' I sac.
IQXH-....V 17X01 1st tonality, caak.....!BHc
Lr.rpe PigV,
Small Plgß.
Bar Tin?:..
wu* Lv upiu4i wlr
„„ m _ cpppaa. tto 6 12 e
BSS?a™s:nnr.-.-.'.a s mskl- -s |
Brazcre,! t01088..,.W e 12.; ,V.V.*V.V.vw»<£
Sheeting,l4 to 18 oz...St c 13 and 11
Turned .51 c 15 and 16 .17 e
jußsrrxxTAu 17. is c
Ist’quality. ctao, £t e
2d 44 as c Fence wire. U e
Flop Solder .45 c I Fence Staples SO c
NAFL#—With an improved demand and owing to
the increased cost of Pltlron. we note an advmce of
£Ce on previous quotations rat present rates the mar
ket rules Ann and active* we quote: • __
10dtp66d ».*eg.... .. 55.15
6(1 * .. 7.3
4d 730
4d .. 8.00
sd. cne blued. 9.00
at;..,; 9.00
Cnt Spites 7.00
Clinch 10.00
NATAL STOKES—Market generally active with
no change on previous quotations, at which prices
rule T«y firm. We quote:
Tar...«......-*15,oooi8,(» Manilla 80pa.....JXi(233
■ Fitch. 103002530 Kemp .. 20323
Rosin. 51J035430 LattnraraMol..l3M3tt)
Turpentine... Ja.l3® 4.e0 2...J3ai5K
On turn &as©73o Marline .... —322 c
ONIONS—TheroB aiUr Inquiry for pood quali
ties, with a limited supply. Market Urm at present
rates. We quote: __ __
Prime qualities ; 91.1532.00
Common to Medium [email protected]
CARBON OlL.S—with no Improvement in the
supply daring the past week, and the demand lolly as
acire os previously, there has been little change in
the quotations of the market. There* Is to-day a pros*
pect of a more liberal supply, and best oils havo been
offering at a reduction ol 1c from previous quotations.
Straw OH still quoted nominally. We quote:
While Oil 34331 C
... 140® L3S
... 490 Sb
... 50® 69
... 90® 4C
... 5.00® 640
... 340® 4.®
.« 440® 84C
... LOO® 2.0 C
Straw Oil 53353 c
OlLS— Lutsebd oil in Terr bmt demand and
email snpply. Prices rule Arm wl h a strong upward
tendency. On other descriptions the market la firm
and steady with a fair supply. Wc quote:
Raw Linseed OH.. ....rtSl^lJS
daw uueccu
Boiled LiaeeedOU.
Olive Oil, balk
Whalo Oil, W. 8...,
Elephant 0n...;...
Bank Oil
•Lard OU, winter.
Machine Oil
Sperm 0i1..,,
Mecca 0i1...,
Neaafoot OIL;
Prime qualities. Pbn
Median and Prime, ¥ bn.
New York * brt
POWDER—There laUttlo Inquiry excepting Tor
Blasting purposes, fOr which the market Is tolerably
active,- ’With a lair supply previous quotations are
unchanged. We quote: •
F F Powder, V keg. .*3300930
Blasting Powder. 9 keg. 7309730
PAINTS—There has been more actlvltylo the
market with a better demand, as the spring trade ap
proaches. At prevlona&ootatlons the market rales
firm and unchanged. We quote: . ■ ■
White Lead pore p 100 as 9 13.r0
“ 11 b. A. Fahnestock IS.CO
“ “ Brooklyn. 12 50
.8740 ®745
. 6.73 ®740
, 040 00.73
, 040 0644
, 9.60 ®O4O
. 840 ®340
. 740 ®740
, 640 06.73
. 240 0245
* “ St.Lou'ir...
“ ** Continental....;
“ ** lafferlorßrands..
“ ** New Jersey Zinc!
“ ** French Red Beal.
BX9 0&J25
7J9 ST.'S
9 Btt
65 ® 79
7JO @3.00
sjo as jo
4XO ®«3
3.73 «IXO
Chrome Green.
Parle Green,
Hampden Green*.".*.*.’’.’.*!
Emerald and Magnesia.
Yellow Ocre.
French Ochre..
Chrome Yellow.
"Venetian Red.
Vermillion, American!!
« fccßUsh....
Chrome Green
Paris Green.
I*BO VISIONS.—The ecneral market for Pro via
ions during the past week bos been characterized!)?
a quiet and stead? feeling. Barrelled Meats hare
been more active than Unix Meats, and also timer;
tat the want of actlvitv in tbe latter is probably os
much dne to tbe llcbt offerings as anything else.
Mess Pork—Tbc market lor Meta Pork closes
stcaar and firm at $20.00, round lots of city being gen*
erally held off tbc market at *21.00. Daring lUo week
the market has been nnnsuallv brisk, ana we note
sales of about*,ooo brls at s2o.fio for city and country
lots. Tbe demand nas been chiefly on Canadian ac
count, tmt there has also been a fair inquiry for Haiti
mote and Sew Tort. Today the sales were: 51 brls l
conntry light Mee® Pork at *l3-50; 475 brls country M.
0.. SIS oris country Mess Pork, and 33 brls of extra do
atmtDalircond. _ . . , ,
Prinio Mess Fork—There is a good Inquiry for
Prime Mess Fork atd tbc market Is arm at *17.50. Tbe
stock, however. Is pretty well exhausted, and tbc lots
offering are heldat 818X0.
Prlicc Pork—Tlie scarcity of Prime Mesa Pork
has caused a more active Inquiry for Prime Pork, and
we note sales daring tbe wee* at *I9XO. Tbc offerings
are, however light and the market is lira. :
Bulk Meats—There is an active Inquiry for dry
1 Salted Harr s a; 10J*®l0*fc loose, but good lota are
I now very scarce, city-cure j almost out of (he mnr-
I ket, and the receipts of country cured arc unusually
i light. Hough bides are In fair demand at 9c loose, and
yjic packed. Shoulders are less Inquired for, but the
supply Ls limited to country lots, which are not very
attractive to heavy buyers. Sales during the week
have been light at »jfr*Bc packet! To-day the sales
were: 250XW Its rough Slues at u*so packed: TOO pcs
doutScloose IXCOpcs conntry at loy^eloose;
1.7C0 ncs do at 10Kc packed In brls.
IMckledflleots-Hams Inswect pickle are active
and firm at life' for fully cured, and [email protected] for fresh
pecked—with sales during tbe week of about 3,: CD
tierefs at those quotations, shoulders are in fair de
mand in trcaandbrlsat 7«ctfVc. Td-d»t the sales
were:—lso tree sweet pickled Hams at UJfc; 100 tres
and ?00 brls fresh packed do at 11c. . 1
English Meats—There is verv little doing In En
glish Middles, and the market la qnlet and bare, with
but little offering except small country lots. During
tbe week Cumberland Middles have ueen sold at a
range of QHSWHc, Short Klb Middles at 9V© Oc, and
Short Clear at iflkc. at which quotations the market
closes qnlet and almost nominal. Today there were
! no transactions. Long-Cut Hants in boxes have been
; sow during the week at 12kc, but the market now is
entirely bare.
• lincom—Hamssro Is fhlr demand at 13 XQlSe for
sngar-carcd.nnd iSKOklto for canvassed do. Shoal
derssre In demand stSQSJfc,bat the supply Is light,
nothing doing in tides.
Beet Prouuct—There is still a good demand lor
Beef Ilsms, but tbe supply Is light and the market
firm at SIS.CO. There Is a firmer feeling la Beet;
bnt there IsstUl bat llttlo demand. Sellers are bold
ing Mess Beef at *11X0(312.00, and Extra Mesa at *I2XO
Hog* Tongues.—23 bbls said to-uay at *lO per bbl.
Lard—'l hero has been a very qaict lbeUcg la tbe
marbetforLnrddnrlngthe week. Dot there is no
change in prlera. Since tbe date of our last weekly
rericwabcntSSCOtcs at l2>f®i3Ke for prime citv. I2}i
(%l uii for conntry Leaf, and il>[email protected] for No. I
Lord. • The bulk of tho sales of Prime
Leif, however, have - been at u#r, the one- ;
elds quotation, 12J*c, having only been ootained - for
about TOO lea. vciT choice city steam-dried. To-day
iho demand was fair, and the market steady. Sales
were r4CO ter. prime city steam and ISO tea. prime
conntry kettle Leaf Lara at 12>fe: SO tes country kec*
tie do. 12!<C; ICO tcs. No, I Lard at UKc. ,
The following table shows the closing prices for all
klndsofproduce: _
India Mess Beef. $-OXO &••••/
Prime Mesa 8eef........................ 17X0 ®.... ,
ivSiMe*. Beef. 12X0 &UOO ,
Mess Beef. H-52 »
Inferior Mess.... 9XO ®BLOC ;
BeefUams 13X0
Smoked Beer, v ft oaiU® 0.H3(
Mess Pork, new 20.0C.U0
Prime Mesa, new njo O-- .
Short Ribbed Middles st;o .
Short ClcarMiddles
Long BID Middles
Long Clear Middles
Cumberland Middles
Long Cat Hams.ln boxes.
Bmk Shoulders, looae O.C7K® OJ7h
Balk Hams, loose
Bulk sides.looße O.W ],
Prhreleaf Lard..; 2*J?!492,.&
No. 1 Lard oJljtoo.U3i
POTATOKej— The receipts daring the few days
of mild weather with which w* have been favored
have been better, ana plainly indmate that as soon ns
practicable there are larze quantities ready to be rot*
warded to this market. There Is an active demand
for pood qualities, hut at a decline of 5C from prett
ons qnoiailons. v*e quote: ..-..J,
Prime qualities, * bo *2*5f2*22
Medium and Prime, V bn
New York, V brl.~ SJOiO-W
Sales to-day: IS3 bags Ncshannacks and reach
Blows at EOc del.; 71 bags Wisconsin reds at 70c ?
kpoui/ntr-lhe supply ofCUckenJ the
week has beenvcry limited, and with aCdr demand
the market has ruled nrm at previous _ quotation*.
Turkeys have been In bettor receipt, and with a Cvlr
rtemandpnces have ruled steady at present quota
tion*. we quote: . j
Dressed Chickens. 9 dor, 2JC®WO <
Dressed Turkics, i* ft «12®245^
Ducks, V dor 8 -««*rS
Qccic. each 500t.8fl •
BJCE—Market active and very linn with on ad
vance of Kc on Arracan, and Rangoon. We quote:
Am can
•“arnu.... .. ... .... ... ................ ....9K*W?*
..9vfo‘*’ 5
demand for both foreign and domestic
is sun very moderate and Uio market remains quiet.
During the vrek fererai round lots of Onondaga
and Saginaw Floe on dock changed hands at 51.65, to
to remoyed wituin ten days; bos for single car loads
them Is no change in prices. Fe quote: .
UoazsnC—Fmcslalt..... 1.70<5L30
Coarse. . UOd..^
Ground So 1ar..,.....,,*.*....*.....1A0a..u
Dairy* with sacks 4.20 ft....
FOMl6H—Turk's Island* 9 sack. 163®..^
M Groand Alum. V tacit. LB'<ft....
To sat sales were: sou sacks Ground Alum saitat
51X5 In sine. -
...... B*®9
.....15 ®ISK
IS ail;
j*EEBS»—Flax— I There Is a very active demand for
Flax seed end tbe market la Qrmat 5100 for good* and
t3-£[email protected]?o for mcdlnm. Poring the week several lots
of prime t" choice have been sold at Ss.Aoi3iL23. Xo
,dat the sales were:—M bushels und i. brla good at
s?.M;23bacsdo at 51.93. Tnxonrr—The supply Is
heavy and tbe market Is doll and li&Ue lower on the
week. Tcvdat there was rather more Inquiry and the
market rallied slightly. Sales wereat ana is bags
prime at 5^.70; Wbaga do at 52.C5 ;88 baza at 81X0.
Ciovra—There Is yerv mile Inquiry and the market
remains dull at S7XCQ7;3. To-dat the sales were*—
91iti!6e!!utrr.ra; aTicshoJjat *7.13. nrao.ini.ix
-26 bushels Hungarian at f2XO.
ttrGAHS—The predominant features of this mar
ket for the past week has been firmness, which with
an irregular and very Inadequate supply, has resulted
loan advance of 3,'Q!^con all descriptions of raw
and refined Sugars. And unless a muen more liberal
supply can bo obtained than we have recently had
Pfosrccr that with the opening of the
spring trade, now close upon ns* there* will be the
same upward tendency of the market which for tbe
Iwt two or three months has been so prominent.
« e / e^. e i ßC^ u Sht, and In refined Sugars
bl^Wequote 1 * 361115 orands are scarcely obtai-a.
Mew emeus..
Porto ttco...
al'a. */*///*’***’!*
A flned * powdcre<i 10(1 K**aal«ed*
Extra C * 11 ®V*H
cSSKc""- - • -••;:::::::.w‘-2'S
ISSSTSSISS&SSI ?“«VtS ««.. «d <™-
qoalto the demaad. Weqww:
•oyerMbst prices w® too
roily holding back for lo*«
yg to the present portion
torero* stock* tbrooshoo
l fortbU teasoa of tbe jest
ty ei the market for some
sroU a »'naj npTard teo»
umbetcred and imported
,*® r *V'? M t '-Ime ««Q'.toad
fJLVZ? ,I V I3 ~ «»« week. At
larxet rales vary firm. We
SUucater aou ;&*su
EOfCA A?fte <r.an»
Orinoco 901«.,. w . jiw.
Orinoco e»l ‘
Calf, 36
aa............. 1-5531.96
prenobCair, Lc- -
- Trotrrr% d3z7t.0037*J»
FrcDJb Calf.Le
molac* 3<jc-
OQdi» 9 Joi
Llaicsa, 9 dosl£.o3i!i.oo
Boons. 9 dos...Uo3dUuCo
L 5031.73
.... aUx
.... s.t*aiis
....... J2.00a25.C0
, 4.25C4.....
‘ lo.ca^is^
....St ciM . “ sheet. 16 e
.-..-.25 c 510b..; i2Jsc
.50 o | muosr wzxs.
. 1309135
. 0330
40® H
. 0.7300.85
~ 3300000
.30025 C
.25010 c
(as c
3«®a -
SjJaj ?
'ia /, «25 c
4 0$ S
. 8 030 e
.18 <&S e
135 097^40
.... a .... {
6£w(i b'ik*
ojo *a juty
m gK
.Cfctessa Siurnr Vgra
Ctaic«ct>tto)d«a &mm
—.. «4X
H.T. Byror.
Qv-Oden 8:
Sew, Orteaojs oM'crop”;; „
•IJew Orleans, new crop
KPICESi—Ia good demand asJ noderalo supply.
wUftaxi«(lT*bCooftooa(;auia.aßi]teo»Pe99or. In
Peeper tto aupniT L* more than iwnall* owiac
So urge BpevOUktlTc purchases la Sew York. Wo
KSScc, *».... ....a 9»
-2 9«
i - .. >33 MM
Naitttga —• -
In rteadfdemam! and very lirra at nrcrf
eeeeaotattooa, OaUej 1 * Soap*, we quote Borsfcally
ihurbclmi little If sny In tbo nurtec. >orclrn !-•»*•
t Ic »e quote at ttdSte. beln* »n advance oflX» on
KSSa.““*--• Wc '
o«xie% . a*** •_
sj*J 5y
Common Bar Klon T*
Knterra Krasive » «* W
KUftGcotral Brands - ? f)9
Axneneen Canine. • :* t9 «M
FereJcn Cestue ...jil QSt ■
STARCD-ln cotjd de‘tnia*ria»l fair supply* Pri
cy* firmsodunchanged. Wotnoto: ■
Kingston!..;..:..-. .9W9ia
Ottawa...... .. . .. jav&H
London.. ;....
generally quiet, with Uttlb In
quiryrlther forsbipplusor the home tnwe. Price*
niecoy ami ncchai RCd. we quote:
Choice No. I Packers Tallow. isvatl
Good do •
Prime city Baiahen ~iov*
Counter... ID AUK
Hooch Tallow 1
Pales to*dav: 3 brl» country Tallow lOKc.
. TEAy.—There ba3b»-eti considerable armnc» and
increased activity In the market during the pvt week
with a strong upward tendency on all descriptions of
Green and Black Teas. Choice Tea* aro more th*a
dually scarce, chiefly from the fact that i;n!>ortnri !■
anticipation or hisher rate*, and of a diminished sup*
ply. nave, to a consUerabic extent. withdrawn their
stocks from the market, la the (mutations now
riven It will bo seen that an advance or 5c upon most
descriptions bus been male Unrinj the p aat week. We
Yotuis Utmo. tnftnor to commoo. * a.txa at.«
’ ** 14 »opertortrtfl«>«, v ft.—... \:S> Ml-ffl
" ** extra to choice, 9 a
Imperial, eopenot to line, V a j.lO ai a
.. *. extra to choice. 9 a ua auth
Saapowder, superior to tine. 9 a vw
• M extra to choice, 9 a M La ff*L3
Japan, fine to choice, 9 a 1.10 at XI
Oolonrs, Interior to One, 9 H «LGi
“ extra to choice, 9 a us AiXl
Stacboncs. « ft _—
TOBACCO.—In Moderate demand, bat owl’igtft
the llscrriPK uncertainty of the amount 01' al.UUoaul
tax to bo imposed, as aim tbc mode la which ttottjr
be I cried, i be interest* of tbe trad * era deranged, and
all operations beyoad the DeceesKirs of the present
hoursnspended. QnotatloasasprcTloaalygiTen.
t»»F tcaicco.
Blloolandddlitg to fair.
cucttoo. I
StiTOftheWcrt.9o ©lffcjS...
Pi0neer..,,.....85 «t96c}3M.
Prattle Pride...O » <oe I n,......^.,
a-wett .58 A I
Ts ud S*b Star of the W*w.
Pic Sic, txalxe
7*b Mid s’s Pioneer.
Va Extra Cavendish!
5% 'Tb and 10‘s Block* Diamond..
mimqvl at nil e
O. 17 MIS ft
OO 13 OSi •
000. » as e
Sold LemC
800 inside,
C. nuns
.. 90C
.. aOc
.. Me
.. 75c
Kimcklnlck CaUto.
Ollvs Branch*.*^
Scotch. .V.V.V.V.V. !..m » a
S&osee...., si t
VINEGAR—In more active demand and moder
ate supply, I'hc market rules somewhat nnnerwltk
an aynneo of 1c on Pure Cider and Pure Malt Vloo
car. We qncto:
Pure Cider Vinegar, per cal Si ajg a
Pure Walt do " .js can &
Coni’ll do do “ ~19 ots c
WOOIr-The supply dnringtho past week baa been
very limited, with bat few buyers In the market, sad.
no speculative inquiry. The general feeling la tba
trade Is that prices bare reached their maximum, and.
will come down, and with this Impression there tn
! much Inactivity and dnllneas. Previous quotation*
steady and unchanged. We quote:
Fine fleece CGQBo
Medium fleece.;... staffc
Tub Washed ...... ......QBctfOa.
Factory Tub tvashed 7&474 c
WOOD—Receipts continue very light, ana with*
good demand the markettalusOnu at previous quo
tailors.. We quote:
Beech 9 rord.. IKLOb—deUveredattm*
, 11X0 ** IXOO
. 11.05 “ IXOO
/ORS-Wlth no delaito
3 prolonecd discussion of
bo Imposed on Hlghviaes
Lbe market continuing an
al at previous rates,
Reaper WhlaJcr 85
i BcoicblaporVcßXOfiUXO
do Dom'stlcl.339Xot
i Bt. Croix I.*SaXM
i do imported....X'SaaLSS
Jf. England....lXo»LM
ntcJsory ?> cord.’
Mania v cord
dea of tbe results of t[j.
Congress oa to the tnxto
them U hot little doing, tl
settled, but tolerably lira
quote: - -
Selgaette .SJft%&oo
Marietta 6.00
Hennessey.... JLOOA7.CO
New York. 63®LM
Out— „ „
Swan ....... 830
Bcbeldaxn .2.730330
Domestic. 85013S
Irish Imported.B3o® 130
do Domestlc.l3o9l3o
PcCtlCed 80® S3
Now Bourbon
Maderia 8000100
Sherry .?JOOj,OS
Claret...... 130
Burgundy. 2je®XoS
P0n..,.T. .uo®MS
Fort Juice 83S
and Rre 1303133 _ . _
WOODEN WARE-Thero Is a folr amount OC
actintrin the marker, and. with a moderate supply,
previous quotation are arm and unchanged we
Cha t ra»Not...Jo3«Ml3o Marketßaskets. _
do No 3.. ..11X0913.00 Willow
do No 2....1330913X0 do clothes 9309133 d
da No 1....133091 LOO Pells, two hoop.
Washboards, per V dos... 5309 SJS
d0z..... 230® 3.75 do three h00p... 330® 33*
Cornbasketslba Tube, nests
.o'Ku.-.v.-.v;. S3 ™
*•«" e^lo ' M ' ® SSfc-tfiSßHa
A Solution of losm In pore watm* without A
It acts upon the
___ Hzast,
Lttsb, Kxhmrs.
The great success which has attended the oae 01
looms Watkb In private practice, and the Indorse
meat of Bxoa Mzdkuz. Awmosrrr, enables os to
.recommend it, feeling confident that with a Ikir trial*
{ It will attest Its own excellence In the core
fula In all forms, Coteumption, Cancer, Bronchitis
Heart, Liver, and Kidney Complaints, Pimples on tho
tace, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Nervous Affections
Female Weakness, Dyspepsia, Debility, Syphilis
Mercurial Diseases. Ac.
Tull directions accompany each bottle.
Price fl per bottle, or half dozen at one time, VS*
Sold by druggli ts generally.
loners Wins Is a scientific discovery, prepaM*
only by DR.B. ANDERS & CO n Phyalclans and Cheat*
Ista, 438 Broadway, New York.
Sold by BLISS * SHARP,
deSS-WT-Sm r yaw U3dp m Lake Btreot.Chleag*
ble. Bsows’a Bsoscsiiai. Tsocxrxs reach direcUp
tbeaffected parts, and give almost immediate relief
Forßsoscsrtis, Catabbh and Cosstxf*
Tim Coroes, the Troches are nseicl. Public Speak*
era and Slageisabould have toe Troches to strengths*
the voice, unitary Officers and Soldiers ■who overtax
the voice, and am espoacu to sudden Chances ahoaM
use them Obtain only the osxrnxr. n *Browal
BroachJal Troches'* having pbotsd their efficacy D*
a test of many vears. ore highly recommended M
prescribed by Physicians and Surgeons la the Amy.
and have received, testimonials from many
by all Druggists and Dealers In UedldnaM
the United States and moe. Foreign countries, at M
cents per box. dcl3-«*9Hni y XAWSdp
VALUABLE business pro
Slylotataouth-eestcornerof Randolph and wa
baefi. 19 i'ecf on ‘Wabash, Sljf on Randolph. Capital
location for a first-class wholesale store. Terms ot
sale easy. E. C. LAR.VED.
33 McCoimlck’a building, corner Dearborn and Raa*
dolph streets. fe24-VJSWj&t
the benefit and at a CAUTION TO YOUNG UKS
and others, who suffer from Nervous Debllity.Prem**
tuge Decay oi* Manhood, Ac., supplying at the aasM
time Tnx Msabs of Sblv-Cctik. By one who bag
cured himself after undergoing considerable' quack
ery. By Inclosing a postpaid addressed envelope, wa»
ele copies maybe bad of the anther, NATUANIXb
MAYFAIR. Esq.. Bedford, Binge Co., N. Y.
& COMPANY, Solidtoa
Publishers of the ILLUSTRATED
“ A.nnaiCXT,’ 5
_ ~ No. S7 Park Bow, New York.
Pamphlets of Information abont Patents FRS&
Specimen copies of the paper i’KKji.
E. A. HOYT & CO.,
- - XOB TUB »xi.a or
Ladies’ Cloaks and Mantillas.
Saving Freight and other expenses*
361 Broadway* Kcw York* and
105* Lake street* CUcus-
Orders from tbe country cr city, for snr Quantity
promptly Ailed, at market rates; H r
fe2o-Yn-8m Office, 48 Lasalle-at, Chlcaeo. CL
South Branch Chicago Eiver,
Situated between Sontti and Union streets. andljlng
8 * A. K. Kent* Co's Packing, ilooae
nod City OH Works, and extending back to Lumber
street, upwards of SCO feet. Applr soon to Mmrt.
WBIGBt & TYRRELL, No. S XetropoUtan Block*
N O T I C E.—'Wilder’s Patent
Tbe undersigned hare appointed J. M. TerwtlUger
General Agem for the Western States fortlie sale of
tbe celebrated Wilder 1 * Patent Salamander Fire
Proof B*ft—secured *»7 Wilder’s Patent Powder Proof
Lock. AllonrSafcaaremannfsctaredundertneper
sonal aaperlniendenco of B. O. Wilder* the patentee,
and 'warranted perfectly free from dampness.
_ A „ D. G. WILDEU ft CO..
Patentee and Manufacturer, l£»0 Maiden Lane* New
The above Safes 'o be bad of J. If. TEBWILI.IGBR,
18 L nolle street* Chicago. mhl-rSIW I
Oils, Dyes, yaral s «" r « “*
181 Pearl street, comer Cedar, New York.
VRQ*X**.rM*ViS. tmhl-TSklWj J.XA3O»PiM*»-
jßj * party eitabllsbcd In tlic FoMlS*
and Domestic Fralt Bmtlawt,
Tbe •cQO*lQt»nce of the above named partle*,wber«-.
br be make arraoseaicoi.* tar tbe shipment OC
Address ‘FROIT” Post OUtce Box UW. MUwayUte*.
■WlscoPAin. fc29.t517.1w
A AKCK CO. of Sew Tort P. 8. WinilMi, Pro*,
dent. C**h Asset*, February Ist. 13M.
O.CBOKKHXTK«ObMnI A«eat (or Northern «*4
,U «is o
.vi •!» «
.li •
t9 «3 «
.JO e
..to a
,'w 9SS «

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