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“ 80.00
erXocrj In Begiulcrea nuj be Mat »t
•nr risk.
iarThe/entfttancc for dubs must. In an cases,
be made at one time. ,
iSTTbeie will be no deviation from the forego
lag scale of rates.
AOdraM-cmCAPO TnlßOyE,” Cblcajo. IE.
Chicago tlribirat.
MOI’DAV, MAKCH 7. 195*
The dispatches shed bo light upon the
•whereabouts of Sherman. One reports him
returning to Vicksburg, and another that,
iiflcr remaining a brief time at Meridian, he
pushed northward towards Columbus and
and. is about to Invade Georgia,
alter forming a junction with Logan, to oper
ate against JohnstonV flank. Whatever
may be his designs, It is sufficiently ascer
tained that he bos caused the destruc
tion of the Mississippi & Alabama
BaHroao, and' that destruction aud
■devOßtation have followed In his woke, fie
*hos inflicted a most damaging blow upon the
rebellion In the very scat of its power, as is
evidenced by the rebel dispatches. Blaring
villages and wide spread destruction of ma
terials of war have marked his path. We arc
-at last making war in earnest, and the rebels
sire tasting the bitter traits of their treason.
Gen. Kilpatrick’s raid la one of the most
"brilliant and daring exploits of tbe war,
splendidly executed and fertile in
the most important results. Al
though he has undoubtedly failed
in the attempt to capture Richmond, owing
to the superior force which met him, he has
cut Lee's communications and supplies, dee
troved an immense amount of property, and
safely reached Gen. Butler’s lines aftcr.a spir
ited engagement near the rebel capital, fils
raid, like that of Gen. Castor’s, will be set
down as amongst the boldest dashes of the
young blood o£ our army, for neither Kilpa
trick nor Custar have yet reached thirty.
Their raids, like those of Gens. Smith, Avc
■rill, -Sherman, and Seymour, although they
may fail in their prime object, ore yet of the
most important character. Millions of prop
erty have been destroyed, the country they
traversed has been laid waste by the demands
of and beast; there is neither forage norfood
left. More warehouses laden with stores,
.fruitful farms and mills heaped full with grain
have been burned; railways and bridges de
stroyed. Blaring towns and wide spread de
struction, stampeding and captured slaves and
n total destruction of material of war and
jncanS'Ot sustenance Is the price the rebels
arc paying for their treason. The rebellion
•cannot endure many more such blows as this.
Our Louisville dispatch briefly states that
General Grant has reached that city cn route
for Washington, but gives no reason. Has
it any connection with the reported threaten
<ed removal of Meade ?
‘The Ohio Legislature has spoken most cm*
phatlcally for the renominution of Abraham
Lincoln, ninety-nine oat of one hundred and
thirty-one members have endorsed him, and
this is the sentiment of the whole loyal people,
ns the politicians wQI find. From California
to Maine it is the unanimous voice that Abra
ham Lincoln is to guide the country through
tthc next four years.
The notorious guerilla Richardson, whose
Jife is black with murder, has at last been
.sent oat of the world by a Federal bullet,
-while attempting to escape from his captors.
Sc should have died by the halter.
The news from Western Virginia states
that there is an extensive movement of rebel
troops on the Virginia and Tennessee rail
rend, probably portions of Longstreet's
The year has been especially marked with
■disastrous fires, and this time Boston is the
£uflcrcr. Nearly six millions ot property
have been consumed since January Ist.
NEW nAWffsnmF-
Thc State election in the Granite State oc
■curs on Tuesday. It is likely to be very
<closc, and the Republicans feel considerable
.apprehensions of being defeated. The great
proportion of the soldiers from that State
come from the Republican party. The loss
from this cause it estimated at 10,000 votes.
Four or five veteran regiments will beat
home on election day, but they do not aver
age more than 800 men to each one, while
thirty regiments, and those the largest, will
not have a chance to take part in the election.
Last year the vote was as follows:
OUmorC'Jtep £9,0351 Eastman, C0p.....33,633
[ Eastman over GiL_ 2,738
Gilmore and ilarrijnan over
A careful canvass of the State lias been
made by our friends, Kith the following re
sult ;
Union WarTbtcr*.&t,3fißl Opposition
Doubtful*. 1,872.
If we estimate our share of the doubtful
us one-fourth, the probable rote for Govern
or next Tuesday will stand:
Gilmore 35,6111 Harrington 34,001
Gilmore's majority 601
But If we give one-half of those to the
copperheads who voted for Hanriman last
vear, it will elect the copperhead ticket by
nearly 2,000 majority. The contest is doubt
jful as It stands.
Cocktebpkitß.—A large number of coun
terfeit fives on the “ Eastern Conk ” of Bangor,
Maine, have been put into circulation In this city.
A large gong of operators arc engaged In circulat
ing the trash, one of whom has been arrested. The
•counterfeit is an exact imitation of the genuine,
and can only be detected by the workmanship of
Abe engraving.
■ ' (
*rgpecialDiepfttdi to the Chicago Tribune.) j ;
Canto, March 6, 19M. : '
’To-day the steamer Barfing arrived with Mem- j
phi* papers of the 4th. t
Thor arc filled with only political topics. Con- i
t-idcrabic interest Is excited on the subject of dec- 1
tione. On Thursday night Lwt, the party of pner- |
•lllas which so long infested Mississippi county. Mo., i
went to the bouse of Judge 11. W. Moulder, at the i
m< nth of James' Bayou,and after forcing entrance,
brutally murdered him. Judge Moulder was about
«ixty-fivo years of age, and one of the most honored
•uud respected citizens of Miss. Co,, of which he ■
ha* been resident twenty-five years. The Judge
had l»ocn> firm, unconditional Union man from the
first opposing the rebels and the rebellion with
•ain’t determination. His Union sentiment* made
him hated and feared by the guerillas, hence they ,
look his Ufe.
The band consists of only ten or twelve men. bat
perfect desperadoes, well armed and splendidly .
mounted, and an Intimate knowledge of the conn
try enables them to elude pursuit In the intricate
hiding places with which the swamps abound. !
Their leaflet*, Vcmon and Campbell, arc two of •
the most fearless and desperate men living, and the j
Government should most assuredly do something ;
towards driving them out of the country. f
Canto, March s.—The steamer Bockct- from ;
Vicksburg 27tb, arrived this afternoon with forty- J
*even guerilla prisoners captured at various times {
by the marine brigade. They belonged to the ■
bauds who lure been firing into steamers along the >
river. Among them are two lieutenants and on^j
papersoftbcSdcontain noncwelnthat |
Cotton flat: good ruddling 67c: strictly do COc; j
The river has risen lour feet In three days, and ,
•continues to rise. |
Washington, March 5.
The day lias l>cen devoted to speech wiwirinfr
Mr. BALDWIN, of Mass., spoke of the doctrine
«>f State rights as a mere instrument to break !
■down nationality and substitute plantation dcs- j
potlsm. . I
Mr. BOYD. of Mo„ made a speech in reply toMr. *
Jtlalr. lie maintained that the radical members :
wore the only true BcprocntsUvos here of the {
Union sentiment of that State, and that the Prcsl-1
dent raid to him that if the throats of either of ;
the conservative Claybanks orthorfeof ihe radicals
iiadtobocut, bo would spare the radicals. I
Mr. VOORBBES. of Ind., said the American Be- •
public te dying, and summed npthecan-e* which ;
jire walking Its downfall under the present Admin- .
istraiion. Justice was no longer established nor J
ihc blowings of liberty socorcd to citizens.
From 8t« Lonis.
br. Lome. Mo., March C.—The statement made
iiv the Waahlngton correspondent of the New
TToik ComtneretaU that Sherman was at Vick—
linrpon the 24th ultimo, and that be will soon
riart on another expedition, is a great mistake.
None -of Sherman’s forces h*d readied Jackson on
Xhe S lib- and Vlckebnrg advices of the 27th mako
so mention of ids arrival there, or of any contem
plated movement,
McPherson’s corps, which reached Jackson on
the 24th, will probably remain there for the pres
ent, but another expedition will not be likely to
be mode very soon.
Fairies from Gen. Grant’s front say it is not pro
bable that anv fighting will take place there for
sometime yet. •
From Western Tirsinia.
y»nr Tonic, March 6.—A special tothuJETtrrahf,
■dated “ Headquarters Department of West Vir
ginia,” says: . ,
“Befogcca report heavy movements of rebel
troop* eastward on the line of the Virginia & Ten
ncsjctr Railroad. A portion or Early's command Is
xeiiorted as having gone towards Lvnebburg.
Capt. Finkhordt. who was captured with Gen.
Sea mm on, was killed by our own men while in the
hands ofa band of guerillas."
Fire fn Boston.
IkMRUK, March C.—The extensive dru; and med
icine establishment of Weeks & Potter, isu Wash
ington street, was destroyed by fire this morning.
The building extended through from Wasliington
lo Hawler-etreet. It was'valued at $8),000. and
waTSSStobulf $20,000. Ordr the re
mam standing. The stock of weeks & Potter
was valucdaTsl4o,ooo, and waslnsured for $81,600,
mostly in Boston and Kew England.
Kilpatrick’s Eaid—G-reat De
struction of Properly—
AnEngagement near
SLcrman’s Expedition—Conflict
ing Statements—Report that
Be isabont to Invade
An. Emphatic Voice for Abraham
Lincoln from Ohio.
general grant en route to
An Extensive Drug Estab
lishment Burned in
The Notorious Guerilla
Richardson Killed.
Important from* Cent* Cantors and
Kilpatrick 9 ** R&tdi
[Special Dispatch to ths Chicago Tribute.]
WAsniyoTos. March 5,1861.
The statement that Kilpatrick's attempt to take
Richmond was made in consequence of Infonna
tiern brought by Col. Straight is incorrect. The ex
pedition started before Slrcljrht’s arrival and
Straight expressed the opinion that Richmond was
inaccessible on the northern side. A tug bearing a
late dispatch to and irom Kilpatrick and Batler to
Cherrystone Inlet, was captured by the rebels..
March 4, lb6l. f
Deserters and contrabands hare been coming in
aoite frcelv of late, until Tuesday night last, when
le ti&c in the Ranidan put a check to the immigra
Gen. Meade and a part of his personal staff went
to Washington to-day.
Guerillas continue their deviltries along the line
of the railroad.
Wahusctos, March s.—The Bfpvbtkttn of last
evening says we ere authorized to announce that
the Government has received a dispatch from Gen.
Roller, announcing that Gen. Kilpatrick succeeded
in cutting the railroad and telegraph communica
tions oi Gen. Lee to Richmond by tearing np the
raDs on the Virginia Central railroad at various
Joints, and destroying tbc canal and mills on the
tunes River. Be'bnrned modi other property be
longing to the rebels, indicting a severe mow on
the rebellion, lie was met by the enemy outside
the defences at Richmond, bnt succeeded In forcing
him inside the enter works, where a spirited en
gagement ensued, when darkness came on and the
conflict ended. Kilpatrick finding the enemy and
the works too strong to allow him to reach the city
and accomplish the object of tbc expedition, with
drew and reached the lines of Gen. Seller with the
loss of about 350 men
It Is assigned as a reason for the unexpected
alertness of the rebels in preparing to repel Gen.
Kilpatrick, tint the destruction of the telegraph and
tie track of the Virginia Central Railroad was an
nounced in Richmond, by Gen. Lee, immediately
after the occurrence, over the telegraph lines be
tween Richmond, Lvnchburg ana Gordonsvihe.
This seems highly probable, from the fact that the
expedition passed through Lee’s pickets and be
yond his rear without a skirmish, and was met at
some distance from Richmond by a formidable
force of mounted infantry.
WAsmSGTON, March s.—The President has re
ceived from Gee. Batter a dip-patch from General
Kiiiratrlck, datedYorktown, 4th, saying :** colonel
Dnhlgrcn was directed to make a diversion with
500 men on James River. Be attacked the enemy
on Tuesday afternoon, and drove them in on Rich
mond. The main attack having foiled, Dohlgren
attempted to Join me at Meadow Bridges. Be and
Coh Cook were with the advance guard, which be
came separated from Lis main force. Since then
nothing'nos been heard from them. I liavc still
hopes that they may vet come in. The main force
readied me with silent loss.”
General Butler add;* that a rebel deserter inform
ed one of his aids that a one-legged Colonel and
about a hundred mat were taken prisoners.
■\VAonjTGTox, March i—A special dispatch to the
Dai'y C/trcnic’-c, from Culpepper to-day, says: Gen.
Cnstar, with 3,500 picked men, in light marching
order, left Culpepper Court House about S o’clock
on Satnrdav afternoon.
The Cth and £d corps marched from their winter
quarters earlier in the dav; the former halted at
Madison Court Hoa--c,and threw out a strong cor
don of pickets, while the latter bivouacked In the
neighborhood of James City, and held the line of
the Robertson’s road.
About 8 a. m. the raiders left their resting-place
near James City, and took the road for Charlottes
ville. The men had been picked from Merritt's
and Gregg's divisions, and were well mounted.
When they marched up the steep banks of the Ra
venna River, their crossing was unknown and alto
gether unexpected. Before ns (the correspondent
sa%*s) was a urge cavalry camp, the hots arranged
with mathematical precision and soldierly regular
-I*7. On one side the horses were quietly
standing: on the other side pieces of ar
tillery were parked with an the appur
tenances ncaliy arranged and in dose
proximity to the caissons. The Cth regular regi
ment of Gen. Merritt's old brigade, led the van,
Capt, Ash. with one squadron, dashed among the
comfortable looking huts with reckless Jpredjutan
• cv, and scattered the occupants in all directions,
i lie ordered the men to destroy all they could, and
• they obeved their instructions to the very letter—
neither ries nor rut-tailed flies could be found in
command. It was impossible to spice the guns, or
chop the gun-carriages to pieces, so they contented
themselves with blowing np the caissons and des
troving tbc comp. In the meantime the enemy were
relivin': with the raplditv and zealot Gad at the
call of the chief. Several pieces of artillery were
belching louh their destructive note* at audacious
intervals, and the main body of Gen. Cnstar’s com
mand coming np, the enemy were driven a short
distance to give ns foothold on the crest of the same
hm with themselves. Between our troops and tbe
town the enemy were gathering a great force; cvery
aLiner warned ns to got away as soon as possible
lest it might be onr lot to get surrounded. They
; bad telegraphed from Charlottesville to Orange
Court House that uninvited visitors were there,
and aid was needed toexpeltbem from the neigh
borhood. The answer to these dispatches came
towaid evening in*hapeof five loads of infantry.
: There was nothing left ns now bnt speedy retreat.
Horses were wheeled about, and towards sunset
’ the Ravenna was recrossed, and the bridge burned.
. All the mills that could be found In the neighbor
hood were destroyed. In returning, thcadvoncc
. was given to Cob Sherman, who commanded the
; brigade of five hundred men, chosen from General
■ Gregg’s division. The night was very dork, and
T ■ the rain that continued to fall was mingled with |
’ ; General CneUir, who followed with one thousand 1
’ • men, who composed the remnant of Ids command,
I cot lost in the thick {doom. For some time they
t • attempted to blunder through a deep and muddy
. i ravine, into which tbev hod essayed; bnt when
i * thcr thought of tbc two piece? of artUlerv, all hope
>1 of ‘retting through with them was given np. Sber
s 1 man. with his five hundred men, continued on their
J course, which, luckily for them, was correct: and
8- about 4 o’clock Tuesday morning they reached onr
■ ) tpfur.try pickets outside of Madison Court Bouse.
I Gen. Cnstar. finding it impossible to proceed fbr
i 1 thcr, bivouacked that night m the woods. B hilc
I • be baited his horses and refreshed his men. Gen.
i Smart, with 2,000 cavalrymen of Mlckham s and
I Fitxbngfa Lee’s Brigades, was marching towards
' bis rear. Next morning, about 9 o dockvGen.Cna
tar marched on toward tbe right road, having found
It, and inarched upon it a short distance, wnen be
discovered that Smart, with his ragged hut inde
fatigable followers, had succeeded in getting into
bis rear. As thev neared Stanardsvilie, which Is
about 35 miles from the picturesque little Tillage of
Madison, the rebel cavalry were seen drawn up,in
line across the road. This meant hostility. Tor
some time the officers of onr little command were
at a loss what to do. Tbe object of their wcari
tome and dangerous raid was to draw the rebel
cavalry away from the Central Road to Richmond,
bnt they had no Intention of drawing them so
far to the rear. All that bothered onrtroonswas
the section cf Ransom’s lottery, and that slightly
impeded their progress. In general council It was
proposed to throw these two Parrott guns into the
nearest and deepest ditch; bnt Gen. Custar pro
tested. declared be would fight his way through.
He ordered a charge, which was led by mm In per
son. The rebels stood their ground manfully, but
onr two guns now opened on them, and completed
thtardleiomfimre tnnt fast causing their lines
to waver.
Thor fled hastUv. and our men pursued them
holly, bur they reached another road which afford
ed us a chance for egrets. Three rebels were killed
tu the charge, and a considerable number wound
ed. Many prisoners fell into onr hands, some of
whom fuccccded in metemg their escape.
001. Stevens hearing the firing in the direction of
Marardsville, and knowing it must be Cnstar,
started back with bis bograge, horses and wearied
mm to tbc relief of the beleaguered party. They
pron-eded till the enemy was met. and Custar dis
covered to be ►afe, when they also returned, with
out damage.
Till* expedition was highly successful. The di
version created In lavor of Gen. Kilpatrick could
not have been greater.
The lltlrd and Sixth Corns remained on the open
ground exposed to all the inclemency of tbc wcath
to*proceed llmC Qcn ’ 6cd E wicktTft * at a loss bow
has been received from General
Cutter. These troops had consumed their scanty
while clouds assumed a more
gloomy aspect. At last everything wss discovered
o^C^! ,<:inl “ Uy ‘ ,re br
ArnmoxAU details op cek. ccptab’s] num to
waiu> c&icLonxjnuz.
I Correspondence N. T. Tribune.l
Cmtmji Comrr Horen, Va.. I
Wednesday morning, March s, 1851. j
Gen. Custar'srecozmoUeiingcspcditionreturDOd
to camp tot sight after having completed, when the
Htr« employed and the numerical force engaged is
considered, one of the most dating raids of the
*ls my dispatch of Monday I mentioned the bet
that the expedition, which consisted of detach
ments from the Jrt.2d and Dth United States, 6th
Ohio, Cth Pennsylvania, Ist Hew York and Ist
Now Jersey cavalry. In all 1,503 men, passed through
Nadit-on Court House early that morning. One
HCdion of Capl. French's battery, commanded by
Lieut. Porter, accompanied the cavalry.
The troops were In light, marching order, and
moved rapidly toward Btanardsvillc, distant,
south- wen flora Madison, IS miles, crossing the
Kapidan at Banks 1 Mills Ford. At StanarcLmllo
the cncmv’s pickets were discovered, who retired
precipitately before our advance. Meeting with no
opposition. Gen, Castarpu*bcd forward to the Ba
veima Fiver, crossing at Barton's Bridge, a long
wooden structure spanning the river at a point dis
tant three or four miles from CboribUeevlUe, which
place be bad received orders to reach if possible.
The rebel pickets on the opposite bank withdrew
ovcrtbehlileaß our forces crossed,and soon after
the enemy opened withariilJciT, without, however,
doing any injur} to our mcc,who were sheltered by
the lulls on the other side ol the river.
Owing to the peculiar topography of the country,
which was wooded and hlliv. the exact location of
the enemy was not at first discovered, nod a squad
ron ottbel&t Regulars was deployed up the river
on our right to reconnoltcr the enemy's position,
whiles squadron of the sth Regulars, under com
mand of Captain Ash, was sent down the river on
oar left for a simitar purpose. Discovering an ar
tillery camp some distance down the river, Captain
Ash. with ids squadron, consisting of only sixty
men, immediately charged it, destroying the huts,
blowing up six caissons, and homing up two bat
tery forges, together with a quantity ofbamces be:
longing to the battery.
Captain Ash's eaUantiy, and the bravery of bis
men in accomplishing tins feat In the face of a reb
ed cavalry brigade (Wickham’s) drawn op in the
woods not over three hundred yards distant,
are unlTWEaBy mentioned In terms of the high
est commendation. The enemy seemed entire*
]v at fault as to oar strength, aud for same time
made no direct advance. Flanking columns of in
fantry were afterward seen, however, moving on
onrrfchl and left, and Gen. Custar, having ascer
tained to his rotlstectjon that Wickham's Brigade
oi cavalry, together with a considerable force of in
tently, were in his Immediate front, seeing the
hopelessness of advancing farther In that direction,
determined to rccrosa the river. While on the
other side of the river, fire trains of cars were dis
tinctly heard at Charlottesville, undoubtedly bring
ing up reinforcements. On crossing to the north
I taik of the river, the bridge, together with a large
figuring mill, was burned by order of Geo Custar.
’The utter impracticability of reaahlngUharloUos
vlDO with his insignificant, force being apparent,
Gen. C. retired his column up tbe StanardsrQlc
road, halting soon after dtu-k to feed the horses,
laded by their marth of over forty miles. Several
teint charges were made on oar rearguard by a
email pursuing parly, bat no casualties were sus
taincu by our men;
Owing to the hilly nature of the country and the
bad condition of the roads, it was found necessary
to bait for the night eight miles south of Stanards
viltc, in order to recuperate the exhausted artillery
Licet. Col. Stedman, of the 6th Ohio, command
ing the detachment of five hundred men from Gen.
Gregg’s Division, being In advance of tho main
tody and ignornu of the fact that the column had
hailed, continued the march toward Madison Court
House, arriving there some time during the night.
Orderlies were dispatched by Gen. Custar to t'oL
Stedman, directing him to return, but, owing to the
darkness oftbc night and the distance CoLS.had
advanced beyond the main column, they were un
able to intercept him.
By this Gen. Cn*tar was left with only 1,000 men.
nearly twenty miles from any Infantry support, and
In extreme danger of l»clng intercepted and cat off
br a vastly superior force of tbe enemy. Under
standing tbc peril of this Isolated condition. Gem
C. was prepared for any emergency which might
arise. Should he be intercepted and find himself
unable to retire by tbe road be went out, he was
prepared to strike to the northward into the l.nray
valiey. returning through one of the caps of tbe
Elce llldge. Tbe skilful manner in which he sub
sequently completely outgeneraled tbe enemy, ren
dard tbfe rente cuneces^ary.
Early yesterday morning the column began its
march toward Madison court Uonee, being bat
slightly harassed bv the enemy, who seemed to he
maneuvering not for tbe specific purpose of fight
ing. bet with the intention of surrounding and cap
turing Gen. Oiiftnris whole party. A short distance
below Banks' Mills, tbe point at which General C.
intended to recrora the Kapldao, is Burton's Ford,
from which a road la running Northwest, and strik
ing the Stannrdavllle road two miles from the riv
er. At the junction of these roads, on an eminence,
a large force of rebel cavalry was discovered posted.
They were immediately chanted and driven back in
coulueion on the Barton's Ford road, while our ar
tillery, ■which was soon placed in position on the
bill ibnncrlr occupied by them, poured in a well di
rected flrenpon them, the first killing three of the
In the first charge thirty rebel prisoners were ta
ken, who stated that tbe whole of Wickham's brig
ade, commanded bv Stuart in person, was in oar
front, the major portion being at Banka' Mills Ford
awaiting Cnstar'a approach. Without a moment’s
hesitation, Gen. C. conceived and executed a plan
for his extrication from his perilous situation. Or
dering another charge upon the enemy on the Bur
ton lord road, and leading it in person, as be Is
wont to do, be again drove back the rebels still
ftrlhcr toward tbe Ford, untlUbdrallicsat Banks'
hlills. comprehending the danger of their friends*
position, and believing Coster determined to cross
at Buxton's Ford came down the river to their snp-
I«rt. It was then that Ccstar's tactics became ap-
I>arent to the astonished cnemv.
Facing his battle lines by tbe flank, bis whole
force was almost Instantly moving down tbe
road with tbe speed of the wind toward the Stan
ardsvlUe road, which, striking, he wheeled to the
left, and reaching Banks' Mill Ford, recrossed the 1
river. Urns completely eluding the mass of the ene
my, who seemed confident or ♦'gobbling” his whole
command. The tactical ability displayed by Gen.
Cnstar is spoken of in the most complimentary
the EEsrus or cnsxAit’e hecokxois&sxce?.
There can now bs do impropriety In disclosing
the objects of the late movement.'-It la doubtless
CCDcrrlly known that therecsanoltannoaby Cantar,*
supported by infantry, was a simple diversion in
favor of Kilpatrick, who has not yet returned from
hi* raid In toe direction of Richmond.
That the attention of the enemy has to a consid
erable decree been drawn to the left wine of Leo's
army by“Custar’s demonstration, is confirmed by
rebel prisoners, who report their officers to hare
been an a great state of trepidation, believing a
monster raid In progress on their left. Confirma
tion is also had m the fact that a large number of
troops were concentrated around Charlottesville to
resist our advance.
Anon* ocr captures are sixty prisoners and a
number of valuable horses. Three flooring
six caissons, two forges, n complete set of artillery
harness, and eight wagons loaded with commissary
stores, were destroyed during the raid. Captain
Paine, of the Topographical Engineers, accompa
nied the expedition, Tor the purpose of making ob
servations, and gained very important and valuable
information appertaining to his department. We
lost none in killed, and but ten or twelve wounded.
We lost none In prisoners.
Military and Congressional.
(.Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
IrmiASAroua, March 5,1664.
The Governor baa obtained an order from the
War Department, by which enlisted men for the
new cavalry regiments, the 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th and
18th, will have the privilege offuniishlng their own
horses, subject to government inspection, the
horeer to Ve presented for inspection and purchase
at Ecndallvllle, Colnmbns and IndalnspoUs, in the
nest fifteen days from this date.
The 57th and SSth Indians Veteran Regiments
were publicly received y&fterday afternoon.
Gen. SoL Meredith is announced as a candidate
for Congress in the sth Congressional district He
has rendered valuable services in the field and
should be nominated and elected.
Interesting Legislative Matter*“••The
Military Spirit of lowa.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,}
Demounts, lowa, MarchS.
Hr. Woolscu, from the special Senate Commit
tee, ha* reported a bill to secure certain lands to
aid the construction of the Keokuk, Dcsmoiucsaud
Minnesota Railroad. This company will be able to
push their work with vigor the coming season.
Hr. Dur.mt has lately negotiated a loan of a mil
lion dollars for the Mississippi and Missouri River
Road. EuT!road enterprises in this State have
never promised so well as at the present time.
Isotblng of Interest was disposed of in cither
Hons: to-day.
Senator Eecorm of Clarke County has enlisted as
a private in the First lowa Cavalry. As soon as
the Legislature adjourns he wDI take his place in
the ranks among the defenders of the Republic.
The mankl spirit Is as high and bnoyont In Cen
tral and Western lowa* as daring the first year of
the war. From fifty to one hundred soldiers are
leaving Capt. Brownell’s district every day.
Preparations arc being made to givu the return
ing Fourth Infantry a grand reception on Monday.
Two fanners living in Cass County left the vil
lage of Lewis for their homes, Thursday evening,
both Intoxicated. An altercation occurred on the
way, and one of them, named Watson, was killed,
evidently with blows of the fist and clubs. Both
were men of family and hsd been friends for years.
Whisky was the Only trouble.
A train of about twenty-five wagons loaded with
groceries aud provisions, bound for Idaho from
Burlington and Galesburg, passed through here
yesterday. Several old Californians in the compa
ny ray the central route, tla Omaha, is by for the
best and most secure from Indians of any rente
across the plains.
CoositSKional and Military Matters*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, March 5,1551.
Officers of the Potomac army say that not less
tbtm seven thousand sailors arc awaiting orders
transferring them into the naval service.
The five per cent Interest on the new 10-10 bonds
wSI he payable semi-annually, In torch and Sep
Yoorbccs, In his speech to-day. out-YaUandlg
bamed Vallandlgham whom he described as a pure
and Christian gentleman whom the savage Burnside
fctd banished. He appealed to the men of the
Southern States to join the conservatives of the
Xorlh in restoring the Union by other means than
The attendance in the House was even smaller
than last Saturday. Henry J. Raymond, editor of
the New York Timet, has been here working assi
duously to prevent the passage of the act providing
for an amendment to the Constitution to abolish
The Court of Claims have-rendered judgment in
favor of C. S. Grant for property destroyed In or
der to prevent its falling Into the hands of the
rebels. The decision is important, as it settles the
disputed question whether the Courts have Juns
dlstion on claims for damages, or at least show that
the court will take jurisdiction in such eases.
Grant became an army contractor under Floyd, on
the recommendation of ex-Senator Gwin, and all
his claims have been resisted by the War Depart
The President has pardoned J. H. Howland, of
Mass., sentenced by court martial for embezzle
ment. It win be recollected that Howland fled to
Canada with bis booty and was followed by CoU
Bokcr, Provost Marshal of the War Department.
WasniKeTotf; March s.—The Committee on Elec
tions have decided that Mr. Loan of Missouri is
cot entitled to the seat he now occupies.
It is known here that Geo. Sherman was not
back at Vicksburg in time to start on a new expe
dition on the 23d, as was contemplated. He will
soon, however, bo hoard from again in active oper
It is not bolieved here in military circles that Ad
miral Fnrragut intended to accomplish anything
more at Mobile tiian to make a demonstration to
draw the attention of the rebels from other paints
of operations.
There arc stories afloat to the effect that the
testimony of Gen. Sickles, touching the battle of
Gettysburg, vrill make it necessary for Gen. Uoadc
to resign the command of the Army of tbe Poto
mac. in that ease, either Gen. Hooker or Gen.
Smith will be his successor. Goa. Grant, it la
caid, has recommended Gen. Smith.
Nrw Yonx, March 5.—A Washington special to
Uk» New York Times says: “ Qen. Meade has neon
summoned here by the President to answer tbe
charpcspretcrrcd against him by Gens. Sickles and
' 'cubleday, before the Committee on the Conduct
cj the War. The matter Is assuming a rather seri
ous aspect. , . ’
“ Secretary Chase, in a communication to the
Committee, says, that in orderto bring the revenue
up to the amount estimated in his report, it will be
absolutely necessary to increase the tax on the
several articles specified. He recommends a tax of
one dollar a gallon on spirits; on leaf and manatee
lured tobacco fifty cents per pound. On pctrolo-
Icnm, erode, fifteen cents, refined, twenty-five
The World's Washington dispatch says ”It is
understood that Gen. U&lleck will retain bis pres
ent position, and Grant remain in tbo field.”
Washington, March s.—The United Slates Court
ofClaima, Judge Loring only dissenting, have de
livered an opinion in the ease of Wm. 8. Grant vs.
The United States, being a claim brought against
the Government for recovery of certain property de
stroyed by U. S. troops.
Report HtSU He Intends to Invade
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Washington, March 6,1864.
There is no harm now In stating that the princi
pal if not the sole object or Sherman's movement
was the destruction of Railroads West and North
of Meridian, in order to prevent the enemy from
troubling the navigation of the Mississippi river,
or of making raids within oar lines in that coun
New Yobk, March s.—The Washington special
to the New York Tribune says: “A dispatch dated
Memphis, Ist, received this evening, gives some
most interesting details ol Sherman's movements.
The dispatch gays: ‘-After having reached Merid
ian,' Sherman sent out scoots to feel the gronndand
ascertain whether Logan, who had started from
Florence, Alabama, to meet Mm, and Smith and
Grierson, on whose cavalry he relied to prosccntc
hii march on Selma, were advancing. Three days
ebpecd before he received any answer, but as his
army had but limited rations, by a rapid movement,
which disconcerted the rebels, he suddenly turned
toward Aberdeen and Columbus, In the richest part
of Eastern Mississippi, where his-armvwas sure
to find abundance of provisions. By this move
ment he turned his back on Selma and Mobile,
marched toward-Logan, who had already advanced
to meet him, and, by an audacious stroke of strat
egy. placed himself at a distance of abont 100 miles
from Johnston's flank, now menaced by his ad
vance.' The dispatch says that the rumor spread,
concerning the attack upon Mobile and Selma by
Sherman, was simply meant to divert public atten
tion from the real object of the expedition, which
aims at Invasion of Georgia, somewhere between
Trenton and Lafayette.
From Richmond papers, Fob. 23d to Feb. 20th,
we gather tho following interesting items relative
to Gen. Sherman's expedition:
[From tbe Richmond Examiner, Fob. 24.]
We have important news this morning from
Sherman's exj>cditiOD. An official dispatch was
received at the War Department last night, from
Gen. Folk, staling that Sherman's forces bad evac
uated Meridian, and were retreating in two columns
in the direction ot Vicksburg. It is supposed that
the Yankee Commander, finding his designs on
Mobile thwarted, and his cavalry reinforcements
intercepted, and being in distress for supplies,
was forced to abandon bis expedition! and
betake himself to the desperate expedient of a re
treat through a country ttripned ot Us supplies and
laid waste by his advance. Whether he can accom
plish a retreat with success, remains to be seen.
Tbe whole conn try from Jackson toMeridlaa is said
to be devastated. It is said that In Raymond. Clin
ton, Brandon and Jackson not a single bouse is left
sundicz except the pulilic buildings. Along Sher
man’s line of advance the forms were laid waste,
the fences destroyed and residences given to the
flames. The Yankee commander is reported to
have boosted in a speech before be left Memphis,
that he wonld subdue the spirit of the people of
Mississippi by a system of barbarities never before
practiced upon any people. These arc now llkclv
to react upon their guilty author; and bis retreat
lies through the deem he bad left In his tear.
[From the Richmond Examiner, Feb. 27.]
Our Southern exchanges brlog- osbnt little as to
the situation of affaire In Mississippi. The ac
counts we get represent SUennan’a entire Army as
certainly retreating to Vicksburg. A special dls
-patch from Be Soto to tho AJobDo Register sirs:
• An intelligent etilzen of Imtcrpttßot Haid.ijS cus
tody by tho enemy daring their star, expressed tne
opinion on tiro anny wul move “toward
After burning the bridge this side of Quitman, and
the public buildings and some private houses in the
town tbe enemy returned to Enterprise.
Yesterday morning tbe whole force at Enterprise
moved off'toward Meriden.
Another despatch from De Soto cays:
“A person from Enterprise to-day states that par
ties who have come through Meridan report that the
Tankas 'eft that p’aee yesterday morning, going
Demopoup,— Tuesday, Feb. 23. The enemy’s
forces along the Mobile and Ohio Railroad arc ma
king a retrograde movement In the direction of the
Mississippi River. Their mounted infontry In North
Miatist-ippl are also retiring, being closely pressed
bv Gecs.To rrest and Lee.
DEXorou*. Ala., Sunday. Feb. 21.—The main
column of the enemy Is still at Meridian, a de
tachment Ims occupied Lauderdale, on the Mobile
and Ohio Railroad. A portion of a column of
mounted infontry have occupied Aberdeen.
[From tho Montgomery Mall, Feb. 18.]
The enemy, on arriving at Meridian, appears to
have put on ms “thinking cap.” . For two days ho
has made no serious Advance in any direction.
Meanwhile onr army is reported to have crossed
the Tomblgbco river at Moscow, and at present, to
be In position on this side. The purposes of the
enemy are still shrouded in mystery. Everything
is mere conjecture as to Ue probable movements,
[From the Richmond Examiner, Feb. 23.]
Rumors report tbe enemy still advancing from
Meridian, but tbe accounts are conflicting in this
statement. One rumor represents tbe enemy to
have reached Cuba station, twenty miles cast of
Meridian, hat the J lississippian contradicts this,
and says:
** It is certain, however, that Sherman has not ad
vanced to Cuba Station, twenty miles east of Meri
dian, If ho had, hie stay would be short there, as
there is bat little left in Lauderdale county to sus
tain either man or beast. The enemy do not seem
desirous of venturing into tbe unproductive and
sterile, country lying between Meridian and Demop
olir. To-morrow ms; bring something definite- 1
news, perhaps, of the enemy's retreat or of his con
tinued advance toward Selma. Having met with
but little resistance thus far. Sherman concluded to
push on for Selma and Montgomery, only pausing
at Meridian to obtain reinforcements from some
other point. 4 ’
A dispatch from Enterprise says:
‘‘There has been so movement of the enemy in
this direction. The general opinion among well
informed persons from tbe vicinity of the Yankees,
seems to bo that their purpose Is to contiue their
march, centrally, toward Selma, where they expect
to meet another column, and thence move forward
to the rear of Ocn. Johnston.” ' ; ,
Per contra, the JUluitsippian of a late date says
We learn from persons from Oomopolis that Gen.
Pclk has cro-seo the Tombtebco at Moscow, ten
miles below Demopolia, with his army—with the
exception of Gen. Trench’s division, which Is at
Hemopolls. It la expected that the enemy will be
cheeked at the Tomblgbec, and that a battle will
take place there in a dav or two. The banks oftho
Tomblgbec famish excellent natural fortifications
and a splendid line of defence. It may, however,
be sound policy to allow the enemy to cross tbe
Tombigbee, If he is permitted to do so, his destruc
tion is absolutely certain, if our commanders and
troops meet public expectation. If his force is no.
lamer than the telegraph mokes It, there is no es
cape for him except through the snpmcss of the peo
ple and soldiery, or the most extraordinary want of
skin in our commanders.
[From the Mobile Register.}
A private dispatch Irom Enterprise, dated last
evening, states that our forces evacuated Meridian
gnu day morning. The Government property was
all saved, and nearly, if not all, the machinery of
the railroad company. Our troops retired in good
ordcrinthe direction oftho Tombigbee river. The
last train above on the Mobile ana Ohio railroad
passed Meridian at one p. m. yesterday, and report
ed the enemy in Rill view, just entering the town.
Tbe train was not fired on, and no effort was made
to stop or delay it.
[From the Selma Hississlpplan.]
Snnday forenoon Lee entered the place with a por
tion of hitj cavalry, and destroyed everything we
could not carry off that would he of any service to
the enemy. A cavalry fight took place in town, re
sulting in the enemy’s defeat. Lee drove them
back to thg infantry support, and that evening Mer
idian was given to them, cleared of sll ths Govern
ment property, as well as railroad cars and locomo
tives. Lee was compelled to bnm some of tbe roll
ing stock that could not be got away. •
[From the Mobile Register,]
Evcrvtblng waa eared at Meridian, including
two thousand bales of Government cotton, several
hundred hogsheads of sugar, immense supplies of
Commissary, Quartermaster and Ordnance stores.
[From the Atlanta Appeal.]
A gentleman who was with Polk’s command
when it fell back from Morton, and left Meridian
on the Utb, brings cs sorrowful Intelligence of the
ravages committed by .Sherman iu his march
through Mississippi. He is carrying out his threat
in bis late Memphis speech, that he would make
the people feel Ida power. Raymond, Clinton, ail
of Jackson except the public ouQdinus. Brandon,
and even the little village of Morton, were given to
the flames. On the route many dwellings and all
the oatbnQdincs and farming utensils were de
stroyed. ' He desires to make the people dependent,
with a view to make submission to the military
government be proposes to establish, a necessity.
The Yankees burned about ninety va
cant bouses In Jackson. Gen. Wirt Adams came
upon end destroyed about fifty wagons, killing
mules and drivers with pistols.
[From the Richmond Examiner, Feb. S3.]
We learn that in the evacuation of Meridian by
our troops, there was no loss of public stores or
ammunition, thete having removed in good time
to Demopolis.
The Inffiftippian says tbst the best estimate it
has of fbe force of the enemy is as follows: Two
columns of infantry, of 35,000 men, and 15,000 cav
alry. The advance guard consists of cavalrv,' fol
lowed by a column of infantry—then the wason
train, consisting of 1.100 wagons, guarded on either
side by a file of men four deep—then another col
umn of infantry, with cavalry m the rear.
Gen. Polk telegraphed yesterday that onr cavalry
bad cot between Sherman and his cavalry reinforce
ments, and bad probably by that time engaged
them; and he expresses a moral assurance of the
success ol the expedition.
From Aapinwall.
New York, March 6.—The steamer Ocean Queen
has arrived from Asplnwaß with $503,003 in specie.
The Constitution, which arrived at Panama 16th,
brought down $2,000,000.
President Lincoln Endorsed by the
(.Special Dispatch to the Chicago' Tribune.)
Columbus, 0„ Feb, 5.
The following paper has been signed by ninety
out of the one hundred and six Union members of
the Ohio Legislature:
■ Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 27.
At a Convention of the-Union members ot the
General Assembly, held on the evening of the i*th
Instant, the following resolution was adopted, via:
Jfcro-twf, That In the opinion of this Convention
the people of Ohio, aud her soldiers in the fleM, de
mand the rcnomlnalion -of'Anniiuu Lincoln to
tbe Presidency of the United Sl&tes.- -
Tbe undersigned Senators and; Representative-- 1 ,
speaking for ourselves, and- uqbffiCially concur in
the opinion expressed in the Yoregoing resolution.
Three members are absent, who, If here, would
attach their names. Six other.msmbcra endorse
the resolution, but refused toSlgiv J>nt of Ihclr
personal regard for Mr, Chase. They ucafed to
have the action delayed until 'Hr. Chase was noti
fied, so that he could have withdrawn, if he de
sired. Thus Mr. Lincoln really has 99„on(i of 131
members of the entire Legislature cop
perheads, -p.
The VaUandigham fund is likolyjo come’to sud
den grief at some not far distant day.
Devin of Knox county,'lias given doticc ef his in
tention to introduce a bill to prerun t
of Ohio from giving pecuniary or other aid to trai
tors banished from the United States by'order of
the President. - ; ‘ .
The number of Ohio veterans why/ have re-en
listed as ter as reported to Adjt. £c.T, Cawan, Is
11,122. Several thousand will oh added to this
number from regiments not yet officially
reported. 3,664 new recruits were mastered into
service from this State during the pant week. Ohio
has furnished a fraction over 21,400 new men since
Nov. Ist, last year.
Legislative and military Blatters.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune*]
Madifon, March 5,1804.
In tbe Senate to-day bills were Introduced in ac
knowledgment of certain deeds and mortgages,
and relative to depositions in courla of record-
Bills were passed regulating terms of Circuit
Courts; toauthorirc trial by jury In certain term
mortgage cases; to amend the • Milwaukee City
Charter; appropriating for>stationcTy, and
to memorialise the construction of a
route for gunboat* and co&nereial navigation from
the Mississippi and the AQsutic.v(a the Wisconsin
’and Fox rivers, thegreat la&s;* Niagara Falls and
Erie canal. \ f
Col. West was present in the' Senate, and imme
diately on the adjoornmentiwas greeted with three
hearty cheers. Re declined to'mako a speech, but
related to the Senators some Incidents of his im
prisonment in Richmond, and his adventures in es
Bills were introduced in the House, amending
the interest law of *59 so as to make all bonds,
notes, Ac., hereafter executed, drawing more than
7 per cent interest, and providing penalties for
usury, shall go into the school fund; relating to
evidence in certain eases, and amending the act
limiting the amount of taxes that' may be levied in
certain towns and school districts, by excluding
from its operations words “Marathon” and “ Saw
anaw counties'' from its operations. A long dis
cussion took place oh the bilL,which was ordered to
a third reading requiring registers of .deeds to
keep index books In their offices. No general bills
The Supreme Court to-day refused writ of habeas
corpus, in behalf of a minor enlisted and held by
military authority. It suatalns tbe constitutional
ity of the act of Congress authorizing the sus
pension of the writ of Habeas corpus and the action
of tho President under It.
The B£th regiment having been raised so readily,
another new regiment Is to bo organized.
Recruiting commissions and commissions of 2d
Lieutenancies, for meritorious sokUors; are issued.
Field officers promoted for service will be an
nounced on Monday; Moj. Zooiy is promoted to
the Lieut. Colonelcy of the Ist cavalry, vice Pome
roy resigned; Dr. C. P. Oarilck, of Polk county, is
Assistant Surgeon of the Sfitb. '
LINA. ;?
New TouK.’Marcb 6.—The steasy-r Ellen S. Per
ry from Newbem Ist. arrived her* this evening.
Our Newbern letter of the Ist stated that Jen*. Da*
vis has suppressed the Raleigh Stoddard, thus In
creasing tbe surety of Its eduor'apiscUon as Gov*
croor next fall. . • j
The rebels arc removing obstructions in the
Ncu«* River below Kinston, in-order to allow tbe
Iron-plated ram to.come'd6wTl';o*ri*t In an anti
cipated ettaek on.Nc3gbcru._Vl -mngton, and Ply.
mouth, for which the rebels ar<runpdn-*Jrreat prep
arations. Aram is also said to be ready on tbe Ro
anoke River, and one on the Tar River.
Tbe Raleigh Confederate state* that the recent
attack on Newbem was only f.. soon to
'be followed by heavier demonstration?.- 7t'urges
the necessity of changing tbe battle ground from
Virginia to North Cnrolmn.
Official Intelligence confirms tbe report that Jeff.
Davis ordered toe immediate seizure o! all points
now held by the Federal* Id North Carolina.
Gen. Peck has made all preparations in his power,
and all citizens and firemen ore under orders to go
Into the fortifications.
The hanging by the .rebels of twenty-three men
of the Sd North Carolina white regiment has exas
perated the loyal North Carolina troops beyond all
bonnets, and they have resolved to take no more
■Hie North Carolina Times ot the 2d is received.
It contains no news of any interest,' but Its leader
refers to an expected attack on Newborn, and
states that all preparations possible have been
made. (Signed] D. H. Craig.
Nt.w York, March 6.— Richmond papers of tho
Ift nnd 2nd are received. They admit that Kilpat
rick penetrated within three miles of tho city and
state how narrowly Gen. Lee escaped capture.
General Wise also bad a narrow escape, being at
the residence of the rebel Secretary of War from
whence be reached the city.
Four hundred more of onrprisonere were shipped
on February 29th for Americas, Georgia. Nearly
three thousand have thus for been sent. There are
accommodations for six thousand.
Forty-six miles of the Mobile and Alabama Rail
road were destroved by General Sherman. Tho
sonthem road was' also destroyed from Meridian to
Rebel accounts of the battle at .Olnstcc, Florida,
show that their force consisted of eleven regi
ments of Infantry, .four battalions of cavalry, and
ibrecbatteriCß of artillery, and their loss was eight
hundred killed end wounded.
From Lonisvillc.
Louisville, March s. —Judge Pislo. in the Chan
cery Court yesterday, decided aa assignment from
disloyal firms, for security of their creditors gener
ally, to be valid. ■
General Grant arrived this evening, en route for
A Guerilla Killed.
Cats Crrr, Ky., March B.—The noted guerilla
Captain alias Colonel Richardson, en route north
ward as a prisoner, while attempting to escape,
was shot dead by Capt. Stone of the 37th Ky.
New Counterfeits.
New Yens, March 6.—Counterfeit fives on the
Valley Bank, of Hillsboro New Hampshire, East
ern Bank of Maine, and National Bank of Pater
son, New Jersey, the latter altered from ones,
have appeared.
Markets by Telegraph.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
Cincinnati, March 1,15G1.
Gbocsbieb—Firmer, and there Is a boiter feeling m
market at l&-t quotations.
Whisky—Under advices from Washington the mar
ket closes buoyant at 86c, at which figure holders are
indisposed to sell largely.
PCoVJ&los6—There Is no material change In the
market for ine.-e pork, with little Inquiry, and there la
not enough dolne to establish prices. The figures ask
ed are—J2o.oo for new, 133X0 for country, 933X0 for
city brands old, $19X0(330.00 for last season’s packing,
and J17.C0 for two years old. Balk shoulders are quiet,
but helfi firmly at 7Jfc®Bsfc f or light to heavy aver
age*, loose. Rib sides dull, with sales of tMfIPO
averaging 45 tts, at which is a Jfc lower than
they were held yesterday, and a sale of light averages
was madcatßtiC. Clear Blues are held nominally at
10K910KC, but we heard of no demand. Hams are in
moderate request at [email protected] Bacon shoulders and
sides are nominal, there being but little enqnlryfor
either, and there are very few lots out of Smoke
Plain. Haas ace firm at ISSfc for canvassed and pack
ed, and the best city brands sugar cured at 15c. Lard
is unchanged and dull. City l* heldat UVe, and coun
try at Wfcc, with a sale of ICO tree gut at il£c.
Tonacco-Sales of new Kentucky leaf and lugs at
16X9(34X0. and Old southern Kentucky lugs at 33.80
<3IIXO. jr~ r
Milwaukee Markets.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Mn/WAtraxa, March 5, isflt,
Wsr at—Receipts 25,000, shade ea*ICT. S»’e3; 40/01
No. 1 spring In store at f [email protected] ; 2.000 ba No. i.
Beyers option all the month at 51.18; ID.IW do at
ft JSK;IO,CCO do sellers option lIJ6Y.
Cork—Steady. Sales: ITS bn new shelled delivered
Basixt—Firm. Sales 150 bu of prime delivered at
9&bu by sample delivered at 5U2&51.25.
Fnom—Doll and Inactive. No sales.
Dsxssed Hogs.—Receipts, IS bead. Market Arm
andlSc higher. Sales: 63 head at 57.7565A3, dividing
Provisions— Quiet and unchanged. No sales,
New York Market.—March 5.
Cotton—Quiet and steady at 78®79 for middling
uplands, ard?sc for low middlings. .
i'noun—A shads tinner, and In fair demand nt
S6AS lor extra State; «7.D®7.25f0r extra round hoop
bio; and 5T.50&&50 for trade brands. Market clos-
Unsettled and firmer at .S&aflOc for State
SOc for Western: sales latter rumored above tbU price.
Crain— Wheat 1c better, and in moderate demand
ntsl.srsi.Cl for Chicago spring; $1.62 for cho'cs do
delivered; [email protected] for Milwaukee club; 51.67'.? 1.73
for winter. Cent without.decided change; BLSJ3
GLS2M lor shipping mixed Western In store vand
lornewyellow Jersey. Oats scarcely as active; 003
9lc for State and Western, the latter prirc extreme.
Petroleum—Firmer; SOSSlcfor crude,sSc for re
fined in bond. B6c for refined free. . .
Pkotisions—Pork quiet and unchanged; 500 btls
for March btiyere*option. «Msi 1,000 brls new do.
sametums. ant! delivery 823.50. iut Meats quiet and
flitn; 9YSIOC for 6boulacre,and l2K®i3jjc tor llama.
Sales ot 10,000 fts of city cut Shoulders iu balk,
at 10c. Bacon eldesvery Ann with good demandat
11 Kc for Western Cumberland cut: ll« do Short rib.
bed: 12Kc do fliort clear; and IWRUkeco long cot
Bams: also 20.0(0 lbs citv cut Bel lea fa bulk at tic.
Dressed Hogs a shade firmer, 10c lor Western- Lard
Butter firm at SCSSIc for Ohio, and 52&3? for
sute. Cheese firm at HSiTc for common to prime.
Stocks— Strong. United States 6*s 61, Registered
lUKtdo s.£o’a registered lHsf:do coupons 103;
do one year cert. 89Ms cold’MlK. a SO: Canton
£8; Pacific Mall 225: N.». C.lwy; Erie 117Y;
Pnc ntelerred 110: Hudson 153; Extra division
H?rlcm 1«K: Reading 118; M. C. 113; M. 8. 100;
do guaranteed 155; LOT scrip 18?, C, B. Q. ill.
New Tons, March 5,
Monet—Plenty and easy atfic.
3 O’CLOCK, A. 1L
From Knoxville and Chattanooga—
The Situation,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Knoxville, MarchC.
Gen, Schofield is in town from New Market. All
is quiet at tbo front. The rebels boyond Greenville
are still slowly and sullenly retreating. They late
ly shot seven deserters and are relentlessly hunting
down conscripts. They have sent .forty pieces of
artillery td the Great Virginia Salines, which place
they will doubtless stubbornly hold undcrßrccklu.
ridge and Buckner, and from it they threaten Ken
• Tboy arc not fortifying Bali's Gap.: ‘ '
Gen. Cox is appointed Chief of Staff to General
Schofield for the army in the field
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.
Chattanooga, March 4,1861.
Cur army bos returned from Its rcconnoisaancc,
and now holds a position in advance of oar old
telegraph will soon !>e working to Dolton.
We have closed Packer’s and Hooker’s Gaps, and
the army is In splendid condition.
Col. Harrison, who from Peak Fall.Ridge, bad a
full view of Dolton, estimates tbe rebel force there
on Friday at 50,000, nearly ail of whom came op
from the rear Thursday afternoon.
Lt. Col. Slocum, 82d Indiana, who was wounded
in a reconnolsancc, died last night.
The gallant Col. Wlbalotzy, 31th 111., was sitting
np, and will recover. .
' Knoxville, Tcud., March 6.—Scouts report that
Longstrect has shipped bis wagons per train to
Richmond, and is mounting his men on the horses
and mnlcs tbns released, and is pressing into his
service all animals that can be found.
The rebel cavalry are still scouring the country
to tho fronth and east of up.
Martin’s cavalry appeared yesterday ou the
French Broad River, near the meeting of tho Big
Some apprehension is felt of n raid by Morgan
on our railroad communication with Chattanooga.
Capture or Important Bfspatclics by
tbe Rebels.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tr.bane.]
Washington, March 6,1554.
A general order promulgating tho appointment
of Grant as Lieutenant General, first recites the re
cent act of Congress and then announces the ap
pointment of Grant in language of the law. declar
ing that he is authorized, under direction, during
tho pleasure of the President, to command the
armies of tbe United States.
It is believed that Grant is now on his way here,
but not to fill any office in Washington,
Gilmore's dispatches, concerning the recent bat
tles in Florida, do not affirm that he had any or
ders from the President or any body else to under
take the expedition. Re had authority granted
Inst December to make such an expedition on the
mainland as was deemed advisable. He also had
instructions as to the treatment .of Florida after
the rebels were expelled,
The Senate Military Committee recommended
the confirmation of CoL Fuller, 27th Ohio, os
Brigadier General.
The tug bearing Kilpatrick's and Butler's dis
patches, tbe capture of which was announced In
'yesterday's telegram, was attacked and taken pos
session of by fifty men, after It had reached Cher
rystone lauding* The captors did not coma from
the other side of tbe bayou, but were residents ot
Northampton and Accomac counties. They left
with the tne for parts unknown.
Washington. March C.—Brig. Gen. A. P. Rowe,
lately commanding a division or tho 6th corps, has
been transferred to tho post of Chief of Artillery,
▼ice Brig. Gen. Carry, ordered to Gen. Grant’s de
pattmenT. Gen. Howe has been in the Gold unin
terruptedly since the beginning of the war, and is
regarded as a most efficient and accomplished offi
It is supposed the amendatory Interna! tax bin
will not ne reported by the Committee of Ways
and Means before to-morrow week.
The visit of Gen. Meade to Washington Is report
ed to be In connection with tho reorganization of
the several corps under bis command.
It is understood that the House Committee on
Navel A Shirs have under consideration the estab
lishment of navy yards for tbe construction of mon
itors, and other subjects in that connection.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, March 6, ISM.
4 Changes in the command of tbe army of tbe Po
tomac were [announced as impending some days
since, and win probably be made upon the arrival
Of Gen. Grant.
- There Is good reason to believe that Gen. Meade
will be displaced. '
"" it is supposed that tbe change in the Cincinnati
Post Office will not bo insisted upon by the Depart
ment, and the present incumbent may remain.
The expedition of Gen. Kilpatrick had the effect
of scaring Richmond—nothing more.
The rebel journals contain bewildering and be
wildered accounts of tbe cavalry operations. They
record that at Frcdcricksbail the Yankees tore np
tho railroad for some distance, and carried away
several officers and eight pieces of artillery, besides
doing much other damage; that from Fredericks
hall one column moved to James River Canal, and
burned the form buildings ofSeddon, the rebel
Secretary of War, and a large number ofmllis, be
sides destroying a canal boat, catting one lock, and
damaging some Iron Works,
Henry A. Wise, who was visiting a neighbor of
Seddon, narrowly escaped capture.
Another column came to Ashland and appeared
within six miles of Richmond March Ist, and after
a two hours fight they withdrew towards Median
icsviilc, burning tho trestle work of- the Central
railroad over the Chickahominy. The rebel loss
was one killed and six wounded. Two Yankees
were captured bat no damage done them. A large
nmuber of negroes were carried off.
The Richmond Whig thinks that the design of
the expedition,besides the destruction of property,
was to release prisoners. That plan miscarried
through the treachery or Ignorance of the negro
guide, but that they won a title to considerable
boldness to say the least.
Dispatches from Gordonsvlllc say that Gen. Cus
tar did bat little damage at Charlottesville.
Tho Lake City F.oHda CMumblan has a long ac
count of the battle of 01usteen,*whlch the writer
says, that although he participated in all tho battles
around Richmond, he never witnessed a more stub
bornly contested field engagement, fasting more
than four hours.
Gen. Finnegan was in command of tbe rebel
forces, consisting of Florida and Georgia regi
Tbe result is thus cammed up: Yankee loss in
killed, wounded and prisoners 1,600, one stand of
colors, five gnus, 1,50Q stand of arms.* and a largo
quantity of stores. The rebel loss is estimated at
seventy-five killed, 450 wounded.
Fltoai TOE GULP.
The Bombardment of Mobile-Fire at
Fensacola— Military Matters.
Nbw York. 3 larch 6,1364.
New Orleans advices of Feb. 27th, received per
the Columbia, and Geo. Cromwell, state that Ad
miral Famgut continued his attack on tbe forts be
low Mobile.
A lettdr from our fleet dated the 33d says, the
whole monitor fleet kept up an Incessant Arc on
Fort Powell, which commands Grant’s Pass, since
The rebel ram Tennessee was ofi Fort Morgan,
and was expected to attack our fleet. She is said
to be more powerful than the Merrlmac. Fort Pow
ell, could not hold out long against our bombard
Admiral Farragnt was on board the Calhoun near
the fort. .
Our regiments from the Teche were daily arriv
ing in New Orleans and being sent on transports
to cooperate with Farragut.
Thirty-four rebel prisoners had escaped from
tbe Custom Honse at New Orleans. Ten or twelve
were recaptured.
There was an extensive fire at Pensacola on
(he 10th, and the town Is believed to have been
destroyed by tbe rebels under the impression that
our forces designed to occupy it soon.
The 18lb N. Y. cavalry nad arrived at New
Orleans. Gen. Banks reviewed tbe artillery and
cavalry at Carrollton on tbe 22th. Col. Chickering.
of the 8d Mass, cavalry, has been appointed As
sistant Provost Marshal General of Louisiana.
His duties will ty? to superintend the labor sys
tem miiituted V Gen. thinks. -
Gen. Weltzel was expected to return soon to
New Orleans.
Fnrtlicr Concerning: Kilpatrick’s Great
New York, March 6.—The Times speckil gives
the following additional statement as to the results
of Kilpatrick’s raid. ...
Miles of railroad track on two principal roads
over which Lee transports supplies for the northern
army of Virginia have been so thoroughly destroy
ed that some time must elapse before the roads can
be put in running order again. The depots of com
missary, ordnance and quartermasters’ stores were
burned or destroyed. No less than six grist mills
and one saw mill, principally at work for the rebel
army were burned. Six canal boats loaded with
<wain, with severallocke on the James River Canal,
and the almost invaluable coal pits ntMillikeu’fl
Bend, were destroyed. .Nearly 3jo prisoners were
captured, several hundred horses were pressed into
the service, ahd hundreds oC negroes availed them
selves ot the opportunity to come within our lines.
Tee following account ftrtn the expedition after
leaving Richmond Is of interest:
At night tto command went into camp at a place
six miles from Richmond and two miles from the
Chtckahominv, at half-past eleven, Jut as tiio Con
federates were Ciiriy asleep, except those on duty.
The rebels opened with a two gun battery npoa
the comp of Gen. Dodge t s brigade, and the enemy
th n charged the camp ot the 7th Michigan. The
men, though taken entirely by surprise, seized
their-carbines and under Col.Litchfield, supported
br the Ist Vermont, Col. Preston, handsomely re--
pulsed the enemy. Several men were wounded
and Col. Litchfield is missing, and it is fcired .Is
also wounded.
General KBpatrick decided to move across' the
White House Railroad and down the Peninsula
daring the day. Captain MltchelL of the 2d New
York, with'the bulk of Pahlgren’a command en
gaged the main column of the enemy on Tuesday
night and all day Wednesday, and on Wednesday
night hovered all about the command. Skirmish
in; was almost constantly going on in different di
On Wednesday morning about 9 o’clock, a lanre
force of cavalry come from the rear of the column.
Gen. Kilpatrick was got unprepared for l&te. aud
decided to give them battle. Tbe Ist Vermont,
under Lieutenant Colonel Preston ably assisted by
Captains Grant and Cummings, aud tbe Ist
Halno boro tho brunt of ibis fight, which
lasted something over an hour white the Cihfillch.,
and otber regiments of Gen. Davis’ brigade, were
!n position to render whatever assistance might bo
necessary. Only one charge was made, and that
was by Co. A, let Me., ledbyCapt. Estes, A- A.0.,
. and Cant. Cole, when 5 of the enemy were capta
red. The enemy suddenly retired, but when the
command moved forward pressed the rear flanks.
Several times an offer or battle was made, but
they refused it. To-day (Wednesday) several refu
gees from Richmond came into our camp and re
ported the presence of Captain Wilson, ot the
, 2nd Ohio, ‘ who had escaped from
-the Richmond basilic, near at hand. For some rea
son ho did not join the command. Ou Wednesday
also lieutenant Whitaker was sent to TunstalTs
Station on the White House Railroad, hut noon
arriving there, much to hie astonishment, he fonnd
that place in flames. From negroes in that vicinity
he ascertained that n column of Union cavalry,
from Butler’s department, bad jnst left there.
This was the first intimation of as
sistance being fo near at hand. On Thursday
morning Kilpatrick moved toward New Kent
Court Bouse, and onhis way be met Colonel Spear,
in command ol a cavalry force, looking after Kil
patrick’s command.
At Battle Creek, Micblnan. on the 3d in*!- bv tbe
Rev. D llarrfacton. Mr. If. W.CADY. ofCblcazo.and
MiJENNY, daughter of J. N, Clark. Esq., of Battle
At Mtebnwanka. Indiana, on the 2d last-by tho Rev.
Mr.AddetJy.il >l. PEYTON, of Superior, Wte . and
MARTHA NEWTON, of the former place.
lu this city, on Sunday raoruin;, Oth lint..of Coa
snmpticn, Mrs. BRLNTNALL.
Funeral from Grace Church lhL» afternoon, at 3 o’clk.
In this city, yesterday fSiiudny), at OA.M-of In
flammation of tbo Bruin, J ENNIE, aged 4 years and 5
months, eldest child aud only daughter of J nines T. sod
Surah A. Flynn.
Friends ere Invited to attend the ftmcral from her
late home, this (Monday) afternoon, at 2 o’clock.
In this city, March sth, ISC4, CORA, youngest daugh
ter of Thomas end Alice Tagney, aged 2years,9months
and 13 days.
In tills city, at bis residence, IS3 West Madison street,
on Saturday morning, March sth, GEO. LOMAS, aged
43 years.
In this citv. on the Sth Inst., of congestion of the
brain, CHARLES BROWN, of the firm of Miller*
Brown, aged SI years.
pr~ Boston papers please copy.
In this city,-March Sth, 1864, of pneumonia,
WALLACE A. WARREN, only son of Washington
(and Sarah S. Warren, deceased.) _ •
Funeral from his tether’s residence, W West Wash
ington street. „
Brockport and Albion, N.Y., papers please copy
In the Hospital, at Vicksburg. Miss.. Feb. l*th, 18SI
Serpent WILLIAM 1. CALDWELL, Co. “E,” Sth Regt
Ills. lofty Vols.
In Plainfield, 111., March 2d, ISGI. MARXL., wife of
Dr. O. J. Corbin, and daughter of the late Oliver Goss
F-sq . roimerlv of MontepcJler, Vt M aged 51 years,
months aud 26 Cays.
At her tether’s residence. In Maine, Cook County, HI.
LOIS M. BALLARD, of typhoid fever, aged 23 years
Funeral services at the house on Monday, March 7th
at i o’clock F. M. £ fiends of the deceased are Invite
to attend.
Nrto gUrberilsements.
For rale, on Twenty-Second at., 'between 1 ndlana and
Prnlrtc arennes. InoniroofN. COOLD, 115 Lake si.,
up stairs. Address P. O. Box old, Chicago.
iuh(-!iS3-StDCI ■
IVTTASOXIC.—There will he a Spe-
XfX clnl Convocation of Lafnyelle Chapter, No. 3,
It, A. AI.. i.: lluaonlo Temple, tnls Ofonday) evening.
Till oi March, iSW.at 7>< o’clock. tVorkonM.sf.ond
mli7-al4-U Secretary.
4 SOT. GEORGE.”—The next Reg
nlar Meeting of tbe Association will bo held
on Mendsy Evening, March Ith, IWU. This being the
List meeting before tho election of Officers for the
coming year. It Is expected that every member will be
present, and become eligible for voting or holding
office. JAMES JOHN.
niL7-a15.1t Recording secretary.
A RARE CHANCE.—A well sc
lected Stock of Dry Goods, Groceries and Crock
ery, In one of the most flourishing towns In the State,
uTtli an established trade of ten yean. The Store
Building js new. bn‘lt of brick—fire proof, acknowl
edged to be tbe beet west of Chicago. The Building
n ill be rented or sold cn favorable terms. Inquire of
A. J. SMITH, of Smith Brothers, 43 So. Water street,
Chicago. ‘ mh7-al3-lt .
J.vJL The Mercantile Association wQ! hold a regular
meeting this (Monday) evening, at o'clock, at the
New Rooms, opposite the Tremont House.
mb* aCI-lt MEBRXL LADD, Secy.
On MONDAY (this morning), March ».at IQ o’clock, nt
No. (I Custom Houje riace, near the Post Office, I will
sell the Stock nnd Fixture*. Show Case, Counter, Stove,
Tables. Chain. Cocking Utensils, Cigars. Tobacco,
lipc*, &c. [mh7-ftS3-U] H. ALEXANDER, Anct.
. members, except those of tbe Seolor Class, are
hereby ordered to return their Uniforms. Belts, or any
Company property in tbclr possession. Immediately, to
Qnancncaster Cooley, at 5s and 57 Clark street, or at
the Armory. , „ ..
All other persons who were loaned Uniforms nnd
- Equipments to act as guard to rr.bM prisoners token
East, arc required to return such-Uniforms, etc., at
cnee, as above directed. By order of
mhC-nTO-St J. C. BIGELOW, Copt.
VlNEGAß.—Housekeepers should always oak
their Grocers for Pkussino's Puke Cross Vineoae,
If they want a pure, pleasant and wholesome article,
warranted to keep pickles for years. Fibst Premium
iirceivrd wiieiieteu exhibited. Vinegar works. S3
Market street, Chicago. mhG-al3-2tnct
A 1 20 acres of the “ UUch Tract.” An Original Lot
in Section 37. T. 39, R. 14. Ten aero Block In Section
53, T. T. S9. It 14. Two acres In 17. S. Bank Addition.
Choice Residence property In the three Dlvlsiocs of
theclty. For gale by WALKER & KERFOOT,
mLS-all-3tnct 69 Washington street.
TJE3IOYAL. —As the Bnildins;
JIV Nos. 44 and 11 La*allc street U to bo raised, 1 "!
wilt occupy the Basement, No. 40 Lasalle street, under
j. B. Shay b. till about the first of May, when I will
return to my old Stand. _ __ .
Having at a large outlay, thoroughly repaired our
stock ol Machinery for the
And the season being now open, we are prepared to fill
all orders in cur line with promptness.
Our stcck Is lour time* larger and much more effec
tive than that of any other similar concern In tbe
Northwest, and owners of river property will consult
their own Interests by giving os a call.
Those desirous of having property Improved before
the oncnlng of navigation, wilt pleese leave enters Im
mediately. FOX & HOWARD,
mh6-011-2w 342 Sooth Water street.
EYE AND EAR.—Deafness,
Blindness, and all diseases oftho Eye and Ear,
continue, as lor twcnty-elzbt the es
pecial attention of Dr. UNDER!* OOD, Oculist and
Aurlst, 124 Randolph street, Chicago. Operations for
Crops Eye, Cataract, Artificial Pupil,&c., Sc., skillfully
performed. Artificial Eyes, Ear Drums, Auricles ami
sound Conductors always on hand. mqSvOlT-atnct
Large Stocks In Store and to arrive, for sale to the
Trade, at the lowest market prices.
Oil and Commission Beckers,
jnii7-aCC-St No. 133 Sonth Water street.
5-20 BONDS,
Quartermaster's Cheeks
Cor. of Clark and South Water Sts.
Past I.
psychometric Researches and Discoveries.
PictCTCS on the Retina and BralA
Pictures ori *hc Surrounding Objects.
Pyschoroctry. Experiments. ,
Remarkable Phenomena Explained.
Utility of Psychometiy.
Mysteries Revealed. •*
Past IL
Questions. Considerations and Suggestions.
Hew Objects arc seen Psyehomctrically.
Seen best In Darkness and with Closed Ryes.
■Why called Sight.
Mesmeric Influence not needed to Induce the
gary Sensitiveness,
mere the Case la Directed.
Why the Psychometer la Unable to See gome Objects.
The Nature of the Light by which Objects arc Seen.
How the Psychometer Travels, or appears to Travel.
How Account for the Hearing of Sounds.
Going Backward In Time.
Continued Effect of Influences.
Departed Spirits.'
Predominant Influences.
This remarkable volume unfolds and Illustrates, by a
large Dumber of most singular experiments, a co tapir
atU cly new and very startling science.
It commends itself not less to the scholar than to the
popular reader.
The Boston Traveler speaks of It as “ A volume em
nbctlcally deferring cf the reader’s closest study.”
“ A work of curious Interest.”— Portland Transcript .
" Of the tone of this remarkable book, It Is enough to
say that it Is sober and sincere i Its ethical lessons are
' well put: and the seeming wildness of Its bets iscocm
tfirotsed by a calm, candid and meld exposition of the
theory upon which they rest.”— CbrUlian Examiner.
IS mo. 81.29.
SENT FREE ET MAIL on receipt of the priced
mh7-t9?4-3t-Jt w*f
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New Bourbon Whisky.....
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the amount of capital to do business sow that UdlcT
two years ago, with the same number of gallons sold.
Ucnce, our customers wHI readily observe that we
meet have a corresponding increase in oar profits to
meet our Increased expenses, or make more prompt
demands on them for payment. Considering tbe latter
- course the most acceptable to oar customers.sncl being
determined to keep up the quality ©f our goods and
sen at the lowest possible profit, we shall in future be
compelled to curtail credits, and can only make sales
as follows:
CASH lor Common Whiskies and Strict Domestic
Goods. .
THIRTY DATS tor all other Goods of oar manu
We trust our customers will coincide with ns la the
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tbdr business.-^
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- . bknxett pietkbs * CO.
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Ncto ahbmtemnrts.
EC -A. I R .
this preparation Is tile discovery of C. a. CLAUSE
scmcrpertser lathe Wholesale Drug Hotre of 0. (*,
Csrk £ Haven, Com. Mr. Chirkb<H 1>««m
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every article necessary to restore the color, and aR
Uioso emollient and invigorating properties, which
moke It au excellent dreader, leaving u with an dirty
sediment, to bo shaken ap before using, as is tho
case with all other Hair LestoraUves before thopub>
lje,bnt'a clear, transparent Cold, delightfully p<w
(tamed, which will not stain the most delicate (tab*
r!ca, contains no oil. Is not a dye, and has no ijflews
rioos properties, sad, in short. Is the only known Be
ston rof Color sod pojfrQtHalr Dre.wcr. combined.
Any chemist would tell yon. If the Ingredients were
made known, that this fluid dUtlilitlon won d restore
tbcnatural color of the Hair, as certainly as nlghK
soccerds day.
We claim for It. and warrant It
Ist. To permanently and positively restore gray or
faded Hair sod Beard to their natural color.
2d. To prevent the Hair from (tailing off, promoting
Its rapid and healthy growth.
3d. To cause Hair to grow on bald head*, If the
roots are not entirely dead.
4th. It complelely.eradicales dandruff. the
heed clean, soot th, and free from e^nptlona,
Sth. It bos no equal as a dressing, rendering ths
Hair soft, lostrons. and silky, and may be polished
with the hand or brash to any degree of brilliancy.
A little one says, “llikolt,ltmakes my hair so soft
and shiny.”
Fctallt. It is an Indispensable article In (be tot>
let of every lady.and no gentleman who wlsbeaaweM.
dressed head of hair, suit, silky whiskers, or gra*
and faded locks restored to their natural color, earn
afford to be without it; Us softening, cleansingproy
ertlcs makes it a very excellent article for ehUdxvrta
and Infanta* heads, while Us restorative powers claim
tie attention of the aged and graj—ln a word, it la
prepared chemically and scientifically, to meet th«
wants, promote the health, protect the color, keep
olean.smooth and luxuriant the human Hair, of aJL
ages, from the cradle to the grave.
Sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
Price, pi per bottle—eiujuicofor ea.
C. G. CLARK & CO.,
Wholesale Druggists, New Hares* Ct, Proprietors.
LOUD ft SMITH. Chicago, Illinois. General
Ageula. fc29rf4l«Bt>aiwAP-aet
(Successors to Bstler ft HontJ
Mnnnfiic turers and Wliolemle
48 State Street, Chicago.
1884753 r-gAW net
*0 75
.. so
.. S5
.$1 00 to 1 10
Dickerson, Sturges & Co.,
199 & 201 Randolph Street
mh2o-bSS3-ly*srw*rnct •
1 90
1 73
2 90
100 to 115
S. F. WHITE, Agent,
Wholesale Dealer In
Clothing and Gentlemen’s Farnlshinff
>IS ami 3(1 Wabash Arenne, attain.
Between Lake ana Randolph st&* Chicago.
fe2S*vl£6-lw xuaatnet
■\TOTICE. —Onr city patrons wilL
Xi please bear In mind that we shall sell, from
Hoping tor a continnanco of past favors/
,?l OOtol 90
. 1 25 to 2 00
A. IS, A G. H. TTflTiTiHB^
Hardware and House Ftncnsncro Stokz,
March 5* ISM. - 255 and 29! State street
1 00 to I 30
1 23 to 2 00
1 25 to 2 00
1 25 to I SO
For the sale and purchase of Floor, Grain and Prodncs
I 25 to 2 00
No, 6 Role’s Pntiding, Chicago, m.
1 30 to 2 30
P. O. BOX 4137.
OT Eastern orders solicited.
1 23 to 3 00
RxrSßENCKs—Cragln ft Co., Chicago: JobnC.GanltL
Gen.Frelght Agent, Chicago; H, W. Hlnsdale-ft Co,;
Rutter, Bndlcott ft Co., Bonkers. mh4>vß9EHitnet
73 to 1 50
75 to I 33
mltted as members of onr firm. Is the
sale and Retail Drag Business.
1 CO to 2 00
1 30 to 3 50
The Arm name win continue as heretofore.
1 50 to 2 00
CMctKn. March lat, 136 L 32 and M Lake street.
Oils, Oye«. Naval Stores and
181 Pearl street, comer Cedar, New York,
40 and 42 Lake Street,
Have now in store, and daily arriving
a very large and complete assortment
of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, par*
chased for cash, at favorable periods*
wbereby we are able to present to oit
friends and Use Trade generally, ever.
Inducement, botb In goods and prices*
that can be fonnd East or West.
DAVIS. BAW7ER A CO n Chicago,
Our firm in St. Lonls la S. C. DAVIS A CO.
230 to 300
Window Shades.
78—Bandolph Street— 7S
Per Piece.
175 Lake Street,
OmcE or the Ssceetaxt, {
_ PtTTSBTBOH, Pa., Feb. 12tb, 1861. f
The Aunuit] Meeting of tbo Stock nod Bondholder*
of tbls Company for tbo election of Directors, and sucta
other boelnesw as maycomo before If, will be held as
the Office of said compoov.ln the city of Pittsburgh,
on tbe third Wednesday of March. A. D. 156 L at 10 A—
-31. The Stock and Bond Transfer Books of the
their Transfer Agency la tbe city of Kew Tork. wOl be
closed on, the first day of March, at 3 o'clock. P. M—
and remain closed until the seventeenth day of MarcS
"S&st w - H - B4Bsas -
_ _ OnxnreTOM Lmrr,
H.H.Maoie, C. B. Hosmkb, P.L.To»,
? B 2 B „ c s ,nioir * Kelsoe L’niTLE. Petek Page.
L.C.P.FSZKB, J. V. Fa EWELL, Bor. Afl «mr
T . U. 11. MAQIE.ITMId.at.
LA. WTLLAi'D, Gen. Art, C.S. HOLDER. 3mY.
All profit. clTlaed urn. nolle, boldera. Tbla Is tha
only Local Lite Company In our State, and la well
fiatronlzid by oar citizens wbo wish to Insure their
tyes. Office, northwest corner a/ Lake and Clark
streets. Jall-aJW-Sm itewnetac
JL 5,000 bushels choice
Selected & Screened Seed
For Sowing purposes. B. W, BLATCnFOJID.
Chicago Lead and Oil Work*
mbs-»13l-3m-w r ae-o c t
Loans on real estates
TVe ara constantly to aacolfiAO lomj
noon real ratata In Uua at, for a loan oiyeare. a. «•
loneatcnrrent retra. f re.ld.nt. or non-reaf-
Money Invested *s shove f r olMstkd -t CO ,
. j If desired.) for sale. Tccma easy to «-
AVD nxnSaßfOßlAß^
wfcolmleby _B.T.CBAI<rEAB«V
%19-kMWirt ®,HK«a4UI wMMMItnA

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