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Mothers, CJPENCER, VILA * C 0„
**la&ndiially and collectively, without « slnxc ex* K? BANKERS AND RRilßnu
wtion. pronounce >lADai;« bnTnw’a Corun lUi> , » Cowrresa
»•**» i|m roost pleat'antomiefflcftclonsltomcdr for the STOCKS AND imviic
«urcol Court*.Colit-,Croup, t-ons Throat. &c- &c.. > (Xmu^ioN^ni. r?£?AI IT AKD BOLD ON
,c cluliircn tint hns cvcr yct been Riven to tbepoßLic. i I’AhTs OF 1 nl^H, L u :^£T^9^ fi MADE ON ALL
i ue>eoy U nlwaye arts Hie a charm. Children really ACCOIIN’i ifn> M.kto Aw LAhD STATES,
jikf U—w» unlike the many nouceou* and worthier , e DON T rwre»^TK>»o 1) DANKEUS BBCXIY.
projamtlonsimw In the market; Hcm be obtained ol
a-n Drncmstt. price only 25 c«m» per ImtUe. * J ‘ULLKI!. oiiJvi l J °** BALANCES AND DB
of SlXf“ I *
liollownj-. I»lllsandOintment. wS&on“ VSKSf 0,0
Boms, Scalds, bounds.Bruises, &c. ‘No more flat- lej>Tj7-3m BATarw
rrrlnctw-ilmomalP can be adduced of the Immediate
ulla which BoQc trar'c Medicines atlord to sufferers
Imm those temblo catastrophes than the readiness
yuh w Hch xncdic&l men
for all rurh nccldcnu. The grand feamre In l!ie O!ot
xiuuat to ttmt it leaves ticither scar nor blemish of the
►Lie. No family f-hould be without a Bupsly of these
invaluable ranrflea. Sold bv all Dronclsts, at 25c
<mo U per box or pot. . mb 12 a3SS-Iw
Dr. James,
Formerly cf James* Hospital. Ctutom Eonae street,
I.L-w Orleaua. Lt,, established lu IBM, now
neatly located at K» ianaoipb street, Chicago, HU*
aora,SpecialL«iln the treatment oiOi.nCanoKic.ilna.
cunau.. Scßovniocs. and ail kinds oi Blood lsd
FKijr Duutaaka asn Di-obdkhs ny x CosTaorous
• ekcbal Cuanacmc. Cure* them without resorting
Jo Mercury, loprox, i'ora*«tr, Arsenic or any no Ison,
but with a SruxiuxiZEn, a rosmvx ounzforaU
humors md blood poisocT.
Oboakic WaAKsnaa, sn-h as Seminal Weakness.
Nocturnal ana Diurnal EmLielocs, brought on bv
i.buse of ,the BT.tem, early Indiscretions, excess
or entailed hereditarily, cau-lce lossof memory,con
eQs Often Units Ituanlry,
with other deplorable train of symptoms, treated and
radically cured by an infallible method. saving much
Gleet, Gonorrhea, Stricture, and
* l liii!!ni?SS, l>c £ Qliar the sexes, of a private nature,
radically cured.
Old Diseases of the MOST HOSHEBLE crass,
where the blood has become poboaod, producing
blotch e» on the face, small watery blisters, pains la
toe head and bones, ulcerated throat, nose, limbs and
oody, scrofola, together with an endless number ol
.Dr. James la recommended by the press generally of
.he South, the medical faculty, and professors ol med
ical colleges, etc. Those alfficted should apply Imme
diately, nad be cured ol these terrible diseases.
Bejaember Dr. James' Office uad Parlors ore at 86
Randolph, between State and Dearborn streets.
Office open from 8 A.M. tmdl 8 P.M. Consultations
nonffdcntlaL . mhU-n4W-10l
Help for tlic -Afflicted.
DC. DADD'S EES IN vn2£D TROCHES, prepared
from the Prairie Weed “Sllphyma.” The properties
the Itesln *Weed arc well known to the people of
4be West os safe nod efficient for the treatment of
Laryngitis, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Asthma, Colds,
Coughs, Influenza, Catarrh. Also, Fluid Extract of
■Sllphynm. Prepared by G.ILDADD.M.D.,
LORD A SMITH, General Western Agents, 23 Lake
mlroet, Chicago. For talc by all Druggists.
Dr. T.; Dodd*« Celebrated Pile
Tlioae who are afflicted with this prostrating and
vexatious disease need suffer no lunger. Dr. DoddV
Panacea baa been nsed with unparalleled success In
Europe and in America. Thousands testify to Us won
derful virtues. Send portage stamp for circular. Ad
droaa DIL DODD, Box 52M, Chicago. mh&-asffi-lw
A Phyidologfcal Ticw or JfKar*
containing nearlySOO paces, and 130 fins Plate* tnd
Engravings of the Anatomy of the Sexual Organs in
a state ci Health and Disease, with a Treatise on
feclf-Almse, ju Deplorable consequence* npon the
Mind and Body, with the Author’s Plan of Treatment
—theonly rational sod successful mods of core, as
shown by the report of cases treated. A truthful
adviser to the married, and these contemplating
marriage, who entertain doubts of their physical
condition. Kent free of postage to any address, on
receipt of Ss cents, in stamps or costal currency, by
addrt-sfilng Dr. LA CROIX, No. £1 Malden Lane, Al*
I any, K. Y. fcsi-vm-Sai-ia
Hair l>je! Hair Dye!!
BACHELOB*6 celebrated HaXB DTK is thsbzxt
X TV* woblp. The only B*r. in-gfia, Tuca aud Rm
aSLE Dye known- This splendid Hair Dye Is Perfect
—change* Bod, Busty or Grey Hair instantly, to a
31/Ossr Elact or Natcbal Hzowx, without Injuring
the Hair or Staining tbe 6 lon. leu Ting the Bair Soft
•nd Beautiful: Imparts fresh vitality, frequently res*
toting Us pristine color, and rectifies the 111 effects ol
Bad Dyes. The Genuine la signed 'Wu.Liax A. Baca*
<ci,ob,oU others are mere Imitations, aud should be
avoided. Sold by all Druggists, Ac. Factory, 81 Bar*
I lay street. New York. jyS-gteT-ly,
Whose Dye Is tsklng the place of others?
Whose Dye is the most perfect Imitation of Nature ?
Whose Dye nas been analyzed by the best Chemist
sod pronounced harmless?
Whose Hair Dye succeeds when all others £&U?
Whose Hair Dye bas the largest sale in the world?
Whose Dye Is shipped is the greatest quantities to
the falr-hafred maidtis of Cuba, Mexico, and Booth
Manufactured by J. CHKIaTADORO, 6 Astor
House. New Fork, Bold everywhere, and applied by
all Hair Dressers.
tinman Frailty, or Piaj*iolo£ia
cal Researches, ■
Should be rtad by everybody. It treats on, and
shows how, the evil results arising from early abuse
ted unhappy contamination may be BabTcrted,wlth
a taro method ol dispelling the misgivings many ex
perience it entering the marriage state. Sold bv Dn.
id. A. 'BARROW, 191 Blecckcr street, Now York.
LTlce 25 cents. Mailed tree everywhere.
Tc be had also of B.ECOVIL. 76 Randolph street.
Chicago Dl. d£2H>Hv-U
E. A; HAYT & CO.,
■FOB TUB BtT-T; or
23, Afi and 40 Wabash Aycnue,
We have In Store,
or f:sprinc trade
Sheetings, Shirtings and Drills.
Stripes and Denims.
F & M Oassimeres, -
And Sommer Staff
Ayron Checks, --
Bleached Goods,
Dress Goods.
S Also, a Fall Assortment of
All or vblch Till bo told it the
lowest cash prices.
fierlng porrhsuM oar Fleet previous to J&qutj,
WK CAJi AND WILL offer indacemgiU to besry,
-clo»« boycn tbst cannot fall to plows.
ttootc dinners.
Blank Boob Manufacturers
v.pupulnr attention paldto blndlnc 6QKST MUBIO.
*na nook*. MnKUloet. etc., bonndlo order In «tbtj
(tvlr. Tt>o«e who want first class work don* may
! upon Lome tailed at our csUbUalaacnt.
. • U8 MKK STBEKT, Cp SUtm*
,% x delUttMm
Cave removed from (1 Lake street to their new
4 8 Sc 50 Wabnzh AvennOt
Hen south of Cooley, Fanrell ft Co,
We have large!* increased cur facilities for nuuio*
factoring oar celebrated
KIP and calf warranted
Bavlng also received a large and well selected
' ,-tocl: ol desirable goods for the
We tarlte the attention of all Dealers In BOOTS and
f.UOKS to an examination of the same. We continue
be CASH SISTiIM. and know that no nan House.
or West, can compete vuh ns.
•cl6-w7»2m FABGO ft BILL.
T> EMOVAL. —As tLe Building
Non. 41 slid 45 Lsbillc street Is to be raised, I
“ .ii orruny the Basement, No. 40 Lasallc street, under
a BhayV, till about tlic first of May, when I will
/rm to rev old Sued.
BespeetfaUr eon the attention of Business men and
Travelling Community to the superior aceommo*
dation end comCort offered In their establishment.
w3ft»W4ttn-ttewls KABAOft, POWLKB ft CO
jgawfttng ana Eictangt.
Office, Ko. 20 Pine street, opposite XT. S. Bub
• Xrcasuiy Building,
Cash Capital, $1,000,000.
»t77 ! , 1 T ( ;9 as r" r J"- vith apald up capital of a HAIP
bullion DOLLABS, is now prepared to transacts
Banking, Trust, Agency and Commls*
slon Buslnens,
And to receive the accounts of WK6TKBN BANES
ob favorable terms.
AIco—DEPOSITS upon Interest, subject to sight or
dmita. and win give particular to the cob
Iceilon, negotlctioa and dlspoasl W fcPLCIS and
BKCUtuTIESof every riPhcnp’iOD, and BXOKAhOd.
Alto, receive I’KODLCK on consignment. for.aUp
mint, sale or otherwise, and merchandise to be
stored, sold or forwarded, upon ali ofwhlch, on theu
receipt. CAbll ADVAfiCBS will be made andln*
enrccce obtained.
The special attention of merchants throughout the
West la railed to the supplying of a great want, la
the establishment of this Company or the parties
vbc are engaged lu It—comprising tho best mej
rliants in tee City of New Yorx. aou giving a degree
Of security second to no Institution Incorporated
All business wOt receive prompt attention and
every exertion made by active business men cob*
pricing the direction, to give entire satis faction.
J. n. DUNHAM, Faq.
8. A. SMITH, President M. 8. L. A T. Company.
F. J. OGDEN, Bec* • Ic2o-vis-SQi ixtAth
Original aad Snlstrilied Capital, - - $200,039
jar; H BOWEN, Prealdent.'
amps T. HALL. Vico President,
IBA HOLMES, Cashier, feas-vß9l«am
! Southwest cor. Lake and Clark.ats.
CAPIXAX, - - - $400,000,
E. AIKEN, President.
EAML. M.KICKEasON, Vlce-Pres’L
E. E. BnatsTU). Cashier.
Southeast cot. Clark imd Lake Sts.
STOCKS AND BONOS Bought and Bold at the
Broken* Board in Now York, and carried on mar*
gins. felS-wSW-lm
Comptroller of the Currency.
WiataHAfitby satisfactory evidence presented to the
undersigned, it bas been made to appear that Tno
SECOND National Bank of CHICAGO, In the County
of COOK and State of ILLINOIS, has been duly or*
{named tinder ana according to the requirements of
the sctol Congress, entitled **An Act to provide a
National Currency, scored by a pledge of United
States stocks, aud to proyide for the circulation and
redemption thereof,** approved February 25,1863, and
ha* complied with all the provisions of said act re
quired to be compiled with before commencing the
business ol Banking.
Now, thkeevoeb. I. HUGH HoCULLOCH. Comp
troller of the Currency, do hereby certify that the
-SECOND National Bank of CHICAGO. County ot
COOE and State of ILLINOIS, Is authorized to com
mence the business of wanting under the act alore*
lx TzffmtovrWßKEßor, witness my hand
i ez*L ( and seal of office, this first day cf FEB
Nw, 235, Comptroller of the Currency.
We are now prepared to receive Deposit*, buy and
sell Exchange, and transact a General Ranking Bnai-
We also keen on hand for sale United States Revo*
nne 6 tamps, allowing the usual discount on orders for
one hundred dollars and upwards.
Office Northwest corner of Lake and
Clark Streets*
_ __ • - „J. A. ELLIS, President.
Ebws. L Tcruuw, Cashtsr.
Chicago, February Bth 18CI. fe7-wS36-60t
JU Notice Is hereby given, that all Bills or Circular
irg Notes of the •
Heretoiore Incorporated and doiogbnalnesi In the city
of Chicago, under the general banking laws of the State
of Hllnou, most be presented for payment to the Audi*
tor of Public Accounts of said State, at his office, in
the city of Springfield, within three years from the’
date hereof; or the fends deposited for the redemption
of said notes will be given up to said bank.
Dated this 20th day of May. A. D. 1561.
„ w „ GEOBOB SMITH, President.
E. W. WiixjlED. Cashier. lytS-gta-tojel-Ot
. OmcE or tub Secbctaht, )
Pmrsnmon. Fa.. February 2Ub,286J. {
Dividend —The Board of Directors have tni* day de
clared a dividend of SEVEN PEB CENTUM on the In
come, or Third Mortgage Bonds of this Company oat
of the earnings of ltd, pavahle In cash on the Ist day
of April next. W.U.BARNES, Secretary.
mh9-a2A-24t ’
Office of Tint Secbztabt. )
PmvuuKQa, Pa., Fehrnajy i2th, 1561. J
The ANNUAL MEETING ot the Stock and Bond
holders of this Company, for the election of Directors
and each other business as may come before It, will be
held ot the office of said Company, lathe city of Pitts
A- DTis&f, at 10 A. M.
The Stock and Bond Transfer Books of lie Company,
at their office In the city of Pittsburgh, and at their
Transfer Agency In the city of New York, will be
dosed on the Ist day of March, at S o’clock P. U- and
remain dosed until the 17th day of March thereafter.
fclo-w&lfr-tomehl7 W. H. BARNES, Secretary.
sit nod bare firmed a copartnership, dating from
January 15th. under the name and style of U. W.&
J. M. WETHERt LL. and will continue tne Wholesale
Millinery Business heretofore conducted by H. W.
Wclhcrcll at Maud £6 Lake street.
Chicago. March ll.lSut. mhli-aag-Stts
Dissolution. —The co-partner
etip heretofore existing under the firm name of
I<* dissolved by mutual consent. G. M. COOLEY.
Chicago. March 10th, IS&L mbl2a33Mtls
Jl/ SHIP.—I have this day sold mv Interest in the
To C. G. Breed, my partner and I hope the same lib
eral patronage extended to Breed and Nay for the past
year will be In future as liberally continued to him at
the old Stand, on West Twelfth at- THUS. L. NAY*
©mutnlssUm fHerrijants
Marble Stores,!* and 20 Vcsey street,
(Adjoining Astor House ondopp.St. Paul’s Church,)
New York City.
Mohem A. noprocx, Isle ofHoppock, Oarbult ft Co.
Jamu K. Glcxk. lata of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Arniinrs A. Coxbtocx, late with (jatbalt, Slack ft
I. n. otik ft Co.; Cblcniro.
11. ft A. Kur. ’ ♦*
C 3 NatcLfi llrcc I, Now Orleans. La.
AtninrG OinA Fsa»ic U.ATWATaB.NowOrIraDs,
li.r. uui A co., 8u Lotus, foia.w9i»am
J. ee*»ora to Harding & Hall.) dealer* to SHIP
CIIAKa-LEKY, Oiecrrlr* aad l*rovlilon»,Tarred and
Manilla cordage. Pilch, Tar and Oakum, ralnls.Olls,
White Lead, Canvas, Blocks, etc.
103 Houtb Wotrr tirrci, Chicago.
No. M Mag*ati>e street, New Orleans, La.
Refer to W. F. Coaiiuocn ft Co., BsDkers.Robt.
Forsyth, fIL C. K. It, Pollard ft Doaoe, Chicago;
Edvard lletnpflled, Chicago i D, ft. January ft Co.,
fiwltzer. Platt ft Co., 6u Leals; Jacob Bunn, Spring,
x. k. ooyv»B»i. Cjali-urATml w. c. gzgynrr.
(J. 6. B„ late of Churchman ft Roberta,)
uzrzMßCzi.-uewn. Jones ft Culbertson. Chi
cago: Tho».H.Brogn.Chlcaco. delS«T7kSm
business fflarbs.
Lb. dixon~
Formerly of Bureau os Lomlrnctloo. Trcai. Dep’U
Office. No. 15 Portland Block, ciilcaco.
Rkvxxenc£m —Col. A.II. Bowraon. Sunt. Weal Point,
jf. Y 4 A. B, yonnjr E#n..latc Supl. Arch. Trca*. Dept.;
Luther Haven. Ebq., collector at Ctlcago; Gould ft
Bro., Grocer*. Isi' booth Water street, Chicago.
xnhlO-a207*20U» '
Tie mutual life insur.
AKCE C 0„ of Few York. P. 8. Winston, Preab
dent. Cash Assets. February Ist. iflM,
89.U23.119.79. -
O.CBOKKHITB. General Agent foe Forth era and
Beatrs milnolz, 80. 41 Clark zi. Chicago. Icll-gO-l
Orders from the country cr city, for any quantitj
promptly filled, at market rates.
Am office, 46 Lasallfrst., Chicago. DL
ramittt. s, GREELEY, CttySnmyop,' - - •
Licensed by the Board of Public Works, onder the
provUions of the Cl'.y Charter. Office, w Dearborn
street, first floor, nu.-r».i lift .
;€l)kaga ®xibime.
Remaining uncalled for in tbo Chicago Post
Adams CH Adams JF
Adcr ixmila 2 A ams Kllca F
Ailro Join II mra > Allen Elizabeth
AllinJcuay 'Alexander Mar/
AK rich Ida D Aldcn Beni mra
ArtbonySirah Antbonv rcbeccaP
A2:dcrt>on Maris Ambert Susan
AXnblcr Alary A ■ Angel Sarah
Artia Almira Atkinson 1C F mra
Arh Alary AnaUn Charlotte
Acglmcy Wary Atkias Elmira Jane
''At‘:hw/'ii Hetty . Austin MellAts
Attell Sarah H Augustus Lizzie
Ambrose Mary C miu
1 B -
Berne* Mary Ell* Blue Lizrle
Pah? J ran BoardmaaL mrs
Backer Mary - BoardmauOUre
IWcrKllxa Bobln Florence B 2
Ballard Flora A Bondy Jennie
Baldwin Viola Bawraan John L mrs
Barnard Adellro 2 Bowman Jp. .
Barnes Al2 nn Brabroot Jennie A
-Burrow* Charley mrs - Bowman Ella
Barra Jennie L Brand Rossna U
Barron a Ltmce M Brand Ellen
Barrett Mary Ague* - ■ Bra? ton Hardin
Buriy KUea ' BreckclUary
Barr 6 B on Brewater Adda J
Bailee Nancy BriodyAnn
Bales Eliza BrnkKUzaA
Beardsley Flavilla Bridget W H mra.
Beck A It mrs Bridges Susan L
Beall M A mra ' Briggs Helen
Beard Nancy Browning Kiiza
Beard O A mra Briggs Emma
Bceskow W C D mrs BrownAßmrs
Beldcn Sarah Brown Jane
Becskow WLO mrs Brown Mary 3
Bcmie T K mra Dnckley alary 2
BcnaPbabe Bttlmermn
Beverly Clara Barton A
Bcricao Cnthrine - Burke Isabelle
Beam cull ary Burden Eosy '
Bentley Anna W ' Bash Bewamy
Blglow Anna £ Buckley M A
Bloow Cattme Bramhali Sarah mrs
BlcicidykcM Arara Briser Caroline mra
Blndel alary Barton Lucy miss
Blackburn tnlu Barton N A win
Blackman Henry mra Barton Lucie "Im
‘ C
Cady Maria mra Coon Louisa M mra S
Calvert Josephine miss Coe Fanny A mlas
Camei on subs Coats Emma mrs
Campbell Baebel - Coleman Nellie mrs 8
Campbell Catherinemlu r-oimn*n. g>tn
Campbell B V mrs • Conroy Matilda mra
CatxtrMaymlu Conger Jane mrs
CarUle Busan mra Cone Christine mu*
Carney Magele A mlsi Cook Maggie mra
Casey Catherine Corcoron Eii t» min j
Carnan Margaret miss Corrigan Margaret 2
Carney May znles Corcoran Catherine mt—
Carter H A mra Coyle Mary mlu
cmcadine AOmraS Coras Mary Ann mrs
Cartidav Thomas mra Crandall A L mrs -
Casey Hattie K miu Creighton Catherine mra
Casey Mary Crabb Louisa mra
Cattle Maria P mrs Crawford J A mrs 2
Caranagb Catherine miu Crane Mary mrs
Chandler Nellie M mrs Crane J Augusta mrs
Chamberlain Morcena D Crow mrs
mlu Crum Elizabeth mlu
Chessman It W miss Crow) Lizzie mrs
Cl eabrougb B A mra Cummings Olivia mra
crablng Bridget mra . Cany Isabella mist
Cbstierton Leonard mrs Cany Lottie tn|«g
Clsweon Bindley A mra Cams Florida mrs
dark F.imua mrs Connell Julia mrs
dtrkSteUatmu KantanMargaret miss
dork t annle A mlsi Coen ally Caroline mrs
Clark Lucy mlu Cmmlnebam Jane miu
ciaik Mary mrs Carlin Boascna mlu
Cdfton Hattie miss Cummings Mary E mra
Clough Amanda mlu 2 Campbell Christie miss
Hnnlelslonle JouglaaiEmma
Daniel* Wm mra Downing Sophronia
Dalton Emily A Donothy Wincford
Davenport Libble L 8 . Drew Denis mrs
Davis Any Drew Johans
Davis Clara Dor Borah
Darts Lizzie DoylcJnlr
Divine Cathne Doyle Martha
Dennis Harriet £ Downey Helen
Dickson Mattie E Downer Hattie
Dickinson Mary L M Dnnnl’Cmn
Dlrkby Cste Dolour Catharine
Dlx Libby E Duniter Sarah B
Dlmond Ambrose mis -Dnnevan Mary E
Dickson Alice Duffy Margt
Dodd ML Dunn mlu
Dot ogbne Elizabeth Drake Mary mlu
Donovou Timothy mra DeUraflL mra
Eaton Mary Khly Barbara
Ernst Marie Emerson Helen
Esterbrcok miss Errae Hate
Eckert Qeo mrs Emory Lizzie
Eddy Ida English Bridget
EdpcrtcnHSmrs English Eliza
Eddy Sarah Hook mrs Evans James mrs
Ellis Sonic Everetts M E mrs
Ext ms Joseph mrs Elllthorpe F M miss
Emmons Ursula B
Farrell Bridget
Farrell Ann
Fay BcnJ mrs Foreman Jennie
Fergus Margt Foran Agnes
Fltiglbbons Jobnmrs Foley Thomas mrs
FlUmorrls Mary Jane 8 Folgcr Jolla A
Finn Anna Foster Eliza KD
Fitchner Fanny Franklin B M
Fltzpotnck Hannah ' Fraley Cathn
Fitzpatrick Mary FullerMaryE
Fitzpatrick Wary Ann Frost Celeste
Finney Wary A Frill Margt B
Flcminc WmmrsS Friggln Ann Eliza miss
Flynn Marge ■ Fraaer Lizzie mrs
Gallagher Hannah 3 Graham Jennie
Gallagher Kate Graves Lonesa '
Gale Geo mrs Grancy Julia
Gaffney Jenny Graham Anna
Gavin Bridget - Graves Mary
Gartlaney Ellen Graves Lonesa
Card Sarah OrevgoryChas mrs
Geary Annie Griffin Ifosy
Gillen Bate E Greer B C mrs
Gillen Jane Griffin Kate
Glrtiucß Ellen Green fiailr
Gillespie W G mrs S Green Mary B
Gtann&n Margt k Onnnlson Bath
GlasMszy ' • Guild 8 A mrs
Glass Jan G mrs - - Gmmßcbefcn ;,
GlecsonHaney > Ocren Bely mrs
Gleason Fidelia Grout Flnotte
Goodrich Lonesa Oneken *tiw>
Goodrich E mrs _ _ Gamoghly Mary miss
GoweV Jennie Gray tony 1. trvUa
Goeßling Bridget Goodman H M mrs
Gorton An anda QUlmore Margaret mrs
Gray Bailie
HaUnack on Herbert Phebe
Hall Ann Blekoy&fsry Janes
llacgsrtvmn HlcgtnsUary
JlalienEllda • Higgins James mrs -
IlackettLF3 Hlder Lonlss
Hall Elizabeth Higgins Bridget
HonrabanßA Hickey Eamy
Hanley Mary E 2 Hilton Tboa mrs .
HatcoxAbole Hitchcock David J mrs
Hsnly Louisa Hllder Edward mn
Handy Laura Hinnman Lizzie
Harris on Mary . Hodge L 8 mn
Harris Ellen Holler Lizzie
Harris Jslelt Bonn B -
Harmon Louisa Holbrook Jane
Hannon Margaret A Holcane Catharine
Hannon Emily Holler Marr B mn
Harrsn Wary Ann Holland Alice
RarpelLon Hopper Man £
Harper Annie Hopkins H mrs
Hartwell m mrs Horton Amelia C 2
Hanlr Helen . Howell Kate 2
Hatch Joaie * Bnstermrs
Hoyt M E mn Hnnt E p
Iloycs Lucklln L Hllaud Era
Hoyea Margaret Hyland Peter mrs
Haynes Frank C Halibut Lizzie A
Hensted B M mrs Hnngerford Melista mn -
Hecmnn Mary Hasted Jennie
Hedcnbcrg leabclls A Bossy Kate
Hcaly Bridget Hutchins John mn
Holton JolmCmrz. Hopper John mn
UeaSicksHnttle E HafioranKste
I vis David mn Ingersol Helen .
Jones Lavlnla Jones Sebeecs E 2
Jordan m Cum Johnson Emma
Jndd W E nn Johnson Hanna
Jewett Kellie H Johnson E mrs
Jennings Helen G Johnson Amanda E mn 2
Jndkms Honors
Keith Elizabeth T
Keefe Banora
Eenne Marla
Keegan Lottie E
Kean Mary
Keefe Annie
Kealcy Mary
Kemp Elizabeth
Kelly U C
Kelly Catnarlne 2
Kerch Mary
Kenhart Mary
Kerns J mrs
Keeny Marlab "
Ladd Mary A miss Lewis Mary 8
Lake Dene miss LeyltMmrs
Lambert Sarah A mrs LUlybridge Lizzie mra
Lamb Fanny mrs Lipscomb Catherine
Lamb OUre Jane mn Llrlngston J B capt mn
Louis Louisa mrs Londergmu Ellen rules 2
Latrroau Hannah Long Ksncy mra
Larin Mary Ellen mlw Lloyd EC miss
Lawton Emma miss Lloyd Eliza mn
Lawrence James tun Loughlln Ann mn
Lees Barbara mlw Loomer Emily A
Leo Polly mn Lncas Jennie mn
Lee J U mn Lurch Mary miss
Levis Diana mIM Loftna John mra#
Lonls Mary A miss Lyman Katie nuas
Louis Rebecca mn Lonry Jennie mn
oßtrr nr
M orpby James Morehead Molllo B A ml«w
Murphy Marymn 2 Moreton Mary mra
isulfcn Honorc mn Monaghan Jane miss
Mallow Ellen Moody Coraelia mn
Murray Wm mn Mitchell Joate D
Murray Mary miss Miller Mollle mn
Ms.by Rebecca mn Mllllcr Ada mi— .
Mol»cr mrs Miller Mlnerya miss
MooreNelllcmlse MlllerCatherinemn
Morriscn mrs Miller Dorothea mn
Morion Ella miss Miller Sanh mn
Martin Eliza miss Miller Sarah mrs
Momtan Mary mlsa Mesley Catherine mn
Mason Lizzie miss Medd 8 mrs
Moroncy Margaret mn Maqkell Georgia mlsa
Morlan Katie «i— May George mn
May Ida miss Mamhan Alice mn
Ma hews Harriet min Manning W U mn
Martin Harriet min Hanzen Henry mn
Manhall>HaU mn Mellon Mery miss
ManhsllSactleM mn Marher Margaret mn
Marsh Annie E miss Malloy Maggie mn
Mnrray Baaan mn Malone Catnarlne min
Marple Jennie mn Mallory Fannie A mn
Mancon Bridget mrs Mack Sarah miss
Marshall SopnmU mlsa M akin son mn rey
McAllUtcr B A mn MoDowcll Maggie
McCarty Bridget miss * McFarland Gmn
MrCauillo John B mn Mecte J U mn
McCoy Hcbccea Ann mn McGee John mn
McCormack E N mn McKlnntsi Marr miss
McCrea Louisa min McNsb Mary Ann mn
McCreaeh Kate mm McKagh Ann miss
McLoy Is.bella Mclntyre Lizzie
McCormick James Bora Mcllalc John mn
McDowell LlvlamlM ■ McHugh Margaret mill
McDonald Mary Annmn Mclntosh Finnic miss
McDonough Ann ran McLean Mnry min
McDonough Ellen mn McNlllun Mary Ann min
McDonough CatherincmlstMcNaahan mra
McDonald Bridget nils McManus Busan mlsi
McDonald Anna mlsa
Nailer Mary Noyn Jolts E
r'fUonLeiicbea Norman Elite .
Newby Helen Noolirltfsot
NewtunJmle Kolia Tumn
Kewtot I’bclesa B KtcolPi Alice mIM
'icwiob Clcnimlo Nlcbol* Nannie are
lOrtoa Nathaniel ran Naab Clara an
O'Brien Fannie
o'Herrtn hlian
O'CooacJJ mn
o'comiell John are
O'Qradr catbarlno
O’fbea Patrick mn
OTooi liidjet
O’Neal Jane
Oliver Isabella
Orton bF mrs
Orr Emma
Oacood Clara
OtiromSU mrs
oatorbouat Betsey
o»boru L G inn .Xll
Osborn Geo mra
Oliver Mary
Oboll Ellen
Psge Eliza
Ptrmar B E art
Pollan E
J*arker C M It mra
Paulson Auguita
Payne Amelia
Patterson Mlraalooa
Paul ft da
Pstrison Hep
Paine Phlrurlla
Peck N Bars
Peek Ada
Pease Sarah E
Pearson Ada
Pem Funnel B mra 6
Petris Ellen C
Pinkerton Both
Quinn Alice
Bose BE mrs
Hotelier Ellen
Roll Marie E
Bocbf Bridget
Roddln KUlc
Rogers Jane B
Iloblntoninrt . _
hoblm-on HattleE
Boberts Emma
Rose J H mrs
Ryder c J uraS
Byoo Flits both
Roraell Miles mrs
Bup-ell Mattie
Ron ey Sarah
Root Amelia
Ross Llbble A
Reed Frances
Rood G B mra 2
Richmond Cany IT
Row i: E mra
Rolf Maria K miss
Hodoin Kale mrs
Rucris Jane B mra
Robinson ran
Robertson Carrie E
Rose J w mra
EoSe Mary Pan .
Rowell Mattie an
Boot Amelia mrs ‘
AnspetchA AdamthwaltsEd'AmoosJobn TV
Adams A W ward Askcl J Mm
Andrews Orrin P Appleton Baml B Asncod Joseph
Alslrß Adams TJ Arad John
Adams OH Arnold T H Atwood Jos 8 2
Alexander res A Abbott G C Amsdcn Lee
Aaron A Andrews T Adams Micbl J 3
AndenJnEdwardAodacs High Abbott William
. Anthony C A ' AltenbnrcflarrevAbrKUt W O
Atkina C A AndrcwsQoracoEAndrcws Walter
Alien R 8 AlbcoJF Arnold WB.
Arnold Ralph Austin Jefferson Alexander Geo
Allen KC Adame John M Atwood J Brace
Allen Baml F AnsonJohnW Atwood Geo W
Arnold Joseph Andrews S.
Barrett Ant honyLßarr J M capt B lakes 15 WK
Barney Charles Bailey JT Bissellßll
Baldwin K P . Baden John . Bennett RES
Bartlett AC. Hainan John 8 Beers It D
Bailey A J Baccr John 11
BiOger Andrea Barber John
Bauer OL Bates Julius
BatchelderAN Barney TVmn 2 HcllamsGeoM
Baker Azahel Bulling Willard RBlrminghamDenis
BassettCW Bernburst John BesbeexH
Barnes Cbasß Ball TV 11 Black TM
Flcminjr Peter mra
Forbes Ma^le
Babcock CF . Baker TV Blood G.
Hurtle Peter Barrett TV P Bickford FB
Ballanco B Babcock M h Bllas Geo H
Baldwin Charles Barhtol M - Bell B Y
Bailey Daniel Bazey Barnard Ball HH capt
Bcrgrntb Peter Bernes &co Blrckwell llenrr
Bates KC Bartlett Byron Benjamin H
Barr BA Barrett Anrhony Black J C
Barber Richard Blackburn A sonsßlnard Joseph
Barber B Blackazcl A hros Bean John
Baldwin Sami Beardsley A 6 BeoUeyJohn
BatkcrFM BlakodeoCF Benedict John B
Barctt Samuel Bloodworih Cbas Betts John It
Bates L . Bennett CalrlnHS Blodgett TV M
Baldwin Eylvendrßcnnctt Charlie BIUs n B
Battersbaw Frankßcckwltb Charlcaßlnnlngham Wm
Baker Sami Blanchard CH Bell Wflllam
Bard Sami Blue Charles Beldca TV C
B&Esctt Thoe Beach Dennis 2 Blair Lyman P
Bluer MR Betting M Bowman Henry
Bradley A Boggs James Burdick J Prince
Bradford & hros Barrcll Joshua cap
Booth' Alfred Briggs J TV ' Butler David
Breeder A ’ Bruce Jos H Butterfield Ed
Brigs JAB Bowman J L Barline Ed
Bredt B Boardman JII Bush Ell
BrlogesWll Bruce James BnshnellLM
Brtogcn C A Bonnell James Bnlkcn F& co
Bmke Patrick Brown John A BufTordFG
Bowers Cbas B Bobzein John Buxhnell 6
Broudrick Chas Burke John Burdssll G K
Bowen CM Brown Joseph Batters T
Brennan Patrick Branch John L Burbank T W
Brand D Bowen John Back George
Brown E D Byam John TV Barr H cap
Costwlck Balph Branch John L BaUermanHC
Brogan Robert Briggs John C Barns n& co
Browne Edwin Bowers william Borns Henry cupl
Bridgewater Blndon W W Burr Hudson
Blexls Boa William 3 Banker J R
BrigceEJS BorddenWm Back John
Beadles TV H H Bloomfield Wm Biylngtoo TVm
Bremer Robert Boyd TVm ' Baras Wm
Bradley ElUott Brett TVm Hart William
Bryant Baml tj Brans TVm ButhneilWß
Bos tuck F H Brown W 8 col Braun WlUlam
Brooks Samuel Bremen Michael Burns Martin
Brink Merritt A Bryant Lester A Bsshnell Leonard
' Bonham Samuel Brandt Lewis - Boltene Lathrop
BeardalyTbos Bradley Moses Brown AC
Brawn T G Barns M TV 3 Brenhsn John
Brown Thomas Braplcy Michael Btngham TbosL
Boaella Thoa - Boynton mobca Butler Wm K
Bradley T U Buckelln Oliver Burton A
BreslawJC Barnett AIT Barton WH
BowmanUcnryJr Borns Owcse Bonrk William
Bo ark o Henry Bark Patrick Blnchansu Soml
Bonney Hugh Barr Cll Bailey C L
Brctlcn M
Clark James F 2 ChevUle George Chase James 3
ChanaealaMlcbo- Chase Thurston ClegbomJ G
las Clark T D Church J B
Clifford PH Chambers© A Clinton James
clerk C H C Clark HW Clough John P 2 ‘
Clark P F . Chamberlin Bub- Ctarcy John
ClodDE bard- CbartfeldWß
Christian DW Chapin U Clark Wm M
Clark DI2 Clark QEA Cline WH
ChcrrießH Chapman H E&CoClumpherWm
Chapin tageno Clements U Q Care William A
Cleave Egbert Chapin Henry Olarey Walter
Church S*A Clark J Barlow Clark SH
Clancy Sylvester Chapman Jilartinciark L W C
Chase Frank Clark James Card Oscar E
Clark GMD ClffordJ ConghUnOwenAC
Clay &co Cahill Francis 2 Callahan mr
Case Nathan Case C W Casoy L E
Carlin Bernard CascCW Connor cant
Camenier Ben) Carlcp GT dr Curtiss O F
Ccliy Claries H Cantedell ThomasCrouthame Aaron
Carrengton C C Carpenter Qoo B Cudney Albert 2
Cahill Patrick CalLehan James 2 Commons A B
Campbell David Calvin James Cattcr Tower &co
Cartier Dewitt Case James M Cary 0 A
Carlton R M Campbell John 11 Crosby C 8
Car be nr Edward A Calleton C 5
Carter Richard Cannare John Cnrtls C A
Kenyon Mary F
Kinney Kate
Kellmer Caty
Kidell Lizzie G
Klldulf Mary
Klnnore Ellen
Kirkpatrick Alary B
Klncadc Eliza
Carbery Rich captCoster W II Cmrnlff E 8
Carroll MS Calhaerymr Cutler E P
Cartwright Fred Carey Milford Cross S W
Cookson 6 Coles ChasS Coleman James
Curtiss TE ConyC Cochran John A
Cunningham T B Cottcrall Charles Cook John
Curran Thos Connelly Corno-Colon John capt
Crellen Thos 11ns Collins ffm
King Mary M
King Helen M
Knowles Anna
Knowles Jemima
Kent B A mrs
Cushing Georgo Cole B W Coral William
CronerHenry Coleman Albert Cobb W F
Cantwell H £ Cole 8 D Covell W L
Caverly Henry Connell S CrowlcyWS
Cropsev B M Cooly S Cestor WiUlam
Crowley J B Cloony Edward Cobooo Z j
CravensJobn Collins FS Campbell JF cap
Curtis John Copeland G N Cnarlett James
Cudy Joelab S Cook Glt Clark James H
Cnrrer John .Cooper G E Crswfbrd Alex
Co 11 am A Dtvld-Cole George Collins John
eon 2 Cottrell H Campbell Samuel
Cox Benjamin Connor B 6 Campbell Mur-
Cork Nelson Cook James dock
CooperO A Comlsky J Crcsler William
Crlliy B Corrrgmn James Uhartonßenjamin
Conner Nicholas CoUingJamcs Curran Cornelius
Corson ON S Cosgrove James ConueUy P J
CoyBF Coon James CookFredkA
Cole Peter Concll J B Carpenter Jos R
Cooper Clark Connolly James Garun Chaa P
Cook Charles Connatoro James Cannon Thomas
Conchman Pblllp
Deny Aaron Davis HA DrnmbEE
Darling & TrorerDUUngham HcnryDonghtyCalrinM
DavisSerceantNEßeEvoy Henry S Dyer 8 w
DagctcaptAE DlnsmoreJaaA Douglass Fredk
Darling «fe TroperDawaon James T Douglaas Fredk
DltnidcAW DaggoUlsaaoU DorhityTnomas
Darling & TroperDavfdson James Danabo Thomas
Darling A TroperDadd J H Dnocan W li
Dfcritnr*A TroperDiflcy Wm Dorsey H
DarllngfA TroperDenegoff Joseph Dunlop Hugh
De WoodfcidArroDempees John Dutton 1114
Depay AaronM Dennis John Duff KG
Darling A TroperDe Haas John Dunlap It J F
Davenport Ali Day John B Dtmlap James
DallonPJ Ditch John K Durly Jodatletn
Dicker 118 Demmicr John Dcnomoon Jas A
Dlshcr Peter Davenport Wm Dunham captjaa
De fihon Daniel Do Oalrer Watts Dowle J
Demenont DantelDenalsr Wm Doland James
Dlcftendorfß Dempster WL DonahoJohnß
Dickenson K 8 Dawvou L O Doylo J
Dickson BUsa Do Wolf LK Duffy J
Day Thos Daw Geo C Donee John E
Do wlrtAbro Drehey Nicholas Dwight John
Davenport SldeonDenyaoe A CoUlssDwyer John
De Havrn Geo W Doxd Bernard Duma John
Dixon Henry Dodge Chsrlea DnnnJonnO
Daggett HcuryL Donee CJ Downer col Jno L
Davis HH DuflleJdthaaHl Duvre Mel .
De wou Henry llDuglas Robert O Doflcy Martin
Denton Henry Drummond K’wd Donlon Michael
Davis HA Dow Edwin O Dunbar Lyman
DanbyAS Durham James
EeendorJohnJ EdllngEdwardCKldrcdTlN
' Klllot Anthony Killing Kdwmnl C Kracnr Joshna Jr
tldred ft Mills Kmexranßnby R Kllonwood li j
Kllrreert A FooteKiba Franklin Kdmootf* JamcaM
Klllotl Anthony Kvemte Frank Xmonr Wm A
KveraolaATS KransSamnsin RvertaWH
Prison Abell Kotahrook B H English W B
Eddy A rev Elder Fli KatyWllila
Kmni Charlra Kamca Doctor Ka»n WUIUm
Kastman cbaaL KvanaQ KUtotl James TD
Kllw JH . . Katerbrouk Oeo Kvcretl WUion
Edgar Cbai Adr Kldrldgo Geo M Emery Wm
Eaton Charles Kldrtoro 11 A E Kaatv II
RaatmanOF. KlltottOeorgo Klllotl JF
Elliott David J Egan Thomas Emerson rar
Enright K Kucllah TTiomu Elea James E
Lwena Hob B Egan William
Ftahcr ft brother Flu Patrick JohnFollctt Earl
Ferry A p FarwcU JooA Franklin It H
FanceitAFS Fender Jno FlajsKnseneE
KaocrriAllred Falla W A . ‘"•FlemiiicriH
Fl*k, Knlxbt ft ooFcrae w k a Poland Georco
am ftassfs* .
Flu Morris PaPk Favorite C Fuller Geo K
Fltt Simona Obrti Kaynaas Mich Freeman lienrr
Finch c'boa & Fltuerald capt MForreat lleorr 9
Fax on C FolfJ i ,ame *
Fiabrr D Date Lcandec P Fox J W
FarrMQ Holey Lycnreoa Forsyth John
Fenton rev R H • Fordoey ft ilar-Fljn John
Farnam K £ _shall Frank Joel
Fisher FJ Freeman Alb’t LSFoxall John
FaneFL •• Fletcher NormanFliat Willard
Farwel) TboaE. FUotWftGG Ford Walter J
Felton r, W • Foptßeni 1) . Folsem LA
Farrell T B FlanasanTat’k 2 Fuller Reuben
Fltchner J French Chaa Finney Patrick
Finley Jaa ForestPß FanaotDß
Ferkn»on John) Fnrione Edvard Fields Xorman
ntzjcerald John Fiova Edmond FullertonAndrew
me ft J mra
? Pickard Eliza B
lerce Margaret
opp Helena
Pauley Rmma A
Porter M Mon*
Porter Sarah
pons Anna U L
Preston Chios
Pratt Emily O
Purl el! Margaret
Purcell Margaret
Perry O mra
Quinlan H mrs
Rldabork Emily M
Bobbins Mary CS
Reardon Louisa 2
Reese Either
Beter on
RcveUe J-Cmrs
Reach Tina
Rhoades Elizabeth
Reynolds Fanny . .
Be dmond Lawrence widow
Realdon M *rts
Jtaymend Mery'
Rawsoa SeUoa P
Raye Mattie U
Bose Della mra -
Bozen Eunice miss
Basse 11 Lizzie miss
Rossi ter KUcn mra
Roaohe Budget miss
Roll Mart ruts
Robertson M mra
Robinson Hattie E nn
Robertson u T mrs
Robertson Emma
Ryan Elizabeth mrs ‘
Boasell Miles mra
Raraey Sarah miss
Roes Llbble miss
Reed Frances mlxa
Richmond Carrie M miss
Robbias Mary C miss
nne, Ward ft co Glass Jaa E Goodrich J Card-
Oates Albert Glerheart Jonas ner
Giles, Wales ft coGcraehtt John Griffin Jaa
OUlcttDW GinWJ Griffin Jaa
tilynne Peter GarryWT Groves JF ‘
Gerau I*lll ■ Giddy wmj Gann John
Glennon Pat . GlUen M M Grecnlcaf Jno
GllUgbanPat- GUionrev father QoepfeeteJnoC
GlhaonCbtaW Garvey Michael Goiud Jno X
Glet Peter ' Gillen Michael Green .Too
Gilson capt Gllahonmr GreenWF
Garvin K C Gillette dr MC Green W.F
George BB - George AD Grans crW
GJberson Frank Green Beaton H Uoooalo Wm
Glbcraon Frank Goodchll J C Goddard Wm L -
Gibson Gll Gurney CE Oodrisomr
Gageihomaa Galon Cho* II Gray it
Good lUibert K Greenwood Carl Griny Mathias
Garber G C ' Gnatm R F Goodman Michael
GUleland Tbeo Greer dr RC Granger U c
Gibson Geo W Greeley Bam! R GrayldH
CesgThoa GonletFX Gilmore
Gallowav G W Goddard Frank GGilbcrt Chaa U,
Gilbert Dlram Goodhue Geo D ’ Grant Gcc W
Gilbert Iltram GrrenhaulchThoaGoodwln Wm
Olatcov Henry CGoodrlch Jaap’rßGUbsrt J B
Gavin Hill : - Griswold Jf Gubbloa Georro
Gannett it Isaac GmbricJA
■" HaffEdemrA • HopkinsAßS i
HeaiiyPat . Harper Edward Buimea&co .
HccrsbsnPst Hcnkrliichord Ucomhieyßrooks
Hammei Peter C Hartuicn Dex 2 3
Heyc* Pat • . - Harper D Hubert ft co ,
Healey CU • Hatch Daniel 2 Hoppe: A J
Ttldabock Emily M tan Beeeo Esther miss
Kp*rdoa Louisa mlsa Itevolo jsmcsKmra '
Liter inn Rhode# KUxibeth tan
Beach iloamn 1 Redmond Lawrence ara
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ttow ilaria mn Stevens Harrtaoa an
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Sheldon J A mra i Blpwi.rt Wethr C mra
Shrlcioo Mtuy mra Btrain £ mra
Siicppard Jennie mra -. - Street Catberino mn
hIK-ppard Amlc mra Btorcl: Charles dr mra
SlbUllmicc mra Stow Nancy R mLn
SmaloElerVuilfS Blccgbton JlcllcnmlM .
Slattery Catherine Stianachcrdt Sarah mra
Bilaebcff Anna M mn Street Xubcll min .
BlaterCharlcamrs Btrattoa Mary ii min
,'Baltta Nellie C mra - ' Sullivan Maggie E
Emltb MM mra -• Solemn Ann
fimlth Mary J Swczrce Annie ml3i
fcmllh I.laic claa Swccnj-.Tolia r
Emltb MUUeznlM SwancyEmlas
Emltli Mazy Elizabeth Banter Mott—mia*
Emltb Kctoß mrs Smith Sophia mra
Smith July mica ' Stereos Lizzie F mlu
Sprague Cordells miss . Sterling Ruby L miss
Talcott Sarah A mra . Tompkins Jennie mra -
Talboan Jennie Mr* : Trimi'erPA mra 2
Tcto Sarah Jtne miss Trimmer Angus line mra
Terry Julia mra - Trtcele Mary H mra
TerweUaee FldeUamiss ' Tierney Kata ran .
Temple Mauds mra Twlcbell Bnsao mrs
Terry Luaha run Tufts Emma miss
Thornton Lena miss Tuna Mary E miss
Tigbe Aon mra Tamer Charlotte miss
Thomas Mara W miss Turner Cara mn
Thompson Margaret miss Taylor Emma mra
Thompson Caroline C Taylor Mary mn
Toni Mary miss - >
Vollor Amelia mn Valle Mary mrs
Vance Margaret mira Vogel Harriet mra
Vanolfltine Amanda mra 2 Van Vlack Elora tales
Waterman Anna misa Whiting Edith miss
Waldron Ellen miss WUmot Byron mrs
Walker Ellen C Wlebt Wmmrs
Waller C mrs Wight LBmr*
WsidenEUcabeth mrs WileyElizabeth mrs
Walker Mary B iulbs Willett Mary A mn
Wallace Ann rare Willard Mary A cm
Wall Bridget mlu Wiley John inn
Wamaley Lydia mm wuuutbH Jmn 8
Waxebam Mary K miss Williams 118 mrs
Ware J c mn williams Elizabeth mrs
Wats C J mn Wlllman Jala ralss.
Webb David mn Williamson AE mn
Webb Frank mn 2 Williams Eliza mn
Webb l.ibble A mn Williams B ran 8
WebbCbasmn wilaon k J mn 2
Wells Fannie mn Wifeon Mary Ann miss
Wells W B mn Wilson Eliza miss
Westlake Telia IZ mn WUeon W mn
WestcottMarv E mrs Wilson Mary mrs
West Mary miss Wood bridge Laura mn
Walsh Margaret Woodman Nettle miss
W’aifh John mn Woodruff Frank miss
Whelan Daniel mn Woodbury Helen B mn
Wfcilbeck Holdall mn Wood Ann mn
■*LJteMaryAmra 3 TVood Fred mrs
■White Kflla A miß3 Woods Ellen mn
White Martha Wright Pcntlope mrs
White Evlin mrs Wright KelUe miss
Whitmore AII mrs Wright H K mrs
Whittlesey Nettle C mrs Wright Almira mrs
Whitney Julia mrs Wilson £ L mrs
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Zook John H mrs
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Hcgsmon Joseph Hamilton James Howlands A
111 Jllnan John Rs’chlsaac OiioaTiJonii
Denser John A Hajvtcy ref JosAHlll i£ G
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Hce.Ts.lfiir.ca Jlarri* Thomas I loner WUlijm
Buds J VD uamu? Timothy Holmes J-h?-*
Hedges J A Hstmy C Julias Howard .Jordaall,
lltdccn .1 A R-i’en Tliomaa Hocdvirj c
HrmciC ntncs Hencock Thomas Holy John
Hall a :jTh w Hart Uco A Home John
Hj pen am II W * HarrlngG-’O Harley John
HcppUrllall Hatfield dr Oeo HnlburtJ»;eph
Hager Barbu T! llarl.-oa(# B . ILra-rJoha
lirsdon Hugh R Hammond Flor iiaotJuaei
HMope’ihomos HawleyWD HamaullPC
Hravey Thomas Hatch HP Hynifir J R
Hall Thoirsa Hartwell Mann 0 Hopkins Js« M
Heath George C Haws LA.... Hall Henra D
HfcrrOJ HsmmonlMslhwHorbaok J A
Henry tcoree W - M ' HoatorJC,
Hemmood Gran* Hants Martin V. HolUngswortbEC
Tllle H arris WH Hnntera Holmes
HebLioGeo lissaUooWß HoifmaiiGP
ThotnM Hawkla Win Illbert OW 5
Henry George Hart Willard O Uo.laadT K
reran EM HnmelWin HIU Vraey O
HeywoodKO HscxctWmA HolesThos
llagccy b L - - Hatclioa W B Ruling rer OTS
HcnorcksEA Hasrahnn JohnMHnSiey Ticlms
HeberdK:irll DuM>uJohn HoMcnTH
Heb-Uod K B Hartwell rcr Jos Hubbnii George
Heeny Denis llanrahao jJohn JUydeS SC
Hallin Dcela Hathaway .joaiabHolmssS
HcmnsnDnnlel Hsnncll Jo«spb HoytsM
Hcarurth Daniel Hsrrlarcr JonnHHowseß M
Bsgemsn Daniel Hathaway JaaA Hopes Robert
Bennesy Ulchl C Hurras H It Holusworth R O
Handy Anst . HontD HS > Hoo*e Kb?o
Hrggetl Vrm Hudson B Hull Richard
Hagertv Wm Holland D W Horne H ij
HerveyWm Uosießß . RolUdayu J
Hamilton Wm H Hanler dr . Hall Levi
Helm Wm Howard Charles Hogan Michael
Healey John - Hnntw C goftW „
Hew.John HoltCbarlra • nolllalerHW
Beodcrron John Reaction P»rlrDHodeeß Wa
Heany John Hucnee Patrick UctchmsonGco
Haney Ben limCG Hinington A.
lienwry Francis RopmcrPE n . Hathawayßil
Harris Bamnel Bennington O A Kannen John
Hanlon Edward HntchiaßCHS Hlchox P
licnanku Stepehn '
Ingraham JolmW Ivory MF _ Ishani Benry
Ingham Bb t Irvine Georges Isaac Jonas
Jerome Orson Johnson F F Johnson Job
Jewett it streat Jordan Gustavos Jeffrey John 8
Jackson CUB Jones Tom B Johnson Wil E
Jones P Jennan George Jeffrey William
Jones DL Johnson HE Jacison William
James DR JennlsonllF Johnson, William
Johnson Daniel 2 Jennings dr JL James Lewis
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Jackson FC Jordan James
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Keoeer George KenlyDp Kretben John
Knox Q O Keyes Richard Kehoe John
Keith AblJ&h Kmc Fred Kemp John -
Klee Alexander KingllU &co Kelley John K
Keltamc Aldca Kennedy Tbornt’nK if eber John
Kenny A Kinney T B • . .Keegan John
Kelley A Kirkwood T 8 KnotrUon W8 2
Kidder A B Keith Geo O Keif William
Knowles AS Knox G C capt2 Keith-William
Kioclan Patrick KeatlngThomas Kelly William
King Charles Kellogg A li Kelly John
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Lmch Patsey Lain J W Loyd Henry
Lambert Charles Libby Joseph T Law J U
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LanrinPAG Lary John LindJP
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Learr Charles Lassar Joseph Lord Joshua
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Linden Sami Lea James
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MahoneyTaargt Haydwell C Morin P
Merrill WB • MacknecsPatt MortlnJohnW
Marks Ladock Morgan NF Moore John
MadockWm Merchant KE Horse Jotiah
.Mather W L Maney Phillip Murphy Joseph H
WarcyWK _ Mainer Abraham Morse John B
McrJgold Wm 2 Merrill •UortlmcrMnrray James
Maloy John W.. 'Malloy Michael Mors Jasper
MaleonJnhn MeaganJoha Moore Jacob
Maguire John Miller WB Moreland John
More}’Joseph Mill* Joseph Mnlley James
MatbloglyJ B Miller John W MorfordTT
Martin Joel F Miller John 3 Morgan JL R
Maher Johnny Mills John a MorranTbos
Martin Julias Mltchel James . MorsonTbos
MsnlnJoseph MitchelHorace Morgan O W
Mathews J B ’ Miller II C & ro Morrln T J
Maxwell J L Milton n J Morlan Simon - '
Mason J C Miller J Hugh Moms Sami
Mohan James n MlUcr.H G. Moore SD
Maxwell J W Miller H E MorseS
Mareton James Miller H Mullen Earnest
Martin James Milligan Thoa MnrphyEH -
Marshall George M llcbell G A Morrill EUahft
MagglUcr Thoa Mlddan H C Moss R L
Malloy. Hoph Mitchell H W Myers David
Martin Thomas Miller Giles Morrlsy Robert
Marriott G B Milliard PL Mon man David
Martin Fred Miller NJ Montgomery CD
Martin Baml <- Minors A& A U Myers Peter
Meade E R MillerF R Mayers Pclatlah
Mann 6 W Merrill H B Matt Charles ■
Melville S D Murphy william Mondrof Peter
Mason Stephen Murphy MB Moore CH
MeadEdwsrd MulsastcrM Morgan Charles 3
Uarplo Ellis Monks Miles Myers Charles
Maeze Emanuel Mono wmiam Moore Charles
MafetDavld Moore WII MorseA 9
Mathias David Murray W H Morgan B F
Maguire Daniel Morse w s Morrison Albert
MagonnAßS More William Murray N
MearaAMulrheadMoony John A Mooro M P
Merrill B M Uomwn Jos P 2 Horseman David
Maguire James Moxos Joseph
Mclntyre Wm MeFarlln FrenclsMcKlllop Jno&eo
McCormick McCanahanFrankMcOrlde John TV
McKibbeu Andw McMillan F I McLaughlinJooJ
McGrath Pat McVycue Thos -McKenzie John
McDongslA . McMillan Thoa McCarthy John
McCollum Kell Mcliuub Thomas McKee Joseph
Mcßride Patrick MeMUlau Hugh McGregor Q
McQuade PatrickMcCollam Matt McAdams John
• McLean A F McCarthy V C McDowal Wm
Mcl-erlo P McGuire Hush - McKibbcnTV
McMahon Corae-McCormack Jos McKlnly WA
Hus . McDenaottJamcsMcWhlnny Wm
McAtQe Patrick McConnell JamesMcßevnoids TV C
McLaughlin PeterMcCollum JamesllcGnlro Michael
McCarthy PatrirkMcManns James McCarty TV
McDonnell Pat E McCoy James McCauly TV
McGowan C M McDennoUJameuMcßrlde Michael
McGrcitorDnncanMeWado James UcMorals Leroy
McLeod Donald McKwan James Mcßrtcn Owen
McCormack SyLMcßwen James MoWsyne 8 '
Teeter McDongallmr
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Newcomb John Newel! Danl J Nilea Hiram S
Nenbert Angus- Nlhaa Daniel Neighbor Jacob
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Kicol Archibald Newell TraverW Nichols M 8
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Near Allred Norton Geo cant Necson mr
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Reynolds .Tan 8 RowllnsWm Ryan Timothy
Reynolds O L Ryan mr Konnsavell Geo
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Richmond D W Robinson Wm Rooek Jacob
Keeker J D Robinson W H Rnsa Jas H
Rice Jas R Robinson J C Ruvenberg & co
KodmoD Daniel Robinson Geo Rogers Jno O
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Rlcharos DavldD Robinson (.has 2 Ramsey Marshl E
Rebse David Robinson Ortin Rose Wm J
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Sentiments of-tlio People In the Con
federacy—lnteresting Private tetter
written by a Confederate Member
of CongrcM-Tho Fcclfnir Gaining
Ground that their Cau»c*l* Hopeless
—Their Ignorance of Northern Af
fairs—— Waiting for Something to
Tom Up.
[Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
Stsamxb G. W. Gbahast, March U, ISCI.
On the recent expedition info Mississippi
we had a good opportunity to observe the
sentiments of the people in the interior of the
Confederacy. Much of it is In accordance
with what has been written of the sentiments;
of the people in other ports of the South, and
adds blit another confirmation to the great
amount of proof of the rottenness of the
rebel policy. The following is a copy of a
private letter written by a Confederate mem
ber of Congress to one of his friends, and
shows the sort of feeling that pervades the
hearts of the law-givers of the South.- The
letter was written by O. K. Singleton of Can
ton,Hiss.,.who hasahrotber, we believe, of
some notoriety, in Quincy, Illinois. The
letter, was kindly loaned -to us by the
officer having it in his possession :
Bichxoxn, Jim. 20,15 W.
Hon. J. B. Hancock: .
Dead Sm—l wish I had to-day a glass of your
excellent wine, ns I feel somewhat lanjiid and fa
tigued alter my multiplied and incessant dalles
hero.) I hope some day to drink tho health of our
young nation and talk over onr “hair-breadth es
capes” and great tribulations. The present boor
looks gloomy, to bo sure; but, like yourself, 1 be
lieve in nlllmale success. To give os this success,
we wont'to strike on effective blow early in the
spring. .TbiswUlßctasonoarlogsag&in. Doubt
lets the Fedcrnls will open the campaign by mov
ing a heavy column upon Atlanta, Qa., and at the
same 1 time, a heavy .one from- Knoxville, in
the direction of Southwestern Virginia and
Northern North Carolina. - This ■ latter, if
not repelled, wQI force upon Gen. Lee
the necessity of hilling, hack from .his pre
sent position, it may be from Richmond, ana al
most entirely from Virginia, to prevent himself
from being flanked, and lils army from being en
tirely ' disbanded or destroyed. You can sec at
once If this movement be allowed to succeed, that
these consequences mast follow. This portion o(
Virginia la now pretty well eaten out, ana if Leo's
army were cut off from the South it could not be
provisioned for three months. Pressed in front,
and harraesed in rear, with, provisions exhausted,
disbandment and destruction must follow.
It then becomes a matter of the first moment to
guard the rear of tho army of the Potomac.
Sfaonld the movement upon Atlanta suc
ceed, then Georgia will be laid waste, and our chief
source (at present) of provisions be cut off. No
man can look forward to Spring without great ap
• prehensions. Doubtless our severest, trials will
then be upon ns. If we sustain ourselves, or more,
If we gain any. signal advantage over the enemy
soon after the opening of the campaign, wo mar
give the opposition elements of the North a chance
to combiuo and beat Lincoln for President. T/ils J
ehould hail <u a mod omen and begin to think qf
peace at no xery distant day. I see no chance for
pence until the Republican party is beaten and
overcome. In the meantime things arc assuming
a more unfavorable aspect In North Carolina. Her
course is deeply humiliating to every patriotic
heart. Congress la laboring diligently to strength
en our army and Improve onr enrrenev. I hope wc
shall succeed materially in accomplishing both of
these ends. The remedy is a severe one. bat the
disease Is desperate, and no silly nostrum will an
swer. The cause is the people’s and they mad sus
tain it -at all hazards, and tho representative who
Alters In this hour of trial is not worthy of confi
dence. I would tell yon what measures wc are
likely to adopt, but tout would bo contraband, as
onr proceedings are in secret session.
As ever, your friend, most truly,
Hite letter shows the sentiments of tl;a Con
federate leaders, or rather perhaps the senti
ments which they profess to outsiders, to
feel. Bht it is despondent enough, hoping
against hope. The only drop of consolation
they seem co have is that the Republican par
ly may be beaten at the next election. Our
conversations were chiefly with the common
people, and we found hardly d man who did
not wish the war to close at once. They
seemed to have lost all heart in the rebellion.
Many of the soldiers'have hardly interest
enough left to cause them to fight, and our
army met with hardly an instance where they
stood np to the work and fought as it they
meant fight. The reason In many cases is that
they arcreonvinccd that the cause is hopeless,
and they ore not willing to risk their Uvea
where It will do no good. This feeling Is
gaining ground every day. Especially did the
expedition of Sherman convince them of the
fact. Living so far in the interior, they
had Imagined- themselves perfectly secure
from intrusion, bet that golden Illusion has
been suddenly'dispelled, and now they be
lieve that the Fcderals can raise force
enough to go where, and do as they please.
Thislsnota very gratifying truth, but still
it will have a very salutary effect on the Con
federates. AH oi the Confederate raids into
the North have been disastrous failures; the
people have risen with oneaccord and driven
out the invaders; but there were no people
together to resist onr progress—
nearly all the available force is already In the
army, and that army Is stationed at other
points to arrest our advance and cannot bo
spared to go elsewhere.
The country through which we passed was
mostly inhabitedby. the poorer class of
people, who own few* or no negroes. These
were originally for the Union, until carried
away by thc brilliant prospect held out to
them by political leaders. .It is needless to
say how bitterly they now curse those lead
ers, when it is too late.
Wo do not mean bv this that tbevaro good
Unionists, love the old flag, <&c.. but the very
reverse Is the case.' They look like those
who have stoked their all and lost They do,
almost without exception, wish themselves
back where they were before the war com
menced, but dislike the humiliation of giving
up and comlngback. They would like most
of all things to have some corner of the
world where they can live and bo let alone.
They arc kept in great Ignorance ot the
state of affairs at the North. I did not see
oho individual on the route that bad read
Lincoln’s amnesty proclamation. This ig
norance can hardly have been as a matter of
course, but must have been intentional on
the port of the leaders. The real strength of
the North, and the comparatively small
amount ot suffering caused by the war Is un
known except where they have had inter
course with the Yankees. The negroes
seemed prettv well Impressed with the
fact that the war means no harm
to them, though their owners
try to •persuade * them differently.
One of onr scouts, who was In advance of
the army, met a choice specimen, who eyed
Idm with that air of mingled fear and curiosi
ty which h genuine African can ulono assume.
Finally, be mustered up courage to ask, “ Bo
you one of them fellows what they call Yan
kees?” -The scout replied that he was.
“Didn’t ilnk you was like odder folks,” was
the reply.
As a general thing, the negroes expressed
perfect confidence in our good Intentions,
and sold they would go with us whore they
could get “some of MussaLinkuu’s tea and
With the more wealthy slave ownen, the
sccto ia ailll the preat stickler. They say,
“Wo can’t possibly live without our slaves.
We have always Imd them, and our climate
and the constitution of our society will not
allow of our gWlng them up.” Many of the
slaveowners ran off their elates Into Alabama
•before oar arrival. One roan on whose
plantation wo encamped, had done so, Icav
jnjr behind one old negro who had been sick
and hardly ont of his cabin for six months.—
In the morning when we started Hurry had
his things packed ready to go with as, and
indeed he kept np like a soldier all the way
from Meridian to Vicksburg. This man’s
master acknowledged that he was a Missis*
sippi rebel, and that ho bad ran off his ne
groes and stock to prevent tbelr falling into
onr hands. A valuable horse which be bad
thus disposed of broke loose and relumed
home, much to the chagrin of his owner and
the joy of onr boys. Among this class there
is a growing feeling that they are hopelessly
beaten, yet they will hold on to the last, in
hope that something, they hardly know
what, may happen in their favor. The most
clearly defined of those hopes is. that the op
position party at the North will get in pow
er at the nest electron and a compromise be
efiected. k.
Xhe Trial of Uie Paris Conspirators.
The Paris correspondent of the iXxity 2foeg,
writing on Feb. 25, says:
The trial of tho four Italian conspirators
came on this morning. The prisoners have
alia marked.ltalian type, and. their dark
complexions contrasted strikingly with
those of the gendarmes, between two of
whom each prisoner sat in the dock. They
have all black hair nearly of the same shade.
Greco, on his first appearaned. was generally
pronounced to be a remarkably handsome
young man. He boa abundance of silky
black hair, carefully brushed and parted, a
slight black mustache, and tuft npoit the
chin, the rest of the face being clean shaved;
a thin aquiline nose, capacious forehead, and
large flashing eyes. He would make a capi
tal stage brigand, and reminded me greatly,
of the late Mr. Seguin In (l Fra Diavolo.*
-Trabucco, ibe oMeetof tbeparty—hei*
;ward of forty—lan coarser looking man than
the others; but he eoems to be a humorist— :
;lm» a decided ris cormco, and In the conns of
tho day Unpfaod. a good deni'. himself and
"caused much laughter in' others, v :v.
Im; cratori is a slim young mac; .with no
particular expression of countenance, but
*ocme Intelligent. Scaslioni, the youngest
of the band, looked forlorn, and lees at his
case than the others. They were all what
may bo called respectably dressed, without
aay appearance clthcrof finery or foppery,
’but, with the exception, perhaps, of Qipeo,
they could hardly be mistaken for gcritlemeo.
Greco is a superior looking man to ahe others.
They were all calm and self-possessed. In
the body o£‘lho Court, between tho bench
and the witnesses’ bur, and just * halt
way between tho prisoners and the
jury, was tho table on which were displayed
th t piece* dc conviction—*, e., the bombs, gun
powder, percussion caps, gun canes, revolv
ers, Ac., which were aeiacd at the prisoners’
lodgings, together with the small black
leather bags in which the arms were con
cealed.' Tho murderous weapons were ex
amined with great curiosity by all who were
near enough to approach them.
Tho proceedings commenced by reading
the Indictment. The nest thing in tho ordi
nary course of a French trial ia to Interro
gate tho prisoners, and this is always done
by tho presiding judge. I need not dwcllon
• the examination of the prisoners, for in all
essential particulars they admitted every
thing charged in the indictment. Greco, m
lew words, orby affirmative nods, responded
to the questions of the judge, and without
any affectation of remorse or attempt at ex
tenuation, confessed that ho came to Paris
with tho Intention of taking the Emperor’s
■life under the circumstances described by the
prosecution. When asked whether ho had
not formed his plan in concert with Ma
rini, ho said, ** Naturally so.” He ex
plained that he called upon Prince
murat’a Secretary for tho purpose of putting
the police off the scent, and that he had good
excuse forgoing so because bis father had
rendered services to King Murat. It waa a
mistake in the indictment to say that Maz
zlnl gave him money when ho first came to
Paris last spring, because he then paid his
expenses from his patrimony, but ho admit
ted that Mazzini gave him l,Boof. at Lugano,
when he was coming to Paris tho second
time, with his three accomplices, and that
Mazzini afterward sent him. 2,0C0f. and I.OOOC
to Paris in bank notes.
He asserted that four of the bomba were
sent to bim directly from London, and that
the six others were given him in Lugano by
a friend of Mazzini’s, whose name he would
not mention. lie only brought eight to
France, and he left two at Lugano with a
friend, whoso name he also refused to men
tion. The first revolvers sent to him wore
too big to be carried in the pocket con
veniently, and he therefore had them changed.
When asked why he charged the bombs on
the day of bis arrest, be answered, somewhat
dramatically, “Because thehourapproached.”
Tr.ibucco’s examination began by his being
asked whether he understood what Greco
had said, and whether ho admitted the truth
of it He replied, “Yes, it is oil true.”
On being asked why he Joined the plot, he
mode a speech with great animation, the sub
stance of which was that being unable to get
his living in Italy byhisprofesslon osa player
on the hom, ami being in great distress and
utterly without money, ho met with Greco,
who' relieved him, and proposed to him to
join in the plot That he, Trabncco, was a
patriot who had foncht under his dear Gen.
Garibaldi; and that his head being heated by
all that the journals said of the brigandage in
the Neapolitan States, which was fostered
by Borne under the protection of the French
army, he was moved by pity for the widows
and orphans made by brigandage. He was
opposed to war, and professed to be a partic
ularly humane man [much laughter]: but he,
being In distress, and his bead.heated by the
journals, as he said before, be did, when
Greco showed him a bomb and said “ This is
justice,” rejoin “That’s true;” and he con
sented to come to Paris and join the plot.
The above Is a resume of the first day’s
proceedings. The trial was resumed and
concluded on the following day. Greco and
Trabncco were sentenced to transportation
for life, and Impcratori and Scaglionl to
twenty years’ imprisonment
Good News for the Unfortunate 1
Discovered at Last.
Vo Nj E
Cherokee Injection,
Compcuilcd fttm Kotts, Barks and Leans.
CHEROKEE REMEDY, the great Indian Diuretic,
cores all dlseagcH of the urinary organs, anch as In*
continence of the Urine, Inflammation «r «« Btsuuer,
inflammation of tiic moneys, Slone In the Bladder.
Stricture, Gravel, and Chronic Diseases, andws espe
cially recommended In those cases ofFlnor Albois not
TVhlEe In females.; whore all the old nauseous medi
cines have failed.
tr It Is prepared in a highly concentrated form,
the dose only being from one to two tcaspoonsftu
.three times per day.
gy ItUdlorctlcand alterative in Its action: port
lying and cleansing the Mood, causing it to flow In
all of Us original purity and vigor; thus removing
from the system oil of ml clous causes which have In
duced disease
ally or assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, and
should be used in conjuetlon with that medicine In
all cases of Chronic Diseases. Fluor Albos or Whites
Its effects are heallcjr, soothing and demulcent: re
moving all scalding, beat anupaln, instead of the
homing and almost unendurable pain that is experi
enced with nearly all the cheap quack Injections.
tWBv the use of the IHEROKEB REifuDY aad
CHEROKEE INJECTION-thc two medicines at the
aame time—all Improper discharges are removed, and
the weakened organs are speedily restored to fall
vigor ami strength.
fir Mice, Cherokee Remedy, $1 per bottle, or three
bottles lor |5.
Hr Price, Cherokee Injection, $1 per bottle, or
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gy&enlby Express to any address on receipt of
•gar For full particulars get onr pamphlet from any
drug store In the country, or write us and vc win
mall tret to any address, a fall treatise.
All such orders must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chica
go. onr General Agent lor the West,
Bold by all Druggists everywhere.
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Dr. W. E- MEEWIH & CO.,
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covporrraiD rsox
Boot*, Barks and Leaves,
Cherokee Cure!
An unfailing cure for Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal
Emisslo&sjjutd numerous diseases • sack as Loss of
Memory, universal Lassitude. Pains In the Back.
Dimness of Vision, Premature OldAge.WeakNerves,
Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakefulness,
Eruptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity.
Consumption, and aU too direful complaints caused
by departing from the path of nature.
medicine la a simple vegetable extract,
and one on which aU can rely, as It baa bun used lo
our practice for many years, and with thousands
treated. It has not failed In a single instance. Its cu
rative powera have been sufficient to gain victory
over the most stubborn case.
pf To those who have trifled with tbetr constitu
tion, until they think themselves beyond the reach
of medical aid, we would say, Dkspaib sort the
CIIEROAKE CURB will restore you to health and
vigor, and after ail qnack doctors have failed 1
tiT*Price.fdper bottle, or three bottle*for 15, and
forwarded hy Express to all parts of the world.
tar For full particulars, get a Circular from any
Drug Store In the country, or write to the Agent, who
will mall free to any onedcslrlngthoaame,anil trea
tise In pamphlet form.
All such orders must bo sent to C, A COOK. Chi
cago, onr General Aeent lor the West.
Sold by all Druggists everywhere.
General Agent for Ibe States of Illinois, lows, Wis
consin, Michigan and Indiana*
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At retail by all Drugghta In the city and throughout
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Notice to Shippers.
General Western Produce.
The nnderalgned pay Puarxcuaxa ArraxTiojf to
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to them win be
pionrnx Biiroisl) o>
On very adranuaeona terms. We iaane a
PBICE CT7BREKT of the above artlolca. which VI
mall evana to thoae sending tbelr address to
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13tugs anh gtjnmicala.
M Lake St., Chicago, HI.
Paints, 011% Window Glaaa, film
wan, Bnralnf Oils, Kerosene,
Sospxnskend Kani*
ffteturen’Goods, Ac.,
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chants and •Mannfhctnrnr*.
J. H- Bun, 111 Pear! street B.T.i
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Situated on the coat side of the river, near the comer
o* Harrisoa and Franklin streets. Apply to.
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jTot fljrjeafr.
i For the Growth, Beauty and remanent Vigor of
Tre beg to offer extracts from letter* la our posses
lion, which we aball be pleased to show:
, 14 liicblr beneficial, where the Bair requires a sen
tic stimulant.** DBTcBILSOS.
"Bare never had any thine that so perfectly an-'
ewers the porpMc ofa hair dr*ealDc. n
Tn Canal street. Hew York.
u After havlnff used your * AmboUne,* IboUere It to
be the beat preparation for the hair yKmade ”
Artiste du Theatre Francals, Hew York*
“ Alter being bald for oxer acxen yean, your Am
bouse has covered the entire scalp with Haw Ban.**
85 Ring-at., Hew York.
For sale by all Drugglsta and Fancy Goods Dealtn.
Pat up in boxes (containing two bottle*.) Price.
Oh'E DOLLAR. Prepared only by KENDALL A Co_
606 Broadway, Bew York, opposite tbe St. Nicholas
24 A 26 CHICAGO.
White Lead, Zinc White, Colon
felkw7io4m 83 Booth Wtter street, CMc&so.
Insoluble ffiemcnt.
i. Is of more general practical
inUllty than any invention now
before the public. It has been
thoroughly tested daring the last
two years by practical men* and
pronounced by all to be
Applicable to the.
useful Art*. i
Superior to Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
A now thing.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is a new thing, and the result'd!
years of study; its combination Is
lon BciKxnyic Fmacipxas, and
iunder no circumstances or change
.of temperature will it become
.corrupt or emit any offensive
1U Combination.
Manufacturer*. using Machines,
will find It the best article known
for Cementing the Channels, as it
works without delay, is not affee
tedby any change of temperature.
Boot and Shoe Man*
Win find It sufficiently adhesive
for their use, as has been proved
It !• especially adaytel
to Leatluri
And we euim as an especial
merit, that it sticks Patches and
■Linings to Boots and Shoes sniß*
clcntly strong without stitching,
Extant that Is a sure thing for
. mending
It If ftiiiqvld.
ToyB .W«-
And article* of Household (Jte.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
If in s H<j«Jd form, anl ai easily
applied aa paste.
Bern ember.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
la insoluble In water or o!L
Hilton's Insoluble Cement
Adheres oily substances.
Supplied in Family or Manufac
turer's Packages, from 3 ounces
to 100 pounds.
EMITS, Wholesale Druggists, SB
o, DL, General Western Agents, to
gbe addressed. JeHHtSUrwra*
Sold by LORD ft
Lake street, Cblcagc
whom all orders nut
jLalletnawb’g Specific.
U 8 E
LALIiRMAND’B SPECIFIC will not core all dl>
eases. It will cure
Rheuutlsa, Goat and Neuralgia.
Hundreds bare certified to this fhet.
For Sale by all DrnnUts. Price. One
Dollar pcrßottle.
j M. BLOOD. Bole Agent.
31 North Fifth street. BL Loull.
J. H. REED ft CO.,
nol3-r7lAm-WTAw a mh for Chicago.
Look for the red
Having secured a very Urge stock of the
Ever offered for sale In this market, we are prepared
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We have also a Urge stock of
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Will find It for their Interest to call at 183 Dearborn
street before making any contracts or promisee.
tw~ earn loaded direct from our Ico Houses for shl>
mh2-vT32-5m buaxls
Galena & Chicago union
Terms and Conditions of Commutation
On and After February Ist, 1891*
Ullee. 1 year, iitdmo. Id Bmo. Smo
Hairs.... 9 |«o p |is
Cottage Hi 11........11 73 40 » 30
Babcock's Gr0ve...20 » S3 S3 38
Danby a 3J 63 B8 M 80
Wheaton M 90 to » a]
vrinficld T7.1 9B «2 SB 81
Junction 80 IN U «0 8$
Geneva J53.7 no 73 41 89
Wayne as 110 79 44 38
ntntonviUe S9 SIS 73 M 40
Kliln 43 190 78 49 43
Copies of Quiet and Herniations can bo obtained
on application at the General Ticket Oflios or tho
Company. K. B..TALCOTT,
O. 11. Tf.IEEUIt..
Gcn*l. freight Agent. fett v*4-la
Bavin? at» largo outlay, thoroughly repaired oar
stock of Machinery for the
A aS the season being now open, we are prepared to All
all orders la oar line with promptseas.
Our stock U lour times larger and ranch more effec
tive than that of any other similar concern In lha
Northwest, and owners of river property will consult
their own Inter eats by giving as a call.
Those desirous of having property Improved before
the opening of navigation, will_plcvso leave orders lm
medutelr. FOX & HOWARD.
rohO-att-kw m Sooth Water street.
Wetter, on hud. better itockthu ever, 0/Sou*
teeter. Spy Olmmb, Field Olive.. fleromatm, Ttur.
mometers, Bydrometen. Mlcrocopee, Drewlnn In.
sssnssi £gK2*s?ssia«as?rSS®
always os hand, liberal disco untsto the trade. Or
deragrom]>tfr' attended to. Pott OiSea Bex SBQ,
ill. take some
additional pupils,
Between the ages oTS and U years, to educate with her
daughters at Idlewlld. Address Moodna, Orange
County, New York. tah3-VSS3m tc-ta&a. la *
u EADT—“ Official.” The Enroll-
Xl) meht Act, passed February soth. ISW. Pocket
Edition. Price Ten Cents. PoatagePree. J. W,FOB.
TUNE, PnbUaher, 103 Centre street, NewTork.orat
any Bookstore. mhfra«adtli
Loans on real estate.
We ate c—tint!y prepared to netotlala lomm
open real estate in this aty for a tens of yean, at tffa
lowest current rates. _ • ■
Honey tnreetad aa above tor reriMa or nM-rett.
dacta. * I*. D. OUKTED g CO.*.
(•iWxli OlwrUllMiMHtW
d^S^sSn^|?s^. , gFl2^S
t&d <F»ntiy, ditloood t*C
. Snceemtui udders win be prepared to eater mm
wrU(oa;con4nct*-wfth rood af
> Immediately on the acceptance of thdrwda,- ABIK
densest bepresratal l£eopaotßgpftbelrliiM.eMM
wise they will nol.be utcitaliiea. TbeuadMMMft
metres Ite nght to reject — y —M*i J r Ifliinlw
. rcctonablo.
;li ti J
. ibymeat to be made oq the ccoplctioa of die asm*
true:* or meooq tbereailer m ftmde may be received.
ftcpobkU mtt4 be endorsed “ Frcvaetb trlcnes*
, pad to CipU B. i\ iTfty . *■ VlM
togten Wrcct,Chicago, in! • “** KS "*•
• Any tartLer la£onc&tica’iriU be promptly cirMM
epppltoUeato B. F. EENO, CanVA aT(L M.
X OPS.—fiealedPropoiaiswlß berecelAdstMa
Office of the Pacific Raliroadfof Missouri), M flk.
LobL-,fUl Maretiaifc.ipM.rordolßZ ibeOralns^t
sod Waaonry- of about thlrty-are t») ndlee of Ma
road, being irom UoMetuia Johnses coast*; to ias
tloo in JsoKion county, between the Littlenee
Independence. Profile*, Ust er Sections to be ist
firing Utr.c at to when they must bo count ated. r«m
, ?ic:*,Spiclflcatioo3,Ac., caube seen at the no«w
of the Cbier Fngineer. Is fit. Lotus. Bids should be
made ter each tectloo Cot about oae Cl) alfel.ialM
d L f J£P Ce Jt™ tßr Ul “ (l#» miles wiU be lelteMw
party or fine.
Payments will be aadamouthly la cash. fifteen OM
percent being retained UU tbe completloaef IM
Bids abcnl: be addressed to Oeerge V Tsrlsr.rrM
marked •' Fropotsla for Qrsdsatloa tad Mmcw?
tbc bidder la not personally kaova to M
l resident or Engineer, be must accompany hie bid !•
substantial references, and sboald also rive hto Tom
Office add rets, sad be will be lofonasd of u»«
BLCcortcjfCtloaof bUoffcr.
Tbe Company tcaem tbe rlrt* to reject aararM
bid*. T. UcKlfr&OCA.
A . ■ CuvOffiamsisma Ovnosi
. _*-^ai*oioifDxror, Docemner 8.190; ff
SEALED PROPOSALS are luTttei by tBetMW
signet tor «a,-.plru.r tba U 8. QDsrtarmswwa
partxent. at ivashtagteu. D. c_ Hin'miae ise
Alexandria, and Fort klnaroe Va. otdtteoSat
H j.y. Com, Oats and Straw.
Bid* wto be rereCre-' for toe de truryaf
or ram or oat» aan SO tou 01 bay ot straw, oeapwaMk.
Bio. m mutt state at whies of iua sboreBMMC
points tb*? propoje to i&ake dellreries, aact&e nh
atwblsb theyyiumake eeUrerlee taeree*,-Xeream
tty p. each anl.-l * wo.-owd iobeoeUcmwd,4aMbar
‘ K “ ral -“’“
Tbe price neat be wxtttca oat la word* am tbaWMi
Comtotiepotuplacooci »«oat tw>« (hitottiae
each. The ueti to be foza thtei without extra Omm
totheOoTeraKent. Tbe 2iay sad Mnvto be eecazdß
Tre ptrtlctilar ktad or d«t ertpnon of oata, ooruEhl.
S straw, propoeoa to t« dellrered must be stated fc
Ail the articles offered under the bids heretataMa^.
win be »uD|en n* a nsl, inspectionbstheOeirßC
tarot Inspector befbre bant accepted.
Contracts will h< awxrcec. irem tlsiste time lam
lowest rwpoaaifcle bfdcer, as tbetutmet or UMfltm
•rsnenttnaymitdre acdpayiasotwlUbeaadawMa
thewoole amount coo traded fbr shall hard bOM Cm
livered and aoerptad,
The Mddor win be required to accompany Ms ml
petal with a aaataaty. stgsed by two respouhte pot
ions.- tost iu case cla biv- Is accept*! boortaerwSL
wltbia ten days thereafter, execute taecoatraafite
tbe same, with good ana sufficient sureties ta a
raual to the amount at the contract, to ddm Ito
forajc proroMd In couformlCy with the Unas ot ttt
suxerlseneat: aadtseawthe said bidder kosmS
to eater Into the coctract, taey to make sooa *
fereacn between th* offer of said bidder aadtht am
lowestrespocMhle bicder.ortbe peno&towbamM
contract may be awarfe A
The respcadbilltT of theruaraston must be sham
by the offl "lal certificate oi a U. S. Dblrlct Attonv
CoQactor of Cu*-‘*e«u or any other officaraadmrSi
Lniad sutee Gv jmmett. or respoortble mm
known to this office.
AU bia aen w m be duly no tiled of the scceptaaatae
rej«ciloa of their prox^-aU.
The fall csme and P O addreatofeach bidder mwi
he legibly wrtttm in the proposal.
Propoeab most hr acdreAeo to BrgOdlerOsssnl
D. ll.Kncier, Cfcitf Depot Quartermaster, TTaMn
ton. d.c, sna should be plaluly marked “PrwciS
Bonos, in a sum eanai to the amount ofthe ooolrssl
«L.sedby to* contractor and bo to tu casrancota. yft
bertarlrecoftha snccesirnl bidder or bidosre aa
ilrmlup the contras:.
Blank tonne of bins, marante. a. and boadi.awit
Obtained oo anohcatton at this once.
(Town. county, and ..
Lthe sotscrtbcr, oo hereof propose to fnnia Mtf
■’Anvrt to the United States, at the QnsrtenHMark
Departmental— —— .agreeablyto the tm m
so ox auTfeitkcment, Inviting proposal* tor fam,
ia:*d Washington Depot, December B,l3B,thafcUew
ngartlci-s.'ni: •
htub^lsofCora ( iotaeka,at —per bushel Of ■
tm-bdiol Oati.tn racks, at —— per bashrf tfO
pounds. _ •
—— toasol alofiHay.at —per ton of 3,000 powmlm
tonsotbalcdbtraw.Bt-—pertonoll,o6epoe»*- -
Delivery to commerce on orbeforetae—— d*
of. . IS* «and to he completed on or bofOra^B
day of
ter Into a arUton contract with the Unliea smses,
•with good and approved senmdea, witain thes3i
often cast alts? being notiaec that my bid hasß
accepted. Your obedlaat i errant, .
Brigadier General D. IT. Btrona,
CblcfDepot Qaartcrz&amer.
GOARASI“” hW °?'
Wc, tbs under* gnen. residents of ——. t&ta
Conn trod —-, ana Etat eof , hereby Jo laity amf
savcraDy, covenant with tbe UctVd States, and gHP>
antes In case tbe foregolne bid of b« aoeetat
that be or they will, within ten days tiler the aoosat
ance of said bid, execute the contract for the ana
with good and sufficient sureties, in a turn equal teM
amount of tbe contract, to fnrnlsb tbe forage pratM
tnconfonnltr to tbe terns of sftrattaemcetdataßta
center B,lß6B,under which ihebldwasmaoekeMLW
case the said anal! fflkto entnlnto a mntrssi m
aioretald. we guarantee to make goodie Ottawa
between the offer by tte said ■■■— and the HI
lowest responsible bidder or the penento vhowtta
contract mag be awarded. .
witness, l Given under our hands aadswli
Jttu *»■*—• ls Wj
I hereby em«HP the:, to the bet: ef my knoiSdsc
and belief, the aboro named guaranton are good eSd
sufficient ee sureties ibr the fOrwhlWWta
oflbr to be security.
To be certified br the United Statee DtetHct AIMT*
ner.CollectorofCnnomi,or any other officer W
the united Btatee Government. or responsible »■■■
hnownto this office... . . , _
♦*AU propoeale received ander thle advertle—Ml
will be opened end eiamlaed at thle oflleo on
KEBDATandBATUBDAT of each week. ettSJL
Bidden are reepeetfhUy Invite* to he preeet, itM
oMnincof tU*»lt thej *-* V BncUß>
delt-aCHa Bntadfrr General and Quarter—ar.
Sc. gjtoeefa liniment.
★ ★★
Infallible Liniment
For alio! wUehltlse speedy and certain remedy
and Ecrer I*ll*. This Liniment la prepared from AM
recipe of Dr. Stephen Sweet, or Connecticut, tbs
famous bone setter, sad has been nsed In his practice
for more than twenty years with the moat aatoulshluK
success. ~
AS AN ALLEVIATOR OP PAIN, It Is unrivalled bw
any preparation before the public, of which the most
akeptical may be convinced by a single trial.
This Liniment will core rapidly sod radically, TTTin
made Disorders of every kind,' and In thousands of
coses where It has been used It has never been knows
. to fail.
' FOB NEURALGIA, It will affbrd immediate
In every case, however distressing.
It wul relieve the worst cases of HEADACBB
three minutes, and Is warranted to do It.
TOOTHACHE also will It core Instantly.
SITUDE, aricine from Imprudence or excess, this lin
iment Is a most happy ana tmfailing remedy. Anting
dlrectlropon the nervous tissues, ft strenghthenaaM.
revivifies the system, and restores It to elasticity aaft
OR PILES.—As an external remedy, we claim that
It is the Bxvr known, and we challenge the world xm
produce an equal. Every victim of this dlctresftnft
complaint should give tt a trial for it will not fan xm
afford Immediate relief, and In a majority of cans
will effect s uadigaz. cure.
QUINSY AND SORB THROAT are sometimes ex
tremely malignant and dangerous, hut timely applies
Uou or this Liniment will never Carl to core.
SPRAINS are sometime very obstinate, and enlarge
mentofthejointalsllabletooccarlfneglected. Aw
worst case may be conquered by this Liniment in tve
or three days.
BURNS AND SCALDS, yield readily to the wonder*
ful healing properties of Du. Swuar’s Ixtalltbu
Lmnrr, when used according to directions. Also,
Every Hone Owaer •
Should have this remedy at hand, for its timely use sk
the first appearance of Lameneee will pro
t cat those formidable dlecaaea, to which all horses arw
liable, and which render so many otherwise valuable
hones nearly worthless
Over four hundred voluntary testimonials to the
wonderful curative properties of this Liniment havw
been received within tbe last two yean, anJmany of
them from yenous In the oirlxe.
To avoid Imposition, observe the Signature and
Likeness of Dr. Stephen Sweet on everv label, and
also “ Stephen Sweet’s InlhlllbM liniment** blown la
the glass of each bottle, without which none art KW*
,UM - bicilirmon . co- _
Sole Proprietors Norwich, Cl.
For sale by LORD ft SMITH, General Westers
”"**• cbMto ’ SSL&SSr
jpor Hie flrtng.
U«uty Still Paid by the U* 8*
Dyactof Congress, the U. B. Navy will hereafter r**
echo jrcraluio eervo for two year*, and paya botaMr
cfthrec months par, also ao advanceof twomoatko,
tusking la the aggregate from farty-two to dtlr*
four dollars. This service Is conccdM by all to M
thu moat desirable In which a man can enter. No marefc-
Id k* nirols at regular hours, with good Quarters oa
board ship, and the best medical attendance when alcfc.
TUis bounty will te pi*d until April Ist. Apply at a*a
U. 8. Naval llcndcivoo*
Nortbvot ear. ofFortb Clark i&AJbrtb Watff
kmtt, Chicago, Hi,
Acting Master U. 8. Navy, Commanding Beademu*.
nr Good Rccnxltlnjr Agent* tro wnoled In nil toww«
andjtlUgeo, Iq whom goou p«y will b« glv|*n.A ( l4fi» , >
•»u »«•(
ns above.
.I LgGE.-Ker. I. C. PERSHING, D.P„PrmHt
Huperh buildings, to which extensive Unproveawte
bme just been made, at a cost of upwards ol Tweakr
Thousand Dollars.
Superb buildings. Twenty teachers. Thorough aaA
extensive course of study. Cnsgrpaseed tacllitieala the
Telegraphing and Organ Music taught. Spring tans
commences Mascn 2tlh, ififtL Send to PresidentPetato-
Inc fora catalogue. 31. SIMPSON, Pres’t Trustees.
mh»al69*2w ■ ■
Soots anh jpftoeg.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers la •
M Un-ist, Cfelcac^lU,
We have now on hand a very large and well wlertt
stock of Spraur Goods of the very beat aaaefaetwrev
and of a superior Quality to those nsnally offered tm
this market. . .
Having madeour purchases la Dacxmnxu, UK. Kg
the coming season, prior to the recant advances, ve
believe we can offer mnrseax. mocuun (a Cam
Bctxm, vial tin* this maiTet. -
Weoontlaee to make EXTRA SIZES ul QMff
GOODS onr BPECtAUTT. frXl-vWnaR _
/■ JBBi orAUdUnff.

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