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Aoe remittance for dabs mast, in an cases,
be made at one time.
UJ xnere will be no deviation from the forego-
Ibgacale of rates.
Cljicaga ®ribmtc.
Mullers hove a warlike look at Suffolk, Va.
Our pickets Lavc’bccn driven In after severe
fekirmieblDg with an overwhelming force of
the rebels and ul last accounts the two armies
were confronting each other face to face.
Onr position Is deemed an impregnable one
and no fears arc entertained as to the final
Gen. Grant'lias shown Ids signal military
ability by determining at the’ very outset of
oommcnclng upon his new duties, lb break
tip thoacottcratlon policy which has charac
terized BaUcck’s administration, and to this
•end the armies In Louisiana and Texas arc to
fee massed with the Mississippi armies for
smashing blows" tbfo season. Grant
deans work.
It is intimated in a 'Washington dispatch
that another call will bo speedily issued for
two hundred or three hundred thousand
more men to finish up the Job of suppressing
the rebellion. The only condition necessary
to the prompt endorsement of the call of
the people will be the conviction that at last
we are to have some rigorous work done and
Ho more of the Hallcckian business.
Vallundlgbam, the banished traitor, Is
writing incendiary letters from British soli
to his Copperhead friends in Ohio, urging
the speedy fruition of the “bloody fruit"
foretold by the rebel p&pere. It is only an
other proof of the complete and hearty Tin,
flerstanding between the Copperheads and
the rebels, that the only resource left to sc
■curc the independence of the Confederacy is
to provoke a firc-in-the-rear In the North. A
remarkable letter from a rebel Congressman,
which will be found upon the third page of
this Issue, adds weight to this theory. The
people must be prepared to thwart the plans
Of the home rebels.
Our Washington dispatches make the im
portant announcement that General Meade,
auflcriug under a severeattack of pneumonia,
•Will, under the advice of his physicians, tem
porarily retire from active service. It is
snore than probable that the command of the
army of the Potomac will devolve upon
General Smith.
The death of the gallant and chivalric CoL
Dahlgrcu has been avenged by onr forces.
Gen. Butler dispatched a sufficient cavalry
force to King’s and Queen’s Court House,
the citizens of which locality under pretence
ol being non-combatants ambushed CoL
Dahlgrcu. Our cavalry found a rebel camp
there, filled with the pretended non-com
batanta. The camp was broken up, several
Ivilied, a large number taken prisoners and
many mills and a great amount of stores
were destroyed.
Saturday was a field day in the House. Al
though devoted to speech making, the speech
es rapidly turned into a spirited debate, in
*vhich Sunset Cox decidedly made a beast of
burden of himself A pointed allusion to the
41 Buckeye Abroad,” in which Mr. Cox devo
tes much space to an affectionate and loving
appeal and admiration for the negro, touched
him on the raw, and drove him nearly Insane
■with madness. Later in the debate Mr. Grin
mcll got waked up, and hurled some rather
savage epithets at Cox. It was an unhappy
<iay for poor Sunset.
( Upon the inside of this issue will be found
letters Irom our special correspondent, who
accompanied Gen. Sherman on big great
raid. They will prove of especial interest,
both as relating to the incidents of the expe
•dition and the spirit and feeling of the peonlc
In Mississippi They arc the first detailed
•accounts of the Expedition yet published.
Gen. Slgd has assumed command of his
Department of West "Virginia. What will
the copperheads say now, who have been as
serting that the President was only fooling
■with him and did not intend [to confer that
high dignity on him J
The dispatch to the Kew York Tfbritf from
Washington, professing to give the conclu
sions of a Connell of War, at which Lincoln,
Grant, Stanton, and TT«iwb were present,
may or not be true. If true, it may be taken
for granted that Gen. Grant intends to com
mand it himself; it he does there will be
no more fooling and shilly-shallying with
the Potomac army. We observe that bait »
dozen Illinois regiments are under orders to
join the Potomac army forthwith. That
means business. Grant weald hardly
of sending his Western warriors to the Poto
mac unless there Is some serious work to be
done in that quarter.
Kow that another man has been elected,
and the blockade of the Pennsylvania Senate
broken up, to the discomfiture of the Cop
perhead conspirators, the rebels have releas
ed Senator-Major White, The news being
read in the Pennsylvania Senate the Copper
heads affected much (satisfaction, bat the
hypocrisy of their manifestation was so ap
parent os to dfcgnst all honest men.
There was a great about in the Albany Ba
zaar on Wednesday evening, when it was
announced that Gcrrlt Smith had
drawn the President’s autograph copy of the
Proclamation of Freedom. There was a fit
ness about the turn of the wheel which made
everybody glad.
In bis speech on the gold bill in the Senate
on Friday last, Senator Sherman
advocated. *an amendment to the bill
us it passed the House restoring
to the Secretary ol the Treasury the power
to sell the surplus gold'in ins hands. He
stated that the sum nowon band is over £19,-
000.000, and that at the present rate of re
ceipts, there will be in the Treasury, July 3,
-$41,742,554 in gold. Of this enormous sum,
but $20,849,700 will he due and payable on
that date, and os the bulks of New York hold
$21,105,000 in gold, more than $40,000,000
will be boarded np on Jclyl, unless the pow
er to sell is granted. When the foolish or
corrupt action of the Bouse became known
in New York, the gold black-legs sent specie
np like a flash to 109. When itbecameknown
that the Senate would insist on tbc right to
sell, gold fell as suddenly to 102, and closed
weak. If the Senate amendment becomes a
law, gold will go down to 150, or lower;
mark it.
CHICAGO FOR j 863*4*
Id Uic commercial columns of to-day's
Tbibuke will be found c. statement of the
Pork and Beef packing for 1663 4. By re
ference to It, the Fork packing will bo found
to foot up 901,659 Hogs, end the Beef-pack
ing to 70,086 Beeves.
Appearance of IturklnsvlUe—General
I<oganf» Kcjro Order—Xlio TScgroe*
and Uielrßfaatcrs—The Larkina Perry
JWdge Stories The
Troop* at LarklnsrUlc, &c,
[From Our Special Correspondent,]
LAUiaKHvxiis, Texn„ March 2,1801.
This village, at present the headquarters of the
■2d division of the 15th army corps, is situated in a
round valley, nearly surrounded by Mn« t and
.-was made tip anU UOam, of a few uncouth build
ings and a population largely out of proportion to
Ibc number of dwellings. LaridnevlUc was die
loyal. With few exceptions lu men, women and
Children chewed tobacco, drank whlstv, became
fallow in complexion and rebellion*. They would
never have conceived s revolution from mere want
•of enterprise and brains; bat the thing being ready
At hand, prepared by others, they at once embraced
the harlot and became rebels. Jose now, in pay.
eny and rags, they are tatting the frails of the ad
venture in the Confederacy.
The few negroes formerly held In servitude ore
substantially free; those who remain with their for
mer masters being fully conscious of their changed
relations, aud hesitating not at ail to assert their
.freedom, while they continue to labor as usual upon
the well understood condition of good treatment.
Gen. Logan has issued a general order in relation
to negroes and the cultivation of crops. The order
|sas follows:
Beadquautebs 15th A ext Coups. I
Bcktsville, Abu, Feb. 25,1834. f
ajekcbal Oedkes, 80. 18.—L Persons livin'*
north of the Tennessee Elver will be permitted to
raise crops the ensuing season, and olllccrs and
eoldicrs of this command will not interfere in any
manner with the labors to that end. They should,
•on the contrary, give every encouragement to the
raising of produce for the people of the country to
subsist upon, which will relieve the Government
from the necessity ol feeding them.
U. Kegrocs who ore employed on plantations by
citizens must not bo -interfered with, but allowed
to remain, the people having a right to employ
them by paying them fair wages.
This order will be read at the head of every regi
ment and detachment of this command, and must
lx* strictly regarded
Bv command of Uaj. Gen. John A. Logan.
' R. R. ToWKES,
Assistant Adjutant General.
Under the provisions of tide order a very consid
erable number of fanners and planters Lave already
commenced preparations for a crop. Upon taking
the amnesty oath, facilities are furnished them for
purcbaalugseod at tbeJforth and transporting It over
the military tonda. VTithtbencgroeetwoplauehavo
been pursued. By one the owner of the land makes
an agreement with his former slaves that they
shall ail work together, as formerly, under his di
rection, lor the raising of such crops as he may
cHoom, the nccroc. to receir, for their labor food
thcnccirc^th 4 dottedfnto'paroSs* and let W
the owner receiving one part and the
of Produrtoftfielfßepcrato
lhe Plantoreseemtobe
conraejthis year’s experience
falr tost, a* few farms are pro?idod,or
draught animals and
implements. But other things being equal, it it
of the more intelligent planters
umt na large and os remunerative crops will be pro
duced as under the pystem of slavery. With the
negroes the syrtem Is not regarded favorably w;lh
any unanimity. In eomc instance's a large propor
ueu of the negroes on a place remain and make
the arrangements 1 have indicated, with their
former masters, while in others a tew,
end ’in many not an African can be
induced to remain upon any terms. This reluc
tance to remain at their former homes is the legiti
mate result of several causes. Every one knows
what a hard master la. With that knowledge.no
one will wonder that the African when liberated,ro
fuses to live with and work for the man who has
Etan ed, over-worked, and treated him with inhu
manity when he had thopowor. All of that class arc
out of the question in the business of hiring to for
mer masters. The chances arc that the terrible ex
penances o! labor for Southern men will deter Utta
from hiring to any native planter. Then.again, the
negroes of this section arc, as a class, ignorant, ua
accustomed to depend upon thsmreivca, have nev
er realized any benefits from agriculture, have
no confidence, as a general rule, in adventuring
alone in Us pursuit. Military life with its bust!?
end parade and excitement, is peculiarly attractive
to them. The first realization of freedom which
the slave experiences is when becomes within tbs
lines of onr armlet*. It is not strange therefore that
gratitude to that which be consider* his liberator,
together with his natural love for the pomp
and circumstance of war. should mike
the great majority of them desirous to remain with
the array. Such is the fact, with regard to the lar
cerpartof the negroes when thev first reach our
lines. There Is no doubt, however, that with pro
fer treatment, encouragement, and assurance from
edenl officers. they can bo induced to resume the
pursuits in which uiey have been reared, except
ing of course such as arc required for military la
bor. The system which is being experimented In
Uu« odd is mofct certainly better in every point of
view than thei policy I saw on the Mississippi dur
ing the Vicksburg campaign.
Ten miles south of Larkicsvlllc, at an old ferry,
there is a pontoon bridge across the Tennessee
River. The bridge was constructed at the time
Gen. Morgan L. Smith made his raid into De Kalb
omnly, Alabama. Upon the return of the troop*.
Gen Smith stationed a soffidcntforco to hold the
position, and left the bridge across the river. It
has proved lo be of great service to ns, and a source
of great annoyance to the rebels. There is
not a Union man, or an unwilling conscript,
scarcely a black man “writing and
watdiiug over the border” for freedom,
that do« not know of the Larkins Ferry Bridge
and thekankocfi that are about it. All kinds and
varieties of refugees—black and white, male and
female, old and young, origteaal rebels, and Union
men who have lived m the mountains for month*—
ctces the bridge everyday. I have seen, daring a
few days’ sojourn, refugees from Rome, Atlanta.
Mobne and Montgomery. From whatsoever point
iu berth and Central Alabama and Gooma the
popular route is by the Larkins Bridge. Tfie rebel
aflbrd the loss of a sharp skir
mish daily, as the incessant Hilpago by this bridge
Various plan shave been formed for the destruction
jf-i r Pontoon bridge, bnt lhe commander of this
dms cu Is notto be caught unprepared, or surpris
ed by day orn.ght. So the bridge spans the dfvid
between the fields of the two armic-.
andlnnushes a safe retreat from conscription and
There are various Items of Southern new* ob
tamed from refugees and deserters, which I give
yon for what yon consider them worth, premisin'*,
however, that such information Is of very dubious
character. The result of the late aflalr near Ballon
is an instance which shows how much tilth ought
to be placed In the various stories of deserters
The almost universal report which they brought in
*r OI T advance upon Bolton was that the po-*!-
lion had been weakened by the withdrawal of
troops and artillery, and that the rebels would not
fight at that place. I allude to the unreliability of
news received through such sources, because in
some journals too much credit and importance is
given to it.
T-cfugeca, who are intelligent, and so far as we
am judge. In a short conversation, honest, report
that on the 24th Sherman was still at Meridian, but
mat on the 20th news was received at Atlanta (the
toy my informants Jcft) that he had moved, and
that the rebel military authorities were uncertain
in which direction he had cone. They state that
the rebels are in a great confusion and terror at the
approach of Sherman. He is represented to the
soldiery and people as a bloodthirsty, merciless
invader, that destroys all property on ms line of
march, and is utterly regardless oi life, slaying
From parties who were
al KiDMton during the two last tors of the Dalton
rilafr, I learn that Cheatham and Clyborae’s di
vision had dmdy moved south to reinforce Polk,
bntomicbackoaThnrstoynlghtandPriday. The
reprise at Rocky Faced Ridge they claimed as a
treat victory. One who appeared to be very well
BUted tt * t f ° ru€ « Mobile would be
--,000 in case recent reinforcements detached
from Folk's command should succeed in reaching
the ary, have been orderedto
leave Mobile by the Mayor and Gen. Maurv, bnt
without effect. The country through which’ they 1
sujjposed bherman to be marching, from Meridian
to Mobile, Is said to be almost destitute ofsnpplies. :
Boday’s commend or cavalry has been ordered to .
rendezvous at Gadsden. Roddy himself is there,
aay was not in the engagement of the cavalry tuH 1
der Smith. The opprpach by water bv the Apa- <
JacmcojiaDd —rivers, la reported* to be un- i
guarted, the rebels had ,
on this river, the Cosahatchie, was accidentally
mown up some time since. Another was in pro- 3
case of construction at Columbus. It is heavily i
clad with Iron, and intended to draw seven feet.
Alter the plates had been put on she was launched ,
in eight feet of water, anaimmcdiatdv went to the
bottom. •
Araongthctroops stationed here arc thre rt Chi
cago batteries. Battery A, Capu Wood; B, Cant,
i.amscy, and H, Lieut. DeGraffi Butteries A and
B have not re-ec listed, aad 1 think will not. Bat
tery H has re-enlisted. Of the inintrv regiments
irom Illinois stationed here, bat gbc, the 25th, has
hem In service a sufficient term to entitle them to
enlist as veterans. The £sth will not re-enhst as a
repment; perhaps a hundred of the men have its
enlisted, but that will not entitle them to an organ
isation as a reterun regiment. Speaking of r«£en
listing, there wa= a rich scene at batteries A and B
a lew days’since. Some mischievous wag started
the rejiort thit the Chicago Board of Trade had. at
a recent meeting, adopted a resolution that lna«-
much as batteries “A** and **B” had not re-cnllst
cd ns veteran a. the member* ol the Board of Trade
would not, U]»n tlieiretum home of the officers and
men of these batteries, giro them any employment.
The tale was believed, and the boys waxed abso
lutely Indignant. B*s boys visited A’a boys—A’s
rcys talked with B’s. They gathered around
camp-fires'and discussed the outrage till the small
hours. The more eloquent made speeches from
caiseons and stamps. Ail talked lond as artillerymen
and tome like veterans. Sleep jeomposed them,
and mthc morning it was suspected that the
bovfi had been the victims of a practical joke.
The following order although it was issued some
months since, will not be uninteresting to the
friends of those who compose the Fifteenth Corps,
* There arc in it omissions made through inadver
tancc. For Instance Battery 12 Bth Illinois, was at
Shiloh and did splendid execution on Sunday. The
Sth Hisr-ouri was In Sherman’s division during
the siege of Corinth, ns was the 53th Illinois. Ist
Battery U. S. Infantry had charge of the gnus of
position In batteries Bohmctt and Williams, at
the battle of Corinth. The «ih lowa Infgntrr w'a«
the heaviest sufferer at the battle cf Belmont. Bat
tery B, Ist. Illinois was it Fredricktou. These er
rors arc all that I can recall, without doubt there
arc others. Since the publication ol the order the
Corps has l*eca, portions of it, engaged at
tulle, Cherokee Station, ChatUinoora, Siege of
Knoxville andDalton.
Tht* istii Illinois was at Jackson, in wMcMnoarli
tbc whole of the find Division was eagagecL and
Champion llilis. The Steele’s Bayou expedition Is
not credited to any command.
The glorious record covers twenty-nine battles
*n which No defeat, is recorded.
IWc give below such parts of the order as refer
to Illinois troops—Kn- Tius.l
UcADQAntci:* DEPAUTxjarToyTn*TKXXESsn:,>
A icxtcuEo, iiira., Oct.ir., is»3. j
CtEXESAi. Queers, No. iu.—The report of tbe Board
of Oulccrs,a|jpoicted for the purpose of determining
the names oroutlies that the recuueuts and batteries
In the r-thanny corpse arc entitled to Jn-cnbe upon
their respective colors and guidons. In pursuance of
General Ordure, No. la, of date Fooruary 25d. I*2,
ircm the War Department, bavins been approved by
the Major General commanding the Corps, Is hereby
pouiished for the information of this command:
Pith Illinois Infantry—Chickasaw Bayou and assvclt
or ruth, Arkansas Post, Vicksburg and assaults of 221;
frith UiinoDlnfiintry—Madrid, Island Ten, Farming
ion. siege of Corinth, luka, Corinth, siege of Vicks
rerg • Jackson.
ti|Ui illluou infdDUT—fihlloh. siege of Corlaih. Blese
Mckßiturp; J*cCeon.
.th Illinois infantry—Farmington, dego of Cor-
Jl, Inks, Corinth* acge of Vlckfbarg; Jackson.
4Mb Illinois Infantry—Fort Donelson, Shiloh, sleseol
Jorlcth, siege of % Ictsburg: Jackson.
r.;.(h Illinois Infinity— Slifiob, Ifosscll House. Chicks
saw Bayou, Arkansas Poet, Champion UlUs.Vicksbnrr
siege and assaults lutb and ild; Jackson.
•-cub Illinois Infantry—Coldwattr, elege of Vicks
our*; Jackson.
litki Illinois Infantry—Siege ofVlclaburc; Jaok*
ILttb IHlnola Infantry—Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas
Po»t, Vicksburg si ego and assault* I'th and aid.
U4ih Illinois Infantry—Siege of Vlckaburg; Jack*
noth Illinois Infantry—Chickasaw Baron, Arkansas
Post, Champion Hills, Vicksburg siege and assaults
lath and 2M; Jackson.
1271b Illinois Infantry—Chickasaw Baron, Arkansas
Port, Vlckihnrg siege and assaults frith and 224.
Ist Illinois Artillery, Company A, Cspt, Wood—Port
Bonelson, Shiloh, Chickasaw Bayou. Arkansas Post,
Champion Hills, bloge of Vicksburg; Jackson.
let Hunols AnlUory, Company B. Captain Bumaey—
Belmont, Fort Honeison, shlloh, Chickasaw Bayon.
Arkansas Post, siese ot Vicksburg.
let Illinois Artlllcij. company E—Shiloh, siege of
Corintb. elvgc of Vicksburg: Jackson.
Ist Illinois Anil!cry. Company F—Siege of Ticks*
burg: Jackson.
Ist Illinois Artillery, Company H, Llent. DeOrafe—
Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post, siege of Vicksburg;
Ist Illinois Artillery, Company I—Shiloh, Bussell
House, t»lego of Ylckaonrg; Jackson.
By order of Major General U. &. Gbast-
T. S. Bowses, Assistant Adjutant General.
The roster of the held and staff of the 2d bri
gade, Sd division, 15th army corps, is as fallows:
Giles A. Smith, Brig. Gen. U. 6. Yols. Commanding
Ist brigade.
Joel B. Gore, Sure con I2ltb HI. InTy, Ben. Surgeon
let brigade.
. Gordon Lofland, Capt, and A- A. Gen. 17. S. Tola.,
A. A. Gen. Ist brigade.
William nilL Capu Blh Mo. YoL InTy, A. A.Znep.
Ora. :at brigade. y ** 1
hctfon I’iittvrson, Capt. Bth Mo. YoL InTy, A. D.
C. .si brigade.
r A‘J‘hl' are,jr..ißt Lleat. Blh Mo.VoL Infy, A. D.
C. Ist brlcade.
,„V» S O -. 11 Ist Lieut, and B. Q. M.ssth HL VoL
and A.A.Q.JL IK brigade.
Tlie -Death or Col. Palilgrcn Avenged*
SmSfS 6 ? MosnoE, Marti 12,-The steamer
iSltelS? 111 Bea , ufort - 10lh i has arrive! She
‘, !ic tJ. 6. steamer relorhoff.
All Is quiet at Ncwbern.
hss&z c i~“«o th a\fl^
Seventy prisoners wore- taken 7n,„ * uuca ’
25?o"tSS‘SS^^ffiu WMBmtni,wiu ' thi>
Gen. Grant’s Progress.
WwTf.tvwT.pm*, March 12.—Gen. Grant was a
passenger on this morning's eariytrain from Wash
ington. He changed cam at the Belay House, and
proceeded WceU
mmi mmi to retibh
Om- Picket Lines at Suffolk, Fa.
Driven in by a Large Force
of Rebels.
longstreet Reported Moving Into
Hortli Carolina—-His train
Gone to Richmond.
Colonel Dahlgren’s Death
Fearfully Avenged by our
Details of the Attack on the
ry of our Tnrops.
Fallandigbam Trying to Incite
Civil War in Ohio.
Another Hitch in the Exuhsnge oi
military Hatlcr.s-A New Call Expec
ted—Gen, Grant’s. .Policy.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Washington, March 12, Isot
. The rebels have returned only six hundred pris
oners for eight hundred sent from Point Lookout
by Gen. Butler. These numbers are in the exact
proportions which the Richmond Dispatch, in an
article sent yon in substance on Wednesday,
threatened would be adopted by the rebel Govern
ment. Gen. Butler will Immediately make another
The Navy Department has received intelligence
of the loss of the steamer Petorhoft by collision
with the Monticcllo, In a gale at night off Wilming
The Department declines to grant applications
for the release of rebel prisoners on taking the oath
of allegiance. It reserves them, however, for fur
ther consideration, prohibiting meantime the send
ing of such prisoners South. Forty or fifty appli
cations are made dally, and It Is not unlikely that
In a short time commissioners will be organized to
visit prisoners’ camps for the purpose of examin
ing and reporting upon the merits of each case.
Subscriptions for new long bonds will probably
not be opened for three or four weeks. The Secre
tary of the Treasury’s present intention is to nego
tiate the loan through those national banks which
have l>een designated depositories.
The question whether to compel National Banks
to redeem at a small discount in New York oral par
at various points, is still under discussion. Some
of the distant basks object to Comptroller McCul
loch's reconSbcntotion of the former coarse, and
from other quarters voices are raised against add
ire to the already great financial Importance of
Kew York.
Three hundred and thirteen national banks, with
an aggregate capital ofabout $&,00<>,000, have been
A general order from the War Department an
nounces that all stores turned over to officers of the
Quartermaster's Department by the U. S. Commis
sion for the relief of national freedmen, with the
approval ofthe immediate next military comman
der, who will satisfy himself that the stores are ne
cessary for the subsistence and comfort of the freed
men, will be received and transported as public
stores, consigned to Quartermasters at the post for
which they are destined, who will, after examina
tion and approval by the Post Commander or Pro
vost Marshal, tern them over to duly authorized
agents of the Commission for distribution to freod
fficn. Duly accredited agents and teachers of the
Commission, under Its orders, will be permitted to
take passage upon Government steamers and rail
road trains, but not at the expense of the United
WasncroTon, March 12.—There is no foundation
for the statement In regard to the arrival of Mr.
Dayton s eon with important despatches from
France in reference to projects of recognizing the
Southern Comcdcracy. Mo special bearer of dis
patches from Mr. Dayton has arrived here, nor i
fbert cny ground for the absurd rumors built on
the supposed tact,
The f (publican of this p at regrets to learn that
Gen, Meade has not sufficiently recovered from his
late attack of pneumonia to warrant his entering
upon another campaign with the Army of the P<£
tomac. Bis phyisidan advises him not to attempt
it, and there is little doubt he will yield to medi
cal advice, and retire fur a little time from active
Washdtotok, March IS.—TbePostoffice Depart
ment has just concluded contracts for mail service
in Nebraska, Washington, Idaho, and other fiir off
Territories. Among them is one providing that
from July Ist next, the mails shall bo carrtedthrice
from the Intersection of the overland mail route at
Balt Lake City, by way of Boise City and Auburn,
to ttoUaw&Ba In Washington Terrifomln ten days
In lien of sending them via Placcrville, Califonra
to Portland, Oregon. This saves twelve hundred
miles travel and ten days In the expedition of the
for Oregon. Washington Territory, and
Idaho. This important service Is let to Ben. Balll
day at $llO,O 0 per annum. The for the
newly discovered gold mines In Idaho, and Ban
nock City, are to be sent from Salt Lake City, and
the contract is awarded to Mr. E. S. Alford.
toe surpnsx akd death op coloksu dahloren
Colonel Dafakxen’s body servant, an intelligent
colored man. who in Washington, com
municates additional particulars of his master’s
With his command of about eighty men, he was
between ten and eleven o’clock in the evenin'*, rid
ing toward King and Queen’s Court House, on the
way to Yorktown, when a volley of some two hun
dred rifles in ambush brought them to a sudden
licit. A number fell; about half were taken pris
oners, and the remainder followed the orders of
their officers, to save themselves as they best
could. Cob Dablgren’s servant remained In the
vicinity till sunrise, when he found the Colonel’s
body lying by the roadside completely stripped,
and the finger on which bo wore a ring cat
off, but not otherwise mutilated. The servant
made his escape with the help of dares, whu fed
him and passed him from cabin to cabin in safety.
Tbcptoldhimjthat* Dahlgrcn's assassins were
citizens of tbe neighborhood. To the invitation to
escape, they replied that they would gladly do so,
but were nnwifllngto leave their families.
The ship canal bill, embracing the Illinois project
alone, was reported by Mr. Arnold, from the Com
niiuetfon Hoads and Canals to-day; but, on a point
of order, taken by Mr. Holman, it was referred to
the Committee of the Whole, on the ground that it
contained on appropriation. Ur. Arnold, however,
on the suggestion of the Speaker, kepttho floor and
reported another bill of the earns tenor, but with
he appropriation feature struck out. After the
points oitwder raised by Thad. Stevens and Mr,
Holman had been disposed of, and Messrs. Arnold
And Norton Lad made short speeches, the bill was
made the special order for Monday week. It is evi
dent. from the behavior ofboth sides to-dav, that
tbe fight will be as warm as last session. *
The negro pay hill, as passed by the Senate, give*
colored persons in the military service the same pay,
clothing, and other emoluments, except bounty, as
while trailers, from the Ist of January, ISM,
Wasithtctok, March *2.— Gen. Grant intends to
concentrate all our Western forces from the west*
ern boundary of Texas to the Mississippi camps, for
smashing blows this spring.
Another call win soon be issued for from 200,000
to SiW,OOO men.
Major Gen. Lew Wallace has arrived here, havin'*
been summoned by the Secretary of War. Report
assigns him to the command of the Middle Depart
ment, with headquarters at Baltimore.
rnAXK BLAin likelt to loose ms seat.
The career ofMr. Prank Blair is likely to be soon
nm. Intriguing for months before hand to be
made Speaker by the aid of the Democrats and the
disorganization of his party; aiding none bat the
enemies of the Administration since he came *
making war upon none but its friends and mem
bers, be has lost whatever influence and respect
be may have ever enjoyed among anv save his old
enemies. Of course the next step £s to unite his
fortunes wholly with theirs; and It is not probable
that he will have to wait long for on opportunity to
do it.
It will be remembered that Gen. Blair only got
his certificate of election by a pretended majority
of one hundred and fifty-three. The case is now
under examination before the Flection Committee.
The contestant, Mr. Knox—a quiet, gentlemanly
man, with n great deal of reserved force, aud mani
festly folly able to grapple with his antagonist—
proves his election by a majority of over two thou
sand. Gen. Blair’s rebutting testimony is con
fbsed and often contradictory; bat, admittingU
it only reduces Mr. Knox s majority to alioat
fifteen hundred! It is hard, therefore, to see bow
the case can have any but one result.
The Steamer €. E. Hillman Attacked
by Guerillas,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Caxbo, March 12,18W-
A detachment of CoL Hawkins’ 7th Tennessee
cavalry, now on scouting service, have lately suc
ceeded In capturing some twenty guerillas, along
withthcirmnster-rolls. Eleven of them were taken
yesterday in the vicinity of Union City.
Gen. Sherman has returned from Kew Orleans,
aud is now im Memphis.
1 have from reliable sources following partic
ulars of the late attack on the steamer C. E. Hill
man, The Hillman left fbr Memphis on the Sth,
having on board a number of returned officers and
soldiers, and fifty prisoners, under charge of a ser
geant arid aix men of the 123 d Hi., and a Urge num
ber of other passengers, stopped at IB, to
wood, but was toW by the citizens that better wood
could be obtained for less price at a landing across
.the chute oo the Missouri shore.
Tha steamer n& the chute, and suiting
fae(, commenced taking on faok Several soldiers
of the Wlb Illinois, and two of the guards, stepped
ashore, the guards carrying their guaa As one of
(be soldiers stepped behind a pile of wood, he woa
confronted by some fifteen gucnllaa, who asked
how many men were on the boat; to which he re
plied that be didn’t know. The guerillas told him
he was a liar, and one of them drawing a revolver,
shot him, the ball entering the palm of his band
aud coming out at (ho elbow. The soldier pretend
ing to be dead, foil upon the ground, where he re
mained until the guerillas were repulsed and fled
into the woods.
One of the guards hearing the firing, and seeing
the party approaching, fired his piece, bringing
down his man. Three guerillas then sprang aboard
the boat and attempted with' matches to set fire to
the hay upon deck, bnt being attacked, tho attempt
was frustrated. They then seized three of the &ith
Illinois, and taking them ashore, robbed them of
thoir money and port of their clothing, their com
rades upon shore keeping np a hot fire upon the
boat in the meantime. When the' firing commenc
ed the sergeants and "guards were in .the after
part of the boat, and - seizing their arms ran upon
boiler deck and opened upon the guerillas.' Three
of the scoundrels were seen to fall, probably killed,
and others wore wounded.. They finally abandoned
the fight and retreated up to the timber. During
the firing a deck hand seized an ‘ axe and cut the
line. Whilst doing this a guerilla took deliberate
aim at him bnt missed his mark. Before ho could
fire the second time the guerilla foil from a shot by
oue of the guards. The pilot stood at his wheel
bravely attempting to work his boat out in the
stream, but one of the prisoners cut the tiller
rope, when the pilot rushed down into the engine
room where with tlic help of a soldier ho seized the
tiller aud succeeded in getting the boat off the
shore. Daring the fight three soldiers who had
been taken prisoners eCected their escape, and by
swimming Buccccdcdin reaching the steamer. The
escape of the boat Is duo to . the bravery of the
guard, who stood their ground undauntedly against
double their numbers, well armed'with shot gnus ;
and revolvera. One Colonel on board hid himself
In a closet until after the danger was over, when he
wan as bravo as a lion. He will probable be court
Vailaudigliam Urging War in tUc
* North.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cincinnati, March 12,1861.
Yallandigham has written a letter of condolence
to the proprietors of the Dayton .Empire, whose
office was gutted recently. He says there is now
but one remedy for the past, and preventive of
future injuries, and that Is instant, summary and
ample reprisals upon the property of the -meu at
home, who by language and conduct are always in
citing to these outrages. Retaliation is tho only
and the rightful remedy In times like these. Re
prisals !u such cases are now the only means left
for a return to law and order.
Judge A. G, W. Carter’s libel suit against the
Commercial of this city for $20,000 for pnblishing.
a statement that he had accepted SI,OOO to with
draw from the Democratic ticket last spring to
make way for a more available man, has termina
ted; verdict, one cent damages.
The 89d Ohio lufantiy, 580 strong, arrived to-day
on their way home onfhrlongh. Thercglmentwas
In Sherman’s late expedition. Veterans are pour
tog back to the army with large accessions of re
. Columbus papers announce that Ohio has filled
her quotas under all calls.
Gen. Grant la due here to-night.
Hie Programme or the Indian Cam
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St, Paul, March 12.
The following will appear In the St. Paul papers
to-morrow morning:
BzADq’ns Depart scent of Minnesota, l
St. Paul, Mten., March 9th, IStfl.)
In consequence of the many applications made
to me for information with regard to the con
templated military operations In this dis
trict during the approaching season, and
the general interest manifested by the
people on the frontier to learn what dispositions
are to be made for their defence, I deem it to be
my duty to state what is proper to be made public
on this subject through the medium of the journals
in tble dry.
Tho programme fixed npon bv Hal. Gen. Pope
embraces three distinct objects:’ First. The chas
tisement and subjugation of tho bands ol sara're j
on boih sides of the Missouri River who continue
refractory and hostile.
• Second, The protection of the overland route to
Idaho by the establishment of strong military
tests within the Indian country, at convenient dis
Third, The security of the Minnesota and lowa
frontier against the hostile'raids. To effect the
firstpnrpoßC a powcrihl column of troops will take
the field as early as the season will permit, to seek
and attack the Indians who are reliably reported to
hare made a formidable combination to dispute the
passage of a force Into the country, and to at
tack steamers .bound for the Upper Missouri
river, and any overland expeditions enroufe for the
gold regions of Idaho. The points where military
posts arc to be established are not yet determined
upon with sufficient precision to enable me to
mention the precise location, but they will be se
lected with the double view or protecting the route
to Idaho aud of deterring tho savages from maldu"
a demonstration in force towards the white settle
moot*, should they be disposed to do so.
The tldnl object mentioned, that of guardin'* tho
frontier against potty raids, is to be accomplished
by the occupation by the troops of such stations
outside the line ol settlements as will serve to
check the pa*sagc of hostile parties so far as the
number of men that can be spared from field ope
rations will permit, and by the constant patrol of
strong parties of cavalry on • both sides of the
Minnesota River. Scouts will also be ported at
the most exposed points to give timely warning of
the approach of danger. It must bo remembered,
however, that hostilities exist between oar Gov
ernment and tbo Sioux bj;nds, and while they con
tinue, the settlers on the frontier should be pro
pared to co-operate in the destruction of any small
parties of savages, who, driven to despenuoa by
their present miserable state of destitution, may
chouse to incur the inevitable risks of an attempt
to penetrate within the lines for tbo porposes of
1 would respectfully suggest in this connection,
that the thousand baseless and exaggerated ru
mors always put in circulation by frightened peo
ple, should find no place in the public prints, as
they are prolific of Injury to the vast Interests of
the State. All information of a reliable character
will be immediately ami cheerfully forniahdd from
these headquarters, when of importance sufficient
to be communicated.
(Signed) H. H, Sibley,
Brigadier General Commanding.
the war in Virginia.
Onr Picket Line Attacked at Suffolk.
Norfolk March 12.— A speedal to the Herald
says; Yesterday afternoon our picket line, com
prised of tho 2d colored regiment, CoL Cole com
manding, near Suffolk, was attacked by a force of
the enemy, supported by four regiments of in
fantry, one regiment and a sqoadof cavalry, and
two full batteries. Our pickets 101 l back to Barnard’s
Mill, when other troops were sent to their assist
ance. Seeing tho strength of our supporting col
umns, the enemy did not continue his pursuit far
ther.’ While Col. Cole’s troops were tilling back
there were continual skirmishes. At some points onr
colored boys stood their ground manfully, and at
others they became panic' stricken. It is impossi
ble to give to give our exact lose. About one hun
dred are missing. One Captain and a Lieutenant
were killed. A squadron of the 90th cavalry under
.he command of Major Preston, started to find the
enemy, and found them In full force at Bamard'a
Mill, where they still ere, our troops face to face
with them. Our position is Impregnable
He Docs Not Want to I>c Governor of
St. Louie, March 12.—A prominent officer of the
army writes to a friend in Illinois that General
Logan is unwilling to become a candidate for Gov*
emor of that State, and earnestly hopes that the
loyal voters of Illinois will unite, without reference
to former party tics, upon a ticket made ap of un
conditional Unionists, who favor the prosecution
of the war to the final overthrow of treason and
rebellion. -
From Fortress Monroe.
Fobtbess Monroe, March 13.—The steamer
Montpelier arrived this afternoon, with tho block
ade running steamer Mary Ann In tow, captured
off Wilmington. The oyster schooner Jalia Baker
was burned by the rebels yesterday morning off
the Nansemond Hirer. Her captain and crew were
captured, with $20,000. The crew were asleep
when captured.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CiscnnrATr, March 12, i»>l.
Provisions— Mess Pork remains quiet, the demand
being quite light. New city was held at *22ao, and ss)
hrls sold at this figure; quotations for country range
from $23.00 to $22.< A according to quality and reputa
tion of the brand; old mess is held ont of the market,
and prices arc nominal; bulk shoulders are in good
request at 7Jf®SKc, hut }(& Xc higher Is asked, which
checked opera lions—sale of 75,000 Bft, averaging i;
Us, at PKc; sides unchanged and dull—the figures
asked arc [email protected])£e for rib; [email protected])£c for clear rib, and
!ojf©loKc for clear; hams are In demand at He, with
but few ou the market; bacon shoulders are held at
t*Hc hut meet with scarcely any Inquiry; plain hams,
canvassed and packed, arc held at l3Yc: the demand
fur sugar cured hams is good at for best city
brands; bams in sugar pickle are held at 12c on tho
spot. Lard unchanged and Quite firm; country and
city is held at [email protected]; a sale of 400 kegs city was
reported at UJfc, aid 200 trea gut at llXc delivered at
WniBKT—No price fixed to-day; holders ore con
tending for more than Ssc, which is the beet figure
Gboczcus—Very firm, at HXQICKc for hogshead
sugar; hard refined 19K019MC. Coffee SSX&HKc for
Rio. Molasses unchanged and firm.
Grain—Wheat dull, at *1.2*31.20 for red; [email protected]
for white. Corn doll at 80©S3c for ear. Oats quiet at
73c and in light demand. Bye In fair demand at *155.
Barley unchanged and in fair demand.
Flour—Unsettled, and in order to effect sales a
large decline would have to be accepted, which own
ers arc not disposed to agree to.
Milwaukee Markets.
[Special Dh-patch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Milwaukxe, March 12, 135 L
Flour—A shade easier*
Grain—Wheat more active at a decline of le per
bo. Sales 81,000 bu No 1 spring in store at EI.ISJL
fUSJ4OI.ISJf; 109,000 bn at *1.18; ifiVi bu No 2at
*IX9. Oala Ann. Sales bn del at Ole. Barley
firm. Bale* 200 bn prime del at |LSO: SSO bu good do
at *IXS.
Bums—Qul»t Balcsßdbugoodflaxaeedats3.7s. !
At the Kewhsll House this evening the market was
a shade lower,. Bales KWO bu No I wheat at *UUg
• (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.) T
WASODtoroK, March 13,1B&L
Gen. Grant will return from the West so soon as
be has completed necessary arrangements forthc
transfer of commands in that section. He will
not, however, remain In Washington, but will per
sonally supervise tho operations of alt tho armies
in the field. ...
Gen. McadowUl uot .be removed from the com
mand of the Potomac army.
Gee. Win. F. Smith,. who will be confirmed as
Major General of volunteers to-morrow, will be
Chief of Staff oithcr tb Meade or, as Is more likely,
to Gen. Grant.
It Is estimated at the War Department that the
number of new enlistments under tho call for five
hundred, thousand mec, in all the States, • np to the
first of April, will foibt up two hundred thousand
men. A draft will certainly bo required to fill tho
quotas of Kentucky,. Pennsylvania, New Jersey
and Maryland. The War Department contemplates
a further call for two hundred thousand men.
.Uwill bave.bcen noticed that inthc discussion
on tho gold bill recently, Secretary Chase has not
been appealed totalis support. The fact Is that
on the 20th of last month he wrote a letter to tho
Committee of Ways opd Means, In which while ad
mitting that the proposed provision for enabling
him to sell tho surplus gold might he a temporary
check on speculation, he said the only permanent
remedies were lo be found in more rigid economy,
and incrcasodftaxation. Comptroller McCulloch is
known to entertain u similar opinion.
Findings of the court of inquiry in the case of
Gen. McCook Is that bo did his whole duty in bat
tle in Cblckamanga proper, but committed a mis
take, arising net personal
safety, bpt from an error of judgment, by going
into Chattanooga.
; The finding includes a reason of Gen. Rosecrans
for preceding Gen. McCook in the same direction.
The' Court finds Gen. Crittenden free from all
blame as lo bis conduct in battle, and justifies his
going on to Chattanooga, on the gronnd that all
bis command had been transferred to other Gene
rals in the course of action,.and that consequently
he did nothing hut bis duty in reporting to Gen.
Rosecrans in perton. Both Gens. McCook and
Crittenden have been ordered to report for dntv to
lhe Adjutant General, and expect to Reassigned
to commands.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, March 13, 1331.
Recent Investigation iu' the New York aud
Washington Navy Yards, set on foot by the Secre
tary of tho Navy, baa resulted inthe arrest of three
culprits here, and.discovering heavy frauds perpe
trated by sundry officials in New York.
Tho President has approved the appointment by
Gen. Thomas of Mgjor Mendenhall, of the regular
artillery, as Inspector. General of Artillery of the
Army of tho Cumberland.
General MUroy indorses the respectability and
credibility of Mr. F, Waltfron, who communicated
to the War Deportment the intelligence of the In
terview between Gene: Leo and McClellan. Mr.
Waldron will have an opportunity of telling tho
War Committee all he knows about the alleged in
terview. His statement to Mr. Stanton Is under
stood to have been specific and positive that Lee
during their conversation, told McClellan that his
army (the rebel) was then retreating across tho Po
tomac. Waldron was in custody at the Capitol
this morning.
Washington, March 13.—The Indian Bureau is
taking preliminary measures for the return of the
Indian refugees in Kansas, about £OO in number, to
their own country from which they were driven bv
secession hostilities, but the removal will not be
immediately effected. .
It Is said in military quarters that General Grant
will return here in the course of the next two
The United Slates- Supreme Court will, durin
the coming week, bo engaged in hearing the follow
ing named cases:
The V, 8. Appellants va. Voscdeleascs
' ?l ,e e?9i the District Court of California.
p'P- 1 Co. Jones. Wallingford & Co., appelanle. vs.
Livingston, Copeland & Co„ from the 0. S Circuit
Court ofWcstern county. Pa.
No. 186. The U. 8. appellant vs. J. S. Folsom’s
executions from the District Court of Northern Cal
ifomia, JU9 Santiago.
Washington. March 12,—C01. Sanderson. Jnst
releasee from Libby Prison, states that the num
ber of deaths among onr prisoners on Belle Isle
has been exaggerated. The total number from
June 1 to February l, was 116. The prisoners
have suffered severely during the winter months,
and their rations have bcoatesuffldent and poor?
bntnot so much as to lead to starvation.
Tho Military Commission has returned from a
tonr pf examination of onr Northern and Western
hospitals. As tho result of-their investigations
several thousand soldiers fit for duty have been re
turned to their regiments.
The Commission Is to visit the hospitals in the
I, l understood that the Committee on Wavs
and Menus propose to Increase the tax on manu
factured tobacco GO per cent,
Reports have reached here that the rebels are
preparing another piratical expedition from some
oi the small Inlets in the Chesapeake Bay
The uimost vigilance is required of the gunboats,
and It is believed that the next party trying the
experiment cannot fail of railing into our hands.
Donnelly, a notorious guerilla of Loudon coun
ty, Virginia, has been arrested and sent to the Old
Capitol ITjsod.
Of 1771 applications, TSt have been selected for
commissions In negro regiments, by the Casey ilk
muining Board.
Lieut. Gen. Grant before be left on Friday receiv
ed a letter written In behalf of a large number of
the loyal citizens of New York, wlio desired to
evince their appreciation of the signal services he
had rendered to tho country in a brilliant series of
successes in arms, respectfully soliciting tho favor
or his presence as their guest at some period dnrla"
bin stay in the East.
. The letter was signed by fifty of the most prom
inent citizens of New York.
In reply Gen, Grant says that while being highly
appreciative of the kind tender of the hospitiiuLs
or the city, he will not bo able to accept ofthca.
, duties,” ho adds, “ call mo immediately to
the >V cet, for which 1 start by the most expeditious
route this evening. For that part of your letter
complimentary to myself, accept my sincere thanks
and receive my assurance that all in my power will
bo done, that your expectations may be realized.
Ibe men and money you patriotically offer forthe
war, are ail that will be required to Insure its
termination. In the reestablishment of the
whole union stronger than it has ever been,”
Washington, March 12.—Tho House Military
Committee to-morrow will finish the bill, for some
time under consideration, Increasing the pay of
non-commissioned officers and privates—lncreas
ing the pay of privates to $lB per month: corpo
nus, S2O; sergeants, $22, and orderly sergeants.
The War Committee has taken measures to com
pel the attendance and testimony of everybody
about Antictam likely to know of tho interview, if
it took place.
It appears from official documents in the State
Department that during the year cndln" with De
cember nearly 200,000 foreign Immigrants arrived In
the United Slates. Of these, landed In Maine.
2 In New Hampshire, o,oio in Massachusetts, 46 la
Rhode Island, nearly 178,000 in New York, 115 in
New Jersey, H.CS3 In Pennsylvania, 1,176 in Mary
land, 140 in Florida, 7,iCO in California, and 480 in
A dispatch to the JTorW says that a council of
war was held yesterday. In which not only the
President, Gen. Gram, Gen. Ualleck, and most of
tho Cabinet participated, but alljthe military talent
in which the Administration has confidence was
called in. The basis of tho case submitted for con
sideration was. that the several February expedi
tions had nearly all miscarried, and the country
was becoming alarmed and dissatisfied. I have it
from a source that I consider trustworthy, that
alter the ground had been gone oyer, Oea. Grant
was called upon for his views, and that he promptly
responded in flavor of tho capture of Richmond as
the first step in the campaign; and I feci quite sure
that orders will instantly go forward to bring the
Eleventh and Twelfth Corps from Chattanoo-u
and tho Sixteenth and Seventeenth Corps from
the Mississippi River to Virginia. All tho
troops that can be spared from other points will,
according to the statement which reached me, be
h: cot pointed with the Army of the Potomac, and
Gen. Banks will bo reinforced with negro troops,
but nothing more; and it is expected that with the
aid of the ilect ho will be able to take Mobile. The
great balk of the while troops will be concentrated
fn Virginia, and it Is believed 250,000 men can be
brought against Richmond at an earlv dav, Gen.
Grant, I understand, protests against* any farther
attempts to penetrate the Confederacy until Rich
mond shall have been taken. Be disagrees with
Halleck, and places tho highest straterical value
upon the rebel capital, declaring that Cincinnati as
well as Washington is threatened by it. Who will
command and what will be the route taken in this
new “On to Richmond” my Informant docs not
sta?e: probably no conclusion has been reached.
I think it probable, however, that Gen. Grant will
command tho main column himself, wi th Sherman,
McPherson, Meade, and Hooker as Ids chief sub
Ulattor* and movements on tlie 31Lv>
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Caibo, March 13,1881
The steamer City of Alton, Cap! Golvcrt. Clerk
Stanley Ryland, has brought Memphis dates ofaf
tcrnoonllth. From Mr. Ryland I have the fol
The steamer Welcome just In from New Orleans
brought no news. All is quiet along the river.
She was not fired into on the trip, and brought
a light freight, about 100 passengers, and the 33d
regiment of Illinois veterans nnder command of
Col. Ritter. They have re-enlisted and arc ea route
for home. -They arc tho best set of fellows over
seen on the boat/and particularly noted for their
neatness and cleanliness.
A Federal scout of about 50 was on Island Is.
The crews of tho Hillman. disaster aud gunboat
No. 7 were at Cnrathersville.
The desperadoes who attacked the Hillman were
led by Bowlin, and bad commuted many outrages
back in the country about Ipayose and Island
No. 18. •
Gen. Sbennap was in Memphis yesterday. Gen.
Fisk, of St. Louis, and part of his staff camo up
on the City of Alton from Madrid en route for
The steamer White Squall, an Alton boat was
captured by guerillas on Saturday last, ou the
Mississippi near Loring’s Point, and destroyed
with what cotton was on board.
. A person whose name has not been learned, re
ceived a dangerous wound-in the afiray. Tho
steamer Arago opportunely coming up, rescued
the crew from the bands of the guerillas and con
veyed them to Harlem.
. Tbs band which committed the outrage la said to
be composed of outlaws-from-both armies, who
have Lecn soma time past committing various dep
redations ondUxeca In the vicinity. ...
. it (s understood that all tiftda on thatilde of the
river has been stopped for the present by order of
Gen. Buford.
Tho editor of the BvU<tin learns from a gentle
man who just arrived from below, and who L folly
cognizant of tho facte, that on the 6th Porter’s fleet
captured the enemy’s guns and ammunition at
Trinity on Ouachita over.
The rebel forces in Harrisonburg were driven out.
Interesting important news willprobably be receiv
ed from that quarter.-
Gen. Buck!and published an important order rel
ative to tho militia in Memphis. It provides upon
all' Occasions when regiments ore enrolled, the mi
litia on duty will review or parade, at which time
business in the city shall be suspended and hurt
nesa houses closed. This order applies to Tuesday
and Saturday parades, upon which days business
will closest 5 p. m.
The provost guards arc instructed lo see to the
enforcement of this order.
. Reports came up to-day by officers from Vicks
burg, that tho 11th Ills, and Bth La. A. D., under
command of Col. Coates, had been attacked at Va.
; zoo City, on the 6th Inst., by three brigades of reb
els, and the whole command was slaughtered or
captured, except four men of the 11 tin who escaped
by swimming tho river at Yazoo City and arrived
at Vicksburg on the Oth. The probabilities are
that the matter has been greatly exaggerated.
Nothing later has been heard of the regiments
Bclcasc or major White of PcojistL
vanla oy tlio Uebels.
HAnmancno Thursday. March 10.—A private dis
patch to the Clerk of the Senate announces that
Major Harry White, late State Senator, whose ab
f-enccmadc a lock in-our Senate, is on hla way
from Fortress Monroe to Baltimore. When read to
the Senate, there wore decided demonstrations of
gratification, especially on tho Democratic side.
Republicans told them distinctly their demonstra
tions were hypocritical. Major White Is released
os soon as Mr. St. Clair is elected. The Copper
heads make nothing by his detention. Comment
la useless.
Matters la Gen. Bank’s Command.
Washdccton, March 13.—Gen. Sherman arrived
at New Orleans on the 2d on the gunboat Diana.
His late expedition is called by himself a
m *“* sS®** ® o1 wlUch bcrcachcd a point tenrailes
tast of Meridian without any opposition worthy of
thei name, and returned with l,no mules, u,ooo con
tiatoud*, 500 prisoners, and a large amount of sup-
T^° &porl3 orc ni P id, r l,rln sbJ3 troops back from
Gov. Hahn was inaugurated on the 4th with Im
potiag ceremonies. Gen. Banks delivered an ad
dress, In Which he predicts the reduction of the
insurrection io three or four Stales on the Atlan
tic coDbt by this season’s campaign.
Gen. Banks eald let us remember that the Inau
guration we celebrate, has the basis of a country
lur we have achieved deeds of a century la tho past
two years, and so long as the people are faithful
and true lo themselves, so long will stand Louisi
ana, the first State returning m which every man
is a frccomim
‘ * en. Hrhn’s Inatumral address regards slavery
as the cause of the present unholy attempt tobreak
up the Government, and its universal and immedi
ate exliuctiou cs a public and private blessing.
Fi om every light before me, he says, I am con
strained to balieve that the cause of tho rebellion
m in its extremity, and it seems to mo not extrava
gant to look upon this year as the final one of the
most senseless, causeless, and most murderous re
bellion that ever occurred iu a civilized nation.
The loyal men of Louisiana have suffered much
and deeply, hut with tho blessing of God upon onr
exertions, all wifi be soon right again, and peace,
happiness, and prosperity will smile upon onr
threehbolds as of old.
Gen. Beauregard's wife died on the Sd, and the
loncral on the itb was tho largest over seen in New
Orleans. Over 8,000 persons attended.
The cortege was over one mile in length. Gen.
Banks kindly extended to the family the steamer
Nebraska to convey the remains a few miles up the
river to her lather’s plantation. The body was fol
lowed to the levee by thousands of ladies who
wished to take o last farewell of one who was loved
and esteemed by all.
The Natchez Courier, of tho 4th test,, reports
heavy firing on the Onchita river, near Harrison
burg, on Tuesday and Wednesday.
A magnificent service of sliver bad been present
ed to Gen Shelby by friends in New Orleans. Gen.
’Butterfield was m New Orleans on the 2nd, and
was to return to Vicksburg on the £d.
The papers contain no news from Forragut.
Blotter* in Gen. Tltomn*’ Command.
Chattanooga. March 12.—Nothing important
from the Iront. To-night the rebelssent in a flag
of trace on Important tmstecss. Its intention was
to get the location of our advanced posts at Ring
gold. The flag was stopped at outposts, and the
ecnemo foiled. A heavy column of infantry la re
ported moving up toward Ringgold, but it is really
nothing more than escort to a body of refugees
peeking tho Federal lines.
Boats from Knoxville report the rebels quiet
along the river. The rebel deserters average 20 per
day this month. The oath Is administered at th?
city prison tolly at 7 o’clock, and all deserters sent
to the rear.
Gen. Stedman, commanding post, is Issuings.ooo
rations daily,'to citizens who come from the dis
tance of 20 miles. All unemployed or enlisted con
trabands are to be shipped nonn on Monday.
As evidence of reconstruction the Masonic Lod<re
at Chattanooga was revived and has commenced
Col. Mib&lottzL 2Sth HL, wounded at Buzzard’s
Boost, died in the hospital last night.
Loutsvu.) x, March 13.—An armv officer leaving
Chattanooga yesterday noon reports all quiet there,
and also ao far as heard from at Knoxville.
Cov. Bramlettc on State Right*.
FiuiiwoßT, Ky., March 13.—1t -is understood
that Gov. Bramlettc has addressed an earnest re
monstrance to tho President respecting the enroll
ment and cnlittmcnt oi slaves in Kentucky, and
has notified the President that ho will execute the
laws of Kentucky against all who attempt ts take
slaves from their owners without their consent.
Do cLims that Kentucky has furnished more
than :.0,C , .«0 of her eons to defend tho Government,
and is willing to furnish still more, all that is al
lotted to her; hfsproven her loyalty and must be
treated as such, and her laws constitutionally pro
vided must be roc-peeled.
From Fort Royal.
York, March 13.—The steamer transport
i chon, from Port Royal on tho 10th, arrived to
night. Among her passengers Is Brigadier General
•LV .Turner, bearer of official dispatches to the
War Department.
Captain Kctchum, of Iho Island City, captured
two largo torpedoes near the mouth of St. John’s
piver, mldemly made for the destrbetion of on
blockading squadron.
Affaire at Jacksonville remain quiet and on
Tbciunali pox is very prevalent at Port Royal
and Beaufort. It is mostly confined to colored
troops. .
From Louisville.
Louisville, Ky., March !2.—Gen. Burhridge has
ordered tho arrest of Col. Frank Walford for dis
loyal sentiments uttered in a speech at a sword
pjesentation to him at Lexington on Thursday.
Brig. Gen, Ewing, brother-in-law of Maj.
Sherman, has been ordered to this city, probably
to supersede Gen. Bnrbrldgc, in command of the
Federal forces In Kentucky.
Strike at jXcw York.
New York, March 18,—Over 400 of the work
men employed on forts Tompkins and Hamilton
have struck, and work Is suspended.
New York, March 13.—The steamer Mornin**
Star from New Orleans 6th, via Havana 3th, baa
arrived. She brings 1200 bales of cotton.
From St. Lonis.
Sr. Louis, March 13,1S84.—The 4th lowa caval
ry, veterans, recently with Sherman’s expedition
a; rived en rovte home.
Two full Missouri regiments, colored troops,
went South yesterday.
General _Sigcl*s Assumption of
Itis new Command,
Wheeluw, March 10,1BC1.—Major General Steel
arrived hero this momlntr. Ho has assumed com
mand of the Department of Western Virginia.-
His headquarters arc at Cumberland, Md.
Xlic War in. Virginia.
Washington, March 13.—A Norfolk letter of
the 11th confirms the expulsion of the rebels from
Suffolk, and our occupation of the place on tho
10th. This Is later than the reported repulse of onr
troops, which occurred on the Oth.
Washikctok, March 11,1803.
The Senate proceeded to consider tho amend
ment of Mr. SHERMAN, (Un, Ohio), to the reso
lution of the House authorizing the Secretary of
the Treasury to anticipate the payment of interest
on tho public debt, as follows:
And he is hereby authorized to dispose of any
gold in the treasury of the United States not nec
essary for the payment of Interest on the public
Mr. SHERMAN eald there is now gold In the
Treasury to the amount of $19,670,479, over and
above all debts and standing accounts. At tho av
erage rate of receipts of late it will receive be
tween now and the first of Jtdv, $22,072,-
175. To meet dues and interest "up to that
time will require $20,819.71)0, or thereabout.
This will leave in the Treasury at that date the
sum of over $21,100,000. As already said, the Trea
sury now has about $19,700,000 In gold ou hand,
and Is receiving more every day. The New York
banks have on hand at the present time about >21,-
175,000 In gold. It will be seen that of gold in the
country at this time about $40,800,(00 arc hoarded
or withdrawn from the market with the prospect
that this amount will be increased by the Ist of
July. Heargued that tho surplus-in Inc Treasury
should be thrown upon the market, and the effect
of such action would he to prevent speculation In
gold and lessen the margin between gold and pa
per. The only objection to this measure
seemed to bo that it placed a vast power
In the hands of the Secretary of the Treasury
It was a necessity in these extraordinary times
that be should bo clothed with vast powers. The
b!U, as proposed to bo amended, would enable him
to hold a rod over the speculators in New York
and elsewhere. He thought the hoarding of gold
was like a man hiding his cast off garments. b lie
thought we bad better leave the Secretary of the
Treasury free to enter the market In possession of
this largo amount of gold as against speculation at
any time when our bonds became depredated.
After further debate and opposition from HEN
DRICKS, Copperhead, of Indiana, and other Cop
perheads, the bill passed, ayes a», noca 8, and on
the receipt of the news in New York there was
great consternation among the gold gamblers, and
gold fell 5 per cent immediately.
Mr. JOHN LAW (Dcm„ Ind.) reported a bill
from the Committee on Revolutionary Pensions,
Giving to the Revolutionary pensioners each one
hundred dollars annually, to commence ou the first
davof Jannarylast, and to continue during their
natural live?, in addition to the pensions to 9 which
they arc entitle d nnder former acts of Conercaa..
Ur. FARNSW ORTH (Um, Hi.) wished io know
how many Revolutionary pensioners there wore.
r Mr. LAW replied only 12, the youngest 03. the
oldest 106 years of age. It was not • probable that
these pendens would continue more than two
years. r ’ ■*■ v> • » >, •
. Mr. BTKYBNB (TJn, v Pa.) asked whether the ad-
ditlonal pensions would he continued to the wid
ows of If '*?'» ncvHnrcr*. iL-jTV'hter.l
Mr. LAW replied in the negative,
itr, STEVhetd humorously gave as a reason for
asking tho question thattho widows might marry
in a year. fLacshtcr.]
Mr. MALLORY (Border State, Kentucky.) wish
ca to know whether the gentleman intended to
marry one of these widows.
Mr. STEVENS said he would take warning from
tho experience of married men around him.
[Korx.—lt may here b® remarked that Mr. Ste
vens is a bachelor.]
. The hill was unanimously passed.
The House passed the Senate bill placing the
name of JohnL. Borns, of Pennsylvania, oh the
pension rolls for patriotic services in the battle of
Gettysburg, where be was wounded on the Ist of
July, 1853, from which time the pension com
New York Markct--9larch 12.
Cotton—Heavy and a shade firmer, at Tic for Mid
dling uplands: \ic Low do.
Flottii—Dali nod 5c lower: for Extra
State; ‘[email protected] fop Extra Ropad Hoop Ohio;
8-0 for Trade Brands, closing quiet.
Wmsxv—Opened doll and closed firmer aad more
active ats®9oc for State; [email protected] for Western, the Ut
ter an extreme price.
Groin—Wheat dull, sad 1c lower: Sl.GSQtAlfor
Chicago spring and Milwaukee Club; 51.6aa1,71 for
winter red western. Corn heavv and declining
-sLSl*£ regular way, and 81-S3 cash for shipping mix
ed Western in store. Oats quiet and scarcely B o firm,
at WgSlc lor Western. J *
Wool—Quiet and steady.
PantOLPTO—Quiet; crude CIXO3K; refined la
coses do for shipment lie; refined
dull and prices without material
change. Beef very active and firmer at #6JXka7J» for
country prime; [email protected] for repacked mess; S1&50
»17.00 for extra mess. Prime mess heel active and
firnjcr: sales IfflO tierces at 525JD03L6.00. Bacon sides
anil. Lard dull ana heavy at [email protected]—latter an ex
treme price.
New York Money Market.—March 12.
Money flrmerandver*active at [email protected]
Blerilug lower ami dull at [email protected]
Gold dull and lower, openinrat 4i, dcclminz to HIM
|lo»hJk dnll at 61Y- Total exports of specie to-dsy,
Government stocks heavy and lower. XT. cou
pons H2K. coupons l‘,[email protected]>f Tl.i)j7Uo, U2.
New York Slock Murker.—March IS.
. Stocks—Lower. U. 8* 1 per cent 99k : Mo. fa 73V •
Pac. Mall 231; Krle 123 V; Hudson 1 19 V t Erie nfd I -JV;
HarlllBK: ReadlnxHSV: M.C. UIK: M.s.ioi ; iu
ten. scrip ISCV ; C 75; p. 119; Tol. & Wal. 62; Gilena
■left ; Tol. J18V; If. 1.121; M. & K. D. C. 72: Ft. W.
W.6t); since board gold quoted at 15i?4d
Iu Sandwich, 111., on the lilh Kcv. J. Hart
inau.Mr.DLNCAX lICiiONALD,of iht- Army of the
GnmteHaDd, nnn Ml* LYDIA A. Fl£H£B, of Sand
uicn. in.
X> 1 £2 £> «
In this city, on the 12th Inst., of diptherln, EDWARD
j--Cit’ATLt>, aged it years aud 5 months, sun of if. P. &
C.E. Coaler.
jjr* Qnlncy ami Philadelphia papers please copv.
In Uihj city, on Sunday, the inth
of tho bowels. JOHN AMHL'ItST, sonof George W.
and Ji. 3lary lhnnipson,Bgetl three months.
Funeral on Monday, at 2 o’clock p.m., at the resi
dence of ilr. Thompson, on Twenty-second street.
•‘■e lltlidar Q( March, Mrs. SUSAX
K. FOKhiUM, aged 62year?.
, C2r" New York and WiliLunabargh, L. L, papers
please copy. 1 y
county. the I2t?i of August.
1«3, of Typhoid Fever, JOHN D. L. TXIEGO.ki the
24th year of ids age, only son of William and Emma P.
Treco, of Baltimore.
The afflicted parent* and relath es have to mourn the
iincxpccteddDiiibc of one so young and full oi prom
ise, nidtlng in his character the virtues of a dutiful son
and affectionate brother—lda habits strictly moral and
exemplary', and blessed with a happy disposition that
won the cJLQdence and attachment of numerous
“lends. His comrades In the Confederate service. In
which ho was wounded, testily to his noble qualities
imd lament their separation from one to whom they
were re ardently attached. For their lost one, tho
stricken parents most bow In humble snbmLwlon to the
decree oi an all wise and inscrutable Providence, and
assuaze their grief in tho blessed assurance that he ha*
pa-fcdtoa better world, and prepare to be untied
with him In n blUefnl immortality. k. •
Philadelphia and 'Wilmington,Del, papers copy.
Itfrto abbertisraents.
can bear of a situation bv applying between 2
and 10 o'clock a. m. to Dr. ILL.RBA, us South Clark
utrcct, room IQ. German or Scotch preferred.
■—S vcraeUenangcd in the resisting trade are rcqncst-
J&tecct at Lind'ri Block at 7 o’clock MONDAY
EVENING, MARCH 11, to consult on matter? of bn«l
Young ladies* seminary.
Lake Forest, 111. The Summer Term of tbls in
itltotion will commence on TH CIiSDAY, the 21st day
»f APRIL nest. Circulars and aur desirable Informa
ion will be received on application to Ciotmdcndzncd.
V sell a good new two stored
house, with barn, &c., and lot nicely fenced, situated
on the North aide, tea good neighborhood, for
Pos-seralon May Ist, next. Apply to SAMUEL OKHR,
Ut Dcan>om street. mhia-aliJWtnct
, Y T. first class Wabash avenue roMcnccsailsO vacant
to. Hxico icct near Monroe. Business and residence
in Ibe three Divisions for sale by WALKER
* l*®*! iiotate Brokers, SO mv-biogton st,
■EMPLOYMENT.—810.00. From
J_J one to ten dollars per week mav be made
by those who wish honorable employment nt
Uoiuc or abroad, without interfering mncbwltu other
huelncys. lor particulars enclose, with stamp, one
collar in greenback* or portal currency. No capital
needed. P. Y. KOFK, Scnaca Falls, X. i.
"j%£’ASONlC.—There will be a Kc"-
J.VJL nlsr Convocation of Laftyettc Chapter No.
ir.A. .M.. at Masonic Temple this (MONDAY) even
ing, March !4tb, ISO, at TJ< o’clock,
mhl fraSlQ It ItOBT. ALEXANDER, Secretary.
members ol
-Lf-i Cleveland Lodge. No. 511, A.,F.*A.M..are
hereby notified to uttenJ the funeral of onr late
Brother. John Haskkll, of Androiaa Lodge. No S2J.
reotland,from Cleveland Lodge Room. 80 West Ran!
dolph street, on Monday, March 1 1th, at 2 o’clock n. m.
?ut’mbf:ra of the Fraternity generally are particularly
Invited to ntteart. The remains wilt be token to Rose
hill C cmclcry. Per order,
tahM-istp-n WM. HDIROD, Jr., See’y P. T.
-L 3,CCO bushels choice
Selected & Screened Seed
For Sowing purposes. E. W. BLATCIIFOF.D
.. „ Chicago Lead aud OU Works.
rnhS-vTa-Sm-wrasi-net v
Booms Itos. 4 and £ Jlctliicllst Clinrtli Blotk,
P.0.80x 2338. CHICAGO, HI.
. C &?, c Ej£P rM — 88 - K - F - C °O KE , - O. ra. DB.C.
A.W njJDK, 8 to 9 a. m., 12 to 2 p. ra., 7 to S p. in.
Dr. Cooke’s residence—Richmond House. Dr. Wil
bur’s residence—at office.
N. D,—Attention is directed to the above change In
Dr. Cooke s office hours, in accordance with previous
notice. mhlt-ajjQ-it
ebiI? MML COMPASr -- Ca P IW1 * 96.
H. Tl.Maqiz, C.B.HOSXEB, P. L. Tor.
TBOB. CnuncH, Nxlsos Tuttle, FbtzbPaob.
l. t.r.Fnxnu, j.v.Pabwell, sol. a. Smith
. . . 11-H. MAGIB, President.
LA. WILLARD. Gen. Agt. C.N. HOLDEN, Sec*?.
All profits divided vith policyholders. Tblslsths
only loc»1 Life Company la onr Stats, and is well
Eatromzcd by oor citizens who wish to Insure their
vet. office, northwest corner of Lake aud Clark
streets. jaIPoHM-am itewnetat
Designated Depository of the United States,
This Bank U authorized by the Treasurer of the
United States to receive subscriptions for the
Two-Tear Fire per cent .Legal Tender Totes.
Interest will commence from date of Deposit.
„ _ BDW. I. TINKuAM.
~ , Caihler and Designated Depositary.
mhl-v€2o-lra Tc-THisu net
S. F. WHITE, Agent,
Wholesale Dealer In
Clothing and Gentlemen’s Furnishing
4S and 50 Wabash Avenue, np-stalrs,
Between Lake and Kaniolpb-sts., Chicago.
fc23-vILG-lw TUAMnet
'JVAE! TAR! !—Best quality ol
117 Ktnzlc street. Chicago.
Will positively close In TES DIIS,
When we shall open the LARGEST STOCK OF FINE
in a retail store In Chicago.
116 and 118 Randolph Street.
inhU-aJJJ-otcct *
20,000 Bundles
Best Violin and Guitar Strings
Will be sold at the very lowest importation rates.
99 South Clark street, Chicago.
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In Musical lojtrum’ts.
T f tho City of Chicago, respectfully request a
meeting of the WHOLESALE GROCERS of the city
to be held lu the rooms ol the Mercantile Association.
On Monday Evening, March lith,
AT 7J< O'CLOCK. As matter* of Importance to the
Grocery Interest will be presented to tic meeting,
every in the city is requested to be
Day, Allen & Co* 9*5?* °' fc
smith Brothers,
Williams. Smith & Co., C. H. Beckwith,
G. & C. W. Church, Bovnton & Smith,
Kcilocg A CovelL J- B. Briggs.
Sborea. Tstoa * Co., Dnrand Bros. * Powers.
Ladd. Wiliams* Young, Willard it Child,
Taylor AWrleht, Cllinan.Gsmnls&FarwcU,
George W. King * Co., Gould* Bro.,
Mcaif* Johnson. Bellamy. Jacobs * Co„
Wm. Clarke & Co , Steams & Forsyth.
G. C. Cook * Co.. Pollard * Doauo.
Battertee, Wells & Faulk- Durand & Hyde,
ncr, . . Sayer, Gilmore* Co..
SBisigssrb, sfeassfas*-
Loomis A Whitaker. P, A, Hawes,
Gtoo.W'FUndenftCq* ■ nUUtB-li
Neto atibertiscnxcuts.
Young men’s association
Election March Wih, UKM.
“Opposition to nothing bat » dead lethargy la the
affaire of the Association.*’— Mr. C/tiUenilen's letter
of Acceptance.
tor PTK3T vies ricaioErp:
Of U. W. ZQnsdole 4 Co.
Of Knox 4 Reed.
John nonusD inoarsox,
Of Thompson 4 Bishop. 0
tos nxcocDiNQ sxouztabt:
Caahlor Tremont Boom.
TOB tcraburbr:
Cashier Third National Bank.
tor xamaorm:
Of Bowen Brothers.
Of Farwcll, Field 4 Co.
Of Chicago Tribune.
Superintendent C. & M. 8.8. Co.
Of Lewis. Page 4 Co.
Of UorryNelsonA Co.
Of J.H.Wicker t Co.
Have removed from No. 23 to their Elegant, New
and Spacious
Kos. 10,12 and 14 Lake streei
Where they have now ready tor
Mach the Largest. Handsomest, Beat Assorted, and
Cheapest Stock of
CTmbrella*, Parasols, Canada Hats.
Palm Lear Hats, Shaker Hood's,
Ladle*’, missc*’, and Chil
dren’* Hats, «fcc.,
Bought before the recent advance, and will be of
fered to ail buyers at LOW PRICES.
MERCHANTS from all parts of the West will find
it much to their advantage to examine an EXTEN
making their purchases.
ORDERS shall receive special and prompt at.
fa2d>vs4s-cotnct n-tvax
ilso 5-20 BONDS BfliM&Soli
Purchased on 5-20 Bonds at a
Large Premium■.. .
33 Clark, comer or Lake street.
>p EEXMENT SECURITIES, Bought and 3old at
Regular Stock Exchange, N. Y.,
Cor. Clark and toko street.
Securities Carried, on 3£argins.
mhit-aSSlor&w net
Of every grade and variety,
to the mx
Advance in Cold,
which he is selling
No. 30 South Water Street,
mhl La-lIT-Gt MTvicW
Cash buyers will find Good Bargains
The best cf Workmen sent to any part of tha
city on short notice.
E. C. L. FAXO?J,
70 lake' street.
The best assortment of
la the city.
Steam Cured, Free from Smell,
mhlSn isi-net
Dickerson, Sturges & Co.,
199 & 201 Randolph Street.
AWNINGS. —We have a fine and
large assortment of
Plain and Fasti Cotton and Linen Doth,
Awnings and Window Screens
For dwellings and stores, and wUI maSe and out no
twnlngs ou short notice.
?hip Chandlers and Sail ilakeca, aos and 207 So. Water
street. mbS-aia-'iU x w&met
(Snccouors to Butler ft Bunt,}
lilqnufactturcrs and "Whole^alQ
48 State Street , Chicago,
las-tlsa T-MAW Pet
TaTOES.—D. Goodrich & Co. hare on condign-
1000 bubolf of Potatoes)
DUTerent varieties. for ule. Orders from tbs county
promptly attended W* mhl2-a3HCtnot
:>» b M
•*-»T J*:,
■;%B'OS'S\ Sc VO STB,I^
’JV- ; ssw_ Bnw£ •’ : ';'
With an entire NEW STOCK of the CBoiOBT
A> D MOST ni*IRAULEGOOI>a ever bclort teoocbl
to this market. , , ... . .-
Wc world call theatlcrUlorf of oar old paJrorMiand
the public general} y, to oar LLEUAST AdSOßTiflDr
of the follo wing goods: . . * T _
Clan Tartan lustre Grenadines ' 1 ,: v
Clan Tartan Poplins, Lustres anSXg^
Clan Tartan Moaambiqnes, " '
Brocade, Inatrea, Poplins and Kohain
Ulmninated Poplins, Lnstrea and Mo
Bich Choice Slxades, Lustres, Mohair*
and Poplina,
Choice colored Grenadines in Worsted
Silk and lisle.
Plain, Plaid and Figured Poplina aad
Black Silks in all the meet celebrated
Plain Silks in very choice colony
AU bought at Uic recent
Much below the Importers cost.
Spring Cloaks and mantles, and en
tirely new style
in Paisley, Broche, Silk, v.iginn, Glial*
lie. Cashmere and Wool.
Gentlemen’s Furnishing Goods,
Of every description.
105 JOalzc Street.
Bistorts Cray and Faded Hair and-Beard U
Its Natural Color,
Promotes Its Growth.
•Prevents Us lining off.
la an unequaled Dreedng.
Is splendid for Whiskers.
Keeps the Hair in Its Place.
Cures Nervota Headache
stops Itching and Burning 1 .
Is delightfully Pertained.
Contains no Sediment
Prepares you for Parties.
No Lady win do without It.
Is sold by Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
Price, H per bottle—B bottles for
C. G. CLASS & CO., Proprietor!.
LORD & SMITH, Chicago, Hltnola, General
Agents. feisJrML-SviwAr-n*
Just arrivedEx Cargo “BUNNIKEE,"
An Invoice of Genuine Fresh
Selected personally by us for Western Trade, at the
Auction Sale of the above cargo on the 11th ultimo;
at MONTREAL, well known to buyers for some *<««»
past as the CHEAPEST Tea Market on this Continent.
These Teas are now ready for sale to the Trade by
the Invoice or In lots to suit.
mhl2-a39« 2t saax net
BRYAN watt.
AVENUES.—An Increased list of residence lots at
pi lcc« ranging from lUUO per foot upward. Over a
thousand lecc of frontage on Prairie and Calumet
avenues, much of it from UOO to 400 ft. In depth. Indi
ana, Michigan and Wabash avenue lots and houses,
mostly In section iJ, some near Twelfth street ana
near Eighteenth. Price SSO per It. near Old and 110®
near Sixteenth street. Stand;?? ft. front and mil depth.
Block on Michigan and Wabaeb atSSO per foot—chean.
Lots cn Old street 154 ft deep.
the market on the Wen Side fadagUnlonPark,West
Washington street and cross streets near the Parfc
Five lotson Jacksoastreet, fronting sooth,near Aber
deen. IT7 ft. deep to a4O ft. alley—cheap. 50x12d on
Peoria near Monroe. Several corners at gjQper foot
one specially good with south and east front, and a
large amount of other West Side property both resi
dence and business. Residences on mmt'ot the best
streets la the North Division. Houses and lots oa
Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, LasaUo streets, corner of
Wells and Wendell. A largo lot on Pino street.
FOR SUBDIVISION.—SeveraI valuable blocks for sub
division ottered low as a whole. One at £9.000.
BUSINESS PROPERTY.—Flrst'da-e business houses
and lots on Lake. South W’ater, Randolph, Lasalle
near Randolph. Randolph corner of Wabash avenue,
and a lot on Randolph for |9,Coo,now renting tor
»I.GOO. _
FOIC EXCHANGE.—Many offers of property, mostly
farms and suburban homes, in exchange with aomo
money, for city property, Ac., <Sc. mhlS-alSHttnat
B TOFORB existing between James. SfcKlndleyw
Tv ci. McKlndley, ami C. S. Ingraham. under The nurnq
and style of
Ravins expired thU daybjr limitation, Wm.McKindlcy
retires from tin* Arm. and the remaining partners are
authorized to settle the business of said arm.
Co. will be continued under the name and style of
in; admitted os partners.
175 Xjsie Street.
I T \Ri:n KK.MEDT Lj the only euro yet dlscor
cred for the Catarrh. It is Tery agreeable and nft.
Pnt no In a convenient form for currying In the p*ti>.
« wld l.y all dnwal.ta. FCLI El! FINCH * PatT
oud LOitD i SMITH. WkoloMic Agent* Seat
Jjv null on the receipt, cf S3 cents. Orders * o y
m’nst be uddrctued to Dr. A. J. HIGGINS. Box 1908.
Chicago. HL
aitd nnnwiP'j MOTj
vtaoicoaloby ET.CRAMS A SBO»
V.i :■!».
Restores tho Color.
Eradicates Dandruff*
Contains no OIL
Is not a Dye.
Beautifies the Hair.
Prevents Eruptions.
Keeps the Head CooL
Costs but yr_
>1 South Water street.

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