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Cljlca§o ttribrrae.
Oi'rAXD,—On Tuesday evening next the
Lecture Boom of the • Unscum will opt.* with a
first dabs theatrical entertainment.
.. -Almost a Fire.—On Thursday night the
carriage manufactory ofG. W. Bonbam on West
‘"Madison street, narrowly escaped a conflagration,
by the accidental ignition of a pot of varnish.
Body Found —The body of an unknown
man was dragged from the bottom of the Lake, by
some fishermen, at tbe foot of Twelfth street, early
yesterday morning. An inquest will be held over
It at the Old Cemetery this morning, ’
ilouc Rebellion Crushers.—About 100
recruits, for various Wisconsin regiments, arrived
In Chicago about nine-o’clock last evening, en route
for the.seat cf war. They were collected from
mo*t of the counties in the State, and came under
tbe command of lieutenant H. G. Cleveland, from
Madison, The boys received a supper, prepared
by the ladles at the Soldiers' Beak and will partake
of a breakfast this morning, alter which they leave
for Vicksburg.
Hpbbxblb Accident.—A woman named
hire. White was run over by freight carp, near the
uomer of North Market and North Water streets,
yesterday afternoon, and her legs from tbe knees
downward crushed to pieces. She bad crossed the
street with two palts of water, and was attempting
to pass over the track between two cars, when the
train moved and she was thrown under the wheds.
She lingered till 7 o'clock, and died. Her husband
‘ was killed at the battle of Lookout Mountain.
Olivet Cncncn.—The Olivet Presbyterian
Church, which for some months past has been
without a aeUlcdrCfiStor, has been once more placed
under, pastoral care, Bcr. Alfred Eddy, late of
Bloomington, having accepted a cell from tbe
church. The Installation exercises were held fast
evening at the church, on which occasion the se>
mpn was preached by Bev. Z. IX. Humphrey, tbe
-charge to the people by Ber. j.N. Trowbridge,
and the charge to the Pastor by Bcv. B. Patterson,
D, B. The occasion was one of deep Interest.
Portrait op Lieut. Gen. Grant,—The at
tention of our readers'ls directed to the advertise
ment of Messrs. Bryant, Ilovcy & Co., on the first
page of our paper, from which ii will be seen that
they will publish on the Ssthinst.,'a halfUfe-sue
portrait of our great Field Marshal, Lieut. General
Grant. We arc assured that it will he a true, per
fect likeness, and executed in the highest style of
nrt, and worthy of a place in the parlor ofemy
patriot. It is proper that this work should be un
dertaken within his adopted State, andwearejrfad
to know that it is an the bands of this enterprising
firm, which Is a sufficient guarantee that it will be'
a jicrfeciwork of art.
Pound Drowned.—On Thursday evening
an inquest was held before Coroner Wagner upon
the body of a man found floating in the water.
The body had cvidculy been In the water lor
mimctimc. It was apparently that of a man S3 or
SSyeare cf age. ■ In the pocket was a bank book,
«wi also a wallet. The book showed that hid name
was Peter Riley, and that on the 11th of January
last s2fco were due to him at the State 'Savings
Bank. In tbo wallet was SCI dollars in bills on va
rious hanks. No papers of any kind were.found
which threw any light upon the manVastece
dents, though,.from some marks on his person. It
was supposed that be had been a sailor. The jmy
. entered a verdict of accidentally drowned.
A Gaxxakt Officer.—Colonel Bartlcson,
ofthe loom Illinois regiment, arrived at the Tre
mont Bouse last evening. This officer has made a
gallant rtctftd for Liinself and the regiment under
his command. Colonel BarUeson was first elected
Captain of a company in the 20th Illinois regiment,
and afterwards promoted to a Majority. He lost
an arm at Shiloh; alter which he was unanimously
elected Colonel of the 100 regiment, composed en
tirely of TTUI county men. Be commanded his
regiment in the battle of Stone Hirer, and was dis
tinguished for bis bravery in that action. At the
battle of Chickamauga, Colonel Bartleson dlstin
gnlshcd and was highly complimented in
the report of General Wood, In this battle Colonel
Baitleeon was taken prisoner, and now comes
among ns from Libby Prison, at Richmond.
Baccn.us.-A horrible rcenltoflntemperanee might
have been seen yesterday morning at the Second
Precinct Police Station. On Thursday night a wo
man named Johanna Began, residing at the
‘‘Patch,’" a collection of shanties near Chicago Av
enue, while in a fit of Intoxication, attempted to
light her fire; audio the effort set fire to herclothes.
Hearing her screams, the neighbors Centered the
house and deluging her with water succeeded In
extinguishing the frames, but upon examination,
her breast, limbs, and indeed whole body were
found to henearly roasted. Captain Turtle had the
wretched creature removed to the station boose,
and sent immediately' for the County Pbysidan.
By his advise and that of the County Agent, she
will probably be taken to the hospital ol the Sis
ters of Mercy.
Postal Delivery.—A correspondent sends
the following pertinent Query:
** What is the reason that there are no better car
riers in oar city, ns is the case in other cities, and
as required by the postal laws f Please answer and
The reason is this: In all new communities the
removals and changes of location arc so frequent
an attempt to deliver letters at the residence
would result in endless confusion. It might answer
.~vSy well in the case of merchants, storekeepers,
and a majority of business men, but the bulk of
the population is of the migratory kind, and a con
tddenblc percentage of the letters would remain
undelivered. TUI within a very recent period Chi
. cago has been no exception to this rule, and we all
know that In the order of Providence reforms do
not come tiQ feome time after they are needed. It
la probable that but for the war we should ero now
have seen the postman traveling his daily round
in this city, and hove become familiarized with hie
welcome knock. The matter was extensively can
vassed about three years ago, but amid the whirl of
war excitement It was for a whUsfiropped. It has,
however, been again taken in hand, and it is prob
able'that before the close of the present year the
letter carrier wQI be one of onr institutions.
Burnside wns in Michigan yesterday on official
business connected with the raising ol his new
command. He visit Chicago to-day in response
to ah invitation extended some time since by the
Board of Trade. The following reply was received
a few days ago:
Firm Avzsrz Hotel, Nxw Yoss, (
, ■ March sth, 160 L f
John L. Hancock, Esq„ President Board of Trade,
Ur Drab Sis—l have just seen a copv of a die
patch sent hy you to me at Cincinnati, as I passed
through, bat which did not reach there until after
I bad left;! now find the dispatch among some
offldalpapcrs, uled away.
Mr. Osltorne bad told me that some such action
as la indicated by the dispatch had been taken, but
could not speak definitely. You will, Inm enre,
pardon my neglect, or rather apparent neglect, in
not responding scorer to so comnlimentan-an in
It Is barely possible that my public duties may
call mu to Michigan, in which case I hope to make
' a visit of a day to Chicago, during which time it
will afford me the greatest pleasure to visit vour
Please make my apologies to your association for
the long delay In acKnowieddeg their kindness
Sincerely years, “ A. £. Bciwsiiie.
At the session of the Board yesterday, a «ttepafrb
was received from General Burnside, announcing
his intention to accept of their hospitalities to
day, The following Committee were appointed bv
the Chair, the Board prefixing the name of Colons!
Hancock: Colonels John L. Hancock, K, K.
Hough, and Jas. H.. Tucker: Messrs. James H,
Bowen, Charles G. Wicker, and Charles Eandolph.
The hero of Roanoke and Haiteras will meet with
n cordial reception.
The Fenian Imbroglio.—The difficulty
between the Fenian Brotherhood and the reoresen
tativo of the Catholic Church in this diocese forms
the topic of general conversation. A general idea
of the point at issue has been already given in the
public journals; the exact nature thereof is still
somewhat dubious. The thing le somewhat like
the object seen by Ezekiel—a wheel within a wheri
—and requires a considerable amount of unravel
ing to straighten. Bishop Dpggan is charged by
the Fenians with rot being patriotic; it seems,
however, that he is not able even to control the
xnembers of his own household, to say nothing of
the ontslde Catholic public. It is credibly reported
that the Bishop’s horse formed no undistinguished
part of the procession on Thursday, being ridden
t by a youth who evidently felt proud of his position.
Tbe procession was an imposing one notwlth
■ -standing the Episcopal malediction.
That the Fenians have the sympathy of the
American people,no one can doubt; but it may be
■wdl for them to remember that while they are
burning to set Ireland free, the great heart of the
American people is equally intent on the freedom
of the race and the vindication of those great prin
•' tdples <m which the Government of the United
States is based. They can only expect to gain that
c full sympathy which h to essential tothelr success,
v by showing that they have no sympathy with the
tyrant slaveowners of the South. They must unite
heart and eoul in the suppression of this unholy
rebellion, and time show that their longings forihe
n freedom of Ireland are not merely selfish, but raised
... principle. Under Copperhead leaders they can
•carcdy hope for the frill approbation of theloval
■ American public. -
The Thibd Waed ABousED.-r-TUere was
a large and enthusiastic meeting of the Union men
•ol the Third Ward, at Union Dali, No. Cll State
street, last evening. The ward boundaries are the
like and the Elver on the east and west, Harrison
street on the north, and North street on the south.
Those who were familiar with the population were
' taot surprised at the result of the last election.
■Sherman carried the ward hy AglUyAhru majority.
The “Patch** is in the Third Ward, and Aldermen
‘ Boberta and Barrett represent it in the Common
;! •Connell. The latter named is a Copperhead, and
,lp*lndcbled for bis position in the Council solely to
■ his influence with -the denizens of the “Patch.**
There is a large, Intelligent and sober population
• In the ward, who arc scandalized that they are thus
represented in the Council, and propose to rniw
. the retiracy of Barrett the occasion of overcoming
the Copperhead majority, and electing an Alderman
of whom they shall not be ashamed.
' If the enthusiasm of the meeting last night be
* any indication of their -success in that direction,
are may set this down as measurably certain.
by the selection of
Sanford B. Perry, Esq„ as Chairman, and A. H.
Hodman as Secretary. Hon. Geo. C. Bates made
one of hie most telling speeches, followed by a
, spirited address by Coh Mann, of tbe # Yates Pha
lanx, and the meeting adjourned to meet at
'. the name place and hour on Friday evening next.
T3m next meeting will bo a rousing -one, and patri
otic speeches and rallying songs will distinguish
the occasion. Let the citizens of this ward _work
» during the Hiterrenlng days, and wo shaUhoahle
■ Jo record a potions Union victory in the Third
Ward on the day following the election.
Tht Cofprritads In' JConstU—A Bcrelt Ex
pected—The Coming Elutions—Work
ers Waited—'The Cennsslo
. the Third and Six- J
tenth Wards.
The recent presence of eight Copperhead mem
hereof Congress in our city, ostensibly to make
arrangements for the forthcoming National Cop
perhead Convention, but really to further the In
terest* ol the Knights of the Golden Circle, Is
suggestive. The fact is known to more than one
outside of that order, that the Knights are ready
for open revolt in the State of nilnoia. The ques
tion was here under discussion whether the at
tempt to revolt should first bo made In Springfield
or Chicago. The greater number of the conspira
tors were in .favor of Springfield, because, if suc
cessful, they would be able to seize the public
buildings and at once organize a rebel govemmentr
Others were in favor of Chicago, but because they
were unable to agree as to the selection oi the
point for rebellion, or because of a wholesome
fear of the result of their treasonable efforts, the
farther discussion of the matter was postponed
uutU the meeting of ibeNattonal Copperhead Con
vention In July. * '
There la no doubt of the existence of a conspir
acy to excite armed rebellion in our midst, and
that tbe Copperhead ehcct, with leading Southern
ers. men who are too cowardly to stay at home and
accept the consequences of their treason, and so
come North, where a liberal public sentiment al
lows them the largest liberty In that direction, arc
at the head of It. These traitors do well to hesi
tate to strike a blow In this city. Tbe first overt
art would be the signal, hearing which ten thou
sand men would spring to anna, prepared to de
fend to the last tbe authority of the Government,
and the Integrity of the laws. The treason these
mm meditate is as clear and as well defined, and
the intentions of these villains just’as reprehensi
ble, aMi they were able to cause their intentions
to hear tbeir legitimate fruit. It is well that the
people 'understand these things, and be prepared
to meet them.'
The fvimfng election is looked upon here and
elpcwhcrets a test question, as indicative of the
countenance which Chicago as a city, shall hereaf
ter bestow upon treason. If the Copperheads arc
successful, the verdict wQI be accepted as one of
hostility to the Government, and the measures in
force to put down rebellion. She will ro-assnrc
the country of her loyalty by delivering herself
from tbe grasp of traitors. Infinitely mare import
ance attaches to tide election than to any which
has occnrcd, or will occur in Chicago for many
years, and it is in view of this - Importance that we
urge upon the honest, loyal voters of Chicago to
see to it that tbe election docs sot go by default.
The Council fires are burning brightly in some of
thewardsofthecity. The voters of the 15th ward
arc up and doing. In the Id, the ward which gave
Sherman eighiy-Uiree majority, the people arc
aroused. Union meetings, loyal speeches and loyal
woik altcrt a determination to overcome that ma
A call, signed by numerous Union men.and Re
publicans, for a meeting In the ICth ward this even
ing, at the German Theatre, corner of Wells and
Indiana streets, will be found in another .column.
There should he a full attendance, and every voter
in the ward who has a pride in the good name of
the dty, and a desire for proper representation in
the municipal councils. Should he there. Because
Sherman carried this ward by one hundred and
eighty majority, a few of the faint hearted hut well
meaning voters arc inclined to coll it a Cop
perhead Ward, and relax nil efforts for Its re
demption. - This will never do. There is
a wide awake determination on the part
, of most of the » oters to bring about a change, and
they need the help of every loyal man. If every
vote be brought out, and an united and vigorous
effort be made, there is not a doubt that an Union
Councilman can be returned. To secure this re
sult, work is necessary. This ward Is noted for the
lethargy which distinguishes the primary and pre
liminary political gatherings. Let the meeting this
evening prove a fitting exception, and it will be
accepted as a happy augury for the success which
shall attend the campaign.
KctrEults of Fractict Ad.ptrd In the Canntv
(curl—A Contention of County Jnd-es
—Beeord of Coses in the Differ
ent law- Conrts-The
Surtmor. Court.—A replevin suit is on trial be
fore Judge Gary and a jury, entitled James Camp
bell vs. Hugh Martin etah Both plaintiff and de
fendant are wood dealers in the city, and the action
is brought to recover possession of 225 cords of
wood valued at about $',700, which the defendants
purchased from one Dating, on the Ist of Novem
ber last, asd which constituted the cargo of the
sdkooner B. F. Barer. The plaintiff daltwn prior
ity of purchase, having, as he alleges, made ad
vances upon the cargo before the schooner left the
St. Clair river, where she tkook in her freight.
he further claims that he gave the defendants no
tice of the purchase. The latter statement was
not borne ont by the testimony adduced. The case
went to the Jury last night, end a sealed verdict
will be delivered this morning. Hervey, Anthony
& Calt for plaintiff; Kae «t Umiauf for defendant.
In the case of Manny & Son, of Rockford, vs.
Reynolds, Ely & Co., of Chicago, reported in the
TiiiBUHE of yesterday, the jury came Into Court
with a verdict for the plaintiffs, and assessed the
damages at $l5O. The counsel for defendants sub
mitted motions for a new trial and arreit of Judg
ment. Burgess and Warner for plaintiffs; Fayson
for defendants.
Cocxrv Count.—George Davis, who stood com
mitted to jafl on a eapiae ad respondendum issued
oat of .the Circuit Court on a charge of fraud at the
rail of John Boyd and Georg* A. Arthur, was yes
terday brought .before the County Court upon an
application for a discharge from custody under the
insolvent act. A Jury was impounded, and upon
an Investigation of the charge of fraud a verdict of
not guilty was returned, whereupon the prisoner
was discharged, and Judge Bradwell made an or
der for the costs against Boyd and Arthur.
In the estate of the late Elies Plenty Sprina,
Welter W. Alford was appointed administrator,
and entered into bonds in the sum of 20,000. The
estate is valued at slo,ioo.
The following new titles of practice in the Coun
ty Court have been adopted by Jndge Bradwell
and entered on record, all previous roles practiced
having been rescinded.
. Jhdel— The manner of presenting claims against
estates shall be as follows; If before the regular
adjudication, by filing a bQI of items of the malm
wuh the Clerk; if after the adjudication, by filing
a copy of the claim, together with a pnxape for a
summons to the administrator or executor; or up
on the executor or administrator entering his ap
pearance in writing, and flhng the .same together
with the claim. The heir, or any one interested In
the estate, wishing to contest any claim'filed, or
be heard in any matter before the Court, must en
ter his ‘appearance In the same manner as the ad
ministrate? is required to do by this role.
Huh 3. The proof of posting notices and of pub
lication for the adjudication ofclalms must be filed in
coart on cr before the first day of the term to which
parties arc notified to appear, and not after, unless
hy special order of the court. The administrator
cr czccotor shall, at the time of posting notices for
tlieudjudfeatlon of cia-m", file a copy of the notice
with the clerk, wno shall keen a list of the same in
the order filed, and the adjudication ot claims will
only be taken up in the order in which thev are en
tered on the list aforesaid.
Tale S. The claim docket will be called every
term, und if neither party appear when a. cause is
called for trial it will be dismissed;
J! t/'c4. Petitions and motions will only behe-ird
upon in the coming in of the court in the morning
end afternoon; ana then only imthe order in whlco
they arc entered on the Judge’s docket,except when
there is another Ijuwpcfs l*cforc the court.
Jtuie 3. All motions and other applications to the
Comt shall he made in writing ana filed with the
Clerk, and when not based ou matters which ap
pear on resold, the facts mart be disclosed and sup-
IKirlcdhyalijdavit. #
2?u 7 e 6. No guardian. Administrator or executor,
shall be discharged from the duties of his appoint
ment. or have HU final account approved, on bis
own application, unless notice in writing of the
time of turbine such application be given, to his
ward, the next of kin, or legatees as the case may
be, il resident in the county.
Jitiltl. In all cates commenced by summons made
returnable to any term of the Court; the defendant,
if sored ten days before the return day thereof,
shall plead by the morning of the third day of the
opening of Court. This rale shall not applv to ci
Tide 8. All motions for the continuance of claims
against estate* rimU be made on or before the open
lug of the Cyan on the third day of the term, unless
the cause for such continuance shall have arisen
subsequently to such time or unless the Court shall
in its uiKTction allow such motion to be made sub
liule 9* The inventory sales bQI and widows se
lection shall follow the order in which the articles
arc put down Ip the bill of appraisement.
Ifcfr 10.—Upon the failure of on executor or ad
ministrator to present bis inventory and anpraise
m ent within three months or to cause an adjudica
tion of claims to be bad within six months, or to
account within one year from the date
of his letters, and every year thereafter until the
estate is settled, the cmrt win order A citation to
issue, and If Uic executor or administrator fail to
appear at required bv the citation, the court will
.order an attachment against the executor or ad
ministrator, and tax such delinquent executor or
administrator with the cost of the citation aad at
tachment as provided by laws of 1859, page ftl.
'^yi e !!•—-The clerk of this wort shall on the
of oacb tenn famish the court with & list
of *ll deUnoocni executors, administrators and
cncmiaoß wh o hare failed to settle their accounts
within thirteen months next preceding; and all de
linquent administrators and executors who have
faued to file the Inventory and appraisement with*
in four months, aud who have not had an adjudi
cation of claims within seven months from the
date of their letters.
any executor or administrator shall
r.Lany time after the approval of the inventory and
appraisement present a petition nnder oath and
prove to the satisfaction of the court by testimony
taken In open court, that there Is no more proper
ty in the estate than' the widow is entitled to re
ceive upon her award and shall prodace her receipt
therefor; the court will make an order excasing
such executor or administrator from any farther
proceeding in said estate until two years from the
dale oMettert orthe ftirther order of the court.
m book. .
Cleric of the Court shall keep a fee
t V e fccsof the officers of the Court
SSL-.J? rt i? lh !S r "Perilled and not chained In
HSwitness fees ahall be charged, the
namceortlK wknetses abanbe spuddedand the
number ol mats travel and of
CMb; and nodiarst shallbe mSfithSetofOT ray
acrrice which bar not been perforat or at a
er rate than 1. by law fitbaok
Bballbeppen at all once hourstb iSitix tosaS
lion ol all parties interested therein. *
JluU 1 4.—N0 accouat of any executor, adminis
trator or guardian for the fees of any offira of Court
heTt *%* will allowed unless acSS:
panted by a bill of coats showing each tt*m or no-
OTgresentation of the fee-book kepi as prided In
itafelS. In order to obtain the appointment of a
pnardlan. a petition must be presented to the Court
by the infant if of thelageof fourteen or npwa ds.
or some relative or friend if the infant 1h under
fourteen, supported by£n affidavit, stating (be sue
and residence of the infant, ondthc name and rcal
dimce of the person proposed or nominated as guar
dian, and tlm relationship, If any. which sndTper*
son bean to the Infant, the names of his next of
|fit» and the nature, situation and value of the in
fant's estate. No such application will be enter
tained when the infant has a father or mother liv
ing in the State, unlo-s upon written notice to the
fatter, or, if the fetter be dead, to the mother, of
fench intended application, and the time when tfcc
eaxoe wfll be made.- ■
Bute J6. Every guardian appointed by this Court
shall, within three months alter the date of his ap
pointment, and every testamentary guardian wiln
xn three months after the proof of the will present
to the Court, for its approval, a Juet and trad in
ventory under oath of all •ho real and personal-es
tate oetonging to his ward or wardCtogclhcr with
the yearly rent of ell real estate.
Bulcl 7. All guardians shall, within one year after
the dele of their letters, or, !o case of testamentary
guardian»j within one year from the date of the
proof of tuG will, and every year thereafter, during
tbeir guardianship, exhibit their account to the
Court for settlement, under oath, which account
shall be accompanied with a written report of the
guardian, under oath, stating the length of time
that his ward has attended school, and where, and
tbe manner in which any funds under his control,
belonging to his ward, arc invested; slating the la
crease and profits of the funds or estate, and the
debts, credits and effects, so tar as the same has
come to Ms knowledges
Su7f 18. The Court wifi, upon petition, make a
general order that thaguaraian lease all the ward 1 -*
land: but, before delivering any lease, that the
guardian obtain the written approval of the Judge
of this Court endorsed on the same; but no such
approval will be given until testimony has been ta-
KOi in open Court to show tbe ycariy value of the
Buie T 9. No person "shall ■ remove from the office
of the Clerk any record of this Court, or paper on
fileinany cause,bxcept upon special leave of the
Court for that purpose. • ,
EvleZ". Whereas, it appears to the Court from
an inspection of the records of this Court that
there is no-entry of proceedings in the Probate
docket tincc September last, it is therefore ordered
that tbe Clerk shall on or before the first day of
each tarn enter on record all tbo orders,Jnihrments
and decrees of the term preceding, and shall keep
the Probate docket as provided in Section S of tbo
laws ol ISO, page OS, and shall make the entries
therein as soon after the same shall hare been en
tered of record, as practicable. In cas? of the In
ability of the Clerk to comply with' this rate, he
shall report the cause thereof in writing to tbe
Court on the record day of the term thereafter.
JfcfeS!. The Clerk shall have these mica and all
rules of this Court hereafter entered, carefully tran
scribed in a hook, to be kept for that purpose in
the order of date in which they shall be respect
ively entered.
' It will be gratifying to all persons interested In
probate proceedings to learn that a proposition has
been made and will doubtless be carried Into effect,
for a convention of all the County Judges lathe
State, for the purpose of considering the propriety
of adopting a uniform system of practice in pro
bate matters, also of determining what amend
ments arc necessary to 4he present probate law,
and recommending them tor consideration to
the Legislature, and further to consider such other
matters as may be submitted in' relation to the
county court probate law and practice.
'United States Circuit Coubt— Before
Lrvmmcnd J., Common Law
4*2-P!dcock vs, Sanderson ct al. Set for hear
ing on pleas and proof.
4otl—Cooley vs. Thompson ct al. Order for an
0479—Higgins vs. Welch. Judgment confessed
by plalntitt.
605 Kowvald et al. vs. Wilson, ct al. Costs paid
to dismiss.
Summon Coxmr—Before J„ Common
4ES—Manny ct al. va. Reynolds et aL Verdict for
817—Bigelow ct al. va. Hatch. Time to flic bond,
&c., extended 10 days.
‘ 370—Burgess vs. Beach et at, Dismissal al dc
iendant's co»t«.
37)—Samcvs. Beach. Same order.
Before Gary J~, Common Low. -
la 7 Ccsbman vs. the Western JMariuc and Fire
Insurance Co. Dismissed at plaintiff's costs.
1281—Fenscnthal ct al. vs. Dole. Motion by
plaintiff to strike out, pleas withdrawn, and plain
tiff takes Iflfnc.
F Circuit Court.— Before Williams J., Common
737 Sejfier ct al. Vc. Hoff ct. al. Dismissed at
plaintiff's costs.
f4 —Mansfield ve. City of Chicago. Case still
pending. •
7tis—winne vs. Hammond ct aL Verdict for dc
fen dank
S3—Davie et al. vs. Bodby. Dismissed at p'ain
tiff's costs.
Police Court.—T&o police docket yester
day was by no means an extensive one, as it did
not contain the names of more than twenty-four or
twenty-fire fortnnates, the vast majority of whom
were hilarious drunkards, who adjourned to the
armory the preceding evening to complete the en
joyments of a holiday. Annexed are the cases of
any importance:
A Detperado.— Cornelius Brown, charged with as
saulting officer Stimnson with a deadly weapon, as
mentioned in yesterday's Tiubuks, -was committed
for trial at the Beeorder's Court, being removed in
default of $1,(00 ball.
A Lexer of the Line Arte.— Prank Manner, an
elderly individual, was charged with stealing some
stereoscopic views from the store of J. B, Walsh,
Post Office Alley. In consideration of bis ago
and the smal’ncss of the offeree, the charge was
changed to disorderly and prisoner fined $-5 and
Lynch Xotr-erf.—Majr Lynch, keeper of a disor
derly house, No. ISS wells street, was fined $25
and costs, acd James Wilkins, Mary Green, Anna
C’cvelaud, and Anna Watson, Inmates, were simi
larly mulcted in the sum of sll nm-h.
The Joys qf Matrimony. Louis Seaman, a re
spectably dressed man. was charged with assault
ing his wife Mana. to whom he ha J been married six
weeks. Bis honor, after severely reprimanding
the man for his brutality, fined him sl6 and costs,
making him also-give ball for his good behavior in
the stun of SSOO.
More Fcol than Knott.— Jacob Meyer, an indi
vidual whose appreciation of the dignity of the
Court, seemed immense, was charged with obtain
ing ST2AO from John Meyer, under false pretenses.
Prisoner being short of ready money, kindly sold
a neighbor's lot to the complainant, who paid the
above sum as nn installment towards the whole
amonnt. s3>*. Jacob afterwords told plaintiff that
he could give him no title of the land, bat offered
a mortgage on a house instead. Bis honor consid
ering that the man was a greater fool than rogue,
allowed him to try and settle the affair ont of
Intcnttnieneet qf a lUAdenet at Joliet.— Alfred
Ellis charged with breaking open the door of And
rew Kline, tailor at No. 160 Van Curen street, was
discharged, because plaintiff had no witnesses and
his evidence was inadmissible, be having been con
victed of theft.
Bcpnlar Wfftlv Jllntlng-Etporte and Ap.
(uilnlcifcls of fommUlMS—What has been
dene dnringjannary and Fehmarj.
The regular weekly meeting of the Lady Manag
ers of the Soldiers 1 Home this he’d yesterday altar
soon at the Home, the President, T. B. Bryan, In
the Chair. The minutes of the last meeting were
read hy the Secretary, Mr*. J, C. Fargo, and ap
The following Committees were appointed;
Ter the Tut —Vire. Dr. Bloin, Mrs. J. C. Fargo,
and Mrs. E. Blailde. ° ’
Tor the Home— Mrs. 8. Tinkham, Mrs. S. Shack
ford and Mrs. S. Loomis.
The Home Committee reported several improve
ments which had been made at the Home oaring
the week.
' The Superintendent of the Home presented the
following report for the week ending March 17:
Arrivals*-Sol: departures 461; remaining SO; In
valids 14. Soldiers and meals credited to different
States: ‘ ,
New Jersey
Coloiuda Territory.
Total r..V, 267 1,317
Mrs. Dickenson reported that 8,4*5 meals had
been served at the rest during the week.
The following donations were reported: Farwcll,
Field &Co„$100: Mary J. Metttker, a little girl
at the Hamilton Bouse, $6; Cieavervine, $23.75;
Fenian Brotherhood, dinner for 17lh AVIs.; Dun
bar & Co., hose; Mrs. Woodbridge, collected $9;
Johnson, Edwards & .Co„ barrel Of vinegar;
Second Universalis! S. School, quantity of eata
bles ; Soldier, $1; First Baptist Church Aid Socie
ty, barrel pickles: Mrs. Kent, several nles.
' a vote of special thanks was tendered to Mrs.
Phillips, and Mrs. J. C. Walker, for provisions
sent to the Best.
The meeting then adjourned. *
The following reports were presented at the pre
vious meeting and laid over for.jfcihlication.
The Auditing Committee presented the following
report of expenditures;
«/<m«ory—Groceries, £67.87: meat, £164.26;
bread, $9.90; milk, £26.60: medicines, £2.20: fur
niture, si'J4.'l|; repairs and additions, £20.00: print
ing, Ac,, £2.60; fuel, $>4.82; carting and express,
Sll.tO: Salaries of Superintendent and Matron,
$50,C0; wages of domestics, $49.25; money to sol
diers, s4^; rent of Home, $06.66; miscellaneous,
$1.60; total, $<58.12.
TewHary— Groceries, $133.21; meat, $317.53:
bread, &11&54; milk, $61.40: marketing, $117.79;
medicines, $3.00; furniture, $64.41; repairs, sl-1.03;
fuel, $05.00; cartiug, sr.2o; salary of superintend-,,
ent and matron, SSO.uU; salary of employees,
wages of-domestics, sGl.'3; money to soldiers,
$H«.75; rent of home, $66.66; miscellaneous, $1.60.
Total, $1,807,74.
The following report of the Superintendent of
the Home, embracing arrivals, and meals and lodg
ings fund shed, from January 1 to March 1, 1853,
was received: ,
No. of arrival?, 4,243; departures, 4,204; remain-
applicants for places in the Permmoht
Heme, ICydeaths, 5.
The followin'* are the numbers of meals and
lodgings ftiriilfchcd to soldiers of the different Stiles
during the two months:
States. Lod g. Meals.
Hinds.,.. 0,-00
Wisconsin ; ~1,14l 3,0-8
Minnesota 2-ri 877
lowa 209 6*i2
Indiana. -. ... 99 290
Michigan 118 526
Ohio.. 48 132
Missouri «... 21 46
Massachusetts ••• SO 61
New York 80 * 233
Pennsylvania 2S 71
Vermont 17 §8
New Hampshire 9 81
Colorado 4- -14
Kentucky 86 120
Arkansas 8 19
Kansas 16 - 53
WaenrNGTONiA>' Home —Peak fob a
Petuuxekt Funs.—A special meeting of the Di
rectors of the Washingtonian .Home Association,'
was held at the Home, No. 647 State street, on
Thursday evening. The following Directors were
present C. J. T. Hall, President; H. C. Jlorer,
Secretary; Hon. Grant Goodrich, TnthlU King,
Dr. N. S. Davis, S. M. Wilson, *T. J. Jennings, R.
V..GuQdford, D. H. Hitchcock, Dr. A. E. Colton,
J. L. Drake, and A. O. Warner.
The Secretary reported that the total receipts©!
the Association since December last, had been
S7I7.EQ, and that the expenditures for the sitae
period were $703.01. Bills to the amount of $134.54
are still outstanding.
Dr. Davis, «-b*trman of a committee appointed
forth© purpose, presented a report on the subject
of Finance, in which It was stated: That the
Borne cannot efficiently accomplish its purpose of
reclaiming and reforming the Intemperate without
a pecuniary endowment of a permanent character,
because, from the very nature of the evil to be
overcome, a largo proportion of those who should
become inmates of the institution are wholly un
able to render any pecuniary recompense for the
benefits reed red; that the receipts from annual
and life memberships, as provided in the Con
stitution will be. too variable and limited
to ■ afford hnv permanent basis of support
for tbo institution; that the best, meth
od to secure* the necessary ftmds consists in a
.direct appeal to the wealthy and benevolent for do
.nation*, legacies aud annuities, sufficient to equal
a well Inverted capital of not leas than $30,u00:
• that this ram. at 7 per cent Interest, would yield’
an annual revenue of $2,100, which, added to the
receipts from annual and life memberships, and
from the board of patients, would enable the instl
tntlou sot bnly to lire but to confer an Incaleulab’o
amount ot benefit upon tho community. ,In viaw
of these considerations, the Committee recom
mended tho adopt on of the following plan:
- all subscriptions, donations or lega
cies, amounting to one hundred dollars and up
wards, shpll be set apart as a permanent endow
reent fund, and shall be invested by the Trasnrcr
under the direction' of the Executive Committee,
lu each a manner as to yield the highest rate of in
terest compatible with the safety of the invest
ment. ■ ,
s«tn<f—That a donation or legacy of SSOO or
more shall constitute the donor or legatee an hon
orary Life Director of the Institution.
Third—Thi* * donation or legacy of SI,OOO or
apwards shall constitute (he donor or legatee, an
honorsrv Lite Director, with the privilege of annn
■ ally sendiega poor patient of his own selection to
the Home; for a period of not more than twelve
weeks, free of chmpe for board. ...
Fourth— Thai all donations or. subscriptions of
a Ices amount UunfilOO, together with the interest
derived from the endowment fpnd, shall be held by
the Treasurer, ana subject to appropriation for the
ordinary expenses of tho institution in the manner
provided by the constitution.
The report was adopted.
On motion of Mr. Guilford, the Executive Com
mittee were directed to engage Mr. Tower as Su
perintendent of the Home for one year from the first
of next May.
On motion the Executive Committee was direct
ed to carry the recommendations of the Finance re
port Into practical effect. • :
On morion, Dr. Davis, Judge Goodrich and 000.
C. Dates were appointed a Committee on.Finance,
tbeirdnty to be tno Inspecting and auditing of all
bills before payment. . .
fi he Executive Committee was authorized to call
a public meeting and lay the dalzps and objects of
the Dome before the people.
Mr. J. L. Drake announced that he bad collected
ISO volumes towards the library, and the meeting
adjourned. . ~ ’
Fire—A Child Burned to Death and
the Mother Mupiug.—About half-past three
o'clock yesterday morning a fire broke put In a
little block of three bouses, situated on the prairie
on the corner ot Lincoln and Cornelia streets,' two
blocks north of Chicago avenue. The fire com
menced in a shanty residence owned by Mrs. Ellen
Higgins and occupied by herself and child, a little
girl named Grade, aged about four yoarsi and
quickly the whole house and also the adjoining two
were in flames. The shanty next door to , Mrs.
Higgins was vacant; it was owned by a man named
O’Fljnn, but fortunately he had removed out of it
some monthrf previously. Adjoining this was a
house occupied and owned by Mr. MeGeary and his
The alarm was speedily given for the fourth dis
trict, and the fire department promptly turned oat,
hut owing to the great distance, the bad roads, and
the Impossibility of ■finding water for the engines,
they soon returned. The fire sped on its devastat
ing coarse unheeded, and aided by a strong gale
that was blowing at the rime, soon laid the build
ings in ruins. Later In the morning It was discov
ered that Ellen Higgins and her daughter were
both missing, and a rigid search was commenced
throughout the ruins. Soon the body of the little
girl was dug out from tho burning embers, bat all
.search proved frulticse as to the discovery of any
traces of the missing woman. Coroner Wagner
empanelled a jury, and an iuqpest was held at the
grocery store of J. Schroder, on Chicago avenue.
The only witness of importance was Mr. McUeary,
who testifled-that on the previous night the woman
Higgins was, as she too frequently has been, in a
' state of beastly intoxication.
Thcjury returned as their verdict that. 11 the fire
was caused by the drunken carelessness of Ellen
Higdns, producing the death of her child bv burn
ing?’ The whereabouts of the woman herself is not
known; some think that yot her bones may be dis
covered in the ruins of her dwelling, but the gen
eral impression is, that she has wandered away or
secreted herself, niter discovering that her shanty
was in flames, and knowing too well the origin of
the disaster. The history of the family is a sad
one; tho lather, John Higgins, is now serving a
term of years in the Penitentiary for the murder of
one of nis two children, last autumn, when in a
drunken lit, whilst the mother, who Is well known
in the police annals ofourdiy, being only liberated
iaat week from the Hrldewdlfor her common crime
of drunkenness, is morally guilty of the murder of
her other child. Verily, few cases on record, can
supply a stronger exemplification of the onls ot in
temperance, than this one.
The effects ot the conflagration are heavily felt
by the other sufferers, they hare lost their bouses,
. and in the case of Mr. Mcucary. the whole of the
furniture; while both with the improvidence com
mon to their class, have neglected the protection
of insurance. .
Tee Motxihan Murder.—A Coroner’s in
quest was held yesterday afternoon at No. 156
State street, over the body of John Moynlhan, who
was, stabbed by the Indian soldier, Charles Waba
afa, oh the night of the llthinst., and died on Wed
nesday night last. • •
The principal witness examined was Joseph
Teahan, who testified that ho stepped into Moynl
ban’s saloon on the night of the 14th of March.
Two soldiers, apparently Indians, were at the bar,
and on the counter was some postal currency. One
of the soldiers picked np the currency, and saying
it was his, started for the door and tried to open it.
Deceased raised np from behind the counter, where
be was filling a glass with ale, and said he wanted
twenty cents before the Indian could leave. The
soldier told him “to go to h—l and get his twenty
cents there,” and called him a . May
nihan came ont from behind the counter with a
cane in his hand, walked np to the Indian and
said, “Mr. Indian, I have been watching yon. I
want that twenty cents.” The Indian polled ont n
knife, and said, “Ton can’t have twenty
cents from me.” Teahan further said that he
went behind the stove to get something with which
to knock the knife ont ot the Indian’s hand, and
that while ho was there, Movnlhan and the Indian
clinched. The latter caught Mr. M. by the collar
with his 1 ft hand, and plunged the knife into bis
left breast with bis right hand. Teahan pulled the
Indian away, and went to the door and called for
the *• watch ” The Indian went out. Officer Con
fine arrived, followed the soldier, and arrested
him. brought him hack, searched Mm, and found
the knife in his pocket. The Indian was somewhat
under the infinence of liquor, but was not drank—
he was able to walk ttraight, and was cool. The
other Indian was so much intoxicated that he was
hardly able to stand. The deceased said he was
rot hart much, but soon sank into a chair and
Officer Cousins testified that he arrested the In
dian as related above.. The next morning the In*
‘dian plead guilty to the charge ot “ using a deadly
weapon with Intent to do great bodily injury.”
The Jury then adjourned to |thc County Jail,
where Wabcsis was identified as the Indian who
stabbed Moynfban, ’
Upon their return. Dr. C, Blake testified that ha,
assisted by Dtb. Bartlett, Fi-ber, Collins and Wy
man, had made a poet morion examination of the
deceased, and found a wound JLf Inch long on the
left side ot the chest, passing through Into the
thoracic cavity, severing the cartilage of the fifth
rib. It passed through the pleura, severing the
intercostal branch of the internal mammllarv ar
tery. There was brouchltea. plcoritis and inflam
mation of the lungs, all resulting from the wound
—alto internal hemorrhage. The wound Inflicted
was the cause of the hemorrhage and death.
The Jury returned a verdict according to the
evidence, and Wabcsis will he held for trial.
Natiosai. Banks—Actios of the Board
cp Trade. —The following'preamble and resolu
tions were adopted by the Board of Trade yester
Wcereas, The Committee of Ways and Mean*
In Congress have now before them a proposed
amendment to the National Banking Law. with ref
cicnce to the redemption of the circulating notes
of the National Banks; therefore,
Jteeciaot, As the sense of the Board of Trade of
Chicago, that National Banks should be required
by Congress to redeem their circulating notes at
leading commercial points, as well oa at the place
of issue.
Soldiers. Meals.
....170 661
.... S3 23*
.... 31 183
.... 12 40
..i. 1C 54
Knotted— That the uniformity of the currency,
as well as the regularity and ladlity of mating the
domestic exchanges ot the country, would be pro
moted by causing these redemptions to be made at
par at the legitimate local centers of trade.
Jfefdted—That the large amount of capital re
paired for the redemption of the entire National
Bank circulation should not be concentrated in
New York, to the injury of the commercial inte
rests of Boston. Cincinnati, St.-Louis, Chicago,
and other leading commercial points..
Besotted—* That this Board is opposed to the re
duction of the reserve below twenty-five per cent, •
as now required by law.
That the Secretary forward these rcso
lotions to onr Senators and Representatives In
Congress, end request their co-operation In carry
ing out these views.
6 17
4 17
2 5
1 2
1 1
Meeting of the Journeymen Painters. 1
—Pursuant to public notice, a meeting of the Jour
neymen Painters of Chicago, was hcldlast evening
in Übllch’s Hall. . On motion, Mr. Forrest was
called to the clulr, after which the Secretary read
t&e minutes of the last meeting, which were ap
The Committee on securing a permanent hill,
was allowed an extension of time to report at the
next meeting.
The Chair stated that owning to the small at
tendance at the meeting, and the apathy
manifested by the craft, it would be impolitic, a
the present time, to take any action to regulate
wages during the coming summer.
Mr. Robins suggested that the Association should
obtain a room of its own. and not be compelled to
use a boss painter’s shop or a public ball. Ho also
suggested that no bosses should be admitted as
members ol the Association. .
Mr. Burns offered the following:
knotted. That this Association shall dissolve
itself at the next regular meeting.
The Chair stated that on.yan Informal vote
could be taken upon the resolution, ag the matter,
must come up before the Association
at Its regular meeting: the resolution was laid
over until that time. *
Mr. Borns offered the following:
Wuzeeas, The exigencies of the time; demand
on increase ol wages, therefore,
Eettltcd, That the Journeymen painters shall on
and after the 3 fit Inst., demand on Increase of 33
cents per dav on their present rate of wages.
Mr. Hendricks offered In amendment that the
words “S3 cents” be expurgated, and that k- 12,*£
per cent” be inserted instead.
After some discussion the question was put and
the original motion prevailed. ' •
The Secretary was instructed to notify the
“ bosses" by circular, of theaflvance resolvednpon,
after which the meeting adjourned to meet next
Monday evening at Mr. Hendrick's shop, corner of
Lasalle and Lake streets.
i Museum op Natural History.—The con
gregation worshipping in the Church of the New
Jerusalem have just subscribed S3OO and paid It
into the fond for the establishment of a Museum of
Natural History In Chicago, thereby constituting
their Pastor. Bev. J. B. Hibbard, a life member of
the Institution. This is an example eminently
worthy of imitation by other churches. The fund
1b rapidly augmenting, and wc shall doubtless be
able ere long to announce that all the money need
ed has been raised. .
.4,519 10,692
Lieutenant Colonel Stuart.—Hub brave
officer, who was seriously wounded In the battle
of Lookout Mountain and supposed to have been
killed. Is now In Chicago. . Though still suffering
from the effects of his wound, be expects to bo
able soon to rejoin the gallant 90th—the Irish Le
gion. .
XOang Men’s Association.
' To ran Public:— High sounding and boastful ar
ticles have appeared in our daily journals emana
ting from both the regular and opposition ticket*.
We also have tho same rumor set afloat by individ
uals on both the tickets to the effect that certain
philanthropic gentlemen on both tickets have
pledged - themselves to subscribe large sums of
money for the porebaeb of ground and erection of
suitable buildings for the Association—conditional
onlv on the success of their respective tickets, truly
a high order of philanthropy. The exact sum that
these public spirited individuals propose to sub
scribe, varies, according to circumstances, hat the
lowest sum named is sixty thousand dollars. The
platform of tho Independent Ticket as proclaimed
and published. Is in favor of new buildings and ac
commodations and their faithful endeavors are
pledged to secure them; farther, than this they
Boast not now, considering it much oat of cooa
taste. They claim , that the Independent Ticket
will dcleat their resjKJCtivo tickets, or rather
delcat the election. We arc glad that
they concede it, - and we would - advise
them to prepare for farther concession?.
Now as a friend of the Independent Ticket, and
one quite instrumental in getting it up, I bare a
proposition to make to onr philanthropic and very
suppliant opponents on the ground that a bird hu
band is worth two in the bush. ’lf gentlemen on -
either ticket, of known pecuniary responsibility. ,
will come forward over their own signature, and
pledge in comb satisfactory way the earn of $50,000
to Ik? by them subscribed, (not solicited from the
gublic. wo can do that as well as they can,) the In
epenoent ticket will at once withdraw from the
field. How! la your chance, and he or they who
come down with tho biggest figures, will get our
supportandthes secure tho victory. Unless tho
proposition is accepted (his kind or talk must be
stopped, and we will all go in on onrown nerve and
merit. Make good your professions or else be set
down as acting in 'bad faith, and an attempt to
crawl Into office tmder fatso pretenses. Now is the
auspicious time, the public mludisripe for new
enterprises. The Independent Ticket is ripe for
tho contest and will live up to its platform. No
lethargy. Yours, &c. •
No Levitt.
A Time for a. Change.—Man, like the an
imals and tho birds, will ’*shcd his winter coat”
as tho weather Is warmer. There is a difference,
however, in the manner of procuring tho new and
seasonable garments. Dame nature kindly picks
out hairs and'plucks feathers, and the spring cos
tumes of her dumb creatures arc complete. But
with man, fashionable man, city bred man, this
change is a matter of not a little importance, for
though dress does not make him, it helps mightily
to improve his appearance when it Is appropriate
in stylo and fits well. Thank fortune there is at.
least one place in Chicago where this change can bo
perfected by oar citizens with ease, and where sat
islhctlou is a certainty. The store }No. 182
Bandolph street (64 Sherman House) : contains
every article, made up in all the styles for the
spring of ’0( extant, and of tho finest material. It
Is as perfect and extensive a collection bf spring’
overcoats, business suits, dress salts, rich famish
ing goods, under-clothing, tics, scarfs, gloves, aus
jjendcre, collars, handkerchiefs, traveling hags, and
gloves, (Including Alexandre,) as can he found this
aide of New York. And Mr. Barlett sells these
goods at the very lowest prices. His Is tho place
at which to effect the-spring change. No matter
what (he goods arc which one maydesire—how
rich and elegant, or how cheap and plain—one can
be suit-*! by him with a most perfect regard to the
fit-ncss of the garments wanted. '
Y, ITI. O.’A.—The annual election of tho
Young Men’s Christian Association will occur at
their rooms on Monday, the £oth Inst. The meet
ing of the Board bf Managers will be held upon
the evening of the same day. \
Xbirlcentlk Ward Meeting—At Conrad
Volz’s old stand, on Saturday evening. Rally!
rally! Union men of the Thirteenth Ward, for
there Is work to bo done. By order of the Execu
tive CommUtcfe.
Fifteenth Ward— Grand Saturday Night
Meeting. —There will be a meeting of the Repub
licans of tho 15th Ward this evening, at the house
of Fritz Busses, corner of Chicago avenue and
Wells street. American and German speakers will
be on hand to address the assembly.
Sixteenth Ward.—Tho Union men of the
H tli Ward are requested to meet at the Hall in the
German Theatre bonding, corner of North
and Indiana streets, this (Saturday) evening, at tx
o’clock, for the purpose of appointing Word Com
mittees and organizing for the coming election. A
full attendance Is earnestly requested.
Signed by KU Bates, Stephen Clary, W, L. New
berry, A. Homy, John Alston, U. C. Johnston,
Charles Randolph. J. J. Richards, Frederick Ilelagc,
N. K. Fairbank, Albert Morse, Philip Appel, A. Lin
derman, Henry Dlvcnnao, Charles Antes, Gustave
Cortes, Adam Blcrly, John Clark, Christopher John
son, a. U, Burley, S. S. Whitney, N. Hears, Grant
Goodrich, Joseph Geary.
Seventy-Second Regiment.—Lieutenant
Thompson, Co. H, 72d Illinois (First Board of
Trade regiment) who came up a few days since
with prisoners, will return to the regiment on Sun
day night, ard will take letters and small packages
to the hoys. Packages may be left until 4p. m.
with Capt. Holbrook, at the headquarters of the
72d recruiting party, In the Court House Square.
Be nefit of Hancock Guards.—The on*
nonneement that Professor Griffiths will give an
entertainment at Bryan Ball, on Wednesday eve*
nlrig next, for the benefit of the Hancock Guards,
is exciting an unusual degree of interest. The
tickets are sellnig rapidly, many of the young men
of the company having sold their quota of tickets
already, and have called on the Treasurer, asking
like Oli-ver Twist—tor more. The entertainment
will be a grand success,
Great Anniversary IScctlng of tlid
8* Christian Commission,—All the
singers of onr city willing to assist at the Anniver
sary Meeting to be held in Bryan Hall on Thursday
evening, are requested to meet in the YouagMcn’s
Christian Association rooms, on Saturday after
noon at 3 o’clock. Let all onr musical friends bo
on band.
‘lllll’m 'Writing: School*—Thos. £. Hill,
the celebrated teacher of Penmanship, has been
' teaching with great success in the Southern and
Central part of this State during ihe past winter.
The Decatur Magnet, referring to his very largo
and successful schools in that city, says u Mr.
Hill is not only the best penman that wo have ever
met with, hat he has the best faculty of imparting
instruction of any teacher we have ever seen con
duct a school. Hols certainly without a nval in
'hie profession.” “
Mr. H. opens a school In Pern, Illinois, about
the 28d of March.
Grace ClmrcD—Episcopal,—The ordi
nance of confirmation will he administered on
Sunday morning in Grace Church, by the Bishop
•of the Dloccsc—Rt. Rev.* H. J. Whitehonsc. The
church is located on the corner of Wabash Avenue
and Peck Cocrt.
Our Indian Visitors.—Alachnlcr of No. 86
Randolph street, has taken a very fine composite
photograph of the Indians who honored us with
their presence two or three days ago. Hole in
the Day” tops the group. *
Second Anniversary of the North
• western Branch of the F, S. Cbriatlan
ConimlSNlon.—Wc learn that the Committee
have received telegrams that Rev. Geo. J. Afintrirn,
of Philadelphia, whose "eloquent speech at the
meeting held in the hall of the House of Repre
sentatives at Washington has been mentioned by
the Eastern press, and Brig. Gen. Clinton B. Flake,
of Mlssocri, whose eloquence many of onr friends
remember, nt the convention held iastyear in this
city, will be present and address the meetings.
Fnblilon BooTini—Demorest, Coder, Arthur
and Peterson for April, have been received by J.
It. Walsh, comer of Madison street and Custom
lloosc Place.
“ Madam Demorcst’s Mirrorr of Snriug Fash
ions, and “ Oodey’s Lady’s Book” for "April have
been received by McNallv & Co., 81 Dearborn at.
JS” Warren Chase lecture? Nt Bryan Hall, i larch
filth, at 10, V a. m., on the Rise and Progress of
Spiritualism; and at p. m., on the Poor Man’s
Home. Seats free. - "
Bose and Comfort.—To secure this for the
head you have only to be fitted to onoof Brews
ter’s elegant Dress Hats for Spring wear." Brewster ‘
is under the Sherman House. mhlOA'.y.Mt
Comfort In Waiting an Essential to
Health.—Corns, Bunions anddlseased nails in
stantaneously and effectually cured by a process
pfculiar to Dr. Kendall, which dispenses with the
operation of cutting, rendering the parts smooth
and pliable hs ever. Cilice No 41 Prescott House,
South Clark street, corner of Van Bnren street.
Neat—Not GandylstlioDrc**Hat for
Genllcincti’a Spring Wear, just Introduced at
Brewster’s under Shctnan House. mhlD-aSOMt
Fite Florence Nightingale of the Nur-
The following Is an extract from a letter written
by the Ecv. C. Z. Weiser, to the Gtnr.cn He formed
M9eU*gtr % at Chambcrsburp, Penn.:
Just open the door for her, and Mre. Winslow
will prove the American Florence Nightingale of
the Nursery. Of this, we are so sure, that we will
teach our “Susy ” to env, *‘A Blessing on Mrs.
Winslow” for hclnlng.her to survive and escape
* the griping, cohcklnc and teething siege. We
confirm every word sot forth intho Prospectus. It
performs precisely what it professes to periorm,
every part of It—nothing less. Awav with your
Cordial,” “ Paregoric,” “Drops,” “Laudanum,”
and every other “Narcotic,” by which the babe
is drugged into stupidity, and rendered dull and
Idlotlcior life. -
Wo have never seen Mrs. Winslow—known her
only through the preparation of her “Soothing
Syrup for Children Teething.” If we had the
power, we would make her, as she is, a physical
saviour to the Infant Race. 25 cents a bottle.
Sold by all Druggists.
. FebSS-rHS-tm-Stew.Tn-ThiSat
ISf House and Sign Painting, Calcuninlng
Glazing and Groining. Psper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
York prices. F. E. Eight, 80 Randolph St
Box £Sd3. fe2s-u378-lm
At the residence of A. P. Relgart, Esq., near Belf.lt,
Wls., March VUli, by the Rev. Mr. Davis. Mr. HENRY
Killed in the fight at Ye?oo CU-, on the r>th in-U.,
EUGENE E. WALTER, 2d Lieut. In the let Mississippi
(Colored) Cavalry, Col. E. D. Omsaxd.
Lieut. Walter wa< one of thaftrautll hut determined
band who. Inside the fort on that day, refused to sur
render, though Burrcnuded by eight rebel regiments
for seven long hours, antfwho were compelled to retire.
?he simple enuonccriccut la the nollce of the fight
In the morning’s Tribune, that two Lieutenants were
killed, was read with an aching fear by bis sUters, Mrs.
Osband an 3 Mrs. Sherman, of this city, that he might
be one of them, was made at night nsid reality to
then) by the trrlval In the Illinois Central cars of the
body of their brother, on Its way to Uls Lome In Lltch
field, Michigan.
No truer young - man lias laid down hie life forbU
country la this war.
Fashionable Clothing,
.Business Suits,
Choke Styles Pants and Vests.
rich FmunsHniG goods.
Travelling Shirts, Superior "White Drcsa Shirts, Collars,
Tics, Scurf?, Clove?, Suspenders, Under Wevr, 811k
Mcnco, India Cause, lisle Thread.Flannel, ic.,
Tmeling Bugs, Umbrellas, Paper Collars,
Uandkereliiefi, ilexaudre Kid Gloves, Ac-, •
;Wc Invite your attention to our fine Clothing manu
factured expressly for our retail trade by D. DEVLIN
* CO., oTNcw York, and selected with special refer
ence to the requirements of gentlemen of taste, which
we offer at the -
VciyLowest Prices,
133 Randolph Street, Sherman House.
auction Soles.
1t3,105 A 101.Dearborn street, Chicago.
The most spaclona Salesrooms, and tho best ada*>
w esu r 1116 of kinds ot Merchandise In thi
Fartlcnlar attention will be given to thesale c
oopFCOola. goods, at private dwellings, tuwl at ou>
falcitooms. Regular tale of household cools cvet:
B&tarc&y.- bales or Dry* Goods boots and Shoe-
Ac., every utek. Liberal cash advances mads oa aT
binds of Merchandise. fe»v3SJ S<r
J-ti BALE.
Boniehold Furniture at Auction,
Oa BAI URDAY, March 19tb. at 9k o’clock, at Butters’
*2 Portland Block, Noi. IK, NO and
107 Dearborn street. Household Goods—A l&rxo lotol
household goods, such as carpets, beds
bcddloc, bedsteads, chairs Ac., Ac. Rosewood Fund
tore—A solid rosewood parlor set. In crimson, broca
tollc; solid rosewood bedstead, wasteland end com
?r C ?,?;- K 2l ul ?? Machine—One of Alkln*a celebrated
Knitting Machines, capable of knitting 0) pair socks
per day. It la complete. Bowing Machines—several
sewing machines, In order, of popular makes.
mhlC-aSC7.it WM. A. BUTTERS & CO.. Anc’rr.
-J I.
Furniture, Carpets, Mirror*,
. &c».
at auction.
On TUESDAY, March 22d, at 9K o’clock, wo ahsli
sell at our salesroom?, 46 and 48 Dearborn street, ele
gant Cottage and French Chamber Salta, In Koicwood.
walnut and Chestnut. Rich Green, Plash, PirlorSnitc,
with a general assortment of
Parlor, Chamber and
Diningroom Frfrnltuiv,
Carpets. Mirrors. Painting.*, Engravings, Office Desks,
Sluglt Bcggy, Harness, Fancy Articles. Lounges. Mat
trasses. 6c . Ac. GILBERT & SAMPSON.
mhl9-a333-4t Auctioneers.
No. IT? Washington street, on MONDAY, 2tst
lDßt.ht9)so’clodka.ni., will be sold the entire stock
of Groceries.’Wooden Ware. Shelving, Counters,
Scales,GoßFlxtmo3.fHovcs.ftc., and an extra largo
itetrfr orator, together with manj/otber articles.
rohi9-a9Ci-8t patsm bT-T. LEE, Salesman.
— C orrespondence.
- Tv Two young soldier toys, ofordhmry Intellect,
wish (o correspond with an unlimited number of
ycang laalcs. with a view to love, or anything tho cor
respondence may enure. Come on ladies, do something
for your country by writing to her nephews. Photo
graphs sent In rctnrn for those received. Address
•* V ABRlB” and “ WILLIE,’* Co. F.QUh Ohio, Chatta
nooga, Tcnu, it
TS7 ANTED—Correspondence. A
* v lady of middle nze. who la very sympathetic
and who aUo feels the want of sympathy, la exclusive,
sensitive and confides, whose qualifications lay more
In the heart than tbclicad, would like to correspond
wlUi a few persons who can understand such a nature.
Oh'ect—congenial acquaintances. Address Mrs. S. T.
A. FLORENCE. Chicago Post Office. nihlo-0899-2t
Tf Two young men of high standing have served
their country for three years and have re-enlisted for
three more. Object—fun and mutual improvement.
Photos exchanged If desired. Please address *-F MC”
ned “II Lli," Co. B, 40th Ill.Yct. < VoLlnf.»Scott*boro,
Alabama. 4th Div.. 15th A. C. mhll*-aSfO-7t
&ot s>m.
FOR SALE.—Four first-class Bil-
Uurd Tables for sale cheap for cosh. Inquire la
the nsr ot Kingsbury Block. mhiu-alri!-6t
FDR SALE—Or Rent. Foundry
and Machine Shop, with Engine. Lathes and
Tool?, In u good location In the city of Chicago. Ad
dress P. O. Box 4JOI. mhlD-aIKiMUI
C'OR SALE. —A horse, harness and
JL' wagon will be sold cheap, ns the party Is leaving
the city. Inquire at 741 North Clark street, near Chi
cago avenue. mhi9-a*JO.Mt
FOR SALE.—A small cottage
house on Third avenue, to be removed within
thirty days. Price *3OO or less. CLAFLIN' A FAY,
Attorneys C 5 Clark street. mhifraXK-it
FDK SALE.—Choice residence
property. 4u lots on Wabash, Mlcltlgsnand Indi
ana avenues, full depth, both north and sooth qf* Lib
erty or Fourteenth street. This property Is known aa
the lieolscton tract,and (snow offered forssle In lots to
sSit, cd liberal fence. A. J. AVEUELL, Real Estate
Office No. 7 Metropolitan Block. mh>9-aS3slw
Xf'Oß SALE,—One iron screw cut-
JL tlmr Lolth 9K foot hed,26 Inch swing; one upright
Iron Prill; one Jfihorsepowtr Engine; one
F«u for Foundry. Also Wood Planer. Wood ‘Turning
Lathe, Boring and Mortice Machine, all In good order,
will be sold cheap for cosh. Inquire of 6. McQUESTOX,
Morris, Onmdy Co., 111. mhi9-au>7-l(K
“OOR SALE.—Canal boat Moms,
X. of Ottawa. A good bargain U o(feral for cash,
or a portion will be taken in freight If desired. Apply
to J.O. DYKE, Ottawa, or KIMBALL * WALCOXT,
Chief go, HI. . mhl»a3jQ-lt
F3R SALE—Or Exchange lor a
Cottage Bouse with leise of lot, a Retail Grocery
doing a fair 'trade. Address M OEOCEIt," Tribune
Otflce. mhl3*a߻St
POR SALE.—A second hand
JL. Portable Engine of six or eight horse power, in
prime running order, and extra good Boiler lor sale
cheap. Apply to T. W. BAXTER A CO., or to ”11 B
It” Box 6106. mh!B-aS2B-2t
f£OR SALE.—A fine light one horse
Can he seen at 211 'vVahash avenue, •
POB SALE—The lease and fixtures
A of theDinlngßoom, U6Dearhorastrect,ncartlio
Post Office, and one of the best locations In too aty.
Apply o° the premises. mh!3-a&43-Tt
FOR SALE.—A Notary Public's
Commission. Address Box 4637. znhlfraSll-St
"E'OR SALE—Tiro good truck
JL wagons and harness, complete. Also, five good
work horses. Inquire of S. CROWLEY, 121 South
Clarkstrcct. mhl7-am.se
JL pie?, lately packed, AIM, 50 brie. Cider—an extra
line article* Apply to
mblT-aIPO-Et M. GRAFF, 63 Dearbornst.
FDR SALE.—A variety of first
class Piano? and Melodcona-one second band,
and one Billiard Table complete—price SIOO. The best
quality of Rosewood Veneers, for sale at US South
Dearborn street, on the second floor.- P. O. Bos mo.
_mbl»-a«2O-lw J.'PRESTON.
TJ'OR SALE.—A Portable Steam
X Engine of 10-horse pflwcr. T’ fin??,-good balance
wheel, &c., complete, may be soon for one week at the
Bathing House, T. D. WILLIAMS, Aurora. 111.
pOR SALE— Store for sale.
" . The proprietor desirous of retiring will sell for
cash no old established business. Adores? Wil. L*.
WOOLSV, La Salle, 111. mhlfraSaMt
TfOR SALE—By John Bnmap,
JL sevcnty-flve good Work Horses, on South State
street, opposite the Ullch House. mh2-v«t3-3w
FDR SALE- Plow Factory and
Machine Shop. The basinets has been establish
ed fifteen years ThePlowawell and favorably known
throughout me Northwest. Capacity for manufactur
ing—six thousand plows per annum. For particulars
inquire of the proprietors at Whitewater, wls.
FDR SALE—2SO,OOO feet of com
mon Boards, with a general‘assortment of com
mon Lumber. For particulars address P. O. Box 2315.
Chicago. 111. mhJ-v74iM3t
FDR SALE—To close consign
Bfcut.CO/ffi Connecticut Seed Clears, 15.000 Seed
Vero,lC.OCQSccfl Havana, 10,0C0 York State—all of su
perior moke and unequalled In this market—carefully
packed, and at a low figure, and 10barrel? ofSmoking
Touacco. Call at southwest corner Van Baren-if.
and Fourth avenue. mhlS-aKrSt
pOR SALE—Drug store for sale
JL la one of the principal business-town? on the
Michigan central Railroad. A fine opportunity offer
ed to any person waiulne a good esubushed burincss.
Apply to J.ORD & SMITH, 23 Lake street. Chicago.
Bnaols. ; j rnhS-aas-iw
FDB SALE—One-halt of the in
terest In the Spruce Beer business of Arnold &
Green. Apply at 29. State street, oraddress CALEB
ARNOLD. Post Office 80x3c21, Chicago, Dlinols.
'C'OR SALE—SO eix per cent. Bonds
JL' of Cook County, of $1 COO each, payable m the
City ot New Fork, the interest semi-annually, and the
principal May Ist, JS73. Proposals for the purchase
of oce or more of said bonds will be received up to
MONDAY, the ast Inst., at 4 o'clock P. M., with the
rl>bt to reject any bid.
Bv.ordcroi the Board of Supervisor?,
_ A. GIBBS, Chairman of War Fund Com..
Chicago, March 13th, 1861. - mhlG-aGIO-6t
FDR SATE.—A Saw Mill, two
and a half miles west of Mokeaa, on the Chica
go & Rock Island Railroad, rn Hickory Creek, saw
milts from Chicago ; eight feet head ofw-icerfor
about five months in the year, with a frame dam. Be-'
tween two and three acres of land, ami a good dwell,
log bouse, will be sold with the mill. The wholdls of.
fered lor sl,oci-cash, or on anproted security. ■Apply
to GEO. \T. NEWCOMB, So Dearborn street, room 8,
up-stulrs. mhl3-aCll-lw
FOR SALE.—To Confectioners.
' Ten Thousand Dollar?. (|IO,COOA The above
snniJncask and two thousand dollars (.•SjKpOj on time
will purchase the neatest, bwt paving. b?*t located
Confectionery and Saloon outside of the L'itvof New
York, with the entire stock and rood will. The Lease
clone is worth *I,CW. Location Chicago. Address Box
6VTI. Chicago, Ills. mh!4-a.tl9-lw
®o 3£ra».
TD REXT—Four stories of large
Store 281 South Water street, with good ofllSs.
inquire on the premises. iahl9-o9&-Cc
'TIO REXT—For two years; a dwell
J- insr on Michigan avenue, near Dearborn Park.
Apply to J. g. PLA IT, 63 Randolph-gt. mhlD-a'JCi-lt
TO RENT—Stores.—Brick stores
£S, W and 42 Franklin street, near Lake, will be*
rented together, for wholesale business. Possession
te " S * No. 2 Court Hou«e.
TO REXT.—A four-story Brick
Rouse on Fourth avenue.. Sixteen rooms, water,
gas, o.ith-room.&r. Possession immectsiely, or from
April let. Apply to ANDREWS* OTIS. No 4b Clark
street,roomNo»3. ?pbl9-a , .K 1 3-li
T° KE^T—Furnished—The three
JL story and basement Brick Dwelling, No 5 .2 iT In-
ross'falon jrlvcn let of Uaj. Apply 10
C. KSWIFT.2OI Lukestreet. mhl£Ki£Hß-2t
TO RENT—A Grocery Store, with
ttnement lor jb small family. In a good location
ou me south Side. Tenant can have a small stock of
Groceries now in the store, at coat prices, if desired.
Vv f■ 9 re . lß ,d°ln? a pnyingcashbusiness. CLAFLIN
& FAT.An’ys, 63 Clark street: mhlO-aOtO-lt
r!) RENT—Or Sale. Five acres
of cultivated ground, well fenced, with a one
Jh L ry iP z^ ce . boilße \ t * tQ4tet i one mile and a half west ol
l h^.Clt^l^l?/?, L ! S£P. a J. coaßanroad «ent $73 per
J t«; JTODKG* SPRINGER, Real Estate agents.No.
2 Metropolitan Block. mhl7*a773-Iw
RENT A Store on Lake
e i’ bclD r ??? of 110 ™ost desirable locations
onthe street forjobblng or retail trade. Addrc«-,Box
- ' mhl6-aC33-U
T9 BENT—A Hotel. The Hotel
TDOARDXNG.—A few desirable
-CLg(nnlornlshca) suits and single rooms.with board,
rUSffifVLt* 1 "’ caD bc 118(1 ftl st * cload Hotel. 11l
rranaun street. mhl9-aOU-2t
XJOARDING. — One single front
i^e\ b ao“^f l !'e'; ,or
■DOARDING.— Pleasant rooms
J-P and board may be found at 520 MIcM-an street a
ihl?Sit we6tfr ° m Itaab brtds“ *
UR—On the 14 th inst., a
irT>^«f?A n i Wbl, £. Cc ”!£ w, th ayoung calf. The cow
y , e ?can bc found at tho south
east cortto of Indiana avenue and Eighteenth street,
w, S l * I t e WBCr to call, prove property, pay
° mS7*aTOBt ake hef 8^ ly * O. T. ELLIOTT.
Orders from the country or city, for any quantttj
prpmpUyflUed,ftt marketr&les.
CeSO-vTI-Sm Office,« Laaallu-st.. Chicago, HL
&coi Sistate Bit Saif.
FOR SALE.—Two' story cottage
s°<J }£s* on lavorable terms.
Ar«oJT*yfi ?* f™** 10 arcane near Pt*cc.
* cct tii omas s. Tallin.
SALK.—Two fice dwelling
t .ir^ l . °. f Carpenter slreot.brtwooa
L, ke and Eaaoalnb. for e.i le pa libera) terras—&&} per
FDR SALE.—House and lot on
Warren afreet. Home ami lot on Wa*Ms~to3
street west of Onion Park. Lot* on Warren rid With.
Irgnn streets and l*ark avenue. House and lot ou
Clark street near Folk street. Houseandlotoo Po rib
a venae near Polk street, and In other part* of the city
bliaSw 12* K»st Randolph. Room No. I. '
FOR SALE—Or exchange, in part
for city property In the suburbs, or real estate In
a country town, house and lea*e No. 28J and 323 South
Clark street. Apyly oa the premUei. np-sl»lrs.
FDR SALE.—Two houses and lots
on Aberdeen street, near Monroe. Two housa*
and lots on Warren street, near Lincoln. A frame
Ijoosc and lot on Chicago avenue, near Market street,
for A frame house and lot on North CLvrk street
forfcSCCO. Abrlckhocse and lot on Pearson a rcet,
Ncrili Side, for SI,COO. Also a number of reddeacea
on the avenue, houses and lois, building lota,river lots,
farms and Illinois lands. SAMUEL A. SAICQENT.
Peal Estat<*Agont, No. i Metropolitan Clock.
ain9*a»vt . -
"C'OR SALE.—A one story Cottage
X House and lot on North avenue.bcttvecn Halite!
and liatle» Mrecta. south trout. Apply on tho premiss*
or to F.BANBIKGEB. 140 Lake street, Sd floor.
FDR SALE—Cheap for Cash.
Two houses and lotson Ontario street, between
Clark and Dearborn streets. Apply at JAMES W.
ADAMS*, No. 173 Indiana street. mhl(i-»507-8l
FDR SALE — Houses and Lots.
On Indiana street, east of Rash, three story brick.
On Greene street, south of Vaoßuren. two story frame.
On North Sangamon, north of Randolph street. No 19.
On West Madison t-trett; No. 411. .Apply to C. M.
IIIGQIKSON, Ucal Estate Office No. , Metropolitan
Block. mhl3-ttU3-3t
ID OR SALE.—On Wabash avenue
JL uorti of Twelfth street. 72ftfrontmz cast, south
of Feck Court. 40 ft. fronting west, south of Peck
Court, with frame bouse. 28 ft.'.fronllng cast, on Mtch-
Icsn hvenne, corthof Harmon Court. Apply to A. J.
AVKRELL, Beal Estate Office No 7 Me’ropolltm
Block, • mhlß^s4J-3t
FDR SALE.—Houses and tots
on Michigan and Indiana Avenues. House and
lot on Michigan avenue. lot ICCxISO feet. House nod
lotonlndinca.OTennc.lot 100x13c ft. or 30x130. The
above property is north of Kio Qroniostrect, with alee
comfortable frame bounca and onnuncatcd ground*.
For sale cheep on easy terras by A. S. AVELELL, Beal
Estate Office No. 7 Metropolitan Block. mhi» aBU-5t
FOR SALE—Or Exchange, an acre
end a third of land In the city or” Lyons, Imva.
together with the improvements, consisting of a story
and a half cottage or six rooms, two closets and first
rate cellar, r. large cistern and good birn. sixty choice
fruit trees, currants and grape*, strawberry and aspar
agus beds, ornamental trees,fiowcringslirulH-balSons,
roots, etc. AU the Improvements made within the last
six years, title perfect. Will exchange for hoasc and
lot In Cblcago, or unimproved lot lo good locality and
part cash. For further, particulars address H.
O’DoN OOUDE, Lyons, lowa. mhlß-abl>l3t
FDR SALE—Lake Street and
South Water street. WHARFING LOT 3. We
am authorized to sen two Jorge corner lots running
to the river, one on Lake street, and one on South
■Water. Also, an Improved lot on Market street, neat
Kandolpb, extending lo tho river, renting for more
than ten (1C) per cent on price asked. First-class busi
nronno mldcncc properly la all divisions of the city.
THOS. B. BRYAN * CO., Bryan HalL _mhlß-a507-6t
FOR SALE—House and lot No.
203 Indians avenue, between Twenty-Fourth and
Twenty-Filth street?. Lot:otect by DO feet to nn alley.
The hootc In ail respects a first das* dwelling, togeth
er with good onl braidings. A part of tbe'pnrcbasc
money can remain on time. Price jlO/iCO. Forpartlc
ulars address Post Office Box 430, or apply on the
premises. P. I*. MATTHEWS. mhl7-a“»8t
FOR SALE.—A commodious fam
lly house on Fourth street, Aurora. HI., with a
variety of fruit trees, grape vines, shmbcrv, Sc., very
pleaFanlly situated and In good order, 't . X). WIL
LIAMS, Bathing House, Aurora, Ills. mhl7-a721-Gt
EOR SAXE.—Sonth Water street.
Wabash avenue. A large and valuable comer on
h Water street for sale at a moderate price. Also
an excellent, substantial house on Wabash avenue, 19
feet front and full depth lot. Other residences end bn
slow property In all PMrirna of the cJtv. THOMAS
B. BRYAN & t’O., Bryan Hell. mhl7-a7IS-lw
FOR SALE —Three nice residences,
Ncs.tJW, €3l and CM Wabash avenue. Brick bouse
and lot corner Ann and Fulton streets. New two story
frame dwelling, 11 rooms, with lot and ont buildings,
near Union Park-price |3,0j0. Lot comer Madison
and Union streets. 60 ft on West Madison street near
Halstead. Good bnlldiog lota in and near Bralnard A
Evans* Addl* ion. Also a few very desirable lots la
Cleavcrvllle—cheap. Also a large water lot on Sonth
Brunch, 1,000 feet slip front. NUTT * BROOKS, 35
Clark street, np_sfairs. mMT-aTS-Mw
FDR SAlE.—Ecur lots on West
Wat-liineton street and six lots on Warren street
cast of Bobcy street at $750 each. TOUNG & S ?RING
EE, Leal Estate Agents, No. 2 Metropolitan Block,
X/'OR SALE—Houses and Lots on
JL Wabash avenue, near Twelfth street 19,500
On Wabash avenue, near Peck Court 9.000
On Wj.bash avenue,near Fourteenth street....... ELSOO
Also, northeast comer Wabash avenue and Van Ba
ren street. Apply to • A J. AVEEILL,
Beal Estate Office No.'Metropolitan Blo&.
FOR SALE— Or exchange, a house
and lot on Canal strcet.between Adams and Jack
ion, No. 177; lot sSzl6s feet; with or without improve
ments. Also ICO acres cf first-class forming land In
Clayton County, lowa, fifteen miles from the Missis
sippi River, near Dubaqae. Address Box 871, or In
quire of RUBFL A BKO , 237 and 233 Lake-st., Chicago.
mhls-n55»7t •
Tj’Oß SALE. —A new three story
JL and basement marble front dwelling on Wabash
avenue, to be finished on tbe Ist of April, 1564. Inquire
at NO. 34 CLARK STREET. mhlS-aSSi":
F3R SALE.—Brick honseandbarn,
lot ?5 feet by 176 to a twenty-four foot alley, first
door south oCEhfnteenth street onFrolrie avenue. One
half of the purchase money may lay for any length of
time dcsirca. For particular* apply to HITCHCOCK’S
DRUG STORE, £37£tate street, or on the premises at
1 o clock p. m. mbl3-38Mw
T7OR SALE—ReaI Estate.
JL AVENUES.—An Increased list of residence lots
at prices ranging from $35.t0 per foot upward. Over a
thousand feet of frontage on Prairie and Calumet
avenues, much of it from SQO.to 400 ft. In depth. Indi
ana, Michigan and Wabash avenue lots and houses,
mostly In section 22, some near Twelfth street and
near Eighteenth. Price *SO per It. near Old and *IOO
near Sixteenth street, 23 and 27 ft. front and full depth.
Block on Michigan and Wabash at *3O per foot—cheap.
Lots on Old street 13d ft. deep.
the market on tbe West Side facing Union Park, West
Washington street and crot* streets near the pork.
Five lo*s cs-Tacksop street, fronting south, near Aber
deen. 177 ft. deep to a 40 ft. alley—cheap. 50x116 on
Peoria near Monroe. Several comers at *SO per foot,
ono specially good with south and east front, and a
large'amount of other We»T Side propertv, both resi
dence and business. Residences on most ot, the best
streets in the North Division. Houses and lots on
Ohio. Indiana, Illinois, Losoue streets, comer of Wells
and Wendell. A large lot on Fine street.
FOR SUBDIVISION.—SeveraI valuable blocks for
subdivision oflered low as a whole. One at *8,009. '
BUSINESS PROPERTY.—First class business houses
and lots on Lake, Sonth Water, Randolph, Lasaile near
Randolph, Randolph corner of Wabash avenue, and a
lot on Randolph for |9.CJo,now renting for SI,OOO.- •
FOR EXCHANGE.—Many offers ot property, mostlj
farms and suburban homes, In exchange with some
money, for city property, Sc., &C. THUS. B. BRYAN
& CO.,Bryaa Hail. mhij-a557-lw
FOR SALE.—Great Bargains.
SO,WO acres of Land, on tbe line of the Loeans
aortand Peoria Railroad. In Livingston county, lIL
There lands are high and rolUnc.Hnd are within three
miles of Railroad stations Chatswortb and Forrest
vfllc, and five miles from a good Coal Mine, and will
be sold cheap, one-filth cash,balance In five or seven
years at six per cent. Interest. There Is a Beet Sngar
Manufactory at Chatswortb, lx successful operation.
Wo better lands in the State. Address or apply to
D. K. PEARSON?, 119 Randolph street Chicago, or
to 1 J^&TTU.W KLI. Esq., Chatßwcrth,lllinois.
SALE—Or Exchange. A lot
JL on North Wells street, 50 feet front, withcottiio
boose, will be sold low for cash or exchanged for a
medium -tiled dwelling bouse and lat In toe North
Division, in the vicinity of Chicago avenue and eart of
Wells street Address *‘H,” P.0.80x 5762. mhS-atß2w
Xf OR SALE—Twenty acres of laud
JL on South Side, Inside of the City Limits tor sole,
xcry eligible to enc up and sell In lots.
mhJS-asyMw J. W. WATTGHOP, 63 Clark-st.
"C'OR SALE^—Cheap for cash, house
JL and lot 533 South Clark street. Will pay from teu
to twelve per cent. Apply toil. GlLiFF.esDearborn
street. mhis-ais-iw
"POB SALE.—A first-class three-
A 1 story end basement Br ck House, on tbc North
Sloe, wi'hin five minutes’ walk of Rush street bridge
and the contemplated bridge at State street la well
bulit and conveniently arranged, with all the modern
Improvements. Also, a two-story brick bam-. Pos
teisJonptveo May lau Inquire at No. 219 HUcou-st,
Xf'Oß SALE.—Farming Lands for
JL sale, SS miles-rom Chicago, in the township of
Ptotcen, 111 county, from one to two miles irom
Peotonc Station, on the Illinois Central Railroad,
these lands were selected at an earlvday. and are
some of the very best lands in the State—convenient
to rosrk'w and schools.asd surrounded by an latolli
ttcntanotLrlvlGjrclaasofiarmera- These l:tnd.»may
be sold in quantities as toliows : 60, 120. ISO, 210. or
E0 acres. Terms ofpayment easy. For particulars
Inquire of MILTON >MITB, Peotone; D. C. SCRAN
TON. Chicago, or M.S. DEAN, Marshall. Michigan.
feifi-wB2O-3w Tu-xnasa *
FJB SALE.—Four-story brick
Store, 2ft by 162 feet, with lot, situated on North
Waternrect, Chicago Apply to GEO. W, ADAMS.
In rearot No. ISON or th Water street. mhls-a>a»lot
"OOR SALE—Fii.c Residence The
A Subscriber offers for sale at about half <ts value,
his Residence in Gencsco. one of the most beautiful
tonus In the West. It is situated In a very convenient
and desirable* location, was built about three rears
since, and is ot a late and most approved style of ar
chitecture, and finished in the test possible manner,
and has the modem conveniences of mest citr resi
dences. Forpftrticnlars.addressNATUANß PERRY.
Geneteo, m. m.'Ui-oCTS-lCt *
F>R SALE—-A Farm 265 acres
with flue Improvements— - 2o acres timber, fire
miles from a coal min*, with nice dwelling boose, out-
fifty-two from Chicago, on R. I Rail
rocd.ln Grundy coonrr. 111. Price &2CO. Inquire of
J. B. HEEs, 88 Dearborn at., Chicago. mblo-iu92-3w
F3R SALE- Cheap for cash, a
dwelling house and lot, situate
m. south Jefferson street. The lotis£B* feetfrontby
1« feet deep to an alley. House contains modern Ira-
SS^5£ nt *» a , nd V 1 W i s barn and cistern on the
! W n . b l°<* 6 * lo the Original Town
of CbicagOtbelnge& feet front on the river and Immc
SiNrJSv Armour’s Warehouse. Apply
to JOHN FORSYTHE,BoomNo.I, Marine Bank Bmld-
v lp g- mh£ka23l-3w
U’OR SALE—A Farm of 215, acres
J- —S2 acres of timber, and 163 acres ol good rolling
FJ"^*P e » pnder good cultivation, with a good house,
bani. orcbnrd, and plenty of Uvlng: water onJt. Lo
cV,eJ 1? the town of Uavne, Dn Pave Co, 111., two
miles from ayne Station; sis miles from £hriu,aud
tbhrtyjnllesfrcm Chicago. Priee_K23o per acre. In
quire on Farm, or address 31. KERSHAW, Wavue
Station, Du Page Co. mhll-aSTD-Sfct
XpOR SALE—Brick House and Lot
yiC0 Ccroer olcolt and Btrceta-lotllSJi
Liver Lot near Pittsburgh Railroad Bride, on Scmh
A number or Lots on the West and North side?. By
P. GEDDES, Office No. 5, over 17 Weil* street.
Xf'Oß SALE—TYankegan residence
-L —AUrge end solidly built brick house, standing
upon seven lots In this pleasant and fashionable suburb
and In lull view of the lake. The b rounds are well
fenced and handsomely planted with shrubbery and
shade trees, as well ns with a large variety of choice
fruit trees In mil bearing. For a man of tho house and
grounds and for terms aoply to Mrs. - L. 9. B ARTZELL
on the premises, or to Thos. B. Bryan, Bryan Han,
F3R SALE —Lots. Good Build
ing and Residence Lots, pleasantly located In
the West Division, on Chicago avenue, Indiana, Hub
bard and Noble streets, at from SCO to SIAM, on
long or short time. Apply to J, BICKBBDIKE. In
Burnham * Martin s office, 63 East Hondolnh street.
LOST— A Dog, on the North Side.
A black and tan pup, (ears cut) about three
nioutbsold. Answers to the name of “Sam M Three
dollars will bo paid for his delivery to 2&i North Dear
born street. # mhl7-aT74-3t
LOST.— On Wednesday evening!
March Ifth. In or near the Theater, a JetCroaa.
tinned with eold. The finder will bo rewarded by
leaving it at C 8 Waahlngtoo street. mhl9-o9iaat
LOST, —A small Black Pap, with
plated collar, (no lock) cars cut—one shorter
than the olher.Fome while on tbuthtoat; a-swera to
the name of “Minnie.” Any one returning hrr to No
129 South Water street, will get two dollars for their
trouble. ahl^a9jO-2t
LOST. —On Thursday afternoon.
Match 17th, In tho North Division, In thenelsb
boibood of Ohio sad Eric street*, a Black Lace Veit.
The Orderwillboflultablyrewarded on leaving it at
the office of MILLER * LEWIS, 91 Wasbingtoustreet.
mbl‘»a?B32t, . .
3!23antch. -
-ANTED—A cook at 377 On
f I terio street- Kefcrcnce required. mhl3-oaS-?t
*S/ ANTED- A good colored Ser
f » rant Girt. Apply at lldLake street, (np-atairs.)
tnUS-afir-U ;
■^7ANTED—A Blacksmith. One
If that can shoe and do all kinds of Job * ark.
Acidity* Poet Office Box 1522, or cal) at fiidSUte street.
TST ANTED.—An American girL
• T T tsl?liC6 a sllaatlou la some family where the
caro of children would bo her principal duty. No ob
jection towalUagontable. Address“Tß.” ro*tOiOoo
Box 9125. mhl?-uftl4-5t
Vl/ ANTED.—A few good Carpen
▼ * ter am! Mechanics can find employment at
liberal WA~tAby applying at C It. BROWN A CO'S
Potwi'-lry, cornerKfcgsbnry and Michigan *frcctOjN«lh
W ANTED —Experienced Shirt
.v-'n.v3 aJ V\£ 3 vyI‘li 1 ‘ li Wheeler * Wilson's, or Grover
"V\T ANTED.—I wish to rent a neat
* sox . mms-awi-it
WANTED.—Cutters, Tailors,
cnltlcs, coaGnu only S7J3O. feent by mall ti> uiraddrcw
Yard stfclaS, pquarer.incb tapes.for sale, a, Oral
Clffa custom cutter from Boston:open tor entacemeTit
can be beard from at GKANU)ta*B, 27 Market street
ctfeago, P. O, BOX ISC6. mhl9 a932.1t
Vil ANTED.—A young American
* * girl wishes ciup’ovrripnt on Machine.
Can be even ntMra.SI.BAWITJi'B InteUieence OJlre,
ISjPoulh Wells et., northeast corner Madison, where
clri-i waLtiorr situations, who arc wllllasr to work con
Und employment. mill! oJlfrit
~SJU ANTED—A first class Bonnet
T T Trimmer, to go to the City of Ottawa. Immo-
P a y»*c. For partlculare Itqalrc at
p.B. f I?K*S %>hoU*sie Millinery Rooms. SS and. S3
Lake street. mhlDaM9-2t
TS7 ANTED.—Capital wanted in
* r the sum of two thousand dollars, with the ser
vice* of a good brslncss man, to laher.a interest in one
of tbc bwt paying business in the Weal. Any party
de.'lrtng to mase such an arrangement will nlettse call
open me st 75 Lake street. B. F. WIGGINS.
\\T ANTED—A Porter. One that
T T ha* worked in a Drug Store, preferred.
mhl9-»33C-lt BLISb & SHARP, 144 Lake st.
\kf ANTED —Two servant girls.
T v One to cook, wash and iron, and tiH* other as
second trirl. Apply at 49 Jackson street, bft ween State
andwababh. Proteatants preferred. mfal»a933-3t
AM ANTED—Experic need Waiters
v nt 77 Dearborn street. S.U. THOMSON.
mhloh;tsit ,
\\T ANTED—Immediately, one
▼ v thousand men for W. W. TVrlght, Colonel and
Ciller Engineer U. S Railroads. Division JlisjlsHfpnl,
five hundred laborers, at one dollar and fiftv cent*
(?IX-o)and rations per dav and Qvc hunched tract
layers at. two and one-half dollars undone ration
per day. Transnortatton furnished by the Government.
Apply at the office of L. B. BOOMER, 14 Oearborn-sK,
< up naira.) ■ mhl9-a9©-2w
WANTED—To sell a recipe for
T T making goor sweet cider, at any seawn and In
any locality, without the weoffrnit. It Is a healthy
beverage, and v ery dralrublc In warm weather, as well
Sf* co Jii. /ddress, enclosing 3.-» cents, J.THAXTKIL
Box 4570, Cblcago, and the recipe will be soot bv return
ma H- tnLl9-a93Ht
'\M ANTED—A good horse shoer
■ v andjob worktr, to po thirty-six miles into the
cotutr}*.. Good wage* and permanent emplovincat
?4 U i!^.^ I 5?J 1 *^ I ‘? Q r l ia r ,Icullirßlnt i nlro at EAatKR A
GAMMON S, 16,18 and 50 cat Lake street, Chicago.
luhl9-aS97-2t * 5
Vs7"-ANTED —A purchaser lor a six
. » year old Bay Horse, wcleht about eleven hua
dred Ihs-. sound and kind. EASTHIZ & GAMMON. 46
48 anc SO West Lake street. mhi9-a338-2t ’
\\l ANTED—To Lease a Lot .of
* T 80x40 or 50 leet front, alley in rear, east of State,
not icriher south than Sixteenth street. North of
Twelfth street preferred. Address, stating location,
terms, &c n Bos 2610. mhl9-a9G7-2t
WANTED—In a small family a
T » good cook, washer and Ironer. Apply at S3
Indiana Blrevt, corner of Cass. Good references re
quired. Iritis need not apply iuhl9-a&l4t
Y/\7 ANTED—A young German or
V* Norwegian girl that Is used to the care ofchlJ.
dren, and can come well recommended. None other
need apply. 2CB Wabash avenue. mhl&aSsW-U
VI/ ANTED —A first-class House.
t » with all the modern Improvements, for a small
family. Rent not over S3OO. Moat be In a good locali
ty, not over one mile from thp Court Rosa*. Call at
168 Lake street. mhlfraGlWt
W ANTED—Agents in every conn
▼ ▼ tylniheNorthwest to sellPciioxireßQ’sSTAN
made selling this Atlas, and Engravings of Grant, Lin
coln and Douglas. Send stamp for circulars. R. K.
LANBON. Agent, S3 Lake street, Chicago, HL
\,y ANTED.—Agents wanted to
f T sell the moat “Wonderful Invention of the
Age.** An Instrument and fhll Instruction*, by which
any lady or gentleman can take a perfect likeness.
Sent free on receipt of 20 cents. Agents are m-tiring
$lO a day. Every family should have one and take
their own likenesses. Town and county riehtaforaale.
Address M. DK GRAND, care room No. 8. 203 Broad
way, New York. ' mhl9-aBo6-6t
WANTED —Mechanics to work
in Navy Yards at “Cairo” and “Mound City,
40 Ship Carpenters, *
30 Ship Joiners.
6 Cabinet Makers,
6 Painters.
Pay from *?.ro to *3.00 oer day. Apply to “ Acting
Master JOHN D. HARTY,”U. S.Nsul Commanding
Nagal Bendezvons, corner North TORer *md North
Clarli street, Chicago, PI. mhl9-a873-7t
WANTED.—Situation wanted by
T T a young man recently employed In tne United
States Par Department. Understands book-keeping.
Eos a knowledge of tho Hardware and Leather tmsl
ne?s. Good referencesgiven. Address “6 FA*Tribune
Office. - , - mhl9-aG37-lt.
\]%J ANTED.—Xo Humbug! but
* * the religions truth. Price reduced. I will In
form any person how 1 made $;0,C00 la two years time,
and how toey can make the same Also how any lady
or gentleman over sixteen years of age can make from
53.C00 to 53,CC0 per year, clear of expenses. No capital
required for cither: business refined and attractive.
Srrrt ihL-ry-flve cents for circulars and Information.
« rite plain. All letters ansnrcdlv and promptly an
swered. AddressC. W tVHITE,B.O.Boi lift. Terre
li.iute. Vigo county, Ipdlf-pa. miuy-&s?8-3t
VV ANTED—To Rent, a first-class
» f .House, with all the modem improvements for
a smatl family. Most he in a good localltv. Call at
Booro No.a 242 South Water street, or address *• J
CU,”Port_Offlce Box 2201. mhl3aS>Ut
WANTED—An intelligent and
• ■ J, nhle bodied man to act as store porter. Most
be able to speak and write both EngiL-h and German,
and come well recommended. Ah-o.ayonng man who
enderstapdi gardening and caring for horses and cows
and Is willing to work. Apply at 60 Sonth Wells st.
WANTED —A steady and careful
T T manfully competent to takecharge of and ran
aneoglnolnaf&nringMiUlnthecocntiT. To a man
who can give good references, good wages will be paid-
Applv at Room No. 1, over Board of Trade, or addre«a
“I:. ’Box 6156, Chicago Post Office. rohlS-aS332t
VS7 ANTED—lmmediately, two
T T rood Shingle Sawvers, at BATEUAll’SShingle
Mills, 322 Scnth Canal street. mhlS-aBSC-ift
Y\7 ANTED—A situation in a
T T wholesale or first-class retail Boot and Shoe
House, as Porter or Clerk, by a man who hat had many
rears experience la the business, and can cite the best
of references as to character and. ability. Address
•FTG,” Box IC6I, Chicago, 111. _ mbl3*Sß-2t
XA7ANTED—A Wet Nurse, im-
T T mediately, at 126 Case street. One who U
youn* and healthy. Good references required.
WANTED—Board. A gentle
,▼ * man, wife end child, want board, with untar
nished room, wltbijMlTo minutes wait of Post Office.
Addrcts, gitlng terms, P. O. Box 1131. mhlS-iv—St
TX7ANTED.—A yonner man IS or
T T 20 years old that can talk 'Both English and
German languages, tofclerkln a Dry Goods Store
about to miles trom Chicago. a place ofabont three or
tour thousand inhabitants. Call on E.R.DS »KE at
Bowenßrothers, lb and2l Lake street, Chicago.
ANTED.—A situation as porter
* T In some Wholesale Store by a sober, steady
mac. Address •• E B M,” Tribune Oincc. mhlSnßl4-2C
I \f ANTED—-Blacksmiths. Seve-
T T ml first-class hands can secure permanent
situations and high wages. Apply to WM. B- YOUNG
& CO., comer Indiana and Franklin sis. mhl7-a796-3t
T\7 ANTED—By a goodlenant, a
V on the South Side, east of State street.
Nrrth cf Twctith preferred. Address P. O. Drawer
62t2. oral 2l& booth Water street. ,
T\7ANTED —A seventy horse
* * »wer Locomotive Boiler, lagood order.
WANTED.—Agents in eyerv
. * J_ township to sell. In connection with our Stan
fardSubscriptlon Books, the ‘•Life and PubUc Services
or i.leut. Gcn. Grant,”in one volume—price 25cents.
Also life like steel plate engraving of G rant, 3Kby 12
.nebes—price 25 cents. Mal'cd Tree upon receipt of
price. Active auents are making Sluper day. Enclose
stamp lor circulars. E.B. TREAT & CO., 119 South
Clark street. . mhl7-aSOI-St
WANTED Efficient Agents in
. every concty In the northwest to MU “Mitch
hu-s .New General Atlas”—the best tor-family uaa
ever publish? d—and »• Stebblna* Eighty Years' Pr
ogress of the United States.” from the Revolutionary
War to the Great Rebellion—the heat work extant
aeents. Business permanent. Address J. H.
W HIDDEN, No. 1 Methodist Church Block. Chicago.
HI. P. O.Boxaatq. mhlLiilSl-flt
•T\7 ANTED A situation as gov
» T emeu of children not exceeding twelve years
of age.by a voting lady who U competent to teach
English, the'rudiments of French and Latin, and
Murfc. Terms moderate. References given. Address
D.H.EDGAU.DcIavan, His. „mhl7a73T-lt
V\7ANTED —A secondhand Safe.
V T Anv one having a good second-hand salt to
dispose of mav hear of a cash customer uy applying, by
letter, to • 4 S, A Post Office Box 3661. mbls-aSa-sw
\\T A N TED-isix good Carpenters
T v at Evanston. Good wages and sleaoV employ
ment will be given. Apply to JAS. KENNY, Evans
ton, 111. mhlS-aiSO-Iw
1,1/ ANTED—A House and Lot
T f worth from two to four thousand dollars, with
in fifteen minute* walk of the Court House. Will pay
pert ca*b, balance on lons time. Land Agents will
pleate answer. Address' Post Office Box 1373, Chi
cago, HI. » mhlfrafitJ-Sc
TIT" ANTED.- $75 a Month. I
T v want to hire Agents in every county at ITS a
nscntb, expenses paid, to sell my new cheap Family
Sewing Machines. Address 8. MADISON, Alfred •
Maine. fea-ni7-am •
\\l ANTED—The address of every
v f man, young and old. In the western country
who wishes steady and lucrative employment. Ad
drcfsj.ir. JOHNSON’, P.0.80x4230, Chicago.Hl.
mbD-aCtS-lm * *
TTTANTED — By a’ yonhg man
? T from the East, a situation as Salesman la a
Hardware establishment. Recommendations satlsfac
tcry. Address SOON.-Q CH,” BoxS37,Laneaster, Pam,
TXT"ANTED —A situation as Book
» v Keeper, ty a young man-of large experience hi
tbe Produce business. Best of Eastern and city refer
ences clven. Address or apply at office of Uorrr w c {.
eon. . mbl3-ivfS7-8t
11/ ANTED—By a single gentle-
V v man good Board and room la a prtvSe family
located fonth of Randolph and east of State street,
where there are no other boarders preferred. The
comforts of a Lome desired. Best of reference given If
required. Address Drawer 6177, Chicago Post Office.
WANTED— S6O a Month. I
T T want Agents at S6O a month, expenses said, to
■ell my EvxnLAaTiNO Pzscils.Otlehtai. Httbsmu,
and thirteen other new, nsefnl and curious artless.
Fifteencircularssent frxs. AddreUJUHN F.LOKO,
BlddeforU, Maine. Ja^os4o-2zn
WANTED —A Salesman. An es
v y tabllahed wholesale house wishes tbe ‘J£ rT l f£*f
of enexperienced Salesman. One whobasa Western
oconatmance preferred. Address Box 4267, muting
where last employed and salary expected. Ana- a
young lad“who writes a good band, to make oat WHs,
TVT"ANTED—soo'active agents to
V f sell tho i* T j—— or ppXSIDXNT LIIiOOLX* TOT
Pionfxb Box,- a work for rapidity
by any ether now published. Stores o»
toe cheat AiatmcAX
of equal merit. SlSontt
Clark street or enclose
sale s"cot,P.O. Bax 4TS. Chicago, mhis-a6W-ot
W ANTED—Correspondence, by
▼ T an officer of tho array of t c CaiaberWmi «£*
gels tired of "O. and Culs to be la»pirod by
whisky and braasbandi. Nothing mv Ciluio neei
rtplv. Carte* deVlalte no object. Copldtohe allow
eu togo about hU business. Good ipcUla'r tn<tl<D*nL
able. rillUP SIDNEY. Signal Officer. ITradYra
Dept, of Cumberland. _ mbl3-aX7-3l
IXT’ANTED—And no humLagl A
T f man from ns.vult kvxst Tcrwa-nr.p to
two or tbreo hundred dcllr.rs a year without delaying
other hurJne?*. Aloo, gerr.Jt'men wishing to change
their bnsiaCfß can make four or ilvo thousand dotun
a year. Call personal/ at Kuom I. (up-suir<*.ria(
Clark street, or send twenty-Sve cent* to Post Offiaa
Box 5613, Chicago, 111. tnhlJsa&u
XX7ANTED—A responsible man
T T (Fanner preferred) to do bostoew* in each
Township. without htudraoce to other pnnuita, tor
which coo hundred dollars a year will bo p \W. Can
pemocally at the oifiew m na BAounwr. No. lit
Dearborn sirect, opposite Poet Office, or If yon write
for Information, send 25 cento to Post Office Drawer
6237, Chicago, 111., and If your Township tatwn your
aSecotowUibeaentbocktoyoß. mhl9.uP2J.lt
■fArANTED—-Energetic Agents in,
▼ T overv ronz-ty in the Sfntcaof Illinois la’iaaa
ami Kan-aa* to tell the Genuine Fac-Slmllo of the
President** Emancipation Proclamation. Efficient
Accat- are uow making from sd to 49 per day. For
clrculf r, iiivtnc term*. Ac. lo agents, send sump U*
O. F. niuiw. 1M South Clark uircet, Chicago. In.
P. 0. Box 508. mhlfradiMt
■fXT’ANTED —A Blacksmith to set
▼ T up aSbop at Eleidlna* Mills, andtotnkocharge
of the fftry at tnet place. Will bo funJaliCd with a
comfortable home, and will bo allowed onc-ltird of
Uio eari.lufirj. the location is peculiarly favorable tor
a Blacksmith a* there la no other shop within four or '
five miles. Also, a man with arr,iUl Cunlly lo vrork oo
the farm -wiiibr furnl«liet! with a comfortable hou«e.
r£.*f»~i I v m ?f 9cme experience In taking care of
SlTii r J?AI-o. farm hnnd-i. A<l.lm*a,br
**-“ t ,J*o'wark, Kendall Vonntv, 111,, or in person at
miles.south of
bandwlch. BAM L M._UDf»K. mhltVa9»Mt
W ANTED—Furniture. Paitiea
.' V dMrln<T to sell U«elr FureUure without tha
fronblo of znoviQt! will hear of a customer hv adtlreM*-
lag a nolo lo Box 1955. Chicago ml^aSlS
WANTED—For the Government
_* 7 In thr Quartermaster's Department, at BC.
Louis. MO Carncmcrs. Waxes from iSSJO to jra nt-r
month am! rations. PO Blacksmiths. »6U per mouth aa*
latiODj. Also, 3JW Laborers and Teamsters, w»m
SSC per month and rations. Freo traaaporuion lor.
nlshed to place of destination and returned to st.
Louis, Mo. For further information Inquire at tho
Government Office, XStM South Water street. Chi
cago. in. JAMES W.CLAUK.
JasboSTl-Sm Government Agent.
IVTANTED—SiO Agents to sell
v T the Great Natural Weather Indicator. Though
only Just introduced, hundreds attest to Its accuracy pi
foretelling changes of the weather from dry to wetsnd
vice versa. It Ueresls the scholar and the man of sci
ence, and awakens admiration la the minds of all who
witness Its wonderful functions. Scad postage st-imn
for circular and particular* to Post Office BoxSSB.
HALL A PIKE, No. IS Portland Block, Chicago.
, Vy ANTED—Correspondence with
Tv an unlimited number of young ladies who dt*
not desire ihnre’nrn of Vallandlghum to OhlonnUl
the present rebellion has closed.bv twojouacsoldlera
wboae term of service will expire about the firm of
Jaue,lSC» r wlUia view of selecting a nsrirsn hup
for all life, unless sotmerdlyorced. Plca»« remit, la
dles, a true descriptive list of yourselves severally. If
you do not choose to send your Cartes do Visits, and
we will bear onr misfortunes patiently If we are in
duced to make an nitonpor choice. Thocoortof Hy
men lobe visited on me Fourth of July. Address
Co. F, 3-Uh regt.ohlo Vo!. Inf.. Chattanooga, Tens.
mhl9-afS3-lt *
[TED —Candy Makers. In
at 15 Dearborn street,
■a TED —A Protestant woman
v v to do general housework for a Small family.
To one who can come well recommended, and UwtU
ijyc to go to Evanston, twelve mile* from the city,
liberal wages will he paid. Apply at 60 Sonth Wefti
atregL . mhl»-att|3Jt
_ amusements.
War Correspondent of the Boston Journal,
Tli« Battle of Gettysburg,
Saturday Evening, March 19th, 1884.
[mhlS-aSIt-su-Ttr-T-rasA 4lhp]
LTJ. Madison street, between State and Dcarbor?.
Proprietor and Manager. j. H. McVlckw.
13th, 1964.
EMMA WALLER will appear in her celebrated
character ol NAOMI In
SATURDAY EVENING, March T9th, the perforn
•pnee will commence with the great Tragedy (by John
Webeter) enUtled
o;he duchess oe mat.tt,
Supported by tbe entire strength of tho company.
To conclude with the laughable Farce of
rehearsal, the new and bcantifni Drama of
CAMILLA’S husband.
Two JPerforamnces This Day,
In a New School of Gymnastics. Tho PEByotunwo
AtAßtax Ilosass, ten Ploo-icd, Spotted Stcods.wlU
be Iccrodnced in the OHiawTan SpicrrACL* of ihi?
Halt ct tub Dssxut. BUUKOWS AND KELLY
will execute their Lliamplon Feats on tho Doable Tr
apeze. ROBINSON will give his Sensational Innova-
The performances to conclude with the nantomlmo
ofthe ITableqcis’s Gbost. Friday, March 18.benefit
ofMr.John L. Howes.
I IB & It 7 Dearborn street
C.M. CHADWICK.. ..Sole Lessee and Proprietor.
T. L. FITCH. Uanagar-
Monday evening, March 21st, first appearance of
Tlie Celebrated CHINESE JUGGLBB.
Drew Circle andParqttette
Private 80xe5....
Single Seats in Private Boxes
J£KYAjS x hall.
Sbahesperian and Patriotic
The PROGRAMME will embrace the following selec
With other patriotic and humorous gems.
LIGHT GUARD BAND win bo in attendance.
Ticket* 50 Cents*
Reserved Setsts 25 Cents Extra.
May be procured at H JL HIGGINS’ Music Store
after Monday morning at 9 o’clock. mhl7-a735-Tt
• AX BKTAN HAlili,
Nonday ErenlnS) Mawh 2l«t, 1804*
1. Symphony No. 3. E minor.....
a. Introduzione. AdagioetAUegro.
b. Andante.
c. JlennettoAllegretto,
<f. Finale. Allegro.
2. Grand Aria,” Donna Carltca.”.
3. Concerto berolquetorTtolia F.Prume.
Perlormedby Mr. W. LEWIS. •
4. Overture, “ Der Frelacbutr,”. C. M. "Weber.
5. ** Souvenir de Meyerbeer Grand Fantasia
for Orchestra. Balatka.
6. “ Welcome Home/* Ballad by. '. .Procb.
7.Overture, “Tannbauser,’’. Wagner.
C?” Doors open at 7 o'clock. To commence at S pre
cisely. Anlntennl«Jonoflenminate»wUl takopiace
between th«*4ih and sth selections on the programme.
Academy of music.
Washington rtreot,between Clarkand Dearborn.
First week of the African Dwarf, the most woo
dewol little mao in the world beside whom all other
Dwarfs grow pale and insignificant. Notice—Ua docs
not claim to be the most beautiful but bli performances
surpass all otherk. Grand Matinee Saturday afternoon,
on which occasion will be produced, for the first time,
Wztfo, or the Sensible Monkey. Doors ooen »t .
o'clock, commenting at 9P. as. Acmlwlou 25ccsta.
Seats secured through the Mcen's. ••rtvateßnx»
$3 00. Imhl3-a413-lwl EDWIN* KELLY. Mananer^
Second week of the great Phenomena, the
Madagascar Family,
From Bamum’s Museum. SI?. CAprstti, and hUmelo
dramatic Monkey Coco, fourth week of
The Little Peopte—Wnzand Queen of Fairies.
200,000 Carioalties on Exhibition,
girth week of THB INVISIBLE LADY. Monday,
Vnrrn Nth Boors of exhibition, dally (Sunday*
nc«pxea> free 3A. M. nett) 10 P. M. Aaml-sloe to
sUltboKoomi Halls and GaUerten. JbcenU. Children.
niulerl2ye*racf»ae, 15 cent*. .
jf B.—The new and splendid Lecture Poom will 0*
opened with ono of the best Comedy companies* e«r
In me city. In a few day*. The stino will he under UM
direction of the gentlemanly A. D. BKADLBI.
mhlS-stSS-lv * _
For coughs, colds and
CONSUMPTION.—The VxarrAJtu Fttlhohart
Balsam la the most hiahly approved medians ever
dlßCoyered. It has rroon the bxst of aia Twm,
Tins, haying had an unprecedented sale of nearly
forty years. It la recommended by our bWphyv
Ictant* our roost eminent cttUena. tho rTtss, the trade.
In fact bv all who know It. For certificates, which
can he riven to almost any extent, *©* wrappers to
each bottle. Tbe proprietors will cheerftUiy refund
the money if not entirely satisfactory. PrfcaSOceat
and 81; Qie large bottles much the cheapest. B*
9lrara "<*B«ta.*
.25 cents.
.30 cents.

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