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* ■ - j canmit overt treason, totU will not more
•I otben.
Tlits Tiibtwe of Friday contained some res
olutions adopted by a Convention of the Cop*
perhcad Democracy of Montgomery county,
Ohio—a body which feels np for Its leader,
not McClellan, Cox, or* Seymour, hot the
truc.Ajax of the VaUandigham.
As we have often said, the anil* Admini
stration parly in the North arc sadly pot to it
for a platform on which to fight the coming
Presidential campaign. Hence they, arc look
ing earnestly In all directions for planks to
pul together for this purpose. The Inventive
among them are scheming; those of antiqua
rian proclivities are delving .about among the
forgotten rubbish of the past; while theultxa
rebellious arc plotting* treason—all with one
object, the overthrow of the powers that he
in the Republic. . s ..
This Montgomery County faction has set
tled upon the “Resolutions of’OS,*’ and fancy
thev have madea great bit; and it will hot
be Aiprissg & see this action having a kind
of rroafiKumg others of like persuasion.
Whljt the Resolutions of *9S! .They
ore dome resolutions, drawn u? It Is supposed
by jlffcrson, afterwards tinkered
so sis to make them a little more acceptable,
in opposition to the old alien'and sedition
lawibfAdame’ Administration. Bntthe res
olnwons were so radical that they -alarmed
even Jefferson himself when he fairly saw the'
construction of which they were capable.
One clause of them is as. follows: “In case
of a.deliberate, palpable, and dangerous exer
cise of other powers, not granted by the sold
compact, tie States which arc parties thereto,
have the right, and are in dnty bound, to
interfere for arrestingtheprogress of the evlL”
This danse is the egg of secession. It has
batched after more than sixty years, and the
product Is this- rebellion. This language "fas
quoted by the Nnllificrs of 1633 to justify
their procccdurcs; and were, and arc, relied
on by the rebels In this war.
These resolutions were" sent to ilic Lesris*"
laturcs of the several States. o*snc States
replied to them, and two, Virginia and Ken
tucky, them.' - These resolutions
wcrethc.igOßpcl which old Father' Ritchie
preached for thirty years or more.
It is "proper to say "that they were not
adopted by I 'the Democratic party, for thc ;
good reason that there was no Democratic
party in existence for more that thirty years
after their utterance. That party had its be
ginning In 1833. Previous to that time the
two parlies were known as Republicans and
Federalists. Bntthcßcpnbllcansdidnotadopt
them as a party. Virginia, however,* under
the softening manipulation of Madison, did
adopt them, und they have resulted as we sec
—an evil—a result which we may safely say
was never anticipated by him.
But what nee or application have they
now? Just this. Vallandigham is a martyr,
the victim of “abltrary arrest;” and if such
harmless doves as he is arc not safe in saying
and doing what they like, what other traitor
can hope to eat his bread and hutterlq peace.
These resolutions were aimed at “arbitrary
arrests.” “let us dig them up and adapt
them.” Much Joy to the rebels of Montgo
mery county, and ull like minded, with this
platform l They might as well go "for the
resolutions of the antediluvians against the
coznlngfiood. . VThy not dig down to the
hock of that fabulous old turtle, on which
the world is thought, by the red men, to rest,
and make their platform on that?. What do
the people at large know or care about the
Resolutions or ? A platform for which
you have to dig in that way, will he found
so liable to quicksand and water, that it will
cost more than it is worth to .keep it clear.
The people go for things which lie np In the
daylight; not those which ore hid under the
geologic drill of the ages. .
But if It be said that the question of “ ar
bitrary arrests”' is ‘ a living one, there is not
a foot of plank to stand out lu 'the begin
ning of the rebellion, while no man know at
all its limits, some persons were arrested
wiihont the usual process of law. But it is
the opinion of at deasi'half the people fi»«t
these arrests were too Jew rather than too*
many. They have ceased long ago,‘except
where the war *ls actually existent.' Even
Tallanfllgham has had his case passed upon
by the Supreme Court; and what more can
any man have at any time ?
The people have the most abiding faith in
the fairness and law-abiding character of this
Administration; rciy well knowing that only
as there is imminent danger, which must
imperatively be prevented, will the forms of
law be dispensed with. They, reason quite
correctly, that while such malignant* aa the
man ol the Timet is suffered to run loose,
public liberty from 44 arbitrary arrests” is In
no sort of danger. So go ahead with q
Resolutions of ’9B.
It U notorious that the army almost
en i now desire the re-election of President
Lincoln. Officers and me* prefer him to any
other candidate; theyw- u -xn Mm;
tie/ believe him to he their warm friend, and
that he does all for them in his power. They
know him to ho as true to the cause of liberty
as Jefferson, and to National unity as. Jack
son. He has done well so X-r, and like wine
grows better as he grows older. ...
Soldiers like to he commabded hy emcri
cnccd officers. -Lincoln has had three years
experience; he begins to understand the de
tails ofJiis manifold duties.' He has pretty
well leaned his trade, and has now become
a skillful workman. The boys in blue don’t
want him thrown overboard right in the
middle of the voyage when he Is bringing the
ship of state eafely into port after having suc
cessfully piloted her through shoals, breakers,
rocks, .and. hurricanes. They wont him tc
f remain where he is, until he finishes his big
Job, and sees the last rebel lay do wn his arms
and submit to the authority. The
feeling of the army is pretty well expressed
by the remarks of a returned veteran the other
day in answer to Ibc.qncetlon-'pf a citizen,
whether ’ the spldiers wanted' Lincoln re
elected:. .“Why, of course they do,” replied
the bine coat, “We have all ro-ehlistedto
“ see this thing through, and Old Abe must
“ too.- : He mustered ns in, and we’ll
“be d —d if he shan’t stay where he is until
“he has mustered ns sut We’ll never pro
“It np.lill eTcry rebel acknowledges that he
“is the Conßritutlons! President. When they
“ got bwt.atLlLc election they kicked out of
“ the traces, and swore they’would not sub
“xrilftoa'blnck Republican President;'but
“byit-Ul they hare got to. We will show
“them, that elections in this country have
“get to timid.' Old Abe must stay in the
“ WhftcrHouse' until every rebel .‘climbs
“down,’ and agrees to behave himself and
obey the laws of his country. There musn’t
“ be any fooling in this thing, for X wouldn’t
“give a cuss forthis country If thc-beaten
“ side has a right to bolt ' after an election; it
«• wouldn’t be fit ftrlive in.”
This Is the : sentiment that pervades the
wholcurar.lt is the talk that passes round
the camp fires of fifteen hundred regiments
of citizen soldiers. The rebellion must b i
put down,’ mid the Insurgents - who loJUd the
election, shall be compelled to submit to the
rule of the man who was constitutionally
elected. President; there must be no more
appeals from the ballot box to the cartridge
box; the minority must let the majority
rule, and If there is any disturbing clement
in our country that stands in the way, ft
must be hewn down and cast into the fife.
Free Governments can only endure and
prosper by the steadfast adherence to the fun
damental principle th»t the will of the ms
jority.eball govern. As slavery caused abor
tion of our American people to violate this
rule, then slavery must bo extirpated- Let
no seditious element in American politics
survive this bloody revolt Let slavery and
treason be consigned to the same grave.
A special dispatch to the scceahcon
ccrn t dated Cincinnati, March 20, understood
to be from an ditor of the Enquirer says:
“VeUandteham willbe chosen a Congressional
®* 1 l e ß*i®'io. the Chicago Convention from the 3d
Ohio District,'’ . -
Suppose lie is chosen, what then? He Is
at present banished by military law from the
country. Is it expected that the order ol
banishment wlUbe revoked, and that he will
be suffered to return? Certainly nothing of
the kind. The elm doubtless Is to find some
pretext for. bringing him back in' do
fiance of the Government. Ho wonld of
course, bo liable to arrest and to be d’edt
with by the military authorities, the moment
he should put bis foot across the line. His
exposure ,to such arrest can have but. one
aim, which is to bring on a collision with
the authorities and try conclusions with
them at a time and in a place where large
numbers of men would be congregated with
all the excitement belonging to the occasion.
That “lire in the rear,” of which we have
heard so much, would thus be opened.
. The.malignant* were sadly disappointed
when the people of Ohio voted Vallandightm
down last tall, for the reason that It lost
themthe opportunity of escorting him home
in.bcDJgercnt triumph; and they are trying
to find .some other occasion of doing the
«iw Qilwg, , .
But they will hardly find this as good an
opportunity as| that would have been. The
election bythe people as State,
would have blinded many * blinking eyes to -
the real position of the and.might
Imvof (Inaugurated considerablcdifllcultle*.
But toselect a manes a delegate to a conven
tion will hardly give color enough to any de-'
fiascc of the G oreroment to amount to much.
- v»‘ s —v,
’/ if V U
pTlie Government was caught nappinr. , n
tlm case Of the New fork riots, but wlllnot
bo likeljr lo repeat the process, especially
vrjlh sufficient notice before hand.
*l3?* The New York 80-old is greatly both
ered that President Lincoln should continue
to stand in the way ol somebody or. other,
who but for him would bo elected President,
arid clamors daily that he should follow the
example of Mr. Chase and withdraw from the
canvass.. .The Herald feels sure that if Mr.
Lincoln would-get out 'ol the-way there
would be room* for. McClellan, or the next'
niin upon whom the 1 impracticables could
unit*- Yet the Herald pretends .to be for
Gen. Grauf, ( thongh hehas.alrcady refused to
have.anything• to• do with'the Presidential
; campaign, regarding'the~war on hand assuf
fident to task all his energies. As none of the
Herald'* notions have the least chanccof be
ing realized, or intact have the least adapta
tion to the demands of the case in hand, the
more absurd they arethe better. It <s a mat
ter of profound congratulation that the Her
ald opposes Hr. 'Lincoln, since /were it to
advocate his election his chance would be
hopeless. So whether it goes for some man
who refuses to run, like Gen.- Grant, or for
E rating Brooks, or.Copperhead Cox, It Is all
the same. It is always‘pleasant to see it put
in .strong for McClellan. It J increases his
ofbeing President *abont»as fast as
his stopping' to dlg np the Chlcahbmiay
'swamp did his chance of'getting into Rich
mond. Othcrpcoplc in firing at a mark put
powder arid hall both into ne grin, hat the
Hoafd_ does not need any balk,. It hits Just
as wdi with nothing but powder. * *To put in
bairwsrild-'-onlj waste iC "So let-' it blaze
Lincoln will-pretty likely take*
the Herald ’* advice if it only, urges him often
enough, • . ‘ ' 7 . -• ‘ *
yg*Can the seccders secede? Inasmuch
as the Southern Confederacy is founded' in
the right of any State to withdraw at any
tine from the new relation as well as from
the old, there has been some curiosity to see
how it would work. There has been more
or less expectation of seeing the doctrine ap
plied in practice at an early day. And pro
vided the doctrine once becomes operative,
now, the - question is) can the Southern Con
federacy avoid 1 going straight.to pieces? A
gopd many people hare been watching Got.
Brown, of Georgia, and Gov. Vasco of North
Carolina, to. see what developments might
come of their procedures.
'So far as Gov. Vance is concerned,- the
queries are answered. 1 He has apparently
came to the conclusion, that it is too early
yet to put the doctrine into operation. It Is
not meant for young confederacies, but old
ones; Incapable through age and .infirmities
of resisting. It is not meant for use to-day,
but for some far off period in the future.
Gov. Tance has been making a speech, in
which he tries to satisfy the North Carolinians
imregardto these difficult questions. The
Governor fs frilly aware that'they arc in a
had scrape,' but how are yoa, he asks, to gel
out of it ? If North Carolina secedes from
the Confederacy, as he Intimates she would
be glad to do, she win he treated as a foreign
nation at War and will be attackcdaccording
ly. There isthen no pcacc'for North-Caro
lina but such* as* must come-to the others.
She must fight it .through and abide the re
sult. ' ‘ ;
Thus the doctrine of the. rebellion is upset
at‘lhe very first essay of lts ; practice.- • Seces
sion is very- good to save slavery but good
for nathinc to save yourself The logic of
facts is stouter than the logic, of words. ~ If
secession is a true doctrine, your confedera
cy is but a rope «f sand; if it* is true
doctrine, the war of onr Government stands
Hie lifbel Nailed.'
. We have already'alluded* to the unmanly,
slander which originated ‘ 'with the New
Hampshire and baa been repeated by
the Copperhead - :paper herein .referenceto
the lady teachers at* Fort BoyaL" Lieutenant
Colonel Liberty Billings, late’ a clergyman,
and now belonging to the Ist South Carolina
Regiment, having been named to give sanc
tion to this monstrous story, that-gentleman
writes from Battlehoro, Vermont', to'the ed
itor of the Anti-Slavery Standard;
If you deem the article In Monday’s Kerr York
Herald on * Sixty-four Mlscegenators,’ worthy of
notice, let me merely say that I have never, aa al
leged, given any sanction to-its statement*, and
prpnocncelt aa a trod on* calumny against the ladr
teachers at Port Royal, who are, as loeliere, noble
and upright, both in character and In the work in
which they are engaged.* 1 . ■
bn Monday, March 14, elections for town
ship officers were held in Monroe and South
Brunswick, New Jersey, In Monroe town
ship, all the candidates on the Union ticket
were elected with a Tnsjority of about ISO
rotes, and im South Brunswick the Union
candidates were all elected (except for Col
-lector) with a majority of about 73 votes.
The of Saginaw City have
.•minuted L. B. Curtis for Mayor, Peter H.
Erogmann for Treasurer, and’A. S. Gaylord
for Justice of the Peace. There are 710 voters
registered in that city, to which the new re
gistration will, it Is tbonght, add 150.
Three Important amendments to the
Constitution of Pennsylvania have no w passed
two successive Legislatures, and will be sub
mitted to the people at a special election,’ da
ring the ensuing summer, for ratification.
These amendments provide:
Fin** That wjldiers la the amice (otherwise
qualified) »•€ allowed to rote, under proper regnla
tlone, wherever stationed.
Second. That the Legislature shall not pasenpon
matter* over which the Courts have jurisdiction.
Third. That no bill beforcthe Legislature shall
embrace more than one subject. ■
The. Secretary of Slate of New York
transmitted the official canvass of the elec
tion on the Bth to amend the Constitution
relative’to the soldiers’ elective franchise.
The whole number of votes cast was 307,435.
For the amendment, 258,703; against the
amendment, 48,490. Majority, 210,305.
—John H. Burleigh of Soutb Berwick,
James Drummond of Bath, N. A. Fanvell of
.Rockland, and 8. F. Hcrsey of Bangor, hare
bees elected Delegates at Large, from Maine,
to the Union National Convention, to he held
at Baltimore, June 7. . ,
■ —A day or two before the adjonrnment of
the Maryland Legislature, a proposition was
introduced to tax bachelors above twenty
five years of age not lees than 820 a head per
annum, because the war Is destructive of the
male population,'while the number of fe
males is greatly In excess of that of Die op
posite sex, and it is the duty of every lover
of his country to promote by every means
the elements that constitute her strength;
said tax to be applied to the support and edu
cation of the children of Maryland soldiers
Rlnin in battle. The proposition w.is amend-,
ed by doubling the tax upon bachelors over
forty-five years of age. •
A correspondent of the N. T . Evening
Jbjf mokes the following estimate on the
Presidential election. The- electoral votes
are according to the new apportionment, and
include the new States of Colorado, Nebras
ka and Nevada:
Maryland 7
Massachusetts IS
New Hampshire 6
New York *8
Ohio 21
■ Oregon
Rhode Island.
...... i 4
i Vermont.
; Virginia (part).
West Virginia,
par- placards posted on the etreete in >’cw
York, ■which have attracted mneh attention,
show that the, expenses ot New York coun
ty are, under copperhead, administration,
$15,000, OOOper year, $50,000 per week; $7,000
per day, and SB3 per minute, while during
the - Republican administration of Adams,
the whole cost of the .working of the United
States government was >only-about-$X8,000,-
000. "Wherever the copperheads rale there is
prodigality, corruption, peculation and ras
cality in -the management of.: public affairs.
Onereasonla. thatfew of them own , any
property; and they want to live by office
holding and peculation.' The one party pays
the taxes, and ! the other eats - them —when
they have si chance.
W There is more nutrition in one pound
of cheese than la two pounds of flesh. With
us,-cheese Is regarded rather as a luxury
while In England it is regarded as one of the
substantial articles of food, and It la not un
common for the workmen there to make a
fuU ineal anbread and cheese ajone.
St. John (N. B.) Globf, of Thura
day, soys: “The steamer this morning tost
aw*y a great many passengers: It Is enough
to make the patriot mourn to see the number
of young* men—the : bone and sinew of the
country—who arc going off to the" States
this siring. * Can* nothing be 'done to keep
them at homey l- •*- ’•
jgyr The Hew Brunswick papers are loudly
lamenting the increasingemigration of young
men from that province to the United States.
lIEAiKjH?. Dist. West Tennessee, i
Jackson, Tena M Oct 2?, 1802. f
Col. J. C. Kcllon, A. A, Washington, D. C.:
Colokbl—l have the honor to make the
following report ot the battle of luka, and
to‘submit herewith such reports of subordi
nates as have-been
For some ten days oemorohefore the final
move of the rebel aririy -under’Gem Price,
eastward from" the Mobile & Ohio Railroad,
it was evident that an attack upon Corinth
was contemplated/"or some'change tbhe
made in the location of that army.. -This
canscjl great vigilance, to be necessary, on
the part of our cavalry, especially that to
the southern front,'nnder Col-Mizner. -The
labor of watching, with occasional skirmish
ing, was most satisfiictoriiy .informed, and
almost cvciy move of the enemy was known
as soon-as commenced. a •
About* 1 the 11th of September, Price left
the railroad—the infantry and artillery prob
ably moving from Baldwin, and the cavalry
from the roads north of Baldwin, towards
.Bay Springs. At the latter place, & halt of a.
few days, seemed to have been made; likely
for the purpose of collecting stores and re
connoitring onr eastern flank
of! Sept., the* enemy’s cavalry made
their appearance” near luka," and were
repulsed by the small garrison under CoL
Murphy,' of the Bth Wisconsin Infantry; still
left there to cover the removal of stores not
yet brought into Corinth. The enemy ap
pearing again In increasedforce'on the same
day, and having cut the railroad and telegraph
between there and Burnsville, Col. Murphy
thought 'it prudent to' retire to save his
-IbrccST * '
' Major Gen. Ord was to move to Burnsville
and from there to take roads north of the
Railroad, and -attack from that side. Gen.
Grd, having to leave from his two divisions,
ahead; Terr much reduced in numbers from
long continued service, and. the number of
battles the; had been in, the: garrison at
Corinth, (he also had one regiment of infant
ry and a squadron of cavalry at Kossuth, one
regiment of infantry and one company of
cavalry at Chenvalla, and one regiment of
infantry that moved under Col Mower, and
Joined Gen. Roeecrans’ command) reduced
.the number oirmexLefhls command,' availa
ble for the expedition, to about 3,000.
I had previously ordered the infantry of
Geo. Ross* command at Bolivar to hold them
selves in readiness to move at a moment’s
warning; but also directed the concentra
tion of cars at Jackson to move these troops.
TVHhln 2-1 Lours from the timoa dispatch left
Corinth, for these troops to “come on,”, they
had arrived—S,4oo in number;'this,'notwith
standing the locomotive was„ thrown oil the
track .on the Mississippi Central' road, pre
venting the passage of other trains for'several
hours. This force was added to Gen. .Ofd’a
command, making his entire -strength' over
0,000, to take into the field. From this force,
two regiments of infantry and one section ol
artillery were taken-r-abont 900 men—for the
garrison, or rear guard, to be held at Burns
ville. hot having Gen. Ord’s report; these
fignresmaynotbcaccnrate. Gen. Kosoenns’
was moving from Jacinto eastward with*
about 9,000 men, making my total force, with'
which to attack the enemy, about 15,000.-
This was equal to. or greater than;" their
mnmbers as I estimated them. - " - • . * *
One of my epics in from Reardon’4, on the Bar
spring road, tells of a continuous movement since
last Friday, of forces eastward. Thor say Van
Dorn is to defend Vicknburg, Breckinridge to m»Vi»
his war to Kentucky. Price to attack Ink* or go to
Tennessee. ’ If Price’s forces are at Inks, the plan I
propose Is to more up as close aa wc can to-n!ghr,
conceal our movements and to advance from Barns
rlOc, commence the attack and draw their atten
tion that way, while I moro in on the Jacinto and
Fulton road, masking heavily on the Felton road,
and crushing In their left cutting off their retreat
eastward. .... .
I propose to leave in ten minutes for Jacinto,
whence I will dispatch yon by line of vldettea to
Burnsville. Will wait a few minntca to hear from
yon before I start. What news from Burnsville 2
, (Signed) W. 8. Rosecraits, Brig. Gen.
To which was sent the following in reply;
DnonquAKTEns DisTmcr West Texnzssze, I
. Bcnssmxn, Miss., Sept. 18,1SCS. f
Gen. Roeecrans: :r
Gen. Roes’ commands is at this place. McAr
thur’s division la north of the road, two miles to
the rear, and Davis’ division eoath of the road. 1
sent forward two regiments of infantry with cav
alry by the road north of railroad towards Inka,
•with Instructions to them to blvlbuc forthenight
at a point which was designated about foar mfiea
fibm here, 11 not interrupted, and have the cavalry
feel where the enemy are. Before they reached the
point on the road (yon will see on ins map—the
road north of the railroad) they met what was sup
posed to be Armstrong’s caralrr. The rebel caval
ry was forced back, and 1 sent instructions then to
have them stop for tho night where they thought
they could safely bold. In the morning troops will
advance from .hero at 4J£a.m.. An anourmoaa
dispatch, Jnrt received, states that Price, Magruder
and Breckinridce have a force of GO,OO ), be'tweon
loka and Tripelo. This, I bavetno doubt, is the un
derstanding of citizens, but 1 very much doubt
their infotmalioa being correct. • Tour *rocbnnols
sanccs prove that there Is but little force south of
Oorinth, for a long distance, and no great force be
tween Bay Spring and the railroad.
iMakeesrapidonadvancoasyou can,and Ictus
do to-morrow all we can. It may be necessary to
fall hack the dar following. X losk npon the show
ing of a cavalry force so near us,as an indication of
arclrcat, and they a force to cover It. C; 45 p. m.
J (Signed) U. S. GiU-VT, Maj. Gen.
| After midnight the following dispatch was
. f Sept 18,1803. f
! General —Yonr dispatch received. General
Stscly’s Division arrived after dark, having been
detained by falling in the rear oi Koss through
ikult of guide. Our cavalry six miles this side of
Barnett*; Esmlltos’s first Brigade 8, second
Brigade 9.miles this side; Stanley’s, near Daven
port’s mills. We shall move as early as practica
ble, say, 4}i a. m. This will give twenty miles
march for Stonier to luka. Shall not therefore be
in before one or two o’clock, but when wo come In
will ecdcavonrto do It stronpdr.
i (Signed) - W, S.BoS’cn.kws.
i- ; Brigadier .General U. S. A.
• Receiving this dispatch as I’, did late at
eight and when I supposed these troops were
far on their way towards Inks, and had laid
my plans accordingly, caused • some disap
pointment and made change of plans neces
sary- I immediately dispatched Gen. Ord,
giving him the substance of the above and
directions not to move on the enemy until
RoEEcrans arrived, or he should hear firing to
the south’of luka. Of this change Gen.
Roeccrans was promptly informed by dis
patch sent with bis return messenger. Du
ring the day Gen. Ord returned to. my head
■quarters at luka, and in consultation we both
agreed that it would bo impossible for Gen.
•Rosecrans to get his troops up in time to
•make an attack tbat day. The General was'
[instructed, however, to move forward, driv
ing in the enemy’s advance guards, but not
•to bring on an engagement unless he shonl I
{hear firing. At night another dispatch was
[received from Gen. Rosecrans-dated from
'Btunett’s about eight miles from luka, writ
'ten at 12:40 p. m., stating that the head of
i column arrived there at 12 m, 1 Owing to the
!density of the forests and the. difficulty
of passing the.. Small streams;: and
- bottoms, all communications between
; Ger, Rosecrans and myself had to pass far
around—near to Jacinto—even after he had
- got on the road leading North. For this rca
' son h!s communication was not received un*
'til after the engagement I did not hear of
1 the engagement, however, ■ until the next
I dav, although the following - dispatch had
been promppy forwarded:
ytrj-pof i«STH!.a Ar.irr OPTIIE Slisstssnn, I
I 2 lilies South of luka, ’Sept 19,1862,10# p. n. f
GiSEKAi..—We met the enemy in force Just
; above the Point The engagement. lasted several
• hours; ‘ We have lost two or three pieces of artfl
: Jery.- Firizig wag verybeavf. Ton most attack in
tte morning; and in force. The ground Is horrid—
: unkrown to us, and no room for development.
I Couldn’t use our artillery at all; fired bat few
shots. Pash in onto them until we can have time
to do something. Wo will try and get a position
on ourright; which willtake luka.
fSlcned) W. 8. Eosecrakb,
l ” - Brig. Gen. G. S. A.
New Jersey 7
Kentucky.. ...i....... 11
rail 11
- . 2iox-T«rniG.
Alabama 8
Florida S
Georela.v. 9
illasUslppl 7
North Carolina 9
Booth Carolina.. C
Tcxar..v. 6
- Virginia (part) 5
•I : *■*■*' - • ' t
Necessary to a choice,
(If a majomrof the en
tire electoral vote is re
quired,') in.* T.
Necessary to a choice,
(If only a majority of
those to ting- are re
quired,) 181.
. . 5
... 5
... 8
This dispatch was received at 8.35 a. m. on
the 20th, and the following was' immediately
Bubkstxxxs, Sept 30th, 1563,1
&Ssa.m. f
Gekzhal Obd: Got yoar troops up to atiackas
soon as possible* Eosecrons bad two honra ngbt-
InrlostSght, and now. this moratng again, and
uwessvoncancreatea diversion In nis lavor ha
may find hla full. Hurry up your troops all
possible. - ’ . ’ *
(Signed) U. 8. Gkakt, Major General. -
The statement that the engagement had
commenced again in the morning was on the
strength - of~h earing artiUeiy. r Gen. Ord,
bcaring~thc same,'- ho vre ver, pnshedon with
-all possible dispatch, : without avrtdting or
ders. t .1? f
V. Two of my staff, Colonels Dickey and La
gOw, had gone around to where Gen. Rose
crans waa.and with, him .during the
■early part of the engagement. 'Returning-in
the dark, and endeavoring to cut off some of
the distance, they became lost and entangled
Gen. Grant’s Official Report of
the Engagement.
Important Facts not Hither
to Published.
We arc enabled to lay before onr readers,
this morning, Gen. Grant’s official report of
the battle of luka, not heretofore published,
It has recently been transmitted to the pub
lic printer, at Washington, In pursuance of a
caUbf Congress';-- - .' .*7 l.
: This caused a cons! dcrable amount of com
missary- stores to foil Into the hands of the
eaimy, which properly should have been de
stroyed. Price's whole force then soon con
gregated at luka. *
Information brought in by scouts as to the
intention of the enemy, was cbnflfcting. One
report was that Price wanted to cross Bear
Creek, and the -Tennessee river, for the par
nose of crossing Tennessee and getting into
Kentucky. Another, that Van Dorn was to
march by the way of Ripley, and attack us
on the southwest, while Price should move
onus from the cast or northeast. -A third,
that Price would endeavor to cross the Tan
nessee, and if pursuit was attempted. Van
Dorn was in readiness to attack Corinth: *
Baying satisfied myself that Van Dorn
conld not reach Corinth under four days with -
an Army embracing all arms, X determined to
leave Corinth with a force sufficient to resist
cavalry, and to attack Price at .luka. ‘.This I.
regarded as eminently my dnty, let either
oltbc theories of the enemy’s plans be the
correct solution. ’ Accordingly ou- the 16th,
1 gave some general directions as to the plan
of operation.
Gen. Rosecrans was to move on the south
bide of the Railroad to opposite "luka, and
attack from that side, - with all his available
force, after leaviupa sufficient force atßieozi
and Jacinto to prevent the surprise on Co
rinth from that direction.
Gen. Rosccrans, at hls~ suggestion, acqut
ested-inby me, was to move northward from
his eastern march tn’-two columns; bnemxder
Hamilton was to move up the Fulton and
Eastport road;* the other under Stanly on the
Jacinto road from Barnett’s.
On the 18th, -Gen.* Ord’s command-was
poshed forward, driving in the enemy’s pick
ets and capturing a few prisoners, taking a
position within six miles of Inka. I expect
ed from the following dispatch that Gen.
Kdsccraas would be near enough by the night
of thclStb, to make it sate - lor Ord to press
forward <m the morning-of the'-19th,'*and
bring on an engagement:
_ i - • Sirraxßßn 18,1362.
To General Grant:
in the woods and remained oat over night,
arriving at-beadqa&ftors next morning about
the tame hour that Gen. Bosccrana’ messen
ger arrived. For thc:partlcular troops cn
ftged, and the port taken bjreach regiment,
will have, to refer you entirely to the ac
companying reports- of those officers who
were present.
' Not occupying Inks afterwards for any
length of time, and then with a force not suf
ficient to give protection for any great dis
tance around, (the battle was fought about
two miles out,) 1 cannot accompany this
with a topographical map. I send, however,
a map showing all the roads and places
named in this report The country between
the roads traveled by Gen- Ord's command
to some distance south of the railroad, is im
passable for cavaly and almost so for lofau
-try. .It la*lmpossible for artillery to move
southward to the road travelled by General
Bosecrans’ command. ' r*“
Soon after dispatching Gen. Ord, word wad
brought by obc of my stalL CoL UiUycr, that
theenctny were in-full retreat - I immedi
ately proceededtolukaaudibundthatUie.en
emy had left during: the night, taking every
thing-with them-cxcept their woundedand
the artillerr captured by them the evening
before, going south.by the. Fulton road!
Gens. Stanley apd Hamilton were in pursuit.
Thiswaa the -first I knew of tho Fulton
road. With it occupied, no route .would have
been left theta except cast,-with the'difficult
bottom of Bear Creek to cross, or northeast,'
with the Tennessee Blvcr in their frontier
to couqucr.their way out A partial exami
nation of the country, afterwards convinced
mc,‘howcvcr, that troops moving in sepa-.
rate columns-by the-routes suggested could’
not' support each.* other* until they arrived*
hear Inks. On the other hand an attempt to
retreat would, according to programme, nave
brought Gen.’Ord, with!, ms force,:on'the
rear.ot the retrcatingcolumn. .
For casualties and captures see accompany
ing reports. , . . V
The battle of loka foots up as follows: ■
On (he IGth of September we commenced
to collect our strength to move upon Price
atlaka Ur two columns—the one to tho right
of the railroad, commanded by-Brigadier
General, now Major General, W. 1 S.*Kose
crans, the. one to the left commando# by
Major General ,E. 0.0. Ord. On the .night,
of tho 18th, the . latter was. in .position
to bring on an'engagement; in one hour’s
march. Ihc former from having a greater
-distance tomarch, and thronghthc fault.of
a guide was twenty miles back! On thtf.lOth
by making a rapid march, with hardy, well-'
disciplined, and tried troops,- arrived within
two miles of the placc.to.bc attacked. Un
expectedly ihc enemy took_ the initiative,
and became the attacking party; The ground
chosen wss'such that a large force on oar
side! could not be brought into action. Bat
the bravery and endurance of those brought
in was such that with the skill and presence
o! mind of the officer commanding, they were
ablo to • hold their ground till night closed
the conflict * During ' the night the enemy
fled; leaving onr troops in possession of the
field, with their- dead to bury and wounded
to care for. ; -If-it was-tho object of the ene
my to moke their way into Kentucky, they
were defeated in that.' If to hold their posi
tion until Van Dorn could come up da the
southwest of. Corinth, and make a simultane
ous! attack, they were defeated in that also.
Our. only defeat was in not capturing the
entire army or in destroying it as I had
hoped to do. . . . ..
It) was a part of Gen. Hamilton’s com
mand that did the fighting, directed entirely
by that cool and deserving officer. I com
mend him to the President for acknowledg
ment of bis services.;.
During the absence *of these forces from
Corinth, that post was left in charge of Brig.
•Gen. T. J. McKean. The southern front
from Jaeintotoßicnziwas under tho charge
of CoL Dn Bois, with a small • infantry and.
cavalry force. Tfie service was most satis
factorily performed, Col. Du Bois showing
great vigilance and efficiency.. I was kept
constantly advised of the'movcmcnts of fly
ing ‘ bodies of cavalry that were hovering In
that front.
.. The wounded, both friend and enemy, are
much Indebted to Surgeon J. G. P. Holstcn,
Medical Director, for his untiring labors in
organizing hospitals and providing for their
every want.
I cannot close this report without paying a
tribute to all the officers and soldiers bom
posing this command. Their conduct on
the march was exemplary, and all were eager
to meet the enemy. The possibility of defeat
I do not think entered the mind of a single
individual and I believe this same feeling now
pervades theentlrc army which’l have the
nonor to command
I neglected to mention in the proper con
nection that to cover our movement fromJCor
.intb, and to'aitroct 'tKe r attention ofthe en
emy in another'direction, I ordered d mbvb
ment from Bolivar to Holly Springs.' This
was conducted by Brig. Geo. Lamnan
Before completing this report that of Map
Gen. Ord was received and accompanies this.:
1 an, Colonel, very respectfully, - your obe
dient servant, U. S. Grant,
' Major General
Rebel Official Report #f Louse*,
Tbe Rebel War Department have Issued
tfac.following official statement oi the losses
on the Reheland Federal-sides from the com
mencement of thq war to Sept 1,18C3, Inclu
ding the battle of Chickamaugo, which con
tains as manyJleSiis there are figures i^ x r
KinotL'Woundcd. Prisoners. Total.
I£Cl 1,270 8,955 2,772 7,937
1863 12,821 f 48,300 71,211 131,832
T0ta15!!...28,147 “ ~ '217,105
99,450 89,859
Confederates died of disease and sickness
from commencement of war to present time,
- Killed, Wounded. Prisoners. Total.
3661 4,724 9,791 • 9.U4 • ' 23,709
1M5....- 20,879' y 46,531” 130,586
16C8 .....15,303 . 65,931 33,231 102,625
: Totals 40,906 ‘ 132,745 83,009 262,700
Fcdcrals % dicd.of disease-and eickneaa ’dur
ing samo time,^29o,ooo. _
Federal losses In battles, «tc £62,720
•“ 4 * by sickness, &c 290,000
Ftdcrals’ total loss In three years :.. 652,720
Confedtraio losses in battles, £c....«17,465
• “ . by sickness, &c.. 180,000
ConfedcralesMotoi loss in 8 rears. ..847,463-3-17,4(15
Excess of Federal loss’. 1.....;. ... . ;v 205,'55
A!Keply from L. Srcntano, Editor of
tlic zeltmicr, 10 Hewn. Kuoblcsdorfl*
find Binder.
Edit ora Chicago Tribune;
. In your Saturday’s issue yon published a reply of
Col. Exoblesdorff and Heinrich Binder, ijublishers
of- the Chicago Te’eproph, to a communication
signed an “An Old Abe Gennan,” In which reply
the said gentlemen take occasion to lavbh some of
their usual personalities against the Illinois Slaafe
Zeilvrg. These personalities were entirely nn
calledtor, as the lliincit Slaate Zcitung cannot he
made responsible for anything that an “An Old
Abe German” chooses to communicate to your pa
per. But as you have allowed Messrs. Knobleadorff
and Binder to make such an attack against the I'li
noit StaaU Zeitvng, through the columns of your
wide!/circulated paper, you can certainly not deny
mo the privilege or making none few remarks
in answer, to seme of the statements of Messrs*
Knohcltdorff and" Binder. The-meeting of the
Radical Germane—as a small faction of the German
Ifcpuhllcans hoaetindv call themselves—has been
held, and the reflations passed and the speeches
made on that occasion, which von have published
in today’s Tntsuxu, show that von were not very
wrong when yon, in yonr editorial remarks, spoke
of “certain destructives who are Irving to stir up
sedition and breed discord in the ranks of the party
of Freedom in this city. 1 ’ Edmund Jussen, Ksq..
offered a rcsdlnUon to the effect that the Radical
Germans ought to endeavor to achieve a practical
application, of. their-principles at tho Baltimore
Convention, and warned - ms* countrymen ; nbt to'
split the. party.- Ilia- resolution; was 'bitterly on*,
posed ,by Casper Bnts and Theodore nielaaher,
and unanimously laid on the table.- 60 we read In
the Chicago Teteotajih. ■ Now alLuwmo to aav t .thal
Col. Knobclsdocff publisher of the Tdedraik was,’
one of the Vice Presidents and Heinrich IHnder,-
tbc chief editor ortho said paper;;was.a member
of the Committee, which reported the resolutions
of the meeting.*
i The Chicago .Telegraph had for three days pre
vious to the meeting urged the Germans to assem
ble one and all, and vindicate their' independence
from party-ties and strange (?) to say this
was seconded energetically by the German
copperhead paper called ibe CMcaga tTidori. If this
were a movement of a “ wretched schismatic con
spiracy,” then youwere 'certainly right in calling
the Chicago Te'egraph the organ of such a consul-'
racy. * v . . .
■ As to tbo question of who founded and sap*
ported the Chicago Telegraphy our correspondent,
an old Abe German, in Bayfng that It was done by
German government office-holders, is hot quite cor
rect. Collector Geo. Schneider collected the first
means by which to boy the Chicago • Tdegraph-kz
the benefit of Hon. Isaac N v Arnold: bnt not
only German Government officers, contributed to.
the founding of said paper, bnt American office*
holders-and w other alliens .of' American birth
lavished their money freely on an institution which'
now'repays them by stirring np sedition in tho
ranks or the party of Freedom. Shortly tiller the
Order of Gen. Burnside, suppressing the Chicago
Times was rescinded, a meeting was called by
Collector Schneider at the office of XT. Sti-District
Attorney Lamed, to raise six* or seven thousand
Dollars for the support of the "Tti6gravh" > eras
Mr. Geo. Schneider expressed It “to put the paper
on a sound basis,’ 1 : Among. tho contributors to
these .funds I mention the names of. non. Isaac
N. Arnold, wlo by bis action in : regard to
Emnslde’s Order No, &1 has forever forfeited
any support atrthe hands or’the Illinois B’aals
Zeuund. Collector Luther Haven, Assessor Peter
Page, Liquor Inspector Lamperta, Collector George
Scuneidtr, Charles B. FarwelL William L. Church,.
JJ. Young Scaramon. Col Hancock, Paymaster
[Augustus Boydcn, Joel U. Wicker and others.
; It ia-not six.weeks since Hon...George W.
: Gage was approached by CoL KnoblesdoiSTand
'asked for some pecuniary support-bnt was-fiatly
denied, while Wm. L. Church paid him SSO. I hold
in mv possession the copy of a receipt which one
'of toe contributors received,'and which' be very
’kindly has offered me as documentary evidence.
!Certainly, -loyal citizens- of— Chicago . will
incur be sorry to have spent their
I money to support an opposition paper against the
j Illinois Slaals , ZeUvng % when they see that this
: money is nsed “to stir dp sedition and breed dls*
t cord in.the ranks of the party of Freedom, 4 while
i the Illinois Bloats Zeitvng is tnaidng every effort
i to keep np harmony in the party and secure its
• victory In the Presidential election.. It Is. true, as
Messrs, and-Binder say, that the’
i ininoit Btaats Zsitvng has (previous to the meeting'
; of last Saturday) not uttered a syllable about Its ob ■
t jects, and the consequence of this silence was that
: themeeting if as a total failure," T
* * ' L.Bbektaso,
I Pnblistcr andXdltor of the JUinok Slants Zeiiung.
Chicago, March SSth, 1864. ' .
A Nut for Copperheads*
Is It not evident, upon the mere statement ortho
esse, that Lineolnw-ansnesty was-never expected
or designed by- himself to. nave any other effect
than Irritation and insalt to the Southern people ?
No one, however.-knows better thin Abranam
Lincoln that an y terms he might offer the Southern
people.which contemplate their restoration to bis
bloody and brutal Government would be rejected
with scorn and execration; If, instead of devo
ting to death our President and military and civil
officers, bo had proposed to make Jeff. Davis his
successor, Lee Commander-In-Chief of the Yankee
armies, and oar domestic institutions not only
recognized at home bat readopted in the free States,
provided tbe.Soath would once' more eater the
Yankee "Onion, there is • not a man, woman, or
child in the Confederacy who would not spit upon
the' proposition.' We desire no comptnlonsalp
upon any terms with a nation of robbers and mur
derers. Tfco miscreants, whose atrocities in this
war have caused the whole civilized world to shud
der, must keep henceforth their distance. They
shall not be our masters, and we would not have
them for our slaves.— Richmond JHipateh.
peacewillTtEese pe&fcle.^'*''
Soppreaaloß of the circulation oi ■ the
BlcCropoUian Becord in St. liOals,,
v SPECIAL OBDEhS, NO. 84. , ,-tj y.
’ • HaADQUAirnm?, Dar’r op/niEMiasocm, L- ,
*_ N v * Sr.locis; Mo., March Sd, loiH. <-•)- *
v. Toe attention of .the General commanding o<ia
been called to various articles of an incendiary, dis
loyal. and traitorous character in a newspaper en-
Utica The MftrvpoHtixn Record, without ecclesias
tical sanction called “aCatholic finally newspn
per.” published la New York, March 25,18>4..
Tee articles on “Conscription,” “The Hakl
cron Richmond, 1 ’ “Clouds in the West,” und
‘ The Addrces of the Lejlslatnre ofVirginia,”.con
tain CBOogh to eatiefythe General commanding
that no reasonable freedom, nor even license .of the
press, Suffice for the traltorc us ntlerances In those
articles. They are a libel on the Catholics, who,
as a body, are loyil and national. No man bavin?
adrep cf Catholic charity or patriotism in his
heart conid have written them, expressing, as they
do, hatred for the nation’s efforts to resist its_own_
-dissolution.and friendship fdc thoihwlioarc trying,
ip destroy the great, free Government nndcr
roianpy fcavofound an as j lam from oppression In'
other lands, . ■ J . ' , v
The Protest Marshal General will cause to bo
ail numbers of The Metropolitan Record con-;
laming these articles,'ami venders of them'. Ifloimd
aaihj of having sold or distributed them, knowing
loeir traitorous contents, will be pnnisbed.
;To protect tho Innocent from imposition, the
circulation of this paper Is prohibited in this de
partment until farther orders.
By command of Major General Bosecrans.
O. D. Gorki,
Assistant Adjutant General.
The following is#a copy ot one of the trea
sonable articles which led to the suppression;
Wo recommend to tbo earnest consideration of
those who still suppose the South can be conquer
ed, the eloquent and thriUimraddress of tho Gen
eral Assembly of Virginia, that grand and gallant •
old Commonwealth, the mother of Stated and of
statesmen, the birthplace of Washington, of Lee,
end of Jackson. The defiant tone' In which it
treats olthe efforts _to enslave the people of tho
South, and the eloquent language'of denunciation
In which It refers to thobarbarous system of war
fare punned by the minions of tho Washington
despot, will meet with an echo in the heart of every
man who loves Justice and hates oppression. We
trust in God we shall never seo the day on which
the glorious. old Commonwealth will oo subdued
and given over to tho spoiler and the plunderer:
to the Butlers and the Schenks; to tho licensed
hnrglar and incendiary, incited and encouraged by
_** the,best Government on the face of the earth.**
As to the freedom and Independence ol the South,
wehavc no apprehensions, tier .people can never
be conquered, and, if that were possible, Abraham
Lincoln is not the man to accomplish that subjuga
The address of the Virginia Assembly Is a proof
that the retention which animated Virginia all
through this war is as unbroken as ever, that there
is no faltering, no wavering. In the eloquent
wordbof thlsgreat document, ” Virginia takes no
stop backward.”
* » * • Grand old State, may 1 we hover
see the day when yon shall have to bow beneath
the yoke of the oppressor. If that day ahooldcver
come then will the frlcnda of freedom, tho lovers of
true hcroitm and manhood, mourn over the sad
fate of a great people, who fell while fighting for
liberty and indepcndencc,~fcll'on tho same soli that
to • Wnshinuton, to ono. whose namo
should hare been. s&flident to save .the great com
monwealth from the tread of the heartless invader.
Paps Him Abound. —A man calling Himself
Dr. [Fuller, eye doctor** cbm doctor, pill
Eedlar, and humbug generally, left this city
etween two days the latter part :of last
week, forgetting to pay his board bill, the
printers, and sundry other accounts. .He is
supposed to have left for Monpioutb, HI, or
eomfc other part of Illinois. > As he victimized
several good ualurcd creditors In Burlington,
Ottumway, Bloomfield,- and other places in
Southern lowa, it is presumable-that ho will
not {ravel in that direction.We invite our
friends of the press, especially those of Il
linois, to pass uim.around freely, for the
benefit of the craft and the public.-—Davm
port '{lowa) Gay (te.
Tutsuat Ermnso, March 29,1554.
The condition of the money market, as reported
jefterday.eoLilncca good to-day. Tbo demand for
money is very brisk by legitimate. borrowers, bat the
supply is equal to the occasion.-The relations be
tween borrower and lender were never more pleas
ant,than when the former walks up to the hanker with
the faith that he will get what be wants, and the lat
ter derives tbc highest gratification in the fact that
be la able to accommodate bim. Exchange contin
ues very close, bet there Is. no change In quotations,
and there will be nece, as < tbo-bankers have deter
mined to not deviate from present rates of selling ex
c<pt:ODder> the tnosf. extraordinary pressure. 01
course these]rates are for customers; none others can
getany. ■' • ■ ■ - - • -'
The decline In gold yesterday was maintained to
day in Jfcw York, althongh eflort* werg made to
push It up. The range, as telegraphed to James
Boyd, Et”.. was as follows: Atfta.m.—lWH; 9:46
IC6JC; 16-16JM; U-165; I p.m.-165K; 8-lK>*-; clos
ing at second board at JC6. The market here - opened
feverish and heavy, with large sales at 161&161K- It
became firmer towards the dess. Silver is weak at
152&1 M, withlarce offerings.' Legal tender antes are
firmer. The buying rate is -MOl-3,- and selling
Some of tho bankers are charging ft. There are very
faws-t6 bonds on market, and persons who are wil
lingtocelldecllneanyraallcrofferthanUO.- ■■ l
UyioxPuuiK Road. Company.—Chicago, March
80, ;86L—Cn and after thelOthday of April, the notes
of the Union Plank Road Company, of Michigan City,
Indiana, will not be paid-out by us or received on
deposit. '
Solo. A.Sjutp.Prm. 111.L.&T. Co. >
w. r. ccolbadoh A Co. ,
J.tTouao t-OAiixos, Prut. Marine Co. of Chicago.
JJY. FCAaxojt. .
c'.F.W, Jcaos, Cashier.
J.'M.Admt.-. •' :
aVc. Baj ore & Co.
J.'GI- Coa»*D.
TV. iL Wait*; Sec’y W. M. t F. Ins. Co.
SiDssT Mine, Cwhler.
Gto. C. SaaTO 4: Dio.
Ilrs>T GK«rytß4t7v.
„RrjT*B, Em> ColT**Cp.
Ei K. Bk*ut>d, Carti. Ist Sat, Bank.
' n Ji A. EtLJ",Prc!t.2d Nat: B»nk.
ItAßOLnH,Caih.S4Nat.lUok. >
Btsj. LcnßikT>;Pml. 4th >nt. Bank.
,N. B.Kmnsc, cash. State Savings lea*
Tut-toutt Loot.—The, Second National Bank of
Chicago, J.'A Kills, President, has been authorized
by Secretary Chase to ■ receive subscriptions for' the
new 10-41 loan. Parties in tbecounlry fishing to sub
scribe for this loan, can send United States currency
by {the Express Companies at the-expense of'the
l-aqk. This loan bears Interest at Ibe rate of-five pew
cent per annum, In gold, payable on bonds of one ban
died dollars annually, and,on those brer one hundred.
doDarsscml-ainctUy. The. old Government securi
ties ate constantly advancing, and this loan will
doabtlcss to readily absorbed, and tbe more'speedily'
If Congress Increases the revenue bj taxation,'as It
fbbnlfldo. ’ *'
aiiLWArucc.—Tbe general features of the money
market on Monday wero'ibe same as the-previous
week, with money flnu at 10 per cent, and a brisk de
—Tie deposits for the 16-40 bonds with Mr. Cisco,
xhi first day of tie Zopenlog of sobsorlptlons In New
Tori;, were 9575,083, and from a large number of sub
icdbers. Ihe amounts taken by the National banks
art not reported." no-donbt- as-to tbe
foture flaandal* policy of the Government, and at 9
per cent It means to borrow In some form all Its wants.
Toilhosewhowautagold bearing bond at 5 per cent
the 1 CHC*s will be sold.' Should these not sell fast
enough to keep the Treasury easy, Mr. Chaec win use
two-year notes at 5 per cent Interest, pay hie with tie
prtaclpalot maturity. That la to »ay, If there la not
currency ' enough to kcep-tho money market cheap
* nonjth to eclLbouds, enough will ho added to accom
p'itth the purpose. As for a tight money market It
cannot esUt under the preheat Treasury programme.
'* bew I’ork StKk Dlarket-aiorch SO.
Received by E. Q. SalUastiJl.A Ce w conzmiaaict:
stock and toad brokers, SI Clark street, Chlcsyo.
Istß’d; 2dlTd. Ist B’d. ?* B’d.
N.T.C H2«( HI Cleve&Tol.;.l49tf ua
C &N.TV 67V ; CS ’ Beading..;.... U7 .1“
Enc (c0bj.)...!21j< 12» . Hu<U«a River .]& ' 157
c.|&p .136 ISC ' nu«per cent.*: •
M.S. (com.)..lts 116W wirfoanhdsAM
M.?. lis C. S. 6 V cent.
P.P.TV.*C..M3Jf ItSW tl-20 coupons,...
MiC 137 IS3K ff.S.6*cent.
C„& a. (coat.) 63 . ..... bonds, 1831.. 113
c;& A. (pfd). 100 Erie pr0f.;....111 * mu
Galena -.126K 127 U. H. 7 3-103...115K ...
R*cfclsland...l2»si-JS3 o«S.lyr.ort;.W ....
lll.Central.. JMi MIU&P.PC
c;8.&Q.....K8H illaa.iJXo.lnnu - ' 1
Har1em........103- 1251$ grant bonds.. 73
ywckMiver.,. 7TK 77« America* Gold 165 ltd
Mutxxr—lst Board heavy. 2d Beard strong. "'
It will be scea that Harlem Is soing np’agrin abont
,ad fart as,ii went down. It opened at HB, and went
-up, at the Scrend IWdf a; !0‘125H7 • Nearly every stock*
‘on the list advanced at the Second Board.'
Tcesdat Emsiifo, March 23,1881.
Wzkklt ItEmw.—During the past-week the gen*
er&l markets have ruled active and buoyant and
prices hare bad a strong upward tendency till to-day,
-when, tinder the influence of a reaction In the geld
market, prices fell back slightly. Flour closes about
lie per hrl higher on the week; wheat closes at about
last week's prices; Old Cora has advanced 2c per
bethel, and New’Corn B®4c per bushel.* Oatanrelc
lower.'llyo andßarleywcze higher, hut close qmet
and unchanged. Hlcbwlnes have been active, and
prices have advanced about 7c pergalloaon thawcck
MessPotk bas advanced <2.00 p hrl; Prime MctaPark
BAO p brl: Mess Beef tUOQIAO p brl; and Beef
Hams (1 A(@2.to P brl. Sogarsbave advanced [email protected]
« ft; Coffee, lk®2c V ft; Tea, 5c p ft.
1 the following table ehows the receipts for the last
twcaty*fourhours; :
Fleur, wueat, ccro, ore, Barley
brio. bo. ha bo. to. bn.
...1221 1810 42059
7857- HOl*’: -*357 - *430
£BOO 1000
Slßit SCO 7700
CB4QBB. .... '1409 - 7123 • 657
SWBB ISA , C€CO , 10W 12600 740 800
C&AItIC... 500 SB 720 ....
Other Hoads.
4SS6 31916 71411 3DRB 1059 1330
I Total.
Grass Cured Live Drea'd Beef
< Seeds,Meats,Hogr, Hogs, Cattle, Hides,
as. us no. Co. no. -us.
Ctual ;.... .... 68806 ...
gSOtTHaSRHO 28310 ISO ' r. 81: 12081
IRK ’ .... 7 .... 21016
111.C.8.R..... 1316 4t616 120 ID 1 68S0
CBiQBK £02479 i... ‘ 4 - 18470
KWBB 59 40 11870
C & A R R....46500' 51 .
Other Roads.. ....
I TotS. 81556 450709. 354 '6O 125 74226
! The general markets to-day, In consequence of the
Recline in gold, ruled quiet.and easier.
) The wheat market declined fully 1c 9 bushel—with
Bales of No 1 Spring at tl,l4J4ei.l4K,anl No 3 Spring
at |l.C£[email protected]—the market closing dull.
( The demand for Flour to-day waaleas active, and
the market was very quiet—with light,sales of white
winter extras at 17.5C07.90, and spring extras at 35.20
05.50. "
New Corn declined IQIKc Fbnshel—with sales ol
KolatßS®S9c*; No 2 Corn at BJ®B3Jic t and Rejected
at TJKO'Sc. Old Corn was steady at 91c for No l.
Four boat-loads of Hirer Com were also sold st 9SKc
foroldNol afloat; 90c for New No 1 afloat; and Wc
for New Ko 2afloat. ...
; Oats declined K£Kc. per bushel, with licht tales of
itfd. 1 at 64®(IHc. and Ko. 2at fiiafiltfc, the market
(closing at He for.No.).
I Rye was In limited demand at (1.01 for No. 1. Barley
: was steady at $L2a$L23 for No. 2. '
I The market for Hlghwlnes opened dull and heayyat
: tSc, but as soon as the New York dispatches were re*
I cclyed, it dSßcd firm at Me, with sales of about 700
brla. .:
The' Provision market was quiet and firm. Mess
Pork was held firmly at $22. Balk Hams were in good
demand, and we note tight sales at lljfc loose and
packed. Sweet Pickled Bams were lo good de
mand and firmatlStjc. Country Mess Beef was sold
at sl3, and 530 brls CUyßeef Hams changed Hands at
advance of $2 V brl. Lard was quiet, and
we note light sales at 12c for City Prime and Us(c frr
In'the afternoon and evening there was an active
dcmandfor Hlghwlnca at 91c, and about 800 brls were
eoldatWsMXer-holdenat the close remains to sell
below 95c. Wheat was very dull—lfo 2 Spring being
!xeelf*offered atgUO. without borers. Oats were
also dull and nominal at tic for^ol.
Tirrroar Bnarnro, March », 18W.
HOGS—Tbe supply of Boss during the present week
has eo £*r been extremely limited. The total receipts
to-day azo about 450 bead, which U thoroughly Inade
quate for the present shipping demand.' The entered
Bales amount to 4© Boesat *7.0037.70 ft 1M a*. Thera
la so abatement in the requirements of stock for
shippers, hot with' the limited receipts, little business
can-bo-dose. Prices generally are firm at previous
; quota dons.
'Seller.- Buyer. No. At, Price.
O.Aduas.... Smith* Adams.. TJ- 163 S7J»
J. Wallwork. A.Smith ss 822 7jOO
Basullon........peacock OU m 70S
C. F. Loom Is * uo.Qobcy ug jot ' 7.75
BEEF- CATTLE—With eouMenblr Ins than the
Bias] Ripply the yards have assumed qnltoa holiday
appearance, . few buyers think ins U irorth their
while toChtcr an.appearance. Prlmoahlpplag Cattle
are still la acllTo demand, and army contractors are
disposed to hoy more this week than last, bat unfor
innately. In the absence of the requisite supply, are
usable to do so. The previous quotations of the mar.
ket appear firm and unchanged. The receipts to-day
amount to about 2CO bead, and the entered sales to
174; at prtccsranclnc.froin bnt chiefly at
«!35®5.62XV1W»e. '
Sellers. ‘ 4 * ‘Buyers. Jfo.AT.wt. Price
Ban Sees H.Rosenthal4Co. 18 1281
W.P. is . uso >. 525
Koecnlhal.— ...-..C.Kabn,Jr.vi;....-l6 —12*3 — 4.2 a
Adams do 82 .. 1231 . 4*3
Hyman _ do 71 983" 14.25
1»yan.......:...i..0'51ica;........... 19 821 4.00
Faweett Kahn, Jr... ... 1? list SJ» .
J. Adams Bayes ir. 153J 6JM
,do .ForbU. 12 list SK3J<
.do •..........C. Kahnjr........ is . 866 .4.90
BFIEKP.—Good fat sheep are stilt.ln fair -demand
and tolerably firm at preTloos quotations. Medium
and commoner qualities are dull and la Tcry trilling
request. The receipts continue limited, and below
the demand. ‘ '
Seller?. Baser?.
Stars.... Goodman.
C;F. Lcorulr Groove...
No. At Pries.
.SO 101 *7.00
,ISI 124 7,»
AUSaltsof Grain reported in MU nviri'et are on
the ban* qf winter staraye (4 aver hu*fiel up to the 15t\
Jpfil) except when olhenn*e*iateil. Free A r&xipbi
ore •‘Vbtect to onlv -c tfsrape, if drawn out of store
trithln Vidayeofthedate named on Vie receipt.
TOKaBAT.BTmire March 29.1564.
FREIGHTS- Lakb FaHianrs.—Thcro.kas been
ore are active demand for freight-room daring iho
week by grain‘hlppere, and ten or twelve rebels
hare been encaged at 9c for com and 10c for wheat to.
Buffalo, at wnlch figures rates close stead/.: There
have been so engagements’ daring the week to Lake
Ontario— shippers offering 13c for wheat to Kingston
nndOawcßO, and vessel-owners asking 15c. To-day
the bark sunrise was chartered at Sc for coin to Buf
falo. f • J
* Lake and Kail FtjSiodts.—Dnrlnff the'Treek the
liberal encagements bare .been‘small with the pro
peller lines,tad the propellers now in port hare nearly
allbecn filled at for Floor to Now York, and
SMCQi.ro to Bostons The second ran ofhoa'a arc or
dered tcjfhippers at $1.40 to Boston and JIJO to New
Verti but there is no disposition at present among
shippers to make engagements at orcr JLMte New
Baclboad Febtoiitb—During the week the roads
leading to the Fast bare recuced their rates 23c per
brl oo floor, end lOcperlOQ it& on fourth close, we
. yoarO..
‘ i - * • .Flout; Class,
To hew.Torlc .2-00 . •ua
To 8e5t0n.......... ‘ 1.05
To Montreal ..US ■. OJC!
To Albany.,.., ....U# , OJS
To Penlaad ~;......3J0 IJB •
To Baltimore 5.06 • ' US
Cakaz. Fueiouts—Tho Illinois sad Michigan Canal
is again open, and there Is an active demand lor
freight room for-Lumber to St.Lou!s at 37.00 per
thousand feet. - , ,
.•week-; i?.3<o brls. against 11,641 brls la the correspond
ing week In ISO.
The market anrlnc the week hat been more active
ruder a good* apecnTatlve and shipping Inquiry, and
we note an advance on good graoe* of about 100 per.
trl—with Bales of about 22.0W brls, a large portion of
which consisted of wblte winter extras, at
for -fair to very choice, and spring
extras at - ♦3XO®3.SO for common to choice.
Fever#! "salfa were made' of favorite brands
of Spring Extra at *[email protected](V but they are mlvod
with lira Winter When’. Superfine brands continue
In good demand for the Canadian trade, and liberal
calcs nave been made at t4.00d1.50.' -We quota the
market ot the closo aafollows
bt. Lenta and Southern lU. White Winters...|[email protected])C
White Winter extras.,.. UXWJM
Mixed UeU and White extras
lied Wlaler extras «.OOatCW
Winter superfine......... i 4 JOASiOO
Spring extras, very choice S.’iSas.SO
do . do good to choice 5^005.73
do | do fnlr to good S-Wasjo
do | . do - common to medium 5.000341
Spring superfine 4.*Cdhßd
Ifyc Floor ; 5.0305J25
To-i>at the sales were as follows; 80 brls 11 Veran
dah”! white winter extra, at 47.90; ZSJbrla good white
winter extra at 47.25: ‘.'CObhds M AnteJopc' r sprlDff ex
tra at s'.&') to store: WO Wsgood spring extra at <5.50;
ICObrta** Clermont” xnper at
flance” spring surer at<t.T>: 50 brh» •• Exchange” do,
■ -COKN HlEAli—Therelsagood demand for Corn
Meal( and the market Is firm, ue quota:
Fine Coin Meal..? ton..
Coarse 44 44 - 44 . 2*^ol
fllUl.P.tnir(«—There -la a.cood. jaraand fur rjiran
•cd Coarse Mlddlings.and the market la Arm. We
?notfe; ’
Ine Middlings,per ton SObO
Coarse 44 .
‘Uran.rerton....... was
tVUEAT—Received to-day, 81,916 bushels; receiv
ed last week, TftS,£C3 bushels, agalast 51,431 bushels
dunsr the corresponding week In 186;.'
Owing !• the advance In gold In the early part of
tl e week, the market for wheat waa active and buoy
ant. tnd prices were wellsustilned—No.l Spring nd
vandsgKSSc ? bushel, bat Ko, 1 Springremaining
aadeaner—tbe rpecnlative and shipping de
mand having been principally/for No 2. To
wards the close, however, nnd'tr thd Influence of
the ! reaction .In- gold, prices have Calioa bac-t
and we have no actual advance to note on the week.
The fallowing table shows Che prices paid daily since
tbedateof our last wrtkly review; »
Date. . No.lSpr’g.', Nb.2 Spr’r. Rejected.
Marcb’2B .|USK«>Jo (1.10 RI.IOKII-W a......
*• 34... 1.13K0U8 . . I.IOK3UIK LOIJtoUS
" «... 1.15 ®1.16 I.U ®UIV'I.O2 ®1.03
I “ 26...
“ 25... i.u austt i.mKiem i.e ®ub
•• 29... laixauix IX9V&I.IOX IXflK®
To-day the market wt» doll, ana prieet fell about
leper bushel. Sties were:-Is,COO bu Noi Srrlag in
store it (I.IIK rP.OOC bu. do as (UtK: «,POO bu No 3
Sprlcs UnF. «s T.’«) It SI.'.CX: 73.000 bu do (fa North
Side bouses) at (1.10; S.CM bu do at ; 10.0 M bu
do at tLMjk; lAoObu Spring afloat (aotinspected) at
(1-OTK: ttObußejectecfSprlße in stole at(i.co}£.
COltN—Received UvCar,.71.411 .bn; received last
wees, 125.3U bo, against ax,!W bn during the cor*
• responding week in 16*3. • *
■ The market for Corn doling the week has ruled
brisk and buoyant, and prices of New grades ad*
Tinted 403 c per bu; but during the past two days,
under tbe decline In gold, prices bare fallen back
tlightly, and close at an advance on the week of sate
per.bu. ,0!d Com has .ruled quiet bat firm, and we
note an advance of zc per bn since the date of oar
Iflirweekly review. Toe offerings of Old Cora are
now light, and Shipper* are now naming their atten
..tlonmolnly to new grades. Tbe following table shows
the (dally prices or Old and New Corn daring tbe
diilt prices or. old andjkw com mrscsG xns
• Old Com In store. New Corn In store.
Date. Nol. No 3. Not. No 2. Uofected
M’cMn c .... c
24., 99M©..C fs7©fsK TCX®:9 c 73© C
•J ! 25.. 9Cfi»HC 69 ao6c 87088 c FO MSI Me HH&..
“i 26.. 91(393 c tO ©9IC £9®»o C 81U®Sl c 753i5>4
28.. 11®.. ' c 90 ®92c 59&90 cS3 (£3l C 7Z&75M
“;29. 9:®.. C .;...... [email protected]<C 82 ®S3Jf 7IX®»
To-n.vr thc demand was less active, and the nur-
Ket, declined IGclHc per bushel. • Sales wereOu>
Coax—s,(Lo bit No 1 Corn in store at 91c; 5,500 bn
lUVcr Cora (inspected Ko3> at 9S!de afloat. New
Coeif—f.tKO bn reiver Com drspecied No 1* at uCc
afloat: 1,400 bn No 1 Com In store at 69J£c; 82,003 bu
doiat 89c';8,C09 bn do at 88Kc; 3.0t0 on do at
E-cifC; 2.000 bn do at.63c; 10,000 bushels
UfxcrCom (inspected No2l at Sic afloat; 17,000 bn,
No 2 Cera In store ar 63>£c; 5,0’ obndo at 83Jfc; 15,000
badoat£Cc;s,Coobudo&tß3Kc;lJ)oobn do at 82c;
6,(00bu T’lnter-losp'cud "New Corn” (2c storage)
at 32c: Kelec.cd Cora In elorc at 73c; 400 bn
do»t7(Xc. * ’ '
OATrf— p ecelrcd to-day, 25.673 bushels; received
la at week, 85.4(7 bnibcla, egalust 85,267 bushels during
tie oorrwrondlngwockln 1853. ’
The demand for Oats daring the past week has been
very light, and prices show a decline on the week, of
1c per bnshel. The shippers have been almost wholly
cut of the market, and there has been but a moderate
vpccuUtlvc injur?. The following table ;shows the
tri:c*pald each day during the week:
Date No. 1 Oats."' . No. 2 Oats.
Mdrch29 MH€V»* 6UK
24 OtX«BHf .....
•* . 23..;.... 6‘.SG?«X ©
• f‘ 26 R Q6SH - 63K
26: 61H««
. u £» ;.64 ®64X r«: (&01J4
To-pat the demand .was Usbt, and the markst de
cided X93fc per bushel. SaTcswcret—BW-Obn No. 1
Ode In "tore at WM; 48.*.00bu do at C4!fc: OXGbn do
at C4c: SoOO bn No. 5 Oats In store at Cic; 600 bu do at
fiJXc ; fit# boahcla by eampiom burlaps attic on track;
CW bushels do at 75>£c on track*
RYE—Deceived to-day., 1,059 .bu; 'received last
week, 8,056 bu, ccainat.li,ttO bu doting the corro
•peadmg week in 1863; ’ ■ •- •;
Tbe market daring tbe week'has ruled Arm and
quiet, at sun®iX2 lor winter receipts No. 1 in store,
' and 99c for No. 1. Towards the close, however, buy
ers are offering lower prices, which holders are not at
present willing to sceede to.- > - •
To-pat there was a fair Inquiry for No. 1 Rre at
Si;*l,butpcllcrs were asking *1.02.'-Sales were: 136
hags good at ft cc 00 track; bn at fto2 on track.
BAKEEV—Deceived-to-day, 1,233 bushels; re
ceived last week 2,7'.7 bushels, against 7,603 bushels
durlrgibc comspomhngweekln 1363.
Tbe,demamllor Barley in the early part of the
week wes bu»t ant and active, and'prices advanced
2(sß:per bushel; but during iho past two or three
flavs tfir market has rnled quiet and easier— cloalncat
?0:22®J.2S forNo 2 lu store.
To-pat the dexanad was light and the . market was
quiet. Sales weA;:—ICO bu No 2 Barley in store at
f 1323; 4Dobu float sl-32K; ICObn do at 11.23.
There lea fair demand,for sample lots at 31.1T®1,Cj
for medium to prime Sales to-dayHO bags prime
at SI -35 on track; 400 bars at Sf.S6 on track.’
ALCOHOL—Owing te the buoyancy sn the mar.,
kft tor lilghwlnre.-Alcohol has baa advanced liener
pdllon since the date of oor last weekly review—«*•
Jng at W-SW*!.**) per gallon.. - ,-^a
AKlJLSi—Potashes are In fair demand and steady
a? 6kBGSi • Babbitt's Pure Potash In tin cases steady
ati.ererih. • . r T .
BROOM CORK—In fair demand and Arm. We
.quoit: .
Prime brush, per t0n..... $l9O qy^on.M
Fair to good do, per ton i ICO.CO3SIBXO9
To-dat the Bales were: 3 bale; fair quality at 1170
• pfcr ton.- 1 i
BUTTER—Tiereis a very active local and Ship*
-pine demand for Butter, and the market rules- firm
aadbcqysnt. Wequote: I ' li •
Prime Dairy. In crocks and tubs S>33TKe
Fair to good Dairy In crocks and tabß.,„[email protected]
Prime fihipplac.m firkins ....‘..300340 -
Fair to good d 0..;....: ;,[email protected]
Foil Batter in boxes and barre15........ 23031 c
Common batter .36027 c -
'Salisto-dat were as follows: 13 kees prime at
at Wc: 210 E»a good roll at rsc; 12 crocks choice dairy
at SCc; ICO Bade, at r.7c. There was a good demand:
to-day for‘shipment Bontb, and Prime Dairy was lull -
atSt&fe. >
;'BKAKS-;In good demand, and steady. We quote
Prime *avy. ;......$3 7S®|2 80
Prime mixed a <l*4 2 73
Fair to good, d 0....*... 2 a-® 2 8»
Common..; ;.... 3 23® 2 so
< BROOMS—In fair demand and good supply. Frc*
vjous quotations firm and unchanged.. We quote;
Common Pb la handles U 32.4553.7S
i do ‘ Painted....;........-..; 2.7^E5.00
Medium.-.- 9AOQ3AO
Extra.. .V. V.V.V.V.V. 3.733105
I BEES WAX—The receipts centlsno limited with
a fair demand lu the market. Prices firm at 43350 c
< BAGGING—The market continues rather qulet;
the: hipping demand belogstm much restricted by
iheditllculiy or obtaining adequatetransportation.
Gunnies are la better supply, and firm at previous
quotations.- Burlaps are la fair receipt and on*
changed. Colton eacka are in better supply and pri*
Cesru’e easier, but without quotable change. Seam*
less sacks are In small supply and very firm nt pre
vious quotations. Burlaps, V : yard, 26®27c, We
Chicago A. seamless 55 c
Auburn Mills A, IJM
Prince Albert A, “ LOO
Star A. •- - “ ;■ 90 c
Hampden, E, . “ .-50 0
BtarLinen.,.- ' M c
PliUfleldF. .. “ -IDO
Burlaps,four on;..- 48044 c
funnies, two bu ■- 28 e
“ fonrbu 45(930 e
Bewed Linen Bags,* two bu, *No. 1.
! «* - jfo.2.
m u- com Exchange A.. . M c
I u u ** .. Extra heavy.. M c
!_ •« .*. ExceliorA.. M c
Ilour Socks, Ktoru, cotton ; 43 e
; “ *• t| ** linen.. 40 c
I * K«' co ,?on. 21 c
I •• •• s 5
{ BElCKS—Market rather qalet, and tut Ann for
[spring delivery. Some contracts hare been made at
18XC&SAO. bnt maanfactorcrs are looking for still
higher figures. In consequence of the advanced rates
[oriabor. For present delivery the market is rather
quiet and unchanged. 'Weqnete:
Common. V thousand..; 910J0312JX)
creased, ft thousand........ ISJJOGjaoxO
Fire Bricks... * 60X0aa , U)0
COAlr-Tbe .demand during the past week baa
teen tolerably actire for household consumption.
Tbe supply is itill restricted, with little bard Coal tn
the market, and tbat only of tbe largest sizes. PrevU
ons quotations tolerably firm and unchanged. We
onote: v
Flint—Brookfield... ~(l(W0
do 0rmabr.......... JU 10X0
CutTW^asD—Briar Hi 11... 10X0
do Mineral HUgc., BXO
do Willow Bank. 9XO
Blossburp iixo
Lump Lcmgb,... 15.00
Lackawanna, prepared 12X0
Scranton. 12.C0
Illinois 6.0098X0
CANDLES - Market la moderately attire and tctt
firm at pterions quotations. We quote:
Stcarme JSNQI7 c
Star Candlts.No.2.. . 21 ®2lhc
COOPERAGE—Pork Barrels and Lard Tierces
are in nominal demand, sad rale steady at previous
quotations. - Whisky Barrels aremore active, baton!*
in the better qualities common ones being ansaleable:
E rices are firmer, and on prime Casks as hist as W.T3
i being paid. There Is a more active demand for
Floor Barrels, and prices rale very firm at an advance
of 2c on round and flat hoops ■ on protons quotations.
Cutter Firkins are In better request, and rule firm at
.1931* Liquor Sega are quiet and unchanged. Loose
Half Barrels are in light demand andateaov at SVjfttDc.
' There la a better demand fop-Hickory Polea, and the,
market mica firmer at previous quotations, we
quote: •
Lard Tierces.
Flour Barrels, flaVhMp*’.’’.’."'' **••* HSHii
Flour Barrel StavtaandClrela *■*
tok p01e5....... — noS
Floor Barrel Poles H." *! moSSS
Loos© half brls 1,,....
CHEESE—'There has bom no decline'ln tba nr**,
▼loos activity,of the market, Choice Hamburg and
BeseiTe are In very small supply, whU*t of maiium
aa«l lower qcnUtUa the re;eipts are limited and
scarcely equal to the demand. Market cantlnnca
firm at previous rates. We quote;
Hamburg.. 11K»13
Western Kcterro i* (^n
XlUnol* rbcl Wisconsin ,u (315
COFFEE—There has been an unusual amount of
scarify tfrttitrciarkrt dortn; the past week; with a
decree ol firmness seldom nCatned (u this or say
olher market. The receipts in ifew York hare bsca
trifllnK as compared with the excessive demand
among large buyers, and for) OOTcrnmcnt account,
to that western barer* bare bad no small difficulty la
«ec orlop tapp lies fbr present wants. - Fro nr our otce
rntquotsflocr.ltwlilfaeteen that dnrlny the week -
Santos has advanced Cc, Jam iwc, ani Rio 13tf'a.ic 3
fi>. At present rates the market is excited, and nos s' 1
strong upward tendency.' We qooto: ; 1
Santee.*,.’ .....a...... .. 4? |
Klo,lalrlo jjnod....
Bio. "nod to prime.
been Generally-active onrtne ine week. both for
country anil cut trade, and there baa been
than has i eccuiST been made in the weekly quotations.
Chemicals of all kindsare very (Inn* and there-ap
pears a slight upward tendency. This ta especially so
with Mercury and airprepuratlqas' of Mercury. On
Csrophortha market baa beea tonsidcrabJy firmer,
nad prices have advanced 1&330 O. '.\qu»Ammonia U'
Id good demand snd firm at an advance of 2c. The
supply of«:pluni Is still very limited and lasniaolent:
wo note c further advance of 25330 c. Qmnme Is in
verr Inr.rtcquato supply and firm nr a firvhtr advance
of tPc. QnlcullTena in fair demand with an advance
of 10c. Essential Oils continue very firm. Patent
Mccbdccn are in cood get eral demand and firm with
an unward tendency. we quotei-
Aloes, docotrtne, •• • ~ Omn Trwr.,•
. IXO . do Shelao.
: Arsenic
Arrow Hoot Jam. 45
do Ber. 55
Bal. C0pa1ra.....1.E551.73
Bal. T0ft;...;..;. ASS
81-cro.Potash.... 30
Borax refined.... 85(337
Camphor do ....1.5031.55
Copperas Am 3>f33¥
Cream Tartar.... 85®70
Cubeba..73 Vitriol.blua.....: . ia«2B
Glue.bCßt... 10 Soda. Ash, 90 o-o 5.2*95.50
Glue, com [email protected] .Sal Soda 4JWai.ll
Aqua Ammonia.. - 18 GlanberSalts 3
Chirstal Silicate • CauatlcSoda...,. 10K®U
■of Soda 6 Carb.Ammonla.. 5x9 W
£(*<■£s—There baa been a little Improvement in the
receipt*,and consequently prices, hare.been lover.
There la a good demand, for which the lupply Is
Irregular and spall. We quotoJkeah Eggs at UOISo
V dO2PP. :*
* 'FURS—'Theiriarlrcfcontlnuea In flilr supply and
moderate demand. Prices rule steady and tolerably
firm at previous quotations.' We quote:
Bean, tbiacx, targa ana inuaeasonsaj.... giOACan 00
Bean, brown jao« ajh
Bern, cube X to jf yame U...;
Beaver; (Mack and dark) 1.0001.50
,-Beaver. {paleand siWery)..... ....-LOO® 1.23
Badger. (huge and fine) 40®' 50
Peer Bkiaa, (red and b1ue).,.......... 50® (0
Deer Bklna, tgrey) 30® 40
Fishers, (dark, large, and silky) S.ou® BJ«u
or brown) 3.OC® 4.C0
. Foxes. crow the less red the better 4.00® B.®
Foxes, red. southern and we5tern.......... X.5002.00
poxes, grey..'.,,,.;.. SC® so
House Cata,black-and arey..;.........,.... io®- is
Lfnx;largoand One 190® 300
Muskrats, fall and winter iaa is
Marten, dark without red. &&0® 4.®
Morten,cotamonandpaio. Lso®Xs#
Minks, Mlaaeaota,’Michigan, Wisconsin.,,. 3£o®*4Aß
Minks, IlUnoU and lowa 2J)G®s.oc
Otter, Bhck, l&rgp and fine 4JJO®b.oo
Otter.Brown ... 3.M® 4.00
Opossum, Northern,'dry and clean " .10® ' 12
Ono&iosr, Sootbnnij- - 5® 'W
Raccooa.llUaclr, mscensln, Ac........... lo® to
Bknnk, black. 20® so
Sknnk. striped. 13® 20-
Wild! Cats..... 20® 40
WolfSkinß,large.wblteand One I.oo® 130
nralne . . SO® *S
FEAT-liEß!**—The supply bis been very limited
and little doing la the market, i rices role tolerably
linn and steady at previous quotations. We quote:
Prime live Geese Feathers..; ; .....s'.®Vtc
Medium............. ,43®520
•FRUITS—Gseek Apmjw are In good supply, anl
market active and Arm at present quotations. deh
ors In good supply, and very active, market firm at
jmentquotations. Oraeoes,receipts more liberal
and market moderately active and drm. Hicsobt
Nuts 1b fair demard and Unchanged. We qiote?
Green Apples, loir to prime. a hrt... . L .....y?ya 330
Green Apples, common, 9 hr! 130® 2.00
LemoLß, B box. 7AOaB.CS
Lemecs, Messina. V box-.. 730® 9JW
Oranges (Sicily), F box , B.oo® 8.53
Hickory Nuts, mail, V bn. 1.23® 130
liirkory h'nts.larse. t» bo . 78®7.»
DRIED FRUITS— Applbs—Market rather quiet
and tolerably arm. Stocks in first hands are very
Debt, but In second hands there is sUU a good aupplr.
Choice lots are held at 10Kc and prime at RaiO&cia
fli at bands. Peaches unpared are la good supply and
fair demand, prices steady and unchanged. Fared
are In active cemaud and light supply,, prices firm,
tending upwards. Raspberries veryiscarce anl firm
at present quotations. Cosbies and blacsbebizs In
go. <1 supply and easy at present quotations, market
moderately active. We quote;
Dried Apples
Unp&ieu Peaches..; '
Pared do.
Raisins—Layers V bdr
Raising M. ft., * box..
CtiiTinla? a.-
Smyrtu P D
Alaionds,* a.a0R.:........
do do bard........
Dried Raspberries..:
Dned Blackberries
Dried cherries
Prunes, Turkish...
do • Bordeaux.
Pears. (Bohemian;.
Salea to-day 1M bags Southern Apples at 10c; 30 bags
Peaches, unpared; nt 13c;
PUSH—WcrntFisn.—lncotsequcnceof tbe lim
ited receipts of the paat season,, and the active dc
mand, tbe supply Is for tbe present exhausted. We
are now very near the opening of navigation, whan
fresh supplies may be anticipated- Present quota
tions are nominal. Thout— Stocks are generally vetr
light, and In tbe absence of Wnite Fish tbe market U
more than usually active-and- Hrm.~>MACicaxxL In
moderate receipt and good demand at previous quo
tations. Codfish— Supply and’ demand limited, and
prlceeflimandnschasged.r Unnaixaa—Dried quiet
and unchanged.,Flqjtlcd in very limited snpplyand
firm at present quotations. We quote:
No. 1 Whlteflab,half br15.,........-...,....(7A* ®7.2S
N0.3 “ ** 8.73 ®7JW
Ko.s . « . M ; •. 500
No. 1 TfOUt, ■ ** 6AO -05.75
No. j Treat, '* „ 5.M QXZ
Ko. X Slacker*}, ccw. $ half brl 10.00 ©W.SO
Xo.s “ “ •“ ;.... BJO a?.M
No.l - u B*frkit9... 3.73 (&3-01
N».2 . “ - “ 2JJO »2.7S
yanmrirackcrel.Jialf brlaj
Codfish,Georßti’aDant, {tlOO as.
Cadflsb, Grand “ ‘
Ko. 1 Dried Herrlnf, 9 box
Scaled M ’
Pickled Herrings round.
No. 2 ■ ** ■ 1
Dutch Herrings. V keg. IJS &7.00
GREASE—The offerings of Grease arc now fight,
ami under* good demand, tbe market Is firm. We
quote: .. ■ .. . . • • .
white Grea5e..;;..;;,... .......l.,iftK<at7jfc
YedowGrens*...;. 9!4®10 c
Brown Grease.V.*.Vi*..V.V..*...VyV...9Xc
Tq-dat sales were: 50 tes White Grease at lOxc: 37
tea do at 10Xc.
HTG&WINES—Hecelved to-dar, 671 bbU; re
ceived last week, S.CI6 bbls,agalnst 1632 bbls the week
previous; ”■ 1
The market for Hlshwlnes: during the week has
been active and booyont, and prices snow an advance
on the ’week of'e ? gallon. The following table
shows the transaction* and prices paid eaeh day:
Date. . , Barrels sold. Prices.
March t3.......................... 3000 83 0M ;I
« 21 3000 89}j»9i
“ 25 29.«0 , . . 93 ®9I
*•1 2fi .700 93 ®9S
“> IS 1800 • 91 «9l
29 ftl ©9l ,
To-dat the market opened quiet, and for a abort
time on ’Change It w&a olflleoU-to Mllat9Se; bntas
toon os tbeNew Fork dispatches were recolved.ls ral
lied and closed firm at 9fc. Sales were »C 0 Oris at
9Sc: 91 brls at 93Kc: 400 brls at 04c.
-IllDilS—The receipts during. tbe. past week
amount to ra.yilfts.ataiast 2C8,6*5 as received dor
inr the *prevlon» week. Tbe beat iadinatlon of tbe
activity ofthe market for the post.weck is found la
tbeTsctthat,with the Urge increase in the supply,
price? tare' reled steadily and unchanged throughout;
Buyers generally have been prepared to take all they
could manage, and the:receipts bare consequently
bean (tom day to day disposed of at fail prices. In
tbd market to-day, although there has been nn actual'
dcdluieia prices, there ia seemingly less activity and
We quote:
Green >.oaatry ( olßaed., WW) .~ )( ; v .. . 9KB 9%
Cr«rn Salted, - do ....lßK®lt}af
Green, cart cured, do ' is BlOtr
DrySaned, do v ..15 «13K
Dry Flint*’ - ‘ do • 19 «jc ,
Kl) and Calf, Green. _ ....IJKBL'I
Kip and Galt, Murrains @W-
Groobv two-thirds price.
HOPS • There has been Utile change fn the market
during tbe past week. The supply or Old Hops is ex
hausted, and for New, there is amodersto Hi»m«nriand
prices rale linn and unchanged.■> Wo quote: -
New Fork,new..,:
is'cw Tork, new..,r ;..%®33c
Western, nevr :...,’.:..V..,.., ,'.3(3i5c
BAY—There baa been no diminution In the liberal
supply ol all descriptions of Oiy. Tula, however,
wilt; icrae stocks onnand, and the ntter Impossibility
of the present demand for shipping, from the
already overcrowded condition ef all our raliwara. is
ftDj-tUigbutraTerabletoaellcrs. Sales are with dir
flcnltv ed'eeted.alihonghinman;lnstances lowp Ices
areflTered. The market Is consequently overstock
ed and unusually dull. Wcnolo a decline of |LO3 per
tob on ptoYloasquotatlona. We quote:
Timothy, beater pressed 413J3Cai^.0a
■ i*» loose .* 12J0313JW
!**-' loose ;... 1 ..»'t1,00<312.00
Prairie loose pressed. UXOAI3JU
Prairie loose IthOOfflil.CO
UONEY—Vn almoU Demand
limited. We quote prices tolerably Arm at is®
IRON—The market forsll descriptions of manu
factored Iron continues active, and considerable la
acrance of the ir.pply. Upon all descriptions oi Bar,
Sheet and Hoop Iran prices have advanced KBlc per
Strand at present rates the market mles very item
with so upward tendency. Intimately connected
w£h th’s ' progressive advance in prices Is
the Increased price of labor, as well as
inf a few localities strikes among workmen.- IsU
however to he hoped. and generally anticipated, that
with a mire steady condition of.the gold market
tmcca cf Iron will rale more steadily, vyc nnote:
Flat Bar, Sable ...............i 1 .,... 7 9 9jf
Flat Bar, Charcoal 9JBUK
H*rse Shoe Iron BH3IO
Sheet Iron Okaio V
Sheet Iren, charcoal .....It SUK
Sheet Iron, Galvanized .14K&17K ‘
Norway Nall Rods..., .....12*®ISJ<
Plow Steel 12JSW8
Round and Square Sable - 7 811
RoundandSquare,Caarcoal .9 ftio
CastiSteel ; .28 880
Spring Steel... M u.. 12KA13
hoop and Band 1r0n..... „ 83f®U
lineal*. No. icaie 1
PIG IRON—There has been little U any improve*
meat in the receipts of Pig Iron during the past wank.
Wlih.the Inadequate supply. and the extremely light
stocks in the market, prices rule very firm and un
changed. Several of the principal brands quoted are
scarcely tobo.haw, stocks being so'completely Dare
ofthero. We quote: - . . • .
Scotch PigNo 1., ...........SloJo
MasslllonriNo.l Ss!w
MasslUon.No.O.. cp*oO
Lake Scpcrlor qxo
Union Pig Iron A No.j t>3 00
Onion Pig Iron B No. 2 a*jx)
Union Pie Iron B No. 3.... ' mm
; Hal»nE AND STUCCO—The market *has been
more active, the demand for Lime especially being
reach larger, m preparatlon for the Increasing activ
ity of the building frade. There U lilHe improvement
In the supply of Stucco, the market Is consequently
inactive. Previous quotations rule Arm and unchang
ed. Weqjiote: 0
lameinouik...;..; «L258t.50
Lime In hrls uoai 73
Water Lime JjflaiS
Bosendale cement a-l W
MlchlrtnStucco 2.73(a3j»
Kova Beotia stucco 8.73(41
Plasterers Hair $ bn 303 40
Marble Dust, P brl JAxaLM
Land Plaster.« hr) 325®
: LEATHER—'There boa oeen little change in tbe
market daring tbe past week. Country boyers ore
mere numerous, but U would seem.that tbe chief in
crease In the activity of the market arises from tbe
crowing demand of large manufacturer*, who are ev
idently engrossing a very lart a share of the city and
country trade. Stocks In the trends of leather man a
lactams are very light, so much so that they mostly
hare an nnusual number of orders on hand vet to be
Ailed. All descriptions of home manufactured goods
are firm at - previous quotations. - Foreign Leather ts
in fair supply, and prices rule firm and unchanged,
l"We quote;
:Barness,V ft ,U»«c
Line ** iTS49c
'Kin - “ .TOO9Bc
|Calf,. . .** flftl.U
! Upper, * feot ... .27<%28c
i Collar. * foot 2hd cl
Harness,* a .4S®Mc
• m.......... JIJK«L2S
Kir.yo.l I [email protected]
Calf, extra .1.4661.50
French Kip, first __ „ I
French Call. 27 ,
- a 5....1 [email protected]
French Calf, a
a 5.... lJS$i35.
• LCMBKR-The recelptaof. fresh cargoes during
the past week have been very limited, aaj mostly oa
owners’ account. There Is sdll the same vast felt for
ail ihebetter classes of Lumber, which trill probably
last nnOl the fuUJopcnlng of navigation. Fencing we
almost quote nominally so low have the stocks la the
bands of dealers been reduced. Shixolis are still
rather ouJct,with no improvement on ourpterloua
(jactations. Lath is iu active demand and verr
scarce. Prices rule rery Arm at 13,00. *
LTimaa—Flr*t Clear, * i,OM feet .ta.Mai3.o6
B«epd dear, .. • 37.00a«J0
Third Clear, .. 9h(afi3Soo
BtOCk Beards »1 IWVato r*
Box or Select Boards SJAVctfLOO
Commoa Boards, dry ILMailso
Fssclog ...... .... ......... • bmim
Cull 80ard5......... iViEa W
. First Clear Flooring, rough Isjova **’
Second Clear Ploonar,rough. hLoaal****
Commoa Flcortne.roneh.TT. ’ mSS** ***
Siding Clear. droMed.....!!! :‘.V SySSg’ -
Second C1ear...... ! saflaS*'***!
Shared Shingles A 1» M.-
Shared Shingles No L...;
CedarShtaciet .. . AWa vB
Sawed Bhia*lef,A
Sawed ShloelesVNo I L . B.BA i*S
Lath. V 1,C40 pea. ••••ftSAI
Picket* ..KOO£I7M
LfAD AND SHOT—Market moderately actlre.
Pie Lead 1- Bill! ter* eearce and firm at present quo
tations* s uot are in email demand and Read/ at pre*
rlooa quotations. We quote:
Bar bead *fQjro3l3jn
003 LW
Pis Lead!
e Sot, t*b iIV.V.V.V.V..V.V.’.V.V.’V.’.’.V." “£r»a‘£i i 5
Backghot.2s Bl Wj 3.75
rtIETALH—T&e market is generally very active
a:tc Lrn>. Tixla In mere limited aapoly, and ©wins
to tnnescltriceot and rctlvlty of tbe Sow York mar
ket prices hare advanced 50c on Box Plate, anil !c on
Uepp«*i» la (sir supply, bat owing to
?H rrn, ° flro*n«»of the Kwtera and Pittsbarg
»v2I. ii BO,e an advance of on Copper Bot
ircTwi» aai * *H*tber description*. Penc
ils demand by farmers, tbe darabii.
BoxTlaPutt;,lc, . ,
Corns. , 1 lot wins.
MetaDlcAllayßot*mj.43 c t, Bands**" v
CcpperßoUomß~....«7 c lit and ill
Bolt C0pper.....';....63 e 12..;. ■
Brajera, 1 U>10a5....6l c 13 and li.'”’"
Sheeting,UtolSor...s9 c 15and 16.
Tinned.-,'/;.;,....'.‘....58 o 17....
.« «u*<
Ut quality.*. .'.*sß c Pence wire....
2d .35 o t Fence Staples.
FlnrSolder. 45 cl
NAILS-Martrt a llttl
▼cry firm at rMTloai qaoi
ifcltottd *kcg,.
2d»flnc blued-..
ciiccfi 913Q
..NAVAL STORES—The market U gencrallr ac
tive beta ior shipping and mining purpose*. Turpen
tine and Bosln are la better supply and the market
rale* anhade easier. Tar is still veiv Ora, and In
limited receipt. Previous quotations arm and un
changed. -IVe quotes
T»r.....,...,..*i3r0®1fi.00 Manilla Rope 13 a?4c
Pi:ch Hemp ft &t2c
Kosto, PSSOfts •_ 43cA Lath Tarn, No. MSKarc
Turpentine ; . 3.W3400 •** • «■ No. 1.19 «13c
Oakum 9JS&IJ-6 Ifarllae ®2Sc
ONIONS—In eood demand, and with a amall sap
pi;. tbo market rales firm at previous quotations,
wo quote: •«•
Trine qualities.. ~............*1.73®240
Common to Medium. LSX^I.TO
CARSON OlL—Therebte been no Improvement
In the limited supply of the market during the poet
week. Owintf to the email stocks in manufacturers’
bands in Pittsburg and Cleveland, prices have rated
very Arm, and on Thursday -ami Friday some of the
beat manufacturers in those towns were quoting
iUad While Oil at on advance of arnajfc on previous
quotations. Several sales were made m tins market
at tciWc »or dead white, and at ft)c lota have since
bten freely ielli»B conshmn? or light straw to while.
At the present time pore 'White Oil m large lots Isbe
lls held at high figures. Bkxzolx Is in very active
demand, with an advance since Saturday of &d4c.
We quote: - J
do -Trae llako,
do Mvrrh«..
do Opium
do 0pium...12.2331&Q
ipecac 5.37 «
| Jalap:.... qzx
1 Juniper 80rry.... 10
M0rph1ne.;.;.,...8.00 33.25
On. Castor. i2>3i3»
OaloksUver • d 1.30
Quinine &503135
White Oll,Ußtol2otcst;... aSK
Straw 0i1.;.;.;.... ...AH (Jsßc
Benzole c
bales to-day 2 car-load* Benzole at 27kc.
OlLS—Lzxsuzn Oil—The demand daring the
week has been rather limited, and, contrary to
the expectations of some speculator*, there is not
that atr«»s upward, tendency in the market which
existed a pjw weeks since, pneeahavo ruled steady
and nnchar zed at 3I.CS for Eaw, and |I.SS lor Boiled.
In New Fork we And that the market hasbeen Irreg
ular, unsettled and lower. Thu demand for other de
scrlpllona of OU haa been rather limited.and Brice*
have ruled steady without change. We quote*
Saw Linseed Oil aueoaixs
Bulled Linseed OU LSSALIB
Laid OU. winter. .V.,.; I.TSfIW
Mbits Grease 0U.... 1.Wai.95
MachloeOU... ; SSOLM
Sperm on .. QiK
Meoca 011.......... . 4Cfi* W
Nsatlfoot Oil IX3OLIC
PH OTIJSI ONS—The market during the week has
ruled very Arm, and prices have generally advanced :
hot owing to the light offerings there has been bnt
Utile activity.
Qlestt Porlt—The stock of MersPorfchere Is now
ncsrlyaU la second and third bands; and Is onlv
awaiting the optniazof navlgatloa to be shipped
East. ITurlrg the past week there hasbeen an active
dimand.both by shippers and speculators, and prices
have. adv»nced about »2,C0 P bri— with sales at a
range of $30.7f®?3.00. At the clo.-o good brands are
held-very Arc at the outside quotation. Country
brands have been sold during the week at l-iO.uo®
21X0. To-oat buyers were offering i2LW for city
brands, bnt there were none offered uelew SihOO.
Prime Mess Pork—Darios the post week about
S.WO brls were sold in this market atraageoftlS.ao®
SO.ec.’and at thc-dese there was a good demandat
*2OXO, but sellora are generally holding at 13L00. The
stork held here is almos* exhausted.
Balk Meat*—There 14 a great starolly of Haras
> and Skoutderv, and the market cloicsharc and firm
at fun prices. During the week the s*lej bar*been
llaht- ccnsls lug mainly of country lota of Hama,
which hare been sold at a ranee of UCltHc loose, and
and 11X311X0 packed, and Shoulders at looee,
andPXcpacken. The suck ofeltj cot Meatsts now
Terr light. and la few hands. To*dat the sales were:
4f ,00 ns cry salted .Hams as Ukc Icese: 15,090 Os do
at UXd packed.
Plck!c*l Meat*—Hams are In active demand and
Arm «t i2Hc. bat the suaplr even at this Dears is
ranch below the demand, shoulders arc also U good
demand and firm at BHc. the sales were:—
175 tres sweet pickled Hams at 12%e.
English Meat*—There Is veir little doing in Eng
ll.*n Middles, and the market Is almost entirely nom-
Innl at SXGICc for Short Rib and Cumberland®. There
art- r.o Long Cat Hams in the market.
IS @..13*
24 <3 28
[email protected]
19 & 18*
21 « 28
25 3 SO
17 @ 20
33 & S3
21 ® 23
Uncon—Hams arc In active request and firm at 13>1
©He lor plain cured, It*@isc for sugar cured, and lue
for sugar cured and esnruosed. shoulders are In de*’
mnnd at 9*o. There ts nothing doing in Bacon Sides.
Mess Beef—The stock of Beef Is light.and It Is
bvd firm at [email protected] fop Hess,and for
Extra Mes«. To-dat, ISObrls countiyMesa Beef were
sold at fru»,
B«f Hams—There Is a good demand for Beef
Bams, and the market Is firm at mu advance ou the
week of V brl. To-dat the sales were: 530
brls Beef llama at |2afQ. , .
LAKD—During- the week the market ho* ruled
more active atd » shade firmer, but we have m ad*
ranee to note, tales ranging from uxeUHc for prime
Leaf, aoiMlc-forNol Lar«, To-Day the marker was
qwii. Saleswere: iWtrcaprtTO cltr kettle Leaf at
12c :19UtrcB crime country »team at Uafc. -
The following table shows the closing prices lor pH
kinds of Beef and Hog product:
India Hess Beef... $27.00 633.00
Prime Hew Beef. 23.00 @250i0
Extra Mess Beef. 13.00 31C.00
28 3 M
& n
' 8 27
Mesa 8eef..1..
Inferior Mesa.
Beef Hams.
Smoked Beef, 7 ft.
Hess Pork - , new.
Prime Hess. new.
Short Bibbed Mlddlaa.
8.54 8X73
Short Clear Middles.
8.00 33
MO «7.73-
55 @ CO
65 3 70
Long BID Middles
Lonf Clear Middles...
Cumberland Middles.
Loop Cut Hams.ln boxes.
6,00 <S.S.'<O
4.09 «42S
8.50 - «U5
Baik Shoulders, loose.
Balk Haas, 1005e.....
Prlrce LeatXanL.
POWDEK-In fair supply. Market firm at provi
des QQOUtlci a. Wc quote:
. * .i-uwaer, keg. .
Kus lnirPowder,* keg ..*........ ".(K/jt.M
TAlC4TS—Whits £*ai» is still la very limited sad
Inadequate snpplj, with increasing scarcity In the
caarke/. prlces rule firmer. Picrra la* moderate de
mand and onchangcd. We quote:
white LeadpotelUW as. | HM
** i ** u. A. Fahaestoct. 16.00
*V ** Brooklyn- .. 13 20
M ; “ SI.LOuISm 13 50
“/ “ Continental...; i?J»
**i ** Interior Brands 8-stkuuo
H New Jersey Zinc
H l ** breach Red Seal • UM
< ■ colors nr oil.
Chrome Green.
Paris Green.
Emerald and Magnesia.-.
I . • '
Yellow Ocre.
Frtaich Ochre.
Cl Dome XeUow.
Venetian Red.
Vermillion, Americas.
“ - > Encllab....
Chrome Green..........
parte Green.
POTATOES—There has been little Improvement
Is the previously; limited .«cpplr of the market. With
a fair demand, and. moderate stocks oo hand prices'
have ruled needy and Ann at previous quotation*.
Vequote: • _ „
rttae qaallties,
Medium to prime 7S&TC.
New York, p brt. tlMstJ.73
POUI/TltT-The supply of CmcKzsa and Tuc
kets has Been almost nominal prices therefore ruled
very Ann.-Wild Ducks are in <air supply acde&sy
at present quotations. Wo quote:
Dretsed chickens, P dez f3JW3l.cn
Dressed Turksjs. p n 66?ai8c
WQdvDueks, small, 41 doz..
•*. > *• mallards p doz 2JShai7s
Plaeona P doz lJStai.se
3? ICE—There has been a fair amount of activity la
thq market, with no change on previous quotations.
We qoote: • r , - . r l. ‘
Arracan 9Js<3 OYc
faina iO‘<®WJfc
finoKOon ..10 diOkc
SA LT—Domestic—The aaentsaro jeULagFiae and
Coorecby the car-load at SI.BO V hrl, but ontilds deal
ers havebcen selling Floe freely daring the wear at
Jl.iSHtSi.tS- Foaxrox—there Is very little move
ment la forclga Salt, bet holders are Arm at S;.CO3
2.12Kf0r Ground Alum. TVe quote:
Doaixeno—Fine Salt. $1.7301.30
; : : Coarse i^as....
I - Gronad Solar hSOci...;
. • Dairy, -with sacks l/Ad.*,.
Foizick—Turk*lsland, s» sack. t.fi03....
i •• Ground Alnm ip sack. [email protected]
SEEDS— Cxovxs—Ttemarket is dull,and we quote
it quiet a« [email protected] Tfto transastloos during the
week, have been mainly to HU email orders, and there
Is co genera! demand. Sales tc-day weror SO bushels
at »SiO; 10 ba*lt«U at $7.15. Tiaonrr—ln lalrdenmud
aiid steady at $&20©2.35. Sales today weret 23 bags
prune at *2.85; 50 bags at fair at g2.‘S.
FLAX—The demand is less active and th» market is
easier. Sales today were: 0 bags good at 5-,7'J; 21
bags prime at $2.60. Htcoakiax—ln good demand
and firm. Sales tc-day were: $5 ban prime at
35 bays fair at $2.15.
teX-GAHSs—Vr'e are now getting to accustomed to
the firmness, the activity, and the limited supply of
this market that we are beginning to regard any al
teration for the benefit ot the community os being
removed to the far dUtant future During the pest
wecklherehas been the usual dally change ol quota
tions on all descriptions of raw and refined, toh'gher
rate?, the total amount of which for the week amount
to an advance of IGIHc Ha on previous quotations.
The supply is generally deficient, especially so of re
fincdscods, some of which are quoted nominally.
Fortue present we discontinue our quotations of
Chicago Refinery goods, the stock being exhausted,
nnd may so continue for some little time. We quote:
Kew Orleans. 15U&1?
Cuba 15K 016*
PDrtoHlco 13M91?
A. A.Portland. ..; .....15 ®ISK
N.T. refined, powdered and granulated.... 21K®21V
TVMte A ; 2a>492ax
TThlteß ; 195®30
Extra B
Extra C MJ?®l9
Yellow C lljg&lS
Chicago A a.... -
Chicago B a.... 1
Chicago c'.
jIVIAPIiE SURAH—There h*sbeen a lanto quan
tity received during the week, plainly Indicating that
tie snpply for the season will be rather erverthan
tmdcnhe average.- The market Is-generally active*
and prices role tolerably firm at present Quotations.
Wc quote; • ■
Common.tn cakef.V s .13ai7c
Refined. In cates, 9 a. i»®2oc
J& Y RTFS—The market continues active and very
firm, with a strong upward tendency. The higher
Grades arestin In very Inadequate snpply and active
demand. We quote;
Chicago aonse
Chicago G^de£r.,”T"*J“!‘***”***l’****’ , ‘*|*' aoaffi
Chicago Amber. J»iO«
s.T.Vrnpe ~...r:..::..:;:.v.««uM
Cuba Molasses..... 63(273
Stw Orleans,new crop SJ®S9
j SPICES—The market has been unusnaUv excited
throughout the week, la consequence of a larre
speculate eastern demand, consequent neon toe
Intimation of an.lncreased duty to be Imposed, prices
bare been unusually firm, and have advanced.4c on
Onsala.Seon Cloves, and scon Nutmegs. Wo quote?
Allspice,?® oa auAl
Cassia..,; OAO ®035
J-toves (L 55 «OA7
2*utme*s UP <au»
Pepper O.tfl
! SALEBATUS—In ftdr demand and very flnri at
previous quotations. VTe quote:
:BabbiU's Best. 9Wa9K
' “ Pure 0 ask
DeLand’s Chemical JJWaSK
Healthy .. .1.9 S3
• SOAPS—Market active and firm at present quota
tions. Wo quote? H
Babbitts...... ; ..IBVaii
AUStrULO QU n aiy
Common Bar. Palm ........
Emerv’sSraslve...'. 1.... 9 a ay
Kirk’s General Brands 7 <a
American Castile . io Sti
Forelen Castile.;..-..... 2! qm
L0nd0n...... ” Tttfraj
TAEl.OW—Recmeddurlnt the past week, ra.388
fta,against 72,159 0® lor the previous week. There
ha t been more actlvl y la the market, and ortcea have
rded steady and unchanged. We quote*: • ’
Prime Packers ...1...:... ‘ji a..:.
Prime Ctty Butchers .....V* lOKlilOft
Country; _ inv-aiak
i.’oaeh xaiiow ........;;;;;;;;;.v.7^d7H
„ TOBACCO—Market moderated active, and very
Srm nt present quotations. Leaf Tobacco la
very limited supply, with a good demand for stock la
• fair condition. We quote:
Slanghter Sole .s&assc
I Bneaoa Ayres SoaSJo
i Orinoco sole Siasao
Orinoco good dajn
•red. .-.90033 c
, French Calf.SC ftsliaatJW
French Calf Le-
xaoiacs, 9 dor-
Freaeh Calf Le-
m nines.
. eada. ¥ d0x,..65.0na70.00
Linings. ¥ dor..lxa*si3.oO
Boasa.9 d0z...13J»31Q.00
Tillnoli. middling I,™.™; wig
Illinois, cammoa , . 30
cm cabo tobacco MAjnrr Aomeivo
carwnre, I ajcoKWO-
StaroftbeWesCJi OICOo ii S3 £
Pioneer. S5 awclSM. \l Sa a
Ex.CaTea<lbb...7S aßSe|l. % 2S ei
Prairie Pride... .65 » soc M • .
5weet....;.......CD 9 «»o I ___ r
ftca Toam°o-
7» tnd sa, Star of thß Wort. UN.
Plcslc.flf 90 e;
ft Pioneer... 89 ei
~.n c
...l* e
.V..13 e
....n e
... iv o
....U e
....25 e
:la more acttre and prices
)tal!ons, ;We ciaote:
7 J»
M .„. 7J3
9 M
It acts open the
Lira, KxDynv.
Piowtitb Osamas, aan Gu*ao<n>A* Sranfi.
The great tnecefs which has attended the ass 05
lonia* Watzb la private practice, and the Indent
neat of Miaa Madio*l Araeßirr, emahleans
recommend it, feeling confident that wHhsfhtrtrtaL
It win attcsUl* own excellence in the cure offlo-V.
fain In aQ forms, Coaiamptloa, Cancer, Bronchitis
Heart, Liver, and Kidney Complaints, Pimples oa toD
face,: Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Nervous Affocttoo
Female-Weakness, Dyspepsia, Debility. SyphlU*
Mercirlal Diseases. Ac. .
FnD directions accompany each bottle. '
lonian Watu is a scientific discovery, premuaC
only by DR. H. ANDERS A CO., Physicians and CbtKr.
Ists, 428 Broadway, Now Tork.
cooes connjjria. ;
KiTATZD sobs
Tusoat, if allowMflgSelQelSKi
nary. Bronchial and wdu^BEßy;
Astametle Diseases, mlJftlV
oftentimes Ire nr*-
me. isMwrs Booxchull Tseoans reach-direafiDl
the affected parts, and give almost Immediate reSr*
For Bneacscnis. Asrmt*, Catabb* and cosstno*
nr* Coton, the Trachea are nseinL Public Spool
ers and Slsser* should have toe Troches to streaglMa
the voice. Military Officers sad Sadlers W ho overt**
the voice, and are exposed to sudden change* stumif
use them. Obtain only the snxwiai. Brown"*
Bronchial Troches’? having pnovxn their efflctcy Bt-.
* test of many are Vghiy recommended act
present** by Physicians and Surgeons In the Army
and have reealveti testimonials from many eminent
o> Satd. by all Druggist* and Dealers In Medicine is
the Baited States and most Foreign countries. *8 %
cents per box. delS-t«9l-4in r vowfidg
.... 14.00 <<#14.50
11.00 «UM
39.50 e
33 00 a
30.00 330.59
9*3 0.10
bj»«a 6H6
(U2£a oj3
0.08 or«»f
o.u a 0.1 u*
O.»X® 0.09 V
OJI 9....
the ‘beset* and u a CAVTI4N TO TWUNG U]>.
a»d ethers, who suffer Crsm Nervocs Behllity.Prcai
tore Decay of Manhaed. 6c., nnlylng at the nai
11 ilq The Mxahb or SatF-Crait. By one who tsj
cared himself alter, undergoing considerable
cry.) By inclosing a postpaid addressed envelope, ii>*
« ,e .slPj e A. a t a y «” had of the author, HATEAffIX'.
,►B H%4 c
OW3 .c
[email protected] # 5’5
. S 'GSO C
.is (iSs c
.S3 anxc
' Fremont Campaign Olob.
. The** Disbanded,’Volunteer’* on tho President.
• Show yonr Color?. * • ••
. Trapping the President*
TTIE NEW NATIONwi!] be sold hy Newsdoalf r? il
Seven cents per copy. Mall Snhicribers, Three Dol
lar? per annum; two copies for Flvet/ollare, end Two
Dollars tor each additional copy. - .
Advertisement? Ten cents per lino.
AMERICAN NBW3 COMPANY, m Nassau street.
New Yorlc, Agents.
Tbe postage on the NEW NATION Is *itx Cxjtts
a quarter of a year, if paid in advance, either at the
maU'ng office cr office of delivery.
Office ef Publication, 271 BROAD WAT. New York
City.- mbSO-btwJ ills
Wrwclt.— No ntecslLo required except those found In
ever; hooiehold; profits 100 per ccntj demand staple
as flour. It Islhe neatest dlacoveryof theag*. Fall
particulars eeot on recclps or two camps for retain
coetsse. Address C. iItJNEO BROWN * CO„ W
Bleccfcer stretf.N.T. mbSO-bfiSQ-lwto
The First Day of May Next,
And will continue to do so until the FIRST DAY OF
AUGUST JTEiT, and until notice to tho contrary, to
take effect after tne last day above mentioned, to toe
full extent and capacity of my Elevator, at, and alter,
the following rates: Ono-iourth of tww cent for trans
ferring or patting In store, (belnir crae-el?hth
to ~ the vessel and ouMlshth to the.owner of the
grain) and cue-fourth of one cent, for fire days
storaee. or for any less number of days, ane-Ofth
of oac-lourth of a cent, for each da/ lew than five
days My Elevator has facilities for business fir
surpassing that of any other m the city ; ha* all bun*,
drcathoaaaudboahclsatoraeei It can transfer from
-three tassels or propellers and discharge into seven
•canal boats, all working at the same time. • I can ban*
die with ease two hiuwred thousand bushels of grain
every twenty-fbur boon. Avery Teasel shall be served
,1a mo order that they arc reported to rne atVr amv-
; lne la port. B. T-R. WATSON.
|' Chicago, March 20,19 W. nhgl-b4lO-l2tu
Hope goli> compact:
Gilpin County, Colorado.
; |25 each.
J«bnET«o,,Coter^^f^J i s«s < SrkgH ;
nis Exccllw*/ aoTMnor of Colorado Territory.
• bon. S.O. AR.NOLD,
* Cleuoa’a Uttrrli Curative,
A inre a»< neTer*flillins eow.
Seat to line addreea on receipt of two
Dr.TALPET, BoxStti. Chicago.llL EBb3)*bn4wi*
A MalTor?’a celebrttted MachineewUh ttrohoroe
power, wUI break and drw**Aoo poonda of a«ralght or
tMSlci flax slrtwper day. Tber an> oa exhibition
A*ent. £o. Box WB. CMcato. m,
* - . —oxiuuL w>iniv. . "
_ ~J aMociao. CMWUIB.
fotdXesC ;; oto|Mmoois.'. Ji.ait e
£«BnjsWd a0e|€*v.....;v....:..w i si» «
f. Barrie...... 3Bc 100..19 on *
Charley's Choice.... S9q I 00d...... . ■ a <S* a
„ 1 - - - • rttro toaacoo. »:• .*r --,
nor* l Ojm u •»■ i» e
Nonpareil ,t,i* at/ai .
sKOrtae jj ■ atn
OUreßnaeh n 0 Hs
OrappTne . ni' A-Qe
NICtR*CK«-. > IS: A 900
Doable Uwc Wacaboy 59 a CO c
S.o-le - *• 43 sSO
gcotclu 99e
'flak's—'i£e'msxkot 'daring *£ho Vook bes heea
nrore than usually acUTr.ami ia onaieijnccco of uic
unprecedented activity of onr Fs.-dern
holders of stocks berc are beginning to look foraa
advance o( prices on their present rUee. Althoirra
the Meek* generally la the band* of dealers hero
basebemboegbt nmetlme alacewbeatbe market
was much lower, yet these are rapidly dtmtnlahtnr.
and can only be replaced at tbe higher rates of the
New Tort and other Postern market*.
VTe pnbttih a af element from, tbo New York 3Mth
piny £j«of the 36th IsatnOf scan Importance to the
traces k-
Export ft email porta (a China to the United Staloa»i
from Jon* I to Jao. su
1863-4. 1869-8. 1861-9.
>a . at. aa '
B£H.47S- 5,1*1,11* 4,123,831
; 731,711 4LV®S 4TSJVO
. 71.092 W-Itt 723.051
910JH W.6Q3 &10.736
VWk '«im su,m-
Todd* Hyson.—.
Hyson Skin
p.™ ul Or«n. M 17.557 5.81.319 ISSIMi
AnkM aOdoraß * StfcTO 2CM4O
Colons and NlnayonV" aJa7"5S
"W? ’•&vm',aauM
Click MU Occcn . 665,718 I.lU.liS
g i OJ : PreTlou., M l.t.o M
To°n-ITr»oa.lnferior fo common, p a. *e.ss n i K
u superior to line, p b W aua
_ extra to choice. P B uu 2l§
Imperial, superior to fine, p TS; Srji
_ Mira to choice.* ...I” i*» «L«
, Gupowder,sneeriortoilße.P i,20 StS
, ' ** extra-tochoice,P B ,i« aijr
Japan, natural leaf, flne to choice, V a.. 1.13 ai?a
_ , ** “ extra flno \Js «
Ooloo|9,lnfer!ortoiloo, 9 8....L . viv SI'S; I
- extra to ctolce,P» .. 1.30
Soochoagt,* B . lk ; SfS
VINEGAR—Market In fair so paly «».r firm -t
K-nous quotations. We quote; J • •
Vm H** ,, ’S ,r *•* J» BU a
x-utP Malt do /• n. 0
Comedo do •* ISAH-e
WOOL—Kecelved during the past week 11.390 ,B*
compared with 495U Ba. Thcye coald scarcely M
lesnOspoMUon among dealers fo speculate la wool,
than Ih Bern at the present time. The small and la!
esnifleant snppir of thf past week Is outside the do*
niapd the itarket- Not a few holders la the- coon
try ottll have confidence In tho future o» the year, and
are holdiojr their stocks. There la oce thing tolerably
certain that price* cim hardly get much lower thaa
flt present. »c quote?
Fine fleece..... lioftf/ % a
Mcdlom fleece as^vidta
Factory Tub Washed!.. .... .. *** Tfaynm
WOOD—Cargo sr.lra daring the week
Fligbijnrom Ceutrevllle. 131 corda of Beach. andMa- •
ple at S7.a> • cargo schooner Freedom, from 9u-Jo
seph,tc cord* of Coach at J7XO. Receipt* contlnae
Fineii, and prices Arm and unchanged, wo quote? ■
Bei’xhP cora ........ «».9e-dZlyeradat«xaA
Hickory p cord- .v.... io.se - it a*
U>fU « oor<« lOJJQ. ■* »jai
WOODEN WARB-Prlccsnnvjttled owing to lh«
convection ofmannr»ct«reraof Wooden Ware being
now engaged at Cleveland. In arranging prices for tho
spring trsde. Market active We quote;
ChnraaNo4.,.,[email protected] Market Baikcm, .
do N05....11x01*12x0 willow rr^-nasio
do N02....12X031900 doelothcs.;....llkM®l3.<t
do NoI....ISXOQUXO Falla, two hoop.
Washboards. per p dor. * 9X03 SJS
d0r..... .3.«®3X5 do three h00p... 950®. ZJS
Corn basket* Ibu Tabs, nest*
. lj\°* J.f'OCk 7.50 three n.tjflft •»«
do IK 00. <,oo® do Sol P do*..lPJo®l4 10
df»? fin BXO3IOXO Ido Xo2 . vxyvaiVra
WINES AND LIQUORS—Ia isir demand and
Arm at present quotations. We quote;
Pare Spirits fpr’O 9431.03
Rcctliled wiilsSr
• OOpcr c6Dt. IT.P. 9?393
XXX WhLsky 20 do 9fc»
Sfsenollsdo 16 do. 95®..
Reaper Whisky 90
!7cw Bourbon
and Rye 9031.00
Colombian Js
Domostlo BrandyU)
Jamaica «
st. Crotx Ram....l,ffiaL3
Port Wtno 7*4 85
Sherry wine....a. 73a w
Malaga Wine 00$ TO
-81. Croix. J.S93JS
Maderla XOOOiM
Sherry .2.5003 Jt
Claret. IJWWJ*
Burgundy. 2:38(3X08
Port .UftA&O*
. Port Juice Xlt -
Hock XSfdU*
ot«nl.-. 5J907.00
Selgnetle J.OOj»6J)O
Martoll* 0.00
Deniicgse? 3.0X57.00
■Swan sjo
Scheldam 2.73C3.00
Irish SJO6M.OO
Scotch ?.CO«tJO
7 aims.
A Solution or loblsx la pan watxb, withcs? t
Price fl per bottle, or half dozen at one time, IS.
Sold by druggli ts geaeraHy.
Cold by
de?s-nT7-3m p MAwlaZdp 144 Lake street, Chltwgn
I SATURDAY, Tlarch 96th.
i A Word of Explanation,
i Military Horizon..
■ Fottlran ration*;
: Another Lincoln Paper.
: too AdmltlatraUonSelf-Deplcted.
Freedom of Opinion.
1 Military Demasoglsm.
; General McClellan.
■ General Koeccratu. .
- Movnncn’s of Troopf In New York.
How History !■ Written.
Unemployed Officer*.
rpo S.OAN,
$l ,O o o,
For three years noon Real Estate Secnrlte, witlila
city. w App'.yxo A. iT. FENCE, No. 8 South Clkrk^t.
\JT foisaUi.
The Great Swedish Wizard,
This renowned Indy is In possession' of the Genuine
Magic Pebb'e, which she ha* brought from Japan—the
Land foil of Wonders. U waszlsen her a* a present
by the Emperor of this mysterious country. She U
the only person In tbo world who can rereal yoor
fntnro correctly. By addressing a letter, stating the
ace fthdcomplexiop,.tbß Madame will r!t« a written
statement of all that fntnro has In store tor yon. En
close fee and postage stamp. Ladle*. T5 cents: cen
tlcmea. SI. Address Lock Bor CW!, Chicago Pa-t
Office. 'Writeplain. Answer promptly returned.
I will be prepared to transfer and store Grain In my
In the City of Buffalo, on or before
J. P. DAVIE3. Im j.
• Office, No. 23 CUff-at. New York, mhadQJOlm-u
c. c.

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