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County Bounties.—We arc requested by
the War Fund Committee to give notice that no
county bounty Trill be paid to persons enlisting
after the Slat March instant.
Bulbou> Bcshit School Mission
Cbatkl.—Tbc new JLiHroad Jlisaion, on Gris
wold mr Tin Boron etroct, was tormaßj dedl
hated on Sab Oath eronln* last. A collection to tha
amooot ofJJ.MO wattakenop.
Sixteenth TTakd in Council.— There to
a macs meeting of the solid men of the 16th ward
«t the Germ an Theatre, corner of Wells street, last
evening. Tbo Interest manifested was very con
eidemblc, and Indicative of excellent results in the
forthcoming election. Anothcrmecting trill short
ly be held, of which due notice will be given in
these ttdnmns.
Cntmcn of the Ascension.—At the an
nual parishtfuecting of the Church of the Ascen-
on Oak street, near La-
Salle, the following were elected to eervp arTros
tees foflhe ensuing year; .
Sen\ot Worden—Samuel Gehr. ■* *
Junior Jfflrdm-John H. Fatten. _
V&ifMnen-~ Moses S. Bacon, T. M. Hibbard. E.
D. KwArtmmt, Ctariro Blb
cock, L. S. Warner, T. Morris, C. L. Seymour.
A Allek Angel.— Pascal Angel, keeper
of a saloon on South Clark street, has long been
descending rapidly in the scale of humanity, but
vesterdoy he completed his degradation by striking
a gill named Miuy Bernard, a tenant of hia whom
he frriUlcsriy tried to qjoct from hla tenement.
Tcelefday he was charged before Justice Hoidng
ton with assault and battery. He demanded to he
tried by a jury* who righteously fitted him $lO and
Costa for hifi cowardly brutality.
Movement or Troops.—About 150 men of
tbe r tb, tub and 10th Minnesota Infantry arrived in
Chicago late on Monday night from Fort Snelllng,
tinder the command of Lieutenant Hoag, Co. K,
51th Minnesota. After receiving the hospitalities
of the Best, the men left yesterday morning for the
front rio the Bt. Louie & Alton Bail road. «73 of
the men of the 18th Wisconsin, who conld not get
transportation with their regiment on Monday,
left yesterday afternoon for yashyllle.
The Kesdlt or Carelessness.—On Satur
day last, a young man on the front platform
uf a Madison street car, amused himself hy catch
ing hold of tbe braces and leaning backwards
throwing blmsolf out as far as he conld. While In
this position a car coming in the opposite, direc
tion, struck his head with such force as to knock
him completely from his position, injuring him se
verely. The young man was Immediately attended
hy Dr. Bohn, who pronounces him now out of
Lost a Deserter.—Yesterday afternoon,
a Sergeant,of one ofCnde Sam's regiments arrived
at the Galena depot, with a deserter named George
Macoaboyas a prisoner. Immediately on landing
from tbe cars, Macnaboy knocked bis captor dowh,
and confiscating his side arms, decamped. Infor
mation was lodged at the police Station, but np to
latest accounts tbe prisoner's cap is the
only part of him that has been recovered. If he re
quires that article he can. learn of it by applying
to Officer Fox of the Third Precinct.
Honor to Whom Honor is Due.—Our
readers remember the great enow storm on the
last day of last year, and the first of the present.
Oa the morning of the Sin December, fifteen inva
lid soldiers arrived in Chicago in the midst of the
snow storm, and on tbe afternoon of Saturday,
thirty-six more arrived. AH of them were taken
to the Citr General Hospital hy the omnibus line
ofF. Panndce & Co., who refused to make any
charge, although asked for their hill. These gen
tlemen . stated they chonld do so again under simi
lar circumstances.
Ought,to SB Tiiankpcl.—During Mon
day sight James Hezmcsy, ah employe of tbc
Hatch House, found on the streets a gentlemanly
attired man in a slate of helpless intoxication,
lie took him to the hotel, hot finding it impossible
to keep him there, took hlapurse containing $785,
and gate it to the clerk for safety. The man went
out and in about two hours was an inmate of the
police station, hut da ring that time be had literally
‘‘fallen among thieres,” who had robbed him of
everything he hod about him. Had it not been for
the care of the young man Henneey the $135 would
have stmrftd the tame fate
Shoemakers.—A meeting of
journeymen shoemakers was held last evening, in
Fenian Wail, for the purpose of forming an associa
tion whose object should be the promotion of the
general Interests of the craft.
A constitution for the government of the associa
tion was adopted, and a committee was appointed
to consider the question of an advance upon the
present rate of wages, and report to an adjourned
meeting to he held on Friday evening next at Xo.
78 LaSalle street; the committee to consist of John
Paget, John Boantree, Berman Dinger, Adam Im
hoff, Ferdinand Pet ere,-and Charles Ldtner.
The meeting then adjourned.
Gbaud Baixt dj the Focbteekth Ward.
—There was a glorious gathering in the Fourteenth
Ward, on the comer of Goethe and Sedgwick ■
streets, last evening. No- meeting in the North '
Division, since the commencement of the cam
paign, has exhibited a tithe of the enthusiasm of
this. The loyal Germans of that section arc folly
alive to the issues involved in the coming charter
election, and are canvassing the Ward and the
probabilities of success with a degree of enthusi
asm that might well be emulated In other Wards.
Excellent speeches were made by Messrs. Ward,
Heslng, Taylor, Haines, Hottinger and others, and
the meeting adjonmed with a detenflination to at
least place the old Fourteenth right upon the rec
ord on the third Tuesday In April, It the other
Wards In the North Division will do as well, wc
may safely predict that the Copperheads in the
nest Connell win have their fangs extracted.
The fipmxo Cleasiso.—Wc observe that
the city author! ties are busily at work in some or
our streets in the laudable endeavor to scrape up
the top scum at least of the accumulated rubbish
and filth collected during the past winter. Why
the principal business thoroughfares should be ob
structed and rendered almost impassible through
the winter season has seemed to many a marvel.
At a comparatively small expense an energetic ad
ministration could undoubtedly provide ordinances
for removing this rubbish, at stated and frequent
periods, as in other large cities,'and save our citi
zens the trouble and inconvenience of searching
for clean crossings during*the winter, and also
save the corporation much of the expense Incurred
by employing large gangs as at present, to dear
away the winter’s accumulation. The great Cop
perhead taction, which, under false pretences and
through frond and violence have usurped the direc
tion of municipal afihirs, rather delight in dirt than
otherwise, and were it nut that a charter election
was approaching*and that the leaders arc desiron
of making a little political capital for that occasion
by giving employment to a few Democratic voters,
the streets would go undcaned till doomsday, or
until they were cleaned by the tail of the nest
comet. .
Camp Douglas Matters.—With the ex
ception of an occasional attempt to escape, made
by tbe rebels, matters in general are qnlet sit Camp
Bongias. On Sunday night a “boring*’ operation
was surprised by tbe vigilance of tbe guard, and
tbe bore plugged up. Tbe Abels bad been en
gaged tar some three or four weeks in endeavoring
to “tunnel’* from tbelr barracks to the fence, a
distance of some twenty-two feet, und at the time
of their discovery had only succeeded in getting
about halfway. Tbe plan adopted by the follows
was very ingenious; they commenced digging un
der the floor of the barracks, and carried out the
dirt in their pockets,
eo that no traces of it could be found. Tbelr game
is blocked for the present, and in all likelihood for
thefntflre, as tbe present commandant, Colonel
Story, is determined to put a stop to it.
Letters ‘have been received from some of the
twelve, who escaped about a week ago, stating that
so were dne to tbe Government authorities
for their escape.. Tbe letters were maQedln tbe
dty, butitis supposed that the refugees ore sow
with their brethren south oi Mason and Blxon.
On Sunday night, the guards found a ladder re
against tbe fence, evidently placed there by
some rebel sympathizer. A strict watch was kept
and a short time alter, three or four men were seen
stealthily approaching the camp. The guard shout
ed to them to stop, when they immediately turned
and Hod.
A large number of improvements in the bond
ings und sanitary condition of the camp are under
way. and will be completed as soon as the weather
will permit. Alargeforceofcarpcnlcrslsat work
framing and-huliding. .
CorPKBUBiD Fina>ciebikg — Special As*
6Kse*rKTS.—Dnring the fiscal year ending April
If't, 18C3, the' Special Assessments for opening
alleys and paring and grading streets In different
sections of the city, as we learn from the last re
port of the City Comptroller, amounted In round
numbers to SIO6,U<L In the absence ol official
data. It Is impossible to indicate the amount for
the year ending April let, 1864, but it will proha*
hly largely exceed that of tormcr years. The point
to which wc wish particularly to direct attention
In this connection is this: West Lake street,
Wabash Avenue, Wells street and many other
streets In different sections of the city hare been
heavily assessed for expensive pavements. The
owners in many . Instances, of property fronting
upon the streets thus proposed to he improve!
have come forward and paid their assessments,
while by far the greater number, satisfied ol the
illegality ol the assessments, hare refused to do so
To enforce collection from the latter, the city has
applied to the Courts for judgment against the
property to authorise its sale for tb£amonnt of the
a sacs ament. When this application of the city for
judgment was resisted by property owners, Ufali.
' ©d,*tha Court deciding the assessments illegal ana
void. The city appealed from the decision of the
lower Court to the Supreme Court, hut as the
money ia needed, they don't propose to await a
decision, bnt insist upon selling out those
who have not filed their objection*
in Court, unless the assessment, already decided
Illegal and void by all the respectable Courts in the
city, are paid. The Injustice of this line of policy
wQI be apparent, when it Is recollected that the im
* provements cannot ho commenced until the coiiec*
. fiion of all the money is provided for and forthcom
iqg., This matter may hang in the Courts for years
before a deddon is reached, and in the meantime
the Copperhead officials will have nsed the money,
And ftwnthT act of snits will have to be commenced
before it can be withdrawn from the city treasury.
The experience of our citizens la the. La
fnllff street assessments cannot have been
forgotten. Bow do the tax payers of
Chicago like Ihcplctorewe have drawn? We have
stated frets which can be substantiated by legal
£«mment*. The question which interests us la,
; this state of things continue f This is a mat
' appeals directly to tbe pockets of our
■people, and the only way to put a stop to these
bterderings and peculations of copperhead officials,
unfortunately fastened upon the city for another
twelve months, is for the people to arise In their
might and elect a Council which shall prove a
wholesome check to such disgraceful proceedings
Scfbnd Day— Progress of lie Fair-Addresses
by Colonel OMlahoncy ud G. F, Train,
In spite of the execrable condition of the weath
er and the street crossings, Bryan Hafl was well
fjjed last evening with Tlsitors to the great Irish
Kcticnal Fair, The hall was well lit up, each
table baring three orfour Jets,.which together
with the ever-changing colored dresses of the
crowd anc the brilliant colors of tbe goods offered
for- sale, formed a scene perfect!/ kaleidoscopic.
On the cast side of the gallerr an orchestra dis
coursed sweet music, which, together with an oc
casional air on the piano' b/ some of the visitors,
added to the general enjoyment. Tbe galleiywas
filled with ladles, who retired thither to be tree
from the surging of tbe crowd In tbe body of the
ban, and to have an unobstructed view of all that
was passing. On tbe stage a largo number of peo
ple were gathered, some crowding around the
tables, and others looking on at the moving world
before *• them. Around the various tables,
stood knots of ladies, who were purchasing
and examining the various articles da toi'eti* with
which the tables were crowded. Occasionally a
handsome young lady, or sometimes two, would
come gently round and in their blandest style, re
quest a good looking gentleman visitor to take a
chance in a lottery, or-, purchase a body dress-or a
pair of slippers—thc’UUcr if he looked like a single
young man .or widower. The centre table, .and
those on which the Philadelphia, contributions
were displayed, were the moat frequented, while a
oust of General Corcoran in pore Carrara marble,
was the admired of all admirers. A miniature fan
length statue of Stephen A. Donats enclosed in a
glass case, attracted eome attention, hnt not eo
nodi as the portrait ofPope Pins IX. Lotteries were
the order of the day yesterday. A dollar a ticket
was the entrance fee, and at *ii*t price there was
no difficulty In filling up the lists. The following
are some of the prizes that were won yesterday,
and the names of the eoccessfhl winners :—Mrs. L.
J. Lamb, set of sliver, SSO; E, A. Kelly, do; C.
Blackburn, silver pitcher, S3O; E. S. Pomeroy, sil
ver castor, $35; Thomas Bedding, Mayor of Qoin
cy, a plated Colt’s revolver, S3O; C.Behany, Turk
ish pipe, sl2: Mrs. Hanchell, plated castor; M.J.
Garlan, diver set; Edward Kelly, silver pitcher
and pair goblets; It W, of Wilmington, silver
cake basket; James Lanton, silver cake basket;
P. Stevens, silver set; J. H. Boms, silver pitcher,
and E. F. Dwyer, silver cake basket. - - -
A contribution amounting to $119.05 came in
yesterday from Hannibal, Mo.
, About 9 o'clock B. 0. C. McCarthy called the as
sembly to order, and announced that Colond John
O'Mahonoy, the Chief Center, had arrived, from
Kew York, and would make a few remarks tu ex
planation of the non-roccipt of the goods edit from
Ireland. Colond o*Mahoncy would only speak
briefly on the present occasion, but a night or two
hence would address them more at length. Colonel
C'Mahoncy then advanced, and was received with
immense enthusiasm. When the applause had
somewbatsnbsidcd, he spoke somewhat as follows:
ZadUaand Gentlemen: I have to concratoUte
you upon tide magnificent demonstration, this
grand endorsement of the 44 Fenian Brotherhood.”
Xaugur from this a most triumphant progress for
the principles of the Brotherhood, notwithstand
ing the certain etlesiaaUcil influences that had at
tempted to crush the aspirations and spirit of our
grand old race, lam now satisfied that the F. B’e
course trill he contlncd* onward until the great
work of winning back the birthright ol our brave
and noble sires is accomplished. There is now no
question as to onrmode of proceeding. Ireland is
now in that position that unless we make one
grand, manly fight, there will soon be no Irish peo
ple in Ireland to light for iL
The Irish goods for the Fair arrived In XcwTork
on Wednesday last, but owing to tbe vexations and
horraesing routine necessary to be gone through
with by the Custom Reuse officials it ■was impos
sible to get them on tbe Express train before ves
lerday (Monday,) from tbe steamer, and every effort
that could be made has been made to hasten their
arrival here. Some idea mav be had of tbe extent
and variety of tbe goods when he informed them
that over one tkewand do'tart duty had been paid
on the invoices. He had cvcrv reason to make the
announcement that the Irish goods would be here
to-morrow, (this day.)
The Colonel retired, and there were loud calls for
George Frauds Train, who. in obedience to the
call, came forward and addressed the audience,
amid great applause. He commenced by saying
that tne best speech he could make would l>e to
call for three rousing cheers for Old Ireland, which
were given with a will. He contined, in me usual
etvle, to addreqp the audience, amid repeated and
long continued cheers, and ended by stating that
he had just arrived from Hew York, on hia way to
Kansas, and that be would return in about ten
davs and would deliver a lecture before the citizens
of Chicago, the proceeds of which be would donate
to the funds of the Fenian Brotherhood.
A complimentary benefit was given by Col. Wood
at his Theatre and Museum, yesterday. The The
atre waa crowded to excess last evening, and tbe
* 4 Tlckct-of-Leave-Man” was for the second time a
decided hit.
Bbblnson & Howes give a benefit this afternoon
at the Circus, which will no doubt be well patron
ized by those wno take any interest in tbe Fenian
Brotherhood. '
Best gut tlon of W. L. Stvitrtj as President
of the Board—Appointments, ie.,
Corporeal Pnnl&bmeot.
The Board of Education held its regular monthly
meeting yesterday afternoon, the Vice President,
F. Carpenter, In the Chair. The following were
present: Inspectors Steele, Shea ban, Taft, Prindi
vflle, Holden, Wicker, Wentworth, Onaban, Fos
ter, Carpenter and Wahl, and Snpcrintendent
Wells, Secretary of the Board.
The minutes' of the three previous meetings
were read and approved.
The Secretary read the following:
To the Board of Education of the City of Chicago;
Gentlemen— As my continued 01-health renders
me nnable property to discharge the duties of the
office, J hereby most respectfully resign the Presi
dency of your Board.
(Signed) W. L. Newbebbt.
The resignation was accepted, and on motion of
Inspector Wahl, the Board proceeded to ballot for
a President to fill the vacancy till his successor be
elected and duly qualified, in June next.
' After thirteen ballots. In which the Board failed
to agree, the election was postponed till the next
The Secretary reported from the Committee on
the appointment of teachers that the committee
recommended for confirmation Miss Sanger, of
South Chicago school, and Miss Lyon, of Holstein
School. Confirmed.
Tbe same committee reported the following
transfers, which were approved ;
Mary G. Godwin, Assistant Foster School.
Admc SI. Uoore, Aselataat Kineie School.
Emily C. Stcveca, Assistant Colored School.
Fanny G. Matthews, Assistant Bridgeport School.
"E. A. Noyce. Assistant Skinner School.
Frances!.. Yalta. Assistant No. IS School.
Annie E. Tnuntagban, from Jones to Skinner.
Martha P. Fennlmore? from Bridgeport to Jones.
Cdlfi E. Stowe, from Kinrle to SklnneJ.
The Secretary reported that Mr. Slocum had pre
eented a eel or'anatomical charts to the Kinrfe
School. The report wae accepted, and the thanks
of the Board were tendered -to Mr. Slocum, the for*
mcr Principal, forbla liberality.
The Secretary called the attention of the Board
to the crowded condition or the schools, The most
pressing case was the branch or the Franklin
School, now occupied; it wae to be sold Immedi
On notion of Inspector Sheaban, the
Committee on Buildings and Grounds were
Invested with authority to purchase the building at
their discretion; it being understood that it could
be purchased for about $550
A petition was presented from pupils of the
Jones school asking for an appropriation of $75
for the Jones school fund, towards paying for a
plsnoforthense of the school. Referred to Mr.
Wentworth, the committee on the Jones school.
The Secretary said that the Williams street
brunch school was very much crowded: no action
was taken.
An application by a lady teacher for leave to
transfer her child from another school to that in
which, she is a teacher, caused a good deal of dis
cussion on general principles. The application
was ultimately granted.
Inspector Steele moved the following as addi
tions to the rules and regulations In the matter of
disdpboe in the schools:
Ordered, That each principal and assistant
teacher shah mat e out and preserve a full and com
plete statement in writing, of all cases in which
corporeal punishment shall be Inflicted by him or
her upon any pupil, specifying tbe name,
age, and grade of the scholar punished, tbe
offense charged, and tbe kind and degree of pun
ishment irfflfiwi, which statement shall be kept
open for inspection in the respective rooms of tbe
teacher where they are made during the month,
and be returned by the Principal with his regular
monthly report, at the close of cadi school month,
to the Superintendent, for examination by the
Ordered. That no teacher shall punish a pupil
except in the presence of the class to which such
pupil may belong. ,
The question was spoken to by several of tbe
members, an of whom favored the adoption of
some snen rule.
Inspector Sbeahan called tbe attention of tbe
Board to an existing rule, and said that the best
plan would be not to pile on additional roles but
to make an exampleor tbe teacher in tbe first case
brought to light; be believed that there was a
great deal of unnecessary pnisbment in tbe
Inspector Steele said that it certainly was grow
ing to be excessive; tbe adoption of one such rale
would reduce tbe bodily punishments in our
schools idly one half.
Inspector Wentworth was opposed to any warp
ing of the rules to serve tbe feelings of Individual
inspectors, whose duty It was, as Committee on
Schools, to investigate, and report on, all coses -
which occurred in their own schools. Be had
taught school four winters himself, and did not be
lieve in the necessity of corporeal punishment in
our schools.
Inspector Wahl moved to amend by adding tbe
J?«ol«tf* That no teacher shall punish a pupil
npou the hand on any occasion whatever.
This was lost, and the morion of Inspector Steele
was adopted unanimously. ....
Inspector offered the following: -
Saolrtd, That a case having arisen under the
rule respecting unusual and severe punishment,
and no action haring been had by the officers In
the matter, tbe case having been brought to
the attention of this Board: itle. , , ,
Ordered , That Samuel A. Briggs, Principal of
tbe Mosely School, be suspended: that tbe com
mlttee on that school, Ur. Steele, and tbe Soper.n
tendent xnfestigate and report the facts and their
recommendation thereon to the Board for further
The resolution and order were passed nnanl*
the Auditing Committee,
#vr,Ja ultb . e i iad examining the finances of
l^^£i!?& fw ?* dUl S mto b eabo «“ SB,OOO short,
kL® d ofte of the school vearthe arrear-
to twenty-five thou
*“ »?ssars
Inspector Bolden offered the following*
OJat whenever the Principal' of a dis
trict school shall be absent from school one week
or moreat a time, and hlsdntics shill be dbdmreel
' by * tb £ TW, assistant, tbe pay of the Ward As-dst
ant shall be increased one dollar per day dnrinz
such absence. Adopted, and on motion the tme£
Bon of backpay under the rule was referred to the
Auditing Committee for investigation. -
Tbe Board then adjourned.
Bobbing the Post Office—a Dbomio.—
A woman named Hary Ann Driscoll, wife of John
Driscoll, of Bridgeport, was yesterday arrested by
Deputy' United States Marshall Webb upon a
charge of robbing the Post Office. The warrant
was issued against the delendant and her husband,
bnt the latter being * sailor has gone on a voyage
to Oswego, and consequently could not bo taken
into custody. The grounds of the charge are these:
At different times throe letters containing Urge
sums pf money, addressed to another John Drlt
coO, had failed to to hand, but had been da
Uvered to a female who had applied for the letter?,
and described herself as the wife of John Driscoll
Last,week a parcel came to the U. 8. Express office
addressed to John Driscoll, Chicago, which was
delivered to the defendant, who placed her name
on the receipt of Ite Express Messenger. Subse
quently the parcel was applied for hy the Driscoll
to wtom It belonged; the mistake was discovered,
and the parcel returned through a member of the
detective police force. The possibility of the miss
ing Ittlcrs bavintr been received by the same party
war communicated to the Post Office authorities
sed on Friday last a letter was posted by Hon d’
V. Bell mail agent, containing two counterfeit tea
dollar bills, addressed. Mr. John Driscoll, Chicago
On the following day the letter was taken
from the Post Office by the defendant, and not hav
ing been returned np to Tuesday, Inquiries were
madejn the neighborhood of the defendant’s resi
dence, when it was ascertained that she had been
endeavoring to pass the two bills contained in the
decoy, letter, hot they were refused. She was at
once taken into custody and brought before TL S
Commissioner Boyne, at a Ute hour last evening
when; being unprepared to give ball In the sum of
t£o.', the was committed for farther examination.
. Col. Wood’s Mused*.— I The new play of Ticket
of-Lcare Man, which caused much sensation both
in England and this country, was produced for the
first time in this city at Col. Wood’s Museum, on'
Monday evening, was repeated last night, and will
continue to have a place on the boards until the
interest in It shall sufficiently subside to consider
.ah!j reduce the else of the audiences which it shall
attract. The house, on Monday and last night, was
crowded to its fullest capacity. The plot of the
Ticket-of-Lcavc Man binges on the penal system of
England, and the arrest, imprisonment, and subse
quent honorable release of a young man named
Bobcrt Briarly (Mr. Aiken) entirely Innocent of tbo
charge for which he has been made to suffer; and
on the abiding love and faith of a young girl
(“waif,” the play-bills call her,) named May' E
dwards (Mrs.L. B. Perrin), whom he has aided In
misfortune, and gratefully' remembers and loves
him through all bis troubles and misfortune?.
Then there Is Mrs. WQlonghhy (Mrs. Axtel), a talk
ative old lady—a sort of English Damo Partington
—with furnished lodgings to let, whoso son, Sam,
(Miss Hattie Barnard) is a very imp of mischief—
an intensified Ike Partington—with a great predi
lection for blrdscye tobacco, black clay pipes, and
asnpremediegnstforechool. And there is a married
pair named Emily St. Bvennond (Miss JcnnlcQJght)
and Green Jones (Mr. Dillon,) who slipped Into
the matrimonial noose tinder the Influence of
“great expectations,” but disappointed, have been
obliged to take to the stage—the wife as a coryphee
and the husband as a clog dancer, In which voca
tion the latter does not seem to succeed, as ho has
grpwn rather obese and never was very graceful,
besldesbaving a weakness in the shins. A benev
olent gentleman and wife by the name of Gilson
are quite essential to the plot, and assist Maty ma
terially in rising from the deepest poverty daring
Bricrly’slnvolantary servitude; and a shrewd de
tective, Hawshaw, (Mr. WOdman.) Then there Is
Moss, (Mr. Bradley,) ajew-blll broker, a sort of old
Fagln of the better class, through whose machina
tions, and those ofDalton, (Ur. Richards,) an Eng
lish counterfeiter and house-breaker—Brief
ly is arrested and convicted, by being In
duced to pass a cqunlerfcit twenty pound
Bonk of England note, although ignorant of Us
character. There are other characters of minor
importance, although somewhat essential to the
plot The play throughout has a strong moral
bearing: the language Is simple and natural; and
the incidents deeply Interesting; the denouement
pleasant and natural. fThc piece is pat upon the
stage with much care, and the prominent parts are
sustained with artistic taste. This is particularly
the case with Mrs. Perrin os May Edwards, Miss
Barnard as Bam Willoughby, Mr. Atkin as Richard
Bralrly, Mr. Bradley as Moss, and Miss Jenny
night and Mr. Dhlon, In their parts. There can
be no doubt as to the success of the Tickct-of-
Leave Man.
McYickeb’s TnxATsn.—Mis e bnsan Benin made
her first appearance in a star engagement at Me-
Ticker’s Theater, on Monday, in the new drama
founded on Mrs. Henry Wood’s novel of *• East
Lynne.” Ihe weather was bad, and the house not
more than half full. The play Is of the extreme
sensational order. It is a sort of rehash of Kotzc
hue’s play of “ The Stranger,” with all its In
tensity but none of its literary merit. The part of
Lady Isabel, upon which rests what little interest
the play possesses, received fall justice in tbo ren
dition ot Miss Benin. The play will hardly enjoy a
lasting popularity, and Its character does not dc
aerveit- - *
Academy of Music.— The Academy of Music Is
running a very popular programme this week, and
.the crowd is as constant and IUU as ever.
Cinccs.—'The Ciicns is one of the most attractive
places of amusement in the city, and well deserves
- the liberal patronage bestowed upon It. Thla aft
ernoon there will be a matinee performance for the
i benefit of the Irish National Fair.
Police Coubt.—Nothing occurred yester
day at this establishment to distinguish the day
from any other, for there was bo Improve
ment in the number of visitants. Twenty-four In
dividuals at the morning session, and one at the
afternoon, constituted the bulk of offenders; the
daily routine at the Armory la marked by such a
sameness, that were it not for the laudable efforts
of the vendors of justice, to vary the proceedings
by certain Irregularities in dispensation of said
article, each day would be an exact type of its pre
decessor. .
Believer* in Miscegenation— A’day or two ago a
-soldier named Fred Williamson saw Alexander
Bnmett,acoloredbarbcjlivingon Clark street,ill
treating his wife Mary, a xchite woman. The man
naturally interfered, and is alleged to have received
the usual reward meted to mediators under such
circumstances, Burnett threatening to annihilate
him with a razor. For this offence he was yester
dav arraigned before Justice McDonnd, and fixed
#4(l, and Harr for being at the bottom of the af
fair by allowing herself to be thrashed, was mulct
ed in the sum of S2O and costs.
A Veteran,— B. W. Jamieson, a soldier, was
charged with disorderly conduct in flourishing a
dirk knife in Murray's Saloon, on the comer of
Wells and Adams streets, and fined sl9 and costs.
Another Bar Boom Valiant—Hurry Sharer, a
West Side brave, for producing a pistol under sim
ilar circumstances, was also fined §4O,
Larceny.—Hats Jane Burns, n respectably at
tired young woman, pleaded pnlly to a charge of
stealing thirteen yards of silbfrom a neighbor on
State street, named Mary Fitzpatrick. She was
held for trial In the Recorder's Court in the sum of
of Justice.— Thomas Doherty, a
resident of the west Side, was brought up on a
warren*, charging him with adultery. The prose
cution did not sppear, so Judge McDonnell, with
hie usual regard for the City Treasury, changed the
charge to disorderly and fined the man s£) for—
A would Be Thief.—A. Kelly, a Wells street
halAtve. confiscated from that classic locality a
coat. Kelly denied the soft impeachment, but un
fortunately officer O'Donnell saw him In the act.
Fined $25 and costs.
A Disorderly— Thomas Spray, on Monday night,
being rather intoxicated, became very uproarious,
in'the neighborhood of West Randolph street, and
was accommodated with apartments for the night
the Second Precinct Police Station.. Fined sls
and costs. He, like eveirbody else fined through
out the day, was removed in default.
Assault ok a Sheriff.—Quite a sensation
was canned on Monday afternoon last in the depot
ot tbe Pittsburg and Fort 'Wayne railroad, by a
raid made on Sheriff Waymon by a party of sol'
diers, belonging to tbe 13th Wisconsin regiment,
-who felt themselves insulted by an attempt on tbs
part of Mr. Waymon to arrest one of their officers
for debt, os the regiment was waiting lojeave tbe
depot. Tbe arrested one was Second Lieutenant
EUncr W. 7&ylor, of company G; tbe arrest was
made on a writ of ne exeat repulilea issued by
Judge Williams out of the Circuit Court of this
comity, and granted tar the recovery of a debt of
$£C6 doe by the Lieutena&t to his father-in-law,
Tbe Lieutenant bad been in tbe city for some two
weeks, andJiad managed to escape the vigilance
of tbe lynx-eyed Sheriff until So’dockMonday,when
tbe regiment being about to leave for the South,
both the Sheriff ana Mr. Bimock, the Solicitor by
whom the writ was taken out, were on the g'A
tire at the depot." Presently they found their game,
and the gay Lieutenant was arrested in tbe cars,
whereupon the prisoner proposed that Captain
Bandnti should give Ms bona for the payment of
tbe amount, which was acceded to by the Sheriff
and Mr. Bimock. The Lieutenant, the Sheriffi tbe
Lawyer, and tbe security then went into the rail
road office to prepare and execute tbe binding
document, bnt in the meantime it bad become
noised among the soldiers tn tbe cars that tbe
Lieutenant had teen arrested for debt. The eons
of Mars were all on Are in a moment.
The* leaped from the cars, and drawing their bay
onet's and revolvers, presented them too close to
the beads and hearts of tbe Sheriff and the Attor
ney to be agreeable. The two retired in the most
precipitate manner, and made no farther attempt
to execute the writ or enforce the seizing. The
soldiers might have answered old Shvlock’s ques
tion, Canet rail the seal from off thcbondf’ln
the affirmative*
St. John’s Episcopal Church, Union
Pare.—l be Easter services at ibis church on Sun
day last were oi a peculiarly interesting character,
and could not foil to bare impressed all who at
tended them that it is In a highly prosperous con
dition. Alter the usual morning service, the Hec
tor, Bcv. Br. Bishop, delivered a very eloquent and
impressive sermon from the text “The Lord la
risen indeed,** followed by the collection of the An
nual Easter offering, and the Administration of the
Lord’s Supper to nearly ICO communicants; this
number Included about SSwho were confirmed by
tbe Bishop on Good Friday. In the afternoon the
Sunday School celebrated their Eighth Easter An
niversary: the exercises, consisting of the bap
tismal service, short addresses, and tbe annual re
port of the Treasurer, Interspersed with singing ol
Easier hymns and carols by the school, were of a
highly interesting character. In.tbe evening the
Sector delivered bis annual pastoral addr-ss, on
tbe reciprocal duties* of the minister and his con
negation. Yesterday. Easter Monday morning,
after reading the morning service, the annual meet
ing of the congregation for the election of Wardens
and Vestrymen; for the ensuing year, reports of
Treasurer, renting of pews, and other business of
tbe parish, was held in the church. The following
Wardens and Vestrymen were elected; Messrs. Job
Carpenter and B. W. Page, Wardens, and Messrs.
P. E. Chandler, O. M. Sutton, C. H. Jordan. E. L.
Canfield, G.P. Randall, Dr. W, Carr Q. Gardner,
and S. Johnston, Vestrymen. The Rector report
ed that the annual Easter offering amounted to
nearly one thousand dollars,-sufficient to payoff
the entire indebtedness of the church, and enable
them to commence the year free from all incum
brance. We are gratified to learn that the pews
have been eagerly taken for the coming year, and
that hut few remain unrented.
St. AKSOABirs 7 CmracH.—At the annual
election for Wardens and Vestrymen for the ensn*
ihgycar, the following were unanimously elected:
Senior Warden—V, P. Loborv.
Junior Warden— Andars Lind. , .
Tettrymen— A. Thorkildson, • G Boberg. A. B.
Johnson, C. W, Anderson, Peter Ucsling, J. M.
Tbc Scandinavian portion of the congregation
worshipping is this church held a meeting at No.
99 Ohio street, and elected the following ticket:
Senior Warden —John 21. Shouheck,
Junior Warden— E. M, Erickson.
Vestrymen —A. M. Lind, S. Lindlom, C. W. An
derson. 'Hans Jenson, • Ivar Nelson, and Hans
Grace Cntrscß.—The annual meeting of
Grace Church parish was held on Monday evening.
The following officers were elected:
Senior Word«n-11. W. Hinsdale.
Junior Warden—W. O. Hibbard.
gVeororer-Samuel Powell.
kecreiary—Vf. t. Hancock.
to Nottingham, J. C. Parsons, S.
t»‘ q* o' weD i D* C. Banney, AO. Van
bchaick, D. 8. Smith, and L. D. Sldway.
i Found.—Last evening, one of the Third
i Precinct Policemen noticed aww on Chicago ave
• nue, near Franklin street, carrying a green bide in
e a somewhat auspicious manner. Ho questioned
. tbe individual, who Immediately dropped the ar
i tele and skedaddled,
* t
Law Record*
U. S. Cmcurr Corax— Bifbr* Drummond* /
Common lav.
816. Crawford et ah vs. Kelly et al. Vtrd'ct for
470. Berron vs. Myers. Judgment for plaintiff.
489. Dinpmore vs. Smith et al Default of Smith
and leave to amend declaration.
3SI. Toils ct aL va. Forsyth. Demurrer argue!
end taken under advisement.
857. Lombard tb. Sloey. Oa trial.
Ciecuxt Coubt— Before H'lfftoma, Common
956—Mathewson vs. Van Blarlcum ct al. Dale to
show cause why a new bond should not bo filed ex
tended one wees. •
885 Shaw ts. Maple ct al. Hale to plead extend
ed to first day of next term.
936. Bowen et aL tb. Yarwood. Default,
895. Miller tb. Curtis. Dismissed at plaintiff’s
costs. •
896. Dodges et al. va. Curtis et al. Same order.
897. Hodges vs. Curtis. Sams order.
958. Williams tb. McDearman et al. Motion to
set aside order setting aside Judgment.
666. Dunning tb. Stevens ct oL Dismissed at
plaintiffs’ costs.
Chancery. ' ■
501. Green ct al. tb. Douglass ctaL Decree ap
pointing commissioners.
516. Mitchell tb. Greenbaom ct aL Dismissed at
complainants* costs.
533. Gage et al. tb. Derby et al. Motion for de
cree against detendonta on answer, and cross mo
tion by defendants that bill be dismissed for want
of necessary parties. 1
City Directory.
* [Communicated.]
We are requested hr Messrs. Halpln & Bailey,
publishers of the regular City Directory, to state
that some parties unconnected with them arc so
liciting advertisements for a Business Directory,
(so called). The experience which our merchants
have had in former years of parties experimenting
in the Directory business, and attempting that
which only a large experience can effect with accu
racy and. satisfaction, should warn them to dis
countenance every such attempt which will inevi
tably lead to disappointment and a serious injury
to the compilation of a good and reliable work.
' The regular City Directory will be issned as soon
after the removals in May as possible. The labor
and expense of publishing a City Directory are too
great to bare the patronage divided. In the event
of an attempt at opposition, the rcgolar Directory
must suffer and probably be suspended, %a it has
'been In neighboring cities ■from the same causes.
La Port*, March 23,186«.
At a meeting held by tbe employes of the Michi
gan Southern and * Northern Indiana Railroad
Company, on the above date, the following pream
ble and resolutions were unanimously adopted:
Whereas, It'baa pleased Almighty God to re*
move from our midst, to that bourne from which
no traveller returns, our much beloved and repeat
ed Master Mechanics, Andrew Bcarnp;
Sem’ttd, That we deeply sympathize with the
family in their sad bereavement, and hope that
kind Providence will give them strength to near np
under their great loss.
fiaolrtd, That by his.death the Company haa
lost one that has always, while in their employ,
tried to do everything In Ids powerto promote
their interests.
Badted. That we tender our sincere thanks to
the many friends from Chicago, and all others wbo
dhnle of respect to his memory. _ ~
Bathed, That a copy of the above be sent to the
family and that they be published in the Chicago,
La Porte, Adrian, Toledo, Schenectady and Albany
Grand Bally’ In tho lltli and 12U&
irordP.—'There will be a grand mass meeting of
the citizens of the 11th and IStb ward*, at Aurora
Hall (formerly Neimeyer’a), No. 113 Milwaukee
avenue, to-night at 7,V o'clock. It is hoped that
every Union man who is for a change in the admin
istration of our city government, will turn oat I
Let tbe mechanics and laboring men who are for
crushing out Copperheads and traitors, turn out!
Let'merchants and business men who are for low
taxes and safety of property, tom out! Let all
citizens who arc opposed to die suspension of our
public schools, opposed to turning tho Board of
education into an arena for tho exhibition of petty
partisanship, torn out, and we will have a rousing
Union love feast! John Wentworth, Col.
•Eftptmaw, Geo. C. Bates, A, G; Throop
Jos. Knox, A. A. Kin, Col. Soiomau i
Col.Manm, A. C, Uesslng, Fred. Kawslcr, and'
other eminent speakers wHLaddrcss the meeting,
• l Old Shady” may be sung by Frank Lombard.
Talking in English end German. Let every Union
wiflTi turnout!
■ C. M. U.—ThercVill bo a mceUngof the mem
bers of the Chicago Musical Union at their hall,
Methodist Church Block, this Wednesday .evening
at half paat seven o’clock, for rehearsal. ' •
Irluli'National Fair.—Visitors to the Fair
and business men can have meals famished at all
hours of the day in the basement of Bryan Hall.
Parties wishing to donate eatables, are requested
to send the same to the basement in Bryan Hall.
Donations will be suitably acknowledged in “The
Spencer’s Business ‘ Directory,—Wo
hive just received a sample copy of Spencer’s Bu
siness Directory for 1864, a neat little volume,
designed to contain the names of *ail firms doing
business in the city, with tbe full name of each
partner, a list of dty, county, anq State officers,
postal and revenue laws, list of post-offices, a new
map ofthe dty, and other valuable statistical in
formation. It win be ready for delivery some
time in May next.
A New Dumber Firm.—We call the atten
tion of country lumber dealers to the new firm of
Wallace, King & Co., whose card appears In
another column. The firm Is composed of John
8. Wallace (an old lumber dealer of fourteen years’
standing), John B. King,' well known to most of
our dock men, and Thomas W. Holmes and John
Woolner, both well experienced in the bus In ess.
They will deal In lumber on commission, and par
ties having business with them may rely on hon
orable dealings and attention to their Interests.
Supplies for'tbe' Scotch Regiment.—
To the friends of the 65 th IHinoit li\fantry: Asl
purpose returning to Knoxville, Tennessee, on
Monday next, I would be glad to take back with
me a good lot of pickles, onions, potatoes, and
anything the friends arc willing to send. The
regiment has marched more than four thousand
miles since It left Chicago one year sgo. For nine
months in succession they have been on half ra
tions of bread and meat, and very poorly c!ad.
They fought bravely before Knoxville tho morning
of Longstrcet’s assault, and also previous. They
are now suffering with scurvy, aad ’ anything left
at tbe Sanitary rooms, near McVlckcr’s theater,
will be cheerfully forwarded to them.
H. Kent, Chaplain.
Asthma.-Upwards of ono thousand of the
wont casqs of Asthma have hcen relieved by using
Jonas VFhitcoiTih't Bhnedy*for AaUima. In no
cascofpcrcly Asthmatic character baa it lallcd to
give prompt relief, and in many cases a permanent
cure has been effected. No danger need he appre
hended fh>m its use. An Infant may take It with
perfect saldy. Sold everywhere. . .
Tlac Mew call attention to tbe
advertisement of the Third Natlonal.Bank of Chica
go. This Institution is now ready to receive sub
scriptions to the new 10-40 Government loan.
Bloomington Nursery—lllinois,—One
hundred and sixty acres, open prairie,
12th year.' For severe climates one small hardy
tree is worth ten large tender ones. Variety ana
1 quality role. “Western trees for Western-plant
ers,” young, sound, thrifty, low-hcadod, of proved
hardy sorts—not the tall, naked, slender switches
that transport Ion” Journeys so cheaply, or theculla
ot ancient nurseries thrust upon eager buyers.
After the hard winter, occurring but once in 8 to
12 years as in IS3O-31— 1 42-43—''55-66—*b3-34 is
pact,'lose no time—plant now 1
Apple, largest and best stock ever offered, 1 to 4
years, 540 to SB3 per 1,000.
75.000 Pear, 10.000 Cherry, 10,000 Plum.
10.000 Peach, (to arrive): 25,000 Currant; fine 2
year Ecd Dutch. 1.000 S2O: 20,000 Gooseherrv,
'Houghton & Cluster, strong, 2 yr, 1,000, S3O;
Proved, English sorts. S2AO per doz.
10.000 Lawton Blackberry and assorted Rasp
berry, IfO, $5, with Catawlssa, strong canes. 15c.
Doolittle Black Cap trne, 1,000, $25.
25.000 Grapes, 40 sorts, Catawba, Clinton, Con
cord, Isabella, i and 2 yr, lona, Creviling, &c., Ac.
20,010 Asparagus, 3 yr; 5,000 Rhubarb.
200.000 Apple Root unite in prime order, 10,000,
200.000 White and Gray Willow Cuttings, 10,030,
S3B. A liberal discount to the trade.
400.000 Evergreens, nursery grown, mostly medi
um or small.
80,000 Ornamental Trees, many sorts and sizes.
Superb European, White Bird), English Elm, Bos
Elder, Larch, Ac.
Weeping Trees, Shrubs, Primus Triloba, fine, new
and hardyl 75c.
Roses, Jraonles, Phloxes, Lilies, Gladiolus, Dah
lias, 170 named sorts. Green house 'and heading
plants. Terms cash.
tST Send red stamp for new catalogues.
N. B.—Our Pear, Cherry, Plum, haubardy trees
and shrubs were nearly all dug and heeled in very
low over winter, and the entire tops of a part cov
ered, so that they were not touched last winter. •
Our choice Grapes were all in cellars; the others
heeled in and entirely covered with manure last
autumn. F. K. Phoenix.
Bloojukgtok, m. mh2l-bB2-2w-D«fcw
Drs. R. &J. Hunter, Physicians for diseases ol
tbe Throat, Longs, ana Heart, Asthma, .fee,, can be
consulted as usual at their office 1 8 Washington
street, Chicago, from 10 A. ar. to 6p. h.
Office In New York, 6C3 Broadway.
Diseases of tlie Nervous, Seminal, Uri
nary and Sexual Systems.— New and relia
ble treatment—ln reports of tbe Howard Associa
tion. Sent by mail m scaled letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address D. J. Skillon Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 3 Sooth Ninth street, Phila
delphia, Pa. mhßo'b6s9-Sm
Important to all.— The attention of the
public is invited to the advertisement of Gunjah,
Wallah Co. Their wonderful Hasheesh Candy
will be on sale in Chicago in a few days, on agent
being now in the city (Richmond House, Box 112)
.to arrange with some enterprising firm for the
wholesale agency for the snpply of the Western
trade. A few live Agents wanted.
mch26-b4lB-4t " -
Another Case of Deafness Cored by
Dr. Everson.— For the benefit of the deaf, and
in gratitude to Dr. W. E. Everson, 1 make this
public statement. I was so deaf that I could not
near the loudest watch held close to my ear. Dr.
Evereon, Oculist and Aurist, JM South Clark street,
Chicago, restored me to perfect hearing at one sit-
John Mark.
mb2B-M&M Tanner, Bridgeport, HL
Burnett’s Flavoring Extracts.
Fifth Avenue Hotel, N, T., Aug, 4,1863.
Messrs. Joseph Burnett & Co., Boston:
'Gentlemen: We have used your extracts for
several years and regard them the betl in the tcor’d.
Very truly yours,
Hitchcock. Darling & Co.
The above is the expression of all popular hotels
and caterer,. SoW e «SlS Jtlnv4Fiwkl3 ,
Comfort In Walking Essential to
Hesttb.—Come, InmiODß. andtUsciMd nails cared
bo a process peculiar to Dr. Eendall, which ols
'penscs with the operation of catting. Office 41
Prescott House, Sooth Clark street, comer Vhn
80re,,. mU29-b651-3t
To Country ncrcUanU.— Bayers in this
market should not neglect an examination of the
stock of Messrs. Gore, Willson <b Co., wholesale
boot and shoo house, 64 Lake street.
xnhS-alOfi-Sm xwax ,
Go to ths Best—Go to Bryant A Stratton's
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bryant A Stratton, Cm-
- In this city, March 29ih,m the 21th year of bis age,
WILLIAM a. COUGHLIN, eon of Thomas Coughlin,
29S State afreet, from whence tbo funeral will take
place on Thursday, March Slat,
py New York papers please copy.
. In this city, on Toefdavmorning.March 39lh,ofdit>-
thcrla, FANNIE ANTOINETTE,daughter of Robert
p. and Caroline E. Coats. . , . .
Funeral from the bouse, S3 West Washington street,
(bis afternoon at t o’clock. ,
gy Quincy, HU and Philadelphia papers please
Was howtos, March 29, 1364.
After the tatrodaction of various unimportant
bills a message waa received from the House an
nouncing the death of the Hon. Owen Lovojoy of
Appropriate eulogies were delivered on the dc
ceaced by by Messrs. Trumbull, Pomeroy and
Sumner. The usual resolutions of respect were
passed, after which the Senate adjourned.
' Washington-, March 29.
Mr. STEVENS said that as several gentlemen
deeired to deliberately consider the proposed
amendment to the Constitution to prohibit slavery
!n all Slates and Territories, he (Stevens,) would
move Its postponement for two weeks. Agreed to.
Hr. RICE, of Mass., from the Committee on Na
val Afliurs, reported a MU that persons between
26 and 80 years of age may be appointed Assistant
that the number Is not there
by increased, and that the examination of students
for admission into the Naval Academy shall take
Mace when they are between H and IS years of age.
The bill was agreed to '
Hr. BICE jubj reported a bill regulating, and
changing. In some particulars, the method of ma
king promotions iu the navy. Heretofore, he said,
promotions have been made according to seniority,
but Ibis bill provided for promotion according, to
official capacity and physical fitness, to bo deter
mined by a Board of Examiners appointed by the
President. Officers not recommended for promo
tion are to have an opportunity to bo heard through
a Revisory Board.
Hr. PIKE, from the Naval Committee, reported
a bill authorizing, during the war, the appoint
ment of Acting Lieut. Commanders and Command
ers, at Iho same rate of pay as is allowed to such
grades in the regular navy. Passed.
Hr. PIKE also reported the Senate bill regulat
ing courts-martial, which was passed alter staking
oat the first section, which provides that volunteer
appointments In the navy shall be subject to the
action of the Senate, the same as regular appoint
The House went into Committee of the Whole
on the bin amendatory of the national banking
The 'amendment offered by Mr. HOOPER, of
Maes,; on Friday, waa agreed to to-day. This
amendment provides that Banks with a capital of
not lees than fifty thousand dollars, may, with the
approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, be or
ganized, in any place the population of which does
not exceed 6,0‘ D.
Mr. BOCTWELL, of. Massi, offered an amend
ment to strike oat the authority proposed to bo
given to the bonks to bur and sell gold and silver
coin and bullion, and loan money on realand per
sonal security. These banka with a circulation of
$£00,000,000, will beablc to fix the standard of value
which was the very thing the House had been en
deavoring to prevent.
Mr. STEVENS, of Penn.,- opposed the amend
ment. The section left these banka to buy cold
the same as the Slate banka end individuals. The
time had passed for na to consider gold- as curren
cy. It waa a commodity.the same as a bill of Ex
change. ■ •
The amendment of Mr. Boutwell was rejected.
Mr. BROOKS, of New York, offered an amend
ment, the object of which was to prevent banking
on real estate, which In New York bad been found
unsafe. Mr. Brooks sold It was useless for blm to
Protest against a wrong principle of banking, and
c referred to the fact that on a bill of such vast
importance they wero acting without the presence
Mr. Brooks's amendment w« Icjecled.
An amendment was proposed, striking out the
requirement that every director of a bank, daring
bis whole term of service, shall be a citizen of the
United States.
The amendment was disagreed to—23 against 68..
Tbe Committee considered the bill up to the
twex ty-third section. On motion of Mr. GANSON,
of iKcw York; an * amendment to tbe twenty
second section was adopted, authorizing tbe issue
of bills of tbe denominations of one, two, and
three dollars. ' .
Mr.HCOPEP, of Mass., moved that a proviso
be added to the section, to the effect that not
more than onc-Mxth of the circulation furnished
to any bank nnd< r the act, shall be ofa less denom
ination than five dollars, and that after specie pay
ments shall have been resumed no circulation of*a
less denomination than five dollars shall be fur
nished to any such association, which was
agreed to.
• Committee arose and House adjourned.
Washington, Varch 20,— I The World's Washing
ton dispatch says:
Advices from Richmond state that rebel plans
have been formed for the reclamation of Tennessee
and Kentucky to tbe rebels. Jeff. Davis believes
Richmond almost Impregnable, and the great bulk
of the rebel forces will be concentrated at the
West, where they intend recapturing Chattanooga,
to reach Ohio, and again close the Mississippi.
Tbe New York Tribune's special says: The pa
roled prisoners at Annapolis have been paid, ana a
large number of officers bare left for tho North, on
twenty days’ leave of absence. Eight or ten have
died, and some fifty more will probably die from
privations undergone In Libby Prison; Further
proof of the placing ofgunpowdernnder the prison
.by the rebels Is famished by these prisoners, •
Governor Bramlettc and ex-Scnator Dixon leave
Ibis afternoon for Kentucky; It Is understood
they bavebad free Interchange of opinion with the
President and Secretary of War, and both parties
are in concert and harmonious as to tbe enforce
ment of tbe draft in that State, under the amen da
torr enrollment.
The Herat<Tt special dispatch says: Gen. Blair
Is about resigning his seat In Congress, to return
to the army. • .*■ :
There are some Indications that the report la true
that Gen. Grant desires McClellan and Fremont to
have commands.
. Mtjor Bend, CJlcf of Oen. to*
to wasnlngton uy that General with dispatches,
was pnt under arrest on Monday, by Gen. HaQeck,
under an old and Acad order of the War Depart
ment forbidding officers to come to Washington
without leave from the Secretary of War. The ar
rest is supposed to be owing to Roaecrans’ recent
speech In sc. Louis. So says the Tribune'* dis
Tbe New York Tin#*' dispatch says: The pres
sure for the removal of Gen. Meade is such that the
President can no longer disregard it, Goa. Hooker
is talked of aa his successor.
There is no probability of tho passage ol a bank
ruptcy bill.
Washington, March £9.—Representative Grin
sell, of lowa, baa been apppolntcd a member ofthe
Committee on Territories, and Representative
Beaman, of Michigan, a member of the Committee
for the District or Colombia, in place of Represent
ative Lovejoy, deceased.
The President communicated to-day the report
of Charles B. Stuart, Consulting Engineer,
upon. tho Improvements to pass gunboats
from tide-water to the Western lakes.
The Engineer assumes that upon the connection
of tboee lakes with tide water depend tbe juris
diction of our Government’s common defense, as
well as welfare, nnd-that the Mississippi River
should likewise be connected with the lakes. He
urges that tbe great food producing region uses
this chain of lakes for the transit of exports and
imports, which Is a line of communication at pres
ent utterly defenseless, leaving the lake cities to
destruction by English gunboats on declaration
of war by Great Britain, Inflicting damage to
which tbe cost proposed by the Improvement
would he utterly insignificant. He makes various
recommendations, and gives as tho total estimate
for improved gunboat locks for the Eric, Oswego,
Cbamplain/and Cayuga and Seneca canals, with
seven feet of water, at S’P.OOO,OOO, and with eight
feet ol water at $20.6* 0,000, and the co?t of a canal
around Niagara Fails at from ten to thirteen mil
lion dollars..
Washington, March 29.—A special to the Com
mercial save It is asserted that the Senate Com
mittee on Foreign Relations will soon report the
French spoliation bill, with provisions for audit
ing and paying the claims.
A special to the Fott % Washington, March 29th,
says the War Department refused to grant passes
tc-day for victors to the army of the Potomac.
The House Naval Committee have agreed to leave
on Tuesday next for St. Louis,
The CommerdoTadlspatch states that considera
ble difference exists In the Ways and Means Com
mittee on taxing leaf tobacco, and that great
exertions are being made to postpone the meeting
of the Republican .Convention from May till Sep
tember, and to change from Baltimore to Cincin
nati. •
Col. Wolford, of Kentucky, was- reported dis
missed from the service a lew days ago for hie crazy
speech at Lexington. If really dismissed be was
restored, and Is under orders -for service again an
the recommendation of Ocn. Grant. It is proper
to say that the authority for attributing his resto
ration to Gen, Grant’s interference is the Presi
dent’s own statement.
Important military Changes—Gueril
la* at Work,
Lonsvnxr, March 29.—1n pursuance of direc
tions from Gen Schofield. In accordance with or
ders from Lieut. General Grant, Kentucky has been
divided into two divisions.
The western district comprises all between the
Nashville railroad to Cumberland River, under
Gen. Ewing. Headquarters on the railroad.
The eastern. division comprises all between
Nashville railroad and Big Sandy river, under Gen.
Hobson. Headquarters in the field—tbe whole
under command of Gen. Burbridge, whoso head*
quarters are at present in this city.
That part of Kentucky west of Cumberland river
belongs to the Department of Tennessee.
The express train which left Louisville Monday
morning for Lebanon was captured by ten guer
rillas and the two passenger cars of the train burn
ed. A gang of fifteen Federal soldiers on the train
surrendered without firing a gun. This guard has
been ordered to Louisville under arrest.
Federal scouts have proceeded four miles beyond
Bull’s Gap and'report no signs of Longstreet’s
Lieut. Col. Robert Vaughn has hcen appointed
Frovoat Marshall of Louisville, vice Major Fitch,
who rejoins his regiment.
Army or toe Potomac, )
Starch 29. f
Gen. Grant, accompanied by Gen. Meade, re*
viewed tbe l*t corns and a portion of the 6th this
morning near Culpepper. While passing along
. thellne they were greeted Tilth the most enthusi
astic cheers.
Gen. Meredith's cavalry division was also re*
viewed. The whole presented a fine appearance.
The Sd corps was to have been renewed this
afternoon, but a heavy rain storm set in, which
still continues. Thercvicw has been postponed.
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, March 28.—One hundred and five
•Ulcere of Morgan’s guerillas arrived at Point
Lookoat on Saturday. They ore all Kentuckians,
and quite puzzled at thelr.oelng guarded by negro
soldiers. One of their number. Lawrence W.
Preston, eon of ex-Congressman Preston, of the
BdDistrict, was shot, and Instantly died. After
entering camp, Sergeant Young, assistant of the
Provost Marshal, was assigning the men to quar
ters. when Preston asked him to go oat and get
him whisky. The Sergeant said that it
orders. Preston said the Sergeant was available
companion for those negroes, pointing to
the negro guard. The sergeant told him
to keep • quiet, He said ho was not
afraid of any Yankee, and declared that Yonng was
'a coward and afraid to shoot. Young pulled ont
his revolver and started towards the gate, when
Preston kicked him. Young then shot him dead
Ol Sevenly-flTe Missourians have come out of camp
during the week, taken the oath, and been famish
ed transportation to their homes. They express
themselves heartily tired of the mar, «nd are all de
term in cd to co home, and henceforth he true and
lojallmen. They say that there are few Mlseoari
lans in camp who are going back to the rebel ar
my. They petetloned, some weeks ago, to Gen.
Butler to let then go back home in time to put in
Spring crops, which the General la now arranging.
Three hundred and twenty refugees from Vir
ginia and North Carolina, arrived last week and
took the required parole or oath.
Editor from Europe.
v rTV Vnwr starch 29.—The steamship City or
Liverpool the 16th, and Qoeeu
stown arrived at 8 o’clock this morning.
LoSdto, March n.-The following telegram has
b cStSttioEf. March 16.-All superior offldnls
andmayoreln ,’hat portion ofJuthmd by
the Allies have been conveyed to headquarters to
retire refmlsitlons for supplies, Intended to be
eShreeFnpon the inhabitants. The enemy yes-
f l Z?os'S.nt nn a heaVv fire. One battery was dl-
S&d ourieftfand thorps heYore Lou
irrwcrtaln contingencies. The King also aesirea
ffllrtfof snlopfornU cventnaHUes, andnnthori
«U?n y to cmplo; the regular army and navy la aid
° Kok£ D Mmhlo^ , nlo conflicts between the Pa
-oi troens contione. The populace
ae wlth ufo foS. The Pope’s , con-
March 17.—'The Time*' dtj artidosny?;
41 An idea Is prevalent that a redncllon of the banlj
—ota ta k nor cent may not be far distant.
Tbo tSw4 and Star advise the Donee to accept
Ellmbo rough's adv!ce,and submit to the terms pro
posed by Austria and Prussia.
Vijssa, March 18.—A telegram from Berlin, to
day, asserted to be derived from amhentlc sources,
states that Denmark Is disposed to accept the armi
stice and conference in their essential points.
Intentions and Designs of tlxc Rebel**
Lootsviixb, March 29. —Sunday's Chattanooga
Gazette save the rebels claim to have 50,000 men at
Ballon and vicinity, and that they will capture
‘Cbattnnooca and East Tennessee when Long
street's forces move Into Kentucky, which thcr say
he will do forthwith, with 20,000 men.
AD the heavy artillery Is being removed from
Kingston to Altoona.
The rebel Gen. Johnston has restricted his offi
cers and his Major Generals down to one horse
An Important Foreign Rumor,
Nbw Tobk, March 29.—The Loudon correspond
ent of the Commercial, states that the Archduke
Hazimlllianon being applied to for an audience
with the rebel Slide!*, assented, provided Napoleon
was willing, but Napoleon flatly refused to sanc
tion the' audience, consequently Slidell did not
gain it..
Tlic New York Gold Market Un
der Treatment.
New York, March 29.— The receipts of gold for
duties at the Custom House to-day were $232,000,
of which $33,000 were In the new gold certificates.
The rate for the latter for to-day waa IG3M. Gold
closed aUCS.
Provincial Consolidation.
Halifax, March 29.—The measure to unite
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's
Island under one government and one legislature,
passed the House of Assembly last evening unani
Tlic Danish Question,
New Touk, March 29.— The Post's Paris corres
pondent says: "It la evidently the intention of the
sovereigns of Austria and Prussia to occupy,
eventually, Copenhagen, and there probably, dic
tate peace."
I.vJL Uadlsoß street, between State and Dearborn.
Proprietor and Manager J. H. McVlckcr.
The management take* pleasure in announcing an en
gagement with the talented artiste
Whose truthful devotion to natnre in her artistic and
and bcanttlnl renditions of the heroines of the Drama
has wonlor her the awardnble title of the
TUESDAY EVENING, March 29th, the perfor
mance will commence with thegreat scnsaUouDnunaof
Dramatised from Mrs. HENRY WOOD’S novel of that
M. d /.Sv'ta “ d S MISS SC3AS DESDI.
and a powerful cast.
To conclude with the farce ot
pr Saturday afternoon GRAND MATINEE, fop
which tickets can be procured every day during the
week. ■ • .
COL. J. IT. WOOD 4 CO—. .Proprietors and Managers
A. 1). BRADLEY Director of Amusements
F. A. HARRINGTON Assistant Manager
WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 30, and every even
ing till further notice, the great drama which, where
ever it has been produced, has created the GREATEST
SENSATION, and which has achieved in London.
New York, and all principal cities of England ana
America, the GREATEST SUCCESS, entitled the
Produced for the first time In this city, with new
scenery, appointments, and tbe finest Stock Company
In the west. * ■
Admission to Museum and Lecture Boom, Scents.
Dress Circle, 35 cents extra. Parquette, 15 cents extra.
Secured Seats Id Parquette. 25 cents extra. Private
Boxes, £3 and £5. Box Book now open. Doors open
at 7; performance begin* at KB. mh27-b505-lw
■VARIETY theatre.
T lid & 117 Dearborn street.
C. M. CHADWICK A CO, Proprietors aud Managers.
T. L. FITCH Stage Manager.
WEDNESDAY EVENING, March 30tb, first appear*
Tte I baopiou Cleg Dancer.
THURSDAY EVENING, March Slat, first appear
ance of
Premier Dauaeoee.
THURSDAY EVENING. March 31st, first appear
ance of MISS HATTIE WILLIAMSON, Dauseoso and
MONDAY EVENING, April 4lb, first appearance of
MISS VICTORIA HOWARD, the celebrated .Vocalist.
Scale of Pbicxs— Dress Circle, ss cents; Parquette,
25 cents; Private Boxes, $9; Single Seats and Boxes 1
50 centf. mh3o-b
Academy of music.
Washington ftre«t,b«tween Clark and Dearborn.
First Wz ik or WEFFO, ob tux Sensible Monkey.
With splendid new scenery, appointments, 4c a Leon
in his jjreat aong and dance, VviOAflO hots. Kelly.
wOncsaud Price In favorite acta. Grand
Matinee Saturday, April Sd. at S o’clock F, M. Doors
op an at 7 o’clocr, commencing at BP. M. Admlaalott
2Sccnt>: ScataaecuredthrouchthedmvSOeeala. Pri
vate Box eats 00. EDWIN KELLY. Manager.
Robinson & howes' cham
pion CIRCUS.
Monday Evening, Match 28th.
hush National fair.
Same entertainment every night.
And on
Satusdat. Aetesnoon.
In Gr-rrvnci
mL27-MH Iw
auction Sales.
"Yyai. A. BUTTERS & CO.
ICS, 105 it 107 Dearborn street. Chicago.
The most spacious Salesrooms, and the bestadap
ted for the display of all kinds ot Merchandise In thi
Particular attention will be given to the sale 5
household goods, at private dwellings, and at otu
Salei rooms. Regular sale cf household goods even
Saturday. Sales of Pry Goods Boots and Shoes
4c.. even week. Liberal cash advances made ou aT
kinds ot Merchandise. l«2&-v567-3a
On WEDNESDAY, March 30th, at 9J* o’clock.
At Butters’ Auction Booms, In Portland Block, 109
105 and 107 Dearborn street,
Wc shall sell,'without reserve, a large and desirable,
stock of Seasonable Goods, Just received froh from
New York, constating of beet brands Prints, Sheetings,
Ticks, Denims, Stripes, Cloths, Caasimeres, Ac., Ac.
A desirable lot of Spring Dress Goods, Hosiery,
Shawls, Ac.
I,MO yards Imported Linen of desirable patterns fot
Clothing. WM. A. SUTLERS A CO., Auctioneers.
mha-bTS-St • .
ON WEDNESDAY, March ‘SO. at-10 o’clock, at But-'
ten’ Auction Rooms,in Portland Block, I'tS.lOS and
107 Dearborn street. WM. A. BUTTERS A CO.,
mh2S-b6lMt - • Auctioneers.
fu Ptisonal effects of the late George C.Drew,
ON THURSDAY, March 31. at lOo’clock, at Butters*
Auction Booms, In Portland Block, IDS. 105 and 107
Dearborn street, we shall sell, without reserve, tbe
personal effect s of tbe late George C. Drew, consisting
of Wearing Apparel,. Boots, Trunks. Hat Box, Cigar
Cases. Wardrobe, Revolver, Gold Watch and Chain,
together with other articles.
By order of Geo. W, Gage, Administrator,
mhSd-bfilT-St Auctioneers.
JIJ, ED WARE, Groceries, Coffee, Liquors, Ac.,
ON FRIDAY, April Ist, -at 9W o’clock at Butters’
Auction Boom*, in Portland Block, 103. 105 and 107
Dearborn street. WM. A. SUITERS A CO.,'
mh29-b6lB-4f -• Auctioneers.
XV —Household Goods, Open and Top Boggles,
Family Bockaway, Ac-, • -
At auction.
ON SATURDAY. April 2d, at Hi< o'clock, at Butters’
Auction Cooms, in Portland Block, 103, lOSand 107
Dearborn street. WM. A. BUTTER* & CO.,
mli29-b619-5t Auctioneers.
ON WEDNESDAY, April 6tb,at 0# A. M., at But
ters’ Auction Bootes, in Portland Block, 103,105 and
107 Dearborn atrett, we shall sell, without reserve,
the entire stock of a city Wholesale and Retail Boot
eod Shoe Dealer, consisting of a verr desirable lot of
Goods. WM7 A. BUTTERS A CO-,
_ mh29-b6290t ‘ Auctioneers,
Croclrery Sc Silver-Plated Wore
ON THURSDAY MORNING, Slst lost, at 10 o’clock,
H. Alexander,
100 Dearborn Street,
Will close out the entire balance, consisting In nart
of 3,000 White Granite Plates, Bowls, Pitchers. Teas,
Mugs, Gravies, Sauce Terrcens, Platters. Oral Dishes,
Pickles, Rock Tea Pott, Ac., Ac. mhS(M>73S3t
VJI General Auctioneers 44,4s &43 Dear no re at
On FRIDAY, April lst,at9>* o’clock, we shall sell
at the residence
48 Van Buren Street,
East of Stale, the entire
Parlor, Diningroom
And Chamber Furniture,
Carpets, Beds and Bedding. Comforters, Pictures,
Crockery. Glassware, Stores, Cooking do. Kitchen
-Utensils. Ac., together with all tbe effects contained
In said bouse. GILBERT A SAMPSON,
mhSObTSO St Auctioneers.
\3T Auctloteers, 41,46 and 43 Dearborn street.
60 Crates of best
White Crockery and 0. 0. Ware,
On WEDNESDAY, March 80th. at 3* o’clock, wc
shall sell at our Salesrooms, 46 Dearborn street, fifty
Crates of first quality >1 hltc Crockery and Common
Ware, comprising a complete assortment oi the
The goods arc opened and will be iold In open lots
In quantities to suit dealers.
Country buyers can hive their ware packed and
shipped bv an csperlenccd packer. Terms cash.
mh36-b437St GILBERT & SAMPSON, Auct’rs.
LOST —On Tuesday morning.
March 39tb, between 237 South Clark street aad
the Poet Office, or between the Post Office and Lake
street, two Furloughs and one Veteran DUcharee.
The finder will receive a suitable reward
{he tame at this office. mh3o-b7t9-lt
LOST— A Dog. lost on Tuesday,
March 23d a smaUbUck and tan pup. all months
old and answers to the name of “ Jock." A suitable
reward will be paid at KB Booth Water street, or at
l» Rush Street. mhST.bWUt
WANTED —A Girl to do kitchen
W AJN TED—IOO energetic A.'ouca
,TI U sell " BryanUa History of iho Indian M«-
mere In Minnesota. The teat hook frrcanvaWri
row In the field. Also, some choice- religious wor'o,
Pend stamp for circular toO. C.GIBBi, Fiat Otfiea
rmnertiSfi?. Chicago. m*vTl-bSTMt
•W ANTED.—SIO a day made by
vT Agfnts selling the “ Greatest Invention of the
Age," ay Instrument and foil Instructions forUklag
Litecesfe*, which la sent tree rn receiptor Mcrnn.
Address M.DxGRAND, care of Room 3,N0.?a Broad
way, N. Y. nhso-bss-u •
TV/ ANTED.—Highly important to
T f Married Ladles. We want every married
woman In the United stales and Canadas to send for
crcof our sea ed circulars, "for the married only,*•
which contains Informntlon of the almost import
ance to every married woman, never before revealed,
that can be obtained In so other way. Positively no
humbug. All ccrr.u;u2!cs?lcn? strictly coudiemial.
Address, with sump. Dr. 3. BACHELOR. Kankakee
Ciij.m. mhSS-bCvSSt
X\7 ANTED Efficient Agents in
f f every county In the Northwest to sell “Mitch
ell's New General Atlas”—the beat for family uae
ever published—and ** fitebblna' Eighty Tears*" Pro
gress of the United States." from the Revolutionary
war to the Great Rebellion—the best work extant
for scents. Business permanent. Address J. N.
WUIDUEN, No. 7 Methodist Church Block. Chicago,
HI. P. O. BOX 2594. . mh£Vb>7l-5t
WANTED —The address of every
v v man, young and old, in the western country
who wishes steady and lucrative employment. Ad
dress J. H. JOHNSON, P. O. Box 4253, Chicago, HI.
mhls-a6C2-lm .
YV ANTED—Agents in every conn
v T ty In the Northwest to sell ScnoxßEr.a’s STAN
made selling this Atlas, and Engravings of Grant, Lin
coln and Douglas. Scud stamp for circulars. E. R.
LANDON. Agent, 88 Lake street, Chicago, HI.
mhl9-0869-lm •
Wf ANTED—SOO Agents to sell
f T the Great Natural Weather Indicator. Though
only just Introduced, hundreds attest to Us accuracy jn
foretelling changes of the weather from dry to wet and
vice versa. It itcrests the scholar and the man of sci
ence, and awakens admiration in the minds of all who
witness Its wonderful functions. Send noslace stamp
lor circular and particulars to Post Office Box 5358.
HALL & PIKE. No. 16 Portland Block, Chicago.
mh2-vTGMw ;
WANTED—2S men of strictly
Tv temperate and sober habits, of experience in
feneral business, as Agents, to travel and Introduce
arm Implements. None nted apply unless they pos
sess the above qualifications. To such can be given
constant employment and good waxes. Address, with
name and reference, T. C. BAKTLE, Adimsyllle, Cats
County, Michigan. • mh^t-baso-U
~WJ AN TED— Agents throughout
V T the West to sell, by subscription, Schmuckcr’s
History of the Rebellion, fnbotb English and German,
beautifully and appropriately embellished and Ulos
trated with fine mezzotint engravings by Bar tain, and
by numerous charts and diagrams of buttle fields.
volume ll—Completing the History of the Fall of
•Vicksburg and Fort Hudson, now ready; thus enabl
ing agents to realize tho pros t on two volumes at once,
and saving them the trouble and expense of an extra
Journey over their field, while, at the same time, they
will have the satisfaction of selling a work of real
sterling merit, and not one made np of high sounding
words without meaning, and flashy newspaper ex
tract* loQwdr thrown, together. Bchmaokcr’s 13 a
work that Is destined to live in the future, and be read
as a standard History of the great Rebellion, c. F.
VENT & CO., Publishers, Drawer 6614, Chicago, 111.
m!»25b5161m •
\\f AN TED—For the Government
•V v in the Quartermaster’s Department, at St.
Louis, CCO Carpenters. Wane* from £53.50 to £6O per
month and ration*. Also, 2,000 Laborers. Wacei |SS
per month and rations. Also, 1,000 Teamsters, wages
Iso per month and rations. Free transportalon lor*
nlahed to place of destination and returned to St.
Louis, Mo. For further Information Inquire at tho
Government Office, 133K Booth Water street. Chi
cago, HI. ■ JAMBS W.GLA!>E,
Ja2d-u271-3m Government Agent.
\KT ANTED —By a party who has
yy been encaged In business for eight years In
Chicago, an interest In n well established Wholesale
Grocery House. Can furnish £ISXOO or S3t),COO in
cash. Address C. M. H. Tribune office.
mli23-bia-6t •
TYT" ANTED—Agents in every conn-
V V tv to Fell, bv subscription, *• Chronicles of the
Great Rebellion,” "by Rev. Allen M. Scott. D.D. of
Memphis, Tenu. (Eighth Edition already in press.)
Complete In one octavo volume of 344 pages. Price
£IAO per copy. A humorous outline of the Rebellion,
written In the-ancleut chronicle style. One of the
roost salable books ever offered by agents. Exclusive
territory given, and liberal Inducements off-red to
thoroughly accomplished agents. Sold by subscrip
tion. C. F. VENT & CO., Publishers. S8 West Fourth
street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Drawer 6611, Chicago, 111.
TTTANTED.—I7S a Month. I
*T want to hire Agents in every countyat£7sa
month, expenses paid, to my new cheap Family
Sewing Machines, Addrofe 8. MADISON. Allred
Maine. (e2l-vllT-3nx
"WANTED—S6O a Month. I
Y Y want Agents at 160 a month, expenses paid, to
sell my Etzulasttso Pxncils.Oeixstal Bubnabo,
and thirteen other new, useful and eurjpaa articles.
Fifteen circular* sent rsxz. Address J UHN F. LORD,
BiddeforiL Maine. Ja33-ui4o-2in
jfoc Saif.
FDR SALE—A Retail Grocery
doing a first-rate paying business. Has a long
and well established city trade, and also a large vessel
trade. Apply at 10 and k) Rush street. mh3o-DCS-3t
TTOII S^LE—-A pair of large, fine
A’ mules, (great walkers) one of which Is aa extra
saddle animal, worth the price of the pair to any one
going to Idaho. Inquire, morning or evening, at 506
west Lake street. mh3Q-b66i-~Jt
T?OR SALE—The stock, fixtures,
J. build lag and lease of a Meat Market and Grocery
Store, In a good location ou tho Weat Side. Will bo
sold cneapjor cash, if applied for soon. Apply on the
premises.276 West Madison street, comer Morgan.
T7IOR SALE—A valuable business
Jl 1 stand, located in a thriving town In lowa. A
three story brick, combining stove, tin and hardware
storesnd dwelling. For particulars address Post Office
Box 3CB, Davenport, lowa. mhao-h.i3-l3t
FDR SALE—A span of dark Iron
Grey Horses, five years old and-fourteeu hands
high. Will be sold wltb or without buggy or harness.
Inquire at 159 North Clark street, southwest corner of
Ene. [roha>-b673-7t] Jl’L REINKE.
FOR SALE—A stock of Groceries,
Le&ee of Slot e and Dwelling, Hone, Wagon, Fix
tnref. Ac. Terms cash. This is a rare chance for a
man that understands the business. Apply at 23UNorth
Clark street. mh33-bgli-K
XT'OR SALE—Furniture and car-
J? pets for a salt ofrooQ*- All articles nsw aid of
good quality Carpets made to fit rooms Board coaid
oe obtained for a gentleman and wife if desired. For
particulars call at 155 Fourth avenue, between - .! and 4
o’clock P. M. mhSO-b7U-U
XjlOR SALE—-100’ tons of Pressed
Ju ITay, notr ready for delivery. Will take Lumber
In exchange for a portion of it.
in eicuaone ioc a cutTij j g fc MCCLELLAND, *
Doom No, 3, Walker’s Building, Deorbora-st.
mh29-b6BS-3t _
FOR SALE—A Saloon and Fix
tores. Any one wishing to purchase, will get a
cood bargain by addressing lor a few dan“ J. II.”
Tribune Office. mh3B-bSu>3t
FDR SALE—A fine blooded Grey
Mare, live years old, for riding or driving. In
quire at H. WALLER’S Law Office, S9 Washington
street, third floor, Boom 12. mb37-bsto-lc
FDR SALE. —7S tons ol tbe best
MORRIS COAL for sale by tbe undersigned, to
close out the concern, cheap for cash. HENRY
JONES, Post Office Box SKW, or call at the Morris
Coal Company’s office, corner of South Clark and
Taylor streets, near the C. A B. I. R. R. Co** Freight
office. mh27-b&XM>c
TT'OR SALE—At a bargain, a hand-
JL? some Seven Octave Plana,new, made by one of
the beat New York makers. Can be seen at 138 West
Madison street, or address W.T. REID, p. O. Box 4131.
mhJT baifl-Ct
T7OR SALE—A Steam Flouring
X Mill at a bargain, in the village of Avrca. lowa
county, Wisconsin; stone, basement, two stories and
atDc; two run of four feet. Burr stones, with ample
power and all modern Improvements—built In IStJO,
and In good repair; canneity sn> barrels per week.
A pply to A. J. AYE KELL’S, Real Estate Room. No. 7
Metropolitan Block, mh27 bs3t) 5t
FDR SALE—A Boy’s Pony. A
Pony for children—tbe safest and most perfectly
gentle animal in Illinois or any other State. Is kind
to ride or drive, and has no tricks. Inquire at
WRIGHT A CURRIER'S Livery Stable, opposite the
North Mqrkct. mhia-ttMS-lw
FDR SAIE - Plow ' Factory and
Machine Shop. The business bos been establish
ed fifteen years The Plows well and favorably known
throughout tbe Northwest. Capacity far manufactur
ing—six thousand plows per annum. For particulars
Inoultb of the proprietors at Whitewater. Wla.
®o Uettt.
mo RENT—A fine residence in the
X villacc of Evanston, with large yard, and garden
beautifully laid out, with all kinds or fruit and shrub
bery, os also shade trees. AddresaPoat Office 80x674,
or call ht Boom No 2, Kingsbury Building. Chicago.
TO RENT.—Pianos' and Melode
ons to rent. New and second-hand Pianos for
sale. Do not rent to go out ot tbe city. WM. R.
PROSSER, ISC Clark street, between Washington and
Madi|on. mbSO-bOMt
TO RENT—Store and basement
91 Randolph street, from May Ist. Apply to
MORRIS A DTCHE, Druggists, corner Randolph nail
Dearborn streets. ml/U-baDMt
TD RENT—A large store on South
Water street. Apply to T. W. SMALL A CO.,
Merchandise Brokers, 179 South Water street.
TO RENT—On Cottage’ avenue,
sooth of Thirty-first street, to a goo* paying ten
ant, a two story frame boose.DOwlypalnted and pa
pered, containing 10 rooms and closets, good well
atd cistern water, 50 fret lot. This boose Ism tine
order. Powssslon given immediately. Apply to J.Sf.
MARSHALL. 97 Soctb Clark street. mh3ffb74b-3t
TO KENT—To a party -who will
purchase furniture, a very desirable new Brick
House, containing twelve rooms, with all modern im
provements, in one of tbe best locations on tbo west
Side. Address Post Office Box 4512. roh39-b(it6-3t
TO RENT—A House, quarter of
a block from West Bide Railway, In part payment
forboarafors gentleman and wife. Address •• A B,”
Tnbune office. tph29-b593-2t
TD RENT—From the first of May,
the five story marble (rent store 333 Lake street,
and the fire story bilek front store 247 Booth Water-st.
Apply to W3I. C. DOW. 51 Clark street.. mb?9-bßhHw
TO RENT—Oak Grove Cottage,
with barn and four acres ol land, at Crystal Lake
43 a ilea from Chicago, on the Chicaao and Northwes
tern Railroad. It Is situated on the shore of the Lake
gothic house, consisting of nine rooms, with good ceL
ir and pantries. Will he let at a reasonable rate to a
good tenant. Address Post Office Box 1513. Chicago,
mb2l-bS6S-7t L. C. FLAGLOR.
TO RENT—Dock to lease on the
South Branch of the Chicago River, nearly op
posite to Bocton’s Foundry. Lot is M feet front on
Clark street bv 160 feet In depth to the river. Apply
to JOHN FOHSTTHE. at the office of Scammou 4
Forsvthe. Room No. 1, Marine Bank Building.
mh3t-by>l-3w . „
BOARDING. —A pleasant front
room to rent with board, at 113 Wabash avenue.
Aifto & few dav boarders could be accommodated.
References required. mh3o-b634-3t
BOARDING.— ‘Wanted a furnished
room, wl'h board, for a gentleman and wife, in
a private family, or where there are few bearders.
Term* must bo moderate and tbe hon?a located south
of Jackson street. Address “M W P,” Tribune office.
BOARDING. —A desirable suit of
front rooms, with closets, may now be obtalne 1.
with board, at 49 Van Buren street, between Stale
•trect and Wabash avenue- Children not received.
"DOADDING.—To let, with board,
JL > on or before the Ist o’ May, a large front room
bedroom and closet, (with gas,) In a good location on
the West Side—to a lady and gentleman or two gen
tlemen —for which will be taken in exchange three or
four hundred dollars’ worth of well-conditioned
T°, n a e^?t d Beferencesexchanged. Address
JAB. GlLSON,Tribune office. mboo-b6SL3s
X>o ADDING.—Rooms and board
for gentlemen at 143 Wabash avenue, between
Madison and Monroe streets. mh2W>6oMt
BOARDING. Some furnished
room* to rent with board at 19 Michigan areaue.
A^ew^day^hoa rdera caa be acoomaodateX
T\/"ANTEIi —Oco hundred Pack-
T T Ice Box**. Also, one rood Teamster. Apply
toA.G GARFIELD, 59,41,«amU3awt0 Street.
WANTED —To rent two nnlur
nlsbed roorrs, roStsMo for housekeeping pur
roses.by & man and wile and small child. Address
for two day?. "B C D," core of Box 5J291, Chicago Post
Office. mhS&mbS-lt
T\? ANTED—Board in a genteel
» T family, by a yonne rcatlesnn, 'between Van
Boren and Lake streets, ana east or State street. A
small family preferred. Ac dread Box 531 A giving re
lercnccs. mtsO-bGM-lt
WANTED —Board in a private
WANTED-A situation to do
» • chores about the boose to oar for M» board
WANTED-A busiSiiT A-en.
vL-hcn to pm-haiSm ,«sflhSS'bSlJS.l"r MSt
A. M. and 4 P. M. ao33»b«SLlt
WANTED —A situation by a
young mau (American) strictly temperate
anderstaudetbook-kceplns, fc~ 4c., la a wholesale,
retail or commission store. Wages moderate. Mar
be seen cr Inquired for at STEWART HAMILTON'S
Intelligence and Employment Office, 107 Clare street.
Church Block. Poet Office BoxSSSI. Male and female
help on hand. rohSb-hTQO-Srt
Vy ANTED—A situation by a
.Tv young lady as Seamstress, (would have no ob
jection to doing Ucbt work, Ac.. Ac.,). In a private
family. Wacesmoderate. Maybe saen or inquired
for at STEWART HAMILTON'S Intelligence and Em
ployment Office, KTlClaikßiroet.Cburchßlock. Male
and female help on hand. mh39-bS99-lt
\i/ ANTED—An elderly gentleman
v T and wife (Americans) desire a situation in a
3 ulet family— the man to do chores and work at gar
cnicg. the woman to do light housework and saw
ing. would sot object to go a short distance lo tbo
cuuntrv. Address **Mrs S M M," Chicago Post Office
Box loto. mh3:-b£J5-lt
TX7ANTED.—Tvo gentlemen
v v want cue or two well furnished rooms, with or
wt'heut board, located If possible on the West Side.
Randolph or Madison streets, preferred, but not
of restTalne?. Leave direction under “ROAD." to
Pest Office Box aat. • mhM b®ilt
WANTED—A Boy, 17 or 13
▼ v years old. to go to a country town to leant the
Drug business, who speaks German. One th»t has hart
seme experience prci erred. Apply to LORO A SMITH,
Lake street. ______ mh3Q-b(P3-U
\\T ANTED—And no humbug! A
v f man from nxarlt xtkbt township to make
two or three hundred dollars a year without delaying
other hinduces. Also, gentlemen wishing to change
their business can make four or five thousand dollars
a year.* Call personally at Room 1. (op-stairs,) 121
Clark street, or send twenty-five cents to Post Office
Box 5642, Chicago, lIL mhSO-bTOt-lt
TXT”ANTED —A responsible man
v T (Fanner preferred) to do business la each
Township, without hindrance to other porsnlts, for
wldch one hundred dollar* a year will bo paid. Cal)
perronally at the office in xna Rmmvr, *•'<*. i«u
Dearborn street, opposite Fuel Office, or if yon write
for information, scud2scents to Post Office Drawer
6337, Chicago, 111., and If your Township ts taken your
25 cents will be sent back to you. mhSO b7D3-lt
W ANTED—IOO more energetic
Y Y and trustworthy Agents, to make from £lO to
£2O per day la celling the Improved Litres Giant
BEWUto Machine. MaclilECS in cold leaf, £l3; plated
and pearled. £18; plated and pearled extra, *23. Only
men cf abUltvneed apply. Addrets 51. THOMAS «
CO.. (Sole Agents for U, 5.) Poet Office Drawer 9t<6,
Chicago. 111. , mbSO-bm-tt
TX/ANTED — 500 active Agents
Y T to sell oor great Illustrated Encltcope*
Diaof Animated Nature, a Book ol Wonders, con*
taimug 1,350 accurate engravings of all living beings.
Llle or President Lincoln, the Pioneer Bot— a
book for even body—and otner works of equal merit.
For terms acaclrcularscaUatfil Sooth Clark street, or
enclose stamp to Wsl.n. POST, genera! agent. P. O.
Box 1T25. Chicago. mh3o-bTMMt
WANTED— Agent for Clark’s
7 Y Improved Sewing Slachinx for Chicago and
the Northwest. Liberal terms will be made. Inquire
at U7 Clark street, Room If. mb3C-b7S3-U
T\7" ANTED—Immediately good
Y T Wood Workmen and Blacksmiths to work at
Carriage Factory, corner State and Twelfth streets,
Chicago. 111. CmU3C-b713-]t HENRY WILLST9.
Wf ANTED—Furnished room.and
Y Y board by n young man In a private family,
where few or no boarders. References exebansco.
Direct “J," Box 731. mh3o-b722-lt
NTT ANTED—Board in a private
Y Y family for a family cf n gentleman, wife and
child, three rears old. ana two ladles. Two bedrooms
will be wanted, one of which will be tarnished (ex
cept carpet) by advertiser. First-class references
given and required. Address “C,” Tribune office.
TVTANTED—Employment by a
Y Y young married man of steady habits. -Is
a good 'book-keeper, corrqjpondent or salesman,
with a gent ral knowledge of Ba.'laesa. especially com
mission, and not afraid to werk. Would except of
any kind of employment nt a moderate salary, as be
has a large fiumly depending oa him. The best of city
references. Apply to Box &H. - mh3J-b72d-it
ANTED—A purchaser for a
Y r complete set of Furniture tor suite of rooms,
where beard for a gentleman and wire could be ob
lalaed st a moderate price. If desired. Arflcles-iH
new, and carpets made to fit rooms. For particulars
call nt l? 5 Fourth avenue, between 8 and < P. M.
FSTANTED—By a young man
Y Y (Sneaks German and English) a situation in a
leather House or any other business boose at mode
rate wages. Address “T T,” Box 3100, for three days,
. mh3C-b72S.lt
XJfT ANTED.—A competent woman
Y Y wishes a situation as none and seamstress.
Can take charge of a baby from Its Infancy, and very
willing to travel. Can give the best of ro(erf new.
Address *‘U B.** at tbta otitce. mh3o-b713-It
WANTED —A Cook at E
YY THOSLAS* Saloon, 46 and 43 Clark street.
mbSO-b«33 It
X\f ANTED—By a young lady a
Y Y situation In a lamUy to do sewing and any
Hgbt housework, and would be willing to take charge
Of a bouse when occasion requires, and make herself
generally useful. Is competent to teach children
muhic and English branches. References given. Ad
dress 4, M W DV* Tribune office. mhsn-bTlg-tt
TT/"ANTED —A situation by a
Y Y jo tins man with twelve years experience In
business. cither as book-keeper or clerk In a wholesale
or retail store* la a coed penman, and quick and cor.
rect at accounts. Reference given to a former em
ployer. a ddresa Pott Office Box 152, Tonics, IlUnola.
rnhso-bm-jt _
TYT" ANTED—Three Beamsters at
Y Y tne Tannery in Bridgeport, next to WahVa
Gloe Factory. mh29-bS7S-3t
\A7 ANTED—A House suitable for
T T a first-class Boarding Bouse In the Sooth Diri*
elon and north of Van Daren street, from May first.
Apply to Mrs. H. L. FOBUEST. 43 Michigan avenue,
or Pc st Office Box 133. mh29-b577-2t
WANTED —By a young'man of
IT strictly temperate habits, a situation In the
Grocery Business, Has bad three years experience
(Writes a first rate band, and has some knowledge In
Book-Keeping.) Would also accept a position as
copyist in a commlsalcn boose. Can furnish .the best
of cltv references In regard to honesty, competency,
etc. Addrtssfot three days, "AF,” Chicago P. O.
TS7ANTED—By a sober, indus-
Y Y tnoas mao, a situation as Gardener.or to work
on a farm. Country preferred. Can furnish best of
rtierc-tces- Address “ Uarolneu,” Tribune office.
iuhi3-cC(T2t ’
"VX7 ANTED—A situation as Fore-
Y v man la the wagon making business. Under
stands the use of machinery adapted to the business.
Address ‘*A X,” Tribune office. Chicago. mh29-b591-2t
WANTED —A situation by a
young man who has had two years experience
in the hardware business, also some experience In the
croctry line. Can speak both English and German.
References fomLhed If required. Hardware tbs pre
lerencc. Address “f B," Box 3U3, Chicago, 111.
n*ha&-b592-St .
\Af ANTED—To invest S3OO or
. f »■ 9(00, ami his
business by one who has a general knowledge of bus!-
ness and is not afraid to work. Address H/DEXTER,
Post Office Box 5379. mh29-fc3DO-2t
TAT ANTED—A situation, by a man
v T who has had several years* experience in
Book-keeping; also three or four years* experience in
a Railroad Freight Office, and is also pretty well ac
quainted with tffc Forwarding and Commission hast
sees, and the Dry Goods and Grocery trade. Any par
ties desiring help in any of these departments, will
please address H. M. SHAW, through the Post Office.
. mb29-1>074-2t
\\T ANTED—Several Blacksmiths
Y Y accustomed to working on plows. . To such
we will give permanent situations and good wages.
Also, an experienced man as Foreman ofplow works.
W. P. YOUNG A CO., corner of Indiana and Franklin
streets, Chicago. ~ mggmsS’fit
'\\f ANTED—lmmediately, a
YY bcaltliy Wet Naree, one-tbat will take the
child hone. Applj at house oa State street, opposite
Twentieth street, east side street. , . E. MOUEIS.
mb29b€ls-Sl -
VAT" ANTED.—§SOO bounty to new
V Y recruits enlisting In the Thlrteealh (I") U. 9.
Infantry. Office 123 Dearborn street. Knight's Block,
Bocmxo. I,upstairs. JOSEPH L. HORR.Dt Lieut.
18th U. S. Infantry, Recruiting Officer. mh2S-hs&>-3t
V\7 ANTED—A House. A good
Y T frame bouse on the North Side is wanted, to be
moved to another lot. Anrono having such for sale
may find a purchaser by addressing, giving style and
location of house and price, “All,” P.0.80x *ll,
Chicago. mh33-b602-8t
TV/ AN TED—A Teacher. A lady
YY- competent to give Instruction In the higher
English branches and Mnsle, win find a good situation
in a private lamllv. Bcstot references required. Ad
dress Post Office Drawei 800, Milwaukee, Wis.
WANTED —Fnmitnre. Par ties
desiring to sell their Furniture without tht
trouble of moving will hear of a customer by address
las a note to 80x1965. Chicago Post Office. mht>ass-Iti
WANTED —To Wholesale Gto
ceps. The advertiser, who has bad 12Tears*
business experience. and now holds the position of
book-keeper, requiring more active employment, de
sires a situation in some good Loose as salesman or
shipping clerk. Parties wishing the services of a
compel* nt man,who can furnish good city references,
will pleaee address “ II J L," Tribune Office.
mhSW* SS-St
TT7ANTED —Board. Unfurnished
T T room and board, In the North Division, for a
gentleman, wife and .-mall child, who attends school.
Reference given. Address, with location and terms,
which most be moderate, “ Board,” Tribune office.
VT7’ANTED —As Teacher. A lady,
V T competent to teach the higher English, Latin,
French, and the rudiments of German, wishes a situa
tion as Teacher. Address “ TEACHER.” Po*t Office
Box ltd. mh29-t>6lT-5t
TV’ ANTED—A Dwelling House.
• v* Caih nil! bo paid for a good, conveniently ar
raneed, well built hoose, In a {rood neighborhood, if
on West Side, in vicinity or on Washington street, or
South Side, east of State street. Price ga.ooo to S3 000
Address •* W A,” Post Otflqe Box 527.
WANTED—Thirty young able
* T bodied men for Veteran Battery U.lsl DUnoU
Light Artillery, (Sllfrersparre’s old Battery.) Even
man of this Battery has re-enlisted, and are now here
on tnriooeh. They will rendezvous on the 31st dav ot
ApiU. at Camp Fry, Chicago, 111., to return to the field.
The Battery has four 50-pounder Parrott’s, the best
cans In the service, and has been engaged In evorv
battle, under Grant and Sherman, for the last two
years. Young men, wanting to enlist, can goto any
Provost Marshal, who will swear them In. 3
. *J£2Jc"I3 C’apt. Com. Battery,
m!i2&bs»>Lit Briggs House.
\\ ANTED—A correct and rapid
hJ.il. Accountant, a young man of strict business
R?nH^ b0 S, 48 been employed for a number of years
Houses as principal accountant, wishes a
situation fn some banking or wholesale commercial
nouse in Chicago, in the above capacity. Highest
“frffiStWiSS OQ appUcadon to
ABBOTT,” Tribune Office. mhy-tot3-3t
\\7 ANTED—IOO Horses and Mares.
T T The California Stage Company will pay the
hlghCßt market price ftrlCo good horses and marc* at
MORGAN *S stable in rear of Sherman House.
mhs7-b4>2-6t •
WANTED—By an English Lady,
• » a situation a*Govtrne*» in a family
er In a school. She has bod many year*
tuition and has given Instructions In i r v®^.“ t^ llh
Drawing, with ihe usual branches
education. A comfortable homo of oectable ref
than pecuniary remuneration. HteW* m
creccea can be Riven. Addrew »A
Oconto Co.,Wls. -
W7 ANTED. —On the South Side,
YV h r s fstollyof three
contatolag flv© roomA coca n
find large jsrt. Brat t Si™rat ofroot I rnaisntaej.
TOASTED —At John Jones' 119
. “S 1 - clothes to thoroughly ctam
io ??rii»K repslr ’.on your clothes gantletnea
•°° .vethem made as good aanew mhJ7-bß9*)t
TXT"ANTED —Permanent employ-*
T I mentbys -rrrr «nu!? jour B mnn. ,Bo hw
b»a newly mi >t>n ciptrtto. o «s Mlcnan. outlier
and general assistant lu oc-j or the whole-**!*
grocery houses :n the Wot. u weir ac.iu untert in
Cincinnati. Ns«hvlJle, Loul tvlHc. and thron"h Ka»-
treky. Would like to travel. fail trade and
civebleheat recommtndallon. Adilre-w Draw.-rFli)
CMravo. 111. mhgfchag-jce ’
Sii anteb-igotrcspoiibmre.
Wf AN TED— Correspondence by
Tv two gay and happy soldiers, with aa many rood
Unlca girls cs tec prefer to respond. Now, ladles,
ibow yonr lore for the Union by sending os » nlco
little letter and get a great big aue in return. Object
fan, love aad frleodibip. Photographs drelred. Ad
drets “G W A and G G W," Provost Guard. H'd Ora.
4th Army Corpr, London, Tenn. mh3o-h»J3-ft
▼ ? Threoof Undo Sam's bovs, who bare seen two
years of service, wish to open a correspondence with
la* some number of yonne ladles, with a view to any
“line ssreeablc. Photos exchanged. Addrera ** B X G,
RP.;ard **LDiT, ,, Co.H,l«til Reft.HUVoUßig
Black. MaeUslppu rah3#-bft»7-2t
X^AINTED—Cor respon deuce ..
•ccer ind lbs lire yonnr
in °°t h o sunny side of 31. never waa
hat rler‘t« tn^w. e ; a , f J lnt ldea that I would bo much
war at 1 waa looked upon as the guiding
talrc^a\ssxmi K Vi.S 70lul * l**ly of moral ebarao-
In fieSht!jSßhswfmrte£ ««? d 4 <<*' 9 *««?«•
to be permit ted *to°Siri?B 2 mp Skater pi* aanre than
Father, which at me . h ? nMI old Rent u
1 wm I d7S«ri I J.VL nol dl> * Indies now la
with yenf Direct
TXT" ANTED— Correspondence A
Tv good a true soldier. twenty.flve year* of
belonging to tbo Wth A. C„ whose termof
will soon expire, desires to correspond with one or
more bandrome young ladles of the North, Oblreul
flin, love and matrimony. Photographs dwlred
Come on, ladies. Address •RRR," co.K. ilth im
aob Infhntry, VoodTllle, Ala. mh&bsast
W ANTED—Correspondence.
T v Twoyonng officers, who have served oeartr
three years, desire to open corrftipondeoce with an In
di finite camber of young ladles. Object—love and iu
cococqueneea. rhotographs desired and exchanged.
Address •• Lieut. M.J. or S. O," 13th lIL Jnftv?!st
IHvipton.lSlh A. Woodvilie. Ala. mhIS.hS7J-4t
Heal 35state— ffiitg
FOR SALE—A medium tized
trick house on Fourth avenue, containing ess,
water, and other convcolencea necessary for a com
fortable home. Is In good order, and will bo sold
cheap to a customer who can pay half cash. Inquire
at in Clark street. Room No. 8, np-stalrs.of H. PAR,
KB R, or address Post Office Box S3M, mMrthtaiLit
SALE.—A two story house*
X with eight rooms and lot, for sale cheap,on New*
berry street, between Taylor sod Twelfth a tree U—
part cash, the balance on time; orwlll trade In part
payment for Improved city property. Inquire on tho
premises. [mh2»bSTO-4t JOHN KJLNNKDT. ’
XpOR SALE—Desirable Residence
««cS?nSrtf°° rL ° t,O “ W “ t
Tea Lota on Hacker street corner of Adams.
Four Lota oa Park avenue and Warren street.
ICO feet frost on Lake corner of Bober street. cov
150 fret front £a. on West Lako and Wnlnnt streets,
west of Eoboy.
‘it feet front sn Wabash a venae near Old street.
Scvtral Lotion Prairie and Calumetavenues, o t
great depth, extending to tbe Lake.
AUo. a large Lot near Van Boren street bridge. witla
wide street oa three sides, well adapted for aanutao
turlsg purposes.
AU or any part of the above described property win
be sold cheap, part of the, pnrchaje money re
main on long credit If desired. Parties wfebingto
lease ground for Improvement can be accommodated.
L. REYNOLDS, Office, Bryan IlaU.
PDR SALE—House and lot. A
two story frame boose, nearly new. fifteen min*
utes walk>from the Court {loose. In tho North Division.
House contains nine rooms and cellar basement. Price
£3,700, half cash, balance short time. Address “F,**
P. O. Box ISM. . mb3o-b713-7t
E'en SALE—A Lot with, the
1. buildups on it. The lot is 25 feet wide b? 120
feet deep ent esplalnes street, near tbe corner of Har
rison. it fronts two streets—Desplslnes and Foster.
There la a three-story building frentlsg DespUdnes
street, feet wide by to deep, at present used tor rec
tifying and Hqu<vbnfllne«s; also, two two-atoryhouses
in the rear, one of them fronting Fosterstreet. The
property will be sold cheap for cosh. Inquire on the
premises, 2M Desplatnes street. nmS»b6B»<t
FDR SALE—The Rock Island
Hons*. Haro chance for Investment. The valu
able and well known property on the cornerof DllnoU
and Eagle streets. (>be Lock island House,) Is offered
for »alc. The lot la SO feet on Illinois street by 150 feet
on Eagle street, with an alley In the rear. It la situ
ated in the center of the city andoa the moat valuable
block In town. There is a large hotel and saloon on
the ground. In successfbl operation, and all the appur
tenances belonging to tbe same. The whole property
will be sold at a bargain.
' For terms and particulars inquire personally or by
letter of MRS. B. F. BARRETT, F.OCk Island, tmnots.
FDR SALE—Or exchange, in part
for city property in tbe suburbs or real estate In
a country town, bouse and lease- 223 and 223 South
Clark street. Apply on the premises, up-stairs,
mhga-bCM-Tt .
FDR SALE—Homes at- "operate
prices. Eligible Tots on the cro.-s streets, between
. iheLakt Shore Avenues. atfcOperfoot.
Abo, Wabash and Michigan Avenue lots at £79
north of Twenty-Second street, and SBO near Old st.
Five (31 acre blocks for fuioo. near a depot, with
frequeht trains to tbe city. Long credit and no cash
payment required.
Several Dwellings on Old street, Monterey, 4 c., at
prices from £3,500 to £4.5C0.
Best Residence property also near Union Park, some
ISO feet deep, at £.'o ptr foot.
Lots on Illinois, Onto. Pine, North LssaUe streets,
4c-, &c. THOMAS B. BRYAN 4 CO., BryanHaU
mks-bCSO- iw
XT OR SALE —Or exchange for city
J_ property, 9H acres of land, with house, well
fenced, under good cultivation, barn, shade trees, 40,
two miles south of tbe City Limits, on tbe Pittsburg.
Ft. Wayne 4 Chicago railroad. For lease if not soul
scon. Apply to H. C. MOREY, Boom 13. Metropolitan
Slock. mhß-bOMt
FDR SALE- A new Frame House
and Lot on Jackson street, near Loomis, for
a new Frame House and Lot on Warren street, near
Robv, for £3,700. _
A Frame House of 11 rooms and Let, on North Clark
street, for £3 500.
A Frame House of 8 rooms and lot, on Chicago
avenue, for £3NDO.
A new two story Frame House and large lot, on
Washington street, nesr Lincoln.
Anew Frame House and large lot on Park avenue,
near Lincoln. -
Al?o a number of other Houses and Lota, Building
Lots, Hirer Lots, Farms and Illinois lands.
SAMUEL A.SARGENT, Kcal Estate Agent.
mha-bCSt-St No. 4 Metropolltaaßlock.
FOB SALE—Wabash Avenue
Marble Front and other first class dwelling# for
sale In THOMAS B. BRYAN'S Beal Estate office.
Choice home on Wabash avenue/ near Jackson-st.
AlfO, a good lot 10x190. near Huobard Court, with
house, fcrfiS/CO. Substantial brick honae and larzo
let near Cannon Court, 113/00- Other homes on
Michigan and Wabash arennes at 1 1 ,000, $lO 000. st7.ttx»,
4a.de. mb2Sbsa»lw
jp'Oß SALE—A House -with line
X rpoma,andfocraeresofland, on the Lake Shore,
near Kenwood Station, In tho Town of Hyde park.
Apply to E. S. WILLIAMS, N0.3 Methodist Block,
FDR SALE—A pleasant residence
on Wabash avenue—ten rooms and bathroom,
hot and cold water. Inquire at 530 Wabosn avenue,
between H and 2 p. m. mlriabKEtOt
F DR SALE —Residence property
West Side.
250 feet on Monroe street, west of Morgan. •
SOdfeet on West Washington street, west of Eliz
Also 80 lota on Washington, Madison, Warren and
Park avenue,rreatofUnlonPark. Apply to GEU. M.
IIIGGINSON,BeaI Estate office N0.7, Metropolitan
Block. mhw-bna-st
FDR SALE—Or rent, a vleU hir
oisbed Hotel, containing fifty rooms, located on
the principal street of a flourishing town containing
Lifo inhabitants, about sixty miles Irom Milwaukee,
and doing a splet-did busloese—will be sold low tand
other property constating of Stores, Houses, Lou and
LandsT for cash, or on time, or exchanged for Chicago
Real Estate or Merchandise. For- farther informa
tion address *• A a,” Tribune office, Chicago.
FOR SAL E—A Brick House,
Barnard Lot. Haase nearly new, situatedsa
Lasslle street, north of Chicago avenue, with all mod
ern improvements—* genteel and definable residence,
in a good neighborhood. Price SfISOO. Apply to
JAMES MILI.KIt, room 4, Rico’s Block, 70 Dearborn
street. mh2B-MO7-5t
Tj’QR £ ALE —A good two story
A 1 dwelling house, with lot 30 feet front by 133 feet
deep to an allev, on Park avenue, near Robey street.
Offered for a abort time forsttoo, one half down and
the balance on time, if desired, at 3 per cent. Apply
to GEO. -w. NEWCOMB, 50 Dearborn street. Room S
up-staln. - . mh3t*ba>Hvr
FDR SALE—Lots. Good Build-
In? and Residence Lots, pleasantly located la
the West Division, on Chicago avenue. Indiana, Hub
bard and Noble streets, at from 1200 to ttAOO, oa
long or short time. Apply to J, BICEBBDuLg, ia
Banham A Marun’a office, 53 Bast Randolph street.
Lvcal 3Sstate~®qutttt2. _
FOR SALE—36O acres of choice
Landa In Fayette County, lowa 40 acres of which
U fine timbered land, balance In prairie and la well
watered.-dcecrlbed ns follows;
The sK swK Section 13, Township 93, Range 9.
ThenKnwlf •• 24, “
The new 23, *« 93, •• 9.
■iheieifswj* “ 19, M M, *• 8.
Also a nice Cottage House, 191 West Von Bnreo-at.,
Chicago, Illinois. Address iI.H.MEACHAM.Lock*
port, 18. BtaWbGU-lw
EpOR SALE.—A rare chance for a
X .great bargain. Over IbCO acres of valuable tim
ber land in one tract. 4 miles from the town of Me*
Gregor. lowa, on the Mississippi Elver* for sale very
lowlo one party. For map and lurther particulars,
apply to WAIiERA KHRFOOT. 38 WblSgSh
Mcutexo*. St«.
'OR SALE.—A fine Residence in
JL Kenosha, Wla, one of the most desirable towns
for a borne In the West. It is situates in s Tory con-
Tcolest and desirable location, plenty of Fruit,
on the premises. This property will be sold cheap for
cash. For particulars address L. BROCK WAY", Axent
c. & M. Railway, Kenosha, Wls., or J. I>. FOSTER,
jfOE S A LE—lmproved Farm.
. .i? Macr Jf* J} < milts southeaster Polo, Ogle Coon.
MasSSijSfflßSg: w,to 600,1 Hoose - “"*•
20 acres new lard, good "Orchard and water, and
uistrate land.
Also Farms near * Aurora. Gardner, Prophctstown
and Alton, by GKO M. HIUGINhON. Res! Potato
office 2»o.TMetropoUtan Block, mh2S-bt7l-3t
F)R SALE—Twelve and a half
acres excellent Fruit Land, at Cohden, Ola.
Fenced—SOO trees, one year planted. Cheap for cash.
Address A. J. ANDERSON,Newark, Ills.
FOR SALE—Or Exchange, an acre
and a third of land In the city of Lyons, lowa,
together with the Improvements, consisting of a story
and n half cottage ox six rooms, two closets sod fine
rate cellar, a large cistern and good barn, sixty choice
fruit trees, currants and grapes, strawberry and aspar
agus beds, ornamental trees, flowering ah rube, bulbous
roots, etc. AH the Improvements mode within the Usj
six years, title perfect. Will exchange fbr house and
lot in Chlcago,or unimproved lot tsgood locality ana
part cash. For furtner particulars address R*
ODONOGHTJK, Lyons, lowa. mhiS-adlS-U*
F)R SALE—A Farm. 265 acres
with fine Improvements—23 acres Umber, At*
miles from a coal mine, with nice dwelling house, o®*-
houses, 4c„ fifty-two miles from Chicago, on
road. In Grundy county. 111. Price IVw- JodsSSr
J. B. BEKS, aa Dearborn St.. Chicago- ataiM^w
T7OR SATE A Farm of2lsacres
a 4 *®as
Mifii to the town miinfrom lUto, a*
miles from Wsyne -*33.50 per sere- B»-
“ffiS r S. u ?.?ra3sfe.
gtntlQ", DnPsgeCQ- _ -
FOR SALE— Waukegan residence
ground* and for term* apply Bryan U«H
on the premises, or to Tnoa. B. Bryan, xwy
mh!3-al.<Mmo —^——
r ounU.
FOUND— Monday night, a Horso
v/ VtT ■ The same may ha had by applying
_ v » Griswold
FOUND— -Yesterday afternoon, in
**.» Worth Division, a Hide, which, the owner
aid wllb A. C. CI.YBOUB.NE. SM.IKJJ »o?u.
MKMt. sod tor wßlcß Be U iwosied » eni sod not
Charges, aMrWJrA

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