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SjjEnai. jennies.
JKadaoie Sorter’s Cosgli Bat*
The politician who sold Ms month uttered a
lie. In a!l prcbt.uiitr cnoke through hismse. Let the
person who raid that Madam* Poet**’# Cough Bil
fcAsns die Lott Jionicdy for Cougbi, Col is and all af
fections of the Throat and Lungs ever nscl—moat
nave spoken with eyra wide open from experience,
and docs not fear contradiction: for Ul< what every
l>cny rays that uses it, ao pleasant and effectual, and
yet retail* for only 45 cents per bottle. Drnrclsts all
DW] EJL Wholesale Agents for the Western States.
zp4 bess-St atawla
Soldiers' Special Aotlce.
Bo your duty to yonrselves. protect your health,
tt onndt,Bore*, Bowel Complaint*, nnd Fevers, they
arc a perfect aafe-jnuw. Foil directions low to u*e
them with every box. If the reader of ihw *• notice"
•cannot pet a box of Pills or ointment from the drug
■store in Lis piece, let him write tome, b0 Maiden Lane,
enclotlagtbesmonni, and I Mill mall a box free of
exofn**. Many dealers will not keep ray medicines
<n bund because they cannot make a« ranch proSi »•
on other pereom' make. 85 cents. 88 cent*, and 81.40
per box or pot. ap3»hßSHw
Dr, JsunM f
Formerly of James' Hospital, Custom Bonne street,
Kew Orleans. La., established In I®o, sow ofBI Saa
•dolph street,Chlcago.lHlDSls, BpeclaMsttnlhetreat
menColOzJ>CHMnc,MsncvxAin.BLOOn awn Bnf
Bzncascs, asp Oboasio Wsakskss. Corea them
without resorting to Mercury, loom*, roTABan, Ar
serie or Bar&aparilla. pr. James cscaa Rxotbal
zzsb, which u a posmrx evsx In all blood die*
ecboa. Organic We*kocsf, brought on by excess, over
taxation of business, or entailed hereditarily, causing
lues of memory, nitrous and general debility, etc.,
cured by no Infallible method, and (he only core for*
this weakness—saying both time and expenses.
Old Diseases of tbe MOST BOKEIBLE CLASS,
where toe blood baa become poisoned, producing
blotches on the face, email watery blisters, pains in
he bead and bones, ulcerated throat, noae,Tlmba and
oo dy, scrofula, together with an fndlrmt of
Dr. James is recommended by the press generally el
cbe South, tha medical faculty, and professors ol med
ical college*, etc. Those afflicted should apply imme
diately, and be cored ol these terrible
Remember Dr. Junes' Offlce and Parlor* are at 86
Randolph, between State and Dearborn streets.
Office open from tA. M. until EF. U. Consultations
-nviolable 1 mbS)b6»L2ir
13all’s Ccdron Bitters. •
Let those who have doubted the virtnes of BULL'S
CBDHOK BITTEES, if any cneh there he, read the
rollowing certificate fkom geLtlemen well known In
this commotity, and doubt no more.
Us general Introduction into tbe arm] will save the
dvea of thoneaoda of our soldier*.
Lonsrau, Kt., Jcne Sd, 1903.
We,the mderrigued, have Been tbe good effects
rrodoced by the nee of Dr. JONH BULL'S CEDBON
SITTERS ic esses of general debility nod prostra
tion of the system, and believe Its general nse would
pi eventd!# rose and relieve much Buffering. Among
nor soldi era particularly would this be the cate,
especially those who are exposed to miasmatic In-
Cnences In tbe Southern climate.
MAJ. PHILIP SPEED. Collector Int Ed Dia
uici ivrtuuiky.
CQAb.B. tOTiC**, Collector of the Port ofLouls-
COLfH. Lly«, Marshal General of Ken
REV. D. P. HENDEESOK, Cor. Secretary of Sanitary
n ARNfcy. HUGHES & CO- Publishcn Democrat.
GEO. P. DOEBN, Proprietor LonlavUle Anzelger.
HUGHES A PAHKHILL. Wholesale Dry Goods
l»calcrs. Alain etreet/LoolsvlUc, Ky.
•DAVIS, GREEK A Wbolesale Shoe Dealers.
Main straet, Louisville.
HAST A MAPOTIIEK. Uthornphcn, cor. Market
nnd Third street, Louisville, Ky.
JULIUS WINTER, Clothing Merchant, cor. Third
and Market sts- 1-onlavHle, Ey.
CAPT. 6. F. HILDRETH, of Steamer Maj. Andenon.
J. L, T. TH URBT‘ »N. Psymasier U. S. Army.
C. M. M KTI ALF, National Hotel. XAinlsvtUo, Ky.
CO I. JKSBE BAVLES, 4tb Kentucky Cavalra.
y EOKGE D. PREKTICfc, LoulsriHe JonroaL
Bold in Chicago at wholesale and retail bv
H. SCOVIL, 36 Randolph street,
dols-sC&-3m 2tcw w&k
8. X.—lßoo.—X*
Perrons of sedenlaryhablte troubled with weakness,
iasrilndc, palpitation of the heart, lack of appetite,
«llstre*> after eating, torpid liver, constipation,
deserve to suffer if thcr will not try the celebrated
'Which arc now recommended by the highest medical
j.uU.orillCß, and warranted to prodace na IMME
DIATE beneficial effect. They are exceedingly agree
able, perfectly pure, and most sopercoedaH other tonics
vhcre c healthy, gentle stimulant Is required.
They parity, strengthen and Invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
Th cy arc antidote to change of water and diet.
Thc‘y overcome effects of dissipation and late boors.
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
They prevent mlasnatic and intermittent fevers.
,G?;-y purify the breath and acidity of the stomach.
They cmc Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They core Diarrhea and Cholera Morbas.
'They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache.
They make the weak strong, the languid brilliant,
■i-nd are exhausted nature’s great restorer. They are
composed of the celebrated Cshsaya bark, winter
jrrern, mitttafraa, roots and lierbs, all preserved la per
fectly pare EL Croix nan. For particulars, see circa
ler*> and tc»limoniale aronnd each bottle.
Beware of imposters. Examine every bottle. 6se
chat ll tut* our private U. fi. Etamp tmmnlUated over
’.he cork, with plantation scene, and onr signature on
a flue steel plate side label. See that onr bottle is not
-refilled with spurious and dclcterous stuff. Any per
>on pretending to sell Plantation Bitters by the gallon
In Balk, is an imposter. Any person imitating this
bottle, or selling any other material therein, whether
culled Plantation Blttcra or not, is a criminal under the
r. s. Law, and will be eo prosecuted by us. *We al
c-oady have our eye on several parties ro-fllltog onr
bottles, who win eneeeedln getting themselves
into close quarters. The demand far Drake's Planta
tion Bitters fbom ladles, clergymen, merchants, £o. Is
incredible. The simple trial of a bottle la the evidence
we present of their worth sod superiority. They wre
void by all rapeeuble druggists, grocers, physicians,
t otels. saloons, steamboats end country stores.
fte&TSCMmuuui 2C2 Broadway, N.Y.
X>callt in.
QosmrKß'e Stomach Bittxes.—A anre trutuxt-
Atx of epidemics is now within the reach of every
member of the community. The protective
rles of HosTMTTzii’s BirrsEa are acknowledged
"throughout the Western Hemisphere. Armed with
•this inestimable Tome and Altzkativc. thousands
pluDgc fiearl*ssly into the most unhealthy regions of
California, mid star there for weeks, months, years,
-witbont experiencing a day’s sickness. Il is the great
acclimating cordial of the age. As a remedy for Dya*
Dol*. Urcr «U
Dowelti, It lias no rival, either among •• patent medl
dtta" or among the drugs prescribed m regular prac -
tice. So satisfied are the physicians of the United
©tntee on this head, that at the snsgesMon of the most
-eminent practitioner*. U has beca placed cn the list ot
etandert imfclflce In most of the civil and ml.ltary
■boepUalt in America. It* operation is. «o to epevk, to
CBon-rLATz the ayeiem, ano render It invnloeraoie to
nhe climatic inflcencca which make each fatal havoc
amocc our mining and fanu&g pcpulation at certain
-seasons of the vear. Perfectly barinirsa, it may bo
Oaken with perifect ißßponUv by persons for whom oil
■other stimulants arc too exhilarating to be safely used.
mh2l-n9C 2w-m war-is •
To CensnmptiTea.
Consumptive scflcrera will receive a valuable pre
scription tor the cure of consumption. Asthma, Droa
<hitie, and all Throat and Lnog Affections, (free o
Caw.) bj-BcdliiE tbdr«ldm.g
WUllamabiirg,King* County. New York.
Or* BlffelotVy
Confidential Physician, (formerly of St. Louis, M 0..)
cm be coastdted at his omce. D® Konth Clark atree*,
comer of Monroe. ChicagoniL. half a block irom the
(Poet Office, oc all chronic Diseases, and Diseases ol
u private and delicate nature, in both sexes, which be
treats with unparalleled success. Booms separate,
where Ladies and Gentlemen can eonaulttbe pocmr
srith the strictest privacy. Office boon from »A. M.
to 6P. M-; Sundays 10 to II A- M. Conmnmlrttiona
confldcnaal. Cotsoluuona free. Address
J54. Enclose two sump# and get his Soide to Health.
From the Doctor’s long experience In Hospital and
nrlvate practice, he 1* able to perform, and will guar
antee. perfect cures for all Chronic Disease* in their
most severe and complicated states, tu a very abort
time. wiUiont the use of mercury. __ .
-Young men suffering from eelf-abnse are lavlted lo
c*iL A perfect cure (rarrautod. Ffmale
ties attendant on Puberty. Mtnsiraation. or
•haring any obetroctiona to marriage, Rhooiacau at
once and be cured. Bert of city re *sf*?£>y.y i
whiaty and encctss. anat-&352-iwis
Doctor Thonwom
uUbSSmblWied for Urn an unprecedented
Natation In curing Scrornla. Erysipelas, uhenmatlsnu
iud er*-blood Nervous Debility £c., wilbout
♦Sr raw of njcrcnrv. The various complicated and
Aismsbinr disessc* incident to fenuura, iraated with
emtammwai Oflice und Anatomical Museum at
its soctb Clark street. Post Gffloe Box ... By to;
rloeloc 15cent* in postage stamp*. The Lnfortunstw
tioidc eball be forwarded to any address iQ lheUmted
States. up.-gAi-Hiw
A Physiological View ©r Mar*
Centalning nearly 200 pag«. and 1» to# atea and
SDgiwriscs of the Auatomy
s siatcoS Eea:th Dlacsfie, with • Treatise
Self-Abuse, Us Deplorable Consequence# upon
Mind and Body, with the Author’s Plan of Treatment
—the only rational and successful mod: or care, m
. shown br the report of casea treated. A truthful
adrie*r to the married, and those contemplating
taarrtage, who entertain doubts of their phyncal
.condition. Sent free of postage to any adores*,on
.-occlptof 2s cento,in stamper pcs'al cnircncy.br
** ccog - Kc - a
jSalr »yel Hair Dye!!
iuul Beanund: tar.»ru fiSi vltalUj. t»-
ii'Hnf it* prlrtlne color, and rectifies the 111 effect* ot
VSMDFMU The Genuine ic rimed Willi *.M A- Ba.'w-
SSSn.all oinera are mere Imitations, and should be
riacal. SoM br ail l.rn,r>,t* Ac.
hew Yorx^,^_
Kcto 13utUcattons.
‘TIRKKOB* rati®*Boston, have now ready, the
Trccth Thousand of *
- ,^^. p P ?S^r e l^V Ensr * rt ° £ *
The object of this book it to nil the youths of
America. In plain and simple terms, the cause* of the
-rebellion. and to give them an Idea ol the valor and
•couraceof their lathers and brothers, who are now
: -«plioMtnatbe National eanse by lighting the battles
4)i their country.
With Ibis view the author has given auihcntlc and
wind descriptions ot some of the most Important bat
tles of the war. which Is valuable as tbe experience of
*n eye witness, being drawn from his own personal
: ell booksellers, or sent, poet paid, by
xhe publishers. onrccclpt of oncdollar. Published by
1 . TIcKNoK & FIELD&, Boston
CirThc trade pQpp'.ied by B.C.GBIGGS &
j>obll*hcPß Agents lor tbe West, at 89 and UUke
AtrcfC Chicago. apl-bSSMt
rOEMOVAL. —J. Leduc, late of
ZAX laednc A Gibbs, has removed to
211 South Water Street, tap-stain),
'Wh.re be will continue In tbe same business—baying
and selling all aorta or produce on commission.
H.« remored (ro» O •«<* to tteto M»
48 Sc SO Wnbash Avenue,
Next sooth of Cooley. Parwell * Co,
ve> have largdy increased our facilities for mao*'
'bSrSr oar celebrated
boots and shoes.
„ recd«4 a Rres «4 weß MlectU
;„_rtnn of all Dealer* la BOOTS and
•WeinrUetberttranonoi au Wacontinue
that no time House,
the L&SH pkP.aA. ««
Bastor west, can compete With »% AB(K) k BILL.
Manfetng ana Bicgange.
!_/ PANT. Chicago, March 30th, 18>4.
On and after the 1 0th day of ApxiL the notes of the
or xicnioAK citt, zwdiaxa.
Will sot be paid oat hy ns or received on deposit.
£OLO*Ox6TUXa>»' Soar*.
FOX.O. A. Ski th. Prrat. 111. L. &T> Co.
W.F. coozjuuan * Co.* „ . .
j. Toms hCAtmoiti ITtst. Marine Co. of Cnxsgo.
C. F. W. June*. Cashier.
J.M.Ansrr. vfU
A. C. Box oeb A Co. « <f
J. O. COXPAD. , _ ..Y>Ktrf_
w. n. TTirr*. Sec*y W. M. & F.luictS>.
Stpkxt MTsms. Cashier.
Gao. C. Smith c Bao.
B*y*T Ormuuni. •
RuTTZB, EhDjCOtr* Co.
PSVSTOIT. Wilt* W> A E*Ajr.
E. K.B *i*i‘TrD, Cash. Ist Nat. Bank.
j, A. Eimr, PreotrSd Kat, Bank.
Isa houab, Csah. Sd Nat. Bank.
B*vz. LcviJAiD.lTest, 4 th Kat. Bank.
K. B. Kirrsn, Cash. State Savings Im.
V/ Ehermaa, of Buffalo, Benjamin F. Jervis. Preri-
Sf Gazmiovla. N. T n end Bdivan! S,
Rich, of E.B. iJcb’aßazik of Exchange, Buffalo, have
afsodatod tbraselves together for the purpoee of
carrying on and transacting the business oi 3
At 30 PINE STREET, in the city of Kew Tort.
Vhfn* thz rra* Kara or
17111 pay particular attention to tbe Collection oi
Notes, Drafts,&c., and to the purchase and sale
GOVERNMENT securities
Railroad Stocks, Ronds, Gold, &o.
Interest allowed on Deposits, subject to be checked
fOr at Sight. E. J. BHKBMAN,
March IsL IBM. B. K. JERVIS,
S. 6. RICH.
J. OF GALESBURG, Galxsbvbo. Illixoib.
CASH CAPITAL* 9100,000*
This Bank la now folly organized, and prepared for
the transaction of a General Banking basineas.
Its services are tendered to port lea having corres
pondence In Knox and adjoining Counties.
E. L. CHAPMAN, Cashier.
Cuaxucs H. VaTnrff e t Pre»idcnl.
David Faxbobn, ViccPreridenL
mh»bG6i-im wFta •
4 6oath Clark 8C«, Loomis Bnlldlngs.
.We are now prepared to’receive Deposits, Bay and
Bell Exchange, and transact a General Bonking Baal
9tmt BENJAMIN LOMBARD. President.
mhU-sCSO-lm -
Orisiu! ud Capital, • - $300,000
JAS.H BOWEN. President.
AMOS T. HALL, Vice President.
IRA HOLMES, Cashier. fe3s-vB9l-Sm
Southwest cor. Lake and Clark-eta.
CAPITAL, ... $400,000*
E. AIKEN, President.
£,E,Bsa.TBZKt>, Cashier.
Comptroller of the Currency.
WASBEKOTOff. February l»t, IBM.
Wxm»ia,by patialaeioTy evlde&ce pratentod to tire
undersigned, it has been made to appear that The
&EODKD Hattons! Bank of CHICAGO, in the Conaty
of CODE and State of ILLINOIS, has been duly or
ganized nnoer ana according to the requirements of
toe act ol Congreos, entJUed **An Act to provide a
- National Currency. aecered by a pledge of united
States stocks, ana to provide for the circulation and
redemption thereof,** approved February Zi, 1083, and
has complied with all the provisions o! said act re
qaired to be complied with before commencing the
business of Banking. _
Now, mixron. L HUGE MoCDLLOCH, Ccmjv
troll ex of the Currency, do hereby certify that the
SECOND National Bank of CHICAGO. County oi
COOK and State of ILLINOIS, is authorized to com
mence the business of under the act store-
InTasrmojrTWHißXOVjWltnsa*my hand
5 sxaX, > and seal of office, this FIBST day of FRB-
I “| siripT ivi
Ks.XM, Comptroller of the Currency.
W* are now prepared to receive Depaalta, Out and
sell Exchange* and transact a General Banking Bait
n^r B ealao keep on hand for sale United States Heve
nnc Stamps, allowing the usual discount on orders far
one hundred dollars and upwards.
OflN KortlmreM corner of Lake and
Clark Streets.
J. A. ELUS, President.
town, L Tnrxjuz. Cashier. . _
Chicago, February Eth IS6L . fel-w»«l
X) Notice is hereby given, that aU Bills or Clrcnlst
tag Notes of the
Ecretotore tacorporsted acudoiog bnsiaess lathe city
of Chicago, under the general banking law* of the State
of minofe, moat be presented for payment to the Audi
tor of Public Account* of said State, at hli office, la
the city of Bpriagfleld, within three yean from the
date hereof, or the funds deposited for the redempUoa
®f said notea will be given up to raid baak.
Dated thi*3Whd*yofM*T,A.D.l6El. .
vawouu* gboHs* SMITH. President.
E. W. Viuaxp. Cashier. Jy2HtfS-tojc*-M
(Smumisslon iHcrrijants
AVD HOGS) if»j if.)
And who will consign such aad all other
CommJzelon Blerdaonta, 242 South
Water Street; Oblcago 9
wm have exit* made at the HIGHEST MARKET
PRICES, or can have the same shipped to Eastern
markets, and receive prompt and fan cash returns.
Advances made on consignments when
Having several thousand oarrels of storage room
connected with onr office, we can give personal care
and attention to all consignments required to be stored
for better market* orshipment. , m
Ordera ferthe purchase of any kind ot good* trill
reive prompt auention; the articles selected with rare
and use of such judenunt as oar long experience toa*
C"-“- fo^£'^ j r?T^WßP.n>OE.
Chicago, March 29, ISM. ___ jWMWMw
Btrble Stows, IS ond *0 Tosey street,
(Adjoining Artor House and opp. St. Paul’s CltarchJ
New York City.
“glLtojj * Com curapo. E,hs.»m-4w
B. A A- Keep. - -
Commission Merchant
* OFFICE Ko. 1) 46 Lisslle Strut, Chicago.
Ko. 2 Board of Tindc Building Chicago, 111.
210 Sooth Water street, Chicago.
T. MAPLE. (mL2S-b237-lml J.E. MAPLE.
commission merchants.
City Buildings, w South St- Louis, Mo
T. MAPLE. Imh3*-bl3B ImJ J. E. MAPLE.
A. cersors to Harding A BsllJ dealers in SHIP
CHAKtLEKT, Oi oecrlcs and Provisions. Tarred and
Manilla Cordage, Pitch. Tar and Oakom, ralntfl. Oils,
While Lead, Canvas, Blocks, etc.
163 Nmtli Water street, Chicairo.
geo. c. rresxr. pamixl ltohs. b. q. qibbs.
mhl-v626.2m *
SS Natchez street. New Orleans. La.
atsbbt O OnxsA F*AHxD.ATWAT*A,Nsw Orleans.
H.P.OPEE A CO .St-Loms. "eIS-srtl9-3in
C. 0.
Clesson’s Catarrh Curative,
.„„ . q a nerer-fsiling cure. up. la packages,
addtre 6 nnn>eclDt of twodolUfs. Address
v^£fev! m. moa-MHwu
CEljicaga ®xlbimc.
Bemalning on called for In the Chicago Post
Adams Hattie mn Aaderaon Margaret mrs
Adame Sate H mra Ames VC miss
Ackcraan Amanda mrs Andrew! E B mrs •
Akin Cara line mrs Anderson Beset mrs
Avery jes miss - AnnisonLtzzlo Emits
Allen Addle miss Andcnon Louise mra
AlexiLderlizzlemlss Arnoli Joaslomisi
,Alexsncer Bradley mra Ashton Hazels miss
Allen Bsrrtet A mrs Atwster EllzsbeUi E mrs
Aldrich Lizzie mrs Atzel Canlo miss
Andersen Maggie miss A vary Sosls C miss
Baker JaoeX miss • Boors Ellen miss
Baker MH mrs 2 ' Brown Mbit mrs
JBalnMsry Amiss Bradley At Louise miss
Bailey Nil mrs Bradley E L mrs .
Babbitt L A mra BralerJmrs
Baler C mrs Bradford Francis E mils
Baker Sarah M mra Bnlnard Louis mra
Baker Cynthia A miss Brair Mary mga '
Baaks Belinda mrs Brady Bridget mra
Banks Wien mra Brick BE mrs
Basks Margaret mrs Bridgman M A mrs
Barlow Maty miss Bnedy Anne mlsa
Barber Marianne mra Brash Mina mra
Barker Farah mlas Bnmdage Jennie mrs
Barker Sarah mn Bnmdage mlas
Barnard mra Brown Jane miss
Faroes Battle miss Brown Ellen II mlu
Berrnm Henry mra Brows Hattie M miss
Barnard Arnca mrs Brown Kittle mlas
Barrows Eliza miss BrownHattie J miss
Barrey Mary mra Brown Ann mlas
Barton Bate mlas Brown Charles Cmrs
Bartlett Robert mn Brown Jennie miss
.Bartlett Della A mrs Brown Lida H mlas -
Bartlett Kelly mlas Brown Loolsa mn
i'jijce Maty uiias BncUay Jonans miss
Battle Jenny mlsa ■ Bnffom Mary mrs
Eeckley Catherine mra Buckingham Belt P miss
Beall Alary A mra Burrows Fannie M
Beam a C mlas Burdick Atmer mrs
BemlsTKnrs Burnside Caroline mrs
Brnnett Charles E mrs ' Burton Faille nuas -
Betifon Corzcllns mrs Bordell Lizzie mrs
Berry A mis* - Brown mrs
Bixley Mary E mrs Bon Jennie W miss
BleUord 11C mn Bart C O miss
BiomcrMarj miss Burch Minnie miss
Blanchard Ellen M mra Boork Mary
Blackburn C O mn Boras Catherine miss
Bond Mary £ mn Bntler Eliza Ann
Boles Mary J on Boiler Nellis mrs
Bogle J 8 run Bee ran neater A mn
Boyce Emms miss Brown Luo miss
Bouchard Marion mrs Beehe Elizabeth mrs
Bourk 11 miss Briley EUza mrs
Beele JII mra
au ea a
Caiwell Jane mUa 3 j cr. Cone Mary miia
Cable Adeline mra Connors Jobanna mra
Calender Clara mlsa Conran Marla miss
Cameron Waller mn Connolly Catherine mlas
Campbell Joeepblne mrs Connell Atm miu
Caster Sarah mrs Creadon Annie miss
Carpenter A Fmis Conway J nil a mra
Camp Jeffery mra Cone chat 7f
Cary Maggie mtw Cook Amands mn
Casey Catherine mill Cook Lydia M F mra
calkins Kitty miss Cooper H A run
Cavans Katy mlas Corel Catherine
Church Fsaaa mm Cornell O w miss
Cbace Mary mlas Cosgrove Margaret miss
Clancy Margaret miss CoppAmaaamra
Clark May J mra Coop Mary miss
Clark Jobanna mlas Corel! J O mra
Clark Victoria mi*a Corcoran Johanna mrs
Clark Mary E mra Corey AlartUa mra
Clark Melissa miss Cord Samuel mn
Clifford Ellen miss Crane Samuel an
Clinton Beil miss Crawfora Cyathls mrs
Cllnlbrd Maggie miss Crawford Nellie mlas
cohb Rattle L mla Crawford Peter mn
Coborn Alary miss Crockett KUa mrs
Coats Untile mlsa Cromby Mary Ana mrs
ComUkie Angie miss 2 Cross Margaret H ran 2
Cocklut Marraret mlas Crouerßnsaomn2
Celkin* Phoebe mrs * Cummings Susan mrs
Coloden Virginia miaa CulUman Anne miss
Colby L M tars Curry Elmira mn
Cole Jnlla B Cnnnlagham J C mrs
.Cole Lillie £ Cnniff Khody mrs
Cole Usnhs L mlsa Curtiss J S mra
Coleman Albert run Caller Margaret mrs
role# Rmn Croasc Isabella mrs
Cone Mary M mrs 3 Cunning ham Nettle £ miss
Pals n mrs Devlin Marla mra
Davidson Katie C misa Dingman Anna mra 2
*]>avls Melvin mra Din Anna
DavisE mi* DlretCate mis*
Davis Charlotte znrf Dodrc Helen M mra
Day Anosmias Docgett Thco M mrs
Dayton l) I) miss Donoovan Sue miss
Dsncan Eliza mrs Dolan Mary mr*
i awson Eta mrs DooUoc Mary Ana miss
Dee Anna miss Dollachan Ann
irca-T Hannah misa Daneby Kate mrs
Dee Mary mrs 2 Dunlap Hattie mra
De Wolf E A mrs DofSo Josephine mrs
DeprnF.ua mis* Dnbtun AM mrs
DeVltt Mary £ mr« Drake E C misa
Dement Charlene miss Dtm Bridget miss
DineryKsßCy mra Done H u mra
Dement t-allle £ miss Dairy Mar* 8 miss
Delshanty James ran Dansten Lncy P miss
Dibble Mary mra
Kdgerton Mary E miss Egan Josie misa
Eastman DF mra Egan Emma mra
Edson N mrs Elliot Thomas mra
Edvards Jennie CmlwS Elliot James mrs
Edwards E D mrs Edwish Kate miss
Eddy Kittle mb* 8 Enncht Margret miss
Eddv B A miss Enstls Eliza miss
Eggleston Louisa miss Esmay Maggie mlas
Fair A M mra Frtzglbbon Mary misa
Fsy Lizzie mrs Finch Addle mlas
Fetter Mary mrs Fitch E E mtos
Ferry-Mary AH nr* Fish Mary J miss
Felton Elies mra Frederick Kosa miss
HtchllAmn |>UJallaml*»
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth mrs Fnrnold Lizzie E miss
Frazer David mrs Fowler Ella U misa
Frank Frank mra Follcj Bridget miss
Fr.nkLJanemra • FtmerMaryEmlas
Font* Mary £ mn Flannlgan Kate miss
Forsctte Wn mra Fletcher Laura miss
Formin Mar)* mra Flanders C W mra
Flannery Mary miss Fonghncr Ann Hmn
Flavin Betty mlas
Gitoc mrs Grove tolas Caroline
Gri gory mra Ellen Gunning mils Eliza
Grvi-cemrs Samuel Green mUs Mary _
Gordon mrs Lvdia W Green miss Anna E
r.oold mra Sarah Green mlu Mary
Cowan* inn Hehbcca Grlfflo mlas Maggie
Golden mn Ann Gray miss Cattle
Grinev mrs Elizabeth Graves mlu Nell May
Gleson mrs Ellen. Graham mlas Mary A
Gill mrsßridget Graham miss Catharine T
Gllleit mra 811 Grant tmiu MsryE
Ucrowlci mra Lncctta Gray mis* Nelly
Gardner mrs Bcbeca J Gooding miss Janett
Gtvlomrs Mary GtUiganmissLlzzle
Garnett mrs Sarah Ann GllcsmlssAana
Gallery mrs * Gibbs mlu Eliza
Gannocy mIM Clara Geanor miss Margaret
Gano mrs John Gsyoiss Emily
Gunnan misa Mazy
Haller mlu »llta Hastings miss Emma
HaUock miss Lima Hawley mis* Lizzl*
Hsgeraaa mrs H W Hawey miss M*ry
Haler mr* Mary D Bayes mrs Bridget
Hall mra A V*’ Haalett mra Anna
Hall mra Carrie Haines mn Ft
Hamilton mra Cornelia Baden mrs Betty
Harroonsnir* Ann J!ay« mrs John
Hanson mtaU A Heath miss Pheba
Hans mrs Mary Hoarlehermla* Catbcilae
norma mn Sarah Heaoeasy miss Mary
Harmonmra Charlotte Hendricks mra Jane
Harrington mra Mary C Herrick mra Mary D
Harris mrs Anna Hnrlbnrt mrs Pnebe
Harding Barbara Hrrrlct mrs Gardner
narrtmanmJß»M«yT Hill mra J
H gjran misa Mary A Hitehcocx miss Ada
Hartaocl ralfS Mary HUhon mlu Ellen
Harper mlu Lou Hlnle talas Ann* C
Harmon miss Betty Hiachey mrs Catherine
Hackett min Hattie Hinton miss E A
H&ffmias Harriet A Buffer mlu Lizzie ,
H&rrlsmiu Ann Bogan mus Catherine
Harris miss Ellen Hogan miss Margret
Hart mr* N ' Homes mlas Lizzie
Hkjiland AgnesL llosmer missMsy
Hasttßgsnnrt Lonlsell Hovey mlas Henrietta
Hopkins mlssGeorglcE Hoyt mrs N E
Howard mra Larina Hunter mra Jane
Howard misa Lenise Hnber mra Jane •
Howard mwH N Hushes mraKlira
Howard mrs Thomas Hurbea miss Uattlo
Howard mn Bebecca Hull mra il
HoTtmraPlV Hurley mrs Timothy
Hoyt mlu flermour S Howard mra Mary
Howard mra Harriet Harmps miss E S
Uowsrd <wiu Christina Hamlin mra A E
Irwin misa Mary Ingalls mra N P
Jackson miss Eliza . J Johnston mra J D
Jackson miss Lucretla Johnson mra narcAlneM
Jewev mra John M Johnson miss Frederick
Jones mrs Htnry L Johnson miss Anas
Jones miss Bebecca Johnson mr*
Jones mra Ellen Jackson mrs Henrietta
K .
Robb Lvdia A mrs Kinsman Ella mlas
Knickerbocker Fmn Kdst Mary A B raise
' Erne Prue B mn Kennet Bnoget mtss
Klrkman Lucy M mn Kira Lneassy miss
Kin cade M A mrs Kelly Margret miss
KUbourne Wm 8 mra Knowle Jennie miss
Ktrwlnmra Kelly miu
Ke’leyAetooy mra Kelly Mary A misa
Kelfoot Catherine mra Kelly Annie miss
Kean Ellen mrs Kellogg Mary W miss
Knapp Anns W mn KellogrDerby Ann miss
Kirkpatrick Barah B mils Kaffer.Trances miss
L '
lAdean Franks miss Lamberson Mary mn
Lace K E misa Langbam w mra
Lamson Ann miss Lorrigas Ellen mra
Langdcn Fannie mist Lansing Angeline mn
Lane Jennie mlu Ledden Mary mra
Lanesdon Lizzie miss Lee Bridget mn
Lannsgan Mary Jobs miss Leach Marla misa
Lerned Ancusta misa Lewis 8 B mra
Lnyde ECmisa Lewlsmra
Lee Anna J mbs LiahlonWm
Lee Sarah miss Lockwood J. B
Leonard Catherine miss Lock Lois B
Leu* 4 * Mary L G miss Lowland FF
Mur B njFi ,
LlLdcy Maryml*« d 8
LoneMarymiss LuceSopmaß
LouSct can Ellen miss Lumaden Sophia Jane
Lynch Mary A miss Lyoas Addison
unrionßuoamlta Mahon Ann mlas
Morphy HatUe miss Mahony Bridget alas
Mulrnly Ann mlas Magser Cstherine miss
Murry Ellen miss Moore mra
Mullins Kate misa
Monty Sophia miss Morrison Mary Ann mra
Moore Elizabeth min Morris Carolina mra
Mott Mattie miss Morphy F mra
Mane £B miss Morgan Eliza S mrs
Monahan VTlana misa Morton Gharlle J mra
Morgan Mary S miss Morgan mrs
Mlt&ell Ella J misa MUchell Mary E mrs
Mooney Alice miss Mooeu Mairmra
Miller Catherine ml?* Miller Sarah m«
Milne Jennie *"*— Mllles Nellie mra
timtaßTlJccimlu Muncb«.a Elmir.-r>
hlurks Caroune miss Mattlßon Casaie rnra
Marah Mery A mlu Howell Jennie S mn
Marsh llenrletla miss MartlaOEmrs
Julia ml«a ’ IdaraoßEmre
Miller J Emlrenmlss WaUenMargt mra
Mcnion Msrymlu 11118
Minn Ellen mlas Malcolm mra
Manscn Magpie miss Mirer Jolm P mrs
Main Annie mlas t Maloney Ann ran
1 Molly Tn< *» Makin Elizabeth mra
Melrtoah Jane mis* McMincrheny Thoi mrs
M aNsmara Kate miss McQeneyMarEret mrs
McClain Jennie miss McDonald Bid raw
McKinley Martha miss McDonaldAllen mrs
Mcklroy Kate miss McDongallp mrs
McDonald Kate miff McDonald Joha nn
McGae Jane miss McCoy Elisabeth nn
McDonald Mancie miss McComas Arina mrs
McConnell MarymUs WcConasc mrs
McCann Mary rlarcnco McConnell Marla nn
McAuly Elizabeth miss McCormick Mary mrs
McNamara Caroline mrs McCabe Johanna mrs
McMarnns Lizzie A mrs McAfferty NelUe mrs
WcMlllln Jane mn McFarland Martha
McKayJohn mrs McOolll lloeeanna
Nando John ms Newklrtc Charley mra
v«rti,r mi«« Nichols Frank mrs .
Kmwffii Nichole Kata mlu
Nfcdbam Mary miss North Christine K mrs ,
Newton Sarah J miss Nalon Mary mis*
Newhonse Barbara ms
Oakley Geo M-mrs O’Brien Margaret 0 t
O’Connor Sarah J mrs
olPmaEUMimlM O’Haliy Bridget min
_ . Tf.rrrn IT mrs pbemmers William mrs
sssssks. ggssisa""
Ems . piiUcna A mrs
Pi rkerErankmlva p ort naryEmrs .
Pall Mlndo inlss powers Came miss
PartonsEdwardtnrs post Carrie miss
Patten John m» , portman Catherine mlu
Patten Swab J A miss p o tter Minnie miss
Pearson Maiym* NeDIo miss .
l*H*rv JK 7 Porter Mary miss
Peck CM mrs Pratt Louise miss
Peabody ELmrs pratt Luther mrs
Pence tnlM Sjtt Hannah mrs
Perkins Caroline w mrs Margaret miss
Perkins price Sarah B miss
JSStSSnSI ItectUUarKtretmlM
randolfh Hannah mu s?g! g£“ Bl “
I.nM Kllpn mn
1 arforci AEmis ito-»era Vcstailne miss
I, r jtogS llnclnda mlu
1 noherts Mary miss
Robbins Minnie miss
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bS?JS2SS? aseagSS'SSP
Sampson Mallasa mlsa * Hanley B B misi
EammonsMaryroioa Btadard AHctrmra
SaWfcnre Sarah miss - Stafford Wary M miss
Sanborn Elvira rars Stacy.Carrie mils
Scbonll Therraa miss ' Btainbanch Nclllo wi«
Bctennerhorn 8 A mrs , Stacr Sarah tori :
scales Diana mlsa Steel Sanah, mrs i
Scbolts if miss - Steel rt A mrs
fierbrr Joelah mrs fittbblns Sarah mlsa
SccbcrMßmra SteadyLooUa mi*
Settee Ellen mts Stearns Anns mra
Shannon hridget mlas Sterling Aua mn
hbafirriary naes Stewart Eliziheti mra
Sbey Ante miss . Stuart Marth* rai«3
FhawWOmlas Stewart Issb-lU V miss
Sb*ldonM»ie*»cf tnlo Stevenson mrs
Shlnka Almira mtra Stevens mlsa
Bbcppard LeomiaoU btb .BtevenaßK mrs
-Sbackbonscmrs “• BtevensSsraniimra
Stoles Anna mlsa . .• StevtosonMarg A -mrs
SllvtrßrldpetigT* " StevcnaSusanOmiss
Sank A J mrs Stereos lizzie F mlas
Skinner Settle Bmlil - Btcvena mra -
SluanD mrs Stevens Sarah mlsa
Skinner Lizzie idea Staffer Martha miss
Enow Emma mist Slime E J mrs 1 .
Sloan Careline W miss StreagEvalinsinn
Slcan Mary P mlsa Sh-nnan Mary S mis*
Smith Henrietta mrs Stortaeant Catherine mrs
Smith Arthur mra Sliest Lizzie miss
Smith Caroline mn 2 Sullivan JoMnanh miss
Smith Ceil* zdUb Swancapt WmSmrs
Smith Stephen mn Sotton Tbtflnaa mrs
Smith Rebecca mn - Suibher Lizzie mrs
Smith Mary mn Sylvester Frances mrs
Smith LeeUlyan mra Sweet Margt F miss
EmitoMagclt ' Bmrth Mary mrs
Sprague C J miss St John Carrie mrs 2
Squires 17 6 miss Smith Catherine mUa
Stanley Mary mlai Samson Ana miss
TsffeAnnmrs Tebln Jennette mra
Tullman Jennie mra Thompson Sally mra
Tebenhan B O mn Tobey John mrs
Tediick Alary mrs • TearyGeemra
Thorp Emily £ mlas - Travis RU
Thatcher Amanda mra Trout Lizzie Amiss
Thernioa Charlett R mUa Trims Harriet mrs
Tinkbam Smith mra - Tralnor Elizabeth mlsi
TlCnny Mary mra Tuttle Ualinda mn
Tbempeon Alice mn Tucker TVm mra
Thompson Annie J miss Tnrner Jane mra
Toole Eliza mn Thompson Carrie mJ~e
Vv;- fccaari'j;^
Van Thors Eva mlas Vaa Dnescn Rarah E mrs ,
VerlrllUron Sopliia miss Verbeck 8B an '
Yemen Julia it mra Varian Edward mn
Vincent Kate miss Ysllentine Jaa
Vanhorn Wash mn - Valentine dress maker mrs
Wadsworth S W mn wpev Julian Ann mra
Wade Susan E mU# Williird Katie miss
Week lisett mrs Wlllsey Catiierm mra '
WadeworthL B mn Wilkinson Sanb ran
Walker Hannah 8 mrs Wilfred Emma mlsa
Walker Mary Wm mra . Wiggins Jennie mlas
Wallace Ucnriette miss' Wilklnaeo Lanra.mra
Wallace Alary M mlsa Wilder Catherin mra
WaldoKimentias Win* Emma limn
Walker Carline mra Willis Sarah M miss
Warn Anzlc M mra Wlecleswortli Rachel miss
Warner Dudley P mra • Wing Both C mlas
Warren C R mn Wlnchell Marina miss
Warner Laura mn wire U mra ■
Waraer Franklin mn Winchester Jennie mra
Washington Victory mn Williams Mary mn
Wamtan Mary Ann mlra WUllansHattla miss
Wclr Anniomlsa WlLon Fasin T ran
Webb WW mlsa Wilson JGmn
WebbcrFarah J mn Wilson Eliza mlsa
Weed E W mrs . Wilson Frank mlsa
Wedall Imilda L miaa Wilson ORtnlas
Wester Ann mrs Wilson Gathailnmtsa
West Annie miss Wilson Elmira mlsa
Welch Mary miss Wilson CR mlsa
Walsh mlas Wolflnger Sarah mtsa
Wheeler Eliza mra Woeiecr Geo A ml«
Wheaton Banb A mn Wright Mary miss 2
Wheeler Jnli» mn Wright Looua 8 miss *
Whrianllesanamn Wright Crolta J mis
• Whitney Mary A mUs Wright Sarah mlas _
White EniUlne mlsa Wright Caddee L mls3
White Anjrime J mra Wrlcht Alary L mlsa
Whlcht Jennie min Wright Mary J mra
White Mary mn Waite Fannie ratal
WhltmcreA 11 mn WriteHeUenS
Teamoas Rebecca mrs
Tonogbelm Almira miss
Tale Jolla miss
Taut Mary £ mlsa
•AllocottAco JMAbnoteueo Alexander W B.
Adams AJex Arnold Gilbert L .master
AdaouAmd Althea Geo AHenJIIIuT
Adams Wm Alfreds Madi6*n Anderson Lyman
Adams Jao Avery E W AldrichlUomrd
AdamsH Anortws Ernst AbbltttimC
Andre?* Web Ashman U G Allen Andrew
Andrew* itII ArardC E Adamtbwate Jao
Andrew* mr £ Arnold Caleb Jr Anderson Wm C
xnrs E Armstrong Cal- Adams Jno
Addams Abdw J boon Armatsge Joe
Atw cod liollia H Atwood Norris Atklasen Jno
AUen Henry H Alden Brails Adams Jacob
AriPcvlly Abbott NorrlsH Alien Jaa K
AllrnT 0 Arnold Wall AnInJVVV
Atmttmnp GeoL Adsit Willis Annaby JUC
Akerly Tif Alkln* Walter Alford J C
Ambrose Geo Arnold W II AWtla vtnQ
Arnold Thos A drctt Willis Austin AW
Ambrose Ocoß Aiken Wm I) Ackley Jao B
Hater A-F. Battles Jno Blackman Phrom
Barlow li S Bartlett Jno Blanchard Cbas
Baker £ Thayer Barth Jno Black col
Bahler A O Barrett Jno BlandlnEJ.
Barren Bsdley £ Barney Joshua Bentley U rerd
co Bara wm Blair Sami
Barry Pat Barry Wm _ Benjamin S 8
Barrett C Balatrick W H Bedeo Frank W
BokenPat Baker Wm 2 BeatermanFM
Banks Pat Baxter W D Black F C
Barrett Pat Barnett WB BcldenTtaea WES
Berboor Pollock Barsesa Menace B’oy Tbos
Baker dr Black Cba« col Blair Tnos C
Bsllentlae Danl Beach JasS Bemis G Wprofir
B&ncroltDC Beal) £ eo Beldam Tbos
Barceaßß Blanchard AlbtAßendcr Tbos 3
Ball Ellas Bloom A Bealler Geo
Bakcman 8 H Beoard Arthur Bird Geo W
Ball b B £ co Bevena £ co Berry Geo A £ co
Barton Geo Bennett A Bine Uffi
BalnsonThos Bernhard £SmlthßeekerH capt
Baines Thos Bennett Peter BtnenHearv
Hamden Thos Bennett Cbas Blackman Henry
Call Ilcnrj „ BrsgerlejChM Bird Jai
Barnes Henry E Bergeron Cbas Blanchardlndiort
Barber W U Bellamy C S Berry J M
Barker Jas A BlneaChas BellJas
Balden Jas A 3 Blackman CB Beach JB
Barnmn J B Benoits Plerrs Birken Jno
Baldwin TF BUamyCh&sL Berry Joshna
Bailey Jas Black Cbas col Betoen Wm C
Bath Isaac F Beilis Pat BlonnleldWta
Barrett Jno W Blair CJ Be an grand Jno
Brown Henry Beam Wm .expt
Benedict Wil Boakench Fran sßourke Jas
' Benton Wm M It Bradley Francis BBnrnsJewe
BeldlngMM Bosw.onh Fred’kßocher J C
Blank Wm capt BuahncUJW
BiraerMartla Bricaett Gilman Butler John
BlncliamLeant BrooksbaakGea BoteJoaenUW
Bradt B Bruce Geo E Bnrtcn W 8
Brown Alex Booker Goo Bnrchard W U
Brown Beni F Beardsley Hlramßnel mr
Brown A P • dr Bryson mr
Brown G D Brownell Ira B Burlingame J 6
Brown HD BoaemeyTP Barns Thos
Brown Jas F Brack J< a prof BneklevTboa
Brown Jaa Boorman Jno Borns Forrest 8
Brown Jno Battles Jao Barkans 9 U
Brown WmH BredeyJno BornesSsml
Brown Leroy BeanblenWS Bnllena Sylvester
Brookfield Beal Bosley W 3 Paddington E D
Boannao Philip Bonner WD Botcher Peter
Brown & Bro Beadrlea £Co Bolly Paul
Bre&Uey B A Borden Matt captnornaC H
BrscketlArthnrßßowlM mr Butler A len
Bowen X A BryantLcsler A Burtlck Orson D
Bnrr C J Brooks Manmel Butler Enutos O,
BoommasterCtasßnrbcckT Pcsplßott D.ivU
Beardsley Chs eapßolloek T O BlJfrr WUf lam
BourkeEdwd Bums Tbos Barth Mathlaa
Bradley Chia Byrn* H Bosh Villory L
Brosan Bobs - Borges Thos Boswell Jl*
Bramcrd EL Bylngton Henry llßeazlanS
Bradtev Pert Burns Henry captßubo J H
Booth FT . „
ChamberhnßyronneiTerWra CueHWL
Celabm Daniel Chatueld M B Galaghau Michael'
Clark James H Clancy Marks Cawrens Michael
Chanin Auroilin Clemens Melrlue Caatieman Levy
Clark Brice Clemens Michael Caret! M .
ChanlnAshal Clearlone John Chapman 4? May
Clark CUM G- Caadeld EU Casper St Sidney
clafkcP Coughlin Owen '
Clarion Chts Carpenter Artie* Connor Coma’s O
Cline Charley mas Cooean Edmond
S3SAS2. cLtfu'is cSmyT- u
CW..rtMCor».g^h.^{l.>g S {wP i «,I.k
Church Daniel B Cansdan Peter Cohvon Elliott
Cloonaa Edward Carlla Charles Cork Dan! B
Chandler Frank SCampbellßJ ConollyßA
Clark Chas Campbell Itnfns JCombs It S M
ChanUED Carmody FranelsColby Enoch Jr
CbapsonVincent Carroll ft S3, Cithell E
fhaomanJ M CarrerFrancls UCamcl RufesP
Cberly Israel CotesTbos Ooz Edward
Clark JM. Ileal Campbell Thos Colby Frank
Claim J C Carmoer Thos Coygestull 3 P
Clark James H Campbell Thos Cooper FD_
Chealeylsraelll ClacfJobn ColemanMP
Cluster John Q ACarlUle Master Coyle Thos
Clark John M James CormsckThoa
Clark Win Cain John Corbet Thos
Cmrcl'WH earthy Joseph 3 ConrtlneTE
China VTm Camblll ffm Coale T U
Chase Wm L Carrier WlPls Cowcns Geo
Clark Wm A Carpenter Wn A Cond ee aM S
Chamberlain WUCarey'Wm coeley Henry
CenoranTlmothyCunmnghamEwd Clare Jam** Bant
Coady Patrick * Cron Frank C CondellßU
gsssss o aassss w asßyii»
«£»■* D * Tl - BSfffflS w ESRtiU
Cnson Mlcbal Cronen Geritola Cottle J B
Connolly Pat CrarathlM Conroyd James
Cndncy A • Cnlrer J M Coulter John
Crawford * Tro- Cnlton J S Corcoran John
cer Craighead J A CortlcJohn
Cutter. Tower* Cron John Concaanan John
co * Carils John F Cnlrer Jacob 11
Craig * Werner Corrr John il CornlngWalterH
Cralse Allred aodCronln Jno C Conley Ifm:3 .
Annie Cunningham Tfar*Cochraie W
CndncyAlbtcapt renS CanrtneyWm
Cmnke Adolph B Crosman J CqanWT
Crataer Orlow. Crow Michel Cote Llew Lewisß
CneneyA cSlia Mlchal CoTellMJ
CnihlOD A CrowllUrhel. Conway Laurence'
CuttmCtles Creschen MathewCobnni IL capf
Crawftird Clark BCoinc Daniel CuiyMathew
Crawford PS CeokA C Crawford Archl*.
gfflggSf“ M, SSSt— oSkouwj
SmmcsCK Colburn & Dari* Cary Adam
CronnmHarld son
Dsmonntle Aide BeanDChon Body Frank
Paris Albert DlckftaonHenry DaUthab
niriaChaa Peach
dawsonC Demorastlsaac. Batcher Geo 5.
UarUnirA rroier l)crtncJ>mM DoJleToos
Danhr A Dingman J R Baw Pams
SSS& « M.y forest 1..« BDM»Ty J L ,
gfev »<° hn sf5 j r ra
UfLiscTD.nl DsltonJohn Dosne John
DtctSconDD DorrWmM UonsUs Joseph
DclmncT Dot Donney ITm hrhcoll Wo
DlcteyDß DolllhaSsnford DowllniJohn ■
DcnnlncEL DelehantyM Dormnn Joseph
nsnoon Fdwsrd Dcstln ITonry Doneisn Tno c
DerlncSfi DarllnsMChon Di»teJohn
R n Drew mr Donjrsso John
Dsotherly LB D Donnsls PE Doesn tTldlsm
Dsrfs BSI DnwSsmnel C Downes John
DlrtocSK Dull *Go wen Dnsonjralism
Sc ...fissfffisa- assess?*
JJSaJsaeo So" 1 Dockers M W
EmOiorpeAlhcrt Btright Jmneaß EastouWmiamW
v'mirh a. Xatep James B KStywii
Fdson E
WdwardeE 'Eddews JohnTl Ewing Wo
Ktocb Eroßtns C KneUsh Jolmß Etoondj .Tm
vaster]*E Esmay John EranstTH
Fmerton GcoT KUlck Joseph Ellis W 8
Kll'ott J P Blsworth Joseph Elson WM
Fdeertonnß EUlnger .Tohn A Frans WoT
EransH B KransJohn WUUe
Fills HIV’ EateyWllUsH EGner Lem
iulworthJJ Elallo W EUicoWLS
Fsisell & Esther Fargnssoa Wm D Fletcher George
Harwell & Felds. Fay T . Frass&co James
Flnlaeon Alex. Fancbcrlihl Fraser Jamis U
Farrar Andrew Freeman I*affiy-Forde James
Fitch Nathan ette FollanJames
FltrceraMP Frisby O FoalayJobnU
Fitxscrald Patk French AT ■ Ford Johns
FarweMC F Flynn Blrncy Forsythe John
FMrDexterJ FletcherAW Foil en James
tSSir Darid Foley Pat Fowler John It
fSi?B ' Forrest Peter Frederick John
wi?i&rT French C Freer John
vurhßUes ’ Fury Patrick Flynn John M
FireßwleyH. Frame Daniel. Ford John .
w-manJames For JF ■ ForlelnJoseph C
Farrar JB Foot RlcbardTl Forbes D
Finer eE FrccmanWaUerH
FirrrifjSca Fllji Kajene E Fox Willem .
varwcllJH FosterEdw Frederick W F.
rStoerJobn Frank Edward
l-|SS C j“^ olm ImlSiWderSN
vmfritnP Fowler F FißUiMlenael
FeSr John Frees Front FlaUerty Patrick ■
Farmer Join A Foote OeoreoO
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CtTtnKed • ' GanoJohnS GrophyGE
GeohwtsnAnthy Gillette Walter QottTC
Ihfvander GUI mr Green Geo H
Ga7ncr A &naer Gardner AcoMTCridleyHenryL
cSI Andrew Giles MT Grerallenry
cSSII tMlrcrF Goo&mnM C Gown James A
Gardner BernardOortonAJCrcd DnUJJ
Gilbert 118 Gray AW Grinned JB
GcarvOwen Grnffith AA Gorman James
GeeCorneUns , Graysonß QraTMJndsoa
GancranPatrick Gieenmanß M Grant Jeff
oSSralnck QrrgJ Ocoboct iOoodnchJoßh J
Gniriinp • co Grtoiyjeim j
Gates &co F M Grolden & Sam-Good John M
RutMVnnk moos - -• Green w p
GraeftS GniUMlPatrick GeayJam»C
GlorerSW GnbckCW GoedaowWH. ,
GilbStHemr GregoryPhllUp Green Frederick
Gardner MO Grow DI) . UrcrWmL
Gilbert Barry GoodisonED Grnbey W
Gage JV Gueren Edward Griswold WR
Garrla JamesL Greenlcaf RobertGoodcrtiamWm
GennJM Grey Edward Green W r ;
Gardnerlsaaeß GnnuFr Jos _ GoodeihMn Wa
Geoige John Greeley Sami B Goodall
GclUager John J Gold feamnel F Glordllß H
Hannifin Ml chi HawleyEdgtrW Hanes Frwk
EatbewavGeoß llendenonkd . HanerlckFred
llampfonLotS Hagerty CR 3 Hastings Sami L
HenseMev Mlebl Haulhan A. JamlHareyon F A
Hem(kNVeb**rH son , Hanson Frank
HeadWm Reper&coFH IlarlflrThosH
Hcfftmian WlnTdllaUett O F i i Harris OeaM <
Henry Vn B -- Bampson A Con-Havens Geo H
Hensny Wm ter Hawks OM
Hoolon John J P HearUVau Batt 2 Harlow ThosD
HewluGeo Hines OS HarveyGF
ti»lpv John Dazniltoo rev A Havens Geo ‘
• SallJaoobW Harris J C , Bardlag Timothy
Henflerton Joel CHenn’ Jno •• • Hawrood Henry
Hacensan Jas J Henderson J J Hart N B
|SyjH Eealy ThosJ Hart Henry?
Herbert rer-.TeB” * T ' rtrt 'TA M HartHW
Hartley James JTspeaPetrlck Haydon Harris. '
Hall JB HarriflOH Ha*«a.J»y
HancanHG • Harley PC Hanson Jos.
Heller NC Hanna BJF HnakellJno WC
Ihuk'dl! H BurbeckfcAalghiHmJS ,
PrbrnT W. it».y«Abroii H<tnie T Wm
ITcnor Geo Heodemm ChasCHansoa Wm
Hamilton G A Haven Cbas Hart WB
Upi-lod The* ~ Hannan Peter Halwan Mlehl
Hammond Geo C Harris Darnel Hancock Wm
!m Herman TLCa B»r*umCtJM >vd U
IlercmsnFH Harkins Oas A Hanover Louis
Hbinlltm BtuwartHfiVfs nichard. Hayea Leri
r«vy Bernard OHartuvlt E A Ha-ch MK '
ITirdlcitF HatroekElch’dMSandy Wm—
Halo BobS Hstns Kdward Harris Geo K _
IlrcscnOC Hatch ~C • HalwclieL os 8 ‘
. MochHr & Lowe Holcomb TC Hubbard AT
HeodJohn - HourtooJE ';Hortoa Alired ••
Hook & Gordon- HoaeJo'm . Holmes cu
KaglniiiMxHS HughesJoha Hoytp \7 i.
Bat'WL HoflembeckJohaHodce A' v««
Holden QU O , ' . Tyre,* v “
Horner John _ Hogan Joseph Howard Ortin -
Hibbard *co 9 HynesJoha HoffacaCov
Hlxclns. l!owba-Ilon 8t Joseph L Honluy Putrlrt
ry «fc co ' Htraoson Jot E SHornlng Pv*r
Hickey capt Hogan John Horoa EdwQ a *
HlgbuoodC Hull Mm Holfman F'auk
Hickey Patrick ailaatlngaWm Harney Stewart
Hitchcock Ches-Hodge* Wia Hawond Forward.
ter Horton or ■ ’ Hole Siml
HitchcockD J HanulsThosW Hoskins B'
-BUIEA ‘ HntaboUmr \'HadaePiram
HinctlerThos Hall Chat Honerea Thoa
Hill Tlt Honaa Michael Holland TnoaE
Bleb JI lltmt DBS Hunt SC
High Henry Hunt Daniel B liolklaton Gas P
Iliekydaircß Hover Dennis Hunt Thatcher
Hibbard.l J Horse Daniel HowOeoL
HlnmanJ Honner imolol: ITabbardGH
Highland Jobs Hopkins DB . Hop* GT
Bin John _ Uoey.Kob . flelehea Tim
Hickman John R Home DH HuntJ
Bill er John Hmrlbert Edwin. Htxghs Harry
THU IVm Hogßl B , Horanasa JE
HeJley Michael Holmes CB ’ Holbstander Hen*
Uigley ML ' » Boreas Timothy. ry .
Harley Tim . Hookloa Aimer Homes Henry ‘ '
Hntchlnps GcoßHolmcs&Pyott Hosford JU
Hnlbnrt JE Hovey Albert J a oil an a James
Holmes V B llaopock, GlennHatchlaon J A
Hubert! JaclahPAco Hoffman J O ;
capt - Hopkins A Bar-Helland Tbos E
BBghra,Uotcber* nom _ - Hull Adolphus
eon &co liegeman Broths Hanly Thomas ■
JcLaroa A Z Jones & co, FUh-Jacobi Joseph
JonEt 6t co ‘las ' . JrtnonJob
. Jooce Daniel ' Jones Samuel P Jacobs Jojeph
JemieoD A!er Jones I* B Johnson *bi
Jsckecu Jos B - Johnson Geo B Jameson Loali
Jolinfon BanfortbJoaoi Tom B Johnson Martin
’Jordcn Dudley Jackson Henry Jackson Mathew
Judscn Dewitt-WJones H W Jnd;e Michael
JokobsenEdcTnrtJohnson H A f Johnson tnr
Jeffery BT Jonnr J P Johnson Satalß
Johnson Edw tvjemnnjrs Jaraos LJoyce Patrick
Johnson FrancisPJoiea John H
Konsnlar Thos Kendcll Edward King Jas . .
Kelsey K M Knowbetons D AKem Jaa u
Kanrppßenry Kellogg Rl> ben Kellogg jobnH
VcmpCbaa - Kellogg El Knox Joseph n
Kahn Cass Kavaaagh TT! Kaox mr 2 „ ,
King Alex Krldrters Keicham Myron
Kellogg. Smith AKinaly Stephen Knight Manor s
co Kelly Frank Kennealy Michael
Klamer NlcholaaKeatb Francis Kenneyilartln
Kinney OS Kelly Thos Kelly UlehaolP
Kelly BA Kendall Geo A Kellett Michael '
hronsktxgOrrin KarananghTT Knpese \Vm
Knapp c has Kenedy Thos Klasen Henry B*
Hosteller Danl Kirby Geo Knight Wm r
Keyes D D Knapp Geo W Karelia WmJ
Kelsey HB Kellogg 118 Kammer Joseph
Rinnoo Dnnean'WKtlliau Henry King Jas
Kelly David Kearsley Jas Kennedy Jno
Rone Francis Karr James H Ketchara Myron
Knott Stephen 0 Kcting Jas Kerb/ Jas
Keboe Dennis IT
Lordere Jno II Ludd, Mulligan ALewls II M
Luther E Younr Lewis nt
Lovgloy Stephen Landen Owen Lewis Hash M
Love Joy E B Leonard A Leoosr i J C
Leyden Dan B Leary Chu A Leary Pc
Loodltt D D Laregan Pat Larinas James
Lengen B Lane Perry N Lassady J g
Lnscner Adolph La Derge k An- LetyJ
Lyman CTV caot deraon Lee John
Lurton A Harris Lancaster C A Leader John
Lodtlphr O Lawed 1) 6 Larjoa John
LvmatiP LaxabersonD W Upser J L
Lbodall Henry G Llghlhell dr Lincoln Wlllardß
Lrtle Q B Little E Q Lerter Tfu B
Lowe James M Linn li F Llddlo William
Lynch James Lawson Jas Lslsnda Wlllum
Loyle James Lillie J A LatbropWß
Lynde Joseph W Lands J H Lindsay Vm C
Long John LatmeyE'ward LavanwnyWF
l ock TV H Laafcn Edward LewlsJorL S
Lorlrsn William Levack RES Livermore John
Lynch Mathew Little £B LesbSAAB
i.utely mr Lee Sami Lillis U u
LowneTVm Litter George 6 Lecmr
Leaerd capt Law George Lavin M mr
La Valle A Lardlan T U LealkeUcr C H
Lee & Walter LidzyThas Lehbr Lorenzo
LaracrdCG Lcvtstou Henry Lawrens JUckel
Lewis A dr Leonard Harvey Lerow Wm S i
Msfconey Cory Maley Patrick Mebor capt Jas
MslllayM MaderC Mallory Jas E
Mason ninN MegnttCbas Magharr James
Msddoek w L Merrick C C Blendes James
Btaaton W B Mason Bev C Marsh Volney A
Manioc TVn Mann Col Ben’gEMlddongh Henry
Slson Joseph Marian Geo IV Marsh ll V
Haddock John Marsh.Bowe & coMcars Henry
MaaaonA Ueltck Abram Math Harry
Maynard LD Venlman & OwerMarkham TbosJ '
Melvin Michael May Bailee Hanson a W
MshoaeyPA - Mainer Abram lialbrog Solan
Melville Darld MnrsJcies .Martin Samuel
BfayCbasA Mathew* John T Merrl 1 S S
Martin Philip Means John L Mar Frank
Mitchell Cbaa Mason I MotperJobn
Markham Patrick Munson S Mond E
Mason Joseph Milner Thos Mott Rob &
Martin WH Mitchell JC Marshall Henben
Mathews J H MlllaJo-eph Morphy Ed
Mathew mr Mills John Moore SM
MallorycelA G Blnrphy.Uayles ABlooreSylvesterD.
Menor Joseph Johnston MossFrednct
Manblllmr Mnrrey Richard Blonlson Geo
Maloney John MmnaonOD MoffattcaptTS
Mfservy S B Mreis A Co Mozel IIL
MatonA DnffleWMahreM A _ Mulligan James
Marsh LF Mnrpbey Jaa w MntcamoreUE
Martin. Ossd A Moore T A Moran James
B&Us Bfooro OB Mnnson S
ktlßlssr Milton Mills cast Geo A Matron Joseph A
Meserry LeoaardMyen Albert Monot J
Michael mr .Masson A Morrison Jw
Mcstett Wm Manday Owen Moms John
McarWm Myers AO MarcasJobn
Meeks Joseph MntlerA B Blather war John
McyenJoba . MortmtAß Morrison Wesley
MelrcyK Moody A MnlnlerWnH
MeaderWm MeseealMichael MoultonWmP
MenksA Sollvan Myers N C Moody Wm_
Millard A FowlerMorrla PH Mosey Wm Henry
Miller A D Morton Chaa P Molleyneanz W j
BMits Oscar J HorwlnChaa Malcny Michael
Miller Andrew MooredrCC Murphymr
MlictlHD Mnrphy Dennis Mahre M A
Miner Bamnol Murdock David Morphy Wm
MUloyKob Marshbrothtra
MeAnley UlchaelMcMath Norman McLean J D
MerartyJos McDonnell A McGill James
BleCnlly Chaa Me.tine Peter McArdle John
MeMshonßUchaclMcGarry Peter Mcluarnev Jsmoa
McAlesierJir McMUhmDA McKay John A
McNamara StcphMcQatna StepbenMellale John
McDonald S D McNally Francis McDennld J J
McKlbben 9 W Bfcllean Thos McNichols John
McWyneSamcaptMcKengo Geo Thomas
McConochaeJohnMcßrideTcrrcaceUcAlplne Wm
McLond Angus McMaj Jaa U McGcah Joan
McCarthy David McKefrrr Tlmo-McDoasld Thos
McDonald B B thy * McKtrely W.m B
McGuire Edw McGewan Thos AUeNell Wm J
McConkev Edgar McKeazle HenrySMcEvoy Martin
McKllott ittchd Mclntosh JW McLeese Michael
McKeebyEowd McGregor Jaa MctTierion Joi
McKerronET McClure Jestle McCuneALsw
Mccoec Fredk McHsllJobn MeKlillp A Max*
McKlatnsh A C McEwan James well
MeFeaters James
X#iftn E J Ntwton?aaae Newkirk August
Neills ErrtD N»f J C» A L
NelenMlebael Nelsonjohn Needham AH
lewberrrß NixoaJoseph NowcombA
\orec EoE- Noraoyle John Kewkart Aa;Jt B
Mm LB NTcboiaon John Newell Farker
Newkirk Jamos NoelWendall NewmanCbasF
Nlcbola Thomas Newton Warner Nemos Philip T
oewelin K&co Noonan Michael NaelDJ
Nelson Isaac NolsnMatthcw NewellDanlzS
NicholsonJaaA NlcblandiMalth’wNlcbolaMS
Noel J J
o*Le»rr Charles Oiler Gordon P Olbriab Emil
O’Brrant John N'ore Richard O’ReUlj Eumco
Oliver TV K Otla Nathaniel O'Connor rho'aas
OibornWm OldsOrinUO O’DonoslmeThoi
CVComnor Vfm Overton ChaiF OBrlennngb
Oakea Vm O’Connor Cbai O’Neil Jamia
O’Malley lllcbaelO’Nal Cbaa O’Calahan Jere
O’hnen Michl H O’Dell Cbaa OTonaor John
Otbourn L Q Ohmberch Cbaa FO.'Bneo Joienb
O’Brien Jatnea OahomDß Offerman.roonP
O’Brien John O’Har* E S O’Mara Martin
Oakca Jamca O’Meara Roger
Patterson HcnPßPeacock Joseph Fratt J G
Pearsall Rolls Pestle Jno C Powers T*.
Parsons Joo Pasmore Jno Ptowrotn Harry
Pettet Joseph Parka Joslah Prist Hearr
Wrmly En»W Paul Juo , Pianegau Uaory
PaoUIAOBU J Pembroke Jno Pratt Geo II
Peters BE Peter* Jno Pond Geo
Perkins Richd Pierre Joseph H Pryor Gilbert
Pell Bdwd Parker Jaa Pickett tieq B
Pattlcere Davis Petted J*s PoweUOeo
peTceChsaL Phillips JeromeHPlkeUeo
i»aTiie Cbas Parrot J Perky Geo
pSmC ParaoasJß Post GW dr
PelrfeChas Patch Charles'S PrattOW
Phelns. OrmsbecPlerson Joseph Powera Edmond
unaMJo« eirie i J> ■* Petts Hlch
PeryA.S PctteraonD PraUEdaonW
PnutftcoJas Park IIG Powell Edmond
Pertect A J Peterson Geo Puinam E a
Phllcnotenant LFeltan Geo Pike £li sen
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Peakmr Parsons GB Pnlver Cyrons B
pansblern Miron Pcae Thos Pngh A
PeeaMH Parker Geo n Pond Albert C 9
I*aneborn Miron Payne Tboa Hit Porter Miner
PalmerLM Perrjlaaac Prentiss LewisM
Fanner LawrencePannock 8 M Purcell Lawrence
PaireM.UonE Pepin Francis _ Pursell Lewis
Fanner act Perrin Stephen C Pierce Mortimer
Pace M E ' Parahall S Pierce Leonard
PartWmß Payne Jno Powers Mjohl
Farmlee Wm Prendereast jßoTPlckcas Win
Part Wm B poloenjoo PlkeWmT
Parsons WB • Potter Jno C PostWß
Patrick W M Portsmouth Jno JPlerce W B
Pearsall J B Pierce Joo D Porter Wm
Palmer W H Pope Jacob
Parker Jaa Porter J Q
B»?i ni co
Qolinby F Tf.
lSj»oSSf«nlM RedSyWm Robblna Joslata
RlfeT James Riley Wm „ Roach John
Reads Thomas Reynor W D Ryan John
Rhodes Geo >vm Rich \T D Roger* 4»o« A
Reynold* Tbomasßeld Wfl R* 33 J£ mes T.
Ransom George Richardson WmE Ryan James U
BtaeOco Rink ‘William Ryan Jeremiah
rhodes Geo W Reirdan John Rn*scll Joseph
BandES • Reed Joseph II RnsacllGeot*
RleeEdwdß Reynolds John Roberta Geo
idofleWEC Rending Joseph RootGeoA
pamwvßVß line John Rogers oco
Rickey John RockwellOeo
Karoo C 02 RedraondJamcaPßyersonT L
RaSerDba* RoniallJ B Rng?le*Geo F
Randolph Chas Riddle James Rnnels FM
ReaUP _ Remington Syl* Rooney Pscrgt
Richardson CT Tester . . liodto Mjffl
RannonChasA Rice Morris S Ross o D_t
Rnc* Arthur D Rue In Roberts Patrick
taieTAM RnasellJohn RoasellArehin
Randall AC Rnat Hannon Rounds A P
iSeyQrlan Roach RJ Rotchford Andro
1® Michel BeguaHM . Ronleaberg Alex
Bedmonii blortl- Bniter Mose 2 Belt Snyder ar
iner RudeLF , Wesson JH
Rutter M Rowan Michael i .
■=cott JF grecetcrE JsergtSaciilderAtwood
SdowJames Stiles Richard ScoalAlexß
Santon James Stewart D col • Shelby Albert
Scanlon JeremlahStnrgcon Dolloff Seymour &co
Snto J 8 fcollivanßantel ■ Soiinger Bat
Rrovllle Jm Stanley C H dr • • Scoot C G
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11% ST ° lumper • a Shinny Michael .
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I lnj .f£°vi?v7 SMncerF . Stephan John
Smith Jar H gffi x A Stanly Joseph
imithFF Sterett JohnG
Smith JaaD Rent »r . gt John Jokn
R men John IjSSiiOeoE • BtoneJohn
I * «£•? Bttalah Thos Stevens John
EMCcer Bena4an|^co rThog srevenaOeorge
l stater Eenry Stuart Thomas H
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ISiulMI? immEdjen BcoW Alexander
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jMlr Jolm ' Tailor J Connell
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ffea T v Thnller Nicholas Talco*t D H
SSJSCMortlmrtSmi«nP C TeDer Paler
UhftlsobGeoß Udell Calvin G UaderhlUJK
▼ooeleLore Vsn Vlsck Seth Van Barca BE
Vaczn Jsares B Van' ValkenbnrgVan Doren Wn H
Van Horn Wash E D Yaaßrocklia w U
Vandall H Yider 0 Van OUnder Wm
Vernon Geo H Ylcol Archibald Yanfeit Lawrence
Yeely Gerome B
Wdoka William WarnerA T
WaltWUllamE Walter OJ
WaUb John
Welsh Edward Welshman Sami Warner A J
Walsh Peter West EUJah Wasson A
Welsh Cbsrles Weltz Edward Ward Artemos
Walsh Jamea Webb Bmmer Werta Levi
Wells nr Waites E WUU Moses
Webb Joseph Washington EUshWalker Lucas
Wells John Walker DH Waller Usuries
Weir John WateoaDfl . Warner La wsou.S
Wallis James Wester burr C F Walker CJ
Weeks Jacob W Wade Chutes Webster James L
Waahbnme wnbuWeHa P S Walker Uriel
WcrtrcnWmS Webster* Case WeseottHF
Wears Wm >■' Warner Neliou WalkerUria
Warner HowardOWlley Joku While Charlie H
Wat* ra H S Whipple James Wbetzell C
Ward Timothy Whin J P ■ Whitman Cbas E
Webster Thomas Wisweil J C Wilts & Campbell
Waiter Thomai James TWrisler AMen B
WetbcrellF W- Wilson JG WormerDaniel .
WUbar Charles White J T Woolfnll Robt C -
Wlllitms i' Wflson J Wood Ezra 2 •
Williams W Whitney Hiram Wright Henry Si
Williams James Wilson Henry S Woedrnff
WUllams Lewis Wilkins H Woodworth Jno
Williams Helen LWUsoa Henry M dr*
Willluns Wm G Wehleln H«nry P Woolard John
Wisbart B Wilson Horace Wood John •
niHiOllli Illin>U AlUlllliG -« UUU UULUi •
WLogL WhitayH Wright John
Wise M Wbltny Hiram Wardil
Winham Waiter Whiteside Thos White A P
Wilder Wm H White Thomas WhUlsgtoa BeaJ
M Usee William Wlirord George Wines Benjamin
Wblplee Wm A Winter Thomas Wilder B
Wilson John Wilds B F Wlans Albert '
Wuw ell John C WUbetßH WheelerNJ
WbltneyJobnN Whltely Robert Wlntermeatmr
Willard John M WiHlamson Robt
Team Wm Tates J P. Young James
TallP Younger JW Yonkers A coJ
Young Philip Young JE , Young & oo
Tanney Edward
Executors of the Eatatoof> J M Johnson . Capt
comdg Co P, 3Tth HI Vol Ini....Agent for Flouer*
ElMi't Sewing Machine....Mr B A Adams, Cam*
mission Merchants. - .Kailroad Agent Colnmbns «fc
Chicago Road....CL,call at.S p «—too late, 10 ans
....CsptFrank DeGress, comdg Co 11. Ist lllArty
(veterans)....No 44 Booth Franklin it ...Manafac
tverof Brawn's CornFlanten....To the proprietor
•f GUI Book Store. Coleman ACo Mr J D 8...
Acme. Post Office, Chicago....Mechanic# Bank, Chi
cato....Proprietor Lake Housel...D 6 C S Minor, P
088C73 JQR Sec’y Barden City Masonic Tcm
fle....Lnler....JTß... .Agents Van Anden Copying
Persons wishing drop letters advertised must affix a
three cent stamp.
BTOfflce open from let of April to Ist of November
from lam. till Bp. m. From November Ist till April
Ist, from Ba. m. till Bp. xm, and on Sundays from 8
a. rn.to Hhls a. m.
202 LAKE STREET. 202
E. A. HAYT & CO.,
juts orcrzo x
roK tin BA.LX or
TAINING all The richest Paris novelties
42, 44 and 40 Wabash Avenue,
We have In Store,
Sheetings, Shirtings and Drills.
Stripes and Denims.
F & M Gassimeres,
And Summer Stuff
Apron Checks,
Pleached Goods,
Dress Goode.
Also, * Full Assortment of
All of which wIQ bo sold at the
Having pnrcbaaed our Btock previous to January,
WB CAS AND WILL offer Inducement* to hcaTy
close buyers that cannot fail to please.
Bespeetfally can the attention of Business men and
the Travelling Community to the superior accommo
dation and comfort offered in their establishment.
>eßoSig«-Bm«2tewl* KANAGA.FOWL&B ACQ
Glassware just re
500 Boxes TPiTIBLEHSj
200 u FLASKS,
And a general assortment for the Retail Trade, at
apS-WCS-aa-iiOATU 85 BandolDh street.
Hooso well cstabllf hed, with
Whose sales arc over a quarter of a million dollars
per annum, ■
And the pood will of tbe business to a number one
Tor wlshlnz to sell. Address with name and refer
ence P. 0. Box 208 S. • ap2-b93Mt-SATAM
Horses will he purchased at
In open market,fo^thlrt^days, commencing April
0130 per Horse
For each and every Horae passing this Inspection.
, Bound.not less tnan five (5) nor more than nine (9)
years old, from fourteen and one-half (UK) to sixteen
(16) hands high, of sufficient hrea-.th and bone for cav
airy service; brldle-yue. In good flesh, free tomaU
delects, nnd snbjcct ton ngtd inspection by the offi
cers 0i inspection for Cavalry Bureau. _
Payments will he made In cheeks on the Treasury
of the United States for certificates of Indebtedness,
fir lota of not less than eight horses.
Br order of CMct Q. M. of C»T»lrj
mh29-bCOWCt Captain and Depot Quartermaster.
This Cistern is bum in the ground, of brick and ce
ment mortar. The lower partis ofa globnl&rform,
with a water-chamber directly aboTe, of canal capacity
with the globe. TheFILTEB consists of Sam Cnan
coax anoBMCK, and Its surface Is equal to the circum
fercnceofthowater-chtftnber. „ - . ..
This Cistern is preferred before all others, from the
feet that the wafer Ibclzabxb and sttbeb than any.
other cistern water—fit lor drinking, family use, or
a other purpose desired. These Cisterns aro not
e to crack, a* other* are. and may not need
nalrlne Ina-lire-llme. The chamber can be cleaned
ontinafew ralnites, and the globe be full of filtered
Thosa^hhik topot|haao
Steamboat Line.
For Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine, Port Washington,
Manitowoc and Two Rivers.
The staunch and test tailing steamer
tom imta HmveV Bock, (first below Rush street
BU)"S TvSlniy VoksiSQ. Aprusa, atp o>-
clocl/ For ftelgbt or
Office, North end M.C. ICR. Frit Depot. apS-baS-Sl
Wine Herchants, 64 Exdmga Mace, H. Y„
Have always on hand for sale. Port afaderta. Sherry,
SSSrSf Mwcst wines. ADO.Chewy, Blackberry
and Unoorted Cognac Brandies—aU of low grades.
mhJtt-btSMm -
P-nnies and Catalogues sent for 23 cents. Enclose
ftncmvelooe with vonr own name and addrea*. D.
iWriiruiK'lJberij-.t., N. Y. .DIbSMWI
Office 242 South Weter-St., (foot of JranilinJ
beoetveh® of mcHtwmßs.
Order* from tbe country or e*ty, far **7 ounttty
srompUy filled. at market rate*. *
CdO-rii-*™ OftoO'ULuiUttt., CUcKO.m.
CcionnrATi, March 13,1851.
General Order, Ne. 9*
L The following extracts are published by direction
of OI.P. T. stVAINE,»th Regiment Infancy Ohio
Volunteers Commanding, for the Information of all
*• And any person now In the military service of the
united States, who furnish satisfactory proof
Inat he is a marine by vocation, or an able seaman,
or ordinary seaman, mny enlist In the Nary aader
snch rnles and regulations as mar be prescribed by
tbcPmidentot the United States’! Pbotjpid, That
snch enlistments shall not be for less than the onex
plred term of his military service, nor lor less than
one year. And the bounty money which aay mariner,
orieamin, or ordinary seaman, enlisting from the
Army Into the Nary, may bare recelred from the
United States, or from the State in which he enlisted
in the Army, shall be irom the prize mosey
.to whlchhe mar become entitled, daring the time re>
finlred to complete hl> military service: Am> rao
▼msn FtTßrnaa, That the whole naraber of aach
transfer enlistments shall not exceed ten thousand ”
{Section 7, Actol Congress, approved 2Jth February.
“To facilitate as much as possible the execution of
the Jaw abort* cited. It shah 6e Ui j duty of eray #tu
'cer commanding a company, and of everyoißcsr corn*
maading a recrnlilpg renderrous or depot, to forward
all the appllcsiiaw made to him for transfer by sea
men, Katnen of bis company er detach
ment. together with (be prootthat the applicants are
mariner* by vocation, or able or ernlnary seamen,
tlrruph the proper authorities, to the Hcaiquarte.**
ci the Army orjjepartmcntln whiten the company
Is scrrißg, or In which Ihe rendezvous or depot may
be situated; and ho shall Indicate In h's report, thosn
of me applicants who have served at sea, and
whether fn the Merchant or Kavai Service. Not lea*
then two years' !-ea service will comilrate aa srdlaarT
seaman, and not Ices than four, an able teaman; and,
in the acscnce of other proof, the applicant maybe
reQulrcd tomakeoathaato the service be has seen
at sea.” I
“Upon being accepted-at the Kara! Ststlen. the
men will be dropped from the rolls of their companies
as transferred to the Havy by enlistment; bat if re
jected for physical disability or for net baring seen
the prescribed sea service, ihey will be sent hack to
their companies; and If guilty of fraud or mlsrepro
ecntatloaln their applications, the expense ol trans
portation willlbe charged sniaat their pay.”—fO.O.
No. 61, War Department, A. G. 0., 4th March, SuL]
“A report oi all enlisted men that are competent,
and desire to be transferred from the Armv to tbe
2favr, will be forwarded to Col. P. T. SWAINS, Com
manding Officer at CincinnatUwho will detail a sui
table officerto examlßo the reports, and determine
from them what mru shall be transferred to tbe
Issvy.”—(O. O. No. 9. Headquarters Northern Depart
ment. 17mMarch, iwjl.J
11. Id accordance with the foregoing authority,
Lieut. Col. James T. Sterling, 103 d Kegtment la tout ry
Ohio Volunteer*. Id detailed to examine all applica
tions from troops serving la the Northern Dspart
meat for transfer to the Navy. Lleat. C«L Staling is
referred for instructions to G. O. No. 91, M ar Depart,
went, A; G. 4th March, : Circular No.«. War
Department, A. G. 0„ 9th March. ISBI. and GjO.No.
% Headquarters Northern Department, Columbus,
Ohio, 17th March, 18*54.
111. It is enjoined upon all Commissioned Officers,
serving in this Department, by the Commanding Gen
eral, to call tbe attention of the enlisted men under
their control to the provisions of the frtt paragraph
of this order, and to see that alt applications are
promptly ana properly fortWrded. Applications will
beaddictsedto “incut.Colonel JAuEA T. STZRL-
INO, Cincinnati. O n ” and will be endorsed on the
envelope “Application for Transfer to the Navy.”
Officers forwarding applications, will be careful that
the requirements embodied In this order are precisely
compiled wltn, and will state the strength of the Com*
pai<T or Regiment of the applicant ana the number of
applications from that Company or Regiment.
All communications must be written legibly, and
the full name. Company. Regiment and Station of the
applicant careltUly given. After forwarding their ap
plications, the men will remain an duty at their re
spective posts, until the action of the Commanding
General m their case Is officially communicated to
them. Hv order AN*). C- KEMPER,
apS-bShS-St-U Assistant Adjutant General.
G-nnjah. of Enchantment,
A pleasurable and h armlets stimulant coafectloalzed
for NervoneneM, Debility, Cooftulon ol TboizbU,
Loss of Appctl'e. Depretelon ot Spirits, Herrons Ifead
nche, Clam and Ferer, Impotence, Nerroua Debility,
AGHctcd Snflercrs,
TRY n.
Setters after Pleasure and the Slarrellons,
It will do yon good. sold bjuniegista everywhere.
X3T Wholesale Agency for Clinago and the West,
S. BCOVILLE, 76 Eandolph-at, Chicago.
Price, 50 cants and tl per box. Send fo fall descrip
tive circular.
New York. Agents’ office, 38 Beckman Toft.
B. A.
Fahnestock’s Son & Go.
In addition to the usual brand. Is future will bear the
following on pic opposite end:
& %,■
/ < 1844. 'P\
24 West Second Street,
Uanutactnrcrs and Wholesale Dealers la
Pearl Starch, Fancv Soans, &c.
gyThewcll known article of “Mottled” German
Soap continues to be made of standard quality, the
most reliable Family Soap In tbatnarket. Tke public
are cautioned against Imitations of this brand.
Look fob the red
Haying secured a ycry large stock of the
Ever offered for sale In this market, we arc prepared
to supply families, in every part of tbeclly.the comlnj
■We bare also a largo stock of
Which we will deliver to Butchers, and all others whe
wish It, or sell at our houses VERY CHEAP.
Will And It for their Interest to call at 132 Dearborn
street before makinz any contracts or promises.
rar Cara loaded direct from our Ice Houses for ship
rnhg.y7R.2in BPaxla
From Crystal Late. McHenry Co., HI. This companj
has arranged with reliable dlstrlburlng teams to tnppls
the ENTITLE CITT. Any other dealers pretending Sc
cendah CRYSTAL Lake ICE are guilty of misrepre
Orders and communications may be left at the
General Office No, 36SouthCIark3t.
ap3-besi-l4t • Directors Chicago lea Co.
‘ i willbß prepared to transfer and atoreGraialn ms
In the City of Buffalo, on or before
The First Day of May Next,
And will continue to do so until the FIRST DAT OP
AUGUST NEXT, and nntn notice to the conirary.tr
take effect after the last day above mentioned, to tht
fan extent and capacity ot my Elevator, at, and after,
the following rates: One-lourth of one cent for trans
ferring or putting In store, (being one-elghtt
,t 0 the vessel ana oue-clchth to the owner of the
grain) ana one-fourth of one cent, for Ore dayi
storage, or for any less norabor of days, one-flftl’
of one-iourth of a cent, for each day (ess than live
days. My Elevator hoe faculties for business far
surpassing that of any other tn the city; has six hun
dred thousand bushels storage. It can transfer from
three vessels or propeUore and discharge Into sevez
canal boats, aU working at the same time. 1 can han
die with ease two hundred thousand bushels of grain
eyery twenty-four hours. S very reaael sball bo served
In the order that they are reported to me after arriv
ing in port. S.V.R. WATSON.
Chicago, March 20, ISM. - mhri-biiomts
Hope gold company.
Gilpin County, Colorado.
TnusTsns: _ . „
John Evans, Colorado; F. H. Judd. New York ;H.
P. Cohn. New York; Wm. Holler Now Tork. Gwj ;
TV. GraflUn- Baltimore • Hemann Fonxe. Now York.
R. Cornell‘Winte;New Vork; M.C.Tyler,Nsw kots,
g. G. Arnold, Providence.
His Excellency Cotor£>llo Tcrr , tor7 .
treasurer •
nmcc.Fo.acuir-tuKawYoft. miiß-iiaioim-ii
A7OKEY TO LOAN. —I am con-
It I ntnntlT nrepered to loan on Improved fame In
mSaolf»so acres of choice farming Unde
On lons lime, P, K* FSABBOSS, U3 Emdolpb-at,
BoxM«. 1 «>l-l»e-8«
brave sclciers and sailors.
- AH whe bare Frlcnda or Eelativea in taw Army or
Navy should take especial care thee they bo amply
supplied with these lulls and Ointment; and where ih«
brave Soldiers and Ballon have neglected to provide
themselves with them, no better present can be sent
them by their friends.- They have been proved to be
the Soldier’s never-falling friend In tho boor of need.
Coughs and Colds AlTectlag Troops
wm be speedily relieved and effectually cured by ua*
Ing these admirable Medicines and by paying proper
attention to tho directions which are attached to each
pot or box.
Sick headache and Want of Appe
tite, Incidental to Soldiers.
Those feelings which so sadden, usually arise from
trouble or annoyance, obstructed perspiration, or eat
ing and drinking whatever la unwholesome, thus dis
turbing the healthful action of the liver aod stomach.
These organs must bo relieved, if you desire to be
welL The Pills, taken according to the printed In
structions, will quickly produce a healthy action to
both liver aod stomach, aod as a natural consequence,
a clear bead and good appetite.
Weakness or Debility Induced by
Will soon, disappear by the use of these Invaluable
Pills, and the soldier will quickly acquire additional
strength. Never let the Bowels be either confined or
unduly acted upon. It may seem strange that Hollo
way’s PUls should be recommended for Dysentery and
Flux, many persons supposing that they would In
crease the relaxation. This u a great mistake, for
these Pills will correct the liver and stomach, and
thus remove all the acrid humors from the system.
This Medicine will give tone and vigor to the whole
organic system, however deranged, while health and
strength-follow as a matter of course. Nothing will
stop the relaxation of the bowels so sure aa this famous
medicine. „
Volunteers, Attention I Indiscre-
tions of Tontb.
Sores and Ulcers, Blotcbea and Swellings, can with
certainty be radically cored. If the Pills are taken
night and morning, and the Ointment be freely nseda*
stated In the printed Instructions. If treated In any
other manner, they dry np Id one part to break out In
another. Whereas this Ointment will remove the‘bn*
more from the system, and leave the patient a vigorous
and healthy man. It will require a little perseverance
in bad cates to Insure a lasting cure.
For Wounds, Either Occasioned by
the Bayonet, Sabre, or the Bal
let, Sores or Braises,
To which every Soldier and Sailor are liable, there are
no medicines so safe, sure and convenient as Hollo
way’s Pills and Ointment. The poor wounded and
almost dying soldier might bare nls woutfuß dressed
immediately if be woold only provide himself with
Oils matchless Ointment, which should be thrust Into
the wound and smeared all round It, theu covered
with a piece of linen from his knapsack and compress
ed with a handkerchief. Taking, night ud morning,
six or eight pills to cool the system am prevent In*
Every soldier’s knapsack and seaman's chest should
be provided with these valuable remedies.
Bone are genulae unless tha »u*j« « Holloway, 1
Nxw.Yoss aJfi> Losnox.” are discernible
ttt-wtt m every leaf of the boek of direction*
around each pot or sox; the same may be plainly seen
by holding the leaf to the light. A handsome reward
will be given to any oae rendering snob information
os may load to the detection of any party or parties
counterfeiting the medicines or vending the same,
knowing them to be spurious. _
* • gold at the manufactory of Prof, Hollow at, 80
Maiden Lane, New York, and by all raspratablo drag
gists and dealers In medicine throughout the civiliz
ed world. In pots and boxes, at 36 cents, 62 cants, and
* jar There la considerable saving by taking the
**sf e ß.—Directions for the guidance of patients in evo
rv disorder are adzed to each p«t »ad box.
TV Dealers iq m y wm-aaww a tufJp-Ufyw
Show Cards, Circulars, etc., cent FREE OP
by addressing Thomas Holloway,BoMalden Lane, N.Y.
For sale by LORD ft SMITH, General Western
Agents, 23 Lake street, Chicago, aadhy dealers every
where. oc2S-0975-3m-2tew-WAU
CitnoT. —If the reader of this** notice’* cannot get
a box of Pills or Ointment from the drag Btorolnkis
place, let him write to me, 80 Maiden Lane, enclosing
the amount, and I will snail a box free of expense.
Many dealers will not keep my medicines on hand be
cause they cannot make as much profit os on other
persons’make. 35 ecott.-SS cents, and 11.40 per box or
Snseltifilc (Ement.
8 Is of more general practical
utility than any invention now
before the public. It has baet
thoroughly tested daring the Inst
two yearn by practical men, and
pronounce* by all to he
Superior ta Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
A new tunc*
Hilton', Insolnbla Cement
Is a new.thing, and the result oi
years of study ; Its combination U
»n Scesstific Pnxscirxjcs, and
under no circumstances or change
of temperature will it become
corrupt or emit any offensive
ita combination.
Soot and Shoe Man
Manufacturers, using Machines,
will find It the beat article know?
for Cementing the Channels, as It
works without delay, is not affec
ted by any change of temperature.
Win And It sufficiently adhesive
*br their use, as has been proved
UU especially adapted
•And we claim as an especial
merit, that it sticks Patches and
ry.inin-« to Boots and Shoes suffi
[clettUy strong without stitching.
Extant that Is a sure thing for
FDa2, ?fer.T,
0!t lVoi£I,
And articles of Household Cse.
It lo a Liquid.
Hilton’s Insolnbla Cement
Is*ln a liquid form, and as easily
applied as paste.
Bern ember.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is insoluble In 'water or oil.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Adberea oily aobsUnccs.
Supplied Id Family or 3Cannfae»
tnrer*a Packages, from I ounces
(o lOt pounds.
Bold hr LORD ft SHTIC. Wholesale Druggists, 28
Lake street, Chicago, m., General.Western Agents. to
whom all order*may he addressed. Jjwr au
gLalletnanh’s irpetific.
u s E
LAIXEUASD’S SPECIFIC win act cure an <U»
aasea. Is will cure
Bbenaatism, Goat and Neuralgia.
Hundreds hswe certified to this fact.
fot «• %s£’ss^sst^r U9§
J. a. BUD ft CO.,
nois-ra-te-wr** - AgeaaforOicMO-
[otte to Rippers.
t allow, labd, bacoh, pork, BBSS,
General Western Produce.
■ Tua undersigned pay PAarrtcrxAS Attsxtios u
the sale of the ahoTO articles, and consignments sent
to then will be
Ob very advantageous terras. Wo Una a WBKKLI
PBICB CURRENT of the ftbOTe articles, which wc
■wan ftkATia to those sending their address to
Itß-ttSMa 39 Water Street* If. Y. City.
Xj a* tour own homes. _
-TnotiAua» caw auAi.iga a Dollabs
Wwwt.t No utensil* required except those found m
ereryhoneebold; prcfltslOQ per con*.; demand«•?“
asflocr.- It lathe greatest discovery of the *«e»
particulars rent on receipt of two ttaiepe fbr retorn
■lSßridKStt UDSBti B “JU£V
Co Comrattorß
be received at the ofEce of the Minnesota Cealral
Railway company. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, until
Urn r*U» day of Wav. ISM at 12 o'clock noon, for Us
Grilling. Masonry and bridals? on tho branch Ua* •»
said roatlfrom Mendota to tft, Pool. . ._ .
This work com prices * large amount of send rocK
excavation, and ike m’w-'Ury ami superstructure of *
brirtee acres* UM*SH.-isi--ilppi Mver
NcticeU hereby given m** on or about the
date, the wort cf contplefinc the trading, maspury
and bridging on tbs mr.m l;np of -uiia road, fro n Fam
.banlt to tho lowa State Uoo, (J7) Qfty-.««ven mUc», will
be contracted for. . ~, , . .
The wcik upon the branch line Is of a very heavy
•character* and Is woruy the attindon of responsible
■ C PavaenSViU bo made monthly. In cash, and bite
received for the work in small or large quantities,
cornea ni reeervinrtne right to rejact any bUia no*
sathScwry aa to price or an to Uxa rteponaioliuy of
tlon may be mace to tba Company a Cblflf &ijiOfltv.
“ Sa, g , S I , iuBSBLAH. PrraWjat-
D. C, SoxTAU), Chief Engineer. apfrMCT-t*
Ome* Cinzv Cojouasaitt ov suaawrwjcn, )
CKATTANoorta T«'nn.,3farCb7tb, 18W. J
Scaled proposals are invited till Sth ef April. 1561.1C
fcciLbltin* the tabblstcnco Department with four tbon>
sand OJu>) bead af Beef Cattle on tba hoof. •
■The Cattle to be delivered at Nashville. Tena., aaC
welched on the scales and the weight so determined is
be thepnrehase weight. . -
' The Cattle required most average at least eleven bun
dred and fifty (MOO) pounds, and no animal will he ad
mitted wclahlnc let* than one thousand Cl." 1 *) pouair
grcoi. A rigid inspect lon will Unmade branch parson*
as the Government tnay direct at each delivery. BnHc.
Stags, Heifers and Cows not wanted.
A bond with good and smSclent security wilt be re*
anircd fer the falthiui performance of tba contract.
The time of the delivery of CattlowtU bo fifteen tefg
after signing the contract, and me thousand (i,wo>pet
week will be required till the contract la completed*
Bids directed to Lieut. Col. A. P. Porter, Chief O.B»
Department of the Cumberland. KaahTHlo. Tanm.aas
to to endorsee proposals for furnishing Bcof Cattle-
An oath of alfrEunce roust .ic company each bld.aac
no bid will bo entertained when the bidder 1a not
ent to rrvpocd. Payments will be made in certlflcattt
of Indebtedness. • ■
Fogat or Bu>.—l do hereby propose to lurnlsb
U. S. Subsistence Department with four thousand (iM&
heed of Beef Cattio on the hoof, in strict accordance
with condltlc&s of the encloced advertisement. to be
delivered atKnehvllle, Term..for thasem of ■ - par
hundred pound* gross weight. I otfer ea security to
my contract the names .of .of—-e«onli>
State or . A.P.POF.TKK, *
mhlS-ataa-Slt Lieut. Col, and Chief C. S. D. of ft.
Proposals for foragi
Cutar CrraxTsaacasm e arm,»
4 HALED PitUfnisALß ere Invite i by we under
for inpplyu-.g the C. 8. Qflintnnnitej e Dt
parmeat at Washington. D. C., Bairmoru. 81
Alexwadrla, tad Fort Mcuroa Va.ore*barof%«r
places, with Hsy,Com, Oats aae Straw „ „
Bios wHi be receive-' for the dadvery of 5,860 atiNl
ofsor« cr oa&'an; 50 tons of t-aj orj'iraw.oearvartfa
Bldncn niost its to at which of the above
points th«y propose to make deliveries, man the rater
stwnlr> tbeywliimaka aeßwwtes tbe-*wav mo qua*,
it? ofeacbartlch) oroposad to be tellvand, tba Utef
when saU ualiTerlM sbaßbe commenced, and o»g
v re cotcnlat*d. . „
Tts price mast oe wmten out in womc on Ota ttft
ikirnto to put up la good ctont sackA Oi about SWt.
bubals each. Oats la Mia tnr*ks, of abouttnrte bateau,
aach The sacra to b« fun shed without extra chanu
to use Ocvemmant. Thr hay ana straw U»beaeoßn&'
' M T'>4t)ar.imlarkind ordeacrtottonoroaa.eoro.Mfr
or straw, propoaad to be delivered must be stated at
rha proposals
All tho articles o&erad under us bids heroin invitee
win be railect to a rlglu Inspectioaby thsGovißT
ment Inspector before being accepteo.
Cot tracts will be awar.e • trom time to time to the
lo* e?t responsible tlar.er. aa tie interest of theHcs-
Ttumest way require auu psymsat wIU «> madewkC.
vtolc. amount contracted for shall have beta dp'
Uv<?r** aac aectpwd.
The biaccr win be reqmraa to accompany hu .
IK/jniwltiagaaraes/. aigaedbytwo respocatblepet.
sons, that m caiihlibl 7 is accdjt xi haorcneywrßL
sliMs ten days thereat:cr, execute the rostraetic:
the same witagooo anc sudJcent sureile* In a ssw
icaal to the amoast or the contract, t • deliver l*tt
- <oragc oroooaad la conformity with the terms of Ota.*
acversliemer*: ssi Is case the said bidder ihouMat;
to enter Into the contract, to nase gooe t.-ie
forsnee between the offer of said Db'aer and the nss:
lowest respossible bidder, or the person ro wroa ft**
ma'-ract may be awar. ea.
There'uonvihilltvorthejfusm'iton *coee besiwuc
or the i ertlhcate of a U S. District
CoUrcfor of or any other othcarunder t—.
Unl'.ed states &v or raipocribls perver
known to tala o&ea.
All blseers » m be duly co lined of the acctttMoe*'
TClenlou of thesf proposala.
The fell name and P O adcreaaofeachbtJdsraort
oo legibly written in Urn oropoaal
Proroeal* man be a-drs a«a to anjra-Jcr ucatn
D. if.Busker, Chief Depot Quartermaster. WasktaA
ton.D.C,aou should be pit,<lymarxda“
*jr Forage."
Bonds, in a rum eaual to the amount of the
Uvßcdoytoecot ractoraai Doth • isgnarauton. jso*
se required of :he successinl Dlddar or bidden wytf
*l^?MiktormalofbWs. rtaramoaa, and boodftmavkF
(Tow*. County, and --- ■ —■
Liha laMentwr, do hereof propose »o n.mie» »t*
deliver Co us United States, at tee tjnartcrmMte r
Department at - - , agreeably to ttio terms »•
Sar aovertl emeut, tovltifg proposal* ter for*«c
tnt ■» aahlugton Depot. December 8,1338. the m&e&
ag arUcl- i. vu :
-■■ buU'eis of Cora, la sacks, at per bushel of**
— —psrbnsaelOfSt
~~ tons of baled Straw, at per ton of 2,fOOpouu£it
. Delivery to commence an or before tae——— o*£
of. , iss , usd to be complet'd oa or before c*
—ca/of— —■ .126 .and pleoge mjsalfto
ter into a written contract with the Unfrec Stata*.
with good ant*. approval securities, wttola tbs me*
oftmaaii alter oelnp nomtoz that my bid has Sec?
accepted. Ton? obedient servant, ..
Brigadier General z>. H Rucru*,
Chief Depot Quartermaster,
Wasatiuttou, 33. Q»
We, tks aadartignea, raiidsnta of ——, iamd
Counts ot—— .anaStataot -,hareoyjmailT*»*
severallv, covenant with the Unit e States, and mr>
antes In case the foregotav bid of —— - be acceptnd,
tl *t ne ordhey will, within ten days after the uatii
aace of said hid, execute-tie contrast rortaosKv?
with goon and suffldeiftsßretiea, in a stun equal to tfca
amount of the contract, to fumuh UHtoragapropiMW
Dconformltvte the terms «f advertUec.entcatettlbfr
cumber 8, ifiSS, under which tbs bid was macs, aid, :s
goaetbesald ■—— saall fall to enter Into a coniraof at
alorwald, we guaranty to make good the iiHTrr—ii
between ike offer by tip said ■ and tne aas9
lowwt responsible bidder or the person to whoa leg
be oc? hands and sas£y
I thi*- dai of . l^r^rnM
„VtJffry 4isfliiy that, to ttiwst or mykMWfl&a
iTwiSiit the above named guarantor* are good wt
SSrSbe^J^S 6 * *** tte ,saoaaV for wklOHua
**All proposals receive,--jgp this advertiseasM
will be openedaad t ( this o®co w.bff
BEBDAY and SATURDAY J each week, at Ik
Bidders are respectfully Invitee * Q present, a* w
opening of bids,** U they h. ruCMB.
CaU-sxn-Ou Geberal and bwanmm—
2To atcfltoctg.
Plans for Sew Building,
Architects are invited to famish plans for a building
to be erected for the ”CHAJni*n or Cohmebcb oftboi
Cttt or Chicago,” upon a lot,comer Washington and
Laealle ftrccis, of dimensions and position as follows*
Lot sSxl?o, bounded on the north by Washington street
opposite Court House Square-Wit., wort by LaaaHe
street—lßo ft. south by an alley—33 ft., taat by a eoort
of 30 ft., reserretHbr access and light to the building®
the building to occnpy the entire lot.
The corporation la entitled to live feet area on tod
north, east and west sides.
To be sufficiently elevated to be well lighted, and to
be divided Into desirable offices for Commercial an*
Banking purposes.
To be divided into general business offices, varying
s size and accommodation.
Main baa for “ Board or Trade ” room ISO ft. by ftll
breadth of building, balance of this door to be divided
Into General Offices, with Secretary’s private office
Beading Koom, Writing Iloom, for the use of the mem
bers of tie Board, andiJlrcctora Boom. The height of
the main hall will be sufficient to admit of third floor
of offices, above the second floor offices, which will bn
required for Committee, Inspectors and store Booms.
The position of second floor offices may be mode sub
servient to convenience of entrance and best advantage
of main hall. The superstructure to he of Illinois
marble, or of pressed brick, or of both combined, metal
root, no dome. .....
The Board desire to erect a building somewhat eco
nomical of elaborate style, but durable In material and
workmanship, with most approved system of ventila
tion. lighting and drainage, with arrangements for
heating with atesm or water. 30 feet under court oa
cast side, and under sldewalksion Washington and La
bile streets to be available for coal and water closets.
Cost of baildingftom *130,000 to SCCO.OtO- Flans to be
drawn on V scale Geometrical -rrawtncs. not colored—
“accomcaaled with full explanations. Kstimatca sepa
rate for each partof the mechanical work required lor
the crccUoa and completion of the building to be en
closed to the Chairman of the Building Committee,
which will be opened at noon on the FIRST OAT OF
MAT next. SI,OOO to be paid for the plana adopted-
Workinr plans and general architectural services, fbr
construction of building to be a matter of after ar»
cr Information will be tarnished oa appli
cation to tho Chairman of the Committee,
ca DANIEL THOMSON, Chairman,
- Building Committee.
' Chicago. March 13th.1861. mh29-aaJS-2w
CO-PARTMERSIUP. —I have this
day associate! with me my son-in
Ll* CIUS C. PARDEE- The business wIU be continued,
hereafter under the name and Arm of
Dissolution.— The Co-part
ncrshlp hitherto esfstinc tm'er the name of
liltE* PORTER, isibla day rihuolyed by motu*!.
consent. The business of the old Urn win
Tblcego. March 29,1354.
I J NsKsHlP.—Fuhllc notice U hereby given that
the copartnership existing beiweea Thomas Walah,
FrederickSchwarts and John Wool, under the name
ncd style of THOMAS "WALSH * CO., In the ifutr
Dressing Business, la disaaWed. . ,
All persona owing laid drm will settle ihelr accounts,
with Thomas Walsh alone- Neither of the other
»noc»«..Btl>orl»><t to
Dated Chicago, March 31, *_ _ap2-hAgL3Ua^
Loots anh Sijoes.
Mantuactnrers and Wholesale Dealers la
M Lnke-S*., Cklcaso, IU-
We haw« now on hand a wary large and well selected
stock of Spring Goods of .he very best maanfhetate,
usd of a superior quality to those usually ottered la
our purchases’ln Dicziia**, 1353,£ c»
the coming season, prior to the recent advances. w«
bellawa we can offer ravsvsx. vnjucxsCUTS to CUSS
ormit, visiting this market.
Wo eontinne to cake EXTRA. 3i2&9 and GOO®
BQQDaonrBPgCTaT.rrT. fo3l.w»3mU
Brugsjmh (Sfremlcals.
T H. REED & CO. f
S3 Lake St., Chicago, 111.
Points, Oils, Window Glass, Glss*.
ware) lurnlni Oils, Kerosene,
Sospmslcers* Stock, Manu
facturers’ Goods, Ac.,
Which we offer at prtcre M ““
chahU and Manufacturer*.
H. A-Hnauvr , „ ,
- ffrm>kWK3f STAMDABB*"
Tslrbsaki, Greenlesf ft Os*

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