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Hijitaga ymbnut.
Panning the natural course of radicalism, the
editors ofscreral of the Abolitionist sheetsnavc
recently been seized with a strong desire, for the
Introduction of amalgamation into the social and
domestic life of their own and other radical fami
lies, Those of them who are not already unfortu
nately bound by law to white wives seem to be
earnestly desirous of securinghaek companions on
the voyage ol life.—N. Y. Journal of Commerce.
If this assertion had appeared in the N. Y.
Herald one would know bow to treat
it The JXrredd is the buffoon of the press.
In "Old times Icings Cent professional foot*,
whose duty It was to say ladlcrons things for
the amnsement of tbc court The “king’s
fool” was no fool, but a low commedian. a
manufacturer of pons and pasquinades and
smart silly sayings. As the people in this
free country constitute the king, or sover
eignty, the K. Y. Herald ow-plreg to he their
fool, and succeeds admirably. It deals in
lampoon, pasquinade, ridicule, invective and
falsehood. - It never tells the truth, except
with afhmdulent intent. Its grand object
is to amuse, to startle, to deceive, to mystify,
to keep men's minds in a muddle, to admin
ister to theirbaserappclilcfi and passions; to
make morality, religion, truth, principle
look as absurd and ridiculous os possible.
And so notorious has itsxcal character'and
purpose become that while many read it and
laugh, no intelligent person places the slight
est reliance on its statements, and unless its
assertions of fact arc corroborated they are
never believed, except by very ignorant and
very unsophisticated people. The Journal of
Commerce has sought to establish a different
reputation; •It makes professions of respect
ability, and wishes the. reading public to re
pose faith in its statements. But what can
have infinccditradltor to gravely put forth
the libel which we Lave quoted ? Was it the
paltry purpose to raise a laugh at the expense
of his political opponents? A down in a
circus ring, may get off smutty Jokes, may
relate monstrous, lies without Injuring his
reputation. But a lecturer or orator proles 8-
ingto be respectable, and addressing an audi
ence of respectable people, cannot indulge in
the down's'role without forfeiting the res
pect of hls hearers, felling binder their con
tempt, and perhape Being hissed off the stage.
The Journal of Comtneree has insulted its
readers by making tbe assertion it does.
They .do, not what it all edges to be
true. It kuoma wbat it asserts to be fal*e. Jt
cannot give Ihc names of the 44 several Abo
“ lition sheets tnat have recently been seized
“witha strong<Jeaire for tbc introduction
“ol amalgamation into the -social and do
-44 mestic life of their oim. and other radical
44 families.” Wc challenge it to name one
such 44 Abolition sheet.”
The assertion is pure invention; it Is a
dbty and contemptible slander, known to
be suchuby the vender. There are several
kinds ol lies, such as probable, specious,
clumsy, transparent, absurd and silly lies.
This one perpetrated by the Journal of Com •
f ncrctf is an absurd, and also a silly and trans
parent lie. It is one of the wretched effects
of slavery. The Journal of Commerce has
long been a lackey o£thc slave power, and
it utters this base falsehood in the interests
of its masters. Falsehood as well as treach
ery, theft, brutality and treason, is an attri
bute of slavery.
But since it is conceded on all hands that
the monster has received a mortal wound,
and that It Is -dying, why does the Joumil of
Commerce continue to worship at its shrine ?
Men do not generally worship a setting sun.
But perhaps we ought to make allowance
for the force of habit. It is difficult to
break loose from habits of twenty years'
duration. Bnt it is of no use to -bum sacri
fices on the altar of slavery any more. Gen
tlemen donghlaces, your king is gylng; he Is
I>ast cure. Pray, cease to utter.'slanders and
libels on the friends of Freedom; they have
won ihc battle; they are'xhasters of the situ
ation; the ibtnre is theirs. Amalgamation
is an attribute of slavery; the white and ne
gro races never fuse or mlseegenate except
in the relation of master and slave. Give
■ the black race freedom and. amalgamation
instantly ceases. The black man then jeal
ously watches over and pres erveslhe chastity
of the females orhls race from the amorous
advances of the white males. The practice
is broken up completely' Bnt in a state of
bondage the male negro la powerless, ’and
the female negro wholly under the dominion i
and subject to the brutal lusts of her owner or
his son. ‘Where there is one instance of mis
cegenation in a. state of freedom, there are
ten thousand in a state of slavery. All this
the Journal of Commerce well knows, bnt It
tried to ape the old Satanic in perpetrating a
libel on its political opponents. r-Betterlcave
all that disreputable business with the JEfcr-.
old, unless it is anxious to throw away what
reputation for respectability It
It Is evident that the rebels are Inaugurat
ing the campaign by sundry demonstrations
in and upon Kentucky. .Forrest's operations
in the west of that. State, arc only pari of a
plan, which we shall probably see soon filled
out by corresponding-movements -elsewhere.
It is announccd that Buckner is moving into
the State on the East, through Pound Gap;
at the some thue'that Longstreet’s force,,
which he has been mounting for some time,
is quite invisible—its whereabouts and prob
able destination being unknown. Very like
ly a part of it may be destined for Kentucky.
The object may he two-fold. In the first
place, the rebel army wants supplies. A suc
cessful stay in Kentucky, even for a short
time, would help them on that score; even a
raid in force might holdout good prospects
of advantage, only so it could get success
fully away.
But another object, much more important,
is, without doubt, intended. Whether that
is to get possession of the State and repos
sess themselves of Tennessee, and so to
close, up the Mississippi again, as we have
bccn.wamed; or whether some grand object
in the East is on foot, for which these. Ken
tuckymovements are only a sort of blind, is
uncertain to outsiders, and can onlybelecrn
ed by awaiting the development. Our mili
tary leaders are doubtless pretty well inform
ed in the premises, and are prepared in either
quarter. If the rebels wish to reconquer
Kentucky, they will have a good
fight for it We are" Sony" for the
true Union people in that State, who must
suffer again the ravages of war. But there is
a section there, of those who olalm to be
Union people, whose doings and utterances
have doubtless done much to bring about'
this state of things. The rebcls.knoir them
selves to be tolerably safe among those who
worship slavery ; and always feel perfectly
free to come among them, either for stay or
contributions. ' Tbe present theatre of For
rest’s operations west of the Tennessee Hirer
is as dense* region of slavoholding darkness
as exists is or out of South Carolina. Of'
course be can rely upon them as rebels. Hla
troops arc largely raised on thegronnd. The
Padncah fight was got up by Paducah men.
Those Union men, therefore, who cling to
slavery need not be surprised if they are re
garded., by the rebels as their real friends
after aIL The rebels claim the slaveholding
pari of them; and when a man is compound
ed of slaveholder and Union man, and the
rebels get the slaveholder, it is easy to see
what becomes of tho Union part of Mm.-* He
is like the Bishop who was a rowdy—tbe
Bishop belonging!© the Lord, and the rowdy
to the Prince of Darkness; when Baton took
the rowdy tbe Bishop had to go, too; Our
sorrow for such zqcn is that their delusion
exists. But while it exists, we know of no
sure remedy but such as itself invites. While
the itching is. so intense Old Ahenietby's
cure is inevitable—there must be “scratch
ing.” Our sincere hope is that the present
scratch will suffice, and that Kentucky will
he hereafter truly loyal. That tbe rebels will
get the worst of It in theirattempts there we
feel sure; hut they are bound to get the
worst of It at any rate, and may as well get
It, if they will, hi Kentucky os anywhere.
In the House on Monday lost, Mr. Davis of
Maryland reported the following Joint reso
lution, which was adopted by a unanimous
the Congress of the United States
T^iWTOte C thßSl^^ oleadUle nations of the
they arc in differ
iMnirai «o a«aite uit u dSS' .™^ rot F
p»plc of the Unitto thß
chi Ml Government erected on tif
pnbltcan government In America.
piece of toy Enropcnn power*-
This resolution voted for by every mem
beroflhe House of Representatives, irros
apectlvc of party, is no brutumfuhnen or ac
tion to kill time. It Is the earnest, emphatic
Tolce of the people, of the United States
through their servants at Washington pro
tcsting:agaSnst the monarchical designs of
Louis Kspoleon in this Hew Worid, which
Republicanism has claimed for itself It is
an clcqncnt'inilcation of the temper of our
people, -and the powers of Europe will do
well to heed * the warning—thus offici
ally conveyed, that a monarchical govern
ment In MdxJco under the auspices oi Napo
leon, or any other European monarch cannot
bo tolerated. The fidmen now is only on pap
er, bnt it may convey a suggestive hint to
Napoleon and his spendthrift catapaw. Maxi
ywiUftn. When this present rebellion is end
ed and the' States arc once more -unanimous
In action, tht/übnen may be a shot and shell
one. IT there be one feeling more deeply
iippiantßd in the American heart than, an
other, It Is that of antipathy to 'monarchical
-*i *
[naUfnlions, be they UcJtfd or absolute,
mild or despotic, Napoleonic or es seprems
as those of the King of The
American continent bas been set apart for
tbc crowtb of Republicanism, and the devel
opment of a new civilization and new ideas.
Progress, not ConscnratUm, is the watch
word. Ksyal thrones In Mexico, or else
where, will be found very nnstable. The
ever recurring conflicts between the crown
and the people, despotism and liberty,are not
yet ended. The settling blow
be struck now os any time, and .fhat oppor
tunity will come when a royal gamester and
political row attempts to sit upon the throne
of the Aztecs.
0* Our correspondent with Gen Banks*
army, writing from Alexandria, Lon., away
up the Bed among other things,
As an indication of tbe’etate of society In West
ern Louisiana, officers r*have seen in passing
through, persons to toAlfeflhat they hare been
branded on tbe forehead with the .word “slave ;V
, others bad an‘X cut on tbe ebeek to prevent them
fiom passing-off as purely white blood. ---
Here is a nut for our Copperhead cptem
poraries to crack. They are talking a good
deal of late, abont miscegenation, and charg
ing that the Republicans advocate and prac
tice it. How happens it that slaves are'found
In Western Louisiana so nearly white that
they can only be distinguished from the pure
whites by branding the word “slave” on their
foreheads? Who arc themlsccgcns in
case? Those Octoroons are the oflspring of
‘•democrats.'’ Mnlattoes, Quadroons and
Octoroons, exist not only by thousands, but
by hundreds oi thousands, all over the “dem
ocratic” Southern States. They are a South
xrn “democratic” institution, as much so as
slavery; amalgamation between the demo
crats and their negress “property” is a uni
versal practice in that country. Whoever
will read Chancellor Harvey's Vindication of
Slavery, will find that be admits the univers
ality of “miscegenation'.' between
young men and the colored women of the slave
States. A sister of President Madison once
observed tbatMfVe Southern wives are but
mistresses of seraglios:'' - _
There is only way to put a
stop to amalgamation, and to prevent the
filthy practices of miscegenation from bleach
ing ont the African race in the Southern
States, and that is, by giving freedom to tbe
slaves, and releasing the colored females
from the dominion of their democratic mas
ters, and placing them under the care and
protection of their natural guardians, the
male blacks! This is tbc care for the evil,
.proposed by the Republicans, and there is bo
other that will prove effectual. Is is not
logical* to conclude that those who oppose
the only practicable mode of stopping whole
sale miscegenation are In favor of- the prac
Authorship of the President’* Procla
mation. A
A statement recently appeared in a news
paper in relation to Mr. Lincoln's messages
and speeches. Among other things it was
stated in the article that Mr. Chase wrote the
concluding paragraph in the Emancipation
Proclamation. Willed Spirit of Ux Tones
intimated that Mr. Seward, wrote the Gettys
burg speech of the President. The corres
pondent of the New Tork iW says the state
ments have attracted tho attention of Mr.
Lincoln, and he hears that gentleman pro*
nounces them entirely erroneous. Every
public document of his, since he became
President, but one, he asserts, is his own
composition. That exception is the address
to the English clergymen. Mr. Seward wrote
it The Gettysburg speech was entirely Mr.
Lincoln's composition.
Tbe disposition in certain quarters t.o write
Mr. Lincoln down os a nobody, will hardly
succeed among the people. -
George Thompson recently delivered an
address at Springfield, Massachusetts, in the
course of which he quoted extracts from the
editorial articles of the* Springfield J?*pu6li
con, on the occasion of his coming to lecture
in 1851, written to prepare the popular mind
for bis reception; also from a placard appen
ded to an effigy, bung for the Sunday edifica
tion of the citizens, which was gratuitously
published in the JipuUiean y and which was
intended to. cti77 out the reception cerem<£
sues in the spirit of the editorials. ; Ofthc
latter the following arc specimens: 1 Z
Hen of Hampshire! will you allow an English
serf to comeamong yon, and create* dvllwar by
continuing, agitation-now happUyffisposed of by
onr Government!
Americans! countrymen of the murdered-Em
mett, of Mitchell, of-O’Brien, torn ont and drive
this miscreant from ouT soil: for your brothers*
blood cries against him for vengeance 1 . *.
3?cre is tbe collusion:
Fellow-citizens, be at your posts.' The moral
strength of the community is with ns; let the phy
sical be present.
Let your cry bo, “America, and* home for all I
Union acd vigilance against the machinations of
despots!" ... _ .
A monument to Bishop Onderdonk,
According to the Cltrittian Time*, of New
York city, an elegant monument is to be
erected in Trinity Church to' the memory of
the late Bishop Onderdonk It Is to be of
Caen stone, and to consist of a redining
. effigy, the Head wearing a mltro, a crosier
lying by the side, angels at the head and a
conchant lion at the feet. Under this lion is
a serpent, whose head is" raised, while the
barbed tongue is thrust out towards the
Bishop. This last device, emblematical of
slander, refers to the charges against the
Bishop which led to his deposition, and ac
cording to the Observer., is hardly complimen
tary to his Episcopal peers by whom he was
•convicted, and the respectable witnesses who
testified In the once famous Onderdonk case.
Tbe Goon TVoek Pboobessikg. —The
Quincy Whig says: "Within the past week,
twenty-three new recruits have arrived for
the 29th regiment U. S. regiment colored
troops, who have now six companies In
camp. CoL Eroes has just returned Irom a
trip to lower Egypt, where reerniting Is go
ing on rapidly, and will soon havo.j(wo more
companies here from that section. The regi
ment is a fixed fact, and will, without doubt,
be full within thirty days, when they will
leave for Annapolis, having been assigned to
Gen. Burnside's corps, as bos been previous
ly announced, CoL Brass having received of
ficial notification to that effect*
KT A few days ago Jacob Schuek, an em
ploye in the United States Express Com
pany's office at Bloomington, was arrested
by off ccr Dixon, of Chicago, on a charge of
robbery. It was discovered that he bad been
stealing for several weeks, his peculations
amounting to about §2,000 in the aggregate.
They recovered three to four hundred dollars
worth of diamonds, one trunk and
worth about SIOO, a revolver, two horse
blankets and other articles, together with
some decoy money." He was held to bail for
pT The “ Baffle for a Young Lady *’ which
has been quite conspicuously published by.
. nearly all the papers in tbe country as a seri
ous though strange operation ola Sanitaty
abseil." The young lady, “whose initials
arc A. P. 8.," who “ was bom in Italy,” and
whose 4 ‘ father, though an American, still re
sides there,” and who has '‘ looked so coldly
on the many men who have sought her,” is
no more than Palmer's statue of “ The An
gel of Peace in Bondage/!. .
Jfif* A liberated slave in Ohio has just fall
en heir to sß,ooo# Two years ago the planter
who owned him brought him to Greene
county, In that State, and freed him, and at
the same time deposited in bank eight thou
sand dollars, giving the negro tbe certificate
of deposit for safe keeping. The planter
died, tbe slave lived, .and ftbe Court -ruled
that the money belonged to Sambo, who en
joyed his good luck amazingly. . - \~
psr*Two ■ men*named Jeremiah 7 Earnest*
and Thomas Miller, of Arkansas, were hanged
on thelSth Inst, at. Little Bock, for cause
lessly banging .Union men last summer.. A
lair and wasallowed them,
and every opportunity afforded them to es
tafriifeii their innocence of the murder, bat
their guilt was beyond controversy.
fS?* It having been denied that Governor
Bramleltc, of-Kentucky, hod prepared a trea
sonable message, advising armed resistance
to -the proposed draft of negroes in that
Stated the Bcv. Robert Breckinridge now
states that he saw theproof of the document,
and that it was in type ready to be printed
and issued. - '
|sf Rochester (N,. Y.) Democrat • has
advanced its scale of prices ip the following:
Doilyj $8 per annum, $2 per quarter; at the
counter five cents per copy; to agents' and
$1 per quarter. Wbckly, SLSO per year, 50'
cents per quarter. It has also, adopted the ,
the cash systeml ‘ !
C - A judgment tea been rendered against
Major Cmend John C. Fremont; and In favor
of Catharine Clark, lor *IO,OOO. oh a promt
60t7 note made by Fremont, In consideration
ofoeitaininin properly in Mariposa conht£
• Lat * from Vienna states
the death of tho King of Bavaria was owin"
to lock-jaw, originating In a scratch on th?
hroat from a pin attached to an order he was
fastening on his coat. He waa sick but four
iST The island of AscenUon, though be
longing to tho British crown, is in & c t ft
dependency of its navy. Whatever ship of
worllfs there becomes,.for the time, the
government, and the station Is eo 'picasaat
that the officials always leave It with regret
The Present Stain* «»r Preediaen
In tlie mululjpl Talley.
The 'Wax versus the Treaimy Department.
[Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.
Vicksbubq, March 26,1861.
The country has been agitated ever since
the rebellion broke out, about the find dis
position of the negro. Like most other
questions of policy which look formidable in
the distance, and explain themselves In good
lime, this which had puzzled statesmen, has
been happily solved by the stern teacher—war.
When General Butler laid down the true
law ol our country, that in this war the negro
was “ contraband,” he happily solved the
problem. The status of the negro was de
termined, all the rest was merely a question
of municipal government. Drifting with the
tide of moral sentiment and expediency, we
first employed the black man to dig, to drive,
to work, to - serve—then to bear arms, and
build and hew in our military service.. Thus
far, for the able-bodied negro we bad found a
place and a purpose; a right, a responsibil
ity—saving, perhaps, the single one of ex
change as a prisoner of war. The question,
however, was not exhausted. The females,
the infirm,'the young, the aged, require our
attention. *
It was natural that at a time like this when
labor was so scarce, when the enemyhad
maintained such an advantageover ns by his
organized slave labor,the negroes should have
been expected to labor on the aideof freedom,'
onlhesidtfofthelrdellverers! Bythelrvery
existence they were eminently fitted to sup
ply the unprecedented gap in the labor of the
world. Common sense noless than national
economy pointed them to thClr accustomed
task of raising cotton while they, were learn
ing the first lessons of freedom.
in the Mississippi Yalloywbere the bnllcof
the population were of this class, the experi
ment was tried last year; although not fa
vored ot elements or enemies the result was
successful. The fitness and the improvement
ofthe negro in his new condition was der
Tbe scheme though devised
amid the drawbacks and reverses of war and
reverses by Adjuant General Thomas, was on
the whole an exverunentwn cruii*. On the
first of January, in conformity with the law
psfesed by Congress for the confiscation of
property beloning to rebels, the task was
transferred from the War to the Treasury De
partment, including the leasing and cultiva
tion of abandoned estates. This lattermost
have been an oversight as the colonization of
the insurgent districts with free labor is In
no, sense a revenue measure, hut would have
more properly belonged to tbe War or Into*
riorDepartment/ or still better to an Agri
cultural or Bureau for Frecdmen's Affairs.
In etrict fact the measure has Important
f o]illcal as well as philanthropic bearings,
n changing the character of the labor of hall
the country we are Inevitably tearing down
a social strnctnre and replacing it with a bet
ter; we are uprooting baneful and deep seat
ed political prejudices and in their stead sow
ing seeds of enlightened and healthful policy.
Ihc reformation in many of the reclaimed
districts was hopeful, and astonishing.. The
demonstration by Gen. Banks, in Louisiana,
by free labor, killed -by its contagion more
enemies than his bayonets. Besides working
the black advantageously to himself, his em
ployer and the Government, he ordained
regulations which dissipated the prejudices
010 generation. His scheme is now in suc
cessful operation over the greater portion of
Not so, however, the system introduced
by. the agent of Mr. Chose farther up
.tberiver. Mr. Mellen.apparentlyanxionsto
signalize his entrance by a new code, at one
"blow demolished all the fabric raised with so
much pains by his predecessor. Instead '6f
the five hundred plantations which bad been
applied ior under the old system, there were
not at a late day forty plantations bring
worked by lessees under the Government.
Worse', the condition of the negroes at large
haa been made worse,-and there is an evident
necessity for continuing the military super
vision. The revenue to- the Government is
decreased, and a fundamental provision of
the constilntionviolatcd.
The principal effect of the law which com
mltted this Important charge to the Treasury
haa been to. increase, tbe huge number of
officials and favorites, who are now prating
cn the pnhlic purse, with unquestionable de
signs upon the coming elections.
We venture to assert, and think-.we con
prove, that the present “ permit. system” of
trade in this volley is the most gigantic pub
lic plundering that this much plucked nation
has ever suffered. This is partly by the reiy
loose and inadequate provision for the pun
ishment of fraud; and also by a most unwise
• clause In the regulations by which tbe in?
• formant who shall libel the property of the
en&iy secures ball the proceeds of its sale
, after filing proper bonds. The legitimate
consequence is seen In the fact that the prin
cipal, indeed, almost the only libellers, arq,
the Treasury agents themselves, who, arc
.employing sub-agents in dozchs to seize all
tbe cotton in the country. - Let no honest
tax-payer suppose that the exchequer receives
• half tbe value of all confiscated cotton. By
a process known only to the initialed, the
Government is cheated of nineteen-twen
tieths, and it is only through the falling ont
of these peculators that any gets into the
Treasury. At this time there Id a violent
quarrel between the Vlcksbmgand Natchez
agents for the spoils of office.
it Is well understood that the two func
tions commonly supposed to be performed
by - these agents—prevention of contraband
smuggling and collection of revenue—are
not by any means effected. Contrariwise,
smuggling through the enstom house Is in
finitely more common than through thelines,
as of old. It is doubtful if the revenue
raised officials, after paying cost of
collection, on all the trade between Cairo and
New Orleans, exceeds the amount of one
cent per pound "on all cotton and tobacco
passing thmigh those points. Farther, tbe
bpeciol Agent, Mr. Melien, has Imposed a tax
of two cents per pound on all cotton raised
by free labor, without the least shadow of au
The authority vested in Gen. Thomas by
the Secretary of War was sufficient for tho
purposes of the enlistment ol negroes and
the system of labor. The authority of Sec r
reian Chase under Congress became co-ordi
nate, The duties and .prjyiligea of each of
these respective agents are nowhere clearly
defined. Co-operation is necessary. ' The
Treasury cannot employ laborers without
protection from tho army, and unless em
ployed they become a sourco of ovil and ex
pense to tbe Government had tbe army. Thq
government of negroes and citizens is*lor the
time martial. Mr.- Mellcn’s interference
with tbe affair thus far has been ruinous to
all concerned, the negro and the colonists of
tbe country. Atjllus moment there are eight
hundred animals starving to death in Vicks
burg lawfully in the custody of the Treasury
officials who have no provision: for such ser
vice. •
We are glad to observe that tbe President
las entrusted Gen. Thomas with ample
forces for the most judicious division and co
operation in this task, so that the military'
arm shall be ready to protect tbclr interests.
The political issues which are dividing the
attention of people” at the North are.T fear,
Impertinently thrust into matters of a philan
thropic and military character. Gen. Thomas
hud just succeeded in*selcctlng responsible
officers who were subject to summary trial
and dismissal, which It is attempted to re
place by political partisans' of obscure ante
A corps of colored troops of the second
class bad been raised under the orders of the
Secretary of War for the government of re
claimed territory. AU that was needed be
yond this was a supervision of officers from
a Freedman's Bureau, to sec that obligations
between laborer and employer are faithfully
carried out.
It is cheering to know tint though the
lessees of plantations have been discouraged
from the enterprises by the meddling regula
tions and tbe hostilities of the enemy, the
negroes.-themselves,:. have shown to a re
markable degree a manly sense of their posi;
lion. At. this time there are five 'thousand,
of all ages, on Jeff Davis* plantation, below
Vicksburg. At Island No. 10, fire hundred,
at President's Island, two. thousand, and at
Young's Point two thousand more.
On account of the discouragement of the
Plantations by withdrawing the colored for
ces raised expressly for them protection, their
prospects are for the moment gloomy. At
Sblpworlh’s Landing, the levees have been
cut and many ol the negroes have been cap
tured and shot and their bouses burned. At
Lake Providence and Goodrich's Tending the
guerillas are continually hovering about, to
the great detriment of labor. At Waterprool
and vidalia many of them have been given
up oh account of want of protection. But
few of them on the east side are being culti
The arrival of Gen. Thomas and the opera
tions now on foot on Red River qnd its trib
utaries,-will afford ad equal e p rotce ti on to the
west; side. The Ouachita and Tensas Trill he
explored. ThefortSAnd garrisons. will be
re-established, and the greatest encourage
ment given to Ireed-labor enterprise. All
who have an interest in the welfare of the
negro cannot but desire to see b!tn placed In
a sphere where he will be enabled to raise
himself to a higher civilization by honest la-.
bor and dne regard for social and political
The following circular letter on the subject
has been drawn up by Col; Eaton, superin
tendcnfbf Freedmen-at Vicksburg, in answer
to inquiries, and explains the designs* of the
Government in the matter,-and the peculiar
difficulties in the way:
: ■*. Omcz Oexekii. Sup’t FBEEDxmr, 1
> VicKSßuna, Hiss., Feh. 6, lr-64. f :
. Beau 8m: Perhaps I, cannot hotter answer the
many Inquiries in record to tho origin and object
of the r orcanizatlon of the' 9th and 7th Louisiana
regiments of A D., than by making the following
had. In spite of all trials to
-'the contrary, imposed itself upon the commanders
of onradvandng armies, and shown the necessity
of a distinct dags of officers.- , , .. v ;
Alike the simple principle of subdivision of
labor itbe pecnl ar duties of pnpenntendentß, so
unlike all other army duties: the vast,amottnt of
work required of them, enforced the necessity.
The tinny felt and acknowledged it, so of. every
one who looked at the subject.
There wo* difficulty In getting officers and men
detailed, they bad duties arduous and sufficient In
in their old organizations. Beside, guards bad
been found necessary in many instances, first of.
white soldiers, afterwards of black; from the force-,
demanded in the field. But their officers might
have no fitness ior the work of supertision—the
able bodied Ireedmen mostly west .into the . regi
ments for active service. Certain malehlackawero
found necessary to build rabn>m provide wood and
perform the various labors required - in the cire.of
the women ‘and children,-and those entirely
dependent. These, organized, could, at -the same
time, do the guard duty reqajrcdfor *tiM car j and,
IndusUy of the people, andreUeye so' many able-’
bodied men for retire service. Officered by tin
men fit for superintendents, they constituted tho
organization crrc'Jy for the :uperrlsloa
atoproxccncn of tixe freed pooplo and their indns-
General Grant, who tad moat patiently attended
to all the perplexing peculiarities of the aabject,
so unique for the consideration of a commander lit
the field, saw this fitness and recommended the
organization ; Adjutant General Thomas was
r.t bard, rested with rmple an hority by Secretary
Stanton, and ordered the organization of the 9th,
in September last. This was "filled at once, except"
rrttre £ pedal obstacles were thrown In the wayr—
the fitness beratne more apparent—the necessity
of another regiment manifest, and the 7thwasor
* Great care rras exercised in tbo selection of the
officers, that they should he of tho strictest integ
rity ana altogether of the right spirit, as well as
men of ability and attainments adapted. to the
work in hand; at once military, business, and hu
mane in a peculiar degree. As far as possible they
were found among those whose fitness bad been
tested by ‘he labors of theprerions months or year.
The field and staff officers were those considered
qualified for the more eeneral dat es—ln each com--
jany care was taken terhare one officer or more;
adapted for the business of Baoervlflion, cither
local or general, crone or more with mfiltanr. qual-.
Iflentions to bring the companies np to the highest
standard of efficiency. , . . ..
Hade np, as the regiments were, thronghont the
Department, from Island 10 to Natchez, where this
special dmy was required, the applications for of
ces wae very numerous—afford rag ■ an opportnalty
far the most choice selection. So great was the
care to secure the right menrlhat some .of tho
places were left unfilled for months.
The organization of the regiments might hare
been considered sufficiently laborious for those en
gaged In It, hot the necessities of the people In the
approaching winter were before them, and though'
looking at tho completion of the organization as
one of the greatest-means of expediting the com
fort of the people, they hated not a Jot or titrle ihe
untold labors of eeneral and local' supervision,
hunting np andpresslng every means of industry— -
providing food. shelter and clothing directly from
the sources at their command, and inviting volun
tary laborers end charity to como to their aid; pat
ting special stress upon the importance of the just
payment, by all parties, both Government and pri
vate, of all sums due the freodmen for their labor,
alike as a means of relief for present Buffering and
■of the elevation of the race.
What difficulties they hare encountered, or, bow
peculiar, none can know eo .well os they, and they
bate considered silence a part of thair patriotic;
sacrifice. This oneulement-01. discouragement,
one of the most trying to homan enterprise and
patience. Is manifest however, whenever we turn
onr observation on their most exhausting efforts
and sacrifices—so vast and remote, so embarrassed
by the conditions of war—were’lho cqdstoba se
cured for the freed people,' that theyconld at no
step attain more than the slightest earnest of a re
alization. .
Pressing the return efthe people to the planta
tions, where their Industry, health and general im
provement would be beet promoted; urging that
a pass or contract In the hands of a black man,
should be as sacred and as sure a protection to him
setothewbte man; that his industry should be
as Justly paid, that. schools ahonld be provided,
that the marital and all civil relations should bo
respected and medicines and medical
attendance. ahonld be provided tor all sick,
and asylum plantations for all entirely de
pendent, and thus the camps broken np: although
they could mark progress In these and other re
spects—many even in tills unfavorable season hav
ing returned to plantations, many former masters
having, m accordance with General Grant’s order,
become in good faith employers; cabins by hun
dreds having been erected fur those still in camp;
the'young having been taught by thousands; in
dustry and its payment, ana health and comfort
having increased, the rate of deaths rapidly dimin
ished, the violations of personal, social, and civil
relation* lessened in number—still they have been
compelled to see idleness—labor, when performed,
unpaid—sickness without adequate provision fur
relief—snflcrlng and Ignorance anremoved.
The loyal, benevolent public, have made a noble
response—clothing enough, It is thought, is now
en route to supply immediate necessities.
Volunteer laborers hare come lorwardlnlargi
numbers, encouraged by the order issued by Adju
tant General Thomas, furnishing them quarters
and the soldier’s ration.
Wsny facclinl notions have been urged for our
adoplcn, alike impracticable, injurious to llio
lu. drain, and, disadvantageous to the Govern
Every power has teen exerted to Ibe utmost, to
attempt Just what was possible, practical, common'
tense, andmothlng more.
As no man can determine in detail his own des
tiny, so, it has been Jelt, no one can mark out tbe
exact steps In the progress of a race; nor has it
been forgotten bow any mislop might damage tbe
gtnfenl confidence in the policy of the Government,
‘or delay the restoration of 1U legitimate authority
over rebellions districts. '
There is ro little cratificalion In reflecting that
this supervision In the year or more of perplexity
and darkness that has passed, has never adopted- - *
principle which has proved impractical or worked
Injury to the treedmen of the Government—but
has steadily held In view the general results, so-,
curing the interests of Government by battering
the condition of tbe freedmen, and throwing them
weight alikeos soldiers end laborers Into the scale
of loyalty; towards which, events, with all their
eddies and counter-currents hive been moviag.
No personal cuds have been sought; there has
been no embarrassment from a proems tlan
scheme; every principle adoptedhas been patiently
tried by the test of facts.
As this organization-ibr the supervision and
protection of freedmen and their industry, has ad
vanced toward completion, and assumed the actual
discharge of its duties, increasing evidence has
been furnished of Its adaptation to tbe necessities
to be met.
The general office'was removed flVim Memphis to
Vicksburg, to he nearer the centre of the greatest
demand upon It; a district office for West Tennes
see was established at Memphis, for Artrenasn. at
Helena, for Natchez at that plice, and local super
intendents assigned wherever demanded. A com
pete subdivision ol labor is rapidly working itself
out. Tbe surgeon of the 9th naturally hepamo
medical director of freedmen, and has already
token a careful survey of their medical necessities,
and for tbe time has accomplished much in supply
ing them. The Quartermaster, by being made
Acting Assistant Q. M. of Freedmen, naturally
leeks after all the pioperty required In their super
virion; Ibe Chaplain, after.schools,' education,
etc.; each assisted, as far as required, by
other officers; each, too, adopting a system
cf reports according to specified forms,
which bring the whole field and sj! the people no-'
dor view atthe General office, for correction of mis
takes or abuses, or. for the constant improvements
In general planer details. o
To withdraw this organization?or to declare that
it is not needed, womd *be to say . that thirty
thousand people require no governing' or protect
ion in the midst of the social upheavals or intes
tine war. We should pronounce the rnan mmi,
wLo would advocate such an idea as possible, in a
time of profound peace. Aow much more now ?
The organization, ir.«s Is manifetit, adapted by
simple Instinmcntatities, to do for the freed' peo
ple the simple things which the circumstances and
the times render necessary, viz; To supervise the
provision of their food, shelters and labor, as (hr ns
they must depend temporarily upon tbe Govern
ment ; their supply of medicine and medical atten
dance; their educational necessities: to'prompt
their industry, to protect them from
abuse, enforce the inviolability of all agreements
wlih them.
irtLis system was adopted In all the mllitarxDo
paitments where the gntbciing' of thcae people
renders ecptrvision necessary: dad n Head ap
pointed to open a Bureau in the War office, under
the immediate direction of the Secretary of War. I
bare no donbt its wisdom would be indicated to
present scdfiitmo£eneratlonp.
These people, like whites In and around the
army, most be under martial law. The WarDe
-paitmcnr, under these circumstances, alone can
administerand execute justice. The Tnauurvcan
only provide refutations fer the conduct of “men
with reference to money transactions; the War
Department can govern them as far as repaired
with reference to all the duties of citizens. or has
baud or cMJd; that I?, punish If these relations are
violated. and enforce any regulations of pecuniary
transactions provided by the Treasury. ■ Tha‘ bill
providing an 'Emancipation Bureau In the War
Office, seems tome, with what facts I bare before
me.lo meet , the necessity; I mean in general. I
tare not yet seen its details.
Not only la the necessary governing power with
ire army; but It has a complete system of sup
plying food,-medicines, etc., and holds these
kurpuea safe at its great depots. These poonlecan
only be safe as rcrccred so by tbe army, and con
sequently wilt need their supplies near the same
This organization, military In Its character. Is
■exactly adapted to the army methods of business
of receiving and distributing supplies. 'Any organ*
iraticn other than military would necessarily bo at
great expense to institute a new system of pur
chasing. transporting, storing'and 'Hishnnln?. and
then, independent of the army, its officers at any
temporary post, might wake op some morning and
tied themselves and their stores left by the troops,
compo led, possibly, to secret movement, unpro
tected frem the hovering guerillas.
The true system; It seems to me,' is this ooe, in
which the war Department provides for the protec
' ticn and supervision of the Irecdmon, and the Trea
sciy for the leasing of abandoned plantations, the
collection of revenue, ae tax or otherwise, the sale
of goods and the disbursing of funds.
John Eatoh, Jr.,
Colonel and Gen'l Snp’t Freedman,
Dep’t of Tennessee end State of Arkansas.
From a Gritty Subscriber,
April 2,1801. f
Editors Chicago Tribune:
I Lave bad tbc readimr of yonr excellent
Teibcne for Ibe past three months, and
have become so mneb attached to It that 1
have concluded to subscribe for it. Inclosed
findiprice for one year. One of my sons, who
took yonr paper, bos gone West, and taken
it with him. My other two boys are where
oil good patriots—able-bodied and of proper
acc—ought to be; where there is a proba
bility ol doing their country more good, in
Uncle Sam’s service, than by llugeringntound
at home cry ing “peace, peace, when there la
no peace,” for rebels, but subjugation, ex
termination, annihilation, and at last, as old
Parson Browlow would say—damnation.
Now, gentlemen, you sec from the sentl
■ monte I entertain, what kind of gravel is in
my gizzard for the Rebels, opd. their sympa
thizers, and yon can judge whether I will do
to tie to. Yours truly, **■
Township elections will be held in this
State to-day. Onr friends will confer a foror.
npon ns by sending ns returns at the earliest
possible moment. "We look for glorious re
sults. - ’ * ■ • :
The Confederate Democracy of Ohio are
not so much divided as some might Imagine.
It is true tiie Vdkrfrrund of Cincinnati hoist
ed the name of Fremont a short time since,
butyesterday it supported the Copperhead
city ticket. .
—At the late election for school officers at
JowaJCity,{the Catholic priest in that city
voted for the Union nominees, and stood at
the polls and worked all day for the success
of the ticket He was asked at the polls by.
a prominent Copperhead how he came to
Tote jthe Republican ticket. “I did It,”
said he, “in order to get out of bad com
—The Unionists have for the first time
carried the charter election at Saratoga
Springs. * .
. —At an unconditional Union Convention,
held at Bladensbnrg, Prince George’s county,
Maryland, on the following resolu
tion was adopted: *
Jtetdred. That we are In favor ot immediate
emandpauoD in the State and compensation to
loyal owners by the General Government, and that
we except as the exposition of our principles the
recent address of Richard J. Bowie andotacra, to
the voters of Montgomery county.'
—The German Union Club of.PhiladelphU
recently adopted a scries of resolutions, of
which tho last was as follows:/
“Jfcwteed, That wc enter our solemn protest
acainst the mischievous plots of those of onr fel
low citizens who declare their ,determination not
to submit to the decision of the National Union
Convention at Baltimore, unless a certain candl
datebu nominated, believing that such a coarse
ran only result in the destruction of the great
Union party, and lead to a victory oi the: oppo
nents of progress and liberty.”
We find the following in the Erie Otztlie.
An enthusiastic Democrat, determined to
make Gen. George Mellen, or. Muller„or Mc-
Clellan, President, had thcfollowlngbandbiH
conspicuously posted in one of The lower
counties, . .£be orthography is admirable,
jangto’gratiiy a “constant reader” we give
•it verbatim in the colunmsofthe £?o«ffcT‘ -•
Postponement ol tlic National Conven-
{TVachifictoß Correspondence Cincinnati Gazette.]
Union Congressmen anfi otters at the Cap*
Hal are Eerionsly thinking of the wisdom, of
postponing the Baltimore Convention, for a
month, at least. The spring military cam
paign will not commence as soon as expect
ed. TheAnny of the Potomac can not move
before the first of May, and decisive results
can hot he looked for before the first of July.
lUchmond will not be taken by rapid march
es, or short and decisive assaults, but will
have to be invcstedyxnd hesclged for weeks,
perhaps for months. The 'Union party has
nothjng to lose by putting off the Inaugura
tion, 01 the political campaign until the first
'of July, or, if necessary, Tint!! the first - * of
August; bnt there Is danger of its losing a
great deal by diverting public attention from
the question in which all other questions are
swallowed up—that of suppressing the rebel
lion and restoring the Union—to—political
conflicts and stump speeches. It the Cop
perheads wantio-open the ball at an earlier
.'stage,lct them do-so. ; Let them howl about
personal liberty and constitutional rights as
much as they please. Gen. Grant’s success
on the Potomac will he a more formidable
argument against the peace faction than the
eloquence of a Demosthenes himself.
TtJEsnar Evaxuro. April 5, ISM.
.The condition of the Money Market remain* part
• about the rone es before reported. The demand for
It gltlmate purposes of trade arc very larger and the
buj ply equal to the demand. There U no friction;
everything runs smoothly. Exchange continues to
ease up, and there Is Utile or no difficulty experienced
byrncrcbantßlngettlngaTull supply at our quoted
rates. The position taken some time since by most of
the larger bankers that they would maintain the sell*
Ing price at Kf has been entirely successful, and few
of the bankers or broken think of asking mere at
Ihlstlme. They pay from %to 15c.
A Gold went np about two per cent to-day: exactly
from wbat cause. It would be difficult to determine.
In New York the range was as follows: 9:30 a. m.—
167K> 9:15-167*; 10—1C8; 11.-JC—IB7H; 12 m.—118; Sp.
m.—ICTJf; and doted weak at Second Board at ICB.
The Government rate was IKJ<- The ®arkct here
opened firm at 167, and remained steaiy all .day with
but few transactions. Silver is firmer, owing to a der
mand from Canada. Baying price i up*
per rates for halves and quarters. Legal tender notes
are firm at buying, and *©» eta selling. Five
twenties «rein femanO atl ( [email protected] j,tolling at 111.
Tex-Foutt Loih.—The amount of 'subscriptions
received to-day by the Second Natlonal_Banlc foots
np 113,700. . T.
AiMovzmjcst nrTn*,Rronr Dmscrios —At the
- annual meeting of our Chicago Board of trade, on
Monday, U e subject bl our currency was brought up *
by L Y. ilnnn, Esq-who' said that the Board of Trade,
as a commercial organization, possessed some power,
andhethoochtlttheir duty to exercise It. There
were new plenty ol “greenbacks” and National Bank
currency to do the business of the country, and he
wonld recommend that the Board do away with wild
cat currency. Several resolutions were offered.and
discussed, and fit ally, one offered by Mr. Underwood,
to appoint a Committee to consult with the banks'
upon the subject, was ar opted. This Is a movement
In the right direction. It Is understood that a consid
erable majority of the members of the Board of
Trade are In favor of adopting-the,.greenbacks and
the National Bank currency as the standard of value,
and to nee none ether except at the discount it bears
In 11* relative value to the former* We do hope that
cur, Board of Trade will carry this measure Into ope
ration. Many of the formers and producers In the'
West has c already assumed this ground, and all of
them will adopt and achere to It, If toe Board of
Trade will bet do the same. Oaly In this way. it teems
ton*,can this needed reform bo accomplished.*
Bxsiokkd.— Mr. Janus Bobb, of this city, for two
ortbiee yeorspest the popular and efficient Presi
dent of the Cblc&so & Alton Kailway, las resigned
his position- Wc bear that he gora to New York, to
occcpy some important financial position In that
UOTzrnMXWT Loaars sfo steadily growing la fa
vor* and the veiy-few bonds offering la market,
frem day to day, shows the confidence the people have
In these eccmltl'a. The 5-203 are held at 110 to-day,
tndUls very difficult to obtain them atlbat figure.
-The|new IMS loan is dally growing more popular, al
though the bonds pay a smaller I-.terest than the first
named. Ihs subscriptions for them stNew York and
other points are largo. In New York alone the ave
rage Is about JSM,«W per day. Wo should not bo sur
prised to learn that the daily subscription throughout
the country foot np 41,5.0,CT0, while the foreign de
mand Is oleo I- rge, as It is lor the 5-263. Far the Ut
ter a demand for some fWJ.fiW came from Amsterdam
a few Pays since end was promptly answered at. 110.
Notwithstanding the active demand for money in this
city,for commercial purposes, and drawing high rates
of Interest, the subscriptions for the new loan are
quite brisk, and will greatly Inerea-c when the tact of
the readiness of bankets to receive them shall be more
generally circulated. •
Mew Vortt Stock Market—April 5*
.; Received by f. 6. Salioastsll A Co- ccumisuca
stock sod bond brokers. SI Clark street. Chicago.
Ist DM. 2d B’d- Ist B’d. 3d B’d.
Kr, C 144* 143K Harlem- .139 ill*
CAN. W «8 V... wmcutlrer... 83 ss
tne (cma.)...126 123 Cleve AT01.,.150 151
Krleprfd IfrJf.V 112 Beading.. ..-.158 159
C.AP 127* 125 Undsen River 169* 163*
M. S. (comJ.Jli* 115* ill. c per cent, -
M.S. (cld)....lSC* 151 war lean bdsJOl ....
p. y. TV. - A C..147* 117 7.8.« P cent.
M.C..... 149 149* 5-29coopons.lll ....
C. A a. (com.) 19V .... U. 5.6« cent.
C.A A* (pfd). Ifß .... bonds.l£Sl.JH ....
Giles* ...137 127* U. S.7S-105...113
Bock 151and...124 1» O: S.l3T.ort..oG* ...
lU. Central.. ..152 1)1 American Goldl6B 168
C-B.AQ 146 ....
UaiKST—lst Board weak. 2d Board weak.
Tuxsdat KTExnrs April 5.1564.
Wskklt BETTttr.—Tf.e general markets dunnetbe
week bexe ruled active and buoyant. Flonr baa ad.
vanccd fully lC&!5c per brl? Wheat, IK92c per bush
el ; Oats, lc par barbel; anti Barley, 2ASc p bushel.-
Com baa ruled easier, and prices have fallen lc per
botbcl. Bye was steady. Highwlues have adyanced
Sleeper gallon. Clover Seed 50c®JUW perbushel.
Tbemarket for Groceries bos been excited, and we
note an advance of [email protected] on raw Sugar, S33Kc on
reQccd sugars, end -i&te pergallpo on Syraos. . White
flib have advanced 2fc. Mess Pork- has advanced &
&£?«; PHitt Mesa Pork, per brlj Hoik Mmt*
Mepcrpannd: pickled Hams, }{c per poundr Mesa
Bcef.fiCc per barrel; acd Beef Hams.'soc per barrel,
Tbe icliowme table «b.rvra tbs receipts daring Use
psst iwcnly-four boars:
nsczirrs, LAST •nvzrrrv-roun notres, ,
* Floor, What/Corn, Of.u, Bie. Earley
brla. bo. >»n. bs. tm. ha.
Carat.... ..'...lies .... 4730s
OACUCK. 9to CfOO sneo SUO 331 MO
RTBR 2TO WM 5050 .... .... ....
ICRK » SCO 7000 .... •
CB&UIiS. 119 2tSO 6«5- C>6 573
•J WE 5.,..- ISM 10150. 350 80CO 830
CiAKR.... ICO .... 1410
Other Roads. 1050
Tr.ts! S£6t 22290 71774 7758 1018 IfiSt
c & a n it..
Other Roods.
8£&1 22290
71771 7758 1010 1091
flraw Cared Live Dttt’d Stfsl
Seed*, Mests. Hogs.- Hogs. CatiJc, Hides.
-»t • no. no. .00. tss.
Ctnal CCdtR ....
&«0 UK B.MCO 2F619 180 «20
RISE. 1500 ....
■HLG.B.R~... 1120 ... 180
N"WfE« 0:0#?.^.
r& A UR.... 5350 SBO
OUter KoaOf.
Total M «SSU Wtm*' 745 ... 199 47M1
To*i>ay tho general markets ruled firmer, owing to
tbo advance In gold.
TbcElonrirorket was brisk,nnd upward* of 5,000
brie clanged hantle, at tC.7V55.30 for winter extras;
*5.1005.82 for spring extras; andsi.so®s.oo lor spring
tVfccst advanced 1c per tnsbel—Trilh b<ytvy sales of
No. 1 Sprhp at 1JJ5C1.17; »UOK®I.U*J for No. 2
Spring; and *UC for BcjectedSpring—the market
'closing stendy, .
Corn ruled a shade lower—-with sales of Old No. i at
fiCc;New No. lat 88>. 080 c; H0.2 at 83053 c; and Re
jeeted at CSSISKc.
Oats advanced fcQJfc 9 bushel—•with very heavy
[email protected] and 62c for No. 2—closing
firm. Rye wm steady at $l for No. 1. Barley
wasJn good demand anid Arm at f1,23®1.26 for N0.2..
Nlgfawiccs ruled qulrtTrat firm—with soles of 1,150
trts at SSKSfiOc—closing quiet.
Provisions were buoyant, aud we note heavy sales
of Mess Pork at $22X0632.351 old Bless Pork at 8 ifi 50;
Prime Vesa Perk at $23 00; bulk Shoulders st-B£c
loo?fc and Sc packed; sweet pickled Hams, 13c; Bacon
Hams, HJfc; Prime Lard, aid No. 1 Lard st
In the afternoon and evening there was a good de
mand for Ilighwlncs and the nnrkct was firmer—with
Mica of3oo brla at 00c, and 4M hria at SI.OO-:ho mar
ket flloslng firm. Wheat was firm—with sellers of
No.3atsl.llKatidhnyers at sl.ll. Oats were In'
good demand and firm atftXo< with saloj of 10,0(0
bushels No. 1 at that prlcc^
i Tuesday Evxroro, April 5,1301.
BEEF CATTLE—'The receipts of Beef Cattle to
day have bce&.EO limited, amounting to. lees than.3oo
head, that but few buyers havobe<& disposed to make
the effort to get as far as the yards. Little or nothing
scarcely la the way of business has therefore been
done! The entered sales amount to 227 oead at $4A5®
ICO ns. T:eprevious quotations ofthemar
kot arc apparentlj uaChanged,- and for shipping
grades there Is a fair enquiry.
Betters. Envers.- No.Av.wt Price.
G. Adams O’Shea IS 909 $123
8ent1ey...... Fuller. A,..;. 11 m« 5.13
Crawford AlcCraig....*. is iks 4,73
T do ....7rF». ’do 50 , 919 • 4.75.
J. Adams .Toontaln 50 1150 600
do Peter*....- S6 1313 &3IK
BOGS—The receipts of Hogs during the day amount
to about 1,3(0 head, consisting almost entirely of light
hogs.! The entered sales are I.SU head at $6.4037.50,
principally at $6.75 9105 fi»s. The demand continues
active, and prices rule firm at previous quotations
Sellers'. ; Bayers. No. At. Price,
Bomlcxcsn.. M.TUden IDO i<6 $7.00
G. Adams Huntley *» 140 6 40
Maxwell do ....190_ 2u3 750
.WnlloiT CO 145 6.75
Metcalfe 211 157 b.73
do; Cl 182 6.7S
Loomis & Co.
111. Tabor.
A II Salt* of Grain reported tn thu martei are on
the frorj of winter ntcra ye {ieper buvkei up to Vie l&h
e/Api<T) except irhen oiherwuetliUd. Freih receipts
are eylteet to only '.e storage, if drawn out ef store
»ciihin 20 days of the dale named on the receipt, ■
TxntsDxr Kronas April 5, IbM,
FUEIGIITS— Lake Fbjuoiits— Coring the past
week irelchts have been acuye and steady at 9c for
corn and lie for wheat to Buffalo, at which ugnres
we have reported engagements of fifteen to eighteen
vessels. To-dat the ►cneenenNicholas and Supply
were chartered at 10c for wheat to Buffalo.
Lake asd Bail Fkeioiitb— Daring the past week
,wo have reported engagements for too second run of
propellers, at lijfc for floor to Beaton, and {1.30 to
Kcw York, which are the current rates at- the - close,
wine lines asking {1.40 to Boston and {I.BO to New
Tork I
Bailed ad Fbeiqiit*— Since, the date ofom last
weekly i erlew, the-rallroad lines bare reduced their
rates on flour ice hr l , and on fourth-class goods 10c
VIOOC.B. "We quote the rates now as follows:
- ■ Fourth
Fleur Class,
..1.80 0.99
..150 053
To Few York.
To Boston
To Montreal LM 0.73
To Albany ; .1.70 OJG
To Portland 4JO 035
To 8a1tim0re.;.......-. LOO
CjUjal f»wnts—Down Freights on the HtnoU
ar.d Michigan Canal are active, and boats arc freely
oCeredatfcTXOper thousand feet for lumber to 8£
Louis I Up Freights, however, are scarce and lirera
lar, and quite a number of boats are coming op Kent.
PXOllß—Deceived’ to-day. BAM brtss received
latt «crkr£o.&£s brls, against. 12491 brls during the
corresponding week in'lSfil. The stack of Hoar on
hand here nowlsaboutllO.CfO brls, against 123,000 on
the corresponding date tn 18M. ......
- The mrrxet for flour dnrirr the week has been nn*
usually brisk, particularly in winter wheat extras,
whichbave been In active demand and 10315c higher
than curing ihe week previous. Spring extras have
also been inrgood demand and more active—with lib*
■ eral sales at an advance on the week of about ire
per barrel. Spring superfine .brands are also la
good demand and firm at fuljnrlccs. The, axles do*
ring the week foot up about 85,019 bbls, at the follow*
leg range of prlcca:
Date White Winter Bed Winter Spring Spring
■ Extras. Kxtras-v»Extras Super. ■ -
Var.'so..i7iaa— * s6.«®—ts.soasjs sus
44 SI.; 7J2AASO . 8.000 &2305A0 -lAOai.TO
Apr. 1». 7 CC&7.SS • 9 - ‘ 85505A0 4.8035.00'
44 2..’ [email protected]» A2SA A25»3.50 4Aoa‘.®S
44 6.7N35J0 (L2SS6.SO A3535A 4.753VC0
*• 5.. 6.7598J0 - 9 ■ - SJO®SAS; U0®5,00
To-pat the marfcrt tm acttro and brUV. Sales
wereaa followsWnim Wijrrrß ErraAS—«» bWa
• , TrcntosStsr ,, M F. F* F.
0.” (Smcmerfleld) at*S.CO;aOO bbls “F. F. F. G. H
{Qnlrcy) at S7.»S •I0 , »bb1*“ Alloghaa fonracc " do at
FiiO; IDO bbU *• ?on*hei a ntioola *’ at $7 27 j 100 Dbll
“Apchcr"doatnJo;2L-0 bbls “ Central CUT ’* *«
s *. wTi?/- .si
Illinois" I'nnceton Cltj” at 15.70: 680 brls“ Como F.
C. L,” at lOorls rood Spring extra at ST-ff):
1.1U 1 »rl* ** Barwet t Mills" on p. L; 100 brla " Black
llK'wk"Bt 15.C0 s GCO brla "Eldorado" at S A 0; JOO brla
M Foster’*** at Bj.£P ; ICO brla** Atlaßilc” at ss.(o—free
oritorspehlllrfUay; lOOhrla fair aprlnc extra at
fC.IO; l*o brla dpat 95.5.*> j 100 brla** Gulden West" at
SS.S“K: COG brla **TTateriown Cltv"ats3.V); 103 brla
"Ci*nroDt"lowgradeatss.lO Spring 3tn*«EFiini
—ICO brla “ Pacific Mills" at 55.00 : ics brla *• Wbcelcr"
*nprrai $1 fO. Bpckwbsat Fi*»ai:-2S bris at Bißo
? brl. Tbe following tabic shows the closing ouota
llcr s oftbe irsrket:
St. Lotus and Southern 111. White Winters. ..sl.73afcTo
White Winter extra*.; 7.0037.75
Aflxed Bed and White extras
Ked Winter exlraa WSS3bJO
Wlniersnperdne......... LTScaLSO
Spring extra*, very choice. 8.7535.55
do do good to choice 5,60a5.r»
j - ■•e- fair to
do do” Fair to gocd?.V.!*'.”'.
do do common to medium Sd-KV'-SO
Sorlce inperfinc ; ; 4.‘&iia.ro
T 5-c flor-
I&c floor
'Corn Blcal—There Is a fair demand for Corn
Jlral and «he roarketQna. Weqooto:
Kiln Cried, perbrt.v. *1.7*5.;...
■Bolted, per ton..:: 84.0r>01t.00
.■Unbolted, per ton SlXO^Utt
mill tMafli*—Bran and Coarse Middlings are-in
?' ooddemmdand Arm. .weqnotc;... .
ice Wld-llccs,pcr ton... .......fS.oo3tt.oo
• Coarse **- J4.oo®Mi)i
Bran, per ton i .... 18 50313.75
WllEAT—Received to-day,22,390 bushels;receive
nl last week, 168,39tbnshe!s.asaln&t9US0 bushels du*
rice the cortespondincwcek 1n,15£3.. The amount of
■Wheat instore on the slat nit. -was 2,178,7(3 bushels,
stalest 1,44." ,6-19 bosbels In store on the corresponding
dale in H-63. - ■> *•>.
■ The l\hfßt market during' the -week baa ruled act
ive and firm, and prl:e» dote at an advance in the
w eck ef IXtSSc 9 bushel on nearly all grades. Tb« re
hes been a pood rpecnlative inquiry by local deal
rrs.snd alsotmierreased shipping demand both on
Sew Tork and Canadian account—tho demand lor the
latierbemgrcalnly for No l.Spring. The following
table shows the dally prices or tho different grades
during the week; • i ■**
-Cate. • >o.iSpr*g . N0.2 spr’*
•Jo store. r In stire. Instore.
March 83 .cut ©Utg Si.ttKai.lo |Uo a
51... 1.11 ftlX 1 * IJSRaMOK 1.C0X'31.01
April l.„ 14IJi©1.18 , 1.10t;®l.lOK 1.01 @1.93 -
M 2... IJS @1.16 : I.IOKOUOK Utt @
. “ 4... l.UKftl.lf.y - 1.10«@!.10jJ
*• 5... 1.15 @LI7 [email protected] 1413
. To-DATthe wheat market nflcd nnnsnallv brisk, an j
prices advancrd about leper baahel. Sale* were
1.6C0 bn Nol Spring (InF.&T’s) at 81.17; 400 ba do at
$1.16* v 4.C00 budo (mM.&S’a) at|l.MK ; 1.00) da do
UnF.fiT’fl) at H.ifiK: 4f1,0C0 bu do (lu N. rtli Side
hcnees)nt«U6; IF.fWbndo <ln A. D. & Oo’e) at |i.t
I6K; bu do ot <1.15; 4,500 bn No 2 purine (In F.i
I's)*) JUIK; 400 ba do atsl.UW; 79,000 ba do (la
North Side houses) atSUI: 25,0C0budoat$U0K:
20,00" bn do *t 8M0£: 5,000 bu No 2 Spring; (la A. I>. &
CoV) at tt.ioK r 2,c00 bu dd at sl.l OK; 800 ba Selected
Bprlrir In store at 1102. . •
■ CORN—Kecelved to*dar. 74,7*0 bushels; rerelvfd
last week, 2?3,TJ3 bushels, azalnst 810,785 bushels dor
ice tbe corrcrpondUic week In 1863. The stock report'
cd Id store in this city last week* was 883 AW bushels,
realist 2,M3,'&5 bushelsoathe carrespomUn* data Id*
Ihemarkotfor Com,under more liberal receipts,
'has ruled metre and steady (luring the weik, ch*re
being aa easier feelina towards the close than pro
• vailed a week ago, with a decline of H&io per eoshel
very little old Corn on tbe morkes and tho
demand la mainly confined to new grades, fur which
there is a good shipping Inquiry. The following table
show s the range of prices paid ' urlojr ? he week :
Old Corn in store. • - New Corn In store. ‘
Date. No 1. No 2. Nol. No 2. Selected
ITchrO 89 cS3 @?S c 71 @7s>f
•• SI.. 01K®«C 88)jfeS9 C
April 1 ..CSCc 69 aSSKc 83 OS3kC 71K073K
K 2.. 31K C..
• ♦* * ...C„ 80 CB2)<@B3 C -
“ 6.. 90«.. c.. tStfSSS CF2 @B3 e75 @73tf.
- To-day tbe demand was less active and the market
ruled aehade lower* Bales were: Cabal a»d Kirw
Com? Afxoat—s/OObu old and new reiver Corn
mlied, at 88c atloat i 5,500 bn old and new white Blrer
Corn at 02c aSont:.*>,£&) bu new Corn at 80c afloat.
Old Cowr ik Sionr—SCftb* No. 1 corn at Me. Nsw
Com? dtFtoie—24.ooo bnNo.l Com<2c storage) at
£Bc: 4,5 CO bu do at 88H: id,ooo bn ro. 2 Corn (2c store-'
age) at 83s: 7,fiCo bn do at £3K ; 2.500 bu do a' aic; ICO
bn Rejected Corn (3c storage* at TSlfpit 8< 0 ba do at
75c; i-,oto bn winter Inspected “New corn” in it ire at
OATti—Received to-day. 7,736 bushels; received
laicwcek, 105,857 tnshcls.BgatDSt 53,321 bushels da
ring the corresponding week la .1863 The amount rtf
Oafs reported in store last week was 2,031.527 bushels 4
agunst 1,037,033 bushels ou the corresponding date m
- The market for Oats during the week has ruled
moderately active and Urm.and prices show an ad
vauccofic V nushel. The following tao'o shows the
range of pt lets paid during the week;
• Date. No. 1 oats, . No.2* Oats.
March SO Cl & lOK
April 1 MK®«£ - 61 (gfiljf
. •* 2. «*ao einSst
' “ • 4 6>V'Q65 61*
** 6../, o> ra
To-dav the demand for Oats mlcd active and buoy-
advance in prices of lOVcper
bushel over >CBlerday!« Quotations. S-»les w«v: 110.-
CCu bn No. 1 Oats instore at '3c: SO.OO& bn doat6*.*c;
15.100be4oatC5Kc; 10.CC0 bo do at 21.0)0 bn
do at 65* c: 2,CCt bn No. 2, Oats at 62c.
RYE—Received to'-day, 1,016 bushels; received
last week, SJ 75 bushels, sgrinst 7,*51 bosbels during
the corresponding week talks*. Tee amount last re
ported In store in this city weiSßA<* bushels, against
157.722 bushels on the corresponding date to 1869.
Tbelnsrket for live during the week has ruled
quiet and steady at 11X201.02*0 for No 1 In store.
Tc-nvr there was & moderate inquiry; Sales wc-e >
l,tOQbnNolßyeiDiderei;t 1,100 ba do at
$1.03. By sample: IH> bassat fl.o: on track.
PAlthKI —Received to-day, 1,9)0 bushels; ro
ccived Iftrt week. 5.513 bushels, agatnrt 5,017 bushels
dcrlsg the corresponding week m 1563. The amoant
of Barley reported In store last week was 131.591
barbels against 11,523 bushels on the correspandlng
date in 1661.
1 here his been a more active demand tor Barley
In store during tbe week, and we note an advance in
prices of2<3Bc V bushel-wlth sales during the week
at a ranee of 61.55i3J.25 for No 2 In store—closing, at
the cutKde quotation. Sample lots have also been
inactive request and firm at*fL2OolA7* for fair to
To-nxT the rales were j. 800 bn No 2 Barley In store
at 11.26; l.MObu do atSlAs. Bysamnle: 5, bags at
fl.Sldel: 47 bags at 6153 on track, .
ALCOnOIr-Owmi to a..farther advance In
nighv loci, w c have to note an Improvement in the
finccs'of Alcofcol'dtrring'ihc“week of 10c per gal
on—closing to-day at 81A5T2X0 per gallon.
A in barrels ana tierces are steady at
6K&C*c. Babbitt’s Pare Potash In tin cases steady
atv?ep&. • -
BUTTER—The receipts of Batter continue very
Ilsbt and Ue market will tends upwanls—prices
shewing an advance on the week of 2&4 c V ft.- The
•nnnsoany heavy rlilpmeats of Batter to Boropebas
drained the entire concur of Us winter stocr.and
now there is a scarcity allover both the East and
■West. We quote: • '•r
Prime Dairy.la crocks and tabs
Fair to rood Dairy in crocks ana tabs,
Prime shipping in flrklcs ...
Fair to good do.
Poll Batter in boxes and barrels.
Common batter
To-DATtbe sales were: 1000 bs choice roll at 40c;
12 crocks choice dairy at [email protected]; 611 Ba good roll at
tie. : MO Bs do at 37e.
BEANS—There Isa moderate demand for Beans,
and tbe market is quiet and steady* We quote':
Prime aavy ■ f3 T>
Prime mixed 2 50® 2 60
Falrtogood, do . t ”-53 3 50
. Common..' .. 3 23® 2 80
BROOM CORN—The receipts are mfiiog.and
sneer a limited demand the market Is quiet and on
chanced. We quote:
I’rlmebnisb.P ton Jl9oX6®m«
Fair to good. do. f> ton 170X03136X0
BROOMS—In good demand and supply moderate;-
prices Him at present quotations. We quote •
Common ;
Medium 2L5X43.35
Extra.. BXOOIX3
R AGGINO—There has been a little more activl’y
Id the market during the post-week. Shipping or*
det share been In hotter receipt. Prices generally
bare ruled Him and without any material chanie.
GCTtKtss are In limited supply. Burlaps ate in better
supply and more actire. Seamless Sacks are la bet
ter demand than supply, several of tbe moat useful
sizes being scarce. Cotton Sacks continue scarce
with little prospect of any important'change In tbe
supply for (be better. We quote:
Chicago A, seamless
Auburn Mills A, 44
Prince Albert A, “
Star A. "
Hampden, E. “
Star Linen
Pittsfield K. 44
Gunnies, two bn....„ ;
* fourlm..; .. ....
Sewed Lin en Es cs, two bn. No. 1.
“ “ u 44 No. 2
** •* Corn Exchange A...-. _
44 44 ** 44 ” Extra heavy.. M c
_ 44 ,* Excclsor A.. so c
Flour Sacks, H brls, cotton 45 o
“ ** k 44 Klracn..,, ; « c
m m ft m c0ti0a...,;....T.......... 23 c
“ 44 MS 44 44 --....V.V.V.V.V.*.*.".'.'* 8 C
BEES WAX-lo very light nfppty. There la a
fairjrtvmsnd son prices rule steady oUs®3(.’e %» a.
BRlCKS—Present rather limited and
pMcrs rule steady at present quo;atloos. Contracts
for Spring delivery are being made at various prices
frem $7/P®8.60 per thousand. Fire Bricks In Ciir
demandatsrcsentquotations. We quote:
Com moD.PM gio XO3IMO
Pre«ed.S»M lsxu®Q,oa
F re Cricks COXtaSSXO
COAL*—The market remains.moderately active,
tbe principal demand hem? for household nsc. Hard
Coals arc very dinnen*. Xackawana and Scranton
vc quote nominally, and of tango the market has for
some weceks been bare.. Soft . Coals are la fair sup-”'
ply end steady at previous quotations. We quote:
KBis—BrooKueio. fIOAO
- do Ormsby..... „ 10.00
Clsvxlatc—Briar Hill 10X0
do Mineral
do , ‘Willow 8ank....,...,'. ojo
Bleseburg nxo
Lump Lehigh...'... 19X0
Lcckawonna, prepared.,,.,,,,,,.,.,,;.,,,..,,,,,,, j2.00
Illinois ;,...6XO®7XO
- CANDLES—Market continue? active, and very
firm at previous quotations. Wc quote:
Stcanoe JSJfaIT c
Pressed is aiairc
6tttrfaodles,No.l... 22 ®32Ko
Star Candles. No. 2 ..21 a2IHC
' COOPERAGE-*Whbkey barrels of good quality
are active and firm at previous quotations: other
eefcnpilonr.almost without exception, are dull and
Inactive There has been more tbso tbe usual sti--
I. nation ot this trade during the past week, the- work*
I men having according to the practice recently adop
! ted la too many otherbranchesorcommerclal industry
I been out on a strike for higher wages. We quote:
Porkißarreis ; 9031X0
Lard Tierces.. IXO® 1.40
Wbiskv Barrels. IXO® 1.73
Flourßarrels, flat hoop 0.15® OX7
Flour Barrels,ronndhoop....... OXO® OX2
Lord Kegs 90® IXO
Bntux Kegs 9XQ®U 00
Liquor Kegs, dot UXOOI2XO
Tight Barrel Staves and Headings 15X0®I6X0
Flour Barrel Staves and Square Headings. BXO® 9.m -
FlourßarrelStaveaandClrcleHeadlnzs... 9/0210X6
Flat Hoops 5X0(3 7XO
New Hickory Poles. .'
Oak poles ij,fwa-w<x>
Flour Barrel Poles 1..1..11 Sxoawxfl
Loose half bris 85340 c.
• COFFEE—With a large amount ofaitlrlty and
frmnesa in the market. during the past week, prices
have ruled steadier than fbr severs! prece'ing weeks.
There has been no quotable change In the market.
Information has arrived to-day, staUce that some ad--
diticnal excitement has been caused In New Tork.
owing to another heavy purchsseot Coffee on Gov
ernment account. No chance has been mw.i* in this
market aa yet. Wc quote:
Bsntos ; 43 3IS
Java ;r. .46X3171*
Tho.iairto good 4i anx
Rio, good t« prime 43 ®I3X
CHEESE—Receipts 'dnrlcg tho“week have been
limited. The market continues active, and very
fltm at present quotations. Western Reserve has
been In a little better supply, and several sales have
been made of largo lots at IBKGIIc VB. We quota:
n-mbuiyr.. ...Ji«<®lß .
Western Reserve “ I6x<ai7rr
Illinois and WlsronOn .!!!!! 13 ®{r
a ialrpmount of activity la the market daring tbe
Sast week, with little change In its previous eondl
on. 1 Mercury and all Mercurial preparations are
very firm, wilh an upward tendency. Cavpdoe, ow
ieg tothe small supply at present available, has gone
higher lie ot- previous quotations. ■ Orrra rules very
firm, and scarce. Castor Oil—Firm and unchanged.
Qttixzkx-Ic very inadequate supply and scarce, and
prlccßconscquentlyveryflrm. We quote:
Alocsrf socotnne, •. • Gma Trar........ 40
.9 a;............ ■ IXO do Sbelae 1X031.2S
Alumi..... 5® 6 do Trag flake. 31X3
Annatto „ 45 do Mynh. 60063
Arsenic pow B®lo do . 0pium,,.12X5315x0
Arrow Root
i- . do Bcr. 65 ludlgb.... 1.4031X0
Bal. Qopalva....JXs®t.73 lodine.. 4.7335X0
BaKTom • 4X5 lodldepotas...... -’fcLTJS
Bj-C«rb. Soda.....B.CCoS>< Jalap /a> »
81-ero. Potash.... 30 Juniper Berry,.., 10
Borax-refined.... 55®37 Morphine 8X003.25
Camphor do ~..LfOQIX3 Ou,Castor.
CoppctasAm BK®3V Quicksilver. 31X0
Cream Tartar.... 65070 Quinine ss/vas-*-
Cnbeb5........... , 75 vltrloLblne 18020
Glue, best 40 Soda.Ash,BO.o-0
G1ue,c0m........ ■ U®3o Sal 50da....-..., 4X031X1
Aqua Ammonia.. 16 Glsnber Salts 3
Ctuyslal Silicate Caustic Soda 10K3U
2 6100
103 Si 191
80 . 1090
11 4190-
82 160 6,73
80 176 8.75
49 163 6.80
.I*4 190 6i73
EG GS^-ThVsupply ijar
very United, ai d coiuldf
Prices ihave ruled from li
greater scarcity, [email protected] la 1
- FURS—The receipt of i
isnsbrat has been better, i
nerketbas ruled firm one
Other deicrlciloa are la ir
ons rates. ITe quote:
Bean, tbiacf, targe ana run seasoned)..., iiodcamoo
Bears, brown.-, . . "'S2 a i«
Bean, cubs Xto x vnme .I.™ ®
Beaver, (black and dark) • iyai r*
Beaver, (pale and silvery) fT*
Badger, (large and flue) 4*2
Deer Bkin«i fred and blue) r-j5 «
Flshen, (dark,large, and atlkj) 5 SvS a o?
Fuaera,<paie or brown) scSa Sm
Joxea. cross the les« red the better...... '* iSfffS
Foxes,re.Leouthernand western lonasm
Poxes, grey L S*? I S
House Cate, Wack and grey *** fS? «
Lvnx. large and fine.. tefilsnr
-Muskrats, fall and winter vS? 3 *?£
Marten, dark without red * t h
Marten, common and pale vSasS
BSS> SS& W H ||
BSSS;gsaa^ \
g» 2
ISS: L S?‘a
FEATHERS— 'berecilots continue Terr limi
ted. and the market gcicrally j s inactitil Wwm*
•notations rule tolerably flrmf We quote*
Prime Live Reete Feathers q * si^ssa
Mealom ...
* K CITS-Gbks APPU*-The Vonaioes
tolerably active. nmum and medium Fruit ire
riemtml. but of really choice the wnolr U vo-5
small. Lxilox t —ln Wfter supply. The niai- at u°,*7
tlve and firm at present qnouuoiS. ■
PIT >.ir. .din eooci dnAmi .t ®«MMiSS^iiSE
oktl.uts—The remaining stocks In the
Ttry small, with c fair demand Prices rule nmiufri
steady at previous quotations. We quote* ° onnanii
Green Apples, fair to prime, f brL. -n
Green Apple*, common, 7? brl. ilr2a££
Lemons, 9 box.. * 7 f±{
Lemons. Messina. F boz~ * 7TS S*S
Oranges (SI-ily),9 box 9jS
Hickory Knts. small.? bu £Sa lio
Hickory NntiOareo. ? bu ;o^l3
DIZICD FR.UITH-Appi.bb—The market has
been mere active during tba past week. Southern
Fruit bat been in fair sopply, but there Is still a "reat
scarcity of really choice qualities especially of Ohio
and Kcw York. Friers generally rule firm, but es
pecially fo In choice Fruit. The market la altogether
firmer, with on upward tendency. PaAcnas arc Terr
active end firm. Unpared arc mill scarce nnl active.
Raisins asp CusrAXT* in good s. pply an.i drm a*,
previous quotations. lt*spnxßHlK,s m very limited
tupplv and firm at present quotations. Blackbbb
uxsln better supply and caster. Ciibbbibs still In
Trry nrall receipt and lair demand. We quote*
; Dried Applet 9X3 IDJ<
■Gnpaied Peaches 15k® 19
Pared do ........... 29 0 28
Balslnfi-iLaTasP box ..tsi3k®\2s»,;
Baisins.il. ft box - IgIXQSi 00
Curranta?.® 19- ® 13k
Flga—Smyrna ft ft 21® 36
Almond?, It D.80fi.:...... 4 ?::. 25 3 SI
do do hard 17 ® 5o
Dried Raspberries... ' 35 @ C 6
Dried Blackberries. 21k® ?3
Dried Cherries..; ; 8S ® 32
Prunes, Turkish, ~ “
do Bordeaux..- .i, 9 ?7
Pear*, .Bohemian 15i<@ ifl
Ffclct to-daj, s brU Blackbt riles ot 31Kc;5 brU Ba*p>
berries at src; Pi begs tmpared Peaches at Ufcc; 3.R0
B-f unrated peaches attc.
- FlfrU—'Wuite Fish—The small stock In the mar
f rt ax the bee-inning of the week baa been cleared oat
at <sc. In advance of provlon* qnotationi. There Is
irnrct-lT any in ibe n arfcct. Tbout are in small sop
ply »nd firm at pre* ent rat ig. Mackxrkl In ceon de
mand an*> firm, at present rater. 'Codpisu in small
erppiy and fair demand. lizaniaaa—Supply almost
nominal. Market active and firm at preacnrqaota
tJonp. TVeqnote:' . r **-
Ko.imiteAsb.bairbrtf 17-25 @7_*o
N0.7 “ •* 7.00 @7.25
bo. 1 Treat. “ „ 3.7s 97.M
I«o.2Tront t •* <.,. 5.75 @5.00
sa, 1 Mackerel, new, ? half brl 10.00
50.2 “ •* 8-10 @9.00
s°.i -** ■ newklts; 2.25 @3J«
50.2 ** *• 3.5 a q».T3'
FamilrMatkerel.half bria &50-&5.73
Codfifb, George's Dank, ft 100 »s 8.00 @&2>
Codfish Grand “ ** 7.50
sa. 1 Dried Herrin;, ft box 55 a 00
seated Saw
Pickled Herrings; round &00 @5- F 4J
50.l Lake litmus 4.00 Ml 25
5°.2 •** a.v» @3.75
Dutch Herrings, V kee _ r........ 1.88 @2.00
: GREASE—There la an active demand for Grease,
end coder a diminished stock the market is Arm. We
White Grease; c
•Yellow Grease.; [email protected]
Prown Grease 9>[email protected] 9jfc
To-day the salrs wercrl'.o tea Yellow and 7 tea
Brown Oreasr at lOXe; 10 tes ‘While Grease at lojfc.
-HlGilWXNES—Kccelved to-day, 210 hrls. The
'market during the week baa continued active and
buoyant, sod’ we note n farther advance in prices of
sft Cc per gallon since the date of our last weekly re
view. .The speculative demand has been stimulated
alretb by the reports from Wsebiogton that Congress
would place a tax of St-00 per gallon on all wines
manufactured alter thelst of May.' The following
tabl* shows the transactions and prices each day dor
■Date. Barrels sold.' Price*.
March SO ; i2flo 91 @93 .
1500 91 091
2*)o 91 or*
4000 9tK990 -
4 ISOO 97 ®I.CO
“ 5 14:0 9sK^»
To-dxy the market was less active and a shade
easier than yesterday. Bales werel,ooo brls In lots
ct!9c:4sobrlsdo at DfiXc.
HlDES*—Hecelnt. Tor tho week were W*/«98 lbs,
against TJ0.274 Ds tfcqpreTluus week. Dariop the post
w< ek the activity of the market has been tally equal
to the supply, as besides, city dealers, there bare
been several Eastern tuyere constantly on the market.
Pilres ruled for some days steadily, at previous quo*
tailors. There has been more activity in the mirket
tint e yesterday, and we note a farther advance ot
oe green salted and part cured, and of Xc oa cry
railed and dry flint, we quote:
Green tenatry, trimmed 9KOIO
Green Salted. do ...10K©11
. Green, part cored, do ; lOfcGstOJtf
Dry do
Dryruat, do J29 »:ox
Ely and Calf, Greco.. ..... . ,HK®ls
Kip and Call Murrains ©lO
(■rnfeby, tw<vth rds price.
I IIOJP&—The b arket has been moderately active.
! and with a fair supply prices rule steady at present
quotatlens. We quote:
New York, new 30flJ3Jc
■Western, rew [email protected]
BO^EY-Receipt* small, and a 1 rifling dtmand.
FsieslO'dxylboxln comb,ai2fc?» ft.
BilAY—There has been more activity In this mar*
lot during the past week, with a greater degree of
firmness.' • The city trade is brisk as nsoal at this sea*
son of the year, and for shipping the demand is g->oJ.
tutfrera thclnoblliiyofthe railways to supply can
for shipment orders are abandoned. Oa Timothy we
note aa advssce of [email protected] on previous quota*
Hons. Wc quote:
Timothy, beater pressed....; .^iTXCgPXO
*•. loose ** itjtostf.!*
loose . 13X0*14.00
Prairie loose pressed 10XO&UXO
Prairie loose loXofail/0
IBON-Ihere baa been a fair amount of activity .
In the market during the past week. I Tices although
very firm hare shown no quotable change.-Stocas
arc still very light with Utile chance for any Improve
ment until navigation la fairly opened. Bhaet, Hoop,
and Bar Iron are very firm and scarce. ■ Weqaete:
Flat Bar, sable 7 © 9K
Flat Bar, Charcoal 9 ©UW
Bone Shoe Iron BW®lO
Sheet iron ... 9K<ato
Sheet Iron, Charcoal •....11 ©ll)<
Sheet Iron. Galvanized J4X®l7k
Borway Ball Bods .12H&15U
Plow Steel .iSKfrlO
Bound end Square Sahie 7 ©ll
Bound and Sqnare.Cnarcoal 9 ©ID
CastiSteel .38 ©3O
BprtnrSteel 12K®13
Boon and Band Iron Bx®ll
Russia, No. 10® 16 £©33
PIG XBOB/—The market soil'coatlnuea to be
very poorly and Inadequately supplied. Bo 1 Union
Ply, Lake Superior, end Bo 2 MtsslQon'are scarcely
to be had. and are quoted nominally. Scotch Pie la
still In mall supply and firm at present' quotation?.
As soon as navigation opens there will be a fair sup*
ply of Soft Iron. We qnote:
scotch pie No 1, ...; ..mail
Massillon, 80.l .65X0
MssalUon.Bo.2 60X0"
Bake Superior ; ffiXO
UnlonPtglronA No.l e»XO‘
Union Pig Iron No j G2JO
Union Pis Iron DNo.2 55X0
LISIEAh’I) KTDCCO—The market coutlnnes
fairly active mtbarslr inquiry ancons builders for
the spring trf do.' Line Is in good supply. Stucco la
In liibttea supply, ani w UU very light stocks on hand.
We qnote: *
Llmem bulk fi^g©t.sH
Lime In brls 1A0&1.75
Water Lime .2X0*2.73
Rosendale cement rat.oo
Michigan Stucco 2,15®3X0
Nova ScoUa stucco S.TCftfJZS
Plasterers Hair 9> b0......................... 30© 40
Marble Dost, p brl .... 4X**L2S
Land Plaster, p br1...: 225®
has been rfalr amount of ac
tivity In the market daring the week. Prices arc very
firm or all descriptions of goods. Calfskins, . Hem*
lock and Uak are in limited supply, and Sole Leathers
arc more than usually scarce, foreign Leathers role
very firm at present quotations. We quote: *
Ajril T
. SSAtOc
Harness, V & riosWsc
Una “ -47®49c
KID , ** [email protected]
CalC- ** *1&1.2S
Upper, V foot . ,27CiSSc
Collar, 9 f00t,....2J<9 c
Harness, V !b AB&SOC
tiro ...f. J1.00i31.23
Calf, extra .1.4001.50
French Kip, first '
cU'.lce IJOai.jj
French Can, 21
as 2C66L20
French Calf, SI __
lbs ....19505J5.
T,r |»i itf.r—The business of the yards’ contlnacs
midmdnlsbed. Flocking is very scares especially
the higher qualities. Fzxcnro Is with dlHcnlty ob
tained- There have been a few cargoes received dor*
fee the week. Sales today: Cargo sebr Bice Bell,
Item Three Blver*, at *15.00; cargo s hi Manchester
from Grand Elver, at sls Oi*. Shingles more active
and In better demand. Sales today cargo schr Tern*
P6»t,fromKalaraazo.2so,soo pawed u nol at $3.10
Lain ta very small supply and Ann. Posts receipts
until end in Hitr demand.
Lnim kb—first Clear, V 1,000 feet. |I3JW®SO.OO
Berond Clear. SLOOSIO.OO
Third Clear. BWOaS3 00
- Stock Board 25.00027.00
Box or select Boards SUHViSUM
Common Board#, cry 17.06ui17.50
Fencing [email protected]*JL60
Call Bear.fs...;..
First Clear Flooring, rough. 87J> &
Second Clear Flooring, roogh 5L06a40.00
Common Flooring, rongb.... .... . 3&00&. ..
Siding Clear, dressed
Second Clear. 20J»a2iOO
_ Common do ~ ...... i7JV(iI3.OO
Long Joists. [email protected]
Shaved A 9 M - tLsoAioo
Sawed Shlneles,A tSa.
Sawed Shingles, No 1 3.75 a 4on
Lath, I.POO pea **‘*o 3J»
Posta, ? I,WO [email protected]
pickets „ isioan 00
. LEAD AND BlloX—L*ap—The market has
been more active, and owing to greater sstreltywe
note.an advance cf Me on Pig and 50c on Bar Lead.
Shot qnlet and unchanged, weqnote:
Bar Lead. [email protected]
Pig Lead!. ii'tvva.
SbotibagTsstbs 3^3»S.tJ
Bnck Shot.2s lbs JAO® 3.70
fIIETALS-TXNlaln ft Ir supply, and with a good
demand prices rule steady and unchanged, Coppeb
is In •rather belter supply. Market still firm at pre
vious quotations. Zixo—inpplv very limited and in
active demand. On Ist quality cask we note an ad
vatccoflKcandoußhCctof lc?*tb. Market gener
ally active, and In fair supply. Weqnote:
1 tin C0ar5e................40
Box Tin Plate, IC, zero. r
10x14.. 4S.CO Ist quality, cask...., 13 c
Large Pigs .55 e l«t “ sheet. 13 «
Small Pigs ~,.56 c Slab .15315
BnrTln.... .37 o mairr wzxx.
. ss C
. 1,00
. 90 e
. 50 0
. so e
. 100
.COH c
. 28 C
.15(350 e
. so e
. 45 e
MetalJlcAlloyßot’ras.iS o
Copper 80tt0m5.;....87 e
Boh Copper. 68 c
Brazen,! tolOfts....fil e
Sheeting,ll to 180r...50’ c
Tinned 60 c
babbit xxtal.
Fine Bolder .’ 63 c,
NAlL»—Market moderately active and la' f«fr
supply. Prices firm and unchanged. We quota;
IWtoOd Hkeg.
Sd 'fine *bl a edl!
2d. QneblnecL..
Clinch ;...
NAV/ L STORES—For all descriptions of
poo os there la a fair demand. Tar Is In more limited
supply, end wo note an advance of SSXO on previous
quotations. Rosin Is atm scarce and very Ann. vjy.
Woqmjte** 111 * 11 snpplr * Dcm P I*. In better receipt.
Tar.. .\...550.r0«2L10 ManillaSepe 23
jicbWXOteliW Hemp. i....20 a 230
Borin, *BBO ft* __ «.cfl LaihTarn.No i ’awSS.-
Tarpenilne . MS® 4fo *• ** No-2*iftaiauft
Oakum fcc® 7JO Marline....
havebeen generally limited.
I b ®,H , « lirket *» tolerably active, especially for good
*wl for such prices rule firm and high. We
£rlme‘qualities ■•« .-vas an
Common to Medium *V‘fiaai TO
ha *i»ien little alteration
dnrme t he week in the previous condition of the mar*
’?s^,.vf;??». aciturer3 have from day to day
t C iS?«T5.J£ rt > Ba ? ie B s rt ef la formation, relative to the
{I™ 1 ”* anpojy Of Crude, and the Impossibility of fill
-s^»u r<le 7.v om v t *i tlr presefltstocks, andtheimprob
?“iV* T °f tbesebeiD * Increased for the next ten or
twelve date, so that prices have undergone llctle
change. The railroad freight his been InTlncreased
DE d an advance of lr on White Oil has
consequently been made. B*szoL*-has been In very
email supply with an excited market. Onr previous
quota’lons have advanced [email protected] at which the mar*
ket Is very firm. We quote:
White.Oil.ii»to 120 teas .a «Wc
Straw Oil .58 «t»e
Benzole J9 ®3sc
OlLS—LisaeaD—For several days daring the i
week the narket continued dull and depressed. Up
to Saturday several large sales were made at *LSS for
Raw. There has since been a considerable improve
ment In the demand and also In prices. We mw
quote the market firm at [email protected] Wr ale and Ele
phant Oil are In fair supply and tolerably firm ac nre*
vlons quotations. Lard On. i* in moderate supply
and very Arm at Sl.lf®! V>. White Grease In fur
supply and tolerably active at|lXoaiXs. J»«vpspoot
On.—Scarce and Arm at previous rates, n e quote:
Raw Linseed OH
Boiled Linseed
Olive Oil, bulk - ?3%3f5S
Whale oil,
Elephant OU 3*i2£ f J*S
Bank Oil, L2s<SiiUs
Lard OH, winter
White Grease Oil 1-^}-“
Machine OU
fperm Oil .&• ®|
Mecca Oil $2
PROVISIONS—There Is an active demand for
ncariv every artlclo of Hopv*and Beef Product, and
nrlces have advanced materially during the week,
* ttieaa Pork—ln active demand and Ann at an ad
vance on the week ofZy&ZDc. The offerings ar s turn
inally Ugbr.andthe tcndcscylsopwarda-baver* of
fering riixr&3.£o. and sellers bolding at $2100323.00.
To-daT the sales wereSCO brls Mess Pork at $43X3;
S CCC brla outride city Mess at $22.18; 500 brls do, to bo
delivered at Karine, at s£.*.oo; 20 brls U. O. Pork at
fiO.CC- l.oco trls Old Mess Pork at fli jo.
Frlno Mess Pork—During th« week an active
demand cas existed, and we note an advance In prices
on the week, with sales at a range of
S2I.OCOt2.‘M. Government took MOD bhla since the
date of onr las; weekly review, at iaxoadl.'-3. To
dat there was an active demand, end nrlces ad.
In?,?. S&fjlS'g il
rinjr the past week has been
lerahly oe’ow the demand
21®i8c, and to day, with still
belnp offered.
■ raccoon; otter, martin, and
andwltba fairdemandthe
id steady. «t present rates,
moderate demand at pteyl*
loofe. To-pat the 9*le* werer-V*? pc# dry 9 I
Han-ntl'Se Icoses 3.1C9 pea rough aides at 9*c
Ioo«e • S,COi pcAWiooliiers at Sc packed; 5,t&3 Os do a. )
fsCclo<>-c: i-TOrpcasonrShonlaewaii'clooso. |
'Voffllsh Meat*—lheniarketla quiet and raoml*
naiaiiOoor cumberiands, lOVc'ftor Short Rio ana
irAeujfc for short Clear Middles. Thera are no
loi'ircm Hams on market. . , I
rickledjjeaia—H*ica are In
fiinTat Sl.ouldets are la good d'-raaafi at 90. ;
10-dat, I'-- Ires pickled llama wen* said at 13c. I
Btcou Hama—There U an active do nand fr
plainm«. Niiaar rnred Him#, at 15K9*6K for r-n- [
rt<>(d HfcSWj tor nneanrassed do*
an- UVPeJiK for plain cured. Bacoa Shoulder* are ,
>a go< d demand an ilfir* at dVc. Thero is«<iotbln* .
tcie ui Eaton Sides. Tod*t the sales.wire:— MO ;
tresl Dfl'eid’asngiKund and csnvusied Hans »nt
Brtsate tence; nifftres tugircnrtd uncanvasielßa’ j
Mrr. for delivery ■ n the istoi May at 15l(o.
_Mesa Beef—Tnero Is «n sotlve demand for Mo •
Eeei, acd the market has advanced 50c daring In.) ■
«erlr, wlih sales at «14 5 . at which price Government t
t. ok i.i w hrls. Extra Mess b firm at *ISJK There Is
BoTletceEcef In market. To-d,t the sUes were:
& 1 -.£ ,8 .? 1,ew Bee' at |U 50; 220 trU Ilaht Mesa Beef at .
* l ii' o vU brls Extra Mef>d Beef at lIC.CO. . I
TjHs er "npa-Thcre Is an active demand for Beef .
4»?l- V?'v. thl " market U Arm at ao advance on the ;
«"e: im T ""> iT “ Ics
“i”;Urt i«n j?“ I ’ r,moCl ‘l “xS2*tik!a S&
' Tl o followlne table shows the c!ortßPnTi«».HA«.f
PrlmeWem 8eef..... V.IV"’- **** •••
Eura Mess 8eef.......
Mess Beef.
Interior Mess
Beef Hams
Smoked Beef. V A
Mess Fork, new
Prime Mess, new
Short nibbed Middles.
Short Clear Middles....
T ong Bib buddies
Long Clcrr Middles....
Cumberland Middles ft 646
Lone Cut Hams-ln boxes.
Bulk Shoulder?, h'Oae OJMKft tav
Bilk Hanis, loose O.iHfO QJIY
Balk Sides,loose ■ O.ODKft (Dik
Pit e Leal Lard . 12 ft OJ2«
80.l Lard O.UKft UK
POTATOES—Tbs'snnply dSrln?- the ire.ik has
been limited,eepedally of oruue qualities. There Is
a fair dcirand ana-prIPCJ-gsneniryTulß firm and
stendyat present quotations. ‘Weqaotc:
Prime qualities ' S&gtfe
Medium to prime ' [email protected]
«aitl2Q toprlDiw T T
New York. V brl t4.7jOS.ce
. POULTIty-PrcMPf! Chickens bare beenlaallC-'
tie Letter popplr,Rcdi;lth a Cilr. demand prices rule
firm at previous rates. Tuasrrs are lu almost com
ical receipt, and bat little demand. Wito Docks m-'
live' and tolerably firm as present We
Dressed chickens, V dor./.
Dressed Tnrfce.-s, p
IT lid Docks, small, P dor.
“ “ miliardi 9 do* 2/A43.7S
Plseon* V do* U£**l.3t
FOWlJEft—Blastlntr Powder Is la cooddenunl.
Bide quiet. sapply generally. limited, and market
firm r.nd unchanged. We quote 1
F F Powder, ? keg •9J»W,O
BlsbiJtb Powder, v keg ; 7.0001.3)
FAINTS—Wnrta Lsai> The market eontlnaes
very active. the demand, as the oalnttng season ap
proaches, Increasing. There la UUlo Improvement
id the supply. and with the farther ad nance on Lead,
ptiers rule correspondingly Arm. Colors.bothfln Oil
nidDrv, are r ora active and steady; at previous
quotations, We Quote: .
white Lead pure V IPO hs • i*w
** . M h. A. Fa’mes'ock...... ' 16CO
“ u B. L. Fahnealoc*, pare....^t. 15JJQ
** ** *• - Rag1e.....;. 12.n0
•* “ “ Pearl Snow. 8 73
** 8r00k1yn...;....;; ism
“ ** Bt.Coair..
** ** Continental...;
*• “ Interior Branns
** “ New Jersey Zinc....
**. *• French Bed Beal.
Paris Given.
i aoipdea Green
Emerald and Magnesia.
colors stfr.
TeDow Ocrc.
French Ochre,...
Chrome Yellow.
Vecetlan lied
YermiUlon, Amer can.
-Chrome Green 16 @*s c
Paris Green ...y ®*J7Hc
HICE—The market contlnrs moderately active
Flocks generally are tmai), aodthe supolv la 11-at.
pßces role very firm with an advance of Me on pre
vloos quotations.' We quote:
Arracan.... ... ........ 10 @!o*£
Fa'ta.. ... .lOM^lO^c
Bangoon 10i*®lMoc
SLA £.T—Domestic Salt has advanced 10c P brl uar-
Ire the week, with liberal sales of Fine at [email protected]
—cloelng at the outside Hen re. Foreign Is held very
firm at oar quotations. We quote:
DoimTjo—Fine Salt.
Ground Solar
• Dairy, with sacks
Fobegb—Turk’s Island, 9 sack WCp....
** Ground Alma Wsack. 3.f1(V3i13H
SEEDS—Ciotzi:—An active derasnd has sprung
op during the week, and we pete an a', vance in prtcea
oi about #I.OO f> bushel since the date of oar last
weekly review, a Ith sales at $7.00 *3.00. sailers aene
rally boldine at tbe outside Flax Sesd—
During tbe week tb re baa been considerable activity
In tie marker, and prlet-s bare ruled steady, about
8,(00 bushels baring changed hands, at #150'23.75 for
medium to pood, aid #3.753230 for choice—tbe mar
ket closing Ann. Tmom-la active demand and
stcody at *231(32.10 for pood to prime qualities, flea*
o.s fiaji—ln pood demand and Ann at 12.00^,2-33.
To-dat the sales were: 3 bans choice Cl->ver Seed
at (8.10 : is haps do at #7 75 ; a baps at #7.53 - 50 sad 14
bags prir-e T»mothy at #2.40; 55 baps dirty ■!.» a' #2.20;
85ba^sFlax Seeda» #3.71)4 ; 160bapsat *3-0; 8 baps
&UGAKS—During tbe past week there has been a
considerable increase in the prevlotw almost tmprece*
dented activity of this market. An amount of excite*
mens unknown In the trade bu existed both here and
In our Eastern markets, so that prices hare been cos*
tlnnally advancing, with the supply decreasing. This
bae been the case with raw ana refined Sugars, bat
especially so "with the latter. There is still me same
excited and strong upward tendency lathe market,
making quotations comparatively valueless. This
state of talncs is a natural consequence ot our re*
uricted Booply, and the large speculative demand
which bas arisen lor reflned Sugars m New York.
Unrtng the wee* raw Sogars have advanced—New
O; leans IV® Usc, Cuba and Porto Hleol«*®i ve, A. A.
Portland isc. ItznxiD Scqass—Crnsned svatc,
and other grades 2K93Ke V ». MarketatlU very arm
and tending up. neqnote:
New Orleans.
lew Orleanf,cl*rlflcd.
it aiiit
If. T. refined, powdered aad jraaolated.... 34 ®2i)i
WMIeA „ 81 Q&ii
White B 23 O&Utt
Eitr* B 9HH&SK
Extr* C rX92t
Tellow C 19
Chicago A
Chicago B *
Cblcaco C ©....
MAPLE SUGAR—The receipts dnrtne the week
have been larger, and plainly Indicate a very favora
ble teaeon for prowera. With a good demand prices
role him and "without any material change. We"
common. In cakes, 9 & AlKOWie
Refined intakes. V ft.
SYTiUPfifr—'With the excitement which has pre
vailed in tbe demand for Sneers, there has been a
ati oes npward tendency in this market. Chicago
Refinery drands have fora fair days been out of me
market. On New York, and New Orleans Syrups
prices have advanced t®*Coa previous quotations,
andhre still In small and Inaucqaata supply. We
qnoter . •
Chicaco Sncarllonae
Chicago Golden
Cbienso Amber... .....
N.T. Syrups
Cuba Molasses..
Kew~ '
.»ew OrTeaHg.nfw cr0c...... .90&95
SPICES—'The market has been generally active,
but ibe high rates previously attained bare rated
steadily and wlt'i bat little farther change. At pres*
Bent cootatlvns tbe market Is arm. We qaoto:
Allspice,* ojs 9&SS
Stssls .. 9JO OO.BS
loves.. „ 0,55 ’@O.W
bntmegs. ; IJO 91AO
Pepper. Q.-A ®o^e
bALERATD»‘Ia good demand and vary flrm at
protect quotations. We qaoto:
Babbitt’s 8e5t....... 9K®S*
“ rare .........9 992
DcLand’s Chemical.... .. .9K®9w
Healthy. 9 gltf
SOAPS—Market generally active. On Babbltt.s
■we note a farther advance or He. Oaklev’s soaps are
out of the market, quotations- are therefore demon*
tinned. Prices Arm at present rates. We quote;
Babbitt s iu&aIIK
Common Bar, Palm 1M
Kmer/ i Braslve t s)|j
Kirk’s General Brandi. 1 9 9
Birbeck’sPalm 8 0 8«
American Castile- .Id 914
ForcJcn Csstlle 31 923
Slaughter Sale 36&33s
Baenoe Ayres. S&CTe
Orinoco Sole 3tOS6c
Orinoco good dam*
aged. SO&Qc
French CalfXß [email protected]
French Calf Le*
mouses, 9 dor*
en ...TLOOdT&OO
French Calf Lc*,
aolnes* Sec*
onds, V d0z..,0X0(370.00
Linings. H doe..l3Xoai3J»
Boans.lt doe.. 43X0918X0
STARCn—In fair demand and very Cna, with a
fmtfier advance of Ke- We quota:
KlcgsiOrd, .10 (SIOK
Ottawa. .3^310
note a lores amount of activity la
the market, with no change la Its previous firm and
upward tendency. It wlube seen from oar present
out tailona that upon medium to choice grades or ail
descriptions a farther udvacce of fromsc to 10s has
been made. Itwillhoweverhe well to bear in mind
that the present quotations of this market aio con*
sidenbly auderinofo of other 'Western or E-vuem
markets: this is the result of the stocks oa hind hav-
Inc been bought previous to the more recent advances
of the market. We quote:
Young Hyson. Interior to common, g» tt.g0.90 ®IJ.O
“ ** superior to fine, P tt 125 »!.i5
. " extra to choice, V tt Leo q1.14
Imperial,tuoerlor to dne, p » ijjo auto
_ “ extra to choice, p a....- I.TO ®IAS
Gunpowder, superior to line, Pi 5.... ... L2D ®t.to
“ •• extra to choice. Pis 1.6S out
Japan,natural leaf, fine to choice, p s„ 1.10- ®i.ao
_v “ ‘V extra flue lAS 31.10
Oo!ocgi,lnferiortoflne,P i 5....,....,.,, so ®LIS
„ \ extra to ct olee, Pft Wi ai.is
Souchongs, P is iy, in ,
TOBACCO—The market has been considerably
more active during the past week, and to a
Urge rpeculailve demand, with the prospect of la*
creased duaesbelng Imposed,prices have advanced
ftoro2osc on manufactured goods Snuff Is also very
Arm with an advance of 10c on previous quotations,
n c quote;
Illinois, middling to £zur„ 1........... ftaisc
Illinois, common.. "sSsa
omcAQo tobacco xxsnivxcrvßtss Bnixi>aL
CEZWiso. , inoxna
StsroftLeWestJO ®iOOc 8 c
Pioneer. 65 a «c 8M ®2i c
Ex.CaTendlsh...’J3 a BSe 1...... M «*■>■> c
Prairie Pride....65 ® TOc n 2a a3l c
Sweet.. 68 & 65c EliilcJklnlclc....so ato c
• ~ ... . Toaioco.
“a and 5«, Star of the West.
7s and as Pioneer.
1 to S
7, 8 and 9
10 and 11.
IS and H
15 and 16..-,..,.
Fence wire....
Fence Staples.
.43 e
..13 o
.41 e
.45 c
.48 e
.47 c
.43 o
.41 C
..11 e
..20 e
ss, Extra
Si, 7b and IBs, Black Diaaond.,
■ cnxwzxo. sxoxzxo.
Geld Leaf. 9Gc | Missouri.. 17 otS t
SmmySlde ....50e51.0T10... IS Sl9 e
Charley 1 * Choice..;. 80c 100 19 aa c
gjntrJfiplelg j 000 . 33 ©23 0
Royal Gem 75 ® 78c
Nonpareil tu «ua
Ncctarlae 93 oijm
Olivo Branch;..,... 72 & 75 e
Grape Vise. 70 & 72c
Kick Back!- 73 d 80 c
DoubleßoseMacaboy 60 a ®c
Stogie -*• *• so <$ 60 c
BOatCh.- 55 CO 65C
Bappee 55 & S»c
. TAljXOW—There baa been a moderate activity
in the market, and prices have ruled firm and steady
at previous quotations. The receipts during the
week amount to 167,963 iss. We quote;
Prime Packers 11 ft....
. 7XO
. 740
. 8.00
. 9XO
. 9X0 1
Prime City Butchers lOjfdiox
Country. - lOMdiOK
BooehTallow. .
VINEGAR—In fair demand and unchanged. Wj
per gal 13 aio
Pure Melt do do «}8
Com’ndo do do 13 <&lt
WOOI<— I There has teen so Improvement in the
previous Inactivity and depression of this market.
The receipts during the week acioant to 8.G35 as, and
we note the following as the principal sales made:
5,0C0 asmedlnm fleece atddc; 4.0(0 as floe fleece at
6Cc:SCoastarmerstnb-irashedat63c. We quote: _
Pine fleece !9®S
Medium fleece .53(360.
rsetoryTob Washed 70,073
WOOD—The receipts have been a little better,
but are still too small to cause any great reduction
In prevloua quo* ations. Cary-es of Beech are Beilins
On Becchand
Maple wc note a redaction on the retail prices of 50c
V cord. We quote:
Beech V cord t 9.oo—delivered at} 9.50
Hickory V cord 10.CO ' “ 11.00
Maple V cord HUM “ 10JO
Bale* of cargoes:—Cargo ofMarlner.H cords mix
ed,at f7.’f®&o; csrgo of schooner Hibbard,from
Port Washington, 120 cords of Beech and Maplei. at
17 co.
WISES AND LiQllOßa*—Market very firm at
present quotations, wlm an upward tendency. The
eiclmnent in Highwlnes tends to nnaettleprlces very
materially, and also to restrict operations. The sud
ply Is liberal. Wo quote* r
Pure Spirits (pr’O [email protected]
Rectified Whisky
£0 per cent. X7.P. 9S
Reaper- Whisky 90
Mflpnollado [email protected] 95
American eagle do [email protected] 97
New Rre Whisky. [email protected]
Old do do [email protected]
New Bourbon do*,*. [email protected]
Oid do [email protected]^c
Otard. 5,00(37.00
Selgnette AOO®tCO
Kartells 6J30
Swan 150
Schcl dam [email protected]
M CODEJI'WAKE—Tbe Cowentlott olVoodta
Sat wS?fap 1,61(1 , ln tleveland darlc* the
7* ;? r Purpose ot re-arrannlnff prices! has
Min * Important chances in oor previous
e^?^ lly on . cb sT3 and Measures. The
pl^ k Wa*qume ** Pre3CDt prtcea andl ° Hnilted sup-
CL nrnfl Jio 4. . luo®l2J)0 Palls. two hoop.
d° N08....1?j»®13j:0 9 do: J.SJXW 3.8
do 802...ai00(3U.0n do three hoop,-
„ d ®. -W-00ttl5,CO Tube, nests __
Washboards, per three Sjoas-5
do* 3 Oltt BJS do No 1 9 do*..l*-»*al*- k £
Cornbagketslbu do So*.r.—...l2J»®l2JC
, 1 do* 64Ca 7JO W bn Measures. _ _
dOlStm 7J»@BJU Bed V 5•?£?••**
do?bn a w<ain no do Bmternot... SJO9 ....
Market Baskets. Peek Measures.
‘ willow SXdfii SJO I>d.. JS® •
dodo thee !Ua»lU* doßutterant... can# ....
[From the BniTalo Express, March 31]
At a meeting of th* Board of Trade held at their
rooasyestcrday.ihofq.lowlns preamble aniiesoln*
lions were adopted: . , . .. „
i Woiizjii, It kaTlasbeen represented to this Board
of Tiade that there is a prepoal 100 -before the Legis
lature to iacr«M the Suit* ■»* oa salt flvo (5) eeots
per Dcshcl on lice salt, aau ten tl)> celts per ouibol
on ct mtnon sen, U la
Jic olrnl. That In slew of (he Urselv Increasing
manufacture of salt at Saginaw, an 1 tb.* development
of sail at other poiuU* la Misstate of Michigan. It la
the opinion of this body thttanv inctvAio in the pres*
ent State tax on #alt at too state welts,
would be prejudicial to tho intone: of the Sato of
J?eso/re(/. Thatacopv of thtsr.'jjlutloD be sent to
tbs Fretlurnt of the Senate, dp* «ker of toa Bouse,
and the Chairman of the Committee sC VTays and
M pi3t*Co3rr«A.--A few weeks s'netv * very large
pseklnz-bousc la too dtyslgoM a petition to tbs Leg
islature” to lorn.-«.»e the tlul/On ->,».t to six (d) coats
per ba- L'cl on flee salt, and ten (10) cents prr bushel
on eosnw self: sod to en»o«- rnch law* arwilt p*oteet
them md all coesameraer Quoad: g# »>!'. against
moDO'ollzlrg eombioattni s auinog salt maonisetur*
era.” Ttay erU ti elrpCltii.D. by saving Tour pe
titioners are free to say th u the? prrfcr to tike thetr
chances of the price ot salt under a h!~h rate o( duty,
with freecotroetltlmi for Us maonlUctore and sale,
r»tber than nnder the present low r»teof doty.with
the prodoetlon sod price, whatever a few Indlvldoa'a
ctroiitoeclchoose tv mak^ them.”
Prop r- Wears, Blodgett, Lincoln. 175 m lumber.
Scbr R it I'ecK, Klcusrowin.'Ltncolo. ISO m lumber.
Schr Sea Star. Stirling, Lincoln,S3ra lumber.
Schr Charlotte. Williamson, WoU Klver, 2,(03 cedar
Q „. _ T®**s ; 5 eda wood.
r?)J4 A*K l l c *J raw »* Maalt»woc,l,W> m shingles.
%hs?cw l T r ? , - VVll l )er - Contemn*. 7# CJs wood.
sSK pßr *3n«, Centerville.« cl* wood. .
l “ MCalf . til-leu, Vhi’e Lake. 90 conls
Schr J A A suonach, Douxlm, siiaUtaaLiw?il!^Uw
Schr Mariner, Cross, Houta “iveafntcjV
Schr Hornet, OUvtr; Kaclnr.2- ” b‘k¥
Scow Tempest, Scwion, Kaunmoo, 3ad m »hia=tM
l«vhe Q
sijm a....
ui e o.ii«
. H2£ «sus
S&) '4
•'F top Union, Sprnpre, Mllwaakce. suailrtea.
Trip J Darber. Hopkins, St Joseph, sundries.
Schr J A. AStronach, Doiutlas Manbtee.
Sclir Mariner. i.rcsr, South Haven.
Schr Hornet, Oliver, Uaclno.
Schr IVestchester, li urn ea. Grand Haven.
Schr Adriatic, Palmer, Grand Uatvn, 60 bisfeed.s
bils pork.
Schr OR Knbert’.'W'alrer. Centerville.
Schr Uerldiat'.Howard. Grand Haven.
Schr L C Irwin, I’anons. Packard's Pier.l
Schr Guide. Unrses, St Joseph.
Scbr Flight. Curie, North Unity. . _
Scow Coolest. Sends, South Haven.
. I.TWJ*
| jonpdiim of> CUenito Harbor.
On Monday last.C. Y. Richmond, Saq„ Cap ts. John
mndWUle, Nicholson, Roach, Connoy, Shields, Bal
lenOne, Sanders ana Laflln vent oat Into the harbor
on the tog Union, lor the purpose .of taking sounding*.'
They found the eoorse of the channel unchanged,
with the same ranges as last year. The lowest stags
of water found was eleven feet, wlib little orno wind
to affect It. ,
' (Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trumac.l
Biudospobt. April s—l pjk.
Cleared—Asia, Las all c. 10,361 bushels Govern
ment data; America,Laaalle, lyisi boshelaGov
ernment oats.
AKimra>—Clyde, Ottawa, 5,fi00 bushels corn;
Torktown, Lai-alle, 4,£00 bushels com: S. A. Doug
las. Dceplaines, 30 cord wood, 10 tons bay.
Cleaned-Evening—Atlantic, Laaallc, 111,000
lumber: Prairie Queen, Ottawa.
Arrive®—S, F. Gale, A hens, 03 yards nib atone.
.. tin
.. 1100
aj<a a o
...... [email protected] 4 e
....... 4 @ 5 S
@So e
'T 'tOi COjSi'KSSxOiNS A'.’X) j£3.-
the benefit and Cm a CAUTION TO FOCTSO »«
and others, whc eofferfrom 2?ervoas Denllitr.PraEV
of Manhood, ic., supplying at the ns»
ttoe To* M*aire ow Sgty-Cunu. By one who hj
—tea bunself after undergoing considerable qmu
erj. By Inclosing a postpaid addressed envelope, f»>_
nadoftba author, NATHASIJIb
... 1.930.
oftentimes tr cam
ble. Beowm’s Bnoscaixt Tnocnee
Us affected parts, and give almost immediate raUarr
Tor BaoKrarris, A»tu*a, Catarhr in d consrnD*-
tit* Coueas,tbe freshes ore oseiol. Public 9nW>
ers and Slnerri should have toe Troches to strengttak.
the voice. Military Otfccre sad Sctdlsn who ovIST'
the voice, ai»d are exposed to sndaen changes steal*
aae them obtain only the oawrrnra. "BrovKt-
Broaehlal Troches’* having I’Botpd their elßcaey K
a test of many years, are highly recommended Ua.
prescribed by Physicians and Surgeons In the Hal.
ana have receded ’aatxmonla’a from msnyemlae
gold by all Druggists and Dealers in HedletM te
tbs Waited States and moss Foreign countries, as Iff
cents per box. del3-5721-«m y aawXj.
[email protected]
16 @I7K
19 «17J<
DB. C. M. JACKSON, Phila., Ps-
Choale or ffcrroiis Debility lilscasds &*
•Kidneys, and aD diseases arising frts
i disordered Llier orStoaufc,
as Conatlpa-
Hon, Inward Piles,
Fullness or Blood to tbs
Hcad-Acldlty of the Stomach,
KsMta, Heartburn, Dlsgasl for Food,
' Fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Sew
SrnpUtlooa. Sinking or Flattcrlag at the fit
of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Homca
aad Difficult Breathing, Fluttering at the Haaa*.
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In alylngais--
ture’ Dimness of Vision, Bets or Webs beforattg
algnt, Fever and doll pain in tkeHead. Deffde>>
ey ol Perspiration. Yellowness of the Sktj
: and Eves, Pain In the Side. Back, Cheat.
Limbs, Ac., Sadden Flashes of
Beat. Bnrnlnjr In the Flesh.
Constant imagining*, '
. of EtII, and great
Depression of
And will positively prevent FELLOW FBVKB, BfV
UOOSFEVER Ac. Thev contain
.u « sue
..90® 1.20
They WILL CURB tbs abots diseases in nlneCiksKV
eases out of a baadretl. **—«»—«*.-»-
Bo yon want something to Strengthen Ini
Bo yon want a Good Appetite 1
Bo yon want to Bnlld np your Constitution I
Bo yon want to Feel Well I
Bo yon want to get rid of JTeryonsnea !
Bo yon want Energy 1
Bo yon wont to Sleep Well T
Bo yon want a Brisk and Vigorous Feeling!
There are many preparations sold under the &
Bitters pat up in quart bottles, composed of Ik
cheapest whisky or common rum, costing from 2B w.
Coriander Seed 0 * th ° Uste V huff r
This class of Bitters has caused and will continue v
cause, as long as thry can he sold, hundreds to die P"
death of the drunkard. By their use the system &
kept continually uader the Influence of AlcohoEr
Stimulants of the worst kind, the desire for Liquor
created and kept np, and the result Is all the boms*
attendant upon a drunkard’s life and death. Beware
of them!
' Attention, Soldiers! and Friends of Soldiers.
TVe call the attention of all haring relation* e>
friends In the army to the fact that** IIOOFLAND*
German- BJttere” will cure nlne*tenths «f the dlseare
todneed by erposarw and privations incident to camp
life. In the llstijpnbllshea almost daily la the news
papers, oa the arrival of the sick. It will be notteuc
ft? 8 Urge l*/op«/tten ore smTerers from dett
-IJ7* S? 8 * teat kind can be readily cored t'
Hoofland a German Bitter*. Diseases resulting frwi
disorders of the digestive organs are •peedllyremor
wl. We have no hesitation in stating that. If those
Bitten were freely used among our soldiers, hundred?
ef Ures might be saved that otherwise will bo lost
We .caff attention to the following remarkable and
W w Authenticated core of one of the narton’s heroen,
JJ&om Sf®* to use his own language, •* has been savw
op the Bitters,’* _
Pamaoxhpxna, Aug. 35, iai|,
MIHBBI. Joial A Etjlxs ; Well, gentlsnies, you
Hoodana*a German Bitters has fitved my Ufs.- nerr
Is no mistake in this. It is vouched for by numbers f*
my comrades, some of whose names are appended, taa
who were folly cognizant of all the circumstance* *j
my case. I am. and have been for tbs hut four jests,
a member of Sherman’s celebrated battery, and under
the Immediate command of C.ipt. K. B. Arm
Through the exposure attendant »pon my arduous to
ties, I was attacked In November last with Inflamae
tlen of the longs, and was for seventy-two days in fee
hospital. This was followed by great debility, height
ened by an attsck of dysentery. 1 was then remover
from the White House, and sent to this city on bo«e
the steamer “State of Maine,’’from which Handed «
the3Bthof June. Since that time I have been abac
as low as one coaid be and still retain a spark of vlfci,
JIT. Fora week or more I was scarcely able to sw*£
low anything, and U I did force a morsel down Itwu
ixnmedlatelv thrswn an aaam.-*»< WQ 6
I could not even keep a glass of water oa my stom
ach. Life could zst last under these circumstance
and accordingly iafe physicians who had been worklte
frlthfhlly, thsogh unsuccessfully, to rescue ms from
the grasp of the dread Archer, frankly told me
they could do ao more for me, and advised me to ass t
clergyman, and to make such disposition of my limit
ed fhads as best salted me, Anaccualntaace
Ited me at the hospital, ifr. Frederick Stelnbrotua
Sixth below Arch street, advised me. as a forlorn Tuiiwi
to try your Bitters, and kindly procured a botSt
From the time I commenced taking them, the gloe*»
shadow of death receded, and lam now. thank
forlt-fetUliKbstler. l-iiooghT h.r. t.kslfbattSl
bottles. I bars galsed ten pounds, and I feel lanmJU
sfbefrg permitted to join tny wt? o and dauzhtetSS
whom fbave heard nothing for eighteen moathi_2?
gentlemen, I am a loyal Ylrglnlanffrem the vlcialtwei
Front Royal. To year invaluable Bittere I
certainty of life which has taken ths place of
Jour B lttea wm X o , e the glorious prtvuSw
££‘£H“. pta » ton,r *«>"■“■«• .ho "SdJSE
0f *” ta,r owcomraja Ur. HaKat
JOHN OtJDDLEBACK, Ist New Torkw.tte**
GEO. A. ACKLEY. Co.V, UthMaiW Batt<lT ‘
LEWIS CHEVALIkR, 92d \ew Vnrt
JSf to. C. 6th Milas.
Co - Malac.
*• 75,1 Totlc -
tHOMAS, Co. F. 951h Pemts.
ro. A.M Vennont.
JOHN JESKDIg_Co. A IMth Peiuut
.. uc
..90 e
..80 ft
..70 «
B«e that signature ol M C. M. JACKSON.” ia em
WRAPPER of each bottle. »*•«•*
Frfe« Per Battle 75 Cents,
Or tUlfßaz. for g-1.00.
Should the neoreat druggist oat have the article. &»
aot he put off by any of the Intoxicating Bren&raaeci
that may be offered in Ita place, bat send to as. asd vf
wIU forward, Becarely packed, by exprem.
Domestic 0m... 23
Domestic Bntadyi.ioaija
; Jamaica Bam....Di'yai 23
j su Croix Ram...,[email protected]
Port Wine..'..... s®l3s
Sherry wine [email protected]
ifMSSfwi 1 ™ Bsai^»
, Ginger Win© (aiJX)
I Chfffy.'Wine aLit
ICaUwbaWine... [email protected],73
CSaceessars to C. M. JACKSON A Co.o Proprletac*.
LORD A SMITH, General Western Ac cats,
•jS, 23 Lake street. Chicago, 18.
Foe sale by all Dnxjrelsta and Dealer* m owf
town in the Pnitftl ' fti9n.mis3Aa»i<A>e^
SIOOO —The-advertiser has
For twelre or eighteen month?, on No. l *
dress *CABH,"P. O.Boxsa**. apfrbU. ltia
Maderta 10038.K
Sberrjr .iafcWJJC
Claret... AJXQSJH
Burgundy iamoc
Fort, Lso3d CC
Port joice lor
Hock 2£t®3JC
llhkiu. I«»BOU*
White Lead, Caaraa. Bloclu, etc. , .
183 Sonifc Wmter street, Ch, /®fSißß*.
oxo. o. rtxjrar, dxxixi. ltons. *■ <* UAtfU *’

THE-KiBST-ifASaildt ?;pfK;
OF GALKSBUBO, Qalxsdcbo, liU no “*
Th!i Bant la now fnßj orzanlrod,
the transaction of a General Banking bpriawa.
Ite ecrrlccs are tendered to partlbiharu** COrre*-
pondtoce to Kao* .ad CMhldr.
Cm bub n. MainTwa, rrealdeqt.
parr© Sasoobn, Vice President,
mhSO-bCQI-lm w Fix
The Bstl Queetlca in Baflalo.
Principal Office and Xannfactery
CASH CAPITA!. »100.0O»-.

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