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£rtjtcago Crtbimc.
United States Cibouit Coubt.—The Jury
In the United States Circuit Court yrzt discharged
yesterday ior the term. Motions for new trials
artll bo taken up on Saturday next.
Who Is He?—lt was currently reported
lost evening, that one of tbe Grand Jurymen of
the Recorder's Court, was suddenly ts*f n
•riUmtan trar.ont in the Jury room yesterday ana
during b!s fit of mania, created quite a furor*
Among Jurymen and officers.
Foubth Wabd.—There was a meeting of
"the citizens of the Fourth Ward, at Ullch a, last
night, at wh Ich H was decided by those present to
rote for R. M. Hough as a candidate for Alderman*
ic honors, at the coming primary election.
Tenth Wabd Cohhittke.—Among the
seven gentlemen appointed by the meeting of citi
zens in this Ward on Wednesday evening, was J.
dough Haines, the Supervisor of that Ward. The
name was given as J. C.," which are the initials
of another gentleman not appointed.
Foueteektu Ward Kaxlt.— About two
hundred German voters met last evening at the
corner of Division and Wells streets. Spirited ad
dressee were made by Messrs. Bottingcr, Bessing,
Brentano and Charleston. The Union men of the
14th arc determined to return Alderman Hotttnger
to the Connell. Wc understand that Hr. Lnbarsch
is the Copperhead nominee.
Laecent.—Yesterday morning David
TJbcle residing on Van Boren street was charged
before Jstice Moore with stealing several pounds of
bamfromFred Pretsyh a Clark street batcher.
Complainant some days ago sent several bams to
the defendant to be smoked bat daring the opera
tion they diminished materially. Bis honor com
mitted the prisoner for trial at the Recorder's
'Court securing his appearance in bonds of $500.*
A New Field.—Caspar Batz, who a year
ago was opposed to the German Workingmen's
Association, has after much tribulation landed
safely within the very centre of the Institution!
On Monday night he was proposed as a member,
and at first rejected. Subsequently, on motion of
Thco. Bielscher, this vote was reconsidered, and
Mr. Batz elected. The ambitions gentleman has
now a new field for his operations*
Secokd Wabd Kallt.—The Union men of
the Second Ward met in council last night, at
■Schroeder's, comer of Jackson and Canal streets.
James Miller waa chosen* Chairman, and CapL
Hartman, Secretary. Speeches were made in Ger
man and English, by Wm. Bosh and others, and
spirited remarks in English by Messrs. Ballard,
Sbiznp, Denman, De Wolf, Jenka, Titteworth and
, Irwin. The next meeting will be hdd on Saturday
Painters’ Association.—
A meeting of the Journeymen Painters' Union was
held on Monday evening at ilr.Hcnrlckes’ shop,
on Lasalle street, sear Lake. Several sew mem.
hers were admitted, and it was unanimously deter
mined to support tbe association. Since the last
meeting several of the masters bavc acceded to the
demands of the men for an advance of wages, hot
so active measures have been taken by the Union
to commence a strike.
The White Union Refugees at Cairo.—
We would again call attention to the presence of
In this dey ofllev. E. Folsom, Post Hospital Chap
lain at Cairo, on a mission of charity, asking for
contributions in aid of the White Union Refugees
who are daily arriving at Cairo from the South in
an aimed destitute condition. In speaking yes
terday'of the recent New York contributions the
types made ns say $1,600 Instead of sixteen thou
sand. Donations may be sent to the U. S. Sanita
ry Commission at Chicago, marked for Cairo re
fngees. ~
engine collided on North Water street yesterday.
The cow was worsted of course. The horns were
laid upon the sidewalk, the hidein the gutter, the
tallow found a resting place under the tender, bnt
diligent Inquiry has failed to reveal the wherea
bouts of the carcase. It is a remarkable coinci
dence that many ofthe Celtic residents of that por
tion of the 16th Ward had beef sonp for dinner.
This suggests another Act, and that is that Alder
man Shufeldt will receive his most efficient sup
port in his race for the Council on the third Tups
cay of April, from this very neighborhood, all of
which goes to confirm ns in onr belief in tbepre
destinatlon of fresh beef In esses of collision and
the total depravity of Copperheads.
New Rem.—James H. Hoes the celebra
ted Chicago Jeweller, finding that Ms extensive
badness Is becoming too much for Ms individual
management, hu determined to associate with
Newell Matson, of Milwaukee, a gentleman of
known business repute. Tbe Ann will carry on a
large wholesale and retail Jewelry trade, at tbe old
stand No. 117 Lake street, formerly kept by Hoard
& Hoes. Considering that J.H. Hoes urgently re
quired a thorough practical active partner, he could
sot have found a more suitable man, and the bad
ness of the two, both experienced Jewellers, pro
mises to be unrivalled throughout the Western
States. Ur. Matson will devote modi of Ms time
to visiting "Eastern manufacturers, making pur-
Ceases for tbe firm, and they hope by strict integri
ty and devotion to bos in css, sot only to retain
all old customers, bnt to greatly extend their trade.
Knowing what we do know of tbe old firm, and.
the perseverance of the old partner, we predict a
long and prosperous career to the establishment.
Aiding Desertion.—John Pool, of Peca
tozdea, Stevenson county, was yesterday brought
before United States Commissioner Hoyne, charg
ed with aiding and abetting the desertion of Us
eon Silas Pool. It appeared from the evidence
that the eon of the accused, who is only seventeen
years of age, left his home early in January last,
with the intention of visiting Mends. On the Slet
of that month the boy retained home attired in the
uniform of the ISth Illinois cavalry, and intimated
that be was a soldier on furlough. The father,
much annoyed at the conduct of his eon, and be
lieving.that Us infancy would protect him against
voluntary military service, caused the removal of
Us military clothes, and to the boy'with
visit Mends in Indiana. tulongh hating ex
pired, and the boy rot returning to his regiment,
father and son were arrested.
The charge against the lather of aiding and abet
ting desertion was dismissed upon payment of
costs, and the deserter waa sent to Camp Douglas.
Board op Trade—Be election op John
L. Hancock.—As announced in our issue of yes
terday, the second election for President of
the Board Trade took place yesterday at
the rooms of the association. There
were only two tickets in the field, and
the excitement was intense. Both candidates
brought out all their Mends, and considerable
stuue was made nsc of to influence voters by the
Mends of the respective candidates. The total
vote polled was 639, being an increase of lit over
the vote polled the previous day, and was divided
as follows: “ «»
John LHaicoek .832
Charles Randolph .247’
Majority for Hancock.
Pursuant to custom, a meeting of the Board was
held last evening, in order that the result of the
election could be announced, Cob J. L. Hancock in
the chair.
After the msetting was called to order Colonel
Beatty read the toller’s report and Colonel Hancock
was declared re-elected amid loud applausfe.
CoL Hancock, then returned his sincere thanks
to the members of the Board for the confluence
they had reposed in him, as was proven by fafii re
election. He promised to continue to perform his
duties to the best of hie ability, and tasted when
his term of office would expire, be weald have the
pleasure of delivering his valedictory address in
the new building. In condosion he thanked
the members of the Board, and hoped they would
all join him at the Trcmont House. [Applause.]
Loud calls were here made for Charles Randolph,
and that gentleman stepped forward and thanked
hie Mends for their support during the two day’s
canvass, and he would now promise them, he
would second the President-elect, in fillfilling the
duties of his office.
On motion the meeting adjourned to the Tre
mont House at the invitation of the President-
Couptrojxer Bates and the State
Street Bridge.—ln a former article we have
spoken of the connection of 8. 8. Hayes—some
what irreverently called u Sassafras”—with the
Fulton street sewer, and given place to an opinion
which we find is wiierfolnffl by many of our citi
zens, that in that matter the Comptroller of the
city of Chicago used his official influence for his
private and personal advantage. It is a fret which
Is undisputed, that since his connection with the
city government, his pecuniary affairs have might
ily improved.
It is well known that a large majority ol our
citizens arc favorably disposed towards the con
struction of a new bridge at State street. The
travel across the bridge at Clark street has assumed
such huge proportions that it has become s munici
pal necessity that some other means of crossing
the river should bo provided. In case of accident
to the former s tract ore a virtual embargo will be
laid upon travel, and more lose ensne in time and
money thanwonld suffice to build a dozen such
bridges. Afore than a year ago the project was
broached In the Common Council, and petition
petition presented urging the improve
ment, but for some nnexpUined reason,
e Comptroller and hie Copperhead pets have man*
•g*«o "Urea oft At last, alter a year 1 , labor,
bot HVeB
cued. Th* 6 of way was notse*
were all moonshine, "obscriptlon.
that tbe« were bona Me.ana™. “ U>flcd
allowed u> bo pot upon to *“
ntiorttoe e rider war tadtedm the £5 o°r S'
ordinance, prondliiK lor a brtdse at
Thlß necoeetoted a reterMt^ncktarth^,!f o, i!‘
Ue JUKI there U eloopr.
be able to aecnre to roanireetlon la known onlyto
John Comidty. There la UtUc proepect that
the pretent ConncU can be Induced to paw .
V”" 0 "* 01 - They can tenderthe
botptollly of the city to the band of .cheating tael
•who will deaecnte the natal day or AmertorTinde.
pendent* with tbclrtreaaonable tarings, they can
Tote money to pay their latent nnd grog bill/end
appoint a Committee to play the toady to tbeae
minions of Jeff, Haris, bnt when it comes to act
upon a measure the people demand, they find so
many phantoms and ghosts in the way, that for
the Ufc of them they can't see their way clear to
pass upon it. Verily these Copperheads are a ven
omous race, and every devont Catholic should
pray for a second fiL I'atrick to sweep them from
the land, as the older Saint did the frogs and snakes
from Ireland.
It is said the secret of Comptroller Hsycs' op
position to the State Street Bridge project, and. the
reason why he is so anxious that a bridge should
be bnlltat Franklin street, Is,that “FatherTaylor”
owns property in that vicinity, which woold be
largely benefited by “this ImprovmenL 'This is a
weight reason truly for defeating the expressed
urill of thppeople.
BtpcUtom Colon Coontj Cooreatlon.
A Republican Union Convention of delegates
from the Cocnff of Coot, will be held in the Clr.
St Court Boom In the dtj of Chicago. on Tact.
for the inuioee of Bdertln- delegates to attend the
Judicial convention, to ho held nt the Metropolian
Hall in sold city, on the 27th day of April Inst., to
xjominote a candidate for Judge of the Supreme
Court, for the third grand division of this State
to be supported by the Republican Union Totcn at
the ensuing Judicial election, to bo held on the
day of June next.
Tbe Convention will consist of one hundred and
dghty-«lx delegates, the same as at the last County
Convention, and will be 1 apportioned among the
several towns and wards as then.
The township primary meetings wQI be held on
Monday, the 11th day of April at the usual
places ofieldlng elections, unless the township
committees shall select other places and* give gen
eral notice thereof and the polls wffl be opened at
2 o'clock P, H., and be kept open until’todosk
The townahipa will be entitled to the following
number of delegatee
Cicero... . -
Ilk Grove .51 Lemont,
.8 Hanover St
.8 Hyde Park S c
.2 Jefferson 2 «
.2 Lake 1 ;
.1 Lake View 1 1
.o Lemont S
8 Leyden 2 t
.1 Maine 4 *
.1 KUea 8 c
.8 Orland.r 3 8
.6 Palos 1 c
.2 Bich 1 a
.2 Tfaorntont... 8 .
S Leyden
" Maine
.1 —«lnp
.1 KUee _
Kcw Trier.
.8 Oriand.
.5 Palos..
.2 Bich...
Schanmbag. 2 Thom tom... 8
Wheeling v 4 Worth 2
The Ward Primary meetings will bo held on
Monday, April 11th, at the following places, and
the polls will be opened at 4 o'clock p. nu, and be
kept open until 7 o’clock p. nn, and the Words
will be entitled to the following number of dele
First Ward—At Sheriff's office—’'B delegates.
Second Ward—At Schroeder's saloon, corner of
Clark and Jackson streets—l 2 delegates.
Third Ward—At Wilier* carriage shop, comer of
State and Twelfth atreeta—9 delegates.
Fourth Ward—At Police Station, comer of State
and Twenty-second streets—7 delegates.
Fifth Ward—At John Baber’s School Boose on
Archer Boad—B delegates.
Sixth Ward-At uunaenhanser’a Land Office,
Canal street—4 delegate*.
Seventh Ward—At Fends Saloon, comer of
Union and Twelfth streets—t> delegates.
Eighth Ward—At southeast comer of Twelfth
and Hacker streets—S delegatee.
Is i nth Ward —At the Skating Park, comer of
Bandolrh andShdden streets—B delegates.
Tenth Ward—At the Engine House, comer of
Washington and Clinton streets—lß delegates.
Eleventh Ward—At Bran’s Saloon, comer of
Kinzle and Halsted streets—S delegates.
Twelfth Ward—At No. S2O Milwaukee Avenue—
(Buchlcr's Saloon)— 6 delegates.
Thirteenth Ward—At Foiz's saloon on the cor
ner oi Lnrabee street and North Avenue—l dele*
Fourteenth Ward—At Fritz Pullman's saloon,
corner of Wells and Division streets—B delegates.
Fifteenth Ward—At Tomer's Ball, Clark street
hear Chicago Avenue—9 delegates.
Sixteenth Ward—At North Market Hall—ll dele
gates. .
The following persons will act as Inspectors at
the Ward primary meetings:
First Ward—C. O. Peacock. J. H. Wangfaop and
J. Pfiamn.
Second Ward—Fernando Jones, Geo. Schmidt
and M. W. Leavitt.
Third Ward—W. B. Hand, Joseph Pollok and
Murray Nelson,
Fourth Ward—Wm, Wheeler, A. D. Etch and W.
P. Comstock.
Fifth Ward—Wm. Roberta, Jacob Meyers and W.
H. Stephens.
Sixth Word—Charles Ritz, A. Pardoe and S.
Seventh Ward—W. H. Haase, Richard Clark and
C. Chandler.
Eighth Wardr-I*ewiß Dodge, R. J. Guilford and
M. B. Frsble
9th Ward—Aid. Talcott, Geo. F. Lets, and J.
10th Ward—A. Sanlabnry, David Howard, and
George Elmrod.
llth Word—Moses Gray, Gustav Leverena. and
Capt. Oder.
12th Ward—L. F. Walt, Jacob Schoenawold, and
Wm. Garfield.
13th Warn—F. Benringcr, C. F. Peck, and Louis
14th Ward—John H. Batten, John Hettinger, and
351h Ward—Geo. A. Cashing, Iver Lawson, and
George Eserr. ‘
IGtfi Ward—A. B, Beynolds, H. A. TT«nffm««
S. S. Whijney.
The Committee have called the Convention thus
early, after consultation with the City Executive
Committee, in order to obviate the necessity of
holding two ects of primary meetings and two
conventions within the dty.
Dated Chicago, April 6,16G4.
Signed by
A. H. Dolton,
B. Fowleb,
B. Kirmiix.
A, Bab vet,
B. J. Edbbooks,
Coolc County Central Committee.
Republican Union City Convention.—
The undersigned, City Central Committee, request
the Union Republicans of their respective wards to
nominate their candidates for Aldermen and Con
stables at the same time and place that they elect
their delegates to the County Judicial Convention
called for Tuesday, April 12tb. The ward meetings
will be held between the hours of 4 and 7 p, m. on
Konday, April 31th. At the dose of the County
Judicial Convention, the dty delegates are request
ed to remain for the purpose of nominating a can
didate tor Police Commissioner from the Wert Di
vision of the city.
Wards. | Wards.
lst v ßohn Wentworth,
Sd...G. n. Bam,
8d...Ge0. M. Howe,
4th.. Wm. Hopkins,
6th. .W*. H. Stephens.
Ctb..Geo. L crier,
7th..Geo. W. Spofford,
6th..8.U. Guilford,
9th.,J.D. Ward.
110th..T.M. Avery,'
lttb..E. L. Aldn,-
13th..A. btelnhaua,
18th..Conrad Fola.
; l4th..Fred. Ocise,
16th.,W. G. White,
116 th. Casparßutz.
The Sale To-daj—Sapper ud Bill—The
According to announcement, the Irish National
Fair was continued yesterday in the Fenian Hall
only, Bryon Hall being otherwise occupied. It is
proper to say that the Committees desired to con
tinue the Fair in Bryan Hall daring the present
week, and secured the use of that HiU on Monday
night by paying to the German Working Hen’s
Association the sum of one hundred and thirty
dollars, about the sum needed to reimburse them
for their outlay. But it waa impossible
to make the same engagement for
the succeeding (last) evening as
the Hall had been engaged by the Young Men’s
Literary Association of BU Peter’s Homan Catholic
Church (German), who would not give up their
claim short of the modest little sum of five hun
dred dollars. This the committee did not feel jus
tified In giving, aad therefore closed the proceed,
ings on Monday by the sale of a portion of the ar
ticles on exUbition.
Today, Wednesday, at 0 o’clock in the morning,
will begin, at Bryan Ball, the sale of the elegant
Limerick laces, collars and cuflk, shawls, handker
chief, Limerick gloves in shell and plain, bog oak
ornaments, and various fancy goods of the Irish
National Fair. A large catalogue of paintings and
pictures are also to be sold, among which are two
ol Daniel O’Connell.
’Xadonna and Child, oil painting by an Irish
Inch landscapes In ou.
Brian Borohme in oil. Valuable.
Robert Emmett.
John Mitchell.
Owen Roe O’NeQL. A splendid painting In oil.
Old and valuable.
. Thos. F. Meagher.
Eed Hugh, in on. A fine painting. -
Emigrant scene, in oil, by an eminent Dublin
artist. Valued in Dublin exhibition at 50 guineas.
Blackthorn and hazel sticks.
Tahlnct and poplin dresses,
linens, cambric handkerchiefs, deewak table
There wQI he a very luge and varied assortment
of goods on sale, covering every want. There
are on exhibition at the Fenian Hall, north
west comer Randolph aad Wells streets, varlons
machines for sale, among which are
One of McCormick’s heat reapers.
One steam engine completely fitted up.
Two stoves.
One set steel carriage springs.
One box containing full set wrenches.
One water tank.
One chum.
One Herring patent safe, Ac.-
There Is an extensive assortment of fine lacca.
etc, for sale to-day; those of the ladles who have
an eye to the beautiful and appropriate in that di
rection will find it to thetr Interest to'be present at
the sale. The same may be said to connoisenrs In
pointings; there ore some real chtf d"ctums in art
on the catalogue of articles to he sold to-day.
A)) the ladles who are desirous of getting fine
laces, Ac, should be on hand at Bryan Hall this
morning and afternoon, and those who prize fine
pictures should also be there.
In the evening a hall will ho given, for which
elaborate arrangements.have been made, among
others a rich and rare supper. VTc have no doubt
as at the Fair, there will bo a large and select at
The Fenian Hall will be open daring the day
from 10 o'clock a. v., to 6 o'clock p. Ac, and will eo
continue until April SO, the day of the lottery
drairing. The goods in Fenian Hall, with arms,
antiquities, and curiosities, frill be on exhibition
alone. Sales will take place at Bryan Hall by
auction, of which the public will be duly and prop
erly notified.
Fenian Ball was dosed last night because goods
were bring arranged for the auction at Bryan Hall
this morning.
We are requested by the committee to state that
all persons bolding against the executive
committee are requested to present their bills for
payment, P. T. Sherlock Is chairman of the com
Btgnlar Stml-Montlily Meeting—Sece-slty for
More Subscriptions,
The regular semi-montly meeting of the Ladies
poitr* Society was held yesterday afternoon in the
Ladies War Committee Booms, Mrs. Hoge, the
President In the Chair.
Alter the meeting was called to order, the Sec
retary read the minutes of the last meeting, which
were approved.
The following subscriptions were reported:
German Udl..*Ki,Cs; lira. Ftieble, tI.XO.
, On motion Mrs. Edgcrtoa was released from her
unties at the Depository in the fmnmtng until i
f* 811011 families as apply for aisls
“ toke effect on Monday next.
Bereral ead Inetancee of tie poeert j of eoUiera’
?“.¥'!‘ Vr “ :rel>ort ' a . ana ™*M>re. wore taken
‘“■‘“‘“"’'-to report-
The chair railed ttc enaction of the lidlc. T v,»
tactthet thcotaleot the treunry wUI
S!JSfS2T to nm ebont three month. iW
treasury would not be emptied.. a ““
•Mm. Grecubaom announced that the Oermnn
Isi?i«-»V >nl m B:iT S5 how&t this evening to?}S
'JrfSappSSS ll ** > ■ . annooncem e i i*vwrecrived
Mrs, Ldvctmore drew the attention of the meet
jug to the fact that Un. Edzerton. the matron,
complained that some of the ladles nre too profuse
In their charity, more than is necessary.
Cn motion, an appropriation of $73 was made
for the ccmlng two wcets.
On motion, airs. Hope and Mre. Livermore were
appointed a commit’ce to consult with the Board
or Trade War Fund Committee, in order to dense
some means to procure work for the soldiers 1 wire*.
On motion, lire. Alonzo Snider and Sira. Schmidt
were aj pointed ae the Supply Committee.
On motion, lire. Edgerton’s salary was raised
two dollars per week; alter which,
The meeting adjourned.
Hie ietlon of tbe Board of Trad*—Danger of
Handing the Trash. °
Tbe Board of Trade, on the motion of I, T.
Mono, Eeq., has taken the initiative in the very
important work of expelling wild cat from the cir
culating medium. As Mr.*Mnnn correctly remarked,
there are green backs enough to do the business of
the country, and the wild cat should be rejected.
The Board Rttolzed—Thzt on and after the I'th
lost, all transactions by members of this Board
shall be lor United States legal leader notes, and
national bank notes, orthefr equivalent.
A Committee ot prominent members were ap
pointed “to confer with the merchants and
bankers in relation to the substitution of Na
tional Currency in place of the miscellaneous
currency, with which the country is flooded, and
that the Committee leport on Monday evening
It is in tbe power of tbo Chicago Board of Trade
to banish fbc shoddy Issues of the unconstitutional
banks entirely from circulation la this city. State,
and Northwest. Let the example be set by Chi
cago and it will be quickly followed by other cities
and communities. When the Board of -Trade re
solves notto receive or pay ontany currency but
greenbacks or National Bank notes, the wholesale
and retail merchants will do the same thing, and
the Bailroad Companies will gladly~£)llow suit.
The people in the country are more hostile to the
wlld-cat currency than are people in the cities ?
they will promptly second and rapport the
action of tbe Board of Trade. JThe farmers hate the
wild cat stuff: they have not a particle of confi
dence in it. They know It is fnlL of .counterfeits,
and they believe most of the* hanks issuing the
trash never intend to redeem it. When the war
ends they will go like soap babbles. The banks of
the Eastern Stales are expanded almost to the
bursting point at this time.
When the war began, the Banka In the Northern
States bad oat a circulation of something like
5?50,C00,C00. fit this time they have oat more than
$490,006,000. Here are some figorca recently
published by Mr. Gallatin in the New York itot,
which illnstnte what they are doing. They are a
return of the circulation of the banka at or near
Pittsburg, Fa.
1860. 1881.
Alleghany Bank $2.-8,905 $377,801
Iron City Bank 279,815 771,997
Mechanics' Bonk 2 8,000 9JS,C2O
M. & M. Bank. l^iGM
Bxchance Bank 722,060 1,777,747
Citizens' Bank 531.3C0 9s<B,SS9
Crawford Co. Bank 129,655 53J,556
$2,313,592 $7,149,366
“Had all the hanks expanded in this propor
tion," says Mr. Gallatin, “ their circulation, which
was one hundred aud fifty millions in the loyal
States before the rebellion, wonld now be nearly
firs hundred mWiont,"
The Banks of New England, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey and Maryland are not based on stocks, aod
have no security save the notes of the speculators
to whom they nave loaned their Issues. A largo
per cent, of the borrowers are the directors aud
stockholders of the banks themselves. Bus
iness is being done in the most reckless
manner. A spirit of stock gambling has seized
upon tbe people of the Eastern States that is fright
ful. They are carried away with a mama akin to
Insanity. One of these days will come a tremen
dous crash, crashing tbe wildcat banks, and the
mob of stock-gamblers in its rows. Surely, the
bard working people of Chicago and Illinois don't
want to be caught with fifteen or twenty millions
of this rotten and unconstitutional trash on their
hands when the crash comes. Better send the
“ cats ” home in time, where they come from. Let
ns have a uniform, safe, sound National currency,
which will be good os old wheat when tbe
shinplneter due-bills of the Eastern wildcat banks
became utterly worthless. And remember that
everr dollar of this miscellaneous currency tbit we
expel makes roomier a dollar of Uncle Sam's Le
gal Tender, and every dollar of greenbacks we hold
and circulate is the same as a loan, free of interest,
to the Government, to help it finish up the rebel
lion, and restore peace and unity. By expelling
the wild-cat from the West we can do a vast deal
toward strengthening the national credit and up
holding onr Government.
Real Estate—Speculations.—The mine
of real estate is a problem which few men can
solve satisfactorily to themselves or others. Not
much more than twenty years ago a tract of eighty
acres. Just beyond Union Park, was sold for a pair
of boots, and the vender chuckled over his bar
gain; now real estate in Chicago holds at rather
higher figures, though no one really knows what It
is worth. The usual mode of determining tbe
valne of an article is to consider what it will sell
for; this is its floating value. The real worth is
determined by the use to which a man can put it;
and then a piece oi property is worth far more to
one than to another. Both of these valnes are
equally subject to flnetnation, and it is scarcely
possible to predict the fntore of either.
Few among those who have watched with In
terest tbe rapldand continons rise In tbe estimated
value of real estate in Chicago will suppose that
there are pieces of property in this city which are
not worth so modi now as they were a few years
ago. yet sneb is the fact. While in every part of
the Eontb and West Divisions there has been a
steady appreciation in value, there are some por
tions ofthe North Division which are not so fa
vorably located. A gentleman of this city was re
marking yesterday that be had just seen the trans
fer papers of two lots on Huron street, which sold
at S6O per foot, and said that be bought that prop
erty himself in 1650 at $93 per foot, and re-sold
It at S4OO profit in gold. What a fall was there my
While this incident may not he accepted as a
guage of the comparative rallies of property
throughout the dty t it does indicate a troth, which
has been often enunciated, often disbelieved till
the experience of a panic forced conviction on the
people, then accepted and soon after forgotten—
that speculative values are not always real ones.
The panic of 1857 made this apparent, as had many
others which preceded It; yet the one which every
thinking man looks for as fast approaching will
find ns in an equally foolish predicament. Lands
heldatfahnlons prices, rents demanded which In
two years will pay the first coat of a building, prices
asked for material and labor which cannot he long
sustained; all these point molt unmlstakcahly to
a season of gloom, a time when Inflation and spec*
nlation, having done their work, will leave their
victims in the slough of despondency.
The examination of students in the Presbyterian
Theological Seminary of the Northwest, com
menced yesterday morning in the new seminary
edifice on the corner of Halted street and Fuller
ton avenue, on the northern limit of the city. The
exercises will be resumed this morning, and con
tinued throughout the day.. The subjects of exam
ination will embrace [Didactic and Polemic theol
ogy, Hebrew language, eedeslology, exegesis in
the epistles to the Homans and Hebrews, &c. The
attendance yesterday on the part of Mends was
very good, especially in view of the miserable
weather. The attendance of Mends to the course
is invited by the Faculty.
The annual meeting of the Board of Directors
will be held this evening In the North Presbyterian
Church. The business of the meeting will be pre
ceded by religions exercises, commencing at 7#
o’clock, and a sermon by Her. EC, M. Robertson, of
Fond da Lac, Wisconsin. The exercises ol the
graduating class, the presentation of diplomas,
and the address to the class on behalf of the Board,
will occur In the Fullerton Avenue Church to-mor
row evening. .
The Tailors’ Strike.—The journeymen
tailors on strike met at their rooms In Bice’s
Block yesterday. The roll was called and several
new members were added to the ranks of the Vol
untarily unemployed. As indicative of the tight
rein held upon the tailors by the society, we may
state that one of the men now onto! em
ployment refused to de work for a cit
izen who had formerly employed Mm
on custom work, alleging as a reason that the As
sociation had forbidden its members to draw a
thread or take a stitch until the difficulty with the
employing tailors and the strikers was adjusted on
terms satisfactory to the latter. The Galon re
quires of its members to report at the rooms three
times dally. It is yet too early to determine which
ot the opposing factions, the employers and the
unemployed, will he the first to make concessions.
Tne longest pole will take the persimmons.
North Division Copperheads.—The Cop
perheads of the ICth Ward held an enthusiastic
gathering at tke German Hall last evening. There
were exactly fifteen men and hoys present. An ob
ecare lawyer named o’Snllivan,a candidste;for State
Attorney, did the heavy talking. Bis chief argu
ment for tke maintenance of the present Copper
head preponderance in the City Connell, was that
unless its political complexion remain as now, the
dtywonldnot In its corporte capacity, be able
properly to receive the great Corporation Conven
In the 10th Ward the meeting was held as adver
tised in the Corporation organ. There were only
right copperheads present, In ending the bar-keep
er, and these thought it best under such rircuin-.
stances to adjourn fine die.
The SnOKMAKEiis. —The journeymen shoe
makers who, on Monday, submitted to their em
ployers a workman's price list averaging twenty
five per cent over previous rates, have as yet re
ceived no answer to their application. A reply
will in all probability be given to-day; If favorable
the men will at once return to their work, if other
wise, there seems to be s determination on the part
of the men to declare themselves on a strike.
A meeting was held last evening, at the German
Theater, which was largely attended. The princi
pal derision arrived at was, that men working in
the shops of Messrs. Keller, Wadduck, Buckley,
Pickneyand Ericeson, and those.who had not
signed the agreement to standby the scale of prices
adopted, be requested to do eo, and that they strike
thin morning.
Mabine Association’.—A meeting of the
Chicago Marine Protection Association was held
last evening at the office of Leon Silverman, on
West Bandolph street. The Committee appointed
to consider the'qnestlon of demurrage suggested
the following scale which was unanimously agreed
with, viz.: ■
Demurrage upon vessels from 50 to 100 tons
three cents per ton per hour; from 100 to 200 tons
two and a half cents per ton per hoar; from 200 to
800 tons two cents per ton per hour; from 800 tons
and upwards one and three-quarter cents per ton
per hour. > :!*"• .
The meeting adjourned until Saturday evening
In Full Bloom.—Bloomerlsm is again
waxiag inimportanceand impudence. The Bloom
ers have re-invaded Chicago, or rather have sent on
a specimen number to see how the article will suit.
A 44 lady” of some fifty winters—how is it that the
Bloomers are never young or pretty f—paraded the
streets yesterday in the most approved rig, followed
by hundreds of eyes, whose owners.looked on in
amazement, we will not say admiration, unless that
feeling was Inspired by her audacity. The hoops
may be a nuisance, bnt the suit of a pepper and
salt mixture hung below a ’ vinegar countenance
does sot present a derided improvement.. If some
of our young and good-looking, ritlzenesses would
only don the Jacket and unmentionables, we might
perchance see something to admire,-bnt as it *,
the public 44 don't see it.”
Court Record*
United State’s \ iecoit Coubt.— Before Drum
mnd, J., —Common Law.
38. Greeners. Thompson, dismissed.
475. Cntler tb. Mayer—Time further extended SO
days to plead.
<O3. Brewer ct al.. tf. Hansel—Judgment for
j lfilntWTfor two-lhlicsot premises and defendant
rrt entity as to rest. *
5C5. Bollard tb. Granger.—Leave to plead.
482. Dark vs. Glenn. Continued.
Stnzmon Cocet— 3/cre ,T.,—Cfcanviy.
fCC. Melady, ct a1.,T8. Windett «taL Dismissed
Ly complainant.
477. Simpson ts. Simpson—Referred to Master
to take proofe, &c.
SOa, Peterson Sonerwein—Decree entered.
451. Combs vs. Keith. Leave to amend hlH t £c.
384. Robbins ts. West, et al—Decree entered.
456. McElroj ts. Forsyth et al.— Decree entered.
347. Van Borkirk ts. Combs et al. —B. G. Caul
field appointed guardian ad liian for infant de
fends ts.
485. Robey rs. Lore et al. Time to answer ex
tended to first day of next term.
80S. Mark ts. Roech et ah Referred to Master,
etc. £
£9O, Bussell tb. Ramsey et -al. Dismissed pro
481. Fano vs. Fano. Referred to Master, etc.
471. Carroll vs. O’Connor et al. Decree entered.
401. Losergan vs. Quimby et aL Time to an
swer extended ten days.
402. McDevitt vs. Quimby et al. Same order.
298. Wright vs. Loomis. M. Laflln ordered to
file his answer by first day of next term.
77. Daliardvs. Martin etal. Caulfield appointed
guardian ad litem, elc. See order.
Befcre Ocry J.— Common Law.
250. Lcddy vs. Schubert etal. Suit abated by
death of plaintiff.
295. Barnett et al., vs. Salkey et al. Continued.
410. Gray vfl.Timcney etal. Given to the jury.
Before Higgins J.~ Comm on Law.
116. Smith va. Mulloch et aL Dismissed.
1310. Fay vs. Buswcll. Dismissed.
1813. Lemon vs. Brisbane. Dismissed.
1316. Johnston etaL vs. Cowles. Dismissed.
I£SO. Stelnmetz et al. vs. Hogg. Rule to plead
extended to Monday morning.
187(’. Bell vs. White. Time to nlcod extended
10 days,
428. Ruescuet si. VbTinbham etal. Judgment
lorplaintiff. • f
1210. Humming vs. Stevens ct at Dismissed.
1828. Curtis ve. Moore etal. Time to plead ex
tended to Monday morning. ,
1817. Coaneetal. vs. Perry. Dismissed.
1873 Dcderick vs. King. Ruled to plead in 20
1804. Corhlnve. Ingraham et al. Defhult enter-
1290. FUlckson vs.. Abrahamson. Same order.
1853. Vandervoort et al. vs. Storey, Times. Time
to plead extended to Monday morning.
1268. Ely vs. Coarsen. Demurrer sustained and
leave to amend, Ac,
. 1874. Reiseig vs. Sullivan et al. Ruled to plead
in twenty days.
1875. Hasty vs. Newton. Same order.
1829. Beckwith vs. Simpson. Dismissed*
18'4. Alexander vs. Elliott. Dismissed.
IS7O. O’Keefe vs. Clancy.- Time to plead ex
tended to Mouday morning.
1822, Parsons vs. Ellis. Same order.
18S1. Smith et al. vs. Uanahan. Time to plead
extended to 9th Inst.
1282. Trowbridge vs. McGovern ot al. Time to
plead extended to Monday morning.
1216. Washlmrnc vs. liich&rds. ‘ Judgment for
plaintiff. *
1830. Johnston vs. Ciinc. Dismissed.
1877. Hubbard vs. Keating. KtUo to plead In 20
133*. Kracft vs. Kuhn. Dismissed.
I£4o. Same vs. McManus. Dismissed.
4*5, Sellers vs. Hamhieton et al. Dismissed.
142. Eaatnnd va. Daniels et al. Demurrer con
fesred cud leave to amend, Ac.
'332. Clark vs. Milward et al. Time to plead
extended 15 days.
Circuit Coubt.— Williams, J., Common Law.
544. Lill et al vs KatUer. Default entered.
952. Tnttic vs Parker. Judgment for plalntiffi
7i5. Winne va Hammond etal. Judgment on
the verdict.
648. Mansfield va dty of Chicago, Same order.
097. Senscnderfer et al va Rogers. Judgment for
998. Schwienforth vs Jonaes. Same order.
2SC. Story vs Wilson. Continued.
SC6. Spennan et al vs Morris ct al. Continued.
350. Stnadcnctalva GieatWcsternlnsumccCo.
403. Peterson et al vs Bonner et al. Buie to dose
proof In 40 days.
681. Cary va Cary. Decree entered.
00. Trahue vs Pardcr ct si. Dismissed.
226. Ketcbnm vs Warner et al. Continued.
U>7. Windctt vs Trustees ol Schools, Ac. Dls
47P. Br.rdcn vs Harden et al. Demurrer to bill
1. Scammon vs. Brown et a). Dismissed.
418. Meiggs va Cross et al. Order catered.
2. Clapp et al. va Adams et al. Dismissed.
>. Clapp ct aL vs Adams. Dismissed.
4. Shaw vs Henshaw et al. Dismissed.
5. Henshaw vs Shaw ct al. Dismissed.
5. flescy vs Cook ct al. Dismissed.
7. Sherman vs Loope ct al. Dismissed.
8. lilmman et a), vs Garrett et at. Dismissed:”**
9. Miller et al. ve. Trustees of Illinois and Mich
igan Canal. Dismissed. «
in. Stowell vs Cookct aL- Dismissed.
11. Palmer &. Co. ve Brown. Motion denied. .
12. Brown et aL vs Water Commissioners, &c.
13. Toft et al. vs Durant et al. Motion denied,
15. Kinzie vs Penrose ct al. Dismissed.
16. Taylor ct al vs Peck et al. Dismissed.
17. Northern Indiana and-Chicago Railroad Co.
vs Illinois Central Railroad Co. Continued.
457. Helmer vs. Helmer. Continued.
18. Begole et al. vs. Townsend et ah Dismissed.
10. Ogden vs. City of Chicago. Dismissed.
50. Parsons vs. Taylor. Dismissed.
51. Eddy vs. Spaids. Dismissed.
S3. Freer et al. vs. Wallace et al. Dismissed.
S3. Hicks vs. Sherman et al. Dismissed.
24- Gray vs. Post, alias Freeman. Dismissed.
86. Lord vs. Phcrnix Bank ct al. Dismissed.
26. Fnzza vs. Colombo et «L Continued.
27. Hubbard ts. Abbott eta? Continued.
29. Borden vs. HcDonnel). Dismissed.
80. Hopiinson vs. Burt et al. Dismissed.
83. Elam vs, Lndly. Dismissed.
£3. Cowles vs. Murray ct al. Continued.
84. Sbcmway vs. Palmer et al. Continued.
85. Shay vs. Shay. Dismissed.
£7. Parish vs. Pablman et al. Dismissed.
13. Clark ve. Turner ct al. Continued.
£B. Harrison vs. Harrison. Dismissed.
80. Bettlg vs. Kettle ct ah Dismissed.
40. Eggleston vs. Hurd. Dismissed.
43. Gilbert ve. Spaids ct ah Dismissed.
42. Petition of Elizabeth W. Witt. Dismissed.
48. Stamen ctal. vs. Murphy. Dismissed.
40. King vs. Martin. Dismissed.
46. Dennis vs. Dennis. Dismissed.
47. Mrervs. Swift ot ah 'Dismissed.
48. Gorneo vs. Marks ct ah Dismissed.
40. Nack vs. Bebrcns ct ah Dismissed.
146. Young vs. Chapman et ah Dismissed.
50. Bellinger vs. Gibson et al. Dismissed.
61. Haddock vs. Bates. Dismissed.
68. Chase vs. Bice ct ah Dismissed.
£4. Finch vs. Tuttle etal. Dismissed.
65. Hurd vs. Perlam ct ah Dismissed.
6T. Gibson va. Hcxm Stricken from the docket.
IS4. Bigelow etal. vs. Balcomet ah Deatb of
Palcom snpgcsted. and the administrator made
oarty, and motion to dissolve the injunction, and
to set esse for hearing, Ac.
67. Harrow vs. Hart ct ah Dismissed.
600. Evans s. Swift et al. Dismissed.
60. Stone vs. C-ee ct al. Stricken from the
CO. Sedgwick ct al vs. Parker ct al. Dismissed.
Cl. Ayer vs. Herbert et ah Dismissed.
62. Petition of.MaryE. Wilcox. Dismissed.
G4. Whitney ct al. vs. Pratt. Dismissed.
C 5. O’Neil vs. Neil. Dismissed.
. CT. Sabin vs. Sabin. Dismissed.
C 7. Joy et al vs. Wilcox et al. Dismissed.
08. Ncwbcrger vs. Grocnbanm et al. Dismissed.
69. Same vs. Cohen et al. Dismissed.
10. Weber vs, Weber. Dismissed. .
304. Clarceonet ah ve.Brown ctal. '
B*7. Fuller et al versus City of Chicago. Dis
71. Smith vs Gale et ah Dismissed.
73. Seymonrvs Conker. Dismissed.
73. Hollingsworth vs Childs etal. Dismissed.'
74. Poland vs Poland. Dismissed.
75. Pow ell vs Gross st ah Continued.
76. Hill vsHUh Dismisecd.
77. Tin khan vs Bales. Dismissed.
78. Stevens et al vs Cndmore ct al. Dismissed.
70. Johnston vs Wright et ah Dismissed.
to. Duncan & Co., vs Chlckerlng. Dismissed.
81. Eaton vs Trneedall et al. Continued.
82. Ogden vs Edeon ct al. Dismissed.
88. Barnes et al vs Dennlston. Dismissed.
84. Slone vs City of Chicago. Dismissed.
86. Taylor vs Blair ctal. Dismissed.
86. Petition of Ellen Conkey. Stricken from
87. Winder vs Elston et al. Dismissed.
£B. Weber vs Weber. Dismissed.
. 89. Diamond vs Godfrey ct ah Dismissed.
51. Bollins vs Rollins. Dismissed.
12. Weinman vs McDonald ct ah Dismissed.
93. Frazer ot al vs McFall. Stricken from the
04. Stewart va Mcßcan ct al. Continued.
06. Powers vs Napier. Continued.
0*»« WcGm vsEisenbcis. Dismissed.
07. Clapp vs Scoville et al. Dismissed.
98. Smith et al vs Julias et ah Continued.
99. Petition of Goodwin, Ac. Stricken from the
100. People, Ac., vs Ueachell. Some order.
Erconnnis 1 Court—JJtfore Van Buren, J~Com.
man Law,
81. City vs Kolllng, Dismissed.
82. City vs Bruno. Dismissed.
83. City vs Treppo. Dismissed.
10. Nauman vs Sold. Dismissed.
S3. Shay va Gancy. Dismissed.
17. Hendricks vs. Bradley, eh ah Venue io the
Circuit Court,
22. Belter vs. Levi. Verdict for plaintiff.
4. Stevens ve. Kennedy. Same order.
14. Brown va. McGuire. Dismissed.
SO. Ware dm cr ve. Marechner. Time to plead ex
31. Snyder ve. Snyder. Defendant to pay SSO to
complainant, to enable her to prosecute, Ac.
Criminal Cases,
67. People vi. Conrtrigbt. Becog. dismissed.
83. Same vs. Mary A. Ellis, (larceny.) Plea, not
61. Same vs. Brown, et. al. Motion for continu
ance overruled.
«5. Same ve. Mclntyre, et. 4 al. (Scl. fa, on re
cog.) Time to plead extended.
63. People ex, rel. of Dryer va. Sheriff Ac, Pe
titioner admitted to bail.
The Grand Jury find true bills against the follow
ing named persons:
People vs. Brown, (assault.) Plea, not guilty.
People vs. Ward, (assault.) Same plea.
People vs. Pratt, (larceny.) Same plea.
People ve, Tomer, (larceny.) Same plea.
People ve. Murphy, (larceny.) Plea, guilty.
People vs. Wilson, (larceny.) Plea, not guilty.
People vs. Smith, (forgery.) Same plea.
People vs. Miller, (forgery.) Same plea.
People vs. Brown, (larceny.) Same plea.
People vs. Seymour, (larceny ) Same plea.
The Fire Ordinance.—Most of our citi
zens are aware of the ezfience of a fire ordinance
and its object—to diminish the danger and extent
of conflagrations in the heart of the city, by pro
hibiting the erection of wooden structures within
certain limits called the “fire limits.” Of coarse
It did not foil within the province of the Common
Connell to order the demolition of wooden build
ings already standing, or their’ repair, If only
slightly damaged, the amount of damage needed to
prohibit rebuilding was placed at fifty per cent or
over. There are lew persons who, in looking at
the bandings almost burned down a week or two
ago, on the comer of Market and Randolph streets,
who would not pronounce them to have been dam
aged to the extent of ninety per cent; yet by some
quirk in the metbod of appraisal they are suffered
to be patched up with wood again to endanger the
whole block by their presence. It is an outrage
on the dty.
. The wood bnlWlng Nos. 75 and 77 Bandolph
street, owned by Mr. Brice, is bring raised, and
the owner was going to compromise with his con
science and the fire ordinance'by putting a brick
basement underneath. The Board of Public
Works, however, stepped In, and now the front
and hack walls win be taken' out and replaced with
brick, and the old shingle roof substituted by one
lees subject to Ignition. It would be well for
Chicago If everything pertaining to her civic weU
being were equaUy well looked after.
Foboebt ts Milwaukee.—lt seems that
Chicago is not only a base of military and com
mercial operations, bnt that some people aspire to
make her thus shine in a fraudulent capacity. A
Milwaukee paper slates that on Thursday last, Mr.
Camp, Cashier of the First National Bank of that
ritTt received the following telegram from a person
in Chicago:
_. _ • • . 44 Chicago, March 81,
M Camp, First National Bank :
Whjtpremlnm wUI you allow me cm Now York
City funds, should I conclude to deposit with youf
Beply by paid here. C. A. Gbahak.
Mr. Camp suspected the document, bat replied
as requested; adding as a bait, that 14 rate or pro
vsninm varied with the time of deposit.” Mr,
44 Graham” arrived on Saturday, and called upon
Bice Brothers, representing to them that he had
teen referred to them by Qulmby * Co., of Chi
cago. He brought, however, no letters from them.
Saturday afternoon he called aftho Bank, deporit
fd a certified check on the Mechanics' Bank, New
York, and took a bank-book. Be was quite indif
the rate of premium.
.-r r, .VfflP telegraphed to the Mechanics’ Bank to
ratrnlftbc check wes cennlne. Ho recclffed a re
ply lha' the Mechanics’ Bank had no snob cheot
o ? t,and knew nothing ol C. I. Baker, the drawer
Monday iccrnlng it was deemed that affairs had
progressed cfcoct tar enough, and the aa? wai ar
i? 5 , *, — 0 on bis person a check on the First
National Banktor £4,* so— showing that ho Intend
ed soon to* draw against bis certificate of deposit.
The,‘-Board ol Xrade” and ‘‘Cham-
ber of Commerce*’’
The Journal of last evening cj&ttlucd the fol
Tbeommal election of officers of the Board of
rtSrfw ccn s5 t ? ,aa * jWMntweinaj remark.
irfMJ I the last election under the old
Board or Trade charter, and therefore It possesses
an interest never before attached to these annual
e «s ti °ns. for the “last of the Mohicans ’’ will be
come personages to remember dates by and theirs
wjlloe chronological names.
i ne recent action of that corporate body, known
aa yet as the Board of Trade, wherein, to meeWhe
requirements of greatly increased members and an
expended capital, it changed its name to the “Cham
J’®’ °£, Commerce 11 and thereby availed itself of
“OJPriTpeges of a new and more liberal charter. Is
well understood in this community. Under that
camter a new and magnificent temple of trade is
to be commenced on the first of May next, and
JQI be ready for occupancy by tha first of May,
1666. Then the new Dolldlng will be taken pos
session of, new officers will bo elected, and the
terms of the officers elected to-day will expire with
the old name, and the Chamber of Commerce will
commence Its own history.
The above paragraph contains about as many
bltpdera as there are line* In It. The “ Board of
Trade” has not adopted a new charter, nor Is there
any probability of It doing so at present. ; The
‘•Board of Trade’’-has not “changed Its name to
the Chamber of Commerce,” norhas any proposi
tion been made to do so. The“Chambcrof Com
merco” Is simply a buOdlng aasoclatlou/«ud its
charter was accepted by members of the Board of
Trade, and others, so that they could “ erect a new
and magnificent temple of trade” under It—the
charter of the Board of Trade not having provi
sions in it under which its members could erect a
building. ■
Sad Accident.—On Saturday night last a
severe accident occurred, which, it ia much feared,
will yet terminate fatally. Sarah £, Pease, aged
sixteen, the 'daughter of C. Pease, residing at* 29
Pino street, in tbe North Division, was. carrying a
glass Kerosene lamp from one room to another,
when It unfortunately exploded, covering her per
son with tbe ignited fluid. Mr. Pease instantly
threw her upon the floor, but did not succeed in
quenching tbe flames nntQ the young lady had been
severely burnt, one side ol her body, including one
hand and arm being actually roasted. Little hope
la entertained by the attendant physicians of her
recovery, so severe are the Injuries. The parents,
also, were badly bunt In endeavoring to extin
guish tbe flames. **'
Police Court.—This establishment, yes
terday, was specially uninteresting, for the num
ber of offenders had dwindled down to less than a
dozen,' and all but one or two of these were charged
with the prosaic crime of drunkenness. The fol
lowing arc the few exceptions: *
A Juvenile Offender.— William Thompson, a lad
about seventeen years of age, was chanted with
the larceny ot $306 in currency, from John U. Man
nlger. The money was abstracted from the pocket
of complainant when in Login’s saloon, on West
Lake street, bat all but $5 or $5 has been recover
ed. The bov was sent to Commissioner Williams,
who ordered his removal to the Reform School.
A Bad Case.—Thornes W. Martin, a child of Jess
than eleven years of ace, was arraigned by bis fath
er, residli|£.at Harvard Station, for stealing Jewel
ry and a revolver from him, and also a small sum
of money from his uncle. Mr. Martin preferred a
wish that the boy bo sent to the Reform School—a
humiliatingproposal, certainly, fora parent to
make, as It showed a culpable negligence on h’s
part, of the duties of a father to bis son. The boy
was scut for further examination to Commissioner
Williams. ..
Shocking Z>eprcn7y—Ellen McKenncy alias
Reed, a very prepossessing girl of sixteen or seven
teen, was charged with being an inmate of Joseph
ine Keary’a house of ill-Came. Tbe girl has been liv
ing an abandoned life for more than fourytars.dar-
Ing which time her mother has frequently tried to
reclaim her. Bho it was who swore out tha war
rant in tbepresent case. In reply to questions
frem hts honor, tbe prisoner said that she would
never amend her ways, but preferred a life in the
Bridewell to a decent one. Judge Miller said that
he would do what he canid for the mother, and
therefore fined the slrl SSO suspending execution
and ordered her admission to the Mogdeiene Asy
lum. ♦ •
Assault with a Deadly Weapon.— Adam BericM
was brought up ok remand, charged with the above
offence. The complainant was one Frank Slater
who some week or so aeo, while In a saloon on
North Clark street had his bead cat open bj a
beer class thrown by the prisoner. The crime
was indisputably proven, bnt according to the usu
al Armory rule the charge was changed to “disor
derly” and a floe of 520 assessed.
Discharged,—James Rogers brought up on •re
mand charged with stealing a gold watch rained ot
$l6O, from a soldier in the notorious Con. Wager’s
saloon, was discharged, the prosecuting witnesses
have been spirited away:'
The Schulmasteb Abroad.—The savau’s
famous letter, “Curi heeriog that you ar a man
of no legs, I wish to inter my boy in ynre scull 1 ’ is
almost equalled by the following notice:
All wood lumber wagons or any other combusti
ble lying in the streets of the rilago of Berien Springs
must be removed on or before the first of Aprl
next any plreon felling to comply with this require
ment will be delt with according to the laws or sld
▼ilage • B. G, Hipp st comlahener
I£C4 March 22
Pbobadlt Fatal.—Peter Schneider, the
foreman of the 2M!y Telegraph press room, who
was severely Injured a few days ago, lay last even
ing at the point of death. He was not expected to
Attention.—A Church Sociable will be held at
the Dcsplalncs street M. E. church on Thursday
evening, April 7th. It is expected that this will bo
as pleasantly conducted as those which have pre
ceded it, and that during the evening “ one of the
novelties of the season”—whatever that Is—will be
introduced. Doors open at 7 o’clock.
German Working Hens’ Association.
—There will be a mass meeting of the German
Working Mens' Association this evening at their
hall, on the corner of Morgan and Twelfth streets,
for the purpose of taking Into consideration the
approaching election. The public generally arc
invited; good speakers will be In attendance.
Let there be a rousing turn-out. Eight o'clock
Grand Rail? of the 11 tit and 12th
Wards.—Hon. Geo. C. Bates, Col, E. Jnasen,
and other able and eloquent champions of Free
Government, will, on this (Wednesday) evening
address the citizens of the 11th and l?th Wards at
Aurora Hall, No. lit Milwaukee avenue, at 7#
o’clock. Frank Lombard will sing 44 Old Shady.”
The people arc awake. Go early, or you will not
get a seat
Commendable.—The caro the German Tur
ners take of their wounded comrades is commend
able. A grand ball and gymnastic exhibition for
the benefit of Emil Gleae. who lost a leg 1 at the
battle of Gettysburg, will be. given at Tamer’s
Hall on the 18th of April.
Notice.—All persons holding claims against the
Executive Committee of the Irish National Fair,
will present the eaae for payment. Per order of
John P. Scaiiian, P. S. Shehlock,
Secretary. Chairman.
Comfort In Walking Ewential to
Hcaltb,—Corns, bunions and diseased nails
cured by a process peculiar to Dr. Kendall, which
dispenses with the operation of cutting Office
No, 44 Prescott House, South Clark 8 jr?et. corn?!
Vanßareo. Sp3-i;l3«t
KdHop.-Wantcd, a iltnatlon as Editor, or As
sistant; of a Union or literary paper. Satisfactory
reference. Address Drawer 163, Bloomington. D 1
ap6Kd76-2t ’
Btepcnwipy fop Diseases of the Ere
an® Esjt.—’l7 South Clark street, Chicago. Dr
B ‘^? ,k : er ’ °P er aiing Surgeon. Couanltatlon
from 10 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m. ap6-clßo-3t
Bloomlncton Nursery-Illinois.—One
hnudrea and sixty acres, open prairie,
12th year. For severe climates one small hardy
tree is worth ten largo tender ones. Variety and
quality rule. 44 Western trees for Western plant
ere,” young, sound, thrifty, low-headed, of proved
hardy sorts—not the tall, naked, slender switches
that transport long journeys so cheaply, or the culls
oi anaent nurseries thrust upon eager buyers.
After the hard winter, occurring but once in 8 to
12 years as in IS3O-31—’42-43—’65-66—’63-54 is
past, lose no tlmo—plant now 1
Apple, largest end beet stock ever offered, 1 to 4
years, S4O to SBS perLOOO.
75.000 Pear, 10,000 Cherry, 10,000 Plant.
10.000 Peach, (to arrive); J&000 Currant: fine 2
year Bed Dntch. 1.000 S2O; 20,000 Gooseberry.
Houghton & Cluster, strong, 2 yr, 1,000. S3O:
Proved, English sorts, S2AO per dor.
lO,COu Lawton Blackberry and assorted Rasp
berry, If 0, $5, with Catawisea, strong canes. 16c.
Doolittle Hack Cap true, 3 jSo, $25.
* 25,000 Grapes, 4o sorts, Catawba, Clinton, Con
cord, Isabella, 1 and 3 yr, lona, Crevfling, &c„ &c,
20.000 Asparagus, 3 yr; 5,000 Rhubarb.
300.000 Apple Boofurafts in prime order, 10,000,
200,000 White and Gray Willow Cutting!, 10,000,
S2B. A liberal discount to the trade.
i 00,000 Evergreens, nursery grown, mostly medi
um or small.
30,000 Ornamental Trees, many sorts and sizes.
Superb European, White Birch. English Elm. Box
Elder, Larch, &c.
Weeping Trees, Shrubs, Proms Triloba, fine, new
and hardy, 75c.
Rose*, Pieonies, Phloxes, Lilies, Gladiolus, Dah
lias, 170 named sorts. Greenhouse and beddin"
plants. Terms cash. °
tST" Send red stamp for new catalogues.
N. B.—Our Pear, Cherry, Plum, half’hardy trees
and shrubs were nearly all dug and heeled in very
low over winter, and the entire tops of a part cov
ered, so that they were not touched last winter.
Our choice Grapes were all in cellars; the others
heeled iu and entirely covered with manure last
autumn. ■ F. K. Phoenix,
Blooshkqton, 111. mh2l-b32-2w-D&w
Diseases of the Nervons, Seminal, Uri
nary and Sexual Systems.—New and relia
ble treatment—ln reports of the Howard Associa
tion. Sent by moil in sealed letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address D. J. Skillon Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 3 South Ninth street, Phila
delphia, Pa. mb9o-b550-3nx
tSf Hasheesh Candy by the Qnnjah Wallah
Company, New York. See advertisement of one
of our most enterprising Druggists, H. Scovll, 76
Randolph street. mh3l-b*93-7t
Go to thx Best—Go to Bryant A Stratton’s
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
practical business education. For circulars ad
dress (enclosing stamps) Bryant & Stratton, Chi
cago, Illinois. •
House and Sign Painting, Caldminlng,
Glazing, and Graining. Paper Bangings and Win
now Shades Belling wholesale ana retail at New
York prices. F. E. Riqbt, 69Randolph street.
Box 5663 mh>l-b745-lm
To Country Merchant*,— Boyers is this
market should not neglect an examination of the
stock of Messrs. Gore, Willson & Co., wholeiale
boot and shoe house, 61 Lake street. .
mhß*alo6-Sm twat
, in this clty.AprllSth. at the residence of the bride's
father, bttbe-hev. Mr. Taylor, Pastor of the Wabash
Baptbt Clmrch, Mr. W. I\ OECDIT and Mias
.ANME F. ELLIS. So cards.
Wine Merchant!, 64 Emlnnge Place, H. Y„
Have always on hand for sale. Port Maderla, Sherry,
Malaga and Unseat Wines. AL«o, Cheriy, Blackberry
Cognac Brandioe—all of low grades.
TtToVICKER'S theatre.
Madison street, between State and Dearborn,
Proprietor and Mauser j. H. McVlcker.
or Urm -°
Production of the great moral Drama of tho
J? great author, Tom Taylor.
Ccrrfct.onUtlCßDdcile'-tive. New scenery—pictur
eso £.? rproprUtc ~ b y'f- W.TVhvtal. Mechanism
b > 71 ♦ tt ti, Appoiatmeataby A-Snell. a cast of
r^ a J5 C v- e /.VvT a i- camict be equalled In the West.
Mr. Claud Hamilton (first appearatce) as Oawkshaw.
, Mr - McVlcker as* Sam
£,alton : Mr. Bsloford as
MclterMosa; Mr. llndepn as Gtbsoa : Mr. Slevla aa
Maltby; Mrs.Philips as UayE iward*: Mrs Mveni aa
EmiySt. bvermore; Mr*. Marble as Mrs. Willowbr.
ACT Ist—scell e Life. The Belvns Gardens, Inroath
tr« stern inonros, summer evealnc. act 2n;t— R*t«v
from Portland. The neat and haooy home of Mst
Edwards. Act Sd-The Office SlwscScer! A Dlfi
Brol er* Office in tbe cUy. act ttb-Hontad Down.
The Bridgewater Ar«i s. A street in tbs ettr R-jh
bery, surprise arrest and denouncement.
X&" Baturday afternoon, QKAKD MATINEE.
\J ' 200,000 CURIOSITIES.
COL. J. H. WOOD A CO.....Proprietors aad Managers
A.D. BRAHLKT..--.. Director of Amusement*
F. A. HARRINGTON .Assistant Manages
SECOND WEEK ofttie great Moral Drama, produced
with new scenery and appoints enta, at d a crest cast,
embracing toe entire strength of too STAB COM
PANY, entitled tbe
Which will be presented MONDAY EVENING. April
m&A Y Ar7EBSOON!“ toS 016 ™ K “ d °“ SA X ‘
Extbaobdi.vabt Attraction- for this week. atx
Grand Exhibitions combined, all for one price.
Splendid Parlor Opera, day and evening.
IQ which the whole company will appear la all tUelr
wondcnnl performances.
Admission to Muscom aad Lecture I too to. 25 cents.
Dress Circle, SS cent* extra. Parquette, 15 cents extra.
Secured Beats In P&rqcette, 25 cents extra. Private
Boxes. $3 and $5. Box Book now open. Doors opec
at 7; performance begins at KB. mh27-b505-lw
A grand Ball and Sapper will be held on
Wednesday Ere., April 6th, 1861
Under the auspices of the
Tickets $2.50, Sapper Included.
master or cbbsxoxixs.
n. O. C. McCarthy, Michael Scanlon,
N. Crlckard.
Capt.P.F. WALSH, Badge: Green and gold with
Bullion Rosete.
mi ‘ AIDS. f
Cnpt. H. Rogers, T. Kearney,
TLoa. Foley, I). Moloney,
B.C. Heavy, Jss.J. Clarke.
Edward O’Byme, Edward F. Dwyer,
Jas. Lawton.
Radges: Red, white and blue, with harp in centre.
Cant. Brennan, J. C. Fitzpatrick,
Howard Hayden, E. P. Kelly,
Hugh Turney. Michael O'Brien.
( Badges; Plain white rosete.
- CrfDoora open at 8 o’clock. Ball to commence at 9.
Supper from li# to 2# o’clock. - apS-cUO-2t-ttbp .
XtX dorsticks r.
Will pronounce his Humorous Lecture on
Thursday Evening, April 7th.
Doors open at 7, to commence at 8 o’clock P. M.
Admission, FIFTY CENTS. Tlcketa for sale after s
o'clock Tuesday morning at Reed's Temple of
Music, corner Randolph and Dearborn sts..ll M.Hig
gins’Music Store, 117 Randolph »U, and ae Root &
Cady’s Music Store, C 5 Clark street. apß-b975-5t
T 113 As 117 Dearborn street.
C.M. CBADWICK A CO , ITopiletors and Managers.
T. L: FITCH Stage Manager.
MONRAT EVENING, April 4th, first appearance of
The popular Vocalist.
Immense success of
The Champion Clog Dancer of the world.
Scii.k or Pbicxs—Dress Circle, SS cents; Pirouette,
25cents; Private Boxes, (3; Single Seats and Boxes 1
50 cents. - apS-bODO-lw
Robinson & hotves' cham-
or tux
The Horses, Ponies and Mules.
BVSKT xxout.
Academy of music
Washington itreet,betweea Clark and Dearborn
Immense success of the new Kthlopean Drama of
WEFFO. Os in* Sxkbiblx Momcar Posltivi ly last
week of ita representation. First week of the side
splitting Burlesque, Tnc Black Cnxxir-r. Last week
of Arlington's Penny Ballade, in rehcrsal Ci.vDEniLL v
with new scenery, wardrobe, Ac. Grand Matinee,
Saturday, April t*ih. Doors open at 7 o'clock, com
menting at BP. V. AtoUrin 25cvate; Seatsstcorcd
thronyb tbsdaj SOcenta. U to.
apS-c!2-lw EDWIN KELLY, Manaeer
auction 3alcss.
IQS, 105 A 107 Dearborn street, Chicago.
The most spacious Salesrooms, end the bestadar
fedfor the dup.ay of all kinds ot Merchandise tn th-
PartlcnUr attention will be given to the sate l
household gooes, at private dwellings, and av cm
Balei rooms. Regular sale of household goods ever'
Ssturtay. Bales of Dry Goods Boob and Sboei
Ac., even? week. Liberal each advances made on a*
kinds of Merchandise. _ Itit£-v567-3ir
XI/ stock of finished and unfinished
Frames, Looking Glass Plates,
*SS£! 03 2P£r’ A . pr U. ~t£ *f tS o’clock, at Baiters’
Auction Booms, la Portland Block, n», ivs and 107
Dcmbom street, we shall sell without reserve fbr
cash. £0 papers Finishing Tacks, Letter Prc-w, Folio of
Bueraviz-gs. Gilder; Tools, Sample Books, Stoves,
Frames, finished *nd unfinished.
Moulding, lot rt Engravings, several oil Palntlnga.
about » Looking Glasses, three largo size Lookinz
Class Plates, together with many articles too numer
ous to particularize.
WM. A. BUTTEBS * CO., Auct’rs.
By order of W. A. Burxxss, Receiver or Ludlow &
MltchelL Bpl-bB4O-llt
Large aud. desirable
On THUESMV. April 7tb,«t HU oVlaek.alßoltcns’
Auction Kobma, in Portlandßlock.
- 4 IP6. Ira &1&7 Dearborn if. '
The stock la large and desirable, all fresh from New
Yorkwhoi&alo (feaUrj.
WM.A, BUTTERS & CO. Anct'rs.
ON WEDNESDAY, April 6tb, at fl# A. M„ at But?
5££ B IA n< iM 011 Boo®*, In Portland Block, 103.1(0 and
107 Dearborn stred, we shall sell, without reserve,
tec entire stock of a city Wholesale aud Retail Boot
aud Shoe Dealer, conslsung of a verv desirable lot ot
Gw s t WM. A. BUTTERS & CO^
mL29-b62QOt ■ AucUcneere.
Anctlor eers. 44,46 and 43 Dearborn etreei.
Furniture, Mirrors and Plano Forte.
On FRIDAY, April Bth, at 0# o’clock, wc shall sell
at our salesrooms, a general assortment of
Stewart Cook Btove r Mfrrora, Engravings, Ac.
One second-hand Rosewood Casa. Carved Leg Piano
Forte. • r- GILBERT & SAMPSON,
ap6-cIS7-8t . Anctloaeera.
r VA General Auctioneers 41, 46 &13 Dearoon ti
TOTriftT?^ 1111 ? o South Monran street, on
TJTDHSDaT, April 7lh, at 9% o’cloct, we shall sell
Parlor, Diningroom,
Cliamber ana Kitchen Furniture,
Brussels sod Ingrain Carpets, one McGee CooUng
Stove, used only three months, in perfec*. order; Beds.
Bedding, Crockery. Glassware,&c.,&c.,tosether with
all the eflecta contained in the above bou»e.
apSciMSt Auctioneers.
T OST.—A Boy 10 jears old weiit
uZt T-°SH B^2me, . 50 “ a 1 rruOtt street. In November
hnUH »wnt three ieet nlne lnch Bin height.slenoer
AVV ? a i. r . aad . e yf, s « One voice, and very preco
eious and Intelligent. His .real name la Frank Owen!
Diligent search has been made for him, and anr rateb
llgcnce coDcernlogblm will be gratefully appreciated
by bis friends. Address Drawer 6:01, Chicago Post
LOST.— Il the gentleman who
plctedup on Opera Glass Case at McTlcter’a
meatra oni front scat, last nl;ht. will return It to Oil
owner at 112 Randolph street, office No. 8, be will re
ceives suitable reward.. ap&cUS-lt
LOST— On the -7:30 PM. State
street Hone Car. Saturday, 2d lost., a PocVot
Dicry, containing a small stun of money. totreth.
*5 Wth a military pass and three Fenian Pair
Tickets, (two season tickets and one other.} nnm
ntred respectively 738. 4110 and 4118. The nna«
will confer a favor and receive the (banks of the sntv
sertber by leaving u at the Tribune Oi2cc or at th*
State street car otflee. corner of Randolnli and
streets, airs.il. W. BRANDOH. ajS?^- 1
OST—Between 3 o’clock A. if.
.+J cn the Ist of April and 11 o’clock P. M on »h**M
pi April, *IOO II Greenbacks, at or between tbo
Iran tonihera, Sherman's or the Ft. Warco nit
I arte, all larie blll*-?50 and fior. The flatter wli?be
well rewarded by leaving It at this oiflce. 2t
ASS antcfr-Comspoufrcncg.
XaTANTED. —Two youne ladies
«ntl.? lth **» or more yonn?
gentlemen. Those who shall Drove thamaMvaa the
Shall be preferred.
Please send us a sample letter with photoaraph and
B apSclllSt ° bU * e 6ll(l OKACE,BoxoiSI.
Twint^^ - desirable house.
■well bout biSth d oi?.*£ l> ?!f " d cm-, ml lunmns tt.t
TVolcottstrict, ro, l «!ESSV™tffinit a S‘HV ?t f
basic odern ImprorcaHnL, u reg.riL w£m
L L t'u, t e°p^£. ,nd “ ■W
TO RENT—From liar firatTado
limbic btlck dwelling, two etofr and bk«mtm
wiiQ cooern Improvements, altaated oa
Site, wlihln five mlnn'ea wals of me Poj ? o?n a ™
fh:at *7.*o. Al-o a two story Jho*! SSSt*
elebt rooms. Bent £3OO. DAVID HSNKY.yffate
,ttef *• apAclSyst
TO BENT—Offices and Rooms in
bonding Z8 and 40 Lasalle street. The buiidin*
IsflnjT class.irelllighted,and adapted to the tueof
proft aslooal, commission, brokerage or light mechan
ical bntlneta. Each office has a fine consultation
room connected with It. Apply to NUTT & BUOOK£
Beal Estate Agents, 55 Clara; street. epVcU-2w
TO KENT—No. 46 North Dear
born street; store, and basement below; by 50.
with j?rooms above,suitable fora boordlnc boose.
Inquire at room No. 5 Court House.of A. QIBBS.
TO RENT—Room?,' lumished or
unfurnished, with board, at the Lake Vkw.House
Address Box 2375. apsc2!Mtwr*x
TO KENT—The 2d, 3d, 4th and
sth stories of a first-class store on Like street,
near Franklin. Inquire of HOSMEU A PECK, US
RanooJpn street, ap-stalrs. ap6-cll7-6t
T5 RENT.—TVe are building
eight houses on Newberry street, one blocs
west or Halated, near the C. B.' Q. B. IL, which will
bo ready for occupancy Mav Ist next. They are very
desirable residences, and will be rented cheap to good
« I J2 ,t8 * A SON, cost end Tweltto street
Brl(: 8e* . ___ apS-clffMw
TO KENT—A cheap home. To
lease for a long term of years, at alow rent, a
roc e0 feet front by 120 feet deep, to on alley; situated
on the line of the street railroad, near Union Park,
and In a lirstiate neighborhood. Address t.O. Bor
4CSO, or call at S3 Michigan Avenue. aps-cSt-2t
TO RENT—In Board of Trade
Building, from May Ist, several fine offices on
ground floor. Also one or two flne basement rooms
and stveral offices on tbe third door In same buUilnr.
Inquire ofP.B. MANCHESTER & SONS. No. tOLa
salie street aps-el£Mot
TD RENT.—A famished house to
rent. A furnished house, well located on the
Nortb Side, will be rented for the summer to a good
tenant with no children, or a small family. Addreff.
with name of applicant, **K,” Tribune office,
cp4-d9Bt -* •-
"PO RENT—A first-class Brick
s Thrce-ftcrj aod Basement Residence on tbe
North Bide, containing fourteen rooms, with bath
room. Lot and cold water, gas. so. U la well built
and conveniently arranged, with all modern Improve
ments. Bent 11,000. Inquire of Dr. J.W.FHEE*.
No. ii Clark street. Room 8. between 12 aud-I-o’cijcs
p.m., or of £. K. TUCKER, 218 State street.
TO RENT—Without board.—A
family who Intend to spend tbe summer out of
tbe city, will rent three suits of rooms to parties who
with to take tbelj meals out. Good boarding booses In
tbe same block. Inquire of P.0.80x 603. aps-eU94t
rro RENT—Residence on the At-
J enue, $750; two at Union Park. S4OO each; one
on Randolph street, S4OO. Gothic Cottage and Lot at
Union Park, for sale-price, 82JHW Ala 3, Business
Block—price, S4S.CCO. Also, $150,000 ’wo*th of dry
Property. B. U. CUMMINGS, No. i 32 South Clark
street. apsc!4l-2t
TO RENT—The Whaifing Dock
on the corner of Washington and West Water
streets—a flne location for toe sale of wood, coal or
lumber. Apply to ORBINGTON LUNT, 2U South
Water street, up stairs. apLclSMt
T} RENT.—Water lot on North
Praccfa, nearL.'Newberry’s Rlevalor, Bt>x3Co It.
Suitable for woed and coal yard. Rent from May Ist.
WM. H. SAMPSON, Room SMetropoUian Block,
TI RENT - A Store. The five
etorv and basement brick store No. 20 Market
street b* r. GEDDL's, N0.5 oyer 17 Wells street
TO BENT—My Warehouse on
West Water afreet, between Randolph and Wash
lepton streets, in whole or In part, with flock privilege.
Apply on the premises. GALEN EASTMAN.
TO RENT—Dock to lease on the
South Branch of tbe Chlcazo River, nearly op
gcslte to Bouton's Foundry Lot ts 50 feet front oa
lark street by tfiO feet In depth to toe river. Apply
to JOHN FOBSYTHK. at Che office of ricammonA
Forsythe. Room No. 1. Marine Bank Building.
"DOR SALE.— A first-class Retail
X Grocery on one of the principle streets in Chi
cago, cheap lca«*, ami first-class trade established.
1 olng a paving business. Will be sold cheap tor cash-
Addrem “ LIBERTY,” Box H3l, Chicago, P. O.
ape-c215-4t * ’ ’
aTfOE SALE—A Saddle Horse kind,
JL young and gentle Sold for want of use. Price,
•ISO. Apply at T. HOWE’S Stable, 131 Klnxle street.
apg-clfe-St *
FOR f ALE—A pair of good Mules
14# hands, perfectly gentle. To be seen at U3
Bloc blond avenue. GEO. E. CHANDLER.
FDR SALE—A Horse and Buggy,
horse young, beautiful and gentle—is used to be
ing harnessed and driven by Ud'es. Covered buggy
wfih harness nearly new. Apply to NEWHALL i
GREEN. 133 South iVuter street; apficlTHw
PDR SALE—The furniture and
good will of a large hotel In thtw city, sow opsn
at d c olop a good business. Will be sold at a bargain
forcath. Apply to T. 8. BAKER & CO„ Boom 1, No.
124 Randolph street. spfrclTOU
SALE—One fifty horse Tabu
-I lar Boiler. Nearly new. Inquire at 263 State-st.
"p , OR SALE—Three Mules, young
JL and la fine condition. Can be seen at the corner
of Madison and Reuben streets.
T7OR SALE—The stock and fixtures
X of the Retail Grocery 438 Wdat Madison street,
are for sale cheap lor cash. Reason forsolilngUthat
the proprietor la engiced In other business. Call as
above, or address Post Office Box 3842. ap!-c73-6t
SALE—One ten horse power
JL Engine, with boiler and fixtures, all in good run
ning order. Aoply to FAT & CO., 132 Clark street,or
P.P. >\OOD, Kenosha, Wls. >ps-clol-3t
POR SALE - The stock and good
J_ will of a Retail Grocery in a good location, doing
a gooa bmlnese. A rtrsl-ratc chance and one seldom
met with for a man wiabtnc to get Into trade. Ad
dress or call OB JOHN BRIGHT, 206 West Twelfth-tit.
TJ’OR SALE—The Union Vinegar
X Factory at ITS Michigan street, with all Its" fix
tures In good repair, and in prime running order.
Rent luw, with lease of property till Ist of Jmy. 1865.
apSclli-2t ’
FDR SALE—Hardware aud Agri
cultural Store at lowa City. lows. The subscrl
hcroflersloreslehbentire stock of Hardware, ic.,
with s view ot removing from the place. The store b
well located aud doing a stood cosh business. A rare
opportunity Is presented for any one desiring an eateh
ibbec business and cash trade. Address P. 6. MUSE
BOLE, lowa City, lowa. sp2-b&£Mot
HC'OR SALE—An Optn Baggy and
X Harness, having nm but a short time. Address
BROKER,” Poit Office Bjx 2176, Chicago, 18.
SpNbSUTt •_ ** *
SALE—Thoroughly seasoned
X Floor Barrel Steves and Circled Heading. Now
In store at foot of West Washington street,
apl bfils*7t - GALEN EASTMAN.
FOR SALE—A Valaable business
stand, located In a thriving town In lowa. A
three story brick, combining stove, tin and hardware
storewQd dwelling. Forparuculars address Post Office
Box 2CB, Davenport, lowa. mhso-b*l2-12t
pOR SALE—We offer for sale to
s”£B’avß Uanufacturinir Esteb-
Rt ttlton » Cass County. Indiana.
be , 7 en tnoporatlon.) consisting of one
n!!?. ow \ r r en ?, lnc ’ 'Wlth cno of Hnrlbort’d Stave
Hc , W ft «bine*, with planer, saws, buUdlngs,
necessary for tfie mannffc
turlne or Debt and slack barrel work, all in perfect
running order, and now being profitably worked.
Other bcslnesspequlrtnctfce entlro attention of the
proprietors U their oWect In selling. Information
will be furnished on application by mall or
otherwise. THOMPSON & BURLEY, Lacon. M °r
sball .County, Illinois. \ api.b37s-7t
XpOßSALE—Attention Aniloi.^
““too*? u the Empire MUllot
watenown Is offered fer sale. It has three run of
stene (arranifd for four) and capacity of HOb.trreU
per day, besides custom work, and a large storage
esnacity for wheat andflotu. The water privileged
sufnciect for four ran of stone, and on one of the ocat
Powers (Hock River) In the Slate. The MU! rents
readily at S2CCP, and the custan will pav the rent The
location to very desirable, Watertown being the lunc
tlcn of three railroads, giving the choice of o M Iwaa-
K€c qr rfcici*Bo market, anil the opportunity of pro
cnrhig wheat from any direction. The Mill Is in per
fyaprdcr and aosrcaslon can bo given Immediately,
FoTrnrtber Information aopb to M.S.NICHOL.S &
Chicago, or to PRITCHARD A CO., Watertown,
Tfls. aplb33l-Ct
f 1 OR SAT E—Plow Factory and
Mashlne Shop. The business has been esinbllsk
ed fifteen years The Plows well and favorably known
throughout too Northwest. Capacity for mannCictur
lag—six thousand plows per annum. For oarticaJait
Inquire of tee proprietors at Whitewall. Ww.
3Kcal iastate—gtoantrg.
FOR SALE—Geneva Residences.
Two homes and lots in Geneva,Kane County, 111.
Apply to D. MARTIN, Geneva, ill. apscl7Mt
SALE—Or Exchange for a
J- small desirable house tn Chicago, a farm of 80
acres of land about 10 of same timber, 40 p irtly Im
proved, and house containing live or six rooms, some
out of repair, a good spring of water near by, a num
ber of bearing plum and cherry trees, and an apple
orchard that bore eighty bushels of floe irmt last sea
son. It is located on the stare Road about 50 miles from
Chicago, and between the Galena and' Fox River Rail
roads, two milts from on© station and three from an
other. It has been formerly valued at 22000 00. but will
be sold at a decided bargain, If applied for within t“U
days. Possession elven immediately, and If not sold
or traded sooner, it wbl be offered at PUBL 1C SALE.
atAlgoronln Station, on Saturday, April 16th. be
tween the hoursof 10 and 13A; M. Terms *3OO to MOO
cash, balance to snlt purchaser. For fonherpartlcularf
loqulroof CLAI LIN & FAY, 63 Clark street, up
stairs, Chicago. apl-c4B-‘lw
F3R SALE—A Farm, 100 acres,
good house and barn, all kinds of fruit, *c ,12
clt / limits: price $i.950. Also flfo,-
?2?«7r r 15 of J €al . eßtnte in thu cltv of Chicago. Also
til-- 8 ??. nßirnT> roycd lands In the States of Illl
?<¥!-90Qrl nnd Michigan. Brins
/lT t °«Hs cc^eß,^°J9, . Rnd * aD^9 it you wish them sold
w r TS*vtn-o°£^ I «* lP £ f,from2 >s to 5 per cent W.
*** ES «°
L’OR SALE—Or Exchange. First
improved and unimproved Lan?s in
*LJIP.£ ds or Groceries For particulars
fn^? 83 P ' A * STEWART, P. O. Box SB, Fort Madison,
lowa< mhSl-bTM-Ut
FDR SALE—36O acres of choice
Lands In Fayette County, lowa 40 acres of which
is une timbered land, balance in prairie andia well
w £\s re ?. described as follows:
The sj< sw v Section 13, Township 95, Range 9.
The n.*« 23, *• 93, “ 9.
The se}< swj< « 19, « 91, *• 8,
Also, a nice Cottigs House, 191 West via Boren-st,,
Chicago. Blinola. Address il.H.MEACirAM.Lock
port, 18. mhSO b683-lw
Xf'Oß SAXE—'Waukegan residence
A- —Alarge and solidly bnilt brick boose, standing
upon seven lots In this pleasant and fashionable suburb
and in foil view of (be lake. The grounds are well
fenced and handsomely planted with shrubbery and
shade trees, as well as with a large variety of choice
trnlt trees In foil bearing. For a man of the house and
grounds and for terms apply to Mrs. L. S. HARTZKT.i
on the premises, or to Thos. B. Bryan, Bryan Ban.
BOARDING. —A large and pleas
ant front room, callable lor a gentleman and
wife, to let with board at 223 Illinois street, between
Cass and Wolcott streets. »pd-c209-lt'
DOARDING.—SeveraI furnished
D rooms to rent with Board at Id Michigan arenne.
Also a few day boarders can be taken. ap3-c2C?-3t
BOARDING. —A gentleman and
bis wife can obtain board with famished room
at |ls per weet, at 59 Third a venae. Apoly for three
days at the boose, oi to J. £. MILLER, 242 Sooth Wa
ter street. References required. *p6-cISJSt
T)OARDING.—GenteeI board and
_U pleasant roomsto be had at 51 Sonth Carpenter
street. Ktfcrencea required and gWen. ap6-cI6Mt
BOARDING —Board and furnish.
eri rooms can be bad at 1C Wabash A Tonne b*.
ween Monroe and Madison. Also a fewdar boarti«r*
one need apply nale.s located Inboalheas
VX/ANTED—An experienced Mil-
* liner and Trimmer to co into the eonntry.
rne wlo I* competent to take fall cbarre of that part
of the wt rk.
peieei need apply. I). B, FISK, wholesale rooms,
SacdGSLtke street. _ap6-clB9-2t
TTANTED bridge carpen-
M ter* Immediately, by FOX
South Water surest. ap6 c!6J Jt
AN TEU—A Book-keeper. A
T f pernanot situation Is offered Ad ires* with
ref-mice and qoaliflcstlocs, “BH * CO,”Box3130.
apS cl62*3t
W i N TED —A situation as Gar
vJJL s ener * a young man having a thorough
SfSE. , R ? of gardening la all its varied branches,
u“iTiin£ 1 V ,y the cultivation of vegetables. Would be
otherw&o nsefal- Address
_>> c. Tribune office. ap*cls9-it
'SM ANTED—A partner with a cash
bnslaesTu u^^i 0 ta a good established
give all hi* line, bat hav^?h , . y the party should
«t8s M JM."p o Bn^lw ,e ‘ Itlw controloilt. Ad
x-, . ’ ap*ci3Ast
man of
ant Bookecpe/or Ent^y'cierk^nV^h^l oo Assl,t
-®Sr u AeSS!^BS^S«II , SSS
Address •• W M,” Tribune QauS, &
W ANTED—To sell, the stockTfii-
WANTED —A situation in a oto-
T T eery,flour, grain or provision e tabiishment
bysjoangaanhavlnga knowledge oi elti.er busl*
ness. Satisfactory relercnces given as to character
and abilitlM. Address**B3 B* Tribune Office.
WANTED—By a young man of
T T Bomoelabtyearßbaslncesexperlence,aßltaa
uon In a ready made clothing or grocery bouse. Sat-
Isißctory references given. Please address “A C W,”
Tribune Office, Chicago. ap6-cl6Mft
W J ANTED—A second band Fire
TT IToprßaie. Address Box Sill. P.Q.
ANTED.—To Tailors.
T T Advertiser wants a situation as Button Stay
Crook or Bnshelman In some good establishment in
this city, by a man having several years* practical ex
perience In tbe business. Also, wants a rood boose
In the central part of tbe city, soluble for a boarding
h mp&ialSt re “ TAU - 08 /* **- o. Box am, Chicago.
\\f AN TED —By a young gentle-
T T man, board snd furnished room to a private
family within a convenient dls-ance of theP. O. Ad
dress ‘ P,” Drawer £652, P. 0., stating location, terms
® c » , ap6-cJM-3t
XT' ANTED On the West Side, a
T T small cottage or part of a house, by a good,
paying tenant, with a small family. Best of city roll
erenres git ea. Address, tor one week, “E P B,’* P. O.
Box 5112. ap6-cSO6-2t
—A situation in a
T T wholesale or commission boose, bra man of
temperate habits, who has had experience m business
and who Is not aJ>a:d of work. Any parties wishing
the services of snch a person, please address **A K >V*
caipol Tribune office. aps-c2UO-3t
TV/"ANTED —By a yotmg man, a
T f situation as clerk In any goodeasiness A
Rood penman ana rapid and correct accountant. Ad*
drcfß ,4 T W £ B,” Tribune office. sp6-c2Ol-2t
WANTED —A Hardware Sales-
T T man In a hardware boose doing a wholesale
trade. One acquainted with the Western trade ore*
lerred. Address Box 4271, Chicago. ap6»c2o3*3t
W ANTED—A good blacksmith,
:▼ T two g ood wood workmen and oalnter, at Car
riage Factory corner of State and Twelfth streets.
Chicago. _ [ap&g»3>2tj BESET WILL STS.
Vl/ ANTED—Board. Wanted by a
▼ * middle aged widow Indy a place to board in a
quiff respectable family. Would partly tarnish her
roomifrcnnlred. Best of references given. Address
Mrs. BATES. Post Office. apo-c3o3*lt
ANTED—A yonngman to drive
■ a Laundry Wagon. Apply at ISt Dearborn
Wf — A good Cloakmaker
v T at 179 South Clark st. VEHAN ft HIGEB.
V\/ -ANTED—By a young man, a
▼ J situation as traveling sales osn. Has been
confined In office for some time and wishes to make
the change for the benefit of hla health. Satisfactory
references can be given as to central business quallfi
carious and character, Addreae “B B,” Box 1668,
Chicago. Ills. apj-c9l-7t
\\[ ANTED—Boarding by two
.▼▼ ladles, (Saleswomen) convenient to Lakc-s*.
South Side preferred. Will be permanent- Please ad
dr* es, with particulars, to Post Office Box 19*4.
W ANTED—A situation by a sales
▼ ▼ man of twenty years experience In the Whole
sale cry Goods business in New York. Would have
no objection to commission or any other business.
References nadoubted, Address M HfIT," Post Office
Box 2010, Chicago. aps-cIS3-2t
VyANTED —A woman who can
T T do general housework. Most be a good cook,
washer and Irener. Apply, with city reference, at
255 Michigan avenue, fur two days. aps-ci33-2t
\ \7 ANTED—By a young -woman,
▼ T a situation in a private family to do plain sew
lug. Address “M M,” Tribune office. aps cB7-2t
WANTED.—To Lawyers. A
▼ ▼ .practicing lawyer desires to engage with a
reputable lawyer, or law,flrm at a moderate salary for
a time, with a view to becoming Junior partner. Ad
dress ” X Z,” Post Office Box m Chicago. 111.
sp&cS&St _
TTG’ANTED.—Board - and an nn
▼ T furnished room wanted by a voune gentleman
In a private the North Side, either tamo
d lately or from tfielst of May. Addicts P. O. Box 824.
staling terms. aps-ci!o-2t
\\ ANTED—Boarding. A gentle
▼ ▼ man and bis wife desires a fhroished room,
with board, in aprlvate Amtly, within twenty minutes
walk of the Court House; South or West Side pre-
References given. Address, stating terms,
‘ J M C,” Tribune office. a^t—at
WANTED —A Lady writing a
fair hand, for desk work. E. B. MV BBS. Law
Bookseller and Publisher, ill Lake-tt. aps-c127-2t
\\T ANTED.—Carpenters and Join
v T era. Wanted a number of good Joiners, also
Carpenters,to work on frame dwellings, constant
employment and good wages. Apply immediately at
stote 12* Randolph street. > aps-cl2£Mt
V/VT ANTED A furaished room
▼.▼ with board, for a gentleman ind wife. Pnvate
frmlly preferred. Addrese ♦* P,” P. O, Box 4207. '
WANTED —Desk room and other
conveniences satiable for the Commlsdan
business, or an efflee properly located, at low rent.
Address P. O. Draw erfiKS, with particulars.
T\f ANTED A junior hand, with
■ 7 T some experience In hardware. -Also a youth, a
fair peeman, for the »■ esk. One livlngwlth his parents
preterrea. Address CUAS. BIGGS, Importer of Cut
lery, ill Lake street. aps-cGB-2t
V\7 ANTED—A respectable - wo-
T T mao as wet nurse. To ono who is folly com
petent to take charge of an Infant, and willing to
travel dorlrg the summer months, a desirable sHav
tion offers. Apply at S2T Superior street. North Side,
\7t/ ANTED—A French or Scotch
maid to take the care of a child. Tonne neat,
tidy, and suitable n other respects, liberal wsees and
a.good situation are offered. Address P.0.80x aa*.
Chicago, aps-cIC3-3t
W ANTED Any person having a
T T good buggy horse for sale cheap will find a cash
purchaser by aaoreaningP. O Box 21>S. aps-c»2t
VV AN TED—A bright active hoy
who has bad somo experience In the Drug
business. Apply at LORD & SMITH, 23 Lake street.
\\l ANTED— Immediately, 3 good
TT Milliners who understand making bonnets. D.
B. FISK, £3 and 55 Lake street. ap3-c9»-2t
TTTAKTED.—We want to engage
BerTlc ea of two or three good Salesmen
I»fLSl°i con>ma,,d country trade. Those acquaint
fh«Tl^ <lr7 K °? csß Rif* ierrea. None need apply unless
TOtcSgssk 10 Aja;eM - wu °tdid‘"
VV ANTED—A purchaser for the
,]J Stock and Fixtures of*small Retail n Pni .w
store, well located, and dolnffTTcalr business tS?»
rire.r! ,h rooma «* lamlly?u rear, tS rent&• S sSS
terms. Capital required, », w . nren.'hl owner U
about startlrg for Idaho. Inquire rt No m
nrect, or adless "L D,” TrlbrnToOffice. aip>ls«.2t
\\f ANTED—A good drao* and
,J. "-Prescription clerk, one who speaks English
VV ANTED— A Tabular Boiler
AMLJgsiftsgssas?™- or ".aassr
"VV' 7 ANTED.—A man with $1,500
v 8 o r $2,C00 can And a rare chance to Invest hta
time andmoney In a safe paring business, established
f atltlresalDS B vv ’« Tribune omceT
\/V ANTED—A responsible man
_* " W1 (Farmer preferred) to do business in each
Township, wlthont hindrance to other ponulta. for
which SIW ayear wlll.be paid. Call personally at the
office in tub Basucßnt. So. 161 Dearborn street, or
and If your Township Is taken your 29 cents wlUbe sent
back to you. apt-c24 6t
VVA ANTED—A good Blank Book
T T Forwarder. Apply to DEAN* BMEAL, 148
Lake street. ap3-c^€t
XU ANTED—A desirable house
▼. T with from six to ten rooms, for a small family,
yni w» from S3CO to SSOO rent. Address “C W S,"
Tost Office Box 20X8. aps-c!l4t
V\7"ANTED—SS,OOO worth of sec-
T T ond hand Clothing, Fnrnlrare, Carpets, Jew
elry and Furs, for which fwlU pay the highest price.
Ladles and cents bavins any or the above named ar
ticle s to dispose of, will please call at 91 South Wells
doora from Washington, or address 11.
PfLADSl.PoatO&ceßox 1120. ladles attended by
Mrs.Ftlaam. apS-buct-St
W ANTED—The address of every
f f man, young and old. In the western countn
woo wishes steady and lucrative employment. A*
**fcf& J , OI 0»OS. P, O. Box «S% Chicago, nu
mhX>nW«Min '
* T of rooms on the North or South Side, (South
preferred,) within a half mile of State and Water
eircats, by a married couple without children.
Booms furnished or unfarbiabed. References given
If required. Address “B K,” Box 3091P.0.
ap4-b9M-St *
VV ANTED.—Three or ionr good
v T Tinners can find steady employment at A. G.
GARFIELD’S. Apply atS9, il,l3ana 15 LaiCßtreet,
City Hotel banding. ap’J-hOOMw
W ANTED Twenty 'to thirty
T T yoane ladles to learn a light mechanical basi
nets, at which, after two or three months of Instruc
tion. they can earn from twelve to twenty dollars per
week each. Tt ej must be Intelligent ana have a good
common education. Aoply to Mrs. EMMA J.BLACH
fQRD. 280 State street. apl-h347-flt
WANTED—For the U. S. Mili-
T T tary Railroads, KOO Laborers sad Trackmen,
1175 per day, to go to Kashyllle* Teim. Transports’
tion and rajlons.fornlshsrt free Apply toTo
BAKER, Arctic House, Canalstreet,between Madison
and Monroe streets, Chicago. a j i-j^o-Tt
WANTED —Trunk Makers imme-
■WANTED.—I want to purchase
. • a good two-story House In the South TMwiainn
to move. Address P. O. Box 1516. ’
WANTED Parties
The Battery bai to^x£d , !,T* 0 S ta ™ 10 tlteflcld.
K ?SS» iS
mt^bifLV 5 C ® S ’“''-C“-^
ANTED—A correct and'rapid
hfthit* »fc CC i? l,, v“ t '* yotuuc man of strict bnsJncas
tnriMfct ° 5,“ been employed for a number of years
Bouses ss principal accountant, wishes •
situation fh some banting or wholesale commercial
house In Chicago, In the above capacity. Highest
recommendations furnished on application to
** ABBOTT,” Tribune Offioe. mhJS-b^&St
\X[ ANTED—Boarding, on the
T T South Side north of Polk street, fbr a gentle
man, wife and two children, see l respectively three
and seven. Address Box 3311, Chicago, DJ.
11/ ANTED- A man and his irife
v* to go a fewmllestn thoountry. Also wanted,
a German Housekeeper, to to a<hort dlstine* In the
country Apply at M-\9. UALKUAM’S INFBLLI
OLNCK OFFICE, 169 Dearborn street, opposite IVat
Office. apflc^Ut
V*/ ANTED -Blacksmith’s Helper
w" and Finisher: also. Carriage Painter. Apply
at Novelty Carriage Works, M Adams street. F. H.
BHOwy. Agent. arAcUJ^t
TIT" ANTED.—On the South Side,
TT by a family of three persons, a cottage heone
containing five cr six rooms, with gas, zood kitchen
and largeyard. Bent not to exceed UOO. No naan
children, and prompt payment of rent guaranteed.
Address S. at this office. mha-birttw
ANTED—At John Jones’ 119
* T Dearborn street, clothes to thoroughly olaaa
and neatly repair. Bring on your clothes gentlemaa
ana have them made as good as new mh'JT-W9930t
223 ant eh—agents.
WANTED- Agent J. First-class
men wanted to engage In tbe sale of first-class
works, gjo to giso per month Is being made by omr
•-'bu. Address CLAKKH * CO., 87
Chicago, Illinois. apiclM-lft
TT ANTED—And no humbug I A
Afrom x*aelt xvxar Towsaairlo make
sS°LwiL a without delaylai other business.
°’ “° j ” aassap.
W ■^ r Ti?? - i!'^" enta ' n tTCI 7 conn-
near perfect as possible;- A. H. Bodmin* wV»r.£
psf c sss.° ‘S3
WANTED— Twoexpenenced can
vaawra for Advertlsements,to whom a liberal
percentage will be paid. Apply at No, 3 Wheels?*
between 9 and 10 A. 31. ana 3 and 3 P. M. to-day.
\\[ ANTED—500 Agents to sell
.A/, Oie Great Natural Weather Indicator Though
° n Jl JVf, 1 Introduced hundreds attest to Its
foretelling changes of the weather from dry to wet «M
vice versa, it interests tbe scholar and the man cred
ence, and awakens admiration in the minds of all who
witness its wonderful functions. Scud postage staam
for clnmlar and particulars to Post Office Box 8358,
Portland Block, Chicago,
'IT' AN TED —Employment. $75 a
-J !. nU, -„ Agenta wanted to sail Sewing Ma
chines. Wc will give a commission on all Machines
sold, or employ agents who win work fbr the above
MS? , a H, <l : jI A® 3^ DBe3 P*W. For particulars address
BOTLAN * CO M General Agents, Detroit. 3Uch.
apo c2lO-6t
T\7 ANTED —Agents to sell the
TT fastest selling works of the age. An energetic,
peneTenneman can make enough in-one season to
setup for himself in permanent business. For partic
ulars address, with stamp, GOLDEN & SAMUON9,
No. I Sooth Clark street, Chicago. aps>e994S
\\T ANTED Efficient Agents in
▼ ▼ every county In the Northwest to sell "Mitch
ell’s New General Atlas”—the best for family aso
ever published—and *' Stebblna* Eighty Tears* Pro
gress of the (Totted States,” from the Revolutionary
war to the Great Rebellion— the beat work extant
{or Easiness permanent. Address J. I».
No. 7 Methodist Church Bloch. Chicago,
EL P. O.BoxIBM. aps-b995-5t
T\7*ANTED —Agents. SSO per
T T mouth, and all erpttut a paid, or allow a libe
ral cqmmLslon for selling the LITTLE GIANT SEW
ING MACHINE. Rctal pnco t'S. We have A rente
whose commissions avenge I'M per month. Parti Ca
lais sent free. Send for circular. W. O. JONKb.
Agent, P.O.Drawer 5850, Chicago. apIbSUW
\JU ANTED—Employment. $75 a
▼ ▼ mouth. Agents wanted to sell Sewing Ma
chines. Wc will give a commission on all Maentoaa
sold, or employ agents who will work for the above
wages »crl ail expenses paid. For particulars addreat
BOTI AN it CO- General Agents, Detroit, Mich.
W ANTED—Agents in every conn-
J 1 tyhi the Northwest to sell ScnoxBxao’sSTAN
made selling this Atlas, and Engravings of Grant, Lln
-5°.^.5?A Do . nßla ** - Send stamp for circulars.
stl(xt ’ CWcaKO> lU *
VV^ANTED —Agents throughout
▼ ▼ the West to sell, by subscription, Schmncker’sr
History of the Rebellion, fn both English and German,
beantlmlly and appropriately embeUJsbed and Uhs-
Crated with fine mezzotint engravings by Sartaia. and
bynumerons charts and diagrams or battle fields.
yoiame.ll Completing the History or the Fall of
Vicksburg and Fort Hudson, now ready; thus enabl
ing agents to realize the profit on two volumes at once.
and saving them the trouble and expease of an extern
Juarney over their field, while, at the same time, they
will have the satisfaction of selling a work of red
sterling merit, and not one made np of hign sounding
words without meaning, and flashy newspaper sx
tracts loosely thrown together. Schmncker’s la a
work that is destined to live in the future, and be read
oa a standar.'. History of the great Rebellion. C. F.
VENT A Publishers, Drawer 6614, Chicago, HL
mh2»bSl&lra *
\iT ANTED Gentlemen and ladies
▼ ▼ to sell Clark’s Improved Indelible Pencil.
Samples b» mail SO cents, or one dozen {3.00. Address
E.P.CLARE,Box2l,Northampton,Maas. apl-t>9sfrloc
V\ r ANTED—For the Government
▼ ▼ In the Quartermaster's Department, at St.
Louis. SCO Carpenters. Wans from {S2JO to 160 per
month and rations. Also, AOOO Laborers. W#g« IS
per month andratlcns; A120,1,0C0 Teamsters, wane
{SO per month and rations. Tree transportalon fur.
nlshed to place of destination and returned to St.
Louis, Mo. For farther information inquire at the
Government Office, 122 M South Water street, Chi
cago, in. JAMBS W. CLARK,
ja3o-n371-9m Govarnment A^snt.
VI7ANTED Agents in every conn*
▼ » ty to sell, by subscription, *• Chronicles of the
Great Rebellion,” oy Kev. Allen M. Scott, D.D, of
Memphis, Tann. (Eighth Edition already in press.)
Complete in one octave volume of 314 pages. Price
•lAO per copy. A humorous outline of Che Rebellion,
written in toe ancient chronicle style. One of the
meet salable books ever offered by agents. Exclusive
territory given, and liberal Inducements off-red to
thoroughly accomplished agents. Sold by subscrip
tion C. F. VENT A CO., Publishers, 38 West Fourth
street. Cincinnati, Ohio. Drawer 6C14, Chicago, m.
WANTED.- $75 a Month. 1
w ant to hire Agents in every county at |75 %
month, expenses paid, to sell my new cheap Family
Sewing Machines. sAddr&tfs 8. MADISON. Allred
Maine. feat-TllT-sm
Heal Sstate-ffiifg.
FDR SALE.—One of the finest
residence lots on Calumet avenue, near
Rio Grande atret, 50x183. for salt this week at the low
price of ISO per foot. Apply to PETHR SHLMP. 187
State street. apfrclOSJ-Jt
FOR SALE -Or Rent Lot,house
and barn, soithwest corner of Jefferson and Ad
ams streets. Apply to BKJINGALS, Hi Sooth Hark
street, horn H to l and 4 to 5 P. M. ape-clSS^t
FOR SALE — A Tory desirable
Frick House and Cam, with all modern improve
ments, in a firs* elan location. Inquire at 40 Sooth
Clarklstreet. THOMAS ALLEN. ap6<l»»w
TTORSALE.—House on "Wash
JL’ Inglon street, 19 years lease of ground, very
low rent, $1,200. Hooso on Abrrdeen street. 3
years lease of ground, low rent and no taxes. $1,500.
Two stores,with on tilings over, ouStatestreet.Svear
lease, no tent, SVCO. Apply to J. L. LEE. fC Clark
street. «p6ci93-lt
FDR SALE.—Honro and lot, 30x
12?. on Washington street near the Park,
House and lot. 50x125, on Warren street near the P<*rk,
|4,CCO. Cottace bouse and lot, 30x135, on Wat ren street
near Wood, *2.750. Together with other homes and
lots and vacant lets In every Division of the city.
apfrcUSU J. L. LEE, 66 Clark street.
FDR SALE.—Brick dwelling on
West Washington (street, comer of May, ten
rooms, bath room, hot and cola water, Ac., with bam.
Lot 50 feet front. Price $8,100.00, For further partic
ulars inquire oi the premises. apßcteWJt
FOR SALE—A fine residence with
furniture on South Peoria near Adarua itreet.
with.good bam. grapes. Btrawberrle3.'currants,choice
flowers, Ac. Lot IroxlS, and. m first rate
order. _K_? ot w’a soon Will be rented and furniture
*>Wt « rr.TBOMAS, Beal Estate Agent, northwest
comer Dearborn and Madison sts. ap>cll3-2t
foot. Y&Cant lots—one non hof 22d street at S7O per
'WAfiAflll AVENUE—A first cloia marble dwelling
for *»•««: a large lot and
near Harrison Court: one* near l.th
and one near iflrh street, vacant lou full
©perfSt? I*Btreat’at 1 * Btreat ’ at ,8# perfoot • DOrta of Old
1 AND calumet AVENUES—
-sfS*® a ?w I r t il n **“l*l® avenue near 16th street,
IWto. On Indiana avetuo at ss,'<oo and ilifOOoT
vacant lots from ISO to too feet ui depth on Calumet
at Prices from sr, to $:£ P pe?
Snßte' r Lake Shore property in the city except
MlOßlgan avenue north of isth meat. Lots racing
(•nthopSStb street, sc |SO. House and lot onMot£
w3o«nl^Ki) 0 °® ld “ r “ e ““ Frllrlo ayenae,
west Division, a double bouse, tasteful, new. and
convenient, price Nonresidents owning lots
Crontinjc-Unlcc Park, Washington, and other afreets
east oftbe Park will sell at
rlsA*? foo *V “ d Sivo long credit. Full depih
(ISO feet) lota on Jackson street, facing Sonth
A number of exceUentbrick dwellings in the
?iJr I «. 0,aB ? ??P 7 AflU'luig lota from s7otoslCO
perfoot. on LaSaUe, lUlnoLn Ohio, Pine streeit. Ac.
crTdl^ 0afl “ * Dd lota * 011 111111018 for *5»800, long
PROPERTY—Choice centra! rental prop- ‘
erty on Lake. Bomb Water, Randolph. Bouth-ClMkl
Wabash avenne, comer of Randolph, on lon*
credit^-on West Lake, Canal near Lake. North
sf aternear Clark, muck of this property yielding
•10 per cent on price asked. ~ • * Jie,au *s
aps-cw-lw Bryan Hall.
FOR SALE—A neat Cottage con
talninx tlx rooms and four closets. In West Dlvl
tuoo, 2«o. M Fierce street, near comer ofilalstsd
jgiSif.g' ° r “•
"p'OR SAXE—Lot on South Clark
imn “ rSprl, ’ g ' ror rui 'n>Ui street, no Bj
* <*••»
lOT FonndlOj orotheimMi.
rlrer I rn/'fSmt “.t.i‘S.f* l 0». bnlWln, lots.
-awagyns. ssgga£
_ apt-cl7-3t
SALE—Two Houses with
: savsaaftapiggs
jMck Iweinmt, with 13 rooms. gSaid wt er 'biS2
Sr 1 ®
p'OR SALE—Dwelling Houses'.
mhSl-bTSHw lUUSIia B, BB\AS. IlrJonlUn.
F2?v — Br!ot house andbaru,
dluostore's? itew^t^t ,p /L'tt^ ldn ”p^
1 o'clock IhM. • “ =teto street, or on
P°R SALE_u ome3 at mo j er3{^
°« rasras? 1 *- Mtra *
nMOofTwßwe nd Michigan Avenue lota at ns
'““red' 1 ' 0
bere«l Dwellings on Old street. Monterey, A«*r at
prices from *S,3MIo f+.SCO.
Post Residence property also near o>nlonPars,aomi'0 > nlonPars,aomi'
130 feet deep, at CO m r foot.
Lots on Illinois, Ohio. Pine. North Laaalle nnatt*
4^C^ OMi3 B *^ cyASi * c 0" Bi T«*nalL
F3R SALE—Lots, Good Build.
Inc and Baaldeace Lou. plwaaady located la
taeTVeat Division,oo Cbicagoavenoe, lndian*,Hud.
bard and Nobis atreeu, at from SLMfI. oa
lon* or abort time. Apolr »o J » BICEB&OtKS. th
Bnrabam A Martini omee <5 East Baadolpb atnat.
(•31* TUSSn

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