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the news*
The fate of the luckless Koman maiden who
wps smothered under a pile of shields has be
iullctt the Notional Currency bill in the
ilouec, where the members launchedmotion
nflor motion at the measure until Itjjot over
weighted and, like Tniypia, gave. np the
tLofct. Part of these atnendflfcnts were stu
: »id, (some of the bull-headed Sabines thought
i tint they were-helping Tapt-la act np an ar
inorcr'a shop). Port -of- the motions were
hostile and “ with intent to hHh” The meas
ure will come up again.
Gov. Tates is at this writing safe at home
pgaln from a tnp to New Orleans, which has
showed the people of that region the best
possible of samples of what a loyal Governor
js. It will be seen that the Illinois boys at
New Orleans gave him a rousing ovation at
parting. ♦
The markete were In a flurry yesterday,
lu-.d the d:>y a moat exciting one for the many
5..*«-o€n»d fluctuations noted.
Maiyland ia p--,i nir bravely ihrough her
; : jaL She win shortly f orUi ftfrce
>-tutc, and that through the energetic tun ««
her noble eons engaged in the work of her
rodemptionfrom the cowe of ch&tfelism.' '
"Wc give further and more numerous proofs
furnished in the late local elections that tbo
j>roplc will cut up the Copperheads, rootand
branch, when on opportunity is "offered on a
:mural echlc. McanwMlo they are skirmish
•jjg with the common enemy in their own
jdghborooods, and ’winning such result® oa
v ill open the eyes of the friends of tbe .slave
wer who hope to aid Jcfil Darts by eontrol-
Jii.cr nnd perverting Northern ecu timent. By
;;jid by tve shall move forward the whole
lino, and not a Copperhead will sarrtveto
ui* the story of that day. Mean while look
vt the returns elsewhere given, numerously
i rom our own and other States.
The Denver City ndvlccsjof yesterday tell
nf the heightening of the fever, and tbe
rush of capUalteU and capital thitherward
>*,vrgoid discoveries are being made, im
i.icnec accessions are promised to the nu
-hiuery for mining operations, and alto
irUhcr too dispatch husa decidedly auriferous
c fit. Let no one of our readers be deceived
however, os to these fuc s. That news from
Jolorado may have a very considerable con
nection with the speculation mania In ‘Wall
'Tract, and further that little men with no
.Mpital will stand a poor chance among. the
ig schemers that arc bosy mapping out the
whole region In monster companies. It will
eke some means to Insure success in Colors
io, and If you .have them already, your going
hither is at your own option and risk. Bat
lon’t be deceived by gilt-edged news.
Gov. Dallas, Her Britannic Alqjesty’a rep
-(‘ficofative In British America, has come to
jis eeneee, or more likely has received a hint
rom home, When murderous red-skins
rebh from reeking slaughter of .American
Vontier settlers ran over the border under
ho shelter of the British .Government, and
our pursuing troops were stayed on the line,
it was a very pretty point of national Uw
vindicated, tmt much as If John was refusing
to allow Jonathan to enter his garden patch
:ind kIU a rattlesnake that had just bitten
-omc of the latter 5 b household. Goy. Twn nft
onrh found out his mistake, and that his vis
itors were not of a desirable kind. He now
advises our military authorities that his do
main Is free premises as for as the free shoot
ing of marauding red-skins Is concerned. Our
forces will now probably go over the border
uud clear out the murderous gang.
Our news dispatches contain intelligence
-of three very ecrions iMr° -the Ac»truc
rion of a large amount of valuable property
.n Boston by fire; the homing of u Lower
Aiififileslppl steamer, on her way down from
Vicksburg; and saddest of nil, a terrific
boiler explosion, near Philadelphia, resulting
In the loss of seven lives and throwing out
oi employment several hundred workmen,
by the temporary disabling of the establish
ment, on which importmt naval construc
tion operations depend. • - - <
The news from Arkansas gives official In
d licence of a Federal success in Western
irhansas, recalling In important capture of
■otltlons and prisoners.
Gen. Sickles is on bis way South via Cln-
imiati and New Orleans on an important
ahsion to which lie ITis been detailed by* the
/resident He isto pass along oar lines and
the real temper of the people in the
vhcl districts now In onr possession, to the
•tui of discovering and suggesting means for
he removal of the remaining obstacles to
•{.'construction and restoration.
Ti'c give fn another column a very Impor
tant and significant array of facts teaching
ll.c position of the men calling themselves
turn their bocks on the Union.
The rebel?, whatever they hare to thank
t.’ivir stars for, have Utile occasion for grati
tude to tbeeign of the Bam. Arles has been
dcudvdly against them. One by one their
boating iron.lron constructions have come to
'tuioneol&blc grief, and have proved lame and
impotent conclusions for bo much hammer
frg and I.lnhering. Just now It is reported
that the great rebel ram Tennessee tbc
guardian of the flock at Mobile, nnfl which
vves to flnnilaU onr fleet in that quarter, has
proved a total failure and gone down, made a
lorlom submarine battery of itself A South
Down ram sure enough.
A' “ Kotv by fit. Paul the work goes bravely
ou” Nine years of strfilght, unbroken
LttuocraUc rule has terminated, and the city
o: hi. Paul 1b redeemed. That waa a victory
-rial means something elsewhere.
The coble Christian, as well as National
p.prk of elevating and aiding the Frcedmen
oi the South, Is the prominent call of the
present hour Nest to the demand for crash-
what remains of the rebellion, comes
l.cdutyof ministering to the wants of the
■infortuuatc victims of chattdism. The
.urumeut against Human Slavery would be
rolbcd of half its force did it leave theoe op*
intstd people capable of self-support from
heinrtant of manumission. A system which
.j it cruelly dwarfed their rights and kept in
cheek their development, that they might
)C more contentedly herded and bred
like beasts, was not tbc moat favorable to
\ >rcpare them for their new state. It Is more
Ihan mere charity to enpply their pressing
needs and lead them to a higher place under
Liberty. Our Cairo dispatch announces'thc
Arrival there, on the way to Vicksburg, of a
party from this city, to engage in the labor
of teachers in that field. Let those who go
out on this mission be well seconded and
-ustalucd by those at home. f *
TUc Dlnthrop Houhq and ’Pmma*
rou’fc flfiU DMtrofed-Loax £300,000.
Ik*ro>% April 6,—Last night a fire destroyed the
Wlnrhrop House and Freemason's Hall. Both were
totally destroyed. No one was Injured. Low to
Mr. SiUby, proprietor of the house, *50,000. Lobs
to Freemason's -'Hall, The latter Is part*
lv insured. Total loss $300,000.
‘ I'o.'Tos, April <U—The burning of the Freema
jit'H&intivolvcs an irreparable loss in the de-
Auction of archives, portraits, and valnable relics
indonginp to the Masonic order. Hardly anythin*
was wived. The Insurance on the bnlldins was
•ibout e:stv-<me thousand dollars.
the Wlnthrop House,on far*
niture aud fixtures, will reach $50,000, for which be
it- for s?C,oo<‘. Total loss varionriy esti
mated at from sl7T;,yO*lto s£o,ooo.
Mon? guests at the Winthrop House lost all their
’-prsonai property. The fire Is attributable to an
From Maryland.
It/.t.TtMORE, April C.— The vote !n this dty
for the convention and emancipation 9.011
ni'Klttrl TO. .
'I b'j inh district or Somerset county gives 19
sumSnet a convention.
The flth district of Worcester county gives B0 ma
<orUr for a convention,
i Note.— Tub Is the first dectlon news ever to
eclvcd from these counties by telegraph.]
The Frederick district gives the emancipation
ticket and convention 480 majority
The ballot l>os of the Jackson district was taken
r 'obsession or by the copperheads about two
o'clock, and totally destroyed. Detachments of
t ’ o t. coles’ <ak.alry and the 7U> Maryland regiment,
fjuve >'oue to arrest the parties.
TMtrns thus for rodelrt-d, indicate a majority of
not less than 15,000 for the Convention, In the
S'tutO, -fc
AtiiialUnff ' Boiler JEiploslon-
Keren LosV.
I n April C.—A lame boiler at Mer
«u i- l Southwark Foundry, exploded this
;i.< n .lug.cansluc much loss ofiife and great de
duction of property* Seven workmen were billed
thirty woooded hr rhe explosion. The
'.juiltr house was eitnated In the center of ton
Miilt luge, forminpn hollow square. Itcpntalnen
two IkjUck, cue of which exploded,and displacing
ciiiicr k> that operations on the works had to
y rut-pended.
T Several hundred men are temporarily thrown out
< f < cipioymcnt. The explosion will cause much
ck hiy on machinery for the Government sleamtra.
How Copperheads Fare in the
. . Bands of the People.
From XUlzreU.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
. . Canto, April 6, JBGL
> The following figures rpgnridlng the Judicial
election, held in.this District yesterday, have been
Pxnnr Cotktt—(Official)—Hammack'a 'major!-
Axssavber CovsTT—Cairo precinct, Molkcy’e
majority is 122; Thebes, Hammack’s majority is
35• Goose Island, Hammack’e majority is 17.
Ukiqs Couxtt—(Ab far os heard from)—Jones
boro precinct, Mulkey’a majority is 154; Dongola
do., 118; EJdgedo., 32; Miecnhdmer do., 82.
About one-half of this comity is board fro to,
- Two precincts will give small majorities for nma
ms ck.
Carbondale, as fsr as heard from, gives 63 major
fly for Vnlkey; Buncombe, 11 majority forUolkey;
Murphrceeboro, ten for Molkcy; DeSoto, .43
majority for Mulkoy; Ridge, 8 majority for Unlkev.
From present indications it is hardy possible
that Mulkey has been defeated. Ho himself is
rather dubious as to the result, this evening.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Morons, Grtmdy Co., EL, April B, 1664.
The Union men of this town, at the election on
Tuesday, achieved a complete victory. The Cop*
pcrbcao> %**-* >.uTe generally bad things their
way. 6. Tnfler was eieu*a Supervisor; Lyman
Baymonfl,’Town Clerk; A. O.‘WotxnH ? , Ty . collect
or; Marion Lloyd, Road Commissioner; Jonathan
Osborne, Assessor. Mortis will be all right In
tbe future.
Every town in Grundy county except two—name
ly: Aeriatma and Auxsable—elected Union candi
dates on Tuesday.
[Spcc&gCoircspondence of the Chicago Tribune.)
BtoQJdXGDALB, Du Page Co n April A
Yesterday tbe truth of that Scripture which says
u The seed of the woman shall braise the serpent’s
head” was frilly exemplified in our town meeting
The Copperheads tried to bribe the people to elect
: one of their number Collector.
Tbdr candidate offered to gwe all his lees but
SS6 to tbe township school fimd,nifd deposited SSO
with a Union man to secure the payment. The
canvass waa thorough. The result was as fol
lows, via.:
C, A. Meredith, {Union TTar Ticket) 123 votes,
L. E. Laudon," (Copperhead School), 48 “
It was amusing to see those who have been per
t-otol enemies for .years working and voting to
gether, and saying u Them sbalt not snrelv die. 11
£ Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
Fueetout, April C, 18-4.
The town election in Freeport, yesterday, re
sulted In a complete Union triumph. :Tbe entire
Union ticket was elected by majorities varying
from twelve to seventy-three. Tbe charter election
tbe day previous resulted in the election of tbe en
tire Union ticket, except tbe Mayor and one Alder
man. Tbe City Council stands four Union to two
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.")
Bxacesebitc Statics, Ka*x Co_ Hi„ I
April 6,18W- j
Major General Gordon Granger Is reUered from
the command of the 4th army corps, and Major
General O. 0. Howard is assigned in his stead.
HojorGeneral Schofield Is assigned to the com
mand of the SSd army corps.
Moj. Gen. Slocum will report to Ha]. Gen. Sher
man, and MaJ. Gen. Stoneman to ilaj. Gen. Scho
field, for assignment. Ha].. Gen. Granger wQJ re
port ty letter to the Adjutant General of the arm
By order of the President.
E. B. a; G.
ISpecUl Dispatch to tha Chicago U'rnmao J { OrusMAJ. OHDSSS, ?fO. l£fi.
The entire Republican ticket ■was elected In
Compton, yesterday, hr about eighty majority, C.
F. Cone was rejected Supervisor. A. S, Bab
cock, Republican, was elected Supervisor in
Blackberry. IN'. N. Hardin, Republican, was re
elected Supervisor in KanevlUe, by fifty majority.
Pike Watson was elected Supervisor In Virgil.
Batavia, Kane Co* April 6.
We hare elected the Union Republican candid
aica “ all through.” Copperbeadism has killed the
“ Democracy” hcrcaboate completely.
Malta. Be Kaui Co* III* April 6,1861
Malta has gone' Union almost two to one, al
though the Copperheads made a desperate effort to
carry the town, by affiliating with a fewmllk-and
water Union men who wanted office, and who
thought the afflUatioßjnight succeed.
{Special Dispatch to tie Chicago Tribune.}
Fbakslix Gboyz, April 6,156t
We had our town meeting yesterday, and swept
the town of every vestige of Copperfacadism. The
Union ticket was elected by an overwhelming zna-
Sority. So completely are they annihilated, that
their candidates now deny that they permitted their
names to be need.
{Special Dispatch to the Cfaicaso Tribuna.l.
Chaotaic* Crrr, HU April 6, JSBI.
The c.cctlon passed off vcry qalctly In this city
yesterday, and the result was better than the most
sanguine Union men expected. The Copperheads
were routed, horse, foot and dragoons. The entire
Union ticket was ejected {with the exception of
one Alderman.) by an average majority of 125.
The result Is a very large gain over last year. The
Copperheads look like they had lost their last
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Pxbu,BL. April 6,1814,
We routed the Copperheads, -foot, horse and
dragoons,” at oar town and municipal elections of
Af.rU 4th end Bth. Tbc entire Union town ticket
wae elected by an average majority of sixty-two.
In the dty we elected four Aldermen and the May
or. giving n a the balance of power In the Council.
Their average majority last year was titty.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
HAKgmxrfl, LosoHo Co., April S, 1501,
At the election yesterday the Copperheads were
defeated by on average majority qfaa ; a gain 0f22
since last election, notwithstanding a large num
ber of our voters have gone to the war this spring.
From XTlMonrin*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago TrtbnaeO
Oshkosh, WLI, April 6.
P. Sawyer was re-declod Mayor by onehandred
and ninety-two majority. A majority of the Alder
men and the entire dty Union ticket was ducted,
a gain of one hundred and fifty for the Unionists
since lost Spring.
[bpcclal Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
Kkkosxu.'WU., April 5,1861.
This day Kenosha has redeemed herself The
whole Union ticket le elected by a handsome ma
jority, A. Fair was the candidate of the Union
men. Be was elected Mayor of the city by the
Pern Derate some seven or eight years since. When
the rebellion commenced he came out In Ben Dul
ler style, war to the knife to rebel* whether at the
South or at the North. -
F. Eoblnsou woe tbo Copperhead candidate for
Mayor. Be has been la that office for the last
three years. The Democrats have carried the
election with but one or two exceptions for tbc
HeL ten (10J years In this city, A few more Cole’s
county popular vprieingt will tell wonderfully for
tbc Union cause here and throughout the North,
Tbc leader find chief mainspring of the Cooper
head party In this city and county is a notorious
pettifogger by the name of Webster. Last evcning
be wss walking the streets bellowing like a
bull over tbc defeat of hie favorites. ■
The Uqfon cause Is progressing In these parts.
The resnft of tbl* election !* hut a foretaste of tbc
result next fall. Old Abe will surely win.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
“* ’ * • Dixqxt, April 0, IBM.
Dr. B. F. Strong, Union, is elected Mayor by 450
majority. Council Union unanimously.
Janesville elects Dr. Mitchell, Union, by 400 ma
Poor show for snakes in this vicinity.
Important From the Indian Warv
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Sr. Faux. April 6,396k
Gov. Dallas of Bopcrt’a Land, has given Major
Hatch permission to pursue the Sioux Indians Into
the British territory.
J. XL Stewart, the Union candidate for Mayor, is
elected by over 300 majority. Every ward gives
Jim majorities but the 2nd, and that only foots up.
27 for Culver.
The entire Union ticket Is elected. The Dipro
crats have had the dty government In their hands
for the past ft years, without a single interruption,
nrd tb)« hits them hard. ‘
It was a square fight between Union men and
copperheads. The Union men are enthusiastic
over their victory-
UteKt Intelligence from tbo Fleet—
Lots ofa Bcbel Ham*
Arw Orleans, March £9, via Como. April G.—
t he following gratifying and important intelligence
t» from a correspondent with the Western Golf
r»T^^ c , B<}lia “ ,oa * under date of March SO:
t.w?. the Kennebec steamed to Dauphin
£“S lo communicate with the vessels in the
t^ vefat - reb el ennboats, the Tennessee
K?®; lying near Grant’s Pass.
wen teat on 6oarJ i 2?,
It appears that a squall struck her and ebe beln«r
very low in the water. W|«! 7,vntl .Va® 6U .® u®*®*
Two feet of her smokestack (Sn^nw 0
above the water, at the
once lay at anchor. The Tcnno#*ol i.7«
Mobile when we first be-»n bombirS™
audtard toißnaic,beloctoo mich fori.££
and she would not therefore bareprorei ai««
formidable opponent .for our fleet iS
armament is flie greatest Ims to thecaeair it
cunelfla of Bix JOO-pounder rifled Parrott nins
three in front and three astern. There were three
or four anther piece* also on board.
IVc have had some very bad weather, bat all is
well with the fieel.
From Bhodc Island.
PuonnEKcx, April 6.—The State election took
place yesterday. Returns from nearly a«l theSistc
indicate that James G. Smith, (Union) Is re-elected
Governor by a small majority, over George 11.
Drowne,Democrat, and Amos C.-Iterator, Union.
In this city, Smith is in a minority bvlO) votes.
There is no election ol Assemblymen. Tne Legis
lature will be strongly Union.
From Washington—Congression
al and Military.
Proceedings in Congress
The Hational Currency Bill Smoth
ered to Death.
From Cairo and Below—Return of
Got. Yates.
Loss of a Lower Missis
sippi Steamer.
Affairs in the Gulf—Loss of the
Great Behel Bam.
Disastrous Boiler Explosion
at Philadelphia-Seven
Lives Lost.
later from Europe—South American
anc Mexican Mews.
Scatters IKUKary and Congressional.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune."]
Wasihxctojt, April G, ISfiL
GxKXnAi. Orbis No. 141.—8y direction of the
President, the following changesand assignments
are made in the army corps commands:
' Major General Sheridan is-assigned to tbe com
mand of the cavalry corps of the Army of the Poto
Tbe 11th and 12th corps are consolidated, and
will be called the :et army corps, Major General
Hooker to command. •
Tbe following officers arc hereby announced bn
tie staff of the Lieutenant' General commanding
tie armies, and will be obeyed and respected ac
cordingly: Licnt. Co). C. B..Comstock, S«nlor Aid
de-camp; Lieut, CoLO.K. Babcock; H»J. F. T.
Bent, Ald-de-camp: licalCoLW L. Doff, 2d til
tools artillery. Assistant Inspector General; Major
W. B. Rowly end Capt. Badeau, Military Secreta
ries. Cape Bonce Porter, of* the Ordnance De
partment, is also announced as Ald-de-camp to
Gen. Grant, irith rank of Ideal. Col.
Itls almost certain that Gen. BtsH will-"be or
dered to report to Gen. Sherman for assignment to
duty. It is understood that Geo. Sherman desires
to place Gen. Buell in’eommand of East Tennessee,
end the authorities here are willing to assign him,
hut Gen. Buell hesitates to accept on account of his
peculiar relations to Gov. Johnson.
- No order for Generals McCook, Crittenden and
Ncgleytocommacd under Gen, Sherman I? as yet
issued. It is knows that Gear. Grant was very
modi dissatisfied with, the conduct of
Grangef-at C&attauoogu, and this Is the reason for
his retirement from active command.
Among the dismissals for the week are: Col. O.
Deforrcst, 55th New York cavalry, with disgrace,
for prcecntlng false cud fraudulent accounts against
tbe Government.
Capt. Geo. B. Smith, Commissary of Subsistence
in the army of the Cumberland; Suweon TL Tam
mage, S4th Kentucky; Surgeon J.'B. McConan-
Than, 17th Jilsponri ; Capt. A. H. Speed, sth Ken
tucky; Lieut. Jss. P. Grinnel, 29th Ohio: Lieut
B. H. irecher, sth Ohio; Capt. Wheetfort, 2d
Kentucky cavalry; Lieut. Christian Leaner. 11th;
Lieut, w. H. White. 23th Pennsylvania. The dis
missals of Cant. John Trifle, 97ih Blinds, Assist
ant Surgeon Morrow, 2?d Ohio, Capt.T.lL •'©d
rlck.ltva lovra, and Lieut. Samuel Taylor, Ist Ohio
artillery, are revoked. -
rta nxenasoe or musosma.
The statement in the Hew York papers that But
ler and OulO, at a recent conference, agreed upon
a satisfactory plan for an exchange of prisoners, la
incorrect. The facta are aa stated in onrSlonday’s
dispatches. The question concerning officers and
men of., negro regiments continues to be an
obstacle as difficult to overcome as eves td any
ouxeement, antfGcn.BaUer is hot the man to waive
this point.
The Senate Military Committee to-day recom
mended the rejection of the nominations of Scho
field and Gilmore as Major Generals. There is so
doubt that the Senate will sustain this action. For.
tic two vacancies thus created, there arc already
many candidates.
A bill reported from the Select Committee on the
subject, by Pendleton, provides that members of
the Cabinet shall hare scats on tbc floored the
House, and shall attend the sessions every Monday
and Thursdoy, to answer inquiries under the rules.
Additional rules recommended by the Committee
provide as follows;
A notice booa is kept in which resolutions of In-
Sniry find questions addressed to any member of
ie Cabinet are to be entered, tbc member Intro da
ring cfichto flMCtfy the Monday or Thursday of the
current or dlKdlue week on which he intends to
cull it up, so* any to be, unless on unanimous
consent, not less than three days after the notice.
Jt Is made the duty of the clerk to serve copies
of all such resolutions or questions on such Cabi
net officer, and to apprise him of the time whan
they will be taken up.
On tbeaprob s day. the member who gave no
tice ie to explain his resolution or question, or as
sign reasons. The members of the Cabinet who
arc addressed are to answer or state why they can
not, and the House without-'farther debate is then'
to vote; and both questioner and Questioned are
forbidden to indulge in debate or to introduce mat
ter not strictly relevant.
As predicted in this correspondence, the Nation
al bank bill was killed to-day. The amendments
from tbo Committee of the Whole, including tbc
sections empowering States to fix the rate of inter
est below.? per cent, and to tax National banks
like other monied corporations wcrcadoptod in the
Uouec. Mr. Stevens’ substitute, without these
amendments, was voted down, and (ben, on his
motion, the bill was laid on the table by over twen
ty majority.
In the Senate, Powell’s motion to incorporate in
the Constitution an amendment that the President
shall hold office for six years and be ineligible for
re-election, wme 12 yeas and 82 nays. The yeas
were: Brown, Davis, Poster, Grimes, Hendricks,
Nesmith, Pomeroy, Powell, Biddle, Baulsberry,
Wade and Wilkinson.
Sthcr Senators. including Trumbull and Willey,
indicated that they might vole for the proposition
under other circumstances, but would not cumber
the slavery-abolishing amendment.
An amendment taking from the President
power of removal from office exoept for’cause,
and with consent of tbc Senate, received six
votes—Davis, Hendricks, Powell, Biddle, Saula
bnry and Wade. Various Senators said they
would vote against this, because it was not ger
mane to the main question.
■ Messrs. Henderson, Hendricks and Sumner will
speak to-morrow.
1 A bill has been reported from the Committee of
the Whole to the Senate. Another effort wlllbe
made to press It to vote to-morrow, but it is pos
sible that still other speech makers may prevent,
- TbcUU relating to army Chaplains,aa agreed
upon by the Conference Committee 'to-day pro
ddes that the rank of Chaplains shall be hereafter
rccogs sed, and they aball be borne on Add and
staff roll* next after Surgeons bnt not to exercise
command. They shall be cnUUcd to pensions at
the rate of twenty dollars per month to total dis
ability, and pat on the same footing as other of
ficers in respect of pay when absent from doty,
TLe Treasury agent, Bowers, testified to-day be
fore the Committee that he knew alterations were
made in Gen. Blair’s order for Uqabrsi but he did
not care to tell the Committee who made them.
Monday is the earliest day at which the Ways
and Means Committee can report the tax bill, and
it may not reach the House so early.
George Thompson, the English Abolitionist, has
written a letter to Congressman Morris of Ohio,
denying in positive terms hla assertion in the
Honan on Monday that Thompson said that the
dissolution of the American Union is the object to
bo kept steadily in view, and calling on Mr. Mor
ris for proof or retraction. It appears that Mot
ile bad nothing bnt the speech ol Sherwood Clem
ens inlSCl for authority. •
Fx-Cosgrcasman Kcflogc, of HL, was yesterday
appointed Assistant Solicitor of the Court of
Claims, vice McPherson, resigned. Hr, Kellogg
to-day declined the appointment. McPherson's
letter to Jeff Davis, dug ont of the ruins of letters
in bis Mississippi residence by onr soldiers last
sommer. Is believed to bo the occasion of his re
Peril cs from Holland subscribed one million
nine hundred thousand dollars to the ten-forty
loan. Lr.rgo foreign Investments In this loan are
considered certain.
WasmsoTos, April 6.— The minors bo thickly
flying about that' Gen. Meade la to be removed,
may as well be set street. It Is now understood
to be a settled matter that Gen, Mevde will be re- :
tained In the command of the Army of the Poto
mac, more firmly fixed In position than ever. *
Several of the troops belonging to Col. Dahl
greu’s command, captured near Richmond, suc
ceeded m effecting their escape and rejoining their
The Ways and Means Committee Intend to report
the new Revenue bill on Thursday. No definite
decision has yet been reached; respecting the
amount of lax Co bo imposed upon distilled spirits,
tobacco and petroleum.'
General Sickles;‘accompanied by his personal
Stair, left here yesterday for Cincinnati. He Is
charged with special orders from the President,
under which be will make a complete tour ofthe
territory reclaimed from tbe rebels, with a view of
observing the temper and disposition ofthe people
towards the United States Government, InvesUga-.
ling tbo practical workings of the policies adopted
in dealing with them, expounding the purposes of
the Administration, and endeavoring to reconcile
them to the Government. Tie General will make
suggestions to tbe President from time to time, for
the modification or change of policy, as may occur
to him from ids observations. At Cincinnati a
gunboat from Admiral Porter’s fleet will be placed
at tbe disposal of the Genera), by which ha will be
conveyed to the principal points in tbs Southwest,
He wui return vfa the sea coast* calling at all the
points of Federal occupation, for which purpose an
armed naval vessel wul be assigned to htm by Far*
ragut, The President is exceedingly sanguine that
the effect will be to restore the people to a hearty
allegiance by opening their eyes, which have been
»o long blinded by Southern politicians, and con
vincing Uiem ot tbo jociro of the Government,
while sternly demanding their retnen to loyalty, to
deal with theta in kindness and with all forbear
The protracted storm has swollen the Potomac
to an manning extent. Serious apprehensions are
entertained for tbe safety of the warehouses and
other valuable property on the wharves at George
Gen. Lee eceme. to have taken for granted that
the middle Virginia rente to Richmond will not be
abandoned. Strong fortification* are being thrown
up eouth of tkc Eapld&n at a point opposite Mitch
ell’s Station, on what is known as “Clark's Moun
tain.'” The new works arc plainly in view from
our eicnal stations.
Tbe'DonscCommittec.onF&blie Lands have de
cided to report a bill extending tbe privileges of
the Homestead Act to tbe Insurrectionary States,
givine soldiers and Bailors privilege to enter upon
Eucli land.
The Senate refused to pass the. constitutional
amendment abolishing slavery to-day.
Large numbers of Marvlaudcrs have left Wash
ington to vote In the Cenveotlon election in Mary
land to-day. It Is believed the State will go deci
dedly Tor emancipation.
\Va6Hikgton', April C.— Tbe total defeat of . the
KalJonal Bank or Currency bill, by so largo a rote
as two-thlrdr, astonishes both its friends and foes,
especially as so much time bad been consumed in
efforts to perfect it. . .
Ail of the amendments made In Committee of
the Whole, about sixty In number, bad been con
curred in.- Tbe Committee on Ways'and Means
wq*.Trillins to adopt all but two. ana hence Repre
sentative Stevens offered a substitute differing
from tbe amended bill only in tbo following par
licnjart*, viz: Restoring the uniform 7 per centum
interest, and leaving it under National not State
legislation, and omitting tbe section which 1:11 the
capital stock of tbo Institution to bo taxed the
same as the property of Individuals for State and
maniacal purposes.
Tbe Donee emphatically disagreed to this sub
stitute, This was tbe turning point in the contro
versy—tbe test that determined whether-the bill
'containing the clauses obnoxious to the prominent
friends of the measure should pass the House.. So.
It was la’d upon tbo table on tbe motion of Mr.
Stevens, seme of' bis own political friends
voting with those on the opposite side, who were;
from the beginning, opposed to this measure or
Geo, Thompson, of Engl*nd, delirercd a lecture
In tbe ball of tbe House of Representatives to
nicht, to a dense auditory, including President
Lincoln, Secretaries Chase and Usher, many mem
bers of both branches of Congress, and not a few
Tbe mechanics in tbe Government employ at
'WfiEhingtou are preparing fora general strike on
the first of May, unless .they can obtain $3 per
day. Tbe government is willing to pay tbe some
wages as private establishments.
Arrival of Toacltcr* for tbe Proedmcn
-tow or a Blvct Steamer,
ISpeclalßbpatcb to tie Chicago Tribune,}
Caibo. April 0, ltd I,
- - A party of twenty-two teachcra for the freedmen,
sent forwartTby the Northwestern Preedmen’s Aid
Commission, arrived from Chicago this evening.
The following persons arc members of the party;
• Mrs. J. Policy, Chicago.
Mies B. C. Fitch, Chicago.
John B. Maley and wife, Monmouth.
. Lewis B. Springer, Chicago.
Mis* A. F, Ferry, Waukesha, Wis. '
Geo. U. Cleveland and wife, Chicago.
R. Dcdstrom, Chicago.
MW* N. V. Kimball. Rockford. *
Miss D. A. Campbell, Rockford.
lira,M.A.Newcomb,Chicago. .
Tiaddcnn Bonnali and wife. Spring Grave.
3>. D. Smith. Appleton, Svis.
- Mbs M. J. Pardee. Galena. .
Mias A. 11. Oast, Chicago.
Iter. S. C. Fean later, Columbus, Mlm.
Miss Aupueta Kimball, Marengo, lIL
J. J. Slayton and wife, Hillsdale, Mich.
The parly hare in charge twenty tons of donated
and purchased stores, and have gone forward by
the eteamer Date of Argyle- this evening. Their
destination la Natchez, Hiss. They left in the
beetof spirit*. Bev. J. R. Shepherd, Secretary of
the Commission, accompanied them to this point.
The steamers Atlantic and Liberty No. 2 arrived
atalalehonrlaat night. The Atlantic was from
New Orleans £7th nit.
Gov. Yalta and suite were on board cn route for
home. Ihe news from Now Orieaashns boon part*
ly anticipated via New York.
There was a report at Hickman, yesterday, as the
liberty No. S from Memphis passed, that the rebels
bad been driven ootby vigorous shelling from jmn
boata sent there from here for that purpose. Sev
eral Union families who have been compelled to
’ live in cellars and garrets will bo thankful for this.
There is no news from Forrest.
The steamer Gen. Anderson yesterday run Into a
boat (the John Jacobs) near Paducah and sunk her.
No particulars. The steamer Mary Forsyth start
ed for Memphis this evening, but from informality
of her papers or some other cause, was brought
back by the firing ol three guns from Fort Defi
Cairo, April 6.—The eteamer J. H. Bussell,
Captain Bussell, master, on her passage down
from'Vicksburg, took fire on the night of the 27th
nltimo, between 10 and 11 o'clock, by sparks from
i her torches, which ignited cotton on her boiler
deck. Aa the wind was blowing very strong at
the time, the fire made each rupia progress that In
a ftw moments the boat and cargo of cotton were
in one sheet of flame. TbeJ. H. Rqspcll bad on
hoard 617 hales of cotton, 367 sacks of ginned cot
ton, S.I7S sacks of cotton in seed and cotton eeed,
76 barrels of cotton in seed, 630 sacks of cotton. 7*
head of bogs, 65 bead of sheep, 26 head of mules.
9 cows and 4 calves. She also had on board a mail
from Alexandria, and also dispatches from Qcn.
Lee to the headquarters of the department of the
Golfi ail of which, together with the boat, were
totally destroyed,
. The fire took place Just as the boat was making
her landing at the town of Plaquemines, giving the
passengers and crew a chance to made good their
escape, but scarcely earing any of their baggage.
The passengers were tokta to New Orleans Oy the
steamer Gertrude. A Mr. Thomas is missing, and
Js supposed to bare been lost.
The J. H. Bussell was built at Algiers, and was
but one year old; was of good carrying capacity,
and hod excellent accommodations for passengers.
For a time Captain Hassell run her on the coast
trade, until be selected the Vicksburg trade. She
was valued at. f 60,000, and there being no insur
ance, Captain Hostel! will be the heaviest losar.
State 21111 (ary Intelligence.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Spuing mu>, 11)., April 6,185 L
Lieut. W. 11. Hubbs, of the iStfa Infantry, United
Stales Army, mastering and disbursing officer at
this place, baabeeh rellcved from doty and ordered
to the field. Lieut. D. Montgomery will succeed
The veteran Bth Infantry, Lieut CoL Shntz com
’mending, had a public reception to-day. The
ladles of Springfield gave them a splendid dinner
at Concert Hall. The greatest enthusiasm prevail
ed. After dinner. Col. Shntz, in behalf of the reri
jpenf, In a neat and appropriate speech, presented
the State with one of its famous battle Saga which
has been borne through six hotly contested earl
gagemente. The flag waa accepted. Adjutant
General Fuller addressed the regiment with
&u eloquent speech, depicting in glow
ing colors the history of the noble old
Bth, from Us organization to its re-en
listment, as veteran volunteers. Be gave, among
others, the following statistics and facts concern
ing the organization of tbo regiment, audita move-'
meats in the field. There has belonged to the reg
iment la the aggregate, 1,(M3 men.; There are now
found upon Its rolls 575 men, leaving 473 men who
have been killed in battle, and died of wounds, and
been discharged from service. About one hundred
have been killed in battle, and between four and
five hundred wounded. It was organized at Camp
Butler, April 1861, under General Oglesby, and has
been engaged fn fifteen or twenty skirmishes, and
In the battles of Forts Henry and DoneJson, Pitts
burg Landing, the approach on Corinth. Champion
Hills, Port Gibson, Vicksburg and Jackson, and
has recently returned from the Sherman raid to
Meridian. Ha history and Us achievements will en
title it to be called a veteran regiment.
Interesting and able speeches were made by Gen.
Julios White, Hon. B.M. Cohom, Col. Black, of
the aitb, and Col. JfcA. Brooks. Auditor Daßols
also made a lew remarks to the boys, anfljccmlnded
them otbavlng seen them in the field. He person
ally knew many of those who bad Wien in battle.
The veterans of tho Bth seemed delighted with the.
attention paid them by the patriot citizens and
noble ladies of Springfield.
The Slst, formerly Gen. Grant’s, Cob Alexander,
and the 28th, trader command'of the'gallant Coll
Hick Johnson, have re-enlisted, ana are now at St
Loots, and expected here to-morrow.
CoL Cameron telegraphed the Adjutant General
to-day that his regiment, the 65th, known as the
Scotch regiment, has re-enlisted, and will reach
Chicago on Saturday night. I presume, as this
regiment was raised in Chicago and Northern Illi
nois, that yoor patriotic citizens will give them a
fit tin v reception.
HUrtlMg and Horde* News.
Desvte Crrr.CoL, Anril s,—At the municipal
election held jcetercaj, the regular Union nomi
uees were elected over _ the Independent Union,
There were no Democratic candidates.
The gold excitement its higher than ever before,
known In Colorado, Bichdiscoveries are being
made everyday. anearriv
tan by every coach, and report a very large amount
ofnew mining machinery cn route from the Fast/
but contain na news of importance from Arizona.
Gov. Connelly of New Mexico, has issued a pro
clamation appointing a April Tth as a day of thanks
giving to Goafor the close of the Indian war.
Got. Stone to Visit Washington,
[BpecialDlspatch to (he Chicago Tribune.)
Dns Moctes, lowa, April 6.
Mrs. Wlttenmcyer bos scat In her resignation as
a Sanitary agent for this State, and expresses an
Intention to go into the service of the Christian
Governor Stone has received permission from
the War Department to re-commission Major Cal
vin Taylor, ot the iGtU infantry, who was dismissed
from service some time since by sentence of court
martial, on a charge of cowardice. This is deemed
a reversal of the sentence.
Governor Stone left today for Knoxville, his
home, from whence he will start next week for
Washington, to sfijnst the claims of tbe State
against the United States, for expenses incurred in
raising regiments for this war, for protecting the
border from' Indians, and all other claims against
the United States.
HEOlUfry and Local Blatten. .U.
[SpecialDispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
- Lvunxiroua, April $, IB6i
An order has bean received at the Executive De
partment from UaJof General Sherman, directing
all veteran regiments to return promptly at tbo ex
piration of their furlough, to the field. Those be
longing to tho anny of Ohio and Cumberland to
rendezvous at Nashville; those of the army of the
Tenneeeec at Cniro,
Commanding officers of such regiments will be
held to a strict accountability for each day's ab
sence beyond ihc'atated time. •« ■
Col. Baker, Provost Marshal Of the State issues
an order to the above effect to-night.
a An exciting and dangerane chase took place this
afternoon. A soldier baring fired. his revolver In
the street the provost guard, composed of members
of the Invalid Corps, started to arrest him and
fired several volleys alongthe crowded streets, to
the imminent danger of passers by. A small boy
was wounded in the band, and several houses pen
etrated by bullets, but the soldier escaped. •
The 89th veterans, will be here to-morrow,* and
be welcomed by Col. John Paul Jcncs.
Mr. GRISIES, of lovri, presented a joint refla
tion to repeal the resolution authorizing the trans
fer of men from the military to the naval service.
• After a rhort colloquy between Messrs. Hale,
Grimes, Coaness sad Trumbull, on the latter's
motion it was referred to the Committee on Hariri
Affaire. ...
The Senate then took np the joint resolution to
amend the Constitution.
Mr. HARLAN, of lowa, addressed the Senate La
■support of the measure.'
ilr. SAULSDUBY, of Eel., followed in opposi
tion to the mearnre, and opposition-to Mr. John
son’s speech, made yesterday.
Messrs. GALE and iIcRODGALL also spoke at
length. • -
Mr. POWELL, of Ky., proposed an amendment,
as an additional stxUouHptavidlng that the Presi
dent and Tice President shall hot bold their offices
more than six years. Rejected—l 3to 82.
Mr,POWELL offered as amendment prorldingthat
no hill, resolution or Jaw passed by Congress, ebsi)
relate to more than one subject,• and hare more
than one title. Rejected—,'fij to 5.
, Mr. DAVIS, of Ky., Introduced as an amend
ment, his -joint resolution to provide for a new
mode of electing the President and Vice President,
heretofore presented. Rejected, -
The bill passed to a third reading, and the Sen
ate adjourned without final action.
Mr. PENDLETON, of Ohio, from'the Select Com--
mitlee on the subject, reported a hill providing
that the beads of the Executive Departments may
occupy scats on the floor of the House. The bill
was ordered to be printed, and pcnnlaslon given
for the majority report ana the views of the mi
nority to he handed in.. -
The House then resumed consideration of the
National Bank bill, the question being on agreeing
to the amendmenta reported from the Committee
of the Whole.
Mr. HOOPER, of hlass., made the dosing speech,
givierrhia reasons at length, why the papercnrreacy
ibcnld be under the control of the national law.
The House proceeded to-vote on the various
amendmenta, agreeing to. that antnorizing the Is
sue oi notes of a leas denomination than fire dob
lore, by a veto of 7'V against Dt; and agreed to
another amendment, that not more than one-sixth
of the notes shall bo of a less denomination than
five dollars, and when speciepaymeoU are resumed
such small notes are to go ont of circulation.
The House concurred in the amendment, that any
bank or banking association, organized in pursu
ance of the laws of any State under the articles of
association which prohibit specified changes there-.
In, may be changed and converted into a national
banking association, under * the provis
ions -ot thU act, without change in
iho articles of association, ana Us
Directors, at the time of such change, may con
tinue in office, and their -gurresaora may from
time to time be elected ornppoiaica in the manner
appointed by Its articles of association. The vote
on concurring In the above was—yeas 05; nays 63.
. The Bouse then agreed byavote of Tito 6t to
amend the amendment so that the taxes or duties
imposed by Congress from time to time, shall be
fax lieu of all other taxes on said associations.
The House then voted on the amendment that
the rate oteeven per cent interest, fixed In section
SO. shall bo deemed the lawful interest In all the
States where no rate is established, but each bank
shall be bound by tho State law regulating the In
terest in the State where it is located. The above
was concurred In—yeas S3; nays 43.
Tho lloDfe next voted on the new section that
nothing !n (his act shollbe congtrued to prevent
the taxation by States of tho capital stock of tho
banka organized under this act the same as the
property ol other monied corporations for State or
municipal purposes, but no Suite shall Impose any
tax upon each Assoaatlons or their capital, circu
lation, dividends or business at a higher rato of
taxation than shall be Imposed bv such opon the
some amount of moufed capita! in the hands of
Individual citizens of ench State. The above was
agreed to, yeas 78,' nays £O.
All the amendmenta of the Committee ot the
Whole on tho state of the Union wero concurred In.
Mr. STEVENS, of Pa., offered a substitute for
the bin,* H being tho same as the original bill, with
the exception of restorizur the' tuflform rate of 7
p«r cent Interest, and leaving taxation with the
nsUonol Government and withdrawing It from the
Stale government.
Mr. Stevens’ substitute was. rejected: yeas
The original bill, &s amended, now came up.
Mr. SPAULDING offered a new section, which
was agreed to, by—yeas 71; nays not counted.
The new section provides that each and every
tacking association created under the act, or any
other hercoiter passed, shall receive in payment of
debts the circulating notes 'of all other basks,
without depredation or discount from their nomi
nal value.
Hr. STEVENS moved to lay the bill on the ta
ble. Hotion carried, by—jeas K); nays 41.
The Bouse shortly after this result was as*
couaccd adjourned. - '
General and Interesting News Sam*
xnary—Farewell to Gov, Yates.
, New Orleans, March £9.—The steamer Laurel
17111 had arrived with advices from Alexandria to
the STtta ultimo, All was quiet, excepting a little
skirmishing. The rebel force is reported to be
twenty thousand strong, and It was believed by
those best informed in regard to their movements,
that they would fall back some fifty miles from
Alexandria, and wait tbo advance of the Union
forces. The Federal soldiers are in excellent
spirits, and anxious to confront the enemy.
The gunboat Eastman and two others (names
not recolteeted) had got above the shoals, bound
tor Shreveport. The laud forces under General A.
J. Smith, left Alexandria on Saturday morning,
the 27th, also en rovU for Shreveport. We shall no
doubt toon loom of some hot work in Southwest*
era Louisiana.
New Orleans, March 29, via Cairo, April 6.
The election of delegates to the Louisiana State
Convention passed off quietly on the SSth ultimo.,
and resulted in the election of the Free State
The French brig Maurice Fellcte, from Havre to
New Orleans, was wrecked near Pass L’Ontro
Light on the £4th ultimo. Six hundred passen*
gers were aboard. After drifting about for twen
ty -foer noun in open boats during severe weather,
they fell in with the pilot boat Cornelia, and wero
Immediately rescued from their perilous position.
The vessel and cargo are a total loss, nothing belu<?
saved excepting what the passengers and crew
had on their persons.
The steamer Meteor, Captain Johnson, arrived
at New Oilcans on the 86th, from Alexandria, La.,
with 241 Confederate-prisoners, belonging to the
Louisiana Crescent artillery and Texas cavalry, in
charge of Captain Bush, of the Both Illinois reg
' The United States steamship transport Alabama
had arrived on the moraine of the 25th from Bra
roe Santiago via Aransas Pass and Pass Cavolio,
Texas, vita ISO refocees from Texas. Henry Mc-
Connell, fireman, died March 2iat, and was buried
on Mustang Island. Richard Myers, seaman, fell
overboard on Sunday morning, March 27th, and
was lost, although every effort was made to save
him. .
The fitcomehip Moraine Star, from Xcw York
March 19th, had arrived with ISO passengers, £330.-
CCO in specie, and a large cargo. She experienced
very heavy weather on the passage. George H.
foidham, a passenger from New York to New Or
leans, died on the passage, and was hurled iu Ha
vana. He was on Us way to Brashear City as
Quartermaster’s Clerk to Capt. Bradshaw. Brig.
Gen. H. W. Birge, of Connecticut, was among the
passengers. He was on his return from home,
where he had been enjoying a furlough. Mrs. Ma
tilda Heron Stoepcl,thcftctrcss,&lso arrived uxNew
Orleans per tbo Morning Star.
Among the passengers from New Orleans by the
steamerAtlantlcwas GovernorYatea of Illinois.
Learning ofhla intended departure for home, the
97th analsth regiments, the Peoria Battery and
other Illinois troops gave him a grand reception at
Lafayette Square, New Orleans, on the S3th ultimo,
on which occasion Governor Yates reviewed then
linota soldiers. Speeches were made by Governor
Yates, General Benton, oflndiana, and Governor
Hahn.'Amongthcotßcera present were Colonel
£dwardß. Castles, of Chicago, HL, who ;has« been
connected with the army since the beginning of the
war, Col. John, M. Snyder, of Governor Tates* staff.
Colonel Enllett, of New Orleans, CoL Scales, of
G en. McCletnand’s staff, Capt. Cljboroe, of Chicago,
and Major Box A number ot ladles honored the
occasion by their presence. The regiments, head
ed by a hand of music, marched into the square
shout 2 o’clock: Shortly after, the Peoria battery
. wheeled into line, when soon its. loud-mouthed,
field pieces belched forth In thunder to announce
the arrival of the distinguished speaker. After re
viewing the troops. Gov, Yates was formally In
troduced and welcomed by CoLHatherford. The
Governor appeared on the 'platform amid the
loudest cheers, and proceeded to address the sol
fliers in a strain of eloquence rtrely equaled. After
congratulating tba.troops on their tine appearance,
and eulogizing them for their noble conduct on fif
teen different battle fields, ho declared that they had
covered themselves and their State with glory and
honor. At the fight on Chickasaw Bayou, the 9rth
Illinois were the first to climb the enemy’shreast
works and plant the glorious stirs and stripes in
the face ot the rebel ensign- He saw before mm
eemo of the officers of the 12th Illinois cavalry
regiment, that had been in mow_ battles than aav
other in the service. The members of that regi
ment bad covered themselves with unfading nan
ore, and their Slate would aiwaya feel proud of
them and their noble deeds on the bloodstained
fields of Virginia. The Governor then weat Into a
review of the war. Us cause* and nrohablo results.
At the conclusion, three hearty cheers were given
for Governor Yates, three for Governor llabu. and
three for Generals Grant, Banks, Benton, and the
Geocxribs—Coffee Quiet but Arm at SDgtU. Thera
is a good speculative demand for raw sugars and mo
lasses, the former beinr a (bade higher and the latter
advanced tbßS®9sc, The market for bard refined Is
stiff at23*©24c.
' Flour—a little firmer, saperflne selling at $3.75;
extra at |sA3«d.w.
WnisxT—lu active and speculatlre demand, and
prices advanced to 11.65.
FBOvieioHS—There Is a firmer market and more
inquiry for mess pork, which is held at$2S.7L
bulk shoulders sold at 9c; sl'es are held firmly at
10#c; lard a shade firmer; bacon shoulders are firm
at Ho.
MawAuxst, Aprilo,l3sl.
CBinr—Flour active and 10015 c higher on some
grade*. Receipts of tfbeae! 1,050, active and iQIXc
higher. Sales this morning 53,300 bu No 1 Spring and
Winter receipts at SI44oiABK. Sales on ’Change
Po,foobuKoJ6prlngand Winter receipts at
)47S;lS,0<»buNo7do at $1 AS; 19,000 bn No 1 at
buyers option all month at 4140; 3.000 bn No iat buy
er’s option till April 15th at (US; 10.0*0 bu No 1
Spring and Summer receipts at SUBK- The market
at Newball House this evening was active and Xftlc
higher than on 'Change. Sales—M/M bn No 1 Spring
at sl.lß for Winter receipts and si.l9#9i.!9y for new
receipts. OsU-~Bdvancedloaod more active. Sales,
54400bu No i mill rates at (2c. Cam—firm and la
geod demand. Barley—firm and unchanged. Rye,
nominally unchanged.. _
i St. 3iOUis Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
• . St. Louis, April 6,1861.
Tobacco^-Steady. Bales 35 hbda green longs $l4O
<35 CO; C 3 do factory do $5.708640:20 do planter's do
(7.6C89A0; 13 do common leaf $9.4031240; S do medi
um do *15.10817.80; IS do medium manufacturing do
Flour—Sales S6O brlsXX at $7.?53a0d: 509 do conn
| JrySXat (7.0t: S.COOdo NatsC.M;
i/Co co super at (6 OS. ’
G-aix—Wheat—Sales 1,046 sacks pilme to choice at
slA<6l-50; SJOdO fair to good at sl£s®lAo; 6!t do
common to only fair at 11.22KQ1.23. Coro—lnactive.
Seles 170 sacks mixed old at 51-60 ; 1:0 do new at 98c.
Rre—Sales s£> sacks lo holiest <J7Ke. ■
i WuiaKT—Advanced. Sales 5J3 brls yesterday at
temoouatSSc; ZTJdo In lets to-day a tO/c.
Pi^oneioKs—Sales of 12<brl--i mess.pork atS22JSO;
nseked slionlders at 9)jc- Packages latu
private: 100 tes prime at 12c; 63 do uanufActuring at
Pittsbanr 021 Market,
i [Special Dispatchto the Chicago Trlbnne,]
! Fmsxnma, April 6,18 M.
. OiL-BudneFS Is not active. Salts of Crude are
small, anc the market Is fir in at former Quotations.
iTbelnoulty for Oil la Urge, especially for Reined,
.aahsof 400bm bonded at 4Gc. We note an arrival of
52Cbxl*. Tberiver lain good boa ting stage. .
Wasthsctox, April 6,1664.
/ Hew York. Market—April 6.
{ CotTOS—Middling uplands, 78c; lew middlings. 73
■ FLOinr-State and Western 6916 c better? Extra
State, ; common to extra E. H.
Usj traae brands, tlAOaSAO—market closing nrra
■WniBKY— Kxctied. State sl.os&Uß;.'Western WAS
®lX7—closing at latter price.
Granr—Wheat—Active and iAtc better. Chicago
sprJßgsJ.9iQl.6B: Milwaukeec.'no glAaai.s7: wlaier
red *lAral.4?. Rre—Firmer and Jiulet. at 91 ,7«3i sn.
Cbm—A shade tinner and rather more doing. Old
mixed Western [email protected], Oats—Firmer. NYe-iera
fisuQlle. Included in the sites ireSo.CCohnprime
iCblcago, deliverable last ball of May, seller’s option,
at wc.
Wood—Firm with a fair demand.
pTrsoLinr-Flrm. Beflncdlubond [email protected]; crude
ftiraU this menth, buyer's option. 2>c.
rnovisioss—Perk ttnair: s43.7j<J22ir;H formes*;
CiAta32.7f.for old meet; $21,3) for Bew meas: SI9AO
e7l.«zjs foroldandnew mea«; f!9,sf®7l.fi3# for old
and new prime: 921.35025.00 for prime men;*, part to
arrive; also iJM bris new mesa (April, seller’s option)
at 921.35; i.oCobrlt primemess (Mar, •eUer’s opuoo)
at i2*XQ. liecC quiet and steady. Lard flnner na lin
demand at lasibuc. Buttrr a shade easier; TSSSSc
lor Polo, and jCaitc for state. •
N. i r . Rtock and Money Market—April C.
- jAojrrr—Low active at ft*7 V cent.
Stebltsq ExcnaNoa—More active atdarmer at
Gold—Firmer—opening at 188. advaanag loUlM—
closti g quiet and arm at [email protected]_
Oovziuoisa’T&TOcxs-Qaue arm. U. S<6* *Bl coup
ons 113 V • 5-208 conpocs inj£®n:?i; 7-90 Treasury
note* ill#.
Stoats—Stronger. U. 8.6e 1 year text. go#; Tcnu.
U St ; Mo. 6*72#; O.A M.Cert. CtK: Cnmo.pfJ.aL
Buyer 18; N. T- Cent. l«; Eric I; Had*. ICJ: Uar«-
156; Reading 184; Michigan Central 151; M. S.
U6 :M. 8. Kid. 156K; Cleveland A Tot. JA>«
scrip IMW r C. * P. lb*; Gal. A Mil. 131; C. I.
125; C. IK A Q. 145; M.A P. D. C. Tot *Wab.
70; dopfd.Sa: P. Fr.W. A C. 152>$; A.*T. H.pfd.
lCo>j ; C. A y.SV. p fa. 68. •
KjjVo ahbrttijsments.
QHOEM akers v ‘meeti kg .
O All Boot and Shoe Manufacturers are requeued
lomett tl.l»('l iiDBSI)AY) tvenmg, April 7lb,att)io
Hereof CIIAS.LKTZ, 49 South Wdia street, under
(be Drlggs Bouse, to consult respecting an advance of
prices. [ap7-c3co It] Bv onus* orCoioonzr.
.XJl CACO who. with their own teams, work for
traces for the benefit of others, are herewith invited
to oitet at 2 o'clock on SUNDAY AFTERNOON. «»«.
of April, for the purpeae af forming a society for
mutual fcopnort and united action. Place of ren
dezvous Xo. 103 North Clark street corner of Indiana
and LTark-sts, Peter Innlt-r’s Saloon.
X There will be a meeting ot tbo Tonne Men's
Association at their Rooms In Portland Block, on
SATURDAY EVENING. April DtU, 1351. at 8 o’clock,
for the purpose of considering the proposed amend
meet to the by-laws, to regard to tbe qnatldcatt'ios ot
voters at >h« annual elections. Every member Is
earnestly requested to ajfead.
H. M. SHEPARD, President.
W. Rec. Sec. - . ap:-c2S»dt
S'fjn TO 6X50 PER MOUTH!
4 fJ Tbe Lnm Giast Ssr/rxo Macntvu
Coppant Want an Agent In each connty, to solicit
ordezs for their new
sls 2MCaolilao f
With eauce, screw-driver and extra needles. We win
p*r a liberal salary and expenses, or give large com
mUaloo. For parucutars, terms, Ac., enclose a stamp,
and address T.s. PAGE, Toledo, 0„ Genejral A«av
fortheUnlted&tatea. spi-c2H-l^t
X INQ done will find it Is for their laterest V> call
on ibc undersigned forbids, for we are prepared to
do&nythiugla the baildkgltne at tbe shortest no
tice, and best manner, and oo ressoosble terms. Ad
dresa “uRe d 3,” Post Qthce Sox 1051, Chicago,
\TOTlCE.—Whereas, my irife
Louis* bavins left tnyhed end board,and refuses
to lire with me, this is to forbla all persons harboring
nr troth ? ter on mv accoott, ss I shall par no debts
of her contracting alter this date.
March 20tb, ISM. apT-c^l-St
I’XANTO DUEL—Tim fixed him
cclf—pcsltfon took,
And a long chew : and said he found
He ground a bit of weed with ease,
i ot couldn't weed a bit of irronnd.'
ArtM mneo cn attempt at a joke about the bit of
weed ouTim’e hat. Tim “ coaldn’tseelt'’—be was too
intently occupied with the camera. (re be continued.")
i 57 u>kc**i. CatUade VbUo tSperdoz. WJLM.EV
ERITT, Proprietor, Ray .Nias, Operator. ap7-c2OO-It
I cinfellafloc new bouse on WosUnaton streot.
Just west of Union Par*, with a 20 years lease of
ground at a low figure. The hanss la large, confining
parlor, dining room, library, kitchen, aVe chambers,
bath room, closets, pantries, cellar. Ae.—also gas and.
water. There is also a good bam on tbepretnlses.
The lot U GSii2s feet, and nicely fenced. Apply to
Take a chance!
\Vatcbcft,Dlam'»Dd RFps. and Elegant Jewelry, worth
*ieo,CHo. WOOD, HOST A CO., Jcweler*,73o Cro.»d*
war. New Tor*.
CERTIFICATES, naming each article arm its
value ore placed In SEALED ENVELOPES, end »fcU
relied. One of these envelopes, will be delivered at
our office, or sect by mall to any address, without re*
gard to choice, on receipt of £5 cents.
We will send by mail, to any address, the Wilde
that the purchaser may draw, for ONE DOLLAR, or
will exchange for any other article on our list, of (ho
same value as tie article drawn.
no blanks!
Yen MUST get the V ALU K of z our mutiny.
Entice batlsiacilon guaranteed la all cases.
Five certiflcftt ** for $1: eleven for $2; thirty lor SS.
AGENTS WAKTKD. Send stamp lor circular. Ad
drena WOOD, HOYT & CO., Box 52«, Post Office. New
York* np7-c373-2tTPA3ATDBtA2tW
Large Elm, Maple and Linden Tices transplanted,
with a largo ball of earth, and
By S. NELSON, Gardener, northeast corner Huobard
and Reuben street. Post Office Box teSJ.
fip7-c£7t'4t net wav
SO llkj! BTKEET.
I have now on band, sndam flailv receiving, fresh
additions to one ot the LARGEST, BEST SELECTED
STRAW GOODS, Ac., &c.,
Ever offered In Chicago. Merchants are requested to
examine my stock, as they can make no better selec
tion la ■ ■ -
mhSu-W3O-£6t ax tefrnmet
f^OAL. —600 tons Chippewa and
ap6-c157-2tnet K0 South Clark strest.
The most full and complete assortment of -double and
and single barrel
SLot Gods, Rifles, Revolvers and
Sporting Apparatus
Of all kinds at Wholesale and retail ever offered in
ttds market, can be found at GEO.T. ABftgr'g
* 166 Lake street.
Vfr Agent tor Hazard's and Dopont’s Gunpowder
and St- Louis Shot. apLc7D-l4t net
Vj» quality for sale at
Boom No. 7, ap&clTO-ltnet
Markets by Telegraph.
Cincinnati Market.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago irllmne.)
CraomrxTr, April 6, lS6t.
Qliltmukee Markets.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.)
Nrin Etiherttsemeuts.
VILLAS AKD COTTAOBS. A Series of Designs pre
pared for Execution in the United States. By Cal.
txbt Vaux, Architect, late Downing & Vanx, New
' burgh on the Hudson. A new edition, revised and
enlarged, with nearly 400' Illustrations. Bvo, cloth,
, SSJ».
Houial***, - author of “Kathioßrandc,” “Sylvan
Holt’s Daughter,’* &c. Svo, Paper, 60 cents.
1 Writs, author of Notice to Quit,” Ac. Bvo,paper
60 cents. j : ;
‘ BsSPONDEKCß.'Autobiography, Correspondence,
of-Lyman. Beecher, D. D. Edited by his Son,
Csaules. Bjtxcaxß. With Two Steel Portraifa and
Engravings on Wood. In* two vbinmes. 12mo, Cloth.
(Vol.l, Just ready. Price J1.T5.)
WENT. By Oaoaox Cmooxo UcWhoßzax. 12mo.
. Cloth,sl.oo.
CAXTOKIANA: A Series of Essays on Life, Litera
ture and Manners. By Sir E. Bpawan Ltttok,
-Bart., Author of “Tne Caxtons,” “A Strange
Story,” “My Novel,” Ac. Second Edition. J2mo. :
VERY HABD CASH. . A Matter of-Faet Romance.
By CnxßUts Exapk, Author of “Loro me Little
'Love mo Long,” <tc.. Svo, Cloth, $15(1; Paper,slfio!
BBAnnow, Author of “Aurora Floyd,” “Eleanor’s
• Victory,” Ac.' Bvo, Paper,SOcent*.
about Papers. By W- M- Thxckkbat, Author of
“The Four Georges,” “The English Humorist,"
- “Vanity Fair,” “peadennls,” “The Newcomes,”
“Adventures ol Phillip,” Ac. With Ulnstralions.
ISmo, Clbtb t SIJ23; H alt Morocco, $125.
FITE TEARS OF PRAYER, with the Answers. By
Her. Saxuxl luxS-eus Pautx, D. Author of
“ Tbo Power of Prayer,”. “ Travels In Europe and
the East/’ “ Lift of Rev. Dr. Murray,” Ac. l2mo.
Cloth, SL2S.
liACUFX DAT. A Novel. ByAsmo«Tr Tbollope,
Author of “Orley Farm,” “ Framley Partoaagc,”
’•DoctorThorne,”&e. Bvo, s(j cents.
127" Any of (he shore Works sent by mall, post-paid
opiecclptofptlce. ap7-c2T2-Jt daw
We hare in store, sold and ready to be delivered to
the following patlcs, SIX ELEGAK f SAFES, which
shows what we are doing In this line :
T. sewell & Sou. —weight WOO lbs,
Chicago Distilling Co ** 4000 lbs,
S. Wlikowfihy * 1500 lbs.
Johns. Hartt IfiOOlbs.
Chlc« go and R. “ 1200 lbs.
United States Express Co.. u 1200 lbs.
Making over SBVFN TOSS of the
BaslneEs v»cn give them the preference -over all
others. F«r sale only by
ay.;-cS22-3tnct 13 Laaalle street.
Ruction trade ’ saxes
AT WllOlliSltß,
Every ■WEDNESDAY a* OH O’Clz A. M.
We shall commence oar regular sale of
On Wednesday, March Oth, and con
tinue tliem on every Wednesday efeach
week. Our stock Is always open foi
examination, and will bo kept con
stantly fllledwith the
Most Desirable Goods
. GORE, irnXSON & GO.,
Auctioneers, 5t Lake street,
mhl v857-sm-Ttrw&x net
G 5-5! $3 A,
48 Lake Sired.
ml2l-b333-12t m SAArroec
34 & 36 LISE STREET,
CLOTHS of all gradss.
And all the various styles of
At lower prices than any other bouse in the West.
Sole Agents In Chicago for S coil’s. West’s,
Clay's and Glcncross* Reports,
mbhvC&Sm net t-wat
C. M. Henderson & Co.,
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
BOOTS d) 3E083.
VTc have reme cd to our new and spacious store.
Nos. 4, 6 & 8 LAKE STREET,
Opposite the Adams House,
And arts prepared to oiTer to the SPRUNG TRACS
Tbe Largest and most Complete Stock of
K TUB COlAnjr.
Oar warranted Custom Made Work Is unsnr?as?ec
We especially Invite the attention of large desler
who bovoaly by the package, as we will offer them
oroat Inducements. We defy competition either East
or West. mli2.v7»Ta-TC*&i. net
The Company having for a long time realized the
improtance end necessity of some arrangement by
which their patrons and the public In general could
avail themr elves of a more rapid transmission and
prompt delivery of Important letters than that for*
nlshed by the Pott Office Department, have now
adopted a system. Which, they trust, will answer the
purpose. The envelope used ts the three-ce&i Gov
ernment stamped Envelope, with the additional pre
paid stamp of the Company thereon.
These lnvelopes are now Heady,
And for sale at an Offices of the - Company west of
Buffalo. Price Ten Cen - s each, which pays In fullfor
the carrying and uemtxbt of all letters not exceed
lug one half ounce In weight, to and from all offices of
the Company In.
OHIO, 10 Wi,
.Indiana, Wisconsin, ana
Letters sxcxxocro one hair ounce in weight will
not be carried under this arrangement, and when such
are found in their charge, they will be dropped into
the Post Office at once. -Exctst In weight cannot be
pre-pald et eiAJtp.TnE CoatPAinr n\vnfo Jfo aionr
mrout tux Postal Laws to oAunx anfT.ißi.* sUi
txb fires rin».
It is not la tended mat. mcney or other valuables
shall bo forwarded under this arrangement, and When
letters are found to contain the same they wIU be
charged In addition to price of the Envelope, the
BXOTTLAB FACKAO* sat* of the Company to and from
such point as the letter may be sent.
‘ I. ' trrtNGSTON,FAttGO & CO.,
6-Tu<tTnct ftoprletors.
vaTrought irok~pipe
At Wholesale by R T. CRANE d BRO,
aulC-AS&’het ice, 1M oad IOC Weal Lake street,
■Nrts atibmtarments
W. M. ROSS & CO.,
At their OLD SIASD,
(67 and (69 Lake Street
From Auction.
Plain All-Wool Pclaines,
For Fifty Cents a yard.
ifo pieces
Plain All-Wool Delaines,
Extra Quality at Fdiy-Slx Cants.
French and Exx;. Bombazines
Tamm* Glotbfly
Twenty-Five per cent below regular prices.
Plain. JBlack Silks,
Foil width for i7S cent*.
SiUtH, Shawls,
Cloaks, Hantlcs,
Blcli Press Goods
laces Embroideries,
Hosiery, Gloves,
Gents 9 Furnishing Goods,
Stoeetingfs, Shirtings
linens, llaxussks.
House Pnmisbing:,
General S>rr Goods,
Of every description, direct from manufacturers, and
selling at tlie
loiresi Possible Prices#
Super. French Sun Umbrellas
And Parasols.
Clover, Timothy, Hungarian,
UE3Z P, BEO TOF) <tc., *C.
For sale In lots to suit by
apS-cTMtTPni4bnet 125 Soatb Water street.
Manufacturer and Wholesale Sealer in
67 Lake Street.
203 A 207 Soatb Water street, corner of Wells, Chicago.
Manila ami Tarred Rope, Sail Dock. Flags, Bogs and
HiigjjlDc, Oakum Tar, Pitch, Paints, Olla, «.balnd. An
chor?, Tackle Blocks and Oars. Also, GUI Nets, Seines,
seine and Gill > el Twine, and every variety or Cottoo,
Flax ana Hemp Twines; Coal Tar, BooOokFUcb and
COVEBS, FUGS, if., it.
mbn-ftOl-Sw TH sciroet
40 and 42 Lake Street,
Haro now In store, and dally arriving
orcrylarse and complete assortment
of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, pur*
chased for cash, at favorable periods,
whereby we arc able to present to onr
ft-lends and the Trade generally, every
Inducement, both In soo*lm and prices,
that can be found Fast of West.
DAVIS, SAWTER & CO., Chicago,
Our arm In St. Louis Is S. C. DAYI3 & CO.
mhlS-aSII-SGt tc-wAtuet
.864. SprMe. 1864
Children’s Gigs, Cabs, &c.,
Clitna and Glass Allies, Barlles, if.,
Fiflbine: Tackle, Cutlery, Pocket
ISookSy Canes, l>ndles Baa*
.. kefs. Bird Casus,
And the largest stoct aid, greatest variety ol
Ever brought to this market. Send for price list oi
Cabs, 4C., before ordering elsewhere. All orders Ailed
upon receipt.
mmM m m puts,
Nails, Glass, Fence Wire,
li'andzts Tools, tijo^
Cor. of State, Chicago.
mhS-aiG-SOt tt-t*9a net
Patent Champion
*ru net
46 lake Street, Chicago.
OLicago Maxiulkoturors.
mh3-alofrlm TCixcet
Hate iMa day removed to
No. 37 Clark Street,
Two doors south of their old office.
T> EM OVAL.—A. E. Curtiss has
All removed bis
And office from Randolph street Bridge to west side.
Madison street Bridge, cor. Canal street.
Chicago, April Sd, Sw. spIlbWIXDot
Nefci aubmismmtß.'
1864. 1864.
Western TrEiuptatio] CffiopaF:
Etmsing over th» Erie Railway,
The Western Traosporwtion Company arepnutred
ifercflaadlas. Produce,»od ota»r uro*«-
trty tciweeo CbJcigo and SesrTorX
•,? a °,‘ t ' 3r lo the coramercui Ud
fcl^ic~” C the ,o^‘sW,n 3 superior lacillUes. rUs
KMPinK STATE ...: rant rr n twC'IJT
1.A1.«,VTI viaTP
on Bi
y.Q1L5 WK..„.......... V *c, „ tu t ', DtCtz *>*■.
TONAWAKDA. *c kot V *
BI'FFAXO. ....** L & *; Ar'*ooi» J ,
iotomac r;r? p >
KAOIKE •Wpt. GsiUTabu.
? T AT VLOIVtK... ...C*pt, AsTfftT*.
StTTUNt .Upt.Dlu K^
_ Cant, linwnr
Toaxga a. dau.t uxg.nx-nr**w '
IST) fLErmro.
„ COnntttlnCAS folio*!, til;
ttomCM-; =
Boats on UUnola Canal ** *' oa * a lioo of * ,j air
Witb Lactse A Mlasjssinpl Railroad .t c>,^
TVjih laCrowc A >lttwaa)ree Katlroid^a^vin—
AndPltfsbnr- & Atlanric, and Great
i.ailroadg, a( Cleveland. w * wear >»estoca.
And with tbe
At Buffalo And also the Western TrassßortatfM
Company aj-lne of Boat* on Erie Can«h foSafStS??
will leave Botfitto tod Sfen York daily‘ 1 wmca
tF" For Contracts and Bills of T^Yin g aoD j r
A U ruL<,W Si Xo J Cos f. t, ' , S, !F-
Kewftrk A *' t> ’ Mt 8, “ 4w,1 " 4t “ t Ecte IMlnr.
«J-P- "ORTPELL, 259 Broadway, New York.
Jl'O. S. DUNLAP, 15 Stale street, Agent Erie Safe,
way, Boston. *
&. O CHa.'E, 113 Pier. Albauy. .
11. A. GRISWOLD, i&j Hirer street, Tror.
H. JOHNSON & ca.Cferetaad.
H. r. MCDOWELL, Cleveland.
A. GODARD, Toledo.
L. M, OSBOBNE. Sandusky,
J. L. HVKD A CO.. Detroit.
O. V. TIBBITTS. Milwaukee.
A. P. DUTTOK. Baclne.
BtUfalo. •
J. Iff. TUTTLE, Asent,
Foot ot State street, Chicago.
X HENRY H. LEEDS A CO, Auctioneers.
on satvbpat E-mrcro. April 9th, at 7jtf o'clock. atT
the eld Dusseltk rf Gallery, 313 Broadway, n&xtdOOF
below 'Ufiany’s, an EXCEEDINGLY CHOICE AND
the French and German schools, notone of which ba*
ever been seta on tnls side of the Atlantic prior to (ha
present exhibition, collected during several ream*
residence in Paris by an American eenuemau of
wealth and well Known taateaud liberality. Theybays
been consigned to Mr. SAMUEL P. AVERY, of this
cj’y, under whose direction and advice they hare been
collected and will be offered tor sale, be name of
this gentleman la a sufficient guarantee of the high
qonliiy and geaniuences of the wonts presented.
The works pt many artiars will now be seen for the
first time in America, and also other* most difficult'
to obtain. In brfet, we may mention fine examples of
EdwardFrcre, Knaos. Merle,’ •
Triyoß, lalebert, Willems, , ~
Gulflemen, Dn verge?. Verboeckhores.
Lauffiat de Metx, Le poUtevla, KoeKKoelr, ■
Au.er. Crtirooln, Comple caUx,
Habncr.and others.
'Also, tbe old fororitea: Tie American Tbonv
Pecrua, Patrols. Castaa, Bonrres, Lemmena, Coaton
rier, Salmon. Cattle* ilontfallet, Lumbers, Tnjar,
Orscbwiller, Daaaaert, Laasalle, Ac.
lie Landscape Department will possess uoasaat
Interest and merit—several of tie trusts belay for tbs
first time represented—lncluding specimen* by
Daubigny. Corot,
vejrasect, Antcrocbe,
Lozier, _ Cbalgneau.
A lew choice Watbs^otort Dastniios. by the pop*
ofarartitts. David, Marion, Le Has. Jlaraik.
AU of these One works of art b*ro been ulooMd
especially with ibe view of retting representative
works of tbtf artist-. Mtl have been pointed at too
tee' period of ibclr arcs, a number dating back Bey
er«i /ears, and some being tbe exhibition work* of
the artists for 18*3.
All are in excellent condition, having been submit*
ted to tbe artleta for revision previous to shipping.
Ibe frame* are nearly all new and elegant, tbe choic
est pictures being protected with cades and bear*
1 bey will be on exhibition from March SI, day and
evening, until tbe evening of sale (with catalogue.)
and tbe pbototrraohs of tbe principal pictures nan be
secs at ibe art emporiums and bookstores <m Broad*
v»ay. apT-cSK-U
10-40 BONDS
Authorized by the Act ofMarcfc
a, 1804,
To ib loan beers date March Ist, 1541, is redeemable
at the pleasure of tbe Government, after ten years,
and payable forty years from date, bearing interest at
five per cent, per annum, payable in com annually oa
Uonda not over One Hundred Dollars, and seml-aunn
abj on all other Bonds.
he 'lMrd National Bank
Fiscal Agent of tbe United States,
Is ncnr prepared to receive subscriptions to the nnr
TEN-TORTY LOAK at par, ia Treasury Holes or
KaUonal Currency.
' Subscribers will receive bonds beating Interest from
date of deposit with us, at par, or U they prefer, vrUt
receive fall conpon bonds by paying accrued interest
In coin, (or Treasury Sotcs or National currency, by
adding fifty per cent, for premium,) Com Maicb tint
to date of subscription.
Coupon Bonds are now nearly ready for delivery*
and registered bonds will be, on or before UxeSOUiar
April. • . *
To Banks and Bonkers investing In these sectuitteg
lor tbemstlvcs or for rMole a commission wiQ beat
Subscriptions mar be seat to ibis Back,' free St
charge, bj either the United States or American Rt,'
JAMBS H. BOWEN, President. J,
AMOS % HALL, Vice President.
Hoiais, Cashier. ap‘-M)S&lw*net
10-40 80203S
Principal end Interest Payable in Gold.
U. 8. Depository
Has been appointed attest for the TZN-FOP.TT Loan.,
and will receive patveriptloaa for the same at PJLS
in United States or national Hank Notes.
Interest will begin on the day ol deposit with this
Snbacrlbers who prefer It can have bonds beuiar
Interest from March Ist, iSW, by parlor (ho Intense
accrued from that day la the date of aubacrlptloa,.
either la gol' or U. 8. currency. If paid in the tatter,
flftr per cent, toi premium must be added to thft
amount of interest, until further notice.
Bemltances tor subscription-, marred W S. C.First
National Bank. Clncazo/_ m*y be sent by the Ameri
can or United States Express Companies, to this
Baal:, free of charge.
Banks and Bankers will be allowed a commission
oq all subscriptions sent to this
aD‘-c27MCt-net . E.E. BttAiatßD.Caahf.
TJ. S.
10-4© I<OAN.
Designated Depository of tbe Galled SUM.
This Bank Is authorized,by the Secretary of tha
Treatury, to receive subscriptions to the
Authorized by the act of Karch SJ, ISSf. This Loan
bears date March Ist, ISfil, i» redeemable at tbe pleas*
arc of the Government after :cn yean, and payable
forty years from date, bearing Interest at five per
cent, per annum, payable la coin annually on Bonds
not over One Hundred Dollars, and a mil-annually oft
all other Bonds.
Subscriber* will receive elthcrßegistercd or Coupon
Bonds, as they may prefer, li is expected that Coupon
Bonds *lll M ready for delivery about the Oru oC
Eubictibeta will he required to par, la addition to
the amount of the principal of the Bond-*, la lawful
monev, the accrued interest Jn com, (or In United
States Notes, or the notes of National Hanks. addlnr.
tilty per cent, for premium until farther notice,) irotg
the first day of March until the date of subscription.
Remittances for subscriptions mar be sent by the
United States or American Express Companies to this
Bank free of charge.
J. A. ELLIS, President.
3 Epwasd I. Tctctam, Cashier.
LAR stock
GSO. sf. GTtVT,
Expressly selected for the city trade, fon sevea
year* experience of annually tncreaslos bnsluosa) ta
General Hardware, Stoves and House Fnrulahlny
Good.*, with tba rood win or the establishment, la th*
beat location In the South Division
For the City Trade,
Doing aboriflw? of Eighty Thousand Dollars a vear-
To » cash purchaser
A rare opportunity 1b offered for investment,.
The present parties being about to eneare in the lob*
bine trade- AWrcts 1 * ab," Boat Office Box KIS.
J. TOFORE existing between the undersigned,
coder the firm name ot cLaUK & PRENTISS, S this
day dissolved by mutual consent. Lewis M. Prentiss
wiilcot tlcneaithe present location and settle the
outstanding business of the said firm.
D. tr. CLARK.
Chicago, April 1.1?«. LK WI3 M. PRENTISS.
Theunderaigccd have thisdar a partnership
under the nemo of PRENTISS A DUNKS, for kha
transaction or the Wholesale Provision business and.
General Produce Commissioners. at the old locsooo
of Ort i nnlm i sa prksths. ‘
Cb'cazo, April 1,1564. S.J. DDSK3.
apf-cliS-gtLCt _
E-y E AND EAR .—Deafness,
BUmlnw, sad »II dtaaswi of WISS3K
contmne, M Mr iwrntMlcat
I vaat money can be had at the
v.mfUra. partlcularlv who want a r«al\y choice arti
cle, will please leave their orders at the mill. Madison
•irfctßrldie.oraddrtaaDrawerSSVJ. Delivery nee.
Tocarcro at

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