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Office I\o. SI (i'Lnrk Street.
ru Chicago tkibiti*k:
Jtllj delW«uvd> - f eat slo.o*'
3aU*, delivered,*»wr t *c
sa!iy, to mnOiJOHcrib-'rii i; rycar •„
DalU, u> mob adbwjibsr* i er 6 month*. 6.00
tter year ... - 5.01*
J»oekly,eiDLir- enlwcriVra, (Iluj(i , ssi.(K)). i.urr
** T»0<?
** IS.tW'
4 * •IQ cfrifcp, am? Ito getter np of
. riql- 50.01 s
iJP 1 rforei in Registered Letters may be «ent«
"i'be remittance for clnbs must, io all case*,
made at one tide.
OdfThere will be no deviation from toe forego
sc&le of rale*.
Addrcaa ** CHICAGO TRIBUNE," Chicago, LI.
dicaci-'/ tolmuc.
rr.IDAf, ATltlL S, 1854.
ran jvkws.
The markM* were ou Uie immpaec ycatet
■da,. c-ii«i and n hifky got high together, the
former reaching 171 X. One commercial col
umn. liolh in telegraph and home Items, poa-
stfficfl an unusual news «ksnillca*co this
The Chaplain of Congress evidently sees
Into the great lack of the tiuthf, and humbly
petitions tbc Deity lor “ more brains ” for our
national legislators. Amen, Selah.
Navigation ou Lake. Erie la resumed be*
tween all tbe principal ports, except Buffalo.
Oar Fori Smith dispatch indicates great
vigor in tbe conduct of affairs in that Depart*
ment, and gives good promise that tbc now
redeemed State will soon be free from both
her evils, rebellion and slavery.
The naval dispatch boat New National,
from Alexandria, Kcd Rivet, 25th ultimo, ar
rived at Cairo yesterday, with two barges In
tow, having over 3,000 bales of cotton, 280
bars of railroad iron cod two nine-inch DaW
gren guns, captured at Fort Dcßussy. The
guns arc of those takes by the rebels from
oar gunboats Harriet Lane end lodlanola.
The cotton la claimed as a nar;U prize, having
been captured by our gunboats; cud it the
claim is sustained, the river blue jackets In
terested are In for a plum, as the cotton is
worth four hundred thousand dollars.
Mark this. .What wc want now la the
prompt decision that will not hesitate be
tween the bale of bilk and the ship when a
leak is to be stopped. If we succeed In sav
ing the great landmarks of Freedom, there
will be no difficulty in settling the Constitu
tional boundaries again. TVe arc afraid many
of our Congressmen ore too prone to look at
tbe silk and not at the ship.
The great International measure of a tele
graph line connecting our commercial centre
with St. Petersburg and London by way of
Behring's Straits, is now before Congress, or
coon to be put formally for their considera
tion. It is as feasible os the connection be
tween Chicago and Calumet, Us only mul
tiple being the increased distance. We shall,
at no distant day, give onr morning readers
the Muscovite chit chat, or the Loudon gos
sip of twenty-four hours previous.
Our dispatches, both from Washington and
‘Chattanooga, as well as other points, tell of
important military changes making in mili
tary commands and commanders, preliminary
to putting the plo v in the furrOw for Spring
Unionlrta of Lexington have purchased
the office in which the JTtntud-y Loyalist was
published, and have made arrangements for
Issuing next week the first number of the
National Unionist, It will be ably edited, and
have a decided influence In moulding public
sentiment in the heart of Kentucky in favor
■of unconditional loyalty.
Wc learn unofficially that it is by so means
unlikely that the Coles county rioter* will be
delivered over to the civil authorities of this
State for trial for riot. It 5s understood to
be '.the position of the military authorities
that the attack and murder was committed
to all intents by a mob, and that the victims
of their fury were not attacked while acting
in such a capacity as constitutes the afiklr a
resistance to the power of the Federal Gov
ernment. The State laws arc ample to bring
■every one of these v rcU-hcs to the gallows.
The only question is whether such would bo
likely to be the result of a jury trial where a
Copperhead Judge and court officials have
eway. However It may turn, one thing is
fully demonstrated, that disloyal mobs will
be short lived, and that tbe whole power of
the Government win be exerted to crush
them. At any tine when the pro-slavery
zealots dare actually to oppose tbe Govern
ment, the process will be a short one. At aH
other times the civil power will he protected
and sustained in the exercise of its func
tions. - . *
Only uncertain and-meagre rumors from
Forrest, but these of ft nature indicating bis
retiring on Dixie. But, on the other hand,
the report of the rebel General Buford on the
Paducah attach declares that the rebels 'will
hold Western Kentucky. We shall know
more about it presently.
If you are of the number rejoicing in the
tokens ol popular wrath against Copper*
heads, given in the local elections elsewhere,
pray remember that many thousands through*
out’the land will shortly wait to hear from
Chicago similar tidings. The coming dcc-
tionin this city, a week from Tuesday next,
will be fraught with vast importamce as an
omen of coming events. Chicago, if her
loyal men all vote, is unquestionably on the
side of loyally aud freedom. It was only the
apathy and criminal neglect of our Union
citizens that fastened upon ue Hove-In Sher
man. Be ready fur the I9lh of April.
Maryland will be free. She gives a majori
ty of 8,000 for immediate and uncompensated
emancipation. She will speedily rid herself
of the curse that has paralyzed her progress
among the Slates. It will be a terrible blow
to “ My Maryland Diet” the Intelligence that
niggers were actually rejoicing in the street*
of Baltimore yesterday over the certain pros
pect of Emancipation in Maiylaod, but such
seems to have been the ease.
Old Grasper chuckles within his lean old
soul, and thanks God that be is wot as other
men arc, especially that Hew Yorker who
built the eighty thonsand dollar marble
stable, nor the Gothamite giver of a dinner to
twelve friends at an outlay of a thousand
• dollars, nor even those multitudinous others
who, in ILlfiflvar time, are taking to them
selves the Ep%|dorß of fine houses, magni
ficent equipages and costly living. ,4 Shame
ful waste,” says old Grasper, whose rock In
the cltecit ifi unsmUttn, the very footsteps
ol a waiting multitude* having laded from
the sand around it. But does Old Grasper
realize that honest labor depends for its very
life ou these fullfiowiiigßtrcame ? To whom
rlFc rrji the workcis in wood, cloth, metals,
the jtwclcr-and his journeymen, the bar
nets maker, and the dealer In purple
end fee twined seamstress, the
sewing girl, John the coachman, and Betty
the maid, and her slatere, look tor their very
subsistence, than to tin* overflowing current
of expenditure that buys (and pays tor, mark
ye) fine equipages, luxurious hemes and all
the puttings on of affluence. "Whether is U
better, In this war time, that those who hare
money spend It with a generous hand, so
thereby honest industry shall thrive, and in
vention be encouraged and the arts flourish,
or that men of wealth become merely humaa
coHera fast locked against their fellows?
Some millionaire lives are like broad and fer
tile meads, sustaining vast flacks aed many
habitations of man by their free abundance.
Others are like the rocks of Arizona—aurife
rous indeed, but denying sustenance to even
a grasshopper.
The La Crosse l>nnonat of the 4th
coys the river is rising steadily, and the indi
cations arc for good water for business at an
early day. It also says, that on Saturday
night, at a quarter before twelve, the "War
Eagle stopped at La Crosse, on her way from
Dubuque to tbc foot of the lake. She hid a
light load of freight and imtsengcre.
Caseins M. Clay’s daughter, down In
Kentucky, is a good ebot, She ahot a gner-
Tille’e cap off ■when he tried to ateal Cassiua’
best horse, and frightened him so that he for
got to eleah
A Mrs. Welles, whose bnaband enlist
ed in the rebel army and left his family to
starve, committed suicide in Norfolk on tho
ICth. It was a sickening story—want, shame
to relieve the want of her children, and a su
icide's grave to covet her ahamc. -
The following letters show that our
Minister at Berlin, Hon. N. B. Judd, IsTmslly
*1 work iu bckair of the New York Sanitary
ilarch 3, JMtt. f
Messrs. James E. McDonald & iSff i2i?after'
Gentlemen: I send you «ialW« alt<N
noon fi lH>x for the Sanitary Fair, lort. It
•contains piclnres, en?minge and anwcrapn*. To
Sow yon ho» It I* prized, one amall picture i« ’
rfid«t onc:iuDdredrix tholcre, and an American
SnJemanhM written to Mb accatln>ew\oric
K ra* two hundred rtz thalers for one of the auto
books, and that one hook contain* onTf
The boxlfi email, nnd 3 hope yea can induce the
- ~JJl~canUln of the rteamer to lake care of 1U
r; your orient r
Bebltk. March 4, ISM.
MocUilnlT II fc. ro ‘” ra . ““It s SrS~#WM
wend them over to London.. At any
nu* when received and whether the *
In baste, yonra, Ac,, N. B. *«>»•
From Washing ton—Congression
al and military.
Confirmations by tbe Senate
Foci for CcTcmmcut Steamers
on Hie River.
0. Humor from Fcrrest—His
Forces Scattering.
The Inlrrnaiioaa! Telegraph via
Uebrlßg Straits.
Rev. Dr. Sunderland, and
Senator Saulebnry.
She Will Adopt Emancipation
Without Compensation,
BScttcra JTrilltary and Congressional,
LSpeda! Dispatch to the Chicago 'Pribnne.l
Washington, April 7,18GL
Garret Davis to-day administered a free lecture
of some warmth to a couple of Senate Clerks, who,
as he supposed, bad taken tbe liberty to laugh at
one of hia speeches.
The Chaplain ot the Senate, In prayer to-day.
alluded to Sculsbnry'a blasphemous quotations
Bom Scripture in support of slavery. SauTsbtuy
indignantly turned his bad: on the clergyman; re
tiring into the Clerk's room be subsequently intro
duced a resolution requesting the Chaplain to sup
plicate instead oflecturlng the Deity, and not to
lecture the Senate respecting questions pending
before It,
The following order has been issued by the War
Department for the purpose of procuring fuel
necessary for navigation on the Mississippi Biver
lo facilitate transportation thereon.
1. J. Busch, Assistant Quartermaster, is author
ized to hire a force of laborers, not exceeding fl.ooo
S. Quartermasters or other officers in charge of
Government transportation, will, on requisition of
CapL Busch, famish transportation for persons
employed by him in pars nance of this order.
Sd. Capt. Bnscb will take as his field of opera
tions the banks of the Mississippi river between
the month efthe White river and Baton Bouge, will
then select points as he may deem best, and pro
ceed to organize bis force of laborers in such a
manner as shall best serve the€Sd contemplated by
this order.
4th. For the purpose of protecting laborers em
ployed under this order, ordinance officers at fit,
Louis or points on the Mississippi river below will
iumish Capt. Busch jaU.necessaiy arms and ord
nance stores.
sib- Medical Deportment wBl also furnish all
necessary medical stmplics, and Quartermasters
wQI furnish necessary animals, wagons, axes, and
other stores, and the coauniiaiary rations.
Cth. Within the limits mentioned in this order
Capt. Busch wifi have exclusive management, and
control of all wood ‘required for Government pur
poses, and all existing contracts made by any Gov
ernment officers will be transferred to him.
The War Department has adopted the following
rules for the payment of claims In the Department
ofMlsponri, arising under the act of March 53th,
lSG2,for the payment of bounty and pensions doe
officers and men actually employed In the Western
Department, or Department ef Missouri, ex*ta
lced by tie Commission appointed tmder General
Orders, No. Wof Such claims shall bo set*
tied at SU Louis by an officer of the Paymaster's
Department specb'ly de-ianated, assisted by JlsOor
Sherman, additional Paymaster, and by no other
officer, and no where else.
The officer so designated shall be furnished with
certified lists of all claims passed by the Commis
sion. showing the amounts allowed for pay and
bounty In each cate, the dates between which the
eerriees were rendered, the military rank in which
the claimant served, the name of the person la
whose favor the claim whs allowed, or other Infor
mation necessary for settling such claims. All per
tens shall be settled with, and payment will be
made only to the claimant himself, if living, or to
his regularly authorized agent or attorney appoint
ed specially to receive payment, and by power of
attorney executed since the claim was allowed by
the Commission. Each claim presented for pay*
meal shall be accompanied by the original order
or decision of the CommlMlon, which ehlUl lie re
mined hy tliC Paymaster and Hied in Lie voodicre.
The Lies <m whlthy raS Bute ta»k» »n> not
Twt settled In the tfays and Means Committee. The
former will be left to the last moment. There is
talk of Imposing a tax monthly on the circulation
of State banks. The bill wilt embrace articles of
almost every description except those obliged to
par duties under the tariff. Some even in com
mittee. andjmany outside, consider this the wrong
principle, preferring less variety and heavier taxa
tion npon comparatively few articles. Among the
things on which a strong effort will be made lu the
Douse io increase the rate Is manufactured to-
bacco, fixed by the Committee at SJ cents.
Monday next is still named as the d-y for the re
port from the Committee, but is now doubted
whether it wiM reach the House before Tuesday or
Wednesday. The hill contains nothing with re
ference to* further postponement of the twenty
million direct tax on slaves, which revive* by its
own force on the Ist of July, 19G5.
The fourteen Republicans who voted with the
Opposition against Steveas* substitute for the Na
tional Rank bill, as amended in Committee of the
Whole, thus killing the Ways and Means.bUl, and
Inducing Stevens* to kill the Committee of the
Whole liffl, were BJatr, Hochkiee, Hubbard, Eel
logg, Myers, Orth, Pike, Pomeroy, Price, J. H.
Rice. Smilters. Van Talkcchurg, E. D. Washburnc
and Wilson.
The opposition members belonging to the Com
mittee on Ways and Means voted the same way.
The Republican members of that Committee grum
ble greatly at the adnilrdr-tnitlon recusants as
they call them. The hill will, in some shape, he
revived betore many days.
The only speech yet lo he made on the proposed
Constitutional amendment, is by, Sumner, who
was unwilling to begin at the late hour to-day.
The current rumor on the floor of the House is
ih*t Cos Intends to move Into Ashley's district,
with a view of running against him for Congress
next fall.
The Senate, to-day, among others, confirmed the
nominations of the following Western officers:
Lieut. J. A. Celtman. 10th Ind
Marcus N. McCracken, Wig.
Capt. L. Rosenthal, Bth Pa. cavalry.
E. P. Thomas, Mo. , _.
Lieut. A. Kiassbnrr, 47th Ohio.
Lieut. H. D. Thayer, Ist Mich.
CanL W. D. Wickersham, TWhPs.
Cant. John Mmdcnshall, for the 4th army corps.
Caut. J. K. Platt, for the army of the Potomac.
Cant. A. A. Uosmer. for the l.th army corps.
Henry L. Burnett, of Ohio, for the Department
° f Tbfi othCTConfirmations were Stephen S. Har
dtop, Chief Justice of Colorado; A. Gage, District
Attorney for Arizona. ' _ .
Samuel A. Davie, Kegieter of the Land Office at
Sioux Citr, lowa. - . _
Clarlcsu. Pansons, Cashier oflntcraal Bevcnuc.
Gto. B. Wriuht, of Ohio, Military Storekeeper of
the Ordnance Department.
Wm. Irvine, of Pennsylvania, Consul to Amoy,
Churn. J
In the Senate debate before the passage of the
bill appropriating $223,000 for the return of Indian
fugitives to Uidr homes, Mr. Doolittle,
sin, said there were about 8,700 of these refugees
in Kau*a* and 8,300 lu the Cherokee country.^
Jim Lane’s bill, introduced la tho Senate to-day,
for the relief of the Peoria, tv~w and other
Kausae Indiana, proposes to set apart $69,855 on
account of the loss of the proceeds of the sale of
their lands by Investment in Southern State stocks,'
with payment of su.ouu had: interest.
Bcverdy Johnson was among those who congrat
alated Geo. Thompson after hie abolition speech
last night.
Senator* Morgan, Morrill and Harlan were ap
pointed members, on the part of the Senate, o! the
Congressional Union Committee, 10-day,.
Capt. Burton, formerly Chief Quartermaster of
the old 2Uth Corps, was nominated Disbursing Offi-'
ccr of the Provost Marshal’s office, with the rank
of Major,
Private dispatcher from New York eay that a
panic prevails In Wall street, gold galloping rapid
ly toward SXO. The cause of the upward movement
is unknown In New Tork, and the question la nek
cd whether the Government baa had news which
is nut published.
There is no truth in the statements of the Lon
don press that Minister Dayton has given assurance
to tie French Government of redress, nor of mo
Lulled Staten Government to recognize HoiJiaillaii
ae Emperor of Mexico.
WaumcoTOK, April 7.—lt is understood that at
tempts will be mace to engraft certain other pro
positions on tbc anti-slavery amendment to the
Coretitotion. Imt it is believed that the Senate wltl
vote them all down end pass the original amend
ment as it was firvt drawn.
It is s&ld that the compensation for reprinting
and pohliriiing the debates of Congress in the
Cloff. is to I elargely inerwed, Mr. Itivcs having
given notice that he cannot continue to report and
print them at the prices now paid.
It if nndcratooa that a sntnlier of Gen. Hooker's
friend* will tci dcr Mm a public dinner on his re
turn from the West.
Tbo consolidation of tbc different regiments
crcaief, c« might bare been expected, much un
plcarant feeling among tbc mlUloir.
The FpecJsl to l c Poft says that it is not impro
bable that tbc Finance Committee of tbe Senate
Trill introduce a supplemental Banking bill.
WotiuNCToK, April 7.—Senator Hale. Chairman
of tbc Naval Committee, has now under considera
tion tie numerous applications for the relief of tbe
engine and ship builders who have contracted with
the Navy Department. Congress ulono can aid
them by direct appropriation.
Fire iboopand applications bare already been
made by seaman to be transferred from tbe army to
the navy. Applications should continue to be
made to the Navy Department.
It Is stettd by Senators that a National Bank or
CmTf iu’y 1 111 will be passed by the Senate and font
to ibe Doom* for Us concurrence.
7 he Senate In .Executive session confirmed (ho
following nominations of Drickdlcr Generals:
Col. C. C. Uarber, C3lh Ohio, from Sept. SOIb,
Col. John F. Miller, SOlh Indiana, from January
Ctb.,lfW. , .
jieniT 11. Sibley, of Minnesota, from March 30th.
i»e. , • „ „ , ,
Col. Reign Pe Trobrtend, sNth Ncvr York, from
January Cth, 1664
Col. Gcitrcr Fecmmertlng, bib Ohio, from Janu
ary D»b, HW.
Col. Cd lowa cavalry, from January
. Col. C. O. Andoncs, 52 Minnesota, from January
sth, If CA.
Col. John W. Foliar, 2TUi Ohio, from January
Mr. Coffins has relumed to Washlogton after
nearly two years absence in Russia ana England
negotiating for the right of way. and the construc
tion of a tclrcraph across Asiatic, Kuraian, Ameri
’ can end British Colambbi, so as to connect Europe
with America by way of Behring Straits, haring
biculroneht to a eatiafketory conclusion nodcr
-ux; .s;vorablc terms. It cow awaits the final ac
tion ol Congress.
We understand that Mr. Collies will soon pre
sent tbe plan to Congress, in view of the co-opera
tion of onr covemmcst.
lil*dnttoGrcaißriuinandDruaaia thattheir
r.bcnd grants and concessions laa'dofa purely
intcmatlocal work of this nature and euten>rise.
frcngtl with lucslcnhiblc advantages to the United
states and tbc world at large, snonld command
tiTowpt)T rrnerons aid from the United Stales. -
U certainly devolve* upon oar Govermacnt to
second tins great CLterprise. and more especially
row s’ncePrussia and Great Br.taln have met the
qnccricn in a liberal international spirit, and clear
ed it of all question as to the right of way. so as
to connect London and SL Petersburg tmaNcw
York. *
There never was an enterprise presented to the
conridemtian of tbo Government that pleads more
eloquently than this. It Is tbo last link in a tele*
graphic chain tliat is to bind not only Europe and
Ajntrifa, but Asia and Africa, as well, into one
living end epe.il: leg unity.
Various gictlcmen who were absent from tbe
House of Representatives on Monday, when tbo
question war taken on tbe adoption of the Joint
resolution protesting against the erection of a
monarchical government on the rains of any re*
poblican government in America, under the acts*
plcts of any European power here, had permission
to record their votes.
Wamcxotok, April 7.—Gen. Sedgwick has ar
rived in town to appear aa witness before the Com
mittee na the Conduct of the War,
Gen. Burnside was in town a few boors yester
duv in consultation with the War Department in
■ xciercrcc to hlbesp edition.
Geo. McDowell is about to leave for California
to command the Departments California, Oregon,
etc. The President will authorize the organiza
tion of ten new volunteer regiments there.
Cob Edward McCook has been nominated Brig.
General. *
By order of tbe War Department, Gens. Slone,
Potter and Kelley arc reduced to their original po
sitions in their regiments, and Gen. Montgomery
dismissed the service. • •••
The monitor Canonicus Is ordered to join tbe
Tccnmsehand Onondaga; at Hew York, and pro
ceed with thetr convoys to the Sontbcm coast.
Tbe Saugus and Manhattan will soon be ready to
That porticn of the general order from iko Adju
tant General's office, relating to the consolidation
of the tub and 12th corps, has been amended so
as to denominate the consolidation the 20th, in
stead of the Ist corpse
[Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
WAsjnxcTOJf, April S,ISW.
ram wrath xn—tub roroxxo Aunr.
For the past week or two, wc have bad very un
favorable weather for army opera tione,-bnd to-day
and last night the rain poured down In ceaseless
torrents. This will render any immediate move
ment of the army Impossible, as the roads
are said to be in a barriblc condition. It may be
set down as a fixed fact that any army movement:
on the “sacred soli”, will be out of the question
for some weeks. The rebels are said to be still
farther fortifying the «onth hank of the Rapidaa,
by digging rifle-pits, constructing abbatls, Ac, It
Js evident that they are making the defenses there
as strong a* they can, In order to be able to make
a stand with as small a force as possible, and thus
be able to spare troops for the defense of other
threatened joints. This lime of the Rapldan covers
Gordocsvillc and Charlottesville. These places
once captured by us, and wc hold tbe line of the
Lynchburg and Knoxville Railroad, by which route
supplies come to Richmond and the rebel army.
Besides, the possession of these points would en
able ns to flank the railroads leading np fromHortb
Ceroiica, thereby threatening the entire rebel com
munlcationa as now existing. Perhaps Uls with a
view of filing up a gap ia some other lines of rail
road, with the material taken therefrom, that Lee
is now said to be tearing up the railroad between
Fredericksburg and Hanover Junction. It will be
seen, then, that a successful delease of the Bapldan
is a verv important point with Lee. Once he ts
driven ' from there. Grant secures the Invest
ment of Richmond, so far as the western communi
cations are concensed, and also threatens Its com
munications with the South. thus completing the
drde of investment, as much so a*! he did at Vlcks
burg, when he beriegt-d It from the land side.
**21022 nnaiKS* I—a 1 — a polntid nurm.
Rev. Dr, Sutherland, Chaplain to the Senate, who
has Joel received the appointment of Pastor of the
American congregation In Panr. and w about to re
move to that 2t£ a few days since delivered a very
pointed prayer In the engust body which has for
some time had the benefit ol his cuuly invocations.
“Oh. Lord,” said the reverend Chaplain, “grant ns
IhalihouwUtln thine infinite wisdom, vouchsafe
to our rulers and legislators is this Congress as
sembled, more brains— more brcins. Lord, raising
his voice, end becoming very unctions
In his manner with the repetition
of the supplication. Many of the Honorable
Secretaries dropped their heads upon tbelrdesKs
lo conceal a Embe, which extended to'thedimen
sions of a broad grin, as a very emphatic '‘AiLE.N
was beard to proceed from the Reporters Gallery.
The worthy Bergeaut-at-Anas, Geo. T. Brown, of
vour State, who was standing in lua usual deeply
reverential attitude (with solemn countenance on
rclMoas thoughts Intent,) turned the white of one
crein the direction of the self constituted Clerk In
the gallery, but he evidently coaid not discover a
countenance which dldnot exhibit the utmost pro
priety of expression. Some arc fo Irreverent as to
declare that the C haplaln’e prayerris to be! consid
ered in the light of a parting slap delivered square
in the lace of Congress.
Yesterdav in the Senate Saulsbarr was very anx
ious about the course of Gen. Lew Wallace m
Maryland, who seriously objects to rebels being
candidates for office or exercising the elective fraa
tbifc. Reverdv Johnson, from that btatc, explain
ci that era. tew Wallace-™ oolyrarrylns oat
the law.' lint SanUhory could not or didl not.con
sent to pee It. Ue la hound to prove the President
is a trailer and usurper, and Jeff. Davis mln.ons a
ranch abated and injured neophx who arc only
striving to obtain their rights, which have been
wresteS from them by the said usurper, Lincoln.
The fact is that Saolfbnry, Garret Davis and
Powell do nothing e!ac dally but make speeches in
favor of rebellion and slavery. They arc opposed
to interfering with either.
kart loak.
Congress has not yet taken up the revenue bill,
the must important measure of the Union, and ou
which the whole fabric of the national finances
Tests. They are Inclined to treat the question of
taxation in a too gingerly manner. There arc not
half enough such men in the Uonso as Waabbarae
of Illinois, and Wilson of lowa, who have dis
played great firmness and sagacity on this
question. They appreciate the necessity of taxa
tion to meet the exigencies of the times, and are
not afraid to face the issue. The country w loosing
millions dally by delay in the revenue bill, and the
refusal to ;tax stocks of spirits on hsntL Il«*rn
that Mr. Chase wlUbe compelled to go to New l ork
this week for the purpose of making o temporary
loan. It has been found lhat the issue of inter
est hearing currency is depredating the
value of the circulation to an alarming extent, and
that it meat be checked or capital will take alarm.
The Nationalßankß ought to supply alt the cur
rency netded. The new bonds—ten-forties—do
not yet sell rapidly enough to afford the means
needed by the Government, and this compels the
Secretary to borrow in anticipation of tbcfr dls
uosal. Will Congress, then, take up the Revenue
bill, and while they are upon U, not forget to tax
the circulation of State banks } F -
Dcfcrter Shot By n Federal Officer.
[Special Dkpaicb to the Chicago Tribnne.l
1 St. Pact, April 7,1884-
gomc Copperheads In Sibley Comity in this State
are endeavoring to hrlngahontn conflict between
the civil and military authorities. A Deputy Pro
yon llarabal named Bradenthal arrested a desert
er there some time alnco and the deserter attempt
ed to ran away. Do was warned to stop and
refusing, the Marshal shot
a few tonra. Bradenthal has been arrested and
held : to bail by the aril authorities for tmm
alanghtcr. Be reftrsos to give bail, denying thn
Inrirdlction of the authorities. Be is now eon
flned in a damp cell like a felon.
' Col, AverlD, Provost Marshal ofthe State w *
have him brought before Jndgo Palmer," la this
dtr, on a writ of habeas corpus to-morrow. In
strtictlons arc also expected from Washington.
State MUltarj- Intelligence.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trrt>«*e.3
SrmKGKELD, HL, April 7,1864.
Got. Tates returned to-day from New Orleans,
ne is in rood health. On his way down the river,
he vWlcd the points where our brave
were stationed. At New Orleans he visited the
hospitals, and at the Marine Hospital be went
thronphtbe rations wards, accompanied by the
Medical Inspector. He found many of onr Illinois
boys there, hnt all were well cared for.
Borne who were there in an almost hopeless con
dition, wcre, at the request of the' Governor, for*
loaghcd and permitted to rctnm home. The HU*
nol* fco’diers at New Orleans gave him a grand re
apt en on Lafayette Square. Alter the review,
speeches were made by Gov. Tates, Got, Hahn of
La., and General Benton of Ind, The soldiers were
in fine condition and made a brilliant appearance.
An order has been issued by the War Depart'
ment for the transfer of all Illinois veterans to the
command of Major General Sherman forthwith on
tbc expiration of their furlough. All regiments
belonging to the n’mles of the Olio and Cumber
land arc to go direct to Nashville; the army of the
Tennessee to Cairo. Commanders of regiments
are to be held to strict account for tbo absence of a
single day efter tbc expiration of their time. Ah
oHenlccsarelobceent immediately to the front.
The Cth and 7th Illinois cavalry and tbe 3d lowa,
composing a poitlon of Grierson's old brigade,
bate all re-enlisted, and will arrive at Cairo io a
few days.
Copt, Flood's battery, Sd Ifllaols artillery, ar
rived hero to-day. They arc to partake of a sump
tuous repast to-night at Kline's Ball.
Major Stephens, of tbc 43d regiment, has been
honorably discharged from tbc service. Lieut.
Gov. Hoffman arrived here to-day.
Important military clunks.
tSpecl&lDlepatch to the Chicago Tnhanc.|
Chattanooga, April P. 1851,
The following General Order No. 5 Is just Issued
frem the Military Department of the Mississippi
by and with the approval of the Commander-in-
Cbluf of the armies of the United Sta’cs:
Tbo following changes arc made, which will go
in effect at once: •-
The 1 * (h and Jfiili Corps are hereby consolidated,:
hnJ will compose the First Army Corps, MaJ. Gen.
Jo. Looker commanding.
Gen. Slocmnb is relieved from duty in the Army
c! tbe Cumberland, sad will report In person to
Major Gen. Jus. B. McPherson, commanding De
partment of Tennessee, for assignment to tbc
command of the fortified poluta in the district of
'Second.—% laj. Gen. 0. Howard is assigned to the
command of the -ah corps. Mqj- Gen. Gordon
Granger is relieved from the command of that
corps and from daty with the army of the Cumber
land, to enable b m to avail himeelf of a leave of
absence heretofore granted him.
Third. Major Gen. Schofield is assigned to the
command of the 22d army corps, and Major Geo.
Geo. Stoncmsn is relieved from the command of
that corps for assignment to the command oF a
special cavalry force, to be organized under spe
cial fattructlon; from headquarters to command
ing Generals of the Army of the Ohio.
Ttvrth. Mcjor Geo. Jno. Newton is assigned to
daty with tbe Armyol the Cumberland, and will
report to Major Ocn. Tbotms at Chattanooga for
assignment to daty according to his rank.
The commanding Generals of Departments wilt
make all rules necessary to carry into effect these
orders, and will make such distribution of the staff
officers affected, and corps badges and other Insig
nia, as in their judgment will result in the harmony
and good of the service.
Dy order of MaJ. Gen. W, F. Sherman.
B. M. Sawtzb, A. A. G.
Latest. News from Fort Smltli—Success
ofGcn. Steele*
Four Sami, Ark.. April 6.—Gen. Steele's army
lias driven the rebels from Arkndelphla. and is now
advancing on Price, in the direction of Camden
and Washington. Several hundred rebels, under
Cabell and other commanders, hare come In behind
our advancing columns on a raiding expedition.
Clarksville, sixty-five miles from here, was at
tacked day before yesterday, bnt the enemy were
repaid with a loss of three killed, ten prisoners,
twenty horses, and all their camp equipage.
Yesterday 450Tcxans, under Gen. Gj\n o, attacked
EoibtUlc. 45 miles sooth ot here, burn lug CUO bales
of Government cotton.
Onr troops afterwards drove the rebels from the
town, killing and capturing several of them, the
remainder of tbe cotton in that place beingbronght
here, which will .relieve the cavalry heretofore
guarding it, and enable them to drive the gncrillaa
from tbo country.
Enlistment of Colored Troops—Move
ments of Gov, Lewis,
[Special Dispatch to tne Chicago Tribune.]
Maxisojc. Wife April 7,1801.
- Cob fiross of tbe 39tb United State?
colored regiment,’arrived here yesterday. Deltas
perfected an arrangement with authority of this
«Btate, by which colored men of Wisconsin can he
enlisted la his' regiment, and be credited on the
quota of this State.. ..
' Lonis Isbell, a highly Intelligent colored man of
yonr city, has been appointed general recruiting
•ffleer. Col. Bross confidently expects lb raise
two full companies Is this State.
Two hundred and fifty recruits for old organisa
tions la the field, left here to-day.
Idem. Gor. Spooner returned to tbe city to-day,
and a&Ecmed the duties of Executive, Governor
Lewis having gone to Washington.
Tiro Glorious Result in ZHaryland.
ISyecial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Baltuouc, April 7, l&a.
There is great rejoicing throughout the city to
day, by the colored people, over the result of the
election yesterday. Soldiers, men, women and
children in large numbers paraded the streets. The
majority for the Convention and Immediate Eman
cipation without Compensation will reach •SOCK'.
The Union men In great slaveholdlng counties
came up nobly, completely killing the pro-slavery
There arc sixty prisoners confined in the military
prison here. They were arrested lor correspond
ing with the South, blockade running, selling
liquor to soldiers, using treasonable language, «fcc.
Over ♦IO,OOO worth of captured goods. Intended
by blockade runners for the rebels, will be sold at
auction to-morrow by the XT. S. Alarehal.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribuue.l
CINdNNATI, April 7, ISC I.
An extensive swindling operation came to light
to-day. Two men, named Bldwcll and KJbbe, as
sociated in the commission business, under the
title of Btdwcll & Co .»were found to hare abscond
ed, after swindling tninj of our lesding jewelers,
1 batters, hotels, furrier?, £c., to tho extent of four
or five thousand dollars. It Is supposed that tbeir
operations were on a grand scale, and that many
merchants in other cities hare been swindled. The
scoundrels arc thocghl to bare gone to Chicago.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago
Cairo, April 7,1561.
Dotes from Memphis are to the evening of the
Bth. There Is no news of importance. I learn
from officers of river steamers, that the steamer
Joseph Pearce, while passing the month of White
River last week, was fired into from the shore, and
one soldier, name not learned, so severely wonnd
cd that he has since died.
The U. S. dispatch hoot, Kew National, came np
to-day from Bed River, having left Alexandria
about the 20th, having In tow two bargea contain
ing sixteen hundred bales of cotton. H. S. Martha!
dJI. Phillips was here to receive It. The cotton
is considered a naval prize, and at present prices,
will bring not far from $400,000.
Foncst is reported trying to slip away with
email portions of hia force, fearing ho maybe caught
Official returns not In of the late Judicial elec
tion, bet It U still thought that Hammock, the
Union candidate, lo elected over Hotkey, Copper
head, by five majority.' - . , , .t.
The steamer Alcove arrived here to-day from the
Tennessee River, reports Roddy’s command doing
considerable mischief In the vicinity of Waterioo,
The principal business seems to be that
of robbing and conscripting. I
Three pilots from the steamers Madison and i-m- |
plre City, were captured by his men, but were re
leased after being relieved of their -watches and ■
what money they had about them.
There has been no serious engagement in that
April 7.—The Golden Gate, a small pro
peller. was burned by guerillas on the -d Inst, six
,c|? i”'’”p“cd !ha? P torcM Geaaral, McCrea,
bunco number of robbers and murderer* who in
lost that neighborhood and rob friend and foe
‘ U AtTmbcatbadaflgbtwithguerillasat Hickman
Tcttcrda,. and captured a few of them.
J Tte steamer CaWioJacobs boand dom. taden
pitodpany with flour. collided >aat night with the
ElSmcrGen. Anderson below Metropolis, the .la
cobs breaking In two. bo Uvea known to have
k Forsyth after leaving this port to
day was bioueht bade by a shot from the Fort
Her officers arc charged with haring contraband
goods on boaid. The boat Is under guarf and her
captain under arrest and the third clerk in the
goods, amounting to $49,000, conslst-
Inffmostlvofcoitonaudsocar, were sold here to
day bv order cf the U S. District Court,
Eighteen hundred bales of cotton yet remain to
be sold. 202 bales mixed, inferior quality, and in
bad condition, sold at auction st 41 <&£>% cts.
The Cairo A’etra has been famished with an or
der issued by Brig. General Buford, commanding
Iho second division of Forrest's cavalry, congratu
lating tbe troops on their success in the Kentucky
; campaign. He praises their conduct daring the
attack on the fort at Paducah, and feelingly alludes
to the death of Col. Thompson, commanding the
third brigade. He a-serts that they silenced our
guns In the fort snd compelled one of the gunboats
to withdraw from the action.
The rebel loss lb eel down at 10 killed, 40 wound
ed. Federal lose 27 killed. TO or SO wounded.
He concludes bv Informing his division Its in
tention to hold Western Kentucky.
The actual lo« of tbe Federal forces was 11 kill
ed and 42 wounded. .The rebel prisoners admit
8(0 killed and tbiee tilues that number wounded.
jfxamns, April 7.—Nothing later from Forrest
or Gr creon. Reported that the former is prepar
ing to attack Memphis.
hke at cusmif, iowa,
Destruction of Ibe Galena and Chicago
Union B, B. Machine Shop*
gCusroK, April B.—Zajlv on Tuesday evening
«t the brick two-etory Jldtine and blacksmith
ebons of the Galena and Ouicago Union Railroad
Company at Clinton, lowa, were accidentally
horned, oettrovlng all the machinery, tools, etc.
Three locomotives—Ko. sts, a new one nearly ready
for the road, and two old ones, Koa. 2 and 4—were
also destroyed. In fact, the dames spread bo rapid*
ivtliatbot little lime was given In‘which to save
anvthimr In the bull ding. Fortunately, neither the
other.of the cam
ple bnlUJicfi ß * ore damped. Assistant Super,
ictcldcnt wnilic;9, to whom wc are indebted for
these partkulare, estimates the total lo=s at about
S2O,CW\ which is covered byiaftinace. Planahavc
already been agreed upon for the creclioaof a new
and enlarged machine blacksmith shop to re
place the burned one.
Editors Tribune:
The result of the town meeting in Kondall coun
ty on Tuesday last i* a full Board of Supervisors,
all Republicans.
Hzjmnm% Ills., April 7,1831.
Editors Tribune:
At our election on last Tuesday we beat our op
porci.ta by 09 our highest, to 27 last year, onr then
highest. They made s strenuous effort, but no go.
ruon kahe county,
St. CniO'AKP, April 0,15.11.
Editors Tribune: . .
Our election baa resulted in a complete triumph
for the Union cause. Tho average majority la about
SCO, being nn increased Republican roto.
The Copperheads laid a schema to have a certain
elate of soldiers rote, but got defeated at their own
WAsmsoTOJf, April 7,1891,
’ „, SENATE.
Mr. DOOLITTLE of V?ls., called up the House
Fill appropriating £2OO, QOj for the removal of Indi
an reiugees from the Southern and other reserva
tions affected by .the rebellion, back to their
homes. • •
Several amendments were made, - and the bill
Mr. HENDRICKS, of lod., then proceeded to ad
dress the Senate at length in opposition to the
joint resolution to amend the Constitution to pro
hibit eiovcry In the United States.
Mr. HALE, of N. H. t from the Naval Committee,
reported hack tho rcfolutlou introduced by Mr.
Crimes yesterday, to report the joint resolution
for the transfer of seamen from the military to tho
naval service, accompanied by a report, which was
ordered to be printed. Mr. lisle also reported on
tkc bill lo amend tho act relative to certain officers
of the navy, and on the b’ll tn relation to supplies,
and adversely on the bill relative to paymasters*
clerks, with amendments. Mr, Hale OUO reported
In favor of nasdng the bill to amend ibo act to reg
ulate the grade ofllno officers of the navy, In favor
ol the resolution of thanks to Admiral Porter, and'
a resolution to compensate the crew of tho gun
beat Boron Da Kalb lor torses.
Mr. DAVIS. of Ky., called up bis resolution la
elmcilnjr the Judiciary Committee to inquire ami
report whether or not Air. Yocum, late of Calm, i*
bow confined iu tbe Albany Penitentiary under
sentence of court-martial. lie having received a
foil i suidon from tic Prcaiuent.
Mr. GRIMES, of VL. suggested an anendraant
and that the committee report to tbe Senate tha
charges, Ac., on which Yocum was tried.
Air. DAVIS accepted tbe amendment and ex
plained the fuel of the case, saying that Yocum
had had charco of the contrabands at Cairo, and
loral a’.avebo.ders of Kentucky having come there
and liken tteps In compliance with the fugitive
slave act, carried off their runaway alavcg.for which
Yocum was tried and committed to the old Capital
Pilecn here, but subsequently lolly pardoned by
the President, the day alter which hcwii sent to
ibe Albany Penitentiary.
After some further discussion, tbe subject wont
over informally.
Mr. SAULSiIOHY, oi Del., submitted the fol
JUiolttd , That the Chaplain of tbo Senate be re
ppectlaliy requested, borekfter to pray nr.d suppli
cate to Almighty God in onribvhalf, and not to lec
ture Him, Informing Him under pretence of prayer,
of hie, (the said Chaplain's) opinion ia reference to
bis dnty, as the Almighty; and that the said Chap
lain be farther requested, as aforesaid, not under
tbe form of prayer to lecture tbe Senate la relation
to questions before tbe body.
Mr. HOWARD, qf Mlciu, objected to the reso
lution. '
Tbe’Scnate went Into executive session.
On motion of ITr. GARiTELD, oi Ohio, the
Secretary of War was directed to Inform the
Home how many commlsfloned officers, with their
names and rank, have, been dismissed from the
military service by authority of the President,
without trial by court martial, since the beginning
of the war. and how many such dismissals have
been revoked. The resolution passed.
Tbo House -returned the consideration of the
Baritan & Delaware Bay Railroad bill
Mr. VTCODBRTDGE, oi VL, argued in favor of
the constitutionality and expediency of declaring
the roads end boats of that Company to be mili
tary end poet routes. Tne public should be pro
tected ag&tnsi that monopolr, tbo Cam
den & Amboy Railroad Company, which not only
imposed burdens on tbe people, but crippled the
Government in the performance of its dnties.
Tbo Company, he said, interferes with the elec
tions In that State, and designates who ebali be
Mr. ROGERS, of N.J., remarked that the state
ment was fal?e from beginning to end.
Mr. TTOODBRIDGE took the disclaimer as trno
according to the best information of the gentle
man, hnt he (Woodhridga) hod been Inlormcd that
the Camden and Amboy Company puts its veto on
eccb nominations as may not best serve the inter
ests ofike great monopoly. < T-
Tbe subject here went over, and the Hun so two--
bntinesf, mainly relating to the District of Co
Several local bills were passed, and one appro
priating $ 60,0C0 for theerection of a penitentiary
Jsil ana house of correction in the District of Co
lumbia. was discussed. t .
Pending a motion to lay the bill on the table the
Donee adjourned.
XliC War in Virginia.
Wasuinotov. April 7. —Arrangement: 1 aro being
made fur Investing Culpepper with a formidable
cordon of fortifications, with a view of rendering
iv a r-ermancci dtpAitUicni {or mUiuiry supplies.
A- well known ecout named Reese, connected
with the Army of the Potomac, and a member ot
the Ist cavalry, disappeared last week, and la sup
posed to have been captured.
TLc Army of the Potomac is to-day Immersed in
Bciiflr of the Widow of Henry
Lexikotok, Kv.. April 7,-Mrs, Lncrctla Clay,
relic of the Uow. Henry Clay, died last night at the
residence of hereon, John M. Clay, near Lciiug
ton, after an illnese almost entirely unattended
with i uin. aged 60 years.
Railroad Accident.
Louißnu^AprU?.—The upward morning pas
center train from Nashville, ran off the tract at
Cave City Ibis evening, which will cause about
fen hours 1 delay. Only one person was injured,
and be but slightly.
OncrJsg olTVavigsitaon on JLaicc
DrMnr.K, April 7.—Navicatlon is now open
between Dunkirk, Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo,
and all npper ports, except Enifalo. Boats will
commence regular as soon as possible.
Karkets by Telegraph.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago inbomj.j
BranoEPoar, April 7, ltC3.
Cleaexi>—Dscotah, LaSalie; Cashier, Dcsplalnei*
Advasce, Athena; Portland, LaSalle, 10.T5 bn gov"
ermrent cat*; Korth Star, LaSalle, 1C 6413 ftW Inm
her,78..--0 shingles; Epnraham, Prison; Cushman,La
Salle, W4<Mfeetltmjber.ls,ojO6hlDsle9; J. F.Chapin,
LnSalje; Iron Clay, LaSalle, 13,016 ba government
cats * F. Xorthrup, Cbanahan; Lenient, Moms.
Ariiivxd—Cha?.D. Pope, LaSalle, .211,100 a? lard,
3i<*abi>in*t 208 brla pork; D. C. Wallace, 503,0t0 ;
lard, 881 crls pork: Kty City, 4,£>T ba corn; Planet,
Plaaet.6,ooo bn core; Deeope, Prison. 73 yds ruble
stone; Drill, 75 oo do; Eldsra.lo, Athens; J. Menard,
LaSalle,B(obrls Hoar, 45.CC0 ai lard: UontecbrUto,
LaSalle,4oo brla flour, 58r.70 ns Are clay; Maplo Leaf,
Joliet, SAOC bn corn, SCO be wheat, 40 brla high wines;
IL G. Loomis, Athens, 70 yds ruble atone, U» ydidl
mention do; Coaveyace, Do.-phlnca, 10 yds ruble
stone; Lady Franklin, LocSport, S3 yards ruble
atone; Bay State, LaSalle, K'JCJ bu oats; banner, La-
Salle, 121,(00 lect Jambcr; Marietta, LaSalle, 7A,000 feet
lumber,:s,ooo fert ridhg.l2r.,OCO shingles; Brilliant*
laSalle.VAObn govemmant oats. Badger State. La-
Salle. SCS.CU) e>s stavea and headings; CoL Mulligan,
1 LaSalle, 10,CCOlcct lumber: S. A. Douglas, Aax Sable;
C. L- lluntoon, LaSalle, b.Stf bu tmremajent oats;
Lady .Franklin, Athens; J. B. Preston, Mom*, 4,620
fett lumber, 23.K0 feet siding, 9JO posts.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Cincinnati, Annl 7, iSSI.
Geain—"Wheat firm at sl-2?©1.30 lot redJIXX4
1.40 for white. There Is an improved demand for
com and a Aimer market. Bar held at VeftiLOO, and
shelled at $1X201.03. Oats Inllcht demand but steady
at 'tS&TCc In bo k. Bye firtfiUt $1.30. There Is a fair
demand for barley at |1.25®1.10 for fall? $1.23<31.30 for
SBTOS-Clover seed steady at $8.50. . ..
GnocxMxs-ilsrket excited and prices generally
higher. .Coffee In good speculative demand at 46® 40}$c
for Bio, but holders at the close asksrf Alb&iic-
Hard refined sugars arc In active demand and2l®2JX®
caked. Haw sugars In fair demand and market closed
Aim at iceosxc. New New Orleans molasses ad
vanced to [email protected]
Flour—Firmer and In belter demand. Sales of
superfine at $5.60, and extra at S&O^SS.IO.
TViiiskt—Buoyant and excited, and advanned to
Provisions—Demand actlvr and prices higher.
Mess pork advanced to S23XO? TOO brla prime mesa
sold at S22XO. Bolt shoulders were wanted at 9K«.
hut held at 9KC, Sides advanced to WXc for heavy,
with sales ef U5.0C0 pcs averaging SOK as at H)c, aniT
M.OCO do avg S3 »a at lOtfc. Bard more active with
sales of« 0 tree city at I2X©WXc; country at WXc.
Good demand for bacon, with sales of 40 hhds shoul
dere at Me, and 50 do at 10X<s; W0 Ires smear cored
hams at 16c, and SO do atlßKc—they arc now held
firmly at [email protected]<c. and plain bams at i4X®lsc.
St. I.ouU Market#
[Special Dispatch to the cmc«o Trfbnnc.]
tr. Lome, April 7,1861.
Tobacco— Advancing. Sales comprhe M bhds
stems at *2.7:®3.y>; SO do greenings at.tJ.A3S.9J, .-J
do factory do at *6.1037.12: do planters do at*,. o»
10.70; 11 co common shipping leaf *t *11.05315.90. 0
dogooddoat J27X0®36.W. a .
Floch—Brojant. 8«lM. I.OM btla ctolc. XX“
fS.cc; S&t Srls country SX >“•» *“ 55
delivered at Cblcaßo at f *.15; 500 brUdo country XX
atf-XO; lit) brlsXol JOBS; 1,000 btU X Impeded at
66.371*: I.SOO orlsXat SASS. . . .
'* owra-Wbeat trm. Sales. s.0(0 saelc to anlve,
sizs • 1.7C0 do, part to arrive, nt |LSO. Cora firm;
sales. 1,019 sacks old at [email protected]; do new at SIJW.
Oats firmer; tales, 613 sack* at 88c.
Gbocbbies— Advancing* Coffee 44d4l>ic* Sugar
hleber. Molastc* Ann at Ssc. .
ißOTUioss-Pork and lard Ann; «Mca
I.CCO brls city mess at fK-M: 1W do
sogar-ccred canvassed hams at Me;'°JJJ J*
iCc; 15 cash* shoulder* at 9}sc.; * 1 * CB prime lard at
lie ; 60 do maptffactnriag atlOKC*
Mllwaakee Market.
Especial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
**- April 7.
rx-Our.—loss active but firmer.' •
TNDEAT-BecripM bu; firm and advent an
advance of IHc; tales, oft ’Chance of M.OCO bushels
Ko.t spring, winter receipts, at &000bn
Bwriccr receipt* at *L»BU»K t »Wo ******
sold e&rir attUBdU9X tbr winter and summer re
cripS. Oau-Firm. . Sales *.«Q l>a»W4 K> i.wt*
trer receipts* aiGte
Cotton—Very firm and more active at T6c for mid
dling uplands, and 73c for low mldcllog.
Floue—For state and western 10c better, wltn a
good Jcoclry; 57d0i37.2a for extra state: $7.1097.M>
rorextmronnd hDop Ohio; 57.55G35.60 for trade oramis.
Included in Uie sales are 2,'&l brls extra bUio repori
ed (or nil Msy, at {7.25, mar Sect closing Arm with no
sellers at Inside.
WnisxT—Excited and higher; $1,001.09 ferstats r
and *US&I 10 for western, closing at the inside.
Gkaik—TTheat scarce and l&ie belter, at $1,533
L« Ur Chicago spring; sll7Ol-99 for Milwaukee
club; 51.79®1a1 for winter tod western. Bales s,»00
Ln choice Cflctpo spring at $l.«0, del: U.OOO ba win
ter red western at $i.72fc1.71. Cora J®2c hitter, at
|[email protected],S3 far old nixed western in stare and deliver
ed ;)rclnde*l in the e>ales are 15,OWhuold mixed wes
tern ssld last evening at Oats firmer as
DlMc for western. , .
gecciuxc- coffee firm, hat nothing of moment
I’ETRoixrv—Finn. Defined In bona, E25; ernde
qno’»<litS2GsS3c. Bales reported as Sitfc for nest
h uuL—Finn. • ,
Salesr,sCohrlsnjcfs at fiw°[email protected] for old: 82LSCX9
84.75 for new; for old and new prime, and
s2 l £025X0 n>r prime mew, including choice city do
at $.600; also £OO brla old mess for April delivery,
bujer’s option, at *28.C0, and SCO brla new do, samo de
livery, at {25.00. Beef active at. S7JSO®9d)9 for coun
try n.cts; 55.e0©6X0for country prime*. $19.30918X0
for repacsed mess, and [email protected] for extra mess.
Prime mtfs beef onlet and unchanged. Beet bams
more active and firmer at 25c. Cat meats firmer and
*Jn active demand at [email protected] for shoulders and X3’f<Jl3c
lor bams,'the latter price for very choice in sweet
it.lcktc. Bacon sides in sood demand nad very firm a:
Jlk'GlSc fur Cumberland cat middles; 12*-fc for do
shoi t rib bed; 13 Jf G» lic tor do short clear, and U%&
Vkc for do long cat bams. Lard active and firmer at
'tCMftttc. Butter scarcely so firm at [email protected] lor Ohio,'
»ta 4('®l6c for state. Cbeose steady at 16013 c.
Washington, April 7 r lS&l,
Cincinnati Market.
Pr.cri?icjrs-AJrancluj;. Sales 530 brls city Mess
Perl: st *%.?'• In store ;F0 tierces prime Lari at i2Kc
At KewhulJ House this evcnla; Wheat martet was
a shade easier. Sales 82, 1 003 bushels Ho.lSprlazat
|X.l9K<3lAßj{ for winter receipts.
New York Market—April 7.
N> V* Stock and Money Market—April 7.
Massy active and steady at &a 7 per cent.
Slci Hue exchange firmer at 183.
Gold lower: opening at 71X> declining to69X, and
Clrring quiet at C9&£f9*f.
Government stock Ann. with an upward leniency.
D. 9. »’•* ’Bl Coupons lUCtUIX; t-30* coupons 1U&0U2;
Cbi. &R. 1., 123>£; Chi. &N.
W..C7: P., Ft. W. * C.. 151;; ; Tol. 4; Wa&aah.TJ; do.
preferred, Si MU. 6P. du €.. SIX; C. f B. * Q.,i;7X;
C.& T. 155: 0.4 C.,153; O AP n l29X** Hi. C.Scrip,
J5 -, f ; M-S.g'd. 161: U.S.Cs,! O.&M.
Ceil.. 66; Quicksilver. 80 ;N. Y. C., 143Y; Erie, li'-.H:
do* preferred, H2J<5 Hudson, liliix llarlem, 15m.
Beadlnr, 1«3; M. «„ 150; 51. b., 118
At (lie Mining Stock Board: Caledonia 10: Nor
wich. Hll.on.6J<; Kvercreea,2oif; Quart?: Hill.
Si; .vinn„6H! French Crock,2*. Aztec, OX t Teal
Late, ick ; Onir>uugon,6X; HeUancs,
4*. UacnlKoOiS; Sloafima, Jf» Lancoiter,
Baltimore fllawtet—April 7,
. Crais—Nocrnln in the market. Corn wanted at
* W nieKT—"Very firm. Ohio* s\.<nj<©l.oß.
Gnocnnuis—toffee buoyant. iUo 3»a4o>f.
Philadelphia Market—April 7.
■ BnXAiwnTTFB— Uenerslly advancing.
■ I'locb—Buoyant. Sales at 4G.WSti.2S for Super
fine; for Extra.
Grain— « beat advanced sc. Sales of Red at 41. .9
White at lt.TOSft.a3. Com buoyant. Sales of
ellowat SIA3. Oalsndriucecl. Sales at Me.
Provisions— Advanced. •
Waisnr—Firm at 41.10. „ „• • -
1-rrKOt.Kcai—Feverish; Crude 33c; Reflaed on
bond K«Mc; do bee 59*j6fc,
Memphis Cotton Market—April T6,
Market lc?s active and prices unchanged. Receipts
UcUt*. eUlpmcuw since last report, cw bales. Ship
ment* for the quarter ending March 31st.ii7.it37 Bales.
Tbe steamer Liberty took on board 235 piles bore
Je*ierd*y for Cincinnati. Daring the past sixty dars
o.lldar, for Cairo, bhlppad 2,t>)o Piles vUTennessee
Liver, tor Evansville, thence c»st, on which the Gov
ernnwuttax amounted to 4(0,000.
Few York Iron Market—April 4,
Scotch pig has been very quia - , the almost simulta
neous arrival of some 3T03 tons, now afloat, with
about SOW do In itoro, having brought the market to
a stand, boyars noUllte off tor the present. Prices
In cor sequence are a little unsettled, oat we notice
no falling off id value?. The onlrsale we nonce is
that of b.O tons Uamherrie, to arrive, at 41440, ca-h,
at which It can bo bought, ex ship—from yard, 451 Is
asked. American continues In small supply, and la
held llnrlv, there being no soft to be hau beiow iV:
axOtems forge, at Po‘keep*lc and Hudson,sold for
&peicntaad speedy delivery «n terms not nndopuff
c. Wo notice besides, W tons Kngllsh refined i> r*
at IlcliO, ex ship; American, 413 J. ut Philadelphia,
and little to bo had at that. The following are tff;t
•tore prices of boon, viz:
5£ Inch, S2«h 1 inch.4l3V. \Y* mch,sl,*t
(switch, 61C0. cashless 5 ¥ «enr. Koclieh rails are
more active; 2COI tons sold mostly at *IOO currency,
•r ffl2 in cold. c»‘b.
With the be=.t receiving sad aklpplas faculties lu that
ciiy; nesrlv new, now dome s successful business,
-iff Vp gold low to clr>se » coscern.
apß-cES9-9tncl WALKErt, BROFSOR &CO.
this day purchased of Byron Bice & Co. their
Interest In ine Commission trade, and formed a co-
Darmeirhlp oad< r the name and style Of
SoBTBBuS* & VAh V&LKESBURQU, for the tran
saction cf a General CemmUalon boalncM, at the old
''•t^ ; . SoN ,nifAsg
G. yah VaLCßjißUiluJl.
apß R»»st
Chicago, April Ist. U6«.
Canto nier.
HU picture taken. Tim gmmbled sore,
black, and nose o ersize,
m»ue»e wastiKnctas, he wastnrc.and
He’d hare bis boots black, not bis eyes.
And mode ioue obbeure remarklabout “ dark colors'
and the artist's optics. This timearllalVcoobln’tece
itat a (To bt continued.) WM.M.fc.V2Hirf, 1 ro>
prletor. Hay Operator. ap3 c>JO It
Huron grindstones.—a
good assortment or Huron Stones; also,.
K0.2 North Wells street.
For sale by
apS-e.-* iw
A CARD.—Having retired from
the firm ot Burnham A Smith, I shall Imm?.
diatrly resume the Wholesale Drag Uuslacea la all us
buelrPM for Uupreacnt (until the cora-
DlvUonof aaewaaatpacioustiaiicnngoa the corner
of Alloli!znn am.au and Uandolph street,wblchwill be
cotnt'letcrt bvthe first of Angus* next) will be N-).2t3
SOUTH WATKII STKIiCT. A long and Intimate ac
aOilMaßCu willi tbp business in all its detail*, ani
uirce radililea far conducting the tame, aud a deter
mination to do business In » prompt and energetic
manner, ■will I trust, enable to retain Uio confl
rtcnreaml patronage which has been »o«neron«lyex
pended to me during my connection with the firms ot
genre*Smith,Scars,Smith & Co.,and Burnham *
Intention to deal tn the purest and best
roods, and the Arrangements already m»do und to be
made vlth manu aemrers and dealers In the dragline
arc such as will enable me to offer inducements to the
cJoecat and heaviest buyers. ,
AV orders will reef Jvc prompt personal attention,
and will be dispatched with as little delay us possible.
.My si&ck will not bo completed bo that I can do full
ioatice to orders until the first of Mar, at which time I
esncut to have a complcio Miortmeot of fresh now
coocb . uud shall he picasca to see tdd meuds and new
cu-temers. CUAULIm Q. blllTil.
Chicago, Mill 7,15€4.
spi-cS&St cet mtatoy * wo
, .yJL TRACT .
benne plant.
The great fume which tills roodlclao has acquired,
both hero and throughout the Analea of the West
&no Etutb, as a remedv ror Uiarroma, Dysentery. sod
all relaxed condition of the bowels, almost precludes
or auvertisttc It la thl* cl y; but as
there ate many atraucccs in our midst wuo may bo
eatTerlng from these complaints, caoasd either by
chance of climate, water or food, we would remind
tUcui Hist this medicine possesses wondennl
Id ecr Almanac will be found the testimony ot Brig,
Ccn. Fur Ucary Warren, U. S. Vols.t Col. S. H. Lon..,
U. 8. A , Ctilel Topi Fog is; Major Jr. W. Crane, Pay
master, U. s. A.; cant. S. Hoyt, .C.S., Army of the
Cumberland. end XL § Siijrtiam <« Rro., ho.JR North
teccrdet. Prepared only by J. & U MAGOIuL,
Clu-uiltwaac MuzaUta. touthwcstcoroocof second
aDd Obvc streets, and sold by all druxaUts, Beware
of counterfeits. Price, TO cyg net bottle,
fer sale wholesale byH. SCUV IL, *6 Itondolph-st.
eps-cy4l6b rniATrxa-ntt
Ventilating Furnace.
Tliia old and wed esta v lUhed Faroacc.both Brick
and Portable, tor bard oi soft coal.or wool, needs no
lone story 1 o sustoin i s character as a cheap, durable
and economical apparatus for beating hoa*cs,
churches, halls,&c. The host of workmen and mate
rials are employed In «r-amilhctanns and putting up
these Fuxn&ct*. The pabllcace Invited to call and see
for themselves, or refer to nay of uiy customers,
arr.cßtat u horn I will came the following, vl* :
CG. Hammond, Esq., Blchanb*, Cromhaugh it
Wm. W.Farwel), kflq-, SUaw,
Wfttsen V. Coc, Kcq., JeweU* Butler,
Thos. B.Bryan. Ksq.. > alrbsnka fc tireenleaf,
JoßA!edlll,£.ditorTrlbaDe, K. Has Sin, Esq..
Wm.Brosa. “ “ Geo. B. Carpenter, Esq.,
E. Eorllnr, Architect, Tf. N. Barnard, Esq.,
T v. tvadskln. Arcldlect, H. A- Johnion, M. !>.,
A. Bonn. AtcUttcr, F. 1). Fe»b«l,. K'l-,
A.C.llvslnr,Esq., M* >•« LEfeiEK,
S3 Lasalle street, Chicago.
I TOFOHE existing between the undersigned—
Gecree T. Foster and Charles M. YUrdeubersh- under
and by the firm name and style of Foster * Harden.
herzh.lstUltdnjdlaiaUedhy mutual consent. The
sSI Pi s:ehwlll collect all the indebtedness owing to
said firm, and will P ft Yvnq'rPR 1 lB * by
eaul Srm OEOBbEP. rOSToK,
chas. m. haupenbergh.
(’’accessor to Foster & Hardcnbergh,)
Ship Chandlers and Sail Makers.
Deiler la
Manilla. Tarred & Cotton Eope, Bucks, Twines,
Oakum Xar, Pittb, Paints, oils, Anchors,
Chains, Blocks and Coal Tar, &e,
AI.Q Oft hand, or made to order at short notice,
0 i new and old canvas.
217 South Water Street,
apS-c£CMt-r A-TC-net CHICAGO, lil.
VTc have In store, sold and ready to ho delivered to
the following parties, SIS ELECAUr SAFES, which
shows what we are doing In this line:
T. Newell & 50n.... weightMWOfts.
cSo.giSdn.W.E.B... “ 120011)5.
uStedSteloa Express C 0... “ IZOOlta,
Jinking over SEVEN TONS of the
Bij»ines3 men give them the preference over al
others. For sale only by
13 Laealio aired
? 7-cS23-2tnet
I’* 5, 000 bushels choice
Selected & Screened Sead
For Bowing purpose*. E. V. BLATCH?OHP,
Url S3 U Oa WOCK3
Nris ahbfttisements.
Fifth National Bank,
County of Cook and Slate of IlllsoU.sbowlng Its con
dition on the mornlngfof thaday of—» 186— ,
before the transaction of any business on that day.
Loses sad Discounts none.
Indebtedness of the Directors of this Assa
ds Poo none.
Overdrafts. none.
Due from Banks and Bankers sls^o-3XO
.Bee from National Banks la the following
cities none.
Specie and other lawful money of the Dnltcd
states pone.
Cash Items none,
BUI of Solvent Bunks none.
RemliUsceg none,
U. 9. Bonds deposited with Treasurer U. ». '
to lectueclrcnlatlon.... '. 31,000.00
U. 8. Bonds depoeltea with! Treasurer if.' S.
for other purposes none,
17,8. Bondn-Seven-Thlrty Notes,and Certifi
cates of Indebtedness on bund..... 0/03X0
Bills of Suspended Banks, ( - estimated
yalne none.
Beal Estate none.
Furniture and Fixtures (hills not ptesented) none.
Expense Account none.
Total Resource?.
Cnpltal SS7.OTS.M
Circnlatim: notes received irom Comptroller noao.
Less Circulating Notes on bamL. none.
Notes outstanding none.
Profit and Loss none.
Doe to Banks and Bankers none.
Due to Individuals and corporations other
than Bonks. none.
Due Treasurer of tho U. B none.
Due Depositors on Demand none-
Amount due, not included under cithcrot tho
above heads none.
Total Liabilities
Stole of Illinois, County of Cook—ss.
OntbUlth day April, IKI, personally came before
Lombard: President.an;i Is.iac G. Lombard. Cashier of
the Fifth National Bank of Chicago, vrbo bsln"-duly
Rwotu, uioa their oaths sayUiattho forcuolaiT la a
true nod accurate statement of thej affairs and condi
tion of s«I(i Dank on Use morales of the Urst day .of
April, I£OU
.1031 AH LOMBARD. President.
13A \C G. LOMBARD. Cashier.
, .—j Subscribed and sworn to the day and year
} stal. > above written.
HOIST C. MORET, a Xotsry Public.
Large Elm, Maple and Linden Trees transplanted,
with a large ball of cartb, sad
By 8. FELSOR, Gardener, northeast comet Dnobard
and Reuben street. Post Office Box 4259.
npi-cfflt-tt net war
The nxfel foil and complete assortment of double and
and single barrel
Shot Guns, RiCes, Revolvers and
Sporting Apparatus
Of all kinds at "Wholesale aad Retail erer offered In
this market, can be found at GEO.T.AB3EI s
I&S Lake street.
rr~Agcnt forHszzard'fl and Dupont’s Gunpowder
and Sf. fouls Shot, ayi-cTO-Htnct
As Ecvoakt Dome Ftt.b ato Burglar
Peoor Safe, made ciprccSiy for a National Bank,
with Tails’ Dial Lock on outside doors—heavy la
pldc Iron doors.with I’owpeb PsoorLocs. Covnnr’a
DIAL LfICX OB BCUOUIU CUEaT. CllCat (!) lOCht* Widtf,
20 Inches hlth.l ß Inch'. * deep. This m one of the best
safe* ever made In this country. Weights,CCO pounds.
Trice. Jf.ft'O. Boat the thing for a Banker who has no
Fire Traof Vault. Will be sold to arrive—can deliver
it in a week.
X*\ W. ATT,
apy-eSC>-2t-C6t 13 LASALLE STREET
10-40 EOIBg
Anthorlzcd by tltc Act of March
3, 1861.
Xhb> Lean bears date March Ist, isgi, Is redeemable
at the pleasure of the Government, after ten years,
and payable forty years from date, bearing Interest at
&\o per cent, per annum, payable in coin annually os
Bond*not over Ono Hundred Dollars, and seml-amm
ally on all other Bonds. /
TlielliM National Bank
Fiscal Agent of the United States)
Is now prepared to receive subscriptions to the net*
TF.N-FQBTT LOAN at par, ia Treasury Notes or
National Currency.
Subscribers will receive bonds bearing Interest from
date of deposit wllh us, at par, or it they prefer, will
receive full coupon bonds by paying accrued Interest
In coin, tot Treasury Notes or National currency, b j
adding fifty per cent, for premium,) from March first
to date of subscription. '
Coupon Bonds arc now nearly ready for delivery
and registered bonds will be, on or before the 30th ol
To Banks and Bankers Investing in these securities
for thenutlves or for rc-aale a commission will be al
Sotscrlptlcna may be seat to thU Pant, free ol
charge, by either the United States or American Kx.
JAMBS H. BOWEN, President.
AMOS I, call, Tkc Pies.denL.
1b i. Eqiales, Csebler. ap?-bSS3-ly-nCit
10-40 BOMBS
Principal and Interest Payable in Gold. -
U. S. Depository
Has been appointed agent for the TEX-FOHTT Loan,
and will receive subscriptions for the same at PAH
in United fctales or Nation*! Banknotes. .
Interest will begin on the day ot deposit with this
who prefer It can have bonds hewing
interest from Marcfilßt.lfiW.by paying the interest
accrued from that day to the date of subscription,
either is goF or U. S. currency. If raid lu the Utter,
fifty per cent, lot premium must ho added to the
amount of interest, until farther notice. ~ 4
KemUances lor subscription*, marked “8. C-First
National Bank, Chicago/* may be sent by the Ameri
can or United States Express Companies, to thli
Bank, free of charge. .., . . <-K
Banka and Bankers will be allowed a commission
on all subscriptions sent to tWsomce.
607-c2TMCbnet E. E. BRAIBTED, CashV.
TJ. S.
10~4© IdOAM.
Designated Depository of the Halted States*
This Bank is authorized, by the Secretary of the
Treasury, to receive subscriptions to the
ure of the Government after tea years, and payable
forty years from date, bearing Interest at are per
cent, per anonm, payable In coin annually on Bonds
not over Ono Hundred Hollars, and s ;ml*ancually on
Hl £ubicrlbcA fl wlllrfiCejTQeltti.rßcslßtoreclw Coupon
Bonds, as they may prefer. It Is expected that Coupon
Bonds will be may for delivery about the-.first oi
A lSic:lbCTawill bo reanlrea toMT.Uii adiUllontc
the amount of the principal of tho Bondi, la lawfa.
money, the accrued IMerest In coin, (oMn United
States Vote?, or tho notes of National Banks, adding
filtv r>er cent- for premium until farther notice,) from
the urst day of March until the date of subscription.
BcmUtariccs for subscriptions may be sent by the
Onked States or American Express Companies!© thli
BMS ftte ot charge. A yx.T.Ts, President
EnwAUD I. TiNDLUf, Cashier.
SMp Chandlers,
Oder for sale a fall assortment of
Cotton and Hma Canvass, Wool Sinking, Sails,
Tonto/Awninga, Flags, Sx.
209 South Water Street.
mh23-bsl-20vs-*r*ii net _
Have thU. day removed to
jf«. 3? Clark Street,
Two docw south of tb;lr old office.
gM.bS23-lCtnet . - :
TJEMOVAXf. —A. E. Curtiss has
XL removed bis iriim
•_ j „«w, rom Randolph street Bridge to -west side,
ai iigff A M‘fe cor ' C3M ,uc £pi*wst no
iron pipe
At THiOlfaMC tif E. T. CUANE Si itUO^
l«- IM auJ 118 W«t idSMttMt
Sayrs, Gilmore & Co,
Have for ea!o at the lowwt raa-Wct prices ft largo and
- ■well selected of
Tons, Tobaccos*,
Coffees, Wood^Varc,
Sugar**, Cordage,
Syrupy, Fish,
Spices, DricdFrmtSj
Soaps, 4cc«? «&c«
To which the Attention of
Are e?pecla!l7 invited.
C2f~orders from.thc country solicited and fined with
great core.
85 South Water Street, Chicago.
adS-cSge»rai 2m net .
National AlmaaaojlSCl—cloth $1.50,
paper $1.25; North American Hcvletr
and United ScrvlcoMagazlno for April;
Annaig of the Army of the Cumber
land. A fresh supply are among the
Into arrivals at WAILSII’S) cor. Madi
son street and Custom House Place.
crar.'BGn.ia’s cjsimcE GEi’osixomr,
67 and C 9 Cana’ street, near Madison fltreed Bridge,
Kirby's Reaper BalMIc?,
loirs, buggies; &c.
rywc Invite (he attention ortbosa waatias first
:Ir*» \T«rt. ti. L.BKADLEST, A(oat.
»l 3 Oitl-3t
a*Te removed from Ko. 25 to thelr'Zlegact, Xeu
and Spacious
Nos. 10,13 and 14 Lake street,
■Where theytoTo twready for
Much the Largest, Handsomest, rest Assorted, *hd
Cheapest Stoo£ of
Umbrella*, Parasols, Canada Hate,
Palm Leaf Hats, SliaUcr Hoods,
Ladles’, Ifllsset’, and ChJl
dren’s Jfats, &ce. 3
Bought before the recent advance, anftwlßhe cl*
fercd to all buyers at LOW PRICES.
MERCHANTS from all parts of the Wect will find
It much to their advantage to examine aa EXTEN
making their purchases.
tS r QBD£RS shall receive special and prompt at
tention. •
fe29*Tsl3-30tnet ai-w.tr
Concern Every One to Answer.
Are yon Said?
Docs yen: hair fall off?
Has your hair become thin ?
Isltturnlnggraybeforolis time?
Are yoa troubled frith itching, bumlng-sensatlon of
the scalp?-
Are you troubled with dandruff? -
Arc yon troubled with what la called Scrofula or
Saltltteom? ***
Have yoa bad the £ryslpelts r and lost your hair?
Have jotihacUhcileaalea.and lost It?
Have yoa had the Tpphold Fercr, and Ick It?
Have you had the Brain Fever, and lost it?
Hare yen lost your hair by any slckneaa?
Do yoa wish luxuriant hair?
Do yon wish soft and lustrous halt? .
Do you wish pray hair restored?
Do yon wish your whiskers cloesy?
Do you ■wish them restored la color ?
Do yon want a dressing?
Do yon want It for year children?
Do yon want It lor yourself, tor IhUicr orjnothcr,
for brother, slater or friend?
Do you want the best preparation out for dressing,
stimulating, protecting, restoring the color, and ran*
dcrlng soft, silky and lustrous, the Human Hair?
If so, wc warrant
Distilled Restorative
To lie Unequalled, and Superior to any Prepa
ration ever Compounded and offered
to the Public.
It costs but |1 . r or one bottle, cr okc bottles for *3,
and Is sold by drusulsla and dealers everywhere!
C. G. CLARK & CO., Proprietors.
LORD & SMITH, Chicago. Illinois, General
Amenta. feMrSnTSs-axy&r-aat
Importers and Dealers in
109 & 201 Eandolpli-St., Chicago,
offer for sale io the city and country trade, in lota tc
salt purchasers for caefc—
-5)000 boxes I C Tin Hate,
2.000 boxes IX Tin Flats.
2.500 boxes Extra Plates, all asscnptionf,
5 000 boxes Terne Booling Plates, IC and IX.
1.500 boxes Coke Plates, low crises lor Cou3,&c,
2CO slabs genuine Banca Tin.
1.000 slabs Strait’s Tin, large and small pig*.
I*soo slabs lamb and Flag Tin, largo anfi
small pigs. . , „ ,
75 cases AmericaaandSaahsh Copper,from
12 to 32 oz.
1.000 packs Russia Sheet Iron. Res. 8 to 16.
s*ooo bundles Charcoal and E Q Sheet Irca,
from 13 to 28.
10.000 bundles common Sheet Iron, from 10
1 to 28.
50 tons Sileshn and Lehigh Spelter.
200 oasis Sheet Zinc, from 22 to 40 inches*
10,000 bundles Fence Wire Anneallod, S j lsp,
5.000 bundles Bright Wire, 0 to 22,
300 pigs Lead, (Galena.)
25 casks Eegulas of Antimony,. -French
2.000 pounds Ingot Copper.
6.000 pounds Braziers’ Sheet Corjpcr,
Bolt Copper, Railroad Sheets, and Strips.
Orders recelyed for Cower-any E(i€3 or nuc»-»»
UHvcufucturcrV prices; together, with a uUi assort*
menc of any article In Tinner*’ use.
Stamped Ware, .Jaitaiuscd WsiN, Ac*
tth.3l WAV-net
QR3A3F. &c.
175 'Xjake Street.
17-cKslr-aefr% __
A WN^NGS.—We have a fine and
jJL larg'j a«orunent of
P’jla and Fmtj Cotton and linen Duel,
Xwninga and Window .. . Screens
For dwellings and stores, and will maSnS’andpntop
■ hort “SSonkr ntnmAßDi cn.
Bich Silk Twitted Grenadines,
Bich Brocaded Grenadines,
la Cba Tartans, all choice new Colors, at els shlTUa**
a yard.
Elegant Qro Grain Silks,
In ail shades, the heat ecallty Imported.
Extra Bich Chintz Striped Mohair*
Extra Bich Printed Marseilles.
( Ever before exhibited in this city, consisting of
Cravats, Ties,
- Handkerchiefs,
Drawers, &c f &&
Gents’ Double Stitched' Kid Gloves,
Silk, Cloth, Plaid & Water Proof.
Sccolycd dally from the Eastern market, and byevery
•learner from Europe, all a; (ho lowwt
possible oricea.
JL/ OFFICE. Chicago, 111-April 7lh. 13! J.
SEALED PROPOSALS wlil be received at thU office
uofQ SATUHDAT, the Ififh last, for anpplrtng coil to
Officers at Chicago, Public Offices ana Hospitals at
Chicago, Troop* and Hospital* at Camp Domjla?,
Troop* and Hospital* flt Camp Fry,;md in the vicinity
of'Cbicafo, for the period of tlx months Horn and
after the first day of «ay. 1981.
Coal for Officers to be of the best quality anthracite
—delivered at such times aadqaantltles as required.
Coal /or Trsops and Camps t*> bo ot the best quality
of Illinois coal, free irons dirt, dunt, Ac.,and delivered
at such places and times and quantity as required,
subject in all cases to taspection and weUht. •
. Each bid must be accompanied by the written guar
antee of two known and reiponalbleperson*, oblicut
log themselves to enter Into bonds with the
provided the contract 1» awarded to him.
Bidder* must be present »nd signify their acceptance
at the time ef opening the proposals, or their bid* wilt
he rejected.
Two or mare bids from same parties will Insure tho
rejection of nit such bids.
Payment* win be made monthly upon presentation,
of inspector’* certificate, accompanied by the receipt
of the officer receiving the fuel.
All informal bids will he rejected.
proposals to be enclosed la a sealed envelope and
direct* d to tbe undersigned.
The name of article proposed for endorsed on out
side of envelope.
Form of bid can be obtained on application to this-
Office. „ x ; J. A.rOtTEB,
Tp£c3s3-3t CapUlfl anti Depot QatrlenniaVer.
OFFICE. CraCAOO.ILZ-VA9rn~tll.lßM.
SEALED PROPOSALS mU Ho received at this offlcm
until Satarday, the ifitb lost., for snpplMag forage t»
public animals la Chicago. Camp Douglas, Govern
jLcnt Coiial, or to officer* entitled to forage at Cot—
cago »nd vicinity, for the period ol six months front,
and alter the first day of May next.
Hay lobe of mo best a»alhycf Timothy, well cored,
and m ail cases delivered la Dales.
Corn In the ear. te be of (be best qnality, sound an<C
Oats to be sb. 1. delivered In sacks—sacks will te
,Stiaw to be clean, dry and In bandies. ,
Every article delivered trill be subject to Inspect! oa-
Each bid must be accompanied by ike written sraar
auteoDf two known andresponslble persons, obliga
ting themselves to ester into bonds with tka proposer
provided the contract la awardrd to Mm.
Bidder* moat be present and signify tbeir accept
ance at the time of opening tbe proposals, or their*
bids will be rejected. . ... ,
Two or more bids from tbe asms parties will Insnro
the rejection of all each bids.
Payments will be made monthly upon presentation,
of Inspector’s certificate, accompanied by the receipt,
of the officer receiving the forage or straw.
All informal bids will he rejected. . _
Proposals to bo enclosed m a scaled envelope, ana
directed to the undersigned.
Bids must he specific, and the artlc'o proposed for
endorsed on outside of envelope. Ko average ot bids.
Form ot bid can be obtained on application to tbla
office. J. A. POTTEB,
apß-c3£2 St Captain and Depot Quartermaster.
NO. 6 1 frO.
JfAYOttAXxr or Nlrr Ovixxsb,}
City Hath, March Slat, 1861. 5
That theMayorof the City be and ho Is
hereby authorized to cause the following advertise**
IB cot to be If sued ;
SEALB U PBOI’CSALS/orlaralsblcglumberaadtlni
hcr. for thete-corstTnctlomand repalwof city wharves
will be received until the Uth day of Jane next. Pro
bomL. to be sc drcrs< cl to the City Comptroller of ttu>-
f Itv or New Orleans, marked “rropoMla for Lumber.'*
For one million feet, board measure, of three Inca.
plank,in lengths of twenty, twenty-five and thirty feet
and tiomtento twelve Inches m width. .Bids maybe
made for cypress, yellow pine, hcmlocfc and spruce,
in onattllJf s not tea than 25,M0 feet, stating the price
per thousand feet. No other than good merchantable
lumber will be received. For SCO,OIO lineal feet ol
eanare timber, in lengths ot from twenty-flvo toelxtv
fett.aad not leas than tea inches square at the small
end, by twelve Indies o.iuare as the butt. Bids may
be made for cypress and yellow pine. In quantities non
less than 30,0:9lineaIieet,ataUn< the price per foot,,
lineal. No other tnan sound mercboauhle timber wilt
be received, of the lull elxo specified.
Lumber and timber to be delivered oa the cUy
wharves,or levee,at anytime between the date or
acceptance of bid and the 3tth day of September, 18M.
Cashipaytflcnts will bo made as the lumber la us-
riaht to receive any or reject all the bids Is re
served. (Sinned) j).s.DSWEE3,
Chairman Bureau Streets and Landings,
(Signed) w. M. ABBOTT,.
CtaJrnmn Bureau of Flnaoce,proteHr«
Ap,ro«dM« ? yj.lßM. giETIIEN HOYT. .
b Captain U-S. A, Acting Mayor.
D. L. tiinnzrrs. Secretary.
Office of Comptroller of the Currency,
Wahtototojt, March 13,1361.
■WnmrAß.Br JstUTictory ertleue ptMented to tto
nmiersijttied, ft has been made to appear that thtt
FI’TH Sinocnl liaak of CHICAGO, In the county oC
COOK and State of ILLINOIS, has been doly oretm
lied oncer and according to the reQtxiremenia ortho
act of Congress. entitled “An act to provide a 2J»-
tlsnalcunency, secured bv a pledzo-of United States
stocks, ami to provide for thei circulation and redemp
tion thereof,” approved February 25, ,I£€3* andhaa
complied with all the provisions of eald act repaired
to be complied with before commencing the business
o 'jrt““itS’reforc, I, HUGH lIcCWLLpcn, Comp
trailer of the Currency, do hereby certlty that tbo
FIFTH National Dank of CHICAGO,County Of COOK!
and Stale of ILLINOIS,t* anthorlzcd to commence
the business of Banking under the act atoresald. _ •.
In tesUiaouywbercoLwUnciSmThandaasr •
IBIAL tscal of office, this FIPTKENTS djT OC
ai>B-cS3"-Cot Comptroller of the Currency-
(Successor! to Cutler & HoatJ
\_J xhe Liverpool, Ketr Tort and Philadelphia
tvm piU tnm New York as follows;
CITY or MAS CUES! EE Saturday, Apru *O
-OK LONDON.... * £ |«5-
..ini'- (11? LONDOV • ..•••> w 9VU,
Bates of p*saoze Ky tie fortnight Une,pajraJrtafa
currency. First Cabin, to Cork or Liverpool. S8»
T li«iu“usMd awn uramool or to
ChiiSffoiot *35 For further laforaatlou aopljto
Chicago wr*». y, a. EMOIiT, General Agent.
Southwest corner Lake and Clark streets.
tv raanet _
' "'1 H. & L. liAFLIJT,
Opposite City Hotel, Chicago.
: O. n IAPLCT. I™ Linw. J. O. DAT.
mh3Wj23S2m-r * a w net.
A thirty thousand DOL
Eipmißlj «le«ca tor the city trade, (mi seyen
ran cjpcilchco ot ammally lacreitlh,- toalncWln
Geocrsl Store# and House PundaUnc
Uootlswlibthe >ood will of ;ho establishment. In th«
beat location In the South Division
Nfto asbmismmte.
105 Lake Street.
For Ladle*’ Mourning Dreasco.
The Best Assortment of
Cadet Mate.
in all the latest styles in
Remember the New Stars or
ap3-ctWHt ym-ltew
HjUuin£»ctnrear» and Wholwal®
18 State. Street, Chicago.
ItS-KSSr-if *w net
For the City Trade,
Doing abof In css of Eighty Thousand Dollars a year.
To a cash purchaser
A raro opportunity is offered for Investment)
JL IOTOHE exlstlnl ic.-JinjJj.
under iliotlnu name or » * ...
day dissolved by mutual *• • a-
Trill continue «tba prf-- : ■ I ) .
outstandins b’islucss oi lui ’
r urn M,i' -LV-'a
■ ; -.;ui ;;UL -
of Ucrk & Prentiss, 186 il- PBESTJSS,
Ctlc&CO. AftU I,ISSI. E - J * DU * VK3 *
O AlAi '\“ f YJft, r u,elr Interest tt> call
ISO done will tod « » ££ “ a are prepared to
onttocnndeßlKned (t the shortest no
do anythJOß m the omm w re43o n»ble terms. Ad*
llco. nod ?2 D “|-wtOincft »ox 4051, Chicago,
tircta**" *•* . *
ar7-c2£3 "?-sct
E — vE AND EAB.—Deafness,
iitodiiM*. *iid »n AMma of the KyoandKw.
MS omdolli Itrtct. cuam. upenUmjttJ
fu P p.a^.. | ffimyr

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