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.•d»*rrsi “CHICAGO TRIBUNE,” Chicago, EL
Chicago tribune.
MONDAY, ATF.IL 18. 1801.
The certain falli upon the Vort Pillow
•tragedy by tbe official announcement that
the rebels, after killing fifty-three and
wounding one bnndred white troops, mur
dering three hundred black troops in cold
blood, completely, demolished the works and
destroying the town, have at last withdrawn
to renew their merciless bntcherlea at some
other point But we trust there is to be a
acqucl to this tragedy. The matter la before
Congress and in both Houses hat been re
.ferred to the Committee on of
"the' War, with instructions to investigate im
mediately. The country will not brook any
• delay in the matter. The horrors of Fort
Pillow must be avenged, and the rebels must
be taught a lesson that they will long remem
CapL 1 Woodruff of the 113 th ILL, denies
that os the steamer Platte Valley he lionized,
and draak with the wretch Chalmers, red
handed from the Fort Pillow massacre. Sev
•cral correspondents unite in charging upon
<Japt 'Woodruff that be did. Such is our ab
horrence of a course so unbecoming a Fede
ral officer, that we cannot taka it upon our
aelros to defend Capt Woodruff on his own
atatementfi. He must clear himself of a charge
of which we hope he is not guilty, but which
we pledge our exertions to make costly and
ignominious to any one convicted thereof
Fur more honorable for a Clflon officer to
have shared the grave of the hapless blocks,
than to meet with honeyed fionkcylsms the
ferocious slayer of unarmed and defenseless
men. Nothing hnt a most careful and formal
investigation will materially relieve Capt.
The conductors of the Chicago arc
atadioufily careful in estimates of distances,
’They aim to be just near enough the Jeff
Davis organ in this city to put in a grab for
a share ol whatever spoils may full to his lot,
and just far enough off to escape being hit,
in case begets knocked over. The sheet is
not-a-very safe post for loyal men to tie to,
frirlilfi being continually palled np and set
.anew, quite often in very doubtful localities.
It hates Jeff. Davis, bat we are not sure that,
about the time. Storey got clear Into Rich
mond, Sheahan would not be just outside
-tbe limits. That is certainly about the role
tbe 2hgt Is placing in the present election.
■ Advices from the Army of tbe Potomac all
point to a speedy resumption of active ser-
Tices. Sullen and citizens have gone home
nntil fall, and nobody regrets their departure.
Tbe little village of Metropolis on the Ohio
Elver is in a state of great excitement and
alarm over the bands of guerilla cut-throats
who arc ranging the Kentucky border oppo
site, bent on conscription and plunder. Oar
gunboats ore vigilantly patrolling the rirsr,
however, and transportation of every kind
bos been removed or destroyed, so that a
-visit of these cut-throats to Illinois,however
pleasant it might be to the Egyptian Copper
heads of the O’Hair stripe, is likely to be
The Senate has nobly done Its duty in pass
ing Sherman's gold bill; or, in other words, a
bill against gold gambling.
The Copperheads are again sent to tbe wall
in Ohio by a decision of the Supreme Court,
pronouncing the law allowing soldiers to
Tote, constitutional. There is no rest for
-Copperheads in Ohio. '
The report of tbe postponement of the
draft is pronounced a canard, and thus we
-ire delivered from another danger.
• AFrenchwarvcsselhavingabarkintowhae
gone up the James Elver to bring awaj from
Elchmond a lot of tobacco belonging to tbe
French Government. Judging from the tone
of the Richmond papers, it Is not by any
means certain that Napoleon will get his to-
Dacco, especially as he is shutting up tbe
rebel his ports.
But 6se working dayraorc will elapse and
the people of Chicago will hare to express
*■ their preference at the polls for the men wbo
ehall hold the reins of power in oar muni
cipal government doting the coming official
jear. “While there may be no ►central rally
ing point in case of this election, as the
present Mayor holds over for another year, it
i b none thoJess fraught with the utmost im?
portonce, and no less essential to the inter
ests of the city, that the Union party shall
be triumphant, and Union men hare tbe
power. That can easily be doue*V every
man docs his duty. There is a clear hand
-some Union majority in the city, and If we
zirc beaten again, it will be through tbe ut
most criminal snplncness and indifference of
Union men, or the no less criminal qnarrels
among ourselves. “We hope that the experi
ence of last year is sufficient to impress upon
them the importance of a change of ad
niinistaation. Op„en corruption and secret
corruption practiced in places where
the avenues of legal detection are concealed
has been nnhlushingly practised. Officehold
ers have fattened upon tbe spoils and grown
suddenly rich. Tax payers have euffared from
•enormous extortion. The expenses of the
city have been swelled to unreasonable fig
ures to create a fund for the support of the
•coppcihead party. More money has been paid
to thcChlcago Time* than to all the Bepubli
•can papers combined, since the Dyer admin
istration, without which it would long ago
liave ceased to exist Loyal man have been
•obliged to pay their money io sup
port that pestilent sheet Loyal men are
the proj>erty owners of this city, and upon
them the burthen of the tax has come. They
have been obliged <b keepopen this fsuntUn,
from which streams of treason have flowed
.all over the West and culminated in opposi
tion to the Government, and the,murder of
Its soldiers and officials.
- is mere not a pressing need for a change ?
iso Administration will stow tneb » black
record of corruption as that wbicbweboge
to 6CC partially at an todneitTnesdiy. Tax
ation has been increased from twelve mills on
a dollar virtually to twenty four. The School
Food has been squandered, amfwooden piles,,
'•scarcely able to write their names, placed
upon tbe Board of School Inspectors, Tbe
Contingent Fund bas gone into tbe pockets
of Incompetent officials. The streets, side
walks, alleys and by-ways of tbe city have
been utterly neglected, #td as a consequence
.disease lias epread tjirougb tbe city aslt never
did before, unless in pestilentlsl seasons.
Tbe city is defendsnt in hundreds of suits in
•our courts, through their dishonesty. They
have involved onr citizens in legal difficulties
by Illegal special assessment*. Not a single
measure tending towards the improvement
or future good of the city, has becn_ ordered
by them, unless by so doing they could pot
money in their pockets. This extortion and
corruption must be stopped, and caaheby
throwing a Union majority into the Common
'Council and thus rendering the Copper
heads knaves powerless for further mis
chief. The officials who are forced upon ns
.for another year must hare & watch placed
• upon them unless our citizens wish the city l
bankrupted. This cA be done by sending
to the Alderronnlc Chamber the men who
hare been placed In nomination upon the
Union ticket • They are well known citizens,
of unblemished Integrity and unquestioned
loyalty. Let every Union citizen be np and
Bnt, above all, we warn onr friends of the
'insane folly of internal dissensions in certain
strong Republican wards. It independent
candidates are ran, the Copperheads wUfesllp
their men in between them and the regular
nomination as surely as the sun will rise.
Heal these differences and close np the ranks.
Do not prejudice the cause or expose the
party to defeat, for the sake of persons! ani
mosity and ambition. Sacrifice everything
to success. If an Independent candidate by
running Kill e»uee the loss of a single vote,
or dangerously divide the party, lei him
decline before it Is too late, and
give his influence to the regular
nominee. IV In these strong Ecpnblieaa
wards vre are defeated by these divisions, the
men who have caused them frill be held to a
strict accountability, and will bo marked out
and followed by the Indignant maledictions
of every Union man In those wards. We
warn th em of the consequences of their folly,
finch action, entailing as It were, probable
defeat Is little short of madness, and isrir
tunllvahase surrenderor onr banner wards
Copperheads. Bally to the ticket as
one man, mid present an unbroken front to
the enemy on the day of/eleeUon. From aU
around ni corns .the. glad tidings of Union
victories. Let Chicago next Tuesday add to
the list one of her old-Cwhioned, unmlßtflk
.able Union majorities.
From Fort Pillow—The Works
Entirely Destroyed—With
drawal of the Rebel
Important From Virginia—Mosby
Attacks our Pickets—Symp
toms of a. Move.
Great Excitement at Me
tropolis, Hl—Guerillas
on the Kentucky
The Cold Bill Passes the
Senate—A Bomb Shell
Among the Specu
Trots Gen. Hanks* Commando*
Skirmishing: with the
Kcbel Rear.
Official Dispatches from General Slier*
Cairo, April 16,6. m.
The steamer Glendale, the first boat from below
•lace the temporary blockade, has jo? I arrived from
Memphis. Her officers say that no obstructions by
tbe rebels exist between this place and Memphis.
The rebels evacuated Fort PIUow attar destroying
everything destructible which seemed to distin
guish it as a military post. They burned every
building and remnant ofa building, and ended by
blowing np ah jibe walls of tho fortifications and
defensive works. It is not known In what direc
tion Forrest marched yet, but we would not be
surprised to hear from him In tbe vicinity of Mem
phis or Paducah very soon. It is possible, as Gen.
Chalmers told the troops, that* hs was going to
Memphis, but it I? not probable. More likely be
wQI make his tracks farther east to effect an escape
or he may attack Paducah is force, with the inten
tion of crossing the river into Illinois, orcontinaiog
his raid, stimulated by recent success, farther into
Kentucky. 1
Washzkgtok, April 16.—Yesterday afternoon
about S o’clock, dispatches were received here from
Gen. Sherman confirming tbe surrender at Fort
Pillow and the brutal conduct of the rebels imme
diately afterwards, which bids fair to be amply re
taliated in that quarter In doe time.
The Star says according to Gen. Sherman's dis
patches our lots was 63 white troops ktiled and 100
wounded, and 900 black troops murdered in cold
blood after the surrender.
Fort Pillow isjtn Isolated post of no value what
ever to tbe defense of Columbus, and utterly an
te cable by tbe rebels, who have no doubt left that
vicinity ere this, having been disappointed with
considerable Joss In tbe object of tbelr raid, which
was tbe capture of Columbus, whence they were
promptly but severely repulsed, with no loss to ns.
Wo ore satisfied tbst cue investigation will show
that tbe lose of Fort Pillow was simplv the result
of a mistake of the local commander who occupied
it against direct orders, a contingency incident to
ail wars.
The Rebels, according to official dispatches re
ceived here lost evening, effected nothing at Pa
ducah, losing a soldier silled or woeaded for every
horse they succeeded In stealing, and doing ns no
other damage than bv a few thefts.
It is believed that Forrest's raiders will next ap
pear in the vicinity of Memphis, where they can in
efiect do no more than at ColambnA and Paducah,
and stand a very fair chance indeed of finding them
selves surrounded by overwhelming forces.
Cairo. April 16.—Tha steamer Glendale, from
'Memphis yesterday morning, passed Fori Pillow
last evening. There was no appearance of the
enemy, «nd tbe river is all clear. Nothing remains
of the fort. The Glendale brought 560 bales of cot
ton lor Cincinnati. No papers or news from be
low. A number of steamers are leaving here for
the South.
[From the Cairo Dally News, 16th-]
Yesterday afternoon we visited theUnlted States
BcspUai at Mound City, and bad bad an interview
with the wounded men from Fort Pillow.
The Fort Pillow wounded are doing much better
than could be expected from the terrible nature of
their wound?—but one. William Jones, had died,
though Adjutant Learing and Lieutenant John XL
Porter cannot possibly longeumve. Of the whole
number—fiftr-two— a*l except two were shot or cut
after they had evrrerulered / They all tell the same
story of rebel barbarities, and listening to a recital
of the terrible scenes at the fort, makes one's blood
run cold. They eay they were able to keep the
rebels at bay lor several hours, notwithstanding
the immense disparity of numbers, and bnt ibr
their treachery In creeping np under the walls of
the fort while a trace was pending, would hare
held out until the Olive Branch arrived with troop?,
'with whose assistance they would have defeated
Chalmers beyond doubt.
• So well were our men protected behind their
works that our loss was very trifling before the
rebels scaled the walls and obtained possession.
As soon as they saw the rebels inside the walla,
the Federal* ceased firing, knowing that further
resistance was useless: but the rebels continued
firing, crying oat, “Shoot them! Sboot them!
Show them so quarter!" The Federal?, with
one or two exceptions, had thrown down their
arms in token of surrender, and therefore could
ofler no resistance; la yarn they held np their
hands and begged their captors to spare their
lives—but they were appealing to fiends, and
•the butchery continued until out of near 630
men, who composed the garrison, bnt 230 re
mained alive, and of this number 62 were
wounded, and nine died In a few hours after.
Capu Bradford, of the Ist Alabama cavalry, was an
especial object ofrebcl hatred, and his death was
fully determined upon before the assault was made.
Alter he bad surrendered he was basely shot, but
bavins his revolver still at his aide, he emptied It
among a crown of rebels, bringing three of the
ecoundrclstotbe ground. The massacre was ac
quiesced in by moat of the rebel officers, Chalmers
himself expressly declaring that “ home-made Yan
kees and negroes should receive no quarter!" One
line officer, however, wa? not so lost to all dictates
ol humanity, and exerted himself to stop the slaugh
ter. To this man's noble exertions arc due moat
ol the lives that were saved Several of the wound
ed said, “he saved my life, God bless him!" His
same, if ever known, will be honored by all loyal
men, while they execrate the memory of Chalmers
and those who carried oat his fiendish orders.
The atrocities committed almost exceed belief,
and but Car the fact that so many confirm the sto
nes we could not credit them. One man, already
badly wounded, asked of a scoundrel wbo was fir
ing at him, to spare hU life. “No I damn yon !’*
was the rcpiy; “yon fight with niggers. and
forthwith discharged two more balls into him.
One negro was made to assist in digging a pit to
bury the dead In, sad was himself cast iu among
others and buried. -Fire ore known to have been
buried alive; of these two dug themselves oat,
and arc now alive and in the hospital. Daniel .Ty
ler of Co. B, was shot three Umcs, and struck on
the head, knockin'; out his eye. Auer this he wa?
boned, but nut liking his quarters, due out. BV
laughs over his adventures, and says he'ls one of
the beet “ dug outs" in the world.
Uoltert flail, colored, was lying in bed in the
hu-pltal at the rat, sick and helpless, when a
•older came in and commenced cutting with his
sabre—three cats went through his scalp, cleaving
the t-kuil and exposing the brain. The poor follow
threw up his 101 l arm to ward off the blows, and in
, doing so lO'tpart of his hand.
El Cotheli, colored, corporal Co. D, Is a man ol
considerable Intelligence, and two years ago was
a valuable piece of property. He make his boast
that he brought .fourteen hundred dollars when
“nigger property was might low.” Cotheli was
shot three times after he hod surrendered. *
Wm. Jordan, colored, was shot four times, and
lost one leg. He bears his misfortunes well, and
will doubtless recover. Dr, Wardner says tbe De
crees exhibit wonderful tenacity ol life, and of the
desperately wonnded at Fort Pillow nearly all trill
MneT of tie while soldiers hare several wounds
—several of them foor or five. Tie wounds are
generally severe, hot the men are doing extMmclr
Veil, and are In excellent spirits. They feel quite
urond of defending their fort so Ion? each
overwhelming numbers, and declare that but for
their treachery in stealing np while nerotretions
under flag of truce were going on, tie rebels
not haTetaken the place in daylmhu -When asked
about the condnct of the negroes, they gave them
-real praise, saying they fought as only bravs men
canfleht. The 1S& Tennessee cavahvconaltedof
but one battalion under MaJ. Booth, who commanfi-
numbered shout 250 ncn-^oetr-« ve were
taken prisoner*, twenty-nine are in the
Amr or five escaped, the rest he buried atFort Pil
low—nearly all of them massacred after they had
surrendered. These men ail
and recount the seme horrid store, and It is Im-
Doeelble to doubt the truth of their statements.
Key are all Kentuckians,
one. Some lew of them have families residjogln
thin state, having come here to escape rebel per
secutions. We hope a grateful JTjJ 1
take the cases of these brave men into special con
stderotionland place their families above want and
distress. . v _ . ,
W. P. Walker, Sergeant oimpany D. revived
four wounds, and was robbed of everything valua
ble on his person. D. W. Harrison was shot three
times, nndrobbed of £9» in greenbacks and a «1-
ver watch. James Walls was wounded twice and
robbed. Nearly all the others wore ronbed; bnt
few of them, however, had much money upon their
persons at the time. James M. Taylor and WUey
lioLinpon have four wounds each. Taylor was shot
three times, and struck In the f&co with a musket.
Lieut. Porter and Thomas J. Cartwright are the
oiilv ones who were wounded before the surrender.
William James, of co. A. died yesterday morning.
Many were driven into the rirer and drowned.
About four miles below the fort, lodged against the
trunk of a tree, were seen by passengers on the
Platte Valley, six dead bodies. Insiuther place
three bodies were seen. A number of other bodies
were seen singly on the banka.
Passage ©ftlie Cold BUI In the Senate.
WAfHnJCTCK, April 16.—1n the house, to-day,
Mr? Mandate of Kentucky, offered a resolution ini
ttructitur the Committee on Military Affairs to in
quire into the expediency of constructing a rail
road for military purposes from Cincinnati to con
nect with the Cumberland Gap, a* recommended br
the President to 1661. The resoteUon was adopted
Toe casetf 5 Uadsay ve. Scott, from the 8d Con
gresslonalVicinct or Missouri, came‘ before the
Committee on Elections yostcroay, and Lindsay
made a portion of his argument. •
It is understood that the Missouri case of Bourse
vs. Loan, will be called np in the House to-day for
amount of the subscriptions to the 10-401oan
yesterday and to-day amounted to £*,886,000.
Sutlers and citizens have all left the army, and
will not be allowed to return before next autumn.
- The following is the hill which passed the Senate
to-dav and which awaits the action of the Bouse:
beUenacted. <fcc., That it shall hs unlawful to
make anv contract xdr the purchase or sale or do-
livery of any gold, coin or bullion, or ol my for
eign exchange to be delivered at any time subee-
Soent •to the making of such contract; or for
le payment of any anm either fixed
or contingent In default of the delivery of any
cold coin or bullion, or of any foreign exchange,
or anon anyother terms than the immediate man
'nal delivery of such cold com, or bullion, or for
eign exchange, and the Immediate payment In foil
on the agreed price thereof by tbe manual delivery
of United States or national currency, and not
otherwise; or to make any contract whatever for
the aale, Joan or delivery of any cold coin, or btti-‘
Hon, or foreign exchange, of which tbe person
znakfnc such contract shall cot at the*time of mak
it, be the owner, in actual possession.
Sec. 2. That it shall be farther nnlawfal for any
banker, broker, or other person to make any pur
chase or eaie of any gold coin or bullion, or ol for
eign exchange, or any contract for any such pur
chase or sale, at any other place than the ordinary
place of business of either (he seller or purchaser,
owned or hired or occapied by him individually, or
by a partnership of which be is a member.
. Sec. S. All contracts made in violation of this
act shall be absolutely void.
Sec. 4. Any person who ehall violate any provis
ion of this act shall beheld guilty of misdemeanor,
and on conviction thereof bo fined in tbe sum of
SI,OOO, and for a period not leas than
three months nor longer than one year, or botn, at
the discretion of the court.
Sec. 6. Tbe penalty Imposed by Bee, 4 may be
recorded in on action at law in any Court of record
of the United States, or anv Court of competent
jurisdiction, which action may be .brought in the
name of the United States by any person who will
sue for said penalty; ene-hilf for the use of the
United States and tbe other half for the person
bringing sneb action, and the recovery and satis
faction of adjudgment in any such action shall be
a bar to tbe imposition of any fine lor the aame
oflenee in anyprosecution'ltjsUtuted subsequent to
the recovery or such judgmenubut shall not be a bar
to the Infliction ol punishment by imprisonment
as provided by the 4th Sec.
sec. C, AH acts and parts of acts inconsistent
with the provisions of tills act are repealed.
raoM numsoY,
Tlio Draft In Wisconsin.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Madison, Wis., April 16, 1861.
Tbe following telegram was received heje jester*
Wasbikgtox, April 15, 1861.—T0 Col. J. D.
Green, A, A, P. 51. Q.
Accounts will be made up to include April 15th
to determine which sab-districts are deficient and
the number required from each- The draft will be
made in the sab-districts as soon as possible there
after. Men enlisted alter April 15th from different
enb-dl?tricts wlllbe dedneted from the number re
quired at that date therefrom. Deductions will be
made np to the latest moment before draft.
[Signed.] Jos. B. Put, P. M. G.
A NJpht with Monby’n Cavalry—Nar
row Escape of Gen. Grant.
Wasbikgtok, April 16.—Dispatches from the
headquarters of the Army of the Potomac state
that yesterday, about noon, a party of rebel cavalry
made to attack on tbe pickets at Bristow Station,
but was driven pff alter a brisk skirmish. One
man wa? killed and two wounded belonging to the
18th Pennsylvania. Several of tne rebels “were
wounded, but we:e carried off by their comrades.
Tie mat) train, with Gen. Grant on board, badjost
pasted a few minutes before tbe attack was made,
anil It is supposed' the intention was to capture
Nbw York. April 16.—Tha -New York Times' 1
Anr.y of the Potomac dispatch says: A majority
of the sutlers and other citizens have left for
The accession of three or four brigades to the
enemy's force opposite Raccoon Ford, is reported
on good authority.
. The TTcr u’i special from Washington says:
beveral deserters belonging to a New England reg
iment e* raped daring the recent storm.
The army is being constantly reinforced by tbe
arrival of veterans and parts of regiments.
Three brigades of General Getty’s division of
tbe 4th corps have been reviewed, and ether re
views and drills arc in active progress throughout
the entire army.
Tbe Strata's special, dated Alexandria,
15th. cays: 41 Only this morning, Mosby, at tbe
head of about £OO rebel cavalry, made his appear
ance on the line of tbe Orange and Alexandria
railroad, near Bristow station, so suddenly as to
take by eurprirs the patrol tor toe protection of the
road between that place and Manassas. From
twenty to twenty-five of tbe soldiers were captured.
The rebels went away In the direction of Freder
**Lset night Lieutenant Colonel Jnatifl, with a
detachment of tbe J3th Pennsylvania reserves,went
on an expedition to Oecoqnao and vicinity. The
parly returned this morning with five prisoners.
Raving left the Army of tho Potomac at 11 this
morning, I speak knowingly of the prospects. The
roads are so dried as to allow the freest locomo
tion, and there is nothing to hinder an early move
ment. The streams have assumed their wonted
dimensions, and the roads arc possible, to say the
Great Excitement on the Border.
Como, April 16.—The excitement at Metro poll*,
HU, and along the river for the list week, in rs
card to tmcnltos that swarm upon the opposite
Kentucky shore, has been intense . It Is known
that tbe id, 7th end tth Kentucky rebel regiments,
are ififecilog and overrunning the entire country
acrois the river, and tbe citizens of Metropolis have
been In a constant state of painful anxiety, not
knowing what hour they tpizbt be poupfed upon.
Gunboats are constantly patrollnc tbe river, aud
have taken every possible precaution to prevent
guerillas from crossing. They hare smashed np all
tbe rkifis and canoes along both banks of tbe river,
and sunk all other floating. crafts that they might
seize noon.
Tbe citizens of Metropolis have for two days
been sleeping In their clothes, ready to either de
fend themselves or decamp it a moment's notice.
• Washisotox, April l«.
Mr, HENDRICKS offered a resolution requesting
the Secretary ot the Treasury to communicate what
regulations have bear made for the issue of certifl
esteff to be received lu payment of customs:
whether they arc payable in coin or corrtucy; and
If tbelatier, what amount? have been leaned.
The bill msking a grant of land to aid In the con
struction of rail road? in Wisconsin, was called np
by Mr. Doolittle, and passed.
Mr. HOWARD Introduced a resolution, width
was modified a? follows, and adopted:
liaolxt'i. That the Committee on the Conduct of
tho“War be Instructed to inquire into the truth of
tbe slaughter of the troops at Fort Pillow, and
whether Fort Pillow could nave been reinforced or
evacuated; and that said Committee bo instructed
to report at as early a day as passible.
Earnest speeches were made by Senator* How
ard. Wilson, Johnson. Conness and Grimes, fa fa
vor of strict measures ofretalla'lon, man for man,
or two for one. Mr. Wilson stated that the Secre
tary ot War bad this morning received a dispatch
from Gen. Sherman, placing the number of men
massacred, at SOO.
The Senate then took up tbe bill, to provide for
the collection primes In the insurrectionary dis
tricts, as repontd by Hr. Harris from tbe Judiciary
Committee. Ihe amendments of the committee,
were aerced to. The bill was here laid over and
the Senate proceeded to the consideration of tbe
Gold bill.
Mr. COLLAMER, of YL, proceeded to address
the Senate cn bis motion to strike out the words:
” foreign exchange.”
Mr. WADE, of Ohio, presented a memorial of the
Ohio Loclslsiure that many sufferers from rebel
depredation in East Tennessee had been thrown
np from the border Slates by aid of Government
transportation, and asking help to feed and clothe
them. •
_ Mr. HARDING, of Oregon: called up the bill re
lating to donating claims In Oregon and California..
Tbe bill passed.
Tbe hill granting lands to aid In the construction
of railroads in Wisconsin was called up and passed.
Mr. POWELL, of Ky., presented the joint reso
lutions ol the Chambers of Commeics Loußville
In taror of the improvement of the Ohio river.
Referred to the Committee on Commerce.
Mr. HAIiMS, of N. V., called np tbe bill'for the
collection of taxes in the Insurrectionary districts,
which, after debate and amendment, was formally
laid over.
Tbe Senate then proceeded to the hill prohibit
ing speculative transactions in gold and foreign
exchange, the pending question being , the mo
tion or Mr. Coliamer, of Yermont, to.striko out
foreign exchange from He provisions.
Hr. COLL EMEU'S amendment was rejected,
ayes, 13; nays, 24. __
An amendment by Hr. HABRIS, of N. Y., was
adopted, making a uniform fine of $1,00) instead
of that heretofore of sl,t 00 to flO tWO. •
After come further remarks by Messrs. Lane,
Fessenden, Henderson, Sherman. Hole and Harris,
the bill was passed. Ayes, S3; nays, 17.
Ur. DAWES called up the report of the Commit
tee on Elections, declaring B. K. Kitchen not en
titled to a teat as representative of the Seventh
District ol Virginia. The committee say they can
net satisfy themselves that there has been such
freedom of election as to warrant the conclusion
that Mr. Kitchen is the choice of the loyal voters
of the district. A greater portion failed to partici
pate m It for the reason that they were held under
the power of the rebel army.
ilr. SMITH, ol Kt., of the Minority Committee,
contended that there was primafacit evidence that
Mr. K. was the choice of hie district.
Mr. WHALEY, of West Va„ briefly contended
that as the people are taxed, and famish troops,
they should be represented here.
Mr, DAWES supported the views of the majority,
mentioning as a fact that the Virginia districts bor
dering on this Capital have been bo far under toe
control of the enemy since July, ISCI, that it is im
■ possible toAold an election there. The committee
desired to m. apaecedenL not only as to Mr. K.,
but as to all others under similar circumstances.
The House adopted tba resolution declaring Ur.
Kitchen entitled to his scat. .... ,
Mr WILSON, oflowa,lntrodncedajolnt«solu
tioTL.* which was unanimously passed, that the
Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, or
tuch members thereof as may be designated, pro
cecd at once to Fort Pillow and examine into the
facts and circumstances attending the wccot at
tack and captcreof the Fort by the rebels, and that
theyreport with as little delay as ppsslble.
ifr FENTON moved to postpone the spec al or
l£. the bill to reconstruct the rebellious
T«Sday, In order to take up the Ha
the Dome h»a»lre»ay killed
was more Important they ahonld tax
hill Fcoton’amoUontraa agreedto-T6again.tJO.
MrfnoLMAN. of Indiana, raised a 5
order— namely, that the Bonk bill must receive Us
fir*t considerations in Committee of the Whole on
S »SS oftbcUrion, as one of its eect^uspro-
STscd a duty or tax. The Speaker overruled the
noint on the ground thdl the rule referred to a tax
OTd.Msenpon.the people. The 1 “4
Sneaker waa on appeal eueUined—7l SJ.
WOOD, of Kew Tort, tWeed a
almilar point ne to the reference lhe bUI
Inrolred an approprlaUon for cleto Speaker
oTcnnled the point on appeik His decudon was
sustained—69 against 9. . ... . au*
Mr. HOOPER of Maas., Bald that this was the
bill heretofore acted upon by the House, wun au
amendment allowing the Slates proi^rty
of the individuals interested in the bank* but not
to tax the banks themselves. He moved the pre
vious question on the bill, but the motion was ols
agreed to by a vote of 55 against 70.
Union Prisoners Coming: Home*
New Yobk, April 16.—The Baltimore American
of last evening says; We learn that the medical
authorities in this department have been directed
to make preparations for the reception at the Jar
vis General Hospital. West Baltimore street, oi
from 500 to TOO of the released Union prisoner*
from Richmond. They may be expected here to
day or to-morrow. * f- . .
3 & CLOCK A, K
A Company of Deserters—Destructive
Chattakooca, April 16 —All quiet at the front.
No change in the situation. A rebel lieutenant and
62 non-commissioned officer* and privates came In
to our lines last nlgbc. They report Hardee's corps
ordered away from Dalton. Several trains left be
fore they came away. It was believed in rebel camps
that thtv were going to Virginia.
A fire broke cut In the brick block adjoining the
military prison here this forenoon. Throe build
ings, jointly occupied by the quartermaster’s and
provset marshal's departments, and Sanitary Com
mission, ware destroyed before the progress of the
fire was stopped. The jail In which rebel prison
ers were confined was eared wltlftfifflculty. Tbe
Srisoners esamed. No government property was
eptroyed. The loss on the buildings was $20,000.
Maj. Gen. Newton goes to Cleveland to-morrow.
Be is to have command of the 4th army corps, for
merly Sheridan's.
Union Blass Meeting—Guerillas Killed
and Captured.
KwoxvniE, April 16.—A large mass meeting was
hole in iront of the Court Bouse to-day, rssola
lions were offered by Parson Browniow tutoring
emancipation, recommending a convention, re*
Sic&lmg Gov. Andy Johnson to*call tbe same at
e earliest practicable period.' and endorsing tne
Administration and war - policy of . President
Lincoln, and unanimously carried.
Gov. Johnson made a powerful and telling
speech, rebuking in severe term the Copperheads
in the late convention.
• Tbe celebrated guerilla Reynolds and his com*
roand wore surprised yesterday by a small force of
onr cavalry, 10 killed and Reynolds with fifteen
others captured, with horses, equipments and
arms, _ , •
From Cairo and Below,
Memphis, April 15th.—There is not much said
bnt a general gritting of teeth among officers here
when the massacre ot the brave garrison of Fort
Pillow is alluded to, I have heard several officers
s of that unless the Government takes retaliatory
steps they should consider it their duty to shoot
every man in Forrest's command they meet,taking
noprieoners. *
. The soldiers have threatened to shoot Forrest's
men in tbe Irwin prison If they could get a chance.
This is the general feeling..
Caiuo, April 17—The steamer Emma was fired
at on Thursday night, near Fort Pillow, by 50 reb
els in Federal onilorm, supposed to have been tbe
rear snard of tbe enemy who withdrew In a north
ern direction on Friday afternoon, taking all tbe
small arms, destroying all the ammunition and ev
erything else distributable.
Lain advices from Duval's Bluff report tho coun
try infested with guerillas, who arc constantly rob
bing the people and committing all manner of
depredations. Mr. Nixon, Slate lleprcscntalive
from Franklin county, had been murdered, and a
Representative from Arkansas county kidnapped
and nothing heard from him since.
On the lltb 410 Texan cavalry attempted to sur-.
prise a camp of 240 Fedcrals at Roseville, on the
Arkansas idver, but were repulsed with a loss of
19 killed and a large number wounded. Our loss
was five killed.
It is believed that Forrest has not yet removed
Lis headquarters from Jaeson, Term.
Memphis cotton market Inactive and unsettled,
good middling G4(£M*sc; middling Hair 67c.
The steamer Dope parsed here for *t. Lorn* with
a large cargo of groceries and 550 bales of cotton,
and was fired into fifteen miles above Memphis.
Tho fire was returned dispersing tbe guerillas. The
steamerXiberty passed here for Louisville, with
41l bales of cotton. Tbe Ike Hamilton from Alex
andria, Red River, on the Sd, arrived with four
more gnus from Fort. De Hussy, and two barges
containing SCO bolus of cotton a prize for tho navy.
Four thousand cotton bales ore reported np
Blsrk and Yazoo nvers. The gunboats Avenger,
Cu chili, ChachUUn and Lafayette, ctmo up to
secure it. Two ether gunboats were ordered to
assist them.
This accounts for only one gunboat being at Ft.
The Red River Is rising.
Tbe steamer Golden Gate, from Memphis for Ft.
Pillow, laden with boat stores and private freight,
was taken possession of by guerrilason tbe night
of the 12th at Bradley's Landing, j5 miles above
Memphis. The boat, passengers and crew wore
robbed of everything.
The steamer Clinton was fired into near Augusta,
on the White river, a few days since, and one
munkiiled and three wotnded.
From the South.
Fonrarfs Monitor, April 15.—A Port Royal pa
per of the 14th reports tbe captnreof the side
wheel blockade runner Allance on the 12th, near <
Danfuskie Island, in the Savannah River,where she
run aground. All hut els of her crew were taken
prisoners. She was from Nassau, with a careo of
assorted stores for the'rebel Government, valued
The Savannah Senub’tcan of the Hlh states that
tbe Yankee prisoners at Andereonville, Ga., ore
dying At tbe rate of 20 to 25 a day.
Nassau papers of the sth stale that Mobile, Sa
vannah, CuorteetoQ and Wilmington are less rig
■ idly blockaded than ever. The papers also say
that ihst steamers ate coming inwi'heappil.* for
the rebels, which promise largo pj ofits.
Paymasters armed at Port Royal on tbe Blb
imt. with a million dollars to pay ail the troops in
the Dei artmcuL .
Jacksodt He, Flo., dates to tbe 11th Inst give a
Uet of of our wounded men iu the hands of the
A fire broke out on Folly Island on the Stb lost,
destroyinga large amount of quartermasters' stores.
The Government loss Is $20,000. •
NxwYobe. April 17.— The Richmond Examiner
has a rumor that Burnside was landing at Newport
News. Tbe Examiner places the strength of
Grant's army at 44,000, and sajs 20,000 relnforco
znents wii b.* the extent of hia pies mt resources.
. 'i'le lierwa't Washington special says the Pres
ident has commuted the sentence of James Wil
liams, sentenced to be bengat Kansas City for tak-
Joe np a»jns at a guerilla after having taken tbe
oath of allegiance, to hard labor for five years in the
Ixniumiary. •
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Moxeoe, April 17.—The eleamerNew
Ycrk Las arrived with 363 sick and wounded sol-,
filers', iriyce men died and were buried,-'vdfcl
John Thomson,' Sd Ohio; David Dodge, &th Ohio :
R. Pellwcr, 6th Kentucky.
Tbe remains of G. C. D. Forsyth, who was acci
dentally shot In the Libby Prison, were brought
Capt. Shaw and two men captured on the tog
Titan, also came down. The sick were taken to
A Sacccasfnl Expedition,
Foßfnxp? Mokboe, April 35.—An expedition
under command of Gen. Graham, consisting of tbe
army gunboats, the 9th New Jersey,23d and 25Lb
Massachusetts, and the 118 th New York regiments,
and two sections of artillery under Capt, Esterly.
left here on Wednesday night last, and landed ai
different points. They concentrated at Smithfleld,
Va., on Thursday evening, and succeeded In
routing the enemy, capturing one commissioned
officer and firemen, all wounded: also, several
horses and carriages, and some commissary stores.
A rebel mall, and one piece of artillery, formerly
taken from the gunboat Smith Briggs, were also
captured. Fifty contrabands were also brought
ofi. Our loss was oup missing, and fire slightly
late From Mexico.
Wasutkotox, April 10.—Semi-official news* has
been received from Saltillo, tbe present seat of the
National Government‘of the Mexican Republic, da
ted tbe9vfi of March.
Yidaurrl's tieaeon is confirmed. Viuaurrl had
f ,&CI men at Monterey. General Dcblado i? inarch
ing with hi? forces from Saltillo, to give him bat
tle, and General Paioai is on his way from Duran
go, at the head of a brigade, with the same object.
Obe inhabitants of Nuevo Leon and Coahnila,
had acknowledged President Juarez's authority,
and were raising large forces to subdue Viadarri’s
rebellion. W hen that is accomplished, tho Mexi
can Government will have about" 10,000 men ready
to inarch upon San Lula Potosl, andgfaptnre that
In tbe State of Paxnca, General Diaz bad 8,000
men, perfectly well organized, under bis command,
and the French thought the force of each import
ance that General Bazine was going to attack In
Tbe French had been driven from the States of-
Chiapas and Tabuco, as well.as from the Isthmus
of Tehuantepec.
Frem Iforf It Carolina*
Nrwßms, N. C., April 12.—The rebels have ap-
{ >eated in large force upon Chowan rirer. apparent*
y for the protection oitbe shad and herring fishery.
. The Confederate conscription has been suspend*
edln the First Congressional District of Nor h
Corollna, and sn amnesty offered to all the North
Carolinians who are or hare been in the Federal
From Louisiana.
New York, April IC.—The New York Tima'
New Orleans letter says: General Banks 1 com
mand Is above Nstchllocbcs, and there has been no
battle with the rebels. There is constant skirmish
ing with Dick Taylor’s rear, and things promise a
collision at Shreveport. A number of stragglers
were captured, and Captain Todd, cousin of Presi
dent Lincoln, has surrendered himself, and cxpresi
ed his willingness to lake the oath of allegiance,
and cold he was sick of the war.
The French After Tobacco*
Fonxnxss Monbob, April 14.—A French armed
transport, with a bark in low, has gone up the
James river, intending to bring down tabacco
from Richmond* bdongmg to thp French Govern
Another Union Victory*
Providence, April 16.—The second trial to elect
thirteen members of the General Assembly, in this
city vetlcrday, resulted in the success of the Na
tional Union ticket.
Gold Certificates.
N»w Tons, April 16.—Sales of gold certificates
so far, are about $7,000,0000. It Is said they are
reaching their limit, and resumption of gold dnties
must soon take place, at leant until July,
From Shreveport, Da.
' New York, April 14.—Natchez papers of the
let have a report that the rebels have blown np the
rams Shreveport and Missouri to prevent their
tolling into our hands, and evacuated Shreveport.
Another Copperhead Defeat.
Cleveland, April 16.— The Supreme Court o f
Ohio to-day decided the soldiers’ voting law cou
The Draft.
New Yoke,- April 16.—There is said to be no
troth in the reported postponement of the draft.
T. M. Cdbistun Associatidn.—The sixth
annual meeting of the Young Mens Christian As
sociation was held last evening at Biyan Hall,
which, tnalffre he weather, was well filled.
The meeting was opened with singing and
preying, after which B. F. Jacobs, the retiring
president read the annual report, containing the
statements that out of a population in this city of
170 (0 only some 45,000 adults and 25.O00children
attend church and Sabbath school. Only about one
fourth of the. young men.resident of the
Htv attend church, awhile the balance may be
JStmd In the 1,200 saloons, which now exist In thL
city as traps for the unwary.. Thy Saturday even
ing prayer meetings and the Mlasfbn Sabbath
Schools, are well attended, and many have,through
these means, been converted. A very Interesting
resume ot the North and Weat side Missions was
here given. These schools hare proved of great
spiritual benefit to-the inhabitants ot tbecelgubdr
hood, and many valuable members have been added
to tbe army of the Lord.
The Committee on procuring situations for
strangers coming into the city, has done unusually
well, having obtained situations for some G37 os:
ol a thousand applicant#.
The Relief Con.mit»ee has collected s;3,4*7A‘),
of which $12,444 has been expended, leaving a hu’-
ance on hand of , •
The tract distribution has not turned out so well
as wss>xpc-*Jed, as the reeelpU from the churches,
who had promised assistance, did not pay tho ex
penses by near $3 , 0.*» t
The ‘Army Committee received SD,OOO In wish,
sonic In sanitary stores, railroad passes,
services, etc.
The financial report shows that the total receipts
of tbo society for the past year amount to §iV:,-
ffTOAD, ncariv tllof which has been expended. The
report dosed with allowing eulogy ob tho'sa brave
members of the Association who nave fought, bled
and died in behalf of oar coantrfQ ,
The chair then introduced the President elect—
E. 8. Wells—who spoke at length on tiro Import
‘anfe of the Society. He was followed by Rev. W.
W. Patton, P. D., who offered the following:'
Resolved. That the efforts to promote, religion In
the army we recognize one of the mo#c important
spheres of Christian labor, whether the work-be
jedged by Its necessity or Its remits.
. Rev. A. S, Brooks then followed with an earnest
appeal lirfavor of the tract distribution.
Itev.’N. D. WUUnmeon offered the following:
i'-Ris&ved, Tbatt he success with which God has
crowned tbe Union Prayer Meetings connected
with tbe Y. M. C. A. daring .the past year, fur
nishes occasion for devout thankszivlng, and com
mends them to the sympathy and aid of all Chris
Rev. W. W. Haraha sobmilfed the following:
Inasmuch sa tbe ultimate success of the great
work of evangelizing tbe world denenda largely up
on God. npon prayerful persevering efforts in be
half of our children and youth, therefore
Resolved —That tbe Young Men’s Christian Asso
ciation, in the establishment of
their mission schools, have wise
and praiseworthy policy, for which IbcjJdaervß—
we trust they will receive—the hearty commenda
tion and support of every lover of tbe Redeemer's
Bev. C. H. Fowler followed In an able addrejwn
young men—and the necessity for securing employ '
ment fur them, after which
The doxologj wsa snug, and the benediction
pronounced, when the meeting adjonrnod.
Beetles Districts and Toting Places.
First Warp— District No.' I— All east of tho cen
tre of Clark street—Voting place, 41 Wabash Aven
ue. District No. 2—all west of the centre or Clark
street—'Voting place north-west corner Washington
and Wells Bluet.
Second Waju>—District No. I—All east of the
centre of Clark street—Voting place 297 State st.
District No. 2—All west of the centre of Clark et.—
Voting place, American Douse, corner Tan. Daren
and Sherman streets. t
TmBDWAhP.-District No. I—All north of the
centre of Twelfth street—Volin? place, north-east
corner Folk and Clark streets.- District No. 2 All
sooth of the centre ot Tweiith street—Voting place,
710 State street, near Liberty. --
Focbtii Wakd.—District No. I—All north of the
center of Ringgold Place (22d street) and South
street—Voting place, corner Archer road and State
street. District No. 2—all south ot the centre of
Ringgod Place i2hl street) and Sooth street—Vo
ting place. Engine Donne No. 9 Carrillo*! - -
I inn Ward—District No. I—All east of the cen
tre of Daisied street—Voting place, School Iloase,
corner Archer Road and Lasalle street. District
No. 2—all wpst of the centre of Daisied street—
Voting place at Finoncan’s, comer Archer Road
and Green street.
Sixth Ward— All edath of tbe centre of
Twellth street. Sixth Ward, District No. I—Vo
ting place at Stoltx’s, on Canal street, near Mitch
ell. All north of the centre of Twelfth street,
Sixth Ward, District No. 2—Voting place, north
east corner Canal and Polk streets. .
Seventh 'Ward—AH eonth of tbe centre of
Twelfth street. Seventh Ward. Hlatrict No. I—Vo
ting place, corner Wright and Union streets. All
north of the centre of Twelfth street, Seventh
Ward, District No. 2—Voting place, 7ti Blnol*-
land avenue.
Eioutu Ward—AH south of. the centre ui
Twelfth street, Eighth Ward, District No. I—Vo
ting place comer Sampson street and Blue Island
cvcnnc, AH north of the centre of Twelfth street.
Eight Ward, District No. 2—Voting nbecat Me-
Narj’a, on’ Polk street between Sboitoand May
NiMH Ward.—AH south, of the centre of Ran
dolph street. Ninth Ward, District No. I—Voting
place at Bolls Dead, comer Southwestern Plank
lioad and Madison street. AH north oftbe centre
ot Randolph street. Ninth Ward, District No. 2
Voting placeMendaea’a carriage factory, Randolph
and Ann streets.
Txsxn W Aim—All south of the centre of Monroe
street, Tenth Ward, District No. I—Voting place
at Engine Douse on Jackson street, near Jefferson
street. AH north of the centre of Monroe street.
Tenth Ward, District No. 2—Voting place at tho
comer of Clinton and Washington
Douse. •
. Eleventh Wxtu>—All winlh of the centre of
Kiozie street, Eleventh Ward, District No. 1—
Voting place- at Cambridge House, corner Dea
plaines and Carroll streets. All north of the centre
ofKlnzJe street, Eleventh Word, District No. 2
Voting place at AckhotTa, corner Halted and In
diana streets.
Twelfth Wajov—All south of the centre of Di
vision street, Twelfth Ward, Election District No.
I—Votlpgplace af Dnblur’s corner Chicago Avenue
and Milwaukee Avenue, All north of the ccnt eof
Division street. Twelfth Ward, Election District
No. 2—Voting place at Pat, Keefe's, on Elston
Hoad, near Dolling Mills.
*1 bibtzintii WARE—Dlalrlct No. I—All west 'of
the centre of Sedgwick street—Voting place at
Simon Eichcnecr's, on Larrabee between Willow
and Centre streets. District No. 2—all east of tho
centre of Sedgwick street—Voting place comer of
Well? and Menominee streets.
FocßtttKtn Ward—District No. I—AH west of
the centre of Sedgwick street—Voting place at
Smith's, on Larrabee street, between Blackhawk
and Cljboome Avenoc. District No. 2—all east of
the c< Lire of Sedgwick street—Voting place comer
ot Schilier and Wells streets.
Fittebsth Ward— District No. I—AH west of.
the centre.of Wells street—Votlngplace at 131
Chicago Avenue, District No. 2—all cast of the
centre cf Wells street—Voting place at 553 Chicago
Avei ne.
Sixaeesth Warn—District No. I—All west of
the centre of Clark street—Voting placa at
Granger's Foundry, North Franklin street, comer
of Indiana street. District No. 3—all'cast of the
centre of .Clark street—Voting place at North
Tothelfase Ball Clqbof Oblcnso.
Camp op the 39th 111. Lvtt’t, I
Gratsvtllb, Geo., Mar. I*. f
Atamectingofthe “ Turchlnßase Ball Club,”
composed of members of tbe loth Illinois Infantry,
the following preamble and resolutions were unan
imously adopted:
WnzßEAe—There is now in possession of this
Club a niece of chestnut wood suitable for being
turned Into a base boll bat, and.
Whereas— The said niece of wood wag picked up
on the battle-field of Cbickamauga, therefore be it
Sesf-tved— That tbe Club rend tho piece of wood
to Chicago and hare a base ball bat made from it,
to be finished with such perfection as will make It
a worthy trophy to be played for by the Base Ball
Club of Chicago:
Eeeolrtd, That the base Ball Club winning this
bat shall hold the. same cntil the return of this
Glob from the wars, when If this Club think they
can beat the Chicago Club holding tbe said bat,
they shall play a match game with the Chicago
Club, then In tbe possession of tbe bat, for the
final possession of the bat, which is a relic of the
battle-field ol Cbickamauga; and If tbe Chicago
Club shall beat the Tnrcfam Ba»e Ball Club, that
Chicago Club shall hold and keep the bah
liettfred. That this bat be sent to Chicago,
there, when properly prepared, to bo deposited
.with and in the office of tha.Chicago TmuiMS Co.,
wbo shell held the same until tho Clubs of Chictgo
shall appoint a Committee to whom the bat shall
he delivered, and which Committee shall then de
cide the manner in which tbe bat shall be played
for by the Chicago Clubs.
JJactud, That we earnestly entreat the Chicago
Cinhs to *po!n and wln'’ th!s bat, lor wo wl-*h
the honor of defeating tbe holders thereof when we
get back to tbe *• Garden City.” And Chat this
thing be done fairly, this Club shall play for the
bat within three weeks alter the arrival ortho C.ub
in Chicago, which if we fall to do then we forfeit
all onr right to play fortald bat.
Retoltea,. That a copy of these resolutions be
with and accompany the hat, and they be a part of
the records of tbe Club winning the hat.,
Setolv«i. That the Chicago Tribune he request
ed to publish tbe foregoing resolutions.
There being no other busineasbcforc themcctlug,
on motion the Club adjourned
Cilas. T. Fraud, president T. B. B. C.
James U. Maguius, Secretary T. B. B. C.
Tbs bat ia received and will bn duly preserved
tai called for by the winning patty. It 19 a splen
didly executed bat, and independent of its assoclp.
lions, is worthy of a spirited contest.
Markets by Telegraph.
>■ Albany Cattle Market.
[Telegraphed Exclusively to the Chicago Tribune.]
AtiuNT, April 18, isSl,
Bar Cattle—The high price* of la«t week encoar
aged heavy shipments nod the supply if noir 5,0!0
bend. 1 here ielng early Indications that the supply
uadi be large, the market opened at a decline of J<c
9 D, but grew firmer as it becarao'apparcnt that two
thlrds ©f the receipts were in the hands of a few spec
ulators, and finally settled down at Hclowcrthnu last
week. The demand was active on "New Tork and
Eastern account, 1,100 bead being taken for Eastern
markets. Prices range from ffl for poor common seal
lawags to Os for extra fins Illinois steers. Average of
sales about S3£c; quality of offerings good; receipts
Hocs-Deicafld active for the EastaudNew York.
Sales 5,100 head at sjSQS-ifc lor ordinary prime stll
lew: B,S'®£c for light to Air corn-fed,'and 9}S&> Jf c for
prime extra heavy do. Kocelpts, It, to# ; shipped to
New Botk,7,S(K}. ‘'
Cincinnati Market.
rSnedalßlf catch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CISCIKKATI, April 18, tS6i.
Geoceeies—Bedded reaction In Coffee, and prices
in favor of bßyers : [email protected] the best price offering.
Little demand forcrusbed sugars, which arc held at
2JKB2SC. Raw sugars flrtn at 13®21c. Molasses In
moderate demand at #[email protected]». •
• Fhocß—Market flat and prices unsettled; superfine
offered at (WO, and(*6o®6.7oat close, without buy
Grain—"Wheat declined sc, closing at t1.5531.i5
for red and white. Com declined Me, closing dull at
*UC£l.ts. Oats dull and S®lfc lower, closing at 803
Sic inbuilt. Bye firm bat In light demand at IUSC.
Barley lets firm, with sales of spring at #1.35.
WinexT—Market dell; demand quite light; gales
at *1.20, bat at the-close a decline couldhayebeen
established.- ’ , . .. ,
PE0TI8I0X&-Little demand for Mess Pork, but btl
firmly at *25.00 lor city. Bulk shoulders firm at 103
He. and IVifc for Bacon. Clear sides sold at 13 S-Ue
forloose and city. LafdatlSc. ThemarketgeneraUy
dull, speculative demand having ceased.
St. Louis Market. "
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribute.]
1 * - . . . St. Louis, April 16,1381.
- Tobacco— Brought large prices and .stiff salcs-«
Breealussat(sao®t2o;» do - ftct6r y ®°- at t 6 - 30 ®
7A#;22d0l planters’ do. at (WO®I2AO; 17 do coot
men shipping leaf at *1*3031*20; 20 do. medium do.
at *1*10331.73; 23 do. medium or manufacturing do.
at |22A6®l* 50; 6 doi floe do«at *SO.tiOQ67S.
Flop*—Dull, with sales of 400 brb XX on private
terns; U» do. super atH.2O, delivered; 101 do. do, at
' GbAin-Wheat unchanged, With sales of ill sacks-
choice at $1.0601.65; 7SO do. prime at 11.53; ICO do.
•priagatsi.S>. Corn lower, with sales of 1.951 sacks
>ew and old nixed at f 1.05. Oats scarcer, with sales
of 3,553 sacksatCUc. Bye aid Barley—sales of 45 tasks
Dye at sl-0; 5t sacks Bsrlsyat $1.70.
Wiiibxt— Declined and very doll, with sales of IS
Lrlß ttr.l3. .
I New York Market.—April 10. *
Coitor—Heavy and drooping at aOc for middling
aplands; and 75c for low mlSdliD;.
rtoca—State and western very dull and S'-310c low
er. at #*.60437.55 for extra state; $3.Wi)9.i3 for ronad
hoop Ohio; and 531009.73 for trade brands: closing
wi’h buyers generally Insisting upon still further ma
terial decline.
VruiaxY—H#avy and 305 c lower, at f1.153i.3l for
statu and western; closlrr al 51.1301.15.
G«aix—W beat very doll and nominal at 503 c low
er at 51.7301.7 C for Chicago aprlng; 51 730t.iU for Mil
wsnkee clnb; $1.7761-84 for wmter red western. Com
▼err dull and 7c lewer. old mixed western In store
SI Ah Oats dull and drooping for western,
lire doll, raoßoon S3KG‘.U£.
Gbocesixs—Coffee Urm, Rio.43c. Sajar firm at
for Cuba Muscavado, and I.K far Pert
• PrrroLiTTK—Qnlet and firm at previous quotatiocs.
Woot—Quiet and without decided ebvaxte
, Peotisio.ns—Fork le<s acilve and a abaci* easier, at
AJfyr me»«- sYß.soai».7sforolddo.; fi6.7.»3
fii.Oo for Dew do.; 532.Mv37J.5U for o’d’end aew orlme;
and $.4.78 for prime mess. AUoSOf beta new meu,
April, buyers’ vptlon, at 827.23. Beef very Arm. Cut
mc*ta active and firm at llX®tlc for shoulders, and 13
*ol6c for hams. Bacon slses in moderate request.
Lard less active and a ahada vaster at Viyfa'Sc. But.
ter in favor of buyers at 2SO'Sc for Ohio, aod 35310 c
lor State. Cheese steady at 16K019C.
New Fork Money Market—April 16.
IfoxzT—Decidedly firmer, and on active demand
at 7 per sent.
Stzbtaxo Exciluob—Lower, and very steady at
1S8&189. * 1
Gold—lrregular aoduasettled; optalnsat iTtifi and
advaDiflog to 172; oecllnlng to 17J‘<, and advsnclos to
I'.SJf, tad closlne quiet aca steady at 173L'^172«.
The total exports of specie to-day was s!> S^.'6.
GovaujfMßNT Brooxs—itatlier easier; IT. B.6*sfl
eoitfons 116; 5-20 Coupons UI6U3Xt 7-86 Xreosary
Notes, Oct. and April, 112.
Stock 6—o. & M. C,03; Canton Co. CDX: Camber
land Coals preferred 82*; P. Mall 233; if. V. C. 13;
Erie 118d«Preferredllu*; Ilnd#un 113; Harlem 193:
ITth*. Ft. W. ti C. 140*: iteodiutf IS*K; U. G. 146; W.
P. Jo 4*; decuaranteedHO: C.<t P. (2310. k C.l3>;
(h/h 'Gri2*;C. B. A Q. 132; Alii. & P.du Clilea 7«J<s
NtAfW.Jlp: Toledo & Wabash TO*; C. &N. W. Si*;
TftaimVT-3«3, Oct. and Anrll, 112.
The saTes •fsoldceriiflcstes is slopped, by order of
the Secretary'of the Treasmy.
TbasntacrlpiioßStotho KM3 lean at tbe First Na
t|op«l bunk to-day were 85:3 tto. Ilecciptsat the Cos
tom Honse tonlay, |153,000, of which $69,000 weregola
Gold closed at 173*. At the last public Bosrdtha
panic In Blocks wsa renewed. NYC 137*; Krl<) 117)4:
do prrfa 110; HR 111; ResdtiglU- US (W.*s dOCtd
DOK: Harlem 11-2; Toledollf; U C 143; 1U &X: C±
PI2OH; Galena l£.
I'bw Yob*. April 18—11 P. M.
• At OAttAoiran’s Eventkq stock ExenAsoe.—
Ptocka rjoacd much linnet than they opened. Gold
17o&; N{Y Cent. R’SM<»U-’>i£; Hudson 138: Harlem
193H; Reading 121 V; M.U.110; M.S. lot; a.etd-II;
lILO. cand plSOs Galenai:ajj; Clara. ft ToLlllK;
LM.US; Tol.ftWab.7o; Chl.ft UU.7B.
Baltimore Market—April 16.
Floor very dnll. Sties, extra, at *7.73. Wheat rjnlot.
Corn dall and declined l®2c. Whiskey neglected.
Ohio offered at 123 c.
Nrto .ahhErttjsmcTUg,
wfaenibecnce of wheat, ate.." advances and're
cedes with gold, It Is pleasant to know that at
EVEEITT’S, No. 157 Lake Street.
tho i rice of Carles de Vlslte 1* always the gams— S3
per dr-ten. WAX. if. EVERITT, Prop’r.
aplS It
of gentlemanly address, la wanted at
No. 157 Lake street. None but a trustworthy and ex
perienced nma need applr. Liberal salaryJpald. Call
at Gallery, tr address WM.M. EVEHITT, Box 075.
CIKTT.—Tbe member# of this Society are re
quettedto meet on
TDOiarSreolDg. April 19th,
at 7K o’clock, at tbe McCormick BoJldlns, No. 17
Dtarborn meet. ■ aplß-d»l-3t
XV Is drawing of April Stb.lSCi. No. 19.638 drew
f iCO.OOO, No. 14,926 drew f5">,000. No.'-5.8:3 drew $25,000,
No. .8,514 drew 9<o,cro, No. 4,023 drew S3.olo—being
the five capital prizes. 4ft percent, premium paid for
prizes. Information formibcd. Ilub«s» prfao paid
forMcnhlcons and all kind# of geld and silver.
TAYLOh ft GO., Banters,
aplBnUH-St , 18 Wall street, N. Y.
10. OF O. F.—Chicago Lodge,
• Vo. I?, will hold Us raeetlnea herealier ov#rll2
and 114 Randolph street, on Moncay evenings. '
Loans on eeal estate
"Made at Reasonable Rotes,
For a term of years, by
Double Proof Cologne Spirits
Of the very best quality, manafacturfd expressly for
transportation across the Plains, and for sals hr
sptl-cfl St St ft S8 Sooth Water street.
X v EBS.—The Harness Masers of Chicago sre re
qaeated to meet to-morrow •( Tuesday) evening, at
• half-past ssven OXI o'clock, at Ullnger’i oM stand.
No. 49 Lasalle street, to # p«rfect an organization lor
mutual benefit. By order ef the Committee.
/~iEDAR CAMPHOR must not bo
\ V infringed. The nams is a trade-mark, secureiat
the proper source. Cedar Campbor, for dofecdtng
Furs and IToeii from the ravages of Moths. Harris ft
('batman, faemrers, Boston. Druggists keep it.
LORD ft SMITH. Chicago. aplS-dlMt-lritp
TT'LAX seed for sale,
J? a,COO bushels choice
Selected & Screened Seed
For Sowing purposes. E. W. BLATCHFORD,
Chicago Lead aod OU Works
tch2-rT2I-tni-wr*M-net __
beautiful steel engraved Portrait:of
la full drew uniform, from the only correct and stan
dard Photograph fi»n» life, acknowledged to be an
accurate likeness by who liars seen the Gene
ral ; sUe of engraved»nrface r xiMuches, hanlwmtly
printed on roperfloe heavy plate paper 17x21 Inches.
Price ?1 per cony; India tTso/s |L TsU very doo
plcturs or the Fero of Vicksburg, etc., will he seat to
any uddresaby mall, carefully secured on rollers, on
receipt of the price. Canvasscre wanted :vervdiberal
perrentnee allowed. Address OtO. E.PFRlNß,En
graver ou ?tccl, 10 Cortlandt street, New York. ,
ap!3-c-C-lt •
£%. BIT!.
Scotch Masonry.
A convocation will be held la this city oa Tuesday
lOUi April, i£ti, tor the purpose of conferring the de
grees usd orders of the Itite Frleadi of the Rite aro
invited io communicate with tho Deputy Inspector
fc«n.rM of tit. District. & B-STAr . KWEATHEB . ,
Or to cither of tbe undersigned,
aplll*cl£C-St-u w & t net »
J~\ o Late of and successor to
H, ‘Witotcx & Co., (ERTABwanaD 18130
And Dealer In
No. 1C South Jefferson St.,
cplf-dIOT-St-ii'W&F-nct CHICAGO, ILL.
IScek River Paper €».,
Hard now-Is operation
And are prepared to fill nil orders for
In large quantities.
12 Kandolpli Street.
W, E. DALE, Agent.
Post Office Box ffisUapl3-c514-3t tc tu mAHnct
ll* THE WOBH).
73.' Ziake Strest.
apir-dso-it .
1040 5 per cent Loan.
We are receiving SnbscrlpUoas at par for
I). S. 10-40 BONDS.
Principal and Interest payable in Gold.
interest to eommf nee on day of Subscription, or on
March Ist, by paying the accrued Sr lores; In Gold or
in Treasury Notes at flityper cent, for premium until
further notice. _ ' _
Subscriptions roust be paid In National Bank Curreo
cv or Tttatary Notes. -
Lemlttances of 5500 and upwards may be seat on
our contract with the American or U. S. Express Com*
panics, and Bond* delivered Iree of charge.
Banks and Bonkers will be allowtd the usual com*
mission, they paying their own Expreasage,
Beth Coupon and Registered Bonds are Issued for
this Loan ot the some denominations aaS-M s. The
interest on (50 or (100 payable yearly—on all othst
denominations half-yearly.
Bankers and Agent for the 1040 Loan,
Corner of Clark and South Water streets, Chicago,
Nrle anumiSEOTeiua’i
W. M. ROSS & CO.,
At their ©LD STAIfD,
167 and 169 Lake Street,
Hare now In stock a superb assortment of
“Point Gaze,”
“Point Venice,”
. ‘’Mechlin,”
“English Thread,”
And all styles now worn In
Edgings and Insertions.
Many of them much richer than anything ever before
offered in this market.
A very large and complete assortment of
Ladies’ Vests and Drawers
Silk, Merino and Gauze Merino.
Glotc% Neele Tics, TTUltc Goods, Para*
sols cud Sub Umbrellas.
Largo dally arrivals of tbs belt novelties In
Shawls, Cloaks, Mantles
All bona lit for CASH, direct from Manufacturer's, and
will he sold at
1 The Lowest Possible Prices
Ross <Sc G*ossage s s.
Concern Every One to Answer.
Are yon bald?
Doe# your hair fall off?
Has your hair become thin?
Is It turning gray before Us time ?
Are you troubled with Itching, homing sensation of
tbe scalp?
Are yoo troubled with dandruff?
Are you troubled with what la eaHed Scrofula or
Have you bad the Erysipelas, and lost your hair?
Have yoo had the Measles, and lost It ?
Have you had the Tpphold Fever, and lost It?
Have yon bad the Brain Fever, and lost It?
Have yoo lost yoar hair by any alcknsea?
Do yoo wish luxuriant hair?
Do yoo wish soft and lustrous hair?
Do yoo wish gray hair restored?
Do yoo wish your whiskers glossy?
Do yoo wish them restored In color?
Do you want a dressing?
Do you want It for your children ?
Do yoo want It lor yourself, for fhthar or mother,
for brother,sister orfriend?
Do you want tbo best preparation out ft>r dressing,
stimulating, protecting, restoring tho color, and ren
dering soft, silky and lustrous, tbe Homan Hair?
If so, we warrant
Distilled Restorative
To Tie raeqnalled, end Superior to any Prepa
ration ever Compounded and ottered
to the Public.
It costs but |1 for one bottle, or six bottles for (5,
md Is sold by druggists and dealers everywhere.
C. O. CLARE & CO., Proprietor!. ■
• LORD ft SMITH, Chicago, minds, General
Agents. cpatfvSit-TOt-MWfty-aefr
jJIJL TI CU, Louistilli, Kj., Aorli 13. 'M.—Pro
posals will ba received »t thin office, «p to Monday,
May 2d proximo, at 12 m.. for fornl thine the lollowldr
rimed articles of Medical and Hospital supplies, viz-:
PorterorAle,as required barrels £5
Porter or Ale, as required .half prig, so
Pi110w5,.ba!r..... v ,.......... Jfo. 5000
Basins, tin, small for dressers *• 1300
Basina tla, wash-hand “ SIM
Brushes, scrubbing ** MO
Backets, wooden .** 10CO
Candlesticks, tin " 1500
Caldrons, with tin coTere,2f gals.... * 20
Chain ; * 2000
Clothes Lines (In lengthifol 300 feet) .....feet 21000
Close 5t001®.....................................N0. SOO
Corkscrews, " 100
Funds, tin. pints “ 300
Graters, nutmeg “ 100
Graters, large ; ** li*i
Hatchets “ 400
Hones '* 100
Lanterns, glass; .. u 659
Litters, hand..... 11 300
I’ots, chamber, dclf, white it...... u 1300
Scaltaand Welghts.tliop.... ..... “ SO
Snlttoons, tin •, ** IVg
Tables, bedside, folding “ 1000
VJal», aefiortfd, viz.; 6-6 oz., 12-1 oz n S2oz.,
3-:0 oz., In 8 and 10 doz. packages .doz. 1200
Wood 5aw5....... Ko. ' 50
Bowls, doll. ■ ** 10000
Dippers, tin, pints M 000
Dishes, < elf, assorted sizes “ 1300
Gridirons “ 09
Kettles,tea. Iron * 100
.Knives and Fork?, of each.. “ 30W
Knives and Forks, cairlDg, of each “ * 100
Mass, delf “ 7000
_ 41 15
Pans; tin,large, assorted sizes ** 500
Pitchers, delf X gal “ 1000
Plates, (ie1f...?.. 8000
‘ 280
Pots, pepper, tin.. M 200
fait Cellars *. 000
noons, table SOW
Spoons, tea 44 4000
1 nmblers, glass *. “ MM
Caps, tin.... " MM
Plates, tin. ...' * MOO
Samples to accompany bids, and the quantities and
time within which the artlcieenroposed to be for*
niched can he delivered at this office to be specified.
Each package or article, wherever practicable, tobe
designated by the name of the maker or vendor, and
marked - U. S. A. Hospital
npIMSKt Borg. IJ. 8. A., Med. Purveyor.
Six Thousand Copies Sold on the
Day of Publication!
Author of “Tbs Pioneer Boy,” etc.
Five full-pagc Illustrations.. .. Price
This “BUtorv of the Rebellion” contains the sub
stance of the larger works; so that famlUaathat do
not care to purchase the histories made large and ex
pensive by the Introduction of public documents, long
sneecle?, etc.—which few If any care to read—will find
the present a valuable and reliable History, for the
elder portions of the family as well as the yonoger.
I? Is for sale by every Bookseller and Newsdealer In
tbe country, or will be sent by mall on rtcaips of *IAS.
Jtfoil Orders solicited.
This Is a splendid book for as a copy can
be sold to about every fhally In the United states
Terms liberal. Apply at once. «. rf>
r jr Her sale In Chicago br 8. C.GRIGGs »*. c«»m
H. KEFS & CO.,
K. WALSH, and all lietaUers. apia-dJ-at
AWNINGS. —We have a fine ana
large assortment of
pkla uid Fancy Cotten and Linen Dnek,
Awnings and Window Screens
For dwelling* and stores, and will make and put ug
awnings on abort notice. _____ .
Bhlp Chandlen and Sail Makers, 205 and 207 So. Water
street. . •• mh9-aISS-m atwAvuet
1 AAA LARD tierces, in
• l.lMf \F prime order.
By FAXBBASK,FECK * CO., Hi. 9. Board Trade
Building. api*c3«’iwnet
2?ets aobmlssemnitß.
99 Clark Street
89 Washington St.,
With the Echo Attachment.
"We received Gold tad Silver Medal* on oar.lnvtra
rotate, and they are need by the beet bauds la tte
United&ta tea
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
Musical Instruments and
Havla? connection with manufacturing honsea Inßer
l!n, Dresden, Lelpalc, Ecgiaotl and Paris. ,
Wholesale Agents for the celebrated
PIANOS, and other makaa.
Mclodecns and Monitor Organs,
ELAJR3IO tnsxs.
OO Claris Street, Cliicago.
apl7 ctT3-2t-nel _____
98 South Water Street, Chicago,
And other Groceries, sow ln store, to
which the attention of Clowe Cash
Buyers !• Invited. iplwm-hw-aikTiifit
£ H. & L. LAELIN,
weappgg, nmm & mum mm
Opposite City Hotel, Chicago.
mh2l-b:3a2m-» x ± w -nek
(Successors to Butler & Honti)
Honnfactiirers and vVnoleaxda
did State Street, Cblcago.
.laß-t738 r*xaw net
A Splendid Assortment of
102 Lake street and 361 Broadway, 27. 7,
apl7 dlMtnek
Pour frame Dwelling’ Houses,
On SATURDAY, April 20. at 10# o’clock A. M.. wo
shall tell on the premises, on the north side of >\ ash*
iDBtOD-st., between Dearborn and State streets, the
Situated thereon- The buildings to be moved on the
flrat day of May, 18W- Terms cash.
.apn*dl6*7tnet GILBERT & SAMPSON. Anet’ra.
*•' 1300
•• SIM
For 42 8-12 foot on LasaUe street,
by 180 deep; alley on tie side, op
posite tie Court House. - One of the
beat Inside Lots for improvement in
the city, and worthsl,ooo per foot.
343 South Water Street.
“ 1000
:• 8000
Hie rest Mastor G»arfal having suppressed the let*
ter carrying system lately adopted b/thl-* Company,
the tjqduc are hereby notified um from sad after date
Micfi letters will not be received. Parties who bare
tba Coapooy’i enveloped on haid can haro tbiLr
money refunded by returnlne them to the oifice la
Sis city. LIYINGsTON, FAIiGO & CO.
Chicago, April 13. IHH. apl7-di*lw
Wt JB64—Messrs. BjjrroßD<t Baldwin, Booksellors,
Chicago. 11L; Gents—After this date wc const!,
tat* yon as our exclusive agents la the State of UU.
nols ana eity ofcnleaco, for the sale of our publics
lions, and In future all dealer* or agents In that State
arc reauested to direct their orders to you.
C.W. ALEXANDER* CO., Publishers,
No. 133 S. Third Urest, Pnilaaelphla.
All orders fer tie
Pollutions of C. W. Alexander &. Co.
we shall furnish to the city and coon try trade at
A* a very Low Fissure.
Agents will da wall to send their orders direct to os.
circulars will be famished with books be r ore orders.
Traveling agents are making from FIT* to TEN
DOLL »HS PER DAY by toe sale of the above pub\W
cations. apl7*d7l»3t net
i/\ rate Sealed Proposals for the Carpenter and
Mason work, will be recelred by the undersigned,
Until Tuesday Noon, April Sdtb,
‘"‘or bonding a Coart House for Doaclas County, Hit.
ro|«. The plans and •pecificatt-ns can beaeeo at the
.tore of J. M. SMITH, In Tuscola, and at ihe office ol
the Architect, O. S. KINNLY, corner sf Clarg and
rwelrthsirests, reserving the right to reject any op
&l !siS?ed) F. C. MULLEN, )
j.D.MUUDOCK,> County Judges.
J. SI. SMITH, Commissioner. apl7-dS7.it
The new aad splendid Passenger Packet,
HOLLIS ABLE,” Capt. Chas. P. Warner,
Will leave the above and lutermedlate port^.
On TUESDAY, 19th Inst.
Chicago passengers will meet the * Uollle Able” at
Cairo by taking the can of Illinois Central Hoad on
Sunday night urMoaday mrrulog.
DAS ABLE * ro , Agents, Cslro. 111.
' ROBT. FORSYTH, Agent, Chicago, 111.
Wanted, a number of men to work In onr Sail Loi*
an light work. , PUBINQTON * SCR AN ION.
apl»cS66-3laet 209 South Water street^
ah» ixrrnioi von so**,
aiICUB-netlß.lMna*** We*LaM»«u»
Ncto aibmisements.
XtTtnaorad fret* No. 25 t<* thalr Recaot, Xif
vxl dpacloos
Nos. 10,12 and 14 Lake street,
Whew UeyhATAmowreidy ftr
Mach tke Lenceet. Htndaemest, Bret AMOrMd, Mfl
Cheapest Stock ef
Umbrella*, PutioU, Canada Tlolt.
Falm Utf Hats, Shaker
Itdlea), KUuei>, aad Chil
dren's Bats, *e«.
Bought bertra the recent adranee, ud win be at
leredto*Ut>ay*r»*t LOW PRICKS.
MERCHANTS Cr'n all port* ot the Weet win flag
It much to their advantage to examine an EXTVR
matte? their purehaaee.
BWOSDRS3 thall recMva special aadpreioptfll»
Importers and Dealers L*
199 & 301 Randolph-St., Chicaft,
Offer for sale to tbs city tad country trade. la loti 10
•alt purchasers for caih—
-6.000 boxes I C Tin Plata.
2,C00 boxes 1 X Tin Plate.
2.500 boxes Extra Plates, all description*.
6.000 boxes Terse Booling Plates, IC and IX*
1.500 boxes Coke Plates, loir prices for Cans, A*
2CO slabs genuine Bases Tin.
1.000 slabs Strait’s Tin, large and small pigs.
1,600 slabs Lamb and Flag Tin, larga sad
small pigs.
75 eases American anAßngliah Copper,
12 to 32 ox.
1.000 packs Hrutia Sheet Iron. Wes. 8 to 19.
5.000 bundles Charcoal and 3 6 Sheet In%
from 13 to 28.
10.000 bundles common Sheet Iren, from IB
to 28. •
60 tons Silesian and Lehigh Spelter.
200 oaahs Sheet Zinc, from 22 to 40 inch**,
10.000 bundle* Fence Wire Annealied, B*9.
6.000" bundles Bright Wire, 0 to 22.
800 pigs Lead, (Galena.)
25 casks Begnias of Antimony, (Treat*
2.000 pounds Ingot Copper.
5.000 pounds Braziers’ Sheet Copper.
. Bolt Copper, Baiiroad Sheets, and Strip*.'
Orders received for Copper-any sizes or <raag» *>
manufacturer's price*: together, with s (all assorV
ment of any article In Tinners’ use.
Stamped Ware, Japanned Ware, M*
mh2i bS-SOt-it war-net
THO«. B.BRl’jlJ(’S
Beal Estate Office,
*lB to *2O PER FRONT FOOT.—A non-resident of
ferers a lot on Calumet avenue, (I*3 leet deep.) for
1623—0n1y $23 per fool. Also, others near by for
I. sale a: from fid lo |JC per foot. Good investments.
*25 TO *7s.—Choice lots within this range. Wasß-
Ingum street and Park evince lets, a abort distance
west of Union Park, at 5-33 per foot. Fronting
Union Park and Washington street, east of the Pars.
at*Ts. Foil depth lots (led feet) on good
east of Park, at *3O. Several corners at |3O. Cain*
met avenae and Michigan avenue low at *7O to *75.
*BO AND UPWARD.—Most of the Cochran Tract ha»
been sold, two low remaining, at *BO, fronting ota
■Wabash avenue, near Eighteenth street. Indian*
aveoce full depth lot, north of the Cochran Tract*
at *?3. Chois* property In the North Division at
*:W per foot, nabash avenue lot in excellent loo»>
non at *123.
HOUSES AND LOT*.—4oxl9C feet on Wabash avonus
with house near Hubbard Court, *BAW. Newboaso
and lot In West Division. ti.HO. A large number lot
.the South Division at from
BUSINESS PROPERTY.—Larga corner lot on Sooth
VTater street. i*o, on Late and on Vlandolph.
feet running from Wabash arcane to Dearborn
Place, cheap. "With a large Ust of other choice Baal*
aeaa property,renUag wulL apl?gi»2tnet
10* 40
United States Loan.
principal and Interest payable la Gold*
Second National Bank
Under authority from the Secretary of the Treaamj
is prepared to receive subscriptions on account of th«
United States KMO Loan—authorized by the act of
March Sd, ISM.
Bonds will be Issued of the denominations of ISA
IJOO.JSOO and SI,OOO. redeemable at the pleasure of
the Gorernment after 10 years In coin, with Interest at
The Bonds will draw Interest from March Ist, and
the accrued from that day must be paid in coin, or Is
United States orNaacuuuDank Notes, adding9opet
cent*, premium.
Parties desiring to subscribe «an transmit Um
amount required In Legal Tender Notes or Notes of
National Banks, our contract with tbe Amo*-
can or United States Express Companies, free of
charge. _ EDWARD L TlnKham, Cashier.
gbip Chandlers,
Offer Cor sole a full assortment of
Cotton and Hemp Canvass, Wool Sacking, SaEJ,
Tents, Awnings, Hags, te«
209 South Water Street.
mh23-hsl-30t-w.F*x net
To the merchants ol the Western States Is offered the
largest,-best and cheapest stock of
Wood & Willow Ware
Childrens Cab«, Cradles, Ctrta,
Wbeelbirrowf) Ac.
107 South Water Street, Chicago.
Cff-Azent for Davis’Patent Churn aodßcttarWocfc*
er, “the best In the world."
mhl9-at 69-iOt SAT xox * w net
Ts made from Pish Oils. ‘Will stand any temaerature
Pet np In small cans (no charge lor cases) of three and
six doxen each. Discount to the trade.
Friends and Customers
That we have sold out our entire stock of tamps and
Oils, and that we hate In store and are cow
opening a new stock of
And Fancy Oooda,
We will b« prepared by MONDAY’, 19th last., to offer
tame for tale. Hating been engaged In this busloeta
formerly, our experience and acquaintance with man
ufacturers will enable ns to offer select and saleab.o
goods for rountry and city trade. Our retail depart
ment will be on the
Ist floor 175 X*alte Street.
*pKW3-3tnet CHAS. L. NOBLS A CO.
Manufacturers of
And I)oabl« Pressed Steulse.
Office No. S, Board A«iIo Bulldlaar.
Bpl2-csC6>lwuet __
0 UNS, . GUN-3, GUNS.
Shot Cans, Hides, Revolvers and
Sporting Apparatus
nr >n kinds at Wholesale and Retail ever offered la
Sdamarket, can t* found at GEO. T. ABBEY'S
186 Lake street
rw“Acent for Hazxard’X and Dnpout’s Gunpowder
aad suLoula Shoe apS-cTMOae*
.lU. class Real Estate,

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