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S. T.—ISOC.—X.
r. rsons of sedentary habits troubled with woalmess,
lassitude, palpitation of the heart, lack of appetite,
dlstrewt after eating, torpid liver, constipation, Ac,
iloecrrc to sutler IT Uicj will not trj tte celebrated
Which arc now recommended by tbe hlghort medical
“"I warranted to produce aa IMME
JJI.aTE bcnchcial effect. They arc exceedingly agroo
Able, perfectly pure, and must superceod all other tonic*
Where a hcaltlg*, gentle stimulant Is required.
They partly, strength an and invigorate.
They create a healthy apfrctitc.
They arc antidote to change of water and diet.
They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours.
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
'They prevent miasmatic and Intermittent fevers.
They partly the breath and acidity of the fftnmmdi.
They core Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They core Dlarrhba and Cholera Morbus.
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache.
The? make the ■weak strong, the languid brilliant,
eand are exhausted nature's great restorer. They are
composed of tbe celebrated Calisaya bark, winter*
•green, sassafras. roots and berta. all preserved in per
•fcctl; pore SL Croix rum. For particulars, see circa*
tars and testimonial.* aronod each bottle.
Beware oi Imposters. Kxanune every bottle. See
that It lias onr private U. 8. Stamp unmnUlatofl over
Uie cork, with plantation scene, and our signature on
a flue steel plate side label. See that our bottle is not
refilled with spurious and doletcroua staff. Any per*’
•on pretending to sell Plantation Blttcre by the gallon
or In Hoik, Uan imposter. Any person iwii’nini* tui.
hoick, saloons, steamboats and country stores.
P. H. DBARE 9c CO,,
JdS-vSC7-emTH*ji 202 Broadway, K.T.
Ball’s Cedron Bitters.
*“ Te doubled the virtues of BULL'S
CEDP.OK BIITEBS, if any such there be. read the
tollowlng certificate from get tlemen well known lu
Oils community, and donßt no more.
Itsgen’eral introduction Into the army will save the
eves of thousands of our soldiers,
_ „ * . , LorißTinna.KT^JuneKLiaes.
we,the undersigned, have seen the good effects
3r T °ducedby the utcof Dr. JONU BULL'S GEOBON
BITTEBS m cases of general debility and prostra
uon oi the system, and believe Its general use would
St event disease and relieve much suffering. Amnnp
uur soldiers particularly would this be the cate,
especially those wuo ere exposed to miamiiatjff in.
Buencee in the Southern climate.
Collector Int. Ber., Sd Db-
CIIACOXiTra, Collector of tbe Port ofLouls-
' Marshal General of Ken-
REV CommSS? EIiSOS,Cor - 6ccrcUu T of Banltagy
* CO-Publishers Democrat.
HUGHES A PAKMiILL. Wholesale Dry Goods
»»*w*c ea JiSU.Jl!^ nßt r e ei, Louisville, Kr.
T & C°- € Wholesale Shoe Dealers,
_. _Matn street, Louisville.
HART A UAPOi’HEIi, Lithographers, cor. Market
_ m d Pircet. LonlßvTlle, Ky.
•UIIIIS WINTER, Clothlmr Merchant, cor. Third
D. & Army.
C-M. METCALF, National Hotel, Louisville, Ky.
COL. J&SEBAi I.ES, 4lb Kentucky Cavalry.
GEORGE D. PRENTICE, Louisville Journal,
Sold In Chicago at wholesale and retail by
•. u * SC CVIL, 76 Randolph strccL
del&eGd-Sm Stew wav
UKadnznc Porter’s Gonsh
Ba tiom
Ifl # purely V csk table Expccu rant, prepared by the
Madame with great care after utut years of study
8D I experience, to meet tlic urgent and crowing tie*
ztwmd for a safe and reliable antidote tor diseases of
tiie throat and lunca. Disorders <.f tlie pulmonary
organs arc bo i revalent and so fatal In onr cver-chanc-
In* climate tint some i»|p .ntldntc has been long
and anxiously sought for by ih- whole community.
n.« indlspent ble qualities of such a remedy fornoou*
lar use, most f., cwtraarr or oi'ax.tiit opebatiox ;
absence of da- gerfrom orer-dosea, and adapt* u.u to
01 whale..r a...- „r .ox. FULLER,
FINCu A FtTLiF H Hi.o *-Mt live DWYER, Whole
sale Agents for the Western States. apu»-ai2-2taiAw
A Pobilkre Cure for Brankco*
The love for intoxicating drinks Is directly owing to
an artltlclal appetite—ln other words, a perversion of
theoense of last*-, saptrindLced br continued exce* d
In the use of spirituous liquors intemperance js con
sequently kot a natural Infirmity, but *1 wavs depend
ent upon nrtlf.ctal c*nses These once removed, the
victim of Inebriety will lose &U Inclination or desire
lor the injurious bereracc.
Dr. ZANE’S ANTIDOTE, by Its specific action, re
stores the diseased appetite to its proper normal con
dition. The cravlog for spirituous drinks at once
•cecses, ana what before hau been au Irresistible pas
sion, now becomes ditiastcfnl, obnoxious and repul
sive. The remedy is perfectly harmless If directions
are followed. It exorcl>ca au ulmoK magic «1 effect In
causing dccp-aeatcd avebsiok for all alcoholic drinks,
and increase* the appetite loriood. Price fiabox or
six lor t5. .
Sold by allDingglsts. LORD A SMITH Agents for
■Chicago. tplS-cttsl-am w rii *ia
The Secret or Health.
Keep the stomach, tne bowel! Aud liver in perfect
order, and all must go well. No mischief will occur
to the vital machinery while the stomach, the great
sustalLlns organ, the bowels. the safety vaire of tue
fystctn, and the liver, the auxiliary ot the stomach in
the work of assimilating the loort do their doty fully,
faithfully and retmlarly. But suppose anyone, oteu
or these organs, lack the necessary vigor to perform
their functions thoroughly, what then? Thenn-jwer,
founded on an tmvanln:: «xyertcnce of more thin fif
teen years. In every variety and climate, isslmpleand
brief. Tone them with UOrTETTEBi* STOMACH
BXTTEKS. a coarse of this trresistable cordial trill
compel them to their duty, end through every fibre of
the irame will l»e felt its renovating, repainting man*
«nce. Whether yon are prc-dlhiKj«cd to Dyspepsia, to
Uvcr Complaint, to (the usual concomi
tant of Indigestion.) to IJlarrhaa, to Dysentery, or to
Dillons Colic, here byocr safeguard.' The first bottle
trill satisfy yon that yon have the one thine needlul.
If despondent your spirits trill Imj cheered. If weak
you trill be etrpegthentd. And the relief wld be per
manent. There trill be no letting down—no depres
sing reaction. If yon valne life and health, protect
yourselfwlth this vitalizing accnt. No prudent mas
should think of going to the mines without it.
arfl-CUMir w y&si
Titih Wotsk,
pic great Chinese Remedy for secret diseases. One
box will nerfonna core, incredientzaie purely vege
table Can be carried In the po '.het without fear ol
detection. Price finer box. Sold by all dragnets.
LOUD & SMITH, Wholesale Agents. gB
apll Cl6o-Sm TH-BOAMO
Attention, Company!
Volunteers, who expect to retain their health unim
paired during the campalgo, must see toll themselves;
d V.? ot d ruj r *»t;rseoM; supple yourselves
Avery English soldier's knapsack contains them.
If the reader of this ••notice” cannot get a box
or Pills or OlnUmnt from the drug store in hU
place, let him write to me, t>u Matutir Lane, en
closing the amount, and 1 will mail a box free of
expense. Many dealers will not keep my medlclres
on hand because thev cannot make an much prod as
on other persons’ make. 85 cents, 88 cents, and $1.40
per box of pot. api7-dlt-lw
Or* James,
Formerly of James’ Hospital, Custom House street.
3*c* Orleans, La., established In 1650, now nerm*-
licntiy legated at 66 Randolph street, Chicago, IUI
• uols, Specialist in the treatment of Old Cukoxic,
Mebcubiax..BcaoPUhors, and all kinds of Blood
akd beix DiasasEs akd Disoudeus of a Cos
taqious \ execal Coabactzb. cures them without
resorting to Mercury, lodide. Potassii Arecofc or
any pobon. but with a nxctralizeb. a positive
ccaxior all humors and blood poisons.
Okoakic Weakness, such 6b Seminal Weakness,
Nocturnal and Diurnal Lo<l.-6l»ns, brought on by
abuse oj the system, enrlr li discretions, excess or
entailed hereditarily, cam Inc loss of memory, con
fusion. depression, dimmas, and often times Insanity,
with other deplorable trnlu cf symptom*, treated aou
wdtcally cured by aiuirfalllbie method, sarins much
time ana expense. Gleet, Gonorrhea, Stricture, and
nil dl>p*«b peculiar to the foxes, of a private nature,
.n .fit call; cured.
Old His eases of the MO6T HOHEIBLK CLASS,
where the blood has become poliwmed. producing
’.notches on the face, small watery blisters, pains in
the head and bones, ulcerated throat, nose, limbs and
bony, scrofula, together with an endless number of
Remember Dr. James* Office and Parlors are at 66
Randolph, between State and Dearborn streets.
Office open from 9A. M. until 8 F.M. Consultations
confidential. Bpl7-d7T-2w
X)r. X* Dodd’s Celebrated Pile
Those who arc afflict'd with tbu p restating and
vexations disease need Buffer no longer. l>r. Dodd's
Panacea has bcHinuscd with unparalleled bqcccss in
Auronc and in America. Tffiusands testify to 1U won*
derfal virtue*. Send postage stamp for circular. Ad*
dres* DR. T. DODD,Post Office DrawerC6P9, Chicago.
npl3-c722Ci18 '
Ur. Bigelow,
Confidential Physician, (formerly of fit. Louis, Mo.)
n*c he consulted at bis umce, l'«C south Clara street,
•orner of Monroe, HI., half a block from the
Poet Office, os aU Chronic Diseases. and Diseases ot
a private and delicate nsturr, in noth sesra, which he
j-eate with unparalleled success. Booms separate,
when-Ladies and Gentlemen can consult the Doctor
with the strictest privacy. Office hours from 9A. M.
to 6P.M.: Sundays ldtol?A.M* Communications
confidential. Cotsultatious free. Address P. O. Dor
Enclose two stamps and get bis vluidcto Health.
‘ From the Doctor’s lone experience In Hospital and
private practice, tie Is able to perform, and will guar*
sntec. perfect cures fur all Chronic Diseases in their
most severe and complicated states, In a very short
time. without the use of mercury. . . .
Tonne men suffering from self-abuse are Invited ip
caIL A perfect cure warranted. Female irregulari
ties attendant on Puberty, Menstruation, or persons
naming any obstructions to marriage, should rail at
once and be cured. Best of city to
ability and success. mtu4-bSSg*4wls
ConrampHve sufferers wiu receive a valuable pre*
lor the cure of Consumption, Asthma. Bron
sUlUs, and all Throat ard Lung Affections, (free o
r,b.r«,) IVKiuUnE their «Wm« JP 4 wn-S0N _
Williamsburg, Kings County, New York.
Batr Uye! Ualr Ifyell
BACHELOR'S celebrated UAEB DTK is TKB h*BT
d tsz wozLn. The only IlaßMLcas. Tnua and Reli*
■ju Dye known. This splendid Hair Dye Is Perfect
—enangee Bed, Busty or Grey Hair instantly, to a
fiLoesr BLACXorbaTUaaL HBOvx.wUhootlnlarkig
.he Bair or Staining the Skin, leaving the Bair bolt
ind BcHntirtil: imparts fresh vitality, frequently res
toring lu pristine color, and rectifies the Hi effects ot
iuc Syes. The Genuine is signed Willi*, aA. Race*
anon, all others are mere Imitations, and should be
avoided. Sold by all Druggist*, AC. Factory,® Bar.
•Hay street, New York. jyS-gWMy.
Hoyt’s Diawatha Eair Bento*
In Longfellow’* Poem Hiawatha was adjudged to
have conuTTvd the greatest boon on LU tribe because
'oc brought to Its notice corn. Every one will admit
chat onr preparation is worthy of tfie name, for the
benefits It confers when it is known.
VVWVUW ,i vvyM,*B fl IIUI ,1 an hUUHU,
It restores tadrd and gray b»ir ana whiskers to tbclr
original color. Itbnnga up the natural shading of
one hair with another mu-* giving the hair a perfect
file appearance, so that the most critical observer
■connot detect it* use. it tunkes harsh hair soft and
.Silky, stops Its falling out. Cleanses it and the scalp
from all lirnurltles. IsasrvitdUv applied and wined
from the ekln a? any hair dre-slhg, and cstlrrly over
conies tlie bad cUects of previous use of preparations,
containing sulphur, sugar of lead. Ac. Tue proi.rie
tors of the Hiawatha published the following chal
lenge to test, In the New York dallies three week*,
watch WAS NEVER ACCEPTED. Let some well’
■inown and disinterested persona appoint one to the
proprietor of each preparation for the hair to brine
•jp the color. Every proprietor ro nsc nothing but
ale own preparation, and the person nothing els* dnr
uc the test. A certificate or the result to nc widely
ablWicd at the expense of the unencnesslnl compelf.
wt. told everywhere JOSEPH 110k T&CO.,
l>octor Thomson.
Formerly Assistant burgeon to De Novo Hospital,
tiacta Marie. Llsltuo, Portugal, and Burgeon to Hospi
tal, Saint Antoine, balnt Pierre, W. 1., has devoted
lilmrelf to the treatment ol contagions blood diseases
<!br more than thirty yearn. Ten year* practice In Chi
cago, HL, has estnblUico for him an unprecedented
reputation in curing 6cmtala,Erysipelas, Khenmatism.
and am*blood diseases, Nrrvousi»ebUHv. Ac., without
me use of mercury. The various complicated and
distressing discuses incident to females, treated with
amlncrt enreesa. Otflrc and Anatomical Museum at
■vpj south Clark fitrefl. Post Otllce Box 7Z. By In
-loalnc 15 cents in postage stamps, The Unfortonales’
•joide ebali be forwarded to any address In the United
, auz-Wll-iw
physiological View of 91ar*
• Jcntalnlag nearly 80? p«ees. and ISO fine Plates and
iurraving* ol the Anatomy of the Sexual Oreuue in
}>. n*te o! Health and mstaec, with a Treatise-on
«e!f-Abnse, He Deplorable Consequences upon the
-etind and Body, with the Author's Plan of Treatment
—the only rational and successful mode of core, as
rthom by the report of ca<ts treated. A truthful
■adviser to the married, and those contemplating
'iaa'rlage, who entertain doubts of their physical
.•vendition. Sent free-of postage to any adore*, on
• v-elr.l of 25 cet ton etom'.>« or nos al carrt-ncy.bv
>|are r LA CCOII. K0.31 UiMcnUm.^.
Human frailty, oh phy-
PlOl OGIC-L REFEARCHES, should De read
*.p everybody. It treats on, and shows how, the
o To r M hSUw “
lj en icOVlL 26 Randolph street, Chicago, HL: also o|
iIMf^KEAN 1 sJolbrfßK, comer Main
Incton atrteu, Peoria. 111. UU^U| * J
STORAGE- -Fnrnitnre and all ether
UDd, of goods .tored .1 modnj»l«tliarg« In tlie
FlroPnof Brick Warehouse,
‘ trect ’
Sauteing ana Eifijaitse.
CHANT® savings loan and trust com
PANT.—The f otesof the
Are rcd-MLPd at the counter of Hits lUnt In Legal
To dor Notes at par. L. J. GAGE. Casnler.
aplS-cSCS-lm -
Sherman, of Buffalo, Beniamin F. Jerri*. Presi
dent of the Back of ftarenotfft, N. T., and Edward 8,
Rich* of E. 6. ideb’s Bank of Exchange, Buffalo, bare
associated themselves together for the porpoee of
carrying os and transacting the basinets or
1130 PQ’E STREET, in the city of Sew York.
Railroad Stocks, Bonds, Sold, &c.
foiT B ILu IOWM D'-poelts,,ub]Kt •«>» checked
Mareli Ist. ism. !, V--
ttii6.sß3s.soas £I; bioh. '
4 South Clark St.; Loomis Betiding*.
„ We are bow prepared to'recelve Deposits, Boy and
beu Exchange, and transact a General Banking Bud*
muuuta B.nOTCUDtaSBADoiB.CMite.
Original and Snbstribtd Capital, - . $200,000
JAS. H BOWEN, President,
AMOS T. HALL, Vice President.
IBA HOLMES. Cashier. fc2s-v39l*3m
Southwest cor. Lake and Clart-sts.
CAPITAL, - • - f600.000*
E. AIKEN, President.
E. B. Beaisted Cashier. ' -
JL OF GALESBURG, Galksbubg, Illinois.
CASH CAPITAL* 8100.000.
This Bank Is now folly organized, and prepared for
the transaction ol a Genera?JJanldai: business.
Its services are tendered to panics haring corree*
ponccnce In Knox and adjoining Comities.
, „ E- L. CHAPMAN. Cashier.
Cnioxfi H. Matrws, President.
I** XJ 1 ce Preridcnc.
mhSfrbceMm w fAm
. Notice Is hereby given, that all Bills or Circulat
ing Notes of the
Eeretoion Incorporated and dome business In the city
of Chicaeo, under the general banking laws oftte State
of minois, most be presented fpr payment to the Audi
tor of Public Account* of said State, at his office, in
tbe city of Springfield, within three years from the
date hereof, or the funds deposited for the redemption
Of said notes wUI be given np to said bank.
Dated this 3Sa day of Mar, A. D. Jefit.
S. W. Wtt.i.a an, Cashier. jy2frg2s2*to;t7Al
Office of Comptroller of the Currency,
Wamusgtos, March 15, isci.
WnrrEAß.By satisfactory evidence presented-to tfca
ttadcrocned. It has been n.ade to appear that the
> IFTH National Bank of CHICAGO. In the county of
COOH and State of ILLINOIS, has been dulj organ*
ized nnoerand according to the requirements of the
act of Congress, entitled “An act to proride a Na
tional enntney. teenred br a pledge of United States
stocks, and to provide for the circulation and redemp
tion thereof," approved February 25.1563, and ha«
compiled with au the provisions of said act required
to be complied with before commencing the bnslnca*
ol Banking.
Now, therefore, I, HUGH McCULLOCH, Comp,
trollcr of the Currency, do hereby certify that the
FIFTH Notional Hank of CfHCAGO.County of COOK
and State of ILLINOIS, is authorized to commence
the business of banking under the net siore^ld.
( .. In testimony whereol, witness mv bund and
£ seal! seal of office, this FIFTEENTH dty ol
* ''vw 1 MARCH, 18& C
ap9-cSS7-COt Comptroller of the Currency. .
®mutnisslon merchants
»0 Lasalle street. Chicago.
Advances made on Grain. Fleur and Provisions con
signed toL. Roberts & Co.. New Tort, andStanard,
Gilbert & Co„ St, Louis. apiO-ckri-An
coamissiON merchant,
Ko. 8 Board of Trade Bnlldliif Cmcaoo Ttt..
coamissioN hebcbakis,
210 South Water street, Chicago.
T. MAPLE. • tmh23-b2CT-lmJ__ J.E.MIPLB.
City Bnlldlnzs, 10 South St. Louis, Mo
T. maple. [rnhSA-bas ImJ J. m. v >»>.■».
88 Natchez street. New Orleans, La. ”
Aibiet G OBiB& Orleans.
B. P. ObmbA Co , Bu Lotus, _telS-wSI9-3ni
Q. EOR G E 21. HOW
Commission Merchant
pFFICE 5o» 1,16 Lasolle Street] Chicago# -
CT'ProtLpt personal attention paid to the sale and
£nreba«s cr Grain, Floor, ProriMous Seeds, Hides.
IveStock. Balt, Lumber, drc. KefertO the principal
mcrchams and bankers or the city. mh23-hlS2m
H ’ *
Huntley Mary A miss ilyder Caarlea mrs
Humphrey MarFmias Huntley Saaao tmw •
Hash* e Bridget miss Hotkey Mary mrs
Howell Carrie miss Barley mrs
Horton Pauline miss HarlbertM Lmn
Hopkins Helen mles Unrlbert Wn A mrs
Hoisted Ailentuiss mra
Hook Hannah ir Us . llcwcs Wm mrs
Highlands Era miss • HnclsMarymn
lliccms Anna ml as' Hnche* Jcmuo A mrs
Hickey Mary Ann miss Hubbard G U mrs
Hlpfcle H Pints* Hubbard Sarah Giza mrs
Hlckev Marpret Amiss Hubbard Enla mrs
Hickey Mary £ miss Hoyt Cordelia mrs
Hennery Mary miss • Host Thoa M mrs
Hayccr. Cnlce P miss iloworo Catherine mrs *
Haves Maggie mlsa Hopper M A mrs
Hatchce Julia M mlae Holmes Mary mrs
Hcrbrouck Anna miss Holcomb Polly M mrs
Hardin? AnnamUs Hogan mrs
Hartnett Mary miss -Boaghan J C Mrs
Harden Ida miss • Illggfnaoo George M mrs
Harripan Mary Ann miss Henry Ellen mrs
Harrison Hctsy miss Henry Catherine mrs
Batson Amrmta mUS Hazen Qeo rara
HmlonKftemlfta Hayward Almira mrs
Hamilton Mapde A miss Haven Mary mrs
Hamel Sellc miss Horbarph Kva mrj
Hall Sacoo miss Barilo Ann mrs
Hall Francis miss HenkeeAGmrs
HnlltckJ Minerva miss Harris Sami H mrs
Halpbl Mary miss Harris Mary Aun mra
Hull Addle A miss Hanley Mary inrs
Hnckctt MarrmUs Hansen Sarah mrs
Hull Henry llnire Handley Sanaa 11 mrs
I Huntington Adam mrs' Hall Alanson mrs
| HuliMoryEmrs HainesJulmmrs
202 STRI3 j iTory Mary C mrs Ingalls Lizzie miss
Chicago. April 12,1531. 7
jty ordrr of Provost Marsha] General, enlistment
in the Naval pervleeat a Naval Rendezvous, and Only
reported by the Commanding Officer thereof for credit,
will entitle the district to crcClt on^ltegonta.
Acting Master U. S. Naw, Commanding Naval Ben*
Good Bccmlting Agents are wanted In
Bllclilgan, IlllnoU, Wisconsin, lowa
and Snndeoota^
To whom good pay will he given. Government bounty
la now paid to Naval item la, and men are received
for one, two and three yean.
Con select the Navy If they desire. spl4-cTSS-lm
Ormsby Iron Works,
Offers superior inducements to all consumers of Iron.
apU*ciSM2t -
Look for the red
Dating secured a very large stock of the
Ever offered for sale In this market, we are prepared
to supply families, in every pan of toeclty.the comlna
Wc have also a large stock of
Which we will deliver to Batchers, and ajl others whe
wish It, or sell at our booses VERY CHEAP.
Will find It for their Intercut to call at IS2 Dearborn
street before ranking any contracts or promises.
CST’ Care loaded direct from our Ike Douses for ship,
mh3-v»22-2ni fcCAiiis
Lit, W. F. hPESCER, .
Havinglately arrived from the East, has taken rooms
at No. 157 East Wasblucton street, where he Is pre
pared to treat all cases of
Without the me of the knife. Haring, In addition
to Ms own. the ktowlcdpo and EXPERIENCE of the
celebrated Dr. REYNOLDS, of New Orleans, he feels
confident of being successful where others have failed.
Dr. Spencer hap also a certain cure for NEURALGIA,
which lias never been known to fall. aplC-c9s£> zw
X»i GLOBE CISTERN, Patented March fttlu ISfL
This Cistern Is built la the ground, of brick and ce
ment mortar. The lower part la ota globular form,
with a water-chamber dlrccuv above, of equal capacity
with Hit globe. The FILTER consists of Sawd.Chab
pou and Brick, and iuenrfiacc is eqnal to the circum
ference of the water-chamber, „
This Cistern le preferred belorc all others, from the
fact that the water iscixamc aedpewm than any
ether cistern water—fit lor drinking, family use, or
any other purpose desired. These Cisterns arc not
batiie to crack, as others are. and may not need re
pairing in a life-time. The chamber can be cleaned
out in a few minutes, and the globe be foil of filtered
v ater at the same time.
Built any size required. Those wishing to purchase
mli_i-b£s-im Canton. Fulton County, miaou*
ADMIRALTY.—By virtue of a Writ
rtnUpirtß^tSfrk? lo ?* SRruuel H. Treat. Judge of the
of ibi?l< K “ t^ D A ,rl . ct^u « fi »« , tbe Southern District
A.>ri A f> dated on the Utb day of
hieh.ii ®° l d at Public Sale, to the
frlt n n ?il^ l , l) dder , lcir Clifih, at Cairo, in said Dia-
Inc - the loHow-
BprtDgSrtd. IU„A,VrU?;; < S U S ’
■pyERGREENB.- of
Tlieo quMter. ol a mile northwest of Graecland
where may aem , 1 wraccianu,
100,000 Evergreen and Deciduous Trees,
From one to ten fe*t high, and some of the effect nf
tree culture on our wild prairies in the vicinity ©TChi
vnte Irslractlou on the Piano Forte, by
1 Lady of Experience and ibiut;,
Mav be secured by addressing "MPS," P.0.80x
3857. Terms reasonable. »pU-cS2I-iy
LANDS, of everv rarielv of situation and soil,
and all In well settled counties, for eale. Pamphlets
end map sent on application, eoclosmgpostage. Lib
eral terms given to actual settlers, ana good selections
at low prices mode for those wishing a safe andproflt
eblc Investment. Titles perfect. \V. J. BARNEY,
Office, ]i? Randolph street, Chicago. P. O. 80x5637.
aplt-CTCT-lw eow
odes tux mat xavz ox
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•J'ONDAT, APRIL 18 1804.
Remaining uncalled for In the Chicago Posl
Office. ,
liABlhS) liIST.
irtSSK-lw?*? “I* Almira miss
a 4wH l wn Kftt ® mifl * Athor Tlcnc miss
' Austin Sarah ml *8 2
miss Atkinson Josephine mUa
Anderson Kate • Austin Miriam mis
AncersooLariola miss V Austin Charlotte mrs
Amo** Iva miss AulSiriibmlsa
Anerews Mary mrs Ayer Eiioa mrs
Antlbns Jennie mrs 3 apw»ti Coariotte mrs
Aipold Catherine
B**lUy Eliza mn Blake EKW mrs
Baker Lucinda mn Bla-chara Lotus* mrs
Badger Ella A miss Bletnann Johanna miss
Baileri-usau miss Boccee MunnleM mrs
BcrcnTFmn Bolcbicu Flora miss
Bailey Hattie miss Bora Mary miss
Ballard Mary mtss Barbor Mary mrs
Ball Jtcnle miss ' Bolles Sarah K mrs
Ballard Catherine mn Boyles Precllla miss
laid* In DJ tun Bonser Jennie alas
Bandon Vmn . Bourne Kmeretta mn •
Barlow E L miss Bowers Francis mrs ‘»" ,
Barblcn Theresia mn Bradshaw Bridget miss
Turk 6o»ah miss Brandon Henrietta miss' ■
Barbonr Stillman mn Brant Emily miss •
Barnes Elizab* th U miss Bradley Kellie Mmlss'
Barnes C B mn Brammon Johanna miss
Barnes mn Brands Annual miss 3
Barnard 8 mn Bridgman J W mn
BarnardHtmy mn , Brlnkerbcff Adallne cm
Bancs mn Brooks ftoxana
Barb Anne £ miss Bnmcr Bell mUs
BsylcsCaiticmn Brnner Kate miss
Beebe James mn • Bromley Sarah mn
Beatty Ecsan . BrooksDella Mmra
Beatty Lime miss Brooks EF mrs ,
BrhanCatherinemlss Browning Bell miss
Bell Orrhla miss Brnndaze Jenny miss
Bcebee Alary A mn Brosso Mary mn
Belanger Thebe mn Brown B A mn
Bellaud Annie Brown ALmn
Benton Peter (wldow)tnn Brown Ann miss
Berthcl Elix*belli mn Brown Oracey miss
Bentley Mary miss Brown Hattie S miss
Hrtlgan Margaret Brown Mary Emn •
Betlsballlemn Bulger Eliza miss
Bigelow Rath mn Bnndlngtoa G Dmn
i Bird Lorcna miss Bums Mary miss
! Bigelow Lime mn-* Bnrk Mary miss 2
Biglow Augustin mn Bark Wins witaa ..
Blcknel) G mn BnrkMargareimtsP
Bit-sell Eliza miss Bun Sena mlas
Bigley Joseph mrs -Banham Panlmn
Bltncy £ A mn Burrows Artbnsa mn 3
Blilinghnrsl Barbara mn Ontler Eliza Ann
Bigelow mn Barns C M mn
Bird Horace mn Bnrns Catherine
Blanery James mn Borne Catherine
Blanchard Mcdora mn Bnsh Sarah Mmn
Blakeeley Henry Dmn Bolts Antoinette mn
Blackburn Louisa mn Butler Mary A miss
Byrne Lizzie miss flyrneCatherlno
■ ■ C
Cable Marymn CadwcH Sarah mra
Cun cron Kate miss 3 , Campbell mrs
Campbell Fannie miss Campbell H T mn
canning Maggie miss - Csppack Isabella miss
Carney Mary miss Carroll Ellen miss
Carroll Catherine miss CarothenMagcle mn
Carecadlne Alfred mra Case Charlotte mrs
CaTarngbKannJeFmn 3 Ceperly Harr A miss
Cavanuph Mary A miss Chalmocer C E mrs
Chapin Emma mrs Chapin Martha mn
Chapin Annie miss Church Lucy miss
ChoiehK B mn Chnrcb Marv miss
Chester A mrs ChorebiU J A mn
ciasley Benjamin mn Clement Kachael mn
Ctapp H A mra Clapp Jennie A miss
Claucer Ellin * Clark Martha miss v
Clark Addle miss (Hark A F miss
Clifford Josephine miss 3 Cloyd Margaret mrs
Clcmman J J mn Coffer Bi.n mn
Cook Margaret tore Coggln Emily mrs
c alter l.aora miss Collins Pheba mrs
Collins Sarah mrs Collins Fannie mrs
Cole Dorcy mn Cole F W mn
Cede Annlo miss Cole Louisa mn
Commons Susan miss Comfort Margaret miss
Coleman Nellie mn Connolly Grace mn2
formers Mary miss Conners Mary
Conners Jnba rales Conners Jane
Connorton Bndget Coolon Ann EUzamlss •
cooper Mngile miss 3 Cook Lydia M miss
Cool Delilah mrs Cookie Katr miss
Corbin Geo mis Cooler i-arali A mn
Cardincly Thomas mn Conch Jennie
Cordell Jennie miss Cnnssmn
Crawford Mildred min Crawford Sophrocia Amiss
Cnigln Henry Burn Crews Mary mlss2
Crookrt Eliza mn Croxon Fred mn
< rofoot Beniamin mn Culrer Marla mrs*
Cnlane Mm y a miss Cndmorc Margaret mn
Curry Angustns mrs Cunningham Bridget
cinson 1 man a miss Connolly M mrs
Colby E M mis Campbell Catharine ml-**
Coe Fanny A miss
Darey Margrot A mn Dickinson C ran
Dan t* n M A mra DlcSman C Ka.nn tnfag
Darucs Celine mra Do&ne Jana tnlsj
Davis- s \v mrs Donner Amelia inlsa
Dttvl* I>l tun Doorley Martha mrs
G TV mra Docely Ellen mra
Davison Reboot mra Donan Anna r. las
D-vti M .1 mra ’ Donm Catharine mra
Donley Sablni mra
It&vinllStricLmlsS Darienßridget min
Davis Lew it mra . Dolph Marcada 8 mlu
J'avli'ton J If jm Donzlan Lizzie miss
Day cfaas w mrs Dudley E A mn
Di*j Ckrarol.-a Dunham CatUennc mra
Iti'ijllflmrs Dnnc Allco miss
L'. akin Lockamlaa Dngan Catherine miss
I’tpm* Aronirra Dnenanan Mary Ana mrs
Deal MM mra Dtmham Chaa U mra
Dnotcg Kate miss • Dnnster Lncy s mify
Den pay Mary mn Denton C mn
Dempsv Sarah min Downer Celestia miss
DepneCjaihamlra Dutiya Kata mrs
Ibliard >v D n.n Dufey Virginia mia*
Dillingham Comfort Ann Demand Anna mrs
mist PourJCmn -
Dllicc John mn Draper James mn
IlckJtßen.Annmlas Dwight AmasaFmw
Dtzztl gunnel mrs
Eninas Alice miss Alison fbsrlott mn
FdH’llQJmlss Emery Ma y miss
Ed wares Clatlca miss Engal Lonisamlss
Kdwordf TV If mra Enana U D ms
I’gan litra miss EnacsLoalsmn
Kt-iltsiotiLonUmre Krskln Reb-camra
Eiticott Edvard F mra Ererctrs Hannah d mrtf
hlacmloiph V.’n A mra Evans Mary A mra
Elliott femh mrs EngalsLlbblemlss
- F
Falter Mary miss •. Fol ton Martha mra
Fwnsv nrto Jnlla miss Frlstfd Mary Bmn
FntgcH>n Deiinamiss Frazee Mary mn
Fli/natrlck Johonna miss Fowler Elizabeth Jane mn
Fitting Elizabeth miss FostonTVHmra
Fitch IJzzleE miss Fuller Rnben mn
Filkins bar ah b Folk-mas Matilda mrs
Findley J 8 miss Foller Della mra
Flanders Mattie C tnles Fvrany Mar* Jane tnrj
Flea cbsnde Emma miss Foi restcr Leri A mrs
Flaek Anna H miss Fogg Thomas mra
Foide Ellen min Flneld Z B mra
Fordo Belle miss Fisher Flora mrs
Foley Madge miss Forgess Henrietta mra
Fortner EbmUs Fnwett O M mra
Fotcn Mary miss Farrell Ellen mra
Foray the Lizzie miss Flonrnar J J mrs
Fry Mary miss Flynn Mary L
Fry Francis £ mn Farrar Miry A miss
GnermEJmrs Gar Emma miss
Gndctl O £ mrs * Galloway Mattie miss
Gnlnnlp Catherine mrs Gallagher Mary miss
Grctnleafilory IS mrs Gordon George mrs
Grey Clara £ mrs Gorge George P mra
Gordon Ella C miss Goodrich mrs
Gould Sue miss Cohort GW nm
Gooorich S £ miss Gills H rars
Gilbert Mate zclss Gibson Joseph mn
Gilmore Marv miss Gefirge Kate mra
Giles Joscpmnemlss GecreeM«ry Emra
Giles 8 tv .miss Gamble mrs
Geary Mary miss Gundy 31A miss
Gardner Lydia miss Gallows? P
Gardner a argret Amiss. Godfrey’Mattie miss
Gates Hetty miss Goodman Helen 31 m*s
Johnson Nathan ton Johnson Lucy miss
Jones Robert H mrs Johnson Belle miss
Jones James mrs Johnson Jenny miss
Jewett A mrs Johnson Maggie miss
Jewell Wm A mrs Johnson Ellaj mua
Joflln A K mrs Johsnloa Jane tnt«a
Jackson JnllaE mrs • Jones Nancy mlsa
Jackson Jakn mrs Juncerts Marla mis?
Jackson Martha mrs Jennings Marla K miss
Jacobs Ma’yErnrs Joglia Almira il m‘ss .
Johnson Pom! B mrs Joyce M mrs
Johnson Mary C miss
Knex M«ry Ana EUzh rowKlvhhan Moggie ml??
King Sarah mrc Kvtleraiw
King Jane B mrs Kinobde Eliza miss
King A mira mrs Klldtiff Lizzie miss
Kincaoe M A on Klest Mary £ miss
► tmbsil Almira H B mrs Kidd Eliza miss ■
Kelly Elizabeth mrs . Kettleson Cornelia miss
Keith T E mrs Kclilher Catherine miss
Keefe Anne mrs * Kellogg Laura miss
KeefeM&rgnretLmrs Kcatb Thebe miss
Keeler Mary mrs Keegan Lottie E miss
K«elerJßure Kane Ellen miss
King Sophia miss
Lancaster L mrs j^ewlsßßmlas
Ltpct Mary miss Lewis Ann miss-
Laming A J c rs Lumps Mary miss
Lsnc 11 A mrs 2 Lindsey Mary miss
Lane Augusta miss Linde Justine mrs
Ltpman ML mn . Llghtfoot Nancy mrs
LnwlcssPitbronellamlss Lladsey Harriet mrs
Lcddew Maggie miss Liston Anna mrs
Ltesley Betsey Amiss Long Bridget
Lte? Barbara miss Long Saran Ann
jrtKlUnmhis . Locke Hannah L mrs
Lee Christine miss Low Eliza miss
Lewis Marla 8 nffse Laud Mary
Lewis Katie miss Luieh Catf.een mrs
Lewis Mary P miss Lynch M«*ne Anna mrs
i ewis George B mrs Lynch Sarah miss
Lewis ri.of.be mrs Lyons Alllcla mrs
Leonard Virginia n miss Lyons Charlotte miss
LCwts Mary 3 uiss Lonergan Annie
Lewis Mattiemrs Lamont'Hmrs
Lee Christina miss Leary Arm m mrs
Mndipan Mary Amiss Mix Lurenda C miss
Mahoney Ellen Montaadon J U mra
Malmiy Mary mra ’ Moodey Ellen
Moloney Barbara miss r MoatgomeryEßmre
MallonMargJiretml»s3 Moodey Cordelia
Malahy Caroline mrs Mor-laad Emllymrs
MalcombNancymra MordantU B mra
Malay Mary mrs • Moran Annlemlsa
Maloney Ellen Morgan A M mrs
Mark-UerrlettQlss Morgan Mary E miss o
Mollgan Mary A mrs Morgan Catherine miss
Markham L mrs • Milne Mary Emu«
Marshall Bessie T miss Jmrs
Varttn Marv mrs Momsaarya'rs
Marlin Nancy Lmrt Morton sj mrs
Martin J TV mrs Morrill J E mra
Mather Sarah mra Morris SB mrs
Mcal crry Mary L miss Morns Caroline mrs
Marson'Kaic mrs Moose D mra
Mathers El’za mra Momaer Catherine
Mamard mrs Mayer John P mra
Molten Get trade miss M ynahan Johanna mrs
Mather* Rachel mra - Moulton Addle R miss
Mason Jennie E mrs Moore Hattie A miss
Mathers SM mra • Murdoch Sevilla mrs 2
May Geo TV mra Murray Rosa miss
Mcrrlman John mra Murray JohnKmra
Mcrrifleld E A mra dr Mnngoran Uzzle il miss
Mendcll tvniiam H Moffiorn Mary miss
Miller A I> mra Murray Margaret
Milne TV B mra Murphy Myrla miss
MnkrNsuey miss Morphy Ellen F miss
Mills Fhcrbe mrs Murphy Honors mlaa
MHlerCaiherlne Mcycrßarah mrs
Mellen f Augusta mra Moor Amanda E misa
Michels Ellen mlaa MmsPanlloetnlss
Miuar Mary miss Marks Elizabeth mra
McAnlev Jane miss • McGorrv Mary J miss
Mctanh Mary Ann mrs McGartoey Anne mrs.
McGnrfev Ellen mlae McKeozh Anne miss
McCabe tC mra McKariiAnnamlM .
McCauley Rosa mrs Mclntosh Francis mrs
vcConucll Marymlss ilcllale Catherine miss ,
MeOnre Rosanna mrs McCary Caroline mra
McfTndt n E mrs McHale John mrs .
McDonough Bridget AnneMcQuade Mary Ann miss
McnongatDavldmrß McParland Maty miss
McGuire Wary ml-s McQuaidMaggfenuss
-VtGulre Rose Ann mlaa McKee SmUs
MeGary Ellen mUs • McCoy Mary J mrs
MrGomc Margaret mrs McSandlesbsran mrs
Nash ClaraMmrs . Pollen James mra
Nangbton Jnllamrs • Noye Jane O mrs
Newcomb Mary Amn Noole Kate mrs
Newkirk Anna mrs Nichols Catherine misa
NtLurn&trahmrs NlchoisLUey miss
Nicholson mrs Keny Lonlsa miss
Norr.e Jane mrs Newman Lido miss
Nnuent Isabella mrs Nasamore Caroline miss
Gmalley w m j£ Ti ogelsby Caroline mra
err Moriah miss On-torhput Theodosia mra
OEolliy Vary L miss Drier Jtromc mra
o Nell Margret miss t Offermas Lonlsa mra
D Lourke Jiunnah mrs Ol ms ead Col F mrs
M £ mrs Oliver Isabella mrs
O Keefe Catherine migs Officer R W mrs
£ I* Officer &ntna M mrs
-/v«£i rTe AA) ,iemlfi t Overooker G miss
o*hhs2 mle9 Odell Caroline mis
M22i , fc rm,an Odell W Hmrs
uijrienThomasnm Orton SophiaFmra
SSMBSS* KS?2s Em!sß
Parks EM mrs Pierce Sanford mrs
-'Parker Jat a mrs ‘ Pi* re* J h mre
Parker J B on Pomeroy Lydia mra ’
> uU<-ieun <1 i- rrre rtityd.iiii i uti
Pot'•Uu Kate mL»a Pollard V mre.
Herrons Ktrre Pnmrov Guns mra •
PenrieJ Wmra Popp Helena miss '•
PjHvFJlzs mire Pred Tbimmn miss ' '
Peters Ann Enm ; Folk Mark mn
Painty Bell Jmlss Prescott Ellamiss ’
PUtsSfartha 21 m» Preston Catherine mist
Philips Kate mlea Putnam Julia B mtsa
riU»u Jubuarora Pye>cil>mlre
FhlUr? Übtio A miss Peer !1 cornslla miss
PlneEcgeneFniUa , Perry Theodore miss
Queen Kate miss Amelia mrs
Banron Agathea re Us. Rice Sallie A ml«s
Lucy miss Richmond Knto D mrs
I. Bice Henry rare
lUpdfaMHia-mlas • Rltclilc Margaret mils ‘
R*ni on Uemmtlne rare Rily Bridget miss
Lazimfe Marta mre - Roberts Margaret miss
Readmonrt Fannie mUs Ro« Mattie mlsa
* e J!? 1 £. k „ Lo P I “ . Retch Wm mrs
Reynolds Jane mn Bowen il*ry. Jane mrs ■
Redman Mary mtg'2 ■ Rcso Elizabeth mre
Marr B mips Ronze Nanle mlia
|‘ e JS Carrie Ccira Russell M mire
y® l ®. Soars Rntter Lanra miss
J. Wm i! Mrs . Ryder njmra
i*i». ( 3 c iS miß . Rucker Lsao mUs
Ruee Ephlrc mlsa Ryan Ann Dmias
gaeer Maria mlf« . Shutt Marion mlsa
", “f* t Sherwood Charles mrs
Beckett mre, .. Slilhlon AcnessLmra
Sawyer Lizzie Tnmer mnSheomo Ada mrs
> anys*er Kate mrs Short Sophia mrs
Banwre Unreal*.* : ShocklyAnereekP
Kindford Ellen mug .. Sinu as Mary miss •
Sandford Kittle A mlsa . SlnnoUMansrettuiUs
Scanrell Joseph miss ■ Sink Camlllla mrs
Schooler Lydia D miss Sloan Nnul miss
Scales Lizzie miss Snailey Sarah mire'
Scjrniii Roce mre Blocnmb A u mrs
Sexton Ellen mrs - Fmedley Asenlih mrs
Ebarp CS mrs . . Snow Sarah A mre
Shaw mbell miss Simmons Jane mi>*
O R mrs Smock CaaseeP miss
Shafer Man* mlsa Snell Came miss
Shcahan Fannie mlsa' Smith Mary Emins
Sharp Rebecca miss Smith Martha H miw
SbeedT Hannah mlsa Smith Magsie mlaj
Sheffield Looisla A mrs Smith IIM mre 2
Bhatzell Mary E znus Smith A mrs 4
Shephard KcadaNmis Smith Jennie ES mtsa
Shannon Lottie mlsa Smith Caroline S mire
SMptonMartah mlsa ■ Soathworth Deckle G miss
Sharers Rachel mrs Stiles Alice miss
Santlner S*btlncr mbs Ktllwell Mary mrs
Konthwlck Mary miss* . Stine KUzabsth mrs
Symere Oliver mra Stacker Zaila mlsa
Sent res Mary Ann mrs Swatford -Ne‘Uo
Spalding H .f mra Stone J p miss
Sprague M G mre * Stone Cornelia R miss
frpalulng Lucy mrs Sturlevant Catherln mra
Spell&remrs Snlllvan Catherine mrs
Spade Kate mre SolUvan J A miss
St Clair Nellie mlsa fiwltser Lena mre
Stanley Orphallnab mlsa Swiar-er Lizzie mre
Stanton Blanche miss Sutton Thomas mre
Stall tic mire Swift Petty mra
Steams I-aura E miss Bwaney Mary Ann miss
Stearns David mrs Bwaney Marg A miss
Stewart C mre Backeit Louisa Hoe mrs
Stevens Lucy B mrs Simmons Ellenor mre
Stewart Electa mra SUUy Susan mrs
TsafEatcmlss Thomson Bcthrle mrs
Topley MaryAmlas . Thom.iWWmrs
Tanner Jlagele mra ThomaaHattle mrs
Ta)cott>nsan mra Thompson Ellen miss
Taylor Mary mUs Thomas Anale mra
Taylor Liter mra Thompson Amelia miss
Talley Mat tna miss Thomas Mary L mrs
.Taylor Kate mre ThomasmU*,srß Jaeksonst
Terry George mrs Torode Sarah L miss
Theall G miss 2 Tomas Magdolena miss
Thnrbcr Anna 6 miss Tomlinson Jennie L miss
Thorp A P mre Tower Ann miss
Thatcher Geo T mrs Tarpy Alice mre
Thereon Jolla mra Towel Bridcat miss
Tlbbett Addle mre Tranls Mary J mrs
Ttlftnr George mra Trank John mra
JrtldJnire - Tales Emma J miss
Tibot cbarlott miss Tcrnboll Sarah L miss
Tho npson Jennie miss Taler Amellamra
Thomas Both mUs Tanner Josephine mra
Rich Lizzie miss
Yantonthan Caroline JiLrsVan Horn Llrrle miss
Vldcs Kate L miss TalllancEdniumrs .
Vandcozcr Sarah E mrs Van Tloo Hannah mrs
> an Hagen Isaac mrs Vanvlect Willla mrs
Wakefield Carrie miss White Minerva n mrs
Walker Caroline miss Whitethorn Julia mrs
Well Msrv miss Whitehead Lottie mt«*
Walker Margaret mrs While Sarah mis* •
Waller Mary mrs '• Wilber John miss
Whiles Mary Lmrs Willis Sarah M miss
Wallis G L ton Wild Sarah miss ■
Walters Kellhmlw Wiley Elizabeth mrs
Walpole Joseph mrs Wtnueld Mary E mrs -
Walter Martha mrs Witty Louisa mrs
Wam.-ley Lydia nil«a Winston Lacllla miss
WarrenS Lmrs Williams Elizabeth miss
Ward Bridget miss Williams M A miss
Watson Annie mlsa William* Amelia M miss
Wasnmn Rachelmiss Williams Jnllamrs
Webb Josephine mrs Williams Kllzabe’h miss
Weber Mnr> D mlea Williams Kitty miss
Wfbly Cate Diiss Wilson Kitty mls>
Wellerett Marv miss Wilson Marfa Lmiss
Wells, care Pierce 4co, Wiisoa Margaret A mlsa
mrs Wilson E A mrs
W ells Flora miss Wilson Marlon miss
Wf rtr.ler Hfctta miss Wilson Ann T mrs
Walsh EMzamlts Woodard Alice T miss
WnUh Margaret mlsa Woods Sharlott miss
w heeler E mrs Wright Mary A mrs
Wheeler Emma miss Wnght Mary Jane mrs
Wfctlen Kellie miss Wright A A mrs
Wh* clcr Fannie mrs Wright Molllc arise
Whelan Anna miss Wnght Lsclis miss
Whitney Ellis W mrs Wnght Lome miss
V) hipley >iina mrs Wright Jennie miss
Tates P E mrs ■ • Teamans Rebecca mrs
Telrerton Margaret mrs Young A B
Zooh John U mrs
AnstlsCß AlbrightsTS Ahern John
AdamaOM Austin GW Ameridtjrhn
Alim, Cofp & Nl-Abstin Cbas Anderson John
t-bet Andrews Chas Anderegs John M
AcnmsAaronA Ashford Chas Andrews John
Atkin Abraham Atkins Kdwd Allen WG
A 1 Jen BF ■ Ames Gustavos Armstrong W W
Atkins Charlie Andrews H2l Almeida dr
Avery dies Abraham Henry Arnold A co MBS
David Austin FIB Austin C O
Ayers E Ahern James Apoieget Soyen
Ashman RC - Alexander JF Andrews Sll
AchaniEdwdE Archer J Anderson Isaac
Atwood 8 N captAlds John . Abrahams Lewis
Anderson Geo W Anderson John CA«h Michael
Adkins T ’ AdesJohn Abraham H
Armstrong Tbos Aiken John Amis U (I dr
Ack>y Thos,. Andrews John A Abbott beth
Adams M
Bancs Noah Barrett Wm BeUSW
Dotty PA capt Barry &co Wm Becker Fredrick
Dayton &co BalroesJohnSpen* W
Bangtln&brother .cer Black FM
Bailey Alien! Eioxter W D Beardsley Geo B
James Baker WH BHmGcoH
.IToracfcen Jos E Baldwin W A Blatchford Geo
Baker EcwelC Baker Wm 8 ' BeebeoThos
Baker A J Baker Wm . Bird Geo W
Baker &co Bettis Wallace ' Bolles Moraco r
Barnes ON Baokcn Barney Bennett It
BnJ Peter Adams M Bcvler Wm E
Backus Cornlelns Baird Marshall Better J Q
BarelayFUUander Bates Lewis Bean J
&co BorriteL •••iiJijiey JameaM
BarhoroDS baerlin Loots Beattie JO
Barber Richard Benuctt wit Blanchard Joseph
Bartlett ell« 8 Bentou bros Aco Bcrmcgham .lon
Bayden F H Blsbopp Batten Bellinger John J
Baxter Geo Benjamin&JJran- Beecher John G
Bakes Uco fort Blglond John
BancGM DedtdtAmos ' Beebe Wll
Barlow II S 2 Betts, Melhea A Beaty IT M
Bailer Henry Wyman BlomfelrtWm
Ballad Henry J BlackeU CU Barry Win
BakcrJoa Bickford Perry Biglow W Nelson
Burr J Mcapt Blake Patrick Bishop Walbons
J tally J . Blckcretl Cll Blake 1711
Baker JO6 Black Ba-lel Bennett L 51
Burrctt .lames II Bluthard David Dcrinlclt Martin
Bailey John- Bentley Bob rev illume Loues
Balafonl John Burry 110 Bluer Lyman P
Barker John R B-ltocr Rob -'Bennett LI) cant
Barston Joseph Bell Frank * Bell Mslbham
Bartz Joseph Bethels BcebtrAcoM
Bceßectnr . Bryant Thos P Barnes K
BeetlngerM Bryan Tlics - Barnes Elcxbls
Deicing M M Brody Terence Byers Edwin
Brookfield BenJ FDroback Herman Barns *dward
Brown Alex Bright Hcniy A BorVe Edward
Brooks Abram BrackdarkMT Barbeck.J Prince
Barrel Andrew F Brown Herbert Barling Thos
Btnncegt Byron Botlom Henry Darns Thos
Brute sergt Vcterßrerdt Jallua Burtls Thos B
BorgarrkaCh. Bradley JH BuntlnGco
Breed Chos Boyer JamesC Bush Henry
Breed GO • Britton El* Batter Henry
BrlgcaChas Brings J 5V Barehncll James
Brenan CL as H Bray ton J W Burnham James
Brown Edward 3 Braddock John Barns capt James
Bragg M • BondJuslah • Bnrbock Jacob J
Brlecs Edwin R 2 Brennan John ByanJohn W
Bdcgs dr RB Bryant WK ' Barges John
Bridge II "Wllllamßosley WS Bailc&eJohn
Brown Sncncer Boyle Wm C Dockland John J
BsckFu . Brown Wm H Bares Joseph
Bradford Frank CBrownmr A mrs Buckingham Jno-
Boorman Samuel Bowers S BnmotT John
Bodes Frank Brown M D Bartch W S
Bowles 8 W Brown mr 2 . Sutler Wm.
Bojlncton SamT Brosier Linger Bailee Wallace
Boyce SL Bonomymr Buchanan WmF
Beady Frank Buell Lorenzo J Dorke Wm (I
Boyles Samuel • Barnes Patrick Barbe Moms
Brennan ihos Brown capt F F Butterfield M
Boao Geo Butler A B • Baras Martin W
BrovmelGeoD Bueh AS ByredorfS
Boynton Gio li Byron A Smith Barton Leonard
Bradbury Thos P Burroughs PliHUpPr.idy Thomas
BoyicsTG BnrdsallEll Byrnes Richard
Brenan Thos O Barller Edward Brown J G
Cantrell Franks Childs TT Cirberry Patrick
.ChsherA Clark Geo W Carrol PT
CimbelO Chapman J M Campbell Bob
Chasur Andrew Clark James F Calhoorn EC S '
Chambers &co CneileyJM Call EC dr
-Oiamble AnrtherChnffer Jacob Casey Edward
ClsfiinAmlth AcoChamberlln J3 CascEdsha
Champion Aco ChesleytU Carpenter Fran-
Cbnrcher August Chester Israel els M
Chapman O D . Chase James Carr Sami T
Cbete, Smith 4‘coCburchell J E Carlisle P
Clapp, Stanley ACluney J ' Cambell fhom
co Clayne John £ Clapp Geo U
Champion MB Clark John dr Campbell QeoC
Church Alonzo Christian John Case Geo U capt
CellskyChas Chester Henry Campbell James
Clark CbasE Cline John 11 Caliban Jerry
CbaifgrcenChas Clancey John II Casey Jerry
Clacry P M Clark W B Carlin James'
ChurchtllPE ChstfleldWß Callahan JO
Chapman CJI Chapman W E J N
Clark P Clark Wm Campbell'jolm C
f hlcgbcr Chos Chaffer Martin B Cassady John B
Clarcy Denis Champion M B Carrier ivuiis
Cblster David Career Benjamin Cassidy Wm*
Chapman D Cahill BorUio* Cadweil Wm
Clark fi M lany* Carr Wm
Clement 811 Calkins Allen Custen Wm
Church Silas C Callahan B ■ Cupper Wm
Clark Frank J Case CII Cartter&co Wm
Chase Geo CarraauChaaS £arcy Michael
. Christie Thoe Claremau Chris* Carson M
Clancy Thos Uan CorbettU D
CregoGeoW Croghtonmr Coc Henry L
■ Crops A T Crtson Mltchel Cuvem O wen
Crulkshank&Fon Colby A N CogooTbos ’ '
Curry Augustus 'Carbew Albert Cook Henry 1
Crawfords sharp Cook. Douglas & Cogswell j R
(’aslip A E Brainard Carbctr James
Crookes 6i co Coocely Byron Coombs James
Cravford AlezM Colly O V - Cornell Jason L
Cneny Charles Cook Christ Cooler James
CrandallE Bassen Colands cspfc Com James
Cngln Edward Conors Patrick Cattle 1B
Cu nlngbamKdw Co'v David Colourn John TV ■
Cilbben IBchard Corwsy Daniel* CoarkyJohn
CnrtlssCeoßS Calhouußob Cooper John TV
Currie Semour Coreland 8 N Cook John M
Crocker Jerome CossttcFrankD CandonJohn
Curran James Cossltt F D Compton John E
Cotter James M Caserove Frank ComUtcyJobn
Cutler J A Camera SX> Corcoran John
Crosby James Colson Geo ; Coffee J-hu
Curtiss Jaccb S' Colt Geo. Colima John
fell Joseph Coyle Thos Cooper WmP
i JCbc Cohsodlce Thos • CoLon Martin
n Jonathan • ook G B Cos man U
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CntlercartJotlih Coble Geo Condon Miebael
Crowlev Johaua Colt Geo P . Cuddy Patrick
Cros&aJohUj Colgate BC Conklin WH
Crocker Hm Cooley H H •
D-gxass raptFS DayJasO DonghfyEdzar
DJcklcsonAibertFDanlelfl T W Damelcf Edward
Davenport Oliver Davis Joseph ■ Dyer Sami
Day & Mattocks Davison John L DykeFE •
Doan 0 ■ Daniels John A Dohnald Frank
Davis A Arnold Darling John Duffy TVT-
Ditiman Aina • Dans John Dunn Geo
Dickey JientChas Dayton H Dunbar Geo
Davis Price- DalyWm > DuennThos'
DeWolfCE DavlaWmH Dantoa Gilbert
DavisCH- ’ DePnycaptM DumpbeHHS
Dayton Cyrus M Dlckln'onmr Dnbiguy Victor
Dickinson D C Davis MD. Doty Harvey
.Davis DF - • Delrow Merrill F Done J Q
Daverport Darla DelaheityMatiUußDnnr.Tftn cpt Jas2
Deyo'e’i.RJ Dcvolmr Duffy Jasu
Dmt.ol Frank' Dessctt M- - Dunham capt J S
Dcwty Erz Dow A Hamlin Dome John
De’*pß«ml Dole A Durham DouuhreJotm
DavlaFA ’ DuffyPatk DoncUyJohn
D nu nd Fred Dunn Chaa Donlgan John W
Divine 8 K 4 Doselly Cornell usDrake John
Davla Franklin Dwyer Patk Dew John II
Ravi? Seth F Donovan Putt Driscoll John
lunnowThos DowltngChristy Downer John W
Dtctllios Doran Cal Dutton master
Dawson Geo F Dodd doctor Wm .
Davis HfiuyS Duawe Dan Dan rev father .
Dewitt B C DwyerEdwdF Downey WUI
De% cr.ll Henry DonairuEil Dowd Leroy 2
Di lanv Jrronie Dyke E F Donohue Maurice’
Ditnan James2Dnckbsm lUchd Donohue Ml chi F
Dan-Jacob Doty ED " Davis Melvla
ITccb ck John Donn Edmond Dunne Marty
DanoJ F
Everest Ardrew Everden Edward Edwards Henry J
Egan Patrick Ebbitt Rofbon- Eison ctpUßinea
EulerycLkS renehh Elliott Tf W
KnihnlgeF EnosE ‘ KclesJan.esA ,
Earl Cha* M Eastman Edmd G Egan James
Ele Lewis'- Edwards John
Charles Eaton RS Earnest John
Elder E 6 EdwardsFE - EsklnJohnD
FdsoneCA EgandrTbofl ' EganWmD
EwynderChas EartyueoW Eaten wm 2
Eldred Daniel Evens Thoa Eldret EUlsche
FalonAcoD Eclcston Uriah Elliott col LS- .
E«‘aK-T bafi Henry Edwards E
EdcrerEdW Evans Henry
FalrwtLß FleldrtvGeo FlonracyJJJ
Finley Lycnrpus »rg«w Thos Fuller J Ensign
FUsingerMartin Fayfamy Fla^artGeo
FitTEualdMichl2>BirnLin F »yGeoE
Fcenev Mltlmcl Fisher FreeoanAFranklln George
iSScIT . «tt»F FargasonSaiM-
Feraer or Farr F w Freeman rev FB
Fielding L Falklngham Ed- Fox Shipman
Far tv m win _ _ ' Freeman Roeco •
Farcbam T7m H Falch Chas II Forget Exalapha .
Fitch TV U Fceier Daniel k Foctßßß
Fitzgerald John FehrChas •• • Edward
FctMll John A Fanlsner Chas J Frlsble EC
FitchDtr John • Feay Cliri-topher Forrest Philip B 8
FJday Jo«*ph Fl-ber Oak Fogarty Patk
Fisher Josephs Ferry Aco Fraser Daniel
Flab'Jo •i! Forda HiramiT' l -FlorenceC W ir I
FfiDjenJos i Flsnlgan Mieh&elKrawlcr Reteer i
w«**ld.Tja - 1 1 FnlUpcr'«* m F!e**t‘ft WVmJ"v
PayJasO T7E Flagg AM ,
j hti'j Jotm R -Flnruingß r -:
Fshlar VsWr>tlLe Flynn John . Frlsby 6t Drake
J T Fordman Joseph Frashlerßbener
FlnneyGeo9 . Ford John -FergureonijohaM
FtrguatiH Fox Johnß Fellcrllcnry
Grlilln Alford Galway JohnH Goodrich HB • ’
iiinuiiiijw- l.iit.John Gaihtrarl Val
GicitoeuirgAD Gao'tFC Gr»yH
Gardiner DD
GUln-rn Alied ' Gainei* air Grong-r J tm-is •
GardnerChrs :Cag«?nsr ■ ’ GooCdij M i
GsrtiterCht* B (in- r«fc 'lcCJnre Grlnr j •»
CriClnr.ntrick Godrrcy AScaptOniiaVcti jn 4 co
. GrsryDCAJ G:»stuußenj Grow John A . >
. Glllord DFT cctjjSGrfiil-r Albrrt G Grihr.ui .Toha ’ ■
«;slTin Darkl CrlffiUi iJavJJ GrovL-r Juhd "
cos Kuf J1 Grecc Pdcr Gr-»w J d ;
GIU Ellas 3 . ‘ Grove DavldH .’.Gnliy John B'dr
Gill BIZ ; Graves uobt Gndiov Jiu. J rev
• Gates Frank 2 ’ Griffis EM - Graham JohoPj;
Gjeafvn K HarveyGncntn Mmond arnnd »y J..ha • '
Gibhons’llios GoldenSJ. ■ .Gylfyiaj Q ha ; f
GLUlrnGco* Grunvwald Fred Gonfd John M
Gillian Thoa.. . G corz Francis J Goldsmith wo :
Gli.L»itl‘ K . ’ Gaten S.«ph«uß Groin Mlchicl •<
Galllor G T Graves Sheldon. Greene Wm
Gidiiitigs H M Goodrich Geo 0 Gorfl-MS
Gsa«! Henry H Grout GA_ •■* Gorman Michael
Glance Jerry Grecorlc Tbos E Qoodalo Marlow
GardcerJccob GrahamOllbert GnrneyMJ
Gclzer Jules Goodwin Geo Gibs George
H ,
ITcnly mr Ilevmaai HenryHHarperE-
HopperAO- ’ HeUenMJ Hauloa Edward
IfMuiltc-n Logan Hamilton Jacob Hamshßob
Henderson AW Haley John ; Hazard Rob
'Memo A- Hall John J 1 Harford FremanL
I,’Eden Nelsonß -Haleßob- • -HarrlsonSO ■
Head Nicholas RcacaptJC Harris T
Hnycs Patrick Henderson Joel-Match T 3
Huumjll, Murry HarrtlUon John Harding Geo C
&co HamnclWmC HartGastavas
Hcmmett A Chcs- HanrahanMalhewHart Geo
elfllfe HIURB Hartmann Oco
Halzf Patrick ' llssbrook L Hayeton Harvte
Hendor (. has O • Hannon Luther NHtya James
Hamilton Peter Hauilen,Alocller - HarelJl a ‘
Hatnpln l*atrlck Aco Harvey James
Huui.awCH Ilausi ll & Dezo HiUchlsaac
Hull DA Ilarlihy Sartbolo-Har-i Jacob
Heaton Denis min Hayes John :
Hole l ob .. Hostings & Rol* Halza John
IltcVEO land .HnnceJotnF
Iletrli>6ton R C - HorringtonNe wtnnananeon Jas E
Bclmes Kilos Hand Byard E Harrell John A
Hcley Rob HamscaptßrnJ Hartley Wm
Holy Edvard O IlardtstrAFrencbH&rk Wm >
Heaton FamlW Hanna Andrew - H-rmoa LutherX
HawliEjtfirevGßHoTner Amozlah Hood John
HaiLtuon G C Jlorscn A Q Houlihan John
Hamilton 3 H ■ Host CO Hill A J
Hall Geo A , Hnrvy.Christy HlUChasA •
ilennetey T F Barri* Chns W Hickey cant
tlamllton HnrbertHart Patrick Hickey Patrick 3
lent rlxHendersnHanlogbnPatrickHill E 3
HuilToonssoa Hardy C Ua’eGS
licecltineJß ■ Hanlyimn HIRE
Hilliard SB Huchcs David Howard Jacob '
Itgcine Hayed ' Herd David Hooper J Wesley
Hinton Tbos A Holland Rich Hatchlnton JA 2
HltchcockSS Hull Uft Howes JutmE .
Higgins H N _ Hoggins E G Hallowett Jacob •
Wckroon John B Hon-en Ferdent Howell John C
Huff B . Hurley John
Hiller Wm HuffJ HoslreJolm
llpelry K HUent HooteS D - Hoban John
lilt Wm Hynes Frank Hutchinson Jno A
Hill WII Hunt Geo W Howell JobnPZ
llghland MatbelrHoll P D Bogen John
lurlcyTimothy HopklnsThos HatseyJosH
Holcomb Chafe A HubbcllQeoW Howard Wm II
Holdene&PerklneHonneweUCco WHntchcnson w A
Hurd Alvin ItortOcoA Hoichenson Wm '
lolbaclißF Holley OC Harton Wm
lollhan A Jaml-Huntln-itoa HenyHartoumr
wv ß ? n t, . _,Alieot HantsbnrjE«rcapfc
HobroyeßcnJ Harton HB Horst cant
HnscOrev Hoag Henry Howard or
HynneAß Uncgerforo HortHarlon if
Holmes CE aceH Hollard Pan!
Hoocbland Petr SHoiden Henry Hawckotte Hcnr
loltPß Huganln Hiram Happ Joseph
HynesPhtrick Holten Henry N Halt Francis B
HonchansC Kuril Harry Hawley David W
HoglandPP Hall IIU HasooGeoß
Harper D Humphry JL&eoHonter dr •
Ingram Henry W Irwin David W. Isaacs Sami
Jones Arnold ‘ - JobostoaJrVm S2Jackaon Henry \
JohQEOoAJcol Jenkins FC JudEonWoiKH
Jacf-b* Abr*baro2Joyce Tbo* JohnaonJas
Johnson Albtrt Joaes Theodore Johnston J
JobmJon F. M Jemlfon * Mar- Johnson JX
Jewett MB Leapt riiall. Jacob* Joseph
Jordan John T Jackson Geo A Johnson JoseohM
JosclfEic Jones Tbo* Jennings Julm
Johnson pOrcr Johnson (* J Johnson AVB
Johnson A Bon R Johnston AVra V Johnson (care
Johnron Robe Jones H W capt Johnson kawds
Jewe l Frankllh Johnson Uamiuon & co)
Jenkins WmS Jewell o
MpUneD __ KlnßebiirySaminKayanichJohn
\ldl»*ll Jaa F2 • Kelly i KlnsellaJohn
KumlcJE KcutF Kindler Wm
KartWxuE Kidder Geo F Keith wm G
Kelly Andrew KepnerUeoW KlaymanAVKctpt
KimuallOUvcrF.Kliublelbo* - Kllhoarn AVL v
KlmbaU Carlton 2KlttddcoT» Kittles Wm
Ketnan Peter "King Thos Kavaaauzh JnsJ
Kearney Patrick Keath Geo C Kemp \V U
Kibb' Calvin . Keboe Jas capt Knight Wm
KnUcutha* Kelso Jas M Kirk Wm
Kcbsne Philip Kelly Ja* ♦ Klnsmol Wm
Ki npp Darina Kelvey JaaM Kimball Waitcrß
Kempt rßobt Kemp John KotianMJcnl
Keltpc Edwd Kellogg John King Altcbl
KellbcieKK KcelyJohn Kearney mr
Keunedy Saml Joseph Kelly John C
Lewis Matthew Undertaker Jas LoncrssnEdward
Lasakfc Morris LlvlnstonJas Lockhart ED •
Light Austin Lane James Lodge E A
XJt'lc Bernard 'LarertyJoha LysterSamlD
Lane P • LackleJohn Love FA
Ltonard Allen Langler cant J H Lyman dr nenrvil
LlnsleyCH Llgbtfoot John T Lyon Geo R 3 •
Leonard PA Lewis John 11 LurlondrJß ••
LamklnCE lAthrop Joseph Lombard Henry
Lee Patrick LewlsJH Low J II .
Lee Philip Lighthouse John Loyce James
Llpe Clark Lawn John Louden J W
LtsseyKK Lee Lange John
Lone E 9 Ljnemllm Lee James Uus
L* rimer Edward Llnstrom W Lombard James L
LcmayKlle . Llnd-ay Wm - Lynch James '
Lester E W Lightfoot Wo Lockhart Jt.hu
Livingston Robt Lawler JJ Lyons Jeremiah
LenscotlßK LcyeU'VmS LonryJohnM
Larophear&olomnLeonard Walter LannerranJoaccb
LerchSP .Leariermr u hp
LlggcsGeo lAwsonrar Latrd'John
LawtherTD Larkin>Ucbael LoranJohnL
Um-han TimolhyLeach M Lord Joshua
Leddon Tnos Lawrence Jas p Lloyd Jobn&Chas
Lewis H P Lynn it w U Lyon Willard II
Leach R 8 Low&co LorcrinW
Lindt-xby W B Loomis, Abbott ALoverlng Wm 2
Levis Henry _ co LockegLcvl
Lager Htnry LynchDanU LylerLF* .
Landis JII Ludwig Rusco La man Theodore
Lawmod James Lynch AW Long Albert
Malvany Mlcbael MaxCeld Henry Morphy Timothy
Martin John W Mathews Jas Morris J T cant
Macdonald Chas MacnamaraJas Manning Geo 9
Matter ADlgby Maloney Jas MorvlnJS
Maxwell and r ar-ilachter T MqlUq Isaac
' well 2 Martin John Mowatt James
Merlek Barton W.Maloy John W Mosman Joseph
MerrcllAU . Mathews Joseph Malloy James
Maine Allred Maxwell John Mott JIX
Morris & co Mnnay Eowd Mowrey John
MacowoAO Montague David Morehai John
Marsh 11F Mnllln Peter Mnrphcy Joseph
• Merrill D 2 Moynahan OanlclMyer* J C
Mason & User Matiancy i’atk Mooney James
Msitln Barnet Murpbey Dennis Mott John
Mason Albert E Monroe Patrick MemsaeyJobn
Maberry u W Murphy J W Murpbey Jos 11
March ico PII MoheCbaa MoweryJU
Marsh Chas Molten Chas Murdock John
Martin Patk Morris Chas A Montgomery J A
MafronCH Murnarty AmbniMowry John 11
ManneyAcoP Murray, Haight MorriicyJohn
Martin A co P & co Morphy alichl W
Messer Edmond Morse Alonzo Moroney Micha'el
Metz Edward Masher&nonhamMorrlsLnclsn
. MartlnEyTaU Moore Allen Morris Win H
MonfordK Malberm AndrowMycrs Murry
.Marshall Fred MorrlsPatrlck M>creLF
Martin Sami Mathews SolomonMorae Wm
MagUl 9 G Morgen U O Marsatt Maxtn
Manning Fred MorriaEclwd Moyer Michael
UathcwsThos Meson Kd Moore W K
MajpleT Mott E L Millard EJ
Maudes Tbos Morris Frank Mitchell Rich B
May Geo W Worrtsey Tbos Miller Geo
Marvin GW Morrow ThosJ Miner Is iac
Meagher Thos MurseGeo MlUpeekJoo
McserreySS MonntalnTbos MoodaJohn B-
Monks Henry L Morehouse GeoWMldlebry R D
Mawirao Henry Munbcad Geo - Sillier wm
MalleryJoo MayoWm Maddymr
Maxwell Jos P Manning SI WcapMarlln WmH
Martin J W Slutting Wm W Sillier Alex A
Statiicelcy Jno Bsiarsh Wm C Mitchell c 6
Merer Joseph Mason W O SlillarCbosE
MeaderJno MattlsonPlill WmSllllard ChoaH
Maxwell Jno ■ Martin C Miller Chaa-
SlatlnWraJ SUgoUinSIM Silers Cbas
Slaton Joseph Martin Medard-Miller C H
Manley TVm Matt Lorenzo Minor N 8 0 3
McQnayW McGojryJas McQiyln Eilwd
McGrath capt M McKercnenJas McComber Edwd
McConnell Jas McßeatbJaa McGIIU-n Ed
i McMnriryJß McMcmerJoa McGee RobtT
; McKoadea WmS McCabe Jas . McLcrmutE
McGill Um Mtßenty Henry McDermotEdwd
McCrrarry Wm McCarthy V Chas McL-mrey D A
McLellsn Wm W McPherson It CdrMcMlllan D A
Mcßoth Wm McCarthy M W McQranc David
McKenzie Kenny McKln Thos McLean Dwight
McAcley Jno McElroy Qeo McDermott Pat
McCueJno McCleae Thos Mclntosh Dave C
McCann Jas ■ McNlfThon McLennan Peter
McElllgott capt McMillan Thos McLaughlin Aco
Joo ' McNeil Aco Qco Macdonald Peter
McCann Jos MacdonallO Smd
McDonrcllJno McGowanSamT McllvalneßE2
McMillen Jno ' McCouny Jaa Mcb'odyea Kiel
McDonald Jos McDon Id Som’l McCollum NelL
McGalrkJto Axford McFnalAß
McCormack Jos McCabe Frank 'McKern Andrew
Mciircggor Jno McLeanSrth McMathNomtaC
MclntyreJno Mcl.eln Dwight McLanghlta \n'w
McKlnncllJas McCartry FM McCueMarlla
McMullen Jas C - McCuan F
Nolen Jno Nelson Sami Kehf Jno W C
Niven John Kelsons , Noake**Wm
’ Nickerson OsbornNicklln Sami Neibilog Wm
Nuteßeoj Noonan Garrett Norris KB
NortonßohbicoNhnmon Geo NowlanMichael
. FoonenPat’k NortonGeoMosesNortou IleutLß
Noble eras P Nash Henry Nourso J R
Nbj r B 3 Nash John Netting y \y
Oitaway Wm O’flara James . O'Keeffe Daniel
Osborn WBHs Organ James Ostrander Chos
O’Connor John Obendorf Henry O’Mally Peter
Oliver John A Ott M E Origan P
O'Douel J<>Ln Otis Thos Owens Pat'k
QT-onncrJecMar-Ozlcr Gordon P O’Coaer Benj D
tin Osborne Geo W Osborne A
Ollexenshsw Jos O’Brien Thos Osborne Alex
O’Kcle* Jno Osterboot EvaltcrOTlara Thos
Oake James -O’Donntll Edwd O’Day Michael
Parsons G 8 Petcrkln John Plants Parker
BenytMillsm Pearson Joseph Platt George
PageM K Pearsall John Pullman CEssL
Painter WiC Perry James Pullman ChaaL
Parks Wilson "W Phlhlpa James Price tapt
l*ars a Wlhoa W Peck Jason Pike Chos
I MIQ M Ilf VU If ..V.WWU 1 lAB VUB9
Packard Isaac Perkins Thomas Post & Taylor
PetmFS Phelps TII Plachot, Warren
Pitfereon RobtE Pelps George A & co
P.tchenDll Patrick Fedrlck Powell & Maas-
PatclcnDA Peabody Francis field.
P«ulc Philip '’PalntersH PrandargrartLnke
Pardee CbasL Palmer FE Porter William
Fat-enocCoroUnePoUier John Post William 51
I’li kar. l C • Phillip!! E A , Pollard Joseph
Pcrkitß&co .pullmon George Pollard John
Perkins is KroasePilt Thos - Pollard John
Paifcer&Cromp Polkey Samncl Platt John
Peiry Andy Pmncy Fltzer Patman Jallsn
PslmerstonEdwAPlatt smith Prlndlger John
PalneNC Foust Glmon Proctor John
Phillips Orlando link Samuel PlnseJames
Paul & Bnntle Prlndcll Richard Posh Lames H
Palme ter Anson PlnncyES 'Proven James
Flulps mr Ptrdall Richard Preston EC
Parmatcer EtfsonPmiiiH Hlcliord Powers E c
Person ’Mlliam . Prindle Edgar Pelrson EP
Phillips John Procter Edward Prickard Hugh
Phillips John Powers Richard PtUTerHW
Porks Joseph Porter I)
Quick Harry Quinn F Quinn, Mosmico
Qnlnlen mr Qraeklnbuah JohnQaaiy Martin
Quinn B
Randall Geo R RafßF - Hech James W
KaudallGco R Red John ReedJAS
Rhodes Daniel lUplj Ctaa Rich James
RlneDenals Reid SB Richards Isaac D
Renter D Kick Gins . Rhyccrsancllcn:
Recan Dennis RancycA Redder Lepold
Ilctd G W . BondalcJss Reynolds if B
RedmondCP ReidJobnW RlchWA
Rynoldmr - Ranker Jco & co Klee William B .
RachncrSoa . ■ Read Joseph S_ . Eapleo W
Rappo Augustus RayJnow . Rily William
RnterChaa RichardsJCJuddßecdW H
Raihoon Scott Redmond Jas Rls-lay William'S
Rex Arnold Beetle James Reynolds W J •
Rater BF Redmond J A , Raa-trlck W H .
RUeyCV Redmond JaaH Rledy wiuijun '
EeidJno Rockwell SE RoederM
Riley A W gen BobbusKL Rodgerson Mich
Rldedin Rcuekellvßß Rowe L
Rice Henry >ut sell Edward ' Robertson W F
Rlcktonwall Geo Roy Robert Bunk W T
Eawson Geo N RoseEK Rudkin Wm
Reddings Theo Roberts David. Ryder William
Rlter George Russ Daniel Bodkin Wm
Riter George W Rowell Perry Robertson WF
Ripley 8 W Rogan Pat Boasaco Joseph
Ricker S A Bobs C O Ryan John H
Rankin Sanford Robb & co Ryan Thomas
Rebdrusin 8 B Roblns-m Peter Robb James
RathbnrnElchardßoberts Cbaa D Robinson Ira
ReadEUcapt Roche Patrick Rooney James
RlcbmondEogcneßoblnson A-W Robb James
Reid Robert. Rogenon A Oros Bobbins H E
Ensbawßß - RouinsonO - -RolphllD
RyanJobn Rude Augustus Ryan Thomas
Rowley John K BobaonAß Round GP
RoseEK Robinson np Robinson TB
Rein) ard John Robinson BO .'Rhelner
Rock John . Ryan & Conlon Robinson F B
RobertsFF RockwellK N BainvllloEd
Bqulry Henry Elnbotxeb Jacob Shafer Robert D
Sinclair Son gplug James C Shore Edmond
Smith Matthew Soper Elmore Scott Edwird
Smith Francis it Spencer J S Shea Edward
smith JF ’ Sinclair James E Shore Edmond
Smith Smith Soatfceate RichM Schofield Eturene
Smith Parley Sldera Henry F Sennet Edwara
Smith George' SoUmenH • SargentCN
Smith Pat . Epeddrtt Daniel Sherman Daniel E
.Smith AM Simons Denison Sherman Chats
Smith A B . Smith, Baldwin A Sampson ctus O
Smith Thomas co ' SerropOW
Smith Haakell G Spaulding O S ShleluPat
SmlihHeiry Srencerv -SboverC H
Smith Rotw ell E Sonihwortb Geo Settle OF '•
Smith James M Sinclair Q F Schumer Nicholas
Smith Emery Boners Thomas San-eraon Albert
Smith RmH Sloan CB Shetda Anton
Smith Henry Snldtr Geo C' Sanford Oscar M
Smith Lewis D Somhwortb Geo Booth Alexander
Smith Lewis A Slmonda Thomas Sahrie A R
Smith LcwUS Slmonds Francis Saltsbory Amos
Smith Lewis A SkaibandS' - * Scott Bearryman
Spauldinc Louis Smyth Pat Sharwood Allen
■Su'llvan William Seevcrs Thos EwariltNH
fiknmer WmH Shaw Ell SbattnckNathanl
fpelcht Wm ■- - Sedgwick B - Sberten Robert >
Bu.clareWmH Sawier drE TT SchorlUe Robert
SorbyWm' Scott Robert Sherman EL
Spry John >■; • * Seaverns K A Shears Geo W
Sobey. Jctcph • . Eerier SU ■ cape
H'gmnndJohn SalreSsmnel PhayMW
Bimmcns JohnH Scott Fred Sherman Levi
8 oat. E B Shauky Francis Poydam S T & co
sierem*on SQvsrSeclm Ilenrvc BtelgmantßoG
6?mrp«MU Sheppard Henri Strong Geo A
fa>«>rLM Salmon George Streeter G
Scribner Moses Sample G E Stevenes Geo B •
6hlcld«Wm- - Samons Galden SybeitGeo
Stitt* Wm Sea Geo & eo Steward Gustoff
Sii«cn!>WP-- Shipman Geo E HStocklng T W
banf-ncITTm J Shatnon ThomasSt.-utland Jas T
Scribner P m*M Sherman J E St John Geo
SaLdj*v«mF , Smith Patrick StnartTH
Sactwp,-.- Stone L Stocker Sami-
Shcnldt JosW Starr A W Stamps Stephen- ,
Shi tder J;*hn sterns J R snthcrland St t'lr
Sd.»»ijolm Stafford J J Strong S S
Setter Jedah Stephens James StrinehamSC
•ScovtllJohn': - Stonfferjn • SturgeonDolloT
BherwccdJacS StoneJamesP Swen David
Sbehan James, S'atlas J B Sweeny Patrick
SatiipsM'n JS - Stewart JackwnFSniherland Cba*
rnilih James . Steele James L Suttl von Phillip
Sent j r . -StnvensHH SterottPatnck <
Sherwood’Jacob StokeiHenry Sullivan C
Sharp JR, Stephens HenryMStananl Otlbt&eo
Sawyer Henry WStandley Geo , Sumner C F
bonier It- S'e rariThonu?JSiebtans&Porter
btevcßs 5r co* btrretmr Stearns John B
Swecchart A K Stturt Johnß
StowellNß Summers MT Bitter JohuN
stone Alfred Sullivan W R stunearker John
Bcn-.ner O F • Stevenson Wm Stamps John-
Hreet Alfred Stewart Wm StraJiha
.*tich E Stephens J*bu Stearns John W
SnidntyL . Stearnr.John
Tfczalin Albert ETnylor William Tesb Peter
TertfcF Teat wim Jm Tarkor.AF
TLorpe Divld L TajlcrJohnM Travis rev
Thoms* DC Tecnlan J C Toozalla A E
ThomppoaOO Teivln John Trannermr
JooraejPD Ttnnian J c Toolay -Martin
Tnimbulic. Taylor JX- Txlyhe Michael
Tackett Charles Talbot J a Turner W II
Talcott P A , Thompson Wm
TnckerßF TerhlUJß Treacey John
Tbcmpfon Allen Taylor J B Trim .lohn
'Taylor JR Thell John
tv Slf i , TayloriTecrv S Thomas Jacob J
Tcad Benjamin Teenln Virginias Tinker Isaac
Thomson Alex 2. Taylor Herman Thornton James
Turner TbosJ w Taylor Henry £ ThroopJE
Tnttlc Henry "W TeeleJW Tullo James P
Thomas Benele . Taylor JR ToliUnF W
TashSethW Treadwell Fred
latonEI atonE *> * co Tan»ll F
2»y*orßobert Trott Frederick
I?"®’ George • Taylor, Pars;ns&Tyler Enacno
.~ c ,? v. ‘ Tuttlo E ftl -
Tjsell cJY Talla Eoscno T n roe ny till ey
wm 0 * 8 ® l al S ot 0114811 * TompktaaE Heap
?slTi.^ n 4 011 ' Ta y lor •: Chrlsto-Tooko Richard
WojZ B pher . . Thomas-R
„ Terry Ap Townsend Diyld
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Ufltaer Frank
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nE ?cet Cbaa.,' VanWycb StcpbD Vattlno LswU B
VlctlcrE Vinton !hoa .
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Wallace,Klng&cbWall Thoi F Wallace P
Webster &co .Well* Geo W Ways tall CL
Ma cb JasH . Weller George Warner C D
P f n .. Wallace Geo 'Westoottllnrlelcb
w al sif u > t. » Warren Ollyer J
Walsh John Westbrook F J Wanner Anthony
Walsh Pi Wagner Frank E Waliher Albert*
Welch Thoß . WeatT.U - Waterman AII
Walfh Edmond Weber F C Wells Newton ’
Waleli Thbs . : Waazer Sidney West B F
Waleh Philip Watson Ellas 1) WallT
Wll’laiDß Jno Waterman IS WalKley L H
Welch John < WaisonDelfcrt Waterman L
Wagtrllß ' Webb-D Walter Lawrence
WarrlnHO WalkerPJ Walter Matzclln
Warner HD WarnerPJ Wilber bowls
Weber! 11. Warren Charles AVcstLncas ■
Wambush Win. WbaUn Michael Wheaton R Meant
WeanerUri • Wu flo nF Whittier Dayld L
Wallace John R Wiggins Wm Wilson E P
Ward Joseph C Williams A P Whitney D D
Waodhop jno W Williams O R Whlto C N
Ward John R .Williams J L Wheeler C J
Weir Thompson Williams Michael wiiitnayiCbatles
West JohnUenry WiiUsms GL WIUoJSpe
Wadsworth Jas Whalen b II Wilber CD
an estnn John O ‘ WhlppleSM Wickeret m*.VU-
W edge wood JeeeeA\ liber E A port
'A -,o- • W| lemon r WlUoo de Brake
HirrenJß Wlnans Ransom wuitn«yOD
Wheeler Jacob Wilson JiF Wines Benjamin
Walker JW . Wiimot Robert "White A P
■ Warner J Jacob Whiteside Rom-Winslow A A
Waterman JW yen ’ Williamson AD
Wight A 8 Wmoecolt John Woodruff W
Wiseman mr White J WooileyWM
Whiteford nr r Williamson n H - Wood bent W B
V heeler (»A White Mem y Wright John
WhlteborenF Wilder ML Wright LM
VVittenmver Wm Walker G S Worthcn James 3
W bliuytVllllam Wheeling Josph SWocda Jou.es 2
Winn Avlllje o Willis Henry Wo’cott James
Whltcflcto Wmn White Hugh Wright Henry L
WHiismson mP White dr ft W Wright Thos
•Wilson Wm-W WhlllmrJT Wycoff George
Wilson WJ WUcox Thos Wright Tracy
AA hltffclde AVU WTiUmac G R Wood Ell
Willard Jno W White Thos S "Wleclcaworth ET
James R> WilliamsThcddrcAVoolrnff R 9
■Wife John . Welton Thos Woodman D C
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Wine gardner JiiOAA’rlalit K M Wyader Charles
WbPeman J H Wright F B Wood C A
»»lnn Jackson A WlonLoander Wright J: Magee
Wlfbart James AVorfcman Loren- AA'oodrnlTA R
White Joeß . Avright I. Wood Bsunlett
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a onng George 11 Younglove Ira d
Zccb John
Initials. 1 -
Oriental Lodge No O Pis AM....Plain Lodge No
M* A A3l....\Varansla Lodge No ICO FSAJI,...
AshlerLodgcNoKSF&AM....PhillntOfflcc . .Ori
ental Powder Co....General Agent ot Klrble’e R-ap
er....Prcgl» ent of the Seaman’s Benevolent Aid Asso
ciation. ...Hutter 101 Lake st....Proprietory of tho
fcundy bchool Primer....Ball’s Ohio Reaper & Mower
....rditor of the Farmers’-Advocate....Automatic
Bottle Closing Co....Commanding Officer Co M Ind
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Office of the Chranlcal ilew’s Reaper....North
Western Soap Co....Western Banner....Review....
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Market Banned....West Farmers Magazlce7..,9
JSC....JM A....SPJ KM....3 P JC M
....EH G.,..Fred II H....J H D....1KV State st 135
Michigan av... : .1« Dearborn Drawer 535....80 x
20;p...,Dra - werKSß,..;Bpxy7s'3, ”
Persons wishing drop letters advertised must affix a
three cent stamp. •
•jarOillcc open from Ist of April to Ist of November
pi ta. in. till Bp. m. From November Ist till April
Ist. from 8 a.m. till Bp. nu, and on Sundays from 8
: 29xfl J.L.SCRIPPS.P.M
Wltbln the past fortnight many of onrlead
ing exchanges have come out in Tavor of
Congress taxing the Wild-Cat hanks, and ex-
polling their unconstitutional issues from
circulation. The necessity for this course is
becoming too obvious to be blinked any lon
ger. The Pittsburg Gazette , the leading pa
per in Western Pennsylvania, advocates
the suppressing of tho Wild-Cat sbinplas
ters by taxation. It says in reviewing tie
** We have afloat too much paper money
Issued by banking associations all over the
country, to justify the hope that a whole-'
some condition ot the money market cm ex
ist for a very long period. Much of this kind
df money cun never be redeemed either by
specie or l«gal tenders. . And among those
associations the tendency is nowhere to con
traction, but everywhere to expansion. At
the beginning of the war, as we learn from
competent authority, the banks in the North
ern States bad about one hundred and fifty
millions in circulation; now they bavo more
than four hundred millions. If this process is
to go on, or even if it s.ops where it Is, there
will be otter a while such a toppling and
an uprooting of confi
dence's this country has not seen tor a
quarter of a century. Asa matter of fact,
confidence is beginning to wane . already, for
everywhere tlie people demand greenbacks
and national currency in preference to bank
-Then again, as another evil effect of the
expansion of the. Issues of private banks—as
an effect of too rnveh paper money—wc have
the constantly increasing expansion'in prices
and an increase in the speculating madness.
Reduce the volume of currency four hundred
millions of dollars, and see bow rapidly prices
will tumble; and sec also bow quickly the
mania for wild speculation will suffer a de
But perhaps the strongest argument in
favor of the suppression of the Issues of pri
vate banks is that which Is based ul-ou
oiftV* oj the Government. If wc n'uist have
paper money, let It be the promises to pay
of the nation instead of individuals. Let the
Government have the benefit of all the circu
lation of the country. It need* It Make
greenbacks and national currency the only
circulating medium next to gold and silver,
and the national credit Is strengthened that
much—that is, to the extent that bank notes
are displaced. It the four hundred millions
of,the Issues of the banks of the country are
Withdrawn, from circulation, the value of
greenbacks and national currency will a. once
Bat, to go stQI further, If the necessities of
the Government should require the issue of
say four hundred millions of greenbacks or
national currency in addition to that now in
circulation, docs not everybody see that to do
this and at tho same time withdraw that
amount of bank notes from circulation
would be equivalent to a further loan to the
Government of the four hundred millions
teithout increartngthetxtper money of the country
one dollarf The dlfferenco.wonld be that the
Government instead of private Individuals
would be responsible, and the Government
would be bccefitted instead of its present ri
vals. * .
• TN e look at this question from what we
conceive to be a common sense stand point.
With out present convictions wo think it
"would be on exercise of. financial wisdom for
Congress at once to ordain and enact that
thenotes of all banks shall be as speedily as pos
sible oppressed, by taxation or otherwise.
Kentucky Politics.
Matters are working out all right in Ken
tucky. Tbe apostacy of the Louisville Jour*
mil was the Tcry bent thing that could possi
bly; have happened for the Union cause in
Kentucky. It has .opened the way for the
establishment of true Union papers * and a
true Union party. The sheep are divided from
the goats. Prentice,' Guthrie and Bramlette
having left the.Unlon party and gone over to
the Copperheads, their baneful, repressive
influence is now withdrawn from.it,'and it
can take its position as a part of the great
unconditional party of the Union. It will
redeem Kentucky and enroll her in the glo
rious list of Free States, A new Union doily
paper is Just started in Louisville, ■ called the
TTnicn Pres*. The old Commonweal, of Frank
fort, bos come out radical, and a new radical
paper has Just been established In Lexington,'
called the JiationvVVnion. We copy the plat
form ;
The Copperhead Journals are in the- habit
cf calling tbe Union party “ Radicals,” and*
“Abolitionists.” In one sense we acknowl
edge ourselves Abolitionists and Radicals.
We are in fuvor of abolishing the rebellion—
abolishing rebels—abolishing rebel sympathi
zers-i-abolisbing tbe principles of those who
oppose the laws of the land—and abolishing
this new fledged Democratic party, over
which the old Whig, George,D. Prentice, pre
sides. We are radically, opposed to .seces
sion—to resistance to the taws of the united
States—to bringing in conflict State and Na
tional authority—to favoring rebels—and to
the Democratic party. "When Conservatism
means abuse ofotfr Prcsidentymd no abuse of
Jeff..Davis—opposition to every nie-isure.for
putting down the rebellion—stirring up the
people to resist the laws of the land—to re
tard enlistments and lavor desertion, reliance
upon rebel votes, and the hiking •of avo wed
rebels into our counsels-to threatening Union
men and defendlngrehels—denouncing Union
men and associating with rebels in the strict
est political confidence We pray to he de
livered from it. Our Radicalism means, pre
servation of the Union, cost what it may.
. Ihe Conservatism in this community
.means,preserve the negro though the Union
goes to the dogs. Our Radicalism.means,
an’undivided Union for the white man’s
sake. ' Conservatism means, a broken Union
lor the sake ‘of the negro. We would pre
serve the Union though slavery was abol-
lahcd. . Ihe Conaervatives would presetre
a Jf I 7.^ 10n Sti.th3 'Union be abolished.’ Onr
Kanicnbani utrikes at the root of the rebel*
"PS* lT Conservatism strikes at the root
?/JStrt^- nlon v Cnr Radicalism mokes os pa*
free * 5. a P,py» desiring and Intending
J’S ited coantr T- Their Coaserra
♦l? ieil in'P 00r mJae nthle slaves to a
ftor that they will soon be on ah equality
with the negro. Onr Radicalism giveanaa
■i°n'l n . S™^ ep . , ? nd of : tLelr Conferratiam
the contempUble rank of the
Arnolds and CataUnea, who havo won the
accursed notoriety of being their conntrx’a
enemies. Yes wo are proud of thla, onr
Kadicallam, and wo erpeet to wear it aa an
honor to onrsclves mid a precious heritace
to ont Children. WhUe tho
wIU leave their namea and deeda to atain the
page of onr hiatory, andhauat their children
o the third generation.
Hon. O. B. a* a War Demo-
Hon. Qrlando B. Flcklln, hitherto regarded
os the leader of the Copperhead,rebels in
' Coles county, has within a short time expe
rienced a change of heart, or at least appa
rently so. :He was requested to make 'ah
avowal of his new position in presence of the
54th Illinois volunteers, as it was about to
leave for the and .did so on the 12th
inet., at considerable length.. Wei make a
few extracts from a synopsis in‘the Charles
ton Plaindtaler:
“The secession movement commenced in
South Carolina, and there Is no doabtbat
there was a party In that State which wished
the dissolution of the, Union bn the slave
line. John C. Calhoun was the chief Agita
tor. The agitation bos been kept up from
that time until this, ending in the present re
bellion. But the question now is, soldiers
of the 54tb, are we, - are you willing that this
glorious Union shall be dissolved?' God
knows that no man deplores the shedding of
blood more than I.do, out now that war has
come—and this question has been submitted
to the arbitrament of the sword—we are to
meet it—there Is no stopping short of final
success. -Some of my Democratic friends say
let ns elect a Democratic President and stop
the war, I wish to tcll.my friends that no
party can stop the war until the question is
settled, • There is no snob thing as compro
mise.- Jeff Davis and his confederates started
out to establish a separate Government, nwfl
they cannot now compromise. Thcgrowing
Union, sentiment of"their -country- would
overthrow their Government should they
make the a* tempt They must fight until
they are whipped oat, and we njnst fight un
til they are conqn red.- Many bloody and suc
cessful battles have already been fought and
we look forward to those whicH will, on
Richmond and Georgia-field, ho still more
important Jf the 54th is called into any of
these battles, I have no fear - but you win
acquit yourselves with honor.
“ Lincoln is Elected and I am Free.”
At the serenade of Governor Holm, at New
Orleans, Judge E. H. Darrel, in responding
to a toast to the Governor, said:
The first thing that brought Mr. Lincoln to
his personal knowledge was his election as
President of the United States in 1850. He
knew that he was elected fairly by the popu
lar vote. When, the mornlngafter the elec
tion, the news came of his election, a little
uecro came to him while he was yet in bed,
and with all the enthusiasm of which young
Africa was capable, exclaimed: “Lincoln is
elected and I am free.” Ho believed then,
and" he had since that time no reason-to
change his opinion, that the negro under
stood the contest in the length and breadth,
its width und depth, as well as we did, and
from that moment he bad labored with a cer*
tainty in his own mind that God had resolved
that through this great contest slavery should
cease to exist. That, os inasmuch as the
white man was the first slave, the block man
should be the last.
Jersey—like most other States
thathave voted this year—shows very de
cided political improvement in her recent
municipal elections. There is scarcely a
township or ward in which this change Is
not apparent; while in many places a bene
fleeat revolntiou baa been effected.
3Leao ®2aorfts.
B. A.
Fahnestock’s Son & Co.
jraNUFAcruarEs op
In addition to the usual brand, In'lbUifo will bear the
following on the opposite end:
/,V lp\
/ -$■ 18-44. -^A
/Uj T'X
(Bolli (Eompauies.
Hope gold company.
Gilpin County, Colorado.
$25 each.
John Evane,Colorado; F. It. Judd.New York: H.
Cohu.New York; Wm. Moller.New York: Geo,
W. Grnfllla. B iltlmore: Hermann Fnnke, New York:
JL Cornell Winte;NewYork; M.G.Tyltfr,Ne-v rorK;
6,0. Arnold, Providence. • ’
■ rituiuui .
His Excellency JOHN EVANS,
Governor of Colorado Territory.
tics- prxsidbwts :
DR. F. 11. JUDD.
Office, No. 25 CUff-st.. New York. mh33-b3OO-lm-l*
Hines, Briggs and Gregory Lodes,
Gilpin Co., Colorado. '
Capital 10,000 Shares,sloß Each.
GEORGS M. PULLMAN. •> Chicago.
R.CORNELL WHITE....*, New York
C. C, ALGER.... Hudson, N. T.
- WM. Q. ANGiIT.L....; Provldlnce,B.l.
President J. SMITH BRINGS.
Trvasnrer WaLTKR E. LAWTON.
Secretary J). LITTLEJOHN.
Counsel J S. WOODWARD.
Mining Superintendent. . ..CHAS.H. BRIGGS.
Office 25 cliff street. New York. «p5-cIS-lm
'Notice to ®)iji?pcrs.
General Western Produce.
Tbs undersigned pay Pakticitlab Attbhtiox to
the sale of the above articles, and Consignments sent
to them will be
On very Advantageous terms.- We Issue a WEEKLY
PRICE fCRRKNT of the above articles, which WC
taollexATZß to those sending their address to
i!ei9-t2S>em 33 Water Street, M. V. CItT.
Uoots anb Siioes.
1864. —Spring trade.
Manufacturers an a Wholesale Dealers In
30 Lalce-St., Chicago, 111.
Wthaye now cn hand a very large and well selectee
Reek or bpmur Goods of the very best man afuctore
“d of a mperior Quality to those usually ofleredli
this market. •
Having made our purchases in Osojxbxb, 1353, fo»
Ihe coming season, prior to the recent advances, w«
uslieve we can offer uxusuaL esducxxhits to Caax
Strrxss, vlsltiQK this market.
. We continue to make EXTRA BIZBS and GOOI
Dressed ostrich a>td
Artificial Flowers, &o. &c.
From Paris, begs leave to announce that be has
opened the Store,
H56 Lake street.
For tbe sale of tbe above Goods. apU-cITS-3t-U
The Royal Wine of England*
A limlled quantity of this superior Wine has beer
secured (or the nnneralgoeu, and the drat shipment 0'
SCO cases bos arrived.by the steamship Olympus, ditec
from the cellars of tbe well-known noose ot
Messrs. DB VENOGE & CO.,
At Bpernay, France. The present invoice will be in
induced into this market at tbe very low price o>
• payable In currency, which la much below fta ftrat coat.
The anpenor quality ot this wise is truaria-eed, and
it la offend with confidence of its approval by con
co'eseurs. Orders fer one or more cases maybe ad*
dreeted, by letter o* otherwise, to the on lersigucd.
WM. H *NRT WARD. Wine and Fruit Dealer
No. * HEOAD street, near Wall, New York,
apS-biV2-30t Is • • _ . .
m, ) The Liverpool; New Fork and Phtladel.'bia
Will sal! Com Ntw tork as loliows:
CITY OF LONDON Saturday, April l£*-h.
Varrracr. i’lrat C«bm. to Corlc cp Liverpool. {S3.
from Liverpool or «oecp,towD !o
Chlo.ro at very low rates, payable In currency. For
farther tnfom.tlon G.neral i BeM .
Southwest corner Lake and Glartestreets.
™b*ubi7S-ia w yaamet
My lot at s*)ctb-cart corner of Randolph and W»
basfi.lSfeet on Wabash,Sli* on Randolph. Capital
location for & firnt-elasa wholesale store. Terms qi
sale easy. , E. C. LABNBD,
«3 McCormick’s baßdlnTi corner Dearborn vd Ran*
dolph itreeta. CeM-vSMaI
0 -v:*)
.«$: j ~'£rpspprwtnu %mes
I ;r~ _ eelTedattheTreaimrTDgpirtingit.offlceofthe : lOOtct
=“PpvWnc Architect. Washing :on. V. C.,nn;U 1311. . __
f Pf-. I*® 1 *® of M*r, ib«, tor all the Flroaml Burs-, TlTrirfnTnV fJV-.TnnTrr:- l nf i n-n nn*n’nn*iTr
r ‘‘ l rr “" T .i i' iaiij)]] LOIDiJSiIFr
I specifications can oe obtained by applies* { __ _ . r J
nieasnrc'ioathe outside: Urn , ■ ■ . - and
*P 5 0TW 4 >l chartes whatever, except
■ WE!iTE “ It ESPREfi*.
■ ow.tta Bi» *dlw»y. ,;
P P ?Utoabjlhe «m-.i..i V cn. Chicago and SewTock. and
• All bids mast- be accompanied br the bond of two o' b^' Dinars, and offer to the commercial mod
resptnslh'e persons In the som of 45.000 that the bid. the ioilowlng superior facilities,rt*:
dcrwlllacerptsnd perform the contract if awarded iix following
trice- „ __ ‘ , -1 OX THE LAKES.
The Department reserves the to reject anr or FUPtrr rtatp ~ ._ „ ■ •
all the bids if Übe considered lu interest to doao. I R\^fro : \tb Capt. H. P. PgEAT^
and no bid will be considered that doea not conform t)NK,n» S 4 . ..Vapl, J. B«OKwrm»
•to therronirtmearstl t:.S» odvcxtliudicut. . -•} iLYMOTTTn** - .Cant. Bnrr.
tone enclosed Inn sealed envelope. endorsed ‘ vnniiri* .**’* Cagt. Utonaow.
‘•Proposals forSaftfsaal VanlnC* - TOnawaxtiV* * if®?***- h.La»«m».
** • ■ ISAIAH'ROOKS. ' FUK* nTATP Capt. B,O. Lxxqlmt.
np2*tSST-St-6AT*w . Soper rising Architect. BUFFALO r ******—• CjPt. Atwood
. poTnxt \p*”*uapc«
tbe Sth day of Msv, ism at 12 o’clock noon, for ihs ronsintQ x dailt uxe nsrwra
Grading.Masooryand Krldjrlnir ontbe branen Uno of >% ■> ■
Wld road frem Mtcdoia to St. Paul. CN CACO A PIICETAI A
comprise* a larce amoont of sand rock vnlW. .WIV/ 0b wUrr ALw (
vs«j nation,and tie misenry and sopcratroctore of a *
brtdee aeroea the MbaJfsJprt Hirer
dM? ♦K«*i Ile S eI T R,Ten tn,t on or about the same '
, work of completing the zradlnr. masonry
£ 3 2 iK«?i n, » on main I'ne of *airt r. ad.fron Farrv
bTcomrintf S. (I 5) art J , -* T ™ mile., win
OT y^? atb tP nn P h )lne ,a ora very heavy
character, ihd la worthy the attention of responsible
Payments will be made monthly, la cash, and bids
.received f*r the work in snuli or large qnantitles, the
company reserving tne-right to reject any bids not
satulsctory a* to price or as to the responsibility of
the parties making the some.
- For Information with regard to said work. aonUca
tlcn may be made to the Company’s Chief Engineer,
at Minneapolis, Minnesota. ¥ 3 ’
t*. CHAMBERLAIN, President.
D.C. BnzPAßD, ; Chief fimrlnoer. ap3-b93-td
Proposals * for forage.
_ Cxurr OcxßmcßXASTtc’a Omen,)
, ~lf4sr il3‘ C TO* Dftpor. Decembers, 1563, >
SEATED PROPOSALS are Invited by the under*
signed for supplying the U. S. Quartermaster’s De
partment. at tvaehractoD, D. C- Baltimore. Md„
Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va., or either of those
places, with Day, Com, Oats and Straw.
‘Bids win be received for the delivery of s.ooobush
els of Com orOatsaadSQ tons cf Hay or Straw, or
upwards. ,
BitUlcramust stats at which of the above named
pests they propose to make deliveries, and the rates
at wblcn they will make deliveries thereat, the qua-.*
, tity of each article propose.: to be delivered, thetlme
, when said deliveries shall be commenced, and when
i to be completed.
Tne price most be written out in words on tho bid*.
, Corn to be pnt op In good stoat sacks, of about two
, bushels each- Data In like sacks, of about three bnsh
r eueacb. The tacks to be furnished without extra
charge to the Government. Tho Hay and Straw to be
: securely baled.
The particular kind or description of Oats.Com.llaT
or Straw, proposed to be delivered mast be stated la
• the proposals. ,
All the articles offered under the bids herein invited,
will ba tabject to s rlrid Inspection by the Oovem
mcQElcepectcr before being accepted.
Contracts will be awarded from time to tlmo to the
lowest responsible bidder, aa ihe lutorest of the Gov
ernment may require, and payment will be male when
the whole amount contracted for shall have been de
livered and accepted.
The bidder will be required to accompany his pro*
; posal with a guaranty, signed by two responsible per*
: sons, that In case his bid is accepted he ur they will
within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for
the same, wilu good and sufficient sureties tn a sum
’ equal to the amount o( the contract, to deliver tne
forasenroposed In conformity with the terms of this
: adveiUienieot; and in case the said bidder should fall
; to enter Into tho contract, they to make good the dlf
. ference between the offer of tald bidder and the next
; lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the
I contract may b* awarded.
. The responsibility of tho guarantors most be shown
by the official ce tlncate of a IT. 5. District Attorney,
Collector of Cnstoms or an; other officer neder the
United States Government, or responsible person
:knowntothlsoffice. y
All bidders will be duly nodded of the acceptance
or rejection of their proposals.
1 Thu foil name and P. O. address of each bidder ans*.
be legibly written In the proposal
most be addressed to Brigadier General
D. H.Hacker, Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washing*
Ington.D.C., and should bo d la Inly marked “Ptodo*
sals for Forace.”-
Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract,
tlgned by the contractor and both bis guarantors, will
be required or the successful bidder or bidders upon
signing the contract. . > *
, Blank forms of bida,guarantees and bonds, maybe
obtained on application at this office. •
(Town, County and State)
I. the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish and
deliver to the United States, at the Quartermaster's
Department at —r —, agreeably to the terms of your
advertisement. Inviting proposals for forage, dated
Washington Depot, December 8,1563, the following
articles, viz;
—— ouphela of Corn, In aaeka, at—per bushel ol
53 pounds. ....
- ■■■■ bn?hela or Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of
■ ■■ tona of baled Hay, at —" per ton of 2,030
• . pounds. . ' -
tons of baled Straw, at per ton of 3,000
* Delivery to commence on or before tbe - day
of , 186 , and to be completed©!! or before the
day of , 136 .and pledge myself t> en
ter into a written contract with the Doited States,
with good and approved securities, within tho space
of ten days after beixe notified that ray bid haa been
accepted. .. Too; obedient servant,-
Brigadier General D. H.Bucob,
•Chief Depot Qaartermaltcr,
J ■ ‘Washington, D. C»
We, tbe undersigned, residents ot , la the
County ot and State of thereby Jointly
and severally, covenant with the Untied States, and l
guarantee in case tbe foregoing bin of be ac
cepted,that be .or they will, within ten days after tbs
acceptance of said bid, execute tbe contract lor tbs
same, with good qnd sufficient sureties, is a sum canal
to tbe amount of tbe contract, tofrirntah tbe forage
proposed In conformity to the terms of advertisement
dated December 9, iwß, under which tbe bid was
made; and Is case tbe said ■ ■■■ ■ shall 101 l to
enter s contract os aforesaid, we guarantee to
make good tbe difference between tne offer of the
said and the next lowest responsible bid*
der, or the person to whom tbe coaaract may be
awarded. .. .*•
( Given under onr bonds and sealt
: Witness: i this day of , i? 6-.
j flea]*]
I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge
and belief, tbe above-earned guarantors aro good and
sufficient as sureties for the amount for which tbev
offer to be security. _
To be certified by the United States District Attor*
ney .Collector of Customs, or any other officer unde:
the United States Government, or responsible person
known to this office.
“ All proposal* received under tills advertisement
will be ooeoed and examined at this office on
WEDNESDAY and SATDUOAV of cachwcer,at 12
31. Bidders are respectfully invited to be present at
the opening ct bias,” IT they desire.
dell*G3l-6m Brigadier General and Quartermaster.
Insoluble (Cement.
applicable to the
i useful Arts.
1 of “ore general practical
utility than any Invcaaou now
before the pnoile. It baa beet
thoroughly tested during the lasi
two years by practical men, and
pronounced oy all to be
Superior to Any
Adbeelye Preparatlon'knowu.
A new thing.
HHton’s Insoluble Cement
Isa new thing, and the resolt ci
years of study; Itaconbinatlonls
on Scientific PnniciPLxs, and
onderno clrcumslanccaor change
of temperature will it become
corrupt or: emit any offensive
tts Combination.
Boot and Bane Mss*
nttic turns.
Manufacturers, using Machines,
will find It tbo beat article known
tor Cementing the Channels, as It
works without delay, la not atfec
‘Adby any change of temperature.
Wm And It sufficiently adhesive
for tbclr nae, as baa been proved
ft la especially adapted
to Leather,
And we claim as an especial
merit, that it sticks Patches and
Linings to Boots and Shoes suffi
ciently strong without stitching.
Extant that Is a sure thing for
It Is a Liquid.
And articles of Household Ose.
Hilton’s InsolnWa Coment
Is In a liquid form, and aa easily
applied aa paste.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is Insoluble In water or oil.
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Supplied m Family or Manufac
turer’3 Packages, from 2 ounces
to 100 pounds.
HUrTON BSO3. ft CO.,
___ PgopHaroaa,
, SMITH, Wholesale Druggists, &
.ago. 111., General Western Asenw, to
iznay be addressed. Iclo-gtS-iywy**
Sold by LOAD ft t
Lake street, Chicago
U" B ‘*
LALLEIIAND’S SPECIFIC win cot care oil
cases. I: wlil coxa
Rheumatism, Cent and Neuralgia.
Eoadreda have certified to this fact.
For Sale by all DragcUtSi Price.. On#
Dollar per Bottle.
j H. BLOOD. Bole Agent.
34 North Fifth street, St. Lonli.
nolß-m-tfcn-WT&* Agents for Chicago.
53rugs auh (Gljemtcals.
J' H. REED & CO.,
»Xake St., Chicago, 111.
Paint*, on*. Window GUa, Gian,
ware. Bmaliif OOa, Keroaeme.
Soapmakera’ Stock, JTanu
rac«nr«ia> Gooda, ic,
muon we offer at price, ayorablo to Wejtcm Met.
chants and Manufacturers,
J.3.Baxo.l74 pearl street 5, Y.)
cap the attention of Business men and
the Travelling Community to the superior ac com too*
.datlna andconjfcrt offered in their establishment.
ae3ifeiS7-ema|fiiil» KAMAGA.POWL&B ACO *
ffifjK.TO 1150 PER JIONTH!
W. I 1# The Inru Oiast Sxwnro Micmw*
Compact want an Agent In each county, to solicit
orders for their new *
; *!□ Uaotalne,
With gauge, ■crew-driver and extra needles. We will
pa; a liberal salary and expenses, or give large com*
mission. For particulars, terms. Ac., enclose a stamp,
and address T. S. FAQB, Toledo, 0-. General Agent
forthe United States. ap7-c371-Us
I, Connecttugr as follows, vlr:
"With the vai lons Bail roads leadln* Co and (ton M
«KO. ard Mather. Clair £ Co.’s S». Louis line o(
Boat* on Illinois Canal.
i th l.aclce * MUaiMippiiutlroad. at Bactne.
" 3th Cleveland 4 Mahonln*. Cleveland and Plttsbonr'
and Atlantic and Groat Western &
Clove land. ■**
■And with the
•At Buffalo. And also the Western Transportation
Company’s T.lneof Boata 00 Erie Canal, four ofwhldk
Will le-ve BnlTslo and New York dalle.
For Contracts and Bills of Lading apply to
BITGH AT LEN, No. 1 Coentiej clip, New Torlc,
! _A. H. W'ABO.JIO Broadway, Agent Erie BaQwaffU
hew York. * ■ • ■
J.P. WOKTSELL.2S3 Broadway, New York.
«TNO. 9.I'UNLAP, 15 State street, Azest Erie tn«n
way, Boston. •
h. G CHASE, 113 Pier. Albany.
H. A. GRISWOLD, 191 Hirer street, Troy.
H. JOHNSON - St CO., Cleveland.
H. C. MoDOwkLL, Cleveland.
A. GODARD. Toledo.
L. M. OSBORNE. Sandnsky.
J. L. HERD St CO.. Detroit.
O. M. TIBBITTS, Milwaukee.
A*. P. DUTTON, Baclne.
J. W. TUTTLE, Agent,
Foot of JJtate street. Chicago.
1§64. liIXE. 1881.
Will the ensuing Mason of navigation, run their ’
TPAHO Cnew) Capt. A.B. Comr.
DEAN RICUMOJ-D (new)..... Capt.ft.Rvxiok
w inslow <new) Capt. Jas. sun. •
WESOSI...„ .....Caot.M. □. Connm.
GRKE& CITY Cant. John PASSomu
CC\AHO6A. Capt. Joicr Btxk
CMcago, Jlllirankee and Buffalo,
(When practical) forming
(Sundays excepted' for the transportation of Freight
aru Passengers, Running in connection, at BuHkte
with the
New York Central Railroad,
Spaulding's and Union Express lines, over tbe N. Y.
C.R.8~ and the Troy and Erie and American TmrM
portationand Trunau Lines of Canal Heats on tb«
Erie Canal sn<‘at tlevelacd wl:h tbe CLEVELAND
The Bates of PreJght and Passage hy theav
steamers am much Less than by Railroad.
Tto growing popularity of the Lakes asaPLEASUR*
EOCTE, has Induced t be proprietors to add to the Una
several new steamers, which are fitted oat in aityl*
unspnroacbed upon the Lakes, making the steamers
of this lice unequalled for sire, speed, safety and afr
commodation for Yrelgbt and Passengers.
' The line Ja preoared to contrast to transport prop*
city from New York, Bcston,Troj, Albany, and all
principal points on the line of the Sew York Central
Railroad and the Erie Canal to the ports on the West
Shore of Lake Michigan, and from taose ports to Bafr
falo and all points East.
JOHNfI.MOBE. AgentNcwTork Central
■ VS9 Broadway. New Ycrkl
M. H.SPAULDING, Proprietor Spaulding's Exsreeu. 1
No. 'I Astor Honse. New York. -
J. li. WILGUS A CO., Agents Union Express, at ■
Broadway, and Troy and trie Lme, 9 Casatles Sbu.
New York. "
11. M. CALEB & CO- Proprietors of American Tran*
pdrtatton and Transit Lin.-'. 7 Cmrulce Silo. S. y.
A. E. BUCK. Ageat N. T. C. B. IS- Cleveland. Ohio.
WM. Agent C * P, R, K., PUwbaxgb,Pfc.
J. J. TALLMAIRjR. Azcnt, Milwaukee wis.
SHELDON PEASE, Managing Agent, Buffalo. "
A. A. SAMPLE. Passenger Agent, S3 Clark street*
BItIUIOAl) & Din cOCE. 3 -
• Office and Docks foot of North Dearborn street, ad*
Joining G. AC.U.B. R. Freight Depot. ap3*bsrn*ter
TATION Company of Ohio will, the eosnlntreea
soaot navication, ran (heir well known Llaeof flrst
chisstcrew Steamers, tri-weekly between Chicago anil
Oidcnsburjh, landing at Milwaukee jw
trolt, Oswego and Cape Vincent, connecting
WHh the Nor hern Railroad for Boston and all points
in New Enclaa j via Vermont Central and Rn
ana Burlington rentes.
"Wlih the Railroad Lins to New York.
With the New Oswego Lice ofthlrty fire Canal Boater
runnlte daily between New York *nd Oswego.
This Lins affords to shippers to and from Bostons
Interirr KewEnziand and New York, the advaotag?
of one transhipment, and for safe transportation oSf
freight and passengers it la unrivalled.
JOHN HOCKDTG, 7 Slate street. Boston.
J. MYKRS, 9 Aator Hoose. Now York.
O. Butbl>, 71 Penrl street. New York.
GEO. A. HbDY. Ogdensburgh! ■
A. F. SMITH. Cape Vincent.
. PELT ON & BKEKU. Cleveland.
E. 11.MATHEWS, Detroit.
O. J. HALE, Milwaukee. ■ *
Ag “‘- door Bor “ «*
,Offlc? and Docks foot of North Lasalle street
spiitcs(&lm< ff
A ewaors to Harding 4 Hallo dealers ta SHIF
CHAN nLEKT, Groceries and Provisions, Tarred
Manilla Cordage, Pitch. Tar and Oakmn.-Paints.
White Lend. Canvas. Blocks, etc.
163 South Water street, Chicago* -
Wins Uarcbants, 64 Exchange Place, IT. 7*
Have always on b*nrt for sale, Port, Maderla, Sbcrrr
Malngaand Muscat wines. Alk». rhpnv,Blackberry
and imported Cognac Brandies—all of low grades. -
Orders from the conntry or city, for any ouantfto .
promptly filled, at market rates. *.
fe2»ra-am Office. 16 Lasalle-eL, Chicago. PL
Manufacturers of Grand, Square and Curlaht
PIANO FORTES, Warearooms 16 Leroy Place, Hew
York, we Oder to dealers and the public a very sum
not article. OnrMr.Kroegcrwaaof the late firm of
Cnllenberg & Co., and the manufacturing partner*
A 2eMa waatod.
-L' NERSHIP.—The co-partncrablp existing be
tween a. n. Germer, of Cbleago.and Martin Stands,. ’
ci Clarksville, Mercer County, Pa.. under the firm '
of A. H. GERMER * CO., Is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. All interest In the late fins betas
transferred to A. II Germer. A. 11.
Cblcogo, April ICth, IS«. M. BTADDE.
Adheres oily substances.
CO PARTNERS J7IP. —The bare, this
nay formed a co partnership uuiler she ”»mn uul
Him of • •
Andnlllconllnue the ba*»ns'd# of Hide and f *••
Dealers and CoaunbalOQ Herciiaitta at
Chicago, April Wlh.lSCl.
M: 7IfLIX GHAST wia continue toe baslne»» at
U^f 1 [ nnU ief?{gS' If 5?;?“"*“* **
ri O-PARTNERSHIP.—I have this
hereafter under the name and Arm of
Chleaco. ( AprU ut, 1861. GEORGE E. 3TA5T027.
T> EAIOYAL.—J, Leduc, late of.
-A-Ij Lednc Ss Gibbs, has removed to
1211 Strath Water Street, fup-itoin), ~
where he will continue In the aame bt^laMs—bovtn*
0fpr0(lllce on ™S3SsSr*t
Eave remoTtd from itreet to Uieir ana T
ITos. 48 Sc 50 VV abash Avenne,
Next south or Cooley, panrsll * Co,
C "
Haring also received a large and well selected
rioci ot desirable gooda ftp the
17a Invite the attention of an Dealer* in BOOTS mM
SHOES to an examlna&os of the same. we eoatlnc -
tha CASH BTSTEM. and Enow that
Kastbr West, can compete with ns. ■
fcl&-w708.2as FABGQ * BILL,
7b yat. Off ALL SIZES.
TaJibaall, (hwaHat A Ok,
Torcucro at
Touching at
MacHiac, Detroit and Cleveland,
business (Cams.
Z. if. HAT.I <r

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