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€ljicaga ®ribirac.
MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1801.
'President Lincoln, in Lis remarks at Baltl
more, observed, that the mode in which re
dress was to be sought for the outrage of
Fort Pillow, was not yet determined on; and
Indicated that it.might bea question oJjeome {
difficulty. We have Contederate prisoners ■
enough in our hands, and Jt would seem to
‘be easy to select three or four hundred men
out -of-Camp -Douglas, by lot or otherwise,
and order them shot at once. - But it will
• hardly do lor the Government of the United
gtatts to proceed with rashness, or to be
grxiliy of any act which may aavor of cruelty.
It-ls hard to say what might be properly
' done under some conceivable circumstances;
bat in seeking redress for a violation of the
law, we most proceed lawfully, so as to se
cure the approbation of civilized nations,
and to stop the mouths of the rebels them
Tire men who werpetrated the horrible
atrocity of murdering men after surrender,
were not a parcel of unauthorized guerillas.
£ad they been "each, we might proceed to
-‘hunt and-kill them as murderers, without
any further ceremony. But they are the reg
ular soldiers of the Confederacy, wearing its
uniform, bearing Its commission, and re
ceiving its pay—acting thus in all respsets
under its authority. Tbs first steps in onr
course are therefore clear. .We must know
of the rebel authorities if these acts are done
by their orders or permission; if they will
take the responsibility of them, or disavow
them, and relinquish to punishment the per
The rebels themselves, have jnst set an ex
ample of the proper mode‘of procedure.
They found, or preUuded to find, upon the
person of CoL Dahlgrcn, whom they killed,
a copy of orders—real or spurious—detailing
the work to be domaby his command when
Richmond should be in their hands.- Soma
of the items were, the taking oil of Jeff Da
vis, and sundry acts of burning and devasta
tion; averred to be contrary to ths rales of
regular-warfare. Allrebeldombaa continued
to be greatly exasperated by these orders,
which they affirm to be genuine, but which
have been supposed to be forgeries, for the
sake of effect. Their made of procedure has
been to inquire oi onr military leaders in
Virginia if each orders were given te Col.
Dahlgren; and if he was carrying out tbe
policy .of the United States government in
tbe endeavor to act upon them. j
Gen. Meade and Gem Kilpatrick have both
replied, that no inch orders were given to
CoL Dahlgren; and utterly disavow all re
sponsibility lor them. Thus the matter we
suppose will rest, unless it may still housed
as a sort of bugbear in tbe way of firing tbe
Southern heart, fiat assuming that anyjsucb
papers were lonnd upon CoL Dahlgren, jtbclr
mode of procedure was obviously the proper
one in the premises.
If Jell. Davis avows the act of Fcrrcst, it
will then be. necessary to consider the next
step. It will then be for ns to decide upon
wbat act of retaliation we will enter. In
that case it might be proper to proceed to ex
treme measures at once—even to the putting
to death of prisoners in onr hands—should
such a stcp # scem safe and proper. It would
doubtless be UitfuL j
But if Davis disavows the act, and is
ready to accord some suitable satisfaction,
something less of stringency might be insist
•cd on In onr; demands.' Bat in any event the
gang Which perpetrated the massacre are the
proper subjects of vengeance. If Davis will
give up Forrest, Chalmers and their bloody
crew, very well. If not, a proclamation of
outlawry is tbe least that can be thought of
They arc no more, entitled to protection in
case of being taken prisoners, than a parcel
oi tigers with the blood of men upon their
At oil events *we must go far enough to
vindicate justice and protect our block sol
diers In the future.
Ko living Democrat has a better right to
speak for the Democratic party than Geteral
Daniel E. Sickles. Though still a ypnng
pini, comparatively, his party, at.the break
log out of the war, contained few, if any
gentlemen ol higher claims to statesmanship,,
whether evidenced by the many official posi
tions with which it had rewarded him, or the
ability which he had brought to the perform
ance of their duties. Hieing from a penniless
Journeyman printed, his sympathies have al
ways been with the people. Obtaining his
first prominence in the strongly Democratic
city of New* York, In Jackson's time, he coaid
xiul have been other than a' Democrat oi
the Democrats. One of the ablest members
of the New York bar, the Democrat
ic party made him. counsel for , tbe
city, x 'When he represented her in the
Legislature be was the acknowledged leader
of that body. In Congress tbe Democracy
had no morelmpressiveadvocate,-noßtannch
cr or more zealous partisan. He bad accom
panied Buchanan to England as Secretary of
Legation, and his personal relations with
Douglas, Cass, and the other 'Democratic
statesmen of the. country, were those ol a
recognized Democratic leader with his peers.
A domestic calamity, which was snrely
more his zmslorlnne than bis fault, darkened
bis threshold, and blighted his fame in the
eyes of many. Bat who can fall to admire
him as heleavcshls scat in Congress to enlist
_as a private soldier for the Union, trusting
■only to the appreciation of his fellowpri
vatcsandhis superiors for promotion. Al
though without military education he has
earned promotion from military men for his
generalship, and conquered the applause of
the people for his fighting qualities., At
ChanceUorsville and Gettysburg!!, it is still
doubtful to many whether he was not tbe
most eflectlve General on tbe field. His
career in the field .Is without ablunderora
stain,.and, to-day, his soldlcrly’reputation is
worthy of his grade, which is the second in
. the army.- - - j
Neither In zeal as a Democrat, nor in the
range of his abilities, nor In the proof* of his
patriotism, has he been found wanting. Snch
is the record of the Democratic soldier who
has just been-so warmly welcomed by the
people of Chicago, and who in return for
their hospitality has given them Ms views.
When I became a soldier I ceased to be a politi
cian. - fDeafemnc cbecre.] I did not renounce any
Principle that had previously governed me In pub
lic life, I did not renounce any of tbc teachings of
Xtangloa, -Cues, and Dicklueon with whom! bad
been for years associated in public affairs; I did
not cease to cherish a proper regard for the eerri
cce ■which I believed and still oelieve nad been
rendered by tbe great party to which I bad belong*
cd. {Cheers 1 Bat 1 did fee! that in tbe time of
war, when rebellion, insurrection and revolution
bad destroyed all party ties, and allegiance bad
merged into higher, and broader, and creator Issues,
all partisan questions, that it was right and proper
to sacrifice whatever of uarty attachment 1 might
have cherished, to tbc greatergood of my country. *
Wc are not aware how be could have said
anything which -would have been higher evi
dence of bis patriotism unless it were the
Acting upon this impulse I joined the military
service of tbe United States in tbe capacity of a
private soldier. [Tremendoua cheering.]
And here is the practical common sense of
a Democratic soldier, wbo has scaled his faith
by his blood, as well os dignified it by his sa
gacity and judgment, upon tbe “can’t” theo
ry ef the secessionists and copper-rebs.
Impossible to put down this rebellion J Let Ken
tucky and ilJssoun, and Tennessee, and Louisiana
.ond Arkansas answer that] Let the Potomac and
the Cumberland and the Ohio, and the Itio Grande,
end tbe Mississippi answer that! Impossible f
Wfcy wc arc twenty millions, and they are bet six I
Svtaat man deservin'' ibe name of an American can
Sot a moment regard himself as worthy respect and
consideration, who will so far ignore tbe claims of
bis country to respect, as to admit that twenty
■millions of such men ns I see to-night, twenty mil
lions of eneb a population as bare created a great
empire on ibis continent, arc inferior to six mil
lions. mo matter from wbat part ofGod's footstool
they come [Lend cheers.]
Here is a Jackson Democrat's views of
■“ Buchan anisni. 1 ’
We were told at the ontect of this war—and tbe
opinion is sometimes still echoed—that it was un
constitutional to put Gown this rebellion hr force
ofannsitbatyoucouldnot and must not coerce a
State. Why. my friends, if it-was lawful and right
to form a Government, to transfer from a collection
of separate States a great community, united into
one KoiiomJ Union; if it was right to establish
such a Government: if it was right to pledge oar
lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honors to main
tain, preserve, and defend it forever—for such is*
tbe oath taken by all who eweir allegiance to the
• Constitution—in heaven's name what can be more
xlgtaifhl than 1o defend and preserve snch a Con
-enrntion and ench a Union against enemies cither
at borne or abroad ? [Cheers long continued-] Is
It possible that tbe Inspired fathers of the republic
-were polity of the folly of ci-tabllthing a Govern
ment that we were all bound to defend against for
eign aggression, yei-timt all of us are bound to see
«acnficed and destroyed at the bands of intestine
Geo; filcklcs has heard probably from both
Northern tod Southern rebels that this is|not
a war for the Union, but for the Block' R
epublican partyand the negro. What saysthe
fighting Democrat whose wooden cratch con
more honesty and brains than the whole
copperhead party.
This war, lor whom is.il wafted f Do 1 bear
ihfit it is waned for some ambitious leader of a par
z, qniatitls for the advocacy and establishment .
nf seme part v dogmn ordoclrine t I repel the Idea,
fnLuwwla wwed for America and humanity.
K^ehwlthlhoconstancy end Oddity beaming
.iSlSS.'America All., anil limßlalryl. dla.
ftmlaafe.l This war, whom dona It lu
gJ2« "RmSa* -woman and. chUd throaghoat
of norland. Inilare InyoK
iKiShSrm-education, iroe InsUtntlons, the rlghta
usd priyOCjres, and opiionnrilliec of the mauea, the
SrcWpmStof theremhlip os alraom'aljEht to
mankind, tho preservation of thin Jand. M aniaßj
inm to the oppreeeod aU oyer the world, [Cheere J
Thun one of the l/croes of Gettysburg dis
poses ofiie specious pretense that lie South
Is flebtingfor Independence: -■ ;
i understand very well, my friends, that impulse
oftUhSS? heart which prompts men to srmpa.
fw™ withe strmre’e against authority. I know
wmdßsriynwtm in onr minds ere the teachings
Cl Jnr moliuonary history which made sacredtEe
j idea orrebellion •'♦aloft tbe tyranny of George the
1 Third. I cndtTfland how a Gorman who has seen
} his country, hie fatherland, tom, dJrided into petty
States. powcrlDfiß to old each other, powerless to
resist despotism, a prey to the iotneaes of Aas
, tria, Pmstiia and Knssla; I can understand the
sentiments of the Polander and the Ilangarlan
who bos til hi* life been BtrngqliDC for nation
: alltv and freedom; I can sympathize with the
! Irishman who has tiuhod year alter rear orer
an obliterated nationality, for him who has strag
§' led in vain against the tyranny of an alien race,
at Icmnot comprehend how any man bom en
title soil, or who came here to enjoy tbe blessings
of free government, can permit a solitary fibre of
kls heart to sympathise with this infamous rebel
lion against liberty. [Cheering.] Every other re
bellion of which history makes record, was a re
bellion of the many against the few, resistance 'of
ilhe aggrieved agamrt the oppressor, a protest
against tyrranny and aristocracy, In favor of liberty
and right. This rebellion stands forever alone ac
cursed in history as a rebellion against liberty and
r.ght and freedom. . • *
A fighing man, Gen. Sickles, has the meins
to know, and the right to expose ClTe fallacy
of that kind of peace doctrine whl h makes
waron the Government for the sake ofbelng
at peace with rebels. ,’ • {
Separation 1 my conn hymen,'Sena ration is war—
endless war. and tbe decline and fall of tbe Repub
lic. Peace 1 union Is peace; union is the perpetui
tlonofonrtrecinsiitutiouß:unionmakei us one
as a Republic, one as Americans. This aeaee, this
anion, we'aUnopedintbeearlierdtys of the war
would be postiblv'throngh tbe return of reason to
the South, through a perception of tbe impossibili
ty and recklessness of resisting tbe United States,
that would compel submission to the lawfill au
thority of tbe United States Government, These
bones, however, proved illative This price 1
WnatisitJ It Is said we are exacting submis
sion. Submission to what ? To tbe Constitution
of the United States—submission to the constitu
tionally expressed will of the majority of the people
.of tbe United States—submission to the Covers-’
ment that up to the moment when this rebellion
drew its sword and fired its first gun, bad ncvfcr in
flicted a grievance upon any Tnaw couth of Mason
and Dixon's line. [Cheering.] Submission?, Yes.
To what? To s Government that the statesmen
south of Mason and Dixon's line were conspicuous
in influencing and in forming, and conducting and
ruling down to the hour of the rebellion. ■
When do we bear from tbe Sooth a word abont
petcc except It is accompanied by the condition of
separation ? To tbe honor of tbe North be lt said,
that tew, very few. are so lost to what Is due to
their conntry as to tolerate the idea of separation
and peace. [Applause ! The armies of the Ualon
that are in the front to-day were not summoned to
the field for any such degradation as that [Load
cheering. - ] I would not envy the fate of that states
man, the leader of that party who would,! f they had
the power, make a peace which involved the separ
ation of these United States, when that gallant army
came home to confront each traitors.
Thcmeanlng ef the concluding
the General's address is not doubtful; and
jet he is a Democrat, changed in nothing save
that he has met and fought rebellion on many
a bloody field;
“Now and for the future, the only peace that Is
possible, is the peace that Is lobe conquered.
I Cheering.] It is a peace to be won and preserved
by battalions, by skillful ceaerals, bywiso states
men, by the constant, stedfast, loyal people; that
pence will be honorable, It will be permanent; that
peace will cive to us a republic which onr fathers
intended we should hove, a republic altogether
Wholly and forever free.” i
The whole speech was admirable in all Us
parts, well worthy of a citizen soldier, a pat
riot orator, and a Jackson Democrat. May
bis fntnre military record be worthy of his
past, and may copperheads emulate, though
late, his noble example. . • .. i
Tbe movements of Gen. Garibaldi continue
to absorb public attention. It was asserted
that Lord Palmerston would entertain Gari
baldi at his o» n residence. The proposal to
confer the freedom of the city of-London on
Garibaldi has been carried Into the court of
Common Connell; with only two dissen
tients, Mr. Norris, M. P., having withdrawn,
his amendment. Mazzlni, on Wednesday,
April 6, paid tbe General a visit, and the
Poet Laureate spent some time in conversing
with the distinguished exile, •
- —ln the House ot Commons on the Bth
inst., Hr. Layard stated that her Majesty’s
Government had received reports from their
Consuls at Boston, Portland, and New York,
on the snbjsct of kidnapped Irishmen. It
alleged that these persons had been
tempted to leave Ireland under pre
tences, and while intoxicated were prevailed
upon to enter the army of the United States.
Lord Lyons had already made a report upon
the subject, and has been instructed to seek
redress from our Government. j V
—ln the Houeebf Commons, on the 7th in
stant, Mr. Gladstone, the Chancellor- of the
Exchequer,' made his annual financial state-.,
ment before a very crowded house. He sta-'
ted that the estimated expenditure of the'past
fiscal year was £68,283,000 sterling, but the
actual expenditure was only £67,056,000.1 The
revenue of the year was £70,208,000, which,
alter deducting £BOO,OOO expended on fortifi
cations, left an actual surplus of £2,352,000.
The following are the Important changes in
taxation proposed for the .current year: The
duty on com (wheat) is reduced from Is per
quarter to 3d per cwt The income tax li re
duced Id in the pound sterling. The duty on
high dossed sugars is reduced 5s 6d, and In
the lower sorts 3s 4d. The duty on fire In
surance on stock in trade Is reduced from 8s
to Is Cd per cent. Sundry other minor and
unimportant changes arc proposed. The es
, timated • surplus for the ye&r 1564-’CS is
—The commander of the United States
steamer Kcaraarge had addressed a letter to
the Marquis ol Clonricarde relative to some
remarks which Ms lOrdshlp made in the de
bate in the House of Lords on tho'Sth instant
Tbe Captain denies that he enlisted any men,
and says that the Kearsarge has more than
her complement; that the frequent applica
tions of the Consuls of the United States to
send American seamen to her have all been
met by axcfosal, and that many of the Boyal
Marines at Deal and sailors at every jpori
touched at in tbe United Kingdom baveoffer
. cd themselves in numbers, and bare oil been
refused enlistment.
Messrs. Glass, Elliott & Co., of London,
have purchased the entire works of the Gntta
Pcrcba Company, and formed a new compa
ny, under the name of the Telegraph Con
struction Company, with a capital of £1,000,.
000, for the purpose of making and main
taining telegraph lines of
both Submarine and on land, in every part of
the world. Tbe new company are to <Uny'
ont Messrs. Glass, Elliott & Co.'s contract
with the directors of the Atlantic Telegraph
Company, to manufacture and lay down, in
the summer of 1805, the cable between. Ire
land and Newfoundland. .
—ln the House ot Lords, on the 7th Inst,
Lord Shaftsbnry asked if the government- had
received any inlorm&Uon confirming the tel
egraphic dispatch that Sondcrburg bad been
bombarded for twenty-four hours without
notice, and that eighty women and children,
had been killed, fifty houses destroyed-and.
the town deserted. If such was the case the
Prussian government and the military author
ities of that country ought not to be counte
nanced by any civilized nation. He hoped
the English fleet would be sent out for the
purpose of preventing the recurrence of such
dreadfnland cowardly atrocities. | <
Earl Basse! said he had telegraphed tojllr.
Buchanan, the British minister, for Informa
tion, but bad not yet received any reply,land
should not be warranted in cxpresslagany
vOpinlon till he was better acquainted with
the facts, . i
, There !s a probability of another inter
national light in the Prize King between Jem
Mace of England and Joe Coburn of New
York. Tbc fight wQI probably take place in
Ireland, for £SOO a side.
The rebel steamer Matilda was wrecked
on the 10th Inst., off the Scotch coast She
had on a cargo of steel, Iron and coal for. the
rebels. She was built at Glasgow for £OO,OOO
and this was her first and last trip.
A. Seducer Shot*
. A correspondent ut Charleston, "West Vir
ginia, sends to the Cincinnati Gazette an ac
count of an exciting affair which took place
In that city a few. days since. He says .the
residents of the central portion of lh’e city
were one morning thrown into great excite
ment by the discovery of the body of a man
on the sidewalk with a* bnlletbole through
hts breast. Inquiry developed the fact that-
Mr. John Hinges, a prominent druggist and
confectioner, had'for some time suspected
his wife of Infidelity to her marriage tows;
he accordingly laid his plans to cntrapjher
and her paramour. On Wednesday, April
13th, he Informed his wife that business call
ed him to Cincinnati forsome days.lnstead
of coming here, he secreted himself in or
near the town. Learning Friday night that
he would probably find the guilty parties, 1 he
repaired to his discovered Hospital
Steward Nelson in bed with bis faithless wife..
He drewa revolver and ■ attempted to shoot
Kelson, but missed him.,.. Nelson then xan
and jumped from the window, a distance of
thirty feet, to the ground, when Hinges fired
again, the boll taking effect in the breast, be
pwthenippleT Nelson expired In a few
moments. He was from -the regular army,
and lived in Hlihois. Mrs: Hinges is a most
beautiful woman, and has always been above
suspicion. She was formerly from Cincin
A Knt for Uio Copperheads to Crack.
Mtnrtyn, in the Presbyterian Church in Vicks*
burp, by the Chaplain of the 03d. regiment P. S, In
fantry (colored), on Sunday, April 16,1581, Wn.UA*
Sxixu, -Esq., eon Smith, of Virginia, to
Mrs. Lrnna Pasnsn, both of Vicksburg. ;
These parlies arc colored people. !
Quest. —Is “ miscegenation” to be -ap
proved or blamed? If the latter, shall ; the
son of this distinguished parentage be blamed
for being only almost ■white (it being under
stood that he gave no to
this miscegenagc), or the lather, who was no
“Black Republican,” and who surely jdld
something more than* consent to the wrong?
That fact is‘music which-the Copperheads
may play, upon "their harp of a thousand
Btringsj with all the’customary variations: t .
- Baltimore American does “not
hesitate to say.’ the greater part of the vote
which in Missouri, Maryland and Kentucky*;
•will be cast for McClellan, is' a Vote that
would be more graciously cast lorOefil Davis,*)
and only takes up the other as the next best
Tlio American edition of Boydell’s
Every lover of Shakspeare and of art ii
familiar with the famous Boydell copper
plates. It will be remembered that In 1735,
Alderman J. Boydell conceived the project
of establishing a Shakspeare, and to that end
solicited and bought designs from such
painters as Reynolds, West, Fuseli, Rom
ney, Northcole, Smuke, Beechie .and Opie,
at an immense expense. Tbe first engravers
of England transferred tbese gems to copper,
taking twenty years for the operation.
After a certain number of copies
had been taken .from, tbe plates,
they were laid aside, some of them having
been worn bat little, while others required
much labor to restore them to their original'
beauty.. By some means oil tbe plates found
their way to thlsconntry purchased
by Dr. Spooner; of -New -Tort'city, j The
plates wereJnJJy. restored, submitted to| our
best artists, ?md found to] be fee similes of
the original, impressions, .reproducing ihem
in all their beauty. Tbe result is the present
magnificent-volume- low known os MThe
American Edition of
.Thisgreatwork'contains 100 plates Inline
and stipple, all of which ore perfect studies
having from ten to twentyfnll length figures, .-
most of which are portraits depicting qvery
variety of .the human passions, which Sbaks
peare' knew so well how to describe.*
The effect of the publication of this work
will be to promote art in-%America, an dj will
afford purchascrsan opportunity tO'posscßs
designs of tbe great English artists. Is will
tend cot only to give mors accurate and vivid
ideas of the great dramatist* but to improve
and extend a correct and cultivated tMte.
Every gentleman who possesses a library
should and can have a copy of this work,
■which forms an almost absolute accompani
ment to Shakspeare.' At this time especially,
writing as we do on Shakspeare’a three hnn
dreth birthday, when the. whole literary
world is renewing its devotion 'to him,! and
scores of works, critical and explanatory, are
appearing,, the issue of this illustrated edition
is especially apropos, and will .meet with a
large sale. •• . , > -. f •
The work is printed-on’ thickest linen
paper, 21x80, and each print of'. the hundred
is accompanied'with a letter-press despripj
tion of the same,, with quotations frtm the
text, which it illustrates on the best j hot
pressed linen, paper. To subscribers jit is
Inruishcd at SI.OO per plate, including thq two -
vignettes, which embellish the title page of
each volume. ' •
Mr. £. G. Mygatt is soliciting' subscrip
tions in this city for the Shakespeare, as well
as for those other' splendid volumes—North
American Sylva,' five volumes; History of
the Indian Tribes of North America, with ISO
beautifully colored portraits, and National
Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans,
containing 150 engraved portraits of the most
eminent persons who have occupied a place
in the history of the United States. i
Taxation In England*
The British Almanac for 1864 gives tome
facts 'which show the system and scale of
taxation in England—and Its' results. In
using them, and for the convenience of the
reader, the English currency is reduced at
the rate of five dollars to the pound sterling,
omitting fractions of millions.
The revenue of the United Kingdom In
1862 . was' about $355,000,000, divided
as * follows: Customs, $120,000,000;
excise $00,000,000; Stamps, $15,000,000;
land and assessed taxes, $15,000,000; proper*
ty tax, $55,000; postofflee $13,000,000; other
receipts, $12,000,000. Total, $355,000,000.
Of the receipts from' customs, ninety; per
cent are obtained from six articles, viz:'cof
fee, spirits, sugar, tea, tobacco and wines,'as
will appear from the following statement:
Coffee, dutyfleper lb I millions..
Spirits, doty $2.50 per gsl 13 !*
Scctr. duty 3c per £> 33 4 *
Tea, duty &c per lb. 23 44
Tobacco, duty tscper fi>.; 23 44
Wines, duty 50c per gal 5 44
‘SlxartldeC...... .*...*,.109 44
All other articles 11 44 •
n-f •
..120 “
Nearly as large a proportion to the revenue
from excise is supplied by these articles viz:
spirit*, malt and bops, os follows;
............50 mlllloD*.
..30 “
Spirits $2-stj>ergal.
Malt and bops
All other articles....
Yonr-fiftbs.or the stamp dalles are obtained
from probate stamps, deeds and fire insu
lire insurance
Three classes....
All other stamps.
Ot the Land and Assessed.Taxes, houses,
eervonts, horses and carriages, supply about
eight-tenths, the dog tax one-tenth, and oth
er taxes one-tenth as follows: .
Land tax. 6 millions
Hones *nd carriages,
Dog and other tuxes.
_Of.the Property Tax nearly one half ishald
on incomes, and the rest on lands, mines,
.quarries, &c., viz:
Income Tax.
Except eighteen millions of revenue fjrom
the Postofllce, the remainder of the receipts
of the British Eichcqnerare from many small
sources, 'which need not be specified. The
amount raised from these does not invalidate
the position that in Great Britain, where tax
ation has been reduced to a science, it is
found to be easier and better in raising a
large revenue, to'raise it by heavy dutiefe on
a limited number of articles', rather than to
seek to distribute the burden over a great
number of subjects- of taxation. That in
either way the payment is at last made by the
consumer, we need not take the trouble to
The bank circulation of the United Klng
dom. amounts to* nearly 100 millions of dol
lars, and is thus divided: • 1
Bank of England.
Private Banks
; Joint Stock Banks.
T0ta1.....; .. 179 ?
These accounts show some remarkable
facts: i | -
I.' That of the whole revenue of 355 mil
lions, — '
Spirits contribute...-Cl inilllonß, or 13# £ cent.
Beer, _ ** ....CO *; 8# “
Tea & coffece 4 * ... CO 44 “ fi# *•
Tabacco, u .*...23 44 44 8
Scgar. “ ...jB3 44 u 0 “
Wfiie, - « ~... 5 44 “ I2X “
. Stamps, ' 44 ....43 44 “ 12# 44
Income and property..ss 44 15X M
-LarirtTax, 44 .... G 44 44 1 H “
Excise (besides spls)..lo 44 44 2X 4 ‘
Poetcfflce. •: 44 * ...,18 44 * “ 5 4 *
Assessed Taxes, .... 9 * 4 44 2 % 44
Sundries, 44 ~;.23 V- 44 OX' 4 ‘
855 millions
2. The whole amount of revenue is double ♦
the amount of circulation, thus disposing of
an alleged necessity for a great expansion oi
currency, in order to collect high taxes. ,
The Rebels tou 84 In Killed, 400
Wounded, 350 Prisoner*, and 1000
Rones and Janies.
- Tittle Bock, Ark., April 5,1804.— An 'ex
pedition under Colonel Clayton, consisting
of about a thousand infantry, three regiments
of cavalry, and sixpleccs of artillery, (12 poimd
howitzers,) has reached Fine BlntT, after an
eventful raid down to tbe Saline river, where
they encountered a force of rebels, 3,000
strong. Tbe first encounter took place near
BrancbvUle, where the rebels were defeat
ed altera three hours* fight. They retreat
ed, and our forces followed them up. Beach
ing Mount Elba, on the Saline, next day,
wc occupied that place without resistance
the' retreating rebels not daring to make a
stand there. Ourforces where here divided—
one ctctachfhedt crossing the river, and anoth
er rcconnoiteying this side... It turned out chat
the enemy had-not crossed thfe’river, but
were discovered some distance from Motmt
•Elba, with • reinforcements,’ and advancing
upon ns. We prepared to give them a warm
reception by extemporizing fortifications' of
’ logs, rails and cotton bales.: The" enemy
came np with terrific “ vigor,*’ but were seat
. back by our steady fire. Three times they.
charged on us, and each time th«y were ; re
pulsed. We hod the advantage 'la position,
and they had at least doable the men we had.
Finally they gave way, after six hours ot
-van-effort to dislodge ns. Wethen rush
led out and charged’upon them with tremen
dous effect, ecatterhig them in all directions,
lathis engagement and that at Branchville, ’
we killed 84 of them, wounded and captured
over fitly.- • 1
In the meantime our scouting : party that
bad.been detachedand sent across .the river,
"consisting ol about 100 men, mostly colored
‘ troops, were equally as busy as we •on this
side of the river. ..They returned to, ua| at
dork, oiler having marched fifty miles down
the other side of the olyer, where they came
upon a rebel tralnof 50 army wagons filled
with supplies for the force that we so telling
ly repulsed.. The train was under an escort
of3OU rebels. The entire train was captured
and destroyed by 'our men, and the entire
300 taken prisoners.*. Over a thousand horses
-and mules fell into ourhands: ‘ -
These achievements over, and the rebels so
scattered that it was useless for us to try to
get any more fight out of them, our expedi
tion took up its line ofreturn march, and have
reached Pine Bluff in high feather. Ourloss
was very slight/- The total 1 rebel loss la 84
killed, 400 wounded, and 350; prisoners, bc
sldcß lheirtralu, horses and mules. .
■ tSFTbe Springfield ’Reputf.iean qtTncsday,'
says that the accumulation ol gnus at the or*
inory, which has been going on for nearly a
month, was Interrupted last week by, a T Got*
eminent ‘Order for four thousand to be'sent to
the arsenal on Governor's Islandj
harbor, 1 and on Monday workmen were busy
skipping ten thousand mpre to be sent tothe
Washington arsenal.' This relieves fora few
days the pressure for room at' the. creep al,
which, however, now contains two hundred
and twenty-four thousand guns.
Organization of tire 11th and 12th
Army Corps. . .
[Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune/) •
HxaoqrAnrrßs 20th Xrorr Coups, ) .
Lookout Yallet, Dept, op the CrsasEKL’n. >
April 10, ISM. ) .
General Order No. I,]
The llth and 12th Corps having been consolidated,
with the SOth Corps, the undersigned in compli
ance with orders from Department Headquarters :
assumes command.
The following named staff officers* are nnonneed:
Lieut. Col. C. W. Asmnsson, Assistant Inspec
tor General.
Cant, n. W. Perkins, Asst. Ins. Gen. .. . ...
■ Col. James D. Fessenden, A. D. C.
Major William 1L Lawrence, A. D k C. . _
Capt. R. n. Hall, 10th U. S. infantry,' A. D. C.' 1 •
Llcnt. Samuel W. Taylor, SCthPa.,- A.D. C. • ;
Capt. W. G. LcDnc. Chief Quartermaster.
- Lieut. Col. O. W. Balloch, Cn!ef Commleaary' l
" Major J.‘A/Reynolds, Ist New York Artillery,
Chief of Artillery. . !
. Surgeon A. D. Hurston, Medical Director. |
* Surgeon Wm. O. Bennett; Medical Inspector.
Cspt.W. E. Schofield, 82a. Ohio volunteers, Pro
vost Marshal. '
Capt. J. W. Roe,’. 88d Massachusetts volunteers,
Chief of Ambulance Corps. V..
They jvill be obeyed and respected accordingly.
Joseph Booxeh, Major General. ’
■ Official:! H. W. Pbrkdcs, A. A. Q. '
Major General Butterfield commands the 3d (late
Ist) division, 2d corps. Tbe following officers are
announced on his staff: ' / 1
Capt. John- Speed, D. 8. V., Ass’t Ad). GencraL
Capt. L. W. Smart, IT. 8. V., Com. ofSub. [
'JDapt. Htmry_A r j2cey,.t);.. S.'JV.. jDirlsion Quar
’lerTuatiter,'‘ ~
• CapCH! M. Scott, 70th Ind. y. L, Din Ins.
Capt. RohertlL McDowell, Topographical Officer.
Capt. Paul; A. E.. 12th N. T. Vols. A. D. C.
Lieut. James C.McKell,7BdOhloVols., Ordnance
Officer. ; ‘ ’ • .• • •
Llcnt F.B. Thomson, S3d Mass. Yolp n Division
Provost Marshal. • - • .
Llcnt. It £. Beecher, 73d Ohio V, Division Com
mander of Masters. :
Major Gen. Carl Schnrz commands another divis
or this (iOth) corps. . !
, Brig. Gen. Ward goes hack to his lonner brigade,
which Is the Ist brigade, 3d division. H.-W r B.
Imnortant Military and Con
gressional. News from-
Washington. ;
Another Steamer Destroyed by a
, Torpedo in St. Johns River.
Filatha, Fla., Evacuated by |the*
Federal Troops.
Congressional nod inilltary matters.
WAsnraoTOjv, April 23,—A special to the New
York JZtenina Tost says: The Chronids of this
rooming contains an authoritative denial of tho
etory that Gen. Grant and the Secretary of! War
hare quarreled. -. '•
The votes in the House last night upon Items of
the tax hill, renting to petroleum and pig Iron, to
Increase the tax on these articles, will be adhered
to. Other items will also be raised. Tho House la
making good headway on the tax bill.
The New York 'limes'. Washington
says: The House Judiciary Committee la ready to
report the Senate bill abolishing slayer/ by consti
tutional amendment. They will endeavor to get
an early vote, but It Is doubtful if the necessary
two-thirds can bo found In favor oflt,- -
It is believed that the Missouri contested election
case of Blair against Knox, will be referred bock to
the people. '
The New York JYi'Ame'g Washington special'
says: Blair baa been ordered by the President to
resume the command o! his corps, and he will de
part to-morrow. .
The report of-the massacre at Fort Pillow has
given an impetus to colored enlistments both here
and lit.Baltimore. Servants are even leaving their
positions, anxious to revenge the death of tholr
brethren. A meeting was held In Georgetown for
the same purpose.
General nailer. In a general order lately Issued,
•ays: i ■■ - •
••As many men-seem to have enlisted-with the
view of obtaining the large bounties now being
paid at the North, who had previously been dis
charged the service of the United Buies, and In the
hope that they would Immediately upon Joining,
their commands be attain discharged, it is hereby
ordered that the names of all such men, as well as
such who have not been. In the service, but who
- obviously must have been'aware'of their disability
before.cntericg - the service, be reported to these
. headquarters, in order that charges may be prefer-.
'red against tnenf for defrauding the government.'*
• A Conservative lecture on politico In the Senate
from Senator Trumbull yesterday, and another to
day from Senator Doolittle, occasioned a great deal
of anvlety and feeling among the men who endea
vor to shoulder this war.
From tlie Army of the Potomac*
New York, April 23.—The fTorfd’* special from
Washington, says: “There is no toundatlon
whatever for the rumors that Grant's army is on
’the advance. Direct arrivals from the army to
night stale that all is quiet, and, so far as known,
Lee Is making no demonstrations.”
The Herald's Alexandria (Va.) dispatch reports
the capture of twenty-one of Moaeby's men and
three-deserters from onr army, near Leesburg,'.
Our loss was one men killed and two wounded.
The New York Times’ Waahinglon dispatch
fays: “The latest authentic intelligence states
that the rebels are busily strengthening their for
tifications at Richmond. The opinion prevails
tbere tbat Lee will fall back there when Grant ad
vances, and that no considerable resistance will bs
made along the line of the Rapidan.” *
Washington, April 23.—A special to the Com
merdalAdreriiser says: “People who are pre
dicting immediate battles in Virginia, will ibmhi
less bo disappointed, nolees Gen Lee el'her ad
vances in force or else makes a demonstration to
wards Pennsylvania.
.00 “
. 9 millions.
.'BB **
. 9 “
.45 “
From Kentucky*
Lortsmix, ICy„ April 23.—Eighty mounted reb
els (ante into Kentucky yesterday, through Pound
Gap, bnt were immediately driven out by a detach
ment of the 85th Kentucky mounted infantry;
Gen. Hobson reports that Eastern Kentucky is
now free from rebels.
-3 H ?
CoL Wctbcrtord, of the 13th Kentucky cavalry,
sent one company from Bcckevllle In pursuit of a
guerilla hand of about one haodred and twenty,
driving them Into Mason county, Tenn., killing
eight, and capturing ten prisoners and fifty horses.
ilaj. Gen. Gordon • Granger arrived here last
night, cn rente for New York.
.S3 millions
From IVcvw Orleans.
Nrw Yoiik, April S3.—The steamer Evening Star
from New Orleans 17th, Havana 101b, has armed.
News meagre, “ •
Positive information bad reached New Orleans
that there bad been no mare fighting since the nc
countsalready telegraphed. Between SJO and 400
wounded had arrived at New Orleans.
Cotton doll. Sales on the l*;th, at 7C*c for
strict middling. Sugar active and higher. Sales
atlßg£3*c. flilolaetes scarce and held at [email protected],
Tlie Fort Pillow Massacre.
• St. Louis. April 22^—Edwanl B. Benton, a na
tive of Wailnam. Vt,. for nearly two years pasta
resident of Fort Pillow, who was In the fort daring
ForrcFt’e attack, was examined at Gen. Bosccrans*
headquarters Tuesday, .and fully corroborated all
previous reports of the rebel barbarities there,
making the additional btatement that hloodhonnds
were need to discover the hiding places of tho?o
who efCHped the. massacre. He says reliable re
ports slate that Major Bradford was shot and bang
near Covington. 1 .
.iff! millions
15 - “
It w
20 *
Mr. WASDBUHNE, from the Committee on
Commerce, reported a bill to create an additional
.Supervising Inspector of steamboats, his duties to
.bo confined .to New Orleans, and also to board" of
local inspectors ct Portland, Oregon, and at Mem
phis. The Hoard of Inspection at Wheeling Is dls
‘contiunedl for the reason that there ore two other
beards ol Inspectors fqr the Ohio Elver. The ibiil
waVpcfFCd. - 1 ..
Mr. HIOBT of .California, from -the select
Committee to examine into Representa
tive McClnrp’s charge that bis colleague,
-Mr, BlnJr, ol Mo.-had violated the law In :the
matter of alleged liquor speculation, and also to
Jnvcetipnte the genuineness or falseness of an al
leged order for liquors, made a report thereon to
the effect that the original order, signed by Maj.
Gen. Blair and eight other officers, was for cigars
and liquors to tho amount of Sl5O or $175, but that
the order was altered by Michael Powers, to call
’ for SS,COO worth of the svme, for tho latter’s (Pow
ers) Fj>ecTilalicg purposes. Tho committee are sat
isfied that no violation of law was committed by
Mr. Blair. .. . , t
Mr; BLAIR of Mo., spoke of his intention soon
•to leave the Bouse. He said the charges azalnet
him were made while be was inmUitary command,
and circulated against him because he was opposed
to the trade reenlations of Secretary Onase, and
differed from the plan of Mr. Chase to let the
Southern Stales go. Uls colleague, Mr.'McClorg,
had brought the charges here with tho coarseness
and bratallty that characterize low and vulgar
minds, '
The SPEAKER called Mr. Blair to order, remind
’ log him that personalities most not be Indulged in.
Mr.BLAIK begged the pardon of the Speaker.
His colleage. McUlurg, bad gone to the troubte of
having what be called the forged orders pboto
craphcd. He [Dlalrj intended to follow ont the
bint and have those orders ornamented . with tho
portrait ot hie colleage [ McClurg,j af:er the manner'
of the rogue’s gallcrv. The dogs and hounds had'
been set on him by their master. Ho [Blair) had
driven tkceo dogs and bounds back into their ken
n> 1? and be intended to bold their master responsi
ble. Mr. Blair read from letters to show the destruc
tive effects of Secretary Chase’s trade regulations,
and stating that large quantities of gooda pass
through onxHoes to the enemy.' The Tetters also
say that Secretary Chase Is using his power for
electioneering purposes, and Mr. Blair added, to
oppose President Lincoln, who gave Secretary
Chase his place.
Mr. McuLHRG said if It he the pleasure of the
Honve he wonld-postpono his remark* until the
Tax bill shall be disposed of. He believed the
member’s (Blair’s) character, If he has-any, would
'not suffer by tho.delny, and he .was sure, bis own
would not. He gave way to Mr. Morrill, who
moved that the Bouse go into' Committee on the
Tax bill which prevailed. ,
From Florida.
NewTobk, April 23,—Advices from Hilton Head
report the evacuation'of Pilatka. Florida, by our
forces, who brought away everything in the shape
of military stores. They were not molested by the
cm-zny. Annmtcr ot families came away with
them. • •, „ [
The transport steamer General Hunter, was des
troyed by a torpedo in St John’s river, on the tsth
instant, twelve miles above-Jacksonville. The
Quartermaster of the. steamer was killed. Others
aboard were eared. She had neither cargo nor
passengers. ' • • >
Sncocssrnl Expedition* !
‘New Yokk, April 23.— I The .Eeralcfs Newbem
letter of tho icth states: “ Detachments of the 12th
New York cavalry yesterday drove in the enemy’s
pickets at Bearer Creek, fifteen-miles. from King
ston, and destroyed a good sized cotton mill, with
a largo*omotmt of ootton. The object of tho expe
dition was accomplished without joss.” ■
From Little Bock,
Little Hock dates to the 13th say the Legislature
met cn the lith, and the Senate organized. Forty
three Bepresentatlvcs arrived. -The number of
Totes cast for a Free State Constitution were six
thousand seven hundred: seventy-seven greater
than required by the President’s Proclamation.■
Xlie Straits Open*
Milwaukee, April 23 —Three propellers arrived
to-day,-having passed the Straits of Mackinaw* all .
right, navigation haying been formally opened.;
: Sabkia, April 23.—The Northern. Transporta
tion Company*® propeller Maine passed down| to
day, being the first ol this season. She report?the
Strains clear of Ice, '
of Bctnrned Prisoners.
BALTmons, April 23.—The' following returned
prisoners died at Jarvis Hospital -to-day: Sergeant
John Cline, Co. B, SHh Ohio; John R. Robinson,
.prly*te,Co. E, 4CUr Kentucky, and M. L. Ostran
der, Cb. B, Eth Michigan cavalry.' {
Death of SErs. Senator Richardson* *
Quinct. 111., April 2J.—Mrs." CorncllaH. Rich
ardson, wife of United States Senator Richardson,
died at 11 o'clock this forenoon.
> General Aspects of the Battles.
We hare seen and conversed with Mr Gooding,
just from New Orleans, who accompanied General
Ransom on the hospital heat Laurel Ulll from Al
exandria to Kew Orleans, which also had on board
about four hundred wounded soldiers tram the bat
tie of Mansfield. Mr. Gooding‘'himself was not
present at (he two days* battle, , but he gathered
considerable information In conversation with Gen,
Ransom and other wounded, officers on board the
lie eays our lose Is much larger than at first re
ported. Ajjretiy correct count of the loss in. the
infantry and artillery made it 8,050, while the'loss
•of cavalry must be foNy 1,000 more., The largest
part o( onr lose Is in prisoners. Gen. Hansom felt
pretty certain that tte loss of the enemy in killed
and wounded was mushlarger than ours. As he was
the assaulting party,- onr artillery made terrible
havoc among them. -: . ' : - -
Onr lots In the first day In guns was as follows:
six gnus of tbe Chicago Mercantile Battery; six of
the First Indiana Battery; six of Kims’ Massachu
petteßatlerv and three cede of ono of the Regular
Batteries, tne name not known. .:
On the second day’s fight we drove the; enemy
from the field, captured several guns—bow many
Mr. Goodin? cotud not say—and took about 7«X)
prisoners. IJnfortnnatcly tbe* routed and scattered
condition of onr cavalry, and the loss of so Urge a
portion of onr artillery, pot it ont of tbe power -of
onr army to follow up the routed enemy. The cne- J
my numbered about 20,000 -men, under thoi com
mand of Foliecac, Dick Taylor, Green, and Kirby
Smith. ■ • , - . ’
The whole army has fallen' hack to the river at
Nathltoches, and will undoubtedly soon abandon
West Louisiana, at least In the vi«Jlnlty of Bed
.River, altogether. Indeed, it was understood when
Mr. Gooding left Natchitoches, that tbe IClh and
17th army corps-wbicb belong to Gen. Sherman’s
army—bad been ordered to Cairo, and would thence
proceed to Join Gen. Sherman at Chattanooga.
These two corps do mot at present number 1 over
seven to eight thousand men in the aggregate, a
large number of regiments belonging to tQcm being
North on The remainder of the army
of necessity must leave their present-positron
soon, as there are no snpplles where it is located,'
ard the river is falling very rapidly.
The. cavalry, which numbered about 5,800 .men,
lost their wagon and ammunition trains, and as
slated above, at least IJXW men and horses.; The
largest share of the loss is pretty certainly, in pri<»-
onere., Gen. Leo was tn command of tbe cavalry,
hut himself cscapcdinjory,- • ■- ;
Onr informant says tbe officers universally throw .
the blame lor tbe disaster noon Gen. Banks. It is
said that he ordered Gen. Lee to attack the enemy
under any circumstances whenever be came np to ■
him; and that when Gen. Lee, meeting with’a se
vere repulse by overpowering nambers, sent'back--
for reinforcements, bat a single brigade was sent
up at a time,'and of course shared the fate of the
cavalry. Finally, Gen. Smith, with the 10th and
17tb army corps came np and tbe onslaught of the
enemy was checked, and finally repulsed.
Wc are loth to believe the responsibility pf tko
d'sastcr will rest entirely upon Gen. Banks until wo
shall receive more definite and accurate Informa
tion. > •
As Gen. Steele with his army'from Western Ar
kantas was at last accounts moving in tbe direction
of Shreveport, the.fame.destination Gem Banks
had m view, there-will be some anxlety.fclt, until
his safety Is assured.
We understand that the expedition was limited
to thirty-five days only, and that the time had
nearly or quite expired when we were so nnfortu
nntely defeated, and this accounts for the departure
of the IClh and 17th-Corps for Cairo, dispatches
having arrived from Gen. Sherman, by gunboat, at
Alexandria, about tbe time our informant left.
Gen. Ransom’s wound is a severe one, tbe hall
Laving passed directly through the knee and tshnt-'
tered the joint, it is feared the leg will have to bo
amputated, bat Knot, the Surgeon states, the knee
will Le stilt for life. •
From all accounts Ibst we receive there mmst
have been terrible mlsmannsement; somewhere.'
The army was struggling In detached regiments or.
brigades at Intervals of six or eight miles, through
a dense pine forest, a single narrow road through
which was the only communication, and this was -
blocked np with male teams and wagons of every
description, so' that all communications !were.
chokeu np, end the safety of onr guns was an im
possibility. 1
The result may be summed np as follows, loth as
wc arc to recognize it. In tbe first, or more prop*
crly second day’s fight, we were badly whipped,
and one Corps nearly cat to pieces. The next day
we held them in check with fresh troops and gained
a victory, ifit may be so called, repulsing the em>-‘
my, driving them three or four miles and taking
eight hundred prisoners, bat leaving ns to badly,
cut op that we were unable to follow op tbe advan
tage and obliged to fallback and return without
accomplishing the object of the expedition. ’ Zt was
100 truly a tntum futmtn,.
Id this connection we make the following ex-,
tract from a private letter written by Hngh’Wll- 1
son, a member ol the Mercantile Battery, who was
detailed to take care of Lieut Geo. Tbrobp, after hs
was wounded. After describing the stampede, and
the blocking np of tho road by wagons, H. W.
writes :
“ I soon saw there was no chance to get the Lieu
tenant ont that way, so I told the driver to go into
a email bye-road through the woods: followed this
until we came to a stream that ibeatnbnlsneo
could not cross?. Soon after we stopped, a com
pany of the Bth Missouri cavalry, passed na on the
retreat—about a hundred yards behind them was
tho rebel cavalry—so the ambulance was between
two fires. The doctor who was along, told me to
take sare ol myself as Tbroop could not live. I
b%d thought to be captured with Urn, so that I
could take care of him, bn*, when the doctor said
he couldn't live, I thought I might save myself. As
1 was getting out of the ambulance, one horse was
shdt. Tbroop said to me; "Hugh 1 raise my bead
up, and then ran and save yourself; lam dying
and you can do mo no good.” I jerked oQ my
Jacket, rnd put It under his head, and started for
the rear. Between me and the road was a small,
brook, and tbc rebel cavalry weio so close, that I
thought 1 could cot escape without being so'
I jumped- Into tbc creek, and cot behind
the bank, till the rebels should come up
and take me, bat Providence had written it other
wise, for soon as 1 got down, I heard tho Captain'
of cavalry soy, "Rally, men. and give them one,”
They immediately formed a line, and as tho rcbep
came up they poured a volley nt them, over toj
head, i looked over tbc bank to see the etTcct, and'
1 paw the reha taking back. ItboouUt “now la
your chance,” so I started for the road, where I -
found our boys unhitching to save the horses. I
believe I have not told yon'how Geo Thoop was
wounded. . A shell passed across his bowels and
cut the bottom of his vest, but did not leave any
mark on his skin; but when I left him there was a
lump on bis side half as big as his headvcaused by
infernal bleeding. He may possibly live, but 1
think under the circumstances it is cxtruly doabt
ftU. ~ ■ .
[From the Peoria Transcript.] , • ,
Again Peoria is called upon to monrn the
loss of another of her gallant eons. Lieut.'
CoLXeandcr R. Webb, of the 77th Illinois,
bos fallen a sacrifice to this nnholy rebellion. *
Be fell while gallantly leading his men in
pursuit of the enemy, previous"to, the disas
trous rout later in the day.
Lieut. Col. Webb was bom in Berkshire
county, Mass. lie-came to Illinois in 1857,
and for a year or so was connected editorial
ly ■with the Waukegan Gnzftte, In 1553, he
accompanied the late N. C. Geer to Peoria —
Mr. Geer purchasing the Transcript, aud Col.
Webb becoming its editor. He remained in
this capacity until 1859, when be entered the
ofilce of Judge Williamson os a * student at
law. In ISCO ho was admitted to thebaiy
and continued the practice of law until the*
77th Was organized. He raised a company
for this regiment, and upon its organization
was chosen Lieutenant Colonel. He accom
panied the regiment through nearly Us entire
career in the field, was with it at Arkan
sas Post and the memorable Vicksburg cam
paign. When the regiment went to New Or
leans, being reduced by disease, Got Webb
for a time was out on detached service
having charge of the convalescent camp in
that city. .
In June, 1833, Col Wfibb vrzi married to
. Virginia, eldest daughter of Charles Ballance,
Esq., of this city, who returned only a few
weeks ago from New Orleans, where she has
been spending a portion - of the past winter
with ber hnsband. The,-blow has been a sad
and terrible one to her. It is Bal'd that she
bos been haunted with a presentiment of evil
for some days, andwhen the first news of the
battle reached here, declared that her hus
band was killed. Her anguish when the sad
truth was imparled to her, was truly heart
rending. The sympathies of an entire com
munity will go out to the widowed one.
.Wasiukotok, April 23,1884
‘ SatShdat Bvxxtxo, April 23, 1861.
The money market thronsb the week bu been grad
ually becoming closer, and it has cotluned to be only
the more stringent to the close. Bankers are accom
modating only beat customers, and . very sparingly at
tost. As we said in ourla«t issue, they have means
enough; hut In the unsettled state cf the currency;
the doubt as to what Congress will to towards pasting'
a tax bill adequate to the wants of the Government;
thtfso-worklnfs of Wall street, and the anxiety that
always precedes Important military movements,’ the
plainest dictates of prudence require bankers te
shorten sail and be prepared for tbs wont. Of coarse
the rate of discount is very firm at 10 per cent to fa-
Torltocustomers. Outsiders.have to supply them
selves as best they can, and at high figures.
New York exchange is sttll exceedingly close at
quotations; viz, *&9octs buying and *as tho current
selling price Variations from these figures are ofleoer
above than below. *
. Gold in Wall street, sccordlag to dlssatehes to Jas.
Boyd, Esq., Banker No. 88 Clark street, ruled as -fol
lows :at lOdfi a. m„ 171* dll:U' 175*; 11.*47,i:0*: 12 m.
ITS* ; 1 p. m.. 179; 1:15,178; 2:45,1*7* ; 3,177* ; doling
at figure. The market here opened at 173,
gradually rising, and with large to 176
tfao figure at 2r< m. f when It amfic to 173. The brokers
became wary and refused again to follow the New
York rates; though a fraction above may have besn
paid by seme of them.
Silver firm at KEKJIM. Supply limited. Caa&da'
currency firm at 1730115. Legal tender notes are firm
and in active demand at * baying and *o* selling.
Government 5-20 bonds firm at 1100112 baying nere;
telling 1180U4—being tboNsw York rate. 1
The Beard of Trade have nobly sustained their for
mer action Is relation to throwing out miscellaneous
enrren*y on the 15th of May. Theaccount appeared
In our losal columns this morning.-. Tho whole West
will tb«T)k them for leading off and firmly adhering to
their action In so good a w*rk.. . ' •
New Tons Stock Maski*—April 28,1861.—'Receiv
ed by F. O. Baltonstall & Co., CommlsAloe, Stock and
Bond Broken. 21 Clark street Chicago. . ■ ,
Utß'd. sdß*it. ’ UtFdMß'd.’
N. Y: C-. ISS* 187* Quicksilver... O* 70
C&V.W 57 .... Clßve&TCl,.Jsi 157
Kne - (<wm;)...Us* 117 Beadlag...u..i4o 141.
Erieprfd.„...lCß 109 Hmtscn - Ul*
C.&P.........119 116* Mo Land Grant
U. 3. (com.).. S3 95* • bonds ...;
M.5.(gtd)....158 134 Ul. 6per cent.
P.P.W.-AC..119 132 •wwfeaubdJUM* ....
M.C ill* 143 'J.s.6q»cenu . .
C. & a. (cow.) 69 : .... WOconponsJll* ....
C. AA. (pld). 09 .... U. 8.694 cent.
Gaiena -.131 130* bonds, 1881..113 - ....
Hoc; Island...H9* 119 0.>8.75-10a...U2
•Hi, Central... 181 132* O. B.lyr cri..iH* ....
C-B, <fcQ 140 .... AmericaAG<fffil79, . 17r*
Bariem- 220 215.
Makket—lst Board firm.- 2d Board weak.
Gravt Seed 0,076
Bias Seed ; 6,500
Cut ilcatft 210,676
F100r...i. 4,W»
meat 65,5*8!
Coro. “
Gras* Seed.
Cut Meats.-.
There was a good attendance on' Change to-day, con
sidering the execrable condition of the weather, and
owing to an advance In gold the leading market, with
one ortwo exceptions, ruled more active and firmer.
Shippers and dealers generally were gratified with the
Intelligence that a propeller had arrived at Milwaukee
from the lower lakes.'The sail vessels here are not
generally ready to leave, not anticipating an opening
of the Straits for several dajs yet. There is some dim
cnlty in shipping crews, owing to the recent* strike
among the sailors.
There was some Inquiry for Flour, and the msrke
Extract from a Private Letter*
Sc&tli ofLlcut. Col. WoWi.
;r€UL. -
>at EvkJraro, April 23.
ter 34 nouns.
Pork • 1.000
Lard •. $>1,736
Ta110w.... 6,700
I>, i10ga....- 3
L.HoffS .%♦»„ 3,690
Cattle IrW1 r W
Hides 59,633
High wines «... ■ 285
Batter. 6,305
mm. / _ .
. 50
Dressed Hogs
vu firm, with tales of S6oobr!sat f1.5533.75f0r Waite
■Winter; *745 for Bed ‘Winter, and 3*253622# for
Sprint extras. The last mentioned are generally held
some 25c above the views of buyers, and consequent
iy there is little doing In them.
There was a very active demand for Wheat, par*
UenlariyKo.3, and the market rnled [email protected] blgper
tbaa at the close ot’Change yesterday. The sales
foot np some 550.1C0 ha at [email protected] for Ko. 1. and
Cl [email protected] for ho. s—closing with free eeUera at the
extreme quotations.
Thi Corn market was “ panicky” and. prlcea' de
clined fully [email protected] below the doting quotations yester
day on’Charge. About 119,000 bu changed hands at
96H3S9XC for Ko l new ♦ [email protected] >c for Ko 3 new; [email protected]
for Rejected, and K<*fHc;for winter Inspected new-
Corn—market closing with free sellers at Me for Ko 3
and tOc for No 1.
' . Oats were dull and #@lc lower than at the close of
.’Change yesterday. The Bales foot up some 43,000bu
at [email protected]!#c for Kolln store. Ko 3 are nominal at
•bout CSc.
Rye was m demand at 31.25ai.3S for Ko 1 In store,
but as holdfcrs were asking $1 25 there was nothing do
'log. The market Is nominal. . * ,r • * t " '
.Barley qalfct.andnomihaV at,[email protected],2Vfor Ko3ln
stcre. A small lot was sold pv sample at |L37 on
' ’The' market! for.'Blghwlnes tb-dag ruled Sale per
VaPort‘lower "than yesterday. *'At the opening the
market waTverydnll, and prices fell as low as 31.14#,
but afryrtherecelptof tho.Kejr York dlspatches.lt'
rallied and "closed firm at sl, 1&31J7. About a,oo<lbila
chsnged'hands at fl J4K®IJS-iihe bulk of the sales
having been at [email protected] : :
•Tbe market for -Ptutislods-ruled flrnu Mess Pork
was In active demand at full prices, and we note rt'tes
of about 1,300 brls at [email protected], and .100 brU light
lless'at f54 73.' Good brands or city Mesa Pork are'la •
activedomshdandfirmat [email protected] Prime Mess
Pork is fp good request and firm, with,llttle.ornqne
offering. ’Government to-day took JtyWO brls Prime
MeM Pork at a range of <3520035.15, with iron hoops,
and 33543# without iron hoops. Bulk meats -are
scarce and firm, and we note light sales of Shoulders
atlO#«loose,andUamsal 13#c loose. Lard was In
good demand and firm at. 13#@15#e,but it was gen
erally held at lie. lA. lot of SOS brls’ prime stoam.
rcnCccedLeafwas sold at Undelivered at Michigan
Cl»y. Baccn Harris are in good demand and*firm—
with sales to-day of (01 trea sugar eared canvasaod at
!»#, Covernmeat -toot ks. Baesn Sides at
312.(3 peeked.
■ -Salt was in good demand and steady, with sales of
about 4600 brls at S32S for fine, dcllvaredou ears, 33.19
on dock, and 3325 for new. to arrive.
. geeds.were quiet,'and oncheugcd—Clover telling in
■maillots at .38.00; timothy at [email protected] ;,aad flax
-seed at tt-’O.
Freights were Inactive and dull, on account-of tbe
news of. tbe opening. «f tbo drafts. ’Vessel owners
; were taking JJc for wheat and He lor com to Buffalo,
■bnlablppera were holding off for lower rates.' .
*• ' Satcbdat Etzstnq—lo P. M.
’ There was a goad attendance on the second board
'at tbe Sberman noose thi* evemntr, and owing to
more favorable-news from Kew Tort, tbe leading
marketriwere firmer and generallymore active.
IViaxTwaala active demand, parllenlarlr'Ko.3
■prtag, and the market advanced [email protected]#e, above tbe
cloilsg prieea paid on’Change, hut at the closo tbe
advance waa not maintained, and the market closed
quiat at Jl4B for Ko. 2, and 3120 forKo. 1. Sales
wsre: WObnKo.l spring,ln store, at 3121#; 11,0*0
bn do at $121; 9.C00-bu do at 81-30; 500 bn Ko. 3
spring (F. <t T.’s) at 3120; 72M bu do at f1.19#!; 100.-
M 0 in do (mostly F.& T.’s and sf. St S.’s) at 3’- 79; *OO
<bu do at Sl2S#; 30,009 bu do at 3129#; BJKO bu do at
3123#; S3,WO bn do at 3125; 3,003 bu do (A.D. &
‘- Co’s.) at <l29# ; 13,?00 bn do at 3120 on hoard. ;
CoßXwasavhade firmer but quiet. Sales were;
ST.CCGbuKo.I new a!99c; S2oobu No.SatOr. ,
Oitb were somewhat firmer but quiet. 3 Mes wort:
8,049 bu Ko. 1 at 33#e; 1,580 bo do at 63c; 3,000 bu do
at 67#; 3.CCO bu do at 07#e.
■ Bae<,kt was m bstter demand and firmer, wltbsalts
of I.COOba Kolln btore act i2O.
BisnwiNßß were firm and #@lo better tbtn at tbe
close on ’Cbasge. - were TOO brls at $146, and 509
hrla at 3LIG#, both In the afternoon: 1.450 brla In lota
at 3147; KO brls at 3147#, and 200 brla at 31.19-bay
e.-’s option oatll the Ist of Mafr. ' -
Mxps I’obe was In active demand and firmer, wl'h
sales of I.ICO b’ls Laoon Mass Pork at fN.et • 110 brla
city at 396.C0; 381 brls do (Is 3 lots) at 3»20; 309. Oris
■•parked do at 345.19. ...
Laud was quiet nut firm, with sales of 25 tree elty
ailS#c. jienud lots were held at 14c.
Salt was In dtmaad, with sales of 3,010 brls.Sagl
-mw Fine at 33431, p. a. vnill May lit.
-FBzionrs were quiet,wlibenesgcms?tlßas follows:
' Bahr. Kiugsford, corn to Buffalo at 10#c; a small ves*
sol do at lie.
Extraordinary Ltw Bates ofOcean Freights,
[FromtboFewYork Herald, 21a..] *; t , s
Freights were at the lowest ebb. For Liverpool
rates continued to be steepted which are equivalent
to no charge at all. Indeed, these who are anxious
to Inure an early,clearance wer*. offering to take
goods* la American ships free of charge, while others
were (breed to buy bsllast at the rale of 21/0 per ton.
A parallel for ihe present depressloi* is not within the
memory of “the oldest Inhabitant,” Tu Liverpool,
par American flag 7,eoOboxef extract loewoodatSs;
per neutral. aCO bnls pork at 2d; "Do hbls Heur at same
rate rtOhoxa* at Ss; per steamer. 100 bales cotton at
Kd. and 20 lens measurement goods at 235. Te Glas
gow, percent™],.4o tons logwood at 13s, and per
steamer. 23 llercts of lard aed a vmall lot of bacon at
£oa. ■ Te Hreaen, 'no bales of tobasou at 40c, aad S6O
bhlsshoepegsat 3e.
Foreign Commercial. Circular*
LiTinrooz., April B,l9H.—BnninsTcrrs—The trade
•coatluues vtry doll fur all articles. At Tuesday's
market Hie spring wneats met a moderate con
sumptive sale at previous prices, bat other kinds were
nesiectcd. Floor wasvesy slow of sale. Indian corn
quiet at SSs 8d per quarter for mixed. -
A L to-* ay V market wheat sold to a very Uinltad ex
tent for consumption, and prices were barely malo
tsioco. 1b low qualities of spring a Itv speculative
purvbMC* were made, at a decline of IdjJW per cen
ts'. Fleur still neglected and nominal; French la
nresalngly offered and cheaper. Indian Cora slow at
fesSO to 39s ad per quartet: for mixed. We quote
wheat—Red Western, «s 9d »o «s lid for Chicago * ?s to
t'e 2d for Milwaukee and amber Iowa; 8s 3d to £* id for
•winter; white, 9s 9d to 9s 6« per 100 lb?. Flour—Extra
otate>. SO* : extra Ohlos, 31a to 32? per bbt.
Bxzr again 3* fid per tierse tower, with imall sales.
- roBX neelectcd.
lUcos has generally declined fid to la per cwt, sad
the trade Is still very quiet. Bamsdspercwt cheep
er. Shoulders not so much inquired for.
Baxi>9—The large supply of AiaerUsn Cloversced
»cpr«caca ihe market, aud newls offered at tPi V cwt.
without buyers. New York Flaxseed stUslu retail
atfcCs, and Timothy at 30s * ewt. , { .
. liners. Baring Brothers it Co. report Breadstuff's
. quiet at Jabi week’s rates. Iron quiet; rails and bars
jl7 [email protected] 13s; Scotch pig 38s. Sugars active aud Isfid
dearer since the announcement ol the budget. Tea
rteady; common Congou Coffe* quieter,
and good colonv 1b cheaper. .I.ice quiet. Llnaeed la
dearer. linseed cakes In fair demand at late rates.
Spirits Turpentine French, Sis; American, 90s.
Crude Petroleum £ls KB; refined is lOXd. Flab Oils
unchanged. Lit seed Oil In demand and advanced to
SO*. Tallow quiet: new T. C. fils.
Baltimore Market—April 31c
Flour adverting: Ohio extra gs 12KS3-23. Wheat—
Prim© Southern red 12.W02.14.: Corn «cuts at $1.77
6149. Whisky dull and heavy at SU3OLI3. • -
[From the N. T. Independent of Thursday,9 Hi.]
• Tho drygoods trade is In a state of great-ani
mation and prices of all dtairsble goods are very
buoyant. Cotton ~ goods are scarce. Jobbers are
dolnz an immense buaineis, realizing good prices
'under a heavy country and town demand for ac
tual cooeampuoc. A some of- an impending in
crease of taxation on all goods Is having great
Uflccßce on Iho market, aid the rise consequent
on tut Incefttad taxation 1* bring anUclpalad m
part. The city ta full ot buyers from all parts,
prints have b»cn sold down low, and prlce<havr .besn
raised, the demand eonttonlcg. A strong tendency to
a further rise is evident. There Is a very limited sup
ply of bleached and brown shirtings and sheeting*,
with a great etreng«nlaag of prises Fine goods arc
T«) scarce. Ticks and dtfdins are more active and
•irony. Ginghams brisk and firm. Mach activity
rrdPtdls la delaines.- The dcnjfcd is ahevt-of
the receipts. Prises have adthneed. Fancy
casMtters of drtlraolc styles are not abnnd
ant. The demand Is good. Black doeskins arc lagoad
rsouett. The clothing trade it buying satinets, prices
oi which are steads. Beavers ars scarce, and wanted
at an advance. All cloklags aud sackings are active.
Shawls arc less active. Foreign goods are Inactive
demand at private sale. The importations arc large.
Worsted goods-sell briskly at advanslng prices,
especially BrlUsh makes. Alpacas arc
favorlies. Plain French delaines saro active aud
firm- of • ~2»>d grades. All low
evades are neglected, Heays woolen goods of good
.quality are In steady demand,advance, German
cloths and doeskins are active. Ribbons jell wen. an-,
are becoming scarce of best styles. ■ More activity
prevails In flTfc goods. All detirabU styles, including
srime5 rime qualities of black, ate buoyant In price. There
i mere than the usual demand or the season. Prices
tend slronglr upward. . •
The following are the wholesale net cash prices of
alltheleading styles of domestic drygoods In Bis
New York m»rket:-
Alien's .....2; | Richmond JS
Cocheco;.,. .25*1 American ~?j
Pacific; 73* Amoakcag 79
Sprague's 23* I Arnolds ~.IBK
Donnell's..;.; a* I Dutchess, on
National ..26* Mourning 21
Gonstltutlonal 17* 1 Washington „t6
Clinton .29 {Glasgow. J7*
Lancaster... 28* S Hampden .25*
bdoww raxETuras.
Lawrence .... - 41* I Thames tUver.,.4-4 23
Stark ......4-1 41* | Perkins, 0 3-4 ,21
Appleton... 4-4 41* I Globe .5-1 ,St
Medford.. .4-4 40*} Old Dominion..3-1 37*
Indian Head...A-4 82*1 Peppered, S ....36*
" 44 ...4-1 41* - & S3*
“ „.4-4- 87* “ N 29
Trcmont ;..S-4 -27 GreatFalle,!!..; 39
Cabot, A........4-4 41 Indian Orchard. C SO#
Atlantic, N A-4 20 44 ■: ’H ti
44 ’K 4-1 •28 , M 8D...28
" A.....4-4 UK ” I -34
Amoskeag 4-4 41* _ W....36
Atiantlc,« 4-4 84* Boott Mills, 11..., 2a*
Laconia,H 4-4 41* ** 0..23
Sbawmut..4-4 41 . “ -8... .30
Amory 4-4 41 Dwight,!... ;....S3^
Carrol. 4-4. . 41 . Bates, D...„ JJB
Salmon Fa115...4-4'l 41 Portsmouth.P ,’.17
Aeawam.'F 4-4 82* Naumiceag B 23*
GlJboa... ..4-4 27K -Watervllie 27
Ozark 4-4 41 I Atlantic. M....8-1 24*
Ellcrton.'...«„.A-4* 26* I Golden Ridge...4-4 27a
New York MlllsM 44 } Bay Mi 115...41
WamFutta ..4-4 43 j Wanregan .7-8 At
Bates. 4-4 :41 44 1-4 ! 41
tVhlteßock 4-1 ,41 4 ‘ B |27J i
Lonsdale. 4-4 S8 .1 Waltham. A.... ,30
QiUsSemp*rld m»-8 ' S2K I Aurora 7-8 22K
“ •• * 44 4-4 . 37. » f44 .4-4 ,28
Bartletts 7-8 BSK Androscoggtn..7-8 :S3K
• 4 ..4-4 87 ■ 44 ** ..4-4 Ul
James Mills 7-8 so • Bed Bank. 7-8 '22K
“ 44 4-4 8»K 44 4-4 26K
Williams 43 ■ Hamilton, Q....5-I '2O
rrwlshl 7-8 . 7«K Portamonth P.A-t 119
Porter .Mi 115.,..7-3 2<K Swan River, W.... ,18
Porter UU15....4-l ‘ S2K Amoskeag, Z [2B
Dw1gnt..........4-4 82K '
uxjmiß.'* - ■*. \ -
Amoskeag L;.’....68 [ 0ti5........45
F0rk....... ?5 I Jewett City.... .27
Manchester ;...4TK' Providence ....^7K
Eag1e.......... ,42* j Falls ....U8
0xf0rd..;...... i Washington 37
Pearl River. ;....58 (Bine Hi 11..,.. 37
•Amoskeag 90 1 WhUtent0n.......,...»52K
Fork <5 lUncasTUle.;;.... «30 -
American ....81 I Everett ...,A2
hhetucket ASKI falls 30
TiCXS. . .
Amoskeag A.CA.;.'.~70 Hampden,D. D 41
ABO Hampden, C. 0...... .«3
- “ B - A 5 York, 37 men «S0
• . M u - C mSO Pemberton,XL..i....',47 ■
. D 15 44 AA .*.60 .
York. Winch 52* ■: “ X.. .50
■ llampden.D. D„....;.59 ' Easton.U 27*
Clarion .....Ml ‘ Pearl River ......73
• ••• ’’ '
Amoskeag..;..; S3 I Indian Orchara. ..... 27*
Laconia As* Androscoggin W
Bates ;...;29 jPeppcrell. ;.3S*
Naumkeag JHKI Lancaster 27*
Araoskesg .......43 1 Massachusetts. 42
BalmonFalls ......42 . Indian Head. .42
Amoskeag,line.. 35 {Lincoln ..31
'-Manchester...’ Ai | Hamilton*...; ..St
.pacific I Chain 5....;,.,,
Penlans.i. 33 I *
1 OABPSTS. • • . ’ 1 •- •
Lowell, flA3 Crossloy'aPat.Tapea
-44 Super 1.46 try Bruasels..j-73aLS5 • ■
1 ** Medium.. lAS New Eng'd pat.1J501.63
Hartford.lmp.BPly 180 Empire Mills IXO •
Super 1.45 Belgrade
- 44 - Medium... LSS Ingrain. 71
Hqnford, Ex. 8 Fly.
Hatter In New York.'.
- Speculators In butter bad to snccomh yesterday.
The heavy receipts, restricted consnmp lon, mild
weather, and tight money market, proved too much
for them. Prime state hotter was sold as low as Sic
In the open market, as against <&3soc P -n, a few
weeks ago; and other grade* .declined proportiona
lly. Even .these comparatively Jew rates did not
tempt buyers to make very liberal-purchases, as a
farther, material redaction waa-deemed Inevitable.
The tendency of prices was unmistakably favorable
to a restoration of this durable article to the tables
of all loyal citizens. Middlemen, hucksters and ex
tortionists should be taught how to read the signs of
the limes. ■ ■ ■ ■
Ncvr Orleans Sugar Market—April 14.
Sugar and Holaeaea—There was an active demand to
day on speculation and for Investment, and the sup
plies being very light a further advance In prices was
realized; measles comprising SM.hhds sngar,part
ifom store;at llkglße for rally fair, and laKcr v> r>
forprtmeto eho'ce, and 230 brls Molasses ai80392c
for eood and prime. 130 faf brls prime at 85c p gallon,
andasmsUloiofcUtern-bouonisat 9><cp a.
Awards for Army Hnpplles at Chicago.
Ob the ISlhlnsUCol.Taylar.C. 3., advertised fo
bids for 2,eto brls prime meas (or raets) pork; 59,000
tts smoked bseotTsides: r0,090 as smoked bicon
shoulders, and as many p -tatoea and omoas as might
he wanted during the monk of May. From the fol>
lowing list of bids, it win be seen that (here was con
siderable competition for the pork and bacon, and
froai the awards. It will be teen, that the Government
hoe been enabled to purchase very nearly at market
rates. whlehlanotusoallythocsse:
Jones & Cnlhertsbn, 500 brU dm*, at 35925.
** SCO brls prime mess, at $25.91.
“ stO ao atSJS.oo.
u sto do at *262.1.
“ SCO do at 3*120.
** 599 do -- at 32845.
SOe per brlles* If without iron beops.
W.Powler,Bsokrisextiamesß,at|33,M. _
James Spser, 500 ro at 32525.
Harback & Krelgb, I.CCO oo »* *2820. m
“ 1,000 do at $;6.7t.
, .niKin,. kViij. * ao .t tr.£. ■
J. B. GlncerilJflSdoa.Ks.tO.
“ too .10 at 53.9 C,
•• -TO HoatSa.VS.
, Kent * Co- a» ten llsblmeu.lt,BISS.
-■ ** (KO --- do at I2WH. --
•• SCO—, do at 33523.
« 600 brls prime mesa, at sls 15#.
4CS ‘ -.arx25.75.
; SCO - do BtfS'AS.’
1 wo • do. . at 35640. •.
« .500 .do • attf&W. - .i
• 40c additional for Iron-hoops.’ -
* . ha con stnzs.
•iD.B.WlntonlOO o*o k* |1J.40. '
....... .bacon anovzj>Kßß.. - - .
• H. M. Dnffcc 55,000 as In boxes, SISJ».
Aiulrewßrawn 20,0 M ks In tlf-rCM, 313.90.
. D. B. winton, 100,000 83. *13.15.1 . - - -
J.Sltger.M,6oola boxes, 3i1.50. *. i
nounrri -
- G. C. Knopfel * Co; Us In brls Ko. ISS-H*
do do do - Ko. 2 8.79.
D.B. Winton,3S.Coo n5,3323. •
do do • 4.05.
• • POTATOES. ’ ■- '
«D.B. Winton, 3121. .
D.E. Flat, 32,10.
mom xess poke.
A E. Kent & Co„ 5(0 fis, prim© mess (without Iron
hoops) sS*.l2)s-. -■•••.
Cragla & co., too »*, prime mess (with hoops)
£3.1.3*. 4
Jams©Speers, 100• do do - do $33.65.
Jacob Singer, UfiO do do do 25.71).
Cragln A CO., 300 - do do do ’ 35.75.
'-•••' SSCOK BIDS#, -
Jacob Singer, W.OCe lbs In boxes, $13.53.
- ■- n<mnrr
< G. C.Karpfd * Co.,M,CW Bs, 58.71.
do :- do 3.85.
' D.B.Flak, all requirement© daring May V bn sllO.
i ‘ New Orleans Prodnce Market—April 1-1.
: I'toim—The dealers-baring been supplied yester
day, the market was dull to-day and crises were
easier. The salts csinpniellO brU snpar&ne at ss.7»,
SCO low extra-at 55.13 M, 915 good extra at $3.153175,
’aa d 300 brl» choice do ©a private terms.
PObX—7W brls full ana orer-welebt now Mesa sold
to-day In four lata at Sft3.OOQK.SO, and 60 brls old Maas
foil weight.at S9SJZA per brl.
l)*coa—A small lot of Bacon Sides sold at 15c, and
one ef dn salted at llffc per lb.
Paso— Tbojs vita better demand to dav, and-the
tales comprlietl SM sacra oats at $1.15; 1.10 sac sa west
ern ordinary mixed fern at SI.S7M;3<» good western
: mixed at $1.65, and 576 white at sl.lO per bushel: ISO
facts bran at 53.85 per KM lb*. and CC6 bales wsswra
hay at $34 M 019.00 per too.
SATtmcxT Ernnso, April 28,18<1. ‘
BEEF CATTLE—There was; an acLve demand lor
Beef Cattle today, both by shippers, speculators, and
contractors, and the market ruled hrl»k and Erin at
full prices. Private advices ftom Albany In tbo oarly
part of the day were slightly unfavorable, bat to
■wards Uiq close moro cheering news was rscelved,
and shipper* became eager buyers, The folio wing are
gacno of the leading Iramaclloas: i •
Sellers,.- Borsrs. JTo. At. Price.
KICCoL* Kellr. «S 1281 }T.W
Strawn i-lTlogtoo $0 . 133 ’I.MX
J.,Wa*irt»rne Ketlj 33 • 1(39 J7.13K
Bendy Diamond...# 10 1137 O.M
Cnrtl* '...RosMirs.A.' 97 UTS -7JO
Adams KaDR ....118 IfO O.SO
Btrator...<„. Haffbes... ;98 1004 ,6.-33 '■
Arisns..;; do .13 1188 |5.3?>S
receipts were liberal, and oader 'anao
tITC demirdthe market was firm at fall prices. Th«
following ora toe leading sales td-days- j
Sellers. Bayers. Ko. Av.w’t. Price.
W«hb ...-L#yio..... 42 142 6.75
G.Adams ..Goreon 49 ISO 7.39
Curtis •*- 37 161 7.50
G. Aflaw’iV.V.V.’.V.D. Pine « . JB3 jT!*0
Bentley Lozan 1M 179 - ifi.SJ
•nUscnACe....-Tt , .*1.Tab0r......533 3ofi >7.50
Cooley *Co......PbIU>DI*Co SCO 339. IB.CO
Straw* ...Mltcalf 11l MB ' 17.50
Sirator.’... Banncek. 57 375 18.00
“ .\\\\\\\\XSm*rrltt.\V.V.*.*..*. 84 ISd T.'s]
Adams Tabor W 150 7.35
Brown Barrows 59 219 B.co
Thomas T.Hogg 93 14* 7.02
C.F Loomis 21 133 7.09
Brown “ St U0 7.W
[Telegraphed Exclusively to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Axdast, N.Y., April 23, ■
Bxxf Cattlb—Besves again advanced, although
the market opened dull. Very little was done unto
this morning, when the New Yorkers entered the
yards, and starting a spirited competition, scat prices
up H'c F & t and this notwithstanding there is a mark
edfaUlng off In the average quality of the stock. The
heaviest Mllera were Chicago men, who report on'ad*
■ vance. o* ccmpard with lastweefc of SJ.{[email protected] 3
head. Prices range from 709JficB]tt lor light ordi
nary to extra fat and fine. Included In receipts were
900 Btlllsrs from this State andTUmots. Theie brought
fromSoteSKc. Total receipts 3,84®. Taken for cast
era markets 8(0; leaving 3,7(0 lor New Tcxk. Market
closes firm.
Hoos—Hogs are lees active than last week— prices
ranging abbot the same—BH®B>fc for stillew; 4®9Kc
foraute andwestern eern fed. Demand for eastern
market light, heceipta 10,550; shipped to Niw York
O/CO. •
All tnle* t>f Grain reported tn rare •»«-*«< report or*
<m a Sow. c.f ">• nr my* ptr OiuM, unltn ot 'ijr-rha
statedx J'lonr u tofci ten. I *** efllcrtr to* utateJ.
SiTrmT Btsjjtko. April 5),196(.
FBEIOHTsJ-Lakb Fnsumrs—This morning
dl*paiehea wsro received from Milwaukee sutlnc
that the propeller Bristol bad arrived there from
Klagitos. »na that the Strait* were open. Thlr news
rendered freights dull and rates xrero entirely nomi
nal. V«*»l owners were still asking He for corn and
13c for wheat to Buffalo, but shippers would make no
offers* ■
Raileoad rsaienr*—There la no change in rates.
We quote:
Claw, Flour.
To Eew York, Ml raft 0-7* ,1.30
•• rail and Lake Ene 0.70 1.40
To Belton, all rail C-SJ ' ,1j»
•* •* rail and Lake Erte......... 0,73 ■ 1.50
To Portland, all rail 0.80 ; L6O
To Montreal, all rail .'> C 7 * ' 1.33
To Buffalo, all rail
• rail acd Lake Erie,
To Baltimore, all rail 0.75 - 1.50
FLOU I£ —Received, 4,171 b • Is; *hlpped, 4.333. • Mar*
kettro-efatelyacilveanri firm, Sale* were: 190 brla
United Stale*” (Shooters); ICO brla “Imperial”
(Clarksville) and Km brla Champion (St. Louts) cluleo
white winter at {375: 100 brie “Hawthorne ” do At
88.23; ICO brl* “(iranit*” do at *3.00: 100brla “Ex
change"redwlnUrat(72S; I,COO brls ‘•Brick City”
Spring extra at J6.C3K to arrive: ICO brla** Albion” do
at {fi.ro: ICO brie •• Watertown CUy” do at *h.35:100
brl» spring saperat (1.50; 1,600 brls “Bartlett'*XX ”
choice spring extra on p. *. •
\V II EAT—Received. 18,533 bu shipped &5.3T5bn.
llstVet excited,particularlyNo. 3,and l®3c higher
than at the close on 'Change yesterday. Sales were—
Spbiho 17b cat xx r-TOKs: ’B,OOO tu So. Spring, in
More,at (1.91; :CCO bn do at *1.30; 3'',000 bu .-0.2
tprirc mostly F. & T*s) at 81J°; SbiO on dc at 31-28 if;
lfc.CWbu do at(t.WK; sOCOhu doTat B'AJK? 110,000bu
do at SI 2S; SOiTibudoat {I.»7H; 13,000 bodo at 8127;-
30C0bado (A. »,* Co s) at 81.27; TOO ba do (do) at
11.76H; 19,000 bu do (do) at 8130; 50)0 bn do (do) at
81.75—the market closing (inlet at (iJJi lor No. a, and
siXofor>o iprlng.
CORN—RecalTcd 32,731 bn; shipped 37,0)2 bu;
Market moderately active at a decline [email protected] cn the
closing prices of on 'Change. Sale* were—
Niw Coax Tx Stoss; li.ooo bn new No l corn in
store a' tn)Kc: -10,00' bu do at o>c; 3,000 bn do at 93Kc;
31 Bu bo No 3 new at 97c: l, r OO bn do at 96¥ c; 7.000
bn do at
P2; SCO bu do at sic: 400 bn no grade at O'ic on track;
18,'(0 bu winter Inspected new corn at 93c; 5,100 ha'
do at 14c—closing at 96c for Ho 3 and 90c for So 1 '
fH/Trl T?pfrvrti,'* . 19.126 bn: shipped, 42.U6 bn.
Market dn I-and Tower at ° r
’Changeyesterday. Saleswere: 1,5001mN0. I oats,
C7c; 10.K0 bn do at 6£c. bajer* option until iSth May—
the market doting quiet at C7c. . . ■
jl YE— Received, 50 bu; shipped. -iCO bn. In good
demand at 813201.33 for Ko. i. holders asking (1.25.
llAß.LEi"—Received, SCO bn: shipped, 91* bo.
Market doll and nominal at (1.38(2129 for No. 9. in
•tore.; Sale* were: 00 hags by sample at (1.37 on track.
JklXOHOli—Nominal and onaemed at 81J3<£2.:8
ner gallon,
UtTi EB-TMcelptß.fi,SCfiß*. There Uagoodsapply
aos the market U quiet. IVe quote: ♦
Prime Dairy, In crocs* and mb* SS®27e
801 l Butter. >®3sc
Shipping Butter, In firkins iB©3Jo
Sales to-day were; 1,200 lbs Roll- atSSe: 300&* do at
Mc;4Conaaoftt2sc. . . : _
HEANs»-ln fair demand and nominal at (1.10®3.73.
BU uo.U CO BN 9 ton* good quality sold at #l9O
per ion._ j •
V BEESWAX—'tfO tbs trood at 5Cc.
CO f FEE—Market still firmer, with a slight Indis
position to tower rates. Vie«iaoK
Santos .. 41 Sli
KIo, fair to good 15X3t3)S
lilo.good to prime 17>$3ISK
CliEES*E—Market In f&lr demand and very firm at
previous quotations. We quote: - ■
Hamburg........ : 'JO
Weftem Iteeerre ...15319
EGGS—Kecelpti small and m fair demand. Prices
firm uml unchanced. Sales to-day, 11 brJO at 15c. Wo
quote prlaea at [email protected], .
FRUITS— Gbeex Apples—Market In fair demand
and actlvearprevlou* qactatlons. Lbmoss—market
fairly active and firm. Obakobs lngoodd«m»ai,
with no change. Hiceort Nuts—receipts are Uni
ted; -with a good supply there would ho mare active
trade.. Wequote:
Green App'eafairtoprlme,? brl |2.503 4X3
Green Apples, common, V hr! .. 1.7504.03
Lemon*, ft dot. .... «.o<v% 3.25
Oranges, (Sicily). f» hox~ 7 003:7.50
Hickory Nnta, small, 9 bn 1,253 7.50
Hickory Nats, large, V btt 733 1.00
DRIEIi FUIITS apples are In activoflcmtod
with a small supply; prices firm and nachansed.
Peaches in moderate supply; unpared are la largo
demand and small supply; pared still scarce and very
active. KAistNS and CtrßaAjjra—Market in small
supply and active at present rates. Wo quote: .
DuedApples o>iO MJ»
I’npareu Peaches U 3 119
Pared Peaches..... __2B (}JW
Katslns—Layers V box .....; 1 3.50 @'JE3K
Raisin*—M/R„ ? box. UffK&UO
Cnrranisfß 21 & ;21Jf
Jigs—Smyrna, V tt 27. @ >i
Aimonds,sofr.f) B. .. 27 ■& 122 -
Alraondl.bard. B 2l '(& i 23
Dried Raspberries.. S8 @ >33
DrledSlACkberrles 23 ® i2l
Dried Cherries 27 @ ISO
Prunes. Turkish...,
1 “runes. Bordeaux..
Sardines, halves....
Bainlne9,onarterv..,.« SO & Sl*
FlSH— Wbit* Fun In Domical supply, prices firm
and nnuttled. Tbout were active ana firm atpre-
Tlaus quotations. MACKinst—Klts In good demand,
prices Him and unchanged.. Codfish la small snpplv.
Georges’ I'ank are scarcely in tbe market. Grand
Bans arc still la small sopplj and drm at preylons
nnotallon?. Waqcate:
No. 1 Wbiieflsh, half oris 17.75 @ 7.80
So. 2 “ . . “ 7XO ft 7.75
No. 1 Trent, - '« @7.25
No. 2 Treat, • *• ;... tUM @ 5.25
No. t Mackerel, new, F half brl. W.oo oioj>a
No. a “ ** •• sxo a oja
No. 1 “ new kite; SJM @.t.2S
No. 2 i ■ ... 2.7.1 as.oo
Family Mackerel, half brls 6XO @6.75
Codfish, George’s Bank, V 100 as BXO a 5.23
Codflah, Grand “ •• “ 7,50 @T. 73
.No. 1 Dried Herring, F box 53 @ M*
Scaled • M . .. OS a 7e
Pickled Herrhics, round.... 6W @p.w
No. 1 Lake Herring LOO @ 4.25
No. 2 _ M :.... SXO @ 3.73
F kee„.. IBS @ 2XO
CJUEASE— InftIr demand and Qra. Sales to-day
,wer>: -JO tr»«~Wbi:e Greatc at lie. . j
HlDES—'There has been Irss firmness la the mar
ket. bat prices have not changed. -Bayer* are however
not disposed to pay so high rates. - Wo quote;
Green country, trimmed. 10 oiqv
Green Salted, do U 9UK
Green, partemed, do. lOUtiioK
Dry Salted, do tB gjw '
Dry Flint, . „ do :
•Kip and Calf, Green .....11X315
Kip ana Calf Murrain*....... • 9 310
Grubby, two-thirds price
HlGHWlKl&—Received. 265 brls; shipped, none.
MarketSf*l lower, andtole-ably active.- j»aljs «o-d*v
were: 2Ui brls (earlv) at <1.13; ssobrla do at #1.17;
SSObrisat |U6U; 1,850 brtsat *1.16; IWbrU at SI.ISX;
24Wbrlsdo in lots at<l4s: 50 brls at |1,14H-market
closing firmer after the receipt of the second New
York rlspatch, with buyers at *l46®l4sX.*adsailers
lI LEA TH EB-Market moderately active; with no
change on previous quotations. -Wequote;
Plaozhter, Sole . tl&i&c
Buenos Ayres s<k^Bc
Orinoco Sole t&360
Orinoco good dam
aged !0333c
Harness, F * V&4Sc
Line. “ tt&43c
Kip. “ TOC^OOc
Cat?, w C.® lJ2s
Upper, F foot .2*3290
Couar, V foot JSaS6c
French Calf, 38 I
fes .....tLScas.is
French Calf Lc
momes, doz- -
molncß,’ Bee- * •
oads. F do2..&LflaAm.oo
Linings, 9 dozJICCaiSAO
Roans,? doz...lSAo®l3J)o
Han«sa,Vß... 47® 48
Kip, No. 1, me
dium .utIAQI.S
Klp.No4.beavy 75® ss
French Kip, Ist -
chclce.. 1.4001.M
French Calf, 27
OS 2.23®3.40
French Calf* SI
IiT7HI BEE—In good demand and moderate snp
t>]y. 1 »lce» role very Crm and nncuangcd. dales to
a»T. cargo Scbr Able, froTi Swan free*. Kalamazoo
grxco feet mixed lomher at 113. :0. We QQOie:
Lcinxn— First clear, ¥ 1,C09 feet *£22^?*2S
Second Clear. - - i2-Sfß*S2
Third Clear. “
Stock Boards
Box or Select Boards fVStwS
Common Boards, dry
Fencing... J?*^*' 00
Cell Boards *.... H. 009.....
FlrstClearFloorli)*, rough.; 3S 00913.00
Second Clear Flooding. rough &S&&S
Con: in on Flooring, rough IH2? 34,0 *
Siding Clear,dressed £~£*#~*jn
Second Clear. .♦ 2?*Si^TaS
CoTnmniido ”ovl4cß
loss Joins
Shaved Shingles. A, 7 Si **2®®
Shaved Shingles, 2Jo. 1 !h3MI i - £?
Saved SMegloe, A i'2«s trS
Sawed Shinclcf/Xo.
Lath. V LOW 0ca.... 560®\M
Po*tt.VtSS£7 U ”; Xt.'4kaiS.€o
Picket*. ... i3.onai:.oo
rAicnr -ith no
0 -Aic‘non' ‘‘d *V«y 'iVm w;
££2 r ßr*nprcvJoQ*nuouilon3. We quote: —
white on, unto noten.... .. ® owe
Straw oil si IQ6SO
Bc«*ole.,-.. * jo ©350
'>o3 rare#.
wntr descriptions firm and unchanged. Weqoota:
Raw Lmseca t>i
Boiled oa ijpSi oS
Olive Oil.balk ,-*.1.1 * ••—!••• iSSiS
WhaJe Oil. W. 8...1 rSSisB
Leri oil, p are ”* * ” r
Lard Oil. common 1 «*««
Machius£U ~...lllli:iH: *BiS
sperm t-li. a,n
ifecro OU,. "I
K»st*foot Oil v Lcsaile
- -POTATOES—In email tnpply, and very firm at
pnvions rate?. •Wequote:
Prime qualities 3V3l.t*
Medium. to.priroe..._ Stt-i 9>
Kew York jper brl *LTj<3L?o
EUCL-TR Y—Receipts still very limited and prices
unchanged- -Weqnoti-t • . _
Yrcteed Chlckms. V dor. *3.W(»tSO
DrrMwiTorfceye,-? .
wndDueke.smMl, P dor I.7*aLM
“ “ mallsrda.pdoz
do*.. 1.JJQ1.30
PlUtYlrslOXS—Received to-day, 1000 brls rt»rk.
ISV.'JSfi tte Lnro. a «.fi7S fta Cat Meats. Shipped to-day,
15 a Beef.3ll 2i«fPork. 11,2*1 D 3 Cut Meat*. 101.1?)
us Lard.-. Tha market for nearly all kiad of nog pro
duct continues firm.
ftlc?s Porlt— I'emand active and market Ararat
fun pi ires. Sales to-d.iv were: 4Mbrl» city racked
Mess Pork at *2t.CO: lOObrls do at S3V.O r S'.d bris do
at 553.25• 100 brto light Mesi at *11.73; 50 brls country
ilsfsstj-ivoo. - - -
PRIME MESS PORK—In cool demand and
firm, and nominal at »50JA26.D0. Government co-day
gave awards ss follow r' 900 brls (without Iron hoops)
at *CS.I2k; 550 brls (with Ironh »op*) at *‘I.SC;3IO brls
do at *3. 65; I.CCO brla do at 333.70; 50) brls ds* at
jss.-ia. . *
Balk Meats—Firm and scarce. Sales to-day
were: 3J»O pcs dry salted shoulders, loose, al Itfte;
SCO ros dr)' salted iiasu at iSj«c, loo*e.
Bacon—Goveramint to day gave awards for M.OW •
Up. Hacon Sides sacked m-bis. at 13.93. Bacon
Bams are In good demand and Arm. Salt* to-day
were: 2>o tea hugar-enrea and canvassed il&msat
l.j'itD—Firm bat Inactive—sood demand for
pr.me Leaf at [email protected]—sellers holding at Uc. Sales
to-day were: SW).orla prime Steam Lard, to be deliv
ered st Michigan City, at 13c; 50 tea vat Lard at 13c.
STTOARS—'Thera bat beeu sme Improvement ll
the Eastern market, but wttb a nominal supply prices
have rontl-nad Arm on all grad's of raw and reilned
Srgan. We still quote the market Atm at previous
me*. We quota: . * . . '
Jew Orleans 13 tatO
2Uw Orison#, ©Urtflsd.
rsrlo Blco
Z,A. rarttaod.
Y.'refliied, poVserod aid graniUaUid.’.'.'."
T»w»e *
Circle A.
Extra n.
'Whitcß ..
Extra C 33X08K
MAPLE s>UOAlt—Raceip’s imsll and in good
.demand. Market ttnnat prevlon* rates. Weqn-;te:
Commor.ln case*. * » 17 0 a
Refined, fa cake*, ft & 28 c*ii
Refined la *maU •oket.-. 21 r)si
©A LT—Thero is a good demand and the market ib
steady. Wequvte; ■**' r
Loitaaiio—Fine s«it..
Coarse .....
Ground Solar.
Dairy, with racks. • 4.5*3....
Fontow— Tar* a Isiaad, ? sac* 1.T«3....
M . Ground Amm. ft sacx - ..... 2.3002 39
Sales to-day were? IXfOfbrls Onondaga Flue Salt at
82.10 delivered on can : flto brlsSagluaw do at 83.20;
1,« 00 brl* do on Illinois Central dock, at 22.1'): 1,000
Irb new Cvtsedsra Fine Salt to arrive, at 52J8-
RecsfivccLto-day, Mrs ©s. Grass Seeds,
6,W» ©a Flax Sees. ahtppsd to-say, 14,«6 ©a. Grass
Seed?,-CLOTin—Quiet and nominal at 78X0. Tiuo--
tut—ln fair demand. Sales to-day were: 17 sags
©YltUPS—"Market very actlv* and Arm, with no
ehanaa. Wc quote:
thlcag* Sugar House. 4LI«@IX9
( btcage Golden.: 1.1101.19
Chlcaco Amber. L2J01.29
B-T.Bvrun 9tous
Cuba M Hasses [email protected] J6
Eesr Orleans, new eroo LMOLC6-
TEAS -In fair demand. Choice qualities very*
firm Geod Imperials and Gunpowder* are In* yary.
small supply and rnlo very firm. We quote;
Touzruys«n.lafen*r>ocemmoa;.9 © SH 01.10
snperlortoflae.?.© 1.23 @1.4)
M “ . extra tn choice, 9 © 1.60 @I.BB
Imperial, superior teflae, 0©...... .1.39 01AO
44 extra to choice, V © .* 1.71 01.90
Goapewdcr, Bunfrlar to on*. V 1.20 01.10
- •* . extra t*cb*lce,E ©.. 1.8X01.00
Japan, lateral leif, fine to choice, 9 ©. i.lO @1.30
“ « • .. exwa fine. R S l.?B @1.40
Ooolongt, Inferior to fine, V © S3 @1.23
* extra to choice, ft, ©.... 1.35 01.41“
S#n«hontt», * © 1.03 01.«O
TALLOW— Infatrdomanl,with less confidence
among shippers. We quote:
Prime Pasxars... ItKAItK
Prime City Butchers lo3f®wj*
couEwy. losi>ai3!Sf
Bonrh Tallow T @7ii
TORAC'CO—Market very firm, with n disposition
arnoDg apaculators'o operate. Sleeks ure generally
likUt, aad hence tranaactlens are small. We quote:
Illinois, middling to fair.
Illinois, common
cnicico touacco MAjrcrAcntrkrcro bkakus.
cnsrrrso. . ■ sxosnte. <
evirofthoWws.se eiosc. s .it @l9 e
Pioneer. f3 0 9fie SU 19 (421 e
Ex. Cavendish...T» 0 Sic I ....20 023 o
PialrleFllde.,.,63 0 70c n 23 03t o
Sweet 64 0 Oc KiUlklnlek...,.3o 060 e
7s and Sr, Star of tbo West
7s asd 2a, Pioneer.
Se. Extra’ Cavendish.
to, 7a. and lOr. Black Diamond.
' otnaa brands.
cnxwixo. SXOEXEO.
Gold Leaf 90c | Missouri 18 0W c
annflTfidP McSltolo 19 020 c
Charley’s Cholo- 80« 100 90 021 e
EilUckuick Catiln,a®2Sc 1000 -«t a
Royal G*m 80 0 83 C
bonpared ......IXO 0L23 e
Nectarine..... ...IXO 01,05 c.
Olive Branch 73 0 88 o
Grapevine 76 0 ; 18 e
.NldkNaeka. so 0 83 e
World’s Premium <8 0 89 e
Eureka 75 0 80 c
‘ VINEGAIt—In small receipt and steady. We
cuoter .
Pure Cider Vinegar, per gal... 30. 023
PnreMalt do do - • 13 019
Com n do- do do ,U 019
WOOL—'Market very quiet and unchanged. Wo
onoitM •
Fine Fleece 69063
Medium Fleece..— 60063
Factory Tub Washed 70073.
WOOD—Receipts small, with a lair demand, and
market firm anlunchnngtd. We quote:
Beech cord 49.00—delivered at,$9JM
nickorv p cord 19.C0 ** liXO
Maple V cord;.. 10.00 ** :io4o
v.« 2 .
.ojk* : 0.v5
Hoar York Market—April 33.
Cotton—lc better and In fair demand at 81c: mid
dling uplands row belt! blclior; 77c for low middling.
. From—State »nd inferior Irregular and onscl'-lei,
a'.d closes dull at s®loc advance, at f7.7Qfi7.SO
for extra j [email protected] for extra B. H. O.;
for trade brands.
Whisky—Feverish, irregular and nnsctCed, and
lowerut [email protected]; cbloily atfl.'.S. >
Gimis - —Wheat ti regular, ccsett’ed and closes fuDy.
Cc bisber; 91.73&1.T7 for Chicago spring; $1.7301.73
lor lillwicScc clnb; sl.79ot3tfor wlnier red west
ern. Corn a abate firmer, at 9U5UJ1.33 fo: old mixed
western In store: 91 [email protected] for new yellow. Oats a
little firmer, a f - Sf®BSc forwesiern,including one car
go oftbc latter attOc. . . -
CnocßßiFS Sugar and molasses qnlet. *
, l-BTEOLEUH— Unsettled; crude quoted at [email protected];
refined In bond, SK&tfu t do free, [email protected] i
Wool—Firmer with fair demand. 1 -
Pro vis ions—Pork higher but less active, at 928.00
fur nuu ; ia.lSfor old do; 977.73 for new do; s£l JO
524.W for old rudnew prime; fig .'[email protected] for prime
n esa; also 7.5C0 bris mtss, June delivery, buyer's op
tion, at 123A0. Beef quiet and steady. Beef hums
tcarce and quiet, bet ent meats a shade easier; UK®
live for shoulder?; ISQWc for uama Bacon aides
quit). Lard a thauo higher; [email protected], latter an .ex
treme at the close. Also I,o*lo brls, seller’s option, at
l*Xc: and 3.10 bils Hay, Jane and July delivery,
seller's option, at 73>fc. Batter dalt and lower;
[email protected]!Ce for State; Ohio nominal. Cheese qolotaadtui
oLanged. *
New York Money andSrock Market, April 33.
active and steady at 7 9 cent. •
Sterling exchange firmer, and dull al 19k3193 for
Currency. j
Gold more active and higher, opening at 74jf, and
.closing qnlet and firm at 78 if.
Government stocks arc firmer; 5.10 conpona 111#©
Stocks— Better., C. A T. 15t t c, & R. I.119; C. B.
Q.HI: T.& w.71; T. & W.pfdSs• p.Ft. W.& C. 122;
A.*T.H.?O:C.&N. W.IBY; do pfdß2; Hilda: 142;
BeafllPgHl; M.C.IUJf 5 M. S. 98; do gtd HO; 111. C.
scrip I.lSiC.4P.exdiv.U«Ht M.&P.daC.72;Har
lem 215; Erie 116tf •do pfd 109 ;N.Y. C. IS7K; O. &M.
certfs 39M; U. S. 6* 1 year eertfii 99; H.S.MSJOcoa
.ponalU.-.,,. , t
New York Money Market—April 23,1LAU.
• Evening—The following are the closing prices at Gal
lagher’s Stcck Exchange: Gold, VJM; N.Y. C., IffiY?
Erie llgy; Hnd, 141K; Beading, 140; M.C- 144: M.S.,
D 6; I.C.,lso}<; Pitta. Ex. Dir., 118: Galena, 129H; C 7&
P., 1!8 : R. 1m ÜBK: N. w., 38 y S: Ft. w„ 123; Wabash.
72: Canton .Co., 49; Cunbcrlond, 17; Cnmh. Coal. 79.
Market closed steady.
Pliilndelqbla Market—April 23.
Fnoint—Buoyant and firmer. with sales at $7.00 for
superior; »'.£o lor extra, Receipts anditock light.
Chaim—Wheat firm at Sl.Wsi-SJ for red: ii.DOa
2.f o fop white. Corn firm at for yellow; *L23for
tVinsxT—Lower, with sales at llAlftlAlK.
-Oils—Fetrolenm firm,with sales of crude at Sscs
leliDCj In bond bh&4g ; free 60® 62 c-
Baltimore Mttrkct-Apri! 133;
Bnaapsmra.—Floor steady. Howard at. and Ohio
sup. *7lO. "Wheat firm and advancing. Cora active.
Bales: whit*. *1.28: yellow, lUiO.
"Whisky dullanduiuetUed. Ba'es:Ohio,fi.23.
Prop Got. Cushman, Caldwell, Milwaukee, light.
Prop S. D. Caldwell, Scott. Muskegon, gOmlumbor.
Prop J.Barber, Hopkins, St.' Jotsph, 1,500 railroad
tUs and sundries.
Brig Sebastopol, Uonsen, Muskegon, 60 m lumber.
Scbr Sessca Chief, Ryenoc, Mossegon, 100 m lumber,
Schr Forrester, Swenson, Moakegou, 75 m lumber. .
6cbr Geo.T.Foster,Honscn,Muskegon, SOmlambor
- ■ • • and SOm lath.
Sehr Odin, Imbrlw Muskexon, 80 m lumber.'
Bchr £mtoa, Imbrlt, Muskegon, 30 m lumber and SCO
m lath. ■ >
Echr Telegraph, ailhaler, Muakejjon, T3 m lumber,
gf hr n. Kano, McEar.-Muskegon* w m lumber,
fshr Heligoland. Burke* Muskegon. 70 m lumber.
Pchr llhLOts, Burke* Muskegon. 73 m lumber.
Schr H. B. Hubbard, schefer, kiuskegoa* £0 m lumber.
Schr Bose JJouamau, cullotts, Muskegon* eO m lain-
23 «3 SI
- -® 127
1 5X» 1«
4t d 143
b«r. - I
Schr Clipper City, Thompson, Ma#kegon, 130 m hun
Scbr Little Bril?, Vlbert. Muskegon, 110 m lumber. •
Srhr IV n-ls, Roger. Muskegon, i#3 m lumber.
fichrEM Eboy*r, Schloboam, Muskegon, 83 m lots*
Schr Beloit, Power. Maikegcn, 93 m lamber, IS m
SclirLizzle Tbrocp, Scofield, Maskegou, 03 m lamber.
jfchr B Bates. Cannou, Muskegon, Horn lamber.
Scbr C E Balicy.Klog,Muskegon, S3 m lumber.
Sclir o Barber. Kirby, Muskegon, 100 m lamber.
Schr Magnet, Kobent*, Moskegon, 70 m lumber. .
Scbr Cbirlle Hibbard. Ir.genoll, Port Washington, ISO -
cords wood. , _
Ecbr Octavio, Jobnsco. Grand Haven, 22Q cords wood.
Schr MlnotJ Mitchell,Hice, Grand Haven, UOmlust
ber. •
Bcbr Revolving Light, Bead, Grand Haven, U0 m
, lumber. _ ;
Pchr leaasar. Sterling. Pent Water. 8S m lamber. <
Scbr C North, Ejmomifl, Sheboygan. 63 edi wood.9om
9rhr Jennie Pell, ReaWe, Sheboygan; 10) cds wood.
Scbr Golde, Barge#, St Joseph, 10 cds wood, 900 UR
Bcbr Honest Jobn. Boland, Kalamazoo, 70 mlamber
100 m shingles. •
Scbr Venus, Loudon, Kalamazoo, J3 mlamber
Scbr Mariner, Smith. Manirowoe, so cds woodl
Bcbr Union, Grinin; Milwaukee. 80 mlamber ‘
Bchr Minnesota, McDonaer,-Wolf River. 7 000 rprf,,'
po*U. ICO m shingles. - • .*“*
ScbrLLudicgton.Mliler. Wolf River.3AM R n tt*a
Ec “ r §^ B S cter^ oU
Bcbr F.Telyn, Stanley. Holland. 85 eda wood i
Sctr “,T?'b“iu.°° e ' G,ntn '* Mer ' 16 ' 4 * ’'“xJ.aocdi
Bcbr Muskegon, *M Sea, Brown’s Pier. 03 eda wood - -
Cbt ’C^§ nloel,r ? 6dca * Uroen StS°7seda'
Scbr Dnyer.Beluilaalstee, 15C m lumber.
2mt)w. ATelall(l ' AJanlitee * 90 m lumber; « m
|«J » ed. b.rlc. ■
scow Lanrel, VcVe.t, LnkeHnroa. 50 m lnmh<»F l
fccow c. c. Batta, Buckley, liaakegon, 100 m lamber-
t>- •» « CLEARED ’ AnrllSS.
Prop J.Barber. Hopkins, Sc JoVcpCsan'drleSf .
011 ** Colll “ B * Buffalo, sSii btla,flour, S3
Prep 3 D. CaldweD, Scott, Jarala, 4.533 brla floor and
provisions. .
Prop Ueo. Cashman. Caldwell. Sarnie sjocb brls floor,
„ . LWB brls pork and provisions.
Bark America. Weitman.Osaenjtlrargh.il Wha eom. .
B Qr * O.Wlnalow, anlUvan, Haffali ai.»» ba wheat.
Bark Sl'.pomcroy.
BaxkWra.Stargta iligcle, Buffalo, 1,799 wl* boaf, OW
do pork.Buddo lard. .• t •'
Brig Moßiezama. Burns, 6affalo, 2,100 bhlspork.*
Bcbr Dane, Chapman, Ogdeaaborgh, 114 »a otacorn.
Omcro ot in* Stouts or Mactovao Dis
patches were received from Mlhrmkee this moraine
staTtDjrthatthi propeller Br sto!had arrived »t that
city from the low'erlaitefc : This Is somewhat earlier
than had been generally anticipated— *ll suppositions
belsg that the ftralU would not be op- n before the
loth cf test month.,’ The first arrival last s*a-on waa
the propeller Hunter, which reached Milwaukee on
the erenlntof the 19th April—lUTl3**.paßsed through
tb« strait# on the isth., ‘ ,
Ta*ST*aai«H Cirror Bcttai-o,— I The magnificent
rtrnpirr City of Buffalo. so well known nsoa© 01 the
Krami«*t oc float lo 5 pai&ce,-* *-.«er navigating the lakes.
S?ISi tn SJ*F r £** to a terew ttetmer. designed for
K , b l The aUer.ujoa was n-adedarlogtho
-ffiJJSJS™ the ship vurd of Ma*., o * Bllwa5!. rhls
hnui .r *FI , i„ S,Q **** *"«* » R tcct beam, 15 fret
1"42 lc*ni«. b r tccil ' ce » government measurement, is
..... 21 xssr
[email protected],
9315 C
.90 So
.April 83.
Scbr A. J r.lch,- Balleatlae,
bn wheat. *
Setr Bonnie Doon. Ledden.BotTblo.l3.Sfrl la
Scbr J S Bnilalo. ll,£oo bn corn.
Prbr ‘ onrtrL.ht,Hamther*fr,Baffalo,Xl.AO bu wheat.
Scbr Col.lpd Harvest, Moore.
l*chr Buffalo. 17,100 baconu.
Sctrl it«n. Dairm. Buffalo, 13,100 ba wheat,
Scbr (t-.sr.ed muckier. Manning, Buffalo, 20,573 bo
6fbr l>. It. M-’Piln, Qallltin, Baffslo. ba wheat.
Set rJ, H. brake, bo corn.
Scb. Leader, beau, Buffalo, LV4 C bo wnea-.
>cbr Fthan Alien, .loin*, HalI*;o, U.23i ba eon.
Scl>r Lenmarfc, Wliliim#, B-.u:aio, o.uo bo wheat.
r;chp (•«»< Foote, Sinaton. HuiTaio. i•,ait i,u wheat.
6ct.r A'lant*, Collins. 15.000 hn wheat.
Scar Joseph Cochrane, Becker, BniTalo, 13,130 hn
Scbr ebootr. Lands res, BniTalo. 16>*.Q bn corn.
Scbr L. 11. Gotten. PrlOßle. Buffalo, u.tii ba wheat.
Illinois and Mlchlaon Canal.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
- BnrDOxpoar, April Z\ law.
Cvrißon—D. C. Norton, Athena.
. Anmraiv-H- G.. Loomis, Afhtns* 9fryird* rnble
store: Lady Franklin, Athena, SO do do; Cashier.
D» splalnts, 10 (1 o do; Xnvsails-tor, Athens, 40 do di
mension stone, _•
lVnVr“ sSS’?-t.2S’
She can carry, in UK feet draught of water !JOB
to 9. which IS equal t.> WLGCfI bn-heU »t XaI 1 ' S2z
la to be sommanded -by fcapxain r.iv, s,Sfc ££
was :cr several Tear# master of ito propeller dileM.
of the New York Central LJae. lie ban experienced
and rkillful lake navigator, and b*» ability entitles
b!m to he master of this mammoth propeller the
Unrest navigating the lakes.
She 1* owned br Uun. It. S. Proper, of this elty.
flbe *TI make her trial trip today, and will soon leare
for Chlcaio. Ber powerful engmo sod due model
will probatl.r give her greater >pee<l than any pro
peiler navigating tbe late#.— Bujr-tU* Com. .ta*
TzsszLa FassEoTnPocoa tus TTillltd m*# at..
—Tbs following re«sel*, bound for Chicago, passed
through the lYe.land Canal;
V<u.*W* lottml itV-d. inSerejVoßi. ITAerefr.
SchrW.J.Preston. Osweeo. Chicago.
Sctr Kljlna Cloud, Cana 'Vlncant, Cleveland.
Schr Mediterranean, S. Harbor, Chicago.
Schr Senator Blood, Oswego, Chicago.
Sckr Wm. Case, Oswego. Detroit.
Schr Phaltropo, Oswego, Milwaukee.
Schr Pt’esAlexanilrla,Klcg3toD, Saageep*
DB, 0. ii. JACKSOiN, Phik., P?
©sale or Ntrroas Debility, Diseases J ,I J£,
Kidneys, and all diseases arising fttn
- ■ disordered Llrer orStamaH,
_ aaConstipA
" - ' non, inward Piles,
Fullness or blood to the .
Head. Acidity of the Stomach.
Kansen, Heartburn, Disgust tor PoM,-
Fullness or Weight In the Stomach, Batty
Xruptatloas, Sinking or Fluttering at the PB
of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hunted
and Dlfllcnlt Breathing. Fluttering at the Heart.
Choking or Suffocating Sensations when In a lying
twe Dimness of Vision. Pots or Webs heforeiM
fcgnt. Fever and dull pain in theHcad.Defldefr
•7 ot Perspiration, Tellowness of the g*tr
• and Eyes, Pain. In. the Side. Back.Chmt.
/drubs, Ac., Snddfn Flashes of
Heat, Burning la the Flesfc,
Constant Imaginings,
of Evil, tod great
, Deprcrslou of
- • Spirits
And win pcsmvely prevent YELLOW FIY3S. 3XUA
LIOU9 FEVER* «tc. They contain
They WILL CUSS tbo above disease* in TiTnnn up
oases out of a hundred. -
Ho you want flomething-tu Strengthen Tn 7
Ho yon want a Good Appetite 1 j
Ho you want to Build up your ConstitntSes T
Ho yon want to Feel Well 1
Ho you wa'4t to get rid of Jfsrvoumeeel
Ho you want Energy 1
Do you want to Sleep Well t
Hoyou want a Brisk and Vigorous jPeeUagt
IT you do. use HOOFLAJTD’S GERMAN BlTTuay ,
There are many preparations sold under the &amo t
Bitters pur up la quart bottles, composed of tk
cheapest whisky or commpn rum, costing from 31 tc
40 cenu per gallon, the taste disguised by Anlte
Coriander Seed.
This class of Bitten has caused and will continue tt
cause, as long as they can be sold, hundreds to die ID
death of the drunkard. Dr their use the system
kept continually under the Influence ot AJcohoC*
Bttmolants of the worst kind, the desire for Uqncr <r
ereated and kept up, and the result is aU th« borrer:'
a2tendant npoa a drunkard’s Uie and death. Bewvr
of them t
Attention, Soldiers! and Friends of Soldiers,
we cau mb aitennua *t aU having relnUooa m
Mends in the army to the tact that “ UOOFLARW
German Bitters" will cure nine-tenths of the
. Induced by exposures and privations incident to eomr
life. .In the lints, pnbllshca almost daily In the saw
papers, on the arrival ofthe sick. It will be noOoe*
that a very large proportion are sufferers from defifk
tty. Every ease of teat kind era be readily cured kr
Boofland's German Bitters. Diseases resulting frost
disorders of the digestive organs are speedily resun>
ed. We have no bcaltntlon in stating that. If thoor
Bitters were freely used among our soldiers. hondraCi
of Uvea might he saved that oiqcrwlse will be lost.
We call attention to the following remarkable oad
well authenticated cure of one of the nation's hence
whose life, to n»e bis cwb UnguagCw** bus been ssva/
bp the Bitten.’*
FtniADZ [•pitta, Aug. 29.
Mbssbo. Joxxe & Kvars: Well, geatletuen, yoxx
SooQand’s German Bitters has Jared my life. Then
Is no mistake in this. It is vouched for by uumoerx c
my comrades, some of whose names are appended.aai
who were fnlly cognizant of all the clrcumstaacto a*
my case. I am. and have been for the lost four
a member of Sherman’s celebrated battery, and
the Immediate command of rapt. R. B. Ayree.
Through the exposure attondant upon my ardnoua dw
ties,! was attacked In November last with Imlamm*
tlon of the huigs, and was for seventy-two days in tbs
hospital. This was followed by great debility, helgM
ened by snattack of dysentery. I was then removed
Ciom the White House, aad seat to this city oa baoK
the steamer "State of Maine," tTom which Handed 80
the 28tb of June. Since that time I have been abort
as low aa one could be and still retain a spark of vCal
ity.. Fora week or more I was scarcely able to dm:
low anything, and U Idld furceanorsei down lt«u>'
■ mmedlatelv thrown on again. * w# '
I could not even keep a glass of water on my stom
ach Life could njrf last under these circumstances ■
and accordingly tub physicians who had been * orkftg
faithfully, though unsuccessfully, to rescue ms frex
the grasp of the dread Archer, tmnkly told mo tkt.
they could do no more for me, and advised me to see S
elergyman, and to make such disposition of my Halt
ed funds as heat suited me. An acquaintance whonrv
Usd me at the hospital, Mr. Frederick Stelnbron.Ci
Sixth below Arch street, advUed me. as a forlorn boae.
to try yonr Bitters, and kindly-procured a bottii..
From the time I commenced taking them, the gloomy
shadow of death receded, and j am now. thank Gow
, /or It, getting belter. Though 1 bare taken hat
bottles, I have gained ten pounds, and I fed sann&e? •
of being permitted to Join my wlfs and mux;
whom I have beard nothing for eight jen months—lev
gentlemen, lam a loyal Virginian,from the vie*-*' ■*»
■Frost Royal. To your Invaluable Bltt«*—
<sri»ult7 “ [ UfaTOlrblw, t«»G Ih,
fears—to your Bltleus tl *- »lortoufl nnyuflett
ofagamciaspinjrtoaij bosom those" who aredeasC*
tomelnUfe. ' “**“■
—... , Verytroivyours. ISAACMALOm
" 6 iL.ir concur m the truth of the above statesUßt.
IU we had dcspalredof seeing our comrade Mr. VOIOST
restored to health.
I. B. SPENtER, Ist Artillery. Batten 7
J. B.PASEWELL. Co. B, 5d Vermont.
HENRY T. MACDONALD. Co: C, 6th Maine.
JCHN P. WARD, Co. R. sth Maine. *
HEBWAN KOCH. Co. H. TM New York.
NATHANIEL B. THOMAS, Co. P, 03th Penn*.
ANDREW J. XIMBALL, Co. A. 3d Vermont,
JOHN JENKINS Co. A 108tb Penna.
Sea thaf signature ol “C. M. JACKSON.’* la oa ta*
WRAPPER of each bottle, ~
Price Per Bottle, 75 Cents,
Or HalfDoz. for $4.00.
Shonld the ncoreet druggist not have the article fix
not he pot off by any of the Intoxicating preparalUßs
that may be offered In Its place, bat send to os,asfi ws
will forward, securely packed, by express.
Prlnclpal Office and Manufactory
(BnccMran 10 C. M. JACKSON * Co.J rtoprtMon,
W LOAD & SMITH. S«»nU Westmi AjeMi,
23 like street, Chicago, DL
|y Foesalo by sll Druggists and Dealers ux IIM|
town In the United States. aa.TO-nil'n-im.xAJtO
Che benefit and *> a CAUTION TO roUNO «m
and others, who suffer from Nervous Debility. Frem*.
tore Decay of Manhood. Ac., supplying at the asms
tiTre Tn* Msa.vb or S2l.r-v.lras. By one who has
sored himself after underaolrjr considerable quack*
cry. By Inclosing a postpaid andr-ssed envelope, ala*
■ti i comes mtybo had of the author, KAT24ANISI,
SfATFAIBjK'q-. B-dford, Xlnna Co-B. T. -
Die. Bkows*b Buoscnui
the affected parti, and give almost immediate nfia
For BaoirrHiTis. Asthjta, Catabbh and CoxraS,
nr* CocaHß.tb» Trochee are njemi.
en and Sldbojs shotUdlbare toe Tk chea toitrenSSw
the rolce. Military Officers and Solo lew who otSS
the Tolce, and ore exposed to sodden chance SS2S
use them Obtain only the ORtrnri ac «YnS2St
Bronchial Troches’* haring pbotcd their effleaela*
* test of many jraara. are llzbly MeommSßftE
prescribed by Pbyalclani and Snrceons In atSt
wa bay® recalTSd tasniaaalala many^SS
hd Dmgsrtsts and Dealers la MedleiMS
tneTJnlteo States and meet Foreign countries, a| u
cent, per bcx. . Idbmm f umr
KING’S NEW collection;
Mostly lelcctcdfrom the works a/ tac Great Mas
ters. tilth a Separate Organ Accompaniment. By
Wruxiv A.Kuto. adltor oClte* GraceChareh Col
lection,” ic.
- The lavor with which Mr. Ktng’e previous works
have been received, and tholr continued popularity,,
will Infenre fur this new canal ‘ate far public patron
s:e. a contlal welcome. The hook la finely printed,
and bound In cloth. Price $2.00—319.03 per dozen.
I»lTEON & CO„ pnbllabcr#, 377 Washington street.
Beaton. Conics mulled, post paldon receipt of prico
epls<S*l-6t t yaw ■ •■ ■ ■
U BALE IN ADMIRALTY.—By virtue of a Writ
of Sale by the Hon. Barnaul H.Treat. Judge of the
United states District Court for the Southern District
of Illinois, in Admlrahy, dated on the Uth day of
April, A. I). 1861,wi1l be sold at Public Sale, to the
highest and best bidder (hr cash, at Cairo, la said Dis
trict,, on the day of April* A D. IS6I. the lollow-
Icr described property, to wtt; 2429 halee of cotton,
.»barrels of
ing bten seized as lawful prize of war, and ordered
to be aold for the benefit of wbom it may concern..
I>. L. PHILLIPS, L% S. MtrehM.
Springflfia, lll.(April 11. |SM. - ,pU-clS.l3t
h- an eject'on at the . rooms of the Board of
TradtonT°4?.r,th« Wh low- to HU the™,nej In
ihai’nramttieo of Appeals, occasioned bv the redg-
MHoart Cot John L. Hancock from that Canunlttoe-
from 10 a- «■ «“ 111 * i»- nu By order of the
irom *• JOHN F. BEaXY. Sec*y.
CWcigO, Aptf123,1361. , ap2»d3<aU
II x,oco hcabela cbplce White Bcana, In new barrels,
weU IJCO^bnHietocholceTiraotby Seed, in new baga,
sewed and In splendid vilvod/oN °
apl»<as»jt Rawest Water street. MHwaukee,
A company leaving Chicago about the first of
May will take a few mure pa‘»an*OT to Fort Beaton,
throngh by river from this place, at • -
Very Low Rates. '
For oartlcslan inuolre of OEO.MKRRILL,New Fork
House, Chicago, *p3L<Ul34lw<h3nr

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