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“OllCivU* lUBOKB," Chicago, 01*
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OT)icago Cribnue.
JMhe new tax bill that passed the House
:u-prebtn»«lhei sliall pcsalbe Senate with
•r. j: deluv, the credit of the Government will I
iii- imnit'nedv strengthened. It is estimated j
t tit will yltil'l, ii honcftly enforced, not *
:jch short of
per cent of tax U Smpo'ei on IV.c
>c»l banks, will at
u .ribulc handsomely to ilia ol tin;
. vermnent. The people vriil cheerfully
vuid all It levies, provided the War is pushed
: i lorcusly forward. When the rcbtllion Is
. aied and peace restored large redactions can
.. bulely made. A moderate excise on a few
;• *•• cuch as liquors and tobacco, added
• . .ue tevoi.vc do.iveO from the tariff, will
to jaiy ilic interest on the National
dv b; uLd lo defray the other expenses of the
-uYcnmicnt. Butv.btlhcr the taxes shall
.12 heavy or light, who would rather see onr
rrcat nation tumble into ruin thin pay his
lust and equitable eharc of the expense ol
o.aiut&iuiug uud preserving our glorioop in-
'dilutions of Freedom, and our grand conti
nental Rcpnbli. ? Vr'/.crclstlieman? Ifhc
,-«n be found, vre v.ll. fhow you a creature
rr.llt lu brcutiiC Columbia's free air, or to cn.
ii.y the incalculable blueings of free govern
i. cut,
The Union £t;Ae Convention of Peaneyl*
vanic, which met at Philadelphia on the 3Sth,
adopted a resolution instructing their delega
tion to support Mr. Lincoln for the Presi
dency, opposing the postponement of the
Baltimore Convention, and declaring, what
every loyal man concedes, that the re-dee
tion of Lincoln would he one of the hardest
blows that could be inflicted on the rebels.
Tl.c action of Pennsylvania will commend
itself to the whole country, as the right
Im.-is for future political action with reference
to the Presidency. There must be no change
of s.diiiintbtretion or of policy. New men,
without experience, will only Inaugurate
u , u themes tending to delay the wax and
clog wholesome legislation. It Is the popu
lar will, reflected through the resolutions.of
their servants in legislatures end convcn*
tiobe from Maine to Oregon, that Abmham
Lincoln remain where he is and finish np
both rebels and rebellion.
A dispatch from Admiral Porter foota up
our losses in the late battles nca~ Pleasant
Jlllle- as follows: total loss 3,400 men, of
which number three hundred were killed;
twenty pieces of artillery, a large quantity
of small arms, several hundred wagons, a
lirtt-clasc gunboat, the Eastport, and, a dls-
•patch to the N. Y. Brrald adds, a Paymaster’s
cafe containing a million dollars increen
backs which will prove a godsend to the Im
poverished coffers of the rebels—if the story
be true—-a doubt eminently practice , consid
ering the source from which the story em
The predatory bands of Forrest's guerillas
elated bv recent successes, are dally growing
•bolder.' On the night o! the 27th, a gang of
them crossed the river into Indiana, a short
distance below Madison, burned *a trading
boat and stole a flock of sheep and cattle.
The stringent Regulation code should be car
ried out in every instance when one of these
thieves and butchers is caught—death by
hanging to the first tree.
It v.as thought on all sides that Wash
burne’s proposition, to tax whisky on hand,
was dead and buried, but at the last moment
it suddenly sprung into vigorous life and was
adopted as a part of the new tax law, by ten
majority. It reads as follows:
•• That all spirits of domestic production, and
held for saloon the let of May, ISA and upon
which no tax shall hare been paid, shall be subject
la a dutr of 50 cents per gallon; and on all each
eiilrltt- on hand for sate, on which a prior duty shall
have been i«ld, a duty of 80 cento per gallon; pro
vided that bona fide retail dealers in spirits, duly
licensed, shall not be taxed on their stoca on band,
whoi-c quantity on hand docs not exceed two bar-
As almost every gallon ol whisky on hand
has paid but 20 cents tax, nnd as the tax trill
be SI.OO after May 1, the 80 cents imposed by
Wushbume’s amendment will still leave 50
cents prefit to the holders, distillers, and
ppccnlatore, so that they will not, as a class,
be very badly off, es the matter now stands.
'What the fate of the amendment will be in
the Senate, is doubtful, as that body has here
tofore strenuously resisted the imposition of
any excise on liquors on hand.
Each day brings ns nearer to the great bat
tle of the war which must soon be fought In
Virginia—a buttle which we believe will be
one of the most terrible ever recorded in
history. Both Grant and Lee are massing
their forces lor the shock. From Florida,
Charleston, Lynchburg, Wilmington and
all available points, the rebel troops are
burning to the Rapidan in defence of the
rtbei capital. From the North our troops
.ijchnrotogte the front to take partln the
great contest. The campaign is culmi
nating rapidly, at a day or an
hour may bring us the tidings that
the strife has commenced. We look for
ward to victory, notuuderratingthestrength,
fcVUI and bravery of the rebels. McClellan
itm is rooted out of the army. Its physical
said moral condition could not be Improved
lt has confidence In the commanding Gen
tral andhetakes the field unhampered with
interference trom any quarter. Upon his
tl ill and prestige of success, we anticipate a
victory which shall give this rebellion the
finishing blow. i
A reconuolesance was made yesterday as
far as Madison Court House, In Virginia,
which resulted in the capturing of thirty
prisoners, driving the rebels out of the town
and Us subsequent destruction.
The rumor that Gen. Grant had requested,
•Mid the President refused the superseding of
Gen Banks is denied. The President asserts
thatGcn. Grant is sole master of the armies
in the field, and between the two the most
cordial relations exist.
The House has adopted a resolution to in
oulrc into alleged frauds upon the part of |
Vetera officers, especially as connected
vith the late Western Louisiana campaign,
over which a spirited debate ensued, as re
ported our Congrtsslonal procccdteg*
r on the third page will he found a brief but
admirable speech by Mr. Stcbbmfl made the
otherdav in Coughs, on the resource*of
our country, and the perfect ease with which
it cv-n bear lar larger taxes than have ever
been levied. He Is a War Democrat and a
heavy banker in New York.
The speculators In ■whisky were seized yes
icriav morning with a sudden indisposition,
immediately ufter rending the Washington
di-vatchcs. The malady Is not exactly a
„cw one, and ailhongh it is generally pro
nonneed incurable, it is not always iitah It
has been named by professlonnl men the
Washbnmc ChUl,” irom tho pccuUar symp
toms manifested by the victims being taken
•with a sudden coldness of the toes—a violent
palpitation of the heart—and a chilly sweat
on the forehead, accompanied by a fearful
collapse of the ‘internal revenue.” The
number attached by this disease was very
large, and at one time it looked as if the
majority of cases would prove fatal; but
fortunately for them the chill subsided, and
as we go to press a large number of the
worst cases were In a state of convalescence.
But the whisky-men were not the only par
ties who suffered Irom this strange malady.
It affected hankers, brokers and money
c'l ngcrs generally; and It was noticeable
that some of these were seised with the
“ chill” in a more violent form than any
others. Their sufferings were too Intense to
lie alleviated by the usual remedies known in
the pbannacopn-ia, and resort had to he made
to strong mental msnipulations, which for
tunately relieved them greatly. Much ben
cflt was derived by all the sufferers from re*
jeated lotions of telegraphic balsam, import
ed from Washington, where the disease orig
inated, and where it has been more success
fully treated than In these parts.
The market forhighwines opened “panicky”
at a decline of 12 ilSc per gallon, with sales
as low as £LOS. Towards the close, how
ever, It rallied, and In the evening prices ran
up as high as £l.lo—closing at £Llsjl.ls>f.
THE 1 affair at HlCKO
jack gap.
Brutal Murder or WHIto Soldiers After
On the ££d of April the rebels made an attack
nron our pickets nt Nickojack Gap, eight miles
frein Blnggold. The picket party consisted of
c'xiy-fuW men, detailed from the 92d Illinois,
Uc ct.-Colom*lß, F. Sheets, and was under com*
mel dof Llcnt, Scovlllc. They were distributed
ut different poets, and were attacked euuiltanoons
i\ nt dawn oi the kSd, by wo regiment* of infan
try and Urn* companies of cavalry. The Infantry
came over Taylor's Bridge, and the cavalry from
South V; Her. Finding themselves overpowered
the parly ttiemptcd to fall back, but the retreat
woe cat oh bj an infantry regiment which lanced
between them sad the camp at Elng_-old. Of the
eiiiT-fonr men thirty-four cot their way out, and
afterwards reoccup cd the ground in the faee of
the enemy. Ucnu Scovtl e, commanding, was
wocnccd end taken prisoner. Seven of the men
were ebot after bciip captured, as is proved by the
aCloavUe ol citizc;-* who witnessed their tautder,
and also by tbetcstlmorv of t-omc cf the men be
fore they died.
The following Is a U«t of the casnVtlr*: Tvilicl:
John Downs, private oj. Bi-lame* .Vc.tc -i, nrl
vai»-e*nV: nnr-ite c%"!!; \7:j.
I'tyrt'K*. i riv.tt to- 3, Wi»o wu* lii'.;-;nr.n!y mu
dertd Vrttr •. • ?jr- ■. •.
1 -3i* T *■'*&*• *ibis tJff.SfjX. U7’ j»:v>
! V- Cr-»fc/T>c.‘-h. ;35.•wwftshat*
’ .i’vjro >/.''.rth Pjfc'lM.T'- .i.Vt’.c 1. J ■■ ufrchdc?ed,-'-
i eutl fc" th-ttw'-e
iaiu-t uel.-.: ■ •,; it _. J.uia r
Ji&vct A. ! lie. '• r n. I, w;»-also L'.'U-l Div'rlV,'.
Btticr. tL. A, u.d >**eX* 23- hltrl, cc. I. -c
--iTimiplv vrf,u*.clv<!. „
r n.t ; *.liow>r:: 1* n Prt of the un-ring: Horace
C. Scovillc, Is! lax v 1 ro. K; lienj. P. U.-.-blauJ,
Savenntco. Dt Osincs W. Starkey, Corporalco.
H; Morris 11.Killer, co. A; Nathan C. Tyler, co.
A; Edwin M. Elliott, co. E; frauds M. Chase, co,
C; David Shoemaker, co. D: Wm. Snyder, co. D;
Caster 2. Best, co. E; Vrm. Ounpcr, co. E; Henry
hitler, co. F; Abram Homer, co. G; Alex. Bay
siurer, co. G ; T\rj. Koe, co. H; XahlouD.
Ecker, co. H; Wm. H. BeruoU*. Co. I: W. P. T«I
CarthT, co. I; Emstne P. nr.r, !-jw:i. Co. -K: Jas.
M. McrrlD, co. K ; V; ♦ PoviUe, co. K.
Cous;ms-Gen, XSurnMidi’n Ccrav-.l
FrcnchXrifrhmsn-tUUTako 7<o I-ris
onere-Tbc Fototnsc Army—A Co&o of
'.Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
WiJinsdTOK, April gl, iSCL
Congress ie still occupied with the revenue b*lL
It Is Lwa to beep minonm present for business, '.j
On Monday while the corps of Gen. Burnside was ]
pasting through the aty, the members took are*
cees to see the troop? march post. When the hoar
for reassembling arrived, there were scarce any
members present except the Speaker, andAfesars.
Washbnmc, Momll, Garfield, Arnold, Fernando
Wood, and Long. Business was resumed, amid
considerable merriment, hnt the clerks were not
to be found, and ihc Tex bill itself and the Speak*
cris gavel wire' locked np. However, things
went on with the lew present, bat the
spectacle was humiliating. In Committee
of the Whole, I am glad to notice that
every disposition is manitested to lay on the taxes,
1 do not see why the United States cannot raise as
large a revenue as Great Britain. England itself
pays the principal portion of the revenno of Great
Britain. Yet last year that nation raised a revenue
of $350,000,000 is gold, equal to sooo,' 00,000 in our
paper currency, and this for the expenses of a mere
peace establishment. During the year 2SG3 oar
total revenue from taxes was $;11.593.t65.45 l and
the expenditure StM.7OO/ 95A3, showing that
nearly elx>eeventbs was raised by borrowing. A
moment's reflection will show that this state of
financial sfialrs cannot long continue, without a
cek. bcbssiseV com*?.
This fine corps passed through this city on Mon
dav, and made a splendid appearance. They were
three hours and a half passing 'Willard's Hotel,
marching In platoons, ±*ot the least noticeable
pan of tic pageant was the colored brigade. They
were as fine a looking body of men, physically
speaking, as 1 ever looked at, and it was the uni
versal remark that they marched better than the
white troops. It is well known that the nogros are
natural musicians and bare the organs of tune and
tune developed in a \ctj high degree. By the by, is
not music, and the capacity for it. an evi
dence of a high social condition, or
at least a capacity for it f It is considered one of
tbefisearts. Bow doesthefact,then,thatthene
crocs ore natural (not as vet artificial) musicians
comport with the idea of their inferiority asarsce ?
Their reeimenlal bands were very large and fine, I
noticed that whereas many of the white regiments
marched with Cage furled, the negro marched with
colors flying, head erect, and bands playing such
spirit-stirring tunes as "John Brown's Soul,"
" The Bed, White and Bine," &c.
a naaicn-ißissxax.
A regiment of Chasseurs attracted mnch atten
tion. It has been recruited bom men who had
served with distinction daring the war. A well
dressed gentleman accosted one of them, who was
resting on a door-step (the day being very hot)
with: "Aw, my fins fellow, this is a chasseur regi
ment—French, I suppose?"
CAo^vr—"Arrah be gorra, thrne fer yen. snr;
we're the cha*trt, all Frenchmen, Irery mother's
son of ns. Farlez tows FrcncaU, which manes in
English, ' Frinch chaser, will ye take adhnnk?’
and if yer honor will only tell me where a dhrap or
the cravtnr can be had, I'll be very glad to do that
same, fr only to oblige socomplacint a gintleman
as yer honor's self."
A gentleman, seeing a colored man stretched at
full length on the sidewalk, as his regiment halted,
waiting for the column to defile over the bridge,
said: ** Well, have you beard from Fort Pillow t’ f
Colored Soldier—” Yes, massa.”
Citizen—” Are you not afraid thev will serve you
in the same way over there In Virginia f ”
Colored Sotdier—' “No, massa.”
Citizen—” What do you intend to do if you are
taken prisoner*”
Colored Soldier (with a savage flash of the eye
and a compression of the lips}—” I will not be
taken prisoner, Massa. ’
Citizen ** Then yon mean to die first J”
Colored Soldier —** Yes, Massa.”
Citizen—" Do you Intend to take any prisoners ?
Co'ored Soldier (with another meaning glance)—
•* Ad, Masto.”
Citizen—'” Tou ere right, tny man, 1 would take
noprieonertif Jvere in your place.”
An officer who was out to the front yesterday in
forms me that our army is in excellent condition.
Mud occupies a very favorable position. He was
so for In the advance that be could see Leo’s army
streichingoQt for miles to bar the way to tbs rebel
capital. The rumor that we bad retired from War
rtnton is contradicted, although there are reports
that Lee is ftellng Meade’s flanks with bodies of
Stuart’s cavalrv. and that one of them hod actually
occupied Warfenton (a railroad outpost). Gen
eral Grant is concentrating a large force here
and at Fortre?s Monroe. A brigade left for that
ruarter yrsterdav, among them the 39th Illinois.
Col Osborne. R'ejnforccmrar.e have also been or
-irred up from Florida and South Carolina. Gen.
GiTmorc asked for reinforcements, probably for
offensive ©Derations, but Gen. Grant not only
denied them, but ordered troops from Gen. G. a
department. Gen. Grant plainly perceives that
Lee’s army Is the head and front of the rebellion,
and that it mutt be conquered belore the rebellion
can be subdued. There is to be no more hacking
awuv at the extremities until the bead and trancle
are attended to. I bear that the colored troops arc
for tfcc present to man the fortifications in the rear
of Washington, on the other side of the Potomac.
The papers are relating stories of cases of con
science. in which various sump are stated to be re
turned to the Treasury, by parlies who had fraudn-
Jentlv obtained them. The following is the largest
sum returned, and the strangest easel have heard
of I lave not seen it in prinu A gentleman from
Pennsylvania sold the Government a few regula
tion eword*, to the va’nc of s‘*s, and for which he
presented kis bill, which was audited In due form;
but iu passing through the Treasury the amount
was changed from $95 to 9,500. 1 believe It passed
through the bonds of at least a dozen clerks, after
the tms akc had been made. Fina l !" tho man re
ceived the draft for $9.5(0 through Ms agent hero,
which, however, he immediately returned .or cor-
K jlf. chase was so mortified and indignant at the
trxor, that be discharged three ol the cierka,
them the person who transcribed iheuccoimU Un
fortunately this poor man is the father of nine chil
dren, who arc wholly dependent on his pay for sup
tort. *’
mustering o-. of tlic First KZlcncsota*
TSnedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
St. April 2>, 1?M.
The bistrr’cal First Minnesota regiment er;>:r<'
10-ir.oirow. Ttc Sccn'ieryol VrarhssorScrc'iOi
officers and men 'who did not re enlist to be muster
ed out to-morrow. Only stout enough for two com- !
panics bare re-enbeted, and tic Governor will
commission new officers for them, and they win be
tent immediately to Washington, hi arc would
have re-enlisted but for the unpopularity of some
ol the officers. Got, Bamscr was In Washington
*bcn Sumter was fired upon, and tendered the
v president the first regiment offered, in response to
which tender this regiment was raised. Governor
Miller and Gen. Sibley reviewed the-regiment at
c- or t Smiling this afternoon. A concourse ol
dO«m» and soldiers and other organizations were
present. . . ..
Tho people here ere meetly rrjmcei over the
pattasc ut the land gram to Lake Snperior.
'Military Mutters— Tho Quota of the
{Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Maj>i£ok, April 29, Itfit.
The Utb regiment of W‘fc hiblu Infantry voltui
teens numbering abort sevtn Hundred men, leave
here for the aiuiyol the fumbprinnd to-morrow,
tt 10 o’clock A. M. Previous to their departure,
ibcywillbc presetted with magnificent
rnt gtr.te Cage, by acting Governor Spooner.
Hon S. D. Baptises, Slate Treasurer, arrived
borne to-day, baring been absent r.t Washington
for several weekf- •
Gov. Lewis ifl expected home Inc first of nest
week. Be hs* succeeded in bavins men
tscdUcu to die State, enlisted acd snosteml brforti
January Ist, 16W, who had not beta credited prior
o Uiat date. The camber trill (o be raided to fill
tiic ciuota of Wisconsin, inriudlmf tho cnlfatments
of all veterans end. recruits, op to April Soih.i«
i,C3S men.
tiiipninc Court of Ullnol*..
ICcnespondcaca Chicago Tribune.]
Ottawa, April 53,
The case of Tcnaum vs. Davis, appealed from
the Circuit Court, of Chicago, was oa Thursday
argued by Goohius for plaintiff and S. W. Puller
for defendant, and taken under adviecmcat.
P.nxDfrey tb. Colby was also argued by Fuller and
Van Boren.
Foss vs. the City of Chicaco (the Lind's sureties
case) was passed on the firm call of the docket, but
Will probably be argued next week.
The cases set for bearing to-day arc from No. 151
to 18* inclusive.
Your contemporary the Journal Is In error in say
ing there is only 1M on the docket. There arc
269 eases In addition to eighteen peoples' cases.
Included in to-day’* list of causes lor bearing are
No. 174, City of Chicago t*. E. C. Lamed et al. and
Ho. 175, City of Chicago ve. the President oi the
Home Bank. These cases relate to city assess
monte. There is, however, a possibility that Nos.*
17 and 18 on the peoples' docket may obtain a pre
A rcncc. These arc also from Chicago, and arc en
titled the People ex rd Western Transportation
Company vs. the Superior Court of Chicago.
Passage of the Tax Bill*
Washington. Apnl 29.—0n the final vote on the
nassacc of the tax bill, the following are the only
members who voted against tt r W;J, Alien, An*
cona. Brooks, Chandler, Cor, Dawson, Dennison,
Rnk, Harrington, Herrick, Johnson of pa_
Johnson ol Ohio. Law. LcWond. Mallory, ilarcy,
McDowell, McKioly. Homson, Noble, Odell, Pen*
dleton. Perrr, Boss, Stiles. Sitoum, Stewart,
Ward the two Whites of Ohio, and Fernando
Woeol Total Bi, m a House of 183 members.
Stirring Debates on investi
gation of Frauds.
.'xnjroriani From tic Army of
- Tfce Hfifeh
Thfi i&troliiia Eobsl Army
Cjjmirig—'Heauxegard on Sis
War So Biohmosd,
TE2- BET; tK?SIt W—
Macison Court House Cap
turtd and Burned.
The Rebel Ram Roanoke
Injured in the Ply
mouth. Battle.
Wirt Adams with 10,800 Men
Threatening Natchez.
Interesting grtlitarr and Congressional
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
WAsmiiCTOK, April i 9,1*04.
Gentlemen familiar with the Army of the Poto
mac daring the last two or three years, who have
recently returned from the front, where they en
joyed ample opportunities of intercourse with both
officers and men, report that ilcClellattlsia Is (*■
tirely rooted out of the army, and that the utmost
harmony prevails among officers of all grades, and
the utmost confidence Is felt In the Commanding
General by men in all ranks, and in his power to
whip the enemy-when the opportunity offers.
JTbere is only.onc single exception to this rule—-a
The physical as well
as the moral healthSf the army is excellent, the
reports showing only one and ono-fourth per cent
of disease against seven per cent at this time last
year. Some brigades have not even seen an hos
pital, and the Commander in response to an in.
qniryfrom headquarters, said they had prepared
no hospital accommodations, because there was no
sick within their commands.
We have the following Irom the Army of the Po-
Ccutftxb, April S9.—A cavalry force made a
reconnoitring expedition to Madison Court House
yesterday. It was reported at Gen. Grant’s head
quarters that they came upon a small party ot the
enemy, drove them out of town, and captured thir
ty prisoners. The town was fired. No intelli
gence of the movements of the enemy in the Shen
andoah Valley has reached the army headquarters.
. After defeating the Finance Committee to-day,
by passing the bill for a branch mint in Oregon,
the Somite took up the Currency bill. Daring the
day Mr. Pomeroy's amendment, exempting from
taxation so much of the capital stotk of banks as
is invested in government bonds, was rejected by
a vole of 11 to SS; and Mr, HowanTfl amendment*
that State taxation shall be only lor the purposes
of the Slate In which the bank is located, was re
jected by the same vote. No vote has yet been
taken on the main question between the Finance
Committee amendment and the provision of the
bill as it from the House, but the votes and
debate seem to Indicate that the Finance Commit
tee will be sustained.
Mr. Brooks said that he shonld print in his newa-
paper his remarks about the Treasury Department
in general and the head Clerk of the Printing Bu
reau In the same In particular, which the House
refused to give him an unanimous consent to de
liver. To-day, he said that he wanted to describe
org'es in the Clerk’s Bureau and to tell things
which would render it prop.r that the galleries
should be cleared of ladies. He intimated that the
resolution proposed by Mr. Garfield, as a substi
tute for his resolution of Inquiry, providing for
Brook’s examination on all points before the Com
mittee on the Conduct of the War, would satisfy
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
W’asiungton, April 29,130 L
A joint resolution will be introduced and put on
A JIJUU * WCUiUMW— *• - “ - •
passage, probably to-morrow, directing that no
officer of the army, whose confirmation by the
Senate is necessary .who shall have resigned and his
resignation been accepted, shall bo entitled to hold
or exerdse any command, or receive any pay unless
reappointed by the President, by and with the con
sent of the Senate. The resolution is intended to
w.cct the case of Frank Blair, concerning whose
ao-I'Timert to command after the Senate had beer
officially notified of his resignation much Indigna
tion exists.
surmsEDneo cek. banks.
Tbe mmor tbit Gen. Grant has repealed, and
tie President refused, to enpersede Gen. Banks la
ascertained to be without foundation. On thecon
-flir tbe President bar assured ttec. Grant that
be i" absolute master of all the forces in tbe Held,
and that be (the President) does not even decide
or know wbal arc bis ptnna in any field of oper
XQUiiUnsc va.t or souncna.
Tht j T i'.liarv T o-di~ reported
the Senate bi.» »o eaumizc lac pay of soldiers,
which was referred to it on the IGth oi March,with
ii-avc to report at any time. Section 1 gives the
same bounties to colored toldiera os to whites
Irom and alter llayl, li»l. The eoctwnof the
Senate hill plviag the same pay to colored
us to white soldiers- -fn cuscs where they i
were enlisted under tuch promise fcvta
Uio War Department, Is unhanged. A sec
tion i* added that three dollars a month of the pay
of the colored soldiers, shall be reserved to support
their families t.ud any other relatives dependent
upon them. Section 5 provides that on and after
May let, the pay of all private eoldters shall be $lO
per month, and a corresponding increase to non
c.tumitßlontd officers.
Senator Wileon's hUIs concerning the pay and
fthsittciice ot the army, reducing Ore rations to
the oldfctnndard, la incorporated lu this MU.
-Section e hsci* the compensation of paymaster's
ckrhs at SVJOO.
fSpecutl 01;; 'trii to the Chicago Tribune.]
WashdiLTON. April £9, loGl.
•ns chaises cae.si fiKCXturAjtr CHA.-E.
Kr, GaiCeld'e fur the apoolnuaeat of
a sulccl committee o. five to Investigate charges
a-'&lnrt Secretary Chase. incladmg those embraced
iu Frank Blabr’3 probably be adopted.
ESTifctWi or TUB TA2UT.
Abso l atelv nothing baa been done concerning a
revision of the tariff by ibe Committee of Way*
litd Mean?, or the aub committee. The latter will,
however, Ircmcdhlcly get to work, in order that
;bi. new bill mey ro Into operation before Stevens'
'obit lerolntion, jest pasted, eipires. It will be
framed bo as to cyniorm strictly, in various points,
to the tax -bilb ilr. Btronse of Pennsylvania in
torupteuilr. Williams of Pennsylvania in an do
speech, this evening, to fi*y tbst the firit
uJocd shed by Baltimore rebels in ’Ol, was was that
ot a netro, wb«* accoinjianicd the company of mili
tia trcti W« district. - '
jcj cfial Bispaitb to lira Chicago Tribune.)
WiSIGNOTOIt, April 23,1801
It is btliettd now that lie Senate will adopt the
nrii.dpleof Fornswotb’s amendment to the Tax
bill imposing a tan of a qcr.rter of one per cent
u.cntbly cn all tank circulation. The'rate may,
however, be reduced from 3 to i per cent.
jTLc lodowlng spotfal dispatch eboaM bare
ttached ns yesterday, In lime for onr last frsiie,
but it was dtUiititd at Pittsburg for atcae unknown
vrlilv similar news fo t!*-C other W-ts was
sent along. This is not fair treatment]
LipeCKißiSpatcnto the Cbicaco Tribune.)
WaemsoTON, April 2S, Is&l,
The crdcr issued for recrnltlos for the Veteran
Kcferve Corps, authorizes the following persons to
becnlfctrd into the corps, for three years, to be
credited to their districts like other troops, bat cot
entitled to bounty, namely: All soldiers honorably
discharged for disability, who are arc oot liable to
draft, whether discharged from the regular army,
Tolcnteer or marine corps, pronded they are fit for
det? in said corps, as prescribed in General Order
Ko. 212, of!6C3.
jfo movement yet of the Army of the Potomac.
Disposition has been made of the army corps not
proper to be mentioned at present. Lee remains in
hla intrenchments.
The rebel Government has taken possession of
all the railroads, and are using them to concentrate
nil the troops In the Atlantic States for the defense
ofSichmond. Troops have been sent to Richmond
from as far eolith as Angusta.
Ko passes have been issued to persona - desiring
to leave the Confederacy for a week.
The Senate spent the entire day on the House
till duties on imports. The finance
Committee’s amendment, redneing tbe Increase to
thlity-threeand on e-third per cent, was adopted la
Committee of the Whole hy 19 to 17, and then re
jected by 17 to 21, Mr. Doolittle and Mr. Collamer
changing. ’ The amendment excepting goods In
public store and warehouse, was adopted In the
Committee of the Whole hy 19 to 18,
Nesmith clianged, and the amendment wafl
The provisioni'aemptlng.prlutln:’ paper was Aral
tirkheacul *.<y rl lo ;c,ai)d thou reinserted, by tl
Tlie bill Ci.sH/ jj.-.i.-tJ jitfl as it came from' the
Houtc, by SO brlpff Raelolow. Davis,
.' Ft escu den, JclmibbSnit rcir, 7acOot]~sl, I'dWJii,
'. • bHbisss laid aside ia the
Silcntc to-day by the Tariff.
TfcoblU..wiUbaresjnn(d to-morrow. -i
i-\ft t?>~a •> sjjl— rnj fk on Fnon tub paEsimarr.
_ r ’j to Fro-dcnt lo di.y fcvel in the following mes
scxccu a subject especially concerning Western
icleicstn: "
“I have ifcc honor to transmit herewith an ad
dress to lbs President of the United Stale?, and
thrcuch Lira to both Houses of Congress, on the
ccs»dX:hnv.rihc people of 2a=t Tennessee, asking
tbel: elrmlicnio tie'..necessity ol some action on
;V.c pu. lof tic r<Ytramctit for their relief, which
address I»presented by a committee of an orgaui
rath n called the East TVcncssoc Belief Aqua
tion. Deeply rommlsieraiiai; the condition of
tho»c mo ji It-yal people, I am unprepared to make
any specific recommendation for their relief. The
military Is doing and will continue to do the best
for them within Its power.
Tbe!r address xeprescztT that the construction
of direct raUrojit between Kaox
villoand Cinciunsu, by yr»y of Central Kentucky,
V. CUM be of
’*i«i»cy. It tua> be .fi? >/-v:tcl
message oi December, i£3l, eu-b a railroad con*
itn.LUon iiwmncadeJ. 1 nowadd that, with
the hearty coiicaircuoo of Congress, I would jet
be pleased to construct tbo road both lor the relief
of those people wtid.for its continuing military no*
“April 23.15V4.
The address above mentioned, recounts the bu
ferring o'" the people of East Tenucsse since the be
ginning of the rebellion; claims that from a voting
population of 85,000 Union men, 15,003 to 18,000
have stolen aw from homo and enlisted in the
Union army in Kentucky; that rebels, in 1801, took
CO.COO hogs, *-d other stock In proportion; that
r-uixslde's Sherman’s and Loagstreet’s armies
have exhausted the remaining supplies, and that,
perhaps, not five per cent of the aecustoroedbreadth
of wheat can be sown this spring, the fences being
destroyed and farms left desolate, and not even
with a supply of seed for common farm products. It
atk?: Ist. The prompt payment of claims against
the Government; and 2d. Railroad facilities for ob
taining supplies to ’provide for the destitution
which a single year of industry cannot remedy,
and estimates the expense of the losses which a
railroad built in 1501 would have saved, to be at
Icastflve millions of dollars. Every Western man
at all familiar with the circumstances knows these
representations to be fair and within the facts.
The Senate Committee on Commerce to-day re
ported against an appropriation for the completion
of light-honse works at Racine, Wisconsin, and
against Wade’s bill appropriating one hundred
thousand dollars for Improving river and lake har
bors, including twenty-four thousand dollars for
Chicago harbor, an. twenty-five thousand dollars
for Erie, on the ground that these expenditures are
not warranted in the present condition of the
Unmet e.
The. Tax bill plSsed by a Tote of 10*2 to 83. Forty
nice members of the House were absent to-night,
when the concluding votes were taken on the Tax
Washington, April ££».—A special to the Pott
bats: Thestatement is made thaitWashbarne s
amendment to the tax bill, taxing stocks of whisky
on hand cannot be enforced, as there ts no macaln
err for Its enforcement. The bill, however, pro
vidcs In one of Its sections that the Secretary of
the Treasury shall have power to collect any tax
Imposed by the bill, and to provide machinery If It
be lacking.
It is reported that the Attorney General has de
cided that colored chaplains are entitled to the
same pay as white. _
It is said by members of the Executive Commit
tee that there ts no probability of postponing the
time for the meeting of the Baltimore Convention.
The World's Washington special reports a rap
ture In the Cabinet—that Secretary Chase has aban
doned his post, feeling directly insulted by the as
signment of Gen. Blair to the the command of the
nth armv corps. The correspondent says It
is that the breach Is so wide It can’t be
above is given for what It Is worth, it looks
very like a canard. . _ . ,
The New York Tribunes Washington special
•ars! Oen. Butler will take the field. Gen. Sad'h
was ordered to report to him. Geu«. uiiimne und
Smith will command corps under Bailer when the
House Naval Committee to-day unanimously
passed a resolution to the effect that U is absolute
ly essential to the naval service. In order to facili
tate the repair and construction of naval vessels,
that a navy vard shonld boat once established at
some port west of the Ohio. Now the next ques
tion for the committee to determine is the proper
location. Many favor Cairo, while others think that
it should be at some point on the Ohio. SU Louis
may lie selected. . , . , .
Col Fish. Ist Connecticut cavalry, and the noto
rious Provost Marshal at Baltimore, convicted ol
freed and other crimes, was sent to the penitenti
ary tc-pay, being unable to pay his fine of *5,000.
Admiral Dahlgren left here to-day for Charles
Ccn. Bonks’ Army Fallen Back—
Natchez Threatened.*
(Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
Canto, April 29, l£6f.
The steamer Mississippi has arrived, with New
Orleans dates to the afternoon of the 23d.
The Constitutional Convention was still in ses
sion, with unabated interest and ardor. The Era
says that 4te overthrow of slavery In Louisiana
|g pained. On the question of the education of
children without distinction of color, the commit
tee of the Convention were unanimous In tho re
commendation of this point m the new censtltu-
U °Tbc report provides that free public schools shall
»c established for all children throughout tho State,
ond that schools for colored children shall be sep
arate and distinct from those for white children.
This bad already been duly Inaugurated by order
from headquarters.
The Memorial* Diplorm'Aqve, a French paper,
sav?, the Federal* are said to have violated Mexi
can territory by seizing cotton belonging to the
Confederates at Jlatamorns.
The Era has the following regarding Bed River
matters: . _ . , . ,
Last evening the steamer Empire Parish arrived
bringing later Intelligence from the seat ol war on
Red Eivcr. She brought, among other pas?eng?ra,
Brig. Gen. Lee, who returned on Important bus!-
ness connected with his command. Colonel
Dcdlcv accompanied him, also Capt. C, F.Nlma,
who comes for the dnrpo-e of refitting and reor
-anlzing his battery. The friends of Licot. W.
Snow, Kims’ batten, will be pl.-ased to learn that
the report of hla death was uutroe. A letter has
been received from him In which he says he Is im
proving rapidlv. He is in the hands of the rebels.
M»3 Thomas Conolly, let N.H. cavalry, severely
mlnrcd hy a kick from his borge while going the
rounds of his picket line a few days since, will re
Passengers by the Empire Parish say the Im.
pressivn now prevails that the rebels will do all in
their power to avoid a general engagement, and as
otr anny Is cot yet prepared for an advance,
which must eventually take place, there will not
probably be another battle for a short time to
come- ~ •
A gentleman who had been present during all tho
Ccbtin'% and who has htd an opportunity of con
versing with the prisoners, deserters and others
whc j e opinion might throw light on the subject,
stysthattherebellosa in tbe battles of Pleasant
llidge and Sabine Cross Roads cannot fall below
7,0; 0, and will probably reach 10,000 men In killed,
wounded and prisoners.
Trc officers of the Empire Parish report %% feet
ol water on the falls at Alexandria, and C* in tho
channel from the city to ihomonthol tho river,
The Era has a rumor that Gen, Steele with his
Arkansas army hnd taken Shreveport and thrown
•n fortifications. This may be so; for a few days
since wchr.d private Information to the effect thst
Gen Steele had communicated with Gen. Banks,
apnrislnc tbe latter of the fact that he wr.a within
one dav’s march of Shreveport, and ready to co
operate* But as the place has already been twice
captured by report, therumorshould be taken with
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tr.bune.]
Cacio. April 29, 1851.
The father of Adjutant J. D. Bill, one of the oSl
cci* who feU at Fort Pillow, arrived here this
morning, on the steamer Brilliant, from Memphis,
with the body of his son in charge. Mr, BUI states
that lb** corpse of Major Booth could not be found.
The g»»ve that was marked as his contained the
remains of colored soldiers.
[Special Dispatch to tho Chlcoso Tribune.!
KJ.ICHE2, Mias., Apr 12 : . via Cautb, April 29.
Tbe steamer Superior fixed into with artil
lery, above Port Hudson, c ffew day? elrco.
Yesterday the sicumcr continental was fired Into
at Fort Adams, but the shots proved harmless.
Wlit Adame, with 10,000 men, is threatening
Guerillas are committing horrible atrocities on
the planters and colored troops on both sides of the
river. At Waterproof, on Thursday, two of our
mounted pickets were shot, and their bodies after
wards burned. Retaliation Is threatened by the
black soldiers upon the first rebels captured.
iSpecial Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Steadies Mississippi, 1
Mourn op Em Bivun, -April St [•
via CaIBO, April 29,13-ri.)
The latest advices from our troops In this vicin
ity are that Gen, Banka’ army has fallen back to
Alexandria without fighting. The gunboat fleet to
at tbe same place, some above and some below the
The Red Elver la low and felling. The Ouachita
and Tensas are filling from Lake Providence.
Papers are not allowed to publish any more Bed
Biver news, excepting official dispatches, in which
Gen. Banks claims a vieioiy.
Guerillaß are becoming more troublesome on the
eastern banka of the Mlastaaipp*.
On Tuesday evening, the 26th inat,, delegates
were to be chosen to be sent to the National Con
ation at Baltimore on the Bth of June next.
News from Brownsville, Texes, la to the IGth
Inst. Major General Herron bad entirely recovered
from his recent Severe illness. Uencral Benton
bad arrived at Brownsville and would bo assigned
togdety bv General Herron in his command.
By the arrival at New Orleans of the steamer
Universe from Alexandria, the 19th, the Tima
learns that guerillas and rebel cavalry had made
their appearance between-Alexandria and Grand
Ecorc. Above Grand Ecore there had been ckir
nsishli’.rr between pickets of the two armies, and
EOiJ'.e trpTosed a battle Is impending. There was
fclsoa rnmorat Alexandria in regard to Genertl
Steeki’smririrl at Shreveport.
lla\«r.a j to the 17ih, received by -teener
Wataneas, bricks the following to Now Orca-v
pspera from Mexico; ;
An arrival at Meriel from SDstamoras by a vessel
which left on the 9?ih of March,
Monterey had been burned hr Vldaarri, but we
know now tbrtt be evacuated instead of burning
It. Thy Tort of Pledras Negros is declared ont of
the of constitutionalorder, and all duties paid
thue to the rebel Gen. Yidaurri would be no pay
-niir.l to the National Treasury, nor exempt goods
from their usual contributions.
The news from St. Domingo Is later .md mere la*
U rearing. Oca. Logandam bad arrived at
rr.h’go and assumed the Captain Geaeralcy. On
the 2TUi of March a battle took place at Pr.orta
}*;«.ta, on Ibc north aide of the Island. The enemy
united all their forces and attacked a fort on lire,
alio of an cia church, with great spirit and
determination/ bet were repulsed by troops
behind entrenchments, after a well sustained
face to face, which continued three honfS.* The
Spanish troops were commanded by brigadier Qch,
Palanca, and lost three killed, twenty-fire wounds
cd, and three coulorioas. The rebsls left
900 dead on the field. The Spaniards seem to meet
with success so far as they make efforts for it, but
the work seems to be leisurely done up.
So far from helping himself, Juarez helps’the
Union. Cortlnascanscdamanwhohadboengullty
of double murder to be hung vri thin 16 hours after the
net had been committed, wliich was highly lauded
as an act of supreme jnatlce. Cortinas was about
to send five hundred men against Monterey, two
hundred more men were to go from Victoria to
Llonares, the Infantry under Cot Pedro J. Mendez.
Nsw Orleans, April 22<L—Henry J, Farnam,
private Company C, -Ith Wisconsin cavalry, went
Into the House of Margaret Eelley, 23 Darin
street, and there fell suddenly dead. The matter
Is to be investigated by the authorities.
Washikoton, April 29.
Mr. GRIMES, of lowa, presented tho memorial
of Alant on Penflcld. clerk la tho Treasury Depart
ment, proving for the construction of Reservoira
for fccppijinc of the Upper Mississippi with ti me
dinm stage of water for navigation throughout the
dry summer months, and a canal from the head
ol Lake Superior to the Red River of the North
via Sandy Lake, a distance of forty miles, thence
via Crow Wing, Leaf River und Attanal Lake to
Breckinridge, a total distance of 210 miles, thus
opening navigation by Red RlverandSaskatcha
wan for two thousand miles to the base of tho
Rocky Mountains, and furnishing an outlet to the
Hudson Bay region. This would require au im
provement of 43 miles lees than the Fox and Wi—
contin River Canal route, and eighty miles shorter
than the Illinois and Mississippi Caual.
Mr. RAMSAY Introduced a bill for the beneflt
and better management of Indians, by which the
I’resident is authorized to locate them upon now
reservations, Consress retaining tho power to va
cate accb reservations, when the President can lo
cate them again and sell the lands.
Mr. DOOLITTLE, orwia., presented a memo
rial from tbedtlzens of Wisconsin, asking lor on
increase of 10 per cent on the duty on foreign wool.
Referred to the Committee on Finance, lie also
presented a resolntlon of the Legislature of Wis
consin, aeklng for an improvement of the Jocks on
the Erie Cana). Referred to the Committee on
Commerce. , . ‘
Mr HARLAN, of lowa, introduced a resolution
of the lowa Legislature asking for increased mail
facilities in that State. Referred
Mr. HENDERSON, of Ho., offered a Joint reso
lution to proridc for the printing of tbe report o!
the commission of which Maj. Gen. McDowell wm
President, to examine into cotton speculations and
frauds on tbe part of officers in the West.
A modification of Mr. GRIMES’, requesting the
Secretary of War to transmit the report, was ac
cepted. * , ;
On motion of Mr. LANE, of Kansas, the words,
“If not incompatible with the public Interest,”
were added.
An MDcndmant of Mr. GRIMES, requiring all In
formation touching tbe persons supposed to be im
plicated In the report, was adopted.
Messrs. WILSON, FESSENDEN and other* j
thought the resolution had best not be adopted
now. ;
Hr. HENDERSON eaid that information on thj
subject was desired now, as it would bear on tb]
bills pending before this body, and this was tl <
only authentic way to obtainit. He had read Ir3
tens tbe last three days from tbe Bed River, eayny
that our defeat there was on account of specula
tion. Tbe cavalry In advance on that occasion
numbering MW men, had 265 wagons, which •>.
came entangled and confused and brought on a!-,
aster. . .
Hr. WIT SON wanScu to know If vui-*;
eberged that the Red River expedition was
t«kcn for the mere purpose of gathering cotton.
Mr. HENDERSON said no such thing. He
merely wished to know what the brigade of cav
alry wanted with 265 wagons, unless It was to
catber nn ifce products of the country.
Mr. CONNESS stated, on what he considered
the hi sheet authority, that these wagons were pan
of the regular ttaln of the army, and whatever
might have been the defect of generalship which
brought them there, the statement that they
were intended to bring in cotton was not correct,
Mr. HENDERSON made no charges WmsclL but
It was singular that the disaster had followed tie
statements and predictions of the newspaper
writers. He rend a letter from Grand Ecore datrd
tour days belore the battle, alleging a conflict of
authority between Gen. Banks and Admiral ror.tr,
and stating that the latter was seizing cotton »n
lard as a naval pnze, and predicting disaster.
Mr. CONNESS denounced the statement readns
a canard and base slander on Admiral Porter, whifh
he bad tbe highest authority for denting.
The resolution as amended was adopted.
y,r NESMITH, of Cal., called up the Senate all
to establish branch mints at Carson City, Nevada,
atd Dallas Citv, Oregon. An amendment strlkng
out Carson City was adopted, and tbe bill passed.
The National Currency bill came np Inortbr,
the question being on the fnanco amenrtmentto
the diet section, cs proposed to be amended by Jlr.
Pomerov, bv tbe Insertion of a provision exennt-
Inc from State tax that portion of the cap,'® l
'nveated In or based on United States bonds. The
amendment was rejected—S3 to U.
Sc M ic burned,
Hr DIG3Y, cf Cal., of the Select Committee on
charges ucamst Blair, ol Mo., moved that the evl-
McfcLURG, of Mo., reminded the Douse that
when the report was made he waived his remarks
In order that the tax hill might ho acted on. U«
rrsretted the member (Blair) was not now preasnt.
This military member had the audacity to attack
the four Radical members from Missouri in a clan
destine manner, and made personal allusions
against tt.em. that he (Blair,) never uttered in his
p, ThcsSker reminded the gentleman from Mis
souri (McClarg) that- his remarks were not m
01 Oil Motion of Mr, STEVENS Mr. MeOlorg tod
SfTlithad made a direct
ar-ainet the military member (Blair) of a Uqaor
speculation. The latter could not control his vin
dictive character, and said that Mr. Powers wa- a
ircasurvoLCnt, which was not a feet, nor was Mr.
Eorner a treasury agent until some weeks alter
the liquor transaction. He (McCiurg) was a Rrsaij
admirer oi Secretary Chase, whom he compared
to bi» iron-clad plated with els Inch Iron, and the
Individual (Blair) pureumg him, to a Major bcaenfl
tiring paper wads trom a pop-gun, and the eontmci
cot aroused from h!s slumber. ...
Mr. CLAY, ol Ky„ from the Select Committee, 1
reminded the gentleman (McClnrg) that there was
nothing in the evidence to show that Mr.
was engaged in a liquor speculation. The tmlltwv
member and the officers of his staff who_ a'S™-.,
the original order were cognizant of the fact that
it had been altered. They were not only morally
hut legally bound by the act of the forger, Michael
Powers, who was the agent. He reprated they
ratified the act, and it will not do now to repuai
ate the act of their agent. Ue was satlefled that
the public would come to a similar conclusion.
Mr. UIGBT, of Cal., maintained that the charge
ol criminality against the Treasury officials was
not sustained by the fecta. . . ,
Mr. CLAY, of Ky., said Blair was completely ex
onerated from the charge against him, but he ala
not agree with the gentlemen (Mr. Illghy) aa to
troaTur? officers. Do concluded by saying that
Powers was the forger, and Bonner furnished him
with work. , 3 , . ,
The report and evidence were ordered printed.
Mr. DaV.'ES, of Mass., offered a resolution call
ii;,-. ur ,tn the President to communicate to ine
Donee copie? of ail letters, nPtoa, telegrams,
! orders and other documents, Wolcb an 3 referred to
in his measure of yesterday, which have connec
tion with the answer to the resolution asking
whether F. P- Blair holds any appointment or
commission in the military service. A motion to
jay the resolution on the-tablo was negatived—39
‘°Mrl BROOKS, ofK. Y., offered and amendment
which was read, that the President communicate
:c the House as soon hb possible all vouchers or
depositions In his possession or in the possession
oi the Treasury Department, respecting the fitting
np of a Bureau in the Treasury Department build
ing lor printing money bonds.or other obligations
! or the United states.
Mr. SCHEXCK emphatically objected to this be
in'? acted on. Ithad nothing to do with the pend
ing rfesoluticn. . , , ,
Mr P.ROOKS cotrmeuccdto speak and explain
Us object in offering the amendment. Bo was
celled to order. The Speaker decided Brooks’ mo
tion not in oruer
Mr BROOKS ofiered another resolution, preced
ed by a preamble, calling for the appointment of a
tciDWiUto to examine into and report on the con
dition©? iofi Trcaenry Department, and especially
as to the Bureau wfctrsla are printed notes, bonds
2nd other obligations of the united States, witn
power to employ experts, and that tup Committee
yj recommend such changes for facilitating
* tslnots and protecting the public interests, 113 |
111 Kslaid he would abandon the floor K
he was permitted to publish Uls speech in to-mor- ;
row’s wobe* and asked permission of the noose. ,
Several centlemen on the Rcpnhlican side object
ed. Some confusion ensued.
Mr BROOKS then said that millions of public
money bad been sacrificed in the Bureau of Print
in'* ami much evil produced by the conversion of
the Treasury building into a house of Oitjles and
bacchanals. If the galleries were drared so that
laceua , *e could Ifensed not fit for female ears, he
(Brooks) coold ehdw that every word he said wa:
ID The t again calfed upon Brooks to take
Scheock, Cox, Johnson, of Pa., and
othenonboth side? were all talking at.the same
time. While the Speaker was hammering with
his card to enforce order, Mr. Schemk on one
M? Srhenckthlslsmit Itoltlmore, hat he cipltil
or tho United States. Mr. Schcnck’s icfif was not
11 The' Ercater directed Schenck and Broots to
Sof of Mr. MH-LERof Pe tootal was
allowed to proceed In order, 1 ras 81, ays 85.
°v- BROOKS apologized to the Chat, and con
duced hla remarks, but ere lone W£ bain called
toerder. Brooks then said he would tontend no
fU The the bill relative tiproviding
sßtnublican form of government lor.fcates sob
. veried or overihrown by the rebellion;
1 Mr GARFIELD offered ft preamble quoting ft
remark heretofore made by F. P, Blair, to the ef
fect that Secretary Chase !b making use of income
from abandoned plantations, to carryout the pro
gramme of the Pomeroy secret circular ana was
rrai mi the Administration that gavehim the place;
that nobody belieTcs he has retired as a candidate
tor the Presidency although be said bo la a letter,
r bnt is working underground and is using
lis public position to promote his
rwn political schemes* thus running the
Pomeroy machine. The preamble further quotes
frem the New York IThf/a and the Comtiiutional
Ur.icn, which papers hare contalnedarticles charg
in': frauds on the national currency, &c., and says:
As the Den. Jas. Brooks has to-day repeated the
tuhbtf cce of these articles, therefore:
„ Cached, That a committee of Arc be appointed
-Jr the Speaker of the House to investigate the
i„witihol the alligations shore quoted, and of any
filter allegations affecting the integrity of the
treasury Department, and that they hsvepower to
■ end for per iocs and papers. ■ . .
Hr. ANCONA, oi Pa,, objected to theintroduc
i:ou of the rcfolntlon, and therefore it conldnot
we entertained.
gvptiyq session.
?fr. STEVZNS, of 3*a., offered a anbstitnte for
he bill to provide for a Republican Government
•’or-States overthrown or subverted by rebellion,
declaring that the Confederate States by waging an
iQjuet war, have no right to claim exemption from
;he extreme penalties of war: that none of tbs
Strtes which have seceded with ibo consent of a
Ufc?jority of their citizens can be tolerated and con
&!dcrcd aa within the Union so as to he
hSUowed * Representative in Congress, or take part
nb} the political government: that they cannot par
-1 Aid Dale m our amendments to the Constitution;
ISnu when amendments thereto areproposed, they
Hfcau be adopted by a vote of the non-secedmg
I: States; tiiat whenever ths Federal forces conquer
r the seceding States, they shall bo regarded as s.’p
r arete territories, cud be represented In she House
If ct Representatives the tunc as other territories.
L A long debate ensued, and ai 1U o’clock the House
Commercial Postscript.
There was a fair attendance on the second Board at
’tte Sherman House tb.s evening, bat cwlog to the
decline in gold since the forenoon, the leading mark-
Vs were dull and lower.
rWmtAT was very dull and X©lc lower—closing
.',njet sales were: 15,tK> bn No. 1 Spring Instore at
il H; WHO do it *1.23; 350 bu No. 2 Spring (la
& T.V) at *1.24; 13,000 bado at |U3X: 9,W0 bn do
»-t *1.58,
t.COi-it vr b dull nodciSl'-T with sales of N0.2 New
nc. No. 11 ew wbsneslected and nominal.
O.ts woe doll bat witboat essential change,
•bits were: 2,500 bn No. 1 Oats at Cftc; 2/80 bn do
.1 t"c.
HtonwiKts were more active and better than
at the close of ’Change. This advance is owing te the
to-rial te'lef prevailing among operatorglhat the
Stnatc will not pass the nonseBll!. taxing stocks on
hind, and owing to the lact that tho advices from
N«.w Yost in the afternoon were more favorable—
sales having been reported there at $1.15. Bales 300
Ir'SßtiUl; StO do at sl.l*; aadßoodoatsl.l2H, all
it !lt<! Vfttrroon; ICO brls at 3U4; I,loo brlado at
$1.15: SCO brls (c.tj) at sijC, closing steady at sLl3®
U3H. ‘
3lEf s Fobs in demand and Arm, with sales of 1,000
brls City at $26.00. *
Trxomv Seed In good demand, with sales of 100
bu choice at S2XS.
Cincinnati market.
' _ Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.l
CISCIUXATI, April 29,155 L
Flocu—market contlnnes depressed, and prices are
little bci ter than nominal. Super is offered from SG.W
to *C.CO, and extra at $6.8?46.60.
Wmsrr—The news from Washington greatly unset
tled the market, and buyers withdrew, holders asking
$1.2201X5. At tLc close buyers spoke of s!.Wai 03.
i Bonsxoxr—There we? ralhsr a Aimer feeling In
the market for all articles under the advices from
New York, sad sales of city mess pork were made at
at 123X0, Bacon (boulders advanced M a, and sold at
12c loose; and bacon aides sold at lie. Lard Is quiet
but firm at sl3>*c.
Gbadc—Wheat In fair demand, and market Arm at
sl.K©l.€o for white. Corn, there Is an unproved de
mand ier shelled, and prices advanced to |1.1C®1.12;
car unchanged and doll at tCc©sl«o*. Oats Is In de
mand at ffiOSSc, but 81c Is asked. Barley, la good dc
tnand at SI.43CtLSO. Bye In good demand, and prices
advanced to SIXO.
Gkocbbixs—Coffee In fair request at4S©4£c. Sugar,
!s©2iHc for crushed. Molasses advanced Sc. and mar
•ket firm at *l.lO.
Milwaukee Market.
[Special Dispatch ;o the Chicago Tribune.]
MILWAUKEE, April 2), 1861.
Flock—Market dull and heavy.
Gbain— Receipts of wheat 23.0C0 bn. Market
unchanged. Sales in the morning 10X00 bn
No. 1 Spring, summer receipts, at 1U731J3.
Sales cn ’Change 97,000 bn No. 1, Spring and Winter
receipts, at SlJSXftl do. Summer receipts, at
•IA7. Market at Newball Rouse this evening, quiet,
without decided change. Sales 60,00) bn No 1 Spring
and Winter receipts, at fi.2SOI.SSX. Closing firm at
the inside figures. Oats—Market drooping. Sales
5,000 buN0.l Winter receipts, at (UXc; 3,500 bn Re*
Jtcted do at tOXc. Corn-Market advancing. Bales
CSO bn new shelled at 9Sc. Bye-Market firm. Sales
SO bn la store at $1.15. DO brls rye floor at $5.75-
Barley—Market unchanged.
St* Louis Market*
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
. .. - St. Louis. Apri129,0954.
Tobacco— Common leaf and Inge were not so firm.
Salrs comprise 57 green logs at $3.9006.15; 11 .do fac
tory do at $6.50&7.C0; 2Sdo planter’s do at $8X0313.10;
19 do common leaf at $12X0316.10; 12 do medium do
[email protected]; 40 do medium manufacturing do at
$W C5327XC; Ido fine at slsl.
Flcub—Sales ICO brla choice XXX at S9XO; 350 do
•sirs at s7.ou; ICO brla choice super at $3.73.
Grain— TVheat—Sales comprise 233 aka extra choice
at SIXS; 2C5 do prime ot $1.6531X7; 107 do common
at SIX 3. Corn Inactive. Salca 1600 sks white and yel
low hi $1.19: IDOO do mixed at tLIO. Oats lower. Sale*
211 sacks at 92>£c: 21*0 do lo lots atttc. Rye and Bar
ley—bales of 57 aka rye at $1.3:1; 120 do at $1.30; a do
barley at (1.40; 263 do at $145.
Whisky—Heavy. Bales of 200 brla before ’Change
ntSLSO. During ’Change 50 do ot $1.13; ICO do at
PaovisiONß—Bacon—Sales of 100 tres city shoal
Gaooßirs-ifarbet firm with coffee at 43<3t9c. Su
gar SC3SSC. Molasses $1.05, second band.
Buffalo Market— April 20.
au^^k»id C Bu!Ea« of Soi giMSo Sortnu
Milwaukee No iSprlng wa* offered at 81.10 this ere*
Mds wlthont bids. Corn at UJS for old on spot, new
closing at noon at 11.10,
and adranclrg tl 1* afternoon to $1.19, closing Arm,
U KECEOT^IfoSIKS'bbIs; Wheat 151.0C0 bn; oats
*^Ca vat Fbsiouts dull. Wheat to New York 20c;
Albany [email protected]** shippers bolding off for lower prices.
v«w kork Stock and Money Market*
New Toss, April 29,188t.
Motet—Qnlet and steady at 6®7.
Sterling cqcbacge dull and lower at 195(3196 In cor*
r **Gofti lower, opening at V)}i and closing quiet at
stocks dull. 5*20 coupons at lUJ4®
. •y.jjj ,reasnry notes, October and April, m.
>’ew York Markets—April 29.
CorrOJf—Octet and steady at 830SS.S for middling
uplands; Mforlow middlings. , ...,
*FT ovn—Very dull and onnettled and Stifle lower:
57*ua7.75 for Extra State; $7J7(38.0» for Extra
UncDd Hoop Ohio; fS Sflo»Ai for Trade Brands, clos
in'’ 1 heavy, no buyer*, at outside quotations.
»iai«KY—lrregular,unsettled and lower; 1.000 brla
tvlstcxn reported at 51.15; buyers generally offer
*e*iitri nominally lonmr.it
n7o®i*74 for Chicago soring; 81.71®!.*1 for MUwaa*
v-m clubs 81.7Pai.sa for winter red western. Cora
dull and drooping, at 51.58ai.39 for w f 9 wfSU
luelcc price for interior ailoat. Oats dull and lower,
* GafcSiEs-Coffee’Crm. Sugar steady. Molasses
Woon—firm and more actlyo. Domestic fleece. 73®
cni>e* foreign,iS'BSOc; Cape, 42c: 3loxjc»n, sjc. Un»
washed Altlcan.COarSct
Pbovibh-ss—l’orr a shade firmer; «»•niess.
*?s 75 for old do; 527.C2MCM7.73 for new do. chiefly »t
thv'insldf orice;n&sra&STS for old and new orlme;
0 b 7*a27 iw for prime idofs ; also 500 brls new roe*.*,
option. ?»•»« 5M b Is do same terms
a?d delivery. S&W ; S& brl- do. May. borers; option,
*28.25: 1 At<?brls prime mess same terms
*V. m Beet cmlet and Ann. Laril unchanged,
lattei an extreme for kettle rendered.
Butter a shade firmer; 20c for state; Ohio nominal.
Cbeeeo steady. __
■Neto auberttsemeuts.
TVfASONIC.— The Members of
JjJL Cleveland Lodge No. 211, A. F. A A.i L.are
■tcrebv summoned to be preacnj at their Halt. No.8)
West Randolph street.onSU.VDA} ,atl o '-‘lpck.p.
for the purpose of attending the funeral of our oe*
ceased Mother, Dr. L P. Chancy. Membtrs of lao
!&r g ° tdlall? '° al-Q. W. M.
Mtettng of the Bond and Stockholders of theumcv,o
and Northwestern Railway Company, for the election
cf Directors, and for the transaction Oi
business that may come before. Uiem. with- r eld at
th« office of the CompntY In the rltv of Chicago, on
T wIiUAM P OGDEN. President.
apCC-UO St Docks near Wells street Bridge.
I / The Vpftrv ol Trinity Church wWi to nor
rha«c ftgood house and Jot. suitable for the residence
r,f live Rector ttercoJ, fitnared south oi Monroe and
Liar «r“ iltn street. 1 noeo haTlnc snch Prfh 1 "?’ r f
i«!e Cheep, are Invited to eommnnlcate »lln .I.W L.
HEYKOLllSfCora.ot tlieVesiXT. net
Astcck cf different s!:^lof wls at LOW FIGURES.
mo GARDEN' M RS, -In renovating
I the larce stable, comer of Adam* a«u
xre are taklPp from coder tie floor
at e itAVTJItL. Ary pewon* npplnai iam'-t.u cly
with teams ern have the same free of coat. P£*>ccaio
ihecltvwhblnsthe same to “ rtc M h * lr
have It carteo to them by leartne Tbetr oothe
-ric-ei:-“t-net _
Raee chance to save
A CALI. —We have a Call by a
nron nt xiaylns tenant, for a house containing
miin 7to 12 rooms. Possession required on or before
the SOih of May. Also for two cottages contleaom to
eseh other. Inquire at the Beal Estate Rooms of
ai-amS & SPBLNGEB, northwest corner Madison
and Dearborn streets. npSO-e'n-tt net
Dissolution of co-part-
NEH-EIP. •njeco.p«tner»Wp heretofore ex*
ifttlog under the firm name or Newman & Chapman
isUifidaydlaaolvedbyniutQalconsent. 8. 8. Chap*
mao alone Is authorized to nee the Ann name In set
tlement. C, E. NEUMAN.
Chicago* April ISlfci ISM.
NO TIC E.—Architects making
dans lor the new Chamber of Commerce bolld
<n>r ire rcooeated to sign their names to the fame and
leave them with Mr. John F.Beatr, the Secretary, at
lua rooms In the pwent Board of Trade bnildlng, on
orbeore Monday next, Mav 2d, at 12o'clockm..as
thn Bonding Committee win meet at that time to
ocen and examine them. DAN 1/THOMPSON,
° sp3o-e7l-U Chairman of Building com.
Heid anuTOismouß
M ■ hereby notified to bo at your armory this SAT
URDAY- Ai)tilSCth,lS6l.at 13 o’clock sharp,lorsti>et
caradc. Old membexa are requested to be ou baud.
Br order of M. A. THAYER, Csptatn.
Vhitsso, April »a, :*l_ a pageant
H'J Etcjjmember!■bereby ordered to appear -it
the armor, to-day at o'clock.. M.. sharp In. r;st
mcntal uniform for itreet parade. ap.J>-eu.-U
“iSb&Tj °“j!T.f&ol4.°Capl r Com"-
X.l CITY MUsrev,
Chicago. ApniSbih, I^4.—The .-.f!lT*rrs..U3u‘COJisu»»*
sloned officer* uml privates of tots »u. .
port tbensi lrcs atthoArmory at 1 o -harp,
THIS SATURDAY.SOth Inst,fully ormo t aadeqaip
ed for street parade By order. _
apgC-c-ST.U J Ij.£IASCOCK|CoI.Ccm.
Company F, First Regiment HUnois State Mill,
lift.—Ton aretereby ordered to appear at your Arte-
toparticipate in the parade ordered by Col. Han
•■cc'r. AleoatTK o’clock n. m., to attaad thorn i:*s
lactUnß at Hoard of Trade Rooms. All member*-ire
Chicago citizens corps.
Col. Johalj. Hancock, Commanding.
This company having volunteered for one hundred
<tav«service,wlll'accept a few mote reliable men.
None bat men of good character will be accepted.
Recruiting office, Armory. Garrett Block, corner
State and Randolph streets.
JOUR OYER, ) . _ _
C. E. SINCLAIR,? Recruiting Officers.
\J GELS. Song and Chorus, by Henry C.TTojk.
Price, Twenty live Cents.
Patriotic acd splendid for concert or parlor. Pre
serve this ondloolc bote to-morrow.
ap3o-c63-U ROOT & CADY.
fl A meeting will be held at Mr. SortnanV, No. 113
West Randolph street, on SAI'TUOAT EVKNING,
at 8 o’clock, April JOtb, for the pnrp-> ; e of organizing
a Beneflt Society. Working smiths of every branch
are solicited to attend. Come one, come all.
By order of Committee. aplO-cfO-lt
LAC, Wls.—This large and spacious &»11, sltuitva
in the center of the city, upon this cronad door, 50 [■>;
SOfeb* Ih'lze, is now uaea upm the best and
ct»* L for Concerts, Lectures, Sc., and all other u.-*cs
lorwbtch a public ball Is reached. It will he edited
nronreatonaldetcrms- A new firstclaesPlano
can be fotnUhed if required. Aooress .
ap3C-t35-0t J.ILSVRi-CH.K, Proprietor.
Al; E. E. BUOItIILOW A c«.,
Wholesale Fish Dealers, have removed their office to
1U south Water greet, and Warehoufc to2’o..orth
Water street, east oi Rash street bridge. apSO eTM'v
I good picture for a small amooc*, wo eay no to
EvcnU'b. to those who do not Uko to climb three
ralrofstairs.wos*y go to Bveritt’s. Tothosewho
have good taste and lit e to be well treated, we say go
to EvcrltlV, 157 Lake a reel. cor. Laselie. per
dozen ror pfcotogrnpns. Wil. iI.EVEBHT, Prop.
Rat Nias, Operator. spao-eia-lt
Vl* BKXTBS,Bands, Pnffs, Carls and Orcstaeatal
Ualr 'lte h Ecsl acd ditapeit la tie City,
At HARROWS’ Wig Factory and Ualr Cutting Rooms,
I*7 south Clark street, (op-stain.) P. O. Box «37.
lallvely superior to common camphor for use
apairet moths.
by neglect or “misplaced confidence.” Protect with
Cedar Camphor made by HARRIS & CHAPMAN,
Boston, and sold by all drngjtlata. ap9o-e3o*lt
1 and CHICAGO RAILWAY CO.—Tbo coupons
due May Ist opou the Depot Bonds of the PlttsburzU,
Frrt Wayne and Chicago Railroad will be paid at the
otllce of GEO. C. SMITH A BRO., 42 Clark at, Chicago.
apCO-eM-St J.P. IXKN PERSON .Treaa.
Hyde park house.—This
elegant summer resort, having been released
bv Captain Van Allen for a term of y*aw. and under
cone a thorough renovating, will be opened oa the
This home Is delightfully situated si* miles south ot
Chicago, on the shore of Lake Michigan; accessible by
railroad almost hourly; admirably adapted for the
comfort ot guests— and Families, Pabtxcclably;
beautiful scenery and delightful walks: failUtlea for
boating, bathing and fishing unsurpassed. Billiard
hall ani howling altowMl be epen and condactcd
with strict propriety. In bricL no effort will he w*nt
me to render tne Hyde Park House a delightful sum
mer resort. Captain Van Allen is pleased to announce
that to has associated himself with Mr. C. Frank Her
sey. late of the Parker House. Boston, and thet bad
eras hereof er well conducted under the firm of Van
Carriages and horses provided at short notice.
FnmllNe desirous of securing rooms will please ad
ds e»s P. O. Box 9CH, Chicago. HI., or apply m naraon
to llvde Park House. \AN ALLEN •fcRER'jET,
ap-i7-dS2I-2m-ltcw-BAT net Proprietors.
~ CUTE, fob Internal and ExnmcAi. usb. gat
r-otile warranted apebhajitntctjbbin®X-’7H a A®;
Pllrlitwo I'OUles to LEFHOST, SCROFULA, SAL.
»«iiEDM, asd aU diseases of the Bain In caiiol rail on
all are requeated to tetnrn the empty utiL*
nack Ujtdr money Averse 3 bottles In 1000 returned
and those ■» ere Fistula- No cases of failure to Piles o:
Hun ora. Pole everywhere. wa*.
bantu. TorealetoCulcagobyF ABRYAN. Ptto*
11.00 per bottle. dei6»es6Sdm net w&»
L GAZETTEER.—'TbIs work Is in the Press. Mer
chants who have changed their business locations
wUbto the last three months to Chicago, are requested
to ISsnd the correct mddre*a to JOdN“C. W.BAILEY.
Post Office Box 1133, IMMEDIATELY. Any errors of
location after tnia notice, Jf not responded to, the
blame will not be oars. ap2a-d7iS3tTT*SA. not
LARD OIL—We are Maunfaotur-
Inc and have constantly on hand
AU Qualities of Superior Lard Oil.
fi pW>AS7t.net No. * °oard of Trade Building.
If yon wish a good Song and Chores, send 23 cents
to the publisher,
IX7 Randolph Street,
There has been nothing published since the death
ot Stephen C.foster like M Ally Ray." ap2i>-e»2-atnet
-g'/V7 tAIiK STREET, 1 A 1?
,lv< cJiicAco, ill* -i-'j I
K- 8.-Over SCO In use ia this city.
Of me > o. 2,1,390) Of the A So. 1, 433.
\ No. 1, SICs No. 3 (New World) 5».50,
Sole Proprietor and Manuftcturerfor this State.
TOST OFFICE 805,3,427.
For W. W. Wright, Colonel and Chief Engineer U.S.
MU. Railroad Division (.1 tho MiM'Mlpgt. . ..
To work on United States Military Railroads In the
D ws at one dollar sad fifty cents
“fl™ Hundred -’iiLayers M tiro dollars nnd SIS,
C TUe”Go?c"menfSfe tmTwrlaMtmfron.CM
r to tha iorJralld reinra If honoraMr dlachnrced.
■!S- nmnraSoicd for tnclr time rtila travellr.j
V. Aa“ “rk li honorably diadurted, hat not when
TC Th“a!wtrnmei.t famish teals. cam? uleaslls and
’Hien'rarnieh their own provisions wane traTclmn.
KfS3“lUheKnl fottmdm parties of IlWnnd
“STOSS' L.B. n-mrrn
street, up stairf. Zz
___Hj c rclmnt»’ Insurance Company
n( faience. Office HUll»ra - « Elect, norltenslcercer
°l»it£a south Water mean. ap&M»l>utg»T_
Patent Champion
aul.bivi'.vDTn.aAAnj net
Manufactured b? the Patentees,
C. AUITMAH & CO., Canton, 0.
Ft*w«l»co carts' or tbejr cau’i be bi« al all. Bea l
for Circuit. Address *
U.D. TAVLOB, Western Agent,
T T4SA net 233 Lake street, Chicago*
231 Labe Street.
EYE AND E AK.—Deafcess,
■Rlindnesa. and all dlieaaei of the Eye and Kar>
llgS-Stnet .
on Hart Jr *g £“‘ '2°'
I!SSSSwSSSS.:S?SbS»«:I«§ “ :
* FirWlJtT 1 ” ““ jS£ y £.*alvSOl,D9.
SwflifitMt oace Bijap a«u.
Fashionable and Well-Made
Weh»TC noer In •ii'r* n maftsOlecTt fitoek of the
above seeds i:i;irufac;ar?d -vprcsiiv Tor oar SP iIS j
TItADE, from choice and ur.Mrsble goods, »ad la the
Ec bra else popular make? cot found at any otaer
fcuUSf Is tbl# cut. Our stock 1# b, r*r the greatest la
extent and variety sad
ve any Lease In the trade. In selecting «nr stock we
have taken every pains t« mt»: the rsqulretnet la of
♦tcjewartln* cn» in th-jluryt Atylea,
a* wen .is to satisfy the watt*of those re i’urm. me*
dlumandlow.prjeed gnnetuU. . . _
An examination of cop b’ucds and prl'-es 9
luM? Invited, fccllnn confident that on? .acuities ren
drr us able to oiler great inducements to purchaser?.
Cotter State and Bandolph Streets,
(M & M Randolph streetand W,6B,7o&Tl3tate strtcl.)
Stocks on Margins.
Luncli, Trarcllns, VlcNlc,
V* or»i nnd CUiKlrea 7 .
Ifotion and Toy Bazaar,
CHAS. L. HOBLE & 00.,
175 Lake Street.
Offer to tie Trade for Cash,
Very IjOW Prices!
Shawls, Corsets, Hoop Skirts,
Embroideries, Bugle Trimmings, Linen Collars,
Shirts, Neck Ties, &c., &o.
Buyers will find It to Ui.lr Interest to examine onr
10,13 and 14 Lake Street,
m>i?tbljs»lCt-w.t3AT net __________
We invite attention to onr unusual
ly large and varied stock of
Silver-Plated Goods
And other articles pertaining to onr
48 Lake Street.
ay26-d»6O lot TC-TUASA-net
10-40 BONUS
Authorized hy the Act of March
i>l IslU*
a l c « tears date Marcs Ist. ISW.u redeemable
jt then 1 -’asTii'*cf the Government, afti-t tec rears,
JiJ o3.Tfi.hle forty yecn from date, bearing Interest it
241 per annum, payable In Com cntnally cu
not over 0a« 3uii-.u td atd 3£ol*i>Cßii‘
iliy cu bl» outer Benda.
Ik Ihird National Bank
Fiscal Agent of the United Slates,
la n«r prepared to receive autacrJptloaf. to the nov
THU-FOBTT LOAN at pax. Is Treasury Motes cr
Jfaaoeal Currency.
Subscribers wia recclra bonds bearla* interest from
dare of deposit with ns, at par, or If they prefer, wtU
rewire foil ccopon bead* by payimr accrued interest
in coin, (or Treasury Notes or National currency, by
■uldinjt tut* per cent, for proems,) from Muicb first
:o data of subscription.
£ t nniiU a» n*»r»x rmcy for'ceilrery,
■u.i registered bends vlll be. oa or before tbe 30tb cf
AprlL - .
To Banks and Bankers Inrestint; to tbe*a securities
tor themselves or for to sale a commission will ba al
Subscriptions may be sent to this Bank, free of
charge, by either the United States or American Ex
JAMES H. BO'WEIT. President.
AMOS T. HALL* Vice President,
ly* Hqt.vm, Cashier. apw-uliO^aet
(Successor to Capt. Coanett,)
Legal City Pish Inspector,
■naintr >irtn<!pd in tte mm of Fire Thousand DoIL-rs,
nw p. r t<M gelling or dealing In Fish without my
y,STa SihSle to proMcntlou and fine of Twenty
fSSjJSS w »S» 7iou,uonoruw. Com asm Of
April Icat.
r Piorfdow Inspected ul oTerhwted u Moil.
FiwtcUsa Inspectors ftxolabed laorooiof cUy on
AjriJlßh, I*l. BpajS-SOWt
Will remove their lars? stock of
Furnishing Goods,
To their elegant new store
]Vo. 58 Dearborn St.,
Between Lake and Bandolph,
[apM-eSHt n.t]
10-40 BONDS
principal and Interest Payable in Gold.
U. S= Depository
Do# L?re Appointed acot for ih* TRD-FORTY Loan,
and v::i receive rubec.-'it does for the woo at PAa
In Lotted stut-# cr NMlornl Rack Note?.
Interest sill begin on ibe day o: deposit with thi»
Snt-cvlbemwho prefer It can hare bonds bearing
Inicr&t from lUrcn Ist, 11*64. bp paylwt tbs interest
accrued irc outba; day to the date of subscription,
either it jri I*crU. P. cnrrtncv, If paid In the Utter,
fifty per o. Nt, tor premium most ca added to EM
#ipo3D’ cf trtcr^ f . >.ntU farther notice. _
Bemlta:.cc? is? rubscriction?. marked “9. C.Pink
National Bank, CMcaro,** may be sent by the Amerr
can or TJnltea States JCxpieas Companies, to Ibis
Dank, face of charge. . , .
Banks and Bankers will be allowed a commission
on »1! subscription* sent to tins qillce.
a019.d168-ii.nßt B. it. BRAI3T3P. CaafaT.
203 ISnndolpla Street.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Hare in store a large and elegant assortment of rleh
Parlor, Chamber, library and Linlng-Boont
Alooaflne assortment of medium and low priced
Furniture, adapted to the wants of the trade.
»p2O d2S6»lBt-net __
To the merchants of the Western States la offered t&e
largest.bcst and cheapest stock of
Wood & Willow Ware
Children* €ah*« Clc*? Cradle*, Cut*,
triicclbiirrowi, d:c*
nathahel white;
107 South Water Street, Chicago.
py~Agent icr Davis' Patent Churn andßatUk Wort*
er,“t!ie best In the world.”
mlilS-acfiS-SOt bat no* * w net .
Will Find Our Stock
Importers and Jobbers, 21 Lake street
E. P. Ij. BEOOM,
I have now on band, and am dally
additions to one or the LARGEST, BEST 3ELKCTKV
Ever offered Jn Chicago. Merchants are reqaeotefM
examine my stock, as they can make no hewer
tlcn In
ant »abket.
mh2B-N39-26t sa TTT&rnnet
DEALERS.—'We offer for sale a large stock oC
Damaged by water, which will be sold for the
Great Bargain!
We shall continue to fill all orders for Goodafe
86 Dearborn Street.
St Ttr Tgasanet
Cash for rags.
C,M. Henderson & Co.,
Manufacturers and Jobbers of
We have removed to onr new and spaclotu store.
Nos. 4j 6 & 8 LIRE STREET)
Opposite the Adams House,
And are prepared to offer to the SPRING TRADE
The Largest and most Complete Stock ol
Every -WEDNESDAY at O’cljt A. H.
sbUl corns encc oar rcstUar sale oi
Bfareb 9tb, and eottlnae them on ero
ry Wednesday. f>nr rtock la altrayt
open 101 examination, and trill bo
kept constantly filled win* tbe
Most Desirable Goods
OP HU2 SS£.S*J?.
Aaetloscm, 5* late street.
inlil'rß*-Sxn*Tirw4Tnot _______
1864.~ SPKi:vtr TRADE "
TUTPOBTEBS £."S - T 0~.338a Ci
hardware and m plate.
Nails, Glass, Fence Wire,
Farming Tools, t)Oo^
Cor. of State, Chicago.
mbS-aflMDt tT-taai net
J. T. JEWETT hsa removed his Boot end sboo Store
Opposite Uic Post Oflcc. ep»ett4ta«A
610. X. 01

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