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€jjtcago 'Crthirae.
Monday, may 2. isg4_
Own wat of Heetino a ‘‘fcTMKJL'’—On Friday
evening G, W. Dunlap, brick manufacturer of this
1 v to between fifty and sixty
bad obtained from Cauda
oa. at his oldnands have recently 44 struck.”
Contested business will hereafter be np by
■Judge Bradwell on Saturday. The Court In future
wfll be wholly occupied on that day In orderin'*
Pbiisoxal.—We notice tbe appointment of Cant.
A- C. McClurg, U. 8.V., as Assistant Adjutant Gen
to Major General Palmer, 14th army cotpa. He Is
Bhmerons friends
Wdt ° hear ofWm iD such honorable
Tn* PfTTBBUBo FAm.—The Board'of Trade
bave adfled to the Committee appointed to solicit
to tbe Pittsburg Sanitary Commls-
Jdon Fair the following named gentlemen: Samuel
ilfredC.^ius,John H. Webor, Daniel
°- ThomuM. Jonm, Goo.
Gbavobs at Gawp Douglas.—Cok Strong, C. S.
V. B. C., lately In command of Camp Douglas, has
l)oea relieved by CoL Sweet, who by seniority
takes command. A reinforcement of two eompa
me* of toe Veteran Reserve Corps will arrive from
Indianapolis, Inch, on Monday, and more are ex
pected dally.
Dkuxqtckt Guardians.— ln the County Court
on Saturday, tbe following delinquent guardians
were cited to appear -and account, at the June
term, viz; Frederick Deutsche, Henricb Fincher.
James Long, Andrew Frank, Loniea M, Falrman,
Martha Fuller, Catherine H, Franklin, Henry H.
Forsyth, Andrew Findley and Jane Forsythe.
Buhawat.—A span of horses broke loose from a
▼qhlcle on Randolph street, near Ann, yesterday,
and started off in concert, connected only by the
head gear. They fleeted it to Desnlaine* without
accident, and then turned north, bringing np about
Fulton street with a round turn. Ho Injury was
Attkxftcz) Suicide.— On Fridy night a young
woman named Delia Allcn.resldingon Clark street,
attempted to commit suicide by taking iandanmn
Spring a fit of tbe 44 horrors.” Owing tb tbe small
ness of the dose, and tbe interference of compan
ions. the design of the wretched creature was frus
trated. Fearing that a repetition of the act may
3>e attempted she has been pltc<>d under surveu
once at the armory until she thoroughly recovers.
Stole*.—A lady who arrived in this dty cm
Saturday morning, by the Galena Railroad, had her
pocket picked in the care or depot of a parse con*
talcing s2oOln greenbacks and a certificate of de
posit (or SI4OO. The lady has no idea as to the
identity ot the thief, who, doubtless. was returning,
to the city to try the probabilities ol success under
the new city- **administration” 'Twill be a
glorious time for thieves, now that the detective
force is disbanded.
CouNiEitf’iUT Mover.—Daviff Smith was on Sat
urday brought before United States Commissioner
Boyne, charged by T. Wilkes with passing upon
bun a counterfeit twenty dollar greenback. The
accused, who bad plenty of genuine and no coun
terfeit money in his possession, stated that be had
on Friday received the bill which was said to bo
counterfeit, from Osceola, in Iowa; not knowing
that'the bill was counterfeit, and believing that the
"parties who forwarded it were equally' ignorant, he
desired a continuance of the case, which was grant
ed. The defendant In the meantime entered into
baa in the sum of SSOO.
BssEßToto a Vsesel.—Before United States
Commissioner Boyne, on Satordar, John Shcahao
and John Preston were charged by Capt. Burke
of the schooner Mazeppa, with desertion. It ap
pears that the accused signed articles with Captain
Burkeforavoype to Buffalo, baton arriving at the
bar, where the vcs-cl was somewhat detained, they
came on shore and declined to return to their duty,
alleging that they bad been kidnapped into accept
ing a lower rate of wages than was being regularly
paid for the trip. Having signed articles, the Com
missioner instructed the lieputv United States
to place the men on board the vessel.
To se Pbossccted.—We understand that the
Inspectors of the election precinct in the 15th
Ward, who, in violation of the provisions of the
charter, dosed the polls thirty minutes before the
tints fixed by that instrument and thereby defeated
the election of a Republican Alderman in that
Ward arc to be prosecuted for SIOO, the penalty
prescribed by law. The following is the provision
of the Revised City Charter upon which the prose
cation is to be based. It will be found in Chapter
2, Section 21;
** The polls shall be ouened by the inspectors at
tight o'clock In the morning, and kept open until
seven o'clock in the evening, and every violation
ol this provision shall subject the Inspectors so
offending to a penalty of one hundred dollars, ,1
Is be Eligible f—There is a certain provision of
the new charter which reads as follows:
Sec. 7, Chapter 10.— 44 Nor shall any person be
appointed to or hold office in the Police force afore
earn, who is not a citizen of the United States, or
who shall not have resided within the State of
Illinois two years next preceding his appointment,"
William Abbott, the newly annotated Celtic spe
cial policeman and Secretary of the Board of Police
Commissioners has resided in this State less than
a year. WOl the three Copperhead Commissioners
inform ns upon what ground his claim for eligibili
ty is based. It fa undoubtedly true that not a sin
gle official act of the' Board the validity of which
depends upon the new Secretary is worth the pa
p» upon which the record Is written. The courts
will so decide should the question be brought be
fore them.
Death ok the Cabs,—On Friday of the week be
fore last a mother and child from Troy, New York,
were passengers on board the day express on the
Great Western Railway on thtir way to this cUv,
where the bnsband and lather resides. The chad
bad been in ill-health for some time, bat the poor
mother hoped that ahe would arrive at her destina
tion before death would deprive her of her off-
Siring, but shanty after leaving London tee frail
ttle one breathed its last, in her mother's arms.
Upon the circumstances being known, tee conduc-
Mr. NeU, went round among tee passengers'
and ooDected a handsome sum for the moteerTue
also telegraphed on to Windsor, where a coffin was
prepared, and open the. arrival of the train the
body was enclosed, and sent by tee same train to
A Barrii Fumt, —On Saturday morning
Michael Buns, a dissipated looking fellow, was
charged before Justice Cnthberteon with assaulting
his wife Mary, and also with threatening to kill
her. The parties lire on the lake shore at the foot
of Illinois street, and complainant is an honest,
hardworking woman, who has by her own Indnstrc
cared np a little money, bnt is tied to a drunken
wretch who never does a day's work, and is con
tinually abasing her. A day or two ago, in one of
his drunken fits, be announced hla intention to kill
her. and commenced operations by barling a heavy
chair at her bead and otherwise severely assaulted
her. His honor administered to the mag a scathing
rebuke for his brutal conduct, and fined Mm sls
for the assault, also compelling Mm to find sureties
Tor Ms future good behavior in the amount of S2OO.
Robbeet.— During Thursday night, Patrick
Bradley, a private in Mulligan's Brigade, was rob
bed of hla all, amounting to about S2OO, at the
Waveriy Boose, on Kintic street, where he was
lodging. The suspected thief is a comrade and
bedlcliow named HomcrDnnleavy, bnt he escaped
from the city lor Wisconsin before a warrant, is
sued hr Justice Cnthbcrteon for Ms apprehension,
conld be served. A telegram was Immediately dis
patched ordering his arrest, bat up to noon on Sat*
urday be bad not been captured. This man is sus
pected, because on Friday morning he banded to
Bradley, before they arose, bis (Bradley's) purse
containing a few dollars and immediately decamp
ed. Thinking It strange that another man should
havc.hls puree, the aoldler examined his pockets
fora sealed envelope containing S3OO, which, as a
matter of coarse, was missing, as was also Ms
friend and companion.
Fatal Accxdekt.—On Friday evening a fatal
neddent occurred at Calumet's Station on the Illi
nois Central Railroad, a young man named George
Westfield, aged abont twenty-six years, being ran
over by a freight train. The deceased, who form
erly was a ;brakcman on the Chicago and North
western Railroad, got upon the tram without ob
taining a ticket, on learning which, the conductor
designed to put Mm down at the next station. At
Calumet, Westfield managed to get between the
tender and first freight car, and was seen at
tempting to pull ont the connecting pin, the train
etih belag In motion. While thus engaged he fell
upon the track and before the train conld be
stopped was ran over by the cars. On being extri
cated from beneath the wheels the unfortunate
man still breathed, but filed before he reached Chi
cago. Coroner Wagner will hold on inqost upon
the body as soon as the engineer and conductor of
the train return to*the city.
Fexicxtocs Neighbors.— On Saturday afternoon
Justice Moore was called upon to unravel one of
those WOrt>e than Gordlon knot complications—a
neighborly misunderstanding. Elizabeth Stroder
was charged with assaulting her next door neigh
bor Fionas Goldtx, by throwing water over her,and
George Go)dtx.bnsband of tbe complaining witness
’ was charged with committing an assault npon Jo
seph Stroder, the partner of tbe joys and sorrows
of the feminine defendant. As is usual in’ench in
stances, to attempt a detailed description of the
quarrel would be simply impossible. It commenced
of course with the ladies, and is an old one, Mrs.
Goldtz Invariably getting tbe wor«t ol any en
counter. Wishing to avenge the wrongs of bis
better half, and dreading an engagement with the
Stroder amazon, Mr. Goldtz thought be conld ef
fectually punish the lady by thraebwghcr husband,
and this brilliant Idea he pat into effect, the doable
e«t being the consequence. Is the absence of
testimony, the parties were remanded 'until Wed
nesday, being held in bonds of $3.0 each.
The Vagaries or Harried People.—On Thure
day last Mcsers. C. M. Willard and M. Quinn, at'
torn eye, were applied to by Mm. Madeline Heck
for advice as to ■what course she could take in ref*
«renoe to acme brutal treatment to which she al
leged eke bad been subject to at the hands of her
husband, one William fleck, a grocer, living on the
Archer road. They advised thatproceodinge should
be taken before a justice, which was done, and the
male Heck-was brought into court and fined twen
ty-fire dollars. The fine was paid,‘and Mrs. fleck
returned to her home, hut not liking certain other
belligerent symptoms displayed by her unworthy
spouse, a second application was made to the Jus
tice, and Mr. fleck was held In SSOO bail to keen
tbs peace towards his wife. On the morning of the
same day Mrs. Ueck filed a bill for divorce and ali
mony against her husband. At 2 o’clock Sheriff
«Hr e ** ,re H, t the house to serve the injunction
“ OTi ° g
bclore United * treet brought
on Saturday. XtM-mtJ^“ l!^Bi ? ner again
<w of C Uftrt bsrfcd by read *
.Thursday last with aldiu* a derLiT? 8 c J iar^e d on
■ a«!x-«hooter, the pronertv of a pd.dealing
S toJA‘er U iS‘ I S lm lum 1,1 016 O^ntaSd
The defence setup by Hart was that the
plainanl was drunk when became ® om *
and that. Midler trad
™ “-p-e « me liar. ?t“
rempted to arrept I).tnjj« v, l D »Uei IktrSmi
ed, mdddrtogtbe link- tneale that toil, pto, bil
tween lion, there being acvcral other
present, the revolver was mieeing, and Demn-tv
who was on the way to Spnnrfdd to join hla rpri*
ment, left tbe bouse. The case woe adjourned till
Saturday, and In the meantime Dempsey -n-aa
brought from Springfield. Upon being examined.
-Dempsey corroborated the statement mode by the
dcunce. Ue testified that be was well known in
tbe city, and Indignant at being charged with dc
setUon. lie had an encounter with toe complain
ing witness, and tot* away hla pistol, fearing as
be was chunk ut tbe lime, he might be improperly
neisg it. Some person took thepistol out oT bis
-band suDsequeptlr but be did not know who, and
after that be left the bouse and toot the cars for
Tbe Commissioner postponed his decision of
the case until Monday. -
The Morlng Stason-F.mlJi
hßllUs at Work—High Reals and Et.
Inm -ant Pi lets—The 014 and
the Kcw—The Last More.
Tho DEual hurry and bustle of Hay day will bo
In many families thrown aside tonlay In deference
to the Sabbath, while in many other families the
sanctity ot the Sabbath will be grievooriy broken
by the preparations for moving, and fixing up,
which comes aa a sequel to that process. Mayday
1b this year divested of half its charms; th n at
transpose 1U vigor Into any other dey is
Bftßnre. Yesterday was a morxnr season,
"A,ft wo* devoid- of that genuine bustle which
would have been manifested bad u fallens day
later, and those who did attempt the annual mi
gration felt as if “born out of doc time.” do with
to-morrow; the thing Is after date; it will he like
coming a day after the Fair.
Somehow or‘ other we all love Mayday, we lore
the vciy misery which its* concomitants nnuil,
simply because like the weekly washing dar, it has
come to be regarded jw the period lor a necessary
change In our domestic arrangements. While the
people of other climes assemble around the pole
and sing their admiration of the May Queen, we
have given to the romance a vivlad reality. Noth
ing in all the domains of fairy laud could possibly
be more picturesque than the wild scattering, the
kaleidoscopic grouping, the nch profusion of disor
der that reigns among our household goods on May
day. It is too a liberal return to the simplicity of
.Arcadian life. Each man takes his crook—the
most straight things become crooked then—in
his hand and with his lambs at his
beds marches off proudly In search of new
pasture, while his Cynthia's warblinga— not always
of the most melodious kind—are beard far above
the of rrootcrp. and clattering pans,
and breaking mahogany. Oh. It is a gcumne
study for a painter. Imk of tho three pa-ran
graces 1 Why you have here a child who, as Tom
Incledon said of bis cook, has been ail over
44 Greece.” and for the exhibition of the Christian
Graces, there Is no more fitting tlmejthan May
day. Who is there who has not had his patience
severely tested by the obetinancyof a s:o?e-plpe,
which the more he tried, the more It would not go
over its fellow? Then It is that the true phi
losopher dams up the floods of his
Innate wrath, and meekly views his blasted pros
pects In the secondchaot. Dinah's kitchen found
In one little corner of Undo Turn's Cabin, was a
perfect model of orderlv arrangement on Mayday;
nut somehow or other we have a great many dear
creatures who manage to 44 dare up” and fix
• 4 things bandy,” and bring all lutonpulo-pio order,
though to the discredit of some be it said, they
have, like Dinah, no sooner accomplished the
44 fixin.” than it is time again to move.
May-Day morning is a type, a natural conse
quence, of our natural independence. Our thoughts
arc free as air, and our furniture most, too, have
the privilege of roving. Like the atoms spoken of
by Young, each one asserts "his indisputable right
to” more, and the result is olteu the same— 44 a
universe of dust.” But we are not lawless In our
Independence. Each moves In bis own orbit—the
elements of which are determined by the drayman—
but he seldom clashes with another. It needs some
kind ot an education to bring ns to this bappy con
dition of things, but when we do get educated to
it, the process is decidedly pleasant, and we take a
Just pride in the calmness with which we can'wlt
ness the upset of our treasures in the mud, produc
ing a domestic crash oi more Importance to os than
the fail of Borne.
May-day is a regular democratic institution; it is
a time when ibe worker reigns supreme. The
whitewash pall and scrubbing brush are welcome
visitors, and their rough bearers become for a
time sole monarchs in the household. Thcmoving
season is a great leveler in another sense: like the
grave-digger, it brings al< men to a par. The pxter
famiiiaty who, on all other days of the year, stands
or lolls around the bouse in undisputed dignity, or
posts off Into the city-with ahining hat and boots,
bestowing a glance of commiseration on the unfor
tunate worker, now dons the livery of labor and
pitches in. Up to the elbows be dives among the
Dcok-sbelvea, taking bold of more learning
in five minutes than in all the year
beside; pays particular attention to the pictures
which have hung against the wall for months,
unnoticed, and cxeraece a fatherly care over the
piano whose convahlve tbrimmiogs, nader the di
rection ot the music teacher, have often mads him
wish it at Jericho, and gasps spasmodically as the
nmold wealth of kitchen ware and ibe innumer
able array of boots, shoes, hats, sticks, old umbrel
las, coats, Ac., are drugs' d from their hiding
places where they were lost eo long ago as to be
(orgotten. It is a genuine luxury, akin to that ex
perienced by the miser when counting his gold;
the happy pater famUlas may well chuckle at the
lerc&lmcntofhis wealth, and exclaim with the
Queen of Sbeba, ** The half of this had not been
told me. 1 ' The only depressing thought is bow all
this shall be moved; and the dlfflculty
grows when once mooted lill Id despair at
hlcK rates and muddy roads and refractory
helps be involuntarily enters on a process of fnrnl
tnml elimination, using the hand or foot as may
be, till be has an assorted lot ready to move, and a
still more assorted quantity to leave behind: all
of It going with the physic bottles, which follow
the direction that leads to the dogs. Thfa ig to the
more irrasclble portion of mankind. There are
others who are more useful though less ornamen
tal : they act with discretion, and generally look as
if they-belonged to the Academy of Music before
nightfall. But of all the genre humain, save ns
hum the man who walks oat of the house in the
morning, asking when they will be moved,
leaving his wife to battle with the ele
ments and move amid the crash of worlds unaided
and alone, lie is jnstthe man who would leave
his family to drown, taking the solitary plank and
swimming off serenely towards the friendly shore.
It would be a rich joke on him should he forget
the directions, and not know where to follow the
treasures he values so highly; or if the family
itself should mistake the road purpose! v, and land
in some spot whither he would not follow. Bat it
takes all sorts of men to make a world, and all
sorts of things to help in the make-up on moving
day; that time of all the year when we go back to
first principles and live In the open air, traveling
with all our possessions through the desert in
zearcb of a home;
The present time Is one of peculiar trial—to the
pocket and patience, for you cannot touch a
more deeply than by wounding him in the poeset.
Rents before enormous, nowapproach the infinite.
Something above the doable or an ordinary salary
is needed to pay for decent house room. A*e fan
-2 that a great many Chicago tenants will find
emselves in the condition of O'Flabcrtj, who on
being told by his landlord that his rent was about
to be raised, went down on bis knees in au excess
of gratitude with “A thousand thnnka to your hon
or Tor that same, for sure and I can nlver raise it
mcsilL’* And then furniture; in which term we
include all the etceteras of house-keeping except
things eaten and burnt. With gold among tee
eicbtics, prices are among tec horribles—
to the purchaser. One of the chief attrac
tions of May-day to the feminine mind is the
opportunity afforded to replenish her stock. She
wants a new carpet, and “hussy” is persuaded
that the old one is too small tor the new parlor;
do the chairs not salt, and argument be Insufficient
to convince of tee tact, it is so easy to pm them
past all hope of renovation with Spalding's glue, i
and that without compromising tee honor of the ’
cat; arc window curtains stabby, she can parai :
phrase Murk Antony and say “ See what a rent
that carclese drayman made; and that tea set
which has lost one or two pieces, hut was held to
do. gets spoiled beyond redemption by being care
fully packed with tneflat irons. But now even tee
lady of the boose stands aghast at the prices de
manded for everything new to sixth hand. She in
spects the stores and turns away ruefully from the
figures appended to all on “sail," feeling that
prices have indeed taken wings and down
cowards v£th a rneh. Sadly she now
visits the second hand stores, and finds the
most extravagem estimates there placed on rick-
S chairs and burnt carpets, ana broken down
steads. She goes thence to the auction room
and tries to get a bid at some one of the articles
offered br the knight of the hammer and red flag,
but she fihdfe herself crowded out by a knot of bro
kers, who rather than Jet others boy anything, will
bid It up to thrice its real value, and pay the loss
out of the profit made ou all the rest which goes
for “a song” after the outsiders have been silen
ced. She goes home, and resolves for once to prac
tice economy. The old carnet Is made to do duty
amin, rents are patched ana shreds turned under;
the furniture undergoes the cleaning process, gets
a coat of varnish, and all looks bright as a new
pin; the family finds itself equally as comfortable
as before.
“ All right t’ 1 is the word, fixed once more. And
Dow we have conceived such a horror of moving
that we vow never to move again, bnt to settle
down like the oyster and “grab the rocks'* In one
place for all future time. Alas for our resolution.
The road to —— is paved with good intentions,
strewn thickly along as the pieces of broken furni
ture in the streets on Mayday. Another year
comes round: long before Us close we are tired
and want to be going, and thus goes on the cease
less round till death breaks np the changes, and we
find at last thci one home from which neither we
nor our friends desire that we should be removed
till that last great moving day, when all separate
residence shall be abolished, and the whole human
family remove to the mansions of the skies.
Description of Lee W. Tolk’s Design.
Mr. Volk, the well-known sculptor, .has already
finished the day model of bis design for the Doug
las monument and Is’rapfdiy putting it in plaster.
Probably it will be completed daring the present
week and will then be ready for the inspection ot
the public. The modd is over fonr feet in height
and made to a scale of half an inch to the fookthos
making the monument, if accepted, one hundred
feet in height resting upon a circular platform,
with a base of fifty-two feet fn diameter, approach
ed by fonr steps. Above this la another base car
xied inwards ontbe fonr sides with three steps giving
some magnificent lines, and forming the founds
• tion for a mausoleum twfenty feet square. Above
this Is the pcdcsthl and composite column Bor
mounted by a colossal statue ofthe departed states
man. The statue is posted on a sphere the right
hand resting upon the fasces symbolical of Union,
and the left holding the Constitution. The mauso
leum Is designed for the reception of a marble sar
cophagus bolding the remains, which will be easily
risible from the grated bronze or iron door. Sur
rounding the sepulchre four pedestals stand out
from each corner connected with it by gracefully
springing arches and holding four Btatnea,Clay.Web
ster, Jackson and Cass, contemporary with Doug
las, and representing different sections of the
country, •
On each side of the base of the pedestal, support
ing the column, are bos relievos representing Pro
gress, especially as relative to the growth of Ameri
ca. The first is the wilderness, a wig
wam in the foreground, with women and
papooses at tbs entrance, Indians bant
ing, and a stalwart savage dragging a deer np to the
door. The second represents Apiculture. There
is a cabin and a woman at the door. The hardy
pioneer husband is idling trees. It is the first step
in progress. The Indian has vanished, and tbe
white man with the axe and the plow has invaded
Ms ondentdomaiu, which will bye and bye blossom
like tbe rose. The next, panel tbows another ad
vance. It Is now Commerce and Science hand in
hand. Tbe former is represented by a symbolical,
figure with tbe cadoccns, and holding a flag. He is
surrounded w lib bales and boxes and all the ap
pointments of commerce. At the right of tbe panel,
is a locomotive and on tbe left a ship. Science is
denoted by the telegraph wire, the lines stretching
acrofs from side to side. The last relief is? .Educa
tion, tbe culmination ol Progress. The schoolmas
ter stands In the centre, book in band, with chil
dren grouped around, some studying and some ro
dtlng. At the right la the chorea and the left tbe
Tbe pedestal on this base is ornamented with
wreaths, festoons, scrolls, and inverted flambeaux,
very artistically disposed, with Douglas' dying
words on the front. Prom iMsspringsnp a round
ed and graceful shaft, forty-two feet in height, com
posed of fiuled sections separated by stars, indica
ting the number of States. The eagle, with droop
ing head and trailing wings, sits directly above the
door way of the mausoleum, guarding the sacred
dust below.
Thus much fer tbe physical features of tbe de
sign. To the artiet it Las been a labor of love,
working both with reverence for art and for the
in cm cry of the departed, whose friendship he had
plared io life; and it Is a natural result of these
feelings that he has most happily combined in Ms
model the sepulchral and toe monuments! style,
it is not a severely mslheilfc production, bnt one
that shows di-cp reeling while it does not Infringe
the rule* of art. While tbero has' been ample
*9°P£ for the display of the artistic—which ,
.employed moat admirably in the dls- ’
t? ° curvc ® on the circular platform
and the praceful arches, which will irive
nothin* nuirctrldons In this dralen. The
-for .tatnettca they win ho In cStopirijon whh thl
colMMl one-nnd the lias rMlotoa, nmeumriw
march nr propcaa, are In keeping
Douglas. The ornaments are few but appropH. t ? r
"Z I”-, “dent and funereal, tkeiSS
' llV(;r; ed. the eagle drooping.
Sjvlne height as well as massiveness to the
monument, Mr. V oik verr dfodm-It fnllnwij
> kddiSi r to Js of d^
“cSnt^h^Tb?'?;n t^S. hj S^.!fnSi
hSs 1 wflh tcmtil» Grcc ** M crowned their
1401 monuments. Roma and
iJ»eCamp»OTj arr covered with monumenta, but
the seven hills carry temple* ©a their summits
A mountain need* no additional height. la B ryoL.
which Ib one vast sandy prairie, the level ana blank
monotony is relieved by the Pyramids, minarets.
cikmi>kb and towers. So In this section of the
country, height ia needed to break up the love).
Tills quality, the model, if accepted, will rive and
will add to it Btrength and grace. Shoreward and
lakcward It will first catch the eye. I; will be a
landmcrk to the traveler, a reminder to all of de
parted worth, and because it Is a thin* of beauty,
eo will It be a thing of joy forever.
Hie Drawing on Saturday—LTst of Winning
Kmabers—The First Twenty Prizes.
The weather being un&rorabla on Saturday
morning, the attendance at the Grand Lottery of
tbe Irith National Fair at 8 o’clock being scanty,
the company was not called to order untitan hour
later. Mr. P. T. Skeriock then requested the la
dies and gentlemen present to select a suitable
committee to superintend the drawing of the
prizes. Several gentlemen being present who were
non-members of the Fcman Brotherhood, they
were at once selected to the post of honor. Their
names are:
Messrs. James Forney, H. Hubbard, Richard
Burke. Q. A. Carey, Charles A. Andrews, Maurice
Clifford, EL L. Huntington, John J2. ■Wlnklcman,
C. L Smith, Robert Nichols, Nelson Green, and
John McHugh. , , . ..
A little girl seven years of age was selected by
the Committee to draw the prizes from a revolving
cylinder. The tube was composed of tin and the
two ends being gloss showed that there could be
no deception, as far as the disposition of the tick
ets within thecylindcr was concerned. The little
girl having been blindfolded, B\9 X) tickets, repre
senting a chance /or a prize were placed within the
box by tbe Committee and the drawing com
menced. The little girl growing tired, a smaij boy
was substituted, and otherlike changes were made
till all the prizes were drawn.
Below will be found the first six hun
dred tickets drawn. The prize to which
tbe bolder of either number is entitled may be found
by counting the order of bis ticket in the above
table; there arc one hundred in a column. Thus
suppose the reader to hold the number standing
tbe nineteenth from the top in tbe fourth column,
he will be entitled to the three hundred and nine
teenth prize as marked in the advertised list of
which It is presumed each ticket holder has one.
The following are a few of tho first and most val
1. Marble bust of Gen. Corcoran.
3. Rosewood piano.
3. Rosewood piano.
4. Rosewood piano.
5. Rosewood piano.
6. Gold coin—s2s3.
7. Phelan billiard table.
8. Gold watch.
9. Gold watch.
10. French dock.
11. Sewing machine.
12. Tahinet drees.
18. Oil Fainting—Arrest of Lord Fitzgerald.
14. Tea set.
15. Sewing machine.
16. Gold-mounted rifle.
17. United States 5-20 bond.
18. Diamond-cased lady's watch.
19. French clock.
SO. Silver-plated castor.
Theprizes drawn at the Grand Lottery in con
nection with the Irish Fair will be on exhibition at
.Fenian Ball at seasonable hours each day until 13
o'clock on Tuesday, when they will be delivered to
the fortunate ticket holders up to s o'clock; and
each succeeding day the prizes will be distributed
at the same hours until they ore all disposed ot
SCBB 4CB D 28218 6532 C 9660 0 97618
1633 B I €BB C &77C 23A D 2118 C 1510 E
CCroi> S'SD 3C468 SSUC «J55 A. 3011 C
T«E taac 1-917 B 1478 F 43R1A 2.27 A
212J» A <V94 A 8*56 E 4-S.lB 4I7QG 78118
2777 K €306 C 1774U 6917 C 6831 C 7618
V7U B 61258 78.9 F M»SD ÜBI3F SC9>C
7148 C 494 C 659 C 2521 C B*l6 E 52:11 A
SeiC 26:8 E 775? C SS9OA 8158 B 84418
708 B 5719 C 4135 C J5fK ISM C 6829 D
1476 A VB9S A 8019 C M?6C 50 5E tB&^D
2(500 eiPCD 419 A 1657 A 465JD 65891)
50281) WS7E 4IEB A «728 6503.0 2040 D
86 .7 E 4160 A 79578 6331 D 8078 E 6171E
45CLA SST£G 86SSO SSOC 8040 D 862 F
71261) 2306 E 9605 C 6147 C 7047E USD
H*lC 76750 8929 P 722t>E 396 B 7514 R
SS99B 8891 C SCO E 2X30 EI4OE SDS2A
7710 E 83418 1932 B 2S-.6F 4374 A 1932 C
8328 E 9419 B 5260 B 4530 A 4237 B 9373 F
4T89 P. 5789 A 4169 C • 4.151 A 8071 E 84J3 A
&61F 41S4A 8586 B 31318 886 C 7(5 i F
2316 C f5?90 3226 C 4516 R 1702 A 7324 E
IStffF 5568 6050 A 72208 9«12D 8175 K
I 5491 C <5(38 4545 A 6192 C 1939 D 7595T)
6SC3U 1189 C ©SBE 71711) 2SU B 1123 D
8830 C 8565 E 7810 B 9234 E 60) E 933T B
t««K 610F €253 0 4598 A 1187 A 5456 A
77CSB 65150 SbOBF SW9K 8613 A 3650 A
9445 F 1737 E 41-33 A 2679 B 6715 C 4110 E
9f8II) 6890 C 6573 K S4S3B 5274 B 5656 C
&2S C 9781 D 86)2 C 118 . 4A82 F 2067 D
7735 B 5342 C 3166 A 8221E 9331 C 1875 D
9470 F 4917 A 29G8C 7(93 P 530E 7-529 B
2103 D 2785 H 6731G 1320 C 97101) 4869 B
61961) 744 B 3»34C 3479K 5106 E 9371 K
8008 9041 C 8667 D BSIOB 1«82A 4355 D
4350 C 5741 D 25568 2169 A 50-30 D *IUB
4SJB A 8068 E SB3IB 6105 C 5313 B T7OF
2781F 8723 E 5278 B 8138 E 4146 A ISM A
> 8244 D 15(2 A 4U4)G 2898 C 2072 D 1887E
I C7COC 2275E 55218 10688 9003F 8550
! fSSOC 90198 5723 D 6811G 4690E 63L58
1 74C5 F 5750 B C‘64C 19 F SIBID 5791 D
1746F S3b7D 7615 F £942 C §556 D 7548 D
KSSF 4351F 4092 F 9748F 1391 A SUI A
; S93F 4615 D SfiOSF 4KBD 52038 4764 A
821 D SllfiE 2630 H 8306 F 3502 P 2533 C
l 7577 D 1457 F S4I4E 8336 B SOU D SOISK
i 1703 E 8«OE 8183F 8662 E 1701P WtgP
I 455 B 6705 A 25538 1876 A 53260 11SJA
7679 F 76538 BS6E 84S0C *49IA 50*60
ei'SK 4159 C 839 K IK3A 8733 0 31770
; MtfiC 129 B 6118 E £7081) 1909 A 9106 E
2560 B 48S3C 7461 C 91708 5963 C 670S U
27S A 6A'2C 9153 0 5555E 95218 87MK
6797 C 72SSC -S2IC 2193 C STB 2391 A
9417 D 12(5 C 5-2P 78160 ST7IC 65130
17S8 D MID MSP 2981 A 7711 C 2317 D
83SF 2SO3D 1413 D lIIA 5691F 8523 B
7.70 D 23548 893 A 196E 3757 A 14J6C
7V6B* M67E 7M2E 5142 E SSO2C 5775 D
8376 D 5530 F 5074 A 1155 C 219 E 159 D
93.MF 4741 SCSI U 2906)1 46K8 SSSB
’.MB 1635 D 1298 S6ISD 3(92 F 81918
8955 V 46.8 E 7686 B 6186 C 5383 B 609 A
5870 D 7564 B 8530 E 8561 C 5089 A 500.1 F
5£3 D 7939 C 7301 D 5823 C 7518 71« O
2.90 F 3961 C MO3B 68SA 9602 C 2745 H
ape C MW A WOBD <290 0 81S0 B 7018
8615 E 1071 C 5024 A 17SIF SSI2 B 4213 C
3*700 2C82 A 4&t S 76** F S3SG 787F
4523 C 83490 2351 A 6*960 WIA 7981 P
4 L 66 C 1167 B 74361) BSKIB 2664 O 939 G
4C718 61(4 0 2177 B 3123 C 9572 B 655 A
2*900 139 C 9761F &OSC 5003 B R3SBK
16S7D 7891E 4596 D 471F 3420 F 75510
75*5 D €22IG 1861E 2860 C 3547F 89258
4298 C f€3oß 2136 A 11S1C 2918 A 1751G
tfflCD 45680 41578 6316 A 5097F 7154 C
fBf6F 1311P 3SSS K 7615 C 4351E 6377 A
6549 D 8925 F 19218 6273 D 8964 P 1206 A
<506 E 5979 B 69490 2972 B 2fttsD 2078 B
53t0 E (512 C. 1858 A 4834 F 315 A 2493 E
M 3 B 56071) SP SSI9C 8(*3B 6631 B
917 F. 5906 A 8!0B ©USE 2038 KT7C
4TS2 D’ 4126 C 98518 7031 D 6K57P SJ3iF
USB fiICS B 46:0 C 9lrts D 38MD 2123 B
A 1258 90301) 500 B 4000 4976 D
SPfOA 5595 D 5941F 7JM F 117)0 8176 C
2754 R &4ISA 5778 8419 B 9717 P 9SO A
8124 B &44SA S4D 4944 B 8»K 4118 H
1(437 R 7‘2F 8241 A 2901 C «17F 8511K
6T4i T> 925 8 XtT, C 7119 G 5102 A 4 01A
FP2SF 4441 A 4223 B 60© E 87nF 1378 A
;»UD SSJK A 18?9 F MSZO 9SSD 4403 U
67C7 B SS3S E 2S3U E 5120 B 6491 P 3741R
f€7sß 8220 D 3354R 87630 1023 D 8258 D
17(6 R 9010 4045 F 86!6 C 1681 B 6516 Q
676 B 4925 B 6290 C 83200 7317 B S29IA
Coorra's Ukiok—Strike os Mosdat.—The
Journeymen Coopers of Chicago met last night in
the Ball of the German Theatre, to take Into con
sideration their alleged grievances in the mater of
compensation for their labor, and to decide upon a
bill of prices to present to the bosses on Monday.
The following is the bill resolved upon, and failing
to receive which, the coopers of the city will strike,
and suspend labor until their terms are complied
Alcohol barrels, wooden or iron bound sl.lO
Whisky barrels, wooden bound, 16 booops
dear of sap 1,00
Whisky barrels, wooden bound 16 hoops with
sap .•
Whisky barrels, wooden bound H hoops with
sap 85
Lard tierces, wooden bound with sap 85
Beef tierces, wooden boand 2 iron hoops 99
Pork bane's, common 73
Flour barrels, flat hoops and circle beading... 17
Ftonr barrels, round hoops and circle heading. 20
Flour barrels, round hoops and square heading S3
Slack tierces 35
Beer barrels
Half beer barrels
Quarter beer barre15...........
Trimming, per day
Nickerson's machine staves...
Qreenlev'e machine barrels work off andin^
If employed by the week .$15.00
In addition, they insist that aU wages shall be
paid In greenbacks or the new national currency.
Flaming speeches were made by William Moore,
the President of the Union, and by Messrs. Ald
ridge and Diebrow. Mr. Aldridge was particularly
violent, and indolged in language neither choice
norconjpllmeatarvbecausetoe Chicago Tmnc.vE
had published so article commendatory of Hurl
burl's Slave Machine.
The President introduced the following, which
was unanimously carried:
Jtuotred, That it is the opinion of the Journey
men Coopers of CMcago that Barlburt's Dressed
Staves will not make good barrels, and that as a
body it Is for our interest to discourage their intro
Another speaker thought that it was Impossible
to drive ont machinery, and rather preferred to put
such a price npon working machine-dressed staves
as should compel bosses to fall back upon hand
dressed material.
A printer from the Typographical Union ad
dressed the coopers, counselling them to stand
firmly upon the platform they had adopted, and
promising the aid and assistance of the printers in
case of a long-continued strike. He Informed them
ol«he progress of the strike at the Chicago list
office, amfnarrated the efforts made on Saturday
by tbe moulders and ship carpenters to induce the
Poet to accede to the demands of tbe Typographical
Union. He sold that all these efforts were vain,
and called npon the coopers to withdraw their pa
tronage from that newspaper. Be also presented a
petition, which was to be signed by au the work
ingmen of tbe dtv, and addressed to the Common
Council, asking that body on no account to give the
Post the public printing. This petition, he said,
would have 5,000 names by Monday night, : The
project of a daily newspaper In the interest of the
workingmen was discussed and warmly approved.
llmrAirr Istbllioexce.— About ten o'clock on
Saturday evening the 12th Wisconsin Infantry ar
rived at the Soldiers' Beet from Madison, en route
for Cairo, where the regiment win report for fur
ther orders; probably it will proceed to Alabama.
The regiment was raised In January, 1802, and has
won laurels npon the battle fields oi Coldwater, Le
mar, Harrisonburg, Baker's Creek, and at the
edge of Vicksburg and Jackson. It now proceeds
to the field, thercgimcntal tcrlongb being exhaust
ed. and we trust that the next time it visits ns it
will be as conquerors whose conflict is finished.
The T2th now numbers about TOO men. but only
GCO arrived on Saturday: the others will follow
shortly. After a hurried.supperat the Beat the
boys left the city via tbe Illinois Central Radroad
The following is a roster ol the field and staff offi
Co’ottel— George E. Bryant.
Lieutenant 00/onfJ—J.H. Prondfih
Major— Wr E. Strong, absent.
Adjutant— Levi Bresce.
Surgeon— -E. M. Rodgers.
Am sient Surgeon Masters.
A letter received from a member ot the Chicago
Mercantile Battery states that there is no donbt of
the death of Lieutenant George Throop, son of A.
G. Throop, oftMs dtv. A flog of trace bad been
sent into the enemy's lines and In a list of over 900
names of wounded Federal* in rebel hospitals Lieu
tenant Throop's name did not appear. The letter
also states that Lientenat J. W.Barr, and Corporal
L. w. Dyer, both of Chisago, died tbe day alter the
Thaveuko ik New Tons and Chicago.—lt ia
a remarkable fact In connection with the travel of
New York and Chicago, that more men pass
through tbe latter than the former city—more busi
ness men. There arc in New York twenty-ono
hotels whose arrivals are published *n some of the
daily papers. In Chicago, there are nine hotels
whose arrivals are published In the ** Chicago Daily
Record,” and yet the total of these arrivals in Chi
cago exceed those of all the twenty-one Hotel# of
New York by from flflv to one hundred daily. The
inference which would naturally follow this state
ment docs not bold good in this instance. It does
- not necessarily follow that Chicago ia a larger busi
ness point or that heavier commercial transactions
distinguish this city. The reason is that Chicago
is the entrepot for the whole Mississippi Valley.
It lies directly in the great highway which leads
from the Atlantic to tbe Pacific, and people
must pass through it whether they will or no.—
We have here a city which has sprung up In a
night. Forty, years ago the painted savage trap
ped the beaver where now stand our magnificent
hotels. It is worth while for travellers to visit
Chicago Inst to sec what a wonderful growth baa
distinguished ue. New York is a city, the time of
whose planting stretches away hundreds ofyears in
the long forgotten part. She has grown enormons
lv, irat it has been ny slowaccetlon and deposits,
jhttaslbe alluvial bottoms of our great western
rivers grow. •It is not so here. We went to bed a
sacking, puling infant, and awoke a lull sited
ctaut. There Is one other reason for this enormous
influx of business men. Merchants who live in the
towns and cities of the great T*Hey to the west-,
ward have Just begun to learn that it is better
economy to lay in their supplies here at the-same
rates as in New York, than to undertake an expen
sive journey to the sea-board. Such are our ran
road facilities tnat from any point within three
hui died miles of Chicago, they, can come to this
city, lay in a stock, return to their home*, and're*
ccne the goods purchased In lere time than It will
take to vlt-H the great metropolis, in tula active
go-n-bead ace time Is money. Ifall these adran
vantages inure more to the benefit of Chicago than
Few York, it Is bad for New York. *
When direct trade with Eoglandand we Conti
nent shall hate become firmly established, Chicago
will become still mote attractive to hnsiness men
East and West, and etoold the little Record of
onrfriendO'Donnoglmebo then
expect then to be alue to show a tUll greater dls
' parity in arrivals and departures, cblcaca has bat
just entered upon her career of prosperity aad de
velopment. There are broad prairies • stretchlnff
weetwardly and northwardly and southwardly, and
room enough to crow and expand, until tola city
shall become the second city on thecontlnent—
perhaps the first. New York is "cribbed, cabined
and confined, I 'between the East and North Riv
ers, and if she expand to any great extent she
must do so outside of the Island of Manhattan.
She most look to her laurels.
TTie Trial* of a Yonnf? 3lsu.
Mu, Editob: I suppose I am throwmgaway ray
time, and encroaching upon yonr time: but never
theless I will defy von to publish this. Let a
young man come to tiila place and try to get a situ
ation, and be will get "more kicks than he will
coppers.*' Hard It Is for a young man toMeet a
start now-a-days. It will do very wod for the Water
street merchants, who are well off now and can live
wltbont much trouble, to talk to yonng men about
honesly&nd all this, who have made their fortunes
by dishonesty. They can afford to be bonect now,
and help hire detectives to protect their ill-gotten
gains, and watch the yonng men who would try
and earn an honest living, and spot them for the
Penitentiary as soon as possible.
These quasi honorable merchants can control
such papers as the Tribune, so that they dare not
letanjtfaingappdfragainst them, nor even speak
in favor ofthe laboring man and against the capi
talist ; but if they receive an article favoring the ■
laboring man,' consign it Immediately to the waste
basket, as I expect this will be. Hcnbt A. L.
Rgy abes.—6nr correspondent writes with that
bitterness which is a sore sign of disappointment,
of that ** hope deferred which maketh the heart
sick." Wc can therefore pardon his assertions
about “controlling,” Ac. The Tribune dots not
hesitate to expose vice In merchants more than In
others, but it waits till proof be ftirnlsbcd in either
case, and if the rich man is sometimes able by
means of his wealth to bay off* witnesses, ft is not
the fault of the newspapers, none of whom—so far
as we know—allow themselves to bo deterred from
publishing news when the facta are attainable.
Yonng men can get situations; but not always -
of the kind they want. Yonng men who think
labor Is degrading, often fall, because there are so
manyoftlxatwayof thinking that all cannot find
“genteel” situations. A yonng man con always
get a start who is willing to do as the majority
of business men In this city have done
work hard at anything they can find to
do, no matter what the kind oi labor, and take
care ofibcir earnings till they have a small capital,
which being judiciously used, will Increase, Busi
ness men may be short sometimes to appll
• cants, but they have sometimes to say “no” to
thirty or forty per day, and naturally feel that
young men might make better use or their time
than by offering themselves as dorks, of whom
there la a surplus. Workers are scarce; workers
arc wanted In Chicago in nearlv every department
of Industry: workers arc wanted m great num
bers by the Government to bnlid chips, to make
material lor aitny use, and to fight font. If our
correspondent Is willing and able to wous, ho
need not long complain of being without a situa
Police Court.— Another week hat passed by
Along that road on which return tickets are not
Issued. At the Police Court the week has not been
marked by any peculiar feature, for though drunks
aud disorderlies hare appeared in their usual plen
itude. the grayer o(Tenders have been almost absent.
Thanks to our hitherto effective police force Chica
go has become remarkably free of desperate char
acters, and this Isct reflects great credit upon the
managers of the force up to the present time.
What city of the population of Chicago Is kept in
such excellent order by a police force of ninety
men? But these palmy days are passing away;
thl* week's docket is heavier than last, and next
week's will he heavier still, for the guardians of
the city have been changed, and the return of
pimps and blackguards to their old haunts will
prove to whose good tbcmatamorphosls is effected.
Every train brings in its quota of rOjHiei. Wells
street brothels arc being brightened and re-painted,
fur well do their occnpants know that the signs of
the times auger a return of the palmy days of
thieves' prosperity.
Home Again.— Luke Egan, a notorious rogue and
thief, who had been driven from-the city some
months ago, hearing of the better prospect ot suc
cess, returned on Friday evening. At the North
western depot he attempted to pick a lady’s pock
et, thinking that be saw in officer Bellinger oncof
the proposed new policemen. But Luke was mis
takes, and repents that mistake to the amount of
s*.£ and costs, or rather to fifty-three days incarce
ration, to which the non possession ol that amount
condemns him.
The Angel Assault Com.—Tbe examination of
Paschal Angel and his bar tender Borsileo Boss for
the brutal aeeanlt upon the soldier Michael Nolan,
previously mentioned in the Tribune, was contin
ued until next Saturday, as tbe . wounded m*n.
though slowlv recoverin'!, was not able to appear.
A Model Ifi/*-—Mrs. Johanna Hussoy’a charac
ter, according to her own statement, It to be found
io the latter part of the thirty-first chapter of Solo
mon's Proverbs, though unfortunately (the proof
that each is the case, must he taken from tbe ex
ceptions in the general role of her conduct. Her
husband, after some days absence from the city, re
turned home on Pridar night, when he dlsporcred
his wife In company with two soldiers, all in'a state
of oblivions intoxication, and lying huddled togeih
cron thefioorofhiflhomo. A general arrest was
the consequence, and on Saturday the wife and
mother wan fined $25 and costs and Dennis Nory
and John o,Brlen, the offending eons of Mar. l , each
An Interrupted Duel.— TheMisscs Mary Johnson
and Sarqh Jonazan. both loved the came Adonis,
and seeing that both coaid not possess him, agreed
to decide the ownership by .an appeal to nrma.Tum
ers' Hall being tbe chosen scene of engagement.
Things were progressing swimmingly, when a po
lice officer officiously interfered, as he considered
the Armory a more appropriate site. The maidens
were mulcted in the sum of $lO each, and Edward
Campbell, a “disinterested spectator," finedsls
for knocking down one of the lookers-on, and apol
ogising to an adjacent lamp-post.
A Distinguished Visitor.—A respectably dressed
old gentleman, describlnghlmself as “ Sir William
Harbottle, Bart. of Wilmington, 111., was charged
with the plebeian crime of drunkenness. The
charge routed tbe bine Blood of the aristocrat, who •
besought three policemen to support him In a per
pendicular position. while he declared that he was
“never soberer In his life," which assertion was
not so much doubted by those who knew him, as
it might have been, though it was not taken in the
light he wished it to be. On account of his aristo
cratic pretensions, Sir William was discharged
with a reprimand, which decision he appealed
against as a “ defamation of character."
Jom.vmirK . to the
Working Mens' Organ —A numerously attended
meeting of the Chicago Journeymen Bakers Pro*
tectlvc Colon was held on Saturday evening at No.
83 West Randolph street. Ten new members were
elected, whereupon the Secretary announced that
the Union now numbered; 80 members.
The following letter Irom Mr. O. Kendall, of the
Steam Bakery, was read to the meeting and
the Secretary was desired to acknowledge Its re*
ccipt with thanks.
To the Journeymen Baker's Protective Union:
Gentlemen Your courteous and compliment*
ary preamble and resolutions passed at your meet
ing held March SCtb. were received, lor which 1
tender you my grateful acknowledgments. It will
always give me, as it has heretofore, pleasure to
merit the aoprohation and good will-of working
men, as I consider labor honorable and the founda
tion of successful enterpriser, both In tabor, arts
and sciences. And all such labor should receive
not only honor but a fair and liberal compensation.
Wishing yon success in all of your laudable efforts
to promote (be interests and elevate the character
of laboring men, etc.
(Signed.) O. Kendall.
A preamble and resolution to the following effect.
In reference to' the establishing of a Trades Union
Newspaper was submitted and carried unani
Whereas, It Is tbe opinion of this Society that
the press of Chicago (airly and impartially repre
sents the various Trade Societies, and therefore in
our judgment is not unfavorable to the working
classes; and
. 80
. 8.00
Whereas, The establishment of a Trades paper
seems unlikely to benefit the tradesmen, or to be a
profitable Investment; and
Whereas, It is the opinion of this Society that
tbe purchase or procurement of hall sufficient to
accommodate the different trades organizations of
this city would be a profitable Investment and
more likely to receive the approbation of nil par
ties concerned, therefore be It
Jluched— That our delegates to the Trades Un
ion Convention be and they are hereby Instructed
to advocate tbe propriety of «nch on investment,
and oppose tbe paper enterprise, •
Messrs. Dooley, Saul andShafer were appointed
delegates to attend the Trades Convention, and
the meeting adjourned.
Hildeernd vb, Ltll—Award or the Arbitra
tors.—The seduction case of Phllomeno Hilde
brand vs. William Lill, as ennonneed in tbo Trib
phe of Saturday, came to a conclusion by the filing
of tbe award of tbe arbitrators on Friday evening.
Tbe merits of the suit arc already familiar to our
readers. Miss Hildebrand appears to have been in
trusted with the conddct of tbe affairs of Mr. Dili’s
household in the summer of 1861 and, according to
tbe affidavits filed in the case, was seduced by Mr.
Dili under a promise of marriage. Finding
herself enciente. Miss Hildebrand called up
on Mr. Lill to perform his promise,
which the latter declined to do, assigning as a rea
son that she bad misrepresented ncr condition,
alleging that she was in the correct sense of the
word a ftme rote, whereas, shebad numerous other
admirers with whom there were also existin'con
tracts of marriage and “love scrapes'’ upon
this Miss Hildebrand commenced an action for se
duction in the Circuit Court, fixing her damages
at $50,000. The case has been pending since Sep
tember, 18(U) and finally, to avoid the scandel
which wouluaccrue from tbe case being heard in
open court, an arrangement was made by
counsel on both sides, and with
the - content of Judge Williams, that
tbe equities of the case should bo settled by
three arbitrators, who should bear the testimony,
arguments of comiscl, and fix tbe amount of dam
ages, if any, which were done to Miss Hildebrand.
The hearing before -the arbitrators occupied a pe
riod of five weeks, and their award Is as follows:
“ First we award and determine that tbo mar
riage contract or promise alleged In the plaintiff’s
declaration in this cause is not proved. We there
fore award and decree, determine and find, In'fa
vor of defendant, and that no cause of action has
been shown.
“ And also we, the said arbitrators, do farther
award, decree and adjudge, in pursuance of the dis
cretion in ns reposed by said order of court—that
all the costs and expenses of this adit, submission
and arbitration shall bo paid by the defendant.
14 In witness whereof we bare herento set oar
hands and seals this 20th day of April, A. D. 1651.
(Signed) 44 Oeo. A. Ihqalls,
“Hobbbt Law.”
The One Hundred Djlt Service.—The progress
or recruiting for the one hundred day service Is ia
all respects satisfactory. Col. Hancock’s regiment
already numbers nearly four hundred, with a pros
pect that it will bo filled to the maximum number
by Saturday night next. Authority was given a
student In the seminary at Evanston, yesterday,
to raise a company among the students of that in
Col. Hoogh has given -authority to gcntlemeu
outside the city to rccrnlt for bis regiment. That
also will he filled by Saturday night next Equally
favorable reports are received from Cot Knobels
dorfe regiment. We confidently expect that Cook
County will famish three regiments for this desira
ble service. ■ •
A New Field —Samuel eih« and Thomas
Moore, both well knows detectives of this city,
and men who have served their country on the
battle-field, the formerintbe HHh Illinois regimen t
and the latter in the 23d, have received authority
from Adjutant General Fuller to. recruit a
company for Col. Hancock’s regiment, now bein'*
rolstd in this city for the one hundred day service?
They are good men and true, thorough soldiers
both, and will perform their duty with credit to
themselves ‘and their command. Those who are
contemplating enlistment, will not do better than
enroll themselves under the leadership of officers
Ellis and Moore. Recruiting offices; will be opened
on Monday. _•
Northern lowa Sanitary Fate.—An appeal
to the Independent Order of Good»Templara, sdllc
king contributions for the “Good Templars Do
partmenf’of the Northern lowa Sanitary Fair,
has been leaned by the Refugo Lodge of Dubuque,
lowa. This appeal will meet with a gencrona re
sponse from the order all over the Northwest. A
beautiful set of officers regalia will he presented to
the Lodce pending the Unrest donation. lowa
contributed liberally to the Chicago Sanitary Fair,
and there is new an opportunity to reciprocate.
The fair will open on the2lst of Jane and continue
one week.
Lodges or Individuals may ’send: their contribu
tions to Dr. It L. Bilk Dubuque; lowa, by whom
they will be dniy acknowledged and forwarded,
TVe hope to see the Good Templars 1 department a
large and valuable one. ,
pytn and Zuoizbxah.—This sterling opera, re
markable as being produced entirely by home tal
ent, has already been pat on the stage three nights
at Bryan Ball, and has two nights yet to run.
Judging from the constantly Increasing interest
and attendance, the two succeeding evenings will
bo occasions of a perfect furore. We have no doubt
that the last will be.ifae best, as it will also bo tba
most numerously attended of the whole series.
Tfao different performers have all gained by this
time a thorough practical knowledge of their parts,
and those or their associates; that knowledge
which can be gained only by actual practice In ac
tual service. Valuable as may be the- mere rehear
sal, there is a point which it does not reach, be
cause the periormer cannot realise in It the feeling*
and Incidents which present themselves In tbs ac
tual public display. With little of this to learn at
first, the company has accomplished the task In
three nights, and on this and Tuesday evening will
give ob The opera free from flaw.
tTt would be difficult to arrange a more complete
or efficient np than that by which this opera
Is put on the stage. It Is true that there are some
little faults ditcernahle now that the plan Is spread
before us; many minor points In which Improve
ments might be effected, and which would be even
open for criticism were the programme covered
with names of prima Donnas and secondo Donnas
andtenores imported from Europe expressly for
this occasion, and bassos who - have been trained
from childhood to cater to a fastidious public taste,
and to live on the public breath. For Instance
there Is J. G. Lombard whoso rotund paunch, wig
ample and nicely set, and levring expression of
countenance verifies our Ideal of the burgomaster
to a dot. His attitudes are too in keeping with the
nart and are not overstrained, yet It
may he objected that he makes not
enough of difference in the quality
of bis tones to express the rapid transition from
overweening self-confidence to entire disappoint
ment, and the equally rapid recovery. But even
this defect—lf one it be—ls open to Jnstiflcatioa.
Lombard evidently feels that the limit most readily
fallen Into by the unprofessional is overacting, and
bo Is to be commended In choosing to err a very
little on the tight side rather than make ms char
acter ridiculous, in an opposite sense to that in
tended by the antbor, through an overdose of rant.
The game may be said of Messrs. Faulhahd\Root,
Pearson and Schultz in the respective cuaracters
of Czar. Xrnnboff, Syndhxm, and Chatciieuf. The
sin of each is rather of omission than a! commis
sion. and a very acute eye and car is needed to de
tect It at all. .
And what shall bo said of the way in which Miss
Main fills her part—that of Marla > Nothing. We
never saw a'more genuine personation of such a
character. Coquettish, bat nut inordinately'vain;
true-hearted under the mask offlfrtatlon, and show
ing the depth ol her love for Ivanhoe In every one
of the unfeurpassably natural postures, cortseylngs,
and tantalizing hmites which make to bum furious
ly the flame of jealousy in her lover's breast, and
came the interest of the audience to center at
times solely upon her. She Is frequently applauded,
but not specially, lor her vocalization; she is a lair
singer, and makes no pretensions to that ornate
display, tb&ttrllUngdtwilchiog .quivering, St. Vitus
dance motion of the vocal organs which
has made eo many ridiculous. She alms
to sing firstly, and shows by that very
choice that she has the genuine appreciation
of art, that conception of operatic requirement
which makestruthfulness the first sad last element
of vtndy, that truthfulness of acting which alone
draws off the mentality of the audience from its
own self and causes it to enter into the expressed
feelings ofthe actor, to sympathize In her joys or
sufferings. Mies Main bos shown In this opera
the possession ofa talent for which, perhaps, her
most sanguine friends did not give her credit. She
irnstbe seen to be appreciated.
*We have already said—in a former notice—that
“an orchestra equally effective has never yet given
better operatic accompaniment in the West." The
orchestra Is perfect. Fall and capable of the most
dlvcrsifleddieplay, well timed and toned, their ac
companiment 1s really what it should he. a true
symphony in itself and fitted to Interest of Itself.
Neither is it heavy. A much more meagre body of
instrumentalists has often drowned the voices of
: the singers. • Nothing :of this.ls heard in Bryan
Ball; but both are Judiciously attempered and
work together like two equal partners, neither
seeking to eclipse the other, bat reach iftklaj its
fall share of the work, and being equally credited
In Its performance.
Take it all In all the Czar and Carpenter as pre
sented by the W tnsical Union, is produced in such
a way as wo may look lor in vain from artists com
injrmncbfarther from home. The work Itself is
-fall of Interest, containin'* many passages, both
musical and dramatic, or exquisite beauty, and
should be witnessed by every one who lavs claim
to tbc possession of taste in either of these de
partments. Those who omit to attend will miss a
treat, an opportunity which occurs not often In
a lifetime.
Mb. Evans.—Evelyn Evans, the tragedian and
reader, has accepted Invitations to give selected
readings in Milwaukee, Racine, Madison and
Janesville, and left Chicago on Saturday to flit the
engagements. His previous reputation for high
talent has suffered none In, Chicago; he has uni
formly been listened to by numerous and delighted
A Strike Against Wild-Cats.— The Coopers arc
on a “strike.” One of their demands will meet
with the approbation of the whole community, ex
cept a few Individuals, viz: that their wages shall
ho paid*in greenbacks or National Bank-bills.
This lea “strike" we can cordially endorse; We
commend the example of the Cooper's Association
to all tbe other Trades Unions, and hope they wilt
lose no time in adopting It. The 15th .of Mav 1b
now at hand, when the resolution of the Board of
Trade lakes effect. An effort is being mada by
certain parties to nullify It. Let tbe whole body,
of Chicago workingmen resolve that alter the 15th
ol May greenbacks shall be the standard of curren
cy. If this be done, wild-cots will quietly disap
pear from circulation. The weekly wages of the
employed class In this city Is not less man
000. This sum paid in greenbacks and paid oat
again for living, will settle the currency question
in Chicago. AH the retail dealers hatchers aud
grocers will follow suit. Mannfectnrers will be
obliged to exact greenbacks in payment for their
wares in order to he able to pay their workmen the
same currency. Some merchants may continue to
receive wild-cat for goods, but they will have to ship
the stuff home, as nobody will take it off their
bands except tbe bankers at a shave. We go in for
the “strike" against wild-cats. Let the working
classes insist that their wages shall be paid In Un
cle Sam's which is safe, sound and con
Disbanding tbe Detectives —Tee Reason.
War.— I The reason is at last quite plain why tbe
dismissal of tbe wbole detective force has been de
cided on and accomplished. It has been avowed
by the treason-loving njiacegen organ Itself whose
cdi'or-la-cblef latterly has controlled the whole
municipal government In its Issue of yesterday
(Sunday) it makes a candid avowal of the reason;
it is this; that the Detectives have tune and then
caught a deserter from the army. The Times, with
its customary nntrnthfuloess, charges that they
have latterly been wholly employed in hunting oat
deserters. This Is not so, as their record will
jdiow. But this Is the gist of the whole matter.
That miserable sheet and Its supporters, hate the
government, and wish nothing more strongly than
that tbe armies of the Union should be disbanded
by desertion or otherwise, and whoever Interferes
to prevent this, is visited with their mortal hatred.
Depend upon it, the next step would be—lf they
had the power—to search the records for tbe name
ofcverv patrolman who has arrested a deserter,
and procure his discharge. They hate the govern
ment, and leave no stone unturned to clog its
wheels sad soenro its overthrow. Every action of
the Cerberus Police Board has been instigated with
this end In view. See how the cauldron bubbles
with tbe death’s head inside I See how tbe venom
rankles I No one who is guilty of ever Indirectly
aiding onr government in its efforts to suppress
the rebellion can he by them tolerated for a mo
Meteorological.—The following is the
meteorological record of the week coding Satur
day, April 30th, taken at Mottram's drug
store. No. 199 West Baodolnh street. The
temperature is taken in tbo shade. The direction
and force of the winds are. given approximately,
with tbe barometric altitudes, the small letters be
ing the initials of tbe words “high," “breeze,'
**gentle,” “veering," “rain," “snow," “moist
atmosphere," and “ diy”:
_ . WgW „ Rain to
Date. Prec’g B,v a. m. 2# p. m. 8X p. m. 8M p. m.
Sun 84 47 47 40 558
M 0..,. 40 54 51 47 .355
To .47 C 4 70 61
We.. 44 43' 42 81
Th .03 62 46 40 *
Frf 87 64 53 43
Sat 33 61 47 40 .416
8K a, m.
2# p. m. 8# p.m.
Date. Merc’y. Wind. Merc’y 'Vlad. Msrc’y.WtndJ
Btm .. .2) CO N. g. 29.05 NW. g. 29.1* W. rr
Mo .29.12 NW.g. 29 09 W.g. 29.15 m.l
Tn .29.27 W.g. 29.80 W.g. 29.25W5Wg
We 29.59 N. Wi%. 29 41 N. £ 29.fi NE. g
Th...;. 29A0 E. b. 22.45 N. E. b. 29.4n N.B
Fri 29.45 N. b. 2MU N. E.g, 29.33 N. b
Bat 29.50 N. ff. 29.27 N. g. 29.25 m. a.
The Pittsbubo Fair.— There was a meeting
held at Bryan Hall on Saturday In the interest of
the Pittsburg Sanitary Commission. The ladies
of the city were present In considerable numbers,
and a disposition to do all In their power In aid of
this noble charity was manifested. There is little
doubt but that the city of Chicago will be Israel?
represented at the Fair, and that the display of
useful and ornamental wares on that occasion will
equal that oftbe Prtsburg display af our North
Western Fair, Tbo meeting was organized by the
choice of Mrs. Lo Moyne as Chairman, and Mr*.
Hosmcr as Secretary, Mrs. Tlnkbam, who was ap
pointed by the Pittsbnig ladles, having resigned
A committee was appointed from each of the
churches oftbe city to solicit contributions. This
is the beginning of the enterprise on the part of
the ladies. • The end will be seen in the accumula
tion of articles of utility and ornament at some
point to bo hereafter designated.
Brigadier Generall Hansom,— This distin
guished officer, ohe of Illinois bravest sons, and
one who has done the Republic great service on
manybattle-flelda,andwhowaa last wounded at
the battle of Pleasant mil, Louisiana, la expected
to arrive In this city Sunday or Monday. General
Ransom has a reputation for gallantry and military
judgment possessed by few oftbe Major Generals
oftbe army. Wc trust he will receive a reception
befitting his fame. He left New Orleans on tho
95th instant. It is proper to say that none of the
blame of the unfortunate Issue of tho Louisiana
Expedition attaches to General Hansom.
Funeral of Db. Cherxet.— The funeral of the
late Dr. Lncicn P, Cbeeney took place from the
Bishop's Church on West Washington street, and
the day being fine was attended by a large number
of Ibe private friends and personal admirers of the
deceased, as well as an unusually numerous "ath*
ering of the Masonic brethren of which order Br
Chceneywas a popular member of the highest
grades being a Knight Templar. Tee Interment
took place in the family vault at Bosehill ceme
LOCAL, matters.
J. I. J,— We notice that our tripplfe Wend, J.
J. Jennings, always marked* for the excellence of
his Wf«-coat work (painting)—though hia signs
always do praise him—has removed to new Sad
more commodious quarters at TO No. Randolph
Holland-Bclgie Club. —An adjourned
meeting of the Bolland-BeJgic Club, will be held
on Tuesday, the 3d day of May next at the house
of Mr. Modesto Wildenbergr, Nos. 16 and 0 Kmzie
street, at half-past seven o’clock in the evenin'*.
All Hollanders and Belgians are earnestly invited
to attend.
Prompt.—Abner Kirby of Milwaukee had a
cargo of tO,COO bnsh.ds of wheat on the “Cream
City,”.wrccked at Milwaukee on the 27th day of
April. The wheat was insured for $ «0,000 with tbe
Astna Insurance Company of Hanford, Connecti
cut, the managers of which, with commendable
promptness, paid over the whole amount of thejln
eurance on the 2Sth—the day alter the catastrophe.
That is the way to do business, and it strikes ns os
being just the way to get business to do.
Dr. James Hunter on tbe Treatment of
Editors Chicago Tribune
Of all tbe chronic diseases to which the lungs are
subject, there is perhaps, not one which is more
certainly curable, or which manifests more speedi
ly the beneficial influence of direct treatment, than
spasmodic asthma. Except in those aggravated
forms of this disease in which tbe air cells and
bronchial tnhes of the diseased part are already de
stroyed and disorganised, core ia almost certain to
follow a steady and proper nao of remedies by in
halation. A successful Issue In cases of very long
standing—as flflten, twenty, and even thirty years
—is only a question of.time. There are no incur
able orcanlc changes. Asthma is almost wholly
a functional disease. The chief organic difficulty
to be overcome is the thickcned'and indurated
state ofthemnens membrane. Induced. In oldcispg,
by the long continuance of the chronic bronchitis
on which asthma mainly depends.
But while asthma is so certainly curable, and so
promptly responds to a proper treatment—encour
aging ns by great relief ana improvement almost
from the outset—there is not In the whole cata
logue of ilia to which humanity la liable, one which
requires a more penttering employment of the
means to attain the desired end. Nor is there one
which, when partially cured, eo readily relapses
It* 0 A . old condition, undoing Ina few days all
that It has required months to attain. To radical
ly unroot an inveterate functional disease, like
asthma, in a constitution morbidly susceptible to
every injurious Influence, requires necessarily a
considerable length of time. As a rale, slxmoalhs
should be set apart by all old asthmatics for their
treatment, while mild and recent cases require ser
erfi booths to effectually break them up. X have
seldom met with a relapse in asthma when the pa
tient could be induced to continue the treatment
for several months after tne last symptom had dis
Ism the more particular tn enforcing this to
save those suffering from asthma from being over
sanguine of rapid cure, and to dissuade them from
the snicldal folly of regarding themselves as cared
almost aa soon as they are relieved. I would not
nave them commence treatment with hopes, which
the very nature of the disease ought to teach them
cai.not be realized.
S°™ e should be pursued In the treat*
ment of asthmatic cases may bo briefly sammtd op
as follows;—purine the fit we require to relax the
spasm and afford relief: while In tba Jotormla be
tween the paroxysms, those means must be em
ployed which are to remove the cause and prevent
the reotrrence of subsequent attacks. I’he urst is
8 E5 11 4 Both arc applied
by inhalation. The inhaling Instrument Is charged
seven! times a day with antl-tpasmodlc, tedati m
or (uUratite medicines, adapted to the particulari
ties of the case, and used for tea minutes to a
quarter of an hour at each time In addition to
this the room In which the patient sleeps is nightly
charged with a medicated vapor (generated by
chemical reaction, or by burning pastilcs,) thereby
keeping up an almost constant action on the dis
eased surface.
As the case progresses from one stage of the cure
to another, the remedies are rendered less sooth
ing and more stimulating, until the lungs are grad
. J brought to bear with Impunity the moat now
*rfnl stimulants. When this condition la folly ob
tained wc change from one active remedr to anoth
er. until a complete tolerance of almost every exci
ting influence Is established. Buying accomplished
this, we gradually withdraw the treatment, and at
the end of another month suspend It altogether;
the patient is cored.
. Your obedient servant,
The writer of the above letter having returned
from New York, may be consnlted'personally, d li
ly, from 10 a.m. to Bp m., at his office 88 Washing
ton street, Chicago.
Generous*—Wo gladly give publicity to the
following document. It shows that the firemen of
onr city are not only efficient hut generous:
Received from the Firemen's Benevolent' Ass
ociation the sum of S7OO for the Catholic orphans, of
Chicago, which donation Is hereby gratefully ac
knowledged by the .Treasurer.
(Signed) Janes,
Bishop of Chicago.
Corcoran Guards.—Captain Peter Caldwell
Is recruiting a company under this name for tue
Hancock regiment, one hundred days' service, and
has already made good headway. Those who wish
to Join their fortunes with him should call on him
at No. 11l Monroe street. Bis P.0.80x is No.
Last Party of tlio Season.—The School
Soirees of the Chicago Dancing Academy will close
with the annual May Party, Tuesday evening, May
Bd. Friends and patrons are invited.
Blny.Pnrty.—The annual May Parly of the
Chicago Dancing Academy will bo held on Tuesday
evening. May id, being the closing party of (be sea
eon. Friends and patrons are Invited.
J. Edwin Martins.
Corns, bunions, and diseased nails, instan
taneously cured by a process peculiar to Dr. Ken
dall. which dispenses with the operation of cut
ting. Office 41 Prescott Bouse, South Clark street,
comer of Van Boren. op':0-e92-3t
Diseases or ttaeNervouS) Seminal. Uri
nary aud Sexual System*.—New and relia
ble treatment—in reports of tbe Howard Associa-.
tion. Sent by mall in scaled letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address D. J. Sklllon Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 3 South Ninth street, Phila
delphia, Pa. _______ mh3o-bds9-3m
EP“W. 1. Lawrence, Dentist," D 3 Washington
street. Dr. L. has practiced dentistry fifteen
years. ap27-dBCI-9t
A New Perfume for llie Handkerchief.
Phalon's “ Night Blooming Ccrena.” "
Phalon’s “Night Blooming Ccrcua.” <
Phalon's “ Night Blooming Ccrens.”
Phalon's “ Night Blooming Ccreas."
Phalon's “ Night Blooming Cereos. 1 '
Phalon's “Night Blooming Cereos.
Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cereus.”
A roost exquisite, delicate and fragrant Perfume,
distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from
which it takes its name. Manufactured only by
PHALON & SON, New York.
Bewnre of Counterfeits.
Ask for Phalon's—Take no Other.
Sold by Druggists generally. apZ^dSll-lmso
fl * ES?” House and Sign Fainting, Colclmlng,
Glazing and Graining. Paper Hangings ahd Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
York prices. P. £. Riobt. 81) Randolph street.
Box 6863. myi-cllD-lm
Gax. Fixture*.—A large assortment embrac
ing the latest and richest low prices.
Fitting promptly attended to. J. wisoiiave. Jr
A Co., 84Randolph street. ‘ ap22-d!6O-lm
Go to the Best— oo to Bryant St Stratton's
Chicago Commercial College, to get a thorough
S radical business education. For circulars od
rcss (enclosing stamps) Bryant * Stratton, Chi
cago, Illinois,
Gas Fixture* —An entire new stock oi the
latest designs at the lowest market price. Gas
Fitting thoroughly and promptly done. Pbteb
60N A Patterson, 68 Washington street.
Gas Fixtures.—Call and see my new styles.
Pricesaslowasthelowest. Gus Fitting to order.
Carbon Oil, Chandeliers, Ac,
IT. M. Weucarth, 182 Lake street.
Pension and Bounty Blank*.
For sole at the UmcAQo Tribune Omcs, 61
Clark street.
The scries Is complete, and the forms are accu
rate, conforming In every respect to the Instruc
tions from the Pension Office. AH the forms per
taining to an application are printed npon one
sheet, embracing toe Declaration of the Applicant,
tbe Affidavits of Witnesses, the Certificates of the
Magistrate, Power of Attorney, Clerk’s Certificate.
Ac., Ac., with ample blank spaces.
Chicago, m.
Application for Transfer of Pension. .
Application for Prize Money.
Application of Widow or Mother for Payment of
Application of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of
Claim of Heirs for Arrears.
■ Claim for Horse and Equipment.
Commutation of Rations for Exchanged Prison
er War,
Descriptive Rolls.
Disabled Soldier's Declaration for BoontyMoney
(Act of March 3,1853.)
Father's Application for Bounty Money and Ar
Guardian's Declaration of Minor Children for
Cpunty Money and Arrears.
Gnardian's Declaration of Minor Children fo
Guardian's Declaration of Orphan Slater for
Invalid Pension Claim.
Mother's Appllcaton for Pension.
Officc’r Certificate of Soldier's Disability.
Officer's Certificate to Death of Soldier.
Oath of Allegiance.
Power of Attorney to Draw Soldiers Pay.
Soldier's Declaration for Bounty Money, Ar
rears, &c.
Surgeon's Certificate of Soldier's Disability.
Surgeon's Biennial Examination.
Widow's Declaration for Bounty Money and Ar
Widow's Declaration for Pension. ap3-blooo-2t
We send them post paid, at tbe rate of 73 cents
per quire, upon the receipt o! the money.
Address. Tribune Company,
On Sunday evening. May Ist, by the Rev. Mr. Smith,
at tbe rwMonee of Janus H. smfth. (lute of St. Lonln).
Mr. JOHN c. McFAUL, of St. Louis, to Miss SAULIE
P.SVITH. No cards. .
HIT* Cincinnati and St. Louis papers please copy.
In'Alden, HI., on Friday, April Wtb, by-Rev. Dr.
F. GARNSKT, both oi Alden. Nc cards.
In Oswego, 5. T.. by the R«*v. A. C. Treadway.
Llcrateoant-Cormnander J. IT. RUSSRII, U.S.N.. and
Mbs, CORNELIA P, TREADWAY, daughter oi the
officiating clergyman
In this city, Saturday, April Stth, of dropsy. LA
BEL! A VIRGINIA, daughter of J Milton Smith, and
beloved wife of Clark M. Gleb, accd 21 years.
Fcneral to-day (Monday* at 3K P. M., from tho
comerofdrchardßtrfet an4North avenue. Friends
ol the family are invited withont farther notice.
137” Cincinnati papers please copy.
Tn this city, at the residence cf Ms son, M 4 West
I.*kp. street, on Saturday, April 3Hh, THOMAS c.
WtBSIEK. aged 74 years.
Tlie Railroad Time Table*
Deport, Arrive,
Detroit Express 6: 1 5 a.m. 8:25a.m
Detroit Express i:.... MOp.m. ll:l3a.re
Detroit Express 9:45 o.m. 10:30 p.m
Morning Express 6:15 a.nu 10:30 p.m.
Night Express 9:45 p.m. 6:25 a.m.
’DayExpress .....
(■Evening Express
(♦Night Express...
. 6.15 a.m. *10:30 p.m.
, 6:40 p.m. :00a.m.
.10:00 pjn. tKfcSOp.a.
•Day Impress &J6ajo. *10:30 p.m
tErcningExpress 6:40p.m, *Jfl:ooa.m
Dsj Express fcSOajn. aSss.m.
, ~HtExpir -- -
- _ emu.
Day Express 6:30 a.m. 0:35 a.m.
Mght Express 9:10 pjn, 10:30 p.m,
Day Passenger &45 am. p.m.
Night Express 9:10 p.m. iMajn.
•Urhanna Accommodation. 4:00 p.m. Sat’days only
Hyde Park Train *1:00 a.m. 3.30 a.m.
Hyde Park Train.; .12:00 m. t.>s p.m
Hyde Park Train 6:55 p.m. £45 pja.
•ilall ana Accommodat'n. 5:00 a.m. •9:10 p.m.
•Day, Express ftßoa.ni. 13:30 a.m.
tNight Express. ... 10:10 p.m. * *lO 30 pm.
tCin. & tools fine Express. 0:10 p.m. 8:35 a.m.
Leave Pittsb’g. Sri'Oa.m. 4:36 pja. 1 8:45 p.m.
1 u Harriab’g. l:00pjn. 2:45 ajn. 5:00 a.m.
Arrive PWla..,. B;Sop.m. 7700 a.m. 10:00 a.m.
N. xork
•* N. York
viaPhila. 10:00 p.m. IftOOta. ±45 p.m.
" Baliim’e . B;40 p.m; 7:00 a.m. ifcMaSu
w Wash’n.. 9:00 p.m. 10:25 aim. 6:00 o.m.
f™? n Passenger 9:30 a.m. 1:50 p.m.
Wilton Passenger. 11:40 p.m. I*lo a.m.
freeport Passenger teOOam. 4:2opm.
Bockford, Elgin, Pox Hirer
and State tine 4:00 pja. 11:10 a.m.
Geneva Passenger 6:Sop.m, 8:30 a.m.
Mail passenger B*o ajn. Wo p.m.
Night passenger 9:80 p.m. i.iri
Joliet and Wilmington Ac- * In *
comm oda lion 4:83 pja. ifl*“n am
Day Express and Mail 9:46 a.m. 4»4snTn
Night Express 11:80 pim. - iSSIS*
JoUet Accommodation .4.00 p.m. 9*4oa!m!
Night Express........ .....11:30p.m. 5:45 a.m..
Mendota Accommodation.. 4:00 pjn. 10*30 ajn.
m 1:00 p.m. 11:35 a.m.
Night Accommodation ilsia pjn. 11:13 p.m*
■ • 5:30 pan. 8:60 a.m.
Morning Passenger.-. 9:00 ami. 6:30 a.m.
SftJil?** 8 1:00 pjn. 12:15 p.m.
Night Passenger ... 8:00 turn &10 p.m.
‘ TSpnoaja excepted. + Saturdays excepted
t Mondays excepted. J
V-' —The firm name of Ahlel Akin * Co. la this dav
Chvoeed to AKIN. HURLBOT A CO., anl THOMAS
ABIb is admitted Into partnerahlp wlth-ua^
Chicago, May 2d, 1864. ARIEL AKIN,
xnji-ein st j.h.HUhlbUT.
UH- Itifftonstreet, between Clark and Dearborn-ala
A Sp'ctdld‘New Programme.
"With beautiful new scsisry, appointments anl cos*
temfc*. First week of Mr. i>. w. Arrswom’U, the
splendid Flut'dst. First week of Mr.
i;uflT%llcdTetor Flrrt wocUo? me I Kilt dLf CURB
Sir. I’cproon, LaM.icrsUna,SMW f’orae tp.«fcc.,±c.
Sfstfncc Saturday. Slay 7th. at S o’clock. D »ors open
a* 7 o’eloci.'. coriimenrlrg .i" SP. M. Ad;ui-*iloo. A)
C nla. Seale teemed Uwcu:h tits d »y, 50 cents. Pri
vate Boxes. 13. BUWES Kaul.iT. Manager,
mjl eISS-lw
McYICKER’S theatre,
Madifou street, State and Detrblnn.
Proprietor aid Manager.. J. B. Me Ticker.
CHARGE OP TlME.—Doors open at half past 7;
performance commences ai a o’clock.
‘ Last week, positively of tie popular Equestrienne
actress, *
And herbeautUul Bor?e WOSDBIL
■Wltn«»*d evety night lait week by axt
tutkcm. eomposedof the Enriß aod Fanniowof the
city, who teeilUed their aoproval of the a “
aceomplished actrers, by ttNaHiaocs appiausi asd
height has been Mnce the first production of the
piece,making the daf lug ascent of the borso W 1 ! cap
tive to the suMjnr op tub Tubatu*. moro effective
in this e*tabli*tm* a nt than any Theatre tnibe country.
Don’t fail to see MAZKPPA-
fjT Monday. May 9ih, GRATJ'3 ITALIAN OPERA
COL. J.H, WOOD t CO^...Proprietors and Managers
A.D.BRADLKY Director of Amusements
The beantifal three act Comedy of the
Bernard, Mr. Frank Aiken; Sir Crccsna (first appear*
a»co),Mr.Tboa. O’Bccket; Marian Lceann, Mrs. Pi-r
--rin;lAdvUarhottls (Qf *t appearance) ,_Mri. O. S toneall
A. > E w AS D ELEC! ASTpAHI.»>R SCENE has been
painted by the eminent gceofe Anl-e.
To conclude with th c Force of tbs
paddy Byan, with tong .Mr. Jobs DPl'm.
NOTICE —The umrasement having received numer
ous letter* from tome ol oar most prominent citizens,
taking that the great di ama of the
May not be ■wholly withdrawn, announce that In com*
rllsncewlib these rconesis it win bo again repeated
i>inoriow,TUKSDa.T EVENING. Srd, also, on
Thurway eveningacd Saturday afternoon,
ALTEKAI ION OF TlMK—Doore to Lecture Room
open at half-past?. Perionaance will commence at 8
o'clock precisely.
PRlCES.—Admission to Museum and Lecture Boom.
Z’> catu Children under twelre years, 15 cents. Dress
extra. • Prtvaw Boxes,
SSasdfs. No extra charge for Reserved Setts. Box
Book opes fTnm io A. M- to SP. u. Doors of Lecture
Room opm at 'K o’clock- Curtain rise* at 8 o'clock.
Carriages should call at 10&
Tickets to Matinee. 2C cents, admitting the holder to
all parts of tie hoore.
t3T The Great Mnsonm.wlth its over 220,000 Carl*
oildes! The Invisible Lady! The Enormoaa Atrerl*
can Glant'esl .Eight Feet nigh, and weighing over
MOpcundr! will appear nightly. Mlai Amer,2: years
old, aca 80 Inches High! the finest Smalt Lade m the
World* myl-elSllw
Will be performed by tt e
The first translation into Bug lab by
A COMIC OPERA, du Three Acts, for Five Sights
only, In
As follows: Thursday Evening, Apnl 28th; Friday
Evening, April 29; Saturday Evening. April 81; Mon*
day Evening, May 2; and Tuesday Evening, May 3;
with orchestra of 2* pieces, chorus of over W, cos*
tnmes, scenic effects, and appropriate appointments.
PETER THE GREAT. Emperor of Russia, under the
as-umed name of Peter Ulcbaclow, as Carpenter,
Mb. O. Fattulibbb.
PETER IYANOFF. a Russian Carpenter, ,
VAN BETT, Burgomaster of Saardam,
MARIA.bis nelce Miss A. Maix.
MBS. EKO Wit Mbs. C. B* WHTTB.
ADMIRAL LEFOBT. Km slan Ambassador,
Mb. J. H Bboss.
LORD SEND HAM, English Ambassador.
dor '. Mb. E. Scuou
Cborua of Carpenters and Inhabitants of Sa&rdam.
The whole under the direction of
The sale of Tickets will commence onMonday, April
25tb,at9A.M , at the Principal Hotels, Music store?,
and Book Stores, and at the ofQceof the President o'
the Society, 106 Lake street. Reserved Scats, without
extra charge, for any or all of tbe above nights, may
be secured only upon application at lOOTite street.
Price of Ticket*, $1; Price of Libretto,
35 cents.
Parties from abroad may obtain tickets and re
served scats for any of the above nights, by remitting
tbe mon* y with proper Instructions, addressed to Geo.
R. Chittenden.
Gentlemanly ushers will be in attendance at each
Owing to the enormous expense Incurred by the
Society, tbe Free List la entirely suspended
Carriages will set down attendants on Clark street,
beaded north, and take them up headed south.
Doors open at 7; performance to commence at 8
o’clrck precisely. The performance will close about
a quarter patt ten o'clock. . a024-d657-8t
Clapp, Stanley & Co.’s
Depleting everv featnre of interest from the firing of
the nm aim down to the great Cavalry Raid
by Kilpatrick, Interspersed with sterling
With the ir.ort Astonishing Illusions and Mechanical
Effect?, on a style of stnpencons grandeur
□ever before attempted.
Commencing on "Wednesday Evenin'*,
The horrors of the battle-field, fierce and deadly
conflict?, the otn of battle and the crash of war are
rt presented with life-like vividness.. The thunder of
the cannon and the battle-field fall noon the ear of the
audience. The fire sad smoke of the advancing hos‘3.
and their desperate charges ore seen. The tearful
work of carnage and doitb are presented with a dU
imctneseandvivldncsaroocklogrealii}. By the aid
of extensive and Intricate mactunerv,mechanical a>
pUancrp, chemical effects and ingenious dloramtc ac
companiments, never beicre introduced In this conn
try. the audience can almost iiuaelne th' ma.dves ac
tnol spectators of the subll: e and stlrrlrg scenes rep
resented. fbc surface of each vlev is so artistically
arranged that the beholders may distinctly traverse
with ihe eve an entire barle-fleltl. or fellow the move
ments of the Grand Army, from the outbreak efthe
rebellion to the present ilmo.
Admission 25 cents; Children under 9 years Of
agc,lsccnt?. Scat? secured during the dry, 25 cen's
extra, lobonadatiJlgglua’ and and Root & Cady’s
Mr ale Stores.
3 o’clock. myNciJMt
TsoAßDlNG—Pleasant roomswith hoardmavbe
X> lound ot 229 Michigan street, Nonh Side, a short
dhtance west of Rush -treet bridge. Also aiew day
boarders accommodated. my 2 0197-2t
F>ARDING.— Respectable botrd wanted for
father, grown s in, nnd daughter, and a pleimnt
iniio hor five years cW. on the ?ou(h Sids.not too far
from Tribune office. Two sleeping rooms only re
quired. Address, with terms. &c.; 10 Box l«). Post
Office. ■ mjl-eIJS-2:
BOARPING.-Tbc entlreparlcr floor at No 98
I.asallo street, corner or washlnztoa. will be va
cated In a Jew dav». The rooms are linro nndnlei
tant. Inoiilro ataiLasalloet. J. C. SUEPLEY.
WANTED— Correspondence. One of the sons of
Alar?, on who»c t( cutueon Is ln»crlned th-. names
of something less ihanti tlir>n?airt ba*tle?.bntwho«
banners have ever proved invincible to th- shafts of
love, now throws tlmsclf at the fo»-.tof that throne,
invoking the prayer? ofa few o’ Eve’* fil-Flon-ilitprs,
that he tray, when tn? "cruel war’’lsover.bewre?te-i
IromthedoomofoU bnchelort§Tn. Would you,dear
girls, heal the lacerations or a bleeding heart, relieve
the cenof of camp life, nour the of! oflovc on Ills
troubled bOFom, through the medium of your pens for
fnn, aid, if mutually agreeable, the conseoncnccs.
Photo? exchanged. N. B.—No attention pall to oom
mnnlcation? from widows upon tne sh idv 01 ipe of h-ijf
a century. Address FRANKLIN T ELMERS. Battery
O.Second Illinois Light Artillery Columbus, Ky.
myg«eiS2dt - . ■ J
T OOT.-A srasll Spotted Coach Dot, about thr«c
JLJ months nld, strayed from 48 North Carpenter-st.
pnFrlear afternoon. April iOth—a quite fine saott-d
block rather most blacWon his back and
nearly while tall; hns a bald spot about an inch or so
in diameter on his leftside, cinsel.br the bice of a
dog in a rabid state, and was under medical exner’-
meut for the same. A libera! reward win oe aaln for
bla return to 48 North f'arpcater street. a? the medical
men It tercstcd would like to complete their exact!*
ILaHetnanh'g Spmfo-
U 8 ».
LALT.F.MAND*B SPECIFIC wtiTnot cure all dls
sases. It will cure
Rheumatism, Coot and Vcnraljla.
1:65 p.m.
Hundreds have certified to this fact.
?or Sale by all Druggist*. Price. Oct
Dollar per Bottle.
j b. BLOOD. Sole Agent,
•j4 North Fifth street, St. Louis.
J. H. SE&D * CO.,
elegant summer resort, bavins been ro-leased
by Captain Van Alien for a term of years, aai
gone a thorough renovating, will be opened on the
• IST OF AX AY* 1564.
This hoa-e is delightfully situated sir miles south oi
Chicago, on the shore of Lake Michigan • by
railroad almost hourly; admlrahly ad-ipicd for tho
comfort of ."nests—and F* annas, Pasticpl-lbly;
beautiful «enery and delightful walks; fhUliflo* for
boating, bathing acd fishing unsdrpnssoJ. Billiard
hall and bowline alley will he epen aud conducted
with strict propriety. In brief, no effort will be w *nt
inc to render tee Hyde Pavfc uou-«e a delightful earn
mcr resort. Capfala VanAll>*d Is ple*w»il tosnnonnee
that tchas associated himself with Mr.C. Krsnk tier
ary late of tho Parker House, Boston, and tbe bn-i-
Dtsshereaecr welt conducted under the firm of Vaa
Alien & Hetvey.
2f. b.— Carriages and horses provided at short notice.-
Families desirous of securing rooms wi:i please ad
dtefsP.O. •Jhlcnvo. 111., or apply in parson
to Hvdc Parle House. \AN ALLIES SsIIESsBY,
api7-df2i'‘.’m-Trew-BATBec Proprietors.
Bcspeettofi* call the aAentlonof Bnainln men and
Use Travelling Community to the .superior accommS
da lion and comfort offered In their
•eMmttMm-ttewla . HAHAGA, FOWIJSs *Co
Oa Uondaj, May 3d, at 9 1-3 O'clock,
At dwelling 2#7 wajolngton street, comer of Franklin,
the entire f vulture of a family, consisting of
and kitchen rouNircuß.
ap27d79t-ot Auctioneers.
Ob MOKDAY, May 3d, at 9# o’clock.
At Dwelling Ns. 248 Nortk lasallo Street
The entire furniture consisting of Parlor, Chamber
Dtcing-room snd Kitchen Furniture, Bru«»lls, rnr«
Ply and Ingrain Carpet*. Crocker /, r.l vuware. ic.
•• * WSL A. BCrrERS A t 0.,
apSOeTSSt Auctioneer*.
Btuseells and Velvet Carpets
' On THURSDAY, May sth. 3
Commencing at 9K o’clock each morning
At Butters’Auction Room In Portland Block, earner
of Dearborn and Washington street*.
Owing to the Immense amount of furniture sent to
ns to sdl at our rooms wo mall hold a tnreo days aale
as above. Among tbe lot la some very rich p*nor and
chitnhcrsHs. We shall hold onr “ regular Saturday
Sc** ” WM. A. BUTTERS A CO..
apyveT?-4t • Auctioneers.
On TUESDAY, May 3d. at 9K o’clock at Batters*
Auction Boom i. In Portland Block, corner of Dear*
born and Wa-binaton streets, a lance another o!
Lever and other movements.
The above are a part of the stock of a dealer, and
ore of excellent quality.
ap&eHt WIL A BUTTSES *CO Atcfrs.
NESDaT, May lltb. at £>S o’clock A. M., at Butters*
Auction Booms, in Portland Block, corner of Dear
born sbd v atthlnctoo streets. we shall sell by cata
logue upwards of*lo,ooo worth of Staple ury Goods,
cooslttlog of pnnis. brown and bleached sheetings*
denims. ticks, atnpes, deUlncs. and a well selected
stock of dress poods, ginghams, coaslmerea, shawls,
hosiery, thread. &c.
Also ahentito yards ofilren suitable for gents wear.
? be above goods have Jm t been received Cre.»h from
J»ew York, and the sale will be peremptory and with
out reserve. Terms cash.
npt*£»4t ATM. A. BUTTERS & CO., Auct’rs.
W A?*TEl> A flrat-clast teanuter, American or
TT Ofrinao preferred— mu»r hare pood r<*’orenc«.
Address with reference J.DKLANO.BaxSBQ.
wANTED—A flrsrrate cook,waaher’and imnor
tT can bear of a good situation In a small fiirallT.
with liberal wacee, by addressing J H T,” Dor wa
P°« Office, or *ppl«Ugat otllco *<'o.6, Board of Trade
Bnlldlng, South water street. &«nene>*d apply who
cannot furnish the best reference* as to character and
ability. __ roy.-eJO’Wt
WANTED— Any one haTlnp a eood. light, open o
y* top bnegy which Urey wUl*"11 ehaap. win hea
of apurchaser dj addressing"BLH,,’ P. O.Box ISJJ.
I li PORTED LIQUORS, GRO- Wanted-t., >-*
Rich household fur m
On WhDNfiSOAY, May 4th, at 9)f o'clock, at
Swelling 237 Michigan avenue,
AU the furniture, consisting of rich parlor, chamber
dicing room and kitchen furniture,Telret and Orus*
■elecaipe'a, cctna and glassware, cooklns stores. Ac*
Alto—a splendid cab’net piano forte, rosewood cose
7-octare, made by Stoddard, New York. Cost S&W.
All can be seen on the moraine of the sale.
, , n ... UU. A* BUTTERS <fc CO.,
mjl-eICO-lt Auctioneers.
VANTT.D—To let wltu boarJ by the Ist of May, a
11 eutt of rwm* In second siory at 34 Washington
street next to comer Wabash aveotm* Would prefer
wr*® or toar gentlemen waotpJeh to room toirether.
r t±eSp or lo,f P r,ced board not apply.
At Batters' Auction Rooms, in Portland Block, corner
of Dearborn and Washington streets
10 quarter casks pore Imported Brandy, half pipes
Holland Gin. brls Whisky, pare Grape Wine, and
French Brandy and Whisky In hot*lea. Also a large
lot of Or c cedes. Wil. A.80T1883 & CO.,
ap37*d*96-9t Auctioneers.
Elegant Household Furniture,
On MONDAY, Mag 2d, at 0% o’clock, wo will sell at
the residence, •
Between Jackson and Van Boren streets.
The entire Furniture of a lamilj breaking up house
keeping, consisting of superior
STOVES, Ac,, &r..
Oll’TbO, 0.U., Ul«
ap39*d%(Mt GILBERT & SaMPSON, Anct’rs.
JL9 Auctioneers, 44,46 and ->8 Dearborn st.
noi'Ni;noL» fkr^itiube.
Pictures, Stewart's and Other Cook Stoves, Ac.,
On TUESDAY, May 3d, at 9# o'clock we will sell at
enrsaeroomsa large variety of superior njw and
secondhand Parlor. Bedroom and Chamber Farm*
tnre, Cottage and French Cnamhcr Suita, Brn«ells
and Ingrain Carpets, Silver Plated Tea Set, Fork* and
Spoons, Uattiaesef, Paxpaak Curtains, Pointings
Crockeir, OUsswarc, Kitchen Ware, Tin Ware, one
Stewart's Booking Store with all the furniture com
plete in perfect order, only used a few mouths, also
three other good ones. OlLßttllT at 3 AIiESOS,
apSO-t74-4t Auctioneers
AUCTION.— B y Eankin & Lie
bensteln. Chattel mortgage sale of
On TUESDAY MORNING, May 3d, at o’clock,
we will sell byorde-ofthe mortgagee, all the furni
ture contained In the house
338 Hadlioii Street^
Near Lasalle, consisting of bedsteads, mattresses
feather beds and pillows, china, tables, bed comfort
ere. looking glasses, chamber ware, settees, crockery
glassware. &c. RANKIN & LIEBENST.ELN.
n.yi-clir-3t . Auctioneers.
14 OR SALE—Two span of Carriage Horses, Tor
style aoq qnalitv none belter lathe city. They
at "■ i*llklngtoa’s, Avenue Stable. 47 and
40 i> abash avenue, myi-e—21
T7OR SALE—Grocery store, lea«c, fixtures Ac. Just
X . the iejuih for an enterprliing German. Address
“iv,*» at this office. my 3-e222-6t
TO RENT— orSvle—A pood home and barn and
twojouj la Evanston, 111. Inquire of OjP. rfOS
tkß, 217 tenth Water at. cut, or to J. D. BFQuA.
Evanston, April 3i. mya-eUtlt
"C*OR SALE— Or to rent, the Grain' Elevator on
X South Wnter street, occupied by Walker, Bron-on
*Lo., or a-e will sell the machinery attached to the
bonding, which la about 75 hone power. myl-oi3;-7s
■OOll SALE—A saloon with fixtures and Brans-
J- latiiard table, doing a good trade. Address
P.O. £OXS37i. myl-el»o4t
L'OR SALE—Tuba and etsterna. A lot of pine and
X vbitcwoodtuDsof uttferont sizes. H. H. SHU
irJSIDT, SO and 56 tionth Water st. myl-ol3t-3t
T7OR SALE—Two Engine Lathes, 18K and 18 Inch
Xyswlig.andS ana 9 feet beds. One Drilling M*
chine, email Engine, Boiler and SkaWae. Apply a
102 ,treM * R * T * CRANE & Bill).
L'OR SALE—A set of Rectifiers, comprising Mix
X er. Receiver and two Rectifier?, capacity zi br
each, capable of nmnlng ten brls a day of spirits an
whisky. In working order and well situated for bus
ne?s. Bent of premise* low. Apply Box TOfi p. O
Chicago. ** 4 apSo.c6T-06
T7OR SAIJE-2CCO fat Hoes. SCO fat Cattle. A>
ply at Enterprise MJIU, Warsaw, 111. apGo*^23t
I? OR SALE—S4OO Cedar Posts, lylaz adjacent to
• the track of the B&Q.R. B. Price, |UJt
per homDed by the car load, or fll.OO per hundred for
the let. Addrers Box 96 Chicago P.O. aptt-e2T4t
r’OR PAl^E—One boiler, 42 inches in diameter, 26
feet long, with 14 fcch flues, and In tirst i-te
order. Appiyat C.REISSI» & CO.’a Foundry, at loot
of J»ckßon street and the river. West Side, or to w.
R. SMITH’S Planing MUI, corner State st. and R. R.
crossing. »p3-d9i3-4t
FOR SALE—Or to Rent—Machine chop, tool? and
natures. Also for snlo. a second-hand boiler. 12
n °»pl:Sl 0 B - F - Ri:2nr^»l2 Metropolitan Block.
FOR SALE—Two Plan: e—An upright 7 octave
Rosewood, and a 1U octave, truest Gaoler**
make. Almost new. both splendid and la good coc-
S, 5 * .?£L ol2jar io street, east of North
Clark. A.L.DANTZ. »pr7-dBlWw
"J7OR SALE—Pianos and Melodeon*. Two second
X liand Pianos—price 8 ; 0 and *79. One Billard Ta
blc, made by Michael Phelan, N. Y., wiib combination
cushions, marble top, balls, cues and counters com
mlcfc—price 5275. Ros*-wocd Veoear* for sale. r#p tir
ing aid irtmrqne, at US South Dearborn street,on to*
se c,) jnd ffopr.by J. PRESTON, Port Office Box im
PALE—Packing House—the bKt~packlni
x hoo?e In the dty. Bolldmcs all brick ami stone.
Large, having all the modern improvements,
capahie of slaughtering and packing 1500 to 2000 hove
per oav, nrd.2so bead of cattle. Veraelaand cars come
to the door? and receive and d!*cha»e cargoes ILvi
been ip use last winter only. For particulars addreu
P.Box U79. Hp23-d5-‘i:-yd
SALE —A Dintilfery, 800
A bushels capacity per day. within thirty-four
miles of Chicago by ratiroad Also, a water power
•to" Mill, four run of stone, capable of maklns
20fibarrelsp*r dav. Bnbd!ng?all ot stone, ind sub
atactinl throughout. Will be sold cheap, or ex
fop Chicago ettr nroperty. Applv to ORlk
FIN Bi{Q>w 5 Pomeroy’s Building. a017.d54-3Dt
\VAVTED-An Agent la evciy County to sell the
.Jj.,.*’ lllstor y the Jndlan Races." mcfOilnz a
tnrtlllßij account of the late “Massacre In Minnesota,”
oy the popular author, J. T. HsADUtv— la one law
TOi— nearly g* v -o and over 4) cngravlnga—
ready. Also, a splendid steel engraving of Lieut.
Gay Cuajit. Pend st*mp at once for circulars and
turns. K. U. TREAT. 117 tlotuh Clark street, Chicago.
mj2-e2C9-fll ■ •
WANTED—A responsible man (Parmer preferred)
Ti to do bcslness I*: cuch I'owrmhip, without hind
rance to other pursuit*, for which iloO arear will be
paid. Call personally at tbe otUce. U7 Clark street.
Hoorn U, or address P. O. Drawer 6337, Chicago, 111.,
enclosing 25 eta., ami if your Township is taken roar
25 cents will be seat back to you. myt-e133-6t
TV-ANTED.— S6O per monthl I want Air-nts at
TT a month, expenses paid, to sell my Evxr
la&tuto Pmclls Obixxtjll Bcbseea. and thirteen
other new, useful and curious articles. Fifteen cir.
colors sect mi. Address JOHN k\ LORD. Bldde.
ford, ilalne, myt-eUym
TtTAXTED— Agentswanted to sell the moat“Won
fleiCal invention of the Age M An instrument
and ftill Instructions. by which any My or gentleman
can take a pertect likeness. Sent free on receipt of
50 cents. Agent* nremuktog $lO a dav. Every family
ehoold hive one amllaie their own likcnca***. Town
andcoontv rights for «nlc. Address M. DE QIiAXD,
care room So. 8, ZOS broad way. Sew York,
TTTANTEI>-Agents, to tell the celebrated New
•TT Km land Family Sewing Machine. The only
mail machine that haft been In nae three years that
elvespc-r.ccisatlsracclon- TbeAcw England Family
is equally eiTdent In sewing the heaviest eooda with
the flcfst fabric. Price Jis. I will give 9 's■*, for anr
rwcMbread machine that surpassesihla.cither la bean
ty ot stitch or strencm oi seam. My acenw are cletr
mg from WO to SWO per month. Genera! deliver*
Adrian, Mich., or Chicago. 111. For terms to acentZ
and prlvste circular address W.K.FVVSS
Agent for the Northwest, f*. O. Drawer sTa», , chiC'»"o
“• - ’ i ap»d9i<M2t *
*W B
Agents for Chicago.
W tnonth. Aeenla wanted to sail
■WAITED—S,OOO Agents. The
jJt .UrrTRSaST Gaxs.
ptrb«i« package. The best
rr,o«.*^ e „iV? Amenta caatuake #iaO oer
®‘ 8 1 1U S5, m I pnbllcatlona. Send stamp for Cir-
\\[ ANTED- - 500 Agents to sell
the Great Natural Weatber Indicator. Though
oni} last Introduced hundredsattest to its accuracy la
foretelling chan sea or the -weather ftota dry to wet end
Tice Tcraa. It Interests the aebolarand the man of w l *
ence, and awakens admtratien In the minds of all who
wltnes* Ita wonderful mncJlons. Send postage stamp
for circular andparticuUre to Pott 05£®»»
3iXL 4 PIKE.Ho.Ifi Portland Block,Chisago.
ap6<2U-4w_ ~
Ttr AX TED—*75 a Month. 1
f T want to hire Attain stwt countyatfJS*
gs* a«sagi
gnetbrn Sale*.
at ad6ti ojsr.
Brcssclls and logralo Carpets,
,tFor SaiK
"IVAXTED—A ronojf mae. Uemiaa, »l»he« •
11 non A««isiaoC Book-keeper or General Clerk
In sa office. Beat of reference* flven. Mit )mm«i
cr trqnired for sc Stewart Uauiiltoa’a office, 107 ClsrK
«reel, ( barch block. myLel9n-lt
W ANTED—Avourg man, Qerrnsa, whohasbeaa
l\ Intboarocery boaluewifor the la«t elzbtyeareu
♦'.» fl i,• situation In a at»re, either wholesale or re
v.i , ne 'peaV' tho IlnglUh Tangle* arstrau?.a»4
. f!LIr 0 .. a -£ cocl knowledge of book-keepln;?. Pleas*
addrcaa-fu-H.-izibnao office. myS/W-It
W A^TED—A amotion to do ctamberwork, plalß
se s“ e orawjis- Inkitcben. Beat of city rofer
encs, Address T7
\V m P«ctable married woman Bilbao
MoZal or clea ° bouse. Dnaxcop
tioaai reference* given. Ad>!rea» “A F * *»ia Weot
Kindolph itreet, OTcst side Post Office.)’ myielSOlt
NV^ir^Fn^r^riin?* lloo^ 7 4# °beT man, who on*
<-nnnt?Z nt i*i f^i and . ssrdealng to tbo cliyor
country Mae o« seen or UiqnlT*>« for at *«Mrart
Uamillpn a InteUlscnce snd Kuip'otrmnt Office. Ifld
Clark street. I horen bices. Chicago, where one mrl
f-xnale help may be found. Cooks for lakes and caosS
supplied. myS-oUd It
TSMXTED-A tfiuMJcn as nle«*tt»n or eVrk In
11 any good rarrea: tile bailee**.by «n experienced
and active man wno Can give flr.-t class reference
Address or apply at the Advertising and O-acrai
Business Agency, Dearborn street, room No. 5.
3lercb.in«. .hotels, sad Ptcers srrrplf'tl gratis rrfta
clerks, book keeper*. salesmen, porters, ami mala
help FINLEY A Co. my-J-eJM- it
WANTED— A good cook, washer and troner.~ Also
a man to work in a sardeb a short dlsua-o in
the country. Apply at 101 Dearborn street, room 5.
WANTED—Employment for American. Encllsh.
tT German. Scotch, Irish and colored servants
■wifft rood Cilj reference*. Apply at the Philadelphia
Intelligence Office. :5C South Clark street, l*.
PHaltio attendance. Addrtaa. withisump, Box
16v9. Country orders promptly attended to.
W ANTED—A rlr!, German preferred,to take care
’ . °f a child and assist to housework far a eentle
*®d w *fe. Must coire recommended, ear
“"dbome will be Riven. Ap dr to
Ui South Halstead street Immediately.
"W A NTl^D —At Stewart Hamilton's Inlelllecnce
Eloctrhw£‘° ,me ? 1 ° d,ce *l« Clar* atre». Church
llelp for lake, and^aaals_«p
yof?* also a commission produce buslucas. MXLKK
' * co * . my 2 ci&u
\V ANTED—'Respectablenarti—
V v _aa clerks *
j ANTED—Respectable parties seekni£ Min ui 3 n.
'* aicterts booa-keepen, salesmen. p : r e l u r
will And U to their ac vantage to apnly it iha
tints and eTOe^!bMln^aeencT!3P>M^b..roureet'
room 5. InJa office Is SOT conducted na the •• intelli
gence Office ’system. Call and HeonrternwwH mode
oi doing bns'neM. with which yon can't but be »atia
fled. An elderly man as canvasser wanted
myieSCMt *l.VLar<6 CO.
■TO'ANTEn-A RE-rioTirit.* t.mll, tofo«.r«nd
* * bring on a bzaltht Bov. twentr-ona mm, ha
o'^AoolJ.t 3»soaih Well, .ittct, °
WANTEI>-Toßent. A house with b*m w nn’cd
xXL. betlTet T l& 40,1 lsl on Wabam.
allcmgsnor Indiana aTeauca. Any person bavins
ene canned a tenant by addressing P. O. Box 50SL
... -A good airl to cook and do housework
la a small private Jamil;. Apply ac 70 Han~a
mon street. 3 myi-sr.r.'t
with well furnished and bed-
Jl room adjolnlDg, by a single man. For locality
Wabash or Michigan avenue preferred. Where there
are bet lewboareera sL-o desirable. Address p. o.
Drawei »30. _ w?l-el533t
\V T , EI>^ A “Itwtlon by a jonnjf man Jn a Cora*
fT njfjsirtii House in this city. Isathoroaeh ac
countant, with an experience of Ate veara in this
branch cfbnsineas, ami qualified to nil any position
that might c# ssalzned him. Those deMn.-g the s»r
such a person will please address for four days
A B C,” Post Otflce Box 3718. myl. c'CO-lt
W ANTED-A.German girl for general housework
T » in a small family. A good washer and ironcr
with good recommendations. Apply at 158 Wi-it
Adams scree*. myt-eiSJ St
Wanted— Occupants for an unfurnished front
»» rcom with board. The room is good size I and'
«“ y ">£tf*cJcseis. Inquire at K West Washington-st.
\VANTED— By a yonng man well Icstrnctcd'ln.
"J« book keeping, and speaking English, French
and German, a situation as book-keeper in any kind ot
business. Address IUNACS WEIDEMAN.PostOiIIcc
Box na Chicago. myl eIC6-2:
WANTED— To Pent—A suitable number of rooms
and hall for a private club. South Side prefer*
red. Any party having each, or about io build, cm
\l7 A NTED—Two Blacksmith's Helpers and one
TT Finisher. Apply at Novelty Carriage Works.
No.|4 Adams street. T. H. BROWN, Agent.
TV ANTED-Bv the adverser, a comfortable and
Tt pleasantly located house, on South or West
Side, not to exceed in rent over five hundred dollars.
Address Drawer 64M post Office, or‘‘J P.**jnU. *
L.’a office, 2U and 213 South Water at. epSO-eSS 3;
VV ANTED—Two Salesmen lor tbn retail dry
TT goods business, to go to Peoria,Hl. Apply on
Tuesday, May 3, at No. 20 Lake st; ap3Q-etl2-3t
XVANTED—A coed cook, washer anti ironer. also
Tt a chambermaid. Apply at 21 Wajhtnetin street,
corner of Wabasb avecue,immediately. Colored stria
preferred. ap3o-e.‘A-3t
\V 7 ANTED—Persons of both sexes to encage In a
TV new,eaj*yandhicorableemployment, by whKh
they can realize from gs to 820 per day. For particu
lars enclose stamp and address J. BEATT* itHO.,
Carrollton, 111. a"3lW3*J4t
4V ANTED—Six good Brass Finishers, to whom
TT willbe given good wages and steady employ
mcojf* •2§ and 2SO Washington street. Chicago.
w ANTED—A gentleman with gt.CCO or *%OOO cash
T T wishes to become an active partner in some good
P»y' r gbnslno*a, either mercantile, manufacturing or
other nonorable pursuit. A thriving country town
preferred. Address “J P,” Tribune otfiee.
ap2B-d!K‘O-6t •
w ANTED—Confectioners in the conn try wan time
T7 Bn-t-claaAhandscaa be supplied bv aanlylng to
tbc ConlDciiorer** Protertivu Cnloo of Chicago Ad
dms ED. MORAN, Box 888, Chicago. ap£*d9Cß-6t
\V ANTED—Dry Cows, nr those nearly ery Any
I* one wishing to sell, please leave word where
they may be seen at G. S. UUBBARD 4 CO.’S office,
corner ofSonth Water and Clark streets.
VV ANTED—IOI Carpenters and Jolners.aniT 25
T i airtCbmists, to wor* In the Xavy Yord at .Moand
City. Pay orCarptnt»rs and Joiner?, two dollars and
fifty cents, (150,1 and Machinists ihre> dollars < sl.oo>
perday. Apply at IT. S. Naval Bendcvou?, earner
NcrthClarK and North Water streets, JOHN O.
DARTT, Att’g Vol. Llent U. s. Navy, Com** Rjndz.
TL r ANTED—Enrniinre and house
. » T 1 old goods of all kind? and any amount. Par
ties breaking up housekeeping, and wishing tr> tilipow
of their furniture, 4c., at * fi*Tr price, tvilFfind a pur*
chaw by addressing a line to “ w,” Drawer 59H\ P. 0..
Chicago.. ao'.octgi>-4w
iSeal 35statc—Cits
"p*OR SALE—Rent, or trade for other city proo-
X trty.s lot tOfett froi t by tiifl deep, with a tnlrtv
Darrel brewery, slo barrel?, Ice boxes, bone?, wagons
and everything complete, necessary for cirrrmjoa
« Brno 8,11. ot
TBOn. B. BRYAN. E?q. myl-eliiS-tit
\V ANTED—Efficient Agents In every count? In the
IT Northwest to sell “.Mitchell’sNewGeneral At
the best for family c?e ever pnbllahed-and
“Stebtina Eighty Tears’ Progress of tht* United
States,” from the Revolutionary War to the Great Re
bellion—the test work extant for agents. Business
permnnecr. Address J.S. WffiDDEV. No.7.Uctho
dUt Church Block.Chicago,m. P.0.80x259i.
my 2 tisg-Ct
T7OR SALE-A new and well arranged house
X with all modern Improvements, located oa Indiana
avenue, near £ld street—lotr.o feet front bv 179 feet
apply underWoud 4
LIIPINCOTT,2iId: 213 south Water street.
apS5-o6W-6l M-W-4-?
*I7OR SALE—Tor a few days onlv—lo feet on Wi-
X bash av-nue, between Peek and EMrl*** ermrti.
full depth, with small bonoe,cheap. A. J. AVERILL.
Beal Estate office. No. 7 Metropolitan block.
opfO eTO St
X. OR frALE— Abfantirnl building Lot on I’rsirlo
X avenue, near Elebteerth or Old street, 110 by
about 450 feet deep to the Lave.
Lot on Pralxle avenue, tear Ringgold place or
Twentv-second street. SO by 190 feet.
Lot on Michigan avenue, near Commerce or Twen
ty-first streer, &• by 16! feet.
-Lot between Madison and Wash
ington, near Union Park, 5U by ISO leet.
Also a number of bouses nod lots, building lota,
river lot?, tens* and Illlnoi? lamia.
SAMUEUA.SARGENT.Re»I tstota Agent.
apavellß-3t No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
FjH S-ALE —The late residence of
Dr. Franklin Scammon, deceased, corner o' Wa
bash avenne and Van Boren street. Lot POxtlO feet.
Apply to J. 100NG saVMMON, at his Banking
office. apl9-dU7-3w
FDR SALE—Lots. Good Build
lug and Residence Lots, pleasantly located l«
the West Division, on Chicago avenue. Indiana, HaZ>
bard and Noble streets, at from to tiAOo, a
long or shore time. Anply to J, UIcKEBDiKJs. 1:
Bnmbsffi 4 Martin’s ofilce 69 Base Baodolnb street
Co Merit
TO BENT—A Brick Building on Randolph strict.
iwif i f'tate,rcarstorvaaQha?omtm. Annivt's
Wil, H. SAMPSON, Room No. 3 Metropolitan Block.
Tt) KENT—Or forfeale. a small home with four
tcoms.rontb side of Bubh&rd street, third house
? r *T- t r 0 »v. e T o^«j??.,^t - Apply

_ RENT—-V Store. Lease, goods ami dxtares
for 148 North Clark street, corner Ontario,
rpO RENT—The residence or Mr*, p. P. Hamilton.
JL ccrner of Hojme and Wea: Madl-on. House coo
el.^lenCeilar.ci9terufl.Ac., end iho lot
2W by «, covered wUh tree* and largo shrubbery.
Apply cn thepremlaea, or to BAUKiiS & TOUByI
Attorn* js, Jsf Bast Randolph street. myl-eli.’-.it
or noftirnlshed rooms, with
ont board, at 211 Wabash avenue. ap33.e38.3t
I&SHKV* T n OomclaJ F fr,,me DweUln* gooses
nr I*»»Uo 81.Dear UtTlalon. withscane base.
Btorif . 3 nbo 7 e » besides attic, with all
2n?55 X il2 1 i p v2I e ® c 5 t9 ; an ' 1 S°° d bvrna. Tbo houses
r« l nr Tnni t n- td . rca , cly ‘? r °ccnpanejr on or bot->re the
«r* x ir fe qQi / e »ttt»c°iacoof THEODOUE
SCHU.TZ, Washington street. apJp-eUKt
RENT— StoreJO Market ulreet. A 5 story and
n«r ll ,-rf, litWclc building,by P.GEDD3S No. J,
over i» > ell* street. »p3B-dii)i-i«
RENT—The loor-story brick Store, No. 2W
i Bn> cet, sow raised to grade, with basement
aodptoneaieewalks. Apply toORIUNOTON LIT <r
N0.241 South Witt-r gtree', ap stairs. ap3T-clb3HJt
TO RENT— The 2d,-3d,-Ith, and sth stories of a
flrst*cln*« store on Lak» street, near Franklin,
uuralreoi Ho3slJia* PECK, 118 Randolph Street.np
stairs. *piidTi3-«t
l O REXT—Rooraa with Closoli and Pantry, orcr
atocery wore. IS3 West Madlena street, career
I'aUred, ami Fctnltare for sale. Jiooo need nnoly
nalef* they wts*b to purchase the whole or p.irt of the
Furniture. Apply on the premises, betweco 0 ;md is
i-m. apSnlWa 7t
rjio RE>T—store 37 «oath Water street, nowoc
JL copied by Hash Tamey, Call at 5« Dfirb >rni*.
Room 0.9, UpHd397lwl .GEOUGK PAYS f )JT«
TO RENT.—The North Backing
Room, from in? on Lasalle street. !n the Mann®
Bank nutldloe. coniamine alarse taall. Appl' to J.
YOPNGSCAMMON. emipdhß-ftr
ISeal isstate-(Couittr».
17 OR SAlifi-At a bargain, an Improved Firm or
. 310 acre*. In LaGransc county Jnil.. with Urs«
frame owelltoe, two tenant houws. ur« b , *ru«,B*>»a
lenci s. llvlns water, and two orchards. Farm I* ha*u>
to market, hcboola and churches. Gnu-tines atone are
worth if-Cw. Piiw forail oelt a't.i'P. Ter*ns easy
Belt? about to leave the country I offer Ihe above fop
a moTJT tin* at » treat Barjtatn. Addiy.t S. 8.
JENKS, Ontario, Ind. myH-i ~ tJ6
For SALE—F*m»9. nr?t.*iS)acrew P rtces«7h>,
Iniori»« i nitDtscoa< fSOP». flfly-Kic miles from 1-hU
caco. W. lft»»<rc»-prlce iTi’OO. Improvement* coat
«tOW. twentr tbliw twin CMcstfo 3*l. 191 i\crr*—.
prleef6*-<O. Improvement* * 12t0. Cf y one miles
from Chicago. 4th. SO aeros-prlce *3too. Innwovo
roenta cost fli'O. ten miles from Ohicajo. sth. ‘iSi
acre*—price S-lISO Improvement* cost foOO, twenty
two nuke from Chlrazo. fcto. W acre*—prtco SIBOO,
Improvements co*t st?oo,twe-ty miles from Chleavo.
7th. 35 acres—price thW. Improvement cost SIOOO,
twelve miles from Chlcaio. sth- 160 acres—price *34fo.
Improvements erst s«M. flitr-g 1 f C° m
caco. E. H. CUMUXNG3, 133 South CUrfc street,
CMcagc. ayl«el6B-«t
/OB PALE-Ortto Hflo*a»a C«l*Y«d. U>c»,
} ted at a ijpO'l station on ttoJVB. & Q. Railroad,
irtue been balUbut one Tear. Fixture* all complete
and in rood enter, win b«»W cheip uiiia ovtartg
out ot towlib cloae out at once, to
outre r f TV» UTTLB A 00*231 South Water atttot.l
'apatdTCfrlv .

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