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” EME of *hb CHioiio Tummis.
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Cljicaga tribune.
FEIDAT, MAT (S, 1804.
The grand movement hu begun. Take
•down jour war map., not now in section.,
but of the whole country. Draw a line from
Manassas to, Chattanooga. It will extend In
n southwesterly direction, and bound the
domnln of rebeldom, endoalng It. jet nu
mwhed strongholds. It 1. also now the
, ?wat »ne of attack. On the left of this line
■ "the Amy of the potomte moved on Toes
, . ponring across the Eapldan, and driving
, „ in the outer lines of the enemj. Slmnl-
General Sigel comes down
Srom Bcrkelj, moving on Staunton to
■ any leak of rebel troops np the
. . Talley of Tliglnla, and General Butler is era
"this Well np the Torktown peninsula, and
Im, It la said, occnplcd White House. And
■jart of the fiamemoTcmcntlagolnffonbelow
( ‘Chattanooga. Per days past General Sher-
army has been in readiness for the or
' -dcr.
A private letter from near Chattanooga,
■dated Map Ist, and one from Huntsville, Ala.,
• dated Map 2d, have been received in thia dtp]
' bothofwhichstatethatthearmiesweresbout
to move southward. All that was wanting
ttm tic order to Tnnrrj.
There is to be no more of the pendnlnm
. business. The rebels will not this time have
“the opporttmltp to summon all their force to
anp one point. There will be enough for
both Lee and Johnston to attend to. We
aholl not go on toaigne onta victory. There
lias been enough of that done alreadp. It Is
well to hope; bat; at this crisis It is Her
better and wiser for the peopla to
he ready to repair t and guard against
every consequence of defeat. TVe cm
all rejoice when the victory la an
nounced. We must be ready for rapid
and vigorous repair of disasters, if they belal
ns. The best method of filling the Interim
of suspense Is to push forward the recrnlt
iug of the One Hundred Dap troops. We
should have them promptly in line to go
forward as early as possible. Their readi
ness will not In the least diminish onr ca
capaclty for enjoyment of a successful and
•crushing blow at the heart of the rebel
confederacy, If, as we believe, each la to
T>e the result of Gen. Grant’s carefully ma
lured plans.
Don’t beUeve any Idle tales of the weak
ness or demoralisation of the enemy, Onr
commanders will not Onr army will find
the foe never more active, numerous, nor
■dangerous, and by so much as In these qnali
ties they Increase the difficulties of former
campaigns, will they enhance the laurels of
the victory wo pray our boys may win Don’t
continue In the lolly of underrating onr
T* l6 McUiodlEt General Conference. In see
,on at Philadelphia, Imve been visited bv the
®bost of the African, end the tone of a por
tion of the debate carries ns back a decade.
This denomination has been foremost and
prominent In prograsslveneis of sentiment,
and any thing like retrograde Is not only impost
able in its Conference, but would be rejected
by its whole body were it crowded thronih
■ there. Until teachers of conservative reli
£™ c S,? ro . v £ wben the * comß to at l
<iown with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the
disturbing nigger will have a separate apart
3ncnt, and Ms own quarter of the city of
golden streets, it will be Inconsistent to por
lion out the Lord’s heritage below on any
such plan. Go on, brethren, with the care
of souls. The Maher of all mankind is re
sponsible for the epidermis (save the-share to
be accredited to pro-slavery mleeegena).
The House yesterday voted fifteen millions
to defray the expenses of militia called oat
in the loyal States in the case of past raids
And invasions.
Mexican news via Havana reports a French
defeat at Guadalajara with the loss of C 003
'V P refer to Its confirmation. It is cerl
tain, however, that the Mexican forces hive
prepared to make a most troublesome cam
paign for the invaders. Apropos to the Mex
ican question, is the news conveyed in a Paris
letter of April 19th, elsewhere given, that
Louis Aajoleon suppressed the publication I
in French journals of the late action of our
Jlonsc of .Representatives on the Monroe
doctrine in relation to the French invasion
of Mexico.
Boys, “Serrate ros.” Take care of your
selves. Save yourselves for better dive
The Republic will want yon a lew years
hence. It will not do to draw on the future
to the extent of ruining our tender youth, in
this present rude campaigning. We see your
<ycs shine, and can hear the double thump
of your valiant hearts, eager to accompany
vour willing feet into the ranks, but believe
ns.lbe country will not be the best served by
.you, If you go out to ‘‘endure hardship as a
.good soldier,” without the indispensable
prerequisite of physical strength and a well-
Lmt frame. It is not wise, and the experi
ence of the war proves It all too sadly, to go
into the ranks too young, and the Govern
ment reads the lesson wisely when it fixes
the minimum ago for the draft at twenty
There ere very few youths under that a-c
who should be recruited. We arc sorrv for
the boys that we must write It.
In the Senate, yesterday, Mr. Chandler, of
Ulicbigau, reported a bill lor the better pro
tection of the revenue derived from Customs.
It provides for an Increase of the revenue
force at ports named, both lake and sea
< oast, and for more stringent restrictions. It
is indeed blgb time.
Tbe Cincinnati JEVigutrer states that General
lope, -with several thousand of bis troops, is
preparing to leave Milwaukee for (Vashln-.
ton. The militia are to take the place of the
troops on tbe frontier.
What can we add to what we have written
of the Fort Pillow horror? The report of
•the Committee on the Conduct of the War
■touching this atrocity was presented to the
Mouse jesterday, sustained by voluminous
testimony. A veiy full abstract ol the re
port wc give elsewhere. It adds to and sus
tains the most vivid statements of the news
paper correspondents: The whole matter is
now In the bands of the Government, upon
whom devolves tbe gravest duty yet struck
out In the progress of the war.
The bill to guarantee a Bepnbllcan Gov
ernment to the people of the seceded States,
and providing for their return to the Union,
pasecdUic Bouse yesterday. Instead of the
requirement that one-tenth of the voters
Shall vole for the re-establishment of the
2 bfa’Sy ’“ 6 " 5,11re8 ttmt “
tlls«^o°v«“ rd °i ßeVer^
*mU ( stroitbeb«iuMT°o?Sfat C^f n
ing out of secession ' bol]r groW '
glad to know that a bSk K' 0180 be
lished ot Senators who neglect P , Ub '
Business. E ‘ tcl tbe people’s
A Cairo special dispatch ,
late an hour for Insertion, c'onww'j, at t .°°
•of Gen. F. P. Blair in or j ier
■t jc 17th army corps. ° mmand of
The dispatch from Fortress Monm. .. .
that in consequence of Gen Bntler ord^ 8
Ihc evacuation of LltUe Waahinnon .a"? 1 '
Ration of North Carolinians had none tn
TJashlnEton to ask his removal! tfe don’t
Mteveawordof it; but if it be tree, t° e
delegation has gone on a lool's emmd Bv
-evaomting IJWc Washington, Gen. Butter
las obtained 4 000 seasoned veteran troops
incorporated them with hla main column
placed them where they can render vail
nabte service in the great straggle now fat
ing place. The story of the loss of two
vumions of. property by homing the little
townie all gammon. It never waa worth
the quarter of it. It would be indeed very
satisfactory to hold and protect every place
to which our flag baa been restored, hot it
-wm be lar more so if by the vigorous prose-
of the war on the “ concentration ”
Tolley, vre restore the flag to all, and peace
• surd protection to loyalty wherever it floats.
A share ol tie resolution of Senator John
son, of Maryland, elsewhere referred to as
passing the Senate yesterday, has important
application to the Electoral College under
tl e rebellion, legalizing its action and that of
'Congress os the Presidential question.
Ncwfl by tbeScotia gives serious ground
Tor the suspicion tbat anOstend pilot has
I>ocd working in the service of the rebels by
running onr crick gnnboat—the Keamnrt—
ogronna at tic month ol that harbor, greatly
to the aatiafactlon of blockade runner. and
rebel sympathizers gener.illr.
Our special diapatchee of jesterda/, col
lected throughout the Wet, and from lead
iDg points in Illinois and her sister States
tall what lie people are doing In the direction
of responding .to the call for troops for the
one hundred day eervlce. One universal
sentiment of lolty patriotism evidently per
rades and mores all, and the work goes
briskly on. Ohio happily takes the lead in
readiness to pnt her men In the field owing
the happy conception of the National Guard
andthe benefit ofthl. I. already ahown
the act that a portion of these one handled
day troops from Ohio are already in West
where they hare been set to ga wd
Urn Baltimore and Ohio Eallroad, threatened
by rebel scouting parties.
the people read and take courage from
the proofs freshly and widely collected lor
onr colnmns yesterday, that the people are
In earnest to stand by the Union and the war
In some localities It will be Been that enperl
visors and other local authorities offer a
bounty for all who will go. or what la still
better, promise to provide for the families ol
all such, who may need It In one place, a
whole college enters'the field, headed by its
professor. Other Institutions of learning
turn out almost en marv, and it is well or
the boys have read history in vain. In one
city the High School teacher gets his salary
continued and place secured, while he goes
out at the head of the young men. Think of
the Chicago Board of Education doing “that
same" by Friend Howland.- Quick! hold
the salvoiaffle. orsomeol these gentlemen
will faint at the veiy idea.
And mark the Instance of a thriving cen
trel Ohio city, where the town folk realize
the strait the tanners must be In, when
presently seed-time comes and finds the
former’s boys oil off shooting gray backs
The Zanesville citizens are organizing to go
Cod “w ie ?, Set the corn ln '’ and the ladles,
P° d , “ e6s promising to help
Brad the evidences elsewhere mint hearted
patriot, which the Tkibc*e has collected In
a single afternoon with the wires, and then
ttankGod yon have yet a country. It has
enabled yon to lay your car to the great pub
lie heart. Ton find it beating full aud
Itow get thee npandto thine own duty
n possible go into the ranks and help in
this, work. You can at all Brents help some
one to go. *
Ulluoln Supremo Court Proceeding.,
ISpedal Correspondence to the Chicago Tribune.]
The second can of the d^keT'^mmln^Uhl,
Ssr.mrt Jm !*“ cun wcre disposed or and
, wiU 00111,11116 1° call ten cases dalir
jo^? docket the second cail stands ‘as fol-
Haybnm Tfl John Beam et ai rt *
®-™'«W«rMoiTi.v,Ds D MMrttooa. .
s- £f™“ « »l« A. Weldofem
.VsSSi^"4S® :
U: SSffl* *■
: *2®®£- 4
« i^J^Sf l^ 11 VB I
I ?«’ DIU el *1 T$ Henry Shaw
Scho°li)lrectora of District Vo r-«
i^fn B .h loolI)ire c torßori)lßt Ode Co° **
ST n «2r *■•,, ~n VB Dncretia Jones et aL 1
?s gT' M I B IsAbcll » feclraoT
S' ?' p I~ SSSf,” "> ?• Bleree el aL
Sr Vnti YB Ucni 7 Peake et aL
ft* 7 I , Bh »y* v s Jas. n. p] &ce ,
?£ im Pteaded vs Adoniram Biddle,
ffl. J. D. Brown vs Samantha Sallabatr. I
4°* S 4 !? p Watern jan TB Reuben Bavmond.
■tone/ ™* E ° CtWood et al TB Richardrfoand- I
IT i e* al tp JS. Thompson. I
M. Warren, impleaded, &c., vs P. H. Ball et I
: j: * s ?s&d«
agffSfflgsx Sig? oi ch, “’~°-
I GreenebcMQ. Srd ° f acatJon of lUlnols tb Isbbc
I m* I^ ps BCn - TB J * Phillips, jr.
I 5« ?i5/ J p 1 ' va P®*“T Bnnjess.
I 5T t«; L - Boee ctalra A. Q. Innea."
I s?* Blereon et a} vs T. J. Finner
I Rr' R» LR. R. Co. re J. H. Hutchins.
Jy. P. J. Pnce vs The P. PL W *c n n
S®»wc« vs Hiram P.‘ C °*
M BmS neraan Kapfer. I
w“hfnm?nE gaT I**" 1 **" ofaUHlulU «“tT «
J2* n^rt/n^SH? 6 ® et al T8 B«ter Corliss. I
CO. patld O Strcnjrvs Johnß Kin™.
S* I l ß^ ac l Ald V. u « TB John Carver.
rT t vJ ara H-nireley vs John P. Parker .
Cj. John Grar vs Samuel S. 8L Johns.
John s. Rood T 6 Peter Curry.
! Sh SihS? vs Maria Bull, admi’x.
*£• VB R °hart Stewart,
S* S^- I fr pkll,P TB V 8 * Chittenden, adm’r.
2J» £ a X£ Rw>t vs Theodore Wood.
T fi AW. In the matter
£rf 4 hl ßEWd’an^hip of P. C. Gilbert.
a a lm ?S ve Bothrlck.
4T ctal w Joh n A. Hart. I
4f J. oc h«a M. Lawrence re John SchmldL I
74. Jamra A. Rees v« City of Chicago
Zs* Powell. I
i- G. Sherman vs John G. Brace. I
4ft SSiVV**?® et “U 8 W * O. Heacock et aL
S' ȣ: J**^ 11 TeHlram Goodwin.
w m Truesdaio V 8 Georc p on l.
uice Ta Leonard,
cl* Sr 5* '• Mams et al v# J. o. Ratter el al. I
I? £* Be r wln e * al vs J, M HIIL I
SS. T. Milner vs E. W. Willard.
S* m* - A -C°w! et al vs M. Varnnm.
S* vs F. A, Boffrom et al. I
££• * £• ct al vbC. Swarrwom.
£*• C. T. Wheeler vs J. H. Reed et al I
Ib T^^hS^a^wmk 00 ts r - ncrvej. I
ip p V ri -ht T8 A. Wallbaam et at I
of t™2L TS the Board or Trnste “
GnSiam* 6 oltawa Gafi and Coke Co. vs Jae. I
people’s docket.
”■ Si Ms. ? r ? ?• R nobCTtB '•» L Leland.
Milter? 1 pl ° n informßt *on Of Barnap vs 0.
Rnrreyi >le ° n InformatJon of MlUer el al va
4. H. Rice vs The People, Ac.
r r f nt wriehtTß The People, &c.
et dS r P, ° ** r “ S - ari &ej tb L. Farham
;• D. S. Hammond tb The People.
6, Same vs same. v
Sk C r- G j?C? ch ™ The People. &c.
Little XVaslilncton Darned otter tlic
Maj S-—Pas?en"erß report
•Ut Little Washington, N. a, wan laid in asbc« br
roarinee and soldiers, at the time of it*
hasty evacuation. The Oorcmment naval com
tnlseary, ordnance and quartermaster's stores were
Alto destroyed. The dry was mainly owned bv
union people. The loss If several millions of dot
thousand Federal troops suddenly evacn*
tied » ashington in the face of seven companies of
rtbels, leaving the entire Union population to their
tender mercies, after homing their houses over
-their heeds.
When tie United Stales steamers left the dock
:be screams ol the women and children on hem'*
ilamdoned were pitiful. The indignation against
General Bnticr is very bitter In North Carolina,
md a delegation of leading men has gone to Wash*
inrton to ask bis removal.
It is said the rebel rams hare conclnded to attack
our gunboats without waiting for assistance from
their army.
Biiiraoss, May 5 —The accounts from Wash
ington, N. C., are evidently exaggerated. A letter
received from Fortress Monroe this morning says
several refugees who arrived from Little Washing
ton report that the place was burned last Saturday,
probably by guerillas. It was « very small town,
and in its most prosperous days had only 2,009 in
habitants. It is absurd to state the loss at several
millions of dollars.
prom fortress ‘sioxroe.
Prisoners Sent to Rich
mond—XLe French Tobacco Fleet*
I leant 4V, Poiitbess Mokboi, May a, IP6I.
6^ 8 Tac,iated
Carolina, to swell
The French s"V I^ Bam r.
frdired from meu-of-war 11 have been
hnd bem loaulrt%7!?l ct by Gen. Butler, where they
went, and arrlvei’»^ 3cco^or^e French Govern
t»ived and stowed having onir re-
Fmin rebel mcdiS^ y IK 2 hogsheads ofthe weed.
Polon Sdl?^ learTl tbat Gen. Wcwls
Jlymonth. ore. recently captured at
?r h £??& en route to'
nn Particulars
Snfxw the foffilL 9^ 1 had at the
nn\«^^T?l^iis Tolont ißth at Plynomh.
»E-, IWd Connecticut vol-
Independent ifattrSir s°ißnleer«, £uh New
Per. Samoel Harrison as Cbanu?n paj^eat da « to
dmsettsS.'th regiment,
and on that aeconnt having n Iir ric ? nd McsaL
Chaplain’s pay. Abe ° d Sensual
there was nothing In hla extraciw4 dfl s id ®* that
Mr. Harrison from dlscharglmrsii 1 tV* d i®<lo*liry
Cbaplidn, to which office he had beer, Vni dutie * of
mlMloacd hr Gov. Ananw.S^o^^“mmls
was entitled to the legal psy. reiore, that he
THE GRAND ■ DfITT ’ “TLi. 11 ' oflba ™-
OPENED. iXSi/dffi?: In,pec “ ra rarcnnc for u ‘°
PMramaqnoiiar.’PDrtl'ind.ralnioalli, Eutnort,
s°tV J ” “3 taartMtownT PcmblM,
tww’i i£ r dnskvone,Croahoiro three, Erie' one,
SNfUSn' Batfa '° <**•* Blx ri a 5« two, G*
nera two. Oawejjo fire, Chsatpraln four.
c™ °l d Jn!, P®ct!on at the flret port of arrival,
° rtl3 ® I’reasnjT is authorized to make
for sealing vessels and fortbeirflnaldc*.
imnli 1 !?# 8 ?i l e s Jß *‘ , ter or person in charge is made
gW. O * felony for sellinsror disposing of goods
?n at fe?^ 1 , ’’ P° nlfltsabl « -by a fine ot from STK)
i? ♦ I’.v d 1 mp rfro nmen t.for fire to eight years. -
- orizp . ,1 J J ?? 0 9 8 removing the seal or fasten-'
|np, are punishable by Imprisonment from one to
*nd a fine of from *101) to $m Fhe In
former is entitled to one-fourth of the fine collect-
S.^foS'&Ve.° f el! h9 ““ PrOCl:e4jQf Uie “ !o
.. Jbe f P eclßl dispatch to the Evening fttfsan
tnewaTsand Means Committee hare the legisla
te® bid under consideration this morning.
T7.\r.e^n£«fJ 011 0Q be reported from the
1 Bouse Printing: Committee authorizing the pobll
cat.onol all Congressional documents relating to
tne war. It will make three or four large volumes.
i«^i». SD S De Jn! ,np P, orted bis amendment at some
01,1 supported the amendment.
Feßßeod 9 Tl spiled* speaking against it.
The special to the Commercial says. Secretary
SwS!^ ro, o W!d “* amendment to the Bankbffi,
Vat Inn al S 9 mDer W *U Offer today, taytni; the
““pally a per cent on cLrcalatlon
* P®£ ? nt °5 deposits, ana 1 per cent on capital
slock beyond the amount invested In United Stales
of interest and principal on the public debt. Real
estate held by banks is alone to be subject to State
county or municipal taxation. ’
The House Committee on Elections has decided
that Mr. Blair was not duly elected a member ot
Cone rest from Missouri, and that the contestant
Kuoz is entitled to the scat.
Ofir Annies Alre«a3y ia
The one Hundred
Hay Troops.
The War in North Carolina-
Neutrality at an End.
Important From Mexico--Rumori
Itcpulse of the French.
Latest News from Gen.
Steele’s Expedition.
The Marcbof tlie Army ofthcPotomac
Has Begun.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, May 5, lS6t
Wc are prohibited feuding anything concerning
army movements, hut as prohibition does not ei
tend to the enemy's movements, we are enabled to
say that there is good eridcnce lor supposing that
General Lee la retreating towards Richmond with
all possible speed. The goyernment does not ex
pect any news tram General Grant lor three or lour
All nunon pertaining to an attack by lee upon
Gen. Smith's forces are groundless,
WiEmsoToy, May S-S p. m.—The Btpudlcan
has Jntt Issued an extra containing the lollotrtng
important intelligence:
We feel anthorized to atate, since It cannot now
afford information to the enemy, that the Army of
thePotomachaa advanced towards Richmond, and
the struggle for the possession of the rebel capital
Is began. Onr army moved on Tuesday night, and
has now crossed tie Hapldan. The crossing was
made at Jacob, Culpepper, Germania, and U. S
Fords andlwas effected without serious opposition.
Lee has been compelled to Hall hack from the strong
position where he has held na at hay all winter.
Whether he will make a stand this side of the del
tenses of Richmond we are not advised. It Is the
opinion of some that he will tight at Chancellora
vtlle. Every hour may now bring ns news of bat
tle, hut wo arc inclined to the belief that It will he
a foot race for Richmond. The rebel Capital will
undoubtedly he flanked and Invested should Lee’s
army occupy Its defenses, and the country may
reasonably hope that this time It will fall.
WasHrrroTok, April 5.—A gentleman who arrived
here to-dajfrom Brandy Elation, having left there
last night (Wednesday) at 7 o’clock, reports that
up to that time there had been no hostilities.
I°?’ ' FI IO Baltimore and Ohio
Ealhoad is not at all interrupted; but it was threat
ened fora time early this morning by 70 mounted
men under McNeil, of West
t?h t ?rl™t?L? Ki 5 0 n t ’ • w «“<T-elrat miles west™
ve™' Mtown ’ afler cutting the telegraph wires
hTf'. runningseverrllocomtdlvea
offthe track left as suddenly as they appeared in
fcaroftbeepproachorGen. Kelly and lisdetach
ment, gathered up at Cumberland and New Crash
? h ° e vi°l 00t Promptly in search of the maram
ders. ho passengers or freight were lolurad or
capmred, and all the triaus are running SS
. r ° prevent a repetition of these raids a very
large force of Ohio volunteers baa already repaired
to the scene by order of the Secretary of War and
Gov. Brough, and thcroad Is nowamplyproto-ted.
tt-X? 1 ? 1 "’ e J cam that West PolnL
tea s of York liivcr s was occupied by a
OD ..° onr f°rce? on Monday, May 2. *
~P«J r* I *?* Washington special reiterates that
tbe advices from the front lead to the belief that
if? M 9 lotrenchments on the Rap*!
dan and retreating Inland. There has as vet been
no collision between the armies. Jel beea
a,! in stS^ en^i».S e i Pc * on? / 1 J’ ailia ® es «Tee, abont
•wjOjetroiic, arrived last night, en route for Pitts*
hoig, to be mustered oat of the service.
ora. 9fEAS£*S ADDRESS.
As an earnest of the spring campaign about to
SS’jtradri 3 ’ o ' l lSfo'lowJng P .Mr':”from
general Meade. Its confident tone, nstrioiic onn
timent. Inspiring phrascologr, all tend to and do
SimT to ?« and BD,rit in the hearts oi the
brave men who will soon march on the foe.
HnuxjrAnTEns of tub Potomac, (
Eoldjers: Again yon are called upon to*
jonr conntry. Toe time and
are deemed opportnne byyonr com-
Sd™ K c”aSdrau t ?om' Idre ‘ B T °“ 1
JT 5 ” fhcrgsnl-ed, strengthened, and
ererj respect roaformanart
of the several armies of year conatry. the whole
under ar able and distinguished General, who eu
°f tbe overnmen t the people
" b Swilit lc, VS" lpare4 '? make u successful.™
i d eves of the whole country are
looking with anxfona hope to the blow ™ nr£
t0 lD *he most sacred cause that ever
called men to arms. Remember vonr homes, year
wives and children, and bear In mind that the
StTkl X2F *i em y i 9 overcome the sooner too
returned to enjoy the benefits and bleisirSa
of peace. Bear wi th patience the hardships and
y ? a 1(111 be _“ ,,cd apon to endaref Have
confidence In your officers and In each other. Keen
vour ranks on march and on battlefield, and let
each man earnestly Implore God’s blessing and
endeavor, by his thoughts and actions, to reader
himself worthy of the favor he seeks.
-'1 v ear conscience and strong arms, actuated
by a high sense of duty, we are figEting to preserve
an u. d that have been
handed down to ns by onr forefathers, and, If true
victory, under God’s blessing, mm ‘
and will attend our efforts. Geo. Q. Means,
c „ . .Major General Commanding
*-• Wnxiotg, Assistant Adjutant GencraL
ITXcltcrs Military and Cong^resslonal,
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribute.]
Washington. May 5, 186 L
The Select Committee on the Treasury Depart
“™t ha ' ° . bld , ‘' Tena ““ting., investigations,
thus far conOned to priming fractional currency
and other papermoncy In the Department, dlrect
ed especially to three point!: Co ft end excellence
ot the work as compared with that of private com.
panica, and whether proper checks and Beards
igalnst fraud hare been employed. Hr
Clark, hcadof the printing hnrean, and-delecUre
Col. Baker have been examined. No conclusion
has been reached.
The Captain of the Pensacola, in his examina
tion before the Honee Naval Committee, said her
highest speed nnder steam was nine knots, and
her average speed from six to eight knots; that
while she made nnder sail, without steam, twelve
-not;, the Department apprehended that better
-team machinery-will be necessary. A board of
dvil engineers Is organized to determine Ibis qnes
'ion. Thirty or tony witnesses have already been
examined by the Committee, and aome twenty
more have been summoned. Tima Ctr nothing has
hem. established against the Navy Department.
Dickerson brought no witnesses to establish the
statements in his three dayu’ speech.
The Senate tooknp theNationalßankblil again
tivday, and agreed to the amendments made in
Committee of the whole. The danse enablin'- the
Bank of Commerce to come nnder the operation of
the act was agreed to, bj 20 to li
The danse relative to the rate of interest waa de
bated an boor, and then, put over that an effort
might be made to draw a danse that wonld be ac
ceptable to nil parties.
The section relati eto the taxation of banks
was reached, and the question is pending on Mr
Sumner’s amendment, doubling the rate on tnwy
lion proposed by the Finance Committee.
The Penate Committee on Poet Hoads reported
favorably to-day on the House bib for bridging the
Ohio Hirer at the FaHe. °
Wasotkotox, May 4.—'TbehUl which passed the
House to-day- goarantectng to the States whose
governments have been usurped or overthrown by
rebellion, a republican form of government was
firevlonely amended In several important pirticu
are, Instead of onc-tenth a* originally reported a
majority of the people la required to take part In
the election of delegates preliminary to-the re-es
tabllshment of a Stale government, and those who
held office merely magisterial er military below the
cradc of Colonel are not debarred from voting.
The delegates to the State Convention are to be
elected by the loyal white male citizens. who are
required to subscribe to the oath of allegiance, and
until the United States shall have recognized a re
mbllcm form of State government, the Provisional
3ovcrnor, who is authorized to be appointed bv
the President, is to see that the laws of the United
States and laws of the State government that was
overthrown by tbc rebellion are faithfully executed
h! 1 . bln the State, bnt no law or usage whereby any
person who was heretofore held in involuntary
si rvitode shall be recognized.
Washington, May s.—ln the Senate, to-d»y,’Ur-
Ch-mdler. from the Committee on Commerce, re.
Hined a bill to prevent smuggling, which provides
b*’® 1 *”cr the first day of August next all baggage
Smt™®? 18 . and aU other *n*aee
United States from any foreign
country, shall be Inspected, and if any dutiable
>- i .1.
What the West is Doing.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Spiundfeld, HI., Maj 5, ISM.
Gown or Tates returned this morning from
Washington.. Be has made ample arrangements
for the organization of the State mffltta, and has
also secured 15,000 Springfield mnskets for arming
the same.
Lieut, Arnold, Ordnance Officer at St. Loots, has
been ordered to report to Got. Yates, for the pur
poes of arming the one hundred days l men. R>
cmiting for the new organization is very brisk.
Quite a large number of companies hare been of
[SpeetalDlffatch to the Chlcigo Trthnne.]
SlanenALL, 111.. Mayfi, 185 L
One Company is nearly Ml, raised in this couolv
for the one hundred day call. The excitement la
on the increase. There la ho difflcnltj in raialmr
two companies. If needed,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
lioCKroxn, 111., MaytlSdL
Three componies hare been started here. Pin.
fonrmen hove already enlisted, and there is crew
prospect ol soon Mini; np eU the companies
There la n big war meeting here to-night.
[Special Ills patch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Fberport, May 5, lefiL
One company In being raised for tbo lOOdaya call
Tgey have twenty-seven men already e-r.-.—y
large war meeting la to be held here to-morrow
night, May 6th. One company will he fnll in a few
days, when others will be started. Some of our
best and most prominent citizens have enlisted.
(SpeelalDlspatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
Polo, May 5, 16M.
TTe are raising four companies hero for the 100
days call, two of which are about full.
[Sptclal Dlipatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Rook Island. May B, 1864.
we are raising one company for the late call
which ia nearly filled, Alt the reports from the
county are very favorable.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Centralis, Marion Co., 111,, May 6,ISfiL
Enlistments to tho hundred day call are progres
sing with tho utmost enthneiasm. Captain Wood
of Alexander county, has one company of clghtv
flvo men; Captain Berner of Jefferson county, one
company almost completed; Captains Johnson and
Wilson, two companies almost completed; Cap
tain Copeland and Dr. Luna of Johnson connt>
have two companies almost completed. JoUnsoo
county comainff many Southern refngees all of
whom are enlisting. At Centralis the enthusiasm
is increasing. Judge R. 8. Kelson, and other
prominent cttlzene are detotlng their whole time
In addressing meetings to foster the canse.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Trlhnno.)
Mbni>ota, May 5, isw.
Eecrnltlng for one hundred day troops Is coin
on briskly here. One company, nnder Capt. Sbcp-
J r i v ne " ,J . JbU * A ronslnff war meeting was
held Monday night last, to make provision for the
families of such soldiers. Mendota Is bound to be
represented In the one htmdred days* campaign.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Ottawa, May C, 1564.
Ottawa and vicinity will send two companies oi
the hundred days’ men., We shall possibly raise
three companies.
FROM LEE county.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Dixon, May Bth, ISM,
, Rec niltlng for the hundred ’day service is meet
ing with rood success. Provost Marshal Eustace
and Captain Whiting are stirring op the people in
the adjacent towns and .holding war meetings
daily. n
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
• Gukm, May sth, 1801.
There la an earnest feeling exhibited in response
to Gov, Vale's call for one hundred day troops, Sev*
era! of onrleading and wealthiest citlrena have
pledged themselves to go or send snhatltntes. The
Supervisors of this county offer a bounty of dfty
dollars to each volunteer. Preparations are mak
ing for an enthusiastic war meeting in the Court
House to-nlghl. Captain Cram has opened a re
cruiting offlee, and the prospect is fair for a speedy
oiganlzation ofat least one company. Tho ball is
in motion.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
_ , Alton, HI,, May 5,18C4.
In answer to tho cnll for one hundred day re
cruits, , nearly three fall companies have been
raised in this city. All the students in Shurtleff
Theological College have enlisted., The prospects
good for five fall companies.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
, Gexeseo, 111., May 5,18tM.
Messrs. Mann an Gohie of this place, are com
missioned to raise a company. They have about
twenty-five recruits now, and expect to raise a
minimum company by tho Uth of this month.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
_ . Quinct, 111., May 5,1864.
wo have one company organized, and another
probably will be organized and filled by Saturday
An enthMlMticwir meeting took place at Camp
Point Tuesday night. Gen Premia epeake at Col
nmbne on Saturday. The oicltcmenthiajMt com
menced. Several companies win he oiganixed In
tine vicinity, and hnnetmenta’wtU he rapid for the
next few days, *
[Special Dispatch to Uie Chicago Tribune.]
- , t Aurora, HI., May 5.
A* l enthusiastic war meeting was held here on
Monday neght, Two companies were formed, the
first mustering 53 men, and the second btween 40
and 60, and both will be foil this week. The Os
wego company has 40 men There are SO men at
Plano who will join. Recruiting at Batavia is
I understand that the Board of Snperrieora meet
to-morrow to rote a bounty or *25 per man. Kano
is tody awake, and the prospect ia floe that-she
will furnish fire hundred of the 20,000.
[Special Dlepalch to the Chicago Tribune.]
_ . Decatur, hi r I£c ,
the 100 days’ call wo have onecompL
numbering sixty, and three others numbering
peeUvely, fifteen twenty and twentyfiyc. Great
cpthnfliaam prCTaila.
fSpeclal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
JoUEr, 111, May 5, i:c<
Five companies of 100 days’ men are hein- raised
In this county, with good prospect for ebceess A
strong feeling is manifested In thror of this end.
[Spcclsl Dlspstch to the Chicago Tribune 1
JssnsvinLE, Wis., May 5,186 L
Bode county, as usual, comes to time Tho
people are aroused. Enlisting is going on rapidly
A war meeting was held lost evening and another
is called for to-night. Two companies are under
The Superintendent of our High School has
been granted leave of absence for one hundred
days, and Is getting up a company. Agoodnua
her of students have enlisted.
[Special Dispatch to [lie Chicago Tribnno.l
■ DavaKroar, May G. 1861,
All is aglow with enthusiasm here and throunh
onttheSUte. Troops are coming Into line feat
all eecllons toffll onrqnolafor the one hundred
days call. Gorcrnor Stone. Gen. Baker and other
“Mreseed large anolences In
ftont of the Leclalre Hon-e last and this evening.
DlUn her to he Ihmiehed by this State will hea
, «<vo regiments for each Congres
tional District, or a little less than one for each Jn
didal District. U
.' DiVlKiOET,low..May s.—Gov. Stone Inhere ..
business In connection with the- new rail r.l ,?
regiments for too duy«. Adintont cTrw.ii if f 6ll
and the Governor undoing‘S
have the number raised at the appoints tfimL
Recruiting for this service is .
some localities. At lowa City, thS
luwa University hare raised a company from ihelr
own mnnler. ‘ J eir
In Davenport, two companies will soon ba fall
Obe enterpnsing and j.atrlot!c merchant hive
s-raed an agreement to reserve their eitoatloas for
Krh of their clerks and employes a, wiah to
toroo, ir.-vjS.-Jrof. McKean and th'rtj rtn
f. e ls C»"egi«e Institute oere en-
for the 100 dari service immediately oa re
ceillng the Governor's caU. So many of ihe etc
fkom omo.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.]
‘ CtBTELAia), Ohio, May 5,1861.
The■ new call of Governor Brough lor 20 003
troops :rom Oblocoilefl In the shape of an order
on ihe National Gnsrd for that number, and
tbou’b the generai feeling is one of pride tbit the
Bncteye State has an organization on which so
llbenl an Instant draft can be made, still It la an
eye-opener to , many. In this city, the master of
tte Guard Mis heavily on many of oar business
hoosw, whose .confidential clerks, cashiers, and
even principals, are informed that they must fall
into Use. In one leading, mercantile bouse, thir
teen—tke entire number of employees—are all in
the sane boat. Substitutes arenot easy to obtain
and are not in fashion, the National Guard having
a pride In the matter. It is, however, a moat for
tunate thing, oa it gives ns the men just when
they are most needed, end there are few who will
require to Lo pricked forward.
Cutelabd, Ohio, Way s.— The draft In the sav.
eral districts in tbla State, to make up the d-’fleien
try ol men under the Preeident’a 6i>0,000 call is
about to take place. At Cincinnati It is In nro
m * W ‘“ t ” k ' 111100 lo morroi
The National Guard (Ohio State militia) have
M ont \ ob * inaU Parts of the State. Nearly
4 ',COO men have responded to the 100 days* calf
bqme of them have already gone to Johnson’*
Ib L he United States troops thereto
guard the rebel prisoners. * ■ . ..
[Bccdal Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.)
Zanesville, Ohio, -May 5, 155 (_
The National Guards In Central and Eastern
Ohio hare responded to Ihe.caU nobly. Fifteen
hundred from this (Muskingum) county, and dye
hundred bom Perry county are now quartered In
this dry. A more orderly sot of men were never
estbered together. Anna and equipage wtll be
lamed to-morrow. Meantime a company and bat
talion drill Is going on. A public mectmghas been
called for Friday, by the citizens, to make arramre
menta to assist our farmers to plant their corn
Even tlo ladles offer to help. •
[Special Dispatch to tho Tribunal
**. Toledo, May 5
The call for one hundred days men m« a very
general response in this vicinity. The Ist re-I
“mastered six hundred for dntV
A , ta , t " 1 °“ from Flllt ™ county will bo conaolidat
ed with this regiment. The filth battalion has ren
dezvoused at Pcnysbnrg, Wood county, reported
«.o hundred strengon the five days master; The
call will probably he filled without difficulty All
ere furloughed today, with orderd to .reassemble
on Wednesday next.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribane.
Fonr Watnz. Mays
Tho enlistments In the handled days’ Service
progrerse. pretty well. We will probably hare
two or three companies In this county. Da Kalb
has one company about Axil.
Ita Safe Bctnra to LIMIo Bock-Bebnl
movements. 1
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.
Cairo, May 6,18T4. ■
„r'»hi C l mC . r . h i d ..‘ rri J' !ll at the officers
Little Rock. He was followed by Price’s army,
and continually harrassed, but at Sahlno Forks the
rebels were turned upon and repulsed after unite a
severe battle, In which the loss in killed and
wounded was about equal on both sides.
Mannadnkn was reported to ho on the' march to
Jeln Price, when It is sepposed they Intended
Jointly to attack Little Rock,
A later rnmor, considered unreliable. Is to tho ef
fect that Steele had retreated to Arkansas Post.
The probabilities arc that the story In regard to
Steele's arrival at little Hock is tone, bnt that ho
should retreat as Ibr North ns Arkansas Post looks
rather improbable.
Gunboat Kearwrge Ban Asboro bv
Her Pilot. '
York, May 4.—The Scotia’s news .»»<.
the United Stales ship Kearearge hasbadanar?
row escape. She had unsuccessfully pursued a
cn^ ser and a blockade runner laden
n / P r °f eedt ; (J lo Ostend to rovlctmil.
ba ? aa ostend pilot on board, to whom
be left the navigation of the ship. Suddenly she
„T«"u l ?riMd^ t ti i ‘ 0 Lcopo,a eml ”> nkn ‘™£ “■*
dered wlirnllj. Whether this was so omTol the
vessel was fixed firmly, and no exertions coaid get
™Mi o ? at last acco . nnts * Sho bore her position very
2 Dd ,tla c*P««cd that when allow
fr itl hc li. 1 f Ty 11008 and eh °l. ebe will float
,"?£ u wIU be necessary to take her Into dock,
?f«L , £.ff®“ e 2» W w I,e <! b be. e London Shlpplno Ga
zette tc'le ns, with an Jll-concealcd chuckle). the
their oTO-way*** blockade . runners will have all
Reported Defeat or tlie French, by the
New Took. Mays.—Advices from Mexico, via
Havana, report that Alvarez has openly declared
t " 0 bOC ” b °”'
r-S'.i F . r “ c f n} P" rl<il defeated in Oaiaca and
losing at the latter place six thousand
wm 1,0 60cm alt * c ™
The Guadalajara story looks like a canard.
. re P® rt6 to the authorities that VI
Spirit of the Hcbol Press.
Fonxiosss Monboe, May 3d.—Tho Richmond Tn.
7*irer of April 30th contains the following:
Mobile, April 28.—Several engagements in
r?' re< U°,\ com P ,ete federal defeat.
The Federal Gen. Smith saved Bank’s army from
destruction. The subordinate officers are very
indignant againat Banks. YTJ
Tlie aiotlioOiNt Ccnci-al Convcn.
PniLADELTim, May 4.—Al the Methodiat Gene,
ral Convention ttwlay, the Rev. Dr. Carrie made
which was very feebly applauded. He
frpeke in favor of bavins colored ministers In all
'he conferences. Ho was opposed to the formation
con . f p£ ences for colored people. They
must be broncht Into close with the
white population, ho thought. 0
Rev. Dr. Moody said he thought that God Ah
2JS2 waß troiniJ S» Te “»exodus of the whole
colored concern to South America. After w7!»i
. this little IhmUr difficulty settled and the ftncral
ArSvXf then posh on tolthc Isthmus ofSouth
America, clear out Mexico, and give the oeonlo of
color preemption right to tW territory. P
iinring the speecnofDr. Moody tho greatest ex
citement prevailed, and-when he sat down the res
olntion of Mr. Bilev to appoint a committee on the
elate of tbe colored members ol the church carried
by acclamation. H
From Nebraska.
Mvi-On account of the murders ari'l
depredations recently committed in the northern
P art °f_ the Territory, Gen. Mitchell has vorr
Company A, 7th lowa cavair?
»?i° district. This Company has been sti-
Uoncdintho southern portion of the Terrltorv
hot Is now on the march northward. ' V>
Central Committee met
H«lf?n icaled !i lclrchoice for delegates to the Na
tional Convention, to meet at Baltimore on the 7th
.f lone .X? n Ront h, of Dakota coun-
Butler, of Pawnee county; W. H H
« atere, of Otoe county; D. R. Wheeler, of Case
county, and Gilbert C. Moncil, of Douglas county.
The War in Florida,
. York, May s.—The Herald's Key West
jfttler announces the arrival of the gunboats Ga
cna. Cornnbia and Tioga. Adric;s from Fort
Myers. Charlotte's Harbor, state tbit on the ° th
ofApnl a detachment of the 2d United States
colored troops, under Captain Crane, landed on
the mainland, drove back a rebel force without loss
°n eltherslde, captured 300 cattle, and returned on
me .am.
Scan. Mag;. In the Treasury Dc
. partment.
WasnixoTon. Jlayß.-The SepuNlam contains
the announcement of the death of a woman em
moved la the Treasury Department, said to hare
been procured by abortion. She recently went in
New Tork with a friend, who, It is said, procured
the medicines for her. An Investigation is now
uoing on in the case.
The Union Pacific It. It.
IEAVENiroKTII, Kansas, May 4.—The steamer
Lwe Oak brought soma three hundred or more
lons of iron for the Union Pacific Hallway on
Wednesday, and there are four more boats on thi
way irom Pittsburg, loaded with iron. 106
From St SLonls.
Sr, Lons, May 4.—Gen. Pike has Issued an orde
declarlng that the Provost Guard of the -enrolled
militia will not patrol the streets of the St!
again before the first of June. No apprehension
, therefore, need now be felt that strangers and non
residents, temporarily in St. Louis, wfl! be In anv
way restrained of ftul liberty to go whither th**
please. *
Unseasonable Weather Tlcisal.
Cleveland, Omo, Maj s.— There was a hear*
Mow storm along the lake shore, and some dis
tance inland, on Mondaj night and mom*
Ing. At Aurora the snow was three Inches deep
Commercial Postscript.
Thursday fivENnro, 10 p m
There was a good attendance on the Second Board
at the Sherman House this evening, bat at the open
ing the attention eftte apecnlitor. was entirely tUcen
op. with Oats, for which there was an active tnaolrv
.and « was not nntll near the dose that any thine »*.’
done In Wheat.
v hkat was la fair request at a decline of Kraie m
Ke. 1 Spring, and WSHo on No. 2 since *Cban*e
were:—lo,oo? bu No. 1 Spring at 8 ,2ijf : 5.000 bn daTt
»W4K J 10,000 bu do at 814 M; 6.000 bu 2Tq. 2 Spring^
r.> T.'b) at *1.23 • S.OC9 ba do at |l .i*H ; 17.W0 be do
at|U2K;BJoobado at*L23X; 10,000 bn do at *1.23
At the close the market was dull, owing to unfavora
ble and gloomy advice* from Milwaukee, and there
were plenty of sellers at $1.33 for Ko. 2, and *1.14 for
No 1 Spring, but no buyer*.
Cony was quiet bat Arm, with sale* ol 30,000 bn No
2 New at 97>f (In the afternoon.) This 1* kc a&ova
the close'of 'Change.
Oats twere la active* speculative demand, ov
wg to mere Ifavorable advices from New
York, consequent upon the Governmsnt having
taken a large , quantity pi tiat city, to be
shipped to the Soatb for army purposes, and the
mirket .dvaoccil IK9IKO. Sale, were; H.OOO 1m So
1 Oats Instore atrajfc; SMTO bn do at 68c; 3.0C0 bn do*
(lu Steeld* Taylor-g) at 67* c; 15,000 bn do at STkc;
|{ 670: 81,600 do On the afternoon).
at S7»B.Xc—closing verr Arm at 68c.
*WuiagT was In fair demand and Xc higher than the
extreme price paid on XSange, Sales were: 1,600 brls
(In 1< (s) at .
Pbo visions were In. good request and firm, with
aales of 5,0(0 p»y Salted Hams at He, loose. There
was a good Inquiry for Mess Pork at *17.00, bat hold
ers of good city brands were asking mors.
Salt ws* In fair request, with sales of 3,700 brls Sair-
Icaw at 1323, to arrive. B
St- XiOQis Market
[SpecialDispatch to the Chicago' Tribune.]
■ - • ' St. Louis. Mays. iw.
Tobacco—Active. Sales, 3 hhds scraps at *2.lft&LSo*
W.Mo«.iOs 10 hhds factory law
[email protected]: ?2 hhds planters* lugs at [email protected] •is
hhds common shipping leaf at ,*12.30015.50; * hhds me.
dlumleafat »[email protected] { 13 hhds medium msaaf»e
torlngflear at |l6,*[email protected]» 23; 2 hhds good at *32.25037 ?3
. Yloub-EuII. Bales of iso brls Xtt *6.9o,lnspected!
double-bead lined and delivered.
GKAOr--Wheat unchanged. Bales ofSU sacks strict-
S?^ e J OC « olC ® »‘-WeL73: 130 sacks spring at
£ at< ““ lp-of l.WOstdra, to arrive, state
delivered; socks, to arrive, at Wc; Sia sacks, to a£
rlyo. atOOi*. Coro—sales of 2SO sac is prime white *♦
*U6; 251 sacks yellow and mixed at *U2jf. Bvs ad
vaneedr with sales of 123 sacks,ln lots, at *1.40* 2*3
tacts at *I-£3; SO bushels in barrels at *1.70, including
■Wmarr—Silei of 50 brla at *105; lOOhrlsatll 13
•Sbrls private.' * *
Gbocswzs—Coffee [email protected] »• sugar at aikra
22c; molasses at It.OOa: JO s gallon, ***
Bacoh—Sales oT6 casks shoulders at lljjc 9 ft.
nilvankce markets
[Special Dispatch to tho Tri>
Ftoon-Dan; prices - ‘ M * y5 '
rr Cl l. h r v .
terdoy’s prlf . higher, but closedat yes
SAOhP'- BalesC-Hy.*t Smith’s Elevator, of
0u c tr prtnff *winter receipts,li 25.000
1 fprlD P- summer receipts, SUiv- tLVo hn
summer receipts at tt*>i tms /?• 0Q
[Special IJhpatcMom r c l ‘“ 0 - Trlhnn .j
... f Ubrt^u e prtce r . kCt efaen-
WmsKT— A need demand and Arm market at it 9n
GRAix—Wheat lg In fair demand andma««i™
at 11-WeiASTor prime to choice white. Corn—There
Is a feed demand for e.r at JUB. but from stofc
In food demaid
! w marks t u firm and demand coed
« *l5O. Barley la In fitlr demand at H.tJal.so - or
GsocxßXZß_Tbere bag besn no. essential chine* in
the market. Coffee 1, eel.', and rather
ric. Eaw Eeenara 19322 c: lard refined 25jroa«<?
Molasses continaes qalet at $1.0^31.1#.
PBOTiaioss--Meßßpork is held with* Increased firm,
neasat Bacon Is firm, with rather a better de
mand at the extreme rates. Shonlders are held at
Kite, and dear .Idea at ll«c. Bulk meals are firm it
llltc for shonlecrs, and 125191.-0 for sl-'e-' bntthfs^
mandlaUght. Lard ts dull. Prime b aoU
[Special Dispatch to tba Cblc, gj moans.)
Cmuazn-Gen. Butler, SrSfi2,
m lath. 50
Burnham,Prison;fl. Cooley, LaSitie. 7iA2on Jnm.
her, I3L m jhlncles, 15 m lath-Tim
“ ber - S7 ’“° n shingles. 500 posis.
Loo . ml8 ’ Atbea., IS yds rubble stone. 13
SIS i s? Investigator, Athens, 80 yds
rubble stone; LadylFrankltn, Athens, 13 yds dimes!
slon stone; Bacotah, LaSalle,sia bn earn jJ.B. Prsl
•'-rah 10 ’’I’’ 1 ’’ 1,11 corn t John McNeills, LaSalle
-,MI bo corn; Cajnga.Loekport, 2000 bu corn,roe bu
oats; Clyde.Ottaws,s(oobn coni: Neotnno Laban.
900 brie Hear,Bß,ooo &B fire clay, Dr. HartS Mom.’
MIS bn wheat, 1091 bn rye. 200 brio aiar!
iSlS'.e"’''?! 11, LaSalle, 56,513 it lumber
a °m.lath; Investigator"
Athene. H. O. Loomis, Athena; Lady Franklin,
Athens • Conveyance, Desplaines.
Aumvin-eape May, LaSalle; 11. Hamlin, Ottawa
•\6oi bu corn; 8. A. Douglas No. 2, Seacca, s£oo bn
New York market—May 5.
ranSTSri USSZ2S- 660 r “ r mlailta *
Woot—Firm and to fair demand.
aS? 1 ' 1 “’>?»>, without material
n dHTanf i„nV nP ’J -Mess, delivered the first
Sellers’s otSrinnj
! ;Ee; , !"".Sr”c!.V;onrm C |t r «,te^
ond'socgssc"for TCry flrm ° t^a3 “ c fo ' <>»">.
*• Money-and Stock Market—May 3.
Wocev easy and in large supply at 6<37.
fcterllne exchange dull at 105(319.* for currency.
Gold lower, opening at 177* and closing dull at 177
Government stocks steady! U. S. C*«’Si connoM
AorKitSJ. npona - 105 V! 7,30 Treasury notes, Oct. P aad
, Stocks cinlet. Cbl. &R. 1.1(8 •C * P in?. na. n
185f; C.At 117 r a,B.i qJu*-v. * P n A r'nul
rv. Vaid. JS4jl. C. serin ISO?.
5h l «« rer? msv : n* S r C 'w and S2u conoios ItBX: O.
N'.V.C.ia* , . JS?a? °* * M * ccrt * 51; FdC.JSIoUI>3S;
... _ Bnflhlo Mnrltet-Mny 3.
Tjf'*2!’ ~P o,l anrt without material change • sales of
»ni*KT— Sales at ei.n. ’
oare?ha«?“ o,rre - To SewTork-TVhoat. 17*0180;
bt,S - 31.174hn,
r.' l ra K iaii ! a7 i i o t!jZ^ Flo:l ' r ’ 2 ® >,SS 6,13 ! wheat, 7J5.W1 hn t
Pbilaitelpliia Market—May 5,
•i T » fi< i L * irj, "’P eTer l*Q» Crude SbftMWc s*W nr
refln ed In bond ,t
Kxtra Family fB.OO®B.W.
Oswego Market—May 3.
tjßArN—'*vbeat onll. No 3 Chtcigo spring, H 45.
??^v et,we!,ternkeld ftt It.BB3LCO» offered*
wVthoin lmycre. mßrket ’ offeretl « to’niiS
see Fourth BigeJ]
Nr to auoErtfsements.
«£?• The Journeymen Carriage
IVJASONIC. —There will be a re^-
AtJ- ular convocation-of Oriental Loclrt. F
(Friday) evening, May fi*
0 c3oct * J All membeiß of this Lodge are
attend. Per order W.O,
myg-eIRUt J. A. FaUWELL, See’y.
teachers can buy
School Furniture.
irlr FAMILY READERS. rrI ART S ? aT iH \r\v
roarPAID to myati tMoWnv'a
e s 1 J ?ss?oi Be “ , - p - O-80/^Co'ic^o I :™' Qe *
Dollars per dozcn-nnl«hea In superior ania 7 rw<
HAY MAS. Operator. EYEßlTl - fegiST-
TVe hare for sale some of the
Choicett Inside Property in Chicago,
located In the very heart of the city. A large abaro of
tne purchase money can remain on the property for a
term of 3 tars, Iftbepurchaicr desires It. * * r a
.. p » B - MANCBESTEB * sons,
nyfrctA-lt ho 40 Lasalle street.
Dotal Havana lottery.
drawing of April 23d, IS6L No. r..71S draw
CipOfOOO; No. IS.lsi drew $£0,000; No. 15.977 oroVaa*
Mo ; >O. u,m drew tlO.rtO; No 19,669 drew aTivSil
beirg the five capital prizes. Tory per ceat?n!Z
KUSH.** 1 ? for ,?^ z "s- Information fnrn'sbed!'
£?.uVK“- pa “ tor ' dot,bloon r4^S!Iki 1 k i ; I 1 ? : o OfKa i <l
mjc CJ63-U SankerMG Wall street, N. T.
A simple hot taofU ch&rm'nc Ballad, bv J w -crrm
B -.RD. FrJcn 25 cents. boy “• HtTß*
Prcficrre this, ana loot here to-morrow.
Lots for Sale la Thos. B. Eryan>s OlDce.
A number of the choicest lots in Eii»*» a „ „
be bought »t xerr moderate prices
on W»npan?fb, Co.tnge Grove a nElllAnvln'
the tensions of the hone railroad.*? 1 *
REMOVAL. —M., Dinnon has re-
Cl.rksmet, wnerehc^rtlpa^?^^^,”^
y '■
iff <a.* ahnr.rnhetmenj»
Patent Duplex Elliptic
TO* CHTT.p»-
"? ow *s & co.,
-i«v Street. .
;: t!Siae:ss; a;
DnsS“fbKT I, ML?bS e MM toS,' 71 CHtCAQO
»;» tbe eondnct UiSSor lley * °*“ c orc »Pl
coillJSfcnopTiJit Mr b oluijT l ‘!sS. r S’ “ n( * '"‘il'Mes
Wrrcorj orYw.Ved & ?™ p Vn" JJeTn JSWiJLS
.In 01 year's book to be. erro ” M ne allege*
.Si^sSS®g , I
SSRiartSSSt c °“‘” to
Compiler akd Publisher,
73 D earborn Street.
(Hootne 49 and 50.) *
IT’OH,- ISQ4r.
«nT^.?i 4a i Q ? derl ! tß,Jed »*7 l bat Halpln toneht to
sapmede Bailer, la vabUddo* this work hiadi.
u p™5J!555 ** ileantime t general wish
iisiritoioissfbS?* 1 ib “
myt-e(Wlt •
By "W. S. MORSE, Agent.
Office of Bnxton £ Co., Bankers,
No. fit Clark street. Telegraph Bulldtaz, comer of
ajR-eirK-lt' lko street, [llo. Box SiaS.]' COTSa
remoV ' d “I'&lggfSo,"?" 1 N ’«- * HOLE'S
Rooms Nos; 1 & 2 Hilliard's Block,
njSiSSS e “ d 6cmt,, Wll " r Chicago, m.
Will give a
Fifty Dollar Premium,
r° be trotted for on SATURDAY Mav 11 vii*
.leata, best three In five, to harness or waVon rll?
(inTm th KntriM f 6 * 01 ” tr S tl w d for money—amateur
llV T , ers *. hntrie* to be made before 8 o’clock d m on
'VrtcMl.y, May llib. f«,on tlrt.T. m^ow'S;
W6.t167.jt J - Q - D SW’ ?«retary”
, ( 50 Dearaorq street.
purchased the entire
utpHSL°£fvi ß Vincent and David fllmrod la the
liJSf'S of J l ? c e ,,t . Tlbbals. Shlck A Ca.willcon®
w wa «T mannfactnring and selling
£. A ' fc ' “ tl ' retororc ' nnder tea
OII L’„5 n Af?? ) ” d Q 7 OI1 |!; t T e »ed ElevenlM!.,
wltfe“cMra fo 0 * and 262 South
DAVID E rle, Pa,,
Chlcaco, May 5. Stbh* H ~ ai^on.
YORR L m£,J[?-F RANC £ company of new
1 n y° nK > April 29
B niinnu ß wlJ^fA s<l -T 3eiieral Agent for the States of
kee°Wla^ lßCoDflln ' lowa *** lliiwan-
. ear _S lr— 1 have received your letter In reference
d?sfiP« S £i e J!«?. oW, ? ff P°, Ucle> * wno «« called oat ta
t.7Sk??if%S d bon f" one hnnared days
£7*“'LR* our regular andvolouteersol
yJ^t I,lloMe to be sent to the front for active ser-
K«j«,2H , 0? 0 3 ,ey w holder * 0,118 called out from the
nvS!d « a n?» P eriaiSß,o n to proceed to occn-
W®”? gurlson military posta and forts within onr
States for the one hno dred days
ror a'waTltSk. 7 0f May next * withoat W*
n/L the * proce v ed £ P arta °f the country within onp
lines, where the Company charge civilian] foracli.
mate nsx. they will be placed umm tho” me
and are to pay the same extra rates. terms.
Very truly vonrg. ,
F. 8. WINSTON, Pres’t.
0. CRONKHITE, Agent,
4 ZSt-;ll, HtreCt ' CMcngcDUnois,
In the Way of Toys,
is THE
Antosiatic Dascerl
"YJ&u J? Instead of att»ndlog at the
Academy of Mr-slp,” save the raa »y 25 cenm von
otherwife would spend, and Invest In that vblch wm
n>iUaC » fcom full. Take It home to yoar children
Play on U yonrsc J- Laugh and grow fat, '
Motion a3d Toy Bazaar*
appeal.jZ s Lake Street.
JL wlthstandtofrthe action cT tSo** Board of Trade’*'
tb r e°S."eS?dT‘ nl “ tlCM to -ScVJS.
Wholesale Grocers,
For some time past connected with ua la a 1.
our bouse Irom this date. The bu“measwn??iTf?,*fo ta
be coDduclcd under the name of '“ eS9 wlulnfut afe
Chics, o. May Ist. IM>I. B ’ *
pq- e w ; ■
10-40 5 percent. Loaa.
We are receiving Subscriptions at par for
1). S. 10-40 BONDS.
Principal and Interest payable in Gold,
Interest to commence on day of Subscription, or on
aUrchiat, by paying the accrued Interest in Gold ot
In 1 teasury Aotea at fllty per cent, for premium untr
Subscriptions must be paldln National TUnv Cnrram.
cy or Treasury Notes. reo *
remittances of «COand npwards mar bi a. n « m
our contract with tie American or U.S
panics, and Bonds delivered tree of cLaree pre * t ' om ‘
Banks and Bankers Trill be allowed the nan si
fetolon. they payina their own ExpreSsacc QM Com *
Both Coupon and Keglstered Bondsare isreed
this Loan ol ttesama denooilnatloos asS.2OV
Bankers and Agent for the 1040 loan. *
Corner of Clark and South w»t«r -TT*
aplfrcSS>*-w*r net Vf * let stree - a * Chicago,
3IO?T h ?ntimYn. i S. S,orc far the L.VRGE3T ASD
brooJb, , ,f^ ETE ®tOCK of the above soods ever
° Ur expcrl ' n "’ twiner with
the era™, “■‘““'Mtnrlna, enables ns to offer to
toe citizens of Chicago and Northwest,
Tlie most Varied and Complete
Oar ttock embraces everything that can ho found
n houses of the Largest dealers la New Tors, elUier
In style, quantity or variety.
p J ea f« and examine our Goode
and Prices before purchasing else
where ; by so doing you will save bo»h
Time and Honey,
(.61 &C 5 Randolph street and 66,69,70 *73 State street.]
N. B.—Piece, Given to .TXafrtr our
Good*. ' mjS-e197-lt
Ll T«n>ool. Ne» Tort and PtaUdelnhb
«Ulß»Uflom.Neir rorhaa/oUowe:
g^A° F LoNijo *'" .......Sasnrday, April 16th
;ifi br sOTvoK;:;;;;:;;;.; » » gS
or £'™ mc by the fortnight line, parable m
ihS"a.,!is, C * bra ' t0 c ° rl£ or Uy«hsol. »S
Tichete Issued from llyerpool or Queenstown tc
very low rates, payable In currency. Foi
mrther mforuatioa apply to 3 W1
F .* BMOBr, General Agent,
epCMt&S w mef “ “ d CUrt
A WjNiNGS.—We have a fine ana
£JL large assortment of
Plain and Fanej Cotton and linen Duct,
Awnings and Window Screens
ahort^oticef 68 * “ dlrtll m * 6 »“ d P«u,
s «s3“ lUen * llll Sail Mater*. 205 and 207 So. Water
street. mhS-alss-au at wAmet
Ship Chandlers,
Cotton and Hemp Canvass, Wool Sacking, Sails
Tents, Awnings, Flags, Ac.
209 South Water Street.
mh23-bsl»3ot»w-rAM net
Are secured by purchasing tickets
A~ lu Hi 3E2, .A.H Hi,
Vermont Central Eailways
Trunk line of Steamers,
At the Company 4 * offices,
-8 Clark street, CHicago, or 241 Main
street, Milwaukee.
J. H. "WHITMAN, Gen. Western Passenger Agent.
EDWD. P BEACH. Geo. Act. Grand Trank lUU way.
X..MILLIS, Gen. Art. Vt. Central Hallway. *
Opposite City Hotel, Cblca^o.
M.uuinxs. uzATza. > „ D .-
mb2«*b33»2m.Y *- - • °* DAT *
Mdßbg’MKfflli-. aSJH* 11,0
.ues lo trxa marfeet.
P. O Dr»w**pvSi General Agent.
Machine RtltcaSne done strdet *
experienced operators. ™ mff^ma^erby
Will ordPf from s C
ma3»gl-6t.y»r 38gS‘--“" —”
f? EilOVAL—Erickson ifc Kirkeby
“fy# rei ?OTed their Bootand Shoe Store from
tiiflr old stand on the correr nf cia/K nad MaaPon
streets, to their new store Hi South Dearborn stn**t,
three doors south ol Madiaon, where tfcer will be jl.td
to ere their o;d patrons and the cablle generally. Par*
tirnlar atteitron given to custom worfc.
Nrts abbmtsetnmts
No. 97 Randolph Street,
(Under the Matteaos Honaej Chicago, 111.
Tlio Oldest, the Largest and the Most
Sellable Gift Book House
In the World*
Pocket BlWes, Prayer Books,
fo"L J . n Srl b co'.°.nS , i’^' n ‘."'- > »ro SOU .t peWlrter.-
enil.ie”-?le J, « OH:, wonliV<n> ntlj
*»&, SI' a *** d Jll ar», glyea wl h eacbflooXor
Set lor the unsuspecting in the sliapo or
Gift Book Stores conducted and
managed by boys and Itinerant
dealers, who hare no ■ regard for
honor or reputation. Go where
yon can bay the best Books Is
Chicago for less money than any house
In the city, and at the same tune re*
celye a valuable present with each
purchase. Fifteen brilliantly success*
fnl years in an honorable and legiti
mate business have so firmly estab
lished us and our manner of doing
business before the American people"
that It Is everywhere pronounced •
perfect success: and for ’ - -
numerous unknown ksnln.^ 6 “ a J*
have the Impudence to copy
>dverM.ctnen.>, ind «.,nme ~i™ n ac
St'" °“>r «r. 8 4.-S
worth of coed,. We can only look
. A"? ‘V nnpr,nc, P l «<l manner of do-
Incbn.lnc. a, at.apfortho an ware,
and an unsentlemanlv manner of del
tracuns ftom .he brt K h. and pro”
on. ra,. the. hover Uko the ioondly
son around the J
"“■"“tti""" ■«■<> Mate-
One door from the corner « Dearborn street.
Made In the LATEST STYLES, and at
Cor. State and JRaadolph-sts,
Offer for sale a full assortment of
rUvula lUeef.
NcSd aoberttsetncnts.
124 Dearborn Street.
aro eom-nftnclnff *• ar»
nre, One,a rtrj beautitol -style.” cula iayreoelrsd.
SMITH A SHOS, Sole ifeat^
__aiy*e47S.U yp. aji gpata Clark itrwt.
Exctoe Beflflim Honse
We are the HxclasWe Agents for a new
Witch the public and trade are lurtted toetTTitoa—
the cheapest ana beat Spring Bed arer torealad.
Upholsterer’s Goods.
Hair», Spring.-, Twines, laces &c.,
FnroLihed to the trade. F. 0. Box 233 J.
10-40 BONDS
Authorized by the Act ofMarch
8» 1841*
Thk Loan hears date March lrt,i3*i,ia redSMsMo
at tbe p’faanre of the Government, after t«a yen.
and payable forty yean from date, bearing Interna at
Are per cent per annum, payable to Com *na»«n r m
Bonda not orer One Hnadred Dollar*, and
ally on another Bond*. ?• 1
KM Third National Rank
Fiscal Agent of He Failed gfafe*
National Currency. “ Treaaoiy Note* or
rec.l7. MI coupon bond, bp psylnn
1 to date of subscription.
«».iLr s jf. “ s&a-
AMOS T. TT-VT.T. Vice PiMM«nt.
•1»A Hoiaoia, Caabler. » D g££S
Salesrooms In Portland Block,
Comer of Dearborn and Washington street..
Beß,U "“ ,e „S o a^ W Good eevory
Sale, of Dr, Goods, Boots Show other day. or a.
apll c.SMm w xnamat
203 Randolph Street.
Manufacturer and Dealer In
Te 1° Btor * a large and elpguut assortment of rlil
Parlor, Clamber, library aad Dinlag-Booa
I haye removed my stock to
149 South Water Street
SSmSfJ 111 at •“ “=« »o tonad > luxe undmii
Green and Dried Fruits,
Hermetically Sealed Caned Pruitt
Chicago. May „t. IMI.
A Safe and EOectaal
HIS. IER ’ FDfCH 4 Aden!.. Chicago,
inmoiA. . apK-ditWt met
k«Thh* rwit, !?®£ w,l,c,,lhlß medicine has acanlred.
both ben and throughout the Armlesof LheWeSt
Eiio Scnih.aaarenirfyror Diarrama, *Sd
aU relaaed condition of the bowel* aimn«»V.«TiLsSz
the necessity ot advertiamj
tb £- re _. are many strangers In nnp midst who m .r 2
suffering from these coraplalata. caaied *3
th^ e thatfhi?m^iirt ateror to o * 1 * W8 would rerntoS
tnem that this medicine possesses wonderful efflru>v
rnS Q pif oac h® raond the tesitmoS of Brit
M. I Mepham 4 Bro!. jfonS
Fecond-st. Prepared only hr j. & c. if voirriiJL
sis apo Druggists, southwest coraefof 3mq53
S^fKSSIS£t 3COVII - ™ i “ do, ="- rt -
-[SJ-OTICE.—The Committee ap
««. gAajiiwc ssafe
quested to make their collections during this week
meeting of the
J? 8 *?£ 01 «« Bosr d o» Trade, on
Monday morning. the at 10 o'clock.
By order of the ComnmteeT
mySeSi-St JXO. F. BEATY,Secretarr»
rli?'.fe-?rsf£s. A ?. r^i SSSSS JSM'BSS
To the Pab
?%'Vf c * bw . - “
lotrttxarf *h"v »iii
Chicago, May C * J ' i’ARS^IjKST,
.__— - —I 4-3toet
xi mofcato : : '* e nava re-
250 & 252 South Water street
n « nEBLEB . ff ALLACS * CO.
OPV^n0 P V^ni N °E office. "
J*OJ>DAT, |fae2Sd of Slav n»i°® c * oattl
fonoulng iSenTS Ca&r^hZZJ!* 3 * !l ‘»W7atm*
S At” e^Si?^*v*™ 4
At Jhe
f °'™l'J »Itbihl r'iS”Mlo a npi? b ™ m ’J? ! n strict coo.
»lth awiral complete* one C**binMiin>
CartUd»c.box; onrMl Srt% feno i ; °°® CorbSl
oneßclt-bolatep forArmTsi^« r H^!h e ’ hox 0r Po*ch
LEktell°ic'£° E ? ““ i?o* I'tJFF
It. prosrei.; ioSJIMIT i^te^. llrd !. 1:1 sue", of
cottier Ther^ lr* ♦i 1 1-._E xaittee ‘Destock heftwi
tlonatthe where deiiv^^H^® 1141 ,ns Peo
celvedby the Government v«« rwl b * tor «belnsST
or paid tor bat «® b . 9 accepted
DeiiTerlfs most be mad* h??I? Te 2 apo * Inspection,
tenth (l-l( th) D er w e it of .^Ji^ fEO{ le “ than one
ted tor; the lint “ e , wljolc nnmh€r enatnc
ofJnce. t delivery to be made on the 20th day
Bnbje« r me°c»LiMctor to r ed h 111110
* B »W ft« to tS?. 0 ” ° r naa,l>er
ner • th » C ™ e ?* 9 most be boxed to the amal man
tolS«“ s?gr“ >,od “ r S' J cost. tolK.d^m.od
Ira1 ra W *H state emUcltly the Arsenal, or '
nais, where they propose to deliver. and the nnmber .
or seta they proposo to delircr at eaco place. If for
more tnaoone.
No bids will be considered from parties other thma
regular manafactnrem, and soeh aa are known to tut t
Department to bo tally competent to execute in their
own aiiopa the work proposed for. Should any nartw
obtaining a contract oiler Accoutrements other than
there made In I Is own shops, they will be rejected,
and fboccßtrßctrenderednnUamrTold, *
Bidder* wJU eetslose with U elr bids the written ao
kn wledpments o» their saretles over their own »ign*T
U F«ch party obtaining a contract will be obliged to
enter into bond with approved sureties fbr In fiithlhl
execution. . '*
• Drop the award being made, successful bidders win
be notified and furnished with forms of contractaml
D .t p *?? entr l ßorTW tberixfatto reject tor or
sllbl<*B Ifnot deemed aatUfectory. |W, “ 7W
t&rl*f? D r l P* 1 ‘ d, J w,,,<! **** RRlRADTOS ORT
l£&h..££Pn G £ .V- HaMHATj*CWof of Ordn«oeo»
*/.^Vl!r£. t n, 'P endowed ■•Propoeate tor Caralrr
Accoutrement*" OKOBQR D. SWSAT.
nvfeUMt rl'iw'"" o, " r * l> CUefofort ”““-

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