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Adlreet “CHICAGO TRanKE." Chicago, m.
Chicago tribune.
The present duty of this people is to fill
the ranks for the One Hundred dats ser
vice. From all parts of the field of war
come evidences that the great work of the
campaign has begun, and we must confess,
iu the lesser Instances already recorded, with
mo very happy auspices. We have abundant
evidences that the enemy were nevermore
numerous or determined. We cannot
afford the loss of a single day In putting into
the field for temporary pressing service the
Troops tendered the Government by the loyal
West. The earnest and eloquent appeal of
Gov. Yates to the loyal people of the Prairie
State enforces the warnings already uttered.
In two weeks time the twenty thousand of
Illinois should be ready to march. The arms
are ready. Let the rally of the people com
mence In earnest to-day. Our grand
armies now striking home on the
heart of the rebel territory will deserve suc
cess bv their valor, and we believe will grasp
si great victory, but we shall be treacherous
to our soldiers if wc hold back from support
ing them; shall be false to the cause if we
make not ready to repair all possible disaster.
Fathers, brothers, eons, men and youth of the
Republic, the work that is yours to
<lo to-day is fraught with the interest* and
destinies of millions. Our dispatches of yes
terday tell us how well and widely in the
loyal West the work has been begun. Let it
not pause nor falter until all these new mili
tary organizations are filled up and sent for
v ard to the field.
Our Cairo dispatches at a late hour give us
* budget of exciting news from the Lower
Mississippi. Affairs in Arkansas have an un
satisfactory look, and General Steele evident
ly bad a narrow escape from destruction.
Admiral Porter whose chief exertions of
late have been given to cotton operatigns in
'Western Louisiana, where singularly enough
lie made nai>al prizes of large amounts of the
ffocculcnt staple collected from plantations
for and wide, has failed in business, and hav
ing consigned a large amount of cotton to
Cairo for sale, he has now consigned a good
share of Red River fleet to destruction. Tes
terdaj's dispatches gives us the unfortunate
particulars of the fate of the vessels
left in peril hy the low water,
and now blown up to avoid their
fulling into the hands o! the enemy. It was
doubtless necessary at last, but it forms no
justifiable sequence to the situation antece
dent to this mad cotton hunt for prize mon
<J. Altogether a very pretty job Admiral
Porter has made of it His whole manage
ment on the Mississippi has been a failure,
a- d fertile in noth ng but windy dispatches
to tell the people what Admiral Porter has
looked on to see somebody else do. Prob
ably Admiral Porter will this time be willing
to stand back and let somebody else write
Lis dispatches.
The campaign of 18M has began, and on a
grander scale than ever before. We shall
have heavier battles. Wc shall win telling
victories or experience grave disasters.
There will be no midway result. The col
lision will be between veteran armies, im
mense in numbers and determined in spirit.
Let the people be ready to stand by and
steady the Government in this hour.' And
let ns beseech the Government that the mad'
folly of feeding the people on lying dispatch
es may not again be resorted to. Ho v liber
ally it has disgraced onr war annals in for
mer campaigns, a single instance elswhcre
'drawn out shows. Let there be no more of
it. The people will not object when a seal
Is pnt upon the transmission of war news,
for some temporary purpose, for silence it
celf is a warning. “No news is not good
news” when onr armies arc afield. If
-Grant is defeated in Virginia the fact
'Cannot one moment too soon reach the
loyal homes of the people. Let the tidings
-of the disaster be sped through the North as
fast as electricity can bear it, and a nation
will rise to arms, even as it has not done yet,
to moke war the sole business of onr whole
people until the rebellion is crashed. The
question “whethcritis ever right to deceive,’*
still an open one in the debating societies, and
not even inlly closed by Mrs. Opie, finds no
defense for the practice, when it withholds a
knowledge of’danger from the very ones
whose vigorous action can alone avert it Let
•ns have the whole truth as fast as developed
in our present army movements. Victory we
are already prepared to celebrate. Defeat we
cannot too soon be advised of, if it beliil ns.
The name of William Butler, of Spring
field, late State Treasurer of Illinois, is again
mentioned in unflattering connection with
the cotton permits. Oar readers will re
member that an Imputation of the same kind
was cast upon him In a letter In onr own col
umns, some months ago, and called out from
Lim a prompt aud iudignaut deniiL Appa
rently it comes now in a slupewherein, how
ever innocent he may be, Mr. Butler is on
his defence before the people, and he can
only be placed right before tho people by a
■careful and thorough investigation which
shall establish his innocence. None will be
miore willing to record it than ourselves.
We publish elsewhere to-day the conven
tion between Louis Napoleon and Maximilian
ia regard to the affairs of Mexico. It is
sorted that the French troops shall speedily
l>c reduced to 20,000 men, and that these
shall evacuate Mexico entirely as soon as
.Maximilian can organize his own army. Tho
fonign legion in the service of France shall,
Low ever, remain in Mexico for six years, but
on the withdrawal of the other troops It
.shall go Into the service of the Empire. The
French commanders arc not to interfere with
the Mexican Administration. The two
monthly transport service between France
:md Vera Cruz, so long as necessarily main
tained, shall be paid for by Mexico, The in
-demuily to'bc paid to France is 270,000,000
ijv, and for the purpose of paying this ohli
-.ration Mexico shall pay 25,000,000 fr. In specie
xiunuolly. A mixed commission is also pro
vided for the settlement of claims for wrongs
done to Frenchmen, and for these wrongs
the Mexican Government is to make indem
nity. It would seem as if Louis Napoleon
had made a fair speculation of his Mexican
expedition. If Maximilian should , fail to
pay, he can foreclose again and appoint a
new “ receiver’’ for the distracted Empire.
Wc learn that the Bankers of this city are
to have a meeting this evening for the pur
j'ofcc of establishing concert of action in
view* ol the change of the currency basis, as
adopted by our Chicago Board ot Trade, aud
which is to go into effect on the 16th InsL,
<or rather on the ICth, as the 15th comes on
Sunday). Wc are glad to hear that a majori
ty of the Bankers approve the new order of
• things, ond will cordially and earnestly sec
ond the efforts of the Board of Trade, and
see that the experiment has a fair trial. This
being the case, we have no fears for the re
sult. Its success is placed beyond a doubt
In fact there is no Shancc to take a step baric
ward. The people have willed it that wild
cat, red dog, suction pomp shlnplastcrs
shall no longer be tolerated iu the channels
of trade, and the trash must go under. No
amount of backing and filling, no experi
mental crawfishing can save it. If Bankers
or individuals continue ts encourage its use
the people—the farmers and producers—wiT
sot and this they should understand, They
Lave suffered too much by such au indulgence
■flrcady, and as the end is nearly reached, no
manipulations of interested parties save
it from the late which has certainly been
fixed tor it
_A. New Beglmcnt of One Hundred
Day Ben.
Maj. J. W. Goodwin has taken possession
•of Camp Goodcll, at Joliet, fer the purpose
•of raising a regiment for the one hundred
<3ays’ service. He has already one company
xrom Will county, one from Kankakee, and
or three from Logan, and is anxious to
JIB up his regiment without delay. Maj.
•Goodwin thoroughly understands the duties
•of bis position. Ho began his military life
In Mexico, and was in the United States reg
■ninr service for elx-ycars. On the breaking
out of the rebellion, he was the First Lieu
tenant of the fi«t company raised in-Will
•county, and on the organization of the 20th
regiment, at Camp Goodcll, was elected Major
of that 'regiment, in which he served nine
months. Gentlemen who have raised or arc
about raising companies, and are desirous of
connecting them with a good regiment, we
think will do well to place them in Maj.
-Goodwin’s camp.
■f '
They have Passed
the Wilderness.
No Fighting Yet Reported to hare
Taken Place.
Porter Saves Ms Meet liy Blow
ing it Up.
Reported F extraction of Gan
boats and Transports on
Red Rircr.
Great Excitement at Vicksburg and
The Enemy Threaten Port
"8 lie One Hundred
Bay Troops.
Latest News from Gen. Grant’s Army.
Washington, May o.—lnformation "has been re
ceived here that onr army has passed safely
through the Wilderness, but nothing further Is
known this morning of the onward movement.
Humors prevail of fighting, bat they are founded
on mere conjecture, as it is known th«f n p to 7
o'clock Wednesday evening none had place.
There are troops remaining on this side of the
Hapidan, but It would not be proper to state their
exact location. These include some, if not all,
the colored soldiers.
Much of the rolling stock of the railroad has been
sent hack to Washington as there is now no farther
use for 1L
PniLADzmnA, May 6,—The JhiOtiin has the
following ppedal dispatch:
Washington', May 6.—The Anny of the Potomac
has passed the Wilderness the old
Chancellorsville battle ground, east of Lee’s army,
and passed on until it reached an open plain, sooth
east of the Wilderness.
Onr Informant states that Gen. Grant took that
note in order to flank Lee. Be also states that it
was the theory entertained by officers that Lee was
still in his works about Orange Court House.
Many believe that it will be found that General
Grant has flanked Lee and is between his army and
the works of Richmond.
New Tons, May C.—A special dispatch reports
our army passed through the Wilderness of Vlr
duia, emerging into the open country. A letter
received from Burnside’s headquarters at Warren
ton Junction, on the 4th, locates the corps there,
but it cxpccied to move the same day.
A Norfolk letter of the 4th reports that the rebel
cavalry attacked our pickets at Suffolk on Saturday
and were badly thrashed by the sth Pennsylvania
cavalry, with a Joes of a number killed and wounded.
Washington, May G.—A. dispatch from General
Giant to one of the Generals here, says that forty
right hours would determine whether he was to
have a hs tie on the Bapldan or tinder the works
around Richmond. General Grant’s dispatch was
written yesterday. .
New York, May C.—The World has Issued au
extra containing a report that on Monday last
Burnside’s advance was checked at Thoroughfare
Gap by rebels under LongstreeL A battle is arid
to have occurred, resulting in our defeat, with a
toes of 2,000 to 4,’ 00 men. The negro troops are
it id to have become demoralized, throwing down
'heir arms, and stampeding to the rear. It is
doubtless a canard.
The World's Washington dispatch says: Burn
-ide is acting as a reserve to the grand army of the
Potomac. When he will move to the front is ua
The New York Tlitim’ Washington special says:
Culpepper is being strongly lortified, and will be
used as a depot forarmy stores. It is reported here
to-day that a strong column of troops, under Gens.
Couch and Sigel, is marching from Winchester up
the Shenandoah Valley, as a co-operating column,
destined, eventually, to cut the Virginia and Ten
nessee Railroad, while Gen. Butler’s force, or a
;>art of it, strikes the other railroad at or near Pe
tersburg, thus severing all the railroad common!-
•alien between Richmond and the South. Gen.
Butler took the field in person, at the head of the
army on the Peninsula, yesterday, and his hosts
arc marshaled by such leaders as Gens. W. T.
Smith, GUmore, Terry, and WeitzcL An Immense
Ject of troops and a strong squadron of monitors
rnd gunboats will convoy it up one of those broad
rivers, to the gates or the back door of Richmond,
*td perhaps the iron-dads may once more try the
strength ot the rebel batteries cn the lincoftnc
James, Pumunky and Rappahannock.
Ibe feeling prevails that there la desperate work
before this army, but there Is nerve ana strength
‘or ir. The iron-dads lie in the still waters off
Newport News, and the gunboats are in communi
cation with them.
the grand forward movement.
Headquarters Aemt op the Potomac, )
Muy 4—6 a. m. f
The order do march was issued from General
Meade’s headquarters yesterday morning, and was
disseminated through the anny by two in tbe after
Gencrrl Gregg's cavalry division, accompanied by
i portion of the canvas pontoon train, moved yes
terday afternoon towards Rlchardsvillo, and was
engaged until late at night repairing tnc road to
UliB P Ford. Soon after midnight that division
moved to the Ford named to establish a crossing.
About midnight the Sd cavalry divlciou, with anoth
er portion ol the canvas pontoon train, left for Oer
r.imia Ford, five or six miles above there, to estab
■lsh a crossing. It is reported at this hour that
both efforts arc successful.
Tbe advance of the 2d corps, Gen. Hancock com
manding, broke camp at midnight and moved down
the Stevcneburg and Richards»Ule road toward
Ellis’ Ford. The entire corns was on the march
betore three o’clock title morning in the same di
rection, and expected to effect a crossing soon after
TbeSth corps. Major Gen. Warren, commenced
moving at midnight. Tbe advance, consisting ol
two divisions of Infantry and the portion of artil
lery. passed through Stercnsburg at midnight,
riosriy followed by the remainder of the corps, all
marching towards Germania Ford.
•J'he 6th corps was closely followed by the Cth
corns under Gen. Sedgwick, which quitted catnp
*t 4 o’clock in the morning. Both thesth and Cth
corps are understood to be crossing the Bapldan at
Germania Ford. • , , #1 .
The c-nUrc movement resolves itself into a cross
ing of the Bapldan at two fords toward the right
.Vnk o! the euemv,placing itself after crossing on a
line nearly paralle l with the river between Orange
Court House aud Ch *ncellorevllle. At the present
hour the movement is under way, and there is a
probability that it will be soccgsaftilly accom
pUtheu without severe opposition by Lee, to
whom this bold push must he more or less of a sur-
It Is not possible that any serious engagement
"Jr-., fou rbt to-day. Cavalry skirmishing and
* r V.i Cry are likely to make up the day’s
10/ce, 1 * 2 ' Qn^ esE the enemy* contests oar advance in
irv^2 KK,MavC -~The Washington special of
i : I Tliere 1* no donbe now from in
*rom Bcalton Station, but that
flan md^SS?w a ' ana ° ned his line on the Bapi
the vnllcv of 11 movement in
sccms clearly establish Bun 1411(1 beyond.
Washington, May « __Tho USD ’ „
tors who arrived !u this dtr a? f en *
evening, state that
there from rebel some** A wrfi •. *^ a *^® lTe ?
and Fortress Monroe, that Gen \v P*K m i^ orlollc
a very large army, Us w, £
side of the James Elver, not far from e ?, atil
His object was, ol
In lien. It might be a femttoSataS
and prevent their sending
bnt if It was In earnest, it meant that Fort
and Petersburg were to be an?
mond cut off from railroad commScaUoa wfe
j,*cr:h Carolina and the South. oa WlUl
If the news Is correct, and It Is generally believed
in Baltimore, the occupation ot West Point.la*t
Monday, was merely to deceive the enemy. StilL
a’.i is merely nnanthenticated rumor, and Smith's
army may be oestined for West Point, to co-oDer
ate with the extreme lett wing of Meade's army.
CtamntuKi). Md.. lloy6.—Rebd guerillas made
a rtid on the raiirosd this morning at 7 o'clock, at
Blocu.inutun, captured three trams and destroyed
f 2-O.OCC vrona or property belonging to the rail
road company. The trains will run to-morrow as
Highly Important from tlie Lower
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Caibo, May 6,1631.
An officer who arrived on a gunboat last night
direct from Alexandria, La., reports that not long
since the steamers Champion, No. three and No.
five, were used as transports with gunboat Lex
ington andlron-c’ads Juliet and Fort Hillman, and
were sent to Bed river to endeavor to get off the
gunboat Eastport, They dismantled and lightened
her but were unable to get her off; and had to
blow her up. On their way back the boats were
fired upon by a battery of 12-ponnders
from the shore, and fight ensured in
which onr gunboats lost several men
Including the acting executive officer of East
port, named Sylvester Poole, a resident of New
port, Ey. Be was behind a kind of a temporary
barricade on the deck of the gunboat TTHim^> n
when a solid shot e track Mm, taking off his bead.
His body was taken to Alexandria and boried. He
lately married a Hiss'tewart, of Cairo.
It was found necessary to destroy two transports
—Champions No. Sand No.s to escape the bat
tery, as the beitlhat could be done. We hare no
further particulars.
Fine Blau; Arkansas, Is reported captured by the
The steamer Emma Floyd was fired upon yester
day by guerillas, nearXJnionlown. Gunboat No.
17 was sent there, and shelled the rebels oat, with
out loss.
David Duncan, of Jackson Parish, La., and for
three years a soldier in the Confederate service,
bnt who has lately deserted, has testified before
Capt. Dugger, Provost Marshal of this post, that,
on the night of the 2d of April last, Colonel B. J.
Smith, of the rebel army, captured four Union
men—Lieut. Armstrong, of the navy. Perry Mor
rell, from Central Illinois, and Charles Baford and
William Moore, both from Banka 1 army—at Pine
ville, La„ earned them to Harrisburg, and
thence to Jackson Parish, drew them
up in line, and bad them shot, without trial
or charges. They were killed merely because they
were Union men. Three citizens of the same
Parish were shot at the same for being Union
men. The names ofthesemen were given to Don
can by a lady, who had been forced to give her hus
band up to the Confederate conscription. The
ebooilng toon place on the l&th of April. Deser
tions arc frequent from the rebel army. The
steamer Olive Branch arrived this evening from
New Orleans, bringing dates to the 30th nltT Her
papers contain dot a particle of news.
[Special Dispatch to tha Chicago Tribune.]
Orp Mourn Bed River, May 2,15G4.
The steamer White Ciocd, from Alexandria yes
terday. passed up for Memphis. She brings the
flrex load of private cotton which has this far come
oat, being over GOO bales belonging to William But
ler, laic State Treasurer of Illinois, and others.
Gen. Banks and hi* army are at Alexandria in a
defensive attitude. The rebels are reported three
miles distant, with Pl-trmiaMng dally. Reinforce
ments arc going up.
A dam Is being built above the Falls for the pur
pose of floating over the gunboats. The* Eastport
was abandoned and blown op after her guns bad
been removed above Grand Ecore. The transport
nestings was sunk above Alexandria, and tho
< hampioos, Fos. 3 and 5, with submarine pumps
on board, were attacked by batteries, forty miles
below Grand Ecore, and burnt
Gen. Smith’s division crossed the Bed River, at
Alexandria, on Saturday morning, to look after
Gen. Harrison’s rebels, hovering on that bank.
General Banks continues to be very unpopular
with the army. Matters look reiy badly. Major
General Hunter has returned to New Orleans from
I Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Natchez, May 2—via Camo, May 6, 14531.
A rumor reached this place yesterday, through
rebel sources, ct a battle at Alexandria on Thurs
day, but In which Dick Taylor Is reported to have
suffered defeat. It Is stated that he made a vigor
ous assault upon the works recently erected there,
and was repulsed with great loss. ’
Boats are continually arriving at New Orleans
from Alexandria, hut they bring no news. The
papers of that city were completely silent respect
ing military operations in the Department of the
Gulf. It is supposed by some that Gen. Banks will
retreat upon Simmesport or AtchaCUaya.
Wirt Adams’ cavalry ore hovering ne*r this city,
but there is little fear of an attack. Their
ments are supposed to cover the crossing of arms
and ammunition above and below city for
Kirby Smith.
Gen. A.L. Lee and nineteen other officers arc
under arrest in New Orleans, for declaring that
the Bed Blvcr expedition was not for fighting, hot
for thieving and speculating.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Msunns, May 4, via Cairo, May 0.
The Bulletin learns by passengers from Little
Dock on the Ssth, that the return train from Cam
den for line Bluff, was captured hy the enemy. ’ It
consisted of 240 wagons, and was taken together
wite an escort under command of Col. Drakes,
comprising the 36th lowa. 17th Ohio and 43d Indi
ana, with 4 pieces of artillery.
Gen. Steele lift Camden for Little Rock on the
?Cth, being out of supplies. On the 30th be crossed
Saline river at Jcnkin’s Ferry. Before crossing he
was attackcdby the rebels, who were commanded
cy Fagan. The attack was renewed during the
evening, and a portion of the rebel cavalry crossed
Saline river above and continued on until
until within eight miles of Little Bock, causing im
mense alarm. The enemy continued to harr&ss
Steele during the whole march In retreat, bat he
was able to keep them from doing him material in
jury, He found It necessary to Gee troy his train
•nd demolish every bridge bchlndhim as he passed.
On Sunday, May Ist, his main force was within
forty miles of Little Bock, and his cavalry
reached that Diace. Officers who left Little* Rock
on Saturday agree with previous informants that
that place, together with Fine Bluff; is sale from
any attempt on the part of the enemy. The latter
•dace had been reinforced by troops under General
In the attack, while crossing the Saline, on the
10th, Major Atkinson, of the 50th Indiana, and
Lieut. Henry, of the same regiment, were killed.
Steele’s loss had been pretty heavy. The failure
of Gen. Steele is a necessary consequence of the
disaster to Gen. Banks. The duty of the former
General was to take Camden, and from that quar
ter to advance and aid in the attack on Shreveport.
Be took Camden quickly and completely, and had
Gen. Banks been successful, that capture would
have bad a strong influence in preventing tbs reb
el's from retrieving their losses in the trans-Missis
sippi Department. The loss of the principal
course involved that of the accessory.
[Spcdal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Vick sumo, May 8, via Caibo, May C.
Parties recently from the interior report that
Wirt Adams is at Canton, and his forces operating
between Yazoo and Natcbes. Tbe guns recently
captured from gunboat Petrel have passed through
[SpedalDlspatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cairo, May 6—11:15 p, m.
Tbe steamer C.E. Hillman has just arrived from
Memphis, with dates to tbe afternoon of tbe 6th.
I send you all the news contained in tbe Memphis
papers of that date. Tbe advance of Gen. Sturgea’
cavalry force, under CoL- Karge, of the 2d New
York cavalry, seven hundred strong, with two
pieces of artillery, encountered a brigade of For
rest’s men, 600 to 1,000 strong, near Bolivar, on
the south side of the Batcbie, on Moody last.
A very severe fight took place, lasting two hours,
which resulted in the enemy being driven from his
Inlrcnchments and retreating across the river
through Bolivar, and destroying the bridge behind
It is reported by citizens that Forrest was pre
sent in the fight, and it is believed that be is beat
ing a rapid retreat into Mississippi.
Wc kUlcdd an wounded a large number,abd took
several prisoners. Our loss was two killed and
ten wounded. Gen. Starges is in hot pursuit.
Cairo, May C.—A rumor Is prevailing hero this
afternoon, that the gunboats Cricket, Joliet aud
Eertport, and the two Champions No. 3 and 5
transports, have been blown up by Admiral Porter
to prevent their Calling into tho hands of tbe ene
my. who were harassing the boats from both sides
of the Red River.
The steamer Metropolis from New Orleans, ar
rived at Memphis on the 4th, with the Intelligence
that tho rebels are concentrating at several points
on both sides of the river. Rumors ore In circula
tion regarding their movements and intentions at
Vicksburg. Tic pickets had been drawn In, and 1
m attack was momentarily expected at Natchez
also. There was much excitement consequent
upon the nearness of the enemy, and an apprehen
sion of an attack from a considerable force report
ed lo be tut ft few miles distant and approaching at
several points Likewise on the Louisiana bank
ibe rebels were reported concantratlng, and fears
were entertained of an immediate demonstration;
in fact, more or less excitement exists in every
town upon the river between Vicksburg and Vl
dalla, Louisiana, and the wildest rumors are in
constant circulation. It had been learned at the
month of Bed Blver that the enemy were advanc
ing upon Port Hudson in two columns, with six
teen pieces of artillery.
Col H. 3. Deal, of Charleston, Missouri, has fur
nished the following: Capt. M. W. Campbell,
commanding company E, Missouri Enrolled Mili
tia, stationed at Commerce, last Saturday struck
the trail of some horse thieves, in the vicinity of
Sikcton and captured them, and recovered the
property. The thieves were sent to Cape Girrar
dcan. In the attempt lo escape one was killed—
two got off. The next day coming op with the es
caped rogues, they refused to halt, and were both
shot. These men were named Bangard, and were
very had men. John Crips Crow, another thief,
was arrested a second time In Sandy Woods, Mo.
He made a full confession that ho was the
one who escaped when Cupp was hilled. He gave
valuable information. Be said the gang did not
belong to the Confederate army, but its object was
to rob the rich men of the country, irrespective o
party. The same afternoon of the capture, Crow
broke Jail and was shot.
Wm. N. Mayers, a private in the SCtb lowa regi
ment, was accidentally shot by a soldier at the Poet
Bcspltal, on Wednesday evening. He died this af
ten. con at 8 o'clock.
1 be Clerk of the Carroll states that the fleet was
at the month of Bed Biver when they passed. Noth
ing was known of the army.
Tlic 100-Day.Troops—An Appeal from
from Adjt, Gen. Fuller*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
SPBiscnru), HI., May G, 1861.
1 send you a short and eloquent appeal of the
Governor to the loyal press of the Stale and an or
der from the Adjutant General in relation to the
new troops. The greatest activity begins to mani
fest itself now that the great need of these troops
is felt, and everything is being done by the mllitaty
authorities here to raise them. The Adjutant Gen
eral will leave here the first of next week to basted
the organization of these troops.
State of Illinois, 1
Executive Department, }-
Springfield, May 6, 1861.J
To the Loyal Press of Illinois:
Important dispatches from Washington, just re
ceived, constrain me again to appeal to the loyal
people of the Slate to promptly respond to tho late
call of the President for £O,OOO volunteers for one
hundred days* service, and to invoke your power
ful influence inaioasing the people to immediate
action. This is the more necessary because of tho
treasonable efforts of the disloyal press of the
State to discourage enlistments, and thus prevent
enr veteran regiments, now doing garrison daty,
from being relieved by these new troops, and tak
ing the front with Gen. Grant in the great cam
paign which he has just commenced.
There are now on file In the office of tho Adju
tant General applications for SOO companies which
have been authorized to bo raised, aud it is proba
ble that ten thousand volunteers have already en
listed; but only nine days now remain for raising
the balance, and tbe greatest activity is necessary
to complete oor quota. Thus troops art wanted
immediately. I submit these facts to the loyal
people ol the State. Tbe crisis Is upon ns. I con
fidently await the response.
Tbe policy adopted and the plan for raiding and
organizing these troops will be found in the ac
companying’order of tho Adjutant General.
(Signed) Richard Yates, Governor.
Genekal Hbaixjuaktebs, State or Illinois, )
Adjutant Geniiul’s Office, v
Spkinopxeld, May 6,166-1. )
General Oudee No. 9.—To avoid the delay of
correspondence with persons in different parts of
the State, in relation to recruiting 100 day men un
der the late call, and to promptlr meet th* pressing
emergencies of the pnbllc service, the following
recnlatlons arc published for general information;
Ist. No special authority will hereafter be issued
to persons to recruit, but all rccrolts which shall
be cndstcd, and all companies organized by the
15th intL, and ready to receive marching orders,
will be accepted. Enlistments will be made In du
plicate on blink enlistment papers which will be
furnished on application to this office. Enlistment
blanks will also be furnished for distribution to
officers assigned to doty at the different camps of
rendezvous m iole State.
S. These troops will rendezvous at the following
Campßnt’er. Springfield; Camp Fry, Chicago; Dix
on. Ottawa. Peons. Quincy. Rock Island, Mattoon
and Centralla. aud in case of absolute necessity at
other places to le hereafter designated; hot, ns
these are now in the State Government barracks
sufficient to accommodate 90,00) men the Govern
ment declines to < mt any more barracks.
Transportation will b i famished and supplies Is
sued by federal on-cere on doty at the above camps
of rendezvous. 1 hey wl'l soon be readv to furnish
these supplies and by the ninth or tenth Instant it
Is believed they will be prepared to accommodate
all. As these supplies most first bo provided at
these camps no companies will move to camp
without orders. All recruiting officers are urged
In all possible cases to fill up their companies De
fore asking for transportation. Compliance with
this request will avoid confusion. As soon as a
company is foil orwheneverthe officer has stopped
recruiting, application may be made to the under
signed fur marching orders and transportation, and
as soon as possible transportation will be procur
ed and orders leaned.
4. All company officers who are e*ect«l will be
commissioned, unless gone good reason is known
to the contrarv. Field and staff officers will be
commissioned by the Governor; bnt In determin
ing who shall be commissioned, regard wl 1 be h*d
to tbe qualifications of the applicant and tbe ser
vices rendered by him In recruiting for the regi
ment. No appointments will be made of field offi
cers until the regiments are fall and mastered in,
and in tbe meantime no applications (or these po
sitions will be considered.
6. On account of the great pressure of business
upon this department, it will be Impossible for a
few days to answer all communications relating to
the organization of these troops, and It is hoped
that the above information will bo sufficient.
By order of hi* Excellency. Governor Yates.
[Signed] Allen C. Fulled, Adjt. Gcn'L
What the West is Doing.
to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Spiunopsld, 111., May 6,153 L
CoL John W. King, of Jacksonville, is In the
city, and very active In organizing a regiment,
which will probably go into camp at Comp Butler,
next Monday.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Pbinceton, May 6,1651.
Llents. Geo. S. Paddock and D. It. Vlnlen, are
in the field recruiting for the one handred days*
sendee. There is a popular proposition afloat that
the Board of Supervisors should offer twenty-five
dollars bounty for recruits. Bureau will do her
whole duty.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Rcshville, Hay 6,15C4.
Robert A. Williams, of this place, assisted by
several others, i? recruiting a company from Schuy
ler county, and it will undoubtedly soon be filled.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Ci/AStPAiaK, MayCth, ISGI.
Enlistments for the hundred days’ service arc
progressing finely here. Fifty men hare pledged
themselves to pay SSO, famish a substitute or en
list, in case the Board ot Supervisors till to offer a
bounty. Large numbers of ladies have proposed
to supply the places of such clerks as enlist. The
people here are wide awake.
Two companies have been raised here for one
hundred days, and more will be ready if necessary.
The movement progresses well.
Recruiting for the one hundred days service is
progressing rapidly in this county. Two full com
panies have been raised, and another is forming.
Oar gallant county Is paying a bounty of fifty dol
lars for each accepted recruit. A glorious feeling
of patriotism has faded out all political distinc
tion, and the universal cry ia “ rally to the stand
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Galesburg, DU, May 6.1851.
Recruiting under tbe hundred day call Is pro
gressing favorably. One company added twenty
five to Its roll to-day.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Kankakee’ 111., Hay G, 1331.
Recruiting has been quite brisk here forthc past
week. Capt. Tnnlson’s company of, one"handred
day men will be ready to go into camp by Tuesday.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Elgin, Dl., May C, 1864.
Recruiting for the one hundred day troops is go
ing on quite briskly. One company is nearly full.
Tbe Supervisors of Kane county meet to take
measures forgiving bounty to tbe one handred day
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Jacksonville, HI., Hay 6, 1861.
Jacksonville, ever true to the Government, has
procured two companies of men nndor the late cal)
of the President for one hundred days, end the
county furnishes two or three other companies.
Some twenty-five young men from the Illinois Col
lege have laid aside their book* and taken up arms.
Donor to their Professor of Mathematics who, by
the persuasion of tbe young men, has decided to he
their Captain.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
LocKPomf, May 6.
Captain Hopkins is raising a company of one
hundred days 1 men here, and Is meeting with good
puccess. He has about twenty-five men enrolled,
and is confident he will have one fall company by
the 15th.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Pekin, 111., May 6.
D. C. Smith has fifty men enhstedhere, end the
prospects are good for our foil quota under the one
hundred days* call.
[SpedalDispatchto the Cuicago Tribune.]
Woodstock, May 6, IS6-1.
There arc about seventy-five men enlisted in
this county. McHenry will raise from 125 to 150
before the time expires.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Moubisok, Mays,l3SL
Recruiting for the one hundred service la
ijoing on briskly. There have baen about thirty
enlistments at this place within the last three days.
Olhcr parts of tue county are doing welt White
aide county will be on time with berqnota.
*.6 pedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Wabbek, DU, May ft, I*ol.
The prospect is pood for a foil company in this
I’iclnlty for the one hnndrcd days' service.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Mattoox, PI, May 6,18*4.
One full company from Charleston went into
camp here yesterday. Another company, from
Nbega, will go in camp to-day. The Mattoon cor
poration will send one full company. Mayor Has
brook, CoU Richmond and other prominent citi
zens have enlisted. Each business house tr IU send
a dtrk or substitute. This Congressional District
will fill her quota promptly.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,!
Desmoisi?, lowa, May 6.
The ten thousand one hundred days' men called
for from lowa, ore being rapidly organized, and.
companies desiring to get In must act promptly
and HU np or their places will be filled by others.
O. W. Edwards, of the Mount Pleasant Homs
Journal offered the first fhll company for the one
hundred days 1 service. Hiram Henry is ahead as
osnal. John W. Jones, late State Treasurer, has
raised one fell company at Oskaloosa, and another
J8 being raised In . that place. W, F, Davis, of
Mnecatine, lat? Secretary of the Senate, baa re
cruited a company at Muscatine. The Indlauola
Banner represents the zeal In Warren county In
enlisting as beyond the anticipations ol tbs moat
zealous friends of the Government,
Senator Bassett, of Webster County, who is in
town to-day, says that companies are being raised
in Webster, Hamilton, Story and Boone counties.
Col. E. P. Wood, now a resident of Fort Madison,
lowa, formerly of the 17th Illinois Intantry, has
authority to raise a regiment in Lee county.
The patriotic merchants ot Davenport have agreed
to employ such of their clerks os go into the ser
vice, upon their return.
Tho yoong'ladles of Burlington have held a
public meeting and volunteered tbclr services to
the merchants of that city, so that all the able
bodied male clerks can go into the service, i
A fall company has-been organized at lowa City,
composed exclusively of students of the State Uni
versity, and one of the Professors goes as Captain-
It is estimated that men enough for two companies
have been raised in this county by varions recruit
ing officers, bnt they are not yet organized. The
people are olive with patriotic fire and-applaud
Gov. Stone for making the tender of the 10,000 to
the President.
Ten yonog men enlisted this morning at the Pro
vost Marshal's office, to go into old regiments for
the war, preferring that to the one hundred days’
service. T
Gov. Stono is at Davenport.
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
i DunuquE, lowa, May G.
The Governor's Greys and the Union Guards of
this city, have enlisted for one hnndrcd days, and
arc rapidly filling np to the required number. An
other company is being raised In the county out
side ol the city. The Congressional District will
raise a regiment.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Cedar Rapids, lowa, May 0.
A company la nearly ready la this place for tho
one hundred day service. Another is being gottan
np at Marion, and a third at Moont Vernon and
Lisbon. It Is believed that these three companies
will be fu lin less than ten days. A good dual of
enthusiasm is manifested.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Beloit, Wis., May G, 1851.
Enthusiastic war meetings are being hold in
every school district In the connty, with a fairpros
pect of raising one company of 100 day troops.
Tho greatest difficulty in doing so is tho small pay.
The Supervisors have been requested to offer a
email bounty tor the purpose of filling up one com
pany. YVe think they will do lt.
Beloit clty'is wide awake, and up and doing well
for the call. The students, and la fact the whole
faculty of Beloit College are Interesting themselves.
The college will famish forty men. Oar city
authorities have railed a special meeting to pay a
bounty to volunteers. Surrounding towns ore
waking up, bnt It is'loo soon to report progress.
Sladison, Wls., May G,—Chief Justice Dixon, of
the Supreme Bench, calls a meeting of the Capital
Guard, ot which be is Captain, to consider the pro
priety of offering the services of the Guard to the
United States for ICO days. We believe alt tho
members of tho Supreme Bench belong to the
Guard, and it is thought tnat they win give a unan
mous vote to go.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
. Richmond, ImL, May 6.
The call of the Government for volunteers for
IOC days was received with great enthusiasm. War
meetings have been held every night for the last
week. The quota of this city Is nearly full, and
will be completed In a short time. Tbe city pays
aboonty to each volunteer, and the citizens hav
provided by subscription for tho support of fami
lies of those who go. ilt is expected the Governor
will call ont the Indiana Legion to complete the
twenty thousand. There are two organized com
panies of tbe Lesion In thls'clty.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Recruiting goes bravely on in thi district. A
regiment has been ordered to- be rendezvoused
here, and Col. W. C. of this dty Is appoints
ed Commandant. Tents and other equipments
have arrived, and camp will be opened on Mon
day. A sufficient number of companies have re
ported to fill the regiment.
The 19th Indiana cavalry, 1200 strong, from Ken
dallvllle, CoL Anderson commanding, passed this
morning. They will be detained a short time at
Indianapolis for pay and equipments and then go
to the front.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
SrniNonELD, Ohio. sfay 6.
This (Clark) county sent off on Tuesday last five
hundred sod fifty men to serve for one hundred
Matters Congre*wlonttl and military.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Mr. Dawes’ report declaring Blair not entlt’ed
to a seat In the Douse, glving it to Knox, was
Agreed to by a bare majority of the Committee on
Elections. All the opposition members, and
Green Clay Smith (signed the minority report
which arrives at the opposite conclusion. At one
time thr Committee were inclined to declare the
scat vacant, and some, at least, of tbo opposition
members would probably have agreed to such n
report, but a careful analysis of tbo evidence, and
the exclusion of all votes proved illegal, led the
Committee to the conclusion that Knox had re
ceived a majority of all the votes lawfully cist.
The minority of the Committee, regarding the evi
dence touching the vote in some of the disputed
prednets in a different light, and subtracting on
the ground of Illegality comparatively fewer vote*
from Blair’s aggregate, cyphered np a majority for
him. The question raised by the President’s re
nstatement of Blair In military command
has not yet been passed upon by the Committee.
The Douse Committee on Naval Affairs decided
this momieg that u navy yard ought to be estab
lished at New Loudon rather than at League Is
Col. Hoffman, Commissary General of Prisoners,
has mafic a report to the Secretary of War on tbe
condition of onrprlsoners who have recently ar
rived at Annapolis. Do describes It as horrible in
tbe extreme, for more horrible any acconat
yet published would Indicate. Out of 370, more
than £OO ore so complexly imbecile as to believe
that they arc still at Belle leland, beng utterly ob
livious of the fact that they have been removed.
Tbe report was to-day transmitted to the Commit
tee on the Conduct of tbe War, who will send a
lub-committce to Annapolis immediately to make
further examination.
A raid was made yesterday by 70 gnlrlllas, under
McNeil, on the B. & O. R. R., at Piedmont’s Sta
tion. The telegraph line was cat, several cars
burned, and half a dozen locomotives run off the
• rack, and other damage done, which however will
Lo repaired so that tbe road will be in running or
der to-duy.
New York, May 6,—ThR Commercial Advertiser
has areport from New Orleans that Gen. Banks,
on hi a retreat to Alexandria, was assailed by tbe
rebels In force at Cano River, and suffered heavily.
Thirteen transports and punbonts are said to have
been blown np by his orders to prevent them fail
ing Into the hands of tbe enemy.
Washington, May C.—The Committee on the
Conduct of the War, go to Annapolis to-day to ex
amine the prisoners returned from Richmond.
Heavy stonpages have been made against the pay
of certain Provost Marshals and Surgeons for im
proper enlistments of recruits wbo are declared by
tbe Boards of Examiners to bo unfit for military
The National Ship Canal Convention.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune 1
Dubuque, lowa, MayC, 1854.
The Northwestern Ship Canal Convention ad
journed tine die yesterday noon, after a session of
one day and a half. The only business of impor
tance transacted was the adoption of resolutions
strongly urging canal communication between the
Mississippi and the Lakes for convenience In time
of war, and for the cheaper transportation of pro
duce ; at the same time stating that while the C in
vention would not object to see the construction of
a ship canal from LaSalle to tho Mississippi River,
duty to the great bread producing Suites of the
Northwest demands a Government appropriation
or the enlargement of the Fox and Wisconsin
Ivors impromement for the cheap carrying of its
produce to all the Atlantic and European markets;
also that the improvement of the Upper and
lower Rapids of the Mississippi by the canal
is a proper counterpart of a canal to the lakes,
and is necessarily demanded for the good of the
An Executive Committee who were Instruct ad to
prepare a report for ptiblic circulation, and a
memorial to Congress, was appointed. The Execu
tive Committee were instructed to ask for a Gov
ernment survey for the proposed canal.
A basis for the settlement of the two hundred
thousand debt held against the city of Dubuque by
Herman Gelpke of New York, was agraed upon
10-day, but the terms have not been made public.
Mr. COWAN, of Pennsylvania, reported back
the bill to amend an act entitled an act to promote
tbc progress of useful arts. This hill gnats sis
months’ extension to patentees in which to pay
their fee. It was passed.
The bill to amend the charter of Washington
dtv was called up by Mr. DIXON, of Connecticut,
with an amendment compelling the registration of
cj’ored dtirens. . ,
Mr. DEON advocated the immediate passage of
the bill, os it would have an Important bearing on
the forthcoming June election.
Mr. COWAN, of Rl, moved to Insert the word
a qualification for voters. Consider!-
hie debate endued oithe amendment, until the ex
piration ot the morning hour, between Messrs.
Cowan and Wl’lcy in snpport and Mr. Dixon in op
position to Mr. Cowtm’a amendment.
, The National currency bill was then taken a>,
and the amendmentoffered yesterday by Mr. Sam
ner, increasing tbe tax on the circulation and de
posits and capital stock was rejected—34 to 11.
An amendment was offered by Mr, Chandler, es
- •- Fbidat Evening, 10 p. jt.
There was a good attendance at the second b jard at
the Sherman House this evening, and tbe leading
grain market was quite active at a lower raoge o'
Wheat opened qnite **panicky” at sUGfor No. 3
Spring—a decline of Sc since the close of ’Change—
bnt subsequently rallied to BLI7K- This advance was
not altogether maintained, and at the close tbe mar
ket receded about He. No. 1 Spring was rather quiet,
oDcnlng at SIJ9, advancing to 81.20, and closing at
9119Jf- Sales were: 5,003 bn No. I Spring In store at
81.20; 16.0C0 ha do at BU9X. 6,000 bn do at |1.19; 0,500
bn No. 2 Spring at BU7K; 15,000 bn do at ;
rsjCObn'do at $1.17; 40.000 bn do at »UC^; 12.000 bn
do at 81*16—closing firm at 81-17 for No. 2 and |ll9if
for No. l.
Cobn was quiet bnt firm, with sales of 7JKX3 bn No. 1
newat99Kc. There was nothing doing In No. 2 new,
owing to differences between buyers ana sellers.
Lafayette, May 6.
Oats were qnlet for immediate delivery, although
considerable lu Inen was done on *• options” at 68KCI
09c. Sales for pment delivery were: 6£oobaNo.lat.
68Xc; SACO bn do at s>c—closing firm at 68c.
Wnwrr was qnlet, but scarcely so firm as at the
close on ’Change. Sales were: 800 brls city at $1.16#.
There were free sellers of country at fi.l6;
Fbeiouts were dull, with engagement of the
schooner Kate Richmond, wheat to Buffalo at 7Kc.
iTrtegrapbed exclusively for the Chicago Trtbuno.l
Albany, Friday Evening, May 6.
The Cattle market opens with sellers asking jsc ad
varnc, at witch a few sales were made. Thera are
plenty ot buyers la the market. The demand for
Brighton is g«.od—better than for New York. Prices
-or fair to prime extra 809fcc. Receipts op till to
night 2,' CD bead.
medium do at 515.ra15.70; 3do good*do at $30350
22.75 : 8 < o medium manufacturing do at $19.20025.25;
4 do goed do at (80.50058.00 ; 5 do fine at $49300158;
« boxes at $43001036.
Floue—Dull. Salas comprise 100 brls XXX at
(8.00; 500 do Xat (635—Inspected double-bead lined
and delivered.
Gbaix—Wheat—Sales comprise 1610 sacks prime to
choice at $1.6001.71; SO do extra choice at $1.73; 146)
do common to good at $1400130. Corn—Strong de
mand. Sales comprised 309 sacks choice white at
#121; 227 do prime yellow ot SU6; 1757 do yellow
and mixed at $1.15; 750 do mixed and yellow at $1.16;
POO do mixed lo store at $1.13. Oats-Sales comprise
1147 sacks at 92Xc; 418 do at 92c. Rye active. Sales
849 sacks at $135.
"Whisky -Unsettled. Sales 90 brls before ’Change
at f1.15; ICO brl* during ’Change at $1.13, and some
lets on p. t.
Provisions— Bacon and Lard—Better prices were
realized to-day. Sales comprise 20 tierces shoulders
at 12j£C $ 20 do Clear sides and 2000 pcs do at 15c; 3
cks sugar cured bams at Sic; 3000 pcs bams, loose at
19c; Us trea prime kettle lari at 14c; It doatlSjfc.
Opain—Wheat—Receipts,s3,OM bu. Active,but33
Iclowcr. Sale? this morning—l*o,ooo bu No 1 spring,
summer rcctlpte, at $1320131; 23309 bu No. 1 spring,
winter recclpir, at $1.18*01.19- Sales on ’Change—
-lE6.CKO bu No. 1 spring, summer receipt?, at SLSOO
13C*: 20.000 bu do,-buyer a option all of May. at
(131K: 700 bo No. 3, summer receipts, at 51.15#. The
market at the Newball Douse this evening was very
much depressed and lower. Sales—about KF.OOO bu
No. 1 spring at sll3ol.l9)s—closing dull at the Inside
figures. Oats more active and Ic higher. Sales— 233o)
liuNo.l, winter recetp'f,at 6)Hc; )l,f»o bu slimmer
receipts at CBo66#c. Com advanced 2c- Silcs-KO
In new shell-d on track at 08c; 3Sodo,del,at S ! XO
Uarlcy Ann. Bye nominal.
Cotton—Dull and 1c lower—8 r OS€C furjulddlln-''
Upland*-, and [email protected] for low middling
Floub—State and Wes'em rerv dull and 10c lower.
57.15&7.50 for extra State; 4730Q7.7,- fur common to
co« d shipping brands extra R. H. 0.; $73)03.75 for
trad? brands—closing dull and drooping.
WmaxT—Quiet at $1300132, closing at tbe Inside
Grain • "Wheat very doll and nomlnally2o3c lower.
*1350139 for Chicago spring and Milwaukee clnh;
H.TjQI "Oforwlntcrrcd western; Chicago spring to
arrive, $1.55. Rye tcarcelv so firm: North River.
$133. Corn Corn flrmwltb a ilmitedanpply; il.Dfnr
old mixed Western instore; SL4O)j for new yellow
and white Southern. Oats active and 102 c higher*
[email protected] for Western. ’
n ool— Firm with fair demand.
P/TKOLV-tTM—Doll at 87.US8C for Crnfle; 57H®*9Xc
forKt-flnedlnhond*and6l(36scforco free.
Peotibioxs— Pork a little firmer and m better de
mand. at 137.fran.35 for mess; $27.0) for old do:
$28.75<51i9 00 for new do: *22.00®21.g:K for old and
newprlmo; $27.(3K(527.75 for prime mess; auo 1,000
bbis new mess, deliverable from the Ist to the 13th
.■ nae,buyer's ootlon. at $ » 23: l/iOC bbis do. all Jan?,
same terms, at {30.00^30-25; 1,000 bbl3 do, same terms
*na delivery, at {3030; SCO bbls do, deliverable from
JonelSth to July 15th, bnver’a option, at $30.73: 500
bbls, July delivery, bnycr'e option, at fli.0); 1,5 0
bbla prime me?s, May and Jone. bnyer’a option, at
f2s.CO; and lost evtnlns, 2,0*,0 hula do. Miv, same
terms, at J2S.CO. Beef qnlet. Bacon sides entirely
r.omin-1. Lard wlthrnt any material change at Ua
1 t-ife, the latter an extreme f-*r choice parcels kettle*
rendered In store; o’to 2.V) bbls, deliverable the last
o' Nay, * t *l4kc. Better scarce and firmer at -33t5c
fur State; Ohio nominal. Cheese steady at 10318 c.
N. V, money and Stock Market—May 6.
Money centimes easy at [email protected]
Sterling exchange cull and lower at 109X<&lM&itt
Gold feverish, wore active and lower, opening, at
liGjfand clusugquletat J7i.
Government stocks quiet, tr. S. 6*4*91 coupons
113:5-20 coupons lOiJfSlK'i; "-C0 Treasury notej.Oct.
in d Aprl'. UO&011O
Storks ’ower and dull. C. &P. IDOVt G.& ;
C &T. J4f v T cm. * 17. r. 104; P. Ft. W. £ CM- 103* ;
M.S 8S: Cbl.& K, W. 43K: A- Ss T. 11. ."4; 111 Cen.
scrip iSQMt A.* T. D. pf.J.72: M. C. 139«; Refld-
Ug t HoiiioD 131 Jf : Erie prof-fl. I 0«; Erie I2a» N.
V. C. 13S; U. 8. 1 year cert.«>f; Mo. Ps 70; O.
£ 51. cert. 49
Buffalo Market-May 0*
Flour—Dull. „ „ .
G * ais—Wheat dull and lower * No 5 Chicago spring
i»t f 1.22, closing with no buyers a: )L£o. Cora—Choice
el lat *1.17; new *ll2 Oats 77>*e. _ . __
Canal FBsxonTs—Doll and lower. To New York,
\>-hc«tl7c. corn 15c. ~ .
Canal Expobts—Flour, 1,138 hns i wheat, 46,000 bn?
natg.C6.s6B bo.
Impclts Floor, 12,250 brla; wheat, 781,912 bu; corn,
;G’,,G22 bo.
Gearx—Flour steady. Wheat quiet and held above
ho views of buyers. No com In market. Oats la
-Unpli c demand.
* Wights—He lower on grain; wheat to New
Lake TMPonrs-M.oto bo wheat. 9,300 hu peas.
Casal Imposts— 6£oo brls flour.
Washington, May G, 133 L
J\ who have been at any time members of tbe
Cadet Corps of
Western Union College
MILITARY academy,
Acd Who intend to volunteer tinder the ness- ICO dav
can aie et peel ally Invited to eo under the old College
Hag In the battalion ot Cadet*. cow forming at the In*
BiUntlon. i!a}. SMITH, of the College, will so with
tin- Cadets. It will be necessary to report by May
llih.lf poiflble.
Fulton, liu May sth, IS6I.
FT 11TTST BE.—-At the present
rates of Chemicals, with the ororpec’s of an ad*
vom-c. the price of Photoaraphs most soon be raised.
Call wen. therefore, at EvcrUl’s, where you otn still
pn cure them at the old rates; $3 per dozen, IST Lake
street,corner of Laaaile. , , ti[
WM.M, EVEPjTT.Proprißtor.
BAT NIAS. Operator. mj7-es&u
talillshlnc clearing houses at New York, PhEadel
pb!a and 80-ton at a rate of discount not ex
ceeding onc-quartcr of one per cent., was adopted,
Washington. May 6,
Mr. DAWES, of Mass., from the Committee on
Elections, reported two resolutions, which lie over
for the present. One declaring that F. P. Blair is
nor, and the other that Hr. Enos, the contestant,
is entitled to a seat in the House as the Represent
ative of the let Congressional District of Mis
On motion of
fMr. FARNSWORTH, of HI., it was resolved
that when the House adjourn to-day, it be until
Mr. 6ANSON of N. Y., called up the resolution
of the Committee on Elections, ordering t&at
neither 3lr. Loan, the sitting member, nor Mr.
Bruce, the contestant, is. entitled to a seat as the
representative ol the seventh Congressional dis
trict of Missouri. Mr. Ganson, In supporting tho
resolution, sold that the majority of tne commit
tee had, aflera review of all the testimony, come
to the conclusion that there was Interference in the
election by a portion of the armed militia of Mis
souri, and to eoch an extent directed against the
Mr. UPSON, of Mich., a member of the Commit
tee on Elections, made a speech, sustaining the
views or the minority, namely, that Mr. Loan Is
entitled to retain his seat He maintained from the
testimony that there was nothing to show that In
toe districts especially named there was anything
to work to thcprejudice of tho contestants.
Mr. BMITHEEB, of Del., of the minority of the
Committee, argued from the evidence, that with
°J J wo the election was conducted
? , I“mess, and that tho inferior officers man!-
111110 to secure a fair expres
™ S f .S?. e J? b,lc »'"• n » claimed that Mr. Loan
was entitled to retain his seat.
Mr. DAWE9, of Mass., spoke of tho dot? of
keeping treason away from tbe ballot-box. as
tbreogh this, owing to onr peculiar Institutions
Jbc government might be injured In its vital part.
The Executive thould not only keep treason away,
but give Instructions against dlctatingandcontrol
ling more or lees the result of any election. The
House owed it to themselves to accept the condi
tion of things now exhibited, and see that no par
ties came here unless with the free voice of the
people, and to accept tbe fact as shown by tho tes
timony In this case, that there had-been no valid
- election. He could not see bow any Massachu
setts mns could reconcile it to his conscience to
give a vote here in tho affirmative of the position
occupied bv tbe minority of the committee.
Mr. ELLIOTT, of Mass., was at a loss to know
why his colleague had directed this remark to him,
but he would say he had carefully come to the con
clusion of voting for the sitting member.
Mr. DAYIB, oi Md., wished to kuow what tbe
judgement of tho people of Massachusetts had to
do wiih the decision or the question here.
Mr. Davis resuming said he had alluded to Dela
ware and Maryland without designing any offence,
Gl» friend from Maryland coold not be expected to
see the same way as others on this question. If
entire psace prevailed in Maryland, and If no per
sons were cooped up there to bo voters at elections
be must not assume that in Massachusetts and
Vermont nopcaco prevailed, that elections were
net free, and that voter? are cooped up. His
mends from Delaware and Maryland mast be char
itable and excuse him if he could not come to the
same conclusion.
51 r, SMITHERS. of Del., dented that he had Im
pnened the voting in Massachusetts.
3Jr. WHALEY, of West Vo., said the gentleman
usd opposed the admission to scats r.f members
south of Moron and Dixon's line. Was that the
policy ? If so, he bad better join the gentlemen
from Ol i'> and Mas & achni*ctt?,viz: Mr. Long and Mr.
Elliott. Did the gentleman want to have hlmaeli
placed on the McClellan ticket for Vice President ?
Mr. DAWES, of Mae?., replied if he could not
succeed by more votes than the gentleman repre
sented tn the last Congress, it was not desirable to
have him on any ticket.
{The Congressional report is left incomplete by
a failure of tbe wires.—Opebatod.l
Commercial Postscript.
St Louis Market,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
3t. Louis, May 6, ISO I.
Tobacco—Firm. Sales 65 green lags at $1.OO0‘UO;
2 co lacti ry do at [email protected]); 20 do planters’ do at
7.4:@11.80; is do common leaf at #12.0001530;I5 do
niilsvankcc Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
Milwaukee, May a, 1961.
Floub—Dull and nominal.
New Tork Market—Olay G,
Oswego Blnrtet—May C.
Neb) Ehbertfsements.
Neto aiicertisementg.
xi We have for sale somrcf the
At low figures, looted Id the yery heart of the city. A
large share of the purchase money can remain on the
property fora term of yean If the narctmer desire* u,
ayec4sfr2tnet No 40Laaalle street.
Schooner ** FREEDOM" will be disowed of
Thevessel lain good mm. Apply at Planing Mill,
corner of State street and C. B. ± O. R. K eroding.
roy7-ests-2tnet WM. K. SMITH.
For a term of years, made at reasonable r*tt*s, by
Corner Lake and LasoHe streets.
myT tcatu- n«t
Xl* HOLDERS —I have ahoat 3,f00 loads of earth to
dltposeoi owing the next 20 days, and sill doflluog
In atreet* alley*,yards, Ac., fcr about half what tb:
city will charge
Address M D O/’Box 2790, stating where I can nee
the parties. my?-e37i-2ti:et
HIGHWIiSES.—3O Bblti.,
Song and Chorus, by HENRY C. WORK. Price. 25
Cent*. Said to be the greatest song that Work has
ever written.
Pre*ci ve thl? and look here to-morrow.
niT7 e.Va.lt ROOT A CADY.
i steamer MICHIGAN will leave for Ontonagon
and Intermediate' ports,
On Monday, May 9 } at 7 P. M.
Freni F. A. HOW’U, Jr.'s. Dock. For frdaht or nns«-
age apply to P. A. ti OWE, Jr., or to 21. E. PLATT.
Agent, 13 Wells street. inv7-<57--it
2,000 LABD K£Gi4.
myT-eSCS-Stnct No. s Board of Trade Bonding.
KuOTICE.—The co-partnership
A. 1 heretofore existing nnder the name of
T s 1 ereby dissolved by mutual consent.
May l, leM. [my7-cS43-tt] cl O.'day!^
V. ' Thu undersigned have this day entered Into a
« ‘o>Partnership lor thn purpose ofcanying on a Gene
ral Coo'mLiion Business nnder the firm name of
_ . J. K. McNKILL,
Office and Warehouse, 16 Michigan avenu*
N. B. BAPPLETE & CO. succeed the late firm of
T.’appleje & Tn tie, and, with their Increased faclliti >n,
uope to enjoy the confidence and patronage of the
friends of the late firm.
Chicago, Stay Ist, ISC4."
3,000 BU ™
Prime White Beans
aiy7-eTBS-6t sa Tax net MILWAUKEE, Wl3.
UAL- are decidedly the best wo’ks ot tbe kind pub
lished. Tbe READERS are tarnished for examina
tion, or first Introduction, at oochaU the retail prices.
A pamphlet of <8 rages, describing tho Work*, giving
prices, testimonials, ppecltncnpacee.de . will be sent
tost paid to any ad ress.by JOHN H.ROLFE, Gen
eral Western Agent, P. O. Box 2509, Chicago.
JL withstanding tbe action of tbe “ Board ot Trade’*
or other local organizations In thu city, or elsewhere,
the undersigned.
Wholesale Grocers,
Wilt receive, at par, all notes of State Banks which
are not more than u of one per cent discount In the
City of NewToik-
my3»c23ißt net 153 Sonth Water street.
lie. A notice published by H. W. Adams and
Hitchcock ot my obtaining an acceptance under false
pretenses Is a base falsehood,-and it tbe parties do
not retract they will be prosecuted for slander. The
acceptance was for wages long past due. which I can
prove. C. J. PABKHURST.
Chicago, May 4tb, IS&l. mj 5-c3.*4-Stuet
Is all made of wood and wrought Iron. Strong, dura
ble and not liable to brake or get out rf order. The
wood axle can be suited to any Kind of wheels. Snop
pric»,tl Paso, couplet?. #37; without wheels, (27.
Plow?, State and Coon y Rights for sale. F.t parti
culars adrtrefsnmteMee, H. MITCHELL, El Paso.
111, or J. T. UAIH’ER. 3290. Chicago, 111. Oaooi
tfctse Plows can be seen at the Prairie Farmer Office
in this cltv. Agents wanted to sell the above.
X 1 CUTE, ron .vcn> F.xtzbn vL u-e Ot*
•orfle werr*:.Tc.* a permanent la every kina o
eib«M rwo iOttlrs tn LEPBOSr.PC. OFULA, BAL7
• PEtTM, aio all clvnsssoftee 9rin. Id tailor
all are. to r«tu;t tha empty bottles and tak
*arkth-'rmoney Aver'gesborlies la IJoo returnee
mo tf>oss «ere Vistula N - ' ca*€B iffallible o*
ban-It. For tn Chicago by F A BRYAN Prlc»
tl.no nor bottle- deiS^vsMkaaetwAr
JL TROVKHBT.—In noticing Mr. T. M. Daloli'sre
marks In the Evening Journal ofyesteriay, the an
dcirigied replies to hU
Firstly—That be coaid nothave comoile-l the Di
rectory of 1861 bat for my assistance; and, having
ro*Tpedhl»pcricnHl interest Into a joint iatore?t wlih
mvsolf. he no longer had an iooenendent right in i s
Rnbllcailon, as, in /act, he never had, the work beta?
■e property of J). H. Cooke & Co., and Halpm was
merely cockc & Co’s employee. To
Secondly-That Mr. Halpln’s boldness Is bero’ten
of his fears: that It does not require a conjurer to
compile a Directory: andthat if Mr. HalplnV svstom
l?so profound, and bis ability sogreat.how Is it toat
eveiy second man yon meet In (bn street will tell you
her 1 Is name, or his camber, or bis street w wrong?
That :t was accurately taken by the canvassers was
frequently proved m the office, by ezaml atlonof the
copy, and the errors arose fromthecar*:lewie«9 of the
Compiler.- And farther, that the very district that
Tfalpm canvassed himself was more inaccurate than
ai>y taken b» tee employees. As to his time snout the
STATE DIRECTORY, ills not true that It bos h>en
two years In progress, nor even one; and If it took
mu three mouth* to publish an Imperfect city Direc
tory lost year. Is It too long to take ten mouths to can
vass an entire State, Including Chicago ? Ilia
Thirdly—Requires no answer, beyond what wa sav
above. He has been tried enough, and found wanting.
Foubtuly—ls not true. No editorial part’s have
been paid for by me; nor woo’d I descend to such
meanness. The truth Is this: that Mr. Hatpin de
sc« need to tbo mean subterfuge of aprcteace.lo or
der to blind my eye?. On Thursday lust be sat In my
office,b'srdlv consulting me about the details of oar
bnslreis, static? he should, as usual, be ready to com
mence with me on Monday morning last, while he had
ccmsUy covxßsczD tub canvass on the outlaying
districts, and bis stuff of canvassers were ready to
commence on the inside business blocks forma own
single and pßßaovALßVNErrr.therebyfeeklntno In
jure me a? co-prrprletor of the Chicago Citt Dibeo
tobt- 1 have reason to know, however, that this
kind of sharp practice Is likely to bojostly rthuaea
bv oar Merchants, wbo have some regard for tke mor
ality of business. If be h*s none.
• OFFICE—I2S and 130 Clark street. mv7-e3t3.lt
(PATENTED OCT. 13, 1863.)
For Dyeing Silk, wooie" and Mired Shawl*,
Scans, i- rtu>ees, Kihboar, Gloves. B nncia. Bats, Foath
■ r*,Kltl Glover.Children's Clothing and all kltdsof
u* B arlov AppartL
For 25 cents yon can color as many good* as would
other* Be w-s». Ove times that sum vailoa* shades
ranbe produced(tem thesameova. .Too is
t Iraple. and any one can me too dye wl*h perfect sac*
its*. Direction* in Eautlsb, French and German, In*
side of fcachpaekage.
For farther Informatlo n la Dyelnr and giving a per
fect knowledge what colors are best adapted to dye
*• ver o ’.h*r«,*(n Ith nianv valuable receipts, (purchase
‘■owe* Stevens’Trea»ise on Dyeing and Coloring.
Sect by mall on receipt of price—lo cents. Macular
lured by
260 Broadway, Boston.
E3T For Bale hy Dhictls's and dealers generally.
mjS-e'.’C-et t ras a sat sot
elegant summer resort, having been re-leased
by Captain Van Allen for a term of years, and under
gone a iborouzh renovating, will be opened on the
IST OF 9Uf, 1864.
This bouse Is delightfully situated aix miles south oi
Chicago, on the shore of Lake Michigan; accewibleby
railroad almost hourly; admirably adapted for the
comfort of guests—and Families, Pabticulaelt ;
benctlful scenery and delightful walks; fatuities for
boating, bathing and fishing unsurpassed. Billiard
ball and bowling alley will be epen and conducted
with s’rict propriety. In briefs no effort will lu want
ing to render tna Hyde Park House a delightful sum
mer resort. Captain Van Allen Is pleased to announce
that l. e has associated himself with Mr. C. Frank Her
sey, late of the Parker House, Boston, and the bad
ness bereaf er well conducted under the firm of van
Carriages and horses provided at short notice.
Families desirous of securing rooms will please ad
d*e»sP.O.Box9©, Chicago. 111., or apply In person
to Hyde Park House. VAX ALLEN djTTERsEY,
apfrdS24-2m-ltew-aAT net Proprietors.
their supplies of Chicago dallies and
Eastern pabllcatlona promptly, and at
will order Irom c. 11. SIIA.Yt'Tt,
maS-gl-Ct-yer S3 GrlawoU street.
mr7-e527 St
REJUOY AXj—Erickson & Kb keby
have removed tbelr Boot and Shoe Sune from
tt*ir old stand on the comer of Claric and Maulebn
Btmts, tolbtlrnew woreUlSonth l>«arborn stre-. t,
three doors sooth of Madiaon, whera they will bo c'ad
to cee their old pan ona and the tmbUc coner*ilr.
tknlar attestion given to cuv.om work.
We bare by far the LARGEST, MOST COMPLETE
and BEST ASSORTED STOCK of the above goods to
ALLY found In homes of the
CornerElnzle an.l Lasalle-sts.
largest and most Fashionable Dealers
in New York,
Embracing maty popular makes not fonul it any
nther home m the trade in thla city, Porch wire
will save both
i&i & 66Bandclph street and 66, C 3, T6& 72State street
N. B,—Piece* Given to natch- our
Boy* Clothing. myT-eiant
10-40 BOfiDt:
Principal and Interest Payable in Gold,
rm fibst MTiom ban*
IT. S. Depository
• 3a ? appointed agent for the TEN-FORTY Loan
lad will recede aub-scriDUons for the same at PAfi
in United etatea or National Hank Notes.
glDterest will begin on the day ol deposit with thli
SnbßCrtbera who prefer it can have bonds bearln:
Interest from March Ist. 1361. by paying the interer
accrued from ihat day to the date of snbscrlptloc
eliher In gols or U. 8. currency. If paid in the titter
<iny per cent, lor premlnm moat be added to tht
amount of interest, until farther notice.
torsnbscriotions, marfeed M B, C.Flrs?
Natl oca IBank; Chicago,” may be sent by the Amerr
can or United States Express Companies, to thli
Bank, free of charge.
Banks and Bankers will be allowed a commlssloi
on all subscriptions sent to this office.
apl9-dl6B-tf-nec E. E. BRAI3TKD, Csahfr,
Dwa* Snt—Appreciating your talent as a dramatic
reader.and In acknowledgment of professional servi
ces rendered by yon on the occasion of the Shatspe
rian Tercentenary Commemoration, we, the under
signed, ask leave to tender yon a Complimentary
Benefit, to take place at Bryan Hall, at an early date
convenient to yonrself.
. ... . . ~YTM.BaB*G'WANAthp President.
And in behalf of the St George's Society- myT-UDMt
1 9 000 I)oz:vEKT CHOICE
Tomctoes, Cherries, Berries, Plums, Pears, ie.
PicKes, in Glass and Bulk.
Pure Fruit & Grape Wines, &c., &c.
SO LaSalle Street, Cliicago,
We have a large and fine asiortment of Fai>
lor Ornaments, Ladies' Fans, Scotch Wood
Articles, Portmonnaies, Pocket Cutlery, Toilet
Goods, Choice Cooking Articles, 4c , of the
very best quality.
IJ4l J 4 Lake-et.. Druggists and Apothecaries.
ive removed their Office from No. I DOLE’S
corns Nos. 1 & 2 Hilliard’s Block,
ror. Clark and South Water-s ts., Chicago, HI.
myC-el‘» amet
C.M. Henderson & Co..
TT e have rembt ed to oor net? and spacious store,
Sos. 4, fi & 8 LIKE STREET
Aud arc prepared to offer to the SPRING TSAD/
The Largest and most Complete Stock oi
Our warranted Custom Made Work is uusurpaseeu
We especially invite the attention of large dealer
vho boy only by the package, as we will offer then
r'eat iDducemenm. We defy mmnetltioo either Eng*
)r West. mhS-vTSOTH-TUAflvnet
Are secured by purchasing tickets
Vermont Central Railways
lilrand Trank Line of Steamers,
, At the Company's offices,
■'B Clark rtreet, CMc-igo, or 241 Slam
street, Milwaukee.
J. H. WHITMAN, Gen. Western Passenger Agent.
ED WD. P BEACH, Gen. Act. Grand Trunk Hallway.
L. MIL LIS, Gen. Aet. Yt. Central Railway,
my 5-e42i-tf net
YORK. 94 Broadway. Ji*w Toss. April 29,1881.
E. B. SIZE BILL, Ehi- General Agent for tbe States of
Illinois, 'Wisconsin. lowa and Minnesota,- Milwau
kee. Wls.:
Dear Sir—l tare received your letter In reference
to “ parties holding policies, woo are called out to
utchaige post and garrison dnty for one honored days
to take tie place or our regular and volunteer sol
diers, who axe to be sent to tbe front for active sor-
All onr poller holders tbns called oat from tbs
I’ortbern States, bare permission to proceed to occu
py and garrison military posts and fbrtd within oar
own lines in tbe loyal States for the one hundred diva
day of May next, without pay-
If theyproceedtp parts of the country within onr
licet. w\ere tbe Company charge clTll.ans fotacll
mate risk, they will he placed upon the same terms
and are to pay the same extra rates. *
Very truly yours,
F. S. WINSTON, Preset.
0. fROSKDITE, Agent,
47 Clark Street, Cliicnno,lllinois.
203 Randolph Street.
* Macafactorcr and Dealer in ,
Dave In store a large and elegant assortment of rte *
Pailor, Chamber, Library and Diaing*Booir
Abo a fine assortment of medium acd low price*
Furniture, adapted to the want* 0* tne trade*
ap2o dSSe-lst-net
NUMBER 29 5.
■iffni Slihrrttsfinfnta
Corner State and Randolph Streets.
Cor. State and. Xtandolph-ste,
Maaulhctnrers and Jobbers of
Opposite the Adams House,
Ncte aihmfsemmfct.
89 Cleric street
£9 .Washington St.,
Wholesale Aichtaforlhe celebrate!
PIANOS, aad other makes.
Melodeons and Organs,
Cornets, with the Echo Attachment.
We received Gold and Silver Medals oa oar Instru
ment?, and they are osed by the beat bauds'm the
United State*.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers
Musical Instruments and
Having connection with manufacturing houses tn Ber
lin, Dresden, lelpslc. England and Paris.
OO Clark Street, Clilca~o.
Farwell, Field & Co.,
42, 44 & 4G
VV iibasii Avenue,
Have the most attracting stock of Foreign and Do
mestic Dry Goods west of New York, which we are.
selling under New York prices.
The recent advance in all kinds of goods, which Is
maintained In New York, with very heavy sales. en*-
bles ns to do this. tny3-c99C-15t n: Tm«MTiTt
Will Find Our Stock
Importer* and Jobbers, 21 lake street
Nails, Glass, Peace Wire,
farming Tool*, cbo^
Cor. of State, Chicago.
TDhB-a92-30? TT-TASA net
Patsnt Champion
ipl-bISJO-3iiiTn-B**TT; net
Boom No. 14, Garrett Block. t I
„ ■ „ Cbicaoo, 111 . May 7th, ISW, S
SEALED FHOPO'-.aLS (In duplicate) will be re
ceived by th» ncderfilcned until li o’clcck Sl.oo Wed
nesday, May Utb, ISCI, for supply *ng thr following
tsuCbis ccce Stores, to be delivered m Chicago, Illi
nois, viz;
CC.tCCponni’sbest quality Coarse Hominy, made from
prime Corn, out up la strong round hoop bar
rels, thoroughly compered and la good order.
10.CC-0 pounds of cooo dry,floe salt. 1q strong.
tight, well coopered, round hoop barrels.
Separate proposals, fa duplicate, must be made for
each article, and the Udders may propose for the whole
ora part ot each.
Samples of the articles. In seat boxes of eard-boant
or tin. must be ae.lvered with the proposals, and ra
ff rred to therein.
A printed copy of this advertisement must be at
tach'd to each propcaal, and the prooosals most b«
epiciflc la complytne precisely with all its terms.
No bids will be received (unless from persons known
to tbe undersigned) without a written guarantee or
two responsible names as follows:
■We. the undersigned, hereby guarantee that should
allcranypart otiheooovebid be accepted It «n«ri
be duty rnlfliled according to Its true purport and.
conditions, Also, that « written contract, with bond*
toibeammntof cne-fourtn the valne of the stores
proposed to be furnished, shall he executed If
The aeller’s name, place of business. date of dop
ch»se, as wed »a name of contents, with gross, taro,
and net welsbt, and shipping marks to be hereafter
be pumiv marked on every barrel.
All oihermarks mart be oblit«Mted. *
Certificates of Impaction will be required for tbs
stores, cer Jfylng their present quality and condition.
Betnniei weights rlzmd by H an authorized public
wviphermuit ba furnished whenever required.
AH the stow to ho carefully compared, before do-
Hvety. with the retained samples.
The stores 10 bo delivered free of drayage at tbs
Storehouses. or such p’ace In the City of
twymenta to be made in such lueda as mav be fur
nished by the United Sraua 7 08 lur
.1? .undersigned reserves the right to reject any or
an Dios offered.
Blank fbrmafor proposals may be obtained on ap
plication at my office. J. McL. TAILOR, r
fTT*Staats Zeltungpleasecepy? o'* 0 '*
ARMY, No. 30 Bourn Srassr. >
c , , . BaLTtwoug,Md., MdyS.U*L(
in onplieatA. wilt be received at
tUa office until VI M. on MONDAY. May Iflth.
Unl " d s “‘“« AwSiSs
TLE. oo tae hoof, delivered at Tbe State Cattle <imiM
av Halim ore. Md., in lots of (I.NJO) one thoui£-d?Sr
even OO) tendsysjtobe weighed within aUalf
s .l tt i t, h l l. arr,val ’ aw, l» expense of the contritorL
They must average about (1.510) thirteen handrrd
V?™ we,z “* »«• filing short (1A0) one°thcm
ssnd pounds gicß«
Helfei I and Hornless Cattle, will be rejected.
™AV^M. oa K°e.. oo> Pounds will be made from the
7i£?M t Ji r *iS c f ? te »*!. • cc ®P t «* under this contract
?!E animal doss not stand In the pent twt>
and one half hours before beteg welched, or Is not
*2™“* f-’r proposals can behad on application
S fflce * «Mher In person,by mall, or telegraon.
The Government will claim the. right oi weighing
ltt »P?*»f*nce Indicate*
ifMWetght than the minimum mentioned above: too
expense of weighing will be paid ny the party erring
lii juocment, " r 4
Each bid to secure con«lderation must contain a
written guarantee ol two responsible persons, as fol-
We ,of the county of —, State of . do
hereby e uarantee that —i 3 ( 0r nro ) a hla to mini •
con tract la accordance with the termsof hia(or (betr>
proroeitton, ami ehould hlsiortlielr) proportion to
accepted, be (or they) will at once enter low a eoi£
tract In accordance therewith, and we are prepared w
lx come bla securities, glvtn£ good »nd aatflciens oonaa
forlu loiflltreat. ._-—„«♦ ha ihAn
Thcwponslbillty of the
by the official cerlUlcateofthecicrKot Weaear^t
Dcltlct Court, or ol toe Dolled Stoic* District Allots
toiSlpood to tie'r MJs end
KHS“> “‘ nM C ° nmC ' 6 * lb "*
?:JS?«• MO" tolt.elf therlskl tonO.n
Ta* _n MtSccnalderea unreasonable.
after each delivery la each
sJ“fSi“ybe on haad; If none onband.lo bo mado
bo endorsed distinctly, Proposal*
c»»tle,*’and aodroml to *CapUJ.lt.QiL
vak c. S*i Baltimore, Maryland.'*
1/ a bl>l I* In the name ol a firm, tbalrnameaaed
1 1 eir pot oCice address mast appear, or they will not
be considered. _ ,
Earb or every member of a Ann. offartnc a
on ro?aftnn>t accompany It with anoathoCalleglanc*
to we United Sl-tea Ooverament, If be baa not al
All bids nM eomplyl®u«trlctly with the terms of tom
advertisement will be rejected. Q QILMAJ » f
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