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TUESDAY, MAY 10,186k
. Nc per lit fore have the tebeU been called
upon lo meet such a combination of force,
ytor.pvcrfuUy and sldUlnllr Disposed, as that
.‘Which is being burled agaiflet them by Grant'*
"present ajpv ently admlraulc campaign- After
months of preparation thc'partaln rises upon
*the theatre of action, In Virginia and Gcor ;
gia, the present rerm.m of Hie rebel power.
Diat.nt ftom each-other as| are these polnta
«<■ i-ction they are bnt the right and lea wing
nflbe rebel bosh Both Intel be ensUlned
' 'bribe rebe’e or neither cai turrlrc. With
the crushing ©f either of these armies the
rebel strength is gone. When the rebels can
nqlongermaintalninthe but a single
irmy, the country from which that* army
mustbofed and recruited cin no
keptopen, and the power of the rehelUonls
at on end. Upon both wings of the rebellion
Grant Is moving with armies
shakes the continent Their conflict with
*tbc rebel hosts will attract the attention i>f
tbe whole civilised world, and inevitably .fill v
with glory or dishonor one of .the . brightest
or dark eat page* in onr 0000117’* history.' In
anxious suspense, but lull of hope, yrcwatcb'
the terrible struggle as the cloudsbf battle
rise from the three main point* of conflict,
oo the James, theEapidan andlhc Tennessee.
Butler, who may be said to lead .Grant’s left
'win?, as Sherman does Us right, has landed
a large force in a secure position on the
James, about eighteen miles below Rich*
moud. The position itself was carefully se
lected by Butler, with the approval of Grant,
and in view of the possible contingency of
its being necessary to withstand there Lee’s
whole-army. Surrounded by water on the
northeast and south, the gunboats from the
James, and Appomattox, which is navigable
up to Fredericksburg, sweep its approaches
• from the west Such . a position, with' "But-
Jet’s pluck, W. F. Smith’s dash and Gilmore’s
scientific'skill as an artillerist, is believed to
be defensible against any force the rebels
can bring against it The object ot this part
of the movement, so far from being purely
defensive, however, is probably, no less than
the capture,of JUchmond, tor which Butler’s
forces are believed to be am pic, unless Lee
himself with'his army shall occupy Rich*
mend, 1 The story that Beauregard has at
.Fredericksburg or Richmond 30,000 troops,
is doubtless an exaggeration, as Lee could
a Cord to spare no such force from Us great
battle with Grant
It now appears that the landing at West
Point and supposed movement up the penin
sula were but 1 elute, and that Butler’s entire
force Is south of James River. While this,
will prevent him from directly co-operating
with or reinforcing Grant, it attaches In
creased Importance to the Butler expedition.
Such being the force and object of Butler’s
movement we await intelligence ©f its sue
. cess with deep interest.
All the news yet received from Grant’s
army, though somewhat meager, as our first
news from Grant always Is, yet indicates that
be has been thus far steadily victorious over''
a resistance as stubborn and desperate as"
conld have been expected even from a Gene
ral of Lee’s acknowledged ability and tena
city. As the rebel papers have forbodingly
observed, “Grant has always been singularly
lucky in handling heavy combinations of
bmie force,” so in this instance he seems to
have had Us usual “luck” In “handling”
the rebel ansy. «
Lee has been first flanked and thereby com
pelled to leave Uscntreuchments and attask.
If that attack has wholly failed, as we are led
to believe, he most either fall hack £0 a posi
tion nearer Richmond and fight Grant again,
pass through Richmond and fall In full force
on Butler, occupy Richmond against a siege,
or retreat to Lynchburg or Into North Coro
lies. Of one fret we may be assured. Our
Army of the Potomac now feel at least that
they are in the hands of a leader worthy of
their heroism and their cause, and whatever
successes we may win will be bravely and vig
orously, yet prudently pressed forward to
their utmost attainable results.
Prom Sherman we learn of a successful ad
vance beyond points wUch have been hereto
fore contested. The rebels In Us front have
sot yet offered the battle he Is seeking.
'Thus, for the first time during the war! all
our available forces arc concentrated into
one grand combined movement upon the
rebel hosts. The rebels can no longer bor
»• tow (from one ansy to lend to another for
the point aud hour of danger. Danger sur-
them at all points. Tbc contest Is
sot yet ..decided, hut we tellere we ace the
elements of success in the combinations
Which, have been made. Grant says he has
all the men he needs. Our men at last have
all.the General they need. Why, in a just
cause, may we not hope and pray for speedy
and deprive victory.
** In one hundred days Napoleon landed
'from Elba, returned the Empire, mustered
~ France against Europe, and in a brilliant
"campaign ending fatally at Waterloo, he
made end unmade the map ot Europe and
settled the . destiny of the dynastic! king
* dome, and people of the continent for tho
century. .-TVe bellerfc tlialin American his
• tory the coming hundred days will fill the
. same great place -which la occupied in that
of Europe, by the events intervening jNapo
leonls departure from Elba and the battle of
Waterloo. What wonder that the! loyal
r-r heart of the great West beats' anxiouriy for
. the Issue* What wonder that the patriotism
of onr has inspired them to pledge
. in advance the patriotism of oar people. For
three years the national forces have been pre
paring: for this present hour. For three
years thercbel forces have been doing,their
best to stay onr onward march, prevent onr
' growing power, and avert our final triumph
- The great conflict has began. Oar armies
ars closing In with steady valor on a [mis
guided bnt desperate foe. -The straggle ha*
been hard, but so far it promises
. a victory shall now and there be won, shall
• it be pressed forward* to Its fruits, shall t* ««■
followed up to Its legitimate *arantages,
' shall It be made a complete success, culmin
ating In the restoration of the Union and
Peace?. j
Ifso.it most be done by sending every
Available veteran to the front, leaving the
.-care of onr rear, onr fortifications and the
various posts udtowns within onr lines.to
mew men.. If fifty thousand veterans can!be
thus relieved for.a hundred days, welt fiat
If an hundred thousand, better. The m'» n
are needed now. It is a servictf of patriot
lain, not of gain. Ohio and Indiana respond
nobly to the call. The militia ol the Eastern
• Stales will not be behind. Let Illinois,
r which has heretofore stood foremost of all*
preserve her ascendancy—still maintain
her well earned honor and unclouded lame.
Ten thousand men-of Illinois have en
listed within the past ten days. The people
of every city and county in the State are and
should be up And doing. But nine days re
* Jnaln. It will be a proud day for the State
If the additional -ten thousand shall have en
listed within the allotted time for a share la
-•the unknown but momentous events of the
1 next hundred days. Men of Illinois to the
fescue. «
“Come as‘the winds come when forest* are
•• Come as the wares come when navies are
The fall success of Grant’s campaign
against the rebels, so auspiciously opened,
▼ill place the name of Ulysses 8. Grant in
the ranks of the foremost military heroes
wot only of this country but of this age.
His present Tidoty orer Lee deservedly ele
vates him into precedence orer all American
strategists. This deration >»*■ not been
readied without the possession of Tnn**kftd
traits ol character, and these' In Grant we
'take to be the same as in all great soldiers, j
via: Pluck, judgment and tenacity; “ these I
three, but the greatest of these ” —tenacity. I
By tenacity wcmcan no mere common cour
age such as nine-tenths of men possess,* but
that unconquerable rigor of bravery which
enabled Napoleon at Marengo, - when his
army were fleeing iron the field-routed and
dismayed, and his division* commanders, be-'
eonglit Llm to “eaye the army,” to respond
h “ ®ot .Jrt commenced.”
That quality Grant displayed atFortDonel-
W if re rebalance waa so tierce and
»nd destrncUre, that after fighting two
Treaty days and nlghta nnder the moft t«ri°
We exposure to the elements and the emSy
™ !? mC of u ‘ connaeliora
lalled within them. Grant had but one re
sponse to theee croakers: “I have got the
rebel* Jest where I wunUhcm.” In.£cci!
degree he displayed, the came nudity fat the
battle of Pittsburg Landing, in thevlgorona
campaign before Vlctaharg, and atChatta
sooga. PlccK, Judgment and tenacity mark
ed in a wonderful degree ell tlieae campaign*.
For want of these* three qualities the three
previous campaigns. In f Tiiglnla hare failed. Tv w. ,
Per want of “pluck” McClellan retreated * .rr oyd * a New
from his intrenoixments fit the beginning of conueSedwith****
the six days* fight, before an enemy which by. Whig poHUdon. £ “ d a leftdin ff
his own report he was able to whip and did last “b died on Thursday morning
▼hip every day in the six. By au error of » - -
Judgment. Burnside stormed the Intrench* Executive Committee of
juents of Fredericksburg instead of flanking tne bt. Louis Fair have secured au auto
themf. For wsnt of tenacity Hooker after a of Tennysoa’a, famous ode
gallant advance and a heroic and not nnsac- jne Charge of the Six Hundred.”
cessftl fight fit Cbancellorsvlllfi, listened to’ * eTThe fashionable ladioTof Psti* hav« :
the timid connsds-of his_corps -commanders adopted the style of wearing drtu coaU tails
gild retired from * victory which was at least and all, made of enk aniaatln.'- - * ~
possible if not reasonably certain. "Weil may
the country rejoice in the confident belief
that the reins of Us armies are now in the
bands of one who combines in a "Wonderful
degree Ibore qualities for Want of which all
others hare failed. We brllev* that the valor
01 our creat armies and U c skill of our sub
ordinate officers need only such a leader to
insure success.
DBJC, Cliy. : JATTIES S'* , WAl>f»
Brigadier General James Samnel ‘Wads
worth, killed in the late bloody conflict at
Chancellorsvillc, was bom at Gcnctco, New
York, Oct, SOth, 1807. Ee was educated at.
Harvard and Yale colleges, studied law at
- Albany, • and completed his course In the
ofUce of Daniel Webster. In 18G1 ho was ap
pointed a Commissioner to the Peace Con
vention at Washington, and at the opening of
the war was one of the first to offer his aw--
vices tq-tbe Government In April he'was
comrolEloned-Myor General by Gov. Morgan,
bnrthc 'appointment was subsequently re
voked and the commission withdrawn.- In - .
‘.June-he was appointed volnntcer’ad oiTUm
of Gcn. McDowdl, was present
at tbe.battlc ofßuU-mn, : and commended for
his brareir; He was made Brigadier General
of volunteers August 9th,-’ 1801, and wasas
signed to a command In thb advances under*
McClellan. In March, ISfßie Was appointed
military Governor of the District o£ Colum
bia, and with command of the defenses at
Washington.- In 1802 he was the candidate
of the Union party for Governor of New York,
but was defeated by Horatio Seymour. ‘ln
December following, he was assigned to a
command with Burnside and after the latter's
disaster at Fredericksburg, we believe vaa
out of active service. Daring 1803, he was
engaged in various commissions, and among
others went to Louisiana to investigate the
. condition oithefreedmen, and as our readers
will remember, made an elaborate report i
to the President He also took a deep inter
est Jn the Ircedman’s villages in Vhgtnla and
SoutblCarollna. Upon the reorganization of
the Army of tbo PotomaC by Gen. Grant, he
was assigned to a position, andln the advance
to Richmond, gallantly died a soldier’s death.
Gtn. Wadsworth came from oneof the best
and most esteemed families in New York,
and inherited from his father and brother a
large fortune, to which he added largely by
hia energy and industry. He was probably
the wcsltblest man in New York out of the I
city, and it Is said could walk from Geneseo
to Rochester over his own soil. He"was a
large stock grower, and mode immense Im
portations of cattle. Bat Immediately upon
the tall of Sumter he abandoned wealth and a
beautiful home, and offered his services'to
We country, and from that time until the
canvass in which he was engaged, we be
lieve, be never visited his home, but confined
himself arduously and devotedly to his du
ties. He was a good man and a pure patriot,'
and dies without a stain upon his fair fame.
No sooner is it known that'Grant’s army
Is in motion, nay before this fact is fully
known, the New fork World followed by the
•whole pack of eecesh papers echoes and re
iterates the Tumor” that Burnside’s corps,
lu which it u well-known there are *a large
force of negro troops, “has met with'a
check In Thoroughfare Gap” In consequent,
of course, of the cowardly conduct of the
black troops, and resulting In the loss of sev
eral thousand men. Asthisaffair “ happen
ed” on Tuesday Evening, and the reliable in
telligence up to' Wednesday evening shows
that “no fighting had yet taken! place,”
itr is probable that the Ivory orbits
of the sable defenders of the flag
would be vastly dilated to find that they had
been wUppcd in ail the copperhead papers be
fore even getting Into the figbtin Virginia. Of
course, we do cot imply that negro troops
may not, like others, sometimes get; into a
panic. Napoleon accused the veterans of Us
Grand Army of being liable to such a weak
ness. Experience proves that the [best of
onr own and of the rebel troops are i subject
to such a IfrbUity. What we do claim "is,
that “ stay-at-homes ” shall not piy out
“wUppedJLat lhem before they have even
had a chance to figbt._ We dp, this, fpr twb
reasons;first: ifitturns'out that they* are
not whipped. It exasperates \he South and
makes the copperheads fed bod; secondly,;
it looks teiy mochas if the inventorspf such'
stories wished In advance that they might be
whipped, and that the “wish” was father to
the rumor.” ‘ - V*i ‘” j
' tske Snperlor nines. I
The latest Gazette, published At
Honghlon, Lake Superior,- has the earning*
of the seven most developed mines for the
year 18G3, with the following re
markable* Jesuits, showing that they ar
■ crage about*lso per cent per annunrtm their
entire original investment This certainly
looks like a permanent business, and i p*j
ing one
-. . \
gg 53...- -3.2 {
S-* m !/
Eb S«- . '-tf
%%: ■
CHIMIm J560 $lll,OOO, < *10; 4800,000
Qnmejnilm..lo6o 100,000 16 020,000
Shmesota 355 61000 11 121000
FrTOMc.-,.:.. 375 75,000 10 . SoJoOO
- 110,000 3 SIOOO
Central SCO . 100.000 • S-50 :50 003
>,Uon«l 550 110,050 a -40,000
„L .. ■ , x $835,000 *1,910,000
The Iron interests are not given, buiitis
stated that some of the iron-Ore Mining
Companies, have earned from 00 to kxJ pc “
cent on their capital, and expect to Increase
tbtir profits materially this year, owing to
the great demand for Lake Superior ores.
The iron Clads. ;
The Secretary of the Navy, in obedience
to joint resolutions of both Houses, baa sent
inreporte of the various affairs in which our
iron-clads-haye been engaged,-from the affair
of the Monitor with the Merrimac down.
The correspondence and reports growing out
of the unsuccessful attacks by Dajxrnt; and
DaUgren on the defenses ' Charleston,
seem to prove both ■•wes of the case, viz:
That *hc <~<«tted monitors are quite liable
Infringement, and that though their de
fensive poweis are great,' their offensive force
Is -unequal, to r the work of reducing heavy
land fortifications. So much In Josticelto
Dnpont and Uahlgren. On the other hand.
It does not yet appear that, had the iron-clsds
been longht with the dash which distinguish
cd Farragut’s passage • of Forts Jackson and
fit. Philip with tbo old wooden vessels re
sulting in the capture of New Orleans, such
a course might no t have resulted In the capture
of Charleston. On the other hand, if the
attackat New Orleans had been projected with
thesclcntlfic caution and “make everythin?
sure at the start ” policy, New Orleans might
•till hsre been, like Charleston, more strong
ly in the hands of the rebels than ever We
do not admire Dupont’s fluency in demon
strating the. faults of the ironclads. It re
minds us instinctively of McClellan’s mode
of dilating on the obstacles in hla way? in
stead of removing them. The paths of pig.
mice are ftill of giants. But the paths of
glints are unobstructed. “ i
EiT*lt gives us no pleasure to record thu
failure of Gen. Banks to meet the public ext
pectation; but on the other hand poignant
regret But he having failed, and at present
appearances most dishonorably* so, It gives
us great pleasure to record his ..prompt relief
from the Department, west of. the Missis- 5
Stories L»re been afloat for some little
time which gave grave apprehensions con
cerning him, and prepared reflecting men for
all that has occurred. If thesel things are
cleared up by -a proper examination his
friends will rejoice; bnt at present there
seems to be no clearing up of his military
reputation. We doubtif saltpetre will save
that' We hope his blonder* in that direc
tion will not cost us etm further losses here
after. Let turn step aside and look after his
Btandihg. - . ; r -‘-- ::
j £57” A speech has-been delivered hy the
1 rebelTice President, AlexanderH. Stephens,
■before the Geoigia. Legislature.' His views
are not regarded with muclr favor by the
Southern Journals. Mr. Stephens disapprov
ed of the act* enacted >y the Southern Con
gress relative to thecurrency, themilitazyor
ganizations and to'the suspension of the
hdbta* cvrfv*, ’-"The speech 1$ regarded as hav
ing a tendency to Array the Georgia- Legisla
ture against the rebel 'government upon all
the questions at issue.. . r r '
, £3?” The New York ITerald says that ar
rangements are being made in that city ind in
the West to reduce tbe price ot paper. There
is an abundance of rags in this country, much
of which is stored away on speculation; but
when paper begins to come in from Europe
will fall, and tbe manufactured article go
down to a reasonable price.
Is?' Garibaldi’* English is not faultless.
Bat one of tbs most effective passages in his
speech at Southampton was that in which he
•aid, placing hie hand on his heart, that “ he
had done only a few part of his duty.”
Trade Restrictions—How Provisions
An* Porßhbcd tlio Rebels—Rebel Of
ficers Admitted Into VlcUsbnrjr—ln
<!!£Datlon of tbo Soldiers—Rebel Gen
eral Folk Relieved.
[From* ow Special Correspondent.]
i VJCKsnmo. Mls% April SOth, IS'-*.
Your course in advocating severe measures for
tbe restriction of trade with all portions of those
Mates held, or liable to be raided upon by rebel
forces, meet* with tho heartiest approval in this
portion of the army, where tbe evils resulting from
the present system of allowing supplies to go out
side the lines, is plainly seen, and la most dlscon
. ragirgand disheartening to oD who have entered
the service to aid In putting down a wicked rebel
lion, and who can hardly feel satisfied that the war
should bo prolonged, by a policy that Inralehes
feed to the men who arc fighting them; and, if the
raid of Forrest causes the evil to be placed before
the country in such a manner, thauhe ndrafajlstra-.
' ' eeeo,e "eceffiity of adopting the*- entire
J°™*t will have done more
rebe?? 1 CBU * C Wb ei P c ‘ li,ion , than for the
t™.?* ecu Ilmen ta of the people raayuio:
fil c ECme facta that-have come to my • know'
to the working and effects of this
itniint-policy, inlhe administration of affairs at
at mis post, and the Indignation exdted In tho ar
my thereby. •
Since the occupation of Vicksburg by tho Union'
forcca, it has been lie report of citizens for over a 1
mmdreal mlic& in every direction. In the interior of
• this State and Louisiana. with applications forper
isbe outof the lines amounts ot provisions
and clothing. These applications are uniformly
craMed upon Jhe applicants 1 taking thb oath of af-
or the Proldent’s oath, which, at the
pies cut time, Is administered to thirty or forty per
tone dally, moie -thanjbalf of whom, I am assured
by the officer administering the oath, have proba
hty v.O purpose of abiding by ir. Once registered'
as l aving taken the oath, they are! entitled at any
time to passes ontsidothe lines. with all tho sun
plies that they can satisfy ths authorities are need
ed for family consumption., In this; manner, there
nas beer, daring the .past few wec£«*. an
average of from ; thirty to forty brie, of dour
per dav, with provisions of-other binds in
proportion, and clothing and shoe?, taken through
our picket lines and ferried across the Big Black,
dirertly into the lines ot a brigade ofrebelscomped
within two miles of tbe river, where their drums
are heard dally by our soldiers; in regard to whom
knowing that tbe country around them !• stripped
of Its resources, and that thelrtraniportationla in
sufficient to bring supplies from a long distance In
their rear, the suspicion naturally arises that the
long maintenance of their position, and the very
few desertions from them, is caused by thusunohe*
« 6 are.i£directiy furnishing them throughourown
lines. This suspicion Is strengthened by tho re
ports of.ihe refugees, and. the taunts of women
cerrring out supplies to onr soldiers.!
his yon will admit is honest cansc for Indl'ma
tion. but tbe officers and inenatßlg’Black report
an additional aggravation, Iu the frequent recep
tion at headquarters of rebel under a Hag
of truce, who arc entertained with aq ostentatious
courtesy, so liberally dispensed, that they often
r.debacktnrongh the camp accompanied bvour
staff officers. In a considerably elevated condition
Last week a captain In the rebel service wished to
visit bia fathers family in the city of Vicksburg,
and made on application for that purpose to onr
authorities, which was granted, to the great ear- ;
be said to our officers while here, ot him
self and brother officers, who laughed at him for I
making tbe application, not eupootlng there was a
possibility of its being granted. It may bo said
that these are simple ads of chivalrous courtesy,
each as have elevated and eoobled the wars of all
1 nations; and taken much from tbe barbarism of
warfare; but, while granting that a soldier shoa d
ererpreserve a chlvahons conduct when thrown
Intointeicoureewithhlsfoes,! bold that the terms
.upon which.tho conflict la being' conducted
prohibit theestendingaud offering of such courte
sies as the above, to onrpresentenemies; Thev arc
causeless rebels atalnst onr -Governmenit seeking
to destroy It. Thev revile onr fcmilles and kindred
with -the bitterest blackguardism that can be coined
In onr language. They apply habitually, to the
i Chief Magistrate of out nation" and the Command
er-In-Chief of our army, insulting and opprobrious
* pit bets. They accept tbe surrender of our sol
ders, and massacre them after they bavehtid down
their arms. They expose the naked corpse of a
young and gallant officer whose life and actions
embody all that the nation feels of patriotism. In
the public streets or their capital, with brutal and
shameless }etn at ila mutilations. j
WLtteort of chivalry is it that compels a brother
soldier of that officer to so fhr forget his self respect
as to be "hail fellow, well met,” with men In
arms to perpetuate and defend the principles of re
bellion that animate'such malignant brutality?
I think it nothing strange that under the Influ
ence of such an nnoerstanding of onr foes, tbs sol
diers at the Big Black were almost led to mutiny
a few days since, and with an indignant demand
that tbe sending of supplies out, and the receivin'*
of rebels inside of onr lines should cease, surround
ed the commissary building, and the General's
quarters, and were with difficulty prevented from
destroying the former and insulting the-latter.
Although opposed to mutiny,and an advocate under
all circumstances of its being crashed, I can bat
feel that this outbreak of indignation in the Inter
etts of honest loyalty, rises above the mere act of
'mutiny; and, knowing the growing sentiment in
this direction in the army. It seems toimc that
these outbreaks will be extended unless k remedy'
is applied. . >
One other fact in tbe Interest ofpnrlffcatian; ana
I drop the subject. Two weeks ago the -steamer
Belfast was discovered coasting alone Old River.'
near Lake Providence, disposing of a cargo, of
clothing, shoes and provisions, to neighooring
planters,' snd loading with cotton. She was taken
possesEiou*of and brought to.Lake Providence,
where an examination, before a military coinmis- ,
sion, brought out the following facts: ; • • ;
I Ist. Thai the owner ot the cargo had properper- 1
-mile to gotcrOldßlverond dispose of supplies to'
'citizens,;and.reload withcotton" and return, to
"Memphis. ;
Sd. That while the boat was In Old River, aap-
I piles were sold from her.to knows rebels, tome of
I ‘Whom were in tbe rebel army, and that rebel sold
iers .were harbored on board of her, while one
were In pursuit ol them, Tbe steamer was'
brought here to await the action of tbe District
Commander. j ~
And here, emitting many known instances’of
like character. 1 win to other matters, begging you
and all honest patn«*e at home, to create a senti
men In the North, that rtati swallow up the,men
who are delaying the triumph of onr arsis, by
groveling h* the mud for pelf, with the torrent of a
loyal people's prqfburul eohtempt. 1 • •
X learned from a refugee who cams in vesierdsy,
that the rebel General Clalbonrne has relieved PoUk
In the command of the South Western Department,
and that his force is threatening the Mississippi ,
river, He has the reputation of being an active of
ficer. ,
IPlnols soldiers ore anxious to know whether their
legislature is going to allow them to vot«J We
regard the Democratic party there as being tn a Dad
fix: If they allow ns to vote they are “gonel np, 11
and if they don't allow us to vote, thev will go up/
The soldiers here are tmaalmons for 'Mr. LlaColn :
. for next President. He has a powerful hold i upon
the hcarts'ol the men on account of their faith in
his honesty, „We tcould like to have him comnress
tho windpipes ofeome of his speculating officers, '
however. .
A home for refugees has iatelrbeen startod here,
through the energetic efforts of that noble Christian
lady, well known In the hospitals of the Western
army, Mrs. Governor Harvey, of Wisconsin, where
all the destitute men, women, and children tha.t
camels with Sherman's expedition, are properly
cared and provided for. In visit mg it the other
evening-, I saw in one of the rooms a sad scene of
wartimes that would make the hearts of-our
Northern mothers ache with sympathy. Fire lit
tle children, whose mother had died a few days be
fore, were lying side by side in their neat little
cola all dek with fever or pneumonia, contrasted
on their weary march hither or exposure after th»fr
arrlvaL They meet with everv kindness -md at*
temion from Mrs. Brooks, tbe 'kind matreu of tho
Home, sod arc objects of sympathy toM visitors.
Bur ft Is rerr sad to see the little arm* tossing In
tbe delirium of fever, and their feebb little voices
calMrg'mother. Th re are strong appeals for
Christian aid and sympathy on rfery side in the
pret-eni dirorgantzed condition <S society at the
South, and I trust charitable pciplcat the North
will, as fhr as possible, respond.® them. j
A Carious Performance of the French
A "brief paragraph in our foreign sum
mary lately announces the prohibition of ihe
Shakspearean demonstration in France, with
the subsequent withdrawal of the interdlc
tlon. The history ot this affair is told ‘in
the English papers at great length. | -
It appears that the Englishmen residing In
Paris proposed to give a banquet and a that
trical performance (at the Porte St. Martin
Theatre) on the Shakspeare anulveraary.
“ Hamlet,” the “ Midsummer Night’s Dream” 1
Feldaff, made up the programme of the.
representation; but the government prohibi
ted both the dinner and tbe play for some
Inscrutable reason,* The SUch, commenting'
upon fils* unaccountable irenk, quietly re
marked: - i'■ ;
* If aUnaipns to Demark were feared, ‘Ham
let might have been replaced by ‘Othello;’
althoughtindeed, that play contains allusions
to Venice; But what can possibly be said
against Falstaff and the ‘Midsummer NJffht’i
Dreamt a demagogue, and his
society, anything t° fear from the subversive
P? Titania? How aston:
tehed lhe English wiU bo when they Vead khd
Paris aewß in their journals, and find that
the authorities have interdicted a represen
tation In honor of Shakspeare, judging it
ncomyie with the maintenance of public;
The Paris Temp* had this comment: |
“The reasons• for this -measure are ao !
doubt, profound, for they escape onr appro
hension altogether. Weknow, moreover that
the Engllab residenteln PariswmbepfrSt
ted to do-BllhoutuiT difficult, vrbitFreosh
dUzepa we prohibited from doing. -We are
H’wSf’m! ln tb ? fl ? cof ?» act of authority!
■which into a miracle, tee are reduced to ad
mire, .without comprehending. One thine
howeyer, la dear, that lo Parii in ISO 4—«
raria, the capital of a people which marchea
; at the-head of civilization, and aider tta
: strongeat government in the world, ‘ that
■ , ? “PtoWblted which la permissible not
. ° DI J ,in London and thronghont England, but'
jalao m all Germany, and more partienlariy at
•Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart.
•Carlarnhc,. Barmstadt, Cased, Frankfort,
Hanover, Osnabrnck, Weimar, Cobnigh
G°tba, Meinipgen, Hildbutghauseu, <fec. We
will say nothing of other countries and other
parts of.the world. If singularity be great
ness we are assuredly at this moment greater
man we have ever before been.”
! The Paris correspondent ol the London
Daily 2fem writes thus j
! M While lam writing, aa Englleh gentle
man calls to tell me that the English Shak
spcarc banquet has been prohibited also He
says ho has.been to tbe Grand Hotel special
ly folnquire, and Is informed that the ban
quet will certainly not take place, and that
notice to that effect'ha* been sent to the
British embassy. I really cannot bring my
self to believe this. There must be some
mistake. Why the English banquet was an
nounced in the MoniUur only yesterday
together with the fact that it had been re
solved upon at a meeting at Lord Cowley’s.
It .cannot be that such an affront i* to be put
upon the English ambassador and a party of
English gentlemen, who proposed to dine to
gether on their national poet’s. birthday, as
that ot treating them at the last .moment as
a seditious club I
*| Lord Grey otGrey would.most assuredly
countenance, nothing sensational. I have
heard oi no projected stage effect for his
dinner beyond the exhibition of a very bean*
UfolhDstofShakspeare. which Mr. Green*
oogh, the American sculptor, has been hind
enough to lend for the occasion. Surely, be
will not be required to take It back to his
studio. I shall immediately' make precise
inquiries, andletjouknowto*morroW.wheth*
er the astounding sews brought to me is
really true.” "
As already announced, the prohibition
was j removed at the last moment, and al*
though oot news by this arlval does not CO/-
▼er tiie event, the Inference is. thS’t the” Ei ig- f
lish elebratioh ln Puls finally .went off ac
cordhig to programme. „V ; -
fmpor(a,it Operation. In I'rojrre,, in
Western Virginia,
[Prom the Pittsburg Commercial, *fny 7.3
For the last two weeks troops munitions
mules end horses have been collected to an
nncfcal extent at Charleston, in Western
Virginia, preparatory to an important co
operative movement toward Richmond. We
learn that on. Tuesday, the 29th ultimo, a
lorce of 22,000, consisting of infantrv,
mounted infantry and cavalry, with artillery,
kit Charleston under Gen. Crooks. The
destination is said to be Lewisburg; from
which place the distance to Staunton • is
not great We would prefer to believe,,
however, that - Lynchburg or some other
point on the 'Southwestern Railroad was the
one in view by ibis dashing flank movement
Lynchburg is an important point to tbe.reb
els as a .depot of supplies, ftSIWcIL-as- by- itv -
-position-with reference to the raiJroadsJead--
Ingfrom Richmond; The iavcfltment of.tae
rebel capital would of coprsc contcnfplate
the dosing up of this outlet to and
the cuttiDg_pJJdieJlnc7of-c6mmunicfftlonbe
'tween Johnston and Lee ;< and Lewisburg !«■
the rocte an-expedition would take from
Charleston.; ... ... -
■ Whatever the route or destination, there Is
.no doubt that one of the coils of the anacon
da which tho .Lieutenant General has been
throwing around Richmond, will- develope
the 'neighborhood‘ of Sulphur
Springs./. ' ■ • •;
First Rational Bank: of Fenton
. Till*, Mlcl»., Hobbedof slojooo.
.... IFrom the Detroit’ Advertiser, May?.]
, Reliable Information was ycterday received
by the police, that theorist National Bank
pt; Fcntonville, on Thursday bight, was rob
bed: of SIO,OOO In United States money. As
near as we can ascertain; the bank was closed
at the usual hour, and Its valuable contents
locked up iu the safe. *At the hour for open
ing the institution; next morning, it was dis
covered that the bank had been entered by a
gang of burglars, tbe safe blown open, and
the above amount carried off . •
Information of the robbery was at once
sent by telegraph to tbe police in each town
and city for miles aronnd, and a description
pi the money given, in hopes of being able
“Ctecr, the scoundrels, bat os yet without
f - B J whom the burglary was commit
ted, or now many persons were engaged In
it, is not known. It Is hoped, that the effort
being put forth by the officers ol the Bank,.
. , them to bring the guilty parties
to lattice. i i . .
- liATEß.—Since the aboyc was put In type,
we learn that besides tbe money a’qaautiU of
deeds and mortgages were also taken. Ono
thousand dollars reward is offered for theao
prehension of the burglar. i .
Three men were.arrested Friday morning
'on suspicion, and taken to Fentonviiic. Sev
eral hard lookinirpeta were noticed hovering
about Fcntonville Thursday evening, and
next evening suspicion rested on them as be
ing implicated in the robbery. Thrccofthem
were picked up by thcShcritf of Fcntonville
at different stations along the road, and a
fourth one was leit nt Pontiac. The prison
ers were brought to this city, andimmedl
ately recognized by several detectives as In
dividuals who had bchn noticed loafing about
tbe city; Thursday afternoon they purchased
tickets, for Fcntonville.
The safe robbed it as a small one of the
Davidson manufacture. The main safe was
not touched.
Letter from ITon. 1, IT. Arnold Against
Postponing Use Convention.
Washington, Monday, May 3,180 L
Wm. C. Bryant, Esq.— Sir: I have re
ceived a printed circular to which your and
other dlstlDgnished names are attached, urg
ing the- postponement of the National Con
vention. ' '
Believing that «uch postponement would
be mostunwiss and dangerous to the,loyal
cause,-I ask ibe privilege, through the col
umns of the Evtnitig iW,very briefly to give
my reasons for such belief
X concur most fully with tbo gentlemen
who signed the paper referred to, “ that it is
very important that all parties friendly to ths
Government should - bounited la support of
:i single candidate, (for President,) and that
when a selection shall be mads. It shall be ac
quiesced In by all loyal sections of the coun
try, and all branches of the Isyal purly.”
I am "perfectly convinced that the best
mesne of securing a,,result so essential to
success is an early convention; and that
nothing would be more likely to prevent snch
union than Its postponement.
The postponement would be the signal for
the organization of the friends of the various
aspirants lor the Presidency, and for the most
earnest and. zealous, canvass ot- the
merits and demerits of those candidates. .
If the time should be changed to Septem
ber, we should see thd most violent contro
versy within the Union ranks' known in the
history of parties.
. Is such a controversy desirable, and shall
we encourage and stimulate It by postponing
the convention?“
\ I think lam fully warranted In atatingthat
; up to this time there hag been no. consider
able difference of opinion among the people
onthe.Prefiidential question.“lt is a most
aignitlcant tactthat; notwithstanding the ef*
I forts made in this city and elsewhere, in be
l* half of prominent and able men In military
and civil life; notwithstanding a thoroughly
t organized, able, ardent and zealous oppoal
. tlo'u here to. Mr. Lincoln, embodying great
1 abilities u>d abundant -means, with the co
’ .operation of some ot the great leading hews
;• papers of the Union, and with the aid ot
1 . some of the distinguished names of trusted
, national leaders attached to your petition;
1 ytl all this has produced no perceptible effect
.njun public opinion. The minds of tho peo
ple ore fixed npon the great contest for na
> tlonal existence, and ore impatient ot quar
‘ rds and controversies among ourselves. ;The
, opposition to the Presldcntln onrown party,
ta.cntcd, eloquent,.zealous and active as Xt Is,
•' has scarcely produced a ripple on the wave
of public sentient, which is; so strongly
rolling on in -Avor of Mr. Lincoln’s re-elec
tion. .
Thcr'iß no orgainzalion among the friends
of.iaePresident; they are doing nothing;
out the action of the people is spontaneous
unprompted and sincere Slate after Stats
holds its conventions, appoints its delegates
and without a dissenting voice, instructs
them to vote for Mr. Lincoln. This popular
ity of the President, this unanimity OMUO
people, Is confined to no section, bnt
well as West, Middle State and Border State
they all speak one voice— let us have Jlr. Lin
co u for our:candidate. Do I exaggerate*
Maine speaks for him on the Atlantic, and"
her voles is echoed by .California from the
Pacific; New Hampshire ana Kansas, Con
necticut and Minnesota, Wisconsin and West
Virginia, lowa and Ohio, and now comes Ihe
great Slate ot Pennsylvania, secondingMaW
latd, one after another, they all -. declare for
the re-election of the President. Is it riot
wiser to recognize and accept this great fact
raiherthah struggle ogalnst U? i
The truth Is, Oie : masses of the people and
the soldiers everywhere, trust and love the
President. They know his hands are clean
and his heart is honest and pure. They
know that tho devil has no bribe big enough
no temptation of wealth or power, which
can seduce the Integrity of Abraham Lincoln.
Hence, the people, the breve, honest, self
denying people, .who haye famished the
1 • men, and are ready to "pay the .taxes neces
sary to crash the rebellion, and who are de
termined to establish national unity, based
on liberty, they are more wise, less factions
and more dlalnterested than the politicians.
Their Instinctive sagacity, and good sense
have settled the Presidential question. It
cannot be unsettled without a convulsioni
which will-cndangcr the Union cause. A
postponement of the Convention would not
prevent Mr. Lincoln’s re nomination; It
might possibly endanger his election. I
Acquiescence, union and harmony will fol* *
low the June Convention. Delay encouraged
faction, controversy and division, I say bari
atony-wm follow the June. Convention. I
say this because I believe Gen..Premdat and
his friends: arc loyal to liberty; and will not
endanger Its triumph by dividing the friends'
of freedom. • I say this, because the radical
Germans, who support Fremont, who havei
done so much in this contest to - sustain the!
cause of free institutions, cannot be induced .
by tbelr enthusiasm for a man to desert or
endanger tho triumph of their principles, ‘
- The nour Is critical. We approach tho very
crises of our late as a nation. With union
and harmony, our success Is certain The
Presidential election rapidly approaches. We 1
cannot divert attention ftomltby'pbstponiug 1
ihe Convention. .Wo cannot solely change (
onr leader in the midst of tho storm that is :
raging around na. The people have no time
for tbe discussions which most-precede and
follow such a change. *
• 1 repeat, we cannot safely or wisely change
our leader In the midst of the great", events
which will not wait for conventions. Snch is
the instinctive, nearly universal Judgment of
thepeome. Let, then, the convention meet
land ratify the choice which the people have
already so clearly indicated.
; very respectfully, yours;
; - Isaac N. Askold.
Suit igainattho GoTcrnor—Tolantoer
i lug—Railroad Accident*
! lKDU*ApotiB, May G, ISGL
jA yw ago, or a little more, when tha Cop
perheads were powerful, as well as malig
nant, Dr. J. S. Athor, the Copperhead Secre
tary of State, concluded he should do mis
chief to our troops,- by refusing to Isaac
commissions to our s dicers.
Governor Morton, with whom the whole
responsibility rested, at once resolved that
the commissions should be issued, and or
dered the Adjutant-General to do it.
From that time all commissions have gone
out from the Adjutant's office, without tee or
pay of any kind. ' The Secretary is allowed a
fee of one dollar for each commission, he
lEßnee, and conceiting himself entitled to
fees upon all commissions,-however Issued,
some time ago brought suit against the Gov
ernor In our Common -Pleas Court,; for-the
amount of all the fees that would have been
dp® to him upon the Adjutant’s commissions
if he had Issued them. The case was re- 1
moved to the XT. 8. Circuit Court to-day.
;The Secretary’s counsel moved for the re
turn of the case to the State Court, Intending
of course, to carry it to the Supreme * Court,
composed entirely of Copperheads, where a
decision against the Qorernoria certain..’ If
the motion is granted the Governor will be
put in several thousand dollars andaCop*-
perbead that much richer. The motion will
probably be- decided * to-morrow. Senator
Hendricks Is counsel for Dr. Athor.
Since my report yesterday, some thirty two
or three companies have been reported fail -
to.the Adjutant GeneraL and the unfilled
companies, It is estimated, will reach about
,4.000 men more, and nearly 7,000 in aIL Coh-
R.-N. Hudson reports that ho will have*
raiment in the Seventh District by Tuesday
night, and a regiment, will be filled in this
cin by tbat time or scon after.
Gov. Morton’, to-dav, received a dispatch
from the State Military agent at Nashville,
giving the names of three men killed and
elphty-tne wounded, of our 10th cavalry, in
a railroad accidcuc at Gallatin, Tcnu., yester
day, the sth. The nsmes of the killed ure
Ben. Turner of co. C; Dqvid Barnett, ca. C,
and Philip Williamson, co. B. Nothing was
said of the cause of the accident.
Adjournment of the liesldatucef
IFrun the Pittsburg Gazette.!
* The Pennsylvania Legislature adjourned at
noon on Thursday, to meet again on thefiod
of August next to receive the returns of tho
special election to be held on tbe 2d of Au
gust, The lollowiug are believed to be the
most important public measures disposed of
durinir the Fpppion• ——
:Tj.cThc:MJUtla;bni biganlringall able bodied
'men In the State, Vi ho ure between the
; of twenty and forty-five, lorco,
-to be called but in*case of iusurrcction or in
vasfon, was passed.. The bill _woa.modeled'
-after tbb'inillilaT&ws orNew York, Ohio and
Massachusetts. A fine of fifty dollars is im
posed for refusal to attend a “militia mas
ter,” • • * :
2. The disposition of the National grant of
land to ceiablishmeut ot agricultu
ral cc lit gee, popularly .known as “land
scrlpj” was postponed Indefinitely.'
y. The proposition to revise tue rovenae
laws of the State, so as to provide a better
system than tbat now in force lor the assess
ment and collection of, taxes, fell to the
ground, A committee of seven members of
the House was appointed to examine and re
psit upon the subject at the .adjourned ses
elon.'-;' • - ! ‘
. 4. The bill relating to land patents waa
passed. It extends the time in which patents
on lands may be taken out on old rates until
the first day of November next.
5. Tbe bill revoking the charter of tbe Con*
nellsvUle Railroad company was passed, as
was likewhe the twin measure granting a
charter to the Southern Pennsylvania Kail*
road company, empowering: it to construct a
road from Conneilsville to the Maryland
State line and other points east
0. The passage of the Appropriation bill,
one feature of which is the Increase of the
salaries of all State officials, Irani the Su
preme Judges, each of whom receives S7OO
additional, down to the pettiest clerk about
the departments at Ilamsbargh.
7. The passage of the Apportionment bill,
which divides the State lor the next seven.
years Into Senatorial and Representative dis
8. The adoption of the amendments to the
Constitution allowing soldiers to rote.
Hoxdat Eraxnro, May 9.15G1
■ The demand for money is fully as brisk to-day m
any previous I Imc; a goat deal is wanted for Increased
tntryios hr anfortenate holders who wore tempted
lato Urge purchases on a high market. The calls of.
legitimate bnyers are also Urge, bat not In compart*
so with a few weeks since. The current rate for
money continues at 1C per cent.
. Exchange remains close. The action of the bankers
on Saturday eight In fixing the rata al 9 cent pre*
mlam idling, hat had a tendency to derate the rlewi
of makers and boldcif, and the bankers find it difficult
to obtain any at less than SO cents, and they hare In
many Instances paid 35 and cyen S7X cents to obtain a
anpply for their cojtoaera. Most of the la. gcr bankers
recopn'ic the rate established as only maximum, and
stilt adhere to their pterions idling rate of J<., This,
o! course, la only to customers, and .those too of the
Ko. 1 data For ixnall bills and to outsiders the new
raids universal. .
Gold, sjmpathixiPK with the encenraglnff advice
from the Potomac army. Is gradually declining. The
deellce would be far mere rapid If It were not for the
fact that litrenumbers of New York Importers ttaod
ready to* clze Urge quantities, on the appearance of
acoatidcrable decline. This fret holders understand,
asd generally being able to hold on, the quotations
are ktpt hither than would be maintained under dlf
ferent circumstances. If Grant gains a decisive vie
lory over Lee nothing coaid keep It within bailing
distance ol present prices. The range la New York,
as telegraphed to James Boyd, Esq,, S3 Clark street,
Is as folIOTS: 9-JO a. m.—ITC; 9;45—170><; 10—172K:
luaJ-lEfc: UsW-lIlK; 3p.r0.-170*:
The market opened here weak at MB:
advanced to 168®16», with some firmness—even 170
was paid for lontdlots—and It closed at 165, with no
disposition on tbs pstt of dealers to get neater than
sto 6 per cent of New York prices. Sliver nominal at
185<J157, with no transactions. - 1
Under the Influence of the action of the meeting of
bankers oa Batnrday.evcnlng, postponing ths tune to
the lit of July for making legal tender note* the cur
rency bash, they were weak to-day. with a disposition
to tell. Many bankers bad gathered and were molding
considerable sums of grsenbacka In anticipation ot
the new era,bat the postponement of the event his
diipteedthemto sell, eesseqnently plenty could be
bsdatXc premium, and even lower, with pur
This determination of the bankers to dodge the is*
sis which has been presented to them by the Board
•f Trade sod the peaple, : will, sorely re-act -upon
them to tbelr great disadvantage 5 there Is no mistake
about It, The people dtmand the change,, and they
will have it If the bankers, attempt to oppose them,
ihiy wl)!.b»tte sufferers. Sorbs of the bsnkdrafiave
determined to scqnlesco la the resolutions 1 of , the
rosrd of Trade, . and , .they are ths: birds'
to cstch t the worms. .If bsnk customers
tsnnot get - greenbacks "at the bank -with’
which they do their business* they'will go where they
rat—that’s an Inevitable law: and we commend r It to
the attention of the reenseant beakers. We trust
every loyal bank customer will Insist npon tha green.
I vks, or thetr equivalent. “Why "should the people
ke compelled to waltnotll the first of July?
have bad abnndaot time to tend home all the contra
band currency; and could make the change to-mor
row lost st well as on tbs first of jmy, if tnay’rsUso
disposed. .Procrastination Is simply a defeat 'of the
messare, aad that's what’s the matter..
Government 5-20’s are firmer and more called for.
Tbebuyiogp.lcelaioSJf saelllnglOA ' | ’
Tho American Kxcharpe Bank ofKewTork,{whlca
I p ys four percent acml-annaatdwid««d, ban aaiirpitu
or jr»,ofO, counting ti.eoo.ooo of specie at par only.
II coold wind op and par 140 per cent on Its slopk, ac*
ccrdtcgto the ./ourndfo/Commerce. » J
I The State Treasurer of Maine will retire proposals
! uLtll (Le 34th lost., for two mllU*os six per cent
bcnds,Telnibutaablelntwenly-ftwryears. *
, The Nassau Bank. of. New York, has declared a
I dividend of four per ccnb payable loth Inst. * |
The First National of New 'York will pay, Stb
ln*r., a aeml-annual Jlvldecd of ten per cent..
• National Baw** op Ilooicromi.— Wo announced
)a*tweek the jrganlzatlon of the First and Second
National Dm sb or Kockterd, and we since learn that
ore being Uken at the banklag house of
S*affo~ * I’enfleld lortheTblrd National Bank,and
Ibj »b certainty exists that it will shortly be organ.
i«d with a capital - probably of JK o,o#. Tbua we
sball loon bare in successful operation in our nty
lb? ee or these. National Banking Hutltutlons, Issuing
oPtswhich 111 be Intrltably sate, and give alnew
Impulse to hoalncw interests. The men at the bead
of these Institutions are men of largo business experi
ence and ability, and wo barn no doubt will menace
twin with entire financial success. t * |
The First National Bank,with Alonzo Wood as
rrisldent, and h. U. Griers as Cashier, will commence ,
but mete la a fow days at toe former rooms of Soatford.
Clerk A Co. It Is organized with a capital of t*>o 000.
wlih the privilege onncreaalne to|2oo.Coo. i -
The Jlllcolff CcntraL Company publish the following
stavtmeut for the month or April: 5 h
~ 18W. “ ISRL Increase.'
Traffic... K3l.OT.oo'_t?& l 2ajs2< tUl.tt&tt
Salts ,20iZUM .~.153,8C&48 ; -
T0ta1..,..v,M.:,.t‘Sf t StQ P S) -ts7orfß.il 1197.0 C.31
January the Increase has been *l
u^« 7 i^SS«m U1 oI .VL r,Uc ‘ the sales of
f1.J>13,429.91; and the casnpald on land account,
. Asthenewtax Imposed on the business of brokers
li Eo ? r considerable atten lon, we extract
toe whole section from the tax bill • as completed l br
the Home, and now pending in the Senate: { •
Bso. 93. And be It farther enacted. That all brokers*
shall be subject to nay the following duties and rates
of limy epon the sales of gold and sliver bnllloo, for
eign exchange, or current money, promissory notev
stock*, bonds, or other securities as hereinafter men
tioned, and ahall be subject to all the provisions, where
not inapplicable thereto, for the returns, assessment,
coinctfon of the dntlcs.and liens acd penalties asaro
prescribed for the persons, firms, companies or cor
porations, owning or possessing, or baring the man :
ißfment of railroads, steamboats and ferryboats,
that is tosar; Upon all sales #f stocks, bonds, gold
and silver ballon and coin, sterling exchange, prom
issory notes, or sther securities, one-fifth of ona per
Cfimm on the smoant of such sales, and of all con
trsets/or such sales. ... I
, Provided. 1 hat any person,firm or company, not
ben g licensed as a broker, who shall sell or offer to
sell any sold and silver bullion, foreign exchange, un
current money, promissory notes, stocks, oonds, or
other securities, not bona jide at the t-*me his own
property, and actually on hand, shall be liable. In ad
dition to all other penalties provided!# such cases,
.tonajfifivpcr centum In addition to the foregoing
dutiesandratesof doty. I
1 The dividends of the Philadelphia hanks for thd
fast *tx months are larger than ever before,
jg in the aggregate to $711.5:5, agalmt *3ib,337 made
this time last year. The aggregate capital is f 13,105,-,
815. No bankbas declared less than five percents
Three annODLcealx per cent, those seven per cent,!
one clsbt per cent, and two ten r<rcent, on the profits!
of the half vear. The First National his declared a I
dividend or five per -ent on a capital of |1.000,000. \
' A Haw awn amxgbbous fo inmtuyxrr.—A new;
and dangerons counterfeit, of the .denomination of >
150 oi. the Bradford Bank. Vermont, has been detect
-ed at the Assorting Bouse m Albany. It is said to be
a perfect lac simile of the genuine, only that the
wreath of flowers round the female In the vignette
are of a dark color, walla those of the genuine are
very light. The bill is capable of deceiving the best
judses. .
Monday Ktyyixo, May g,
I Ta110w...,
L. Hog*.,..
I Cattle
, Hlghwlae*
Corn 36.1391
OaU* ~..27,311
RTf 1,0381
[Barley... 4001
Gnu Seed. 8,710 (
Flair Seed 4.W6
'cntMeau .!«,»»1
.. 2.4?0l Lard.’.
~ 59,730 Ta110w....,
.. 70,900 Lire Hogs.
<4,600 Cattle
Hlk twiner
lirtssSeed 2,280
Col Vtatß ~151,410
8eef......... 1,400
Flour Wheat Com Data Byo Bar.
• trla. bus, boa. bos. * bo*. baa.
Canal 5M7 10118 908 M *»» IJ9O • ....
O.A: C 6877 5W2 25071 83160 10« X»
B. 1 - WOO 23*60 1500
HI. C 8070 4191 12600 8331 230
0.P.&Q,,.. 4851 -9100 41373 - 8886 ....
». W........ fcCO W350 9100 33600 31*0 ....
A.frßtL... 603 660 5010 .630 25 ....
Otter roads. 4 730 .... ....
T0ta1...... BSR96 ISSSU 187576 92669 4463 8»
Cor. wcek’63 35225 182287 548-95 115563 U575 TO
mnunn for tub wfmc ecdi»o scat 7.
■ Floor Wheat Coro Oats Bya Barl*y
; brls. bus. bus. bos. bos. bos.
By B. 8.... 10101 SU 1550 73720 1560 *177
To Buffalo., 47426 27775 62550 96700 '
Oswogo 200 290C0 r.
Ogilensb’e... 4161 .... 13150 .... ....
other Ports. .... .... BCSO 125 3100
Pt*SarßU.... 22067 7M3 10IC0 25 ....
Kingston .... .... ....
Montreal.... H2S ....
Kingston.,,. 10 82900 .... .... ....
By; Canal.,.-- 8M47 ....
T0ta1...... 95397 965 M MW 230117 4600 ' 9177
Cor. week® 64145 281973 903636 80(900 JCOOO ....
T|ioro was considerable excitement on' Change to.
day t ln consequence or the news from the Army of toe
Potomac, and there was very lltt'o disposition among
opcntora to attend to business. Of conrso the feeling'
was generally hopeful, and there was great confidence
expressed tba t Grant would yet annihilate Lee and
bis army; hat the adyanee of gold to 172K tended
very* math to subdue this feeling, and when gold he*
gan again to decline, the record of tbo figures on Mr.
Boyd’s bulletin, was received with hearty applause
The markets, under this state of affair#, were yery
much unsettled—prices rising and falling with gold—
and there was very little business transacted outilde*
of the grain markets.
The demand for Hear was limited to the filling o
small orders, and the market ruled yery dull andnom*
Inally lower. - About 660 brls changed hands at
9.E for fancy white winters, and [email protected]*.00 for fair to
choice spring extras.
Ihe marketfor Wheat ruled doll and yery Irretn.
lar. BalesofNo.SSpringwere made at the opening
11.11; but after the first' receipt ot the gold market,
rallied and advanced to Si 17. This was only moment*
ary. however, for after the receipt of the New York
dispatches, the market gradually receded and closed
heavy akgi.lsl - There*was xerr little dona In: No. 1
Spring. .The salesfoot op lfil»!»0hQ at 9UI7OLIBH for
No. 1 Spring, and 91.140U7 for No. 3 Spring-doting
htavratSiasforNo.l/andlldlforNo.l, •
The demand .'or Coin was limited sad the market
ruledqulal.^ta decline of fallylcoaNo.l new. There
w**no material change is No. I. About i'i7,Wo bush
els changed birds at fS}<@9Cc (manly 92ci for No. 1
new; [email protected]** forNo.3ncw and 92c .for rejected; ILC6
for old yellow f. o. b., and 01,03 for No. 1 afloat. The
market closed quiet at 96Jfc for No. 3 aad 90c for
The m cUcnn at uoUceab'c la the mark* for Oats
during tLepa‘t days.;omowhu flittered ptrtto
day, owing totkilesa fivonble advices Ltnn Nuw
Tort. Tho raape of price* to-day was about the same
as on Saturday, hot at th* Clo*e there was no desire
to ojh rate, ana the market closed dull at a deollae of
fie oa thehlghiat point reached during the day. The
sales foot up some fC.CCObn at 63XO<n>ic—mestly at
No 1, ana C7c for No S-clcsle* heavy at
WKcforNol. , y \
Rye was instead? demand and firm, with sales of
No. 1 in store ct 2'. .
Barley was Arm end In demand at SlASforNo.3 In
store. .
-- There WM.Tery.mtre dsmiad fof-Htshwtnef to-Jiy,
‘ asfi the market ruled omet at t?o advance of Satur
day eveolrg, with sales of only 400 brU at f1.W01.18--
the market clewing quiet and nominal.
There was little or no Inquiry for Provisions and
- ttoroarfc rtwaa: qnlat and nominal; Mesa Pork was
In hut limited request, and we quote It nominal at
|7floC®36Jo. Bnlkkleats are nominal at 14c for Hams,
UJfc.for Sbouldera.and 113fo for Sides. Lard was
dull.aad lower,and vre'note’aalea ot 350 tree prlmo
-dty steam-rendered Leaf at 13c. ....
Galt was steady, with a furdesusd for Fine at ALSO
Grass feeds - wcre'abnost wholly neglected, and w-j
quote them nominal at $7.50 for.Clover, and sLlOod.<o
for Timothy, ilaxseedwaa In fair demand at £2.70.%.
Freights were active, bat without my change since
Saturday. - - '
In Beef Cattle the market his been fairly active,
pecUHy on Government account. Tbe entered tales
since the close of-Saturday’s mart at amount to 042
bead at tt.7568.25, mostly at *5.2*37.00. The market
' closed this evening very Arm at previous quotuionß.
The demand for medium to prime Hogs has been
doll atd prices hare a downward tendency. We note
a decline on Saturday’* qooUtlons on medium
to, prime qualities of 10®l5c grow. Entered sties
since Saturday, 4,258 head at-*i.so®BJ)o, mostly at
(d 5(®7.00 grogs.
Mosbat Kvnrtve, May 9, itfii,
. LUMBER—Received, Saturday, 1,806,000 feet. The
receipts of cargoes continues especially limited and
Inadequate to mert the present active demand. The
Muskegon fleet Is again detained, this time for want
of water. Prices generally rule very firm with an np-
Ward tendency.
SHlNGLES—Received, Saturday, 151,007, Market
active and very firm at previous quotations.
Csrgo acbr Calcutta, told by A. Cartor,-fj on Kala
mazoo, so,CCO feet coano rafted aloe lamcer, at f 15.0 C;
’ cargo sch* Albany, from Grand Kite--, sold by In*b A
Fnller. tolled, linlf atrip*, rafted, at SI7AO.
cargo acbr Challenge, from Kalamazoo,aold byTrnea*
dell, CO.OfO ffeel bright lumber, half strips, at 113.50 •
cartoachr Mitchell, from Menomlaeo, sold bjT4.K.
Blekfcod.l2o.CCo feet, two-thirds strips, at $13.00; car
go acbr Japan, Horn Maalitee, sold by It, K. Bickford,
140,(00feet,half strlps.toite timber, at flSJO;part
cargo acbr P. Hayden, from Grand River, a jld by tilth
& FnUer.W.CCO feat eak mixed, mostly- plant,.at
♦2i.00; told- byßlanrbard. to arrive, 500,000 feet ordl
nary mlll-ron Inmber, from Borland 4 Dean’s mills, to
be delivered in Jooc, at SIS-W.
The following arc the yard prices:
Ltfvsn—nm Clear, 91,000 foet....
Second Clear, •*
Third Clear. **
Btcck 80ard5.....
Box or SeJ ect Boards
Common Boards, dry
Call Boards
First Clear Flooring, r0ugh......
Second Clear Flooring, rough,
Common Flooring, rough,
Biding Clear, drfesaed*....,
Second Cl ear
Common d 0.....
Long Joists..
Shaved Shingles, A, ?11,
Shaved Shingles, No, 1.
Cedar Shingles..
Hawed Hhlszlos, A...
Sawed Bhmcles. No. 1.
Lath. V 1,000 pcs,
Potts,? 1,000.
Monoat Evknxno, May 9, tsui,
BEEF CATTLE—The receipts slcce Saturday
amount to sboat 400 head of Beer Cattle. En
tered sales 963 heal at $4.7538.23, principally at |3 Zfa
7.0* per ICO I6F. The demand for Government cattle
continues very active, and as the qualities required
embrace a range from .medium to good ship*
ping grates, the United receipts ot the market
have been felly' cleared oat. at fiU prices
as per quotations given o o Saturday avenlsg. in the
list of sales appended wIU be foaod the sale of 61
head extra Illinois steals averaging i,4CO ns at $9.35
p ICO Bs, by Stornbom to Hosbery & Co., these, how
evsr, were selected from a drove of 171 head. There
bss been no change on previous quotations, at which
tbs market this evening closed active and firm.
sur cfrrta satis to-dat.
Sellers. Boyers. . Ko. Av. Pile*
Benuey * Nsdd _C. Kahn, Jr. *8 1165 83©
'Sg ■ 1? ,5 MM 3.M
do • 00 ........ 15 ju 473
J. Adam5.........J.11acbc5... 91 U4B sVv
G.Adams... .....C.Kahn, Jr 12 1290 • ioj 74
32 v- 30 W 111 5 6*5
, ,cO do .........M l«u f.oa
J.Mrrphy do ..113 1075 5>15
Hecenamnt....... do 10 1x37 6.00
Livingston do 160 uoa moo
Piette... Pawsetl '....105 1231 700
.Maxsnaer Byrnsn A Bnole. ft un 6«q
bUrnhart.... Hosbery ± C 0:... 61 irro a.23
Otcenbanm.......HymanA Co 115 mj 753
• HOGf—Received since Saturday about 2,k0 hogs.
; Entered sales 4,258 bead, at prices ranging from|i 'O
to ts to, chiefly at 86AC97A0 9 ICQ B*. At 59.00 we
note ihe sale of only oae drove at the Southern yards
,by*Jlarwell (o Smith A Medcalf.bl 254 head, extra
corn-fed, averaging 243 Bs, These were purchased
on a contract, and wIU net therefore represent the
present valne of the market, which has since declined
considerably. At the Cottage Grove yards Powell
; soldßnrroogbs 172 head,- averaging 2m a Sp a; jr. 73 p
IC6 Bs: besides these all tbs sales have been made at
macb lowerfiktues. For prime Ilogi buyers n»T o Q*t
been disposed to go beyond 47.00, and some very istr
qualities have been told at extra attftjj
srofl. Bayers are not wanting, bnt prices mast bo
low or sale* are net made. On medium toprlmeqnal-
Itieswenotea farther decline of 16®13e viOflfs.
w Ith lets activity m the market.
no« satis anrea satubhat*
Boren. No. . At. Prlc.
...r.A. Losu...„. 30 101 4.50
••• . * Z5 1?» , 3.25
...llobert tic 2M 7io
.W.MjTlWen isj ’|S Q.'is
Seed** Stoerwla. jco t’m
jincbetb.... i ..; v Kent& Co .101 uu 6.50
Bcollej ft hodd do . ....... 54 ill) eCO
SmUb A.E, Keatft Co.. GO 17\ o*so
Sione do ■ .. si iso «'65
Binders do ..73 m 6 a
Brayliorn....„...6tev6«jn SS\ ist 0'75
Eimba11...........A.C.Keat*C0.. 66 133 6A9
J. 0nd1ey........J0ne5..'. 90 120 sgb
M. Eihany..... • Stereos....: .178' * 203 .7.00
A. B. Kent ECO..Glllett .281 2« ]7v|
J. Grltiley..;.....Keut 6Co 1«9 isi bjij
Cooler ............Dalby .............307 174 6.95
Gi esroy do 61 iso e.!i>
Bis by do 61 173 6.0.1
J.Atama dO ........111 IQS O.'HS
CO do 341 191 6.1)3
Hall ..Tobcf «3 159 6.23
Powell Jlnrroogbs. -173 rrlHO 7.7 i
Hlcckburn MUlward&Co...4oo . iso 7.00
Kelly. -.Prlert 1U •• 130 7.C0
Report of (he Agricultural Department.
The following is a synopsis of the bi-monthly report
for Match tod April of the Agricultural Department.
The reportwlil be issued this week: . *
The leading article shows tho character of ihsplaus
adopted In Great Britain, Prussia and the United
btaics, to estimate and. report speedily the amount
and condition of the crops. ;
llio table moat Interesting to farmers and provision
dealers is the one that exhibits the amount of farm
stock In January last. Compared with the amount In
K '•*. sa returned In toe census of ISGO, It Is as follows
: u the loyal States:
..Horses. Moles*. Cattle and Oxen.
lfc€l 4,M*.M2 , 560&7.. • -O&CisJ .
l :-Cows.t'' Sheep. - • Hoes.;
I£9 5.1128,9*1.15,1M;f& ' ■ 1?,0&Q3V -
This' table exhibits att actual decrease ofboreea.
- moles, and bogs, a eery smell Increase of cattle, a
Isrser Increase of cows, bat one still-far below the
usual Increase, and ft very creel locrea*e ot sheen.■
The report points oat toe strong ledoeemoots that'
ermersnsve to increase all Mods ofstocc that is rail*
ng < ff. • The nnmber of Sheep will be Increased by tho
am ha of the spnnvto nearly thirty millions, or doable
What i» w*» Jn its 9. i i
The decrease m hoes is 911.5 W. This la sn Important
. act to provision dealers andfartuers, forlcshows that
int few hogs, Ifsny, were kept over on account of the
ms oftbe corn crop, as has generally been believed.
The condition of hog raising rrom IMI to this time is*
examined, and the opinion siren that even inhere
baa teen a good com crop there would hare been a
decrease In the number el hosts packed. •• -
Tbo number of fattening cattle reported la to bo 30
per cent leas than last rear In Pennsylvania, Ohio, In
diana and Michigan, 5s per cent less in New York,
lowa and Illinois, and 20 per cent Ifsa U inaasuri
and wisconsla. The general decrease lanearly SJ per
The condition of nearly all stock la below the usual
sprite average, especially of hogs, bat sheep are in
exet best order, having received more than ordinary
attention. Hence the yield of wool per bead will be
as much aa nasal. .
Tne condition of wheat and other crops sown last
fall is represented as Indicating a largely decrossod 1
prednet from the crop of last year,-but It is hoped
they have Improved from tho recent rains, and al no»1
the returns of the correspondents were sent In, which'
was on the first of-April. The dryness of February
ana March retarded the nsual growth In these months
H Is believed that the production of 'maple sugar
and molasses will be unusually largo as the prepara
tions for it were greater than usual.
bees are reported as having suffered much during
the winter.. The usual amount ot statistics, 'showing
the trade in agricultural products, is given, and the
meteorological part of the report, prepared at the
Smithsonian Institute, is very full, ana completely er
hlclta the phenomenon attending the remarkable'cold
storms of the past winter.
- The rains bare been heavy and general, retarding
much the patting in of spring wheat end other crops:
but whether the amount put In will be materially
lessened in consequence cannot now be known.
Army Award* at Su Louis.
. 1,333
. 6.050
. 4.139
. £9J
. 1.«4
. 6,707
. 6.430
\ The followlrg awards of subsistence stores were
'made on Saturday by.CoL J. T. Baines, Commissary
of Subsistence at St. Louis, Uo.:
, J.4V.'Weitz,s,toobaapjltpeas,dt |3.i9.
John B. Valle ft Co., 2,000 brls corn meal, at $3.10.
. Fritz Klckerman 4 Co M 5.0C0 brls com meal, at *3.M.
\ Fritz Kiekeman ft Co.. SSO.SCO fis homlnr, at s.iy
Eben B icharde, Jr„ soo.roo a t sugar, at 20c.
. Ki en Bichardp, Jr.. 000,0(0 as sugar, a: 20Vc.
; Belcher's Sugar Helloing Compaay, 80,000 as sugar,
. Brown,BuUet&ro»iso,Cioß»«uftar.atw.TOc.
■ Belcher's Sugar Refining Company, 7 fiOO gals mo*
laves, at fl.CO* -
( ffB.H. Bnlslfor, 50.C00 »• clear bacon aides, at
lUCc. •
Wo. H Pulslfer, 50JK0 Bl bacon shoulders, at 13 sec.
> Goodwin. Andrews ft Co.. i?,o»Obb soap. at BKc
■ Geo. P. Tfbltelaw, 85,000 bb soap, at 7.90 c
: Anbeuser, Peloerft-Co., 12/00 as soap, at 9tfc.
■ Purtachcr & Hfraeell, io.coo B » soap, at Bc,
J. (i. Uses, 20,000 Ba soap,- at 7.55 c.
>K. Schaeffer ft Co., fit'.ooo B» candles, at 285ic.
Chambers 4 Co., S,5Ce bu salt, at 73c.
Lumber for PeDnsylrania:
[From tbe Detroit Free Frew, 7th.]
The bark J. P. Mock and achr E. P, Byena have lost
taken their departure for Severn Hirer, at the fhttbest
extremity of Georgian Bay, far cargoes of lumber,
which la being shipped to Erie, P»„ for the Eastern
market, it la stated that not less than 10,000,000 feet
of lumber will ho shipped tbe present season from
that remote region.
Fine Tobacco.
Two line hogsheads of tobacco were sold on Frl*
day morning by Thos. Rhodos, Esc., commission mer
chant of- tbla city, and boneht by Messrs. Towner.
Browder & Co., city manafactnrers, and'raised by
Thos. Drace. Esq.and F. Brock.
lin county, Mo., and brought sl3l and $133 per hun
dred pounds. On Thursday ooebogsbeadof tobacco,
- rabedbyD. J.Btrtes.of FrankUn coanty, was sold by
Chile*. Bawctr* Co. to P. M. May, of Wentznlle,
Mo., at $162 per hundred ponnda.— St. Loui* Jiepuba
Detroit Grain market—May 7,
Tbemovement of tbearmy was (he absorbent tonic
On the Board of Trade ftja morning, and neither bay.
em or sellers seemed to care mnch about trade. Flour
—There were some fine samples on sale, bat were not
wanted. 500 brls superior was offered si •?.$!, and ‘>*o
brls at 500 nr la high extra at *7,50 ■ lOflhru
extra at fT.CWi7.23. Wteat steady, with a sale oil
car No 1 white at UAL Corn scarce, with no ouotaMe
Aeons. Oats—Some were offered at 73c without bid
All Mfei of Grain reported In ait nariet report are
on a batit of 2c Uorxige per butM, unlett ot/StS*
elated, flour it told delivered unlett cl\eri£ioetiaied
■ Moxiut Srinva. u»7 9, ism
FBsiQnTB.-There J« rather
mom actmtyin freight*. hot there .1* no Improve
ramt In ratea.The ?nra;ementß to-dar were:-To
Brrrabo:—bark Franz eigtl and KhrQto w Hait!
wlih corn at 7c : bark* Bhennan. daeoa
ta—all with rat* a 15c; bark M*Jor Aadenwo wheat
at 7Kc To
6\c. To Obwiooßrlz Bazoo, who wheat* tuci
5^SSS*2.'r B1 cora/at iflKe.To Knro?
, K;;uSf. t -i2x c r tl ‘ rop ' ™ wt.«»uto but .t
naitMAwTssionr—There fa *» change la rates,
_ _ _ . fourth Class. Hour.
To New Tort:, *W (K» wi
_ _ ** ’ ..raUuaULakuKna .0.73 It*
To Boston, all raU s.so lAO
“_ “ rail and Lake Erie...,, 0.73 IJS
To Portland,all rail ... nao uje
To Montreal, all rail n liu IAS
Tj Buffalo, an rail *'* (u*« OSS
J* „ " rail and Lake Brts *.73
To Baltimore all rail q ts* i so
Fi.Oßl{-ReceiTed.ll.l«brl9; shipped, 3.430brU.
Market dull aad neglected. Sales were: so bria
♦•Park** <St. Louis) cootce white Winter at *9 3r»; 53
brls” Robinson” do at *).2s;S»ibrts "Ontra! City”
Spring Extra at 57.00: jobrli ,, 2rutt’aXXX”daon
L; IM brlt M Linn County,” low rrada extra, at
m .WiJEAT-Recelr«'*.r..»7 bo; shlpps-) r 59.780 bn.
Market doll and irregular, closing heavy at a ds;llne
[email protected] theclonnoprtcesofSatnrdayoa’Chanse.
bales were: n.cOJbuNo.l Spring instore at IllS'i;
IJAtObUdoattUS; MXO bu do at $1.17; 5,000 OuNo.
3 Sprlzv at $7.17; IVCO bu do at ; ZifiX ba di
DadoatlUSS; SS.C9O budoatsl.ls:
?.C?ohn at Si.l4W; ..o:obn doat S’.l4 (early): LOrtbi
A-;!> AO),3)at *LIS hrarr and dull
ar ?!.15f*>rN<i.3 and J1.17 for No.l Serial ’ . .
. COHN— i.tcclre.l 2MC9 ha; fllijopel 71,300 bd.
Slcrkct and le lower on No.l. No.3w.thoa;
chrnne. bales w>re:-;VW bu new No. las
lCA*fcl UCOBt9?C; 4-.0 budo at93J<c; 35,C»0a No. 2
do at 91c: S> Aou Du do * 19$wc; 3.Ccobu do at ft-tc: 8»
-bu-LVjecied at «c;T4.CU) bu New and Old No. 1 at
11.C3 t. o. S.OOtt bu old Yellow at Sl.Otjf. o. b.; 11.000
-buNo. lac 8102 afloat—the market closing quiet at
95e ftrNo.i and Xfie for No. 3.
’ OATH* Secelrea 37,Sir> bn; shipped44jEXJba.Markat
Irss active, and the extreme rates paid cn’Chanre
-«» Saturday were not luftintaiced- Sales werevvn
bu So 1 Oats (early >at fc9,^c; -H.'OO bn do at Os .* 3,003
bu do at O'3ft; JO/fl Obadont 65K« ; 10 CW bo do at
eSK c;
3A00.0a .li- barJapi a; ,1c del—tbe maritet closinr
hwyntwiicfor Not.
- _ Ati B—Recelroi, iJKSbo; shipped, none, z Market
steady and firm. Sales 1/X0 ba No I at |1.35; on
do at f 13L* -
BAIIjDEY received, ICO bn; shipped, non;.
Market active and firm. Sales lAX ba So 3la store
at-fI.W: It9bs2s (by sample) at fl.tii eel,-
, AliCOllOl#—Jiomlual.atper gallon..
• BUTTlilt—llecelred to-day, o.tso as, xha mar
ket to-<isy~ was Very quiet and without material
change in quotations. We quote;
Prime Dairy In crocks and tubs 19»Mc
Roll Butter. i....Wi*Wc
t-hlppintßaiter la firkins,. . ;,.....i6319c
Create Batter. l&aUe
■ Salta today: 150 ft a choice roll at 21c; 239 Bsgocd
do at 30c} 15 tabs at :20c.
BJ2AKP-In limited derusad and qalet. We quote:
prlDia-, ; Commrn, *2.2035.'9. •
BKUOM (,'DBN-Firm. Sales to-day were: IM
toes good Brash at $125.C0. •
COFFEE—The market today has beenqnlster
than usual. with tbe absence of all speculation and
excitement. : Prices contlnne unchanged, and the
market is In good sapnly. Wo quote: .
Ban t0*.... ®lr
Java.....; SIMMS
hlo, fair to good 46K^»*
Blo.cood to orloc 48 &iSX
OBEEtSE—Stocks on hand nearly exhausted. ana
receipts yety Jljht. The market rales very firm at
irevloai quotations. We quote :
Tamburg...:; sa^i*
JJGGH—The market has been very poorly iuppii«i.
bo that purchases have been much resirleMd. ■ Wo
quote sales aw4*<®l3cii dor. . ...,;•
FltUlTs*—G*be» Appl»s—ln fair demand and
moderateiyactive. Qutonnd fruit la more plenum!
than tuna), and laeallloc at all prices, from 10c t) brl.
upwards. Latins* to moderate amply and unchsac*
ed. Onasosstß email receipt and firm, with an ad
vance of &0c V bo*. iitCKonv Nnrs—ln trtmnc da
maud acd lower. Wo note a decline on previous aaJ*
tatlonsor ?5c 9 bu. We quote:
Green App ea fair to prime. Vbil -.ft.so® 4.31
Green Applet, common, p or! g.O'is# 2. (a
L«aun«.s oox 7.5c® a.o*
ppmcea.iSictljj.V box 9.o*® 9 39
Hickory Nuts, small 9bn J.COA im
Hickory Nnta.large E-bn ~ ma M
DRIED FRUITS-APPtBi-Varte; in «m«U
enpP'J.aDdactlvedrmaad. Prices firm at previous
qnotaUona. nracnas eery Arm and unchaased. Tbo
receipts conllnnc small and inadequate tor pretest
demand. RaiMsa and Cirsßajrrs in cood aoppiy and
modeiately active. Prices firm ana unchanged. Fioa
in fair demand and firm at prcsjnt quotations. \t*
mosd«—Supply fair and tolerably active at previous
rates. Doubstic Fnrrra-Kecefpta very limited and
In lair request at presdbt quotations, we quota:
.. -w.003i3.e0
.. 58.00.397/0
.. [email protected]
.. l9A>aa9jQo
.. n.ooa
.. 3aooftlJ.DC
.. «.OCC»ti‘JM
.. [email protected]
.. ZlJ>X|
.. [email protected]'B&o
.. i-o>3 4.25
.. [email protected] 4.10
.. 3.30c $ 3.75
4.01(3 4J3
[email protected] 4JW
. 3 000 5/0
Dried .Apples, $ ft jo q pu
■Uoptrear*eacheß,halvc3 j* ® 19
_ do do quarter* ifl ® 16*
Pared Peaches jo a j*’
Ralitns—Layers p tox .......85.73 <afiJsa
,RaUlo.t_ir,U,tlbox. l 1..... 6M §£oo
cwrantav ®... . 21 .a.s-v
' Figs—Smyrna, 9 ft ft* ® S3
AlnM>ade,Mft’ t p ft. 98 ® S3
Almonds, bard.-qi ft U «-34»
Dried RaspCerrlcß ’FS a'aa
Driedßlackberrl-a.. ’Si-a^as
T-M«l Cherrie5.....;,....-. £....... « S. ffl
Prunes. Turkish..-.-.;.. 33 «• »
Prunes Bordeaux.... 29 a 71
BardiUMrbalvev.;.,.... u Afi
Sardine*, quartets. si ® «u.
- Sales to-day: CO brla Unpared Peaches, mixed, at
nvot*'-br)i< MlrMsan Appfesatioyc. • -j -
FJBH—WniTxyi-u—Market In very inadequate
supply, acd orders are filled iruh difficulty. Sales ore
made at $3 9MS.SO In round lota. Tsoct—Fairly ac
tive and very nrm at previous quotations. ', ilacxac
xx.—Receipts moderate and in good deman *. Market
firm and unchanred. Codfish—ln email *upplr and
moderately active at previous rates. Hamuxoa—
Firm and unchanged. Wo quote:
No. 1 Whlteflab, naif brla ...fB/o #8.:!
No. 3 44 M 8.23 aun
no. 1 Trout, a 90S
No. 9 Trout? ’ • “
No. 1 Mackerel, pew, P half brl, 10J>0. ail.oo
go. 9 • . * “ ;* s.u aum
No- 3 “ Inrge 7.50 <3 8.00
No. 1 xetv xlts &r, ®3^o
No. 3 ■** ...; 3.00 A njA
Famllv Mackerel, half brla BJB m 7.00
Codfish, George'S Bank, 9100 fta 8.00 ® s^S
Codfish, Grand ** •* 7jo a 7 75
No. I Dried Barring, V box..". 60 a 65
Scaled “ w 7B a -75
Pickled Earrttga, round so* a 6.27
No. 1 Lake flemng 4,25 a 4.30
No.a • ** iM a 425
Dutch Herrlajcm, * ken. ....1.81 a 9.04
■ tSIIkASE--Scarce oud firm. We quote: i . .
Yellow. .. injf.au
Brown • ; 10X®WV
. -fll Oil WlNES—Becetred to-day, 1,14-1 brU:‘sKTp.
p*d,iWSbbrl*. Market quiet at an advance of ISJc
over tbe ruling prices on ’Change oc Saturday. Sales
were: SCO brls at ai.tf; 300 brla at |U7—market eloa
ine quiet and nominal at tU7®LI3.
lliDEfiJ-Becelpißllberal, but with less activity in
tbe market*. Prices rule leas firm with a decline of
on Green and Green Salted and of >fc on Dry Flint
Green country. trlnunad.
Green-Salted, do
Greta, part cured, do
Dry Salted, do
Dry Flint, do
KlpGrean, do
Calf do _ _ do
Kip and Calf, Green
Kip ana Calf Murrains....
bJmbby. two-iblrds price..
still in smalt receipt, stoc
r easily of Hrmiocv and O
supply Is very Inadeqnati
J-Ocs are very firm with a
market. Wcquote;
EarneM, V a 4t<a*sc
Line, V 47(&48C
Kin, • ** i.;, ,75«rX0
CalC M ..,.|1.%0U0
Upper, V foot TJqsSOc
CoHarcV foot JU+tto
SAuchter Sola,
Karseae,* e>... 4?® SO
Kip, Ko. 1, me*
Up.NoJ.heary 75® 05
i'»lf, extra 1.M31.75
French Kip, lit
choice 1.50®3.M
French Calf, 21
Bl . 12.50(33.70
French Calf. 31
as a.uas.w . ... i '■
NaTAL »TOBE;*—Market Ic.m active, pra-rlaoa
q: outlons firm and nncnanied. Wc quoit:
Tir |2Q,PO<a?LIO ManlU»Eop» 23 *24e
P, eh ..IWMeUW 'oaS
B-'aln, ?300ft* «(£ Lath yarn. N0.1.18H(a33c
Ttrpenline.;.. MS® 400 " “ No.S.nrjlSKc
3.S® 7301 Hsrlint 23^20
„ON KISS—A moderate demand and fhir supply.
Sc nod Onions are Arm at 81.7333.09, with but fear in
tti> market. We quote; ( -
Primp qualities toai.9o
Coihmoirto Medium i
i/AKOON' OlL—With more than nsnaJ excite
ment and activity in the Pittsburg market for erode
01’*, prices rnle firmer The demand for refined coa
, times limited, and prlcesioleflrtn at previous nno
'ta:lon.«. Benzols Him and unchanged. Wo quota:
* ea ®B7c
Straw Oil 63 A*ic
8e;a01e..^..„.., ; . AY „........ as £iQc
Falea to-dayloo bbli refined at CPe.
On*Ss—Lixse*dOil—ln trote active demand'and
firm at previous ratei. Labd Oil—ln amaU supply
autacnve. ■ Market very arm and unchanged . Other
de-criptlonn In moderate demand and tolerably firm
at former quotation?. We quote: >
tt# v urseed Oil tUS^LQ
Bo'lsfl Linseed Oil.
i Olive OU.bullc
! While 0t1.W.U...
i Elephant OU
Xv 1 Oil. common.
Machine Oil
9o*nn </11.
Ifenn oiL... „
N* - W0010H.., I.Ctt»UQ
' POI7I.TRy—In Terr small saoply asJ Ana at pre*
. TlouflQaotailona..-.w© quotes- --
TJrpftped Chickens, V doz
Dri-saed Turkeys.?* a,. ID® IB
Wild-Lucki,small, f» dot.
•• “ mallards, 9 doz. UJOaMS
plr’ons. V d0r........ 1.2301.59
POTATOES-BeceJntsUbcr&l and in fair demand
Jtee'iaDoocka »cd Peach Blows are tolerably firm at
p?e»ent quotations. Common and mixed varieties
are plentiful with little demand. Weqnote:
Nctbanuocks Jlsc®||/0
Peach 810w5.,......-...:. . ~..80® 90c
Jilx-d ;.«j® 70c
PROVISIONS*—ReceIted today, 111,910 Iba Cat
Ue»l?, Perk, 40.5K3 lbs Lard. shipped la
day. 151,410 lbs Cut Meals, I.tCO brla Beef, l,*uß brls
pork. 4%548 iba Lard. Tbe market to-day was ex*
ceeulngly qnlet, with rcry little Inquiry for anything.
Diets Pork—ln limited demand and nominal at
$!6. r iQ‘j7.CO. Kosaleareperted.
Prime Dies* Fora—Momlnal at $23J)0d2150. 5o
Bulk Meat*—Market ouiet and nominal at 14c for
loose Hama, Htfc for Shoulders, and Uko for tildes.'
So i ales reported.
■ Hard—wall and a shade lower. Sales were: SO tea'
.prlniorltyateara Leaf Lard atlSc. :
BICB—In better supply, and fair demand. Mar-*
ket less dim with a decline of Keen previous quota.'
neca. ‘Wequote: ■
•Bso-toca .J2 auuo
SL’GABW—Raw Sugars still In very llcbt supply,
and stocks are held firm at previous quotations. The
market is quiet with no disposition on toe part of bar*
erstospeculate. Refined sugars In small supply and
eat) at previous rate#. We quote:
Now Orleans ... 17K«W1
New Orleans, clarified...'. 23Jia2s
Cnba ; llwaigu
Porto Rico isxofio •
A. A. Portland 18 ®I3X
N. Y. refined, powdered and granulated,.., 25 <a2<w
wane A 33 025W
, Circle A.. 34*935
Extra n 2iX(42*K
whites si asS
Extra C 33 anS
: MAPLE feCGAlC—RecelptaTerysinall and mar
ket active and firm at present rates. We quote 333
• »VBuPS-Recelpls very limited and below the
demand. The market is leas firm bm with nognota
ble change. We quote:
Chicago sugar Ho ase OlAflauO
Chicago Golden.. 1.15AL3S
Chi ago Amber..., L3»sLap
lUT.Bynipe 9ft»Oi
Cuba liolsnes. EtfMl
NewOrleams,ntrw ctco. 1 f rii JH
• WALT— Received to-day,6,707 brU j shipped. 874
brlF. Market steady, W»«boms ’
Sovssno—FTne...... i t&sr®
Coarse.. sjjoa
Ground Solar
Dairy ...."iSS
Toiaiox—Turk’s Island V sack 1.73e
Ground Alum 9 aaek 2^oa
I Soles to-day wsresoo brls Onondaga Pine at tISO.
delivered on cars. .
, BEBDW—Received to-day, 3,730 ft s Gran Seed, 4.056
fts flaxseed. Shipped to-day, 2,2fi0 fts Grass Seed.
Pl*x—la fair demand and steady at *2.7 '01.31
Grabs B*n>—Nothing doing and markedentirely
nominal. *
-A S—ln fair supply, and Arm at prerlous quota
a. We quote:
jang Hyaon, inferior to common. 9 ft 9 at ai.io
“ “• superior to Ana, ft 1.3* «i.u
“ u extra te choice, V a 1.6t ai.M
Imperial, superior to Ane, d a i.at «i.st
• M extra to choice, * a l.w
Gunpowder, superior to fine. 9 a 1.30 at. 49 .
“ ■ extra to choice, ♦ a........ 1.65 at se
Japan, natural leaf,flue to choice, V a. i.:o ai.s»
“ •* extralue. v a 1.3» ai.«
inferior to flue, * a as ai.M
; * extra to choice, ? a l.as ai.u
Seucbonaa a ft i.(B ai.tt
TCIKACCO—Market unsettled. Prices rule Ann
at present quotations. Wo quote:
Illinois, middling to Air.
Illinois, common. _
i chioaqo tobacco *A3njy.icnr3nro bbass*.
StaroftbaWest.9o ®looc ai9 e
Pioneer .€6 @ 95c 8U QX'g
Ex.Cavendish...7s & 85c 30®2J o
PiairiePUde....63 » 70c 11....- u <a»i e
Sweet. 60 9 esc KllUilnict.....M aao 0
7a and Ss, Star of the West
Picnic, figElze
78 andSe, Pioneer.
sa, Extra Cavendish.
Ss.Ts.and ids. Black Diamond.
OHEinxe. ' asorcro.
QoliLeaf,. l Mtaaourl e
SannrSlif 90c|lW|O a> ®»t 0
Cherley’B (3ioJc«..ioassc | oo as c
KlQJcknlCkCflUln * 026 c
Ko: *'
..07*1 - 80 ft st«
Nonpareil ~ .v........ ...Xlfl OlJi
Naetartne..- LOB 01.11
OUre Branch.... ... ....7. * 78 a We
GrapcVine..... TI.Q 78c
NlckKacka...... w.e sso
World!* Premium 75 e Wo
Bnrcka .. .. 75 A Wo
TIMUMB—Ia fair receipt and actire. Market
Arm and Bechanced, We quote:
PnreClderYlceur,pergai.....'.'. M I.M as
-Pore Malt do do 19 ell
Com'pdo , do - do 15 ail
lofabtopplyandeasy at present quota.
Beech. V c0rd....*..............t1Jl deli Tired at 9ULM
Hickory. V erd,...... .15.0. “ TljJ
Maple. P c0rd....’.,..... 10JM • •* » m
wOOlr-Beeelpta centtaae fery email, and the
mukBUB general]/ quiet. Price* role tolarablj flna,
Ttae 5etee,'.MM.V..............m. ..waai
Medium fleece.,.. jnS
fMtorpTnh Tfutood.i...,.....TQ^jj
mabine :lxst.i MteteHanesm
5 , “ r
I’-:, r v ‘‘ r,; ‘ ,n '-;' t J,j 'v' l! '- l. vr ; «ii»
£•? fe&a
Sg .and‘r.«.
Prep j^em o oa:ery. Guiles, >.irm». luadne*.
4^ t J r £ HV>)!?L 8# N £ h!tf * veland.U^bt,
B L^ P -^Jna^h r ’ F,^eralJ *^ e *' w^,2W M lu!a *
BWk l?tb^* ti ‘ ,fle,B:,atb ' St * M
¥ a JS. r fftsi 8 InsrahMi. Erie, aw tons coal.
Bnrk Sam War ■. Grave*. B*> «v r ,?« jf i ara ber.
rk l U 6^>ltsSf’ P * r ‘ 0n? ' B * 7 tt*s;»**MlaiaJ)cr,
Baric ricasartan. FjrzseraM, Oswego, ?.wsbrU salt.
Banco* orMflwaakee,Bcuvs* Boaalo r i,aoo tria
Ceik CRycf Chicago. Lyon, Buffalo, IXCO trla salt.
city oi BnftiJoUfonaer, Buffalo. 135 touocoal.
>’-ti. Ander'CP.Lawior, aJarCuyi
•err<.iaJicPKe.2Ccl*un, Kalamaxoo, fiica lumber.
? c ? r^ noM Z!^! n Ul w ’ D i Kewanee. tS4O R R ties.
•H-br Philo sc cmil-rSsoL'sy, i lerelaad, 511 toss coal,
fcchr Aticosphere. Acdcraoo, Upland. <CO tona cosU
Schr Lively, Mallon, riareland, 557 tons c**l, '
:cUr2 • . Botc»U,-Aodfewf, pereUad. S$ toaa
coal.WSkegl Dalle.
£cbrPen«T«noee, Has* lUIot, Clef elaatf. MOtonscoa!
aril findiitß,
Scbr>EMJlleD. Woy d, Clerelana.SSO tons olr iron.
. Scbr J hcs. 9. ij o» t. Stowed; Oawelo.SJKfl hrl* salt.
■Schr lory J. Latham, Os»exo, I.COO brlaealt
Schr Oliver Calrcr, ohesioo, Buffalo, I.C3J brla water
Schr Ims Veriion, Mitchell, Buffalo, 177 ton coal, as ton
clalrcr. • - • • .
Schr m 0. Browi, Bromer, Buffalo, 177 ton coal, is
tcnplgirto. ,
Schr Si UJrt,JlewltN Ba_v City. 3.C00 brl» salt.
Scow Union,'WebbiSt. Joseph,l.2Bor*dro»«lil&«.
Scow Tempi*;, Newton, Kalamazoo, 5> m lumbar, 8>
?mibpig!es. • ••
CLEARED ......May 9.
Btmr CeceLirercsa. Htrers, soadrlei l .
Prop Weoona. Collins, Buffalo, 1.100 oris flour, 3W bris
bc»f,sW'brla lard.
Prep C. Mean, Mocgm, Lincoln, llghv
Prop Montgomery, siller?, Sarnia, 4,000 brla flour,S;J
. bris pork inti sundries.
Bark .Totm fcweccey.CoUios, Green Bay, light.
Dark Lafrecler. Runiace. Buffalo. 21.C00 be cur*.
Is Jg Alex iiltchell, Sargissoo, UenoTulßer.’.liht,
SCur Queen of the We4t,ThctnpsoQ. Menominee, light
gehrßaltto,Baker, Kingston,!6/>2sba wheat.
Schr Algerine. Gltmore, Hlneston. 10.000 bu waear.
Schr Owaseo. .McKee, Buffalo, 20,75') ba corn.
Bcbr Miami, Pionlustoa.BalT-ilo, 15.273 hu corn.
SctrKaie Richmond,. Shields, Buffalo, ixis ba
wheat, i •
Scbr Mcxriroac. Snow, Milwaukee, light.
Schr Three Celia. Daridson, Menomonee, Tight.
Scbr Wyoming. Furlong, Grand Ilaren. liziit. \ .
Scbr Etenez* r. Simpson, Kc wanse, light.
Schr Fcrfar, Barberry, Vi’olfßlvc-. Baht.
Schr Japan,Swcctmau, .MaeUrec, light.
Schr Abhrall. Jch:9on, Ceuar BiTer.Ughl. .
Baric Golden West, Carey, Cleveland, 600 tons coa*.
7S2kez9 nails.
Bark Uneosta. Close, Buffalo, ‘no tons coal.
Bark St Lawrence. Alfred, Buffalo, 2fo tonacogl.
lark P C Sherman, Mason, Buffalo, ijoo bris salt,
lark GcnVnon Slgel. Hal], Buffalo, 1,600 brla salt. '
irig Mariner. Kilt.-, Oswcco, 2,141 bris *alt.
Brig Mechanic. Collies. Buffalo, ICO tons coal.
Erlrf Empire State. Mackle, Buffalo, ItO tons coal.
BrigttP Williams,Frazer,Bay City, IIS m lumbrr,
. SOmlaih. ,
Briß Laeon.Sltts, Bay ritr, 2,400 bris sail, .
Brig Coairnsrco, Dick. Bay Clty,2,CW brUsalt.
Brig Alex MUtbeU.Farsunon, Grand Haven, W m
ScbrFreciom, Adams, St Joseph, 83 cds woed.
Scbi Guide. Burges, St Joaepb. 9u m lanber.
ScbrAblgril, Johnson, Nona Unity, KttcHwood. •
Scbr Mary. DeWall, Kalamazoo, flu in lumber.
Schr Albany, Paulson, Grand UarenTtH) in lumber
Schr Wyoming, Grand Haven. 40 ra lumber, 103 br's
Schr Dresden, Plntlynn, Green Bush, 73 cds wood.
echr sl<rfl».c,-'no. Sacki.t l ', H.rSor, IWda wuort.
Schr Rival, Rolling, Lechcster, sundries.
.Schr Swallow,Ehey,New Baltimore, tdo m stave*.
SCOmhoops. ; i . *
Schr Pljmsuta Bock, Jenkins, Oswego, l£s tons iron
ore. .
Scbr SfaatorDlood.Ford.Oatrego, 1,815 bbla salt.
Schr Czar, Gretn, Oswego, 230 f cu* coal.
Schr 8 H Latbrop,Tracy, ragloaw,2QSmlumber.
Scbr Col a B Williams, MorHy.'Sagtnaw, 1.530 bbl*
Schr (4 W Dolt, Gibb*. Saginaw, 219 m lumber.
Fcbr Ollre. Imbrit, ElafV Lft.e, 88 m lumber.
Scbr Geo RBobcita, Ta k Centerville,aoJo wood.
Scbr Forfar, Cartorry, oral d Bat eo; 2,3:0 IJ It tie*.
Schr Japan. Sweetiuan, Maol-tec, 14U m lumber. ‘
,*chf Three Bells, Davidson, Menimoneo, 133 m lam
ber.lonjlstb. I , .
Schr Queen of the West, Tbompidn, M«namoa;e, 150
m lumber. ; ,
Scbr Fuh Ha>* k. ? haw, St. Joieob. U cds wood.
Schr Horace Greeley, i-oog, WUrison’s Pier, 90 cds
Schr Venus. London, Kalamazoo, 55 m lumber.
Scbr Enterprise, UcillilaD. Graau rlaven, & a staves.
Scbr Son Jacinto, BUckburo, Cleveland, uffton coaL
febrCoilotblas. Hliitnsa, brla salt.
Scbrßlva, Dow, South Haven,so edawaod.
Scbr Hero, Smith, South Haven, 29 eda wood. 23 cds
Schr Chariot te, Williamson, Wolf River, 2,663 railroad.
tics. 2a»hl»slea. . . .
Vehr Fortune,
Schr Wm. Ca*e. Johnson, ISO cds-wood.
Scbr Mark U. Sibley, Crawley, Port Hops, 300 m i* a.
[Special Dispatch to tha ‘-'hlcsjj . TriDtaift.;
Clxxxzz).—ll. Hamlin. Ottawa, lilies As mdse; At*
Untie, LaSalle. 66.1U2 ft lumber, 110,000 shingles, 37,300
lath, 10 toss coal; Nona, LaSalle. 70,000 lota her; E.
Biunlisin,Prison. • ; ,
Aubitm—Cashier, Dciplams, 85 yds rubble stone ‘
3 yds dimension do; Resolute, Athenf. 80 yd* rubble
stone; Advance, Co, 13 yds dies fusion stone; D.
Hess, 93 yds rubble a ton a • g. p. Gale, do, 93 dodo;
Financier,LaSalle.s,79o ba com: Taelle, d0,6,000ba
do; I’. C. Norton, Athena.SO yds nibble stone; Ocean
Spray, Ottawa, s,Kobn corn; Milwaukee, LaSalTs,'
4,841 bn corn, ISB hrls port; Gibraltar, dr, 3.431 ba-*
c0*n,03,340 A i lard, 3,700 a a scrap iron; Aqallla, do,-
2SO.CCO Ba plglron, \ ' *
Bbzdgvpobt, Hay 9—9 a. jf,
Cuasnv-Caahler, Dciplalnea, light; Cayuga,
Icckport.J9.CCO feet lumber, 25.0C0 shingles; D. O.
NortcD, Athene; D. Seas, do; Resolute, do; Ad*
ranee, do. (
AnrirsD—n. McLennan, Ottawa, 8,690 bo corn";
llambolt.Laaalle, 150 tons sand; Prairie Queen, Oita*
wa, S,CM ba com; Time, Morris, 4.777 ha corn.l
..10, aiOK
..It: ©Utf
~i« an.
.as aia
~l«' AIT
. »: 019
Pepobtto Asnomßl—Cap;. Davidson re ports a fere
and-afr biaek schooner ashore on the East aister Hear,
supposed ta be the Jason Parker. - The Pucker has
rloce arrived. She was the vessel ashore. She threw
eve board about I.OQOha wheat, and got off without
material Injury.— Bujaio Adrertts*r % Ha.
Yes?sis Ashore.—The schooner A. Buckingham,
which went ashore some time since at Point Aa Pel*
Ira raiasd.hasnatsucceeded yet In getting afloat ,
A Urge black bark, apparently upward uound. Is re*
portedastaoremcrolniAnPelfea. on the upper ilao
and in the locality of Pidgeon Bay. The name of the
veeiel our informant coola not state.— Detroit Free
7Yr*.», 7th. — *
le ntaaoiactured. good* aro
ekasre eenerallv small, ea-
Dak Calfskins of u-bicUtne
to.' Frsnclx Kip and Calf
a fnrtber advauco is the
5 ?iao2h»«r. Sola .
: Bueno* Attm SSaWc
) Orinoco sole ; sac
) Orinoco good dam
| aged.. ..53S3Sc
>ax. ..
French Calf, 38 , i
»5... $2.25^3.50
French Calf L<s 1
raoinea, V doz- 1
en .. .... 82.08®97
French Calf Lo
oacs, V d0z..7.>i0®77.00
Linings. U doaAo.oo®i3.t)o
110008.9 dax...l3A>®i&no
Scrofula, Career, Goitre, Ulcers, 3kiu
The ooparalled iucccm which. fortwenty-flv*we*r«
h»« attended the use of JAYNE'S ALTBRA.'Uvb’
euab:* ■ the proprietors to recommend it to the aiiurt
ec with entire confidence, believing that it wl.l edw
tcallj eradicate h«n the human system tbedlseuia
for whoto cun; 1c la deeUnea.moro promptly and
thoroughly than any ether remedy of«a class. It
baa been lonnd particularly beneficial In •
CAKCEB AND CANCEROUS Arrscrrosto «r««i
Eli d», coring a majority of the cmfj Jq which U has
be* n nsec, and oftime* after the fall ore of other ram*
edlcr. .
GOITRE, OB SWELLED NF.CS.—In innumerable
cates of this disease la which Jayne's Alterative has
be* n pereevertngly need. It has never been known to
(all. All have been cared who have continued Its use
according to directions.
pbj ticiacs who have used the Alterative in disea tea
of this nature, consider It a specifie,to great has Been
its iuccest. It acts by increasing the powers of dices*
tloa. exciting the absorbents Into healthy exercise,
whereby ihe water or calcareous depositions and all
narsuiral enlargements are reduced.
, U«iS&LS3
, 1-2301-35
l.i«H 'M
400 50
considered Incurable, acd yet experleuce has proved
thst the Alterative, In conjunction with the Sanative
Pills, will enro • majority of cases. It should be tried,
therefore, bysll who are subject to there terrible
SCROFULA.—In all the forms ot this disease
wb» ther In that of Ulcerations of the F esh or Boom!
Bnlarsenuntof the Joints, Glands, Pwelllncs.Snuv
tlocs. Tumors, 4c.. the Alterative has been lound onT .
em’nently FucceßßtuL lx enters Into and circulates
wltn the blood, thos destroying the virus or poison
ons pnnclpls from which these diseases originate.
SKIN DISEASES, of all kinds. Scald Head, Tetter.
Sait t-beom. Blag Worm, Bolls, Pl.tiDies. Blotches.
Roughness of the Skin, 4c., art readily cured By the
EratBMATISSr Aim NEURALGI V.—ln chroale
C...5, lhl.Al.er.llTe, If
rtl7 BQccessfid. in Acute Rtipnm.tl.ai, J.»np’, Llnl.
direction?* 1 be .tolled In connection, according to
m u t b ®*P f dally when arriving at maturity, .
S'.ffrfK® change -of life,” the Alterative 1* nt»d£ ■
by «y other remedy. In Choloroili. or BetS
lion. Irregularity and Leucorrhaa, the heat rf unitu
have always IbUowod Its administration.
pisoiPes, and dleeases originating from a denrivp>t of
state ef the-blood, are all cured by
Ait*rative ; and while it Is a fault in many madleinss
tuat w hen they are nsraovlnr the dtsvaae Uie? are «S>
proattatingtho patient beyond recoverr/the*Mi
S«. h *VlB SUCh dr *s ta «*» WbU® n«nttaiiziug the
rim* of disease at Its verv source, it snstatnii the
itirnirth of the sufferer. The union of Jimiftiv.
J”, 1 ! properties
medicine, and the fact ihat «i these inflowws Ire
^ r Ai°^? u^ 7 . , , n operarton.dlstlngnish^
ScSTgITSiffSA preps ™ the J.
Sae s l.ti?; n^l, H “ AH * VAS SHiACK. ud bj
; fflayi»e7flg-St-rtme th a a*T-2dp -
In consequence.dt toe high rate of isbor and the
beayj expenses attending yeteel property, the
Hava adopted a tar!s which will cone tn force on the
.lOthofMaj.andwhlchwHl be strictly adhered to la
ererj pai titular* nntll farther alterations may be
made by subsequent meetings of tho Offlcers-and Kc
entire Committee.
Sonthbaren....... 3^o
KslamszcoPlers ajMaoft.
Kalamazoo Harbor too i,w
nolland and Lake Shore 4j»
Grano Klrer ana
Mnskncan-. i so
■White Lake 4^o
Black Lake..... 4jjo
SSltbi*;;:;; :::: 158? SSB»
K’niiii--.-.-.-.-.;..-.:13 la ‘ a - 5 -°°
Port Washington 5 00
Frrm Amsterdam to' Shehojzan -'
Prom Sheboygan toCentrerllle... 3JO
Prom CentreTiUe to Wolf Hirer. . 4.00
Grceoßay .j....... sxo nd «.M
..29 30
cS«jr« k T w 'W a. u. u4
OTICE.— The Directors of the
oeaatliorlied, isdtbatUba onredaodrecommend-
SP'ißVPtotbe merchants aad eanltaluu or Chi*mco»
2w* S£? üb * cri P tloo *** opes *t the offlcoof X.B.
rutt, Treasurer, So. 1* Wells to remain thua
(ortoadaTs. J. C. FAUOO. \ ■
\ J.H. BOWES. [
i S. K. PLAIT, I
I • . J. B. YOVHQt '}
ChietgO'UsyT.iati. : nrs-eiii-iK
31aea»s, &c.,
. jifar a.
. TJ. S.
10-40 BONDS
T&e>4 Benda ITS tsioed under the Act of Congress at
Uarclt Stb, 1564, which pruvaioa that in Hern ef u
of theloaa authorized by the Act of March 3, IKS, to
which thla la supplementary, the Secretary of tho
Treasury la authorized to borrow from time to thne.
Ob the credit of the United States, not exceeding
corre»t deal year, aad to prepare and I-sue therefor
Coupon* and Register id Bonds of the United Stales;
ssd all Bonds' lamed under this Act shall bo EXRMP p 1
TAXATION by or under aoy State or xnauiel
pal authority. Subscriptions to these Bonds ace re-
oeired to United Stales notes or notes of National
'Backs, '.They are TO BB REDEEMED IN COW, at
the pleasure of the Government, at any period not
their date, and wml their redemption PIT* PS;.
Bcndaofnot over one hundred dollars manually, anct
on all other Bonds seal annually.
The interest u payable on the Aral days of Hards
and September la each year. Tbs semi-annual Cou-
pena are payable at tboao dates, and the anting cou-
pent ou the 52 and ICO dollar Boada are payable on the
first of March..
• Subscribers wlllieerivo either Registered or Coa
pen Bonds, sa tbeymsy prefer. Registered Bonds ar«
recorded on the books eftha U. S. Treasurer, and ssn
be transferred only on the owner's order. Coupon
Bonds are payable to bearer, and are more convenient
for commercial oat a.
Registered Bonds will be issued of the denomina-
tion* of, Klfty. Dollars - (SSO J Oas Hundred Dollars
(SKOj Five Hundred- Dollars (15C0,) One Thousand
Dollars <11,000,) Bive Thousand Dollars (|S,OC9j «»<«
Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,900 0 and Coupop Bonds
•f the denominations of Fifty Dollars (|so,> One Hun
dred pollan CllOfl,) Five Hundred DoUan ami
Oan Thousand DoUan (|1,00c.)
Suhicrtberatothis loanwiUhave thooptlenothar
lag, their Bonds: draw Interest from March lit, by
paying the accrued Interest la coln-<or la United
States notes,bribe notes of National Banks,
- fllty per cent, for pitmlua J or receive (hem drawing
Interest from the datb of subscription and deposit*
As these bonds are exempt from municipal or State
taxation, their valueto Increased from one to three per
cent, prr antfum, according to tho rate of tax leriw la
rarloos parts of the country.
At the present rate of premium on sold they pay
over eight per centr Interest i» currency, and sro of
equal convenience as apexmaatat or temporary lc-
■lt Is believed lhat 'no securities offer so great In-
ducements to lenders as the various descriptions of
U. 8, Bonds, In all other forms of Indebtedness, tho
faith or ability of private parties or stock companies
•r seperate communities oz ly Is pledged for payment,
while for the debts of the United States the whole
property ofthecountiy la holdcn to. secure the pay
ment ofboth principal Intereetln cola.
These Bondi may bo subscribed for in some from
op to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus
made equally available to thesmsllesfi lender and the
laigeit capitalist.. They can ho converted tato money
at any moment*acd the folder win hare Ute benefit of
the Interest,
The Act that ell duties on Imports are payable la
specie furnishes a fond for Uke payment of interon on
all Government Bonds largely in excess of the wants
of the treasury for this purpose. •' »
. Hr on the receipt of sabscrfptlons a certificate ofde-*
poalt. therefor, la duplicate, will be Issued, the original
of which will be forwarded by the subscriber to the
Secretary of the Treasury, at Washington, with a let
ter atatfog.the kind (registered or coupon) sod the d»
nominations of bondsreaalred.
Upon receipt of tea original certificates at the Tree*
nry Department, the boids subscribed for *UU>«
transmitted to the subscribers respectively-T
Subscription* wUI be received bj the Treasurer of
the United State* at Waablngten, and the Assistant
Treasurers at Xcw Tort, Boiton, and PbUadelphla,
aad by the First JlaUoaal Bank o t Chlcaso/Dilnola,
Second Katlonal Bank of Chicago, Illinois, Third Xe*
tlonal Bank of Chicago, miaats, and byaU Rational
Barks wblcb are depositaries of public money. All
respectable banks and bankers' throughout the coun
try will furnish farther Information on application,
and affc: d every facility to subscribers.
Ie y; 0* 69C-12 tl bps itw
oholi e;,
A FUSS loino.
prepared bt
Da. 0. M. JACKSON, PMla., Fa,
M’na coacpLACTTi
_ lAuvon
Cioale w Sin*** DtMilty, Diseases rftfcg
Kidneys, «nd aU dis-sKs arising trs*
Idkerdered Liter or
as Constipa
, , _ ?on. In wart Plloa,
• - Fullness «r Blood to the
Head, Acidity of the Stomach.
• LfJ*u*ra, Heartburn, Disgust tor Food.
or o? T J lgJ,t “• the StomacbTsour •
«3fc l ‘ , e? t,ona v 8 l. n!u,, N or Fluttering at the a
..rSJa IOI Swimming of the Usad. HonM
tad:DUHcait Breathing, Fluttering at theßMt
<^SP*sLSuffoc V^£ s . 3Bll ** UoM,r ” n in alytMM*
W* Atraaesa of Twlon. IXirtor Wab«
jJgnt, Fever and Unll pain In the Head. DafiSfc
cy o Perspiration, Yellowness of Che
and Byes, Pain In the Side. Back, chmfc '
LLphs, 4c., Sodden Fluahea ai
Heat, Burning la the Flesh.
Constant Inutzininza.
of Evil. a«d great
Depression of
And Vin goiftiTcly prevent YELLOW F37D, HI
LIOUS PKVEIt Ac. Thev contain
They WILL CUBE tha above fliitnfUTu ia
osscaoutof a hundred. ««»—» «
Bo you want tonutMag to Strangtlen I»u 1
Bo you want u'Good Appetite 1
Bo you urunt to Build up your Cosstitukla 1
Bo you uruot to Feel Well I
Bo you »u»t to got rid of Werroura*!
Be you want Energy 1
Bayou wuat to glMp Weill
Bo you vuat * Briik ud Vlgorau Fotllaa I
It ron do, omHOOFLAXDR ORTty.v bztl^W
wemaa, Mja nnder the u«a ■
to ' ***** bottles, compoMd«nß
or cpffltnannun,costing tloa a IA
CoSndwflS^ 00 * th# ***** di^fu U«d by Anl** I
This class of Bitten has caused and wtu rtrnflamaM
Mve. as long as they can be sold, hundreds to <u?aS
death of the dnmkarC. By their use the m 2* ■
created and kept up, and the result la all the
attendant upoa a drunkard's Ufa and daath: SSS
of them 1 “*•
AtteaMoa, Soldi®*! and Modi of SoUIm.
Wo caU she attention of all haring m
friends in the army to the Ikct that “ Uoofi.aww*
Qmnan Bitten" will cure ofSe dSiS!
Induced by exposure*andprlratloaslncident to«S
life. In the lists, pubUskea almost dally in tha
■ papers, on the arrival of the alck. be n<SS
; that a very large proportion are sufferers
• Ity. Every ease of teat kind can be
loofiand*s German Bitters. Dlaeasa rßsnltlnwfcJS
PHUAD«np*za,Ang.a w
Mxana. Jons • By ana: weiL
Hoofland's German Bitters has Isved VCK
Uno mistake In this. U* ronSZd߻li imahSS
my comrades, some of whose
who were fully cognisant of au the
my ease. 1 »m, and have been for Uie
a member of Sherman’* celebrated bntSrw ***** •
he Immediate command C of
Throngh the eirotore attemStnt noon
ties, I was attacked in Xovrah»^2?t^,5 r ? 1 - o ?*®
tlonof ttelunga,Md WM for
hoepiuu This was foiSw*rt r >«fl2H'sYi?n?^ T, v la *d
ened by an attackof^dnenterr*
from toe White House, and sent
aeh ■ »**•• water on my mm*
an(i'u^fSri«Sßl d f® under these clrcunataaMif
SuiiSSSSPtetfyJ” phyalciaos who had been w ert*K
uneneceMfully, to reseue me 3
j the dread Archer, frankly told
dono more for me, sad advised mo toMAA
ctergycian* and to make sueb dlspontjon ofmy;lmS
itU a SH?¥l^Sf^*pitedme. AnsoaualDlanco
It* th below Arch street, adviesd me.ao a forioruteaZ
! ® try - your Bitten, and kindly. procured a
Ttvm the time I ooomiencod mSng Semthe
roced«d, and £am now.’ thamtSl
have ukSfbutSS
_ . , Very truly ycun; • ISAAC mat jam.
aeXeS&d C «mafr i? 9 e of above itat fK
JJ?orSfo hSJ£. Mo7S " |I 1« ««•««««<, Mr. a
CITDPT.KRACK.IttNew Torklattw?.
GKD. A. ACKLEY. Co?C, Hth Maine
I, B. BPKNCKR, Ist Artillery. BattarrP.
J. B. TASKWKLL. Co. B, W Vermont.
HEHBT X. MACDOXALZrrco. C. «U Mala* »
JCHN P. WABD, Co. I,3th Maine. ..
HERWAN KOCH. Co. H, Ttd New York.
NATHANIEL B. TBCMA9. Co. T. »th Pn 3*.
JOBNJKEKIN3 Co.A lOfthPetma. -
twi that Cdstmc 01. **C. If. JACXSOir,’* la M ■>
-ffBAfrEB of each bottle.
t Price Per Bottle, TS Ce«w»
Or BelfDex. Her il.O*- •' _
BhoaMtheaeoie*tarattlitno6 h » Tft ta *
not be put off by an* of toe
that maybe offered la 1U ****** w »
Wlii Jerward, ecenrely packed Tor eX9t ? t *2
i frtMdf* Oflev

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