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The latest Irom the exciting theatre of war
In Virginia is to noon ot Monday, when the
-armies were skirmishing and engaged In on
artillery dud at Spotsylvania. Gener.il
Grant's own brief dispatch gives a good ac
-count of the morale of the army, but sol
dierlike, does not seek to brighten the grave
aspect of .the struggle. He will press torward
and pour in his troops unhesitatingly. He has
* done ao. The losses are very heavy. There
arc acres of our wounded at Fredericksburg.
The army of the Potomac is still pressing
npon Lee, Grant will succeed, or in his
failure the army will be destroyed.
From Gen. Butler the news is direct, up
to yesterday, and looks well. A foothold
has been gained, and the rebel lines below
Bichmond cut Everything in this latter
movement is contingent to Grant's success,
and his victory over Lee would be made the
. more complete and crushing by tbe nether
millstone at Bermuda Hundreds.
But uuik ibis, dispatches have been telling
the country that the rebel strength in Vir
ginia was weak. If any reader of the
Tbibcve believed it, It has been despite oar
warning. Now the accounts say it was »
scatter of surprise in what numbers the
rebels were poured forward. Bead
the proofs elsewhere that they are
strong in Louisians, and hang threatening
ly about our positions In Arkansas,
and then be prepared for wbat must come, a
call for fresh troops. The first duty of tbe
"West is to turn out the three mouths levies
under the temporary call for 109,000. Mean
time a most permanent and effective master
of fresh material lor our armies must be
made. We can hardly escape the necessity
We may bitterly regret it was ever post
The nature of the terrific fighting in Vir
ginia on Thursday and Friday is attested by
Ihe killed and wounded already reported, and
these still incomplete. The opposing col
umns were dashed against etch other with
crashing impetus, and tbe fall of leaders of
mote tells how fierce wss tbe strife. Daring
Hi esc two days, Generals Wadsworth, Hayes,
Xedcrsls, end Generals Jones and Jenkins,
rebels, were killed. Generals Getty, Gregg,
Owens, and Webb, Fedcrals, 'and Generals
Xongstrcot. Pegramj Pickett and Honter,
rebels, were wounded. Longstreet was se
■Ycrely injured, and there is a rumor that he
cannot survive.
. Latest news from Albemarle Sound an
nounces a gallant achievement by the 17. S.
'gunboat Sosaaeue, in the sinking of the fa
mous rebel nun. Just out of the Roanoke
river. The rebels are not happy in their
Gen. Washburn, at Memphis, has hit ihe
*oll on tbe head, and harmed the rebel cause
Ixnore thou a defeat in tbe field, by a new de
cree of non-intercourse, which will fall heari
3y on co.tton buyers and speculators In rebel
Gen. Sherman Is well at his work, and but
Ihnt the crisis in Virginia absorbs first atten
tion, the country would watch with breath
less interest the present operations in Geor
gia. It will not do to forget that from a
disaster in Georgia will come momentous re
units to the situation in the West.
When a reliable gentleman tells our Cairo
correspondent that tbe rebel army in Arkan
sas is terribly demoralised, a worthless set in
bet, we confess to a feeling of resentment
-against tbe imputation on onr common sense.
iHcre la Steele, who comes back from his
Camden expedition helter-skelter, with Mar
jnaduke at his heels, and is now well nigh
Invested in Little Rock. Our force in Pine
3ftnfl is in tbe same situation, and this refu
gee gentleman coolly bids ns rejoice in rebel
demoralisation. Well, we arc thankful, if
Ibis be demoralisation, that the morale
of Price’s army is not perfect, else would
-they c'.ean us out ol Arkansas, even IT they did
yiot 4 ire Boeecrans an active command with
out calling him sway from St, Louis. When
WHI lying dispatches cease to persuade tbe
people of the North that we have a foe who
3s weak and to be despised. We gain only
discomfiture by undervaluing the enemy.
News from Gen. Banks is to the sth Inst
An unpleasant list of frvsb casualties is given
to our former naval losses, tbe rebels, with
the guns captured from Banks, having de
stroyed four more transports on the river be
low Alexandria. Their position is a serious
vme ibr Bank’s water communications, and it
would seem all too Badly that bis troubles are
sot yet over. His army still occupies a do*
ffensive position at Alexandria. The cotton
'expedition Is a most mournful affair.
Something for Congress to do. Give us a
law of Draft that shall give our armies men.
Jlorc men are wanted, and the events of the
sext few days may make the call imminent.
When we become us earnest and devoted for
ihe right as the rebels are
for the wrong, we eball not, on
light grounds, or -through timid policy,
withold from our holy cruse any element of
power. Remove the three hundred dollar
clause. Let the citizen be called upon to “go
•r Bend a man.” The call for more men is
pressing now. It may be imminent, and a
ihilnrc to respond fatal, a month hence.
Meanwhile, let the West fill up its Huxdiiep
Dat Tuoops.
The illegal and outrageous course panned
by the Mayor and Copperhead Aldermen on
Monday night has disgusted all right-minded
men. Alderman Bub, of the 11th word, re
nounces all further affiliation with a party
that acts aa the Chicago Copperheads have
done. He detests and abhors the rebel organ
and regards it as a shame and disgrace to
liave such a sheet quartered on the city treas
ury as corporation paper. He utterly repu
diates the action of the Aldermen on Mon*
dsynigbt as illegal and not binding.
Bis card to hlfl constituents andtbecltl*
. y*na of Chicago will be found in this
morning’s paper. The loyal citizens of the
14th word will sustain and endorse his
course by an overwhelming majority. Very
yew Germans arc Copperheads or lawless
men. They like fair play and honest dealing.
33iej arc patriotic In their Impulses—lovers
of freedom and haters of oppression. Be
fore long the Irish''and American Copperhead
leaders of Chicago will And themselves with
less then e corporal’s guard oi German fol
The vote of Alderman Buh added to the
Republican Union members of the Council,
will give the latter a clear-working majority
of two, In any event. The Cops, will here
after find a good many nice little games
blocked. Bow do they expect to pass appro
priations for the payment of their organ of
treason in case It be not ousted ? All honor
*fto-the sturdy and Independent Boh, who
dares to do right, and to break through the
partisan trammels of corrupt and disloyal
Trom nil accounts tins far received, Fri
-duy’e battle, on or near the old Chancellors*
•rtlle ground,* was » most terrible struggle.
!The rebels fought with a ferocity never be*
'lore exceeded, and with numbers probably
.fully equal to the force engaged under Gen.
■Grant. They rushed on Grant’s lines in tre*
• mendous masses, resolved to break, them or
*rile in the attempt, and thousands did perish
-3n front of those living walls of iron men;
. But If the UerabT* reports are to be credited,
Xee's assaulting columns turned both wings
«of Grant’s army and doubled them up, throw
ing them Into considerable confusion and in*
flictlng berry loss on them. But In each in
stance the disaster was repaired by there*
'Serves under Gen. Burnside, who were thrown
"With alacrity Into the breach. The battle be
flng fought in a dense forest, the splendid ar
tillery arm of Grant was unable to render the
.efficient service of which It is capable ; and
flbr the same reason the superior cavalry
strength of Grant could not be made avail
Wheu the curtain of night dropped on the
last act of the bloody drama, it must be con
fessed, from the llgbta before us, that Lee’s
ansy bad the better of the contest That
Ulgbt Lee pushed forward his left wing past
Grant’s right, seize the Germania Ford,
In order to cut off Grant’s retreat, supposing
him to be whipped. But Grant was not
aware oi it. On the contrary, be paid no at
tention to that frjrdf bat sent hif wounded
men to Fredericksburg, and early on Satur
day mornlog ordered Burnside to march, ost
on tbe Spotteylvania Court House road,
thereby threatening Lee's line of communi
cations with Bichmond. In other words, be
marched south towards Bichmond. There
upon Lee precipitately retreated to prevent
our army getting between his force and his
capital. He was completely out-general
ed. Tbe advantages he had gained
at such terrible cost the day before,
were all * thrown away by bis blun
der in supposing that Grant contem
plated retreating. He forgot that he was
dealing with a second General Taylor, who
is never w hipped while a battalion remains
to be foimcd iu battle array. Tbe fighting
on Saturday was desultory, Lee retreating
south and Grant pursnin? him. Some
thought he would attempt i 9 make a stand
on the eouthbank of North Anna Hives; others
that be would continue his retreat to Rich
mond, and there take shelter behind Us strong
fortifications. Cut that Is exactly what
Grant vranla him to do. If ever Lea gets be
hind the Bicbmond entrenchments tbe fate of
Pemberton at Vicksburg awaits him, with
the exception of the paroling part of it. In
his encounter with Grant, Lee has discovered
what is meant out West by the words pluck
and tenacity. He has grappled with a bull
nog whose grip can never be loosened except
by annihilation.
When Gen. Grant discovered the large re
inforcements that Lee’s army was receiving,
he ordered Gen. Burnside to march to Wash
ington with thirty thousand of his forty
thousand troops encamped st Annapolis.
Tba remaining ten thousand proceeded to
Fortress Houioe, to help Butlers operations.
The special duty assigned to Burnside was
that of protecting Washington.- He detach
ed his black troops, some eight thousand
men, and placed them in the fortifications
and stockades along the railroad between
Alexandria and the Rappahannock. With
the remaining twenty-two thousand he fol
lowed after the main column under Grant,
making reconnoissanccs -to the North to sea
that Lee did not dispatch any consid
erable force toward tbe city of Washington.
Grant crossed the Eappahannock and opened,
the fight oh Wednesday. Burnside, instead
of halting, pressed hard after Grant, and by
a forced march of 25 miles reached the field
of battle on Thursday evening. The next
day he went Into tbe fight with hla corps of
Referees with all the dash and bravery that
signalised Marshal Ncy, at tbe bead of Na
poleon’s Old Gnard. His promptitude and
Intrepidity caved onr lines from impending
disaster on several occasions on bloody Fri
day. All honor to the- heroic patriot, Barn
side 1
Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick.
Tbe severest loss to onr Potomac Army slnoo
the movement commenced on Tuesday of lost
week, la the death of Major Gen. John Sedgwlsfc,
commander of the 6th Army Corps. He fell on
Monday, while gloriously fighting at the head ol
his command. Gen. Sedgwick was bom in Con
necticut, we think in 1815. He graduated st West
Point in 1877, and was appointed 3d Lieutenant of
the Sd artillery. In 1839 he wsa promoted to a
Ist Llentcnantcy: and breverted Captain for gal.
lantry atContreraa and Cherobnsco, where he had
command of Us company. He woa highly dis
tinguished for his conduct in the battles of ilolluo
del Hey and Chapultepec, and the attack on the
San Cosme gate, where he was again in command ol
his company, and for bis gallantry in these engage
ments was breretted Major. Ho was commis
sioned Captain in ISIS, and In March, 1835, pro
moted to be Major in the Ist cavalry. On tbe 35th
of April, 1861, he was appointed Colonel of the
4tb cavalry, and on August 31st, Brigadier General
of volunteers. He was assigned to Gen. Stone's
command on the upper Potomac, when that of
ficer was arrested in February, 1863, and during
tbe ChlckahomlLy campaign he had a division In
Gen. Sumner’s (*d) army corps. He was commis
sioueda Major General of volunteers July 4, 19G3.
At the battle ol Antletam Geo. Sedgwick was se
riunaly wounded and carried off the field. On hla
recovery in Decn, 1663, be was assigned to the com
mand of the 9th army corps CBornetde’s.) At the first
battle of Fredericksburg, tinder Burnside, he com
manded the Sth, and bore a most conspicuous and
pailanipart in that unfortunate contest: and at
the battle of Chancellorartile, under Booker, hla
rellantry and daring were even more conspicuous
tl-an at Fredericksburg. When Gen. Grant took
command of the Potomac amv, and changes made
in the various corps, Gen. Sedgwick was assigned
te tbs 6lb, and was in command of it when be fell.
Gen. Sedgwick was never married. A plain,
-unassuming gentleman, a little above the ordinary
hi-'ght, there was something about the man that
inspired confidence and respect. A thorough sol
dier, proved in a hundred battles, be was beloved
as every true soldier is sure to be, by bis men who
have seen his courage, end /clt the impulse of his
calm and clearordtrs in dire emergencies. In his
ba! its in camp he was as simple and unostenta
tious as Gon. Grunt. Bo never claimed or received
privileges there above those of tbe common soldier.
lli> tent was always on tbe extreme point, and in
the crisis of an engagement, always in tbe hottest
of the fight. Gen. Scdgevrick was a brave soldier,
a nobie gentleman, a true-hearted patriot, an hon
est man.
Gen. "Washburn pats a Stopper on
Hebei Intercourse with Memphis.
[Special Dfrpatcb to the Chicago Tribune.]
Canto, April jp, 135 i.
The steamer Bello Memphis, Capt. Dan Mussel
man, arrived this evening, with a huge load of pas
sect era, bringing Memphis dates to yesterday
(Monday) afternoon. Everything was quiet along
the liver.
Cut Price, of the Confederate army,, nephew of
Gee. Daddy Price, arrived in Memphis on Sunday
evening, in the character of s prisoner of war, hav
ing 1-cea captured a short distance below Hernan
do, Miss., while on a visit to some relatives.
A man named Ed. Wells has been sent to Cairo,
charred with being a thief, We have enough of
that sort already. - •
A 1 the blacksmiths of Memphis have been ex
cused from military duty, the Government requr*
Inc their services at their trade.
The following order has been Issued by General
Headquarters District of Memphis, Term., 1
Memphis, Tenxu, May 10,1864. J
Gmreuix. Obsebs No. 8.
The practical operations of commercial inter*
coarse from this city with States In rebellion, has
been to help largely to feed, clothe and equip oar
- enemies. Memphis has been of more value
to the Southern Confederacy since it fell
Into Federal hands, than Nassau. To take
cotton belonging to the Confederate Govern*
ment to Nassau or any other foreign port
Is a hazardous proceeding. To take it to Mem*
phis and convert It into supplies and greenbacks,
and return to the lines or the enemy, or to place
the proceeds to the credit of the rebel Government
In Europe, without passing again into the rebel
lines, U safe and easy.
I have undoubted evidence that large amounts of
cotton have been and are being brought here to be
eold belonging to the rebel Government. The past
and present system of trade has given strength to
the rebel army, while it has demoralized and
weakened our own. It baa invited the enemy
to hover around Memphis as his best
base of supply when otherwise be would have
abandoned the country. It renders of practical
soa-cflect the blockade upon the ocean, which has
ccst and is coating eo many millions. It opens our
lines to spies of the enemy and renders it next to
impossible to execute any military plan without
its becoming known to him long enough la ad*
vtnee for him to prepare for It. These tacts are
known to every intelligent man. In Memphis.
What is the remedy for these great and over
shadowing evils? Experience has shown that
then. 1 can be hut one remedy; and that is total pro
hibition of an commercial intercourse with States
in rebellion. It i« therefore ordered that from and
after the 16th day of Hay, 1804, the lines of the
army at Memphis be closed, and no person will
be permitted to leave the city without a special
pass from these headquarters. After that date all
•persons desirous of coming mto the dty will be
permitted to do so, but should he notified by the
pickets that they will not be allowed to return.
AH persons who desire to leave the city to go be
yond our lines must do so before the 16th Inst.
By order of Major General C. C. Waaußumr,
V*. h. Mono aw, Mijoaand Adjutant.
This proclamation, which differs materially in
effect from Gen. Prince’s order No. *7, published
yesterday, on the same subject, creates consider*-
abb; battering in certain circles in Memphis.
Gen, Washburn Is in earnest, and will enforce
bis order nnless compelled to -retract It, which is
hardly probable.
Serious biußtsni to Our Gunboat and
Transport Fleet*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
' Camo, May 10,1861.
The United States dispatch boat Gen. Lyon has
just arrived from DonaJdavffle, on the let.
On the 6th InaL, the transports City Belle, Emma,
(sloe wheeler.) and John Warner, in the
battery twelve miles below Alexandria, were fired
op<« wa a«!tro T c4. The pmboat SljmJ to
destroyed by the same battery, and the gunboat
10 prcvent her falling Into
rebel hands, Ctpt. Fora, her commander, was the
l “ Te her dectß *«d a twin which
exploded her.
JP 1 ' e „ rebe L ba 2! r com P°»efi Of gum captured
from ucn. sauci.
• Banks’army remain* still at Alexandria and is
strong cnourt» to reflat anyattackthatcanbomade
upon him.
During the fight above Alexandria the gunboat
Juliet was destroyed and Admiral Porter’s boat.
Cricket, suffered both her engineer* brine
killedandanumberothercrewwounded. FortesL
Chamber®, Lee and Roddy, reported at West To>
prio, last Saturday.
An officer, who bad made Mb escape from that
place says that our forces had whipped the rebels
at or near Bolivar and Jackson, and they were re
creating toward Okaloua,
Further Retails of Thurs
days and Friday’s
Heavy Fighting Yes
terday at Spot
The Very Latest from Gen.
Grant up to 11 A. M.
Cur Loss Very Deary—ls,ooo
Wounded at Fredericksburg.
Ben. Butler Reports Progress
The Eailroad South of Eioh-
Little Rock and Pine
Bluff Invested.
Details of Ills Grand March-
Important Rumors.
The War in North Carolina—The
Rebel Bam Sank,
Tlie Grand Movement on Richmond,
Wasuctgtox, Kty 10, ISM.
To General Dlx;
i dispatch from Gen. Shennin, received at mid*
night, states that we are fighting for the possession
of Rocky Face Rioge, and that' Oen. McPherson
took Snake Creek Gap, and was seven miles from
Beeaca this morning. On Saturday tbs rebels were
forced from Tunnel Bin by Thomas, and took port
tion at Buzzard Boost, just north of Dalton. This
Is represented as a very strong position, which
Thomas was unable to drive them from on tormer
occasions. Besaca is on the railroad, about fifteen
miles sooth of Dalton. This will place McPher
son; with a strong Corps, in the enemy's rear,
while Thomas advances upon the front and Scho
field doses on the flank from Cleveland. Probably
a great battle was fought on that line yesterday,
and may be how in progress.
[Signed] E M. STANTON, Sec'y of War.
WAEHGJOTOS, Msy 20—1.30 p. m.
15ij. Ozs. Dec: I forward a dispatch tbit mo
ment received from Gen. Butler. ; It tells the
story. (Signed) E. M. SiAirrojf..
May 9, 18M. f
To Edward M. Stanton, Secretary of War:
Our operations may be gammed up In a few
With 3,7D0 cavalry, we bare advanced up the
Peninsula, forced the Chickahomluy, and safely
bronght them to our p reseat position. These
were colored cavalry, and are sow holding the
position ee onr advance towards Blchmond.
Gen. Hantz with 8,000 cavalry, from Suffolk, on
the same day with onr movement np the James
river, reached the Blackwater, burned the rail*
road bridge at Stony Creek from Petersburg, cat*
ling In two Beauregard’s forces at that point.
We have landed here, entrenched ourselves, de
stroyed many miles of railroad, and got a position,
which with proper supplies we can hold against
the whole of Lee’s army. I have ordered np the
supplies. *
Beauregard, with a Urge portion of his com
mand, was left south of the cutting of the railroad
by General Kautx.' That portion which-reached
Petersburg under him, I have whipped to-day,
killing and wounding many, and taking many
prisoners, after a severe and well contested flght. .
. Idcotenant General Grant will not be troubled
with any further reinforcements to Lee from Bean
(Signed) B, P. Bums,
Major General Commanding.
To Gen. Dlx, New York;
Nothing since my last has been received from
Grant or Butler,
WasnoroTOir,Uay JO.— Dix; Dispatches.
have been received this afternoon from General
Grant, dated at one o’clock yesterday.
The enemy have made a stand at Spotsylvania
Court House.
There bad been some turd eghHwft bat no gen
eral battle bad taken place there. The army la
represented to be In excellent condition and with
ample supplies.
Gen. Morris and Gen. Robinson are wounded.
270 other casualties to general officers are re*
ported. .
Gen. Dwight has been placed in command of
Sedgwick’s corps. •*
Gen. Grant did sot design to renew the attack
today, being engaged In’ replenishing froth the
supply train, so as to advance without It,
(S Nsw Yonx, May 10.—Gen. Sedgwick was killed
yesterday la a battle at Spotteylrania Court House..
This Is official.
Washzkgtov. May ID—3 p. m.
A dispatch from General Butler to Secretary
Stanton, dated the 9th, says: .
pmVrpi Humdbsp, Va., May IQ,)
Via Fpbtbsss Mosboe. f
Our operations may be summed up in a few
words. With 1,700 cavalry we have advanced up
the Peninsula, forded die Cblckahoinlny, and
safely Vhibnght them to our present position.
These were colored cavalry, and are now holding
a position as our advance towards Richmond.
Gen. Kant*, with 8,000 cavalry, from Suffolk, on
the day with our movements on James river,
forded the. Blackwater, and burned the railroad
bridge at Stony- Creek, below Petersburg, cutting
in two Beauregard’s forces at that point. !
.We have landed here, entrenched ounelve*, de
stroyed many miles of railroad, and got a position,
which, with proper.'.supplies, we can hold against
the whole of Lee’s army. I have ordered up sup
plies. ■ : . >
Beauregard, with a large portion of.hla com
. mand, was left south of the cutting of the railroad
by General Kants. That portion which readied
Petersburg, under nni, I whipped to-day! killing
mond Out.
E. H. Stastox, '
Secretary of War.
and wounding many, and taking prlioner.', after a
severe and well-contested fight.
Grant win not bo troubled with farther rein
forcements to Leo from Beauregard’s forces.
(To tbe Associated Press.]
Fighting commenced 3 eat erday (Monday) noon,
and continued till night, between Gen* Hickman’s
brigade and several other brigades nnder General
Baldy Smith.
Gen. Beauregard commanded in person during the
Our forces drove the enemy back three miles,
nearly to Petersburg. Wo hold the railroad be
tween Richmond and Petersburg.
Gen. Hants's cavalry succeeded in destroying
tome portions of the Petersburg and Weldon rail
road at Hlcksford, and captured many rebel prls-
Washington, May 10. —Only about 30 men of the
4th Vermont and 5 officers remain.
Gen. Seymour just from Florida is a prisoner.
Bia brigade was outflanked end broken. No
man fbeght more gallantly or bravely, but It seems
that be was unfortunate with his troops.
Washington, May 10.—A messenger from Spott
iylranla Court House, yesterday morning, stated
that Hancock was compelled to retire on the Spott
sylvanla rood until he was Joined by Burnside,
when be held bis ground. On Sunday morning
the battle was renewed,-and we drove the rebels to
P. O. Elver, and on tbs 7th the whole rebel army
was retreating, and by night had been driven in
every direction. This morning we pot artillery
into play, and when our messenger left heavy can
nonading was going on.
It is believed that Lee wiQ make a. stand on ths
North Ansa River,
In the three days operation* we captured about
3,100 prisoners, usd lost about 12,000 killed,
wounded and prisoners.
Washington, May 10.—The Star says: A me?-
fienger got la last night from the army, who left
Spotisylvanla yesterday at 12 o'clock. The light
was going on at Spottsylranla Court House. Vfo
hild the place at that hoar, and Loe gate eridence
of being weakened and of falling back. The mes
senger had an escort of one hundred and fifty car*
airy, and as guerillas were frequently encountered
on the way, it is not improbable that some of the
escort were captured when returning to the army.
Onr wounded are reported at 15,000, most of
whom are at Fredericksburg, and ao thick that they
are lying in the streets and on the pavements.
A cavalry patrol ordered out could not do duty,
as it was difficult to pasa between the rows or
wounded without trampling on them.
It la said there are between 2,000 and 3,009 rebel
wounded there also, who were left upon the field.
Washington, May 10.—The following Is ex
traded from a private letter of a member of Gen,
Scdcwick's slaff, dated Saturday, May 7th:
“Gen. Sedgwick's staff are all right, solar. We
have been fighting three days with rather favora
ble results. Several of Geo. Grant's staff are kill
ed or wounded. Gen. Getty, commanding the sec
ond division, Is wounded; also Lieut. Fox, of his
The letter speaks of the capture of Gen. Sey
- meur, and says ho behaved gallantly, hht his brig
ade was outflanked last (Friday) evening, and
broke. It was the same that ran at Mine Bun,
last Fall.
There are no casualties on Bornstde'a staff, as
reported. Gen. Sedgwick was shot In a skirmish
near Spottsylranla. A ball entered his eye, killing
him instantly.
Washington, May 10.—The special to the Com*
inertial says. It Is said that the rebels have a large
entrenched depot of supplies on the Sonth
line of defenses, toward which point Leo was di
recting his retreat.
Grant, In following him, will be leaving his base
of supplies at some distance, hat his men have
rations for several days with them.
The special to the \Tortd says: Advices from
the front to three o'clock yesterday (Monday) af
ternoon arc received. On Sunday Warren en
countered Loe'a rearguard at Bpoitsrlvaula Court
Bouse. A sharp fight Immediately ensued. Onr
troops were at first repulsed, but rallying, ad
vanced with great impetuosity upon tbe enemy,
driving him beyond the Coort House.
On Monday an artillery duel was opened and
kept up sonth of Spottsylyanla.
Washington, Hay 10.—The preparations for the
wounded in tho resent battles are moat perfect.
The weather la cooler, and there la no rain, both
of which are favorable conditions for Gen. Grant.
Troops are constantly arriving here from the
WAfiHiNaTON, May 10.—Fort Darling Is said to
Lave teen captured by ourforces. Butler la mo ring
on to Richmond on the sonth aide of James River.
Grant and Butler are evidently fanning a race
for the capture of the rebel capital, and Grant la a
little ahead, and tbe chances are that he will be
first to enter It. He has bat one day's short march
ing to accomplish it.
Tbe £*pnu' special says: Not: a word from
Grant np to this afternoon. He keeps his counsel
a£ well from the President and War Department
aa from all others. When he last left Washington,
be said to tbe ” God speed” of the President, I
will do my utmost to fulfill public, expectation.”
Not a straggler or deserter bus been sent in from
tbe army lines since tbe battle of Thursday lost.
I iniADEuniA, Haylt.—A special to the inTulr
er. dated Washington, last night, says: "Meade
atuui moved on the enemy and bad a brisk fight at
Todd'a Tavern, just north of the P, O. R;ver. By
nljibt the rebels were retreating on three roads,
stub, towards Richmond.
Cu Sunday, the rebels attempted to moke another
fcttv. d, but Meade attacked them.
Dispatches to-night confirmiholrretraat to North
Ax.xa River. The rcbcle succeeded;ln getting off
U( e£ of their wounded np to'Saturdsv nnrht.
. The colored troops were not pat into the fight,
but held as a reserve with Burnside.
We lost but two ple:ee oi artillery altogthcr,
3 l.c DulUtln boa received the following special
ft cm Washington; ** Generals Warren and Han
cock are In dose pursuit of the enemy. The rebels
have been driven from Spottaylvania Court House
towards Cane Elver.
Advices from Richmond represent that great dls
truss and wild disorder prevail there.
Baltmoiie, May 10.—A Norfolk paper aaya:
“Cin.Buticr had a brisk encounter with Beaure
gaid near. Petersburg on Saturday, and on Sunday
tecailed him with considerable force, and drove
film.” It adds: •* Boiler has the key ot Richmond
in his bands.”
Rebel prisoners report that Lee was wounded on
New Yens. May 10.—The Herald says: “Batler
commenced bis marsh on Richmond from the south
else early yesterday morning. One day’s uninter
rupted march will bring him to James river, oppo
site Richmond. Important hews may be expected
to-diy.” *
Tbe*T Vorld haa unconfirmed advices that Fort
Barling baa been captured by Gen. Batler.
The New York Timet correspondent Bays:
M Butler’s position atßcrmuda Hundred la consid
ered impregnable. It was gained by sharp fighting,
and will be held.”
The New York Tribune correspondent says:
Butler's future movements will depend on those of
Grant. Accoome agree that Beauregard is con
fronting Butler with 90,090 troops.
The Herald has the following relative to the bat
tles of Friday and Saturday:
At five o’clock in the morning (Friday) the con
test was renewed against our line, and the roarand
bum of battle came from everyqnarter. From cer
tain indications it was concluded that Lee was re
inforcing Lomretreet on Hancock’s front, and a
part of Burnside's corps was accordingly moved to
his support, taking a position to tne left of Gen.
Warren, and completely filling the gap Into which
the two brigades had been thrown on the preceding
evening. On moving at daylight toward the as
signed position, through a close forest, they found
it occupied by the rebels, prepared to dispute Its
possession. The fighting at this .point was over
by nine o’clock.- Finding It impossible to dislodge
the rebels from their position, early in the morn
ing, Hancockwas driven back close to kls breast
works by a superior force, but subsequently rallied
bis men and succeeded in regaining most of the
Koucd. Between 10 and 11 o'clock, however,
mgfitreet succeeded in turning the left of his ad
vance and throwing it into great confusion. This
extended along the entire line, and came near in
volving the whole corps in Inextricable confusion.
He was once more forced back to bis breastworks,
and the rebels actually planted their colors inside
ol these, but could not sustain themselves, and
were ejected. At this time heavy reintorcemeuts
were thrown to his support from Burnside’s corps,
and bis men were rallira and taken well In hand,
and all farther disaster was removed. The choree
of Loogstrcet was completely overwhelming. Solid
masses of Infantry were burled upon Hancock time
after time, with aa impetuosity that nothing could
withstand. It was exceedingly fortunate tor the
Sd corps and the whole army that he was
checked at the critical period and .‘driven
back with as mnch precipitation as he had
come. The ground in front of .Hancock had
been fought over a number of times, aad the
wounded and dying on the field were vast.
• At night Hancock occupied his breastworks, and
hadnolhing but prisoners and rebel dead to show
for the slaughter of the two days' fighting. Ho be
haved with conspicuous gallantry throughout, and
was on the field personally where the danger was
the thickest.
Gen. Warren also rode along the line. The ut
most surprise was manifest at the number of troops
Lee was able to bring into action. This corps re
tained its first position, however, till darkness.
About midnight a charge was made which caused
it to give way, and it was unable to regain the
ground thus lost. This, of course, compelled the
abandonment of a great portion of the line of
breastworks In front of this corns, and brought
the skirmish line within a half mile of Grant’s ana
Meade's headquarters.
Sedgwick’s corps (the 6th) maintained itself
against the vigorous assaults of superior numbers
at different times during the day, and had no se
rious reverse until Isce in the evening, when a
charge was made on its right for the purpose of
turfing it, as was done with Hancock’s corps in
•themorning. Molroy’s old division was driven
back in great confusion, at length, and the ensiay
succeeded In effectually turning onr right flank.
The behavior ot this division is severely criticised
bv those supposed to know moro concerning the
This probably necessitated the transfer of onr
rick ana wounded and all the supply trains from
the Gennania Ford road to onr landing, to Cban
cellorsvllle. The latter were in motion the whole
night, and at daylight, had Lee occupied Germania,
and cat off the retrait of the army by that route, it
would have given nlm an advantage. But night
worked incalculable mischief (words are hers
missing) causing an undue extension of the kfce,
and a corresponding weakening of it.
The contest of Friday was □naatlsfketory, and
many officers despondlngly feared that Lee would
m some manner defeat Grant. Superficial observ
ers might construe onr repulses that day Into a
deleaL but no sock foreboding found a resting
place tu the minds of those whokuew the tenacity
ol purpose and the fertility of resources that char
acterizes Grant.
The advantages of the next day .verified these
hope*. The battle re-commenced at daylight on
Saturday. but the firing was desultory and scatter
ing. Ko fierce attacks were made by either aide.
Both Generala were Intent on strategy, and neither
anxious to bring on a general engagement. Lee
seemed Intent on cutting our cotomonlcation na
Germania Ford. Grant appeared utterly ludlfier
out .to this, and seemed rather to court It by with
drawing , Sedgwick from his position, and
throwing it oack by Germania Ford, -near
bis own headquarters, and pushing' Burn
side oat on the Spottsyfvanla Court
CHICAGO, WEDNE *D aY MAY 11,186 i.
Uonte road, tbrcataiing Lee's line of coaj'nuuict
tJon. Anew line o! battle w-tf formed’o7 a change
In Ike position of corps, extended nearly north
and fontk. and mro Lee the choice of being cm oft
from his Capital, and risking everything upon tbe
wwerof a battle.
At two in the afternoon Burnable was -well un
derway to Spotteylrauia. Lee bad thrown infan
try on to our right. and drove in our cavalry pick-.
ete on Germania road. The result coaid only be u
precipitate retreat on tfaopartof Lee to prevent
cur army being thrown between himself and Rich
mond, or a deadly contest in open battle, that
could only end in bis extermination. Ho soon
discovered his error, and, to all appearanea, bod
started In bot haste for another line of defense;
some think to be fdund north of the Anna river,
while others are fully certain that there is no tena
ble position for him to full back to between this
and Richmond,
New York, May 10-—Richmond papers of the
flh. contain dispatcher from Leo and others, rela
tive to Grant'd advance and the battle?.
An Orange Court House dispatch of the Bth,
states that the rebels repulsed our troopa on the
plank road, near Parker's Store, Spottsylvania
county. The engagement lasted from noon till
nlgbt, the rebel* claiming to have captured 1,000
01our troops.
Of Friday's battle a dispatch states that the
Union troops were repulsed in every attack, and
Loogstreet finely ibneed them to give way.
Gen. Loogstreet was severely wounded in the
ebonlder. uen. Jennings was mortally wounded.
Tbe Union army was pushed back to Chancel
loraville, Everything looks well. . .
The Richmond tfVUy. of the 7th says up to a lato
boar on the f.th no fighting bad taken place on tbe
Potomac. Tbe movement of Butler's transports
np the James Rivjy was known In Petersburg at
11 o'clock on Thursday, when Gen. Pickett ordered
out the militia and great excitement ensued. All
the force at Petersburg was moved out but nothing
is said of meetlii -the enemy.
Fourteen traurforta and other vessels are com
ing; three froniinds and four gunboats were
counted, and from ten to fifteen thousand men
landed at Bermuda Landing. _ .
Tbe Trail? of the 7th Inst, states tbst Richmond
it ip.nomore dinger than* when threatened by
McClellan, and argues that there is no need of a
- panic, and holds out tbe encouragement that am
ple reinforcement* are at hand. It says there will
Sc trouble sndsnfforing from insufficiency of food.
Postscript .
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washinctob, May 10—13 r. a*., 1861.
There has been no engagement at Spottsylvanta
Court House. The reports of the battle on Sun
day, published in the Star this evening, are false,
Gen. Scdwlck waa killed in a skirmish yes
terdav morning. There were no heavy bpcllei
In sight.
Lee’s whereabouts had not been ascer
tained. t
General Grant’s headquarters were be
tween Todd’s Tavern and Spotsylvania.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
♦ Cairo, May 10.
The steamer Commercial had arrived at Memphis
from Little Roclr. Her officers report that General
Steele’* forces there, when they left on Thursday
last, considered tho place sale from rebels, though
the citizens were still alarmed. Oar troops were
in line of battle when the Commercial moved, and
Pine Bluff was in the same condition. No one Is
a’anned excepting citizens, some of whom were
leaving. Dobbins with his regiment was between
Arkansas and Bt. Frauds rivers, homing cotton
and conscripting.
Some of the rebel cavalry bad gone In the direc
tion of Fort Smith, it was thought with view to the
capture of the place. The Rebels had already taken
Dardcnellca. There were no particulars of the
affiair. Thitis a small town below Fort Smith,
and the rebels supposed Government stores to be
there as well as at Lfttlo Bock. ’A gentleman who
has been with Price's army for three years, and
sow making his way to his home In Missouri,
states the rebel army has been In a demoralized
condition dues It was compelled to leave Little-
Bock. He says, the rebels arc not carrying out
tbelr threats of Indiscriminate slaughter of cap
tured colored troops. They took many of them at
fcailne river who were wounded, dressed
their wound*, and sent a flag of
truce to General Steele for their exchange.
He gives as a reason for this change of tactics, that
the negroes during the whole of Gen. Steele's late
campaign toot lUfpritonen, and the rebels thought
lithe safest policy to compromise t£e matter, The
■colored troops are said to hare fought like vete-'
Later advices from little Bock say that Steele
waa bnilly engaged In fortifying the place, which
looks as though Jra expected to bo attacked.'
Awdr*wA^APin..'R]nfr l fo resorted to be
doing the same, with rebels near at hand. The
Commercial had on board 917 bales of cotton. She
waa not molested on tbe Arkansas river.
Earlne Disasters In tbe Recent Gale.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnne.J
Milwaukee, May 10.
A heavy gale from the north came op about nice
o'clock last evening, doing considerable damage to
tic shipping department. The following are the
a era’tics so for os beard from '
Schooner Union, Capt, Griffin, went aehore’at
tl e north point, high and dry. She was bound for
Schooner Conquest, of this city, went ashoretq
the southward of the south pier, empty, and will
be got off all right.
Ethconef Jno. Crown, run hack with mainsail
Pal Parana, run back and went ashore south of
the rier, loaded with oats.
Frig Standard, owned In Buffalo, loaded with
wheat, wentashoroat north point.
The Movement on Dalton,
Kaputillc, Hay 9.—Gen. Bherman*s movement
opens with the beat of promise. The rebel army
in hia front baa been reduced, and core fa mnch
larger than la generally known, and under the beat
of generalship. Gen, Howard baa In hia command
such division commanders as Gana. Wood,' Stan
ley and Newton, Gen. Thomas has, aa corps com
ma c den, Gens. Palmerandllooker.andaa division
commanders, Gene. Jeff. C. Pavia, Johnson, Baird,
Williams, Butterfield and Geary. These are all
Gen. Howard, with his 4th corps, lately encamp
ed In the vicinity of Cleveland, east. of Chattanoo
ga, is moving directly on Dalton, as a feint Gen.
Thomas, with the 14th and 90th corps, has moved
from the vicinity of Ringgold, direct on Rome, and
Gen. McPherson, with Gen. Logan’s 15tb corps,
and a portion of the ICth and 17th corps, hared
moved from Huntsville, Ala., toward Montgomery,
to cut off Polk’s forces and Mobile from communi
cation with Atlanta.
Kb fighting Is anticipated this side of Dalton,
and probably no great battle will take place north
of Atlanta. Gen. Schofield’s corps, the 93d, Is still
In East Tennessee, and will probably remain there
forthepresent, awaiting the result of the move
meua elsewhere. The cavalry in that district are
busy cutting rebel lines of communication with
Virginia. There are now thirty days' rations at
Knoxville and thirty days’ at Chattanooga, our
bases ef supplies, so wo are all safe on that score
—and supplies are still coming forward in vast
N/.fnviLLS, May S.—l have just received intel
ligence from the front, of a highly Important
cbai acter. Dalton has been evacuated by the rebels .
The movements which I detailed yon. some days
since, were delayed for a abort time; hat com
merced on the afternoon of the Sd Inst., and on
the iiioralog of the 4th the whole army was in mo
tion, but proceeded with great caution, In order
that r.o digester might occur to our advance: and
at night our forces encamped In the vicinity of
Dolton, G&., ready to commence a battle the next
What the Rebel Papers Say.
t WisnntGTOK, May 10.—The Richmond ’ Whiff
tnjt: A dispatch of the sth, from Demopolis, states
that the rebel cavalry. 600 strong, engaged 5,000
Yankees, near Olive Branch Creek, under Gen.
Andrews, repulsing the latter with heavy loss, the
Yankees retreating toward Baton Rouge.
A Dalton dispatch of the 6th states that the
Union pickets were eleven miles from Tunnel Hill,
hut were so strong that nothing could be learned of
our movements.
A Demopolls dispatch of the stb states that Gen.
Emory with 10,000 iniantry, two batteries and 250
cavalry was advancing towards Yazoo City.
A Chnrlestondlspatch states thatß9S mortar shells
were thrown at Fort Sumter between Friday morn
ing and and Saturday nisbt. Twelve shells were
thrown into Charleston Saturday and ten on Son
several heavily laden vessels passed Charleston
bar on Saturday going southward.'
The rebel State vote of thanks to Forrest is under
consideration. _
Commanders Pegram, Root and Spaulding have
been assigned ts rebel iron clads on James Hirer.
BcLel Demonstrations near Newbern,
Uattzba!, N. C., May 7—(By maiL)—The schoon
er Eliza Shcddon, bound for New York, has Just
arrived here from Newbern. and reports that the
enemy made a demonstration on Newbern yester
day, cutting off the railroad communication be
tween that place and Beaufort, and making his ap
pearance on the sooth side of the Ncnae River,
two miles below the city, with a cavalry force, ac
companied by a battery of four guns, which com
manded the water approaches to Newbern fora
brief period. • , '
The gunboats Commodore Barney and Louisiana
suddenly made their appearance at the point threat
ened, and forced the enemy hack from the river.
Nothing was allowed to pass over the railroad from
Newbern to Beaufort yesterday, as this demonstra
tion was expected; therefore the enemy failed to
secure a loaded train of cars.
Captain White thinks this movement of the ene
bt was only a cavalry dash, and not Intended as a
general attack on Newbern.
FBOH WEST Vlßfidu.
A Gntrill* Bmld on the Baltimore
and Oklo Railroad —Heavy Damages
Done. ... .
CoicixHkTTX, May 10—The Baltimore and Ohio
BaUroad has again sufiered serious Injury by euer
lilss. They made an attack at Piedmont, an Thurs
day, and destroyed about a quarter of amlllloa dol
lar*-* worth of property.
The Wheeling JnUSigeruxr states that ■an, or
near y all the extensive workshops of the company
were burned, including four engines and expensive
machinery used for the manufacture and repair of
cars. Two freight can. loaded, and one passenger
train were captured and partially burned, and par
tially thrown over the bank.
He Speaks Eneouractngly of tbo Tir
gisla Army movements.
Washington, Way 10.—A large number of per-
on short notice, assembled In front of the
Executive Mansion, last Highland with the band
ol the 27th Ohio volunteers, now on toe way to
the field, complimented the President wtth a sere
nade. The President appeared on the portico, and
made a brief speech, in which be said tbe honor
was extended not eo much, perhaps, to him as to
General Grant and thecaliant officer* and soldiers
under bis command. He was exceedingly gratified
to know that General Grant has not been jost’ed
from hia pane, bot was now on the Una of move
ment according to the original design. Welle,
hi wever, wo might rejoice at what had already
tern accompllsbettmucb more remained tobs done.
The proceedings, which were of short contin
uance; terminated with repealed cheers for the
President, Gen. Grant and the army.
Among the killed in tbe battle, Thursday and
Friday, Is Colonel Lombard, of the Jet Michigan
Tbe hill authorizing the Secretary of tbe Interior
to contract for the care and employment of person*
sentenced to tbe penitentiary by tbe United States
authorities in States and Territories where there
am no such institutions, was na«*ed,
Tbe Missoarl contested election case—Brace
against Loan—was then taken up.
Air. BBCCE presented bis own case, contending
that there bad been military outrage? on the elect
ive franchise to sneb an extent as to vitiate the
election. He disclaimed being either a Republican
or a Democrat, and declared that he had exerted
himself,, by speeches and otherwise, to promote
the cause ol tbe Union, It was decided by twelve
majority that Loan was entitled to his seat
The Speaker caused to be read to the House a
communication from tbe Secretary of War, enclo
sing a copy of Gen. Butler’s dispatch about his suc
cesses, etc. Its reading was followed by applause.
Tbe House considered the Senate's amendment
to tbe Consular and Diplomatic appropriation bill.
Tbe Bouse adjourned.
Mr SUMNER, of Mass., reported a hill to adjust
(he claims of aliens arising out of the present war.
Mr. WALK, of N. 0.. introduced a bill to amend
the act to establish and equalize tho grade of navy
1 ne officers.
Mr. CHANDLER, of Mich., reported a bill to fa
cilitate trade on the Red River of the North.
7 he hill to authorize the organization of a veter
an volunteer engineer corps of tho army of the
Cumberland was taken up.
The clause authorizing bounties herctotore given
to veterans on re-enlisting, was stricken out and
tho bill passed. _
Mr. COLLAMEB'S. (of Vt.,) amendment that
banks shall keep one-fourth of gold received as In
terest on Government bonds uutl» tue resumption
of specie payments, was rejected—ls to 20.
Mr. SHERMAN'S (of Ohio.) amendment relative
(o the redemption of their circulating notes, was
adopted. The bill was then passed.
Adjourned, ■
New* Yoke, Way 10.—Tho brig Mery, from Rio
£lst nit., midnight, boarded the pirate Florida,
whose offlefv reported having burned the ahip
Avon, from Co?n» for Boston threa weeks previ
TUc north Carolina Siiol Basi
Washington. Mov IP.—lnformation was re
ceived here last night that the robe’ ram in Albe
marle Sound has been attacked and sunk by the
United States steamer Sassacus.
Illinois! Supreme Court*
Ottawa. 111., May 10.—The call of the docket to
morrow will be from 141 to 180 inclusive.
Tuesday Evening—ld r. a.
There was a fair attendance at the Second Board, at
tbe Bhcnsan Bouse, this evening, and tho leading
grain market was somewhat better.
Wheat— Was In fair request by "short sellera."
and tbe market for No. 3 advanced le above tbe clos
frg figure on ■Change. There was nothing doing u
No.l spring. Sales were: 16,000 buNo.2 spring at
9I.XSX; 28,000 bn do at SI 15; 3,000 bu do at Il.U*;
3.CCO bn do at SIIIK. A sale of 20,001 bn No.l, In
Milwaukee, was reported at 31.16.
Coen—Waa dull, with buyers of No. 1 at 99c, and
sellen at S9Kc.
Oats— Were dull, but somewhat firmer than atthe
dotelef 'Change. Bales: 5,600 bn No.lat67>sc; IJOO
bn do at 97c (short receipts).
Wjubkt—Was more active than on ’Change, with
tales of TOObrls (in lota) at fIJ6.
Freights—Were dull. We heard of no engage
ments. ’
(Telegraphed exclusively to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
- Hew Tone. Tuesday Evening. Ma» to. isw.
BEEF CATTLKr*Tbe freer Cat le market ahowa a
receipt for tbe week ending to-day at all tbe market
places In the‘city of bead, which Is about the
tame number received last week, and 4,310 during tbe
corresponding week !n 1663. The market to-day baa
I>e«n brisk, and yesterday*! advance of XOlcpsr & 1*
folly sustained. At the. close the state of trade Is
very favorable to drovers—all tbe stock remaining
from yesterday and the fresh arrivals to-day meeting
with ready sale at the following quotations:
Prime Deere* (excluding fancy,) fully, 17 0..C
Medium quality ..16 Oi<o
Inferior. -13 ®L r >c
This is an advance ofnearlv 1c over bit week’s
market, and about 6c per & Usher than on the cor
n (ponding date In 1863.
SHEEP— I The receipts this week foot up 8,45* head
agnurt KMC4 bead last week, and according to there
ported sales of Sheep brokers the general average
price per bead la $3.69 for unsheared and $&23 far
BOGS—Receipts this week 13,5C0 bead, against 18,990
latt week. The qcotauon' of coin-fcd Hogs per ewt
live weight arc 7?*G7Xc: the quotations of distillery*
ttc Hogs are 7KQSc. At these quotations the market
is exceedingly cull, and 8,500 head are left orer un
sold. The market yesterday had a decidedly more
ratorable look for drovers; but to-day’s quotations
show a decline on the week of Ic.
Soldi? Robissojt.
[Associated Press Dispatch.]
Current prices for thoweekatoll the markets are
as f0110w...
duality IMJbattAOj ordinary
? I^L^ 16 * 00 ■* common *14X0313.00* inferior
$!..- (@14.60.
fxrrop .urn Lamb*—Extras, per head. sW»gtP,Cfl;
Swian-Corn fed, par. poned, ?3<®3Kc; still fed
687ae. .
Total Rtcrrrrs last Wrrx.—Beeves, SXI2: Cows.
IDA; Veal Calves, 1,271; Sheep and Lambs, 8.455;
Swine, 13,528. ■ ■ ,
Cincinnati Markets.
I Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Czkczknati, May 10. ISfJI.
From—The market I* doll and prices nominal.
Buyers contend for a decline of 10315 c 8 brl.
Wiubkt—The market closed dnil at $1.26.
Giues—Wheat—Buyers contend for a decline. Bed
could not be dUpoted of at a better rate than 11.45,
aad white at over lI.W. Not much offering. Com la
held firmly at $1.1931.13 for ear, and fl.iiat.xs for
shelled. Oats role steady and in fair demand at 833
lie. Rje la In good demand at SIX 9. Barley is In fair
demand at 9U531X0.
Provi*ioHs— I The market for mess pork la quiet and
fiat. The belt city brands have been offered at $37.00
without finding buyers: SKSXOjS26X'; is liked for coun
try. The business doing in bulk meats Is light, but
holders arc firm at full rates. Shoulders—at 113 UK:
sides 12X012#: clear sides 13®18X; bacsn shoulders
12K; packed clear rib sides tic. Lard -Prime city
was offered at 13** c, and country at 13c without meet
ing much demand.
Gr.ocrr.izs—The market is dull and prices nomi
nal!) unchanged.
New York Market—Slay 10.
Corrojr—Steady at 83c for middling uplands, and
Wtfi'c lor low middling.
- Kxotm—State and western heavy, dull and s®loc
WnissT—Heavy and lower Sales at $1.253137
closing at the inside price tor western.
Gnaix—Wheat very dull. Cora quiet and steady.
Old mixed western $1.39 In store. OaU doll and
Gbocbuixs.—Bice dull at lIVOUKe. Sugar dull
and prices nominal. Molasses dull.
Petbolxcm—A Shade firmer. Sales «f crude at 86c
and retired In bond atmeSTc.
•. Pi ovisioNß—Fork dull and lower, and more or leas
nominal, at S26XO tor mess; 9SA2S for old do; S27X7K
•33.12 X for new do, ebltfljr at the inside price; $23.00
&H SU icr eld and new prime; S27XO for prime mew.
Cut meats inactive, at H [email protected] for thonlders; 1&315KC
for Lams Bacon aides doll and entirely nominal.
Lard dull and nominal at Butter a little
easier at 2503'e for Ohio. Cheese a shade caalsr, at
New York Stock andMoner Market—May 10.
Mi nev more active but unchanged.
Stcrdng Exchange quite active st 10% In gold.
GoM Irregular ana unsettlea; opening at 69 aad
closing firm st 69V.
Government stocks rather more active tad firm.
TJ. 6. e« i£Sl coupons 114: 5-3Qs coupons 1063106W; 7-30
Treasury Notes, October sed April. 110 X.
B'oefcs belter: M. C.U9; M. B. 91; G. A 0.117k; C.
&F. 1.110k: P.Ft. W. A 0.113; A * T. H. 64; N. T.
v.vmf: Erie 109k; do pfd 107; Hudson 121*; C.*P.
108; u. S. As *Bl coupons 111: U. 8.6s 5.39 coupons 106k:
Treasury 7-sOs liCk; V 8.1 year certificates 98k: 0.
AM. curt. 52k: Pacific Mall 237.
Flows—Dull and heavy for Howard state aad super
wmuT— Sicady-for Kentucky white at
Cobw—Loll. White at sl.is;yeilowat $L773U23.
Wmsxr— Firm at SIXB.
Philadelphia Market—Mar 10.
Alt kinds of trade are dull.
Floue—Dull Extra family at $8.09(33,50.
Grain—Wheat flm.. Bed sL7saiA9; Kentucky
white ja.C2. Coro dull. Yellow SIX 7.
Pxtbolkux—QuleC Crude 36e; refined In bond SS
358 c; do free
WmsXT—Firm at SIX7OIXS.
Boston Mining Stock Market—May 10.
Central, 65; Franklin, 50 k; Hancock, 12V; Huron
*7k: Dleßoyale.JO; Minnesota, fit; Rockland,l2
French Creek, Ik-
Abetted— Lady Franklin, Athens, 43 yds dimension
stone; B. GaLoomls, Athens, 52 yds dimension stone;
Conveyance, Deeplaiues, S yds dlmenrisa atone: 89
yds ruible stone; liftestlsator, Athens, 60 yds rubble
stone. . .
Tesscls Passed Detroit.
[Special Dbpatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Daraorr, May 10,156 L
rr—BarkNewaboy; achrShark.
Eowx—Props. Empire Bute, Bradbury, Whitby
norß—2sc lower. Bales of choice breads from Ho.
Isprtoc at *7.0067-25: from red winter cron
white (S.CO6S.2S; and doable extra frsm prime white
at 98.7560.(0.
Graix—Wheat quiet and nominally lower. Ko
coir In marker. Oats quiet.
Canal Faxioms—-Doll and uachanied. Wheat
UctoNcw Tork.
Buffalo Market—HHay if, • ;
Gfura—Bull. The stormy weatberand the decline
In gold la New Tork checked operations. Ho. 3 Chi
cago spring. *i.SO6t.2S; No. TMJlwaukee club. ft-S9.
Corn a shade lower—*ll96l.l6. OalaßOO tor western.
W HirxT—Buyers and sellers are apart* *1.90 is of
fered, and «L2l aaked.
FMtCßTs—lsc for wheat and 13c for corn to Kew
Washington, May 10,1504,
T?ic Pirato Florida.
Commercial Postscript.
Baltimore Market—May to.
Illliaois and Michigan Canal.
[Special Dispatch to tne Chicago Tribune.]
Bbjdgepobt, HI., May 10,136 L
Oswego Market—May 10.
Neto ahbertlsments.
KINGDOM FOR A HOUSE!!—An? person bar
logs bouse t* rent, coatalnJag from eizk: to twelve
rooms,may flad a I ood aad prompt paying tenant by
maulnnr at tbe Baal Estate room* of ADAMS £
SPRINGER, nortbweit corner of Madison and Dear
born streets, cr by addressing P. 0. Box WO, Chicago.
Leave Cbtcaso and Milwaukee Railroad Depot at
2K P.M. and return* at 44C- Faro 23[ceaU for the
round trip- [myll-eSSHt] F. H, BKNSO>, £ opt.
XX TAELISHMRNT, 128Clark street. J. B.Kin
2>Atz.» Mara«er. This Truss will never rn»f, ore**,
chale, or busier. Can bo made stiff or Umber. Al
ways dean and will Irst a lifetime. Pamphlets seat
tree. Belererees from the most eminent Surgeons
<rivtn. P. O. Box 4355. myll-eSSS-jt w yAaioet
Uhllch’s Block, North Clark street, Chicago, LUaols
(Late of London, England.) Surgeon. Oculist ana
Aortal, performs every oocratioo connected with
Ophthalmic and Aural Surgery and raeeesamliy
treats ail enrabie diseases ofthe EYE and EAR.
Lxamioatioeaandopialossfree. P.O, DrawervSU.
qno DEE TI ST B.—Wanted a
JL yoonr mas as Asilstaat D*ntl*t. Address, wita
Quallncßtloos. Ac., Tost Oillce Box 564, Rockford, lit,
or c«U a-. 6AML, 8. WUITa'S Dental Depot. 100 aai
IC3Randolph street, Chicago. tnylt ediOStoet
PaNY. Boston, April ’9, Wi.
The annual ncetlrc c I the stockholders la the Joliet
■ad Northern Indiana Railroad Company, for the
entice of Directors lor tho year ensuing. and for the
trsesaettoo of such other bailor si as may properly
rorce before inch meeting, will be held at me office ot
said Company, at Joliet. IUln«1s, on ThurstUr tbeJ6.li
day of May next at 10 o’closkla ths forenoon
J. W. BROOKS, President.
Isaac Litzxuobs, See’y. mjli-eSQg-gtStcw wasa
A waman (having a child Uve yens old) fully capa
ble cf taking charge or a dairy, wauts a station la tUe
country. Apply to her. iir. 1 UTILS, 91 North
Frtakua street, Chicago. my Li-cS3t-2t
w_>Mcslring their supplies of Cblcaco dailies and
Eastern publlcaUors ur ;u\ptiy, and at
will order from C. H. SIIAV-It,
myU-eESI-lt fi Grtsvola street.
Brig. gen. ransom.- The
teet Carte cle *irito yet published of Oea B*n
eonvtaken from lifebi cut selves, sjaai by mail for
25 1 eats. Also, a copy of Lieut. Gen. Grant—price 21
««*• Dt ” lcre !UI ' PUeJ SowmS 1 *"kS^Bo>,-,
myll-c£s3-lt •Pein.nMooi^.
Lva to be happy by iaattlr day can do ao by stating
their age, occupation, etrcntussances and ceheral de
pcrtJieflt ;aiso determine the on** you wish to eneaee
TMa applies to all wishing to open ccresp ivJeuce
with The oppotl'e *ex la view tn matrimony. Eacla<«
£1 Wand with return mail I will Bead tbsaridress
of your choice. A. D. 1861 Lein* leaoyear. ladles hive
equal rfpttt on their claims. Address, to cou3d*ace,
Poit Office Box 241, DeKalb Centre, iJeKalbCooatv,
iiilnole. rayil-eraxw
aOTICE —On and after Monday,
May the 9th imt., the Richmond House will
i to be kep; upon tbe European plan,and will be
open for the reception of gues's at two dollars and
Arty cent* per day. Regular boarder* taken on ac
commodating terms. IJ. W. HYMAN.
Chicago, M*y 7tb, IS6t. nyS-eCO-Utnet
KM errr guard.
First Heo’t Illinois VotuNTzm Militia, )
Chicago, May 9th, »BSt. 5
Alt officer*, non-coromits'oeea offlors nadprlvates
c( this regiment will report at Camp Fry ooThursday
next. 12th mat., for doty. By order
[Official.] J. L. HANCOCK, CoL Com.
A. First Regiment Illinois Militia.—Ton are
hereby notified to be at your Armory tn Garrett
Block on Thursday next, the 12th lost., at 2 o'clock
P. M_ sharp, prepared to report at Caiap Fry.
J. C. BIGELOW, Captain.
mylO-eS$5-2tnet ■
Wc would call the attention ef those about
To oub spanro stock of
Tea Sets, Castors, Cake Baskets,
Waiters, Berry Dishes,
Knives, Spoons, Forks, <scc.
Comprising many Now Patterns, richly tad beautiful
ly Chased. Also, great variety of
Agents Rogers, Smith & Co.'s celebrated Plated Ware,
142 Lake Street.
sp’f cMI-sr&w-Ncr
YORK, (H Broadway. N*w Yonx, April 29,1961.
£. D. MERRILL, Esq- General Agent (br the States ol
I mods. Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, Milwau
kee. Wu.:
Dt&r Sir—l have received your letter la reference
to “partus bolding policies, who are called outtc
db charge post and garrison duty for one hundred day?
tike tue piece of our regular and volunteer sol
diers. who are to he seat to the front for active aer
T AH our policy holders thus called out from thi
Northern States, have permission to proceed to occu
py :>nd Z'irri«on military po“is and forts within oar
own lines m the loyal States for the ona hundred day*
spcdflc'Mrom the first day of May next, without pay
ine-'ora narhisk. , ,
If they proceed to parts of the country within otu
11d»s where 'he Company charge civil ans for a ell
m «V nat. they will be placed upon the some terms
ftpri are to pay the same exts* rates,
0. Agent,
47 Clnrlr CSiwect, OUicagO,lllinois.
myS-etfg-Ttnet •
In the Way of Toys,
is Tma
Automatic Dancer!
li you want to osnr. Instead of attending at the
“Academy of Music/’ save the tnaay 23 cents yoa
otherwise would spend, and Invest la that which will
an. use a room full. Takei£ home to yoar children.
PlayonltjoumlL Laugh and grow f&t.
Notion and Toy Bazaars
176 Lake Street.
ap2fl ea-ly net
452 4= 44 STATE STREET,
Opposite City Hotel, Chicago.
' mh24-b233-2m-»xawnet
Are secured by purcharing tickets
Vermont Central EaUwavs
Grand Trank Line of Steamers,
At the Company's offices,
48 Clark itreet, Chicago, or 241 Wain
street, Milwaukee.
' J. H-WHITMAN, Gen. Western Passenger Agent.
EDWD.P BEACH,Gen.AgLOrandTrunkßsilwaj.
L. MELLIB, Gen. Art. YL Central Railway.
myS-oitl-tf net
Ruction trade sales
at wholesale,
Every WEDNESDAY at 9k •’ept A. 1,
We commence our regular sale o(
Bank 91k, and eoctlnoe ttnaai erg
ry WednMdkT- Oar .tack la alwan
open fo> examination, and wIQ I*
kept oonetamUr filled wlt^tka
Most Desirable Goods
Auctioneers, 94 Laks strati.
mhl-7«7-*Bi j nrw*T net
NUMi ER IT'.].
Nett aUßertfeemcms.
[yow EMdll
For the neck endla** Oaj 12* IS 64*
1- The CaralryTrtto^nd
2- ARMY: Betraat from
• GrandEcore—‘The Fight on Cano Blror— Iheuoo
-- PILLOW UAS3-\CnS: Reoort of
thoCousmUteeorvtbeConQncto.'itiß war.
4- K. G. C*s IN INDIANA: An Expose of Iho
Minutes and Remal- . . , . _
5- CAPTURE OF DUPPEL:- Detest of IhoDsnos.
6- FROM PARIS: The Halation* between Prance
abdtheCnlted States. _
France and Mexico ..,,,,
Wb ChlelP sad their Visit to W»sWn*ton.
fi—frHOOTtNO AFFRAY; An Unfaithfulivife Sur
pnsed by an Indignant Husband.
Mead’s Last Order A statement oi the OlSMutr.
CHURCH: The West and Northwest in Connell.
13- NEW ORLEANS: The Retrogradeiloro
mentof Banka* Arm*. ♦
14- LITERARY: Notice* of New Rooks.
15- A Tale of London Brie go.
ItoEN.GRANT IK THE FIELD: A Sketch at Ms j
c& the Mew Empire of Mexico—Qarinsldl
Driven from EnslaniL _, rw 1
drei a to tre W cnien of America.
23—HiK FLORIDA CAMPAIGN: It* Abandonment.
St—OGB OPERATIONS: A Complete Uistorr. UP
to the hour oi tcotngto Frees, of the stirring treats
In Virginia daring the Past Week.
23—FBOit NORTH CAROLINA: Particulars o' the
Kracnu: lon of Little WnsLinaton. . •
add Loral, late employee In the Treasury
r-E^IGBATION: Letter from Comml Dcdlcr.
28—EDITORIALS:—Rome Daatrert— ffa-ed Fat and
Kicked—Merer Despair of the Republic—rtootod
Out—Copperboad comUttncx—The Great Tam
nalgo opened—Men icr the Hundred Pars -Oen.
James &. Wacvwoith—Grant’s Generalship.
19—A COMPLETE SYNOPSIS of Local Intelligence
from the Stares of Illinois. Wisconsin, Minnesota,
lowa, Micblcaa. Indiana, etc. _
aro. or the
52—A erear variety of other intelligence from aA
parts of the world Altogether fhruiahlng a com
plete narration of events Cor iho pai- wee*.
ITI--0 5 cents per copy; S3 per year s or 10 copies,
lor tin.
S* now Ft at to very neuny FORT* TUOLbAKp SUB
SCBIBEKS. U therefore affords tue bwt medium for
adrertlilas r-f *my paper to the West. To the
farmer who wlshea to dispose of hla or any oth
crfUrmDridacU: to the oorßcry man who nsa trew
nndtfUnts for Bile; to the azrlr dloral implement
manubxcturer who wishes to place tha tnent» ofms
wares before toe to t 1 steiUmnn. and in
fact to errry ktotl of trader who to purch*^
era, an adrertlsoment to too WEEKLY TftIBCTNE
wlllbcsore lobring lots of the rightkto.l of i custom
ers. Try if this oe not so. Terms of eATerttalest.Sl
for four Urea, cad 2j cents for each odditlhnsl iie#.^
Sir. ITalpln, In reply to my cbargo against Mm of an.
dtrb*ndr d dcallnjanS deceptlvencjfl.U seeking to icrn
tie tables on me, by referring 10 sundry advertise
ments given uibUfar back as March. This Is easily ex
plained: I dldsolnlMJ and 125% for the reason that
some cf our frian’dswho choose the most prominent
places on the outside of the boot I bare always
deemed It needful to secure early la the year, which
Mr. Halpln always cattily shared is, bat which, as I
bad no right to use liU name till May, I hare always
takes In ray own. He well knows, however, that that
made no olffarence, as I always transferred them to
oni Joint account, #s I should hare done apaln this
year had h# sot broken faith with ms.
The rlmple Diets of the whole contr:versy are, that
as far back as last January or February, 1 was lold of
bU Intention, and wrote to him to know If It were
true. He came to me and denied all such intention,
assuring me that he Intended to g» on wt’hmeas
canal. This can be proved by at least are persona la
my office. Again, about the kid of April, 1 wrete him
a note reminding him that U was near May. and to
some In and arrange. On Thursday the 28th, only four
days before we should commence, he came Into my
office aid said be should be In as usual on Monday
moralzg togoonwitta me, while he was at the same
time secretly preparing men to go out and cacg<as the
city on his own personal account, which is, as I cox
eelre, rather sharp practice for a man to do who
stakes any pretension to speak the truth.
1 was told some thus ago that his Mend. Mr. Rich
ard Edwards, of the Carpet Bag notoriety, wanted to
get possession of the City Directory, and that he eonld
torn Mr. Balptn over his finger. I suppose he tas done
se. by the present operation. Ur Hslplasaysbe wants
ntsympathy. I confess I do. Iha?e alwayssymps*
tblzed wl’b our Government to the utmost of my
means as a loyal American citlssa. I think that we
should always sympathize with and support the right*
It la cue of the divine elemen'aol oci nature; aad,ai*
though he Is seeking to do me and himself great In*
Jnry.yet If he were In need, I should not deem it right
to withhold sympathy eren from him.
JOHn v. vw« isaiLCXi
Directory Office, 128 and 139 Clark street,
myll eEO7-U
Cores Creup Every Time.
Cores TickUig in me Throat,
Cores the Host Stubborn Cough.
Cores Chills and Fever.
Cores Influenza atd Sore Throat.
Corea Asthma and Believes Conaomptiin.
Cures all 1? the directions are strictly lollowed, or
Hie money will be refunded.
Sold by Drngulrts Everywhere.
u. 0, i'D-40 SSnSs
at r A - rl •
7 S.JO Treasury Note* conrerted In tQ ISBI Bonds.
5-20 coupons. 5-20 Roadi One Xesl" Certificate?,
Quartermaster'* Check*. sod ail kinds or
recurlties boaghtand sold.
Land "Warrants bought sod orders filled for theTD at
best rates, by
Corner of Clark sad Scuta Tfater-ste., Chicago. 11l
mylleSSl-u warnewatw
LfsVa and Beats of bestiality and atlowestprlees.
Send for an illnstratad Catalogue. Address
nyll-eSOUt lia Dearborn street.
Ship Chandlers,
a 7
Offer for tale a full assortment of
nuns, Ascnoas, oisra, tax,
Cotton and Hasp Canvaa, Wool Booking,
Tooti, Atralnp, Ptagi, Ac.
SO9 South Water Street.
Bh23>bst*3ot-w-ra]i net
w. W. STRON'fI,
SOS Basdolph Street.
Manofbctnrer aid Dealer li
Sara in store a large and elegant aawrtmeat of risk
PsrJor, Chanrter, Library and Dining-Boom
. Suits.
„Al>o aline assortment of median and lotr-prlced
Formtsre, adapted, to tbe vents of the trade. ¥
epw <C3UBfrnst
BABHIS ft CHAPMAtf, Boston, told maker*. Sold
by all Drugfliti, myll-eTflO-lt
O ALL tin da of Sewing, and are the BEST and
CHEAPEST jjactlne* In the market.
_ _ _ FARMER, General A^cnt,
P. © Drawer 8272. - 91 Washington street.
Machine Bntcmn? done Is a snoerfortninuerby
eipfnenceft operators. myle3Q7-H w net
Salesrooms in Portland Block
Corner of Dearborn and Washington streets.
The most spadod* Salesrooms, and the beat ada>
tedtor the display of all kinds of 11 ere baa also in tbe
- Particular attention win be given to tbe sale ol
household goods, at private dwellings, and at oar
B esnltr Mk eCHonsehcli Goode every
• • - latarday.
' Sales of Dry Goods, Riots and abaewother d*T*
wed:, ' spn cTC-la w -rnAFnet
Eye. AND EAR.—peafe^*.
Blindnees. and an dl»e«e* of tta ByoandKg.
continue, as for twenty
ssysssaH- Art “ c “
OfTar to the Trade for Caali,
Peru JLow Price* i
610TI?, WHITE eftODS
Sbawls, Corsets, Boop Skirts,
BmbroiAsries, Bugle Titmmiags, Liuaa CoUsva*
flklrtA, Heck Ties, 4e„ &c.
B« era will And it to their Interest to examine owe
10,13 and 14 laiic Street.
mhS-bUS-Klt-waaaT art
Bare removed from No. IB to their Mew**. MOW
and Spacious
Nos, 10,12 and 14 Lake street,
When they hare now ready for
Much the Largest, Handsomest. Beet Assorted, eaff
Chenoett Slock Ml
tmbreUas, PwmoU, Canada
jglja Leaf Bats, Shaker
'Ltdleai. Nllnso* 5 , pad
a~o , » **»-, i c>>
to aa suns
Bought before the recent at».'? ceiB o f Sr E J tnb * ***
feted to all buyer* at LJI? bilio.
MERCHANTS er m all parts ol theW«*.
It much to thslr advantage to examine an
making their purchase*.
OT ORDERS shall receive special and prompts
uafl-TS&aatnet k-tw
looeern Every One to Answer.
Areyra hold?
Does your hair fan off?
Haayourhalrbecoznatfclß? -
Is it turning gray before Its time ?
Are you troubled with itching, burning is—M«C
the scalp 7
Are you troubled with dandruff?
Aze you troubled with what IgeaQedScroAdhdr
Bays you had the Erysipelas, and lost your hafeff
Have you had the Measles. and lost It ?
Have you had the Tpphold Fever, and lost it?
Have you had the Brein Fever, and loct It?
Kaye you lost your hair by any slckneae?
Do you wish luxuriant hair? •
Do you wish soft and lustrous hair?
no you wish gray nairrcsiwxudr >
Do you wish your whiskers glossy?
Do yon wish them restored in color ?
Do you want m dressing?
Do you want ikior your children ?
Do you want It loryourself, for friths; or mother,
for broth er, sister or Wand ?
Po yon want the beal oreparatien out for
stimulating, protecting.rcatoriagthocoler.andrwa
dertaz soft, silty aa<? lortrou*, the Homan Halrf
V 90, we warrant
Distilled Restorative
To hoTneqaaned, and Superior U any Prep*-
ration eyer Conpouded and offered
•to the Pnhlie.
It costs bet fl for one bottle, or ill bottles for If,
anti is sold by druggist* and dealers ererywhofc.
C. G. CLASS & CO., Proprietor!.
10HD « SMITH. CWCMO. '-'miaou, Soe.it
To tbe mercbitnis of tie ■Western States is offered
largest,best and cheapest stock of.
Wood A Willow Ware
OUldreiu Cain, Gin Crulea, cm.
WhMlburow,, ic. n ,
107 Brat! Water Street, Cbica^u
|y Agent icr Davis' Patent Chain andßattv Woflk
er,'*the best In the world."
bat non.n w not
I hare this day assoclsted with myself Hr. Gram
Bard. Th" firm name will be from this date, GKO.
Chicago, May 1,1351. - ,
Drapers and Tailors,
54 Dearborn Street,
Keep constantly on band, of oar own Importation. m.
lerge assortment of tbe most fasblonabla style* a*
goods in oar Use. J
Custom Department
Is oodtr the of Mr. L
M Dearborn Street.
S3l Street.
ap!7-c97 Mat* BAAwnet
ixmwSb? %ssurn numi
cl r T ld^Sr°^“" 9 ' fortnight U*** payableim
eSSSg: fuSa Cabuw W Cork or Liverpool, m.
T from Liverpool or Qaeostowv t»
iJKKatvSrl« f r » te ?* to Par
forth®’ loAmmfI ip.SS P EMORZ, General Agaet.
Southwest corner Late and Clark streets.
apO!MJP9M» w r**net
FOWLE’S pile and humor
CURE, fob Drr*B2fALJjroßxT**fAi, pan. Om
bottle warranted a nmumr coxa in evary king ai
in LKPRO3T I SCiipPollA J 9AIH
BDKUiI, and all disease* of tea Sate. - In caaaof fallow
all ate reancatad to return tbe empty bottiea and tow
tbdr money. AreraeSbottiea la lOueratarneA
and tboM were ratals. Ho case* of failure In PUmo
Humors. Soldeverywhere. AUjlanlmmun
nsnrlt. .For.Mle I»CMtoCO by F. A.BHYAH. Jglj
itooptfiratiio. mNatemm

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