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Jhc voluminous dispatches from oil sources
published within the last two days in the
Tbibdne, gives as correct a‘ricw of the situ
ation as can at present be communicated.
The news is, of course, not fall, nor from
official sources except in a secondary degree.
It will be moager tor some days. After a*
elorm It will take several days Ibr the ele
ments to get settled and to lobtaln a clear ac
count of the damages; but in this case we do
nut understand the storm to be vet over. We
have had a heavy gale with thunder and light
xlcg whichlcafce some wrecks.but the clouds
arc not dispersed.
It will be noticed that we hear next to
nothing yet from Grant himself, which shows
that the Lieutenant General has yet work on
land, and considers nothing so lor advanced
toward completion as to be In condition to
As we have been frequently misled in sim
ilar cases by the first bulletins, especially
from the Potomac army, there may be with
come a doubt as to how much is to be be
lieved In the present case. Bnt ws sec no
reason to think any doubt is to be had on the
success of the recent movement.
That wc may place ordinary confidence in
the accounts, so far as they go, is reasonable,
from several considerations. They come for
one thing, from a great number of points and
materially .confirm each other. Then, it has
sever been Gen. Grant's habit to lie, concern
ing his movements, be they successes, or dis
asters;.and as he does not abuse the public
confidence himself others will be slow to do
It for him, and finally, it must have got
through the brain of toe War Department by
this time, that it is Just as well to tell the
truth in the first place as to amuse the public
for* week with fdseboods, to be obliged
swallow them all at the week's end. We
apprehend, therefore, that the public need
mot fear a repetition of the sort of stories
which were sent out after the battle of Chan-
last year, x «
The resume of operations thus far is about
this: The advance of Grant across the Rap
idon was on Tuesday night of last week.
There was skii ml thing on Wednesday, fight
ing on Thursday, and on Friday a hard and
very general battle. That night Lee drew
and whether to Richmond direct, or to the
South Anna, across .which to await Grant for
another fight, docs not appear. Geo. Grant
had reached and occupied the Richmond and
Fredericksburg Railroad, including the town
of Fredericksburg; and was crowding for
ward toward the Anna at last advices of this
It does not thus appear that all Gen. Lee's
digging across the Rapidan wafe of any value
to him in the contest; Gen. Grant haring
crossed on his right and so far from his main
v works os to draw him away from them to the
bottle. Why Gen. Lee should hare suffered
him to cross the stream in such security, can
be accounted for on only one of two suppo
sitions. He either must hare been mistaken
as to time, Grant haring advanced alittle be
fore he was ready fqr him, and, thus have
somewhat surprised him; or he may have
thought the tangled woods of the “ Wilder
ness” abetter field of resistance than the
banks of the Rapidan; and especially as, if
he could defeat him there, the redressing of
the river -might endanger the whole of
Grant's army. A third supposition is possi
ble, viz: That Grant's movementwonld.be
upon his left Instead of his right; but we
hardly think he looked for him in that quar
Our readers will see that Giant's move
ment is so comprehensive, and in each
strength at all points, that should it miscarry,
st one oi them, there is still room for it to'
succeed as a whole. The Confederacy must
hare a prodigious force in the field to hold it
hack at all the places upon which it is made
to press. We have no faith whatever in the
- accounts we have been receiving from desert
ers and others as to the small force the rebels
Have In the field. Lee may have had bat
SO,OOO or 90,000 men with him on the Rapi
dan, but he has more troops than that within
supporting distance. The conscription has
2>ecn merciless; and though the rebel army
may not be equal in numbers to our own, it
£s still large, and is without doubt “well in
Stand.” But we believe it will find* more
work than it has calculated upon in attend-
Sng to all that now demands its attention.
Some of the movements we bslleve to have
been a emprise to the rebels.: The passage
dp the James River does not seem to have
2>ecn anticipated by them, though privately
amderstood some time ago to be on foot in
*rcll informed quarters. We regret the tone
of feome of the dispatches in that region,- in
claiming special credit for this or that Gen
eral for tiffs move. It will be time enough
to put In that sort ot claim when the work
Is accomplished. The public would jn«t aa
soou u enouid be apian of Gen. Butler's as
cf anybody else, but would rather wait a
little before hearing the title to it vindicated.
Merit can always bide Its time. The people
will hold their breath till more is reported,
mot only from Virginia, but from Cbattauoo*
But we know Gen. Grant's habit to fol
low np his successes, and have no Idea,
therefore, but that the well grounded anxiety
of the public to hear more will not be
Perhaps some person has been tempted to
ask the question, us daring the winter and
spring the successive fairs of such large pro
portions have been held in various large
cities, of what use all this gathering of mon
ies for the army, now perfectly healthy, and
with only here and there a wounded man in
the hospitals? We can begin to see, now
that the anny take* the field. Already at the
first dash of arms we hear of ten thousand
wounded men, the first installment of which
are arriving at 'Washington.
Gen. Grant is prepared to fight a succes
sion of battles, and we take it, intends to
keep them going, if possible, until some
thing is determined. Within a month he
may fight ten stiff battles, unless sooner de
feated, if the enemy is able to stand up under
so many. And if each battle should number
a loss of ten thousand, we should have a
hundred thousand wounded men, to say
nothing of the sick sent to the hospital
through the increased exposures of field ser-
Tice. It would be nothing strange If quite
that number of men shonld demand medical
care and nursing within the coming six
weeks, whether the result of ten battles or
three. We have not before undertaken a
campaign where the understood programme
of the whole has been marching and fighting
alternately and without cessation, as at pres
ent. It has been our mode to: undertake
aomc little special job, like the cutting away
of some little twig, oral moat a limb bf the,
rebellion; and having accomplished that, or
failed in It, as*the case might be, we bare sat
down a month or six months to rest. The
aim now is at the trunk ol the tree; and
taring; spent the whole winter in grinding
the axes, and* putting up the provisions, and
fattening the oxen for tne service, the whole
troop oi choppers have gone out, led by lum
berman Grant, to hew this huge structure to
the ground and bring it off
• That a multitude of men will come down
5n a shorl'tlmc cannot admit of a doubt
But If the work la done—-If the rebellion gets,
its death blow—the expense will‘not he so
mmch felt; though death and wounds are
not matters to be trifled with at any time.
But It is just as well to crowd wounds and.
death into a short space ol time as, to spread
them over alarge one, If so the work which
answers to them be accomplished.
In the earlier part of the war this crowding
the sick and wounded into hospitals was at
tended with a vast amount ot suffering from
their want of preparation to deal with It It
has taken two or three years to learn how to
do It The time to get ready for a storm is
. while the weather is lair, and before the rain
- nets in. The winter and spring has been the
•wise time for preparation for the work now
in band.* Full as the coffers of the Sanitary
Commission are by the efforts which began
in Chicago, and have borne fruit in a million
of dollars In NewTork—to be still contin
ued at 8t Louis and Philadelphia, the money
wm now be wanted. Thousands; of lives
will be saved by It; and an abundance of
be administered otherwise un-
- - Among the contested election cases of the
- 01 none ciclte so
mmj interest as that of Knox and Bhdr. of
The prominence
or the district represented, and the notoriety
T' Acquired by Blslr during a series of years
* lender the case conspicuous before the whole
country. The matter is not yet acted upon
the House; but the report of the Commit
tee of Elections unseats Blair and-elects
' Hnor. The endeavor was made by Blair's
.._JHendß to -dismiss him, by reason of hlshold
72ng_a military commission, from anunwill
. Vignww to have the tacts attending the elec
' tlon, Mid which -demonstrated the grossest
Irregularities, brought. out before the coun
try. But a majority of the committee held
and put the case upon its true merits.
It Is supposed that the House will ratify the
motion of the committee.
Mr.' Knox, tbe eo far successful contestant,
is « man In the prime of life, and a lawyer by
profession. He is a native of Massachusetts,
si sonof Gen- Knox, of Blandford, deceased,
and wbom'some residents'of the -center ol
that State may remember as figuring some
forty yean ago, and for many yean together
Nt the general militia masters at Northamp
ton. Mr. linor married a daughter of Mat
thew Carr, an old resident of SL Louis; but
divides Ws residence between Missouri and
Massachusetts. Mrs. Knoz died about two
jeers ago. Mr. Knqx is a man of fair talents,
of scrupulous honor,* strictly conscientious,
but a little ccc;ntric, He will probablj at
tract less attention than Blair, but-will be
quite as useful and respectable as a member.
Bis record on the question of slaver/ is
thoroughly He was anti-slavery
when to be so in St. Louis gained no reputa
tion, and without courage and standing
might expose one even to violence. With
out belonging to any anti-slavery organiza
tion, Mr. Knoz hu been accustomed to ex
press himself with the utmost freedom. We
at his prospects of success In Con
gressional life.
The Republican triumph in the Fifth Dis
trict at the election held to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Lovcjoy,'Ts* over
whelming. Look at the result:
Ingersoii’s Maj
Eoirao Co ...ICJO
Henry Co
Knoz Co 152fl
Stark Co ; 37C
Putnam Co : 233
Marshall Co 15X
Peoria, for Wcafl.
Ingcreoll's majority 5023
The vote in the city ol Pporia was:
Ingcieoll *. 1038
Wcafl UC3
logersoll. Weafl.
Princeton tBJ 149
Gcceseo *lO 116
Elmwood 907 103
Hennepin 173 119
Galesburg gave Ingersoll TCO majority.
The Copperbcadswere severely handled. The
people of the district felt that it would be
little 1£66 then sacriligious to elect a Copper
head successor to the Apostle of Freedom—
Tbe Cleveland Convention.
The call for the Cleveland Convention to
meet on the thirty-first instant, has Just ap
peared. The short time given for Us assem
bling, doubtless arises from tbe fact that, as
Its members will have no constituency, tbe
little formalities and delays incident to tbe
appointment of delegates arc dispensed with.
In fact tbe “ call" Is merely a newspaper ad
vertisement that its signers will meet at
Cleveland, and as the three tailors oi London
in convention resolved that “we the People
of England,” &c., so they will represent tbe
Union party of the United States, and nom
inate a candidate for President “ Every one
to their taste."
pay* At the burning of the; Palace Garden
in Cincinnati a few days since, quite a collec
tion of curiosities was destroyed. A sea lion
was burned up, also a fine lire eagle, a cage
of lire animals and birds, a trick pony and a
collection of wax figures.
An Editob Wanted.—There i* a good
opening for a radical Republican editor, with
a small amount of capital, at the la-go aad
flourishing town of Fort Madison, lowa.
Address John Tan Valkenberg, Esq., for in
pT There will be a Union mass meeting
in Galesburg May 11th, Gen. A. C. Harding,
Col. Bob Ingersoll and Clark E. Carr will ad
dress the meeting. “The field band” of the
17th Illinois will also be there. Old Knox Is
sound and clear from Weeds.
Delegate* to the State Convention.
C&aupaign Co.—The Union County Con
vention was held on Saturday last, and ap
pointed delegates to the State and Congres
sional ConvcntioA. The former were unani
mously instructed to vote for Gen. Oglesby
for Governor, and the latter H. P. H. Brom
well for Congress.
Henbt Co.—A. Crawford, S, M. Smith, W.
L, Willey, C. C. Wilson, J. B. Flagg, H. M.
Comstock, Amos Gould, J. L Bennett, H.
Jackson Co.—Capt. F. Evans, Ben. Whar
ton, J. S. Vincent, Philip Kimmeh- •
Richland Co.—R. 8. Canhy, Esq., A. W,
Hawkins, J. H. Roberta, Dr. D. Eckly. Con
greuiotM DdegoU* —H. Grass, Esq., 8. W.
Gunn, W. H. Williamson, 8. M. Thompson,
A Splendid. Sword to he Presented to
[Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Loci*, Mvy 9. .
The officers and soldiers of the 2d brigade
2d division of the ICtb (formerly 13th) army
corps, have purchased a splendid sword,
which they design to present, as soon as
possible, or when convenient, to their late
brave and popular commander, Major Gene
ral R. J. Oglesby. The sword was in the
custody of Capt A. G. Hawes, until Satur
day last, when It was turned over by him to
on appropriate committee in St Louis for
exhibition during the approaching &>/>** f*u
in ttiat Utj.
The sword 'was designed by Mr. J. Q. A.
"Ward, of New York, and reflect* much credit
upon the artist’s genius. The [grasp of the
hilt is a statue of the Goddess of Liberty clad
to the waist in armor, and leaning on a
sword. Her head is covered by one of the
wiigs of the ‘'National Bird* which sur
mount* the whole. This statue is a model
of artistic beauty; the anatomy is perfect,
and the flnish exquisite. The guard is the
American flag wound and connected by cord
and tassel, with the guard-plates, upon
which the General’s mono rram stands oat in
relief. The whole is of gold, and is solid, a*
its weight abundantly testifies, j
Upon the first b:md is a representation of
the wounding of Gen. Oglesby in the battle
of Corinth, fle is represented in bold relief
as he fell from his horse, pierced through
the breast by a minie ball, and supported as
Was the case, by a soldier who was standing
nc; r. His horse, at the same; time being
wounded, is represented In the agonies of
detth. The upper band is surmounted by a
dog’s and a lion’s bead, emblematic of cour
age and fidelity; under which is '.Hercules re
clining upon his clnb. The figures on the
relief ol the upper band are most elaborate
and artistic.
The second band represents a female figure
recording upon a tablet the battles inwnlcb
Ge» . Oglesby has been engaged.! The lower
band delineates a charge of cavalry and also
abi yonct charge. The blade was made by
the Ames Company of Mass., and
is quite unique. It ia of the finest steel, inl
will cut an ordinary aword blade as if it were
wood. ;
Altogether, this is the finest weapon I have
ever seen, and If I may bcliave ,critlcs sup
posed to be competent, it Is tho finest ever
mode In this country. Nearly every soldier
In tie 2d brigade has hie mite Invested in it.
In some of the regiments it was necessary to
limit the subscriptions’to iwenty-flve cents—
so e:igcr were the men to show their affection'
for their beloved commander. The cost of
this splendid sword was about $2,000.
Deelhi of Soldiers at Uttlo Hock’Hos
pital. |
Little Bock, Ark.. April 34,1561.
Report of deaths in the Department of Arkan
sas. ouring the week ending April 23A1831:
Elwood Jennings, B, liih ilich.: Phileton Ilar
srd, do do: U. Allman, E, 62d A. Brown, K,
do: Sila« Johnson, K, 50th Ind.; Joseph 13. Webb.
K, Sd Ark. car.; Cbaa. Clarkson. G, oo do: John
Fisher, A. £d HI. battery; Henry Hunt, L, Merrill's
Bone; William Parack, M, 3d car.; Bchard
Ward, E, do do; John Ulmer, E,ld Iowa; Harri--
son McCoy,!, 16th 111 ; Corp Chaa. Tack, A. Sdlh
Wis.* Henry C. Black! E, 106 th HI,; Brand* M.
UnLilLB, 18th Iowa; Jonathan Ash craft, C, 43d
Ind.; william Kinney, c, Wth HL; Oil Payton,
teamster. Jas. C. Witttktttt.t.,
Surgeon U. S. Y., and Medical Director. Depart
ment of Arkansas.
Little Rock, Ark., April 10,1864.
Reportof deaths in the Department of Arkansas
daring the week ending April 9th, 1864:
Ccrp. Stepnen Churchman, 4th Ark. Cav„ Co. C;
Corp. Alex. W. Beasley, A, do; David AUerbory,
H, ti2d HI. Ini.: James Richardson, C.SUthlowa:
Wm. Burton, A. 77th Ohio; Charles Bailey, U, 3d
Ark. Car.; Marion Cooper, H.tlo; George Adams,
B, do; Henry Whltmere, L do; Bateman. B,
do; Jesse B. Parham, fl, do. ,
_ Jas. C. WmrrarLL,
Surgeon U. 6. V. and 7th A. C.
and Dept, of Arkansas. [
< Little Book, April 17,1861.-
Report of deaths in the Department of Arkan
sas during the week ending April 16tb, IBM:
Joseph B. Lash, co. E, 40th Iowa; John M. Scott,
E,C£dm,; Fayette Meath. G, 12th Mich.; Lyman
Benn. H, MthHL; Geo. H, Nell. M, 3d Mo. art. ;
Silas JohnstomE, 50th Ind.; Joseph Hi Webb, E,
BdArk. car.; Chaa. Clarkson, Q, 8d Ark. car.:
John: Pierce, E, 8d Ark. car.; Huem Looser, E,
Ist lowa cay.; C. H. Payton, teamster.
_ Jas. c. White sill,
Burg. TT. S. T. and Med. Director, .
7th A. C. and Dept, of Aik.
A Bu and HU Wins Struck br Light
[From tie Detroit Advertiser, ®th.]
On Saturday evening a few minutes after 7
°*£l°?. k * * T «7 keen stroke ol lightning
on , M |£hlgan avenue, nearly opposite
Bliodbuiy’e Hotel, killing a woman and very
severely injuring her husband, who were
walking quietly along the street Mr. and
Mrs. Michael Cannelly, the unfortunate ob
jects of the stroke, were passing i quietly
along the avenneonthe side opposite’the
hotel named, when suddenly, a vivid flash
darted down, and immediately Mrs.'Cauuel
ly fell to the pavement She was Qtraight
wey taken into the hotel, hut lived, only a
few seconds, gasping two or three times and
then expiring. Mr. Cannelly was severely
Injured, Having his left shoulder and breast
completely psrflyred. Mrs. Cannelly leaves
a family of four small children, who arc thus
suddenly bereaved. Mr. Cannelly is; a mi
ehlnist InFlowers’ Brass Foundry on Brush
sueet. They had been down to the market
purchasing their provisions for Sunday, and
rartSL 10 the!r home . which 1» at
met with this
Tbe In
A letter from New York city eaye- ;
■Hie ladies’ movement for the curtailment
SJSS®? lnJni^ 8 > In order to atop the efflux
?5.& old ’J, 6 rtt P‘ 4l T extending Itself. a. «
fK. I»rty at the mansion of [one of
merclmn tei in Srth street, near
nf^/ Tenne ’, a neatly printed “pledge"
wee handed around among the ladles to aurn.
thua committing them VuySsXl
the present, any more ellka, aatlna. vxdvets,
l Accfl i or ,°ll ler terelgn luxuries. Of course
everybody atoned it, and when the aaalm-
Wage WEB dispersing the hosteaa announced
that at her next entertainment her enests
would be expected to come, the ladles in
calico, and the gentlemen in saUnetkad cor
duroy. . “ , • |
Cen. Sutler’s Grand Move'
Below wc present a detailed account of the
preliminaries of the gi eat conflict now pend
ing, which wc have complied from various
sources. It relates to matters with Grant,
Butler and Sbcrmsn, and we print them to
gether as ports of one grand plan - of opera
White Shoals. Janes Emm, Ya M 1
ZlfljS, 1304. f
The fleet was fall of excitement lost eve
ning, as orders were received to get under
•way at an early hour this morning. The
naval portion olthe cxpsdltlon was in readi
ness to move on signal; And.we must credit
the .military authorities with being ready
much fcoontrthan'we anticipated and with
a promptitude never excelled in this* or any
other department.. A portion of our. flotilla
was moved np in advance to 1 make urecou
noUsancc, and at the snjno time to ■prevent
the guerillas from harassing the unarmed
transports as they came up. ■
At early dawn the iron-clads, as well as the
rest of the flotilla, hove up their anchors and
started ahead.,... It was a grand sight—such on
one as bos never before been upon
these waters. Five iron-clads and more tnan
a score of vooden vessels makeup our fleet.
We expect before the week has ended to be
able the to show rebels the intention of our
naval demonstration.
At the time of the publication of this let
ter it w ill be no harm to say that the naval
operations are intended to cover the advance
of the army, aud protect it irom sharpshoot
ers aud flying detachmentsjp{- rebel artillery,
which we may rcasonablyexpcct to encoun
ter in our passage np this riverl The forces
of General Entler expect to land on the south
side of the James Hirer. The flotilla will
not only protect the landing, bnt will keep
far enough ahead to prevent the rebels from
annoying the troops daring that operation.
Wc are aware that the rebels have three
iron-dads above Fort Darling, and the com
mander of these vessels may be tempted to
come down aud try their powers with our
vessels. Some persons may think that the
rebels are not aware that wc have any Iron
clads in onr flotilla; bnt we must remind
them that not a vessel has moved here for
some days hut the fact has been immediately
telegraphed to Richmond. Therefore it is
possible that tbe Union iron-clads may not
have an opportunity to sink, disable or cap
tnre the rebel trio. We are itching fora con
test between tbe armored vessels. Ths
coming hours are big with hope and anxiety.
Thousands of hearts are beating fast with
expectation for tbe glorious future. Many
claim ere another week has passed away to
tread the streets of the capital of tbe Con
federacy. Alas! many ofthesebrave fellows
will never see tbe place. The unerring aim
and the deadly bullet of thefbe will lay them
low far this side, of the goal of their ambi
The army transports started with the naval
vefcsele t and by seven o'clock the whole fleet,
consisting of about one hundred vessels,
were on their way up the Jamea River,
About nocn to day the last of the army ves
sels started from Newport News. The gun
hod Mount’Washington came np late in the
afternoon, having two ordnance and coal
schooners in low. The iron-clad Roanoke is
stationed at Newport News as the flagship of
that station, and at the same time ready to
cope with anything that might slip by our
fleet above. I am ot the opinion, however,
that there is no danger of that.
aiovuco nr toe niv.ee—the pbevious feint.
The fleet passed up the river to-day with
out experiencing any annoyance from the
guerillas who were supposed to be dong the
bonks. The whole movement was apparent
ly so unexpected to the rebels that thev were
not prepared for any demonstration in these
waters. They doubtless expected that onr
forces would advance from White House;
for a strong force had been sent up there to
repair the wharves, to fell trees and make a
great show. This was done In broad day
light, and'with a large fleet of transports
evidently awaiting the preparations for dis
embarking. This work was prosecuted with
mat vigor during the day, while some of
the transports were sent still further up the
river, their advance being covered by the
Gen. Butler had given the most positive
orders as soon as darkness set in to re-em
bark every man and make all possible haste
in reaching the rendezvous at Newport News.
This movement was accomplished during the
night, and the whole force was on its way np
the James River shortly after midnight. In
the meantime the rebels, who felt confident
that the advance was to be made by the way
of White House, hastily withdrew tfielrforcca
from the James.River. At the time they
w ere so engaged, Gen. Butler and Admiral
Lee were quietly, quickly and with certainty
advancing to occupy and to hold the ground
just vacated by the unwary rebels. This
whole movement Is full of the most contnm
c ate strategy, and hqp completely thrown
th c enemy off their gutrd. * j
The flotilla is under command of Acting
Rear Admiral 8. P.’Lee, and embraces the
flagship Malvern, five iron clads, twenty gun
boats, ninety-six steamers, forty-two schoon
ers and seventy barges and canal boats.
Fobtbzss lloxbob, May, 4, 18M.
AttiTitj aud auencc pervade everywhere,
.and the furious dashing of orderlies, carrying
messages from headquarters to the different
chiefs of departments, only breaks the appa
rent monotony of the garrison, while a
dreadful qnirtnde is observable In everybody
and everything. The whole sesne betokens
an impending storm, and the set features of
the principal officers and the happy-go-lucky
sort of appearance #f the rank land file arc
only the prelude of the coming struggle.
headquaktebs this evening.
Major General Butler is at his office, sur
rounded by only one or two favorites of his
staff, and is perusing some papers which are
to be disposed of prior to his tafejingthe field.
If he feels the anxiety which only a General
upon whom so great a responsibility rests
can experience, his ontward demeanor does
not indicate it; for his countenance la as se
rene as if he were on the point of attendinga
festive party, instead of going to' the scene of
to lake part in the campaign has been super
vised by Major General W. F.lSmlth, who
medehis headquarters at Xorktown. The
18th Army Corns Is his special command,
with the 10th Corps, under General Q. A.
Gilmore, at present attached to the Depart
ment of Virginia and North Carolina, was
likewise commanded by him until the latter
named officer arrived yesterday! from Port
Bo; ah The 16th. Corps was encamped at
Toiktown, and the 10th at Gloucester Point.
When eveiythlng was In readiness, and the
troorswere properly brigaded and assigned
to divisions, General Butler, held a review,
which proved satisfactory to every one con
cerned. ;
Fobtbzss Monhoe, Hay 5 t 1864.
as witnessed herelast evening, was one of the
meat brilliant grandeur, and equalled only
on one occasion—viz: the rendezvousing of
the Immense fleet fitting out for the capture
of Port BoyaL The night was dear and
beantlfnVand the myriads of lights flashing
from the hundreds of mastheads rivalled the
stars in brilliancy. The water was calm, and
the lazy splashing of the wares on the sandy
beach, occasionally the shrill whistling of
steam-tugs scudding aronnd the harbor with
orders, and the tolling of half-hour bells on
hoard of the naval vessels, were the only
sounds that, disturbed the stillness of the
grand scene.
everything was equally tranqulL .The Com
manding General issued bis orders late in the
afternoon to bis staff, to get in readiness to
accompany him. The flat bad scarcely gone
forth before a large number of horses were'
taken to the wharf; where the headquarters
boat was awaiting the general and staffi The
last meal of these officers in the fort was dis
patched in baste, amid the packing of desks'
and personal effects. When military move
ments take place every one looks out for N0.1,'
. and precious.little time is w&stedjon “out
siders.” .Tetallthe work done was accom
plished in. a quiet, peaceful manrier, and to
the uninitiated the scenes around betokened
more the approach of a holiday than the pre
lude of a bloody and dangerous canipaign.
were issued to the troops atTorktown during
yesterday morning and . afternoon. • All the
boats were sent around to the Toyk River,
asd the embarkation progressed as rapidly as
possible. At dark the first boat (the Meta
more) left Torktown, having Major General
Smith on board, who led oifthe advance.- On
arriving here Gen. Smith called on Gea. But
ler, and bad a short interview with 'him, but
left soonjafter for Newport News. The or
ders issned-to the transports were to report
at the latter place for farther instructions.
During the night the vessels with thelrliviug
freight, anived and passed on to their destin
ation.'; At daybreak this morning only three
or four slow crafts were seen lazily! moving
up towards the James River. |
took place at half-past six o’clock’ this morn
ing. The fine steamer Greyhound, ' Captain
Bamt Martin, "was lying at the wharf all night.
The General aud staff went on board about
three o’clock; hut no one slept, as'tbere was
too much work on hand to be finished, and
more that had to be begun. At *tho bow of
the boat fioated the colors of the 18th army
corps—blue and red wlth a star in the centre
—an (Las the noble vessel gilded out into the
stream* she looked like a thing .of life, and
was moving with ease and grace towards the
James Blver.'
accompanying to the field, consists of the fol
lowing officers: ’ ‘ ' j. ; . •
Colonel J.gWflson Shaffer, Chief of Staff.
Lieutenant Colonel George A Kensett, Inspector
. Lieutenant E. V. Howard, Inspector of Artillery.
Colonel Paine, Volunteer Aid.
Major B. 8, Davis, Assistant Adjutant QeueraL *
Major J. L. Stockpole, Judge Advocate. ■
Dr. Charles HcConniek, Medical Director.
' Captain Francis U. Farqnbar, TJ. 8. A., Chief
Encmcer. .. -. - -
, Captain Alfred P. Puffer, Ald-de-Camp. ;
Captain H. C. Clark. Ald-de-Camp. ;
Captain James P. Shaffer, Aid-de-Camp. *
Lieutenant L. A Manning, Military Secretary.
Brigadier General A. V. Kantz, Chief of
Cavalry, is not with General Butler, but Is to
operate with the mounted troops In another
direction, .
~lsat this moment unknown to us—that is,
the precke locallon where it ifl to land. As
* * tfttc dbcfore, it has gone up the James
juver, out bow far remains yes to be seen.
■•ln a day or two we shall be enabled to give
some idea of its whereabouts, and, we hope,
a satisfactory account of the campaign. Its
u’l’mate doilioailoa is Richmond,
time the rebel capital must succumb to ' the
nnmcroas forces atvancing on its flank}
under the glorious Stars ana Strip?a.
in conjunction with General Butler, are to
he on m grand scale. A day or two ago Rear
Admiral S. P. Lee, commanding the North
Atlantic blockading squadron, transferred
his broad pennant from the flagship Minus
sola to the gunboat Malvern, and returned
to the James river, fils lorce consists of
four Monitors and the captured rebel ram
Atlanta, besides some fiyc or sis double
enters and boats' of lesser calibre. The pro
ceedings ofthis branch of the United States
service will be duly chronicled br a compe
tent correspondent of the RrraJd, detilied
lor that special purpose.
to draw off the enemy’s attention from the
reel point ol attack, was made bj General
Builcr during this .week. The. massing of
troops at Torktowri was a “ blind,” and a
landlcgof a brigade was also effected at West
Point, at the mouth of the Paumunky river,
which must have been duly reported ai
Richmond, and no doubt. had tbo effect to
lead the rebels on in the opinion that another
Penim-nlar campaign was at hand. Before
any battle comes ctf wc shall probably have
a lew more such diversions, and it will bea
matter of great shrewdness on the part of
the enemy to guess where tffe main attack
is to be made.
the phospect of success
Is great. The troops Lave the utmost conH
dtuce In General Butler, and he again in his
men. Surrounded by some of the ablest
military men In the held, the commanding
General enjoys all the advantages of sound'
advice. His own great talents, however, are
sufficient to carry him through almost any
thing, and his knowledge of tactics, learned
by three years’ experience, necessarily makes
him a good soldier and able to conduct the
operations of a campaign. The troops in bis
command are all veterans and soldiers who
have heard the thunders of artillery and roar
of musketry before, and these men will not
flinch in front of the enemy now. With all
these advantages, victory must crown the
efforts of General Butler. His success will
make him the greatest man in the country.
He has staked ms all on the issue, and awaits
the result.
Bebmvda HummuDS. 0?-h Milk and a Half 1
adovb City Point, May G—4p. m. J
baa been most successfully accomplished by
Major General Butler, in moving his large
army from the York River to this place, in
the almost incredible time of ,twenty hours.
From the beading of this letter, you will see
that vre have again obtained a footing almost
within sound of a cannon shot of the rebel
capital, and this time we artf not only iu
hopea of capturing tbe same, but every one
kaa the utmost confidence in tbe result.
I have, described in dispatches which I for
warded from Fortress Monroe, and It is hard
ly necessary for me at this time to say more
on tbe subject. It Is sufficient to state that
everything wot accomplished with the ut
most eecreay and dispatch, and tbe result
shows bow well tbe campaign baa been
was led by Brig. Geo. Graham’s fleet of army
gunboats, of which the Charles Chamberlain
is tbc flagship. The navy followed with the
iron-dads and donble-endcrs, after which
esme the transports, laden down with troops.
The gunboats started from Newport News
on the 4th inst, at’dusk. Just previous to
Gen. Graham reaching City Point, he fell in
with the rebel gunboat Torpedo, which be
chased some distance; bnt owing to its light
draught and Us conductors being familiar
with every creek and bayou of the James
River, the rebel gunboat escaped capture.
a rebel signal station was obi erred operat
ing at lull blast. The signal officer was wav
ing bia flag to bis pmrtuer at City Point. Our
signal officer was called npon to Interpret
tbc signals, and as near as be could decipher,
it meant whether there was anything new
from Richmond- The navy was colled upon
to fire at this officer, but no response was
given, except that they bad orders not to
a portion of General WiW’e colored troops
were sent on shore, and found the place de
serted. Two regiment* were left there to
gurrieon the place. Bad the rebel* been
aware of our coming that way this point of
fered facilities (or a most determined oppo
sition. As it was, however, not a seal was
to be seen at the fort or in it* vicinity—not
even a guerilla.
we met the steamer New York, lag of truce
boat, In charge of Major John E. Molford,
having on board 400 rebel prisoners, who
were taken up on the 4th instant* and had
not yet been delivered to the rebel authori
ties. At this plaee General Butler** head
quarters boat, the steamer Greyhound, led
tbc advance* closely followed by-Gen. Ed. \V.
Hick*, with his colored division. It was
now nearly dark, and as the transports arriv
ed they were sent ahead*
. One mile and a half above City Point 1* a
small place called Bermuda Hundred*, *ltn
ated In Chesterfield county, Va. The banks
ot tbc river at this place arc nearly level with
the water, and no bluffs in the .vicinity. On
reaching the Point, orders were issued for
the immediate construction of a wharf; wuich
consisted oi a patent arrangement, invented
by Capk Andrew Ainsworth,Master of Trans
portation of this department In a very
short time traops were landed, and skirmish
ers thrown out to guard against surprise,
uinks’ division of colored troops
led the advance into the country, and bivou
acked several miles from the place of disem
barkation. In the meantime the remaining
forces were rushed ashore as lust as possible
and disposed oi ia the most advantageous lo
calities. The entire arrangements were su
perintended personally by' Gen. Butler,- and
performed to his utmost satisfaction.
la all that can be desired. The atom of
Mcadsj night was ol the utmost importance
min) log the dust, and the roads are in the
very best condition. The nights are balmy
and cheerful, and although the sun pours
down his rays somewhat strongly in the day
time, yet the weather, In the main, is all that
can be desired for a campaign.
Is ihe very best. Irabucd with confidence in
their leaders and the prospect of success,
thiy observe that Ircoand-eoay devil-may
care appearance so natural to veteran sol
ok re who tight for a good and holy cause.
Their watchword la onward, and all they de
sire is to receive orders to advance, and they
are ready. lUcbmond is in danger. • The
colored troops remember the horrid massa
cres ol their brethren at Fort Pillow and
Phmonlb, and will stop at‘nothing to
avinge the atrocious cruelties of an unscru
pulous foe.
occurred at City Point. As onr fleet advanc
ed up the Janies river, and when near the
last named place, a rebel signal station was
observed. The officer in charge was waving
his flag furiously, making signals to some
one near by. As the fleet approached this
’official made tracks for a safe location. A
Butternut, plowing in the vicinity, also ob
served onr troops coming along, and after
gazing on the wondrous array, of ‘•’Yankee
troops for some time, he dropped hU farming
implements and skedaddled in a hurry.
Kbwtort News, T*., May 2,1M1.
Ihe Iron-clad feet is to proceed np the
river at'once. Fighting Is eagerly antici
pat td and hoped for, and the fleet Is all ready
lor immediate action. 1
The Tecum set dropped anchor off Fortress
Monroe at a quarter to 6 p. m. on Thursday,
April 27, after a very steady and successful
run of less than forty-eight hours! from the
anchorage inside of Sandy Hook. On Friday
morning she again got under way,| and-came
to no anchor at the mouth of James nver,
within sight of the wreck ol the gallant bat
111-lated Congress. Daring the passage down
the coast she was blessed with most favora
ble weather, Tight breezes and a [moderate
sea prevailing throughout the trip,; The en
gines and boilers worked smoothly and well,
apt coring to give entire satisfaction to.tho
able chief engineer, Mr. Faron,j and his
corps of assistant officers.
The Monitor class of iron-clad is unques
tionably a most uncomfortable vessel for her
ere w in any kind of work ontside-of smooth
water; for, notwithstanding the favorable
circumstances under which she made the ma
from New York, the trip was extremely un
pleasant and trying to the ship’s' company,
with her stores aboard and cool bunkers
filled, the deck of a vessel of this description
is but a foot or eighteen inches above the
water. Consequently, while atcamingahead,
every hatchway and skylight must be batten
ed down, as the seas continually 'overflow
her decks eves during such moderate weath
er as we eroericnced. Thus all bonds are
Eenned up within very close warm Quarters,
elow the water line, with no egress from
the bowels of their Iron home save by way of
the narrow ladders and hatchways of the tur
ret. This of itaelf, as a consequence of abso
lute necessity, has ol course to be borne with
as best It can; but unfortunately the deck,
with its nine Inches thickness of oakandiron
plating over that, proved so extremely leaky
as to defy all attempts to stop the streams of
’water from rushing through. The officers
showed a praiseworthy desire to do every
thing in their power to render the men as
comtortable as circumstances would ’ admit;
but the discomfort experienced by the ship’s
company may he imagined when I state that
the berth deck is less than twenty-five feet
square iu the clear; that within its’ narrow
limits some sixty or seventy men have to eat,
live and sleep, and that during the whole of
the passage the water was continually
streaming- down upon them through leaks'
Doubtless the weight of material used in
constructing these vessels pats a great strain
upon the deck timbers as they forge their
way through the waters; but most decidedly
some plan should be adopted before‘laving
on the deck plates to render their timbers
somewhat less leaky than a sieve.- 'Barely
American mechanical genios is sufficiently
inventive to devise remedying this
Off Newport Iftws were also the Iron*
clads Atlanta, Raanoke and Onondaga. These
vessels, with the Tecumeeh, form a power
ful fleet on this classic battle field for iron
dads. The numerous reports in circulation
respecting the intended operations of the
Richmond fleet of rebel rams render a strong
force on this station nn aot of sound policy,
if not a case of absolute necessity. • Fore
warned, forearmed. We heeded not the ru
mors relative to the original Merrimac; and
history has recorded in bloody characters the
fearful cost of our neglect. .
A strong force retained in the waters of the
J&mes River will effectually checkmate any
rebel operations in this quarter and bb in a
position t# co-operate with General Grant In
bis contemplated movement for capturing
tbe rebel capital, crushing out this diabolical
rebellion, and insuring a final and glorious
triumph to the national cause. \
A United Staten Supreme Court Judge
Icnoren tbo Existence or tlie State ol
West Virginia. m >r
1 Mabutbas, Ten*., May 5.
Aliltle' excitement was created lu 1-gal
circles in this city, yesterday, by Judge Lst
ircn, of iiieUui:td’SU»€s Supreme Con t,
who is balding Circuit Court in thcUoite-r
Littles Court rocui. An attorney was read
ing » declaration, Betting forth tear. ‘one
John Doe: a ci'izeu of West Virginia——
“Stop ” said Judge Catron. »
The qfterney h died. , , _ ,
“Bead that again,” continued the Judge.
“John 800, a citizen of West Virginia--”
“I know of no such State as that ” again
interrupted tho Judge; strike oat the word
West, helorc Virginia.” a -
The pleading was amended according!*,
end duly filed.
. I am.no lawyer;, but this {docs appear to
me a strarge proceeding There was.no plea
to the Jurisdiction of the court; nodemurrer
to the declaration'; yet the Judge thns abrupt
ly interferes, overriding a solemn act ofCon
grees, before itsconstitutionality was colled
in question. ' •
EgTCopt Sylranus Cobb, jr., the popular
tale writer, is in command of a company
from Norway, Maine, now doing garrison
duty at the Kittery (Me.) Fort
Tuesday EvakiNO, M»y Iff, 1831.
The demind for money Is as brisk as ever to-day,
no*wllh»t*odioy the prei-nt apathy la mercantile cl?-
cits. Holden ol produce at wlie marslai, by tbs
CTcnlatracsptrlDs on tbe Potomac, find It necessary
to continually enlarge ibelr markka, or sell ot & severs
Icis. They continue to choose tbe former hern of lbs
dilemma; but we think they will find the other boro
theaafer and more popular one In a few days. We
have faith In Grant, and think he hasjutt commeocid
a big Job, the completion of which will establish hU
portion as amaster workman -we might say Vie maa
ter workman—ln hit Hue.-If he docs so. then good
bye to star prices. If It were not for the pretnoaltlre
victims we hare named, the supply of money would
ue abut dant, and the apprehension that many fed,—
no dcubt serknaly—ln view of the change In our cur
rency, that some aort of s panic msy roach us, would
be entirely relieved.
The exchange market has experienced little cr no
change to-day. Tbe rate established by tne bankers
on Saturday night la not generally adhered to. Wo
believe that most of the larger bankers continue to
sell at H to tbetrbeat customers, and very rarely take
more under an} circumstances. Tbeyeemettvcsbare
t«p»y aluost the selling price to get a heeded sup
ply, but a fair nominal quotation Is 23QSC cents.
Tbe gold market In Sew York has boon steady to
day at veil ere! £,’• closing quotations, there being lit
tle or no information from the Potomac battle fields,
beyoadwbat vasbefbre the public yesterday. The
following U tbe raage, hs telegraphed to Jaxes Boyd,
Esq..SSClark street:. 10 a. m-iCS#: lUI-157K; 13
ns—ltßK> closlag at the second board at 183. The
market here wat steady at 1350166, with quite large
transactions. Fear of Grant’s prowess creates a de
sire In the hearts of holders to sell at tbe present quo
tations, decidedly fearing a decline; but hoping for an
advance. Silver is dull at 155. Legal Tender Jfotee
are very plenty notwithstanding ; lhe exertions of
many to create fears tnat not enough could be per
suaded into the city of Chicago, pnfler any circum
stances, to supply one-half, or even one-quarter the
monetary necessities of our cl>y. The buying rate la
K- selling %; round lota could be had. Government
1-20 bends urc in demand—buying IQjJf; seUlnj 1050
—Farther action in regard to currency matters,
which took place la the Board of Trade to-day, will
be found more folly developed on oar fourth page la
city milters* ;
—The measure# wblcb Mr. Secretary Chise, rumor
lays, Intended to adopt, with a view to lesson th j do
predation of the currency, bare not yet taken official
abap*. Itla said, however, In well Irformedcircles,
that be Intends to Inns no more five per cent, leg&l
--tenders, and that those which are in circulation will
be. at-soon as posable, colled in and cancelled. The
mefci ec inet t financial authorities era la favor of the
wine of stven per coat Treetary notes la place Of
these five pti cent legal-traders: or these five per
cents, It Is argued, could be converted into scyou per
cents* by teirg official!* stamped at the Sab-Treasary.
Sack notes, If authorized, could be emitted at par la
rmouata sufficient to supply the urgent demands of
tt e Treasury, sid they would not incats the currency
inasmuch as they matt be held as investments, and
would not be made legal tender for debts. It has,
however, been printed oat that whatever measures
are decided on there Is need of their Immediate adop
tion; for the notes of the new National Banks arc in
creasing, and now exceed fifteen n-U’lons of dollars;
moreover, *n the first of Jnno next, ons hundred aad
fifteen millions of two-year five per cent: Treasury
nates will become legal tender currency, os they will
then lot* their first coupons, •
Cmoxe* .and Alton lUiLitOiDCekrANr.—Weekly
statement of earnings for the week ending May 7th,
IMS, isai.
.*10,583 83 (18A31A9
. *1,710.91 JJ.7H.H
. 1.65&23 1,471.34
_ Total *33,98849 *33.713.55
laereaae over 1863 4,72446
. Galena and Crnciao Union Hazlboas Couvakt
—Earnings for the week eiding May 8:
1973. 1361.
>*l2-5?2-g» JW.SB.3S
• ij-ara
. 14M.00 1,350.91
Freight... .
Malls, Ac...
Total..--. *39.795.66 *14,13146
lacreate,lß6l It,ish2e
Tint Now Tabitv.—Secretary Cbue has sent the
following clrcelar to Collectors of customs:
Tekasuet Dkfartnsnt, May 5,1834.
In new of ncmercae Inquiries as to the time when
the recent enactment Increasing duties on. Imports
went Into operation, the following Instruction la pub
lished lor the government of collecting officers-
The Joint resdlatlou of April 29ih, enacllngthe In
crease, look effect rromlts pamse, and it has been
Juatclafly decided, by the Supreme Court of the
IJaited btates* that nnocr acts increasing duties from
and alter their passage, the Increase provided fer
takes effect on the day ofpassase. The Secretary Is
constrained, therefore, to hold that the increise re
quired by thf Joint resolution took effect on the 29th
•t April, and consequently that all persons who have
paid duties at former rates on that or any following
day. are liable to par the additional fifty per cent.
All Collectors, atdall Surveyore charged with tho
collection of customs, will b« governed aecordlnjclv.
8! P.
Secretary of tho Treasury.
New Toes Stock Mascot.—Closing prices tor cub.
received by F. G. Scltnostall & Co., commission stock
ax.cS bond brokers, 24Clark etreet, Chicago:
Htß'd. 3dß*d.
*. r. c .i»x nsk
C 51H M
Brio fCOC2.)...JfSX 109K
Kileprfd IC*V 107
c. k. r i(6
U.d. (com.).. 9;U Bi
11. 5.(atd)..;.!54 151
r.r.w.*c..utH m
M.C ...186 133
C. A Sl, (com.) b8 ....
_ , ;l« B’lMß'd.
Barl«o«.*....*AS 240
Saicaautar... M 70
Une»oa Kiver 188?' 137
Tol.ilV.(pfd). 7*3f TO*
UL 6 per cent,
war loan Ms.lol ....
,M° coboojuU*
U. S, 6 ? CBBt.
c.*A.(pxd). es !!!.’
Gilena -.116 118
O. 8.7M01...110
O. s.ijr.cn..ftsK ....
AmerlcanGcld IMX 168
Ij; 2nd Dosed, itroag.
m C«n*ra....m lU\
C- 3. t Q.....129K 129
J'jlbkix—lst Board, Bteac
Tms'DAY Evxxnro, May 10.
TtXKLT nsvixw—The week Just closing has been
of vital Importance In the history of oar country. The
army of the Potomac, nader command of the unflinch
ing Grant, has made d brilliant movement on the
Pei Insular chess-board, and the rebel General Lee
ha* been bandiomely checkmated. Gold has natural
ly been on the dec lac, to the disgust of the Copper
herd gamblers In Wall street, and greenback: hare ap
preciated 13 per cent—Gold ciaslng to-day at 163
aga'nst ISI this day week. Asa natural consequence,
nearly all articles of prodnec bare sympathized, and
prices to-dsy show a material depreciation, as com
pared with last week. Flour has declined [email protected])c per
brl, Wheat Bfi9c per bn. Corn, on the contrary, has
rulfd comparatively steady, and varied but little
either way. Oau are le higher, owing to the large
demand for army purposes. Bye la ic higher, and
Barley shows an Improvement of 60 on the week.
The se two articles are scarce. (
•' The followtoe title shcira the produce moremcat*
Btcxnrs ros pastS* houm
4,7091 Lard
I Ta»ow
Hogs I
RTr7/^.’.'.'.'.V.V.V.'J!r'’'isl Cattle...
Barley., a.. 551 Hide 5.......
Grm» Beed 6,708 fltghwlaee....
Flax Beed 5.608 Baft !,
Cut Meats 12W601 Batter.
F0nt........ 825|
KWBI Pork...
83,523 Lard...
0»,1« Tallow.
Lire Hoffi.’,
GnoeHccd 24.4C0 Cattle UJB
B. torn Hide* lei.Stt
Cut Meats 315.23* Hlshwlou 300
Beer. ............ 615 Salt... > 4,128
There was a good attendance on ’Chaage to-day hot
owing to less favorable advices from Jiew York and
a fmtber decline in gold, the’leading brsad-stuffs and
provision markets were dull and easier. Shippers are
entirely ont of the market, and speculators are bold*
mg off until definite news Is received from the field of
bati aln Virginia. The transactions are hence almost
entirely on account of " short sellers."
There was no movement of any amount In Floor,
and the market ruled doll and nominally 10<315c low*
er: and in order to effect tales, holders wonld have to
anhnlt to a greater depreciation. The sales foot up
some I,loobble at |5 JO for red winter extras, and SSJO
<#6,(o for soring extras. Inclnded In the latter wore
l,#*bhls(partyesterday) efafavorite brand atssJo
from second hands.
The demand for Wheat was limited—mostly on ac
count of “short sellers "—and the market'shows a
farther depreciation ol since this close of
•Change yesterday. Ahopt 121,000 bn changed hands
at $1.16*1.17 for No 1 Spring In store, $1.*.4d1.15f0r
No 2 Spring m store, and SI.OO for Rejected—the mar
ket closing dull at the inside figure*.
Tie market for Com ruled qnlet bnt lira at yester
day'* quotations, and we note sales of 50,000htt at 90c
for No 1 New Cora; M*97c for No 2 New; sl.osfor
- mixed Old and Yellow to. b.; $1.02 for choice Canal
Corn afloat.and&ijfc for New Canal Cora aflaaf.
Oats ruled very doll and the market shows a decline
of fully le on the closing prices on ’Change yester
day. The sales foot npSS.OOO ha at«7(S63c for No 1
Oata In store; 66c for No 2 Oats and 60c lor Rejected—
closing dull atOTKcfhrNol.
Bye Is scarce and In geod demand at an advance ol
le V bn—sales of N 0.1 being made at $1.25 in store.
There Is a good demand for Barley, bat the market
Is bare ol offerings. No. 3ls firm and nominal at 11.35
The market for Hlghwlnes was unusually dull and
nominally 105 c lower. The only sale reported was
- The Provision market Is very doll. Hess Pork Is
doll and nominal at [email protected] Prime Mqss is also
nominal at |2« 00. Bulkiest* are scarce and nominal
at ISKOUcfor Hams; UK®UVc for Sides; and
like lor Shoulder*. Lard was hear/and doll, with
Bales of 200 trea city steam at 13c.
Grass Seeds art doll and nominal at 9730 for Clover
and #[email protected] for Timothy. There Is a good Inquiry
for Flax Seed, and the market Is firm at $2 for
good croshlof.
■ Freights were In good demand and steady, with
seven engagements at 7c for corn and 7>sw for wheat
to Buffalo; lie for com to Oswego; lS)*c for wheat to
Ogdensbnrg; and 130 for wheat to Kingston, vessel to
load at Milwaukee. .
In Beef Cattle the market b&i bean unusually tnac.
tire, owing to the smallncia of the supply, The
entered talas amount to 282 head at pf©.
rloua Quotation! Gnu and unchanged.
.In Boga there has bees no improvement In the pre.
vions dullness and depression of the market. Prices
are easier with a downward tendency. Entered sales
747 head, at mostly at .K gross.
New York Grocery Market.
[K. T. Shipping List, May 7,18& L]
Corns—The market Is almost at a stand, the polit
ical events of tbe day, to connection with the Increas-
Sz stock and the decline to gold and exchange, tend
gto diminish the demand and reader quotations
rather nominal. 1& the meantime, however, it should
be remarked that the stock Is to few hands, and held
with much tenacity for extremevalnatlons—hence the
variance between buyer and seller, and the dollneas
or the market.* The transactions Include 2jbo ban
Rio, ex Palme, at Baltimore, to New York parties, at
4!c. cash t aid 8.260 at Philadelphia, half
the cargo per White Wing, «csLKB Rio, here 43)*®-
46c: ICKTmats tfava, to Boston, 52c then; and 1M bags
and mats, here, 50c, Amos.
Import, from January Ist to April 99th, 1564
From. Foreign Ports..il..?.•■• Pkgs 221,279
Coastwise Ports 2,109
Tptal,: .' .'....pkgs 276353
Same time. 1863.. 1t5,637
MoLAfiaxs—The market has become unite doll, and
prices must be qnoted 2®sc 4* ej! lower, closing
•rather unsettled; The Bales are 87 hhds PortoElcoat
Kcoil.tt; 48 NueyiUSi 96; TIS hhfc TO tes, 60 brie and
to hfdo Cuba Vopcoraio, part SDaSte; WS tabSsasd
SR tea Clayed Cab*. 7£c: at»n lObrto old Pew O-tcatt’.
C 8 .4 mas, Bj accuon, 50 Ulida Cab* Bcgsr ilonse sold
at Wfc, i mos.
Import Crem April Ist to SOtta—
From Foreign Pc*rt»...
Coastwise Ports.
Total 5VSfi 2.1??
Same time, 1863 10,050 909 22,<131
Import itoci Jan. Ist to AprilSOth—
Ilhda. Tea. Brls.
233 M 3.213 4,'> A
3,H4 167 48,3't
Fi cm Foreign Porta...
Coastwise Porta.
Same 2,’ui 67,259
Riot—This article, ll>e almost all others. is ao?
s'r.c*,oed oxlcesare feebly support**!. The stles&re
£6O tce> Raogoon and Arrac.tn at J10.7M311.'*; SO®
do Slam, ti.O'j; and bCO co Eanzoon, in bond, JS.i’O
Import, Jan. Ist to April Wth—
Foreign and domestic
. Spiers—Have been Inactive since our lau. and
prices have favored bny«r?. The sMee are 3 ca*es Ko
l Notmfasftt 81.-11J4: IrS-'Shagi Pepper, and
In einslUoU 44c; Si» do, la bond 2Sc;tO do Pimento,
Kc; ]OO do Race (Closer,4sc; sad small lota Casals.
B.tc; sad CToves.OXSStc, cash.
Import, from January lat to April BSlb,lß3t—
xiom foreign ar d Pepper, Pimento
coastwise porta bass 3.T39 h/<O9
£d«ai^—The market ha* been slack since our 'as:,
and, with only s moderate business, prices have fallen
off oae-auarierof scent per lb. closing unsettled ant
doll. Iteflned, too. la lower and Irrezmar; we quote
other then Smart's. Hard 2t£®S3c; Sofi TThlte 2v®
21c; and Tellow ISfliOc, cash. The sties of Biwure
J.“Ebbds Ccbaat i2&ftl7Xc; lociatlfleddosttfc;
21? Porto Elco At l?®l9Kc: Cbhds Kites and-113 brls
Bartadois at I6**c; 62 bbds N*w Orleans at 17j;3
I9l<c; 15 brls O. Cistern Bottom a*. Tic, cast* r a
boxes Harannaat *s'4
<«lCc;»ndßls do./or export. At lo>fc, cash in b md.
The stock yesttrday was aboct 56X00 hud*. 10,000 bis,
77.G0 bags SDjrar. and 2Cohbds Melado. Dy auction.
2iC boxes Ilarnna.aamsEcd, aoldatUHSUtfc.caab.
Impor,April Ist to2oib,iSM
Bhds. i Bn. Bsga.
From Forelgt Ports....SßJX)l *16,645 1,479
Cosetwlse Ports Ifi&i • 83 ....
Total 40391- lfi,7« 1,479
Esmo time, 1863 21, US 2,501 4?3<4
Import, Jan. Ist to April SOlh—
Hbds. Brls. Batts.
Frcm Foreign P0rt5....53318 29,021 50,215.
Coastwise Pvrts 20,211 :,oe» sis
.79.157 29. ICS 50.754
Same timV,*itts..***.*.V.®7‘,7BS 273U ■ ©,3'B
Tsa—The market nntll Wednesday and Thursday
was a’ack and easier. Influenced bv the pending oo-
Iltlcal events of tbe day, sa well as tbe decline in zuld
tad exchange,theugb. as a general thine, holders re
mslcsc firm. Teeterday, however, there was more
leqnltT for Oolonc, In view of tbe decision of tbe Sec
retary el tbe Treasury, that the new tariff went into
opcratlm2Ethult., by which recent importations, to
lb* extent of 75,CU» hr chests, fincloclness.o’u which
bad already passed the cnstom-housß', became subject
to tbe additional cuty of about ihc pa. i'he rales
are 10,425 bf chceta Oolong. 259 Green, and 1350 Uncot-'
or-d and Colored Japan, mostly the former o portion
at i retty nearly previous rates, but the bulk at some
reduction in values.
For Iho Week Ending Tuesday, May 10,
Tubsdat Kvuanro.May 10.
thVbvcmits or lubbsb, amsexma, latb xtc„
lows: .
Lumber, ft 9,312,090
9h)DClff,No 4,M*.,0C0
Lath, tCf 1,217,003
Timber, ft izs.cao
Tostß.No ; 27,230
LUMBEII—The receipts of Lumber darlcg the past
week amounted to 9,319,C00 ■ fret—an .increase of
SEf.COO feet over the receipts of the week prerloiir. Tn
ccmpariiou with xectlptiof the corresponding week
ofla«t year It shows.an Increase ef 9.C6ofeet. .The
demand during the week has been unusually active,
particularly for the better class of cargoes, sad the
msrketrnledfln* at an advise* of tally 50®?flcpar M
over the closing quotations of Inst week. Notwith
standing that the receipts have been what would usu
ally be called liberal, they are far from bcloz adequate
to the demand, and dealers experience a treat deal of
difficulty In filling orders, toms of which ore near'y
a month on the market. This Is more particularly
the ca e with orders for i trips, frncmg andfloorla;,
all of which aitlchs are scarce. The fleet from Mus
kegon, which was expected to strive a day or two
ago, hat not jet started—the state'of the harbor at
that pert being so bad t}iat vessels cannot pass out
laden, owing to the accumulations, or the''bar,** at
the nouth of the Muskegon Blrer.; There have been
very few arrivals to-day, owing to the tcrplflc gait
which swept aver here last night, and it will be folly
two days, at least, before any of the east chore fleet
will Mae to hand. The arrlvala from Green Bay and
Eagmaw have as far been light* bnt within two or
thtee weeks, at farthest, we may look for Increased
receipts from tkoso quarters.
SHINGLES—TLo receipts of Shingles daring the
past week has been liberal—nearly doable those of
the week previous—ant owing to a good demand the
market has ruled lira and active. ,
T-ATTI—Ti in good demand aud firm.
We not* the following cargo sales ,of Lumbir, Bbm
glcsandLatb daring the week: i
Cargo schrßsesech.from Borland 4 Dean's Mills
100,t to feet lumber, h*!f strips,at aiD.OO.and i ;i jO y*ti
at 18c: cargo schr Minnesota, from Peterson's Mills,
Green Bay, ICO,COO fret rather rduijh Ocpere lumber,
at 517.C0, ana ICC.OOO lath at *410; cargo aefer W.
Sanderson, from Canada, 700.0C0 poor lath, at *3.73;
cat?* acbr Wallace, told by A. Carter, from Kalama
zoo. 470.M51 fswed »hic>h«,at 15.90; cargo schr Car
rie Woodford, soli by A.Carter,S*,#W feet Johcsan’s
lumber, at *l7 90, S43.CKO sawed sblnglet at
cargo icbr Daws, sold by A. Carter, nom Ealama
ice, 53,W0 feet Bean Creek lumber, ■cuMlit'g and
Joists,sl*!sAo; 40,(W foet lumber rafted, boards and
Bcantilßcr,at *17.23; cargo of scow ACd». sold by A.
Carter, from Kalamazoo, CO,COO feet Johnson’s lumber,
mill run, sines and icantllngs, at *i7,'-C: cargo of schr
Challenge, sold by Tructdcll. irom Kalamazoo. 38,000
feet Moore’s Mill lumber mixed. at *18.50 : 257,000 saw
ed shingles at *3.50; cargo sebr K*whall, sold by Irish
& Fuller, from Grand ilaren. 40,000 feet mltel ratted
at fUi.73; balance of carga, 7C.66U feel, at *77.09: part
rsrgoscbr Colonel Grover, sold by Irish 6 Fuller,
from Grand Haven, deck load calls, at *9.00; cargo
of schr Northerner. from Stockbridte’s Milts, Kala
mazoo. fO.OCO feet half strips, at *1SJ10; sargn schoon
er Coß.mencsmcut. sold oy Brewster, from Holland,
CO.COO feet joists and scantlings, at ; ,4X1,009
city made sawed aclncles, delivered on cars, at *L3S;
Cargo schr. Arrow, fremKalamaroo. told by aoojh
t«iucg t 65,r(0 feet, half strips, balance mixed, from
Kheldon’t) mills, at ÜB-W); cargo eebr. Warren, from
Black Lake, (bid by John Garrick, 60.00*) feet coarse
on p. t.; cargo schr. Spencer, from Duck Lake, sold
by C. Mean, w,U-0 feet, three-fourths stripe, at *19.50;
i art cargo propeller Backus, from Gnnm Hirer, sold
Vy Join Garrick 70,000 feet rafted, mostly strips, at
5;7.C0: cargo schr. albatross, from Spalding’s mills.
MecemlDee, 177.000 feet, eighty per cent s’rlos. at
ttCJO; cargo schr. Levant, from llanlatee, sold bv R.
iU Bickford, 120,003 leet. mixed cargo, at *13.00.
cargo sebr Calcutta, sold by A. Carter, from Kal*.
luazoo. 50,660 fret coarse rafted pint lumber, at *1540;
caieo sebr Albany, from Grand Hirer, sold by Imh A
> 01kr.75.C0P fret mixed, half strips, rafted, at *17.50;
cargosckrCbaileDce.from Kalamazoo.sola Oy Tract-
Cell. 60,060 feet brltbt lumber, half strips, at *16.50;
er'rgo sebr Mitchell, irom Menomlaee.solrt htH,K.
I ickfcod.lW.om feet, twn-tblrdsstrips,at *l3.oo;car
go schr Japan, from Manistee. so<d by It. K. blckford,
llvVOJfeet,bait strips.sem-e timber, at |lS.oo;part
cargo schr P. Hayden, from Grand Blver,sal iby ufrh
& Fuller.as/co feet oak mixed, mostly plant, at
•<■2.00; >old by Blanchard, to arrive. 300,000 fret ordi
nary mill-run lumber, from Borland 4 Dean’s mills, to
be rellverrd To June, at *18.60. *
To-dat—Tlie Bales were Cargo uchr Westchester,
frrm Grand Hirer, sold br Irish £ Fuller. 5-.) m nixed
at 517.C0, sndßom fair mill-run at SIS.OO j cargo schr
T«mpest, from Kalamazoo, by A. Carter. 60 m Joists
at d scantling al lISAO, and &u m Sawed A at
Jn tbe yards there Is a reryaettre demand, aid the
market rule* firm without any material change alaee
our last review. Dealers haro great difficulty In inl
ine orders, many of which are fully one behind, ow.
log to the scarcity of tbe better qualities of strips,
fencing and flooring. There Is no Lumber yet being
plied in the yards. (
We quote yard prices as follows:
Lnmxn—Tim Clear, 91,000 feet. (tsxogjaoxo
Seconddear. * JAXOattbOO
Iblrt Clear. •* 35.00^38.00
Stock Boards. 29X1X3*47/0
Box or Select Boards iV^23.00
Common Boards, dry CO
£<ncln*... isxoawxo
Call Boards u.00,a
First Clear Flooring, rough ss Oftatt 00
Second Clear Flooring, rough..ac.OCtaiaxc
Common Flooring, rough au’Csae.OG
Siding Clear, dressed,. .T. NX**
Second dear 20.oj^>>j»
Common do 17X0«T6W)
Lone Jotata 2iJwa2BXo
Shingles, A. VII 1..! 4XO®4XS
Pbayedßhliji:le«,ho. 1 4/o
Cedar Shingles ~,, 3.socs 5.75
Sawed Shingles, A 4.o>a j/a
Sawed Shingles, No. 1. 4 so
Lsth.vLKopcs :::::
Poets, v LWO 11.00318X0
Kcken is.oosnxß
Tussdat Braimra. May 10,19 M.
BEEF CATTLE—Received, at the various yards
about 400 head of Beef Cattle. Entered sales 232 head
at $3X0(36.45per 100 ns.- With the extremely limited
receipts there bss been no indneement for buyers to
attend. The amonntofbusiness donehas consequent
ly been as limited as It well con|d be. There appears
to be mo decline In the'previous active demand for
good shipping grades both on array account and for
the eastern markets. Onr previous quotations are
firmer and unchanged.
.. 9,018
. 1387
. 9311
Seller*. • Boyers. Wo. At. Price.
Gregory 'W»xall 8 US7. *3.75
J.Adaa*.' Ferrl* 17 813 330
Blackburn McGraw 7 • : 937 5.50
. 2,091
. .17.610
DOGS—Received to.day about 009 bpe*. Entered
ules 747 bead, at SS&d&9S mostly at per 100
Bs. There has been do Improvement on the previous
quotations of the market, prices rule cosy. Several
rather laree lots remain unsold, owners bolding them
at higher prices than buyers are disposed to give.
fallen. Buj-en. No. ; At. Price.
Btrsder M.Tabor 70 • 131 *1,75
'do co*.. .... 55 150 5.50
Gregory. do.„ 27 13a 5.53
BtewsrU. Stereo?.*, ,1U 133 593
Jonea.-... Denman 150 iw 6so
AU sales of Grain reported in ffiU mart* report are
on o hast* of 1c ilcruge per OusAel, unless otherwise
etaUA. Flour it eold delivered unieeeoUterwieeetatod.
Tuesday Brsnxe. Hay 10,101.
FREIGHTS—Lake Fbhobts—There baa been a
great scarcity of grain freights doting the past week,
and rates have declined 2cTP bushel since toe data of
our last weekly rerlaw. In the present unsettled con
dition of money affairs, there is very little disposition
to chip grain, and hence the dullness in freights.
To-day there.was hut a limited inquiry for vessels,
ard rates were unchanged. The engagements were
To BDFFAro-Schrs. E. C. Roberts and sc. Lawrence,
with corn, at 7c; hark M. R, Qoffe.wltb wheat, at 7Ke
To Kibobtow—Schr. Perseverance, (to load at HU
owenkee) with wheat, at 15c. To OoDMSurr.QTi-
Schr.LncyJ. Latham, with wheat, atlSUc. To Os
wigo—A standard vessel, with corn, at Do
“Lake and Raid’’ Fenianra—Toe propeller lines
a °° l ° w York « »UO, .nS to Boston
B«il»oa»F»bioht9—There is no change in Rail'
wad rates since the close of oar last Weekly i^Vlew-
To How Tort, HI ran ’’'vjj
• „ ** ..»U ana Lake Bne c.» ijo
Toßcston,allrail..... • J*S
“_ “ rail and Lake fine "V-a IS
Jo Portland, all pal! ' { S fS
To Montreal, all rail ijff
To Buffalo, all rail Oiat< o!sa
J* „ - rail and Lake Erte 1 teiaw- 875
ToDalttmore all rail 07V 4 vS
4.?MH8? , 15.” 1 5“ ,l f >a P r l W»’Hfu - ! shipped to*
5?7* • “ rla - Recelred last week, 3S.SBi brla«
tfto. Tie market er Floor
S2 r JfA.. PfIBti 1 Bt i7 e ®£ exceedlnsly dull, and
SfcSSaa^^S?®? so ® 6oß * brt on Spring extras.
c QW foter grades. TTie boldere of Winter
«H e »hls^ n » dS M ir ® “S 1 generally efferlug their 1 locks.
ffiLH^ q i aot t tioaß K*! 01 Wln * deeree nominal—the
rdlr 9 n , mide chiefly to fIU orders for partfc
extras,are depressed anddml
hB6«« me z’m t £T adea are offered at |6J», without
«o s p. dnS^h"°TOh: ’ >,e
OAH.T tillsexcrioaerrr txofbnvsnro the wjtgg
Date. Briseoff'SSf*” : fJ-W
“y s---iss **&■
■• ra fM ;;|:; |sg«
Mtlls , *red winter at *{.so: 50 bbl<i *• Derwent*
foliowlDßutnoshows the closlm pifias In this
D'aan White fxteus..',,";,'| I^Sgf-Sg
Ked Winter extras «
Wlnterenpertne ** S‘5S?2’S2
Spring extras, very cnolce I".*** sIS?HS
io dS ffio'Yood"-
Corn Meai—
and the market Is nominal a; the SloWtog quota-
* 98,584 bushels. The movement* of
h t 2 > l^ n t eq,ieDt decline in gold, had greatly
SS£2!S? *hS and we note a decline la,
fl™ ° r B^3c per bushel. The shipper*
«KaM 2LS°&RS , i®U B « and **«« u “I* 0
Ksts2^K , ?f < S ift “ Te demand. The following table
uhowitbfdUlyttiJuacttoaiduiincViowwit; 1 - *
Date. Zto.'«n!ri. No.l «nV. No.* »^r>V.
„ I" lH 9USK
: v-WiW -
; as »s =
d at f i:? S?i l *P«»« la Store at »U?; «.(OJ mi
C1^7,2. al “ at *' u for No:3 and »lA«i for wJ,i 1 " 0 ’ ’
£'ftc« n ,s?.^
Tcs. Brl».
23 «,I<6
. r4,f.i
.. 1,171 A
5.585 fM’S
D ‘ te -. B S!* 5 ; eV. K
"«■ fc:;-' iS? S!f»i!i “ £»,
*• 8 sfl,cco sc;j zr-i'c ai c^-n‘i
*‘ 7 73,000 WWisMC W«g9:
« 9 UJH'SJO 01 ©97 ....%»
’ •* 10. iO.UCO 90 <£. 86 ©97
To-Day tie market waa qalet but Arm at re-t«r Ur’s
ml sc prices on’Grange. Saleawerc: 5,50» bn No I
n- tv Corn at 99c: 2.6C0 on Ho 2 cow do at 97c; £0 ba
d'-etSSXc; i2,oC6badoaP6}*c: 400 bn do at 9tq;
U/lObn mired old ana new vebo v at 61/3 t.o. b.;
5:1 obo choice Csnal Corn at $1.03 afloat; It.KQ bn do
(b- sample)atSSjfcafloat. /• -
OATis—Deceived to-day, 17,090 but Bhlpoodto-day,
21.426 bn. Received last week. 92.0 Da; ebippadlast
week, 92V 1 ? bo. ibe market for oat» Coring tbe
week baa been unoinally brisk. and prices r*n np from
»Cc for >o. 1 aa bJfb aa €9Mc:bnt towards the-close
tb* demand tell oif.acd prices cloac at an advance on
it>e meek of only 1c b* bn- Tbe following table shows
Date. Bnshelsoid. >o. 10*'8. ifo.SOMs.
May 4 ;. SB/0J Cfi fcM* ....®3l
• S. l'4),taj 6l>*aS3
** 6 IS-VOO 63
* 7 M...875/CO 63 « ©%**
M 9 IO.CCO WflaOtf ....«<I7
*» w iStro 67 ©O ...,Q65
To-day the market was doll and tally 1c lower than
at the clwc of 'Ch'ince yesterday. Sales were: fl**bn
Ho 1 oat* At 68c (early); 6tbndo at f7H: U r V<Q bn do
atC7K 20.ee0 bn do at 67c; 600 bu Ho. 2do at Cftc;
i.tco bn rejected do at etc—closing heavy at BTKc far
ItYE— Received to-dsy, 1* bushels? shipped to-day,
nrue. Fccetvcd last week. 4,W bn-sbe’s; shinned last
week. 4,66obmbvls. There la a fair demand for Ttya
by city and country dlatlllera, and the market is drm
at an advacce on the week or 1c V bushel.
To-day tie market was anlet bal Arm. Sales were:
4<C bcsbeia No.l at !c stare.
BAKiEY—llerecived to-dar, Wbnabels; shipped
to-day, Lobe. Deceived last week.n.*obosQola; aU*p>
ped, 9,177 bushels. Owine to a very limited supply,
tbe market dories Jbe west baa rated firm, and nr.ee*
ebow an advance oa tbe wrek of about Sc p bushel.
To-day tbe ralea were:. 159 bushels prime by sample
at $ .45 oa track. Ho. 2 Harley m store ia nominal at
ALCOHOL—Dcsattled and nominal at $iS3d3.S5
P on l.
ASHES—In fair demand and steady atlcfor Pols
mires* Babblit’sPurePotasbealatlacanaaresloady
at iFc. •
tea. 12,11
BUTTER—Beceired today. 9,511 is 3. The supply
of batter aunop ite week has been liberal, ami ibo
market show a n still mrtber decline oa the weak of
V », We quotes
Prime Dairy in crocks and take.
lU-11 Putter,
Bhlrplcc Batter Is firkins .IV^tac
Gr*aeeitn'ter.... 13<£Uo
S»le« today were: SCO tbs choice KoU at 22c; 160 Os
do at 31c; :50 os Kotl s--J6e
BEAKS—There is Terr little doing* and quotations
are alttctt comlmil, as follows:
mmeStry [email protected]
Prime Mixed 2AK»WO
Gcmm' n to good do ............ 2.1&32^0
BUOO3I tORN—The receipts are Tory light, and
holders are firm at the following qnotstlace:
Pltao Prosit, .$> ton 2WJ503230J0
Fair to Good do " 210.' , 00T23.03
Corrmonto totr M .... ....130X03203.00
XIKCIOAIS Tbert h»8 been an increased activity
In tbc market, wi b co Improvement la the supply,
puces cnr fcqncrjtly rote ranch firmer* with an ta
.TMDce oa previous quotations of 2Se V dozen; We
.Conn on riWjMCd
Mediant - 3i15©3A0
Extra • B.tVB4iS
ltr.v..-»\V A X'-Eecbipts limited andlnfalr demand.
Marten firm ntfO&.'Sc p Ct.
BAGGINtr-Maitet Is generally active, and In
ccwbQunceofttic increased tarlCT, Imported cloths
aie higher and firmer. The supply of saamleis aacts
is nominal a: d stoclrs on h*nd nearly cxbaus’cd.
Burlaps are In goo ' demand, with a small supply.
Friers venr firm with an advance during the tresic of
Stare on 4 cn. Beweo linen bags »re in grad supply,
with a fair demnod, Prices rule firm at previous quo*
tatlons, with theesccp'l <o of Corn £z'h«nge A,uy.>a
which an advance ot So has been mude. Burlaps 9
ysrd firm at 2"&SCc Weduote •
Chicago A, eeafileas.
Auburn SIlHa A, ** .
rpince Albert A« ** .
Star A, M
Bi<u)PaeD| E, “ .
Star liner. , ,
Pittsfield h.
Burlaps, fourhu,
• Gunnies, two ha.
Bowed Linen
“ •• *• “ J»0.3
-** ** Com Exchange A at ,
****** “ Extra heavy.. an c
•* ,* ExcelsorA, 55 e
Flour Bacss, J4 hria, cotton <3 c
“ “ hi “ Jilinen 41 c
*••*!<** cotton 22 c
“ “ C«“- “ :::::::::::::::::::: V %
BRICK B—With very light stocks o t han 1, prices
fsr picsent use rale very Arm at previous quotations.
There is an active Inquiry for future • delivery, but
manufacturers (f el more than usually indisposed to
enter Into contracts, with the auetuatlous In goll.and
the bleb price and scarcity of labor. We quote: .
Common* M {9.003115 00
Pressed * 11 18.0ea20.00
Fir*' Pricks COJ3OOCS.CO
CANIIiEH-'llarketialrlf active, and tn cease*
Sucnteot ibe high price of Tallow, unusually Arm.
a Btit Ine > enote >■ fanber adyar •* of leper Suud
of j^c^dNolatarCanmes. Weqcotu:
Suarlne .16 917 o
Pressed hitfQiS^c
StarCandiesNo.!.... ; 1
Htar No. 2.
COOPERAGE—There has been mere activity la
market durum the put week, sad aa* the result of
»he Iccreflhtd Mies or labor we note a farther ad
vance spoo the leading ktnda of Cooperage. Pork
barrels tire mere active with an advance of 25®Oc.
Lard ticrcre, rather quiet, but Arm with an advance
rtf [email protected]>c. Whisky barrels active and very Arm with
nn advance of 15c. Fleur barrets in large request,
with an advance of sc. Batter Sega more acavs at an
Increased 81.00onprovlunaqnoialians. ttequote:
For* Barrels $1.25431.10
Lard Tierces
•Vhletv Barrels
Flour Barrels, flntboop...,
Fluor Barrels, round hoop.
Lard Eecs.....
Butter Rees
Liquor Kee?, V doz 13J06313.00
Tight Barrel Stares and Headings ;.... iflj»<s2o.o6
Floor Barrel Stares and Square Headings. 8.0C3 9.00
FloorßarrelStaresaadClrcleHeadlngs „ 9.3051QJ)0
Flat Hoops 5.«y%7J»
Lew Hickory Poles 25.00^33.00
Oak Poles 15.00-320.00
Flour Barrel P01e5.....
Loose half brls 4&^3oc
•r-1e—460 Monrbr*a al 65c.
COaL—Tbe market baa been more active during
Hie past week, for ScftCoala, with a moieraio supply,
and the high prices of the Eastern markets. We note
Ir creased tirmsess la this market, with an advance of
4' per ton cn Erie aaa Cleveland Coals Hard Coals
«v in very restricted supply,only a tor cargoes being
to band. Stocks very bare; pnccs drm and uachaaz
e-. Waqoote:
Ent«—Broo tc eld.
>lo Onosbj. lU)C
do Mineral Ridge. 11.50
do 'Willow Bank. : 10^0
Blonborr ujm
LumpLcnlgh ; .. IVOO
L'ckcwanna; prepared 12J0
8 .anton iluo
nimow ajoiaTjo
' COFFEE—Tlerehasbeenleia aetlvUylnthstntr
kt: during the past week, and m eonjeoueace of the
di grease in gold, prices have ruled less tinn, but with
no change on previous quotations. We quote:
Bentos 48 @l7
Jit* ..;....s!ki4sJ
Rio, fair to good [email protected]
Blo.cood to crime *8 Cdl 8«
CHEESE—Theiohssbeenrolmprovement in the
previously limited supply of the market. • Dealers are
is anticipation of receipts of new cheese In a few
wcpic. Prices rule very firm and unchanged. Wo
crate: . • -
Hrmbint. ..avail
W*. ctern Reserve...; 9U
. J)RU«»ANI)CHEMICALS—The market dar-
Inrr ihe week has been generally active; and In conse
quence cf the additional tariff on imported "ooos of
all descriptions. a proportionate Increase has been
medc in our previous quotations. Opium Is in rather
bener supply, ano very firm at present rates. Quick,
sliv-r has further advanced 20e. and is still held »m,
wl hanupward tendency. Chamlcala are geneiallr
in v <*tt resirteted enrplv, especially CMoroform, and
ert held very Arm at present rates. We quote:
Aloes, Bocotnne, Gam 'frag torts.. SS<aiO
.A* 1-10 do SheTac [email protected]
Anratto - 56 do Myrrh. 7.>®Ss
Ancnle pow B®lo do Opium...iS.oaaiuW
Arrow Root Jam. 38 Ipecac 5,75
■ do Ber. 75 Indigo IXQI.7S
Ba;. Copalva..... I.&J lodine (jjo
Bat.Tolu ?.«0 lodldepotaa. SOOioSTS
81-carb Soda 8.50®3.t» Jalap....
81-cro.Potash.... 35 Juniper Berry.... 10
Borax refined.... 40 M0rphine......... ‘ ».■»
Camphor do .... L 75 On, Castor... ?syv>‘y)
Coj perns Am 3 Quicksilver. . ajw
Cre.ira Tartar..... 65&80 Quinine a.-yvay cs
Ouhebs 75 vitriol.blue; 20
Gluo, white, 40 Boda.Aah.BacM) 5.75®6.00
Glue,com U®2o 5a15bda....,.,, 4JO®L3S
Aqua Ammonia.. / U GlanberSsla
Chryslal Silicate Caustic Soda J1
£J 50da..w..... 6 Carb.Ammonia,, ffjaio
EGGS—There baa been but a Limited supply during
the past week. The marse: 1* tolerably active, arid
ha* ruled tolerably steady at I4®i3c H aoz for fresh
Eg;:*. The supply tod!\y has been more restricted,
aui. prices consequently rule firmer. We note sales
to-uay of 4 Iris at 15c F doz.
FHUITH— Gbebs Applb»—For soand fruit the
market has been tolerably settee, and with a limited
supply prices rule firm. Unsound la la great abnn.
dance with l:ttle demand. Obanobs—Market in fair
an] pi;, and with a large demand prir ea rale firmer
’wl'hinadYaacocfll.oOF box. Lbmoss—la better
snpjilj.and firm at previous quotations. Hickory
NCTg-in very limited reqnest and easy, with a decline
ofUcF bushel. We Quote:
Green App : es fair to prime, *brl !3 50<a42S
Green Apple*, common, * brl 3.0*2 a 4a
L*C.on», * Box .. 7 s(vv a oa
Oranges,•Sicily).* box~ gwa q'm
Hlc'cory > uts, small *bn 1 coa 1 v
HickoryKata.large * bn......!!:!:! ! ” S3 «
DBIED .FKUlTd—Atplis—'There nas been a
▼try limited supply of choice sod tnediam fruit la the
market dnring the week, and wltb an scare demand
prices rule Urmer.wlibanaavaneeot *c on medium
qualities. very active, and S
small lappl}. Market firm at previous rates. Im.
poned fruit generally very flrm.W with a little feu
activity in the Grocery market, previous quotations
are unchanged. Domestic Fupits—ln verr small
supply, and dm at prerlotis quotations.' We quota*
DrudArcles, * » 10 2r «iV
Uni-ared Peaches, halves 13 a 19*
S | >»*
RaPlns—Layer* * box '“‘*s 7*
BaMos-M.X. 9 box, ~ "“tS
. Currant* V ft.. af Sm
Flgiv—Smyrna,* ft £ S £?
Almonds,soft.* ft :2 2 2
Alnnndsjharo, * ft............ .. *** 253
0 § |
Dried Cherries ...V... |i 2 S
Prune*. Tnrklah S S‘2
Prune* Bordeaux 5 ? 2
Pears Bohemian i? v £ fl
Sardines, halves H
Sardine*. Quarter*. * 1} § S
FISH-r'WniTX Fish have been'inverr small rf.
meet present demand In
K5^ e( lS ence of I*™° of nnfllled order* on
band, the present demand la not met, and the market
rulesunusuallyAnn. with* further *v*
per ijf brL Tnoux-m moderoterouo^aSa oJLiS
V 5 ons; . ** mo “££?*£
eman( l. prices very firm with an ao
«eTi«brl*. and'wc ontat?. c 55.
Mmke?tS2??nS 0 ? t * 1 i? e Ui *ht,wlth a lair demand.
Sfrrtrmi«?.22 d «Hil ch ? Bfied *, Hkebixgs—Dried in
££&!*?££** flr ™ M previous rates, tickled In
s®* I WhltefUh, half brlf...; «BAO a 8.75
| Trout, - ?:§ IIS
No. 2 Trent, ** 7,35 a 7j*
*s2* I llac i«el. V half brl, 10A6 anoo
£®« I H ** !! aao «9j» ,
£°* 3 *‘ « ” large 7AO a SJM
No. i “ new uti 3.35 a a/o
No. 3 '** « 8.00 a 5.35
Faniilv Mackerel, half br1*...'...' 6AO a 7.00
Codfish, George's Bank, * 100 ft a. 8/0 a 8.J5
Codfish, Grand M “ „ 7.W a 7.75
No. 1 Dried Herring,* b0x..;..; 60 a 85
Sealed .•••** M „ 7ff a• 75
Pickled Herring*, round. 600 a 6.25
No. 1 Lake Herring 4A3 a AM
NO. 2' ♦* LOO 3 4.35
Dotch Herrings, V keg. I.SB a LOO
- J*EATHEKB—The market baa been more active,
and with a better shipping demand price* role firmer
with an advance of 2&5e oo previous quotation*. We
Prime Live Gees* Feathers..
Medinm.; ;
FURS—The receipts dor lug the week bars been
more limited, with a smaller demand. Wolf and Fox
Skins are In fair request and firm at present quota
tions. On Southern and Western Fox wo note an ad
-1 Tacceof 25c and on Grey of 10020 c. Sxraxsaretn
bettirdemand and with an adrance of 10015 c on
, Bltct and of 3c on Striped. We quote:
Bern, (black, large audfall seasoned)..ll9Xool2.oo
Bears,brown iOO® too
Bes rs. cubs K to H Talc®. -
Eenrer, (black and dark).
SJtta 6J»
iSB iS
Foxes? red. Southern and We5tern......... UStKA 2XO
Ltd*.laree and fine..' LOOO 2XB
Mnskrals. All and winter. 120 17
MnmD.'dax* TTUhout red-V.’.’ B.M® 4XO
Marten, common and pale 1X0» 2XO
Irtnis, Minneaota. Michigan, Wisconsin... SXOra 4XO
Minks. Illlnoia and 10wa......... 2J»« BXO
Otter.olack.largeandflne 4XOO 6XO
Otter, brown.... 2.7J® 4xo
Oroesnm, JTonhern. dry and clean., 100 u
HaccoßDi niimns, Wisconsin, Ac 100 85
Etnsk,black..... 600. 50
Sktmk.strlped ‘ 150 *5
WU- Cats • 20* .40
Wolf Skins, large, white and line. ixoa ?,y
Wolf Skins,or line B|- SO
GREAbc—There is little or nothing doing in
Grease and the market is almost-entirely nominal at
the following quotations; . ■ . k
... 5.730540
... 5.5005.75
.. 55 e
.. 1.00
.. 1.03
.. 90 C
.. 0) C
.. W f
.. i.bi
..43350 c
.. 30 C
ft® 55
va fa
& 1.00
. &oo
l-soa sjs
•4C® so
50® 65
BTOEM- I The receipt dnrtn* toe week have bora
tolershly large and for wno days pric a ruled jary
Cris with a nutter advance of He on Green and 3«U»
edand of xcci Pry Hide*. Stece Monday thadc
Snd bis maatdcraMy fallen off and prices barme I
lTr»flrir. s! me of onr largosi :
doinf as little aspo^b’e,tnd ■
graassi'ssssa.'a'fef «s ;
Gnra'cojmrr. “ *Uj|
Breen telled. Jo - icv'lli
nSS£ crt, «s ••••""•.:;";;;".;;;;l» i «w
|| •. -gag}
Sr t G „ r r- .0 v""".::::::;:^::S|j
xtpand Calf,
Kip ana Calf Murrain* • 0 1 ®
recclTed brk; •*}£
red trTd“y.\w bils Kecaived last wrt, ,9m *£;: :
shipped list week*. o,m brla. The maxieel; for llkb- .
wisvs during the wrefc has ruled nnnsaally riui-f.
end prices »now a drcllceofSc ner gallon thu J
Cate cfoorlast weekly review. ThU depreciation u ,
Car, cot !q anynathvor»bl# reports. from
tt'n or the Eastern markets, bat mainly totaedeliy ;
which has taken place in the legislation on tne one*- •
non of taxation, which has weaned ont speculators,
and minced them to throw their stock* on the mar- ;
J hl ’. lolitwlng table ibows the daily traasac* :
tlonsdnrlrjc tlr week: j
s>a*x.t tpajc, Aoxioss ut momrerea penned in*
JJiiy 4.
Earr-il# sold. Price. • j
... 1.2 0 *l.ll ©UStf
... r>,tVO 1.14 C4LII I
... it* |.t* f01.17 I
... i,eo ir, ouMjtf .
.. 30 *«g :.n «lu j
TO »*T there w«s»rtt!y aa? demaniV*»i«ftV~» I
ordtbe market Celt *«d isle lower wKhVif»T«si 1
of small lots at BMB. sod buyirTat » qSi*
salenpomd lotot 50 * rl« at jug. c QU '-»
liOi'i?—Tbe market baa brea moderately ac*iT-> '
andln*or.dfupnlT. Prices are scarcely so drm aa,i
note a decline ox soon Jie# York ani frcsUra, Wo
Kew Tort, new.,
Wtdtis.. Dew...—
baa beena Urgeamountof activity
In the markeCboth for city tnufe and shipping. vrib
a moderate snpplj. prices Itavo ruled flrjisr.aud, wj
note an advance of 83.n0 os TlTotbr. beater orcssad,
ardor $2 CO on other descriptions, we quotes
Timothy. beater pressed. ~fiTjr-3i^.oc
«• loose “ . lUKteiMC
•* loose UX0315 f«
Prairie loose pressed. U.auai3X«
Prairie loose :iXC<.dJ2.tc
1 It ON—Tbe market has bees generally attire, aud
with light sroeka cn band and a (mall supply, prices
lalefiimerasd Llcber. Bar Iron Is es;esL»llyactive
and scarce, and of Sheet Iron tbo demand la consider
ably larger ihaa the supply. We quota
Flat Ear, Sable,
Flat Bar,’Charcoal.
Horse Shoo 1r0n...
Sheet Iron.
Sheet ircnlViurcoal,
Sheet Iron. Galvanized.
Nonray Nall Sods
Plotst Steel
Round asd Square Sable....
Bound and Square, Otureoal.
Sjtrlus Steel
-flood and Hand Iron,
EvtisMa. No. 1C&510....
Pits IKOV— ibere hasbe*nyery little 1-aoroTf
meet id the imall suppl* of. the '-arket. Stock* are
it'll very licit, and with aa active demand, price*
rnleilrm.hntwltb thedeckawla Gold, and le-iiflrm
re»i -a the New Tort market, oar t>nr=Joaa quota*
Uoot are unchanged. Scotch PI? we quote nominally,
Here btlnc n- ne la the market. No. M Maaalllonls
ai*o In very light receipt, with no atockaoa band.
We Quote:
Scotch Pig. No 1,
llaes'llon. No I.
Matrillop, No 2.
Union Pis: Iron, A Not..
Union Plu Iron, No 2.;..
Union Pis Iron, B No J,.
T,T T n KR-TLare hai been a fair amount of sc
tiTire in the market dcrlnytbe pant week. DomesUo
ms'n'actmes are u>nch firmer omau totheadraace
on French ioodi. Call Skins and Sole Leather are
still vo- 7 i came and in Inadequate «npply. On o\k
note an advance of 2S&3C, and of 15c on
jfo. 1 Oak Kip. On French Calf Skins ire note an ad*
TsccecflOtsl e¥ B.tnd oa Lemolnea of
Vdor. Market generally very Ann at present quota
tions. ’Weqnotor
Harm**, 9 ft. 4ttMsc
Lme. “ 47&45e
Kip. ** s«%:X«
Upper, * foot ?7«3Tc
Couir, V f*ot JMaSSe
Slaughter Soto [email protected]
itaniMa, V ft... ~ 470 5)
Kip. No. 1, me*
dlom tLOTtfl 40
slp.No.i.hevry l- : c£ as
Cau, eTtra 1.5C®1.1S
French Kip, la» {
chclcd ]
Trcccli calf, V
bi.. .. :rsc©j.7ni
French CaU. SI 1
»9 • 3.4CQ4.M1
very firm asprcTioas qaot!
>rpply, sad a Utrm ?a»i*
clange. TTequete:
Lime in 0a1k,..
Lime In brla.
Water Lime.,
.4X345 C
. 50 C
. 45 e
Kofecdale cement
Michigan Slncco
Nora Scotia stucco.....
Plasterers Hair 9 bn..
Marble Dost, 9 brl
Land Plaster. V brj....
tfnrteVCement,? brl.
LEAD A>J) ftUOT-Maiket qslet ind firm at
preTiotti quetatlani. \Te quote *
Bar bead.
P!g Lead.........
Shot, bates 2S as..
Back i>bot.3S as.
he market dorlac the past week ha*
keen generally active. The Increased tariff o« Im
ported groils ban rWen Increasing drraaeas to the
marker, which ha* neea somewhat counteracted by
the decrease in gold. Ter tin* been rerr dim with as
advance ofßoxTln Plate lOsll of le, other numbers
in proportion. Coppxh firm and In good demand,
previous quotations unchanged. Zrrc very active
and firm, with in advance of ic on cask and fths*t,
and cfKcou slab. Bitionr Winn very Arm, with am
advance of KedKe on previous quotations. Wo quote:
tui | Coarse...- 40
Box Tin Plate, I C, I
10X14 M.CO
Large Pipe ....SBJXI
Small Pigs 39.CC
Oar Tin WJ.’C
MeiaElcAUoyßct’ma.O c
Copper 80tt0m5^.,..57 e
Boh Copper. ....88 e
Brazcrs,! t01089....ffl e
Bheedng44 to 150z..J9 c
Turned 00 e
lit quality 40 c
2d - 3» c
Tine Solder 45 cl
> A ) I,»— Market eontln
rule Ann sod tmcc&agec. .
% bich are i3Kc over mani
113 d to Md * keg.
5.1 ."line blued.
%>, fine blued..
C’.incL ".V”.’1650
N*VAIj STORES—In fairdaicuid,»nd sapplT
generally good. Prices firm sad unchanged. We
Tv? ManlHaßcp«.....a ©34 c
■p.“«h lOJSC«ILM n«np_...,; 34 .*i3s
Busin, 5>2808s __ UjO LitiiYam,No. 1.13K,ii. 1 a
Turpantms... 1.75Q4C0 “ “ *No.2’TrljSWa
Oakum WSO7JO Marline
ONlONS—Market In small supply, with & fair de
mand, especially for sound Onions. Wa aaots ■
Prime qualities |i Toai 90
Common to Medium. . ~ ISOjifeo
C’AHBON Ollr—The market nas during the week
hem In limited supply, with a moderate demand.
"With conaldersble activity in Pittsburg, and an la
creased demand far Crude Oil, the market here baa
ruled firm and unchanged. Bsszols In fair request,
with a email supply. Prices Arm at present rates.
¥t quote;
"White oil, 110 to 130 teat. m one
Straw OU .. a assc
Be**ole „ 35 a<oc
OlLS—Lk»bsk> Oil—There has been llttio doing
Imhemarketdanngtbeweek. and no dltpesltionte
spec-late it picsem prices. Prices havebeen gradn
ally weakening, and we note to day & farther decline
of 3c per gallon on Karr and Boilea. Wiulb and
Ei-?piij*st Oil Id small demand and
La-tp Oil very Ann at preylous quotations. with an
active demand. Nsatefoot Oil rather quiet and
ster.dy at previous rates. Wo quote:
Raw linseed OU ; W.5691.«l
Bolted Linseed Oil L61(«i.44
Olive Oil. bulk... 255925 C
While 00. W.B 1.9091 SB
Bark and Straits 0i1...*. 1.3991 !S
Lard Oil, winter best loo&lio
Machine Oil. 5591,15
apcnnOU..... ©2 SB
Mecca Oil „ (0® 34
9 fcitsfnot 011 Loseue
I" KOVISIONS Tbe followl-g table shows the
reo ipts snd shipments of all kinds of prodnet daring
the pest week:
Received. Shipped.
.Bet f.brls.
Pork, brIsV.V..V.V.V.V-V.*V.V.V.V.V.V.' 4,083 12^129
Cut Meats, lbs 9T6i315
Lay Libs 3&U3S I.'KVJ'O
fliesw Pork—ln the early part of the week there
wa.' cunslderahle inquiry for Mess Fork, and sales
weie effected as high as |57.25®27.30; bat daring the
pa*t two days the market baa ruled very dull, and we
quote It nominal at [email protected] To-djlt Were were
Prime AXess Fork—There !s very little Inquiry,
aao the market Is entirely nominal at 328.50
*JS e S B J?SS£TJ2If«?HS* Ia U? 11 * end holders are
firm at $15.50018.00 tor Mee*. and f18.50<317J30 for Ex
tra Mess; but there la little or no demand, and quo
tations are nominal. T * H
Beef Home—Held at $21.00025.03 with little or no
tnsulry. The stock u light andTn tow hands.
, EuJk fllemta—TheoiTerinsa are light and the mar
ket closes nominal at isxotfc tor Hama. HKailYc
for sides, and tor shoulders, all loose?
Bacon—Prime city sugar- cured and canvaieed
Hama are generallv held at W«@2oc ; ISaigWc tor
country do* and iS|fOi7c for the same uhcanvassed
Tbi re fanotblng doing In Shouldsrs or Sides.
Lard—ln the early part of the week there were
effected at iSxonvc for prime Leaf; bat
under the Influence of the decline In gold, the demand
?i close is very light, and sales have been made at
18Cp ** S3l Icll P rtPo It closes quiet. To-uat the sales
yre: 200 tres prime city steam-rendered Leaf Lard
ofrroduct^ IDB 4,6 cloalD * Wtotlona of all kinds
India Mess Beef.
Prime Mess Beef.’
Extra Mess Beef.
Hess Beef.
Inferior Meal!
Beef Hams.
Smoked Bee£*B »*
Mess Port, new.
Prime Mess, new
Short Idbhed Middles.
Short Clear Middles...,
Lone Bio Middles
Lone Clear Middles*!
Cumberland Middles.
Lonz Cat Hamt.ln boiliV.V.V.V.* ® ****
Balk Fhonlden, lo°g« * Jjai a*a.Yiv
Bulk Hams, 100t®....,,,.,...... mnua
Bacon Bams, sugar cured and canya'd 049k0 OJO*
** “ uncanyatsed 0.18 a 018
B.co n sto n Sd^“!“ d """ : s-g Its
prtr-e Lear Lard. ::::::::::::::::: o:» 1....
>o.lLard. qjj ®...
PO CI/TKY—Market ha* been inyery small snp
piy, and prices hare been correspondingly firm.
Dreteed Chickens and Turkeys are In mlr demand and
easy at pretest quotations. We qnote
Pressed Chicken*, V dor.
tested Turkeys,9
Wild Docks, small, V d0t....
“ ** . malltrtfj, 9 dor.
Pyteona, 9 dot.
Sale to-day: 170 Bs Drested Tnrkara at 15c 9 a.
POTATOES—The market dorlaa the paat week
baa been in abundant supply, especially ef mixed
qcallUe*. The demand baa been Terr limited, ex
cepting for prime qualities of Neshannocfcs or
Peach Blown; and upon ITesbannocks and
Peach Blows . we- note a decline of ae and of I*3
15c cn commoner qualities. We vote:
Keabannocka. ~Soc<3l JJS
Peach Blows. i.BS3 Wc
~*oa Too
POWDER- Incoodrapply.wltha more limited
demand. Prices firm at previous qaotatlon*. We
foots 5
FPowderPkeg. fUMWaiojs
Bla&tlec Powder,
- PAlNTß—Whit* £jlu>—There baa been consider
able more activity la the market daring thepasr week
and prices hare rnled Arm at prevlon* quotations,
with the exception of B. L. Fahnestock Pearl Snow
upon which we note aaadvanee of 25c. Color* gen
erally acUve and firm at preylooa quotations. we
§T&«*l.esdpnreltioo »*....... 9 .17.»
» •* *B. A. Fahnes'oek • 17.0#
• ' “ . i 17x0
M m « Pearl Snow*, IgjQ l gjQ
- “ • use
.-«• •* Continental ftS
- “ Inferior Brands S-StolLM
: : jsssaa;-”";;
colo sa nr oil. u * i *
Chrome Breen.
Humjri gnQfCga. ............
Emerald and MigwU
„ _ , . OOLOU 9ST.
Tellow Ochre. * 4va ■ «
French Ochre JK® • •
Chrome Yellow •
Venetian P.ed .111'/* l 5 f« «
VermUllon, American i *
•* English.. i£r. £
gS; m o’rSs'°- S
= ——rSSSfi
- ~
Gronnd solar mm , r zxo&
Foamox—Tnrk^1 aland F V.V.V.V.V.V.V “>
: aw*»-Hf 0, “5 d ARua* sack ZSOA
i«vs^r^ RecelTe<l l*»twselr,£>,"«a9Qr»M Seed,
Shipped laat week; -18,719 »«
Graa* Seed, 2USi-»* vu.* seed. Qxxsa Snz>»-
7*” e! ® Tenr HtUe doing In Gram Seed*, end die mar*
f «*•*■ nominal, at S7JO fbr Clorer. and nd»<3
i® forTlnjathy. To-dat, li hare Hnorartan-were
•old at S3JO: 63 bnahala cKoicedo at
There la a good demand by crusher*, and the market
tst vmsJKseitJSL^Jssi
medTom at 1175; . . i -
M)AP&-In rood demand and mederate fnpply.
Price* firm at present quotation. Woqnotat
Kirk's General Brands. 9 g
Bir beck's Palo. - '.ffcftf *
American Castße~ '*H&*
>'Or«lCD Castile •••••* 9®.
»TAi:CU—Karkefc eooerally aettve, umlinW
HT|,p)y. Prestons quota t.o:s Arm and ancbangea.
leaden . ,•
fcALEUATUS—In so*- r-eoipt »a.l goad d*»
n.crd, a*arK«Tttryfirm. i7e<iaoie; 4JW
mir** ....
dd Lent
do belt IOX-jI sr
t-IUIAKti-Tlie market darli* ih» aosk hs*
been le» erttre. rod wi»& **•*» de*'lon to am i, amUlm
terersl dctriasloali*gtoccrl.w iaN«.-w i'eri:. orlcca
ofrv2 iOgaworc r*i-«jr ea-ler, ard on re.laea uil
bird bare oeciincd Kc * a. Stocks continue U*bt
»„(j the anpp'j limited, Wo Quote:
Sew flr’eam*. -
New Orleans clarified
Tort* Illco.. H>ivA23
IrATpbrtliad: w
K.T. refined, pondered and gnnauted.... 2*
wwre A. >
Ext» b ;‘-s
wnitoß. -J
51J.PLE Sl/G4R-C«el?»* tcst in
active demaßO. Friers rule Arm at ? b.
»YR Ul*S—ifarket !■•« retire, aad with the limt
e<i repair, ptlc/s hare sustained co decline; shore |»,
hovovrr. ihe alienee n{ that strong upward, tendency
V. hi. h has so ’.085 existed. Wo quote:
Chi wc »n*a? no ass **•
Chicago Goidao - **£££}*£;
Chicago Anther...
Cuba Molasses - vrȣni
2(ew Or!e»n:«.n*» eroo ...•?••■••:■ ..iJ4a..w
TEA?*—Mwaet in fair anpoly. Ihcre htHbecn ■»
ciimrae on car yrerlons Quota, loos, at wluah the mar.
krteo»ilcnf*l*rra. Woqaote: •
It. sag t« coounoo, |M» Is» ®*.it
“ ** • inp.'rtortoflpe, 1* a 1.3* ®*.Ow
, estratoeholce.ip * l.*< d. 9i*
Ivperlat,superior tofine. (* » . l -.20 MUM
_ ** extra to choice, 9 ft X.ls Ot.SC
Gunpowder, reotrl-r to fln«. 1» & l.tfi 6*-.«
i.— extra to choice, 3 ft 1.63 01.94
cno<o«%9 S.till 01. »
Oocloon, !n'.‘;lor tcISjSfS * » 3!u
I s l?-s
TOBACCO—*hcro h*i ben lei tetivltria t&A
S®JL ecttlrmtat of the latendvd tax to bs !ra>v»«.L
hr Crnsms. and how wr U mar uSret aloes* In hind.
Leaf lofcscuola la m-.ocrmtoOeiuaf.u iiS w‘aoH %
ctcline on preTtnm nuptaUorA otic per ft °W«
Illlncls,mMilll«to fcir •■*...
UllncL*. COI.UBOO I"'" *2^,*
TOB.cco MAX'jrACTurmrt n«*sn«7 ’
cHB-wrxo. smokixo.
Star of the Wcit..lo6i2ll "c s . 17 oia «
Pioneer... Wc sm ’3 Sf £
B*C I. ao (V*S -
P'shlcPltde.... 8»® »0c FT 23 <334 1
Sweets 65c KUltk«aie*.....s« raj g
?*aod So, Btarofth* West « n
Picnic, flgslre. 1 %*
ss. Extra Caseodwft e
ss, le. aaJll*. Disci ItJamrn 1 75 e
.11 (411
~n (*i3',s
. S AI2
.10 AH
.23 Are
. 230 ii ■
csewrsQ. suostco
Cold Leaf. ,9C395e | MUfoart isvaa a
lanny 5ide...... tr*c#lCOiO w c
Charley's DO c
HTUctalciCai'lH STvVJScIOOO... ...a c
*•»« 80 # BSr.
£eu,ar«l! uo aLS
5?“2“"c i« »u«
OUT#drouth. ;* <% we
Grapevine :g tt Ta e
MlekNacka. « © £ 0
World's Premium :s si c
Bmu n a m
YINEGAI*—In fair supply ami firm, at previous
quotations. We quote:
PureClderTteoftr.pergal M a3S
Pare Malt de do 19 gtj
Cotn’ndo da do, .....15 &U8
' WOOD—'BecelpU during tb«* pa-tweok have been
much larcer, but stUl Insufllelent for th« demand.
Prlre* rule firm at previous quotations. We quote *
Beocb, 9 cord isjs detlvorodV sioja
nickorr, 9 cord lo.oa *• n.ec
Maple. 9 cord . !•.*• **
WOOL—'The receipts during the past week have
been almost nominal, it appearing that the remain*
Inr stocks on band In the coot try are nearly •xhatu l *
eo. The demand tooUnuea United, and prices role
firmer, •tvlra to an Improved demand In the Srstera
markets Wo note an advance on line fleece of 3c
«iid on medium fleece of le per a. >?e quote: *
Fins fleece
Medium fleece ***B*3
Factory Tub Washed TO^a*
?a!ei7c-day: lot# fta flue fleece. In poor condition,
at Me; toro asmedmm do. at Sc. r-
WOOBE * WAKE—Themui itet daring the week t
b&s been gsneraUv active, and with a moderaiobat c
Inadequate supply. Prices rule very iTinak present
notations. we quote:
do NoS....i?jPailCol 9 doz - 3.2?
de N07....195C(5}11C0 Ido three h00p... gig.
do No 1....100313.001 Tabs, neste
Washboards, per I throe s.-s'B 350
dOf S.S?SO 5-TC IdoNo 19 do*..WJo(au ou
Corn baskets I bn too £?'! id.»3J250
Idoz 6.008 7.50 1X bu Measures.
do IK DO. 7J»®9SUI Red. SJSOa 5.71
do 2 no BJOQIO.OO I do Butternut... OJXka ait
Market Basket*. „ 1 Peck Measures,
willow 5-COa 7.r0 Bed jjoa....
d» clothe* 'Q.coai.l co! do Bmtertut.. tdXfe* ....
TV fNES AN D i.It>BOIl!*-Tbe , aameroaa changes
and uncertainties relative to the duties to bo Imposed
on Blghwlnes, and the recent tax of 40c on Imported
Stocks,have martially unsettled tho market. The
demand ts more limited,both Cor Domestic maaufhc*
trresaad for Fore’jm. prices rule *rm at present
quoiatlons. Ws qt ota;
Boxxsno coot*
Brctiflec Whisky SO
ptr cent. U. P...... 1,15
Heaper Wbisxy..... ijo
American eagle do .. 1.7 >
Uy. wbiskyiriilrago) l.tO
Bourbon do, Chicago) l.Jf
Pare Spirits ipr*!) .. L4o
C- Splrf.a'.s 9
cent 350
Cb aago Gin* ....... ijso
do .8.a0d1c5.15&035e
do Knm5....150053J30
do Pt t'lne.U GHJO
de She’y do.,».'3®?A!
do Malaga,. L 33&1.0
Closer Wine [email protected]^
t’herr* Pr*cdr...1.25w1.30
B!i ekbirry W Ine.’.TSjW Ct
Ka«plerrj wine. ..
N Koßlandßnm.,tis<A3Cß
Join, Bye Whls •
»lea ?.73®450
Kentucky Boar
Ohio Catnia wlne.lXo®»3»
$73 fO
.. 7»jn
Sola . 994541e
Buenos Ayrt* IS &ICc
Orinoco Sola 38c
Orinoco good dam
aged 33§22c
French Calf, 36
French*C*lf L>
«n 8300*87.00
Calf Le
molnei, Bec*
ODda.li d0*..7.M*3T7.M
Linings. V dosJu.dFdls.Co
Xtoaua.l* dO3...na>oiS,w
;o—ln active demand aad
tatlsns. CssirST in better
ler bat wub n® qaotiblo
.... 8.73*1,23
.... 25'j 43
„„ iOdaUS
.. a 00-ai xa «
... 15033.73
3JO® 3 M
3.7.'® LOO
lat quality, ca5t:.....19 •
Lit “ sheet is e
Blab ; lo3f o
1 toS M e
7. Band 9 .. .7. 14Wc
10 and 11 ]i we
12 ibiie
13 and 14.. :....13 e
15 and 16.; 19 •
17. 20 e
20 Jl I 0
Fence wire .13 o
Fence Staples IS •
les Terr active, sad prices
at prevlons .quotations,
lofsctnrecs* prices. Wa
Prop Km put, Elcbsrdson. nzdeashurch. sundries.
Bark Sunshine. Brown, Buffalo, a7i lumber. 95 m shln
elet, ardlOO m lath from Oconto
Bchr Experiment, Hill. Manitowoc, S3 cds wood.
Schr Star of Hope, McGow, Oswego. 100 ton cool.
from Oconto 150 m lumber and I7um ahlneles
Scar Jtuaato, Hammond, Bu;iolo,a30 u lumber. 15 ra
•b>Bgles,29ni U'h from Oconto.
Schr P. Hayden, Tetard, Grand Haren,« m lumber.
boo m shingles.
2 r i? r ? M » nn * Bt. Joseph, «00 m stares.
Schr Belt, Stokes, Manistee, r.>o m lumber
Bchr Gaido, Johnson, Green Bay, lift m lumber.
Bchr Jennet and Annie, Hunt, ClereUna, 361 ton coal.
M ton pig Iron. a
Schr Westcheater, Burns, Grand Haren, 130 m Inmber-
Scow C. C. Bntts. Buckley, Green Bash. 90 cds woo?
Bcow Uermoli, Bocck. South Haren.6o m lumber
. B.ro
. 8.50
. ».»
, 9JSO
. 7-MJ
m* «>. .. _ CLEARED..,,.:. ,l£ay Iff
Btrar Michigan, Davie, Omtorogon. sandrlee.
Prop City or Boston, McHenry. Ogdenjbargh,?oo hr!*
floor, 250 hides and sundries.
Prep J. Barber, Hop* ins, St. Jsseph, euudrist.
Prop Mavflower, Drake,luffale, 2,aM brla flour.7lß do
pork, and snadnw. . ’
Bark unadllla,Maeon, oat».
B» rk S. V. B. Wataou, Brant, Buffalo, 39,100 bn eata.
Schr Joseph Grant. Flood, Buffalo, 2V.73bu oats.
Schr Nlyhtlapale.Harvey, Buffalo, 17.85!) bu corn.
Schr Wm. B. Ogden. Maere. 8uffa10. 17,015 ba wheat
Schr Harriet Roes, Davie. Oswego. 10, M ba earn.
*ehr MedlaUr.Bojd,Ogdanaburgh, 18,000 bn corn.
£c ;, r M. T. Merrick, Holt, Kingston, if, 775 bn wheat.
SchrS.H Lathrqp.Tracr.Milwaukee,light.
Bcbr P. Hayden,Ttstard. Pierre MarquetteJlght.
Schr Westchester. Burns, Grand Haven, llehc
Schr &. 3. King, Mann, St. Joseph, light.
Schr Experiment. UUI, Manitowoc, sundries.
Sc«>w Mermaid, Bonch.South Haven, sundries.
Scow c. C. Bn«a.Bncklcy.Qreeaßnßh,light.
-ft PKRIENCB OF AN INVALlD—Published tor
the benefit and as a CAUTION TO TOUNC* uww
am. others, who suffer from Nervous DebiUtv.Pram*.
tare Decay of Mannood, Ac., supplying at the
time The Msaxb of SBLr-Ccnx. By one who has
cured hlmaeli after undergoing considerable quack,
ery By inclosing a postpaid addressed envelope am.
cle copies may be lad of the author, NATHANIEL
MAT FAIR, Esq, Bedford, Slugs Co., N. Y.
fcS-wSlOPmadp _
H*a removed hU office from Room No. 13 to Room
No 9. MettcpoUtaa Block. xayll-eTJMUn
Is consequence ol the high rate of labor and the
heavy expense! attending veuel property, the
Have adopted a tariff -which will come in force on the
Ifith of May, and which will be strictly adhered to la
every particular, until farther alteration! may be
maceby subsequent meetings of the Officers andßK
•entire Committee.
Fsnenr tsos ran Praia at—
“ Dead of the Lake” m or coed
St. Joseph 3.00- •*
Sonth haven SJO •
KalemaacoPiers lOOsoft. I.Whard
Kalamaaoo Darber LO9 j
H#Uand and Lake Shore
Granr Blver.
■White Lake
Black Lake
Point Sable
Point Sable
North Unity
Port Washington.
Prom Amsterdam to Sheboygan 113
From Sheboygan to Centrevllle... 3JO
From Centreville to Wolf Blver .4.00
Green Bay 3.00 and 6JI
W. A. Passim, Secretary. . my 3 e633-3t2dp
18.50 ®17.00
15X0 airt.oo
12X0 @I3XO
21X0 ©23.00
<UB @ 0.17
28.50 ©27XO
28X0 a....
• W.TSjfcMB
. iso 18
H*to bow been before the public fbr nearly a year.
They areunlreraally pronounced the neatest and bsrt
fitting collaiaeitant •
The upper edge presents a perfect eurre, free fre*
the anglea noticed In all other collars.
Th-t crarascauses no packers oaths Insldsof the
to teclc~* ad Bre^oro P®rt®ctlJ tree and easy to
The Garotte Collsr ha s smooth ad erenlT flniAel
edge OD BOTH BIDM9. *
axe ?ot S?* 1 * pieces of paper cot
Jathaformof • collsr, hot tre xolszs sjtd jmm>
it» T £H.£ r 2i9?fL o^^*?»OTelty H (or tnrtHJewn style 3
“.«▼«* half Mm from 12 to 17 Inches, and la u Ra
« ’ ii9^P wx !St*») **om IS to 17 tncbea: and packed
sS-i. 80 » !l ? e8 > lQ neat blue carton*, eontalalag 1M
aach; •I*o la mailer one* of xo each,—the latter a
Offlccnf 137 , tor Trarclers. Army and s*rr
. BTEBT COLLAR It stamped
Sold by all detlers'ln Men’9 Fornkhlnir Good*. Tb«
trade ■nppiied'b* haTCB, johhson ± co„ Impor
ten ana Wholesale Deal era in Men’s
Good*and UmbreUa*. 91 Deronshlre-st., Boston, J. |l
LOWhet A CO- a? Warren street, New Tort, and
■mjiaiSMK * war 3dp
. . Ssrw Ton, April ttth, 18U.
The Annnal Meeting of the Stockholders of tMi
Company for the election of thirteen Directars for tfed
ensmneyesr will be bald at the office of the Com*
panr. in the City of Chicago. State of Illinois, on FBI*
DAT, the tenth day af June next. . , , .
The poll will be openea at 1L o'clock A. 1L and
eloaed at 11 o’clock m. _
_ FRANCIS H. TOWS, Secretary.
XT OTICE.—The Directors of the
Xr Lake Superior Fonrardln? Company barla*
voted (hat an Increase ot the capital rtoetof
be antborlred, and that It be offered and recommend
ed mar to the merchants and capitalists of Cblcajo.
Books of subscription are open as the office of N. B.
Platt Treasurer. No. IS Wells street, to remain Urn*
for ten .tay, J
C. T.- HARVBY, >DI rector*.
>'. B. PLATT, ]
J. B. YOUNG, /
Chicago, May T, 1»L m y*.eeis-I*
In the city of NILES, last year tbow^hlyr*.
p*lred and well fnrnabed, noir doins a firjt cbun
cmlnes* wIM be sold aka baiwiln.tf •ESH“ ter J2°**
pQMfMioa siren immediately, ior nirtaar partice
lan inquire of A. D RICH, «3 JUadolpn straet, CbK
M». op of the subscriber, oa the P*tW2";-_ T
Nil, p. Mich., Mar. ISU. A. V. PANTUKD,
mjß-ecaa-iw •
V T TLB RAISERS are Invited to tend for sm*.
vena of Data's Raw LasanArmarklnz and nmnhSu
lag sheep and eatUa. send two red staniM lor
fobbiox ooooa.
, 3.230 WSO
kU*— ,
Jamaica S.jC&sju
St. Croix
Port .3.3508 M
Sherry .3.O(V»T.M
Red Jacket Stomach..7.s9
Drake’* Plantation....9JS
Hotstctter’a atjmach.3Js
Strawberry. .9JB
Cheipy 7j*
Raspberry 8.00
Blackberry sj#
did Tom Gin .TJO
Blanlnger'al/a D’lc.iOJß
150 ’
4XO -•
4XO B cord s. bolt*
4XO V m lumber
4XO fain, 5.00 tlm*

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