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THWJSDAT, MAY 12, 1804.
, DoxßPOßSoLDizns' Families.— Messrs. Mason &
Bon, No. 146 Market street, have presented $l3O
worth of lumber, when wanted, and other parties
SIOO In money, for the erection of a home for sol
dim' wires and families.
• Tns Tsmuic* Among thb Newsmen.—One
ncweman took of this momieg’a Tamuirz nearly
SO.OOO conics, which alone is considerably more
than the entire circulation of any other daily in
Chicago. ,
CotcniT Cocet of Coos Countt.— There will bo
no jury summoned for the next term of the Circuit
Court, commencing on Monday, May 23d. The
arzt tain of the Court for which a Jury will be
convened will date from the third Monday of June.
Aoopekt.— Mr. Charles Jez, of this city, me)
With a serious accident yesterday morning. While
that gentleman was crossing Van Boren street, a
'board waa blown from.a loaded wagon which
ttrack him in the bead, Inflicting a severe wound.
■ He was taken to a neighboring drag store in a
senseless condition, where he was attended by
Hr. M. W. Case, and conveyed thence to his home.
Bckawat,— Yesterday afternoon a horse attach
ed to a dray ran away on State street, most proha
ably on account of the eccentric management of
its driver, who was in a "democratic” state of In
loxlcatipn. Near Feck Court the animal knocked
down a colored hoy named James Jackson, about
, seven or eight years of age, and though the vehicle
did not pass over his body the child was severely
braised, being thrown violently to the ground.
“Mechanics' National Bank of Chicago.”—
Tbe jMfichaoics' National Bank of Chicago was
organized on Tuesday, and thirty per coat paid in.
This bank has a capital of $250,000, and authority
to increase the same to $1,000,000. Tbe Directors
nreJ. Young Scammon, Benjamin V. Page, Carl
F. W. .Tango. Ezra B. McCagg, Benjamin w. Bay
mond,Jobn Forsythe and Eugene C. Long. j.
Young Scammpn Is President, Benjamin V. Page
Vice President, and Carl F. w. Jnngc, Cashier.
The Ekh of a Discussion.— On Monday era
sing Michael Burnett was charged before Justice
Cuthbertson with assaulting James Clarkson. The
parties met in a saloon on North Clark street and
commenced a'dlscnsslon on the probable tormina
k tiOn <H General Grant’s campaign. Whether they
agreed thereupon is uncertain, but the actual ter
mination of the discussion was a fight, in which
Jsger.bcer. classes were favorite weapons. Con
sidering Michael to be most to blame his honor
Imposed a fine of 55 and costa to check hlspugi
'lisoc propensities. . • •“ ••
ScnsbtDiunes.—A numerously attended meet
ing of saloon keepers was held last evening, porsn
ant to -adjonninrent, at Watkins 1 , os Dearborn
street. The'Oonnnlttee appointed at thefirst meet
ing reported thatViey bad waited upon the pried*
pal saloon keepajftand there was a uniform dispo
sition to iijprease ftf price of ale-and liquors to
meet the increased fixation. It was therefore re
solved that the following scale of prices be adopt*
ed: Ale, ten cents; liquors, ten cents; fancy
drink*, fifteen cents—the new prices to take effect
from Honday next.
Hnuramr Intelligence.—' Yesterday morning
one hundred ot the hundred days 1 troops, reached
the Soldiers 1 Best. After breakfast they proceeded
to Camp Fry, where they will be Joined to Colonel
Bought regiment.
In the afternoon, cJghty-two men of the 85th
Wisconsin infantry, a new regiment lately formed *
at Madison, came in the city, end after receiving
the hospitalities ot the Beat, left for the front, to
Join their regiment.
Yesterday about a hundred and thirty men who
have enlisted for the hundred days 1 service, reach-*
ed the Best from Mcndota, 111., eh route for Camp
CouKTEEixm.—Counterfeit* on the miscella
neous currency in nee hsv* been one of the causes
attending iU nee. Every body have hid counter*
foil* passed upon them, and ail are in constant
fear of being stock with them. The substitution
«ftbe cnenback standard of currency trill banish
the wild-cats and their counterfeit satelltes. There
will be no trouble ia detecting counterfeits on the
greenbacks, because everybody is familiar with
their looks. But who can tell .the counterfeits
from the genuine bills ea 1600 different banks.
The common people are shamefully imposed upon
by spurious curency. The adoption of greenbacks
will put an end to these losses and impositions,
flWux or tux Latz Hb. Cnrsxr.—The win of
the late Hr. Luclen P. Cheney was yesterday prov
ed In the County Court. The property Is willed to
the use of the widow and family during the life
time of the former (as the Doctortxpresseditin
Ida last fflnese, “he wished them to live as if ha
was amongst them") and on the death of the
Widow the will provides that the property shall be
equally divided between the three children. Alter
an debts are paid the estate of the deceased is ral
lied et $16,000. Thomas O. Dunn is the sole ex
ecutor under the will, and entered Into approved
Bond* In the sum of fAjOi 0 for a faithful perform
ance of Us duties. A. If. Banyan represents the
Ijiioatiojg— Some people are possessed of an ex*
inordinary desire to settle all disputes through the
medium of the law, and are never happier
when in a Court of Justice. Fritz Miller, a resi
dent of the North Division, imagines he has a
right of way over some ground adjacent to the tan
aery on Chicago avenue, which right John Keefe,
am employe of the tannery, vigorously disputes, and
Quarrels terminated by pugilistic engagements are
consequently of daily occurrence between the
ZwaufT Assault cases nave already been tried at
severe! justices’ offices m our dty, as reported in
Yesterday's Tumors, but seemingly not content,
the twain appeared again yesterday. After -the
Znal on Tuesday before Justice DcWolf. Miller
challenged Keefe to fight; Keefe accepted, got
worsted in the engagement, and therefore bad hie
antagonist arraigned on a charge of
battery. Case me missed.
Uatbzvokt nr a Beothel.—Charles Bleacher
Master of the steam tug ** Continental," was yes
terday charged beforp Justice Cuthbcrtaon with an
assault upon bis wife Carrie Flescher. From the
evidence adduced, it u appeared that Hra. Flescher
from incompatibility of temper or some other
cause, had for some time post £been living apart
from her husband. On Tuesday night, however,
they accidentally met in a dec on Wells street kept
By Paschal Angel, Where overtures of a friendly re
cognition w ere made by the accused, which finally
resulted in their taking oysters together. After
the refreshments had disappeared, the husband
not only refused to pay his wife’s share of the cost,
But demanded a gold ring which she wore on her
finger. Mrs. Flescher declined to “obey" the
mandate of her unworthy lord and master, where
upon he committed theassault complained of; biting
complainant’s finger severely in three places. The
Justice imposed a fine often dollars and costs.
Tin: Late Gale.—The bark Monitor, which was
reported wrecked, has tamed up all right'except
the lo*t of topsail, both jibs, foresail and a coll of
rope from the deck. Captain Capron ran np from
Sbeboypan with four men abort. Foot of Che crew
leitihe vessel in a yawl boat to land somepsssen-
Cere and freight at Sheboygan, jest before the gale-
Wtrmk the vessel. The boat reached the shore with
the tlx passengers. The schooner Baltic ia all
aartin Conden, a passenger from Muskegon,was
Washed overboard from the schooner Magnet in the
sale of Monday might and drowned. The schooner
went ashore near Racine. His friends reside at St,
Joseph, Michigan. HU body is not yet recovered.
It is said that the deceased had a sister in this city,
who can leam the foil particulars of bis loss by can
ing open Mrs. Roberts, on Sedgwick street, oppo
• *lte Dr. Whipple's Church, three blocks north of
Dipaion Street.
’ i Taz Bank Failum.—The euspension of bnsl*
* aeesjof the tanking Arm of Marc & Bertel, doing
' -business in the Metropolitan Hal! block was men
tioned in the Tuscan of yesterday. We under
stand that the suspension was -caused by the fall
lire of Messrs. A. Marc & Co. of Moscow, Russia
the principal in which latter Arm is a brother of
- the Mr. Marc here. Mr. Bertel has gone to Europe
.to rearrange, 11 possible, the foreign credits, leav
ing hi* partner in Chicago to settle the liabilities
«1 the Arm. Xo assignment appears to have been
made, and all Small certificates presented by-the
poorer classes have been net. it is also stated
that all-collections and other matters of special
trust are entirely protected. . ■
The liabilities of the Arm approximate to
One of the creditors of the Arm to the amount of
$9,000 caused an attachment to issue against the
tiffecte yeslerdav.
Mr. Bertel Is the Hanoverian Consul here, and
during bis absence in Europe, Julios Rosenthal
Will art as his deputy.
Tnnrtmz’a CrncrLAnos.-r-The number of Tnx-
Suxss printed yesterday morning exceeded Fobtt
Thousand, which is probably greater than the com
bined circulation of all the other dally papers in .
Chicago. We did not begin to All our orders, but
this was the utmost number our four-cylinder press
could work off in time for the trains, vnwHa tnd
carriers. In a few weeks our great eight-cylinder
Bob'press, with a capacity of 16,000 sheets per
hour, will arrive from Xew Tort, and be set at
work. Wo greatly need it. If we bad it now, we
would print 60,000 papers per day, to supply the de
mand. Our aty patrons who complain of the late
delivery of their papers in the morning, will soon
be served at an early hour. We expect, under the
mew arrangement, to be able to deliver the Daily
Tszbvke at the residences of our citizens between
H and 6 a. m. punctually, in all parts of the city
within two miles of the office, and between 0 and 7
m. m. In the outer wards. Have patience, friends,
s little longer. We have gone to an expense of
wffV'Q 0 for «i»ia single machine. But the demand
xorthe Tsmcxta is so great that we felt compelled
to incur mis very large expense for a faster power
'Hollaud-Belgic Anocr stick “ Umost is
Stbxkoth.” —At a meeting held by this Associa
tion on Tuesday evening, at tbe Metropolitan
y fw4r t * constitution and by-laws were adopted,
and tbe following named gentlemen were elected
jts officers for the ensuing year:
• Jtockfmf—John Van t, Wood; Tics President—
John Detain: according Secretary— T. Pasdeloup;
Aes't according Sscrelcry —Peter Godderia: Pi
nondal Aacwtory—Pcter vennenlen; Treasurer—
Demy B. ; Marshak— Blandlnua Yuylateke,
E. Henry Breytsprnaki Board of Trustees— John
Detain, Felix Van Bamme, John Oosterwyk, Fran
cis Peters, John
-She "■Boiatier In America” was unanimously
oengnatedas the organ to expreaa the sentiments
of the Association.
■ AssodatlQn It, more firmly to
finite the Holland ere and Belgians, to derate them
Mclally and politically to the etandard of American
citizen*, to enamrage emigration and mutual as
•stance. Such an association waa long wanted:
we wish It success, and hone it* projector* may tv
celve the reward their zeal and perseverance de
Railroad Cbakgbs.— C. D. Allen, who recently
yctignod the position of Soperintezdent of tbe St,
Louis, Alton A Chicago Railroad, has accepted tbe
-guperin tendency of tbe Pittsburg, Colnmbas and
Ctocifinatt Railroad, with bis principal office at •
Steubenvtlle. Daring his connection with tbe for
mer Mr. Allen has placed lie management ‘
- upon a thoroughly systematic and satisfactory ba
loa, and on leaving for his new appointment be
bears, with him tbe best wishes of a host of
• fiisnda.
Thomas Bnigess, who for several years has bad
timree of the machinery department In tbe shops
of tbe rc«i«na and Chicago Union Ballroad In tins
city has resigned bU position.' Oo tbe employees
of the establishment becoming aware of the cir
cmmUncM, Mr. Bnirw* beomc the recipient
from them of a most flattering testimonial in the
shape, of a valuable gold watch, and a beautiful
photograph of the locomotive “ Thomas Bargees,
which was built by and named after the worthy
• • • "W. T. Morrow, master machinist, of the Illinois
Central Railroad shops, has also resigned falsposl
turn and is succeeded In bis dories by W. H.
Pordv. •
' Cephas Manning, late master machinist of tbe
Milwaukee and Prairie da Chlen SaUrosd, has been
succeeded by Geo. Hackney, . i
Ben. Patrick, formerly connected with tbe Pit tv
bnnr. Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad, has been
appointed General Ticket Agent of tbe Chicago
and Northwestern Railroad, to fill the vacancy oc
casioned by the death of E. DeWltt Robinson.
faie tHM-Cite Sqnelehcd at List—l Pore
SiHonil Cnrrener—Nothing bit Green
. Lacks, Kiticnil Bulc Holes, «r
. their i'qnlTJlent to be Becdred.
Tb£ board of Trade Movement Tri
. Banks Failin';
• ‘into Dine—Railroads and Ex
•' press/companies Ditto.
ThcPwild eats are departing; their nine Urea
avail thtm sot; at least eight of them are kill ad
outright; In a day or two the ntnth will bo
entirtfly.” The moTcmeat inaugurated by our
patriotic and sensible Board of Trade,
has carried awey opposition • lire the sweep
ol a whirlwind. No more will we be plagued
with and robbed by a mlacdlaneica lot of rtg*
which by a stretch of courtesy hare been dignified
with the name of “money.” We shall no more
find value* vnniahlng in a night, and our property,
which for safety had been converted Into “hard
cash,” worth nothing at all in consequence of a
discovery that the hanks were unsound, and their
eternities worthless. Kot one of the least yaloabie
results of the war win be the giving us a uniform
national currency, which will ha tho same a 1! over
the States, for whose redemption tbefkithoftba
nation is pledged, and whose issues wM be diffi
cult to simulate, or whose counterfeits will be
readily detected.
The history of the struggle in Chicago is familiar
to filL The whole community has watched and
waited impatiently for the final Uroe, and all ex
cept a very few interested parties have’hoped fer
vently for its arrival before the grand crash should
come which would bring us back to tbe wild-cat
horrors of 16C1, with those of war snperadded.
But those few incited a movement to delay tbs ac
tion already determined on, and procured a meet
ing of Bankers on Saturday evening last, at which
it was decided to delay the assumption of the legal
standard basis tin July Ist. Determined to meet
the action as It became men who had a regard to
consistency and their own interests, as well as
those of the community, a number of the leading
members of the .Board of Trade signed the follow
ing during yesterday and the day preceding:
Chicago, May 0, IBM.
We, the undersigned, members of the Board of
Trade, agree, on and after the 16th to base all
transact!on*, either baying or selling, on Legal
Tender Treasury Notes or their equivalent: •
Hons A Scott, Hnmsey.Bro. A Co.,
B. P. Hutchinson, G. & J. Watson,
Tribune Co., Alfred Smith.
Cultcx & Co., _ I). H. Holt.
Armour, Dole A Co., Hanger, wheeler A Co-
Cragtn A Co., . Halliard A Scranton,
J. H. Dole A Co., Charles Randolph.
J. M. Willi*ms, B. K. Bruce,
B.&S.P, Carter, - Albert Horse A Oe M
Phillips A Bro, W. N. Brainard, -
T. Haplo A Co., J. J. Richards,
Lyon A Mudray, A. A. Rankin,
Dari*. Pope A.Co., Sam’l M-NlckcrsonA Co.
Allen Bowe, • W. Norton,
Irwin A Morey, A. Eichbala,
A. Bloom, J. W. Pots.
Elm ball A Wolcott, JK. W. MitchelLT
Albert E. Neeley. C. H. Pendleton. f
Joseph McDonald A Co n Prands M. HltcheH,
E. H. Bamson, 8.8. Williamson A,Vo.,
R. P. Whitney, Tan Wagenen A Cf,
Geo. M. How, Daniel Jenkins, T
Hobbs, OUphant A Co., Gilbert, Updike A px,
J. Conway, Tarbeli, Emmons A Co ,
A. J. Holland, C. S. Dutchea* A O-,
D. B. Mcgridgc, Boynton, Webstar A Co.,
Brajton & Young, Sprcance, Pres tut A Co.,
T. u. Seymour A Co., Hamlin, ilodler £ Co.,
Richard S. Tbomss & Co., J. Brown, * '
Llnsley A Hancbctt, A. Salsmon,
W. D. HonghteUng, ' M. S. Garwood,
Jos. H. Tockcr A Co., C. J. Plate,
Blneley A Shinn, O. W. Clapp,
G. P. Adams, C. A. Rogers.
Sam. T. Atwater, Hiller A Wllmatk,
Geo. Ellison, • A. T. Spencer,
Levi Hlgctne. Hubbud A Hunt, •
Howe ABobblni, Bedford, Meredith ACo^
F. Edwards. W. X. Knight,
Charles G. Wicker, Richmond & Hascctk,
J. n. Ball & Co., Geo. F. WiUfcuna,
F. D. Oertel A Co„ William Lilt'e &OOna n
Cliaa. Sanford, Germain, Glbba A 00..
Sort, Whalin'; A Co., Joseph Dave, *
Parker, Colton, & M. Gray A Co„
Spninjme, J. B. Ta/lor,
Gibson A Chase, Lee & Antes,
Tomhlin £ Bro,, ,G. B. Dickinson,
J. C. Bore, J. B. Thompson,
Graeff & Hendrix, Dickinson & 80s,
J. H. Gale & Co n Hawkins A Chapman,
A. C. Williams, Sherman, Hall a Pope,
F. Brake, O.T. Elliott,
Berana A Co„ Murry Kelson A Co,,
Julian, Eune & Co., H. 8. Nichols A Co.,
E. K. Hubbard, Geo. R. Crittenden,
8. Gupton, Walter 8. Frailer,
the above action the undernamed
bonking institutions have resolved to stand from
under by wheeling right Into line with the mer
chants, and sustaining only the square national
currency. It is believed that several other names
would have been attached to the list had there
been tinseio see the gentlemen. The following Is
the agreement:
The undersigned banks and bankers of the city
of Chicago hereby agree that on after Monday,
May 16th, ISC4, we will receive on deposit at par
ana pay oat at par only Legal Tender notes, Nation
al Bank notes, and the notes of such other hantu
aslredeem at par in the dty of Chicago:
It being understood that all checks dated prior
to May itith nay be paid in the present currency,
end au balances due between banks and bankers
on Monday morning are to be settled on the same
ba*ls. ■
Edward I. Tinkbam, Cashier Sd National Bank.
E, E. Brail ted. Cashier Ist National w-iwic.
j. Tonng Seammon, Brest. Marine Co.
5. YotmtrSeammon, private banker.
h. C. Badger & Co.
*V, H. Waite, Sec’y. W. M. and P. Ins. Co.
6. A. Smith,lTest M. 8. L. and T. Co.
I, M. Adslt,
i. G. Conrad.
Preston, Willard & Kean.
Ire Holmes, Cashier 8d National Bank.
C. B. Blair.
•osiah Lombard, Brest. Sth National Bank,
lolomon Stnrgeea Sons.
V. F. Coolbaugb A Co., per Connell,
lobt. Bold, Bank of Montreal.
2i. Doolittle.
James Boyd. ~
qyler, CUmann * Co.
g. a. Briggs, Cashier 4th National Bank.
C, C. Parks & Co.
Leopold, Mayer & Co.
beery Green bamn.
George C. Smith.
Butter. Endicott & Co.
N. B. Kidder, Cashier State Savings Institution.
Tlie Bail road and Express Companies haye also
signified their Intention to adopt the same role,
and Sunday next stands therefore as the dividing
line in all prominent commercial transactions as
that which separates -the sheep from the coats.
You may reckon your wealth in wild-cat on Satur
day if you like, hut the calculations will fail on*
Monday next. ».
This, we opine, la about all that will be hooded
to set the matter right. The country peopifc Bare
long since been tired of the miscellaneous curren
cy payment and have touched it cautiously. This
actn n of the gentlemen whose names appear above
will tend to make the article scarce, and even those'
who sees popularity by offering to take the
stuff after others have refused it, will soon be glad
to cc me in out of the cold. The Augean stable has*
been deared at last by the full tide of national cur
rency ; it has been a Herculean labor to accomplish
it but the thing it done—Laudanum.
Speritl Heeling—Deciloa of Sclicol Principal
—School ictonunodattoiis—lent Books.
Tteßoard of Education met in special session
yesterday afternoon. In the rooms of the Board.
There were present. Inspectors Carpenter, Went
worth. Steele, Ryder, Ebeahan, Taft, Onahan,
Wahl, Wicker, dewberry, Prindivilla, Brentano.
The chair was taken by Inspector Foster, On
motion of Inspector Wentworth, the Committee on
Examination of Teachexx was directed to report.
Inspector Ryder reported that the Committee had
examined several applicants on the previous day
for the position of Principal in the Enzie school,
made vacant by the transfer of Mr. Slocum to the
Mosely school, rice Briggs, resigned. -
On motion of Inspector Frindlrille the Board
gocecdcd to ballot for Principal, with the follow*
g result: Twelve votes cast, seven of which were
given for Samnel K. Martin, of Milwaukee, and four
for 8. W. Far, of Chicago. Mr. Martin was de
clared elected.
Morton Culver, Principal of School Xo twelve,
tendered his resignation on account of an expected
connection with the army. On motion ot Inspect*
. or Stehan, the election or a principal to fill the va
cancy was postponed till the next meeting.
The Superintendent called attention' to the fact
that Brown School was very ranch crowded, and
recommended a change iu the dividing line. Kin*
xie street would probably be the one found most
advisable on theXorth. The subject was referred
to the Superintendent and Committee on the
Charles A. Sweet, of the High School, was read
mitted, having recovered from bis Hint s i.'
Thu Superintendent read apetition from several
pnpils of the Dearborn School, asking that the mil
itary drill be instituted in the school.
Toe subject was referred to Inspector Shcahan,
on his promise that he would treat the matter seri
ously* i
Tbe Superintendent reported the continued Ill
ness of Mr. -Cutter, Principal of the Washington
The Bridgeport school we called up, and Inspec
tor Wahl or the Commute on Boil dings and
Grounds asked to report. He had nothing to add
to the report enhmltted at the last meeting.
Inspector Wentworth bad examined the school
and lound that the proposed enlargement would
cost about $1,500. The appropriation was not yet
made and it was not easy to commence now. There
was not so great a pressure at present as formerly
on account of the opening of a private school In
the neighborhood. The district was increasing
Wahl atld that the school committee
bad till now rented a branch school bouse, which
bad now to be given np or be con tinned at an ex
orbitant rent: and.lt was illy adapted to tbs pur
pose. A large increase in the school acoommoda-.
tlont of Bridgeport was needed.
Inspector Sheaban said that a building to cost
twelve or fifteen thousand dollars would be wanted
before long. . - - ;
The subject was laid over for further action in
the future.
The Superintendent reported that a change in
the recess of the Bolstcen School bad been applied
for. The subject was referred to the Committee
on this school mid the Superintendent with power
to act. i-
Icepector Wahl re-introduced the matter of the
Bridgeport school addition, and moved tbs passage
of the order. The order would be Invalid any way
iftbeapprodriation were sot made, bat If made,
the order could be acted on immediately afterward.
Inspector Newberry was opposed to the passage
oftbis order tilUbe Board should know what it bad
to rely on.
>!r. Ward, the School Agent, was Invited to speak,
and explained that some of tbe material was al
ready on hand and workmen were now employed
by the Board who could be spared to tbe work,
ilucb expense would be saved thereby. The ac
commodation was much needed. It would give au
that was wanted for several years, os when a new
building was needed. It should be put up between
the Mosley school and the one now at Bridgeport.
On motion of Inspector Newberry the matter
was postponed till the next meeting.
Superintendent Wells said that he had no power
to overstate the number of pupils in the foster
School, It was safe to say that if they bad to-day
room for three hundred children, it would not serve
more than a month.
Inspector'Wahl also spoke of tbe very insuffic
ient accommodations at that school, which' had
been literally parked, yet besides that, a branch
school, called now tbe ** Foster MUelon, had Just
been sold out ol their hands. But it could be pur
cba&cd bock for about SSSO; tbe building la 69 by
24 and 22 by 24 ; la the ia&t named space they had
taught one hundred children.
The Board passed an order requesting the Com
mon Connell to authorize the Committee to pur
chase the building. v
Inspector SheaEan moved that tbo Secretary be
instructed to request the Common CounclTto ap
propriate or so much thereof as may be ne
cessary, out of the general fond to pay the expense
of night schools next winter. *
Inspector Sheaban then offered the following: <
Mesolted, That the Oommltuo on Text books
end course of Instruction, be instructed to Inquire
or d report whether any change be necessary or id-
Tirable in any of tbe Text books now In use la'the
EnUic schools, and whether in the use <* readers It
c advisable to have any uniform series or readers
of two or more series, and for the purposes of this
lr onlnllt will be considered that all school books
pahlit-ned are included in the refererce.
Irspector Wentworth, advisee Mr. Sheaban to'
pnt that motion in hi? pocket for thirty data, and
submit it to tbo new Board. *
Inipsctor Sacahan. said that the report most lie
over Id* thirty days* In any orent, tn which case It
must b« submitted to the new.Board. It was for
the purpose of putting an end to it that he wished
the orde passed. The book agents were lying
round Inwait for the entrance or the new Board'
and wool] be round as thick aa ales when the new
members look their seate.
Inspector'Newberry, said that it would not T>e
courleoup to teem to wish to forestall the action of
the next board.
The Secretary rcadanoteon the subject which
rtqclrcs that aroporttobnil be made in May, if at
all. or tf at any other, time, then only by a two
thirds vote. ", v
The mottos was laid on tho table, and
The Beari adjourn, d-
Progress of FnlHtoiwts—Visit to Camp Fry
—TLe Men Coming In—More Needed*
With the pleasant weather the recruits for the
one hundred days' service become more numerous*
The prospect of spc«dily filling up the three regi
ments allotted to Cook county Is becoming cheer,
ing. From present indications, wp are authorized
In assuming that the regiments of Cols. Hancock,
Hough and Stimn will bo comfortably fixed In
quarters at Camp Fit, and filled to the maximum.
Squads and companies are continually arriving
from the interior. Ths country is doing nobly, and
If the city does as web, the work is done, and the
quota filled. The three days yet remaining are the
osya for work. Let every loyal man who takes an«
interest in tee well being of the nation give at'
least these few days to their country.
This service will hare many attractions which
do not attach to the the three years' service. The
labors which these men will be called upon to. per
form, will be light and free from peril. There will
no long marches, no barrasslng skirmishes, and
litfc likelihood of engaging in battle. It will bo
tbeir doty to. garrison forts, to protect lines
communication and to guard rebel prisoners; They
will be upon direct lines of communication, and
will not, like the veterans, bo compelled to como
down, to the conventional rations of soldiers in
the field—“hard tack and sow belly.” Tho duties
they willto called upon to perform will he simple,
yet honorable, and snch as any man wbo is fit for
the service should be willing to perform freely.
It may be that these hundred days men will have
tbenrinlereof dealing the last, finishing stroke
to thiraenfeed rebellion. It may be their privil
ege to beat back the rebel hordes which, in case of
the defeat of the great armies of the union, will
cross the Ohio and attempt to make the brood
prairies and green fields of Illinois the theater of
sanguinary conflict. Wo do not anticipate this
last contingency. We believe that the rebellion
wfli be crushed without calling these men into sc*
tire service: bnt if It should be necessary, we be
lieve they will strike a blow which will reflect
credit upon themselves and the State—a blow
which will ho telling and effective.
These men will not go into the field as a forlorn
hope. They are a free will offering from the glori
ous State of Bllbols. There is a fund of patriot
ism lying hack ot all that has been done and suf
fered in this State, whose surface* even has nos
been reached. If another demand shall be made
upon oar loyal hearted people, that demand will be
met and the draft honored so long aa a man shall
be left within her borders capable of bearing arms.
It speaks grandlr for the patriotic loyalty of the
Sucker State, that with voluntary enlistmeata,
nearly ten thousand in excess of her quota under
all the calls, she can voluntarily present to the
country twenty thousand men, as another free will
There Js an argent necessity that the three regi
ments allotted to Chicago shall ho filled without
delay. Ifthfr call is not responded to at once tho
occasion for their services may have passed away.
Tho terrible conflicts on the Kapldan and la tho
vicinity of Illcbmood are fast thinning the ranks
of the brave boys in the front. Many are killed
and more are wonndod. The call cornea np Irom
the gallant-Grant for men to fill the gaps in his
fighting batalhons. The thousands of men left be
hind to keep intact our extended Uses of commu
nication, to hold strategic points In the enemy's
dominions, and to guard prisoners, are needed at
the front, and they are eager to be<here. They
firefrr the mcslc of the 6creaming shell and wblst
inghulUte, antf the dingers tnd privations of as
live service, to the music of the piano and tho
guarding of rebel camps and commissary stores.
In Uus connection, a brief account of the sol
d:ers now rendezvousing at Camp Fry may be not
ont of place. Our reporter visited the Camp and
toned there £23 men, distributed aa follows:
Captain Lynn’s company 20
Co. A, CoL Hancock's regiment 35
Co. C. “ “ 23
Co.B. “ “ 8
Captain Palmer's company 16
Captain Baxter’s company 45
Captain Balowin's company 13
Citizens' Corps 10-
Zouaves l
Recruits for Col. Shlmn’s regiment 89
Recruits for Col. Hough's regiment M lOl
Captain Randall's company 9
Hattons were drawn for Ais number yesterday.
It is not to be understood that those in camp are
the only men enlisted. Moat recruits desire a short
furlough, to enable them to close np their business,
and this is freely accorded.
It Is expected that CoL Hough win assume com
mand of the camp on Monday next/aad establish
his headquarters there. At present the encamp-,
raent is under the charge of Captain Enoch, who fa
the ranking officer present. He is also Acting
Quartermaster. Lieutenant Shields Is Acting Com*
mlsssry of Subsistence, and lieutenant Core Act*
Ire Adjutant General.
The Commissary department Is well supplied with
rations, consisting of potatoes, pork, sugar, coffee,
and dried fruit—everything in tact allowed by
military regulations. Those in camp were in the
best of spirits and evidently enjoyed hugely this
poetical period of soldier's life. The guard was
regularly detailed and the guard lines established,
beyond which none could pass except by permis
sion of the officer in command. Some of the boys
giumbled a little because they could not roam out*
■ldeofihelncloeureatwill, out most acquiesced
ami took the restraint good natorediy.
A visit to the different recruiting offices, disclos
ed the fact that enlistments were lively. Ws sub
join the number of recruits who have signed the
XBusterroltsat a fewol tbeofflcea:
Recruiting office at the corner ofElnzie and
Clark streets, and at 139 Randolph street, 45. The
Evanston Company in Court House Square, 39.
Ellsworth Zouaves, also In the Square, 47. Citi
zens' Corps, 49. Company H, Ist Regiment, 50.
Captain PflaunTs Company, 41. Captsin Vogel’s
Company, GO. CoL Hough reports that his regi
ment will be entirely filled by Saturday. The coon*
try 1* contributin'?nobly, and there is little doubt'
that bls-cxpectations will be realized. One full
company went into camp yesterday, and more are
expected to-day. The regiment is ordered to be In
campon Saturday morning.
, The Ellsworth Zouaves, Capt. J.H. Bigelow, are
ordered to rendezvous at their Head Quarters, Gar
rett Block, ot two o'clock this afternoon, prepared
to xeport at Camp Fry.
From the facta and figures given above, and the
exhibit Is by no means an exhaustive one, the
gronnds of the cbeerlmr view we have taken of en
- liatmenta un£er the call for one hundred days will
be seen. Our people have done well, but they
most do still better. A good many more men are
needed to fill up the three .regiments to the maxi
mum. Meetings have been held indifferent por
tioLe of the city to stimulate enlistments with ex
cellent malts. - Socb a one was held on Tuesday
night at'No.-’6ll State street, and this evening
another will take place at Aurora Hall, on Milwan
avenue. Good speakers will be in attendance,
apd we trust the ball will be filled. We expect
eatL-nictorr I rCeuUa from this meetings and similar
one? which will bo held during this and the ensu
ing week,
Eighth innnal Report-Financial Exhibit.
IT e Eighth Annual Report of the Board of Guard
ians of the Reform School of this city Is now in
the bands of the city prlSter, The Report will ap
pear in exUnto in the columns of the secesh organ
this morning, the directors of which in their usual
fairness hare not furnished advance sheets to the
Tiubuke. For this and all other courtesies they
have whatever modicum of thanks is due to them.
The following Is a summary obligingly handed hy
them do another paper:
RThe avenge number of boys employed in the
several departments doring.lhe year are as follows:
Contract shoe shop. 65; school shoe shop, 15;
tailor shop, £5; small boys'work shop, 85; farm,
20; dormitories, 8; bakery and kitchen, 4; iaun
■ dry, 10; dining room. 10; general work. Si.
As an instance of the work done in the laundry,
it may be stated that- no less than 48,612 pieces
were washed daring the year. In the small boys'
work shop 471 pairs of stockings were manufac
tured, and 3,219 pain mended, while 2,033 pounds
of hair was picked.
Theretnms of the tailor and shoe shops, and of
the garden and farm, show that the boys had been
kepi diligently employed. The amount earned by
the boys tm work sot required for themselves, was
as follows: Small £qys'workshop, $41,03; school
shoe shop, $451.25; contract shoe shop, $1,245.77.
Total. $1,738.05.
It has been deemed advisable by the Board to
make arrangements for the employment of several
workmen to folly instruct the boys in the different
departments of work; and such ns are able also to
cultivate and improve their moral and social na
tures. Many of the boys have dona well under the
instructions of Messrs, McDougal, Nicholas &. Co.,
the contractors for shoes, and, since going oat on
ticket of leave, hare earned for themselves good
wages at their trade. " -
The past ydXr has bean rather disastrous lor the
farm work, sufficient not having been realized from
its products to pay expenses.
Tlie following statement elves an exhibit of the
expenditures and receipts of the school during the
year: .
Household dry goods.
General expense
Empty barrels sold $ 43J55
Old iron and rags sold 22.74
Board of boy. 64.70
Work in small boys* workshop.. 41.03
Work In ehee shop 451.25
Work in-contract shoe ehop 1,945.77
- ' Total „ I 1,868.01
Excess of expenditures ......$25,050:25
Total expenditures for the year 36,937.29
Deduct amount paid for improve
- ments $4,091.08
Deduct ameunt paid lorCommis
■loner. 770.01
Deduct amount of receipts 1,863.04
Deduct amount of inventory
■tores and goods on band which
have not been used 2,165.27
Total current expenses...'. ..$18,043.00
' Making an average cost per capita, as per current
expenses of the school, for inmates on the prem
ises, of $83.01.
Cocktt Court.—Widows’ Awards.— On Tues
day a motion was made and argued in the County
Court to set aside the order of the Court approving
the widow's award in the matter of the estate of
the late John M. Davis, deceased, on the ground
that tbe award was too large, and that'the ap
praisers in allowing the widow $1,122, she having
no cfaildren,were guilty of fraud. Tbs motion was
made by. J.H. King and others, creditors of tbe es
Yesterday Judge Bradweß gave his decision in
tbe case as follows:
•• it |b contended on the part of tbe widow that
tbe Court has no power to remove the appraisers,
to Get aside the order approving the award, or to
question the amount of the award.
Tbe appraisers are officers appointed by tbe
court to appraise tbe goods aud chattels of the de
ceased, anal am of tbe opinion that tbe Court has
the same power to set aside or refuse to approve ■
an appraisement or award made bp the appraisers
that s court of common law Jurisdiction has to set
aside the verdict of. a jury. But that this is a
Dower the court should sot exercise unless for
fraud yiMsV*, or wben the-appraisement is so
bleb or low as to strike the court at first view as
bcW decidedly wrong. Iseenoihlngln this award •
that would cause me to disturb It, except the item
of “ wearing apparel,” which is appraised ■at $l9O
more In the*widow’s award than In the appraise
ment bill. The language of our statute Is pecu
liar; it does not use the word
speaking of wearing appareL as It doM wnen
speaking of u beds, bedsteads, bedding, and house
hold and kitchen furniture, 14 .bupaya, ‘‘ the wear
lug apparel of themselves and families, there
by meaning the wearing apparel - 4 that
-the---widow and - children have
the time of the decease of the husband and fath
er without regard to whether it is ! necessary
or not. The wearing apparel should in all cases be
-appraised at tbe same in the award 'to lha
widow as It is 1b the appraisement bllL Unless
tbe widow consents, therefore to hats, the
va?ne of the wearing apparel in the award made to
correspond with the appraisement, tbe order ap
proving the award wilk be set aside and the ap
praisers instructed to an award la accordance
with this oomion.”
A Flutter Among the Copperheads—How they
latefid to Account for It—Other Changes.
The publication of the able and patriotic letter
of Alderman Boh of the Fourteenth Ward, Tester
day morning, wherein ho announced bis Intention
to cut loose from the rule or ruin party, and no
longer affiliate with copperheads and traitors,
' created as much consternation In the ranks of the
“Democracy,” aa would the explosion of a shell
filled with bullets In a crowded church on a bright
Sabbath morning.' The damage was also
quite as effective. There was swearing, and
groaning,• and limping, all day yesterday.
John Comlskr was ' compelled to submit
to a capital operation. The Mayor was severely
wounded between wind and waters Dr. Hahn was
hullo d several times, and did what for a long time
betas not done—took water freely. The Mayor
and Alderman Barrett
with one of Uio other AJdermsm, whom they were
dJrposcd to consider unreliable upon the great
“Democratic” questions of plunder and profit.
City Attorney Adame looked glum and black as a
thunder cloud. The Comptroller was serene, and
exhibited a degree of composure, tinder the cir
cumstance, altogether remarkable. Waleh
was wrathy. O’Sullivan exhibited a beefy degree
of stolidity. Charley Willard was Intensely dis
united and talked learnedly of “greenbacks” and
compaiatlvo 44 sense.” Roberts looked at the law
cOßcern leg illegal Innßferr. through the bars of a
gridiron and said nothing. Mark Sheridan Sullivan,
O’Rafferty and Clark, kept shady—saying nothing
but doing a power of thinking. Little Charley
Woodman was anxiously Inquiring among his Cop
perhead friends for the latest news from the Four
teenth Ward. The eccesb concerns blowers wore
a 6‘* don’t-care-s-damaliTe” sort of look, which
would seem to indicate that having made a good
thing themselves, they proposed to “ let her rip.”
Hawksfasw had spoiled the conspirators’ 44 nice
little game” this tins, and the “Domocntta” found
it difficult to “maintain their composure.” Oa
Tnseday morningtheywere rubbing their hands and
exclaiming at the corners of the street*, “beauti
ful, beautiful, my dears,” but on Wednesday
they were ns baaly knocked as were MslterMoss
ana Jem Dalton when Robert Bncriy rescued Sam
Willoughby from tbelr hands, and exposed their
Tinainona cheatings.
• The Copperheads met in caucus last night, and
after a ftiu and free discnsslsn of the now “situa
tion,” decided to charge the Republicans with
pnrchaalmr Alderman Rub. They Instructed the
Tinit* to say that It knew Just the price
paid for the Alderman’s vote and co-operation, and
the contributors to the fund for the purchase. To
day then, the seccsh Organ will ring the changes
upon “Bargain and Sale,” and distinctly charge
the Alderman from the Fourteenth Ward
with selling himself to the Republicans. What
ever credence the Copperheads may give to this
fable, sober, sensible Republicans will pronounce
the statement a base fabrication.' They know that
the Union partv do not buy votes as drovers do
tbelr cattle. Money could not indues a man ol
Alderman Rub’s character to brave tbo terrors of
party discipline. Ko, gentlemen, you are wide of
the mark. The reasons of Alderman Rah’a change
are fully stated in his excellent letter, and vbej
are reasons entirely creditable to his head and
fact Is, German Democrats are dismasted
with Irish Copperhead and Southern Copperhead
misrule. Alderman. Rub is not the only man la
the city who has deserted the Copperhead party,
and we-trust he tanst the only AJdermaa now af
filiating with that treasonable organization who
Trill come ont fairly and squarely, as bs has dsne,
in favor of right. There are several men in that
body who would more nearly act la accordance
with their own convictions, and with the wishes of
the respectable portion of their constituents, If
they joined the Union party.
•, HlAlMf FIRE.
Bnißlag of T. W. Baxter’s Ml Furnishing
Last evening about half-past seven o’clock the
Court House bell rang the alarm of fire in the Third
District, and t few minutes sftewards the sky was
lighted up with that lurid glare which betokens the
presence of « great conflagration. The Fire De
partment speedily turned out, and .were guided by
the light of tho Mill Furnishing Establishment of
T. W. Baxter, on tho. corner of West Washington
and West Water streets, standing between tbs
railroad track of the Pittsburg and Fort Wayne
company and the river. The factory occupies a
block composed of two buildings, the aggregate
size of which Is ISO feet long by 66 In breadth and
font stories in height. One of these buildings is
composed wholly of wood, the bottom story being
perfectly open on two sides. The other is of stone
with the upper story composed of wood. In this
upper room was stored a largs quantity of dried
’ lumber, and it waa hers that the fire commenced.
The engines immediately on their arrival ob
tained a good supply ol water, and jpeedilv threw
1 a large quantity upon the burning piles. But the
most energetic efforts ot the firemen seemed futile.
The flames had acquired a strong hold, and seemed
to defy all efforts to bring about their subjugation,
hurling their fiery tongues high into the air, light
ing up the whole vicinity witatho brightness of
midday, and rapidly and sorely spreading on their
destructive course.
Abouthalf an hour after tho arrival of the Depart
ment, toe roof, which was a composition one. and
bad hitherto confined the flames, fell in with a
lued crash, scattering showers or sparks far and
near, and allowing the fire to burn with even in
creased vigor. But the firemen worked bravely,
their energetic Chleffrom a conspicuous part of the
dangerous pile, directed their efforts with hla
usual precision, and the men did not move from
their dangerous positions until a few seconds be
fore the upperwooden wall ofthe factory fell out
wards to tie ground, simost hurling them to cer
tain destruction. This fall though seemingly only
tendingto give the flames Increased freedom was
the death blow to the combustion. Those puny
streams, which appeared hut to add to the fury of
the devouring element, were its destined conquer-
OrsJand could now pour in on all sides: undeterred
and eo well were they directed that before nine
o'clock the flames were subdued, sad In thsir
Since large masses of lurid, smoke hang over the
mlding, enly waiting fora cessation of aqueous
hostilities, to hurst Into active combustion.
That cessation, however, waa not part of the fire
men's programme, and by a little after nine o'clock
thdr work was nearly accomplished, and tbs masa
of the fire extinguished, when they only waited to
wash out of existence any incipient signs of igni
tion which might exist.'
The flier ary, as previously stated, was partly
composed of wood and partly of stone. Tbs fire
was confined to the woooen story, which surmount
ed the stone building, though the flames extended
along the whole'roof, inflicting much damage to
the other portion. Tho block waa owned by T. R.
Armstrong, coal sad wood dealer on West Wash
ington street. lie estimates his damage at from
SS.LVO to $6,000. The Insurance doee not exceed
SB,OOO, and so, at beat, will but barely cover the
damage. The damage inflicted to Mr. Baxter’s
stock is severe and will probably not fall shorter
sls COO or SIB,OOO. He is. howerer, fully insured.
There were In the establishment a large amount of
all kinds of Grain Mill Furniture, besides some
very valuable machinery. The npper story ol the
building where the Are occurred, contained a large
assortment of lumber, which was totally consumed.
In the lower stories, toe finished goods of the Ann
were kcpLconsisimgof Bnrr Stones, Smut Mills,
Fans of all kinds. &e. These articles were much
damaged by fire and water. The north building of
the two, though wholly composed of wood fortu
nately did not suffer extensive damage! except from
the water which poured through alt the rooms In
streams. The upper story was occupied as a Mill
wright’s shop, ana in the lower ones unfinished
burr stones were kept. In thebasementwhichwas
open to the river and alto to the railroad track,
Mr. Armstrong bad a large quantity of coat This
of course, is as good ae ever.
The origin of tbs firois unknown. It com
merced In a room filled with dry lumbar, hut there
was no chimney or flue in the vicinity. Whether
it is the result of carelessness In dropping sparks
from a pipe or other article, or whether It originat
ed from the bauds of an incendiary Is uncertain,
and probably will ever remain undetermined.
The Police Court, nnllkemany institutions, dees
not increase in interest as It gains age. The busi
ness transacted last year was of a more interesting
chaiacter than that of this, and, whereas, once up
on a time thejastice chamber was well Ailed with
spectators, bow no one thinks of attending un
less they are personally Interested In some salt
that ispendifig, or else to obtain a warrant, against
some one or other for some ml, or more generally,
imagined misdemeanor. The attendance docs not
greatly decrease, for drunks and disorderlies will
appear as long as the world bolds together, but the
assemblage is not of such a varied character as It
vas in former days. At the present time visitors
are generally purely democratic in their proclivi
ties. They not only believe that one wmi Is as
good and probably a good deal better than another,
and dedace from this proposition, that they have
as much right to their neighbor's goods as he has
bum elf, but they extend their credence to the be
lief that a man lying In the gutter or engaged in
,thrashing his wife Is eqsfcl to the man who Is a re
fspectable member|of thecomnumity. The iollow'ng
arc the only cases pflmportaiteMhat occurred yes
terday, from a doehctcoai«J«l*ff about thirty cog
nomens: '.y''- i
iaremjr.—Cbiries Spender, a -respectably dress
ed young man,'was charged with stealing a gold
watch, valued at $75 from one William Borden.
The parties pro room-mates at Linder’s boarding
home, on the corner of Taylor and Clark streets.
On Monday, Spcnccr borrowed a key from another
boarder, and managed to effect an eutrance loto
Burden’s trunk, from which, It Is alleged, he felo
niously abstracted the watch. The article was not
found In his possession, nor had he been seen with
it, hut his honor, considering the evidence strongly
against the prisoner, held him for trial at the Re
cordcr’s Coart In bonds of SSOO, and. In default of
hail, he was locked up. •
Tl* Bobbery Cum.—Henry Green, a young man
described os a newsboy on the Northwestern
trains, was brought up on remand, charged as an
.cccompllco in the larceny of S3OO from a soldicron
tho train, as mentioned in Sunday’s Tbieunb.* Je
rome Turner, the supposed principal in the Crime,
was not present, so the case stands continued until
this afternoon, prisoner being bound In the sum of
SCCO. Officer Bellinger stated the boy Turner told
him that ho had picked up the money; and had
concealed $146 at Clinton Station, wls., which
last statement the officer found to be correct. The
lad is a son ofMrs.Tnrnsr,st whose boose our read
ers will remember wasdlscorered S2OOO worth of
goods believed to be stolen, and who now awaits
the sentence ol the court on a charge of larceny.
fZ.OrenJiorvir'O. —Joseph Walker, who has driven
a hoe In the city for twenty years past, and who has
ever bore e a good character as to honesty, daring
one trip yesterday was caught m three different in
stances making the wrong change, and collecting
too'much faze. He was promptly arrested, but it
being his first offence, Joseph was let off with a
fine of $5 and costa.
A Cahiain in Trouble. —James HarrejVthe ■ mas
ter of the schooner Nightingale, was arranged be
fore Justice McDonnell, charged with violating the
harbor ordinance. It waa alleged that.on Tues
dav, be placed his vessel in such a near
Lake street bridge, as to seriously lutAipe with
its bdng opened or closed, and, daroite me remon
strance of Martin Casey—the bridge tender—he
refused to move it throughout tne . day. The
offence being fully proved, tha Captain; was.
fined $25 and costs. This decislon-waa appealed.
. $5,725.17
. i 3,461.38
.. 627.01
... 1,589.65
... 6,853.91
.. 6,679.01
Most Lxbetiallt Dote.—The Injunction ‘/freely
ye bare received, freely give,” finds a very hand
some fulfillment & the case of a prominent Lake
street merchant, who has made his establish
ment the “ Stewart's” of Chicago. Mr.. Palmer’s
counters are the shrines that draw multitudes of
to.r shoppers, while bis wholesale rooms are equal
ly well known to the country trade. It is satisfac
tory to know that the stream of wealth thus flow
ing in is In good hands for the cause of loyalty.
Ur. Palmer's-individual exertions swelled the
fund of the Great' Sanitary Fair nearly ten - thons
' and dollars. Be has taken bold with equal zeal of
r the raising of one hundred day troop*. • Besides
his subscriptions to separate organizations, he has
sent in his check for S3OO to the general committee
and now proposes to donate the entire profits
-of his retail Dry Goods Department on Saturday
next to the same object. Now, on this hint, let
our patriotic shoppers act. Let Mr. Palmer’s sales
on Saturday -exceed those of any day in the past
twelve months. Every penny thns raised is for a
holy cahae In the hoar of pressing need. Will
other merchants do likewise?
A Bum?.—Yesterday morning a man named
William Fish was charged before Justice De Wolf
with brutally assaulting one Bosa Conley; Mrs’.
Conley occupies part of the same house that de
fendant lives in. and on Monday afternoon daring
bis absence, she had a quarrel with Mr*. Fish re
garding some trivial matter, The dispute was a
short one, and began and terminated, as women’s
quarrels • generally do—in smoke, or at least in
words, which are of about as unsubstantial a na
ture ; nut In the evening, when tbs husband heard
of the fracas, he swore that his better half had been
grievously insulted, and that he would have re
'verge. Accordingly. this' brute "In human fwn
proceeded to Mrs. Fish’s door, where he knocked
for admission. She suspecting mthing, opened It
immdiately, when the man withint any explana
tion. commenced a most mnrdercus assault, only
desisting when the victim of his htomarilyfen
senseless to the ground. Fish was rtprlmandad
by the justice, who wished him to
smilltt offense in future. If be conveniently Mold
and imposed the exceedingly light line of
costs. Would his honor kindly, explainfor_what
class of men the fine of SIOO with ninety <ky» im
prisonment Is meant. If each brutes as tma i ca ®
cape with S2C. Despite the light fi “ e »? lß ] l _s ee ®"
ed greatly astonished at Its
pressed a determination to take out “ a PP®ri
he considered $s and costs would have aausnaa
tbo ends of justice.
Tna Optoa.—Faust brought wlthita erowdwl
house, the flrtt genuine opera audience of tne sea
son. What Robert and Ernanl failed to do, Faust
succeeded admirably In doing. The old stagers
were there, and Faust’s countrymen were therein
large number*. The libretto doe* C ° t n /°^° T T
Goethe’s sublime creations very closely, but spun
of the most effective passages and scenes we re
tained. The music of tbo opera la dlveremed.
* There ale few distinct melodies, and. as a wtio'a,
the accompaniments are muchi superior to tne
airs. There la some exquisite music, some
Treat. anS tome that horde" dordy
on the commonplace. .. As to details
we reserve any criticism until Us next
We may say, however, that it has
upon the stage in a superior manner.
scenic effectand tableaux It was m®“® IKLi nnd
live. All of the artists did well, and the choral and
Instrumental effects were toely brought out. Our
own hand—the Licit to tjd.
by the superior manner in which
the thrilling Soldier’s March. II would havet stir
red Ihe vital currents in a mastodon. The mMa_e
■enent deserve great credit for the mamer In which
they have brought out Faust, and Us repetition will
be eagerly looked for. ... • ,
Academy or Music.— The benefit of tbe-popular
manager of the minstrel troupe, will come off on
Friday (to-morrow) nlcht, oa ®
lan e variety of good things will bo presented for
thc'dolectation ol his admirers. Byo the bye. we
notice that two of the gcndemenhsTe enlisted in
Peter Slump’s regiment—K. C. and Irwin
Vallcan. They are good for one hundred days and
their places will be open when they return.
Tfrc EllsTrorlli Zouaves', This best
known of all onr independent military organiza
tions is endeavoring to recruit to the maximum
for the one hundred days’ service, under the lead
ership of Captain J. C. Blqclow." Their ranks am
nearly filled, and they will soon be “off for the
war. Those of our citizens who are contempla
ting enlistment will do well to join their fortunes
to those of’Captaln Bigelow. His character and
social standing la such that wo can confidently re
commend our citizens to entrust tbelr frieuds to
bis care. Captain Bigelow Is the son ef A. Bige
low, of the firm of Bigelow & iluhlke, His mili
tary experience Is such as to entitle .him to the
confidence of this community, and such, too, as
will ensure him rapid promotion.
Improvement ol Milwaukee Avenuo.
—The property holders on the line of Milwaukee
Avenue are requested to meet at Aurora Hall, No.
l! 8 Milwaukee avenue, this Thursday ovonlng.’at
8 p. m., to take Into consideration the Improve
ment of said street and determine what, if any
thing, shall be done the present season.
Tonne: Hen’s Association Lecture*.—
Bev. Z. 11. Chapin, tbo great pulpit orator, of Now
will deliver three lectures under tho auspice*
of the Young Men’* Association of thl* city, on
tho S6th. 27th and SSth ol this month. Duo notice
will be given of the time and place to procure re
served scat* for either or all the nights.
Board of Trado Battery-,—Mr. A. J,
Close, of the Board of Trade Battery, will leave for
the front this evening, and will convey all letters
to the boys, if left at No. Sit South Water street,
previous to 4 o’clock this afternoon.
Good Templar*—O. a. Laws, of Bowea
Bros, is raising a company of Good Templars, for
the one hundred days’ service. His recruiting
office is on the corner of Clark and Randolph
* Tenth B. L* A.— Tenth Ward C. U. L. A. will
meet to-night at the usual place. The members
are earnestly requested to he present, as business
of great Importance will be brought before the
Dr« James, formerly of James’ Hospital, Cos
tom l.oute street. New Orleans, La., (established
In I860,) la now permanently located at 86 Randolph
street, Chicago. Tbo following is from the Chica
go Mtuewn ol December 21th, 1863. Bead it*
" Soiir op tub Results op tub Wab —The
" present war has been the cause of many wsndef
'* ml changes, and has developed new and startling
“ theories, as well as the abilities snd capabilities
“of men who were before unknown. Those who
"were poor before have suddenly found them
"selves rich, and many who were afflneathave
" been reduced to poverty. Some who were proa
" pering in business in the * Sunny South,' nave
“been compelled, by the fortunes of war, to
"change their residence and their business
"location. Among this• latter class maybe
"mentioned a man well known In the booth
"in connection with the science of Materia Med
" lea, and who baa conducted and superintended
" one ol the largest hospitals In the country, for
"thecurcofdlscascscomingundcr his specialty.
" This gentleman is Dr. James, and his hospital
" was In one locality. In New Orleans, for thirteen
" yiart ;|The writer knows the Doctor well, having
" been a resident of New Orleans at the sometime,
" and knows-also, his professional success and
" standing. Knowing him, then, meat favorably,
“ as a physician and a gentleman there, the writer
“ taksa pleasure In recommending him here, [ln
" Chicago] whers be has taken up his residence for
" thefuture."
DffJames practised fifteei'yearsja New Orleans,
thirteen years of which time ho conducted the lar
gest hospital Id the United States for the treatment
of private diseases—and for tbo last three ysars be
has been practising in Chicago.
Within the last fifteen years Dr. James has treat
ed mote diseases sf an infectious venereal charac
ter, successfully, than any other doctor in the Uni
ted States.
Dr. James is the only specialist treating the sex
es’ organs in the Uaitpd States—that has testimo
nials eulogistic of bis professional skill and suc
cess—from professors of Medical Colleges and hos
pitals In the United States that or* firing—not In
a foreign country—bat can be referred to at any
Dr. James’office and pariort are at 86 Randolph
street, up stairs. Ten separate rooms. All consul
tations confidential. Office hours from 9a. m. till
8 p. m. maylS-oSW-JU
Relief for the Afflicted.—Tho attention of
oar readers 1b requeeted to the card ofDr. Bigelow
which will be found in another column of oar
paper. The doctor has achieved an enviable repu
tation in this c.tv—a legitimate consequence of the
hlph professional skill displayed la his practice.
Gentlemen in this city of the highest respectabili
ty, and members ol tho medical xhcnltv now prac-
Uctnc in Chicago, are willing and read; to attest
bißekin. This Is a natural result of the uniform
success which follows his treatment. He never
tails to give satisfaction to his patients, and those
who In the hands of others had Begun to despair of
recover;, have b; him been quickly restored to
health and vigor. Hence, Dr. Bigelow has gather*
ed hround him hosts of friends, and his medical
practice is among the largest. He is without
doubt oca of the best medical practitioners In the
city of those treating special ’diseases. He has
paid particular attention to all forms of bodil; all*
ment, and verified the knowledge gained b; an
exhaustive stud; in an. extensive and rap*
idl; increasing practice. The most deli
cate or skeptical need not hesitate to
entrust themselves to his care.- It is in the
most aggravating cases that bis skill is displayed.
Thcnsands of testimonials in his possession from
persons of undoubted integrity show that his abili
ties are folly appreciated. His rooms are open day
and evening, and his arrangements for receiving
visitors are so complete that distinct rooms, with
separate entrances, are provided for each, bo that
all may visit him In strict confidence.
There are bat few .physicians who, making the
tres'meot of Special Diseases an object of study,
are entitled to confidence. In the great majority
of cases, the so-called universal practitioner reads
a book or two, and, depending only on the gulli
bility of the public, and the natural indisposition
of the victim to expose his extortionate Ignorance,
gives to himself the name of Dr., and commences
a series of impositions. Dr. Bigelow is a graduate
of one of the best medical colleges on this conti
nent, and his professional career has amply Justi
fied the granting of hia diploma. The press of
this and other cities place the Doctor’s skill be*
yond the question of a doubt. We say to those
needing blo pcmces. cad at his rooms, Ho 179
Bonth Clark street, comer of Monroe, and find this
statement verified.' mylSeOOMt
A New Pennine fur the Handkerchief.
Fbalon’s “ Night Blooming Cere us,”
Phalon’s “Night
Phalon’s “ Night Blooming Cere us.”
Phalon’a “ Night Blooming Cercus.”
Phalon’s “ Night Blooming Cereus."
Fusion’s “ Night Blooming Cereus.
Phalon!s “ JUght Blooming Cerens.”
A most exqnlslte/Qellcate and fragrant Perfume,
distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from
which it takes Its namei- Manufactured only by
* PHALON & SON, New York.
Beware of Counterfeits.
. Ask for Fhalon's—Take no Other.
Sold by Druggists generally. ap3Msll-lmso
Thirty Tears) Experlemce of an Old
Mrs. Wntsx.ow's Soornmo Steut is the prescrip
tion of one of the best Female Physicians and
Nurses in the United States, and has been need for
thirty years with never falling safety and success
by millions of mothers and children, from the fee
bio infant of one week old to the adult. It cor
rects acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic,
regulates the bowels, asd’jrivcs rest, health and
comfort to mother and child. We believe it the
Beetand Surest Remedy in the World, in ail cases
DREN, whether it arises from Teething or from
any other cause. Full directions for using will ac
company each hottie.; None Genuine unless the
Mc-eimileof CURTIS & PERKINS, is on the out
side wrapper. Sold by all Medicine Dealers.
25 cents a bottle. Office, 48 Dey street, New York,
and -tSHighßolborn, London.
ap£6-d7oa-lm-Tcnn&sJu -
niM Tennessee Olaflln— has established
her Magnetic Infirmary at the Fox River House In
Ottawa, 111. Paralysis cured in from 3to 9 days.
Cancers cured In from 4 to 81 hours without Instro
meat or pain, or one drop of blood. Consumption
cored, if disease is not too fkr advanced. Throat,
Hear, Liver Complaints, Diseases of the Stomach,
Neuralgia, Bhmnatism, Asthma, Fits, Scrofttia,
Fever Sores, Catarrh, Teller, or any diseases of the
blood, short time. Satisfactory reference
will be cheerfully given when required. Cure guar
anteed in all cases «no charge made. She will
answer all letters pertaiping to life and health, and
mjm>i medicine by express when required.
' mayl2-cS64-2t •
Splendid Gold Watch fOr $1.50.
Among the costly and elegant presents given at
Kelley’s Mammoth Gift Book Store (under the
Mattceon House) Tuesday were: A |SO gold watch
to W. W. Miller, 106 Monroe street; sl2 caster to
J. B. Ideeon, No. 11l Eandolph street; sllrer lea
pitcher, railed at $25, to Hr. George Stlckney, 57
Michigan arenne; and with an order for hooks
from Noah Gaiter, Valparaiso, Ind, was sent a
beautiful sllrer cake basket. These things are of
dally occurrence. The largest classified catalogue
in the world sent free to any address in the United
States by addressing Andrew K, Kelley, No. 87
Eandolph street, Chicago.
Valuable and rOonvonlent. —“Brown’s
Bronchial Troches,” are widely known as an ad
it liable remedy for bronchitis, noarecness, coughs,
and other troubles of the throat and longs. They
are of great value for the purposes for which they
arc designed, and it should be known that while
while they are usually and pleasantly efflcaaous.
they contain no hurtful ingredients, bat may at all
times be used with perfect safety.— Boston Be
tgg- Bouse and Sign Painting, Oaldmlng,
Glazing and Graining* Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
York prices. F. E. Kiqbt, 80 Eandolph street.
Box 6068. myl-ellS-lm
c«y Fixture*. —A large assortment embrac
ing the latest and richest patterns, at lowprices.
Pitting promptly attended to. J. Wnroiuva, Jr
& Co., 84 Eandolph street. ap22-d460-lm
tkeHeiTon*i Seminal. Frt*
nary and Sexual Syitcmir-Bew and relia
ble treatment—in reports of the Howard Associa
tion. Seat by maU to sealed letter envdopqa, free
of charge. Address D. J. SkUicn Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 8 South .Ninth rteetFhU*
delphia, P*. __ _ . mhSO-bCBM*
Gas Fixtures.—Call and see my new styles.
Prices a* low as the lowest. Gas Fitting to order.
Carbon Oil, Chandeliers, Ac.
H. M. wmtAUTH, 132 Lake street
matters In Western Kentucky—La test
from Bed Blver.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
’ * Caibo, April 11,1864.
The expedition under CoL Moore, of the Slth
Missouri, which went ont on a reeonnolasance
last week haa returned to Columbus, after march
ingto the vicinity of Mayfield, They met only a
small force of guerillas under one Captain Kcster.
On Saturday night last while op? forces were en
camped In the vidnlty of Mayfl&ld, Heater, with
about thirty of his men, made a descant upon and
captured eleven of our pickets, and carried them
off without much loss to himself.
On Snnday onr force was withdrawn from that
vicinity and returned to Columbus, having accom
plished the object of their march, whatever that
may have been. Through defective information, a
great proportion of the damage done the country
by the reconnolssance, was visited upon Union in
habitants, whilst the rebels and rebel sympatulzers
were left in comparative peace,
■ The steamer Superior, Captain Dexter, has ar
rived from' Red River, bringing the latest dates and
New Orleans papers of the 8d Inst. The Superior
was hit by six shells from a rebel battery up Red
River and badly riddled, and two men killed and
seventeen wounded upon her upward trip. She
was also fired upon on her downward trip. The
soldiers on board silenced the batteries with the
aid of Captain Dexter’s men, who were armed with
.muskets, the Captain himself doing gallant service
with a Henry’s repeating ride.' The officers of the
Superior confirm the destruction of the transport
Emma, but aay they heard nothing about others,
neither did they bear of the sinking of the gunboat
Signal and burning of the gunboat Covington.:
The report of the officers of the General Lyon last
night is likely to have been true, however.
General Canby, appointed to command In Qen.
Banks’ department, has arrived here. He is trav
elling about to-day In citizen's clothes In an wn«s
sumlng style, making arrangements for his depar
ture for the South. There Is none of the foas-and
feathers fashion about him.
.Cizno.May if.—’ The- ateamar Superior arrived,
from Red river,' with marks of rough usage at the
bands of the rebate, who fired Into her near Alex
andria on Bed river, and Tunica on the Mississip
pi, from a battery of 1 .’-pounders, making six or
eight boles In her, one through the Iron protection
on thepilot house. One shell exploded in the pau
try. A solid shot passed through her state-room.
In which Mra. Bentley, the clerk’s wife, was lyin'.
Capt, Dexter, the commander of the boat, was on
the hurricane deck with a rifle In band, shooting
alLthe time. One of the shots fired at him passed
through his coat. Ho Inretnm killed the rebel
Who aimed the shot. The pilot also acted with
great conn go. By tbelr courage and presence of
mind, the boat was saved from falling into the
bauds of the rebels.
• The river at the pomt of attack was so narrow
that'the boat could not be turned round. The reb
els were driven from the battery. Two on the boat
were killed and seventeen wounded.
Frederick W. Ames, government aid, on the boat,
states that the steamer Emma, side-wheel, was
boarded by the rebels on Red river, who forced her
crew into the hold, aud set the boat on fire.
ninnesota General and military News
[Special Dispatch.to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Paul, May 11,' tt6L
The Clnclinati Enquirer's report that Gen. Pope
is going to Washington with several thousand
troops, and militia are to be sent on tho frontier,
is a canard. Gen. Sully is on the evo of marching,
and a battalion] of troops has already left Fort
Snelllog to join him on tbo Missouri.
The Bth regiment, mounted infantry, and 2d cav
alry are being equipped at the fort for the expedi
tion and will leave as soon as tho grass will afford
subsistence for tho animals. To change to militia
troops now would defeat tho whole campaign, as
to he effective the troops most move soon. An
other hatch of rebel deserters came up uncur guard
yesterday to fight the Indians. The new enroll
ment of this State has been ordered by Col. Fry.
A rumor from Fort Abercrombie says, that when
Major Hatch’s command startedfrom Pembina for
that post, a eqnad of soldier* killed the two Sioux
chiefs who were prisoners—Utile SlzaudMedlcine
Bottle. The soldiers have long threatened to do
this for fear the President would suspend the sen
tence of death. This rids the earth sf two of the
most prominent and brutal chiefs among the hos
tile Indians.
Tbs expedition from this State, under Colonel
Thomas, is ordered to start from Camp Pope,
which is on the Mine river, 150 miles‘from here, on
the 58th. It consists ofthe 6th regiment mounted
Infantry, 2nd cavalry and a battery of artillery. The
6th regiment la .ordered to leave Sank Centre far
the camp to-morrow. The cavalry and artillery
leave Fort Spelling next week. This force will
aim to join Sully at a given point on the Missouri,
and the two expeditious will then move against the
hostile Indians, The plan is very good, but time
will have to tell the story of Its execution.
St. Paul, May 10.— I The supply of wheat lathis
State Is apparently inexhaustible. Every steam
boat coes down loaded to Us utmost capacity, and
yet the tonnage capacity of all the boats and Barges
on the river la not equal to tho demands upon it.
The largest shipping point on tbd Upper iliaals
sini Is Winona, through which, port nearly one
third of the entire surplus grain or the State is ex
The Northean Belle had on board to-day some 80
deserters from the rebel army, who, at different
times, came Into onr lines and took the oath of
allegiance. They were being Conveyed to Fort
Snelling, where they will be incorporated into the
Sd Minnesota Battery, a company composed most
ly of rebel deserters, who are to be sent one to
fight the Indians.
The river la rising, thanks to the rains. It la to
be hoped these rains have extended to the tributa
ries or the river above ns, so as to let out tho lum
ber which Is locked up by the low water. Lumber
men tell us there arc millions of logs up the Black
and St. Croix rivers, which at last accounts were
fanjirieoned by the low water.
The following telegram was received yesterday:
Washington, May 6.
To Lyman Dayton:
Tho President has approved the bill making a
grant of land to the State of Minnesota to aid In
the construction ot a railroad from St. Paul to Lake
Superior. We are out of the woods.
The members of the first regiment, whose lean
of service expired on the 39th ult., have been mus
tered out by Major Melsonjn accordance with the
Instructions received from Washington. An efl'ort
was made by Gov. Miller to have the order disban
ding the regiment revoked, but it waa not attend
ed with success. Companies A and C were mus
tered out on Tuesday. The former company went
Into the war one hundred strong, but on Tuesday
only six men, all that remained, were discharged
and returned to their homes. The remaining eight
companies were to have been mustered out yester
day. A paymaster waa engaged Wednesday in
paying them oiL
Illinois Supremo Court Proceedings.
(Special Correspondence to the Chicago Tribune.]
Ottawa, 111., May 11,1661,
The second or final call of the docket of the Su
premo Court Is still progressing. Tho call yester
day cmbracSd two cases of considerable public In
ternet to the people of Chicago. One of them Is
the case of Foss vs. the city of Chicago, as entitled
in the Supreme Court, being a writ of error sued
out to reverse a Judgment on a bond signed by
Foss and others as security for Sylvester Lind.'
The other is the now celobrlons case of Inness va.
Boss, as entitled In tho Coart below, brought to
this Court by the Messrs. Boss, the second time,'
the judgment against them being for SIO,OOO,
grounded on the allegation of a malicious prosecu
tion of Inness. These cases were argued at length
on both sides.
The Court has not been able to dispatch ten
cases per day on this call of the docket, hot may
be expected hereafter to keep up with the call of
that number on the new list originally proposed
on that call.
It is understood that argmnents should he filed
on Monday next, to insure a consideration of them
by the Court, as the Court will then take up for
consideration the cases submitted, and which have
not been considered for want of briefs on both
An Iron-Clad Battle In Albemarle
Sound—Bacspo of tho Rebel Ram.
New Tobe, May 11.—The Herald correspondent
at Newborn, May 6th, says
“ Thursday afternoon, the 6th, the rebel ram Al
bemarle, accompanied by its satellte, Cotton Plant,
and the army contest- Bombshell, captured by
them at at the mouth of Roan
oke river. Tho gunboats Mlama. White Head,
Ceres and Commodore Hull were lyinp close to the
river in the Sound. On perceiving that the ram
was designing to enter tho Sound, they
made off as if fearful of an encounter, but
only anxious to draw the ram into the
Sound. The ruma followed In pursuit about
twelve miles, when tho gunboats Sassacus, Wyal
using and MatUbesett, donble-endars, appeared.
Our gunboats, seven in number, immediately
opened fire, and a terrific engagement ensued,
lastlcg from five till eight In the afternoon. Dur
ing the early part of the battle, the Cotton Plant
succeeded in making her escape, and the ram,
firing rapidly, slowly and steadi:; retreated np the
Sound. The gunboat Bomshell was soon retaken
with all oh hoard, thirty-four In number. The
Saseacus, baying an Iron prow, steamed at hill
speed, and ran tnto the ram, striking abaft the
centre, but apparently without inflicting any in
jury. The Sassacus, however, was compelled to
retire, having her forward rudder knocked off and
a 300-pound Parrott shot was fired by the ram
through her boiler.
“Night had now set In and the movements of tho
rsm could not he accurately discerned. Closely
pursued bylhe gunboit, and under coyer of dark
ness, the ram succeeded in gaining .and entering
Boai)Okejfre£, ; wb£te tho gunboat not vea--
tore to foffOTt*
“TheranS carried atieart fonr,loo-pounders. She
has nqAetu seen since,-hut active measures will
he takely tocqpfcfrc or destroy her.
“Reliable reports'from -Kinston report that the
rebel r&U NeuMls high aground. She draws seven
and a half fefcthf .water, and tho river i« only four
and a, half fee tin depth. The rebels forthe present
havd abandoned her and taken the engine out.
Arrival of the City of ISanchester.
New York, May 11.—The steamer City of Man
chester from Liverpool 27th, and Queenstown23th,
arrived at noon.
The Pirate Alabama put into Table Bay, March
10th, for coal.
It la affirmed that the French government will
not prevent two fast steamers launched at Nantes,
on the 2£d. for the rebels, from being armed not
withstanding Mr. Barton’s remonstrance.
Another rebel steamer will be readyro sail in a
commercial capacity, June Ist, for Bordeaux.
Latest— Londow, 28lb— No more fighting in
Denmark. The Prussians are penetrating Jutland
in force. It is said Austria and Prussia declined
an armistice on the basis.of a continuance of the
blockade ofibe Germanic ports.
BBeanmptlon ot Activity Indicated.
• New Tobk, May 11.—The Hilton ■ Bead corres
pondent of the Tridung says : “A rebel deserter
states that 16 heavy mortars have been mounted on
Sumter to fire upon the Morris inland batteries,
and four colnmbiads command the inside channel
toward Sullivan’s Island. It is nndeastood a
combined land and naval attack has been ordered
on Sumter. Seven rebel iron-clndi are finished and
afisat in Charleston harbor.
• Folly Island has prepared for an antic
ipated attack from the enemy.
According to this man’s statement, indication*
point to the early assumption of rebel oflensire op
Gea, Blair's Case.
. WAsmaoTom.'May 10.—The Union Congresaipna
delegation from Ohio called upon the Preaident to
day In regard to the removal of • Gen-Blair. They,
nrgea that not hofnp legally to the service, he
should sot be continued thereto. The President
gave no decisive answer -as to what course he
would pursue. The Senate will also follow up the
matter hr a reio’etion requesting tha President to
»S« command, on the ground that he
lii bolding Us commlsaion in Tlolationof the law
01 Congress, .
Break In the Brio Canal*
Amur. May 11.— An-extensive break has oc
curred on the Lone Level of the Brie Canal neu-
WbiUeboro, washing away the heavy cmbankmoit
and a portion of the Central Railroad track. Tj«
passengers ar* transferred at the baeacb In the
road, and the trains are detained only a few mla
In this alty, on the 11th ln*»- a* the rest fence of hi*
fatucr, 2b7 naron street, JOHN J. KEOGH, aged 11
Fnaeral services will be attended at the Chorea of
tho Holy Kame. on Wclcolt stress, this dar. (Than*
day) at i o'clock P. M- The remains will be taken to
C'alrnty Ceme»eiyby the‘J o’clock train on Chicago
and Milwaukee Railroad.
MoTICKER’S theatre.
XuL J. M. MoYiezn. Proprietor.
ITALIAN OPEBA-loraia. _ ifT
Ticket office at Hhcxin** Mu«o Store. boots e»a be
secured for any one night or all.
THIS THURSDAY, May Wlh, Bellini's Masterpiece
tho Tragic Opera of
3XT O H. MA.
MAD. VIRGINIA WHITING In tier most cole
tratetf role of. NOB\fA.
M'neMbrestl.Adalplia; Slg.SUtanl,Polio; dlf. CaU
lel’J.Oroveso; Slg. Xlrarnta. Flarlo.
Conductor ana Maslcal Director. .Sm. Mnzio.
To-ttorro»—Mey« r e?r’i»most celebrated and latest
wrrk.DrNORAII, (Le Pardon de Domnel)
liT la active preparation. MASSANIBCCO, (die
Btamrue Ton PortloO and LES HUGUENOTS.
3E T.
COL. J. E. WOOD * CO.^..Proprietor* *b€ Uanascra
A.D.8dADL1tf..............Direct0r it AowuMati
Forty-tot Representation of thoGroat Drama of the
Eobert Brlarley .'. Mr. Prank Alkou.
Hay Edwards Mrs. Perrin.
Frit.it— Sheridan’s great Coined/ af the SCHOOL
PRlCß9.—A4«ft*to« to Huavaa nod Lector* Socac,
scant*. . Children nadir twelve yaari, 1 5 cento, Greet
Circle and parquette,2s cents extra. ?vtraw Boxes,
U and tS. Na extra charge for Beaarrad Seat*. Box
Bookopa»fromlSA.M.tosP.M. Doors of Lecture
Booaaopes at o’clock. Curtain rlaaaatSo’clock,
Tickets, 35 cents ta all parts of the howte.
tar 1- The Great Mnacnra, wltn !M over i3D,OCt Curi
osities! The Invisible Lady! The Enormous Ameri
can Giants! Eight ?eet eleh, and weighing orer
SWpoondt 1 will appear nightly. HIM Amer.2l yean
•id. ana SO laches High! the finest Small Lady in the
WOtUL mySe«9 Iw
XA inztoa street, between Clark and Dearbon-ata
MONDAY EVENING, May 9th, and every evening
during the week.’
Gbzat Psooaaxva. Ons.vvPnoGaxinni.
Ainsworth, the first Flutist tn America. Atllorton
and Price as Joe Houeoton and Ike Bitter* Leon at
the Vlvsndjere. First week ofVoala Gently Sutbathe
Breeze. Ac. Frleay evening. May 13tb, Benefit of El>-
Wls KELLY. Change ot Time—Doors open at 7:11,
commence at A Admission, 30 cents. Seats socored
throuclflho day, 99 cents. Private Boxes. 13.
BBWnr RALLY. Manager.
11" and 117 Dearborn street.
T. L. FITCH Stage Manager.
SEVEN NEW STARS, commencing on Monday even
ing. May 9th.
First appearance of Mile MARIETTA RAVEL, tho
(.celebrated Tlght-Bepe Artiste and Premieur Bnani-b
Dansenre. First appearance of Mona. BAPTISTIN,
tie great French Dancer and Maltre rte Ballet. Firn
appearance of Mlae CLARA BUTLER, the beantlful
Ope»aHe Vocalist and Comedienne. First appearance
or Ml&s IDA DUVAL, the celebrated Cantatnce. First
appearance ol M’IIeLBONETTA, tho beautiful Dae
seure and Comedienne. First appearanceol Mr.TOM
IJUS6ELL. the great Comic Vocalist. First appear
ance of HEN MASON, the popular Ethiopian Comedian
QT* Change of Time—Door* open at 7)f» curtain
riocsatSM- Prices—Parqnette, 25ecu; Dress Circle,
3Scte; Private Boxes, |3.00; Single Scats t* B oxes,
50 ctnts. - ~ iLjB-e593-lw
Remember, every evening and en Wednesday and
Saturday afternoons. Admission 35 cents; reserved
SCIUSO stnts. n%S-e455
kO LAC. Wi&—This large and spacious Hall, situated
la the center of the city, upon the ground floor, 50 by
BJ feet Is sire, is now fitted up in tbe best stvle, and
open fur Concerts, Lectures, Ac., and all other usee
for which a pabllc hall la required. Itwillbetentcd
Boon reasonable terms- new first class Plano
can be furnished if required. Address
apa>cßfrot J.H. SPKFCER, Proprietor.
TDOR SALE—Lots. Good Bnlldlag and Residence
X 1 Lots, pleasantly located lu the West Division, an
Chicago sTcnne. Indiana, Hubbard and Noble streets,
at from S?CO to gt JOO, on lons or short time. Apply
to-J DTCKERDIKE, In Burnham and Martin’s offlie,
95 East Randolph ktreet. fe2l-vl05»?m
FOR SALE—A frame House (oflO rooms) and Lot
cn Chicago avenue, near Market street, tor |3,7u0.
A frame House (of 7 rootds) and Lot on Sedgwick
street, near Chicago avenue, for ?t, fl 3o. A frame
Bouse and large Lot. with barn, on Carpenter street,
near Fulton, for f3,000. Three new frame Housed and
Lots on Warren street, near Lincoln. Al*o. a number
of other Bouses and Lots in daferent parti of the city
—tome excellent bargains.
B€al Estate Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Block.
Foil SALE—'Two ftvms Dwellings aud corner Lot
at 2*7 Hubbard street, Weis Side. Property rents
for $325 orr annum, Price 95,v00. Apply to JAMES
& SPRlNGEß,MetropoUtasßlock.
FOB. SALE—A neat, well-built Cottage House,
pleasantly located and shaded, with good barn
and large lot. Apply to QEO. BICKERDIKE, on
Wt*t Indiana street, between Elizabeth and Noble.
myU-eSlb 4t -
FOR SALE—A Cottage Hoose and Barn. Lot S)
tcet by 124—south and east front corner lots—cor.
ner of Walnut and Roby streets. West Side, one block
from hone can. Owner Urea in Michigan. Con be
sceji today and tomorrow at 167 Sooth Water street,
FoEstsslon given Immediately. myll-e333-2t
T7OR SALE—Cheap. Lot on Wabash ayenoe, 40
X? leetbyltO, fronting West, between Peck and El
drb’ge Courts, with frame house, for sale fbr a few
day .-, at 98.25?. A. .7. AVERELL, Heal Estate Office.
No. 7 Metropolitan Block. myii-e827-5t
TCHIR SALE—Choice Building Lota. M lota on
JO Wabaeb and Michigan avenaes,nearttth street.
Uo< d residence property in nil parts of the cltv. for
tale by A. J. AVSP.kLL, Beal Estate Office, So. "Me
tropolitan Block. mjll-e32C-3s
I?CR SALE—Business Property. Two stores on
’ .* uoth Water street,43 feet front, for JSo.COO.'
Two stores, netting 11 oer cent, rent on cost, 910,G00.
A. J . AVftBBLL, Heal Estate Office, No. 7 Metropall
tan Plock. ’ myH-eS2»5t
l£eal i£state-fflounttß._
TT’OR SALE—Umber Land Faty acres heavl’y
X 1 timbered Lard, mostly white oak and htcsnrr,
immediately adloiiilng HUhland Park Station, on t'le
Chicago A Milwaukee Railroad. Will cut 100 oil's
peracre. Cheap. SCoVIULE A HAKVST, Heal Es
tate Attorneys, No. 9 Telegraph Building.
mj i2-e£9l-lt ..
FOR SALE—lmproved Farm. An Improved'
Farm of SO acres (30 acres heavy timber), and
Dwelling Bouse worth $1,500, In the town of Leyden,
Coot county, 13 miles from Chicago. $lO per acre
very cheap. A 150.40 acres at Harlem; $lO peracre,
BCOVLLLB A HARVEY, No. 9 Telegraph Bufldlng.-
myiaeSant .
TOCB SALE—Farms. First—rtO acres, prlco 91400 \-
X 1 Iraprovemerta cost gicoo; fifty-six miles trota
Chicago. 21—53 acres, price 92GQ9;- Impror. cost
91000: twelve miles from Cntcsgo. Brd—6oo acres,
gnee 93l,0ca;lmprov. colt $6000; elchty-onomllea from
blCLge. 4th—lSO acres, price |672ai*lmpror. coit
9X000; fifty-six miles from Chicago. Sth-ibO acres,pries
$1500; improv. coat $2500; fourteen miles from Chic*-
?:o. »tli—co acres,price SSO-70; impnrr, cost 9120 a;
cu miles from Chicago. 7th—223 acres, price 94469 r
improv cost 92*00; twenty-two miles from Chicago.
Sib—lCO acres, price $:000; Impmv/cost 92500: twelve
milts from Chicago, stb—l94 ,Anes. price 96740: im
prov cost $4200; fifty one mllel from Chicago. 10th—
-188 feres, price S7ON; Improv.-cost St&X)? twenty
mDcs from Chicago. Send post-stamp sod get a fall
description. E. M. CUM MTSOS, 132 SqaihClark-st.,
Chicago, 11L Post Office Box 872,. v. myll-eP3 4t .
F)R, S VLE.-“ Greenbacks” f0c.,19 -to-47 acres of
dry ridge land, with, house and fruit, wlthtn fifteen
miles of Chicago, and within one'mile of a railroad
depot, worth from $2,000 to #6.000 -Address “O Js,”
care of Matteeon Houae, Immediately.. myl9-e983-3t
FOR SALE—Resident Lots and Farming Lands a-
Harlem, on the Chicago and Galena union Ball
road. All the trains on the above road stop at the
Btstionopporite the property, which being only twenty
five mmol es ride trim the depot on North Wells-at., of
fers great inducements to those doing business In Chl
-cagoard who dealre cheap and healthful homes,
where thy can get eaca’.lent water and pure air. There
are two firat-elasa schools at Harlem. The property
will be sold In pieces to suit the parehaser.aadonieng
credit. Also several houses to rent. Apply to JOHN
,S. QUICK, at Harlem, or 43 South Clark street. Room
No 8. ‘ . my»eß« 4t_
FOR S \LE—A Farm, twelve mllrs south of lowa
City, Johnson County, lowa, of 580 acres—2lo acre*
In cultivation, 230 acres-cimber, the balance fenced In
pasture lots, one fine firm house, three good tenant
houses besides, large bam and a flne orchard of 200
trees, a steam saw mQI on the premises, not owned by
the undersigned: blacksmith shoo and school hoose
also on the premises. Price, 97*000—part on time U re
quired. Title perfect. Fnri her particular* given upon
application to Hessrr. EDMONDS A RANSOM. At
torneys. lowa City, or to tbe owner J. L. CURTISS,
Kankakee City, ill. my%e397-2w
BOARDING.— Pleasant room with board mar be
found at 229 Mlchlran street, North Bide, a short
distance treat of Bosh street bridge. Also,* few daj
boarders accommodated. myl3-eWB-3t
BOARDING.— Board and newly furnished rooms
c;.n be obtained for a few permanent gentlemen
boarders. In a Arst-class house on North Bide, four
blocks from Rush street bridge. Address, with refer*
encee, “ C,” Tribune office. mylZ-ciOWt
BO ARDING—A gentleman and wife can be ac
commodated wltn a good unfurnished room aid
board by applying at2ol Washington street comer of
Franklinjt. Also, a few day boarder* wanted.
•DOABDING.-T wo gentlemen, or a gentleman
X> and wife, can be accommodated with a front par*
lor and two adjoining bed rooms, with beard In a prl-
bo other bosrdds. Apply la person
at 11 South Hslated ttreett mva- efcl-rt
TkOAßDlNG.—Furnished rooms with board at 97
XASoutb Clark sOeet- Front loom on second floor,
with dost ts» suitable for a gentleman and wire, and
single roomsenltdble forgentlemen. Also a few day
boarders wanted. References exchanged.
LOST— At the stable of John Banner, at the lata
hr* on State street, a -light Coach Pad and Crup
per- A liberal reward will be paid for it at the store
of J. B. wTr.i.TAMfiON. 87 Randolph street.
X OAT—Between the corner of Dearborn and Had!-
I i eon streets and 201 South Clark street, a Gold Pen
cil and Pen. The finder win be suitably rewarded on
learn e It at SUITS ft NIXON’S Plano Booms. 201
ScuthClark street. • myll-eSI3-8t
X OST-On the evening of the 7th InsL, at Wood's
asp "■“‘■aassai* "Nan.'ggg.s jp
Fok coughs, colds and
Balsa. U tis most slsMy*wroredlmSWlssstm
Sre VeS.fltfr recommended by our best nhja
fclansfonrmost eminent cdttsecs, the Pts**,tte »ms,
brail who know It. For certificates, wide*
J® "K Sven to slmoet any extant, sea wrappers to
SShboMe. proprietors win cheerfrjly refttjuJ
&«£h/flold In Chicago by BURNHAM ft EMTn.’
Monet to loan—On coiiat
otU. Grain. And ottin- -Arthonnj racolpU.
Also onßral Eiute. tor A term ot yrara, at low rate..
Attorneys and Counsellor*, 81 Dearborn-**.
myfleda-THSAwrr-lUip-m .
if i ■ imsnufsetuze thayery best Csa*, *nd at the
lowest prices, both wholesale and re'all.ofauv home
id or out ofihe Umlted States: and keen also, the
best stock ofMllltary Hats and Officers' Formshtt**;-
E B.BOWhN.2oCiaxk street,np italra.ovcr the U.
Post Office iddreae, Box BM.
Surtiatt Salett.
French. Mirrors, Velvet and Brussel*
Carpeisi Silver-Plated Ware, Oil
Paintings, B. G. Bedstead*,
Tables, &c.. &c,
On THU USD AT. May 15th* »* ®X o'clock, at Batten*
Auction Roomi. In Portland Block* comtr of Dear*
bcrnaadWaihlngton atreeta.
mjS-c&Wt WM.A Burr* US A CO-.AuCn,
Regular Saturday’s
/ SAD*.—IT aw and Sscond-haad FUSNITFSIC,
BTOVEO, dc-ATAUCTION, , . . _ .
On SAfUBbAT.May H.atSK o'clock.atßa**en
Auction Rooms la Portland Block, comar of Dear*
boro and Waahlnstoa streets .
tnjfi*e66»*7t b.M. A.BDTTSB3 4 CO..A»Ct*rV
Bcusaolls Carpets, Ptre Proof Safe, Mieroaeepd,
4c.. 4a.,
OB THURSDAY, May ITth, at 9K o’clock.
At DwelUng 381 Wabash avenue,
AS the furniture of a family reUaqmUhla; houso
Also, «oo Fire Proof Safe, ene largo Mlcroaeaps.
. BjS-e4SS-64 Auctioneers,
On TUESDAY, May ITtb, at UH o’clock, a! Butters*
Auction Ifora*. In Portland Block, corner
, of Deart*orn and Waghinf’on.atrcrt,
DRY GOODS—A fine stock of desirable Staple Dry
rxoiinMi— An liToice of Clotbinr.
lioors AND syOKS—An invoice of enstom-mada
Boot* and Sfcocs-
BTftAW GOOUS—IOO clar. Shaker*. tThitoaad Brows*
¥M. A. BUrTiSW A CO..
KiyU-eOOWt _ Auctioneers.
XJr Aoctleaeera, 14,46 aad 48 Deartorn at.
Cabinet Case Bowing' Machine*, Oil Painting*
Carpets and New Fiaso Forts
Ob FBIDAT, Ha/IS, at 9Jtf o'cieck, washsllseHat
onr Saltgrooma-Parlor Snlu.in rosewood am] wa'-
not, severed in green repp, French BrocxaUHs and
Hair Cloth, Solas, TetfraTctw, Parian Chair*, U.irbie
top Tables. French and Cottage Belstsads. Or&siin;
Bureaus. Wasbatantfs,
In Oiled Walnut and Bosowocd.
Twenty OH Paintings—eomo very fl«e and worth/
the attention ot lho*e wishing agoo<t picture. The
name af the artlata and subject will be given at the
time or aale.
Also.Miver-Plated Forks snd Spoons, Mtrrsrs, Ac.
Also, one fine Sewing Machine, la cabinet c:is«, com
plete, In I perfect order, and a first-clm* machls*.
Also-. one new. Feven-or:avo, rich rosewood fall
'lron name FIAVO FORTE. carved legs. as 1 a splen
did Isned Instrument. GILBERT * SAMP3ON,
myll-etfc.’-3s Auedoneersk
At our salesrooms, -IS and 43 Dearborn street, on FRI
DAY, May ffiih.atiX o’clock.
my7-e56T7t Auctioneers.
bom street. Largo peremptory tale ot Goats*
Clothing, cn
It uxoday Morning, 12th irst, at 9,V o’clock.
The attention of Dealers is Invited.
*?7i ~<f c7s7-"t H. Alexander, Auctioneer.
17011 SALE—A twojtorr Dwelling, os the corner
. cl FcanUUn and Hinsdale streets, containing six
rocmt and three closets. Will be sold cheap If applied
lor eood. Ai ply at 53 Hlnadale street.
mylt-e876-4t_ R, SCOTT.
FOR SALE—Anaprlght 6 horse-power -oiler. In
good order, or will exchange for a 13 or 15 hbr-e
--prwer Locomotive or Tmmlar Boiler, and uayMluer
encelncoh. BUWER&&MERRIMAN,
rayl2-«913-lt SI Wrst Washington street.-.
FOR SALE—A Bam In rear of bouse 57 Peirce
Street, near comer of Halsted. Erica *IOO. In
quire at Mill. 98 N. Franklin, or 100 West Jackson at.
mylfleW«i2t R.G.QOJDWILU2.
FOB PALE—Trees. Silver Leaf Maplae/silver
Leaf Poolers, Balm of Gilead, and American Ar
tcvlta. wholesale and retail. Call at T. F. BALD
WIN’S Real Estate office. 104 Basdolph street room
So 9, third (8d) floor. myl3e>27 3t
FOR SALE—A small Store ef Orocenes, on reak
►enable terms. For further particular* apply at
518 State street. ____ myi3-et«4-U
FOR SALE—A copy of the valuable receipt for
making the celebrated •• Woacisrra Sauce.” dis
covered by the late E. F. Dixie, of Bostor, Mass.,
nod for which Mr. Dixie,previous to bis death, was
effered in this city oae thousand dollars. It Is pro
nounccd by epicures to be fir superior to any Im
ported Sauce forflavoring meats, gravies, sa ads. Ac.,
and no table is furnished without It. Tho owner
laic want ef means and It will be sold for the small
earn of one hundred dollars. For further particulars
address D. G. MOORS/, Chicago. 111.
5. B.—Only ona copy will be sold. myll-e3i7-lw
FOR. SALE —A Distillery, SOO bushel* capacity per
cay.wltnin tkhtj-four miles of Chicago by rail
road. Also, a water pawer Flouring Mill, four rpn
of stone, capable of making 300 barrels per aar- Band
ings oil ot stone, and substantial throughout. Will
bo sold cheap, or exchanged for Chicago city uro
party. Apply to GRIFFIN BROS., 5 Pomeroy’* Build
in*. apiT-dSt-aot
FOR SALE—ISO tons No. 1 Scotch Pig (ran, either
m one lot. ur In quantities to suit purchasers. Ap
ply to GEO. STEkL 4 CO— South water street.
mylltSCs-4c •
FOR SALE—Broom Com Seed. A flnt-rste lot
Just received and for sale by E. A. HARRIS A
8R0.,43 North Welb street Price |3 to f4 per bushel.
The money must accompany orders from persons we
do not -know. myU-u792-Sc
FOR SALE—The lease and furniture ot tho.hotel
known os the Lyon House. SIS South Clark street,
welllocated sod doing a fair trade. - Will he sold low
tor cash and good reason given for selling. Apply on
the premises. my9-ts£i-St
FOR SALE—A first-class Steam Engine. Cylinder
12 Inch bore, SO inch stroke; two boilers 19 feet
long, t2 mchesln. diameter, with return flues,3B feet
of elr inch line shaft, 45 feet of S Inch line shaft, and
all the machinery complete for * large Circular and
Muiy Saw Mill, and Stave work. Address S. W. WTL
SON, Yandallo, Michigan. mjj-e374-lCt
FOR SALE—The Soap. Candle and Potash Factory
situated in the City of Toledo, Ohio. This factory
■was established about fifteen years ind Is no* in
perfect working-order. Has facilities for the manu
facture of 20,tnd lbs. of Soap, 10,000 loa. Candlf a and
8.010 lbs. of Potash weekly, with a ready market for
thte amount. Further partlcolaramay ba had; If by
letter address the undersigned. Box 25$ Post Office, or
In rers m at my office on Monroe street, Toledo, Ohio.
Diy3.e3::fc2ot*ifcfr. JOHN HOFFMANN.
)R House. Ca
naclty for staughterlrgand packing 15C0 to 2000
horn snd 250 bead of cattle per day. Bulldiocs all
brick and stone. In all the modern Improvements of
the day, and large and spacious pro anas, and accessi
ble by vessels and alt the railroads entering the city.
Has oscataufalaatwtateronly. It Is said by compe
tent Judges to be the xnostcomplete house la the coun
try. no pains or expense having been spared in ren
dering it so. For partlcnlars address P.0.80x 1279.
8T23 dsfil-5Ct
W^ANTED.— Employment. 9775 a Month. Agents
9 * wanton to sell iftiiag Machlt.es. We will gtre
a commleslon on all machines sold, or employ agents
who will work (hr the above wnset and all expenses
ptid. r Adaress D. B. HKKRINTON A CO., Detroit,
xittiA - _ myl2-cS73-10t
\V ANTED,—97S a Month. I want to k're Agents
99 in every connty at 975 a month, expenses paid,
to sell toy new cheap Family Sewing Machines.. Ad
dret aS. MaDISO.s, Alfred. Maine, fell-vin-3m
•‘XjSTA'NTED— SXOO Agents. The Wonder ot the
■9T World.-LatnzXiSTQinEiL Qatur Mam
moth Prise Package. The boat Packageln the World.
Agent* cm make 9100 p**r month selling my publica
tions. Send stamp for Circular to B. B. LAN DON,
Agent, 8s Lake street. »pl9-d219-la
TIT ANTED.—Agents wanted In every School DU
-99 met. Township and County In the States of
Wisconsin and Michigan to sell the Gbncijie Fac-
Slmilie of the Original Manuicnpt of the Kmancipa
tion Proclamation, which Is sold for the benefit of the
Soldiers Home. Retail erica. fLOO. Address or ap
ply to the State Agent. C. C. JENK3. 155 South Clare
strees Room No. s (up-stalrs.) P. O. Box IBS'), chi
cago, 18. j myll-eS4I-3t
. \lt:-ANTED-A*ents,local and travellng.fmaleand
9J.’female,) in all parta of the oonntry. to tell thirty
artjcles of real izerit and universal tfemaud, amoog.
which is pur new No Chimney “ Stab Bubebb" for
kerosene lamps—just the thing now desired. Satis
faction guaranteed. Address, with stamp, for cata
logue and terms. RICE A CO.. 137 Dearborn street,
opposite Post Offise, Chicago, HUnoU. Box 4734.
*W7"ANTKb—Efficient Agents to sell Bryant’s HU
-99 tory of the Great Jndiao Massacre in Mlaneeeia.
This Is decidedly the best work for Agenta now out
and erergetic agents cannot fall to make splendid
profits, tall at Room 11, Methodist Church Block, or
a m55R;T&(t °- C - CIBB3 ‘ O. prawer(in.
W ANTED—B2O per day. More good Agents want
-9 9 ed, to make from |lO to f2O per day In selling
the Ibfbovid Little Oisax Bxvntro Mscacn, pro
nounced bycood Judges the best cnean Family Ma
chine In the United State*. Pbxcss— Machlneslnifold
leal, landscapes, Ac.,sl3: plated and pearled. 018:
plated and pearled extra, Ms. For term* to areata ad
dressM.TBOMAS A Sole Ageau for tbs Doited
States and Canadas. P. O. Drawer 6576, Chicago. lIL
myic-e7213t *
XjSTANTED—IOO Agents to sen the Life of Pbbbt
-99 mux Lacour, th* Fiomeb Eot, Btobsb’s
iIisTCBT of tbe Great American Rebellion, Fbost*b
Ghejx Illustrated Hsctclopedia op avtmitib
Nattjbs, containing 1350 aeurats engravlnts of thd
whole animal kingdom—new work*. For tennl and
circular* enclose stamps to Wm. H. Post, General
Agent, P. O. Box 4735. Chicago. mylC-MeOt
WANTED—ICO.OOO agents Dor 100 dv< to intso
-99 duce tbe most wonderful and successful Prize
Package in tbe world. Watches are given free to
everv agent. Splendid Silver Ice Pitchers aal Chips*
Gold Lockets, 4c., among our packages. IlSofirday
we will guarantee can be mace easy by any enter
prUlzg man. Circular free. AddreM C. M. DUNN
A CO. 182 and 134 Clark street. myS-«7D9-6t
T^TANTED—Pfflclcnt Agents Is every cotraty ta
V V the Western States.to sell J.B.C. Abbotl'aHls
tory of the Rebellion, Headley's Life of Waaninrtoo.'
and other new sod popular works, which are selling
rapidly. Alro, the genome Cac simile of the Enunet-
S a-ion Proclamation For terms, Ac- call oq or *d
ress O. P. GIBBS, is 4 South CL&k street, Chicago,
HI. P.0.80x308. my9-e«Mt
VV ANTED—Efficient Agents In every county lath*
,vv Northwest to sell “ Mitchell's Now General At
las”—the best for family use ever published—aad
“Stebblna* Eighty. Tears’ Progreaa of the United'
States,’* from the Revolutionary War to the Great Re
bellion—the beat work extant for agents.’ Business
permanent. Address J. N. WHIDDBN. No. 7 Metho
dist Church Block, Chicago, m. P.0.80x CM.
my«t«Mt__" __
XITANTBD.—Agent* wasted to sell the moat
Tv ** WonderftUxnventlonofth* Age.” An Instru
ment and full Instructions, by which any lady or g«-
tleman can take a perfect likeness. Bent fri • on re>
celpt of 9C cents. Agent* are making 1 1 . 0 » day.
Every Dually should have one and uk* their own
Ukene*ae*. Town and county right* for sale- Aa
dreas M. DE GRAND. care 20S Broadway, New xork.
mj7-efiSMt __
itieet, eppodto the Xremont House. pjsjfl»lna
TITAVrED-^gents to sellby subscription,
EMllshiißd German. Also, Cnnovicut* of Tan
gmat araxuow. *yDr- Scott. Scbmucker 1 * Hiw
Svof the Rebellion is now tvrowell and Ikyonhly
to need any comment. Twovolumeaarenow
Srjp 3 completmg the history to the Call of Tlcka
bS« and Port Bodson, and jUautlfuUv Illustrated
wnfi engravings by Sartala.. The Chroofclsa Is one o*
ihaKostDOpalsrsgescybo.ks extant, twelfth edition
feeiQz now In oreM. It la a humeron* ontlina of the
rebellion, written la the Mclmtchronlde style. Prtea
JI rfl per volume. Addreit C.F. VSST A CO,, Putv
them, in Dearborn street, Chicago. Bllsois.
pt3 eaa-lm
XVANTED.— <6O per month! I wanfAgtats at
11 go) a month, expenses paid, to aril my Bra»
LiSTixo FxaczzA. Oxottal Bukres, and thirteen
other new, useful and curious articles. Fifteen cir
culars tent vxxx. Addiera JO4N F. LORO. Bldde
rgti. Maine. myl-eUMni
XITANTBO— Agent*, to teU.the celebrated New
vv Rutland Family Sewing Machine. 1 The only
small machine that has been In nee three years thav
gJm periect satisfaction. The New Sag Uni Family
Is equally efficient in sewing the heaviest goods wit*
the finest fabric.-Price 813. I wIU give fluOoe fer any
two-thread machine that surpaMa*uda,elth*r la beau
ty of stitch or stmuttaoi seam. My agent* are dear
mg from *fi* to gSAO per-month. General delivery-
Adrian. MlcK, or Chicago. HI. For tsnna towenti
aad private clrcnlar, addreai H.K.BVANB. General
for the Northwest, P. O. Drawer STea-Ch^ago,
T?OUNl>—AHorse. A Horae wasfonadouTuetday
A; morning at IX o'clock on the Taw Barca street
bridge. It Is about seven year* old, marked like a
cavaoUeriboise: baa no bu mrm we% red
colored. Thaos net no* w*llat JOSEPH
tender of Van Boren street bridge, • myU-eUUt
STtb dt proTlnaproperlr And ptjlnf olArgra, nt
HEETOH* HOWS-a Su>lo.c»u« WMHlnito<> nd
\V-tNTKI>-A takr steady man that understand*
■nrt.i'.f 1 CMe » Carrlaee *r«l homes, m 1 alaw
Apply atS»Wabaah ayenaa.
rentleman and wife to occupy a
eoiiTM»jrf nnl-i'ni-heJ trout room, with board,
a gw* barn »
tu premia.... A ■ firm Box STS. myl3»e3SH>
CooU <arrkue Painter at Oerard 4
my r.enq--:t orrasd & bro.
IV A VTtl>-By the 2nn mat. Bo*rJ with two for
rcona, with a genteel private!*™.
£?; v /°r ? gentleman and wife. Charges modernfe*
with plain accommodations. Location «n the wwf
Sii e, oroa ths Sooth, within a moraent’a walk ef tha
rt myl ,C< s ~ w « ek » Post Ofllc# Box JR*.
\V ‘A*’” lo h . n Tt cr,r,, P- * Srbo'arsalpror Bry-
S^li? l 3 8 -oa-Tclal Collcsi .'iJiaS,
B ” p - °- WR, Maims tv price
aadwberean tnterrlaw can be had. mylEeSSßit
"W *.U>n f.r
e - Box la i nWaai-u
p/pVr two* I)5 k o!.od B fsS™ 0 i! ?S« nothhS
two Collectors and * Ca«Mer. Apply astho
A Dearborn «treet, t *Ha.vo 5,
Sltoa lonri procured. CmylS-cPlUtl FINi FY-t CO,
W AKTED—A situation at Book-Keeper by aaai.
J l pcneocod yooug mao who cm giro iw claii
reference*. Also, a MtnatJon wantea by an acilrt
Book-Keeper or General ulark
!^»?J-oodjm«cantile banners. Address or apply
r.nl l ivi^ T^rtialoe *od (tenoral Bailees* Agency; M
I>carlom street. [mylteaiMlJ FINLltr Jfc CIO.
\V «?,T l^; I * im J. 4W ?Sv tttb ® Tort Fa-
F - BMon -iWLatos'.roet, a flrjt-oiasa
vi*MSl“\?iS.* per ‘ M Y« 0 * tbc Wheeler* Wilton
Jionffid’ ee 500 d raUara ilaicw. Roferoacra
required. _ myu e«3-u
, A cood cook. w;rtcr sad Iroaarean
. t Hod a pleiiaat aitnaitan and flrtt-elus
apol»ln{? at tha Tnbnoe offlr e . 51 marksu£
lnh.teimaa myii'eUCO R
W‘i N ? E ' D^*V 13 or - s bot?o po« er Locomotive ar
▼ T Tobaiar Duller, la escßas;* for a oow^
r -wlUpay »Ucaab. BUWEU3* MKimnuf
Zi Wajhißßtott street. *
WANTEO—A good atcadr maa to drive A llait
■siwSl * iT"* o** 0 ** ‘ Appl7 ** l97 Laie *
M TOD**"' * '
ANTED—Furnished rooms with board* coo
1T tcdioql to street car?, for ■ ceaderasn ana wife.
Address **T C W," Chicago feet Offlca. mylJ-cilS-Jv
WANTED— A situation to do second work or
kitchen wort: 1* a sma!? faral'y, References
girea. Address “MH,” Tribune ofice. m/IJoAQ-U
WANTED —A situation as Salesman In a whole*
T j Wie or retail house, or any piaco where I can
make myself ueful. Satisfaction gives in regard to
nuahQcu tlona. Salary moderate. Address “ j vf L.~
Poet Office Box S3H. myl2.eSii&ll
XI ANTED—By a mlddlesged Bagiuh. woman.
TT who can giro best a situation aa
hocaeJwper for a widower who ha* but a amtll f*ml.
ly at children. Address BoxOSl, North Bran:h P.O.
m y i «j- ess.-* t
YV ANTED,—A yonig lady of education would
TT Uko a situation aa Coprlat She cm glre the
of ro i? reDC ®* tUtso addrea* or call for
•U» Tribute offlee. .. mylt 0683-3t
\TANTED—An experlwcat! Selesaao. One with
IT u extrusive country *cquMal»uco ud who hat
traveled fora Wholesale Grocery Hoqm in Ckt.'ago—
to such t manallborslssUry.wfll bo paid. Address,
with real name, Box 5.76, Cuicago. myiNsxd-J*
W ANTED—To rest Immediately, a house or eot
it tsge with five or six room* la a healthy Dirt of
the city. Address CUA3. MORRIS, Box IM9. or apply
at U8 south Water street. rnyW-cMm
WANTED—Board for a married lady la o priests
VV family cr vhero lfct**e are bnt tew boarder*.
Addref s. statlpg terns, M MBS. J. L,” Box BBS P, O.
myl2eßßs 3l
WANTED—A »'tuition In a wholeiale or ratal!
7 T store where a thorough knowledge of mercan
tile bnßlne*3 could be acquired Advertiser can sot
asaeeiitant book-seeper or clerk, and will give hi*
time fer a moderate compensation. Addrots *X TV*
Tribcne cilice. a»yl3-eJS3-2i
WANTED— One or two Tmtkmakera. A«oly at
«B Lake street. myl^cßJMt
XITANTED— A situation Inn private family b? a
V v young man who thoroughly understands taking
care of ana driving horses hi carnage or any way. In
eitv nr country. JUy be seen or Inquired for at
STEWART HAMILtuN'B Intelligence and Employ
ment Office, 107 ClaPr street. Cnnrch Block, Chicago,
where help of all kinds say be found. myis e&O-it
WANTED— By a young man a situation in a prt-
V V vate inruily to take care of hordes and carriage,
and make himself generally useful. Address “J”
Tribune olllcs. mylAelHS-U
"TV 7, ANTED—An Errand Boy, 18 or 13 years old.
II apply at City Photograph Gallery. 143 Lake
street, (op-stain.) ; mylS-ea.'S-ls
WANTED-Pleasant nnfum'shed rooms with
7 1 board tor a girUeman. wife andchlM. with a
genteel private family. Location near SC James'
Church. North Side, or west of Union Park, Wool Side,
preferred. Address ** C H T,” Tribune office.
mjU-siSrt-3t • .
•W T ANTED— Kettles. Wanted to rent a room with
7 7 two or more Kettles, with Coll Pipe and Steam.
Addrew ”J2 P T," Box 881. royil c?ai-4*
X^TANTED—A Photographer, Immediately. One
7 7 eapablt of making good negaUres. Noneotbtr
need apply. Call at 135 Clark street, myll-eglAdt
W AN TED—Board In private families lor Stacie*la
7 7 attending Brvant A Stratton’s Consmerclal Col
lege, within one mile of college bul’dlng. Addrms,
glvtng locaQon, comber thstcaabeaccOTudiedated*
and price per week, BRYANT A STRATTON. 04-
cogo. • _ myil-eflt34t
VV ANTED—Two good Beam Bonne Hands. Ap-
VT ply at Boom 7, Methodist Church Black, front a
to 12 A.M. myU-VdM-n
TV'ANTED—Board by a young lady la a good
vT noxs. References will be exchanged. Addres
**D D, ’* Tribune office. myU-eas4-2t
WANTED— Boarding at reasonable rates som*
v 7 wnerc in the suburbs of the city, for three joanc
men and a saddle bone. References axchaD/ed. A*
dress **c B,**Drawer 370. myil-eJIT 9k
WANTED.—A good Book-Keepar and Srisaraaa
V 7 wishes a situation In a dry goods, grocery or
ch.thlng house. Can bring geod refereucM. N» ot>>
Jecttoo to tbe country. Address M. B. OT.MSTB9.
illbuck. Ogle County. 111. luyU-atSl-Tt
WANTED—I careful, capable, steady naan, la
7 7 take care of a span of horses and do gvnartf
work atout a house and garden. Apply at fitM West
Washington street. mytfl.at
TTTANTED.-tB.OCQ to SIO,SCO. An active, eatso
-7i pnatng mao. with soma experience In and as at
tachment tor the Drug Baaincw. and with tbe obov*
amount of cash to Invest, can make air eligible can*
■ectlon. and in one cf the best interior points 1* the
State. Tbe bnslneea of the present consent U already
large and can be threMed, with capital and energy.
.Reier to LORD & SMITH, 23 Lake street, Chicago.la.
TAT ANTED.—SICO Bounty. Nou-eommloiloßed of
-7 V fleer*, privates or other persons discharged from
the service by reason of woanda received in battle
can NOW, by anew omogemf utof the Department,
get their %00 bounty by applying to the Agents.
CULRHOUR A KING. Attorneys at Law and Commis
sioner* of Deeds for all tfie States and Territories.
R& m No. 1.121 Randolph street, Chicago. Ql. Po*»
Office Box 4fiis. mylTo7Si4s
WANTED.—Ten flrsbclass Carpenter* eon find
7? steady employment and flrst-closs wages at V
State street. C. W.FE.V2t.
XITANTED.—To Hotel Men. Wanted a o*mpti«nt
VV man to open and tsfcibll-h a cew hotel la tho
south end of Canal street, the centre of the Cattle and
Fork business. For pamdalars apply on the promises.
W^ANTEO.—The one hundred men. strangers la
9” this city, wanting business, will do wed to oall
at Room 14, up one fllcnt,l47 South Clark street. The
Investigation willcoscyoaaothtng. mylO-eT4*-5t
WANTED—Tenants with plenty or help to worfc
7 * two large gardecs, from five to ten acres each,
will bo let cheap. Gooo houses, Ac., on 'le place.
8. 3. C> OCKKK.Jor:cilon Grove, on South 'tolUed-dL.
two miles south ox city limits. • mrli-e7U3S
"X\ T ANTED—Two Carpenters who are bandy at
91 btalra. Inquire of W.HKAH3O.H, Judd street.
near the corner of Twelfth and Canal streets.
\V ANTED—A gentleman and bis wife require a
99 good room and board. A private family prefer
red. A late dinner indispensable. The highest refer*
ereesent, be given. Address, with terms. Ac.. Ac—
“ W H W.” Drawer 6083, P. O , Chicago.
mj9 C6.3-4S * - •
WANTED— By a young Attorney of one year's
9 9 practice, a pautjtxhsh it-inter sax In some re-
Sectiblc well-established Law buimcw lathli city.
Btw money to make a flne addition to a library, or
to purchase a share In one already collected. Kelar
enccj given U desired. Call at No. 153 Sherman
Home,between 10and It a. m .till Wednesday noon,
or address, for one week. No. 153 Saeima* Bouse.
XV ANTED—A geod business Horse. Apply at 179
99 Chicago avenue, from 4to6P. M. my7-esfiO-iw
YV ANTED—A good BrosS Moulder. Good wages
99 non steady employment. Apply at GEO. DUN
BAF- A CO.’S Railroad Supply Store, 19 and at Dear
born street, Chicago. my7-s3£Mw
X^ANTED—An exueriecced bank book-keeper,
99 Also a paying teller. Addreis by letter.slviag
refeiencesand terms, Third National Bank, Chicago,
WANTED— For the Government in the Quarter
master's DeoartmonUatSt. LouJ*, 3,000 Laborers.
Wages 935 per month and rations. Also, 1,000 Teans
ster*. Wages 935 per month and rattans, trreetraae
portctlon ntrnlihed to place of destination and re
tnrnrd to SC. Louis, Mo. For turther miormadoa In
quire at the Government Office, 132K Ssmh Water
street. Chicago, HL JAMES W. CLARK,
mj4-c2S7-«m • Government Agiat*
VV ANTED—IOO Carpenters and Joiners,and 8
9 9 MbCbmista, to wors la the Navy Ford at Meonii
City. Pay or Carpenters and Joiner*, two dollar* and
fifty cents, (3.50,1 and Machinists three dollars (IXfifl)
per ray- Apply at TJ. S. Naval Bendevous, earner
North Clark and North Water streets. JOHN D.
HAS IT, Act'g Vol. Lieut U. 3. Navy, Com'g Bends.
JCd Rent.
fTO RENT—About379ftetofflntelnssdockprop-
X em, next south and adjoining Flint’s Elevator,
on ihesouih Branch, rnnntnT irom the river to Clark
strseL to H. H. HONORS, 80 Dearborn a treat.
ff*o BENT—A new Cottage House, containing flvo
X roonui, pantry and clotiic* closets, near tbe cor
ner of polk and uucker streets, about three blocks
from ihe city railway. Apply at-the comer store.
myl2-eß7»lt '
fTO RENT—Two Rooms, to a small family without
X children. Apply at 213 Monroe street, out of
river. myl2-c9js-it
TO BENT—Or for Sale. Cottage House G4 pierce
street,second bouse eaat of lialsted, In *he West
Division; contains six rwoms,buttery and tour clo»*
et*. Lease of ground can bo had for lour rears, if de
sired. Fowe»loa given immediately, rhe Blue Island
cats run past tbe bcu.-e. Bent 925 per month; sale,
92C0 cash. Inquire st 100 West Jackson street, or mtu
18, North Franklin. B. O. OOODWILLIH.
mjU-ed24-2i ■ ;
TO RENT—Pleasant lodging rooms, famished or
cafar Dished, on Wabash avenue, between Adams
and Jackson streets. Inquire of WBBSTKK ft CO.,
IHJ and Hjß South Water street, or address P. 0. Draw*
•r 6JS.S. myffi-eJDWt
yilO RENT— For 6 months, a desirable tealdf ncs ok
X Twcnty-secood street, near the Lake, mostly fur
nlshedtWlin garden aad cow. Inquire at 157 Randolph
street, Room So. *, (up stairs.) myU-esw-at
TO BENT—*I2 Ohio street—a flrst-elau Dwelling
Born a, In perfect order, newly papered aad paint
ed throughout, with modem convenience*. A two
story stone bam attached. Bant, M3O. Possession
To Rcat-89 Pine street—* flrst-claas Dwelling House,
newly papered and painted, with all mofem conven
iences- Kant. •709. Poseeadon Immediately. W, IL
SAMPSON, House and t«pi«l Age&C,No.SMetrop)U
-taaßloek. myl2-e&fi iw
nro BENT—A rare chance. A sew house to rent
X and furniture for ante- House situated oa Michi
gan avenue. In one of the pleasantest locations la the
aty. Furniture, Carpets. 4c.. entirely new. not hay
ing teen used only about ona mouth. Owing to ill
health, tne party wishes to leave the city. Bent, tM*
per annum. Address, giving p»mo tu fall, nlaoa of
doslesm or where to be found, JOHN B, QUtNCT.P.
O. Box 18M, Chicago. myl*-ed77-it
TO BENT—A very commodious two story frame
House, In good condition, containing 9 rooms,
closets, water, etc.. No. *7 Newberry strait, between
Taylor and Twelfth. Alarto bam on the premises.
Inquire oa the premise*, or at AnAW ft sprlng
iK's Beul Esu ta Reams, aonhwestceraer of Madison
and rear horn street*. _myi2 s9i(Mt
rrO BENT—No- M».„ The well known Grocery
X Store of the Uto JOHN TATLOB, on West
dcflpb street. Is for rent. Plenty of room fer say kind
of fitulntsa, with bam and stable. Term* reasonable.
Apply on the premises. ayU-seu-lw
TO BENT—A two-story Frame Dwelling House.
eonStnlng eleven rooms. No. fis West tt
c<ner ol Moreau street. Apply to W. W. STREET.
MftMf an Central Railroad Office, comer of Lake aad
Dearborn street*. . myU-eSFMt
rrO BENT—A very deilrable wholesale store. 9
X South Water street. Inquire at s* Dcarbomet-
myll-eTtfliw • • -
rro BENT— One of the beat locatioisfor a first-
X class retail bostaess on Tearbors street, within
two blocks of the Post Office. Tor particulars addrew
Post Office Box 1710. Chicago. myll-eTM-lw
fflO BENT— peasant front rooms, furriihed, wtu>-
X out Foard. Apply at 170 Michigan street,
- mrio-eTn-at-
TO BSLNT—HoteI and farulinr* foe sals. Aiwa
eichtflaulng and ducking boats, together wtth a>
tons of ice.well paekad. attnatedat a railroad station M
mil* from Chicago, on the Calumet lilverAoi one mile
from lake Michigan, the grentest fishing, hsihlng and
sporting place In thityteloity. For farther psrtloc.
kan addre*Post Office Bog9\ Chicago. If applies
lion U made Immediately a great bargain cm be had.
’ my*o-eWI lw_
FTO BENT—The two-story House No. 11l South
Xtiatetedstreet.wlth lores lot andaab.c. Hou-e
cocUlst tea reoms and bath room; also late aad cis
tern water Apply to WILLIAM C. DOT, jm. 51
- Clark itr*L : mjß-e6Q{-6c
COTCrtd tL!.'S.'wn.
flower and kitchen garden. A&pbr on ih« nro-ntaalr
ortoBARKER ftfuLSY,
•treat. a

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