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Office, Wo, 51 Clark Street*
g, ddlvered in city, per week 7 50
, to mall subienbcn. per ye*r .SIO,OO
to mall subscribers, per 6 months.s,oo
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Ay, single subscribers (C mo't fI.OC). 3,00
S 4 copies 7,00
* 10 copies 15*00
: I B copies, sad 1 to getter-np of
•lob SO.OO
Hour la Bcciitered Letter* may be tint at
%T The remittance for dabs mast, is sH cues,
So made st on time.
Address “CHICAGO TRIBUNE." CUesgO, 20.
Chicago ®ribnnt.
The cod is not yet Our news Is hut ft few
hours later than our latest dispatches of yes
terday’s issue, which anticipated the after
noon telegrams elsewhere given. In onr last
issue one of our army correspondents in Vir
ginia brought the news down to the middle
■of 'Wednesday forenoon. Elsewhere onr
Washington midnight dispatches represents
tis the situation at darken Wednesday even
ing. The armies stQl confronted each other,
hut there had been no heavy fighting daring
that day. Wo had held onr own. • The
gallant “butcher of Fredericksburg”
as the secesh organ in this- city
delights to call Burnside, has been
•at Lis work of butchering a great many of
the friends ot the Chicago Jell Davis sheet,
And earned its fresh animosity therefor.
Burnside has been a prominent hero of this
battle, and added to his knightly lame. Gen.'
<3rant is still master ot the situation, with
an army about him who will not fall him in
courage and determination. The advance
has already been ordered afresh, and ere this
the standards ol the Union have been set
further toward Richmond.
We prefer to discredit some of the more
prominent rumors of yesterday, falling to
And them confirmed by our own of
Information. The statement that Butler has
been ordered away from James Hirer to re
inforce Grant, wenre not prepared to believe;
the elaborate little armistice scene gotten
■up between Grant and Lce { ire must
regard as a too transparent attempt
•to reproduce, the bii'ory. of Donelson.
We choose to withhold credence in the
Hew Tork Herald rumor, wholly ■uncon
firmed of a substantial victory by General
Grant and the capture of 20,000 prisoners
andlSgnns. It may be true. We shall be
delighted to chronicle the fact. We expect
to chronicle something even better than
that, but wa shall not feed our readers on
false hopes. Better wait and see.
Bat we are prepared to believe that our
solid advantages are beginning to appear.
Our army has stood •* pounding” and is yet
undaunted. Its wounded He in heaps. The
concise brief tale of the battles suggests ap
palling pictures of suffering. The wounded
heroes, reluctantly left to perish in the flam
ing forest fired by our shells, the acres of
. maimed and bleeding* boys in blue, are sadly
suggestive. But irradiating all is the sol
diers’ reward, the dawn of Victory. Lee has
. been cut off from Richmond by Sheridan’s
cavalry raid. ~MUee of trade have been tom
np along which his supplies must come. So
strong was our party to whom this work was
entrusted, that they re-captured 500 of our
prisoners being sent down to Richmond.
Our land communications for supplies end
reinforcements arc short,- and cannot be
cut off We have taken 6,000 prisoners, a
splendid arm of our service is comparatively
fresh. Grant can turn upon the enemy the
■throats of five hundred cannon and with
their thunders give his worn columns rest.
Se can stubbornly hold every foot of his ad-
Vancc, and if he can drive his enemy to earth
the dosing picture of Vicksburg will be se
cured. We leave out of question the possi
ble part other Federal columns westward and
.couth of Richmond'are to play, when we
pronounce the situation increasingly hope
Brig. Gen. T. J. Stevenson, reported killed
in the battle of Tneaday, sear Spotyslrania,
yna a native of Massachusetts, and entered
the service as Colonel of the 24th Massachu
setts regiment, in October, 186 L His regi
ment formed a part of Burnside's force in the
•operations «t Roanoke Island and Newbern
in the fall of that yrar, and through the whole
■ of that campaign the coarse of Cob Steven
son was marked by notable instances of per*
«onal bravery and fine military talent Until
"very recently, he bae been, since the com
mencement of operations against Charleston,
■in command of a division mirier Gen. Gilmore,
in the department of the South He was a
young and promising officer, and the service
at this time will sadly feel his loss.
In the face of the favorable news from
Grant's army, gold continues to beep np.
This is owing In part to the heavy shipments
to Europe, The Wednesday's steamer car
ried away with it $1,020,488 in coin to pay
Tor foreign silks, brandies, jewelry and per
lomcry. Another reason is foend in the
enormous inflation of the currency. With
TOO millions of Federal currency of different
descriptions, and 400 millions wild-cat stufl;
is it any wonder that gold ranges between
170 and 180?" The remedy for this state of
things consists first of a smaller consump
tion of foreign goods; second, a redaction
Of the Inordinate currency volume by taxing
the notes oi the local banks anddriviegthem
-out; and third, triumph of our arms over
the rebellion.
Honey is needed to aid in the formation
ot One Hundred Day troops. Many are will
ing and eagerto go, but will leave families
dependent upon them for support. A lead
ing Lake street merchant, Potter Palmer,
Esq., will donate the profits of one day's
sales in his retail department to this fond.
Why may not the example become general
among onr merchants ? At any rate, let oar
shoppers remember and see that Hr. Palm
er's employees are kept busy on Saturday,
-for it Is in aid of a holy cause, and deserves
ihe most prominent mention that can be
given It
The day before Grant lelt Washington to
.join the army and march on Lee, he wrote to
■a friend of his in this city on private bnsl
• jiess, and added a postscript In these words
** My army Is in fine condition. I feel confident
** that I can depqpd on It to carry out my plans.
••♦When It fights It U going to hnrt tta country’s
- ** foes, else I am no Judge of men.”
Tbe events of tbe last ten days prove that
.Ei< faith was well founded; that be led In-
Tindble heroes to battle. Hla own bull-dog
-courage seems to have been imparted to
- every soldier. % •
Let not loyal men and women of the
Northwest forget the present urgent call made
~npon the United Slates Sanitary Commission
Jor the care of the many thousand ■wounded
--soldiers thrown upon their care Is the recent
and pending tremendous battles, both in Vir
ginia and Georgia. Happily, with a fore
thought and patriotism whose fruits' win
'Stand among the most memorable features of
•this struggle for the Union, the period of in
:action for some months psat has been occu
pied by Immense Fairs both in Fast and
TVest, «nd the Commission is able to go
- strongly at work on its noble charily of caring
lor onr wounded eons and brothers.
But U will be a cmd kindness If the pro.
- fused donations of the past few months have
the result to close the avenues anddrynpthe
• channels that lead from the hearts and purses
• -ol the people to this great organized, mtucu
;larired institution of beneficence and loyalty.
The following from a recant circular from the
Z3tew York Office of the United States Saul
:laiy Commission, . contains facts of vital im
■portance. Let the people continue to act
Let so past Ipcal organization, no fonner
:means of calling outtihe aid of the people for
onr wounded soldiers, through the Sanitary
-Commission, lie Idle and unused:
i Any impression that the Sanitary Commission
lias now more ftmdi than It can judiciously spend
If the war continues a year longer, that Its store-
Louses are filled with goods audits treasury is
-overflowing, is very erfoneous, and of a character
lo injure the canse of the United States. Sanitary
Commission. Tbe etore-honsea of the' Commi
ssion are not “filled with goods." Tbeterlesof
Hire has arrested the flow of Sanitary stores to
jshehan extent that the receipts at the store-houses
cf the Commission have for some months past
Leen atieast fifty per cent loss than for a'corns
ponding period of 3863. Previously to the series
of &rt lately hold, the Sanitary Commission re
ceived about six dollars* worth of stores
to every dollar in money. and could barely
meet the urgent demands for supplies in
the field and' hospitals,' by economizing its
expenditures and by very large purchases of such
articles as condensed milk, condensed cofiee, stlm
slants, anti-scorbutica, bed clothing and hospital
clothing. The Sanitary Commission b&s not re
cecaved Into i e treasury all the funds raised by
the Fairs; more thin half has pone intothe treat
wiee of branch associations and boon expended in
the purchase ot supplementary stores. If the San
itary Commission had received all the money
raised by the various Fairs, It would still be
straitened in its means by the grdat falling off in
the supply of enpplementaiy stores. As the flow
of supplies Into the storehouses fallen off more
than fifty per cent, while the demands upon the
Commission hare everywhere Increased, yon can
readily understand that the necessity of purchasing
out of the funds of the Commission at,. the
present high prices of everything, not
only prevents everything like an “ over,
flowing*’ treasury, hat threatens a rapid exhaus
tion. The Sanitary Commission has now
. nearly three yean and attained a large measure of
the confidence of the public and of the
forces. Its operations reach every column of the
• army, and meet a corresponding dependence on
the part of the soldiers. If the people are persuad
ed that the Sanitary Commission hss grown rich
and tbereforc.ln need of nothing, in lesa th.n two
months the store houses of the Commission will be
empty and its treasury exhausted In the vain at
tempt to eke out the funds raised by (he Fairs in
the purchase of the supplies ol flannel undercloth
ing, dried fruits, blankets, stimulants, Ac., Ac.
The people all over the country must be
to continue their contributions of stores, or else
the victims of the fearful campaigns now pending
will fall to receive the full measure of succor and
Pf The great battles in the “Wilder
ness” between the armies of Grant and Lee,
resemble in the style of fighting, those old
contests of the British and French troops.
The Southerners attack our lines with the
fiery impetuosity of the French; while the
Northern soldiers display the obstinacy and
unyielding valor that characterize ike British,
in repelling them. Thus the rebel army
dashed itself for five days against the Fed
eral ranks, but all in vain. The columns
stood firm as granite pillars. At length, on
Tuesday, Grant’s army took the offensive,
and pushed back the Confederate lines by
main strength and bayonet charges.
Brigadier General Maitby.
Several months ago the distinguished officer
whose name forms the caption to this para
craph,was promoted to the grade of Brigadier
General of Volunteers. That appointment wat
etnl into the Senate for confirmation, bat for some
reason the nomination has been neglected. It ia
difficult to Imagine the cause of this neglect. No
officer has made a better record, and few have suf
fered to that extent. The 'sentiment of the great
West is unmistakably in favorof bis confirmation.
Brigadier General Maitby was formerly Lieuten
ant Colonel of the 45th Illinois infantry, better
known perhaps as the “Lead Mine Regiment, ll of
which Brigadier John E. Smith was the first
General Maitby participated in the battle* of
Donelson, Shiloh, Port Gibson, Raymond, Jack
son. Champion Hills, and Vicksburg, aad In skir
mishes and smaller battles innumerable, with dis
tinguished credit. Be has been twice seriously
wounded, once at Shiloh, and once for which he ia
now suffering, in the assault on Fort Hill, Vicks
burg, on the Ssth of June, 1863, whfle leading the
*sth in the forlorn hope. It wat for his bravery on
this last occasion that, at the urgent request and
recommendation of Gen. McPherson, aad Gen.
Grant and Gen. Logan that he was promoted to
his present rank.
He Is now suffering from the effect of wounds
there received, and is nnableto perform active ser
vice. He has been tendered a furlough, but, like a
gallant soldier as he it, declines to accept It. Gen.
Maitby ia in command of the Ist brigade of the Ist
division of the 17th army corps, now at Vicksburg.
This is the first instance In hts whole military ca
rceothat be h«a not soaght and been placed in the
front. He never bad a leave of absence, and baa
never been'a day off duty, except when wounded.
Precress of ear Troops In Geoigla,
Tunnel Hex, May 11.—After three iiys’
heavy skirmishing, in which all the corps partici
pated, the enemy were driven back to Bocky Ridge
and Buzzard Boost Mountain, from which we are
fast expelling them. Everything is going on In a
most satisfactory way.
from WAsmmexoi*.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Washington, May 12.15&4.
The Impressions previously mentioned in these
dispatches that Surgeon General has
been convicted Is gaining slightly.
The House adopted the eubstltnte of Mr. Wilson,
of lowa, to the Delaware and Raritan Bav Rail
road BUI, and then passed It, It provides substan
tially that all railroads in the United States shall
carry passengers, mails, troopSj Ail, from
one State to another.
The Senate Military Committee today reported
favorably a bill on the same grounds.
The Bouse passed the hill giving homesteads to
soldiers on confiscated rebel lauds, by eleven ma
The Senate Military Committee reported Gen.
Schofield’s nomination, in view of the fact that be
is m the face of the enemy, and recommended hla
col Urination.
Brig. Gen. J. B. Barnard, of Uass., nominated
by the President for Chief Engineer of the army,
has bad his nomination withdrawn at his own re
quest, and Lieut. CoL Richard Dels field was nomi
nated for the office, which is vacant by the death
of Gen. Totten.
The Senate to-day confirmed the nomination of
Major Generals as follow*: Horatio G. Wright
who takes commando! Sedgwick’s corps; Andrew
A. Humphrey, Chief of Gen.Meade’s Staff, and A.
J. Smith who saved the day In Banks’ last light,.
John M. Schofield, of Missouri Arne, and CoL Fry,
was confirmed-Brigadier Generals.
{Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
. Galmx, 111., Hay 13,15&t
The first company for the 100 days’ service, is
fn’J. It was organized to-day and elected the fol
lowing officers: Captain, W. A. Evans; Ist Lien
tenant, J. A. Bochins; 2d lieutenant, Edward
Movements of Union Troops Into
■Western Virginia.
NasHTnaJS, May 10.—Our army in East Tennes
see has, within the past ten days, moved forward,
advancing some fifty or sixty miles into Virginia;
but, not finding any enemy, we then retired to
Knoxville, completely destroying the railroad to
that joint, to prevent any incursions of the rebels
from that direction, while we were engaging them
in front. Troops are being pushed forward, and it
is impossible for civilians to get further than Nash
Kentucky Matter*—Guerilla* on tlio
Cumberland—An. Affray,
Lonnuit Ky., May 12.—Bruce Phillips with
twenty-five rebel puenuas, on Wednesday p, m ,
from the south bank of the Cumberland river, be
tween Palmyra and Cumberland City, fired some
fifty musket shots at s steamer upward bound with
Government stores. Tbe side of tbe steamer was
badlj riddled, but she escaped. The same day
these guerilla* captured Wm. Yates, a telegraph,
repairer, from Clarksville, whom they released
after Ukinc away his horse and lustrum cuts,
Ou Tuesday a terrible wind and rain storm be
tween Chattanooga and Nashville prostrated many
built'luge and trees in Its conns, and killing and
Ininring several persons.
As the 80th Oluo infantry were passing through
Third street towards Taylor’s Barracks, some
soldiers thereof commenced pillaging, whereupon
Lieut. CoL Hammond, the Superintendent of the
draff and conscript rendezvous, laterfcrcd to pre
vent further depredations, when he was asa-lled
by aevend soldiers and severely beaten with their
markets, and is In a critical condition. Tbe sup
posed offend era were arrested. Their names were
not ascertained.
Interesting: Details of Gen, Steele’s Be
treat to Little Bock.—The Situation*
St. Louis, May 11,—The Union says: We had an
interview with Major Mitchell, Paymaster U. 8. A.,
who left little Sock last Thursday, the oth inrt.,
and tram learned the facts connected with Gen.
Steele's march from Camden to Little Hock. After
the defeat of Banks on Red Hirer, the rebels bejraa
to concentrate again** Steele. Tbe latter was for
tified at Camden, cn the Ouachita Hirer, and the
rebels did not dare to attack him. His forage giv
ing out, however, and his supplies becoming
scarce, be Vent ont a train of one hundred wagons
to procure supplies. These, with a portion ot tbe
escort and two pieces of cannon, were captured,by
Price's cavalry. Subsequently he started another
train of 200 wagons, with an escort of three regi
mei!ti>, to Plneßlnff. for supplies. This train was
attacked, and, with the greater portion of the
jjnard and ftmrpleces of artillery, was captured by
sfoiceofeyoo rebels under Fa?in. Steele then
(Wt-milneo to Hall back to Little Rock, r.a bis por
tion wsr threatened by eleven brigades of rebels
uno> r Kirby Smith and Price. Ho marched safely
crewing of Saline Elver, where the rebels
gathered to mack him. They made several despe
rate charges to break throngh Steele’s lines, out
bloodily r«pnl*ed with heavy loss.
in tius engagement was about 500: the
•F . * OM S8 three or four time* greater, as tholr
tbaryes subjected them to severe punishment,
t ” > °P 8 this affijirfanght with deeper-’
«de ctmracc. and captured two pieces of artflfery
the enemy made no
ln,n± ’ “ d he rc * dl *
At.thc last accounts from the tgUcU tb«r irera
river for It to tall nj effect. croa!-
KiffdlloS—“ “' nu, “ v.pSSff
From Europe*
■stYHaia wr l ' r^
lITOT-iJralpooi, 301U, Bmadetnff. Jnn .
ProvltioM quiet Miff iUadv. Produce qnibl S
steady. Cotton buoyant, vrttb an advancing ton.
™ ioi * centrAi
Tbe rebel loan has advanced.
To Parliament Lord Derby had denounced the
course of the movement relative to Laid’a rama.
Esri Russel! warmly defended the Government! A
Jong detate occurred in the House of Commons on
this Tuscaloosa case. The action of the Govern
ment waa sustained by £1 majority.
Cur Specials to Wednesday
Both Armies in the Same
We Have Captured 6,000
Lee’s Communication with Rich
mond Serered.
500 Of Our Prisoners
Thrilling Details of Tues
day’s Battle,
Wo'Captnred a Whole Bebel
Some Very Doubtful Burners-
Good if True.
later From the Lower Mississippi.
The Foreign News by the Africa,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.] •
Milwaukee, May 12, U64,
The following dispatch was received to da>;.
Washington, May 11—1:30 r. n.—Gov; Lewis’
dispatches from Gen. Grant, dated at 8 o’clock this
(Wednesday) morning, have jnst reached this de
partment. He says:
“We have now ended the'sixth dsy of very
heavy fighting.
“ The result to this time li much In our favor.
“Our losses have been heavy as well as those of
“ the enemy.
“ I think the losses ol the enemy ore greater ™
“We have taken over five thousand prisoners in
“battle, whilst they bare taken from na bnt few
“ except straggler*.
“ I mores* to eight it out on ims linn tr it
“ The Government is sparing no pains to supply
“ him,
“ (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. 11
_ _ -WiaucaTos, 11-ais p. n.
To General Dlx:
Ko dispatches from the Army of the Potomac
have been received since 11:80 last night.
Gen. Sherman has not been heard from, owing
probably to the damage to the lines south of Nash
ville by the recent storm.
A dispatch from General Sheridan, dated “ Head
quarters of the Cavalry Corps, Hay lOth,*’ statei
that he turned the enemy’s right and got into their
rear, and had destroyed from eight to ten miles of
railroad; two locomotives and three trains, and a
very large quantity of supplies, and that since he
got Into the rear, there was great excitement
among the inhabitants and with the army. The
enemy’s cavalry had tried toaonoy his rear and
flack, hut had been run off, and be had recaptured
SCO cf onr men, two of them Colonels.
Bo dispatches have been received for two days
from Gen. Butler.
Dispatches received from General Steele report
his command as having arrived at Little Bock. Be
had fought a superior force of the enemy, edm
mended by Kirby Smith In person, at Saline River,
and defeated them.
A steamboat from Red river arrived to-day at
Cairo, reports, reinforcements going up to Gen.
Gen. Canby had passed Cairo on his way
to Red river.
(Signed.) E. H. Stastojt.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
WAsnntQTOK, May 12—13 midnight.
Advices have been received from Gen. Grant’a
army np to dark last Wednesday night. There
was no general engagement yesterday, (Wednes
day) and no attack by any considerable portion of
the forces on cither side.
At nightfall our army remained in the position
occupied by tbe several corps at the close of Tues
day’s battle—Burnside retaining all the ground he -
had won from the enemy.' There wa« some skir
mishing and some artillery firing at Intervals dur
ing the day.
Correapondcntrspeak of General Warren as .be
ing in command of bis brigade as usual. Tbe
rumor of his death sprung from that of the death
of Colonel Warren, commanding a regiment Geo.
Warren’s corps. ‘
The report that General Lee sent a flag of truce
to Grant asking, permission to bury his dead, is
unconfirmed, and is doubtless unfounded.
General Sheridan has been heard from. He has
advised General Grant that he has destroyed sev
eral miles of the railroad between Lee’s army and
Richmond, disabled two locomotives, .burned a
number of the enemy’s trains, and recaptured Jite
hundred qf our prisoners.
It was believed at Fredericksburg this morning
that Lee was retreating across tbe Fo River.
Two commissioned officers arrived here yester
dsy tmong the wounded-men,- and were sent to the
hoepitaL To-day they were examined and found
tobe unhurt. They were immediately -sentback
to the army in irons to be tried by Drum-head
A number of soldiers who made their way here
under some false pretense, have been sent bach,
and will be placed in the next engagement,
where there will 1>« so opportunity for repeating
the operation. . •'
Brigadier General J. Hobart Ward, of New York,
has been placed under arrest for cowardice, be har
ing left the battle field on a caisson daring the en
gagement of Friday. ’
PnnADELnna, May 12.—The Bulletin, of this
dtt, has the following special dispatch:
WißHisoTOsr, May 12.—1t is confirmed that in an
order Leued on Monday, found oa some prisoners,
Gen. Lee notified his army that his communication
* Ith Richmond was broken, and that no rations
could be drawn from thence, and he advised them
to capture' supplies from onr army.
Gen. Grant had captured, up to yesterdav, about
6,000 prisoner*. Part of a regiment was captured
entire. It was composed of men who had been
exchanged but a few weeks since.
Tbe logs of the enemy in killed, is much greater
than ours. His wounded are supposed to be about
the tame.
The latest. edition of tbe Star of this afternoon,
has the following:'
Gen. Lee is reported to have asked for a cessa
tion of hoetDltiei, to bury his dead. Grant replied
be had set time to bnry his own dead, and he
prepoftd toadtana immediately.
Yesterday morning’s fight was renewed, and con
tinued with a varying aucceas, until li o’clock,
when onr line bad somewhat advanced, ■ -
The prisoners captaredoa Tuesday and ITedues
day number over 4,000.' The rebel dead and woun
ded were found covering almost every foot of
ground wherever onr troops surged forward and
the rebels gave way.
Tbe slaughter among our troops waa terrific, but
not so great as that ol the enemy, and but few
captures were made by the latter.
Krw Yoke. May 12—10 p. m.—The Reraid JKc
fro, just Issued, following:
WasacmTo*, May 12.—Very Important new*
baa just been received. The result of the last
great battle it the defeat of the rebels and the', re
treat of Lee. 90,000 prisoners and 13 cannon hare
been captured.
It will not take Gen. Grant aB the summer to
finish this fight at this rate.
Latte.—Up to this writing we have received no
confirmation of the rumor above mentioned, but
the fact that each a report was current in Freder
icksburg yesterday shows the buoyant feeling there
In regard to our position.
Bxmnm* Huztobzds, Va., May 10.
Nothing definite has yet been accomplished by
onr forces in the way of captures, but everything
looks fevomble.
Beauregard with about 25,000 men is in Peters
burg, and we have an the railroads cut leading to
that city, and forces enough to keep Beauregard
there until be surrenders.. Wo shall, it is reported,
soon commence a alcgo of the place.
There are four monitors and several gunboats
within four miles of Fort Darling, ready to coope
rate with our land lorces, a part of them abreast of
the monitors. Our forces occupy a strong position
and are strong enough to hold It, and aa soon as
Petersburg Is taken to advance on Fort Darling
with a land and water force and with the will and
determination existing in our ranks, there is no
doubt of success.
It is supposed that General Eautz is now to the
south ol Petersburg, aiming at the destruction of
railroads leading south from Richmond.
Correspondents have probably announced his de
feat, and many of his troops captured, Ac> It la
not believed here. Beauregard has no cavalry.
WASHUtQTojr, May 13.
The World has a rumor from Washington that the
10th and 18th army corns, on the north bank of the
James River, are to be sent around to reinforce the
Army of the Potomac from the north. That they
comprise too small an army to capture Richmond,
and too numerous to permit their being kept out
of the field. , «-
The correspondence from General Bailer's army*
contains nothing later of that General's operations
than was announced In his dispatch.
Fortress Mokbos, May 11.—The latest advices
from the front elate that the gunboat Brewster was
blown np on the Appomattox, yesterday, bya rebel
battery. No statement Is given In regard to the
loss of life.
Fighting was going on all day yesterday. The
main portion appeared to be on oar right.
The troops were under command of Gen. Smith.
The turnpike between Richmond and Petersburg
was the bone of contention.
Bp to a p. m. to-day nothing later has been re
ceived. Vest of oor dispatches are suppressed.*
Petersburg has not been abandoned, burned nor
as yet besieged. Beauregard Is there In command.
Fort Darling is still In the hands of the rebels.
A report Just received states that CoL Spear has
horned the long bridge near.Weldon, and two oth
ers ; that he made three ctuuges, and the third time
succeeded. I give this for what it is worth. Hy
informant says be beard CoL Spear tell it.
The latest advices from Newbem state that the
rebels arc sgaln threatening the place, that they
have, possession of the railroad, and that last
Thursday they demanded the surrender of Moor
head City. Our forces refused, and the rebels de
stroyed tho railroad and retired.
It is rumored that they have 8,000 men, and pro
pose to invest Newbem.
The light on Thursday between oar fleet and the
rebel gunboats in Albemarle Sound lasted several
boors, when the rebel iron-dads retired np the
Roanoke river.
[By Telegraph.]
Philadelphia, May 12,185 L
To Jno. V, FarwcU, Chicago.
The Christian Commission has one hundred
thirty-nine ddecates on the bloody field !u Virginia
with teams and supplies. More men will be sent
from day to day as fast as they can be got through.
A great amount of money will be needed for bat
tle field stores; what u given will be need at once ‘
to save the Uvea of men who have bravely fought
and fallen to save the nation. The emergency is
greater than ever before. We have 15,000 wounded
at Fredericksburg besides all that Is left on great
battle fields.
| AH the money that can be got is needed. Can
yon not nir your people np to meet the emergency.
Pittsburg has raised nearly thirty thousand dollars
this week. Qio. H. Stuart,
Chairman U. 8. C. C.
. Note.—Contributions Id Chicago and vicinity
maybe sent to B. F. Jacobs, 161 South Water
Wasuikoton, May 12.—The Star says that Gen.
Burnside’s colored troops were held in reserve,
but were subsequently brought into action, and
fought with desperation. Their officers expected
to bare considerable difficulty in restraining them,
as they appeared to be desirous not to take any
prisoners, being exasperated by the remembrance
of Fort Pillow, and the atrocities committed there.
It wit*believed in the army tbat Gen. Sigcl, hav-
log made forced marches, had destroyed Lee's
railroad connections with Lynchburg, and that
Sheridan had done the same to Lis communica
tions with Richmond, -
An order was given for another advance yester
day (Wednesday) morning, at 8 o’clock.
When onr informant left, bur centre and right
‘ were heavily engaged with the rebels.
The oth corps was then on the march.
Onr losses are represented to have been very
heavy, but every thing looks hopeful. Prominent
cfl'cors ray that wc shall soon sec tho end. • '
Wafitixoton, May 10 —[Dispatches to the Boston
Journalx\ Doctors Ordway, Page,Treadwell, 'and
G. W. Btceiow arrived here to-night, and reported
to the Surgeon General. Other Boston Surgeons
are expected to-morrow. Some of the wounded
will be placed in hospitals at Fredericksburg.
Others will be.bronght here by Aqola r *reek and
the Potomac River, and are expected on Thursday.
Some lists of wounded have been received, bnt are
cot made public. The President says that 44 Gen
eral Grant went ahead and drew his ladder after
Indianapolis, May 12.—A telegram from Isaac
W. Monfort, Indiana Military Agent at Washing
ton, to Governor Morton, states that a delegation
of twelve Indlanians, under Rev. E. B. KUroy,
were to leave’Washington yesterday far the front
,wilh euppllesTor onr wounded. The dlspatcn also
states that Capt. Quigley, of the £OtH regiment, was
killed In tho recent battles.
Washington May 13.— Dispatches from the
Army of the Potomac, dated Wilderness battle
Acid, May 11th, say:
Probably the most desperate fighting of the past
seven terrible days took place on Tuesday.
Believing the enemy to have sent the greater part
of his troops to Richmond, an advance along the
entire line was determined on at an early hoar.
• The 2d corps, having the right of the line, had
crossed tbe Po' tbe evening previous, and met with
bnt slight opposition. In tbs morning the posi
tion oftho enemy was found to be In the shape of
a horse shoe, and on Hancock’s troops advancing
to the attack they were compelled to fall back. An
attempt to break their center war then ordered,
and part of Hancock’s men were sent to support
Warren. In the movement onr right was also ad
vanced, and tbe move was begun. .In the after
noon tbe enemy, were driven into their entrench
ments In' gallant style, and' Upton’s brigade, of
.Wright’s 6th corps, got into tbe enemy's nfie pits,
capturing twelve guns and about, one thousand
prisoners. r ,
Not being supported by other portions of tho
line, who were unable the'ealn the Hue of works In
their front, this brigade was forced to evacuate Its
advanced positions, leaving the captured gnus, al
ter spiking them, hnt bringing off all tho prisoners.
The enemy Buffered heavy losses during the fight,
onr diclls falling into their works, and onr Infantry
delivering their fire with remarkable precision.
Gen. Rice was wounded in tbe thigh early in the
engagement, and died after his leg had been ampu
tated, ...
Gen. Stevenson is also reported killed.' He com
manded a brigade in Burnside’s corps.
Onr losses were very heavy,
Gen. Gibbons’ division has lost, altogether, over
' a thousand men.
' Gen. Eoblnßon’a division, After losing both it'
General officers and about 2,500 men, bad no Gen*
oral to command it, and it has been broken np and
distributed among other, divisions of the sth
. No division of the army fought betUt than this
one. ;
Z About 6 o’clock p. m. a report was brought to
Gen. Meade that a flank increment was being made
on outright, and the Headquarters being in that
direction they packed up and. moved toward tbe
centre in rather a hasty manner,. Tbe report turn*
ed out to be false. At 1 o’clock on Tuesday‘a Ire
raged in the woods between the two armies, at all
points in tbe line,'and a large number of wounded
of both parties were lying on the spot. Our men,
In attempting to get their coinrides off the field,
were fired on by tbe rebel skirmishers and driven
off, and the poor sofiferers had to be left to penah In
tbe flames.*
Tbe Jtarr* Washington special says, dispatches
are jnstreceircd from tbe army dated late yester
day, stating that Gen' Grant has won another vic
tory. v
Leo’s whole left is crushed, and we hare captured
a whole brigade.
Gen. Bnmstde chased Gen. Swell nearly three
The World's spedal says Gen. Grant massed
near4oo pieces of artillery against Lee’s position,
at Spotsylvania Court Honae, on Tueaday, and fired
for two hours, when the assault was finally order
ed.. The assaulting column met with bnt feeble
resistance. : * .
Lee’s line did not waver until just before the
doee pi the battle; then It left back, and we gain
ed conalderable ground.
Fifth Arvt Conn, J
Df tot Field, Wxdsrsdxt. May XI. f
My dispatch yesterday afternoon left tbe army
in the midst of a terrible battle-as terrible for the
tune it lasted, as aay in the recent aeries of fights.
Heretofore the contests have been invariably with
musketry; In this bat tle the roll of artillery was as
fierce, Incessant, and almost as di>afan‘iwg uat
Gettysburg. *
‘•The battle continued till night, and darkness
dosed the sanguinary etn«m;e. Our army added
another Uet toils battles andvictories.
“In the morning (Wednesday) a change was
made in the disposition of our lines. In the mean
time our men greatly strengthened their earth-
works, had thrown up additional abittis, and
everything evinced a determination to make tho
day one of decisive results. Very active skirmish
ing all the forepart of tho day, merged at length ‘
into a general engagement. As boors wore on It
waxed hotter and hotter, and fiercer and sharper
was the rattle ot musketry, and loader the roar of
The most determined and persistent effort which
has been made since the commencement of the
flgbt, in this locality, was made to turn our right.
Charge alter charge was made hy the enemy. Onr
men repulsed each charge. At length theSth corps
drove the enemy,, compelling him to fall back into
h!a third line of defenses. The effect of this re
pulse was apparent. Behel dead, at points, lay
plica up In heaps. In one of these gallant charges
fell brave Gen. Rice, at the head of bis column
He rode up and down hie Hues, diro:t!ne the
movements,-regardless of the storming shell and
bullets. Another horse was shot under Wm be
ingtfae third wthln the last four days.
we made a general assan’t at 7 o'clock. It was
tho most magnificent and terrible one of the war.
The batteries, through the cutting down of somo
trees, were placed in very advantageous position*,
as likewise the batteries of other corps. Simul
taneously these cannon hurled their murderous
missiles Into the ranks ol the enemy accompanied
bra General volley of musketry, and from this hour
till dark the combat deepened, and night left us
victors on every side, •
Onr lines were now advanced, and we had taken
more prisoners thsawe had lost, but St has been
another expensive victory. Onr losses are heavy,
but It is believed that ol the enemy far exceeds
1 expect the battle will be resumed in the mom*
idr. Onr men are still in good spirits, and there
is no glve-wsr to them,
. The New.York Times' Washington bpedal sirs •
A dlsangmßhed officer, who left Grant la the sad*
die as late as 1C o’clock this (Wednesday) morning
scnjßnj) the bloody work ofTuesday thus:
The flghtopenedallaJongths lines. Longs treat's
corps, under Hill, held the rebel right, resting
about two miles northeast of Spotteriyanla, and
Grant pitted Burnside's 9th corps against it. At
a given moment, later In the afternoon, Burnside
prcdpltated his entire command, except the color
ed troops, upon the rebel front, driving and com*
pletely crushing It, capturing three rebel brigades *
and four pieces of cannon. The light continued
with a ferodty never before witnessed, until nine
o dock, when night dosed upon the bloodlestfidd
produced In this war.
OX the rebel brigades captured, some escaped
during the awful carnage-which followed, but 1,900
sent to the rear this Wednesday, morning
Our informant talked with some of tnem before
leavimr, rmd they said they had been in every prin
dpd battle ot the war, but never experienced such
terrible fighting.
The battle cessed at 9 o’clock, onr line bavins
advanced. Burnside occupying, at the end of the
conflict, the entrenchments held by Longatrset’a
forces at the beginning.
This (Wednesday) morning tho fight was re
newed up to 30 o'clock, at which time Burnside
held the same position. Lee’s army was then con
tracted into a sort of Horso shoe form In and about
the town of Spottsylvanla Court House.
Gen. Stevenson Is killed.
Tbs New York Evening Post's Washington spec
ial soya: Dispatches justrecelved from tho army,
dated late yesterday, (Wednesday), state that Grant
bad won another victory. Lee’s whole left has
1.-ecn crushed, and we have captured a whole rebel
brigade. Burnside chased Dwell over three miles.
The World has a rumor from Washington tbat
ihc 10th and 18tb Army Corps, (Boiler's command)
on tho north bank of tho James river, will be sent
to reinlorce the Army of the Potomac—that they
comprise too small an army to capture Richmond,
and are too numerous to permit being loft off the
The TTorfcTy special says: “Grant massed near
ly 400 pieces of artillery against Lee's position at
Bpottsylvanla Court House on Tuesday, and fired
for two hours, when tho assault was ordered, and
the advancing column met with but J feeble resist
ance. Lee's line did not waver until just before
the close of the battle, then tell bade, and we gain
ed considerable ground.
“Correspondents from Gen. Butler's army con
tains nothing later ol tbat General's operations
than was announced In his recent dispatch."
1 he SaxUd’s special says:
“On Tuesday, Gibbons*and Barlow's divisions
were withdrawn from the sonth bank of the Po
river, the latter division closely followed by the
enemy, who were checked by our artillery posted
along the ridge commanding the river.
“Early in the day, the whole army began to
straighten out In line of battle for a renewal of the
engagement. Skirmishing was kept up during
this time between the advanced Hoes of the two
armies, the enemy bestirring himself as though be
intended offensive operations. Our line was term
ed with the 2d corps on tho ncht, the sth In the
centre, and the oth on the left, with Burnside’s
corps la the rear of our left tor the protection of
our Immense trains to act ass reserve in any
The country here Is quite rolling, studded with
proves of pines and hardwoed, and affording much
better facilities for handling troops, and tho use of
artillery, than about the Wilderness.
The enemy during'the night, strengthened bis
formidable position with rifle pits, breast works,
barricades, Ac., rendering it stronger than any
'line of defense occupied by him since leaving his :
earthworks on the Rspldao.
Tbns matters stood nntll £ir Into the afternoon,'
when the fighting became quite sharp at Intervals
at different points, but without anything definite.
Five o’clock was fixed upon for the grand assault.
General orders announcing the successes of Sher
man In the West, and of Butler on James River,
were read to the troops, producing tho wildest ex
citement, and as the hour approached for the at
tack, the enthusiasm became almost ungovern
able. ties. Grant, surrounded by hie staff, Gens.
Meade, Hancock and Warren, were all stationed
on eminences within sight ol each other, while the
vast columns of our army slowly gathered them
selves together for the great struggle.
Just as the attack was about too© made, the en
«dt advanced on our right, threatening to press
back tbat portion of our line. Discontinuing for a
time, the plan of assault, our troops were hurried
to Barlcw, to support the right, but Barlow suc
ceeded In checking the rebels, lending back bis re
inforcements with the word that he hadmen enough
and to spare.
Half-paill) was then fixed upon for the assault.
Watches were compared by the corps commanders,
wbo finally separated with orders to attack at an
appointed time.
At the appointed hour, slmnltaneoasly with the
fire ofthc twelve signal guns, the whole front ad
vanced with chrers from the whole line. Themove
meet was Indescribably grand. A portion of the
forex s moved Is solid column, while others advanc
ed In the usual order of battle, the whole army mov
ing tocethcr, and yet each command fighting its
own battle
The whole rebel line opened a most murderous
fire, against' which our Hoes irresistibly swept,
driving the enemy slowly back from his positions,
capturing nearly 2,000 prisoners and three pieces ot
artillery, The latter, however, were retaken by the
rebels before the close of the engagement.
Kiebt dosed the battle withoor forces occupying
the feld. The loss is heavy, but. Judging from the
kibtd and wounded left m out hands, is much less
than the enemy’s, .who fought to the lav, our
troops bayoneting their men In their rifle-pits,
and forcing them, by hand-to-hand conflicts, to
Gen. Bice was mortally woonded, and died under
the amputation of bis leg. Onr loss In promiuent
officers is great, bnt the lateness of the boor pre
vents a collection of the names.
Wasotkgton, May 12. —Accounts from the army
cor cur that there was heavy fighting on Tuesday,
and that at ahont 5 o’clock in the afternoon an at
tack was made upon the rebel batteries. It ts
stated that after tho assault continued for some
time, and it being found that the rebel batteries
could not be earned without probably a great
sacrifice of Hie, the eflbrt was for the time aban
It is reported here that Gen. Warren was wound
ed on Tuesday, and died on bts way to Frcderlcks
bum. The rumor is repeated and generally be
The fighting on Tuesday afternoon Is said to have
been very severe, as heavy artillery was brought
into action on both sides. The resole, so far as
known, was to onr advantage. The rebels attempt
ed to get on tbe rear portion of onr army to obtain
supplies, but were driven off with loss.
Toe fighting was renewed yestarday.
New Yore, Mav 12.—The New York Tnbvne't
§ pedal of the 11th says: Burnside advanced to
pol tsylvania Court House on Wednesday morning,
driving Hill's corps before him, and now bolds the
place Dale’s* rebel brigade, 2,400 strong, were
captured by the charge of tbe Vermont brigade on
Tuesday night, but nearly half of them escaped.
Buffalo, Mav 12.— There Is no confirmation re
ceived here of the rumor oi Slgcl having formed
a Junction with Grout.
Washington, May 12.—Up to last night about
7,000 men from tbe army of the Potomac, wounded
In the battles of Thursday and Friday, had arrived
here. Comparatively few of them are suffering se
verely from their Injuries, and mauy will soon be
returncO to the army.
Washington, May 12.—Gentlemen .prominently
connected with the government are to-Say In good
spirits. In view of the recent movement#. Other
movements are In progress which will soon be pub
licly developed, forming a part of tho general plan,
lookingto success. Burnside has sent word to his
friend* in Washington that everything looked very
favorable and hopeful.
New York, May 12.—Surgeon General Quicken
hueh was telegraphed yeeterday from Washington
to tend on a number of surgeons to ren
der tbeir aerrlcea In the present emergency. Be
at once responded to the request, and (be following
' surgeons left this morning for the army:
Dr. B. Oakley Vanderpool, Albany.
Dr. Guidon Buck, New York.
Dr. Ftepben Smltb. New York.
Dr Frank H. Hamilton, New York.
Dr. Thomas M. Markoe. New York.
Dr. William Detmold, New York.
Dr. Wm. P. Seymour, Tror,
Dr. Le Boy McLean. Tror.
Dr. Cbaries E. Simons, Troy.
Dr. S. G. Wolcott, Utica.
Dr. Edward H. Parker, Poughkeepsie.
A number of surgeons bare likewise left from
Brooklyn, hut their names hare-not yet been re
ceived at the office of the Surgeon General, and a
largo number from different parts of the State bare
likewise tendered their services.
PnTLmgT.Tmi, May 13.—Tbe family of General
Joshua J. Owens bare received tbe Intelligence of
his death while at the bead of h!s brigade.
Commercial Postscript.
‘ Thwusdat Eresrso, April ta—:o p. m.
In tbe aftfrroon sod at the Sherman Uouae, owlne
to tbo adrsuee ta gold In Mew Tort, there «m *a act.
Ire demand for grain, and some of the markets were
excited and considerably higher than on ’Change.
- "WnnATiTss unusually brisk, sod prices advanced
S<24eper bushel. In the afternoon and evening, about
285,(00 bnshelswere sold, at a rang* of 4U)£l 23 for
Mo 1, and f U9®l-28 for No 2-closlng firm at|u3i for
Ko 1, and. SIX 2 for No 9. Sales were; 50M bu No 1
Spring (in the afternoon) at $1.23: 15.000bn do (lathe
evening) at sl2s*: S.UO bn do at «U4:15,000 ha do
at $x.24M; M,OOO bn do at *l-24tf; 5,(C0 bn do at $1.25;
lOjDOO bu No 9 Spring (Jn (be afternoon) at IU9; 5.000
bn dc at SU9K; 8,0f« bu do at *l.2*; 20.000 bu do at
SL3OK; 25,0(0 bu do at *1.21; 12,000 bu do On the evan
lag) atSIAI: 25,C00ba do at SI2IM; 83,000 bu do at
*L22; Sl.COObndo ar sl-32H; 5,000 bu c® (10 days to
nm)utßL»-closlng with buyers at «Ui for No 1,
and $1.22 for No 1.
Cosa was also in active request, and prices ad*
vancedSc per bushel over tbe quotations of 'Chance.
Salta were m tbe evening as follows: 2,000 bn No-1
Coin In store at $1.0»; I.CO* bu do atSLO4X; 1,0.0 bn
do at 11X5; S.CM bu No. 2 Cora m store at KM ; 12,000
buco (In one lot) at SIXS f. o. b.; 5,000 bu Rejected
Corn la store at 07c, short receipts. All theersalng
there was a good inquiry for Com, but there were
very few seller*. -
Oats were m good d eroaud and firmer. Sales were:
M.MOI uNo. 1 Oats In store at abort
receipts do at&S'c.
Btz was is active request, but very scarce, and
prices were 3#° hlgbcr than on ’Change. Sales were:
800 bu Mo. t Bye lu store »* 41.37.
DiOßwzirms were dull and neglected. In tbe after
neon 5(0 brls prime county were sold at SLIS. la tbe
evrntsg tbe article wes not mcntlonsd.
• Mass Pobk was In rather better Inquiry, and 500
brls city packed were acid at $26.75.
' Tuxiobt* wtr« firmer. Tbe eehra Willard Jekuapn,
Tboa-Mott, and Golden West, were all encaged to g»
to Mfiwaukeo to load with Wheat to Buffalo et Be,
[Speelal Dispatch to tbs CbJesgj Trioune.]
BsinoxPosT, May 13,1551,
AnarvAD—lnvestigator, Athens, 60 yards rubble
itoae; W. 8. Garner, do. 17 yards dimension stone;
Drill, do. B0 yards rubble stone; Conveyance, Dm
Plaines, 00 yards do; Republic, Lasalle, ISO tons coal,
37,4:0 Bs potters* wars: Brilliant,do. light: Sunrise,
do, S2J.6CO Bspig Iron; Alcnzo Leach, d 0.4,000 bn
corn, 10.0 CC lb a scrap Iron; Lemont, do, 4,353 bu corn,
79bu osts; Senator, do, 158 tons coal; Clyde, Otta
wa, MOO bn com; Maple Leaf, Joliet, 10,C00 ba oats:
Cayuga, Lockport, ha oats. ■
Clvaxxd-11. G. Loomis, Athens; W. 8- Garner,
doi Lady Franklin, do; Investigator, do; J. Menard,
Lasalle, 123 m feet lumber.
Vessels Passed Detroit*
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
, Dxmorr, May 12,13 M.
Up—'Bark Invincible, Constitution.' Winslow,
Bturcces: brig Powhattan, Montezuma; schr. Nicho
las, Milas, Arnold, Gals tin, Norrti, Barney; Gem,
Cochrane, Goble. Elnzsford, Dickenson, Hinchmao,
White Cloud, Foote, Ethan Allen, Wancoms, Atlanta,
Garland, Kuex, Dick Somers,.Eetchnm, Martin Hale,
Grkpeshot, New Lisbon, Bates, Contest.
Cincinnati markets.
[Special Dispatch to tho Chicago Tribune.]
Ctscunran, May 12. i»M.
Flora—There la a very fair Inquiry for superfine at
f«-Ss®A3o,but holders ask higher prices; 400 barrels
extra sold at $8.73.
Wiumct—A flat market and prices nominal; hold
ers ask $1.20. out buyers refuse to pay the rate.
Gnanr-Whcat-Tho market Is flnn.bat holders will
not meet the views of buyers; prims red Is held at
♦1.47 and white at $1.63. Cora—The supply not being
equal to the demand, prices again advanced; ear Is
sow held at $1.28, the same aa shelled. Data an
changed. Bye—The supply la light, and holders ask
$1.59. Barley—The demand Is good et SI.OO for fall.
Qbocxsikb—Sugar and molasses have become firm
er. The demand being moderate, prices remain unal
tered. Coffee is quoted at [email protected] Raw sugars 15
®22c. Molasses $1X8(31.10.
PBonnoif &—Hess pork Is firm tat quiet. City can
be bought of oatslde parties at *27.00, bat In meat
cases It Is held higher. Nothing doing In bseoo.
Lard Is dull »t 13c. There is a centloned good do
msod for clear balk sides, with sales of 70,000 B« at
12c. Holders note ask 14c. •
Milwaukee Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
MiLWAtncsa, May 12.13 M.
Fiona—Weaker, but nominally unchanged.
Okabt—Wheat nominally unchanged—closing weak.
SalealnthomormnratSmlth’a: 160,C00 buihekNo.l
spring at *LIS, *1.19# and $1.20. On ’Change salsa
were: fOJLObuat*l.l9,*l.l934 and *1.39. AtNawhall
House this evening the market was 3o higher and ac
tive ; sales were: 2(0,090 at (1,2131.32 for No, 1 spring
—doting firm at *l.2}.
Pittabanr Petrolean Market—May 12.
Cirrus—The is a better feeling m Crude with mors
inquiry. Bales to-day at 23X®Mc, Nalhlog domr in
refined. Up river refined fold atCTc. Arrived 1.331
New York Market-—May 12.
Conoj*—More active a»ic higher. 6533 Cc for mld
• dlloc uplands and 83c for low middling.
Ploub— State and Western modcratelv active, with
a rices without decided chance. for extra
State ; [email protected]*M for extra K.H.0.; and (7A533.23
for trade brands. *Market v’oalng quiet.
Whisky quiet and unsettled, at (1.2101.24 for State
and*i.2Sfor Western.
Ghaut— I Wheatl®2c higher. *l/-5 for Chicago sn’g;
*1.5831.60 for amber Milwaukee ; *l.Ol for winter'rea.
core firmer. with only s limited supDlr. Old mixed
Tester* at *1.12. Oats firmer at 87sSSK for western,
ca»b, and Wo for Government certificates,
Pxtroliut flrm,« crnde373S3K:roan?d la bond,
Pbotibiohs— Pork opened with a little move firm
aess, and closed quiet at vesterdav'a prices—sH-Wt*
27.00 lor mew; for old do ; t23.11«®2a
3731 for new do. closing at *;a.I2K«2S 35; *21.00321.75
for old asd new prime; *27J7K3?LSe lor prime mess.
Cut Meats quiet and nominally unchanged. Eicon
Bides quiet. Lard quiet and without material chance,
at iSJbGUK—the latter an extreme price fat choice
kettle rendered t 500 bbls for May, Miller’s option, at
74. Batter steady at 2333S for Ohio, sad &33Uor
State. ■ •
Philadelphia Market—Mar 12.
Flop*-Dullat*7.M)4 forextre.ani (3.3534 for ex
tra family.
Guaik—'Wheat dull and drooping. Red, *1.7931.00.
Com declined 2c. Yellow. (1.33.
Fxtbolkum— Firmer. Sales 4,060 hrls reflnol In
bond at 56358 c.
Buffalo Market—May 13.
Flops—Dull, and stock light. 8»lei of double ex-
Wa_lndlana at (7.50®8/<O, and southern Indians at
OsAut—' Wheat dull and firmer. Red winter tt JO ;
No 1 Milwaukee (1 «4J<; No 2 Chicago spring *1.30:
No 2 Milwaukee club (I.?*—closing firm. Corn firm
er sad a shade better. No 1 new (Lid, old *tJB.
Whisky—Held at *U7ftUB.
Fbiiohts— Firmer. Wheat 15316 c, corn 13k(314c
to New York.
The'ForelffD Market*.
Pxx Apxica.] [By Telegraph
LrrnpooL, April 29.
FLora—Firmer sad advanced W V brl.
OjtAlir— Wheat has aa upward tendency, with an
advance of l®3d b*t cental. Ked we*t«rn7« iwass 4d;
rea southern 8s SddSsGd; white southern 8a Odftired.
Com firm, with mixed at 28.®2853d.
Paovuioxs—Beef quiet and firm. Perk staady.
Bacon oulet and steady. Lard dull and easier at 43
®l»c. Butter very dull.
Oils—Petrolcmnqnlet sad steady; crude 13d;re
flned 2# 4dF gallon.
Lowboy, April 30.
BrrADsrrrra-Qulet and ateady.
Guocbsias—Sugar oniei and steady. Coffee firm,
with a partial advance of Gd, Tea quiet. *
Oils—Petroleum steady.
/Baltimore Market-Olay 12.
Flop*—DuH and heavy. Ohio Extra at 37.12k'a7.t*>
Guanr—Wheat dull. Winter Red, at 81.7501.a2.
Corn steadav at *1.3701.28.
Whisky—Dull and uommal at *l.7*.
New YorklUouey lUoriiet—May 13,
Moxxt—More active at SK37.
Ett-rlihq Excuasq*—Scarcely so firm, it IWJfci
*^o’lo—Firmer, opening at 73, declining to TSjf, and
closing frm at 71K®TV.
Goviujuuht Stocxs—Finn, IT. 9.6s *Bl. coupon#,
5-20s, coupons, IC3K®U6J4; 7-303, October
and April, uoyaiiox.
S-cckb—Stmor. US S«. 5-20 coupons, 105 V : T-SCg.
UOK; Missouri6s.7l; NYC, 131 Vs Brie. 110: Hudson.
IS6H: Harlem,£6l:Reading, 1M; It V C. 137 V: -MS.
aii. ; 111 C scrip, 125; c & fc* ICS*; QM& Chi UflM ; C
& Tol, 113; Citß I, 111; P, Ft W * C, llfl; C*N W.
Neto aiiberttsmcntß.
xj. TIKUALLT arriving from eur fighting General,
Grvnt, hut da rot forget In the excitement that «v.
FBJTT’S, 1M Lake street, is the place to procure
Carre* rtn Vlsltc—only It per down, notwithstanding
war prices. WM. *£. EVERXTT, Preorintor
Ray Nias. Opera-or. myl3-e9BS-it
• 40 CLARK bTR£ET.
171)1 redeem at his office, on an* 4 after tho irth of Mar
!r*t .the notes ot tho M PRODUCERS’ BANK. ILL!-
NOIS.’’ at par. In tho legal currency of the country,
Cj 1* warranted not to get thick or deposit sedi
ment, and al all times to
For rale wholesale and retail by
mylS-e&M-lt JONES A SMALL. 123 Lake-it
The Liverpool. New York and Pbiladelphli
WOl sail from New Torlras follows: .
CITY OF CORK (extra) ...May 13th.
CUT OF MANCHESTER Saturday, May 31st.
CITY OF LON I’Of 1 •* - 231h.
Bates of pessaze by the fortnight line, payable la
ourrency. First Cabin, to Cork or Liverpool. SM.
third das*. vs.
Tickets toned from Liverpool or Queenstown tc
Chi<»*»A at very low rates, payable In currency. Poi
further Inforn attoa applv to
F. A. BMOEY, General AXBBt,
Southwest corner Lake and Clark streets.
sp2S-dft&-lm w FAKnet
Desks and Bests of best quality and allows*! prices.
Send for sn Illustrated Catalogue. Addree*
113 Dearborn street.
mylS-eaa at-rawnst
-V BANK OP ILLINOIS «U1 be redeemed, on and
after tim J6ih laataat, at the Banking Hooae of H.
BOOLITILK. ho. 40 Clark street, Chicago, at FAB in
the legal cuttcbct of the coontrj.
Chicago. Mar 15th, 18W. B. CABYBB.
-fllrkeo. M*>
A. lag and ConitrucHnr Mechaucal Engineer.
Comm'fucm and Patent Acont SO Dearborn street,
Cfelc*(o, Dltnels. P O. Box 1360. Drawing* ana
specification* prepared for the parent office, and for
an? drfctlption of M«cblaerT. Berzn to—Horatio
Alien. Kkj., President Noveliy Iron Works.New lork:
Edward Berlin?. Architect, Chicago. UlinoU.
nyis-eftg-lm u war ■
J.U SBW ORLEANS, ta—The magnificent and
powerful Passenger Packet
Capt. Nat. Gasra. will leard- Cairo (or above and in
termediate points,
On Sanday, 15th lnatant«
on arrival of Illinois Central train leaving Chicago on
Saturday at Sr'S a. m. For state rooms sad farther
lofornatlonarply to JAMES WARRACK, Agent.t ft
3 Tren ont Exrbanre Burdin*. Dearborn street, Chl>
cago. DAN. ABLE ft GO., Agents, Cairo.
mjlS-eSTI it
H. & L. L AFLIN,
Op post ta City Hotel, Chicago,
O.HLXTLCf. t. CarttK. 2. O. PAT.
mh24-b2»2m-» m ft w net
The great fame which this medicine bat acquiree,
both here and throughout the Armies of tbe West
and B. a’b, ae a reta ear tor Dtarrbma. f*yscnte*v. anr
all relaxed conuirioa of tbe bowels, almost preclude*
the necessity of advertising it la tbl, cl y* bat ai
th<Te are many strangers in our midst who m\y be
gnfcrlne from these complaints, caused either bj
change of climate, water or food, we would remlnc
them that this medicine oossejses wonderful efficacy,
In our Almanac will be found tbe testimony ot Brls
Gen. FIU Henry Warren. D. S. Vol*.; Col. S. H. Lqai
a. s. A .Chlet TopT F.cg*n; Major F. w. CraoeTPay.
maftsr. °oyt,C. Army of tbe
Cumberland, and M.S Mepham ft Hro_ No. 81 Kont
becondst. Prepared only by J. ft c. MAGUIRE.
Chemists and Irueglsts. south west corner of Second
arrt Oliveßtreet*.anrt sold by all druggists. Bewtre
of counterfeits. Prlc*, 75 cents ocr bottle
For *»ie •wholesale by H. SCOVIL, 75 Bandolpb-St
apPH-y>H6t rutftTPua-net ■ w
EYE AND £ AR,—Deafeefls,
Blisdnese, snd all dfreases of the Eye and Bar.
continue, as lor twee»T- to receive tbe
especial attenUoD of Dr. UNDEBWOOD, Oculist and
Aorlst. 124 R»ndolpb Street, Chicago. Operatlnus for
crr«s Eye, Cataract, Artificial Pupil, ftc-, Ac , skill
fully performed. • myß-e6oMta«t
IJ. TAPLISHMFNT, 1M Clark street. J.H Ksx
dill. Ueraser. This Truss will never rus'.bresk,
ctsle. er Can be modertlff orll'nber. Al
ways clean and will last a Itfe-tlme. Famnbtets seat
tree. Briereuces from tbe moat eminent Sorghos
SlTt*. P.0.80x 4355. myll-eSO^ClWFftxaet
■Non aunerttSEinenis.
Concern Every One to Answer.
Are yon bald?
Dees your hair IkQ off?
Bu your halft scorns thin ?
Is It taming gray before Its time?
Are yon troubled with Itching, burning sensation ol
the scalp?
Are yos troubled with dandruff?
Are you troubled with what is called Scrofula or
Have you bad the Erysipelas, and lost your hair?
Have you had the Measles, and lost It ?
Have yon had the Tppbold Fever, and loctlt?
Have yon bad the Brain Fever, and lost it?
Have yon lost your hair by any sickness?
Do you wish luxuriant hair?
Do yon wish soft and losfroua hair? '
Do yon wish gray hair restored?
. Do you wish your wMaker»glo«jr?
Do you wlah them restored la color ?
Do you want a dressing?
Do you want U for your children?
Do you want It lor yourself, for father or mother,
fbrbrethsr,sister orfrlend?
Do you want tne beet preparation out for dreeelßS,
stimulating, protecting, restoring the color, and r«i>
dtrlng soft, silky and lustrous, the Human Hair?
If eo, we warrant
Distilled Restorative
To be Unequalled, and Superior to any Prepa
ration ever Compounded and offered
to the Public.
It eosts bnt *1 for one bottle, or six bottles for *5,
and U sold by druggist* and dealers everywhere*
C. G. CLARK & GO., Proprietors.
LORD A SMITH, Chicago, Illinois, Genera]
Agents. fe29vs*i-7St-u wAr-nc*
A Safe and Effectual
FULLER, FINCH A FULLER, Agents. Chicago,
Ikinolr. ap22-d4l9>4t rid
Ship Chandlers,
- Offer for sale a fhH assortment of
Cotton and Hemp Canvas*, Wool Sacking,
Tents, Awnings, Flag*, As.
209 South Water Street.
mb2s-bsl*3ot-w-rAM act
Cores Croup Every Tims.
Cores Tickling in the Throat,
Cores the Most Stubborn Cough.
Cores Chill* and Ferer,
Cores Influenza and Bora Throat.
Cures Asthma and Believe* Consumption.
Cures all If the directions are strictly followed, or
the mosey will be refunded.
Sold by Druerzlsts Everywhere,
10-40 BONDS
Antborized by the Act of Ulorcli
3, 1861.
Ttia Loan bears date March Ist, 1984, Is redeemable
sttbep’eaaureof tbe Government, after tan yean
and payable forty years from date, bearing interest at
five per cent, per annum, payable In Com *nnn«iij qc
Bonds not ova 1 One Hundred Dollars, and aaml-annu
ally cn aH other Bonds.
The Third National Bani
Fiscal Agent of the United States.
Is nsw prepared to receive subscriptions to the ntw
TEN-FORTY LOAK at par, in Treasury Notes oi
National Currency.
Subscribers will receive bonds bearing Interest from
date of deposit with ns, at par, or II they prefer, will
receive fall coupon bonds by paying accrued Intend
in com, (or Treasury Notes or National currency, by
adding fifty per cent, for premium.) from March firs?
to date of anbecrlptloa.
Coupon Bonds ars now nearly ready for delivery,
and registered bonds will be, on or before the 30th of
To Baakaand Bankers Investing bx theee'Securltfst
for themelvea or for re-sale a commission will be al
Bo* scrlptloni may be sent to this Bask, free oi
change, by either tbs United States or American Sx
prees. *
JAMSS H. BOWEN. President.
AMOS T. HALL, Vice President.
Ixa Homos. Cashier. ap&usoo-att
Have removed from No. 18 to their Elegant. New
and Spacious
Nos. 10,12 and 14 Lake street
. Where they hare now ready for
Usoh the Largest, Handsomest. Beat Assorted, ass
Cheapest Stock of
UaibrelTas, Parasols, Canada Hakk
Palm Leaf Data, Shaker Hoods.
Ladles’, niaaea’, and Ohll
dwn’i Data, Ac*, .
re n im
Bought before the recent ad ranee, and. win be at
fared to »U buyer* at LOW PBICOT.
MERCHANTS frrm all parts ol the Wart win fin*
It much to their advantage to examine as BZTO.
maklmg their purchase*.
OSD BBS than receive ipeelal and prompt av
je22-vSC-30toet x-wftF
NOTICE -Oh aid aiur Monday,
Slay tbe Bth Inst., the Richmond Hotne will
ces»e to be kept npnn the European plan, an l will be
open lor the reception of guesis at two dollar* and
Lny cents per day. Regular boarder* taken on ac
commodation terms. B. W. HYMAN.
Chicago, May 7th, 1664. myfreSM-Utnet
twines and cordao*.
80S ft 207 South Water street, comer of Wells, Chicago.
' Manila and Tarred Rope, 3*n Duck, Flags. Bsi?a and
Bagging, Oaknm, Tar, Fitch, Paint*, Oils, i.balni. An
chon,Tackle Blocks and Oars. Also, Oil! Mem, Seioet,
Seine «nd Gill Net Twine, aud evejy variety of Cottou,
Fisz and Hemp Twines; Coal Tar, Booting Pitch aim
mbl7-a®tßw th spftrnet
BNYDBB ft WALTER, 9J9 Broadway, N. T.
Valnable Patent Blgbts eeld for cash; Conalrft
meats respectfully solicited. Address Snyder ft WaP
ter,2s9Bioadway.N.T. References: “ weautbonsa
Snyder ft Walter to refer to ua.’*— H. D. Smith, Coem
leal Bark; Joba MeKewvp, Import J. 58 MaUIeHl soe;
John Witsior, No.s Bowling Grcefth J. W; K«by,Me
tropoUtan Bank. New York. -
Neto aoumisments.
TWa exeaneat preparation or l>r. Chapin, bv the ate
of which bo gained so areal a popularity In the treat*
meat and core ot Dyrpepala, Liver Complaint, Consti
pation ami Palpitation of the Heart, and all diseases
arising from indigestion and torpid- liver, was none
other than what la now pns an aader the name of BSD
JACKET STOMACH BITTERS - the proprietors bav
ins the original formal* In their possession.
persona suffering with Dyspepsia cad all diseases
arising jrom a disordered state of taa stomach, should
at once obtain a bottle of the celebrated Red Jacket
Stomach Bitters.
■Our pure NATIVE "WTNE9, consisting in part of
Blackberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Raspberry, Muscat,
etc., etc., are the aafast and best or all txbllaranta.
Bur sone bat these with the unmistakable label ot the
Our goods are sold by all Druggists throosbont the
eof try. myi^eSP-lt
• £\. Combining In the highest degree
Ease, Elegance & Durability.
Six ftp £12.00
Six for 15.00
Six (Extra Fine) for 1 18.00
Linen Shirts, &o.
Sherman House. 133 Randolph. Street.
Badgers’, Wolstenholms’ and others
genuine Pochet and' Pen Knives,
Ladies’ Fins Scissors, Fine Razors,
Razors in cases. For sale by BLISS
& SHARP, Dmggi'ts, 141 Labe,
Street, Dealers in Fine Fancy , and
Toilet Goods.
' Will be opened on
Saturday Next, 14th instant.
The follotrlntr Horse* ar* entered to TROT for a nre-
B.iam of FIFTY LOLLARd for tbe best Boadtters
that never trotted for money—mile heat*, best three
Is five, to wagon or hamc**: b. m.Ladv Fox,catered
By Jt*. Fox; c. g. Bo«ton, entered by Chas. M. Ll-irk;
b.m.Ladyßecket, entered by J.D.Becket; b.g.Bsy
George, entered by A. 8. Linsley.
Horse* start at 5X o’clock. Admission SO cents.
Season ttcketaaay be had of J. G. DffKS, Sec’y,
-i_ V/ \/ of superior Qnality, received and for »a:e
176 lake street.
J vV/ In *tore and for tala by
mylS>eWSyMAw-B«ttf J 76 Lake street.
Milward’s Needles,
Porte Monnaies,
Linen Threads,
Briar Pipes,
Notion and Toy .Bazaar,
176 Lake Street.
a'pSSetllyaet •
SOS Randolph Street*
Manufacturer aad Dealer la
Hare in store a large and elegant assortment of rich
Parlor, Chamber, Library and Dining-Boom
Al'oaflne assortment of medium and low-prici
Furniture, adapted to the wants of the trade*
tp3o dSS-ißt.net
YORK. W Broadway. Nsw Yoex. April 39,1881.
B. B MEf.RILL, F.sq- General Agent for toe States of
BUbolb. Wisconsin, lowa and Minnesota, Milwau
kee. W IS.:
Deur Sir—l have received yonp letter In reference
to M parties holding policies, who are called out to
discharge post and garrison duty for one hundred day*
to take tie place of our regular aad volunteer sol
diers. who are to be seat to the front for scare ser
All onr policy holders thas called oat from the
Northern States, have permission to proceed to occu
py and rarrl«on mlUt.ry po«'» and frets within onr
own lines m the loyal States for the one bnrdred dayi
•peel fled jrom the first day of May next, without pay.
Ire for a War h Isk.
If they proceed to parts of the country within onr
Uses, where the Company charge clvtl ans for a cli
mate risk, they will be placed npon the some term,
aad are to pay the samaextia rates.
Very truly yours,
i*. a. WINSTON, Prea’t.
0. CEONKUITE, igent,
47 Clarlr Street, Chicago, Illinois,
127 South Water Street.
1,000 Cheat* of Tea,
Just received and for sale by
Bags of Coffee, i
Just received and for sale by
500 Hogshead* of Sugar*
Just received and for sale by
500 Barrels Synap* and nobuiei,
For sale by BHORIS, pttvham * CO.
1 9 000 Barrels Beflned Sahara,
For rale by BHOBB9, DPmw *• CO.
my-13-em7-et-raw-pet • .
No. I Lath and Posts,
And bare on hand a good assortment of Boildlnr
Lumber. K. MAiON * SON.
Manufacturers snd Dealers tn all kinds of
Lumber, Lath, Shingle., Paata, Sa.h,
Bom and Blind*.
Country orders promptly attended to. Cars loaded
free of charge.
XX~ Office, US Market sL. corner Monroe, Chicago.
P. 0. Drawer COtS. myl3-e994-St
A PR L E S .
2M barrels NEW YORK RCS9ET9. for sale cheap
Wholesale Liquor Dea:cra, 13 South Water-sL
19 Tons WHITE IXAD,. ,
Por u!e !>T VAX BCIiEX & CO.,
mjl3»e: 494W 5-0.211 South Wcter-«.,tip-Btalra.
F«r sale at Lamp and Oil atoro 123 Clark struct, by
giylS-c3f9-lt GEO, G. POPS.
advertiser, aa experienced and thorough bo&l*
see* mac. & fint cUaa accountant. fnlijr qualified to
tTaciiCtalloltco matters, financial tnclndcd, la de
ilrou. to form a partnewhip w.tb some reliable party
crparties alreadywell established lathecomaiuiloa.
tnsirees. Baa in cash. Unezceptioapblc refer
erces alten and required. Address P.-O. Drawer
g :~a. Ms !3-e93Mt
Tbe Trustee# of tb« Bricks Gold Company bars
declared a dividend of oae per cent, (oat of tbe net
corneas of tbe Company for tin month orApilly pay*
able at the office el tbe Company, so. 3l Joan street,
liayja.l&f.toibaie&oldcraof record at me disc ot
bwmess tbla day.
■ ■ WALTER E. LA'WTOX, Treasurer,
mylS-eTTVSt So. 81 John street, Sew Vort.
O tor the narmer aeasos by '
aicii of MeGpldenToa KetUe,«7SUlo street.
Neto ahhrrtlsrmnrta.
office or
American Gold,
Government Bonds,
TJncmrent Money,
Treasury Notes,- &c.
5-20 BONDS
tr. h. auiioar,
10-40 BONDS
Secoid HatitajJ Baak #f CMeage.
13 a p tt ortsed by the Secretary of (te
Treasury ip receive inbicrlptlona to the new lit
9 ccq(. loaii.
Packages can be sent for subscriptions by the (JaV
ted States and American Express Companies iro« aC
U. S Trader Note*. National Bank Now, or-
Kew Tork Exchange will bo received In payment ok
Bants and Banktn will be allowed a commlMton or
one eight per cent, on all subscriptions, paccaee* h*-
log sent under tbelr seas: n contracts, or under oust
at the rata of so cents per thovtand.
Bonds will be forwarded to sobacrlbers frtsa «C
chars e. E. I. TINKiLAM. uiahier.
atylAedC Stnet
IT* I TV 3E3
133 Randolph Street, Chicago,
Phermnn House Sloolr.
105 Lake Street.
The Ingest, Cheapest, mi, best Sele.UC
Stack »f
Ail the Novelties of the Season Re
ceived Daily by Express.
Dcn-t fall to g» to the SEW STOKE ft
Byl3-fcS6O-P»BVAwtf net
Salesrooms in Portland Block,
Comer of Dearborn and Washington street*.
The Kaott ep&cloTZ* P»l»*roem*, and the beet
ted for the display of all kinds of Merchandise la ite
Particular -attention win be given to the salt off
household goods, at pnya:e dwelling*, and at «
Good* even
Sales of Dry Goods, Boot* and Shoe* other day* of mm
wets. apH e7SMn> wTHaraet
Office No.U Lirtnon Block, corner of Cltrk aad
Washington street#, (P.o. Box MIS.)
Fanipmeu containing tn'ormaMon about Patastm
and the mode or proceeding to obtain then, seat eras*
by mail on receipt of (.Wop to payposUge.
West Side Residence,
Ton Cce neichhorbood, containing ten rooms, lam
and airy, beddre donets and p»n trice. nawlv ptpered.
at a tainted, marble mantles, gas and HxtarM.br
drant aad cistern water, Ac., Ac.
Lot 50x125 Foot to on. Alley*
Wen fenced and handsomely laid out. The homo la
hnlit on a aood stone fiund alien, and h*a adneccU*'.
Immediate potsewiou given. -
. PRICE, $e,000.-
If desired, a part of the purchase monev mayremMic
onaortga;o. Appijto SAHnELrGEHS,
„„ Beal Estate Broker, 114 Dearborn street.
myi3-t969-3inet •
Home mutual fire insur-
ANCE COMPANY.—At a meeting of the mem
bers cf the “Home Mutual Fire Insurance Corapiny
of Illinois/' bold atthetr office on the Sd Inst., toofo£-
lowlpc members were elected Directors to serve lor
three years In place of these whose term of office ex*
plrec. Tlx:
At a subsequent meeting of the Board the followlv
officers were nnanloionsty elected, via: *
. JA9. H. WOODWORTH. President.
WM. W. BOTTNGTON, Vice-President.
MATTHEW LAFLIN, Treasurer. '
Am ssseasmentofflve percent, was ordered ssit
Premium Notes, payable at the office of the Compav
at the annual aspiration of each aollcv.
mylstWs.lt ALONZO CUTLER, BoeY.
“ Usoer onr flag beat tae ions call once more.
. Cali npthe North aayon called her before.'*
OUR VOLUNTEERS. Song and Chorus. Bav*-
zu.cn. so. '
and load tbewar cryraßz-."
“ This Is a hero whose pale form yo hesr.**
(Inscribed to the mothers wives aad. sisters of the
-..'1 ' tlalnln battle.)
** Silently, tenderly. monrnAtlly home.'
. **»• *** batoe.fleld. voinuteers coma.'*
“ ills saddle Is empty, and sheath'd is bis swortL
Another has left tu to reap bis reward.**
EMANCIPATION. Song and Chorus. SO.
- '’ln this land of the fre* not a slave shall there be.
Asa cause for rebellion or treason "•
Chorus. Ttrm*x». 30.
CopDs of the above new and popular SbeetMnsfe
rent bv mall, post paid, cn receipt of the price. OLI
VER DITSOJTA CO.. Publishers, 377 Washington at—
Bosfom my.3-esta-lw
-L -wlthstandlrctbe action of the “Board of
•r other local orzanlratloas la this city, or
the undersigned, • •
Wholesale Grocers
Will recelTe, at par, an notea of State Banks sMA
are act acre than M of one per cent discount la Sm
City of Near Yoik
\y SEED.—We are prepared to receive a UeIUB.
amount of orders for -
fbr a# edlng purpose. It Is ?«• ar
rive Belt Wtek. NRLsOS A CO,,
ai Sbota water strok.
Rock county, Wisconsin
TTW be eeldby Auction* on
Ih tli.* of Jaaearllle. Rock Cotmty, WUcwel*.
tbiny-eifih: hundred and forty (3340) acre* of t&« fine*
azrlcnltnnU lands In the SUM. They are utnatwk
ascot teo-mlleo from Janeartlle, and adjolnlnc the vil
lage ot Feotyllle, with the Beloit and Madison Sail*
road roctniu through them, and tae Milwaukee and.
ScutLern'A'laccnaln tsallroaaon their border.*asd ut
competed of about an equal qnaattty df haary Umber
aid prairie. They were selected tor their present
owner for inyeatraear, neart* thirty year* ajo.aa tbs.
beat lands, la all ressects. In Rock CoantT. aod this
Coaotr, it Is well known. Is the pardon of ff
TJ ej will bo aold In firm parcels, and the pnrcbaav
money, !•*>• twenty or twenty-fire por’eant., whlcb
mtm be paid In c*fh, may rtoaolu on-mortgage ak
seven per cent. Interest,’for seven or ten years, e»
centre'* umber lota, which win be aold ''orcasn.
Xh»re will also be sold at the same time and plvjow
and m the same manner, bat who'ly for cash- twenty
two hnndred f22(&) am« of prime i»nrts in Marathon
Coraty.near the townofWansao,selected a hoot alpha
* A ffifw’ eligible opportaslty tor fbraera toaeenm
most desirable farm*, or for the lareitmcnt of capital*
cculd not be offered.
For tether parUctdare or by
ter to ilr DAWSON. No. 9 Ftfteanto 3mr
York, who will be in Joaea^naCoanadS?
/~iiIEAP i'UKL.—Self-Generating
I mmerStore,for erery descriptionof eooklMb.
Ti»atirr fl»t froo*. Ac-, without be*da* the room
w^trHotwo#dercn»L No <Hrt. dost or imoke,
is rvjaired oTthe bcu iUojco,*b» coat of on
cent t* C*nb«secQ In opemtloa *C P»ttUo«
m Keikicr I *, corner of CUrt end Monro* rreeNk
General office US Clark street, room NoJ, (BoxfC»A
ir.Ti?-rtf»Btaet WARD, LASrfOH A CO.
'T’O PRINTERS.—One or two good
JL Job competitor*, wbo art sot Bonbon ot tb*
kv called
Can find a pernaant tltoaboa at _ • . _
JO* *3 * SMALL'S. Lake «m«t.
mjU-lW Mart %«

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