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Cl;kago Otribune.
nc liciiEMnnnnp.—Wo desire
lo rai'e the most prominent mention of ih« fact,
that tit Pelted*® great dry c**«ds palace to-duv all
the nroflta on retail sales are < o be donated u> the
jrfcnd «n aid ol raising Ono Hundred Day troops.
Tnnarr Carmen.—Dev, Dr. Cummins, of Trin
ity Church, has appointed an assistant, who will
enter upon Ms duties sometime daring the pre
sent week. His name has not transpired. -
Xbtats-of tub Late Do. Dekpsteh.—Orrca
*W. Donpelcr, daughter of the late Dr. Dempster,
«f Evpnrmn, rre yesterday appointed •admtr.ls-
Inmix of her lalhcria estate. The estate is of the
T&locof $3,C00.
CoxnBXATTOK.—The recurrence of Whit Sun
dry, on Sunday next, will beth* occasion of the
'administration of ike rite ol coninnation, by the
THgM Her. Dtshop WhUebonse, to a large number
of candidates at TVinity Clicrch.
Fatuxotio Wrac,—We refer our readers to
TJoot & Cady's announcements in another column.
Tbe Eastern-as well ns the Western States have
learned to look to this enterprising music publish
ing house for music *• up with the times ”
. The Tmn Axwcal Htrrrxo of the Illinois
State Homocpatalc Medical Society will convene at
The Hanemann Medical College,Clark street,
on Tuesday the ITtK day of May, ht ft o’clock
au m. Largo delegations from olflerent sections of
Ike Stafo aro expected.
3Co Qcouck.—There was no meeting of thaßoard
of Poltoe Commission ere 1 ist evening. The Mayor
was ont of town, and Kewhonse—well, Kewboase
way recovering from the wholesome pnul&hment
Administered by Col. tloach. He was rcarceiy In
A presentable condition, and certainly not In that
■happy frame of mud which would render his pres
ence In the Board at all desirable.
Behious Aoctoekt.—A young hoy named Ed.
waidWoolcy, son of William F. Wooley, was run
cverlaßlOTcnlngbjawßgoubclongluglothe Me
chanical Bakery, driven by H. Knight, the earns
man who run over Mrs. Cone, an aged lady, at the
crossing on the corner of (Tlark and Randolph
streets, as related in tbo Tszbcke several weeks
Ago. The boy is very badly hurt- and will lose one
-of hie eyoe. Cannot this znou be taken care of?
•• ErraaoK or the Jk.TCLLarrxr.—A rerision o
Ihc late enrollment of able bodied dtixens in tbe
State and United States, subject to draft has. been
ordered, with a view to the correction of errors,
The names of those who have become forty-live
eince the last enrollment, will be stricken off and
the names of those who hare become twenty will
I>c added. Definite instructions in relation to the
new ■enrollment have cot yet been received, al
though they are daily expected.
CokseCbatzos.—St James Church win be con-
Accraled on Thursday next, Severn! distinguished
clergymen from abroad will l>e prevent on this in
teresting occasion, among other* Bishop McClo&kv
ol Bishop KemjHX of sud
Blabcp Lee of lowo. Rev. Dr. Littlejohn, of
BrooUvn, will preach tbo coa-rcration version.
Clercjtnenwiilbriny tbelr varpllces and meet at
tho rectory at few in the uornhie. A collection
will be taken in aid of diocesan aibsiona.
Tim Douglas KosrwnjfT.—Yolk, the scu’plor,
B&e finished a mlnatare design in pbster of the
monument to tbe lamented Douglas. His studio
■wßl he opened to-day to visitors, and an opportu
nity given for criticism. Wc have already clvcuan
extended description of tbe monument, and this
mtnatore model In planter confirms tho favorable
opinion already expressed coaeernlog It. This
work of art will add immensely to his already ex
cellent reputation.
The Gbxat Cottox Case,—The evidence in tbe
fourth trial of this case, in tbe United States Cir
cuit Court, was concluded yesterday. Mr. Boberts
will address the jury, on the part of the plaintiff*,
■this montimr, and will be followed by Mr. McAllis
ter, for the eefeton Mr. Jewett and Mr. Gooklos
win follow, and the Court endiury will be occupied
v ntil MmiiAy evening with the arguments in the
ca»e. Tbo call of the docket cannot be resumed
xmtil Tuesday.
THkKKBoivxBG.--TbaQkßgivlng services for the
Srocent victories achieved by our army under Ideut
<vcn. Grant, will be held in tbe Deep! lines street
JL £. Chapel, between Van Bnren and HarrlasD
Streets, on Sabbath morning at ID>£ o’clock. Rev.
3LM.Bonny, the pastor, will conduct thsexerds a.
Elder Bouev and General Grant were b ys together
in Georgetown, Ohio. A cordtal Invitation is ex
tended to all who can thank God fur past and pres
ent victories to be present. . , . .
|*Eae7 put Dmscr PATmoxisn.—Aß shoppers at
yot or Palmer’s Retail Dry Goods salesrooms to
day will aid in tbe caase of lovalry in raising the
One BusdredDay trot'p*. Ail Mr. Palmer’s pr>
git* to-day are to he devoted to such purpose.
Tnr New Gtshcastics-—No business in which
*m Intelligent man or woman can without capital,
can engage, is more agreeable, heaUhfal,*ud prent
able thau teaching the popular; New Oymaastlca.
ti.be establishment of an nictitation in Cuicago to
enxsliiV teachers for this profi«ason,iß fortunate f*r
sneecncationsl interests of the Nortbwekt The
INoitbwetncrn Normal Institute .for Physical Edu
cation, advertised In mother column, wid takes
Ugh place in the pubic esteem, and will merit a
iarpe patronage. ’
XiiJtcnKY as Bazuxx.—Yesterday afternoon B&r
--hut Kline, the keeper of the Franklin House, a
paloon’near the Ocntnfi Depot, was charged, before
Justice Moore, with larceny aa bailee, upon the
complaint-.of a young woman named Delilah
Blake. Complainant emits that she has boarded
With Mrs. Kline for some time, and a few days ago,
proposing to leave, paid up her board bill, which
xvns at the rate of $l a day. Being accidental!* de
lainea two days longer thaufne intended, ’Mrs.
Slake on Thursday tendered the accused a $lO bill
to take the two dollars due to iter, when the wo
3nan.remsed to give her any change, pocketing the
ovexp ns. In defense It waealh-ged that the money
*waa not the property of complainant, not this was
mot proven, ana bis honor he d Mrs. Kline for trial
at the Recorder 1 * Conn in bonds of
Revivals,— Rev. Joel Parker) D. D„ of Newark,
New Jersey, will address a Union meeting in the
Third I'refcbyteriftn Church—Rev. Arthur Swozey,
comer of Carpenter and Washington street*—on
{Sunday evening, with the reference to the recent
revival work in Newark, in connection with the
labors of Rev. E. P. Hammond.; A cordial luviia
lion 1b extended to Superintendent a and teachersof
JSahbK'.h Schools and to the Christian public to be
present on the occasion.
Dr. Parkcris expected to preach to morrow morn
ing in the Second Presbyterian Church on Hie same
Rev.R. P. Hammond I? on the way from Boston
end is expected to arrive here la the early part of
the coming week.
Is a Duzdob a Boar on Vrssxn, on Net
rrozn.—Tbe case of Riches vs. Steam Dredge
Anderson came up yesterday in tbe Cir
cuit Court under appeal from a Jnstlct’s
decision in favor of plalntlffi An attach
ment hr.d previously been issued again it the
Dredge under the Statute relative to boats and
In the trial of the case yesterday it was contend
ed by ibe counsel for the deience that tbe Dredge wts
XcUncra boat nor vessel, and consegnently did
Sot come -within the provisioc ui the Statute. Tbe
Jury found for <Jic defendant, but t he prohibit ues
nre that the finding of the jury upon the technical
deficit-on upon which tbe jury grounded their ver
cict will be set aside. Another parallel case has
Teen nshmitted lor trial and will be argued. '
Paetictlab Stwcs op Chicago,—The annati
cession of the Particular Synod of Chicago was
Held in' the Livlnsstoa Reformed Dotcb Churchy
on Wednesday and Thursday lash Rev. Philip
Phelps, of Michigan, wus e'ected President, and
Rev. C. G. Yam Dor Veer, of lows. Assessor.
The Synod transacted much important business,
including the projection of an enlarged scheme of
church extension in tbe West: tbs adoption of a
plan for buildings Missionary Ship on Lake Mich-
Stan, to be used for carrying missionaries, lay and
clerical, to South Africa—the krel to he •ludrrith
appropriate ceremonies on the 2»Uiof Jane; and
the organization of an effort to raise SSS,OW toward
the endowment of a College end Theological Semi
mary in Western Michigan. Delegates were also
appointed to the GeacnJ Srnod ot the Cnnrch,
Which meets on tbe first of June, la Schenectady
New York.
Kzoaosirr Esxctyvons ivt An
pmasmATOES.—The followleg citations were yes
terday issued out of the County Coart against gear
fSalai who have failed to account, viz *
Alvin Salisbury, Mary Updike, Frederick A.
Jeasch. George Abbott el Julia B. Webster,
3*etor Wood, Frederick Backer- - Rhods (formerW
Waite) Osslon, Sarah Watson, Nicholas Helm rtai,
Clanisra Wilson. Mickanl Sch wendt, John S. Kew
booae. Henrr L. Backer. Frederick Weleamg, Jo
seph W. wlllherger, George StMck. Georgians
Wcldi. William J. FcUhon.en, Joseph Wilson,
Wm-I*. Gray. Mary Wayman.
The above list completes the citations made
against guardians who bav« neglected to file their
veariy accounts. The list of delinquent executors
and administrators have )»een prepared by the
Clerk under tbe rale, and nnmbcrs over J,SCP. The
list will be called in regular order, commencing on
Xhe first day of the May term, the ICth Instant, and
dtationa will be ordered Instanter in all cases.
Fariiea having failed to comply with the require
ment* of the law will save tbunselvee trouble and
expense by attending to their duties at once.
Inquests.— Yesterday morning an Inquest was
Idd before Coroner‘Wagner, at Boee'bU] Cemetery,
upon the ‘body of William Sharp, the young man
who was killed at Hobart Station, oa the Pitta*
Imrff and Fort Wayne Bailroad, last Sunday mom*
Inc, as reported in the Trucks, ncceased was
walking alone the roof of a cstue train which was
In motion, when, in stepping from one car to an*
other, be accidentally slipped, and falling on the
trade, was ran over by nine cars, death 01 course
cn sc leg Instantaneously. The jury returned a
verdict of accidental death.
Yesterday afternoon an Inquest was held before
Coroner Wagner upon the body ol dames JlcGraw,
•boy ten years oio, who came to his death by
crowning on Tbur«dav near Erie street bridge, aa
repor V J ® in **»• Tmars* of yesterday. In the
anornmg deeeafed, with font other children, hired
m emaUbost end w*nt out lor a trip on the mer.
1,1 ,hr - on P*n of the boat,
tut Mcurftw sat by himself m the stem, from
wnlch he fOl into the w..er. He roS once
to the BCrtact, when one of hie cumnanlons at**
tempted a rescue but failed, and the \*>Jv was not
recovered mutlJlfc was extinct. Alter huariop’ ?hs
evidence olldu a from lim buy, .ho W cre£ahd£
Urn jnry returned a furdlctut »Wd<mui
death by drowning.
» Poucx Court.— Yesterday was, without excep
tion, one of the dullest days of the season, as re
gard* Police Court matters. There were absolute-.
3y no caaoe of Importance; no robberies or mur
derous assaults; no beery fines, or even bail cases
•—ln fret nothing but slew simple violations of ml
nor ordinances of the legal code. That criminal
index—the docket—was alraont empty, and only
contained the cognomens of ten or twelve indivi
duals, whose appearance was due to their haceba
saltan propensliie*. Crime is capricious. It has its
ebb and flow, and this is one of the times whenlt
recedes almost from notice, as if tocsin strength
for another fearful manifestation of its hideous
presence• a thin docket 1* not always s proof of
the doooase of vice in our midst, or even of negii
ceace on the part of the city’s guardians. ,
A rm/po.—Marv White is essentially a lady of
this description, and true to her Hibernian pro
geniium. she never misses an opportunity of en
tering a imclhetic engagement Finding few out-
Kiderr willing to fight, and that her usnai coelom
of finishing a night's potations by thrashing the
“cblldcr" was growing insipid, the ambitious Maty
Tented her wrath upon her beloved helpmate so
Severely that the henpecked John was required to
ask the protection of the law. Hie Honor, Enquire
McDonnell tdri»«d the fair encoder to alga tbs
pledge, and fined her SIC and costs.
brother Amazon. —Maruaret Truman, a Brldgo
portonisn, considered herself ah e to fight any one
in the vicinity, but deeming officer Codgers a
*• foe man worthy of her steeL" the, on Thursday
night,challenged hiru too sight exemplification
Ol the “noble art” in the Archer Head—said ex
emplification ending most niBA-tronfJyas regards
Marporet. His Honor informed the aspiring re
male that the price for fighting an officer it*, at the
Jowet-t. and cost*, • lie considered t’lls sum
What Is Doing—Liberal Enhserlproas—AlJer-
XBia C.C.P. Holden?* GifU
The glorious news which came over the wires
yesterday will hare a tendency to make oar people
■ (utkueiastic upon tfce subject of eailstmont in the
cue hundred days 1 service. Those who desire to
1 arc a hand In pnttiegdown this rebelaoa, must
embrace the present opportunity. If we may bu
ll«ve the indicaiion» or the hour, the last srest *>at
tlca are being foichi, and the great rebellion la on
it« lattice? Itlsnowor never with our people.
They muMeiubl at once, and in thU soecial ser
ried or the glorious opportunity will bare gone
The Secretary of War calls for the quota of TUI
j oif 0 i f Ohio hue eent her contingent to the Uapldan
1-j -iESlsl Grant in cleaning out the hordes who
hare bo lone held dominion there. Illinois should
have a hand la this glonona work. Chicago ahonld
renre-wmted there. The honor and patriot
ism of this great city arc slaked upon promptly
liliinc np ocr allotment. We hire a just pride in
the "lorfouß old hero now at the head of the cal'
lam' annlea ol the Potomac. He la a son of the
patriotic Sucker State, and onr State pride, if no
thing else, should induce ns to lend him a helping
band. • ,
1 Ijc First Regiment,. that of CoL Hancock, baa
tiesriy reached the minimum. Fire hundred and
ten iianiM are already attached to the mdaler rolls
of the different companies, besides other squads of
which notice has been received, but who hare nut
jet reported. The actual streurth of this regiment
may 1>« called seven hundred rnis moraine. Co>.
Beech's mptneut is nearly filled. 1c may safety
be estimated that it will reach the minimum this
Peter Shinn is getting along gloriously, Peter
Stamp has taken hold of this nailer of raisin? a
regiment, with the game decree of cncrcy that he
takes told of everything else. It is stated that he
has reached the minimum, and ;t is hoped that
sundown will see him filled op, pressed down, and
running over.
Alderman C. C. P. Holden, than whom no more
loyal mr-n exlbta in this community, yesterday
nomine addressed CoL Slump an excellent letter,
in which be paid that gallant odicer a merited com
pliment for the energy be had exhibited in ralslog
the German regiment, and concluded by offering ta
pay ten dollars a month, durimr the entire hundred
cays, to the families of any five recruits he night
designate, whoebould enlist in hlareeiment'today.
This offer Is entirely crcdltaole to Adermah Hol
den's head and heart. He has shown his filth by
hla works. If a hundred men in Chicago will do
ai well to-day, the three regiments will ha alto
gether filled before Rundown. There are a thou
sand men in this dry better able to make this offer
than Alderman Holden.
iim. Hutchison & Co. offer the same bounty to
tbe families of any two men, and R. Clark to tbo
family ol one.' The following additional subscrip
tions of $45 for recruits, as explained yesterday,
have been secured by the Committee appointed for
that purpose on Thursday:
J.W. Steams, $45; Willard Eros. & Co„ sls;
Solomon Siurces & Sons, for three recruits, SIS 3;
Farrington & Scranton,sls; Thoa. L. Parker. SG:
U. C. Hu rand, $45; A. B. Sands & Co., sls; J. EL
Gale & Co„ sts; Colter & C«.. sls; W.P. Knight,
$45: Joslah Lombard, $45; D. C. Blddntou, SIS;
B. W. Eaymond.s4si Mather & Clary. s*3: E Q.
Haddock, $45; Flint £ Thompson, sls; Chicago
Distilling Co., /45; S. 8. Williamson, sts; Lelaod
& Mixer, $45; James Forsyth,! sts; flail. Klm
barfc & Co., $45; W. R. Stone, $»5; Gilbert, Hob
bard & Co, two recml a, $00; A. Bloom, sl3; W.
L. Newberry, $45; J. S. Wills is Bro„ $45; W,
Spalding, $45: Scions Cumins, sls; Winona,
; Nonhrup&Van Vakenberg, $45; J.T. Leatar &
Co„ $45; D.B. Slocum, $46; H. G. Loomis. $45;
Silas Pratt, $45: Second National Bank, $45; Par
well & Co., sls; 'Cndcrwood & Llppencott,
S4S;J.H. Hurlbnn, $45; P. XL Chandler, $45;
■HobVe,Ollphant &■ Co, $45; N. J. Howe, $45;
Wheeler, Wallace & Co., $45: AlbertE.Ne:ly,sis:
Merrill & Scndder, $:5; W. D. HoaghtolHnc, $45;
M. S. Tsrwood, $45: A. G. Swirt, $45; S. U. Me-
Ores, $46; Phillips & Bro., $45; Creighton & Rath
bum. $45; D. Suvrart & Co., $45; M, S. Nichols
& Co., $45; H. W. Bogers, 5 r., & Co., $45; Boyn
ton,‘Websierd: Co., $45; A. P. & D. Kelley, $45;
C. S. Hutchins & Co., $45; Pettitt & Smith, sls:
J. C. Lore, $45; Newago Co.. $43: G. W. Biggins
& Co., $45; McCabe & Hughes. $45; Kimball &
Wolrctt, $45; Bill jam Auchineoa, Jr., $45; W.
P. Ditketcon, $45; G. £ J. Watson, sls;
Gardner & Co.. $45; Ulockley & Handy, sls;
Thomas Parker, $45: Clarke & Co., s>s; Charles
J. Gilbert, sls; JJuribut Bro?. ds Co., sls; Lyman
Blair, $45; Daniel A. Junes, $45; W. V. Wiadlate,
$45; AlonroUicUutund,s4s;Griffin<hQros n stS;
Andrew Brown, $4?: George H. Ward. sls; H. H.
Hayden. $45; Sherman, Hail & Pope. sl3; Favor
ite & Sou, $45; J. C. Mitchell, $45; J. 11. Dole &
ro„ $45; D. W. Baker, $45; Charles
A. Borers, $45: Ball, Burbank £ Co., sl3;
Stiles, Brcwbicr <tCo., sls; Wheeler, Leonard &
Co., $45: Jones, Chapin &Co., $45; F. E. Jones,
$45; Hugh McLennan. $45; A. J. Uoagland, $45;
Jas. Kearsley, $45: Sherman, Cooley .£ Co., sls;
Leonard, Latupens, $45; Thoa. Darback, sls;
Grirwold £ Talcort, $45; Daria, Pops & Co.. $45;
Webster <k Baxter, $45: Pox <fc Howard, sls; C.
J MariU, $45; T. G.McLaury £ Co„ $0; Tobey
& Booth. $45; H. E. Robinson, sls.
The Bllewurth Zocaves have two recruiting sta
tions. one in Conrt Hoase Square and tbs other in
Garrett Block. The roll of this company is nearly
filled, and but a few more good men can be receiv
ed. Don't forget the gallant Zouaves.
The Good Templars have been exerting them
selves to fill the Good Templars’ Company. As &n
Incentive for enlistments, they have raised a sub
scription in the various lodges in the dey for tbe
care of the families of those of thslr members who
cnlivt. The recruiting edice of this company is lo
cated on the coiner of Clark and Randolph streets.
■ The business men have done nobly, as the above
subscription abundantly testifies. Bowen & Bros,
have alfcwed two of their clerks to enlist, and hare
nnretd io keep their situations open for them, and
Continue their salaries during their absence. Far
well, Field & Co. have done tbe same lor tho»o of
their employees who choose to colist. This is an
excellent example, and should commend itself to
othermcrcbonts in Chicago.
Pot'cr Palmer hat agreed to donate hla entire
prrflts to-dav to the mod fbr stimulating enlist
ments. This is a noble offer. The day will be
pleasant, and the Trustees of the load may count
upon a large addition from this source.
Cant. A. C. Lynn, of the University Guards, haa
established bis headquarters In Court Boose
Square, et the cabin lately occupied by the "id
Blisols. Sixty-five names are already attached to
the mntlcnroll. He will be glad to sec bla friends
ary tine to-day, and put them through thotr laces
after the most approved tashlon-
At a meeting of tbc committee appointed by the
Board of Trade to obtain enbacnpiioos to the
bounty fnnd to be paid to volunteers enlisting in
the regiments of lUO day men now organizing In
the city, the members of the committee were as
sirred to the districts as follows:
Julian Rnnisey, Potter Palmer, N. K. Falrbank,
J. W. hL Jones—Lake street.
C. G. Wicker, H. W, Hinsdale—Sonth Wa'crand
River streets to Clark and cross streets to Lake
J.‘. ll Underwood, C. J. Gilbert, G. T. Elliott—
Randolph and cross streets to Lake and Stalest.
Charles Randolph—Clark andLasalle streets to
the river.
Wirt Pexter—Washington street.
N. K, Whitney, S. P. OJderfhaw, D. P. Bixter,
Sonih Water street west of Ciark and Webs sis.
with cot? streets to Lake.
Setnncl Howe, J. J. Richards, north side of the
L Y. Mnnn, among the Warchonss men.
T. M. Avery, S. G. D. Howard, Eli Bates, among
the Lumber Merchants,
J. U. Tucker, H. McChcsney, Murry Kelson, 0.
B. Ccodvuir, at the Board of Trade.
J. K. Pollard. D. W. C. Sanlord, Chris. H, Walk
er, C. B. 3‘ope.Dexter Brown, Commute® at Large.
It la of the utmost importance that tbe commit
tee ixmmcnce upon their duties this morning, and
coctinne without. cessing ontll finished. It is the
cnlr way the reriments.can be filled within the re-
Qnhrd rime. The above sub-committees are re
(ineaied to report the amounts -übscribed with
tbe Mimes of the subscribers at the office of the
the Secretary of the Board of Trade at 5 o'clock
thlt ]i. m. (Saturday ) The Committee at Large
will jjut particular aitenuon to those streets not
Auv pen-on cen eubfcrlbe for the benefit of any
volunteer that bo may choose to vend or name, to
be stated at the lime of tbe snoscriptlon; if not so
sMb-tied. it will be assigned by the Board of Trade
War Committee, and the subscriber notified of the
asiLO of the volunteer.
Au ftclserip'-lons uiustbcpsld to tbe Secretary
of the Board of Trade, at bis office, (Board of Trade
rooi-.t-,) on or before Monday, jlilh Inst.
WLI cot onr citizen?, who are abundantly able
to contribute, do so promptly, and without wait
ing for a call from the Committee f Let every citi
zen, who is able and willing, go at once this mom
i%a to the Secrctaiy of tbe Board of Trade, at his
office, and leave his sobscriptlon fur the good
cants. Tbipwc hope and believe la tbe last call
for vo nniecrs for this wax. and those who have not
contributed heretofore, now have an opportunity
by & small fenb'rcripUun of being represented di
rectly in what now- appears to be the closing
The Call from Ylrgiaift—A Mass Heeling Call*
rc—The Requirement ef the Hour.
The cay for aid for tbo wounded in Virginia, pub
lished in onr columns yesterday Is Imperative; it
needs a vigorous and Immediate response. Let it
he given. Tha fact that twenty thousand of oar
brave soldiers ore lying wounded should need noth
ing beyond the bare statement to insure an ava
lanche of such things as are wanted. The follow
iogadlhasbeenlssuedbyiho Chicago branch of
tbeUnlted StateO'Chniu&n Commission:
In'resnonse to this appeal, and onbuhalfof the
United States Christian Commission, we beg you
to present the wort and wants of the fommibsion
tOTourpeople,attbecariieet opportunity, and so
licit n pea crons contribution. Never before has
the work of Cod been so abundant In our armies.
lYom every field and post cornea the cheering in
telligence that sonls are being converted to God tn
great nambers. Over SOO delegates of tbe Commis
sion have gone fertb in tbe last three months to
labor vAthout yxreforthe temporal and spiritual
benefits of oar brave and noblemen; and now,
when we bare 15.0C0 wounded in tbe receut battle
in Virginia, with the thousands soon to meet tbe
enen<v In Georgia, we beg yon to make every effort
that Christian men can make, to succor and save
While magnificent contributions are being given
by & generous people fur the bodily wants of oar
soldiers, please remember that the Christian Com
mission is the only organization that attempts to
reach the sou/and 2o<ty,both,and that while all will
contribute lor the temporal necessities, the Church
of Christ Is alone responsible for tbe spiritnal.
Please send roar collections to oar Secretary, B.
F. Jacobs, at *l6l South Water street, as early as
* M to the call a mass meeting will he
hr Id at Bryan Ball to-morrow (Sunday) evealns, at
TJ< o'clock; Rev, Starr Nichols, pastor of tbe New
Iceland Congregational Church; Bev. Chaplain
C C. McCabe, for five months a prisoner lathe
Libby at Richmond, and others, will address tha
Let there be a grand turnout, a response such as
loyal men should make to such a call, and io grati
tude for our recent victories. Let the people turn
ontin their might, and not only give their pres
ence, but be prepared to contribute Lbemly. It Is
a debt we owe to our Brethren in arms, to our
country, and to God, •
Wan.—The present is the time of
strikes. Masons bare struck, and carpenters, and
coopers. Printers have often struck for wagss,
Alderman Woodward recently struck from the
shoulder—an officer who illegally attempted to ar
rest him. Vessel owners have struck for higher
freights and threaten to let their vessels rot at
. their docks if tney do not receive them. But tba
biggest strike of all occurred at the office of the
Chicago Union, the German Copperhead sheet, on
Thursday night. Printers as a general thing know
a thing ortwo whether they belong to the “Union”
or t nou They are perfectly fcmU arwith their
rights and their duties, and they insist upon the
one and perform the other.
Since the selection of Fritz Beckers, or as he is
somewhat irreverently called “Beckers Prtizer”
as German City Printer, he has taken to Inhala
tion. It is sold to that extent has be carried this
(ailing, that he has In several instances become in
capacitated for the transaction of ordlaarr bnal
ness. *
On Thursday. John A. Houck, the weß known
brewer, sent to the Union office a barrel of lager,
which those about the office placed la the
lug room. Editors and printers made free use of
the Ploawmt beverage, and enjoyed themselves
hugely. Betters came In while the beer was be
ing discussed, saying that he could do the
drinking frr the whole concern, declared that the
Union was too Important a place to be tnrned into
a Itger beer saloon, end ordered the Bivarian
beverage to be tamed into tbs street.
Here was a com to r the printers. They appoint
cd a committee to watt npon Becker's Frilzer, and
ask him to reconsider his determination, bat the
newlv appointed city printer was Inexorable, and
Insisted npon catting off the supplies. Tbs print
ers struck!—cot stick. The Union Is In a bad way.
No paper was published on Friday morning, and it
is intimated that no paper will be published noth
Becker cotm-s up sqnaroiy to the demands of the
how. It is aleo underrtooa that the German Tr -
meeting, Publishers of English nevTvjiapc-r* seed
pol fearthat their workmen will striae because
-bcCTis not forth ftomln". It is well known tua.
American printers don’t drink lager.
Ecw the I»>TTf was Rccflrr(!--fii?rUy or Jfa-
Sleual Emlilfin.'—A To-hi (Vuimbsluif-r
, Brought u Grief—ihe Editor of tho
Tine* Assaulted—Fireworks
fiwa the Iribu&c Ohicc*
Ycsteidar was a day long to be remembered.
We hare stun this city excited,’ but sever ro that
degree as yesterday. The loyal men of Chicago
w<re utterly beside themsMves with delight. Many
a staid and sober mas, who on any other occasion
would disdain to exhibit extraordinary emotion,
did what under the circumstances might be con
sidered right and proper, bnt which nnfler ether
dicamtt&uccswould bethought silly and foolish.
Many things could be forgiven in the universal joy
which such glorious news was calculated to in
Early lo the morning the bulletins ia the news*
paper offices gave indications that General Grant
bad achieved a glorioot victory. Oar people had
been so often fooled by similar intelligence, that,
at first, they donbtedand he dialed to giro lull
credence to the inspiring news; bat as dispatch
slur dispatch came In, they could no longer doaht,
and then (bey gave themselves over to tne wi.dest
extravagance. Cheers and shouts began to go no
on tte corners of the streets,' 'Wherever a dozen
were gathered. The saloons were visited, and
zrany men who never before indulged in excesses
became as joyena and hilarious as the veriest roy
strrer In tbe city.
Early in tbe morning a few were thrown to
the tweze, hut as the day advanced, from erery
pnblic building, from the newspaper office*, and
from tbe shipping In tho harbor, the g-ori»as stars
and stripes were unfurled, and br & singular coin*
cidcnce, pointed due souta. Tho Times office did
net (era Jong time bang oat Its flag, and there
was talk of sending a committee to insist that they
should honor (he day like their neighbors. About
noon, however, they bang out the nation*! em
blem. It wontd not have been prudent in tbe os
dtement of tbe day to have done otherwise.
For some reason tbe city authorities refused to
display the banting from the cupola of the Coart
House, and this became tbe occasion of Indignant
remark. It was well for tbe Mayer that he was
absent, else he would have heard many things not
at all complimentary to his horse-sense er patriot
ism. The crowd waited impatiently nntil after
dinner, when, seeing no evidences of acquiescence
in the popular w!in. a determined party burrowed
the flag ot I‘cter Shlmp’u regiment and went ap to
tbe Out Bouse steeple, resolved that the na
tional standard, should float In spue of city Cop
perhead officials. While running. it un, the hal
. yards broke, sod Charles L. Heed, of tbe firm of
Knox A Heed, paid a sailor (40 to climb up suicide
of the canola and bring them oown. The brave
fellow did as be was bid, and came down in safety,
bringing the ropes with him.
dost anont this ttiae tbe flagbeloagingto the city
was brought oat from its niamg plate, and then
both hags were ran to the hesd of the mast, that of
Peter at tho top, as it deserved to be.
While this was going on, a scrimmage occurred
on the sidewalk on Randolph street, iu front of the
Sherman Dome, between CoL R. M. Hough and
John 8. Newbonte, the Copperhead Police Com
misaie&er. The latter was loudly protesting that
be did not believe tbe nows.tmd generally decrying
the army and tbe splendid victory it hadachieved.
Colonel Hough spore to him familiarly, and said;
‘•yon talk very 'like a topperhwd and a traitor.”
‘•lt la a d dlle," sald2tewhouse. 'Attaat.Hough
caught Newbonse by the throat and administered
to him a deserved ’hraahinjr. Tao crowd was great
lrexdted,andcriedout, “Hang hlml Bang tbs
copperhead I” Colonel Hough led tbe vallaatpo
llcc Commissioner Into the Sherman House, and,
we are informed, pummelled him soundly nntil he
look back the lie and boned for mercy. He thou
ad vised him if be valued his personal safety to keep
dose to his room for the ba anca of tho day. He
did eo. 8
copperheads sang amaH pll day. Not a Copjjer-
bead member of tbo Common Connell daretf to
show himself lo the street*. Wo arc not apologiz
ing for the oitpoMtion (o violence which manifest*
ed iue'f during the dav.tWe state facts as they are.
It Is important only as showing the temper of this
Wilbur K. Storey was assaulted on the comer of
Chit and Randolph street, and very sllgutly injur
ed by a gentleman who was slightly Intoxicated.
An officer standing by, attempted to arrest him,
but tbo crowd interfered and rescued him from the
policeman's band*. Storey sen t for Superintendent
Turtle, and the two decided to prefer charges
against the delinquent officer. A warrant was also
ItfeUt d fur the arret-t of the offender, bat up to a late
hoar last night It had not been executed.
This attach by an intoxicated man bat no sig
nificance whatever, fcnt the comments of the
community everywhere expressed last sight have
a decp significance. While deprecating, as loyal
men do always, resort to mob violence, they in
sisted that the time had come whea disloyal utter
ances In onr midst should utterly cease, They
raid that therewas no room In this loyal city for
traitors, and that if the editors of the Times could
not refrain from endeavoring to crash, loyal senti
ment In tela city, they should he compelled to join
their friends over the. bolder. ;__
Tbc coi rcrsatkms in street and house were many
of them decided); instructive and suggestive. The
character sod qualifications of General Grant, his
£tne« as a mldtary commando- and bis Chance*
ft* the Prcfiidencr, al) in tnra formed theburdeoof
diecoßtioa. It was astonishing to see tbo amonst
cf acccaintance with military history displayed oa
the street corners. Wellington, Napoleon, Ceasar,
Hannibal, Milteades, Xenophon t*ompey, Antony,
Ptrci acherlbcrcn, toeav nothing of Jackson and
Washington, were all dracced in bbc omparisons
or set off’s to the General of bar O'vnarmles. Grant
and Eu'lcr, fhcxruaß, Burnside. and Hancock were
the men whore names were rcsterdny made famili
ar in the month aa household words. The “Beast
aid the Botcher' 1 were the subjects of numberless
witticisms, always, however, of the complimentary
kind; the others ere uniformly spoken of with re
spect. .
The most noticeable feature of the day was the
almost utter suspension of business and the oae
universal excuse offered for the suspension. Mer
chants did very little, and hot for the fact that a
few operators who had sold short were obliacd to
buy to keep tbdr honor intact, there would have
betnvery little doing on 'Change. The price of
evtrything sellable wus in the balance of uncer
tainly. Brokers, excited by the news, tried to get
rid of stocks before they should be knocked oat of
existence by the announcement of s complete vic
tory, bnt met with no taker-. The panic extended
even to household arrangements. Groceries, ap
pend, coal, everylng, was avoided in the expecta
tion that in a day or two prices would decline.
Shopping excursions were postponed, and not a
frw tthool boys became so ranch absorbed in read
ing or talking over the news as to be too late for
Io tbe Fvcu:rg, a grand disp’ay of fireworks was
giv* d at the Tkzbuke office in honor of the sncccss
of our armies. The Light Guard Band discoursed
exrelkst music and for more than hoar, tbe whole
central portion of the city was ablaze with rockets
end Homan candies. It was an excellent display
and a large number of oar citizens were In atteaa
SoLPirns* Home.—The regular weekly meeting
of li e Board of Managers of the Soldier?’ Home
was held yesterday afternoon at the Best—the
President, T, B, Bryan, In the chair.
The minutes ot the last meeting were read and
Tbe Comlnitlee on the Rest reported having en
tertained 2,071 men, and furnished 2,00 meals.
One thousand men were entertained atone toe,
and entertained weQ. This was more tksa hid
ever sat down at one time before.
The Committee for the Home reported that the
Bone bad been credited during the week with dae
discretion. Mrs. J. S. Fuller, on motion, received
a vote of thanks from the Board fur her attendance
lom.d efficiency at the home daring the past
The Committee on farnifhin* the new Borne had
been laboring bat had no special report to make,
A donation of SIST.QI was received from tbe em
ployees ofihe Chicago Rolling Mill for tbe benefit
oi ibe Home. Cue jar of pickles and eight rolls of
ji-lh from Mrs. Sinner, of Lmont, John B.Lyan,
of ’Chicago, contributed si 3. The meeting of
Dml as st the Sherman Bouse, on Saturday even
ing last, donated $13.0U which bad been collected
to pay lor the use of the room and refuted by tbe
- proprietors. Sales by the Committee amounting
to friufiO were reported and the money paid in.
Katie Johnson, Malic Johnson, Mary R. Dnter and
Jennie L. Cboolbank. tbe proceeds of a little fair,
ST.eS. Alexander Enntingien, of Chicago, $5.
Charles U. Kellogg, $2. Proclamation, sl. Tnt
hiil King, SIOO to be sppronristad specially to tbe
immediate wants of tbe soldiers, not to be expend
ed cn the permanent building; it was understood
that it should be applied to the. purchase of iron
Vedftads. A large donation of provisions from
De Kalb was reported. Batter horn Wlnetka. A
lad; sl. Mr. Walker reported forty bn&bels Of po
tatoes. W.D. Uarris s&io lor tarnishing the new
Home; rales of proclamation by Mrs. Bristol, $3;
proceeds of sties by Mrs. Blakfc, $13.41.
The Assistant Superintendent reported that sev
enty-five prescriptions had been given to twen
ty-three men, during tbeVeek, and that there
were five wounded men in the Borne.
The committee for tbe Rest for the coming week
was appointed, consisting of Mrs. Willard, Mrs.
Bristol, Mrs. Brackett, and Miss Fanny Smith.
Scvcrol bills were reported and referred to the
Auditing Committee.
The report of tbe Superintendent for the week
was presented se follows; Arrivals doting the week
JB2, departures 158, remaining 24. Lodging* and
meals furnished as follows;
States, 1
Kew York,...
Lodgings.- Meals.
...... 68 , 296
0 90
1 6
Total .....172 C 39
Mie* Melissa Dickinson was admitted as a mem
ber cf this Board.
Thu Committee on the Langley Bonse reported
that the work was beicg done, hat that it would
jirabably not be possible to move till tbe week
after next, or tbe end of next week, at soonest.
a motion that tbe removal be effected on the
Slth of ibe present month, was sot carried, and
the matter was referred to the discretion of the
Committee on the new Borne.
Mn>. Fuller reported that there were fire tick
eoldu re at tbe Home, and that sercral others were
scarcely convalescent.
It was decided that the first annual meeting'
shall be held on Friday, June 17th, that being tha
anniversary of the date of the organization of the
On motion of Mrs. Bnrnkam, a committee was
appointed to arrange the proceedings, consisting
ol Mrs. Cushing. Mrs, Sayers, Mrs. Follansbee,
Mrs. Bonner. Mrs. GamiU and Mrs. Foster.
The Committee appointed to n»w arrangements
for a banner reported progress, having, collected
some .Ittlc money for material Committee can
tiuntd, snd Miss Bamill was empowered a
burling flag. .
The Board then adjourned.
We would call the attention of our lady friends
to the amount of work required to be done at the
Beet in providing for regiments. The burden falls
almost exclusively on a very few ladles, who, be
cause they work cheerfully and uncomplainingly
ere worthy of more praise, nut do not the less need
relief. There are many ladles whose names stand
on the Board of Directors who do not give assist
ance. It is probable, and will be right th« tba
names of all such should be expunged at the annu
al meeting. Those ladles who wish to continue
their connection bad better step forward. And
here we would remark that assistance from ladies
not members will be gladly received.
Dbittko Park Association.— The programme of
the Chicago Driving Park Association for the en
suing season promises to the lovers of the turf to
be most Interesting and successful. The well
known intwrltj and »oH-Joclej procUnllas of
the gentlemen wbo are identified with and have
the management of the affairs of the Association,
have given the public the most entire confidence In
the “ squareness” and ftlrnets of all their doings.
The season open* to-day with a grand trotgsg
match for S3O, for which there are the following
entrees: Andrew Jackson, entered by G. W. Les:
Lady Fox, entered by James Pox; Boston, entered
by Charles M. dark; Lady Beckett, entered by J.
D. Beckett; Bay George, entered by A, S. Llndsler.
Tbe prize being for Horses who have never before
trotted for money, there seems to be a prospect of
“ Old Hickory” being ruled out.
The most important events will come off from
the Ist to the loth of July, when eleven prizes will
be contested for, representing some $15,001, In ad
dition to a hotel keepers 1 plate, valued at SI,OOO.
Nrkdxd Impeovrnknts.—Laaalle street, between
Msdison and Van Boren street, la very nearly filled
toersde. This will be welcome intelligence to Our
citizens. That thoroughfare has long been an eye
sore to those or the community resident in the
nriphtorhood, and any signs of improvement will
be gladly welcomed. Substantial .stone curbing Is
Tns fOrxnA—"‘Dicorah” was produced in ad
mirable etyh> last evening. hat 'ths house was not
as large as it should have been. The overture
which Is in’the nature of a symphony, was played
oxctllcxdiy.sMl the sacred chorus ’in ifco middle
movements wc.a well d.jne. and adJc-J much 10 tUu
cfiW-t. Asth-'a-tnotesof the thorns died away
G<Wdt i rpj-nruL and i<:tt wlt'uibuortj welcome.
5«.r verv firet aria, iLc ild:c’t<* £i carina, was ren
dered Yury sweetly, and received erjUiu»ußtic ap
plause. Tbo following scene by Tamaro was well
ci ne, but war scriouri.r-mArrea by tbedrrsenstra
tlve prompter, voice could be hvard above
all p1««, grating upon the car. Ttmuo’s ac
tion wsi got«i throughout the opera. It was
ccriuinly the best thing he has done.
Hereof U alllicugh cast te a very ungrateful part,
made something of It, and did the two arias at the
comma:cement of the second act in admirable
style. Cerdlrr Immediately followed with the
Shadow aria, which sLo tang very sweetly and with
exquisite archness and ease.' Ban-lag the fact
that the shadow was half the time invisible to the
nuked eye. It was very naccera'al, and pained for
her. an encore. The trio in the finals of tills act
waa very effective.
, The ttilrd act was opened by Tomes In the w-dl
known hunting song, itfot tileto. lie tan? it with
a joPlty and wild freedom which gaiuod him a
hearty encore. Tamaro, in the reapers* song, was
nolle encfo*tftil. and sang with “unusual spirit and
dufh. The sweet little duo between the goatherds,
Mortnel and Ficber, also cano In fora share of tbs
applause, and Amodio ended the glorious com
mcuctmcot with a superb rendering of the wl ««*.'-
uiccta C£ici Ills “Iloel* 1 wa< a very artistic par
lormaccc throughout, and displayed great care.
' The grand f.riale, introducing the bcau»llnl«acred
chorue Santa Marla, and tho Shadow aria was very
eCcctlve, Cordier especially displaying unusual
power, as well os beauty of execution.
To-night, Fans I, which wilt make another sen
sation, and on Monday night tie Jloguenola, lor
the fir t time in this city.
Dkyak Hail.—Duprez A Green'" mlnstreltroupo
wiH open at Bryan liaU on next Wednesdsy even
iLg for a biici season of four nights. Tbia. Is one
.oitbebeaitront-osin the country, and ws antici
pate for it abundant success. •
ilußECii.—The popular Tickct-of-Leave Man* will
N' produced ibis af'i-nioon and
aflenicoh for the more particular gratification of
the juveniles, accompanied ty their mothers.
Fnau Hall is idled nightlr with admirers of
the *• Pi.lwpticctcorama of. m* War,” .which U be
ing exhibited there. Tho panoramic news are
very flic, having been carefhlly’execoted, while
thodioramiceUects are saca as to challenge (ha
admiration of old and young. Tbrre will be an af-'
rernoon performance to-day. and tha evening per
formance w.il clase thescsson.
Acacext or Music. - Kelly bad a hamper benefit
last evening- The programme for tbo past week,
which fcca been a very popular one, will hr with
drawn for other novelties alter this evening. ■ -
VAiutms.—MTls Augusta, the accoaipllshod,
dam-ruse, has been rc-eru:as c d for one week omy
at the Variety Theater. The bare announcemout
6 f the feet filled that lnstltx;tloii to overiloiving last
niubt. Tbo list of stars now performing there Is a
full one, and tbo appetiie /or amusement cannot
but b« sated with snch a ponderous hill of fan.
Sad Death.—Yesterday afternoon an old wo*
msi narsed Mary ELmke came to her death under
peculiarly sad circumstance*. She was a satire of
Germany, and hud only a few boors before arrived
in Chicago with a party of emigrants from Ham
burg, when, as she was crossing Washington
ptro.l, between State street and Wabash avenue,
in company with her son-ic-law, the old lady *ug
sered and (ell to the earth. She was Immeilaiely
conveyed to a neighboring house, and medical aid
summoned, but it was too late. Deceased bad
*ntk below the power cf earthly assistance, and
when the medical man a:rived he pronounced bar
quite dead. An inquest was immediately held by
wcronerWagner, when, iu accordance wl’h tea’J
mony adduced, the jury returned as their verdict
that deceased had died Irom apoplexy.
Itnamnsn teb Cause.—The total profits ofto
day a> P. Palmer's great retail dry goods . sales
rooms are ?obo devoted to the esnse of filling the
One linndteu l*»y cull. Luvly -hoppers, bear xt In
. mind and choose to-day fur your stopping.
Liberal Offer .—Any person who is suffering
from scrofula or king’s evil, rheumatism, eruptions
or pustules on the face, cancer,. dyspeps'a, liver
complaint, or from any disease arising from an im
pure slate of the blood, who Is unable to procure
medical treatment, and can furnish reliable proof
ot good character, will be supplied, free of charge,
with Hr. Weaver’s compound extract ot Flreweed
or LI amor and Liver Syrup, by calling on the agent,
H. Scovil. 7G Randolph street. Thu medicine Is
warranted to cure the moil stubborn scrofulous
Union League meeting,—The Eleventh
end Twelfth Wards will hold a grand mass meet
ing at Aurora Hall, on Milwaukee Avenue, this
(Saturday) evening. All tbe members are especially
invited tone' present. Able spelters have been In
vited, and a good time is anticipated. Let ns cheer
on our noble end .victorious army now marching
onto Richmond.. • ■
“Clark Street M. S. Cliurcb,—Rev. H.
.Whipple will preach in tbe M. E. Church at'lo,V
a. a.
Tbe services this evening will be suspended ok
account of the services of the Christisn Commis
sion at Bryan QaU.
Scandinavian War Meeting,— Thera
wlllWa Scanfiiiavlan War Meeting held at B>e
decker's Hall, on Qnbbard street, Saturday even
ing, at 8 o’clock.
Ladle*, Flca*c Take Notice.—The sewing
rooms of the Sanitary Commission 1 will be open
this msrulrg at No, CG Madison, strest. The ladle*
are respectfully Invited to attend.
. Trinity M. E, Clinrch,—Kav. 0. McCabe
will preach tu the Trinity M. E. Church at 10>> a.
m., and tbe Rev. H. L. Stewart In the evening, at
half past seven.
Carriage Makers.—The journeymen car.
rlsge makers will held a meeting la Lind’s Hall.,
corner of Randolph and Market street on Tuesday
evening. #
War Maws.—War Maps of seat of war In Vir
ginia lor talc by McNaixt & C*.,
*’ wl Dearborn street.
Spiritualism.—Miss C. 'Augusta Fitch, a
trance speaker, wIH lecture at Witkowsky Hal], on
Sm dry.the ISthmst., at 10# a.m., andT# p. m.
Scais free.
Hoarseness and Sore Throat/Thls pals*
fa] result of “ Catching Cold,’ or unaiaa! exertion
of the Tocal organs, may at any time be removed
by allowing one or two ol “Brown’s Bronchial
Tvochea,” or Conch Lozenges, to dissolve rio vly
in the month. Sincere and pnbllc sneakers will
find them of peculiar advantage. Military officers
and soldiers should bare them, as tney esa be car
ried in the pocket aad taken as occasion requires.
tST“ The following Is from the Chicago Museum
cfHi Segiiter of December 24th, iStfj, ciincernlng
Dr. Junes, formerly of James' ilospnal. Cu.tom
hocto street, New Orleans, La., established in
1800, and now permanently located at £U Randolph
striti, between State and Dearborn streets, Col
capo, Hi.;
•• Soars of toe Result or toe War.—The p re
cent war has been the cause of many wonderful
“changes, and has developed new and startling
“ theories, as well as the abilities and capabilities
“of men who were befero unknown. Those who
“ were poor before have saddenlv lonnd themselves
“rich, and many who were affluent have been re*
“ dcced to poverty. Some who were prospering
“in bonifies-? la the ‘Sonny Sonlh,*hare been
“ ct mpeßed. by the fortunes of war,to change their
“ rcs-iaence and their, bosiness location. Among
“tins latter dare maybe mentioned a man well
“known in the Sooth in connection with the
“science of Materia Medlca, and who condactcd
“and superintended one of the largest hospitals in
“the country, for dUeares coming tinder his ape
“clality. This gentleman. Is Dr. James;'and nit
“hospital was :n one locality, in New Orleans, for
“fhlneen years. The writer knows the Doctor
‘•well, having been a resident of New Orleans at
“ihc same time, and knows, also, his professional
“success and standing. Knowing him, then, moot
■‘iavurably as a physician and a gentleman there,
“the writer takes pleasure In recommending him
“here (In Chicago) where he has taken up his resi
dence for the future.”
Dr. James, specialist in the treatment of old
chronic mercurials, scrofulous and bloea and skin
diseases of a contagions venereal character—cores
them without mercury, iodide potassil, arsenic, or
any poison. Lot a neutralizer, —& positive cure. Or
ganic weakness, such as nocturnal and dlnraal
emifrions, brought on by excess, abase of tho
sjrUm, or entailed hereditarily,producing nervons
aesr, mutability. ringing in the care, etc., with all
Us d« oiorable train of symptoms treated! aid fall
viucr VeUored, by an infallible method, saving
mncli time and expense.
Di; case?peculiar to the sexes, oi a private na
ture. such as gonnorrhei, gleet, strfetars, ettu,
speedily cured.
Dr. James is now permanently located at
dolph street, Chicago, 111.
Dr. James has been practicing in the above spec
iality in New Orleans fifteen years—thirteen years
conducting one of the largest hospitals in the Uaitpd
States in this speciality—and for the last three
years in this city (Chicago.)
Dr. James’ testimonlalr are from setae of tho
highest medical authorities in the United States,
and lion almost the entire press of the Soath,
which should be sufficient evidence to gala tho con
fidence of tboeo requiring suck services as he ren
ders. Many of these testimonials have from time
to time appeared In this paper. The afflicted,
therefore, should applvw.thaa little delay as pos
sible, for it should be remembered that deisys ire
dangerous. Office and parlors, 80 Randolph atrset,
np-etaiia. where be can ne consulted confidentially
Rom 9 a. ta. till 8 p; m., except Snndaya, when ne
may he fonnd in the forenoon, myli-g3S-lt
A Now Perl tune for tho Handkerchief.
Phalon’s “Night Blooming Cerena.”
Pbalon’fl u Night Blooming Cere os."
Pbalon’s 41 Night Blooming Cere os.”
Phaian’e 44 Night Blooming Cereos. 44
Phalsa’s 44 Night Blooming Cerens. 44
Phalon’e 44 Night Blooming Cerens.
Phaion’i 44 Night Blooming Cerens. 44
A most exquisite, delicate ant fragrant Perfume,
distilled from theme and beautiful flower from
which it takes Its name. Manufactured only by
PHALON <fc SON, New York.
Beware of Counterfeits.
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Sold by Druggists generally. ap2S-d5lI-liaßo
Thirty Year** Experience of an Old
Meb. Wikflow’s £oothino Stbup It the prescrip
tion ot one of the best Female Physicians and
Nnrsea In the United States, and has been used for
thirty years with never fallim: safety and success
by millions of mothers and children, from the fee*
hie Infant of one week old to the adult. It cor*
recta acidity of the stomach, relievos wind colic,
regulates the bowels, and rives rest, health ana
comfort to mother and chili. We believe it the
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any other cause. Full directions forming will ac
company each bottle. None Genuine unless the
Cac-Bimile of CURTIS d 5 PERKINS, is on the out
side wrapper. Sold by all Medicine Dealers.
S5 cents a bottle. Office, 43 Dey street, New York,
and High Holborn, London.
Cornu, Bunions, etc.— Dr. Bend&ll baa op*
rated on my foot most satisfactorily.
Jko. M. Tuiutkb.
Dr. Kendall has cored a painful Bunion for ms,
and I feei much relief.
t, _ . „ John H. Foster, M. D.
Dr.Ecnaall’a office. Prescott House, South Claris
street. He will return to Europe in a few days.
, mayis-fB-2t
BUomlneion Nnracir.—lo,ooo Osage
Hedge, prime, at SIO.OO per thousand. Sweet Po
tftoesl2.so per thousand. Firo thousand, $15.00.
Alao reach, Pina, Grape, Itoaes, Ac., Ac. Sond
etamp for catalogue, Aodreas your orders to F. !£.
Pecenix, Bloonungton, 111. myS-eOCS-d&w lw
Douse and Sign Painting. Oaldmlng,
Glaring and Graining. Paper llangtnga and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail at New
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Box 68C3. ayi<ellß>lnt
Gax Flxturea,—a large apsortnent embrfto-
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Fitting promptly attended to. J. Wworath, Jr
A Co., 84Bandolph street. ap22-dloo-lm
IMaeaaea oftheNerroas, Seminal, Url*
nnry Bind Sexual Syslema.—New and relia
ble treatment—ln reports of the Howard Associa
tion. Sent by in sealed letter envelope* tree
.TEE ffiß IiV;CE9K(JIA.
Hfglily Interesting 'from Cen. Sber*
< R*ciS3fAxr, May 13.—Jtbnaiou erar,rated Dal
ton lest night. Our forces now occupy ths place.
Nabhtiliß, Tcnn., May 13.—I.yesterday- con
versed with a Cip'-aiu v,-L-> laffc Chattanooga at 4
o'clock in the afternoon |on Wednesday. About
four hundred of onr wonxUed la tha lato nkirmish
bad arrived np to coon op that day. Inara ware
abonfeght hundred Uijsd’ and .wounded. - The’
rebels Lave been driven sowly bach, With a loss
greater-than cure. Via have captured some
I wt* unable to obialt *ny fr.rfbcr particulars.
.The fight was In tho vicinity of Dalton, at Rocky
Ridge. • 1
(Special Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.}
, lauADQUABTEas Gek. PauißK’a 4ru A. C., I
May 6, liW,—s o'clock a. nu J
It will not to contraband to tell your reader*
whet the rebels will bsve learned long before this
can appear in print, that Gen, Sherman's grand
army it moving on tbs .enemy's works, and it
scans to me that wo have a broom strong and stllT
enough to bweep’every tllng before ns. Tae read
ing community Is pretty well supplied with war
maps and can bring to’ plnd the bearings of Dal
ton. Georgia, about thl/ty miles south, in aa esst
eriy direction from Clmitanoog*. Wo are going to
capture Daltou.es;• the first step towards tho occu
pation ot Atlanta, eop.e eight ml’es fhrther to
watd the heart of Geccgla: ,
The mountain tha extrema barrier
of onr right. This neighboring country is the di
viding line of the watersheds that rajpecllraly
feed the tributaries of the Ohio Elvor on tho north
’ and the Cpo-a and Alabama on the south. AU the
frequent small stream* are.fed by springs. The
reads ere narrow vcheel-twcLa and horso-patbs,
forking In every direction among the pine aoder
gm«th.' U warm and dry. Thus
much of topographical and meteorogical prelimi
nary- . ;
- llßj. Gtm. Logar? with ,the gallant 15th army,
corps, baa the' extreme rivhr, to bo strengthened by
yet othjr arrivals from Northern Alabama. - M*j.
Gem Hcokcr. with the 23th army corps as right of
center, has hie headquarters io-oay at Qordoa’a
Mlllr. Dis diyielop commanders are—lst division,
Gen. division, Gen. Gexry; 3d divi
sion, Gen. Bmurfield. Bonrecsu's division was
left "behind lo guard the railroad. Hooker is the
idol of bia soldiers,' who will follow him
anywhere. Gen. Butterfield, with the 3d
Division will add to fala laurels well earned on
tbe .-Hooker's whole command are to
move at daybreak io-aiorrow, Sstardsy 7ih." tvith
out wheels, aud with three days' cooked rations.
The troops are in. the highest. spirits. General
Hooker will move through Kbkojaric Gao, an In
sicniflcant cut in on* of these timber covered
ridges. Tbo order to move takes ns rather sad
den]*, hut tbe soldiers like it tor It looks like busl
se*B.' Tbe center column of tbe line is tho lith
Army Corns, led by your brave Dlinols <3sa
cral John M. Palmer, at whose bejdqa.irtcra near
Ringgold, I am writing. Major General ml,
with the -Jib Armyvorns, aud Major Osnen'l SJm
fit-'d is on thelclt of Howard. .
We are to move carefully andonly short distan
ce!*, for Hare work is to be made. The transporta
tion has been severely cat down. There U
now only one wagon to a regiment, every availa
ble wayon being used for ordaance and supplies.
Kilpatrick’s cavairv force Is co-opcrttlag with
Gen. Palmer In the centre. This Is the hurriedly
sketched situation at the present writing. TUe
people nicy conildently look for handsome and
speedy return on this army investment in Georgia.
Latest from TTcsteru Loulslntia,
[SpecialDispatch to'the Chicago Tribune.!
• Caiuo, Miy *3.
.By tbe steamer Darling wo hare Memphis dates
of the lltli. The news is not of. an interesting
By tbe stfcmcr-Maria Denning we hare advices
and papers from New Orleans of theOtb—one day
latei—and dates from tbe mouth of the Red River
to the Cth.
The Federal forces had a fight on the 3d at a
point near Baton Rouge, In which Col. Boirdman,
of tbe 4th Wisconsin was killed. There arc no
particular*. -
The steamer Polar Star bad arrived at Now Or
leans, and reported seeing part of tho wreck of the
steamer Emma. <5 miles below Alexandria, on
Sunday last. Tbe Emms hod on board when lost
a nmnber of contrabands, and soma colored troops,
.inaUabonlthirly-Blxmcnand officers. The Polar
Star snw /onror five dead bodies on tho banks of
the river, near the tpot where the Emma was lost.
The steamer Shcrvllle bad been fired upon hslow
Bayou Sara. . ‘ -
' . The Confederates are reported to be quite active
all along tbe Red River.
[Specialßispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Mouth or ths Red Rtysn, May B,' )
if 1 : tio Cairo, May l3,lEst.f
passengers from-Alexandria to - Wednesday
morniap, report no mere fighting beyond small
Tbe steamer Warner was fired Into, abandoned
and burnttc' the rebels at Snaggy’s Point, seventy
five miles below Alexandria. She had on board
part of the Mth Ohio, 47th Pennsylvania, and part
of the GthHissoori cavalry, who were all,captured.
The steamer City Bello was also lost near the
same point, having on board the ItGth Ohio regi
ment, who were aisoesptured. The ram has not
bees abandoned. It is the two falls on
the Red River, the' lower shoals having'.water
enough to float the "gunboats. There Is a great
set re Orleans. The rebels are on both
■ldes of the river, c
Nkw Tobk, May 13.—i. New Orleans letter #f
tbe 7th, In tho Espreps gives a . report that Gan.
Banks Is retreating by the Isudroute toßrashaer
dry, it being impossible to do so by the Red River,
as tbe steamer City Belle, on her trip np the other
da;, with a regiment of troops* to reinforce him,
was captured, with all on board, and tbe boat
burned. Two other boats had been captured and
Cairo, Mayl3.—A report came on the steamer
Maria Derring, which has arrived from New Or
leans, that the Red River is blockaded by the
rebels below Alexandria, and that two more of
oar gunboats— names not learned- had fallen into
the enemy’s hands. The report needs confirmation.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Natchez, May 8. via Cairo, May 13,1804.
. The rebels, or guerillas, under dipt. Lee, which
lately wrought sneb murder and destruction in the
Tlclr.ity of Young’s Point, and more recently raid
ed and robbed Government plantations at Davis’
Bend and Waterproof, made their appearance three
miles below Vldalla and ran off horses and stales.
Col. Farrar, with a part of the 4th lowa cavalry
and Cth Mississippi, started in pursuit, overtaking
and routing them this side of the Black River. In
• the tklrmieb the colored troops fought desperately,
eomo of them crying “ Remember Fort Pillow.”
Kigbt rebels were killed. Onr loss was trilling
JTo prisoners uere brought In. -
The mules and negroes were mostly all recover
ed. Working on abandoned plantations will be a
failure, the government affords the protec
tion it promised. More than half of them are
again abandoned after vaat-eums bare been Invest
ed in tbeir working, and lessees are talking of an
appeal for Indemnification. The negroes are run
ning in droves to Vicksburg and Natchez, where
alone they feel safe. Something will have to be
done for them.
Considerable excitement was occasioned yester
day on the receipt of an order from Goo. Slocum
that all persons passing in or out of the lines most
take the oath. The consequence was'that about
three hundred took the oath, and were allowed to
take out their goods. An equal number were os-.
eorted out' Without them. This Is a very salatary
order, and the only wonder Is that it was not adop
ted from the first.
New Yoek, May 13.—The report of a fight at
Case River, April I’Sd is confirmed by correspond*
ante in New Orleans. The rebel position was
taken by assault, by Gen Blrge, at the point uf
the bayonet, and eighty or one hundred of the reb
•eis coptnred.
Among the first tilled was CoL Fessenden, lead
ing his nrigade. The rebels were pursued and
again rented. Tbeir loss was heavy. Onr loss
was one hundred and seventy-five in killed and
Gen. Franklin, who was wounded In the Ie» In
the battle at Mansfield, bad arrived at New Or
Gen Fitz Uenty Warren had arrived from Texas.
Gea. Hamer had also arrived.
Tic steamer Emma, before reported captured
and turneu is Red River by rebels, had a guard of
colored troops and ten white officers aboard, and a
crew of 36 men. Nothing la learned of their fete.
Geu. irtcClernand armed at Alexandria on the
fifth. The army occupies a strong position and is
able to resist lour times their number.
All the transports are below the falls, and sate,
at Alexandria. The Eastport waa blown up on
the wh.
The enemy made bis appearance on the 28th on
the Shreveport road, and drove in the advanced
cavalry. Gen. McClernand met them with his
command, when they withdrew without a tight.
Tho armies arc, however. In close proximity, and
picket firing was going on constantly. A batt-o
was boarly expected, and oar men were anxious
for the conflict.
Gen. Banks was hit with apiece of shell lathe
battle of Monstt's Bluff. On the 23d he was Im
Gem Magruder Is said to he on his way from
Tcies to Western Louisiana, to join Kirby Smith’s
United States Christian Commission.
To the Churches and Ministers In the Northwest:
The President of the United States has Issued
the following proclamation:
Executive Mansion. i
r Washington, May 9, ISW. j
To.the Friends of Union and Liberty:
Enough is known of army operations within the
last five days, to claim onr special gratltais to
God: while what remains undone uenundi onr
most Jucere prayer to, and rdlance nj-en Him,
witbont whom all human effort is vain. I reco n
mend that all patriots at their homes. In their
places of public worship, and wherever they may
be, unite In common prayer and thanksgiving to
Almighty God. . -
(Signed) AmunxM Lincoln.
We have this morning received; from the Chair
man of tlu> United States Christian Commission
the following:
By Telegraph.) PmLADELnni, May IS, 1831.
To John V. Forwell, Chicago:
The Christian Commission baa one hundred end
thirtv-nlne delegate* on the bloody field in Vir
ginia* with teams and snppllf a. More men will he
sent from day to day as fort as they can be got
through. A great amount of money will be need
ed for battle-field stores; what is given will be
nsec at once to savetho Uvea of men who hare
bravely fonght and fallen to gave the nation. The
emcroency is greater than ever before. We have
15.CC0 wounded at Frederlckeborg, besides all that
are left en gresi battle-fields.
All die money that can be got Is needed. Can
you not stir year people op to meet the emergency?
Pitt eburg has raised nearly thirty thousand collars
this w«ek. GEO. H. STDART,
Chairman U. 9.0. C.
In response to this appeal, and on behalf of the
United states Christian Commission, ws beg yon
to present the work and wants of tbs Commission
to your people at the earliest opportunity, and so
licit a generous contribution. Never before has
the work of Ged been so abundant In onr armies.
From every field and po.t comes the cheering in
telligence that souls are being converted to Qjd in
great number*. Over 600 delegates of the Com
mission have pone forth in the last three months
to labor wliboot pay for the temporal and spiritual
rnethv in Geomia, wo Bcsr yon ta make eiftfef*
f it that Christian men can make to .succor and
save them. .
While magnificent contributions are being given
by a generous people fur the bodily wants of oar
soldiers, pleas* remember that this Christian Com
mission is the only organization that attempts to
reach the stagaud loay both, and that while all
wul contribute lor the temporal necessities; tho
Cfcmch ot Christ is atone for the spir
Please seed your collections to our Secretary, at
ICI South Water street, as early.as possible.
"Very truly, for the Commisrion,
J. V. Finwjttt, Chairman.
B. F. Jaouss, Secretary.
Rev. Ti. pA.rrjmsoß,
D, L. Moody, •
S. P. Faeribotoh,
. B. W. Katuosp;
tet the Friends ec tlio Union Rally
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago TYlbaao.]
SrsiaancuD, 111,, May 13.
Already alarge number of recruits are in comp,
and it Is of the utmost importance that theftnota of
one hundred oay*a men be filled immediately.
Let the friends of Liberty and Onion rally to the
standard of their country,
CiKCEQtATi, Hay 13.—There is great activity at
Camp Denniton, In preparing thoKatlrmal Guard
for the field. The Odd. limb, 145 th, IGld and r> tin
ri’stlmefits left yesterday for the. East, and two
other rrgime&te will probably, leave to-day These
troops uro thorough]* armedund equipped.
WkatnxGTOX, May 13,153 L*
Hr. WASHEIJRXE, ot 111., stated the snhstanee
of a dlppaub rocuvctt from Mr. Dana, Assistant
Sccrttrrj of War, dated at Gnnt'e headqnartera,
yceterduy ificrmng. ’
- It.was the wunc"as sent to Oen Dix bv Sccretniy
Stanton, and was received with cheers on theUoioa
Eide‘of the House.
The SPEAKER caused to he read Gen. In?aU*a
diepctrii to Senator Nesmith, which wa* a.so rtv
cmed with great aaplanre.
TbehiU to pcnleli the counterfeiting of coin In
theDnited State*.
admuruto-dAy,overtoftloodav. • - •*
- The Committee on Elections reported In favor of
awuxdlng tho aeat tor the Second District ot Ken
tnckv loilr. Yeamau. Laid over..
Mr. PENDLETON, of Ohio, reported a bill for
tLe relief of mercantile mniusl inanrance compa
nies authorized by toe Secretary of rhe Tratsury
to cive notes to replace those lost by shipwreck,-
tbexompanyio give bonds to Insure tbo Govern
mmt again*, loss.
Merer*. Uager of Pa., and W.tvhhame of 111.,
oppdsed tbe bill on the ground that It would open
tha door to abtJ“cs.
Mr. WABIIbORNE said we should dovotn all
our means to patting down tbs rebellion, and re
marked that the gentleman from Ohio (Pendleton)
asd his friends could hear the thunders from Spot
sylvania, aUbouah bo axid they may not cheer when
they hear the glorious news.
Sir. WASUBURNE moved to lay the hill on the
Hr. PENDLETON tboncht It unfair for ths gen
tleman to cot oil debate after be bad been allowed
on opportunity to make bis demagogoseal remarks.
Mr. COX charged tho gentleman from Illinois
(Mr. Waehhnrne) with Insulting his (Mr. * ’ox's)
side of tbe house,- and he wanted to make an ap
Mr. Cox was loudly called to order by tho Re
pubUciu?. who In tnrn were called to order by tbe
opnutitioc, axid icitvh Lcnfualon prevailed. .
The Bouse refused to iiy.thobillonlhe-table,
and Mr. Pendleton proceeded to defend tho moss-,
uro, nrgina Its loftfrc.
After debate Uouss refu-- d io table ths Mils
subaequendy pasted it by a Toot G Go.
The remainder of the session was occupied In the
consldtraticn of tbe private calcniar.
Adjourned till Monday, ' * ’
Gen, Butler’s Operation*—Hl* forces In
a Stroug .Position,
[Correspondence of the Evening Post.]
Bermuda Huncsedb, Va., Ms J 8. IS^L
Gen. Butler and his whole command, consisting
mainly of theldth and 18ih army corp*, wan Liens.
Smith. Gilmore, Brooks, and ever so many others,
ielt Fortress Monroe Tborrdiy morning, the *'ih,
for eomepofnt then unknown to us. np the James
River; That point jjroved to be tne place from
.which this Idler is dated—Bermuda Hundreds be
ing the queer name given by the Virginia fathers to
the point of laud formed by the Junction of tue
Jamrsand Appomattox river*, and lying between
then-two lamone streams. The command with its
fnmr ure being already on a fleet of steamers,
(a Luge fleet it was, too.) and at tended by a good l y
number of ennboale and Iron-dido,' eteiaiea off la
magnificent style, and glided on its Journey with
a degree of smoothness and before Friday evening
ad tne troops, ai d nearly ail the furniture, wore
landed at this place, and a strong position occu
pied in force, uz good miles in advance of the
larding place, ami onlv three miles thltriideuf itio
roilnad connecting Richmond and Petersburg.
Before goirg further, perhaps, I ought to state
tbit Bermuda hundreds is, in a right line, about
twelve roilt-sfrein Petersburg and ab>nt twenty
five from Richmond.' Our field of op.ntioos, as a
niup will tbuw you, is of a peninsular form, and
we have, already more than one Hue of. iatreuch
meets extending across from river to river, the
foremost Unc being, as I said before, six miles in
advance of this place. The space in front of oar
front is mostly woodland, while both of oar flanks
trecovered by gunboats. It can do no harm to
■into thus much, lor the rebels, yon may be sure,
all know itwell enough by this time.' I understand
that at our loremost-' line the peumsuta is not for
from three miles wide. From all which, you can:
piobablyjudgeof the strength of our position as
well sal can. ,
ths rKEjrr erapmsTD,
.Tbe movement seems to have been a perfect sur
prise to the enemy, mil tbs indications about ns
finding to tt*e Inference that he had no anticipation'
oi any such tUrnr, and lit fact did not so much as
dream of it. Conseqpently be was totally unpre
pared to oiler us anv manner ot, resistance. Mean
wblle the army hssbad time to pot Itself in thor
ough order, and to surround Itself with a good
measure of streaetb for resistance.' The troops arc
all in capital spirits, full of heart and energy, and
every branch of tbe service la wording in perfect
harmony with every ether branch, while all seem
determined to do their very best. -
1 will add. for It is no icsignifleant Item, that the
horses and moles, ol which there la ample provis
ion, are ip prime condition, Lit, lusty, sleek and
•n t-ddleeome; and that supplies for man and beast
are at hand in great abundance. Therewithal, tbe
creued hero is' thoroughly dry, no rain having
talten since the command started from Fortress
SI nnroe; and the Virginia aoll when dry makes a
good firm road, which we of the 10th Army Corps
thSuktobe a decided improvement on tho fine
light sands of Palmettodom, through which we
have had to wade lor tbe last two yean. The
wsier, too. Is excellent, though rather bard, the
gtcuud being strongly calcntcoas; so that our mala
beverage is not quite equal to tbe Croton. We are
now having the fourth day ot very warm weather
which appear* to me no email item m oar favor,
iPfitmcch as we have no marching to do, while the
enemy will Lave to go through hot and hard
marches before reaching us.
In this quarter, then, the campaign has begun
no!>t auspiciously. Hitherto our success has
been complete and almost unalloyed.. Up to Sat
urday mbrnlng there bad been no fighting to speak
of. and our treops were hardly disturbed at all In
their work: Yesterday' morning, however, about
ten o’clock, a rebel battery opened fire os onr
gunboats from the opposite of Jam-'B river, some
avo miles above this place. Fora while the firing
was pretty brisk and heavy, and then ceased en
tirely, the battery being silenced or driven*off. I
Icaru that ln the action one of onr gunboats, the
name unknown to me, bad her magazine exploded
by a rebel shell, and was, of course, lost. I have
not been able to learn anything as to the number
of men lost with her.
Yesterday afternoon, alto, there was somopietty
sharp skirmishing, not to eay fighting, on our left
irons towards Petersburg. Oar troops advanced
to and beyond the railroad, driving the enemy be
fore them; then wen tto work tearing up the track,
destroying bridges, and doing whatever was need
ful In order to thoroughly disable the road. To
wards, evening the enemy rallied, and oar troops
fell back within the lines, though not till several
miles ot the railroad'were pat In decidedly bad
trim for present running of cars. The purpose of
the movement woe folly accomplished, 1 under
stand, though, of conrie, not without some loss.
Ton are doubtless awtro by this time how very
difficult It Is to ascertain the right flgnres on each
decisions. I hear that in tho affair of yesterday
onr whole loss in killed and wounded was not far
from two hundred. A considerable number of
rebel prisoners were taken, and are now laid np
here to rest for the present. ■
As far as I can learn all in the army are delighted
with General Butler, and have full faith In him, es
pecially now that he has at bis right hand such a
war counsellor os General Smith. And I now tbit
some officers ot the tenth army corps, just on Irom
the Department ol tho South, are quite charmed
with the'civility and courtesy they have met with
at tee bonds of General Butler’s staff. I saw the
General to-day, ridingabout with no attendance
whatever, except General Brooks at hlsside and
one oiderly at his back. He looks as sharp and
saucy as ever, and that, yon may be taro, is shorn
and scncy enough. * We all know full well that the
rebels are badly smitten with love of tho man, bat
we like him none the less fer that.
The Ballrosd Ttvn« table*
Depart, Arrive.
irri7W«*VAy CSKTRAL-rDErOY TOOT or r-ura BTBEST.
Detroit Express....'. 6:^sa.m. 0:25a.m
Detroit Express...; 5:40 p.m., 11:15 s.m
Detroit Express. 9:-J5 o.m. 10:fl0p.m
Momingfixpreae.., 6jlsa.m. 10:30 p.m.
Nlehtfixpress 9:45 p jn, a.m.
, 6.12 tun. *10:90 p.m,
. s;<o p.m. *Jp:OO s.m.
.KhOO p.m. $10:30 p.m.
•Day Express
tEveuinc Express
+*Nlubt Express...
jMinuir tniuna.
•Day Express 6:15 aja. *10:30 p.m
tErening Express. 6:40 pjn. *J?:00 a.m
cikcbtcati ant usm—okion dbtot, wwt BH>b,
Day Express 6:30 a.m. Kwa.m-
NlgbtExpresi .9:10 p.m.
Day tore#*
HlghtExpreia ftlO p.m* IfcSOp.m.
Day Passenger &*Ba.CU fcJOpjn.
Nicht Express Shl«p.m. 7AO a.m.
*lm>anna Acconuaedatlon. 4:00 p.ffi. Sat days only
Hyde Park Train a.a. 8.» tjn.
Hyde Park Train .12:00 w. l.Wp.m.
Hyde Park Train fc-A P.«* fcA5 P-m
•Mall and Accojamoda.t’a. 5:00 &.a» *9:10 p,n.
•Day Kxprew &S0 aja. 11:30 a,au
tHlght Express 10:10 p.a. *3O-» pm.
tCin. £ Louisville Express. 9:10 p.m. 8:88 a.m,
cosimcnse wit* raixsrt vania essraan a, b
Leave PHtsb’e. Jt'X) a.m. *OS P*“* &«p.m.
" Harrlab’g. l:OSp.m- *4Ba.m. ,6:00 a.m.
ArrivePhila.... 8:30 p.m. ,7:00 a.m. IftQuajß.
“ N.Yerk
via «... lioop^o.
* IMOau
ri* FhUa. t * —• 445 p.m.
“ BalUm’a.. 6:40 p.m. 7:60 aja.
“ Wash’ll.. 9:oodjtu 10:25ajx fcooo.ia.
Pulton Passenger • fc3C a.a. 1:50 pjn.
+Pnlton Passenger 11:40 p.a, 4:10 a.m.
Freeport Paaaenrer 9:00 aa. 4:20 pm.
Freeport Pasaenact.ll:s;pm. 41:80
Bockford, Elcrlu, Por Birer
and State t3ne 4:rooja. 11:10 a.m.
Genera Passenger.... 6:30 p.a. &Soa.m
Hafl passenger 8:30 ajal fclO p.m.
sss Saratov
commodatlon.... tanpjjj, l(}*2daji.
Day Express and Mall 9.4-ra.a. 4:45 » m-
Nteht Express 11:33 p.m. 4:45 bS
Joliet Accommodation ... 4,o:<p.m. 9:40 a.m.
Day Express 8:40 a.m. 1:18 p.m.
NirM Express ; H:8) p>m , 5.45 a.im,
MendoU Accommodation.. XzQapja. KkaOaju.
Expreas...., 8:20 a.m. 8:10 p.m.
StPaoJ Erprew WW p.m. 11:25 a.m.
Nlght Accommodation li:l6pj*. . 11:15 p.m*
Waukegan ** ... fcSQp.m. B*6o xm.
Chicago Airs south wxatiax —apw. oomrau
knelx AKn wigr watxu rra**w- _
Horning Passenger 0:00 a.m. 5:91 a.*.
Day Express 1:00 p.m. 12:15 p.m.
Night Paaaeng* 5:00 p.m. 8:18 p.m.
• Sunday* excepted. t Sat or lays szeeptsd
t Monday excepted.
Monet to loan—o n cdiat
erale. Grain, and othtr warebonas receipts.
Also on B«al Estate, for a term of years. *t'
Ip this dty, m the l*h tiwt., by ntrr. Robert Lslrtf
C<PTrr. arr. CHAHLaS W. SCALES sad Sties AJIM
t- IITI'IT, ail of tbit Comfy. In this city, on tbs x«ta /
lot., by l ev. Robert Laird * oIU-r, Xtr OEORQE
roWPßßandMiashLlZA'-JSIH F. SCALES, all of
Ibis city.
At-*odvlch, ni,, on ilsyilth.brTlsr.-
C. A.Hapiey, M:. aLTK. ViLDRKac* Mis* KaMNIE
M , t»aoffb : *p of F.uch DsnK.il. Esq., *ll of Saaivirh.
B A 1£ 1> ,
I> thtsrliy.SfAy ea’erltlß, oU3 AN - wtTs
01 CfcMte V . P.| ay,ascd’ri
*m« ni will take puca &iy (?a* n-day) from
tl*p Oiite: rncrr.h, cora-r o’ H*r.*L-oa ut£
(•rti’oU s;icfl3»t so'clock. Frfes-isef tuatsmUy
arf Invited to attend.
In this city, ainv ista, mARI.FS BCSIVE>» DCK-
S • H OalU‘. art* child of J. D. and S. D. C«rr,
ageo 8 nicetbs and n d*vs.
CyPovtoocnd Kew T-irtr paperspTras* c^py.
Th' tsdaj. «»y U»t. J'CSTI* UEUBSU7, son of
Pr.Tf.D.andilary A Leo a-.'MTfl jearvanUfmootlu*
The fuoeral o' Mrs. ALMIB V WaKIM, dsnjhter
of Fojs*nircr?etT, B»e, r of ;ul* ciiy, will i« ? co oUco
irom tbe re»lfi rntMif bt rffttter, W A<«*n»Btreot. to*
i-.CTTow (sn»-iv i a: ;!.S Frisodsof taJ
family ere invited to Os pr> seat.
COL. J. H. WOOD * oO M ..Prenrletors and Manager*
A.n.m<Bi.tp Anawmaou
sattjrwat, UiT iim
Foctvsee nd ami Vorty-lhlrd nipressntatlons
Anxtst>xoß <t«LT 25 Cxivr^.
Also In the tvcnlmr. *t the nsaal boar. Ton Tay*
lor'* treat Drama or the
Robert RrlarUy .Jlr.Prark AMtax
Me.tfr Mue*
Secy Kdsvrds .....Mrs.Ferrla,
MOFDAF—Honor 's *tnrllnr ca nedy af
FHCE3.—Aaafi«.<a U Museum aad Lecture Boocn,
'Littr.w. CMllrrnunderrweSTeyears, 15cents. 9ren.
Cards sad Porqrette, cents «xrrw i-Tlvst; 3oxet,
ISaae IS. • J?(» extra cfc*nrc for Boservcd 3cw*. Box
Cook cxhoi fruto 13 jk. ». to SF. M. Uoort of LAOture
Brt>m oocr nt 'U o’clock. Cmt*'n ri*®" H o'clock.
Guilts XAXunor »tt«v r*rCßtu*T it ax
to all starts of the hou*«
%if- Tt«?Orv*t tsuMuxa.'wnw it* «v«r xM.Wi Gurl-
The [kvtstblsLS'ly! Tbe Snormoas Aitcrt
c*n Qleows! Bight Keet>)gh, and weicKln* ever
SCO Boucdt! vlii appear mcbUy. illei Acer. 2) year*
o'c, &ad 93 Inches aizh I uia Cnees amaii Law m taa
World.’ bjj3-«6191w
TJolotoiioe at Bbreia*’ Mnnc Sier*. B*odolph si.
Qala Night. Par tie Uit time ttie sensation Ojien,
Now tho oroat In the musical- world.
Tc-niit* Faust will bo repeated for th* list tins
with ihe taste mifn'flriiii cait »nd snUDlor: torso*
fu* k>l»t,-**n fcr»»e, new eostumsu. hcfbotzo sob.v-‘
ehjis, (-clsiged (.roaestr*. jb addition to toll mm*,
cal force,
Will rgaln perform-la the Grand March of the
Suldiera thorn*.
• msiomi IK Faust?
MM& Morepsi Siebstj armaFlchsr Martha
Hibop Faus:-
Exc.AfossLZ.l is hla celebrated character of Haphia
tophete*. •
Sl>. Amodio.... .Valectm# | * ir, Collett!....Warner
Ballot la the la uader.tho diroe
tloa of Mile ZAVITOWSKI.
Hsadsy—Lastwsckoftbe Operatic S®*9ott, Mayer
hetr’s •, r«uxaitomiiierwork, ,
LKn huguenots,
(Tbe Mi aarrs of ILDartboocßow J
Wbe* thesailre lores *>f the c«n*p«jf will appear:
atw eeeoerlvs. nsw aad laagnlflccn? o*sfatncs,Ac.
jb jctivo rehearsal, M aS3ANIEIX.u.
A WAT.—Norn's Lodes, No. 1, It. B, K.—On Tues
day evening, Jl»v l7.l6M # tba Anniversary of the la
depeßdince of Norway, «t the new Turner Hull,
Ntrihrinri stmt,oo whichoccasion a splrndld 9ao
ner wi'l b« presented to the Ledge by the Norwegian
Ladies ot Chicago. myll-sGS-4l4thp
Wednesday, Tlmrsday, FrlJay and Satarday,
3!ay ISth, Ifltb, SOih and 31st,
p.-r foil particulars see various bulletin boards, pic
torial sheets, Uiustratea p o?r»mr. .-;. Ac.
6‘MI.. rcHD.lAtivertlilag
r. C.IiKLKN, > Amu.
Crus. H.Dnpanz, Mona-er. mvU-gi-Tt
Inatonstreet, between Clark and Dwborn-tts.
ASLiaOTOIT, X£LLT,XXOA* a nuaxixaa’s vutstbxu.
MONDAY EVENING. May 9th. and-every evsnlng
daring the wkox.
Gsj»at Fbogsosims. Gbsat Proouazzes.
Ainsworth, die fln.t Fioilii la Am«rtc». . Ailicrton
sad Price m Joe and Iks Bitten as
the Vlrandiere First weekofVouta GeutlySisA-ithe
I rreit, Ac. Frl*ap evenlae, May 13tL, fleoeflt of KD
VI-KtLLT. Change ot Time—Boon open at 7:15.
commence at 5. Admission, SO cent*. Seats sseored
tbrrvuch the day.-50 cents. Prtrite iioxea, *3.
n 58-tfifts-lw. : _ JU>WIH EKLLi', Monoßtr.
115 and 117 Dearborn street.
C. M.CSADWIJK fc CO ..T.i.fTourlfltcrs.
T. L. FITCH. Stags Managar.
, ELEVEN NSW STARS, on Monday even
-1 lag, Mayoto. _ :
. First apoeamnee of Mile lIAniRTTA the*
c*lel>i ated Tlcbi-Kooe Arilste and Praoieur Spaubh .
D&nseuse. F rss aupsorance of Moca. B.VPTiSTIN,
.tie great Freacb Dancer aau uattre <ie BaUet. First
•rpearsrcvof Visa CIAHA BOTL&R, tfie'UcaaUial
. Opeiatie Vocalist snd Comedienne. First appearance
ol l!l»slDAl>DVAL.thecflebr*tedCantairi* ,, e. First
apoearssceoi MUIe LEONETTA, tho beautiful D«n-,
bcu«c and Comedienne. First arpenrancoot Mr.TOM
BUSSELL, the great Comic Vocalist. First apoe-ir
once of HEN MASON, the popolkF Ethiopian CoTieiian
• Change of Time—Poors ocea »t V<» curtain
risraatSM. Prices—Earoueue.l"ets; Drees GlrcJe,
6C Cenw. • 1 g-ys-ejas-iw •
Remember, every evening and cn' Wednesday and
Fawrcf.y afternoons. Admission 25 cents: reserved
scauSO c»nta. my6-c435
aimtsu j&atea.
- EAL?*—New and Second-hand FUSNITURK,
B rt VIA, ft c„ AT A UCTION.
Or SAIUUDAT, Xi»j l-t, at OK o’clock, at Bnt*ers*
Ant-flon Boom? In Portland Block, corner of Dear*
born »-d Wsehlncton streets.
HOUSEHOLD GOODS—Consisting of a eeaeral vari-
ety Parlor and Chamber Fumtnre, Velvet, Brns
■ rtls. Three Ply and Tnsraln C»roets. etc.
NE’-'- FURMIURE—Each as Tabl-s, Bfldatoida, Ba
rren*. etc.
PLATED WARE—Spoons, Forks. Castors, Tea Sets,
_ AT tl O’CLOCK.
BtLTIATD TABLE—Marble bed Billiard Table, com
PlA* O FORTES—I lino rosewood case Plano Forte,
made by Gale 4 Co., New Fork; J second-band
HO&tC6Kfc WM.A.BHTTiIBS & CO* Aucfrs.
Brt Go6bs~ljZormNQ,
On TUESDAY, May 17th, attitf o’clock, at Uniters*
AnctScb Rue ms. In Portland BLc*, comer
of Dearborn snd WashiQs’on Ktreet.
DBT GOODS—A fine stock of desirable Staple Dry
CLOi Blt»G—An Invoice ot ClotMn*.
800 SAND BSOBS—An invoice of custom-made
8.-ov and- Shoes.
BTB vTM GOODS—lMdor.Shaker*.lTbltoandßrown,
* mytt-eSCLtit • Anoilooeara.
Auctioneers, 44,49 443 Dearborn**.
Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac.
On TUESDAY, Mar !7,at9S o'clack.weahaQ sell at
onr .'■alrirootrs, a general assortment ot
Parlor, Chamber and
Diningroom Farnllar«,
Carpets. BUveT*ri»t«d Forks sad Snooas. Palatloxj.
fte. Also, a splendid assortment ot £ich Chamber
Suits. . , c «
A large quantity of common second-hand Goods.
At private sale, thrso fine Wslant Library Desks.
rnyll-542-4t GILBERT & SAMPaON, Anct’fl.
General Auctioneers 4f, 49 A 43 Dearborn st.
Ribbons, Flowers, Ac.,
Ol WEDNESDAY, 51fty X3th, at OH o'clock. VB will
Bell at our «atefroorr.fl a livotce of Milltaprv
Go«o«. Mei V, Boys'. SUsieo’aad Wooien’sStra-rllftts,
Bonnets, Shakers, Artificial F'o»er«, Ribbon*, 4c.,
mv’-t-fiMSt . . Anctl-nper*.
TAKEN UP—On the I2th Inst., a Grey Horse,
with collar and bridle on, which thoovner can
have tiy proving propextruod paying charges. Call
al :c Slate •tieet, C.C. UaBBVB.
General iSTotices.
XX Combining in the highest degree
Ease, Elegance & Durability.
Six for $12.00
felx for 15,00
Six (Extra Fine) for 18.00
Linen Shirts, &c.
Sherman House, 133 Randolph Street.
snjU 115-it
cf New Steamer* for Bcfftlo, teaching at all
pojQta os X.»be and iLr'U.jh to noffito,
Toronto. Omr. go Osdenabu'gh, Montreal, Portland.
Briton n.dNewl<rk. [hr»ugb to Biffalo luthree
days—forty noun letislhau by auy oiber steamboat
. The vplendld A Nj l tipper cabin Steamer. B F.
TTA r>E. Capt. O ICsmlib, her dock. To »t of
fouib L«aHite jte t cn .SATURDAY EVENING.
11m K»b, *t 7 • ’cl<ct,
For freight apply »o A T. 81-ENC2K, A*#’t. office
fo*t of South l eaal'e -treet. C. icago. For p«iaze
ppp’y to J HODGUXON.footofoouibLagallcstreoi.
mjl+ttf3-U -Übp
HO and 118 Randolph Street.
Incorporated ISM.
O. w. POWERS. A.M.. aid J. E. POWERS A V
Conductors. autbtpd by mble Te*chera and Lectn™™
I on course ano diploma* itr tXehvS
of tymnaauca. Short course for teachers la school?
®° x44M ‘ nyl4g?Mt4thp
For coughs, colds and
CONBUMPTIOS*—The VlGrraaU itn.MOw*«-
»Ata*ii u the moat Highly iS
dUcorerad. It bab*toos tub busto*
ft**, baring had an unprecedented TJSJSj
torty yean. It ta recoamreodad by our h MtSSSS
icon*. our moat eminent elttsooa thePrS. thl tEH?
in met by ail
“a. ba K»eajto alaoet any «xteatTmb
lacb botuo. Th* proprietors «\| ebeerfun/?efaas
die mosey U not entirely
*nd n. w3mS ch2Si»* <^
FOB SALE—At JfoTelty Carriage ▼«**.%•« Ad
acm siren, a taltaHiH Coop*) Bockaway. c«a be
uftrt either closed or «rp*A- AU« * iKaaftHn '<anri
olet'aniase, lonahc fu/oheonwa floras?* I ht**
lor ult; a KUla rested •:dr*sprtDtr * a c?»» *
enei oihirirttL T. H. BuOTTJf, A^tnS.
I?OK •J lI.R-Only 5<T9. A’r»»« A\Me t9Z3**r
? UJV. o Ba-en s»ree f , West 9Mo. w;t.i ..tuy»x*
less* ot lot. *« tro'd, te-clnc or
*9O peranrrnj. Foissstios Lm .mediately
tie pren |*cs. *7ll
T?CK SALE -A newlr i‘ara!«»*e<l roo", with I m»
-T ur out* ytor.la Ptrlsad olock.- F*>r wats >»u
are#- I o?l Qobe Bn irsyM gll St
FOR BAIE-i:h nxtarea. mU»*k aod
will ot an ratsblLohei acur au.i reea ba*tnei», ca»-
iog a lend ran or cut-za.vUfl olaotyof r*»o«i P>r
ator*ae. T«o atones now .uii. For partlctH>2r« ad»
drt **,? *LSL I «wer«l,orcaU »i riisooUi Wawat.
FOR BALE-Ch«»p. *w atx hrne>pow«? portable
eogiu-, ia tip-top oroer. n-arly n?w. labmro *»
the Chicane <k i-ttwaniet Rocnd Uooae, nrntr of
Tarrd Ai>d Union streets. Kiy.O o:.\t 51
IrCRSAI<E— ri'niukr »al? nr.C rent Cu'-. i«M
; !• sccuLU-fcaaaPiaood. *1: kUde oi maattuia
btnmeets toaed sod rep«lred. At So. :t5 dontb
Usrk strrel. npstairs, P.0.80x 591.
Cj.sta:S-3t _ AT. CI3PE3.
SOB SALE—>3 to fW per day. Frof. Mi?r
nU’* London trashing Campoond Is acknosrt
•e<t tn let the rrentes. I»b*»r9*rinic article er«r sold
in the Vrited Steles. 1' will sars $> ti 9.5 a ye.tr »
any iam;]y. (live It a trtai.aad joa vtii oae nutfllax
else. «l worth caa b>- made m tea mmatr*. xi « cost
cr 19 cents, aid say aereen. male or fcm«l3.eti c!*»ar
f3to9;'J ptr cay by manotactiunss aBO selling tnls
article or sebtos recatpta tt> is-.aUes. Pall tastrae-
Uuds turtihlied ob receipt of C>. and axctu'lre teirl*
tory clveo to pat ties woo i!e-*lre It. irfoney ctteerfullr
returned to a l who are dloatiafleo. AJdr sa B.
TTATVIiLL, Box 4751, Chicago. my 1* e33S-3£
IOR SALE—A DwelMnx.oatae corner
01 Fraokiin and Biosdsla streets. conUlclax six
rocto* and three cioaeta. Wilt be »old cheap If applied
lorfooo. Ar ply stQfiinedafostrcet.
xnyL-esl&-it IL SCOrP.
F[>R SALE—A copy ef the yaluable recslat for
making the celebrated •• 'Wnßcuma Sacca.” dia*
corered by tlio Ute K. P. Dixies of Boats , aLuu.,
and for which Vr. Dixie, prerloaa to his death, was
cH-redin tflisclry opo tltcn»sad dollars It li pro
councea by ep’c’irct't* ’'a £ar superior to any t»a
porto*! Sauce meat*, yrsTtes f aa ada
slid o* table Is rtvabhed wUbont It. Th •> owa*f
u to want of msme, adit will betted foeth«small
smn of one bnocircd tls-lsrs. Fonortfler ptrUcolant
address D.G.MOOnifi, UJ.
N. IL—Only one copy will ho sold. myll e3VMw
TTOE. RYLE—A Pl*Uilery,So9 bo-he's capacity per
X* oak.wiUMn U.utj-four mile* of Chicago by nui
roai- Also, a water power rlctmng Mill, four rua
o( suse,capable of jx>akli*» 7100 barrels p*e dar. Band*
inpa all 01 atone, aao übitantul tbr>>azbunC VTdl
b« sold cheap, or eacbansed for Cfllcazo sttr nro
•petty. Apply tc GBIFFIN BUGS.,sPoraeM»*ftT*nlld
ln*. ap’M34-9»s
P)B SALE—IM tons N’o.l Scotch Pi* tron. either
m oi e lot. or tn (loa&tli lea to salt purctU'ees. Ap>
ply >0 GhO. SXEsL & CO., lid South Water street.
fTCR SALE—'The lease aod fhrrltureot tho hotel
X? Mown si thei,yca Uouae. sis South Clsrx stmt,
welllocated and drcog a fair trade. Will be soil tow
lor mb a«*d cooa reason given ror ae-ling. Apaly ia
the pt>ml3rs. gy> :-3S£St
FCK S»ALE—» flm-cla*«9tsaia Engine. Cylinder
12 Inca core, 30 Inch atroae; tut hollers 13 feat
long,*2 tnchtam diameter, with return tines,St fact
of eix inch line (baft, 4s feet of 3 Inch line shAlt.aad
all the machinery ccmp-etsfor a Une (,’lrcalar and
Muij v»w iihi. and etave work* Address 9. -v. WU>-
SCN.Vaudaila. Michigan. my>«37Mtt
37011 SALE—Tne Bcap. Candle aed Potash Fvterr
? gltu-lcU la the Toledo. Ohio. Tmaftcury
■»ase<»ab’J«bed about flftrenyearj axe, in
perfect worklDß order, has faclUtiea fortbenaro
factnre of ro.Pt lbs. ot Soap. 10,00 a lea. Candida asd
9,OCOlbs.of Prtasb weekly, with a ready market (or
this amount. Further particulars may be hid; if by
letter address the onderrlTned. Box 338 Post Oder, or
In pers n at nrr oSee on Monroe streot, Toledo.Ohio.
- nns-ea-t-aw joiin doffma^j.
SaLE—P.cLing Hou>e* Ca*
.1 pscity for a'augb’etit c and picktax l.*W to 3PO
hogs «.nu 2TB bead of d.l;fr -per day. BnlUl&cs all
brick and cioce, In all tba modern IniproTcTaeutaot
tho day. ami largo and spacluoa grounds, and accessi
ble by »•■>! all the railroads entering ‘be city.
Das h’eomuse last wliiteropiy. !• by camps
ttnijodgeo to o*- the mostcompl-tc house in the coun
ty. cc paian'or axnenF« haring b*ea spared mreo
derinc It to. Vor parttccUrs address P. O. Box 1279.
a?23deg-!** •
TO .KENT—Three rooms suitable for a small
fumiir, wi-hlitone h.ockof the Post Ofllce. For
pajt;cuiara Inquire of O. TV. COOK, PI
st e- r. myit g6B-3t
fflO RENT—(For sale for t waj^ayg;—A Tsrycom-
JL moclotu two B*ory J>rame Douse, In good condl
tioo,containingmaerootra.clojet-, vst r.
S7 Newboiry »*rees. be twee a Ta\ler and Twelfth. A
lergt para as the premises. Bear, |3O per mooch.
iQqnlreOß t'.epr*rotg»-opat fhn K»ol E*uto Hnoms
of A PAM 3 a sPEImitB .--, northwest corner of Midi
»on aud Bearb <rn atrecta. myn-gl7-ll
fIPO RENT —Cottage House on West Side, contatn-
Ire nyf rooms. EltcLcs Furniture for sals. Ad
oresa box 271-4, or call at 33 Griswold itreet. opposite
lilchJgau Southern depoC myl-t-gtl- it
TO RENT—House 779 YTabseh arenae. Just Va
cated- Ar> tj c»mfoitiblr and cenronlsntdwell
ing. in coed orner—nine rooms and xLchsa, with.
cellar, water ard gas. Po«?f a->l >a immeolatrly. Ay
pi> on the pretnlaea from 3to 4 1. U. myU-f iS-.t
TO KENT— A large onfaroisbed front room with
beam, in a pnvaro-fam|;y. saltable for a grille
man ana wife., laqulre at Ticket Oflce aorta s v of
V ell» street bridge. myM-giHt
TO KENT—Tfitb board,tpirlor andhadroom,on
Cretlivor. togt-mlcinsn jud 1 vdy; alior for
fcntlemen. Inquire at 144 State street. xnylMT-St
TO RENT—A parlor and bedrojm •• Waba-ih
#Teau-.,'BBir JiCSfon t-i-cet,plßasaatly located.
Adcre-s, with name ftad holiness, "A Vf 8,” Poet
Odice Box 37-13. j myl4-tl^2t
TO RENT—A few fleeting rooms, to men only, at
Sb« btate street. myiS-eSdi-rt
TO BENT—Tho Lake View House and furniture
for the enamor year. The boose aid accommo
date iTom sixty to eUhtyhoanlers.and the Nortn Chi
cago bone raiboad wip be completed and Inopara
tlxQ to witMu a few rodaofi&e hou»ehy too3otalust.
Apply to JAMES U. MiEti.KS Dearborn street.
myl3es6s.St ■ _
FTIO 15 ENT- i ore ana hasemant, 55 Walls street.
A Tu« large l.s IP th-* fl;h iter* *f Liey l B.eck,
aedal*rga n»li enichide•( o*u« h'JCt.','tl.dstorT,
a'l on tb:- eorrer of rt«x and o eila itr-eia Ap
ply .9 ‘ABT£» H. SiR.-B N. Vcou>o s,third
attry. fTii-*.->acfiph street, corner of Dearborn,
• _ _
TO KENT— Fera tain ef years, the lumbar yard
ol tht ( hlcaco and m Lonls railrctd near the
wrsterger detot, an«‘ r>o»v t .ree bleexs firaa the imb
l.c sinais, SpiLgCeld, Ulmoll. b. BhUS.
nroBENT— Hotel and furniture ferula. Also
JL eicbittaiilcsscdoutklDg boats, together'•nib 00
tonsof tce.ws’lpacked.alcuaiedataTallroadstatlouU
mtt« froxr Chicago,on the Cvlmnet Hi verbid one mile
from l ake MichUrao, the greatest flawing, bathing and
Fp«,rtlns place In tb>s Tlclnlty. For further particu
lars address Pest Office Box 93, Chicago. Ifappbea*'
tlon » made immediately a great bargain can be bad.
my CntTSl lw
TO BENT—?tore ard basement No. Ilf State
•ire;, beHMej Monro? and sdaois. Apply on
prtmhet,ur to GEO.H. rERGUS, Printer, U Clark
Bin et. myUMi>-2t
TO BENT—About TO feet of lint class dock prop
erty,nextsouth and adjoining-Flint’s Elevator,
cn the tooth Branch. rnoniag rrtvu the rtrer to Clark
street. Apply to H.H.HONORS, 80 Dearborn street,
mj 12 e6Co-lw
TO BENT—2I2 Ohio street—a flrit*c!a»s Dwelling
fcotit.ln perfect order,newly papered and paint
ed throughout, with moaern conveniences. A two
eiory biolc bam attached. Bent, ffiso. Pjsaesslon
ime ediately.
To Kent-55 Pine street—a first-class Dwelling House,
nev.-iy papered and painted, with all modern'conven
iences Itenr, 9700. Po-sesslon Immediately. W. H.
SAMPSON, House and Land Agent, N0.3 Metric *U.
tan Block. myl2-eaiß-iw
TO KENT—A rare chance. A newbouse to rent
and furniture for sole. House situated on Michi
gan avenue, In one of the pleasantest locationsTn the
city. Fnnutnrr, Camels. Ac., entlretr new, not bov
ine teen used onlv about one month. Owls* to ill
hea'ih, ice party wlihoß to leave tbs city. Rent. 8700
per aonnu. Address, giving n-oe la fall.nlac-of
Dnflr.teflorwhere tobefoond, JOHN It. QUINCY, P.
O. Box 1691, Chicago. • myließ77-St
TO BENT—No. 445. The well known Krocery
Slor*ul ihelale JOHN TATLOB, on West Ran
doipj street. Is for rent. 'Plenty of room fer any kind
of Dtj-lovM, with barn and stable. Terms rtMoasble.
Apply on the premises myll-e9lMv
TO, RENT—A very derlrable wholesale store. 39
South *V«ter Mr-t t- Inquire at 58 Dearborn-at-
fTO RENT—One of the best first-
A rlosa retail boeisesA on T earborn street, wltbla
two blocks or the Post Office. For particulars addreW
pr-et '■ fllcc Pox !7in. Chieup. ' myii-e7j6-iw
ISral JSstatr—Countrs.
17011 PARE.—Great bargain. The Platte City
A. (51r.) .>nu Proper'T—two Flooring Mills and Saw
Jill), fDiuracmg lb* finest wat-r power u Weiitra
Unecarl, savea mdee fiou Wniin, ani nine miles
from Lravenverlb The water mill has four rna of
eioce, and the eteuts m(U thren ran, and saw smlt—all
» good order. Ce»»»li.i0o, Will be se d for •
to close an estate Mips and photographs of the prop
erty can Da seen at o_r office. BONO A UlcL, Reel
Estate Agents, 44 Lsulle street. mylt-gTS-it
X7OB HA J.E—At a sacrifice, one of tie be»t farm*
lo Rsite Cunmy. only three miles irom Rlgln ltd
one mile from Cilmcavu’e—lM e- res
mest and 44 sorts of timber—is oCored for a few d<ra
atagzebt barsatn SurVILLE * H vitTRY, RcalSs
tsteAttomrys,Ho.9 Telegraph Bslldlng.
m}l4.*lWt _*
FOE SALE—Fanr a Flrst-i6O acres, pries $2400;
improvemetla ccst sll-08; fiity-iti miles com
Chicago. 21—53 acres, price $2600 : iraprov. cost
$1(00; twelve miles (Tom Cclcago. 3rd—<3oß acres,
pnse s2i,oCo;lmprov. cost $6000; el eh ty-oaa miles from
Chicago. 4th—4Bo acres, price |672a; improv. cost
830C0; t rty-sli Dtleacom Chicago. fith-IDO acres, price
S«SCO; Impror. cost $2500; lonrtccn miles from (ffilca*
go. ttb—tO acres, price |5oo«; improT. cost $1203;
ten miles from Chicago. 7th—223 acres, price $4160;
Jmprov co»t s2'oo; twenty-two miles uom Chicago.
Bill—HO acres, s'lca s.*oo<); iraprov. cost 929C0: twelve
roll** from Chicago. Sib—l9l arrea. price SB7IO : im
prov. cca. {Of; ufty one miles from Chicago.' 10th—
IPS acres, price ?7O0O; Impror. cost $4000; twenty
mile* ri om Chlngo. Npnd post sump sad get a fall
description. Z. if.
Cbic«so, JlL_Pcst Office Box 873. myU-e7384t
1?OE SAI^—A Pawn, twelve mllst south of Town
JC Cut, Johnson Coaoty, lowa.of 590 acres—2l9seres
In cultivation,23oacres tmber, the balancefenosdin
{ assure Jots, one fine farm house,* three good tenant
oases besides, lame barn end a fine orcaard «f 30Q
trees, a stem uw mm on the premises, not owned by
the undersigned: black-mlth shoo and school house
also on ti.c premises. Price. s7,ooo—part on Uiae II ro-
Title perfect. Farther particulars elvennpoa
applies-Jon lo Weasrt. EDMONU9 A RANSOM, At.
torneys, lowa City, or to the owner J. L. CU'rriß3,
Kankakee Cliy, ul. nys^?W>3w
BOARDING— Two pieitißt rooms can be oh'
uiaecloi geallem. nand their wives with board
se 1U Mot roe • r-tt, opposite th-* Po tO >cs. ifap
*lKd fjr sooo. Also s row single gentle uen i«r day
beard or rooms. mvtl-g3\2t
"DOARDING—A gentleman and wife will find very
_D plcesaM rootr with b >ard tn a private family on
tf£ r> • rth Side, ronvenitnUy located, ly addressing
**H,"lrituce office. nijU-»7l 'it
T> OAR DING.—One fnralahfd front room to rent
JD with ooaro, suitable :«r two gentlemen, or a can*
Vecian and wife, at p* Wabsaii ayeanv son beset
comer of Randolph. Say boarders caa be a acorn*
modated. _ 3yi4^3olt
BOARDING.— Su'ta of roeme. furnished *r unfar
nt.-i.ed.cao be had, with board, at 288 State street.
BOARDING.— Two gentlemen Wishing a pleasant
rror.t room, with closet, and within flye KinnrM*
walk of an TostOffle-.can be ace immodatod ata
rcesopable rste.st 17s Bast Madison street. Twodt*
boarders con be accommodated at gSM *»a-vr«V
Rcjextncea rtqoired, . * SJSSSSI*
T2.®^L D J^Ptr'4L. fan3,B,ie(l or nnfamUhttdfroat
TiO A JIDiNG ,-Two onfamlsbed rooms for gentle*
rural,tied room
LntSTfomJl “o' 01 * 1 ' the West SMe lull w
ton af M,n3 e ’i*. Pc ' n ? o !i Ml, > Containing a small
ror * bonnet at D. A.
B»»dWlahm*at. and some cards from
vf ?.?, B? . m B Footcigraphlc Qahery The iwderwtil
Kls™*.'S-I, e ;i' d, ‘ 1 brle«iT»% iS» «l CUM-
G »dery, U5 Lake stiwet.
F /uf*'T. B £ aip d or ■tolen, on Moadsy_*
* Fony. three year* 010. with doable frost
teeth, kmeon dolists reward win be paid fbrMsro*
turn to AUGUST KEITFEB, 21 MUwaokoe avenoA
mjU-gld St •■
CTRAYKD-JiM Bewiia. Brett °vt tLSB'I
barn, near corter of dute and Banjeloh ■“«**•• *
Yelltw C w, wltn white bact fsce. *1“0 was
about to calve, lodging fro«rlr,? l^ «}°fh,i3
wm return said cow to Mr.HIH will receive *9 r*
u. c. HILL.
Lrwm_u Reward! - Estrsyed, from 239 Ontario
•met, ooe lUht ted WUS
cb tier ebooldan, wWtt bellj. w l^Pf®^jL o, St'
Itnrewtuiebaci • re«a old; e»trsr*d Aaia/uar. 7W»
Whoever milretorn tier to the
ceJTe tbr above rewsnt.
X OST—On UioißOfaiair of tto lltnafifoy, li**, «J
I j th* stair •tteotcara, two oiaenar •• '
T7~AXTEi;-Ais«j al WeCltf Orilni *>
Tt ItI)UXSiVW*U my k£*i li v -
XVAATED.-i i***y •eifqoa’llcd:« tß.v*b.-xlib
?7 t«» Jlod «n «*onv I vll»* b* *r *i* .-
srnool, wber» •<*» i*»nlu pr rc:' 1 .!!» I.truc. m >
*T.' LjuflfK’#. flaU'Vfi d :;il
*• i.Tntoan *, well ft* At.c u&:i ;C u<*. Ain
"rE"fa4; Oilfd’Tfr'l.tfV•- n.y »*.*:••
-Trv; . '■
V? or»t dyv c->:.tr -alcaic tv-go. o.u
▼•eit Side, near ••.a or •*.•..* f r* 1 ••■
SnDnble reftrtCs* fl;ea* Am-ra** r.
c;.’ G»gi. . . .. i ..•
Tl r A\TKI>-A D-rnnai Mdr nt. i• * t * ,
Tl cegMmot Mill a £*aJ.<*.lo : ••»*:• :j
aid du a -w!< ff f9i i *i.ar» Atr no :e; s V
h.Tii Pt-t! co' .=iei»jc,-» tiTCL. Ad.tr>„ -a *r
PostOiSeu lioxy*sr. ClLceso.
y? dt*i tow* *ti thf* s’a*e* 9* •••!£■ ,•
wri* sirtir. ;nqnf? ~f ai.i’S."3- J.’i 1 ..'I r
LIAV3.SI Lake airsrt, Chicago* -
XXTASTEIt— A titsstian *»y s yosrt: w%a a* r. S
\r bis. .Unaerstsatfa ui-l*e cars ot
b»« a lr'*rtwTr<}re of ■ ’>,
L.Ail,"7ril.uu« nuice.
WANTPP-t Mti-ftoa «• - A
I * p'o-. ».*y nr -n ntul * ’<
st r , •nc’iftweii ■cen.pt-'i. in - liibaaJoe*-. *i
r*fsieae«**i'Tso. Addiwßix •>?.• y
W A NTED— V sltuatloOM *•*, - *
t* !><*<><:• jccper wt CV'rk »a an*
mercantile hn?.in>9e, hr aa iictlre ynxrjfi.*aa.
?? t0 Biyt'Clsss rcf.fcoer. Ac-'r-ss or *i»t»lf a
ApryiMDs i-td Assist. * ;
Prsrhcrn streef. Doom 5. Meec»»«"'«. N tets. Ac. I
VV ANTED—A sltnftilAn sttlnnine •
T* Bnirror General Clerk *« aoy . ovl ni-r-’ /
eni«e*a,by so retlTf yonas m«o.- h„ an"l*oir-'3t '•
rerecce. Apply at »e Aov-r«..n, «nT tleaect *
Botlarts Aftnt'v, ?l Oesrhem a.r-rt. i;c*«i*» *.
tr*lMon-a.a«lo6n*,ies;aoiaEUL*c.i '
»riLr , r-it a co
WANTED.—norkB.BooS-k-crr s.3,;*Mm«n p r •
tT limehecpers t'inrtrernr*. Ojr-r’ta ro■
St#*tnbcs?». R*.y. lean frid-'S, Co lectors. An
seckln? siinmlon*, should app.y at t*-o idT-rt -n.-i*
and Gvccnl IlUflnfua Ageoey, S* Dearborn
Booms. Several slnatlo'-s new''pen fncthnn* -pni
arc restricted. A flra -ckrt • b«looa‘- cIMMa-.v.-o % i
wee’a-a;*- boot and shoe, salcsmeu wurr*«». <
myUf -llt • FINLSY A CO.
\^J AP*TER —By a trustworthy imb, c situation ia i
it jjruopry or rr«T?«! a «ti»rc. or .ny.
ottirr ftrplr'Timi.i ahrre a of htt*me*»;
won?dtr atiainro. b..; tfce {m-cfta! .hirCLi
AdOret»**».WV'aG.PoitOmco. mrUp'O-it J
"\\TANTED— PeH ami Hoard n 9 Mns-^ 1
JJJJW* or j“Coidi fiunUy. JuMresa w..” pch« i
Office Bax SSB2. . nrll tffio-tl
W ANTEW”Ta Beat—A coitasr rontaJnl ,| c six or
ro#IT "•nn the w. *\ •
g, ‘ f; 5» f l , i re#s s> tewksorm*, i. c. b. ii. otrce. ■
... - -..'—To
- xrnpb Operaior it a, Uanroo Su, corner CUrJc-
XC’ANTED-A eood Coot; Washer and Iroiep.
T I Apply stS3i Wabaafl-ar. my2lga7.u
XU ANTED-A lUusnea la a Comail wloa Domain
W »hiS*ci:T.lyftyouDitmaawbo:s;»thnr.)arf» sc*
eoantatt. with an exeerlenco of six yi-an* in mis
■ranch-of business. andlsfuMvcof ne'cntta ri«»*p
ixslt'on that * »y be aWgnvd big, uestuc rafsreacca
#lt«. Aedress.iorfbur days,P.O.BoxSTUk
WANTED— By a respectable American tin. a
r T t taanoa la a reaper taM* ©mate faml.v. to tin
•'»>,!:Z *ta cl.stnl er work. Apt.lvat Mrs. D.PitA cT**
IntciliceHcc cnee, ;xvouih Clark itrect, where netp
of fcTery wlm gaod rcfcrcm-cs, may Jj
oh»siu««. U entry ordin punctually I r«,
Addrcsa, with sump, Do* 16&, _ myli g3j-i\
XATANTED—VIctcry! Victors!! Cutthm, Hu
YT m.belli ►oi cnnjb.aarl Cxaxoxr. Tdiamiy cocMn
nesV-iicnlci bl» unrivalled ►vH.tn of oaring ex
pr*«»etl tovpyaddrws Is life sire caursmv.l-sra n
froro same cb personal taatraoilos, Choic-i F-*tt.:r'f»
lor sale. Squares :cr sale. Oidatand. 31 *»ar«a-.st*
Chicago. r. O. Box :KB. my:;-s:<t-.i
X\f ANTED— Immediately, tweuir five cigar Mak
>¥ era >nd tww Packers, li»qm<-e «. **. '-..m-lj,
mrcet. upstairs. LOUIS KRBI.vRDj.
WANTED—.' o,o*o Chftrapsgne Cottier.
P. O. Hu- 53oS,stnt'ng pri--e oer dozen.or
7«EoncolpbstreuC [inyl3 liij H. =C*'iVIL.
"TITANTED—A gerHt-ta*n desires board. xl*n a
TT pieasart room* In n?prir-to ftmiv. er wh-re
there are but ft w boarders, on Mlcftigm or -v b-di
avenues, or on seme ttnet cross) c <*. aguaiweane
between Randolph and TwoUVl s're-ts no I rait -if
State street, rbe best refcrcn-.ca given. Ad'!re>a fa S
ii F, Tribune eQice. my 3 jtlc-iut
XXTANTED— immediately, »onr flwr-cl.-ss .trass-
TT na‘er» ana one folly an.ll 'es ■* ukcchar-e
ol first cists ccrtoin work. Pity liberal, •ppiywua
references r<> Mrs. P. A. JACIvrON, 113 Lake »tr«ot.
TIJ ANTED—A Wet Narw Immediately. Addrew
TV Ptat MiUceßox ifi'.e, CMcaso. m>l3etst-vt
WANTED— Beard fora centTatnrn and wife in a
nrlTsie family where ilirre am no bar t
era. Kerth Side preferred. Address Box lN»>,xiTJa»
nameanclocation. .. . mvt» tfS3i
TI^ANTED— By an expereneed book ks-pw. a
TT attu-,ilcß In *ltberm whcle.nl* house orbtnk.
Good reiVrcnotagiren. Apply at this oClc*.
mylSwbidS: *
VVANTED—A competent cook. To n crod one I
TT will pay Apply to Mr». SIOCRW,
northwtit corner otWeat H3Uted-.tt.
• ; my)3-tSCS-2t
TTTANTED—A partner with SiciW ca«h is a light,
TT gem<-el roanuiHCtaring ha*iue«* in luio .to its
profits will be exceeding]; Inr.’p, bq-i th- denmd and
sale* will he abundant addrert L. W. •». s>*kak,
Chicago Post LfiJce, with real uaeio, <ko. nyiS-ofioKh
'VITANTED' Board (North S'de) f*r
T? and wl:« Ina pavalo Pimi’r,sootho. - Usicaca
asencosad nurth of riroob street. n«t<raaoe given
andrequlred. Addiesa rcatOffice Box 197.
XV ANTED—lmmediately, a good batlnoia mas,
TT banns a small capital of‘tom $-*>oo to ytte, to
take an Inttiett m a casb- paring bns.nL-sa. P.-Kltlvety
no risk lu the c,ht.tr. Fcr pamcolura i y lat
ter or apply In pereoato the underalgoed. TiilPP <ft
GOOPlut.'a, ICS Madison street, Chisago.
XXTANTED-A house mtho Wester SonlhSidea»
TV or the upper or lower part ofo hou«u snitabie
for a ecctlcnian a> d wlft, Otb or tli rooms. Uefor
ecce gli cn. AdJreta P;it Office Box *7. Chicago.
XVANTED-Board la a family on the Nerth
TT cine, near me coiner of dl:>ric ami Kinzio bW.
where there are fow if aoy bo rders. Any word or
Hi e led at lil Klrtle street, will receive attentloo.
mjVd-IMKU . _
XYANTED -Highly tepor ant to mairied people.
Ii V#e want every inarrißd.porson In the Onfteii
States *nd Canaciaa to send tor one of our bcalko
cntcrtace, **for tho maned only,*’ which contains
information ol the utmoat Imoonanca to every :n*r
rledp'r>OE,never before revest'd, that can be ob
tained in no other way. Positively no bailing. All
ccrnmnutcatlona strictly eonfldenMai. AUdreai, with
Stamp, Dr. 9. BACHKLOit, Kankakee City. ui.
"WANTED—A tenOetnan and -wife to occupy •
It pluisju.t uciuM)l»bed iron: room, with board,
eoLTcDivnt to Rest Side street cars, a kco<i bum an
Hie premises. Address Box 898. mylT-cSdl 9*
TV ANTED—An expertsaced Ssles.aan. Oae with
It ar extrcaWe country acquaintance and who baa
traveled foraWaolrsalc Grocery Homo la t.Li-igo—
to sneh a mao a liberal salary will La paid Adtl*qa»,
with real name. Sex 6*78, Chicago. myl3 eruj-gt
X\TANTEI>-Ketflea, Wanted to rent a room with
TT two or more Kettles, with Coll Pipe aid steam.
Addre=a “fi P X,” Box 681,, rnyil e*3»-4t
"WANTED—Beard in private families lor
ft attending Brvsnt A Stmttcn's Commercial Col
lege, wltbln one Dlls of college bol ting. Andros,
firing location, number tlutcanheacco'm’Oiiakid,
and price per week, BRYANT A STRAITON. 'ld
cago. ay:i-«3ft2As
*WASTED*-IMM to fIO.tXXJ. An active, enter-
TT prising min. with some experUac* la and an aw
technical tor the Drug Baslnes*. and with the above
ament tof cash to invest, ran make an allgtbla eon
■eet'on. sod in one cf the beat Interior points In the
State. The bn*lne«o o r the present sonoarn U already
large and can he thre' led. with aap'txl sad energy.
Kticr to LoRD A SMIIH, 23 Lake street. Cniaaao.lil,
■kTTANTED.—Tb« one hundred men. strangers la
ii jhiacity,wanting business, will do well to coil
at Ecom ’4.no r ne fllsnt.l*7South CUrk »tr«c». Tho
Invert).’ allon will curtjon sothiag. raylO oTl#-5t
TTTANTED— For the Government in the Quarter-
T T Dieter's Denartment.ac St. L0n1:,2,t00 Laborers.
Wages $35 per montb and rations. Alto, l j)00 Team
stem. Wages 135 per month and rations, ttbo tran*
portctlon fumlihcd to place of dpsiiiutlnn and ro
turned to St. I ools, Wo. For mrthas i.M*rma?loo in
quire at the Gova nment Office, s o»h Watv
street Chicago, lU, JA'fKS W. CLARK,
mjt-eSB7-6ia Government Agent.
TiT ANTED—W Carpenters and Joiner',and V
t .Machinists, to wor.< In tbs savy i ord it Mound
City. Pay oi Carpint»ra and Joiners, two 4«lUra and
fifty cents, (250,1 and Machinist* thre* dollars (|L00)
Sereay. Apply at T7. 3. saval Rcnd?vone, earner
onh Clarx and North Water streets. JO'IN D.
ILAtTY, Acl'g Vbl. Lieut tt. 3. Navy, Com’g Beads.
asanteu—S gents.
w ANTED—A rate chance. I want to cagiga five
v T or six general ageou to open olllcei through the
v* cat ana supply sub-aiici ts wiihthe New Evol-vto
F>ucxt SewjjTq Hxcbbsm Letters containing firnU
clces reference* win receive picmptotcentioa. nd
dreas R. T. BUSO, Chicago, IU. m IJ-M4-3S
ANTED.—Employment. $73 a Month. Agents
TT waDre-tosensewiagMscMr.es. >ve will give
■ comml»loa on all machines sold, or <*mMov agents
who wul'woTk for the above wngea rod all expanaea
peld. Adereaa D. B. HERRINTON A «Q., Uetrr.lt.
"* c s;
\v ANTED,—ITS a Montb. I want to b'ra Agents
tt lu every county aegis a month, expwura paid
to sell my new cheap Family Sewing Machinas Ad!
dr«sa 8. iiAUISO.N, AifTed, Maine. fo3l-vil7-3ta
\V Agcnta. The Wonder of tbs
"LpxrrxirijfTGanxaaL Qsvwp Mim.
moth Prlee Package. The bast Pacrsgo in -ho World.
Agenta can make fiOOpjrmontb seUlngmy
«t*ttp for Circular to it. B. Landor.
Agent, ft* Lake streeL , apiAdaiMm
XITANTED—IOO Agents to sell tho Life of Pnssiw
11 d»st Lntcots, the Piovnxx Bot, aroas***
Histokt of the Great Amertran Rebellion, Faorria
Csxjt JiLcarnATiD »sctci,opkdia oy atmatid
NaTUBX, conialnUg ISSO acurste engravlnas of tbo
whole animal kingdom—new works. 4 Fcr terms sod
circular enclose stamps to ffm. H. Fust, Central
AgciKjp. O. Box 4725, Chicago. __ mylo-o(s9tt
Vi ANTED—JOO.OOO ogetta jorlOO days, to Intwv
O.lv dac ti b fl lflo * t CUl i£ rful 4011 wccveifml Frlxo
Package In tie world. Watches ate civ an free to
r^7v a ?f. , ;. B fi“ dWSllTcrlca ntchln Sndr!o£
f*old Lockets, among oar packages, tis ncr A?
w- wui guarantee can * maoa iL/br any onteZ
ptMrg man. Clrcuar five. Address C. M DCWW
ACU.IS2 and m Clark street. ioykmtt
\V SWelent Azratv tn every county la
*AJL to «U J.S. C. Ahbeu’a Hi*
torr of Ihe Rebel lon, Ueadtevi Llf# 0 f WasalnetoaT
«n,^ ar * n ,"T *E d Popular works, which w effl?
°» l sf Eeß °- me fac »lmlle of the Emanot
BlPoS; 1« *mm Ctot ■tre^CMgg,.
Kerolatlonary War to the Groat B*>
mSST^ # *,*•* '•ort extant for agent*. Bu*tnes
Aadreee J. N. WHIDDBN, No. 7 MethS
° i^^'}sJJ®lock.Chlc»*o, in, P.0.80x334.
Sis«i^-o.?ESs r a^af u s; jsxms
1M my publication*. B. k. LAN DON. Ageat. as »«*-
street, opposite the Tremoot House. my^o3BS*l».
English and German. Also, CssuxiCLaa oy m*
b . T Dt - Beptt. Bchmuckerl Hi*,
tory of the Rebellion le now two Well aad Rtyerahly
known to need anyvomment. Twovclnmeeareaow
ready, completing the history to the fall of tick*
•urw and Port Hudson, and beautifully Illustrated
with eograylrsrsby ? arte in. The Chronicle* u one of
the note popular act. cy bo. ke extant, twelfth edition
belrs now in preea. It If a hatarroo* outline of the
>ebullion, wrtten in the ancient chronicle aiyie. Kriee
volume. Address C. *. VBNTdrCO., Pn>
Ushers, 11? Dearborn street, Chicago, Illinois.
mys eZSC-lm ___
XITANTED.—f« per month! I want Agrnte at
tv *6O a month, expense* paid, to acll tnj Krna-
LimSQ Pnsciis OarsXToi. Itr&xnu, and thirteen
other new, useful and cnrloos articles., Fifteen pix-
CUlara sent mu. AddiSM JOHN F. LORO, Bldd*
fowl, Maine.
Real ISstate-OTits
FOB R* TE-13.W. A genteel twt>9tory cotters
containing seven large rooms plea-amlr s-‘t»'
ted la * aeon neljhbethuOd on the North Aide uear
the City Limits. To Bunt—3d. ml, Ith end Mb storlea
offior* fM Lsk* street cheap to a rooi tsoant, or
THB( IK>KI UOXJSROOS A CO .. W Dearborn sticol
myi»gallt ,
Fob MALE—im ftet fro«*’"f«Il Jppts, on p™ir!e
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Ifexiltoo Wabaah aveano corner of Tweaty-fltlnkt,
2Sxl7> on Waba*h avenue, near Koartenato street.
100x139 laot on Warren, rear tb* t*ark. AUolctata
aUPiTialenaof thaclty. J- L. LXS, 6fl CU/k street.
FOR SALE—Lota. Good Bundior aad Sealdemc*
Lorn, pleasantly located la she wiac Division, ea
Chicago avence, Indiana. Hubbard aad Nnhlestrneta.
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tt xuc Saadolph street. fra*-*w-rwi
F)S SAMS—A neat, well-built Cotta** itosmi
pleasantly located aad shaded,
and lw*e lot. Apply to GEO.
West Inmana street, betweem Bluabeth ao*JuS.^
TOR SALK—C*a*o. Lot oa Wabuk iv»>.
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