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Miss Evans,—J. E. Walsh has for sale the carta
visiUs of Miss Evans, the youthful Temperance
Oratress. The entire proceeds of these sales are
given by Miss Evans to patriotic Institutions. A
large sum has been realized in Eastern cities tor
this purpose.
Stockholders* Meeting.— The stockholder!
of the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad hold
their annual meeting in this dry, for the purpose
of electing a new Board of Directors. It is ru
mored that an entire change in the management
win be effected.
Wnx Footed.— The win of the late John Ward,
a farmer living on the Dcsplalnes Elver, who was
well known in the city, was yesterday proved in the
County Court. John Ward, Jr-the eon of the de
ceased, is the sole executor under the will. The
estate is valued at SIO,OOO.
EalthTb Directory.— We are requested by
Mr. Halpin to say that the canvass for his City
Directory for the presen\ year Is finished, and that
the aheets are now in the bands of the printer.
Parties who may have removed since the canvass
was commenced are requested tp notify hha of the
fact, that the requisite correction may be made.
Uxutaht Changes—Captain Beno, A. Q. IL,
formerly of Chicago, le relieved by Captain K. J.
Faranm, who has been chief clerk In this depart
ment ever since the commencement of the war.
Captain Ecno departed yesterday for Bock Island
to relieve Col. Reynolds, A. Q. M. at that place,
who is ordered to Washington.
Strawberry Festival.—Lovers of strawberries
and ico cream, and the friends of Sabbtcb Schools
will be pleased to learn that the *• Young People’s
Mission Association” will hold their Fourth An
nual Strawberry, Ice Cream and Floral Festival, at
Bryan Hall, on Thursday eve Jane 9th, for the ben
efit of the Sabbath Schools under its charge.
The Elgin Disaster.— The funeral of the five
persons who were drowned at Elgin a day or two
ago occnrrd yesterday. The bodies were all borne
to the grave In one funeral train. They were fol
lowed by almost the entire population of Elgin.
The event has casta deep feeling of gloom over
the community*
Pzcsokal.— Col. WnuT. Lynch, of the 58th Illi
nois volunteer infantry, passed through this city
yesterday momUg on bis way to Elgin, b!s home.
Colonel Lynch was dangerously wounded In the
knoc at Yellow Bayou when Gen. Smith's division
ent its way through to the Mississippi. Though
suffering eevcrtJy from his wound the Colonel is
in first rate spirits and expects soon to rejoin his
regiment which is now at Vicksburg.
Wounded.—’ We learn that Llcnt. John W. Ram
sey, of Chicago battery a, was wounded In the
shoulder pretty severely :n the battle of Besaca,
Georgia. He was removed to The hospital at
Bridgeport, near Chattanooga, and will be orooght
home to Chicago when able to stand the jonrnev.
He is believed to be out of danger, and may save
the arm. The boys of the battery, though actively
engaged in the fight, suffered very little loss. Chi
cago battery B, wc understand, was also engaged
in the battle, and escaped other loss than one or
two wounded.
Gaumixd's Patent Lath.—'We were shown
yesterday a decided improvement on the old fash
ioned lath, the invention of Hr. D. D. Garland,
editor of the Ecwanec En'erpri e, and County Su
perintendent of Schools in that District. The lath
arc delivered m c muectod breadths of ten to
eighteen inches wide, and doable or ircbl * the
nsaal length, entib.iug the workman to lay on
three or four times a* rapidly, earing nails ana
ensuring a good ho} 1 to the mortar by making the
spaces equal. He i* about to bring it before the
Chicago public, who we have no doubt will appre
ciate u highly.
Ikquust.—Yesterday afternoon an inquest was
held by Coroner Wagner npon tbe body ol Ellen
dune Mctlvlcr, the little girl whose injury by an
engine of the G. &■ C. R. R. Co. was reported in
yu-terdoy's Tmuoxu. It was elicited in evidence
that the engine was backlog at the time, and that
there was no look oat, fitg-man or switch-man near
the spot. The jury, believing that the presence of
such nn official would have prevented the accident,
returned as their verdict, * That the deceased came
to her death from Injuries received from engine No.
31 of tbe Chicago and Ga'cua Railroad Company,
and they heavily censure the Company for not far
niching, as a preventive to accidents, the necessary
guide to the engine which Is customary at all pub
lie crobslngs and la ordered by the Common Coun
‘‘Anotdee Octuaob.”—Under this head the
Springfield State Journal of Hoy 29th has the fol
lowing. Wc may add that the soldiers here and
elsewhere fed very much like their brethren in
“A yoang man In the employ of Strlckler & Co.
went to Camp Lyon on Thursday with a bundle of
papers for sale, among which were about a dozen
copice of tbe Chicago Timet. He had been there
but a few minutes, however, when a squad of
soldiers “confiscated” every copy of the treasona
ble sheet, and carrying them to the nearest camp
Are, tossed them into it. Soldiers like the Chicago
Tux Judicial Bluotxok.— The judicial election
for the Third Grand Division will occur on Mon
day, the 6th ol June. This is one of the most im
portant elections ever held lu the State, and we
Irnat that it will not be allowed to go by default.
The Republican candidate should be elected by an
overwhelming majority. The Copperheads have as
yet made no nomination, but on the morning of
the election every mother's ton of them willjhave a
ticket upon which will be printed tbe name ol
t-'oroe one of the Copperhead lawyers of tfaia dty.
We trust that the Judges of the election in town
r.nd country will be on hand and do their dnty.
Tickets for the Republican nominee can be obtain
ed at the office of L. P. Hilliard, Connty Clerk, in
2ho Court Bouse. .
Off fob Idaho.—ln the north branch of the
nver, just above Indiana street bridge. lies a queer
looking craft which, for weeks past, has excited the
curiosity of ail who chanced to cast their eyes on
it. She is a boat dcs : gned for Idaho, being fitted
with a steam engine and stern wheel for propul
sion. A saw mill is also pnt on nse in
the cold regions. Messrs. Merrill and van Ylack
arc theowuers of this qneer craft, She intends to
start with a company ul fourteen or sixteen men
an a day or two, taking the canal, Illinois river,
Mississippi and Miesonn, up to Fort Benton,
where the boat will be abandoned, and the Mnllln
trail taken to Oregon. The journey is expected to
occupy about seven week*. The party will.reach
Su Joseph and Omaha abont tbe 15th of this
month. They nil express themselves os anticipa
ting the greatest success in the new land of prom
Mifrcnxore DiPArrEAEArcE.—During the past
four weeks, the relatives and friends of a
mamod William Brooks have been in the greatest
Male of anxiety as to his whereabouts. On the
morning of the Ssth of April last, the missing man.
who is a carpenter, lett bis home, on Bine Island
avenue, to go to his work, in the neighborhood of*
I'olk street, and has not since been beard of. On
the morning in question, he was met on Twelfth
street bridge by some person who knew him, when
be eaid he was going to the sash factory. It is
feared that be has met with foul play and come to
a violent end. Brooks was a nan ihlr.y-fiva years
of age, stood about five feet ten inches high, had
light brown hair and sandy whiskers: was attired,
when be left home, in a brown felt bat, rough
black overcoat, brown vest, speckled gray pants,
gray woolen under and brown woolen overskirts,
and & black alpaca neck-tie.
The Great Dhaka.—'We have received from
Ibo publisher the first number of Mrs. Packard’s
Great Drama, or Millennial Harbinger. Mrs.
Packard is a lady well known to the community in
connection with her celebrated trial at Kankakee
and the question of her sanity or insanity which
was the leading point at issue la the case.' The
present volume is the first of a series of twelve,
setting forth her religious doctrines, her experi
ence in the Insaneasylum, and a condensed state
ment of her trial, with the testimony of witnesses
jm> and eon. The book is written by Mrs. Pack
ard, as we understand, to vindicate her sanity, and
5n this respect it will undoubtedly prove of inter
est to a large class of readers, and from its perusal
will afford them an opportnnlty of judging for
them selves. The general form of the series, when
finished. will be allegorical, so that the remaining
volumes will be necessary to a complete under
standing of the scope of her design. We think,
however, that the first volume will oe found suffi
cient to settle the question of her sanity or insani
ty. Tickets for the book may be procured at
Cm lUxnwAT Extension.— The West Division
City Hallway company le fast pushing forward Us
lines towards the outer limits of the city. For
several days workmen have been busily employed
in grading Hoisted street to Milwaukee avenue,
and laying down the rails which will unite those
suburban streets with the more central por
tions of the aty. Already the track Is laid to
Chicago avenue, and by to-morrow cars will be
running regularly from State street. This road
will be a vast convenience for the citizens living
in that portion of the dry. Some time during the
present season the line will be extended to Divi
sion street. Were it not for the scarcity of iron it
would be laid at once to the city limits.
The Bine Island avenue line wIU be extended
outward beyond the Burlington crossing to Eigh
teen tb street, along which, if the consent of the pro
perty holders can be gained, it is proposed to lay a
track running due west to the city limits, where it
Is in contemplation to construct large cattle yards,
and erect a commodious hotel for the accommoda
tion of drovers. This line will be of great conveni
ence to the residents In that section, and will
largely aid to build up that part of the city. The
entile yards above mentioned will be largely pat
ronised, as folly oue half of all the stock coming
into tho city comes over the two roads, the Chic
ago. Burlington and Quincy, and Chicago and
Gkb kin Lutheran Cutech —The corner-stone
of this church, situated on the corner ol Franklin
and Soperiorstrecta, was laid yesterday afternoon,
amid the performance of due ceremonies. The
ceremony commenced by tbs assemblage singing a
hymn, the music being famished by the Chicago
light Guard Band, after which a short but appro
priate address was delivered in German br Pastor
liicbman, of Schanmberg, Id this county. At the
conclusion of Lit remarks. P, A. Kaufman was an
nounced to deliver a speech in English, but in his
•V** 00 ® Pastor Beyer gave an interesting account
of the work of Lutheranism, and advising his hear*
ers to hold Diet to their faith. Be wished that
while they disagreed with other creeds, they would
In « njrtjt spirit and entertain led Ini of af-
Section toward all men. *
After dnglng Uie 146ih hymn, in their Selection
Pastor Ucnry >\ under, the minister of the church!
In a few appropriate remarks proceeded to lav the
corner-stone of their future sanctuary. 3
In a cavity of the stone there was placed an
hermetically scaled canister, containing a con
ss&"sstffis. p ““ t Tenrr -
Alter Ute atene had been dimly died In to place,
another hymn waß aung and the ussmbliss dfe
persed on receiving the benediction *
The history of this congregation In our cltv
epeaks well for the pencvercuccofUs leaders In
the yearly a church wns organized consistin'* of
eeven members. They those for panor Bev.
jjcele, and met for worthlp In a little frame build
ing on the comer of Ohio and LaSalle streets. In
3*48 an unfortunate split occurred among the mem
ber* R large majority seceding to the reformed
-views, calling themselves the United Evangelical
Church, selecting Rev. Mr. Hartman (oraminister
The minority, consisting of only four members,
who remained steadfast to the old confession, had
then to give up the church property. They ac
cordingly erected a church on Indiana avenue be
-1 wees Welle ana Franklin streets, and remained
wl<b Mr. Dclle as pastor till 1851, when Rev. H.
Wonder the present Incumbent wsn called. This
congregation is the oldest Lutheran Church In the
£jty At present Unumbcr* nearly 150 members,
besides which the congregation meeting under
Hev. Mr. Beyer at their church on i2th street sear
Blue Island avenue is an offshoot.
The building on Superior street has already been
described in the Tribune. It wU he ready for
roofing before the 16th of August and must be
completed t>> the Ist of October.
School lecoanoiitloi—Cnuonlutloa on
the Bnhjcct of Corporal Pnlihaent
. —Changes In Text Books—
Extra Teachers.
The regular monthly meeting of the Board of
Education was held yesterday afternoon in the
rooms of .the Board. There were present Inspec
tor* Steele, Carpenter, Wahl, Foster, Byder, Taft,
Onahan, Newberry, Wentworth, Prindiville and
The Chair was taken by the Vice President, In
spector Carpenter. The minutes of the last meet
ing were read and approved.
The Committee on Buildings and. Grounds re
ported that the accommodations was very inade
quate in the Foster School—something must be
done orthe children would have to be turned out
tßto V l6 ®treeta. He would like authority to hire a
building near the school, which was offered.
The Superindendent said that the children there
tvere very much crowded, some of the classes be
actnally heard in the wardrobe.
The resignation of IQsb 8. Augusta Qoold, of
the Moedy School, was tendered and accepted.
The Superintendent presented the reports of
corporal pnnisnment in the several schools, made
out in accordance with the recently adopted role
of the Board. The following communication on
the enhlcct was then received, signed by a com
mittee appointed by the teachers at a late meeting
of the Institute:
To V<e Hon. Board qf Education ;
The undersigned, a committee of the teachers in
the schools under yonr charge, respectfully ask
your attention to the following considerations
concerning the rule prescribing the punishment of
popila in presence of their respective classes.
»> rat Is here presented Is based upon the as
-enmption that the object of punlsnent Is first the
reformation of the offender, and second the pre
vention of wrong acta by others, positions very
generally taken by writers on government whether
it be in the family or in the State.
It shoold be observed that the rule referred to Is
not framed for special casus, bat directs that “no
teacher shall, underany circnnnrf«mi-<» e whatever"
punish a pnpil except In presence of the ciass.
Offenses may be of a private or individual na
ture, or they may be a wilful and public oppo
sition to some rightfully established and exorcised
authority, or combination against bo die prescribed ,
rule. If of the lormer class, only the Individual
offending is concerned, and it is difficult to per
ceive how a public chastisement will more effec
tually work a reformation than a private one. If
the punishment be public, the nature of the of
fense, the circumstances of Us commission, and
the necessity of toe coarse pursued, mast be ex
plained. else the proceeding will be considered an
unnecessary and unjustifiable act of cruelty. It is
obvious upon a moment's thought that cases may
arise, and a lact that tbey do occur, when it would
be unwise and manifestly improper to make such
statement in presence of the members of a class.
Besides, would not such an exposure in any case
tend sometimes to wound the manly pride of the
offender, diminish bis self respect and create an
indifference concernin'? bis future course? Would
it not at other times cache a feeling of obstinacy
when there might otherwise be a confession of
rrrorand promise of reformation,- thus necessita
ting an increase of punishment, and would it not
leave frequently in the pupil's mind a prejudice
against the teacher which would counteract any
good that might afterward arise from the relation.
If the offensft be of a public na tore, it won'd seem
more justifiable to make the punishment public.
But, even here, the question seems pertinent, how
will the infliction of • certain amount of pain upon
on offender, in presence of his classmates, produce
a more effectual reformation than if it were in pri
vate f There arc some who woald be humbled and
feci keenly the disgrace ot such correction, and
there is reason to fear, too, that in just sucu cinca,
a reckless unconcern concerning their ftuure con
duct would be the result, rather th«u any feeling of
penitence or spirit of genuine reformation.
But, in most cases where punishment is neces
sary, the offender has no icelings of this kind.
With him, his endurance, and frequently his obsti
nacy, arc on trial before his classmates, and he wiil
hold out against severer blows than would be ne
cessaiyin private; and, if be can endure stronger
than the judgment of the teacher would inflict, he
is the victor, and his own, and bis associates’ re
- spcct lor their teachers' authority, is greatly dimin
What fs the effect of the punishment upon the
das* r If a child has committed an offense of an
Individual nature. In what way can the witnessing
the punishment for it benefit bis associates ? Sup
pose the offense be one which a majority of them
nave never thought of, is it going to do them any
good lo see him whipped ! To witness the inflic
tion of pain, has in some instances a terrifying, in
others a hardening, in all a deplorable effect npon
their sensitive natures—directly the opposite of
what Is desired in their right training. So great
is their aversion to the sight that they will hida
their faces, and many of them beg to leave the
room during the punishment rather than witness
It. There is generally, however, a portion of their
number, greater, or less, as the circumstances
maybe, who sympathise with the offender, and
they are only more thoroughly received to oppose
the teacher's authority, and annoy him, and their
ingenuity is exercised to carry out their plana with
as little risk to themselves as possible.
Such wo believe to be among the natural resalts
of the working of the rale referred to; results In
jurious alike In very many instances, to both the
pupil and his classmates. Nor are these opinions
mere theory alone, for actual experience In in
stances of punishment under the rule attest their
The rule is at variance with tbe views of educa
tional men so for as ezureesed. Mr. Ogden in nil
work, “The Art of Teaching,” says, “Punish
ment for reformation should be private, for violated
justice, or broken laws, in public.” In “ The
Teachers' Indicator,” a collection of discourses
on educational subjects. Dr. Drake says, “ Punish
ment should be In secret when practicable.”
Horace Mann, in a lecture on punishments, ex
presses it as his opinion, that in ordinary cases It
should, in the first place be private. Prom toe
same lecture we make tbe following quotation,
which is clearly to the point under consideration,
“Punishment is often braved by audacious natures
and its effect lost upon them by its publicity. They
wxrh to sustain or win a reputation for hardiness
and indomiiab'cness of tplnt, and hence they will
bear any punishment, if publicly Inflicted, without
shrinking or flinching. &o far as the effect upon
other pupils Is concerned it is obvious that tnoir
imaginations will be U&ely to exaggerate an un
known punishment beyond the reality, unless
indeed ft be horribly severe. Under actual
inspection punishment would have Its limits of sut
fenne. but imagination has no limits.” Mr, par
ish, in a lecture de ivered before the Massachu
setts State Teachers* Association says “ Corporal
punishment should seldom be inflicted in presence
of others” Among tbe writings of many educa
tors on the subject only one has been fonnd to fa
vor pnnlrhmciit in presence of pupils, Mr. Page,
in his work “Theory and Practice,” says or it
that it should generally be inflicted In presence of
the school. It wilt be observed, however, that (be
language is general, and that there is an implied
admission teat cases may arise where each coarse
is not admissable.
The rule is not in accordance with the estab
lished custom of other cities in their school regu
lations. The mice of she School Boards of leading
dues have been consol ted, end whlcmany of Xiem
regulate the manner in which punishment shall be
inflicted and record thereof kept, not one has been
found prescribing that it shall be in presence of
the school. Indeed, a committee of the trustees
of the dty of Cambridge/Mcssachnsetrs, appoint
ed last year to report npon this subject, says ex
pressly, “L«-*t ihepanifchmcni be private.'*
Lastly, the method of pnulshmnnt prescribed in
the rule is, as we sincerely believe, at variance
with the coelom in the families of a very large ma
jority of oar patrons.
Theattention • fyour honorable bodyls earnestly
eolldted to the foregoing consideration, with tbic
hope that the role may be stricken out.
Inspector Newberry moved that the report be
referred to the Committee on Boles and Regula
tions, with instructions to report at tbe next meet
ing. Carried, and on motion of Inspector Tati,
the Superintendent was added to the Committee.
arrociT3isrrrs a>tj tsaksfehs.
The Committee on Examination of Teachers re
grted in favor of granting a certificate to Jennie
Farnsworth. Approval
The lollowiug appointments and transfers were
also reported and approved:
Miss Sophronia L. Patch assistant In Scamtnon
Martha M. do. in Franklin school.
Eate E. finoad and Jennie A. Ke&imore do. in
Foster senoob
Gertrude Crayton do. in Newberry school.
Jennie Kendall do. in school No. Twelve.
Catherine C. Fox from Mosely to Dearborn.
Hattie A. Briggs irem Dearborn to ilosely.
Sophronia A. Barker from Scammon to Haven.
Sarah J. lievell from Haven to Scammon.
Francis L. Yates from No. Twelve to Skinner.
Annie E, HcWade to school No. Twelve.
Electa £. Dewey from Washington to Haven,
The Committee on Text Books and Course of
Instruction reported that during the year very lew
changes had been made in text books. Two rea
ders had been displaced at the beginning of the
year in deference to a rale adopted to exclude all
sectarian matter from the schools. Toe report
called attention, however, to the fact that this
change had involved a change in the standard of
orthoepy adopted. This was on important point,
which needed to be provided for. The Committee
called attention to the fact that the instruction in
Geography was too limited, and recommended the
adoption of some other text book for the High
School; especially was the knowledge of Political
Geography deficient in our schools as compared
with those oi other cities.
Inspector Wentworth wished to know what
Geography tho committee would recommend; he
understood that a book which should combine Po
litical with Physical Geography was tbs desidera
tum; he so tbapgbt himself.
The committee had not contemplated recom
mending any text book, but would mention the
followlngfor the consideration of the Board: Cor
nell's: Willard's; Shaw and Allen’s; Mitchell's
and McNally’s Geographies. •
Inspector Holden from the Committee on Exam
ination and Appointment of teachers reported that
the Foster, Skinner and Washington schools were
sot sufficiently supplied with teachers; at least one
more teacher was needed in each of those schools.
The Superintendent being appealed to coincided
with the views of Inspector Holden; the Franklin
school might be named in the same connection.
Inspector Holden moved that when the attend
ance at any school exceeds one thousand, the Com
mittee on Appointment of Teachers be authorized
to employ an extra teacner, whose duty it would
be to assist In the Principal's room, in bearing
recitations, keeping books, Ac. The increase
would be made in about three schools.
inspector Byder wanted to know if the funds
would bear the increased expense.
Inspector Holden said the schools were already
about $20,000 in debt, but the Comptroller had sig
nified his intention to pay tho salaries of the teach
Inspector Foster suggested that as the present
term would expire ;ln about six weeks, the matter
had better be deferred till the beginning of the next
school year
Inspector Taft said that this was the time when
the extra aid was most wanted, to assist in pre
paring pupils for the Blah BchooL He would movd
to amend by limiting the extra aid to the balano
of the present school year.
Several other gentleman spoke to the question
of expense.
Inspector Wentworth moved to postpone -the
consideration of the subject till the next meeting.
After the informal discussion of some matters
pertaining to the coming annual examinations, the
Board adjourned. _______
Letter from Sanford B. ftaj.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
Injustice to the gentlemen who are complain
ants in the bill, recently filed by to enjoin the
construction, upon, the park fronting Michigan
Avenue, of a building for tbe see of tbe Democratic
National Convention, and for such other uses as
The samemirbi beput to, I desire, and am request
ed by several of the complainants, to make a state
ment Id relation to tbe motives which actuated
It is a mischievous misrepresentation to under
take to give to this proceeding a poHtlcal charac
ter. Nothing could be more unjust to tbe com
plalnants, nothing farther from the truth. Not one
of those gentlemen has the slightest objection to
the Democratic Convention being held here, and
notone would do any act with an intent to prevent
it, even ll it was in us power.
The complainants are oil honorable men, above
tarty malice, well known to this comnunity, and
nave no feeliuee of a petty, partisan character in
this mutter. Many or them are Democrats, jmd
!2?Vi rt £ ein 5 Bl i£? ieTC t sympathise fully with
P° Utt cal views of the convention
to be mid here.
“S? U impartially and Intelligibly
examined, refutes ail attempts to give a partisan
character to the proceeding. "
U u lad l-oeo the intent of the complainants, or
of any of dan, to commence this proMedin-ae a
pantan art, or lor party purposes, thecomplala
ants, who belong to the Democratic party would
not lave bees invited, nor 1 am enrewomd thev
have consented, to be parties to it. If it had been
the Intent of tbe compiainanta to annoy the
the Democrat*, or put than to expense, orincon
replence, or to hazard the success of their enter*
prise, which, in itself, is laudable, that proceeding
would hare been delayed until the bmdlag was
nearly complete i. aau the tune too abort to erect
it many other place.
The simple truth of the matter, dlrested of al
improper efforts togive It an unjust and partizan
coloring, la thin • Bj the C*ty Charter, and by the
acts of the Canal Commiaaibners, the Park east of
Michigan arenne Is laid pat and re*
qnlred to be kept open and vacant,
and all encroachments thereon by any
person; are positively forbidden. Purchasers of
lots on this Avenue have a vested and Indefeasible
right to hare this park kept free from all encroach*
ments, and iu character cannot, by any authority,
he changed, without the consent of the owners of
all the lots fronting on the Avenue. No person,
therefore, without such consent, bad, or could
obtain, any right to make the encroachments com
plained of.
On Friday last, for the first time, the complain*
ants, who reside on lots fronting the park, were
informed that the materials, which for three days
had been accumulating on the park, were to be
constructed into a building of the elaborate char
acter and creat dimensions, described in the Sun
daymornlng issue of the Chicago Times.
These residents had never been consulted in the
matter, and their consent had not been asked.
They eaw that their rigfaU were being Infringed,
and that an obstruction of ap apparently perma
nent character, was being erected by persons who
did not seem to recognize their rights, or feelings,
or wishes. They at once decided to avail them
selves of the remedy pointed out, and provided for
them, in the city charter, and for their own protec
tion, enjoin the further encroachment.
They regarded it important to their rights and
Interests that no precedent for such encroachment
should be eet. unlike the Canal Convection,
which simply set up a canvass tent for three or
foor days, this was an attempt to erect an im
mense wooden structure, with all the elements
and appearance oi a permanent building.
The object and purpose of the injunction was
simply, solely ana wholly, to prevent this infringe
ment of the property rights of the complainants.
They bad no other or different motive. The pur
pose for which the structure was to be used,
formed no dement of the motive which induced
the application for an injunction. It ebould be ob
served that this application was made immediately
after the complainants found out that encroach
ments were being made on the Park. It wasmade
thua early in order to save to the persons erecting
the building, os much expense and loss of time ns
If any expense or loss of time has resulted to
those erecting this structure, it Is submitted that
they have no cause of complaint, inasmuch as they
undertook the project without right or authority,
and in palpable violation of the rights of the com
I desire that the above statement should he unb
lessed in your paper as an act of simple justice to
those whose motived and acts have been entlrdy
misrepresented and greatly misunderstood.
Tours respectfully.
Sanford B. Perry,
Chicago, 81st May, 1861.
Remarks.— The Tribune did not seek to make
a political iasne; wc simply related the facta, and
indulged in a good humored laugh at the dilemma
Into which our “ wayward brethren ” had brought
thamselves through seeking to evade a provirion
of their own Copperhead charter. It may he as
well to bint to these gentlemen that if they had
followed Republican precedent tbey woald not
have been thus troubled. Four years ago the Re
publican party wanted a lot for a similar purpose,
and honorably paid the rent for its use. The Cop
perheads could not do better than follow that ex
ample. Why should they want the use of a lot for
5o Heeling of the Board—Action of Returned
Commissioner Coventry—The Bogus Su
perintendent at Tank—Asked to
Show Ills Authority-
The Boardof Police Commissioners were to hold
a regular session yesterday, hot neither the Mayor
nor Commissioner Newhonse were present. The
latter was absent from the dty, on a visit to h!s
farm in McHenry county; the former was moving
as usual. Commissioners Coventry and. Brown
were promptly on band at the designated hour,
and waited patiently for the Mayor to pnt in an ap
pearance. At the suggestion of one of the Com
missioners, the brother of Newhouse was sent for
the absent official, bm he shortly made a whispered
communication to the Acting superintendent to
the effect that that Immenseman could not be fonnd.
An incident occurred while the two were waiting
for a ccomm which may be worth recording. When
Ur. Coventry entered the office, be walked straight
to Tonic, and asked the name of the officers sus
pended* lor alleged disobedience of the bo'ms
Snuerintendem's orders. Turtle informed
him. Mr. Coventry then asked by
what authority he presumed to set aside an or
der of the Board. Turtle coo'd not answer, and
so kept silence. Mr. Coventry, os President of the
Board, directed Turtle to cancel the order of sus
pension leaned In those cases, and directed the of
deers under arrest to return to their duty.
It Is understood that charges will be preferred
agamst William Turtle for Urns deliberately setting
aside the recorded action oi the Board. Mr Turtle
himself will be suspended, and hare an opportu
nity to dear his skins of the serlons charge of wUl*
folly disobeying the orders of the Board,
Affidavits were yesterday filed in the Circuit
Court, upon the application 6f E. G. Asay, counsel
for Smith, Charles Storer and Samuel A. rein*,
well known detective officers of this dty, for a
writ of quo warranto lo issue to William Turtle,
to show cause by what authority be presumes to
bold the office sud exercise the authority of Super
intendent of the Police of the dty of Chicago.
The following are the affidavits upon which me
application was based:
In tbe Circuit Court of Cook County, of the June
term, A. D. 18& L
Samuel A. Ellis, of lawful age, being first duly
sworn on oath, deposes and says thatne now Is,
sod daring the six years last past has been, a resi
dent a&d tar payer of the dty of Chicago, in the
connty of Cook and State of Illinois; and that by
virtue of the laws of sold State of Illinois a certain
pnblic office in the dty of Chicago aforesaid was
created, and now exists, and had before tbe twenty
sixth day of April, 38G4, so been created, and
ever since existed mown and called buperintend
ent of Pol ce. And this deponent further says
that upon due examination, investigation, advice
' and inquiry, be verily believes that one William
Turtle, of said dty of Chicago, on tbe twenty
sixth day of April, 1804, usurped and intruded
himself into, and from tnence till this time has
unlawfully held and executed, and now unlawfully
holds and executes, th*j said office ofSuperinteudent
of Police, in said dty of Chicago, without any legal
election, appointment, warrant or authority what
soever therefor, all against the peace and dignity
of the people ol tbe State of Illinois; and, toere
fore, this deponent prays for an information in the
nature of a gvo warranto against the said William
Turtle, to show by what authority he claims to hold
end execute the office of Superintendent of Police,
which prayer is made by this deponent at hi* own
Instance as relator against said william Turtle.
(Signed) Sauuel A. Elus.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, this gist day
T. B. Bboww, Justice of the Peace.
And now comes Joseph Knox, State’s Attorney,
for the Circuit ol the State of
Illinois, who eoes for and give information to this
Court in the uamMecd by the authority ol the
people of the State of Illinois onto the said Cir
cuit Court of Couk county, being in the Seventh
Judicial Circuit ot the State of Illinois of the June
‘term ol said Court. And in the name and by the
authority of the people of the State of Illinois
comes at the relalorc of Smith C. Storer, who do
t-ires to prosecute this information as relator*
agulnet one William Turtle, according to the lorm
01 the statute in such case made and provided,
and gives the said Court here to understand and
he informed that William Turtle on the twenty
s'xih day of April, 16*31, at tho ealdcity ol Chicago,
In the said county and State, usurped and Intrud
ed himself into, and from thence till now
unlawfully holds and executes the ofllce
of Superintendent of Police (a pub
lic office authorized and created In the city
ol Chicago, Cook county, and State of Illinois, na
dir and by the lawd of toe Stale of Illinois) with
on' any legal election, appointment, warrant or
authority whatever therefor, in regard to which
intrusion, usurpation, holding, and executing .of
eaid office at the City of Chicago, aforesaid, said
Siate’s Attorney prays now here for due advice of
thisCkmrt, and /or due process oflaw against the
said William Turtle In this behalf, to bemadeto
answer to the eaid people ot the said State of Illi
nois, by which and what authority and warrant be
claims to hold and execute said office; ail which
Intrusion, usurpation, holding and executing of
said office,the eali State’s Attorney verily believes
is acaicat the peace and dignity of the said people
of the State of Illinois.
(Signedi Joseph Khos.
State's Attorney of the 7th Judicial Circuit.
A Card from Alderman Roberts.
Editors Chicago Tribune:
In your issue of this morning, I am charged
with QttTlng corruptly, by the use of moaey, soli
cited Alderman Hotcincer to vote for certain msi-
Bures in the Common Council.
I have read this tissue'of .falsehoods, containing
as they do the imputation of crime, with that in
dignation which an Innocmt mtn would
naturally leel. I of course do not
know upon what information you have besn
pleased to prefer so grave a charge, involving as
it does turpitude so gross and infamous..You will,
however, I doubt not. In Justice to a political op
ponent, publish this denial. I pronounce the
charge wholly lalse, in all Its particulars with
out even color of truth. If any person made over
tures* to Alderman Hottlneer of the character al
leged, or for any other purpose, it ivae without
my knowledge or concurrence. Ijdo not know Dr.
Van Boren, nor have I ever seen him. 1 hare not
in any manner participated In, or encouraged, any
movement impioperly to influence the vote or any
member of the Council In respect to any measure,
nor have 1 any knowledge that such influences
hare been employed.
I desire that you will, as a simn’e act of justice,
retraces broadly as you hare made it, the charge
ol mv complicity in the alleged attempt to corrupt
Aid. Hettinger. If any person did use my name In*
the manner indicated it was wholly gratuitous.
Respectfully, Jas. Xu Egberts.
Chicago, May hi.
Remarks.—The question becomes one of ve
racity between Aldennan Boberts and Alderman
Hettinger, who in tnm refers the nutter back to
£r. Vonßaren. We gave the facts in the case pro
dtclyaa they were Btr *;fHo as on the evidence of
Alderman Hettinger, t rengthened by that of one of
his neighbors who sdcretiy listened to the interview.
On that occasion Alderman Boberts name was used
precisely as we stated.' Wa give hlm.the benefit of
his emphatic denial of all participation in or
knowledge of the affair. Wo are exceedingly
anxious, however, to find ont why Dr.
Van Haven, the copperhead emissary, gave
the name of Mr. Boberts as the man who sent him
to Alderman Uottlocer. Who stands behind Van
Harcmand supplied him with the greenbacks to
bribe Hettinger} Docs he do business on Ban*
• dolph street, not tar from State? Van Baron ought
to be purged under oath, and made to disgorge the
name of his principal. Alderman Boberts owes it
to himself to sift this thing to the bottom, no mat
ter whom of bis copperhead friends suffer by the
exposure. He should demand of Van Haren why
be gave his name to Alderman Hottlnger, and who
sent him to the Aldennan with the bare and cor
rapt proposals. Let os have light on this affair.
The Innocent have nothing to fear; the guilty
should bo unmasked.
Soldiers 1 Belief Socestt.— I The ladies con
nected with the Soldiers’. Belief Association met
yesterday afternoon at the society rooms, No. 60
Madison street.
Miss Sayes occupied the chair. The minutes of
the preceding meeting were read by Mrs. Lamb,
the secretary, and approved.
Sundry appropriations were made to deserving
applicants, on the recommendation of the Visiting
Committee. * ,s
A communication was received from parties cog
ntrant of cases of extreme suffering, and indulg
ing in remarks not complimentary to some of the
officers of the society. ' ”
Mrs. Livermore said that it appeared impossi
ble with the paucity of the means of the associa
tion. to prosecute the charity satisfactorily, and,
for one, she thought best to dissolve the society.
This proposition was not favorably received by
the ladies, and It was not pressed to a vote. •
Mr* Greenebanm reported a collection of $5.00:
Mrs. H. Fxisbec. $1.00; Mrs. Whitfield, $1.30;
M MrA*Lami» moved the appointment of a commit
tee to Investigate the cases referred to In the above
communication. This motion prevailed, and Mrs.
80l logon was appointed. . . . .
The Matron reported the benefactions of tbe
preceding week, which were voted satisfactory-
The following donations were reported; tial
loway & Co., one bam, $2.50; Pnrlngton & Scran
ton, cosh, $5.00; Levans A Co, meal and pota
toes, S2XS; BtOlantvne, Lawrence & Co., salt,
fSjio; A. E. Kent & Co„ pork, $2T.00; Charles Q.
Smith, cash, SS.nCL
On motion of Mrs. Livens ore, Mrs. Bradweu
and Mits Brcntano were chosen as Parc basing
Committee lor tbe next two weeks.
The same lady moved tne appropriation of
SIOOXO tor the nee of be committee.
A general discussion ensued in to ths ap
pioacbing frstival of the association, after which
the society adjourned.
at i’auip try—Speedy Dcput
nrc*- Payment of Boaailcs.
Tic one hundred da>e men in Camp Pry are al
ready becoming wearied of the doll monotony of
camp and garrison liic, and sigh for -the sterner
realities of active service. The time of their de
parture draws nigh. It wna expected that the two
regiments would leave for Memphis yesterday, bnt
marching orders had not been received at night
fall. Their departure cannot long be delayed.
The boya in camp are In exc silent health and
spirits, and anxious for the muster which precedes
their departure. So great is the number of old sol
diers in the two regiments, that already they have
become qnlte proficient in drill and In the evolu
tions of the line. Of coarse the veterans look upon
these newly-fledged soldiers with a feeling some
thing skin to contempt. They forget the time
wben they too belonged to the awkward squad,
and were as stupid as the veriest tyro among
The IS-lth regiment is already fully organized,
and will move in a day or two. The officers afld
men have been mustered into the service, and the
former will at once receive their commissions.
Arms and clothing were distributed on Saturday.
The following is the roster:
Colonel—Wl W. McChesney.
lieutenant Colonel— John C. Bigelow.
J/q/or—John A. Wilson,
Adjutant— Edward D. Luxton.
Quartermaster— B. P. Fierce.
Company A—Captain. John Dyer: First Lieu
tenant, Charles E. Sinclair; Second Lieutenant,
Geo. Baity.
Company B— Captain, V. B. Petts; First Lieu
tenant, H.B. Wilkin son; Second Lieutenant, J. Z.
Company C— Captain, M. A.Thayer; FlrstLien
tenant, Marshall B. Bagbson; Second Lieutenant,
Frank XBmz-
Company 2*—Captain, Wm, Hetlar; First Lien
tenant, C.E.TDlckinson; Second Lieutenant, E.
O’Brien. «^p3
Company Henry J. MUllgan; First
Lieutenant, Albert Williams; Second Lieutenant,
Seward C. Metz. _ __ __
Cctr.pany F-^C* plain, A. C. Linn;. First Lien
tenant, Milton C. Springer; Second Lieutenant,
George E. Slrobridge. -
Company G— Captain, Joshua Pike; First Lien
tecanuEdwinM.Atkinson; Second
Company 2T—Captain, S. L. Andrews; First
Lieutenant, H. T. Lay; Second Lieotenant, Philip
Company /—Captain. Edward J. Whitehead;
First Lieutenant, A. Lucas Hunt; Second Lien
tenant, Edward O’Neill.
Company A—Captain, Anthonyß. Porter; First
Lieutenant, Thomas S. Sexton; Second Lieuten
ant, Albert W, Danko.
Col. Hough's regiment will be commanded, it Is
said, by Colonel Pickett. The master rolls are
ready, and they will probably bo sworn In to-day.
Colonel Shlmp'e regiment has been consolidated
with other regiments, and the officers recruiting
under him have either gone with the men or drop
ped ont into private life. Enough have been taken
to filKhe two above named regiments to the maxi
mum, and the balance will, it is said, join a regi
ment now raising at Freeport.
It is understood that the two regiments received
their bounty yesterday, from the Committee of the
Hoard of Trade. Eighteen thousand and seven
hundred dollars was placed In the hands of the
Secretory of the Board lor that purpose yesterday'
AesjlU tnd KoWicry—Stabbing—Eoirdles In-
Uniform—Colons Testimony not
Yesterday, at this establishment, there was an
unusually large per centage of serious offenses, in
volving higher penalties than a mere floe. The
docket did not contain the names of more than
’about thirty Individuals, bat the drunkards, by
some extraordinary natural phenomenon, com
prised bnt a small minority.
Audacious Sclb* ry. —James Bingham, John
Bradley .and Thomas Wilson, were arraigned on a
charge of robbery, and a young man described as a
stone mason, and named James Douglas, was
charges with being drank. On Uonday night the
qoaiietle were seen by officers Ecnny and O'Don
nell to leave the den on Wells street known as
“Under the Willow,'’ and proceed to aealoon op
posite keptbyamannamedMcllrldc. Suspecting
from their motions that three of them had sinister
designs npon the fourth, Douglas, who was very
drunk, the officers watched their movements In the
saloon, and saw Bradley, who is a soldier, demand
money from their victim, and failing to get it,
knocked him down, when, with the assistance of
Bingham, be searched the man's pockets. Thepo
licemen. at this juncture, entered and arrested the
croup. Doaglas had lost nearly SSO, bnt he could
bnl> identify $3, taken from the soldier. Bingham
and Bradley were held to ball for trial at the Re
corder's Cour», in the snm 61 $1,090 each, and com
mitted in default: Wilson waa fined sls and costs,
for being an accessory, and Douglas, whose expe
riences has been severe, was discharged from cus
Dangerous Assault.— Daniel Hickey, a soldier at
tacheu to the Irish Brigade, on Monday night went
into the saloon of Ernst Albright, opposite the de
pot fDf the P. & P. W. R. H., and after ordering
some liquor refused to par for it. Albright, who
was called by the bar-tender, followed the man into
the street and remonstrated with him, when the
cowardly ruffian drew a large pocket knife and In
flicted a fearful wound, three or four Inches In
length, in the neck of Albright. A policeman who
noticed the scuffle arrested both the men, but His
Honor discharged Albright, holding the other for
tnal at the Recorder's Court In the sum of $503.
A Dari ThVJ.— Henry Fitziiirt, a mulatto, waa
charged with stealing a pair of pantaloons and two
snirts from John Hennessey, who lives at No. 47
Booth Clark street, under the Sherman House.
Tne shade pleaded guilty to the thelt, and was held
for trial at the Recorders Court In bonds of $3-0;
committed in default.
The Shawl SobUry— Catherine Mack, brought
np on remand, charged with stealing a shawl
yslned at $25, from a Mrs. Lon?, as previously re
ported, was examined before Judge Miller, and
the tbeft being proven was held In the sum ot S2OO
to appear for trial at the Recorder's Court.
A Youthful Reprobate—36\m Dunn, a juvenile of
ten or eleven years of age, charged with stealing
from his guardian, was committed to the Reform
School. -
BZfeory Lots —James Lee. a mechanic residing on
the “ Patch," near Chicago Avenue, was charged
with the laxcenyjof $124 from a Mrs. Franklin, a
resident of the vicinity. On Monday afternoon she
accidently dropped her portmonoafe opposite Bax
ter's store In that locality, and though she imme
diately searched, tbo mlseing article could not bo
found. No one raw Lee pick 1c up.,nor was It
found in hie possession, bnt being nearly the only
one present at the time complainant suspected
.him. For want of sufficient evidence be waa ac
Disgraceful Affair.— On Monday night naif a
dozen soldiers Delonging to Co!on<-I Mulligan's
regiment went into a saloon on the corner of
Wells street and Chicago avenue, and after calling
for refreshments, not only refused to pay for them
but look away about a dozen lager beer glasses in
tbelrpockcts. Frederick Basse, the saloon keep
er, followed them into the road for his money,
when they commenced a vigorous attack upon him,
using ns missiles bis own classes. By the aid of
Sergeant Banter, three of the disgraces to Uncle
Sam’s uniform were captured, and, after some dif
ficuitv. conveyed to the Third Precinct Police Sta
tion. They gave their names as James White,
James Stay and John O'Brien, and were fined by
Judge Miller S2O and co?ts each. In default, they
were removed to the BridewclL
Sneak Thieves. —James Flood and Michael Con
iin, two roguish looking men, were charged with
stealing sl% from the till of * colored saloon keener
on Clark street. They were undoubtedly guilty,'
but as the evidence was that of the colored mao,
it was Inadmissible, and accordingly the twain
were released. People should be on their guard,
for this is by no means tbo first operation of the
prisoners In this city.
Court Bccord.
Circuit Court Cook County.— Btfore TTW
llamt J. — Common Laic. 4
Marsh vs Uolton. Rale to plead in twenty
80ft Mebring re Follansbec. On trial.
C 57 Gcceman vs Dlversey, Motion tor new trial
407 ifehlcr vs Morphy. Judgment for plalntliT.
Pccpies' Cate :
People tb Putnam. Order for bis discharge
upon bis entering bis recognisance.
*3,G15 Bancs tb The Northwestern university,
ct si. Injunction dissolved without prejudice.
SO6 Chittenden, et al, vs Whitcomb, ct al. Set
for bearing on first day of Jnly next.
{£3 Tucker ts Gibbs. Demurrer to bill argued
and taken under advisement.
Some lor the Friendless.—The monthly
meeting of the Board of Managers for the Home
for the Friendless, will be held “at the Home” on
Wednesday, (Jane Ist) at half past two o'clock
p. m.
liomooftbc Friendless.—The Board of
Managers of the Home of the Friendless hold
their monthly meeting atfltbe Home at 2# o’clock
this afternoon.
At Bryan Hall Xo-nlght-The lecture at
Bryan Ball, to-night, by Mias Evans, is for the
benent of tbo Homo lor the Inebriate. It is the In
tention of the Managers of the Home to bnild an
'institute suitable to the wants of the etty, as soon
as lands and fnnds can be secured. - Offers of land
have already been made. The success of the Home
thus Car, Is proof sufficient of its practicability,
while the necessity of sach an asylum bat few will
question. Let all who desire to aid sneb a work
go to-nigbt and hear the fair young speaker from
beyond the sea.
Excursion.—Have yon seen the advertise,
ment of the excursion to Cincinnati, to come off
Tuesday, Jane 7tb. over the Air-Line Boad 7 Tick
ets good to return any time to the 21st, and only
coat $12.00, just $3.00 less than the regular fare,
it is just the time to visit the Qneen City—not too
hot and not too cold; and then it will bo in the
height of tbe strawberry season. Just think ol it I
Fresh, Insdons strawberries, just from the vines,
and pyramids of ice-cream. And tbe dear friends
wko are there—how glad they will be to see yon.
tlncmiiati is unsurpassed for her hotel accommo
dations. If yon have never been to this beautiful
city, or if yon have business there, now is your
time to go. Eveirthing promises to make this
first excursion of the season one of tbo very best.
We have no doabt it will be a fine success.
pgy Dr. J. B. "Walker, (formerly of Rochester,
N. T.), operating and consulting surgeon lor dis
eases of the eye and ear, 117 Sooth Clark street,
Chicago. h2S6 ltd&w Jel
Valuable Medical Advice.— Those who
are suffering from disease in its Tarioaa forms, and
wish to "be treated snccessfailj and confidentially,
cannot do better tban consult Dr. Bigelow, at bis
office. No. 179 South Clark street, on the cornerof
Monroe. The Doctor has now been established la
this city for two years, and la the course of that
time has secured a large, valuable and rapidly ex
tending practice. Be is a thoroughly educated
physician, and parties placing themselves in his
Lands may rely npou having the beet resources of
professional skill brought to their relief.
Our readers who hsve need fora physician “that
is a physician" will find us verified, and the Doc
tor's already widely circulated and well established
reputation folly sustained by the result.
To the Sick.—Citizens and strangers who
are side and suffering with any disease, no matter
how long sunning, how bad or by what caused,
are advised to go to Dr. Easterly o Family Medi
cine Store.-No 09 Madison street, near the Post
Office, where they can procure a remedy that can
be relied upon to effect a speedy and radical cure,
containing plain directions for nse. Bead Br.
Easterly's advertisements in oar columns, and
cive him a call yon that need medicines. Coa-al-.
tation free. mySl-hSU-lft...
- Latest.—Brewster has just received the gen
uine Broadway straw hat. Also the latot patterns
of cloth bats, and is showing a more varied and
extensive etock.ofbead gear for gentlemen’s wear
than any establishment we-t or Now York city,
Brewster is under the Sherman House.
’ To Country Merchant*,—Bayers in this,
market should not neglect an examination of the
slock of Messrs. Gore, Wilson & Co.,' wholesale
boot and shoe house. Cl Lake street.
- mh&alo3-3m-T w&t
Diseases of theNerwovu, Seminal* Dsl>
asry and Sexual Systems,—New and relia
ble treatment—in reports of the -Howard Associa
tion. Sent by mail In sealed letter envelopes, free
of charge. Address B. J. Skillon Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 8 South Ninth street, Phils
dejphlk.Pt. mMO-b669dm
Pr House arm Sign Painting. Calcimine,
Gianng and Graining. Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling wholesale and retail 'at New
York pnoea. P. E. Bzqbt, 89 Btndolph street. .
Box 6863. -ayl-eHUm
Commercial Postscript.
Tuxsdxt Evxvnro, May 81—10 p. m.
There was a slim attendance atlheShermsnlloaae
to-olght, and the genera', markets ruled heavy and
doll—the decline la gola haring contributed in no
small degree to the result,
Wuxat ruled X®sfc per lower than on
’Chtnge.and even at this dtcline there was but little
disposition to operate. Only about 73.000 bushels
changed hands, at forNo.l.andll.UXSl-Wf
for No. 5. The transactions were as follows:—S3.Coo
bu No. 1 Spring In store at f 1.27#: 5.000 bu No. 2
Spring In store at 11.23 ; 27,000 bn do at (L 23; 5,000
bu do at (1 2lX—the market closing quiet at (13?K
lor No. 1, and (1.35 for No. 2.
Conn was In lair demand and firm at foil prices,
but (he transactions were light, as followsl,3oo bu
No. IComln store atgl.ll; 4^ooba No 2 Corn la
Com alloat at 01A6K—the market closing firm at (144
for No. 1, and »IJBK lor ho. 2.
Oats were a shade fire er than on ’Change, but
there was no adrance. Sales were: BXCO bu, fresh re
ceipts, No 1 Oats In stem. at Cgtfc; 603 bu So 3 Oats in
store at 65c: 10,600 bu No 1 (canal) Oats in sure at
6Pc-lc storage.
Hiqswixib ruled Kc lower than at the close of
’Change. Sales were: 500 bbls city and good country
at (I.2SK: 200 bbls do at (124—closing quiet.
m»h Fobs was In fair demand and the market was
steady, with sales of £OO bbls city packed (to be taken
wltbont examination) at (29X0.
[Telegraphed exclusively to the Chicago Tribune.)
Brw Tobx, Tuesday Evening, May SI, 1864.
BEEF CATTLE -The total receipts of Beef Cattle,
at all the yards of the city, for the week ending to
day, amount to 2.8C0 head, against 5,000 head last
week, and 4,633 received daring the corresponding
week of 18b9. Of this week's receipts 2,000 bead were
from Illinois, and one half the stock In market were
stillers. The market this week opened brisk, and
prices show an advance of tt'on last week’s
quotations, though at the close the state of the mar
ket was not quite so favorable for drovers as at the
opening, the sales being slow. We quote:
Prime beeves, including fancy. 19K&30e
Medium qualities is
Tbln steers and coanb oxen 15 ®ltic
On (he corresponding date In 1863, prime
bceveelexcluulDg fancy. 11 @l2c
Showing an advance over last year’s prices of 7J<@
8c pn.
SHEEP—The receipts for the week ending to-day at
alt the yards amount to 8,800 Sheep, and according to
the reported sales of Sheep brokers the general aver
age price per head has been [email protected]#c V B for sheared;
n large proportion of the receipts has been from Tin,
noli. *
BOGS—The receipts of hogs for the week ending
to day amount to 10,600 bogs. The quotations to-day
of corn-fed hogs per evt, live weight, arc
The quotations of dlstillt ry-fed hogs per ewt. live
weight, are 3XO9#. Market closed firm and improv
(To the Associated Press.!
Nxw Yoke, May 81.—The current prices for the
week at all the marketsarc:
Bzxv Cattle— lst quality, f 196620; ordinary to
good, $1«®19; common, [email protected]: interior, [email protected]
Cowsaxd Cai.ves— lst quality, ss*H3fis; ordinary,
common, |lt(Jis ; interior, s£@;l.
Veal Calves—l«t quality, [email protected]: ordinary, [email protected]
9)4c; common, 7K3Sc i interior, [email protected]’kc. -
sheep and lamb*— extras, $9.0w510.90: prime,
[email protected]; ordinary, [email protected]; common, $6.5)@750;
Inferior. [email protected]».
• FwntE-Cotn-fed,Bsi'®9Kc; BtIU-fed, [email protected]>4.
Tbe market lor beer cattle was wholly under the
control i'f a few speculators, who were In no wise
backward about letting their Influence be felt in the
sliapo of advanced prises. The quotations to-day
were above every other day. reaching as high at 20c
for the tost, and tome eaid still more was paid in
some cases.
The total receipts of atf stock at all the yards for
thlsweekand last wetk were as follows: Deivet.
378.cows2i6,«ca!calves I,B97,sheep and lambas.ifit,
s wire 10.(11: total last week; beeves VSO, enws 17J,
veal calves ti97, sheep and lambs 5962, swine 111 2.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
* BmnozroET, May 31,9 p. m.
Cloaked, Monday night. May £9*h.—Dlrlgo.Prisou.
light: lathcnf, Kankakee, feeder, light; iProjrcr,
Ltsalle, light; Queen City,LasaUe,2s,73s leetlambs.*;
Ccnstltntion. Lcckport, light: Jcha Horrlsoa, La-
Salle,light ; E. Burnham, Prison, light.
Cleaned, Tuesday. May SUL—Badger State, Otta
wa, light; Gen. Washington, Lasalle, 73,155 ft lambi r;
Jefferson, La.alle, 75.C03 leet lumber: Glbraltir.
Lasafle, 9<»,000 feet lumber; Drill, Morris, light; Wasp,
Lasalle, light; Manic Leaf, Joliet, light; Stars and
Strpeß.Lcß6l!e. M.tOC feet lumber, 2?,0C0 lath; Qei.
Ecctt, Lasalle, 28/-4 C feet lumber, 55.4 M siding, 717.2)0
shingles; D.McLennan, Ottawa, light; J. Harring
ton, Marsal'es,light; Li.dy Franklin, Athens; H. O.
Loomis, Athens: Investigator, Athens; W. S. Qua
ncr, Athens; Conveyance, Athens.
Abuted, Monday Nlabt, May 50. H. G. LoomU,
Athens, 90 yds rubble stone; Investigator, Athens, S&
yds rabble stone; Lady Franklin, Athens, 43 yds di
mension stone; 8. A. Doaglas No. 2. Ottawa, 8.930 bu
corn, 50 bn rye; Conveyance, Desplalncs, 90 yds rab
ble stone; American Star, LaSalle, 6,000bn corn; W,
S.Gnrnee, Athens, 45 yds dimension stone; Salim,
Laballe, 5,550 bo corn; A. Woolson, LaSalle, 6£90 bn
corn; Caynga,Lockport, S,OCOba com; Legranx,Ls
AimiTKD, Tuesday, May 31. W. G. Gaylord. Lock
port,l.GCO ba coro, 70 ba barley,s,ooobn wheat; Re
becca, LaSalle, 6,600bu corn; Neptune, La5a11e,5,506
bn corn; Rocket,Lockport, 4,200 bu corn,tl2,9X) ftevk
lumber; Char.B.Pope, LaSalle, 9,536 ba corn, 434 brla
flour, 3,630 &s Urd, 2,260 As hams, 19,540 lbs scraplron;
Alice, LaSalle, 5,550 bu com.
Qlilwaokee Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Mil wa tne**, May 31.1661.
Flour—Dull and 10c lower. Sales choice. Spring
extra at SA9:@6.O».
Gbatk— Wheat irregular, unsettled and lower.
Market opened at Smith’s Elevator at 11.29)4; on re
ceipt of gold declining, $1.28)4; advanced on 'Change
to 91.28 M— rnline steady. This evening, market quiet
and steady at $1.28 for Nol. Sales for theday 403,000
buahels at above prices. Including largo agvnt for
future delivery. Oats dull and buyers offering at
67®C7Ke, sellers CBc, a small sale at CB)4c, delivered.
Com unsettled and dull. -
FnEionrs—Nominal. No vessels on the market.
New York Market— 9Xny 31.
. Conos—FUm at 11.03 far middling uplands.
Ftotm—State kad Western opened heavy
and clostd 5c lower, with no baalntss at outside
quotations. Saks at for extra State ; 7.933
s.to lor extra round hoop Ohio: $9.9028.70 lor trail
hiaoos. Included in sales are 2,0(0 bbia extra htate for
all June, sellers option, at $7.50.
>VmsKT—Active ana firm. Sales at $1.3:31.22 for
Western, dosing quiet.
Gb.Hi-Wheat opened dull and clorcd about 1c
lower. Saleast sl.Sbai.97 for Chicago Si-ring; $1.61
<31.57 for Milwaukee Clnb; SL*o®l.77 for WiuVsrßed
Wtitero. llye firm. Sales at Corn scarce
and decidedly higner. Bales at SIS62LSSM for new
mixed » ca’ern; »;.67 for new Southern yellow; $t.6J
@1.63f0r old Western mixed, and SIX 6 for common
white Western. Cats active and firmer. Bales at
[email protected] fon Western.
GEOCEttia-Coffte dull. Sugar doll at 18219 c for
New Orleans, and 17S17KC for Havana; Cuba dull.
Molasses anil. - ■
Pet-sol* vm—Quiet. Crude, 4Cc; refiaed in bond,
GtaCc: refined tree qnoted at 67)42630.
- Paovtatojfs—Pork lees active and scarcely so firm:
for new do; I34JO&SSSS for old andnewpnme, and
SSO>«3IX» lor prime n’C.’f. Beef firm and a tittle
more active, ct »9X-CQ13.00 for country mess; $8.09 %
7.00 fet country prime: [email protected] fur repacked
mete; and [email protected] for extra mess. Bacon aides
dull nti: )(@isHc for western. Lard dull and searcc
jv to firm, at '[email protected], Incloliac a lot or very choice at
ITVc, which Is above tt e market. Batter modrrutely
active, [email protected] for Ohio, and SOalic for state, the
latter price fur choice state In firkins.
Buffalo Blarkct—May 31.
Ftoun—ln good demand, with a good inquiry for
Eastern shipments.
Grain—W heat firm; sales ot ho 3 Chicago spring
at 11.40: No. 1 Milwaukee Clab and Chicago spring at
$1.45, CorUßcarceaad Arm; sales of No. j nt JI.2J.S
HA3. Oats—Sales of Western at 78>$3
Sales at 11.27,
Canal Expoars—Floor, 2.030 brls; wheat, 89.33}
bn»: coin. se.i3n bus; oats, Ji.ooo bns.
Lakk Impokts—Flour, 1 0,033 brls; whtat, 85,011 boa;
corn, .9,8552 bos; oats, 64,776 bos.
New York Money Market—May 31.
Mohrt— Active at *O7 per cent;
Steeling Lxchang*— Scarcely so firm at ICBK®
Goit>—Lcm active and lower—opening at 18S«, ad
vancing to 190Jf, and 9 ostns steady at 188X0133)4.
GovznmsT stock*—Lull and lower. C. S. 6«
1881 coop. ios»foiocj<: 7-S0 Ircasnry notes, October
and April, UOyllOX.
New York Stock Market—May 31*
Stocks better, U. B. 6's W/a coupon, 103 V; O. & M
Certificates, 52K; Cumberland Coal, prciorred, 74;.
QalcksUvei.76:Erle,l«K: Hudson. Ill; M. S.. 112;
Headier. 1J8: M* 8. {fijf; iI.SSt. t guaranteed, lUH; C. &
P., Ill; T. A W., 70; G.« C., 187*; C. & T., 147*; C. &
It. 1,1119 ft MU. &r.D. C„ 68; P. Ft. W. & C., 114 V:
C. A N. W.,18K.
In this city, on Monday evening.'May 80tb, bv the
Oav.J. H.nuttlo. THKO. WALTER and MARI A A.
BOOMBR. all of Chicago.
In this city, at the Mercy Hospital, yesterday. May
81ft. sfisr a long and protracted Illness, Ur. JOHN
ABTBUBY, aged AS years.
The remains will be taken to Rosebtll CemeUry for
Interment, cars leave Milwaukee Repot on Sunday,
June Stb.ataxP.M.
Railroad Time Table.
The following table shows the time of arrival
and departure of the several trains on all the rail
roads in Chicago: .
Depart. Arrive.
Detroit Express *&80 a.m. **s:3o a.m.
Detroit Express +t>:oo pan. 455.m.
Detroit Express., ... *tl0;00o.m. *3:15 p.m.
. {Train* for Cincinnati and Zouinil’e.)
Morning Express *6:2oam, > *B:lsp.m.
Night Express +6:00 p.m. *8:45 Am.
...•GffiOama. *5:15 p.m.
...■MkOOp.m. **s:3o a.m.
.•110:00 p.m. *8:45 a.m.
Day Express
Evening Express.
Night Express-.-
6/.6AV16 * junta.
Express, via Adrian *6:30 im. *&46 a.m.
Night Express, via Adrian..+tkoo p.m. **B:ls ajn.
Mall and Accommodation.. ‘l:4oa.m. *2:10 p.m.
Day Express *6:30 a.m, *8:15 p.m.
Mail Express +&oop.m. *D;lop.ra,
Night Express m. 18:iia.ra.
Cin. & Louisville Expreaß..tft4 s n.m. i0;35 a.m,
( Connecting with Pennsylvania Central S. B.)
Leave Plrtahnrg.. &00 am. 4:85 p.m, 8:45 p.m.
‘ k Harris!)'*.. 1:20 p.m, 3:45 aju. 6:00 a,m.'
Arrive Phfladel... 5:30 p.m. 0:505.m. 10:10 sun.
“ N. York.
▼la * ......... Iwopjn.
Allen ton
« N. York.
Til V 3&05 p.m. 11:05 m. §2:56 p.m.
PhUadel. )
“ Baltimore.. 5:40 p.m. 7:00 ajn. 11:50 a.m.
“ Wash’ton . 9:80 p.m. 10:80 a.nu 6:00 p.m.
.6:30 Am. fcSOp.m,
.9:40 p.m. . 8:35 am.
Bay Express..
Night Express.
(At Indianapolis and Louisville.)
,6:30 a.m. 8:50 p.m,
.9:40 p, m. 8:35 a. m.
Bay Express..,
Night Express.
Do v Passenger *8:15 Am. *fcoop.m.
Night Passenger tftSOp.m. *7:00 am,
' Kankakee Acc*n *6:15 p. m.
Hyde Park"Train *5:35 am. *7:45 Am.
‘‘ “ •* *12:00 m. *1:33 p.m.
•t‘ - « *• *4:00 p. m. p. m.
♦» *&lsp.m. *7.30 p.m.
Bay Express 9:30 Am. 5:15 p.m
-Night Express ....0:15p.m. 6:<X)a.m.
MendotaAccommodatl.on 5:15 p.m. 9:3OAm.
Express Hail 9:30 a.m.. 7:80 p.m.
Night Express 9:00 p. m. 5:30 a nr
JoQct Accommodation....s:3o p. m. 9:15 a.m.
Bay Express and Mai1...... 9:45 un, 4:50 pja.
Night Express 9:15 p.m. 5:16 ajn.
Joliet Accommodation 5:10 p.m. 9:40 Am,
Fallen Passenger 9:45 Am. 6:80 am.
Pulton Passenger 9;15 p.m. P*nt*
Proeport Pasaenger 0:30 a zn. p.m.
Freeport Passenger ICfcOO pja. «>:10 AJn.
Rockford Passenger 4:00 pja. 11:10 Am.
Geneva Passenger.... 5:00 p.m- 8:80 Am.
MaUPMsramr *10:00 turn. “SIS ».».
Eraitarßrpnw. *5:00 pjn. *11:35 xm.
night ExpreM *0:30 pjn. *8:15 p.m.
8L Pool SipreM 10:00 ajn. p.m.
Night EiprtSi .9:3opjn. l?»P-uu
Waukegan Accommodation p.m. 8:40 Am.
Braneton Special. 2:EO p.m.' .436 pjn
• Smtdayf excepted, t Saturdays excepted.
t Mondays excepted.
FeaHoi and Bonnty Bltnlu,
For sale at the Chicago Tsairsa Omcs. 51
Clark street.
The series is complete, an if the forms an aces*
rate, conforming In every respect to the ins trac
tions from the Fension Office. All the forms per
taining to an application are printed upon one
sheet, embracing the Declaration of the Applicant,
the Affidavits of Witnesses, the Certificates of the
Magistrate, Power of Attorney, Clerk’s Certificate.
Ac., Ac., with ample blank spaces.
Application for Transfer of Pension.
Application for Prize Money.
Application of Widow or Mother for Payment of
Application of Invalid Pensioner for Payment of
Claim of Heirs fbr Arrears.
Claim for Horse and Equipment.
Commutation of Bations for Exchanged Prison
er War.
Descriptive BoDs.
Disabled Soldier’s Declaration for Bounty Honey
CAct of March 8,1658.)
Father's Application for Bounty Money and Ar
Gnardlan’g Declaration of Minor Children for
BountyMonoyand Arrears.
Guardian's declaration of Minor Children fo
Guardian’s Declaration of Orphan Sister for
Invalid Pension Claim.
We send them post paid, at the rate of 75 cents
per qniro. upon the receipt of the money.
Address, Tsmumt Cohpant,
COL. J. H. WOOD A CO.. .Proprietors and Managers.
A. P. BRADLEY Director of AnmAtnenta.
•WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jana Ut, will be pre
tented Bourclcanlt'a great Combdy of
....Ur. A. T). Bradley.
.Ur. Frank fc. Aiken.
Mrs. Ptrrln,
Sir Harcoort Conrtiey.
Lady Gay Spanker
the great Comedy of the M AGIO
. PBlCE9.—Admissionto Moienm andleeture Boom,
is cents. Children under twelve years, is cents.
Dress Circle and Parauettc, 25 cents extra. Private
Boxes. and |S ho extra charge lor Reserved
Beats. Box Book open proa 10 A. M. to SP. M.
• Doors of Lecture Boom open at IX o'clock. Curtain
rises at 8 o’clock.
Tickets 23 cents, to all parts ol the house.
Great Motenm. with Its over 2>0,000 Cari
osities! The Invisible Lady! The Enormous Ameri
can Gianteesl Fight feet high, and welgnlng over
£OO Pounds J wlilaDCtarniebtly. bliss amer.Siyears
old, and BO Inches High! ths finest Small Lady in tne
World. my2»-h631-2w
XjLington street, between Clark and Dearbom-sts
Last week bnt one of t<ie present seuon. Splendid
programme. Everything Orstclass. Brothers
Fainting at tbs door. The Baw Ber-?ult*. Ths
Piftna Donna trotn the conntrv. LA MADKOUWa.
Friday evening, .luof. Sd. BESEFIr OP *AM PRICE.
The Champion Skater! 1
Deserved feats for Ins first anpearauce forsalest the
Box Office and at Hoot and Cady’s Music More
With new and splendid scenery, by Yoootiiu. New
costume*. new ptcpettles. new appointments. The
best afterp'eca yet proda:ee, fn'l of new tricks and
ebaneef, and the-scenery vortly of any Theatre m
the cutmtrv. D. w, aiiva WOUTu—the great Flutist.
SAM PHICS ss Mother Goose.
Change ol Time—Doorc open at 7:15. commence at
8. Admission.Bocents. Secure*’seats,Meents. Pri
vate Boxes. S3. Box Office open from 10a.m. to Ip.m.
mySfi-hSt iw EDWIN KELLY. Manager.
jjfX Madifon street,between State and Dearborn.
McVlckcr ana Myers.,
la-1 week positively of MIS* LAURAKEENE, and
Messrs. Lancs, Pxtnrs and wtuxppsar
supported by an czce lent cast, In tne gorgeous spec
tscnlar Drama entitled
A Mother’s T*x*ayer.
Produced is the same manner at Laura Kcerc'sThev
tie, New York, where it bad a successful ran of over
cue hundred nights.
Darios the niece the sublime effect of tbs Aurora
Borealn In the Polar l.cguns, magnificent scenery
and mechanical efforts.
CgMnxebeareSl, POT, or Cbicxet os'Tins Xleabth .
tia and in Dearborn street.
C. M- CHADWICK A Co., Proprietors and Managers.
T. L. FITCH, Stage Manager.
_ Danseose and Comedienne.
The Eccentric Ethiopian Comedian.
Champion 'Tymnasts, Acrobats, Ac.
Last week of MIES LOUISE.
Vocalist and Female Drummer.
Last week of MK. BEN MASON.
Prices or ASMlßslON;—F&rqnette, 2S ets; Drees
Circle, S3 eta; Private Boxes, ta.CO. Single seats la
Boxes, 50 cents.
Doors open at 7X o'clock. Curtain rises at 8)4
o’clock. mj29-hlis-lw
Will be held at Bryan Ball, SATURDAY,
Jntie4tb,atTMP.E ( fsrths benefit of inoie people
tn Denmark who are suffertrg tor their liberty and
nationality msiegwick In the present war with the
ccepotlc po* eta of Anuria and Pru,-sts. Ladles and
gentUman are cordially invited. Entrance free.
Jel-h283-4t 4thp
Grand Basket Pic-NiC
to he acvEir nr the
At the Picnic Grounds lust fitted up by the Chlcazo
andMilwaukeeßiimoadC’ompaty.slxteeaml’es north
oi Chicago, and lust opposite the place where the
These grotmoa are de lehtlnl, and are OMLT equaled
by there of Konst Bay Grove
Refreshments can he had on the creunda. A Plat
form, Seats Ac-, have been erected, Swings Bit* and
Balls, Qnolia, Ac., for all.
Vans A Dean'* splendid Brass Band will attend.
Tickets 75 cts; children 40 eta; to be bad at IIIG
OINB'MaaIo Fiore, and at the principal news depots;
also, at Kvv. Jomrai cilice of
JKO. O. NICHOLSON, Tress, and Of T. M. C.
Cars leave the Indiana street Depot at &I 5 A. M.
Will be delivered at BTITAN HALL.
33y IVI isH Sunsonnah Evons,
(The youthful Oratro’s.)
IZ'Tlckctfl 35 Cfßiß To be had at the stores of
Wm B Kean, B.C. orlpgs A Co., ffo, B. Holmes.
tbcicbA Gocdman. J.L. Walsbr,Root A Cady and
sttlo dcor. Dno:e open at 7 o’clock,lce 1 are to com
mence at 8. Jel-DtoMUlhp
’Sox Sale.
FDR SALE—2OO,OOO Cigar?, good
made, rep all a sir**. all floe picked la now'bo.Tes
oi fnsMooable brands, at *l7 per J,W). Call soon at
213 Randolph slice.,upstum. Jel-h2763c
FDR SALE—Portable Engines.
One 15 bene— l one < bo*** pnwer. la fir<t class
running order. J.C. RICHARDS, 83 WasMogton-st.
Tj'Oß SALE—An 8 horse power
X 1 Tubular Holler, lo e«w! runalnt order. BOW*
EKS A MEBbIMAN, Si West Washington street,
jel-tsoo-it ;
}?OR SALE—A retail grocery store
X 1 dolngapmfltaVe badness and in one of the
best locations Jo the city. Address “ O L," Cbicato
P. O. . Jelh«2-St
FDR SALE—A Piano, has been
bat Uttic used, rosewood case, fall round cm*
sere, iron frame, *H octaves. Can be seen at ISO Clark
street, room 4, tor a few days. Can be bought at a
bargain. P.O. Box 161. JonSlMt
FDR SALE - On the main line of
(be Illinois Central Railroad, at a good grain
point, a Warebonte containing on Alcvatorand other
facilities for handling grain rapidly. One or two lata
adjoining. If desired, suitable for Lumber Yard.
Wilt bo sold at a bargain. For particulars address
Draw er 5895, Chicago. m)3t-hl*>&-lot
T?OR SALE—One secondhand
JL 1 Enelne Lathe, swing, OX lee* bed. at B.T.
CBANE & 880., 102 West Lake-st, my3l-hi36-lw
Tj'Oß SALE—One second-hand
X. 1 Fortable*Boller. 94 loch lire flue, 22 S-fncb return
flues, 7*feet lon#,shell42 Inch. Capacity ofboller.
ishoieo power. Apply to R.T. CHANS iBBO , 103
West Lake street. . mySl-hIR-lw
Tj'Oß SALE—One pair Carriage
JU Hors's— Btjllsti.youLcandßonnd. Price
gold (or want of use. Address Boat Office Box w95.
|TOB SALE—A Cigar and Tobac-
R? CO Manu'actory, with stock on hand. Every
thing It compUti order for the manufacture of To
bacco and Cigars, and wlil be sold at a bit-jaln, as
the owner ts about returning to Europe- Addieu
•MA,” Post Office Box 1D27. mySlh2l»6B
FDR SAXE—A nine inch bore
fltcen horse power engine. In good repair, for
sale lot 1550. Call at the Morris Coal Office, corner
orclarkanaTaylorstreets. LAWaON A BliO.
Tj'Oß SALE—.Chtap, a small build-
X 1 Int lo rear of 45 Mlct Igon avenue, to he removed
Immediately. Apply In rear of 40 South Clark sc.|
gy7B-gei-lm - THUS. ALLEN.
FOR SALE—Or rent The South
Branch Mills. Two hundred barrels per day ca
pacity. Located on Canal street, tncweea Washing
ton and Randolph. For terms apply to THOMAS
LON EBP AN, 16 South CUrxst. my-il-triSE-aOt
TO RENT—A House of seven
rooms—rent. 4550. Also, one of Are rooms—
rent, |2sft; cas and water. For particular* Inquire at
comer of Cottage Grove aTenae and Twenty-Third
street of F. HALN3. jelhj7»U
T3 BENT—Three-story and base
ment House oo Wolcott street, North Division,
with all modem improvements. Apply to JAMES A
SPRINGE Ee«l Estate and House Agents. Room
No. 0, Metropolitan Block. Jel-h£s6-3t
TO BENT.—'Wishing to leave the
city, I advertise roy bcnse for rent, and Carpets,
which are nearly new. lor rale. House situated In
one of the pleasantest localities upon Michigan aye*
nne.- Bent, g'co per annum. For particulars address
TD BENT—Office room and part
of store, if desired. If applied for soon, at No. 7
Wigwam Building. -Storage for produce of all tings.
T) RENT—Thfe second, third and
fourth stories 399 Lake street. Apoly to PaC-
JfER 4 CL ABKE, on the premiset. _ my3lhlCMt
mo BENT—A very desirable resi-
X dence with all modem impiovPToeats and com
forts, lor rent, partly furnished, for five mouths to a
good party. Acoreea Post Office Sox 235, Chicago.
TO SENT —A suit of rooms on
Lake street (two bed rooms and parlor), furnish
ed. Apply at GROVER Si BAKER'S, 113 Lake-Jt.
TD BENT—A Boarding House
and Lease, and part of Furniture for sale, now.
full of boardere. Sold on account of going Into other
botines*. Inquire at 97 Canal street, near MadLon.
PERSONAL.— I wish to commu
mcate with those gentleman who w*ro p e ? ent
in Madlsou street car on Sunday evening attbemna
oftLorcbbtry. wnitbavpituo send mo tht>lr ad*
StMthooEhr O.BoxMd. K.B.BOWEN.
PERSONAL.— If Paul Woodward
-m forward the mosey iotrusted to b:ra to for*
ward from Vlckshur* to Chicago last Jasuarj, it will
Ik largest Exhibition
First Annual tour of the new monster
• An establishment ectlrcly novel and original In
construction, superior In every speciality, and In
cludes the following
Immense and Unparalleled Com-
Mons. Francois Seigrisfs
Great French Circus,
From the Theatre Porte St. Martin, Paris.
Wm.Ducrow’sCircus Royal
From the Alhambra Palace, Leicester Square, London.
Lent’s Broadway Circus,
From the Broadway Circus, New York.
Old Grizzly Adams’ Troupe
of Acting Bears,
From California.
Forrest’s Trained Buffaloes
From the Prairies if the far West.
Stewart’s Educated Sacred
From Hiadoostan.
Prof. Wallace’s Corps of
Performing Dogs, Mon
keys and Ponies,
From all parts of the World, comprising
200 Klen and Horses.
All under cne Gigantic PavUUoti, for one single price
of adaUsion.
It will be seen that the combination above given
ie»olislrom&n entirely NEW CLLSS OF AMUSE
MENTS, such as has never before been attempted by
private enterprise, and entails snob an enormous ex
penditure of money, that only the most liberal pad
ronsgeevn render it remunerative. The manage
ment will therefore be pardoned for directing the at
tention to the fact that this MAGNIFICENT PHA
LANX OF FXIUBiriON not only combines an in
finitely greater degree of noveLy, variety ana eflect
within Itself than can be found In any other piacs of
amaetmsnt In the world, bat also a nearer approach
The Magnificent Cortege
Of tbo Eqnescnrricnlam, comprising new and splen
did Cages, Carrlsges sod Barnees, finished and dc*
cersted In a style ol onpreccdented splendor, with
10C finer bones than were ever before collected to
gether on either Continent, will mike its public entree
about 10 o’clock on the moraine of the day of exhibi
tion,headed by abeanillnl bond chariot, containing
Charles Boswold’s Opera Baud,
And will parade the principal streets.
Mens. Francois Seigrist,
The French Trick Clown.
W. A. Donavan,
The English Gymnastic Clown.
Mast. George,
The Le Petite Grimaldi. And the Inimitable
Joe Pentland
Will officiate as Clown toJhe Equestrian Scenes,
X3T Doors open at 2 and 7 o’clock. To commence
half on hoar after opening.
Childrenurder 12 ye&ra ot age, 25 CENTS.
Beats for everybody I' No standing room! _
COICAGO. Monday, Jane 6tb, 1864,
« Tuesday, » 7th, «
“ Wednesday, “ Bth, f{
Washington street, opposite the Court House.
gWAnd wilt exhibit at all the principal cities and
towns throughout Illinois and Wisconsin In June,
July sod August.
* ......We.'nesday, " Btb, 44
NAPERVILLE,... .Thursday, “ 9tb, M
J0L1Ef,..,. Friday, “ loth, 44
MORRIS,. - Saturday, •* Itth, H
0TTAWA,....,....,; Monday, 44 13lh, **
LASALLE,. Tueeday, *' Htb, 44
PRINCETON,. Wednesday,"'lsth, •*
NEPONBET Thursday, 44 16th, “
GENESZO .Trldty, “ 17th, 44
BOCK ISLAND, ...Saturday, “ ISth. %t
PAYER POET, lowa, Monday. “ 20th, ••
MUSCATINE, *• Tuesday, “ Slit, «*
TIPTOE, M Wednesday, •* 23d, **
IOWA CITY, *' Thursday, “ 23d, **
WASHINGTON, •' Friday, ** 2llh, “
MT,PtSABAST.“ Saturday, “ 231h, “
WiPSLLO, “ Monday, “ 27tb, **
BURLINGTON, •' .Tuesday, M 28th, **
OQUAWKA,. Wednesday," 29;h. “
MONMOUTH,....; Thursday, ** ICtb, u
QALFBBTJEO .Friday, July.lst, **
FARMIAQTON Baiurday, ‘‘2d, ••
PEOEIA ....Monday, ••■*4th, *•
pi KIN Tuesday, M 5Lh, ”
CARTON, .....!..Wednwd*y,-“ sth, •*
LkWJSTON .7 Thursday, *• ith, “
VERMONT, * Friday, Btb, “
MACOMB Saturday, M 9th, ••
CARTHAGE,. Monday, « 11th, •*
KEOKUK Tuesday, “ IMi, *•
WARSAW Wednesday, “•Hih. *•
Thursday, *• 14th, **
QtrmCT, Friday, •» 15th, M
BABBT .* Saturday, •• 16th, “
K. B-Tbe general contracting and advertising
Atenta will visit each place of exhibition with large
pictorial potters, lijh -graphs, .newspaper advertUo*
menu, etc., etc., etc., about sixteen days la advance.
If, 8,-Tho LargMt trhlblUenbi the
World la Co mins, 4
Becolleot the Day and Bate!
N.B.—Once more: Hease observe the day and date
sue do not confound this MOKBTKB OSQASIZA
TIOK with asy oih«r eompsales. whether they be
• K ccd,had,QgezceedSogl7laslffete&t, mytHMt.
.—...Monday, Jane 6Ux,1561.
.......Tuerdar, “ 7th, ••
Snctton Sales.
Groceries, Liquors, Ac.
Oa Wednesday* Jane Ist* at 9 1-9 O’clock*
At Button* Auction Booms to Portland Block, comtr
Of Washington and Dearborn street*.
njsWi9s.lt AncaonejM.
p AUE.—Honeahold Furniture, Fire Proof Safea,
wagon, luxu,4c..
xnrtioJ w5? Ay » Jaaa 1. at 9K olock. at Butters’
Bl^s . c °rDor De.rborn
HO ™?^ c D . r F p^«Uß3-CoM l s: ta.of. i :r n rr»l
Flß S^fe >h doabie ß^t S l 4 Fire and Burslar
i!nt < ?°? bl# , acora hiside raolt With
BCGO? ANnV'iVMv Iron Safe.
"o***- waxen with
BSv ER IS /lA-rfe S W AR
Btt LsketVßj* D 4cy Aßl> “ SpC>o,U ‘ For «* Cake
PIANO FOBTS—A aapqrtor Plane Forts.
Jel-2C3 It Auctioneer*.
Custom Made Clothing,
Boots, Shoes, <Sco. 5
AX AUCTI 01, .
On TUESDAY* Jane 7th, mt OS O'clock*
At Batters* Auction Rooms in Portland fcfack,corner
of Dearcornand Washington nrests.
WM. A. BCITEttS * CD.,
Jelh?f<7t Ane loaders.
3Seai Sstati-cittE
SALE.—Save Rent! Secure
JL Health! F e C3peHeataod Dun. Live IntheConn
try! Some or lb. choicest saburhanhjires about Chi
cago, within and without the City Limit*. are now
far sale. A large nuxher of Blocks In the Mll» Ad.
dit'on at Cottsze Grove, near the University and the
Lake, have been left for sale on reasonable t*rtas In
Jel-h23OCt Beal Estate Oates, Bryan Hill.
FOR SALE—In exchange for cen-
Iral chicaso property, I oTer several beautiful
cocntr> homes,with tone cash addtd. The firms
aojo.plng my own at cottage Hill and have Quo fruit,
erergxeecs.a beanttfni grove,goodwater.Ac. Trains
very ireauent. Neighborhood healthy and no more
desirable suburban property near Chicago. Will at.
some mortgage, If desired, on city property or nay
caib. TH03.8. BRYAN, Brym Hall.
m;3l-hll7 6t
OR SALE—A new two story
JL Frame Housed 11 rooms, finely finished through
oat, and lot. cn Parle avenue, near Reuben at.
A large new Frame House and Lot. wild frame
barn, on Park avenue near Llnccln-it
A new Frame House of 11 rooms and Lot 5C by 133
feet on Park avenue, near Wood, for 85.& W.
Three new Frame Houses and Lots on Warren-sh,
non Lmroln.
. A new two-storv Frame House of 19 rooms, and Lot
60 ly 121 fret, on Warren street near Hoyne.
A two story Frame House of 10 moms and Lot. on
Chicago avenue, near Market street, lor $0,230.
A Frame Hones of 11 rooms and Lot on Sangamon
street near Adams, renting for $423 per year, trice,
$3.,5). .
A Brick Honse of 13 rooms on Washington strict,
can of Union Park.
Also- a number of other Houses and Lots In differ*
ent parts of the city. SAMUEL A. SARG2NT,
heal Estate Agent. No. i Metropo lian Block.
my3i-hIS7 2t
FOR SALE—A neat, well-built
story-and«» ball Cottage Honse, pleasantly lo
cated, witu good barn ana isrge lot.- Also, a large
Bnck Evidence, well sorroanded by shale trees,
with large lot and good barn. Apoly to J. BI JlCßlt-
DIHE.In Hoiobam A M-rtin’s office, £T> Esst Ran
dolph street, or to O.BICnEttDIEK,on West Indiana
streets, between Elizabeth andßoblo streets.
TJIOJt k2?LE—Or exchange for city
ZSMQCffiW. 3 choice stock and grain farm. oflSo
■raSSnotra of Worth, Cook county, Illinois,
KTSmTeonth oi the Coarc dons*: all fenced, large
bare anc bouse: 40 acres cultivated, balance prairie
and meadow, cut over 100 tons of nay la*t yesr. Clr
cumsianct-* comps 1 the sale. Btocr also for sale. E.
H. CUMMINGS, j32 Ciark street, Chicago.
myt9 h44-4t ~~
V>VAS TED.—Agents wanted to
T Y sell the most ‘TVond-irfnl Invention of the
Age.” An Instrument and rail Instructions by which
any lady or gentleman can take a perlect Ukenew.
£ent free on rt ceipt oi cent*. Agents are making
>lO a t ay- Every famlU should have ooe and take
their ewn likenesses. Town and county rUhts fur
Bde. Address M. IE GRAND, care 2fls Broadway,
New York. Jei-b251-6t
TAT"ANTED—A responsible man,
Y T farmer preferred, to dobumness la each town
ship, without hindrance to otter pursuit!, for which
slOOayearwill be paid. Call persoo-tliy at the office,
147 Clark street, Hoorn 14, ur address Post Office
Drawer 6337, Chicago, Hi* enclosing 25 cents, acd If
yonr tow n*blp is taken your 35 cents will bo scut bacx
to yon. Also, Carpenters wanted. Jel-h£69-2t
YV ANTED—Agent=,ladies or gen-
Y Y tlemen.to sell the best condensed Bistort of
TDRWARjet published, with map 33x40 Inches, Jart
on*. FrlceSoceus. Also Atwatbb’bPortaolwCopt*
era Press, with writing case, Ins stand, Ac. Jast the
Ulng for military men and business men. Pries SL2S.
History or Press sent free on receipt of price. Liberal
toms to agents. Call at room No. 4, over W) Madison
s'revt near Post Office, or address P. ATCIftTSON,
P. O.Box. 3665, Chicago, 111. Jel-b2S4-lt
Y\7 ANTED-Energetic Agents to
Y Y sellby subscription J. S- C- Abbott's Ctv'l
War History, and otber new and valuable publ'ca
tlors. Also the Ge tuxME Fac Slufle of the Eman
cipation Proclamation and splendid steel Engßivlcgs
—Lieut. Graf, wrawt. Washington, and Cubist
Blessing Little Children. Fur term.*, Ac- call
on or address O. F. GIBB3, 131 South Clars »ticet,
Chicago, lU. Pest Office Box3oß* my3Qhll2-U
'YV ANTED—Agents engaged in
BELLION. and OTHEEwoRKS.to sell by subscription,
Rev. Allen M- Bcott, of Memphis. Team, an outline
of the Btbelllop, written in the ancient chronicle
itjle. Oce ofthexnos*. poc-nlar and valuable works
ever offered bv azents. Tho paper la now being mala
for the twentieth edition, while It Is only about
three months since the first appeared. Agents are
gtttlog from 75 10)00 subscribe sper week, and many
of them are men who have had no pi evloos experi
ence In the business. Price. $1.50 per copy. Extra
Inducemer ta offered togcod, energetic agents. Send
for a circular containing sample chapters. Ac., to C.
F. VENT & CO., Publishers, U4Dearborn street, Chi
cago, 11L myS-e23>lm
TX7ANTED— $75 a Month.—
n Agents wanted to sell Sewing Machines. "We
will giro a comiDiFsloQ on all machines void, or em
ploy agents who wiU wort; for the above vases and
all expenses paid. Addrets D. B. HBUHINTON ft
CO .Detroit, Mich. myC7-sS976t
W ANTED—Disabled officers and
T T soldiers, honorably discharged from tho ssr-
Tice, and in want of employment p'-cullartv adapted
to their to* dltlon. should address P. u. Drawer 6611
Chicago, 111., giving flat** of discna-ge ana name of
cotnpary and reglmeot dUcharged from.
TA7ANTED —Agents, to sell the
T T celebrated New England Family Sewing Ma
chine. The only small machine that nos been in use
three years that gives perfect satNtnctloa The New
' England Family is equally ffilclent in sawing the
heaviest goods wi b the finest fanrlc. Price sls. 1
wulgiva SI,OOO lor any two-taread machine tbtt sur
passes this, either in oeauty of stitch or strength of
seam. My agents are clearing irom S3O to stw» per
month. General delivery Ctic'go, IB- For terms tc
aceue, and private circular, IT. B. EVANS
General A pent for the Northwest, P. O. Drawer W».
Chicago, 111. rayl9-gS33l3t
XSTA NTEI>-A cents, a campaign document 1*
>T Thayer'S life of ABRaHAM LINCOLN, thi
Pioneer Boy. Sample mailed on receipt of retail
price, $125. One hundred dollars i mouth made t-’.li
me my publications- E- K. LANDON, Agent. Lak<
street, opposite thaTremout Hou?e. mys-eSB6-liE
WLNTED.— 160 per month! I want Agents «i
*69 a month, expenses paid, to sell my Evnt
LABTDfo Pencils Quintal Bnuruaa, and thutea
other new, useful snd cartons ar-tcloa. Fifteen cir
culars sent feu. Address JOHN F. LQBP. Bldde
ford, rtalns. myi-*jl2s-;te
BOARDING —A pleasant famish
ed front room, suitable for a gentleman and
wife or two gentlemen, and a single room can be
obtained at ti Michigan aveuce. Jel-hSta-lt
BOARDING —AJew day boarders
can be accommodated at 19 Quincy street.
BOARDING— Pleasant rooms and
good board can be had at 555 Sou h Clark street,
Jccnmcs bouse, at s'.oo per weak, also two or t'tree
nnmraished salts of rooms for families. G aTLORD
ft STEELE, Proprietors. Jel-hMt 2t
BOARDING— Pleasant rooms.
furnished or unfurnished, to rent with or with
out board In private.anally, at 137 roarth aveaud.
BOARDING.— One Furnished
room to rent with board at 61 Wabash avenue,
southeast corner of Basdolph street. Day boarders
can te accommodated. jal-fcfrT-lt
T?OARDING.—Two gentlemen
JLF can be accommodated with board and a large
room, lo a private family, by applying at 43 Fourth
avenue. Beierence given and
BOARDING. —Wanted by a pri
vate faffUy,residing In a first-class bouse on
West Washington street, one or two gentlemen and
their wives, alio two single gentlemen, as occupants
for several very desirable rooms, with board. Par
ties wishing to eeenre a pleasant and convenient
home In the most desirable part of the West Division
will find this an excellent opportunity. Best of refer
ence 8 furnished and required. Andrew M n w,”
Tribune office. my3i-h213-2t
BOARDING.- Four Gentlemen
can be accommodated with beard and rooms,
by applying ni its iTdbaab avtoae, between Atadlson
aadieonroc streets. xaj3l hl7*3t
T>OARDIN6. —A pleasant front
-1 J room with board, suitable for a centleman 4nd
wl-eor two single gentlemen. Aleotlsy boarders
can ce accommodated, at No. 17 East Handolph sc.
mjsi-tai-at -
BOARDING. —A pleasant front
room, suitable for a gentlairaa and wifi or two
single gentleman ,c*a be ootalnedby applying at No.
10 Comer street, near State. Can accommodate a
few day boarders also. mySl-hiTMt
T> OAR DIN G.—A gentleman and
la Tlfe can be accommodated with two front on*
fornlsted rooms with board,ls a family where there
aropo other boarders—in a good neUhnprhood on
tbe West aide. Beferenow required. Addresa P.O.
Box 5214, myjl hlTt-St
Boarding.— Fust class accom.
modationfor&few gentlemen and their wires,
alto single zentlorun and day boarders, can fled all
thecomfonaoraboma in an excellent location by
applying to r, C. Johnston,l» Dearborn street.
maya-hKMt ; _
BOARDING. —A desirable froit
ebsmber and back narlor, nnfura**h*d, with
beard, lor gentleman and their wire*, can be oorained
by applying at 2G3 Wabash avenue. mySl-hIW-jt
“O OARDING.— Suits of rooms,
Jy furnished cr nnfnmlidiid.canbe had withboard
at rctßOLSble rates, at 2SB State street. myfll-hlli-2t
LOST. —$I 0 Reward. lost last
Friday night, a Portemensale with two tlO
Greenbacks tsd some papers. lbs floderwmrecelye
the above reward by delivering the same to MOSA A
WAT.K.iTOSonthwattrstrect. Jel-MB-lt
LOST— On Lasalle street, between
Lake andFouth Water s'reets. Ware ho use Be
ccipt No. £i3t. la Monger A Armour's Warehouse,
dated May 28th, for S-5.20 bosh els So. 1 Oata,
jel liSCASt J. H. DOLB A CO.
LOST OR STOLEN—On the 29th
Instant, from the Packing House 155 Sooth r*w*i
street, a small yellow dcorcii Xanana Doo. A
liberal reward will be paid for big recovery, aod no
questions aiksd. mySi-niSS-St
LOST.— Strayed, $25.00 Reward.
On** dark bav horse, 7 years old, one white fore
1001. Marin the forehead, some collar marks, a little
knee sprnnar, about IT hands high.
One dapple gzay mare. 7 or 8 years old, a small
bunch onleUfarearm, about 16* hands high.
One dark bay mare, 7 or 8 years old, some contra
walks, two erackamleft fore foot, rather •tyllab.xn
good condition, about ityhanoahigh.
The above reward will be paid lor the ratnm of the
abovedetertbedhorsea,atSSMarketstreet,hr '
mya-hiMlw ffIUJAMSIHS.
•O Trldiy 37, IBM, from Sll Mllwankea avtaaa;two
Morse*, one brown,abont nine years old, and blind In
the light eye. the other a wtalta one ana aoentelght
years old. Both M4cn rope halters. A_Un«ral re>
ward will be paid for their retara to J. V. To)ffd
tbs above place, or tor information 1 ceding tothetr
month . Bji.'hix-n
VyANIED—A good cook wa*bar
T T and ironer. On* «ko oadeetmnda her bmtt*
new, tod can famish rood reference** can Hoi • *Ho
alien ai ye west Lake street. m/31-hlß>l<
TTS/ANTED —A situation by a
T T youns man who can soeak Bnrllah ana Ger
man. In a Retail Grocer* orm a Dry Good* Store,
where be can make him?' If generally useful. Good
reference trtren, also lefertcee required. Addrww
“P R,** Gibacn. Lake Co.. InJ. Jet-LEg-kt
WANTED-In the country, a
" I Teacher to teach In a family the Snklbfc
branchea and Music. Addresa M P B," Glbaoo. Coe
Connty, Ind. JeHUP-lt
WANTED—An experienced Ger
. • • san Clerk for a Dry Goods Store In a n«i*h
oorlngtown. Reference* required. Apply to T. B.
CARiER. at F-rtreU, Flcla A Co'*. Jcl h£Sd*
"'Ey"ANTED— A situation as house
▼ » keeper or aeasatme. or some light work, by
• respectable American larj. Would not object to
the vers for a small familr. Addieee P. O*
Box 5&0. Chicago, Pi. Jel-biftt
ANTED—For fifteen or twenty
days, a rood reliable Telecraph Operator.
Most be a good wand reader. Inquire attbeCMooffo
and St. Louis Railroad Telerrapb Otdce. Masonic
Toicpic, 35 Dearborn street. Jel-MIS-lt
WANTED—A situation as Cook
▼ T In a private family, by a sir! who his llvadtlx
*£}*• with her last employer. Good refaxenee glvea.
Jel hi**i ah<rm4a street, above Polk street.
WANTED -SO or 100 feet of
«i»- « MS'S g“*? no «!.f.W
WANTED-A Drug Clerk-one
f e rxcd^^^?S i SSi? pn > f l
WANTED-A titnatirii as Pori
WAITED. —A "entleiuan desires
f T to enter a Stock Broker's Offlce. with a view
of learning the busmvs*. Address. with fail nJwl
and partlcnlaxs, P. o. Brawer 94637* °aVu:i^°
\Y ANTED—To rent a room plea-
T T aanMy located, furnished or unfurnished, for
two young ladies. References exchanged. Addreta
Pest Office Box SOJS, statins location and rent per
'ANTED—A s-itaaiion as Car-
TT pecter. Has worked a» it some. Can do
rough work and wishes to improve. Residence. ist
Acn.ms street. JeMi3B.n
IVANTED —An active y onng man
?-T of good address. Apply, with reference* few
cote, to ‘•Ur,’* Box 5033. Chicago P. O. Jel- h3S9.lt
TX7ANTED—A Partner with a
V v cash capital of *2,000 cr JS.COO, to engage In
the Cloibii.g Cusicess in a flourishing town of five
thousand lobsnlta&ts. Address Inmediately. wltti
refaratce. Box 5425, Chicago. jel-hK.’-lt
WANTED—To rent a small Cot-
T * tare, or four or five good rooms far a small
family, without children. Best ot references given.
Address “H," Box 3537. Jel-faai-tft
TV ANTED—A House and Form-
T T lure. A flrst-cla&s House, Furnished, wanted
for toe sammer months by a person who Is now bnlid
ae. Any person basins * boose of this kind eon And
ac-treial tenant and net a good rent tor thepretn'ses.
Satisiactory references given. Apr.lv to A. J.
AVKKHLL, Beal Estate Office, No. ? Metropolitan
Block. jei-hMMt
TV ANTED—A neat and respect-
Y ▼ able girl, from twelre to fifteen years of are.
to assist In aonutnz and taking care of a colld one
year and a half old. One accustomed to children
prefeized. or one from the country. Address Bax
£.ts.Cnlcago or coll at 121 (tne twenty one) Sjntli
Pecrta street. _Jel-a23L3t
'V\7'A!N TED —A thorough experi-
T T €rcedSa!ciman for a Who’.csaleUquor Honse
as Traveling Ageut; also, two grocery clerks aid an
experienced drug clerk who understands prescrlp.
tic us. a Urat-cloas saltsmm for a bookstore* two
young men to learn trades, and a buy who writes
well. Apply at the AdTenlslrg and General Business
Apcrcy.&iuearbcra street, Rooms. hltu«lons pro
cured. [Jei-b2sMtJ FINLAY A CO.
AjNTED—A situation in a
TT wholt2a!c boot and shoe store, as salesman,
bya thorough eipeileocedyoane roan who can give
Cfjt-clßss city re ertnee. Apply or address
A CO S Advertising and General Business Agency,
31 Dearbom-st., liomn S. Merchants, Hotels and
others supplied (gratis) with male blip. Wanted, a
aertleman with S2/JCO capital In a new patented.
Ploughing Machine. Jol-h?45-U
TVANTED— Gold! Gold! The
t T way to coin Gold Is by using •' QranobbV*
New York method 01 Cutting. ‘llll3 M 3toter ” has
now a wide-world reputation lor dispatch, accurtcy
and elegant tit: expressed to nit part*, in Ilfe-slza
•• diagrams” with full directions for Immediate aic.
Send and get it (old price, >7.ee.) Choice patterns
lor said and cut to order. 27 Market street. Chicago.
(P. O. Bos 18Cfc.) ' Jel-hiil-it
TV ANTED. —To Tanners.—
VW Wanted byan old experienced tanner a sit
uation sa foreman, 1 o Is a man that has taken charge
ofbeam hotueandyard for years, by the piece and
year. He will warrant to pot oat os good leather,
and as Quick a return, with as little expense as any
mao In the State. No objection* to town orcouatrr.
Ail letters adcreMed to J. P. BURNS, North Branch
P. O, Chicago, will be.sttended to for a week.
Jel-b283 2t
wAN TED—To know the beat
Y T place to get likeness? At RHOADS A CO’S
larre Photograph Rooms, ISA South Clark street, cor
ner ol Madison. Cartes de Yislte $1 SO par dozen';
large size Photograph, *1(0; copies, 50 cent): Like
ness and Frame complete, only s?.2t. my4l-aZ4Wtj
TVANTED—In a good American
Y Y family, a home for a girt to take care of chil
dren. Country preferred. Fas no oareots. No
wages but a good home desired. Addren Box 101$;
North Branch, Chicago. mySt-haWt
TVANTED—A eiteation to do
Y Y chamber work, and willing to assist in tha
kitchen. Cue bo seen atlSdSouth Mtrkeist. Good
rererecops can be given. Can do plain sewing,
TV"-ANTED. —By a Lady, a situs-
Y Y ilou as copyist, or as teacher of the higher
English bratchcß, r -Reference* givenlfdesuttl. Ad*
drets Q. It. a.,Beloit, Wlsooaain. mj3i-h3) 4t
YY A rood business man from the East, hi win*
Orem five to ten thousand dollars m cash, would UIM
to take an interest In some established LlnnorHonsa
In this i*lty. Address W. M. C., Drawer 6ic4.
tny3l-h145-3t ’
WANTED - A competent Ameii-
Y Y can Housekeeper. Address Box 3537, ftatlac
when ami wbeiean Interview may be had,
mjSl-hl»-2C ;
■\XTANTED Some, hind family to
Ti adopt either one or both of two nice little
German elils (orphans), of four aad six years old
rxpeetively. ripply as 1U DUnou street, corner of
Well*. By3Vh3W-3t
T\7“ANTED —A first class Cook.
V ? To one wbp can brlngfatlslhctory recommen
dations, apcrnmneot win be
given. Apply at rOMicnigan-ave. rn)3l-h507-dt
T7i r ANTED —A man to take care
i * of a span of hones and do chores abont a
small place Apply at 99 aonih Water street.
T/ITANTED —A good, faithful girl,
▼ t as chambermaid, and to look after cbUdrea.
Apply. wt:b recommendations, at JTJ ilaronstreet.
W ANTED—Two good Machim
▼ T ms, at small iron vosk, and two eamvoe
workmen. Inquire of 9mITH ft TANNER 83 Wash-
Ingtoa street. mya-hIM-tt
VVTANTED —A man to take chaise
Tv of the dining room In a first class hotel, ate*
an assistant neat cook. Apply at 46 North Walla-st.
T T Bairels, in be delivered atonr Packla; Boom
by tho first uay of October next. Mu*t na well mads
acd from »*a«oned timber. GRIFFIN HRt»3„
VS7"ANTED—SOO laborers to work
7 V on the Peninsula Railway,between Kscanaha
and Marquette, Michigan. Wages. 81.73 per flaw.
Board, SIOO per wees. Parties desiring small eoa*
tracts can he accommodated at g'todprices.aaa tsala
furnished If required. Men ore wanted to work at
grading, tract laying, and on gravel t aia«,*ad In
tho finest climate daring the summer ssuoa in tna D.
8. Free passes to the wort can be procured, sad all
Information In reference to the wort bo giv- n on ap
plication to J.H. WHLIASIB, at the Chicago ft NortM
western Railway Pss!*eneer Depot, Chicago.
myv7-yg»6t WELLS ft PEBBY, Contractors. _
V\/ ANTED—To go to Houghton,
T T Michigan,on Lake Superior, a yonugmaa who
can speak English. Norwegian and ttwcalah.a# cleric
In store. One wbo has bad someexperienca preferred.
Will pay him good waves sno give steady emdoy
ment. Qoodreterencesreqalred. Inquire at Trtbona
ofilce. m)27-gSOO-Iw
TXT ANTED -A purchaser for my
v T bookstore. I have one ofthe belt established
book*storss in the city, which 1 win sell or trod*
for city property on the West aide. Call on meat*
West KLozle street, or sddresa IRA BROWN. Poet
Office Box 824. Chicago. my36-gS3$-lW^
UTAimSD-FOT the Governmeßt la the.Qoartß**

Wages $35 per month and rations. Also, I.OW Ta*
stert. Wages 8* permonth and radons. metrsn*
porta Con furnlihed to place of destination ana
tamed to St. Lours, Mo. For farther irlormaOo#
quire at the Government Office. w»t«
street, Chicago, 111. JAMES W. CLARE,
myi-eaST-at" Government Agant,
*UaI ISstatr-ffintttttrs.
T?OR SALE. —I offor for sale a
X? flMtclarnbonae.contammgabonttwraty wome,
situated within six hundred yard* of cbe UliDoto
State University, »t Korth Bloomington. Honao !■
good repair; would cost at present price of material
and labor to build (Including five lota oo which It
stands) about fIjHX). . ..
A family suitable to keep a boarding bonae emt
occupy it. and boart from twenty.fl vo to thirty
denta. maklns above erpensea, tad ahhaollng the*
children. from «to to SI,OOO per your.
tiocd sidewalk from my oroperty
Twenty-five students « WJO per.week,Jor forg
week#, amounts to &OCO. and certainly H.rtOwM
coverall tbe expenses per year,in inralittiog foil.
"YwUUaXo* S:XCO for the above named propeety.
Aoy one destnns to purchase It can addreae me at
Bloomington, IIU for the
' P. O. Box 609. TV.
Tj'Oß SALE—For $4,000 in green-
JL backs. eighty (80) aerea of Land near Chicago,
being the west half (K) of (be southeast naerterTla
of section teenty-eight (128) in Township Thirty elchl
(38). For further information addre a afia LErITIA
kBA LUW IN P. O: box 13d, Pltubei g. Penh!
FOR SALE.—-Great Bargains.
acre* of Land, on the line of the loow
pondiH Peoria Ballroad, in Livingston CoantyTm.
“? d 1-0 yi?*- U9 withintana
mUeaof Maitroed Stations Chataworth nirrMt
Mine, and wlB
be soldeheap, one-fifth cash, balance la flra or wren
years at alx per cent, mteresc Thera is a Boat Sagv
Manufactory at Chatswortb. in sacceaifol operation.
S°S^ t TS. I S^? , J n *h® Stale. AddroM or apply ta
*l® Eaudolah •trees, Chicago, or
1° J-SITLL w SLL. Esq.. Chataworth. lUlnosa.
■p'ORSALE —A handsome resi-
X dence at Harlem, first station on the Galena BalW
road.iwtity-flvaminutes ride (Tom the Welle street
depot- The ptemUee coi tain two acres of ground
hlgely coinvated. Terms one half eagh.iha
balance say remain a lien on the property a Ion?
term of years. If deslnd. Apply to H. B. RO«T iIT
Una of nottoo * Leonard. l»f and lOSSaadolok-et.
D)!&-US0>Ut. -
Xf'Oß SALE—Farms. Ist—l94
X acres, price 88.T90; Improvements cost 14 v»-
from Chicago 90 a lies. Jd—itu acres, price tTOOO
1m prov. cost bUM; from Chicago ai miles. U-»
aerw.pnce •3JM; Improv coat «uWO; frem Chicago
10 miles. 4th—4B* aerea, price sd 720; improv. coat
|3ju>; from Chicago 58 muee. 3th— l6B acre*. p»tea
*9JCP; Improv. cost tAUb; from Chicago M mllea.
6th—iw acres, price 47, on*; Improv. costs I USB'; froxa
Chicago T9 miles. Tib—CT acres, price imprtrv.
cost *JJOO; from Chicago?* miles. Bth—4oscree,price
PACT; Improv. cost ; irom Chicago- » mile*.
Vtb—lMacr«B.prlceS4 J SOu: improv. eoetgiAM): trotn
Chicago 14 mfiee. Htn—*6a seres, price *4 !m
6rov. com tkJOo; from Chicago n sulee. Sight wUb
ilHnnlfs from village* and railroad depots. Seed
stamp and git a descnp'loa. kB. CUMMINQ3. jji
Clark street, Chicago, m Poet Box 978. mygl-vanat
TTOR SALE.—Farm for sa-e atTs
X Bargain. A very valuable Farm, Mcoated oa
Blckcry creek, m HiQ ooan v.tlL. coauming i*»
acres, all well fenced, and divided Into Ullage. Bee*
dow, pastor age and wood land, with naver-tadme
water numlnathrooi hit. The Improvements coo«»
ofalaraeflsehnek honae.ead fourteaoa l hoaw.
several large fine baits, with shade, derail laaoe*
to bay. bclz a In a good aelghhorhood.
fmher pegttenlaralaoaiio o« goNOaß. -

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