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tar The remittance for dnbe must, in all cases,
toe made at ok? time.
Address 44 CHICAGO TRIBUNE.” Ohlcago. DL
Cljicaga €xUwne.
Our advices from Grant, up to the present
Writing (2. A- M.), are of the most favorable
•character, and indicate that the struggle on
which the fate of Richmond hangs cannot be
Mar distant.
Our Indianapolis special dispatch gives a
ruble proof of the temper that possesses the
Army of the Potomac under the leadership
of Grant. It Is not they who are changed.
These brave fellows would have followed
him ns gladly as now.
We publish a highly Interesting review ol
the situation in Georgia, by dispatches and
correspondence, ah |g going, on well, uufl
the rebellion is. being subjected to a very
•crushing pressure at both ends. With onr
arms victorious at Atlanta and Richmond,
%ht last ditch cannot too soon be looked for.
Havana correspondence gives more in de
tail than was before reported, the capture
of Montl-Christi by the Spanish troops. The
Attack took place on the 17th. The fight was
n.bardone, and the victory, well disputed,
beneath a blistering son, was not achieved
without some loss; the Spaniards haring a
hundred men killed or wounded. - The assault
was well seconded by the ships of the squad
xun. The town, with the forts andintrench
rnents, were.dcfendtd by a force of upward
of S,OOO men, with thirteen pieces of ord
iiance. Monte-Cristi was considered by the
insurgents to be their principal stronghold,
rnd hence the importance attached to its
The Portland (Maine) Advertiser eajs that it
22 rumored that a potent reason with the
Government for Ills surrender to the Spanish
authorities lies In the fact that the Spanish
Government had intimated that if the United
Mates authorities would arrest and deliver
Cul. Argucllcs into their bands, they in tom
would surrender Appleton Oaksmlth, whose
conviction in the Federal Courts as a slaver,
and his subsequent escape from the Boston
jail to Cuba, are still fresh in the public mind.
Jf this be true, Oaksmitb, who has been liv
ing in affluence in Cuba, may find himself a
prisoner ere this, ahd ready to be delivered
to this Government.
1 A correspondent of the New York Tima,
with Gen. Butler’s army, says the excitement
of skirmishing seems to become a muni*
with some of the soldiers. A man named
Parker, of the!4BthNew Yorkrcglment, who
was afflicted with this singular mama, got
many yards in advance of the other skirmish
ers, when he saw a grayback, whose enthusi
asm in the same gentle direction must have
been equal to his own. Grayback saw Par
ser also. They simultaneously raised their
pieces and fired, and both fell dead, shot in
the forehead. Parker’s body was bronglit
One of the letters captured in the rebel
mull lately intercepted in Maryland, was
from an officer in Lee’s army. It was written
just before Grant commenced hie ad
vance, and says:
“ We a'l look forward to a short, sharp, sanguin
ary, but decisive campaign, now about to be open
ed. The result wc do not doubt. Grant wiQ meet
Ihe-samc late that Seymour met in Florida, Sher-'
man In MWlavippl, and Banks In Louisiana. As
for the Yankee neisro troops, they will always
meet the fate they have met whenever they have
cncruuit-redour lorccs. ’Extermination’ is the
war cry in charging negro troops.”
It seems to be decided upon to pnt upon
the market, for 6ale to the highest bidder,
$75,000,000, or thereabouts, of the six per
cent bonds, running until 18S1, interest and
principal pa) able In gold. These bonds will
probably bring 112, They will sell readily,
and will prove a belter way to raise money,
pending the adoption of the new tax bIU,
than issuing currency.
■We give In onr city column the proceed
logs cud new Board of Directors chosen at
the annual meeting of the Galena & Chicago
Uniou Railroad Company, in this city yes
terday. It is scarcely a secret that this
is preparatory to on important railroad
change and consolidation.. another step of
which will be the annual meeting ot the
Chicago and North Western Railroad Com
pany to-day, immediately upon which it is
said these important corporations are to be
consolidated into one to be called The Nobth
westehn Railway, which, from its grasp
and scope will deserve that the prefix “ The'
be made very emphatic. Its Westward line
as striking rapidly through lowa to the race
across the continent, while t w Northward
line is to tap and lay bold o* the Tist miner
it] wealth of the Lake go-urior region. It is
-doubtless a little too -
gratulations, but I* iß impossible not to dis
cern the wealth ot the nuptials, as neither
party “ mnrr*- 8 P oor ‘”
“ Money wore go” is what the
wags town were saying yesterday, in
wiew the nwlol nytose on Mayor Sherman,
TQ.iti: in a War Democratic organ. The Cop*
po bcads will begin to get very sore on this
subject by and by. Say ** Horae Railroad”
fo iny one of them, and hear him growl. On
a horse railroad (Wabash) the late Copper*
head Legislature had their awful smash up,
and now Hove-in Sherman comes to grief by
a similar route of travel.
The prosperous village of Glenns Falls,
New York, boe been laid in ruins by a most
■devastating conflagration.
The Cincinnati Enquirer copies approving
ly the following from a letter H accredits to
n resident of that city now travelling In Ea
rope. A very happy proof of the loyalty of
"Eog'and has more heart, soul and bravery,
than any people I have met, with the single excep
tion of the people the Yankee wishes to extermin
ate. At the commencement of this war. the peo
ple of England were almost unanimously in favor
•ot the North. The scales have gradually lallen
from their eyes, and they see the Yankee In all his
naked deformity— no honesty In his abolition sen
timent. or Christian professions. In ail my travels,
2 have failedto meet one single instance, where an
Englii-bman is a well-wisher of the North in thla
struggle. It is common for them to' call the Yan
kee a savage and a lirnto—scarce *v worthy ofbeing
cala-d more-than 44 half civilized.”
Some ol the Cops about town were in
great pice yesterday over the Cleveland fiasco
•of Tuesday, and declared that Fremont
would divide the Republican party, as he
parte his hair—‘‘in the middle.” The older
and more sagacious of tbe serpent brood do
jiot ece it in that light They declare it was
4i mistake to nominate at Cleveland, thatthe
thing ought to have been held off, lor bj
Marticg too suddenly the traces have broken,
the king bolt come out, and the whole thing
made a failure. Think of bolting a ticket
with John Cochrane to catch radical men.
"We doubt if It will even catch Fremont
The Chicago organ of treason is in rap
tures over Uie Cleveland ticket. ,8o warm
U its admiration that we look to see it hoist
Fremont and Cochrane's names mast
head, and to call on the Copperhead 4th of
-July Convention to adopt tbe ticket. Its
.yesterday morning's issue contains the fol
lowing, double leaded, with a job type head
“The Great £ text.—The great event which
'webave to announce thte morning is the action of
tl»e Cleveland Convention yesterday, by which the
3ei>nbUcau party it split tnroo-h the middle, the
acceding hair forming a new party and taking a
new name, with F remont and Cochrane as Its can*
•Cidatca lor President ana Vice President
” TOe first question which arises in every mind
ss, which will take the lead as the stronger part?—
the new, fresh, vigorous, bold, deQant, onunoken.
tyranny-hating organization, with the Pathfinder
■as Its leader, or the old, edete, corropt, plunder
gorged, dvii-Jlberiy invading, country destroyin'*
Vnmp of the Republican organization, with Lincoln
asinde, We tsney that even now there can be no
doubt on that score. Vigor will distance decrepi
tude in that race.”
After such an endorsement as the above,
•can the secession concern do otherwise than
support the Cleveland ticket? The “split
-through the middle of the Republican party"
•consists of a small sliver or whitltag taken
-from the Lincoln rail.
The malcontents will feel highly flattered
'with the more than parental solicitude
evinced hy the minions of Jcfll Davis for
•their ticket. Such tenderness and affection
should be reciprocated by gratitude and
pride. If this courtship continues, we shall
not be surprised to learn that the Cope, at
their National Convention, have amalgama
ted with the Clevelanders. Here are the
parties and the opportunity for successful
miscegenation of the “blacks" and
Xhe Baltimore ConveiUion.
Czmcxkkatz, Hay 81.—Ajprirste dispatch from
J c. Wcetmore, Esq., at Washington, announces
thn* the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad will carry del
egates to the Baltimore Convention at half fore.
A company of Ohio delegates will leave here to
morrow. and others will follow on Thursday,
Friday and Saturday. It seems to be generally
conceded that the Ohio delegatee will present tbe
name of Ex-Gov. Dennison for President of the
Convention, which will so doubt give success to
the movement.
The Movement on
Gi ant Receiving Ample
Stores from White
Oor Forces Advanced to
Median if svi lie.
Later from Europe-The For
eign War Cloud.
Destruction of the Village
of Glens Falls, N. Y.
Matters in Washington—Con
gressional Proceedings.
The small map we give herewith will be found
a very excellent guide to the study of the dis
patches, and the present situation before Rich
mond. Mcchanlcsvllle, as laid down above, is
about seven miles from Richmond, and is the
p«mt reached by our army. Lee, it is stated, has
retired to bis defenses south of the Chfckahominy.
It is in this field that the greit impending battle is
to be fought. Onr army is admirably posted to
receive Us supplies from its new base—White
House on the Fumcnkcy, connected by a short
railroad line with our army. The relative posi
tion of Bermuda Hundreds, where Butler is sta
tioned, is also well shown.
Wan Depabtcent, WAsntKarox, I
June 1,1:04. j
To Major General Dix:
Wc have nothing-front General Grant later than
yesterday, at six o'clock In the morning.
An unofficial dispatch, received at four this
morning, dated yesterday at Kingston, Georgia,
reports that Major Hopkins, of General Stone
man's staff, came from the front this afternoon,
and says the rebels attacked at 739 this morning,
and at 10 o'clock the affair was over. The enemy
w as repulsed and our line pushed to the railroad at
To accomplish this object had bees for several
days the purpose of General Sherman's move
ments. Additional forces are reaching M”, and
ample fnpplies.
E. M, Stanton.
Fortress Monroe, May 31, >
via Washington. June 1. f
The steamer C. W. Thomas with a hearer of dis
patches from Gen. Grant, has arrived from White
House, on the Pamnnkey,
A portion of Grant's forces arrived at Mechanics*
ville yesterday morning, and bad not encountered
tbe enemy's force up to that time.
Gen. Sheridan's cavalry bad several severe skir
mishes with the enemy, and completely routed
Heavy cannonading was heard yesterday in the
direction of Mcchanlcsvllle. The highest hopes
are entertained by those competent to judge of tne
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Isuianatolib, June 1,1864.
Captain Logan, of the 20th Indiana, is in town,
having participated in the desperate hollies of
Grant's army and been severely wounded in the
bead. He bring* interesting accounts of the vim
of the men. When they first crossed the Bapldan,
the men felt gloomy. They acknowledged Grant's
bravery and strategy in Ms Western battles and
capture of Vicksburg, hut said he had never fought
Lee. After tbe first two days' fight, the whole
feeling of the Army of- the Potomac changed.
They felt as If a General was leading them. It
was not the et tbnslasm that the honeyed words and
brilliant staff of McClellan brought oat after he
had fonght a halting battle, but the sincere convic
tion of sensible men that an earnest man, who
would not halt, led them.
Tbe determination that the men now show is
like the faith of Cromwell's Ironsides. They
move along with jaunty tread, determined to rout
Lee and bis army and take Richmond.
Fortress Monroe, May 81, via New York,
Jcne I.— General Grant's communications with
tbe White House are complete, -an ail works
A messenger from General Grant reports that on
Monday morning onr army reached Mechanicsvifle
with but little opposition. Sber dan had routed
the enemy's cavalry at all points and captured
many prisoners.
Heavy rapTioffSrtfag has been heard In the direc
tion of Mcchanlcsvllle.
The New York ffcra 7 <Pt diapatdi from Edin
burg, Shenandoah Valley, aays: A reconnoiasanco
in force found the enemy 4,000 strong In front of
ns. WehavebsdverylittleekinnlßhiDguptothis
The UtralTt 9th Army Corps dispatch says:
Ledhe’e reconnolssance on Tuesday evening was
of incalculable benefit. It misled the rebels into
the belletthat we intended to cut their army in
two and oblige them to concentrate in the center,
so that onr right and left obtained advantageous
The Tribune's dispatch from Hunter’s army
says: One of our wagon trains was fired on last
Tuesday by guerrillas. One of the guard was
wounded. General Hunter thereupon ordered the
bouses of two prominent secessionists burned,
which was done as a warning.
Washikct»k, Msy SL-Several transports left
here this morning for the White House, on the
Pamnnky river.
[By Mail.]'
Fortress Hoeeoz, Msy Bi—4 p. m.
The steamer Thoe. PoweU, has J nat arrived from
Bermuda Hundreds. All was quiet with Butler’s
The following order has been issued by Gen.
In accordance with orders from the War De
partment, and for eanltary'seasons, no bodies will
beolsmtered in this Department until the 4th of
October. By order of
Mai. Gen. Berm.
Wafuxkotox, Kay 80 —The fortifications around
Washington were stripped of their veteran garrl-
sons to reinforce Gen. Grant, and it is thought
necessary to contract the lines. The infantry
troops upon the outer defences la Virginia hare
been withdrawn to fortifications nearer the city,
and all the troops drawn in from the Orange and
Alexandria Railroad, which is now held onlr to
Springfield Station, nine miles from Alexandria.
The earthworks - and blockhouses at Fairfax
Court-House and beyond were left 6 tan dine, there
being no apprehension of any large force of rebels
taking possession of them, though both Mosby
and Imbodcn are said to be in the 801 l Ron Moon
tains, preparing for mlachlet A brigade of oar
cavalry, under Col. Lowell, of the 3d Massachu
setts, Is stationed at Vienna, and will keep op a
strict watch of the enemy in the country outside
oor lines.
Hxadquabtxbs nr the Fzxls, May 27.—“A1l
quiet along the lines” has often been written of
other armies, and must be repeated of this one to
day. But few shots have been fired, and the situ
ation remains unchanged. About-noon Gens.
Smith and Gilmore visited the headquarters of
Gen. Butler, with whom they remained about an
In the hospitals at Petersburg there are at pres
ent 8,040 of Beauregard’s rebel troops lying dis
Onr losses at the battle of Palmer’s Creek and
other smaller engagements amount to about
3.0C0, including both killed and wound
ed. About 8,400 wounded have been sent to
Fortress Monroe; but this number includes all
the wounded of Gen. Kautz’s and -herldaa’s com
mands, and also the rebel wounded brought in by
Ges. Sheridan. These figures may be reuod on as
correct in every respect.
Justice to Gen. Butler requires that a statement
made in regard to the recent advance of this army
bhonld be corrected. WhenVjur forces were in sight
ofFortDarlinglthaabeen reported that General
Gllhnore advised General Butler to Intrench his
troops to guard against a sortie from the garrison.
This statement is without foundation, as no such
advice was given by General Qlllmore. -
Washington, May SL—A scorning party sent
out from Alexandria by Provost Marshal Wells,
under command of Capt. Lusk, returned on Satur
day. The party proceeded as far as Dumfries, on
Qunntlco Creek, where they captured seventeen
notorious guerillas and blockade runners, routed a
party of guerillas, and destroyed a large quantity
of stores, consisting in part of floor, coffee, bacon,
salt, and several hundred pairs of boots ana shoes
The party returned without the loss o! a man.
TboMovcment on Atlanta Progressing
Favorably—incidents of the
Cincinnati, done I.—A special to the Telegraph
siys: “News received direct from Kingston, Ga.,
by telegraph, says Sherman arrived at Babas last
Saturday, and pushed reinforcements to McPher
son, who was to reach Atlanta by next Saturday,
unless a heavy force of rebels was met on the way.
At last accounts he was at Sweet Water town, and
driven the rebels across Powder and Nlckajack
creeks, and got possession of the bridge across the
Chattahoochee, twelve miles from Atlanta.
“The main army under General Thomas was
advancing, and occupied Marietta on Monday,
taking 400 prisoners, and a railway train of sick
and wounded rebels, with several cannon and
small arms. It is believed that Atlanta will be in
onr possession before next Sunday. Johnston,
with fragments of his disorganized army, b"g
crossed the Chattahoochee, and was felling back to
[From the Nashville Times of the SOth.l
We have bad a conversation with a very In
telligent gentleman who had left Oca. Sherman’s
army last Tuesday, lie stated that our soldiers
were in fine health, buoyant, resolute and confi
dent. and eager to reach the retreating foe. John
ston’s army was still felling oack, the bulk of it
being then at Atlanta, and the cavalry six tntlea
this side ol that place. It waa the general opinion
that it would be wholly impossible for Johnston
to make a successful stand there oral any other
point, as onr numbers were sufficient to flank him
wherever he might go.
A large portion of the country through which
we are pasting is deserted by its inhabitants. In
Caetviile, scarcely a family is left. The people
have boon seized with a panic in some neighbor
hood?, and fled farther South to escape the expect
ed fury of the Invading army. The slaves nave
mostly been run off South, except a few aged and
decrepit once who have been left to starve by
their owners, after tolling for half a century with
out pay. There are consequently hardly any slaves,
low coming Into Gen. Sherman’s lines.
On kn Tuesday about noon, a wagon train, re
turning from Kingston, with a small guard, was
attached by a body or rebel cavalry, and fbrtr
wagons were captured. In a short time the guard
was reinforced and fifteen wjgous were retaken,
the rest having been destroyed* Several of our
soldiers were killed or captured.
A gentleman who has been perfectly familiar
with Atlanta and all the adjacent territory for
many years, also informed ns on Saturday that
there was no earthworks at Atlanta, unless they
have he*n made wltnm the past month. There
are a few batteries and a line of rifle-pits. De
serters who c&me in yesterday confirm this state
ment. Chattahooche Heights* which are right
mile? this side of Atlanta, have been well forti
fied near the point where the railroad crosses the
river. These fortifications will be of no avail,
however, a? they can easily be flanked.
The abandonment of Daiton cast a deep gloom
over man; rebels who had before been confident of
tncccss. It was expected that Johnston would
make a stubborn and triumphant resistance there,
if any place. Major Moore, of Johnston’s etofi,
said a few weeks ago ; “ If we can't hold Dalton,
we may as well give up, for we can’t hold any
place.- our estimate Johnston’s force
variously, some pntuu- u at 4'j.uoo ana
bichcß Cv.lCO. bat probably one would emnnch
who should estimate his veterans at some 55,0j3
strong. He may have gathered up, as bo has beet*
tailing back, 20.000 or 25.000 conscripts and green
troops, who will do little else beside consume bis
£ tensions. The present conscription is sweeping,
ardly any person. escaping Us grasp. Severe
punishment Is inflicted on Quartermasters and
other officers who shelter persons liable to con
scription, end persons who received legal exemp
tion six weeks ago are now snatched up and
put Id the ranks. Heo with one hand, one
arm, one leg. or otherwise maimed, arc con
scripted, and put on dnty in hospitals, so as to
allow able-bodied attendants ana guards to go
Into the ranks. Great indignation costs in Atlan
ta and in the country round about at this cruel op
pression. and many of the people wish to see John
ston defeated, so that they may be rescued from
an oppression so remorseless and horrible. Onr
informant said that he bad beard more treason
spoken in Nashville since his arrival, within the
space of a few day s, than he had heard in Atlanta
in as many months.
The region which General Sherman Is now ap
proaching is the great manufacturing region of
rebeldom. Tears before the rebellion, a large
amount of Northern capital was Invested in iron
furnaces and cotton factories, and it has been a
windfall to the rebels- The Atlanta rolling mill Is
said to be the largest in the Sooth. Last summer
it was sold to Frazer & Co., the notorious block
ade runners, who amassed a vast fortune at
Charleston, for $* 00,000. The capture of these
works will be disastrous to* rebeldom, for it will
be impossible to replace the machinery at other
LUt of Sick and Wounded Soidlen who Arrived
at XashtiUe, Chattanooga, May
■ 28, 1804.
C. W. Stewart, K, 85tfa Indiana, diarrhea.
Taylor Jewell, F, SOth Indiana, inflamation of
Geo. W. Cordell, C, 119 th Illinois, inflamation of
F. C. Ewcinger, G, 7-th 111., diarrhea.
Corporal David Jones, F, i24th Indiana, injury of
left leg by a fall from the cars.
Wm. D. Underwood, M, 2d Ind. Car., wound lore-
Geo. W. Perkins, 11, 12Ub IntL, diarrhea.
Casper Sakeman, C, let 111., Light Infantry, Infla
mation of longs, (convalescent)
S. G. Maple, B, SOth Ind., Infantry, longs, (con*
vales cent)
Colby Hornaday, 13th Ind. light artillery, inflama
tion of longs, (convalescent)
Daniel Lafaver, H, 2<d Ind., wound, left leg.
D. A. Hews, E. 64 th Illinois, diarrhea,
James W. Steel, T, 63d Ind,, wound, right thigh.
B. Timerick, K, let Wisconsin, gunshot, right
J. Bulks, G, 80tb TIL. gunshot, right thigh, slight.
Tbos. Kirkwood, 19tbMicb.. gunshot, right leg.
J. McConnell, 31 et Ind., erysipelas.
JohnVannatta, B. Sdlnd. car., rheumatism.
W. Weaver, F, 7fd 111-gunshot in neck.
R. B. Walker. A. 1-fid Ifi., gunshot In neck.
Christ. Baber, B, 15th WisJ, gunshot, left thigh.
C. Whi'emau.B, Gthlnd., lumbago.
Henry Mcßride, E, '3d HL, diarrhea.
Thomas Tanner. G.Slet 111., diarrhea.
Owen Owens, F, S2d gunshot wound, left
A. Slrawbridge. G,l2th HI., sprained ankle.
Jardon Welch, E, 27th lIL, gunshot wound, right
Sergeant John J. MotweQer.E, 81st Ind., gunshot
in left leg, shell woond in thigh.'
Ben). Adams. I, 25th Mlclu, gunshot, right arm
and right leg.
John P. ilcCormlc, H, 80th Ind., gunshot, right
Sere’t BlramWetherhy.B, 26th lIL, epilepsy. -
Hiram Brown, B, 102 d UL, lumbago.
John R. Lynch, K,BBlh IniL, diarrhea,
John Euucher, E, i2Sth UL, ulceration of bowels.
Oscar Holcomb, A, ICSIh lIL, diarrhea.
Alex. Stephenson, K, >oth Ind., diarrhea.
James H. Neal. F, 70th Ind., lumbago.
O. W. Taylor. 11, 12Sth Ind., diarrhea.
Chss. Zncker. B, 147 th diarrhea.
Wallace Bishop, 0,515t 111., inflammation of lungs.
Levi C. Taylor, D, 81st Ind., diarrhea.
A. lichtenden l , A,'27tb HI., gunshot, thigh, slight.
Cbas. Green, B, Kh HI. inflammation of longs.
C. K. Smith, 1,315t BL, rheumatism.
JohirD. Sadman, K, 35th 111-phthlsic.
Hugh M. Williams, A, 124 th Ind.. inguinal hernia.
John Sniddlc, Corn., 1, S3th 111., nicer, right leg.
S. Hartslock, £, 12uth Ind., rheumatism.
C. Morris. C. Ist Wls., gunshot, lost toe.
£. Bullard, H. 102 d HI., gunshot, left thigh.
S. L. Carter. Corp., 70th Ind., gunshot, right thigh.
Patrick McDonnell, 29th lIL, gunshot, left thigh.
John Knacht, A, 104 th UL csv., rheumatism.
Indiana Military natters.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Indianapolis, Jane 1,1584.
Gen. Carrington la now commander of the dis
trict of Indiana. Good order and energy mark hie
administration of military matters.
The 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and lEth Indiana cav
alry, have left Nashville for the front.
The one hundred day*’ men have left for the
Crown Hill cemetery was dedicated to-day. Hon.
Albert 8, White, United States District Judge, de
livered an eloquent address. Tlf«j*locatloa and
grounds are beautiful.
Indianapolis will soon be a city of hotels. Four
new ones are projected, and foundations laid.
W. E. Holloway, lata private Secretary to Gov.
Morton, has become one of the corps of the New
York Timst.
There will he a special session oi the United
States District Court in August.
The city is full of strangers. Weather hot. Bosi
sees good.
from spbevgfield.
Tbe One Hundred Day Troops—Mili
tary News.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,]
Springfield, June L
y ß j Hcffernan, the commanding officer at Camp
Butler, is now busily engaged in improving the
sanitary condition of the camp, which is much
needed at the present time.
' The gallant Colonel Cyrus Hall, late Colonel of
the 14lh regiment veteran volunteers, has resigned
aid returned home, at Shclhrville, in this State.
j Gen. Poller has completed the organization of
I the reglmenta at Centralis to-day. Five addition-
I al companies will be assigned to regiments atMat
. toon and Camp Botler. The organization of the
regiments atMattoon will be completed to-morrow
by Col. Oakes and Adjt. Gen. Fuller.
Got. Wood is In the dty. The 137 th regiment,
now at Quincy, has been filled up, and organized,
j Gov. John B. Wood has been appointed Colonel;
j Tbos. R. Roach, Lieut. Colonel; Hendrick £. Paine,
! Major; E. Baker, Adjutant; and John Smith,
Quartermaster. They will be mustered and ready
for the field in a few days.
.CoL Phillips* regiment, at Camp Butler, was
mustered, and arrived to-day. The work of com
, pletlng the organization throughout the State is
progressing favorably.
Gov. Tates has received a dispatch from Hound
City,bringing.theaad Intelligence that Geo. W.
Wlnans, Assistant Paymaster United States Navy,
was drowned on Monday night. The body is not
yet recovered. - Paymaster Wlnans was formerly
connected with the Governor’s office, and the pain
ful intelligence, of bis sudden death is received
with deep feeling hr his many friends in this city.
No particulars’ of the unfortunate occurrence has
yet oeen received.
The liOvejoy Memorial Gathering.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Fiohcxton, Id., June 1.1864-
A great meeting was held here this afternoon—
Indeed It has been going on nearly all day—to set
on foot a project to erect a monument to the late
OwenLovejoy; The large Union Hall was Hied by
the best men and women of this town and vicinity.
The most lively interest was manifested.
The widow and daughters of Owen Lovcjoy are
residing on the noble farm he left them, about a
mile out of the town. It is said that this project
of a monument touches them deeply.
Capt. J. M. Allen, of Geneeeo, was President of
the meeting, and T. W. Weller. Secretary. A com
mittee was appointed to present a plan of organi
zation and name officers. It will be late to-night
before the committee wQI report.
■ The speakers were: Rev. J. Codding, President
Sturrant of Illinois College, Wm. Cullen Bryant of
New York, and Francis A. Eastman of Chicago.
A mass meeting is now (8 o’clock p. m.) in pro
gress, with large attendance and great feeling.
Minnesota military matters*
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
St. Paul, Min., June 1.
Major General Dana Is expected to. arrive here
this evening, Is his first visit home since
be entered the service, and now be comes upon
public business. It is said he will hurry forward
2,000 troops from Ibis State. The 6th regiment
received orders on Saturday to go South, and will
leave as soon as they can be collected from the
frontierposts. It la reported that the find cavalry
arc under orders for some point below, bat the
military authorities are reticent concerning this
matter, and are endeavoring to secure the recon
sideration of the order. If it Is persisted in It
will probably break up the Minnesota branch of
the Indian expedition, to t ckich no one but eon
traeiorixcUl object.
General lowa Intelligence.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Des Morass,-lowa, June 1.
The Sanitary Convention to-dsy adopted a .reso
lution, by a decided majority, recommending all
the aid societies in the State to distribute their
sanitary supplies through (be medium of the C. S.
Commission, so as to promoter unity of purpose
and make efforts efficient by consolidation. It was
agreed to raise a separate fund for payment of ex
penses of distribution of supplies,, so that not a
cent given for supplies shall be diverted to pay of
agents, transportation or other expenses. They
also recommend the Soldiers' Orphan Asylum As
sociation to the sympathy ana active aid of all aid
societies and all Christian and patriotic people.
The report of the Board of Control of the btate
Commission shows It to be efficient and prosper
onsj and it has. the universal confidence ot the peo
ple. Mrs. C. Btnderman delivered'an eloquent
address this evening to a large audience; on the
subject of aid to soldiers, and in behalf of the or
phan asylum enterprise.
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Ins traction met
here to-day, and will continue through this week.
Chief Justice Wright, and Judges Lowe and Cole
of the Supreme Court, arc here, preparing, for the
Jane term of the Court, which meets on Monday
Important Tnstmctlons from the-Post
Office Department.
Nrw Yoke, May 81—The Postmaster of this city
bos received the following official Instructions
concerning the T.mti mat-'— the overland route
ytttw ...I.
Pobt-Oitice DKTAnrxKXT, Appointment I
Omra, Washington, May 23, 1554. f
Sin: Your attention is particularly called to the
fourth section of the act to provide lor carrying
the malls from the United States to foxelgn ports,
and for other purposes, approved March 5,1364,
which provides “that all mailable matter, con
veyed by mail westward beyond the western boun
dary of Kansas and eastward from toe eastern
boundary of California, shad be subject to pre-pald
letter postage rates Provided, however, that this
section shall not be held to extend to the trans
mission by mail of newspapers from a know office
ol publication to bona fide subscribes,r not ex
ceeding one copy to each subscriber, • * »
at the usual rates, nor to properly franked mat
Yon Trill perceive by the foregoing that all the
mail matter, except one newspaper to a bona file
subscriber, and franked matter, mast be prepaid at
letter rates to entitle it to transmission through
the mails by the overland rente, between the points
The Postmaster General directs that you be par*
ticular in enforcing this law at your office, and see
that nothing is sent forward through the mails ex
cept in conformity with its provisions. The Post*
master at St. Joseph, Missouri, will be instructed
to withdraw from the mails all matter coming to
hie office not prepaid In accordance with the pro
visions of this law.
I am, respectfully, your obedient servant,
St. John B. L. Skinner,
Acting First Aes't Postmaster General.
Abram Wakeman, Esq., Postmaster, New York..
Atrocious Guerilla Operation.
St. Lome, June I.—A telegram to-headquarters
from Bella, Mo., the 30lh nit., elates that a train of
Union refugee*, from Jacksonport, Ark, under
escort ol eevectjmen of the 2d Wisconsin cavalry,
was attacked at Salem, Ark., by 300 guerillas, tne
entire train burned, and about eighty men and
some women killed.
On Friday last; ten men of a detachment of the
2d Wisconsin cavalry.-while oat on a scout from
Kollo, being separated from tbe main body were
surrounded by guerillas and five killed, the others
making their escape and returning in large force.
The bodies of those killed were found stripped
and their throats cut
A gentleman just arrived from Little Bock, Ark.,
represents all quiet in that vicinity.
Joe Shelby had left Brownsville about two weeks
aco with a force estimated at 1,500 to 3,000, for
southwest Missouri. General West, with several
companies of cavalry, had been sent against him.
Shelby is represented as well mounted; and had
been joined with 800 cavalry In addition.
A Discovery of Hebei Powder.
St. Louis, May 81.—'The following was received
at Headquarters here:
St. Joseph. May 29,1661.
To Haj. Gen. Bosecrans, Commanding Depart
ment of Missouri:
We have discovered twenty-three kegs and
one hundred and fifty cans of powder, con
cealed on the premises of four of our first families.
Tbe powder is the same that was stolen from Camp
Jackson by Jeff. Thompson, three years ago, and
has been concealed in the dwellings and barns of
men of professed lovalty, and some of them leaders
In the Pawpaw Militia. Itlooks badly. Shall pro
ceed thoroughly, hut prudently,
Clinton B. Fibs, Brig. Gen.
The foregoing discloses, what every man ac
quainted with the men enrolled m the Pawpaw
regiments knew full well, that a more Infamous or
ganization of rebels never existed in Missouri.
Aa Gen. Fisk says, let the proceedings be thor
A Village Destroyed—Great Fire at
Stock Island.
Axbakt, N.Y., June I.—News of a large fire at
Glenn’s Falls has just been received here. The
fire broke out near the Glenn’s Falls Hotel, which
was destroyed. The wind blowing a gale, the fire
spread rapidly, and soon the whole centre part of
the village was in flames. Many balldings and
. their gt-Ure contents were consumed. Two banks,
o hotel, markets, the Unlverealist and Presbyte
rian churches and Town Ball, Academy, Post Of
fice and a large number of dwellings and business
houses were destroyed. The fire raged five hours,
leaving the village In rains.
Rocs Islam), HI., May 31.—A fire broke out In
the rear of ihe comer of 13th and Brady streets,
over In Davenport, yesterday, destroying a row of
four buildings, known as Ead's Row, and occupied
as residences and the Marble Hall Saloon. Two
adjoining bouses were also badly damaged. Total
loss from $15,000 to slß,ooo—partially Insured.
Louisiana and Gulf natters.
New Yoke, Jane I.—The Cahawba, from New
Orleans 2Ctb. nas arrived. New Orleans papers
contain nothing of Gen, Banks' or Canby’a move
The steamer Shreveport has been disabed near
Red River by guerillas, who .were subsequently
shelled out byjrcnboata. The Mobile papers men
tion considerable anxiety there consequent upon
Interrupted telegraphic communication with Rich
Matamoras dates to the 12th state that there
were 2,000 rebels at Ringgold Barracks, designing
an attack on Brownsville.
Cotton at New Orleans, 82<&8Sc for middling.
Sugar and molasses firm and heavy, Floor, $10.03.
Freights firm.
Harder in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, June I.—George Foreman, a car
penter of Pittsburg, was killed at an early hoar
this morning in front of a restaurant. He has a
wife and children living at Pittsburg. The mur
derer escaped.
A Canard Nailed.
Nxw Yoke, June I.—The Washington corres
pondent of the Poet says ho has the highest author
ity for saying that Mr. Chase has nothing to do
with parties who persist in connecting his name
with a nomination for the Presidency. If Mr.
Lincoln Is nominated he will have no warmer sup
The Prospect* of a General Foreign
Fahtiieb Point, Jane 1.-The Nora Scotian,from
Liverpool, 19th, via Green Castle 20th. has passed
this point.
Parliament has reassembled- Lord Palmerston
is oca in in his seat, his health being restored.
Baxter attacked and Palmerston explained and
defended the British intervention in China.
Therels nothing new as to the conference.
The London Timer says the prospects of satis
factory? results do not improve. It charges the
Germans with a predetermination to refuse all
terms and conditions; and wl f h carrying on rigor*
ons warlike meaeerea daring the armistice.
An official Prussian dispatch ’ shows that that
Government considers itself free from all obliga
tions of the treaty 0f1653.
The London Morning Post rejoices at Palmers
ton's recovery, and calls on him to 6n:t moral in-
Jiutnce viih physical poicer, as the moment has
arrived for such a policy. - - -
The Back of Prance has reduced* Us rate of dis
count to seven per cent.
Accounts of the Pope's health contlnuealarmlag.
It is reported that the Cardinals will elect his sac*
cetsor before his death.
[Correspondence N. Y. Herald.]
London, May 7,1864. ■
The Conference has met and the British fleet has
anchored in the Downs. The oraclewho guards
the door of the temple of Janas has his hand- on the
knob, and If ha gives one torn the hinges- will
grate harsh thunder. The war between two mill
ions of Danes and two nations like Austria and
Prussia of course is no worst all compared to- the
dire conflict that wonld arise with Prance, Great
Britain and Italy, joined against the Dutchmen.-
The belief to-day la almost universal that there
mustbewar, ThetwoPowersontheDannheond
the Vistula eeem determined to pnsh matters to
extremes to exact their foil pound of fle a b. and
have Kncland drink the cop of degradation to the
very dregs.-
bbe is humiliated now as much as any Power
can be, and all Englishmen feel it most sensibly;
bat some spark ol honor will ho perceptible if nt
the eleventh boor the two great Powers of the
West step in and prevent the complete spoliation
of Denmark. Apparently a few days will bring
matters to a crisis; bat the shilly-shallying may
possibly continue lor a week or two.
The oracle of the Tnlleries is as inscrutable as
ever, and no one knows till the time ot action ar
rives wbat game he Is playing.
Of course France ana England will act together,
or rather England will not act without France,
though there is a remote possibility that France
and Italy may try conclusions with the Teutons,
leaving the Britisher to his motion, his shopkeep
ing ana his trade.
Austria and Prussia most he relying on the
Gnclphie Queen of Britain and her partiality to
her German oftspring and their matrimonial al
liances ; but it will be a hollow seed. The Queen
has said she will resign rather than consent to a
war with Prussia ;but she may doworse than
that—he deposed on the gronnd of the state of her
If there is a war, I do not see bnt the battles on
land will have to be fought without the aid of Brit
ish troops. The British army of one hundred and
dnj-elz thousand men la scattered over every part
of the world, and including the ornamental troops
around the royal palaces, there are not thirty thou
sand soldiers In the British isles. These are hard
ly sufficient for a coast guard. Bnt John Ball will
stud bis fleet to the where there Is not a
fort to attack, a one-horse seaport town to block
ade, or two floating tnbs to demolish. The part to
betaken by thenation that claimed to be the vic
tors at Waterloo will be about as important as that
of the bachelor who at picnics always famished
the folks and spoons, while others contributed the
eatables. The actual expense never fell on the
owner of the spoons.
While the British fleet lays off Copenhagen, Kiel.
Lubcck and the island of Alsen, France will, send
an army of three hundred thousand men to Cologne
and Coblenz, and Italy will march a large-force into
Vcnctia. These events transpiring. Garibaldi will
bare use for his new English sword before be takes
lime to feed bis coats.
The London Times says greater political events
and changes have already occurred in the north of
Europe, by the nsnpatlons of Austria and Prussia,
than were accomplished by the “ Holy Alliance’*
of 1815. The Time* goes on to say that these
things cannot be permitted. No ope believes they
would ever have transpired had tbeßrltfsb govern
ment shown a decided and firm front last October.
The half bully, half timid policy has really caused
this war. So mnch for haring a woman as a ruler.
My opinion Is now, as it has-been-from the first,
that we shall bare a big war.- The coarse to be
taken by Russia la as yet unseen.- Haying certain
projects to carry out, both on the Danuoa’and In
Circassia, the Czar will probably gu‘ against Prus
sia and Anstrla, bnt make the latter Power the re
cipient of the most of her bard knocks. One
thing la certain Prussia and Austria hare got to
giro op their pretentions and their conquests in
Denmark, or hear British thunder.. They will not
hack ont. The Prussians are eateaup with ego
tism and desire lor military glory ana conquest.
The country has won no military laurels and added
nothing to her territory since the days of Freder
ick the Great, and they envy the progress and ex
panslon of Russia, Austria, France, Italy and
Great Britain. Bnt madness li the star that con
trols Prussia. In this fight she mast lose.
Washington, June 1.
Hr. SHERMAN, of Ohio, from' the Committee of
Coufcrencu on the Bank Bill, made a report, the
material chance of which Is In requiring all bank*
to redeem tbeir notes at par In New Tone, Instead
of allowing Western banks a discount of one
lonrth of one per cent on notes redeemed In New
York. The report of the Committee was
agreed to.
Mr. SUMNER, of Mass., from tbo Committee on
Foreign Affairs, reported back the bill permitting
the exportation or goods from tho British Prov
inces tnroßi’hibe United State*. ii> Ce
-tnitaiargca from Us farther consideration.
Agreed to.
Mr. ANTHONY, of Rhode Island, from uk com
mit tee on Printing, reported the House bill to
amend tbe act relative to pnbllc printing. Passed.
Mr. HOWARD, of Michigan, from tbe Jodiclary
Committee, repotted back tbe bill extending the
Jurisdiction of District Courts with the recom
mendation that it do not pass.
Mr. HAELAN„or lowa, from the Committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill to exclude disloyal
persons from the lands of tbe United States, and
tbat it be referred to the Judiciary Committee.
Agreed to,
Mr. WILSON, ol Massachusetts, from tbe Mili
tary Committee, reported back tbe lointresolntioo
tendering the thanks of Congress and awarding a
gold medal to Lieutenant Colonel Bailey, Acting
Engineer of tbo i£th army corps, with an amend
ment, as a substitute, embodying the same recom
The tax bill was taken up.
Sir. WILSON, of Mass., offered an amendment,
subjecting Income from mechanical labor not ex
ceeding S6OO to a duty of three per cent; over S6OO
end not exceeding SI,OOO five per cent. Rejected.
Mr. WILSON, of Mass., offered an amendment
proposing a tax of half of one per cent upon gross
amount of sales, except coin and gold and sliver,
unmanufactured and personal property less than
SIOO, but subsequently withdrew It.
Mr. WILSON, of Mass., moved an amendment
decreasing salaries of Assessors, making them as
follows: Where the receipts of collection is over
$200,000 and not Over $400,1100 annually, half of one
per centum upon excess or receipts
over the former amount. Where receipts
arc - over s*oo,ooo and not over
S6OO,GCC one quarter of one percent noon excess
over S4CO,O< 0. Where receipts arc over $500,000,
one tenth of one per cent. The salary of no as
sessor to exceed Agreed to.
Mr. GRIv.ES, of lowa, offered an amendment
that there shall be no farther direct tax. whatever
collected under this or any other act till Congress
shall re-enact another law making an assessment
of direct taxes. Adopted.
Mr. 2) A VIS, of Kentucky, moved to • amend the
one hundred and ninth section by inserting that
notes, or bills of banks issued before this act goes
into operation, shall not be liable to any tax. Re
• An amendment by Hr. Clark was-adopted, in
creasing the taxon fine cat tobacco from 35 to 45
cents. Adjourned.
Mr. JENCKES, of Rhode Island; from- a select
committee on the subject, reported back.'the bill
to establish a uniform system of bankruptcy
throughout the United States, and proceeded to
advocate Its passage.
Mr. HOLMAN, of Ind., moved that the further
consideration of the bill, be postponed till the 2d
Tuesday In December. Disagreed to.
There were no farther proceedings on the hill,
the morning hour having expired.
Mr. BA VIS, of New iork,.introduced a bill for
the construction of a bridge over the Hudson river
at Albany. Referred to the Committee on Com
The House concurred In the report of the Com
mittee on Conference on the disagreeing amend
ments to the National Bank bill.
Mr. DAWES, of Massachusetts, made a report
on the Missouri contested election, case of Birch
contesting the scat of King. Be said the Com
mittee bad come to the same conclusion they did
In that of Bruce against Loan; that neither was
elected, but having no desire to reopen the discus
sion while adhering to their opinion, they accept
ed the vole ol the House in the latter case as a set
tlement of this one. He, therefore, moved that
the papers be laid upon tbe table and the Commit
tee oc discharged from further consideration of the
Mr BIRCH, the contestant, addressed the House
at length on his own behalf.
The question was taken on laying the whole sub
ject on tbe table, and decided in the negative.
Mr. FARNSWORTH, of HI., offered a resolution
that neither Mr. Birch or King is entitled to a scat
in the House as representatives of the 6th District
of Missouri, which was disagreed to.
The Committee on Elections was discharged
from any further consideration of the subject, so
Mr. King retains his seat.
Adjourned. ,
The One Hundred Hays 9 Hen in
Davenport. May fO.—The President earnestly
urges the raising promptly of the one hundred
days’ men. The time of enlisting, therefore, is
hereby extended until further orders, but those
companies already enlisted moat report forthwith
to Davenport. N. B. Baked,
Adjutant General.
Four Dollars and ninety. Cents a.
Pound for the weed.
Nashville, Jane I.—At the State of Kentucky
Agricultural Tobacco Fair to-day, Spratt & Co.
cold a hogshead of Kentucky manufacturing leaf
tobacco, grown in Ballard county, to L. L. Ander
son. ol this city, at $4.90 per pound—more than
double the price obtained before In the world.
Xh© Diamond Robbery*
Cincinnati, Jnnel. —The robbers of Dnchme &
Co.’s jewelry establishment have not as yet been
discovered. There were forty-eight diamond rings
taken in ail—total valne about SIO,OOO. A reward
of $2,000 is offered for the apprehension of the
robbers or the recovery ot the goods.
From Texas.
NbwToek, Jnnel.—The New York Tribum't
Matamoras letter says.: “ Refugees from Austin,
Texas, reoort that, with the exception of someCOJ
men under CoL Ford, there is no effective rebel
force left In the State.’’
Arrival of ibe Australasian.
SakdtHoos. Jnnel.—The steiiaer Australasian
from Liverpool May 21st, via Queenstown May
2£d, has arrived. Great anxiety was lelt to learn
tbe result of the battles la YlrglA.
Xhc Kanawha Expedition.
Meadow Elutes, West Viboima, Mav 31,
General Crook’s command has started, in fine
spirits, on its second expedition.
New York, June I.—Gold opened at 187, V, and
gradually rose to 190X> At three o'clock, after
noon, it was 169,
Sailiai? ora Steamer*
New York Jons I.—Ths Persia to-day takes out
$519,194 in apeciOi
From Our Reporter With
Grant’s Army.
Tour correspondent with the Army of the Polo
mac sends the* following dispatches, embracin'?
die hanking" movement to the south' side of Toe
Pamnnkey, and the enbseqnent movement down
to Tuesday noon.-
Grant's Headquarters near Hanovertown, )
Bourn Basjk OP THE Pax unset, )-
May 29—7 r. ar. |
The flanking movement of the Army of the Po
tomac from the south hank of the North' Anna to
the south side of the Pamnnkey, which -was ac
complished, deserves, to he called the most re
markable and creditable performance of this cam-'
Thfi movement from Iforth Anna to Pumuniy
occupied only about 40 hours. .
" In that time the army marched a distance of
nearly 40 miles over good, but dusty and unknown
roads, and effected the passage of two large rivers,
and was brought withn an easy day’s march'd
was first determined to make the passage of
the Pamunky with the 6th and 2no Corps at Hano
vet, and the sth and oth at New Castle ferries, bat
the engineer officer accompanlng the line ofSber;
idan's raid reported two good crossings a short
distance above and below Hanovertoivn, and the
orders were accordingly modified, and double pon
toon bridges were thrown across at Hanovertown
ann the sth, Cth and 2nd corps passed over these
In the course of yesterday.
The Bth corps did not got across ontll early this
6t all oar immense transportation, not a wagon
was lost.- Of men, only the pickets alrcadyalludcd
to and a few stragglers, who were captured by the
enemy. TheweaiheronPridsyandyestcrdaywas
very warm, and the men and animals became very
weary. The comparative rest of to-day, however,
has reernited them. The headquarters remain at
the Pumunkey to-night. Prisoners and contra-
Oreat trouble'had been found in laying ont the
lines of march, owing to the dlfilculty imgotting
Intellicent information as to roads and crossings In
this comparatively unknown region.
At midnight the enemy attempted to surprise
Hancock’s corps in Us position in advance of our
lines, which it took last evening and held during
the night. They, were repulsed with groat slaugh
ter, leaving five hundred prisoners on our hands.
During the night it was determined to advance the
remainder of our line, -so as to bring It up with
Hancock’s left and right.
This movement commenced about 6 o’clock this
morning, and brought os-heavy skirmishing along
the entire front. The artillery has been at work
at different parts of the line daring the last hoar.
. The enemy’s outposts- are evidently making a
strong resistance to onr-sdvance, bnt as yet there
arc no Indications that li will bring on a general
It Is positively known that Lee’s- army holds a na
ally strong position constantly improved by steady
work with pick and shovel during the last few
days, on the hills sklrtinglhe-north bonk of the
We are tbreatnlng ,, them;bnf there is as yet no
indications of any intentions* onthe part of the
rebels to abandon their present line to fall back to
the other side of the' Chickahomlny, On the con
trary, they show as mnch readiness to act on the
offensive as they did-In front of Spottsylvanla
Court House and on the North Anna.
They may precipitate a general action at any
moment It is certain'that Breckinridge’s forces
are with Lee, and prisoners say that Beauregard’s
forces are Joining him. It is reported that rebel
cavalry first made its appearance between the Pa
monkey and the Hattapony.
fSpeclal Dispatch to the Chtpaco-Tribaue.!
Washington, June-1, ISC4—I2 PM.
The Richmond Enquirer ol Monday contains
the lollowing telegrams:
New Hope, via Maiuhbtta/Ga,, May 2S.—Gcn.
Clayborne's division engaged the 4th. army corps
under Howard, abont one o'clock; this morning,
and, after a desperate contest, signally repulsed
the enemy with a loss of between SOO and 703.
We took between 150 and 300 prisoners, inclu
sive of wounded, and immense quantities of
arms and aceoatrements. .The-General says the
enemy's dead were piled thicker than be ever saw
before. Between COO and 1,000 dead.were left close
up to his front. Their line of breastworks In
front of boring's command wa* abandoned.
Onrloss will probably number 800. Skirmish
ing is still going qn against the enemy's left, which
is gradually giving away...
New Hope, May 29.
Granby's brigade was placed .in action at 5 a. m.,
yesterday, when the cnemyattemptcd to torn our
flank. We bad no defenses except a few houghs
and stones hastily collected by the cavalry, which
held the position as skirmishers until the brigade
came up.
Ths engagement Immediately became furious
and raged with unabated violence until 8 p. m.
The enemy's lines were advanced within five paces
of ours several times, and were at all parts repuls
ed. Having no support the brigade was not al
lowed to change thelrpoaltlon until 13 m,, when
Ball's brigade arrived and book, p edition immedi
ately In their rear.
Granby's loss In killed was 115, wounded 5.
The enemy left 2SBdcad.on the field, and a large
number of wounded. These dead were alt killed
.by Bcntham's Arlcansasregfancnt* which was sep
arated from Granby’s line by on interval of 100
The charge was sounded,.and the brigade swept
through the woods, retaking three lines of battle
without firing a gun, and capturing many prison
er!. A portion of Govem'bbrigade was detached
at 5:30 p. m., and sent to-the right of Granby's,
which ’jaa being outflanked, 'arrived In time,
charged and drove the enemy, whose loss was 23
killed, and 160 wounded..
The loss In the division immediately In
front is not less* than- 800 killed, 1,000 to 1,200
wonnded, and many captured. The prisoners re
port Uaj. Gens. Howard and Johnson and Brig.
Gen. King wounded.
The skirmishing continued until night-fall, the
enemy constantly shifting his positions from cen
tre to left.
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
Canto, Jnne 1, 1664.
About 8 o'clock this evening the naval wharf
boat at Mound City took fire and burned to the
water'tfedge, with all contents.
I improve the opportunity to send yon by steam*
er Belle Memphis* Capt. Dan. Mnaeolman. Clerk
EnUer, latest news by on arrival from below yes
I learn that the tin-clad gunboats Marmora, Jo
liet and Prairie Bird, engaged the rebel batteries at
Galnee* Landing, and succeeded In driving them
away. The Prairie Bird was struck SO times in
this engagement and the Marine Brigade boat Del
ta had her “ Doctor" shot overboard and her en
gineer killed*
Marmadoke was reported In command of tho
rebels, and Is said to have 12 pieces of artillery.
* Boats from White River report they were not mo
lested, bat the rebels were ih : ck as blackberries in
that region. A heavy force of rebels are reported
within 25 mQea of Duval’s Bins', marching on that
place. Supposed to number fifteen thousand. It
will receive a warm reception.
The rebel Gen. Shelly captured the post of Dar
danelles last Monday, taking about 200 prisoners.
After the capture he crossed the Arkansas, and it
is supposed intended to strike for Little Rock.
Guerillas are represented ns displaying unusual
activity in Arkansas at present with the intention
to force the Union troops to evacuate all tho State
except Little Rock and Helena.
Jack son port and BatcsviHe have been evacuated
by our forces,
Gen Steele will soon strike where be i» least ex
pected, and force the rebel leaders to-call in their
roving bands.
I learn from officer Capt. Hart, that one day last
week the steamboat Lebanon was fired upon by
guerillas at a point on the Mississippi River ten
miles below Greenville, her sterna pipe was struck
and burst and the guerillas got possession of the
boat, which thev burned, after plundering It.—
Among the articles taken was *20,000 worth of dry
goods and $20,000 In money. Tho boat was an en
tire lose.
Hearn with regret tidings of the death of an old
Mend, Captain Harry McDougal, of thesteambost
Atlantic. Be was driving oat in New Orleans on
Monday last, with a pair of horses. They ran off.
and when In Rampart street, between Common
and Canal streets, the wheels struck a lamp post,
breaking off one wheel and throwing out Captain
McDongall upon hta head, causing concussion
of the brain, from which he died In thirty-five
minutes from the time of the accident. He leaver
a wife and two children in New Albany. Ind. ffia
body came up on tbe St. Patrick in care of K. 8,
Frazier, Saq.
On Saturday, 21st, the steamer Dca Koines went
down ip the Arkansas river. She had bat little
(WgMoiibMri « UieUiOT. KoliTOite^la,^
[SpeclaTDispatch to the Chicago Tribune;]
Washington,. Jane I—Midnight.
May 31,136 L
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
- Himphis, May 80, via Canto, Hay 31, 1654.
Nrto Libert tsemcßta.
Taßor and Gent's Ontflter, No. 0 Tremont cCk.
Jel-hai-em net
■LA. ters for White nors-eiploslre
Jast received 90S barrels tn strong Iron bound
paintedptasfrom the Pittsburgh work*. Warenonse
103 Sooth water street, Chicago, niluou.
Jt2-t306-3tnet J. H. RANKIN. Agent.
JL regular Delegates from the snhordmtts Union*
are requested to a«tend the Pint Annual Meeting, on
TUEsDAT EVENING, Jane 7 th. at ~S o'clock,sharp,
at Bryant A Stratton’s Ball, northeast corner Clark
and washlngton-st*.. lor election of officer*. Colons
not ai vftrepneented are cordiallv Invited te send
Delegation* to the meeting. Post Office BsxITSL
Je2-h317-2t TMABA.net
100.0C9 Flat 3 inch Picket* for sale by
, N. LUDINGTON A CO., Lumber strett.
J e2h£23-3t
We will pay the blithest price for sood second band
Carbon 6(1-Bairels. ARMSTRONG & CO„
. Je2-bSl73tntt 12 Lasalle street.
; For those superior Cartes deVlalte, only |2per dozes,
and his unrivaled seme elcnt for one Collar.
WM. M. EVEKIT T, Proprietor.
Rat Nias,
PERSONAL, —I wish to comma
mcate with those gentlemen wlo were p*aunt
In Madison street car on Sunday evening at the time
oftnerobbfry. Will thev please aetffi me their al
exes; tbousb P O.Kox&lC. E.B.BOWEN.
‘ Jtl nioe-lt-lp
ALDRiroUASrERRIMAITS Photograph and
oilPaintlrg Gallery, Pictures nythe paplli of Miss
Mernman. wblcb.'by the many who have called to
see them, are prononneed of more value than the
cost of execution, Je3 h377-lt
Brer? TYEBKESDAT st 9% o’clK A. mi
We shall commence oar regular sale oi
.fftreli Otb) and continue them on ewe*
ry Wednesday. i>nr stock la alwtyi
open fox examination, and will h
kept ecnatantly filled with the
Most Desirable Goods
COBB) WH.B.SOH * €#•}
Auctioneers, 51 Lake sweet
mhl-T€S7-Bm-Ttrw4T net_
Wholesale-aid Retail Dealers,
117 Lake Street, Chicago.
AU the latest and Improved styles of
Rich Enameled Jewelry, set with Diamonds,
and all kinds of Precious Stones; Hew Style
fctone Cameo and Corel Jewelry; Chat
elan and Chatelcontain Chains, 18
carats fine; Chain- and Band
Bracelets, and all the fresh
Novelties of tho- Season.
The attention of Housekeepers- Is nardculartv called
to by tar tbe BF.ST AsSOXJTMRNT of good* lu Chi
cago In the line of
Solid Silnr and Kltniy cnased Plated Goods
Warranted to be of tbe very best quality.
DISHES, Ac., &C.
Bronze Ornaments* OIT Paintings, sil
ver and Parlan-Ywai,
And many other valuable and beautiful goods for
Presents and Keepsakes.
An examination of our stock is solicited. Thank
mi lor the liberal padonace thus far received, we
hope from our still greater facilities to-meet the In
creased demanaa of «he public wttn prompt satlalac
mylS-gTS-St-sraw not
Patent diaratslon
127 South Water Street.
1,000 Chesta ot Tea,
Just received and for sale by
1)000 Bage-ogCaßee,
Just received and for sale by
500 Hocsheads of Sugar,
Just received and for sale by
500 Barrels- Syrup* mmA Molasses,
For sale by. SHORES, DUNHAM & CO.
l,QOO.B*rol* Billed Sagan,
For tala by SHORES, DUNHAM A CO.
Concern Every One to Answer.
Are you bald?
Dee* your heir fUI off ?
Baa your hair become thin ?
la u turning gray before Its time?
Are you troubled with Itching, burning sensation «
the scalp?
Are yon troubled with dandruff?
Are you troubled with what 1* called Serofhl* a
Have you had the Erysipelas, and lost jour hab 7
Hava yon had the Measles, and lost It?
Have you had the Tpphold Fever, and lost It?
Bare you bad the Drain Fever, and lo*t It? >
Have yen lost your hair by tmy sicks res ?
Do you wish luxuriant hair?
Do you wish soft and luatress hair ?
Do you wish gray heir restored?
Do you wish your whisfcan elomy?
Do you wish them restored In color ?
Do you want a dressing?
Do you want It tor your children ?
Do yon want It lor yourself, for fatter or motha,
for brother, sister or Mead?
Do you want the best preparation octfbrdrerelac,
stimulating, proteetlsc, restoring tteeolor, and re»
dermg soft, silky and lutroas, the Buaaa Hair?
IT so, we warrant
DisiiJted Restorative
X* 'b CnevuneJ, nl gspotai U U) fnr*
ntlu era (wpHiM ul iM
I. tbe PiUtc.
It costa but fl for one bcUjs. or tlx bottles for »
and Is sold by druggists and dealers everywhere,
C. O. CLAEXA CO., Proprietor!.
oHff' • “ ro “SAW
KFeto aibcrUsmtnls.
Y O IT T H S ’
-A m Per Xteaitlatloiv
Goner State and Bandolpfr Street*,
K. given to match. jrt-hSTUt
4tH National Bank
or cßioAd^o f
Deslsnafed'Depository and Fiscal agent of the
Doited Stater*
No. 4i South Clark street,
This Bank la row prepared to receive auSsCMptloos
for theanr United States
10-40 BONDS
Interest Are p»r cent per annum J payable
lazily In coin.
These Bonds are exempt from taxation, and at the
present rate of preldlam cngold pay over
They may he subscribed (or la rams from 450 ap- to
any magnitude, on the tame terms, sod are thus made
equally available to the smalleac lerder and thelaro
est capitalist. They can he converted Into money at
an; moment, and the holderwUlhave the benefit ol
the Interest. -
B. A. BKIGGS. Cnjbler.. JeMfla-lt
Please examine oar large Stock of
Fine Fancy and Toilet Goode.
144 Lake Street,
rji h E
Self-Seeling Fruit Jar.
48 Lake Street.
Jt2-h3IC-Tn aaiTcuet
Deafness and discharges from the ear cured, cross
eye urslghit-nvd in one minute, cataracts arat'tilms
removed, and ull diseases of the Eye and Ear, cod
none m for nine years cast to receive the especial
attention of Dr. UNDERWOOD, No. 121 Randolph
street, ano Snrrcon to the Chicago Opthalmlc and
Aural Hospital ,181 State street, th* only InOrmary In
tbeNoitbwestatwnich patients trotn a distance can
board and be under too Immediate observation of the
attending Son eon durlne treatment or convales
ccLee from operations performed. Je2 b331-Stnet
Cor.Washlneton ami Slate streets, entrance on Waab
incton. Booms to rent b? the cay, week or month.
This centrally located Dlclnz Room Is now open for
the reception of guests. The rooms have been thor
oughly cleansed, painted, papered, ami newly for
matted. Tto larder Is supplied with all the deltcacies
as weir as substantial* to be obtained in this and Easc
ern markets. Prices lower than an? ttrat cla*s-res
tanrant in Chicago. IFeaktastfrom a. m. to U
• m. Dinner from 12jf p. m. to 3p. m. Paccar (Tom
6T».m. fto Up. m. L. S.ELLIOTT «!rCO. - ,
je3-h3ii-3t net Prop letora.
Adopted by the -United State* Government at the
Custom Eoose In New York and other places.
Metal Warehouse,
my2o-gt2l-3Ctnet 199 A 201 Randolph street, Chicago.
For the sale of
Stnwberrys, Pemcfacs and alLklnds of
Green and Dried Frniu,
(P. O. Drawer CCO I.) CHICAGO^
ty Orders from the country promptly-filled.
Dissolftion of copart-
NEBSHIP—The eo-partoershlp heretofore ex
isting between the undersigned under firm and styleof
Having this day expired by Umltatlon* is by mutual
consent dissolved.
Fitter memrer of the said firm la-authorlzed to slga
the name of the said firm In
M. H, K4>hTOJ?»
Chicago. June I.ISBI. Jel-h29Mw
And Dealers la Tfnoen’ Stack*
mjSO gCiWftnet
* ~FlAl\ryETlg r
Have Bemoyed Temporarily
56 SEilOOlilf STBEfir.
Very superior. For wle low to the trr '
, Jel-h234-n net SSoath Wtte:
• m MoortxxshofWiE3.Too9eet.Lad
tad til klndsof Hals-Work, oteaperior wo
eta be found at
Suni'i Vlk >nd Orumental '
'147 Sooth Clark street, (op-stairs), Chic
Office Boz.M*7v. mv3l-hIiASI TO T.
Very superior. For sal*
Jel h2*S-2t net S3 Booth Ws
CH. JORDON, Underfe
• moved from his old etand to
Between Madison tad Monroe.
PASTURE. —Persons tvi
Stock pastured aron the finest feed In ■
try. eta do so by leaving their ordera. at V,
Hotel. Bowmansvllle. or at oar office. Chic
etrefal herdsman will take Stock to tad t
city at any Use. Never falling spring*
Place, and only Hx miles from the dry.
Boom No. l.WaDcerisßQildltg.Uis 91 Dta:ht
Pure Country Corn
376 Sooth Water Street*
Evanston house
A good two-story dwelling <U It rooms. tnErana
toe.withaeooveairat arrangement of cioscu. w.th
water, 4e .do .tad a late ( one.tturd of an acre, for
sale la TBOS. B. UTAH’S hell EMU Office.
Nils fliWrttawwt*.
V *«v*
Tbeeplendid BerawSteamer
Fountain City,
If U1 leave bar dock
Feotif North Dearborn Streep
For passage tlcieie cpplf to
A. A, SAMPUfc General Ticket
Omcis J50.13 KCraTg WgiLy aiaiKT^
I i£AS3A3(7rr SOUSE.
Csxcir,o. Aj*'3tb, ISM. .
, I bate decided t5 close 107 bonnets - » a private
In connection wIOT. P. Tallman, «betu hid a
large share in the of my boalOeaafor tte
last ten fears, I have poi'cbaaad the ContMUlnz In
terest In tae Traded sink.
.1 recommend my customers toebaaze their spoons
from me to the Trades Bank. and bailer• tistr hosl
neas will be solely end aatniactorky attended to,
CAPITAL* -- - - |3(MM.
T. G. ADAMS r Frat- T. P. TALLIIAS, Cut*
established';, isis.
Assets, ■ r $3,000,000.
F. O. BOiTD, Ajtcnt.
»* Persoua who have ben ihsnrfed si the a*eoey oC
( ilesue, A J Steel k Co., will Had their renewal*,
when due, at my ofllse.
F. 9. BOYD, General Agent*
No. 2 Chfcais.
Nov open tfJirae * Almlnlt nsv gaUtryv
10l W finhington Street*
Plntacsnal aale on tha evening! o(
MOHDAY and 7SK3DAY, Jun» 6th' aad' TOw
Having Advanced fall 15 per cent
in Eattern market* during the pait
weeki with an upward tendency, ani
great scarcity of-desirable - goods,
early purchasers - can secure special!
hai gains from onrwell chosen, ample*
(Price cotton la t-Tew York, $1.03.)'
Also, Standard Sheetings, 50OSlK>
19 and 21 Lake Street, Chicago.'
New York Office, 335 Broadway. mj3MiaiS-fitae<£
10-40 BONDS
Second SaHonal Bank of CUug*.
This Bank Is authorized by tho-Secretary of tbo
Treaanry to receive subscriptions to the new IMW
5 per cent. Loan.
Packages can be sent (or subscriptions by the Oat*
ted States and American Express-Companies tree of
D.S- Legal Tender Note*. National- Bank Notes, or-
New York Exchange will bo received in payment of
Banks and Bankers will be allowed a commissi o« 0$ •
one eight per cent, on all subscriptions, packages
lug sent under their seas .n contracts, or under oont* •
atlhe rate of 50 cents per thousand. •
Bonds will be forwarded to subscribers free at
charge. _ B. I. TINKaAM. Caihler.
myl3-e931 SOtnet
Farwell, Field & Co.,
42, 41 & 48
Wabash Avenue,
Have the most attracting stock of Foreign and Do
xnestlc Ury Gnoos w«rt cf yew Tor*. which we «ra
selling unier New Tors prices. 1
tw recent adviuc* la all kinds cf good*, which 1*
maintained In New Tori, wltu -j»r . heavy sales,
tics ns to do this. xn*axnct
Ofjick of iu Boabd of PrnLie V
entcaeo, Jun*. 3, I*s, »\
Fealed Proposals will be received nt t.««t
MONDAY, June 13th. at It A.
a pier at the month of
plana and specification!
seen at this oillce on
Tre bid* most badl,
Works, endorsed **Prrj
The Board reaerv
b!<t*,andDOprot>o' 1
der gives satiate .
is competent, re
jaij-hr ~
The lum
ty. Will st,
bbed in a‘
Fort Byron, t.

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