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Special [Notices.
ISaffU’s SUgßolfa Bala.
This u the moat delightful and extraordinary artt*
eter dtaoorared. It changes the ana burnt lace
ted to a pearly aatla textnre of ravishing
beauty. Imparting the marble parity ol youth, and
ttie dittinove appearance to Inviting in the city belle
fashion. It remove* tan. frecklea, pimple* and
rongfaacM from the skin, leaving the complexion
*mv transparent and emooth. It contain* no mate,
rial ini urlom to the akin. Patronised hy Actresses
and-Opera ginger*. It t» what every lady should
have. Sold everywhere.
prepared by “W. E. EAGAJx, Troy. S.T t
Address all order* to
DEMAB fi. BABKKS A CO., K«w York.
leX-vrO-am r&ru -
«« Good Digestion VTnlt on
li s Sl.il Out none sprite, I.** ““n'm.JycV.
VBiani™ isßdvS*»tikg klixTS wWcWS
wowertmi tone and rtstorative. and after recupera
line the tone of the stomach Itaves it la a healthy and
Vigorous cood'tion. Bold hv all respectable Drug*
truta throughout the United Biaiea and Canada, eee
SVTrticncnt. _ jethSMOi
Xo the martyrs ol Liver Com.
Among the wonderful medical properties which
pre-eminent among the health restoring prcpvra
tlonaot the age. its anil-bilious urtsit are not the
least r.markahle. >o wo:d* can do Justice to lu
marvelous effect upon the diseased liver. Perdu*
the slnmle words ut a convalescent sufferer, w;.o de
scribe* ltu H going right to the spot ” tell the
as clearly as may be. it bobs go right to the spot.
It operates directly noon tee disordered organ, and
whether unduly active or tn a state oc paralysis, re
stores tl to a condition of health. The blcknea* at
the Sumach. Pain bf tween the Shoulder* and in the
right s’de, Teltow suffusion or the Brio, Costiveness,
DroWfeiceas and Languor, Ulsness of tbe bight, < ollc-
Palpllstion of the Heart. Dir Comb, low fever, and
other «j mptoma vlitcb indicate toe various phase* of
acute rnd chrotic Liver Complaint, are one and au
rrotni tly relieved, and finally removed, by the action
of tile famous preparation. whi"o Is at once tin best
of corrective*. ire gentlest *nd most genial of all
anenrr.ts. an xsraurnLß kwjDLatob, and a J*owzn
tcl n< ht* BATiv*. Persons of a billon* habit, who
we the Bltwri as a prcUcilrc medicine will never
suffer the pstn* and penalties ofLlvtr Diseases or
.Bilious LcmilUnt i c\ cr. This, U.ejjrpprlcijrs guar
aniec. mySS-gTSt-Sw-w-vaM t*
A Positive Cure lor Bun
The lore* for intoxicating drinks ia directly owing to
tn artificial appetite—in other word*, a perversion of
the at - , -e of Utxw 1 , superiuduced by cot-Unued excesses
In the u«< o! lUrliuons liquors Intemperance ia con-
Bcquci tly not a imi urai Infirmity, bnt alwayi depend*
em upon artificial causes These once removed, the
victim of inebriety will lose all Inclination or desire
for the injurious berrrace.
I>r. ZAKS'S ANTIDOTE, by It* specific aeflop, re
stores the diseased appetite to its proper normal con
dition- Ibe crarlLK for splnturn* drinks hi once
ceases, and what before haa been an Irresistible pa*-
Sion, tow become* dbtaateful, obnoxious and repul
sire! Tbe remedy is peffceily harmless if directions
are fallowed. It exercise* an almost tnsglcal effect in
ososlrc d ocp-Matcd avxusiok for all alcohol! cor ink*,
andlni reasee the appetite for iood- Fnce Si a box or
h?'dl D.-UiClilt LOIUI* SMITH Arrau for
Chilean/ apls-cfel-Sm w fAjcs
"prof. Dc Crails'» Electric Oil
Cores itLeutuatlsm. Headache, Plies, Deafnesi, Bill!
Keck, Paine Ip the Back, Brtas*, Ac SOcanieaadfl
a botl t. bcvul by MrupcD** and Storekeeper* erary
when 6. C. UPHAM. plilladejahia. Sole Acent
and bVITH a i»wTEh,Chicago, Agents. For sale
hr al' OruretsU and Merchants.
JScreu Hiudrcd Tolimtcers Sick
ixx Camp!
Too c xnen.be warned io time.sanplyvonrsMf with
guaranteed io cure the worst cares of Sores, Ulcers,
£cum . h evei*. ana Iso vdConpialrts- kf tlic resa*r
»»' tU*- notice cannotcctabox of Pills or Oin.ment
irom tl.L*oroc store in Displace, let him write to tue.
M MainvuLaifc.eucJoams toe anu'nnt.enfll wiu mall
(. box ire-t of expencc, Many dealer* will noikeeptny
zncdtcltKS os fianO bccau«e they e&ntot make a«mncb
vtcct‘a on cUicr persona 1 make. 35 cents, bi cents
and »1.45 per box or pot. jei-hSM*lw
Dr. BUrelow,
Confii«ntlsl PhywcUn, cf 3t.LonD, Mo«)
can be nonsuited »t hla ofl.ee, Tffi South Clark street,
oraet oi Monroe, Cbicasc. IIL. half a block from the
PostOrhce, oa all Chronic Dueasea, and Diseases ol
anrtvwts a-ud delicate nature. In both sexes, which he
treats wut osparalleled sneceat. Booms separate,
wber> Ladles and (icntlemen can consult the Doctor
with Vi* strictest privacy. Office hours from 9A. M.
ta fi F M.t Bopdays 10 to 12 A. M. Communications
esafld xitlaL Cocsultauons free. Address P. O.Box
lit. incioeetwo stamps and get hi* o iideto ucalth.
From tte Doctor's lone experience la “ospltal and
prlvalt practice, be is able ta perform, and will cu&r
--6 a tee. perfect enref for all Chronic Diseases to their
most e •v*re end complicated states. In a very short
time, without the etc of mtrvnnr. ♦«
Toc r tuen suffering from eelf-sbn** i“i?
caU. a pcrtect ciae wananted. Female irreculan
ties on l*ub»rtr, Kenstraatlon, er persons
bsvlr.r any obstruction* to marriage. *hoal«fj
once be cared. Best of city ai to
obUlty xnd snoces*. my—
rorm- --T of James' IPspiul. cn*»oxn House stroet.
New i * .ean*. La., e»tablbbtd In HOD, n jw permanent-
Ivloc.ttd at « llandolph street, t-frlrago, HUnol*.
Specialist In the treaunent r.fOLD Cskoxio. MrßCff
bial, fcCßor cxocs, and all kinds of Blood is'O ikis
has am> or a Contagious vbi
pal i iiAiiACT* r i{, cure* them without reaortlug to
Mercury, looid*. PoTAt>en, *r*emc or env poison,
but with a N*nTEALiz*R, a rosinr* era* far all
humois and b’.GuCpoisOQ*. _
Organic Weakness, such as Seminal Weakness,
Noctoiral and Diurnal Kmimlons, brought oo by
abase oi tbe system. e»rty loalrcretiona, excess or
vatalb‘<: beremtarlD, mostne 10-f of meuory. con-
Tuaiot. Ovpresflon, dlmne-*e, and often times inaaaity,
with cihtr dr;*l oi able train of *ymptoms, treated a»d
radica It cun's by as loUUlblo mnhoo.aavlm: much
time rod expense. Gleet, Gonorrhea, Stricture, and
ell diseases peculiar to the sexes, of a private nature,
where the blood has beeome poison e d. prodnclne
blotches on tut late, small walcrv pains In
the hc-d and bones, ulcerated throat, nose, llmba and
body, scroluia, together with on endless nnmber ol
S ' l Dr r i“ me* U recommended by the press generally of
the South, the medical faculty, and profess:*! of med
lc«lcol eces.ctc. Thoseafflicte; fUouldapplj Imme
tUalfely.et.dbe cured of horrible diseases.
KCL’Cmber.Dr. James Office and Farlori ere atBB
Bandolpk* Wtwcen Staie and Dearborn streets.
vJta * 4n l t 3^ on *
confidential. xayfii-cba-Sw
' HUr l>yel Hair Dyel!
B*.CSIHiOS*B celenrated HaJB DYBia th» Ksfft
ur m wrvLD. The oai> H*mrT.««i, Tbti» and Kelt*
Dre known. This splendid Hair Dye 1* Penect
•-Changes Bed* Busty or Grey Hair instantly. to a
Cto«7 Btacr or Hattsal Piutor**,without, Uilurinf
the Ei-r or Staining the Stan. leaving the Bair boll
hto B>mutual: lmp»ru fresh vitality, frequently rea*
>rm:if :ic pristine color, and recuOe* the 111 e3f£ts o*
Sao3/' t. The Genuine ie signed Winniad A
fcMi, a- j others are mere imitations, and he
kfold. 5. iWd by all Drnrvi«tg. Ac. Vactory.Bl Bar
-*ot ~e«. Kw vorlc. trS-rw-iy.
vngolutlr. dement.
1* or more general practical
atlilty that any Invention now
before the nabhe. It has boat
ihorouthly tasted daring the last
rwo year* by practical men, and
pronounced by all to be
gaperior to Any
Adhesive Preparation known.
It r.rnr thing-
Hilton’s Insoluble Cement
Is a new thing, and the result oi
years of etuay; It* combination!*
oil scientific Psiacm.ES, and
under no circumstances or change
of temperature will it become
corrupt or emit any offensive
cm ell.
Qa t v>»blcsti66.
Manufacturer*, using Machines,
will find It the beat article known
for Cementing the Channels, as It
works without delay. Is not affec
ted by any chaageor temperature.
>3oot -.id Enoch
Will find it suffleleßtly adhesive
for their use. as baa been proved
It la espedftlly adapted
ao Leather.
knd we claim as an especial
nerit, that it sticks Patches and
.Inlni-a to Boots and Shoes audl
dentiy sncpng without ytitrhinf-
Extent that 1* a nre thing tor
And article* of Booaefaold Du.
But Liquid.
SUton*i Insoluble Cement
I* In e liquid form, and m eeiUy
applied a* paste.
Hilton's Insoluble (intent
la insoluble In water or oil.
Hilton's Insoluble Cement
Adhere* ody *ub*tancea.
Supplied in Family or Manufae*
tnrert Packages, from 1 ounces
to 1W pound*.
itflTa, Wholeaaln Druggist*, S
rnuGeneral Westers Amenta, te
r *be addressed. lelKO-lywraic
■Old VT LOSS *
Lake street, Chicaec
JLcgal Notice^
"M’OTICE.—To the Heirs and Legal
representative* cf Henry Lutz, late of East
Cocaßco Tcwnsbip, Lancaster Coontr. deceased.
Yon are hereby notified that by vlrtne of an order of
the Orphans' Coon of Lancaster County to me at*
rect* o, 1 will bold an inquest to dlnde, part or valoe
the H*-al Estate of Henry Lutz, deceased, on Thnn
•day. theSttb day oiblaj, K. D. IBW, allOo’ClockA.
At., at tiie public house or Herrr Rhoadi.ln the vUiace
of Hcamstown, Lancaster County, Pa, when and
Where j on may attend. If yon thlnC proper.
_ F. 6HITH. Sheriff,
SberlfT* Office, Lancaster, April uth. IS6U
aplh-dHS Tt-iuwr y * *
llj has been made m Uir payment ot toe rmn of
Tift}-six Hollar*. which is claimed to be due at the
«3a»e oi notice, on a certain Trntl Deed bearing
•date tre twentieth d* y of war. eighteen hundred and
elnj-two, executed by John Coleman, ot toe County
of Cock.and Slate of Illinois, to Jared B*a**u, of
Xiskr coonty. and State of liuncls. and recorded In
'tbe office of the Cerk of lb* Comity of cook, in Book
smml cr 235 of Heeds at pace 19s on the twenty*eecond
day ot Way A. D 1862, at X 2 o’clock U. . ~
Wow.therefore, notice»» neieby piven, that in per*
finance of a power of ta'e curtained in said Treat
Deem. ano of tbe itattue In seen case made and nro-
Vlde*. t* e oremhes described in and c,nv<ycdt>y
eatd Trot £eed. to wit: Lot twenty-aiz (M> in the
enbdlwyon of lots one (1) and two (3.) except the
•ooth two hundred f»*et ano the < set sixty-fire feet ot
-block forty-three (4S> In the subdivision Dy tne Tma*
tee* of the Illinois and Wlcbican Canal of the west
fenlf of section twtnn-one (21.) and ao mnch or tbe
«onth east quarter of sale section as lie# west of tbe
Ssuth Branw cl tbe chlcaro Blrrr, id Township
thirty-nine (89.) Sorto Raore it Fast < f tbe Sd P. M.,
•wocordme to the mao of said fi at named subdivltion
J cot fried In the Recorder's office oi Coot Cotmiy
wforeisldlnßoukltSot M»ps,pages£ wlUbero\dat
nnlibc auction at tbe north door ol the court House
in the city of Chicsco.m the foantvof Co.k,on the
third flay of Jope A. I), isr.i. at 11 o'clock M.
tniro oai JaBKH BASSKTT. Trustee.
Chioayo, May 2i, 18BL py2t-pMS m
1J BALE IN ADMIHALT.—Uy rlrtne of * "Writ ot
Sue, m iwurd om oi the United 6ute« DUtnoC Court
Yor »ue (southern LlKtrlci of Illinois. In admiralty,
ob the Tweoty*thlrd dar of May. A. D. 1861. will
'be sold Rt public Bale. to the hiphf« and beet bidder
for at Cairo, in aata DUWlct, ob tlie Klcblb day
x>f June. A. D. 18m. the foUowln* doacribed property,
-to wt: Zj2io bales ard 191 aacka of Cotton, tbe came
lianpc been ordered by tbe Coon to be told lor tbe
of whom it may concern.
Denent oj wnwui D £ PHILLIPS, X 7. S. Marshal.
odd, nu May 2<d IBM. myas-gt# XSt
I J ralS IN ADMIRALTY.— By tirtne of a writ
of aale issued out of the United fitaiee District Court
iot (be Booth **m District of DUnolt. la admiralty,
SLi IWTIUJ of B.T, A. D. JBM. »1U M *oli
•t public (*lc,t® lbcbl,b~f bwarr for CMb. M C»W>,
a aaid district.on tbe Stb of JnM, A. D. jlw, the fol*
owtee deeoribed property, *o wit; 1
baCK>f cotton; lot of basxlre; WrerplrinCPlatol*,
Ac h Ac. Ordered by the coirito be eelator toe ben*
■waonßbb.liL.lUMWtiSSL * oy&fittf tf*
faulting ano ©idjange.
I hire decided to close my cosiness ss S put...
banker, after Jane lAth. _ „ _ VA «... t,** >
lo connection -wltli T. P. TsJJmsj. Su nssms
CAPITA-I*. - - - *50,000*
r. 0. tai-hias, Csri.
Gold and SUrer Bought and Sold.
U. S. 10-40 LOAN.
Paruenltr attention give* to order* for
IiASLR Stocks.
gB-itr. the Bonon Brokers*
Board. Manufacturing and Copper
flll.ll 11 ii 11i.i11|_111 mi i iiimilmi Collection* remitted
for on the day of payment.
mj26-cMI-26t1» No. 25 State-si.. Boston, Msu«_
Kotlce if he; eby given, that all Bills or Circulat
ing Note* of the
5 (( BiKK OF IBIERIOJu’* L ti
Heretofore incorporated sno dcncbnaineasta iheclty
off'blcsco.onderthe general banking isws of the 'tam
of Xllipois. xnon be pi esenu d far pavment ofthe Audi
tor cf Public Accounts of aald elate, at bis office, in
the city of Springfield, within tnree years from the
dstt hereof, or »he foods depoeltedfortheredempaon
ot said notes will be ctveu up to said bank.
1..,.,au. a.,
E, W. Wxzlabd. Cashier. Jy3s-g«3-toitT6t
Southwest ci rner Lake and Clark-s**.
CAPITAL, paid In. - • - SOOO,OOO.
fc.*AIKEK, President. _ /
B E. Beaibtsj, Cashier.
X 1 Holes of the MERCHANTS* BRANCH ofthe
at Davenport, will bejodeeme d at par, at qor office.
m>27gtfi*-2w_ VI. r. COOLBaUGH A CO
J.TJ DlN.—The Stockholders of this Bank and their
associates, having orcanUed as . .
TbeHechtnics’ fcitional Bsnkof Chiwgoj.
Win, on WOXDaT NEVT, take tbe office Ui ths
Marine Bank Eulldlnff.lM Lake street, now occupied
by Mr.Scammob as Private Banker, and thereafter
the bills oi oaid Bauk will be redeemed at said office
AT PAD in the Deal currency of tbe coantrr.
Mr. Scammon will continue b'j Private Bannnr
Btulvcas, as usual, until toe proper certificate shall
be obtained from the Comptroller of the Currency.
J. TOUNO SC AMMON. President.
BEN.T.V. PAG*. Vice President.
C-F W. dCNGK, Cashier.
Chicago, May iSih.im. mvl2-eS7O-im
Ofß.ce of Comptroller of the Cnrre-ucy,
wasmardTov. March 15, ISM.
wvvhi»Bt asticactory evidence presented so the
urdemgnbd, U has bsen made ki apwmr that the
riFTHNaron&l Bank ol CHICAGO, in the county of
COOK and State of ILLINOIS, has bees duly ok»
Ized under and according to the reduiremente of the
act or Congress, entitled ** An act to provide a Na
tional coneocy. tecured by a p'edjc of United States
stocks, and to provide for the circulation and redemp
tion thereof," approved February 25. 2SCS, and ha*
complied with eu the provision* of raid ect required
to be complied with before commencing thebualoeai
°lS'“tl£Wli>re. I. HUGH McCDliOCa. Cam
trollrr of the Currency, do hereby certify that the
FIFTH National Rank ofCHICAOO,County ol COOK
and State of ILLINOIS, n authorized to commence
tbeboßincssor BanangundertheactaiorcMia,
In teftimoiy wberenbwlitew mvhapdanq
Immjk'il of office, thi« nyriiKMH d*y of
ComotroUer of the Curreaci»
<Smumisßia« fS.Etcpant£
coaimissioH hebohihts,
!•% South Water street, Chicago.
Cash advarcea n*are on Grain, Flour and Provisions
tobe solo here, or in Boflalo, New Jork end Boiton.
my&cK'-e-lit r MAWIs
conmif»&io.> wEßcnA>rs,
Bi . .
A-ne. ail Vtnera Produce and Mirehwdiie BOUGHI
IS7 Somlt Water Street,
p. t. uyußC^ooD. - ' CUICiQO.
»U>MC>iZcjiDEliWcOD, (
W. CilitUWuOl>. )
11 Gram and Produce commission Merchant* and
General AceuiA. <SI Fontb w avF» street, \,b»ca*o. III*
Post office Hoi 42 M. Order* and consignment* ao
liciied. Deference* ay pcrmliaion—Tyler, oilman *
Co, Bankns, Crlcago; Bollard ft aoane:Bocea
Bremen; King. KeiKgg ft Co.; Fargo ft Zita; Gee.
W. Hander* ft Co.
UkTUBIIi. A. bT.O. CIXPBELL. 1351511111.
m>2+g66;-im ______
coßrnßSioiv webchants,
at -a Commercial Broken, 81 South Water street,
Chicago, UUncls.
. af.a*l2o-aia.
VT coM'nxtiSiux merchants,
344 Lake and 8t S South Water street*. Chicago.
as vances made on Grain, Floor and Previsions con
signed toL. liobertaft Co-New Tort, and Sttnard,
OQUrt ft Co.. St. Louis- WHK«si-&»
-1 > tsersttlP —The eo-parincnditp ex
tstlrg between the undersigned under firm and sty.e of
narlnttblsdar expired by limitation. Is by mutual
thr stld firm U aalhoriredtoslgu
the name of the said firm In liquidation
M. H. N‘l •'TON, '
j. m. smith-
Cliicago. Jnntl.lßftL jel-hisi-lw
Notice is hereby clrm that the undersigned
have this day formed a co-partnership under thensme
and ftjlcoi
For the purpose of transacting a
Office N0.5 Board of Trade Building.
5, K. Fll p BAME.
Chicago, Jnne IBs 1554. Jel-h2B7*lot
Dissolotion of partner.
6HTP,—The partnership betreen the sabscrl
boiii, under the Arm of Tho*. li. Bryan * Co. has Reea
dftt-olved by mutual consent, The boslnra* will be
contused in the umc office by Thot. B. Bryan Tae
nrlvs' e of Ju. L. Reynold* wil* be attended
to onrinp hi* absence from the crty by hi* eon, ffo.
Business earns.
Frederic cook,
Superintending and Constractlsg
mechanical Enelneeer 4 Commlilon
and Patent Agent, i
60 Dearborn street, Chicago, HI.
p O. Box ISGO. Drawing* and specification* pre
paid for the patent office, and for any description of
Ajerbloery. Rerun to— Horatio alien, Keg-president
Novelty Iron Worth, New iork: Bdw«rd Barling,
Architect, Chicago, Illinois. jnylS-eajSßnacwar
30 Bro.dwnjr, Sew Tork,
Importers and Deal ere la
halted sheep skins
Split*. Flc*hw and Roans,
SHELLAC— English, Native and Uaraet: VKRDI
GUIS—Extra dirNarbonne; HaTTEB 3 LEATHER:
HftTTEh’B FURS of virions mark* and qualities;
metals. TIN FLAXES. Ac. apis-cao-aih waaatt
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Sm.W and 11 Cobb’* BoUdln*. ■
Tr.o.oorpr. [P.O. Box 4538.1 oao. coaxpleb.
* dealer in
—> AND
Orden solicited and pros ptly filled at the lowest
(Mae, 1» Booth Water street, Chicago.
©rugs an® Cl) emirate.
H. REED * CO.,
19 La)ieSt M Chlcflco t m«
watt, Oil*. Window OIM, GUm
ware, Bnmin* OfU, Kcrowne,
So»pm*ken> Stocky Haan
Which wc offer at prion taroraUe to Wet cm mm*
chants and Maoufaotarcn.
Pearl street H.T.I
A. Htmugy Chicago. ( Wt-raWW
Kcto liublicotums.
Valuable books.
PEARE, ccusprlstoe 100 plttca, with a page of letter
Gem to each plate. Unbound -...i11*
two port fbiloa— no
Elestantly bound. 2 rcla. (bindingat eoey - tan
To*qmee.... . 15
nniUK OALLKOT. 8 T0U....... 45
Tbe abore beacUiuUy flluitrated work* cold only to
nbectibfn. For parttcnlaraeddremtheundeciigned.
tarbntt the Cbicaeo Poet Oflloe, Bos I#6.
K O.MX&ATT, A*eot tor tbaßorthwort.
€I)Ilg§0 tribune.
FHIDAT, JUNE 3,1804.
Jenny In fine array,
Jamio to lar away;
Jenny in aiJken autre,
.Jamie in mack and mire;
Jenny with foil and plenty to eat,
Jamie without a morsel of meat.
Jenny mart need* have diamonds to wear,
Laces and feathers, and gems for her hair;
Jamie'rclolhe* are tattered and torn.
His luckless boots so cut up and worn,
That he thinks with dismay.
On the &n coming day.
When “upper* 1 and “sole 11 will both give way.
OhJJecny I Just think
That we’re now on the brink
Of a straggle most mighty and fearful;
And that soon Jamie’s bead
Hay lie midst the dead
On a field so pitifully drearfoL
Then give up you diamonds, your alDu and yonr
Throw by au yonr. follies, and cease all yonr
After fashlonaad drees;.
And strive to think less
Of what yon will buy;
And more, how you’ll try
To boar your own share.
In this sorrow and care.
That darkens our nsUon, once blest;
And fervently pray
That bright peace soon may
Shine on Jamie, and all of the rest.
—PMiad&'phia Prt4s.
General Appearance or Chattanooga*
UsActlmraod Baitle»Tlie IGth D.
8. ColoredlnfanirT—’Sentiment of tho
People-—3l Ultary Intelligence—Bebel
[From Onr Special Correapcmdent.]
CziATfas ooa a, Tens., May 23, 1854.
When this cruel war la “over” and peace
and plenty shall once more smile over Ten
nessee and Georgia, the vicinity of Chatta
nooga and Chattanooga Itself will form one
of the most attractive and fashionable re
sorts for tourists and travellers there is to be
found In the Union. In addition to the ma
jesty and sublimity of the scenery, which
will always prove attractive to all lovers of
the beautiful and sublime' in nature, this
country will preserve a historic name through
out generations yet unborn. It will be re
vered as the battle ground of some of the
most sanguinary contests ever engaged in for
the cense of freedom. It will be an object
of reveration in tbe eyes of those who can
say “ my father fought in those glorious bat
tles,” my grandfather got wounded there,”
or “my mother was made husband!ess—a
bullet from a rebel musket having billed my
father.” It will, in days not far distant, be
I tbe Mecca of many of these battled-scarred
| heroes, who can say, on revisiting the scenes
of glorious exploits performed by them
while lighting for tbe republic, “ this is the
spot,” pointing to Moccasin point, “ where
1 participated Tn shelling the rebels out ol
their tonifications on the 35th day of No
vember, 18(53.” Another—an armless hero
—will say, “I was with Gen. Hooker when
he cocaged the enemy among the clouds, on
the summit of Lookout.” Hundreds, yes
thousands of others, will also then be able to
recall, with manly pride, the scenes in which
tbe/ displayed heroic valor and Spartan for
titude, wbue fighting the battles for freedom
throughout tbe bloody fields of Tennessee,
Northern Georgia and Alabama. ,
Chattanooga, at the present writing, ro- ,
semhlcs a bee hive, when the busy little i
bees, laden with the virgin honey, distilled
from tbe flowers of early spring, have return
ed to deposit their treasure in the Utile
thatched or glassy mansion presided over by
tbe queen- The raUroad, which is now oper
ated and controlled bv Uncle Bam, is swarm
ing with “Northera mudsills,” who are basi
ls engaged m making extensions, re-la} log
tracks, and building depots and warehouses.
The guard with measured step and slow,
paces up and down, looking after the proper
tv ot Uncle Sam with watchful eye and load
ed musket Freight and passenger trains are
being drawn hither and thither, loading pro
visions at this point, and depositing at oth
ers their living loads of precious lives, many
of whom may not survive the wounds re
ceived at the late glorious battle ofKesaca.
Cu the surrounding hills, scattered beneath
tbe shady oaks and maples, recline the men
of veteran regiments, who are going on to
tbe front to renew the experience purchased
by them at a fearful loss ef life and limb. On
the slope of Signal Station, a lofty bill, about
a half a mile east of Chattanooga, is encamp
ed the ICih Uni cd States cob-red infantry,
recruited throughout this State. This regi
ment is composed of about 950 Africans,
strong, able-bodied, well developed men, in
whose faces the careful observer may read
the unconquerable desire to take sum
mary revenge for the barbarous cruelties in
flicted on their brethren by the guerilla For
rest, at tbe capture of Fort Pillow. These
negroes are busily engaged In throwing up
fortifications and building water reservoirs
on the slope ol Signal Station. It is amus
ing to sec the glow of pride which their
ebon faces exhibit now that they are freemen
and citizens. The non-commissioned offi
cers, with that pomposity peculiar to the
down-trodden African, when instructed bow
to act and think for himself, walk around
through tbe long, regular rows of tents,
thinking while thty sport the chtTron that
they are lords of all tney survey. There is
one feature in this display, which deserves
more than a passing notice. Their pride is
neither anogast nor insulting. It is natu
, rah The negro soldier feels that he is now
free, that the day ol redemption for his op
pressed race is fast approaching, and that,
! now that an opportunity has been given him,
he is resolved to perfect himself, as far as his
I limited knowledge and education will allow,
I so to be enabled to appreciate to its fullest
| extent, that liberty, which hod it not been
I for the slave holder 3 * rebellion, would doubt-
I legs have never been his boon. The few or
, iglcal inhabitants of Abis section—particu
larly those having any claims to intelligence,
i now admit that slavery is dead—dead beyond
recovery. They are now of the opinion that
slavery is not a poking institution and that
under a slave-holders regime, the South
could never cope with the North either In
wealth, industry, or genera! prosperity.
Still tbe hatred for the negro still rankles in
their hearts; they do not approve of his be
ing made p soldier, and advance the same
sophistry in their arguments, as do their
brethren In the North—the Copperheads.
There Is nothinc of importance here la the
way of military intelligence from the front.
The people here are dependent upon Nash
ville for reliable and trustworthy news. ‘Al
though reports are brought iu on every train
from the front by officers, soldiers, and rail
road men, still it MI has to be
natal is. At Stevenson, it was reported last
night, that Sherman had outflanked Johns
ton, and that be was consequently compelled
to retreat. Other reports said that fighting
was going on between tbe rebels and onr
forces at both Atlanta and Altoona. There
can be but little reliance placed upon these
rumors, os the cars are not running any far
ther than Kingston, which place Sherman
left on Tuesday last, taking the turnpike for
Some three hundred rebel prisoners, many
of whom formerly graced the inner walls of
Camp Douglas in the summer of 1802, passed
through here 10-day, en route for the. North,
in charge of the 10th Ohio, which is now go
ing home—having finished its term of enlist
ment. Some of tbe rebels recognized quite
a number of the men of the 65th Illinois,
now waiting here to go to the front, and
said, “Hullo, old 65tb, don’tyon remember
ns at Camp Douglas? We would like to go
back there.” One of tbe prisoners took his
wife and child with him, and swore that he
would never come back here again.
Baiteiing In-Skctchcs of the Officers
-Ueelnirnt Moll.
[Correspondence of the Chicago Trlbtme.l
Peobia, Jane, 1, 1884.
The ISDth regiment was mustered in for
one hundred days this morning by Colonel
Norton of the regular army. The ■whole was
accomplished in a little less than four hours,
an expedition in such matters quite unusual.
Red tape was laid aside for a practical com
mon-sense, and as a result the whole regi
ment was mustered and turned oyer to its
officers In the briefest possible manner. Cob
Norton deserves credit for his dispatch In
getting this regiment bo quickly ready for
the service. CoL Davidson of Peoria is its
Colonel. Betting aside his official designa
tion as the Colonel of the regiment, he mag
nanimously submitted the choice of their
Colonel to a vote 'of the line officers. ' He
was chosen by a unanimous vote as Colonel.
Be is a good man all'agree, capable, ener
getic and gallant. Be has seen service, first
as Captain of a battery, and then as a M >Jor
of the 3d artillery, and as chief of artillery
under Generals Gorham and Prentiss. Be
was on hoard of the 111-fated steamer City of*
Madison, which was blown to fragments by
the explosion of shells with which she was
loaded, killing some thirty-five or forty men,
and wounding a number of others; among
them CoL Davidson, who was blown offinto
the river and badly braised. It can be safely
said of him that he powder.” fie
will be heard from again, if this war lasts.
Mr. Wihey ot Galesbmgh is the Lhitenmt
Colonel, and Mr. Roth of Lomolle, Bureau
county is Major. D. N. Saunderson is Ad
jutant. John Biyner of Peoria. Regimental
Quartermaster, and Dr. A. M. Pierce of Tre
monl, Tazewell county, Ist Assistant Bur
geon. These men have all seen service, and
are good men for their positions. The ag
gregate of the regiment is 879 then, coming
mratly from the sth district.
Tt*e roll of the regiment is as follows:
CtotoneJ—Peter Darideon of Peoria..
LUvL Cobmel Wilsey of Galertmrgh.
Major Both of Lemoile.
jojutonf—D, 2i Saanderaon of Peoria. .
Quartermaster—John Bryner of Peoria.
I'int Jut Surgeon —A tf. Pierce of Tremont,
Aggregate Musur—ZW men.
jjyGen. Butler addressed to Gen. Gilmore
alctter asking him if he authorized the state
ment of the N. Y. ibd tbat <Glimore)
nrgtd him (Butler) to entrench himself, but
•WM oTcr-rnlcd. To this Gen. Gilmore re
plied, “ I never advised yon as stated- I sent
a staff officer to you in regard to certain
changes in thelinej bnt there, waa not time
to make those changes*erep If they bad been
ordered.” The iWf sajs its correspondent
wis eyldently In and that it will find
out how he happened to be. “ Meanwhile,”
it remarks further, “Gen.- Butler ls,-of course,
exonerated by Gen; Gilmore’s letter from
blame in that particular. I ', - K ;
The inny or the Potomae—Tbe Situ
ation-The Spirit Tax—Senate Aealiurt
Taxing Stocks on Hand—The Piece*-
airy of Perfecting the Revenue Bill
—The New Tarllf BUI-Freedmeai’
Village—Sunday School Celebration
One Hundred Hay men to the Front.
[From oar Bepular Correspondent.)
Washington, May Z i. 153 L
Gen. Grant, at last advices still cootinncd
bis flpuk movement toward the left, avoiding
a pitched battle with Lee, .upon the ground
of the latter’s own selection. He was within
fifteen to eighteen miles of Richmond at last
accounts, and had again changed his hose to
the' White House, on the Pamnnkey, which
flows Into the York River a few miles east of
tint point A railroad runs all the way from
the White Honse to Richmond, upon which
all descriptions of eeigo material can be
transported. This was also tbe base of Gen.
McClellan in his attack on Richmond, and
from which he was driven by tbe rebel flank
movement, which compelled our forces to
fallback to the James River, attar a series ot
disastrous defeats. Lee still probably holds
his position on the North Anna, but has
doubtless been compelled to swing aronud
bis right towards Grant, so that bis extreme
right may now rest upon the fortifications
of Richmond, and his extreme left on Hano
ver Junction, a distance of about twenty-fire
miles. By this line he can protect his com
munications via the Virginia Central Rail
road. It is thonetat by some newspaper
men, that Lee will now retire within the
Richmond fortifications. I think this scarce
ly probable, however, unless bisforce U very
materially reduced; for by so doing he
would enable Grant to flank him on his left,
and in fact besiege him la Richmond, at the
same time that the west and southwest
would bo completely severed; thus leaving
it only open to the country to the south
ward ; and even this line is threatened by
Gen. Butler- No, Lee must fight It oat on
his present line, if he would save Richmond
from ultimate capture.
Aa regards Gen. Grant, he can now form a
junction with Gen. Butler on hia (Grant’s)
left, for their mutual support and protection,
or lor offensive movements on the North or
South side of Richmond. I should not won
der if by this time the principal portion of
Butler’s army had joined Gen. Grint, , At
this particular juncture tbe force of General
Bigel would have been oi Infinite service to
Geo. Grant; for it would so threaten Lee’s
communications to the West and Southwest
as to render his present position a very pre
canons, if not wholly untenable one.
From the dose proximity of both armiea to
each other at the present time important
news may he looked for at any moment.
In the Senate on Saturday tbo following
section of the revenue bill was stricken out
It is the section inserted in the House on the
motion of Mr. Washburn of Illinois:
“Ail spirits of domestic production, and held for
tale on tne fleet day of May, 1881, and upon which
so tax shall have been paid, shall be eabject to a
duty ol fifty cents per gallon: and all auch spirits
on hand for sale, upon which a prior duty shall
bare been paid, shall be subject to a duty of thirty
cents per gallon; /’rocided that tonajide retail
dealers In spirits, duly licensed, shall not be taxed
on their stock on band whose quantity does not
exceed two barrels.”
Tbe following la the vote on striking out:
Teas—Buckalew, Garble, Clark, Collamer,
Cornets. Cowan, Davie, Fessenden, Foster, Hen
dricks Hicks, Howe, Johnson. Lane. (Ind.) Lane,
(liiusae) ilcDougal!, Morgan, Nesmith, Pomeroy,
Towel], Richardson, Samsbory, Ten Eyck, Van
Winkle, Wii!ey—2s.
Nays—Messrs. Anthony, Chandler, Dixon, Foot,
Grimes, Ha c, Hariun, Harris, Howard, Ramsey,
Sherman, Sumner, Trnmbnll, Wilkinson, Wilson
The whisky men rejoiced greatly over their
triumph, and are now directing all their ef
forts to have their amendment accepted by
the House.
There Is great necessity for perfecting the
revenue-biUs, not only for the purpose ot
strengthening confidence in the Government
finances, but for the purpose of revenue,
which will render a resort to additional
loans, beyond those upon the market, nnncc
cceßary. The ten-forty loan is now yielding
at the rate of abont a million dollars per day,
and if the revenue hills were In operation it
is expected both these sources would yield
sufficient for the expenses of the govern
ment. As it Is, ho a ever, Mr. Chase finds It
necessary to sell bonds of the loan of 1331 to
the amount cl fifty or seventy-fine millions
of dollars. They will probably be sold to
the highest bidder. Tils extra sum Is need
ed for the pay of the army, and lor other ex
penses of the great military movements now
In progress. Congress should hurry up the
work of perfecting these revenue bills.
The new tariff bill just reported to Con
trress Is based upon the tariff act of ISG3. It
Increases all the rates op iron equal, as near
ly as may be, to the internal duties; and
also oe to steel, which is a fraction over.
On some manufactures of iron. Including
the smaller size, tbe duties haye been slight
ly increased. On files, saws, and a few other
articles, a compound duty, partly specific
and partly ad valorem, is imposed. A dis
criminating duty of ten per cent is levied
on all goods brought in foreign vessels.
The tax on eome of the leading goods con
sumed in the country is as follows:
Coffee at thopresent rates.
Teas of all lands, 25c. per pound.
Coal, from 60c. to $1.25 par ton.
Tobacco in leaf. 50c. pet pound.
Secs re worth SlP.O> or less per 1,000, 20c per
pound, and SO per cent ad valorem ; worth $20.00
ana not over SHMO per 2,140, $1.50 per pound, and
40 per cent ad ta orem ; worth $75 and over, $3 60
per pound, and CO percent ad va orem.
Muslins, from Bc. to 10c. per yard.
Alee and beers in bottles, 3 »c. per dozes.
Alee and beers, e»c.. in bulk, 25c, per gallon.
Brandy, first proof, f2AU per callon-
Pit-tilled spirits, first proof, $2.00 per gallon.
Petroleum, crude, 10c. per gallon.
Petroleum, refined, fOc. per gallon,
Dr. Cbeever, of New York, preached In the
Capitol yesterday, and afterwards visited the
Frecdmeu’s Village, on Arlington Heights, In
company with some prominent politicians.
The Military Committee of the Hooso of Re
presentatives also visited the village on Sat
urday. The appearance of the extended
buildings, cultivated fields, &c., is said to
have given general satisfaction Large num
bers are unemployed however, and the ex
penditures are said to be largo.
The grand annual celebration oi the Sun
day schools of the city is taking place to-day.
A large number of scholars of bath sexes,
with their teachers, are in the procession, in
which are some five military and civic hands.
Among the speakers at the various places of
worship, ana at the capital grounds, are Dr.
Gurley, Senator Willey. Hoo. Amos Myers
of Pennsylvania; and Rev. Dr. Gillette.
The 188 th regiment of Ohio volunteers were
ordered to the front at 9 o’clock last night,
and left this morning. Other regiments of
this force will probably follow. They will
probably be employed in guarding lines of
communication, trains, &c. F.
What the London Star Says about ft.
[From tbe London Star May 14.1
■When an evil* tempered mischievous wasp’
after much buzzing and stinging, imprisons
bimselfina sugar-basin, it is questionable
kindness to let him go free again. Qls na
ture and practices demand Sis extinction.
We have heard, indeed, gift naturalist who
makes a h rge provision of treacle for the pur
pose of attracting wasps, and of inducing
them to build their curious cupola-shaped
nests within his window-panes, fiat he no
doubt disarms them by his kindness, and
leaves as little motive as excuse for tbe em
ployment of tbclr barbs. Here, however, is
a hornet of the ocean—a very monster of ter
ror to harmless and industrious tribes—a
winged plunderer—a hawk that has made
much slaughter. among unarmed birds, —
here is this pestilent ruffian safe within onr
net; we bave but to pull the string, and he
will never again trouble any living thing;
bat we refuse. In plain words, tbe Georgia
is in Liverpool resting from her raids among
the peaceful shipping ot our American friends
and Jrm-w.cn. With a few strokes of the
pen, a few clicks of the telegraph needles, we
can put an end to her career of rapine; but
the Government declines to interfere; and it
the Georgia captures no more United States
merchantmen, it will be because that mag
nificent marine has.been swept off the seas.
Yet theGeorgiais not merely a Confederate
privateer—an armed vessel carrying the com
mission of a belligerent Power, or acting un
der letters of marque: 'the is British in every-
Viing but her flag. The Attorney-General
gravely objects to her being celled a ■ British
pirate, as agratmtons dishonour to our coun
try. nut onr own reticence and selfish spir
it cannot blind the Judgment of the world
on plain facts. Delicacy in the use of words
is of little advantage when the ideas to be ex
pressed are themselves shameful in the last
degree. The well-known : truth Is that the
Georgia Is British bu\lt % and British
that she was made and equipped in a British
port, owned by a British merchant, twice
manned by a British crew, and Is a living de
fiance ol British law. Till tbe Attorney-
General can, contradict these dishonourable
facts nothing is gained by tbe discussion of
a dishonourable degradation. No one In all
the worldwoald suppose that tbe British
Government or nation is responsible for the
piracies of tbe Georgia, bat she is neverthe
less a blot upon the British name. Every
argument of justice and good faith, of hon
our and of prudence, binds us to
make the utmost reparation in our
power to the American Government and peo
ple. When the largest allowance has been
made for the force of legal pleas—when, we
have exhausted, os tbe Attorney-General did
last night, the apollgies that may be drawn
from American jurists and precedents—when
we have said all that can be said in defence
of our motives and in extenuation of our
mismanagement—it yet remains unhappily
and Indisputably true that enormous mis
chltf has been wrought by vessels of war ille
gally built and equipped in British ports.
Mr. Cobdcn declares that a commercial mu
rin valued at from tuxnty tothirty rnHUontateJ
ing hat been vi tuiUy annihilate!. The number
of the ships captured or transferred, in fear of
capture—the amount ol property destroyed
at tea or wasted by the rise in the rate of in
surance—bears out thl < startling declaration.
Itbas even come to pass that the.Al\bama
and Georgia find thdr trade unprofitable;
they have made a desert on the%9n: they
do not now meet with one United States ship
where tbe vessels bearing that flag used to
be counted by the hundred. The wolves are
becoming lean and hengrr through having
emptied the pasture. I* nothing owing to
the Federal Stales for taca: heavy losses and
Indignities?' Are* the merchants of New
York and Boston to be expected to bear
J. T. C.
without resentment a wrong more than
equl a e"t, as Hr. Cobdcn puts it, to the bom
bardment o! those great cities? If we deny
tflllr right to pecuniary c Hnp*tmtlOD, let us
at least repair, as fer as possible, their
wounded sensibilities, and Indemnify their
self-love against the triumphs won by the
Confederates on unfought fields, by weapons
forged in cur arsenals. But this is not a ques
tion between England and the United States
alone. It may every day become a question
between ourselves and all the world. It is
very fortunate for us that the Danes stopped
the entrance of the Austrian fleet into the
Baltic. If we had fired a shot In those waters
Mr. Baring’s apprehensions of a Frankfort
fleet equipped in r reach porta might speedily
have been realized Bohemia may acquire m
very deed the sea coast she has hitherto
possessed only in the “ Winter’s Tale.” A
land-locked town far out of sight or hearing
of the waves, may contribute a considerable
contingent to the German fleet under that
new reading of the law of nations which per
mits the neutral to be the shipbuilder for bel
ligerents. Wc had trusted that the Govern
ment was fully awakened to the Immense
gravity of these considerations But with
the Georgia floating unmolested on the bo
som of the Mersey, and the Crown lawyers
showing cause against executive or legisla
tive aclitn, we begin to donbtagaln whether
our rulers are equal to their powers and ■re
The Mexican Question in France.
Napoleon for Peace.
[From oar Special Correspondent,]
Pabib, 'Tuesday, May IT, 186 ft.
The celebrated republican orator, M. Jules
Favre, in one of his recent speeches in the
Chamber, referred to Mexican affairs and to
American opinion respecting them, in a man
ner which deserves to be more particularly
noticed. After pointing out that the new
Emperor Maximilllan was in reality nothing
more than a Lieutenant of France, that the
Mexican Empire was a mere romance, that
the Mexican Government had undertaken to
make payments which It never could by any
possibility accomplish, thatits loan was only
bolstered up by French credit, and that
France mnsfi’calJy sustain the Empire by an
army oi 25,000 men maintained in Mexico for
an indefinite period, M. Jules Fayrc said that
it was impossible for him to pass over iu si
lence the late declaration of tbo Congress of
the United States, Heknew that that declar
ation was not to he regarded as an official or
diplomatic act of the Government of Wash
ington; but still it most be regarded as a
“manifestation of public opinion which
commondedattentlon and respect,” He then
proceeded to read a dispatch from the Amer
ican Secretary of State to Hon. Mr. Payton,
and communicated by the latter to tbe
French Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Id this dispatch, after expressions of grea 1 ;
courtesy to France, Mr. steward siys that
he nevertheless deems It rii’ht that his gov
ernment should strictly state and declare to
tbe government of France, that the real pub
lic opinion of Mexico is In favor of domestic
and republican institutions, In preference to
any monarchist Institutions Imposed on
them by a foreign power. This real opinion
of Mexico, the American Minister goes onto
say, is chiefly duo to tbe influence of popu
lar opinion in his own country, whoso bril
liant future destinies ho cousiders.to be In
timately connected with the maintenance of
free republican Institutions, .throughout the
whole American Continent.* This opinion
bad been already communicated to tbe Em
peror Napoleon; and,says Mr. Seward, with
a voice of dignified warning, “If, after ma
ture reflection, France persists In a policy op
posed to these sentiments and opinions, such
a policy will find a germ of jealousies, which
cannot lull, ultimately, to develop Itself into
a conflict bet a cen Franco and the United
States.” Subsequently, to the intimation
from France that a prompt rccognl
lion oi the Mexican Empire would be
agreeable, Mr. Seward desires Mr. Dayton
to reply that his Government has always
considered the establishment of a Monarchial
Government in Mexico to be undesirable,
and bad not changed Its opinion; and, more
over, that it regarded the Republican Gov
ernment in Mexico os still existing, aud en
tertained towards it the most friendly feel
ings. “Thus,” said M. Jules Favre, com
menting on these dispatches, “have tbe
§erzns of defiance and hostility been sown
etween two countries whose union is so
necessary to the grandeur and prosperity of
each other.”
The above dispatches ere probably already
known in America; but their reproduction
in the French Chamber, the attention they
excited there, and the sympathies manifest
ed toward them by the Liberal and .Republi
can party in this country, seem to me to be
matters of sufficient importance id warrant
me in drawing toot attention afresh to this
t ortion of the debate.
At tne present moment more peaceful ia
flnences seem to me to be io tbe ascendant.
The language of Ministers ia the Chamber,
coupled with that of M. do Persiguy out ef
doors, are taken as’lndlcations that the Gov
ernment is really desirous of peace. There
is a report, too, that M. de Persiguy is to re
turn to office to support the views hold out
in his speech. Some hopes are even enter
tained that, after all, the Conference may be
able to effect something. Altogether, there
fore, there exists rather more confidence in
the publle mind with respect to the preser
vation of tranquility than when I last wrote.
Tbe Flflf-ElcbUi Illinois^
The following is a list of casualties in the
sSth Illinois infantry, CapL Robert WV
Hesly commanding, in the battle at follow
Bayou, near Simsport, La., May IS, 1864:
Col. W. P. Lynch, commanding Ist Brigade, Ist
Dinsion, riubt les badly shattered by o rifle ball.
Co. A—Wounded—Corp. Michael Conroy (color
guard), severely In Bide; John Martin, alight!/ in
side; Michael Norton, right leg slightly; Jer.
Moynahan. rLht leg slightly.
Co. B.—Killed—lst Llentenant James E. Moas;
James McNeil. Wounded—Samael FranKUu, left
arm Slightly; Joseph Ueurler, left log severely;
Eugene Klnnon, right thigh severely; A. Soep
paid, left thigh severely; Tbozas Taylor, lelt arm
Co. C—Wounded.—Scrct. Elijah Cortla, both
. legs severely; Corp. Jaa. Wbitbeck (color guard)
'right leg severely; privates Labnn Blair (color
guard) right ankle silghtiy; Frank Clark,, both
legs severely; William Rowly, right leg slightly;
KnrECl Town, right leg severely.
Co. D--KiUed,—lst Lieut. Charles Maogcr; pri
vates Stamelaos Grunewaid; Charles A. Bobarke.
Wounded—Cant. Unstav C. Kothe. neck danger*
onsly; Corp. John Stauffer, (color inurd) mortally,
(statedied); private John Schlflman, abdomen
mortally, (since died); Henry Benade. right ankle
seveicly; Wtlcher Vogbt, right band slight y; John
Banner, lelt band slightly,
Co. E.—Killed—John Jacobs.
Wounded—Scrst. August Wagner, head, slightly; i
George Bow (color guard), left leg, slightly; Jos.
Bice, left leg, slightly: Peter Flannlean, right
thigh, severely: Samuel Grafi lelt side, danger
ously; Wllev F- M. Heard, right hand, severely;
George Welch, left side, dangerously; Wilson B.
Samuels, right band, slightly.
Co. P.—Killed—lst Sergt. John Zlngery; William
Wounded—Color Sergt* Fred. Mink, bothhands,
severely; Corp. TJ. P. Brown, left thigh, mortally;
Fred. Bathing, lelt arm, severely.
Co. Q.—Killed—Corp. Simeon Bandall ■ (color
Wounded—lst Sergt. Dennis Hamblin, loft arm,
severely; Corp. O. A. Teenlo (color guard), twice
in lelt leg, severely; William White, left band,
slightly; Nathaniel Scbmaborn, left foot, slightly;
M. Msrtell. head, slightly.
Co. 11— Killed.—Private John Snyder,
Wounded—Bergt. John Nagle, right leg, severe
ly; Andrew Galooloy, left arm and side, severely:
Andrew Caretensme, left side, severely; John N.
Johnson, right side, severely.
Co. I— Killed.—Jai. S. Lyon.
Wounded.—Sd Lieut. James M. Howard, left
shoulder, severely; Corp. Bobcrt Hcslon, right leg
amputated: Corp. George Thompson (color-guard),
right I high, severely; John O’Hara, left arm,‘se
verely; Edward Keating, bead, severely: James
Waddle, right thigh, slightly; Michael Norton,
left thigh, severely ; Jobn Perdue, knee, ellgh'ly.
Co. K—Killed—Daniel Cronin.
Wounded.—Patrick Pentooy, right wrist, sLght-
Job. Stuart.
In the death J. E. B. Stuart, the rebels
received a tremendous blow. The loss of
half bis command would bff?o been of less
account than the loss of Stuari hifflsclf. He
could effect more with, one half of hie jnen
than any other General in the rebel service
can with the whole ol them. Excepting Lee,
there Is perhaps no General in the rebel
armies whose loss would be so severely felt.
Jeff. Davis would rather have parted with
Johnston, who, next to Lee, is supposed to
be the best strategist and tactician in tho
Confederacy. Johnston’s place coaid besap
plied, If not by his equal, by some one little
hia inferior. But etuart as a cavalry officer
cannot be replaced. Neither Fits Hugh Lee
nor Wade Hampton, upon one of whom the
command will dlvolve, will any more bear
comparison with him than the (( Young Na
poleon” would with Napoleon the Great
Stuart was & free and easy, dashing and reck
less fellow, who at once won the admiration
and confidence of oil under his command.
Wherever bo would lead they would follow.
We may safely < stimate hia loss to the rebels
as equal to the loss of five thousand men.
Early this Spring, Stuart organized out of
his command, eight squadrons of light horse,
called .‘‘Stuart's Hussars,” for the purpose
of reconnoltering and dashing Into the Union
lines, whenever such a preceding or scheme
should be deemed expedient. The men se
lected lor this organization were none ol
them over ten stone," and were the best rid
ers In Ms command. They weremountedon
well bred and indefatigable horses, and
were calculated to go over rocks and ditches,
and swim rivers with such facility that ordi
nary cavalry could not pretend to lollow
them. Every reader will perceive tho value
of such an organization to any army. Bat
Frovldcnce willed that it should loose Its
Lead, ond we shall have little to fear from it.
Great efforts are being made to arm the cav
alry with the JefL Davis pistol—or It might
as well be called carbine, as It can be used: as
either—the invention of the rebel President
hliuselL It is said that bis excellency de
signed and proposed to introduce his weapon
hr the United States service when he was
Secretary of War. Be this as it may, It will
undoubtedly prove to be a very effective
weapon. -
The pistol is a large sized revolver (six bar
rels) similar to that used by the Federal cav
alry, with a slight difference in tbe handle,
which la constructed to fit a butt like that of
the musKet,' except that It Is lighter.. Tho
pistol can bo attached to the butt at pleasure,
thereby forming a perfect cirbine; and when
necessary, in close quarters, can be disen
gaged In a moment and used as a pistol. The
butt is fixed to tbe pommel of the saddle af
ter tho manner of the holsters.
The Jeffi Davis Legion and Phillips’ Le
gion composed mainly of Mississippi: ai, tbe
special pets of the Bebel President, hire toi n
supplied with this weapon, and cuuer regi
ments will receive it as soon as they can be
furnished. It Is eaid that those now In use
‘were manufactured for the Confederacy in
Europe, ■ .
Eeinvenating Elixir!
Prepared from Para Vegetable Xztiaots, eea-
Isining nr thing Injurious to the most delicate.
M As the Phoenix rises from the uhm of Its flit,
animated with sew life”—to does tbit Elixir
rejuvenate the system and overooma disease.
IT*The Elixir U Jjo result cf mouera
discoveries Id the vegetable kingdom; being an en
tirety new and abstract method of cure. Irrespective
of ail tbe old sod wom-out systems
This medicine has been tested by the most emi
nent medical men oftbe day. and by U eo prototmeed
to be one of the greatest medical discoveries of the
CP* One bottle will cure general Debility,
pr a ffw doses cores hysterics to females.
PT One bottle cures .Palpitation oftbe Heart.
tT'From one to three bottles restores tbe manli
ness acd full vigor et youth.
X3T A few doses restores tbe appetite.
BT A few doses cures tbe low spirited.
I jr One bottle restores mental power,
pr a few doses brings tbe roso to tbe cheek.
0* This medicine restores to manly vigor and ro
bust health the poor debilitated, wotn-down and da*
e listless, enervated youth, the over-tasked
man of business, tbe victim of nervous depression,
tbe Individual suffering from general debility, will su~
find immediate and permanent relief by tbe n of tins
Elixir or Essence ot Life.
|y Price. $2 per bottle, or three bottles for |5, and
forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any
address. a
All gush orders must be sent to C. A.COOK,Chicago,
our General Agent for tbe West.
Bold by all Dmgjlrt* everywhere. . .
C. A. COOK, Chicago. General 'Aeent lor the
States of Illinois, lowa. Wisconsin, Michigan and In
Sols Fbopbcktobb,
No. 50 Liberty street. Hew York.
For tbe Removal of Obstructions, and the In*
ruranee of Regularity in tbe Recurrence
oi the Monthly Periods.
IWTbey cure or obviate those nnmerons diseases
that vprtnc from Irregularity, by removing the Irregu
larity Itself.
pr 1 They core Enppreaecd, Excessive and Painful
rr They cure Green Slckaert <CblorosU.l
pr They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains
In the back, the lownr parts of the body. Heaviness,
Fatigue on slight exertion. Palpitation ot thoUean,
liOWnets of Spirits, Hysteria. Sick Headache, Giddi
ness, etc., etc. In a word, by removing tbelrrega.
larlty. they remove the cause, and with It all the ef
fects that spring from It.
ry Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they
contain coming deleteriotw to any constitution, bow
ever delicate, their functions being to substitute
strength for weakness, which, when propeily used,
they never fall to do, • ,
rtf’ They may be sa'cly used at any age. and at any
period, except when forbidden by directions
* rjf All letters seeking information or acvlce will be
promptly, freely and discreetly answered.
rgr Full directions accompany each box.
tr Price tl per box, or sir boxes for *5. . ,
0- Ber by mail, free of postage, on receipt of
AU’euen orders must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chi
cago, our General Agent for the West,
fold by all Druggists everywhere.
General Agent for tne Plate of miaou, lowa, Wis
consin. Michigan and Indiana.
No. 59 Llbeny-st., New York.
Bold. tWholesale In Chicago by
SM l ia*Dwrm ; . fi . dfe .. iil . Ei .. bcoviL l ,. -
At Betali. by all Druggists in tb« city and through
out the gnuntry. felt-flal 8A TCATII ©OW
the great female remedy,
And always remove
Being a scientifically prepared
And are. In the most obstinate cases,
Axe safe at all times, except daring pregnancy.
Observe carefully the directions around each bottle.
Areco “scrap compound to impose upon public
credaUiy, but the prepcrtotlon of i»r. John L. Lyon
now practicing physician in Haven, Cc, ai lw
Chupet street, who euarantces taeir efficacy, win
answer all correspondence concern!ns them, and all
other specialities, and give particular directions -or
a 1 private old eases «nd female complaints, personally
ol b/ John L. Lyon’s discovery, known as LYON’S
PhHIODICAL DtOi-S for females, stand before the
public to-day, superior ss a dlnrtoc, unsurpassed as
0 apt chic, for the core of all harassing female com
olalctt. comp naded from a formula that is the result
01 bis extensive experience and by him guaranteed
to remove uli irregularities or suppressed nature, and
warranted sate at all times, except when In certain
sltnaUcns partlcnlarlv explained In the directions
♦tonrd each bottle* wnfChall should carefully read
‘"ltonTpkbiopic U, DROPS con bet . nine.
and their worth. In comparison to their cost, lau*e
suffering from lire
eulsritlcs will you not make one trial oi his re
nowned Periodical Drops, which he warrants will
“K'MITeSo'XioIx’BbOPS are sold b, tore
tSdedlobyDß. JOHH t. LTON. Kow Haren. Ot
Wholesale Dn.fgl.ls,
_ _
Cavauot horses—price
Omcs or Assistant QnabtremastS s, >
Indianapolis, May 25ih.lS5i. )
One hundred and fifty (1W) dollars each will beptld
for aU Cavalry- Hanes that pa-a Inspection at the
Government stables, in this city, on and alterto-avr.
Said Horses to he sound la &U particulars, well
broken, toll in flesh, from fifteen 05) to sixteen (16)
hand* high,from five (5) to cine (9) years otd.liKood
condition, anowell adapted In every way for cavalry
P No*Man»B will be received.
Pajirect made m Certificates ot Indebtedness for
seven O) Horses or mots. . „ _
By order of Lieut. Crl» Jas. A, Ekln, Chief Quar
termaster Cavahy Bureau. 4 „
writ Howe’s Dock. Just below Rusk street
bridM.ftstsa»?°* e ports, ofl
FE&Ay E Jone *t 7 o’clock.
For (Klgßt or pum? (Pgf JfowE. Jr., Apmt.
Office and Dock first eaa£ ot 311111 street bridge.
tOY «cmth. Water eN». oe *»
Keep constantly on hand, lor rote, all »•
T*rie»lCß of Potatoes grown In N. York andWK “A" 0 *
my2Bg*7-lwl* R. HANSON *
Lard, talioiv akd
GREASE MBLTBHS. br use of Gray’* Patent
Bilt GaaxRATiXQ Rendering Tack, can sroiff all
nnlaauce, secure larger yields and setter quality witb
lets capital, labor, tael and room. No. boiler putnp
or engineer required. Simple, cheap and portable;
Cu enlars and dt-tailed Information obtained of LOCK*
WOOD & kVBBBTT. TT John street. New York.
. mjs9 h56-12da • ■
TWTOTICE.—Lemont, Cook Co.,
iJI IU. Aa my wife. Louezs A. M. Cooklnthaas,
left her oed and board on or about the 17th day of
December. 19R3. for cause onknown tome, 1 tberefbre
canton »U persona harboring or contracting deota
wi'hber on my account, a* I will not pay any debts
of ber contracting Irons tbla date.
May *9th, IBM.
PASTURE.— Persons wishing
Stock nattered neon the finest feed lo tbo conn
trT.’canao bo by leaving their orders at Downing’s
Howl. BowniMiPTUle, or at our oflc». ChiesKO. A
careful herdamaa'wln take Stock towi from the
city at any time. Never falling iP’lojs upon the
pl.«, ud on), ax 1"II~ nom ttf |"J crrreGi
Boom No. 2, W alker’a Bolldlc j,fi A 56 Dearbsrn-st.
rvYECNG. —Ladies and gentlemen
1/ -will find It to their advantage to call at C.
Seetf or it the Branch Works, U North
next R. K. depot. Order, left at ■elthw
ot those place*, or addraaeed to Box aI, West Branch
Pos* Office, Chicago, HI., wlUmeet Prompt at
cation. miff-ealMa
Royal Havana lottery.
> laDxawmeof May 10th.133U
No 10678 drew fICOXH); No. 9263 drew 150/01; Ko.
fnMdrews2sJfO;No.l6SsßrrcwitO,fH»; No tJJOB
drewtS/00. 40 per ceit premium for Prlzea. Prize#
cashed and information given by TAYXOB A CO-
Btotera. 16 Wan street, N. Y. Jel-h2303t1i
Will attend to the cleaning of Vault*, Privies, the re
moral oi ell Stable Manure and offensive matter of an
diaerlotlona. All work attended to with promptness
atd dispatch aad at hour moat suitable. Poal Office
Box «& ny2*^rfSh.im
F. 8. WINBTOB, President.
Gtsh Aaaeta over $10,000,000.
O. CBONESITS. Agent, 47 Clark street, Chicago.
Xi 9r. W*. KBCBK9IARGK '
HaiTtmoredtiom Third arenne to aw State street,
opposite Hubbard Coart.
Office bonrs from 7 to 10 A. It. and 2 to 4 P.K,
Thl* I» He only medicine that will cure dj*esw
arising Cron an impure state of tne bluoi, via -
Scrofula, orKtotfa Bril* Caneera, Tu
mors, Brnptloßi oftbe salat
las, Chronic sore Byes, Blafwomor
Tetter, Scald Head, Old Sores, Fever
Sorer, Bwefilas of the Glands, li«pw
ay. White Swellings, FUm, Blotebea,
Bolls, Pimples on the Faee, Goitre,
Rheumatism,®* opay or Gravel, liver
Complaint, Dyspepsla,Neryons Affec
tions, General Debility, all Chronic
Diseases and all diseases arising Cram
the nse of Aerenry*
For the cure of Urex Complaint. DS. E IS rK SLY'S
lUDIKE aHI>- SABS iPAHUJi A la the best r«andy
ever invented. lathe
believed that nine-tenths
ferine atiiM from a torufd condition of tbe liver.
Tno elect ul itiatncdiclm In diseases of the Liver, U
afreet'ua powerful, and It. oronpt Kilon .peedilr
restores the sufferltg invalid ts a perfect its a of
bl For ’the cure of Chronic or Inflammatory»»»!«*■
HULA has no equal. Internal remedies soaeam-s
give ten poraiy relief, but never cota TMv wittrely
mdieaua it worn tbe system tbsciuso.
It bse cureo eves of mers tbsu thirty yean standing
afteraii other remedies bad failed.
For the cure of Indigestion and DyweertVoß.
fectiisg tbe moet aetoßtthmg cures, wo one ass over
• stbciieaUitand bestremedv ever discovered. It
has cured tome oi tbe most respectable citizens of
forty 3 ears’ standing, to whom we can raw?
tor «te rare of Ncivoasdl?e*ara,
Neivcus HeaoachmLtßioi Memory.
Vertigo, I sins In tbe Nerves ofibe Faoe. iQd ina vari
ous stlecilousto which ferns»era “LSy/SfT
PAKILLA is the best remed* known to the cm'lr-d
world. For these complaints It Is a specific rams ij.
Ladies who ad<niia a clear white skin am a toy
cheek, should abandon the nse of cosmetics, psmu
and washes of every kind, (which only lolfi'e tne
thin,) and use DR EASTERLY* IODINE AND
SABtiAPARULA. This beauuaeatue asm by cleaas
jug tie blood, making It ture and healthy, and by
CTviDj activity lo every minute vet*seJ, thus changing
the dark andetilow countenance to tbe bloom and
fmhntfcsct south „
Females suffering from weakness and lassitude, by
taking it. at once become vlcrooa ana fail oi energy
under iu Influence*. No ft male abonld neglect to
take I’ who la approaching that czr&noiov lit*—
not be too highly recommerdad.
For tbo cure of scrofula, Eruptions of the akin. Err
Blpelaa, Blnrwnrm or Tetter, Salt
Bead, uhstmata Ola Sores, Blotches, Bolls. Fix plea
ontht-Faco, »-nd every lennof sore or akin disease,
no o>berm*dlclne can w«ujth« matchlea*
qualities and amazing power and efflcacy ol Dr. Ka*
terlv's lodine and Baraap*rills. This medlcloa aearcbei
out tbe very germ or r o da of disease, by purifying toe
blood, changing the secretions, eipelilagallmorhld,
impure ana dwtaeed matter from Che system, and oy
ihnsremonne the cause, the cure la rendered cetiam
ana permanent. Thin medicine thoroughly renovites
the whole system. Decs it irom all Imparities,and
poezetam. those pecaliar parifyltg sod cleansing
powers, ft tbe reason wbv It la equally efficacious in
lomany clffsrent complaints. „
N. B —ld casts of Scrotals obstinate Old Sore*.
Tetter.Fa'tßheum. Scald Head, hlngworra.andotaar
6iinowra*ej>, Grid ley’s Salt Pneum a-Jd Totter Oint
roent, will be found a valuable assistant to the iodine
and Sarsaparilla in subduing the disease. The lodine
and Sarsaparilla purifies the blood and remorra the
cause, while tbe Ointment heals the sorts, acd tana a
more rpeedy cure is edected-
At no season Is the intern so ooen to tbe Attacks oi
djyeaj•* as in tbe SPKIN't. The blood being mack and
thick with humor anddecayed matter, tne atomicb
forced wltb bile, wnb costivenes* on tae one bnad.or
great looiene»aoatbo otaer prevail, aud tbe patient
rcaoj 10Pink under disease. Tomeet the exigency,
resort must be bad to a roeclcine that will parity the
Blood- aad st tbe same time impart vig' raod new life
to tbe whole physical machinery. Nom.'dlclae la ex
la crco will so speedily and effectcaJf acc>mp'lsh
tbst object as Dr. faflterjy’4 lodine and Sarsaparilla,
which Is everywhere acknowledged by ail who bare
It,the bmrcmeov known.
A TVobd to tusPcblic. As there are nersons wao
are not aware nt tbe difference InSarsaoa'lllapre
naraiioDS, we will warrant Dr. kasnerlv’s lodine and
Sarsapanlia, six times stronger, cheaper am better
than Townsend's, Boll’s, Ayres's, or any other dares
narilla or blood parleying medicine nowoffoied to
or i o money will be tacea lor it.
Pnce—Tb** iodine end Sarsaparilla. |l.>sperbMUe.
frlce-t-Md ei’a salt Abeam and Tetter Ointment,
' S nr M'if.red'.'ii Mid bjr DB. E. EASTEBOT *
CtT,coincrof Third and Chestnut streets, St. Louis,
M S^ n ßoid at Dll. EASTERLY'S E. 0117 Mallctaa
Store. OS* Madl&on street* iiear tbe Post Office, Chi
cago, Illinois.
Will Cure ConghSf Colds, Aalh
xna, Coaaiimplloß, Bronchitis,
Spitting Blood, Pain in the
Side and Breast, Whooping*
Cough, Croup, and all lWs«
caves of the Xliroat and
Ibis Balsam is, beyond all doubt, tbe most perfect,
pleasant and ctbcaciou* remedy ever dlscorerea tor
all uioetses of toe Throat, Coest and Lnnio. Haider,
have \ on a much, Cold, or any disease of the Lorn's?
Do co neglect it. Delay is dmsefoos. Mlilljtjs ala
annually by n<plectins a CUMMOii (.OLD. Coombs
and Coins, wUca our eve efiaute beget, if
not cored Usd to ac.il then to prem
ature fleam. Bo aavisea in time, and procure at once
that ctlebrated remedy. Dr. CAKrBR’S COUGH
BALAAM, which has cured thousands anon thousands
alter physicians and all other remedies nod ruled *od
the patient given to 10 die. Dr Carter’s Conjh Dal-
Earn, when taken IMMEDIATELY, SlOPa Tttß
COUOII, allays the Irritation oflhe Laogs, prodaces
frveasd easy expectoration, and effect! a »paedy and
pentet care,by soothing and etreogibempc all me
pulmonary organs. Ten years’ trial tits only served
to retabdtn its preeminent merits la all parts or the
cent try, at the great and ONLY UKLIABLS icSM
EUY U> the WOobf CdSKS ol pa mubary disease,
and tbe most agreeab’e curative lor Conjtu. Colas
Asthma and Consamnyon that can posubiy bs used.
Dr. Carter’s Cough Balsam Is evcrywneie ocknowl
ecyed b> physicians. druggists, and alt who bare aied
It, to be the most penect and Infallible remedy no v
offered to the public for aU diseases of tbs Longa
MiilUss of bonus have been sold, and gave satis fac
tion to iLI.
aid take to'hmre!»e. , , ,
t3f“ Price trial bot.lesSOo per bottle; large bol’Jej
ftl per bottle. „ .
UT Pj eparrd only by Dr. E. EASTERLY, St.Louis,
ilo. Dtonnetor. _
Gadoid at Dr. E. EASTERLY & CO.’S Family
Jleoicicp Store, Bo.BJMadison street,near the Pott
OfiCC, Chicago, 111
ThU celebrated Liniment Is »e of tbs most parted
retieaicnercriif-rea to the afflicted. It enters tne
pores oituo system, and penewaiea immediately to
the icat of the dUcvse, atlc,nlatiuit the at>»oi bant > 6Cd
secrctiois. aoutbus assuts nature to throw off the
oisease. it cures Rneoma > Ism, for ale s, Brunei, Cuts,
Woolus, Ulrcrs, Contracted Tecaoaa, Swelled Joints.
I nmi-ngo, and all diseases where an external remedy
Is Inc scaled.
For Horses and oilier Animals,
venallv ccnceoed to possess apowcrandtifiCdcysa
tenor*o all othtr Ludmtnti.for (be cure of Sprues,
Bin Lee, Cute, Ralls. Cbate-, Rw» boo*?, vviadijall,
Bciatctes.Bpavln, or any wound or Bi\nuess,or en
largement or bone and muscle, and all diseases which
occur among henes. Every livery stable keaper
should seep It constantly on hand. Fam'llea end
country merchant sonuM always be supplied with*t,
because Jus the beat Llnlmeni muse. v&~ rnce 500
P cet*Vi eoared by Dr.F..FASTBBLi .6t.Louls.Me.
Sold at Ur. E.KAdTERLVA CO.’S Family aledmiae
Stoie. 9J Madison street, near the Fost office, Chi
cago, lU.
Ur. Baker’s Specific.
This elegant, popular and infallible preparation, so
celebrates in an oar large el'les for the care of Pri
vate Diseases, is now offered to the afflicte 1, and war
ranted to cure bll cases of Gonorrhea, Gleet. Stric
ture, Semlnti Weakness.Ccordee.dlaetses ot (he kid
neys ana bladder, and all diseases ol \bo sexual or
cans o* either sex, males and females. In a fo w days.
Dr. Baker’s Sptcilic is the ony s*fe *td reliable rem
edy tor tbe cure ot Spermatorrhea, generally termed
eoxlnal weakness, caused by seif aboae, or excessive
Indulgence, which Is low fo feartuly prevalent-
Reader, bave yen a private disease, or aav Disease of
tbe kidneys, bladder, or sexual org ms? Do not neg
lect U. Delay is d»u*erou». Procure at once that
celebrated remedy. Dr. Baker’* specific, which b »s
cured thousands upon thousands and saved them from
the hands ot merciless quacke.U not from v remalnre
graves. Th« Specific Is a great inimo, poaivTisq
and SELF CURING HBMEDY,requiring no melital
aid or advice.
Gteat caution Is neccssaiy m ccsm of private dta
eaits to avoid imposition. By golo* to a regular
phjeicUnyoocen yourprlvaterepoiatnn. Dyxulox
to on ienorant private practitioner you peril your
health for life (avoid the latter aa you would the ti-
Serb many of whom can neither read
Clot to tne wi*e is aumetenu Dear in mind tast with
J*r. Baker’s epfclfieyjn can CORE YOUuSKLF for
ONE-TENTH THE MONE? which eltherwDl chuue,
wltnout change of diet or hindrance from
and tins prevent all chance of exposure and rain.
This medicine la ajreftttty adapiei both Sexea,
males aid frmalcs, snd may be used hr elthrr sex
with the same certainty of succeaa in cunna all dis
eases of ihe seauai trxana caos:d by coatajrton c.
weakness, as Rs action is chiefly spent upon the mu
cous membrace of these organs, changing morbid se
cretions reduclne tnflsmmatlon. bealloa the affect-d
membrane, tbrcklug the discharge, and Upparttag
tone and energy to thtir wesKeoedCondluoa. Dr.
Baker’s specific Is very srreeable to.*?®, 22Tr
fccflv rale and barmlcs* to the conatKutloi. and will
effectually core tbe WORST CASKS of disease
and restore me patient to a perftet state of health and
Tfc- In long standing and obstluate cases of Gon
orrhea, Gleet and Seminal Wearness, Dr. Baker s In
jection will be found • valuable attucant to his Spe
cific la subduing ihe dlwajfl, acd ehoald be used in
conjQDCilon witn it until a perfect cure la effected
Arrcattse oa sexual diseases. Called the“SeiMn
etrnctor,’’ describing the symptoma and mode of cute,
accompanies each bottleof theSpeciflc, which can be
h -dtrratUat ibe office where it fa row, or K will be
e, I *-.-aided to any addrese oa receipt of two three
.'damps *° prepay postage on the aaao ,
cc nr- Price—Dr. Baaer’s Specific, rS per Bottle.
- |£~t. uce— .
t njr express to all parts of tne eobntry oo
re^fis^*.“°onljr By DB. *. SASTSBIrTi Bt.
mISsbS store, JLO- w SmS s '
Office, CTleago, QL myW-ggtt-H-Fj^w^^
nEtnvitovi, ■
Cores rough*. Colds, Bora Throati Asthma tad Con
soß'pilon- it is only necessary lor r anrow troubled
with these complaints to try one botUe’of mtM
Strip ki an d’a
To convince theta that It la the beat orjparathte’BTw
need. It not onli com the ebhro the
Throat an* Ln&gs, bat It cares Nleht Swc*V *oa
Spitting ofßiooa.and l»*n excellent p r /£efMf«ay
kin a ot Bore Throat. Ik la nleaeeot & t atm add e
lafe medicine for infants* Price 50 cents per bottle.
For rale by Druggists generally. ••
General Beset 6 *»■* Fearth Street, Clto
clans U. OUa _ ,
B. SCOVIL. W Kaadolph street. CWcago.
Wholesale agent. _ __mya-gua-iact
bv erenhodf. It treat* on, andahoya how. tnc evil
arhUEg front early abate tad unhappy coo.
' taSnaSon may be sohrerted. with siore method ol
SSilinsshe misgiving* many experience in enter.
l^t^aSiaSstateTßoldJ t»y Dr. H. A. 84.580 W,
19* Bleecker afreet. Ke* Totk- Price. J3 cent*
MmDed»reeeroywhere To bebadalsoof H. BLO-
ViL. 78 Bandolob afreet, Chicago. 1U • also, of BIMO*
BEaK A COLBtTEa, corner Main aad Washington
rtrfeta. Prori*- H»
\fOT)CE.—Persons having claims
r* against the Connty of Cook, are requested te
present the same U (hejComWog orbefrre the 6*h
dir of Jane next. ItAUIIS P. HUjUIABD, . ‘
, CWk.
Cs «o«ma<tcTs
CBioA«O.**j3s,l9tl» (
Sealed Proposals win be receive d this Office ua
til 11 A. i*,, Saturday. June 4th, fUr ibe at
thehrldowell dock.iu thiscity,of the followlngblll
of Lumber The Oak moat b« sound walte, or out
cak; tteriaeelUiM wbiteor Ho:vaT<ud an s<-od
rcrtchA-wibie lumber. Jfo calls wilt be received.
<om ftrt D.m. S-lrch ptse, 13.14 and 16 feet look.
60 b ftyt b.n xiiehplae, 3x6 tocasadSiS inch, 13,
11 erdia feet loos.
100 m feet b.m. s-mcb oak, 13, 11, U end IS feet lone
100 m t'et b.m. 3>flnch oak, i3.il, 16 ecd IS feet larg.
10 m feet b. m. lx Much oak, 11 and IS feet lone.
10 m feet b. m. 3xMnch oak. 13. u and 16 teat loeg-
Proposals will be received for the whole, or fi*r the
oak or pine alone, and should beaddmsed to the
Board tf Public workf. endorsed “PropoiM for
Lumber." TbeßoardreterrrstbartabttoreJectaay
or all bids. The delivery must commence whi*>ot ao*
lay.pioceed rsaulatly.endbecorßplefodbyßcptem*
berm next. .» G.OINDFLH,)B"irInf
FRED. L&TZ, f Pa >llC
jnjjf.gslS.lotj O. J. ROSE. ) Wcra.
Ov" TER PIPES wasted. w
Omo cp ts* Board or tv dmc Wob* 9 , »
CBICtQO. Slay Wb,iw. 5-
Sealed proposals will he received at title lom ;e urn S
11 o'ekek A- 11. SsTUBDAT. Jane 4th. far Five
Hundrt d tots 4. fl and 8 irch Water Pipe*, to be de
livered at tb( dock of the Board in rule *go oa or bo*
fore October Ist next, accord!to Spaciflciuocs on
file la this office, copies of which will be furnished.
If desired. Tbeploesm»ybelnlengibsof9feetqrU
feet, bot tba length of llteet win be prefects t. For
9 feet place the weights will b» respectively iot 4, 6
and 8 inch pipes, 330 lbs. 82C lbs and 450 Iba, sad for U
feet p| pea to proportion.
Bid* mast be directed to the Board of Pobue
Wotk*,eodorsed”Proeo*elfor Water Pipes.”
The Board reaenros the rtsht to relect aaj or an
bids. J. O-OranSLE,; Board
mj2KWl24ot OJ.BOSR, } Works.
Proposals for SUBSIST
Omcx or ComnssAST or SpnarsTXircs, 1
Kcom No. 14 Garrett Block, state street, >
Chicago, II .Jane I, ism. )
SEALED PROPOSALS, la dnoheate. will b% re*
eelved by the understood until 13 o'clock J4-. onaat*
niday,jDoe4.ls6i,lorfantkhlagtbe following tab*
ritence stores:
llOCOOponcns best quality smoked, dear Uiccx
Scdxs, 1c boxer.
1 /CO barren new Mess Bxxr or Rim Mess Beep.
barren best quality of Fiona, 'saoafaemred
from prime spring wheat or good sound winter
wbear. (the kind to be stated la the propo*«l.)
Tbe brands ard places cf raauniacture to he
stated in tbe bids, and whether In ronnd or net
boon barrels, tbe barrels to be bead lined and
weliccopertd. t .. ..
The Bscou, Bref and Flour to be Inspected by tbe
Board of Trade Inspector at the expense ci the eon*
tractor. . . ,
fOTATOxe—such quantities as mar be required da*
ring the mentb of Jane, sir*/ pounds to tbo bushel.
Id good, ordinary, well coopered barrels, head hoed.
Oraorte-such quantities as may be required dutlnt
the month of June, sixty pound* to the bathe!, la
good, ordinary, well coopered barrels heal lined.
Separate proposals, in duplicate. rou?t be matte for
each article, and the bidden may propose for the
whole or a part of each. „ _
The srores to be delivered at suen point within the
city ofchicaffo as maybe de»tguat*o.fteOot dravege
A Copy of this advertisement to be attached to
each bid.
Tie undersigned reserves tbe right to reject eay or
allblCs. . ■
Payments to be made in such funds as may be fur*
niehed b> the Ft ited States.
Plsnk/onns for proposals mav be obtained on ap*
plication st this ' fflee. J. ilcL. TATLOB,
jgtAsts Zenung copy.] Major and C. 3.
TEBMASTEB. Department of the Missouri. Rt.
Lonl*, Mo., May 24, IBW.—Sealed proposals will be re
celycd at this office t ntll S» turdsj, Jose 4th, 1861, at
12 m„ for supplying this Department with
SOO Six ZBale Army 'trxjroDß, Complete.
The Waxona to be according to the army pattern as
adopted in St. Loots, Ho., and Philadelphia, and
tobouulltofthobeotseasoned oax.ash sea hickory
timber—the am to be used only as felloes.
TobesobJ'ci to Uspectloo daring the precess of
eo&sttoctlt'D.aQd to final loipecrionou dilivery.
'i be tues to be cf the beat American iron,2H locoes
wldety *!f iLrhthic*. , lt
To have ccul boxer lo front, and the feed boxes and
•wactn bed* to be strapped with Iron.
Tb«* covers to be ofbcrl Patspsco waterproof rlo*h,
or of nn.Uar soooa to samples now in this office.
The T\ *gon bows to be round edged.
To bare fifth chains, spreaders and spreader chairs
The whole wort to be done of the best material and
in a (übetsntlsl and reliable manner.
KachWußOO to be well ratn'ed with three costs ol
oil paint, ano be inrnUhcd with one extra king bolt
anosei of linen plus. _
a.U to be m*-oe cf exact pattern, so that the wagons
can be net toyetlier without reference to oait. __
Tobe o»llverfd at St Louie. Mo., ss follows: Tho
whole 2"C wltb<n tbiny days from date of coctract.
Bids (to b* mice in dap’.Uate) most be accomov
nledb- abend.with two sur«tle3,ln the sum ot .lx
thousand dollar*, for each one hundred (IS2) wasons
bid tor. An affidavit most no attached to laid boat.
tb»t the said snretles eie worth the amount men-
Oosc«* free or all liabilities
No bid will be eater* ained nrle?a theprecedirg par*
aprar.h ha» betn competed with.
Effliitrs meat ba present at the letting, either In
person or bj attorney; otherwise the bid will not be
a fres number than the whole wl’l be re
ceived ; but note for 1«m than twenty.Are wagons
will be entertained-toe bond to bear a relative pro-
P< Tb*e riVbc to rrjcct any or an bid* Is reserved. _
The proposals to be indorsed •*Proposils for Wak
ens.” ni.daddretotd to the undersigned.
’ WM MtfißS. COLA A.Q.M.
Proposals for . forage,
Djcpot. Decembers 180. >
PROPOSALS are‘invited by the under
signed fo; supplying the U. 8. Quariermaater’s De>
partaient, at wa*hinirton« D. Cm Baltimore, MdL,
Alexandria, and Fort ilouroe, or either or those
piaeca, with Hay, Corn.OataaadStraw. „ __
Bleu will he pc'b*'! for »na delivery of 5.000 bust*
ela of Corn or Oats and 50 tons cfEsy or Strew, ex
Bid ten must state at vrhjcn often above namec
post- they propose to make deliveries, and the retci
at w*tc:> they will moke deliveries thereat, the quao>
tity ot each article proposes to be delivered, the tlaia
wher said deliveries shall he commenced, and whet
to be completed. _
Tnv price must be written oat la words on the bio*
Corn Co toa put os Hi good stent sack*, ol about tw*i
bushels each. Oats in Hire sucks, of about ttreo buab
ela each. The sacks to be famished without ertri
chan ato the Government. The Fay and straw to b*
securely baled.
The particular klcd or description of Oats, Corn, Hay
or Straw, proposed to be delivered most be stated Ir
the nrupcaahA . , .
All the srdetei offered under the bids herein mvincdu
will besnbjecttoarlrid inspection by the Oqverc
ment Inspector before being accepted.
Cor tracts will be awarded from time to tuna lo tht
lowestreaponalhle&lddist.aaihe Interest ot the Gct
emment may require, and payment will be made whe
the whole amount contracted for stall have been de
Uversd and accepted.
Tha bidder will be required to accompany Ms pit>
poeal wua apuarents.auinedby two resnotisibie per
tons, that m case hla Did la accepted he cr they wiL
within ten days thereafter, execute the contract foi
tha aamr,with good and sufficient sureties in a sun
eaual 10 the amount ol the contract, to deliver tht
forage proposed In conformity with the terms of thli
advutfrenieTit; and In cate the said bidder should fai,
to erter into the contract, they to make good tho dlf
lercnco between tne offer of §ald bidder and thenyx*
lowecireaponaihie bidder, or the penca to whom t!te
contract mar be awarded-
Tbrf rcspoocibillty of the be shcwi
bv the official ce*tldt»te of a U. S. District Attorney
Colie-tcr of Customs O; any other officer under tni
UnlleJ States Government, or reipocaiKe perse:
uoffled of tec acceptauci
e^-* C tolVname t ard of each bidder mu».
be Ifccjbij wnttfo tn the proposal
Prop'wals ttust be addrciwod to Brixadler
D. D. Rucxer. Chief Depot Quvrtermaatßr. WMhtoc
lnch>J, D. sbooldbe plainly marked Propo
WM .meant of taa contraot
ncn“4 by the contractor and both hla Buatjntois, will
twrcßUtr^dof tnesucceesfuibldder or bidden upcs
‘■g;il?^n'k K ™ b.
ohtc'c'.on appll ’ction at tela office.
(Town, County and
L the sabsertber, do hereby propose to famish and
da’lvhr to the United States, at toe Qounermacterl
Dentrtmcnt at , agreeably to the term? ofjcai
advertwement, mvlttoc proposals for forase. cat»>i
Was»torton Depot, December 8, la£3,tha foUowlnt
of Com, in sacks, at per bushel a
SSpoanda. . .
bushels ol Oats, In sacks, at per buibel ca
53 pounds.
tona or baled Bay, at per ton of 2,ca
toS'uMwlod Straw, at per ton of 2M
Dtiivcr/w> commence on or before the ■ dai
0 f iSg and to be compl-jted on or before the
day of , 136 , and pledxe myself to en
ter into a written contract with the United States
with apod and auproved accuriUef, within the space
of tcndsTS&fterbcliKnotteeU that my bldhaa ae«
accepted. Your obedient a errant,
w l easier Qenenl D. H.Rccitxx,
*'* Chief Depot Quarternuatcf,
Waahipgtcn, D. C,
•W,-, tha erderdened. residents ot -■ ■■ U
County of and State of .hereby Jointly
and severally, covenant with the United Sums, and
guarantee in case the foresolng bio of - ■ - bo ao
cepted, tost he or they will, within ten daya after th«
acceptance of said bid, execute the contract lor the
B&m e, with f ood and sufficient sureties, in a sum equai
to ttu amount ot the contract, to famish the forage
prat-osed In conformity to the terms of advertifemen!
Sated December 8, ite, under which the hid wat
made; and la case the said abau tail tc
enter into a contract aa aforesaid, we guarantee te
make good the difference between tnc offer of Uui
-aja _ , and tbe cert lowest respouilble bid.
der, or the person to whom tbe contract may be
awarded, . Given under onr hands sad scab
Tflteeaa; Ithla dayof
Ihereay certify that,to the best ot my knowledge
and belief, the above-named guarantors are good aac
sufficient** sureties for the ameunt for which they
01 Tobe certified ?y the United State* District Attor
nev. Collector of Customs, or any other officer undo
the Vbl*«4 States Goyenuoent, or reaponUbla perm
‘tfSOToSSSS’ teedrai niaerthl, «d,.rtUelMiil
will be opened' and examined at this office cn
WEDNESDAY and aATURDAf of each wear, at 11
MT Bidders ate je*pectfuUy lnvlt*d to 1,8 preaeat •’
the opening ot bids,’* IX they deairt. tjccKEH,
dalVasa-dm Brigadier General and Qoartermaatex
jHmins of g»tocfej)olhrts.
XfO'TICE. —Ttu- Annual Meeting oi
Xv the Stockholders of the
Chicago Sooth Braich Hock Compuj,
For life election of Dlxec*.ors,win be held at their
office No. 4 Cobb's Bnlldlnr, Chicago, on ffEDßJES
jo } I7.gi~w.ist A.J. KNiaLgT, Sec.
Meeting of the Bond sad Stockholders ot the Chicago
and NorUnreotera Hallway Compear* Car the diction
ot Director*, tad Cor the, transaction of any other
business that may coma before them, will be bold at
thf office of th* Company la the city of Chicago, on
jSp- uminf iiaisaw
/j,y 07 ALL SUM,
(jB/ttA TtbtMßtM, arHßiaU. •
SBQm haSbw 1 * 1 CBIOJLao
CINE C&LLBOS win open Jane XStK to eehUnan
util October «ih...Whau.tßojarm opens the baild-
,iag-d£B»ew .. Bdcftin College, Badae.
cteamboat men,
For sale, a Hull for a *teni wheel boat, of thefrtlo#
* leg dimensions, viz.: -
lOOieet long. 33X feet beam a&rd '&
ieot bold.
The lumber and workmanship are of superior t;cV.l* ’
tr Will stand Insprcfon in any pert, it will be fin*'
IHied to abont an day*. Address W. J. SHEPPARD,
Port Bjtob, bock Island County. Ul. le-J-blli-St
ism acre* of choice Umber lands, entered 3 veers
M oTwuibe*oWici«theratt4atlowprtC€*. Lam-.
bar easily cot to Chicago market. • Abont ti.aoo were
emended to selecting valuable tract*. For section
aamiei* andfwUtt description, adarm
~ Hl-hatlW Land Ag*ata, Davenport, low*.
Tj'STATE of Lieutenant Thom. F.
J*i v. Qoiiiob. deceased.—Public notice Is hereby
dTen to all penona haring claim* and dema&ar
Ealnst the estate of lient. TSoasa F. V Qamch, da*'
MMI, to praasl the aaae tor adjudication an J *et«
. Element at Angular tern of Ue County Court of Cook
Comity*, to beholden at the Court Htm's W U" Ctty
df Chicago, on the third Monday of July A, D. IWi, be*
laifttin day wmin. Administrator.
IChlckgtJfMay U, USA mj«
gensttiution A iff ggrup.
GrtduAte College of PbysleUns and Bargeooa, H.
formerly Assistant Pbyriclan BleckwaH’s Islecd
Hospluls,late Medical InjpoctorNcw Tort
State Volunteer Depots, under Gef*
ernor Bdwta i>. Mociss.
Constitution Life Syrup
% Wbst may stem alson inerediblß. is, Watsmv MW
esses hitherto consider*! hopelessly locturabla ut
frequently cared in a few days or weeks, m and w«
checrtuily invita inresUratlons of the liberal nupdrt
and sclcndJio to cure* which haye no parallel sk Ik*
p utr”m?*fctn!i la ,«nllar. bT It lb.aeat of an. «*■
etuelf directly reaebid, and tne
Those who Are sudfared long from palafttlMdota
tt Tho?e <l who > baTe vainly sought relief froa advar*
cured by other pbysiclaaa—
in IdTitei t» on Osisdtitloa Life Syr«f»
Punng the past five years we have contended wrts
•obsticies and overcome opposition as heron less ad
were ever encountered by any Reformers.
Borne say. “ Tour cures are too quick." wtrfle oOMK
doubt ihelr performance, sod think that diseases esc
only be snred by the ** slow recaporattvs prooew 06
This I* our reply;
In health, the body, like a well-balancad seals.la tx
s state ofEqulllbrlam. Bat when from say oswg
down goes one side ot tbe scale, we have the effect*
of disease. What is requisite is, to restore Utaaovaf
balance of tbe scale.
a oodtlTß and specific remedy for atl dlaeaaaa ortav
natter from an is*PUBS STVTB OF T3B BLOOBk
and for all (berediurr) DI3KAfISB transmittal MB
BxxmxaiA. mwa TAXATtaBix.
It la so nnlversally admitted that Comtltnttoa till
Sympis tho only effective means of reatoratloc fit
the various forms of Paralysis, that we need not rw
Iterate that It la emphatically the Great LlfMHvtn*
zxrxx ooxpCAiwt,
This taint (bxrspitabt and ACquixan*. flUlae tUfe
with cntold misery, la by all usual medical reoaedSep
tirrasnij xbcxaloia. bout.
If tcera la any disease in which the Coaaticmtlax
Life Syrup is a sovereign, U U In Rheumatism and Its
ilndr»d affections. Tor most Intense palua are at
most Instantly alleviated—caonrooa swellings are
dneed. Cases, chronic or vicarious, of JBoe 58 yeacp
atandlat.havo been cured by us.
xxxvots bxxtirrT.
Tboufanda who have suffered for year* wfi! blot
the day on which they read these lines. PartloulartV
to weak suffering woman will thi* medicine pr jvw
an inestimable bieanng—airectlnr their footatßpa It
a Hope which fulfils mere than It promise*.
Mercurial Diseases.
’bad coxrnxxiox.
yxELtio ot wsAsrxxaa, srpscsaiox ot iji
entirely from all the evil effects ol auSftCUßi. re
moving the Bad Breath, and curing the Weak Joint!
and Rheumatic Palna which *ha aaa of Galomal it
sure ' a produce. It hardeaa Spongy Gwm and to
ouree the Teeth aa firmly as aver.
Constitution Life Syrup
Kndlcatee, root and breach all Brnpttyo Diaeaces ot
the Skin, Uka
And al! other difficulties of this Mud. which to muok
disfigure the nntwnrd appearance of both male* -nd
fcmaUa, often matin e them a ulaguattac ab|aatte
yiemtiSlvea tad their friends.
Cores all Swelling of the Glads,
Either of D»ss*Face, Reek, or Female Drear, as&
ahcoid betaken as soon aa the swelling It detected,
tum preventing their breaking, ud productas trou
blesome Discharging Sores, which disfigure so mans
of the yoatgcr portion of the comm units, Hum ala
to twenty sears of age. Toon. 1 children are very
subject ta Discharges from the Can. which depend!
upon a Bcrofulous constltntlcn. These eases soot
recover by taking a ftw doses of the Life Syrup.
All scraaloos persona suffering from genera* DW
tuny. Emaciation, toepeoflls and Dropsy ol the
limbs, abdomen, and in tbe female, i ropar < f the
ovaries or womb, generally -ccotnpanted with In
flammation and Ulceiation of the Uterus, are perm*
neatly cured b* t’onstllntloa Lift Sr rap. The
know nas Goitre or Swelled Peck. lh« Life Syrup wiR
remove entirely. The remedy should be taken fat
some time, as the disease is exceedingly Chronic and
stubborn, and will uot be removed without extra ef
f°Tutnori of the Ovaries, Tnm-ra of the Br»a#t, and
awrUlne cf other elands of tbe body will be oooa
olctely reduced without resorting to tbe knife, o»
ooerr flor a of any kind.
epileptic Bits, Sympathetic or Organic Diseases u
the Heart, as palpitation. Ulaeaseof the Valves, trfv
dueled a crating or flllae sound. Dropsy of the flcwl
Cfl«e andalltha affections of this Important
faew'ua suffering from any acute pain In the regtoc
oftte heart) wlUhc greatly relieved by Coutltuuox
Life syrup.
Broken-down tad BeUeate CoastltnUaafi.
Suffering from Indisposition to Exertion, loss as
Memory, Forebodings, Horror of Calamity, Fear ut
Disease, Dimness oi Vision, Dry, Hot Skin aud tv
tremltiea. Want of Bleep. Iteatleasncsa, Pale. lLi?g»rd
Countenance, and Lassitude of the Musclar Brv-m,
all require the aid of the CONSTITUTION IJ7?
Either oftha Haas, Throat, Tongue. Spine, Fcrebraa
or Scalp, no remedy has ever proved its equal.
MOTH PATCHES upon the female-face depending
upon a disused action of the Liver, are very nostras
ant to tha young with and mother. Afew n<>ti!ee of
Constitution Life Syrup will correct tbe peer, item,
and remove the deposit which la directly under the
of the Liver, living rfre to L wsuor.
Dizziness, Indigestion. Weak Stomach, or an ulcera
ted rr cancerous condition of tbe organ, accompanied
with burning or other unpleasant symptoms. wlDbd
relieved by*the-usa of CONSTITUTION Ll n
Aa a general Kood-Pnxifyins Agent,
the life Syrup stands unrivaled by
any preparation in tbe World.
Diseases ot the Eplne, aa uanally developed tn tc*
yoang, Btpllaeaae, Neuralgia, aadallservoa- Tj*
eases, and Ladle* who an ■ offering from Diseases fc*
which they are at aloaa to know whattofio. we »oald
advise the use of CONSTITUTION LIFE st'RUp. it
will restjre their nallid countenance, strengthen then
weak back, and aide, give them new mercy, new Ufa
and ha pp In cm.
the men a?id pook
AreUtbletothe tame dlteeee*. Nature and Sct«e*
Jj* made the coosUtotloa UfO Syrup for the oeneti
of All.
ram blood
Prodace*healthy men and women; and 1/theconaSA
tatlon it neglected la yotnh, disease tad e*rty d«*a
Is the rcaolk. Do sot delay when the n**»n? M
near at band, and within Us reach of aQ.
To Mothers and Married Ladies.
It!»the «are«* and moet effectual median a eTtjfdjfc.
covered for purifying the system. and relieving tae
auffenng attendant noon childbirth. It-atrtnrujss*
both the mother and child, prevents polo and dfyeaan
udlnoeaseeand eorichen the fbod—tho*e •ho hay
used It think It indispensable. It !• highly xinfßl both-,
before and after confinement, as it preysste
attendant upon childbirth. #
Constitution life Sjrup
Try It, Take It, and be Cored.
Mi, «1 per W& rj SU B*tOn f»r O.
| BT*9eot by Kzpte** to an pertnot th* country.
WhelmoU DnmMf.Af*nt»,H Car*c,NawTorik.
Wholesale by J. H.BXXD * CO, VHLLBB,7ncW
tt. SMITH, tied
yaw vryMA» *,»• L*Ka street, Chicago,

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