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Mee, No. 51 Clark Street.
«n» or tbs cmoAoo nrsun,
DeDy.dsttrered In city (per week)..►,.***; *0
Dally, to null subecrlbeTe, par yaw. . SIO.OO
Ptllr. to TP»n subecribon, per 6 months.. 5.00
Tri-Weekly, per year 5.00
Weekly, usgie subscribe** (B mo's $1.00). 2.00
~ 4 coplaa 7.00
• 10 copies. 15.00
* SO coplaa, and Ito Retter-op of
Honor ht Bettered Letters may be wot U
tmr rick.
sTflu remittance fw elube most, in til cases,
fee made at cmx time.
Addnae “ CHICAGO TS3BUNB,” Cfcieaco. Eh
Cjicago tribune.
the wEvrsi
TbeiNatloual Convention meets at Baltl*
more to-d»y. We nee no otter designating
phrase. No other convention eonbe;Satloa
nl, betide that which purposes to pursue a
course to save the nation by subduing Its
enemies. To*day the representatives of the
loyal people of tho loyal States meet to
choose the standard bearer for the next fonr
yjgare. From near and afar the people watch
«nd wait, ready to accept, with a cheer that
shall ring throughout the land, tho name
that stands at tho portals of millions of loyal
Ups— Aubaiiam Lincoln.
The present situation Is the most Import
ant end the most exciting in the hlstoiy of
the rebellion thus far. Two great armies, ltd
by earnest fighting Generals, hare advanced
•fur 'within the reduced limits ofthe rebellions
region, and are both carrying forward their
operations with tremendous vigor, and at a
heavy sacrifice of material purchasing most
substantial successes. Were it not for the
contingons thunders from the war cloud
gnSßdring thickly in the near vicinity of the
rebel capital, wc should hare cars to hear the
ccarcelj Ices resonant echoes that tell how
SlSman is hewing his war path Into Georgia.
ETifier would be of itself a thrilling theme
for expectation, lor conjecture and for nar
rative. With both In simultaneous progress,
Wc scarcely appreciate how momentous are
tho days marked redly by the battles and
grim calends ot casualties, but ruddy with
the glow of successes thus far without a
in Virginia, ine history of the war Is re
peating IteelC Familiar names return to the
dispatches. Grant is now at the very point
where two years ago the Army of the Poto
mac rested Us extreme right wing. It occu
pies again the identical point where the
great Stuart raid struck McClellan’s right
Chickahominy, Bottom’s Bridge, Gaines 1
Mills are again in the records, and again the
pcojlo of Richmond from their quaking cap
ital count the boom of Federal artillery,
pressing steadily nearer.
Gen. Sherman’s task is an Immense one.
Continually the assailant, steadily pressing
hack tlis foe, tbe losses to his army are very
heavy. We surrender a large amount of
space this morning to these thrilling details
of some of the fiercest fighting of the war.
His wounded already number over sixteen
thousand, sent to the rear. But his advan
tages thus dearly purchased ore most sub
stantial, and not gained at too high a price.
Gon. Sherman Is throwing bis forces upon
the great manufacturing region of Rebel
dom. It is'that region In Georgia where,
many years before the rebellion, enterprising
men of the North invested Northern capital
in cotton and arms’ factories and iron fur
naces and Iron mills. These falling into the
hands of the rebels have been of incalculable
benefit to them in furnishing material for
war. The capture of these works will be
disastrous to Rebeldom, for it will bo Impos
sible to replace tbe machinery at other
The news from abroad by two foreign ar
rivals is highly suggestive. Tbe campaign
as thus far developed has wrought good re
sults abroad and decidedly in favor of our
There is little doubt that tbo quiet Judicial
election ot yesterday, resulted in the choice
without-opposition, of Hon C. B. Lawrence,
of Knox county, as the Sopreme Judge ofthe
Third Grand Diifcion of this State.
It will be seenin onr Washington dispatch
that in order tOfcneure the greatest possible
vigor in tbe operations of tbe armies, expen
ditures having been increased beyond receipt
from the revenue and ordinary subscriptions
to the National Loan, the Secretary ofthe
Treasury has advertised for sealed offers for
bonds ot the United States to the amount of
£75,000,000, bearing an annual Interest of six
per centum, payable semi annually* in coin
on the Ist days of July and January of each
year, and redeemable after tbe 80th of June,
T£Bl. It is required that each offer must be
for 850 or a SIOO, or some multiple of one
Later developments show that M&iimUlian
Bus wisely “hedged” against the contin
gency of being driven from the throne ol
Mexico. Hie right of succession totheAns
trian crown, in the event ol the death of the
present Emperor without issue, is not waiv
ed absolutely, as liret reported, bat only
** go long as the new Mexican dynasty shall
continue to reign.” He engages to respect
accomplished facts in the Austrian mon
archy. Alter leaving, if daring his absence
one ot hie brothers should be called on to
succeed to the throne, he would recognize him
ns legitimate sovereign. If, however, prior
to eucU an event he should he driven from
his new Mexican throne, he would retuan to
his rights of succession in Austria. As
months ol negotiation were required to en
able MttximilUan to hedge against this event,
the probability is that he considers Mexico
as a doubtful “Stock.”
Abraham of old looked about him Just in
the nick of time, and discovered a sacrificial
jam caught last in a bush. Our modem
Abraham has now in foil new the leanest and
scraggiest of bell-wethers, entangled in the
Cleveland underbrush, and the people will
offer him np as a heave offering, presently.
The wretched creature has begun shearing
himself of a disused major generalship, a sub
stantial benefit to the treasury, and the best,
and probably his latest public service. John
Charles has made himself the Guy Fawkes of
politics. Barnum should lose no time In get
ting his bust In wax to put beside Joyce
We hear that the efforts of the Bev. Mr.
Hammond and others are resulting in awak
ening the attention of the community to reli
gious matters in a marked degree, and that
much good Is being accomplished, especially
amongst the children. All denominations,
we hear, are partaking more or less of the
benefit, and an Increasing public interest is
manifested In the efforts put forth. This
week wc understand there are morning
prater meetings from 8 to 9 o’clock In Dr.
Falters on’s church, on Wabash avenue. Af
ternoon meetings in tbc Wabash avenue
Baptist Church from 4 to 5, and evening ser
vices at Ur. 8 eazey's church, in the West
Division, si all of which Mr. Hammond at
tends and participates.
Secretary Uemmlnger in his communica
tion of May SOlh to the rebel Senate, admits
that “ the whole amonnt derived rom taxes
during the present ysar will afford no aid in
paving the current expenditures of the gov
eminent.” He grav#ly adds that he regards
os “ an Imperfect feature In the tax bUL”
He then proposes that they “ resort to a spe
cie heels JW dU purchcxz on id improvements,
ns being “ more acceptable *to the govern
ment and the owner.” His mode of “ re
sorting to a specie basis,” Is to steal what
the rebels want, wherever they can find It
und leaving with the victimized parties cer
tificate* payable, in*i ymm after pearr, in Spe
cie. There la a quiet humor ahoutMr.lMem
aninger'e financial joke* worthy of being
compered with tb* moit polished addresses
Of the celebrated Jock Sheppard and Dick
Turpin to their unfortunate victims.
Fremont has written a letter of condition*
al acceptance of the Cleveland nomination,
which wc publish elsewhere. This fact, of
Iteelf, will surprise nearly all but those who,
knowing Mm beet, reepect him least. Even
tho6C, bowevef, will *mlle at the elUy sim
plicity with which Fremont baa exposed the
onimw With which he seeks to divide the
Union vote. He taye, in substance, that if
Mr. Lincoln be nominated by the .Baltimore
Convention he (Fremont,) will ran; if not,
ho will not. He knows that more than the
' requisite number of the delegates to the Bal
timort Convention have been Instructed by
‘their constituents to vote for Mr. Lincoln.
He knows that never before. If we except the
second nominations of Washington and
Jackson, had the popular will expressed Itself
ia so many ways, and so generally in favor
of a candidate as it has hitherto in favor of
Mr. Lincoln. The very tacts that the Cleve
land Convention was assembled not by the
election of delegates, bat by a call addressed
to the whole people ol Ihp United Btales,
and inviting all those who were discontented
with the well known foregone conclusion of
the nomination of Mr. Lincoln, to meet in
“Mass Convention” and yet that only 150
met, none of whom presented any
credential* or claimed to represent any con
stituency, show how feeble la the Individual
opposition* and bow overwhelming the pop
tdar unanimity, for Mr. Lincoln’s re-election.
Indeed the evidence of th« unanimity was
made more complete and perfect by the Tery
feebleness of tha opposition which was there
collectively manlfestad.
Tot Mr. Fremont proposes, in effect, that
If the delegates at Baltimore will betray or
disappoint their constituents, he will not
run; but If they obey their pledges given to
the people by nominating Hr. Lincoln, he,
Mr. Fremont, will run, Mr. Fremont thus
converts his Cleveland “nomination” into a
bullying threat—by a contemptible few, too
few to be called even a faction, against the
almost nnanimons majority—a political do*
vies of tbs lowest order, and more calcula
ted than any other course conld possibly be,
to secure the object It aims to defeat, rlz.:
the nomination of Mr. Lincoln at Baltimore.
It Is hardly conceivable that he conld expect
so puny a threat to have any other effect,
cither upon the delegatee at Baltimore, or
npon the people who sent them there, than
to canes both to rebuke by their votes the
Impudent audacity which Induces him to
make the threat.
Does Hr. Fremont, in this great crisis,
wheuthe very existence ot the nation is at
stake—an issue so far transcending all per
sonal questions and spites—expect the great
mass of the Union party to abandon their
own choice and Judgment to gratify his
spleen? He stakes his opposition on no
principle. He does not claim that the Cleve
land platform Ss In any respect superior to
that which will be adopted at Baltimore. He
indicates no required line of policy which
Mr. Lincoln has tailed to pursue, or the great
Union party to indorse. He has no platform
but spite—no principle bnt personal animos
ity. Hr. Lincoln tried him twice, and did
not try him a third time. He seems deter
mined, by proving Um#cir a man of less
calibre than his severest assailants have
charged, or than the most doubting of his
friendd have feared, to prove, till the very
blind sec, the good sense and wisdom of Mr.
Lincoln in declining to give him a third high
command. Few if any, but hlmself/to-day
would wish to see Grant, Burn
side, Butler, Gilmore, Sherman,
or their like, removed to make room for him.
Fewer still would wish to see him placed in
command over them all.
Fremont commits political suicide by the
course he has taken, but will wretchedly fall
to harm the object of his Tlndlcllvc hate.
He undertakes to play the part of Sampson—
to pnll down the temple of the Union—wil
ling to kill himself In tbe hopes of slaying
the President; but while he will succeed in
dispatching John C, Fremont, he will not
harm a hair on the head of Abraham Lincoln.
Earnest men cannot afford to turn aside
from the path of duty and of patriotism to
help a sorehead obtain personal revenge for
imaginary wrongs.
• The Chicago Journal., which for a long
time past has been tbe special champion of
Fremont, thus speaks of the contemptible
folly of his present course:
Tbo name of John C. Fremont has occu
pied an honorable place among Freedom’s
leaders In this country, and thousands of
good men have regarded him with a feeling
approximating that of affection. Bnt now,
by a few reckless dashes of his pen, he spoils
his fair fame, and destroys the confidence
and respect of bis friends. Mr. Lincoln will
be nominated at Baltimore, by the regularly
called, regularly constituted, and emphati
cally instructed’ convention of the uncondi
tional Union men of the loyal States; acd
John C. Fremont—alas, that we should have
to say it of him!—will occupy the unenvia
ble and dishonorable position, all through
this momentous political contest between
the friends and the foes of the Republic and
of freedom, of opposing the candidate of the
loyal people, and throwing the Influence of
his njme and efforts on tbe side of the coun
try’s and of freedom’s enemies, by dividing
and thus weakening the Union party, as fhr
as he and the small faction that supports
him can divide and weaken it.
Jen cm l Exxcnoir.—Up to a late hour last
nlcht but tew returns from the Judicial election,
fasdbeen received at this office. The vote was
very light. The following ore the re tarns received:
.Second Won/—First Precinct—For Lawrence, 77;
for Arrington, 6. Secona Precinct—For Law. oace,
IT; forp. U. Donne]son, ISA.
A’mn'A Herd—Second Prcdact—For Law
rence. S3; scattering, 5.
Fifltmth Ward— Second Precinct—For Law
rence, K ; acaintt him. none
bixieet.ih U’artf—First Precinct—For Lawrence,
44; against hla. none.
an important financial
A \far Loan of $75,000,000.
WasarNOTON, Jane 3.—ln order to Insare-the
greatest possible vigor in the operation* of the
armies now moving against the inaurjeuts njdcr
brave and akilllul generals upon a vast theater of
operations, expenditures have been increased be
yond receipts iroci the revenue and ordinary anb
•criptiont to the national ism. Therefore, the
Secretary of the Treasury has advertised for seal
ed offers to be received at the department under
the act of Match 3, IBG3, until the noon of Thurs
day, June ICth, l-r-4, for bonds of the United
Siaics. to the amonnt of $73,UJ0,0c0 ( betting an
animal Interest of alx per centum, payable semi
annually in coin on the Ist days of July and Janu
ary each year, and redeemable alter the uuth of
Jonc, ijM- It is required that each, offer must
be SSO or SIOO, or some multiple of one
hundred, and moat state the ram offered for each
filbti In bonds, or for £SO, when the offer fa for no
more tb*" SSO. Two per cent of tbe principal, ex
cluding tbe premium of the whole amount offered,
mart he deposited with the Treasurer of the United
States at Washington, or wltu the Assistant Trea
surer at New York, Boston, Philadelphia, or St.
Louie, nr with the designated depositories at Bald
more, Plttaburg, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago,
Detroit, or BuSmo, or with any national hanking
association authorized to receive deposits, which
may consent to tranaact the business without
charge. Certificate* in duplicate of deposits will
be ia*ned to depositors by the officer or association
receiving them, the originals of which most be for
warded with tbe offers to the department. All de
posits should be made In time for the advice of
offers, with certificates, to reach Washington not
later *h«n the morning of June ICth. No
offer not accompanied by Its proper certificate of
deposit will be considered. Tne coupon and reg
istered bonds Issued wifi be of the denominations
of fitly dollars, one hundred dollars and on thou
sand dollars, registered bonds ot fire hundred dol
lars and ten thousand dollars will alio be iasoed
If required. All offers received will be opened on
tbe Uith ot Jane, by tbe Secretary or one of the
assistant Secretaries, and notice of acceptance or
declination will be immediately given to the re
spective offerers, and In case ot acceptance on the
final payment ot instalment* ot bonds of the des
criptions and denominations preferred will be sent
to the subscribers at toe cost of tbe department.
TU original deposit will be reckoned in
tbe last Instalment paid by the success
fol offerers, and will be Immediately
returned to those whose offers may not be accept
ed. The ■wifttiTit ot accepted offers mnat be depos
ited with the treasurer, or other officer, or assoaa
tlm authorized to act under this notice, on advice
of acceptance of offer, or as follows: One-third on
or before tbe SUtb, ono*ibird on or before the 25th,
and tbe balance, which will include the premium
and the original two per cent deposit on or before
tbe SUtb ot June. Interests to to* Ist of Jnly on
the several deposit* will be pa d in coin on the *oth
ol June, and interest on the bond* will begin in
July let, 1664. Offers under this notice should be
endorsed “offer lor loan,” and addressed to the
Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline
all offers not considered advantageous is reserved
to the government.
Arrival of Tbm Foreign Steamer*.
SkinrrHooK, June 6.—The steamer Virginia,
from Liverpool. 21th, and Queenstown, Sfith, has
was easier and price* weak.
Breadstafi* generally dull. Promlons dim.
Losnox, Hay 25.—Consols closed at tor
™TbVnew* from America created a crest sensa
tion. and advice* per the City ol aablngton
Increased tb* excitement. The newa Is gtnerail;
reearded in Europe as disastrous to the rebel
°*TherebH loan declined 6®6 pet cant-
Laird's rams were purchased by the British
Tbe Duke of Malakoff wa« dev A
Nnw York, June A
The steamahlp Virginia, from Liverpool S4cb and
Queenstewn 25th, armed to-day with three days
U Tbe new* of the battles lu Virginia caused a
profound eeneatlomand the people wereastoundod
at tbe magnitude of the losses. -
Tbe Confederate loan recovered 8 per cent. Cot
ton became weaker under the n^rs.
Some papers think Grant waa defeated in U* ob
iect of advance on Richmond. Others ■aythe re
•nli of the bailie* Is Indecisive, aud the Federal*
nald to dearfora victory. If any. T ,
P Theplrate Georgia is announced for sale at Llv-
Tbe crew ba, becajaid
off. and the stores sold at auction.
ti-t-.t Jane fr.—The uhlna, from Liverpool
26th, and Queenstown 2Si, arrived last evening
Cotton onened at a decline, but reeoreroA and
doted omel and nnchangeA Breadstuff* and pro-
Console dosed after official hour* at
Uo?i. American stock* nominal.
The London Time* thinks If Grant captarcs
BlchmonA tbe rebel cause is hot -oet. It* down
fall wU beat a crest lose ol life to tbe Federal*.
Baurax, June 6—2 p. * -A dlspatch sent out
by tbe steamship Damascus, and duplicated for
tbc China, noted the redaction of tbe rate of die
count by the
cent. *
The London Tima' correiponflcat atElchmo"A
under date of April si, clslm* that the rebels had
foil Information of Oram's plans for bis campaign.
In * dispatch a fortnight before Grant marcheA
The operations ot hie army since tecelved ftrede
* tinea ted with extraordinary precision.
His Holiness the Porw, took part la tbe procea
at tbe fettlval cfCorpas ChrietL on the 20th.
Tbe Confederate loan recovered oao (i)per cenL
on tbe receipt ot the Sciota'a advicae ' *
Tbe Itobj wM won bj Blair ACoil-GauPwl
, Mcond; Scottish Chief third. T>. cre thirty
The Pacific BrOiroad.
8£ Frakciko. -June 4—T.h© California end of
the Pacific railroad is now r ompleted and In ma
nioc ortcr for thirty-one m'.ie# trom Sacramento
Workmen are engaged r.n the next section of
twenty miles.
A Ifew Injimc tien Threatened.
Wjlbhikotoh, JonfyS.—a meeting will soon be
called bv the Copperhead member* of Cougreaa, to
dlecoaa the propriety of a change of time, and pro
bably of the place, fixed lor the meeting of the so
called National democratic Convention.
The latest News From
Gen, Grant.
A Eetnm to Old Battle
Important Details of Sher
man’s Progress.
Highly Important Foreign News—
Excitement. Over Our Late
WarDefabtxsvt, I
WasncroTox, Jcne 6—7 a. m. f
To Major General Dlx:
Dispatches from Gen. Grant's headquarters to
six o'clock last evening, state that there had been
nofightlngdurlngtho day. The enemy nude an
attack on Saturday night, upon Hancock, Wright,
and Smith, bnt were everywhere repulsed.- Han
cock's line Is within forty yards ol tbe rebel works,
Tbo rebels were very busy, on Saturday, construct
ing intrenebmeats on the west side of the Chicka
hominy, at Bottom's Bridge, and threw a party
across to the east aide.
A dispatch from General Sherman, dated yester
day afternoon, at Alatoona Creek, states: *♦ The
enemy, discovering ns moving around hla right
flask, abandoned his position last night and
marched off. McPherson Is moving to-day for
Ackwortb. Thomas is on the direct road, and
Schofield on his right. It has been raining hard'
for three days. The roads are heavy. The enemy
had an Immense line of works, which wo have.-
turned with less loss to us than to them.”
(Signed) E. U. STANTON,
Secretary of War.
Wan Dxr-inramrT, J
Washikqtoit, June 6, XS64—lO p. m. )
To Major General Dlx:
Dispatches hare been received from Genera
Grant’s headquarters, but they report only certain
changes in the disposition of corps and contem
plated operation§. They state that everything Is
going on weU, and tbe Chief Quartermaster of tbe
army reports from a personal Inspection of tbe
depot at White House, that It Is in a most effi
cient slate. All needful supplies are on hand,
pnd wagons easily transport them to the arnw.
The wounded are being brought In, and trans
ports are net delayed a moment.
A dispatch from Gen. Sherman, dated 12 o'clock
noon, st Ackwortb, says: lam now on the rail
road at Ackwortb Station, and have fall posses
sion forward to within six miles of Marietta. All
}e well.
There Is no other military intelligence to-day.
IlEApqß’s ABsrrtPoroJLic, Jane 4-8 a. z.
Our cava'ry was engaged all day yester«i<*y m
the viHnitr of HoneV store. The first attack waa
made on Hampton’s command, which was badly
defeated with loss. We afterwards attacked HUT*
left on tbe Matlapony rrver, and drove oue brig
ade out of their works, and held the place an
hour. He then withdrew, Wc now hold Howe's
store. Gen. Wilson bivouacked last night be
tween Oethesda Church and tbe Psmcnkey river,
and has a strong position. Our lose was sot hea
vy. Tbe loss in yesterday's engagements was
more severe than at first reported. To-day the
armv baa rested, and nothing but artillery duei
llng’bas occurred in the fight. Y'esterdsy Breck
inridge occupied tbe right, Beauregard tbe next,
Loupvtreet's corps the center, and Ewell on the
left, while Hill's corps was held in reserve.
iTbeir artillery fire waa good at some points.
Two of our caissons were exploded by their sheds,
and a number of men and horso* killed and
Tbe wounded axe being eeut off ae rapidly as
Among yesterday's casualties were Captain J,
Wajand,J2Stb Ohio, leg; Capt. H. Harding, 1230 d
Ohio, arm: Capt. Thos. Black, doleg; Lieut, W.
Robertson, UOtb Ohio, chest.
New Yqub. June 6.—The New York Tribune's
special, dated headquarters Army of tbe Potomac
of Thursday. June SA eaya: “ The successful op
eratioiiß ol ine Sib Corps, on Monday, were fol
lowed up by the advance of tbe 3d Corps on Tues
day morning, compelling tbe enemy to withdraw
from their I In* oa the Tolopatomoy. Tbeyhavejre
ueatcdtotbe South side of tbe Chickahomlny,
with the exception of a thin line to retard our ad
• vanco.
“Our cavalry entered Mechanlcsville last evening
after scouting about tbe old battlefield of the
Grant, still presets bis left flank suecessfally,
and Us strategy baffles tbe mazueavers of tbe ene
my. Having offered them battle on the Tolopato
my, with his right wing resting ou tho Virginia
rentes! Railroad, and having compelled them to
withdraw across «is Chickahomlny,h* has thrown
his letl wing, with bis usual celerity, away to the
east of ftitumond. and is now threatening the
crossing of th* Chickahomlny Bottom bridge.
This la now the point of Interest.
Gen. “ Baldy” Smith arrived from White House
iust in time to eel la action and co-operate with
osr Jell flank last night. All day firing in that
direction indicate* that a severe battle has been
waging, and to-night we are glad to observe the
cannonading to be more distant.
Our new bate Is now completely established at
Wbl*e House. . .
The New To* TnVum't correspondent near
CoalUarbor, Jnne2,*aja:
The fourth grand fu«k movement Is now In
progress, and, judging from yesterday's move
ments, will prove a success. The batue yeater
dav, severe as it was, resulted in our taking 650
prisoners and the enemy’s principal works. At 0
o’clock in the morning the wbole line moved for
ward. A narrow belt ol wood* was passeA ana
on reaching an open plowed field, tbe enemy'* po
sition In foil view, Picket's rebel division Imme
diately opened with a heavy fire of artillery and
musketry, but tbe men nobly advanced through
tbe deadly storm, through the a warn p, and with
tho bayonet drove the enemy pati-meu from their
earthwork*, which they held during the night
against repeated assaults. This ieat elicited from
General Head tiia thanks.
Smith's junction with Wright was opportune,
and reveals tbe fact that the army of the Potomac
1* uader tbe guidance of mind* possessed of m*a-
force, with a part of Hill's and
Longstrcet'a, was engaged in the battle of jester-
total loss amounted to 1,800.
New Yoke, June 6,—Tho Herald's correspond
ent with General Butler saya of the battle of the,
Hatcheeou the 8d Inst; , _
At 8 o'clock In the morning the rebels opened
with artillery, and massing in a body, das bed. on.
our picket lloe and captured a nnmocr. Tha Bdi
New Bampsblra then drove tbe rebels, captaring
twenty-five. Two other siml-ax attack*
bm none of them sacceeoed In the object ol bretfe
tne through our lines. Oar losses are heavy,, bat
those of the rebels are much heavier. W*took
between sixty and seventy prisoners.
nigbly Intoreattns Summary oflow*
er MlMlaalppl Utter New*.
[Bpedftl Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Cxiho, June 6, 1861.
TM stesmcis Graham >nd Belle ol St. Lonii
ta« arrWed, with Memphis dates of the ereulng
of the 4th. They conuln little now. ol Interest.
A report 1. clrcolstioß In Memphis to the effect
that n part of Forrest’ll forces itero Intel j heard
from mortug from Jhctfon northward, with bat
teriee to be locatedat polnta on thn MUslsalppi
One Is eald to bo destined for Fort PBlow. They
will perhsps Hud their lltUe movement checVmatad
ere they mate use of their hetieriea,
Beerythlug la thna far quiet between this and
Gen. Washburn’s order* against trader and the
dosing of stores. Is hsrtn* an excellent effect, and
thousands of people heretofore engaged In busi
ness In Memphfs, are learine es fast as possible
and coming North. Theyflndltnolooeorproata
hle lo stay there. It la high time that the fallacy
ol furnishing the rebels with supplies from stores
in onr possession he exploded. All trade below
Cairo, excepting for authorised sutlers, la sure to
lend aid to tie enemy, no matter what, safeguarde
the War and Treasury Departments may pot
about it. The only safety in a perfect, and absolute
The *te*mer W. E. Arthur, ‘ Captain, Hugh
Campbell, clerk, - Batchelor, from Sew Orlean*
on the evening of Hay 80th, ha*, arrived, having on
board Gem HcArthWt* somber of hi* staff and
other officers, and a portion ofthe lit Ksnaa? Vo?-,
Snd Instant, the W. B. Arthur was fired apon by a
battery of guns said to be under command of Mar
madake. Ont of a large number of shots aimed at
the host, 17 solid shot and shell struck her in vn
rions p’acea, one entering her just below the base
of the pilot house and the others crashing through'
her bulk heads, principally in state rooms and
through the saloon.
Quite a number of ladies and children were on
board, but none were hart. The soldiers did not
fare as well. Two members ofthe Ist Kansas Vol
unteer!, Charles Taanchfus, of co. A, from St. Jo
sepb, and Jeha McNamee, ofco. Q. from Fort Bell
ly, were Instantly killed. Under this heavyflreof
shot and shell and musketry balls failing like hail
upon them, the officers of the steamer stood firmly
at their posts, her pilot at the wheel, and finally,
not being strnck in her hollers, she glided ont of
range and ont of danger.
On the ensuing day the passengers held a meet
lag, opened with prayer, for thanksgiving and
congratulation, and to retorn thanks to the officers
of the boat for their coolness and courage, result
ing In the saltation of all from destruction. The
Arlbnr met with no material opposition, ex
cepting from musketry from guerillas, during the
remainder ol the passage up. The Arthur wa»
convoyed by the gunboat Lenlsvillo, which en
gaged the battery and was throwing shell into It
when the Arthur left.
The newt from New Orleans is most important.
Tho Picayune newspaper had been suppressed;
the cause is not learned.
Capt,Nima ofthe Massachusetts Battery, that
was engaged In the battles In the Bed Blver coun
try. had been presented with b fine sword andpair
of revolvers by his company.
Tho news from Pern is interesting.
Spun not content with bcrßt. Domingo opera
tions Is trying to gain power in South America.
The Spanish squadron has- seized the Chincna
We have intelligence that will send a thrill of
joy to tbo hearts of the Mends of tbe members of
the 19th Kentucky Regiment. Alter tbe battle of
Sabine Cross Beads it was reported that nearlj
the entire regiment had been killed, and that that
organization had been annihilated. Among those
rcy killed wsa Lieutenant Colonel Como,
atSJft brother Is now here for the purpose of re
ccing bis bodj and conveying it to Danville,
ceived from ibe supposed dead man, dated Tyler,
Texas, where be is a prisoner, stating that bo Is
onlv slightly wounded, and rapidly recoveriug.
Jfajorilann, a'so reported dead, la there and well,
and twenty officers reported killed, wounded and
missing oro all at Tyler and but three of them
wounded. Returns showed too that Sl7 enlisted
men were killed wounded, and missing, not
specifying the number of each, and of these two
hundred and sevejo are prisoners In Texas. During
a retreat from the Held the regiment, or a large
portion of it, was cot offund foil-into the hands ot
the enemy. This shows that tbe number killed In
the engagement at Sablue Cross Roads will fall
much below tbe first estimate when correct re
turns can be obtained.
I leant from an officer of the 6Sth Illinois volun
teers that great praise Is due to D; XL- Carpenter,
agent of tbe Sanitary Commission, upon tbe occa
sion of tbe late fighting on Red River. To him
especially are numbers of Qbd, A. J. Smith’s light-'
ing division indebted for aid In the way of cloth
ing, blankets, and other necessaries,- Whatever
may have been said against Sanitary Agents an
other occasions. It la apparent bat for the exer
tions of Hr. Carpenter, much suffering .woald have
been endured. After tbe battle at Yellow Bayou -
be had hie stores ready, and was indefatigable in
mlniiliring to the sick and wounded personally. •
Illinois military Nows.
CSpeclal Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribuna.]
Srmxorin.i>, HI., June 6,
ThelTthreclmeat volunteers were paid off In
fun by Major Spelson, and have left the city by the
evening trains. Tbe three veteran regiments now
here will be paid off and discharged In a few days.
Private John W.Brockway, Independent Battsry
HLVoL Art, Is discharged, to accept a commis
sion In the U. S. colored troops. Private Thor. N;
; Conant, 67th HI. Voi*., is discharged lor the same
The resignation ofMaJor John Wood, 65th Illi
nois roJuntesrs is accepted, to take effect-Hay
' 50..1564.
Preparations are being made tor a public recap-■
♦lon for the 13th, 14th and J6tb regiments, Infantry.
Tbe dinner will be at Wright’s Grove Speeches
by Gov. Yates, Gen. Oglesby, Adit. Gen. Fuller
and Post Quartermaster Carlton. Tbe 145 th - regi
ment Illinois volunteers, CoL Geo. W. Lackey,
will be mustered to-morrow. Tiro regiment la fall
to minimum. A large delegation from Jackson
ville were at Camp Butler to-day to present u flag
to the Jacksonville company Is the 145 th regiment.
An enthusiastic and pleaelne meeting was the re
sult. The presentation speech was made by Uisa
Smith, daughter of Hon. David A. Smith,
Tbe State Sabbath School Convention meets la
tbla city to-morrow. Delegates from oil parts of
th* State are in attendance.^
E. M. Srawrox.
EXlssonrl State-News Items.
(Special Dispatch totbeChicagoTribune-l
6r. Louis, June Q.
Sfi&.Eosccrsire to-day-received a dispatch from
HlptuD stating tfjat tbe reported guerilla raid on
BaonevClc wat. untrue t & o guerillas are.near
there. Gen. G.nitar telegraphs that the terrible
story of the n Union refugees from
Arkcusas is ur tioundcL.
A force of gr aerlllas,. supposed to have designs
oa Big Blvci * bridge*crossed tbe Iron Mountain
Bißrosd at B" tackwell’a station on Saturday night.
A large nir mber of Arrests of rebels bare been
made in Coll .away county, including tbe late rep
resentatives in tbe legislature and persons who
me members and nanasers of tbc State Insane
Asylum, a’ il “conservatives,” A few s females
have also \ -aca arrested at Fulton, the result of in
tercepted i -ebel mall bogs.
It la rep or ted that attachments hare been levied
here on ; property belonging to Judge B. S. Hart,
laic Treasury agent, who is undor arrest at Nat
Coppe rhrads areoomlug to SU Louis from tbc
Interior., whether the proposed Copper
head Sf Ate Convention, on tho 25tb,yvill bo free
from * ilbtary Interruption. As these men are
rebels at home,. they tremble in advance of the
order c if Gen. Roeecraas* scrutiny.
Sr. I .ons. June B, IBBL—Tho Sanitary Fair waa
pracil- sally brought to a close on Saturday night.
Tbc i oanagers, and others interested in it, have
rcasoi i to congratulate themselves that it has
1 prove d a magnificent success, exceeding tbe ex
pects tlona ottha most sanguine at the beginning.
The / ,toßb receipts to date, from all source*, are not
lest 'than S&7S.QuO, and tbe net proceeds which will
pass into the bands of the Sanitary Commission
will beatieait half a million. Tfis building will
be opea dxnng tbe ermines of tho present week,
for toe cwmbmation of gold and.-silver bars and
other articles,
Tbe ftmlxtr farm rafllo was drown ou Saturday
evcnin/;*No’. 31,473 drawing It. Who Is the lucky
bolder :a-not at present known.
Tbe-enuy sword waa entim
elatm, to Geo. Hancock, be baring received 2,433
votes. ’McClellan being second on tbe list.
A d lapatdrto headquarters, from Rolls, ears the
reportof-the burning of a train and the killing of
relUi.-ees-neat Salem, Ark n prove* unfounded, a
port! on of .the men seat out UHlook after tbe train
navJ.’ig arrived there.
low* fianenl Intelligence-Important
{BpesUllHepatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Dxsxoxsxs, Is., June A ISC4.
Pattltl, late at the Dubuque Timet, faa»
purobaieA the Imca EooiaitQd, an agricultural
paper published here, suAtakes immediate posses*
Savery Eonae la full of Masons who «o
hero-to attend their Convention here to-morrow,
an&lavyers in attendance at the Supreme Court.
Jadgt, Billon amxsd here Saturday Highl and
tb« Supreme Court convened this morning with a
ftjU, beach. The Jed re* hare been hard at work,
aad'Siow hare prefaced over forty opinion*. In
tha cnee of Wamihold against fichllctlag, from
Ssofct scanty, which wai decided thli morning,
t where the defendant loaned to the plaintiff S7OO In
i American gold before the passage of the act ol
Covrese of February 25th, 1882, and toot-bit cote
paja Ide in XJnlrad Stalee gold, it wan held by the
, Coujt that a render oi Legal Tendee-notea, and
: mt.do since that act went Into effect, was sufficient,
and entitled the maker of the note ton surrender
of the and the deed of treat executed to
secure It.
BUUtary and Folltbsl Ratten,
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.)
Indiakatoub, June A IBW.
-The 18lh Indiana veterans had a glorious recap*
, tfe to-day, n being the last to learethe field. The
was made one of great festivity, Got.
Id Jffeon received the veterans. He said that words
would sot express the feelings of gratitude that,
wen due them for their gallant behavior. *'lo al
jour toils, marches and battles joa have done no
bly. Tonr fair name Is without spot or blemish.
The cause which called you out still remains.
Ton have installed it with your blood, and your
j waving banner and martial tread show that yon
I again aland ready. Go, than, to yonr beantUnl
I homes, and when yon return bring back with yon
the tame determined valor that has glistened over
many an ensanguined hold.'* t )
Col. Washburn responded In a very eloquent
speech. The vetcrina then inarched through the
principal streets, and gave a superb drill on Uni
versity square,
The Democrat* held & Convention on Saturday,
and resolved to oppose every thing that the Union
party did. They could not find any candidates
willing to be best for office, and adjourned till dog
BeaT7Bol»bcry-63|000 Reward
jjrw Yorx, May 6.—One of nor prominent mon
eyed Institutions hai been robbed of2oO. S-tO-O
lands for SI,OOO each, numbered 31573, 51574,
SUSTo, ana numbers Bi6ort to M 622 Inclusive. Pay
ment of the bonds and coupons annexed has been
stopped. A reward oi$%WQ U offered for their
lait WlUud Tettazneat the
New Tore, Jose 6.—A long letter from Pro
-00 nt, accepting the nomination of the Clerelaod
Oos rention, conclude* as follow : *lf the Coa
rcntk in a> Baltimore win nominate any man
whoa# past life Jnatiflee weUgronnded conSdanca
• Llefl* iellty to our cardinal principles, there ia no
reason w hy there should be any dirision among
the really patriotic men of the country. To any
each I tfca. 1 ! ho moat happy to giye a cordial and
actlre eupp ort « own 11001(16(1 preference la to
aid iathfstW* BDIJ no * myaclf be a candidate.
But If Mr, lia'coln he renominated, aa I bellere it
would be&Ui t0 the country to Indorse a policy
anfimtrer * at wer which haacoat nethe Uvea of
Son™" of *»4 P*»
tbs country 4)10 ro,a t0 bMtonplcy,
there will rca-ialn 10 aleraatWo hnl to
organize agate ßt Um 'rety element
of coniciaitione .'ppoellton with a rlcw to pre-
Tent the mlefortna 'a of Wa ra-olecUon. In thla
contingency I accej*. nomination at Oloreland.
an 4 at a prcllmln.ry a top I hare rcalgaed toy com
mleaicninlhaarmy, f Thla waa a aacrUlcoit R aea
me pain to take;. hnt.l l»a for a lons time Irult
leaely ondcaTOred Wfofa aln aerrica. 1 make thla
eactlflca now only to' re-J “7 !«>“& of apcech
end lea re nothing ha the w ny of discharging to my
ntinoat ability, the teak y« 1 ■■ 6va act before me.
With eaaaeat and aiace* “ thwiilcs foryonrei.
prcealona of confidcnca ask * regard, and for the
honorablo terms In wiEchyt ln acquaint me with
the actions of the Convention,
I am, gentlemen, very tnspwc tfoliy and truly,
Yoora, . J - C. Fna:ao;rr.
John Cochrane has alaowrlf?* n o letter accept
ing the noniinatlon-ofrYics Freak slgnt *
Hard Flghtlnw Wesar . »a!las-
CSen, K. W. Johnson Vi ouna
ctl—Colt Patrick Kill e( l*
LOSS 1,500-FMOn SIL£»A
TO flljtf 31.
iCorreipondeuce of the Ctodnaati €daat» rdal. - }
Two miles or DaifiA*: G£v •• I
May 5*,.166£- )_
-laj-iiv. . .
The movements of this army have tltrwdy't’ o€n
chronicled np to and through- the c ®*
and the precipitate retreat of tb® rebelh- tbpoa. 5“
Kington bsq Ca»iviile, upon-’ Elowuh After,, *t tU
Allstooua Gap. At ttao two former placer
offered a slight opposition to oor ■advance,-wh'lca
was quickly swept away, sod tboparamt ccatioo ea 1
toCuMville. Hero the army baltfcd ‘two 1 days' vO 1
recruit after Its late battles and marches, andthenr v •
Its indefatigable leader care orders to take twenty .
dsjs’ rations and set out oa'a march, sappojed-to-.
be a Cask movement upon’Atlanta.'
The right of the arm; went by tboway of name,-
the center crossed the Etowah «to4Unm'“ Drilge;,
about twelve miles west ol the railroad, whlle-tne
left proceeded by parallel (?) roads at' supporting- ■
distance from the center. ivliy the enemy did not' :
anticipateaorcrossing tberirer brfdw, and at
tempt to forestall it. Is not clearly shown. Tb.iy
did think of it; bos too late. Aftertbe-army bad- ;
safely crossed ad GiUam's Bridge, a rebel bearer cb •
dispatches wa« captured, with an orderfnom John-- ;
ston to his cavalry leader to Intercept ms at the* -
bndee,aswowonld probablyattemptcross it. :
Geatral Thonsas at ones clad one of hie spies In
rebel uniform,-Instructed oar picked td-’dru at ;
him (over his bead,- cf course,} and sent him
through the lines with ft dispatch to Joe-Johnston -
that he (.TavlorVhad doee so, with a loss to-'na of
3,010 or so,'and many prisoners. It waft-a cruel
joke upon tao rebel, and procured lor the spy, be
sides, access to valuable information froia-pretly
high rebel sources; The hnny then inarched qui
etly on toward Dallas.
The day passed off-without incident of note; tin
About tire o'cloca In theafternoon, when theaonnd
of a bosk cannonade in the advance discovered m
fight in progress.- to bo Geo. Hootor’a
corps, which had heltf-tbeotfrance on the iraren,
enlaced with the rebel Gen. Hood's corps. Bari/
In the forenoon, while the General and his staff -
were inspecting- the bridge over Pumpkin 7loe
Creek, ahocfbalf way between Burnt Hickory and
Dallas; he was flrsd upon- by a caralrr picket,
which then immediately 1 fled. After proceedin'*
two or three miles beyond the bridge, boldly In
front of bis entire force r -Ins escort became co--
gacedwiiha small body* culling themsslves the
Looltianabharpehoolere.-and lulled their Major
and a fewsnem • At noon tbe 2d division (General ■
Williams's) which was leading the way, discovered-,
that they bed a -considerable body cT
Infantry before them, instead of tbe few*'
cavalry they had supposed. Skirmishing:
Immediately , began,. tne Sd division, driving
the-enemy steadily front* their first las of .
works, about two miles, oakrely unsupported.
About five o’clock they came upon a stronger Hue.
and, being fattened, they were-relieved by the ad
and Ist divisions, (Oens. Butterfield and Geary
commanding.) The 3d divided, a brigade and a
regiment going to the left, and the remainder to tbe
right, and the let taklngtbe plaoeof the 2d. After
a abort time, the Sd was brought up at sn angle
upon the right, and took pact in- the remainder of
tbe engagement. Advancing steadily under a fire
of mnekeiry, which those who witnessed ii declare
they have seldom seen equated in severity, they
pxoceeded to within fort; yards« a concealed hat*
lery, planted by tedious, whiehiopmed upon them
a bULtfea. and murderous discharge of grape and ’
canitter. One compauyof thofith Ohio approached
as near to Buffering absolute anoUnlstion as, per*
baps. Is ever witnessed. A withering volley of
grape from the battery prostrated upon the ground
nearly the entire company, eury man and JUe
tfonr inkltflace, and hit/ace to i/u front, with
almost the regularity of a- skirmish line. The
rebel firing was rapid and terrific.. At this point
the uailant Colonel of the 6th«.J. IZ. Patrick, full
mortally wounded at tho head of hie regiment, and
expired in a few minutes, lie was- struck ou the
leg by a she l, and died before an amputation contd
he performed. Tbe Ist division suffered severely,
losing near nine hundred men. Some companies
of tho 2d division fired sixty rounds, and the divl*
elon, as a.whole, maintained Ita- position against
tbe entire rebel corps for some time, and till others
could tc brought to Its assistance. The heavy
losses oi the Ist division were occasioned by the
destructive fire otlhe central battery, and It la
worthy of the greatest praise fur the undaunted
steadiness with which it bore the fierce fire of the
rebel battery, nntllitws&dlsabiedby tbe loss of all
Its horses, and many of Us gunners, from the close
volleys which were poured into iu. Tbe lOdd Illi
nois, armed with the Speucer. rifle,.claims the hon
or of reducing It to alienee* though it waa most cf*
ficlently assisted by others to tbe right and Islt,
The enemy were driven entirely away from, the
pieces, yet we could not take them, owing to the
proximity of their Hoes; and thus tbsy remained
on neutral sronnd, claimed by neither and useless
to both. The 60tb Illinois played a prominent part
in unmanning and unhorsing another section of
the battery in tbe same manner. Their sharp
shooters picked off forty of ita gunnew, who had
the temerity to elevate their beads above tho
But to enumerate the instances of individual be*
roUro and good conduct In this brilliant episode,
would be to introduce the name nod history of eve
ry n an, and company and regiment in the 28th
corpß. - A narrative with so many chapters is im
possible. 1 asked repeatedly lor special instances
of daring and merit, bat coaid find none, so adml- I
rable was the behavior of all alike. Tt waa a spe
cial pleasure, of the officers to speak of the magnifi
cent enthusiasm with whlchfche men ” went In.” j
and the steadiness they exhibited under tbe call
ing fire which met them. Gen. Tnotnas publicly
declared that be had not*at any time, seen men
bear themselves more bravely than these. Let
this verdict suffice for. every one who is anxious
for the good name of tho Suth. corps.
Few prisoners were taken on either side. The
loss on ear side was. probably, greater than, that
ot tho enemy, aroonnuog to shoot 3.500 killed,
wounded sno missing. The substantial fruits of
tbe day's work are a gain ol two miles of ground,
giving ns s favorable position, two- pieces of artil
lery, and a better arrangement of tho lino foraob
seqncnt operations. _ . _ ,
The fighting was conducted by General Hooker,
on bis favorite plan, and with bis wonted dash and
audacity. At one time the Sd Division alooo was
exposed alone to the attack of the whole rebel
force, hot the General, who was,.a* always, at eve
ry tight place at the right time, instead ol bolting
for assistance to arrive, or falling hack, which
wou.'d have insured an attack and root, dashed tne
Division headlong against thu rebels* and, what
with-the belief this inspired in. them of a larger
force, and the fitua and. panlcoltho shock.drove
I them before blmatwllh Supreme daring la ibis
! case was supremo-safety. The General a peculiar
sad admirable tactlce ware here clearly shown.
Fonnitgthe men In several lines ol bottle, ho
pushes them rapidly on bya continual sort of* rev
olution. As the front line becomes exhauaied.lt
') B halted, and tho extiesm tear is harried to the
iront, which la thus kept conamntly fresh.
> liigbt put an end to the firing, bat sU night
. trains and am bn lances-and artillery were rambling
toandfro.troops were marching Into line, and
‘ everything gave promise of stern work on toe
■ morrow. Bet U did net come. Tbe weeds were
■ thick, the fortification hod ah to be built, the lines
'or troops were Immensely long, winding off to
the left and right into their places, and so the
whole ot
Late JobttC. Fremont*
st*T 25.
SLAT ‘hi.
Passed sway, and net bloc was accomplished save
getting Into position. Bat thU was modi, tax
moreiban one who baa not scan it with bis own
eyes can believe, A continuum flop t of many
miles, in extant, Ja denaa fbreate, over creeks aad
bills and valleys. with only a/sw lagged, and oar
row parallel roads, ont of which to deliver the huge
assert of men and nans, is not the Mellon of an
boor, not of a day. Bui daring the night a pan of
tbs iih Corps hsactune up, and gone in to tiwUtft,
and in the morning, Gibsons brigade (Wil
licb’a old.) was thrown ont as aKlmlabers.
Darius tho Sey, the S3d i»ll«l«the l«h Corpt
i advanced to the extreme left, bat Oea. McPherson
tailed to come np on the rhiht as wse expected.
Bcalteriac ebots of mueketir flow either waj ail
dan. and two or three batteries wore planted on a
commanding ridxo of sroaud, which lolled to elicit
nnj reply Iromeither ildeibcalde an ocmlonxl
’anarr shell. The rebels were chaw with their
powder, exvinc it for etemer aaea, and nuriaas to
conceal their Aecea that they might employ them
at a range ol &elr own choosing, as on tho day be
lore. They were verv quiet, and concealed them;
aeleea In the thlci nadererowth to each an extent,
that oar gnnnera taaat fire pretty moch at random,
aad seek to dlecorer their wbeKObonte. Evident-
Irth-r lad not completed their prcpirtlon«,,h»4
net ret recelred all the relnforcemeata thpy ex
pected 1 and felt that they could afford to bumtbelt
Ume. while their Bklnnlebera were haryaasing
mira and their eßecco was eaiVcng oar
cawcue to no putpoee, tUi every
thine was well ready. Somepr eooere la,
lu the evening, and exunmef ng
disclosed tho fact that they had received reinforce
ramie Horn Florida. Mid now clximoOn eujmave
Stcneth ol 10,000. Aa their etorlce aereed. It was
reminded that reinforcements had probably ar
rived bat not in such numbers aa represented. It
Sac accordingly expected that tkonext da, weald
sec a general engagement, bed either they or wo
were act even jet ready. Too skirmishing was
sharp and coalinnoaa, bat neither part, seemed
to advance or retreat, A few of the rebel nfle-plta
were carried, aad la the evening the Uaoe got afoul
Of each other, and a email eqnad ol priaonera was
brought In. Tho undergrowth, which covers the
whole face of tho gronnd, prevents the lines from
aeehig each other till very cloaa. consequently
loir, of the wounds are very aevere, AW a.
hundred may be act down aa the daj’a losses alona
a front of thres miles.
MAX 317.
The expectation? of tho day before were noi des
lined to be realized, for operations on botA aides
were confined to a desultory artillery practice, for
timrtj and mancenTrlDg into better positions.
JlcPbtreon was expected to hate closed up the
can on tbe right, and his failure, for some mason,
to doio. postponed atUI farther an actlre work of
an? macnltnde. A general attack was to bare
been made early In the day, but with tbe whole
rkht wine floating loose and detached.lt was nu
1»t1t impossible. Gen. Jeff. C. Daria* division of
the I4ta corps, howerer, occupied DaUu, and,
life in the evening, Intelligence arrived that Mc-
Pherson bad reported himself on Paris’ right, and
that the latter had “side stepped” to the left, so as
to All op the gap intervening between hlmaelfand
the 2Cth corps. -. , -
On the right, then, all was as it should he. On
the left alao, ccnnection was made between Scbo*
field and the three Infantry divisions under Bj
bott, commanded by Murray, (KllPatrick's dm*
■lon),Garrardan&£d.McCook, General McCook
connecting with the infantry. Gen. Stoneman
had an Independent command, also, on the immo
dtaeleft. At daylight the monotonoas pooping
tffjnnikctry and occasional hallowing ot artillery
opened again, to continue the whole of another
stale day of skirmishing.
Early In the forenoon the monotony was sadly
broken by the death of Major Hampson, of the
3S4th Ohio, and aid to Gen. Wood. lie was struck
In the left shoulder hya musket hall, which broke
the spine and ended bla life in a few hoars. He
was a general favorite, and his death produced un
feigned eadnees among a wide circle of friends.
The play of the artillery was, for the most part,
necessarily aimless, and consequently harmless.
One gunner, however, by the felling of trees, at
last discovered an Inviting target, and snoceeded
In throwing into ita couple of shells, most hand*
somely. A boose was discovered about two miles
distant. In the yard of which tho rebels had plant
ed a battery, and whose tall red chimney stood oat
among the trees too temptingly to be refused. A
piece was trained on it, ahd the first shell went
home without bursting, and left no indications ex*
cept Us effect*. These were anificleutiy obvious.
Immediately a prodigious flutter was visible about
the premises, men vigorously mooing away among
the trees, and most ludicrous aod yet most cruel of
all. a woman, in white, fleeing out of the house
in the greatest apparent terror. Tno gun was held
a little to the left and a second shell lodged directly
in tho yard, bursting immediately above the ear face
of the gronnd, In a position to do the utmost pos*
elhlc slashing among the rebel gunners. If any
were there. Two more accurate deliveries, at that
distance, are seldom seen.
Early in the afternoon long lines of dust were
seen about four mllea away to the rear aud left,
raising over tne tops of the trees, aud about five
o’clock we received a conclusive and stunning ox*
planation of their Import. It was simply a rapid
corcentration to strike our extreme left, which
was still weak and unsteady, from its having been
continually shoved out In that direction, ana from
the distance and the roughness of the way over
which supporting artillery mast pass. The rebels
bad evidently discovered this state of affairs and
meant to thrust a heavy ootumn in between Scho
field and the cavalry before these could bo united
la a aueng line. They were at their old work.
Fortunately the game was detected and oor com*
hlnations made in time to save the line, bnt not a
minute to spare. The blow was parried, but we
staggered tinder it. Wood’s division or the 4tn
Corps had been relieved from lino of bat*
tie on Schofield’s right in tho forenoon
by the - division of General Stan*
lev, and had rested hut a short time
when It was honied over to the point of danger.
The ground wus very rough and the bashes almost
Impenetrable, hut boldness was here again the
sale policy, and the division was soon engaged.
The ground on which it must flgtat-was peculiarly
bad. Two parallel ridges hemmed in Its Hanks,
and directly in front was another, on ail of which
the rebels bed guns which delivered st once a di
rect, enfilading and cross Are. Their volleys were
quick and terrible as cross-lightning; grape, can*
v Isier, shell and round-shot pouring-fnaUac once,
* nd musket balls flying' thick as hall.' Oat of
I ’cod’s division and Scribner's brigade, of John*
aat’fl division, which was supporting on the left,
/on r hundred men fell in thirty minutes, when
dark uses happily Intervened. Our Hues had hold
: .iheit own stubbornly in the face of thlsterriblc
: *laog.btcr, hut by ten Id the evening were drawn
• fe-vck to that they could he supported bv batteries
w.bicb .had meantime been planted. Hero lay 400
1 Koanda d and dead men In need ofimmediate care,
’and the ambulances aod stretchers were three
i miles awa v . and the road between was very bad.
! Desist* t& e best endeavors of Captain Toaalcy,
Chief of -At ibulance Corps, who ordered up the
wholucorp* at once, nearly a hundred men tty on
1 tho fltid all night. Those who oould r • dragged
themedves wearily along, with the aid ofpomib
rodes, re the* hospital. This number of wounded;
and kill sd w«*re found on the field, and others* may
have been jel.Uu tbs retreat. Among the missing
iaGolouclFaroe, of the Jr4th Ohio, who is either
a prleonct or killed mid fallen Into the bands of the*
rebels. Another painful loss was that of Captain
Ifany Btf»eon r ef General Howard’s stuff, who
w*»-ehot csriy m. the day through the Irogs,-and
will not prsbably survive. lie is but twenty years
of age, and bad just been appointed Major by the
General, th«wgh not yet commissioned.
The Gencmbimseif exposed his person* reck*
Iceeiy, aud came fcoflxrieml/ near bezn,g a one-leg
ged, os he is already a-one-amed, vetenin. A-ja.»-
ged piece of shell contused bis toot eevcrelywhile
he was riding too'ly outside the skirmish Uc<vand
another piece illgbly bruised bis forehead. The
General’s remark that he has made sufficient-- ssc
rificeMo the re>els and mast, therefore, be enti
tled to impunity at their bauds, would weigh light
ly with the iiloodj-mlnedtzaltoni, if any opportu
nity apalmthlm should lie presented, and wiCtadc
much of dispelling the anxiety of bis friends,-
The heaviest exffsrer by the evening’u attack
was, probably, Hazen’sbngade. Forming theeciv
ter of the attacking column, aod driving upon the
foe In the form of* wedge, it courted tho eneny’s
fiercest fire, and, as It came, braced itself up stout
ly againstu. ard stood.
Wasuinotox, Jane 6, IS&ft'.
The biKdonating ir>U;UX) acres of land to VV'is
comld, to aidin-coostructiog the ship canal from
Green Baa to Lake Michigan, was passed.
The Internal Repmua hill was taken op. The
staoee establishing collection districts on the bnelo -
of Congressional representation, was aeopted.
An amendment was- adopted taxing passage.-
i Icketa of £2o,.lifty costa, and tickets of $35 to sliO
cne dollar each.
AiUßjdiseD'E were- adopted taxing Incomes of
foom st»o to $5,000 5 yar cent; oyer $5,000 per
cant.; oyer $15,000,10 per cent.
The amendment of Sir. Wilson was adopted
placing a *tas on wooden shoes at 10 per cent- ad
valorem as In tbeoacloel bill Crotn the House..
Mr. WILSON maxed anew section Imposing a
etampdaty of Uk percent, on ail sales of ware*
and merchandise from $ O to slou, and a quarter pc
1 percent above Rejected.
Mr.WlLSONolTeredan amendment taxing rn
cemes from JSOO
2,V pec cent on excess over $5,000. Adopted..
Mr. CRIMES, of lowa, moved that Incomcsover
$15,000 be taxed. 10 per cent on the exceed. Adoj>-
Mr. SUMNER proposed a tax on leaf tobcoco of
5 cent* per pound. Rejected.
The amendment of 3lr. Davis, of Keotceky,-Ter
layment of losses sustained by loyal citizens dsr*
nw the was was rejected, # ,
The amendment of Mr. Davis that no part of the
reteme derived antler this act shall be uppUedito
tbepaymeniofnefro troops, was pending.at-»•
The Select Committee on the north-western
frontier was continued dßring the prsssutf Con
Mr. HUBBABD.oI Conn., moved to luatruchtho
Judiciary «'omjcitice to report a bill repaalit?: all
acta for the rendition of fugitive alttrsa.- It. bee
over. ,
Mr. GARFIELD, of lowa, Introduced-'*-bill for
the more speedy punishment of guerrila • murders.
A notion to lav the hill an tbe table was lo»t hr a
vote of 35 to 67. Tho bill was then passed'ander
the operation of the previous question-
Mr. WILSON, of lowa, from Committee- on tho
.) udiciarv, reported bach the Senate-bill wHtb was
Erovitllng that no member of Congress 6half after
Is election and continuance In oQoo, nor any
head of department or bnrean, or clerk,-, shall ro
ccive or agree to receive any compensation direct
ly or indirectly for any service rendered or to be
rendered, either by himself or others trv proceed
ings relative to contracts, accu
sations, or other matters In which the C, 9. ia a
party, before any department, on- clnlv military or
naval commission.
The bill was passed under opesattomof the pre
vious question.
Hr. COX, of Ohio, offered tho resolu
tion. that toe recent extradition•pf a.Spaolab sub
ject I.COI. Argnelles) by the adieu onto Chief Ex
ecutive of tho United Statee*in th* absence of a
Uw or treatv on tbe lb violation of
the Constitution of the Umhed-Sotsa. and the
law of nations, and In dcrtgatloaoC tbe right of
asylum, which has ever been*- diatJAgmshinj fea
ture of our political system*.
Mr. Cox moved the previous question on It*
paeaace. Tbe motion was- disagreed to—3B to 57;
Mr, Cox moved to refs*-tho resolution to th*
Committee on Foreign Affairs, Disagreed to—4l
where a roan-stealer anuialave-plrato was dellver-
of Mr.
tion was referred to tts-CommiUee on Judiciary—
against '6.
Mr, WILSON, of laws,.fro® tho .TudlcliryOom
mlttee, reported baefetho Senate bill for the aum
mary trial of mlnor-offenceo against the united
States. Passed. . , , „ _ .
The sentence, orjconviction, shall not beygeater
than imprlßonmeEiiUtJaillar on© year, or ajlzioor
iion. or both. .
Tho bill passrdiprohlMtlng members ox Con
gress, or outer Government employees, recover
ing compensation/or wwlces in proceedings rel*-
tire to coßtricti.clsiiCi charges, Ac., in-which the
United States isparty under SIO,OOO floe and im
Bill passed* placing array and navy upniractora
undtr laws rilatlog to those branches of service.
The bill pasged'&rpuniahmemt foe counterfeit
ing coin. Treasury notes or postal currency.
The bill upased preventing tbe Court of Claims
from jonssldlott m claim coses arising from de
struction of property by the army
ornuvy carinutha rebellion. It ptovides for the
aeUlomeot of aUdaima of loyal cuhsess for Com
missary and Osortcrmaateri’s stores actually fur
A hiliwaa-ioteoduccd repealing all acts for the
rendition of fugitive slaves.
SevtralrmoSiops weromade, updattho sugges
tion of Mr. Batman the subject was opened to
reasonable debate, and tbe big made the special
ord« for Manday next.
The,Hoase refused, 4/« agalaafe 5% to suspend the
rn.i44.tbat* report mleht be made from foreign af
fairs. Goaxlttee. relative to rim action of the Exp*
catlvo on the subject of tbQ;monarchy in Mexico*
Tbo Donee passed the Senate resolution of
: thanks la Col. Bailer, of VHa., for tho relief of ibe
.Bed Bbtifleet. Adjourn ad.
Arranged for tka Plaja, Including thermal arAbemes
or »tiß Optra, bj
,XA-A Stated Conclave of Apollo Oommaodsry No.
will be held at tastr Asylum,
M air tic Tempi* this (TUESDAY) evening, *t I*
o’clock Jj A. MONTGOMESr-, Kccordec.
A'ssessob*s office,.
Ist Distbict or D.nr'oia, >
Chicago. KBA. )
Notice iAbereby xfrenth«t ti<a aooaal l u of taxes
siecMct taintsXvatrict lor Uay h ISM. baa been re*
turned ts this o#LM. . , _ .
&pp«**awlU he beard In my office. tS& Dearborn
itreei.Detweea the boors of o*ad 12 A M.froru the
etb toVhe«d ot Jane. FETES PAGE, Assessor.
© STOP AXD S&kDi /.
KVBRITT*3 Art uaUanr, lit Lkkastreat, la a place
yon mast visit ere son leave Cbica<». Superior
Cutes de Vlsite Two Doll«rß_per dozen.
w W al. U. EVEBIIf. Proprietor.
Pat Nias, t_
JJ Wo want a man to pack floor, who understand*,
hlahcainefe aid can guarantee bla worjc.
To Go to BeMdere, ill*
rose but so uperiencad man need aoply. iKOJT*
ai:u B' 09. ft JESNIiiOS,4O,42* UPraakilnatreet.
je'-irraix •
English, scotch & fkench
Which w* » « making np l&theitojr afpbovbp
x* vnnxa,at ELY’S,No.B Turnout
Jcl-b251-«m net
Kris awnttscmratt.
Beaton why"they are on the Street
In view of the fact that tbs public may be lnem>
venteneed by the Strike ol tbs Jowneyiaeu Skiers,
we caem It a doty we owe to onnelraa to-preseat s
plain statement of frets, and call on ear employer*
to refute them If they are falsa. It la well known
that ve work thelooaeat boor*and the moat enfaror
able oßta for health sad confers of any other class
of mechanics, and receive the emails** amount of
comneuiattou. w« have been pauent, navwthelsMi
as 1 oor as it was possible to- keep soul and • body- to--
■etbsT, but at the present time it la utterly oat ot tne
qcftUon with the compensation we xecelre. ww
have mads a demand for sin lacreaae of wage*? onr
employers seem to donht onr sincerity Inlhßuems-.a,
although they bare alreoua a moat positive refusal,
wish one aze*ptioD, and we most stubbornly, persist
In a*r resolution to remse them further serrloea aa
til rv lust demjftd has been compiled with, rait
course is not premature—wo have given onr em
ployers sufficient notice through the press and other-•
wise,thatwewerenotcomenwdwiih the wages wo
received. and one weak ago mads a positive de nana.•
and received a positive reply in writing-, over the
signatures ol their different imtinew-Arms, aa above
stated. Our powers of endurance having been thoa*
exhausted we nmtsdly, ftnaly end determinedly re
solved to move upward, elevate ourselves, and not
wait longer lor them to do It. Ws *< • not willing to
work any longer for any Government contractors
who are growing rich over the mlafortunet of oor
country, toe cniair profits of out Üboioafid shoddy,
cor for office holders or po-ll'clans who are growing
f*t and wanton over the spoils and corruptions of the
offleaatbal the mechanics and laborers ot Chicago
have bestowed on them, anises they wiU pay us what
ia fair; and wo hero stop to give toe statements re
ceived at our last weekly meeting of the wa*e» paid
in some of the largest shops: O. Kendall, |2.oOp«r
I day.lObocrsj SSdbpernlght, 10 do. H. c. Childs,
Mechanics! Bakery, f 1.75 per day; nigh*. 17.00, 10 to
13 bonri— average 1# boors. C. L. Woodman, $1.73
per day: 93-COfor night, 15 hours. Thompson x »’em
pietou. Si 73 for 10 to U hours; 91 COpcr nlght-seldom
lets than 14 hoots, A c. , .
The replies received from those bosses were lo suiv
stance as follows: O. Kendall woold ebeerfatiy
comply lx he thought onr demand! werejost and rea
sonable, anditateascme reasons, which are ground-
Ires, with regain to a season contract mad* with
Lie men Another reason la that we are paid more
than the Bakers of Buffalo and the Baatera cities :
ana yet another that wo are paid more than tee
Bakers ofToronto. Canada West- Mr. Childs says m
bis cripninnlcatian to us, abom one month ago he
raised bis men, and In some cas;a more than they de
manded. and on account of this generosity thlnsa it
nnieasoaable to be further annoyed, fie says oor
statement la not true that articles of domestic con
sumption arc nlghrr than when he raised the prices
of bia men, and tpocittt s batter, eggs, fuel, and board
At hotels and rosrolag boasts: but according to
Thompson A Templeton’s statement, tha prices or
cr.cktrf.o.kea, dc., manatee tursd from those com
mositlfp, werea&vaoceo at that tint* aceoriing toihe
high prices they iben commanded,’ conaccjucntiT for
any decrease u. the prices of the articles Mr. Childs
refer* io, the employers rec*lve a correspoodlre
ben. fit as they have made no ehaneelntbe prises of
the articles nr their manufacture above referred to,
notvltcsiardiue tbelrprewtdcd Interest »e the pub
lic wcltare ; but wo constitute a portion of the nubile
and ouchl'to bt- entitled to a share ot tneir consider*-
tico. We do not believe a generous public woun
wish to cat Chicago l-read at our expense ; we have
Dtsaraneetoihecontrary.and avail onrstWssof to.s
opoortnolty to return our most alncarethank-* t* that
▼try small portion of the public that baa this day ten
dered us |I.(XO. We do not fear circumvention tract
the eource onr emp'oyers fxpect to supply ibom
selves. New Torkvfa Csnads. It is a"purd to sup
pose that mechanics would leave Kew York-or any
other ftate, at prerenr, to better themselves la
Canada; but tne r»ason Isobvtons In the word bis
dfl(lrl>. Jour Bakers will find their best friends atSU
sod M west Randolph street from 10 to u A M-, an J
4 tO 6 P.M.
Chicago M*caaxicai/ Baeu«t,>
CniOA&o, June 6th, iEW. J
Mr. Tfv, ScHarrkß, and other gentlemen of the Chi
reto Baker's Union, so called : .
I have Just baeu (nformsd that you bare this day
threatened men who belong to your Socleiy, who ds
sire to come into myeo.plov.with personal violence
lo case they do not desist from rendering mo a slat-
I write to caUtoyonr mind, what may have bsea
overlocked by you. via: that there la a taw la.tbit
StxteJmpoalng a fine of one tbooeauddollsrs and Im
■ m the StatePanltcntfaryforsoch threats
0 Btrtr thla Is to notify you that unices yo*v make
rsparatlon for thewntr? so cone? by inch violence
thus menaced and threatened, I wilt caaboyour ar
reat srtei 13 o'clock to-morrow (Tucadavi- to answer
betcrea legal tribocsl for such unlawful threat?, and
beside* twill caHycu roanawerto private damages
bv m* (-attained by so men irom myamplor.'
‘lndlvSduals nav refrain from work if therp’ea-je,
but when they seek lo terrify those who-wish to wuk,
law BieoM* axswanxcLm to inn law.
In replr to the above demand I *»oui'l sav ’hat I
am cctoipposcd to violate any low of ray country, swl
Ce-not recollect colnjanythmr ofthe kind. It Mr.
CkUda will-remind me of anvtningl have done, or
taxi, contikry to law and orcsr; I will cheerfauv
ntt.a* ; until then I bare no retraction tovnase andr
await the prrewa ol thouw.
lel hevvil WM. SSAFgER.
BE CUfiED.—To tliosa who »real!llctstl wltb
Uitß iangfrotn uleeaso, we-woald say, nja
iThlcli la contracted ac to PosmvttT onaa this
c.omrJalnr»opicloEß to the contrary notwithstanding.
This Trow h*e-iecelved the hl*be«r commendation
from medical Den and tao llandroda who h-»ve ■worn
them In New York and other Eattcrncltlra’ It Is
Li'On'JCCißur and easy; oo prepare on the back or
Si* nh.tATio coed ; pressure I-twasd andrPWAno;
power pertectly controllable ; by asingUiU Trass and
onrHMLSI'V a.OilON,acor»Uscaß.. FcmsloSap*
port .fx n the same principle. Shoaldsr n raco» for
thot't* Indited tr stoop. We hare openectneatandde
tir«*ble usottmeats .or both ladles and gentlemen,
wits proper rae'iloal attendants.- We n-ake tbesab
fect. rf)t aernln a eoeeialty. Cad and etamlne the Sop
pobt kit*- and Tausaia. Pamphlets »tnc to any ad*
dresi Qse tor a stamp jfckGOß? & Oil..
Ft Clark street, opposite the Coert Hoase.
Post <j®ce L’oxdiW je7-*CM-8t nr rncaacet
M ASONIC.—There will bo a Spr
c.sl Commantcatloi of Wm. Warren T-odgi*-
No. vi 9, JT-nnd A.W..at iTwoalc'Vemplo, tb» (TOMi*-
DAr» e realm:. Jaa** "lb. at ft o f efock.
Jt7 hos-u TRANK WL~M WORTH, sec y.
Lv the- Journeymen Bakers of Cbieeco arc-oas
strike 2M-I an aovatee of wages* all Journeymen
Bake: a ol other cities are.iwriTan not to-work caul
dj rrecltlrs betwet n tho»e of Chlcagoand taelrem
nlov«rs-are settled. The Journeymen Biker's Hnlon
ofChtcreo meet twice a dayute-iand W'WustKan
ft oink f>n«or.wn«r»ai) strange Jjarnejcea Bakers ore
invlt*<*cUt> attend. JoT-hbiT-SaarC
it.24£ North Laoallo Street).
Or »ar>T>er*oD glvlo? information rcg&Muig her, it
will b<Hli»nkfui’.y received by her friends,
je;;.i’afrgtcet '
eld Trusses for Lira, with their flUbineas
aod canto*,crthe BAKU KUBtsß* TltOSa and be
coreu Tbl* Tra« can be matte stiff or Umber ;■ can
be ure-a ln b*tfttne ; will never bre»i.m*t or chafe :
ooes oft Injure the com. aod requires no etpaos.
Paanchiete senttne. Kefrr*neee from ten mo« emi
nent bore*ons given- Shoulder Bn»c-w. Abdominal
annituncrasUaMic Stock L-'c» t außoeßs.iy. aatuhiges
J‘»»*bl«bmenf.m>'ath Cl irkstreo:.
1». O- Boa kW. J. Hi EENOAJJj, Manager.
je's*.&S*i6 TVT«*gAho;
Tho gs«t lame which this modlclna bw ecsulredj
bcxb her* and throughout, the Armlet of Uk Weat
bid ScruV aa a remedy tor Hiarrhma, Jsy*ehte»T. «w
nlbrelssad condition g f the Dowel preclude*
Uta-ueocwtt) of »dvenl£U»«., It lo thu cl j; hat m
there tie many ttnmgert in oar nJdt; woo may p<
rofferiat from these complaints, cacsed either Dr
climate, wsteror food, wo wowd rename
them that this medicine Muewea wonderful
7a ov Almanac will be found the testimony ol Bn*.
Gen. t'ttx Henry Warrtn.-U. S. VctauCoU S. H. Loiu.
tn 0. A (Chiet Top'l £ng*rs: HaJ odF- W erane.Pay
matter. S. A ; Capl3. Hoyt,. C. 9., Anav of the
Cumberland, and 11. S 3Jepham Nortt
BocoDd-tt. Prepared only by Jl A C. MAGHIRH-
Chamiptiana PmstidaU* tontuwot conw of Second
ami Olive BtreeUjand sold by fc'drntolala. Beware,
of counterfeit*, price, 73 cent*per Portia. . , . .
Fw tale wholesale by H. BCOdll* 7S aaadolph-at,
apS-oCs+l6t yniATuHfrnat
Americait Safes;
A«r FTtA-aU’eytS Lasalle street
: lUrblt Top-an elegant
Cort stK.for 3S ls.at»m^ TTt
Bank, bo oka (hr Vault Poors,
Bunk aoehs for Fire-Proof Ba®»,
Bank Idcka for Bnrelar ProoC-Safoa,
TeWalkw BM Bank lock a( ttk
Lou made.
lock*) slooj£l£Dj.s3oo.
Pa-tie t want Ice locks for vault door*, Bhnaldax
amiaoAhese lotb. KXTBA DISCOU® 1 to parti at
or For
1 Bank Safe, cost SSOO.
1 Bank Safe, cost S2SO.
j For-»»I» »i fifty cent* on tie doilar. Taken la at
j change for the
! je?abg6B»gt»et *' BRATT.
1 bare this day advanced aay prices one-half cent
per pound on all graias.
FBBIK *• DAY, Agent.
Chicago, Janeathjaat. lafrytts-staet
S.CCO brls KVF PAGIVVW SALT, (one of the best
brands, and in lad order),
In lota to-salt purchattr*. Afioatondock, oriellv*
ered on cart.. THOM 18 B l«.
Je7b.sTl.lt yo. 2 Worth wells afreet.
ivfetal Wawboiue,
rn-m-ftfl-SOtaet 199 A 301 Bmdolph OMtgO.
pe rp.nßdcn^^^ JTCalaa
Gtowh iwattat
Office, So. 2, Loomiir Cttfldlag,' \
No. 4 South Clark-st,
Chartered Capital, $500,000*
Statement of the condition of TH3 tJUIOJT
Cart Capital 2?
Het Surplus...... ADaTB'U
Leans payable on demand ae- . _
cured by an endorsement |106,1W 75
Leans peyab.a on demand se
cured by Leal Estate worth
twice amount Toaced 80,333 m
Loans payable on armandse- „
cured by Stocks and 80nd5.... 3,4:0 S3
• loses payable on demand to
cured by collaterals ll.£W <JO
Cook County War Bonds i*55255
Investments in Xax lonat Baals. 87X00 00
Caib in' Bank 6,510 15
CashlnUand— * 73381
Balances or Bccs Aeeonht lor ... _
premiums 4.«2 1®
Furniture and Barela office M. a
Du*' fi om general avrTSB e aOu 00
.Accrued interest on larestratut. 7, aw ]3
Accrued interest oa B’k Stocks. 8:8 63
a a».wi 19
BslarceDns other Companies.. gaw-IHWtS It
Lcesis tdjaitcdaaiJ oLAdlafitcd. None.
njßj, LOilß VBD. Tree’s Fourth National 3ante.
npo. W. GAGB, Chicago, Illinois.
•I. Q. MOTT. CMcagO, flUnole.
THOMAS HABLRA^omcßKp,lllinois.
FAML. N. NIC«.bB->OK, Chicago, Illinois.
BfcKj.LOM»AUD,Jr. GaloihurC. Illinois.
JOSI4II LOMBARD, Chlcnsru. Tllln'ls,
CHA9. CHANDLER. Macomb. Illinois.
J. M. W. JOKES, Chicago, m’QOtS.
BENJaWC* LOMBARD, President.
SAUL. M. KICKSftSOJfr VlcfrPreMdent
jeTUtidt W. W. L2OKABI>, Secretary.
10-40 LOAN.
SabsorlptloDs to• ®f* lioan
at par*
Converted Into ISBI Bonds>
B-20S, 10-408, ISSSs, 7-303,
And »U Kinds of Goveramentißonds
and Stocks boneht by
Ko,l Clarksi., corner cf3oo*h Water rt.
Cloak and Mantilla
Just rewired, s large assortment of-Lostre acd
LnstrOess SUi Mantles, In all the ,’ateA pirissiylta.
ah*', ft large astortmtnC of Grenadine' Shawls and
Lace Points. For varltty of *sy;ea sad prices tho*
ladles will do wsU to Siren* a call bafort making
tbslr purchases.
». A, HITT * CO.)
Sracsh cf 2SI Broadway, 'Sow Tort,
Je ehflTrSt »a net
mfffh—Tbr-flaest assortment of
Faaty Back and Side Cdmbs
Tu Chicago. can be foond at
prjt Überal dlacooct made to the trade. •
175 Lake Street.
At; the fbllowlas prlcao, to close oci aa Invoice
Albums, SO Pictures, 1 to Pago,
*?. OP, |2 50. *8 00, 1345.
Albums, 40 Pictures, 1 to Pago,
$3 23, |AI3, *3/0, Si 53.
Albums* 50 Pictures, 1* to Page,
*3.50. *3AO, $3.15 to *7.00.
Qblosg Albums, 2 to Page, 72 to 100
From *1.15 to *C.M.
Quarto Albums. 4 to Page,
*15.09 to *20.03.-,
ty* Good* sect br Ex;r*«s open receipt ot Pries.
J. \F, 6c CA, Stationers,
jeTAEOIt 186 Xiftb>atreet, near Well*.
Kid Gloves, Silks, &e ,
AT. .
ISIK Ssutb
Coloring Kid Gloves, (new) 4L28 per do*.
Coloring Kid Glove*, (01d)...; 4* ct*. perpolrr
ColoringßMlenles.... 98e,4)e,90c.
Col’cKidor6ilkSlln?er*orßoots.'. Meta.
CietztiaxKld Glove*.. 30 eta. par pole
Cleuitlas Kid and 3U* Shippers or
Boots Seta.
Cleansing Back Gauntlet*.....’ 35ct»-
BoaltonLOce Collars. ... M ct# 5° :
Tfcreeo Lace r0110**,...; M e*» te L®o
Bloa* Lace Collar*, ,£ et» to>sg ow
Bi*k Fcotft 25 Cl» t<*»so eta
fesi hers. Pros led and Cnrted.... ... » cts to W cu
White Feathers, Cleansed dbCarltd.. 2*eW *>*(.7*
Feathers Colored and Cniled. 0 ct* to L»
tP'AGBHTS *%dBTBD m thn.arlaelpal towmaod
dues In the WosAAddress W. ATRSBUi PoenOfltee
n, iyfl, i EteacaUUolA VV, A BIBOt.
j eA-ussi-Mue» ' ISDiSoatn Clask screes
Tor Heart. »«tjEt«aia. Catlot*, Osoja, H»i,
Cicria, anrleiv Sams aid Wap,
ANT’oraxii SAUcau aoldwhoiaaaiebj
wo U Hear bora tenet. Chicago, Agent tor t&eSorth
Weilwn States.
Patent CHam-oioii
2000 CAVALRT ®> r »es
One Hundred and Forty Delian la Treasury Kotca
irUVht paid for Cayalrr Bones, ceitwr-d i{ f.ye Got*
enuneat Corral, State street, enbj«ato ta«o*cti cm.» •
jeS-hCff-lotnet J.T. SAHGASt '
° TO liXT.
I wTTI rest, at a VBRT CBBAP BKXT, ‘&uj r6 80. St
Sooth Water street. Po«*oinoa crvsn immediately.
fiiß aBLES A. O&EGOax.or asOSQft pTTftOK.Bi
86 peatbera afreet. le&Jraefr-Ufraea
* SAMStoa,
Save Bemored Temporarily
Bn* sumtttviM*.
u. 8. Depository _
Csplfsl P«M ta. * t*tao 0»
Leans and 1Mre0antt.............. o*Wl 01
D*po*:jto.r.... 1«
Ctrca'itWn , ilSlS o ®
IftallMite Hot ***•# 00
Tki foj*cotn*iaa correct report of tMooniurA
of Mid Bank in rerpeet to the Items named ca
Ik s. BBUffTSDt Cull!*,
. , Sttbccrfbcd and Bwoni before a) Urea
•""""•’S&MLa HATOnrAT,
Je? Kokiry PnsUc«
k*m«M -fiJS? 5
VorreCT tt**inieDt of too con®-
ttoo ofKfd BkiA* term peer Aon*
In on tho mentis.? 1 °* i£s V?Lt'isk A*. Cashier.
. . tubfrcrrtiedaad eworntr before mo this «Uk*
s »OUT 7 muio.
J*7-b€o7 U
C»pU*lpA!dfß M
Leant iatHHocomn'-*--* - g.,
Dcpouts ♦T‘-3« 3
Bptcle and Legal Tt «*=*» *=r{£» S
mJSJpte'iu'S OTmtVfiort'of_ia» ‘ygJjJJ'J.
of*»lo Bank tarelstlo «»n the items naflPdlWftlo
on toemornloa cttoow •
Subscribed as «Sxwom to
i££ i e HS£ 3AC I SS-»?IB; SouaPoNio-
Je7-b678-lt Cook County. ininoLv
O. S. Depository.
Loansaad Di5c0unt5.......—....— 12
DepofiS* - •fpgfs
SotclmaJ Letal Tenders ~sbjwiS
lhe*ow»?li>‘ia'acoiVert VtUteec “thartla
tlcn of *«« sank la re»pe«l t«» t; ’« J*®«a therein,
named on th« morning of Jna* 6» a.» - Cartier.
. , sab*«rlbed‘ aed swora to m 0
? ssALvBtB-dayotJaaaA-D.'MU. tw phmm
Is—ypKti tsßTtttx 2fo rttOlltf.
lu7lil3es.lt __
Monthly Stateurou^
Average amount of Loans and Discounts.-..19WU K
■'Avrrfl?e»nionnt of Efepciu* ••• .S'2-2 75
.Average amount of Ppecl*& LeealTenda ».
-Average amount of Ca-cmailon ........ ••
: The fortyolns la > correct report o! ;1 19
amccnt of lost* SDicncoatti, so«le. co <>“*■*,«?
'circulation of said Bask from the Jd day of «*y.ifM»
ito the Tib day of Jane; JMI, before coalmen oingrmsi
““ it,. lot nenuon'd *;r Q 0 »M«. ,
, (f wi, Subscribed- ul sworn to the 71 H d*yof
! \ Brat* Jupr t «w; IIBSRT C. MO I *££..
jeT-be&S-n - notary t ?übUo.
Hi i 1(1 Satifliial Bamk,
Comer Dearborn ani Bandolpbi Sts.,
cnicidOr ili.
Capital - $300,000;
The National Barking Law haring been ament*
we are now prepsred to extend facilities to tbs Wen* U
of the system. All business connected with Qovnrl »
meot fiends, foadinc-aortn-Tblrtle* and tbs paymezl *
of Interest upon the firs per cent Treasury Notes >
proßpCFattenfied to*
lira wm
Cast solid, with Wronglrt Boeftettr
Ttra-bestlause. Send for Circular.
"Still- Stones, Bolting Cloths
T. W. BAmSS & co. y
Foot of West WiuMngtoa CTitcaira.
?o»t Office Dpi T L my3o-j4fl»tf net
10-40 BONDS
geecad fflotoal Bsak «f Clileag#.
Ttu Ban* is authorised by, the Secretary of VBm
Tre»v‘<ry to receive subscription* to tbs sens VHo.
s^rH^ea^aiOe seat for subscriptions bribe Cm«
ted states sod Americas Express Companies are® Of
a Dn e s»aon« BmlJW,®
.New York ExcbangewUi be-ieoeived In payment or
will bo allowed s commlflWQWttt
•-meetahtpercent.on all sob»crlptaon*.p*olf««s s»»
tag Kit under tbnlr ku d act)tract*, or oncer oar*.
at the rate of 53 cents per t*w3«ind.
fiord* will be- forwarded W
ebatrr. H. I. TDJK3AM. CaAtSB.
taylS-eflSl 30taei
Srerr YTB9RBSDAT at oji a’olk A. IL
We sfrou eonuaeaco oar retnUar aale of
March Olhj and continue then on <r»
rf Veduada?. Our etoek la ataayi
open fei examination, and alii h«
kept comtantly filled aHh ika
Most Desirable Goods
Aaeoonean, 94 Lake Wrssfci
nil- TtCl-Cta-TirwAT net
Aaifieslenla naneni Btseh.
Denfbeu and dl3chqr;aa. from Cm ear eared, eross
•ye straightened moss mlnnte,.estarsets end fitraa
restored,. »nd all dl»e*sie.of toe Bje ana Bar, wt*
Hnae a* for nine rears oao* to noire the weew
Attention Of LT. USDIAWOOXX NO-124 Roadollfe
street, aso Snraeon to- the Lbtcego Optftqtai* ud
Anna HnpUal.Ul State-street, Ida only InOraeryta
thenorthwest at wnlch.pnttenle iron a dlstases ess
hoard aad be under tca-1 ««ed*eae o*M«rratio« efißs
atun&at Bar* eon darlo* tnaiaent oreonvetae.
peace bom operatlona-perfomied. Je* idol atsee
C.M. Henderson & Co,
Ve h»Ts msasediaaer new and speewe Wo*%
Nos. 4, * 4 8 LIKE STBEKT,.
CppoCte the Adana Rons*,
A&& ve pmiared v> offer to the SPREOI TBOB
Iba lutaaka^aottCaarMaMoakaf
oor '•wrassed Cnatom Made woekla ffHBMflMn
We «BebeUy mrtte We ecteutM at jariedeei—i
Trho Vyr oortby Uiepackage, as«e win offer
irnt fiiihmanfnfi We defy comoetittoo either BliA'
er wm. aMiIMCTtfMi —I
126 Lake stmt, centrof Clark*
the largest sod Beet eeleeted aaenrtmrnk ot Ttm
Watehee. Jewel»j,Stletr«j»o and Pane* tUodhtafca:
found weet of Hew Torff,
Quality of all GmA GunaftMi.
Ptaewasefc repabta* canfaUy at*
tended to Bj the udUrtU workman '
I parti*oiarlj. iaoite the atten'lccvof pnrcho«er*L
Wlsbirgtbe fl&eat and eholcnt go?fla to taemnriat?
XD7*irX*S>l2t wffMr:ne: *; fi, aULxt *
Self-Sealing Fruit Jar
48 lake Street
07 CHIBA .<3O.
in t H0131E9, Cubin’^,
. sad Jobber* of

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