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Pjtcago tSxibnue.
Got* Tatos, BUJ. Gen. Og-csby, idjL Ccb.
Fuller and Others, as Speakers.
Tbe nomination of Lincoln and Johneom by the
Coovontion which assembled at Baltimore, has
struck a chord which will awaken the patriotic fer
vor and enthusiasm of every loyal and wo
man in this wide country. The glorious unanimity
with which President Lincoln was renominated
chows that tbe people, and not the politicians, had
a band in the work. Hie selection as a candidate
for the honors of the Great Republic is an elo
quent comment upon the power of the people as
compared with the influence of politicians. Tbe
former desired his renomlnotion; the latter did
not. The people are rejoicing, from Maine to tbe
Bapldan, and from Hie Atlantic to the Pacific, that
their wiahoe are_tbus consulted. In no community
has the ticket now placed in nomination more
faithful and enthusiastic friends than In Chicago,
the metropolis of the noble State which furnishes
the candidate for the Chief Magistracy of the na.
tion. It is fitting and proper that this ticket
should be ratified.
A Grand Maas Meeting w3l be held this (Thurs*
day) evening, at the Court House Square and Me
tropolitan Hall, to ratify the nominations of Lin
coln and Johnson, Oglesby and Brou. Two brass
bands, and the Lombards will discourse music. A
national salute will be fired at 7 o'clock p. m. Able
and eloquent speakers have been invited and are
expected to be present, among whom are Gov,
Yates, Gena. Oglesby and Puller, Dr. Daniel Brai
ns rd, Gao. C. Bates, E. A. Stoma, A. C. Heslng, C.
M. Hawioy, Edmund Jeusien, Geo. Schneider, T
A. Eastman, F. A. Hoffman, John Wentworth, A,
Shuman, £. O. Lamed, Wirt Baxter, L. H. Davie,
Elliott Anthony.
O. B. Hougb, Petes Dzoct,
8. B. Pnnsr, J, W. Watjohop,
L.H. Dana, Bkwjantn Lomiao,
J. G.Gxhdels, PeteePaok,
C. C.Wxcetb, Gommittee of Arrangements.
Tex St. Faux. Waltz.—PupUshed by Boot A
Cady, is announced in another column. It is nam
ed after a Western dty, and not after the Apostle,
it la easy, and very popular.
Sale or Photographic Albces.—Attention it
called to the ealo of Albania by J. W. Mlddioten &
Co., biationers, li 6 Lake street, affording on op
portunity to portbiee, for a few day* only, at fro ■a
$2 up. Sac advertisement on first page.
BmcLAirr,—The- variety store of Dewey &
Moore, corner of West Twelfth street and Bine
Inland avenue, was entered on Tneadaj night by
burglar*, who sncceeded in carrying off nearly
SSOO worth of dry goods.
Col. Bross’ Beciment;—Persona having friends
in Col. Etom’ regiment will have packages taken
through for them by Capt. James W. Brockway,
nbcjaid they desire iL Be loaves this evening, and
all packages left at this office will be taken through
Ahhimuons to tex Ban.—At the recent term of
the Supremo Court Jco. A. Jameson,perkins Bees,
and Henry G. Miller, were appointed a standing
cMpgoitteo to examine candidates for admission to
dfOtar in the Third Grand Dirlrion of the State
o i Illinois, vice Ben. B. Peck, Hon. £L Van Su
ren and W. O. Good?; rerigned.
Juvenile Lascekt.— Henry Bnahbriek, a boy
about ten yean of age, employed In the Tremont
House, was yesterday arrested by officer Stevens,
of Douglas £ Co.'s detective police corps, on a
suspicion ef larceny, tie had stolen $29 from the
butu iwom waiter, and the vaonev w&e found on
him. except sixty cents, which be had spent.
Fnon tub On* Hunebeu Bats' Mxk.—A letter
was received yesterday by Colonel Hancock, from
Colonel McChcsney. of the 13ith regiment, from
which we learn that kls command arrived at Co
lumbus, Kentucky, on the stk of Jana, and that it
ia encamped just outside the bluffs in the rear of
the town. The health of the boys ia excellent, aad
they are in the best of -spirits. It is iot unlikely
that they may be sent on an expedition toward the
interior of West Tennessee.
Personal.— Colonel Thomas J. Henderson, the
gallant leader of the 112 th Illinois Volunteers,
through this city yesterday morning on his
way to lus residence in Henry county. 'While
intrepidly leading his regiment in the thickest of
the'flgfat, he was wounded br a ball through his
right thigh, at the late sanguinary hauls of Be
«aca. Hlb wound is a very severe one. but he
hopes to be enabled to return to tua field in time
to jot do good service before the death blow to the
rebellion u finally struck.
Patriotic.—'The loyal machinists employed in
Pitt’s foundry, on West Bsndolph street, have
nearly completed a small cannon with which they
propose to awake the echoes of this great chy,
now that President Lincoln has been renominated
at Baltimore. Its voice will bs.olten heard during
the coming Presidential campaign. The cost of
the piece of ordnance will exceed SIOO. President
Lincoln will go out of the West Division on tae
day of election with a larger vote than, cvjr before
given to any candidate fur thia or any other office.
He. Hasntoics’s Mcsrnros are daily Increasing
Sc Interest. Hundreds of Christian., and Inquirers
remained last evening to a second meet
ing for conversation and prayer. Minis
ters and Christians of different denom
inations nolle heart Hr ia the work. Mr.
Hammond will preach, this and to-morrow even
ings, In Rev. Dr. Patton’s church, corner of Wash
ington and Green streets. As Bryan n»i| was
crowded 101 l last Saturday afternoon, at the chil
dren’s meeting, the conmltice of arrangements
hare appointed for Mr. H. a meeting for children
then-, next Friday, at 4:30 p. m.. asd one on Satur
day at 3 o’clock. Scats free to ail.
A New Phase nr me Wmcnr-MiLLEn Case.—
The harlot—Miller—whose dastardly attempt to
kill Mrs. Wright, the wife of Seneca Wright, his
been recorded in these columns, has again foxnd
bail In the person of the hnsband of the
Injured victim. Mr. Seneca Wright and H.
P. Bcmls on Monday entered Into bonds
in the eon of $1,600 for the appearance of
Miller at Che forthcoming term! of the Recorder's
Court. In tbo jail most loving interviews took
place between Wright and hla mistress, and she
has been located in a house on Randolph street,
near State, where she is now enjoying the fnli
sympathy and protection of her infatuated pa
Chornoro Thick.— Dearer & Poole, at the cor
ner ot State and Randolph streets, may be consi
dered as having no superiors in the ready made
clothing trade in this dty. Their store has four
entrances on State street and two on Randolph,
which makes their salesroom on© of the most spe
cious in this dty. Their shelves and counters are
niwayspiled with the most approved styles end
■best manufacture of men’s and boys’ clothing, and
in prices as well ns in quality they are unexcelled.
They make a speciality of boys’ clothing, snd the
little folks can be wonderfully metamorphosed at a
small cxpcnce by giving this firm a call. None
will rep ret giving thsix patronage to this es
Lawn’s Hasp Loom.— I Thie machine, now being
Introduced in the West by one of onr enterprising
city Anns, la destined to entirely revolutionize the
cost of farmers’ and other family clothing. No
more will the fanner be obliged to sell his wool,
pay freight East, pay a profit to the manufacturer,
pay freight back ana profit to wholesale and retail
dealers. All these profits will be saved by this
new and entirely practical invention, and ths
goods made by it will be serviceable and datable,
as dothes used to be before the days of shoddy set
in. Advertisements in another eofumn show what
is thought'of the machine by those who know
whereof they speak.
Motet 70s the Mebcaltiie Batteut. —Dav
ing ascertained that the Mercantile' Battery have
received no pay since the loss of their company pa
per* in the late Red river battles, the Mercantile
Association yesterday generously forwarded to the
boys for distribution, care 'of the Amen can Ex
press Company at New Orleans, S6OO. The Asso
ciation is unaware of the exact station of tbo mem
bers of the battere, hot knowing it to be In the
zclgfaborboodofNew Orleans, where the Express
Company have an agency, tbey considered this to
be the only method of opening np a -communica
tion, and should the Express agent be unable to
deliver the remittance. It can be had on application
at the office there.
MnJTAirr.—About eight o'clock last evening
sixty-eight re-cnileted veterans of the Ist Wifi con
sin Cavalry arrived in Chicago from Madison, in
charge of Capt, Newton Jones, «n rout: for their
regiment, which Ic with Sherman's army. The
ladies at the Soldiers' Beet had prepared a sapper
for the boys. bnt owing to some Inexplicable ar
rangement on the part of the railroad companies,
they had sot sufficient time to remain in tlio city,
ana accordingly marched tram the Northwestern
depot to that of the Cincinnati Air Lino, and left
almost immediately. The ladies were determined
that the men should have some refreshments and
therefore sent some eatables to the cart, bat oven
tiii« arrangement coold not be carried out fur want
of time.
A OxsllOKax Cxaxce,—John Manhattan waa
yesterday arrested and brought before United
States Commissioner Boyne, charged with being
unlawfully in possession of property brionciac to
the Government of the United State*. The facta
appeared to be that the defendant sold to.one Wil
liam Uarvcy. ahorse which the latter attempted
1o dispose of.b; sending it to the Government cor*
**l- £ n *rtva there,itappoaredthatthebo.'se
bore the brand, U. S., and the Major is charge de
mined the animal, as the property of the United
Stale*. Harvey thin canned the iaeae of a war
rant against Manhattan. Patrick V. Fitzpatrick,
former!? an Orderly Sergeant in thebth 111. Cavalry
pwore that be sold the horse to the accused, having
purchased it of a Lieutenant belonging to hla
Manhattan having made arrangements to leave
tor Europe last evening, he gave bail in SSOO. to no
3-ear on his return in Sep Umber next, to answer
vrZ r’yf? t^* t mj T Ixs preferred against him,
Ikrough the development of tArittiunpi tacts.
**** Ersrs Cournot iKPxnrxnmas.—A
trifling, but nnpleaenit incident between two ol
the congregation of the Presbyterian Church, on
tlx comer of South Dal.Ud Md w „ t natrlron
Ttrectr. was yesterday the eobleet of in* M HMM nn
idonJuaMUotolo-tot,. Th. c
stews was Lndli. B. Cclit, sad the defindiMllen.
IT Wllloj, The toiler was cb-reed wlthiSlSSi
visitor ont of the foUowlmr drctunsto&ceß ■—Sotnp
tom. since the the dste&dsnt was reminded of an
oll«nod Indebtedness for pew rents, which heals
claimed on the groona that the Church was owinc
blta more than sufficient to cover the amount, At
a meeting of the Trustee*, however, held la«i
Week, aresolutlon was paeaed to the effect that
parties renting pewe should be precluded from oc
citation until outstanding does had been pild. A
list ofdefsnllers was prepared, in which the nuns
of the witness appeared. Acting upon the rcfic-ln*
eiiin, the defendant in company with another
tfhnrch official, on Sundsy last prior to tbe com
mencement of tbe service, it was alleged, stood at
the door of the witness's pew and reminded him of
tbe disputed arrangement. Some hasty remarks
ensued in the course of which it wan statod. the
riwfendsnt puabod the witness The matter so far
justed sod both panics worshipped Id the church
ou Sunday, but on Mondiy the chares of assault
was preferred. The Justice had no alternative bat
fo Imj»OHC a flue, which ho fixed at five dollars.
Crest Exe':lement In the Theatrical World—
BJicigtrO’Robfrlsas “lajnred Into
tenet”—VariousOther Characters
—Thrilling Besnuient.
We hasten to announce the prcieties in Chicago
of anew theatrical manager, one whose novel ef
tecta and startling positions will far eclipse any
thing which has ever been produced through the
agencies of McVicker, Cob Wood, or Leri North.
We allade to therislng tragjc-oomediau—O’Boberts
—a gentleman wcH known in Chicago by bis for
mer displays of histrionic talent, Onr readers
wtUromembce him as tba lead!nr actor In two ar
ttowplayi roceptiyeQaeted,*acha« “The Undo
“ 4 “ Tbe UoDow Gridiron,"
b ro b ‘ ,TC co ?°, f “ toward* nuilng him
S?”™-. y» *r <, .B l » a to percelro thntho ki.
'“S!? 4 **« Eonnlne cncocthw indiben
dKidod to open an .BtaMlshment ot
ms own where his nnmerons friends may toetlfy
tbeir appreciation of hla sterling qualities. Man
ager O Roberts has two plays already In prepara-
HSffiWMeh shortly be produced. The first
will be given on the opening night without donbt
•9 a crowded bones. The title of the play is “ The
Libel” In which Manager O’JToberta win take tbe
leading part of “ Injured Innocence.” He has se
lected a special corps of distinguished artists (all
gentlemen) throe ol whom have been engaged oo
enormous salaries—Lbeae will take the so-
Uloqnies— and for the remainder of the
cast, his dear friends, the. editors, and
reporters of the Chicago Tjulukb,- who
will do their beet to add to hie already wonderful
popularity by enacting their parte in such a way as
not to throw him Into the shade, bat to a© dispose
themselves as to bring Into 101 l relief all tbe valua
ble traits of hft professional character. The play
will be Interspersed with qullps, Jests, bon mota.
and genera) and particular allusions to many ortho
leading incidents of our recent ciyic history. The
piece will abound with thrilling events and moat
eflectivc tableaux. We regret to be obliged to add
that tbe scenery will bo rather meagre owing to tba
short time given lor preparation. The immy,
will depend principally upon word. palnt
. engaged two or three artists
specially celebrated in this line. The stage ma
chinery will be very effective. A trap has been
prepared, which works magnificently, aid will be
controlled by a celebrated wire-puller. The piece
itself has not vet been submitted to the public,
butis expected tolars a plot.something like tbe
Grand tableau, In which all the characters appear
except the manager: Enter ** Injured Innocence ”
looking black aa night, and soliloquizing attar
Macbeth; thus:
Is this a libel which 1 set before mt,
The jxHnt towards ray fame? Come, let ms clutch
I have thee not, and yet I see thee still.
Art thou sot fatal vuloo setudble
To feeling as to sight? or art thou but
A dagger of tbe mind, a false Croatian
Proceeding from tbe heat oppressed hrala ?
My name was made tbs tool of other people
That n: me worth all tbe rest. I see taee still;
And on that printed page arc gouts of ink
Which oapht not to bsve been as. There Is ns libel
It u the wicked purchase which iafonaa
Thu* to mine eyes.**
A whispered conference ensues between Inno
cence ana the Ghost of Louis Quatoree—during
which tbe other characters are expected to look fid
getty: the Ghost then speaks as follows, still after
If It vj ere dose, wfaca tta done, tbcn’fxere well
It were done quickly. II this preelection
Coaid trammel epos tbe eonßaqeeaee and catch
with bts surmase success; that but tins blow
Might be the be all. and tbe aad ell here:
Bat hero upon this baak and sfaoal ot taw
We’djoiop Uc werk tocoue. Bat la these
WVUitlll-aie JadgmoDt here, though we but teach
WltkcdlßrtreetfoßS. which betvc taught return
Toplsguoibeores.outor. This Justice
Commends the ingredients of oar poisoned sballcc
To our own lips. There’s aua I would net sue—
Fir«t. as thou art his klnsmsa and his friend.
Strong both agalnrt the deed • « • •
Besides, the Tbibttxx.
Kalb born* his eiui so m;ek: hath been
So clear In lu {real oiiice, that its Tlrtaea
*WlUplead Has acgela trumpet taaauod against
The ccep danuutloa of thy suing thus.
Thou bast no speech
To prick the rides of thy intent, bntowy
VanUing ambition, which o'erleapa Itself
And fblb en the other.
later Story, dressed ns Shrlock, In the Merchant
of Venice, whetting his knife— [loquitur.
1 stand here for lew;
McDonnell eel in judgment; yes MJJuaicH,
And scut them here, le’tnotee
noialnatedln the bend ?
The curtain goes down aaaid tremendous ap
plause : the characters all being thrown into the
back ground by the large cast knife in the hands of
The Second Act opens with an exhortation scene
In which the pleader is being put through a re*
hearts! fcy the arch traitorwho speaks in this wise,
s la fiamlet:
f peak the opening speech, I pray yos, as T pro
xeuace it te you, tnpruvly on the tongue, butlfyen
wenth ft. as many lawyers d<i, I had as lief speak ths
Hneaiavaelf. Nor do not np the ovtdeaoo too much
thus. • • • • Oh! ft offends aete the soul to see
u robustious, pcrlwlg-pated fellow fubmit to have
his character torn te utters, to very rags, to split the
cars ef the pronadUnct.
A little by play tollowa, in which two or three of
the subordinate characters create a diversion In fe
ver ef the “Grave-digger ef the Cklckahomlav”
is Yorick’s tomb, me then oemea ene whose
name is not announced, speaking as follows,
weeping a; did Mark Antony over ths dead body
•* o pardon ice thou bleeding character
Thai I aa Ruck and geutls with these butchers.
Jure j» the rulr of be noblest maa
That ever lived in the tlUe of the
Woe to the peas lt*t : wrote theee costly lines
Overtime evil wards ntw del prophesy
(as dees thelL«e».)
A curve ihnll light upon,
F&rtbcbiJancT.iTAdanyor the threatening articles
of the te;t»h Organ,
_ . .. The noble Tmsnsrz
Hath told yen ny client was ambitious
To buy out liouisgur
If it Wf re •*, it was a grlcvlrns fault,
i no grlcvoaely bath ny client answered it.
Bet yesterday nv «u«ai'a honor might
Hava stood axatmt the world; cow Ut> it there,
Andhcos aopoor to do it reverence.
•, maiters! if 1 were disposed to stir
1 oar hearts and minds to Icsorrectlve rage,
Tbe»« editors I should wrong. reporters wfoog.
Tito you ail Vnow are boaorab’o men.
Twin not do them wrong. I rather choose
Tewroaa my client, myself, sad yen,
Thun I will wreng snch honorable men.
But Lere’e an offer in I know wbo§« writing:
*Tvras opened bv Van Karen; 'ds the agreement.
Let but the Aidinnan bear these U cralterms,
(Which pardon me. 1 do net mean to read.)
And he would go aao id« Democracy
Aad rile hla hinds within the pubhc pone
Quite willnuty.
Rater Common Whisky, dressed as Mrs. Page in
the Merry Wives of Windsor, with a copy oi the
Tubunt i* hla hand, which be roads to*lnjured
Innocence, as did Mrs. P, the Jcttar of the back
baaket knight Falstaff. Injured Innocence repUee
a« Selena, in the “Midsummer Night's Draam.”
O spite o'hell! I see you all ere bent
To set again*; me. for year merriment.
JXyoa were creel, aad knew coortssy
ToQ-Vonhl not do me thas mtchlujary.
Onyoc not Ilu me, aa I know yog go,
Bat job wust Jtln la print to mock me too?
The 3d and 4th acts arc rather tame, the aadienco
looking en in derision at the attempt of Injured
Innocence to look sorry. There le some ine act
ing in the sth the dose of which Injared
Innocence is rudely addressed fey the presiding
genius, much as Sir Jehn Falstafl was spoken to
by Henry V on hla aoceeslon to the throne, as
Make ItM thy bedy hence, sad more »by rnoe,
Leave hb*< iH'ls, and know the Jail Uoto gaps
For thee ifcrtse wiser than for teevefecr men.
lUyty not to ate with a fool bora Jest;
Mubin xUs circle more. * • •
I banish thee o« puln of death.
As 1 have done with other damacognos.
Not to cede near thi« court within ton mile.
Ts sit in Connell a e will yetollow jon i
hot bark 2 these mesas ixpoee you not to evil t
And as w« k-.ar you no rtferm yourcelf,
we will according to j onr good behavior,
tdve yse edt sacemeut.
Injured Inno<ence looks m&eb abashed, and
cows tefore the speaker os did Ca'lbin under the
corse ofFro&pcro. He, however, rallies, and makea
the closing speech with due effect,as eld Benedict
at the dote of 44 Much Ado eboct Nothing.”
niu-11 thee wlat, Story; a college ot the Tm
bote wit crackers cannot mere fiont me ont of my
hniuur. Doit thou thins that I care for a satire or
ansplgram? No; if a man will be beaten with
brains. fa.* shall have no good character about him.
In bnsf. .mce 1 do propo.c mU to ran with the Cop
perhead machine, I will think eethlng to mr purpose
the whole Tribute corps can sj j against it, atd
itcreforc never Haunt mr for wbatl have said against
them; for law is a ticklish thing, and this U tay con
clusion. (Exeunt omnes.]
We understand the manager has in preparation
mother piece called 44 The Trespass,” which be
Intends—if the above is a success—to bring out
soon afterwards for his own benefit, and expects to
dear S£O,OW by it. Wo have not been advised of
the plot, and carnet therefore present It, Imt may
do et> at some future time. Other matters arc un
derstood to be in preparation.
Sundry Costaias-Report of County Physician
—Petition fur lifjpital Site—Swamp
Landi—Roads and Bridges ■
—War Pond*
The Board of Supervisors assembled yesterday
morning at the Supervisors’ Room, in the Coort
Hones, according to adjournment. Toe roll was
called, and the mlantcs of the preceding day’s ses
sion read and approved,
Supervisor De Wolf presented a bill fromDra.
Faoll and Marpueral for port mortem elimination,
which, sn motion, was referred to Committee on
■poor House snd Paupers. Other bills were pre
sented, and received the same referee ee,
The Committee on Equalization of Taxes report
ed In favor of refunding State and County taxes to
Lr.id, Williams & Young, A. C, Badger £ Co., and
•there, as petitioned for at the former session of
the Board. The report was concurred la.
Supervisor Peacock moved that the Board visit
the Poor House on Friday morning next. This
motion prevailed.
Supervisor W. W. Taylor moved that the Com
. mlttee on Public Build mgs be instructed to con
struct a water closet in the upper part of the Court
House for the use of the Courts.
Supervisor Dt Wolf moved to amend by adding
the words 4, 1f practicable,”
Supervisor E. S. Taylor moved a further amend
ment that the committee be Instructed to investi
gate the. matter and report danng tht* present ses
sion of the Board.
Supervisor Brown spoke to the latter amend
ment, as did also.&npervlsor Gibbs.
The amendment was carried.
The original motion as amended was then pass
Supervisor Charleston then meved that drawing
the Jurors for the Superior and Circuit Courts be
mods the special order for Thursday afternoon.
Supervisor McClasben moved an adjournment
aatll 8 o'clock p.nu Carried.
The Board then adjourned,
Tteßcird of Supervisors reassembled at two
o'clock, aecordlng to adjournment.
The.report of the attending Phvslclan at the
County Poor Dense was read and placed on file.
i»r. Beaus reported the sanitary condition of the
inmates to be excellent. Baring the quarter the
number of persons needing medical treatment was
feventy-nine. He had visited the house forty
seven times, and had made prescriptions at the
rate of twenty dally. The number of deaths for
the quarter were fourteen, and of births six.
The following petition from the officers of the
United Hebrew Belief Association was read by
the Clerk:
To the JlonoraVe, Ou Hoard of Supervisors qf
C<kl- i’cunty:
The undersigned residents and citizens of Cook
Covtity, mate of Illinois, wocld respectfully re
present unto tour Honorable body.
That the United Uznnzar Relict Asaocunow
of Chicago is a body corporate in. said coanty for
charitable and benevolent purposes, founded hi
the year 1*59, as the common agent of all the Jew-
Uh Societies and Israelites of tbs dtr of Chicago,
for the distribution of charity, and flourishing
ever since.
, aarUtance rendered to tbe poor and suf
fering by sold Association, consists in medical aid,
fuel, clothing, money, employment, At. for which
nodety has a general tend Be-
That the final object of raid Association k to
provide fer a Hospital for the sick and an Asylum
for widows acd orphans, for which purpose the
Association baa created a separate fond, called the
Reserve Fund, ,
That the said General or Belief Fund distributes
now upwards of a year In money among
poor co-rellpiomßts, tevisz tul* amount to the
Treasury, other aid and assistance ren
”•2*“. ABfOclitlou not ins'eded.
inirl 1 the Keaerve Fund for the purpose of crect
r& m hwpUal hss now to Its credit
but fiat the monep would ntt be suffleioat to buy
amutable piece of ground of proper™? andS-
That the erection and foandation of such an
institution wmtM be a gnat public benefit «nd a
contlc crahlc saving to tbs county.
They would therefore nmy your honorable body
that a rnitable piece of ground, owned by the
county, or its equivalent in money, may t>»appro
priated to Aforesaid purpose, ana donated to said
Association, or sold to in. m for a nominal tonsid
oration, and in doing so would call your attention
to the action of tlic city of New Tort, which
donated a highly valuable piece of property U the
Jewish hospital ot said dty, which “hospital baa
become one of Its Institutions and ornaments
And your petition era will ever pray, Ac. -
Signed uy Isjuic UreenuftHder, President; J. 11.
Henoch, vice-Prosldent; J. Wolfoer, Treasurer;
Jacob Rosenberg, Trustee; M. M. Gertaly, Trus
tee: Julius Rosenthal, Secretary; Godliy Eny
dicker, Financial Secretary;
Tbo petition was referred to the Judiciary Com
mittee, . ' -
Supervisor E. 8. Taylor offered' a preamble and
resolutions, giving to tbe Supervisor of Slk Grove
authority to tell the swamp lands donated to that
town by tbs county on condition that they should
be sold after drainage, authority to sell before
fluparleor Dalton saw something objectionable
In the preamble, and moved that it be stricken
6vpcrvisorE.S.Taykic,athl»lnsiancs, withdrew
the preamble.
Supervisor W. W. Taylor meted that the land In
question be turned over to tbe School Fond. This
motion did not prevail.
After discussion, in which Supervisors Brown,
Rees, W. W. Taylor, E. 8. Taylor and others par
ticipated, tbe resolutions were adopted.
The Committee on Roads and Bridges, to whom
wis committed the duty, at tbeprendu" session ef
tbe Board, of reporting upon the condition of tha
various plank roads in the county, reported that
they were in a passable condition. Their report
was accepted ana ordered to be placed on file.
Supervisor Johnson infonnedthe Baard that the
report of the Physician to the Poor House was in
correct, ant he moved its re-reference to the Com
mittee on Poor House and paupers. It was so re
Supervisor Brown presented the petition of
John McMahon, contractor for repairing MUwsu*
kee avenue, asking tbe passage of an order author
izing tbe payment to him of 82,100, by tbe County
Trer surer, as the work shall progress, and when
the contract shall have been completed to the eat-,
isfactioti of the Board of .Public Works and the
Committee on Roads and Bridges. This petition
wae referred to the Finance Committee.
Supervisor Beet, from the Building Committee,
directed at the morning session to inquire into the
expediency of constructing water closets in the
upper part of the Court House, for the use of
court a, reported that tbe project wac practicable,
but suggesting tbat such improvements were In
expedient because of the scarcity of water at that
elevation. They recommended that the improve
ment contemplated in the motion of the Supervi
sor be not made. Tbe report was adopted.
Supervisor Rees, from the same committee, rec
ommended the payment of the following bOIs: R
Alexander Bappea SIASS
B. 23^5
Jas. McGlnly 5.79
C. W. Speer 4.50
M. Klein 6.05
Tbo report was adopted.
Supervisor W. W. Taylor offering the following:
ifrsctorf, That the chairman of tba War Fund
Committee be, and he is hereby, instructed to
make a written report to this Board to-morrow
morning at 10 o'clock of tbe amount of money re
ceived by etch member of s&id War Fund Commit
tee for their services tinea tbs organization of said
War Fund Committee by tie Board of Super
visors of this county, and also to report bywboa
and by what authority, and from what fends or
money a, snch payments were made.
This resolution was adopted.
Supervisor Morgan moved a reconsideration of
the vote whereby it was resolved during the morn-
Isg session to visit the Poor House on Fridar
Supervisor Peacock moved to lay that motion on
tbo table. This last motion prevailed.
Tbs Board of Supervisors then adjourned.
Dress Deform Morement—Disuse of Imported
Goods—fcass Slceflng os Frida; Fretting.
The ladies of Chicago bare taken bold of the
project of discouraging the use of imported luxn
rieewitha degree of energy and enthusiasm that
promises the meat abundant results. They have
assembled on various occasions in large numbers,
and bare already secured the members of the lead*
Inc families of the city as eiguus to their Core*
nant," It Je a healthy sign when woman—the sex
especially devoted to the use of those unsubstan
tial trifles and fabrics which eo to make np very
nearly the sum total of onr importations—fa wli*
line to give np her cultivated tastes and preferen*
ces in the matter of dress at the call of her cenn*
try. The Nation is in sore extremity. She cries
lor help to put down the rebellion thet is westing
her resources and gnewiues at her vitals. She has
taken their haahabda and sons to fill her armies.
Many of them, alas! will never return. Their
bonce lie bleaching on the hillsides and in the Tel
lies of that section where red-handed war has riv
en its heaviest blows.
The patriotic women of Chicago tkink it un
seemly to deck their bodies with luxurious and
costly apparel, when at any moment their loved
ones may be laid low by the- swiftly speeding bul
let. It is too much like Hero fiddling while sene
la burning, or the new made orphan daadag upon
hit lather's freshly filled grave.
There is a light In which this cnbjoct can be
viewed altogether divested of sentimentality.
Grid, to-iay, la 195. How what causes this vast
appreciation in the value ef the precious met
als, or rather what causes thia vast depredation In
the value of the currency? Not disasters in tbs
field, tor we have been successful. It is due surely
to the enormous importation ef foreign luxuries.
If an embargo could be laid upon our foreign com
merce to-day, gold would fall to SO per cent premi
um within a week. -
Now these ladies, in common with their slaters
ril over the Union, propose to bring abaci this
same result by obstinately refusing to buy roods
for which gold must be paid. Of the feasibility of
the plan we entertain cot the shadow of a doubt.
The ladies wDI bold a grand mass convention at
Bryan Hall on Friday night, to stimulate public
interest In the mun-r.iect. To that end they have
feenred the services ot tome of the most eloquent
speakers of the city, among other; T. B. Bryan,
Hon. B. C. Lamed, JRev. B. L. Collier, Kev. B. H.
Clarkson, D. D., Rev. Clinton Locke. John V. La
Home, Hon. George C. Dates, Rev. W. W. Everts,
D. D.. and Bev. O. B. Tiffany. D. D., who will pre
sent the subject in its proper light.
Bryan hall should bo filled to overflowing on this
occasion. The ladles are encaged in an excellent
work, and every patriotic heart will bid them God
Teases' Asamnar—First Annual Mestins.—
The first annual meeting of the Trades’ Assembly
of Chicago, consisting el the seven] Trades’ Un
less in the city, was held last evening in Sryaat
A Stratton’* Commercial College. The meeting
was called te order by G. E. Haalitt, and Patrick
Dcoley voted to the chair. There were nineteen
trade* renre*tntcd by delegate*, in the proportion
of*rcdeiegv*eto every hundred members of the
various - unions. The business of the meeting
being Che election of officers of the Assembly, un
der the oeaatUoUoa and by-laws, a ballot was
taken and resulted as follows:
PrfJv/oil—George K. Hazlltt, of the Typograph
ical Union ...
lice Prttidft^ —Patrick Dooley, of the Bakers*
Bearding Secretary —Wa T. J. McNally of the
Harness-makers' Union.
Oorr&pondingSureicrii—* Jacob jLVanDaxer,
of the Typographic-! Union.
FirjmciGS a^ertiarg— John Broadbent, of the
Much inlets* and Blacksmiths* Union.
Treasurer—: William Burkhart, of the Musicians’
WcnU:. —Jokn Blake, of the Typographical Un
Ezecviiu Committee— Moses Gadwood. Osop
era’ Union; G. K. li.ulkt; John Blake; Ckades
Entice, German Typographical Union; 8. S. For
syth. Wanafkctnnng Cordwalnere’ Union.
The officers having been Instilled, the following
preamble and resolutions were unanimously ear
Wcrr-KAS, It la apparent that the 4 *bakers" of
this city have been called upon to "strike,” in or
der to obtain a rate of wages that shall enable
them to live decently daring the present time, and
that their demands are jnsc and right: therefore,
Jtet&ttd, That this assembly, as a body. In
struct Us Delegates to report back to their several
Unions, the names of those establlshsnnnts who
refuse to par the advance, and respectfully request
the members of ail the Unions to stop their patro
nage of such men and use their Influence with oth
ers to do likewise, and to buy from those who are
willing to pay ‘‘a fair rate of wages for a fair day’s
work.” Be ft farther
Stsdted, That, some of the proprietors having
seen fit to threaten win civil process
and - indissmcnt those men who have
been manly enough to assert their rights,
in a lawful manner; that wo will Individually and
collectively make the cause of such men our own,
and U they strike at any of onr number, support
and stand by them to the last, sparing no time or
money in legal, peaceable and honorable meas
ures. until such proprietors cease ther aggressions
open onr Individual rights as men.
On motion, the Corresponding Secretary was
directed to cause the publication of the preamble
and resolutions is all the dty papers, German and
English, except the Chicago Pwf,
A vote of thanks to the gentlemen who had tern
pamilv discharged the duties of officers of the
Assembly terminated the proceedings, and the
meeting adjourned nntll the 21st inst.
A PztorEssioxax. Oapturkd,—Yesterday after
noon & young man John Behler—a good ex
emplification of 44 Injured innocence, ” was charg
ed before Justice Brown with swindling, upon the
complaint of James Wright, of the firm of Wright
and McGee, broom manufacturers, at Nos, 170 and
andlTS North Wells street. Complainants state
that some time ago Behler came to their place and
ordered several cozen of brooms, which he paid
lor, and afterwards wished fifty dozen more. Not
having that number in stoex they, alter some dis
cussion, allowed the man to take twenty-five dozen,
worth about ss7, with the promise that he should
pay forxbcm in a day or so when the balance were
ready. Finding that Behler did not come as he
promised, Mr. Wright Investigated the matter,
when he discovered that prisoner had sold the
brooms tor seventy-five cents a dozen less than he
was to pay tor them, and having sold them had len
lor Detroit. Sotpecting that they had been vic
timized, the complainants gave information to the
police.and yesterday Detective CumStrebel hear
ing that the man had returned to Chicago, arrested
him at a store on the comer of Morgan and Wash
ington streets, where be was actually trying the
same game as before. Several witnesses were ex
amined who had been similarly Imposed upon by
Eehler, one of them residing at Toronto, C. W.
Prisoner pleaded not gnllty and with the greatest
ncncjia'dfue Informed hla creditors that be intend
ed to psy them all 44 some day.” 44 he would have
done so before bat all his surplus money was swal
lowed np by.an exherbltant board bill.” His
Honor, oespue these protestations, considered tns
case fully proven and held the accused for trial at
the Recorder’s Court, in bonds of SSOO, and in de
fault of bail committed him.
Murdcbous Assault.—Late on Monday night,
two men named Ferdinand Hepp and Patrick Mur
ray went into a saloon on the corner of Canal and
Seventeenth streets, kept by one Adam Fre.-h, but
as Hopp bad sometime previously had a dispute
with the landlord be ordered them both out, The
men left the saloon but shortly after returned,
when Freeh, without any provocation lodked the
doer and commenced a vigorous assault upon the
man Hepp with a loaded whip-stock. Murray see
ing the Ganger of his friend attempted to get ont
of the bouse for help, when he was fiercely attack
ed and knocked down with the same kind of a
weapon, by Augustas Esche, brother-in-law and
accomplice of the other ruffian. Afierashorttlme
the wounded men, both severely injured, were
dragged ont on the sidewalk where they remained
in almost a senseless condition until toe arrival oi
the police. Fresh was immediately arrested and
examined before Judge McDonnell, on Tuesday
morning, und held to the Eccordcr’s Court in bonds
of S6OO. The other was not captured until Ist* on
Tuetdsy night, and yesterday at the Police Court,
he was committed for trial under the same bonds
aa his comrade.
FxsnrALS for tux StAsmro.—Prominent
among the many befievolentusodations for which
onrdty Is noted is the Ladles’ City Mission. The
managers of this excellent charity propose to give
a series of festivals at private residences, oi. which
the first is a strawberry and ice cream festival,
which wQI be gives on Tuesday evening next at
the residence of William Wheeler, on Indiana
avenue. Another will be given at the residence of
J. L. Scrlcpß. of which due announcement will be
made. Tee West and North Division Ladies will
follow up this excellent work. The war has taken
sway from our midst hundreds of men whose fam
ilies are nearly stairio& and there are abundant
opportunities to epenu whatever may be realized
from these festivals. We hope they will be largely
Pioeck'Feootixb. —A pigeon shooting
came off on Tuesday between Messrs. Abbey and
SUcl—two weQ known sportsmen—at Stage's.
There was a considerable number of spectators.
The following la the score:
Twslt* iUraaJiocßu;—AbSey. 19; Steel, IS.
Tmtntt-’Fit* Srvaut—f Abbey. - *)
Total—Abbey, 89; Steel, 3T. 7
• rßAea’e CowoKitTe.—On Saturday evening uext,
A. H. Pease, the distinguished young American
pianist, will give a grand-vocal and Instrumental
concert at Bryan Hal, assisted by Miss Laura Har
ris, the bqcccbslql debutant* of the last opera tea
eon in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, Signor
Lolti, the highly successful tenor, Herr Mollca
baucr, the well known violoncellist, and Hr. W.
Grofcnrtb, accompanyist, and musical director.
Thoprogramme promises to be one of the most
brilliant ever presented in this part of the conn*
try. including selections from Gounoud’e Faust,
and other celebrated operas. We can safely prom
ise onr cUlztns a rare musical treat, and we make
no doubt that Bryan Hall will be ailed to its ut
most capacity. ITie sale ofreterred seats for both
concerts will commence at Higgins* music store
on Thursday morning.
FQ?*KU*a»oui,trw.—Lent's collection of enrios
ities, wonders and amusements, has left ns. For
three days the large tent has been crowded almost
to suffocation, afternoon and evening, the press on
the last occasion being greater than at first. From
oprearanevt Mr. Lent might very profitably hare
prolonged his stay, 'lakes aa awbolethe treupe
combines a greater amount of variety than any
which has honored Chicago with Its presence with
in the memory of the “oldest inhabitant. 11 We
seed not to enumerate the numerous points pre
sented. They have been witnessed by oar citizens.
The bill was a large one, and promised much, but
it has been filled. True, there arc a few indivi
dual weaknesses in theperfonnance,bntaa a whole
Ufa one that will ever draw largely.
Uslvhxx*B Australia!,* Cmcus.—This model
circus is now drawing crowds to see it in the vari
ous towns of the State. It will be at Hennepin
to-morrow, and at Pern and LaSalle on Saturday.
HcVicxzn'3 TnzATsn.—Mr. and Mies Conldock,
and HTle Augusta havo been drawing crowded
houses at McVlcker'a during tho week, in the
beautiful domcftic drama of Dot, or the Cricket on
the Hearth. It will be played evcij night lor the
remainder of theweek, and on Saturday after
Academy or Music,—This la the last week of
the season, at the close of which the company trill
perambulate the interior for tho gratification of
our country cousins. In addition to the regular
popular programme, Jackson Haines, tho famous
skater will appear in his parlor skating scenes.
Varieties.—The Varieties shines through Ua
stars as usual.
Oratorio or Elijah.—Our readers will be glad
to know that the Musical Union, under tho direc
tion oi Mr. Balatka, will produce Mendelssohn's
master oratorio in Bryan Hall next Tuesday even
ing, the 14th insL, with a choral and oitncatrol
etreneth and an array of solo talent (of which we
shall speak hereafter), that most invest the occa
sion with extraordinary Interest.
The Stitt-Cameron OUOcnlty,
Editor Chicago Tribune:
In your report of the arrest of certain policemen
for false imprisonment, yon say that 1 was arrest
ed for entering Dr. Stitt's room, “when in his sami
occaaional mighty state of Intoxication," and that
I was fined SK, Ac. Nothing can be firtber from
the troth. I was not intoxicated, nor was it ao
claimed by Dr. Stitt or tbe officers. I was not
fined, but on the contrary discharged, and the Dock*
ot ofthe Police Court will show nothing could be
proved agalaitxne.
The facts aro these: I did then and do now oc
cupy room No. 6 os a business' office. Dr. Stitt
tecupicd roam No. 4as a business office. The In
tmnediate room No. 6 was!used by Stitt as a con
sultation room durisg baßlness'hoars, aad by my
self as a sleeping room. Dr. Stitt having volunta
rily moved my bed rosm furniture Into said room
No. S. with a rail under*landing between Aim and
mvstlf as to its occupation. Now, sir, while
It'was thus generally occupied Stitt without
any provocation, and while he waa pro
fcttedij on the best of terns with me,
furnlehed tbe officers with a key to the room,
directing my arrest, which waa done by the
officer* dragging ms from my bed at S% o'clock a.
m. on the 26th day of February. 1861. 1 suppose
that the fact (hat there is no rational explanation
can be given as an excuse for the arrest on the
port ox Dr. Stitt and the officers is the reason for
year unaccountable adversioc from troth in your
euDfiCECd relation of tne facts.
You will therefore be kind enough to make the
nccetsary correction, and do me tbe justice of bo
-10? placed in a true position be lore the public, and
greatly oblige your outraged fellow-citizen.
W. R. Camero*.
North Star Mission.—Edward (?. Ryder,
tbeconverted Jew, will speak at the North Star
Mission, comer ofDirMon and Sedgwick streets,
this (Thursday) evening,
Trinity Church.—The ladles of Trinity
• Church perish ore earnestly requested to meet at
Mrs. Geo. R. Chittenden's, 56t Michigan avenue,
on FridaV afternoon at Jo'dock, to consider impor
tant buaines*.
Anniversary of tlio Soldiers’Home*
—On the 16th, 17th and 18th of June Inst., the
Seldltra* Home will celebrate Its first anniversary,
at Bryan HnlL At which time a “ Continental
Sapper,” “ Old FoEcfi’ Kitchen.” and a variety of
iußtructive and amusing entertainments will be
given for the bcsfcfit of the Home.
Ladles and gentlemen who are willing to assist
tbe manaeer* In making the occasion worthy of Its
object will please meet at the Soldiers* Rost, on
Michigan avenue, this Thursday afternoon at 2;/
St. Mary’s of tho Lake,—Annual Exam
ination-.—Tho anneal examinations for degrees
and minor distinctions commenced yesterday
morning and will be contlnned till the Ssth mat
In the University building of St. Mary’s of tho
Lake; situated on tbe corner of Wolcott and Sane*
rior *tree*B, nndcr ibe immediate direction of the
pjva’dent—Rev. J. J, Mclfullcn, D. D. ’
Daring this week tbe examination of the mathe
matical olasses will take place. Next week the
classes In the languages will be examined, after
wblcb, chemlitry, natural philosophy, geology,
physiology, commercial law, history and meta
physics. The next week the examination will
take plaee In tbe Preparatory and Theological de
partment. The hours of session are from 9to
a. m., and from 1 to 4 p. m.
Tbe relative* and friends of tbe students aro par
ticularly* eq nested to attend, and tho public in
general arc invited.
AVanlalnetonlac Home* The regular
Quarterly met:line of tbe Director* of this institu
tion wiH be held at the Homo en Thursday even
ing. June Oth, at 7# o'clock. A full sttoudance 1*
Bcllrions Services.—The protracted moot
ing at. the Christian Church, on West Moaroo
street, between Aberdeen and Rucker, is etUI In
Elder Bonjamln Franklin, of Olndn
natt, will preach again this evening, at 8 o'clock';
also, on Friday and Saturday evenings, at tbo
tame hour.
A €arcL—No Injunction hits been sued upon
ms by the Conn of Chancery, in reference to Bt.
Anagariua Church, is stated in your issue of yea*
terday. The nutter Is wholly between the Norwe
gian and Swedish Trustees. Respectfully,
B. B. Tmn
another column of onr paper, wo refer
the suffering to the medical card of Dr. Bigelow,
whose reputation as a regular practitioner Is un
doubted, and whose quantitations ns a physician
are indisputable and of good standing. There arc
many quacks in tho world, and therefore some wo
conld name in Chicago, who hare no pretensions to
medical science, and who lire on the public In the
sale of nostrums that as olten ruin as core When
any real difficulty arises, they' have no medical
skill to surmount >hs obstacles, and tho patient Is
rained, or driven into a premature grave. Dr.
Bigelow is an educated physician, and cases of
difficulty may te entrusted to him. Wuilo tho
world endures, and monkind is as it is, a ekOllul
phyeld*n is a public benefactor. There arc some
we can recommend as such, and we say to the. er
ring and suffering, be not beguiled by quacks, bat
seek tho best medical advice. It is not only the
safest, bet the cheapest in the end, and to sacb we
confidently reccommend Dr. Bigelow, whose office
is at Ho. 179 South Clark street, corner of Monroe.
Mother*! Mother*!! Mothers!!!— Are
you disturbed at nigh. and broken, of jour rest by
a sick child suffering and crying with the cxcrutf
atieg pain of cutting teeth f It ao, go at coce and
get a bottle of Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup. It
will relieve the poor little enfferer Immediately—de
pend upon it; there is no mistake about It, There
la not a mother on earth who has used It, who will
cot tell yon at once that ItwlU regulate the bavela,
andcivc real to the mother, and relief and health
to the child, operating like made. It' la perfectly
sale to roe In all cases, and pleasant to the taste,
and la the prescription of one of the oldest aod best
female physicians and nones In the United Stated.
Price So certs. Sold everywhere •
majSC-gglS-lai-Tcea The & Sat
An Bzoblustt Remedy.—Whoever ia troubled
with Hoarseness, Cough, or Soreness of theThroal,
can apply an czoclleot and safe remedy by using
Brown's Bronchial Troches. Wo have tried the
article, and can safely recommend them In all cases
of Throat Irritation. To singers and pablls sneak*
era they are of great value.—Aifon (/#,) Courier,
gßrnnt Sc Stratton’s Chicago Tele
graph luwtltate.—The largest institution of
the kind in the world I Thirty-five telegraph in*
stomcnU In constant use. Address
• Bryant A Stratton.
Jnn2HS25-IM, D & W. Chicago, HI.
tST" House and Sign Painting, Calcimmlner,
Glazing and Graining. Paper Hangings and Win*
dow Shades ecUloeat wholesale add retail at New
York prices. F. E. Rigby, 80 Randolph street.
BoxSSSS. j&hi!2-lm
Dispensary for DUeasoa of the Eye
and TEar, in Sooth Clark street, Chicago.
Dr. J. B, Walker, operating and "consulting sur
geon, continues to receive patients from 10 to IS
and 2 to 6. jane 9-hSSS-lt.
Diseases of theßervom, letcieaL Da*
Bnry and Bexual Systems.—New and rella
' ble treatment—in reports of the Howard Associa
tion. Bent by mail In sealed letter envelopoe, fret
of charge. Address D. J. Skilion Houghton, How
ard Association, No. 8 South Ninth street, Phila
delphia, Pa. mhSO-b939^m
To Country Merchant*.—Buyers In this
market should not neglect an examination of the
stock of Messrs. Gore. Wilson & Co., wholesale
boot and shoe bouse, 54 Lake street.
mbßatlXs-Bm-T wAr
Cedar Camplior is cheaper than anything.
2b certain and durable.- Drusgists hare it. Hams
& Chapman, Boston, make it. Used against
Commercial Postscript.
WZDXESDAY F.VBKT.VO. Jsnc 8—!0 o.m.
There was a good attendance at tbe Shtrmon
Bense, but there was no disposition to operate la any
thing bat Wheat, which was buoyant and active.
Wheat was In active dem»nd and prices advanced
ijfo per bnshcl over tbe extreme prices paid on
’Change. lathe atUrnooaa cargo of 20,08} tuN"o. I
(pries was sold at 81.53K f* o. b., and a cargo of No. 2
Spric eat SL29K f* o. b. In the evening abont 190,0 M
bmbr.’s were sold, at 11.2231.33 for No. 1. end 11.27K
@i.SßforNo.2,aa followsJl.oo3 baN-o. i Spring la
store at
I.7SK;2,C<d bade at ti*Hi 7,0(6 bn No. 2 Spring at
bttdost 8L23; 7,003 bn doit *l2sjf {
iS.CCOImdoatfLSSK: 10/Wbn dost 81.23 V; SJWOha
do (In F. A T.V) at $1.23; £S,CCd bn do (si bnyer’a
cho re of bcaie.*) at 81.2*—the market closing firm at
tl.saXStfS fer No. 1, and 38V for No. 2.
Cons was dull, and [email protected] lower than on ’Change'.
Sales were: 4DO bu No. 2 Com In store at f1.07; 1,200
bo do at tXST.'A: 8,000 bn do at SLC7V; 5.800 badoat
Bt.to—dosing quiet. There wssnothlngdolnglaNo.
1 C)ats were also heavy and neglected. Bales were:
1,2(0 bn No. 1 at ©)*.
monwiNEs were dull and nominal at $4 SSoIABf.
Good country and city could have been told.at |L23,
bnt holders were taking 81*25W*
. Mias Far K was quiet. Abont 500 brla City Mess In
three lota were sold at B©*fo* . , ~...
Salt wu In fair demand, and we note sales of 1,t03
brls Saginaw Fint| to arrive at fkisjfafloat, and 8,030
aacki Ground Alum on p. t. \
Fsxiobts were 1c lower than on ’Change. The
sohrs Mary M. Srott and Jennie and Annie were char*
toted at 15c for Wheat to Buffalo.
Bl'Lsdls Marlist.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Louie. Jane 8,186 L
Tobacco—Ssles of green last at B<*»>36Ao; 43 £a«*
tory do at 88.7C58.50; S4 planier’s do at [email protected]'2.&3
J» con men leaf at Bl’*C*>dn.M; 87 medium do at
tlSJ)Ci»3l.7B:airw9ddost [email protected]; IS mellum
mannfaotnrug'i&ktfSSJOdTl.OO: 4 do good do st
f 37. ( [email protected] 75 ; 4 foil do at 853.3555L00; 80 boxes at
$25.2588550; IT bbds rejected.
Flour unchanged. Sales ofSOSbxls double exira
aiß3so;Soodo doable extra, prlrate;63 do conntry
double extra at 87*i5; 100 do double extra at 87.©;
200 do city extra at |750; 500 do extra, inspected, at
SBJB7K;S9do double extra atß&S3;sßodo lor inpeS
five at |6J«.
GBAnr—Wheat—Prices favor buyers. The tales
compriseß©sacks extra choice at 81*71; 350 do choice
at tU^SL‘o;4sodo goodat [email protected]*63;8i0 do fsira t
1155; yn co cr 1 y fair at 503 do spne? «I
(LS9. OaUd(cUDcdattheclo*o;ihe saleacjmpiUe
1,973 sacks at 97>$r, and «95 do at the olom a: ?6c ; ~ 0
do.rejected, at 52c. Corn was active; sales ot 159
tactswblteatslss: 1,730 do mixed and yellow, la
lots, at (1.2T&121. Bye advateed; wc note sales ot
Hi tacts at (UC©l5O; 212 do at 6W3K. Barley dull;
sales of 63 tacit st $155; S3 do at 1J.33.
WnitXT—An adrasce la asked bat cot obtained.
The sales comprise 213 brlt at 11.21, and other lots at
the same figures.
Cincinnati market,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
CZSOCntATI, June 8,19C4.
Flora—Demand light. Superfine (6.10; eitra(9s9
©7.60. ’
Whisky—Firm, with sales of I,®® at (L2B.
■ Grain—'Wheat-Dull, with but few buyers, and they
centind for a decline of [email protected] Market closed un
setted. (155 wag the best rate offered for White.
Com—Market quiet. Sales of shelled at ([email protected],
and ear at (1.09&UO. Oats-Holders ask 82c, and no
soles. Rye-Prices declining. Sales at II.W. Barley
—Prices lower and market dnlL COO bn Fall sold at
GKecmxs—No material change In the market.
Coffee remains dull at 12H®Uc. Kaw Sugars active
at 19©23 c; New Orleans Molasses quiet but firm at
PBOvisiorra—There la a good demand for Mess
Pork, and the advance asked bas been established.
Holders meet tho demand more willingly. Sales of
S,lfo brls at 635.01 Bulk Meats-Hold firmly. Sales
of 3(0,000 fis clear Rb Sid® at 13c; iObhda Bacon
Shoulders sold at [email protected] 1,000 tres Lard sold
at He.
nuiwaakee Market.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Milwaukee, Jnco S, ISfi,
and asUvc.
Chain—'Wheat—Receipts 69,0(0 bushels; prlces ad
vsmcedZc, closing quiet. Bales this morning 60,030
bushels No. 1 Spring, regular receipts, at (I.s6jfd
LSI: 17.CC0 do fresh receipts, at (4.80K; 1,000 do No.
2 Spring, fresh receipts, at 1155 K. Sales on ’Change
of 25,000 bushels No. 1 Spring, rsgular receipts, at
(15131.51K : 7,0(0 do. Immediate delivery, at SlslJ*';
10,(09 do, sellers’option 10 days, at (L2IJ4: 505 M do
buyer’s option 25 days, at : No. 2 spring, regu
lar receipts, at (l.*:®lso;if. Market this afternoon
and evening continued, and became more active as
prices advanced. About 213500 bushels sold at (153.
•losing firm with holders* option at (I J3X, and little
disposition to sell. Oats dull; sales one car load de
livered at 710. Com easier; sales one cor load and
1,600 bushels No. 1 Instore, at (159Jf. Barleynoml
sally unchanged; sales SCO bushels No. lat 1155.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicato Tribune.]
Dctboit, Junes.
Up.—Prop Oualfa; bark DjbVlce; sebrs Uaglil,
Down.—Barks Watson, Unadilla, Deioto, Cream;
brlgMabo&lag; schrs Fillmore, Titan, Live Yankee,
Cook,Conquest,Mazeyps, Itbaea,Ahagail, Poland. '
Ifpeeial Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribnna.]
BxmoEPOST, June 3.
CIuABZD—TUB Goftuel, Utica, 135J7 ft loabzr;
More, laS*Ue, ».ff* It lumbsr, 10.000 ahlßgles.S.SSO
Uth: Progreiiß,LaSalla: Senator, LaSalle; Dolphin,
Ottawa, £7.(40 ft lumber, 2,000 la'h ; Tide. LaSalle,
595ZS ft lumber, 40590 laih; Uontauk, LaSalle:
Eehpse.Locsport, 56,000 ft lumber. 109,1X19 shingles:
liotae, Eackakee, 5c.600 shingles; CoustltutlOß,
Lsckpert; Cayuga, LoCsport,B7.VO it lumber, 32.C10
shlDilcs, 1.000 lath; Sebastopol, LaSalle,
63,121 feet lumber, 60.690 lath; Johnstown.
Lwlle,4.Cooft lumber. 2,CM ft Elding, 10.000 ft lath *
Dauube,|OtUwa,7sWfl Umber. 157Sft stdlue, I.WO
Bblreles; Elisabeth, Lnckport, 57573 U lumber; H.
McClellan.(Ottswa, 99501 ft lumber; Keunebeo. La
lalle, 74567 ft lumber; rtobrt Holmes. Lisolic, 82537
ft lumber, 95S It siding, 13590 shingles, 32,060 Uth: B.
F. Dale, Athens; D. Com. do: Rosolnte, do: Advance,
Norton, ktlsou, 50 yards dimsnslen
stone; Aleoo- Lasalle, 4.70 c bn cem, 11,400 as hair;
Contest. Lasallo. 55ci bu corn; Imperial. Jolitt, 65C0
bn corn: S F Gale, Athens, 00 yarns rabbis atoue; D
Dess, Athens, 45 yards dimension stone; Resolute,
Athens,Boyards rubble stone; Advance, Athens. SO
yards do: Caehler, Desplaines, 90 yards do; KJla.
Kiiou, 1,687 empty harreu, Oneida, Lasailo, 5.467 bu
New York Marker—Jane 8*
Cotros—More active and 2c tetter; $1.19 for mid*
dllcg upland*.
Flouis—State and western 5c better—lmprovemoct
•bUflly ob shipping brand*; $7.83®7.75 for extra tta.'e;
$5.li(*B.SP for round-hoop Oe f o; $7.35®9.10 for trade
braao*—market eiorioc steady.
tVzissT—Shade firmer; for state; sl.9:®
L&X lor western.
Grain—'Wheat 1c better and In coed expert de
mand ; |L6T(£I.7» for Chicago spring; st6stferua-
Einnd do; $1.67(61.79 for ill.wankee oiub; sl.,l<ai.7s
fer amber Milwaukee; $1 for winter r(d west
am. cm doll sad Idle lower; slsfai.ee fer new
mixed western; SLQ for old do. Oats dull and 3c
lower; 9S®9Jc for western.
PxTßOLzxrx-Crudt firm at 43311 c; refined, lx
bond, dall at 65«: reiaed, tree, quiet at V3c.
"Wool firm with a fair demand.
Pnonaiojfa—Pork dull and lower at S3J,V) for new;
•16J0 for old do; faj.OiVj32.io f«r n« ■* do; sll AC®3S,T9
for old aadnaw prime: $-51.5* for prime mess. Also,
SJCSbrl*primemoM.jQly.bayer'sopiiOß. at $92.00.
Seef quiet and unchanged. Cat meats qalet at UK®
12c lar ibonldcra and HHQISc for for hams. Bacon
aides qnletandnominally aachaaged. Lard opened
dull.bat closed with more flrmaMi. at 11X315X0,
the latter an extreme. Batter dall at for
Ohio, and SCCSBc for State. Cheese qalet and un
changed ti ICG 18c.
New York Stockand Money Market—Juno 8*
Money active and firm ats®7psr cent Stsrirag
scllin; at 110. Gold more active and firmer, opening
at sl, declining to 9-X. and closing firm at MX. Gov
ernment stocks stsaey; D US's *Bl campon* 113X0
118 X: 5-34 coupe** I<S®IQSX.
Stocks—Better; C & P. I U3X; P& r’tWaad C
MfX; A 4 T H pfd; C& N W pfd 9?H: C 6 N W
Mkl c *P 113; FU i: scrla PH; N TODiIV; Erie
JllX; EnepCdJCSU; llodvoalib: Reading MIX: M
CIH;MS!6K: Fic Ma 11250; US «’i 1 yearcerUQ
csteat/tX: 51*6a70K; O&U certificates SIX.
Oswego Market—Jans S.
Flovs—Steady at previous prices, with good de
Gbaiw—Wheat scarce; market, la coa»rqn*nce,
quiet: so Western, spring, or red winter offering.
Corn also scarce and held at tl tor old. 111 yellow.
Oats tearcc srd held at 87Xo for Canadian.
Pxas—Scarce and held generally above the views
of buyers- Sale* IXOO bushed C. D. A. at $1.20. :
Cajial Frsigbts -Dull and unchanged; flour 425,
wheat and p*aslt« t» New York.
Lake Imposts—3,ttobuwheat, bu corn.
Canal Ezpobta— lJM brls flour, bu wheat,
9.4C0 bu oats.
Buffalo Market—Jat>c 8*
(»b»ik—Wheat firm, qnlet and neailul. Com dall
heavy and dreopins. Oat* heavy and lower.
WliiMtT—fmall rale* at
FnsiaUTs -Bloody. Wheat iSe. com 16e and
oat» lso.
Ltsslirrorr*—B^4obrls Sour,49,CM bu com.
‘.CawalExpobts— Flonr 3JsbrlJ, wheat 151,:40 ba,
COta 69,9(0 ba, eats 6.951 ba.
Railroad Time Table,
The following 'table shows the time of arrival
and departure of tee several trains on edl the rarl
roads in Chicago:
Depart. Arrive.
Detroit Express *3:30 un. *ss:Boaan.
Detroit Express 15:00 p.m. $3:45 &jb.
Detroit Express *tlCtCo n.m. ' *3:15 pja,
(TVolns for Cincinnati and I/ntinil'e.)
Morning Brproea *&3oa.m. *8:15 p.m.
Night Express i(WW p.m. $8:46 mn.
...*5:30 a.m. *.%15p.m.
...ffcOOp.m. *ss:3o a.m.
.•nffiOO’P.m. $8:43 a.m.
Day Express
Evening Express.
Night Express...
Exp ref*, via Adrian *6:30 ajn. *8:45 a.m.
Night Express, via Adrian..tfcoo p.m. *sß:l6 a,m.
pirraßtißa. tout watcs asd Chicago.
Mall and Accommodation..*l:4o a.ta. *2:10 p.ns,
Day Bxprcas *6:30 a.m. •Srl&pan,
Mall Express,. •. +6K)oiun. *3:10 p.ra,
Klghi Express —.+lo:lopm. 18:45 a.m.
Gin- & Louisville ExDrcaa..+9;l‘ p.m. i&B3a.m,
(Connecting tiHIA Pmntyixxmia Central R. B.)
L#ayePiitMlmrg.. SrfWam. 4:33 p.m. 6:45 pan.
. 44 HarrißbV** 130 p.m. 3:15 turn, &00 aan.
ArrivePhitadel... 6:3opan. 050aan. 10:10 aan.
« N. York. I
via V
AUenton )
“ N. York. |
na Kkosp.m. ISrfJB m. CC:HS p.m.
“ Baltimore.. 5:40 p.m. 7:00 a.m. a.m.
“ Waab’um . 9:30 pja. 10: SO a.m. 5:60 p jn.
Bay Express &30 a. m. &50 p, m.
Night Express* 0:40 p.m. 8:35 a.m.
(For Indianapolis ana LoalnUi*.)
Day Exp-eta 0:30 a.m. p.m.
Night Express 9:40 p.m. 6:85 a.m.
Day Passenger...
Night Passenger.
Kankakee Acc’n.
Hyde Park Train,
.*■B:ls a. m. p. m.
.+9:80 p. m. *T:00 a, m.
.•5:15 p.m.
.*6;Bsa.ra. *7:45 a, m,
•12:00 m. *1:85 p.m.
. *4:00 p. m. *5:20 p. m.
•9:15 p. m. *7.30 p. m.
Day Express 9:80 a.m. 5:15 p.m
Nlijht Express 0:15 p.m. 5:00 a.m.
Hendota Accommodation 6:15 p.m. 9:30 a.m.
Chicago Aim sr. loots.
.9:80 a. m. 7:30 p. m.
.9:00 p.m. 5:30 a. nr
.4:45 p. m. 9:30 a. m.
Express Mail ,
Night Express
Joßet Accommodation.
Day Express and Ma 11....... 9:45 am. 4:50 p.m.
Night Express —.-9risp.m. 5:15 a.m.
Joliet Accommodation..... SriOpm. 9:40 am.
Pulton Passenger.......... Wits. s:Boam.
Pulton Passenger 9£Cfeja. 1:53 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 9^3M3, 8:25 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 10:00 pjb. 8:10 a.m.
Bockford Passenger 4:00 pA. 11:10 a.m,
Geneva Passenger 6:80 p.m. 8:80 am
Mall Passenger *10:00 am. *5:15 am.
Evening Express. *5:00 pm. *11:35 am.
Night Express *9:30 pm. *&l6 p.m.
St, Paul Express... 10:00 a.m. 8:15 p.m.
Night Express 0:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m.
Waukegan Accommodation 6:30 p.m. 8:40 am.
Evanston Special ±BO p.m. 4£5 p.m.
* Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted.
Mondays excepted.
Boarding. —a large nnfmx
ifliedparlor.cn lower floor, wiih marble man
tel, gee. Ac., in one of ihebeel neighborhoods In the
West Division, near Union Part, can be bad with
board for two persona, in a private family, by ad*
oresaltgP. O u oi 4Cffl. jeflbSlMt
Boarding. There is no-w
vacant at 223 South Clark Ptreet, one pleasant
front leora suitable timer lor a gentleman and wife
ortwo circle gentlemen. Day boarders can ai*o be
accommodated. JeO*h9l4*U
BOARDING— Onefomishod room
to rent with board, suitable far a gentleman
end wife or two gentlemen, at fit Wabash avenae,
eonfbeai t comer or Randolph st. A few day boarders
can be accommodated. Jc9*hßso*lt
BOARDING. —Two large parlors
handsomely furnished, to rent with board. Also
or-vunlurnlthcd room, sullablt lor a gentleman sad
wife, nt£tfi Ohio street. _ Je9-bßj7-2t
"O CARDING.—A gentleman and
iJ wife irny ob’nla a first-clais front room (nnfur*
nuhpfi) with board, In an naexceo’loaibla locality in
tic Wett Division, convenient toesrs. A so, a plea
rant furnished room lor two gentlemen. Bestofreter*
cnees. Andress’’C,”Box47ls. * Je9*hSlStt
BOARDING.— A desirable front
chamber and back parlor. un-'umUhed. with
boar**, for gentlemen and their wives, o*n be ontaioed
b> applying at 2* Wabash avenue. Je9-hS532t
"DOABDJNG. —A large room with
X-F cloEcla.tlJoasolt of front rooms and closets
to real with board, at 49 Van Burcn siree% east of
State. U»b79tf2t
BOARDING. —A very pleasant
front suit of rooms.’wl-h gas, unfurnlshei. can
be bad with board at 50 West Jack»on-at. JefrhTffMt
T?OARDI>’ G.—Two pleasant
1 F rooms to rest with board: one unlumlihed sol*
table lev a gentleman and wife, oraimcle centietnea,
•t 101 Motvoe imet, dibvctlt ops «te tne Tost
Ofiicc.l aopllrd f-*r toon- Da> hoarders also mubs
acconußAdbteo. Board. 85*0 pi* week. Befereacea
given and resulted. Jgg-hliiS *t
"DOARDlNG.—Waverly House,
JD 223 A 225 KP lie street. Boarders can be accora*
modaic.i with good board and alngle rooms, atBJJO
and BT.CO a week. Transient. 4150 a nay; Jci-h'rlS-tt
TTOHND—About eight days since,
J 1 two Tows, ace rod and ose white, which the
owhrrcau have by usying ebarrra aod
B LDIBBBBACH, at BHdteport, near Aloaee’
slaughter House.
Hu rtmoTCd hi, L,v CMBca to
Two door* aontb of bis old offloa. J&4-A483-71 kky
COL. J. H. WOOD ft CO.. .Proprietors Managers.
A. D.BRADLEY .Director of Amusements.
Fourth Utht of tho new ana elegant Comedy, by
Charles Gaylor. Bsq.,wDich upon US production on
ginslly st wsilicfi Ttfeatre, New York, achieved s
successful run of Nine Consecutive Weeks, produced
here w:tn New Scenery, by Mlnard Lewis, New Coa
(time*, ftc, and entitled tho
To CCDelude with tbetarce or
PRlCES.—Admission to Uusaum and Lecture Boom,
25 cents. Children under twelve years, is cents.
Dreee Circle and Parquette, a tents extra. Private
Boxes, $3 and $S No extra charge tor Reserved
Scats. Box Book open from 13 Al M. to SP. M.
Doors cf Lecture Bcom open at TX o’clock. Curtain
rises at 8 o’clock.
Tickets 3S cents, to all parts ol the house.
CF"The Great Museum, with its over 35*500 Curi
osities I The Invisible Lady i Ils Enormous Ameri
can Gianteeal Eight Feet nigh, and welshing over
900 Pounds I will appear niebuy. Miss Amer.uT years
old, and 90 Inches High! the finest Small Lady in the
World. Jes-b39»lw
Academy of music, Wash
ington street, between Clark and Dearborn-ite.
Laft Week of the present season*
Entire change of programme every evening.
Every evening during the week.
The Greatest Skater in the 'World.
First time In' America by fhla great artist.
Tbftia the only engagement he will play prior to
his departure for Lcnuon.
Friday evening—BENEFlT OP MASTER LEON.
Reserved Seats for sale at the Box Offiee and at Root
ft Cady’s Music Store.
Change ot Time—Doors open at TdJ, commence at
8. Admission. 80 centa. Secured scan.9ocents, Prl
vote Boxes, (A Box Office opetj from 10a.m. to 1 p.m.
leS-h53!Hw BDWIN KELLY. Manager.
IVToYICKER’S theatre,
Xu. Madlroa street, between State and Dearborn.
MeTlcker and Myers. Managers.
Engagement of the popular artiste,
And tbe charming Dauaetue M*LLE AVGUSTA.
First appearance ofMr. and Mrs. J. Biddles. Mils
Mlllv Bridges, and Mlm EmeAa Watts.
THURSDAY EvEN’G, Jobe 9th. will be pr*--fl3Uted
with beautiful scenery and wonderful mechanical
effects, the charming homo drama, in three acts, en
DOT; Or, The Cricket oa the Hearth.
With a cast of characters which cannot be equalled
in tbe country.
During tbe evening two beautiful dances by
M’Utf Autrubia, La Gaxklui and tbx gbcciaw Lay.
BRYAN HALL.—The public are
respcctlufly informed that tbe youus and dis
tinguished American Flanlst and Composer,
WUI Rive, in this city.
Two Grand Operatic Concerts,
Saturday and Honday Evenings, June
Uth and 13th.
Mr. FFASB will Uo aul.lcd by '
MICS LAURA IIACRIB. the favorite Prim. Donna.
BIGNOuLOm, tho liighlj aacecssful Tenor.
8888 MOLLAN HAULS, the centra ted YloToa
The above Artists selected from MasMaxxtxxkV
Newlork Italian Opera Cotnpsar.
Musical Director and Conductor, Ur. W. GROS
Admission, 50 Cents; Reserved Seats, 75 Cents*
The *ale of scat* will commence on THURSDAY,
Joce fib. at the MD6IC BTOKKOFU.M.HIOOISS.
Doors open at tH o’clock; Concert to commence at
8. The Grand Ptano used by Mr, PRASE Is from
ttecelebrated manufactory of Messrs. £telnway A
Bods, New York. Jeß-h7£Mt stop
U3 and 117 Dearborn street.
C. U. CHADWICK & Ct»., proprietors and Manager*.
T. L. FITCH, Stags Manager.
_ _ DaoMuse and Comedienne.
The Eccentric Ethiopian Comedian.
Champion Gymnasts, Acrobats, he.
Last week of MISS LOUISBr~
Vocalist and Female Drummer.
Last week of MU. BEK MASON.
Pxices of AnsfissioxPareuette, 23 eta; Dteis
Circle, SScts; Private Boxes, SB.OO. Single seats in
Boxes, 50 cents.
Door* open s’t 734 o’clock. Curtain rixes at $X
o’clock. mv»-bUSIw
T OSX* —Girl Lost.—A girl twelve
XJ years-old, ramtd MARYANN REYNOLDS,
l«rt her horn* In the North Division, two weeks seo
Net Saturday, fibo li twelve years eld, and
ite w*at awaihad on a red woolen heed, andlljht
drab clo»fc. She has llsbt hair, and her two front
teoth era dfcajed. Who ever harbor* herwlilbe
dealt with sceorcißg to law. loformatlencan be
given to the North Divhlon Pellte Stttioa.
LOST. — Strayed frem 19S Hichi
gaa avenue, on tee nth of May last, a small
dark red sow with white /belly. Any person re
turning said Cow the above residence will bo Itb
erallyiewardea W.B. KKEa. je»hssi-3i
LOST —TcsUrdiy afttrar#n a
very tmall hlaek and tan dog, answering to the
name ot Fanny : ba *oa a little re>i eolar. A reward
ofTtn Dollars • 111 be paid for her return to 3*6 Michi
gan avenue. J«frbßM4t
LOST —In the vicicity oi Post
Office and State street, a Wills* containing a
bsall stun ot moc<y and some notes, rec-lpts and
ether papers of no value to any one but the adver
tiser. To any ore finding tbe same a liberal amount
will ba paid, at 221 Madison street. leß bTlt St
General Notices.
I£s p.m.
IIU the moituseful and desirable article ever ln>
veatid for a woman to earn money with; It will
give htranoßt agreeable employaent Dr which she
can make great profits. It ean be made,ln the hamla
of a woman, tj earn with case anti esenfert, si« to
S2O per week. An old ladv. too old to do anything
else, can earn treaty rltbt aloag, by its «se.
Tonne lacus who want to earn rams money, can.
by the roe of ibis machine, employ a part or the
whole of their time vay independently and satis
factorily. A farmer who raises wool. cannot afford
to ot> without a mtchtse. If be raises S3O worth the
maoMnowlli convert u»e-S3O worth Into $l3O worth.
A farmer has girls growing np—be wanes than tr
earneometblDg. In no other way can they do l;so
reeprctsb'y acd agreeably ss by ttiense of this ma
chine. Wives and families of Volunteer* find in It
their bett frieno and protector. Whole famlilaa can
br|«upporteo by its use. Thousands attest to this
It knits the material ler a pair of Stockists In four
minutes. In a day a wrman can make and finish
complete fox market from one dozen to two dozen
ralrs The stitch itm«kas is precisely’ th<is*nw»«
that, nude with KckttmgNeeolea,except In this; toat
tae machine makes Is firmer and more durable th«q
the needle* can possibly.
It knits the stock-aye.all bat the tip of the toe; (be
heel Is knit on the machine • narrowing and widening
la done by simple motion of set serew. It knits*
great variety of tsnny work, such as shawls. Nubias,
pern Caeca. * Under teleeves, Comforts, Military
Bastes, Montage, Bigolets b -Clouds, Head Ureases,
It knits Under Bhttt* and Drawers, the moat ser
viceable and dnraUe that can be made: also. Table
Cotcte, Suspenders, Purser, Cravats, Lezgin*, &c.
simple that a oblld can comprehend It, and
knowtbc >, whyan<twherefore n ofit A sowlngma
eblae may be used for years and the operator hardly
kxow bow the stitch Is made.
It cannot get tat of order, if well used, so simple is
Its construction. If it gets ont of orde* so that It
can't be fixed In five minutes, we will give the pur
chaser a new machine. It Is portable—welchs com
pute but fifty pounds, and can be carried as easily as
ava Ascot same v eight. The fclolghttoa it te any.
point Is from SO crnta to 41A0.
Ito«n be made to earn moyeln a month than a
sewing Machine can in a year. It Is an actual pro
ducer of gooes :or sale—roodsforwhlcb there Isal
wajsamarket. By Its esc a womaa feels Independ
ent, ftiatbatPbeu“;dolQXbu»lce**on her own ac
count.” Bbe kmts yarn Into stockings, tells them,
and knitsmoro.
Ext ry country mere! ant caz employ collar moi e of
Machts-es with treat prolli, knitting tha yam be
takes In Into etocidras lor recall or wbolerale trade.
It u no new. untriedjihlne- bnt baa ne'nintaoat
snrreeafbloae In nil tbe Factories ot ibe Eaat.so that
nownUlHonaof dollars worth of goods are every y*ar
tarda on it
Soma fay.** Why,it wtllsoen knit enough to clot
the market!” Not so. Twenty million dtiiaraworth
ofrachecedasroaconallT imported- Stop Imoorta-
Itons. It isnsedio Penttnttarlcs. Blind Asyl-mns,
aLdotberpnbllclnstltotloaswbf*«toere are many
feet to cicthe. Blind women can work It very sue*
cenfrl'y. -
Soldiers Aid Societies, Mite Societies. Ac., find this
machine a most ostial and satisfactory article. By
its nte they are eoaolei te accomplish much to en
hance the comforts of tbe soldier and thepvor.
Pastern Factories are cow rutnlrg excioslvaly «a
Qoverninf rt work, se that this season there will be a
goodi demand for. and tcsrcltyo - Socks and Stoik-
La»s for home wear. Sacnreyour machine In time.
Price of maclilne Complete $75.
* For for.herinfprrnallop.stad for circular andsara*
pice of work (Send.ataDip.) Agents wanted in every
considerable town. A-'dre**,
BKANBOM, BLLIUT-& CO , Gen.Agsntr.
JeC*t!?T-t4:bp Ufi Lake street, Chicago.
Ct»BGO, Mich., June 7, 1551.
Ueisrs. Elliot & Biunsoh, Chlcr.go, Dl.:
Grnis- By yonrrecent Istroductlon of Laima* Sxtf
ACTISO Favilt HiND LOOM Irto this section of
r nr State. Lhave become pmetica ly acquainted with
l’s worklngfnd principle, and frou' an experience cf
over 15 years to the. munaroa ent of Loom*, I am pre
pared tc state that I believe yon ere dois-g the wool,
growing people aod tho working wcmenoftbecoun*
iryA r.BEATBF>»FiT. bv vUclngwUhtn their reach a
maetl&eioaumlrab'y a- ap.rd 'o-thelr wants, and by
theme of which they can ruaka and save to much
Anr woot-avov ikg can by tbe nso of this
machine cemx th» valdb OFBtscup.and I would
ca*restiy recommend such fariaer to aeture one.
Apt wosak wno wisima to varx nan ownarp
potT. or any family wr.tue there are wlUlng hands to
voik.nnmave great profits bv Us use. iknow of
no machine irrf»mCy nae ttatat alloomrarrs with
this In profitableness of work. It la of so simple eon*
s.rucilon that any one can work and nndirstuii it,
and n is apmsablt idapthp toth* rav ov tajus*
ess and ail VAMiuie, from the fact that a ehanee
esn bo made from one kind of gooes to another lu
five xistjtxs, as fror.i Satln-.t* to Tweeds. Jeans,
Llnsey. single rr double plain cloth. Dress anl Bal
moral B v Irl Qeoos, Ac. Ac., this change from one
kind to anciLir being by a process an simple that
even a boy cr sir! can operate it. Uov different from
tie old hand loom, on which such change required
thebardwvrkof two experienced psrsons fer seen*
meoav. 7bt speed of tbe Loom Is equal te that cf
the factory looms, an/ It can easily weave as much In
a day aas'xotme old band looms, and mvke the work
much better, fiimer snd more even. The machine
ensnat r*i l tom'et avuw locg 'elt by me farming
aod working community, and which war tines makee
devil teciwary ard co< venient. I stye it this re*
coirmetdaiioa because I see in It practical merit
mrcdrg ve-y co&putely .a practical want of the
timer, Tonn Ac« _ J. Q. BBOWN,
Poperlntenr sat Woolen Factory. Otsego. Midi.
ELLIOT A BB %NSON. 13C Like *• reel, dueigo. DL.
General Agents for ivticonam, Dltnos.
lowa, dpdiana, Ohio mrd P« nusrlvanta. State and
Ceonty rlghta. alas single looms, for sale.
anrtion Sales.
Cold Watches, Jewelry, ftc.
On THURSDAY, June Slh. at o'clock, at Bat
ters' Auction Boons,' in Portland Block, corner of
Dsarbom asd ngton streets, abuse variety or
Dry Goods, Prints, Shirtings, Fancy Dry Goods, Yan
kee Notions, «c. _
A fine itock of Spring and Summer Clothing*
An invoice of Gold Watch ea. Jewelry. *e.,fto,
Jes-657-2t AucUoncera.
SALE.—Household Furniture, Family Carriage,
Express Wagons, Hmruevs. ftc., ftc..
On SATURDAY, June Itth, at9H o’clock, at But
ten* Auction Booms, m Portland Block, comer of
Dearborn and Washiogt-xi ftreeta.
HOUSEHOLD WURNITURk-rcn»lrtlng of eUsant
- parlor set.black walnut ted mahogany chamber
• w - , painted do. do, common furniture, ft c~ ftc.
CARPETS—SeveraI new brnvfela carpets, second-hand
carpets, straw matting, ftc.
PIANO AND MELODFON—A fine 7-oetave piano In
fall round rosewood case, elaborately carved,
made by C. Stone. Chicago. One superior Melo
deon suitable tor church.
CARRIAGE OR HACK—A fine carriage or back in
good order.
Jes-hyn>7t .• WM. A. BUTTERS ft CO., Auei’rs.
-t. l and twelve dozes Hor.-e Collars
Cn FRIDAY, J one 10. at 9fc o’clock, at our rooms 46
and4s Dearboinetreet/coaslntingof a lame assort
mentof Parlor, Chamber and Dialog Boom Furni
ture, Chamber Sets, bllvor.putcd Forks and Spoons,
Paintings, Stoves, ftc., ftc
1 Secondhand Plano.
12 Dozen half Enameled Horse ColUrs
Je3-h795-3t * , Auctioneers.
On TUESDAY, June Hth, at 9>s o’clock,
At Dwelling 243 lUlnola street,
The entire furniture of a family reUnaclshlos house
keepimr, consutlng of elegant parlor fainlinre, bnrs
e«ls,3ply and injrralu carpets, Spavlahmattlnz. splen
did oax sideboard, marb.etop. Cak extension dmlng
table, oakdlninz ebatrs, elegant chamber sots, mir
rors, rich ehlna dialog set, elass and Mlv*r plated
ware, Stewart cook stove, rtDlgeratsr,kitchen fuml
tore, ftc.
Also, a Stelnwav Plano Forte, rosewood case.
le3-h721-7t WM.A.BUITEKS ft CO., Auct’fS.
Spring and Summer ClotMng,
On WEDNESDAY, June itth. st 9>f o’clock, at
Butters’ Auction Booms, la Portland Block, ct>m?r of
Dearborn and Wasblzgton streets.
jes-b(08-8t Ancttonaers.
On ’WEDNESDAY, Junel3 h. at ot< o’clock, at BuU
terh’Aectien Boons, in Portland Block, a Urge and
desirable stock of
Cor listing of Plsln and Figured All Wool Be Lalnes,
Print*, bheetlogr, Shirtings, Denim*, ftc., ftc.
WM. A. BUI TER* ft C 9..
Jt9-hS2S7t Auctioneers.
On THURSDAY, Jane 16tb, at 9X o’clcek, at Bat
tara’ auction room*, m Port and Inode, comer of
Dearborn and Washington streets.
Combtlngof Women’s Whit? and Colored Palm Leaf
Ccwi, Lacies’ While Leghorn Eydal and Eauresi
Bats Misaear* Star Palm Lear Bats, Motes’and Boy’s
Leghorn Has and C*p*« Men’s*nd Boj’j Palm Leaf
Eats. Ladles’ and Mines’ Tl«t l. Leghorn Halo, White
an« Colored Shakers, dc.
The shore areal! fresh and desirable goods, Just re*
oared from New York, and will be a. Id
JeiMjs27-8i WM. A. BUTTES* 6 CO., Aucfrj.
On FRIDAY, June 17th. at 9% o’clock, at Cnlter*»
Auetion Rooms, in Portland Block, comer of
Dearborn end Waiblcgton streets.
We shall sell by order of an -Afelgzrre. a Urao and
desirable ktock of Dry, Goods, consisting of a gre at ra*
ilcty of Ladles Urera cioods, among which are Menra
-Id(c and Colored Berages, Chatty Dresa Goods, Dc
Laiaes, Trateling Drees Goods In great variety,
Btriptd Marseilles Mosambtqnea, Ortmdia Muslins.
Printed Muslins, Children’s Cloaks, EmbcsedSkirts,
Shawls, Gloves,vtoslsry, Ac., 6c.
(VM. A. BtrmtßS A CO..
j»0-ht’.?•&! Anetjoea^fs.
A TJCTION SALE.—Public notice
JjL Is hereby given thvt by virtue of tho anthorltv
vested In me bv Section 19, of lae U. S. Fxcl«e Law, I
have deitralned upon the follawlsg daseribed artl
eles.belcbgmg to U F. Wlcglnr. for non-payment of
tj. P. taxes due by him, and unless the amount of said
tax Is paid by him on or before SATURDAY, June
ISUi. atioo’elcck A-M., I shall offer for sale at the
Auction Bor.ma of W. A. Batter* 6 Co . of Cmeayo,
at the day and hoar above n»niol:—3 black frock
coats. 1 pr. black cloth pants, 1 pr. bine cloth pants,
1 pr. drab sloth pants 2 eioth vests, 2 merino shirts,
1 cotton fhlrt, 19 p*. drab binding, 26S pi. fancy and
block blndtnr, SO linen co’lais. 1 woolen starf, Is blk
and fancy tics, 1 show case T f«et Ion;, 1 showcases
feetUnx. 1 gilt Dame looking glass, larre, 1 writing
desk, medium elae. GEO, SCHN EID %B.
Collector Internal Revenue, Ist Pf* F . HI.
W. A.Bpttxbs 6 Co n AnetlODseis. Je^hSOMt
We shall sell for a non-resident,
Forty desirable lots, attested on Indiana. Prairts and
i'onet avenoa*, la urlzes uab*Dlvt»ion of tha N W X,
8E W.SW jf,scctlosssj, 19.14. The*a lots are situa
ted katfamlte southwest from the Chicago Univertl
ty, and vitbla a few miantea walk of the hors scar* at
Cot*a€e (trove, on high gronad. atreata all graded,
and In a portion of the city tl at ta rapidly Improving.
No belt-r opportunity ran be presented lor parties
who desire topnreksso for Improvement or tarest
rnent. Terms rvfpaymeat easy. Abstractor title and
maps of property can bs seen at oaroillce. Sale to
ccmmesCe at 10X o'clock a. m.
JAMBS it SPRINGER, Real Estate Acosta.
jt9-U£ > o*Tt-4p Room D, MetroroUtaa Block.
Wednesday, Jano 20th, at 10 off kA. Iff.
Tbe next auction silo la appointed sometime ahead.
In order tbit tie adrertis ns may be wore extended.
The rules of sale will bs strictly observed. Tbsy
ate as follows:
Ist. To avoid all by-bl Jdlng there will be annonneed
at the rale the lowest sum which will bs enrertitaed
os a bid: Tins, or coui:«*. to bblisstuax tux
3d. If that bid be offered, the property*sluJ not be
Sd. Abstract* most show good title, or there U nc
and owners can now effect arranaenentv m
Je9 h7ts «t Coal Estate Offlce.
Rock county, Wisconsin
WIU be sold by Auction, on
In the city of Jaaomite, Rock County, Wisconsin,
hundred andfbrty iSSlO)'acres of tna finest
agricultural lands in the Suite. They are situated
shoot ten miles from Janesville, and adjoining ihu vil
lage of Footnlle, with the Beloit ana Madiiou SaU
rood rnnulnc through them, and the Milwaukee aid
South era W laconiln Railroad on their border, and are
composed cf about an equal quantity of heavy timber
and prairie. They were selected tor their present
owner tor investment, nearly thirty years ago.&a the
best lands. In all resysets. In Boek County, and tb's
County, it Is w/U known. Is the garden of Wisconsin.
Ttey will be sold In fane, parcels, and tbo purchase
money, less twenty cr twenty-five per cent., which
must oe paid in cash, may remain on mortgage at
seven per cent. Interest, for seven or tea years, ex
cepting amber lets, which will be sold for cash.'
'Dure will also be sold at the ?ane time and pl'CO,
and m the same manner, bet who'ly for cash- twenty
two hundred (2290) arres of prlmelands In
ecus ty.neor the town of Waurnu, selected abont eight
years ago.
A more eligible opportunity for farmers tosemra
most desirable farms, or for the Investment of capital,
coaid not be offered. , , ,
For further particulars apply personally, or by lat
ter to Mr..DAWSON,No. 9 Bast Fifteenth street. New
Tort, who will be in Janesville ten days before the
sale takes place; to J. J.R. PICAS e. Eaq-Cntaaonor
at Law, jnnesvlUe, or to Mr. JOHN HO >TK, on the
property, at Footvine. myiartsi^w
asral iSstate-OTountrs.
Tj'Oß SALE —Cheap, four Lota
Jl aad a wellbnlltcocvcolcte House InHfda Park,
tear the Hotel. Will rent the same. Inquire or tbe
f übfcrlhcr on the premises. * D. U. Stic tfAUT.
TT'OR SALE—Grain House and
X 1 Cattle Yaid, located at a coed itstioaon the
C.D.&Q Railroad. Rouse beenbuiltbut one yr»r.
Futures all complete and In g-~od order. Will be
sold cl cap as iheoanci la ont oi health and desires
to close on*- at once. Inquire of TTai.LITTIB * CO.,
231 South Water street. Jea-hWKt
TTOR SALE - Orient. Twostory
X 1 Cottage and nice Lot, in Evanston. pleasantly
located. Apply at Loan Auauci and Real Estate Of
bee of PAllvD A BIIADUsT, corner of Lake and La*
aalie streets. Je7*hds3*ss
T?OR SALE—For $4,000 in green
X 1 becks, elehty (So)acr»s of Land near Chicago,
bclngthe west baT (K) of tbe southeast onwter Of)
of section twenty-eight (23) la Township Thirty-eigct
(3R), notthof range tMrttcn flJreaat For farther
Iblormation address H. T. COFFEY - . P.O. got TI'S.
Pittsburg Penn., or apply toTttOB.B. BRTAN. R»*l
Estate Agent, Bryan hall, Chicago. myi><?W-2C*
FOR SALE.—Great Bargains.
30,000 acre* cf Land, on the line cf the Logan**
port and Peoria Bollroatt, In lavlnratoa County. IQ.
These lands are high and rolling, and Are within three
nlllca of Railroad Stances ohat*wortb and Torrett*
vll-.e, and five miles tram a good Coal Wine, and will
be sold cheap, ono-hftb cash, balance In five os seven
years at six per cent, mtercat. There U a Beet
Matofactorv nt Chatsworte, In successful operati-s.e.
ho better lands in tfce Stale. Addrees or -ipply tc
D. K. PEARSONS, US Handolr-h street. Chicago, oc
*° J *9 7l ,y 4 's®l*L,Baq., Caaisworth.niinctß.
’C'OR SALE—A handsome resi-
X deuce at Harlem, £rst station on tbs Calma B-Ul*
road, twmty five minutes ride from the Wells street
Tne premises cot lain two acres of ground
Ligelj cnlMvatvd. Terms *fl,oCo.o7,one half caah.
balance may rernaia a Hen on th» property a long
term of years. If desirfd. Anplv to TT. B. fiOHTON,
firm of aoiton &. Leonard, 1W and 106 Bandeloh-et.
T?OR SALE.—Farm for sa'e at a
X* Bargain. valuable Farm, stvuated oa
Hickcry creek. In Will coan'y, 111., containing 1200
acre*, all well fenced, and divided into tillage, mev
dow, pasturaxe and wood land, with never-taillnc
water running thron> hit. Tbe improvements cotu-it
ofalarcetiaebrlclc honve.sod four tenant hous>s,
several large fine bartr, with sheds, all In good
This Farm Is worthy tbe attention of these wlvaicg
to bny. belt g in a good neighborhood, near Chleaxo
market, high. dry. and rollog land.* and well advvt
ed tor grain and stock, aod susceptible of being o.n*
did into several farms. It I* now under cultivation,
aod well stocked with catt'.e, torses, and sheep, which
canbn purchased,ifdes’red. , „
A great bargain will be ulven. Terms cash. For
ftirthtr particulars inquire of
my72gsr93ot vo Dear bom gcg<^_
SE® aiitebssffiortcspsnuencr.
■WANTED— Correspondence,
v T Twoycung offieert whoae tyma of
■fV7 ANTED— Correspondence.
7 r A young naval offleer op • from
Krvico oaths gm beat “*£»« Vounr
coast, d«*tr*atoeo»r*!Spoad wittajmw joMt uaiee,
with Ibe Object of noiaal IwPWT’»«« ««
fbVOti will te treated Flth an boaotwbe dbwt*
ness.- Ptologranha
cse returned. Addrpei It* LOGON I, W«t Chteago
(i < jt» D-W**3t
jFot gale.
TTOR SALE—New Yacht, ,34‘feet
X 1 long, 10 fbet beta, 9 feet hold, fbro tad aft rlr-
Fitted' op la flrtbclaaa stile, for sale, BEK
EYSTE& & CO»*8 Pry Dock, Js9h3iMw
FOR SALE.—A Rare Chance.
Cneof the Beat Etttac Homes tad small Ho
tel Stand* ftl Ifce city, onposlfe one of the principal
Railroad Depot*, on :Boaaonable term*. Apply to
J. V- nawowai.ra-- Boom 3, at So. 97 South Clark
street. - let tan 1
F}R SALE—A handsome New
fotmilaa* hems* Dog, elfhteea moails oM.l*
an excellent ratter. >1 have so use tor kl» and wish
is sell him to some one who wants ».good do*t*d
will taxo good care of him. Call at 66 Soath water
itrett. jes-hant
FDR SALE—lease of Law Office
till Ist or Hay, ISO. aid office fixture*. Boom
F)R SALE—A handsome light
Off la perfect order. Can be seen at the Sara
? n * D V.V,^ r ot « Michigan avenue. B-F.
EBERIIAN. 114 Dearborn si. JeBhSCIt
U*Ol£ SALE—ScdaFoTtntain.—No.
J- 1 Foaa'aia apparatus and draft pipa
all comple—Nichols’ make—cheap. To bo a -- a at
Qoncb’e illver-plaUngshop, its dark street.
FDR SALE—Cheap, a Black Wal
nut Coonter. with one tow ol drawer*. in -rood
order, at A. G. QAKFIKLD’S, O Statsstreot. • -
JeS-hlOl 2t
FOR SALE—Or to rent, two cot
tags houses with If E3O of ground. One of tke
bouses 1* on West Van Boren street, and the other tn
tho South Division. W. HANSBKOUOH, 103 Btn
dolph street. jee-hT^Mt
FOR SALE—The stock, horse and
wagon, &c„ of a grocery store, tn one of the
best locations In thucily. Bow doing a good bnal.
nets. Kora go ahead man this la a rare opportunity.
Will be told cheao if applied lor immediately. Ad
dress Post Office Box Cst>. Je3-h713 2t
SALE—Choice Dried Apples
X 1 Dried Peachf a. and Uaple Sugar, at S3 Randolph
street. H. H. HOAG. Je“-hSi-J-tt
FDR SALE—A ‘first class Top
Boggy, nearly new, and m complete order,
made by one of the beat makers in this city. Hay be
eecx for a few days at bMirii*ssTAßLts.«n Wash
ington street, call at US Franklin street. GRO. b.
yAItBAB. JoT-hS&Wt
FOR SALE—A Meat, Poultry,
Vegetable and Fish Market, In a rood location
and dolsgagood basinet*. Lease running to dm of
April next. For particulars, apply at 12J West Kan
dolph street, Je>hsi3-U
FDR SALE—Two new 12 horse
power stationary engines wirh locomotive boil
era. Also oca second band 13 horse power aogine
with locomotive boiler. Apply to Gi.o. DUNBAR
A CO ,i9and 31 Dearborn street. Jo>h337-lw
XT'OR SALE—A ContVctionery and
X Bakery very cheap for cash. Call at *9 North
Clark street. jet-hSSfrtw
F)R SALE—One of. Cinte Broth*
en Vertical Forcing Hammers new sad In per*
feet order, suitable jor » Rfiilroad. Machine Shop or
for ceneral forging. Considered 'he beat steam tors*
Ins hammer In use. Inquire of TAT A CO.. 133 Clark
street. Je3-hS3Mw
F)R SALE—One ?6 foot 24 moh
Daniels’ Plainer, nearly new and la ponect or*
der. AUo one at cond-bann Cracker Machine, wUh
brake ud fonr cutters. In complete running order
Apply to FAY * C 0.,133 Clark-dC JeShSMw
P OR SALE—One twelve horse
JL power erglne, one line of •hefting and pulleys,
firs lathes, one Iron plainer, one aprlsh: drill, one
Cask and natterns, and one screw cuv.er. .1. w.
COBB, SC Hnobara street. J03.q563 106
F3R SALE— On the main line of
the Plisols Central Railroad, at a good trrala
point, u Wareaou'o containing an Bleeatorand other
facilities for handling grain rapidly. One or two lots
adjoining, if desired, suitable for Lumber Yard.
Will be sold at a bargain. For part'cnlors address
Draw er SBVS, Chicago. mj3i*hi69-tQt
FOE SALE—Or rent The South
Branch MIDt. Two hundred barrels per day ca
pacity. ocatcd on Canal street, between Washing*
ten asd Randolph. For terms apply to THOMA3
LONERLAii, 16 South Clarg.st. my2l-£s3klCt
ileal £state-€itg
P3R SALE—A Cottage, No. 51
Pierce street, eontalniag *lx rooms, Verandah
Inlront. The premises are in good eonuittua. Will
cell cheap for cash,-, with or without farultnrj. In*
quire cf the owner oo the pre-nlsas, or at ADA M 3 &
Sf’KINGEK’S Besi Estate Booms, cone? Madison
sad Dearborn streets, Je9-533 It
I?OR SALE—House and Lot on
JO Wabash avenue, near TweVeh atreet-15.009.
50 lot» on state street, near Twelfth street. 7* lot* on
Third avenue. 120 by 130 feet corner Canal and Old
streets at a bargain. Ap;ly to J. P. ULIN3ER. heal
Estate Broker. 43 Clark Boom 5. Jc9-hS36-«t
‘pOR SALE—Rousts and lots
X 1 Nos.O andll. Piles Place.Anthoniesaonth of
Nos. US and UiWeet Jaesson e*reet. Price s.’AOO—
half cash. Improvements cost 92.330, when lumber
was cheap. Examine the property It will speak for
Itself- It must be sold itßzntdlaidj. E. H. CUM*
MIKGS.I33 South Clark street. JeS-hTsa-B
?70R SALE—Choice Residence
JL Property for sale in TAO3. B. BBTAN’S Beal
Estate Office, Bryan flail.
£>OK7H DIVISION—Hush Btrsct, comer of In
diana, good dwelling. Boroc-st., home wl A ruoCjra
improvements, ease ot Wolcott. HUncls-et . comer
cf Woicott. house and large lot. Also excellent resi
dence on Illinois east of Woleott.
and large lot south of Jackaoa street. Wabash »*>•
sue, several dwelling* nosing irem 05,500 to <i~.fr).
and ah at lets than their real value. Vary choice lots
along tho lafev shore, on all the avenues and cro«
streets, at prices ranzing from <3O to <l3O per foot,
ifantlfnl oroptrly in Bins* Addition, Cottage Grove.
WEST DIVISION—Some cl tne most desirable
property la the West Division, improved ami u- Im
p.-oyed, east usd west of Union Par*, and oa the be-.t
svreecs. A large list of other property in all parts of
the cltr. Also farms and suburban homes.
Jfc7 IrfCT 6t .
T?CR SALE—A new trro stcry
i* flr-me henfo of ten rosins, brick basement, and
lottthy IS) feet. w!rn frame barn, on north sldo of
Warren street, near Lincoln.
A frame house ot ten rooms, and lot 10 by 193 feet,
«n I'ark arenne.neer Helen Pork.
A frame house of eight rooms, and lot, on Chicago
avtnne, near market street. _ ..
Tao brick hcnscs.snd large lots, on Washington
Btrect, east of Union Park.
Let c«i corner ot V."abash avenue and Common:: or
ft» by 129.
Lot, w Ith boUflmps, on Indlana-st, between Clark
snd Dearborn, 75 by 100 foet-
A new frame house of eight rooms, and lot 80 by 124
feet, on Warren street,ue«r Boyne.
SAMITEI» A.SAKOSftT, Beal Estate Agent. No. 1
Mhtropolttaß Block. ' je«-h3P-te
T\7"ANTED—Agents. Gen. Grant
Y T Acd ilia Campaign!, with an decant Ste«el
Portrait—Prlco |i>o, also a Now History and Map
of the W2.T,from official sources, giving all tuo facts
sad statistics ftr three Team, Piiee to cU. orojcit
tha boohs for agents Liberal Inducr-meats dfereo.
Sample copies scot post-paid on receipt «f once.
Call on or adore** P. aTKLNSO.N.S'J Maouoo-et. nesr
Post pace. P. O. Box 56C5, Chicago, Kl. Je»h?gM>
X/V7ANTED —A responsible man,
Y v fanner preferred, to do tualness In each town
shin, without hindrance to other poranua. for which
a year will he paid. Call personally at the office,
117 Clark street, Room 14, or address Post Office
Drawer bS37, Chicago, XIL. enclosing 25 cents, and li
y-'ar township is takenyour 35 cents will be bout bacs
to you. Alao, Ca-peatera wanted. Je9-b7i3 it
WANTED. —Efficient Agents in
every County In the West to sail Biyant’a His
tory 01 the Ind.ac Massacre in Minnesota. Also,
••liie stnr ot BcthlehiTD,’* a new baok of alerting
wi.rth, und cno of the best for canvassers ever pub
lished. Call at Bccm No. U Motbndlat Church Block,
01 addrf 8* u, C. GIBBa, Post Office Drawer 63W,
je £-h7S*"-2t
W ANTED.—Agent* to sell a His-
Y T tory of the Rebellion, by Hon. J. T. Head
ley : History of the late b>oux Maesaere in Mtna«>
ta, by Leadlcy. Alro, splendid steel Plate Kngrvv.
Inwa q ( Littldca; Lincoln. Lieut. Sen. Grant. Agents
are making 91(h) a month selling my public **loni
Adcmw. E. B. TREAT.
Jt6-hi£3-Ct 117 Soath narjCfit.,_Chlca*o._
TV ANTED -Energetic Agents to
Y 7 sell by subscription J. 3- C. Abbott's Cir*l
TV or History,. and other new and valuable publics
tier s. AlsciheGewciubFacSlum*of the Koan
cln-ttlon proclamation and splendid steel Eagravtco
—Lises, flex. t-rajrr. Wasuixotouv and Cubist
Ble&sing LiTTLBCaiLDnxs. for terms, Ac- call
onoraddreva O. F. OIBBti, 131 Bontb Clara meet,
Chlcngo, 111. Post Office 80x309* je6-^-4-et
TV ANTED—Agents for Schmuck-
Y Y er'a History ot tha Rebellion— ißogUsh and
German.) Two voltmrs now ready, completing the
history to the fall of Vicksburg and Port Hadton.
Th'*tngmTjng*arebySariaJn. This work Is now too
well and iavorably known to need comment.
Also, agents for taa poiralar agency book, Chroai*
okfOf the Rebellion. by Dr. Scott. of Memphis. A
humorous and highly Interesting Vwork. on which
agents are remarkably saccsssfhL Pnco fLSD. Bund
fdr circulars and full particulars to
C. F. VEST * CO., Pnblfsherv,
- JcS-h-GEG-10t 113 Doorbcrn street, Chicago, lIL
X\7 ANTED—Efficient Ag«nta in
T T every county in the Northwest tostli ‘ Mitch
ell sNew General Atlas ’V-tha best for family o»o
ever pnbluned—and** Stebblna’Klihty Pears* Pro
gress of the United states.*’Com the Rtvela Joaary
War to the Great Rebellion— the best works extend
for scents, bostnees prrmanent. Address J. V.
WHEDDKN, Vo. 1 Methodist Church Block. Chtearo.
111., P. O. Box 3594. Juned-ti33>9t
TV ANTED—Agents wanted. Jest
Y Y pcAU. u he<l; Raymond's History of ihe Admlnlr
trstos orPresW-avLlnccln. K» till price JIAO, sam
ple copies tent on receipt of tbo price. We want
go«o men to engage <u the sale of this popular work.
Everybody waits if. Afdress CLARK A CO., S7
Wasnlnztoa street, Chicago, lIL Box4ml.
Jt4-Ul3-3U •
\\l ANTED—2OO active, intelligent
Y t agents wanted to sell the great Natural
Weather Indicator, an article everybody watu.
1 honwndfl already testify to its usetulness. it baa an
dergene the most scrutlnUisx tests of scientific men,
aid as a Barometer pronounced unequalled. Pleas
ant buaineea. Reedy sale. 5o co«nt»4Utlor. Send
stamp for circular. Adoresa SAMDKL PIKE, No. 13
Fortlssd Block, Clilcni.o. P. O. Sox S-’aS.
\AfANTED —Agents. V.cnng la-
T 7 dies ecu Mil bos' reds ot Prlggs* Glua Mark
ing Pena lor marklrg all labrlis without a prepara
tion eves Here *b»i Toweling. They cannot spatter
or cerroue. bimple mailed oo receipt of ii cent*—
re-tall price. R. K. LA.HDOS, Agint,
J;24Sia im 6d Ltfre street,Chlcago,llL
TXTilNTED—Disabled officers and
7 7 soldlert, honorably dUchargcd from Uie ser
vice, anu In want of employment pf*cnlla*lv adsored
tc tbelr co- dltic3, iboafu address I*. O. Drawer &3H
Chicago, 111.. giving Cate of and name ol
compsiy ana regiment discharged frctc.
T/\7ANTED —Agents, to sell the
T T celebrated 3»tw England Family Scwltgitv
chine. The only small machine that itas been in use
three years that give* perfect satisfaction. The New
England Family is equally efficient In scwtnt tbs
heaviest goodswiib the finest fabric.
will give 11,010 xuv any t*o-taread inacMncJAii. sur
passes this, either In oeabty of arltcb or ®;
Beam. My«s«nl*irec!*“»rlo£ iron \fJi 10 »W P«
lueoth. General delivery CtTc«ge, 111-
specie. ant! private clrrulsr, address v. H. K VAW.
General Ae-.n: far the Northwest, P. o. Biawer 5-«.
ChlcaavnL s/I^SMSt
•WWTANTED.—SC9 per month! I want Ag'nts at
it iS) a month, erpeiwes paid, to sell my Eva*
LnaTTSO PDfCnJ 1 .
ether new. use ft! M/l carton* i^o!ea. T rawOj
coLin seat rm. Add»« JOHN t. Odd*
ford, Maine. myl-eiy-kn
CTRATED-T5 Reward. Strayed
on Monday night the Bth of June, from North
pu&ora street, » Jcutg PcfnMr Dcz, ahont eight
rnratlia old. Answers to the name of Jack It ot a
nnla vtllcwor lemon ana white color. Had oa his
tj,ck a leather strap with a email pl sce of rope f/a*
t>n*-dtoii Ant person returning tail dog to 15 La
eaiie street will receive the above reward.
OTBAYED— From the subscriber
a targe dark brown Howe, lons tUI, star la
forehead, the ankle joint Of left hind leg Swollen,
Whoever will return the bone, or gtvo information
where he may be found,will be liberally rewarded.
• jefl hTt7-5t Cor. Canal and Lumbar ai».
Bauuw la tbe meet highly approved medicine ever
discovered. Zt has stood the best of all tests. Tus.
having had as unprecedented sale of nearly forty
yean. It Is recommended b; cur beat physician*,
our most eminent elOxens. the Pries, the trade, la
fact by all who know it. Fee certificates, which cha
be given to almost mv extant, soe wrappers to each
bottle. Tbe prop rib ton win cheerfully refund me
money If not en irely satiriseu>ry. Price, 98 cent*
and Si/-the lane be tiles ranch tbe cheapest. Be
csrefßiaßdgctthe acsalne. which ta premred jqlv
by CUTLER A ribolem'-a Prvtlsts.
Ctorioß. Sold in Odcsgo by BOHNUIIMS 4 Yaw
BCBAACK.I4 Lake street
ualds2«l4<a-TaSAdTV iUip
X\TANTED —Two toys about six
.J J_t«en yean old to work o-’HOo mall." Apply «
the Tribt>p° office,sl Claik the it
of Hard Ip. m. je»hm» it
VV ANTED— Cleiks, bookkeeper'
▼ aalaomeo, porters, btr keeper*. clerks 00
vtesmboata and railroads. conductor*, brakemenAc
seeking situation*, should apply s: toe Advertiilax
and General Buaincw Agency. St Dearborn street,
rooms. Several Mtiutloee now open fOrmose re«l2
teved. Wanted, ttuee porters for hotels. FINLht > *
CO. jo*W4d»
TJ^ ANTED -A situation as sales-
Tf JBU It a retail hoot tad ak>e store or (grocery >
by aa experienced young man. CaagiToflm elan fell
errnee. Apply sr address FINLaTA CO.'S Advo-tJe->
fig *od Business Agency, g| Dttrooih street.
aoloU, At, supplied wUhhSpT
~Wf ANTED—Boarding with priv
,A of say three or four rooms. In a com*
pleasantly located house, not too tar dis
***««*, South side byaflm-
Uy coasUtfi.. of hasbard, wife, two children and
nnrsc. Xddrr»j wUh real name. ginrg locsaioo aad
description of accomodation*, ••8," Box S'l9, Chfoasn
O- Js»h3»da
W ANTED—A wet curse. Abult
* * to DR. K. L. HOLMES, room Bo 559 Berth
QwlcrtriMst,from9to 10a. m..and from3»3 p ‘ n.
TXTANTED—A situational porter
T v crtendbtrla a wlolcsulo or rolaft Utoor
store, by a man that f* well aequstnied with both
branches. No objection to travel. Adore *», M J cF •*
West Division Dost Office. JcQ-fcsus-it
\\ ANTED—A farm of eighty or
t v c-ne hundred arres, wltb ten or twenty acre*
of good timber attaobed to tho farm. Host beam*
Claes dry land, good houte, seed bam. and well
ni®*®* with an orchard. Addreea FARMKK. at this
\\T ANTED—Two good machinist
_ ▼ " . vise men, at BT CBANS A BHO. 1M Wott
Lake BtrajiS.__ je9 bSJI-H
'XXT ANTED—In a wholesale H*t
T T aadCnpßtore.ayoangmta tSor SOvearsof
age. as entry clerk, who fa quick and correct a art
aria. Addros, la handwriting ofappl.eant. Dr.awtr
<bli n* 8 Wl> ° resWOT wltS hi* parents predated.
VV/ ANTED—Residence property.
?v I have many applications for Improved mad
■oußprovcd rendeucs property Five teeldeoci* on
Wabash, Htcbtgaa. Indiana cr Prairie avaane*. want
ed at oneo; also, houae and lot la the North Dlvlfloa
worth from three to four tboaaand dollar*. Ownirs
can apply to JPOI-INOER, Koal Estate Brskar. IS
Clark street, room Bo 9. V-lt
WANTED—A smart active boy
▼ T that Is quick at figures and resides with has
parent*, la a CraS-slaaa retail grocery atoce. - Dsos
cept odsWo relereiwea required. Addreaa ”W l O."
Box 1S0», P. O. leT-MolTt
WANTED —A geed smart errand
T T boy for an office on Water street A&
di eas Box 417. Post
WANTED—A mechanic one to
T T set ap and repair nwjen. Call at *M Laks
\\/ r ANTED—By a yotmg lady, a
▼ v Permanent situation aa assistant bosklte-pac
—^. p 7l K-.. E<irc 'rt co i“ , « a 11 raqolifd. Addnia
stailaj »JK« an laterrlow maj ba ban, “S w K,-
Tnhune office. Jc9-hSS9-ls
X\7 ANTED—A gentleman with
«.»CQeMhwant*to bscoraeanacUTßoartoar
TED—To purchase or rent
. . a Cottage with four «r Are room*—two wr
aoni, do chliann—on the North Bide, eotrrewleat to
'YoSo'k.u'*' “rJiß,"TilbMHofflM.
WANTED. —$7 5 a month.
J ▼ „ Agents wanted to tell Sowlsg Machine*.
wcwlllglTe a csmmlsnon on all machine* *.Jd or
employ »gcnt* who will work for’tho »b«vs win*
ana ail expenses paid. Address D. B. ÜBrcnINTON
A CO.. Detroit, Mich. JeS-MlSt
\jU ANTED—A situation in a Gro
eery or Commission Hours where I can-loan
fi.Ci.o to <i£tO to employer. Address “11," Tr-bana
omce. Jc9-h739u
~\Xr ANTED—Teinoir the best
TT place ta get grod llbraeraa*. All who get
pictures at hfloAlia AcO.’S. 136 south Carl street,
corvee o» Madison, recommend their Mends to sty
there. Only tine dollar foralarga six* photograph
Cartes dc Vlaite, <IA4 perdocen. Arabrotypss la
cates’-5 cents. je>nsd* is
\\T ANTED—Carpenters to make
y.T flasks. Apply at foundry corner of HaDted,
Wayman and Carroll, or at 236 and 33* Like street.
jes*hSs7-U K. ASHLEY MEABi.
\Xf ANTED —Board peimansntlr
.Y T fbr a lady and dangMir and three children,
(oldest cMld eight years old) priests rsmtly pre
ferred. location near PoatOtllcc. Address “HC K.**
Tribune office- JcOhSSM?
VV ANTED—A partner with from
it SIP, WfI to ?20A<0, to ensago In the grain nod
provision trade with an experienced bnatnesa ™*«-
Partles answering will give ihclr name and state
where an IntoxTlow can bo had. Addrejs P.O.
Drawer C 97. Je9-h7so*4t
\\f ANTED—To business nun.
T T Two men—one middle-aged, and on a young—
want ritnattenw Innwbolcialeorretallgroccryhooae.
or any o-her good butnssa. Can Influence some
trade, and come with tha nest reference* ta the dtp.
Addrees“o P Q,” through the Post OiQce.
\\T ANTED—To Itcow the wherea-
T T bonta ot PATRICK RYAN, who left Lis vile
street, Chicago. 111., nine years age. Any Informa
tion concerting him win be thankiully received by
hli mother. ELIZA B7AN, Chicago, Ul U
gar~gt. Paul papers please copy. Jo3-h733-2t
W ANTED —A young man to take
” * charge cf a horse aai carriage. Ac ireful
and experienced dnyer prefenod. ’Apply at in
Kemuuj tic-:. Je3h757-9t
WANTED—A first class Cook,
V T Washer and Ironar. One that can give good
referen.es con find steady employment aid good
wotita, atNo. 2ii Chicago avenue. Jeß httt-tw
WANTED—I Irish by expending
T» about gIJICO to get into tome respectable
established whlcu will make me m ilvtnx.
Any thlcebntielitngUgonr. Address, far two days.
*• m,‘* Tribune office. 9s
~\JU ANTED'—An Assistant Book.
Tv keeper. Call at 219 South Water street.
WANTED—A neat tidy girl,
V T wbd is competent to take rare of a child
and do light ebtmbcr work. Appiv at the filth
house north of Eighteenth street, on the coot >lue of
Wabash avenue. JeH-hTSt-Jt
TV" ANTED.—A young gentleman
• * wlfbes to correspond with ** rewyoanc ladira,
w|th»viewtoTß*irtmcny. Address WALCfc.KS'd)tT.
Box 75Z. Battle Creek. Mlcb. jeSaimt
VI/' AN TED—To rent a Cottage
* ■ with fonr or five rooms—man end wife, no
children—on the North Side, convenient to the horse
.car*. Address •• Or. J.A.8.,” Tribune office.
T \T ANTED—Apartner with a cash
Y Y capital of tw> to engage in an established
Prodace soa fe’ommLalon Business, either to remain
laofflceor totxpTd. Address Box Till, ititlngwbe*
and where an mlenriew can be htd. |s3 hillh
WANTED—A purchaser tor a
V Y Photographic Oalery. desirably located on
the South Side, near the peat Office. This 1* a rare
chance for a person with a small capital to engage in
agocdta»lng business. Address Post Office 8uXt.215,
Chicago, li. -JgS-hTiO-rt
Vv ANTED—A small house with
YY Store in a rarpee table! cation,cltheroaHorth,
South or West diet sol the city. Any person having
the same to le* may bear of a good tenant by addr(«»>
tag -*A B,” at Tribune office. Je3-h7U-St
WANTED—To Millers. A first-
Y Y class Miller of fifteen yean experience wtshea
a iituatton elieer In city or coaotry. understands all
branches tnorougbly. Address for three days" H, 1 *
Tribune office. . - JeT^tOl-U
TVANTED —A situation as house-
T Y keeper, by a middle aged woman. A nrefc
clasa pilyate lamlly dwtred. Lao be«t of references
given. Address Drawer So. (Li, Milwaukee, Whk
WANTED —6OO laborers 10 work
co the Peninsula Railway, betwe<ni Sacaoab*
ard Marquette, Mlcalian. Wage*, $3 00 per day.
Eoard |BjX per week. Parties debiting siasll coa
tracts can be accnmmodated at gix>dpncos.aad tools
fujoisbed If required. Men are wanted to work as
gracing, track 'ayleg. and on gravel trafre, end !•
the Unit climate during the summer season in toe D.
5 Free-paaes 10 the w».rk can ho procured, and all
information In reference !• the work be glvta on ap
pilcuun to J. O. at the Caloago*
Nonhweilera Railway Paateoger Dcocrt. Chic-ieo.
Je7h&t4-6C WELLS A FiHLCY, Contractors. _
TVANTED class Actors
Y Y and Actresses lor the new Cairo Theater,
which will open on the ICib ef July, ISrl. Also,
wanted Immediately, one good Scene Painter and ono
Place Cstpenler. Addresa CHUMP A CO . Box
Cairo, 111., statu g line of business. Jet-hgTHa .
Y T Bairele. to he delivered at oar raeklnc Hooaa
by the first dHy of October next. Ma»tooweli made
and from Masoned timber. ftItIFFIK
mySOh'+Sot 5 Pomeroy’s Building.
XtTANTBD— PertheOoyenunaat in the Quarter*
Wages fts per month and ratlonj. Also, I.'MJ Team
itera. Waxes 935 per mouth and rations,
portation lortiLhed to place of dcatlnatlon and re
turned to St. Louis, Ma For turthrr lalormacioa lx>
quire at the Government Office. DUK SauUi Wa%eg
street, Chicago, lIL JaMV.3 W. CLAKU,
tsyl- e287-6m Government A gout.
STo lient.
TO RENT—Dwelling House No.
10 Van Boron street, contsms twelve roams,
betide.* store reams, bath room *nd clointa. Apply
'at 157 South Water st. - jed-hnn-at
TO BENT—For the Summer a
first-elats funlslted house on Erie street, near
Clark. Address Box 9408 Post Office,
TO BENT—The dwelling house
?fl Ohio street Po*«c»*1o» islren at once. A>
plj lo JOHN K. WALSH, News Agvnr, corner of
Madison meet and Custom Home P!sce. jetf h3882t
TO KENT —A good dry Base
meet, snltsble for storage. Good entrance, ftc.
Adores* or inquireo: J. W.B.KfiLLEX A Dl’.OTHKrf,
ISX Dearborn street. Je>haisst
T’O KENT—One large well for
nlshea roon.wl’h board, at ISS Monroo street,
corner of Lssalje. -Je» Ml7-lt
TO KENT—A pm all two-story
Cottage (frame home) oa the corner of Fonrtfr
avtnoeasd Twenty. Pim street. yard and woter.fflve
rvcna.) Possession given Joiv Ist. Kent SiTocr
c.on* Aj»ply to J. H. FARR ELL, li Dearborn street
TO RENT—Brick House (ten
rooms), 140 Wabasi avenne. Fnrntttirs and
Carpets will U Bold IM-i riay (Jnneßtb) at 13 o'clock
A. M. Hopae open lor inspection at 9o'clock.
TO RENT—Unfurnished front
room and bedroom, without board on Michigan
avenue, sooth of Washington street. Address post
Office lion 1X43, with references. jeS-hTW-St
TO RENT—Furnished lodging
House Tho rommotflsna and centrally *ltuv«d
building 13 south Water street, n - ar the corner of
Michigan aver ue, has been thoroughly renovated nod
repaired,rurnlshed throughout for lodging rooms for
gentlemen otly. tingle and ooobla bedded rooms,
also parlors with beoreoma. newlv papered, fontshod
and kept in order, to rent by tba day, week or month.
Je S h.34t
TO RENT—P our good stalls in a
brtckbainiatherearoficastatestfeet. Apply
oa the premises. JeWfß*tt
TO RENT—Furnished house on
Elahteepth street, near thiLalre, Modern i-n.
provemenra. Furniture sew, W. H. SAMPtifitf.
koom 3. MKTBpoUtan B.ock. Jed h747 3t J
TO RENT.—Two-story frame
toose. number 335 West Adatia street, 13
rooms, m good coadltloa. G«*. water asd bath.
No.l Metropolitan Block.
TO RENT—House with large gar
den.weft ot Union Fork. Apply to America*
Mills, 175 Michigan nrwt. Je6-bM3Bi ;
TO BENT—Tbe five story marble
front sroreiSSLabo street- Al»o store 547 Sop’h
Water sUteC Apply to WILUAJ4C,IK)W.SI Clark
street. laj-QW-Tt
OTOIEN—Horse, buggy and bar
-13 bim. Hone dark bay. large sizh, about eight
yesra old. oca white foot, ton buttm, tins n<*w ritur
one drab and one colored enshlon. a. liberal rewara
wtU tw vala lev the and either *

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