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Cfjicaga totot
•‘ELUin” will be peiformcd at Bryan Hall this
•evening by the Chicago Musical Union. Pall not
to attend.
CrßTO*lJoutfß?LacE.—Therowof small sbsnty
stores on the west side of Custom Honsa place
are under order* to be removed by the 3)tb of this
Change ox Tnsx ok tux Chicago amo Autos
■Biilboad.—The time ot leaving of the morning
-train from Chicago of the Chicago and Alton Ball*
road, was yotterday changed from 9 o’clock to 7:80.
SoLsnss’ Ebuet.—The strawberry festival held
last week at Bryan Hall, for the relief of the fam
ilies of eoldlcrs, netted over -SI,OOO. This sum
will be gladly received by the ladles baring thia
excellent charity in charge. Their fund was until
. now largely depleted.
Aocidext.—A young man who waa operating
•a hay-culling machine at the slables of the City
Railway Company, in the West Division, on
Tbutiday lost, carelessly allowed ki« hand to be
drewn trader the revolving knives. Hia band waa
chopped id pieces as fur aa the wrist. The young
man is now recovering.
.—We 'are pleased to hear
that Colonel 7. T. Sherman of the tStiftor Second
Board of Trade regiment, and ler sometime past
commanding a brigade in General Sherman’s
army, has received an appointment npoo the staff
of Major General Howard, of the 4th Corps.
Colonel Sherman is the worthy eon of oar very
unworthy Mayor of horec-seose-ten*tbonsand*dol*
Ist -veto notoriety.
Lost Bq^Uokst.—A man from thcpnlrica, who
gave hia name as Joseph Harding, was discovered
on Sunday afternoon sitting on the comer of
Clark and Monroe streets grossly intoxicated, and
having in hia possession a large amount or green
backs* Be was taken to the armory, and, after be
became sober, allowed to go to his hotel. Four
hours later be waa again arrested for drunkenness.
Bis money bad been stolen. “A fool and hta
money, *’ etc.
Rowdtibx.—Yesterday morning,'at the Police
Court, Conrad Wagner, William Campbell, Geo.
Barnett and Richard McQem were charged with
throwing stones at the waiters and visitors at
•Clemens’lager beer gardens, near Cottage Grove,
during a.German piailc held there on Sandiy.
tiwing to the crowded state of the gardens at the
roe, several perrons narrowly escaped being so*
iiously Injured, which fact induced ms Honor to
nfllet a fine or S2O and costs upon each of the
•quartette. -
Stkett Cab AccrDEKT.—On Sunday a Tn«n L
whose name onr reporter was unable to learn,
while standing on the front platform of State
fctrcet car, as it was turning the abrupt corner at
State and Twenty-second streets fell off Into the
roao striking hia head heavily ag alnat the rails cl
the adjoining track. He was picked np In a sense
less condition and carried Into a bouse In the vi
cinity. where bis wound, consisting of an ngty
gash In the side of the head, was dressed. Be is
now doing well.
Lanas* Cztt Mis pick.—Our readers will not
forget the strawberry festival to be given this
evening at the residence of Mr. Whelcr, No. 108
Indiana avenue, in aid of the funds of the Indies’
City Mission. This coble charity is in need of
assistance; the managers confidently look to the
fiencrooe public to give it. Wc hope to see the
tree of Mrs. Wheeler well attended this evening.
No apodal invitation is needed; all that is want
ed to secure a welcome 1- to wish to assist in the
work in which these ladies ate engaged—the care
ol the poor.
St. Louis SaKiraur Fam.—The following are
oontnbotiona from Chicago to the Mississippi Val
ley Sanltarv Fair, through the Committee on
Bools, Shoes and Leather: C. M. Henderson &
Co„ 1 box boots, value $57.00; Doggett, Bassett A
Bills. 1 box boots, vame $57.00; Snnndcrs, Bro. &
Co, 2 boxes boots, value $66.42: Flske, KlrUand
& Co., 1 box boots, value $50.00; S. P. Farnnm.
i doe. children’s shoes, value $18.00; Turner &
Sidwav, Invoice leather, $107.00; Chicago H-de and
Leather Company, cash $~5.<0; Chas McFarland
A Co., 1 case boots,
Bxsolutiokb op Bssfzct.—The following reso
lutions were adopted at a meeting of the teachers
of Chicago, held on Saturday, Jane 10,1861:
Wbeuxas, Death has removed from oar midst,
Emma F. Cotter and Jennie S. Marshall, therefore
Jtsf&ved, That while we mourn in our bereave
ment, we recognize in it the band of our Heavenly
Father “Who doeth all thin gs weD.”
Sesdved, That we tender to the families of the
deceased, our heartfelt sympathies In their afflic
tion, hoping they may be sustained by the remem
brance of their many virtues.
A Boldixb Gokx.—The friends ol Lieutenant
NoahH-Rae, of Co. L 86th regiment Illinois vol
unteers, will be pained to learn of his death in the
General Hospital at Chattanooga. He was
wounded at the battle of Besaca, Ga, by a shot
from one of tbe enemy’s sharpshooters. From
tbe field be was taken to Chattanooga, where be
died on theSd Inst., Lieutenant Bae entered tbe
service aa a private, participated In »he battle- of
Penyvllie and Stone River, and for his gallantrv
in the latter engagement was made Lieutenant.
At the battle of Chickamanga he was wounded In
tbe leg.
Abuxtebt.—Yesterday before Justice McDon
nell, Antonio M. Delight aUas Antonio Light, an
individual of some little local notoriety from his
having been mixed up in an adultery case, some
weeks ago. was charged with committing a simi
lar oflense. Ihe warrant was sworn ontby a Miss
Cynthia Farnsworth, who stated that daring the
months of September and October, 1863, defend
ant lived In an open state of adultery with a girl
named Mary McCarthy, be haring a wife living at
the lime. No particulars were elicited, as at the
request of counsel the case was continued until
this afternoon: the appearance of Delight being
secured by ssoobaiL
' tST Remember “Elijah” this evening at Brjan
Ball; the Hneical Union is devotin * its beat en
ergies to its successful prodncaon.
Accident. —We learn th at en Sunday afternoon
an employee of Bosehlll Cemetry while walking
on the track of the Chicago and Milwaukee Rail
road towards Graceland Cemetry, was knocked
down by an engine and seriously injured. It is
elated that the injured man was walking in a very
unsteady manner, being one moment between the
rail* and the next several feet away. When struck
be was so near the track that some part of tbe
cow catcher came violently in contact with his
lees and burled him into an adjoining ditch. He
was carried into a neighboring houcu, where his
wounds, consisting of some very serious bruises,
were cereitby tended.
Removed.—7 he fire steam engine. Long John,
was yesterday removed to anew wooden budding
on Washington street, between Lasalle and Wells
street, in anticipation of the speedy demolition of
the brick building which it has recently occupied,
to make way for tbe new Chamber of Commerce.
A new brick structure will be speedily erected on
the lot adjoining tbe allev, on Lasalle street
Pcndincltserection.Chief Engineer Harris will
occupy Room No. 1 Lloyd’s Block, up stairs.
The row of nnsichlly shanties on Cn-tom House
Place, will shortly be removed to mike wav fora
substantial bride block to be erected thereon.
This will be a vast-improvement upon that thor
A Cow Cage.—Testerdey afternoon a man named
Thoms? Thompson, living in the West Division,
on tbe corner ot Clinton and Harris an streets, was
charged with maliciously killing with a pitchfork
a cow bcieconz to a neighbor named James Hin
away. 7he offense was perpetrated last-winter,
Thompson killing the cow as tbe animal was in
tbe habit of trespassing and taking bay trout his
premises. At the time Runaway sued the defend
ant tor damages and obtained a judgment in one
ol the higher courts, but this Judgment toe man
refuted to pay. Complainant consequent]?, in re
venge, had him arraigned on a second charge—tbe
criminal one of **malicious mischief.” Defend
ant was held tor trial at the Recorder's court in
hinds of (SCO.
lowa Sakitabt Faib.—The following named
gentlemen were appointed by the Board of Trade
of this tity to solicit subscriptions in aid of the
Fair of tbe Sanitary Commission to beheld at
Dubuque, lowa, commencing June slat: JraT.
Menu, Julian 8. Rumscy, E. P. Griffin, J. W.Pot
tor, W. B. Keen. J. W. Proton, A. C. Tito-, Mer
nil Ladd, Jos. U. Hoes, D. H. Crorby, Geo. M.
EJmbark, T. H. Avery, Jeasoc Spaulding, C. G.
The committee am requested to meet at tbe.
office of the Secretary of the Board of Trade «h a
( Tuesday) morning, the 14tn inet., at 10 o dock.
Aw Aonox upon an Agent’s Account.— A
heavily contested case is on trial before Judge
Gary and a jury. Tbe action is one on the case,
and is entitled Thomas T. Byrd vs. George R H.
Hughes. The plaiutifl claims that the defendant
having collected rents for him failed and refused
torenderajubt ano true account and to pay over
certain moneys Tiiedofencant seta np chat be
rendered an account to the plaintiff which was
Jntt, true aud reasonable, and that he was no
wise in default. The controversy seems to be
nanowed down to a question as to the reasona
bleness of some charges made therein by the de
The case will be submitted to the jury to-day.
Annate* Sale Expibitiok.—The sale of the
pictures that hare been on exhibition at Jerne &
Alminl'a, Ko. 101 Washington street, will com
mence this evening. We are pleased to eec that
the taller; has been well attended Jbomfortably
filed each day. Chicago may lee) a just pride in
Hie success of this promising art establishment,
auguring as U does that she will at no distant day
boast an Art Gallery that will be an honor to the
West, The protect enterprise la a great one, and
deserves a liberal patronage. Many of these
works are worthy a place in the parlor* oi oar best
a linens. We trust that the encouragement re
ceived by the projectors will he snch as to war
rant them in persevering in the design thus hap
pily begun. Remember the sale this evening
Teett »t a Cokthaiiakd.— Harriet Nichols, a
colored girt of sixteen or seventeen years of age,
was yesterday charged at the Police Court upon
complaint of Henrietta Button, a fellow descend
ant of Canaan, with having stolen a qumtity of
clothing and Jewelry valmd at about 323. the oro-’
Deny of a third contraband named Mary Styles.
Xastweek Mrs, Styles leli her trunk at Mrs ISot
ton's bouse, which box the defendant opened bv
mconsof lilac keys, und abstracteo soverol artf.
w °rlh ot the prop
erty waa lonnd m the girl’s possession, as she hid
ftven motto: the things uway to her Wends. His
onorconriflcrcd the caee tolly proven, and held
the accused toy trial at the Recorder's Court in
bonds ot $ 00. In delink ofhail she was
A Nbscuboelt Fiout.— Justice Cutbbcrtson
was yesterday afternoon engaged In unravelling
the complications of a neighborly quarrel. A Mrs.
Catherine Preston, living near the Armory, at the
corns’ of Franklin end Quincy street*-, a few days
•ego thrashed and threw scalding water over an in
dividual named Sheridan, who had attained the
juftnre age of twenty mouths, in consequence ot
said Individual annihilating several of the ladies
ducks.': This act of retribution resulted in a quar
rel with Sheridan's mother, both females nt-
Mering threats of a very severe nature. For the
Cfseult on the destroyer of her ornithological ac
quisitions, Mrs. Preston was tinea $5, and on the
charge of “ threatening,” each lady was committed
to the Circuit Conn in the som of s2t».
tJHAKOE* AT Camp Douglas.—An important
change is In progress in the prisoners* square at
Camp Douglas, The barracks have been cut In
two, raised tour feet from the ground, and arrang
ed Into streets. They now stand four abreast and
nine is depth, giving room to t accordmoda te rix
tbfuifMnd mere, making a total of twelve thous
and, when the new barracks are completed. The
sanitary arrangements ore now perfected, theven
tilalkm Complete, and drainage ell that could be
,? desired:''' She poiloe snwngemenfs .include the
*" murritlmi of any smiaaoce, a math bettor method
=-fhan that of-removal. The camp has ner».been
• InßUchgood orderaa^mdertheprcaentTSgtmp.
M- Barr has been p.aced on duty
as Post Adjutant General, via Captain Madge
-5«17wb0 rtjoaa his regiment in Virginia.
rclillons fid Communications —BcMgnaUoz
of CoDßbsio»cr ••S.Hewiiousc Arr»p(-
ed—R«n« J. Wentworth Appniot
bb Softener—l be Veto Mes
sages Rejected.
Brporta of City Ofllcerw-Assesnnent*
and Appropriation*—State Street
Bndse-Wayinan’K Claim
Kicked Out.
The Common Connell met in regular session in
the Council Chamber last evening. “The follow
ing members were present: His Honor, the
Mayor, and Alderraun Gage, Peacock, Title worth,
Slump, O'Boberts, Barrett, Gallop, Mcßoy, Knan,
Sheridan, Walsh, Wailwork, Shennn, Comisky,
Clark, Bafferty, Talcott, Woodard, Himrod, Hal*
den, Von BoUen, Bond, Gaetficld, Hautiey, Arm*
among, Pronzen, Boh, Hottinrer, ballivsn, Law
ton, u’Sullivan, Woodman.
The reading of the minutes of the meeting held
on the lout of Hay was began. When
about one third through Aid. Mcßoy moved
that the reading be suspended. He
subsequently withdrew this motion, which was
renewed by Aid. Walsh. Aid. O'Boberts «poke
to the question, and thought that under the role,
the Connell had the undoubted right to suspend
the reading of the minutes if they chose. Aid.
Himrod called fur the ayes and noes. These were
ordered aa follows: ayes 17, noes 15. So the read
ing was suspended.
Aid. Bond suggested that the minutes were in
correct and mured that certain correcdoud, which
ho read seriatim , be made.
Aid. O’Boberts asked that Aid. Bond should ex*
plain bis reason lor seeking correction.
Aid. Bond did explain that his object was to
make that Intelligible which, as reported, was
altogether unintelligible.
Aid. O’Boberts was satisfied.
Aid. o'fculii?an moved that the minutes he
adopted, and called for the ayes and noes. This
motion was lost by ayes 14, noes 18. At the sug
gestion of the Mayor, Aid. Holden withdrew his
ration to take np the corrections stria tin, ana
AM. Bond read the amendments he proposed to
mace. After he had finished. Aid. O'Boberts
called for the reading of the amendments. His
request was granted, and Aid. O’Boberts ex
pressed himself satisfied.
, Alderman Sheridan moved that all that portion
of the minutes which relates to transactions by
the Connell alter Aid. Walsh vacated the cnalr be
stricken ont. Lost: ayes 14, noes 17.
Aid O’Boberts moved to read the proposed
amendments. They were read by the Clerk and
Aid. O'Boberts was satisfied.
On the motion to strike oat Aid. O’Roberts*
Speech to the Clerk, made at the last meeting, Aid.
o’Bobcrta moved as an amendment that his pro*
test be recordtd. This did not prevail.
The minutes as amended were then approved.
rtnnOKS and cosarcxicano-sa.
Petition oi Charles Miller for abateiuoutoftax*
es. Referred to Conmi t eon Finance.
An ordliAcc to Horse Railroads
presented was reiexrea to the
Committee uu Railioads.
A commanicailcva from the P. & F. W. B. b.
was refuted to Cotfcmlree on Railroads.
A petition for increase of p»y at tbe Bridewell
was referred to Committee on Bridewell.
A communication complaining of a nni&ancc
caused by a soot factory on Wolcott street was
referred to Board of Po'i.e.
Petitions ot merctiuk* doing business in the
North Division, remonctmine against the bridg
ing or Ncrtb VS a ter street. Referred to Commit
ue on Streets and Alleys, North Division.
Petition of 22. L. Blatchford and outers, com
plaining of illegal assessment. Referred to coin
miUte on Finance.
Communication from the Board ol Public
Wo.ks cover.ug petition orDeGotyer for In crease
of compensation upon Lla contract.
Petition from oost-ph Hogan, asking compen
sation lor a broken caused by dilapidated aide*
wa.ks. Eefenea to committee on Judiciary.
i'etition of A attlias KocD, asking for increase
of salary to $75 per month as bridge tender o!
North avenue bridge. Beferred to Committee on
Unitors and Bridges.
A communication was read from 3, J. Hayes,
complaining or improper assessment. Referred
to Committee on Judiciary.
Sou dry matters were referred to the Board of
Public Works.
Petitions and remonstrances for and against a
railroad on Clinton meet, between Madison and
Randolph itreets, was referred to the Committee'
on Railroads.
BEstcXATiox or wn. Knmouss.
Aid. Tittsworth read a communication from
John S. Newhouse, Police Commfesicmir for the
South Division, announcing his resignation. The
resignation was accepted.
The Mayor then nominated John Wentworth ai
Commissioner to fill the vacancy. This nomina
tion was confirmed by 25 against 8,
The Ma\ or nominated Geo. Meech as Assessor
fortbe South Division. This nomination vyas cox
Bedmoud PrindiviHe was nominated and con
firmed ss Assessor Ur the North Division.
P. McGinnis jvas appointed and confirmed as
Assessor for the West Division.
The Mayor’s veto messsges were read. Those
who arc anxious to read these precious documents
can consult their Sunday’s issne of the Secession
Aid. Bond offered tie following:
JitsUved, That it be and as hereby declared to
be tLc eiiue of tins Common Council that a ballot
or any other vote or other proceeding of the Com
mon Council which oocs nut require the approval
of the Mayor to give it force or effect, is not the
iobject of a veto, and that the paper
tuhmltted purporting to be a veto of
the action ot the Common Council in
electing by ballot five School Inspectors
which is it no sense a resolution, ordinance, or
act within the meaning of the charter, is wltboat
precedent or authority; that the other reason*,
that the proceedings were had by an unauthorized
hodr,aie without loundatiou in fact, and that so
Icing without warrant and authority oflaw, that
thepaperpnrpcrtingto be a veto message of the
election by ballot ot School Inspectors, be reject
td by this Co until, and that the Clerk be and is
hereby directed not to place the same upon its re
ccice, orrepen it with the proceedings of this
c ommoD Council.
Alderman u’itooerts raised the point of order
that such a resolution cannot be entertained while
the vi to message was nnder consideration.
Alcermau Bold made the point that a ballot
con-d not be vetoed, and insisted upon hie resolu
The Major decided Alderman Bond's notion ont
of oroer. Au tppeai was takensndthe Major was
not bu»>aiucd, ny ayes 14, nocs 17.
Aid. Woodman motel to refer the motion of
Aid. tend to me Committee on Judiciary
A d. Bond objected, on the ground that it was
n>i a quest on cf reference.
The Mayor Said that It was the datj of the
Council to tote rimplyon the question of non*
r-uetaiulng the veto; that was toe only question
which could come before the Council.
Aid. Bond asked bow it would be if the Connell
refuted to entertain that veto.
Aid. Uolden ea dthat the Conned differed with
the Mayor, believing that It was not a question
orer w Llch tie Mayor had a veto power. He bad
examined Ibotc veto messages, and saw they
were not in the Major’d hand writing; they were
too carefully drawn.
Aid. O. Bober's called the gentleman to order.
nld. Hoiden said be was in order, and the Coon*
cB would sustain him.
Aid. Titswcrth bed no doubt of the rale under
the charier in ordinary cases, bo t the Connell took
the ground that the Major had no right to veto a
bal’ot of the Ci-uncil; they were not proper vet >ei>.
Aid. Woodman ashed if those men were ducted
witbrnt tbe authorization of the Mayor.
A'd. Bond claimed that tin-re was uo disposition
to a ovrd matters on their aide of tbe bouse: the
matierwoulddonbtiiSßgo the Courts, and it was
net well for the Conmil to spend time in discuss
ing it.
a.d. Barrett was willing that themajolrtysbould
pass their pet mcat-me It they chose.
Aid. Woodman theu withdrew bis motion for a
reference to the Jodldary '’ommittee, and the
morion of Aid. Bond was carried.
Veto No. 2 ass theu read, and Aid. Bond re
newed bit motion that the Co and. refuse to re
ceive it, md that tbe Cierk be directed not to
spread it upon the reccrds.
Tl.e - jor decidid the motion ont of order,
but an app« ai was taken aud the Mayor was not
sustained by ayes 15. noes 16.
Aid. B<nd’a motion was then adopted by ayes
10. noes 15,
Veto metsafe No. Three was read.
A'd. Bond renewed bis motion.
The Mayrr di tided the motion out of order.
An appeal was liken from the de icion of the
Mayor. It was’iot tnstalnsd by ayes 13, nays 17.
The question recurring upon the motion of Aid.
Bend, it peered by ayes I7,nayal4, so the message
was not received.
Veto wert-age No. 4 was taken up, pending tbe
cr.ortdi ration of which. Aid. Walsh sent ap the
“I protest against the revolutionary and illegal
profeni’rirt* taken by n majority of the.members
ol ibis Council, with reference to the veto mes
sages of tbe Mayor, presented for tbe considers
tun ol the Common Council this evening.”
(Signed) “David Walsh.”
A'd Bond renewed his motion.
The Ma» or decided it ont of order. An sppeil
was taken from the Mayor's decision. It was not
sustained by ajca 14, nave 17.
The qn« shod recurr.n t upon the motion of Aid.
Food, it was adopted by ayes IT, nays 15.
So tie veto messages were not received,
nxronrs oy citt offices.
The Comptroller sent In a communication dis
cussing tbe probable cost of revising the city or
dinance. This was laid over and ordered to be
, pubUtbed.
The same official reported upon the Denny
CoucbUn da’.m, concurring in the opinion of toe
City-Attorney ol its illegality, but suggesting that
the claim was meritorious. He also submitted
an order looking to the payment of the day labor
ers tbe amount out or which Desny swindled
than. It was laid over and ordered to be publish
Tbe Beard of Public works submitted for con
tinuation, a contract executed with the Galena &
Cnicoco Union Railroad Company, ceding to the
city the extrusion of Wolcott street, ana provll
irp for a bridge across the river at State street,
and a across the tracks ol the company.
The same wae referred to the Committee on streets
and alleys, North Division, and the contract or
dered to be published.
Al*o,a report recommending the racatlan of
Carrol street, near "North Market. Referred to
Committee on streets and alleys. West Division.
Also recommending thd extension of West
While to Larrabee street.
Alt-o recommending the repeal ol the ordinances
whereby rpocial asres fmcula were levied, in deter
cncetothededbicaoftbe Sopremc Coort declar
ing such special assceements to be UlegaL This
report and the accompanying ordinance was adopt
ed and passed. , - , ,
The Board of Public Works presented reporta
and ordinances as follows: An ordinance for ex
tending Wolcott street and bridge across the river
&t State dree*. Also contract concerning same
with the G. & C.U.8.E.C0.: for sidewalk on
West Desplilnea from Taylor to De Koven streets;
for sidewalk on north side Warner street from
Boyne to Leavitt; on north side Twelfth from Jef
ferson to Desplsiues; on south side Banker from
JeffersrntoDefplffltoes; on south side Farqaler
from Jefferson to'Halsted; oo sooth side of De
Koven from JcTerson to HsUteo; on both sides West
Washington from Lincoln to Robey; on both si Jes
Throrp, from West Twelfth to Mitchell: for
planking alley in block 1 School Section Addition
toCbcago; for private fewer on West Randolph,
West Monroe, and West Adams; for sidewalk on
cast side Lutie Fort Road, from Centre to Wlscon
i sis street; for sidewalk on sonth side Twenty
second street, from State to Saddam; for lamp
pest on Kankanee avenue and Twenty-fourth
The Committee on Finance reported an ordi
nance making appropriations for the fiscal year
38 4.. Ordered to ne published.
Tte same committee reported back the objec
tions of the Mayor to the increase of the salaries of
members of the Fire Department, and submitted
an ordnance fixing the salary of the Chief Enzl
r etr at $a,500 per year, engineers of fire engines at
f .3 per month, aad ail other employees at £63 per
moLtb. The ordinance passed unanimously.
TOe same Committee reported an ordinance au
thorialnc the Controller to purchase for school
pure ores the hence on the comer of H&lsted and
Twelfth streets, at an expense not w-odin.# asm
This ordinance wra paived. 1
The Committee on Harbor and Bridget reported
an ordinance increasing the talary of the bridge
tenner*. Laid over under the rule. '
The Committee on Judiciary reported that the
bond of Joseph Grogan waa correct. Report ac
cented and approved.
The same Committee reported adversely to the
petition of Gustav Fiacher, contesting the wm of
Mathias Fraiizen.
. _ The Committee was referred the peti
tion of Wm. Wayman reported as follows;
Your Committee on Judiciary, to whom was ro
ferred (ugether with the City Attorney) the peti
tion of W uilam Waymau,*BoU:ltlng vow Honora
ble fody to consider; the eloctloalatelvheld for
Ccmflseloner of Police, a* an attempted usurna-
Uou ol hia rights for raasea of his appoint
ment a* *nrh Commlasloner under the act of Lo6l.
&r., te haviag bad the same under advleement beg
leave to report that notwithctandlng the said
Watminwas appointed a member of the “Board*
Police of tire C'itj* cf Chicago” andor the
Act spprc vtd Fchmsiy alst. A. I), 1-V.i, It la thj
c pluiou of your Cc-miaittco ihat snh-c.iucnt legis
lative arts. iiß e<t forth In Section IX oi Chapter
-d. and Section XViI ChcptiT 17, of ihcßev;u j
Charter of the city of Chicago, approved February
13, lßC2,‘CoQ9titbte the election lately held for
t oimnlsKODfT of Police as and proper, and
> b si ihe result thereof 1» in no manner or form an
attemptrd upurpation of’th-.* rights of die aaM
W. 11l am Wayman.
Fespcctimlr mhmltled.
Benj. EL GAU.CP,
. r JOSEPH SmSBWDf, .r -
Of the Committee.
Aresolctlon was.passed,offered by Aid. Tab
cott, giving to inspectors and clerks of election
three dollars a day for their services at the late
election. , w • ’ , ’,;
The Committee on Wharves and Public Build-
Inge reported an ordinance looking to the larin"
out of a public Park in lbs old Cemetery grounds
In the North Division, laid over under the
Alderman Sullivan moved to adjourn. Upon
thfa motion the ayes and note were called, Lo;t
by ayes 3k. docs A
A number of sidewalk ordinances were pissed,
The Council then adjourned.
The Camptlgn Club—Appeal of its Officers te
the Union Hen of the City.
The undersigned having been appointed at the
Mass Ratification Meeting of the Union citizens
of Chicago, on Thursday eveninglast, as the ex*
ecutivo officers of a permanent ergrnlzatlon for the
ensuing Notional and State campaign under the
name of “The Lincoln and Oglesby Club,” hereby
give notice that they have accepted the| respec
tive appointments conferred upon them by said
mass meeting, and have entered upon their duties
and inTite the cordial and zealous support and co
operation of ail who have at heart tha great inte
rests of the cause and of the country.
* In former Presidential campaigns, it has been
found useful and necessary to have a central or
ganlzatloc established, representing the National
as well as the State nominees, in concert with tha
State Central Committees, to superintend and push
forward the work of the campaign, the work of
organizing thecongresslonalDi6tr.eeinto activity,
of cirnlcating documents, raising funds and
necessary expenses, sending lorth speakers, insti
tntlog public meetings, and providing every need
ful agency lor insuring a vigorous, effective and
successful campaign.
In the preformance of this work this organlza*
tit n will represent the whole Union party oi this
district without distinction. It will represent no
personal ends. It will. In lia deliberations and its
official action, know only the National Union
pony and its nominees and confine itself to the
great and Important work of securing their sac*
To effect these resells will require labor, fidelity
and sacrifice. Our time, oar talents and oar means,
must be Ireely given to tbe great work before ns.
\T bile oar brethren have gone forth to do battle for
the sacred cause, and Ireely offer np their llyes In
its behalf, we also mnat be prompt and faithfbl in
laboring to siuUln them at home. Every loyal
man should be ready to do hie uttermost to secure
tbe election cl ttote who represent tbe party of
Liberty and Union in tbe coming contest. In so
doing he is rendering a service to his country, if
lees glorious, yet not lees important, than of
the tiOldier in tbe field.
To tbis end we invite onr fellow citizens who
are In lavor of the election ot the Lincoln and
Oglesby tickets to co-operate with ns, and aid in
the good work by establishing auxiliary dabs to
affiliate with and work in concert *lth the Cen
tral Organization, and we solidt«yonr cordial,
earnest and untiring devotion to tbe groat work
helore ns.
JOHN L. HANCOCK, President,
WILLIAjr A, Pokteh,'
J. ti. JdCBLKZ,
P. W Gates,
Vam H. Biggies,
We. H Bradlet,
C. G. Wicsxb, Tnaaortr.
First Ward—Peter Page; Second—o. fl. Hough:
Third—Lewis B. Davie \ Fourth—Benjamin Lom
bard : Filth—John Haber; Sixth—Alfred Pardos;
Seventh—Dr. J. H. McAllister; Eighth—W. N,
Smith: Ninth—George W. Newcomoe; Tenth—
Peter Eaggy; Eleventh— '. M. Hawley; Twelfth
—H. Fehenthal; Thirteenth—Jehu Keiber; Four
i ctuib—Fntz Frillman; Fifteenth—Dr. C. G. Pa
olt; Sixteenth— E. C. Larnr-d. At large—C. N.
Holden, J. 8. Rumiey, G. W. Gage, John V.
Farweli, 8. C. Blake and H I*. Steele.
’ J. W. WAUGUOP, Secretary.
$37“ Don't forget the oratorio o! “Elijah’ 1 to
night at Brysn Ball. ItwiU be the event of the
musical season. A chorus of sixty or seventy of
cur resident musicians will be there.
The Idaho and her Comsort cf the If. T. Cen
tral Ballroad Line.
Once it was scornfully asked abroad of the li ter
ature of this country, “Whi reads aa Amencvn
bockt” No fear that tbe question la unfavorably
answered now. So of lake travel. Not many
seasons ago it used to be asked with a scornful
e ovation of the nose, “Who' rides on tpropel
/rr/“ It is easy to answer the question now, or
r-ther it is only not easy In respect to tke actually
largo and annually iicreas.ny number of those
vhopatronhe these b< at-.
Take, lor example, the beautiful Idaho, of the
New York Central Railroad Hue, which leaves
Messrs Richmond & Hancock’s dock this evening
for Buffalo. She commands the best dies ol trav
elers, and gives them the best clsss of accommo
dations—superb, spacious, well appointed state
rooms, wide and eiegant saloons, every appoint
ment of furniture and cuisine and,
witha’, such motor power in the sp'cndld engine,
that the Idaho’s trips, under Capt. Conkey, are be
coming proverbial. What wonder that she com
mands the beat class of travil, and that Capt.
Conkey never has a lean passenger JDt,
She is only one of a noble fleet of boats, to
which ee* eral new ones tbe Whitlow. Richmond,
and others—have been added m the past two sea
sons uow constituting a daily line, leaving the
above dock. a. A. Sample, at the 17. Y. Central
Railroad office, and at No. Id North Wells street Is
the General Passenger Agent ot this line. Tbe
margin saved in fares over railroad figures Is well
seconded by the other Inducements derived from
the pleasure of tbe four or fire days’ trip, destined
this season to be more popular than ever.
£Tbz lowa Sanitabt Bair.—The following are
the remarks oi Gen. H. A. WUtsa, President of the
Fair, upon being intodneed to the Chicago Board
cf 1 rade on Thursday:
Mr, Fr&idmi and Gentlemen : The lowa Fair
is the child of the Chicago Sanitary Commission.
Its aim is to strengthen the army. Its resu't will
be to lessen the frequency of calls upon the people
oi Cbieago. Our Fair was arranged for more than
three mouths ago, and active measures to pro
mote It have been ever atme In progress. It has
organized tbe Eire into county Associations,
with an Executive Committee reaching to every
township and neighborhood in the county. No
State is to Uoiougily organized for peraiiUjnt
taobary work
We have aimed from the first to raise by tbe
Fair SIOO,OOO. We should have accomplished
this at home but lor the recent call for hundred
daysmen. We ban Inmisbed 10,000 men In ex
cess of all the calls for troops when the hundred
days’ call came. It has neceae-r.ly divided atten
tion and Eeiiouslvolmluished the force that was
laboring for tbe Fair. It has converted more of
cur population Into soldiers than wo hare wealth
to sustain. In view ol aT these facts, the East
has tireaoy contributed liberally to tbe Fair,
Milwaukee has given os $3,000 and upwards.
Soe.alol ibe coom!esin lowa have contributed
in money tbe average of one dollar for every ha
nan being in tb: county.
We bcvft tvoideu in lowa that only evil that at
tends Sanitary Fait s. In our plan of organization
no have looked tn the mtnrc. We have made the
"air tbe motive 10 systematized effort that will,
ifproperiyenetaineaflDdklr.dly encouraged, re
main in lull wte*» tbe Kair Is over. ■
Itwalas'it h. fall force of the blow which tie
warba? inflicted. Being a sirietly agricultural
State and remote from Inc market, none of her
towns and no portion of her popnlaiiou have de
rived lemfit nom the war Uer natural canal
tott o ocean Is cuLVoidablc, and the advance in
the price ol frti/ht. Is mode to absorb the rise in
proouce. In wholcteighborhoods tbe loyal pop
ulation, caps! I; of bt-annganns, are all in the ar
my, and.tbc women and children are managing
ibe forms as best they can. Tbe soldiers’ homes
aad families: re ’eft entirely noon tbe bauds of tbe
loyal population. Where 1 liVe a tax is.levied for
tb* ee pnrpoECs.
T. e-f ‘tatements are not made to elidt sympathy,
lowa will uncomplainingly bear all tbe bortheni
t) at ibis armed assault upon Liberty protected oy
law, maybe able to lay upon her. Her Fair Is bu:
an cilori to lighten the heavy load of contributions
to Sanitary objects, which Chicago has loug and
pa’iactiy home, we are ambitious that the result
of our arduous cflort shall encourage and ebeer
the brave mm that we have lavishly pent to the
field. Whatever enables us to do this will not be
lightly thought of, or soon forgotten. A laud
bind extended to lowa at this time, will strongm
en the commcrdal relation with Chicago that is
rapidly springing up and extending, and will aid
to it that affectionate regard which is stronger
and more lasting than commercial tics.
A Committee was appointed ;by tbe Board of
Trade to solicit subscriptions, who wilt call on the
citizens of Chicago, for material aid.
Citt Montautt.— Tbe following is the report
of deaths in tbe tity for the month of May, 1864:
Underfive years 122
Between CundlO. 29
44 10and SO ... 15
44 20 and 30. .40
*• 80 and 4b. 83
44 40 and 50.. 13
44 60 and (W 7
4 * CO and 70 7
44 70 and 80 7
»• 60 and DO 8
SnU-born 12
A{,ea unknown 18
Total 809
JTatlonaiitU*— Chicago, IS2; Canada, 4; Color.
Underfive years...
Between Cundid.
A{,ea unknown.
Total 809
JTatlonaiitU*—CHcißO, IS2; Canada, 4; Color,
cd, IS; England 4; Ireland, 32; Scotland, 4; Qer
many, 22; Norway, 7; Sweden, 1; Illinois, oat'
sideot Chicago, U; other State*. 48; unknown,
28; Wales. 1; Holland, 2; Bohemia, Z; total, 309,
Number for April, 299. Increase, 11.
Ceuta of J)eath— Apoplexy, 8; accident, 5;
Bright's disease, 1; bilious lever, 3; bowel com
plaint, 1; consumption, 4l; colds, 1; congestion
brain, 8; co bowels. 1; cerebra spinil mtntogltls,
1 ; cronp, 1; cercmltcs. Z; convaislon, «; chronic
diarrhea,!; child btrtb.s; cholera infantum* l;
cninr, U; dry can crenel Z; throat disease, Z;
dropsy, 2; dysentery,7; drowned, 8; diphtheria,
G* diarrhea. 4; tryslpeliw,s: enteritis, 2; g.atrt
t:e, 1 * gravel, Z; hydrocephalene, 3 pnfiamma’ion
kidneys, 1: do brain, 3; do lungs, ll; intemper-
injuries, 2; meatles, 8t; nephritis, 1;
old ace, ZO; palsy, Z: paralysis, 3; pneumonia,
i ; puerperal fever. 2; ihenmatlsm, 2; email pox,
£h* still born, Z2; scarlet fever, 5; suicide, 2;
summer complaint, 2; typhoid fever, Z3; teethe
ine,4; tumor.Z; unknown, 26; whooping cough,
4; worms. 1. Total, SO9. .
The 10l owing is tte total mortality and deaths
from small pox in each division, as compared
with the year 1863: .
<£C*. 186*.
rivieicns. Small pox. Total. Small pox. Total.
North 8 49 8 83
West I 91 9 100
South . .3 UO .18 103
Unknown... - 7 —• 16.
.7 257
Caud teom Johh Lyle Keig.— John Lyle King
attorney for William Turtle, late Acting Snperinl
tended of the Police force of the dty of Chicago,
sends ns the following peppery letter:
To the Editors of the Trlotme:
Tne statement in your Sunday paper, that “ yes-,
terdsy afternoon Mr, Turtle, Wm. Abbott, Wil
liam Wayman. John S. Newhouse, iHove-In Sher
man, S.S. Bayes, Wabash C. Goody, and John
Lyle King” were “ In consultation ” is, so for as I
am concerned, an unmitigated fiction. I have not
been, nor am I going, “in soch a crowd. It is
true, lam one or Mr. Tmtte’a attorney.. The re
latlon between hlifi and me la that of client and
attornee, It is a professional oxe. It is not polit
ical or partixeru The question involved Is n legal
one. and the courts will decide it. For my notions
of tne lew of the case, and of my duties to my
client, I shell'retihhr cousnlt with “promioant
Republicans” n«r caucus with Copperheads. I
shill serve my client to the best of my ability, in
my “ capacity of counsel for Mr. Turtle,” without
anyTecard to the “place of District Attorney” or
any ether place or places. *
, _ Jons Lyle Eero.
Chicago, June 18.
' will be brought .out; at Brynt
Ball this evening. The entire Musical Union, in
full chorus, and all the fashion of the 1 city will be
Sptrlal Morlinj—Luitioii dr Rooms—lid to
the low* Fair—The Baiter] - .
A special meeting of the Mercantile Association
was held las* evening, at their rooms, on Dearborn
street. The President—John Tyrrell—occupied
the i-hair, and stated that the meeting bid been
called to receive the report of a committee appoint
ed at a prci ions meeting to canter with the repre
ertiiUltesof the Chamber ot Commerce wltti a
view to ascertain if accommodation coaid bo af
forded the Association, and at what cost, suppos
ing it should be thought desirable to trons'erthc
I lice ot meeting to the new building on the corner
ofWathington and Lasalle streets.
! I. Y. Mtmn, on behalf of the committee, report
ed that they had been offered the lease, for fifty
year?, ofa room in the building fronting LaSalle
salle street and the alley. The room would he fif
ty feet by thlrtyjlvo feet and of good height, It
would bo situated over the offices of the Chamber
of Commerce, and would be approtched by two
sixteen feet flights of stairs from the ground floor.
Nothing definite bad been ascertained as to the
exact amount of rent, the Film asked being 10 per
cent upon the outlay, Which was npt known at
present. It was the opinion of the committee
that if the amount of rent required did not exceed
|£oo, they woold be prepared to recommend the
change ollocatlon.
H. W. King inquired of the President when the
lease of the present room expired and if the occu
pation could he extended.
The President said the lease expired on the
13th of January next. He had had some conver
sation with Jndge Dickey, and found that he was
willing to grant another lease on the present terms.
He had promised to give an answer iu ten days
whether or not the lease should be renewed.
W. H. ilcKmdley thought the situation of the
present room was the beat that could be found in
the city in consequence of its contiguity to the
H. W. King moved that tbq. Committee ba dis
charged, and that the President and Secretary bo
instructed to lease the present rooms for a period
of oneycar from January next.
I, T. Muxm moved as an amendment that the
President and Secretary be requested to secure the
room in the proposed Chamber of Commerce,
provided it can be obtained for SSOO per annum.
The amendment having been put to the meeting
and lost the original resolution was submitted and
S Mr. Mann drew the attention of the gentlemen
present to the lowa State Fair which was about
to be held at Dubnqne, and urged strongly that
independent of the object of the fair, that it was
the only of Chicago to assist it all in her power.
Agents had been sent to this city to solicit aid in
the matter.
. MeiriULadd, the Secretary.aaldhehad spent two
boors yesterday iu soliciting subscriptions to the
fair, and bad received promises of liberal dona
tions from G. C, <*ook &Co, H. W, Hinedile *
Co., Day, Allen* Co-, Williams, Smith & Co.,
Tan Born, Murray & Co* James A. Phillips
Co«J. L. chapmar, J. S. Kirk * Co.
The Secretary announced tbkt he had received a
communication from I. N. Arnold, from Washing
ton, stating that an Investigation bad been order,
ed into the wrongs to which the Mercantile Batte
ry had been alleged to have been subjected. The
men are sot to be transferred to any regiment, bat
are to continue as a battery, bat have not yet been
supplied with thelrguna.
The Association then adjourned.
The Oiu.to mo or Elijah.—That this is one of
the greatest Oratunos ever written, is admitted
by all. Its RorgcoQe wealth of sublime musical
eilects made even Meyerbeer hesitate and at last
abandon the Idea ol entering npon the domain of
Oratorio writing. It Is like a magnificent paint
ing. which grows npon one the more it is studied,
and} ear alter year it i* performed In Boston and
Jsew York, as well as the principal cities of Ea
rope« tl«tys Insuring 101 l houses and increased
mneical enjoyment. The mnelc lovers of Chicago
are delighted with the prospect of again hearing
it next Tne* day evening, tinder circumstances that
piomise the most eCe-axve rendition ever attained
in this city. The cooras will be larger, the or
chestra more powerful, than ever before, while the
debut of Airs. Hattie Brown Miller in tne leading
soprano roles is looked forward to as one of the
most interesting events of the season. She has
already achieved in.dramatic music ol this char
acter an enviable reputation, and now for the first
time affords Chicago an opportnnitv to ratify the
verdict of Eastern cities. Too part of the Widow,
which *bo takea in the first part of the Oratorio,
and that of the Angel in the last port, especially
In the solo, “Hear ye, Israel/’ affords scope far
the widest n.nge of artistic power, combining ex
tremea of tenderness, pathos and commanding en
ergy. We beLcve she will surprise and delight
OI who, as a contralto, has scarcely
an equal in the West; Jnlina Lombard ana Mr.
Sabin, will also sustain conspicuous parts In the
oratorio. TWs crest master-piece of Meyerbeer
will be given tc-nicht at Bryau Hall, and we be
speak for the Musical Union the compliment of a
crowded lease. . '
Wood's mcbecic—Mrs. Pz raw's Benefit.—
No Udy ever connected with the histrionic art in
Chicago deserves a more complimentary recogni
tion at the hands of onr citizens thin does airs.
L. B. Perrin, who takea a benefit this evening at
Co). Wood’s unseam.' A true artist in every re
spect, faithful to namre in all rha undertakes. Wo
hope tie bouse will be crowded. The programme
embraces the beautifcl drama of Miriam's Crime
fbe pleasing comedetta of the Ladies* Battle.
McVickib'sTueatbb. —Hr.and Miss Couldock
will appear to-night in the beautiful domestic
drama ol the Chimney Corner and the farce of
Mr. and Mrs. Peter White. This Is the last week
of these celebrated artists, and we trust very
many of our citizens wlil avail themselves of the
opportunity to witness their rendition of some
oi the test plays on the stage*
The Concert Last Evening. —Mr. Pease cave
his second, and, we regret to say, bisUit, con
cert, last evening at Bryan Hall, to an audience
somewhat larger limn that of the first night, bnt
Ly no means t.ueh us the great excellence of bis
entertainment should have brought oat. Those
who attended were well rewarded, for It Is very
rarely that so good a concsrt is given In Chicago.
Mr.Pcaie is fflililed to take rank among the
first pianists of the age, and though yet quite
ycung, has achieved a mastery over the technical
disunities of his in-tmmenl which few of the
oldtr attlsta have surpassed. He gave us se
lections which wen almoit altogether new la onr
concert rooms, and were all the more acceptable
for that reason. He b« Introduced us to Contsky
end to Ruff, peihaps the first living compostr for
tbe piano, and has given ns sr.mjof the moat
difllcult composit.Oßß of L’lZt. He played lost
evening Liszt's £ minor Polonaise tbe ‘- Wa»lng
of the Liou" ly Kontsky, two selections from
Raff, and on cmcr:s the Tannhacser March, and
n patriotic arrangement ol his own 81s
exquisite taste and bit delicate touch were
especially noticed in tbe andante of the 44 Waking
of tbe Lion,” while Me great power and immense
command of octaves were folly developed in the
last movement of the same pte;e. Tnecachoo
cca of Raff was admirably given, and displiyed
very fully tbe graceful care and finished execution
which characterize ail hi* performances.
aies Uairis gave 44 Korneva nel Sltenzio” 4 Ah,
non. pierce,” and, bilng encored, the “Tenzino
tVfcltz.*’ The care with wh'ch this young lady
s!n<?s is remarkible. The hlghct nates and the
most elaborate execution ate apparently accom
plished without the slightest effort. Molleuhan>'r,
as usual, divide d the honors, and displayed his
otual mastery of tbe violoncello.
•'Vice Presidents.
Hours' Circus— This famona e mestrian
tronpr, combining the two elements ol a arena and
menagiric, will exhibit in this city on the 20th,
23tt and 22d mat., at the corner of Tare fib and
State streets. The advert'aenent in another col*
non gives the details of this attractive exhibition.
YaiunTrea.—They have n large tronpe of excel*
lent per formers an be varieties. See particulars
m advertisement.
Death or MajocD. W.Nobton.—The following
appears In the Nashville Times of the 7th Inst:
Wc learn that Major Norton, A'd to Major General
Palmer, was killed on the 8d ofJm.e in a salnalsb
near Dallas. He vw an excellen* a’ddan&guQictr.
A lew days before his d* atb be ro. c out, attended by
a ticcie orderly, beyond the plcsu.r, to a bense
• here there were twelve rebels. Riding up to tbe
door, be told than that he baa the hou«o surround
, d.msde them slack thvlr aims, ana inarched them
off to our lines es prisoners of war. Tne death of
such a man, at a time like this, la deeply to be de
Major Norton was a native of Boston, and came
to Wiscouem severalyears since, where he pur
chased alarm. and prepared to bring It nuder
cultivation. Owing to sickness be was compelled
to come to Chicago, where be obtained a sltai
ticn first with Mr. Hale, farnl'ure dealer, on Ca
xml street, and subsequently w't J Tobey Bros., oa
Lake street. lie was in the latter establishment
on tbe breaking ont- of thv rebellion—raised a
company, and was elected Captain of Company
E, 4i'c Illinois Volunteers. Under his Captaincy
tins company gained the rcputsUon of being tbe
best drilled and olsciplmcd command In the regi
Abont two years since he was appointed Abla
tors inspector General on Major General Pal
mer's Staff, where he remained until bla death as
tcrrateuuiuvc. We h*pp.*n to know that he was
highly («tecmvd as an officer, and a man, by all
with whem be came In contact. He had deter
mined to make military'business his profession,
-.ntj had applied to the authorities at Washington
tor a commission In the regular service. General
Thomas, In his report of tbe battle of Chattanoo
ga, made cepcdal mention of the galaniry and
bravery ol Major Norton, and strongly recom
mended him for promotion. At toe time of his
death be was Major of the 42d Regiment.
The Journeymen Bakers.—The Journeymen
bakers held & epedal meeting yesterday morning,
at which a proposition was discussed for the es
tablishment ofa joint stock bakery. The project
was received with favor, and st,sooof thes3,oX
required, subscribed upon the spot. Charley
Woodman, the copperhead Alderman from the
Sixteenth Ward, was given a Mow nnddr the
email riba by tbo adoption o! the following :
Berdvtd, That it is the opinion of this Society
that the police lorcc of tbia cit- ts composed ofau
ungrateful body of men, that they do not present
Aldcmcn C. L. Woodman with a leather tneda 1 ,
for biactiitlemonlr and statesmanlike offoiti to
secure to them an increase of pay.
ifcrafmf, That the cxpeaeesof bis trip to Mil
waukee for bakers to run bis' shop, be, aud the
fame !s hereby, ordered paid by this Society, in
contidCTeuCn Of bla dhappointment through the
echini* e of the Society. ,1k
Jttt'4 rerf, ■! hat the -ramo of the fflld Aioermin
C. L. W.. having occupied a place on tbe elate for
the last eighteen month* as a candidate for Mayor
ol tlis city, we request that the tame be not taken
off until presented to ns at the next municipal
BTBA"wnzußizp.—lhink of a ftrawberry with a
girth of fix incites and one-eighth. It Ilea before
ue. It is a Triompbe de Gand. U wae carefully
measured by a committee of careful and conscien
tious gentleman, each of whom was rewarded
with a berry of lesser size, all from a luscious box
of a luscious lot just received by 11. Buckminster,
dealer in confectioner's f aits, &c., at No. 346
State street, comer of Jnckaon. -
' Indies’ Belief Society.—The regularmeet
ing of Ladies’ Belief Soicety for soldiers’ families
will be held at the sewing rooms, 6B Majiisou
street this (Tuesday) afternoon at half past two
Frcnohins this Evening.—Elder Benj,
Franklin Is rtlll continuing b!s interesting meet
ings at the Christian Chords, on West Monroe
street, between Aberdeen and Rucker. He will
preach again this (Tuesday) evening June 14th, at
8 o'clock. Subject, •‘•The Destruction of the
30 809
Soldiers’ Ho me,-All persons
the festival for the benefit of the Soldiers' Home,
will please meet ibis Tuesday at pa* 4 two
o'clock, p. m., at theSoldlera' Rest.
The Board of Managers are especially requested
to be present, to confer with one another T ‘ ew
ot the forthcoming election on Friday next.
- Mbs. H, SATKto, Sec'y.
Chicago. June lUh, ISCL
' Another Festival.— Another Strawberry
Festival will be held at Bryan Hall on Wednesday
night, lor the benefit of tho Trinity Church Mh-
Bion Sabbath School. This festival should be
well palrofllred by this community. The ladle*
having the School in charge are doing an excel
lent work, and they ehontfi receive t v e cnconmqe
tnent of the public. The encouragement they
moat desire la a handsome add Uon 10 their trea
ty. We trust that the enterprise will prove
BUCceeßfnl; '"
Union Sleetlmgw for Tonne Blots.
Hr. Itarnmnnd, hlmeell & JOUDg ETftllgftHkt,
eondnett Union meetings every evening or this
week for young men. All are cordially invited.
The first gathering was In Bryan Hall on Sabbath
< vjning. Two thousand persons listened to brief
Addresses hy Sty, Dr. Patton and Bey. Dr. Evarts,
and Tor two boms to Mr. Hammond.
A« Bryan Hall is otherwise engaged, the other
Declines are In the nearest central church, the
dark Street Melhodlrt, corner of Washington
and Clark street?. The Church was tilled last
erepine. ana hundreds remained at the Inquiry
We observed Bev. Dre. Patterson and Hum
phrey. Dr. Dr Patton, Bey. Dr. Williamson, Rer
Drs. Evaiti and Colver, Roy. Mr. Hareho, Rev-
Jlc«Fra. and Tifianr, and many prominent
Chr’tticns wed known on Water end take street ’.
All good people unite to encourage onr ypunj
men to attend these mefctfnge, which are probably
Mr. Hammond’s last meetings In onr city.
Ite Bakers at Work A train,
I hare the pleasure toaonounce to the palrefil
of the Mechanical Bakery, and the public geaerUiy
that onr business Is resumed again in every de
partment, end we shall try to supply all demands
upon ue. aid give full satisfaction,
a It also affords us satisfaction to state that our
journeymen who took a furlough las: week,-bare
returned to All the places they vacated per order
of the Society.”
ra All whcseplaces were not filled in their absence
have been re-employed, The/ tbna bear the most
incontrovertible evidence thetasilves that they
were gelling “ a feir rate of wages for a fair day’s
woifc.” as they have returned eutiraly of their own
volition. 11. C. CHILDS,
Superintendent Mechanical Bakery.
To Military Officers and Soldiers.—
From Col. E.F. Jones, Mass. 2Cth: ‘‘With me,
the use cf the 'Bronchial Troches’ la on absolute
nt ceeslty; and 1 cannot understand bow any offi
cer who is called upon, by h!sposUlon, to use bis
voice in command, can sauced without them.”
XST Cedar Camphor is stifling to Insect life;
ceitiin annihilation to Moths. Cheap, cheap,
flagrant and durable. Harris * Chapman, fac
tuxers, Boston. Every druggist sella it.
Corns, Warts and Toothache.—These
cm be effectually removed and cored by Dr. Sa j-
i ers’ Three Minute 5a vc In from three to too mlu
m«s-Why will yon suffer the excruciating and tore
meuiing pain when a remedy is offered you for L 0
cents } To ho bad at Dr. Easterly’s Family Medi
cine SUre No. 99 Msdhon street, near too Foat
Office. jellk!s4-lt
mothers S Mothers!! Mothers IS!—Are
you disturbed at nigh and broken of your rest by
a sick child suffering and crying with the ezcrnti
ating pain of cutting teeth ? II so, go at once and
get a bottle of Mrs. Winalow’s Soothing Syrup. It
will relieve tbopocrllule sufferer Immcolatoly—do
f>end upon it; there is no mistake about it. There
a not a mother on earth who bos need It, who-will
not tall yon at once that It will regulate the bowels,
and give rest to the mother, and relief'and health
to the child, operating like magic. It is perfectly
sale to use in all cases, and pleasant to the taste,
and Is the prescription of one of the oldest and best
female physicians and nurses In the United States.
Price 2o cents. Sold everywhere
maylC-"825-1 m-Tu ea Ths & Sat
Metropolitan Dali to Bent.— This Hall
is to rent for all the purposes for which such balls
are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Applica
tions be ttvvJp at the office, adjoining tue en
trance to the Hail. JeUrnDlO-tr
Bryant &,Slrattoa’a Chicago Xtele
prapn ingtitptu —The largest Institution of
the kind m the world I Tbirtv-flve telegraph In
stilments in constant asm Address
Bbtakt & Stbattox.
jtm2H2?s-IM, D «fc W. Chicago, 111.
House and Sign Painting. Calclnuning,
Glazing and (Gaining. Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling at wholesale and retail at New
York prices. P. E. Rioor, 89 Randolplf street.
Box 6563. jeS-bHMm
Diseases of tbe Nerroas, Seminal, Uri
nary sni'lexuiil Sywtemr,—New and relia
ble treatment—in reports of iht Howard Assck lo
tion. Seat by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free
Of charge. Address D.J. SkilJon Houghton, How
ard Association, Vo. 8 ffoath Nlctb struct, Phila
Commercial Postscript.
Monday Evening, JuneW— lOp m.
Tbe advance la gold and the favorable news by tbe
European steamer, excited ihe market, particularly
for Wheat, and higher prices were paid. There waa
a good attendance at tbe Sherman Honse in the eve
nitg.and alargo business was done.
Wheat has advanced per bushel slnca the
clcssof ’Cnange. and Deeper bus'ielover the lowest
price paid today. In the afternoon aoout 15%000
hosbels were sold at t1.87K3t.39H for No. 1 Spring,
and at fl.SlXftl.33 for No. 2. In the evenhu, the
market was very bilet, with a good demand both by
ehlppers and speculators, and about 370,500 bushels
wcresuld,atslJ9Hdl-40forNo. I Spring, and 81.32
61 .SfH for No. 2 Spring, as follows: W,903 bn No. 1
Sprir-gat<l.S9Ht ISO’COObn do at $1.40;
2SprlugatsLß3: 1.000 bn do at 81.52H; 7,000 bn do
at 81SH: 97.CC0 bn do at 8183:20,000 bn do at tUUHt
5.1(0 bu do at 8183H; 35,000 bn do (fresh) at BU3H(
19,100 lu dc (In A. D. a Co.’*) at 81-32: 803hu do
(early) at tl.SC—the market closing firm at ILSOHtf
M 0 for No. 1. and at lIASHSt.SSS for No. 2.
Cobs waa “without any friend*,” and only about
I.OCO bnebels were reposted at |!.C9H- There waj
scarcely any demand fbr It.
Oats were steady and firm, with sales of about
3 0,000 bo Ko 1 at 70®10Kr, and SCO bo No i at 68c.
tiionwrsss were to better demand and firmer,
owing to more favorable newt from New York, and
we report the following itleatSOO brl* goodcouatry
aidcltyatslJ!4K; SObrlt at 91.14; 50 brla common
country at slJSK—closing firm at fL2t®l.l4K>
Pbotibiotb were firm, bat Inactive. Mesa Fork is
held very film at $32.00. with some Inquiry (or good
brands at $31.00. Lard Is tn active request at I4c,but
Is held mostly at 14>$c, and some are asking 13c, par*
dcoUrly fcr kettle.
Salt was In pood demand and firm. Sales were:
3,600 brie new Saslnaw Fine to arrive at|Xso aflo.it,
Caidox Oil* as quiet, and we no.e a sale of 100
brie “Globe”(white) at7lc.
FazTOßTswere steady. The bark David Moirls
wascharteteo at 14c for wheat to Buffalo.
[Telegraphed exclusively to the Chicago Tribute.!
Bxw York, Monday Evening, Jane 13; ifICL
BEKF CATTLE—There has been on saleatAlber*
ton’s to-day about S 50C bead of Deef Cattle, the gene
r»l quality of which was below tb« average. The
weather has been cool and clear ami remarkably
favorable f«r business, bat the market Isveryouil
aid depressed, witb a cecllno of Ke P ft on bent
qnollC es, 1c P ft on medlom. and i®2c V ft on poor
est. Speculators have been losing heavily, and
sracnp buyers and sellers, generally, there ta no eon*
fldtncefn fbtore prlcts. Ibetoppilees current to
day, rxclcdlog fancycattleor extra holiday beef,
aroP ftforcetwelchtofmeat, seller slaking offal,
18®19cPft. Medium quality, say the average of a
good Our dreve of C or 1 cwt. liunols steers, Italic P
ft. Ibe b a/strate". Including Ugh: thin ateara,
coarseoxco,‘etc.,l22.l cV ft.
SHEEP—The Sheen market Is like the Beef Cattle
market, dull and bfavy. Compared wilt last week
I rices are ic per ft lower. Best qualities have seen
selling*! 7H&Sc ptr ft.
HOGS—In this market there has been a fair amount
01 activity, and prices remain steady at lint week’s
quotations, namely ; Best quality rorn f - I per
ft l®9>ic;2:d quality com fsdSaSHc; uiA'Jla.-y fed
Hcg» per ft.
The market will not open on Monday, July ’.th.but
commence on Tuesday the ith.
* 051,0* RoniNsur.
tit. market.
[Special Dtfpatcb-to the Chtcaeo Tribute.}
t>r Louis, Monday Evbnino, Jane 13, ism.
Todacco—S t*sdy, the sales were the larg-.st of tie
season.embracingtS3hhds, viz: 2acrars,«t
; 167 logs, at $.*.7(07.10; 8 factory, at $7,7>3y.3 •{
53planter-co, at $9.'.0®14.70; 48 common leaf, at
$1550®23.73 : 46medtnmdo.at$«.S50SO95; It good
do,at $50.2(059.75; 9 medium u anofactarlng co, Ht
FLoun-Sales of 209 bble choice XX, at $3.28.
delivered; ,‘OOdo XXX. private; 533 d> superfine, at
Grain—Wheat lower*. Sates comprise of ISO b\cVb
of rare extra choice, at $1.73 ; 2IC do extra choice, at
|1.*5P01.7G; 1,114 do choice, attl.GOot.Cj; 953 do prime
at (LSCOI.S3; GS6 do good, at f;.>7K01.49; lair
atsl4Oo’.i*. Oststlrm ; sale? of 1,880 sacks,at 9Sc>
part dellveted; 225 do, at Me: 27 > dj no: prime, at
SSc; l,oCodo la secondhand sacks,at9ic. Cora la ue
mand; sales of 100 sacks chAce white.at $1.27; 1/66
co, mixed white and ydluw, at $ A‘<; 1,2J3d0, prime
mix id, :,t sl.2*; <59 do mixed, at 81J13; do, mixed,
attt.2?. Rye doll; sales of tl tacks at SI.4D; 104 do.
at sl-55.
it nisKT lower, with a sale of 48 bbls at $1.22.
■pxtovißioKa—Bacon market quiet, We note sales
of 23 casks clear sides, at I4KC,
Milwaukee Market*
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
UinwAtncn, Monday, June 13.
FixiUß—ln moderate demand.
Gb - in—Wheat—Riceints 57,C00 bn. Market opened
at $1.25 and advanetd to elflS. Closed steady at tbe
advance. Salts this morning 121,0(0 bn No I regular
receipts 12JC0 bn, sellers option
all week, at fI.SSKOI.S7K; IWOObumlxed winter, de
llteitd.at |LSB; iCObnrcd winter, delivered, at |l.*
s>i; Ss,i Do bn for Immediate delivery at SLB6X&I-97;
SJKiO bn at ftlkr'a option U3 Thursday at fLSiK: 6,000
bu at buyer's option all week at $1.28. Sales on
’Change 97,CW bn No 1, regular receipts, at $1.35;
W.lOOao delivered Thursday, at 11.38; I.OoQNo 2, reg
ular rreeipis t sttl.S2K;Sto bn red winter delivered,
at $1 £4 ; WObu white winter at $l5B.
Market at the Newhsll House this evening excited.
Trices ruled SK@JKc higher than on 'Change. Sales
CUi,COO No 1 Spring wheat at f4.4101 a 42K> closing firm
at $i.42K. Oats steady. Sales 12 cars in store at 70c;
2,UDbuat7fKc. Corn in better Inquiry. Salcalo.ouo
bu and 4 cars to store at sl.H<kl.'lK. Harley quiet.
Sales 2‘o baga by sample at fl.Sool.Sl. Bye lower.
Salt a 40 bags delivered at 11.25.
Cincinnati] marker.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago T.-ibane.)
Cincinnati, Jme 13,1831.
Floub—Tlrtn hat quiet, mantel without change in
pri <i», demand local; superfine 18 75 and extra $5.55
Gkajs—'Wheat in lair hat less active demand at
|I,M for prime rtd, and *1.5501.65 (or wble. Com
dull with a very light demand at at *1.05(3108 tor ear
B id lor shelled. Oats in moderate de
mand at 82r. Rye a dull market with sales at *LW.
Pbovi6i.)Hß-L«b« inquiry for mess pork; it la help
at ta 6C<«S3.W. Belt ratals beM firmly at HX@Utfc
for aboulilera and 12K@ltKe for tldts, hut these rates
being above the views of buyers there was not much
dene. Bacon bcla firmly at lector shouidtrs and
ISc for clear sides, with uiodetate sales Lard, held
at 19e with a good demand, thoach the decline In gold
nude buyers mere cautious at the close.
■WmsKr—A dnll and unsettled market and prices
OrocFXiss—The market continue* nnchm*ed.
Coffee ha* advanced to 43)f(545c for prime tocbolce
grades. Daw Sucnrs are quiet aad steadyati3322c;
crushed 4rm at 25<S2£c, New Orleans molasses an
changed at *l.Cs®l.Cß. . .
Vessels Passed Detroit*
(Special Dlrpatch to the Chicago Tribute.]
Drmoir, Monday, June IS, ISSI.
Ur—Ptop. Queen of the Lakes; bark So3oxa*Peru,
Bel); brig Monitor; tchr. fithsn Allen, Magnolia,
Sssco, Bcardlnavlan, Dewitt,Fillmore, Ell Batts.
Dows—Prop. Winslow, Mendoti, Buffalo.
Bridoepost, June 13—1 p. u.
Clsabkv Saturday night—c»yde, Ottawa.; Bock
er, Lockpat; Manctta, Kankakee, 40,000 lumber;
DwdetrState,Hems: Am»rtcanStar,Lisal!e; Lion
<bj. Otiaw<; belle Fiance, Moms: HG Gaylord.
Lockport ;Deer Perk, Utlcas Eclipse. L\9»llo.Bl.Bi{
)nmbtr.so.Moshtosle%lß,°oQlatb; Montaak, Morris;
£ Bnrnnas. Joliet, 88,578 lumber, 65, t00 ihlnsles.
Cuianxi, Sunday—Alabama, Lasalle; Africa, La
B&Ue. *
CLrxfiSD—Monday. June 18.—Central City. .La
salts,97.iiMeetlcmber.T.tOO (t siding; F. A. Uo
nsrd. Ottawa *S. F Ga)e.-Athens : Resolute, Ath
ens ;D. Ill*, Athens; lanthe. Kankakee.
AißiTtr-SaturoayNight, Juno 11.—Terror, La-
Salle, 170 tons coal; Lemont, Morris, 5,1.0 tons coal;
I luancler LaSalle,sAo tons coil; D- Hess- Athens,
45 vdsdicauLslon Mono ; vdvance, Athens, 45 yds dit
to a; Conveyance.Pcipiainc*. it yes rubble stone;
Le olute,i.ihonß,Buyds rubble stone; B. F. uaie,
Athens, Mjdsnxhble etoue, • ~ _
- Abei'V'ed- Suncav and Sunday night, J one 13. Le,
Tlathon.L»ulle s,«S9bu corn; Cayuga, Lockport,
5,5i-«bucom; Esiex,Latslie, SASI bu com; Acme,
Latalle. £.712 bu com; A. Woolaoo, Lasalle. 5,®l bu
corn; Ottawa,Ottawa.s,soo bu corn; York Stole,
LstaUe,s^-37bu corn; AJax. Lasmle, 1'P.090 bones,
54.7TC tulr, B8 brls flour, 333 brls beef; Portland, La
salle, Ai 9? Yu corn ; Coratlrntlon, MarsciUea.s33o bn
.corn; D. Noithrnp. Prison, 75 yds rubble stone. 12,700
empirestoie; H. Hamlin, Ottawa, 5.6C-0 bn corn;
.I’rcgress.Scueca, 5,6‘0 bn corn; Elizabeth* Lock-
Son, SjOobucorn; Ocean. Baoeca, 5,700 pu corn;
xcelsior.Mareellits,s.9oobe corn: Industry, Mor
rls.l.PCO be corn, 7300 oato. . , B „
Areitxp, Monday morning*—l Menard, LaSalle,
fI.COO bn corn; H C-. oley, hot icoort, 5,000 bn corn j W
Zimmerman, Ottawa, a r VP bo com
d.rxn*D. Juneta, 100.m.-Jchn Morrison. Lcck
port; Nipiute, Ottawa; VTaip, Morris: Tobacco
F.ast, Morris, Ca,t9o It lumber, 4,000 ihlnglta; Ad
vance, At h-n» ; C •'Dineror, Ocsvlamos {-Norway, Ot
tawa. 91.403 it lumber; Republic. Morris
Aiarrss.—Atlanta, La-alle, 5.500 bn com, UASO
ftsfliecuv; Planet. Lesaile. 5.8C0 bn core; Cuba,
L«falle, OJWHiq ccm; f.bll) nsflre clay; Angela, Li
sale i,iCO brlsfloar, 11,145 as fire clay.sr.noobsto
ba« cos Rebecca. LssaMe. 6,oonbn corntErrls’on.Lv
ealle, SJBO bn com: H. G. Loomis, Athens, W yards
rubble atone.
New Yorkm%rkct~Janel3.
Correa—A shade llnaer.at 1L2001.27 for middling
n plaids.
Ttous— I ?tate and westernwlthout decide! change,
»-•. BH.K vim a little’more diapoltion to realize.
8tle« at $7.81<57.?5 lor extra atate; $*.3308.45 for extra
round hoop Ohio; *Asoa9.4ft for trade brauds.
■•iwT-Firmer at 1U101.3S for SUte; ILS3KO
l,BSfor we terr-.
uuAiA— »vhcatfjnire firm,with a good export do
murm i-nles at 11.7201.H) r.r Chicago spring; 91.733
j.'UforMilvaukeeclab; *1.8501,90 for winter red.
i ana firm at $1.7- CM-TS. font dull and de>
cldeolylower at ?i 4801.54 for u-iwnnd new and old
mlxeo wasiern, and sLM for old mlxxl western,
closing heavy at sbent $1.4301.50 for new mixed
western. Oatsnulet. . t
Pxtbol»cu—rlrm but quiet.
Wool—Firm »nd In moderate demand.
Provisions—Pork excited and decidedly higher:
JS2.Cojormr>a; *31.50 lor old do: *:J3.3i>[email protected] tor
new do; $27.50029.50 for old and new prime; 931.95
oC3sOforprlme meat. Also. 7,000 brie mete, June,
Doyen* option. $33.50; 3,1® brie prime mess seme
termsaßd delivery,*33 230:3.50: 3.(o3brlsne*mcs»
same terms and aelirery. S34AOaS-UO: I.soobrledo
July, onyers’ option. 93140. and 2,000 brla same cerme
aod delirery. $354%. Beef quiet; $9,300,340 for
countrymens. Meats Him:
New Tork filoneyand btoek Market—Jane IS
Mosit—Actlvs at 607 per ceot •
Stzklcsq Excuasob—Selling sc 2150316)4 for car.
ret cy.
Cold— More active and firmer: opening st 93)4,
sou closing steady at 97jf& <J 7)$Ci
Stocks better. Pacific, 190; One Year Cerfloates,
9TM: Ohlo*M.cert,s2: Cantos, 41%: Cumberland,
16%: Etle, lllki N V Central, 132: Hudson. 142 M;
Peso lug, 14k: N w. :BV, »W: N W pffi 90% ; M 8 96%:
111 scrip, 129%; It 1.115.
N*>w York Weekly Bank Statement-Jane 13,
Loan?, deer ease 9L8Jt,737
Specie, increase IJSo.mo
circulation, decrease 131,133
Depotita, decrease 1,979,119
Bnffklo Market—Jane 13.
Flour—ln tatr cemand, unebi-ged and a shade
‘Wheat unsettled; red Irregular, ouenlng
at >l5O fer No. 1 Milwaukee Sprig, decliolug to
SI I C@l.*-2 to arrive, atd cloetu? firm, wHh sales, at
Coin cull end nominal—borers ands-’’-
ers apart. Oats held at 83c, w! bout bids. Otjcr
grains nominal. . , .
>Vni?K>—'n better request at $1.26>431.27.
OaKALFavionus— Steady hut uochanga.l. To New
Tore—Wbe't.i9c; corn,l7c; ca*.?,Uc.
Lake lupobts— Floor. 23,94# brls; whert, 123,119 bu:
cor-. 139,469 bn r. cat?. ba
Cakal Kxpocts— Flour,PM brls; wheat, 157,109bu;
coro.llTATO bu; 0a1a,29,6*9 ou.
Oswego Market—Jano 13*
Fioub—Bteacy at $7.7508 05 for No-1 Spring;
fP'Sfrrmred Winter ;*3.75<39.'e for White.
Grain— Wheat dull. No 1 Chicago B>rlng at |1.63.
Com c«rce and’ qnlc7. , .. .
Caval PunwnTs—Ke better on grain. Flour 42c,
wheat and peaa 10Kc to Nov York.
Beaton Mining Board.
Vxw Tobk, June 13.—The prices of Mining Stocks
bid In Boston to-day were: liar State, )9j Ccn ral.
6S* copper Falls, 4IH; Franklin, 53H: Horon.iO;
Isleßpyaie,2SHf HlnuCiota. 55; Northwestern, 11;
Pewh»olc,6t3f t Kocalsod,ls.
Inthlacltv, Monday afternoon. Jane 18th, by the
Bcr. Geo. D. rnmti lug, D. D.. at Trinity Church
It. GABN fi.lT, both ot this city.
In this city, Jane 18th, SARAH U,wife of John
8. wgiiaec, ii- -he 57th year of ber age,
The funt-ral will tike plsca to-m.:rrow (Wednes
d&y) tbe. stb ln«., at 2 o'clock P. H., at the heme on
Wabash sveuoe, comer of eixtecntn strict. Tbe
f Icroa std acquaintances arc respectiully invited to
jxT" Buffalo, K. T., papers pie*?** copy.
Hallroad 'rime Table.
Tbe following table shows the time of arrival
and departure of the several trains on til tbe rail
roads in Chicago:
Depart. Arrive.
.. *l3O a.m. *J«:3oa.m.
.. 7C;00 p.m.
•tIOjOO n.to. *8:15 pan.
Detroit Express.
Detroit Express.
Detroit Express.
(Train* for Cincinnati end Loutsul e )
Homing Express am. *3:15 p.m.
Night Express +Broo p.m. a.m.
...•fcXajo. *3:15 p.m.
...+6:00 p.m. *JS:3O a.m.
.•tlOtOOp.m. am.
Day Express
Evening Express.
Night Express...
ExpreM, via Adrian *6:30 a.m. *3:45 a.m.
Nijht Express. Tia p.m. *s&ls a.^.
Mail and ajn. *2:lop.nu
Day Express *6:30 ajn. *8:15 p.m.
Mai) Express t&OOp.m. *9:10 p.m,
HlghtExprcsa .
C : o. & Louisville EiDrcsß..+9;4 o.ra. t&SS &.m,
( Connecting with Pennsylvania Central B. B.)
Leave Pittsburg.. 8:00 am. 4:35 p.m. 8:45 p.m.
u Harrish’p.. 1:20 pjn. &i 5 turn. fcOO a.m,
ArrivePhiladel... s:Sop.m. (Usoa.m. 10:10 a.m.
“ N. York. I
via V I^sp.m.
AHenlon 1
“ K. York, j
tia >3Cfcos p.m. 12:06 m. 42:56 p.m.
PhlUdel. j
“ Baltimore.. s:io pjn. 7:00 ajn. 11:50 a.m.
V Wash’ton . 9:20 o jq. 10:30 a.m. fcOO p.m.
Day Express £3O a. m. &50 p, m.
Night Express .. 9:40 p.m. 6:35 a.m.
{For Indiaixapoli* and LoultvW* )
Dty Ezpait .....6:30 a.m. &50 p. m.
Night Express 9:40 p.m. 8:35 a.m.
Day Passenger *8:15 a. m. *9KK) p. m.
Night Patbencer ...+9:30 p.m. *7:00 a. m-
Kankakee Acc’n *5:16 p. m.
Hyde Park Train.... *&850.m. *7:45 a.m.
* " “ *l2rfW m. *1:85 p.m.
“ M * *4:00 p. m. *6:90 p. m.
»* u w *6:lsp.m. *7.80 p.m.
DayExpresu ..9:30 a. m. 5:15 p. m
Night Express 9:15 p. m. 5:90 a. m.
MendotaAccommodatl.on 5:15 o. m. 9:30 a, m.
cmcAoo aits bt. louis.
Express Mall 9:30 a. m. 730 p. m.
Night Express 9:00 p.m. 5:30 a. m*
Joliet Accommodation....4:4s p. m. 9;SUa. m.
Day Express and Mall 9:45 amu 4:50 p.m.
Night Express •. 9:15 pjn, 5:15 a.m.
Joliet Accommodation . 6:10 pja. 9:40 tun.
Poitou Passenger Sit’Si.n». s:Boajn,
Fulton Pasßengor 9*15 p.m. Ir-iSp.m.
Freeport Passenger .. .... 9:Boanu 835 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 1000 oja. 8:10 ajn.
Rockford Passenger 4:00 mm. 11:10 a.m.
Geneva Passenger.... 5:30 p.m- 3:30 a.m.
Mall Paaeenger. *10:00 ua. *5:15 am*.
Evening Express. *5:00 pan. *IL3S a.m.
Night Express *9:3 op.m. *p:lsp.m.
St. Panl Express 10:00 a.m. 8:18 p.m.
Night Express 9:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m
Waukegan Accommodation 5:90 p.m. E:4O ojs.
Evanston Special 2:80 p.m. 4:95 p.m.
* Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted.
Mondays excepted.
Will be performed
At Biyau Hall,
Tuesday Evening, Jnne 14th. 1834,
Under the auspices ot the
With a more powerful Chorus and larger Orehcsw
thvu ever before In Cbtcogo and the following emi
nent talent in the prlcclpal solo parts, viz:
f opnno
MR. A R SABIN, Ten ore.
MB. J. O. LITMS ART), Basso.
Otherprominent singers In vubcrdlnate parts. Tbe
whole under the direction of
IUSS BALITEI, Conductor.
TicketsfO cents each; to be hid at the priaclnal
Music Stores, hcetrved seats2> cuts extra; to be
Ran ocly at tLe otuceoi the Presldcnt,io6 Laze street.
Sole ot reserved seat* will commence Monday, jane
liTh. at 9 A. M.
Partl« sDom abroad may obtain reserved seats by
rcmlttnv tbe required amount to 080. B. CHlr-
TFNDfcN, H*6 Lake 87ree».
Doors open at 7K o’clock; performance to com
mence precisely at 8. Jelo-hB9B-oC
ItJL Madl«bn street, between State and Dearborn
Monicker and Mym- Managers.
TUESDAY KYKNINQ June 14th.*willbspreion
ted the be»utllal domestic drama entitled the
PeterPiober y CAW. Coal dock
Grace Emeiy 41 sCouldocs
Ctrnaval de Venice,
To corner cl oe with tbe farce of
TocrLdncewithtbe celebrated dance of FAS LA
MUlTEDß—M’lleAucutta. _
COL, J. H. WOOD A CO...Proprietors and Managers.
a,.D.BEADLKT..~ Dtiecior of Amusements.
Benefit of Mrs. L. B. Berpin.
Second night of thentwand thrilling play of
v SllßUiaiS CHIME*
Bsrnard Reynolds Ur. Aiken
Uimm Ven Un. L. r. j-’enla
lobe followed by the el- gant comeay ol ih* LA
DIES BATTLE. Partn Uontrtcbard, Ur. Bradley ;
CocniessdeAuiMvai. Mrs.Perrln.
In re he new Drama entlt'ed SHEEP IN
PRICES —Admission to 2J or stun and Lecture Boom,
35 cento. ‘ Children under twelve years, ii cento.
Drees Circle and Par juetto, 35 cents extra. Private
Boxes. *5 and *5 No extra charge (or Reserved
St-ats. Box Book open from If* A. M. to SP. M.
Doors of Lecture Be cm open at ?K o’clock. Curtain
rl |3^TOe o orea?Mn*eum, with Us over Curt
oiitdca! The Invlalble Lady! The Enormous Ameri
can Qianteesl Eight Feet high, and weighing over
500 Pounds] will appear nightly. Miss Amer, 2Tyears
010, and 90 Inches High! the finest Small Lady in; the
•World. Je6-a590-lw
Yaeistt theatre,
Ms and 117 Dearborn street.
C. M. CHAJVWIOK A CO., Sole Le»eea and Manager?.
T. L. FITCH, Acting and stage Manager.
The Best Variety Entertainment
as zairnn saw pbogsasxe this ktcsiss.
Fer partlcnlart of entertainment see bills of the day.
New Stars are eagsred and will appear next week.
MONDAY EVENING, Jane 13th, re-appearanoe of
the old (avorlte.
The eccentric Ethiopian Comedian.
poors OME at 7J< o'doc£. Curtain rise* at 8X O’clk.
— Parquece. 25 eta ; Drw« and
Ftmlly Circle. » eta; Prnata Boies, BCutlc
" - -nta. ms29-nlls-lw
Tloxe*. Mjeenj
1 CO>PUUiTIOK.-Tt:c VmirrAiu.* Pulmosast
uuemcnt hUtolyaoproyed moiicUio erm
discovered. Ithaa stood the beat of all tests, Tan,
havinrbaii an unprecedented sale of nearly forty
jcawf It Is recommended by onr best physicians,
our most eminent cltUens. the Pres, **a4e, la
fad by all who know it. Ter certificate*, which can
be Riven to almost ary extent, see wrappers to each
bottle. The proprietor* win cheerftilfy refund she
money If net en Irely satisfactory. Price,sß cent*
andsT,—lbelanre bottle* much the cheapest. Bo
carets!andyetibe aennlne. which Is prepared only
PT LEiP. CUTLEB * cd. WboleaaU
Boal onf Sold in Chicago by BUBMHAIIS * VAtf
BCEAACK, 18 Lake street.
auction Sales.
llotuehold Goods, Show Cases, Liquors. Clfart*
Soap, Ac.,
Os TUESDAY, June 14th, at 9% o'clock, at Batters*
Acctlon Kool* • in Portland Block, corner of Dear
born and Washington street*.
JklC-bISMt • WM. A. BUTTERS* CO* Auct’rs.
Oa TUESDAY, June 14th, at 9% o’clock,
At Dwelling 24} Illinois street.
The entire furniture ofa family relinquishing boos©,
keeping, connattojc of elegant parlor furniture, brtfv
scle, S ply and Ingrain carpets, Spanish nutting, aplea
did oak sideboard, marb.e top. oak extension dining
table, oak dicing chairs, elezant chamber seta, mir
rors, rich china dining set. class and ally r plated
ware, Stewart cook stove, refrigerator,kitchen furnl-
Stclnway Plaao Porte, rosewoodcaae.
ieS-hhl-16 WM.A.AUITERB * CO.Auel’fa.
Spring and Summer Clothing,
On WEDNESDAY, Jane tnh. at 9k o’clock, as
Battery’Auction Booms, In Portland Block, corner of
Dearborn and WaMflrgtoo streets. .
jeß-h€96-8t Aucnoaeera.
On WEDNESDAY, Jucalsih. at 9% o’clock,at But
te»s* Auction Booms, In Portland Block, alarse aad
destrabla stock of
Corelettng of Pl«ln and Figured All Wool De La lues,
ft tao .»oeU W ,Bh.rt.^^to, i .4 E C a .=. co _
Jt9-kS6 7t Auoflonsers.
150 cases straw goods
at auction.
Op THURSDAY, June 16tb,at9)4 o’clcck.atßut-
Ur»* auction Rooms, m Pott and Block, corner of
Desrbora and Washington streets,
CouslttlDg of Women’s Wbit«and Colored Palm Leaf
Ccors, Larus’ Wnlte Lrghora Cyoal Bid Eoinrcbi
Hats M tsee*£tar r*lm Lea« Hats, Miavvs* *nd Boy’s
Leghorn Ha a aad Otps, Men’s «nd Bo>*i Palm Leaf
lists. Lsdles’snd Mutes’ Flats. Leghorn Hats, White
ano Colored thakers,*e. M , . •
The above are all fresh and desirable coodsjust re
etised from Near York, and will be s^ld
On FRIDAY, Jane 17th, at 9H o’clock, at Batten*
Aact'on Booms, In Portland Block, corner of
Dearborn and Wathicgton itreete.
We shall sell by order of an Aseign.e, u large and
desirable ttoetc of Dry Goods, coaslwlngof a gra ,t w
ilety of Ladles Dress Goods, among wh cb ate Mourn
ing and Colored Benges, Chally Dress Good*. De
Lalnee, Traveling Dress Goods la gre«c variety.
Btripfd HarsrfUes Menunhlques, Organdie Minima,
Primed MusUcf, Children's cloaks,EmbosedSkirts,
Shawls, Gloves,
J»9-liSi9-9t Auctioneers,
On THURSDAY, Jose 16th. at 3H o’clock P. if.,on
tbe premises.
Cor. Dearborn and Hindi son-eta^
We shall sell without reserve for cash, tbehulldmg
now occupied by John R. Walsn. the building next
south .the bnlldißg nn the corner next to the Custom
Bouse, the two dwelling houses diroctlr m the rear
of last caxedbrlldlne. nontioe on tbe Court, north
if tbeCnstomßoDse,<»Uihe sidewalk inf onrofths
entire row of smal boUttass west siceofDcarnom
stmt leading 10 tbe Post Office, together wt h tbit
on Dearborn a‘r?etwestof building* removed, and
on Madiion street, the whole to be removed on or
before the 70th of June.
ueu,iß oi oum A> BUxrESS * co..
jelf-kAfit Auctioneers.
&c., PIANO FORTE, &c., .
‘Will be onFBIDAY, Jane 17th. at 9>* o'clock, at
oar Mlearconn,
44, 46 and 48 Dearbern Street,
Oe JWEOWFSPAT, June 15th, at 9>f o'clock, wo
wU sell at onr salesrooms, 44,46 and *9 Scabom-st,
in opes Lore.
The above comprises a complete vsaartmcnt,
'Jtil-kS-K QILBfcRr A SAMPeOa. AQCt’rfl.
ARTISTS’ SALE.—The sale ot
XJB. Palntlcgs by Chicago AnUta, will take place at
Ineaday and Wednesday Evenings,
Jane A4th and 15th.
The Gallery wtU be open tathe public free until
tbe sale takes place.
Wo shall sell for a non-resident,
Forty desirable lots, situated on Indiana. Prairie and
Nrr» st avenues, in Griegs Snb-Dlvietoa of tbe
SE ,bW K> sections St, S3, .4. Thaw! its aro situa
ted half a mile southwest from the Cbie .go Uolveral*
ty.and whblo a few mmutos walkot tbe boras cars at
Cottage Grove, on high ground, streets all graded,
and In a portion of the city tt at is rapidly Improving.
No belt 1 r opportunity ran he presented lor parties
who desire to purchase for improvement or invest*
meet. Terms cf payment easy. Abstractor tide and
maps ofprooertycan be seen at our office. Sale to
commence at 10X o’clock a. m.
JAMBS & SPRINGER. Real Estate Agents.
Hot m 9, Metropolitan Block.
Omnlbosaes will be ready attbn end of the boras
railroad at Cottage Grove to take oanle* to the
pionnd. je9-h3 8-lt-lthp
Rock county, Wisconsin
Will bo acid by Auction, oa
In tte city of Janesville, Sock County, Wisconsin,
hundred andlerty (SStllJ acres of tee Qz.ezt
ogncuitural lands In the State. The* are situated
wouttea miles fiom Janesville, and adjoining the vil
lage ot Footnlle, with the Beloit ana Madison Ball
wed running (kronen thou, and the Milwaukee and
Scutbem Wisconsin Railroad on ttieir border, and ara
composed of about an equal quantity of heavy timber
and praine. They were • ejected lor their present
owner tor investment, nearly thirty years ago.aathe
best lands, li. all respects, to Rock County, and this
County, It la well known. Is the garden of Wisconsin
Ts ey will be sold In' farm paresis, md the purchase
money, less twenty or twenty-live per cent., which
must do paid in cash, may remain on mortgage at
seven per cent, interest, for seven or ten yean, ex*
coptine richer lota, which will be sold for cash.
There will also be sold at the same time and place,
and m the same manner but vboily for cash, twenty
two hundred '2300) acres of prime lands In Marathon
Coot ty,ne-r the town of Wausau, selected about night
years ago.
A more ehgiblo opportunity for fanners to secure
most desirable farms, or for the investment of capital,
could not be offered. , „ . ,
For further particulars apply personally, or by let
ter to Mr DAwsOX, No. 9 Bast Fifteenth street, sew
York, who will be in Janesville ten days before the
sale takes place; to J. J.B. PEASK,Esq M Counsellor
at Law, Janesville, or to Mr. JOHN HOWE, on the
property, at Footrfflm mvl3^9sl*6w
BOARDING. —A gentleman and
wife can be accommodated with good board
nndple>S3Dl rooms in a private family b/ applylng
at HnA dams street. Jell-kl4iktt
“DOARDING. Wuverly Honae.
_D Boarcers can be accimziodatcd wits single
rooms and beard at lIM aud SSJ» a ween Trau
attnt—ll.Ov a day. , jell ElSi-Ot
BOARDING. —A very pleasant
suit o'ucfarntjned rooms on the Hist So :rcan
he obtained at 126 West str<-i*t. Terms
icoiouaMe. jell kil l it
T>OADDING.-One large unfnr-
JLf obbed room; also two furnlSaej toomi with
bcaidttiaoSomh Clinton street. Jel4-kli3-2t
OOABDING.—A furnished room
JD with board for two gentlemen cut he bad in
f?e flnt clasA bouse 559 Otl > rreet. Only those need
apply who cm give goxlreiercaces. JH4-XII4-2s
BOARDINO —A desirable froat
chamber and back pirlor, uxfarolsbed, with
beard, ft r sfntlemm blu tbelr wives, can as ontala
edby apply leg at2»s WaDash avenae. Jell K179-4t
.MTe Augusta.
X\i ANTED—Correspondence
* * by arcane mm of a happy dlapoiltim.with
some young hdy ofltke turn, ana who woaM enjoy
tne ii no< cntaniatensnt of wonce.tng **wno wrote
It?” AddTr»s HAKKX VARNJU. Springfield, lU.
Jell-kilt* 2t
VIT'ANTED.—Corri apondei.ee.
T T By a gay and festive young Soger Boy, who
Is scarcely outoi his time, is good loosing. intelli
gent, ana as rail of tan as o ala be expected ot one
who has always been kepcaadertbe eyeof » tovlag
mother tm‘]j the commencement of toe rebel ion,
wbto blspUrlottsm over lulea bis soon Dimes bit
ter JudgmfQ:, and be. w»a permitted to ertcribe
strrtee of uis country. Send Photograph aid get a
pusiahlo good lookire cue >n retire. Alt Kt;ra
promptly answered. Object ftmand iisionseqaences.
Direct to CHATUI*. WEBSTER. Suaal Corps,
Fisgrhlp Antoerat, Mias, MarlceßrigaJe, via * airo.
Illinois. Joll-kITMt
TXT"ANTED—Two, lather fond of
. T I fun, between 16 and 52, wishes to conwipind
with as many young gentlemen and ladies as see tit
to answer ms nro»y advertisement. Object-fun
and mutual improvement.—butas your letter bo tns
answer.—except they be dUloyalj each will not be
answered. Nonobnt such as unconditional Colon
need answer. Address CHARLIE A CAIS'UE CLIF
TON, Lexington. McLean C0.,H1. P.0.80x290.
irttageb ot Stolen.
the door of Clark A Abbtti’s Bak*ry.£* Sher
man street,a Ecml.Mare,aboucl3 feand» nigh, with
while oval spot between the eyee—about 3H o’clock
cn hnnday evening, the 13th of June. Any person
giving information or btlnglag the same to 5« Sher
man street, will be liberally rewarded. Jel4-klt)8-ic
M the snbsctiber at Blae Island* DL, JaneSth.lSM,
a Brown Mire, four years old, small etze.no wnite
-on her; was heavy with foal—probably has ■* co’t
now. Any person returning the mars to Blue Island
orglvlngtnonnatJon where she maybe found, will
be liberally rewarded- HENux H. MASSEY.
LOST— On the Bth a very email
black and tanilnt.aaawarlng to the name or
Tansy; ba^ossllUieredoblar. Arewardonwan y
Dollar* will be paid (or her mar* to 3Sfi Wchirin
avenos, and no gncatlona asked Jalfhm-U
LOST —IIS Reward. Lost, a
GOLD W A.TCH, In Arlington's Opera Hoote.
onSfctardav ibe finder will please lesve It at the
OnUalFollce Station. JetttnfrU
jfor Sale-
IfOK tAL-E—Ore twelve horse
X pt,wtrerelir,ouell'cor «haU>u.; --icd pmlcy*.
five litte?, *tc no" >!* a;r. oieutrsM dij.l.on*
(1,9k and paWroi, sid cce scrca cutler.. J» W.
CTBB ?3.’i II: I)barl greet j»\. ktia in
I. OR t-A 'Ll'— Ciie .p, as the sjwner
X .‘nteni'BtoTeive tin* cßy.a pair of imsd-ame
cairisreur-ts-gr*y Uorran—soaad, kltdmj.ro
ll: Mf for family use. A lightelg to per wet order,
jcci,- rj 5 r*ra*9<- iwo horse cunire in-l dou 1;
Until k. y.sOHBaiAJ*, lllDewborn street.
L'OK SALE—The furniture of »
X? ptiv te hoarding house, now djlng a Untrue
tokintitai, sud a.,u»e to leave, near Clark street, go
U.c Ntr’i» site nid within tei mlauica wi’.k of the
bilccc. Uiuscbaa accommodations loTiSboard'W
in *dcitlon*o thirdly. cory reckon* glvenfor
lollop. Acdrtsa Foil Office Box laTT. Jeil-kl7t-3t
SALE—Cheap, a first-cluis
- stauonuy steam ensue, Subbed la tue best
manner asd la rourung order—'.o borv* power. May
v® \ e rS»f s B -£ cre ,?£ 2 Well* street, or addrees
lost Office Box.SST.UMesgo.llJ. Jel'-illl-lt
L'OH SAUs— A vuiifcty ot first
X ola»s7-ociave plsacsacd melod-oiu.ihrtesec.
oodbaao pi&aoa.cne marble top DUiani tabic with
b*» Is. cueasnacoaatets.au complete **?o -one cm
tlbus la good orcer, stUtaDle fora ccoatrrnot*(
priceSS*. Rosewooavenpera for sale at USdostn
Deal turn street, by J. PRSbTON. F. O. Box 1 i->
j«ll»*lSMw ; * *
T?OK SAi.E“Cheai:, a suTendid
X 1 showcase,logo dcrder;Btso.adaesolatouQ
tsiD.oetytlMsg complete. Apply at 117 KattMca
rcc Mrter, between the Post Office and Ctark street.
TTOK h ALE—Silcon and Confco
X tlopsiy Store, doing a eoodbovlaeu For sale
chtap. Inquire atlfi Weil Randolph street.
jtu hiiait
T?OR bALE—I have for sale two
X stores on STATE sTRSET. dwetliusela second
strry wiihthreeyesrslease or grounq.jrreaoirent.
Will be sola at a great bargain. J.l*. LEE, W Clark
stpf »t. jeii-iUMt
F)R SaLE—The entire house
bolo furniture of a boarding bcose. lordlier
with lease ofhoaie anti May Ist.
t-hi. n urietn looms, aumiroua cloieta-. paotnes. ic.
lain s central part of the city and welt hlkd with
boarders. Address “CD,” Post Office-lsox »li.
Jo:<.l 150-51 -
FOK SALE—Chenp. One six
horse nowe- roitabioßn^ia'rlu 1 cnmpieieor*
dec. Inquire st the emsar nr Ciinsm and Vau
Vtrcn su e?t. ot addrtss *• G J„” Culcseot- Ills, P. O.
Box -Tic. . 1613.18746
|C*( R SALW —At a bargai-r, the
X lease, itock and fixtures of a first clast Retill
On ear; Stoie,a.iu*’cC in one of the bcsPinorousi-
Uit-sli this city, dolngan excellent buslne»f. Most
be sold immediately, as me owner has other Dani
nti-h tc attend to. madress “ S,” P. O. BoxlSiO.
TT'OR SALE.—Two heusee for sa'e
X cheap for cash, N0.219 Griswold street. Fi.r In
'tj'Oi* SALK—An entiie set dfsash,
I* blinds and door machinery, wi»h adequate
steam power. all c* mple e. Atidre i* O.P. GBtfiNK,
rrmcr of fourth ana Wall streets, Sixth Ward, Mil
waukee. Wu. JeU-bSCfrlOs
FOB SALE—A large and -well as
sorted stock ot Boot* and Shoes for sale at a
bargain atiiOSotth Clark street. Jell- h3j74t
I7OR SALE —Seed Buckwheat.
I 1 10b bbU. of choice Sew York Backwoea*. (or
seed, cheap. SttEKMAS. HALL A POt’E. 91 Siuth
Water mreet. Jell-hODO-Ut
T?OK SALE- Kew Taent, 34 feet
.(? lo*sg, 10 feet beam. 3 feet bold, tore and aft rix
k'Utfo op In flrsr-cl&'s style, for s*lo. BEN
EYSTETI & CO.’S Dry I»QCk. Jfe9hßis-lw
FOE SALE—Or rent The South
Branch Mills. Two hundred barrels per day ca
pacity. l ocated on Canal street, between Wadding,
too and Randolph. For terma apply to THOMAS
LON ERG AS. 16 South Clark-st. my3l-g538-30t
iKeal 3Bstatc-«Eit2
FIR SALE.—South CLrk street
pioperty* for sale in THOS. B. BtwTiS’3 Beal
Eit t'omce An elegant marble front fuur-aiury
on Iding on SoninClarKstrec,north cf Motro?- >o
more Oisirabte or cheaper property In the market,
other chetppropcrtylcaUpir.aof me city. There
wm be a gnat Real Estate Auction Sale on Wednes
day. June 29m. m Bryan Hall. _____ Ja-fklOS-C;
FOR SALE—Business lot on Ran
de!ph slree*.westofFransUn,wlth fraiebuild
tng ondbi aooii renraL Choice tedoeuce lots on Prai
neavtr.no,NorthLasaile. North Doarbo nsts-,<sc.
A nice 1 ttt'dcsce cn parkavenne, near union Pars.
Cottage on wcvt Lake street, near Roby, ana other
property In different parts of tho city. Also, a snug
two.Btory cottage in Evanston. A splendid farm m
Jefferson Canary. Wucooam.in a hkh stats oI cult 1-
vatler—HO acres BAIRD ft BRaDLSY, Loan
Agency andlcealEala e Office, eornerof i.ake and
Laaslleßireets. jel4-kl6l 6;
TTiOE SALE—The choicest resi
Jj deuce and business property la the city. On the
Lake £hor* avenues, near Union Pars, aud la the
N'«b Division, tm South Clerk street, &c- *c. A
great AUCTION sale will occnron the 29th Inst, at
lOA. M. TlUca perfect or no sale. No by-biidJng al
low'd. Minimum price stated. Amogements for
srirnx can now be effected in THUS. B.BBfANU
Be»I Palate Office. Jei2-ka«
FSR SALE—A fice Lot on Ruck
crstreet,between Adams and Monroe, TrtlSO
to and several first cltai Stores. GEO. M.
HlGGljSSON.BealEstateOtOceNo. 7 Metropolitan
Block. J*U k6J3t
FjR SALE—On Michigan avenue,
north of 12th 9‘reet. several choice bnlldlug
Lots. GEO.M. aiGGLNSON, Beal E*Uts Office No.
IAOJK SALE—A new Cottage
J? House on Bangamon s»rcct near Madison. J«»r
rstdcularslnquire of A. W EVANS, No.lSMetio
poiltan Hall. • _Jel3-k*>l-«t
|AC>R SALE Lots on West Lake,
JtJ Randolph, Washington and Mtdlson streets.
Also in Duncan’s and Oguen’s ad luona. B.qck
KouseaidLotcorzer Ind«-n» and Wolcott streets.
Lot lISK by lie to an alley. Home and Lot north
east comer Pane and Illnois streets. P. ogDD<3,
OtcceNo.Sover 17 Wetlabtreet. Jel2-ksl-30t
F)R SALE—A Bargain—The
two Bouses and Lots Nob. 7 and 9 Price Place,
between Detpiaina and Haliteo streets. Are renting
lor f&10 rer annem. Price 93,000 Addre-s Immu-
UIJ t* iy P A Li,’ * Box 2130. Jel2 kSO-3t
I?OR SALE—Choice Residence
-I? Lotr—A few Lets near 14th street, fall r opth,
uc MlcLlz&n and Wabashavenues A.J. AVKRKLL,
Real Estate Office ho. 7 lleuopclitoa Block.
CI OR SALE—A neat, well built
A storv-aud-a-balf cottage, plcaiantly located,
with gcod bam and large lot. Also, aiariebnck
•e-lfenre, pi»a>>aDlly 'ocst**d and surrounded by
b-hsco trees, with large *ot apd good bars. Apoly to
G. BICKER DIKE, on W”. Irdlaivst, between Ema
bevb and NoDIc-b*. or to J. BICKEhDIDE, Inßoru-
Lam A Mattie’s«.nice, 85EastRandoipb-st.
Heal gfountrs.
C 4 OR SALE—A desirable residence
and farm of 75 acres, four miles west of the
CltTLr* Iti-hlgh ridge land, all under cultivation,
wdl watered aid tcoced, a frame d welling hense,
recant boose, barn, 6c., and an orchard cl bearing
fitilc trees.
A farmcf 2SO acres In Cook County, Illinois, 2>s
mils tom Pa’a’ino Station of the Nonnwestern
railroad, 22 miles from Chicago—SO acres are la lim
ber Price SCO per acre- . , , ,
A fine tract of C4O acres of rich prairie land In
Champaign Cocntv, Illinois, dye mites southed) of
Per* station of Illinois fenirul rai.ruad at *f»per
Beal Estate Agent, So. 4 Metropolitan Block.
C'OR SALE—A dwelling house at
I. Lake View with two acres of ground. The house
coctams twe.ya rooms, cellar, conservatory, Ac.
Good cistern audwe.l, Unadry, wood hoasc.bam
and carriage house, lee bonse and grapery. Will be
sold yeiy cheap it applied for scon. Apply tuKRES
& ATUBS ESOsarbcrn street. jeii-ki&lw
FIR SALE—SO,OOO acres of good
Farmlrg Lands In Cook, Livingston, Iraqnols.
. Lee, Og-e at aPi >tt counties. SOJUO acres in central
lowa. Al*o a large number of lr>uroved Fauns
from -JO to acres, in Illinois- D. K. ESaRS'IMS,
113 Randolph street. Box 3407. Jel2-kl3-tot
TfOR SALE—A gentleman resid-
X 1 log East, had bnllt forflm, dnrlngthe past year,
a Hist elate double fuelling bon-to in tne ct y of Wi
nona, Minnesota, bat » death In his family banag
rhauged hl« arrangements, it is now offered if r sale.
It u of brick; was designed and 1(8 entire erection
stptnntendu'. by an architect of high reparation;
ball nine feet wide; the pirlora, chumben, dlnlnz
room, kitchen, Ac ,of ample size; marble wantfis,
bath-room, &c : a furnace ct best make, will heat the
whole horse. The building lacn a b>ock of over two
act*«ln the centre of the town. If desired, the half
or whole of about UO acres or land, containing over
lour honored town lots mumorovea, bn*, now uesrly
srmmnded by buildings, will be offered with the
property. For bealthfulness and beauty of situation.
Winona Is hardly eanated anywhere, a.d Uaenlnca
to he the xreat centre of traoe tor Sonthsm Mia
tiC-'o a Its crnwih In exports of wheat fur -be year
Jica was n-,C(K) bnshels: (n 1563.123 ,000 bacbels. The
cnrtnc and packing of pork aad neef is destined, from
the climate oxu iacl ltl'.sf»r sHomtat here, to grow
rapioly ti-aarcat uade Farprfccaniltermsorsale
adcress H. W. LAMBEBIOK, £•!•» Wiaona, Mm
ncsota. Je.3klß 5t
TpOR SALE—For $4,000 m grem
X 1 backs, eighty (SO) acres of Land near Chicago,
belay the west ba f (JO of tbn sontheost quarter Of)
or section v* onty-elgnt (28) In Township Thirty eight
(S3), north of range thirteen (13) east For farther
information address H. T. COFFKT. P. O. RoxTOft,
PUtetmip. Penn., or apply toTaGS.B. BRYAN, R»al
taiate Agent. Bryan Hall. Chicago mT^-g7»4-7St
T7IOR SALE.—Farm for sa:e at a
V Bargain. Avery valuable Firm, situated os
Hick-'ry Creek.infill eonn’y.ZH., eontamtsg 120 C
acres, all well fenced, and dlvuzed into tillage, mea
dov, psitnrace and wood land, with never-taillnc
water rnbclng thron; h It- The Improvements constat
of a large fine brick boose, cad four tenant houses,
Beveiallargp fine bans, with sheds, Ac., all In good
This Farm la worthy the attention of those wlsblng
to bay. btlrg in a good neighborhood, near Chicago
market, high. dry.and rollon land, and wed adapt
ed tor grain and stock, and susceptible of being din*
d*-d inie s.*v«a!farms. It lanownnder cultivation,
and well stocked with cattle, bones, and sheep, which
can be tnrehased. If desired.
a great barc-Un will be alven. Terms cash. For
farther particulars inquire of
fl. If. BOKO RE,
my?2-g559 SOt F0 Dearborn street.
«Eo ISent. ,
TO RENT—A nice froit Parlor,
nnfnm'Bbed. without board.* Caa have a
chamber it d*«ired. Apply at northwest corner of
West Luke and Corils streets. Jelt-kUSt j
TO RENT—A two 6tory house,
nearly pew, on Warren street, ore bloo'c nyrth
of Wttc Madison, with t or 8 rjons, at *•« per
mciiln. Feaseison given Immediately- Inqaue at
Bali’s HeM. jeliaMfrlt
rpo RENT—Three story and base*
_L meet trick bouse. No-133 Wolcott street, with
all modern jmprov-men ! *. Apply to jamh <s
SPt iBoKB, Best Estate Agent■> Boom N0.9. Metro*
f oUtsn Block. Jell-kIH 2s
TO RENT—Aularge front room,
furnished, eatubl* f fcr oneer two seajlemen.
Apply at I'dMonroe ageet. JaU-tift>ic
TO RENT Store 161 Lake atr et,
nearLasalls. YOUNG & SPRISGEU, No. 2
MetrcpoiCiß Block. JeU-kißiSt
TO RENT Tjie Lake View
House and Furniture. T e boueeltpiaiivitly
located on tbe Jake score, dvo miles sort of the
city, ido coibinsnod a lolendld ylew «»f tbe take, tt
cep tales about s’Xiy rooms urn will accommodate
seventy or a ibty boarder?, Tbe Dona oara roa
within a few rod* Ol the boose. Apply toJAMvs
H BEES, Si Dearbcm street. JelVkiMlw
TO RENT—Two new Cottars,
contaittng seven rooms each, with •a?and
cistern water, on " «st Jacssoo, between H yno and
Leavitt ;»«»£ Apny a;. Mrs D. PBAXrsTu® ?lU
tecce Office. 150 South Clark street. Jelt-k’SJ-lt
TO BENT- The five &tcry marble
front store 2£3 Lake street.' Also stor* 217 Soa-.h
water meet, Apply to WILLIAM C.D0W,51 Cla fc
street. _ jcilkiSet
TO RENT—House and Furniture
2PB?rie street CEsst of Clerk), ?or three mouths
froze tbe& th ib>t. Terns 175 per month.
J. B. NICHOLS, Boom Ho. S, c.B.and Q. 8.- Office,
fottoifionth Water street. . Jeia-ki^t
TO RENT—The four story Brick
BuUdliy.Sß Klnzle street, near Bai b a Vn$,*
mo RENT— Office on Clark street
\I7ANTED-A JPorterm a .few-
TT elry Store— cdc who has hal e-'perletc »%*
nch. Nouo but t&ot e *av oir iht bc-*t ot city refer
nee*need aptly. AJdieiißox4l*P.O.
si -14 E! 91
\V ASl'lED.—Everj bod? who has
T T Dice and co-liy inmitura to var-iij' or rudUn
wUJ do well toaddrefsP. O. Box IBGU, one receive
primpla’tteuq na: their?o» leU-s^Mi
WANTED—By o young Lady a
T T place in a Photo araph to le*ra the
bcstaaaa. The best of refererc.:* give u Ad Teas
-M L D.“-P. O. Box 20??. tMLxttt-Jt
’\\7 ANTED — A second l!anal*rum
If wth scaring, fcrhoWl'D?. Drum must not
he I«*«Cthaa eight fe«t kmc and four feet ta n’atne
ter. Aocms box 6014. Chicago. ill. Jen-kl.nn
XyANIEU.—A smart, active
* T man watts employment at Farler. or any
altnatica to make himseif naefn). either la a store or
outdoors. Can writ* and drive well. iVaies no
Object. Advre«»**H ¥,”Tribuaa office, Caicago.
WANTED —Two good Pail
Tnrans. laqnlie at 106 SoothWalej street*
\\f ANTED—A hoaelbra bright,
IT bealthymtlabdi.foiir.yearsold. Some re
spectable family wuM-s to adopt, educate ami
teschgoco Boralsaad tadostry. will Andbtm well
dt.-poiea aid obeu'eot. Bit puentiam not hwlor.
H( en be se,xrat Nu.i3S**oatt) CKrc ar„ room 19.
or auttats *B,” Box 191. Chicago, ill. JoU-fellMt
WANTED—A medinm sized
flreprtof B*fe r best ma!te. Addresa Box
™ jeU-km-lh
\Y AN TED—A situation’ by a
, ' joongmarried man as cierh ar ami'iiu
able, Ulan inaaentowmo
1 j"Sm Matc ” *■• °° '
WANTED—A, Poiter in a Jeiv
m«. ,3 v;a"SSl
appi> who cannot brim thi h«4 e*j teffrsncMM
‘ •«** , b. tw-ca I a“d“o?.
m ieil k°7Mt a,t 03rner of ***** aa< * yiar * •Meats.
TV’AXITXD Two respectable
TT men for an Insamnce office. To the rlsht
kmrt of rren a eood salary wnV b>.» w»;d A’soa
and SaUimat. * P-rur la a Hard ware
More, a man lo'ena a Me»tu 1h Ui>r, tvn yoonrmen
to .e*.n tr-des. t«uoHbiQ6tmahers»nd Huoolstcn
Apply at S4 Dtarbornac. Booms!
HMBY & CO- Jelik 45-lt
WANTED A situation as Tra-
TT TC’lng hg-nt oraa T esm«n In aey good tner
tn*rcaunie DuaiLe-s, by an active bugmeis mao who
raugiTocoodref fin•»
AQVprtishg andGeseisl bi alc«as Jiccrcy.Bl
born street Also a situation wanted ai •hi;nlnr op
s«neral clerk many wholesale business o* au ae!
live young man. Jel4-hi4i-u
"XTTANTEI—An experienced
T » Drug Clerk, s rlsrkln a rkroad efle* .
youth to learn the boot bu laeau a cwmSij.’ar
\ 9X> '2* Mt 34 i-ksanon* Stbbbt. Baom it
Ulcrka, boom beer ec, ia't*men. porters, c>erka on
steamboats and railroads, Ac., seetme altoaucns.
ahon«d apply. Several situations no v open. "**
jelf-klfc-lt FINEST A CO.
WANTED—A part of a Eo^.
T T or irotn two t* fonrroonis-snltab'o’fbra
family or thmeper*ona, la a plena* t locality eon
v»nf«*nt to »»rcft car*. Good re'ereuseag-.vfp.- nd
d.eca S."Trioupa ottce. Jou-Xi<St»
WANTED —To rent a salt of
*7 roo ns, unfurnished, satiable for a gentleman
ardladjr or two single gentlemen, Address "O PD”*
TilDpno otflee. JaU-kuO-lt
Wf AN TEI> —A Forter m a whole
▼ / . sale and re a'l grocery store. Most be ac
quainted wl*n me easiness and come wellrecom
mesofd. German or American D'efeirej. address.
ln jat-ki«4t 9 °* a &and WfltlDff ' p * D »««r SJ&L
XX/ ANTED—Yom-g Ladies to call
xx and learn dreM-cnttlng by the ’ates* im
prored and ps t-nted chart. It is toa easiest learn
td.andttehanalcittonfceoiallciarU, and nan oo
nsed for. children's coit», rests aed Garatuidts.
Asenu w»n*ed to teach It In the city **d throneboab
the United Stales and Canadas. Fluse call and ex
en; 103, West Mad.son street, Chicago.
-A situation as Sales-
T T mao in a clothing or boot and shoo house, by
an experienced young man, who can good rer
ertr.ee. Apply at Fxsi.iT A Co.'s
a>i> Grsxn.\L buHtaxsa Aqxsct, 64 LiaKßoasar.
Also, a situation wanted as salt sman ta a hardware
store by an experienced young man. A t retire ms
gtTfP. jBU-SH3.lt
XXf ANTED—A situation ia a
▼ t wholesale grocery o* commission boa*®, or
aa superintendent In a mannfaetartnx establishment,
by a cany who bos bad larst experience «Dd can
give cooo icterenc*.* Address" j,” Box 3619,
c»go Post Udce. je 4 klui-St
WANTS D.—Two. joung men
wanted at occupants for a pleasant famlaaed
room, without board. Inquire at 137 jtart Washing*
ton street. jell-kISHi
\\f ANTED—By a young lady, a
T T young lady, a situation as assistant Book,
keeper, cooVlf ter clerk ina-dryeooos ortmlitnerw
store. Good city ieiexti.ee glrsn. Adams‘‘3-W
F," Tribune offlea. JeU-kl 78-16
XJU AN TED—A man ni;h $20,000,
** tosnrehateathird Interest in awell eatah
lisbfd wholesale grocery house. One of the present
psrtsers wpi es to retire. Addrlsj.wJ Ursai name.
Box £2O, Chicago. , . jell-6177-at
VI7ANTED—By a yiung man ex
f T »emively acquainted in the country, a thor
ough bred accountant, a sitnadon.in a counting
ioom,commla»lon house orbaoklog office. Active
employment preferred. The beet of references given.
Address nox 519. . JeU-fcffid 3t
W/ ANTED—Two girls at sewing.
T x One to work uprn aflinser’asewlocllaeldu,
the other to work by hand. None but those seen*-
tomed to tailoring need apply. Cal) at Mi Boutta
Wells street, jeil-xIS»U
XtfANNED -Immediately, agood
x * Carriage Painter. Best of wagos given and
ate .dy t mploymer t at GEBaRD A BUOIHEB, Lia
co>p. nu jeis-kmat
WANTED —To ptachaee, with
mocerate capital. In some flcrtrlahlhg city, »
business. A newspaper, bineery or bot kstcre would
suit. A ddrestt Box 197, lAisyette, Indiana.
XXf ANTED— Cil Barrels. We
* * wlllpay the highest prtee tor
Carbon QU Barrels. ARMSTRONG A CO, 12 LssaUa
street. Jel2-k»*B
VA/ ANTED—A couipeK tt woman
to lake care of an Infant. Apply at 327 Btr>e
rior street,between Cm and Rash streets. JellkJsSt
XI7ANTED—A situation as En-
T T elaeer by a yooos m*nbf considerableexpe
rience. O. Box 2319, Chicago.
\\T AN TED - A first class Cook,
TT Wather and Ironsr. One that can give good
reftren es cap Ana stead; employment a*d good
wages, at Mo. 211 Chicago avecoo. Jt3 h74&-iw
ICANTED—.first class Actors
y T and Actresses tor ibe sew Cairo Theater,
which will open on the ICih of July. Irt&l. Also,
wanted Imrordiately. one tood Scene Painter and one
Stage Otrpenter. Afluresa CRUMP A CO . Bog 557,
• Cairo, DL, statu g Uneof bnaiarsa, Je4-hf7&-lm
TXT' AN TED -10,000 Be ef and Fork
T T Bat rcJe, to be daiirerod at onr Packing Boom
by the first day of neteber next. Host be well made
and from smsoned timber. GRIFFIN BROS.,*
my 29 h*4 Sot 5 Pomeroy’s Building.
XlTANTlfil*—FortneUov?rnmant tn the Quarter
it master’s Department. at St. Loola, 2,000 Laborers
Wages *23 per menth and rations. Also, LflOO Team
sters. Wages f35 per month and ratloiA. Free trash
portation rnrniihed to pUcei of destination and r«-
tamed to St. loots. Mo. For tnrther information in
quire at the Government Office. 132K South Water
street Chicago. UL- JAMBS W. CLARK.
my*-e287-om Government Agent.
XX7” ANTED—Live men flom all
y T parts ot the United States to engage in a
phaisn and profitable bus a ss. reqn'r Dgacad el
oi trom *ls tu tioo—sells to cv»ry farmer, payin; a
net profit of from tfOtoiuO per week. Call at 147
8 Clark it., room >4, op stsl •■. or address p. O.Rjx
5(17, Cb'cago, eacio.-iox 33 cents for particulars.
Je 4-klls*2t
TS7ANTED—Agents tor our new
v T sat and best selling artlclei—’ '* Fowler’« P--
tent Adair g Machine;” *• star’’ (nochlran-y mrajr)
—best out, aayes y; -»Rlrd Holder"PuitiMe - .op
ine Press?” portable” ivardrobe and H it K»cks.”
15 per day n adeby enereetic ofeu Samples hr mill
50 cesn—catalogue and terniit. Addre-a Bl je. &
CO., IST Dearoorn-Bt., Chicago, 111. Jelt-lci. IG-3C
VV ANTED— to sell -ur
f* flre Phi»ogmohlc Albums. Thss; Alboms,
ore cotap In the best style of art. are very mri -tivA
a-.dflnd »apm tale. We have at-o a large assortment
of hnsratiopß and Card Photograph?, auo, a ne«
War Map, iait out. and jeversl popular b'Oks, to
seilbyagron). Beid for clrenlar to C. SI. DUNK &
Co., 182 & 181 Clark street, Chicago. JeltklVOt
V\f ANTED—Agents to sell our
T t great, uceqaaDod Prize and Stttlonery pack
ages, with wbleb we give, free.amagMflcsnt box of
frw and tachlonabiejeweiy. Bales quick—orofiu im
mense. Onr packages iranu onrlvaued for the splen >
dcr and richness of (he presents. Send for clrenlar,
eoctalnlDg mil particulars, to C. JI.DPtNA' 0..
183 6154 Clark street, Chicago. Jel4-kl4B-5tJ
AX T ANTED. —Agents are making
T T 1150 per month srlliog the Life of OmerS
Grant, with a cumulate history of hi* tnlllt ry career,
both in Mexico and the present Ifebelllun: price
IIJO. Life of President Lincoln,the Pioneer Boy;
price $125. And a long llaiol other late andpopo>
la/ works, selling very rapidly. For terms and cir
culars enclose stamp to WM.H.POST,roomls.Ub
llcb Block. Chicago. JeX3-8t
TXT ANTED —Efficient Ag.nts in
T T every conaty In the No/thwest to avli Mitch
ell’s New General Allas the best to. family d«e
ever pabitsofd—and M Stebblns’ itl.bty rears* Pro
tress of the United States," from the
war to the Great liebelilon—the best works extant
for agents. Mutseaa permanent. Address J. N,
WBILHJbN, No. 7 Mbthodist Church Block, Chicago.
11'., P. O. Box 2SS4. JelS-kSMt
"TV^-ANTF-D—Age'-ta wanted to
T T tell the moat 44 underfill Invention of the
Age.” Aa lasiratm-nt and fnlllnMroctio:# bv which
ai-y lady nr jientleaao can take a periett ilstene*!.
Sent lieu on r< celpt of M ceuia. Agents are masiatr
»>u a day. Every family shoold have one and taste
iheirown likeneaie*. Toan and county rghta ler
toe Addreao M. LB QSAJ*I>, care 308 B.oadw»V
VV' ANTED.—S7S a month.
r ■ isn’t* w«n;ed to ieU u,chlne«.
We will tin « commlaaoo on >ll m*cSlse* e, 10 or
raiplor.itint. »6rwul »ork for the .hovetrite,
ana all expense# paid. Adtlreis D. B.
A CO., t-eiroit, Mich. . Je9.hd Bt
WAITED —Agents for Sthmaek
er'B IllßtorT 01 the Rebellion—(KeellM ,n. t
oennan.) Tao volume* no* read*, ca atria tins th*
huio.tT to the fell or Vlet.hnn .Klßii
Tbf.« DmTiuga are by Sartalo. Thia work ia uow
well and favorably known to ae»U commeac
Alto, agents for tte oopnlar agency book. Cbrool
oleaof tbe Babelllon, or l»r. Scott, of Metnobla ▲
nnaoroiii) and highly lateratu,g|work. on wtueh
agtnu are remarkably ancc.a?fnu Price SLSU Send
far c in-mar* and raiytanlcalars to
C. FT VENT £ CO- Publishers,
112 Dwbcrn street, Chlcayp, LiL
Tl7 ANTED—Agents ■wanted. Juht
I T pahllabed.Baymona’s History of ihe Aitmiak.
Triton of Prc.*laeei.LlocolD. Juuil price «jn. g«M
plc copies test on receipt of tbe ones. w<* vtat
goeo men to engage la the sals ef tb:e popular worr.
Eierybody wn-ta tt. Address CLARK * CO- 87
l UU Bor 4751.
"07ANTED- 200active,intelligent
TT sweats wanted to sell tba treat NaUmJ
weatber Indicate*. an article everybody wa, u.
Thousands already testify to its osemlaees. It hae im
dergene Um mosticraUnUlat teste orecteotido m*n,
acdisaßaiometerpronuODced unequalled. Pltrss
»nt business, Ready sale So eomomtMao. dead
strap for circular Adores* dAMUHL PIKE, No. !•
Portland nlock. Chicago. P. O. Bor 539*.
J«3-b42E-«w ,
\\T TED —Agents, f Young la
▼ T die* can sell bun* rads ol Brtggs* Olosa Mark*
in* Pens iot u irrlre eU fab-ln without iprepera
lion even Horn end TowelUn*. They cannot sp*(tir
Je “t§S ini 68 Lake ageet. Chicago. 111.
WANTED —Disabled officers and
■oMiere, honorably dlachargod frotathase?-
Tie« ana I* want of employment ad*Mcd
to tn»lreo*d»Uoß, should addr* m P. u. Dnw»*»l-t
Cbieaeo. HL. living date of dlacUa-f a son muua o<
eomnaz y iw rrglmcat discharged from,
»« »ontt! I want Aktttte at
VTIitBOM, erpanMi paid, to eell mr Brn
T.ema FnoiiA Oszwrvax. Bourne, and tlortecx
other new, ueefnlmd ««??•» Wteek etr
|«nißinH Allil JOH? r^XOB^BUy.

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