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Cljieagff tobntu.
J. J. dursK.—Oar correspondent is requested
to eon?alt tbe advertising column; he will there
£nd (he address wished for.
Objlos Chtjob, M. E.—lt la intended to formally
consecrate tbe new Once Church /Methodist Epis-
on the 8d of July. The building is In a
lorwart state of completion.
Phusohal,—Colonel Ezra Taylor, Ist Illinois
Idgfat Artillery, arrived in Chicago on Tuesday.
Hon. Oalu&ha A. Grow, of Pcnnejlvanla, and
Bug eon General Finley, were at the Tremont
yesterday. '
losCool Soni.—The red thermometer at Back
A Baynor’s drag store stood yesterday st 99*. Bed
As an appropriate color to indicate such a temper*
ature. It u astonishing what an amount of ”coor
freshness ** they can concentrate into one class or
their sparkling soda water on a hot day, like yes
terday. We suspect the ice-plane la tbe secret
of it.
Lux. & DrvxHSrr’e Baxwxcr,—About sixty
workmen are employed in clearing away tbe
wreck occasioned by tbe late lire in the mahbouse
of LIU A Dlversey. Tbe burnt grain mingled with
Che Charred Umbtrs, presents a curious spectacle,
tot little of U being recoverable, and ebst onlv
fit for vinegar. They liave resumed brewing, and
Lave commenced to rebuild the structure^
Bittkk bt a Lioh.— A serious accident occurred
yesterday at the Circus. The man whoae duty It
is to dean ont the den in which the lions arc con
fined, incautiously put his band between the bars:
it wae Instantly seized by one of tbe animals and
lacerated ao badly that amputation above the
wrist was necessary. Onr reporter did not learn
his name.
A BMABH-re.—Yesterday afternoon, as an ex
press wagon with a drunken driver was passing
along Van Boren street at a rapid rate, the wheel
caught in the bread wagon ol P. Burekv, and up
set the concern, breaking the shafts, emptying the
contents of tbe box upon the street, and doing
considerable damage in various ways. Fortu
nately no damage was done to tbe boras or driver.
loss Tubnsu—The excavation and brickinj
tip of the lake tunnel has progressed one hundred
and sixty feet from the shaft. They make from
ten to twelve feet per day. The material thus far
Is very good, and nothing has occurred to Indicate
a break in the work. Tbe brickyard 1? In full ope
ration, and In a few days it «111 supply all the
bricks needed for the arch. The crib for the outer
shaft will soon be ready for launching.
Tbottwo.— Another trot will come ofi on Sat
urday afternoon next on the track of the Chiesge
Driving Park Association, best three in five, mile
beats. The competitors are James Van Etta’s bU
S. Black Diamond, to harness: W. Peabody’s a.g.
ohn Paul, tp wagon, and C. B. Smith’s br g.
Brown Dick, to wagon.
Tbe great ten days trot to come off in the first
ten days of next month is attracting considerable
attention. Several well known men have already
made entries for one or more of the trials.
Aocxdctt.— Aboot fonr o'clock yesterday after
cooo the larpc derrick which has been need in rc-
Donofi the materials of the old Baptist Church on
Washington street, soddenly fell and struck a
splendid span of horses attached to a stone wagon.
One of the bones was instantly killed and tbs
other badiy injured. The driver barely escaped
with bis life. The aeddent was caused by thepart-
Ing of the guy ropes that sustained the derrick.
Our builders cannot be too carefal in providing
against a recurrence of each casualties.
Bksidekce PBormrr —Ourreaders should keep
In mind the sale of tbe most desirable residence
lots in the West Division, which takes place this
day, at 2J» o'clock, on the ground. The property
to be sold is in Duncan’s Addition, and sltnste
south ol Madison and north of Tyler, between
Deleted and Morgan, While everything now has
•n upward tendency, real estate has remained
comparatively quiet. We can see no good reasons
why desirable property in this city should not ad
vance in proportion with everything else. The
©ale offers an excellent chance for investment.
Tbe title comes trom Wm. H. Brown, Esq., and of
course is undoubted.
Fume.—About two o'c-ocx yesterday afternoon
fire was discovered in tbe shingle lactoiy at the
foot of.Franklin street. No punllc alarm was
given, but the “Island Queen,” was sent for and
the flames suppressed before they bad gained
much beaoway. The Joes if any is trifling.
Again, about 8 last evening a lire was discovered
in a three-story wooden banding on Wells—No.
145. Tbe fire originated In tbs Junk store of Wil
liam Williams. Through the energetic efforts of
tbe firemen the flames were speedily subdued.
Tbe building is owned by Henry Miller. Loss not
Tar from SBOO which is covered by insurance. Mr
Williams' loss will not exceed $l5O. No Insert
A Chabce tor the Chabitable,— Two of tbe
t>e«t pictures sold on Tuesday night by Gilbert A
Earn peon—Nos. 319 and m were knocked down
at S6O and $10.50 respectively—frames (elegant
ones) included. They are richly worth double
that sum. The fortunate purchaser has left them.
At Gilbert A Sampson’s to be re-sold, on condition
tbstlbe advance upon the first cost shall be equal
ly divided between tbe Sanitary Commission and
Christian Commission.
Ve hope some amateur will take them at their
intrinsic worth and thus encourage home Italent,
and at tke same time contribute to those noble
charities. If not taken by Saturday they will be
Bowes* Cibccs.—Tbe Grand procession of
Howe’s Circus, which attracted so
much attention on its entry into the city, anl
which is really tbe finest affair of its kind ever ex
hibited in Chicago, will move Its pavilion to the
sew location on tbe North Side of the river, this
(TfacredaT)jnonnng at 10 e’clocx, taking tbe fol
lowing line of march: Proceeding from State
street to Michigan avenne, down Michigan avenna
to Bush street bridge, over the latter to Kinxle
etreet, up Elude to dark street, up Clark street
to Chicago avenne, through Chicago avenne to
Bath, aba down Bush to the pavilion at It loca
tion, on tbe corner of Baperior and Laaalle streets,
where ibe performance will continue as per adver
A Horse Contractor at Fault—The follow*
log item of news appears in a Washington paper.
The announcement may well cause a wince among
Other lame docks which abound In Chicago:
John Spicer, of Chicago, contracted to deliver
wlihin fifty days, 1,«00 cavalry horses at Colum
bus, and 3,000 cavalry horses at Indianapolis, at
$135 each. Spicer, having tailed to deliver any of
th* horses, has been tried by court-martial and
sentenced to pay $5,000 tine, and os imprisoned
until the fine Is pa'd.
The President approves the sentence, with an
indorsement which stales eobsCant ially that Spicer
shall neither be made to pay the tine or be jngred,
If Le will give a bond to pay the money wueo he,
the President, shall call npon him to pay it.
A Sensation Spoiled —Thefoßowlug Is dipped
from s Cincinnati paper:
•* We published, a few days since, the substance
ol a local article in the Chicago Timer, in reference
to the absconding ot a pay and handsome wife of a
citizen of our refined and moral suborn IB miles
out on the Hamilton road, little dreaming of the
sensation ft would create in that quiet retreat.
But lot before night cariosity to know who was
the missing neighbor, had led to a thorough canvaa
ol the subject and the town by the ladles, and each
individual husband had plied each other with the
tantalizing query, ** hare you heard from your
wife yet? 1 ' or, ** was it your wife who absconded
the other dayj”
Further on, the Cincinnati man gays there ia
not a word ot troth in the Storey. That veracious
chronicler of nncurrent events does occasionally
get a astray-some people think very often.
A Handsome Act Well Acknowledged.—The
following preamble and resolution was adopted
yesterday by the pnplls of the Ogden School.
Whereof. We the scholars of the Ogden School,
tavmr long felt the seed of a musical instrument
•a an accompaniment to oar surging exercises;
and whereas, this want has been supplied through
the liberality of the Hon. Wm. B. Ogden, there
fore .
JUsdced, That the hearty thanks of the pupils of
the School arc justly due, and are hereby gratefal
-1) tendered to Mr Ogden, for bis generous gift of
n besutl'ul and valuable Piano Forte; and that we
will endeavor to show our appreciation of his
generosity, by a more earnest effort on ov part, to
make the School worthy of the kind patronage of
him whose honored name it bears-
Frank C. Hatbswat, 1
Walter c. Larked, }■ Com.
Bekbt M. B&xsthau* J
Chicago, Jane S2d 166 L
Junr rom the United States District Court.
A Jury baa been summoned to try the criminal
causes now pending in the United States District
Court. They assemble on Wednesday next, the
Ssth instant, and are as follows: Louis B. Seller,
Cook county: E. A. Bennett, Cook county; Sam
vel Weigh, Bureau county : James Harrington,
BeKalb county; Charles Perry, Henry onauty:
Algernon 8. Tail, Kankakee comity; Theodore C.
Gibson, Lasalle county; John £. Whiting, Lee
county; WfllardP. Plagg, <*gle county; Wm. A.
Pennell, Putnam county; Jared Sheets, Stephen.
bod county; Jacob Holt, Warren county; Wm
Wall, Whiteside county: Thomas Dorg, Will
county; Charles W, Murdleldt, Winnebago coun
ty; Thomas McNulty, John Adams, D. A. Holmes,
Jo Daviets county; John U. Addams, Stephenson
county; Willard wood, Will county; John K.
Gould, Hock Island county; James V. Gale, Ogle
county; David A. Cook, Laaalle county; Thomas
J. Robinson, Bock Island county.
Fatal Acoidxkt.—One of those accidents re
anltlng troa carelessness In the use of kerosene,
occurred in the "West Division on Monday after
noon, at the house of Mrs. Shannon, at No. SOO
DcspJ&inea street at the hcadof Sebor. Mrs. 8.
•liOTjitoi 10 kindle , Ore toward, ntehLandlt
falling to born as brightly as she wished, took up
a can of kenwene oU, poured ont a quantltjnpoa
the lud and placed the can upon the stove. The
kindling cammed with oil was ton bed oft and
afae had the satisfaction of seeing the bra barn
brightly. Jostthen ebe thought of the can, and
readied out her band to remove it Just as sba
took holdof it a terrific explosion tbokplacT Bhe
waa at once enveloped In flames Irotn htao to fooL
Bor screams attracted the attention of her neur£
bore, who immediately sent for medical assist
once. This proved unavailing, and at 8 o'clock
yesterday morning she died. The Coroner held mi
inquest yesterday, and a verdict was rendered in
accordance with the facta.
QekebalTrabm’ tlmoK.—a meeting ol the
General Trades Union was held on Tuesday eve
ning, at which tbe following preamble and reaoluc
tiona were unanimously adopted:
WnruXAß—lt appears from the cards issued br
the employing hokera, that their men have been
•obliged to return to their worn at former wages,
and. according to tbe statement 01 one employer
the latter has men at work at even less wages than
before; and
Wbx&oas—This Assembly have had an oppor
tunity to examine the statements of both parties,
and the tacts presented by the Journeymen bakers,
in regard to the wares they receive for the almost
unlimited hours which they have to wont, remain
tmoontxadicted: and
Wuzbxao, Tbe members of the Bakers’ Union
have projected • joint stock bakery for their pro
tection and advancement, and for the better se
curing permanent benefits, as we'l ns to relieve
the journeymen from tbe .oppression of nuprlncl
'pled employers, who haveuot only re rased to pay
a reasonable compensation for labor, but have re
ported to acts unworthy.the characters of good
cdilaena to secure Journeymen at unfair rates—
each as threats, importation of workmen, and
Jalae statements in tbe daily papers; therefore,
Heictoed, That we deem the undertaking of the
Bakers' Union one eminently worthy, aad by
which they can obtain more immediate relief from
the evils under which they labor, and that it Is our
duty asd tbe dnty of the several subordinate
Unices to extend sympathy and hearty co-opera
Mr.Dooley of the “Bakers' Union” reported
progress In tbe matter of tbe Joint stock bakery
Inaugurated by them; it was sure to be a success.
Of the *£,ooo stock, $5,600 had been already taken
)s SIOO shares.
Messrs. Dooley, Blake and Baekhart was ap
pointed a committee to wait upon the Common
Council, and secure a room for the meetings of tbe
Board of Tmtets—Thirteenth Annual Hcct-
Ug—Reports 0 f Flsaurlal Agent, Trea
surer, and the FacaUy—Eleclloa of
oSiren and Tnutce-*
Ths Board of Trustees of the Northwestern
University assembled at Evanston, io tbe Univer
sity Boilnlog, yesterday morning, at eleven
The Board was called to order by J. G. Hamil--
ton, E*q n Vice President, woo called upon Bev
Bicbard Bauer, to open tha session with prayer.
That genUeman addressed tbe Throne of Grace In
an eloquent aod appropriate petition for God’s
blessing to rest upon tbe efforts of tbs Board.
~On motion, Bev. T. C. Gardner was appointed
Assistant Secratary. The list of members was
read and the following found to be present:
SeHdeni Tnttfm irripcton Lunt, Wm. Wheel
er, Hod. Grant Goodrich, James Q. Hamilton, John
V. Pmrwell, J. K. Boteford, Bon. Geo. F. Foster,
Geo. W. Reynolds, Harvey B. Hurd.
Conference 7Vu#f«a-Bock Biver Conference,
Bev. B. Crews and TT. F. Stewart; Michigan Con
ference, Bev. ProL I*. B. Ptsk; Detroit Confer
ence, Bev. T. C. Gardner: Northern Indians Con
ference. Bev. B. D- Boblnson; Central lilinola
Conference, Bev. Richard Hsnej.
Tbe minutes of tbe last annual session of the
Board aod of tbe meetings of tbe Executive Com
mittee were read and approved. The action of
tbe Executive Committee, as recorded io the mia
ous, was by vote of tbe Board affirmed.
Bev. H. 8. Korea. Financial Agent of the Unl
rcralty, (ben read tbe report of hla financial opero
tfloas for tbe fiscal year ending at follows:
Interest on' notes and contracts $3311.91
Bents and leasee 2,042,45
Interest on scholarship notes 729.20
Tuition hills 1,039.71
Contracts 1,158.25
Bills redevabte 445A6
Scholarships 1,418.76
Merchandise.. 87.19
East Maine Coat Sent 151.54
Tofal .$10,867 60
For department of Instruction $5,801.00
Expense account TO4AB
Museum 866 79
University building 157.60
Taxes in Wisconsin 550.91
Additions to library
Paid J. G. Hamilton, Treasurer 145^17
Oliver Massey, bsllance of account 815.91
Casa on hand 3,699 4(
T0m......... $1u,9C7,«)
Tbe aggregate value of tbe property of tbe Uni
versity remains substantially as represented to tbe
Boara at Us last session. The report of the com
mittee raised to estimate the available property of
tne institution, was incorporated in the re corns of
the Secretary, and has Just been read in yonr hear
ing. It may be added here, however, that the
eulee of lots In Evanston daring tbe year amount
to $10,600, and tbat leases have been effected to
the extent of SB,BOO, making an addition of $11,600
to our productive capital. The remaining lots in
Chicago have been leased and improved by the
erection of good, substantial tenements thereon.
The current income of tbe University is conse.
qncntly somewhat augmented, and it is hoped that
tne revenue lor the year to come win be adequate
to meet tbe caucuses on the basis of the past year.
Below le subjoined an estimate of the probable
Income for the ensuing year:
Bents accruing on leases $2,848.20
Interest accruing on notes 1,35L»9
Interest accruing on contracts 1,630.93
Interest on scholarship notes 300.00
Tuition bills of students 700,03
Total Income $6,9.8.11
Tbe aggregate expenses for the year now closing
amounted to S6AUSA6, being an excess over the
estimated increase of the year to come of $922.07.
There Is a lair presumption that this deficiency
may be overcome by collections of Interest and
rent, which have been accrued but remain unpaid.
Rerpecifnlly submitted, H. 8. Norrs,
Financial Agent.
• TREAsmxxn’e bxpobt.
The report ol J. O Hamilton, Treasurer ot the
Board, was read, and, upon the eta ement ot Hr
Lunt, of tbe Auditing Committee, that tbe ac
count was eonect.it was accepted. The Universi
ty was stated to be altogether out ol debt. This
announcement was received with applause.
Tbe report of the Faculty was then read as fob
Tbe FocnVy are bappy to be able to report at the
close of another college year, a goed degree of In
ternal property.
Tbe number of students In attendance in the
College classes bn been 89, and in the Preparatory
School 87, making an aggregate of 12S or over SO
per cent above the attendance in any previous
year in tbe nistories of tbe institution,
Tbe collections in Natural History and Mineral
ogy have been largely increased daring tbe year.
Fonr hundred specimens of Bocks and Fossils of
Illinois from the State Geological Survey, all la
belled and mounted, have been donated te the
University through tbe order of Gov. Yates. They
Illustrate very tnJiy, toe Geology of the State, and
make tr. our collections a very valuable accession,
ot whiehjt may sot be amise/orthe Board omtke
appropriate acknowledgment. The Cabinet has
been further enriched by the addition of over 300
specimens trem other sources, chiefly through tbe
Personal efforts of the Professor in charge of tbe
Department. Kote of tbe latter have been
mounted for want of room.
Vi e ma> say of *he Preparatory school that it Is
steadily increasing in patronage, hut its work is
greatly unbartaesed for tbe want of suitable ac
commodation, and Us beet efficiency cannot be
hoped for until these ere secured.
The question of board tor students hat caused
us muen perplexity, and we fear will greatly em
barrass ns the comlngyear. It has been difficult
to find accommodations lor all, while tbe price of
board has gone beyond the means of the majority
of our patrons. Self-boarding would be practica
ble in a larger number of cases, were there a sup
ply of rooms to be rented for tnls poroose. we
state tbe difficulty, hoping that you may be able
to suggest the remedy. The faculty hare consid
ered whether tbe want may not in part ne met in
tbe erection of a tenement of the cost of |1,5 J0 to
$2,000, tbe rooms of which might for a rime be
tented lor the occupancy of students; but the
wisdom of such a measure is asnblectfortbsde
liberation and uecuion of the Board.
Daring the last five years the faculty have not
failed frequently to urge upon yonr attention tbe
importance of proceeding in tne erection of per
manent buildings. You will allow ua to renew
this recommendation. Tbe want of the Universi
ty is this respect, Is so manifest and pressing that
no argument is needed to arouse any and every
one to the importance of providing to meet it.
It scans to ns perilous to the best interests of the
iustimtion to delay longer a vigorous forward
movement in this matter. At first tbo pobUe
commended the prudent policy wnich determined
the erection of the present building. It was un
derstood to be merely a temporary provision, and
be wisdom oi ibe course baa never been question*
td by those most thoroughly conversant -with tbe
<acts in tbe case. Tbe building for tbe time served
its purpose wed. but it has quite outlived Its day,
end it is neither convenient nor respec
table, nor pol.nc for ns to devote it
iongtTtoitsprer4&tn»e. Tbe delay to build has
has been manifestly detrimental to our fair fame
both at home snd abroad. We have disappointed
public expectations in failing to fulfil tne hopes
which onr early high pretejuions engendered, and
nothing can prevent a funflr loss ot public confi
dence In onr financial vitality, except a termina
tion of the reign of “dead letuarg*" and a vigor
ous forward movement. The moral effect of do
iftd *oi*ething will be to the institution of tncai
cnlable value, effecting all Us varied interests, but
especially bearing open its reiarions to t&e town
of Evanston. Tbe material interrsta of the noi
veraity-aro mainly here. Ita unproductive proper
ty is al) here. The prospective v*Jue of this is to
be determined mainly by tbe growth of tbe place
end tbe literary ana other attractions which ftay
be centered hi re. Every dollar which is expended
in substantial baild will sdd two dollars to the
value of tbe landed properties, so that as a purely
financial qocaiiou it would be wise to baild and
short-sighted to defer it
But there are other considerations in regard to
the town which bear with at least equal weight
with that Just named. Those who nave settled
here bsve been led to do so, largely through tbe
frotp-elite attractions ot the place. The univeral
-2 may not llgbtiy set aside the moral claim which
e community has npon it for the fulfillment on
it sport of tbe expectations to which it has given
It is scarcely necessary to call the attention of
the Board to the <ootfnued vacancy In the Presi
dency. This has already been a subject of repro
sedation to you. The Faculty are deep y alive to
tue advantages which would accrue to the univer
sity in various retards from nar.ng this position
worthily filled. They regret that the continued
inadequacy of the income ol this Institufoa does
not enable them to offer toyoaarecommmdation
in tide convention.
On motion of Mr. Goodrich, so much of the re
port of the faculty as relates to the election of Pres
idtnt ofthe University was referred to a committee
of three, appointed by the chairman, as follows:
Messrs. Goodrich, hunt and Hayme.
Mr. Foster, from the committee directed at the
Isfet session of the Board to see to the protection
o! the shore ol the lace, reported that their efforts
to cause the improvement to be made had not been
attended with tncccss. The same committee was
continued for the eusuing year.
The subject of providing a boarding house for
the accommodation of students was referred to
the Executive Committee, with power to act.
A committee of three was named by the chair to
tube the matter of permanent University buildings
Into consideration, after which the Board adjourn
ed until half.pa*t two o'clock.
The Board convened at half past two. according
to adjournment.
The Committee on Permanent Buildings pre
sented a written report recommending t£e con
struction of a new building for the university.
They aevised that efforts be made to raise funds
jor that norpore in the.lollowing manner:
Ist. That oncvbalf of the collections from schol
arship notes be set apart for the building fond.
Sd. That s*o,ooo from the sales first made of
real estate be set apart for that purpose.
Sd. Subscriptions to the amount of $35,000 be
raised, payable when $20,000 shall have been
The report was accepted, and, on motion, tem
porarily laid upon the table,
The committee appointed at the last yearly see*
elon ot the board, to revise certain of the by-laws,
reported at length. Their report was received
and adopted. . ,
On motion. It teas voted to go into an election
forTiUfctevaln place of Heears. Evan a, Botaford
and Beynolde, whose term expired with the pres
ent seaslon. Mr. FVtraell was appointed teller,
and a ballot waa bad; and Messrs. Evans, Bots
ford and D. C. Hoag elected. «
The following officers of the Board were then
jYesifenf—Dr. John Evans.
nce-JYeddati—J. Q. Hamilton.
Sectetarvand Financial Agmt— Henry 8 .Noyes.
Treasurer— John V, Farwell.
Executive Committee— J, K. Boteford, O. Lunt,
O. C. Cook. D.C. Hoag. , ,
On motion, It was ordered that the dense of
BachtJorof Arte be conferred upon Milton Cash
ing Springer, and George Egerton Strobridge; tbe
degree of Bachelor of Philosophy upon Frederick
James Hatchings, and tbe degree of Master of
Arts upon James William Haney, and William
Aueon Spencer.
Fro eesor Noyes, on behalf of the Faculty, read a
communication recommending a change in the
vacations, as follows: Seven weeks in the Sam
mcr, five weeks in the Winter, and two in the
Spring. Tbe Facnlty were instructed to change
the times ol the vacation, at their discretion, pro
vided they do not exceed fourteen weeks.
nnmnxNT or raKrsmtßsnr.
The committee to whom was referred |£at part
of the report of the Facmty relating to the ap
pointment of a President, reported that In their
opinion it was nnadvisahle to make tbe appoint
ment at present.
Mr. Hurd deprecated the adoption ot the report.
He tboucht if such was tbe decision of tbe Board,
the prosperity and ruefulness of the Institution
was gone. a-
Mr. Foster took a eim : lir view. - •
* . • **.®°drlch explained that the income of the
institution was not large enough to suitably re
compense a President, and It was not souadpollcy
to entrench upon the capital. -
t E ? rd m ,oy©d that the report be received and
Tdl d? e temporarily. This motion pre-
f.? eter c P.tee report of the Bnflding
Committee and moved Its adoption.'
a P vTe“n£
Tbe third proDOTitlan ... .mended eo u to te-
Mr. Goodrich then moved that lbs present «o
tton of tbe Board upon this aabject, beaabadm
led for t>>e action of the Board at tbe last session l
Mr. Foster moved that Professor Noyes, or
such o'hor person as tbe Executive Commltta
•ball designate. be iDStrucieo tu protocol* ti.e
subscription to the building fond. Tala motion
After the transaction of other unimportant bas
inets, the Board adjourned without date.
in Important Regulation far the Conduct ef
Soldiers Passing through this City.
The following Important order baa just been
made by Colonel B. J. Swee*, Post Commandant,
for the governance of soldiers passing through
Chicago. Tbe order has been leaned notone mo
ment too soon, and tbe public will Join us in
tfraMHcg the Commandant for hla action in this
matter: _
“Gxksbai. Obdeb No. 49. T. Commanding
officers of detachments, companies, or regiment 3
arriving in sad passing through tela city, will ba
held strictly rerpoptlble for the conduct of their
11. At least ore commissioned officer of every
such detachment, company or regiment, must re
main with and In command of the same, and every
officer, except the commanding officer, and every
enlleted man who shall desire to pass around tbe
atv, or to separate from his command, moat hare
a pass signed by his commanding officer and ap
proved by the Military Provost Marshal, except
when the command la stopping at the Soldiers'
Best, when ench passes wifi be approve! by the
officer in command of the Best
m. Commanding officers will report to the Mil
itary Provost Marshal, No. 45 Randolph street, who
ia authorized to give them passes.
IV. It shall be tbe duty of tbe officer command
ing at the Soldiers' Best, an! all other commis
sioned officers on duty In this city, to report
promptly to tbe Military Provost Marshal or to
these headquarters, whenever it sball appear tbat
any detachment, company or regiment has been
abandoned by Us commissioned officers, and the
Military Provost Marabal on such report will Im
mediately assume and retain command of each
detachment, company or regiment, till he shall be
relieved by order of tbe commander of the post.
V. All officers and men who shill be absent from
their commands without passes will be arrested
by tbe Military Provost Marshal.
VI. All commanding officers whose commands
may be at the Soldiers’ Beat, will famish sack
guards as may be required, observe such instruc
tions as may be given, and obey each rules and
regulations as may be made by the officer com
manding tbe Best.
VII. All officers and enlisted men, whether with
or without passes, who shall be under tbe Influence
oj liquor, drunk, or in any way disorderly, will
be arrested.
Tbs Doo Dats— A Mass Hcmpus about Mcz
rxra—The necessity of a short sermon about dogs
in the columns of the Thtbuxb, was forcibly sug
gested yesterday morning, on seeing m one of our
most frequented streets a yellow dog exhibiting
unmirtakeable symptoms of hydrophobia.
Dogs are useful in their war. We once knew a
mastiff In oar school boy days that kept Intact a
field of water melons. The owner ofthat field
waa a happy man. and ate his fruit In peace and
quietness under his own vine and fig tree. Bis
next uoor neighbor was not so fortunate. He had
a holy horror of dog?, and lost hit watermelons.
Our readers will readily discover the connection
between dogs and ibe—Oh! what a melon.
Newfoundland docs are favorites with women
and children, Black-and-tan terriers are affected
by the fpoiting fraternity, and for family use.
Germane take to bail-dogs, and Irishmen to cars,
as naturally as ducts to water. We know a Ger
man butcher In the West Division, who has seven
boll-dog?, one coach doff, and a blaca-and-tan
terrier- ThenelgLbow think this too much of a
pood thing. In that same neighborhood, within a
e rcult of ahundred rods, there are net less thin
a hundred dog?. We have not the dog statistics
at hand, but from somewhat extended Inquiry
and observation we ate forced to arrive at tie
conclusion that there are not leas than 80,<xx) dogs
wiiLlo ih i corporate limits of the city or Chicago,
or one uoe to every five inhabitan’s. The coat or
keening this Immense army Is equal to tbat of
feeding halt that number of soldiers, or
not lees than *6,000 a day. In these stirring
times with gold at StO, wh stj at two dollars a
gallon, wheat going up at toe rate of a dime a
bnebel dally, and other necessaries in proportion,
it becomes an interesting questioa how this vast
army of non-producer? shall be fed. The coat of
farnishinF tbs dogs of Chicago with fresh meat
and “bnken victuals,” would clothe and feed
every soldier’s family in the city. Tbe wlvss and
children of the brave men who have gone out of
oormldst to fight our battles are starring, and tbe
troa« y that would put bread into their mouths and
cover tbeir nakedness is wasted upon 30,01)0 worto
le-s curs.
The appearance of a mad dog In onr streets Is
suggestive. Tbe hoc rummer months are upon
ns when this malady Is likely to prevail, and un
less some steps are taken by the authorities to
to dear tbe aty of this vast multitude of dogs
which are become as troublesome as the lice of
Egypt, we may expect that cases of hydrophobia
will be as frequent bb small pox or diphtheria.
And this leads us to ask el his Soaor tbe Mayor,
why he has not issued his proc’amttion as re
quired by the ordinance, restraining and forbid
ding dogs to run at large, no less securely muzzled.
It has been usual to issue this document al early
as tbe lint of June. The Mayor is accounted
abounding In ‘’hone sensenow let him show a
little dog sense. Be Is criminally derilst in his de
lay. Does be suppose that be willbe more firmly
established in tbe affections of this community, if
be allows every dog to roam at largo f This has
become a serious matter, and in common with tbe
great majority of this people, we ask Mayor Sher
man to issue his proclamation as required by the
Tux Actiok or Widow Bsizjct aoaisbt the
Ilukois Ckktbai. Hailboad.— Jn the case of Kel
ley vs The Illinois Central Railroad Company,
wh ch has been on trial in tbe Circuit Coort since
Monday last, the Jury yesterday morning brongnt
in a verdict for the plaintiff for $5,000; snd npon
motion by tbe defendants, a new trial was granted
by tbe Court. This is the second trial of the case.
Tbe first trial, w hicb was reported In tbe Tbibuxk,
took place at tbe April term, when the jnry tailed
to agree. Tbe case is one of mnch impor
tance to the profession and tbe public
generally. The suit was brought by Brio
get Beiley, tbe widow and administratrix of
Hugh Kelley, deceased, who was a switchman in
tbe employ of the delendant, and was run over
and killed on the night of the 14tb of October,
3£63,1n consequence, as alleged by tbe plaintiff,
oi tbe incompeteocy and Qnakx>fulQeß9 of the ea
fdoeer in charge o! the engine, who was cnowlng
y employed by tbe defendant In a capacity fur
which be was unqualified.
It seems that tbe person who acted as engineer
had been a fireman in tbe employ of Che defendant
for several yean, and their agent, with knowledge
of this fact. Placed hist In charge of tbe euslne.
Tbe plaintiff claims damages on the following
grounds: Firtt, That tbe engineer of the engine
which caused the aeddent, was incompetent
and unskilful;, second, that be was placed
in charge ot tbe engine by an officer of the Com
pany, and not by an oromary employee; third ,
that tbe company was bound in dnty by tbeir em
ployees and the traveling public to use all possible
cai e in the selection and detailing of their servants;
fourth, that it was in consequence of the negli
gence of the defendant andtne incompetency of
tbe engineer, or both, that the seddent occurred;
ffth, that the deceased was conducting bis busi
ness and performing his duties In accordance with
the rules and regulations of tbe defendants; sixth,
that the defendant was legally bound to take duo
care not to expose tbe deceased to unreasonable
risks, snd to associate with him only persons of
proper skill and competency; tecenVi, that it mat
ters not who employed the engineer, whether the
defendants or their drlv authorized aecut, fjr the
act of the agent wonld*be tbe act of the de r en lent.
The defendant contended that the plaintiff could
not recover, the deceased being an employee of
the company and that they took tbe usual coarse
io select the engineer. Tbe fact of the engineer
being a fireman would not avail as the usual cus
tom was to select engineers from amongst tbe
firemen. The engineer in this Instance had been
recommended as a competent person by the freight
scent and tbe yard master, although no personal
or actual examination had been made as to bis
qualifications by the master mechanic or machin
ist. Tbe facts and the law of tbe case were ably
argued by counsel on both sides, and tbe action
will he tried again at the September term.
S. Ashton for p aintiff; McAllister, Jewett A
Jackson for defendant.
Washotctomah Howe. —An adjourned meeting
of tbe Board ot Directors of tbe
Home was held at the Asylum, No. 517 State
The President, J. C, Bell, occupied the chair.
The minutes of the last meeting having been
reed by the Secrelaiy and confirmed, Mr. B. A.
Law, as Chairman of the Executive Committee,
reported that several meetings had been held, and
among other matters whichaad come under dis
cussion was the appointment of a permanent agent
Tor the Home, to solicit subscriptions for the
benevolent purposes contemplated by the direc
tors, and to exart himself generally for the Inter
ests of the Institution. The Committee were sc
cordincly prepared to recommend to the Board
that such an officer should be engaged, and with
that view they bad spoken to Her. U. F. Skianer.
who was at present acting In the opacity of agent
foi the "Home of the Friendless/’ His engage
ment would terminate at the end of the present
month, and the Committee were of the opinion
that he would make a very zealous and efficient
On motion of J. 8. Mclntyre U was resolved,
that the Executive Committee be authorized to
engage Her. 5 Shmn either sti permanent salary
or upon commission.
A donation of ten acres of laud <m State street
southeast ol the University as a site for tie erec
tion of abuliciog for a new Home, was also re-*
ported by the Executive Committee as preseated
by Matthew Laffiln. The title had been submit
ted to Jndce Goodrich for investigation, and be
bad not yet presented a report.
The Superintendent of the “Home” reported
the nomber of inmates since the sth of December
last to have been twelve. The maximum term of
the residence in the Institution of any inmate had
been twenty-one weeks: the minimum term eight
days. One patient bad died of ddirlum tremens
shortly after bis orrlvsL Several Lettsrs of thanks
from ptrsons who bad been patients of the Home
wtreaito submitted by theSoperlnteadent. They
unanimously expressed the most sincere gratitude
for benefits derived, and gave assurance that the
authors were continuing in an adherence to the
prnciples ot total abstinence Inculcated daring
tleirtcmporaiT residence with the Superintendent.
Judge Unokins reported that the bill for the in
corporation of the Home was ready fur legislative
enactment, and only required that the directors
sbonldfix upon a design for a seal.
The meetiog fixed upon a seal bearing an en
graving of an ark nurruunded by the words “Ohi
eago.Wacbln&tonian Home.”
i he meeting then adjourned.
Poucb Coukt.—Quiet reigned at this temple pi
Justice yesterday. Comparatively few offenders
were present, and the cases were mostly ot minor
importance. By lookers-on who knew not the
■ terrors of the prisoner's dock, nor the stem Justice
of Judge McOonmll, yesterday's session waa said
to he “ decidedly dry.”
George Kinney, an African of the tonaonal per
suasion, had, or rather did hare, a sweetheart, to
.Whom he h»d freely offered his heart's warmest
affection. Be was in love. The admiration was
supposed to be mutual. Bat the fickle damsel
suddenly transferred her affections to another,
whereat Gee wld with rage, and lonily
averted that somebody must be whipped—hinting
very pointedly that that “ somebody” vu hie suc
cessful rival. Officer Donnell one day stepped into
fals shop and kindly offered him quarters at the
Armory until the poignancy ol hia grief should
subside, whereat George's rage culminated, and
he threatened to shave the bean clean off the said
officer. For this little Joke he was required to
pay s£o and cotta.
John Maloy yesterday had anßaltcrcatlou with
Dennis Dcaney. at the saloon of the latter, on
Kinzie street. Alter exhaur ting the argument and
calling many hard names. Maioy drew a pocket
knife, and made “ the nnkindeat cut of all,” said
cot being In the right brea*t of hla Teutonic-op
ponent and about three inches deep. Sergeant
Jennings, of the north division police, took him
into custody, and he yesterday appeared before
Justice Mcbouuel. Tbe case was continued till
Saturday and the prisoner required to find bail in
the rum of SSOO.
Morris Brown insisted on driving on Clark street
bridge alter being warned to keep off. Be didn't
“care a straw*' for tbe bawling of the hrl ige tend
ers or the ringing of the bell. He would go on the
bridge when he pleased. Tbe pleasure cost him
Mary Colton does well enough when sober—
which rarely happens—but when drunk is a roar
ing tigress. She had a little frolic with a neighbor
and proved her pugilistic powers, hut the demon'
stntioß cost her $25.
Mrs. Johnson was tried for a like offense and
was similarly disposed of.
Path;a the Poucb—Action op Supebintbnd
but Bbadlst.—This community Is tolerably
well potted as to the position of police affaire in
thlfldty. For two months the police officers bare
been unpaid. Sock was the disorganized condi
tion ol that department of tbe city, government
during tbe’ab-ence of Commissioner Coventry,
that no one could be found autbo rued to sign the
pay mil. Tbe very next day after bis arrival Mr
■ Coventry signed the orders upon the ComplrA'cr*
as bcis required to do by tbe rutos of the Board.
F. O. Bhcnnau and his coadjntor, B_B. Hsyee, re
rare to aim th* warrants, br which they are r«t
oered valid. Tbtslsan old trick of tbeae small
politicises. If the; cannot rale they propose to
rnln. It la doubtful, In this case, if they have a
Finance Committee to attain them In their ille
gal position, tl thongh we make no doubt that they
: wih be able to obtain from tbe acsomnodstln*
official who does the legal opinion business to
order, an opinion that their conduct is alt right.
The lecal opinion of each * man Is not worth tbe
paper upon which it !• written.
C. P. Bradley, the Secretary of the Board of Po
lice and Act-cg Superintendent, yesterday, op in
hi? own nspcntibUli j. borrowed the money o' ooe
of oar tanking hooeeeland paid those members of
tbe force concerning the legality or whose ap
pointment there was no doubt. This otcoane left
oat 01 the rinjr William Turtle and Wm. Abbott.
We understand that arrangements are being made
to continue tbe payment of tbe police until such
t'xce a? municipal affairs shall become regulated.
Mr, Bradley is entitled to tbe thanks of this com
munity for tbe efforts he baa male and ia atlll
making to prevent the di-banding of tbe force.
A Heuoub OcraAOß.—One of those sickening
offenses against law and human nature, from which
we regret to say no community is exempt, was
brought to light in this cl'y yesterday. Jacob
Blttig, t German, about fi'ly year? of aee, who re*
aides at No. 203 North Dearborn street, was arrest
ed on complaint of hla step-daughter, Pauline
Bittig, charged with a foul attempt upon her person*
Ibe complainant ia of very preposesslog ap
pearance, about ftueeo years of age, and told the
t-ickenln? story of her wrong with aa article sim
plicity and depth or feeling that touched all whs
heard Ic.
It ecems that Blttig is now living with his
second wife—a very wonhy woman—and tnat
Pauline 1b her daughter. For a long rime BltUg
has besought tbe girl to listen to ms loathsome
overtures, but to no purpose. He then com
menced a systematic course of tbe moat brutal
treatment hie cruel passion could devise. She
was ircqucnilv beaten, kicked, knocked down,
turned out of doors, &c. To all this tne poor girl
meekly submitted, glad in any way to escape nls
brutal lasts. She toiled with her needle, earning
her own support and contributing something to
tbe (amity expenses.
Bittlg’s wile had been apprised by her child of
his frequent attempts upon her virtue, aod remon
strated with him. She, too, then became an ob
ject of bis wrath. For months things thus pro
gressed. On Friday night last tbe wretch forcibly
entered Pauline's chamber and attempted the ac
complishment of bis long cherished design. By
gnat effort she was enabled to resist him, and fled
to the lady's bouse In whose employ she was.
Thither he followed her, but ehe had found a reso*
lots protector. Foiled in bis purpose, the villain
commenced an assault upon the bouse, smashing
io tbe windows, door?, Ac. On Tuesday morning
he was arrested and tbe above facta brought out.
He was fined 225 for disorderly conduct, and upon
tbe more serious charge, tbe extent and penalty of
which la lourtf en years Imprisonment, he was ncld
to appear at tbe Recorder's Court, bail being fixed
at $eW.
Clark Seminary.—The anniversary exercis
es of Clark Seminary, at Aurora, HI., will be held
June Seth, S9th and SOth. Class examinations,
28th and 2Sth; Stn dents’ exhibition. SOth, and tbe
Literary Society addresses on the evenings of the
2Sth and S9th. Bev. J. H. Vincent, of Rockford,
will address tbe Young. Men’s Bocleiy.
bev. Dr. Erarts, of Chicago, is expected to ad
dress the Ladies' Society.
Xlsaket Picnic.—A basket picnic and fish
ing excursion to Clarke Station, Calumet River,
will take place on Saturday for the benefit of the
Sabbath School of Calvary Presbyterian Church.
Cars leave Pittsburg depot at nine o'clock.
MIST Dr. James is now at bis office, 86 Ran
dolph street, between State sod Dearborn streets.
Ten separate rooms, and all consultations confi
Impure Breath—4mong all the disagreeable
coDtequcuces that follow fast the decay of the
teeth, an impure breath must be tbe most uuplca
eanl and mortifying lo its possessor, as it is the
most inexcusable and offensive to society, flow
often its possessor lexm rlcnces a distant coldness
shown even trout the best of friends, or perhaps
the one most fondly cherished, from this source.
You are ignorant of the canse yourself, the sub*
Ject is so delicate—yonr most Intimate friend will
not mention it. Wuynot remove this one great
barrier to yonr hea th, beauty anti happlnees, at
ouce,| by using that justly popular Dentifrice,
Fracrant SOZODOKT, tbe most convenient, plea
sant and efficacious gem for the toilet the world
has overproduced.
Sold by druggists everywhere at 73 cents p<*
bottle. 3t-TueaThsSat
mother*! Mothers!l mother*!!!— Are
you ditturbodat nigh* and broken of yonr rest by
a sick child suffering and crying with the excruli
sting pain of catting teeth f It so, go at once and
get a boiUe of Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup. It
will relieve ike poorllctJe sufferer Immediately—-de
pend upon It; there is no mistake about it. There
Is not a mother on eartbwbo has need it, who will
not tell you at ance that it will regulate tbe bowels,
and give rest to tbe mother, and rebel and health
to the child, operating like magic. It is perfectly
tale louse In all cases, and pleasant to the taste,
and Is tbe prescription of one of tbe oldest and beat
female physicians and nureea In the United States.
Price S3 cents. Sold evervwbere
mayfthz&Sdm-Taei Ths A Sat
Dp, Bigelow.-—We have often referred in
complimentary terms to Dr. Bigelow, speaking of
him as a gentleman In oveir way worthy the con
fidence of those who need the services of a special
ist. To those who are afflicted with venereal dis
ease in any of its forms, or who have long suffered
from chronic derangements, we would say, "Go
to Dr. Bigelow; yon will find in him a gentleman
well qualified, both by education and experience,
to give you the aid you so much wish for." Dr.
Bigelow la now permanently located at No. ITJ
South Clark street on tbo comer of Monroe. Hla
rooms are open for consultation day and evening,
snd those wno vls't him may rely that all the ap
pliances of the medical art will be brought In to
their relief. je»-k753-U
Diarrhoea and Flux-—Dr. Strickland’s
Aud-Cbolera Mixture is tbe only remedy we know
of which will effectually cure a bad case of chronic
and acne diarrhma and dyeenterv. Soldiers, do
no( be without puch valuable medicine. You may
depend on it In the wont case.
. H. Scovil, Agent.
Je2s-k760-ll No. 76 Randolph st., Chicago.
Dr. Everson’s Chicago-Bye and Bar
Infirmary and. Clinical Institute, I:'< 4
fronth Clark creel. Deafness, blindness, catarrh,
and all diseases of the air passages successfally
treated. je3o-k49>4t-x tu tb&sa
Metropolitan Ball to Bent.—This Hall
is to rent for all tbe purposed (or which such balls
are ordinanly used. Terms moderate. Applica
tions can be made at tbe office, adjoining too en
trance to the Hall. JclO-n9iO*tf
JOT Bouse and Sign Painting, Calciuunlng,
Glazing and Graining. Paper Hangings and Win
dow Shades selling at wholesale and retail at New
York prices. F. E Eight, 89 Randolph street,
Box 5863. ie&hU3-im
Commercial Postscript.
'Wsuvudat Bvaxxxo, Jans 3 1, 1851.
Notwithstanding the oppressive weather, the later
eit in the general pi oduee markets was so great that
the Sherman House this evening was again crowded
to except, wheie for two long hoars grata operators
sweltered amidst tobacco smoke and foul air, watch
i»c the course of events.
The decline in gold in the afternoon canted a slight
panic m grain, ani prices fell off materially. In the
evening Ci? patches were received stitlnz that gold
bad Mien to 200, while othera reported it at 220. Un
dcrtblsstateof affairs there was bat little disposi
tion to Invest, and the general markets ruled quiet
"Wubat suffered a decline of BalOc irom the closing
prices of 'Change, aad [email protected] from the blghest point
reached to-day. In the afternoon, about 175,003 bo
were sold, at a range of |[email protected]« for Mo, 1, and at
fIXSdI.TS for. ho. 3. In ibe evening the market
ruled quiet, with ssles of about ISd.utO bo atfUTSO
177 for No. 1 Spring, and sl.o6di.€9K for No, 2—clos
ing quiet f0rN0.1atf1.7501.76, sad firm for No. 2 at
$1.(8. The sal rain the evening in detail were as fol
lows ss,oiobu No. 1 Spring at $1.77: 5.00S bu do at
21.76K; 12,000bn do at Sl/iO; St.QCO bn do at It.tt;
It,CMba N0.3 at 11.G5 1 83,000 Da do at tl 61; 10,0(0 bu
do at ♦LIT* 5 SO.OvO bu do at $1.63; 1,003 bu do at
|L£9; WXfcba do at ft#)#.
Conn declined 2®>c below the closing prices of
'Change. In the afternoon thin was considerable
inquiry, partly on Buffalo orders, and about 100,(00
barbels were sold at sl<3l®l 36 for Mo. 3 Cora In store
—including 11,(00 bushels No. 3 River at 11.17 iff. o.
bb.; onds,SU)bad« &tsl47){f.o.b. In the evening,
however, the demand was light, and only about 70.000
bushels werctold.at for No. 2,and 91.18 for
Rejected—closing quiet at the inside quotation. The
sales in theevtnlogwtreas follows: 13,00] bethels
No. 3 Corn at bushels do at $1.37K 11.U00
bushels do at $1.23; 4.000 bushels do at |ll3Js ; 53,C00
basheZscost $1.23;5,W3 bushels Rejected Cora at
Oats were In moderate Inquiry and steady, with
sales of3s,oMbuNol, instore, at 75376 c—chiefly at
the inside quotation.
lljotiwxNßß opened In the afternoon very qaict,
billowing to mure etebmagmg news from New
Tork, an active demand sprang up and prices rallied
trem $1.56 up to 91-68, with sales of about 8,300 bjla at
that range—chiefly «t $1.57011n the evening the
market openeo firm, and some sales were effected at
SIXu, but they gradually dropped down to $1.57 and
elored steady at that price, with sales of about 1,783
U)!a. The sales In the evening in detail wereasfol-
lows:—4oobbb> ( lnlots,atsi.iio: 8M bbls at H.59K
SCO Dbls at SI.SB I SM bb.s at $1.53; 186 bbls at sls7* ■
450 bbls at $1.57.
Pbotisionb were almost entirely neglected. The
only sale reported was. a lot of 8,000 pcsdrysalfted
Hams at 16c packed. Mchi Fork was nominal at
$lB OM34D.U). Lard was offered at 17c, witboat buy
Fukiosts ruled dull. The propeller Neptune was
zgaged at 10c for cum, arid the barks Golden Fleece
n«i Sunrise at flefor oats to Buffalo..
Cincinnati market.
[SpeoUJ DlipAich to tii« Cbicseo Tnbtme-J
CmciaJfati, 'WadEfcidmy, Jane S3. 1844.
Tho Fionr market is again buoyant aoder the
tews from Few York. Prices advanced to So
lor superfine, and $7.5007.60 for extra. k
Wm^xT—Demand good and prices higher. Sales
Graht—ln "Wheat there Is an unsettled market.
Prices higher. Bed held at K. 7031.73, and White at
SLSCOIBS. Com holders are asking higher prices;
ear $1.1201.11; shelled SUBOL2O. Bye a good demaad
at $1.60, Oats quiet at fcSc. Barley no demand. Pri
ces nominal.
G toexnas— I The large advance on gold has excited
tbe market. Holders generally asking higher prices.
Coffee Is ic higher. Itaw Sugar quoted at 30®8Hc;
Lord refined [email protected] Molasses SLIOOUS.
Peovihohs Hear pork advanced to $lO, with sales
of I,9ootails at that rate. Market closed unsettled.
Bulk Meats unwilled; UOJWO ns Sides, averaging 40
lbs sold at 14c, and 106,000 &s Shoulders at llj<e. At
-a general thing holders are asking 180150 for Shook
dcm and Bides, but they cannot effect sales at theas
rates;-tcotcaiard sold at 16c:" City ls|heldat 17c; Su
g.r Cured Bams held at 24035 c.
tit. Louis market
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
Sr.Louis. Wednesday Evening, Jane 21
Tobacco— Sales compnie 11 bbda stems at SL4&O
2.20; 2do sersps at $2.3002 SO; la do green lugs at
16.7008 80 : 36 do rectory Inga at $1.7009.90; «8 do
pUuters* do at $10.10014 00; 30 do common shipping
leafsf $*4.50018.75; St do medium do dost $19,233
27.25; 40 do good and fine do at ft 9.00034.50.
Goaik—Wheat firm at an advance of from 234 c;
salet consist of 5 JKB sacks; prices ranging at $1,353
1.91 for common fall so strictly choice. Coro firm
with aa upward tendency; tbe a svaoce Is abont 4c t
sties conttst of 730 sacks in various lots, ranging at
#l.»oi.Sd I< r common mixed to prime mixed. Oats
—No excitement on ’Change; small advance, with
sales of 1,300 Backs in lots at 93395 c.
Flops-Excited and advanced tOo per brl, very ac
tive and doling firmer, with the following sales: 100
brls super at s7.oj ; 259 brls spring X at $7.00 ; 29v brls
Milwauxb*, Wednesday, June 22,1961,
[Special dispatch to tbe Cbtsago Tribune.l
Flour—Excited and held at 25050 c higher.
"Wboat—Becelpts 33,0(0 bn. Market excited and
higher, but grovloit steadier at the close. Sales tala
morning were: 4COADO bn No. 1 Spring in store at
$1.7801.95; 10,000 bu N0.2 do at $1.8601.77; MO bu
Injected at $1.55. Sales on *C»aage were: 2K9 bu
No. i Spring la store at BUSOLBS; No.*Bsg
ular at $1.78. Tbe market this eve mug waa qniet
and lower. Sales during tha afternoon and evening
▼ere: 2f,sW boat SL7SOLS7for No. 1 Spring. Tie
market closed at SIAO. \
o*Te—li active and firm. Bales of 1 car.ln store at
$1.75. ■ - •
Cqnr—s37chigher. Bales were: Soars delivered
atsLacoi.22tseatttnstore 'atsLiß.
Teeeels rmi < Dftnlu
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune,!
DiTaorr. Wedaes Jay Kre., Jess 29,1861.
Up—Prop Oneida* Bark Great Weat.No. 3; schrs
China. Cayaoga/Otkney, lu>, ci-y.
Cows—Prop Potom»C; bark Staidari; schrs
White Wood, Bermuda, Emeu.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
BaibGZPosTt Erxsnro, Jana 23.
Ci^ajtD-Cuba.cntow* : h Cooley. Joliet,Mhrls
ralttKßurnham, JoUet, 53,C00rt lumber, 8,300 lath;
Besolnte, Athens.
AnMTaia—Advance, Athens. 48 to* dvmeaalon
Jrtonet Athena. eo rubble; 8 F Gale. Athens,
wnjDble: BLCtoodeli.Dtlca, SAOutm corn: Buss*
beth, Lockport,4,S«o bn cora! 2flo brU flour; BUs,
Jodet, O.IXO As cot Stone, C3>u » B empty brls; Sene*
ca, Seneca, 6,720 bn corn; Cayuga, Lockport, 5,00j n«
Bszoobpobt, Jane 31—# p. m.
, Cmiro-Gen. Butler, LaSalle. 10.D0) ft lumber,
Morris; f-tbccca, LaSalle: Johnstown, LaSalle. 4;«4
ft lumber; kesolnie, Athens; D Hast, Athene: a F
Gale, Athenst Advance, Athens.
Ass.txd BaJleFranc*, Menis. 5 900bacorn; Kx
ctUlcr, Kankakee, 2,200 ha corn.
New York Market.
N»w Yob*, ■Wednesday evening, JnasJL
Conw-About 8c lower; |U5ai,4S for middling
Ttonn—-Eastern and we* tern flonr Irregular, ex*
cited, unsettled and Sa«9oe higher. #B.«t©».w) for
state I «B.#Ctay 80 for extra round noon Ohio..
■WmexT—Virmat t1A6&i.70 for state.
Qbaih— Wheat excited, and Iflaisc higher; IL9BB
3Ja lorChlcego »pntg; #2.06521,7 for Milwaukee
dab; winter red western eIaBA2.IS. BfO quiet and
nominal. Bailey scarce. Corn decidedly higher at
siAT#l.Mfor aewmlred western. Oats higher and
more actlveat UIHQKc for western.
Svoan—Active, iNew Orleans 19K. IKOUfc for
Pstbolsum—Firm. Defined In bond, 77c; refined
Wooc—Higher sod nnsetded.
PuoTieiose—Pork open'd very much exceed, and
prices Advanced #1.75 ft br). bat closed flail and
drooping at about yesterday’s Azams -#38.00 for
mess; |S9AO(sm.O(: for new prime: t&50£39C0 for.
Erlme ness. Beef excited.mute active and higher,
ales at tlMKtoi6.faO for ronntry meat; |9.o<W>.uj for
country prrno: S3O 0i'®23.00 for prime mess besf;
firm, bat quiet. Cat meats firm, bnt quiet.. Bacon
sides dull and nominal. Lard more active, chiefly
fer tome df livery, and prices higher. Batter onset*
tied at [email protected] for Ohio.
Mi Yi Miner end Stock Market*
Naw Tors, Wednesday Evening, June 72,1854.
Mohrt—More active and decidedly firmer at 7aßc.
Sterling exchange irregular and unsettled. BaUi re
ported 246 in currency.
Qou>—lrregular and unsettled, opening at 213 and
dosing at [email protected]
Stocks— Government stocks stea* y; U. 9. B'e, 1331,
couponsH2AH2(4; 57'j’s coupons U»H®lO6; 710 uea
snry n>tes, October and Apn], 107. Stocks doll and
lower. C&PU2K; C&N W pfdß3H: C& it I Its*;
Clt* QlSt; MU &PDa C 69: Ft W lUK; Erie 115;
Hudson lll,S; rttadingllOH: MC 151; u&9Sk; 111
sCilp 130: N YClB* - ; «.amh7»y.
Prices oimlnloc nocks bid lo Boston to-dayßay
State 17k: Central 63; copper Falls 37; Franklin 47;
Northwestern 10; PewablchfiiH; Bocklanllijf.
Buffalo Market*
Butfalo, Wednesday Evening, Jane 23.
Flour firm, at this morning's rates quiet.
Gbazit—Rbeat alter New York gold rap rts closed
dull ana Inactive, with offers to aeu No 1 Milwaukee
Earing at 61.59.H, wJtboni bids: In tue eastern excite
men between i2eni t p. ni..saiesof Not were made
at 67X0. Corn film. Sales at Oats, sales
at btc.
WBIBXT—Lees active: talta at ♦l.6B—closing at
Cabal Pkbiobtb 1c better wi«b engagements at
19c lorwhea., and 17c for corn to NCar torg.
Labs IxponTs-Fiuur, i 0,587 bis; wheat. T3J77 ha;
c0rn,13,436bn; oats,#o bo.
Cabal Expobts—Floor,4s2 bhls; wheat,63,6B) bo:
corn, 3,750 bn; oats, iO.f-50 bn. *
Oswego Market.'
Oswbgo, Wednesday Evening, June 32,186f.
Floub—Active and acarce at $8.25® •t.so for No.l:
sß.7a for red winter; 510.U091U.25 for donble extra.
QitAiy— Wheat opened [email protected] better, bat closed
nx ft tiled and quiet, Mo. 2 Chicago opting. SU»;
last niabt do . to arrive, si 60. The supply is light
and most of the sales of late bava been made for fa*
tnrs deliver; Corn and other grains are scarce and
quotation* nominal.
Cabal FBiionrs-Better. Floor, 45c; wheat, 12c;
Com, UXo—io New York.
Philadelphia Market.
Philadelphia, Wednesday Evening, Jane 2J.
Mart eta unsettled in consequeobe of the advance
Is gold.
Flops—Fnn at $8.6039.50.
G baik—Wheat advancing; white $3.1092.20. Com
white IIA3, oat* doll.
PmtOLaoß—Crude 4Cc; refined In bond 63c; do
free f^c.
WmttT—Advanced; Ohio $1.60.
Baltimore Market.
Baltimore. Wednesday Evening, Jane 23.
Plods qatet. Ohio extras s3.2o<aS S7H.
Wobat advanced [email protected]: Ky. white SMS.
Cobb active and advancing. Bales of 10.0'.0 bn at
$1 «®i 51,
WmexT firm bat excited, at 1L559U58.
In this city. Jane 23,1861, by tbe Bav.J. Leins, Mr,
ail of Chtcigo. jeiJ-kin-lt
At Niles, Mich., on 2Cth last., by Rev. Father Cap.
pen.P.L.UARbIi'Y, ofinucity.to Mias NkLLld
afON ELLIS, of Mortis, 111.
At Oeceola, Ind., on the 16th Inst, by Bar. Mr,
Schofield Mr. ÜBnUY P. PLUMB, form-vly of the
17th 111. Begin tut, to Mist ALMA A. BANCROFT, of
the former place.
At Cairo. HI.. June S2d. Mrs. O.D.MOORBS. Her
remains will be brought to Chicago for laterment.
Railroad Time Table,
Tbe following table ehowa the time of arrival
and departure of tne several trains on all the rail
roads in Chicago:
Depart, Arrive.
Mall Passenger *10:00 a,m. *3:15 a.m.
Evening Express *5:00 p.m- *11:35 Ain.
Night Express *0:30 p.m. *8:16 p.m
Fulton Passenger 9:45 Am. 6:80 a.m.
Fnlton Passenger 9;16 p,m. 1:35 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 9:30 a m, 8:15 p.m,
Freeport Passenger 10:00 pjn. 8:10 m
Rockford Passenger 4:00 pja. 11:10 a.m.
Geneva Passenger 6:30 pm. 8:30 a.m.
accazoAg chtkal.
Detroit Expresa *6:30 a.m. *ss:9oa.m.
Detroit Express 16:00 p.m. s&4Aa.m.
Detroit Express *tlo;oon.m. *3:15 pan.
(TVoiiu for Cincinnati and Ltmuvil'e.)
Horning Express *&9oim. *3:10 p.m.
Night Express f&OOp.m. s&4oa.m.
xicmeAk socnrzKX—dxpot oobxzb tax bubxb
...•6:30a.m. *S;1B p.m.
...t6toop.ni. *ts:3oa.m.
.•tlCkOOp.m. }& 45 a.m.
Day Express
Even Inc Express,
Night Express..'.
Express, via Adrian *6:30 a.m. •&45 a.m.
Night Express, via Adrian./HkOO p.m. *sß:ls a.n.
Mail and Accommodation. .*4:40 a,m, *3; lop.m.
Day Express *6:30 a.m. •8;15p.m,
MauKiprees... t&OOpjn, *9;lop,m.
Night Express —..tKhlO pm. 18:lsa.m.
Gin- A LoclarlDe Srprcsc..t9:4 : ‘ p.m. i&55 a.m,
(Connecting vit\ P-nntyltania Central B. B.)
LeavePittsburg.. 8:00 am. p.m. 8:45 p.m.
Harriflb’jr.. 1:20 pja. 9:45 a.m. 6:00 a.m.
AnivePhiladel... 6:80 p.m. &50ft.ro. 10:10 a.m.
“ N. York,
via p.m.
" N. York.
Tift VlfcOS p.m. 19KXS B. 1:55 p.m.
PhUadel. {
“ Baltimore- 5:40 pan. 7:00 a.m. 11:50 a,m.
“ Waeh’lon . 9:00 p.m. 10:30 a.B. &€0 p.m.
_ asccnUTi Jon iiKm.
Day Express &30a.m. 8:50 p.m.
Night Express 0:40 p. m. 8:35 a. m.
{For Indianapolis ana ZauUvWs.\
Day Express 6:30 a.m. 8:50 p.m.
Night Express 9:40 p, xa. 6:35 a. m.
Day Passenger *B;lsa,m. *9:00 p.m.
. Night Paa scager +0:30 p. m. *7:00 a. m.
Kankakee Aochi *5:15 p. m,
Hyde Park Train *6:85 a. za. *7:48 a. m.
u “ * 4 *12:00 m, *1:85 p. in.
44 “ 4 * *4:00 p.m. *5:20 p.m.
44 44 44 *6:15 p. m. *7.30 p. m.
Chicago', surlingtos and qcixot.
Day Express 0:30 a.m. 5:15 p.m
Night Express 9:15 p.m. 5:00 a.m.
Uendota Accommodatl.on 5:15 p. m. 9:80 A m.
Express Mail 9:30 a. m. 7:30 p. m.
Night Express 9:00 p.m. 5:30 a, m*
JoUet Accommodation....4:4sp.m. 9:30 a.m.
Day Express and Mali 9:45 ajn. 4:50 p.m.
Nlcht Express 9:15 p.m, 5:15 a.m.
Joliet Accommodation ,5:10 p.m. 0:10 a.m.
Bt. Paul Express 10:00 a.m. 8:15 p.m.
Night Express 9:30 p.m. 2:00 p.m.
Waukegan Accommodation 5:20 p.m. 8:40 Am.
Evanston Special.... 3:80 p.m. p.m.
* Sundays excepted. t Saturdays excepted.
Mondays excepted.
JL will go on an
SATURDAY* Jnly 3d, 1864.
The member* of the Bihool are making extensive
preparations for entertaining the company In the
best manner possible. Refreehcunta on lbs grounds.
Cars leave C.A n. W. 8.8. Depot,. West Water and
Elina streets at Iff A. W. .■ .
Tickets lor sale at the cars. Je2S*k?3Slt
On SATTBDAT, Jane 25th,
On the Cbl. and Mil. Railroad,
For the Benefit of the Sabbath Schools of the
Firat Reformed Prebytcrian OhurcU.
Ground! pleasantly situated on the Lake Shore, 17
miles irom tberlty bdl evpecialv laid on*, lor the
comfort and pleasure of excnraioiisis. Abundance
of ccol ■water, swings and ether amusements.
*1 icketa for adulta, 50 cents: children, 2s cents; to
he had at the cars before starting.
The Excursion will start from the Old Milwaukee
Depot at 9 A. M. Je2l*kS3}*St
O LEM, Fstdat. 21th of June, by tbe " Byea*’
Drcieiy. Cara leave w. e il* street depot at 8:13 a. m.
Ticket? GO cents. To be had or P. 8. Husjander, 25
Klrrie srret: B. Bakanscn, 161 Chicago avenue;
ardat tbe depot
Great Wm urn Band win be In attendance.
Je2McK4 stiihp
Saturday. Jane 25tb 9 1864*
UnlcnPark Bat* ’-TUnbenStreetMissionandProvl
dencc ' .etlon Sabbath Schools.
The moet charming and beautiful grounds to be
found, .
Tickets 75 cents % Children 35 cents*
Cars leave Wells Street Depot at f:is, and corner
Benbtn and Klnzlo street st 8;So. ]eJi*ssi3St lUp
SATURDAY, June 25th,
On the C. B. A Q. Mew Boad,
~ —TO
Ample a Tran cements are made to accommodate a
large number oi Sxcuralonlata to tbe village and
srovea oi Maneivllle. Train leaves Great Cen’ral
Depot at B:<s, (distance thirty miles), arrive home at
t4!>p. M. Tan lor tberomm trio (or adults only si,
children SO cents. Proceeds for the benefit of Plt
xodth Caoca and Sabbath School.
Jd»ks3o2tm>p ■
asgc atu» 35at sufinnecg.
Dr. Ercrson’s Chicago Eye & Ear
And Clime Institute, ISA South Clark Street.
If vou Ism afflicted.with any of the above diseases,
you will beat anbaerre your wMCare ana Interests by
o»Uing Ist tbe above place and examining the Dr's
evireoeee of ability and fnecea*. ...
Je2c-k(9e-st MTTAattbp
COL. J.H. WOOD * CO...Proprietor* and Manaftrs.
A.D.BHaDLEF Direct or of AffiueaeßU.
Tomsnar Er*snro, June isd. PO3ITIVALT
Bernard Reynolds Mr. Aiken
Mr. John Dillon
Miriam West Mrs. L. «.Pertla
To conclude with thepetUt Comedy of THE MAR
RIED KAKB. Mr l l'ubtv, (drgt apue'rioce. sir.
McManus; Mrs.Tnctrar, Bst: e B**raard.
Friday—A ereat bill for the BENEFIT OF MR. A.
PRlCKS.—Admission to Museum and Lecture Boom,
35 cents. Children under tweve yean, id cmti.
Dren Circle and Parooette. tf cents extra. Private
Boxes, $s and $C Bo extra charge tor Boeerved
Beats. Box Book open from 10 A. M. to SP. M.
Door* Of Lecture Boom open at Tjf o’clock. Curtain
rises at b od^cc.
on The Great Museum, with its over KO.OCO Carl*
©titles I ThelnvU*WoLady’ Theßaoncoa*Amerl*
cut Giantess! Right feet high, and weighing over
900 Pounds! will appear nightly. Mlm amer,2l years
old, and 80 laches lush! the finest Small La of in tne
Wont Jes-ns»lw
-Lul Mad Don street, between Stale and Dearborn.
Mcvlcker and Mytn. Managers.
Engagement of the great Actress.
will he presented Matilda Heron's own sensation
Comedy in Qve acts.
The Belle of the Season j
Dreiented with a east ot characters weleh cannot
be equaled la the country. BeaotUai and apnroortate
accaery, etnbrsMigamoomlgtt vltw of NIaGASA
FALLS. To conclude with a
Bbilltaut Paxes .Br M’lls Augusta.
Saturday Matilda Heron's Matinee, CAMILLK.
115 and U7 Dearborn street.
C. M. CHADWICK A CO., Sole Le»ees and Managers*
T. L. FITCH, Acting and dtags Manager.
Are engaged and will appear prior to July 4lb,
Wire Ferlormer, Juggler and Ventrlioqullt, im
Immense success <>f Ur. DIOR CO LINS, the uu.
approachable doc Dancer and Ethiopian Comedian.
J'ondsy ex-color. Jnue 27th, first appearance of
MuaFANNY TfcOMPcON. the beantliaioaoMase.
Doors ooen at'l4 o’clock. Curtain rises at BJf o*clk.
Bcal* or psioub Parqnette. 2D cm: u*w «nd
Family circle, Si eta: Private Boxes. U.co Single
•eats in Boxes. 5# cents, mrtS-hliS-iw
MONDAY* July 4tk, JB6l.
At Washington Skating Park, W. 8.,
In which FIVE PERSONS will aseeadt
ty Each ticket admits you to the Balloon «xhlbl
tlons and splendid Panorama o' Balloon Voyage**
Sic descriptive bills tor parti' n a**.
J. M. KINNBY. \?ent.
City papers copyt d. Je3-k751-8l 4iLp
DAY KVK>INGF.Jate27,2S.294sSn.
Fiusa sand au» Btt*L*tQU»Op»aa Tboup*.
The Hei oca 01 a Hemlsphlre and Gr-at Iron Clads,
will appear ns shore. Introducing an entire n-w pro
grammcnotyei copied by their many imitators.
«r.n. B.hom»ey 1* cow with Sam Sharp'ey’s.and
will appear each evening in his cMebnted Banjo
Chimes. Tlekets,2scta;Peserredseats,st)cts. Doors
open at 7, to commence at 8 o'clock.
■ % BaU BQABFLET. Manager.
F**RK Clixar,) •
O. Bypkßwpop, y Agents. Jeifl k<7l-Ct
Bwpectfnlly Informs the public that he has retained
to America after an absence of Sevan years la Ea*
rope, bnnslng with him the
Bosi Complete ud Ittncttee
the world has ever seen, combining In Itself all the
of England and Continental Europe, numbering
nearly one hundred male aodfema'e artists. In ad
dition to cn* who stand* witheut a peer among tbe
celebilties ol tbe age, viz ;
(ROCKETT, the U» Tamar,
with a den of
fresh from tbe forest, untamed and umobdued save
whose daring exploit at A*tlcy*s Amphitheater, Loo
aou, won him enemies fame. This glorious act con
soled in going alone Into a whole herd or beasts
which baa escaped from their cage and devoured a
poor feilow who fel'ln their way, and by his MY3TE
rIOUS POWEB quelling their rage and thirst for
blood, anc leacing them nses to their cage. He will
appear In each performance in their erormousden.
ferd them wltb baw meat from bis naked hand,
and demonstrate hi* control over them by making
them perform a number ofreanenvers and novel evo
Mr. HOWES, with a desire to gratlfv the universal
public, as well as his immediate patrons, announces
a grand
which the people ot Europe nocked by thousands
from distances often to twenty miles to witness; a
more brilliant tnan ever beheld by mortal eyes since
the days ot Chivalry or the splendors of the
la this great procession will appear the GRAND
■with the fall Opera Band; followed by the elaborately
andcontalnlrgan .
rep resented by groups ot beautiful females, classically
To complete ibis besatt/Hl picture, Mr. Creckett,
tatkewoudrr and admiration of every one, enters
tbe den end leads out a large
and at tbe word of command bonnda with a terrtfle
It ap to tbe top ot the Tableaux car. W' ere it grace*
ituly e ouchta at the feet 01 (a Laoy) the Oodaeai of
Liberty, representing-the tteconclllatioH of Great
Britain to the Independence of tbe United States la
A. D. 1783. Around are placed beautiful trru,
reprrseztloff Europe, Asia and Africa, wnilo
Trntb a? d Jn’tice stand by. This Magnificent Peri
patetic Picture will be followed by
Chinese Chariot of OcnfHclas, the maaaive Cage of
Lyons, and other Cbarlota. Cara, Berlins or exqmalte
yorsmanahlp, drawn by detachments of the mag
sirceo* itnd of Foreign Horses, and succeeded by the
whole Trcnpe of Anisia. Including tbe moat hesull
ml 7-ady tvl'.'EßS in the world. The whole forming
the moat attractive ont-door display ever witnessed
on the American Continent.
satnbera npwards atSOH MSN - and Horses, and 12 of
ttesmsllest Shetland Ponies ever aesa In this coon
try. Among the performers
are Mr. James Cook, Wm. Armstrong, Hr. Klnkald,
and Ml. George Wilton.
Messrs. Osmond, Dupres, Albert and Henry Lemaltre,
Gustave Thalbert. Jaqmea, Prudhomme, Emiie Lo-
Clere, end Annand Feral.
MAD’LLE cablotxa de bebg,
Principal Equestrienne from tbe Cirque Napoleon
Mles Blanche 'W&tscn, Miss Grace Holloway, Miss
liose Mowbray, Ulas Emily Grover, and Mifs Char
lotte Nelflon.
MTle Carlotta Do Beip, MTle Jolie Amoor.MTla E mi
lls EtoiUe, MTle Marie D’Angrt, and U'Ue Eugenie
Together with
Mr.Crosset and Sam "Watkliifl, from London; Mon-
BU.nr Kcrl, from Parts; and Sam Long, the popular
American Jester.
WHbaLoitof others,and a troupe ofßideis, Lady
BqnestneDnes. Coryphees, Vanltcrs, etc.
GEOBQB WILSON, ot ABtiey’a-Eciueatrlan Direct*
or. Leader oi Orchestra, Prof. Beeves.
•mix putobk at
Comer ot Twelf h aad Biato Streets,
TriNDAT ..
Ibonday, Friday and Saturday, June
23d, 21Ui and 251h,
Two performances dally, afternoon and evening,
commencing at 2a ana 7>s P. M,
Admission , so cents.
Children order twelve 25 cents.
The compmv intend visiting the lollowing places
accorr lug to tbe dates given below:
JUNE— Monday,27tb, Wanketan;2Bth, Kenosha
Wednesday, 29th, Baclne; Thursday, Mtb, Mllwau
JULY—Friday, Ist, Milwaukee; Satnrkay, 2d, "Wau
kesha; Monday, -Un, Watermen; Tuesday, Sto
Boncon {Wednesday, 6th, Bon du Lac;Tnnrsday,
7tb, Oshkosh; Friday, Bth, Berlin; Saturday, nth.
Bipon; Monday, it.n, Waupon; Tuesday. 12th*
Beaver Dam; Wednesday. istb, Columbus; Thursday,
14(b, Foitaeo Cltj; Friday, »s«h, Lodi; Batuiday*
16tb,Maalson; Ucaday.iStn,Whitewatertluesday,
l9th.J«nrtvill&; Wednesdav.Soth, Beloit jTknrtdiy,
21st, Belvidere: Friday. 22d. Bociford; Saturday,
23d,Freeport; Monday.4>th,Monroe; Tuesday,26th,
Warren; Wecnesday, 27th, Sbn'tsmrg; Thursday,
2?th, Plattvllle; Friday, 29th, Dubuque; Saturday,
aoih.oaima. „ „ _ ,
AUGUST— Uonday, Ist, Mount Carroll; Tuesday,
3d, Purling; Wednesday, 3d. Dixon: Thursday,Un,
Amboy; Pnday, ath, Mendota; Saturday, 6ih, Ot.
tawa: Mrndav, Bth. Lasalle; Tuesday, Sth, Prince,
t< n; Wednesday, loth, weooneett, Taursday. itth.
Genfseo; Frl'iev,l2th Book Island; Saturday. 13th
Davenport tMondav,lsth. Muscatine; Tuesday,l6th*
Wappelo; Wednesday, 17ih. Burlington; Ttursday*
16th,Monmouth; FH* ay, 19th, Galesburg; Saturday*
20tb. Fanninston'; Monday, 32d, Peoria; Tuesday.
2Sd. Pet In: Wedceanay. aub. Bloomington; Thors*
day,2sth,Cllntm; Friday,s6th,Decatur; Saturday,
2'iib.Unco’D: Monday. 29th, 8 rlngflcld.
le»k9A6t -
jFitc alarm Eelegtapf).
The work of comtrnctlng the
Fire Alarm and Police Telegraph
Will be commenced in a few days.
It is desirable that it should be done In a neat,
datable and permanent manner. Telegrapa ports
placto along ibe sidewalks are Objectionable; they
are nssightlj, and a constant source of inconveni
ence to proprietors ana* occupants oi bindings.
That will decay in a few years, snd cause tbe city
conic erable execute to replace them.
To avoid all these difficulties, it te proposed to car
ry tbe wires over the top* of the Houses, fastened to
neat Iran brackets, as li done in Bolton, Washington,
St. Lonlf, New Orleans, Ac.
Wuespnt up In this manner can hardlv be sees
from (be street, need no repairing, and will last as
long as the house Ua«lf.
In each Usui Box there ti a Utbtalvg arrester
and conductor, rencerlagtha bouses to which tbe
Telegraph la attached, MOKE secure from lighting
than they would be witcont the wires.
It la hoped that tn* dtitena wiD cheerfully consort
to have ibe wires attached tothelrhouses, and thow
by aid the d«y anthorilies In carry In* out this mat
PDhhc tmtit ovemeut In the beat ma intr. ’
. One ot tbe employee* of the Telegraph will call ca
tne owner* -of bniloxncs to ohiala their permission
to use the same it-will give an requlml Imtorma
tioumieiationto the manner off ameupy hewire*«
4tp Chlel Engineer rii* Dsportmeht.
.Jane 20th
.June 21et
.Jane 224
anrttott Sales.
On IBVRMUT, J.IM 23d, ISS4, mt
as o><u,ck r. m..
t 7t» ,ell rv llß following deeirable Besldene
Lots. Jllnate m Oor>c«o*» Addition. nxr
tr ff *oo 18, in meek No. i, fronting n( on
r r V ?•*£***» between Madison ua Mo-ros,S;tl2S
i ice. tuo«
LOS No. 9. t& Block No. 10. 50x1%, fronting f M t on
Hslited street, between Monroe and Adams sts.
I Lots 14 nod is, to Bl.cn ic, Javis each frontlnx vest
on Green itreei, netwfea Vonroeand Adams in.
Lote 11 nol l«. la Flock «. six 21 »nc*. treating w-«t
. oaGre*n»'r«e', b'taeen nd»mi not Jackson sts.
low s, 10. u .mi u Mxla. Lot 8. ssxia (eoranr
lot) in Block ki.troct newest on Green street be
tween Van Boren nod Tiler stree t.
Lot", 6Sjiis, froaitne east on Green street. Lots*
•no 12. sxi?s tnco/troDilnr w>st oi FeorU at, la
r B . : 2 c^? -oS ct l reßn n^ an . l ,' arcQ »nd Tyler street*,
lotP, 26x1% Lots 9 l<*.ll.rj,ißnßdl4,s-Ixl3Senek,
In Block a fronting west on Peoiln street, between
TyJerand Harrison streets.
Lots 3,3.4,s sno «. soxllt.fronting casionPoorls,
Lot»8.9,10,11,12,11 end 14, Mxl3j fronuoe wei
on Sangamon street, Block 2S, b:twe-n Tyler and
Htnifon sts.
Lot 9, soil is feet, in Block 87. fronting east on 8k«
gstnon street, between Harris on nod Tvlersts.
Toe above property li the most desirable for Ea.'l
cence in the west OtTiaion. It is high and dry, and
well locaUd.it is near two lines of street rallway*-
the Madison street and Halstea street iices— and Is
anrroondtd by many flrst-cla s residence#—among
tbemistbatof oar exMayftj. J.o. Haines; B#a..tbe
estate oj the late Dr. Eagan, tnl many others wall
To parties who desite to improte, and t*» those who
are seeklfg Inyeetroentß, this is one of ih* best o>
portanl’le* that baa been presenter for several years,
ae the whole will be aeld wunont re* erro lor GASH.
JeU-kJfS&t W». A. BUTXEK3 <fc CO* AoCtT*.
Dbt goods, clothing,
On FRIDAY, Jane 34tb, st 9* o’clocr. at Batters*
Auction Roorrs. in Portland Block, cor. of Washing
ton andDeartorn-sts.,
Dry Goods, Yankee Motions. ciolb<
Inc, Straw Goods*
JeJS.i7©-n WH.A.BUTTERS A CO., Anct’rr.
Horse?, Hares, Holes and Ponies,
On THURSDAY, JnsefOlta. at 10 o'clock, at Messrs.
AvtrsV Cattlt Yards, at TTbUeVs Hotel 9t»bles, cor
ner of Ruggold Place and bute streets,
About 70 Bones, Blares, males and
Ponies, suitable for Carriage, Bag*
eii Team or the Saddle*
The above sale preients a rave chance to pnrehasa
a Hors- st a great bargain, as they will be sold w*tb
oni metre lor cash. They canbesaenam examined
on the d«> before and 00 th- morolue of the s*le
J023-k't32-£t W<S. A. BUTTERS « CO., AuotTs.
Regular Saturday's
BALE —Household floods, Brand; in Cask, Ac.
On SATURDAY, June 25 b. at 9k o’clock, at Bat.
ten’ Auction Rooms m Portland Slock, corner of
Dearborn and Washington streets.
NEW FURNITURE— C ousting of New Chamber
Beoatesoa. Uoreaos. Ac.
SECOND HAN j> U ITUBK—Consisting of„a gen
eral verletv of Household 00-* as.
CAbPETB—One nearly new Brussels Carpet, Persian
tat Urn. ahoutSC ;arda. Several new and second*
band Carpets.
PIANOS-Sereral Pianos an* Meiodeon.
HORSES, BUGGY AND HaßNE&S—Several Horae*,
Bregy ana HsrnfS*.
JeI»MTMt VM. A.BUTTEBB * CO., Aucfrs,
elesaat French and Cottsve Chamber Baft*,
first qoal ty of ailvcr-o’ated Ware, Carpatr, Offl:e
Vert*. Irorj-hSDd’ed Table Cutlery, 4c., 4c„ at
AUCTION. at onr silesrooms 46 and 48 Dearborn st~
on TOtSDAY, Jane 28. at 9K o'clock.
Jt3Ak6Bl*7t GILBERT* SAMPSON, Anct*ra,
V/ CRATE AND 80X.—70 cratee best White Crock*
cry and 4iß boxes Tumbler* AT AUCTION on Thues
dat. Jnne 80th.atl0j< o’clock, aconrrooms. 48 De«*.
born afreet. Tbe aoo*'* are all ot the best quality
a»d style, from the manufactory of James Ed yards
A Beta. Fnrtbfrparticntaia mafew (lava. Parties
wlaalrr * catalogue «»lil ol**a-'e write for one.
lel9-k502-et GILBERT A SAMPSON, AttCtTs.
Rock county, Wisconsin
wrn be sold by Auction, on
In the city of Janesville. Rock County, Wisconsin,
thlrty.«ght hnndred and forty (3840) acres ot tbe flmen
agricultural lands! a the State. They are si tasted
about ten miles from Janesville, and adjomlns the vil
lage of FootvUle, with the Beloit ana Madison Ball*
road running through them, amd the Milwaukee and
Southern Wisconsin Bailroaaon their border, and are
composed of abont an eqnal quantity of heavy timber
and prairie. They were selected for their present
owner for investment, nearly thirty years ago,as the
best lands, is all respects, in Bock County, and this
County, It >s well known, la the garden ot Wisconsin.
Ttey will be sold in fan parcels, and the purchase
money, leaa twenty or twenty-five per cent* which
most be paid in cash, may remain on mortgage at
seven per cent. Inter®*, for seven or ten years, eg
eepQnsr timber lots, wbten will be sold for cash.
There will also be sold at the same time and place,
and m the same manner, but wholly fbr cash- twenty
two hundred fJJOO) acres of prime lands in Marathon
Coon ty, near the town of Wansaa, selected about eight
yean ago. _
A more eligible Opportunity for tarmen to secure
most desirable farms, or for tbe investment of capital,
conid not be offered. , _
For furtherparttculars apply personally, or by let
ter to Mr. DAWSON, No. I Bast Fifteenth street. New
York, who will be u Janesvlla tec days before the
sale takes place: to J. j. R. PBA9«t. S*q-Counsellor
at Law, Janesville; or to Mr. JOHN HOW^oaiUe
property, at Footvioa. mv!s-«61-Sw
jpot Sale-
FOR SALE—A Grorer & Baker
Sewing Machine, (rood aa new; coat sls. will be
scldfoi s<s. Apply at 145 Lake street, up-stafrs.
T?OR SALE—Seed Buckwheat.
A 100 bkl*. of choice New Y~tX Buckwheat, for
teed, ctatar. SHERMAN. HALL & 9t south
Waienrcet. • jeS3»k7B4-8t
FDR SALE The gocd will. stock
and fixtures of a HUlln»rj Store. centrally lo
eated, doing aucodtrade and established jor tour*
fern rears. This Is a rare ouportanity tor aar one
dentin* to enter into the trade. For further partic
ulars addreu “ U aB,” Tribune office. Juß>a6s3At
pOR SALE—Two Stores with
X Dwellings orcr, on Stale street, near Twelfth,
with leane oi ground. A great birzMn .
FOR SALE—A first class Grocery,
Lease, Sloek and Fixtures, now doing a good
business, located (none 01 the best thoroughfares la
this city, or would pke an actlre pa tner wlia a ea-h
ror Belike. want or capital. Address ** K stall Qao
cib,” CMcsgo Tribune office, with lull nans and
where an imerylew may db had. | e23-r7lj.it
F3R SALE—Cheap. Ninety five
feetot Picket Fence for eale cheap. Including
thrceeateawbhtbeir hangings,costs, Ac., aluouod
and in good condluon; al*o, a f*w extra Cedar foata.
Je2S-k731-lt J. LE ffla LEE, OS Clark street.
F3R SAT-E -A good-sized express
or draught Horse. Apply at S3? North Market
atieat. Jefcj.tua.it
T?OR SALE —A good buggy mare,
J. 1 am j cart old. smart and sound, bat not hand
aotne. ’Mllsellcbeap.aslhavonoaaoforher call
at 85 Randolph tu cet. Je2a-K746.it
FOR SALE—Large Drug Bu^i
nraa. An extensive drug bonae In one of the
largest ct*le» in this MateU offered for sale, (on ac
count of tbe Jlineasof the owner.) It is araieopoor
tnnity for an energetic hnau eas man- Inqolrs of
[TOR SALE—Lake Street Steam
JL Flouring Mills. This mill b-is five run of stone,
power droning and bolting acp>rstaa. of tbe best
erdtr, and everything complete and now running.
My lUlea’th Is the rt as in lor tbe sale. Parties de
airing can apply to meattha mill, comer West Lake
and Dtiplaines atreets, or to MURRY NELSON A
CO, tooth Water street. J. S. STEFEwfI. Pose
Office Box 3361, Chicago. Illinois. Je32 kS33 6t
SALE.—One fifteen Horae
JL Power Portable Englne.two 15, one' 20, two 25,
ooe SO Hone Pover Stationary Enclnea, wlih boilers;
al-o one Uprlcbt Drill, Circular Saws, Saw Arbor,
Cianes, Re tire, and Pattern for Founders. For par*
tlcnlar* Inquire at 265 State, or address Post Office
Box 2iSD, Chicago. Je2l*ks74ot
FDR SALE—An nndmdedhalf of
a Machine Shop and Tools, situated In Chlcigo.
Said shop is well stocked with tools, and dome a
Riodanaprofitablehnslcess. To any oaa wlsamg
to invest m a mannucturlng business, this sdords a
rare opportunity. Address P. O.Box Dll, Chicago.
|?OR SALE—Cheap.—A splendid
X. 1 seven octave full Iron frame nog Now
Plano Forte, bas carrel legs, pedal and mouldings.
Mace by O. HABUMAN, new York. Apply »r iso
Veit Aiadlfoo ecrtel. • }e;AktS9 4C
17 OR SALE.—Valuable Mill Prop-
L erti-—The Liberty steam mIV, situated ontuo
MlssUeippl river, ninety miles below me cltyofSt.
Lot.ls. in Randolph county, Illinois. Is now offered
lortale. This minis a substantial Qve story tone
bullaibgwiihfoor run of lour loot French Burra,
with machlneiy of capacity to manufacture two
hundred and fifty barrels of flour duly, and Is ilia
atro. In tb« very best wheat producing regions ot the
state <f Il'lnois, as will appear by reference ofthe
mat ofthesta'e, Tbaprcperty wiU be sold etuap
lor cash Application may be madeto JOSEPH b
HOLMES on the premises, or to KTI4BAL A SSN
TER, No. 19Pine street. St. Louis, or D. SLOCK. No.
23 River Freet, Chicago. jelß k385-2w
I?OR SALE—A good lumber ves-
X gel. In gcod condition. Will carry from 70 to 75
m of inmbtr, drawing six fee', of water- Price
g3,0C0 cash. Apply to MAQILL ALaTTaM.corotr
or Wells and Sooth Water streets. Jei7-ad37-nr
FOB SALE—One twelve horse
power end te, one line of shafting and pulleys,
five latles/ooe iron plainer, oceuprfehs drill.one
flask and pattern!, and one screw cutter. J. W.
CO 88.236 Hnbbard street Jelt-kilOlftt
Meal ißstate-Countta.
T?OB SALE—Evanston Property.
J, 1 An eligible village lot near the depot,iton 11
fset. A plat of 5H acres, with s grove on the rear.
Alco, tbe Evanston Fruit and Da*ry Farm of 230
aerra. in wbo.e mu parts. Terms lavorahle. In
quire of TBOMAS FBE&MAN. 131 Baudoiph street.
Boom No- 6. • jeai-tsegat
"C'OB SALE—SB,OOO greenbioka
JL will buy an Improved Am of 2CO acres, 19 miles
from Chicago and only one half mile from a railroad
sow In course of construction: or win rate city
property. In whole orpart. Additss “X.” THrone
office. * jeiO-kA.B U
T OST—Od Clark, between Illinois
A-J and Indiana streets. June 27d, a Memorandum
Book of bo account to any person bat the owner,
which in picked up by a lav. and u the lady wld
be kind enough 10 leave ibe same at the Provdat Mar
shal's Office, no. Clark street, or addiea* Box 1375.
the will be suitably rewarded, and receive th* hanks
.of the owner. W. H. TUBNICLLFFE, Enrolling o
fleer, PQ. Box 1315 Jt23k7J7U .
LOST— On Friday last, a Blact
Tt read Lace Veil: a'ao. a Soari Pin, containing
three Carbuncles- Tbe fleder will berottably re
warded by leaving the above articles at 51 Clark-st.
Jel3-k7vf-lt • '
LOST— A Dog:" SlO Reward.
Lest on' Tuesday morning,aspotted slut pup
Coach I on, about six week! old. Tbe above reward
will Da paid for her relnm to TCCKJBK M BROWN 6
Cigar store. 43 South Clark-m* - je23-k6M-*t
T? OTJOT>—Last Thursday m the
X 1 vlctnltv of Indiana and 6t Clair streets,J two
steers, abon*a year old. which tteownerc*ab*ve
by proving property and paying charges to Taos.
kNULiBii »i adlshastiaet. jea kil^gt
I? OIJKD —A Pocket Book contain-
X Irg a small sum of moarr, which tha ownsr can
have bv railing at 17 an a <* State street, tnlrd floor,.
det snblpg propmy ana paying chaxgm. Mas-kOL-'U
I?OTrNl>—-Yesterday mormng > on
X Wabash avenue, w roll ot mousy.. Thaowner
will plemelsgul** (onC. M.flhepb«ro, at she Pose
ms Hex's Boom, in th* Pest Office, from B to 8 o’clock
p.M. . InSB-kTHIt
Ural 15state-Citg
TJ'OR SALK—Two Dwellings on
X F«tk avisoe west •( TJatoa P*rk—one »t CV<9
and the o* her at -.Hoaae on Wa*t lake street,
larr• grounds *ndfine Sb.ee i>ve|ir«c
ca WarTra.iear (he Park.64,900; airo.ooest sU>y>.
Two Dwelccs os it bij, mar Twisty*
Seeooa street; it )SJN e*<j(u Taree Owelttsgs oa
Indiana street, near Rtiib. tißi Tory eS tea oalm*
a roved Lute end fc«- idetce Property in Uie seat iocs*
qlb in tha city J.l* LOS, 66Uark.it JeO-kTA-.t
pOK &AtE—-House and furniture.
X A two story frame house. with very nice farm*
tare. The boare ncs leased ground (cheap), three
>e»i»tr*run,attho rateof Apply os
ineprenn***. Bo.uO Fourth ayonue, just loath of
fianlscn street.
FOR SALE.—Who want! a nest,
c®*«T Utile reildaace rn the Avenue. fer |UM ?
mi nlctlv located, tad aderned with flowert,
jLrnbbfT J. ijr»pce t *«•:, *c. it wilt please thaUttica.
88. CCMiliNus, 3o.l3JCUrk O. JcU-kTOtat

•R SALE.—SBOO ■will buy 40
ecret of lend jail wtQth of the eUr Unit*. tod
ktown is the v. w.l* of tlje 8. w. u 0 f T
N. n. U. K. of the Sd p. St. Wh , wint* U? hl a.
ctjMUlhCs.Booai 19, Ko. 133 Clerk street.
JeSS-HOl** _
POR SALE—A new two-story
frame boota of fight rooms, mad lot 60 by m feet
oaW smn street beiw»»n Koby an.lHo«ns.
. 1 hrte frame bouses and lots on Warren near
Anew frame boate of eleven rooms on Park avo
nne ntar Ui ion Pirtr.
Twohiclc booses and large lota oa Washington at.,
east otnUon Park
Two bilcaboutei andlots on Harrison street, near
A nice two story frame hou*e of eleven rooms on
Hamels surer, near Barb.
A two-story irmnaboose of tea roc ma, sad lot 30 by
JCOfeit.oo Indianastxeet.near Buaa,tor|3 r soo. Isa
decided bargain.
Several fine dwelling boosea and (lota on Sonth
A number olbnlldlng lots In different nar*«orthe
city. SAMUEb A. SAB tEMf,
, BeslKatate Agent, Ho. 4 Metropolitiaßlock.
Jc22-tt72-.» _
FDR SALE—Michigan, Wabash,
Indiana. Prairie and Calumet arenas prop
erty, at the Real Relate Auction, to bi bell in
Bryan Ball. WkDSEfiDAT. Jnne»tb.at 10 o’clock
A.n. Firet-clasa midence and business property
will be offered. A good opportunity for ottrca««iog.
Particular* can be >sc attained in TUOMAS B
ABBAealßitate Office, Bryan Hall. Ja‘li-k53T3t
FDR SATE - North and West Di
visionßesidence Property.at tbe Rail Estate
Auction, to be held in Oryan Hall, WEDSE3DAT,
JuneWib, at 10 o’clock A. M, tots located intbe
choicest residence nelt’berboods In all three Ulrl
aionsof the eny. Bee ether adrerttaenenti. Panic*
lais to be ascertained la B. BHTaN’j
Beal Batata Office, Bryaa Han. len-kMi at
p’OB SALE-South Water street
A an) other first elasa Business Property, at the-
Real Estate Auction,*© be held la Bryan Ball WED.
NESDaT. Jnna39th, atlfl o’clock A M. Also, some
of the cboterat residence prop-itr on the arenas*.
can be ascertameo in THOMAS B. B&f.
Ah’a Beal Estate Office, Bryan Ball. Jc2l-k333 3t
F)K SALE—Cheap. Four lots on
Wabaeti andMlchJc&n avenues.lnitio Herring*
ton Tract, near Fourteenth street. G M. HIQOIH.
fcOa I heai Office. 50.7 Metropolitan Block.
F}R fALE—Lets I Lots! * Good
Boildta* lots, at froze 9260 to *>o)<sefi; aI«o
a tries re«ldenc«*,wuh good barn analanre
Jot. apply to GEO. t-ICSKBDIKS, oa *eat laoi-
TenS? C e t tl,eeaKllr * I,elQ »od Hoble streets.
SALE—Lots on West Late,
.1. Randolph, Warhlngton and Hsdfsen atreeta.
AUo in Duncan’s and Ogden's ad duone. Bnelc
House ardLoc corner Indi-na and Wolcott streets
lot-USX by luo to an alley. Bonce and Lot north,
etat corner Pine and Lilnoi* street!, F. QBDDsa
Otr.ceHo.sol7 >-t»»et. *
tar ANTBD— Agents to sell the
. ." Ifaptlia Sommer Store, an article that every
DOdyoaniß. Call at 155 Snath Clare ft., ro 'm 3, op
stalnr, or address P. O Box 603. jeM-kTM-Ji
WANTED—Agents. *75-$l5O.
**, To fell Sewing Machines. We will give a
ecmmisalon on ail nj»cnlocs sold, or employ agent*
* .5 for tbe ahcve wage* aodal&xoeisea
paid. Addieis D. B. fISSKI.TIOB <h CO.. i»« roit,
Mich. ]«23*k7234c
"WANTED- Good agents to sell
▼ T the ‘Pionstrßoy/’or Lite of President Ln
coln; Life of Gen. Grant; Btsrk's Hi*to»y of ibe Re
bellion. tbe most reliable history written; and other
valnsb’* wort a bend stamp for circulars to BOdIS
SOB A THOMAS, P.o. Drawer 0900, CM.-sio, hU
WT ANTED.—Agents wanted to
T f set! the moat "Wooderfbl Inventlm of the
Age/—an In*trument and foil instructions by wnlch
any lady or gentleman can take a perfect uxen«*s.
bent free on receipt of So cents. Agents are making
tic a day. Every family should have one and taee
tbelt ownllkenessea. Town and country rights for
sale. Address M. DEQhABD, care ha Broadway.
Bew Xoru. JeftAMMc
WANTED—Agents to sell our
: unrivalled Prize Packages, with which waglvo
free a splendid box of Jewelry to every agent. /Use,
tose.lonr Use Photographic Aibnms, CanJ Photo*
graphs. War Maps and fast-se’llnir boo its For D*r.
Honiara call on or address O. M.DUSB A CO- ISi A
IS4 Claxktt, Chicago. 111. Je31.k362*5t
WANTED—Every first-class
JJT sgent In tbe country to sell onr Great Steel
Plate Wnr Map, tbe plainest and meat acenrate
map of the Southern S'sltsyetpoOlUbed: tliomiaatad
with portraits of St Union Genera*. Some of onr
agent* are clearing fi»p«r day Every on* iswatcb*
log me movement* of onr ainues and neeasan ac
curate map to understand fnlytneir positions. *end
SOctnt* fortbe map,or tiiifor a sample lot of onr
f«t selling goods, send stamp for circular* wfih
terms to egeti*. Address gulden * SAMMONS.
Be. 1 Sontn Clark street. Chicago. Je2i-k6Ol-li
\\l ANTED—Eifi cient Agents
v T wanted to Mil some of tbe best works for
ageatsnow out. Including Indian M«taacra la Min,
nesot*. Elitery or Lincoln's Admlalscrvioo, Life ot
Gin. brant. Star or J-etn'eoea, Ac. Ca'l at Boom
Ho. 11, iieibod'st Church Block, or address wi>h
stamp O. C GIBBS, P. O. Drawer eMJ, Chicago, 111.
Jea.-ksW 6t *
"OTANTED—Efficient Agents in
v T every county in tbe Hoithwest to i-U “ Mitch*
ell aßew General Alios "—the best (Or termly use
ever pubUtned— and" Stebblns’ BUbtr Xeara* Pro
ereaa of the United status," from tne Bsvoiu lonary
War to the Great BebelUon—the best work* extant
forseenu. Business permanent. Address J. V.
DU. P. O. BOX 2534. JettktfHt
TENANTED-$2,500 to |3,oooper
* • year. A good chance to make money r Ao
agent Is wantad in every town ha the Union to mm*
mactnre an article of dally consumption. Can no
manufactured intbeaaenta dwelline. It Is entirely
new, Escnred by copyright Sale as permanent as
Sour. Any perton wishing a paylne business will do
well to HD prove- this, chance. For foil lolonna
tlon address (with stamp enclosed)
Je;o*ks2s*7t Middletown, Md.
TITAN TED—Agents for Schmuck-
V * er's History ot the BeheUlou—(English tad
German.) Two volumes now ready, completing tbs
history to the Call of Vicksburg and Fort Hudson.
The engravings are' by Sartain. This work Is now
too well andlavorabiy known to ne«d comment.
Also, agents for the popular agency hook. Chroni
cles of the Rebellion, by Dr. Scott, of Memphis, a
humorous and highly interesting work, on which
agents are remarkably snccssttaU Price SLsn. B*od
for Circ hiara and All particulars to C. P. VB.VT A
CO.. jig Dearborn street, Chicago, 111.
\\f ANTED—Agents wanted. Just
v T published, Raymond’s History of ihe
trat on of President Lincoln. BaUJI price |IJC. Sam
ple copies cent on receipt of the price. We want
good men to engage la the tale of this popular wore.
Everybody wa< ts It. Addreas CLARK * CO„ 87
■Washington street, Chicago, Hi. Box 4751.
TIT ANTED—2ooactive,inteliigent
T T agents wanted to tell the exeat Natural
■Weather Indicator, an article everybody waits.
Thousands already testify to its usefulness. It has un
dergone tne most scrutinizing tests of scientific men,
andaa a Barometer pronounced unequalled. Pleas
ant business. Ready sale. No competition. Bond
stamp for circular. Address BAMCSL PLKE, No.IS
Portland olock, Chicago. P. o.Box 5259,
TITAN TED—Agents. Yoong la
f T dies can sell bnncrsdiot Briggs' Sian Mark
ing Pens, lor marklrg all fab’irt without % prepara
tion even Bose and Towelling, They cannot spatter
orccrrode. Sample mailed on receipt of 25 cents—
retail price, B. B. LANDOH* Agent,
Je2-tSW Ua S3 Lake street. Chicago, la.
ANTED—Disabled officers and
?T soldiers, honorably discharged from the ser
vice, and In want of employment peculiarly adapted
to their co* dittos, should address P. o. Drawer MU
Chicago, 111., giving data of dlscba-ga ana name ol
comparv and regiment discharged from.
WANTED.—WO per month! I want Agents at
IT ISO a month, expenses paid, to sell my £yx»
lastixq PxacrLa. Obcextal Bubnos, and thine*
other new, useful and curious articles. Fifteen otr
culais sent ran. Address JOSH P/LORD, Btdde,
ford. Maine. myi-eias-ag
Co Heut.
'T'O KENT—Or lor sale, a small
A new Cottage House on Tnlton strset, neu Eliza
beth Eire* t Inquire at Room 5 Kingsbury Block,
TO BENT—Parlor and Bedroom
for lodgings, famished or not, ss desired. Ap
ply at 254 MaClion J&23 k173-3t
TO RENT- A brick store and
basement, and fixtures ot same fyr *«le ebesp.
Situated on Monroe street, near state. Nov oeca
pied. Possession eta be given on or sbont July Ist.
Rett ver^yreasonable. Address' Z," Tnbnaeoffice.
TO BBNT—Afirat olasa residence,
three story, with sll modern improvement. No.
138 Wolcott street, North sice- JAMkSAdftURii.
>B,Behl Fstate tnd Bouse Agents, Boom N0.9. Me
tropolitan Block. jeliv<i3-2t
TO BENT rooms. Fur
nli bed or untarnished lodging rooms to rsnt to
gentlemen. Apply to Mrs POCTBB.U* Konrthave
PARENT —The building 188
Lake street, three t'orlesaod baaemett—• good
location for any buslte»s. Alao a < eairahie dwt'dar
honae os'West Median street, between Hoyue and
LeaviM. Apply at the house oral 195 Lace street.
TO RENT.—Saloon to root and
natures for sale cheap. AddPtse' 4 L,"P. O Box
MU. _ __ Je2:k230.7t
TO RENT—Store 247 South Wa
W street. Also, the dm floor and basement ot
store ?S2 late street. Apply to -WILLIAM C. 1)0 fr.
Si Clark xlieefc , jeii-k573 6t
TO KENT—Ccttags house at Cot
tage Grove—etehtroomi. well and cistern water,
bam. wM.ll. eiAMPdOH, Beal Estate Agent. Nj.s
Me rcpollian Hall. ]eli-kl9Mw
BOARDING— Afnrniihea and an
nnfinil-hed room to rent wllh hofcjd. t T *°•
baitmentsnitable for a Phys cun. A few darooaw
mcanbe accomodated. Apply “ Ho *,
Boarding.— Two rooms to let
with board, one front and 9“
fcrtnan and wile, or two single m«a,nt
Clinton su 3egfcHl>lt
Boarding.— a few &st class
boarders can dud geo* accommodation, with
need board and pleasant rooms, atm Indiana street,
nlew doora east of Clark street, North Livl#l< n. a
f*w dav hoarders can be accommodated. Term*
reaicnaole. jeg-kftffru
"DO ADDING.—A large front room
I) to rent with board in n small qntet family on the
North Side, •breebtocts from Kmsb Strae: oriln.dA
Illinois meet. Two gentlemen or a gentleman and
wile can he accommodated. Beierencaa repaired,
I« might he rented wltfcoct board. jeg.fete %
"DOARDING. —Pleasantroomsand
JLw good board can be bad at the Jennlnxs house,
»> South Clark street, at *3J* per week- Also two
or three fine tulU of unfurnished rooms forihntllcs
l» called for Immtdlntely. QaTLORD a mISLE,
Proprietor*. jaAMWi
TDOARDING—A few genteel
JU boarderscaa find rood aceemmodation. with
geodboard and plemsnt moms,nt Wo.Mb webeeb
avenue. Abo, a lew day boarders can he
dated. Jen.hss»-M_
TTT ANTED—First clam Acton
v I and AetreenM for tte new Cairo Theater,
which will open on the 19th og July, Abo,
wanted Immediately, ooeiood Scene Pniotsrand am*
Mace Carpent«. Addresn CMUMP 4 CO. Box ATT,
Catro.DuetomKßnoof boMnm> / •
TIT'AN TED—lo,oooßeef and Pork
• |T; BurslASnbddnUvnrad ngowr AoUar Boom
TmtIUHK- - 1-. 5 IWWjI S»iI41«.
WANTED-At the Garden City
FUdI “ oa **» a goed, steady Mua to wo*k la t*a
~ _ J»3IBHl
TV “A Man Cook for a
fSSSSSt Appl7 « »o.n ftntt^Clwk
W Am Dr ß«;: h i
r“p?.»lSi' HSJmStSH "£*• I "* , °SuV^V :
WMTED-A purchaser lor a
S\ v ® r ** e J*** Bakery, now doing a good
icikiiiDdbittiL 111* it ui uttnoiofihs |mi
nsisesaatrMta la the city o{ fle a S2
caanee tor any one to go into a eo*s eLb-eaviM
bjuluftt. Tb« Bakery baa been e»tibll*hed t>roV»
Jftyfare. fraMitkc'-ory reason* alrea lorioiUar o*?
For imther lufOmauoa address tk>x 3TOTtULonT
Mc - joj-kTant*
WANTED—A young gentleman*
▼ T a*«d34,0l temperate babUsnndia moderns
drcnmatancea, wiabta to bold com apo: deice wux ;
jcuif lady, Det««<s the ages of ll ma a«_ &
bnt the elncere need apply. Addrem “Prof. «cd!"
Box •t.CbicsfO, je33 iTSj-i;
YV AW TED—By a young mm of
f T good moral clarscter, fbrnlttJnj good rate
cc cet. board m asmall nligh at notify waare tbera
no cusr boarder*, and woere tbs privileges of *
“°P* s*? *>« eojoy*d IHsttnce not to exceed Iw
Sb3 otshftC< * im “ o ’ lia * Aadrcxt '* E
XyANTED—By a lady, a sitnv
jptu* charge of yocai cbUdtea.
treM an a b»s a sewing m»c»la-. >'o obV«?M*rt.«
to the country. A notnS Sr. £Ol «
ftgjssa&ag nun * ca
WANTED-A good Blacksmith"
w!tTr.ScT' u ‘ telr - !,Tl8:s: *
WANTED —A good second hied
Jf. A, Safe, L-U«p Press and Desk; also a good sad
gum * ygiiE.p. o. SST/m"°° ‘“’“j&ffiS
WANTED-A- sitnation m a pri
tKallT, to take ewe of • hone .rd do
sOoi.t tfic OuoeA TO3 beitotrerercro .drea
Aadrtia JH,”P. 0.80x3*38. JeakTWit
TU"ANTED—AII those out of em-
£ u SJSS!! t IS? "•*&* situation., thotdd o.n
« so. S3 JJorfa Clark street. Boom X cp stairs.
Serera! sltnatioaa now open. Applicants or mail
?" 9 A ecclo9 « *t«np for return postage. J. W. «roui>
\\f ANTED—StiII another ffood
ProtsstsatglrLoftwo years reference from
Wabash sTeia*, can be found at Mrs. BiLKAM’d
J a !fU ,gri L Ceofflce » u *o«oe sQeat, between etat«
and Dearborn ats. Je»k733.i*
Clerks, bookkeepers,
• talesmen, pcrtera, barKeepers, clerk* on
iteaioboat* ana railroads, brakeemea, 4c , taeklrr
Mmatlons iboald apply at ths A»TMrrisiao nan
®caur*sa aqisct, Si Dearborn at.,Boo<n
5. SBTeral»uu-.ilon»DO» open for U>o*a registered,
® -w * r * £? bogna office* «bo coot oot aOTsntra
“jtlSwsJuolll7reUlblaotflce* y^i^r*cor
TITANTED—-A situation as sales-
T T man In any itoodmerraaUle banneas, I>t aa
aenyeoaslnecsnian «&<-• can tlve too best of refer.
*tice. Apply atFINLKY A CO.’O iaritrisara
QxNsnaL tfcauxsa Aoxxor.gt Dearborn at. aim.
?i , **sV wb w “ n tod m asatctaocbooakeeDeror general
good busiae*a,by an experienced yonnr
man. Good reference. __le3-ttU.lt*
\\[ ANTED— An experienced Qer
*J. ®»a dry gcoda a»le»Laan-nxa»l uartwsiaad
tbeclty traae; »n «xpflii®-ced aal-nuts for* facer
«»d »oy ttore Cwboiejsle), man who aadtr
p^c^in*-cork* ■ P<> rt w la % dry i ood* stom
iwboleaalej. » flm cl-at drag clei*. *otel boy*
•t^hi°* B ?» er »P^ eL^ 11l^tt * rOQm »* co'foctor. Apblv
A, V ANTE' ~
■D—A situation aa sales -
. . nan la a grocery or dry goods store, by an
aipeilenctd yoong man who can give good rtldfenco
Apply at HJiLKx A CO.'S AdTemslaz Agency, si
DtarScrn at- Also, a situation wanted a* Musral
cltrk lu any good wholesale outness. by aaactlra
man. A poattlon aa porter wanteo.
VVT ANTED —A thorough and ex*
TT leneneed clerk Ic an offlce—a good writer
and quick at figures. Boaeoiherteelapply. Solarr
f®jO Ajf d,ei fJ° u *° baadwMiag, with referenced
P.O.Dri*ersß7s. JeJJ-k.SHt
‘YVANTED-- $5 Reward. Wanted
T T Information of Joseph Cook. Be was a bar
kieeperlnthiacUylntho iammerof Ufa. abtper
son who can give information respecting him wi*l
please address ll COOK, hu nrother, care Uclnbold.
A .Masons. 59 " eat Randolph street* and ab >tc re
ward will be paid. je2>k7U-iw
VVTANTED—A few energetic, re
* T liable men can find steadr and prbfltsble em*
ploymen* In canvassing lor tha ♦* Pictorial Gallery of
A&usatßdßaiue/‘by Kav. W Bltgity—one sp.ea
did volume. royal octavo, I.iOO page*, ampril itud
and Illustrated with .4CO tptxliea and accurate en
£ ravings. Sold oily by traveling agen*a, Bielaiiv*
errltory given. For terms apply to DKHB7 M.
SUrnWOfl, lU Dearbornstreat, Chicago,lll.
WANTED—A young man of
goed sense, rerpeoiabtllty and education, to
assistln tbe care ofabongeaad tb* jnsirartljn of*
family ot jcung children, -darts* P. O.Bog HSi.
or at Bu. 1 Xlngkbuy Block, Chicago, IU
IV ANTED—A pair ot well broke
▼ ▼ Moles, large size preferred. An/one hsvJar
the same for sale, reasonable, can find a cash coo*
tom* r bv addressing •* A H,”P. O. Bjx i 373.
WANTED—OiI Barrels. ‘We
r f wfflosy (he highest market price for empty
CarboaOil barrels. ARJIaTnONU A CO, Oil Bro
kers. 80. 1 i LasaJie st. jaJJ-k7S<M>s
TV T AN TED -Two young Lady
T T Teachers weblog to chaoire their occupa
tion. desire rwprocure Cfoikahios torethor In a or
Qcods ektabilahnlent. Good rnsomtainditloas
b-* rurstabaO. Aodres* yANNT and MAR' WINS
LOW, Washington C. SSt. t Oblo._ Je3yk7T7*lt
Vy ANTED.—lmmediately. A
i * MonloworklnaVsKetibleGixdeii. Apniw
at of Lllntcn and Washington strset*. y *
WANTED—A situation by two
Anie'lcap alrls la a respectable femlly. *4.
T\TANTED.—lmportant. We
* T want I.CTO pertoni to send for one of our
* Circulars lor the > arrl- d.” conUlnlne iDformttloa
for the married, which c«n b* found no where *:■•.
and which is if tbs utmost importance. Prte-i. Fifty
Csnu aid Stamp- Airo.furOne Dollar, a rvcelptfor
makißK ( ostel'o's Ucrlv *ll ed H<*lr tonic, which
colors a beaotlfal dark color, and canaea the Hair
and Whisker* to grow In profusion. Add****. Box
W9, Goaboa, Indiana. -fJeJJ
VI/ ANTED—A situation as Seam
* » strrsi. Would preier ruining a Grover A
Baker Sewlrg Machine, out would De wlUlasr to take
plain stwirg ty hand. Plans# address “MAHY,-
Tnbnne office. Je2».k573-J!
\\l ANTED—A Barn on the North
* ~ Side, near Dearaorn and Indiana streets,
suitable lor three toms, for which a liberal r«a«
wonld be paid. App.y at Phenlx Coffee Mills.•
South Lasaile strtet. Jet!-kfi9lh
VV r ANTED —To purchase-a largo
▼ J quantity ot tacts'hair, forwhlchTo per pound
will be pal d. by ÜBOHQB.H. OKB X 9, sol tcandjlon
street, Chicago. Je23-kT^3t
TIT ANTED—A pnrchasfr with
7 ▼ ,1350 cash.for ibesalo.n SSI Clark*!.
«Ith all natures, crnleotr, flr» Insurance poller, sew
Bta.e license. &c Bert. f3O a znoata tor saloon and
two rooms upstairs. Inquire at the above place.
\\7 ANTED—Jror the Government,
ww In the Quartermaster's Deoartment, at St,
Louis, 2,C{|S ILanorrrs. Wages iio per monOa
and rations. Also.lJXo Teav’gt-ra. Waits £& oer
month and rations. F.ee transportation furnished Co
Slaceof destination and returned to Si.Koula.Mo.
• r further li. formation inquire at ue Gorarmaaot
Office. LOM South Witter at-ee». Chicago, fii. n w.
BaBCUCK QoTernmaut Agent. myl-e337fla
Wf ANTED - F arm. A email tarm
* T within fifteen miles of the dry and within on#
mile ofnraiiway nation- Must baveacomforunl#
home, be lo a good condition and be sold cheap. Ad
dxe»s, giytng situation ana terms, P. O. box <ißt
Chicago. Je2l-kMM«
TVTANTED—by a competent per
v * ton, a situation In a drew making or t ulortnw
establishment. Addicts “ED,” CblcagoP.O.
WANTED —Agents, male and
v v female, to sell new and popular subscription A
woiKShy sUndardautnon Just the boons for tbo
times. Thousands aueady sold. Exclusive axenclea
given. Euaines# permanent. Also. splendid steel
enamvlnas of Grant, Linci-la. etc. Cill in person oy
adcresaE.B, TREAT, 117 a. Clark street. Chfcixo
Hi. • Jeß-ktisa 4!
TTTANTED—A Baggy, second
v v band, with or without covrr. Addre*,
sta»lrgk!DO, condirloa and price, sad where u may
he sun, P. O. Box lUM. jeiJ-kW6-3|
TITANTED—A man with a desire
T T to locate In busings* In tbUcltr. wao has tolo.
rable capacity, wl»b one thonsvnddoiurs cash. Puck
a man mat address Drawer 6395, Liiucazo. and tavesiu
gate the chances. ____ jelNkflJS-J!
1,1/ ANTED lmmediately, a first
*v clars ecok.waahrr and Iron. Deference# re
quired. App»y at SIT Wabsah ayeauv. ' JeZ5-kfil33t
\\/ANTED—Ship Carpenteis at
r T the Cairo Dry Docks. Wage* SLM per daw
for bf at mechanics. Extra time, double wage*.
WI ANTED—By a ycting man of
v v some expeiieoee a sitnatton Inanv good oer
canti'e business, or In an office where he can I'-ara to
do bnsicesf. la wiling tu make himseil gva«rally
useful, and wul work cheap. Address ‘W." Box
5097 COicago. Je23-aß*7-4!
WANTED-By Miss Caroline
v T MsJclhof, a few more scholars for the 6-rmaa
laognagr, which she has been teachun Wlths.ieces#
Kryesr*. Terms very mod- rste. Call at 64H Nortk
Clark sued, in theitwilrj store. Jea-kws-sa
TTTANTED —To rent irom July
f v fiut. aeotiaee house of flye or six room*, for
aimallfsniiiy Would prefer a place convenient to
htulnea* on South Side, on' will sot b# particular m
tn lorailcp ijthe nei|.hb3rtood is good. Good refer
ence. sod prompt pvyment guaranteed. Addrea#
A J C,” Ttlbnne office. JeSl-kSQSMt
WANTED —By a thoroughly
competent Voglish Drovglat, with fnortee*
years' expcrlen-o la «he larietc London and uno»»
dlan hona«a, a situation a* PrerCtlptiou Clerk *<j
drrwt'* J D LA,” Box <591, Chicago Poet Office.
JeJj kg4t-3t
\\r AN 1 ED—The public to know
V, ibat One Dollar will purchase from an old
retired Druggist. 13 Receipts. any one ol which at
woriatbe pi Ice asked tor the whole. They are on*
irjah.bnt are »U practical and valuable. end should
ho to the h«n<rs of every Family. Farmer and Btul
seiaMan. Address**Vr i).”Pom6ffleeßoxlMt.rei.
\\f ANTED —lmmediately, half a
v v dczengoodbon-eewsd lo a, at lair price*, ta
favorable locft'tnea rmhe West or gotrb uiru'oas.
1 am tnrslne rjy ca»h orders every day tael 1 cannot
flB. £. a.
'TXT ANTED— Steam Fitter wa* ted.
v * An A No. Jl steam and eas flUer eaa find
steady employment tod *fc4 wages by addrewtnc
KIN3AY at LAZKLL'.FtorIa, 11L jeg X97>ht
\XJA7sTED —Inventors, and own*
TV era of Patent RlgVe detinue of seQtae terrf
tory rriDtrodnciognay article manaUKared trader
n patent. will and u to ih eir advaau gw to cal) at Nw.
j«i s.mh Clarkstreet.room s,up tUUA Anamoer
ct v.loahle invention* new on s»le. ameeg which in
J»bba Tnßßlar Chon. n tn*e chnnce forn
party with racfm toenxsee in aanarantutagaa a£
ticle 7 ol mtnt.d*iaand for which te oollmUed and
piotec<*d b> letters patent. Also, agsnta wanted.
Jftg.kXS'H __ -
TXT ANTED—Ship owners atten-
V V til*. W.B'.d to pmrtilto.
vrwtl often o» twelve thousand bnabel*-light ritatto
Addmaloroa# week. Post Office- box tsa.
lUiaate. . ■ JsJQXUASa
TIT ANTED—We want every
If merited person In IbnDMtedSuLwtaarnd fa*
oae of our BxxX.ao Cincwutna. “for the marriedpw
tr ” w Mch CDOtnten ol toe utmost l»-
portaM4itoevery m«ntnd hereon, never
venled, that cs»* obtained la cootherway. Po*»
viveiv no hnrabn*. Addreta* with itsns. A
ciw.Tu. J*V“*
TXT ANTED.—Five* good
vort. . t Cnffl a'i
j«i« maw -——
TT7ANTED-Sh ip- Carpenters,
Vi joiners naAlAboren _. m h gu * dap.
OnoHnrdred Jcmen-waveeJ*^^..
*p @J£ A*f« •.tiajVa.q.e ow. tw.
“iiT-kBMW i ' ;-i -j •

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