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‘Svwial INtmccs.
Dr, 11. Ikdcn Jfc Co.’«
’Wtut act* ago* fee Bias*. Litol,
F*rt, Omui ud Qlajtotla* firms.
Tb« tacoMt which has attended the ut of this ram
»dy In ariTatt practice. and ibe encoraeßeatot rued*
Mai authority, enable os to rteouaatnd It to the pratv
fettoner and the public. feeling coca dent that Bhh a
fair trial it will attest Ita own wxcaUeaee In tbacnr*
«f Chronic Ihaaaees which Indicate lodine, inch a«
penotrL*, BaoncaiTia, hita tarpyioas, Haanr,
liima and kuutiT Diuiin,Kiiron ajtuctxoks,
atnunaLOLA. Bixviumi, DyarnraiA, Uaaiurr,
flllUiU, *O.
Physicians Bay rely upon the anuorm strength of
Xodlne water ae conialntag threa-qmaner grain* rcaa
lodine la each fluid ounce Futh water, ko soltuxt
Jskiwe tTBXD. It l* not liable to nor
Spontaneously formed Inequalities; neither 1* the
iodine oxydued nor neutralized bynemblnation with
‘MJ Ingredient, rendering this eolation auperlje to
esy other method of exhibiting lodine.
rnll direction*' accompany each bottle that It may
fee need as a family laadlctse as well a* by the prefer
Price one dollar per bettle. Oi receipt of fire dol
•lara, elz bottle* delivered FREE by express te any
Beware of Counterfeit* and Imitation* which , un
principled dealer* etdaavor-io dispose 01 on oar rep
■sa tart on. Bee oar eignavare end trade mark (cnr.&roek
rtrord beading Uil* advanl»*m*n; J nnon the label*
and wrapper* of each bottle, without which none is
Circular* gratia. PR. H. ADDERS ft CO-
Phyaluaiii and Chr»lsts,43fl Broadway, S.Y.
For aale by BLlbi ft SHARP, I** Lake-aL, Chicaga.
Xo Clear the Boise of Flies,
-A L«at, cheap article, assy ta ua Every ehaet will
.kill a quart. SOLD EVERYWHERE. JOB-k£S£Bw
On bottle warranted a P#m*n-n« Cure in all kinds
m !ilu; two bott<o* in Leorony, Bcrofhla, Bel Rhea-a.
and all citrate* of the Skin. in caae of failure toe
proprietor n:ou<*i« all to return ah* empty bot»l< a aol
- taiuback the!-money For it « rmalai.a exurosl u»e,
Batlraly ▼rxet-hc. Prepared oy heart 1> Fowls.
<.benilht, 71 Prince i re*t, uoetoa. ft I dealer* -ua*
warrant. B*e- ircuiar. KoraalelnOnl(ia.oDjP ft.
D.TAN.and all Drugglstf. Jt23-kMS 6ma*w
The physician* of the prtt- at «ey—•». ieavt inch of
tbfin a-nave pob'leoad ih-ir expi-rl'nc a-reveal in
«rcry poveible way that inr eauie of tiir- efoir-hi «t
the dltbaet* of the pr*aeni arc oue o
oiantau. whence ariae. noc uroa> e 1 *ulnuv, a general
weeks'veot mlad andbu.'.y. . nd 'tuta* a **o nature,
out und varied tiat * t»i« task of ana -er*»lloa would
lx ." says so eminent phyricun. '• truly herrclsan.”
Yetlhepractlce Ci<> be * op.*ed, an* it* evil effects
caa be eradicated tm'iM n» t.»pne«, uni hcvtu te
ator d. by the a«» oftui M t»le veqatvhle «rruo
Imownas the-**Cherotee Cure," a enre that «m»tt
Jail*. Zi y It. • Jeistassit
Dr. Janes
Formerly of James' Hospital, Cua-om Home street,
Few Orleans, La.,e»tablL tic* in 18.W, ■ xr parmaocut-
Ir located at no Randolph air-at. <hl*ago, li'lnol*.
Specialist In the treatment of old Ct omo. Merob
miainbcii'JrcLOfs, and all kind* of Bloo* and '-Kin
X>ian«bE& axo Disoanaa*. o* a Conran ions Tbhe
xal Cusßanrvß, cures than without resorting tu
Mercury, loom*, I'oraasu, met'C or anv poison,
Sal wilo a f>BFTBAT.Trna. a roimn ocan far all
humor* and b:e»a pm.om.
OiiQAKic IVBiciitN, anck as Seminal 'Weakness,
Voctumal and Idarral emikiioa*, Orongbt on by
nboiM: oi the **kt*«. «*rlr i*uHc:*t'oa», ezeew or
•otallea here<?liaril*, caaslor of menory. cod
foAioii. depression, dlmne.*, aul often 'lte* Id**’jUt.
WUIi oilx.r oeploiable train ef .ymptoei*,treated aad
«uica:iy enteo by aa li.ja’Uble m^tao. . sartur much
Wrue andexpeuic. Gleet, Goasirhe*, aod
Ml diseases peculiar to tae i«ki, of a private nature,
nadlcali; cored.
Old disease* of the WOB T IIOURtBf.B CLftSS,
where the blood has hs.oma uoiasacd, predacle*
blotches on *»e tasa. small water* busier*. i>ata> la
«it head and bnaee, nlrrratsd throat, noae, linih' aad
body, scrofula, together with as audlrt* number of
Irr. Jame* I* recot&tuaadsd hy She prsss generally of
the South, the tanalcal faculty, ai.d «f «id-
Icalcol-eree.eic. Tbo*e*C*cte« *hocldapulj Imtai
dlAicly, atd tut cerad of th'ta henisle dl.**.**.
Beoieciber,Dr J**ie*'Offlee *■>, Parlor* are at 86
Scu-dolpb. between St.i* and fiearhurn ttrveu.
other open from 9 ft. M.until SP.M. Con.Qiuiiac*
SonfideutiaL • Ja3S-kObC-3v
Xt Is not often we fpemk of Plays*
Vut we can cheerfolly tay Dr. Wbittirr basrlchly
•arued thr wido-apread repi.ation white he now en
joys. He baa a larger pranlre I >au any o.bcr
Ician in Chicago, in the treatment »f a>l those d»*-
•aaea which netd a *pae>>y and permaOeat cure,
Samel} : private dlteasrs. u.bai for the past fifteen
year* devoted ila whole *mcaud sliest on to’hose
un'ortmiit* cate* which bare baffle* the aclll of
Ottierlphyaiclans. lie i» moil uacea.ml lu tha ire.t*
mtni of ad these ra»e* wkic* wer- formerly conin'-
dared liiCD’ael.. Be is tn* pabliaher o! a new work
•al.ed UieMlrrp- oi iotih ; or. all tieo Koocr Thy
ealf, which v ill he malir J >o all ou ro eipl «*/th-ei
ee-ie to prepay poat.ee. ft* he ia m **t aniioo* to do
eli the couQ hec*n, any < n« mtt call and receive h>a
©r.inioii uxw-n lho«e moat erl Ijal matter* free of
•natee- Office ard parlor* |*4 Clara street. P. O.
Bo j 229 C Allbnslnce* strictly conndenUal.
I>octor Tkomtcs
lu r.ad iL-orn than tblrry yea a ezperesc* In the
treatment of Private Dtn-m*. The Guide, coutvu
luc valuable ißf.Tmalu a and Ami>ATirs, exposing
Bh<‘ quacks cl Chicago, n all- d frae ’rora obaarvatiou,
Jor l&ccatt in puitate stamp*. Pc it Office Bet 7i,
OiiCAgo. lliicole Office and Anatomical M oirutß. i%
ticutli Clark atrsew lei-h4'«s-«wis
Dr. Bigelow}
Cr-fcdbuilal Phyeicuu, (Krmrrl. of It.Loult, U0..)
eau t* consulted at {Us oikrs, I<9 Soil* Clara tftcat,
noraer -a MosxwC. i.Xic«o, lIL, talfa block from the
For'. 3rxc, oa all chronic and Dlseaaee of
a private ana delicate aaiara. Is oatr asic*. wh.ch-he
keau viu uaparailelea *u<;ceas. Sthiiu .opuwte,
Wterc Lutue* aaa Lontti-sjea van acasill Lu* Doctor
■withtti rnctest prlvscy. ojm aour* fraiaS a. ¥.
la(r. h-j Baadays 16 to i. ft. a. Ou*,is*ni<<.soat
rot-CdeLOfci. voliuiuuuu trea- Address P. O. Box
jja- Jtx-f.o*eiwest*u.,w av ‘- hi* 7-idetoHealth.
Fmr.tte 1 b'tt tipenaora i* c-nanltal sod
Vrirat* pracllcs. he it tbit t« aarKirm, aad will gutr
mite, perfect curat foi all Chroua ! -iaessa: it their
Xio«t*e*ere and c<»mpljea*M auttac, ix \ vary vb«rt
tLnc, without tht nte of vutrrnn-
Voutr race aufierinx fro** asii-.baa* are InvUad to
eaU. ft>*rfectcuTe warraxted. F“»at», urecularl-
Wet attendant oo Pub.nr, v*-T*tmatlo»», or peraoua
tiavlAß sty obsw-cUon* *o warr*»g'« •h , -uid rail at
once aIA he cured. But uf dW r*- ,rcL .'s* VVi
fthaJty aad gucceu. 8j99-b9Mr
Stull 1 l>y« I Utiir Oycll
*‘juc.Hrix>K**coitnfaist -R«aw on»la msut
;* tin spats. The oaiy b.aa. tH, TaC* auußau*
fjtcn Dya known. Tkii iplaadid Hair Oye U Perfea
Bed. Hatty or Gr«* Bali tartantiv,toa
eu*o>ss~ hL*.7X or baTtlaac tißw» r ,«uumi lulcnug
the Hair or Euuumtu Skis, laarint tbs HalrSclt
rad SschCUtl; lmp»ni treat vitality, tr*.unex-tJy res
y»t'>r its pristine color, aad foeiitrt *h* ill effort! «
JtftiPr-*. The G^iiUla*-r r ji.fd A. fara
! jtot, aV. oUen are -’iw 'p.ipv.n» aid ifnnli be
uvoidcd. «V.d by *M l»-wrrkk, ft«. Far
ftMijswsot.Bew Tori. i73-gtn*lr.
Colfrxte*o flesey Soup.
11.,1 ctl-b.au 0 ihlLCl 6v»ftf*. in *ucu unlTSKul
doa.a-d, ia idase fn-m ’h# cl.ole**; it mild
and eixoljrtu to lu ca’urc. traeranrly aceeied and
*xtrem*lv lwp*o .-»»| in tia »tuc. «if»o* <li«mii For
Hale by a-i Druaglsu and Fa»c7 GwodsDaalcr*.
■Romm iri aznraL >:vsu 4T kib atplica
wioaov I’bof. Da GaaTH’t i-.-tcrac od.:-1 r-ro
pr f to cure, aim-at n.a f f inJirj.iaal*
nffileted witc Peafhva«. Hvartarke. Chill
Fevt-r, Ague, Ki>eetu*Gvu. and at )*orer and patoa.
1 pn p*»rt to cix-cs and rffacioaLv ale.ipaic mare
*ptsod r-tin. and to acr. ;f.|i;i*U **«r*r and wore
ptr«-ri eqailtlTiun •> All thn nrcautlag rtn'.d* II
auf’caii an iv.irni. tli«b c*ij he f.y any oirar
or ml < thvr iteihoc.B nji-ou »; aid la the -q*me aiisee
Of tu ;<, the ina»*e« th*mse ▼<* bairc loccta. Price.
RL eaitfe Mi* a' (*X bo I lie, e.. IT rll tW.<ole A'l'n*.
J-hba. - • l.ll’a. ft «ibi*.s., »tm»abtx ft Van
t>cii< er. *r-c tvruh ft D»y*r. Coicaxo ftgcLU. Fat
ftal" lit a): Drugwi-ta aud hicrekeata.
HivMb‘.WvSlUT-I*SA • •
Tt. Wcctct’* cue pc and nt.v.ci of FIBISWBEO on
UvwoF jitb Lirrn ar»rr is WARasaTßOxe cure
fn-Mui*. hal:KhiU<*. l.lvr C •mp-a.c-t, aaa til ora
eaiet ai-tine rrora aa icipcrii of the lx
xoee notDißiiJi*x» It u a-.ulf rul tnlUoffatis.
Tri n. Solo by a 1 Urncplrt* n SfOFIL,7S iia&-
dolt h >*•»•» t.General Agenticr tae West.
jeit-httl-Sm tu fiA*xrts . ,
Afflicted IZcitiL
UTTAhT? DYKr’FJVIft «’-USK u *»arrscud\occre
ttu; c.'- of i yi‘D. |i*‘iK, no manor bow «oug stanuli-a
--tfr-* I'., itnl oy mull.
T.Pll'.iJ's* GRAVEL SPKCIfC is the only remedy
tfe*t will rare Gravel, Kidae* < ixnpuiui, and all DiS
oi the Rladdor. ITicel. ftexi ay exyrars.
ITHaM> HCAl'ACilf M’K me naeda out a
tr-al to couvlDce tl;e m*»t *Ve -McsT f*-ar }f will euro
file* «-rd rervoa- ||*arta<4ie N*u*»;gla to the Pvsd,
fkr Price 50 r-'-nte. Sent i*v i *;i.
»- k »f*unfai picee »o the ke>*pb it in carl,
pr.,Dio'.e« H* growth, ft«. I'rice SO ceuu. Sent bv
wx re*>.
rP-.AII’S TETTER OTF-wtNT Is s sure and
H»**-dy core for Tetter. fi»»t Rht-aai, C: apped HM J»,
Barher’i Itch. C>j|iMnlo«. fte. Price 90 cents. Seat
Tlx- above i.reparatif>na wtb be ««m to any addraas
Wl r-C4.pt *. - rtl>e rjoney. AddraM 5. O. UPHAK. 2S
Rf Ktb Mahtb sutet, f Uta<le.!pb!s, Pa. DeserJutlve
torr-rlir* aeatfree
liro «iul.l g.-ui q.
11 Lake street, ageata for Chicago.
Rerun ai •< eakLeaa. lxx« of Poser, Kiupotsuue, laaedl
n ana afectually cured by ntuas DR. RftNDTs ttPSCI*
Sit. tlicSiiecific will cyovmcs the u.uat
rler-tlCh',. Prl.t ( per box. or sii for $5. sold by
every where. LORD ft SMITH. Wholesale
ftCVL-iftl Chicago. T TftSA
Tisb Wang,
The great rh»nr«e Reo<a"v tor duea«as. One
e. r >?i w ’"vJr/ r il nu * < ' ,ir s- *n-T«lieDr«arc;mrelvrece-
L*.V C w c - c V7* u<l ootket wltl.out reti oi
»*. 1 !l\X 8} P'-r box. t<v.d by all Or artist*.
JLOHU ft b.'.litl, I'liole-ale Agcals,
i-u* 1 cTf .-Tm Ts-CAftHu
Humaw i-railty. or pay-
RRSKftBCHBft, should be read
hy it trc«v* <-s, *>&< l snows how,teo en
x**ul>f arlsU.( Irox earjy abu.e aud UD'ianpy c*u
tkni'ia'j tu may *nbveri*d, wVh a eore ia*uhcJ c:
<3lip*-jln-« ibo miegiviur* n.*r» expenenc* ln*>Dte'-
ing lhe Bar.-laef einlr- KHd by l>i. H-A. b ASROVT
3H Ri. Acker alreet. New York. Pdca. US cenia!
W«lifrt*re--ev«yvher» To hehtHaitoof 11.
VtL, 7* bandolu’-atreel.t'hicaao. ill.; alß'Nor
JKEfvN ft COiJIUSw, toraar Main aud taioa
trade,Pcona, Hi delt-ITM
i) - cents’to- .same 25 udu
LA'tS.—Uccrtnan** •'ouetntra'ed Bsnetitro
xioTt# Paid, or«-H apot*, iiw-mly, asd ciesaca
fel’kf, itir-bun*, Gloves, ftc, t.jQai to &«•. Oaiy 36
eena- bi tt.c. S..id ui Dru-gnts BEGEM lit ft
(X)., I3'tmvt«ai« omtgl’ti. New Tira.
T()N|r.—regrmat A O.*’* Tordia- * lixir of Ca-leayt
D.rk, poeeM-ag the *cn*e si d wel-aro wa pr par
tie* or aa B*r« in a «o«t agreeable torn.
ut will he funud a v-jkuMe Tonic Jn ail caves, but par
••* • preventive to fever atd raver aad
-A«-t. M-* : leaaaet ano palatableeort4tl,and li
w-uch to th* rcinnj' a aud tat b tte--*
2f o.uci. lu4*at.. eoH by Prut-let*. HEQBHA.'! ft
Ci'h U' r ’f.'»U hw! r-r*e<tiu, New ,ork.
MOa.CCF, ftc.— unaloacd innueoiatr euiw liege,-
Bwi-a J'ltrr'iw» namely ha* 0-Rtia.ed
wi<b nnf-mne auccav stir* the ''holer* inucn of
ft*UiaWofc»wiii mual.v cirf-ct tae lHarrnoia
to a few hc-urt. Prep trad o t . > y,, HCGhsi as hCO
<y* «.w I»u*. «««< nnig.’s-. !f-»Trk. «oid hr Alt the
Principal 7*mn:lai* in thn T’n)*e<i Ft*te«.
•Ob>■« roughs. Cold*. Sore Throat, Aeihr.ia and Ceo*
aur ption. It is only nK-rr«Ary lornnv oo- troubled
mit toiweco&piatMe rovyone bottle of '
To corntce tliea that it lathe .> F *tpreparation ««er
■ue'd. It net enh enre* the ah 'Vi- aff'-c-ioi* oi tha
Throat anr Lurig*. bnt u cnees *l'ht )-vnu •»*<!
Fpittfug of Bices, and 1* an eaeelleut r*rgle tor cny
hire of Sore Tl.ruas. It ta !.!•»**>,: to tare ace a
safe med'dse for infanta, rrlee ro ce*t?perbotlle.
Tor rale by Druggist* eeatit'lv.
<Scßcrml Depot 8 East Fenrtk Street, Cin
cinnati. Ohio.
P. SCOVLL. 76 ilannolch s’teel, Chicago. Gvserai
yholeaaieftttnt. tsyaiguniset
Wort*, 19 U an-ard Place. Beiten, K--«x.
Every oe'crlpt'on -oi « rusiuoLl.l iTuroowa ro
anictes.Prlvahe-Kvoldcsc'*. xn'e>s, wr. la Stained
tvodLmbosned work. Hodrni sent on *ppj:caiioa
SanSUtg ane (Bidjange.
Einstein, eoseneeld
* CO, *
No. 8 Broad St., New York City.
Lnwrs ■hwiio <
Interests allowed on deposits, according to the
.tint* ortho market froa time to time. Deposits re*
cctwed, sablcct to drafts at sight, the tame as is city
banka. Collection* Bade on tee moot fsrorahle
terms. Stock*. Bond*. CerttAcatas of ladabtedneM.
Gortmintßtneccrldej generally, and Gold bought
and told ea cononmlon. _JelLk96 la
Geld and Silver Bought and Sold.
U. S. 1040 LOAN.
Particular attention gireft to orders for
Mining Stocks.
WHr. WK, T j) a VIB attend* tte Botton Brokers
Board. Bank, Railroad, Manufacturing aad Copper
Stocks bought oa eamnlsslon. Collection* remitted
or on the day of payment.
myto*B4l-36tt* Vo. 35 Etate-ft., Boatoa, llua
1? or CHICAGO.
Pocthwesl corner Lake and Cl art-***.
CAPITAL, paid In. - - - $600,009.
C. ftIKEV, President.
■ . B. Bbaietb j. Cashier.
@ouunlss?Um ißncctjants
CIO# Water St.. Olaicnso.
And all Western Produce and Merchandise BOUGHT
187 Somh Water Street,
•n»B) L. tJND»kWCOD, i
888 .W. rhLBBWOOP. )
Hell, gampbell * go.,
Grain aad Produce CommlMicn Merchant* and
Central agents,t3l Bomb Water street, Chicago, IU.
Po*t Offlee h«x Urdus and ccn*ifamei>ta to
l‘cucd. Reterencw hy x«m.l»»lou'Tyler, DUman ft
Co , Ha*le**, Pollard ft ooani; Bowen
Biotheri: King, E-eJi ggft Ct.; Fargo ft 3111; Geo.
W. Planner* ft Co.
And Commercial Broker*. 81' South Water street,
Ml Lftkc and StSßocth Water straets. Chicago,
▲avapraa made on Grain. Floor ai d Frorisioiia con
tirned to L- Roberta ft Co., New To r k, and Btacsrd,
o*hertft Co..BCl«ocls. aolM<n>9c
2To (Contractors.
imci or Cokxissit or Smumci,}
Boon No. ii.GAnknrr st- V
Chicago, 111.. June 15. IBM. J
•healed propoaali. in dnpiicaia, will herec«v*d by
r*pt. w. HI TTIHFIELD. C. S., at Rock Island,
111., nniU 12 o’clock m.,cu Friday, Jore 23,1' di. for
lun hhlna theUn.ted Ptaleswuh the following Sub*
sataset Stores:
Iftl Barrel. t<*t qcali y of Floor, or as cqalralenl
amouci— l,i7f,wc pounds—la tacks), maro'ac
•turedfroi*: j/rtme spnagwheai rr c*o3 sound
winrerwhf*»,(theklp.d t«!).»ut*aiathe pro.
.. poasL Thr brands a»d places of tnaiafactor*
to be etax*d in the nici. aad whether in bairel*
or sac? f.
The Fluor to be subject to isspactlOß and «UUr«r
eo stanch polmic Thick, ta'ani ax •.ndt.HHTi'BH*
FIIT.U r: v <**'*lznate. • bt'rrl* by sftth Jn~e,
jetlby 15th July, by Sis: Jn’y.aadthebalance
w» m requbrd
wam.pie-ofrionr must accoapity-caehbld and be
rf fened to t'.-eie ».
The Fleur w til be !napeet<-d ‘ a*, the expense of
the cociracor.aithedibr of delivery.-and comast*
td with me if'sued sample*.
r*ch hlo.ubDts uom parties wail knowultothe
ivp*rt*»pat,tu.'t be accompaul'd by the Xt llowrag
guarantee, emed by tworesponuol* names:
“Wt.ih* usUcr.lraad, hereby gusTante**, in cast
th»- bid ot be arrepted.lt shall h*
ml* fo’nlled accurclnstolts free perportand '••ndl-
Hoc*; also ihc* av. rUl'*a contract shall bn eaecated
wish lio«ds to the amount oi one-fourth nt tae value
cf thr stores o»opo*ed to be furnished.**
(Nainteof Guaranvor* ).
Psjtqesta will be make in inch lands as mar be
fur* >** vd by the UDl«*d Ftates
Blank form* for proposals may bs obtained on ap
plication at this office.
jtI&UCA-llt MaJ. and C. 8.
iinaijrae iiAMiEs
in LiIMT . cauftaa
•***& leb-Min-iv
®ms£ ans Cljeniirals.
JT :H. BE ED ft ■ CO.,
SS Dftic« gt. t Chicago DL
SFsS&taa OUft* Glaad
Bonilki fti]t v JCwroMSP..
Ses)tibKheriT fteck. flaia*
. _ faeturers* Goods, fticu*
ffhlakiri pier at prioes uvorable to Western M«*
ehaati end Mirtfmcni.
j.f.Bwsn, 174 Pearl street V.T.I
Alm in Chicago. f iffiManidl
JLd have rtmerrd our Lumber Yard Dthe&erth
sideof XheSarirr Slit, where we are now receiving
alarg And choice at jck of
Which we offer tc the trade at reaaonabls price*
Oerstoekcon»istsof . ■
Ist, 2nd and Sd OiMx Wide Lumber, Clear at
Common Flooring,Etock Boards. Box beards<
Clear ,ud 6*can a Clear Lyened ftid
iup, Wide Common Beam Fen*
arg, Jotsu, ftcmtnfflc. Tia
ber, Laib, £hinglea,^kc.
LOGD ft e.Ml'lH,
Rivlnr rnrehaivd oar stock befara the Urge aft*
vasrein.lajnbrr.we ar tireparad a*low as
any firm in the Wv-have tba'nawal rai road fa-
Cil-Ut* far shipping. Orders from daa'.en
Office, corner of Beacb and DcKdren streete,
West tilde, . . V
tiauth Branch Chicago IJrar. QUE ALft SCOTT.
lafec Kabigatiom,
17 OR muavaukee, kkncsha
. A KAoisa, Post WAvsi*iOTOH,6aHnoTOAjkJJANi
wowoosnd I'wih Kirar.s. t
The fast low-prc*~are
Capt- A. litCITIL,
WiH make three trips par week, fro* Chicago to
Twin Hlvara and reiurn, calling at all the above
naroeft Jaterseftiale porta, each way. Dav and hour
ot tailing will he ulven *••«. ' Je hhßTilta
‘Notice to grippers.
General Western • Produce.
Tbi Rpdfr*’gn*<l pay Paitjculab Arrmmi t«
♦hr sale of the ahors aruclea, and Coatlgamsou east
Promptly Dlnpoeed of and Quick Re
turn* Klade,
We issue a Tfntxrji P*tcn Ccaarxr of the above
article*, which we m*H n&iriß to those I'-od'.nr then
aLdri-esto - ABRAM HKIGUTft Sf.'Nf-,
01.29-1368 fas S2 ttaterstreet, New YetkCliy.
Frxuxa AnfcAXJiKiirT.—Twt> Through Bxpreu
Takee efficthiay Ift. i£94,
\ V , 57£, I £*£ »i 9-jb a. *.• and «*,io r x.l
A «*, T elf*^ t M>argh.....uj| A . u. - kuSF.m.
MeadrU ir.fcu. Wir.x, “ L-99ft.lL
• A?,” 7 fct S*M “ t&X.*.
Jlew York at 16:48 ft.*. “ i«r, *.
Leave Bf w York ao, vk*. v m irnnt ■«#
Arrive Clevriaud ai.....’,*.rSi a !m -
♦bundays txttpu ft. tliatardav* kwhc .
Gin’iSup**.. •
H. GOODif AK, Genera* Ticket A^uuClcv-Snd,
fiusmesg ®atbs^
80 Broadway, New Tork,
Importer* and Dealer* In
Bpltu, Fleehm and Roans,
BHBLLAC—fcugliah, Native azxl Garnett want
OKlis—Extra drySarhesiie; BnT iKK-a LkaVani
BftOßhlN i ESS 1-KaTHhRiItOOT a“d InoS
E.TTKkb tvm »r T,™ u eo?i
MilAii, xo. riATEa. ic. - wi»oa»ftwi-2i
'€t)icogo Cobnut.
8 ATUUDaT, , JUNE 56, 18G4.
Hcote:’s Battle at Lost itfoiiutain
’ oh the 16th,
[From Oar .Own Correspondent.]
IISAixjrAR’B Mil, Dit. or tbs Misaks itpl 1
- 1 Big Shanty, Oal, Jane Id, 166 L j
Bain and;mud have Veen' the watchwords
and replies In the army for the pist foar
dajs. On Thursday'afternoon last the sky
suddenly became overcast.with a thick stra
tum of dark, bevT7 t clouds, from which the*
rain poured .stesdlly .and :wltbout intermis
sion until -yesterday.afternoon, when the
weather cleared up, and now promises well
lor a-fine spell. The roads—and in dry
weather they are none of the beet—are In a
dreadful condition, and it is absolutely im
possible to move either artillery or waged
trains. The mules are busily engaged In
eating the four pounds > of corn which they
are allowed per diem, and the mule drivers
are last asleep under toe wagon, having
ceased, for the present, from inJnlging in
the orthodox profanity which is a part ot
their profession 1 ’
On Wednesday night last the corps coin--
matdtrs received marching- orders,- and
hrightand-earlT on Thursday morning tents
were struck rand the advance commenced;
The left wing of the army, whose :left rested
on Ackworth,B 4nng around in a southeaster
ly direction, and succeeded in reaching Big
Shanty just .before the fain-storm set la.
The centre, composed of the 14th and 4th,
lookup a iinetn a southerly direction, ia :
order to, obtain possession, of the Marietta
and Burnt pike, which runs along - the hose
of the Kemsaw mountain range. This range
runs almost-east, and is composed of the
Lost, Fine, and Eenesaw mountains, and a
number of small bills. On ’the east side of
the Ktnteaw the Atlantic Railroad runs, and.
about lour miles toUi- southeast is situ ited
the city of Atlanta. The right- wing - of the
army Whirled around and commenced ad-.
Tanclog towards to© left, L e., the rail
The center of the army Lad marched about
four miles, when the advanced -skirmishers
eame in with the information tbit the rebels
wtro massed in considerable force ou Fine
Mountain, about one and a half miles further
south. The signal corps was at once ordered
to take observations, and in a few minutes
they reported that they saw several companies
of rebel cavalry and infantry moving about
In the.eurtbworks, but although two or three
caissons could be seen; no artillery-was
visible. The 7th Indiana battery, attached
to Gen. Baird’s division, was ordered to take
position on the crest of a small hill to . tbs
right of the road. Here the guns were
quickly nhllmbercd, and a conple of
shill were thrown into the - -rebel camp,
but they failed to elicit any reply. Just
about this.tlme the rain storm sot iu, andaftcr
Laving placed out skirmishers and' picket*,
tents were pitched and the soldiers cam pea
for the night During the evening, until
sundown, an occasional shell was thrown in
to the enemy’s works, but ho felt too proud
to reply and consequently the waste of pow
der Was all on our side. The next moraine
the 14th and 4ih corps changed the order of
march, and Instead of moving directly south
marched about two miles to the left the
right of the line being closely followed by
the left of the right wing. The 17th corps,
Whose left rested on Big Shanty, again took
up'the advance and moved about 1 mile. To
day the situation is substantially as follows:
The extreme left—l7th corps—is about one
mile north of Kenesaw Station. The center is
about two miles almost dne east from the
Kenesaw Mountain, and the extreme right,
by a successful tank movement, between
Lost and Pine Mountains, is now la the real
of the latter. Although there has been con*
slderable cannonading (mostly on onr side]
during the past two or thrjse days, it is con
fidently expected that Johnston will offer no
serious obstacle to our advance until we art
in the neighborhood of the Cbattahoochk
• Kiver, some sixteen miles farther south
There are a great many rebel rumors re.
ceived here by the “grapevine.” The last is
to the effect that Johnston is about to be re
lieved ofhls command, his general officers
and the most prominent secessionists of-the
State Laving memorialized the rebel-Govern
ment to do so. The reason assigned for thh
Is, that Joknston has shown a' great deal o:
cowardice in not attacking Sherman, instcic
of suffering himself to be"outgenef ailed anc
outflanked. Grr.
rcexzn’a rrcnr at lost iiommnf.
[From the Cincinnati Commercial.}
’ At the FiraxT, June 17, 18M.
The advance ol the 23d Corps was endec
. about noon, and at once some of the gum
were : brought over and planted iathe-ol<3
rebel works to be employed again, perhaps,
upon their next one; a mile or two.distant
It bad moved in such a direction with regari
to the main line, that the 34 Corps
now to be crowded bet weed it anfftbe 4th or
the left. It. was accordingly moved bVthi
right flank to give room and placed
while General Hooker prepared to bring sc
bis command even wltu those on its flanks,
Laxly In the afternoon the 20th Corps began
to move forward, and as the 2Sd on its .right
and 4th on its'lel t had already slightly, pass
ed it, and were firing into tlufrebeisln Hook
er’s iront •* cxidw«ye,”,aa they expressed It;
the Corps met little resistance till they ap
•pioachcd this mam line, of which l-barc
rpoVen above, the bacX-boheot therctfel po
siiiou at tills point,-* Toe 3d division (Gen.
Butterfield’s,) occupied'the right, resting or
the Btii)dtown rq*d. and was dr«wnnp aboul
3 o’clock in the attVrcoonin a cleared field li
tie rear of a pret clirgs*Ul,J In live lines
Tl»c ,2d division (Gcan'g) was next on tht
left, i-nd the tet division, with tbeexceptior
of Gchcfil Knipe’s brigade, which was senl
in on the left-of General was
hcM In reserve in Ihe reir of the 2d. -’The 3c
cividou moved out from,position, on lh(
main line, snd, passing south of Fine Mona
lain, which was already occupied by Uie4tl
Corps, compelled the rebels to f*U back fron
aline of breast works amilr in extent, ruu
uit "'’north and eoutlk. ‘Thia* result waj
l>i .lUi’Lt about by.General Geary debouching
to thea-ast and coming In their rear.
-- Tlu-£d Brigade (Col: Ireland) was ’thee
1c lined in a continuous line,.and pushed for
w trd through a piece of open timber to en
counter the” enemy, 'rind' derelope his posi
tion. ’The natnreot the ground in the feai
er.d the density of the •forests prevented thi
employment of any. supporting batteries
while ibe rebels had ten pieces and employee
them ell. The rebel skirmlsherswere -rivet
from crest to crist, until they milled npot
their main line of breastworks, about a milt
*outh- of Fine Mountain. Cleburne’s ,di
virion and a portion--of ‘Walker’s, were
diawn np in line, about a quarter of a milt
in advance of their works. The division ad
vanced to the attack in fine stGe, the lines
btcsdy almost as on dress-parade: and r the
men cool, and about 4 o’clock, they .began to
.move upon the rebel line, and,'-despite a
. stubborn resistance^!drove them steadily be
yond tbeif works.. The rebels opened then
with a batteiy, directed upon the right ol
the division,* but they were only permitted
to fire six i oneds, when they were silenced
by Ireland’s brigade. They were discovered
moving a column rapidly through an opeu
space, as ft intending tojarn the left of the
division, and at once dispatched
to Gen u IIll!>n»L 6 » i 0 burry np his division iu
support. But It - only a stratagem to
cover a solid movement upon the right of
the division, which had time pressed
forward considerably in Butter
lldd’s division, and now found icwriv float
ing lathe air Here was the real puWrt of
clanger, fcnt it vas promprir met by the lii2d
end i art of the Gib New York, which were
cu the extreme right, and by swinging partly
round and presenting a new front repelled
the assault and saved Hie flank. Thedivis
ion advanced to within eighty yards of the'
bre:stworkp, and held their ground; but as
it was unsupported on both flanks,, and the
rebel 'line was their main one, and ‘very
strong. It was: of course, impracticable for
Uto attempt to carry it ~
The effect of the rapid discharges of grape
and cannkter at short range upon the divi
sion bad been very severe, causing a lo*s of
about six hundred. The missing were very
few in number, as were also tpe prisoners
taken. Over clxty rounds of ammunition
w«rre upended iu the at ack, and. for lack of<
roads which were practicable forth© pon
derous ammunition wagons, a limited sup
ply was hurried up on the backs of team
The division had silenced all the tm "tins
in its front—one regiment, the 28th Pennsyl
vania, unmanning, three of them, and the
Cdth Ohio another, and have keot them thus
throughout the night and up to'this time! If
only the rebel line could be broken on its
JJanke. and driven back, the 2d division
would be enabled to carry off those, - iu lalr
ly and hardly won trophies, in trlampb.
About six o’clock p. m, Gen. Bntterfleld’a
division bad deployed into position a little
.in rear ot the piece of woods ia which the
rebels were lurking, and upon advancing a
short distance into it, the firing became gen
eral in front" of the two divisions,.and. con
tinued to‘be very heavy till night, when It
began slowly to slacken. The 3d division
bad been able to advance nearly the entire
distance through a cleared field, in which
a rebel line could cot be posted, and as it
reached the woods late, and was engaged a
shorter time than the 2d, its losses were
much lighter, not, perhaps; muclnover ICO.'
The General led the division in column ot
brigades, the 3d brigade, Gen. Word, being
in advance, and suffering most severe
ly in consequence, and he had advanced but
a little distance Into the timber, when three
batteries opened on them; a heavy fire of
grape and cannUter went‘smashing through
the frets at a rate which, had it continued I
any length of time, must have proved very
destructive. Their shells, .also, raked
through the first line and flying high over
the heads of the lost, lodged Jn the midst of
a promi ciions congregation of
ers, correspondents, and the like, producing
an active stampede among them, to the no
small amusement of veterans!. The division
bore the rebels magnificently along ahead of
it, over their first rnde like of works, till
tl ey got within their second, behind which
they made a stand. So impetuously did the
men advance, that before they were well
aware of It they had left agap between them
selves and the 23d corps, and were threaten
ed with.a ffankattack. Two .regiments were
immediately refused, and swinging back,
closed the perilous interval/and rendered
the position secure.
Gen.' Butterfield - and ; staff emulated the
splendid bravery of their regiments, riding;
to all points where orders were to be.execa
ted ot delivered with as little apparent hesi
tation as if the air waa not thick with flying
builds. The General was made the immedi
ate and direct objeat ot, aharpshootera’ aim
.for the twenty-fourth time In jhls short war,'
and yet escaped with.laipnnVy.'-
En'tlyJn the, •jeuing. Mi-jor ‘Griffin, com
manding the ISth. Michigan, was mortally
through the lungs and died the
next inoniiDGf. Ills name was mentioned by
the General as that of an officer who bad dis
tinguished himself by the display of every
quality pertain ins: to an able leader and, fear
1« bs soldier. Among others wounded • were
Major Z. Srßagan, 70th Indiana* Captain
McManus, 2d Illinois, and Captain' Sleeth of
the same.
Among the prisoners* brought in ‘during
the cay by the 23d'Corp< J , were several from
tbe Ist Georgia, whose Intelligence appearod
to bo somewhat ahovs-the common level,-
who had come in voluntarily
selTPfi up. One, In particular, said he I had
been long waiting for the opportunity, which
had come at last. He lingered' in • ride pit
until he could hang our his handkerchief In
.front without being discovered by his retreat
leg Comrades. ‘ He dreaded to have the word
convevedto his friends that he was u desert
er.'’Be‘declared that©nb-htlf his T.’glmeut,
and others that he knew,-wonld loUow lih>
example were It not for that, and for the fear
they have, and which their leaders have sed
ulously inculcated, that the* will be Impress
ed Into onrarmies as soon as they have taken
the oath of amnestj. This lying Insinuation
has been circulated among them, and made
to wearsome coloring of plausibility from
tbe voluntary enlistments which have, iu
some cases, taken place auiong released pris
oners, and which the rebels, of course, rep
resented to their ignorant folio were as Invol
untary. This prisoner also sUted that tbe
-rebel • authorities t'werd making.tremendous
preparations to resist us at the Chattahoo
chee—employing, constantly, four thousand
'negroes upon the fortifications of the oppo
site bank.
Daring the ICth, the 23d Corps was advanc
ed about a half mile beyong the strong works
they had constructed the • night beiore, acd
occupied a position running more nearly
north and south than the previous one, • Ths
great rebel line of works stretches from Lo-t
‘■Mountain in a northeast direction for about
.two miles, and-ft was as opposing this, and
preparing to uncover Us exact locality, that
the movement was made. But Utile skir
mUhing was kept up during tbe day as the
.rebels were Jailing back slowly as usual upon
the mainstay of fortifications. General But
terfield also got into position in bis front
eighteen, pieces 'of artillery, and with a re
membrance still Ungering in his mind of the
' rebel cannonade of the previous evening; he
ordered them to fire by batteries. A-few
rounds of this sort of pounding effectuaUy
silenbed thexebels till night .Pretty severe
skirmishing took place along the line, killing
and wounding about fifty men. most of
whom were struck early in the day. The
rebel .firing was . unusually .■'spiteful and
effective. Colonel Smith, of tbe 103 d UU
nola, went oat with an escort of ten men to
inspect the ground where the cadooob were
about to be planted, .-when-they : opened a
volley upon them, killing one maa and
wounding several otherabrside the Colonel;
of; tbe whole party of eleven who bad gone
out, bnt two returned unhurt.
* A short-time before the batteries ceased
firing u sad mishap occurred In the death of
Lieutenant Wm. U, Knowles, Cslh Illinois;
Acting Inspector General to Colonel Came
ron’s brigade. .Riding rashly out into the
very skirmish line, be woe warned repeatedly
of his'dasger, bnt continued to odvaoce till
he was satisfied and turned to withdraw. A
whole, volley wan at’that moment poured Into
him, and he fell fatally pierced by four bal
lets. He survived bnt a lew hours.
i n . Comer Lots and Coal 13e£«—•Water
n( j I’onerand Itailroaas— .Ifiiltarj Jiat*
tcra—Tlic Dronglu.
a K ' ' [Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.]
■ _ . St. Part, Mum., June 18,1391.
l jj e In a letter published in the Tuiucsb of the
bj lnh'inst., the printer made me s»y that lots
ps t in this clt y could be bought for “eight to ten
ole dollars.” This, should hare been eight to ten
hundred dollars. I was trying to show up
the ridiculous pretentions of corner-lot spec
rl9 ula tore, who will gravely assure; you tint
the bluffs and sand-hills in all the region round
ht, shout St. Paul, are worth. S3O a front foot,
2 but J° nr tJP es plucked the point from ay
an _ quill/ Also the types nude me say that “Un
de) mense coal beds had been discovered ou the
on- 'Mississippi River.” It should hare read
no Minnesota Biter.. lam no Howard, and do
not aspire to the authorship of boguaprocla
tb ihalions. ,It is true, however, that there are
re. .extensive coal beds on the Minnesota River,
tis which are being mined, and a cargo is ex
re- jpected soon to arrive at St. Paul. This coal
era is near, the river, and can be easily and cheap
the ly floated to ’St, Paul, or any point
ra- on the. river below. The coat of
his bituminous coal at this point will be leas
of tbAilataoy iron maunfacturlnk point in the
cxd eountiy exco/t Pittsburg. It is also nn
md questionably true that iroa and copper ores
'« can be brought from Superior to St. Paul by
nil, a; distance of only 150 miles, cheaper
than to any other point where coal can be
hid as cheap as at St. PauL
led There is in this vicinity'unlimited water'
ans power, an unlimited supply of lumber, and
old beiere they can be manufactured, there will
pa- -bean unlimited demand for all descriptions
>nt! of fabrics manufactured by a combination
ard , 01 iron, copperand wood. There arc already
TtQ ‘ about 1,000 miles of railroad surveyed and
'oh located, and being built In this ' Slate, be
aides over 1,000 more projected. Over 1,200
s. m > miles pi road, comprising six distinct lines,
S p converge and radiate from St. Paul. Some
ka. oithese lines, whenjcomplstsd, will briag to
this point far. re-shlpment, the products of
the Bed Hirer Talley, the Missouri, Idado,
Berdan, and the far Pacific. Superior iron
will be manufacted In St. Paul for these
roods. -
ap. ’ To inrure this it is only necessary thattho
lYe Superior and Mississippi road should be con
no. structcd immediately. The Superior
en< and Mississippi Coznpanp are fully alive
on to the vast importance ot their
out ■ proposed road, and tbeyare pnshinglhe final
lln enrrey with commendable energy, and will
ies. soon contract for the grading of the first
the section. By the Ist of July tue work will
ion 1 be begun i* .earnest. When this Superior
ent road shall hare been constructed, and long
* a3 , before the connections referred to shall be
1 3d cbmpletedj.St. Paul will rival * Troy,* Oleve
tho land and Pittsburg in her iron aud copper
nn . loannfactirries.
4th The St. Paul and Superior Company bare
om secured from the State and Congress grants
ua . .of land to uld in constructiug their road,
ya S ’aniouiitlßg to seventeen sections to the mile,
log . and the city P(ml hag pledged $250,000
to. the Company when It shall have been
£e«f '■’Completed. Here is land and money enough
or-' to construct the road. ~ Only, one ..thing is
en- wanting. - The recent Congressional grant In
>si- aid of this road, wav by the ttrms of tbo act
ear 'made to the Stale for the benefit of the Com
the P an J» The action of th-: 'Legislature is nec
ies. . rerary to give the Company control-of the
fed lauds. -An extra session is demanded at
ren once, that such action may be had as will
,on .enable the Cpmpany to-raise -funds
tile • which ' -to. 'put • a. { . large - force,
dl- ut vork-immediately. The regular, meeting
ere of the Legislature will not. be until next
die, winter; a Whole year will thus be lost be
ad. fore much of the road can bu built, .unless
aea )*n extra session is called. Every mouth’s
the <B3ay retards the development of the re
to souiceVof the btate incalculably. Funds iu
>a aburdance are . now offered at a reasonable
be- rats of interest, If tbo Company can -be put
ten In possession of its own. ; Twelvs months
O f M from now it fa a matter of uncertainty
t e( j.whether fund* can b« had stall Now, by
;cd | > calling the Legislature together at once, tbo
•ed ! fcpeefiy completion of this road can be se
en I .cured, with all the advantage* which would
;be j' folJow. And whether this shall be dona, de
fed ! pends entirely upon Governor Miller. II he
Iti ] ‘fails to comprehend the importance of doin'
to - bo, or to act promptly In the premises, the
ofj road may not be completed in Are years. In
ad ; such case the State would be damaged be
er- ' jopd calculation, and the Compasv suffer an
at- 1 i 1 Irreparable loss. A fewthonsand dollar* cx
of: rc*se to tbe State ought not to be consider
ed ' td fer a moment. The Legislature should
•re ) be called together at once, aud the probabil
ity 1 Hies are that It will be, aud thus will be se
ed [ cured the completion at an early day
la- ' of one. of the most important railroads in
he. j the whole country. The trade for Red River
as -| and Idaho and Minnesota, to and from New
her York, via the Lakes, which would be im
ry ! mense, would be secured. . The lumber aud
or j minerals of Superior would be secured for
Minnesota manufacture and consumption,
pe j arid an avenue to market for Minnesota pro
ri- ; dnee wonld be opened, which would not
of swallow up one-half the entire profits there
ry of in freights. The establishment of‘the
rs manufactures in .Sb. Paul, above referred to,
>n Would be secured, and tbe untold benefit* to
of. * Ibis entire section of the Continent which
n-1 would flow therefrom.
p. In a military point ofvidw, the completion
m of this road wonld be of great moment in
case of a war. with it . would, in
ns fact, be a inildarywimty. Not only is every
rl- Minnesota farmer, who raises a bushel of.
he wheat, or bujs a load of lumber or a plow
ni interested directly in the building of this
If road, but It is of national importance.. New
ts Tork cbhld get cheaper flour and beef, and
>n the entire-North west, could get more for
ir- those articles, and allkinds of fabrics lees.
; • ThesearesomeofiGeconsiderations which
.’a I think ought to and will influence Governor
Je - Millerlo call the Legislature together. Oth
ae er companies were iu the same boat with the
a Superior and Mississippi Co., In' respect to
n- the control of the lands which have been
c- granted by Congress to aid in buildin' their
tt respective roads—the completion of which ,
m would bring thousands of emigrants to seek
re homes on the rich and cheap lands of Minne
lli soU; and help swell the revenues ot the
it Slate. The lew paltry dollars which it
a would cost the State to secure this is a mere
re bagatelle—aTUtlc water in the pump which
V >vonld secure & hundred fold return. And
at yet tbe Governor hesitates; I caunot believe
ig be will hesitate long, in view of tbs objects
e- to be golned • No party considerations; and :
it no counsels of old fogies, who prefer sUge
ie coaches to railroad cars, and continue to
if cirry the stone in the end of the bag to bal
h lance the. grist, or even the grist on their
:d shoulders while they ride, to favor the oil
•y mare, should be of tbe least influence in de
d elding a question of such moment,
sr . Bul ltls hoped, and tbe people expect, tha n
if .Govi Miller will rise above such’lnfluences’,
?-• and that he will-set upon a liberal and pom
g- prebeusiv*policy in the premises.-i-And:!
o trust thatl shall be able ere long to Inform' -
a jon that contracts are let for building Uo.
>f entire road, tbit the money la ready to pay
II for it, and to pay for tbe iron and rolling
h slock. Men of wealth aud energy are in tbe .
e enterprise, and it will certainly and speedily*
U be accomplished.
i- The dry,weather continues, thefjlvere' are
i- very low—no logs have come or are likely
o, ,to come down. The wheat is heading ont
not n fobt high—the crops, certainly will be'
d- destroyed hereabouts .unless- ram falls very
toop. The proper officers are still dragging
e \ tbr draftnetin Minnesota, hut to little
g ; feet I think they don’t make expenses. The
i- fact Is tbe dralt la a failure. -
-: Tbe river continues so low that 8h Paul is
g . likely to 1% Ignored ■to -a.great *exUht tbls>
I- yyu* as a summer resort.-! recommend how-
U' .ever lo thbee who intend to visit us from 1 or
y via come by- the Chicago, UiU
waukee v and , LaCrosee - route and return
i- via Late v Superior or reverie’ the j
7 trip.:. JA they G may .choose.- The first s
* ; .•
mentioned rouV is undoubtedly the shortest
and heat route between I b cage and St. Paul,
either for business or picture. The cm are
hew, clean and commodious, and the La-
Cioste line of boats arc prompt and regular in
their .trips,, as well as staunch and well 0.-o
--vided in all respects. This is the mall line
frofii the East The' mercury stands almost
at a'boiling point, with Indications of rain,
n ; *
- JunolOth.—lt commenced to rain this
morning, and up to this writing more rain
has fallen than at any one lime for a tear;
and there are s>gns of mdrrf • -This will make
everybody plod, and ih*. .rivers to leap with
.joy. for a week past farmers from some 10-.
cadititrs have been driving their cows and
other cattle to town and selling them for.
whatever they conld get, on account of the,
prchptct of a scarcity of grass and hay. :
Capt. llsk has arrived in town,*aad it is ex
pected will startouh s expedition to Idaho b/
the Ist of July. Those whb wish to share
the protection of his escort, must be on hand
at Fort Ridgdy, the general starting
point, by th«t time Ten thousand,
collar* was appropriated by Congress topay
the expenses of the expedition, Capt. Fisk
has already conducted several expeditions of
this sort.
Gen. Pope has expressed bis intention to.
supply, aay necessary" additional military
force to etenre the safety of the tfains.which
are expected to be long. The route Is through
the Indian country, yet it is to a great exr
tent already scouted by troops under Gen.
Sully. •. ~
Capt. Fisk will soon officially announce
the’time and place of starting.
Major Clowney, of the 30th Wisconsin,
started from Fort Snclliugfor the James
River by the way of Fort Ridgely, on the
lt>th in»t |With about 400 men, composed of
theSOlh Wisconsin, Ist section of Jones’
battery, and a company of Connecticut cav
alry. So says the Fi C*t of this morning.
Repeal of tlio rownalatloa Clause by
tlieHoUße—TbeNecond Section ofthe
Bill stricken oat.
The following Important debate occurred
in tbe Boose last Tuesday, on the cooimuta
tation clause of the enrollment act;
• Mr Schenck, from the Committee on Mil
itary Affairs, reported a hill with reference
to the draftj Which he thus substantially ex
plained : . • ~
Tbe President sees ths necessity of having
men acd not money, and finds that the exist
ing enrollment act docs not produce them
because ot various circumstances, such as
commatAtion for substitutes aud other
things which intervene. The President, it
wae known, had sent a inesssge to the
Bouse, enclosing a communication from the
Secretary of War and Provott Marshal Gene
ral Fry, all recommending that tbe commu
tation danse be repealed. Mr. Bcbcnck give
an illustration to . show how difficult it was
to procure men, showing that iu the fourth
dlbtrict of Mary,and only one hundred and
twenty-nine were secured by “bounty,” fif
ty-two were- obliged to serve bee ruse they
could not purchase exemption, whila six
hundred aud thirty-nine were released by
P>ylng the commutation. In view of all
these facts the first and second sections of
the hill proposed to repeal the commutation
clause of the enrollment act by providing that
substitutes may be provided by the drafted
man in tbe person of liis father, eon, or bro
Tbd tblrd section of the bill palliated wbat
otberwiee might appear to be a stringent
feature in the bill. It was provided that the
draft should not be wholly for thrqe years,
but the President might order a draft for a
less period, but not nnder one year.
In order farther to sustain and carry out
the intention .of the bill, so as not to make it
a grievous hardship on any ciliren. It is tur
tber provided that whenever the President
calls for a draft, he shall at ths same time
notify Ike people of the country that volun
teer* will be accepted In lien of drafted men,
and-tbete volunteers may be accepted tor oae,
two or three years.
Every township, election district, county
and precinct, is permitted to make up its
quota by volunteers.
Eiery man, whether he be poor or rich,
has an interest in having the draft made up
Volunteers serving for one year are to re
ceive a bounty of $100; for two years, $200;
and for three years, S3OO.
The other sections of the bill propose to
remedy the defects in the old law.
Mr. Randall,(opp.)ofPa., inquired whether
it was tlit Intention ol the gentleman (Mr.
Schenck) to move the *• previous question ?”
Fir. Scbcnek sain that this was u vital mea
sure, and hence the necessity for its Imme
diate passage.
Mr. Randall objected to the second reading
of ttie bill.
The question, therefore, occured, under the
rules, “ Shall the bill be rejected ?”
The vote was yeas 75, nays 75.
There being a tie vote, the Speaker voted
in the negative, and thus eared the bill from
Mr. Blaine, (rep.) of Me., moved to strike
'•nt the first and second second sections of
the bill. He said that the Secretary ol War
and the Provost Maishal General bad given
the wiTst aspects in the case, which he (Mr.
Blaine) briefly illustrated.- He should stand
np lor the enrollment law as enacted the paat
winter. It would fill np the'army more ra
pidly thin the measure now proposed.
Mr. Chandler, (opp 1 of N. YV, opposed the
bill, and, io reply to Mr. Schenck. said that
it was a spurious plea that this bill was the
“ poor man’s friend,” This measure tended
to centralize In' the Executive the whole
army, regulars aud volunteers, and cut oIT
all connection between the people and the
Mr. Randall, of Po., said that this bill was
not called for by the public wants. The peo
ple throughout the country do not desire it.
If the House pass this bill It will not meet
the concurrent action of the Senate.
Mr. Schenck said If the bill was passed It
flbou d be passed - entire, without being
amended by striking oat the first sad second
sections. lie never belleyed that tbeotd
•law was efficient. This was bis own convic
tion, and it was admitted by the war making
power, who were anxious to obtain men,
‘ that some more stringent measure was ne
cessary. # As he had previously said* this bill
wonld stimulate and encourage volunteering
‘ and,make every district, ward and township
a kino of mutual a|d society, where cvsry
man, whatever bis condition or means,
would be required to assist to procare men,
because he is personally interested in making
up the noota.
The House then voted on the motion to
strike out the first section ot the bid, repeal
in? t*je commutation clause.
' The question was decided in tbs affirma
tive by yeas 100, frays 50, as follows;
Yeas— Messrs. J.- C.- Allen, W. J. Alien, Alley,
Ames; Ancona, Bailey,-Baldwin or MlcliL'in, BiU
.win ot Maes., Blair of Mo.. BlUa. Boatwell,
Brooke, Broomall, Brown Of \vi«.-. Brown of IT.
Vn., Olanler, Freeman, CKfke. Coffroth, Cmtcds,
Davis of N. I’., Dawes, Diweoo, Demine. Dennl
epa. Edgerum, Eden. Eidridce,'lUot, English,
• Fenton, Finck, Frank, Uansuu, (Jooch, virider.
t' r r | s 'lo d . Ball, Harding, Hamilton, Harris of
Hu., Herrick, Holman, Hooper, Hotchkiss, Hutch
ins, Johnson of Pa.. Johnson of Ohio, KilbJelsch,
Knapp. Law, Lazear, Leßloud, Mallory. Marcr.
McUowall, McKinney, Middleton, Miller of N. Y,
Miller of Pa., Morris of X. Y., Morns of Ohio,
Morrison. Amos Myers. Leonard Myers, Nelson.
2solle, Odeil, O’NeiU of Ohio, Patterson, PendJe
. ton. Pt-rbam, Perry, Pruyn, Radford, lUnd.il! of
i Pa., Rice of Mast,, 'Robinson, Boxers. Bollini of
t H., SchsScld, Bcou, Steele ofX Y., Steele of
,X. J., Sie'ens, Silles, Btronse. Smart, Sweat,
, Thomas. Upson, Wadsworth, Ward, Washburn of
Mate., Wfcbrlcr, Whaley, Wheeler, C. A. White.
J. W. White, Williams and Winfleld—l»o.
Nats—Messrs. Arnold. Ashby, Baxter' Beaman.
Blatrof VT \a., Blow, Boyd, a. W. C'ark, Oobb!
Cole, Dixon. Donnelly, Driers. Bckley, Farns
worth, Gsrfleld, Hlgby, Hubbard of lowa, Hub
bard of Conn.. Ualonrd, Ingersoll, Julian, Kelly
AeJlorg of Mich., Knox, Loan, Longyear, Mamo! 1
McClure, Moorhead. Morrill, Morton, ©’Neill ol
Pa, Orth. Pike. Pomeroy, Price, Rice of Me,,
I.SFB. Scht-nck, bhaunan, Sloan, SmUbers. Thay
i£’<J raC fr.? an Vsltpnbnrr, ‘ Washbarao of ill..
»V iJcer, \\ iiaon and Windom—so.
The ectond section of the bll! was then al,o
stricken out.
Jlr. Amo. Jljcre (Rep.) or P«, asked
whether it would be in order to offer a sub
stitute for the first section of the hilL
The Speaker said there was no “ first sec
tion,” it having been stricken out.
• Hr; Boutwell, (Rep.) of Mass., offered an
amendment, which was agreed to.
The amendment la as follows;
That any volunteer or anbatltote, nader the pro
• tJriuni of thU eectloa, who thall be honorably dia
chsrtcfl, previons t* tba expiration ol his term of
enlistment, shad be .entitled to Ml bounty.
Mr. Farnsworth, moved to lay the bill on
the table.
The motion was disagreed to, by yeas 47.
Hayses. ■ *
r - Mr. Garfield moved to strike out the third
and fourth sections of the bill. He said that
the bill waa presented as an entire incisure:
but as by the amendments the heart of the
bill Is cat out, and the head is off, he-had no
further interest in it. By these omendmenta
We get money, but not men. To refuse to
strike out the commutation clause was. In
effect to give up the war.
- The further discussion of the question was
here terminated by the arrival of the hour for
a recess.
ITc Haj Carried Oot General Grant’s
tTrom the Baltimore American, Juno3otb.j
The capture of Richmond bj Gen. Butler
formed no part of the plana of Gen. Grant
Hid instructions mainly embodied t«ro points.
In the first place he was ordered to secure a
foothold on the south side of the James
Hirer, as far as possible' before Powhattau,
for a now base of supplies. Secondly, he
was direct'd to cut the Petersburg Railroad,
if possible, bat on no account to do oral
tempt anything which should endanger the
position once gained on the river bonk, ah
correlative operations were left to his own
discretion. V/ith these Instructions be has
!laithiully compiled. He has held and forti
fied hia position at Bermuda Hundred so
firmly that it would have been impossible for
Beauregard to dislodge him. He sneseeded
in cutting tbe.FdtcrsDurg Railroad so effect
tnallji that so trains passed , over it fur
more than three 'weeks. Trom bis base of
operations he boa been enabled to make very
important rcconuoiEßaaced and offensive
movements, and if he has not been as suc
cessful us we could desire, particalarly -iu
relrrecce to the designs of his cavalry upon
the Danville Railroad, audio bis operations
against Fort Darling, it la to be attributed to
the limitation qf-hfs force, which was s mailer
than was generally supposed. The turning
of bis right flank*by the rebels in the fog
which enveloped them when in front of the
or.ter worksxrf Fort Darling was mainly in
consequence-of hfe inability'to extend bU
line to the river.But we must not forget i
that he "not only'intercepted, Beauregard's i
army, a large portion of.which.’it is-now’:
rendered certain .was at thar.tliuo on Its way
to reinforce Lee; but that'dhHotr the whole. ]
csmpaihbe deprived Bee of the effective ser- 1
vices of that , important adjunct to bis army I
at the same time that he himself Was enabled '
to suffer the withdrawal-' ot: Gcn. r Smith’s |
corps, to meet an unexpected necessity for
the relnforcen>ent'of tie Army of the Poto
mac. Ec has therefore done all that circum
stances permitted, and h*s 'acted in strict
conformity with orders of Gen. Grant.
Rebel Views of our N&cilaatioES.
fheir-Inttrest'.fa' ip Weaken the
Ohi.'ii Arnies and Break Dawn ~
the Finances.
f Frcm the Btcamond Examiner, June 13.}
Tbe CußTcnriou of Black.Republicrns In
Baltimore have renominated for-President
of their country, Abraham Lincoln, the Illi
nois fail-splitter, apd. for Vice President,.
Andrew Johnson; known -in thereat as fac'
TcriPf^rce'tailor, oneof the meanest of that
crart; whether they shall ever be elected or
not depends upon' the Confederate army al
ibe people of.the enemy’s country have
now two Black Republican “tickets” before
them, and the Democrats are to come-yet.
All these several movements we are obliged
to watch, and, if possible, understand—oy
reason of their possible effects Upon the war;
otherwise we have no earthly interest in the
matter; and if we were now at peace with
that nation, it wonld be altogether indiffer
ent to ns what ape, or hyena, or jackass, they,
set up to govern them.
1 The great army of contractors, then, and
officeholders—in short, those who live by the
- war, and on the coantry—have succeeded, at
Tesst, in starting Lincoln fairly for another
• race. It amounts to a declaration that those
conventloners desire to see four years more
In all respects like, unto the last four years.
They want no change at all; to the present
incumbents of power and' profit, all works
well enoegh as it is. They care little, per
haps, about tbe “Emancipation Proclama
tion,” or the exact definition which may be
applied to Lincoln, as an immediate, or es
sential,. or contingent Abolitionist; care lit
tle indeed, about politics at all, or principles,
or tbe destiny of their nation, or other ‘*ab
stnetions” of tbat sort; they are practical
men; and what they know and feel in their
Inmost souls is, tbat lour more years’ of rev
eling at will in treasure and plunder will
make them all rich enough, them and their
descendants to the third and fonrth genera
A J. G.
it appears, also, that Lincoln and hia
friends have been lucky, for so far, in the ill’
success of Grant and Butler, and In their pre
cise mcasnre-of ill success. If either of tnoss
two had taken Richmond before the Conven
tion, then Butler or Grunt would have b«en
nominated for President. If they had been
already utterly and decisively defeated, aud
their armies cut to pieces, then neither Lin
coln nor sny other Black Republican vonld
have had the slightest chance of election. So
essential was it Tor the right guidance of the
Convention in this matter that Grant should
not tike Richmond, nor be advancing in tri
urophaut march toward it, that the New York
Lincoln’s “organ.” took care to pub
lish at lengtha dismal account of the bloody
defeat inflicted on tbe Federal# on the 3d of
June, and to express the opinion that it was
a most disastrous affair. This was true; but.
the T-ih<* did not slate it because it wr istrue.
The T.f/-e»*taed it, notwithstanding that it
was true, in order to lbw> r Grant’s stock in
the Convention, just in the nick, of time—
and succeeded Our soldiers, who on tbe fid
strewed the earth in front of their lutrcnch
nieuls with 13,000 dead and wounded Yan
kees, then and there secured the nomination
oi Lincoln over Grant.
Linccln, then, and bis gang have been
lucky, as.we said, to far. But to win his
election in November this indecisive work of
the Federal armies, neither triumphantly
victorious nor hopelessly cat to pieces—
neither taking Richmond nor taken by Rich
mond —will not do at all. Grant and Butler
are now at liberty to achieve the moat bril
liant snocess they can, and the New York
Titnt* will not tell ths truth anr more, when
It is unfavorable to them. In fact, the Lin
coln party has been reconciled to tha delay
in capturing Richmond by this consider**
lion, among others—that the Fourth of July
approaches ; end they are aware of the theo
ry entertainsd by their‘old acquaintance,
Pemberton, now in high lavor at Richmond,
and commanding the fortifications of the
city, namely: that tha Fourth of July is the
very best day to surrender a place to a Yan
kee army, because, hi the warmth of their
gratification at celebrating thair anniver
sary with a triumph, they give good
terms. It is like approaching awn nwit af
ter dinner to ask him for a favor. And, ac
cordingly, the Yankee nation U How bolding
itself prepared to put on its most gracious
smiles and accord to ns the same tender con
sideration which has been shown to the citl
sens of Vicksburg. Let them only bawl
down onr flag on that auspicious morning,
and read their Declaration of Indcncndencc
on our Capitol Square, and Lincoln is already
elected President, in this stage of the otui
ness also, however, our army has a voice;
and if it should continue to bailie, repulse,
and cut np the Federal forces, and finally
drive them from the soil of Virginia, as we
lervently trust, then this Baltimore nomina
tion will not gain Lincoln a single vote In
In that case who will bo tbo next President
in the enemy’s country ? Not Fremont with
bis (*‘r»dicai abolition.” The era for that
school of politics will be past. But there re
mains another party—toe Democrats;-they
being also divided at present into War
Democrats and Peace Democrats, but. who
would all be Peace Democrats ia the event
supposed—that is, in the-event of a total
failure of the Federal campaign of ISW. No w
the very latest Intelligence brought ns from
that country by a special channel Informs ns
ot these two further fiseta: tbat the popular
mind became at once violently agitated on
the announcement of this Baltimore nomina
tion; and that in Maryland, especially, dis
turbance was apprehended. In fact, the
Democrats of the North, who have waited
four years not too patiently, truutlng to re
gain the power and profit which they but
lately held to be a
must natur-lly be provoked be»6nd endur
ance at this attempt of Lincoln
and Seward to ride roughshod qyct them
four years more. We learn that the Demo
crats are now universally turning their
thoughts to FrdnkJln Pierce and the Con
necticut Seymour as their nominees forPfua.'
and Vice-President. JTp give them the
least chance of electing those two advocates
of peace, Grant must bc dcfcated,the invasion
must collapse and die out,'and the very name
of war must become a word of horror, ut
tered with loathing and execration, There
fore. it is the interest oi the Democrats to
do their veiy uttermost to weaken the Fed
eral army, discredit Federal finance, in short,
to extinguish the war altogether, in order to
‘extiaguieh the party which invented.the war
and governs it and Urea by U. <
The last significant fact, which comes to
ns by special advices, is that immediately on
the Baltimore nomination, gold rpse-to one
hundred and ninety-seven. - Gold -is a sets!-
tire substance, and It feels another shiver,
tad shrinks back yet a little uiore into its'
crypts,, at the idea of another, four years of
Lincoln and Chase, and those dreadful paper
mills and steam presses, the smoke of whose*
latal machinery uscundeth np for ever aud
ever. ‘
Here, then, are elements of trouble and
storm, which happily threaten to Interfere,
not only »ith Lincoln’s election, but. with
the peace of Yankee society. Before No-,
▼ember, the whole North may be writhing
in intestine convulsion; her brute mass now
pressing us so heavily may be - Bang off, and
this Confederacy may be standing erect, re
deemed, radiant, triumphant,- shaking her
invincible locks in the-sun.
For all this, wc look to the confederate
army. Lee, Beauregard and Jdhastrfn can
both give the Tankers aPresident, and make
us well rid of them and their Presidents for
A Nephew Slopes with his Annt,
[Prom the Louisville Journal, June 21.]
A strange and peculiar case was brought to
light by the Provost Marshal yesterday. A
j joungMr 0., a resident of Madison county,
Ky., has been sojourning with his uncle, re
i sluing near Richmond, lor some weeks past,
j The uncle’s household was presided over by
• a jonng and rather handsome wife. The
' hopeful nephew was at first sight smitten
; with the charms of his aunt He worshipped
at the shrine of her beauty, and made her his
; divinity. He declared his passion, lie’
loTrd. and waa loved iu return. The uncle
ennnjscd that all was not right, and looked
upon his wife and nephew with jealous eyes.
It was long before he could convince himself
I that the partner of hls bosomund the mother
j ol Lls three children was false toMslore and
{ bis honor. The facts-ere too plain. The truth
• became more apparent each day. The storm
' was gathering, and soon must burst In all its'
fury.; The guilty pair grew fearful, and de
cided to flee to some far, unknown laud,
where they could enjoy their mutu-1 lore in
peace and sweet retirement from the busy
world, and the tongue' scandal Tue
faiihkfs wife made- every l preparation
lor ‘the journey. On Monday morn
ing the two-horse carriage was called, to
the door, and she informed her husband
that she waa going to drive to Richmond,' to’
make a few ncceaflary'purchaaes. The neph.-'
ew took a seat by her side, and soon they
were!whirlcd into the country town. They
.•visited several of the stores, and the wife, pa
the credit of her husband, made purchases to!
the amount of $-100,-Re-entering the carriage,
they took the road for Louisville, and, arriv
ing In that city at a late hoar in the evening,
they registered.themselves aa mmand wife
at the Sl Cloud Hotel, Their object was to
dispose of the horse and carriage in the morn
ing, and take the train for the. North, going
firet to Illinois. - The military detectives ob
tained an Inkling of the-transection* and. be
fore the sale could be effected, the nephew
was -placed under arrest, and reported to the
office of the Provost Marshal Captain Dnnn
closely Inquired into the case, when young
O. made a foil confession in regard to the
whole affair. The horses and carriage havo
been seized by the Provost Marshal, and will
be held until the uncle and outraged husband
can be informed of the lacte. Thu hopeful
nephew and gay seducer la now confined in
prison, snd he will be ret lined until it cau
be ascertained what action his uncle will take
in the case. The silly wife is atilt at the St,
Cloud Hotel. NowJ when it is too late, she
sincerely repents her folly.
made bla'pliQ tad litenda solas Cut, olTor.-t at
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retire powers bare bees sufficient to rain rlctarr
OTfr the most stubborn eas*. - -
| rr To th -se won Lave trifled With their COQiOtW*
tioe, DB'll they Uriah thnaselyes bejoad tha reach
of medial aid. we would ht. Dcshai* sot! toe
CiIKUOaKE C¥UB wIU restore you to health and
yjo-or, an'' after ail quack aactore hare fal’edl
Of"Moo. j? per bottle, or three bo*)ts fur SC. and
forwarded by Exprei* to all paruof the world.
rr For fan particulars, get a Circular from any
Prog Store la Ue counter, or write to the Agent, who
will stall free to aty one desiring the aaaae, a fall tre*»
tue 1* pamphlet form. . • . _ „„
All such orders most be sent to C. A. 000S, Chl«
eaco, onr General Axent lor the West,
field by all Proggiau everywhere.
p. a. oooh;,
GraeralAxent tor the States ofUllnoli, I#wa, Wis
consin, Mlchixsn tad Indiana. -
mt, W. JB. MEBWWI A CO.;
Sou PBOPsnrroas,
Ho. 5» Liberty street, Rev Tort
80ltityrholesalr la ChtesßO by
At retail hy all Drngyhta la the cltyVid throughout
e country. i»3S-u3DMtD-eaT-Ti7aTH eow
Koto arks jrtomari) fitters
Greenbacks are Good
: BUT ....:•
Eoback’s are Better.
Seed fbrmll deranpeaeat of the Stoaach. Biiloataess,
■Ll»er Complain; and General DehlMcy.
they wonrterfal toalc properties, jtlvlai'
tone to tha appotiuaad digesure organs*
t . ;
Debilitated ladles and sedentary reraocs will find In
themaa excellent tonic.
A wlaealass fall before each meal will remove Indl-
I pestlca and all Liver dlieaaea.
C.W.itOB , *CK, cotopooader of-stomach Bitten,
Blood pnnAcr ana Blood Pin», dtsdl er sad mannUc
tnrer bfcsuwbn and Swedish Braadtes,aa4 ail kinds
or We flue it Dotava'lc Liquors and wines, woicb are
acid, wholesale cr In aay oealrad quantity.
66, 6S, 60 ami 62 East Tliird Street,
CINCiNKATI. . .. . . OHIO,
t^*? ! or£ileP/Pt?46l | l»«3' 1 dealers In medicine
ieii«rmUy tkfoasbon-ina WanWy. ■-
■ iaha-n.7-iyTiAfl*-i3
®f)tcsljmg ißadjiucs.
Resiling. Maehf ae,
Aaii osly reaßy mceessfal U*cWne in net, wbJea cast
j be proves by ever
100,00 0 FARMERS
Throegfaent tha West who have cUber owned or otad
thus. Headquarters.
95 and 97 West Randolph St,
i Where samples can aowbe seen.
With Improvements for [email protected]«
; Tcccth« wUhasaaeralaiaortmeaiof
Standard Farm Machinery.
tarSead for a pamphlet,
. iG. WXIOH, Gdnexil Agent. '
J F« €*. Drawer SB7S, Chlctjo.
jc2h?&S-9» :
■Notice to Volunteers.
' rOvyDCTTT. Cartpantt OatpaatjJntj forlnfaa
try, Standing Orfi*ri, KxtracU from tba Bsnaed
• Bvfrdatiosi Tor tb* Anar,'Ba‘«» far Health,
aoitileii.aod i'alia*o{Offlcer». B/Dojiiai.
. BuruKariiLD. Uojer Otn. Vclr, n. S. A,
pvlmnrtlafchle picket esuptsloa forsvsryof-
Rlear eoluier.
. Pf“Jtl»jßcom?fcct,>9rtabl* *i»pe, eaily torried
la tbepoekat. j
. (&~lt has beta kJzbly reesasmeaded bj Major-
CeoeraSs McClellan, fikamaa, Booker, Bueecraas,
Bctl er, Eearser. Sickle*, B*o k*. Wklpp is, Bri£»di«r
Geary, Foblmon. Prof. D. H.Mabaa,ol tk*
WsstFtolot Mllltnry AcaSear.aaS raaaj ottiordla
tln<mabadefl>cere;aad baa btai aporored aad or
de-edbj It slreivalaablela
kltuctlOß lor Dalles ofOßlceri cl taa liae and .uir,
for nonfcoinmiartonel cfll-era, mad fer the health of
acld!*n. offlwror loldier thaaM be wlihoatll.
r Fonrarded b? mul to any any addreta, poit-piid,
on rcce'pt orflo c«ni»in ca*reacy.
■ ToClabaof Befuaental Offlcen or Boldler>.9at
lers,*e. r
. SCoptea to one addrei« M '.r.....'. a ].TO
w * , i • ■ ■** :* «ia
s : i * ."
% * * ; r.
•*. “ ** 1263
£0 , ** ** 3SOO
Addzeaa HARPER A BSOTHhRI, Puaiimer*
B. T. : • ; ■ -
j Jiltßcrilanroug.
■ ThliJneffbaa Itotonzhlj pre-nd to ba tha
rc*t mucU a-er'.ncwn lor ca ice theCatArrh-. Cold
lb Uia lit-ad.-aud Il bis bees tojol tn
cxtclant nmrry fa many cases or sora Kjea. Due
nets ha* Deua removed o> >t. and Dearie* r&a oitaa.
btea sreatlj Improved bj panics on; all
obttmc-lo.a. kUer*ib*a* the Olsaoa, aed givoa a
Ifiltay action :o tic rirts afeei'd. Ic u recorr
meccnlby rnsot or tbo be*t phj»!cUn-, and is used
vtth sreat am* vat'iiaatloa crc.y wuero.
Wholesale Agents fer the >o'tbir*^t.
' J. H- itUSD A CO..
JcSl kSTr-iSt Wbol».‘tale Aifcata, Ciicag*, Bt.
*By9 1!.; Authoress of‘TwiceLost."
Uniform with “PUne.” X vel. Cloth,
' the Lcr4cc Spectator a^ya: •• We notice * twictb
. t.rsr/ tecaiiKMfs Actnor cue day, we bellere
“ it t a book that Ureal—Kyauoeed a book
that l*rarn«st and eMMjr.x— a true book, not U<i*l
.with caper? and cectptloa, tats • laavara Tazxb'
Li toe, to r»eo It ail* e with fy*a and’i‘-a-J."
Its a srl-crld atoiy «•! will bare a sreatpopn
lirlty. t-ooiktoro. -
Tnbllaher, -c
Jetl-ksis-Li ,215 WfcMng'on-sf., Boston;
STRAW PIRPT-—'This'll a*ow Strawberry of
> Ttr> nnslUy; a rod-fcerrT.-excellent flaror.
| and romrsoff tli* exem Oarof the cs'ez.JiCe tbe
• r-tpceiry .It la s,very ftteat baartr, fruit vary firm,
»s<j wb»ntspt,tr.r-.e or foar-dara has the smell of
; wine' For preiOtTlux itere Jaao trouble la baUlig
. th- hi a*ttr they are picked cfftbo-?loes;andof ooorw
They can be ‘preferred whole without pinch*
• - Ins *r braMßt ' -
4 f an»p>. of the frM • can hasten on Lake street at
Ibe at eo 9<of*;of Hooker* .Tones, and A. 11. Hot*t.
wl.m on-era can be lot'or the p'»nts—timer
Vtinoted-nt ecdcew WiBOdS.-.i’ost otflco-Bax 5713,'
CaTcafO.m. ' t> I .nl ,;.Jt2JUl>3tx*saixla.
•I. •?. -
The Oldest Regulator for
There La but oae GBNUDfK AND SCTU CTTBLI fee
FBifAl.ls vhouSir from laMaavuannxaa, or ow
•Txccnocisor tbb Mutant, whatever Cur be the
eaase of those obatrnctiusa. • ___
ThU cure hat beearocoralxedfbrmanyyears. THX
ONLT BATE Rxi.TAwrj iii*
Cheeseman’s Female Pills,
thafr Ladles have for relief from the soppresrton of
those niJOM whtch.lf k-»tnp according to the calls
of Nature, will OUARANTEeTO TIIEit the fallest
amonatof good health and strength: and which. If
no* jetfalarlT experienced, will prodneo UT3ERT
AnDTlkath, and ta that ran of Brasm
Cheeseman’s Female Pills.
THIS GOOD OLD SHUSDT for all abstractions
his been hailed with pleaatrt and proau»on rwurrr-
FTTB TBABf. In all parta of the civilised world. .Ita
whom everybody knows, and In wham everybody
places confl deace andreiaect, It Uno Naw-FAJTOLBB
iUiscutarf. hntißTiVni ux» WRURDY.
Cbeeseman’s Female Pills
HAVE NEVER TAILED, and tboasands of certlfi
cates to this effect can be found la all parts of tbe
eeaatry. The proprietors of Dr. Obee'eman's loso
tuid kxcipb guarantee that ONE BOX will restore
the natural montbly fnaetlon to ANTFEVALR, NO
deed, to certain are
Cheesemaa’s Female Pills,
which hath m x popmlab amd etna enn m
menstrual now in a aatnral way. and are a positive r»
medy for all complaints peculiar to Females, crocum a
Chwsemaii’s female Pill§,
Are tbe smly aedlelne tbat MARRIRD AND SINGLE
LADIES hare relied upon for many years, or can rely
upon now.
Take this advertisement to your Druggist, and tell
tbat yem want
The Best Female Medicine
in the World, a
Chcescman’s Female Pills.
These form th* tibbst p*xpa*atiow evnn pttt
Dt.CTewemsn’sPnis bare received, aad are new
receiving the sanction of tbe most bmibbxtt Pnrsx
EXPLICIT DIRECTIONS with etch box. Tbs
Pbicb, ONE DOLLAR FEB BOX, containing from
ftfry to sixty Fills.
FfiisseßtßT MAH., pbomptlt, by remitting t» tbe
proprietors, or any authorized agent.
Sold ty Druggists generally.
Trade supplied bv LORD A SMITH, Wholesale Drug
gists, 23 Lake street, Chicago.
flos-rMO-ltew ai. fcala • SI Cedar street New Teak.
Cm TOM>tßd U Direction* •„ a , oUoiei
Hulrrii «t Cltiiem of O' v,_. v.„
■ bti* r.
ou,» job i cucciij mscBBTO Ali Inmn
Sole Fsopbotobs,
Chicago, • • V Xiliuois,
. The tnapSoa sot Catarrh an they gaaaraliy appear
*t nrtt very alight., remoan Bad taey hare a» cold,
tna* i,tbT haye frequentattacks, aad a:* more semi
ere to tit chaneenci temperature. In thlaconditiou
»be «o»e may be dry, orasbgst clscaarga, thin and
f, i.»*tterwardbecomia* iStcc and aukeafre. >i
the dlntase becomes chromic, ta« dlicnarses arm in
creased in qnm lire sort chnered in qna,ity • they are
n-.w thick and heayy. and art bawEidee coughed of.
Iht <ecretioss are effcmiTe, sacing a had o.sa'h
the rolce U thick and ossal • the eyes are weak: the
»"Ti*eof the smell it lft*en-cl or dewtrMred; dearness
frequently tak«is place. Another common and fm
p.>rtarl »yr-v»in of Catarrh *s, that tse perpaa Is
obliged to eli-ar bia throat !c th* morning of a thick
or slimy mncoa*, which na* fallen do»m irom the
head darias the Light.- When this-Uses olace, tbe
f>are*o maybe sure that bln dlse-se Is on-lu way to
fie lua?t. and ohcnld loose so time In axrerins it.
Ta* aJoT* jlrr Krriwor nze majtt CaeaamMax
A sltile Dsttle trill last a »sitii«ts bs and
three time* a day, -
rrotn Bea. Tboe. J.Ttuasr Ex Member of Coanme.
fr ,E. Idioms, late Speaker ot IHiaoia Houae « r ap
pieaeutaUTvs, and wrind Nbiater of A. K.aid A. 14,.
of the Stale of llllncli.
Faaaronr, Oet. list, ISCS
Dana Si*—lr. reply to your notice of the I3tl»
I wsftw say that 1 was severely afllcta, with Catatrh
for years, w>en I became ncqamntcd with yon and
bonihtlwobo’Ueiof lonr Llonid Cwartb 3fmedy.
Before I had need one horls 1 was «en»lblylmur«*ed,
aadbefete the second bo*,tl* was flalahec. was com
plsteiy cored. 1 can recoataana tha uiediclas to a&
a£lcte'i writ Catarrh.
• Respeetftdlryctiri. THOS. J.TUHTBB.
Foraalahr all Djniralsu Ja’i kIJ-lm-Tta*
(febrim Sitters.
s*l aid Host Important Dlseorrry 91
t&« 18U Übntnry.
l S6aiatusii!i moru intimately ecuaoua tsb
-iisi"j’Ory ulsnaMatena uaiiMOfus
»zcti Sprcrablj known at a floater la asiii-al la
•CTei'/R-aataatof Dr. JOH?7 BOlJu, ot Ix>aln»lUa.
&y. Hia immlrable preparatlcn if EartaprlUa, has
Hood at tse tea’ oruyt >arto<u camwondt of
%at wainahlo drag. HU of Wt[ii Caerry
sai Lmib« a c eoseboli? w'rd threnghout tae West
to* C«-nUi, aco hu \eora Lezangei, In t<aasywat
•Iter tnetr Litro-. orrtoa a .teoutanoa at «me
spread as 'he cotttreat of North America. Bn m»
sJf'Tycf aii 1L e r«maiacto r>e sKaiaec la hit
latest ciscoyery, or rtther oomclcan a. tor he oees
•ot a!*JmSobe the cieroTerer of uEPROB, which a
tte basis of the bittc/s nowoflered lo ice Debßc, That
eoai r bcjongs to .the native Inhnsnaata of Central
.Ajcarlca, to whom I s ylrtuea h»ye 'jean keowa for
iora man tw# Honored years Artnad with it the la*
4iaa bias .iea»are to the n-oat cea- lyrealam. and
nacctlee wttLoat tear the moMT<noao':asrim-Btt It
&a belief *Ut> then that walle tbarel* oreath lert 1c
e body *»• Cecron la po'-«at to care, to matter what
While Ifv. Hal 1* aoi treparad t© eartom thsi a
Ca»ajaatpret««lon,6e la ne»erthle«s tnOiS-wr from
a ttoroagh ezamlnatloa of tna rrl'<cace relanor tc
.ts Tlitaw. that as a remedy and prßTeadTßfbeaU\d>
ks«4« vnUnr f’om exposure «tb-r *o ci
eeatoar aid dlicate. or to tbe talaamanciafiaeneaa.
iiuads mthootanyal. lastly retarrMtherepw
inos *r baitolrn? enjoyedtiCentral Ammtoaand
ka Tfcst lahlaa. In
4 IM attendant train of symptom#, it sew more iQce
hnaarmthao a *eotr.taa Tsere l« neritnz In tne
**=43 of Materia Uts-ticw. toa» ea_for a toomsai
*e»f tbirnilee**.. >
4. fall account at this wotdvrfal slaa* may be round
af the ft. S.ptsasosatocy. paces
4. *«rte« af'erpertmcatatii wtich Dr. Ball has bee*
£r vearr sacMed. ui Jast Men •vse*ht to a taceaas
•rai t9cmlcaMoa. anaae ta now anablfaa io offer to ms
piiuUe a comhma ion ofCe-roa mlta ether approved
ties, tte whole preserve m tbs ba»t qaalfty of cow
f-zi tflatlßert B.>arboo w,-H»*y. he la soaßdast
tat ao eiaat In Urn won-i.
He might tarnls*: a volume ofcmtscates. bnttfee
- h*ve !on;«aeeU«roa* to es'tmatssurb tMagi
n v-rtr tme nlae. The nfei: plan i* for a»ay om
JC'teiiforhlairelfWievtrtaaaofaaowmsdnine. etrt
fee ___ -
yaeinaliaa vom winner* use say others,
• Ii •laotneca sary to publish aloof Ittofdusajtf
XX anics the Cedram Bitters am aspaofle.
Ip all moaseicf the Bowels, Idym or kid*
■'a’all affection* ones Bran depending apoaD*
vatgesssui oi tbs Btommrb or Ssweis ;
lc Gout, Kaeamatlsa »0u Neuralgia;
e.ad lii’evs.' aau Acne; .
Itls ccsaaei ail otser
•sly carts tbsse ■'U«oa«*. r baiu prsveatatana
A wine gUm fall o' the.BKt«rs ia .m an a -or baton
■4rbm3*!,wtno*'SlatettrcfU effects of tts most on
ihmi coder the aosttntag azpwara
■ Botd by Drantau aad eroevre generally.
Pr BTTLLB Brtaaipai Office, Fifth iwsoa,
Bold la Gtkago at Wholesale and Retail by H. SCO.
flL,7BßMjclot sweat. ws
TSTeto IHusic.
“The Iword that my brave boy wore ** J. O. Clark.
M “ I live forthoae who love ne," J. O. Clark. SO.
**• shall be hnawn above,** J. ti. Clark; 30, •* oo
tsey pray fornseat boaiu,'*. Pot* aad Cbocos, Wm.
A.nake. Sfl. •*Tend!ns on the old i.’iod Qroond.”
Hatchtaaob Family sS. ’Tony Faiiors AAaaier"
•dsptrd to the popular me»odr “’Tb* Cottaze nr toe
Sea” ?•. • **llns«e store •Indow.** MtylUfisjo* aad
Chomi, Frank 'Wilder. 80. Sent, oosvwd. oa rw
nlrt or pries.- OIITKH DITSOIf ACCWPabluhen,
87? WußfeKtowiUßostoft. . .j«UhßKaa-TM.
■ j ho,
Con£tfh:lion sLife sgnip
OfXut&coHeta'M Pbyilcia*a and Bvgeoa*, S. T.
(bnorrir Assistant Physician Rlackwall’alsU**
Hospltals.lateMadiaaiaapoctorJleW’Pcdfc' '
' State-Volunteer Depot*, udar <km
enor Bdwtn D. Harm.
Constitution Life Syrup
. What aty Man alnoct lacredihis, la, Pumt&i CM-
Cssos hitherto considered hopoletely incurable w
frequently cared’ln a few dar» or weoxa, and ww
cheerfully invite rnvestif atloaa of tha liberal
and scteatlte to caraa which hare bo parallal at tea
present day.
Oar asedlcina la peculiar, by It the aaat of any dte
eaae la directly reached, ud tha equilibrium restceo^.
Those who hare suffered lonj from painful and o(M
atlaato dlaeaasa.
iiuaw ui,,bih.
Those who hare naly aouaht rellaf from Uiv>
!sed medAolaes,
Those who caxnos he eared hr other physician*-
in ImTltc* t* MI CmtiUtha Ufa Bjrn>
Duno* the past Are years wa bars contended wOfe
obstieles and overcome opposition u herculean M
win ev«r encountered by icy Sefarnsars.
: Hctne aay, “Tour cares are too gaiea.- wane twain
o,*ir perforatae*. aad think that diseases OM
only he cured hy the *• alow reenparatlTO ptocaiE or
This Is oar reply:
In beal T h,the body. like a well-balaaeed Mala, la t»
estate ut EqulllbrioiL. Bat when from any caaaa
down goes oDt*iM*oi the scale* we bars thceffeaM
of disease. What Is rea*talt« Is, to restore the normal
balance of lbs scale.
A positive and seeciie remedy for all diseases m.ww
and for all (hereditary) DI9KASKB transmitted from
I; in so calvertany admitted tbat Constitution tj*
Byrep Is tbe only effective means of restoration ts
the various forms of Paralysis, teat ws nerd nos
Iterate sfcat Is is mnphaacally tbe Orest Ufe-6lvtM
want op irpnna.
area's wru-
Tblststac (hhuoitaht and Acqinmnß). filling !JM
with nitold misery, is by all nsual medics! remoMM
If there is any disease la which tbe Const! tutte*
Life Synxp is a lovorelgt, U is la Rheaaarism aad M
kindred affections.' The most intense pains are
most Instantly alleviated—enormous swellings are re
duced. Cases, chronic or vicarious, of JO or Jfl yean
standing, have been enred by an* -
Thotuands wdo have euJered for yean win MM
the day on which they read these lines. Particularly
to weak suffering woman will this medicine prows
an Inestimable blaming—directing their feotatepa bA
a Hope which fulfils mere than It promisee.
Mercurial Diseasea
bad cojtpnnnOM. ACMsa or accta#
BBBLnta op wßAXTrrna.' ■ D*r»*ia-'OM <•*
jr trim
.iiu toe mum
tAx Wnk Joists
. .he in ef Calomel IS
.is* Bpia*j fisai
yai anr
eoUrely from ill tba erll efoctt *'
moTlst tbe !’•» J Preoth, tad co-'
tad Boetuastie Ptltt whl«>
nxs ta prodaoe. It tw*
•oin tee Tsete u ins l '
tonsmuiion Life Syrup
Brtdtoates, root PtuMti 9
Ab4 ill othsr SiHcaltte* of this klad. which no muo
disfigure Uia nntward appnraace of both mnl»??Ss
feuulci, otieu «.w teea
IfcßzuciTei lb, tbatr trisadi. * r ODle«« «•
Cairn all Swelling of the Qlada,
£ S?e«?, I £? < 2 r 2‘. #r l ,e emnnnisltr, tiaS
■object to I ‘£S!wJl' Te *7
-"a »
Scow ?.* >•“»« • ft? SSiTf U,?IT, £££
All icro’slooa ?erßoaa sakerlag ftom r-“irst n-a
bintj, Emaciation, i/rspbpsla and Propar of thm
Utnha. abdomen, tad la the female. rTODirof S
orazlea or womo, ceaarclly accompanied with S
flaoamatioa aad meet atioa of tha Uteraa. are Mnl
nently cured by Confutation Llfa B»rnp. The ftinS
known aa Goitre or Swelled Week, the Ufa Brqd*S
remowe entirely. The remedy should be taken flap'
toiaetime.aaUe dieeue ia naeedlulT chronfe m*.
atnbbors, tad will aot be rewored wltioot extm^
Timor i of be of the Breast, ui
swelling of other glands of the body will be -•>-»-
plrtely reduced wlthpat retorting to the knife, or
eperatioaa of any kind. <«> *wib, w
b plleptic Fl»a, Sympathetic or Orgaale Disease* cm
the Heart, as palpitation, Disease of the Valves, n£
daelnaaeratlajc or filing soond. Dropsy of the Hem*
Case and all the affections of this Important oma.
(persona tiffcrinr frsna any aente pain U tha relS.
of tbe heart) willae greatly rtbflTts by CtaatibUi*
n*kei-<9'n nd Dellutt Coutltatiaa^B
BurtTt:- atm I»'<lj;oilr.oi to B3«rHca. ion a
MeoK't,. rorebodtogi, Dorror of C»l»mlt7. FSr 3
DUMM. ofVmoo. Drx, Dot 8k10i.4«2
tr.n lti-s, Tr.nt of ?l«cp, RB.Ues.aeM, t’.ie,
Cono-enjofe >nd Lwtt«aeof thoMutclir3T.tS
BT»nS ,,Ur * “* 0f co,nnil ®<l3
Sil|cro(»t Ifoi.,pir««t, rouii, Sblbi. -—l-.
tt bo realmt hai BTa. proT.o t, mbbl/^ 0 * - *
HDTtJ PATCIIIf* Bp,. 18. f.m.10-f.cb dep«sdl*
ait lo th. jCBDr Witt ana aiotitr. A few boutaTS
cocadtattOß Lire Syraa wm coereet tbe i,cr.Uow_
“li. re “ oT,u " Bepoat wbleb It awtlj aaderSa
In'Dlieaeej of Be Llver jlrlnj n.a to laaaaor.
DlzalneM.lDdigastlon. Weak Stomach, or annlem!
ted or caacnr on condition ortheorzsa.aceomDnntiS
with homing or otbar napleaaant Si
BTtiTT bT u * U coaraTrrtrrioji ijtb
is % general Blood-Pnrifyins Agent,
the Life Symp atands onriva'Jed ij
any preparation in tile World.
*Pla% as nsaaUy drraloped tn am
young, HlbXUeaae. Neuralgia, and all aerroaa dS
eaaea.and Ladles who am latferlaa from Dieeaaea fC
which tb»y are at a loan to know what to do. wawnnu
adrlne the aa« of CONSTITUTION
wnireatvre their pallid coaateaaaaa.nts
weak back, aid tide, glre thaca arr ao«A, mwß
and happiness. “' *•*
Are liable to the aame disease*. Natmre and Sdnta
has made the Constitution Lift Bymp for tha b«n|
of all.
Predncst healthy men end women; end If the cm««-
tntion la.seglested In youth, dlseas* end e-.rly
l»the result. Do not delay vku the means ass m
near at band, aad within the reach of all. m
To Mothers and Married La diet.
It Is the UiWt aad sort effectual medicine ever dfe
covered for purifying the system. aad rsUevtortba
saffenag acseadaat apaa childbirth. It r —irrnvrm
both the ffloiber aad child, prevent# pal* aad diMua
and increases and enriches the food—those aho bar
asedltthlakltuidtspenssble. It ta highly oscfhl both
betors aad after coß*n»a*r*t, as It praremiadlaMsfli'
atUßaaat apes ahlldMm. I ” T! “ ™ ffT
«>3cstiiutiofi. life Sjrap
Try It, Take It, aad be Cured.
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■ Vhoissale by J. B.BBKD * CO a FUIXBR, FUCP'
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