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5° ’ THE NEWS.
Grant did not spend the Fourth of July in
He did not promise to do so.
* No one is disappointed. In that he did not,
cave those who lapsed from the ardent hope
Into the violent conviction that he would ac
complish that happy coincidence. But all is
going on wtlL Grant is strongly posted,
and ready to fall strongly at work, and we
have recent advices fresh from his immediate
headquarters cf so authoritative a source that
It will be impossible to persuade us that
Grant will pass an instant of time looking
over his shoulders to. sec what our home
Copp<rbeads will probably do at Chicago.
Nor will he allow the other rebel movement
down the Talley of the Shenandoah to Har
per’s Ferry to engage his attention, but will
leave that to others. Be not impatient. We
shall in due time haye a good account from
the stupendous operations against the rebel
Grant was, as 'yesterday’s advices report,
making ready to shell Petersburg, and for
other warm work carefully in preparation.
The rebel raid on the Upper Potomac is
something more in proportions than was at
first allowed. It will, however, accomplish
aiothing beyond purely local results. Old
Dave Hunter, with his army, is after them
und will soon be beard from in their wake.
Meanwhile the practical effect will beargrand
Federal recruiting party In Maryland, Penn
sylvania and New York, something to kin
dle the war spirit, and now as the draft is a
good one it will not go out as soon as kin
* -tied.
Wc give elsewhere In onr dispatches a veiy
3hU resume of the last hours of Congress
und the dosing business of the session, as
also a list of some of the acts already signed
by the Freddent.
The rebel raid on the Upper Potomac has
assumed sufficient magnitude to enforce the
necessity of calling oat more men. The
President has accordingly summoned to the
field for one hundred days a large requisition
of militia from New York and Pennsylvania.
*VVogive Gov. Curtin's call in response to
this appeal.
The notice for proposals for a government
loan of $33,000,000 has been withdrawn, and
=tbc proposals already received will be return
ed to their btferera.
The Alabama has met her doom at last.
Foreign advices report the result of the pre
viously rumored naval engagement off Cher
bourg, France,'ln which the gallant gunboat
Kearsarge snnk the pirate in a square naval
fight. The affair was one of Semmes’ own
Becking, and he deemed the result so certain
that he invited some of his spooney British
friends to come out in their yachts and see
him whip the Kearsarge. They came, hat
“didn't see it” The British yacht
Deerhound, did, however, slide in
after the disabled pirate had struck her
flag and took away Semmes and some of his
officers. Until we receive particulars we
fihall wender why the Kearsarge did not train
a gun or two on these impudent John Bolls.
Their conduct -in stealing Semmes from the
hands of his captors will be doubtless inves
tigated, as it should be, and a formal demand
i*' made ior redress. The spectacle was one
; Veil calculated to excite European attention,
md the triumph of the stars and stripes in a
naval conflict lu the British channel will send
its echoes all through Europe. Let enemies
over the water remember the Kearsarge
was not one ol Uncle Sam's big dogs, but
oily a small brindled pup, whereof be has a
very large litter. This glorious achievement
Is worth more than a victory in the Held.
A proclamation of the President, begun in
our dispatccs, breaks off midway in trans
mission before the full meaning is foreshad
owed. Wc give the fragment and regret that
we can do no more. We venture the opin
ion, based on the premises laid down, that it
puts Kentucky under martial law. If so,
and it conld include the Kentucky colony in
Chicago, it would be a very sad blow at the
rebels. We must wait and sec.
We give on our second page the text of the
new conscription bill as mode effective by
stopping up the S3OO rat hole. Hereafter
every man eligible and drawn for service
most go or And a substitute. The West ac
cepts the terms and will stand by thenu
Secretary Fessenden has entered on the du
ties of his office, having been sworn in yes*
Gold was clutching and grasping at the
middle figure of 250 yesterday, but failed to
reach it, falling off at the close to 242.
Several disastrous fires arc reported in our
dispatches as occurring on the 4th.
Havana advices report the bogus French
made Emperor of Mexico came into his
capital, with a very elaborate stage effect
of welcome and ovation, reported on French
authority. At one place a barbaric gold
crown kept saved up in a miraculous man
ner since the days of Guatemozln, was
brought out and pot upon Maximilian's
head by an Indian. Lucky for Max. if it do
sot turn out that tbe gridiron the luckless
I- Guutcmozin Jwas grilled on, three hundred
years ago, be not also in reserve and brought
out by and by. Max, troubles have not
The Alabama—originally called the “ 290”
was a British bnllt-stcamer, got up expressly
by our neuttal cousins to prey on American
commerce. She was armed with British
guns, supplied with British equip
ments, and r/win««dby a British crew. There
were not five citizens of rebcldom on board.
Tbe engagement was a square fight between
a British war steamer sailing under rebel
colors and a United States steamer. And her
v&nqulehment will mortify John Ball more
than It will Johnny Reb. It will be felt thro’-
out her “Majesty’s realms" as a defeat of the
Lion of Albion: Wc would like to have
looked in and seen the faces of that company
who prepared the grand banquet at South
Hampton for tbe pirate Semznce, to be eaten
on bis return after he had captured the Hear-
Barge. There was some lugubrious visages on
Ibe occasion after the result of the fight was
announced; it must have been a grim and
ghastly dinner.
The Governor of New York is doing his
best to stir up some kind of a difficulty on '
account of the arrest of the proprietors of I
Ibe Wo7ld and Journal Commerce, and the !
suppression ol the publication in those pa- 1
pers of the forged proclamation of the Pres
ident The publication of tbe forgery was a
criminal act, whatever may have been the
motive. It embraced the four crimes of
forgery, conspiracy to defraud, treason, and
libel. The President bad tbe same right, in
dependent of any special enactment, to stop
the commission of these crimes, just as a
sheriff or policeman would have the right to
arrest without warrant any person in tho act
of committing a felony. Besides this power,
he had the special authority of the act of
Congress of 18C1, authorizing such arrests
by the President, the constitutionality of
. which has never been brought in question, i
At common law and by special statute the
arrests were clearly justified and regular, and
yet Governor Seymour, finding that no grand
jury would lend itself as a suppliant tool of :
his malice, hounds on his ** little dogs,” j
O&kcy Hall and City Judge Russell, to get I
up complaints on a charge which the grand
jury, having all the facts, would not formally
listen to. A warrant has been issued for the
arrest of Gen. Dix, who gives his personal
recognisance to appear to-morrow. Gov.
Seymour seems determined to make the
conduct of the authors and publishers of the
forgery appear respectable. It already does
—beside his own.
WHlßilllan and hfa Court Beach
their Capital.
New Tore, July 4.—The Havana letter to
the Times Bays; The French steam transport
£bodc, which arrived on Wednesday from
Vera Cruz, brings the news of the safe arri
val of Maxlmillian andjparty in Mexico City.
We are told that they were received with in
tense enthusiasm along the whole of the
journey, especially by the Indian population,
who trooped to sec them pass. It Is added
that in Chiqninulte, where a splendid tri
umphal arch had been erected, the Indians
to ok the mules from the carriages of “ their
Imperial Majesties,” and insisted that they
should be drawn by the people, which was
done amidst great rejoicing, tempered by
profound respect and veneration.
As the brilliant and enthusiastic cortege
advanced, so the number of Indians increas
ed, and we have been assured that on passing
through one town, a deputation of that race,
composed of descendants of the celebrated
Gnatcmozin, approached the carriage of the
Empress, and placed on the brow of Her
Majesty a crown of nnbnrnisbed gold, re
markable for its antiquity, and which had
volume xvn.
been religiously stored In a secret place. The
entry into the capital took place with much
Santa Anna is at Bt. Thomas, busy realizing
hie large property, previous to his return to
Mexico. He intends to return here by the
English steamer on the 22d of next month,
but he will at once proceed on his destina
The General and Other* Charged vrlth
Kidnapping and In cl tin" to a Blot*
[From the N. T. Post, July 2,
The arrest of Gen. Dix and several other
officers yesterday, was made upon warrants
issued by City Judge Bussell. Several per
sons had appeared before the City Judge In
answer to subpoenas allowed by him, at the
instance of District Attorney frnji, and had
testified to facts relating to the seizure of
the World and Journal of Commerce newspa
pers. Wc give below the substance of the
documents ~on which the warrants ot arrest
were founded.
The letter of Governor. Seymour to the
District Attorney, condemning the Grand
Jury for its return in the case of those news-
Eapers, and saying that “the subject should
e Drought before some proper magistrate, 1 ’
is said to have induced the District Attorney
to procure the affidavlU to be made before
Bussell. The District Attorney first made an
affidavit in the form of a complaint, dated
28tb June, in which be declared that he had
been informed and believed that “Hon. A.
Lincoln” directed “John A. Dix” to do sev
ers! acta against the World and Journal of
Commerce and the editors ol those journals
enumerated in the complaint of the District
Attorney; and charging that the said Dix
“feloniously ordered one Wilson Barstow”
(Captain Barstow) to arrest the editors of the
newspapers named, and “mischievously or
dered one William Hays” (Acting Assistant
Provost Marshal General Hays) to procure
the closing up of the newspaper offices; that
the arrest of Mr. Hallock was procured,
and that gentleman kept for the space of
about three hours; that “the said Hays” in
structed Maj. Bowers, who caused “one Cun
dj” (Capt, Cundy and some commissioned of
fficers and privates, whom the District Attor
ney names, to “ go armed and equipped” to
take possession of the Journal of Commerce
office; and that the said Hays caused similar
acts to be done to the Worlds through Lieut.
Gabriel Tuthill and several other soldiers.
The District Attorney then charges that John
A. Dix and Wilson Barstow arc guilty of kid
napping, and the others with John A. Dix of
inciting to a riot and forcibly detaining pron
ty; and the District Attorney prays that ac
tion be taken to sustain the dignity of the
Judge Bussell then issued subpoenas di
rected to Messrs. Wm. H. Hallock. of the
Journal of Commtrct, David G. Croly, of the
Wbrid, Wm. W, Jacobus, John S. Betts,
auctioneer, Daniel R, Klrwan and Washing
ton Hills, Jr., clerk, in the World office, who
appeared before the Judge and made their
several affidavits; the District Attorney
examining the witnesses.
Sheriff Kelly served warrants of arrest on
General Dix, Capt Barstow, Major Bowers,
Capt Candy and'Lieut Tnthill. The war
rants were returnable on Thursday, but Gen.
Dix bad other engagements, and the return
was postponed to yesterday noon; when the
officers appeared with United States District
Attorney £. D. Smith, before the City Judge,
and it was agreed that the cose should be ad
journed to Wednesday next, at 10 o'clock in
the morning. It is supposed an examination
will then he bad. The officers gave theirper*
eonal recognizances to be present.
Incidents and Details to Wed*
nesday, 39th,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
HzADQUABTms 3d Dxt. 20th Coups, }
Near Maeietta, Ga., Wednesday, Jane 29. j*
The usual ripple of musketry broke upon oar
ears on the morning of the 2*sth, but the breeze of
battle did not fairly spring up until the afternoon,
when the big waves swelled along the whole line,
except in onr immediate front. The guns on onr
right sounded at each a distance as to preclude the
idea of their being Schofield’s. The only infer
ence drawn was, tkat they were the strong rein
forcements expected, and most probably the two
corpE—lßth and 10th —spoken of in my last letter
as being on the way. This cannonading and skir
mishing did not produce any apparent results. It
was “great cry and little wool.” In the evening
orcers were issued for an advance of
the uho’e Hut, except Hooker’s corps, which was
already close against the enemy's works, and was
instructed to be in readiness and wait farther
Toe morning of the 27th dawned dear .and
bright, and at 6 o’clock—the time fixed—the ball
opojeo. Boom 1 Boom! Bang, Bangl Crack,
crock, crack, went the artillery near and remote.
Tch-oe-tc flew the rifle balls through the air and
tree tops. Ibe course of the dying thelts could be
distinctly traced in the imagination from the deaf
ening noire of the discharge to the sound
of explosion.
I Though the 20th corps were not engaged, the
I batteries under the direction or Capt. Geary being
I in the commanding position secured by oar ad*
| vance on the i2d, played into the enemy's lines,
and were ol great assistance.
But what is that peculiar bang — hang, bang,
long! in rapid succession, which occurs occa
sionally—with a strong staccato sound 7 That is
a signal for one of oor batteries to Arc. given from
some point of obserration. and now came the rat
tling peals fhim our front. Again is heard the
sharp and distinct signal, one—one, two, three—
and away goes the battery at short range into tbo
enemy's works.
Palmer and Howard now opened vigorously and
waked np old Kinesaw. The S6th was the hot
test day oltbe campaign, bat the 27th was, If pos
sible, hotter. At 7 o'clock It was hot ail around.
Tbe eon was very fierce. Oar neighbors of the
S3d Corps were now advancing under a heavy fire,
and matters became very lively. Everything was
got ready tn move at amoment's notice, and every
body was on the alert. At length all Pandemo
nium broke loose. The faint boom from
the 44 Twin Sisters ” and the heavier thenge
ol Palmer's artillery was beard in the dis
tance in regular succession, woite ours cracked
away in front, and the round clear tones of Scho
field’s and those of some more distant command,
dinned away on our right. This horrible lodge
%/odge of sound was duly streaked with the spiteful
ich-eo- ip of the rifle-balls, and relieved by the rattle
oi mnrkctrv which occasionally performed a disa
greeable solo. We—non-combatant—squatted be
hind trees, cntQ discretion was deemed the better
part of valor, and then moved into a timbered
valley forgteater ealely. A shell, however, found
ns there, but did no injury.
The beat of the engagement died away about
coon, and In tbe evening there was nothing bat
the usual everlasting picket firing. The whole
movement was a reconnoisance m force to ascer
tain tbe exact locality and condition of the enemy's
lines. Oor line west of tbe Railroad advanced
several hundred yards and held the position close
to the enemy's works, Howard’s corps making
about half a mile with considerable loss. A num
ber ol rebel prisoners were taken.
Wc found that the rebels were well fortified,
being behind breastworks and intrenebments four
to five fret in height, and six feet thicc. strongly
protected by abattie of heavy sharpened
timber and fallen trees. We are now
as close to the enemy's works as wc can go with
out rushing on them. There ore onlv two ways to
St over tne difficulty—storming or flanting. The
ter will be adopted.
Dtumg tbe engagement Prig. Gen. HcCook com
manding a brigade in Davis’ division ol tbe lith
corps, was wounded seriously. Brig. Gen. Barker,
commanding a brigade in the ■*tb corps, was wound
ed in the arm. Brig. Gen. J, C. Davis, command
ing a division in tbe lath corps, earned one line of
the enemy’s works near the mountain. Gen. Dodge,
commanding the 16th corps, drove the rebels
into their fortifications, up one side of Ren
etaw, bnt did not assault them, tbe posi
tion not being ordered to bring on an
engagement but simply bold them. Cap
tain Smith's Ist Michigan battery, under tbe
tbrectlpn of Cant. Geary, Chief of Artillery, But
terfield s dlvicion, made its usual fine practice
w “h the three mch rifled guns, and dislodged the
» n from tieir pH*. Tne new
V l . «Wnon (Batterfldd’ejbe
*Pr 1C enemy’, sharpshooters, sod
ehsnec or base” before spoken of.
SjTorce iS?"»^i r “ ]j B,le ' A b “ n with
wSttaJ?"' 0 jonr correspondent's
Our line is now as straight as the Indentations
of the woods and the character of the ground will
permit, advantage being taken of Saber shel
ters, and commanding eminences!Km
are bum our fortifications and breStwUlS tS2
are always constructed at night, to escape the ene
my's marksmen, who are continually ponnlmr at
us, 44 from early dawn to dewy eve/’ Our lines
extend mainly in a southwest direction from Ken
esaw, and nearly parallel with the railroad.
Preparations are being made for on immediate
march of the right wing of the army, consisting
ot the 20th corps and several others, includin'-
most probably, the new and mysterious ar
rivals. Ten days' rations will be carried
along—five in haversacks and fire in wag
ons. The direction will undoubtedly be
off to our right, with a view to cross
the Cb&ttahocbec sear Sandown, twelve miles
west of Atlanta, or to make a flank attack on the
railroad still nearer.
Tbe sing of rifle halla ia painfully distinct while
I write. They are striking all around. They
found sometime like the hum of a mosquito, only
a great deal. larger. They also cause more appre
On the SSth the rebels made sever J attacks on
pnr lines, occasioning some very sharp sklrmlsh
ingand cannonading. This was done to ai C trtaln
what vc had been “up to ” the day previous and
nod ont if we had made any change of tostiior,
or weakened our lines. The loss on both days on
oar side was flight; that of tne enemy probably
the same. On the. evening of the 28th, the S3d
corps exchanged many robles with the enemy.
The two Kentucky regiments which came in colli
sion a lew days ago were the 50th Kentucky, which
fbetthKJbS 001 * Dan6on at By., and
The rebels felt ol our lines again last night, and
made a sharp attack on a portion of the 23d and
-Wh corps. About two-thirds of Gen. Ward’s
brigade (Cd division) and two brigades of Gen. Has
call’s command were engaged. During the scrim
mage, a ball nearly spent perforated the can
of your correspondent. Casualties very slight.
The M division loses eight or ten tilled and
wounded every day on the picket or skirmish line.
Picket firing this evening along the line as usual,
and cannonading in the direction of Fe tesaw.
Our mail now starts Irom Hig Bhanty, several
miles nearer! than Ackworth.
The fierce heat has subsided and the weather is
cloudy and threatening rain. If the hot weather
returns we shall have to march daring the nigbts.
The rebel Generals were mating speeches to
their men last evening.
Meeting or tlie Union State Central
Fbzepout, 111., June 29.—'There will be a meet
ing of the State Central Committee at the Tre
moot House, Chicago, on Tuesday afternoon, July
12, at 2 o'clock, (or the transaction of important
business. Tiros. J. Tcmna,
Chairman State Central Committee.
Lee’s Coaster Said North-
latest from the Upper
Potomac—The Eeb
els 20,000
The President Calls on New
York and Pennsylvania
for 100 Day Troops.
Got. Curtin’s Proclamation—.
Official Dispatches.
Tlie Alabama Ends Her Career,
Amiable Conduct of our
British. Cousins,
Dow Semmes Escapcd-and What
May Come of it.
List of Acts Signed by the
Latest from Harper’s Ferry—The Reb
els In Force—The President Calls for
Hundred Ray Troops—Hunter on the
way to Clean Out the Rebels,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribnnc.]
Washing ton, Tuesday, July 5.
Washington is much less excited relative
to the recent rebel raid toward Maiyland,
than over those of former years. Reports
are various and contradictory to the last de
gree, but it Is not believed in well informed
quarters that Ewell and Breckinridge arc at
Martinsburg, as has been reported.
Philadelphia, July s.—There are numer
ous reports floating about that the rebels are
crossing the upper Potomac River at Falling
The Inquirer publishes a special dispatch
from Gettysburg, July 4th, stating fciat there
is much excitement there and in the country
south of Harrisburg In consequence of ru
mors that a large body of rebels are making
a raid on Maryland and Southern Pennsylva
nia, and had already crossed the Potomac.
The following was received from the head
quarters ol Gen. Conch:
CnAHurrcgnuno, July 4.—The latest information
ie that a emiU cavalry force had crossed at Failing
Waters, and tbe main body was wltnm three miles
of Williamsport, numbering, It is said, 6,000. A
force of 2,000 cavalry was reported crossing Dam
No. 4 last night.
Haiuuebuho, Pa., July s.—Offlclal informa
tion irom the border, received by the Gover
nor last night, indicated that the enemy is
advancing Northward on a raid- Yesterday
morning, at 6 o'clock, Steel was attacked at
Lcetown and Darkville, Vo., by a large force
of the enemy, said to be under Early and
Ransom, and driven from his position, with
a slight loss.
Sigcl says there were 2,000 cavalry—the
number of infantry is not known.
A dispatch just received by the Governor
says fifteen rebel cavalrymen were seen with
in five miles of Hagerstown this afternoon.
Other reports, considered reliable, say there
are no rebels this side of the Potomac. The
object of the enemy Is to advance as far as
possible into Pennsylvania, and steal horses
and provisions.
Of Gen. Couch's movements it is improper
to speak. He will be in consultation with
Gov. Curtin and will have sole management.
The old Pennsylvania Reserves are ready to
respond, and are on the way to their posts*
Ihe Governor will no doubt issne a pro
clamation to-morrow. There is some excite
ment and apprehension here, bnt In official
circles there is no fear bnt that Gen. Conch
will succeed admirably.
Contrabands are coming North like clouds
before a storm.
IlAP.r.isnucG, Tuesday, s, —The rebels had
not crossed the Potomac at 4 o'clock this
morning, at which time the telegraph office
was open, and in communication with Gen.
The fears of the people along the border
counties have been appeased, but there is
considerable alarm still existing, as it is not
certain whether the rebels may not be In
strong force.
Gov. Curtin returned to his post yesterday
morning. He did not reach Gettysburg, as
he was telegraphed to return when about
nitecn miles irom Carlisle.
Over 1,000 horses passed through Gettys
burg } esterday, owing to a scare in that sec
tion, and in other counties "there was similar
An attack was made on Harper's Ferry yes
terday morning, 4th, by some 4,000 cavalry
and infantry, and at .last accounts General
Weber was making a sturdy defense.
New Yoke, July 2.—A Baltimore special
to the Tribune states that Hunter, with his
whole force in good condition, is moving to
thwart the designs of the rebels on their
raiding excursion into Maryland.
Baitwore, Tuesday, July B.—lt was reported
and believed yesterday morning that Hagerstown
was In possession ol tberebels, the operators there
leaving their poets under an alarm. The operators,
however, retained about 1 o'clock in the afternoon,
and reported that all was quiet, and that there
were no rebels nearer than Falling Waters and
Wi’llamsport, from six to ten miles distant from
tbe Potomac, where the lines said fighting was go
in pon yesterday p. m.
The tame account also says that fighting was
going on at or near Bbarpshurg. tbe Federal troops
being commanded by General Steel.
Previous reports from Harpers Ferre had loca
ted Gen. S!gel, during Sunday nteht, at Shepards
town, to which point he had fallen back irom
hlartinshurg, where a Junction was formed with
him by CoU James A. Mulligan, wltn a force from
There was a fight on Bondar ten miles below
Ibis point. It is thought he would more on the
Mainland side of the Potomac to secure Mary
land Heights, IX be Is attacked by the rebels.
An attack was made on Harper 8 Penr about ten
o'clock yesterday (Monday) moraine, by a force
estimated at 2,000 cavalry with more than as many
inlantiy. Gen. Weber, however, set about
making a vigorous defense, and, op to the latest
accounts, was holding bis own.
Nothing has been beard op to 3 o'clock in the
alternoon at Harper's Ferry irom either Slgel'a or
Mulligan’s forces, which is accounted for perhaps
by the Hagerstown story of their being again en
gagedopposite Shepardetown. which to point they
must have been followed by the rebels.
After S o'clock In the afternoon the wires were
interrnpted near Harper's Ferry, on the east side,
and the operator at feint of Bocks was under
stood to report that a body of rebel cavalry had
crossed the Potomac there and interrupted the
telegraph. In the mean time the excitement In
Fredericksburg, Md., is continuing. All the sick
from the hospitals, with the provost guard of the
town, were removed, the former going to An
The Government stores were also removed from
Frederick as they bad previously been successfully
removed from Harper's Ferry. No reason is given
for this movement from Frederick, as no hostile
forces are known to be within miles of that place,
except the cavalry detachment near Fomc ol
Hocks.lSroilesoff. -■
Gen. Tyler was rumored to be at Monocacy, in
command of Gen. Wallace's force at that point,
being the extreme western limit of this depart
ment. Be is protecting the great railroad bridge
of the Monocacy Hirer, three miles from Fred
No sign of the enemy had appeared up to last
night. The sole object and extent of tne whole
movement "Is yet a mystery. It is known from
referees from Marl inshore, Winchester, and
other places In Virginia, that the rebels are
remorselessly and relentlessly enforcing tne
contcriptiOD, and occasionally sending a shell
over to this side.
The pontoon bridge, which crossed the river at
Harper's Ferry, has been successfully removed,
and a span of the raQreao bridge ob tho Virginia
side has been destroyed to prevent the rebels from
‘ On Monday Mosby, who has a force of cavalry
nd ariUlery, opposite the Point ot Bocks fired
lo!o a twin passing that point, causing the great
est excitement among the passengers. No one
was Injured except the fireman of the canine, who
was shot in the arm. The tram was nm back aa
Jar as Sandy Book.
Gen. Sicel succeeded In securing h!a trains and
this morning a number of his wagons passed
through Frederick.
Beaty firing was heard In the direction of Har
per eFerrythis evening, and it is snoposedthat
weber is shelling the rebels In the town from
Maryland Heights.
BALTmonr, dune 6.—A special dispatch to the
American, from Allred Spotes, President of the
Chesapeake and Ohio canal, dated Cumberland,
July Cth, says the rebhl raid has been very de
structive on the Chesapeake & Ohio canal, .We
have information here that the canal has been bad
ly damaged, and a number of boats been burned
and teams captured.
Baltenoiie, Tuesday, Jnly 5.
Tbe following is the latest and most authentic
Intelligence received up to 9 this (Tnesday) even
ing, from the Upper Potomac:
About C o’clock this evening an attack was
about being made upon Maryland Heights, where
Gen. BigcS's whole forces are concentrated, and
was then formed in line of battle for defense.
Yeiy little Infoimation or details of the progress
of the siege of Harper’s Ferry and Maryland
Hciuhts could be obtained, owing to there being
so trains running that far np the road, and the
telegraphers not being in a position to understand
the trno position of affaire, other than that the
defense was obviously successful, In view of
the Heights being still in Gen. Stgel’s possession.
Whatever damage the enemy may undertake in
tbclr present movement must be quickly effected,
or they will meet with sneb opposition from the
foices now moving upon them from the west as to
silence all apprehension about the result.
Albany. Tctesdat, July 5,
The President informs Governor Seymour that
the rebel forces eastward, from IS,COO to 20,000
strong, have Invaded Maryland and Msrtlnsbnrg
and Harper's Ferry, and are threatening other
points: that the public safety requires a call upon
the State Executive:} for a military force to repel
the invaslou. and he calls upon the State of New
York for 32,000 militia, as its quota, to serve one
hundred days.
Harrisburg, July C.
Whereas, The President of the United States
has this day made a wall upon tbe Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania for 17,000 infantry, to serve at
Washington and its vicinity for 100 days, unless
sooner discharged, ’ I, A. G. Curtin, Governor of
the said Commonwealth, do make this, my procla
mation. in response thereto, and 1 do .hereby call
on the freemen of Pennsylvania to come promptly
forward as they have heretofore done, and fill the
requisition fdrtiia important service. It Is appa
rent that the enemies of our Government, in des
peration, are threatening ns with armed force,
in hopes that the army ol Gen. Grant may be
withdrawn from before Richmond, and I call upon
citizens of this Commonwealth capable of bear*
Irg arms to come forward witbont delay, and thus
aid our heroic broth era in the great army of the
Given under my hand and the great seal of State
at Harrisburg, this sth day of July, in the year
Secretary of Commonivsalth,
By tba Governor,
Operations In Gen. Grants Army to
ISpedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Waskzxotok. Tuesday, July 6.356 L
Tour correspondent with Gen. Grant’s
army sends the following;
Headquarters Army or Tire Potoxac, J
Saturday, July 2, IdCl. f
The Richmond papers of yesterday have ac
counts of the disaster to the .Wilson raiding
expedition, from which it appears onr forces
encountered Hampton’s cavalry, and Finne
gan and Malron’s brigades of Infantry,, sent
to intercept them by Gen. Lee. The rebels
claim 1,200 prisoners.
Capt. Magruder bf the regular artillery was
killed, and Capt. Fitzhugh captured in the
fight at Stoney Creek. Gen. Wilson is rest
ing bis command proper near Fort Pow
A large caravan of contrabands managed to
escape and come in with him. The rebel
cavalry cut down mercilessly all they cap
The officers of the expedition express a
great deal of surprise that the fight on Stoney
Creek was heard at Gen. Meade's headquar
ters twenty-four hours before any assistance
was started out.
Our batteries on the right yesterday after
noon shelled - Petersburg and the railroad
bridge most vigorously from about 4 o’clock
until dark.
Gen. Hinks has been obliged to relinquish.
the command ol the colored division on ac
count of disability arising from old wonuds.
Passengers on the mail beat HighloadLlgEt.
report that, day before yesterday, Gen. Grant
sent a demand for the unconditional surren
der of Ptcrsburg, but the answer was not
known at City Point when the Highland
Light left. It was believed,. If. the demand,
was not complied with, that a reasonable
time would be allowed.lorthe removal of the
women and children before the town was at
tacked. They also say that appearances indi.
cate lively work.
The Richmond Examiner of June 23d says:
“The Yankees have commenced moving the
torpedoes in the James River, and the oh
etructions recently sunk by themselves in
Trent’s Reach.” The Examiner thinks there
is no doubt that Grant is preporinir for a
grand attack.
The Richmond Examiner of the 80th says:
“ Information was received here yesterday
that about 400 Yankees and Tennesieeans,
under one Capt Birk, came over into West
ern North Carolina on the morning of Tues
day, the £Btb, captured Camp Vance, at Mor
ganton n, and took 300 junior reserves pris
Indiana General Intelligence,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
Indianapolis, Tuesday, July 6,1861
A number of families of Southern refugees
have arrived here, destitute of everything.
Gen. Carrington has given them temporary
quarters at the Fremont barracks.
Three cars for the street railway have ar
rived, and the iron is on the way. Mr.
Catherwood, the President, expects to have
the cars running this fail.
The term of service of the 10th, 20th, 21st,
22d, 28d and 24th regiments expires this
month. Most, if not all, have re-enlisted.
Tie 28th Ohio, now here, will leave for
homenext week, having served out their
three years.
The Fourth passed off quietly. The veto*
ran corps, stationed at Camp Burnside, gave
a fine dress parade last evening.
Political matters are dull. The address of
the Gerihan Union Club of Philadelphia to
the German Club of this city is exciting great
interest. It will have a good effect.
The crops look fine since the recent re
freshing rains.
The War on tlie Lower SZlsßlaslppi
The Situation Below ffleinplilsHaen.
Orover’a X£xi>cdltlon*
[Special Dispatch to toe Chicago Tribune.]
JlxMnm, Term., July 4, via Caibo, July 5.
CoL Winslow, commanding the 3d brigade
of Grierson’s division cavalry, has been skir
mishing with the enemy’s cavalry under Gem
Roddy, almost continually since Thursday
last, with signal success. The field of oper
ations has been in the section of country be
tween Lagrange and Corinth. From devel
opments made lost week, it has been demon
strated that the rebel army of the Mississippi
Is concentrating in the vicinity of Corinth,
which place is now held by Gen. Roddy’s di
vision of cavalry. Gen. Forrest has bis head
quarters at Tnpello, Miss. Gen. , Lee is at
Meridian, while Buford, rebel, is conscript
ing at Ripley.
The intention of the enemy is not probably
to make aggressive movements, so much as
to protect the grain growing sections of Nor
thern Mississippi from Federal incursions.
A skirmish on Saturday near Sansbury re
sulted in the driving in of .our pickets by 200 ,
of the enemy, hut a detachment of cavalry
being sent to reinforce the pickets, the rebels
were driven back with a loss of twenty-five
killed, whom we buried. Our picket line
was re-established at night, and all was again,
We have thus far taken about thirty pris
oners, but havenot lost aman killed, wound
ed or missing.
CoL Karge, of the 2d New Jersey cavalry,
has started out on an expedition, but where
to Is looked In the brain ot our commanding
There ia no news from below, as all
steamers on the lower river have been seized
for the Government transportation, as also
have all those at this port.
There Is a terrible flatter among Generals
hero just now. Gen. Brayman has gone to
New Orleans. Gen. Hatch is here. General
fiturgts gow to Kentucky io-morrow.
General cscitrment is here looking after
news from the front. You may lock* for ex
citing news In a day or two from 1 White
New Yoke, July s.—Late private advices
from Port Hudson state that tbe rebels are
active in that quarter.
Briar. Gen. Gilman is in command of all the
negro troops in that department. Thirty-fivo
regiments are at the 'headquarters at Port
Hudson. The troops there ore in excellent
health. It is reported that Dick Taylor
crossed Atchafalayu River oh June sth, and
that an engagement cosued- No particulars.
Gen. Canby is expected at Port Hudson on
the Isth. r
Ou last Sunday night, tbe 19th Inst., Gen.
Grover’s division of the 19th Army Corps
embarked at Morgaczia on board of ten
transports. They proceeded on an expedi
tion up the Mississippi, and landed at Port
Adorns. "When hist heard from they had
penetrated about fifteen miles into the ul
terior. There are numerous speculations at
Morgonzia as to the objects of the expedi
tion. It is estimated that Grover’s command
embraces some tcu thousand men.
Xli© New Secretary—Treasury Matters
“Last Hours of Congress—.Public
Measures Passed and Lost, or Laid
Washington, July 5,1804.
By the President of the Unitcd Stutes of America.
Whereas, By the Proclamftion which was
leaned on the IBth day of April, 2861, the President
of the United States announced •and declared that
the laws of the United States had been for some
time poet, and then opposed, and the execution
thereof obstructed In certain States therein men
tioned, by combinations too powerful to be sup
pressed by ordinary course of judicial proceedings,
or by tbo power Tested in the Marshals by law,
and, 1
Whereas, immediately after the issuing of the
said proclamation the land and naval forces of the
United Stales were put into activity to suppress
said insurrection and rebellion; and
Whebeas, the Congress of the United States, by
an act approved on the Sd day of March, 1863, did
enact that during the said rebellion the President
of the United States, whenever in bis judgment
the public good may require it, is authorized to
suspend tbe privilege of the writ of habeas corpus
in any case throughout the United States, or any
pait thereof; and
Whereas, Said insurrection and'rebellion still
continues, endangering the existence of the Con
stitution and Government of the United States,
c and
Wjikrkaf, The military forces of the United States
are now actively engaged In suppressing the said
insurrection and rebellion in various parts of the
States where said rebellion has been successful
in obstructing tbe laws and public authorities, es
pecially in the States of Virginia and Georgia, and
WnxngAß, On tbe 16th day* of September last
the President of the United States duly Issued bis
proclamation, wherein he declared that the privi
lege of the writ of habeas corpus should be sus
pended throughout the United States, in coses
whereby tbe authority of the Presi
dent of the United States, the military,
naval and civil officers of the United States, or any
of them hold persons under their command, or In
their custody, either as prisoners of war, spies, or
aiders or abettors ol the enemy, or officers, or sol
diers or seamen, enrolled or drafted, or mustered
or enlisted m or belonging to the land as naval
forces of the United States, or as deserters there
from, or otherwise amenable to ‘military law, or
rules of articles of war, the . rules and regulations
prescribed for the military or naval services by
authority of the President of the United States, or
for resisting a draft, or for any other offense
against military or naval service; and
Whereas, Many citizens and officers command'
ing the national armies report that combinations
have been formed In the said State of Kentucky,
with a purpose of Inciting rebel forces to renew
said operat.ona of civil war within said State, and
thereby to embarrass tne United States armies
row operating in said States of Virginia and Geor
gia, and even to endanger their safety, therefore,
I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United
States, by virtue of the authority vested in me by
the constitution and the laws, do hereby declare
that In my judgment tbe people of said State of
Kentucky have joined the forces of the insurgents
who have on several occasions entered said State
of Kentucky In large force, and not without aid
and comfort furnished by disaffected and disloyal
citizens of tbo United States residing therein, and
have not. only. disturbed the public peace, but
Lave overborne dvibantboritlee and made flagrant
civil war, destroying property and life in various
parts of that State.
[At this point the text of the Proclamation be
comes tangled, as U the wires had not got over the
4th of July, and the following postscript closes It
la a very unsatisfactory manner.—Eds. Tam.)
The President’s Proclamation will he re
peated In the morning. Tt has not gone to anv
cities west of Buffalo to-night,— Opeeatob.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Washington, Tuesday, July 5,18GL
Mr. Fessenden was sworn in and entered
upon Lis duties as Secretary of the Treasury
this morning. Secretary Fessenden is con
sulting with men whoae business experience
makes their advice valuable with respect to
the financial policy. He will not decide up
on the proper course to pursue until
he . shall have fully weighed their
suggestions. Some of the shrewdest
of these with whom he has talked tMnir that
he will seek to retrench the number of vari
eties of national currency as well as Us ag
gregate amount, and coniine the issues as far
as possible to greenbacks. It is expected
that the advertisement for a new loan will
soon appear, proposals for which will not be
hampered by ihe restrictions attached to
that for thirty-three millions, which has just
been withdrawn.
Work in the printing bureau of the Treas
ury Department was suspended last Friday,
Snperintendent Clark telling his employees
that ho should await the pleasure of the new
Secretary before resuming, and adding that,
in his opinion^there would be less work for
his bureau hereafter than there had been un
der Secretary Chase, Fifty of his workmen
are supposed to have been captured by the
rebels at Harper’s Ferry, where they were
spending the 4th of July.
A number of Senators, Including Chandler,
Wilkinson, Spragne, and two or three Repre
sentatives, have gone to visit the army be
fore Petersburg.
The new pension bill retains Foster's
amendment placing the -wires and families of
colored, soldiers on the same footing, In. re
spect to pensions, as those of white soldiers.
•the fbeedmen’s bureau.
The ireedmen’a bureau hill, to which was
attached Trumbull’s amendment repealing
so much of the confiscation bill as limits the
forfeiture of real estate to the life time ot
the owner, :was postponed bjr the House to
nest session.
kaval APrnorniATioxs.
The amendments to the naval appropria
tion bill prohibiting the coast-wise slave
trade and giving negroes the right to testify
In the United States Courts, were retained in
the bill by the Conference Committee, and
are therefore passed. The bill was signed by
the President.
The failure of the House to pass the joint
resolution allowing the Secretary ol the Trea
sury to appoint Commissioners to examine
into the question of taxation and revenue, Is
.of no particular consequence. The Secretary
tas power, under existing laws, to detail
persons for that service, and the resolution
may be regarded indicative of hla purpose to
do so.
Senator Hale is understood to be a candi
date for the nomination in the Congressional
district represented by-Gen. Marston. The
friends of Gen. Marston are confident, how
ever, that he will secure it
The project lor a new building for the De
partment of Agriculture, for which the Sen
ate voted SIOO,OOO, was killed in the Confer
ence Report upon the bill to which it was
attached, and that department wiQ occupy
rented rooms at an expense of $3,500 per year.
,The vote of the House on agreeing to the
conference report ofthe hill amendatory oi
the enrollment law, was yeas 65 to nays 50.
The hill to encourage emigration was
finally passed by both houses. It provides
for appointments of a Commissioner of Em
igration by the President, with the advices
and consent ofthe Senate, io he under the
Secretary of State and have a salary of
$2,000. t Bis duty shall be to collect full and
accurate information in regard to s DU,climate,
mineral resources land agricultural products,
rates of wages and prices ol labor in differ
ent portions qftbe United States, and, also,
the means of communication and the wants
of agriculture.
The bill appropriating $700,000 to reim
burse Pennsylvania for expenses incident to
Lee’s invasion, was killed in the Senate by
the addition of amendments for the benefit
of other States, amounting to many millions
of dollars. It will come up as unfinished
business next session; and a bill passed both
houses providing for settlement of of
all loyal persons in loyal States, whose prop
erty has been taken by the army in a regular
The East Tennessee Railroad bill has gone
orcr to next session wit£hut‘mu , <& prospect \
of a final passage. 1 ' •
The question is already raised in seme clr*
cles relative to the possible demand-upon
England for Scmmes and those of the pirate
re*' carried off by the yacht Deerhound.
Washixgtow, July s.—At 11 o'clock to-day
Mr. Fessenden entered upon bis duties ee-
Secretary of the Treasury. At noon Mr-
Fessenden attended a Cabinet meeting.
Healli ot a Gallant Wisconsin* Oillcer
—Tlic 4 til at Madison.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
Madison, Wis., Tnesday, Jnly 6,18 M.
Adj’t Gen. Gaylord received a dispatch
from Washington to-day announcing the
death of Col. John A. Savage, of the 36th
Wisconsin regiment, at that place, from the
eflect of wounds received in battle before
There being no celebration here of the
eighty-eighth anniversary of our national
independence,, the day passed off quietly, our
citizens enjoying themselves with pic-nics.
fishing, &c. v -- ’
There has-been a steady rain this afternoon,
with good prospects for more.
j> r the City of Baltimore—The
Sinks the Alabama—The
Vachiers Save Semmes-A
Glorloas Naval Achievement.
New Tour, July 5.-By'the City of Balti
more wo learu- that the pir.te Alabama has
been sunk by the United dt-.tca war steamer
Kc irsarge. Nine were killed and twenty ol
rates wounded. . J *
The pirate left Cherbourg on the 19th to
engage the Kearearge, and attacked her nine
miles from Cherbourg. The engagement
lasted an hour and forty minutes, lidth ves
sels made seven complete circles in maneuv
ering, at a distance of from a quarter to half
a mile. The Alabama was sank. Captain
Semmes and a part of the crew were saved
by the English yacht Deerhound. Semmes
was slightly wounded in the baud.
Before leaving Cherbourg the pirate left
sixty chronometers, his specie and ransom
bonds there. No one was killed, and only
three seamen slightly wounded on the Kear
earge. She landedthe wounded at Cherbourg
The vessel sustained bat little injurv.
Semmes declined a public dinner at South
ampton, and went to Paris to report to the
Confederate Commissioner. Three of the
Alabama’s officers and six of her crew were
landed at Cherbourg from a French pilot
boat, also several from the British ship
The Paris correspondence of the London
Olcbe says the Alabama made two attempts to
board the Kearearge; but her commander
out-maneuvered Semmes, and finally sent a
projectile right through the Alabama’s boil
er; then, seeing what occurred, he brought
all his guns to bear on the pirate in a concen
trated broadside from starboard, and made a
breach of four yards in length under her
water-mark, when she began to sink rapidly.
It is stated that the Kearsaigo captured GS
of the officers and cfew ot the Alabama.
Semmes publishes a statement that he had
nine killed and twenty wounded. He
cbaiges that the Kearearge continued firing
after the Alabama bad struck her flag.
The Dano-Germanic conference yesterday
accomplished nothing. A proposition for
arbitration was rejected. The conference is
regarded as a failure. It was supposed that
hostilities would recommence on the 37th
of June.
Markets.— Cotton on the 23d was quiet and un
changed. Breadetofib firm, with an upward ten
dency. Provisions steady. Produce steady. Con
■ois closed atlllinois Central, 30K®35;
£rlc, [email protected],
The Kearearge is a screw steamer, sloop
rigged, of the third rate, 1,031 tons’ burthen,
and mounts seven guns. The following is
her list of officers:
Captain, Charles W. Pickering, New Hampshire.
Lieutenant Commander, Thoa. C. Harris, Penn
Surgeon, John M. Browne, New Hampshire,
Paymaster, Joseph A. Smith, Maine.
Midshipman, Edward E. Preble, Maine.
Chief Engineer, William H. Cushman, Pennsyl
• Boatswain, James O. Waiter, Pennsylvania.
Gunner, Franklin A. Graham, D. C.
Latest from Little Kock. and Vicinity,
Br. Louis, July s.—Upwards of SCO rebel
prisoners arrived by the steamer Gladiator,
from Little Bock, yesterday. In charge of a
battalion of Merrill’s Horse,, veterans on fur
lough, and they left for Rock Island last
Ofllcfra from Duval’s BIulT, Ark, on r the
BCtb ult., say that Shelby had not returned
to-Clarendon, butit was thought he would
do so.
Gen. Carr reached Duval’s Bluff on the
«OUu . Marmaduke is still south of the Ar
kansas River, ten miles below Napoleon.
His force consisted of his own brigade and
Dockery’s and Cobella, about 0,000 men,
and six: or eight pieces of artillery. There
are no rebel artillery between the Ar
kansas and White Rivers, and only
three companies of guerillas. Apprehensions :
of a siege at little Rock are much diminished. ‘
Bnt one brigade ol rebels is on the Saline
River. The design of the rebels is evidently
to cut Steele’s White River communication
which, however, will be very difficult to do •
but if it should be done, Duval’s Bluff and
Little Roek have three months’ provisions,
and White River is patrolled by tin-clads.
supported by land forces. ’
A sawmill in Marshall burned last niirhL
Loss SIO,OOO. h
At the Government sale of cotton, yester
day, 570 bales sold at auction at
averaging $1.40.
Conflagrations oatlioAUi of July,
New- York, July s. —There were some 30
fires yesterday from fireworks. Five lame
buildings, the Scotch Presbyterian Church on
Worcester street, and five dwellings on
Grand street were destroyed, beside heavy
damages to some ten other buildings is the
result of one fire. Loss about $250,000.
Saratoga, July s.—The Bcthseda Water
Cure, International Hotel, and all the build
ings between the Crescent and Clarenton Ho
tels are destroyed. The Prescott, Union,
and Congress Hotels are not burned, as erro
neously reported.
The Grand Trank Calamity,
New York, July 4. —Respecting the extent
of the disaster on the Grand Trank Railway,
at Rlchelen Bridge, the Government Eml
gration Agent, at Montreal, supplies some
particulars, which may be considered authen
tic. He says that the number on ihe special
train conveying the emigrants to Montreal
was 475 , number brought into Montreal first
night 354; leaving to be accounted for 81;
dead bodies recovered 8S; leaving unaccoun
ted for 3: of the 384 two since - died, and the
body ot the conductor was recovered on Fri
day, so that the total loss of life so far, accor
ding to this calculation, wonid be 91. The
ones unaccounted for may he either dead or
still ln,Qaebec, where thebal ince of the pas
sengers by the Neckar remained.
An Old Landmark Gone*
Boston, July 3.—On Friday afternoon,
Hon. Josiah Quincy died at his residence in
Bainbridge, Mass. He was at the time of his
death .93 years and G months of ago. Mr.
Quincy was born at Boston on the 4th day of
February, 1772, nearly four years and a half
before the Declaration of Independence. Ab
a lawyer, an orator, a judge and a writer, he
was justly distinguished. He succeeded in
everything he undertook, and diedrespeoted
and honored by all.
A Prominent Citizen.of* Cinci
nnati Killed.
Cincinnati, July 5. R. B. Bowler, Esq ,
an old and prominent citizen of this place,
and President of Uje Kentucky Central Rail-,
road, was run over by, an omnibus and
instantly killed yesterday aflernaon. The
horses attached to the omnibus took fright
and ran away, and ran over the- deceased,
who was crossing the street
Pnn.ADEi.pniA, Tuesday, July s.—ThcßaL
Utih soys there is a etrike foe wages among
the employees of the ReadicgßaUroad and
some of its lateral branches. From the fact
that no coal is arriving in the city to-day, it
is presumed that the strike is general along
the entire length of the road, and upon all
Its branches. The officers of the company
decline to give any information upon the
New Yoke, July s.—The steamship Cour
ier, from Boston, for- New Orleans, was to
tally lost on the X4th of Juno on Leonard’s
Keys, Bahamas The small arms, rigging,
etc., were saved and sent to Nassau. ' Com
mander Grey, the officers and the crew were
saved, Including sailing master Edwin A.
Pratt, of Boston, Engineers Sampson and
Snow, and Paymaster Brown, who has. ar
rived here.
From New Orleans*
New York, Tuesday, July s.— The steamer
United States, from New Orleans, on the27th,
has arriyed. Capt. Chas. Bulkjcy and others
of Gen. Banks’ staff are passengers.
The steamers Mississippi, George Washing
ton and Yazoo arrived out on the 25th ult
A fire destroyed a hay warehouse ia New
Orleans on the 25th nit. Loss $25,000.
Break in the Erie Canal.
Albany, July s.—The break in the Erie
Canal at Frankfort will be closed to-day.
New Yobk, July s.—The Tribunt says Up.
Fessenden has accepted the Secretaryship of
the Treasury, and assumed its duties^
A Railroad Strike*
I oss of a Store Ship.
Secretary Fessenden.
idjonroment en the FoarUH>€to«iiiff
Washington, Tuesday, July 5.
Both Houses of Congress adjourned airu die at
half pas* 12 o’clock vesteraay afternoon. If la be
lieved that all the bills passed by both Houser have
been signed by President Lincoln.
Tbe tbe proceedings in both Houses
just before the dual adjourn &Xent:
Washington, Monday, July 4.
The House btfl assessing a special'tax ol five per'
cent on incomes was passed,
llncb pending Irani ness was transacted.
Mr WASHBUKN’E, 01-81., offered a 1 resolution
congratulating our soldiers and sailor* on their
successes. He; hoped that on reassembling here
they would see peace restored, and the country in
tbe possession of abundant prosperity,- with the
rebellion soccoeeftfiSr crashed. v
The resolution woo agreed to.
Mr, ALLEY, of Mass., offered a resolution- de
claring for the imposition of additional taxes:
SMr. STEVENS,*of Pa., objected.
At the dose of tho-sesalon a motion was mfidfftb
readtho deolaration of Independence, which was
. done by the Clerk of the House.
In the Saturday evening session Mr. Morrill, of
vt, from the Committee-on Ways and Means, la
iroduccd a bID Imposing mcome tax.
It was considered inihe-Committee of the Whole
on the State of tbe Union*
It provides that in addition to the Income dntv
already Imposed there shallbe levied, assessed, es
timated, and collected on the Ist of October a soe
clal income dafrom galns-profita or Incomes for
the year ending the aistof December next, Pre
ceding the time herein-named all persona residing
within the United States, or citizens of the United
Stales residing abroad, shall pay at the rate of 5
percentum on all-sums-excaedlng six hundred
dollars per annum. The Secretary of the Treasury
la authorized to make such rules and regulations
as may bo necessary.- No deduction is to be made
lor dividends or Interest received from any associ
ation, corporation, or company. or on anv salarr
or pay received. .
New York, July 4.—' Tbs World's special says:
This session ol Congress has passed more hills, in
proportion to the number introduced, th«n any
preceding session for a great many years, while
most all of the measures which nave been passed
have been of an important character. Both Houses
succeeded In clearing the general and private cal
endars of nearly all hills, besides a larje number
.introduced and passed withoutany reference. Bat
‘here were four very Important-bills passed by
both Houses during the prolonged- session of last
The first was the new conscription act abolish
ing the commutation clause,which was carried In
the House by twelve majority. There were some
ten Republican votes against It, and bad hot so
many Democrats been absent, the bill would have
been easily defeated. Six New England Republl
can members voted against Us final passage.
The next important measure was the bill for a
special war tax of five per cent on all Incomes in
addition to the regular Income tax. The Ways
and Means Committee had a severe struggle to get
this bill considered, but when the threat of an ex
tra session was held up, all the opposition yield
ed. and at 8 o’clock this morning It had passed
both Houses. While pending In the Bouse,
Mr. Washburne, of Blinola, had to ride his hobby
on to the bill in the shape of his old amendment
taxing all stocks of liquors on hand. This was
carried amid much excitement, in Committee of
the Whole, and was then adopted by the House,
who then turned about ard defeated the entire bill
by several majority. A motion to reconsider was
carried, and the original tax bill finally passed,
without the liquorprovlso.
The Times dispatch aaya: The Presidentr er
moioedat the Capitol on Saturday nlghl-untir a
late hour in the room of the Vice President, sign
ing bills and for other purposes. All the clerks of
both Houses were kept constantly employed in the
facilitation of the business. The Secretary of. the
Senate, Col. Forney, 'though confined to his lodg
ings by sickness, was obliged to endure his pro
portion ol tbo toil, various communications re
questing his personal attention, having been sent
to him for that purpose.
Washington, July s.—The President yesterday
signed the following named bills, which have
thereby become laws:
An act to correct a clerical error in the law ot
Juno SOtb, 1564, relating to the Post Office Depart
A joint resolution imposing a special 5 per cent
income doty.
An act t(/restrict the jurisdiction of the Court
of Claims, and to provide for the payment ot cer
tain damages for Quartermasters’ stores and sub
sistence supplies.
An act making an appropriation to carry Into
effect an act to prevent smuggling.
A joint resolution explanatory of the Joint reso
lution In relation to the pay of staff officers of tbo
Lieutenant General.
An act supplementary to an act entitled an act
togrant pensions, approved July 34.18U2.
An act farther to regulate the carriage- of pas
sengers in steamships and other vessels.
Ah act to authorize the Secretary of the Navy
to provide for the education ol naval cenatructon
and steam engineers, and for other purposes.
An act to encourage emigration.
Anact for pay in part for publishing the debates
in the Congressional Giobe, and for other pur
An act to repeal a Joint resolution granting ad
ditional rooms to tbe Agricultural Bureau, and for
other purposes.
The act making an appropriation for testing
sub-marine Inventions.
An act for the suspension of the work on tbe
Tbe Joint resolution in relation to professors of
theMilitory Academy at West Point.
Ncto abbertismnrts.
■fa. the members of the Cooper's Union of Chicago
j»re respectfully requested to meet at the German
Theater to-mebt at Ij o'clock, the fUb of July, IPS*
As theie Is very important business to he transacted
a lull attendance of the members Is requested. Per
order cf the Subord. Bocletv No. t coopers' Union,
ll c-miM-lt-isp JOSEPH SANTA, President.
TWTOTlCE.—Shavings ana Sawdust
Lamb ft Harvey’s Planing Mill
JyS-mfSS-lt Cor. Polk and Beach Sts.
Houses and lots and
purebaeemor leveral Dwelling Homes and Lotaon
ihe South or North side. Also, applications for busi
ness properly, improved or unimproved. Parties
having properly iur tale will no well to leave do
senpuor s with SAMUEL A.SARGENT, Real Estate
Agent, No. 4 Metropolitan Blocs. ]yS-ml&Ht-lstp
Brick smokestacks—The
undersigned h prepared to build brick smoke
biacas us cteap as iron pipes can be furnlsued. Boilers
built and n paired.hlso all Lindsot masonry. Country
sorlLl5 orl LIL rOIL P l, y attended to. Addrrss Post Office
Box 5920. or call at bouse 53 Bins Island avenue.
Jy6-mi6S-lt J. & W. McMILLAN-
The cargo of Schooner Rosabella, containing 190 m
feet superior Canaco Stock Boards, and ts.OM hath,
exnecttd to arrive Immediately. DaVlu GOOD
WILLIE, corner of Ohio ana Franklin streets. ...
A lad that writes neatly. Bee Tribune, April 9th.
The young man nsaMc to get that situation Decause
or poor penmanatlp should send tt to XHOS. E.
HILL, Waukegan. Uj,, and get the copies that will
enable him by practice to write neatly. jySmfJS-it *
333,000,000 IOaN WITHDRAWN.
Tbxascbt Dxpabtmznt.l
_ . WAsaiaoTOF.SdJu’y lEM. (
The notice for proposals tor Loan, Jane.
1864, for t23.C00.000, bting the amount of unaccepted
offers, unoerthenoMcc of June 6tb, Is hereby with
drawn. All proposals received at thla Bepartneat
will be lamiedlattly returned to the offerers, upon
tbeproprr cider,upon which the two nor cent de
posit will be reloaded. GEORGE HARRINGTON.
Jj6 m(iS6-5t Acting Secretary ol Treasury.
JL TSefaraeofEyerltt'* Art Gallerv IsiLaka-Bt..
na» reached even to the Army of the Potomao. A
hiother ol Gen. Grant cnhlaway irom vUlrlnz the
General called end had nls Cartes de VlaiteUhcn
this morning. Copies may be- seen at swuta.
WiJ. il. EYBBlTrt.Prop’r.
Bay Nias, Operator,
DOGS.—Two real Ensr-
Hah fait blooded Caach Doss, are months’old.
can be teen fOK SALE for a Ttw auyt, at'
They arc extra nice and cheap. jel-b»l Barnet
WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th, 3.0 A. M.
A desirable rerldesce on Indiana arcane. Lola 21
and2s.block 83,sccUou27,to»n*Mp S9.ransre-t, will
be sold at tbo nerth doorortbe Court House, a.* above
Title Rood, and sale b; decree of Coart la partition B
Jy6-mt92-lt Commisaloner.
Dorp: poisoned or abot, take Mm- to
Notion and Toy Bazaar,
And procure- Mm a
WESTERN union college
T miJiaiTAEy academt, i™.
Tbli popular fsitUution (the oniy Military School in
./LJ} LOW- o.'ctnlzed aAaFaolLj la
itr?** 011 **** op4n Session Oep temper Bin,
Taieata of youae men and ladf over 13 yatraof
aee.y no-oenre tosecarspUceaintie C»det Corps.
tUi do-aell to apply early. For Circulars ud par.
unUaMnionnatfon, adorers tba Fraaldent, COL.O.S.
Beftrence lg made to Got. Tates, President of thu
£2K>?Ln Tlo ? u S ,; §MjOtlesbJ, DecatAF; Gao. w!
Cobb, Mineral Point, tVls,; Lreot. CLir. Hoffnna
Cl lease; A. M. OrblWß, Ft- Wayne, lad.- Hoo E. B
Wajibu-te. Galena, or any other cl taaTrust9ei.or
to ihe patrons centrally.
Jyfra.<22 kw Btew-Tuea,Th.Sat,
p^/^.ias?i.2^sssta,sSr ln ‘ ,ra ' aim ‘‘
first below Ruth street
intermediate pons, on
Wednesday, July t, at 7 p m. For freight or puea<e
apply tQ F.N.HOWB.Jr.AeentT^
, O:lr.ee and dock first east of Buah street bridge.
Jy° cc>*so It
The stock tad fixture* of a Book and Stationer*
Store, situated Is one of the Hunt busses* places ol
tbeNoitbveat. Goods all new and the propneton
are now dels* a driving business. Satisfactory r»«-
son* given for sale. For particulars address-B a S,**
TnbuMOfilce, Chicago. lu, - jjxnttlttast
Neb) abbmisements.
Parse and Stakes^
B.CbMnplln enters bL a “Harry Ciay.”
w. d. pes body enters a. m. •* Dayton Bene. 1 *
0. W. Dimmlck enters a. m. “ Ub Bumnlck.'*
Purse 8150,
O, Dltralck eaten ro. m. 44 Carrie;** to Trace n.
E. A. smith enters b.*. 44 Dick Turpin,” to bamea*.
GeO. SiaaePr enters br. a. 44 Gen, GranV’ 44
Hone3*3tart et S o’clock. Aclrrlsafon {I >*.
JS e-mgo-lt . J. G.DWFK, Sgefettry.
Wrought Ircaf Skeleton Frame Plows?
Durability and finish In ft more
eminent degree tban any etbcr*
Agents wanted in every town Jn tho Wcitern
SlaitinM 0 ** 1 ?” 10 flocr are requested to'sendfor
descriptive circular and price Use.'
■WM. B. TOU3Q * CO»»
JltaS-iratI*”* 1 *”* “ d irr:mUln flt - ClUcogo. HI.
Buckeye mowers from the
manufactory of
0-A.3STTO2ST, O.
For fo . nr Yu eks P 3Bt 1 hßve obllsed to refuse
orders lor these celebrated Mowers, and hundreds
who wanted them have been obliged io wait or buy
imrtfin now receiving a ireshslocS,
ona, uu the end of the season.
Can SLIp instantly on Receipt of
Price.One Hnndred and Thirty Dollars each, dellv
ered at depot In Chicago. ’
OT* Terms, cash.
Machine® shipped to all parts of the country ca re
ceipt ot price. AgentssoDptiea as usual.
General Western Azcnt,
233 Laxe Chicago.
jyC-m155 stnet
Concern Every One to Answer,
Ax« you bald?
Dcaa your hair fall off ?
Has your hair become tn«P ?
Is tt turning gray before lu time?
Are you troubled with Itching, burning ■'*"!«tl'T •>
tiie scalp ?
Are you troubled with dandruff?
Are you troubled with what Is called Serefals •
Have you had the Erysipelas, and lost your hair?
fiaye you had the Measles, and lest it?
Haye you had the Tpphcld Fever, and loads
Have you had the Brain Fever, and lost It?
Have you lost your hair by aoy ilcSaw ?
Do you wish luxuriant hair 7
Do yon with soft and lustrous hair?
Do you wish gray hair restored?
Do you wish your whiskers glossy?
Do you wish them restored In color?
Do you want a dressing?
Do you want It for your children ?
Do you want it for yourself, for father or motkfe
for brother, sister or friend?
Do you want the best preparation ont for dressing
stimulating, protecting, restoring the color, and mg?
denng sort rlky and lustrous, the Hainan Hair?
If so, we warrant
Distilled Restorative
To it and Superior to uj Pnp»
ntloa tier Compounded and .rend
to tie PnUlc.
It costa but 91 lor one bottle, or six bottles for tk
end Is sold bj druggists anti dealers everywhere.
C, ; 0, CLARK & CO., Proprietor*.
lord a BiixTfl, Chlcaco, Illinois, eeaera.
Aeenu. fe2fivM4.wt.* w*x-mv
Jut solid, Kith Wrought Bitkm:
The best In use. Bend for Circular,
Mill Stone*, Bolting Cloth*
T. W. BAXTER tc CO.,
„ foot at Wei: Wmhlngtoa CUof.
Post Office Box 374. myX-gias-tT'oes
Cores Croup Everj Time.
Corea Tickling In the Throat,
Cores the Host Stubborn Cough,
Corea Chills and fever.
Corea Influenza and Sort Throat,
Cores Asthma and Bsllstm Consomptled,
Caros all If the directions are strictly followed, •
the mosey will lie refunded*
Sold by Brngstou Errirwheit,
noU-p&3-aat net*!!-wap
KJFirB. Wasiithgton.D.C.. Jaae2l.is«.
WANTED—Subqeoss aid Assistast Spboiohs
fob Colobzp Tnoors. Candidates mast be Grads*
ates cc some Eegulsir Medical Coulee, and mast be
examined by a Board or Medical Officers to be con*
vened by the 8m geon General. Tbe Board will de
termine whether the candidate will be appointed
Surgeon or Assistant Sarceon. according to merit.
Applications accompanied by one or more testl
monlalalxomrcsoectable persons, avto moral char*
acter, &c. ? should be addressed to the Surgeon Gene*
ral, t'.S.A., washlncton, D.C.or to the A»«btant
Snrgeoß Geceral U. S. A., Louisville, Ky. Boards
are naw In session at Boston. New York, Washing
ton. Cincinnati. St Lonli and New Orleans.
ALSO WANTED—Uobpital Stbwabds FO» COt-
OBBD B£>ik v ktf. Candidates awt posieas a Air
English education and be famlLsr.witbttie compound
ingQQii dlspentlDKof medicines. Application most
be made as In the case of Surgeons and Asa latent
Burgecns. Compensation Jrom ie&00 to tWAO per
month, with clothing, rations, fael and
Term of service, 3 years.
JOS.K.BAKNES, Acting Surgeon General^
j3lm23S3m«ew fat
Warming and Ventilating
PrbUc Balldlnea, FrlratSv Resldcncf-e, Seminaries.
Cl arches, Greenhouses, *c„ Ac, This Apparatus
stands unrivalled for Ua-EiffecflTeae/§,uealt»ftilQMa
Durability, Simplicity and !CONO>iY OF FUEL,
vr'fis^^^li , / or v E^ wn >,?s tene Weather Strip and
Window Bands, which.totally ercludaduat ana odor
in Summer, as welloa cold, wind and rain in Winter
from doors and windows oj every description, with*
with their tree use at all times,
jyl m2l »-3t y-Jt* * not
117 Randolph Street, Chicago*
?£, W *£s pGHT OF DiY..,..Price SSc.
By Prof. H.R.piuaß.
SAVIOR OF Mr 50UL....7.71?.....trr1ce «c.
By T. O. Esnx.
The last piece Is arranged from the iDserlere in II
Trovaloro and When the Swallowi Homeward Fly,
byAbL Leadarsoi CbolnwillSndthaaboveoCgreat
value; and not above the capacity of ordinary singer /
Arranged with Organ or Piano Forte Accomp' «?!
meat, and will be sent, pest-paid to any address, *
receipt of marked price. Jy»m36E. o {££|
GILBERT HUBBARD A CO., Shi*, ptm-in .
Sail Makers, addend *ft Booth
BUIa PiecouiUd XTtsxi ** •
OTCTH.-»r.» 11105 18'
Fixtures ... .. 870 Ml
Kjpow. 2JT)SMr
Taxe* ~ 683 ll 1
gemnt*ac»«»iidCi»* Items 53.T54M;
J>»«Jroms«tton»! Bk£kS . llldotf
IJaetrom Plate Bark? 28.77918'
U.S.Jioadsdtpotited with F, S Treuurer
to-sfenrertrealnUazNotw. 381990 M
(7.8. feoads deports*! » Jib U. 9. Treasurer
_ to Beforeaepetitt* ~..„ MMOOO
U. P. Bonds on ftantf 128.7*0 M •
cucoLa nt NcitsoJ title c-u a*£d.... 290 00
C , rcQUUcpSc:escr9t4tcr , aajuoaQflod..- 190 »
Clecitcncitri'fiaSsorhaal... -2W3595*
Ltwftti Money ol me C.S. 05b5ad......... 277.4 M (5
C«yr?«I Stock pAi'd in,
Suipls** Fna^j
Cuccla* tug ??ot(wrs^Ted‘crom
****** J®*iMaed. 34 3 0 03—221*108 Off
g;f!“ se S:S S
111187631 * USOTU
_ , tJ.C31.057 SO
or luboti< op cook t ? v
Brawu-.CasMerofFliat National Bans of
♦««?' ttw Rscv© stefenUsttttM
to the boat of my knowledge and beU*. 05 utnia
Oatbamcmac of the
Cental Stock paid in. _ timem nr
CSenlitln* Acted reedlrnd from Cum:* "*”***
tioKcr. . . 7tam m
Indfrhnaj Depositor ***’lW.Mß Sr
u. ?.D«pcsm. s
Dne-Jauonal Dank* mfti S
Doe ‘itate Backs SS-ill Sf
K3cb«« M : : aSSS
Inten k 7.. ' * tSi S
•Proa# isdlc«H, o
Xotesaad Bills Wsconnted..,,* • vc
Furrutarp- and Hxtorw . sSfroa
Current Expense* . scSTct ‘ »
Casa Items and Checks on 3ther\B.v.i» and
maters. »iQM
Daoirom Basics and Bankers,.'., ......117?. 733 11
Raveane Stamps ”* * * fivS tt •
Prmniniao»D.B.Boad ! i. fs jImoS; -'
runoii State Pox tfs atpar ssjui
{lepcaifed with U. s.'TtftiOTrep SWW *
tOßscnrecucnlawntrSotc*.*. 1t&303 09
U. S. Bonds and CerUfleales of IfldriJiii. ****"**
n«*s deposited with .0. B.Treasons to
ucuie Deposits nm nr
O.S- Base* OB band ■ SS m
Kailoaal Bnt Voles Z.Z.I. *!•?—•• « mm S
B<ate Bank Votes...., VSZ ~rS22?
Other Lawim Money 'ZZ ?*
S?* 1 ? COOHTT Or COOK.i? ! Ve£
ftVtzSL . do solemnly swear that the aoora
belle? 6 * 6 “* 17116 10 :iie MsS ofmyknoWßJgealL
stu,. dayot Jnly. A.i>.isai
jsS«Mt MEYEB. Hdtarr Public.
T} THE comptroller of
UoMufomnc?'Actfor“ Ule 31111 ' ec£on ofllelf*. ,
Average amountuf loans and dh counts for
month endin'*July 2d, 1381 ... t231.138.7S •
Average amount of specie for month endiasr
Juif 2d, 1561 xona.
Average amount of other lawful money foil
mocihendlng.Jaiy2d.i39t. 2£L7H'W -
Average amonai of deposits 6«jT»!nft
Average amount of cl’culatioa * za!mj2
Amount One thla Bank avallaole to redeem
circulating notes 17?739Jt
Stats of Illinois, CotTjrrr of Cook.—tJ jcd- ,
WAKD 1. TDfKHAM, Cashier of The Second Na
tional Bans. Chicago, do solemnly swear tha -
above statement is troe to the heat of mr knowUwlMt
and belief. EDWD. I. TINAHAM. caaMer,
Sworn to and subscribed before me this fourth da*
~—l of July, ISM, *
■•***•? FRED. MBYBB,’ - *
iT<iSm-ii Sourj rawl<! .
Leans and dlscouEta. *. anjro xr
Overdrafts 4hS5 r
Due irom banks and bankers *** is.iu X* -
Due from National Banks i?rftS*iS
specle llllMlll tec at
Legal tender notts orgJS* JF
Ca*h items and revenue stamps "* rLTio.* 7 .
Bills cl solvent banks and checks !!!! iSasa m
On city banks ic^aa.wa
Remittances ’’ aav,* «
U.S. tends deposited with Treasurer of
the L*. S.to secure circulation 121QOO os
U.S. Borclsdeposited with Treasurer of *
the V. S. for other purposes Sb.OM oof
D. 5. Bonds on hand... 313390
Experse account ■»
Furniture and fixtures ao.Bg ‘
Total resources 1,107,970J 9
Capita! stock SCOMftOS
Circulating notes received from Como* '
troller KB COO 09
Proflu ami loss 19i533 7a
Dae to banks and bathers...... lui ns at
Hue to Treasurer of ihe U.S iSjseT*
Due to depositors...... •|o& f aa#’ii
Total liabilities .I.IOTJKO.O
Brans op Illinois. Cocstt op Cook—On this SUI
dap of JoJv, 1861, personally came before tha under
signed, a Noun PuMteof sal t county, Ira Holmes.
Cashier of Third Nailonal bank of Chicago, who be
ing duly sworn, ou tils oath 8 173 that the forogolmr
Is a tme and a< curate statement of the off lira-ana
condition of said Bank on the morning of the lib dar
ef July. 18£4. Subscribed-and sworn tM« day ani
year above written. James MACKENZIE,
JyS Notary Fnbll;, Cook Co„ ill.
Designated Depositary,
Cash on hand fiaunjt
Di-coul»s. I. 198331.18'
U. 8 Bonds MsSwJD
-Cue from other Banks.. 61.889.30
Interest ana Discount, including pre-"
mioms on C.S.Bonaa 4J)?6,Rt
Expends 2.795^4
I: uraltnr eand Fixtures-,...,. ’ 91159
Capital stock paid la*.
Due ether Banks
Due othtr parties
Exchange...., „
Tteiorfgolng Is a correct report of . the condition
of the Bank on the morning of July 4.1864.
a. A. BRIO io, Cashier.
Subscribed aad.awom to before me this fifth day of
i s*ar, f FRED. METER,
Of the State of Illinois, on the .morulas, o* the first
Monday or Jniy, iaei : 8 aas ‘
Notes acd Bills discounted.,
Suspended Debt
Banking House
Other heal Saute __
Furniture and Futures .V** ' im«
Current Enjtenses * i a/4
Tan es paid.. I,aja>a
Bf untunes* and other cash '''" in iia.it
I>ue from the following National Boas*- ’
First National Hank of Boston mjir
Second National Bs»nk of St itaa
Jmo from other Banka, as follows:
Son * co.. Broken. New Toik.... U.61&Q5
U.S.BrnosrteposUedwlth O.S.Treasurer
tosieue Circulating Notes....
IT. ?. Bonds deposited with U. a, Treaatmr
to secure Deposit! :
TJ. S. Bonds on band 1 w
Otber U. 8. securities
Cash on hand In Circulating Notes- of this .
Caib on hand m Circulating Notes of other
National Bankiu. t 1
Casti cn nand m Circulating Natea-ofState
Otha; lawfol money,
Capital Stock paid in... r*o orw
Sarploi Fund *
Clrcalatlßjc Rfctet received £rola *Comp
irulisr..... „ w/iuipif
TndlTlrtnal dowsitß iSrOOOJEL
Dividend! unpaid..
Profit u^lom,
e $3Ol, USAS
Corm or cook,—l, Isaac
rwt:. BABl, i LM^ ,er ttvi* FiithSattonaiSankoc
FJ*lsl?* Bo Je»alJ awear shat the above statement
Is true to the better my knowledge end txl'tl
Swam to end subscribed before me this ifW* day o C
] seal f- H. H. HAMLIN,
Jyu-tcgS-U Public.
A EscsaiOisKs.
„ Otfic* oy Coicnssakt oy
Boo* U* Gam axr Block. Stadi amenr,: >*
Cuicaoo, 111., Jnly 3, 13m. )
Sealid proposals. In duotlc«u, will be receive* bw
the undersigned until 13 o’clant m., ouFKIDIAX .
July i, I'M, for furnishing the following suh*iatenaw.
stores, to be delivered Immediately:
2.6Cobairrb of best oualitv-cl Flour, matyifhctuyecl.
irejn prime Sprlrg Wbear'sr good sound Winter
Wheat (the kind to be su'< *1 in the proposal* ) T»*
brands and place of map.ainctura to be stated In th»
bide, and whether Inroad or dat
the barrels lobe headlined and well coopered. Tbo
Flour to be Inspected at the expense of the contract*
or by the Board of T ,**j« inspector.
Samplrsot the F’.oar, properly marked, most be
delivered with tbe proposalsand referred Vx therein.
The Moor to b'j ceiivercd, tree of drayare, at the
CommUssry Sto\-ej|toae, or such place in the citv of
Chicago as mf. he designated.. 3
Payment to be made In such funds aamay be fur*
nlfbed by tb e Doited States. •**** 4
TtKT,u o» rtiM to Mjoot ««r or
05113 “ I obt.loed„.p.
Irfl.-r.«i3*. - Mcl.. TAT LOR,
JT» jislß-St MaJcrandC.B.
Pnx clmed at Advanced Price*.
W. S. MORSE, Agent,
Offlce cf BUXTON * CO., Bankers,
JI Clark street. Telegraph Bundles. cor-of
P.0.80x 6i86. jyimJ»t«y*T‘aet •
A " FOR S.4L& m
HardwayeStore tad TO
■With all the newest improved Machines, In
moat oourithttK towaa in _WUcopsln. yor funhX
par lealars aldrese Letter Box lot, Wi*»
.jWfl.ooo or
m »
ssu&nm r
.. ei^tm
... &&29hSl
.. 154.V7SJS
.. 483A5
.. 1.44A1T*

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