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£pcual 'Notlfcs.
i' i
HiigikoUs Balia.
Xhi* u 1 Ue most delightful and extraordinary am*
ever ditcoTercd. It changes the sun burnt lace
x£ hands to a pearly satin texture of ravishing
Hitity, imparting the marble parity ol youth, and
l:-.c d-itincut appearance so Inviting In the city belle
fashion. It removes tan. freckles, pimples and
vugllgab from the skin, leaving the complexion
1 eeh, transparent and smooth. It contains no mate
.a', injurious to the akin* Patronized by Actresses
*.H Opera Bingen. It is what every lady should
ave. Bold everywhere.
Prepared by W. E. HAGAK, Troy, K, T.
Addresb aB orders to
DKMAS 8. BARNES & CO.. New York.
I)r. H. Ajidrr* 4c Co.’s
to odine Water acta neon the hkrbt. Lms, Env
V tZSTb.DiOKsnvx OBoaKoandGLAADOLAS Brat**.
. Tue success which has attended the use of this rem
t Tdy In ortvate practice. and the endorsement ol mod*
ical authority, enable us to recommend It to the prac
titioner and the public- feeling confident that with a
twr trial it will mteet Us own excellence in the cure
: cf Cirnsic Diseases which indicate lodine, such aa
V •,/«—■*- -. Bcoftcutiis, seix ekcptiomb, Bjkabt,
/ ,yindEU)NBVX>I£nAfiR9,K*CVOC6 AP’^^ftnOKS,
4 ,*V 4 'V*lA, IxEBUILi-TlBlI, BruJ’Zmx, Bbsilitt,
• ,an 6 tmuy reij upon the uniform strength ot
. ’ 1 sJhr’atcraaconuduiu:thrce-QnartcTNndosFCKK
1 - fip.tu each fluid ouncerctx wbivi.Nu ,»xkt
-» - j vbrd. it it not liable to decomposite a nor
. i<cat*neou*’y termed inequalities: neither le the
■ odine oxj diz- a nor centralized by combination with
toy inu’C'Hcct, rendering this solution'superior to
, -ay other method of exhibiting lodine.
Full iMrac’tons accompany each bottle that it may
j< m-.:'' Aa & filially medicine aa well' at by the profea
. 10E.
iju(- dollar per bottle. On receipt of five dol
irti, Hi hollies delivered FSIiS bj to any
cutlrrss. ,
Brwtre of Counterfeit* and Imitations which un
principled dealer* e: aeavor to dispose of on our rep
ita'um. Bet*, om t-lLiuif-urv and trade mftrk(thcQrcck
•vard hu’-otiag tpu *ovcniicm«nt.) upon the l*bela
and wrftppcn of e-tch bottle, without which none Is
Cuculsn errtla. 1)R. H. ANDERS A CO-
PnvMwlan* and Clirnilsts, 42b Broauway, N. V.
Yor b-'-Hiv BLISS A SHARP,UI Late-eU ChlCftSO.
mylO-ft'.iiJ-Saj TCTiifcaa-ia
ll in Riot oitefo we epealt of Phy-
But vs can ctecrfuliv nay Dr. Whittier has richly
the wide-spread reputation which he now en
'■■jgt. Brhhs a larc-r practice than any other ray
tlclau to L Llci go, in the tnetuient of all these die
fLsec vh*ch need a speedy and pr>nr.»ccat cure,
l*rlTotv Olsent-ea. fie has tor iaena»tlutoea
veari dsvote j Lie who’e il®e »! d »tien:lon to thpss
csfortuntte core* u cicishavc l»t.ffi«d thcscillof ether
•.nyelci&Uß. He Is m.>st successful la the treatment
a all those cw-ts writ* were tornerly considered in
"iruWc. HMfthp rnDluber of u my WO SK
h- “Mirror of V« uih; o , All Mcc Know Thyself."
wt’.ch will be mailt 3 to all cn receipt of three cents
o vrc-DRy ie cell most anxious to doau
he f oce no cm nr.? coc may call and receive til
•nlaloo up-»u ihu-e most critical matter* free of
jutrpr om-.c and oirior 4 164 CUrk i»treat. Post
.>fire Bor AUL-tuuut strictly confidential.
Jj'.'i ni.ir-iw
-** i'.j Ucar l lic House of Flics,
■4’ r
( :4«T\!\!i FLV-KILLEII,
A &h*l, cheer article, c«y to use. Every sheet will
«n; aqußt BOLD EVKHTWHBRE. lCld-kaS«W
Oociur Thomson
Are Lad xjoic than thirty yeats experience tn the
f-i ..irr.eat cfJTlvau: Diseases. The Guide, contain
ing TsUiaMe infonnaticn and AFnDAvrrs, exposing
tncouacks cf CUicuco.naikd free irom observauou,
I.t iSfj-jif in potuu-H Ffcmps. Post Office Box W,
Ct.'-ai.o HUnnUi and Anstomiusl Mas nra. 178
ttcuihCliik street. lyG-mISS-HOtu
Colgatc’w ftoncy S^oap*
Tell cci«braltd VOILET bt)AV» In such unlvcraM
dprmLd, la ruace fn.ni the choicest materia'.*, u mild
aul creoliw.t In lt» liuqtc. iragruml?ecentod.rfnl
jTtrom-It bencfl.iai t::Usastloh upon the tttn tor
crur by all Druizglste ar:<TFta;cy Geoo* Dealers.
gl 00—.Proclamation.
Woko* .rvt »xuicxi> Ctraxa ut tuk aitlica
r:ob or Pbof. D* Gn«Tn’a Klbcibio oil! 1 pro
po*e to core, alui luoar taneously, mdlviduaia
atUicte; 1 . with Dcaln*-*?, Headache, Neuralgia, Chill
Ague, lilicumutlim, and al Isore? and pains.
1 pr«'po?c to ci'OCK and uffectually dissipate more
antic a&d pain, sou ic accomplish nearer and more
periiici equilibrium et .1] the ctrculatlug fluids in
■.Le'buuißu cen bwwfftcicd by o&y other
cr &U oilier metboa* »T medical aid In the same space
c: time, the ma*eep lh’-tn«jlvee bfine judge*. Price,
53 rent/* and fl i’tr bc'iie. R. K Di‘H AM,i?oleAgent,
I’nllaCelpUa, Pa. L<*u A Smith, Btunham & Van
•cbaaci: anr rm'th A D«yer. Chicago Agents. For
r.’f l»v all Drugul-W and Alcrctauts.
mj3l-LISB-3m T-raf*
Dr. Wcxycr’s cc - pcui-d extract of FITtEWKED OB
UruoE and Linn brtup it* wahlaktko to core
ei-rofolt. Balt Hhen**. J.lver Complaint.aadall dis-
ar;‘-inc:rom au In pure state Of the blood. It
tvixb not i>rßiiJT*Tt:. li i* wcoderiol tn it# effect*.
Try it. Sold by a l Drurriris. H. bCOVXL, 76 Ran
dripb pf-net,GeuiT*l ngentfor the West.
jfcMi3C*-Bn’ Tit hA*rru*
yflic Korrorw of Indl^cslion.
A'ou complain c! xturtUmnch
' • put cugbt tot sicmacb to complain 01 yju?
I'e-siblv the-pai.L? v* u cuoure arc simp y the ktom
.«ch’« u'flbon of nura r«»e* coupon yuoforneglect
li'Caua abuelr.E it- Firtiupf you have never mace an
•it! irt to mipTovt 1 .► co:.tfiiio • ,but on lha other hand
ure continually cr*u. ratslt with nuwhi|fowtmct and
Inwornoui joort Sit? you ever tried HOSTET
TJ-.lt'd t-TtyW AcH a proper diet andreen
far u.l-Is '* The in a week wonlJ put your
ClgisMv*- upj.Rrfttve la perfect order, rcgoiate tbe
flow of bIK m rcconitiice with the laws ot health.
Kgil ir:<*.urcluf t-OF.urii aperitnt action ft# would
be ueccsiury ior joi.* when you weie ocee
a.l rtgi>t, ju llci. up rtituiardlattnc, wldi a Uttlc
01 tilt* Tonic now at* ‘ll tn. would keep you »o. If
y„a bav» - r-.- aiei tu.a-means < f cure, don t blame
voar Pt-;i!:t.cb icr n- 1 < P'l l?n. it t# tner»iy nacure’*
Lint tftpt f!» vase b*lp. ll you neglect it. the next
u.!ec ireybe Ji ?'i.-» u;*tHn, or tciirbus Cancer, or
-•oiDP other vlo'.ftit and daccernna diseaeg. Torre le
-»uciiathinrhgl«iA6 TOO LA.TK In these matters.
iiopTKiTßE'a Ti*tbp# win cure pytocpni: hot
nayCLgcnvcrcise&tce wfamndefy
torat’.vea. JjlS t-tas
special Hollce*
Is the
gloss u* the hxu, keeps it in curl, promoite
tl# prowtiL Ac. Vtica:, to eeuts a bottle.
UEHAk/a TEH KH OINTMENT Is a sure and
»*peedy cure for Tcttq* Biol Rheoai, Ctiappcd Hauls,
Berber t Itch. Ac.. W r»*nt# a bnx.
ITUcaM’H A«TU>il cUnE relieves ’hemast vl«>
lent paroxyoms ot Ae’uma In ten minutes, and effects
atpprrtvccre. P*ir*. s - iapaek-te_
Ul'HAM’b Flil.tC.Lt BAEIsHER removei
Freckle#,Tan. cci»>-,ni, fomples ou thi
the Bxip ard tee Complexion, frice, 50
c DU LkS*i:TJ£T» LIFE SLTXIR. the great Ker-
Tinu and Reinventd-ng ‘ execy, rr#*orei to manly
vigor all wbo nr* 1 por.’tUp from Itcpatri-d Spinal
KiTcrgy. N'Tvons I'cl*»JU/,Ai.. anting from whatever
P,iia|i l*fi' f 12 TisCk ’lL'i’.
\bK jS»aK-SE U/.lli STAIS colors the Whis
kers and Mo’iH’acl-e a >-sujlltl oiacU or browt. It
con»l=t°oi only ore 5 i*<aration. Co or wiil not foie
‘S sir™., nm.
m>«n-b7fl-Iy*TUPA#Tr Age-jis for Cbirr.ro.
ifl p.iological KLStARCHBS.obqnId be read
n> tve-Yln/dy, li od. and ebuws how> the evti
-TuJts'irlsmt irc-T early tobnse and unhappy can
-amintuon niT t-r.trerwd, with a cure iLtinod ol
the rrl'-L'tvirrr txar.y experience In enter-
TC*tli»* maria Pi Hief by I‘r. H. A. BMiROW,
sircr, .-in « Fork. Price, j 23, rentH.
iiuilen * r c>* ev-rTv.-!i<:Tf To be bad ai*o ol H. 800-
vn». vt ili,Tirto;r' Chicago, HI letifh °? BIitO
KEAN t C 0 .nnn.rw, cemer Mato nod
Uucu.feona.lU. dc2l-ty7l
* • ; rj. r CEN'IS TO SAVE 25. DOL
>-• I'tt/ t.AVJi —h. ru*t Coneeatrated Rearingre
/ * Pm at. Qrt-i: Ac« meiantly, and cleans
I Klbhout. Glove* AC. new. Only as
I • re’-to r*cti)ottte. B'.*a ny Druggists. HFOBMaS *
• jo", mandateaDro«ut».Newport. _ _
roJfl'J.-Hegcrjur. A Co*s Cordial KUrlr of Causaya
,' M 0 « *ft« perovtaii liars in a meet acreeable form.
It will be found a vvcwMc Tonic lu all Casna.but par
< tlccl*rl» >* a preventive to lever uod Fever and
It D a and palatable cordial, and Is
ranch oaperior to the Pouncm whisky mm bltlcri
; « m*.s lnm>e. cold by DrmrrlfiU. HEGEUAW*
«0„ Chemi«tß*rd l/rneyirtt, hew t'ortt.
' PiAUt^aiA.uy6Kbraßyj<ni(iLKßA.CHOwaßA
MORBDB. Ac.—OrtJiu and Immcdiute cure. UK*
min’* erleMsted D.%r,iCA Ef.medy bee bren med
witi»*o#fkUing euccM since the Cboicrt wuod ol
lESt. A single flos*- will usually check the Dlsrrbma
"klf w hours. Prepared omyby Ki-GEMAN ft CO.,
■jbta'ih; andDmctiite, hewtork. Bold by aU. the
•riac 1 vslDrurclata in the United States. ioS-hS24-Sm
?l)air Ixestorati'
Infailable Hair Restorative.
this is no eat a dye.
Unisons (Ity tie Eiireta SlionU be Used-
uwincieansetbstcaip.andthereby promote tbe
C TTIiS t'.i?'. 11 Jry, tr.ff ma It Till cite u •
fOt -.Df*e and lively *** youthful My^rance.
if be hair Is becoming this, weak And lading out
It »lii restore Us strei-etb and betietr
!’ 'h. i-slr is gray, or becoming sir. It will restore
u iu lyj original color without staining aoaip.
from alltmpnrliles or poisonous drugs.
it 1* no i.ns • aj>. but an infallible restorative, ana
wju ao all the u proofed when used by the diroc*
ll what frr. Van /.nsdt (one of the oWcst and
bestFbvtdcutt> H’jd mo-teriebraled Oculist In the
, “«>“ ■» tne £TorX. D«. 17.1863.
' yr. Fisher has submitted to my inspection the re
cipe for miti ius bis ii*-r Restorative, and alter a
careful fiansmi>iion •>* tbe different mrrealent*
which enter into lit pro taxation, I b*ve no hesita
tion In pronouncinc it (bvgtvinginally speaking) a
most happy couipouno, and (-specially suited to tbe
rrqnlretnentn Ql Nutore. unu the deslgbSOf one Of
the most valuable preparations of tu« kind now to
pbc for changing tb' « ‘or ot the astr and restoring
Ibe scalp from a ei-e»*f6 to a health* condition.
1 have examines Hurt roavcisec vrth ix-rtsoui using
tbr Knrcku, and (no that it rtocs aU thi*. it- proposed
in censing, keepiiig tte hair from fulling out, and
runicrtnx it whet gray. • •
runivriua ► TT?.!.VArZANDT, M.D.
’Fromthe 6t. Louie ' crnßlicau, Dec. }B, twa.]
Krceai.—liJstot';f:en that a proiesnunal gin
tlcjm.n of tbs repuutioa of Dr. Van Zaudt indorsee
*o mil? Uu virtuerf fapre.paratlob far the restora
tion oi Ibi-rcis: Of tbe barr.orany other particular
obluct. This be dors, however. In a card nuollsbed
to-fiuv by Hr. R. Mthex aid to which gray heals are
It. l- i-nxr,—Dxae his: A have used one bottle of
roar Lureku Huir hwcor&tivc. and to my tall satis
faction. It doe; al! that voc claim for It baring r*
stored my ciuv hair t'i Its original colo<.
THtKON liaRNDKC, Lata of Barnnm’s HoteL
Thu Ageat might produce hundred* of other certi
orates from e> m <ru*ii and ladl<> that have used the
jicrrka.butthltkith- übove all suffldcnU
Bole Agent, Bt. Louis,MO.
„ LhU ago. 111., Gen -ral Agema.
For file by all Druggist*, pgice f l pe> oottle.
SWV Soatli Water St., Cliicago.
__ iefrhsso-am
•And Commercial BicEon, BJ Booth Water street*
Chicago. Illinois.
Is anting aim sKitijauftu
DetfgiUed Depdslt-Tjr of the felted States.
PreeUeM. J.D.SCTTJIAB. I C.LtJcr, W. 8.F15H2S
Tbl»B»nk under* 1U Beryiccs tn mtkirg Collec Uom
onaUaccetrlble rolsli .. . .
Collection® vIU meet -wlUi prompt attention and
menu made Iry draft cn Ktw York. Cincinnati,
Chicago orriKehcrsh. jyZt-aMi-lm
CAPITAL .0250,000.
TTllfi Hint hSTIDK compiled with all the prfwlriore
of the law, will on the cth oi July lnaUut,oummoifod
buslneei In Ui Banking Office,
151 Lfilf-S!., Hirine But Bnlldins.
j. toung sCAintON.PrMireui,
PKN.IAM’KV PA.*K. Vice-Prett,
CARL F. W. JOKUE, Cakhlcr.
Tmsusr dkflstk2sT|)
Omox op Cokptbolucb up run Cuunzxcr. ■ >
WAera>TOK,Jane 28. IS6i.)
Whereat,by BRtlßifttU.rTCVlder.ee presented to the
undersigned. it bu made to appear that The
Mecnanics’ Nhtlccal fitnkoi Chicago. mtbe City of
Chicago, in the County of Cook and State ofUllno!*,
has b€<m only organized under and according to the
requirements 01 iheActol congress. entitled “An
Act to provide & National Currency, secured hy a
pledge cl I rati d fitalra bor.dp, and to provide for the
circulation tad redemption tb error." approvec Jsia
1,1664, and has complied with alt the provisions 01
said Act required to be complied with before com
aenclnc tiebniintsicf ’Union: under said Act,
howTuiKciwi!. I. nnna Mocma^oca, <wnp
trailer of the Currency, oo berebr certify that The
Mechanic*’ National Bank of Chlcaco, in the City ol
Chicago. In the County ol Cook and State of lUlncls,
le authorized to commence the business oi Banking
under the Act aforesaid. __
in Ue-imcnr whereof, witness my hand
j UAL.? red Beal of office ti’Utweop' c.pbt day of
*Jone.l“OS HUGH McCijLLOL-H,
jyt-mSTMm Comptroller of uia Currency.
Poothwest ccroer Lake and Clark-cti.
CIFIIAL) paid in. - - - $600,000*
vax resident. ' ’
E.E.Buatstxp. Cashier.
I, I <( U 11*
O- T 18- EL HL
Cure wan anted 11 Direction! are followed.
Hundreds of Cituena of Chicago have been Per-
BAXienUy Cured by ihii aCtrdidne.
Callvoe ACtaciTLAa naacamiNG ALL Sratproifo.
DE D. H. SEELTE & 00.,
Sole Fitonucrous,
Oliicoeoi - - - - JUlinois.
'Theeyaptcti:i cf cvcarrh as they generally appear
are st mbt very slight. Persons find they Laves cold,
that in«y hsrc treqnent attACks, and are more sensi
tive to the chacgcb ot tempera rare. In this condition
the nose m&y be dry, or s sllcbt discharge, tun and
acrid: arterward becoming thick sed aonesivc. Aj
the disease becomes chronic, the discharges are in
creased in quantity ana chanced in qualKy; they are
now tclck.aud heavy, and are hswged orcoogbed otf.
The accretions are ocmitve, csa«tog & bad breath:
the voice Is thICR and nasal? the eyes are weak: the
fensu of the smell is lessened or destroyed; dcafuecs
frequently takes place. Another common and Im
portatt symptom of Catarrh 19, that'the person is
oblictd to rloar his throat In the morning of a thick
or slimy mucous, which has fallen down from the
bead during the eight. When this taßcs nlace, the
person taay be sure taut his disease is on Its way to
the lunge, end should loose no time In arresting it.
A slrcU Bottle will lost a month—to be sued
* three tilmce & day*
FromE'-n-Thos. J. Turner. Ex Member of Cougroes,
• from HUnolfi. latv Sneaker ol Hllcois House cfße
presettatiree, and Grand Master of A*F.and
of tbefitate of Illinois.
Fkxxpobt, OcL2Ut,ISCS.
Dxau Bra—ln replyto your notice of u>el6thtnsL,
1 wndd say that 1 was stvocly affiletro with Catanb
for yean, when 1 became acquainted with you and
buugt t two bottles of your Liquid Catarrh Remedy.
Before I bad used cue bottle 1 was senribly Improved,
and beune the second bottle was finished, was com
pletely cured. I car recommend the medicine to ail
afflicted with Catarrh. _
Respectfully yours, THOS»J. TURNER.
gar For sale by/dlDrugglsts. Jy.4-t5Mm-T-ra*ls
d't's en t'e r y
Blackberry Carminative
It contains no OPIUM or deleterious drugs, no
mineral or other laiarious compound* common to ■
remedies generally sold for this class of disease. It
is so efficacious that Physicians very generally use It
m their practice is all chronic and dangerous caeca. *
ZW~ Use so Cholera mixtures or doubtful composi
tions, (many of which undermine aid ndu the con
stitution.) when yen can obtain an unfailing remedy
at simple and safe os Blackberries themselves.
Art for Dzxon’s Bxjlcebxbbt Cabbotatitb, and
sec that the proprietor’s name Is written on tt>e out
ails wrapper of each bottle. Prepared only by-
Sole Proprietor, Clodimsti.
forEalobyoUrtepEctaWe Drsyßlets.
Price—2sc., 50c. and sl, per Bottle.
'Wholesale DroggUts, 16 Lake street. Chicago, Au
thorized AgC&tS. jf9-0596-lm-B T&T IS
And always remove
Eelng a scientifically prepared
And are, in the most obstinate cases.
Are eafc at all times, except doting pregnancy.
Observe carefully the ai»w-tlona around each bottle.
Are no ** ect up compound to impose upon public
credulity, but tic prescription of i)r. John L.Xyon
oow tiractlcliur iiliTßleian In Kew Haves, Cu at iw
ChaiHil street, who cuarantee* their efficacy, will,
answer all correspondence concerning them, and all
other specialities, and give particular directions for
a 1 private diseases and female complaints, personally
John L. Lyon’s discovery, known asLTOH*t
PERIODICAL DROPS for female*, stand bciorc tbe
public to-day, superior as a dlurinc, unsurpassed as
a specific, (or the cure cf ail barLSstee female can
claims, compouaded from a formula that Is tbe result
ot bis extensive txroriecce and by lorn guammeed
to remove all irresnlsruies or eupprewefi nature, and
warranted safe at nil times, except *wbeu In certain
situations particularly explained In the directions
around each bottle, which all should carefully read
DROPS cost but a trifle,
and tbllr worth. In comparison to their cost. Is like
*n«ctorLTbii asks you who are suffering from Irro-
will yen not mate cue trial of bis rc-
S5S2d periodical Drops, which he warrant* will
“K?'?| U pES^ l CfiL I OR OPS are sold by draar
everywhere, to city, village and country, at fl
or all orders bv mall will be promptly at-
Jgdrt WD». JOES L. LYON, New Haven. CL
lord a smith,
,-m.ote.le Drurelsl.,
diiiwsljing fHadjincs.
iiire blog,
find only really rucccsstal Machine in use, which can
be proven by over
100.000 FARMERS
Ibrougbout tbe West who have either owned or used
them. Headquarter*.
§5 and 97 West Randolph St,
Where smples cu now be seen ‘
Together with a general assortment of
Standard Farm Machinery.
OT&end for s pamphlet.
7. G. WELCH, General Agent
V* O. Drawer 6SYS, CUlcsso.
4iVicag'i Itaimue..
THE CHOPS, OP 1864. •
Interesting and Comprehensive Re
ports from Mr. chlltcndeus
Crop Circular—Drought
x —Chinch Bug. .
Mr. George B. Chittenden, the enterpris
ing representative of the Wheeler & Wilson
Manufacturing Co., Chicago, has conferred a
substantial favor upon the public by Issuing
a full and voluminous Crop Circular, con
taining reports from nearly two hundred dif
ferent points In the States of Illinois, Wis
consin, lowa, Minnesota, Michigan and
Kortbern' Indiana, furnished by the
scents of the W. & W. MTg Co., from their
respective localities. These reports are most
of them made at the distinct periods, oncat
the close of the drought period, the supple
mentary one to cover the result of the rains,
and the subsequent ravages of the chinch
bug. Fom this circular which is thus a
diary of the c rop season, wc compile a por
tion of these later reports, showing as near
ly as may be, the present condition of the
Alton, Mndison Co., July 15. W. whc-it Is ex
cel! u.t in {josiiiy. S. irhcat is not grown here.
Oats are very variable in quality. Rjo is not
much crown. Com- wvtfiy backward; great
drought up to let July. Sorghum, owing to a lalo
'spring, Cut little was planted. Bnckwheat was
Potatoes promise good. Vines and
gardens, vines tre badly killed and gardens burnt
out. Fruit.-apples arc ahnndtnt, pears good,
pea dice none. Tobacco, too curly to say much.
Atlanta, Logan Co., Only 14.—W, wheit,bat
liltle sown. S, wheat, very tood. Oats, very
good. Bye, very good. Cum, first rate. Sorghum,
good. Buckwheat, none- Potatoes, good, vines
<uid gardens, good. Fruit, apples—nothing else.
Tobacco, comg well.
Algosia, Hancock Co., July 12. W. wheat,
small crop, but good. S. wheat, average crop.
Oats, faircrop. Bye, jleldgood. Corn,looks very
well; promises good crop. Potatoes, late, crop
lookswclL Vines and gardens, good. Frulumost
kinds looks well *
AmoBA, Kane Co., Jnly 11—I have just re
turned borne from an absence of three days In the
country, iioft formers say they most sell a good
share of tbdr stock, as there la no prospect of
sufficient 1 odder to feed them. The ground, in
some places, is covered with bogs, which threaten
to destroy cvorytb'ng. Farmery-in this section
arc reaping their wheat end *ta;king it for fodder.
There will not be a ball crop of bay on account of
the drought. The rain of the 9ih will greatly
benefit corn and all late crops The chinch bugs
arc infesting some fields of corn, bat if we have
rain we are in hopcdlthat the crop will not be
grratly damaged by them. W. wheat* none to
amount to anything. S. wheat, crop entirely ru
ined by chinch bug. Oats, about -a half crop.
Eye, very little raised. Corn bids fair, If unmo
lestedby bug, drought or frost. Sorghum prom
ises' wed, if not cut hy iroat. Buckwheat just
sown. Potatoes will be a light crop. Vines and
pardens fair. Fruit, light cron. Tobacco, very
little raised. Barley, about a half crop.
Beaedstown, Cass Co., duly 14.—We have had
several pood showers since my last report, and
things look better: but wc need more rain. The
Weather has bum good lor harvesting, and the
formers ate getting along very well; and In a few
flays more good weather they will be through, and
gmln will all be sowt d. Winter wheat, number
ol a exes sown, about half the usual amount, but
gcod. Spring wheat ooc* not amount to much In
this section. Oats have tnmed out very good.
Bye, what there Is sonn is very good. Com, the
prospect Is wry good—moch better than last re
port. Sorelmm odes not amount to much iu this
section. Bnckwheat, do not think there Is any of
any importance. Potatoes do not look very en
couraging; late planted may be fair. Vines and
gardens, about dried np beftre wc got rala. Fralt,
no peaches; cherries and apples good. Tobacco,
not much raised in this section.
Belvidetx, Boone Co., Jnly 15.—Corn and pota
toes are doing well here since the rains. In the
north part ol the county it has he’ped the crops.
Late wheat and oats are very much injured by the
chinch bug iu some parts of our county.
Bio Foot Tiunaß, McHenry Co„ July ll.—
Since thetaii.Blherelaamarked improvement in
tfce appearance of crojSs, but the chinch hogs are
destroying wheat, barley, oats, and. in some in
stances, com.* Hay very light tndeedi
Bloomington, McLean Co., July 13. W. wheat
has improved in the last few weeks, and is now a
Sood jicld. B. wheat, the chinch has injured
je spring wheat, bat the late rains ha?e mostly
destroyed them. Oats look well, bat broken by
late rains. Bje. small bicadth sown, but good
crop. Com looks well, atid largo breadth planted.
Sorcbum, note to speak of. Bnckweeit, very
little. Potatoes good, and, so for, season favor
able. Vires snd gardens never were better. Fralt,
applet fair crop.
Bus Island, Cook County, jqjy 15.—Had a
splendid rain here Saturday afternoon, the Uth,
and curing Saturday nkbt following. W. wheat,
none raised. S. wheat, short, bvt will be a fair
crop, Oats, short hut fair crop. Rye, good.
Com. pretty good. Sorghum, but little planted.
Buckwheat, none. Potatoes, good. Vines, killed
badly. Gardens, good. Fruit, medium crop. To-
Vacto, bnt little raised. &
Bctlee, Montgomery county, July IK—There
has been no change in crops since my last report,
on'y in corn; I never saw Letter prospects tor com
than at the present time.
Canton, Fulton Co., July 1 4. W. wheat, very
good. S. wbeau prettv good. Oats never were
better. Com looks hue. Sorghum, pretty good.
Buckwheat, good. Potatoes, prospect Is flue.
Vines and garden?, Fruit, good, To
bacco, good average crop.
Cakbonpalc, July 13.—Yon will see bv the fol
lowing report that crops in this (Jacaeoh) coanty
are very floe; never saw a better prospect for corn
and wheat, particularly com. wc have also in
this county abont a thousand acres of very fine
co'lon. There are. also, some few crops of barley,
which are good. W. wheat, extraordinary good,
but an ordinary amount in cultivation. 8. wncat,
none In cultivation in Jackson coanty. pats.bat
lew in, bnt very good. Rye, very good, oat litUe
in cultivation. Cora, more than ordinary amount
in, and extraordinary cood. Buckwheat, none in
as yet, not time to sow it. Potatoes, more than
usual amount In, and extra good. Vinca and gar*
dens, vines bat few. gardens very good. Frau, ap
ples In abundance, bat no'pcaches. Tobacco, not
an ordinary crop In, but average quality. Sor
ghum, not an ordinary amount In cultivation, out
very good.
Madison, Champaign Co, July 15.—Baring the
last two weeks wc have hao several fine showers,
and on the morning of the 10th o! July, a copious
and very general rain. It im-ufes a good yield of .
com, potatoes and other late crop:*. Fenders
are all wearing smiling faces, with pleasant words
of greeting. W. wbeatmoetly harvested—full av
erage yield. S.wheaLflneprosptc e—not yet clear
ot Injury from rnst. Oats, cood prospect of heavy
yield, double usual breadth ►own. Bye, small
breadth sown—fair yield. Cora, looking flue, late
rains insuring a 101 l yield Sorchnm, fine pros
pccte, never looking better. Bnckwheat, seed
scarce, will be a good breadth sown. Potatoes,
early ones Injured by drooctb, late looking welt
Vines and garden? fiuorishlng unusually in spite
of a good growth of weeds. Fruit, no peaches,
trees Jnjun-d by the cola, apples good, pears and
other fruits medium. Tobacco, fab prospect as to
breadth, and looking fine.
CniLLiccTUE, I’coria Co., Jalj:l3,—On Saturday
evening. July 9, wo were visited with pUntifnl
rains, the first in the immediate vicinity In two
months. Winter wheat, in this vicinity the bag
is doing the harvest. Oats, generally good crop.
Bye, mostly harvested, with more than an average
crop. Cora doing finely.
Crystal Lake. Mcllemy Co., HI., July s.—The
refreshing abowers raved our wheat crop, and as
sured us of a large crop of corn and oats. Owing
to the drought, the crop of timothy hay will be
Ehcn. In spite ot all croaking, Ido not think the
formers will have much to complain of except in
scarcity of help. W. wheat, but little raised In
this county. &. wheat, a fair average crop; looks
well- Oats look fine; 1 thins there will be a heavy
crop. Bye, bat little raised in this county; what
there is. looks fine. Com never was better; much
more planted than usual. Sorghum, good average
crop. Bnckwbeat, most of the farmers have not
yet pm in their scud; there will be but little sown
this year. Potatoes, fine; a lore a crop may be ex
pected. Vines and gardens, splendid: never look
ed better. Fruit, an average crop—not large. To
bacco, know of none planted. Barley, splendid.
Dwight, Livingston Co-July 15.—This region
derives Us greatest resource from stock, walcu Is
It OKing very well. The butter sold in this market
is of far more value than the grain, as I am told;
though there is usually a good breadth of corn cul- -
tlvated. Winter 1 tile, if any, in this
vicinity- Spring wheat, Yearly destroyed oy chinch
rug. Oats, fair, Rye, not mnch raised—injured
by the chinch bog. Corn, the prospect is lair, if
rot injured by tne chinch bag ns it leaves the
wheat. Sorghum, very little cultivated in this
virility. Buckwheat, but little sown—the crop
looks well thns far. Potatoes, look very well.
Vines and gardens, promise well. Fruit, very
little growing as vet—apples look well. Tobacco,
none worth mentioning.
Eablyili.e. LaSalle Co., July .18,— I the recent
rain, had it come two weeks earlier, would have
done aa immense amount of good to ail hinds of
grain. However, it has been beneficial as it is.
El Paso, Woodford C?- July 14.—We had a very
heavy rain on the 9th, welch extended cast about
twenty miles. It will lie of great value to this lo
cality. Harvesting is progressing as rapidly as
possible. My harvesting has hindered me from re
turning this as soon as I should. Spring wheat,
chinch bog fans injured it very much. Oats, short
but a very good bead. Rye. good. Corn, since the
rain on the Otb, is coming on well. Sorghum, small
but will come out. Buckwheat, very little sown,
mine is coming up well. Potatoes, growing well
now. Vine? and gardens, coming ont pretty good.
Prplt, very light crop.
Fna&rrov. btvnhenson Co- Jnly 13.—Have had
many fine (showers mnni Juno SOth, in fnct have
had two successive days or wn m that time—
however, not In season to benefit Winter
wheat, average crop, short straw and fair head.
, Spring wheat, bogs have destroyed three-fourths
of entire crop. Oats, short straw, will have three
fonrtbs crop. Rye, one-half cron—is now being
harvested. Bugs ruined many fields. Com, splen
did crop—if the fcng? let It atone. There is mnch
danger of their setting Into It. Sorghum, looks
well. Buckwheat, small Crop sown. Potatoes,
nearly full crop. Tines and gardens, good where
welfbttcnded. Fruit, will probably have a great
plenty. Tobacco, looks well—more planted than
Inst year. Hay. one-fourth crop. The above re
port is for Stephenson and CarroU counties.
Galesbcug, Knox Co.. Jcly"*ls.— Rildb have
l)c*n frequent here, (Knox county) and perhaps at
this date, Jnly 15lb, no former year has ever prom
ised better return to the husbandman with the
single exception of wheat, which is somewhat in
jured in this county by tbe chinch bug, but not to
a very great extent, and lam informed, that as
you go south their cflects are more plainly visible.
Ualva, Henry Co., Jnly 15.—1 have put the
scale at 100 acres, and got the average us near
as possible. The wheat crop is nearly all de
stroyed bv the chinch bog. w. wheat, average.
S wheat, verv poor. Com, excellent. Sorghum,
(air. Potatoes, good. Broom-coin, extra good.
Grass, two-thirds crop
’Gekebeo, Henry Co- July.—The country has
suffered verr much from drought The chinch bugs
arc destroying a large portion of the wheat and
some of the com. Other small grain is generally
good. The crop of wheat will not behalf the usual
amount. Com looks well, and bids fair to yield
lamely, if the bugs do not destroy It
Greenville, Bond Co., Jnly 22.— Winter wheat
good. Spriua wheat, none sown. Oats good, bn*
little sewn. Rye good, but small crops. Com
prospects only tolerable, and dry weather. Sor
ghum, but small crop. Buckwheat, none sown
that Ikaowof. Potatoes generally good. Vines
and gardens coed. Fruit apples good, but no
peaches. Tobacco, but little raised.
GttXGtisnzXE, Pike Co., July 1L _ . ,
Acres. Yield per acre. Total
bushels. bus.
W, wheat *- 11,000 23 .275,000
8 2,(W0 20 40.000
Oats „...*» 7,000 80 210,000
Hve* 1,000 22 21,000
• rani * 15,000 50 750,000
BnSwheat 2,000 25 61,000
pSStuesT.....; 6,000 75 . 600*000
Vines and cardtng—.2,ooo S2O £*o-000
tSScco 1,200 SSO $60,000
bSSSr. . AOW SO gals. 400,000
1 Save taken some steps to ascertain the above
estimate, and it Is considered by many much top
low; joumaybe assured it is not an over-esti
July 15.—Since my report of the 27th of Juno
we have bad a heavy rain* wetting the groand
thoroDchly; it was general aU over the county, so
far aa l cm team, and bo timely that it has
changed the corn and late potato crops, so that
nowthe proepect foe com never was belter for
more lull crops. More than half the wheat. oits
and grass has been lost by drought and chlacb
hags Where “stubble*’ and com sUiks were
plowed under, and put in wheat, oats and com,
the drought and chinch bugs hare affected the
crops one-half more than oh clean land; in fact,
where there was no stubble or com stalks plowed
In the buce hare affected the grain but little, and
none unices the clean land adjoined stubble.
Bum your stalks and stubble, or plow them under
beforvTCgetatlon stops growing, or the bogs will
always take your crop.
* Highland, Madison Co., July 15. W. wheat,
very good. S. wheat, do. Oats, do Corn, fair,
part y backward. Potatoes, medium. Vinos and
gardens, good; no grapes. Prult, peaches, none,
thereat food. Tobscco r tair, partly backward.
lowa Fall?, Hardin Co„ July 11.—Crops in this
county look exceedingly well. It is very thinly
Jejtccsok, Jefferson Co.. July 18.—Considera
ble ram bas hlloM-k-cc wntiogyoa before. - Tae
long continued drought, however, naa done Its per
fect work in respect to spring wheat, oat* and bar
ley. The dry weather had left but one chance lor
even a partial crop of these varieties of grain, and
that chance was taken on the spot by-the chinch
Kewakte, Henry Co.. June 27.—There will be an
nrnsally large crops of beaus and options. Spring
wheat has been much iijuredbydrodglitand conch
bugs. Cora is looking well in despite of dry
weather, it has been well worked. Winter wheat
Is not crown in this vicinity. Spring wheat crop
will bu about ore-fourth the usual amount. Oats'*
and rye about double. Corn, much larger breadth
than usual—eay one-third more, Sorghum, unusu
ally large breadth—looks well. Buckwheat not
yet tow 9, probably email breadth. Potatoes, prob
ably about dduoie. Vines and garden's, about as
usual. Grape vices increased. Fruit, prospect
pcor. Tobacco, considerable cultivated tn this
KworviLLz, Knox Co., Jnly 13.—There has been
no change in crops here, being very good, except
that the bug has injured thc.whcat very much.
Lake, Cook Co., Jol?.—Winter wheat, crop
small. Spring wheat looks lair; short straw.
Oats, light crop. Kyc, very little raised. Cora
locks well. Sorghum, don’t know. Buckwheat,
none sowed yet. Potatoes look well. Vines and
gardens, too dry. Fruit, small crop. Tobacco,
La Salle, La Salle Co., July !6.—We have had
seme very line rains, and everything but the spring
wheat is doing finely. Spring wheat, about threo
fenrtbs breadth sown, and futi one-half ol that de
stroyed by the chinch bog. -Oats arc really better
than before reported. Corn, good yet. Sorghum,
wo find there is some and very good. Potatoes—
now a good prospect for lata ones Vines and gar
dens, ail ore doing better, and look very well.
Lebanon, Si. Clair Co., July 13. W. wheat,good
8. wheat, none. • Oats, medium. Bye, good. Coro,
good. Sorghum, none. Buckwheat, medium.
Potatoes, pqpr. Vines and gardens, not good.
Fruit—apples,good;, peaches, none. Tobacco,
none,. ’
Lexington. McLean Co., July 15.—W0 had a fine
soaking rain Saturday. Jmy Otn, raining heavily
through the evening, und more or less all night tIQ
after daylight* The grcmid is well soaked; it
util be the corn and potatoes, but was
too late for wheat. W. wheat, short but well fill
ed. S. wheat, rhort and injured by the chinch
bag; some will not be cut.
Lisbon, Kendall Co., Jnly 15.—Wheat, corn and
oats have proven remarkably well, with prospects
ol heavy crops of wheat and oatr, until ten days
since. The chinch bug has ruined toe wheat en
tirely : now to work in oats and corn, and even the
grass is now being destroyed. This is the case
unlyerrally within a circuit of ten miles. Winter
wheat ruined. Spring wheat ruined. Oats nrned
partially. Bye, none. Coni looks well at present,
nut the chinch bug is at work. Sorghum, none.
Potatoes look we’l, but too dry.' Vines and gar
dens poor. Frnlt nearly all killed. Tobacco,
none. *• :
Lorn, Iroquois Co., July 15.—1 have Jnst returned
from an in'amf trip through the soutnera, eastern
and centra) parts of Iroquois county. Cora is
looking well; about the oversee amount planted.
Iroquois is emphatically a grazing county. Cattle
are looking and doing well, Winter wheat, noue
in the vicinity of Lodi; eastern and northeastern
part ot county, three-fourths average, berry very
full, light on tbe ground. Soring wheat, ditto.
Oats about two-thirds crop; chinch hue does some
damage, Rye, none. Corn, email, good color,
through tbe county about average. Sorghum,
small, none lu this vicinity. Buckwheat, but little
sown. Potatoes, crop will be light, been too dry.
Fruit, but little in the county.
filcLAKenono, Hamilton Co., July 15.—The rains
have saved tbe com; tbe plant though short is
thick and stout. The land, in most cases, is clear
of weeds and well plowed. With seaaouable weath
er the com crop promises well. Tie drought pre
vented the planting of a good deal of tobacco.
There will be, weather permitting, “a right smart
chance of cotton. 1 ’ Winter wheat, all harvested,
very good. Spring wheat, none raised. Oats, bet- i
ter than first reported. Rye, not mach sown, very
good. Com, tbe late showers have been of great
benefit; the stand (boogh abort, is stocky and of
five color. Buckwheat, very lithe raised. Pota
toes, nre injured in many places by tbo drought—
tbe rain came too late. gurdeus, badly *
cut np by cat-worms and drought. Fralt,no peach
es, plenty of apples. Tobacco, badly damaged by
cutworms. y
Slacoxu. McDonough Co., July ,12.-1 do not
know anything in relation to buckwheat and to
bacco, but in regard to wheat, rye, corn, oils*, po
tatoes we can ask no better prospects than we
have in this county. Rain plenty, the hay crop
Ko* 1. • ,
Mau)en, Bureau Co., June 27.—The opinion Is
generally entertained that unless we get copious
showers ebon, we will have an exceeding short
crop in almost everything. Winter wheat, none
sowed. Spring wheat, the early sowed is saifenhg
mack frpm drought. Oats, great breadth sown,
and also suffering irom drought. Rye Is still look
ing well. Com, the late planted is suffering much,
cariynot bo much. Sorghum did uot comcup
wed; what is* Is doing well. Buckwheat, none
sown yet, and won't be much for want of seed.
Potatoes, generally look well. Vines and gardens,
eaten entirely up by bugs. Fruit, the apple crop
will be a good half crop. Tobacco, none attempted
■Jills season.
Jloweaqua. Shelby Co., .Inly 16^—Winter and
spring wtcat is about half in shock; all the bal
ance ready for the sickle. Oats, same. Hinds
scarce. Cora looks finely, from one and a half to
three feet bleb, color good, fields clear; rain,
plenty for com, not quite enough lor potatoes.
Apples, plenty; poach trees much Injured by tbe
w inter. W. wheat, more than an avenue iu qual
ity and quantity—quality very superior. S. wheat,
but little sown, good crop. Oats, increased
amount sown; crop extremely good—best ever
raised. Rye, bat little sown. Potatoes, n«nal
amount plantec: early, good: will require more
rain for laic crop. Com, tall avenge breadth
planted; never more promising of an abundant
nop. Sorglmm, not much planted. Buckwheat,
not much sown. Vines and gardens look finely;
crops abundant. Fruit-apples, prospect goinl;
peaches, none; cherries, scarce; other smalt fruits
and hemes, fair. Tobacco, very little set; looks
July 15.—Since my former report there have been
occasional rain l ?: everything seems favorab.e for a
bountiful harvest. W neat is in the stock or stack;
this week will close op the wheat and oat harvest
here. *
Moiuusok, Whltislde Co., July 11.—Some com
plaint about chinch bon damaging wheat, yet I
bink wc shall have a fair crop. -Ujy crop will be
Oakland, Coles Co.. July 18.—The drought in
Jane,in many places, has destroyed potaiocs.gnas
and garden?. Timothy is light, bat some Is good.
W. wheat, small quantity sown, s<»me Injured by
chinch bag. B. wheat, asaal quantity sown, looks
wed. Oats, large breadth sown, and look well.
Corn, promise of u large crop. Sorghum, very lit
tle planted. Buckwheat, good quantity sown. Po
tatoes, early very light, on account of drought.
Fruit- email qnamny of apples, no summer fruits.
Tobacco, very little planted, looks well.
Olmtt, Elchland Co.—Winter wheat from one
bolt to three-fourths crop. Spring wheat, none.
Oats, good but scarce. Bye, same. Cora, good;
more ram wanting. Sorghum, ditto. Bacswbeat,
none jet Potatoes, pretty good crop, for late
ones. Tines and gardens, ordinary. Fruit, apples,
one-half crop. Tobacco, not much planted.
Ottawa, La Sails Co., July 15.— We bad a good
fall of tain Saturday night. Hay is poor. Satur
day night’s min wet the ground well. Winter
whtat, none. Spring wheat, some good, and a
good deal poor, being damaged by the bugs. Oats,
good but short. Rve, good. Coro, generally good;
it will be first rate since the rain. Sorghum,
small. Potatoes, good. Vines and gardens, poor.
Ft nil, small crop. Tobacco, poor.
Paka, Christian Co., July 15.—There has been
4>Unty of rain since I wrote joa last, and corn Is
doing finely; wheat is greatly injured by the
chinch bag, and many pieces.are not worth cut
ting.* Hay has bec-n much injured by drought, but
nit tores have improved tlnce the rain, as also
lave lute sown oats and late planted potatoes.
Pekut, Tazewell Co., July 13.—There is nothing
except very late frosts that can prevent ns from '
having the beat crops in Tazewell thatfve have
had for a number of years. We have had such ire- .
quciit showers to the last sixty days that we arc ■
l*ound to get good crops if weget no more rain. '
Winter ana spring wheat, good, more than aver
age crop. Oats short. Rye good. Corn good,
never such prospects since 1 have been in the.
county. Apples plenty. * S
Peoeia, PeonaCo., only 15.—We have several
very fine showers recently: it rained very hard all
of Saturday nleht,;whlch has improved the com
and potatoes very mnch. Winter wheat Is nearly
anaverage/only in districts where tbo chinch) ng
has taken ih Spring wheat, about the same, near
ly an average crop; some plicqa tbe chinch bugs
have taken it entirely. Oats, very. good. Rye,
very good. Corn is very good. I think wilt be a
large crop. Somhom looks well: will be an ajfr
ag« crop. Buckwheat, cannot learn. Potatoes
are good; think will he an average crop. Vines
and gardens—gardens good. Fruit, scarce. To
bacco, I do not think they raise it in this section.
Piano, Kendal'. Co., July 35.—Since my last re
port the chinch bugs have been making sad havoc
with wheat, having destroyed tbree-fourths of
wbat would have been without them but onc-half
a crop, leaving not mote than one-e.gbth of a crop '
in this county, and having killed the wheat are •
going into tbe cornfields and killing it clean as'
they go, having killed some strips around some
fields several rods wide already. Tbe bugs leave
the wheat as soon as it Is killed, and march off to .
. tbe nearest green field, whatever it may be, the
ground being sometimes literally covered wflh j
them, and wnoro there is a furrow or something j
to impede their progress, they can actually be
scraped up in bandfaiis. When their ravages will '
stop cannot now be determined but they have al
ready done so mnch that the damage to the corn
ciop will be material.
Polo, Ogle Co., Jnly 12.—The spring wheat Is
suffering badly from too chinch bug, many nieces
bring totally destroyed. The prospect now is that
there will not be a quarter crop. *-orn is good,
better than for years. Oats fair. Grass light. Po
tatoes backward. W, wheat, not sown largely, but
all winter kilted, tt. wbnnt, not as much sown as
usual. Oats largely town, cum, more thnn ever .
before. Sorghum, very little. Buckwheat, u«n*,
no seed. Potatoes, about an average. Apples,
light crop. Peaches, none. Small frmt, good.
Tobacco, very Mule planted.
Pontiac, Livingston Co., July 14—We have re
centlvhad bonniltat and abundant rains. Farmers
cnttingwheatvcry early to avoid tbe chinch bag.
Wheat mutt be a crop, and grain of an interi
or quality. W. wheat, but little sown. S. wheat,
injured by drought and chinch bug, light yield.
Oats, lair yftld. Rye, but little sown, looks well.
Com is doing finely, and looks well. Sorghum,
not os much sown as usual, late, but growing rap
idly. Buckwheat, but little seed In this section,
breadth sown wilt be email. Potatoes, drought
has affected considerably. Vines and gardens look ;
very well. Fruit, apples, no peaches. Tobacco, |
not cultivated to any extent.
July 15.—There are always a few tinners who are
behindhand in gathering tnrir crops. Some men
in this vicinity are just catting their wheat, and
a great deal is wasted by shelling ont, being too
ripe. 1 never saw* com growing taster, and. if we
are blessed with Javurabre weather from this out,'
we shall have an abundant crop. Winter wheat
is an average crop, and quality good. Spring
wheat, none. Oats, jnst being harvested, fine
crop. Rye, none worth noticing. Corn, the late
rams gave a good start, and it ta now doing well;
a splendid crop may be expected. Sorghum ap
pears well. Buckwheat, none. Potatoes, early
Terr sma'l; late ones, Just planted. Vines
and gardens, no vines; gardens hare revived
since tbe rain. Tobacco, none.
Princeton,* Bureau Co., July 14.—Since I last
wrote yon, we have had considerable rain, 'enough
to moke farmers talk very encouragingly of all
crops except spring wheat, which was almost en
tirely destroyed by chinch bog. Winter wheat,
what there is, looks well, very little raided- Spring
wheal, almost a total failure. Oats, good. Rye,
average.. Com, good. Sorghum, prospect rather
poor. Buckwheat, gcod. Potatoes, average. Fruit,
almost a total failure. Tobacco, average, very
little raised in this county.
Pbophetstown, Whiteside Co., July 12.—We
have lately bad copious rains, and crops begin to * |
' look fine. If the chinch bug should attack tbe
com. It will he unfortunate, as that is our main
crop now. Winter wheat, none. Spring wheat,
by the drought and {chlnchj bog rcduccdJto oub
foorth crop. Oats, half crop. ■ Rye, but little
sown. Com. looks fine, and promises full crop;
much plmteo. Sorghum, is good. Buckwheat,
butlittlo bring put in; seed scarce. Potatoes,
late planted wgl be good; many cultivated. Gar
dens and vines, are reviving, beginning to look
i•we 1 Fruit, hail crop. Tobacco, none.
QuiHCT, Adams Co., July 13. W. wheat fe now
bemg harvested, and la aver? good crop. It is
thinon the ground, bat the hoods are large ami
well fiQcd. S. wheat, there la but little raised hare.'
OaU ate more than average crop, and jruaoij ripe.
Rye Ib raised very li'tle, and used for distillation.
Corn, the abundant rain for the past two wejjks la
bringiu;: forward the com aJmua-ily Sorahum U
ralstc by almost every* farmer. Buckwheat Is
crowu bet little. Potatoes, the rains will ensure
an abundant crop. Vines and gardens, there is an
Immerse amount of these raised In this vicinity.
Fruit will be p’erty, save peaches and empas; of
these there will re little, if any. Tobacco, I can
gay nothing catmite under this bead. •
Ricuview, Washington Co., July 13.—Within
Ibo last two wei-ta ws Lave had abundant ralus in
fact too modi for tbe b. st results In the harvest,
field. Weather now fair, and everything[crowing
with rapidity. tVc are uos* likely' to
have a large com crop. ?nd an abundance .of late
vegetable. W. wheat, harvest progressing, most*
ly col, large amount. S. wheat, none. Oats,verv
lair crop, about naif cat, pood' quality. Rye, all
cut, very pood crop. Com, growing very fast,
prospect good, Sorrrhum, ditto.' Buckwheat .just
fowter. Potatoes (Wat), late planted one-? just
coming np, early ones just la market. Sweet Po
tatoes prunuee well, vines and Hardens, very fair,
crowing rapidly. Fruit, car y rpplca just ap?t*ir*
up in market, Not ium.ii other fruit. Tobacco,
rot innch ia this region.
St. Charles, Kane Co , July 15.—Since the re
port of June 27ih. the cnihch bugs have attacked
ihe grain, end are- doing great damage ; many
pieces of barley, wheat and oats arc entirely rain
ed. They work at the com some, and proha'jly
will more when the wheat aud oats ore out .of the
. Sim.BYvn.Tj? Shelby Co., July 13.—Winter
wheat, the best crop wo have bad lor live years,
-«6d now cut. Oats, usually good. Rye very good.
WVb, very good, first rate, bally; we have had
pood rains. Potatoes, very good. Vines aud gar
dens, very good. _ .
Sparta, Randolph, Co , July 14.-Wlntcr wheat,
notbli g to add to former report; it Is all harvest
ed. Spring wheat, none. Com—we have had
some fine rains of late, and cam looks very prom
ising ; if the season continue? it will bo more than
an average crop, os It has been well worked. Po
tatoes, as previous report, pood. Vines[and gar
dens—gorocna good, but no urapes. Fruit, such as
gooseberries and small fruit, plenty and gopd, To-
Sacco, but little planted. a „„
Springfield, Sangamon Co., July 13.—Winter
wheat, two-tblrds crop, nearly all in the shock.
Spring wheat, good and nearly ripe, commenced to
cut it. Oats good, not quite Rye good,
all cut and in the shock. Corn looks very fine
since the last rain. Sorghum, very light. Pota-.
toes, rather dry, the crop, we hope, will average
two-thirds. Vines and gardens look much better;
will come out all right. Peaches all gone, pears
aud apples look well. Tobacco plants look well.
SpaiMEiiFiET.D. St. Clair Co., July 12.—11 hav e
no change of Importance to note. Lora looks bet
ter since the rain a week since. There ha* been
some Utile buckwheat sown since lust report.
Warren, Jo Daviess Co. ,July 12.—Winter
wheat, average crop. Spring wheat, entire failure.
Ifyc, very little sown. Oats, two-tbirds crop. Com
very good. Sorghum, quite poor. Buckwheat,
just sowing. Potatoes, good, vines and garden®,
average. Fruit, fair crop.
“Washington, June 25.—W0 h*yo
not had ram to thoroughly faoistea the ground
for eight weeks, and only two light rains wlibin
that time. The crops will be materially atfocted
for the better by a good rain now, especially oats
and potatoes. Winter wheat, not much s’own,
and very poor. Spring wheat, rather more sown
than usual, and crop looks fair. Oats, a large
amount sown,— finality rather aight, say average.
Bye, about the sumo number of acres sown, bat
quality, poor. Com, a large crap pat in, and prom
ises lair yield. Sorghum, more planted than nsnil,
and looks well. Potatoes, a large crop put in, but
too dry fora good yield. Vines aud gatdens uot
good, too dry. Fruit, apples a good yield. No
pebchcs, no cherries. Meadows poor, crop of hay
will be very light.
Wekona, Mart hall Co.. Jnly 12.—Had no rain of
any consequence until Saturday, July 7th, when
wo were blessed by u copious eb'ower, since which
evert thing that can he benefitted by it looks well,
and ia growing rapidly. Spring wheat, two-thirds
destroyed by chinch bag. Oats, some fields In
jaredbythe bug. Corn,~bodly. Injured In some
places by chinch bug. Sorghum looks better since
the rain. Buckwheat, some sown lately.
West Steeling, Masbzr-Co., Jane 27.—W0 had
so much rain lu April that the farmers did not got
their com planted till late, and May atja Juno has
been too dry for it to grow rapidly. Winter wheat,
about half a crop: about two-thirds the usual
quantity. Spring wheat not much sowed. Oais
very short. Bye good. Com and sorgoam very
small for the eeason. Potatoes, vines look well.
Vines and gardens, rather dry for the season.
Fruit, plenty ot apples, no peaches. Tobacco, nouc
Akamosa. Jones Co.. Jane H.—Since the report
of June iCta, the chinch bug has nearly destroyed
the wheat crop. All other crops are very much
improved by the recent rains.
Bsstum'OEt, Van Buten county, June 14.
Since I sent you mvlaet statement ot crops wo
have bad fine, refreshing rains, rather too much
lor having. The com and gardens are coming oat.
fine. The weather was so dry m forepart of the
season that the corn Is clear of weeds and well
woraed. Witter wheat Is well filled, and Is better
than was expected. Spring wheat ie~cjcellunt.
Oats good. Bye ditto. Cora 1? coming oftt slucc
last rain; will be good If seasonable. Sorghum,
can't say; I bear but little said about It. Buck
wheat, same. Potatoes good. Vinca and gardens
gqod. Fruit, average. Tobacco looks well.
Bradford, Chickasaw Co., June 25.—Owing to
the orongbt, our crop? do not look as well us thuy
otherwise would, and our gardens and vines has*
suffered from the cut worm and bugs; but every
fling is showing the benefits of the recent showers
aud may come out all right yet. Winter wheat
very little town in oar county. Spring wheat, will
be a lair crop, but-very short straw. Oats are
looking well—fairpfoepect of a heavy yield. Bye
nevi rlookcd butter, but there is not much raised
with us. Corn is doing well and large crops miy
he expected. Sorghum looks well, what little
there was planted. Buckwheat—there has bzcu
tone sown as yet. Potatoes are doing well.
Vines atdgardens, fair. Frait has not received
much attention, so as to seo what it will do.
Tobacco—very little as yet, on account of a very
try spring.
Buchanan, June 23.—Had the rain come about
two or three weeks sooner, we should have had a
splendid crop of wheat: now ttie stalks are Very
snort, but it is pussloio that the yield wilt be more
thau was anticipated. Com is not materially
damaged by the dry weather, and lu all probability
wtd bu a successful ctop. w. wheat, none raised.
S. wheat and oats, probably übont two-thlrdaof
an average crop. Corn will probably he a good
crop.* Sorehum. same. Potatoes look well now.
Vines and gardens will do well yol, If the bags
will Icttherh alone.
Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co., Jnly 16.
There has been plenty ot ruin. The chinch bug
1- doing considerable damage; otherwise crops
look wc.l.
Charles City, Floyd Co., July 16.—Grass now
look- promising. Baius that have fallen since
June itlth, have gieaily Improved .the crops aud
laccofiatarc generally. Winter wheat, bat lit
tle sown and considerably,“winter killed.' Spring
wheat, fair breadth sown, been too dry on some
lands but latcralus promise a full avera ro crop.
Oats, same aa wheat. Bye, very little sown, but
locks well and Is a sure crop. Cora, seldqm ever
looted more promising at tnc season. Sorghum,
looks well—much of tbc seed used proved bad.
Buckwheat, looks finely—very little sown, as the
seed was hardly obtainable. Potatoes, promise
a good crop—potato bags doing some damage.
Vines ana careens, very promising in general—
drought and insects very destructive where early
planted. Frail, prospect never- better. Tobacco,
prospect an average crop.
Clarence, Cedar Co,, -July 15.—Our crops were
never better, bnt the chinch bugs have ruined
about all the spring wheat, and bare commenced
their ravages on the corn, cats and fiorchum. there
will be as much wheat harvested us s'owed in our
coontj. Winter wheat, oue-hair crop. Spring
wheat, almost total failure. Oats three-fourths
crop. Byv. none. Coro, food until chinch bug
commenced working in it. Sorghum, ditto. Buck*
wheat. Just sowed. Potatoes, vines and gardens
and fruit, good. Tobacco, none raised.
JnlylS.—Fine showers nearly every day since
last statement. “All nature looks smiling and
gay.” Ko change to note.
July 10.—We have been blessed with heavy and
iroqnent rams for the past two weeks, which
have revived'vegetation beyond all expectation.
Corn, pros-pect for a good crop. Sorghum, nearly
a failure. Potatoes looking weil. Vines and
gardens much improved since the rain.
July IT.—Your inquiries respecting elTeys of re
cent rains received. The lain came too late to
benefit spring wheat; the chinch bng had already
harvested It. Manv large fields have been totally
ruined by them. Where the wheat is harvested
they have attacked the corn: the lower half of the
stalk Is occasionally seen black with them, and
the leaves arc withering. Where I have observed
them they arc not scattered over the field, bnt are
sweeping clean in patches. Where the bug is not
found the corn looks remarkably well, and prom
ises more than usual crop. Potatoes, blackber
ries, grapes and gardens have been material!?
benefited by recent rains.
Dixesville, Dubuque Co., July 13.—Harvest
baa commenced in earnest. Bugs nave not Injured
the barley much, or oats any; wheat has suilerod
some, still there will be a good average crop. The
prospect lor cum will more that* make up tbo de
ficiency in the wheat crop. Spring wheat, since
the ra ns the chinch bugs have worked more ltun
indry weaiberjlWobngs have injured the wheat
in sumo localities, but Is a good average crop one
rtnr with another. Oats never Was better than
ibis season. Corn, all acree that com fit oetter
than ever was known at tMs season oftneybar.
Sorghum, com weather makes-good sorghum. Po
laiots, the late the crop beyond a doubt
—they look first rate.
El Kader, Clayton Co.* July 15.—1 leant from
farmers in olilcreiit sections 01 the county that the
chinch bug has commenced Us ravages upon oats,
cum and grass.* The drought has affected crops
of all kiuus, but the recent rains will materially
atone tor that, however. Wheat will be far below
. an average crop in consequence ol the destructive
ravages of the Chinch bug. and before harvest com
mences them will 0c hundreds of acres totally de
stroyed. The oat crop will be nearan averageoue.
Hay Jess than half a crop. Potatoes, ditto. Com
will be utnll average ccop* W. wheat, there is
none in Clayton county worthy, of mention. S.
wheat, a large amount was sown, Bay irom 15.00J
to 25,000 acres. Cats, from S,QUO to 10,000 acres.
By c, from 500 to 1,000 acres. Cora, from 12,000 to
15,C00 acres. Sorghum, a very small quantity, and
not worth mentioning. Bupkwheat, probably 100
acres. Potatoes, about 1,000-ceres. Vines and
gardens, the latter look well—vines are not culti
vated to any extent. Emit, butfew orchards, and
far Ices than an average crop. The crab apple and
wild plomh crop is almost a fiillare. Tobacco, say
half a dozen acres.
Fairfield, Jefferson Co., July 15.— Heavy rain
early In Hay, which packed the ground almost
solid, followed by drought till last of June. Pros
pects for crops very discouraging until the ram
full. Cora is very uneven, bnt of good color,'and
promises well. Winter wheat, twice us much
&o«n, hut one-fourth less harvested. Spring
wheat, failure last year, one-fourth more this year
inhered. Oats, crop very gcod, one-third more
than wav t***- Bye, crop good, yield twice as
much as last year. com. large crop In—prospect
good. Sorghum, large area piaot*ri. came up nad
ir. Buckwheat, seed scarce, small crop. p«tntQ es
crop emall.'seed scarce, and early drought. vTuei
nna gardens, yield well. Fruit, apples abundant.
Tobacco, very little, small item. 1 have lately
been through the counties of Wapello, Morion,
onroe, Polk, Warren, Jasper, Mahaska and Keo
kuk— throughout those counties crops never look
ed better—wheat, corn, oats and rye.
Flovd. Floyd Co.. Jane 25.—1t was very dry
here until tbo morning ot the 20th, when we bad
u fine shower, and the prospect lor all kinds of
: produce is good. Winter wheat, not heavy In this
I pait of the county. Spring wheat looks very well.
Oats look very line. Rve, good prospect. Corn—
a large quantity planted—looks well. Sorghum,
not much in the neighborhood. Buckwheat—a
considerable amount just sowed. Potatoes look
well. Vines and gardens—the worm* and bogs
«barehurtthem very much. Fruit; what we have
looks well—abundance ol wild fruit. Tobacco—
not much raised for sale.
Four Dodge, Webster Co., Is., July 14.—Winter
wheat, none raised of any consequence. Spring
wheat, straw very short, will be irom one half to
two-thirds of a crop. Oats, do. Corn, looking
Due; If it ripens well will be more than au average
crcn. Sorghum, do. Buckwheat very little sown,
owing to the scarcity of seed; it looks well. . Po
tatoes, a full average crop; looking well.
Ft. Madison, Lee Co., July 13 —Recent rains
are helping the corn crop very much/ Will have
au average crop, from present appearances.
Gbixnell, Poweshiek Co., July I;. —We have
bad plenty of rain lately. Thoehtnch bog lain the
spring wheat, making sad havoc: in many instan
ces the farmers are mowing their whole crop for
fodder. Don’t think we wifi get over a half crop.
Corn is doing well.
Lansing, Alamakee Co., July 12.—Wc have had
plenty rain in the last two weeks; everything has
chanced. What we ihoacht three weeks ago
would be a short crop, will be a fair crop. Winter
wheat, fair crop. Sprlnu wheat, same, Oats
look well. Ryeaud corn, ditto. Potatoes, doing
well. ' __
iIcGRECOB, Clayton Co., July 15.—We hare had
a terrible dry time during ilay and June,-which
caused all vegetation to come to a stand still.
There will be about one-half a crop as near as I
can learn. We have bad plenty of rain since the
laet week in J..ne. W. wltfiat. very Utile winter
wheat comes here. S. wheat, Is the great staple
b. re—injured much by drought end chinchlbug
will be one-bill a crop. Oats, are looting £elL
Rve. none rained. Com, is good though conslder
-1 abj lujcred by drought. Sorgbum, coofi. Buck
wheat, good. Potatoes, good. Vines and gardens
a’SchJojxcdbj drticsht.thoagh looking well uott
Fruit, none raised ytt—country too new. Tobacco,
none raised.
Mabujn, Linn Co.—W. wheat, not a great quan
tity town, but what there ia. is good. 8. wheat.
Injured very much by bug; will not average more
than half a crop. Bye, but little planted: what
there is looks splendid. Com never looked better,
anu bids la.r for an abundant yield. Sorghum
Icoke poorly; was much Injured by drought iu May.
Buckwheat, but little sown In this section; what
there I?,always docs'well. Potatoe?, good. Vines and
wardens— *we have no vineyards; what vines there
are lu private gardens look well: our gardens arc
nice, and dolne well. Fruit—wild frnlt, abundant;
apples fair: berries arc and have been abundant.
Tobacco, not much-raised; what there is, looks
Muscatine, Joly 14.—For the past four weeks
we have bud heavy rains; nearly all the crops look
more favorable except spring wheat, wnlcn-ls at
least one-half destroyed by the chinch bug around
here. • #
Osage, Mitchell Co., July 14.—We are having al
most every other day delightful and refreshing
shr. vers. Showers that cause all kinds of vegeta
tion to come forward rapidly, aided*, as are the
riit/e, by ihe very l-estUndof weather for promo
ting the growth of the excellent crops. Probibly
the crops of all kinds were never better at this
season of the year. Winter wheat, none sown to
speak ofin this county. Spring wheat, never was
better; U baa come ou fast since rain. Oats,'extra
good, as heavy oa they can stand. - Rye, verv good.
Corn, is the beat that It baa been for three years.
Sorghum, very little x>lantcd, god what there Is of
If. Potatoes, vqry good, probably the best they
have been In three years. Vines nnd gardens,
looking splendid since the rain. Fruit, very little
raised In this county.
Sigouenet, Keokuk Co.. July 12.—Winter wheat
that was i otirozen out, is good. Spring wheat is
almost entirely destroyed by the bug. aud in some
localities they ore injuring the late corn. Com
looks well since the late rains, aud if the fall is
favorable, wc shall Lava a fair crop. Winter wheat,
half crop, larger than usual. Spring wheat, almost
an entire failure, destroyed by chinch bug. Oats,
ditto. Bye, average crop. Com, prospect is good
since late ralua. Soighum, ditto. If nos destroyed
by bug. Buckwheat, pcod prospect. Potatoes,
promise fairly. Fruit, there will be an average
crop of apples.
Tipton, Cedar, Co.. July 13.—Spring wheat Is
materially injured by the chinch bug, ,
. Waterloo,- Biackhawk, Co., July 12.—Winter
whole, very little eown. Spring wheat, mote than
usual sown but very much damaged by drought and
chinch bug. Oats, large quantity sown, aud fine
crop,. Rye, very little sown Com, large quantity
planted, and never, looked better. Sorghum, not
very large quantity planted, but looks wclL Buck
wheat, very little sown. Potatoes, few,
Wavkblt, Bremer Co., July 13.—The printed re
marks are applicable to this district. We bare
bad an abundance of rain in this region for the
last two weeks, and lets astonishing how it has
Improved the crops. We will have fair crops an
lees the chluch bugs injure the wheat. Consider
able fear is entertained by the farmers In this res
Bahaeoo, Sauk Co., July 18.—Farmers talk more
cheerfully and report uo fears of a famine, as there
is a decided improvement in crops generally ;
spring wheat has aoflered most from drought, and
there will be very little, if aay, more than the
Amount of seed sown, harvested. Winter wheat,
some Improved. Soring wheat was nearly past re
covery before the ram. Com, greatly advanced by
tbc raiu—will be a good crop. -
Buoaddead, Greeu Co„ July 15.—Winter wheit,
soil and climate not adapted; very little rutted,
Spring wheal, not enough for borne nee. Data dit
to. Bye. hut half crop; bat little raised any year.
Com will be totally destroyed by the clinch ha", I
ftor. Sorghum, lair crop, it not destroyed bv
chinch hue. Buckwheat, usual quantity pat tn:
matured without frost, good crop.' Potatoes, good
crop—will bo a eurplua. Vines and gardens look
ing very One. Fruit, not much raised any time in
this section. Tobacco,-about two hundred acres
in cultivation—looking well.
Burlington, Racine Co., July 13—The unusu
ollyprotracted drought in (bis port of the State,
Ims injured the growing crops materially. Hay
on the uplands Is no thing: bottom lands are hea
vy. Wc 'should have had a fair crop of spring
wheat, but the chinch bug Is injuring It material
ly. Whole fields am swept by them, equal to the
locusts of Egypt. Altogether, It looks dark for
the farmer, vv inter wheat, nearly all winter-kill
ed; that left promises a lair crop. Spring wheat
suffered from drought—la very short; chinch bugs
Injuring it materially. Oats promise a good crop.
Bye, light crop. Cura looks remarkably well, and
promises an abuudaut crop. Sorghum, very little
Clouted, and looks welt. Buckwheat, considcn
ly eown,andisjastcoßiingnp. Potatoes prom
ise well. Vines and gardens are doing well now:
have s ufiered Horn the drought. Fruit, none'at
all. Tobacco plants look well; owing to the dry
weather, batlitileput out.
Darlington, Lafayette Co., July 12.—Since ay
report in June, we have bad some very fine rains.
It baa helped the crops very much, except wheat,
fields of which have been ploughed np and Buck
wheat sown, which looks very well a.nc?’the rains.
The bug has been at work des'roylng fields of oats
and com, leaving nothing but dry stalks. Such
destruction never was known from the same cause.
Elk Horn. Walworth -Co.—We had a
fine ram on the 29th and CUth of June, and several
showers since. W. wheat and wild hay are much
benedtted; take It uUogctnerf bar will be about
one-ioartb of a crop, Saturday, July 9tb, we had
a good pouring down rain, so that nt last the earth
in ihbroushly wet. W. wheat, very good, bat com
paratively little rained. S, wheat, almost an en
tire failure; may average a return of the seed.
Oats, ore-half a crop. Bye, none sown. Coro,
pretty good, but very uneVcn; some seed just
coming np. Sorghum, backward.
Geneva, Walworth Co, July IS*— I There have
been rains hcio recently that have done a great
deal ol good, but many nieces of.whe-.it and barley
arc now being destroyed by the - chinch bug; corn
and potatoes arc looking fine. . ' ,
diouicoN, Dodge Co., Juno 27.—Since.your last
circular things have improved rapidly lit this sec
tion; we have reason to hope of getting s-fair crop
of most everything; we shall get an average crop
of bey, which Is a bfg thing In any county. Win
ter wheat, hopes of getting a lair crop. Springy
wheat, improved very mticn, although the chinch'
bug is working some. Oats have come oo won
derfully. Corn that came up, Is looking fine.
Bnckwncat, prospects of a good crop. Potatoes
look well, vices and gardens doing well, what
come up. Frait, nouc. Tobacco, light.
Kewanee, Wl* , July 13.—We have had heavy
rams, which have much Improved the prospects
tor garden vegetables. Corn promises well, never
loosed better, aside from that attacked by chinch
hugs In the neighborhood of wheat acids. Wheat,
lu many localities. Is almost entirely destroyed
ny chimb bugs. Many farmers will not cut their
fields at all, others in part. Very few fields un
- LaCrosse, LaCrosse Co„Julv 12.—Winter wheat,
crop net large, but good. Spring wheat, will get
•good two-ttnrds crop. Oats will bo good. Rye,
not much sown. Corn, unless early tros'.s cut It
off, will lie good crop. Sorghum, not much plant
ed. Backwneat, probably a large crop. Potatoes
look well. and gardens, latcralus will bring
avtraiscrop. Frail, about half a crop. Tobacco,
net much planted.
July 13.—The weather has been very favorable
for crops, having had frequent showers. Grape
vines suffered ewerelv during tho past winter, and
the crop will be far below the average. Winter
wheat good. Spring wheat verr light. Oats fair.
Bye very good. Corn good aud prospect very fa
vorable. Sorghum ditto. Buckwheat not yet
sown. Potatoes, good. Vines sod gardens, same,
with the exception ol grapevines. Fruit—small
fruit Is plenty, apples good, peaches a failure. To
bacco, not cultivated.
Lancaster, Grant Co., Julyl>.—As noticed bo
low tho corn lia* never looked better at this time
ofyear: but great fears are entertained tbacmuch
of It will bo destroyed by the bog, which has al
ready attacked it. There will nut be tho usual
Quantity of hogs slaughtered. Beef cattle are going
down rapidly. All kinds of stock low on account
of scarcity of bay. Winterwhcat, good; the farm
trs do not raise it extensively, boring wheat has
always been the principal crop; kilted by the bug
everywhere. Oat?, tnc recent rains have saved the
crop—will bt a good yield. Rye, but little sown;
what there is, however, is good. Coro, never bet
ter at this oate, bat the bug has attacked it, and
fanners fear will destroy It in many localities; they
have already killed it to the width of one or two
rods on the boundaries. Potatoes, saved by, tho
rains; doing splendidly. ,
. Lodi, Columbia Co., July 13.—Since the rains,
grams of all kinds Ins improved, but the chinch
bog is at work; many pieces of wheat arc already
destroyed, and it is generally believed that they
will jet destroy all; so there will bo little If any
wheat harvested. Winter wheat is badly Injured.
Corn and oats look well. Winterwhcat badly in
jured by the bug. Spring-Avheat will be entirely
destroyed; many pieces are already. Outs, lair
crop. Corn looks well. Potatoes look well.
July 14.—Wc would add to our former remarks,
that the chinch bug will totally destroy some
pieces of wheat ana oats: and the recent rains
will help some pieces of wheat so as to field two
thhds of an average crop; The prospect Is not
fiattcring for any otJts.. Wc would also say that
barley Is not quite a total failure, bat very near it.
Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co.,J July<lß.—Winter
wheat, excellent Spring wheat, very good. Oats,
good. Bye, good. Cora, good. Sorghum, none.
Buckwheat, none. Potatoes, excellent prospect.
Viuesaxd gardens, good. Fruit, done. Tobacco,
Lone. * *
Milwaukee, July IGf-Only. about one-half the
land in Milwaukee county la'nndtr cultivation.
Winter wheat about one-half an average crop.
Spring wheat, ditto. Oats, about iihree-foortbs
ot an average crop. Bye, ditto. Corn, about
nine-tenths of an average crop. Buckwheat, pros
pect good. Potatoes, prospect fair. Vinos and
gardens, medium. Fruit, very good.
Mo. shoe, Green Co., July IS,—Rain commenced
about the itfth of Jane—plenty ot it. Some spring
wheat would have been’one-half crop, bat the
bugs destroyed it entirely, and great fears ore felt*
for the com, as they have Injured some pieces now.
Winter wheat, good. Spring wheat, bugs ruining
the little the drousbt icit. Gate, average. Bye,
middling. Cora, early planted, good..
Peauue dc Cuien, Ciawford Co., July 12.— The
drought has injured all the crops In mis part'of the
Slate very much. The late rams have helped lato
crops considerable, but It is feared that not enough
will be raised for home demand. Winter wheat,
very little sowed. Spring wheat, injured by the
drought and chinch bag. Oats, pretty good. Rye,
none raised In tnls section. Cora looks well, bat
.latsf* Sorghum, very little cultivated hero. Buck
wheat, considerable sown, aud looks well. Pota
toes, a small crop is expected Vines and gardens,
poor. Fruit, small ana not very plenty. Tobacco,
not cultivated here.. *
Princeton, Green Lake Co„ July 14.—We have
bad tain, and crops that «ere not spoilt are doing
well. Spring wheat has improved, but will not
exceed one-ihlrd crop.
Beedsbubo, Saak Co., July 14.—Rain com*
mtnced railing Jaly 2d and was followed with
plenty, which has so materially choused the pros
pect that I confidently make the following changes,
winter wheat, one and one half usual breadth,
prospect lull three-fourths usual crop. Spring
v heqt, usual breadth lujured by drought and bni,
one-iourth UrUol crop. Oats, as&l breadth injured
by dtpoght,. prospect one-half usual crop. Rye,
usual breadth, prospect three-fourths usual crop.
Corn, usual breadth, not much injured, prospect*
««Tcn-eishtß usual crop. Sorghum, little planted..
Enckwu»«t. on© and a half usual breadth, prospect
usual crop, irin*toes, usual breadth, prospect
usual crop, vines and gardens, some as*’Oodas
usual, others of little aocouuu Fruit, trees neatly
a failure; other small trait better, 'Tobacco but
little planted and too late to mature. ’ }
Richland Centre, July 12.—The following is
about the average in onfe section of our county,
that bonkilng on the Wisconsin river. In this
section, but little winter wheat was sown, while In
the northern part of the county the entire crop is
w Inter wheat. Winter wheat, first rate, never bet
ter, more than nsoal. Spring wheat, very poor,
not one acre In ten worth cuttfha.. Oats, about
half crop, lar-f. R\e, good, email. Corn, good,
large, sorghum, about half crop, more than usual
amount sown Buckwheat, looks well. Potatoes,
look well. Vines and gardens, look. well. Fruit,
fair crop. Tobacco, looks well.
Ripon, Fond da Lac Co.. July 13.—Since our ■pre
vious report we’ve had glorious rains, and the ef
fect has been truly wonderful;, as near as wo can
judge, wheat will be about one-ball crop. Oats
: look lair; tblnktbey will average thirty baahela
per acre. Rycandoarley does not seem to come
oat as well as the other grains., . Never have seen
corn look better. Potatses, doing well. Flax, do
ing poorly; the straw very short. Not ifinch fruit
this season.
Sheboygan, July 13.—Since the last report we
have bad rain In plenty; everything U much im
proved. We still get hosts. Partners arc hopeful,
“but none expect a gcod crop, as oi old.
'Stevens’ Point, Portage Co., July 15.—Since
my communication! of the 27th mu. we have bad
BCveral'copionß showers of rain, which greatly re.
•vised all kinds of vegetation. Wheat will proba
bly yield six bushels to the acre throughout the
county: this, together with the old wheal now on.
band, will supply the home demand, leaving but a
small amount, If any, to export. Of rye there will
be an average crop. Oats are light, at the present
Umg of writing. Potatoes and corn,' for flveyears,
never promised better.
Waukesha, Waukesha, Co., July 22.—Since my
last report, there have been fine rains, which have
been Of great service to the crops. The chinch
bugs have taken what was lett from tbedronght.
Tms connft will not raise sufficient to bread the
inhabitants.' A lew farmers have enough old wheat
for themselves and some to spare. Some farmers
predict the same fate for corn and oats as that of
thewheat. *
Watebtown, Jefferson Co., July 19.—Since my
report, June Ssth, we have had showers which
have product a woadertui tfwage lu the appear*
arcc of crop.- 1 , in this Immediate uelghborh./od. In
some localities, not far distant, there Is not so
much improvement. 6. wheat promises nail crop,
oats two-thirds, and other crops nearly In propor
Kalanazoo. July 2.—Have had fine ralus in these
parts, and the crops are growing rapidly: will be
ml'y an average It the weather is favorable from
this on. Winter wheat, tally an average, very
good, and quality excellent. Spring wheat, lltt e
or none cultivated. Oats, a tolerably fair crop.
Bye, good. Com, looks quite well, growing finely.
•Screturn, none to bo seen. Potatoes, medium
crop. Vines and gardens, the beet I have seen this
season. Fruit, very little except garden fruits.
Tobacco, not much cultivated.
Nilxs, Beebus Co., Julv 2.—Drought about as
severe here as in Northern' Indiana, and people
pomenhat discouraged. Winter-wheat, good,
about an average, quality excellent. Spring wheat,
none. Oats, poor. Rye, not much lu cult - , ration,
bat a good crop. Com, much Injured bv drought.
Sorghum, a fabnre. on account of drought. J3uck
wheat, not season yet. Potatoes, very poor'pros
pect Vices and gardens, much injured by dry
weather. Fruit, almost a failure. Tobacco, not
much In cultivation. __ „ , „„
Sturoi?, Bt. Joseph Co., July 10.—Peppermint
la a staple crop in this coauly, and was quite ex
tei.sivelv planted, but It U very backward on ac
count of orvweather —cannot be more than two
thirds ol a crop, and if it don't rain before a great
, while, will be a decided failure. Yield in a good
season irom 10 10 25 pounds of oil per acre, which
is now worth from $4.00 to $3/ 0 per pound, I be
lieve. Winter wheat was badly winter-billed.
There was a good deal sown, and will perhaps
yield two-thirds the iunal crop. Spring waeat
not raised here. Oats not raised extensively, and
will be a failure od account of drought. Rye bus
veiy little sown. Com Is planted quite extensive
ly, nut is backward—may be a tair crop.. Sorghum
notvisib'c much jet from the road. Not posted.
Buckwheat not sowedyet; won’t be ti'l it rains;
not much raised. PoUcoes«ars good to cat when
well cooked, but if It don’t ruin there won’t be any
to cook. Vines aud gardens don’t amount to
much this weather. Frnlt, there will be some ap
ples. Sranl* frolts were etrlrely winter-killed.
Tobacco, not posted, bat hope u there is any
planted, it v ou’t grow.
Faribault, Rico Co„ July 16.— We have recent
ly Lad copious rains which have much improved
toe condition of all crops, and the prospect is good
for wheat, oats and com. Grass, however, will
probably be light..
Hastings, Dukotah Co., July 15.—Wheat aver
ages sixteen bushels per acre. Com, good. Oats,
very light.
Owattonna, Steele Co., July 15,—Recent rains
hjiyjarcvived everything. The prospect, lor crops
description in* Southern .Minnesota is
very flattering, and wheat whl be ready for harvest
ing in about three weeks.
St. Paul, July 13.—Crops are looking well, cx
ceptou4'ae sand. We have had no rain ia this
part of the State for nearly two years, until with
in three weeks past. We are now getting fine
showers, and crops will bs nearly an average
yield, notwithstanding the drought. have
snefa heavy dews that Minnesota will stand more
drought than any other State. 1 obtained the fig
ures below from the Commissioner of Statistics;
he has sent circulars all over the State, and will
soon be able to give it more correct. Compara
tive breadth of landin cultivation; Springwueat,
COO.OOacrcs; oats, 75,0-»0 acres; rye,3,o)iacres;
com, 110,000 acres; sorghum, 1,000 acres; buck
wheat, 4,000 acres; potatoes, 20,000 acres.
Watebvxllx, LeSeor Co., June 28.—General
crop prospect is good. Sorghum shaws some fail
ure In seed—otherwise goad. >4 4
V inona, Winona Co., Jnly 14.—N0 change other
than abundant rains, amt crops of all the kinds
mentioned In the note of 23th nlh, looking finely; %
weather warm.
Kosciusko Co., July 15.—The drought in this
region has been without a parallel. It began so
early lu the season that It will shorten nearly all
summer crops, and entirely ruin some. Oats, flax
and hay will perhaps suffer most. The corn which
was planted early on prairie or sandy soil, will
probably be an average crop, while that upon cuy
soil is almost a failure. Have bad a lew light
-showers within the la«t week or two. Winter
wheat, la good ; I think about an average crop.
Spring wheat is not grown in these* ports to any
extent. Oats, inmost J parts of the county a fail
ure, and, pastured or plowed under. Bye, la a good
average crop. Com, pretty good. Sorghum la not
to be seen—an entire filmre. Buckwheat, not
season yet, much will he sown If seed can bu had.
Potatoes, very backward and small, but if rain
should come soon, may be fair. Vines and gardens,
are wonderfully good, except on clay soils. Fruit?,
apples few and Jolting badly; no peaches, pears or
pmms, or small fruits. Tobacco, little cultivated,
but looks well.
Allen Co., July 13.—This is a . clay region ex
cept along the rivers, and the severe drought still
continues. Has been a little rain bat not enough
to wet tbegroaud. Hay is short and dear, and la
all tbo crop prospects arc poor In Allen county.
Winter wheat in this county is not a medium
crop, bat quality good. Spring wheat, none. Oats,
are almost or quite a failure. Rye is fully a medi
um crop. Com. looks badly, except oa the river
bottoms. Sorghum, none to be seen—a total fail
ure, I judge. Buckwheat, not season vet. Pota
toes afi very small and backward. Vines and
cardens, early gardens come in well, but are near
ly spoiled by drought. Fruit, very few apples, no
pears, peaches or plums. Tobacco, little to be
seen.* ,
Angola, Steuben Co July 15.—The crops h&vo
all been more or lees Injured by the [drought. We
bad no rain here from the 7th of May till the lai of
July, bli.ee iwhich time we have had several flue
showers, which make everything look une. W.
wheat, rather more sown than m ’former years,
and about an average crop. S. wheat, not cultiva
ted to any extent. Oats, bat little sown almost a
failure. Bye, about the usual crop. Cora aad
Sorghum, more planted than usual, and promise a
fine crop. Buckwheat, about the usual amount
sown. Potatoes. look well and promise a fine
yield. Vines aud gardens, somewhat Injure! by
cue drought. Fruß, u light cuop owtn£to the severe
winter. Tobacco, very little raised, oat looks
Columbia Cmr, July 13.—One half of our land
lu cultivation. W. wheat, a good average crop.
S. wheat, none. Oats, half crop. Bye. very Iluie
sown, good what there Is. Corn, sorghum, buck
wheat, potatoes, prospect good. Vine*, winter
killed. Gardens good. Plenty of apples, other
fruit. Tobacco good -. -"fiBI
Crown Point, Lake Co., July 15.—We have had
some excelled showers eloco last report; things
look 6 o per cent better; com wM be good; spring
wheat and oats Improved wonderfully. Winter
wheat wimci-killed. Spring wheat, an average
crop. Oats, same. Cora, good. Bye, good. Sor
ebum, not much sowed. Backwheut, too early.
Potatoes, good. Vines and gardens, good. Fruit
—apples, pretty good prospect.
Elkhart, Elkhart Co., July s.—Oar principal
crops in this county ore winter wheat, corn and
potatoes, the latter being raised-In large quantities
in the north part of the county. We ha /e had but
llttje rain for Several week?, and if It continues dry
much loogenpotatoes will boa fallureandperhaps
corn also. Winterwhcat. not an average crop.
Spring wheat, none raised. Oats, failure—but few
raided here Rye.-but little raised. Corn. looks
well, and if wc nave rain and not too early frost,
crop wDI be good. Sorghum, bat little- raised—
presume fair. Bacswheat, will be considerable
sowed, 1 think. Potatoes, early crop will be a
failure and late also if drought continues. Viues
and gardens, dried up near.y. Fruit, nearly a fail
ure this year. Tobacco, not much raised here.
Kendallvills, Noble Co., Jnly 13.—The drought
Is haid.ln our section. Winter wheat good. Spring
Wheat, none sown. Oat£ a failure. Bye, medium.
Com and Sorghum, rather poor. Buckwheat, can
not yet tell. Potatoes, early poor, late good.
Vines, gardens, and fruit, poor. Tobacco very
good. •
Noble County, Indiana, July I.—There has
been no rain for four weeks, except one or two
sprinkles, and in lact there hav been no Jail of
water since the early part of May, so as to wet the
ground plow depth. The low grounds were not
filled in ibe spring, consequently all the little
brooks are dry, and' mer* low. Winter wheat
good, and more than average crop out. Oats, are
very light—a failure. Rye, email
amount sown, -Com, good—lull average amount
planted. Sorghum, light, (much hurt by drought.)
average amount planted*. Potatoes, the tops look
good, but there Is no root': will be lost unless rain
soon falls. Vines and gardens are much hurt by
drought—almost a failure. Frait—u fair crop of
apples; no other fruit except currants—much hurt
by droncht. Tobacco, but very little planted
looks fair,
Keksalaeb, Jasper Co., July 14.—Aifhrasl
know, the following are all the changes that have
taken place m the crops since the last report.
Oats—There will bd a good crop; It has turned out
fine since, the rain. Corn is flattering for a go->d
crop. Fruit—There is going to be a good crop of
apples. •
Plymouth. Marshall Co., July 15.—Winter
wheat, about an average per acre. Spring wheat,
none. Oats poor. Com probably good. Pota
toes, short crop. Vines and gardens, very poor.
Fruit, mostly killed.
Pouter Co.. July 15.—We bad a fine rain here on
Saturday night. It come too late, however, in the
season, to he of much advantage to some crops,
Earticmarly to oats and hay. Cem, sorghum,
ackwheat and late potatoes will be materially
benefited by it, and 1 tulnk we may count on a
fair crop of cqrn and sorghum.
Wauabk Co,. July 18.— W. wheat, the best crop
for several years in Wabash and adjoining coun
ties. S, wheat, nooe raised in this or adjoining
counties. Oats, almost a total failure on account
of dry weather. Bye, nergreat quantity sown bat
good quality. Corn, almost a total failure on up
land, bat good on bottom. Sorghum, rather poor
prospect. Buckwheat, doing well on account of
late rains. Potatoes, early planting, poor—late,
good prospect. Vines and gardens, old vines ait
dead excepting those bagged during the . winter,
mostly sprouting out new. Fruit, small aud
wormy—none brought into our market yet. To
bacco, short on account of drought, almost a total
Wabsaw, Kosciusko Co., July IL—WVwheat,
good. S. wheat, short Oats, snort. Rye. good.
Corn, good. Sorghum, short. Buckwheat, good.
Potatoes, good, vines and gardens, bad. Fruit,
short. Tobacco, short.
Valparaiso, Porter Co., June 27.—While there
has been ram all round ns, there has not been
enough in this place since the time of planting
com, tolsy the dnst; and much of the late*planted
com and sorghum is not .yet up. Farming pros
pects look decidedly bad. W. wheat, nearly all
killed. S. wheat—very little sown. Oats, badly
injured by drought. Rye—very liitle sown. Corn
and sorghum. late nlauted, a failure; early planted,
fair crops. Buckwheat aud .potatoes—the pros
pect poor, unless rain soon. Wines and gardens,
drying up fast. Fruit, except apples, all kilted by
the hard winter.
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Lake Forest, July irth. 13*4 v J}l2-:n3>&-la
Commutation Ticket* and (lie Condition
ttt «=oi.m te UraLd »jf «>»««
Hinsdale, finish Hi 11,).. If
Pawner* Urcv5,...... -. -3 » ®i
Kapemue * .... » . *» *•
A SfcisiA and itEG JI. *nOXS under wmch Com
mutation T*cicl3 are lajr.c.0 < t>/ lb £
linpon ami w.
T!cic*B can be procured cniv at of la.
General Ticket .\eent of the Company la CW»RO.
Commutation TlcKito arm be »n«d «• BMTW de*
aired oy the applicant other for 3 mon.ksJorS months
or for one»ear, commencing on the first day ofany
month, and no Redaction will oe made for parts or
months expired. .
Tickets are to he u?ed only by the person named on
the ticket, and arc pot transferable under any cir*
CQtEstfßCeP. »au"l* a
than the person catLcu uu It. im conductor will take
op such ticket and return U ta Tlc«t
Oißcc wlthasta»er=pti:f :hf Ihct of the no
rtturn of any pan of the cum received- therefor
will he wade m consequence of the Inability ot the
person to uae It.
Person* laliCßCCiamnlatlon Ucx<to will b» reqn jred
to take them to tb' p'jce vb.ro the- recL’c.nmtheT
mustbesbountotho Conductor required
the same ss by other passeppe*?.
Tlcli ts wl 1 he rood between Chicago an-? the place
names on the ticket, cr for any part of the disr*nca
between ri*coe, hut wll no* V ood of
that station. aua w| 1 not be received •'liber in fall or
fr tt parraem o: fare »e«t of vat st tl in. They will
e goouo all passenger tains that s*ot>atiha»'a
tlon for which they are issued, except tr-Ins run by
specialarransemept. They do nc* exempt ther«r»,>n
raiuedltotn thegcrersd rules oedregn micna issued
by the Compaq'of whatever name and nature, and
confer no ptiviiese whereby the person can transport
ary kind of Roods. Express Matter, other tnan
ordinary personal Baceage,
Tickets are not good' even for one day beyond!*!
exptratloe.and (joconetor* arc strictly ordered!*
examine all Commutation tickets on the 11-it wine,
ond d«ys of each month, take nn all that hard x-
Sued, and collect the regular train fare until a new
ckot Is shown.
• TheCommu/reservcstha r'ght tc takeoff or rut
on tra ns, alter itesiartlogor leavtn-? time at all ita*
Cons whenever they mavihlrk such ciaaaea aecoc
sary for thi :r*n*ac lea of tUelr busLiej >. vithout re
fundi "sr in whole or In part auy sum paid for commu
tation tickets.
- All person*. before receiving a Commutation tlsket.
Will be required to sabscrlbe tothes- rcles and regu
laflonr, »nd stzna contract relieving the Company
from alt liability for damage to person rr property ■
(komany accidenttratiuarbelocurradwh'le on the
csrtroftne Company and ndiug cn the Commutation
Bach perron putchaslue Commutation fcketewlD
tc furnished e there rul«.s and tesulatloaf.
In addition to the above commutation, tic vetagood
Irr 5B ride*, tdbe used within three montha ftom the
date oi purchase, acd which will includes ocrsoVs
family,a*osold atoco-b-iirof theresularfare to all
.tattoos op to Bd
Sjim’l Fowrxx, Goal Ticket Aa*t. Jy»alffl-‘jSt
\j eciaD COMPANY.—This company will com.
cnence the tale of COHMUTATIOfr TICKSTd
On and after July Ist,
Between the following Btationy, under
ss toUows:
Between Chicago anti Miles. Smos. 6mos, lyear.
Summit. 12 (2S.OU 543.n0 gtsoo
Joys 17 A 30 00 50.00 £f> QO
Lemont IBA 85.00 50.00 ,100.00
.a.....’ S3A iOj» 65 A0 I6SJM
an 45X0 icx3 noxo
Tickets procured only at the Office of tha Tress
.nrerof the Company, to Chicago. . .
ComoQtutlcn Tickets are fssoed either fbr One
fear, for Six Moults, or for Three Months, at the on*
tlon ot the applicant, commencing on the tibst day
'0? AKTxoHTH.ana no deduction will be made for
parts of months expired
Tickets are Lot transferable under any circum*
tiances.and are to be used only by the parson named
on the ticket; and do return of any part ot the stun
received therefor will ha made In consequence of the
Inability of the poison to use it..
ComiLuien> are required to take cat their tletets
tor the places where they p’ride, and they will show
them to the Conductors whenever required, in the
same manner as o:her passengers.
Tickets aregood for all Fassopger Trslaa stopping
it the Stations for which they are Issued, with the
exception of any trains ran by special arrangement
They give no exemption to the general rules and reg
ulations of the Compaav, and coufsr no privilege of
transporting any kina of Goods, cutter,etc.
other than ordinary personal baeg-wre.
Tier cts are not good even (Or one day «*er cate oi
ixpiration, and Conductors are strictly ordered to
examine all such Tickets on the bkoosd dat ot eseh
month, take up those that have expired, and charge
the regular lair until a new Ticket la shown.
Tne Company reserve the right to put on or take
off Trams, ro •! er the time of their arrival and de
parture .at all Stations, whenever they mav think
such changes necessary, without returning &nj por.
tlon of the Commutation nn.ncy. ... „
Commuters will be required to subscribe to tnese
Bales and Regulations when paxch&iaagTickets.and
sum a contract to rtlieve tbfMicmsanvfrom all ilk'
Dlllty lor damages that may be irenrred by accident,
either to thrmselves or' bac»age that they may be
worrying with them. *
t3r* E*ch purchaser of a Commntitlon TlekeswlD
ae furnished with* c?j>y of these l.alesand Regula.
•Jens. . ROBERT HALS, Gen*! Suot,
Chicago, Jane 79th, 18M. . jyl-mKoin
buxsn AaxAxesxxar.—'Two Tbrongh Express
rmms between CLEVELAND AND Kfiff YORK.
rakeseffeetMaylMSM. t
Leave Cleveland a 5....... feso a. at.- and 9.10 p. x.t
arrive Laavittsburgb U» a. x. m iferr.x.
•• McidvUleaU ItiOp.x. ** L-00A.X.
** Corryat. 3.-22 r. x. “ 333 a.x.
“ jSalomancaaU..,. CoS p. x. .** Jill A. x.
* Haw York at......10;45 a. x. “ 9;«p.x.
near* Now York at. "iM*a.x. ** dtObtP.X.
arrive Cleveland at 5:00 a.x. ** fiJO p.x.
T. H.GOODMAN, General Ticket Agen^Cleveiaad,
2Td Contractors.
IO ARMY, N0.20 dmrn Stbwt, >
P.4l,timor», Md. July lath,issi.v
SEALED PROPOSALS, In duplicate, will be re
ceived at this off ee uolll 12 «i.,oc MONDAY,August
Ist, iSSi. ;cr mn.lilting the Untwdetates Subsistence
repartmeit wbh—
Four Ibonssnd (4,000) HeaA of Bed
Cattle, on tire boor.
D« 11 veredat the Sts te Cat-lo Scales, at Baltimore. Sfd„
in lots of (Uoo) one thousand each every (10) ten
days; to he weighed within one and a halt days alter
snivel, at the expert e of. the contractor. They must
averageaboutn,9 o>thtrteex bundled pounds gross
weight, alltejllns shoitof (V 00) onrthou-and rounds
grest weight. Bulls, Stas*, Oxen, Cows. Hetfera and
Hornless Cattle will be rejected.
A dpouetten of ten no, pounds will be made from
the weight oi each Steer accepted ruder this con
tract, provided the animal does no: stand In the peas
two and one half hours before being weighed, cr la
not weighed immediately aster removal from the cars.
Black forms for.prrpoMlscan be had on aopl’.catfrn
at this ofllce, either in person, by mail, or telegraph.
The Governs ent will claim tre rlettof weighl-ig
any oneaslr-al separate. If it? appenrsnee indirates
Uaawelghtthan the mlnlmnmmanituned above; the
expense of weighing vll bo paid by tno paity erring
In JPdgirent.
kach bid to PEcnro conatdmtlou must ccntafn**
written gnor&nteo of two respcnslb's persons, as
We , of the con* ty of ,Sta*s of ——. do
hereby cnarartee thm la (or are) able to fulfill
ecomract In accordance with the terms dt his (or
their) proposition, and should his (or their) proposi
tion be accepted, no (or they) will a-* o> ce enter Into'
a contract In accordance therewith, and we are pre*
naiedto becomehUsccor.tlea,givinggcodand suf
ficient bonds for Us inlfllment.
The rescoDßlblli.y of the guaruntors mmt bo tbown
bytheotnaalcertiflca'eer the Clerk of the nearest
District: Conrr, orof *be Trotted States District At
torney, to be enclosed with tha bid
Bidders must be present to respond to their bids,
and prepared to give bonds and sign the contract bo
fonijeavlng the office
TheUovenm-nt rrrerves to Itself the rlghttore*
|ect any cr all bids considered onreasonaole.
ynyu ents to bemade after each deliver/ In such
funds as may bo on hood; If none on luad, Co be
made Ssseon *a received. - .
Proposals mn®t be endersed diitlnctly, ' PBOPO- i
HATS >qr BEfF CATTLB.” and addressed to..
“Caot. J. u. OILMAN, C.S H Bidtlmore. Maryland. *
If ab’d Is In the cane cf -\ firm, their ramea and
their post office address most appear, or tney will
not be c ’Diddered. . . _ .
Each prnon or evnry member of a Ann offering a
proposal m uttaccomrany itwlthancn'bofallestance
to i v e Usl*?d Slates Government, Übe has not at-
filed on* in thi? office.
All nros not coxplttxo stkictly wmi tiib
txbhs of this ADVißTiaxitxrrp will ira FkiEormo.
Jy23 m&2-«t Captain and C. 8., U. a. A.
IO cate are Invited uctU l2M.cn FRIDAY the 29th
day of July. 'ST4, tor furnishing the Sobsiaterce Do*
rajtmcDt,-®ith F«mr Thousand (1000) Head of Beef
Cattle on the hoof . ,
The delivery of the cattle to fate place at Kvana*
vine, Indiana, to commence la twelve days from the
signing oi the coot, act and to ccatinna at the rati of
ooe thousand (1M0) per week tmtil the contract he
completed. *
ihe cattle to be welged on the scales and one half
ofthe aroea weight so determined to constitute the
netweiaht. which shall tc the porch ana? weight
The average welsht of the cattle to he at least
el- ven honored and fifty (H£oi oounri9 crass, and no
animal to be received weighing less throne thou
sand 0«r) penrds *
A rigid inspection will h« made at each delivery, of
such pars- n» t» the Government may direct Boils,
Cows.h'agsand Htlters. wld cot be received. • •
The bids will betnuoma ‘‘Pruposiilafrjr Furnish*
lig Beer Cattle,' and will be dlructedl&tha under*
aUnedat Evansville, Inoum*. ,
Each person, »r d in case of a firm every member oi
the firm, offerli g a bid most sign hla name to thesame
iQfnll.aad a-compan? it by an onto of allegiance to
the National Government. . . t ....
In addition to the abcveltls required that each bid*
uer be otes-nt toT-fpanQto hla old and be prepared
to give bond with good and auiUclcn: secorlty lor the
la'tbftUreriormanca of ihe contract. , .
Each bid tcsecure consideration most also be ae*
dottpamed by a written guarantee of two responsible
persons, as'foilows: . . _
VVe of the county of ana State of ,
do hereby guarantee, that -Is (or are) able to ;
fulfil a contra't in accordance with the terms of hia
(orlbcir) proposition. aac shonld his (or *hf Ir) pro
position be accepud, he (or th-y) will at once enter
m‘o a contract in accordance toerewlth; and we are
prepared to become hla (or their}i securities. Biting
■ora and sufficient bonds fonts rolulmen.-
1 be i espoESibllltv of the guarantors must be shown
‘by the official certificate of the clerk of the nearest
District Coort. or the Halted States District Attor*
ney,tobe*uclosfedwUh thebld.
Fa>meots will be mads In Certificate of Indebted*
I do hereby propose to lurnUh the Subsistence De?
rartment with thousand (—) head of Beet
Caice on the toof. In strict accordance with the con*,
onions tf the enclo* ed advem-ementi to bo de lytred
at lor the sum ot per hundred pounds.
Bids for a less number than foortbnoaaadwlDalso
be enter alned.. E.D. HOFKlflsj,
ly2o r£B 9C C*Dti AC. a. 0. 8. A.
2Legal Notices.
OF COOK—S3. Circuit Court df Cook County,
'.September Tern. 18£*. Heory A Johmon vs. Chi*
r.i?o & Alton Fa'lroad Cc-npaDy, 6t. Lotus, Alton &
chlcaso KvJUovl Company, A>arah Flaw, Dav!J
Hoadles-Jota E itl Georjte N.Titos, Hamil
ton Specter, WUUam Brown. James Brown, Stewart
Bro* n James M. Brown, wuiiam E. Brown, Francis
A. Hamilton Mark w. Collet. Joel A. MattUon,
allfha C LltchfleM.SaionelSlatcmoxd.HeniyEoieh
kits, Dueley B. Fuller, Samuel J. Tlldsn. tonl* H.
Mt-yer, Charles Q Clark, Henry Brown, William FuK
lenoo and Morris K. Je*?np.—ln Chanciry. J
Affidavit of tse noa-residenca of Azarl&h Flagg,
DanciHoadi*?, John Evl Whllans. George N.Tuna,
IVliliam Brovrn.Jimasßrown.Ste wart Brown, Jatnea
M Hicwn.WiUsm E. Brown, Francis A. Hamilton,
Mark w. collet, El'PbaC. Litchfield, Samnol Biatch.
/oid. Herry HctchSUs. Dndiy B Fuller, Samuel J.
Tiioen, Louis 31. Meyer. Cnarlea Q. Cl-tfk. Henry
Brown, William Fullerton snd vorm K. Jessup, do.
lendanw stove named- havinz been illsltn me office
of the Clerk ot aald Circuit Court ot Cook County,
'•’once is hereby clven to the said AzorUh Fugg,
r avid Hoadley, John Farl ffll iams,Georce N.Thcs,
Wniiara Brown. Jamesßrown Btewaitßrown,James
V. Brown, WlUUrn E Brown. Fr ncls A Hamilton,
Mark W.Cr-Ilot.EllaCaC Litchfield, Samuel 3!ai*b>
roid. Henry Hotchfclsv, Badly B. Fuller, Samuel J.
r haen, Louis M. Meyer, Charlis G. Clerk, Henry
. Bn wn, Wiliism FBUenon and MorrluH. Jessup, that
said complainant died hie-bIU of complaint In aald
‘‘oort. ci. the CLaac ry side thereof, on th.i sixteenth
day ot July. iRc4. and that a snumoas thereupon
la ued on* of taid Coart against said defendants, re*
tunable on the nrst Monday of September next, (.156*)
as i* by law required. .. . ._ _ „ ..
Few, anlrss yon, ike said Aiarlah Fia/g. David
coaoley John Earl Wimams.Goorgb w. Titus. WU*
Slam Brawn. James Brown, si«w*rt Brown, James
M Brown. William E- Brown, Francis A, Hamilton,
**ark W. Collet,Flisba C. LltchdeW- Samuel Bistch
ford. Retry Hotchkiss Dadiy B Fuller. Biiauel J.
Tilden, Louis M. Meyer. cbarW Q. Clark, Henry
Brown. William Fullerton and Morris K. Jessup,
■ball personally be and appear before said Circuit
Ccartof Cook Conntv. on the flrat day of tba nest
term thereo/.tobe brlden at Chicago,ln said Connty,
on the first Monday of Faptember. and ol p ad.
arswer or demur to the sail comctalnaat’a bill oi
complaint, the mi and the matters and tbinrs
the t elc and tested will be as confessed,
and a decree entered against von aicnrdinz to the
oraysro* paid ollL WM L CHCBCH, Clerk.
v J. L. Btabk J*.. Campl'U Col*r. lylT.nhJMw
jßrugs an®
T H. REED 4 CO,.
M Lake St., GUcage, IU.
auo.D»ii labsilt a
Mist*. Wli, Wlmtow SUM, Slui.
wan, Barmlaa OIU, Kemcaa,
iMiattu* StoeK. Hum*
fttetann’Caa**. *t»
maatmaMM annua iMn
uhanhi aad Maatiuetarers.
x.B.Bxsd,IT4 H.T.I
. * a.smnt i
Co'.istitutiOit SJlalcr
Tic Crest Rcccdy fer «&«
Diabetes, and Diseases ot
the Kidneys and Bladder.
Constitution Water
Ran beau procounced by the Kodleal ?acuity, and
the Public, to be the moat wou-icrfnl remedy tor tb«
permaneiit cure of all diseases of the Sto much. Liner*
Kidneys, Bladder and Womb, that haa ever beea
It U not a Medical water. It is from experience
that CooaUtnUoa Water has emanated, ana we now
aay let no nupdoubt when a single bottle has bees *
known to cure diseases which the beat medical tsdeal
In this country has felled to relieve.
A remedy possessing the virtues of ConatttaOoft
Water cannot be ehused under ** quack” preparation
as It is now used by the most scientific practitioners lx
thin city. It Is only second class physicians that erf
down popular remedies, while the belter skilled msikd
use of every zneana to accomplish a cure rand the
success of the pOyalclaa Increases as his knowledge of
diifcreut remedies enables him to produce a core,
while others/hll in the attempt. Science iasatlsfisd
mlth the truth. ,
Give Constitution Water a fair trial—we mean yo«
who are under some specialist's care from year to
year, and we particularly allude to ladles who are
constantly resorting to local treatmoot and all sorts
of local applications for diseases, with as much chance
of success as there would be from local application
to the throat for diseases of the brain.
We have always been careful to use language In uur
circular that could not shock the most deucatoorgaai
•zallon, but wo receive so many communications from
persons for which Constitution Water la adapted, and
of whose disease no mention bus been made, that wo
have come to the conclusion that if the remedy is ea*
pable of producing a cure, no matter what the alseaao
may be, It should be made known. The medicine It
pat up for the public, and there should be no sxeep*
B * TVe*woul4 say. Constitution Warar la net like a glid
ed pill,made to suit the eye and taste; It Isamedt
clae in every.sense of the term, placed In the hands ot
the people fortnelr relief, andti taken according to
the directions, It will In every case produce a radical
cure. We would say that thtfXirecQona in regard to
diet, etc., relate only to the diverse under which the*
Is a disease of the Stcmach and Liver,
the Sidneys, and u, without doubt, tho moat obstinate
disease, excapiConsomption, that affects the human
constitution. Wo have nb space for discussing cause*,
but will state that the effect of the disease la the coiv
version of the starchy principle (or vegetable portion
of the food) Into sugar, which stimulates the kidney*
to au excessive secretion of water. Many persona
suffer from this disease who are Ignorant of It; than
Is, they p*wt large quantities during the day, and aro
'obliged to get up from one to fifteen or twenty tlmea
during the night, No notice Is-taken of Itunulthatr
attention la called t Vhe large discharge of water, and
often when it Is sowSadvanced os to be beyond tha
control of ordinary remedies. Another sympton la
the great thirst which* when tho disease Is fully estate
Ushetl.la Intolerable—tne patient drinks constantly*
without being satisfied; also dryness of the mouth*
cracking of the lips, a swoet bream, In the more ad
vanced cases, end finally loss of appetite, cm sc la tlon,
and the patient gradually sinks freon exhaustion.
cojrsxmmoN watkb>
la without doubt the only known remedy for scAßam
and we bare as much confidence that It U a specific aw.
we have that opium will produce sleep, and
say that it has cared every casein which it has been
used. *
Stone in the Bladder, Calculus,
Gravel, Brick Dost Deposit,
and Mucous or -Milky
Discharges after
Disease occurring from one and the same cause vQI
be entirely cured by the Cooatitntloa Water, if taka
for any length of time.
Ib or Painful XenstrunUaß,
and flenorriugla, or Profase Flowing.
Both diseases arising from ft faulty secretion ct tht
mensfroai nnid—in the one case being too little, and.
accompanied by a severe pain, and the utber
fuse secretion, which will be speedily cored by tiui
Constitution water. ..... . ...
That disease known as FALLING OF THB WOSCB
which Is the result of ft relaxation of the UgamentAol
that orgafi, vnd Is known by a sense of heaviness and
dragging pains In the back anc sides, and at times ac
companied by sharp lancinating or shooting pains
through the parts, will In all cases, bo removed by the
medicine. t '
.There is another class of symptoms arising front
IRRITATION OF THE WOMB, which physicians calk
Nerronanees, which word covers np much Ignorance
and In use cases oot often, the doctor does not realty
know whether the symptoms are the disease, or the
disease the symptoms. We can only enumerate thea
here. I speak more particularly of Cold
tlon of tne Heart, Impaired Memory, WakMulneas,
Flashes of Best, Languor, LasalSnde, sod Dimasa 08
suppressed kehstettatiob;
Which In the nnmsrrted female is a constant recur,
ring disease, and through neglect the seeds of mow
grave and dangerous maladies are the result; and m
month after month passes without an effort betas
made to assist nature, the suppression becomes chroo*
lc, the patient gradually loses her appetite, the boweM
are constipatod.nlght sweats coma on, ana Constmr
nos finally ends her career.
L-riUlloa of the Sock of the Bladder, total
nation of the Kldnrys, Catarrh of
th» Bladder, Strangury »ai
Burning, or Painful
For these disuses It la truly a sovereign remedy,
and too much fiaaaot be said in Its praise* A single
dose has been known to relieve the most orgeat syrup*
*°Ajre you troubled with that distressing pain In tbs
smallof thabacJcandthrooghthehlpa? A teaspooa
fnl a day of Constitution Water will relieve you Uka
magic. i
Have longsince given up tho use ofbncho, cubobt
and Juniper in the treatment of these diseases, sin
only use Unm for the wont ot a better remedy.
Has proved Itself equal to the task that has devolved
upon it*
Irritate and drench the Wdneya, and by constant aae
soon load to chronic degeneration and confirmed di*.
Read! * Read!! Read!!!
DXSVTLL2.PS* June 2.18 Q.
Dn. VTM. H. 6ij»a—DeiT dir; In February, 180- I
was a&leted with sugar diabetes, and for five months
1 passed mere than two galiens of water in twenty
four hours. I was obliged to get up as often aa ten or
twelve.times during the nighty aad In five months X
loatahouvfifty pounds In weight. During the month
otJuly.lSO. i procured two bottles ofConstitutlott
Voter, and In two daya attar using It I experienced, i
relief, and after ‘taxing two bottles X was entirety
otfrea—soon after regaining my ustudeood health. -
Tours truiy, J. V. I*.Ds Wire*
Bo st ox caasma. 3T. r. t Dec. 77,130.
E. Geuxo A C°~
Hsntst I freely give yon liberty to make use of th«
ollowlng certificate of the value of constitution
Water, which 1 can recommend In the highest ma»
n< My wife, who was attacked with pain in the shoul
ders, whole length of the back, aad In her limbs, with
Palpitation of the Heart, attended wltiaFalllne of tha
Womb, Dysmenorrhea, and Irritation of the Bladder,
I called a physician, who attended her about three
months, wnen he left her worse than he found her. X
then employed one of the beat physicians I could find,
who attended her for about nine months, aad whlla
she was under tus care she did not suffer quite a•
much pain. He finally gave her up, and said "hercaao
■was Incurable. For,** sold be. "aha baa such a com
bination of complaints that medicine given lor om
operates against aome other of her difficulties." About
this time she commenced the use of Constitution
Water, and to our utter astonishment almost the first
dose seemed to have the desired effect, and she kept
on Improving rapidly under its treatment, and now
superintends entirely her domestic affairs. She has
not any of the Constitution Water for about
four weeks, and we are happy to «v that It has pro
anced . peraumsM mie. Wx 7i> 3iaacaoTEr .
WmxTHXSsnxib, Conn., March 3,l3S|^
Dear Bl?: Haring seen year •dTu.'tUcmtnS of Coa
itltutlou 'Water, recommended far Inflammation e*
the Kidneys and Irritation of the Bladder, haring sol
fered for tbs past three years, and tried the aklirou
number of physicians with only a temporary reUe*,T
•was IhQoced ti try your medicine, x procored om
bottle oi your agents at Hartford, Maasrs. Loe.Slaaoc
A Co., ana whenl bad used hair of .*, to my butt rises
found a great change In my health. I hare used two
bottlea expand am where I never expected to betn
Q. uiA* weft and In good spirits. J- cannot eipresn
«= 8. Biaaow.
vre present the Constitution water to the publ!«
vriui the conviction that it has bomml in reUejln*
thacla»ol diseases for which It has been found sa
successful for curing: and we trust Uiatw»
rewarded for our efforu In placing so Talo*>
bleu remedy In a form to meet the requfxcaeata qj
patient and phytlclan.
pKICE, 81.00.
f]Sl.H.TO&&CO. l ?roptors !
Morgan & Allen, General Agent*.
Ho. 4«€ll* Street,
tm s raMCHejgo
i»a. ram a Dwtis. wbiohi *
ABT.hu 8. SMITH, tttfljSSAm*'
H OTtiV ti 1.

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