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Si(i,Ua Bala,
rats la the moat delightful and extraordinary artt
ever discovered. It Changea the ran burnt lace
Cfid bands to a pearly satin texture of ravishing
fxauty, imparting the marble parity el youth, mod
Ike dutUnpve appearance so InvtUng in the city belle
fashion. It removes ton. freckle*, plraplea end
toughness from the skin, leaving the connexion
resh, transparent u&d smooth. It coatuna od mate
rial ictunooa to the sUn. PmtrooUttl hr Actresses
C-d.d] Opera Bingen. It Is what every lady should
*iave. Bold everywhere.
Prepared by W. e. HAGAN. Troy, S. T,
Address all orders to
DEUAfI 6. BARNES A CO.. New York.
teS6-y<iKm ri.lT
&r. H. Anden ML Co/«
| pdißß Wftter acts aeon the exact, Litr, Km-
uxn,i)ioK«TtTß OuiKt uiGLiSDciu Ststxic.
'-w *be suocesa which bu atteuded the use of tbit rem-
J -dj is enr»W practice. anc the cacorrestent of mod*
/ cal authority, enable ut to recommend It to the pn>
V.Uoner and the public. feeling confident that with a
'air trial it aril! attest lie own excellence In the enra
•of Chronic Dlsenfrs which Indicate lodine, *nch as
icxorui,*., bronchitis, Box Ebcptiovb, Hkixt,
.avxa and Eidki v DiaxAsaa, Mkstoci Ar t '*omojra,
'lioriwu. Rsurjunaic* Dyspepsia, Dxmurr,
♦TirnLU, Ac,
myticlans (may rely upon the uniform strength of
iodine iVaicraacontaining three quarter prainsrru
"iodine in each Hold onnoe rtxxx water. «v a. ,/UtT
■uzißo used. It Is not liable to decomposim.» nor
spontaneously formed Inequalities; neither b the
•odinc ozydized nor neutralized by comMnatfon with
ingredient, rodenne this eolation aaperlor to
%ny other method of exhibiting lodine.
Knit directions accompany each bottle that It may
ue used as a family medicine as well as by the profes*
Price one dollar per bottle. On receipt of fire dol*
are, ala bottles delivered FREE b> express to any
Beware of Counterfeits and Imitations which on*
principled dt*ier> endeavor to dispose of on our rep*
■uuuiou. Bee our signature and trade mark (the Greek
word heading this adv»:riltem**nt.) upon the labels
nnd wrappers of each bottle, without which none Is
Circulars grrtls DR. R. ANTJFRS ft CO.,
Physicians and Cliemlrta,42£ Broadwav, N. Y.
Tor sale by BUSS ft SHARP. I*l Laie-sL, Chicago.
a.yl&-c7t»-t>ni TrTn*ta-u
The Complaints or the Season,
* Tatr care of the JV-onds and the SbllUnea will
*akt- cate ot thews-Ives." say» ibs proverb. Take cats
oi tbeitcnacb and Its irnmtdlaie tendencies.and the
jest of the em'em, will, at a geucrai thins, take care
<1 Heetl At bisstaaon wui we all want is vl;or—a
Tc-placemeot oi vlui lerce we have lost daring the
hot weather • and ibia *»>«(* be obtained through the
ktotnacti, tue great ecm oliox orcan. vUh whose
commons every fibre an<t mol-.cule ot the body sym*
uathlzee. No other meeielne will affer* ib<sobfe:t
r» nit ao speedily or isf»ly as BOSIETrEK'S CELE
f HATEDSI'OMACH teIITURS: IBlact,ltUtheoatr
rreparatlua that will <n?e with SLSlre certainty sal
ijicu of mdice»tlon. the uroprletors can say this
without betae charged with e<(lim. for the state
ment hat been mude over the tlrna urc of some of toe
- most eminent nun In xh*« country, who harenotbeen
jdwiuiqk to allow thsir names to be usee in the pub*
/.;c prints for the purpose of a are it
lact. important to everyone who snfiTers from led*
seiiloc.l.ivrx compUmt or Disorder of the Bowels.
auS-oitt-c; tv TnatAls
l£«ar (be Rouse or Flicii
USX DUTCHEE’B celebrated
A n*At. cheap article,easy to use. Every sheet will
aqaa? SOLD XVEItnVHERE. jaS-kt£!-Sw
Colgate’s Roney Soap.
mu cclebi*tul TOILET BOAT, la sneb universal
uetnaud. Is made from tbe choicest materials, is unlit
atm emoUfiu to tia nature, tragranUy scented, anl
riiuomelv beneficial InltsaeUok upon tb<* sum tor
t ale by all Bracelet*' and Fancy Gwodi Dealers,
j aXB-uTWIy tu-sat-tu
vyoEDSsnn. sccdioal Cubes nr the applica
tion ovTbof. D* Gbath’s Klvctbic oil!-1 pro
rate la core, almost instantaneously, individual!
atllicted wiUi Deufnaas. Headache. Neuralgia, Chill
Fever, Ague. K:icuu;kti*un, and a] pores and pains.
1 propose to Cheek omd effeetnally dissipate more
Ache and pain, and to aceompUkb nearer and more
r*erieci equilibrium ot *.ll tbe circulating fluids la
the tauu.au syitcm, than cau be effected by any other
or »u other methods of medical aid la the same space
~f time, the masse* themselves brim; lodges. Trice,
50 cents and fl per bottle, fi. O UFHAil,Bole Agent,
ThUaCelpLia. Pa. Lord ft Smite, Burnham ft van
Pehaack and Smith ft Dvuur, Chicago Agenta. For
au : t by all DropcUts and Merchants.*
mrA-hlßbdm t-t*Ba
Powle’s Pile and Rumor Cure*
On bottle warranted a Permanent Core in all kinds
c: hit*, wo bottler In Leorcay, Scrofula, Bal' libean,
end all cfccuci of tbs Skin. In case of failure tbe
sroprt»*tor rrauotr all to return the empty bottles and
■at.ebHM Ihei’tnoncy Fonmcrnaland external use.
KuUrclr Trouble. Prepared byiIEN'BTO.FovLS.
ffiemirt. Tl l*rincc r*re,t, Konton. All dealers mn«t
VHrrar.Mi. S+t*< ircular. For wlelndbicaiOby F.A«
\iiVAA.uuduilPraeclßfc'> ' J£2S-tSsWiaisaw
Dr. Weaver’! c:s prune! extract of FJECWKFD OS
Huuou s-irn I.itxb Brarp ie wacuakted to cure
feciorula. Suit Ithruc* Liver Cnmnlatct, and all dis*
tuiei anuneirom an Impure state of the blood. It
nose vot i>*bilitat». It is wonderful in its effects.
Try U. bold by a;l Urn* cists. H. 6COVIL. 76 Ran
dolph street. General scent ter the West.
jot-ti?fi.3ui m aiATUie
Special Hotlcc.
Ut be Uet li-lr <liehsi:>s la the world. It imparts t
Duiutmil p'.ofc to the tnli, ke«-pg it in curl, promotes
It? crt.* ih,Ac. Priofi, 5P rents a bottle.
Ll’nAM’rt TKITIUt OIKTM&NT is a sore and
core lor Teitt-t, S&tt Rbcum, Cber.i»ed Hauls,
1 PHfiK’i! ASTHMA <JURE relieves *nem>*t vlo*
leal paroxysm* ofAs'bma in ten minutes, and effacJ
ayn-cds erre. Price, sa» package
ri'HAM’S ruPCRLt lABT«HKR removes
rreckUn,Ton. fionbßra, Pimples on the face, Batten*
tLtJ>un»bd Leautifles tae Complexion. Price, SO
<e£T« airoule.
DR. L 4 PORTE’S L*FE ELIXIR, tbe great Ner
vine and Bemveaat'tg remedy. restores to manly
▼toor all who arc BBUeiU-e from Impaired Bpinai
Energy, t.ervouß Debility, mo, anslccirom whatever
cause. Prt'c |2 • packavf.
'IHF JATAbi S6 HAIR STAIN colors the Wills
ko:e and Moustache b Uuu;lfi-l alack or browe. It
con»)i-tn of ody one preparation. Color will not fade
or wash out. (kvSOcntnlior.
Bold b» s. C. ■PHAM. 25 Sou Jb Eighth street. Phil*
edelphia, and be ull urunliu Circulan pent free.
LOUD A SMITH. 53i-acc street,
jnliSJ.-J7t7-ly-TUbxi.TC Agents for Chicago,
■>r. James
T'jrrrcrly of .lames* Hospiul- Custom House meet,
Orteviii. L*...e*tuliU bed In Isy.cos.'phrmaneav
b localud at 6o ituudo'i-h street, Chl-opo, 1 i'lnoli.
£MRta*«t la tbetren-uuntof Old Cs>*omo, Maecu
.dial, Boao> ulcus, and hilfciudso: Blood avd -.kin
nvaz. ftp.AnArr*B, enres them without mortice to
Marco/, loom*, Potamu, nr-eaic or any poUun,
tn: with a hacrßALiiitt, a positive oct* tor all
humor* anc blood poison*.
OKBiiar Wr/Ks;*t>E, iori a* Seminal Western.
Nocturnal and Diurnal JimlatU-a*. brought on by
aou»c ox the system, early Intlßcretiou*. excess or
entailed he-ediyirtlv, rausiuc lo» of memory. cod
fniloo, depre«*lou, dimne**), and often tic.es Inaanitv,
with otucr diplo.able tram oi rymplotut,treated aad
r-dicvhr cn?tic by an .utaJtibic method, savtos much
tiiae and expanse. Gl-c*.. Gonorrhec, stricture, aid
r.M dtM&Mee p-ccliaP to the *cr e*. ol a private nature,
radially cured.
Old (ilirascs of the MOST HOIUiILLE CLASS,
where tbf Wood baa heroine poisoned, producing I
b:otcbe> <>n lace, small watery bllsteie. paici in
xne bca- aid bone*. ulcerated throat, nose, llmb»and
body, fcxoiaia. together with sc endlee* number of
Ut. Jame* i* retommended by the prec* generally of
"■“hocUi, tU xn».Jra', faulty, aad proresaoraofiiicd-
Wc ice* etc. Thos-affl uesshncldapplyinune
'"fi/.sij. and be corr* horrible disease*.
J»T.es’Office and l*arlora are atß6
jAOdrJph. bc*.ve.cr. and Dearborn street*.
Offi-ii open frou. 9A- Jl. until 6P.H. ronsniutlon*
on*t Alltel. tT»-n*iMw is
Ik siot oiteta we speak of Phy
Eul wr car cneerfuliv bay i>r. Whittier he* richly
cursed tt>« wide-eprsad reputation wmch hr now en
]o*t. H> hu a iLrgcr rracttcc any otner f.iy
eiciac to Chicago, in the treatment of all those dl*.
caaos wblct need a and peroxanen; core,
namtlv: IVlvtVdlEwcw. llehßAiorthepanflftcen
year* oevotea hie whole Uoe ai.d aUec:Wo to those
unfortunate case>« wmrbhave bathed the ajuli of other
physic’aua. He it meat Bureewful lh the treatment
o> all tboic cute* wtich vtie 10-cicrlj considered in
curahic. HeiEtbf pnoiieher of a n*-w wort ca-led
tht “ jiuror of Touih; o . All Men Rizow Thyself,*'
which will be mailed to all on receipt of ihiee cents
to posmge. • As ce is mmt anxious to do all
the poodiiecun any one may call and receive m*
opinion upon those nu>*t crMoal trailer* ire* of
< oarer. Uffic® and oarlor* IGI Clark street- Posh
a >ffiuc iwi zest. iJihacmetß etriclly confidential?
Doctor Themsoß
t*4 ikoic thim thirty yean experience in the
re.;tu-uit of Private Disease*. The Guide, contain
fag TaliiaDl*; i&furmaUoe and APPinaviTb, exposing
'nr qaaeks ot Cb'.cacr., B.aih‘d free trem otwervauoa,
for Is cents in pottage »umpc. Boat Office Box 74,
(Riicagc mmeU
fecal* Ctark sfrcew __ lyO-miev-SOtts
Hhmam frailty, or PHT
UOLOGIRAL ÜbSEAItCHEB. should he read
by everybody, U trc*»e on. and ghowi how. toe evil
pwciu arieing trox early iilnue and unhappy can
-amirtauon (oxf be eubverted, with a rnrr method oi
clcpellmr the muglvjuce mary experience In rater
tug tho marriage Mate. Scid by Dr. H. A. B AKBOW.
ItKwcker street, New York. Price. 2S cent*,
ire?, everywhtae- To be bad also ol H. SCO
vi*.. It Bandol.''j street,Chlcaro,Hl: al»0| of SLM(>-
A cOUtUhw, e&rner Main and Waßhiuctoo
Vr**oi*,reona,lll daM-w-l
JartP LARS—Hccrcmtn**Conorntrated Beeztnetw
tovei Faint, Grease Spots, iwiactly, and cleans
aiiKi. tablwna, Gloves, Ac.. equal to new. Only 25
r'-Li p'ir Bold by Drurclst* HEGHUan *
;*.)., raie»lt.u and DrstrUU. New Yj*rt.
s.oMC.—Heemaaa A 00*1 Cordial EUrfrofCaUsaya
Jttrfc, the active and well-krown proper
*i«of the Peruvian Bark lea most agreeable form.
;.t »-:h oe ft» cad a va'ru.LieTonlclnhUCMes.bßlpai
t-t''' at ** a preventive to Fever and Fever and
faga-. DU a cl*-8 >Uit and palatable Cordial, and If
imou capertorio lb» common whisky and mis bitter*
:y.ncii' inure. now Dy Drury Ist*, HEOEMAN A
.. (item tu arc ’.Torpete, New % art,
Ac.—Certain and immediate cure Hego
m-.a*s cfl iutl:'! Diarrbma Bemedv bat l» p tx» need
•vita aaMUn: -Voeem since the Cholera season ol
'AS2. A single doe* will Tjvually cht'ct the Diarrbcea
c« tew home. iTepnrenortyby HKQKMAN ACO
•Jia-eire: and wnt* *vv, NrwTotk. Bold X? all the
•rrlcd- rrlDraXCltt* In tbe United Bute*. |es-ursi-aa
JLrgal Notices.
0 OK CXKIK—BS. CrenJt Court of Cook County,
bopumber Term, !&4. Uenry A John on v*. Chi
cago a Alton Fa<uc*)d Compasy, Ct- Alton A
t*blc»EO It. 11 oad CcTiuany, s.-ar.ao Flagg, David
Hoacle*. Jot n INrl v. lllUr;* Georgs N.Titn*, Maxell,
ion bpeeat-r. WUuum Brown. James Brown. btea»n
Drove J*me* M. wiihsrn K F*own, Francis
A. HamPion Mark «r. Collet, Joel a Matttson.
jiiDh* C L.U'-litifl-i.sarMiel Blatchford,Henry Hoich
tie', Ducicy R. r\iti7, bamncl J. nid*JX H,
ileyer, ( hrrlet G CUr*. tkiarv Brown, WHiuur Fal
leruxi anr yci rli K.
Affidavit of we non-r««idence of AzarlKh Flagg,
David Uo*Mic>,.l;tt i,»rl WUitzia, George N. rues,
WMiam B;o»n. .laiLt»v*rown,F««wart Brown. Jamci
M B/cwß, WlMam 1. Brown. Fr.ncls A- Hatnllton,
Mark V* - Oellet, t.'Pha o. Litchtu .d. *4amnel Batch
lord.Henry Hotchtl-p, liudiy B i'ulier, Buauel J.
Tllaeo, Louis M. Meytr. CuarlM G. Clark. Henry
Brown, william ruherum--no Mom* E. Jescop, de
leuoant* above named. Larinc bee* tn ti.c office
01 the Cle’W ot aoid Olrcm; Ccutt ot Co ;k Coamy.
Nouce t* hereby inv*n to the said Azartah Fucc,
DavidHoadlcy, JohnHil tama.OeorgeN.Tuua,
William Brown. James Brown Btewan Brown, James
M. Brown, William B Brown. Fr net* a Uanultom
Mart W. Collet, Elisha C Litchfl-’W. Samnel Biatch
:r>;d. Henry Botchtl** Dndiy fl. Knller, kamnel J..
n uden, Lodi W. Meyer, Charles o,.Clark, Henry
1-ri.wn, William Frlicrion and Morris E. .!••«» Ip, that
: -l-tcompUmant Wed hi* bn of complaint in taia
* oart.on U-c Ctaac ry side thereof, on Ih? Htteenth
•lay of July. 16(4, 'are that a summon* ther.npoa
l*i oed oat of said Court against said dtlt odanu, r*v
tnrrabie on the ant Liondzy of September p_cn.
la by law rruolred. , _
Now. ttnle** yon, the #ald Azartah Fta.g, David
Bonniey. John fear? williams. George **. Turn. WU-
Ram Brown. James Brown, Btawart Brown, James
M Brown. wiiMsm E. Brown. Francis A. Hauulion,
Xark W. Collet,Fiitha C. Litchfield. Sanoel B!«lch
lord. He? rr Uoicht l»«, Trodly B Falter, Samuel J.
Tilaaa, Loai* M. Meyer. Chari** G. (JUrk, Henry
llrown, Will!am FuUerton and Morris K. Jusuo.
•hall peraraally be und appear before said Circuit
Court of CoofcCooLiv, on the flr*t day of the next
- Airm ttiweoi, to be h-iduTa; Chicago,in Bald County,
ar. the uni Monday «if beptembar. jnM, and oltao,
■ jver or demur to the **. d coirrUUaa:*B bill of
mpJaJnu tiie aam* and the matter* aad thlcgt
' irteUi Charged and u*ted raj be Ukea as confessed,
.nd a decree entered ageitv. v C a to the
rarer o< said b!U. CHUKCH. OAfk.
J.L.STO.EA. JA. Cjmjlts Colt. Jjm-tiAH-*w
2To ffiontrartors.
Office commissary of
„ , CHICAGO. lIX , Jolj WJl.l'W. \
seeled prrponia, in«opHtate, win be received kt
ueundeiMg&ed natu 12 o'clock o. on THURSDAY.
UM,lf>rfortrUij«nr theUnltidS’-atoa with
J“* J.abel*tt: ce to be cellvered ts
this city. rl*:
500 ben-ela Poor, me«* or p*lme iceaa, b'ft quality.
Whether packet in winter or inaut to be stated.
5bC barrels extra Mess brer.
ICO.oropoonr.a b*et quality aanked, clear Bacas
cxoKs,ia toured bj.<i Floored bore*.
10oj)C« pounds best quality thorocrhlr smoked
“OULPxne, utuieed anagrtoveu boxes.
-<.OOO barra'a best quality Fnom. macurac'nret
rom prime spring wheat, or good eoued water
w.*?n (U«e kino to be stated) laairoog round hooped
bead l‘ned barrels.
W.KO pound* dry ’ign yellow Cornt Bugas.
uarrfia to be new and tbe best la use lor the purpose,
and to be toll bead l.aed.
c.OOOpcurd* brat quality doufmori Stab Cam*
uib«,or Btearlc light*; slat* and is ounces to the
40,000 pounds rood bard Soap, to be made of good
materials. )tee fren cDy eu nabls git-a. or other
adolteratl ns: to bare no imDleesiU* odor. te-oon
ttiD no mere ttao is per cent, ot water, and to be
well oriel before pack'd.
fs,; 00 pound* co .d clean dry Salt, in itrcug, light,
Wti coopered barrels.
b-relate proposal*. in duplicate, must be made lor
®*cb article, ana tie birder may pmpoof for the
whole or a part of each.
Famplcc oi the article* (except the meats) prorer'j ,
marked. moat or delivered wi b the proposals and
be re erred to therein
- The taJt Meat* and Floor moat be inspected br aa
tturotlicd inartcVT (appointed by the underslgnedi
at the expcaw of the te:kr. Tntothe' a-ttcleawlll
begins j>ecteu by thetmacrtlgaaa wittoot expense to
A piloted ccpy cf tbii advertisement mast be at
tarbed to each proposal and the prooorab moat be
Bpe< ICc in comoljlag precisely with all Us term*
Bid* from parties urtnocn to this edict; moat be
acoomparied by the usntl cusrautee
The s*]iera'name, plana cfbotmeas. date of par
chsee, as well aa name of contents, with rrosa care
and net weight, and shipping marks to be hereafter
designated, moat b r plainly marred on ever/ pack
age. All o her marks xrutt be obliterated,
Centflcat'sof in'pectlaa wilt be required for the
stores, certiiylnc their present quality a?d condition.
Return ot velgata, signet by so ao horlzed public
wtifthtr. most l-e inrolsued wueuevr required.
All atcres to be compared before delivery with the
retained samples.
The stores to be delivered free of drayage at tfaa
Commiai ary Storehouse. oral crack place lu this city
as may be desiccated.
Payment* to be made in each funds u may be for*
nirhed by the DiJtrd &>a*ea.
XheubdertlrTedreteiT a the right to reject an*
aco all bids offered
Blank forms for proposals may be obtained on ao
pl;c* ,, <w atthls office J. UcU TAVI/iB.
JySoi»>«i hfajoranau.fi.
Proposals for fresh
OrTicr ComnaiiXT or Subsistence. J
No.SSSMerth WatnStreet. C
„ , , . Bt. ix'dib, ho* July ISth iSfii.S
Sealed proprial* will be rece-rei at tnisiofflee until
Itc’cicku. luceday, Aumst>d,lß«i,for tunushlmr
hriab bt oj to the uoods in Rbs field and at pcstsand
Cemjrt In U»e Department aof Tencoanee and Are**.
b»>?. icelio. Smith, anf the poets and
PXDT'Ksuupiied therefrom excepted;) It betas under
stood that, wo' lo the troops I*ave the above Depart
mtd.it- but continue to draw atppiisa tneretrom tbs
rc-mrwe.or shall continue to fdrnlsh them with fresh
beef Irieumrec
Bids '»}<) also be received for famishing all the
’roots cm, or ow-raurg from the Missiaaopl rtrer bo
twc*n‘afroand ibr uiontb ol tne river. The con.
force lot focz tiioctba.
Tl« Hetftobc of good and wholesome quality, in
e*icnl proportions ot :orcaod bandqoaneri, (necli
and j-barksandkidce? lallojr to be excludes), the
tecki of the catt e slaughtered for beef under the
Cviitrncl shall be cat off bttbe foarth vertebral loint,
and the breast trimmed down. The shanka ol tne
loicquarter shall be cut ofLfrom three to four Inches
above iteknre Joint, anc ci the bmdqosttera from
hi toeipbt inches stovethe cambrel or hock Joint.
The Beer to be delivered at-such times, in ench
places, and In aneb Qoneutips as mar be directed by
the Chief ConmrriariM ci the Departments the Com*
mifilary of at, Army or Cozmana in the field, or at
posts and Camps, or by otter competent authority.
The united States retervei the light to slaughter
for the n«e of troops, such cattle as may be seized or
csrtared*ae contraband of war.
The bids will rttte the price per ret ponnd at wblco
the beef vlll be famished, the united States famish*
tngwstatransportationfi-ora St.Lout* and point*
sooth thereof, to the main subsistence depots In tnt
oepaitmerts on navigable streams, sod railroad
transportation on roads conducted by the Govern
raent when practicable. Also, ue price par net
pound, the contractor famishing all transportation.
Ifropotals from contractors who have prcrlonaly
failed to compljtwJth their bids or fillubelr contracts,
irom disloyal persons, those interested in mare toss
one b d, or where the bidder I- nvt present to respond
to bis bond, will not bejcopslderea*
Neither contractors nor tbe.r agents will be alio wed
tc engareln acyepecnistions in the enemy** country,
nor sell beef to private paniM wiibont due authority-
All bidt-ramt be accompanied by a Guarantee, rS
the form annexed. The re r ponslhllliT of the gnaras
tore mast besbowa
by tbe official certificate oi the lerk oi the nearest
Distrlst Comt, or of the United States District Attor
The names of firms most be stated In tall, with the
precise address ol each member of the firm.
Facb bid mast have a prioled copv of this adver
tisement posted at its bead and be In tbe following
form ?
1,— —.btreby propose to deßver to tbe Snbsl*
tenet Department of tlx United States Army sneb
fresh beef of tbe quality oesenbed in the advertise
ment above posted, as 1 mav from time so time be
required to liTnlth on due V. d timely notification
at cents per pound grew weight,the Government
tarnishing water ana railroad transportation as In
dlratfd in the advertisement when practicable ; or
1 will furnish the same, aMumlng all transportation
at cents per pound net weight.
I (ncloseterewttb ray affidavit that 1 ara not lnt«r>
cs’ed, directly or Indirectly, in any bid offered, ex
ceputhe one to wbtcb T hare subscribed my name.
A bond with sufficient security win be ru
qufred. _
■We, ,of the county of ——.and State of
do hereby guarantee that is able to fulfill tbs
cortractin accordance with tbe termsof bis prooo
sltieu. and that, should hi« iproootlTion be accepted
be will at once enter into a conttact in accordance
Should lie contract be Awarded him we arc oreoar*
ed to become tali Been: rites.
Burned, ■
rrhli guarantee ansi be appended to eachbld.i
Tbe r!»Lt*o reject all b!d« Is imerred.
Bids most be made u duplicate to be endorsed
•‘Proroffcla ilijbe?!," andtaddressed to Col. J..T,
liAlbEs, A.l). C. sad Chief Commissary of SubKl>
tenae. fit. Louis, Mo.
Those not corfeepoadlae with the above csndltloni
win Ik rt tectsd.
Jj2toCbS-td. , , m „ T. J. HAINES
Colonel A. P. C„ and Chief Cu n ' tnttc " , ~yi
are natures great restorer!
And always remove
Bone & scientifically prepared
And are. in the most obstinate cases.
An safe at all timet, except dosing pregnancy.
Obtcrve careiuily the directions around each bottle.
Arc no “got up compound to impose upon public
credulity, hut the preocriptlna ot Dr. John L. Lycn
now practicing pus's]iron la hew Haven. Ct,. at 196
Chapel street, who guarantee* their efficacy, will
answer all corrttponducice concerning them, and all
other special]tic*, am particular direction* for
a l private diseases and female complaints, personally
cr by mail.
Dr. John L. Ltou’s discovery, known aa LYON’S
PERIODICAL in.OPS for female*, stand before tht
public to-day, superior as a diuretic, nußurrossed at
a specific, lor tbs cure of all h»r*jmi«y female com
claim*, compounded from a formula that is the result
of hi* extensive experience and by him guaranteed
to remove all Irregularities or suppreaed nature, and
warrantee aafe at all times, except when to certain
EltuiOona particularly txpl*loea Is the direction*
around each bottle, which all should carefully read
and understand.
LVON’b PnßlumrAL DBCT2 cost but a trifie,
and Thar worth, in comparison to their cost, 1* iin*
gold to sand.
lioctop Lyon ask* you who are suffering from Irre
gularities will yon not make one trial of hi* re
nowned Periodical Drops, which ha warrants wll]
satisfy vou in everr instance. • •
LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS are sold by drug.
Cirs everywhere, in city, village and country, at fI
tht bottle, or al! orders by man will be promptly at
tended to by DE. JOHH L. LVOB, New Haven, ci
'Wholesale Droggit-ta, 73 Lake street. Chicago,
General Western Aganta,
Have leaiovcl ts
Nos. 384 & 386 Broadway,
KZ b»TZ CTMtlr TOlarcMLonr mMnattnrt,. aCDst
mt&t, axd.now h«re t oooUnily on hand a Terr £rire
rtfcS of fine sewed work clour own manniacmre ti
vhlcb «e invite the atteutton c! Western nurrhkfi-*
We make all tne latcai sUjea oi Metre. Bova’ and
Tcuthß* i.* fSewed iK'Ot*. MaliDoralu, Comrrea* Q,it
ere and f ochleShoef. "* well db ladies*. MPbcb* and
Chlldi enV Morocco. Glove Ktfl and Lwunc wo’k—all
tr arhine rrwed and tbe very beet quality of goods.
iO KICK, • Wasiizn6ToK,D.C.. June2t.is«.
WANTED— Fuboeoxi atj> e ssistaxt SuBGBOJTt
ron Colokxd moors. Candidates must be Gradu
ate* of someßcrultr Medical Cohere, and must be
(■loomed by a Board pi Medical Offlcerato be con
vened by th* Burgeon General. The Board will ds
texmine whether the candidate will be appointed
burpecc or Aiaiatant Eurceon. according to merit,
application* accompanied by one or more well
ffiotiai* tron> ieht>fctable persons, at to moral char
55,^Cm. fchouia be addressed to the SargaonOeoe
" VJ'iafton, D. C , or to tue
er ? l u * »• A-Louisville, Ky. Boardi
New York, Waaklag
-1 °aLso wa vt nl * New Orleans.
oa*T hrxwjutPß FOB Col*
,“P kmiSfJiTf, CandltHl*. TnOPt nngieM a lair
hfr? sn wd be lamiiArmthSe compound*
or Application mult
ACU “ S a “^
Wholesale afid Krtall Dealers la
Green Bay and Saginaw Lumber, EM "gist
Lath Timber, Pickets, 4c. w
Office and Yard. iTt South Cai»i etreet, bctweei
Adana and Jackson sts..Chicago.
W. BarcnruAx, Btbox Bios
. „ Formerly PearsoaA Bitcheller.
1j13H23t80; TC TUiBA
SI A 0 —I to pur
cbaM immediately from
-°} iJ 0 Wtlw Uttl da** ArtlllfTT Hor*e*.
dart colors, tremSto 9 yeira old,
£,° i: peifecaj *Boa4 in all particular*, wdi
leaf* Hio tV iei, ’“ Xioa * and active, and to weigh at
For all Hi n*s delivered at the U. 8. Corral and
-rtil «>e sum ol one hua
dred«i>o suty-ttvedoilnraiß checks oaH.B.Treaannr
Oer* 9- «• gtr «• “•
Ctjtcosm tebtme.
Their Bitual, Gripsand Passwsrds,
Treasonable Nature of the
It Is Both Civil and Military.
It Embraces Twelve States.
Bowles, Mllll*an, Walker and
Humphreys, Major Generals.
Northern and Southern Traitors
Work Together.
Ac* Ac* Ac*
UxjLiKjuAjrrrKa District or Indiana, 1
lMUiANA.rous, Ird.. June yj, ISGI I
Govinafoa: In compliance with your request I
place In your Lauds a partial outline of the na*
tore, work and extent of a disloyal society or
order, now operating In the Slate of Indus, on*
jler the name of “Sons of Liberty.”
If'- 't. 1 * citU and military. In its first ro
■lallon, It decliues principles of ethics and poUltca.
lur adoption and dlasemlnatlon, that are hostile
to the Gprernment of the United States. In the
lattCT relation, it sesames to organize armies for
actual service ’’ In support of those principles,
inatmc the United States Government na their/n
--any, and that of the rebellion aa their friend
2d. It is tecret and oa£A-6otmd. 1 *
Bd. It isi despotic and ahsolnte. The pona’tles
of disobedience to its officers are unlimited. In
clodlng the death ptaalty Wn,
u. rmnoiPixß of tbs obpeb
I*l* Absolute,inherent State Soyeretinity.
2d. The union of the States aa but voluntary and
temporary, and revokable at the will of any indi
ndoal State, so far as concerns that State,
3d. Denies to the General Government the bow
er to lavra, if It be the choice of the
State to reject them. ,
4th. Bccocmzea the existing rebellion as legiti
mate, legal and joet,
6th Holds revolntlon against tbe present Gov
eminent as not only right bat 8 doty.
6th. Holds obligations to tbe order as para
mount to those due a single State, or the United
JWI Declares its purpose to stop this war, treat
with rebels, and make a treaty based upon the re
cognition of grades of civilization anorace.
Bh. Declares a law of races—one of Caucasian
supremacy, and one of African servitude.
9th. Pledges a crusade in favor of all peoples
attempting to establish new governments ot
their own choice, as against erbtlug rulers or au
10th. Accepts the creed of tbe rebellion. Us logic,
its plana ana its principles, as tbe nominal theory
of Democracy and Us own bond of coherence and
ultimate success.
Exhibits are furnished as follows:
, E f hi s. it . A . ComtitmJon of-Sapteme Council
of the States, that i», of all States that may join
the primary independence of each
SiateEne Supreme Commander of this Coun
cil is “ Commander-ia-Chlef of all milltarv forces
beJonringtothlorder, varions sStes. wheS
called into actual service ’’—See sec 8.
dcr* Valltndlgham, of Ohio, SupAune Cominan-
Coi^^nd'CT >^ IDO * B ’ Deputy Supreme
Dr. Massey, of Ohio, Secretary of State.
Exhibit B. Constitution of Grand Council of S.
h, of Indiana.
S - & poflfl.liOlM.poll., Grand Commander,
n. llcfirtm, Salem, Deputy Grand Commander!
Si? - ““naojfl lodlanapolla. Grand Secretarr.
The membere ot thia Connell, additional to the
repnlnr otßcen Inclnde. enxMtcu, tbe Grand Com
m,:OT ,bore
Exhibit C. Constitution of the County Parent
Temples, subordinate to which. Branch County
Temples maybe organized. • J
This order, during 2863. was variously named,
hut properly known as "K. G. C M ” KHionrs or
rat Golden Cikcle. with whose ritual, oaths Ac,>
yon In the spring of 1803. The penalty
of dibdMnre waa then death, and this penalty was
specified in their obligations. **
Dnrlng the fall of JBC3. tbe order channed name,
end rttnal, Md became Uie “O. A. K.,” Order of
Aamacix aitonp; tbe Htnal, elm!, paaairorda,
<SCa, of which are in my pot session. ■
, ° r . Lll '« Order; February loth and
nth, JfaM, the Grand Commander for the State of
Itidiana, conmnmcated the purposes of the Order
as well as the views of C. L. Va'Jingham, claimed
by the Order as its Head and Supreme Comman
For eald address the proceedings of the Indians
Grand Council, and eomnch of the official proceed*
Inca as it was deemed bust to pnblleb for the pri
vate iuformaf.cm of the Order, please see exhibit
D. herrunlo annexed. This report gives the fol
lowing States as organised:
Sew Tort Kew Jersey, PennEvlranla; Sew
Heinprhire Conncctllnt, Ohio, Imfl-mi, Illlnole.
« , Delaware. Maryland and MlrsonrL
Beeidea the ConeUtnUon of the "S. L.’ 1 tererred,
to, there ia a Jomial Eitnat for the Degrees, the
eeme hang a elleht modlflceUon of the work of the
last* ** which was abandoned only in May
These cpnsi-tol tbe “ V.” Vestibule of theTcm-
C« cdoves™*’ Becoßd Temple Degrees or
The organization 0 f the “Soclclj of the IlUnL’’
or Da oopaUc Crabf, doej not mrolrc full mem
oerehip in the order; for thus far, comparatively
few to each Temple are advanced to me Chapters
or s' on ? c *£ of the w ? her decrees, but the lower
and subordinate bodies, and mat of the “ mini" is
educational and probationary, looking to toll ac
ceptance of thegeneral principles of the order be
tal* the advancement of the “Neophyte •to the
higher degrees. * ■
A* appears from the official report of February
17th, there were, then, on/ twelve thonsandmem
bers in ml* State, and a recent report from a por
tion of the State would hardly tripple this number,
that is, initiates, though they claim for some
count.es full battaluons, and In a few cases mil reg
iment*. a
Exhibits F. F. G. and H. give the rltu9K»f gald
Itwlllbe observed that the fundamental pass
word is Calhoun, transposed for use thus—Nu-oh-*
The unwritten work and lectures of this Order
vary In different States and counties, and in Tem
ples ot me same county, though .not In essentials.
This is accounted for from the fact mat organizing
agents. In installing officers, could not take time to
fully post and instruct them, and the work was’im
perfect’v committed to memory. * *
While the penalties of disclosure are formally de
clared to be such as the officers of this Order shall
direct these penalties are specifically given in the
verbal lectures and Instruction". The oaths oi
18C3 specifically affixed the death penalty. The
same Is enjoined In the present Order. In*trac
tions to execute this penalty upon at least one
supposed Informer, hare been Issued within the
last two months. Injunctions to arm, and much
of the detail of subordinate military reatnres of
the Order are also given in verbal lectures. Ton
current testimony from different sources confirms
the above. Many of the documents you have al
reaoy seen, and tney are not necessary in this re
port. t
it.—operltiohs op the order.
A few fact*, derived from many ebneurrent sour
ctb. give slcnlficance to pasaages in tbe constitu
tions and muala. Of some yon were advised at the
Ist, !n»e outbreaks in EasJtrn Illinois were main
ly checked by leaden of this Order, on the ground
that such outbreaks were premature. This Infor
mation come* from Canada, Michigan. DUnol* and
other quarters. ’
2d. A lew days before the attack of Forrest upon
Paducah, I was Informed that the Temples of the
O. A. K.xnNonhweitem Illinois expected such an
attack, and that Forreetwoold eras* Into Illinois,
and raise tbe standaid of revolt. He came to Pa
ducah, but was repulsed
3d. On the day that Morgan first entered Pound
Gap, I was informed at Ind.anapoUs, in the morn
ing, that Morgan was about to enter Kentucky, of
wh-.ch yon were at once advised. At three p.m.
you showed me a telegram from Gen. Borbrid"e.
that Morgan was in the Gap. This Information
derived from you, was communicated to the secret
Order—with my permltslon. Upon this two mem
bers of the Order, both prominent—one Col. IV. a
Bowles, of Buena Vista notoriety, and thf other'
Judge J. F, Bullitt, of the Supreme Court ol Ap
peals of Kentucky—^was soon reported to have
stated that “Morgan must be stopped ;.be was too
soon—the Ordsr was not ready for him.*' Judge
Bullitt who bad come to receive the new Ritual (6.
L.) took the first train Jor Kentaey that day. Tne
tact was, that Morgan teat slopped. Tbemcidems
following and attending tbe visit of Major General
Lindsay from Kentucky, you are fa mi iar with,
and the circumstances under'which Morgan threw
part ol hia force Into Kentucky when Gen. Bur
bridge moved towards Virginia.
4tb. Information was given you of the visit of
Vallandlghsm to Detroit. his protected trip to
Chicago, of the meeting of the Grand Council of
Indiana, Jose 13, of the proposed adjournment
and meeting ai Hamilton.'June 15, and that Val
landigham’s Immediate was bnqject of de
bate, and the prospect of bis being at that time at
Hamilton. At leant one rebel officer left Windsor,
C.W., and visited Hamilton four weeks before. In
tbe confidence ol disloyal persons, of which 1
was advised at the time, by telegraph through Gen
eral Noble.
cth. Five dav? before Morgan attacked Ml.
S'criing, ana the L, and!* R. R, was severed,
written report was sent by disloyal persona, of
which 1 have tbe originals, that the road was quiet,
that “no moles,” (U. S. soldiers,) were on the
line, and that a glorious work would begin the
coming week.
Cth. a courier intercepted between Frankfort
and Louisvflie, who reported tome at Louisville,
as 1 was starting lor Indiadspolla, claimed that
I< !a was moving on Southwestern Kentucky
and that a portion of Buckner's command would
rum the frauOtnts ot Morgan in Western Virginia
Two days alter Forrest de'ested Sturgis I Bocknfe
however;wa# west of the Mississippi! I give thele
among many lact* to show that there is a Cose
correspondence of desiim and feeling between
trallore North and rebels South The whole plot,
of the Order herein referred to. is in harmony with
forcible interruption of the war.
W. A. Bowles before referred to, has made no
close secret ol his dlsloya’purposes. Mid his sym
pathy with the South. - .
Be is reported a ? one of the four Major Generals
of the Order in Indiana. The remaining three are
I*. P. Milligan of Huntington, Major Walker of the
northwest Cm part of Indiana, rice Yeagle removed,
and Andrew Humphreys of Green county The
Grand Commandernas already been namei
Although the new work, S. L, was obtained'*!
Itdianapolif.br it, Barrett, for Missouri it is un
derstood that the Order is so far organized in tbit
State as to run a risk of disappointment by a chance
and that the work of the 0. A. K. will retain Us
usage, as It differs only in non-essentials. Among
tbe persona reported as at the Vouference with
Judeeßuliit and Parrett, were J. J. Bingham, Dr
An’bon and Mr. RisUne, of Indianapolis. I will
also give the names of a few other members for
your information, to enable you to watch tbe move
ments of this Oraer in Indiana, viz: Dr. Gating,
(aseociatec with tbe Gatling Gun.) Mr. Evert, of
Vanderburjr. Mr. L. Leach, Mr. Oley, Mvers ofLs
porte. Dr. Letnora. A.D. Bags, Mr. Mcßride, of
Evansville, John G. Davis, and Lass ell of Cass
county . Several of tbe above aro delegate! to the
plate Grand Council of Missouri: and besides, O. •
H. Dodd, to the Supreme Grand Council to be held
at Chicago the first of July next, preparatory to the
political convention of July 4.
V. PimroMi OP wn; OBDEB.
It seems that the rasro purpose is ooUllca! now
er, by union with Jhe Booth, regardless of men or
nu'ssures. TJie Sutemaad WesternQpuarC I^ad
ete differ a? to mean* to thla end; end agiln, tbe
radical# and coaaerrstiTea differ, at the West '
Nlh liho Dr. W. A. Byvrlea aeotn indifferent to
any Presidential camTa»fl. and to prefer aa early
armed rapture and positive onion 01 the Nortimeit
'with ibcSonih.
Such men are reedy and anxious for each an
armed invasion as will "ire them a nucleus foremen
defiance of the United States. This is not specu
lation; but proof !>• ample. I have adverted to
some tacts already, and will advise you, as I hare
the Government and General Jlcutzelman, as
events progress. Ven respectfully yours.
Bncsdler General. Cotu’d’ff Din. Indiana
Bis Excelleucy Gov, O. P. Mobto.v, ImUanapofie,
Constitution and lawn of the 8. G. 0
(supreme rand Connell)
Section 1. This organization shall be known as
the b. L,
Sec. 2. Its objects and purposes are the mainten
ance of couhtitutional freedom and Stites rights
as recognized and established by the founders of
our Republic.
See. C- Tbe*ys*emof government of this order
shall be rested in a Supreme Council of lie States,
a Grand Council of each State, and Parent and
Branch Temples of each county.
Sec 4, Th- officers ft tne Supreme Council
thau centirtofa Supremo Commander, Secretary
of Stale of the Order, Treasurer, and Clerk of the
Council, who shall be annually elected by the So-
Ereme Council on the 22d day of February,and shall
old tbelr offices until their successors are duly
elected and qualified. . -
Sec. 5. The Supreme Council shall-be composed
o) die Grand Commanders of.the several States
and two delegates, who shall be annually elected
bj the Grand Councils of the respective States.
Each delegbte shall be entitled to one rote, and
wbea a full delegation it not In attendance, those
present may cast the entire vote of the State, and
in all cases ot a tie the presiding officer aha J nave
the casting rote.
See. 6. The Supreme Council shall meet on the
I 22d day of .February of each year, at such place as
I m«y be designated. • -
I Sec. 7. The Supreme Commander, or three Grand
Commanders of States, may call special sessions of
the Supreme Council at such times and places as
he or they may deem expedient. •
Sec. 8. The Supreme Commander, shall take an
oath to observe and maintain the principles of the
Order before entering upon the duties of his office.
-“Said oath to be presented by Jaw. He shall be the
presiding officer of the Supreme Council, and
charged with the ciecnticfiof all law* exacted by
it. He shall be Commander-la-Chief of all mill*
Ury forces belonging to the Order In the various
blares when called into actual service. He shall
deliver a menage to each meeting of the Supreme
Connell, showing the condition of- the Order,
and buch recommendations as ita Interests msv
Set 9. The Deputy Supreme Commander, la case
of diAth, absence, or resignation of the Supreme •
Commander, shall exercise all the powers and per
form all the duties pertaining to said office: snail
take the same oath of office and be Coalman of
the Committee on Military Aflalza,
Sic. 10. The Secretary of State of the Order shall
be chairman of the committee on the state of the
- fc hall conduct all official correspondence
with the Supreme Council, and he the medium of
cpmimmication between the State and Supreme
Councils: he shall ascertain and-report at each
annual meeting ot the Supreme Councflthe condi-'
tion of toe Order in each State, and make inch
recommendations as he may decnCproper.
Sec, 11. The Treasurer shall be under inch reg
ulations as may be prescribed by law: shall be the
custodian of all fnnds belonging to the Supreme
Connell; shall pay all orders drawn upon Mm by
the clerk and countersigned by the Supreme Com
mander or chairman of the auditing committee,
aid make ateach meeting reports showing the
nnauclal condition of the Order, and such recom
mendations as be may deem expedient
Sec. 12. All elections shall be by ballot, and a
majority of all the votes cast shall be necessary to
a choice; Provid'd, That when there !• bat one
candidate the election may be rlco r•«.
Sec. 18. That the Snprexne Commander admin
ister tbc oath to all officers, and councillors take
the oath at the clerk’s desk.
Sec. J. A quornm oi the Supreme Council «b«n
consist ol a majority of the States In which Slate
Connells shall have been established.
Sec. 2. Delegatee from Territorial Connells shall
be entitled to a seat and the right to speak in the
Supreme Council, hot no rote.
Sec. 8. The ordinance or constitution of the
Supreme Conndl shall be read at the opening of
each aesslon, and to all new delegates.
Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the clerk to count
and announce all votes of the Council as well when
taken by count as by Slate or ballot.
Sec. 6. The Secretaries of the various State Coun
cils are required to report to the Secretary of the
Supreme Council during the month of January of
each year, for his report at the annual sessions, tbe
number of brothers in the Order in their respective
■ States, and also tbe condition of thetr treasuries. ‘
Sec 6. The Treasurer of each State Council shill
pay over to the Treasurer of the Supremo Council,
In January of each year, such sums as may be as
aessednpon them by the Supreme Council, based
upon estimates of tbe Finance Committee
Sec. 7. The standing Committee upon Finance
shall be nominated by the Supreme Commander
and confirmed by a vote of two-thirds of the Su
premo Council nt each annual session; and the
two members unprovided for in the Supremo Or
dinance of each of the Committees on the State of
the Order and Finance, shall be appointed and
confirmed In like manner. These committees
shall report and recommend at each annaal and
extra session. -
Sec. 8. For tbe purpose oi extending the Order
Into States and Territories where It does not exist
It is hereby declared that fall authority for this pu£
pose Is vested In tbe Supreme .Commandsrror duly
qualified Chancellors, In the following manner, ylz:
The; may, at the instance of five good men in any
State or Territory, institute Comity Temples, and
when a sufficient number'of such County Temples
have been instituted, they may establish a State
Council, the duly elected delegates of which shall
be admitted to the Supreme Courcil upon an
equality with the organized States or Territories.
Sec. 9. It shall bethedet/ of the Finance Com.
mlltee at each mteiioc to audit all accounts which
shall be presented, and to examine the books and
accounts of the Treasurer, ano report to the Sn
preme Council. ‘
Sec. 10. That for the purpose of defraying ex.
penees of delegates to the Supreme .Council; It Is
hereby left to each State Grand Connell to fix, do.
termloe and pay is tbe manner and to the extent
th»t such State may determine.
Sec.-!!. That the Treasurer of tbe Grand Council
ahaU, before entering upon the duties of bis office,
take the oath required, and sire bond m « sum
double the amount of funds likely to come Into hla
bands. .
Sec. 12. The Clerk of the Supreme Council shall
keep an accurate journal of all the proceedings, and
draw orders on the Treasurer for alt daUnsuiat are
presented and properly audited by the Finance
Committee; collect all dues from the States; re
ceipt for and pay tbe same over to the Treasurer
and preserve and keep all records and papers be
longing to the Council. •. •
Sec. 18. All laws and res elutions of the Supreme
Connell shall be stoned by the Clerk, countersigned
by the Supreme Commander, and-attested by the
"seal of the Order. -
See. 14. The Standing Committees of the Su
preme Council shall consist or a Committee orTS>
. nance, a Committee on the State of the Order and
a Committee on Military Affairs.
Sec. 15. Delegates to the Supreme CoandL be
fore entering- upon the duties of their office, shall
take an oath to support and maintain the prlncl
ples ol the Order.
ScalG. The government of the Order In the
States shall be vested In a Grand Council, com
posed of not less man one delegate irom each
count/, and a< Grand Commander and Deputy
Grand Commander, elected by said Council-, In
such manner as they max provide.
Sec. 17. The Grand Commanders sbaQ be the
presiding officers of the Grand Coundls of the
State, shall execute all laws passed by such conn- •
cils, end shall be commanders in-chlef of the mili
tary forces of their respective States.
Sec. 18. This Constitution shall be the supreme
law of the Order, and may be amended by a two
thirds vote of the Supreme Council.
Section Ist. This body derives and exercises Its
power. and authority from and by virtue of authori
ty vetted init by the Supreme Grand Councilor
toe united States.
Scc-Sd. Tho members of this G. C. (Grand
Connell) shall consist of Representatives dnlv
elected and commissioned by the various Count?
Temp.es. *
Each Coimty Temple ali.ll be entitled to two
aS‘feSfc. ?nCII 1000 “'“““one
» Sec, 3d The legislative functions of this body
Ehall be vested In such Representatives, dul?
chosen and commissioned, and the elective offi
cers of the Q. C.
Sec. 4th. All such Representative Military Offl
cere so accredited, shall be entitled to receive the
sign ot the G. C.
. Sec.6tb. Representatives shallbe elected at any
regulapmeeling priortq toe i2u day ofFebruary
In each3ear,and holdtheirofficc during the term
of one year or during the pleasure oT the Count*
See. Ist The elective officers of this Q. C.
(Grand Council,) shall consist of the following,
who shall be elected at or prior to the annual mee
ting held on the 23d day of February, In each year
vlz. G. C.;Dept. G.C.; (Deputy Grand Comman’
der,) G. Sec. (Grand Secretary,) G. Tress. (Grand
Treasurer), G. C. to S. C. (Grand Commissioner to
Supreme Council), one Mai Gen. lor each military
di-trictnrcßcribed by law. 3
Sec. 2d. The appointed officers of this Q. (Grand)
body shall be, one Grand Marshal, one Grand Con
doctor, one Grand Chaplain, one Grand Warden of
the Council, one Grand Warden of the 0. C. (Out
ward Cot jr.) '
Sec. 3. The members of. tho G. Com.-Staff
(GiacdCommaoder'e Stall/, and all military officers
shove the rank of Colonel, shall be ex-officio mem
ber? of this G. C., aodentitled tolhetlgna and to
participate in n« deliberations.
Sec. T.»When npon a call for a vote by counties,
all ebalfbn excluded, save tbe duly -elected Repro-
a tie rote the G Com
(Grand Commander) presiding shall give*the cast
*lng vote.
Sec. 1. This G. C. (Grand Council)ShaU have the
pole right to determine Its own membership, and
may exclude any one, representative or otherwise,
who shnliaie convicted ol Indecorous deportment
or any dishonorable act; provided, that no punish
ment hiahftr than reprimand shall be inflicted, ex
pulsion from this Order being referred to the
County Temple.
Bee. 2d. There shall be chosen annually; the
Grand Commander, and two additional members
of this body, delegates to the S. G. C. (Supreme
Grand Council), to whom tbe O. (Grand) Secre-
S shall Issue certificates of election with the
of the Connol—Law ol S. G. C.
hec. 3d. The meetings of this G. C. (Grand
Council), regular and special, shall be held at such
time and place as may be fixed by law.
. 8(0*4. All elections shall be by ballot, and a ma
jorityof all the votes ciren shall be necessary,, to
constitute a choice. When there are mere than
two candidates for any office, tbe lowest of such
candidates at each ballot after the first shall be
dropped, and all votes that be given for such'
candidate or candidates thereafter shall not be
counted. In the event of a tic between two candi
dates f.>r the same office for two successive ballot*
lues, tbe election shall be decided by lot.
Section 1. The G. C. (Grand Commander) shall
have and exercise a central supervision of the Or*
der In the State of Indiana, lie shall preside at
all meetings of tbe Grand Council at which benuy
be present, preserve order, and cause the Consti
tution and laws to be strictly obeyed. Bla decis
ion- on all points not provided for in the
tlon or General Laws shall be conclusive, unless
reversed bv the Grand Council of Indiana, or the
S. G. C. (Supreme Grand CouncD)"of tbe United
States, upon appeal thereto.- He shall give the
casting rote In case of an equal division, upon-all
questions in the Grand Council, except on appeals
irom bis own decision: and lo pil elections of of
ficers he shall be entitled;to vote as other mem
bers. Be shall not be entitled to' participate in
any discussion in tbe Grand Council, except in
Committee on the Whole, or upon questions of
order, and appeals from his deciKton. Be shall
sign All orders drawn on the Grand Treasurer, *tiH
* all other documents which may require his signa
ture, lie shall fill all official vacancies not other
wise provided lor. He shall appoint all Commit
tees, except when the nomination and appoint
ment thereof shall be reserved by the Grand Conn
ml. He shall have powerto grant dispensations
forcoßfentnz decrees In the institution of new
Temples, and for the purpose of qualifying officers
then of donna the lint six months, and for all
other matters unprovided for. wherein immediate
acilon is necessary. He shsll have power to call
special sessions of the G. and Council, or of any
subordinate Temple, whenever he may deem It ne
cessary for the good of the Order so to do. He
shall from time to time give information, etc.
Sec, S. The Dep. G. C (Deputy Grand Command
er) shall assist (fie G. C. (Grand Commander), and
In his absence perform bis duties.
Sec. 3. Tbe Grand ficcntaiv shall keep a journal
ol the proceedings of lms body, and money ac
counts : shall receive all moneys, and pay the same
to the Treasurer, taking bis receipt therefor. Be
shall treusuiU aa annual report of the state of the
Order !a Indiana ‘to the S, O. C. of the United
such form as the raid S G. C, may di
rect. He shall receive all document* for tha g. c.,
and immediately submit the same to the Q, Com
mender. He shall, under the supervision of tue
Grind Com., conduct the correspondence of the
O. O. Be shall, when so summon the
Bcpresentatives to attend Its special mee'ings.
He shall prepare and procare tho signatures of the
ofiletra to all charters that may be granted by the
G. C. He shall, whenever notified,’ attend any.
Committee of the Grand Connell, and furniih such
official papers ana documents as tniy be required.
He shall hare the custody of the Grand Seal, and
perform sutho.bcr duties as mny be pre-cribej la
this ConsUtziroD, or the Lana 01 tbc Grand Conn
dl He stall receive lor bis servicca annual:? the
sum of eight hundred dollars, and shall give such
bond and security for the faithful performance of
bis duties aa the Grand Connell may require.
See. 4. The O. (Grand) Treasure! shall have
charge of the funds, and all other property or evi
dence of title belonging to, or beta In trust by tho
Grand Connell, which roar be placed In his binds.
He ehall keep correct nccounta of all tnon jjb
which I c nay receive from the G. Secretary., and
frem all other source?, and pay all ordera drawn
upon the tondi in bis hands t v the G. Comotaudcr,
when attested ly the G. Secretary, fle almlL
• whenever notified, atteod any Committee ol the
Grand Council, and famish such book* and papers
.In bis possession as may t>e reqilrcd. At the ox*
piratiunof his term of office, or after resignation
tbereol,or removal therefrom, he shall mace lull
settlement with the Financial Committee, nnd do*
liver to hia successor In office all moneys, books,
bonds, voucher? and documents and property bo*
longing to or held in trust by the Grand Connell.
Sec. 5.* Other appointed officers shall perform
the ordinary dntien nf their offices, as prescribed'
by custom or law.
Sec. 6. Any amendment to this Constitution
may be made at any refulir meeting of this G.
by ■giving ten day’? notice, In writing, and
receiving a majority vote of the members
• Sec. 7. All elective officers shall take tbc follow
ing prescribed oath of office before entering noon
their duties, viz: -
oppioial oath.
-I .baring been elected by —. to the
office of ■ , in , do, in the presence of
Gcd and these witnesses, solemnly swear to main- ■
. tain tbe constitotlon and laws of this Order, obey
all rightful orders emanating from superior author
ity, and to perform tho duties which have been de
volved upon* me aa , to tbe best of my abil
ity, so help me God.
boles or onssß.
1. When tbe presiding officer takes tbe chair the
tffleere and members shall take their respective
seats, and at tbe sound of tho gavel there shall be
a silence, under the penalty of a public re
2. The business of the annual meetings shall be
taken up In the following order:
i Simple opened ; officers’ roll-call; minutes of
last stated and'lntervening meetings-read wnrt
passed upon; Certificates o* Members; Reports of
Temples; Reports of Committees; Unfinished
Business: New Business. - - .
8. The presiding officer shall preserve order and
decorum, and pronounce the decision of the Tem
ple on all subjects; he Imay speak to points of
order m preference to any other member, rising
from pis, seat for that purpose; he shall decide
questions of order without debate, unless enter
taining doubts on the point, subject to an appeal
to the Temple by any two members, on which ap
ptal no member shaft speak more thau once.
4. No member shall disturb another In his
speech, unless to call him to order, nor stand up
to interrupt him, nor, when - a member is speik-
P a »B between him and the chair- or leave the
.Jl?7£ r J mei ?] ,erwl)cn he speaks shall rise and
, addrtss the choir, and when be has
fiulrhed spall sit down. Members speaking shah
confine themselves to the question under debate,
and avoid all personality or Indecorous language,
as . well as any reflection upon the Temple or Its
C. If two or more members rUo to speak at the
same time the chair shall decide which U entitled
to tbo floor.
7. No member shall epeak'antil he has been
recognized by iho chair. . ...
8. No member shall speak more- than once on
the same subject or question until all the members
wishing to speak shall have had an opportunity to
do so. nor more than twice without permission of
the Temple. ,
9. If a member, while speaking, be called to
order bj the chair he shall cease speaking and take
his seat imtil the question of orderJsdetormlued
and permission is siren him to proceed.
10. No motion snail be subject to debate untiUt
shall hare been seconded, and stated by the chair.
aDd her be redQced to U desired by any
33; w £ e S * Question U before tbe Temple no
motion shall be received except for adjournment—
the previous question, to lie on the table, to post*
pone to a certain time, to divide, to commit or
amend—which motions shall severally hate pref
erence in older herein arranged.
32. On the call of five members, the previous
question having been ordered, all further amend
ments and debates shall be precluded, but tbe
amendments. that have been previously offered
shall be voted upon in their order before the m«i n
13. When a blank Is to be filled, and different
sums, numbers or time* shall-be proposed, the
question shall first be taken upon the high
est sum or number, and longest or latest
14. -Nomotlon for reconsideration shall be re
ceived, unless moved by a member who voted In
the majority, in the first instance. -
15. Any member may excuse himself from ser
vlce on any remmlttee at the lime of bis appoint
ra; nt, if be Is then a member of one other com
18. The person first named on a committee shall
act as chairman thereof nakl another is chosen by
37- The consequences of a measure may be re
probatedin strong terms, but to arraign the mo
tires ofthose who propose to advocate it Is a per
tonality and againsr order. H
18. while itbo chair la putting a question or ad
dressing tbe Temple, or whilst any other member
is speaking, no member shall walk aoout or leave
the temple or entertain private discourse.
19. No motion can be made bv one member
wbue another Is speaking, andno'motloncaa be
made without rising und addressing the chair. \
a) The chair or any member doubting the de
rision of tbe question, may call lor a division of
the Temple, and a count of the affirmative and
negative vote. ,
21. All reports of committees should be made in
S3, Should any committee be appointed at one
session of the Grand Connell to report at tbe next"
succeeding session, It shall be the doty of the com
mittee to report in writing, even though they be
not Representatives. J '
23. Any member has a right to protest and lo
have hla protest spread upon the Journal—C, M.
24. motions for adjournment, the previous ones
tioo. lo lie on tbe table, and to postpone indsfl
*nltel>, shall be put without debate.
£5. Any of these rales may be dispensed with by
a vote of two-thirds ot the members present
General Laws of the S. L. (ooos of Liberty.)
Section 1. A Parent County T. may be institu
ted by an eligible brother, who shall be authorized
by the Grand Council or by the G. Com. (Grand
Commander) upon the application offlve mod and
true men, bv paying the expenses in cuffed for
books, traveling, etc., and three dollars per day to
the person who shall be designated to Institute the
Sec. 2 Branch County T.’s may be instituted by
the mMe above, or by the officers of the Parent T.
Provided—That the Grand Sic. (Slgolor) of any
Parent T. ol this State, be authorized to organize
subordinate temples In any township where none
have been organized, subject to the constitution
ana roles of this order and that until a Parent T
Jbe oratnlzed In such county to which such town
ship belongs, the Secretary thereof shall report to
the O, Sec, (Urano Secretary) ol this State.
Stc. 3. The names and vocation of Parent and'
- branches shall not be changed without permission
of the G. (Grand) Council, or without written con
sent of the G. Sec.
article n.
Section 1. Every T. In the State ol Indiana shall
mtet twice In every month, andoltenerlf they
shall deem proper, and shall be opened, a* near as
may be, at the time prescribed by the rules of or
Sec, 2, Special meetings may be held, upon the
call of the G. S. (Grand Secretary), or when re
quested to do *o by flve members of the T., gene
ral notice ofeach meetings to be given aa far as
Sec, 3. At any regular or special meeting, at
which the first and second officers shall be absent.- 1
a degree member may be cboaeato pre-*j
Sec. 4. Each T. is empowered to designate what
number not Jefs than five shall constitute a quorum
lor the transaction of business. *
article nr.
Section. 1. Theelective officers of the Parent T»
(Temples), shall be M. E: R. «. (Most Excellent
Knight Commander) M. £. K. C. W. (Most Excellent
Kmcht; Chief Warden,) M. E. K. &uc. (Secretary.)
M.E. K, Trees. (Treasurer;) M. E. K. Lecturer
ot the V. (Vestibule,) oudM.E. 11. Eep. (Repre
sentative) to 0.0. (Grand Council.) Tae officers
shaU beappolmed, W. E. K. Cond, (Conductor,)
M. E. K. Marshal, M. E. K. W. T. ( vVar
den of the Temple,) M. E. K. W. u. C. (Warden
of Outer Court.) v
See. 3. The elective and appointed •ffleers of a
Branch Connty T. shall be those deal nated In the
ritual of the Order.
Sec. 8 The election of all officer* shall take
place annually, on or not to.exceej two wees a
previous to tho 22dday ofFcbruaryln i-chyear.
Ser. 4. At the lime and place the Fan nt T. sooll
elect two representatives to the G. Council and
one additional representative for every one thou
sand members in said county. a*
Sec. 5. All elections shall ceb/ballot, and a ma
jority of all the votes given shall be necessary to a
choice; Provided, That whenever there shall be
but one candidate, tbe election may be by ties voce.
Sec. 6. Any elected or apnomted officer who
shall absent himsclt from the Temple for three suc
cessively stated meetings, nnleas such absence be
satisfactorily accounted for, shall thereby vacate
bis office, and the vacancy shall be filled by special
election; and the member so elected or appointed
to-fillsnob vacancy, shall, if he serve under such
election or appointment, receive all the honors of
the station as though be bad served the fad term.
. Sec. 7. All elective offlcerseuail continue to serve
until their respective successors are duly elected
apd qualified.
Section!. The duties of the G. 8. (Grand Ste
rner) and M.E.K. C. (Most Excellent Kdtebt Com
mander) shall he: Ist: To preetde at all meetings
of the Temple at which they may he present, and
open and close the same In duo form; to preserve
strict order and decorum, and enforce the Consti
tution and Laws ol the Order. 2d. To decide all
questions of order, subject to appeal, by two mcm-*
'hers, from his-decision, to the Temple, Sd To
give the casting vote on all questions before the
Temple, in which there may be an equal division
of members, except in ttm election of officers and
appeals from hla decision. 4th. To Inspect all bal
lots, on application, for membership, degrees, or
certificates, atd.report thereon to the Temple.
sth. To sign all orders drawn on the Treasurer for
the payment ol such snms of money as may: from
time to time, be voted by the Temple, and also
such documents as may require his signature to
authenticate them. ,6th. To appoint the officers
hereinbefore specified at the tune of his installs
lion, and to fill vacancies In the same whenever
they may occur. .7th. To appoint at the same time
such standing committees as the Temple may pre
scribe, and such other committee*, from time to
time, as may be reqnlred by the Constitution and
Laws, or directed by the Temple. 6th. To see that
a brother is visited Immediately, upon being ad
vised cf his illness or distress, and to continue to
do so, at least once'per week, dorieg snch illness
or distress, and see that he Is duly provided with
attendance. Otb. To installrtheir successors in
Section S. Dalles of the M. E. K. Bee:
Igt, To keep in suitable books for that purpose,
the account s or the Temple and of the members
thereof. 2d,'To receive all moneys dae the Tem
ple;,pay the same to the Treasurer, and take bis
note thcreior. £d. To make oat all notices that
may be required-for special meetings, attendance
upon the sick or distressed. 4th. To famish- the
•Temple, on the night preceding the expiration of'
«tch term of three months. allstof the members
thereof who are delinquent, with the amount dae
by each. Sib. To make oni at the expiration of
-each term ol three months, a report to the Grind
Connell, in such form as said Grand Connell shall
< direct, which he shall read in open Temple and
'record In a book to be kept for tout purpose; and
where duly approved by the Temple and signed by
the proper officer, be shall forward the same to the
Grand Secretary—which shall be donewithin ten
day g from the expiration of each term of three
•months. 6tb. To enrol In a hook provided for
rhat purpose, the names of the members ot the
Temple, ace, occupation and residence thereof,
and the degrees taken by eacn; noting, from time
to time, in a proper marginal column, the fact -of
death, suspension, expulsion or withdrawal, a® the
came may occur. 7th. To attend the committees
appointed to audit the hooks and account* of the
Temple, and render vnch assistance as may be
necessary. 6th. To deliver up to his successor in
office, all. books and papers appertaining to his
office, which may be in his possession.. OutTGen
cradv to do and perform each other acta at may bo
required of him by the Temple and-by the laws
. and usages of the Oroer. Be shall receive for his
service* t-nch compensation as the Temple may
determine. ;10th. To keep sccnrsieminutcsof the
Tcmpltvln a book foy that purpose.
asticls v.
Sec, Ist, It shall be the duty of the Trcaauitr
Ist, To ic.eivc from tbc Secretary all moneys das
to the Ttaple. 2d. To par all orders draws upon
the funds In bit bands, when properly attested.
3d. To have h!s books and accounts ready for set
tlement at the expiration of his term of office, sad
open for inspection by the officer* of the T„ or a
committee appointed for that porpose,at all times.
4th. To deliver to hi? eusceesor in office at the ex
piration of hia term of office, resignation thereof
or removal therefrom, ail moneys remaining In Ms
bands, and all books and paper* pertaining to this
office. 51b. To give bond with two sureties con
ditioned upon the fiuthful discharge of bis duties,
as the T. mav require.
Sec. 2d. The term%of three months shall cim
menie Fcbroarv 22d, of each year.
abticlb n.
See. Ist. S. L. (Sons o! Liberty)— Any white
male person of good moral character above the are
of 18year*, bein'* proposed by one and vouchcdfor
by two member* to good standing, may receive tbe
B. l.~Lesron of this Order.
Stc/Sd. When the name of a candidate la pro.
rosea lor membership, it Bhall.be referred to a
'committee of three appointed by the tt. S. (Grand
Senior): said committee to report on *ach pro
position at the next regular meeting of tbo Tem
ple, and no balloting for membe'iblp to take place
□Mil the committee report as aforesaid.
Sec. 3d. First degree members must be advanced
in accordance with provisions laid down In tbe
ritual of the second and third degrees.
Sec. 4th. Al. candidates for degrees mast be bal
lotted for. One negative vote lays tbe application
over one -week, tw* negative votes, lor three
months; three negative votes disposes of it finally,
unless reconsidered.
Sec. 5. A member changing his residence, wish
ing to withdraw from one Temple and unite with
another, shall be entitled to receive a certificate of
membership which being tiled with his application.
If found worthy, shall be transferred, by vote of
tbe Temple, at hU new residence.
Sec. 6. No Temple is permitted to receive appli
cations from persons not residents of the county la
which the Temple 1b located, and all applications
mast be made to the Temple nearest to the appli
cant* residence—residence of Q.C. .
Sec. 7. An expelled member can only be reinsta
ted by the consent of the Te gple from which he was
see. 8. If a member la proposed for membership
and elected, and previous to Initiation the Tem
ple obtains information of bad conduct. It mav re
fuse to Initiate. 1 ■
pews asdddm.
See. 1. The fee for the firstfor branch Temple
degree shall bo one dollar; tbe fee for the second
shall be one collar and fifty coots. '
,8e0,<3.. The monthly dues for each and every
member shall not be lees than ten nor more than
'fifty cents. .
1. It shall be the doty,of every member of this
Order, when possessed of imy information touching
the Improper demeanor of a brother, to file a writ
ten complaint with his Immediate G. S. or C, and
shall make it known to no other person; amf**
shall be the doty of snch officer, specifying the
charge In regular meeting of the Temple, withhold
ing tbe name of tbo informant, to appoint a com
mittee of five to examine and report upon scch
charges, and If they shall bo sustained oy said
Temple, then said accused shall be notified to ap
■pew, ana shall be regularly tried by the Temple,
eald committee conducting tbe prosecution, and
accused shall have counsel in his behalf. Wit
nesses may be examined. and testimony of those
not members of fhe Order may be taken,-but not
,ex fane. Upon a fair hearing the Temple shall de
ciceupon his gnfitand punishment, whichshall not
be higher than expulsion from the Order; the vari
ous grades cf punishment shall be reprimand, bus
pension for a tune, and expulsion.
2. It shall be the duty or all Temple?, in case of
expulsion of a member or members, to notify tho
O Sec. by letter; andlt shall be the duty of said
G.Jec. to notify all Temples in his jurisdiction of
saldfact. , • ...
8. It shall be the duty of tbe presiding officer of
each and every Temple, whenever necessary, to
appoint two competent - Mothers an
committee for the evening, for no visiting brother
can be admitted to the Temple nnlesa. he shall be
known.'recognized by the officers, vouched for bv
a brother, or proved by the committee so ap
4,. It shall be tbo duty of each and cverv P T
[Parent Temple) in tbe State to remit to the q!
Sec. such amounts as the G. Council shall levy
i heln » : P rom PUj upon the application of
lb j a* ? e P» *nd.m case of failure so to do, for a
period of three months, such P. T. shall forfeit
their organization. We recommend the Constitu
tion oKhe Society of tbe lUlni for all public
dubs, and the Rohm of Order adoptea by' the G.
Council for toe government of all subordinate
Temples In Indiana. .
5- Any additional by-laws may be made by each
County Temple not Inconsistent with the laws of
the. Grand Connell, by a two-thirds vote or the
members of such Temple, tour weeks’ notice being
given therefor. - h
rules op obdss.
[Same as In the official oath.—Tarn.)
Proceeding, or the Grand Council or
f h e f'et" or Indiana, at tnelr meet.
ou * ne 16U| tea 17iu Pen.,
tßoi, 7
The within proceedings ire published In comoll
ance with the lollowlng resolution; *
Th ft t fit® Grand Secretary prrpire and
publish in pamphlet form the address of the Grand
HJS 1 ™ Bnch of ,he proceedings of
brand Council as may bo necessary for the in
formation of .be County Temples, aud send ono
copy of each publication to each County Temple.
Councilors : For the honor you have done me
In fixing a time to hear my views and suggestions
in relation tOrthls organization aud general mat
ter®. I feel duly sensible, and am only sorry that I
emso Uly prepared to meet your expectations
We are organized lor a high and noble parpo’se
theerectlon and consecration of Templea to the
service of true Republicanism; altars upon which
S« “Br®! onr hands and hearts with the iuvsea-
Uon, w God of our Fathers I” Well may wa call no
on the God of troth, justice and human rights in
our efforts to preserve what the great wisdom and
heroic acta of ourfathers achieved. ,
This, my friends, Is no small nfidertaking—re
qniring patience, fortitude, patriotism and a self
sacrificing disposition from each and aIL aud may
require ns to hazard life itself, in support and de
fense ofthose great cardinal principles-which are
tbe foundation stones ot the State and Federal
Governments, It is the boast of those who for
long centuries hare fostered and kept alive broth
erly love and mutual protection amongst not only
tbe civilized, but In some degree tbe «.cmi-barbar
ous nations of tbe earth, tbac they have attained
now apparent great results through trials, tribula
tions, lone sufferings and persecutions. So. too
the worshippers orGod, be they Jew or Gentile,
claim to more distinctly, merit an tdeurity and
name, la consequence of the Imminent perils and
innumerable conflict? which have been thrown In
their way to Impede thelrprogress. So may we
auo doubtless will, point with pride to our present
troubles. In the future, to prove our great wortb.
This great brotherhood Is entitled sow to the re
•pect of mankind, for the part* It enacted
in Ihe period anterior to tbe revolution of
ITTfi. Through it the Declaration was made
«?d H e , Independence of toe S'ates achiev
ed! This alone wonld endear It to every
patriot heart, to every lover of Republican Institu
tions; if its history should stop here, when its
operations were suspended, it were certainly
enough; ont still more glorious, superlatively
brilliant, will bo Its history when reinstated as u
now is. It shall restore to this great people their
fireside rights, a pure elective franchise, and an uu
trammeled Judiciary; when fanatical usurpers
and woold-he tyrants and dictators are sweptaway
with the rubbish that has been thrown t6 the sur
face In these extraordinary times; when once more
the - governing principle shall be the will of the
governed expressly declared; when no more pow
er shall be exercised than la or has been derived
from the people, the legitimate source-of all
power. s
The great principle now In Issue I? the centrali
zation or power, or tLe keeping it diffused In State
sovereignty as It Is by organic laws, constituting
States and forming the general Government.
The creation of an empire, or republic, or the
reconstruction of the old Union by brute force Is
simply Impossible 1
The liberation of four million blacks and putting
them upon an equality with the whites Is a scheme
which can only bring its authors into shame, con
temU and confusion. No results of this enterprise
■paUom T€r ** reaUzed tot army of occu-
It is not the part of wisdom for those who have
In hand the noble work of preserving the States
from rain, the races from intermixture, to base
thelractlon upon Incident or accident, or upon any
supposed terminat ion of our present troubles. Do
who changes his view upon victory or defeat is bat
a poor soldier for a long campaign against the
mass of error, corruption and crime, now thickly
spread the body politic, aad to
an tlanulng-ezteat•influencing the action of the
American mud.
But shall we stand aloof from political alliances
atd seek in our own way to •aalst in the needful re
formation ? Shall we rely entirely upon ourselves ?
By no means. When the great cad In view can be
in the least degree promoted, we should not hesi
tate to lend onr aid and support; but care should
be that no uncertain path or devious wars he en
tered upon. /
Let me speak plain. Our political affinity Is
unquestionably with the Democratic party, and If
that organization goes boldly to the work, stand
ing firmly upon Its time-honored principles, main
teiniDgnusnllied Its Integrity, itls safe to pre
snmc that It will receive the moral and physical
support of this wide extended association. •
The great‘ boast of the Democratic parly has
been, that it has met and beaten back the party of
centralization since the formation of the Union*
and although it has never ordained any principles
in regard fo the status of the Interior races. It lias
at ah times strictly adhered to the doctrine of
making It a purely local matter, and leaving It to
the Starts, by the exercise of their reserved pow
ers, to regulate it as a domestic Institution. The
maintenance of this doctrine In Its tmendment
and genyal operations mast be satisfactory to
the entire brotherhood. Let no one say we will
thus be subservient to a party, rather will we be
subservient‘to the demands of onr country, and
the cause In which we haveenllsted.
There need be no|apprchonsion that a war of co
ercion will be continued by a Democratic adminis
tration if placed in control of public affairs, for
with tbe experience of the present one, which has'
lor three years, with the unlimited resources of
- eighteen millions of people, m men, money and
» ships, won. nothing but its own disgrace ana
probable downtall. It Is not likely that another.
If It values-public estimation, will repeat the ex
Neither have we any reason to fear that the
Democratic party, in shaping the canvass of 1864,
will go ont or its way to Insult five hundred thou
sand of those whose votes are necessary to it* suc
cess. Let usnuner Incline to the belief that all
the elements o! opposition, can and will be united
with no sacrifice of principle or manhood, to crush
out this onepowinpower.
A mere change of men will avail nothing, with
out. corresponding action. Men, statesmen and
executive,officers, exhoH people to patience and
long suffering, and while condemning Federal
usurpation, yield obedience to all Its demands. In
• the estimation of the membership of this organ
ization, such men and such governors, be of what
partv they, may, must be regarded as enemies to
good government. • I trust I may he pardoned ii I
give a fewexamples to illustrate.
If this people cannot excuse the Federal Execu
tive for exercising undue and unwarrantable power
toward* breaking down their tights, derived from
the force of their" State governments, how shall
the offense oi Governor Seymour in
violating his obligations in allowing It to be done
In the great State of *New Yorkf This Governor
becomes accessory after the tact, and la alike
worthy of public condemnation. Do you tell me
»it Is a necessity, to thus subserve the Washington
usurper? In God’s name, do not tell me that it is
a necessity to be . forsworn, to violate the plainest
provisions *01 the Constitution, to consign a people
to a.blavlsb subserviency to tbe will of one man,'
You may tell me that it Is rather a necessity to
rfve up place; aye, to give up life Itself. Because
tbe punishment of these crimes against law and
the people being impeachment, and lodged with
legislative bodies that will not execute it, tber are
nevertheless offenses, and will be so adjudged
hereafter, when healthy restraints of law shall be
demanded to protect hie and property.
The Democracy of Indiana, too, has made a
culprit of itself. - A Senator, by the mean and
contemptible action .of a majority of tbe United
States Senate, was • wrong fully and maliciously
expelled from his seat. Tbe Legislature plainly
acquiesced In this,insult to the Sure and the par
tv, by refusing to return him again. Again, our
cherished Vallandlgham resides in exile, .not so
much by the power of Lincoln as the demands of
those .who are controlling, or- did control the
Democratic party-of this State, m
These things are of the past, shall they be re
peated in the future ? The great fear is that they
will be, so long as tbe bugbear of civil war shall
continue to horrify otherwise Sensible people.
My advice to yon is, look well to the selection of
men upon whom' yon devolve the functions of
leader*. This Is no time to pat forward men who
take counsel of their fears.
*• Will the exercise of an undoubted right—an In
ahenab’e. an inherited, a constitutional rlghMead >
to conflict? Will opposition to usurpers, to die- !
(store, to. tyrants, who bare broken down tbe 1
Mieanardsoflifoandnroperty, leadtolt? There j
ishoescape, save in dishonor; and the zuoetpo- i
tent argument in favor ot the permanency and
si read of this association lie* in the fact that there !
are men who desire place, and - those who desire
peace and quiet oppu such terms. But who will
bring conflict? who will commence hostilities t ■
Certainly not those who are merely claiming their
’ righls. The conflict, then, must commeno-d by
• Ukmc who are tn the wrong. Hurt
therefore, continue to abuse themselves, to keep
*£? t7lh Qm the l. hmTe P*«c«d la authwlty from
committing outnaei upos them? Thu lathe
-r. range logic of the times. **** BMW
ThUorttnlxaUon la based upon the principle of
cooeerrlng the Government Inaugurated by the
people, bound to oppose an usurpation of power.
Now It to happoia tmtt la the seventh vearoflts
re-establishment we find our State and Federal'
Government overturned. Tes’tis true Lincoln'*
Government is an usurpation; Morton’s Govern
ment is an usurpation. Now, I know not what
other* may do. but for myself I am will Is* the
ballot-box shall decide who shall be the officers un
der the Constitution; but I shall obey them only
eo far as they exercise their delegated powers. I
will not agree to remain passive under usurped
authority, affecting my rights and liberties.
Now, if the present condition can be
changed by the ballot all win rejoice; but bow will
the ballots dedde anything, when the dominant
psrtyof the country appeal from It to force. No
one wUI enter the contest to overturn this party
more cheerfully than L Hat suppose
it re-elects itself; .will it return to
the Constitution and laws? Are all those
who do cot agree with them to enter upon that da
lightlul future which has been so often and boast
follv predicted by the Executive of tins Sine and
many of his appointees ? That future to you and
me is death, confiscation of our property, starva
tion of our children, the forced marriage of our
heirs to their new made colored brethren in arms.
it these men be prolonged in power, they must
either consent to be content to exercise the power
delegated by the people, or by the gods they must
proye themselves physically the stronger. * This
position is demanded hy every true member of this
fraternity. Honor, life, aye, more than life, the
wives aad daughters demand it, and If you Intend
to m»ke this organization ol any practical value
yon will do one ol two things, either take steps to
work the political regeneration of the party with
which we are affiliated up to this standard, or rely
ing upon ourselves, determine at once oar plan of
. It might be asked now, shall men be coerced to
go to war, in u mere crusade to free negroes, and
territorial aggrandizement? Shall onr people bo
taxed to cany forward n warof emancipation, mis
cegenation. confiscation, or extermination?
It would he the happiest day of my life HI coaid
siand op with any considerable pordon of raj fel
low men and sar, Not another dollar, not another
Iran for this nefarious war. But the views and
suggestions of exiled Vallandlgham will be of great
er comeqcence to you than rpv own. Ho says to
you, the only issue now Is peace or war. To the
loimcr he is committed, and cannot, will not re.
tract. Hu tells ns not to commit, ourselves to
men. As well as be loves, and-mnch as be ad
mires.the little hero McClebao, he would have the
Chicago Convention act with .nutrammelcd free
dom. Hu reasons that the spring campaign will
br more disastrous to the federal armies than
those beretoforemada. That by July the Increas
ed call for troops, me certainty of a prolonged war
—the rottcunesß'ct tbetiuaudai system, defection
of border State troops, tlie spread and adoption of
. the principles of this organization, will all tend to
bring conservative tnen to one mind.
He anticipates that the deliberations of the Chi
cago Convention will nodonb.be.harmonious, and
that its nominees will carry a majority; of the ad
• benog States: thinks that Government, by the one
tenth proclamation, will vote .all seceded States,
ond overcome us; and says if thl« northern people
do cot inaugurate the men thus duly and legally
chosen, they will be wanting In that manhood and
spirit that ahonldcharactartzefie.men. He wishes
it distinctly 'understood, altnongb pressed from va
rious quarters, that he will not consent to the use
of bb name before the convention fora nomina
tion, hut thinks Incase we succeed he wooldhe en
titled to have a piace in the cabinet, (maybe get it)
and not say. like General Taylor, that ho.has “no
friends to reward and no enemies to Danish.” He
counsels late action on the part of State conven
tions; thinks Ohio is called too soon, advising that
Indiana should have hcrs v aay first of June. He
finally judges that the Washington hold will not
yield np its power until it is taken from them by
nn indignant people by force of arms. He inti
mates that parties, men and interests, will divide
“to two classes, and that a conflict will enane for
tbe mastery.
“ Sons of Liberty," arise! the day la rapidly ap
preaching in which yon can make good your prom*
««• to your country. Thu tomacu is being heated
that will prove your slncerlty-the hoar for aarln
deeds I* cot distant—let the watchword bo oh
. _ward. And let the result bless mankind with re
publican government, In this our beloved land, to
their latest posterity.
BEPOBT op the rnrAKcn committee.
To the Grand Council of Indiana:
ypurcommitteebeg leave to suomlt to this hon
orable body the following report;
“It being of the greatest Importance that the
Grand Council bo provided with the neces
sary means to meet tr-e urgent demands upon It at
this period of its organic existence, and tbit with
out sufficient funds In its treasury, no permanent
cr systematic organization of the St tte can beef
fected. w odd flrtt urge upon every Parent Temple,
wh.ch has not already responded, to the previous
as-csement of s2o,madeby the Grand Council, on
each county or Parent Temple,the necessity of meet
ing that demand without delay. And second, that In
« P rovld e an annual ftmd for the use of this
Grand Connell, that ehch County ox Parent Temp’e
he required to pay into the treasury of the Grand
Council, on the first Monday in May, ISfll, and an
nnany Iherealtcr, until otherwise ordered by the
Grand Com ci'—ior each member In this connty
who has received the first degree, the sum of twen
ty cents. This assessment to Include all the mem
mwDships S * ° f in eaCh 000017 throughout the
Abd they would recommend that the demands of
the Supreme Connell on this Grand Council be paid
on* of the funds to be provided .by the foregoing
?£ sc A, Binenl, And they would ulib recommend that
the Grand Treasurer be required to give bond in
double the amount of money that may come Into
r powMlpn bv virtue of his office, conditioned
for the ikitbfal performance of his duties. Such
bond to he given to tbe Grand Commander on or
before the first day of May, and afterwards
upon entering njkm the duties of his office.
~ „ nsroirr or the grand secret art!
M. E. Grand Commander r*"
In compliance with the resoltxtlori adopted by
tbit bodysi beg.leave to submit the following re
, port, showing the number of counties In the State
that are organized, the number m process of or
.ganizatlon, and the number of members in the or
ganization, so far as I have received. Reports
have been received from bat seventeen counties
.we have organized in the State forty-one counties,
leaving the number of counties yet to report their
membership thirty-four.
Judging from the reports received,! placethe
membership lathe Stats at this timeat least 12,000
not including the membership In the other organ
izations In the Stale that worced conjointly with
celved . followills Is a Bnmm "T of the reports re-
Graut county. 201 meaoer* aud 6 branches.
Clay county, Ifri members and 3 branches.
Blackford county, 50 members and no branches.
DcKalb county, 34 members and no branches
Hanuon county, 615 members and' n branches,
marshall county. CO member? and no branches,
Washington county, 1,100 members and 10
Allen county, 40 members and no branches
Brown county, 322 members and 4 branches,
wells county, 61 members andno braaches.
\ igo county, 600 members and 6 branches
Fountain county, 373 members and 10 branches.
Sullivan county, 600 members and 10 branches.
, Parke county, 533 members and 7 branches,
alanoa county, 75 members and 1 branch*.
Vermillion county, ISS members and 3 branches.
■ Vanderburg county, 200 members and no
Showing a total membership In the counties re
porting Of 5,053.
The above report does not Include those coun
ties from which have been received Intelligence
unofficially of their organization, which would
increase me number of counties organized ahd In
process of organization to say sixty-one.
The above report is respectfully submitted.
is the Instructlonand advice of
this Grand Connell to tbe different Temples ot the
State, that they proceed forthwith and perfect a
thorough organization of their respective counties,
and thereby prepare themselves to carry into effect
each and every order of this body
Saolred, That the delegates present report the
number ol subscribers obtained, or that can be ob
tained, for the Corwtitutiona-ut , the proposed or
gan of the Order. F
Reports on the above isolation gave assurance
that the subscription lists of the Comtltutioriallst
{fficwld. be Immediately taken In hand, and that at
least ten thousand subscribers con.d and would be
At tins meeting of the Grand Council, thirty-one
counties were represented; and there Is no doubt,
had It not been for the extreuff cold, every organ
ized county In the State would have been present
through its delegate.
The organization in this State Is in its InCmcy;
and when we reflect that w© have succeeded ta or
ganizing in the short space of six months over
one-boil the counties in the State, and have a
membership numbering over twelve thousand, we
rave every reason toMeel encouraged for the fu
The organization is extending its influence, oon
ulantj, and usefulness, dally, and is already at
work in the States of New York, New Jersey
Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut.Ohlo.
Indians, Illinois, Michiean, Delaware, Maryland
audi Missouri; and numbers in its membership
many of the noblest and moatjdetoted champions
of dvll and religious liberty remaining in our
’ unhappy and distracted country.
In conclusion, It is nrged*npon our friends In
the counties to work with untiring energy for th s
purpose of thorough organization. This is th?
first ond only, true national organization the
Democratic and conservative men of the country
have ever and wc are assured that
through it, and it only, can the peace, harmony
and union of these States ever be restored.
[sensneta S.l
S. L.
W. O; C.—Gives (three raps).
L. V.—Who cometh?- - _
WO. C.—A citizen we found In tfie bands of the
[sons of despotism, hound and well nigh crashed to
death beneath their oppression. Wc nave brought
him thither, and would now restore to him the
"blessings ol liberty and law.,
L. Y.—Brothers, the purpose yc have declared,
touching this stranger. Is moat worthy. Let him
advance to the altar by regular steps; 10-truct him
In onr chosen solemn' attitude, and let him give
heed to the words which shall he spoken.
L, Y.-Gpd of our Fathers, whose Inspiration
moved them to deeds of valor in the cause ot Eter
nal Truth, Justice and Equal Rights, wo, their
sous, bow invoke Thy Divine Presence In this V.
cf the T.. com Berated to the principles which they
Incnlcated by precept, and by example, and As
fenced wdh their bves. Bless our country, and
restore and protect her liberties. Amen.
'L. V.—Citizen, thou art now in the V., and If
found worthy, will be hence ushered into the con
secrated T., within whose preants reverence tow
aids the Snoremo Being, patriotism,* peace, chan
ty and good fellowship are incnlcated and cherish
ed. Direct thv thoushts within at thlsjnoment,
and declare as tbou wouldet answer to a good con
science, art thou ready ? s
Response—l am. _
L. V.—lt is well. I chargethce that if thou art
impelled thitherward by cariosity, it tboa cherish
other purposes In this regard than the highest and
holiest thy heart can conceive,, it were better for
thee that thy feet had never passed the threshold
of our 0. C. n
Our fitith'nl and well beloved brothers who have
conducted thee hither ioto this presence are thy
sponsors. A fearful responsibility is upon them.
If then sbonldst betray their treat it will be their
solemn duty to. publish thy shame so. that thou
shall be expelled, and ever alter excluded from the
society Of honorable men. B others, hear yon the
obligations as sponsors for the cmdidate. -
We do solemnly promise and undertake that
the stranger whom we have Introduced-into this
presence, shall in all things prove himself a true
man; that from his daily walk and conversation
with his brethren, we guarantee bU worthiness
to be Inducted into tbe mysteries of tb:» Society
we do further promise and uedertako? fortum!
that he shall frithlhlly keep secret whatsoever
shall transpire in this presence, and that in case
he shall betray.'the confidence which he has in
spired in us, we hold It oorbouodeif duty to aid In
his expulsion from all association with honorable
men. Ameo.
L. V.—Hast thou heard and considered the obli
gation of toy sponsors ?
- An*.—lhave_
"* L'V.—Wilt thou well and ’ truly perform unto
the end that which they have promised on
half? • • '
An*.—l will. !
L. V.—ltlswell. It is now my duty to explain
tbe principles which onr Society Inculcate*, and
which we, as a fraternity and -as individuals, aim
lo lllnstrateln outlive* and conversation.
nrcLABATioN of fbincctles.
Ist.. God hath, created and controls the uni
verse. . ,
2d. All men are endowed by the CreaSbr with
certain ncht*—equal so Cira^"there is equality in
the capacity foj the appreciation, enjoyment and
i exercise ot those nghia—some of which are In
alienable, while others may, by voluntary act or
I consent, he qualified, surpeuden or relinquished.
for the purpose of social and governmental organ
! izations.
1 2d; Government arises from the necessities of
i society, and rlghtml government derives it* sole
. authority trom the will of the governed. Its chid
end being their welfare.
4th.. The governments organized and existing* in
the original .thirteen S'des of Nqcth America, af.
. ‘ ter they bad severally and united!'* renounced th-fr
1 allegiance to tb» government .Great Britain, ws
essrd as the wises; and adapted V* *.h-? oa
tore sod character of tbe people of die United
6 th. Th*tgovemm<at was established originafly
by thirteen nee, sovereign and independent State*,
**m order to lonn a more perfect union, to estaV
tun Justice, to insure domestic tranquility, provide
forthe common defense, promote the sen end iraf
faxe, and secure the bleatioga of liberty to the peo
ple thereof and their posterity,” and no farther or
othtr, which are specifically granted ia the com
peer, entitled the Constitution of the United States,
strictly conntoed.
L. y.—Dost thon aaaent to the declaration of
principle* which thon has lost beard!
Ana.—l do.
. L - V.—Present ihy*elf, then. In the attitnde of
iDvecatlon. which thon didst first assume before
thl* altar, and receive thy obligations.
■ P'y comprehending the deelnmUon
which I have just heard nranounced.
T°ld them for tru»h-tn chen*h ihcm In tar heart—
to iLßtUaißthem, as far aa In me lit*, ia ny daily
walk and conversation, and to detend them with
me. I do solemnly premia t will aever re-
I,™«I- a *F kpl ] wato or persons, by
■]F?° r * ord i. or la any ceremoniea In
which I bavejost taken past a*r the same* or t>cr
aons of those who participated with me, nor tar
1 or conjectured as any
a^r,sr, , SM T T , ith d eSssi u P s;
o. a. l.
W. O. C —Gives • • • (three ran* 1
C.T.-Who cometh? '
dediiTfo L - v - comm “-
iri^hJr -n i e J^T , Jl taTe U»ftr.rlesson
tetthe S T W ,°^^V. eßr f (i Qt hl * Proficiency,
stiucttd. • d ce the ,i * n » u which he Is la-
A. C B. T *” Ti3 WeU ’ 1 WIU condnct Uiee to the
a, n.
A. B.—Who cometh ?
C, T.—A. 8. L,, whom onr trusty brother W has
brooebtheroby the command of tneL V Th«
proyeo him end foonct him duly nroJncit in the
feeacn ho bos received; he woalfjoaro.y But tor
,A. B.—Hle desire shall be gratified: bnt It la my !
duty first to submit to him tbs levaoaof theT*
arotben to demand of him a solemn obligation
giving him assurance that such obligation requires
of him nothing inconsistent with his duty to his
God, hi* family, or himself. 8. L., with thlaas
surance, art thou willing to take such an
lion? n
S. L.—lam.
]. Awell defined belief in a Creator and Su
preme Baler of ihe Universe, Imparts true dlcnitv
to mao. 1 J
2. Tbe ideas and principles maintained by our
Urdecon the subject of government, are Identical
withtbose taught and defended by the founders of
American liberty in the original thirteen States of
North America.
8. Th* liberties of those States are assailed by
dfipoacpower which aimed at their conquest and
mbjogatlon; hence they made common cause tor
their mutual defense, and established friendly re
lationsi with each other, in the compact entitled
“Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union
between the States.”
4--When those States had maintained their free
dom and independence, they severally entered into
a compact entitled tne Constitution of the United
States of-America, for the ends and purpose*
therein distinctly declared and specified; and the
government thereby created was intrusted by the
State* sctlDS5 ctID S their several capacities of-Free
and Independent States, with powers sufficient to
the accomplishment of those ends and purposes,
and no otter; powers not delegated to that ->ov
emment, being by the express letter of the com
part, “ reserved to the Mates or to the people
respectively.” •• *
■ G. Sovereignty reside* In and with the people of
the States reeptctlvclf, which are parties to the
Constltntlon of the United States. U can not be
alienated, neither can It be delegated. Some of its
power* may be exercised by delegated authority
wbUc others cannot be so exercised, except at the
sacrifice on the part of the constituent, of all that
le s d £-v v® I *** 0 man ’ s relation to government.
6. The Government designated the United States
.♦^? e . ri ?? aai ? 0 sovereignty, because that Is an
attribute belonging to the people fa their teepee
uvt State ersanizadons, and with which they have
not endowed that Government aa their common
by the terms of this compact, con
stituted by the States, through the express will ot
the people thereof severally, such common a>»eat
i to nae and exercise certain specified and limited
powers. It was authorized so far as regards Its
etatna and relations, as a common agent in the ex
erciee of the powers carciully and jealously dedica*
t ? dt ?, lt b tocallltieW “* D P r,>me ” b nt not “sover
clgn,” Supremacy, as plainly intended by the
tenor and sptrit of Article VI of the Constitution
was created, defined and limited by the sovereign
ties themselves.
7. In accordance with these principles, the Fed
eral Government can exerdse only delegated power;
hence If those who shall have been chosen toad
minister that Government, shall assume to exer
cise power not delegated, they should be regarded
and dealt with as usurpers,
8. The claim of “inherent power,” or “war
power,” as also “State necessity,” or “military
necessity,” on the part of the functionaries of a
Constitutional Government for sanction of anv ar
bitrary exercises of power we utterly reject and re
9. All power resides la the people, and Is
ted, always to bo exercised for the advancement!
the common weal. _
Id. Whenever the the^^^l
have entrusted the
shall refuse to
with Its Constitution, and shall assume
ciso power or authority not delegated, it uflfm
herent right and Imperative duty of the people t!
resist such official*, mud, if need be, expel them by
force claims. Such resistance is not revolution,
but Is solely the assertion or right. -?
11. It Is incompatible with the historv and na
ture of our Government, that Federal authority
should coerce by arms, a sovereign State: and all
intimations of such power or right were expressly
withheld in the Constitution, which conferred
upon the Federal Governmental! its authority
4 liUpon the preservation of the sovereignty of
the Stares depends the preservation of civil per
sonal liberty. r
13. In a convention of delegates, elected by the
people of a State, is recogulzed the impersonation
ot the sovereignty of that State. The declaration
o^?Hr?. Collveilt * 0a n P° a ti»e subject matter for
which it was assembled. is the ultimate expression
ox that sovereignty, anch convention may refer
Us action back to its constituents, orthe people
may reverse the action of one convenlion by the
voice of another. Thus sovereignty resides in the
peopled each State, and speaks alone through
their conventions. L. 8. what sayest thon to this
lesson? 'Bolts teachings command thy unquali
fied absent? ■ '
S.L.—They do.
A « 8.-Prw«ittbj«elftben,io theattitudewhich
Uwm didst■ Pllsht thy aoiemn tows m the V..
Order “ thyriSht 1x40,1 *** »cred emblem of oar
nesses, co solemnly declare that I do herein freely
renew the tows which I plighted In the V. I do
farther promise that I will never reyeal, nor make
known anything which my eyes may behold, or
any words whlcn my ean may hear in tbta T. nor
4? ?, Dy °l“ crT ‘* “or to any other place where this
Fellowship may be assembled; that I will never
speak of, nor Intimate any measure or measures
whether contemplated or determined of this O •
that I will .never explain the use or sigoifica*
tlon of the emblems or Insignia of the 0„go anr
one not a fellow thereof, under any pretenal what-
STiT,% neitber oy persuasion nor by coercion; that
I will never reveal or make known any or either
lidlla, passwords, watchwords, nor
initial letter belonging to this O. except to prove
or communicate with a Fellow thereof; that I will
never pronounce the name of this O. In the hearing
ftfiSJe I *.?* or . cWld i ““teas to a Fellow
thereof ; that I will ever have in most holy keeping
each asd every secret of this 0.. which may be
confided to me nr a fellow thereof, either within
or without ihe T.; that I will never recommend
for fellowship in this O. any man who is not a citi
zen of an American State, except by dispensation
to that end by competent authority; neither any
person who has not attaiued the age of eighteen
jears.neliherany one unsound in mind, neither
anyone of African descent, whether slave or free
neither a person of had reonte; that I will ever
J&Sjff X O V* 4 aß a ?f * Tef 7 worthy Fellow
ofttls 0, fraternal regard and fellowship; that
I wul ever aid a worthy Fellow In distress, if in
my power to do so; .that I will never wrong a
Fellow, nor see him wronced, If in mv power
to prevent it; that I will at all times Implicitly
obey, without question or remonstrance, all ri"ht>
fnl commands ofthec# istitntcd authorities of this
O.; that I will alwaya recognize and respond »the
bail of a Fellow when it shall be made in accord
ance with the Instructions and Injunctions of this
P;i a “ a °? t Rf? er^iae l ?ud should I cease to be a
fellow of this p„ either "bf my own yiolstion
11f ? u h ?f d and P» B «re inviolate
f ,y «fcM Sa r d Promise* herein declared, as' truly
aa while I am In fail fellowship. All this I
do solemnly promise sacredly to observe, preform
and keep, under such penalties as shall be decreed
by the competent authority of this O. Amen.
S. L., thy joorney is well nigh accom
plished. Somewhat yet remains, and the sons of
despotism will beset thy path and aim to tom thee
back; peradventure will seek thy life. Then put
tty trust in God and Truth s*!Il thy journey lead
cl? da ®, E* Bl , until thou srt hailed by the G.S..
who will further instruct thee. Beware, lest thou
hear thee towards the North too ftp and lose thv
way; as well, also take heed lest the South entice
thee too lar thither. We have a trusty F. O. on
either aide thy way, who true and constant at bis
post perchance may hail thee. Receive what he
shall offer and give earnest heed to all his words.
S. L., be Usj watchword—Onward.
P. G. N,
P. G. N.—Who cometh J Advance.
C. F.—A. 8. L.. by command of our A. B, In the
Westv journeying East for light and Instruction.
, -F-G. N.—Then has he left the straight path and
iost hia way ! danger is la every step he advances;
bid him torn back; he has forgotten ttelnstrnc
tions of onrA B. Was he not charged to follow
the straight and narrow path *
C. F.—Tree! we entered upon the straight path,
hut ere we baa proceeded far wa were bewildered
and lost our wav.' Wilt thou direct os hence ?
F.G.N.—lwtil; but first I muatprove him that
I may know by what right he claims my care and
C. F.—Lol he bath a sign. (Gives it.)
F. 6. N.— Tls welL Baa he a password ?
S-S*';T He , b r2?’ ao ? wi i 1 « l7elt - CGires It.)
F* G. N.— Tie well. Thy watchword. .
S. L.—Onward.
G. 2*.— Tis well. Now depart dao South,
Shoal dit I boa reach the post of our G. In the South
he will further Instruct thee.
Tby watchword Still-Onward!
r. g. s.
P, G. S.—Who cometh ? Stranger advance. De
clare thy way and purposes.
. F.—J come with this S. L from our worthy
A. B. in the west, who commanded us to iourner
oao liwt »the G..3.; for light and instruction,
charging ns to follow the straight path: we had
notjourteyed far when we lost onr way, but the
worthy F. G. N. did hail us as we passed his post,
and turned our laces hitherward, wilt thou show
ns onr bath ?
JT.G. S.—l will. Bat first I would prove this
friend. -4 know thee well for a true man. Let the
S. L. advance the sign; (Gives It.) ' ■
£.. G. Sj—’Tis welK lias he apassword?
C. T.—Hehaa. •
F. G S.—Bid him given me. (Gives It.) ’Tis
well. Thy watchword.
8. L.—Onward.
F. G. S.—*Tls well. Conduct him again to the
straight and narrow path, thence onvfard due Bast
to oar G. S,* Let thy watchword be erer auderer
—Onward I
G. S^,
G. S.—Who cdtneth ? Advance.- -
X, T.—G. S., I have brought A. S. L. He is
from the West, aqd bath journeyed Bast for In
atractlon. He is a citizen; but be serveth.
G, S.—Serveth 1 Whom—what ? -
C. T,—God and his country.
G S.—’Tis well." Such service-fitly becomelh
the good citizen. By the authority rested in me,
1 give him welcome into oar T., ■and pronounce
him a worthy F, 0.8. L. ■
(Instruct, ic.)
invocation. *
OGodl Creator of all men, we* Invoke thy
presence. Help us as Thou didst help onr fathers.'
Before thee we are offenders; but spare ns. Wo
pursue Justice —Thou art the author of Justice,
we seek Liberty—Thou art the giver of Liberty.
We desire Peace—Thou art the God of Peace.
Purify our intentions ; guide onr counsels, and
give success to onr efforts. Amen!
0 God! from thee all wise counsels and aQ good
works do proceed. Further Thou oar counsels
prosper our worn, and gnntosTby peace. An^n,
1. Ceremonies ol opening. . • -
2. Beading and approval of minutes ft! preceding
meeting, and report of Secretary and Treas-imr.
3. Balloting tor candidates recommended at a
former meetb g.
4. Intfac'lcu of Candidates. : '
5. Beading and consideration of common!eitions
from, other organizations.
0.- Ncmitatton oT caedidi’es and' reference to
committee*./ ;
I.' FnipoaiUouf* for (he good
Inc* immediate ourpvoJa »au plans r*oa
.•*d -
8. Lecture.
■ 9. Information concerning the condtUoaol "ian
bera; whether any one ia sick or ia. ra
quinug »id and finance. _
The offlceca elect beia* n» standing, the Com. T*
shall propound to each the following question*:
Com. T.—Having been duty elected to the offie*
of , do you accept the position to which row
bare been assigned • • - *
An*.—l do.
-Com. T.—Brothers, are yon content with thx
choice you have made of ?
Ana.—We are.
Tbe Com. T. will then administer the foltuwinr
oath of office to each, beginning at the highest,
and declare them daiy qualified to outer upon thuic
respective duties.
I, , having been elected to the o'Sce
nf 'for the entuioir term, do solemnly sweep
a the presence oi these witnesses, to support
the Constitution and Laws of the O. 8. U, Its
t be; all rightful orders of my immediate O.
Com., and the S. Com., and perform the datlse
of , to the best of my ability, io help as
God. Amen.
fscnzncnji 0.l
K. O. 8. L.
K. C. W.—Who cometh ?
K. C.—A worthy fellow of the O. 8. L, wh%
bavjnz been dnly elected, desires introduction in
te*hel. T. of onr O.
K. C. W.—U Is well. His desire shall bo gratf*
fled, but it is my dutyfim to submit to him the
Icseon of tbe LT„ and then to demand of htwy x
solemn obligation, giving him assurance iMt «neh
obligation requires of him nothing lacoasiawmt
with bia ontr to God, to his country, to bis family
orto himself.
F. S. L., with this assurance art thou context#
ITOB, drajtud ax jimnsos asd xadiso*.
1. The several States composing tho Cm led
States of America, are not united on the principle
ot unlimited submission to the General .Qovern
ment, hut by a compact under the style and title of
the Constitution of the United State*, and amend
ments thereto; they constituted a General Gsrens*
ment (or special purposes, delegated to that Gov
ernment certain definite powers, reserving each
State to Itself tbe mldoary mass of right to their
own self-government, tad whensoever the Gooerai
Government assume# nndelegated powers, us acta
are unauthoritatlye, xoid and of no force To thin
compart each Stats acceded as a State, and !s an
integral party; that this Government, created by
pis compact, was not made the exclusive or dual
judije of the extent of the powers delegated to it
lelf, since ihat would have made its discretion
and not the Constitution, the mcaiuro oflta pow
ers; but that, as in all other cases of compact
among persona having no common judge, each oar
ty has an equal right to jndae for luelt, is well
OMufractioLß aa oi the mode and measures ofre-
2d. This O. does explicitly and peremptorily
declare that it views the power of the Federal
Government as resulting from the compact to
which the States are parties; as limited by (ha
plain sense and intention of the Instrument con
stituting that compact: as no; lurthervalid than
they are authorized by the grants enumerated la
that compact; and that la the case of a deliberate,
palpable and dangerous exercise of other powers
not granted by the said compact, the States who
are parties thereto, have the right, and are In doty
bound, to interpose, for arresting the progress of
tbe evil, and for maintaining withiu their respec
tive limits, the authorities, rights and liberties ap
pertaining to them.
K. C. W.—F. S. L. what saye*t thon to this les
son? Bo its teachings command thy unqualified
assent ?
F. S. L.—They do,
R. C. W.—Present thyself, then in theatdtada
in which thon didst plight tby solemn rows in
tho T.
now freely renew the vows plighted in my proe'eso
tbuher; I do also solemnly swear that I will faith
fully keep secret every word that I may and
will never, by -peech, sign or Intimation, reveal
anything which 1 may see within or without this
Ti to thefame, unless to a line K.*
that I win never explainer exhibit anv of thn
signs. Jails, passwords, watchword.!, emblems. In
signia, initial letters, nor the seal of the I T ex
cept to prove or communicate with a true R. id<*
farther swear that I will, as it becometh a true T?..
at all times, and in all places, to the utmost of mv
ability, respect, perform and obey each anaeverr
commana or* request, made to or of me br
ibe K- C. C.. or other superior authority, touching
any matter or thing which relates or pcrtamsJto
the purposes or plans of the B.OS. L.\ and-lcla
further swear that I will ever bear In mind ibe
lesson of the LT, as expounded to me In thia
presence, and will defend the principles therein
laid down with my life If need be; thit mv sword
shall ever be drawn in support of the right, and
that! will never take up anus in any cause ms e.
I do further swear that I will over cherish klndir
reeard and fellowship toward all true K.’s every
where. and will ever aid them in the defense of
their rights; that I will ever honor, cherish, pro
tea woman and tho orphan, and especially the
mother, w.dow. Bister or orphan of a deceased t,
and wm shield them from wrong, insult and op
pression ; and I do also swear that I will ueverjS
duct nor consent to the Inductions of any one
the J. T. who shall not have been duly and wcS
Instructed In the T. D.. nor then, till be shall have
been unanimously appointed and consecrated to
that end by ihe competent authority, nor la th«
presence of a less number than thirteen true K->. '
■P and all of whom shall consent and approve la
inductions, nor until I shall have been duly
thereto by authority emenutlng tram.
C, and, flnaily, Ido solemnly swear, m tho
■teeence of these K.’s, ay witoehnes. to all and
■lnsular the foregoing, with lull knowledge, and
with my full assent, that the penalty declared -
against any violation of any part of this, my oalh
shall be such as may be decreed by the G. if and •
aporovea by theT. 0. of theO. S. L.
Divine Presence! approve my truth, and yon. ye
h’s, hear and bear witness. Aman!
. K ; £• W.-lt ta.welL- The K. C. Will now con
duct thee to the K. C. C.
K. C. C.
K. C. C.—Who comcth ? Advance.
KC.-A worth. Fellow of the O. S. L, who.
having taken the obUgatioa reonirea in this I T -
is, h. commend of the K. C. W„ brought before
thee lor fall indm lion.
Iv-1-'. C.—lt well, let him kneel In token or
service to God and his country. .* * « •
.Rise , K. 0, S. L and receive thy charge
Brother, ffcy presumed worthiness hath secured
UiyindactlonintotheLT.ofO. Let tby deeds show
thee worthy. Obedience, faith, truth, courage, ste
cerii y, se f-denlal—these are the virtues of tSe true
E. Makegood tby vows. Honor thy God. Lovo
tby country. So a halt thou discharge thy duty <nx
earth, and prepare thytelr for the beatitudes of tb«
Temple not made with bands. Hear the words of
Inspiration t then onward! still be thy watchword
K. I*.—[Here reads Isaiah, chap. six. voraes 1-t
to ly, Inclusive.]
[acHSorue n]
K.' C, C. [rNsritucra.J
M. E. K. 0. S. L.
M. E, K. C. W.—Who cometh T Jtdvancc.
K. C ‘“ A ? rae K » who having been dnly elected "
thereto, desires induction in the I— t T. of onr most
excellent 0.
M. E.K.C. W.—lt U well. Let him present,
himaeif in oar cho-en attitude of invocation.
I —, in the presence of God and these ILK-ITsT
do solemnly swear, that I will never revcaLoc
make known, directly or Indirectly, any thing
whatever, pertaining to the 31. E.K. O. 8
neither will I indicate, ,by wordbr Intimation
knitting of, or concerning the same, except to i
brother thereof, whom I shall have first duly
proved. I do farther swear that I will at au
times, and in all places, yield prompt and im
plicit obedience, to the utmost of my ability
without remonstrance, hesitation or delay anr
and every mandate,' order, or request of ar
immediate 31. £. G C., in all things touching
the purposes of the O. S. L., aud to defenj •
the principles thereof, when assailed In mr
own btate or country, la whatsoever capacity
may he assigned-me by authority of our O
and I doturthfepswear, that I will never Induct, -
or consent to the induction of any person Into the
I—c T, until be shall have first been approved by
at least thirteen M. E. K’s, of the focal C_to
which he Is proposed for Induction, except by ex
press dispensation to that end from superior au
thority : and that I will iaithfoily keep secret conn
st lof 31. E. K’s. whether in or out of C. To nB
and singular the foregoing. 1 do*solemnly sweat!
with lull knowledge, and iny assent thatthe peoal
ty for any violation of any part thereof shall be
whatsoever may be decreed by the O. C. 3. sod *
approved by the S. C.—0.3. L. So help me Godl
K. C. C.—’ Instructs.]
8. L Son of Liberty.
W. O. C. Warden Outer Court.
L, V, Lecture of the Vestibule.
O. S. L. Order Sons of Liberty.
W. 0. C, Warden Outer Court, ■*
C.T. Conductor of Temple.
A. B. American Brother.
•. F. G, N. Fellow Guardian of the North. •
F, G. S. Fellow Onardlan of the South.
SXCOSD nincw / r
K. O. S. L. Knight of Order Sons ot liberty. «.
R. C. W. Knight Commander West.
K. Con. Knight Conductor.
X. O. Inner Temple.
- F. S. L. Fellow Son of Liberty.-- .*
K. C, Knight Commanding Conclave.
K.L. Knight Lecturer.
1-tT. Innermost Temple.
M. E. K. O. S. L. 3lost Excellent Knight.' «tc
31. E.K. Most Excellent Kufgbt.
K, C. C. Knight Commanding *
. - sions, rasawoniM, ac. i
H Vestibule of Temple.
Place riche band nnder left arm, bringing left
arm under right, and placing the lorfingera over
right arm, toe thumb hid tinder right arm.
Persons desiring recognition sunda erect and
rigid,-with heel of rightlootla hollow of left. If
stranger assumes- some position, advance
foot. Stranger does the same, lapping the root
partly with that of hailing brother. Extend right
hand, give an ordinary grip, with left hand on right
breast. .
The Password and Colloqny follow
Password. CALHOUN, spelled backwards la.
three syllable?, alternately, thus; Nn-Oh-Lact '
Then the initial*of the Order, 8.L.. thus: 1
Nu- 3. Ads. Oh—3. Lao—f. Ana. S-o. L.—«.
Aus. Give me Liberty—7. Or, Give me Death.
Position ofbody same. Only the irst two fin
gers of the lelt hand show upon the right arm—
these separated, denoting the separation or sover
eignty ol the blares. In this grip the*arst flneor''
or the hand is nm straight up the wrist of the other
brother, the thumb extended nearly straight*
forming the “sign of the Acorn”—left hand on the
btaastj-bi which position the colloquy ensues.
See Genesis, chap, xlii, 8: “ Lvt there bo no
strife between ns, forwe are brethren, If I will
go to the east. I will go to the-wei*t. If yon got
to the north. I wll go to the southfollowed
by Initial letters of the Order, 0. S. L. and the
two sentences.
Resistance to tyrants Is obedience to God.
With this degree Is given the Signal of-Dfslrcsa*
which is rendered by placing left band on right
breast, and raising right arm to full height, and
bringing It down promptly At night, gibe the
word Oak-boon, pronounced three times distinctly,
being the tree of the “Acorn,” emblem of the or
der. lately known as ** O/A. K.” Order of Ameri
can Knights, and the .last syllable of '‘Calhoun,’*
password of the Order.
Hands crossed on bowels, representing the Belt
*• Orion,” word of this degree. - Grip with thumb
raised and united at the bill?. See Isaiah, xxl: 11 *
12. and Job. lx: 9, tor outlines ot colloquy and
words ol the Order. Col’oqny; What a star ?
Arctnrtu—An-Tn-Rus. Wba-. of the alght!'
Morning cometh. Will yc Inquire? Inquire ye.
Return? Cornel
In all colloquys left hand on the right breast. : •
Grip sane as last—thumb erect, bnt ; crossed afc r '
middle, form of X. Colloquy, see, ■ ■■ '■-' ■■■
Whence? Selr. How? Cy trie Ford, , .
.Name It? Jabock, pronounced Tahbotfc. •’ :
The password f -"Washington. • -
BajartVihewordatthefoorof this degree. 1
rfcraura jrip.' Position of lelt hand and elbow,
that of neophyte-; left band raised outward, as in.
Invocation Bodie* half turned aside. Colloquy:
Whence? America! The word? North V South?
The position of the feet same In alt templa d*>
grees. If atany stage of communication them be
imperfect response, ihe party-will b* dropped.
The Grand Seal bears for central device the
Acorn, fruit of the oak.
The periods In the colloquies close the parts ef
the alternate speakets.
. Consolidated,— A correspondent write*
-from' Marietta. Ga, that the. 14th and 15tk
Illinois infantry regiments have been con- *'
solldaled, making a bplond^iraiment, and’
lOi he known ;aa the “Veteran Battalion oT
Ihc lttU and 15th Illinois Infantry.” CoL .
G«*orte C Hcdv:a has been wsigu:ita tU*
command.' •

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