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\xiniCAK Dental Association.— At the see
on of the American Dental Association, at Bnf
•o just closed, It was decided that the next
.alial meeting be held in Chicago.
taw* Dt-nxe,—Merchants bankers and basl
-e men will find a full and correct list of sttJßp
<lu ie«, neatly printed on card board, at the Tax
a\ sl office. Price 20 cents.
Wounded Soldiers.— During the past week
1 rlvstc G. Fish, of the reserve guard, hie dressed
the wounds of forfy-nlne disaWed vettransl The
number of wounded soldiers arriving at the Best
is weekly Increasing.
Tux 181 th Recwekt.— The 184 th regiment of
Illinois volunteers (Colonel Hancock’s regiment)
under command of Colonel McCbesncy, which has
been stationed at Columbus since it left Chicago
for tbe hundred days’ service has been ordered to
J’adncab, Ky.
I>un over,— A boy named J. T. Bunting, six
years of age,-residing in the town of Jefferson,
was run over on Saturday by a bay wagon, suffer
i> g dislocation of tbe thigh and fracture of the
pelvic bones. His bowels also were Injured. Dr.
Wanner was called and dressed the wonnds. The
child is expected to recover.
Pebcokal. —Major James B. Hnguuntn, who
doling tbe past year has commanded the 13th Illi
nois inlantry, is now in this dty. The 12th bis
participated in five severe engagements since
fShcrman’s army leit Chattanooga, and has won
fur itself a glorious record.
Dhowned.— A lad named John Cain, son of an
liihh widow lady, living on Griswold street,near
Townsend, was drowned on Sunday In tbe North
Branch, near Chicago avenue bridge. He was
tathincin tbe stream, and from seme cause un
known became suffocated. He was thirteen years
t>f ace. Coroner Wagner held an inquest yester
<lnv. and a verdict was rendered In accordance
with the facte.
Peubonal.— Hon. Charles Jackson, Ex-Governo f
of Bbode Island, and Dr. J. D. Warder, of Cincin
nati. of the r. S. Flax Commission, are at present
stopping in this city at the Sherman House. These
■-(•nuerntn are accompanied by General Thomas T.
>icad. and have visited Chicago, in their tour of
examination through the West to repott upon the
capabilities of the country as a . dis
Orn Citt Nuisances.—We understand that
there is at last a tolerable chance that the nuisan
ces so long existent on the banks of tbe river will
be abated. C. H. Rood, partner of Hon, J; Knox,
States Attorney, has riven notice that unless the
Board of Police take nold of the thing in a sum
mary manner be will move in tbe Superior Court
tor a special venire to call s jury before which
to indict all tbs oflenders against the health
of tbe dty. This is Just what is wanted.
Colonel Mihalotet.— The movement now on
foot to raise a fund for the benefit of the family ol
flic late Colonel Mulligan is one worthy of a gen
erous response from all pa:ties; we submit, how
ever to onr German fellow citizens that a similar
movement on behalf of the family of the late CoL
Mibaiotzv would be equallv good. We are inform
• A that bis afiaira were cot in the most prosperous
c motion at bis death. His bravery and skill de
mand some such recognition.
Personal.— Egbert Johnson, First Lieutenant in
Co. A, 17th Illinois, cavalry, and a con of B.F.
-Johnson of Evanston, who enlisted as a private In
December last, and was promoted lor good baht
virr md ability, has resigned In consequence of
ill-health, in accordance with the advice of bis
friends at borne, and of the snraeonand officers of
the regiment, lie is therefore honorably discharged.
He is now at bis home for a lew days, after which
he wM leave fur Ltke Superior to spend the sum
mer and fall, in the hope ol regaining his health.
BnrncE Collision.— About 4 o’clock yesterday
alternoon the propeller " Edith," of Buffalo, CapU
Bonnes, was moving down tbe river, and In
attempting to pass Wells street bridge ran into the
north apron with great force, cutting into the tim
bers and planking nearly fourteen feet, and inflict
ine damage to the extent of fifteen hundred or two
thousand dollars. It will require a week or more
to make tbe necessary repairs. The propeller
i self was injured to the extent of three or four
lurdrcd dollars. Tbe cause of the accident was
the bnaking of the tiller ropes, which rendered it
Imjtossible to control the vessel
Miss Geougxe Dean Spaulding.—We notice
that some of the Eastern papers have been raptur
ous in thefr praise of this lady, who has been for
some time singing at Gilmore’s concerts at the
Boston Theatre; bnt they are somewhat ignorant
us to her antecedents and present position. - For
their inloimation we may state that,the is a daugh
ter of 8. T. Dean, who is long connected with
Vaas’ & Dean's light Guard Band in this city.
She was recently married to a Mr. Spaulding,
hence the latter name. She is recognized us one
of the best harpists in tbe profession.
ANsdek’s Htdecstatic SCALE.—A perfect in-
strument, bearing the above name, has Just been
brought out, for the purpose of weighing cargoes
or parte of cargoes on board the vessel. ‘ It ope
rates by hydrostatic pressure, showing accurately
tbe smallest addition to the load, in whatererpirt
of the vessel it mty be placed. It is invaluable as
showing leakage, and may be tbe means of pre
venting ioss by foundering. It has been repeated
«kl]y tested, with tbe most satisfactory results, acd
it- now on exhibition at the offices of Underwood
. r & Co.. 16>« South Water, and Mcfhme & Law, 132
cet Idadison. Vessel owners should not fail to
Chance.— Second Lieutenant Edward
Deane. Co. B. Btb V. B. C., has, at his own re
quest, been relieved from doty as Military Provost
Marshal of Chicago, with the thanks ot his com
manding officer for the efficient manner lu which
he hue discharged his duties. First Lieu'enant M.
Brigg, Co. A. 6th V. B. C., has been appointed in
Lis place to the command of the Provost Guard.
The members of the Provost Guard desire us to
insert the following:
"We, the members of the Provost Guard, unite
In tend* ring our thanks to Lieutenant E.L. Deane,
for the kin on ess and many favors be has granted
of. Bis name will long be remembered and hon
ored by those be Las left. As an officer aod'-a gen
tleman we have found none to excel him.”
Kmcucteockee Life Insurance Compact.—
This Company continues in a Highly prosperous
condition, with a business ever on the Increase,
notwithstanding tbe drawbacks incident to the
utter refusal of war risks. &c. We notice that Its
ai-scts as comjiarcd with its liabilities stand as 187
to 10;', a greater margin than that of most other
Lift 1 Comiiames. Tbe Home Office located In New
York Is taking a derided lead. Tbe Western
Branch at Chicago—under the management of B.
F. Johnson, tbe Vice President-bae within the
two veara of Its existence insured about £2,000,000,
or more than 800 policies. Western men win do
vcl 1 to patronize the Knickerbocker, Kingsbury
Tee Howl op the Secesb One as.—The secesb
orpau is responsible for an attack on tbe Tribune,
in its columns of yesterday, which, though signed
*• An Irishman, 1 ' was in reality written by one of
tbe employees of the Times, at the dictation oi a
knot of half a dozen Copperheads assembled on '
Saturday in the headquarters of tbe faction—tbe
office of the Clerk of tbe Recorder's Court. As to
the gallant Mulligan, we honored bin while Uring
and we honor lum when desdt and we do it tbe
more as be was a noble exception to tbe crest
mast ol his countrymen, who remain at home to
do the voting lor tnc traitor knaves who run the
Times and other venomous Copperheads banded
together to destroy the Government. Such was
noi the noble Mulligan, and therefore patr.ots and
posterity will embalm his name In everlasting
i oijor. ’ *■
Death akd Jealousy.—The “green eyed
monster which doth make tbe meat It feeds upon,'*
ha>- lately displayed another example of its info
t nets Id oar city. On Sunday last Mary Stone, a
dcvioigtl'e of frail virtue, residing on Wells street,
near Van Buren, visited the German Lager Beer
Gardens in company with that male ambiguity, her
'•man." At tbe gardens Mary indulged in Terp-
Mcboreau exercises with a strange Adonis more
ircqucutlyithan raid "man” considered compaii-
Me wiili bU claims upon her company. He conse
quently upbraided heron the subject, and a “ part
in'; iu anger" was the result. On retching her
domicile. Mary determined to “shuffle off this
mi rial coil.*' Accordmely she purchased an ounce
and a hall of landunam and** wallowed tbe oelecta-
I) e monel. Then feeling tbe approach of the
*• grim monster," she commenced an epistle of ex
planation to her maternal par.ent. Brt before she
Lad pt uned two sentences of her letter, Mary al
tered her mind, and detcrmlnlnc to live, informed
the girls of her act. Ur. M. W. Case was Imme
dlattlr sent for, and his skill comprised with tbe
power of a sulphate of lime emetic, rescued tbe
Ambitious female trom her dangerous jioaition, and
she now enjoys her wonted health—a wiser if not
a bettor woman.
New Presbyterian Chtbcil—Tbe growth of
our city Is not confined to tbe building of splendid
business blocks and elegant public balls, but In nil
directions we observe the evidence of substantial
progress, in the erection of chaste and comfortable
dwellings by our prosperous business men.
This devdopment has nowhere been more rapid
than within me territory west of Union Park and
south ol Lake street—nearly three hundred dwell
ings having been built withlu the last and tbe
piescnt seasons: and a gratifying feature of this
progress is tbe proposed Increase of church privi
leges in the neighborhood •“
Early In the season, steps were taken <0 organ
ize a Presbyterian Church (K. S.), and a choice site
was '■secured, on tbe corner of Washington and
Robey streets, for the erection ofa church edifice.
Rev. A. L. P. Loomis has recently been employ
ed to assist In this enterprise, which 1* now being
rigorously prosecuted, with the prospect ot com
pletion tbe coming autumn. The church is much
needed in this the «lty. and Is worthy of
c-very encouragement from toe peop’e thereaway,
and especially trom tbe denomination to which it
Sales et Produce Brokers.—'The following
letter received by J. F. Beatty, Secretary of the
Board of Trade, from Peter Page, Assessor of in
it real Revenue for this district, is of interest to
all enraged in the purchase and sale of produce:-
* Sir:- By request of several members of your
I’osrdl give you the constructions of this office on
See. Wot the new law relating to broken: That
«1: sales made ot merchandize, produce or other
goods, where the party selling is not a bona file
owner, and receives a commission for his services,
are liable to a tax of one-eight per cent on the
trrote amount. These returns are made on the 10di
ot each month, covering tbe sales of the previous
“My attention has been called by several of
to this met—that many persons
bolding only a commercial broker's license
arc buying and celling (some to a large amount)
on their own account. All persons are liable for
* dealer's license graded by their sales
—telluig os above on their own account at the
tLOOO When sales exceed the
amount lor wbicb license Is taken an additional
,or “ once. I trust th.l
nil knowing the Urn win endeavor to comply with
Hi* provisions, and 1 give von them that von mav
bring it under theircspccfoi 1 may
Court Record,
United State# Cimxir akd Dunirr
htfort Davit and Drummond, STOr
—. Dalton ve Johnson ct al, trSKJa.IS*
<6B. Claflln ve Streetet al. JudpaenticonSSS*
Cttndntd Com, ~ ”**
IS. Culled States tb McEllipott and Mason. Sd
fa ordered to ieene on foriel tore oi recognizance.
* Cblcseo, B.AQ.R. B. Co. tb Pape et
«1. Tbe Court crave on opinion In favor of the
complainant, without any tormal decree to be en
tered of record. . .
575 fiardenbni? et al tb Kellogg et aL Die-
et al tb Sbnirart et aL Leave to amend
Smith tb Bo&nan et aL Injonction ordered
as prayed for in bill. . ,
555. Haven ve Crosby otal. Time to answer
amended bill extended fifteen days.
Strrmoß Coxnsrr—Btfort (Tory. J.~ Chancery,
<BB Boater et al tb Beecher ct al, Decree mod
ified by consent.
Common Law, . . .
J,K2Morfec ve Brsd'.y. Jndgmeat for plaintiff.
Ei yin Hill Yesterday—Lying: In Stile—Jleet-
Inp of the Chicago Bar ud Besoiolioas—•
Meeting on Change—Subscriptions by
the Board of Members—The Fo
nrral Services to-day—
Order of ITccesssloa.
During yesterday the remains of the late Colonel
Mailman laid in elate In Bryan Hall. Probably
with the single exception of the death of Douglas,
the public mind has never been so much interested
as yesterday. From nine o’clock in the morning
—the time when the doors were opened—until a
late hour In the evening, one constant, ceaseless
stream of people flowed silently into and through
the ball. The unbroken column stayed not in its
onward coarse bat. as it slowly passed the spot
where the coffin lay, the eyes ol all were riveted
to the starry banner which enveloped, the casket
that contained the remains ot the departed hero
Though the number of visitants could be counted*
by scores ol thousands, there was no crowding or
confusion. ■ Outside the ediflee the disposition of
the crowd was under the immediate sopemsion
of Captain J. Nelson and Sergeant T. Clayton of
the First Precinct Police, who aided by an efficient
posse of their men, compelled the multitude by
means of a rope bound passage to enter the- pas
sage leading to the hall m single file, which pro
cession was maintained throughout the building
by the body guard of the old military
companies, who, as previously mentioned
In the Tbxbpks, had sole charge of the body.
They were divested ol every insignia of military
life save the ride, kept silent guard of the remains
ofne, who when In life, they had loved so well
The main entrance of the hall is canopied with
Union flags entwined with black and white crape,
acd ou the arch is whiten in large characters,.
“We honor the brave." At the entrance of the
vestibule Is the memorable sentence spoken by the
hero three years ago when he received his regi
mental colors, "I appeal to High Heaven for as
sistance to maintain the honor of this flag, or die
beneath its folds." Hie hall is appropriately
draped, and prcsbr.ts a very solemn appearonce
The galleries are gracefully hung with folds of
crape, which material also envelopea'The several
pilasters. The stage and proscenium al-o are
heavily draped. Upon the drop curtain is inscribed
tbe never to be forgotten sentence, "Lay me down
and save the flig, "while opposite on the gallery Is
displayed his famous reply to Price’s demand for
his surrender of Lexington. "If you want us.
come and take us.” 'The cataialco upon which rests
the remains of the gallant dead. Is unpretending in
oesign, but elegantly and tastefully' arranged. An
oblong dais upon which is placed the metaUc coffin
covered by the glorious Stars acd Stripes, is sur
rounded by transverse arches, connected at the
four corners. These arches are elegantly draped
with white and blxck crape. Upon the coffin and
about it arc scattered boquets of flowers ond im
moritllet, while the trusty blade of the gallant
Eddier is laid,acroes his breast. Suspended from
the tracery at the foot of the coffin. Is an excellent
portrait ot Cot Mulligan, lent lor the occasion by
the painter and owner—Healy,
resolutions or to bat*,
An adjourned meeting of the members o! the
Chics: o Bar for the reception of the report of the
committee on resolutions, appointed on Saturday,
was held yesterday morning In the Liw Institute.
Judge Biggins presiding. The report was as fol
We, the members of the Bar of Chicago, haring
learned with profound regret of the death of our
late friend and brother, Colonel James A. Mulli
gan, and having convened for the of giv
ing expression to the sentiments which tnis truly
sad event inspires, do
Bad re. That, while In common with our fellow
citizens, we mourn the los* of onewhase name
bsd become the pride of our city,and an ornament
to our State, the decease of Colonel Mulligan is to
us tbe occasion of a great and peculiar sorrow.
Having completed his preparation for the leral
prolcssion In our own city, we knew htm both as
a etndc-nt and as a lawyer, and we do most cheer
lolly, as we can most truthfully, esy of him, that
inspired by a noble ambition, oe was possessed of
that sterling integrity and those rare Intellectual
endowments, which would, had his life been
spared, bare obtained for him great prominence
as a citizen of our State and aleadlngpoalUonas
a member of onr Bar.
Befdred, That we will ever cherish an affec
tionate n mem bran ce of the uniform courtesy,
affable and dignified demeanor which always dis
tinguished our departed brother, and which ren
dered so agreeable our professional Intercourse
with him.
Sctoired, That, in common with oar fellow citi
zens, wc point with patriotic pride to the military
career of oar lamented brother, in the termination
of which our country has lost one of the bravest
and most gifted of her eon?. Actuated by a high
defire for the perpetuity of oar Republican Insti
tutions end the preservation of our glorious
Union, he was the first to embark In the great
struggle lor national existence. By bis gallant de
ft-nse of Lexington and hie subsequent military
achievements, he exhibited great ability as a sol
dier. and he could hare given utterance to no sen
timent which more truthfully illustrated the high
est qualities of a hero and unselfish devotion of a
patriot than, when mortady wounded, and home
hum the field by bis comrades, he said to them,
“Lay me doicn and eave the Flag.”
Jtetolud % That the Chairman and Secretary of
this meeting deliver to the family of the deceased
a copy ol these proceedings, assuring them of our
heartfelt ejmpathj for them in this their sore be
FeiOtted,, I ! nat qjeopy of these resolution? he
presented, to be appointed, by the
Chairman to each of ihe Courts
of Record a be
entered eata
of to the
mcnloiy we will attend
his tuncral •.
Qon. 1. the-adoption of the re
port. and in doing sosjfqke of the heroism and pa
tnotiem of the lamented WoloneL. Dp made espe
cial reference to conduct of thedecea*-,
ed at Lexington, and quoted the resolution of
thanks to the dead hero, passed by Congress for
the admirably patriotic conduct, military genius
and physical endurance displayed by the departed
brave one on that memorable occasion. Mr. Ar
nold dwelt at length upon the noble theme pre-*
sented by hie dying request, “ Lay me down and
eave the Fleg.”
K. G. Asay seconded the motion of Mr. Arnold,
with some reeling and affecting remarks, and the
report of the committee was thereupon adopted.
The following gentlemen were appointed to de
liver the resolutions to the various Courts In the
dly. United States conns, Hon. L N. Arnold:
Circuit Court. H. G. Miller, Esq.; Superior Court.
Elliot Anthony, Esq.; Recorder’* Court, Hou.
Joseph Knox; County Court, W. H. Hopkins,
The Executive Committee reported that a place
bad been assigned to the members of the bar in
the funeral procession, and suggested the appoint
ment of pail bearers to act In conjunction with the
military representatives. The following gentle
men were accordingly nominated and accepted:
Hen. Thos. Boyne. a. F. Tnley. O. Jackson, John
S. Quinn, George W. Thompson. Frauds Adams,
E. G. Asay, and Charles 11. Heed.
On motion of Judge Bradwell the meeting ad
journed to ns.-emble In the Law institute this
morninf, prior to the fnneraL
Yesterday morning, daring the session of the
members of the Board of Trade, the President,
Col. J. L. Hancock, called the meeting to order,
and in a few eloquent remarks reverted to tbe
death of the lamented Colonel. After delivering a
high cniocy on his many good qualities, tbe speak
er stated that it was contemplated to purchase a
house for the bereaved family, and asked the Board
to take some action In the aflfcir. • -
After Ira Y. Mann had delivered a few appropri
ate remarks.
Charles Walker moved that the following pream
ble and resolution be adopted:
Wheseab. Bearing It li oar doty to protect tbe
famulcs of those who have fallen lu the cjuntrr’e ser
vice, and recognizing In Cut. Mulligan a pamot-tero,
Besolr.d. That the rirectcrsbo requested to con
tribute osetUcusand dollars CI.WS) from the muds of
(bit Beam to ala in purchasing a homestead for his
Tbe resolution was carried unanimously. Sub
scription books were then opened for the members
to subscribe Individually to tbe fund, and a large
amount was realized. These donations, with
others, will be published In a few days.
The Committee of Arrangements, together with
pall bearers, State officers and officers of the Army
and Navy, now in the city, tbe Judges of the
Courts, and members of the Bar, and Mayor and
Council and other city officers, and clerjry tug
marshals will assemble promptly at the Tremont
House at seven o’clock this morning, and proceed
to Bryan Hall, where they will be received by the
Ouarqof Honor now in coarge of the Hall, under
command of M?jor C. S.. Moore. The coffin will
men be escorted to St. Mary 's Church, on tbe cor
ner ofMsdison street and Wabash avenue, where
the funeral service* will be performed,
inc precisely at 8 o'clock. The services will con
sist ofa solemn requiem High Mass, which will
be chanted hv Rev. T. J. Batter, D. 8., after which
Rev. Br. McMullen will preach tbe funeral sermon
and pronounce tbe eulogy over the remains. In
the absence ofßishop Dncgan tbe Very Bev. Den
nis B. Bonne, B. 8.. will pronounce tbe absolu
At tbe conclusion of the religious exercises—
wi ich will terminate at half-past ten o'clock,
punctually—tbe procession will form on Wabash
avenue, the riant resting on MadlsdE street, to
prepare to receive the remains from the church, in
the following order: ..
IHtacbmcLt of City Poller, la charge of Ctptalu Bel
ton, Marshal of ibo Police.
. -Coloael Joseph ZLxncker.
Aides. - •
LieuU-Ccl. B. D.Broth, MfjorW.B.Moore.
Assistant Marshal*.
Philip Wadtwcnh, TJ. P. Harm, R, Prlndivlllc,
Philip Cooley.
Military Escort, composed of 6tb and l»th Veteran
Reserve corps, irem Camp Boogios, under
command of Colo- cl J. C. Strong, mb
Veteran Reserve Corps. ’
Clergy In Carriages.
C CqJ.iEzraTaylor,i Col. B. J.Bvect, fi
2 c-ok.l. M. Loomis, :C : CotC. C-Marsh, g
S Cot F. R. Eicbnck, ; ® : Cot J. L. Hancock, 5
a Msj.J-It Bognztla, :Z. : Lieut Cot A. Baffen,fr
•= )ion.Tbos.Uo>ne, ’ : J : t_.G. A»T, 2.
_M. F. Toley. Eeq., : * Obadlah Jackson Jr, a
£ Johns. Quinn, :S■o. w. Thompson, o
o Francis Adams, : p. ; Chas.H.Reed. §
3 . r
(Tbe Guard of Honor 1* composed of member* ol
the Irish Bneaoe. Montgomery Guardi, Kmsaef
'Guaids, aso Shields*. Guard*, under com
mand of Major Moore.
£ * * *
£ : N ; •“
£ : S • es
*"* : 2 : S
? s a : .3. -
a, : ; ••
(A tribute of respect to Lieutenant Nuesat, who fell
* wblleeadfavcrlcpto carry Colonel Mulligan
from the field after be w«s wounded.)
MsJ.Gen.6.A. Hurlbut, Brig.Geo.J.B.TorcMn,
Hon. Wm. B. Ogden. . . Hon. J. Y. Scammon,
Hon. Lkß Boone, 'Judge Grant Goodrich,
Hon. J7b. Komit-y, Hon. J. C. Maine*,
Hon. John Went* orth, Dr.Dowuitg,
J W.Sheahau, Lather Haven,
John H. turner, W. L. Newberry,
Wm.Stnrges, _ _ J. McDonald,
J. v. Farwrll,
Officers of tbe Army and Navy In fall Uniform.
Governor of Illinois and other State Officers.
Jodees ana other Officers cf tbe several Courts.
Members of the Bar.
and City Council and other City Officers.
Fire lit rartn,eaT.nncer chute of Astlstant Engln
tersrowell and Scbanck.
Hibernian Benevolent Society. .
Catholic Benevolent Temperance Society.
United Sons or Erin.
St. Vincent De Paul Society. _ .
Yeung Men's LlDrary Association of St. Patrick s
Cbmcb. „ .• ,
Labcrirg Men's Benevolent and Patriotic union,'
No, 4.
St. Joseph Society. ,
St. flencdictis Society.
Chicaro Tnrozvmeliide. _
Ship Carpenters’ Caulkers’ Protective union.
Citizen Corps. . M ,
Fenian Brotherhood under command of Major
Citizens on foot.
The procession thus formed will more precisely
11 o'clock, east on Madison street to Michigan are*
nue, north to Lake street, west to Wells street,
north to Kinzle strret, west oo Elnzle street to toe
Chicago and Milwaukee railroad depot, where that
portion of the procession which is to accompany
the remains of Colonel Mulligan to the cemetry
will take the cars Owing to difficulty of procur
ing care, the following portion of the procession
only wifi. accompany the remains and family to the
Pall Bearers. s
Vetf r *a Reserve Crop*.
Gosrd of Honor.
Committee of Amusements.
Officers of the Army nod bsyy.
„ Governor and State Officers,
Jncijesaaa Officers of the Courts.
Umbers of the Bar.
, Mayor sod City C *nncll.
oiber dtr Officers.
, Msrahus.
cbSy^^«Lssr“ lon wm *
time toe procession is moving from the church to
the railroad depot; and during the same time it Is
requested tost the bell of the City Hill, together
with all toe church belts of toe city, be tolled. It
Is requested, also, that flan be hoisted at half-mast
during the day. \
t'rlonel Purser has telegraphed an invitation to
Yatoe, Adjulaal General Fuller, and other
Slate Officers to be present daring the ceremonies.
Lateb.—The following tdegram has been re
ceived by Col- Tucker from Gov. Tates ra answer
to the invitation:
“ l regret that my duties here will prevent my
attending the funeral of the brave Mulligan. Illi
nois mourns with unutterable sorrow at this treat
loss, and the whole nation will cherish one whose
heroic deeds have inscribed bis honored name high
upon the roll ol her heroic martyrs. Please ex
press to his afflicted family my. warmest heartfelt
sympathies. 1 ’ /■
Its than Beastly Canditlaa—Vermin
Rampant—Danger from Fire —A
Crjlng Sin. .
Chicago has always been in a strait to know what
Jo do with that numerous class of oflenderfc whose
crimes may be called petty, chief among which is
tne Inability to pay a flue or give two to five hun
dred dollars security for their future appearance as
principal or witness. We remember the time when
the poor wretches used to have a ball and chain
fastened to the ankle, end be left out in the street.
Times have changed since then, but we questionlf
they have improved. AIT the successive changes
oi municipal administration polity and incum
bency have dote but little If anything to ameliorate
the condition ol those unfortunates who fall under
thebanolamunlcipalmagnate. We have at present
a very nnsatibiactory order of things, worse If pos
sible than any which bss preceded this regime. We
have an exhausted treasury, a poorly paid and in
sufficiently numerous police force, none too well,
governed; a police conzt which is a disgrace to a
civilized communUviWbcrc neither law nor equity
are consulted m the awards daily made at its tri
bunal, and we have a Bridewell lor the nasty, filthy,
shameful condition of which words cannot be found
In the English language strong enough to express
one half of the facte. .
The present building, located on the corner of
Polk and Wells streets, was first used (or Bride
well purposes about fourteen years ago. under tbe
regime ot Mayor Gurnee, who made it bis business
to abolish the ball and cnain system. It was con
structed of wood, and is by this time thoroughly
rotten, scarcely a sound plank being left In the
structure. The authorities ns® every effort to keep
it dean by whitewashing, the lime being some
times a quarter of an inch thick from repeated
layers, when ills peeled off,and tbe process of
thickening repeated. But whitewashing does not
make new wood, it only covers up tbe evil. - In the
innumerable chinks of those decayed timbers, 1 rats
lice and bugs find resting or hiding place;, from
which it is impossible-, to dislodge them, and
whence they salty out in countless swarms on the
inmates. Tne evil habits of a majority of the hab
itue* of that institution are of coarse exceedingly
lavoratle to the production of vermin; It is sale to
assert that about two-thirds of those sent there'
carry the Terminal concomitants of dirt with them
into that abode of sin and misery, and tbe place
harbors them till their name is “Legion."
The majority of those who are sent to tbe Bride
well are drawn from tbe lowest purlieus of vice In
the dty. The denizens of tbe novel and brothel
arc there largely represented. Tbe regular inebri
ates who spend all tbeiravailable cash lo whisky,
and all their lime in drinking it or off Its
effects, take no time to clean themselves. The
lowest prostitutes of the vilest dens In the city
who contribute so largely to its quota, are—to say
the least—not remarkable for personal cleanliness.
They carry their filth with them. Often may ver*
min be seen dropping from the rags of the prison
ers at the Police Court, and not nnfreqnently are
they infected with tbe most loathsome of diseases.
All ibis Is taken into.the Bridewell, and every
fresh incumbent but adds to tbe crowd of vermin,
every member of which religiously obeys the com
mand—"Fbefcficafr ac auaesciteet implete terra* —
Increase and multiply, Ac. The whole place is
full of these swarming abominations, and tbe evil
—always great—is rendered still worse by the aug
mentation of graybacks, brought by some of our
uncleanly soldiers from the regions of tbe South.
Our reporter paid a visit, on Friday last, to this
institution, and found about eighty-two inmates,
of whom thirty were men, the balance of the other
sex. Be accompanied tbe visiting physician. Dr.
B.S. Hahn, table tour of inspection among the
prisoners. The sights that there met bis view 1 were
awlul in the extreme Nearly one-half of the fe
males were suffering from a loathsome disease. In
various stages, tome being scarcely able to walk,
and others almost at death’s door. All were cov
ered with body vermin: and in answer to inquiries
he was told tnat if they cleansed themselves thor
oughly in the morning, before night they would be
covered with them. Every one complained that
another description of vermin, peculiar to tbe
sleeping apartment, were eo plentiful that it was
next to impossible to sleep; and beyond all this,
that other vile disease, the itch, claimed nearly
every one a victim. The males were in a little bet
ter condition, but they, too, suffered from tbe same
complaints. In their sleeping cells* vermin were
plainly apparent, and many of them ezhibitad in
'personthe unmistakable signs of suffering from
lewd conduct, and of discomfort from vermin.
And what sanitary provisions are made, think
you. to meet this ? Not an ounce of soap is fur
nished for other purpose than washing clothes,
and not a grain of medicine except what is fur
nished by the physician. The first is a crying sin;
the second is a most absurd regulation at best. It
-is not to be expected that a medical man will be
willing to famish blue pills and black wash by the
quart dsfly out of his own salary, still less can wp
ask him to find soap enough to cleanse off ail those
vermin. Nothing but lime and water! very good
in their places, but not sufficient of themselves to
preserve cleanliness, much less to restore It. We
question it in that old rotten baDdlttg it would be
possible to keep those persons clean, bringing In
vermin as they do constantly, bnt it would oe pos
sible by the aid of soap and washes to keep tae
ulcer down within much more contracted limits
than at present. Tbe city government has a ter
rible account to answer for their management of
the Bridewell. They have a solemn duty to per
form towards the pariahs of society—to reform
-while they punish. What then do they deserve for
,'drat ring down to such a pit of misery, dozens of
•people monthly who are sent thereby the Police
Court Dogberrys for no other reason than that
they have been arrested by some police officer for
little or nothing, and have not money enough to
puV tht alwavs Imposed fine ?
There Is another respect in which we may view
the criminal conduct of the authorities, a negli
gence which may yet be tbe death ot eighty to one
hundred of these poor creatures. 'Should a fire
break out in the night, they must infallibly be all
burnt up. The prisoners are all locked in their
cells separately for the night, and tbe keeper goes
home to sleep. Did that place take fire* it would
bum like ttnder, and be totally consumed before
bait a dozen of the colls couidbe unlocked. II in
deed any one would dare to enterthe burning pile
at all for that purpose. The stairways are so nar
row tbit one-half of them could not get out even if
not locked in, much less eowhen the doll padlock
would have to be taken off from each of one hon
ored cell doors.
We -will not now f top to find other faults, thoarii
there are several radical defects which cry aloud
lor reform. We are sot of those who believe that
the sinner against municipal law and order should
be aliened to go unpunished. They should be
made to work bare, realizing something for the
city; their diet should be simply healthful lu quali
ty, and eofllcient In quantity to sustain health;
they should not be permitted,to converse with each
ether, bni they abould not be ruined in soul or
body py the so-called attempt at punishment. In
such a case the law-maker becomes by far the
greatest law breaker of the two.
We ask the eeriona attention of the city author
ities to this matter. Where Is the “ New Bride
well’' which was talked of so largely a short time
since? Because we would not have that placcout
towards Joliet- so for away from the city that the
time of one half of the prisoners would expire
fore they got there—we arc not to have any.
Shame! Shame 1 gentlemen. Let us have the new
Bndewtli it possible, hut If not that, then let us
have immediate and sweeping reform in the ad
ministration of affairs at the old one. Do not let
us longer continue to keep a breeding place lor
vermin and corruption, in which already usd per
sons shall become worse defiled, where decent
folks shall have their spirits broken down and
their bodies so horridly befouled as In that abom
inable place, from which a daily sonleortincleau
wretches goes out to pollute the city. Boletus
change it. It Is acrytnssln, crying out towards
taeavtn trumpet-tongacd against toe system of
treating drunks and disorderlies In Chicago.
Filling Up—Dredging Oat—Extension of tbe
ftorth Pier—Deports of tbe City En
gineer and Board of Pnblie Works*
The state ol the harbor has long been the subject
of great anxiety with all who feel an Interest in
the commercial futureof Chicago. We He in a very
unfavorable position—situated nearly at the head
of tbe Lake with a strong normal current generally
setting in from the Northeast, generally driving
up tbe soil continually Horn the bed of the Lake
and from the more northerly portion of the bank
Into the mouth of the river. W& have no natural
harbor, no bay to receive the deposits at the out
side and keep them from the river, and the current
of that river being equal to nothing, there is no
contrary force to wash hack the sand. Hence we
are ecnit&ntly filling up. Evvrr year the deposit
increases, and each year something needs to be
done to check the choking procca*, for the waves
bring land as well as vessels to oar harbor, bet
forget to convey the former back again: hence we
are in danger of being swamped through carrying
too nfuch ooJfflrt, preventing a single tail bom en
tering or leaving.
Several years ago the difficulty was met by car
rying out a pier from the nonh bank of oar tiny
harbor. which has caught tbe sand partially. But
this provision is now become insufficient. Tbe
whole expanse to the northward of the pier Is
filled up with sand, making many acres of new
ground, and a long drift has been for years form
ing ont to the southward, gradually extending its
length to a mile and Its height to within about
four and a half feet of the surface. In order to
enttr tbe harbor, vessels have been obliged to go
down south to near Twelfth street, then come In
side tne bar and sail up the distance of a mile in a
narrow channel, having the bar on one side and
the breakwater on tbe other, with the wind gener
ally Mowing on shore, giving the mariner that
which he most dreads—a lee shore with no lee
way. In rough weather many vessels have been
wrecked on that breakwater, and the channel Itself
la now filled up sp.mnch that from being danger
ous the passage is now become almost Impossible,
tbe larger class ofWeseels being unable to make it.
Various have been the plans proposed during the
.past lew years for averting tbe late which threat
ens nr, but all seem to be only temporary meas
ures. Tbe work icferred to in tbe following docu
ment promised a great relief. Tbe design embra
ces the construction of a large dockage system on
tbe lake shore, to the northward of the present
harbor, with the mouth ot.ertrance turned to the
south. This would undoubtedly prevent seriops.
detriment to our harbor for a number of years,
but it seems tbe work has been laid over for tbe
present, and It has become imperative on the city
to co something. Last autumn the dredges were
set to work to make a passage through this bar,
close to the lighthouse, through which vessels
might pass. The channel was made, but filled np
partially during tbe winter. Itbashcenrcdrcdged
this summer, and the workmen are still employed
on it. To prevent subsequent filling In, it Is non*
proposed to extend the north pier into the lake
a distance of 400 feet. Tbe following documents
v ere submitted to the Common Council at its last
meeting, tbe first being a report primarily made
to the Board of Pnhilc Works by E. 7}. Cueshor
ougb, the CityEnclceer:
To the Board of Public Works:
The dredging at the mouth of the river has now
proceeded so far as to fqrnlah a better entrance to
ihe harbor than that obtained through the south
channel. A few days more of good weather and
tbe contractors for dredging will be able to give to
vessels entering and leaving the harbor,-all the
freedom they could desiref, with 18 feet of water
at ordinary stages of the lake: but at present the
progress ol the work is somewhat interfered with
by the parage ol vessels.
In order to secure to tbe future benefit of the
city the channel thus reopened to navigation, a
pier should be buHt on the north side this rear.
This pier should be as strong and as large as those
built by the National Government lor similar
depths of water on the lakes. Tbe length from .
the end of the present pier ought not to be less
than 400 feet, the height not less than SO feet, nor
tbe width less than 24 feet. Such a pier In ordin
ary times would cost about £35.000; but under
present circumstances It would Dot be sale to esti
mate It at lose than £71,000; for which sum and
perhaps for less, therels good reason-to believe,
that tesponelble and competent parties will under
take ana gnarrantee tbe contraction of this pier
during the present season.
1 ought to have made this communication sooner
to the Board, but knonigg that tbe Chicago Bock
and Canal Company Intended until quite recently
to complete their pier for an outside harbor, just
north of the present pier, this season, and believ
ing that their plans, with a slight modification,
would be a perfect equivalent for ours in protect
ing the entrance to the harbor, I have hoped and
believed that some arrangement might be made
between the dty and that Company by which tbe
completion of their works during the present sea
son would be guaranteed, and the city thus save a
considerable portion ofihecostof extending the
North Her. Now. however, that Company In new
ot ihe great increase in tbe price of labor and ma-
U-nftL proposes to guarantee tbe completeness on
ly of tbe requisite length of pier running out east
ward frem the shore, but does not propose to guar*
■olee the cocelructlon ofa piernmnlngsoaibwsrd
Torn the cast and west one. This would leave
sever.il hundred feet in length of the'bar ontslde
aid north ot the lighthouse exposed to the action
of the northeaster!? storms, which might sweep a
lan.e portion of it daring the next winter into the
channel Just re-opened, at so much ’expense In
It has been suggested that carrying out the
south pier aa far aa the north pier extends, would
preserve, in a great measure.* what has been
dredged ont thus far. Unless the north pier is ex*
tended, all past experience shows that the channel
now being dredged will fill up again, for the bar
wooid form outside or beyond the end of the
sontb pier, jut as It forms now beyond the end'd
the north pier. U the north pier should be ex*
h nded the present year, all questions abont ex*
tending the south pier could bo postponed to next
year with safety. The objection urged against
this coarse, is that the eddy produced By the north
pierwonld cause the new channel to fill up the
south and west end of the pier. That this would
not take place to any serious extent, is proved
from thatfset that by soundings taken yesterday,
th e channel south and west of the end of the pier,
what was dredged to a depth of 14 feet for some
distance last year. Is still that depth moat of the
distance. although no dredging has been done
west of the end of the pier this year.
Should the outside harbor which the Chicago
Deck and Canal Company intend to construct,
prove a success, it will probably be followed bribe
construction ol others, still further North. These
would prove ft complete protection to the month
ol the harbor, agftlnst filling up, for to order to en*
ter them, no bar can be allowed to form in front of
them. None could form at the month of the river,
because all the sand for the bars that form at the
entrance to the harbor comes from the north. For
thle reason, besides others. It is too soon to deter*
mine what nlsn should be adopted for permanently
securing the necessary depth ol water at the en*
trance to the harbor—that Is, whether the north
pier—and perhaps the south one—should be cz*
tr nded still farther oat hereafter, as fast aa
shoal water may extend out into the lake,
or whether dredging should he depended
on; or whether General Webster’s plan of taking
advantage of the current produced by storms along
the shore, and making It pass through a funnel*
shaped gap. formed by a detached pier outside of
the North Pier, and thus washing away the bar
that now forma at the end of the North Pier suffi
ciently far to keen the entrance of the harbor clear,
or whether the proposed outside harbors may be
depended on.” • *
The Board of Public Wcrks submitted a report,
praying the Council to take immediate action, as
recommended by Mr. Cheeborough, the same being
absolutely necessary to the commerce of the citv.
The report stated that the now channel is already
better than the old, which has now but twelve feet
of water, and at the lake level of last fall, only a
depth of ten feet nine inches. Large ves
sels could not use the old' channel now;
a {vessel belonging to the Peahtieo Com
pany had been unable to pass through the old
channel a few days ago, and had to come in by the
the new one. To secure the new channel cow
made by dredging, it was absolutely necessary to
extend the pier, as recommended in the report of
the City Engineer, and the expense, though largo,
was nothing compared to the loss which the city
would suffer were ingress and egress denied to
large vessels.
Tbe Board submitted an ordinance directing the
extension or the pier accordin'? to plans and speci
fications to be submitted by the Board and under
its superintendence, and authorizing tbe Mayor
and Comptroller to borrows sum of money not ex
ceeding eeventy.flve thousand dollars, for a spice
ol time not exceeding the close of tbe next manic-.
Ipal year, to pay the cost of tbe improvement.
We need acdnothtogto these reports: they cov
er tbe whole gronnd. we hope that tbe Committee
on Barbjrft and Bridges, to whom they were re
ferred, will give them an early and full considera
Transit Tbronch rblcaso*'*! Bam
marr oi their Career*
Among the arrivals at the Best yesterday was
the old war-worn Slst Massachusetts Bcglmcnt on
Us way home on a veteran furlough.
This regiment was organized at Pittsfield. Mass.,
and mastered Into the United States service, Jan
uary Ist, 1602; then numbering 1010 men. They
lelt Boston with the expedition of Gen. Batler for
Shin Island, were wrecked on the way, and reached
the Island on tbe 16th of April, From thence they
.went with the expedition against New Orleans,
lay on board the transports daring tbe bombard
ment of Forts Jackson and Phillips, and ascend
ing tbe river were the first Union troops that step
ped on shore at New Orleans, which they
did Hay Ist, with Gen. Batler at their head.
They remained there until the last of August, and
then a portion was sent to garrison Fort Jackson,
and tbe remainder to garrison Fort Pike. From
New Orleans they Joined the troops engaged In the
Teche campagn. and on the Irih and 13th of April
were encaged in the battle ot Camp Blaland, in
which they lost about thirty men. Returning
from the campaign, they were sent to Port Had
> on, and participated In tbe long and tiresome
serge of that rebel stronghold, and were engaged
In the assaults of the *7th of May and 14th of
Jane, losing In these engagements 110 men. After
the surrender of Port Hudson tbev returned to
New Orleans, and on the 20th of • December they
were mounted, by order of General Banks, and
designated the 6lh Massachusetts cavalry. They
were brigaded with the Sd Illinois cavalry. Major
Marsh, of whom both officers and men epeMt
In the most complimentary term*. Side by side
with tbe gallant Boosters they foneht upon many
a bloody field. March Ist thev again left New Or
leans, and went through the Rea River campaign,
and were with Gen. Bonks in his last disastrous
expedition. At the battle of Sabine Crosr Roads
they performed gallant service, and contributed
greatly to save the brigade of Geo. Cameron,which
was In imitent dauber of capture. In this fight
they lost about one third of their number. Thence
they went to Grand Ecore, Cane River aud Hen
demon's HUL covering the retreat ol the army.
On the 3d of May they were attacked by the enemy,-
: fifteen hundred strong, and although now reduced
to 145 men, they held them in check and finally
r**pnlacd them, receiving for thl* gallant service
the highest encomiums of Brigadier-General A. J.
Mower. Daring the retreat they had continued
skirmishing for four days, and at one tfmp came
near being ent off by the enemy. On the 18th,
being now reduced to 180 men, they we re charged
by six regiments cf dismounted cavalry, and
though at first compelled to give ground, rallied
and repulsed the charge, losing over one-fourth
their number. They reached New Orleans on
the 25th, and on the 18th July started
tor home. As we have said, the regi
ment left Massachusetts with 1,010.. meb.
Two hundred were recruited In New Orleans aud
thlrtv Joined it from the State, and It now rctnrns
with3o**, having left upon the battlefield, In tbe
hospital, and discharged, over one thousand men,
which fact affords the amplest proof of the gal
lantry of Its service.
Its surviving members cow return wearied with
long and ardnons service and bronzed by exposure.
They have gloriously carved tbe name of the old
Bay Slate upon every battle field where they have
fought, and deceive, as they will doubtless receive,
tbe highest honors of their country met. Tbe fol
lowing arc the field snd staff officers:
Cotond-O. P. Gooding.
XUutenant C 'oUme'—H. P. Wettertoa.
JlrJor—’E. n. Fordfcam.
jlcyi/fanf—Jas. il. Stewart.
OuarfenritMfer— C. J. Rust.
Surgeon— E. C. Bldwell.
Amitant Surgeon— E. P. Clark.
' Chaplain— F. E. R. Chnlbnck.
A Female Gentleman—Robberies—
Picking Pockets.
A large crowd of drnnks v : eltcd the Police
Court yesterday. There were few eases of greater
A happy little eailor was arraigned, taxed with
being of a sex Inconsistent with her occupation,
and which if allowed to be persisted In, would
be subversive of the good morals and discipline
of the seafaring profession. It wonld require a
connoiscnr in human nature, the pris
oner In the box. before she pleaded'** guilty'’ to
the charcc, to determine that Mrs. Watson was
not what she assumed to he—a genuine salt.
When she opened her month, bowdver, the accu
racy ol her pleading was sympathetically mant*
' fest to the females !n Conn. She said t>he was
cook on board a steamer lying about Twelfth
street bridge; that she had on tbe previous even
ing, being In want oi a bit of fun,donned tbe Cap
tala's rig, and was on her way to visit some
friends on State street, when she was overhauled
bv a piratical policeman and taken in tow. She
found herself at anchor in an unfriendly port, and
was willing to pay the harbor does. fiU honor
fixed the payment of twenty dollars, and the
jonng craft qnickiy left her moorings, with a
trusty blue-jacket .as pilot, who insisted on her
baring some Iresb sails bent before she went <m
another crnlsc.
Edward Dolan, Patrick Dolan, brothers, John
Ryan, and Michael Tracy, four destitute, misera
ble looking boye, were charged with robbing
some unknown person of a largeamount of green
backs Tbe boys were observed by a police offi
cer to be possessed of a considerable amount, and
being on tbe lake shore at tbe time, whereagreat
many gentlemen bad been bathing, and whose
dothes were accessible to tbe action of thieves,
be took them into custody. Tbe youthful delin
quents admitted that the larceny had been com
mitted in tbe way suspected by the policeman.
Commissioner Williams, of the Reform School,
upon an examination of tbe boys, dischirgca
Patrick Dolan and Tracy, but sent the other two
to tho School.
William Horn, charged with picking the pocket
of a man named Kettle Olsen, of Boone county,
while thelatterwasln-a slate of intoxication, was
also committed in the absence of S3OO ball. -
James A. Tolan was complained of by A. W.
Potter, bis fellow boarder, at No, 250 Madison
street, for larceny. The accused stole an entire
•nit of dothes belonging to Potter and sold them
to a second-hand dothes dealer, on Weils street,
named May. for ten dollars. Officer Kenney was
informed by complainant of the robbery, and To
lan, haring left the house, was traced t»ahotcl in
the West Division end arrested. Forty dollars was
found in the pockets of Tolan. ten of which was
refunded to May. The justice committed the ac
cused for trial, bail ins Goo not being forthcoming.
From ReeeldohT—Y esterday morning 415 rebel
prisoners, captured by Sherman at Atlanta, ar
rived at Camp Douglas from Louisville, In charge
of cigbty-two men of the 180 th Indiana, com
mandedby Captain H. D. Davidson. The guard
returned to Louisville last evening.
New Basis of Sanitary Bevcnae.
The invincible hosts of our Western army have
fought their' way into the heart of the cotton
States, and will not /alter till they push the enemy
•o the Gulf of Mexico. The increasing length of
our army lines, and the great work to~be accom
plished, require a large addition of men for whom
we must provide. The tremendous activity and
aggressive character of the campaign, rapidly flit
rhe field and post hospitals with patients, to be
cherished and comforted. The gallant sufferers
tre husbands, eons, brothers, from oar homes,
which they are protecting with their Kvm and
Hmhs, ana making /or ns a record In history, no
paralleled for endurance and patriotism.
Shall these men, with victory perched on their
Mood-stained banners, and patient perseverance
stamped on every foot of their tciliome Southern
march, be furnished with every possible relief, for
fearful but necessary suffering? ’Tls lor the peo
ple to answer.
The United States Sanitary Commission, with
Its various branches, of which tbe Northwestern
Sanitary Commission Is one, has nndertakento do
a large share of this beneficent 'work. Immense
•urns of money have been realized by
the Sanitary Pairs, first successfully inau
gurated by the Northwestern Fair, held in
Chicago. These large amounts, to an inex
perienced person, or casual observer, appear
Inexhaustible. When it is remembered, however,
that 100,000 sick and wounded men are in hospit
als, all over the land, continual battles raging, the
expenses at such times varying from to
$lO 00 for each exhausted and wonnded man; and
when the bulletins the United States Commis
elonehow that over half a million of dollars have
been expended by it, for the benefit of this army
of sick and wounded men, dmlng the
last two~ months. It will be mani
fest to every candid mind that such immense
drolls on any treasury must exhaust- It,
□uless replenished by steady streams of supply.
The Northwestern Sanitary Commmissloa, after
extended consultation with its friends In the conn
try, and in view of its past experience, has decided
that the labor, income and revenue system is the
least oppressive, most certain and satisfactory plan
to keep the Treasury filled. As a well regelated
system oftaxatlon is necessary to enable the Gov
ernment to carry on the war effectually, so la a
systematic and universal contribution necessary
to enable the Sanitary Commission to fulfill its
mission ol benevolence—to alleviate the Inevitable
horrors of the war. , .
Like all grand schemes of practical utility, it is
.as simple as comprehensive. It asks every min,
woman and child, to become part of tbls great ha
man machinery, embracing In its beneficent arms
every sick or wounded man. from Texas to the Po
tomac, from Atlanta to Chicago. It asks every in
dividual to give the proceeds of one day’s labor,
one day’s profits, or one day's income, to the
treaenryoftheCommlsblon. It asks fortbeßßsih
pail ol the good gifts of Providence, for the bene*
fit of the gallant men now earning them for those
at home. This appeal speaks in tones of thunder
to onr sense or justice and patriotism, aod in
strains ot melting tenderness to onr humanity.
It will be answered by the toiling seamstress
sed daughter of luxury, thehtrdy day-laborer and
frkililui mechanic, by toe culllonare, banker and
lawyer, by tbc successful merchants and his em
ploye?, by the hardy mariner and stalwart yeo
man, by the Government employe, even bv corpo
rate bodies, heretofore said to be destitute of
eoule. No class will be denied the privilege of
uniting trlfA, andnonebe oppressed by. this thor
ough and PTftematte plm.
This circular issued by the Commission to direct
public opinion to this subject, and prepare its
friends tor one soon to be presented, in wnich the
mode ol organization will be foil/ unfolded and
accurately detailed. The intention of the Com
mission is so to divide the labor that it will be op
pressive to no individual or organization. It Is
i«lleved that this plam will so commend itself to
the sound sense of our agricultural districts, as
well as our populous cule?, that It will be coder*
taken with vigor and enthusiasm by Aid Societies,
Loyal Leagues, Good Templars, patriotic and hu*
mane individuals, and thus secure its success be
yond a doubt .
The Commission leaves this matter in the hands
of us friends with perfect confidence, asking
tbeir personal and organized efforts in Its behalf.
It asks each editor fo publish and advocate the
P each organization to read the circular at its
earliest meeting, and each individual to make it
the subject of convosatioir and Interest. Such a
course will be a preparation for the coming ex
planatory circular, and the great work will then
be promptly and simultaneously accomplished;
JhnsfQnilsmng a permanent basis of supplies for
the Commission, relieving the burden of many
anxious hearts, and calling forth a henison from
every hospital cot in the land,
_ E.B. McCaoo,
President Northwestern banltary Com.
Cyrus Bentley, Cor. Sec’y.
Bnpcrlorlti or Baltimore Mechanism,
—There is no city In the Union which has a better
reputation for the cultivation and perfection of the
mechanic art than Baltimore, and none which can
claim superiority in more specialities. OfTJwao
quite a number might he mentioned, hat It will
suffice at present to refer to one—toe manufactur
ing of nianos—eneecsted by the recent announce
ment that Carl Anschutz, the talented director of
tie celebrated German Opera Troupe, which has
created, each a sensation throoghont the country,
has written a complimentary letter to Messrs.
Knabe & Co, In wnich be reiterates the earnest
and enthusiastic praises previously bestowed noon
their superior pianos by such distinguished artists
as Thaiberg, Strakoscb. Vicoxtemps, Salter, and
others, and pronounces them unsurpassed by any
in the world. That these encomiums are appreci
ated by the public, the extensive and rapidly in
creasing business of this firm lolly attests, audit
bids fair to become the largest in the Untied
States. Of other specialities we shall speak in the
J. Bancr& Co., Ko. 99 Clark and 89 Washington
streets have the agency lor the Northwest for the
above planes.
Illinois Soldiers.
A large number of soldiers belonging to Illinois
have recently been transicrrcd from hospitals in
Tennesseeacd Kentucky to Jefferson Birracke,
Ho. Hr. £. U. Haines.’ Esq., of Lake county,
anon reqoest, lately made application to Governor
Yates for hie Influence to obtain a transfer of each
soldiers as belong to Lake county, to a convenient
hospital in this State. He has received the follow-'
ing letter from the Governor, showing that he has
obtained a transfer ofall Illinois soldiers to hospi
tals in their own State;
State or Illinois, Executive DEFABTVcrr, 1
SpuiKoriELD, July 23,1804. |
Hon. E. M. Haines, Waukegan, Illinois:
Sm—l have tbe honor to acknowledge the receipt
of jonr favor of the 21st Inst. On my application
to the proper authorities, an order has been Issued
(or the transfer ot all Illinois sick and wounded to
hospitals In this State, bat tbe order could not be
carried out as on account ot the low water in the
lilraieslppi, boats could not reach Quincy. Tbe
transfers will be made, as 1 am Informed, as soon
as they can be transported in tbls manner, the
Government deeming It impracticable to transport
sick and woanded by railroad,
issued] Richard Yates.
Chaste as Yoo and Pare as Snow.—
The Fragrant Sczodont Is a scientiflc composition
of Ihe purest und choicest ingredients of the ori
ental vegetable kingdom. Every Ingredient is
well known to have a beneficial eQecton the teeth
and gams, its embalming, or antl-septlc property
and a delicate aromatic Jracrancc mates ft really
a toilet luxury, and a pleasure to use it, as it re*
motes all disagreeable odors, even that of tobacco.
It speedily removes those ravages which children
sustain In their teeth; owing to Improper use of
sweet and acid articles, which imperceptibly de
stroy them. Sold by druggists throughout ■ the
country, 75 cents per bottle.
ang2-0133-3t-T Tit a sat.
Notice.— lnasmuch as there are a great many
unauthorized recruiting officers in this city repre*
tenting tte Navy, u becomes necessary for me to
issue the following notice:
All officers in this city, representing themselves
as recruiting for the United States Navy, are with
out authority. The only rendezvous in this city
being comer of North Clark and North Water
' Branch recruiting stations are-also established
In the Court House Square and at corner of Ran
dolph and CanalAtreets. These offices being nn~
der my immediate command.
After the above notice, all persons Illegally re
cruiting for the United States Navy (not duly au
thorized) will be held responsible to military law,
and *o proceeded against.
By Older uonx D. Hardy, U. S.Navy.
Com’d’g. Rtndezvous, Chicago, HI.
ang 2-oSOS-lt
XST. House and Sign Painting, Calclmlnlng,
Glazing and Graining. Paper flangings and Win
dow Shades selling at wholesale and retail at New
York prices. F. £. Riqdt, 89 Randolph street.
Box 5303. Jr-l-uS33-lm
Care of Catarrh, Throat and Chest
Dlscafic»»rbe New System of Caret
special Notice.
The remarkable success which has attended the
practice of Dr. I. Winslow Ayer, (of the Chicago
Troafand Lucg Institute, McCormick’s building,
cor. Randolph ana Dearborn streets.) in the speedg
and radical cure of catarrh, throat diseases, asth
ma. Bronchitis, and curable stares of consumption,
Is well known to our citizens. The present season
Is peculiar! favorable for the successful use of the
new remedies, and it has been repeatedly demon
strated that they succeed even alter all other forms
of medication have been tried In vain.
Notwithstanding the vast Incrcass In the prices
of all articles, especially medicines, Dr. Ayer has
not yet advanced his prices, therefore, persons who
wish to avail themselves of present rates and to
fu-iy recover from tins dangerous class of diseases
before antumn, would do well to apply immediate
ly. A neglected throat disease or catarrh, or other
affection 01 the longs. Invariably becomes none,
and too often quite incurable at the approach of
1011, when at the rrerenf ftme In all probability a
lew weeks le sufficient to effect a complete cure.
Bryant Sc Str&Sto&’s: Gbltcso Tole
grapn luwtltate,— The largest InsTltutlon cf
the find m the world I Thirty-five telegraph in
stuments In constant use. Address
Bstabt A Sthattoh,
Jy2-m£4S-lm daw ' Chicago, 111.
metropolitan Hafl to Bent.— This Hall
is to rent for ail the purposes for which such halls
are ordinarily used. Terms moderate. Aoplica*
lions can be made at the office, adjoining tee eTi
tmice to the Hall. jel{>-b&10-tf
Pr Diseases of the Nervous, Seminal, Urinary
and Sexual Systems.—New and reliable treatment
—in reports of the Howard Association. Sent by
mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge.
Address Dr. J. Sklllon Houghton, Howard Asso
ciation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia.
Pa. ly3-nt£M-Sm
Markets by Telegraph.
[Telegraphed Exclusively to the Chicago Tribune.]
Nxw York, Monday Evening, Aug. 1,1561.
BEEF CATTLE—Wehave on sale at Allerton’s to*
dsyof sboutS,CCO bullocks, tbe general quality of
which Is below the average. The market has been
hard for drovers, with a decline of Kc from tbe quo*
tatiocf of last week.
SHEEP-Tbe supply has been limited, with a small
demand, prices ranging from 737>*c F ».
BOGS In email supply, and firm at last week's
quotations. Bolos RonrsaoN,
St, Louis Market, .
[Special Dispatch to tbe Chicago Tribune.]
St. Lome, Monday, August L
Tobacco—Stems (4 &C0I.1O; scrape <1X037.40; lugs
f 10X0(115 09; common shipping leaf <15,76320X0; me
dium do 12U0327.0C; good and fine do $77X0335X0;
common and medium manufacturing lest $25,003
8500; good One and fancy do $33.C0330X03100X0 F
100 as.
From—Firm, and demand Is languid. Reported
sales, 960 brls; ICO superfine at $3.76; 800 do at $9.60:
do country single extra Inspected doable-head
lined and delivered at $9.85; 259 city do doable-head
lined and delivered at (lOXO; and 250 country doable
extra inspected double-head lined and delivered at
$10.83 Fbrl.
Grain—Wheat—Receipts larger and prices declined
folly &cs>bcßbel. Sales of SXOO sacks, including 110
common fall, at 91.9(31.95; 550 fair and good at <I.OO
(32.08; <lO good aid low prime at $2X7X32.10; 650
prime and strictly prime at' t2.U32.17H; 9U3 choice
at <2.2032 22; 1 ,650 do at <2X532 26; 853 extra choice
at <aBOF bushel. Corn flngjr; sales 72 sacks mixed
and 166 do yellow at <)sB8; 714 do mixed and white in
lots at $1.40; BXOO do white, yellow sad mixed in store
at <1.49 F bnehel; end 175 do white on private terms.
Oats is moderate demand; sales of 187 sacks at 90c;
■ 1,680 do in various lots, mostly new, at 92c; and 825
old to feeders at 91393 c F bushel.
WmsKT—Firmer; sales ICO brls at <1.75 F gallon.
Provisions—Lard—Sale repoitcd of 9* tree choice
at 19c F tt.
Milwaukee Blwkot.
UiLWAtnExx, Monday Evening, Aug. 1.
Flour—Dull and lower.
Grain.— Wheat—Receipts 23.0C0 bn. Declined 1©
lKe,anddoßlßfC -week. Sales this moraine 9.00 bu
Ko l spring tin store, free, at 5i.18d3.1412,00) bn do
regular at $2.16, Sales on 'Change 25.40C0 ba Ko 1
spring in store, fresh, at t3.13d3.13X * 3XOO bn do Ko
2mSmUh'sattt3.oo. Market at the Newhall Honae
this evening Qnner. Sales 85,C00 ba Ko 1 spring at $2.15
e2.UK. doting at the Inside figure. OaU doll and
inactive. Com heavy and lower. Sales 1 car load in
store at SIXS. Rye and Barley nominal. -
Teasels Fused Detroit."
. [Special rtipatch to the Chicago Tribune ]
Dztboit, Monday. August 1,1354.
Ur—Prop Mendota; baits Nucleus, Champion,
Newman; actors Czar, Genasba, Ann Marts.'"'.
DowK-PxopsTonawanda, Fountain ;bark Chicago
sebrs Dauntless, Arctunos, Doasman, Wind, South
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
BnmosposT. Monday, Aug. SO-1 a, m.
- Clxaxed— lmperial, Lockpait; Progress La9bUe;
Deer Perse No 3, Utica.
AnsivvD—Resolute, Athens. SO yds ruble stone;
Advance, Athens.43 yds olmemlon stone; WbGar.
nee,-' Athens, 43yds dimension sujne. Glasgow,LaSalle
s.tct bu corn; Robert Holme®, 8,500 bu corn; Republic.
Morm, iso tons coal; ML Adaws No 2. LaSalle, 5,800
bu com: Errlcsecn, Ottawa. 2,000 Jm com: DacoUto,
• LaSalle, 82C0 bu com: Utole Leaf, Joliet, 3OSO bu
cats, 3,563 buenra, 123 torls flour; Atlanta,LaSalle,
150 tens coal. . . w
«bbivxd— Mondav mcratug, Aug. L—AUda, La*
Salle, 139 tons coal; Leviathan, com.
Clxabto—Advance, Atbt us; W. S. Gurnee. Athens:
Resolute, Athens: NeuUlus. LaSalle, 80 m lumber, 135
m shingles, 56 brls salt. , _ ..
AsmvTD—Senator, LaSalle, 117 tons coal: Drill,
Mcrrts 133 tons coal; E. Q. Loomis, Athens, 90 yds
ruhhle stone.
Baltimore Market*
- Baltixoux, Monday, Aug. 1.
Flocb—Dull. - .
. grain— Wheat - Southern red, |2 3*32.55. Com
firm atgl.fOK.
Whisxt—Prices nominal.
Sugar—Dull. .
Philadelphia Market*
PBZLASiLrnxA, Monday Evening, August X.
Chain—Very dull; old red. S2JO©2AS; white, *263
A3 70. Corn quiet; yellow, $1.7331-75. Oats dud at
83c- _
PBTBOircx—Very Quiet.
Whisxt—Dull at 1180.
New York Uarui*
Ntw Yokx. Monday, Auz 1.
Cotton—le better. Bales at $L€SdUt for middling
fLoca—State and western 15325 c lower. At the
Cloteof the marker, owing to the advance In gold, U
xecovtredlrom the decline. aad*6oinß aoWera wers
dlrpcseo to ask a little more. Sales at $9.6539 JO tor
extra state: 110.10010 M for extra round hoop Ohio,
and slo.ss—[here tbe line failed.
Tbe Harvest in Michigan*
[From the Detroit Free Press.!
Tbe hatvrst la this State bu en.*el. The wheat crop
Is gathered In fine order, ana tbe oat crop fir the
great«T part gathered. Wheat, like the wool crop,
bioa Islr to fled an early market. It is now being
threshed and marketed more rapidly than tn a num
ber of years pterions, so early in the season. T-s
rttanln*ofagoedmarket brings ta the
lively. No one cau complain of the qnalit.. for K
via BCTer anti has 101 beau cquuec f r
many years, in quantity there, will oe several
thousand bushel* more tn The btata than was aatid*
rated rs*tv lo the sea*on. All tomes consldrred.
aca Id vt'W of the trop she men. t e farmers o
Michigan have lesa erase for complaint than those ol
fcio-t any clhtr State- hay-j fcarjely lnu«si. a
fair crop of wheat, except of course in localities
whin it n av be said tons a complete failure, at la
rarti 101 liiylngMor, Waihienaw. QeotSfe and Oak
land ccnurir*:bnt cm the other bard. iath*eonntlea
of Ineham Shiawates, Clinton, lonia and Kent, cn
tUtboo o?’tre Detroit and Milwaukee Kail w. *nd
in the souihwtstctc counties genera’ly, the**® Is •»
SnSnS wif taking quality low
rnwhaint town as an average crop, ~hc oat crop
(SoTlceriße that them evs h;en alir^er
shown thanVusU win be -ully an «v<ra*e.
The rojocron preml'O* more than an average. l*ot%
tAMMfivPMtshle>. graera well, acare
!Pii?h.7.lVa been islt all over the State, and will
A Isree portion of the corn in this btate nss oe-n
cultivated by women.
KiD.rtol Breadstuff* from the United Staten
to Great UHfnln and Ireland, since Ist
S pfom mber * lfc **rioaT.bMs. Wbsat.ba. Carp.ba
New York July 23 1817,113 15.C2G.193 392,C0?
New Oile-ns..•v.ljVV
puuidpu. ... -WS- S-I’J ™
Puliimoie »?•;.•« 57 - n ® 131
2Y0.1V1 6*m!iis 9£SI,»S
Total 186'-C2 .2,319.212 2i.187,UT 1?,717A'€
ToS-.ibflc^a!!.!!!"••..-Mw.oia nßti.ra w.eu
to th* coKTnrwrr.
Floor, "Wheat, corn, ’ Ry«,
hrU ba*h. bash. bu-h.
New York....JalvM. 63,193 859,5tt7 .13.433 13.953
OlhcrPts.latestdates 15,053 . .... »»»»
Total, 1563-*64 78,248 - 299.567 12.575 19.955
“ ISIW-'CT 184.C43 2.02M47 63.93* 353.938
»• 18*:l-’t2 tfVjM 7,437,203 5Z3.174
•* 186:-* a
Ballroad Tiai Tabin
: Depart. Arrive.
Hail Passenger.—... *10:00 tun. *5:15 aua.
Evening Express,... *5:00 pun. *11:35 aua
Night Express *9:Bo pun- *&lsp.in
Felton Passenger.9:4s auSo B;ffin.ia.
Pulton Passenger .-.9:15 p.m. Ijxp.ta.
Freeport Passenger 9:30 a m. 8:26 p.m.
Freeport Passenger 10:00 pxs, 8:10 An.
Bockford Passenger... 4:00 p.&<. 11:10 a.m.
Geneva Passenger 6:80 p.m. 8:30 aua.
Detroit Express *fc3oaua. **s:?Ga.m.
Detroit Express?. t6:00 p.m. *8:46 a.zu
Detroit Express.. *tl0:00 nun. *B:lspua,
(Trains for dftrinneli and Zcv-tvMie.)
Homing Express *6:30 aue. *8:15 p.m.
Night Express 16:00 p.m. *8:45 a.m.
Day Express *6:30 ax. *0:16 p.m.
Evenin’ Express....—...l6:Wp.m. *l6:3oajE.
Night Express *110:00 nun. *8:45 fa.ni,
Express, via Adrian -.*0:80 &.m. *8:46 aua.
Night Express, via Adrian.,l6:oo duo. **Sds am.
prrrsßirEa, tost wattvs ake cbsoaso.
Mail and Accommodation. .*1:40 a.ta, *ilo p.n.
DayExprees *6;Soa.m. *a:lspja.
Mail Express.—. p.m. *9:10 p.m.
Night Express....——-...tlfclOpja. t&4sa.m.
Clfu & Lonlrrflle Ercrcoß.. , t9;4o D.m. i£:S3 a.m,
(Cvnntdinff with F*nn*ylocwiz Centra* B. B.)
Leave Plttobiirg.. 8:00 a.m. 4:85 pja. 8:45 p.m.
“ Harrlat/g:. 1:28 p.m. 3t45 a.m. 6:00 ami.
AirivePhlladel... B:S)p.m. C:soaja. 10:10 a.m.
“ N, York. )
via > mp.m.
AQcnton I
N. York, j
via VKhO6p.HL 22:05 m. 2:65 pja,
Phlladel. {
“ Baltimore.. 5:40 p.ta. 7:00 aja. IKSO a.ra.
“ Waalrton.. fcSOo.n. 10:30 a.m. B:Sop.m.
Dsyßxpress ...6:30a.m. ftlSp.B.
NlghtErorcsa...., 9:40 p.m. 8:10 a. m.
{For Indianapolis ana Louisville.)
.Day Express....... 6:30 a.m. 6:15 p.m.
Right Express.# 9:40 p, xn. 6:10 a. m.
Day Passenger *&ls a. m. *9:00 p. m.
Night Passenger t9;Bop. m. *7:00 a. m.
Kankakee Acc*n *5:15 p. m.
Hyde Park Train. . *6:35 a. m. *7:45 a. m.
• « M •* *12:00 m. *1:85 p.m.
« “ »• *4:00 p.m. *5:20 p.m.
•* “ M *0:15 p. m. *7.30 p, m.
Day Express 9:30 a. a. 6:15 p. m
Night Express 9:15 p. za. 5:00 a. a.
XendotaAecommodatLon.s:lsD.m. 9:30 a.m.
Express Mall 9:50 a.m. 7:30 p.m.
Night Express 9:00 p.m. -6:30 a, nr
Joliet Accommodation....4:4s p. m. 9:30 a.m.
Day Express and Kail .► 9:45 tun. 4:50 pjft.
Nirhl Express 9:13 p.m, 5:15 a.m.
Jobet Accommodation .... 5:10 p.m. 9:40 a.m.
St. Paul Express 10:00 tun. 3:15 p.m.
Night Express 9:30 pja. 1:00 p.m.
Waukegan Accommodation 5:20 p.m. 8:40 a.m.
Evan sum Special 2:30 p.m. 4:35 p.m.
• • Sundayt excepted. t Saturdays accepted.
Mondays excepted.
In this city, oathc29tb lnst.hr Rev. Bober; Collyer,
Mr. K. B. BACON to Miss REBECCA C. flOUrS*
WORTH, all ot Chicago. No card#.
In Harlem, on the 31st of July, MARY B.wlfe of
R. W. Busbne l.sgedSSyea's.
The funeral of deceased will take place at Harlem
atli o’clock this (Tuesday) mornioe. There win be
a special train leaving.for Harlem on the Galena
division 01 the c. * N. w. i:. it., at 10 a. m.. from the
comer of West Kiozle and Halstead streets' All
Irlerds of the family are Invited to attend.
Norwich, Conn., pap'rs please coov.
In ibis city, on Monday, August Ist, ROBERT
SMITH, aged 47 years.
Funeral from Lts residence. No. Bio North Market
street cn Tuesday, Aug. 3d, at So. m.
On The Slat ult, of cholera niorbna, Mrs. JANE
MclNTuSH,mower of sirs. S. H. Thompson, aged
"Vuneril on Wertneidsy, the 3d ins*., at 2 p .m.. from
the reaicei ce 01S. U. Thr.znp 00, corner Bark avenue
and Panllea streets. Friends are lovitad.
Katibe Seines.
BERRY BRANDIES. Also, fine Imported BRAN
Medicinal and Table uses, which are perfectly pure.
und need only be tried to be appreciated. None
genuine, unless they have our sold label on each
botth, and our Initials pressed la wax over the cork.
Sold by all Druggists and dealers throughout the
country. Call for our soodsandUke noother.
Circulars to the trade supplied on application to
No. 31 Hirer fit , Chicago.
- auction Sales.
JC Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes. &c., &c.,
On WBDNEBD AT, August 3rd, at 9K o'clock, at But*
ters’ Aucton 1 looms In Portland Block,
comer Dearborn sad washlngton-sts.
)j23-nS6I-7t WM. A. BUTTERS & CO..Anct*ra.
V* Auctioneers,«. 48 &43 Deaibom-at.
10 Crates ot
On TUESDAY. Aurnst 2d, at 9 o’clock, we will sell
at our room*, 46 and 43 Dearborn street, a general
assortment ot the above goeds, to which the attenV
tlon Of the trade and boglWj gfZtffeot,.
Jj29-n9734t ' Auctioneers.
\JT , Auctioneers, 41.46 and 48 Dearborn rt.
On TUESDAY, Aug.2nd, atlCfe'O’clock.we will sell
at oar Salesrooms a superior assortment ol Furni
ture. Ac., consisting of fine Paribr Salts Marble Top
Tables and Sid* boards Hat Tress, Whatnots, Side
Tables,Oakand Walnut Extension Tables.lfreach and
Cottage Bedsteads. Dressing Bureaus, Wasbstands,
Dining and Chamber Clmrr, Ladles’ Sewing Chairs,
Ckmp Chairs. Kasy and Becking Choirs, Pictures, 811-
v< r rated Castors, Ise Pitchers. Spoons, Forks, Ac.
Also a splendid assortment of French and Cottag<
Cbambtr Bolts in rosewood, varnished, and oiled
walnut and chestnut, *c., Ac. Parties wishing first
class goods will find It to the r Interest to attend this
• tTBO-0204t Auctioneers.
COMPANY, PITTiHtTBOII, Pa., July 14,1*64.
DIVIDEND—The Board of Directors of thli Com
pany have this day declared a Dividend of tK PER
CENT, on tbe shares of the original Capital Stock ot
tbe Company, payable (free ot Government Tax.) on
and alter tbe Sth of August, proximo, at tbe office of
the Company In this city, and at the Tranrter Agency,
Winslow, Langar * Co„ 52 Wall street, New York,
to tbe Stockholders, as registered iu the respective
offices. Tbe Transfer Books ol the Company will dote
cn tbe 10th of July. Instant.at 2 o'clock, P. M m and re
main closed until the Sth ol August thereafter.
By order of the Board. WJEL BARNES, Sec'y.
jy2Lni3o44t __
Btnexn AssaxenczsT.—Two Through Exp re*
fakes effect Msy 18,1561.
Leave Cleveland ak.950 a. a. l and 9,10 p. x.l
arrive Leavlttsburgh U;3oa.x. •* 10:52 p. a.
** MeadvUleaU. 1:40 r. x. M 1,-OOa.x.
“ Corry at 322 p. x. •• a# a.x.
'* Salamanca at. SOS p. x. “ 4K4 a. x.
** New York at 10:45 a. x. *• 9:45 p. x.
Aaxu ax, v.
Leave New York at. 7:00*1.. x. “ BrOOfr. x.
halve Cleveland at 5.-00 i. x. . 6-33 r. x.
GOODMAN; General Ticket Agent.C^cg^d.
U 217 South Water street, .Chicago, HI
Ship Chandler and Sail leaker,
And Wholesale and BetallDealer In
Tlanlla, Tarred and Hemp Rope
Twines, Bell and Sish Cords.Tents. Awnings, Wagon
Covert, Oakum, Tar, Pitch, Felting, Paints, Gils, Ac.
Old Cazvis mJ Hoisting Machine, (or Store,.
'\J PICE. ■ Chicago, Jn1y23,1564.
All persons whose property has been sold aid bid
in by tbe city, noon Warrant 373 South, for the ex
tension oi Fourteenth street fifty feet m width from
State street t ast to Indiana avenue- may redeem tbe
same upon payment at tbe office at any time before
August First,
Of-the face of the Certificates with damages at one
percent per month from tbe da) of tale.
Cmlflcates cct paid up, or redeemed by August
lit, 1364, will be sdldat * V
Public Bale at my Office at 12 o'clock K.
August 2d, 1864,
To the highest and brat bidder of not leu than Ike
amount aforesaid for catn.
8. S. HAYES, Comptroller.
jy39 5934 It
ClßK.—Notice Is hereby glvea that the part
tenblp exls’inr betweru Joseph Prpaio am and
q»aui Pcpnirium, under tbe name of J roPOLUBDM
A CO , is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
Cbiraso.Julyritb.lSU. PAUL poPDLORpM.
Jj:C-05-3tlJ JO. fOFULORUM,
COL. J- H. WOOD ft CO.. .Proprietors and Managtrc.
A D.BRADLUT Director of Amusements.,
Last Week of the Senaon.
MOVDS.T BTiKttG. au» If. andovciv wenwk
dartre thßwevk.sndon 9ftTD-DaT ftVrSt»NOt>A,
niil hi presented the srsnd romantic drama o.
THE Brie’S MOTTO; or, Ila Here. .
Ecnndo Lagadere
Ci'rackmruaa (with songs) V^ C n'i™*
P,n..llni . 1) Ilin,
<*lin ch ft c e Nuever.’. H r‘-L
- dance) • • sa *“ e t.
Pronooi ced by the prets and the public to oe the
meet brilliant spectacle ever produced In this city.
sow oh BiHismoa, - •••
PILATFB com; tr, The trial cf Cbrirt,
Conilsttogof twenty life-sued figures in wax, from
Madam Tusaud’s great Gallery. London.
PttlUKA—Auimssion to Mujeam ana uews
Boon. 25 cents. Children under 12 15 cecte-
Dress Circle and Parquet, 25 cent* extra. Prtvau
Boxes, 13 and |5. Ho extra chares lorreierveds^s.
Bnxbcok open from 10 a, m. to Sp.m- o.
tore Boca open at 7J< o clock. Curtain rises a. S
o’clock. _
Ferrodoctlon of tbs Romantic tpeeUele of me
and engagement of
j. e. McDonough,
Who alii have the pleas nr* 1 of Introducing MliS
JSfrJ, tb"California faTorit-, for the mss tins to
aCtlcaroandl-'cce, as TARTABiNK, npnea'l**B tti
nve dutinct characters, improvising BJSG3 AND
DANCES of aHOvai*Kaxuaa.
n*w asd local eozNaiT nTwnrraL.
Grand Zouave March and Dnil h? M.rowwl Ml**
BtcrmlsE and Captuie of Rebel Forta by the Female
Zonave*. . .. • «...
The fellowinr artiste will mepeaz i ln the caat. Mr.
Mactnley, Mr. Macfeev, Mr Myera. Mlw JohMoa.Mtss
Mirth. Mia. Mvere. The pl»y wiU end wtto toejaat
rrefct scene, th* Birth or Cop to in the 3qem or
Febss. ;
Variety theatre;
Xl 5 aufl 111 Dearborn street. ..
C, tL, CHADWICK A CO., Proarietoia and Vststserj.
X, L. FITCH, Acting and Otago Manager
Kngasement ol
The great Comic Vocalii. andPantomlnlrt.
Engagement ol
Tbs celebrated Banjoul and Ethiopian Comedian.
Doors open at 7]f. perlormance commences at |V.
- Scans ov PsiCMs-Parquetn. 21 cm; . Dre« Cir
cle; is cts: Private Boxes. $9.07. single seats la
Bores, so cents. _
On the 3d of August,
Cars leave the Northwestern Depot, ccmorol Kin
zln and West Water street*, at 8.30 ... m.
Vmj ft Dean's Band has been eec-ircd for the occa
ihc Society wl’l use evciy ereruct to mate this the
most BcreeabloPicoicoftne scasm
The amusements will consist ot rarnlng, Jumping,
ctlcming, quol'ing. tinging. dancing, dusts.Jingling,
sninatae, and a variety of old English sports.
run, frolic, laugh and grow Cat b the order cf the
Fur details see programme.
Eelres.menta will be furnished on the ground, by
the celebraUd caterers, Westlake ft Bradford, at rea
sonable rates. Jy23n9sa6;4tbp
1864. G ™ 1864.
The Splendid Bide Wheel Steamers
WIU make regular and reliable trips during the sea
son. leaylng uowe’a Dock, hilt east of Bosh street
Bridge, as follows, at 7 P. M.
Tuesday,.., July s.(Friday July 1.
Monday July IS. Friday July 13.
Friday............ July 29.1 Monday Aug. 1,
Wednesday ..JLug.ie.l Tue5day..........Atxy.16.
Wednesday -Aug.2l. Wednesday.......Amr.Si.
Tuesday Kept. 6.1 Wednesday .Sept.l 4.
Satorday ...Sept. I*. I Tuesday .Sept.37.
Friday Bept-SO. Friday Oct. 7.
Thursday Oct, 13.1 Friday ...0et.31.
Wednesday Oct. 36. j
Thursday Nov. 8.1
To those seeking health and pleasure the trip to
Lake Superior exceeds that of all others, comprising
a distance of some 2,000 miles, in which distance the
beats make landings at thirty-four different points
of Interest- A good Baud of MuMc will accompany
the boat. For further Information apply to
P.A.HOWE, Jb.. Agent, Chicago,
H. s; DAVIS, Milwaukee.
sust asotsw—€it2
TT'OR SALE—Lot on Southeast
X 1 corner of Foeth Clark and Fifteenth or Springer
streets,no nyJlOfeet. _
Lot cn west side of Canal street,between \ an Bn
rcnsraHarrlsnn,lW)bvi6Sf«e; „
Lot oa Michigan street, near Kingsbury avenue,
95 by 125 feet,
Lot on South Branch, near Brower seal; dock, -ICO
f«t iron, br m ret A _ SMtoENX .
Brsl Estate Metropolitan Block
au3 oriSSt .
TT'OR SALE Easiness and Resi
X dence Property. Sevaral first clan itores on
Lake anaSontb Water streets, alro three first-class
bosses on Wabash and Michigan avenues For sals oy
A. J. AVERELL, Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metro
politan Block. so2-ol7u 3t
FOR SALE—On Wabash avenue,
near Old street—
' House end Lot, SO feet front... ofo
Ut me LOt - B <“* f ' 0I “ i."j. ivBBBLL? o ' o
Real Estate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block.
£'OR S ALE—At a decided bargain,
If applied for seen, a Lot on Cottage Grove »v«
cnue.tearTwcn y-thlrd street, ?0 by iSOieet. Lot
on Cana' street, netween Van Burcn and Harrison'
lOobvlsa leet. Lot on Commerce or Twcaiy-flrst
street, between Wanngh and Michigan avenue. by
•AO jeet. SAMUEL A. SARGENT. Real Estate
Agfcnt.No.4Metrop litanßlock, aoI-oU9 2t
TCTOR. SALE—A very desirabla'
r residence, one block west of Union Park;
38x150. Iha house la 32 by 42, without buildings, and
all new, saa and water on both floor. Title itdtsjat
sble. Adores! with reel namt Tos 3677. Chicago
Post Office, or call at the premises southwest corner
or Lake and Paulina street*. - Jj3l-052-lw
FOR SALE—U. S. Marine Hoapi
tal at Chicago. In pursuance of the act of Con*
grass, approved June atn, IS6I. authorizing the sale
of the L B. Marine Hospital and grounds at Chicago,
Limola, situated on Michigan avenue. between South
'Hater attest and ihs Chicago Blver, notice is hereby
plran that tbe above property will be sold at public
auction. on the sth day ol September, ISM. at 10
o’clock a. zn ,by the Collector of the Port of Chicago,
at the Custom Housem that city. The terms of the
Bale are for ready moaey. Upon the receipt of the
purchase money in fall, the Secretary of the Treasury
will mate, execute.and deliver - to the purchaser
thereof a good and sufficient deed for the premises,
conveying all the right, title and Interest or the Uni*
ted States.
in accordance with the act authorizing the sale,
pcesesslonofthesald Hospital and arouuta will be
retained, untilthenew Hospital to be built under the
provisions of tbe Act shad be felly completed and
ready for use.
Unless a patlefactory bid shall be obtained, the sale
will be postponed* WM. c*. FEB3SRDES,
jj29n&S-6w Secretary of the Treasury.
TT'OR SALK-Or to exchange for
X/ land In the West, 158 acres of well timbered land,
with a steam saw null thereon. In Hatton county,
Canada West, 15 miles north of Hamilton. For tar*
ther particulars apply to FRANK CAMPBELL. 153
inclauft street, Chicago 6t
BOARDING. —One furnished
room to lent, with board, suitable for a gentle
man tudlacvcr two gentlemen,at 64 Wabashave*
me, southeast corner of Randolph street.
DOARBING—Two turaislied
_I_J rooms suitable for a gentleman and wife and
two stogie gehtlemen, with board, can ae obtained at
304 Ohio sfect. an30199-lt
DOaBDING.— Ad uclurnish-d
ID beck parlor with board can bo bad at 26S
Wabash avetus, aadabo a lew day boarders can be
accommodated. atqj-o2QI-2t
OOARDING. —A few day board-
JD era can be accommodated at 34 Wolcott street,
on North Bide. Jy310319t
BOARDING. —To let, with board,
onepsrlor.tiofnrnlsled: one stogie room, lor
nlshed. Apply at 113 Waba*h Avenue. au2.0142-26
BOARDING —A large, pleasant
frozt parlcr and bedroom attached, unfarnlsh*
ed, and a suit of pleasant front rooms, forolihed. can
be procured, with board at 388 Stale street.
en 2 0160-tt
BOARDING —A front room, lur
nlshed. with board, suitable for a-gentleman
and wife; also one single room, may be obtained by
apply tne at No. 10 Quincy street, near State,
aui 0153-lt
BOARDING— And rooms for gen
tlemca, at 144 Wabash avenue,between Mad
ison and Monroe. aa2 ollS-2t
“DOARDTNO.—Two very plsasant
JLJ front rooms (nniurntibed) to let wtib board,
suitab e tor a gentleman and wife or three gentlemen. A
couple of cana’so be accommodated with
dev board at 6S Adams street, two blocks from Post
Office. ao.l-02Q5-2t
LOST —On Claik street, North
Side, a ladles gold watch and chain. Tne finder
will be amply rewarded by leaving list IS.) Boula
Clark street. • au>jl3l 2t
T OfcT—Last Wednesday,, some
a_J where la the city, a Black Morocco Pocket
-Book, containing papers and bills made out m the
name of L. B, Walker, and for which a liberal re ward
vll be paid upon their return to the owner at 1.18
Bomb Qjcen street. . au2-oIS9 2t
Tj'OST— On Randolph street be
.J. tween Wells and Clark, or on Randolph street
care.aFcttemonnaie.eonia'nUig about twelve dol ars
In Doited States notes and postal currency, nboutiiK
o’clock Monday, August Ist. The Under wt Ibe suits,
bly rewarded by Raving the same with B.F. BDr*
LhK, at Cuitom House. au’.’-olil- it
LOST.— $5 Reward. on Sat
nraay, JnlySCth. a Ladles Gold«Broacb. with
thrseambrctypei. The finder wiiigettheaoovere.
ward by reluming the same at 13 South Desplatnes
street or 1J Lasalle street. auvOlßl*2t
LOST— M«day. afternoon some
where between Nortn street, oc-Clark and Wash*
ragtr.n. corner of Dearborn. • Memorandum Book.
coTtalnlng cotes aod rspers of io value except to the
owner. Any one returning the saaeto Hall a Frcst s
Planing Mill, corner of North and Clark streets, will
be suitably rewarded. - ao,-0196-4t
LOST.— 410 Reward.—Lost or
stolen. A dark brown Marc, about cfcht year*
old strayed from the undersigned on the 29th July,
The mare had » white spot on her neck, ana had a
bildleon. Any person who-wll» return the horse to
the subscriber will receive the above reward CAS
PAR HAHN. Clybourne avenue, near Division street.
C.TRATED— Or stolen from Cka-
werville on .Monday last, a heavy five year old
r&w bant d bone, sixteen to sever teen Banda high, and
tnnoor condition Had, been bled the sauedsy he
wt.* mined ana Lad no shoes. -A liberal reward will
hVn&ld for tola return or fonnlortaUonof Us where
•boats. LODI3I»AUBE, Cottage Grove avenue and
Twenty seventh street. lySOnseMt
CJTRAYED —From tha town of
O Evanrton on Thursday, 35th last,, alx fat Cows
_three zed. two black, and cue yellow—ami oae red
Bull. A reward of tweity-aveiddliars wiu-oe paid
tortteirreturnerior information leading to their
recovery. GREY * O’CONNOR, 130 andTs2 Klnae
bueet, or JOHN SR ARP, Evanston. aul-0180-lw :
QTE ATED—Or ttolen last Ximia
a..- from the Cass House.eorrer Canal and
MitchTll stree’s elorge iedoow;Uttie vhlt* In her face,
•no about nine years old. A Uneral reward will be
nail tor her return to the above allrq*s,or for in
(tzmaUon leading to her recovery, a«3-ol^-It
Sot galr
FOR SALE—A choice lot of
Horses. sctaeTCTj flnettock Is offeredon rea
sonable urmia: hi able* ca GaUtedtirea'.brtwspa
M«>t*oosTio W*MU -i!'or,coapmlsg some yerv ex
c*u nt zxi»trheii paUs tor lamtl* me. Alia single
bortea cluousuc. bnggy or team wagon.
JJ'OR SAlE—Newfotuclacd Dog,
—r- r * o°«of tbefltestla this citr.aad
wel worthy the ai’enuot- o; .«y gcLt’emiadfsiring
!»Ln b * S'fn (or this iliy only at
Jbll Odic itrcct. aal-0V531S
FOR SALE—An Eastern Top
xrSUff Cia 1)6 bought cheap it
al-uEN *a LIV £l,y. Court Place, between i. aniletail
Wells streeia. anioiliqt
F3R SALE—W;gon staff c^asist
m.Lof»?,?]i9 °J *7,V y description. Bookes and
t eiioee, cn the dock cf Mr. F. A. HO PTE. below Rasa
.street oridee. Boom side. _ tuioiaMit
F3R SALE—Muley S.iw Mill snd
Machinery, cooststlre of an eighteen horse
oowrr stationery engine ana b'.l!er. with all ;h» !-on
wcrl a com plete, near y new aid la good order. Will
te<l ite whole cheap *or caeti, or the owner, a pried
cal mirhinls; and engineer, win red onehilf Interest
to a reliable party, ata upon mgo'd locadon being
te'ected would take charge or tie M!*. Fonurther
particulars address “ MACHiN EKY" Post Office Box
4208. Chicago, Ulinola. an^oisrst
fc 1 ALE—Two huedred tons
X 9 nolsnd prairie hay, beater proieed. lIOFP2R,
kcfßi-ESCN ACO Market screo. a^’-.^st
FOR SALE A select* d stock of
Ornfß ard Medicines, also thflr flitarea lor
For par iculara adorets‘-B^‘iOr». M rr.
bune office. an>oVJ3lt
l?OB SALE—The Frame Cflurch
X Funding. «x6O, of the German M- E. 8o«:ety,
M’.nattd c-n clyboutne svenne. one block north of
Ditii io’ > street, rer particular* inquire of D. wai*
TUB. 16 and 18 3t*te iire.t. aat-ob^ot
F3R SALE -The etccV, futures
and good win of a Grocery and Llqo<r Stera,
well locairO and dotoga go 10 butine/a Having other
business to attune to is the onfy reason fbrvelUug.
Apply at 171 fourth avenue . JySO-oS-dt
Fm SALE- To Miller?. A fine
SUn, with both water and steam power; can be
used separately or together; ibree tun of 1-lect bum;
engine 3u Inch stroke, 10 inch cylinder; ootteriljeet
long by 42 Inches; cwo tinea: 80 bone poeer; ca
pacity 100 barrels per day. Good dwelling hca-e,
barn and 20 acrtsoi .'and. Apply to3.H. KRRFOOT
* CO, 71 lesrbom street, or to bOBSLfr Mc-
Donauu, on iho premlsss.two miles from Oquawka,
Tiiifola. JyS:-n99« 5t
TJIOR SALE —A fire in ported
17 SpacUh Jack, fee yrars old, fifteen hands high,
dark brown color; Etcz Cyras stcck andot exed-
IfntqoaHtlfs. For particulars address M. HAKBZ
MAN, Anderson. M&clson Coonty, Indians,
T?OR SALE—A planing and saw-
F Ing mill, wl*h other very desirable attachments,
dolrz a moat profltihl-i builntya. Location as good
as but in the city. Inquires* No. 7 Board ot Trade
Dnlidlog, lyb9-n9381W
XTORSALE— ftesm Engine and
X 1 double fl n e Boiler, 24 feet long and 40 in
diameter, and smoke stack, all In good prdtsr and has
bten little used; will sell cheap Ba'tajie for a saw
or flouring mill. Porsaleby BACKBTT * Ctx.233
South Water struct. Jy28n535-m
F)R SAIE—Two of Pitts & Bm
ley's Threshing-Machines, all complete and per*
ftctlynew. v ill be sold cheap for cash- Apply at
GLOvjtK A BAKER'S SM. CJ., Xl 3 Lake street.
Jy2S-n369 IW
17011 SALE —At a bargain, a good
J. (oil 7 octave rosewood cats and foil Iren frame
Boston mad© Plano Has been very little used*
Can be seen at 136 West Madison street, tip stain.
lyffl-8894-Ct ■
"17011 SALE—A Steam "Flour Mill.
A 1 The subscriber offers for sale the valuable prop*
eri? in Le Claire, lowa, knocn as too "Swan Ml Os.”
Tbe main building, 3>hs ;0 feet, four stories high.
contains three ran of atone, sixty horse engine, and
other neccsrary machinery.
On same lot; and fronting tbe Mississippi river. Is a
two-itoxy warehouse, ftxfp feet, for stormy and ship
ping llonr. This property Is situated in one oltne
beet gram growing regions Ur the State, and com*
ii anos a large local trade.
It ha* direct railroad and water commonlcaticn
with Chicago and St Loire markets for any surplus.
The above property wul be sold lowfor earb.eitcer
separsl-dy or lo;e.cer, as may be desired; cr will be
fxcr.aretd for good Chicago property. Apply to
DARLINGTON dk CO.,DaTenp-rt, lowa.
jj27 n'DMm
F3R SALE—Notice ’to Lumbr.r
men A rare chance is offered to any parties
desirous of grlrg Into the lumber trade.
The nndertumed will sell bis mill croperty, pine
lands located on Muskegon Lake and Btver, and ves
sel property, as follows, tc-wlt: „
A NiwßUjam SawlilU, In perfect running order,
capable of cutting easily Com ten (10) tonftcen Q5)
millions feet per annum—with "gang** sawz. circular
and upright saws, lath and picket milts, with ample
docks and a boom bolding three (9) millions offset of
logs, a large hoarding house, barn, shops and tens*
m«nt betuefi. and upwards ofOOQ acres ol lands ad*
Joining, beantiiully located on the w-est end of Lake
Muskegon, In the State cf Michigan. Also the
ITch.oner Ktcna. one half cf the Schooner Oden.
Also, if desired, eleven to twelve thousand acres of
choice Pine lands, located with snat care on the Mus
kigon Diver, averaging less than one and a had miles
from tbe river. Alfcf which will be sold on reasona
ble terms as to pree. And deferred payments may
ren on long time at seven (7) per cent Interest, or the
sab?crlber will sell a partnership Interest to a practl*
cal lumberman cf means and good business repnta*
lion. Address care of Fust Office Drawer 5769, Chi
cago, or tnepreperty may baaeea at any time by a
few hours tide on the Propellers G. JjrruesdeUor
Oitawa,wh’.chmake aeml-weekly tries to Muskegon
from Chicago doringthe se?Aon of Batiaaiiou.
JrrC-bSfc7-2w 8. if. WILCOX.
W ANTED—lmmediately—looo
Tv Agentsto Introduce our imrlvalted new Sta*
tlorrry Packages We give free to every agent who
boys a cate of ill of these packages a rich and costly
giu, consisting of silver tea sets, watches, tcopitcu
er..cae,ois, cake boskets, card bassets, <tc. Teetn*
dactmet-ts weofler inth*? elessut presents given
with every case, make it one of tbe rarest chsnces
formatingmoreyeveroffercti to agents. Sendfor
circnlars.tr call* n C. M. DUSH A CO., 132 ant ISI
booth Clark aaeet, Chicago. angl-0714t
TI7AMTED —We want mtelhgent
T T agents to sen. by subscription only. Dr. Boyn
ton’s new aod important work: •• Bsghrh and French
Bentialliy, and anclo-Frencn Alliance in their llela*
ticEßloTncDnJt«dSt<ite.«i.ndlln«s-a" It Is a work
of more tt an ordinary mem, and is destined :o hare
an lirmenresalebcth in this country and in Burope;
acd already the reports from agents. Just beginning,
6h.-w that the grratest interest Is ma-Jfested lo the
work. Addroja C. F VEST A CO.* Publishers, Hi*
Dearborn stre t t, Chicago, Dl., or 3S W.Eounh su,
ClnmuLatl, O. aul o63^€t
"EXT"ANTED BlOO per Moi.th Ac-
T T live snd RTll^bl*-Agents In the Army and
everywhrre eire.tn the teest mcrallrebusinei* known.
Hcnorable and no risk. Adclrtis or apply to T. A O.
GAUGHAIt, 116 Broadway. N. Y. Jr»-n919-3a
WASTED. Disabled Officers
TT and Soldiers, honorably discharged from the
service, anp in waut ofprohtable employment pa
cullorly adapted to ihelr condition, should address,
P. O. Drawer 6614, chlc’uro, giving date of dis
charge, and name of company and regiment dlsehsrg*
ed tom, uas-mss-iot
T\7 ANTED—Agents in every
T v count* IntheJTor'nwesttoseliC.B.SichSLrd.
son’s splendid Btfel Military Portrait otLrsur.Gxx.
0.3. Grant— size IQs 12. Mrs. C. 8. Grant says it U
tbe only picture that is correct that bubeen pub*
listed. Sent by mall on receipt of RLOOtoany part
o* tbe country. Agents euprl ed by It. R- L AKDOif.
General Agent for the Northwest, S3 Lake street.
Post Office Box H22. JylS-LiSS-Im
YVANTED —Atrects. Young la
-7 T dies can sell hundreds af Brings* Glass Mark
me Peas, ter marking all fabrics vntaout a separa
tion, even Boceacd Towelling. They cannot spatter
or corrode. Sample mailed onreceipt of 25 canto
retail puce. B. & LANUON, Agent, S3 Lake street,
Chicago. 11l- jj6-g>4fli-in
W ANTED—Agents. Exclusive
if territorygiven to sen Life, Speeches and
Administration of President Lincoln, by Joseph h.
Barren. Tbit* took only sold by -Agents cannot be
had at any book store in the conntry. sample
sent on receipt of retail price—ll.so. circa
lir and terns tent by B. R.XANDON. Gcneial Agent,
at Chicago, m., for tho Northwest. lyi-mta-lm
WASTBD.-W per" month I 1 wut'Axinta *1
9M a month, expenses paid, to sail my et*B
LAsitse Pmoils, Okzxxtal bttbssbs, and thine**
otbernew.nscftiland curious articles.. Fifteen dr*
colors sent ?a»»- Address JOHN F.LOHD, Eldd*
ford. Mama- mvl-adJVfci
Ural jEgtste-Cotmag.
POR SALS.—Fifteen choice depot
JL and one vlTage farm, near Chicago. Always a
largo supply on hand; am selling many, and recelv
leg new supclie* dally io meet the demand. Give me
a call. E. H. CUMMINGS, No. 132 Clark street.
XT'OR SALE—A valuable Farm.
4- The Subscriber cflers for sale his farm ofabout
•CO sens,situated on tie Chicago aad Bock Island
Hal ruad and TlUncls and Michigan Canal, in Grnudv
Ccaity.Ullnols.fltiyslxmiles west of Chicago,and
three and a half miles northeast of the cltyof Morris.
Tula farm Is watered by the Amiable Xreek, a fine,
healtayrock bottomed stream, running through the
north part and bv the canal on the south line. There
Is a large grain warehouse within one-half mile from
tnefarm, affording all facilities "or shipping grain
direct trem the turn.
About 210 acres cn the north side of the term are
good timber and the balance prairie. The (arm Is
well adapted for both a stock and grain farm,and
toss few superior* la Ncrtrem Illinois Ur stock.
twill sell the farm la a body, or will divide it Into
two parts, clrlig to each an equal portion ot timber
snd mine. _ ~ w . -
Price -—135 per acre: one-half cash, the balance on
longtime, on :onc and mortgage, with seven per
cent-interest payable annually. , _
Per further part Icmars inquire offf.J. CHAPIN,
Chicago,nrC.H.OOOLU, Si orris. 111. _ .
XT OR SALE—A Farm of 285 aorta
JL' with improvements. In Grundy county, mmols,
of which 160 acres is under fence, 120 under cultiva
tion, - j; acres timber, a good two story frame House,
bain.ont houses, Ac. Niue miles from the cityof
Mcrrlr, which is on Michigan Canal and Bock Island
Railroad, for IlSper acre. Also 160 acres of unim
proved laud in Whiteside county, one and a ball
n>ues from Bound Grove Station, on the Dixon Air
Line Railroad, at |lO per acre. Inquire of BEE 3 A
AYRES, S3 Dearborn street. lyae-nilT-iw
T7OR SALE - Choice Farms and
J? Suburban Home* fer exchange or for sale on
loie credit in THOS. B* BRYAN’S Real Estate
Office. Tbe famous Evanston Frols and Dairy farm.
See advertisement elsewhere.
The Grove Farm—72 acres, 11 miles from Chicago,
a mile-and-a-half from Cottage BUI Depot. Beautiful
grove, orchard. Ac. Goo-1 soil and rolling ground.
ICO aciesaojolnlugT. B. Bryan's Sommer Residence,
with a bulluirg knolL overlooking his Improved
grounds. Plank walk to depot, aad Crains to and from
the city. Choice suburban borne.
Five and Ten acre Blocks In Cottage Hill at 1000 to
91.0(0, and long credit to improvers. „
25 acres adjoining first station on Ml waukee Ball,
road, with a number of other farms and suburban
hemes. Jy2o-nDO?-5t
OR SALE—A country feat'and
A. fsrm for sale—one of the most beautiful places In
the State ot Illinois, comtsrneof 100 acres ofland.with
bondings of every description, in complete order. Its
beauties eon only be appreciated by being seen. It
can be reached by carton tt I B R- to hew Lenox,
irom thence S mil's eonth to Lawrence Manor. For
particulars address EDWARD LAWRRNCB, Joliet,
lU. jyMn&Mw
F>R SALE—Farms and Suburban
Homes for sale in Thos.B. Bryan’s Reel Estate
Office, Bryan Hall, A valuable Farm, near Marengo,
McHenry county, consisting of» acres under plow.
Kundtrileadow and pasture. andsof timber, win
be sold low**or case. Other desirable laras JSt® 3 *
burban bomea, cheap and on credit, jym-nt x mt_
FOR SALE—Farms and Suburban
Bomea lor eale In Tho«.B. Bom”''
Offlco. Bryan Hall. A laree Farm. mU™/ O-iwa-in
Galeabnrn and Knoxville, Knoicoanu.m. contain.
Its a 0 acrea ol hit6U oniuratod. land;
j*rge dwelling house, him#. sheds, granaries. Ac.
Oth'r farms and suburban horned cheap.and og
credit. im-nia-im.
®o Kent.
TO RENT—Three pleasant rooms,
furnished nr unfurnished, with privilege of fur*
nbheo parlor. Beet for unfurnished rooms, $lO par
meuth. Also a home of six room*. Bent «*o per
month For particulars Inquire©! ».HAlKßf*,cor*
nrr of Cottage Grove avenue and Twenty-thlrd-st.
attf-oISS it
TO RENT—Or for sale a brick
residence, pleasantly located and well "haded,
with sood barn and large lot- Apolvto OEoRQfi
BICKEkPIKB. on West Indiana street, between
Elizabeth- and Noble streets. nu2oUMt
TP RENT—The second and third
stoilea In the weac store of Cobb’s Block, C °™P*
of Michigan avenue and Lake street. WUi
for cecupancy about Angus* 13th. Apply to u. *o»
B. WHI h MOBS * CO.. 37 Lake street,
jjsi oewt _
TO BENT—A three story and
tnaaxut Erick Homo, irttk modira la.
prcvemerls on Wolcott street. Berth A&'
ply to JAMES a SFBIHQKF. Ee*t Katote and Hom.
Acents. So. 1) Metropolitan
TfVAEEN UP—July 29, 1864, a
A Bcml Store, about »U yean old. with a scar on
tt e frent part 01 ttenear fturleg. .The owner can
have the same by calling at the old Horse Market,
of WaehiMtoa ana Market streets, proving
CTtoj HOW j co.
W A ?™D —A pp... iem.-.n with »
•'c!lfcr* C in w of hu,Crol to ons thouwaA
P<r i. «ia profitable baiiaeva
efflee P»ttcai»x* wd:ei. -auP- Irbanj
~ m 2 oua-ft
WATED- B u aidm,< hv a young
Rr?:i»b-"wpi'ie*b‘JS r e T IC “ 0f
««i about fil'da nmutVj wMt^m 5 w«u*l?S«
tnuin. lixmsaottoeic--,.<t~r J!*‘ I l < , # ®5E
•• ta Ad 4 d^*
VV s^at ( t>y a prospt
T ▼ paying tenant,by the l« of s*ot.*hon*«**r
• Ixcrtubl rooxs. aorhMdewei im* qVmx£
science*. Acdreaa forone- wee* p. o. *•»
taißOf L D.POTION. tar j;
W( ANTED—A J ouroHymac
T “ Wstchwakir. Aioodwatchrepalrerwuiam
employment it wages, or on snares, by adarv**
irg (>raw»r O, Muskegon, Mich* wlta references.
City refer eta preferred. auloia -iw
XV7ANTI<D—A p< oo Blacksmith
▼ v a&d two good McMahti, ai the shoo of C.
HhSSIO • Co., West Jacks on sirett, near too nyer.
an) clli-lt
W ANTED—By a member of
* * Baxter* ** B, H Jnat returned from athree jean
in a wholesalecidcorj ettnb
mhictDT. Has bar th»es ye*t» exoerle-.c- bo r jre the
2*r. Addma or npply to JAUXs A dPillNOB*.
"°* ® Metropodtan Block. v o»t clij reft-r-nues
KtTto. »aio.mt
\&J ANIEO A lushiag salesaua,
for»n>anufactorin<naaae; compen
l!K' 4 busting sgeai. fjr e*on
cUy * ror Putloalsrs, address P l>.
Bsx 3833. aaMiftlt
X!y ANIED—A lad about foa teen
y* jesriol to at :«nd an office, duiihi** h<u.
ntMquaiiflcatlom. Use w-.ih bi*J.«S^
»ellxecommendec. Apply at 33? siiJ*V rst^S?
Mi 10-C 0?t W ‘ !hl! "’° 3 ' ,3mufr °. Mt.S.'u
aau to c oca. Q .^, t
ANTED—Two looms —orefur.
j " Bishtdandone unfurnliae^—wlthla t*nmin
rfflße - Address, with teSm
J If H, P.O.Diawer 6X19. au»oiai2t
TXTAN TED Iritalacd TrayUme
▼ T Agentf to sell an wilds at a print of 100 par
cent. Poitv-ceyeuLaveb-:pa addfurone tjwnanio
In two weeks at a profln of 1150. call at 147
Clark street, room 14. or seed ts cent* to Pmt Office
Craw«rtt337 Chicago,llltoois. p. 3.— Capital ro
qnlred trora g!5 to sliu. au3-u3oa-!t
WANTED —To f*ce bow much
people think of frleada In the arm*. I will s*ll
a nonage mmqulto bar that weigh* Dot two omc*9
and cap be earned la apoettt— ttebaa'.thlasforsoi*
ciers. ipontmen and tonrlaw—for gl.ee. or Moo a
draen. It ca -be sensanywh relnthe9tatealorUc,
Kea 1 the appeal of coL Jamei p. Santtord lu thu Chi
cago Tribune of July Slit, how our aoidlers suffer
flora flir» and mn.*qutcort. Samtirr Agrnta vaonld
c«1l ana examine this article at Uu laTan torM office.
2CSaonlh Ulark street, or address JOHN ZINQd-
Lt-BrP. O Box tifiiyi.ULtcaao. aoi J2U3-U
WAITED - CleTts,Bookkeepers.
W f Sa’eiTnea, Porter*. Barkeepers. Dry Goods sod
Grccery Cltrkr. Brakemen, Ac., seetmxiltaauoiu,
vhould apply at 91 Dearborn street, Hi>:m 5. Ad»tr
tutne Aevnry. Several utuatlona now oom. Ref
ference to first-class teuxet. FINLST A 30.
WANTED-To rest, an nifor
t T clshsd room. wtiheut board, in a central loca
tion cn the South bide, oy a ctnUomoa and wife—
filvate boose preferred. Best of reference* zlvsa
atdreciuirtd. Address - * C.” BoxSyl. atffi-oiSHt
\\I ANT-KOD —The public to know
* * Uat Lhoaca A Co’s troupe of photograotCPer
formers continue to operate daily at theirMaumotb
Phoiogiopb Hroms 136 Clark street, to the great
satliuctlon of those « no are lortunsteenonintoget
tnetr caiteade Visile. • au2-o2OAn
\\f ANTED Men for the Army
T * not snbleet.to the draft, fbr ore, two or three
yisra. Tosuchwe win pa? forttethreo years ser*
vice a bounty of SIW> to fftu, cash la bat d, whan mas*
tered In, and lor shorter terms is proportion. We
willpayfremtossoto sotpzrsoo bnnsmzosan
acceptable rectnlt. WH.LSO.S a MdUBlAw. 4»
Clark ttrtet. aniohU-U
IVANTED—By a single genV.e
--▼ » man, ayoung ladv os housekeeper. Cna who
wruld notnniect to a qn'et U/o In the country. Ad
dress “ G,” Post Office Box 4393. Chicago.
XVANTED—Porter at 143 Lake
. *_/ street. Osewto has bad experience lathe
hardware trade prclerred. Good reier. see jequ’red.
802-0219 n SEEbEBGEB A BREAKaY.
W ANTED—A practiced book
.* T keeper and accountant, at present employed
In a wholesale house tn the city, is cenrrus of obtain*
irg a similar situation In some mercantile drao. Best
of references gma. Address** J 0,” Post office Box
4-131, Chicago. au2-ol»*3t
FOR SALE —House and Lot on
Moigw street, |j,T3O; rents for s?w. Hou*e
and lot. 51 by 125, on West Waihlngton street, near
Oakley—improvements cost to build over tS.CDO—
£nce $3/01. Hcuif pad lot corner of Warren and
incoin streets. Two houses on leased sr< and. one
tor 1500 undone for ft 500. Lots m all parta of the
cliy. J.F. STARS, I*^4Randolph street. aaj-olSt-U
TVAJS TflD —A second Hand Bed-
M Engine for running a pomp, from five to fif
teen horsepower. Also, a fccondnand smoke stack
tor a boiler. Address Bmcevlile Co*i Co , BracoyHltj,
Illinois. giving fhll description, with the price,
angl oGS-2t
WANTED. —A Lady thoroughly
competent to manage a fir«t class Mimuery,
and Dreis ai d Cloak making establishment, and who
has some capital to Invest, can ho*r of a very desira
ble opening tor the hnsln* s» In Alton. Illinois, by ad*
QiEEßing “Box K, Alton, 111." augi-067 2t
YJ\7"AsiTiJ>.—Paitner -with J323,
IT to epgat eln a splendid office bu-lnuii. which
coins money. Those oclv meaning business need ad*
Ortas **QDISCY." Tlloune offlee. aul2t
El/ ANTED—A Partner with from
T T S4OO totro. to take an lnt*re*t In a busfnen
tbnt has pain ss*o to 6W per week, to tiaveltnongti
Canada and the Provinces. A mcehuKlbcss to beaona
m hard cash. Acdrets " iiL'TLEit,” Tribune office.
TX/"ANTED —A practical business
TT msn wllhfrrm SSOOO so7-H Hcwb capital, wishes
to engage tn a mercantile cr produce and commlaiioa
business with some party alreadv »stahllshed. Goou
city rtieierce given. Address "W. R. L„” Tribune
office, lor lour Cays. aogl-o 121-36
W ANTED —Recruits for United
TT States »ervlce. A few r ore young men wanV
ed. Great Inducements offered Local boontlea now
paid ana tee h.ghost wage* given, parties brtotmg
nsreciulfßwlh be liberally rewa’dec. Call at the
corner of Randolph and Laaaili streets. In me base*
mart. aul-ot2g*7t W. MURPHY A CO.
\\l AiNTiSU—’Ktctuup, ac ttie Me
T t trcpolltan Block, lu the basemeat, coxier ot
Randoleb and Lasalle atieets, a few reptesentstive
rtcnu's. None butkllt ns or veterans acceo-ed. Wo
win pay the It rgest bounties In tie state to acceptv
bit* men, a: a the largest premium to those bringing
rf fruits. Ail men enlisting at this office can bava
thtir choice of service. Jy3fioiß-66
\ \LANTED —To inlorm the pitri-
T v oUc citizens of Chicago and the State of mi
nus, that representative recruits can now be dick
cu*ed on the most reasonable terms by addressing
“WM.ACO,” Chicago Post Office. Lock Box 608 X
Please give fn l name and adiirra-, and all those
wishing c-ur services will receive prompt attention.
Ijio-oi9-6t *
‘W7ANTSD—A good-sized Office
Tf Safe Address Post Office Box 3356, stating
maser's name, weight or inside measure-teat and
■whereltcan beaten. jjSlolOS-St
T\7 ANTED —To Rent a Furnished
T 7 Horse, suitable for a tint-class Boarding
House, within ten minutes wa'k of the Post Office,
where the owner or occupant is willing to board lor
the re it or a part of It. Address Post Office Box
4762, Chicago, HU staling wuere an interview can
be haa for cue Wetk. JySl-031-3i
WANTED—Two girls-one to
T f cook and one to wash. For those that are
competent the highest wages will be paid. Frotav
taut* preferred. Inquire at H43 Wauash arenas,
the flrec brick hense auuih ot Sixteenth street.
Ijhlc7o 3t
\XT ANTED -Good Agacta to sell
it mi new engraving entitled * Homo on a Fur
lough.” Engraved by John Sartala. Phils. One ot
my old as ents writes me: “luever nave s sen any
thin? that began to sell like It.” For nartlcolors call
at 16 Portland Hirek P. O Box 3238- Send stamp
for terms, &c n to SAMUEL PIKE, Chicago,lllinois*
WANTED—A man to represent
ii me In the army, who will receive*" a liberal
cash bounty in addition to that paid ty Government:
will also havchischolceof Regiment. AddresaPoft
Office Bex 6234. Jy3>n99S«t
VX7 ANTED—We want every mar
tv and',those cojmxPLi.Tnra six
bugs, In the United Stages, to tend for one of ear
Bxalzd CrsctXAßs, “ for the man led only,” which
contains lnf-.nactloQ or the utmost Imoouacc* to
every married pet son. xxvbb bs bbvxaud, that can
be obtained m no other wey, and from no other
source Positively no humbdg: Address with stamp,
Pf P- PACHELOB, Eankaiee Clty.lU ncu.
WANTED—H onsekeepor.
7 7 Wanted an American woman to take charge
ofahonse it the country. Adtress “A W Post
Office Bov 18. Odell, Livingston County, Illinois,
JI3O ntsow
WANTED—At the Peojia Boiler
7 7 and Sheet Ironworks. Peoria IT .a few good
boiler makers, to whom stead? employment will bti
riven by apptjlDsplmirpdlHtelv at tbe Peoria B-dtar
Works, Peoria, Llr PBKLAN A CO. Wanes fear
dollar* per day. Jy£>a3e6 at
TI7ANTED—By a first class tenant
Tv a house In the North Division .convenient to
the North Market, containing nlm to eleven room*,
with modern conveniences. Poeoeadon nos accessary
before tbe middle of October. Address J. DSLANO,
Post Office Box 3393- Jy39 n&Q at
VTTANTED—Employment. $75 a
7 v Month. Agents wanted to tell Sewing Ma
chines. We win give a commission on all machine*
sold, or employ agents wto will work for the a'xrve
wages end all expenses paid. Address D. B. HKB
KINGTON A CO., Detroit, MlCh. J;29 n351-6t
\Af AN'i'KU—For the Govermncnlj
v * In the Quartermaster’s department, at BV
Louis, Laborers at 915 per m onth; Teamsters. >95 per
mouth; Carpenters, $75 per month; Wagon Maker*.
*75 per month; Blacksmiths, *7O eer mouth; and
Blacksmith Helpers at S9O per month, with ration*
furnished and free transportation from Chicago.
Fcr further Information tnouire a *>e Governc ent
Office. 132W Pouth Wateffiiweet, Chicago. IU. .Q-M,
BABCOCK Goverameot Agent.
T^TANTED. —No hambng bnt the
TT rellßloas truth. I will Inform any lidy or
gentleman bow I made 550.000 in two years time, sod
bow they can make the same. Alt letters promgur
•answered: onstness attractive. and go cap*toj r»
out red. Send as cenU lor circulars and informjtflCM
to C. W. WHIM, P. O. BOX 497, Terre
Coanty. Indians. J TO-* <«*•«*
ZBanteb— jputstitutes.
Wf ANTED—Substitutes for the
T T forthcoming draft, or three yean. The hlgb
eit price psld, cash down Kona need anply who aso
subleet to dralt. Men over forty-five will
be accepted as substitutes, or di*eharge<Uso’dierß
who oave been In the »ervloe two vearat alito, alien*
country Principles will be emptied with
■abftlrntes at the lowest price. F"r t art culara
p:» to J. a COLBY, st Horace Meech’s Clg«r Ntore,
33 Clark ((reel. aaioltodt
'Wf ANTED —Ore Subtitnte to
T v serve three yean in tbs TT. 8. service. unless
■orrer dischargee. Must be a veteran soldier or an
alien, wilt p»y *SOO cm!: ■’own. Apply to -r. C.
COLBT. 35 Clark meet, CMC .go. .n3oHMt
T\7 ANTED—Drafted men of tbe ;
T T city or Cllcagn and State ot mlnolj to know
th»t they esc be furnished represent**Jvrs st tnsmoec
reasonable terms and the shortest notice, ovaddiea*
aloe Look Box 6«63.0r aonlnns at too coifce ot
-\\J ANTED - Substitutes and rep
\ V resectaUres st the comer of .Randolph and
LipsHe streets. In the basement (toll aad get uo
Mohr, ten tjoon ty ttat u ">VtlrinPßv'*Vr»
anl.olfg-tt W. MURPHY S Ct>._
\\T ANTED - Substitutes and Re
f V presentsttve Recruit*. The highest Cash
Boontvp.ild, evh to hand. Mm arohonorabiy dealt
with st this office. We refer to tba largest houses *»
this city. Call and see as, Moueva’wavaroadv- »»
rreirlnm to any one bringing a Recruit Choice or
Beslmert. Apply at 84 Dearborn •trp-t. Boom*.
apt-otw tt - FPLK.L*ia>
I2lanteh— Couesponbrntt^
WAMTED-C onespondenoe.
*7 Three young
twenty two. wl*h to correct'd w»a m w|ih M re ,
irme an < It talilgent j«»***- V.ILIAN HOSTL*T.
spend. Object mu. m*katO». Macon, HI,
auS-oV *-**»
T KD_(j errespondenoe.
1 "TTit-.j. ..10*1 Wortu.e-teni
Three ofnnm* ttmhero yo aagla«ee.
wlshtoeomsoondwtM please writ*
Obleet love, meor reeM^9 oae la return. «oe*
rtlle.K y.

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