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Special Wattes.
o tSe Duane of Flic*,
it.ckeaparilclc.eaiy tou«. Every sheet win
l<xar SOLD
It ■ mot ottem we apeak of Phj*
'.I Miclaa*)
•*».?*« cheerfniiv say Dr. Whittier haa richly
"•Jffitne wide spread rt potation which he now en
rJMHe has a larger practice than any other Pay.
BCMtn t hiesffo. in the treatment or all those di
y*l wo»c» need a speedy ana permanent; cure.
Bebaaior the pa« fifteen
gyaCßTotco hi* whole Umeatd atteudan to those
J®2Junats caara wbishhave baaed the skill ol ether
r^w^ o*’ 0 *’ H ® *• successful In the treatment
which were kjrmsriy considered in*
PKS- Be la the yndhiher of a. near • work called
ffi. Mirw * f Touth; o*. Al’ Men Know Thyself,?
will be mailed to allots receiptor three ovule
P£**tMT postage. At te la moat anxious ;o doaJl
■ coodbecan any on* mar cell and receive Us
■“•h «R>« tbry*o rsost critical.mattm tree of
O®S« ecd earior* 164 CUrt street. Poet
SP-ouVT* strictly confidential.
iJj Dr. Janet •
iSanii 11 ? •3*a*e , Hovpliai. CttMai Bouse street,
i t * ll iL.cedln penaanea?
l&gPrtM.rt 6c Uardolpb street, Cbl-aco/imuoU.
lyffitiw.lß .he treatment of Ot.d CttoNic, Uncr<
ana ail kinds ol Blood and *nn?
rPJi Ji lu Aap Ptbonpan*. op a CosTaeiona Vary-
C3AUAcrr«e .cures them without raeortlne to
Araenie'or any polarm,
..affibAaip Wxasnisss, each at Scnrual Weakneu,
• weffinraai. and Dlnrsai ftnlaalons, bccuaht on by
of the system, tally ludiecretions, exccsa or
fnMPM. Barediiarfl.. eansluc lOet of memory, con*
depression, dimness, and often tu?e« insuutv.
drpini able trim of ryemtoms, treated acd
r tonally curea by an tulaUlble methoc. aavinx much
iSW*. r P« 114 e- Giiet. Gonorrhea, Luicture. and
to the sezet. of e private nature,
|?jwre the blood h&s become poisoned, prodnclni;
-«Tw?si on t*ei»«e, email waters blister*, palni In
•somaiiflbnnei, ulcerated throat.uoet. Umbtand
fSffnriifi?°* alfc ‘ with an endleis number of
yr. J antes U rreotmtnded by the preu generally of
ape South, the msolcal Cam’tj, and
wat cp: area. etc. Those affiirted should apply tmme-
ai d be cored • I these horrible diseases.
Dr. James* Office and Parlors are at 86
between State and Dearborn streets.
.!_g%<ltffiittal. tykS-ntriMwia
Nn.CIOLOOir.AL REBRABCHBB. should be read
f iy cry body, it treats on. and (hows bow.tne evil
Units arlalag iron early abuse and unhappy can-
UalnaUon may be subverted, with a sure method of
itpnUliir the mDclvmt* many experience In enter*
U the marriani state, bold by Dr. H. A. BAHRO W,
|.,Blaecker street, New York. Price. 25 cent*!
frae everywhere. To be b&d also ol H. BCO*
leJtMdptoe street,Cticaeo.C] ;a:so,of BIMO-
corner HaU and pashiacton
ftoti.Peorit, DL i , de34*t97*i
I k cents to savk 25 dol.
M/ 1" LARS —RecEa»n*s Cccoeutratrd Benzine ro-
Atm Paint, Grease Spot*. tnnsstly, and cleans
#l. Mtbboos, uiovts, equal to new. Only 25
oar bora®, sold ay Drunriro. HBQSHAK A
ffi, ikeesm and Drnreuts. New Torn.
£WlC.—aeceman A Co’s Cordial tlixlr of Cauaaya
”•*. pouMstanthe active and well-known proper*
“•** the Peruvian Barstn a most acre««ble form,
jvju he to ecd a v«Hianle Tonic In au ca*es, but par
tMianyu a preventive to Fever and Fever and
tffie. It til pVanetand pelatable eordbJ.and U
Sa superior to thec immcr. whisky and rers bitters
‘Ki-Htt I®* 1 ®* ** prerglrt*. HEQBMAH A
*,Ctam etaand Drurriste, New lork. «...
, i»v.jiiiacKAj>yfiENrkKy I caoLSKA. cholera
- HKt&US. Am—Ccriain and Immediate cure.
* 9B*a celebrated Diarrhm* Betredjr has been used
, du udfaiiiar ruccera ainoe the Cbolrre isaacn ol
‘ ■*. a tuple dow will uruaLy check the Diarrhcta
»taietrbosjs. Prepared oo>yayOEOKMAN
- faa-.zjti aaiDrursira. NawToek. floidbyall the
'{riaq*'ttPrucglat*ictheniiUed»tfttea. inshyvjtm
'Bnuii Ai»Ajrenocrr.—Two Through Bxsreai
fc»Ta c:e»el»ld « uns,Ur. K.l
airtTeLeanttaburch.... 1133*.*. “ lIfcSSP. *.
n “ Msbdrtilcau. 1:(0 r. x. M I&.A.M*
« “ Carry at. 832 f.w. •* r£s a.w.
5 ** rsalamancaat..... 5aS f, x. “ 4HI x.k
C n New York at.. ...lfc4s a. x. M Busr.v
| • . , RETURNING.
wje Cleveland at. A. x. " 833 J-. jr
3 *MaAart excepted. tSaturdajn excepted.
1 E. F. gWXKTAEK, Gcu'l BurV
_ L _ r . MeadcTiUc, I*k
_i*P. GOODMAN, General Ticket Agent, Cleveland.
■ ayifriaflKm
CcnfcnuttnoTici eta and the Condition* under wfich
tie mice will fee Issuid to commence Ane. Ist, 1361.
irot rs?- s »« - ‘"S’- iw
Hinsdale. jTtrush HIUJ.. IS so 55
Downer j Orcve ?3 a «
SzpavtUe M 45 7S
- AUfgfa 40 50 so
HtTSKS AND REGUL a TIOHS under which Con
nutation Ticket* are issued by the Chicago. Bar
jtncisii and Quincy PailrctdCompany at above ra» es.
J‘ can be p-ocmed only at tie Office of the
■General Ticket Acect ot the Companv la Chicago.
CopunatMiPo Ticki te win be issued as mar be de*
-«ro4 by the applicant e tber forS monthajor fi months
«r r«r one»ear,comm*Lcuic on theitret day of ana
month, and no deduction wlilte made for parts ol
meatha expired.
..Tljhciaareto be c*cd only by the person named on
«e ttckrt. and are act transferable under auy dr
<unun«Bce>v and if a ticket is presented branr-otber
fUn the person sameo on It, the Conductor will take
• in* «ach ticket and return it t> the General Ticket
. “ wilhaetatenscrtof the facts of the case. No
* s»y pan or the sura received therefor
wyi bcmade ta consequence of thelnabilltyol the
wrraooto melt.
«isona Utec c • Annotation tickets will be required
•ptakethem to tb* place where they r*udc. ana they
xanatbeshovutotiic conductor wheacverreonlred
. the sane as by other pwengers. .
iTlcketswld be rood between Chicago and the place
Mod on the tittet, vt for any part of the distance
ffiWeea thne place*, bat will not be -oodwcatoi
r that station, and wi i not be received either In mil or
I payment of fare we*t or that station. They trill
(oodo* all Pireenger Oaiusthat ate,tax the sta>
-/ion for which they are issued, except t» ms run by
i peeial arrangement. They do net exempt the person
Jftmeo from the cetera! rales andregulationa Issued
Company of whatever; name and nature, and
Ln privilege whereby the ncrion can transport
of Good*. Erureas Matter, Ac., other t-.r*
OtrnnMT personal Fanacn. .
Trickots are not good even for one day beyondth
aptratlos. and Condnetora are strictly orderedtx
•amine all Comnmta>lon tleketa on the Om andiec •
oad days ot racbmouth, tahe-un allthst have; x
wind, asd collect the regular train Care natu a new
ticket la shown.
-Yke Company rrserres the r*eht to take off or tot
owtraina.aaiw the carting or Teavlni time at all <t»-
news whenever tlicy nay think auch ctang»s neccf •
Miy for the
fiaaicg in wbo T e or in part any anm paid for comma*
AUperwer, before rtcemcea Commutation ticket,
win he rrqntred to sstscribo to thes* rules and regn
latioss. and alen a contract relieving the Company
from all liability for damage to person tr propony
•ftom any neetdem U at may be Inrnrred while on tbs
raraottba Company and riding on the Coaunutallos
I Sack person rntehartne Commutation tickets will
*l« fnrr>r*i'ied a car-7 these tales and regulations.
■ i in adomon to ffieaboyecommutaaon.tickets goad
ycrSSrteca. to be used within three months from the
- jbateof pcrcba», and which will include a uerfon’r
-jajnl!y.» esoW at ote-bslf of the regular tare toon
aUUon* c,» to and ice'nsise Mendota.
•, c. gTILAJUM. ND. Oen’l Suot.
BAWnlvnruxb. GctnTicket Aa*t. ly22o<®.at
| _ ILcgal Notices. :
(. f d.:ljnoi?, county
» OF COOK—S3, rircult Court of Cook Ccuniy,
ptcmber Tens, ;rtt. Henry .a Jobmoo v*. Cht*
I* iltouFauiosd Company, R«. Louts, Alton ft
sro It Ml osd Company, irav.sfi Fleer, Devil
-ley.JolaEarl uiluwes George N.TUtui, Saadi*
'William Brora, Jsmes Brown, Stewart
• n James m.Brown, williatn B Brown. Francis
limllion Ka*u w. Colley Joel A- M»tt'son,
i» C Blatcaford.'Renry Hoicb-
Duclcy B. Fuller, Sanmtl J. llldeo, Louis &.
rr, G CKrf, Seas r Brown. William Fcl
u bod Mortis E. .Jjffop,—ln Cb*ocuy. _
idtvU of or of Azsmh Flajt,
4 flokJlcv.J. t» Karl WlOUni.QrorKeK.Titui.
Lan? Brown..lrn)e<»Wrown,Stc Wart Brown, James
•own. wv l*n r. Biown, Fraact* A. Hamilton.
: v«. ccilet, KiTbF. c. Liwnec’fi. -usual Butch*
soar. Hsnrj Qotchkks. Dudty B Foiie*. dunael J.
Tlfcra. Lauts M. Htvcr. CoaelM G. m-rk. Henry
BnvDi wiuiun rutierrrn tno Morris K. Jessup, de
feia.'au abort naatd. having be*:e tiledln u-e office
of tie Clert ct aald circuit Ocurt oi *'ook county.
Kofece la hereby etves io the «aii Azs«iah Furs.
T>«ilHo*«iey, John Furl Wll lams,GeorgeN.Ti»u«,
TVtAsm Brown. Jamreßaown Btcwathrowu, James
M- wj«s. * Hilera E Brown, Kr cell A Hamilton.
W. Cel er, E'»«“*C LltchfLld, Svrnrt 31atr*h
fotCtl&nry Hotchkiss Badly B. roller, »Mnnrl J.
TiiAs. Loaia v. Maver, Cb*-rl»s g. Piirk, Henry
Brrwt-. WUUam FeHeroa end Mr.rrti IL. Jensen, that
ealdfe-rsplaiuanc died his bl'l rf com !*'at la call
Cowl oatbcCtaic n tioetbere.'J.oti ebnMxteenth
day-’q: July. JW4. wnr that a Busia.i-.e tVraupoa
Itioff oat of fall i.'o’i acatsot rail <!• f.adantv. :«
rurnablpo* the am *oeeay ef B«ptemb*TUext, (1%4)
a* Mhy tow required. . _ v /
Bov*, unlfsa yea, tk« ta.fi Azarlab Flawr, David
Eoad>y John car! Williams, George v. Tuna, Wil.
lUaßrewn. James brewn, Btew«rt Brown. James
11 Bcowa. K Drown, Fraud* A. Hamilton,
;VllKW.Collet.FllshaC.LUchfielo. Eamael BUtch
itortJ, Berry Hoteh»U ? , Dncly P Fuller, Baanel J.
iTHdeo, Loot* M. M«y-r. CbarlT* U. Clerk, Henry
\Browa. wniuc end Vcrrla E. Joarcp.
k:>ballper»oaal!y be and anpear before aald Circuit
I'Cveif of Cook County, onlae ant day of the nart
*jrm Virreoi.toba krldea at CMeauo.ia Ml County,
ant Monday of September. lo;4, and olrad.
i*sv« or demur to tte aald compUiaani'a bill of
Use utne and tb* maaara «u.i thlnut
ttiraui charged acd ;:»ted Ulh be taken :*• confeeaed.
•adadswee entire# acait*t toe artomtok to u>«
- *-aTfT O eaidbili. WU B CBUECK. Cierk.
r-n.x4*ucoi*r. tvi7iki‘-«w
JHrISSOLTTTP^N. —The copartner.
heretof rejrrhtlns und»r the name of
•wjOTKTi’N, ft Cn„ i, this'daw dlv
[*olf«d by mutual co'iect •- TV 80-:nto» andG.s.
Toesct havirz v-a-ebas-d the interest of A Q. Web*
i rt . out es 11 llaimrire and alone are authorized
[oilgatne firanameln liquidation. OTSTO!f
Chicago. Aug 8,1561. Q. S. FOSTER.
C. W. Boynton and G. £. Fester hare this At?
- 3 4«rtt , “oaweclBOTNToN.rOSTF.n&CO.,iilcct*-
i JT rt to Boynton. Wt>ter * Co., ana will cou«4ou«
•*,* OocudMoc fiaemtuat Ueoldmni. 2>9Saam
i vim ••jrct. c. w. botktos;
- » „ 0.8. FOSTKB.
ttbttMto. Annul MSI* _ anS^nST-St
; \Jt- BrcoVi It adtn! ted «l a partcerwltt
V-tftQr. .Canary let,'.V6«,aLdcr aim nnae oruE&BS.
‘jUflH % CO. iaEAItS * BATES.
* A®®.*--. SSI. anioxiiv
i. ■
A ; At Laxx Toman, Ilxisoib.
|eti» F*U Term la tttli Institution will open lor
f;2o«rdlß|tand DayfccbolareonTHUrtSDAX,He gS
V ABT;cf September text. The number 01 boarder*
;lfc*tar Ittaitrd. it 1b important t»-.at application lor
(>r9oCii made early Tor circulars »nd any iaior>
Vifttoo »j£mi tbe enderr’zaed. B. oiuKutaos.
. lAke Forest, Jol? 12th, 1661. JyKuasss-la
'-R’TTSBUEGH female col.
.J7i I KOI. Her. I. C. FxnentsO; I> D M President,
rnpeibboudlnffa, ttoroarb ccnne
Fifty coll*-e per t«xm tor boarding, ttgnt,
t^oOßitcUasdcrer' j?—Pore. TJnsirnaeed taclU
ornamental bra* cbee. Send to Pteaident Per*
acttalozuc. M. SIUPaOS.
. Prej. Tn*WM.
V; jttuVe m® Cljminilvs.
jjp * mroETSM tob»kb» or
\ M Uln Rt, CUctffs, Hi,
1 «UO. D»»i LiBBSIT a
Inula, wa, WMaa aim, tiu»
| Kin, Kanlac •o*l Ramil,
W nmkor ana, Hua
a «uiint#Ma<*ta,
am ana* to 111 am
•7 1 tfnati tad NtnMiim
uiuiiir nunuMM
op ill am.
•JSfefS MT “““*
banking an* (ffidjange.*
xbe state oe caupobvia.
CAPITAL, $2,000,000.
Paid In lull in Gold Coin of the United States.
Correspondent?, New York City.
Office*, Tim. 33 Pine street
This B*uk having been organised nader the law* of
the Mato of California, is prepares, with a csplt u of
Twu Wuxicaa or Loll As. to tr*:v»*ct a general
taDldaffOuamesiat San Francisco. WEI receive Do*
porite.buv and kU Sorelzo and Exchange
at San Francisco and New Tork: will ma >*e collec*
uoas tbroegbout tb* mat**of Caliiomlaaniprezon,
and tbe Territories ct WaihingtonaaiNevada. Cue
pons of the beat* «*f California, and of counties and
clues, will be cashed; or collected at current rates,
mils of EzchanEo on tb© Bank of
- London*
For amonnt* tr ault '.oicbaor i. will bs tuned at Bin
Frnretfcn and KewTotk. Excb&nce b’mrht and
sold on the leading clues uf Iht UcHcd Buies.
Stockholders in the Bask of Jalifomia,
Each liable In kit Individual Prop*nr for an amount
equaitohia Et ek in this sank.
D, o. Mills. William Koirli. Moses Kills,
half ten, J Whitney, Jr.* A. B. ilcCreery,
K.S. l-'rolz, O.F. Gltfln, B M Jmp,
J.B. Tnouai, A.J Pop*. Bimnel Eucht,
Lcuia McLane, ' Hermtu M chela, A. c. Henry.
A>aT. lAwtcn, Fred'k fhll'tsi, JT. C. WlLnerdlnr,
JTm.F. Barren, Geo. H, Howard. Wm. Alvord
Tfaomv* Bell, H.T.T«achm»cher All of San Fran*
John O. Earl,' A. Hayward, clecu.
Jacob Kamm, of P«>rt2and, Oregon.
(7* Tbr operations cf the Bank of CnlifotnU will
bt opos h iptcie bjhl*. ■ ent-oat lit
4th National Bank
Desltnaicd Depository Fiscal agent of the
United States.
No. 4 South Clark street,
This Bank is tow prepared to receive subscriptions
for the new Dalien butca
10-40 BOMBS
Interest five per cent per annnaj payable semi-an
These Bonds ar® exempt from taxation, and at the
present rate of premium ongold pay over
They may be subscribed for tn sums up to
any rsagmtnde, on tbe same terms, and are thus made
equally available to the smallest lender and the larg
est capitalist. They can be converted Into money at
any moment, and tbe bolder will have the benefit of
the interest. Bonds deliverable at the time of snb*
teripllon, If deaired.
E. A. BRIGGS, Cariiier. -
Dct'giited Deposltnr ,r the United States.
President, J.D.NUTTMAaf.) Catbler, W.8.F15H2E
JOfill BROWN. R. F. G. MKk EB.
«wrvtctsinmaklcg Collectloas
on all acccttlble points.
Collectiona will meet with prompt attention
returns made J»v draft on N»w York, CtocinnatL
Chicago orPUteburcb. 4j2*-ds9X*lhi
CAPITAL £250,000,
This Bank haring compiled with all the nrwlrtoxs
ofthelaw,wilionthaßthof July IniUnt.corameift
btumoea in it* Banking Office,
164 Lake-st*, Uarioe Bait Bnlldln£.
CAKL F. w. JunoE. fcashler.
- TxjtatrxTDgpaxnanrr.}
WASunrrojt,Juno 23.1564.)
-,^??J52^1. b7 .! 1 v lif *5 tor T eTl,leac « pwasntcdtotfie
s?** made to appear tharThe
National Bank of Chicago, in the CUy of
Chi cazo, m the County or cook and SuteofUlinoia.
naa bees duly organized under and accordlnx to the
requirements of the Actoi Congreta, enticed m as
' National Cnrrracy, serurod by a
United Suita bonds, and ta provide for the
approved Jtme
fitrt W iJl n^??fJs*, 9 p U5 d »wb au the orovislcnaoa
lobe compiled with before com*
of Ranking under raid Act.
do hereby certify that The
of Chltaco, in tie Cltyol
t?s?£sr&^2JShS-F2? aty 01 Co^ t “ d £l4t « or minoii,
»M^s2“«'£rS. r ;Sd 0 " “• B ““--
(> i In testimenr whereof, sritnera my hand
Jim. Md seal of office this t went v elabt day of
/Jane, 1841. „ HUGH McCCLLOCH,
Jy4*nß«o*3m Comptroller of the Currency.
Southwest comer Lake Clark^u.
CIPITA|<« paid ta* - - - sooo*ooo.
E. AIKKN, President.
_ BAlel,. M. KICKEKSOH, Vice-Prett.
X. E.FBZifeTXD. Cashier.
Have temored to
Nos* 884 & 386 Broadway,
T7c hate sxeatlr enlarscd oar mannActartaK depart*
citnt,aidnown»Tefoa*untly on band a very Urse
et.cl oi Tte sewed work ot our own manufacture, to
abhii n e UtTite ibe attention of Western m. rebants.
We n>nke all *ne latetf stlyea oi Men's, Boys* and
Tombs’ r'atfSewid Boots. Balmorals, Consreaa CUtt
in and Buckle Bboes u well as Ladies’, Misses* aad
cblldrenV Morocco, Glotb Kto and Laettnz wo-k—all
mac bine sewed and tba eery bust quail.) 01 goods.
t)2^B L lltAt
At tfccnectine cf the Grocers' Exchanged Cbl
case, held at Its Booms.
cn TUESDAY, Anc, 2d, tbs ‘ollowtnr Preamble and
Betolutloa were, alter tuUdfsccsslos.unaoiaonjl;
adopted asd oideted to be tneerted In the duly news
raprj? of this city, viz:
•* WDEBixs, Importer'. Vanti*a;*Tsr'*n and all
Deakn row require cash forthsir GjoCi on receipt
of tcvolce, tbemore be it
“ Biiclred, That the Grocers of Chlssco Are under
the nt cenlty of adopUtg the
syrt earnestly recomur&d It to both CUr and Conn*
L»T Merebani*. bebevlac It to be the only safe and
oea.u>) mcde of bpsines' done* the violent fluctua
tiers of all Merkhandue."
„ H. BATHS, Pre«ld«Qt.
S. WirswoßTH. Secretary pro. tern. an(>o«g»6t
■>i\, herewith published, ttost we have by ertra ex>
ertlcxs yot abrai of our orden, which enables ns to
tupply L «lth dispatch to rur patrons.to any amount,
whs the wonderluL Intemcly intercsiicxand much
“ froaligrapli, ”
Uonyet oiicivtred, ren’crentlng ssenes overflowing
with plefiurable reirimbracces to every man and
woman, thus, at occc, formloc that choice fund of
ABJueauit so gratU) fog to a 1 lovers o* the arts fine
ard pillte.
Specimen* wailed without delay for filly cents or
the ect oftbrte for oce <sl} yteenback.
a gents wil here find lucrative eaolarment Com*
mnulcationr should cover retnrapostage, Orden so*
licked and filled by
anfroSU 2t 1» Mercer street. Mew Yotfc,
Btmr or EqcipnsaT axd Biobuttiho, I
„ WasaixOTCW. August 1.166 L S
St*—Hiroafler tbetollowlng rub twill bs adopted
in ugard to ad voices to recruits ter the navy:
l neenuts cutemyr ler one year will be paid one*
third cf onehun-rroQ dell vs bounty on being recetv
cd.om-'ctrd 1& six months, and iheoalaucsatUieex*
p’nuen tf tre ye»r. or of strvice.
Rerrmts erne. lug for t»o years will receive one*
third ot two huoared dollars hcnrtp oa helag ro
cnwd.ote third at rzplrattou of twelve months, and
vi e-third t’ tbs espirat’on cf *frvlc*.
.iwvrulis ecterlrs for three years will re"dv« one
ibtrd cf three hcndrvd *o'lan bcustv oo bilorre*
‘ 01 6*ihl d in one Tear, and one ibtrd at ibe ex*
’tratjon or service. .
2. Pecrult* eutirtne for one year wil* receive one
mo&tb ■ nay. t*o jears. two months, ana three
j»arr. three mcotbs.
.Fen enils'ivg ; n fotc’ga stations, or rocnllstinr
-nbvarj >hlp*. will re.»irs the tasicalva-ca sol
asbcforeiiated, lobe pall In Unit.d Stales
2 FffVTi rnltttcd si substitutes, ?Uler before or
finked 8 ateV* 1 n ° S 6611116,1 10 6n; bounty from
!* Tbe tsmoc' ot beis eaU'led lot
n.t eicftd 15 p»rc*nu o1 the wh.v< aataber iblpped.
re»pe :ifnly. yonr opetftcnt »emau
, JOSEPH SMinr.ior Hiief of tbs Bureau.
Aettne Llectomat 4. D. HABIT. Rea*
QtTTOTU, Cmo<go, Iluaoia. aus*o3dlw
IMPORTANT to mechanics
JL ahv farmers.
108 Weft Usndtlph Street, III.,
•MU, la »« thtlr Tircibini
Do Job Work ud Bepalrlnz
tf m kinds rf ARrtctsltnrtl laMem«t. » n * xr.
cldnery, in othi r wood or iron vL« 5 '
:ni,» actemitbmg. riaalnr
Sawing,, Jacrticinr, ivtnn
ifaklci Ltjfct TmUujc* of Hi Mti, *' ™ ol »o* *od
Articles esctto us to recair of she abom
tloa for orreta for NE vr WORK*
cr CO OUTST, wl’l retire due
cnud witbaeatnen aaddUpsi'-h. aTr**»:mxWbsm^-
. _ n. a. Pirrs *co.
XTOTlCE.—lnasmuch as there are
Lw a rrestmaaT munlhorlxed Becniltfec one*-,
la tbit cut rerrefe.fcnc the S*ry. It b'eomVnecM.
aar j for me to ittne the fH:owin*nott«:
All officers la thii cliy. tepreeeaUee tb*tntMr*aaa
renolilog for the United rutf* Nary. are with nit
•ntiorlty, ibe only reedTr o* |u Ut’sctiy.belng
Corner of gk ath and (north Water at*.
Branch Bee rolling BlaUone are al»o established
And at the Comer of Sesdolph and tiaaal-ets.
Tbeie efflett btlnt u?der command.
ncuee, alt persons UUgady iecru:t*
1“*.”“ ?? Collet fa’atrt t ayy (not flaiy authorized)
will beheld responsible to milUarj law,andaoprd
cetdvd against. Per order ¥
_ JOHN I>. HAtm’.D B.Nsyr,
Tbt Aeawl Mf«u«e o t t’e I Svock\o^^\* < ai>
Bss?r i *sg ft
’wSfe wv ' H OVLS^TO5 '*«•*».
Poet Offer at Chlc*xo, Bute or Illinois, on the »Ui
day rt Araa»l.l9‘4.
ty-To obtain anrof these letter*, the applicant
muncaUior’ADTaanasD LXTTxaa,' give ujq date
or thi» ll't, and pay one cent for advertising.
nr “If not called for wUhia on icoxru.' they
will be cent to the Dead Letter Office. *
nr“ Letter* are not advertised until they htye re
mained in the office one worn.
••I. DIRECT letter*putoly totho street andante
ber, as well aa the post office and State.
M j. HEAD letter* with the writer** Post Omen
acdSTATc.Hmrrand inmiaa, sian them nUlai?
with mil name* and request the arswer* to be direct
"8. Letter*‘o strangers or transient vlriton la a
town or city, wboee special adoresa may be unknown,
aheoidlt marked, lu the lower ItR-baud corner, with
tbe word’Transient.* i *
"4- Placx the poftayc stamp on the urn* niaar*
hand comer, and luats space oetweea the .stamp
aptl.diraettno for post-mauiino without interfering
* Uh the writlns. , „ •
" K. 8.-A RhOUETT tor the RETURN .of a letter
to the writer, I?nnslalmcd within {or loi .
written or pnotod with tee writer’s kams. post op
fzcb, and SfATt, across the l*ft hand end -of the enf
v«-ioiie, on the lace ride, will be compiled with at the
usual nrrpal-t rate of postage, payable when the let
ter ••delivered to the writer —Sec. M, Law of IBU.”
Adarallaitiemlts AedereonSimonmr« -
Am ms h v* nms Ambrose A B mrs
Alli.iaKiienu.tta Ardsiltcooecamrs
Aibcet:pa.ri , Anc**rocs Ettfe mlu
A]i*uEao4turs Austin Unliatamits
A dm HaHe mra AitalLnnUamus
Alien Kir AmnsU Louisa mrs
AMenMimsmsnts , Armood Anna madams
Anderson j s.r*
nnocockilary EmUs . B;eckblU J T mra
Bane Marr a miea Breid MsrlaNmin
HkocilWen Mora Dre-nKate
Banolt'Mary mr» Brennan Pat mrs
BanlUt b sun Brenncn Ltnra mrs
Bstcbe dcrhjitymlai , Brizes Carrie mu«
Bee Catbencoinrs BrfcgaAllmrs .
Bhxtar Balomo II miss Broaiway Locv C mrs
S!i r r?2 HmT# * Bronson Lucy K mr*
BodeUKawiOnmzs Bryact Della mra
Bell Caine miss Brookcnt 8 F mra
Benedict AJco L mn Bryan M E ml**
Benedict Carrie F mlsa Brooks Nancy -
Berritan Sarah B mra Braudsye Bop'iU mlu
BenjaminThrasla mra 8.-own alary K miss
Lucy mrs Breeder Nettle miss
Bevm Jeuitemia EneliMKmias
Birrs Junes mra Becroy Frank miss
Blffflow Elizabeth mra Byme KUenmUa
Blake ilaiy miss Bower KaiytaUa
Blem 19m mn Bartlett Ann S miu
Block Emily J mt;i 3 Brown.l Edward mrs
Boden Mary R mrs Brown Eumi O nuaa
Bouize Mary Emm Brown Hattie mIM
Bokce Abram mrs Broun Adda ran
BcawMl EbribethmnJ BrownVirc'clamrs
Bend Lcnlaa mus Brown HUzabeih mtse
Bend Mary Jaae 8.-own Louisa mrs
Boriev Maria ulas Bnecley Catherine mlav
Bcawick Frances mn Bndde Anna mrs
Boormas Jane E Bnel Jas N mra
BoyttosUmrs Bnckncrßmn
B-.jn’on Catherine U mts Borzcss Wmmrs
BryntemCWmn Bor«os John ni ran
Botuou Sarah D miss . Bnreess Ell mra
Bowaen vmmn BDkleamiss
Bcntw* 11 Wm mrs Barns Mary mra
Bowers Jcnry mn Byron Charlotte mn
Hraln*ruLMmn " Burns Rate U mn
Brarburr Jane mra Borne Catherine mn
Brant Della uu-a Bo*h Mary
Bra: c»n Kilxabstb «l*s Butler Mary Ann ram
LTiner Caroline rai*« Butler Julia miss
Ciaatey Aaaie miss • Butler Matilda mis
rontaJ'iette Cmrs CodsJnnemlss
Chiu Mary alia Kthtrn A mlsa 3
Ca»lg*B Miry min Colgau Catherine T
Ca.kies Katie K ulc* Cclnoro Ei.lly v mn
CalveriY Jane mis* Conner Thomae mrs
( adey Gt-or.t miss t.'oasey Uatle arias
Caucxe? Margaret miss Connell Florence A mbs
Can p I. A Uilto (.'onnelly Mary mra
Ciaoon Philip mn Cone u miss
( arcy Kltile miss CoceM E mrs
Carey Bella mlu 2 Coooer KHen miss
Ca. m a Martby mn Clat ke W M mra
C.nnen Catherine mlsi
t.*xrollCa*hnePwldoir Coope-AruatLiss
ca t«r sb o»n Colahan Tueresa ml«a
(tnutbcraßCmn Cook Cooittuioemra
Cor ly Ellen 2 CeonN3mri6
Cavapp.lamearnn Cooehiin Mary mlw
•’avanjb Bar? min Coreirau H mi—
Cav.-r Kiitn cm Caimokmn
Ch&mbe » Caroline mUs Cowles Uary miss
ccfcDiplon Cum rules Cnn* Jn'u
i t*pc an Msnuroy mite Crane Smith mrs
Cb«pto LonUa mlsa Crawford B«U mlai
Cbepp JacemrtS Crawford A U mrs
C ay il I'niri Cranford James E mrs
citakln Cathei Luo min Cr-*wiord Peter rare
CoDhake mts Cragln K m nnl
Clark Hell miss Crruaa Sarah
<Jark Samuel mrs Culver Janu a Mmn
Clark JoVa A mis C»rr> Anna alas
Cltsbce Adelina A ren Cuanlnchatn O rers
C Htoid V/ a ml** Cutraore Haaora miss
Clifford Margaret ml** Cottc* M.trv mUi
Coe C J mn
Dabb Mary mr* Pooling Mary A rotas
Darrai, Kulii 2 Donchoe mne m aj
Dacy Eliza mrt Doriraa Kusa miss
Pamela Mary J rare Dowd John mra
ihivs Can crlnc mrs Dreaktll Catherine miss
ocarboin Josephine miss DrlicotlEdoa
Dc*n J S mt* Downey Utm miss
D*»n 9arab K miH Da»le Johanna
Dean JennethßTi Dut.nST mra
DonktrßlchaidFmra DaffySirthmlas
Delsoy Elizabeth mn Dunbar Almira mra
DevennCeitamis Dudley CH mrt
Prlane Iwtella miss Duke 8 A mrt
Dlckinscn Hannah mlu Deb it Helen mrs
Dcilofor mrs Donhara i.utls mist
nie.opd Ambrose mrs Duggan *v K tme*
Ddlean Mary min Dnnater Lury F ir.lut
i in«s Mary mils DizonSteliamra
Devine Mary 2 Du-nMaiymlta
»ogsett Eunices m , sa Dural Ida mis*
Dockiell Martha A G mrt
Eafos Alonzo mrs Kean KroeUae mrt
Katoo Ellen Smta - Ellla Ua.y if
Katlle Cba«* mr* : V uicou Anra C mrs
Baatman John E mra HI ler.tt L 8 mrs
K«iy r.n Ellndge Jennie rates
RdKOD L mra Eliunorpe L J miss
Rdeurtcn 118 mra Emmons LU mis
FCoyLncmoamrs Earlzht ElUabetb mrs
Kdwante Emma A miss Erne Lizzie S miss
Eawaids Mar> mIM Bugalsmlu
Ferris rp mra FIU» Ellen mist
renlaJKiDrs Freeman Ann
FcrrcnMar* FmtM Fiuglohon Mary B mbs
f erca Mary mbs Jane
Feakroan Almira mt«a Footr Martha mrs
Farrell Liable mis* Fox Rate mtM
ran-Kamamlaa Fort Ktttio J mUi
Fay James G mra Foster Ana K miss '
Farrells? Jamet B mrt Fox Ann'n mtas
FahenyAnn Rmr<t
Faiiiam Natrona mra Foiev Fatrlok
Falli n Margaret raise Force Mire mite
Fallon Eliza mlae Frank J
jnTdyjmin , KnnhLanraJmlea
Flaanoo Li mIM Frv Amanda mrs
Ftian mrs Fullerton Kiel mrs
Flwrher Martha mrs Fmthnm Emms miss
Flood Annie miss Freeeh FDD mra
Flynn Marta mis i ' rreocnßJ
Fia?im rlizzbvth Freeman I.aura mist
FUh Mary B mra Freeman Fannie miss
Green FarnleLmiss Graham Marv znits
Gibbers Mmy A Gnr Mar? ir.’a<
Geer* ra Snsan mrs GoddaraEiiraOMhFmrs
GrsstKvamlM God<iacd A II mra
Grnner Henry tnrs I Goodrich Anna mist
Gnrnsev Kllrabetb • Go-xlrkh Mariam a
Gvnhwer Eltzab&th • Oonzelve: tvilde U Bmtss
Octbrie Thebe mrs ' Glas Marv
Utunca Mary Janemre ' Gardner Maty miss
Unready is mrt 1 GambeJasmra
Gniachem JII mrs • Ota*. Amanda H miss
Green SC mrt a { Gardner Clara mra
Green Kitty mill G-rrezm Phillip mra
Griffin Marii<a miss Gibson 8u laa mtsi
Graves Ida mlaa ■ Oc*rWm mn
Gmaaoc Katemira Gardner KlenP
GrinAl'caCml-a : GardnerAnnaMmlat
Qtabam Amy istas
Haaff B mri Heppart Barbara rain .
Hal-' EdcinMmrs Hearta KS nra
lieabt Maty V mre Hollister .1 nn
Had IlatMe dmn Hollister M an
Kanulton Kate an lUlrird B mr»
Kaamell Belle mui Holibsr Anna mn
flatacan Mary mlts Holcomb Minnie ml*s
Harn&erMmn , Holmes Grace Amn
Har.coo Jcsseli mn ■ Holbrook Letblamn
Haiemoo Jennie mrs 3 Holbrook LO mi*
Hm-coi Abble A mn Hanltser Mary miss
Hsnrbett C Ltrn Bosmer mrs
UvirtoAiMnn HookirsNpalmtai
HfMlc«n Mary mn BopklesKdltb A mrs
Ha nulsy H H ml« Hortord K J mrs
Bardlr-y AmandFmrs • Howe-i
Itarrlron Jsy K miss Lncy A ml* 2
Bar. U t irra Howe Mere Ann miss
Uatbswav Charlotte mrs Hove Barah P miss
iiowlty 011 mrs Howard MeUie mis*
Hayvi cod Msrfan mles 2 Howard Panbenta mrs
Harwood FmllyD Howard Ella mm
Ha>ocs keimambs Hcyhes Jvame M miss
Bealy Marla E aits Mne*es Llob e miss
Hllrby Maty mrs Hushes Accra rms
□rlraon Hosahemrs Hnbbani h H mrs
IlsSionAna Hubbard J B
Heaney Catherine Hndiln innamn
HeiTeniu>n Joanna Rudssa ‘Tiara miss
Henderson JO Halbert Wm mr*
Hail Sneran
Henry Kltzab*’th Rmrer A mrs
Ilifgirsßtidcetm'ss Hunter I-mn
Fallen Vanbsmlss HnrcphrrvTMl Ktolst
Holy Kllen m ( ss Howe Eltzabstk miss
HUI MatUe mus Hewett EmiW miss
IcelrsbyManraret Irerron Ja*l« S mr«
.TserhinetrrtEnl .TonesSophrcPlv mn
Jacobs Mary E an Jones El-ntrs
Jaetr Helen mn Joret D H mr*
Jtnonkle licbcrab mist Jones E W
Js’-kern marteme Jure* Maithsmrt
Jerome Lomsa mn Jones Kmm\
Joardan Ann mist JobottouKrnma
Joyce Ibovmn Jo»n*Tnu MaUndr Aml»»
Jmrcen Linria Jcbn*»n Gaaiaobi
Jearenttr char mrs Johuvm Emma miss'
Jotlla Anna miss Jctsoo Mary bus
Jetts D H mra Johnson Hannah mlts
KareF.len Kennedy Ellen
Kief John mrfl Kimha i Busan L miss
Krarney Ann miss Ktnett Mary miss
Kelxber Maggi'-mlss K-dttr Najera *2
KcrofcSaian Kalis. Kl> k-l«y Laura merlin
KtUoscs JcllaSmU«2 Kins B’becca miss
Ke‘)y alary tuts# King wm mrs
Kelly Alice mrs Knaup Eliza mrs
Kelly Uantab A mrs Ksunan July miss
Keiu A Cor David mrs Knox Annie mu*
Kelly Kate miss Bntttu Leonora mn
Here* Fr»ae'«mien EiaspMatr m'n
Ke&ntdy Kellie bum KrelcQ Annie ml«*
Kennccy Mtry xnra Kency Mary mist
L* fle’d ron Lee Ann nr*
Lucrum Martha Janemn Lewis Mart E
latbaujQ'ianiln Lecnsro Msrysrisa
lemltir Anielinomn LlebthaH Ab-eal >rri
Lt|old Jen? le miss i L*e Christine min
ume Acer mn Look a tort
Lav rr m e MollJc mlts Lazl&a Marla mn
lay Maryam Loeg James Omn
Labcti Jar-e miss Ut&ic Pbebs mua
Lampbir Martbs nuu Lou* Is Anna miss
La»x Mary mra Loorblir Maty mist
L.vlcFa ab Jmln L:omlsßetay Ann miss
I a*hr Ellenmliw Lncas Hobertmn
Leiompte Jourdrn an Lust Man- J miss
Lehr Ante K miss ■ - Lyman Rata miss
L«*fld:ry James mil Lyo“S An* ton
Lec&aiab talas Leahy Ellen mis*
Mack Charlotte B mrs Mono DrlSeet mn
Make*' M E mn Mcrzan 8 C mra
MfibifTMarymlss MorrltFEmn
Mallett uart&a F. miss MomnLlzolc w-ii« __
Mtjt.tfcln Je>sicml»s Morns Wienlsmtas
Marble IIK ales ilorrlaan Mart Arm mn
Mill Attca -Mnrrbon E.tzabelh J mra
MarebaD KM min Would Ilvue K miss
Marvin HeltrftF mus Mower B'lzabetb
Mariin Jane tns Macre I'atharlae E miss
Mertlty Wogtle Fmln Motley Jabaar.anla
Martin Msrrtn miss Mo. re Kate a miss
Mantn Bsrab Ann mr* Mortal 31 L tars
MucmMkr?mr*2 Mansy i.iiart
Merton Sue R mill Murray H A mn
Msthe**c.nespt Mullen Warymu*
Wh>bue En ma mus Mnllcry May miss
MatallGeomn Muliert AcaasU**
Maxtco Amelia mus March So>hla C miss
Meaber Mary O A mlts Mae er Ernestine u mn
MearWmmrs Wnur.»eHkrK«rflmi»
MisiiU Acme ml*s Muld>ym J C mn
M* nltt C J n n Morphy Martin mrs
Ml’uon Beuxictta Murpbr Prank ren
Mille : bebe Uytn i IV-le A mn
Macoire IxtUe mn Mve^sHaeurs
Miksßets} an MlU*oo Hen-lstU miss
Mocdy Cordells mlts -Msynlbixi tunaaamus
MooieATmrs 'Morton W 8 ran
Mller Omn mn * MayFHmr*
wocncy Mary Alice mies
Uctciosh .Tare mite UcPermotMaryrat**
UfF.neaAkxsncermn Moranlfteate Bister
McQnlnfi Amts * Me Doaoogh Motile role* -
f*cb*Uyb«nb ' McDonald Annie nn
Mi Klcbol*s Catherine mnMcC are B:*se mn
McMn-lcnM itlemU* MeLsy CaibeilnemUs
SlcUoo I**suite McClelland <£U« mill
Mcungbian Miry urs McAUlsier Llixle mIM
M r ljsc*b In Nellie Eml« McCmrgMaetrte tore
MeKsrdie cant tore Mci'r.ncell Llule b mlsi .
VcOarr AooiemlM McCre?h Kate mUi '
M/'OcTern AmsdeiiiUiS McKuxm Bridget
MS?r‘ J ?? rJ w McCan Unjy V mbe
M.-rarth* Ka’emtu
McCarr Pella inn
v £ nT„H *. Me Mthnr Came J ml**
Vriw.Sii viSSr 1 * A Mcßrlae Mar. Met mn
SSSSSI.HBSS ?£f„ s ' n ' “V. 7
A®” • Solan Di-raKUi
SnMn Joll.nlu sLwJuISJIfSiS"
ssmw B “ saaiSi? 8 "
OfhomjTTl OH-lenMarr'e mis*
Otfc'DF Ami M... OflwiSoVa
Oibft Lanre mn. O’KarrtU Alite suaa
oetrotr BntiaE tart O'DocWn
OaiuJPcn . p’KSt«nXffi I , SS
o*Fr>eo BndgM. nln Otman Amuaw mn
O >s lrlro Aaa 5 Orbetoa ILata On*.
o*3r.ca Agt«
Pickard F P W mr* Phillip* Mary A m'u
huir«n KM mi Phillips .aifierlne uilm 2
Patterson Mary ttr» l*lrce Ann an
Patton ManE mri Pomery Mary France* mil
Pnumot e F 8 jars Powers u 8 mra %
Patch bophronlaL mra S PoUtrW limit*
Patton Jane miw Porter Ann mra
P*rry i)mn Powers Celt* mlu
>err‘ EUa miss Prtn’l* Uary mlt#
P« r» to# Jennie mlas Proaens Albert nr a 2
PerUas I enors tun Price Catherine ml**
P'rttra Hand W nn Prinael J tq>a
Pent femrs Porter Ann mrs
Fey ion Jennie raise Pnflla BeuitcttaM mUi
Pbeipa A A mra
Quirk tun QamUa mIM CJane
Ratn*r M J mra RtreMa Marcarl’a mlu Z
lun Bridget RtKley Macilc mlea
Haoeker Aimia Bmra KilevCttberioe
B«cy Amato* . Rllt-y Br.aeei
Kendal!* J m.-i l:ot>fn*oa Marcel'oa mra
luotone Eliza 21 mra Boblnaos Suabaui
KivuncnUriFinni Roberta Mtrr
ReynDl*# Maroeila jUisKßKogkrr Jaaa mrg
He: noiotr llatiDab mra Ra.gr* nr-*t pij—
liturea Anal torn ' KalfoLUarvurnlM
R(-)lol<ikronstetniK .■ Foo3yJ*m jxlu
BtadyUatla Roo* atbertnemr*
K>dmrod larry mrn Rovlett Carrie A m!a«
C m!« EoiMJmn .
inchcf-KstnerraU* Rt'feDora
Rlrberohon K II mIM Rode Anenats D
■BJckartain Boetaao mra Rider Knxabetn
Blc&sroaOliveCmiM Knaeell Coreellt mra
j RlC'Marj n ra , Rata Mary K nla ■,
ILcbvreo'j.Morjnire RnweltSAmiM
RiTezaLenz'inusZ - KionCmU*
Rj.o ilury mn
SatrpMß Jwephisemrt Shilock Jo*erh mr* •
backitCat Wtu mra . Bollockbarahmra
SaufrAXsta* SimohaMary mua
BautrtblLtclMmta SlmpHoaslartnaoir*
Siblora AUc»- bum bbaanfllt Btldeet min
Sfenp r V A mn Skinner KUzab.-tb nuu
SandUß Ellen mu* SkuhaaKrUomlis
Ba}U Alice mt* Slmnn* Albertmrt
Sanford rr 1m Sinclair Jennie mis*
Scale* CstbexlomiM ' scumerLncy-fl mra
6c».tl May me mlaa Stair Mararn* mn
Moat* min SiiTter Anne M mr* .
fccLcn Mam a nlia - Soidm Caroline mu* '
Scale* Mira ml** Sour Dora mlts
Bcrbce KaU M mtee bpaldlc* Minnie mlu '
Beyn r-nr Area tutu SoonucerFlorte mra
PeelcyKsinra Spear Sows 8 mn
SesrutLoiilemn MatuemlaaS
Bcildra J Bmra .. Spains Sal‘y mra
FLiaCalhAmr* fpetcer lllary mr*
bufer Sarah Lmn Soccer NtUle bum
Sbeibamer A W mn Stare E mt** '
SchCLt-aid Mary mbs .T M mfet
BrbnuMaryAncmn 3 tnfyt
Sberrean v alter mra Suuullfty Satan mLta
still Barab min . . Snltan SooMa om
Statfora Nellie mn Sareoey Celia mm '•
-Union I* U mn. Sumner tlatuo K miss
St John LouUa :in> S-iluo Kay mra
Steam* FlizaPnthri Saotbam Joan mra
ScbblDZ* Horrti mr* Swan Lizzie mr*
StcClut Caibttm mr* Smltn j W mia
Steel Sarah £ mn Sml'h Clara mn
Stewart Jennie mr* BnlUiCWmn -
Stewart Alacrt otl&* Smttn Isabell alii
Kify 8 mlu Smith A M nm*
Stcwtrt J Bran Smith Kterymn
otlne N H mn Smith Da an
BtoieEH mra Smlih Mollta E tciu
S'romp Clara Fnr» Smith Mary E mra
More* Barah nils* ScutUiWSoua
Stone Almedn idim Smith ura
Stone bellit mn Smith M R mil
8 tall vac Elten mr* Smith sir*
Soiltvnii Kettle K mra Smith M E m-a
bulllvaL So»an mr* . Snuto Killy mts*
Sui bet land Eliza A mr* bxtlh Mary E mra
Sulkey 2? u.cb Smith ilarj A ml**
Stewart A C mn Se&ia G A mn 12
t ca
Taylor Anna Smn Tbomptoamn
TappinCarriemtM ThrmneoaWilalnct’&mn
Taylor Debora mn Tanoly mn
TimbUm; V a mu TonoronEmn
Terry Km* O tcie* Townaecd Rod* A mrs
llipcQUo-UnslumU* Trub.id«e Alary miss
ThietleeiriKß True Uary mr*
Tbutnbery E an Tran* Aooa mlu
Thom** blank mrs Trrncr Lottie miss
Tocmpton I aura mbs Ta'tle ak ehamr*
Thotra* Gsraph A Czms* ’iraeeoodLncyAmn
Tbompßcn Root E mr* Tracer Louisa mU«
Ecpaten Lcuba ml** libeller Mary H mn
Ver.vFar.ny mbs Vacoi Cb os E mr*
Vaaßarcn v mn Y ,a Durey Lacy mr*
w*cDer Mallnda M mr* • White Martha Jane mr*
Walt Waviano mn White Anni* miu
W*gtr A nir* White Sarah T mlsi
Wasu Jchn Frart White I*abeUmr*
Wakefield Cattle mb* .Whitley Jane mra
WaitGcomn wntuag Kate mn
WbHler Janomr* Whieam Kate mn
Walker DS ten- wieant Matilda mra
w*ik»T E Lmn Wiuw Betsey mn
Walter Emma mr* Wilkin* Jetnie ml*».
'valke/Elf mrs WPdSarahmlt*
Walker ELmr? Wicjjs M*ryE mr*
Walker MatUoamra tviren Pheoha mr*
.WalterJrneE mra Wm'erM Annamr*
Ward Mary mbs Williams G B mn
Warren Jolla mr* WtiuamßßmlM
Warrer M P: mr* Wiliiim* Sn**n ran
Warden J Fmra William* Adaia mb*
WbUerxuu: Aar.a rubf Wil-oa Matt!e mis*
Watkms Jane trls« wij«od Pneba uui
Watemao Amelia mn wiisoa Wm n mn
WateniiknE M mr< Wn*cal.mn
Wayne MinileEmr* Wtitoa Mary M mr*
Wa«ert Cebat:a mn wtuoa Mary W rar*
Wledhatr Elite mi* Wood Oliver S mrs
Welima»Jmra wood Mary K mn
We non Adote Jmb* Wrleht Marymr* 2
WtliaMarv 8 nitf* iWyman Elslt* trr*
Walah Elbn ql»* .wymm Afrerl U mr*
■Wheeler Emm* mis* WnchtQF
Whtek-r jihnmn >» ,ie2>a tianlelmn
Whiuter Mary Qmn Whiting N J A mn*
While M«ryE mra Jowphlne mr*
Whiting Emma mn
Young E A mri
Folds Jamesmra
Young MatymUi
Vouoc CarrP E tnle»
Young Bridget miss
U. V. C. mhs... M. C. miss.
Atari rrrO AnJrnsEH AmoryJobn
Atun.cE A A'kluson R F Allen John D
iLdeieoa Oliver Alrxarder UobtMAdams John
Am-t Albeit Alice Franz Aubro«e Join
AcdetKo And E Asbcck F Acdeiton JobnA
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Arsms Andrew Adams ft s;a F FAvcrs Jeseph E
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Griffin JC Graham Willie
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Gilchrist J>a M Green Ilcnrr W Gordo? Michael
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JioeaJW Jodi scuba Joutson Cna* C
JuiuciOC / JeczaCL Jone-Samuel
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Johnson J Jarim Patrick Jenuios* Simon
JthttiJM Jones Clautiln* 2 Johns m o N
Jackson John M Johnson irand O-• "bn>Oß n<>o L
Joaryfietry Jcokl** E Jameson Thomas
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NUol Archibald NtchoU II C NobleW
Nlco.au* Cbas Nob Henry Nauny xvm w
Nen* C S NlcbolsoaTHrttn Vcligau Wm
Newton Chav Nlhov n*nry NeilsteadHm
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O'Keefe Panlei O'Donnell James O R ov >~/Ci!°
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W'e;ch Peter Weber JB Waller James
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Mutual Security Ina. Co....comnjsnilin? o*Mrer i
Rerf. 111. Cavalry Vo'.l....rerUniilc» Savin ;■ IU -k....
Bttanlr.fci Laboratory....Lake Bt. XTire xvorke....
Stem Engine, is south XTnerSt....(.h'.- Htr >PtdUoz
L‘o.B2XVa»ttUßtcnßt.. I*uo.« tPrrsb*. 11rp0rte......
Aterlsoi AdMnaßeapers * Slower*....4th Arcnne
V.tvetc Van Uurt-n * Hanlsou «t , No. .'S ...But 103
tllfito P. SwUth Wat-r 519....D. J. 5. S.
open tromlst or April to Ist of Nurembor
from7a.m.Ullßp.m. From N'ovembcr Ist till Apill
t»t. from Ba.m. till bp. and on Sunday* fioi;iß
a.m. to 10:13 a. m.
Letter from Ll*nt. U’llsoq to Eight
loans Ladle*.
[Correspondence of the Chicago Tribune.!
Memphis. Tcna.. July IS,
To Eight Young Ladies, residing in Illinois, Indi
ana And Michigan;
Ladies-, permit me to address u few lines
to 3on through the Tribune, in reg.trd to
“correspondence” with soldiersnndofficers
serving In the armv of our country. We,
the officers and soldiers of the army, need
and deserve the sympathy and council of oar
mothers, wives, sisters and Indy acquiia
tances from the dear homes we have left be
hind. From these, letters are always ac
ctptuble, are read with a deep interest, and
Ibrre Is always a deep feeling of respect for
the writers, and the dear old homes whence
they come. There Is no levity or expression
ol vulgar thought, or lewd allusions to the
writers of them—holy home thoughts of the
dear ones we love so well: and olteu hive I
seen the bronred fice of the veteran, as well
a:-.the fair cheek of tbeyoungrccrult, ilnshed
with manly pride, or over them bow
ing tears that snoke louder than
words of true hearts and i?ruiv men,
Not so when your cold insipid and
ttale letters are received. There is generally
a sbont of derision from many voices as your
carefully written nonsense is retailed out to
a corporal, sergeant, private, or may be a
Lxgia servant; and could you hear the vul*
g«*r wit and coarse expressions over your
ieiters, and at your expense, I think, ladles,
you would answer ro more “Wanted, cor
retpondence, for mutual cultivation.” I
trust ladies, thit this article maybe of ser
vice to yon, inasmuch ss it will urge you to
write only to those whom yon know; and
you may put it down for a fact that any sol
dier or officer advertising for lacy corres
pondence, does so for no honorable'or noble
purpose. Ninety-nine out of every hundred
letters received by officers or soldiers are
treated with contemit and derision.
Thus you sec that ‘your tender effu
fsions, gushing out flowery aad sen
limrntal platitudes, are used to your
disadvantage aed injury. In many cases the
officer «r soldier takes pains to ascertain
your true name, and tnen your letters not
onlv reflect to your dia.dvantage, but bring
disgrace to your friends. I know of one
young lady who is the laughing stock of a
whole regiment, ar-d many of "them arc or
were triends ana neighbors of hers, not two
years ago. Her fair name and character are
blighted, and one who bus conutrd on her
being something more than a fri-nd to him
In the future, has c«st her aside. a« d her let
ters of truth to him arc unanswered, or re
turned, unopened. Ladles, good bye. L-»m
from this to do better. Wrltetoyour known
and tried soldier friends und relatives, and
none other.
I am, ladies, jour friend and well-wisher,
E. V. Wilson*.
Ist Lient^Co L H, C9lh reg’t AVja. Vote.
A. Case Before the ‘‘Confederate
Plata let Comm,!!
[From the J»ew York Tlmes.l
A cssc is pending before the “Confeierate
States District Court,” at Richmond, which
presents to the world a new andstaitling his
tory ol the means hv which the military des
potism of the Confederacy prolongs its reign,
uid defies alike the criticisms or the resent*
ment ol foreign Powers.
The case, the opening report of which we
pubbsh to-dav in other'colamna, had i form*
al hearing in Richmond on Thursday list, it
is that ol R. D. Ugdcn, an Eoslislnian by
birth and an actor by profession! For some
time before and after the outbreak of the
war, Ogden resided at Mobile, and It is al
leged—although that turns out to be in a
measure immaterial to the issue before the
court—that he there exercised the right of
citizenship, by voting at one or more of
the local elections. In November, 18(51,
Ogden c-me to Richmond under a profes
sional engagement, with the . proprietor
of the Richmond Theatre, and bearing
at the same time credentials from the
British Consul at Mobile, which vouched f >r
hte claims to be a British subject. -Undertbo
protection of his consular papers, Ogden whs
left to pursue his calling anmolvcted by the
enrolling officers until the first of April of
the present year, when he was drawn as a
conscript and ordered to Camp Lee for mili
tary doty.. Bis proteats were altogether dis
regarded by the military authorities, and hte
consular certificate, ho then learned for the
first Ume, was utterly valueless, inasmuch aa
the 83 called B: :li»h Conaal, by Thorn it Ta*
tinned, luul noext7«afti» trom tht Conltedtruto
Gorcrmucnt- Five diflereut appeals and de
cisions have been given us the case previous
to tbe trial now pending, and in all ot these
but one, the conscript’s right of release was
denied, not on the ground of his havin'” ex
ercised the right of citizenship ut Mobile 3 bat
on the ground that domiciled foreigners arc
liable to military duty.
In presenting the case before the Rich
mond District court hist week, Sir. P. U,
Ajlett, on behalf of the Confederate War
Department, rested hia case mainly upon
the broad ground that the rule of Admiralty
Conrts in prize cases was applicable to all
domiciled foreigners; war placed all tbe re
sident Inhabitants of one country at war
with all the resident inhabitants of the other.
The person, the couusr.l contended!, as well
as the property of every resident foreigner
of one belligerent country, was treated by
the other as If the resident foreigner was a
native-born citizen; and if domiciled for
dguers did not *ant to beso regarded thev
most Iruvc as soon as war was declared. To
sustain this view, Air. Ajlett
\>Lcßton and >.tUfrs. at length; leaving al
most out of sieht any end every argument he
niuht hare founded on Odgen’s alleged Con
federate citizenship.
Bni th*- com set was not content with mere-
Ij presorting the law of the case: he dwelt
strongly upon xhe poller involved initsde
cMon. The release of Ogden, it seems,
would cause tbe discoarge of *20,000 foreign
ors now behHo Involuntary service In the
rebel arroirt*,; most of whom probably hold
consular certificates of their nationality
which arc pronounced by tbe War Depart
ment at KlchuiOLd uiterFy without account.
In holdimrthete 20,000 toreiguers under the
iron heel of militaiy law, it is e&sy to see
Davis gains va?t»y more than their mere ser
vice as cons» rints: beholds a lever by which
to press upon forrlgn powers a different re
cognition from what he has yet received. He
spurns .the certificates of their consuls, to
in press on them the necessity of their tmv-
Inn his n ryequntu'-. He kec t *s these for
fignirs In his camp thut thev may swell tbe
cry tor recognition. Nor has bis’ shrewd,
calculating plana been without their influ
l-lco We cun tec box, by tbe light of this
Opdencase. a suflicicnUy strong reason for
Lord Russell’s repeated attempts to get sife
conduct for a Foreign Office Messenger to
Richmond. We catrseo what a position Da
vis compels the Governments, whose* sub
jects are at Us mercy, to occupy—if these
Governments have demands to mike upon
him. 12c turns tbflr consols adrift without
ceremony; and "before he consents toanv
confeience through other chmnels. ho Me
mande tint his agents in Europe shall have
fuller recognition, dldorent treatment, and
higher consideration accorded to them. The
device Is one of no conioion ingenuity.
It is worth a moraim’s reflection, now,
whether any other civil or military organiza
tion In the world, calling itself a govern
ment, would have thus ventured on triing
:he temper of regularly established and lead
ing powers, by seizing their subjects, whole
sale, for purposes of military service. And
not only seizing them, but openly proclaim
ing its right to do so; or, in the absence of
defending the seizure on high grounds
of State pulley.. England, at this crisis, does
not appear to bC too anxious to go to war.
But, we venture to say, If the United States
Government were to proclaim Its right to
dispose of the lives and fortunes of all resi
dent British subjects, as Jclf. Davis’ War De
partment Las done, through Its solicitor, we
should have a second war on hand before
half ol the remainder ot the current jear
were cut. It may be one of the peculiar
privileges ol an outlaw to operate as Davis
tinds audacity to do in this matter; but we
should suppose that such things have their
limit, and that even the 111-concealed sympa
thy of Western Europe for tbe cuttec uf the
Southern conspirators would not accord to
them the right of absolute disposal over for
eign residents—a right which the most bar
burou? ot existing States has never been
known to claim.
Casualties to _IMIhoH and lowa
•Ith division, 15tu aratv costs.
Leri liinkcr. .Jno }$ Stewart, liicbd A Ctuud.tr
Amiu*t Outer. Jeremiah Kane.
Wounded— J L Pinkston. 11 H Dari*. Samnel
Cornelius, II M Adcock, L Fuller, A S Hnd»on, E
* Roctrs, N Smith, JliO A Hammonds, Corporal.
G S Floyd, W -McGowan. E S Ward, Alt Wood
ruff, T W Smith. H M Thompson. J D Lewis, J
Penny,L RThompson, Wm JG Dari-,P
Jodee, D Oaks, J f Waroor. F M Inev. M Smith,
G W Frazier, SW floilula, Corp. WW Hyatt. J
S Lay 1 or, J a Davi*. Senjt, W Cawby, Timothy
Cram, Benj Bel*, C Winters.
Wounded— Ma{ Patrick Flrnn, shoulder: Capt
Patrick Feeney. Ist Llent W White, Serct John
Dick. John Dii'-Tjan. Corp D Bartly, w Fltzpa’rick,
J nines, .1 Shanan, Hugh ColUghan. John Dri'coil,
Jas Longbrcy, S Conklin, L T Conwav, B Smith.
J Ltons. .M tinni’lojjbnQi, II Roach, JaV Lon -hucT.
Henry Walsh, -M Whalen. "
eixru iowa.
Killed— Mai J Ennis. Capt T J Elrlck. Corp D
Mnsleroan. W M Hnabcs, id Jamison. Senit Im
Linmn. Svnrt 11 Lo< mie. Corp M Weetnnhaver.
Joku Martin. B V Krluler. il Ditto.
Killed- G R Call, Corp W Bolen. P Rich, it
Wovnded— F Kereran. J Iknrawa. R J Tanner
Jro Evans. Foster Evans. RE Bevans Wm Sit
J U (hapln. J Virgil, J Orton, J Wise. Svrgt J
\oorhecs, W Cnstte.
T Butler, Serct J TDtuvitt, 1' J Ilarlsn,
G M Birger, U J Sinie.
irou»(o<d—Major II W Hall, Capt W B Darrel
son, R G Nunce. S B Llngnirelttr. 2d LI -ut J B
Smith. A Bart*on. 1 Fano, II V Arnold. CorpVß
Ile istls, M Chapman. W F Eagan. B Baldwin.
JoLneton Barton, Geo Borab. Scrat W A Wa-hiu
ton, Van Davli, J K Slreot, J S Price, S Chapman.
Ji.o Pniringtpn, J R Rountree. J N nawsin-. John
?t2S» d *T W S r , Bar V»i J Brook*. Geo Coyelau, R
Gurd. Jno Holman. Corp J Gibson. J UrWrion,
Wmftdmondfon. PC Muy.J Ban. JT Salter
ttLieut XV Maxwell. Capt Frs tlndsev.
?. o. .* G s « u^ b r* ,T Anderson, U Haynes, JIV
McCain, Capt F Farrell. J
ITotmdtt/-—Capt L B W en ». Lieut J tngersoll.
9 Stowall, J D ChrlsUine, Corn M Velr. Q \V*
i f A Kinc, J N Cl«k, J R HortOß. Serjt E H
Nt«. J Loi.ly, J Speslliitf. G Fields, u WllHams.
G c S*** 1 Jp,r > engard. J J Pace. E Etchl
ron. J Brenan, 1\ Howard. C Powell', F Garnett,
P Rem. L B akrly, Scrat U McMasler, C U Dlsekl
™' o< V. M Bctrson. Z D edham. XV C .<Ia«oo, Jno
t 2°U cr ’ Cor P p T Benson, D P Bocff", J Uimraer.
*? Daeher. •! Dyer, L Ssmomab, R
\veUs. W Jiaird, bf-rgt Willis Uartmive. F Bbck-
? er S l L Ml,,er ’ Cor P J Hebms. J Martin,
XV B Pendleton, J Barkclt, XV* Uml*
e«»p. W Hacemsn, J D Platccr, £ Ulncs. J Metcbur.
EKmupp. *
FonTT*nmi rtttyoi*.
Ki llHstie, J Q A Curtiss, Co* u Vicar
JohLoou, Edward Philo.
Po*t(lon ofthe War.
To the Editor of the Boston Journal;
Slit: The census of ISOO, with cmtjrnitiou
•nd The mnunl of Births, Birea us ft
pnj.ulatiou ol J17,000,C00 in the summer of
or thfc population 4,000,000 of whites and
:>,000.0C0 of slaves exist in the rebel districts
ana C 0.000.000 ol free men arc to f.mnd in the
lovr-I dlrtrlcts. The contest is now between
forces standing in the mtio of 7 to UO, with 3
ready to aid the successful partv.
In comparing more closely' the relative
strength of the t --o districts, we lind teat
cnc-balf of the whites are mules, one half of
tLe iublcs are under 10, and one-half ol the
residue, Irom old age, youth, physical Intirm
»t> or sickness, unlit lor service in the field.
In this Stale we have never been able to
bring more than 10 per cent of the people
into the militia, and it wc allow 12 per ceut
for the capacity ofthe rebel districts, it Is a
liberal allowance. In the southern districts
which are still loyal or have been subdued,
such as Misf-ourl, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ma
ryland, and portions of other Slates, there is
a white population of 4,000,000, and it Is a
fair presumption that 4 per cent of the popu
lation, or one-third ofthe fighting, men of
these Talons, have Joined the rebel armies.
Wc cannot allow more, as the rebel con
9<-riptlon has operated but little if any on
those districts.
The war bus been In progress for three
years, and an allowance of 30,000 a vcir for
the excess of young men growing up over
men becoming superannuated or dying by
ordinary disease, is a very liberal allowance.
Further, bv the best information in onr pos
session. the rebels h*v*s lost in the )a«t three
x ears, down to the 6th of Mav last, bv deaths
In the field, camps ami hospitals, by "wounds
and captures—and most of this is conceded
—l2O 000 a year, 0r.300,000 men.
Dming tile present campaign, since May 1,
Lee Is understood to have lust 70,000 men,
and Johnston, Magnifier, Forrest and others,
at least 30,000 more.
The following gives the result:
Rebel ‘orcc at the out-ct, 12 per cent of 4.
Ctt*,CUo 4^0,0*10
Four per cent of 4,0 0,000 whites inSuutbcm
Districts loyal 163,i>X)
Young men proving op iu three years In ex
cess ol death 03,000
XVhole nnmbcr of men able to fight from the
start 75U.000
E* bel* Josses in three years to May 1, lo&Ua
field and by sickness, at 120,00Jaycar....3C0,0D0
Rebel losses. East and West, In the present
campaign 100,000
Owners of plantations, artificers, drivers,
refuge s. and men whb will not or cannot
ficht. at least 73,000
Balance In Add or hospital 135.U00
_ t . 7WAO
XVc thus have remaining a* :be whole Re
bel torce, either In the fielder fit for ser
vice, and’o be relied upon.. ..103,000
Frcm these we Buy deduct at least five per
cent, orlu,oou, fortnc rick in hospital .... 10,000
And we have fighting men 1&5.C03
Onbt ru there axe wcet of me ilissie- •
pip'd at least 2’,C00
With Johti-ton 45,00
With Forrest and other* lii.OOO
At Mobile and in tboCaroUcas 2*ouo
With Lee ant on raids Into Marv
lend *.53,000
m' 155.000
To enuh these we have at lecat 500,000
nieii, and if tve deduct for furlough* nod
hospitals tea per cent, we have 450.000 men
in the fl‘lo, and of these we have in front of
both Lee and Johnston at least twice the
forces opposed to them' at least 300.000, the
risidne holding the Mississippi, the coast of
Carolina, and tnecornomnica ions and depots
in the tear of our mam armies.
If our government will bat keep these ar
mies up to their present strength, and keep
down, as they can (below 200,) the price of
gold, the result is certain. For the last two
months we have di«pos?d of our foes at the
rate of nearly 50,C00per month. Should we
crntlnne tomovel with tbs same degree of
dlspatch, the present campaign of IS(U, at
its close, womd leave few* foes in arms or
able to renew tl.e.contcst.
*' 1 - Massachusetts.
Gen. A. J. Smith not “An Ola TTlan.D
i Mmnni. Joly t5,1361,
Editor* Chicago Trihane: '
In your p «per of the 22d inst. 1 find the
following paragraph: ‘*Gen. A. J. Smith,
though an old man, is-enough for Forreet or
a forest of Forres's ” Gen. A. J. Smith is
just forty-three years old. The couotry has
reason to expect ,too much, of Gtn. : Smith,
just now, to have its well-grounded' hopes
depressed by such a mistake concerning his
sge. When some man in his command c>a
sit a horse betterith&n he, or endure the fa
Ugues of the field tetter, it will be time
to pul In the pica ot sctdllt? for him. He
and. A Fighting Joe Mower” ought to h»«e a
great fortune. ‘ ... postnn.
1 Lad been faired by my employer to ac
company a young friend of bis, a Mrs. Bol
ton with her children, who had been visiting
friends on the continent, in an attempt to re*
join the husband and father, who was a cap
tain in the confederate service. We reached
Nassau, o» coarse, without trouble from the
federal cruisers. Bat now came the tag of
war. Wt engaged passage to Charleston In
the Saucy Jane, Capt Harrison, hut were in
formed by that official that his adventure,
and onrs, was one ot considerable risk.
‘ You see, sir, one cargo in three pays, and
one cargo in four saves ns from being out of
pocket-yes, mister. We coonton some loss,
we do, bnt if a clipper has the luck to get
twice in with notion;', and twice out with
coiton, why the Yankee* are welcome to her
afterwards, hull, spars, aaa nmain r gear.*
‘And the crew?’ I enquired.
Bnt my communicative frlcad treated this
psrt of the business iigntl* enough. The sea
men had high pay, and took their share of the
risk of being snot, drowned or blown up, in
consideration of extra wages.. The captain
and mates were allowed, stowage lor so
many cubic leet of Europe in goods one wav
and so many cotton b ties thedthcr, and olte'ri
had a percentage on the amount realized by a
uuforiun .te adventure. Success, therefore,
meant wealth for the owners and officers,
and at lent a pocketful of dollars for the
loremn>tmen, and m case of capture there was
no danger of anything worse'toan a tedious
and comfortless detention for some' months
in Fortress Monroe or elsewhere.
1 remember well, on the very day on
which we were to go on.board and await the
laud breeacto waft us smoothly out of har
bor, cover of the darkness, that a tap,
a hesitating, timid tap, resounded against
i door, the door of my room la
W Ullage, hotel
The intruder was a tall, corpulent old man,
in the costume of a Roman Catholic priest,
hut of so antiquated and grotesque a'fashion
that 1 found it extremely hard to suppress a
smile as its wearer approached me, 1
and smiling with oily deference. Hb Umk’-
Uug black eyes were meekly lowered as they
Diet mine, and from the huge shovel-hat that
he carried in one sun-burnt hand, the knot
ted lingers of which were adorned with sil
ver rings, down to the black cotton stock- I
inns and square-toed shoes that protected his !
ftet, the visitor mb hi have s»t for the por
trait ot a French village.cure of the time of
L: ms the Fifteenth. And the cure he was.
as well as I could gather from the perplexing
jareon ol mingled French and Spanish, ekes
out by a oddly pronounced English
phrases, in which bo addressed me. His
name, he toid me, was the Padre or Pere
(lor he used both terms inilifcrently Dacho
chois, Antclne Dnchochols, parish priest of
St Gaspard, a village in Louisiana, In that
wild region of unhealthy morasses that is
called the Bayou Teche country. Tuis dis
trict, as I was aware, neither Butler nor
Banks had proved able to tubdue to thi I .' fed
eral sway, and there my new acqulmtence
had the spiritual charge ol a poor and primi
tive population, who lived chiefly by lishtng
and the culture of rice among the swamp?
fields. Very few of the padre's parishioners,
while, red, or black, could speak
hut Frencn or Spanish, for even the seigneur
to whom the estate belonged bv charter was
a Genuine Creole colonist of the old stamp,
and on this ground M. Duchocbois begged
me to excuse his Ignorance of English
which it was rarely accessary for him to
But tbe poor padre’s tile was a pitiful one.
Hu had been on a tour which he called a
11 quete,” and which in fact was a prolonged
begging excursion un behalf of bU needy
(lock, since the scanty substance of these slm
ply people bad been wuntoulT destroyed by
a of federal foragers, who h.»d burned
all that they could not carry oil', and tde
coasting vessel in which me priest had em
barked had been mu down bv an English
brig on its return voyage from iMatamoras to
New Providence, Tne captain of the mer
chantman had done all that conld be expect
ed ol him in setting the padre ashore at
Nassau, and In given him a lev dollars by
way of eompccicMition for hla-slender stock of
wearing apparel, which bad gone to the
bottom of tne sea. Bat poor M. Duchochois
was In much perplexity, anxious to get back
to his parish and his people, sore afraid of
the Yankees, whom he seemed to regard as
devouring dragons, and quite unable to raise
the lunds neeofnl to pav tor a passage for
himself ana his Indian* servant-bov, Blaise,
to South Carolina. Once there, the cure had
no doubt that from pnest to priest, and from
convent to convent, he could get pissed on
to his own rustic dwelling place; but in
Nassau, where all wi re übsoroed In the gain
ful tiatllc of the hour, and where lew could
even undcretaiid his speech, tbe uutortunate
ecclesiastic whs quite at a loss.
In t his strait, be .ring mat I was an English
man, and reading, as he was polite enough
to say, come hope in my face, poor M. Da
chocbols hud come to throw himself on my
compassion. Would I kindly use my In
flnet.ee with some ship captain to convev
him and Ms boy BUUcovcrto tbe continent.
They would not be troublesome passengers.
Tiny would ranger themselves, they would
creep into some bole or corner on board the
ship and remain as quite and unobtrusive us
mice. They would not ask for anything
more than permission to occupy a little
space on board the vessel. A little biscuit
•iLd a melon or two they could take on board
with them—bah! a bagatelle! they should
cost tbe honorable captain nothing* for their
subsistence And for their passage the.pidre
would pay in prayers and an old man’s bless
ing, lor which, at any rate, M, le Cupitalne
Anglais would be none the worse. Would
I intercede for him?
I re: dlly promised tousemv utmost eudea
vors to obtain for him the small booa he
craved. The priest’s eyes fllkd with tears
when I spoke kindly to him. He thrust his
band into the pocket of his threadbare son
lane, drew out a tin snuifbox, und held it
to me, open, with a little humble bow and a
French grin ol thankfulness. Ido not like
snail, and it makes me sneeze, but I remem
bered Sterne and the Franciscan monk at Ca
lais, with his little horn box, an-i I took a
pinch as cordially as I could. And jnst then
a louder lap came to the door, and in boun
ced Captain Harrison.
Hurnson Knit bis brows at first, and keen
ly Inspected the appearance of this petitioner
lor a tree passage, oat before long the Joans
sailor's frown relaxed, and it was *lth ujjood
humored smile that beeald he would talk the
matter over with bis steward, and, if a berth
could be four.d for the pri-.st, he would send
me word before sunset. In truth, & much
more suspicious person than the skipper
must have been disarmed by a surrey of
worthy M. Dnchochois, as he stood, the pic
ture of piteous eagerness, with his horn-rim
med spectacles pusheduptohisforehead, and
with the ra.rLs of sonify tears risible on his
shallow cheeks, bis iron grav hair hanglm*-
down over the coll ir of his shabby soouue.
Indeed, sc childlike and simple was the poor
old care's anxiety 10 have his boon granted
him, that neither Harrison nor I could resist
bis wlsiftal look, and my cxcl maiion of,
4 Upon my word, captain,’the poor old gen
tleman must be one of us, If I have to pay
tu« tare myself.’ was simultaneously nt'ered
with Harrisi-n'e more genial, ‘Cheer up.
Monsieur le Cn-e, or whatever yon call your
sell. You shall be very welcome to a pas
sage aboard ns, von and vour blick bov, and
wt’ll answer for it yon shan’t have lost flesh
by the time we on«p anchor iu Charleston.
As we were cauUons'v roved out where
the Saucy Jane lay, with her brailed-np ean-
VcS shaking loosely on boom and rard, ererv
flash of the'oars elicited a phosphorescent
glcem from the gentle heaving water. The
passengers and tii.-ir baggage fllleu two large
boats and a don*, and we were among toe
occupants of the first boat. Bv we, 1 mean
Mrs. Bolton and her little girls,’ myself, and
the padie andhls Indian boy. The last men
tioned, a spare copper-skinned lad. dressed
In blue cotton, and with a jellow silk hand
kerchief tied tightly around his lank bltck
hutr, like the fillet worn by horse-riders in a
chcus, eat Impastivt behind his master, and
looked more like a bronze statue than a Uv
h g creature. The padre, on the other hand
wus full of simple elation and good spirits,
lie chuckled and talked In his queer jargon,
making everyone smile, and was evidently
over j< yen at his good fortune. Mrs. Bolton
—poor little woman—was In a more cheer
ful frame of mkd thanl had yet seen her la.
Hitherto wc had been m*it by batlliug delays
nil all Ir nds, but now we were fslriv off—
really 44 going to Henry at last,” as she said;
and I heard'her murmuring to her little
ones that they should * 4 soon sec papa,
A more fortunate voyage, to allappeuraace
r o yesscl bad ever maae. Day after day the
weather was beautiful, the sea* smooth, and
the winds, though light, still favorable. We
saw no federal cruisers. Twice, indeed, we
ti llin with armed vessels, but these onr
skipp* ris experienced eye recognized as
British ship's ol war, even before they drew
near enough for the red, white, and bine of
the Union Jack to be visible by means of our
best glasses. And on one sultry afternoon
tbe cry of 44 Land, bo!” was raised, and the
southern exiles on board set up a cry of joy
and clapped thtlrhandsexoltingly, for they
knew that the low nine line, like a cloud
bank, could be no other than the coast of
South Carolina.
Not daring to attempt to gvln the harbor
by deyliubt, the Saucy Jane cast anchor la a
retired spot, aad tie captain, witasouieof
the rest of us, Iccludlug the padre, went
ashore on & small Itl-iud for rest and refresh
ment. Several of the male passengers, with
Captain Harrison, sat smobiogibeir clears In
b shacy nook of the.lslet, screened from the
suiTa raj 6 by ttc long drooping leaves of the
fca»herv p&lmcttoes overhead, and almost
welled'in by thickets of the oleander, the no*
ps 1, and the prickly pear, gorgeous with large
red blossoms. Everybody seemed happy and
hopttul. Suddenly the capt-Jn sprang to tds
feet, with a fierce oath that died away Into a
shout of anger.
“ Billoa!“on board there. TTh? did that ?”
One of the mates, lounging half asleep over
the taffrall, looked up with surprise at the
sound of his commanding voire.
“Look alive,' there! Who loosed that
sall>” cried the captain.
And, as we all glanced up wards, we saw,
to our ustonlshmeut. that the mtintopsail of
the schooner was loose, and heavily flapping
to and fro in the freshening breeze, like the
bro-d wing of some wounded sea-bird. It
needed but a glimpse of Harrison’s look of
wrathful dismay, as be sprang on board and
j.-ave his orders—orders that instantly sent
three or foor seamen scrambling hurriedly
up the rigging to reduce the sail—to assure
us that imschlet was afoot. In a very short
time the fluttering canvas was close reefed,
but to discover the offender who had cast
the sail loose was Iqs? tasj. In vain the cap
tain sternly interrogated such of the crew as
had been on decs. * All declared that they
knew nothing of the matter. One sailor,
wboh.id been dozing under the bulwarks
aft, did, indeed, say that, he bad opened his
et es a few mlnutesbefotc, and had, while m
ablate between sleeping and waking, seen
some oue jump out ot the steading ngglag.
and slip down the fore hatchway. Aad it
was his belief that this person was no other
than tbr padre’s boy,.lndian Blaise. ,•
But BUise *as found fast asleep In his lair
below, i-nd he did not seem even to under-'
stand wbal was said to him when he was
asked, In Frtt been aloft
lately. ll* shook Mr head in how
ever. ui .1 Ut-'f’d no one h*,d ever, seen the
■ , '-:cno,thcrggijg, cr bslr.Tti h:ai
cnoabTr of gating Hgh enough(o loosen the
eull, even if there had N*?n »«*y comprehen
sible reason for such an act on his part. The
mr st natural conjecture was that, the aailhtd
been carelessly secured, and the captain’*
only hope was that the tell tale canvass had
not attracted the eyes of any sharp-aiglited
lock out men on board of a Federal ship.
we were all aboard again, suoper was over,
find the Pghte were extinguished, and the
passengers In their bertes, somewhat earlier
than usual. The deck w*a I* ft t.> the **\ch,
and at the schooner’s bell tuld uff the bourn
we knew that the time for stilling would
soon arrive. I was lying half-dressed on the
tii-y bed in my little caliin, when I heard a
?oicc s»v. In a hnsky, smothered tone, ‘Not
yet, Japh! 1 see one of the Britishers lean
ing ov»r the side forward. Keep in tbo
And then followed a gentle splashing sound,
and a faint tapping again-t the plunking* as
if some boat or canoe were being gu'ded
along the schooner's side by the joint force
ot a paddling oar and a human hand that
grasped the woodwork of the vessel’s side,
and drew the boat forward. Of this [should
have thought little—nothing was more likely
than that a boat should have been lowered
lor tome purpose connected with our getting
clear of the sand-banks and sunken rocka
that were numerous in our immediate prox
imity; but the words were suspicious, and
the voice was wonderfully like that of the
good old priest,. M. Dnchochols. ’ Foramo
iueiit I hesitated as to whether I should sock
the captain or one of the mates to commu
nicate vhat I had beird, but the more I
thought of the mutter the less certain was i
that I had caught the exact meaning of the
speaker. I hod been drowsv aod only half
awake, and the very notion ftiat the cure had
b^ n the owner of the voice was a manifest
tKnrdity that msde me consider tha whole
atfuir neworthy a second thought. I JUteue'’,
but could hear nothing, and soon eauk'Lato a
te*l slumber.
I was awakened by the quick tramp of Teat
overhead, the word of command, the mttUa-'
down of colls of rope, upon tun deck, the
quick wash of the surging water along the
schooner's sides. Evidently sail had bee*
made on the Saucy Jane, and we were head
ing fcr.Cfaarleston harbor. I got up, threw
on my upper garments, and went oudeck
where 1 round two or three of tUo male pas
sengers. They were talking together near
the stern with excited jestnres, but incau
tieus tones. As 1 drew near, I cangbt the
words “the boat,” and at once asked "if any
thing had gone wrong.
“ xes, s i£r. Phillips, the dingy’* misainy. ll
said one of the Southerners, a tall Georgian,
who bore the title of Major; “it was theoulv
bout astern, as you may have noticed, all the
others being on hoard. Just before sailing
it was found to have' disappeared, though in
what manner——’*
. ‘Capt. Harrisonvsuspects," interrupted
another; bat he was interrupted In bis turn
by the Captain, who came quickly no, and
tala in a voice that shook with suppressed
ftT-ger: rt
V There’s treachery afoot, gentlemen. The
plugs have been removed from the bottom
ot even boat, and not au oar but has bee*
sawn through just ab.«ve the blade. Some
rascally traitor must—
“Sail, ho!” sung out a sailor from the
mast head. “A large ship on the leather
“Sail, ho! a steamer to leeward"* culled
out the lookout man in the bows.
Ibe captain started, sprang into tbe rig
ging, and toot a hastysarvey of the probable
enemy. As he did so, the red dash of a can
non shot lit th: darkness of toe uighi, and
the bellowing report followed sullenly over
tbe waters.
“Down helm, yon! put her about! snurt
ly, now, my lads!” shouted the captain; bat
another flash succeeded, and down came the
schooner’s mainboom, mainstav aul aIL
thundering upon the deck, knocking down
ana bruising several of the crew, while a
tbltd shot crashed Into tne deck, and made
the white splinters fly. Escape was Impos
sible in onr crippled condition. We backed
the topsails, and in ten minutes more a lar-*o
dark steamer had ranged alongside. Wc
were immediately boarded by a powerful
force of armed seamen and marines, and de
clared a lawful prize to the bulled State*
steam sloop Susquehanna.
By tbe light of the buttle lanterns wc 'wct'
all paraded on deck as prisoners, when w&at
was onr amazement at recognizing in the
Lieutenant who commanded the bo.nlcrs,
no kes s personage than the cure of St. (laa
paid, tbe Rev. M. Dnchochois. Yes. there
could be to mistake about it. The shorsl
hat and shabby soutane and horn spectacle*
had been replaced by navy bine cloth, a gold
lace cap, and a belt, in which a revolver bal
anced the cutlass that hang oa the left side,
but the cr.dtv black eyes were iboje of oat
lute protege, though the expression w*i
wtolly changed.
“Yes. gentlemen; ladles, your hnmb’c
servant,’’ said tbe spy, with u sneer of trium
phant malice; “old Pupa Dnchochois, verv
much at y onr service In his new c:*n«clty of
Lieutenant in Uncle Satu’s navy. «ou rebel
And, indeed. the villain, for the pirt he had
flayed In practicing on our compassion was
to enable Mm the better to betray ns, was
Lknt. Amlnldab Hitch, ot the Snsqaehinna,
while grinning at bis principal’s citie, with
the copper-colored pigment but half washed,
from his cunning face, was the cl devout In
dian boy, Blaise, alios Japbet Bunch, a Yan
kee corporal of marines. Wc beam afler
waids that the lieutenant, who was famous
for his power of personating an assumed
character, had visited Narsau'lor the expras*
purpose of securing the prize money of s»
valuable a capture as the Siuey Jane to Im
own war vessel. It was his accomplice, the
pretended Indian Isd, who had stealthily as
cended the rigt log and loosened the sail to
give notice to the look-out men ot the sloop
of the whereabouts of the blockade runner.
After this the two worthies had stolen the
dingy, first disabling tbe other boats from
pursuit, and bad pnlled out to sea, where, as
they bad expected, they had seen a precon
certed signal fromtbeirown ship, and had
been picked up by her before we approached
the chanDel;tbrongh which the false care was
«wsrc ol the skipper’s intention to pass.
Hid he even eluded the Susquehanna, we
must have been Infallibly sunk or taken bv
the Portland, which was awaiting us on tin:
other tHik.
I do not wish to dwell on the scenes ot
misery that ensued on board ttic schooner,
when husbands were torn from their wives
and fathers separated from their children, to
be consigned to the dreary captivity of Forts
barren and Laf,yctte. Nor mas ft pleasant
to see the despair of my charge, poor Mrs.
Bolton, whose bones of seeing her husband
again In Hie were, to oil appearance, dashed
to the ground when on the eve of being real
ized; while to poor Capt Harrison the affair
was simply ruin. The sight of his pale, nn
grv face haunts me still, us he was led away
to be placed in Irons, like the rest of the
crew and officers. However, the caprice or
imrcy of the Federal authorities procured
the release of Mrs Bolton, as well as of sev
ere! of the other luules, after a short deten
tion; and. though I was not m\sell ncnnlt
ttd to accompany mv charge wiihiu Uiu Con
tederate lim s, I was glad to loar that- she and
her children hud arrived safely at Cuirka-on,
»ml still more glad to hear that Cipt. Bol
tou’s recovery was considered probable. And
thus was ended what was my llrjt, and will
most assur- dir be my last, experience of
blockade runmog.— a’i On Ttcr Ji nnd.
Mhnt Shall Wc fiat?
I* an important question in thc ß e timet of
high prices. Dr. Hall, iu a late numb rot
the Janmal of Btclth (good authority, by the
wa..), says the-cheapest articles ol food at
present prices are bread—especially corn
mi al—butter, molasses, beans and rice, tte
shows that 25 cents worth of flour, at d cents
P*r pound, contains as much nourishment as
?2.20 worth of roist beer at 25 cents per
pound; and that a pint of white beans cost
ing 7 cents, has the same amount of nutri
ment as pounds of beef at 25 cents per
pound, or, in other words, the roast beef diet
»s twelve times as expensive as the beans.
Fnrtb< rmore, a pound of Indian meal will go
as far es a pound of fine flour costing nearly
twice as much. Here arc some of the com
mon articles offood, showing the amount of
nutriment contained and tnc time required
for digestion:
Tlmcofdircj- Amnnnt of na
tion. ttixeut.
Anpk«. raw lb 50 m - 10 Vct
Bear», 1 oiled 2hS’U» ST "fl Ct
Beet, roasted... SfaSOui 25 it ct
Bread, baked 3 b 8 ‘ m SO V ct
Batter 3 b 20 m P6 y ct
Cabbage, boiled 4 h 3>» m t V ct
Cucmnrers. raw.,.'.... 2Vct
Frsh, belied ShOOni 20 N ct
Mhfc, fresh 2 bls m T y et
Mntton. roasted 3 b 15 m 30 jr ct
Pork, roasted 5 fa 15 m 21 V ct
Poultry, roasted 2fa45 m 27 ct
Potatoes, boded 2h30 a 73 ct •
flic**. boiled 1 h 00 m V ct
Sugar ...S!i-ozn 2G V Ct
Turnips,boiled.... 2hSom 4 V ct
Veal, roasted 4 h 00 m 23 V ct
Venison, boiled :1 b 50 m 22 y ct
According to the above tables, cucumbers
are of very little value, and apples, cabbages,
turnips, and even potatoes, at present priced,
are expensive eating. Some vegetables and
fruits should, however, enter into the family
consumption, if purchased for sanitary rea
sons. Among those which contain the most
saccharine matter, sweet potatoes, parsnips,
beets and carrors are the most nourishing.
Koast pork, besides being an expensive diso,
requires too lengthy a drain upon the force#
ol the stomach to be a healthy article of
Hard on Jewett.
Edward Bliss, Esq., Commissioner of Em
igration for Colorado, thus puts the clamps
upon “Colorado” Jewett in a note to the
New York World :
This Jewett has for years proved a fruitful
source of mortification ana disgust to all
Coloradans. During his sojourn oi two or
three months In our territory (and this con
stitutes all his claim to bail from Colorado)
he made himself the laughing-stock aod butt
ot ridicule of the entire people;' and he left
that region just at a time when a feeling of
, coi-tempt was giving way to a stronger oa*
of indignation, on account of some ques
tionable business matters with which he*was
connected. He has two or three times con
templated a return to Colorado ; but visions
of tur-and-feather coatings, If not more sen*
ous visitalions, have operated to call forth,
the exercise of the little discretion he is pos
sessed of. • ■
The history of Jewett T s career since he
blessed Colorado by an abandonment ot iU
limits is the history of a confidence man and
a swindler. The files of the Chicago news
papers furnish conclusive evidence of hia
worse than Peter Funk operations in that
city, - and there are parties in this city and
in Baltimore who have various sums of cash
advanced - to this Jewett, long ago placed
tmong other items on ledger profit and loss
. account*. So mnch'egbtlsm,' bombast assu
rance and downright .impudence was sever
before coacentratto In a single Individual.
It ls_to6 bad that-the fair reputation of on a
of ihe.moct promising regions of this Union
should, suffer by having her name linked
.with such a mass of .ignorance, stupidity and
■cbtccil; and, as a resident of Colorado, I
protest acainst his being longer foisted upon
the people by the press as “Colorado Jew.
ettr To.r-isrrt t gentleman in this city
trom is there cnc m our ter
rito-y—vho Jo"M not regsn. him
and a gres*- jr.

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