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the errr.
5 jitcßivxn.—Prom Root 4 Cady. the Song
. aicr for August, brimful of go®* l thinga.
, \vr.T w m wd *«““*•
1 nob. coins win •*"’ '* conltm to
t I 3j&diso3 oa th. 10th. Ticket! good to return
< . the Sfih. See advertisement.
.\DTAKcrr».—The appreciation in tbe price of
Sk’utograpblc material has necessitated an advance
1 n the cost of pictures, which goea generally Into
* ffect this morning. Everitt wiU from thU date
charge three dollars a dozen for bis Carte da
Visiles. Be I* one of the 1^, photographers to
the city. and those In want rtoridrivebim a call.
His pictures aie richly worth all they cost.
' Th* PnctTrrrrre.— The women of the town to
Ihcnnmberof about two hundredbeld ameetlsg
on the Lake shore near Adams street, on Friday
night lor consultation. The order of the Board of
Police rendered It necessary for them to more,
and many ol the poor wretches bad nothing where
with to pay their passage from tbe city. Eighty of
tbnnlcrt lorMUwankee.
The Superintendent of Polite has issued an order
that all saloons on Clark and Wells streets shall
be kept closed from midnight of Saturday till mid
night of Sunday.
i ThbLatz Coloxcl Bros?— Mzmxo op tub
Ban,—On Saturday morning an adjourned meeting
of the members 01 the Bar was brid in the rooms
ot the Law Institute, the President,' W. A, Porter, -
Esq . in tbe chair. 4
After some discussion It was considered that,'
a* no definite news had been received regarding
Col. Brass' death, it would be premature to uae
active steps in the matter, or make arrangements
n sporting his funeral. Tbe meeting come
qumtli adjourned to re-assemble at the call of tbe
President. 1
COJrwrKUZBLE.—On Friday evening last an ex
hibition of tableaux was given under tbe manage
ment of four little girls, Clara and Nellie Root
and Kittle and NelheHedllV st the residence of
Geo- F. Boot, £eq„ No. 276' West Washington
street, theproceeds of which, sls 85, goes to the
Soldiers* Borne. These little Indies are deserving
oi --teat praise for their patriotic endeavors to re
lieve the wants of our soldiers, and we hope to see
their example imitated bv other little girls of our.
cjtv. With their usual patriotic generosity, Mrs.
Johnson end John Wngnl contributed a bountiful
supply ot Ice cream, tbe sale of which materially
added to the amount otherwise realized from the
15T Teligiuph.—A special dispatch came oppo
site the Trjbl-ke office on Sitorday evening orcr
the’wire?, which, though unimportant in itself.'
may yet serve as a doe to the mussed condition of.
some other dispatches recently received. Strangely
enough the telegraph operators with aQ their
Ictordid no better man the moon tains: they sent
forth a moose. About 7 o’clock the little rodent
-tarted from the telegraph office on the comer of
Lake and Clark streets, and travelled alone the
-wirecfoßlonalo, a distance of about 75 yard* to
‘the front of the TBincw* office, where U paused,
mode lti> Balaam, and then marched back with all
ihedlcnltyofan emperor. A great crowd gather
'd] to watch and cheer the little fellow on his tray
els. Once or twice be seemed on the point of
falling. lot fair tall did cood service and he reached
the starting point in safety.
Shooting—Daniel Manning was on Satarday
• takes before Justice DeWolf, charged with an as
-anit with a deadly weapon with Intent to commit
murder. The complalnynt was one John Frank,
jtolh parties live at Jefferson, and for some time
> vast appear to bare had mutual difficulties as to
; W berc thev should pasture their cows on the oral
tie The accused said the complainant bad been
in ’the habit of driving off his tattle from the ;
’-rase, arising oat of which some time since pro- !
ceedlnc* were taken by him against Frank in the
, police Conn for s ealmg his cattle, hut the case
was dismissed. It appeared from the evidence
. that about two weeks since the parties met on tne
prairie, when the old fend was renewed, and It is
alleged that Manrlog drew a revolver and shot at
- Frank and missed him; be tried another barrel.
' but that w onld cot go off. For the alleged attempt
. to shoot Frank, the Justice held Maiming in *SOO
: totake.bifl trial a: the Circuit Court.
: toe Abobtiojt Case.— On Saturday we briefly
■ alluded to a. case ot supposed abortion, and no
ticed the arrest of the Buepected parties Tester.
1 day morning Coroner Wagner held an Inqncst np
' on ihe remains of the child, which developed the
following ficts:
The mother ot the child is Jessie Clifton. She
Nt present resides at No. 559 South Wells street—
-1 a house ol not very virtuous Came. About five
' months are she suspected her condition, and
soonht ihe advice of Dr. Duncan Hcßae, who told
; her her suspicions were groundless, but informed
herthet she was afflicted with a loathesome dis-
ease, which be could readily core Be was eo- !
! paged for the purpose, and treated her for abont a
week, when a premature birib of the child was
produced t y hie treatment. The doctor averred
■ t* at he was nnconsdonaof her condition, never
> . suspetted it, and his treatment bad no reference
! 10 it whatever. Other testimony was adduced to
corroborate tbia, and after a careful investigation
I the jury rendered a verdict to the effect that the
i . abortion was unintentional.
The partlee were thereupon discharged.
| Toucs CouET.—At the Police Court on Satur
day, Thomas McDonnell, a back driver, who had
been arrested by officer Kenney, was charged with
baring msdc several unsuccessful attempts upon
• the pockets or ladles who attended as spectators
on Col. Mulligan's funeral procession. McDon
nell being a preen band at tbe business, was elm
pit fined $25 and'costs lor disorderly conduct.
When be becomes more proficient in bis calling,
be may hope to aspire to a prominent position at
Jsmca Grayson, a well accredited hotel thief,
was caught Healing a portion ol the wardrobe of
. a guest At tbe Garden City Hotel. He was arrested
bj officer Yclverton, and In default of ball, com
mitted to take his trial at tbe Record er 1 # Court.
Bridget McKnlty, an old acquaintance ol Justice
Miller, son an attache of tbe Bridewell, was fined
. sls for certain acrobstlcperfonnsncee in the street
while under the iniloence of llqnor.
Geo. W Ktmcr. a poor boy ten years of age,
whose lather is in tbe army, and who mber than
submit to the under mercies or a step-mother, per
sistently absented himself Irom home, was sent to
the Btlonn school.
Fatal Accident at a Bnrocs.—a serious accl.
dent occurred on Saturday on Wells street bridge,
owing to the carelessness of a pedestrian, which,
unhappily, cost him his life. About twelve o'clock
a gentleman named L, B. Shearer attempted to
cross the bridge while it was turning. On reach*
lug the south end, he saw that U was Impossible
to gain the sidewalk, as he had swung past tue
point, and, bring in baste, be essayed to leap over
to the piles alongside, but, missing his footing,
Icll sun e truck but head hcanly against the timber.
The blow was so severe that Mr. Shearer was
stunned and fell senseless into the river He was
almost immediutcly rescued and carried to the
Bridge Bouse, where medical aid’ was summoned,
bnt despite the utmost care, having sustained a
concussion cf the brain, be never rallied, and died
about throe o'clock. An inquest will be held this
morning. Mr. Shearer restat'd in Boston, and was
the senior partner of the firm of Shearer, Paine &
Stroup, fornlture dealers. The firm owned a large
quantity of teal e*tate t>, Chicago, and It was turn*
net* connected with this property that caused bis
presence in ihe city. He was filly-three years of
age, sod leaves a wife and four children, Wc hope
that this aeddent will act as a warning to other*,
and prevent them trum tizniUrly risking tbelr Uvea.
AcciCcct* of this nature: v e know, are of rare oc*
mrrenev. bot hair breadth escapes may oe seen
daily. How much teller It Is to wait a few mo
ments than by reckless baste endanger one's
A Lovers' Biot —That the course of true love -
never did run smooth, was never more palpably
manifest than in a case which came before Justice
Brown on Saturday. John Maloney, a fine-looking
fellow, has for some time been sparking an Inte
resting younc iemale, about eighteen years of age,
sameo Miss Smith, residing at Cicero. He was.
wnh a police officer named John Kenney, brought
bifore the Justice, charred with creating an unla x
lul assembly and rout at the bouse of the parents
of hi« affianced. Mr. Smith and his wife old not
approve of Maloney'a attent'ons to tbeir daugh
ter. although it was shown that certain
little love tokens presented to the young
lady by ber suitor, in tbe form of trinkets ana
articles of verto, were received and sanctioned
ia the domicile Circle, and various Utile money
presents to tbe daughter, forlhe purchase of bon
nets and knicknacks, bad also been tolerated by
the careful parents. Maloney was forbidden tbe
house, however, and tbe young lady finding how
matters stood left the pyrental roof and sought tbe
house of s friend of tbe ‘family, where she could
snatch some sweet moment* with her bo'rotbed.
Miss Smith's father discovered her whereabouts
and by mam forte conveyed her home. Subse
qccotly tbe young lady made her second escape,
and sending for her lover requested that he would
go and fetch her personal effects, of which she
save him a list, from tbe bouse of her parents.
The Jones gallant. In true knight-errant style, un
dertook tbe commission, hot thinking that he
would probably be more successful in prosecuting
the oclicate ctmmission accompanied by
a poice officer, called into requi
sition tbe services of Kenney. The
The two went to the bouse of the Smiths, and
several neighbors belnc aware of tbe interesting
nature of the visit, anxious to see tbe fon fo lo*-,
cd. A demand was made for tbe effects of Miss
Smith, aud refused, whereupon tbe sympathetic
crowd suggested breaking into tbe boose and
taking the young lady's property. In tbe mean
time tbe intended bride was not inactive: taking
advantage of tbe parleying between ber parents
and the visitors outside she stealthily entered one
of tbe windows aud possessed hers. If of her own.
.Foiled at all points the complainants brought the
present prosecution. After nearing the evidence
Justice Brown dismissed the case amidst consid
erable applause in the court. Both lovers were
present, and it was quite evident that Mies Smith
intends linking bertot fbr life with that of Ma
Femmes BEcurmso Aossra.—We don't allo
gether understand the presence here in ow midst
of recruiting agents from eastern States. Has
Cook county such tin population, able
and willing to fight the battles of our country,
that ahe can afford to have them removed o tothcr
States and then enlisted as If from . Mas
faebneette or New York, or Philade’phU,
and receive no credit there for f I« she so far ont
of the woods herself, so nearly .filled as to her
quota under the late call for five hundred thousand
men, that she can look calmly on and allow these
to be taken from our midst without an effort made
to retain them 1 From our stand point we should
led inclined toiar, most decidedly, not.
What are the Slate and local authorities about
that they allow tbeee acta to be done right under
their noses, and make no objection thereto! How
happens Uthatthat these foreign recruiting officer*
are allowed to squat in the public square, directly
under the nose of the Mayor, and be does not so
much aa lift bis finger to send them about their
business f How happens It that twenty-one
recruits were shipped to BufflUo last week to count
upon the quota or the State of New York ? How
happens it that on Saturday a city official wax In
' strmnental in *♦ curing four recruit* for an officer
from a Massachusetts regiment? We tell these
gentlemen, citizens and outsiders, that these pro
ceeaingsmust be stopped. Onr citizens sre In no
mood to be trifled with. Should Ibis thing con
tinue, the city will be too hot to hold them, and they
trill very speedily be Invited to travel. We have
not the slightest objection to these enterprising
. foreign ere recruiting In every Bute of the Sooth
era Confederacy, and In every town and village
within their own peculiar domin'on: but we
shall decidedly object to their stealing
from ua men to whese services we have the
first right. There to neither sense or Justice
In this' conduct, and we assure them that
inter let the grass grow under their feet before
their departure they will find that our SUte au
thorities wUt take them in. baud. ' •
They attempted to recruit In the District of Col
umbia, but the authorities sent them ofi with a
flea intbolr ear. Such will be their fate In Chica
go jad the sooner they, take themselves off the
better it will be for all concerned This people to
Jn'no mood to stand tiieir nonsense.
f need every able bodied man In our midst to
trip us out with our quota. Cook County has
over a thousand men to raise between this and
the fifth of September, and she cannot afford to
Ist thoae men go to other States wbo could be In
duced to volunteer here. She can pay as magnificent
bounties as Massachusetts hr any other States,
jjctlcr hands off gentlemen recruiting agents.'.
Tie n«4ip-lliw t» la>r*r« T»e«— *
gaggNtlw U Oir C«Mti7 OMiliu-
The philosophers of .’latter days— Saints we
mlj.bt call (hem bnt for confounding them with
the Mormons—have cxcrelaed their Ingenuity
largely in attempting to prove the folly ol the
undent notion about “dog-daya.” They are very
The most foolish Ur, Day In existence
may own bla dog—nay, a dozen of them if he
Will pay the tax, keep them muzzled and out of the
reach of police officer*—hot they are very much
averse to letting the dog hare his day. Worse
still: only about fifty days are claimed out of the
year by all the dogs in creation, giving but an in*
Cnlt eslmal portion of a minute to each, if di
vided equally; they begrudge them this. Old
Sirius Is on the wane; the glorious days of old
Ntlos' power are test departing. Modem science
la death on ancient philosophy. The one extiu-
guishes the other as effectually as does the rising
sun conceal the twinkle of Birina hlmselt Even
Procyon has gone to the doss, and we expect to
zee Bootes'hounds blotted from the next map of
the heavens, while Cerberus will will bo soot
wnere be belongs—to pay a visit to the dark color
-led gentleman who keros the fire office below
Xeiln*pUeoliad this proscription we stliihave
the doc days. They are now upon ua In all their
intensity. Whatever may be the origin of the
fancy, tne fact remains to torment us, which It
docs with as much regularity as a quartan ague,
ita days being competed of three mouths each.
: Talk of ; * gvar.'em it nothing In such
weather as we bare uow.. Weperaplreandtmbibe
by the backctfhl, and it we were to say *‘ by tbe
hoptAeod," iwe do not know that the assertion
won.d Isy ns open to tbe charge of belngplppUA—
claiming mote than our share. With the mercury
at fever neat—almort boiling out of the thermome
ter—one is very apt to envy tbe animals-who go
about naked, and as the next best thing wa mingle
with them. The luckless English. Wight goes
oov n to Cotces. where tbe hart apparent is much
sought alter about this season. None bnt silly
ca tes stay in tho dt> now, and foxy excuses are
invented to procure time for a trip. Toe fomWike
docility with which the said excuses are received,
shows the high appreciation ol their necessity by
those who bold the veto power, and the tpol/uk
voracity with which the opportunity is embraced
is a caution to anokst
It iaa bh'aeed thing to be able to leave the city
for a while, to get away from ltd dlrfy streeia, lia
unwatered thorougbfkres, Its stinking river, and
its uncomfortable people, to enjoy life if bat for a
lew aaya in tbe God-mtdo country, away from tbe
-town which was lint made by man ana, then de
filed by fata children. We do not mean that
hind of visiting. the country which constate In
shutting up the hoaac to visitors, and living in tbe
bach attic alter having carefully drilled Bridget In
tbe nae of the magic formula—* 4 not at home'’ Wo
.Intend tbe real departure Indicated in the purchase
of the railroad ticket, and the taking a seat In the
cars which whirl other people away into the coun
try. Still there la an objectionable way of doing
even this; cr rather there are two ways, one oi
which la morcjdjjectlouable than the other, ftta
first eomiets iu uuuhg A six hours fariocuh from
: the city. going oat before dnmer and returning in
time for tea. This is gnlptoe down the country
with a vengeanc?. bat it -la -■ something
Uke drinking champagne—very pleasant
for awhile, out- exceedingly otherwise'directly at- 1
towards. Ko; to enjoy the conntry wo most go
Into 11. Bog dajswfcre.ncvermade to bo spent in a '
diy, by any except white trfleh and editors; bad I
astheanaent Egyptians were, we cannot believe i
to disrespectfully of them as to suppose that they I
would have inveiled the dog days had they not
thonght the contingency to be provided for. Cauls
Major would have otherwise been Included in the
galaxy, fee the tnUk of hnman kindness flowed
abundantly from the bosom of the ancient philoso
phy. Tbe rfile itself made Its annual excursions,
though nowadays we would call them incursions,
and the dwellers on its bonks were fond of coins
' out In boats whetever there was water enough to
float then. They cast their bread upon tbe waters,
• secure in the hope of finding It after many days.
* e reap the advantages Immediately, and find in
the brightening eye, the lltber step, the more finely
braced muscle, the fruit of that relaxation which
all need during tbe dog days.
Ab 1 say you, buthowtogetout; orraiherwbere
to get to 1 it Is all well enough totals about green
fields and grassy elopes, and meandering brooks,
and lovely valleys, and pure treah air These
things are well enough for a tew hours, but man
cannot live by them alone. Tfaosh green fields
makeblm think of pasturage for tbe Inner ™«n (
that country air sharpens the appetite. Not being
like Hebucaadnezzar, able to eat grass as the ox,
nor liking to tnrn in beneath the poppies, he finds
a “local habitation" necessary, by whatever
“name" it may be called. ’Tia ail very well to
talk oi basket plc-nics, and roughing it in the
woods, but there arc people who would much ra
ther cany a few greenback/ In their pockets, than
a pad of green groceries on iheir backs with the
thermometer aping the century ere It be two-thirds
passed Besides: the best of stocks come down
below par when carried a few miles ncatb a blazing
sun, and tbe most a tractive “ traveling compan
ion" will become dry and uninteresting, espe
cially when he assumes the shape of a “pocket
pistol." Youdo not know where to go, or what to
do, and return to town disgusted with the country,
and more tired than when you left the city.
And 3el there is a way of enjoying the country,
of taking it easy, of being comfortable, of shoeing
off tor a few weeks the mortal coll of business,
with tbe duet of the city from your feet, and rusti
cating in true felicitous style—that is if yon have
a very little of the clement of expense In your
pocket, and of capacity for enjoyment in your bo
som. But this enjoyment Is not to be found In
tenting it among tbe woods except by a few “ro
bustious fellow?," nor in a hotel, except by a still
fewer assortment of finicky people who must
ape that style abroad which they cannot maintain
scheme. It is tobemet wUhlnllhepriratereal
dence where one or two spare rooms are found,
with “no other boarders" for the nonce. There
are thousands oi these place within a few miles of
Chicago. Tbe war bas made many vacinclea In
the country homes, and the visitor would be re
ceived gladly at a rat e barely more tbsn enough to
cover the expenses of living. We have met with
very many oi those places, and know very many
people In tbe city who would gladly avail them
selves of tic opportunity Urns to enjoy themselves
in tho country.
Then wby is not this plan of rustication more
extensively adopted! Simply because the would
be rorallzcrs do cot krow where to go. There are
hundreds of people in Chicago who would be glad
to exchange its noise and confusion for a week or
two, lor tbe quiet ot some country village, if they
only knew wnere to go. At tbe same time there |
are hundreds of families In the towna and villages |
surrounding this city who would bo glad to "take
maud do for" one, two or more persons for the
tune Indicated. Take Waukegan, Aurora, deco
ra and Joliet as examples of the larger and nearer
{ilacce, and wc scarcely need mention the number
e*s more rural, distant aud “morantlc” {places
where Ashlar, country drives, pare air, waving
grain, lowing oxen, Ac., invite to rest, and tbe
snort of tbelron-horee is heard sufficiently near to
enable tbe toyageur to leave and reach borne easily.
But tbe two dosses of persons do not know each
other. The excursionist docs not like to go round
from door to door asking If the good people within
wont boarders, nor are the aforesaid bonscho dera
loud of button-holing a stranger in the street and
him to come and stay with them. What
shall they do ?
Our answer is, “Advertise." Let our country
friends patronize the “want column," tell mg In a
few short sentences that they want “transients,'
and they will find themselves overwhelmed with
offers. There Is a chance to make money, relieve
tbe mocotony of village life, and add to tbe com
fort of city residents. Now Is just the time to do
U. A dollar or two would bring in a very band
some profit on tho investment.
It miebt be objected that rowdies and bad people
generally might tare advantace oi these sdvern-e
--mems. We think not. Tbe bulk of those respond
ing would be ol the opposite class—men of oust*
ness, to whom the change won'd be of real benefit.
The rowdy or tbe lecher generally take tbe oppo
site course, and want to goto the hotel, on tbe
steamboat—anywhere for a crowd
To onr country cousins we would then repeat in
snbstnnce what we have before said: There ore
hundred* of businessmen, ot exhaustedUdies. of
quiet families. In Chicago who would be glad ol
such an opportunity and eagerly embrace it. Let
them know where they can goby making known
j our location through the medium ol tbe daily pa
Eers. You wlllbe confrrriug a benefltoo conficed
uraanlty. and in biesaiug others your own souls
will be watered thereby.
Prostitution and Despair—Strychnine,
Laudanum and Death,
Acain wc arc called npon to chronicle the sad
ecd of a woman of the town. Again has a life of
tile and shame terminated In self-destruction, and
another victim gone to swell the counties* throng
of those who, betrayed ana deserted, hare wildly
plunged Into the oblivion of death, to hide their
shame in the darkness of the grave, or quiet the
agonies ofa breaking heart by the sleep that knows
no waking. At first thought, the frequency oi sol*
does among the (rail will excite with wonder and
-turtle with .horror. Bat when we consider how
weak'be tics which Mod them to eanb~how few
and Icehlc the (Headships they have formed, aad
how lut'e the future gives them of hope, we shill
cease to marvel, and onh wonder that life ta tole
rable to them, or. that like the Chinaman, they
cast it aside with ae little feeling and formality as
they woo'd change a soiled garment.
Annie Wallace, a young girl of eighteen years
bl age, who has r«*ii living In a house ot i'd-Came
«t No. 296 Sou* h Clark street, committed suicide
on Friday last by taking slricbnlne bhe had not
lung been engaged in her abandoned profession,
and was a gin possessed of a sensitive tempera'
ment, as well .as ranch personal beauty. About
four weeks since she IcU her home In Bridgeport I
and Informed her parents that showas sewing in
a shop In Una city. She had visited home several 1
times, the hut occasion being one week ago yes* j
tenlaj. She had given no intimation of her rash 1
desU'D, and of the immediate cau*es that Icl to It.
Bnt little farther Is known than is. given in the i
following testimony at the Coroner’s inquest yes
terday afternoon,
Annie Bell gave the following teitlmsnv; lam
keeper of the honse, No. 2M Clark street. 1 have
known the deceased about three weeks; She came
to my honac about that time ago in company with
Kitty Fox, who died a few days since. She was
usually chccrlut and seemingly happy; hot after
KlUy’a death she became very melancholy and'
told me she did not wish to live. 6he cried very i
modi and talked almost constantly of Kitty ana
her sadden death and her spirits were
much affected by the circumstance.
On Friday I went oat, and when 1 returned
found the deceased in violent spasms. X was
: alarmed andw-ked her what was the matter, when
she told me she bod taken poison.” It was soon
i atcertalied that she had swallowed a'lorgc dose ot
strychnine. Bra. P, S Macdonald and Serfe were
i at once called, and every exertion made to nen
-1 irallxe the effects of the deadly poi«ou, hut it was
I too late. Mvdlcal skill could anil nothin;, and
I about nine o’clock she expired.
, Deceased was the eldest daughter of Michael
I Wallace, who rtntks m Bridgeport, The family
i is respectable ana tbe first Intimation they recclv-
I ed of their daughter’s degradation, was the sum
mons to attend her death bed in a house of prostl
! union. Their grief, as the terrible truth came be
fore them, was beyond'description. The father
and mother wrung thrir bands and sobbed in an
agony of grief that drew tears from nearly all
Coroner Wagner held the Inquest on Saturday
afternoon, and verdict returned that the deceased
came to her death from poison taken in a moment
of meSancnoiy, for tbepnrpose of self-destruction.
StiU Ano/Aer,—On Friday evening, almost at the
I same hour that Annie Wallace was struggling in
tbe agonies of death at No. 290 Cltrc, another
nnfortonste was breathing her last at No. <i > same
street The name ot the deceased was Maggie
Rainey. She had for obont a year lived with ner
1 mother, who keeps a saloon under the Barnett
, Rouse, on Clark street. About a year ago she
I was married to Charles L. Rainey, a member of
the 19lh Illinois Irfantry. but her wedded life was
l notbanoy. Her husband treated her unkindly, and
finally left her entirely, seeking the society of
other women, and refusing to see or speak with
her. His heartless conduct affected her severely,,
and on three occasions within the past three
months she has sought to end her misery by death,
but prompt meiical aid has heretofore thwarted
her design. On Fridav she made tbe lost and suc
cessful attempt. She procured an ounce ot lauda
num from M. Jerome, and swallowed tbe entire
dose. Tbe act was soon discovered, and Dr. P.
8. Macdonald called, hut it was too late, and she
soon expired. Her ace was nineteen.
An inquest waa held, and a verdict rendered in
accordance with tbe facts.
The North Divuiox PanK-—The subject of the
formation of a park In the North Division was
again agitated at a recent council meeting, and
now lies referred to the (ftty Attorney, who will
prohshly report at the next Council session. It to
to he devoutly hoped-that the City fathers win
decide favorably in the case. The necessity of
1 parks In the vicinity of large cities baa long been
acknowledged In all civilized communities, and
most of the a ties of our country can boast of some
pleasant retreat ot the kind- Chicago alone is
backward. . First In Commerce, Patriotism and
in her Chanties, she does not possess any park
where her citizens can pass away an boor or two
on a hot summer** afternoon or evening. The
poor apologies for the came that here and there
d'sgnicc our eltv, could only be described (under
tbe name tbcy bear) by the pen ol • Dickens or to
Albert Smith. Consisting as they do, in every
case, of a email piece of ground, corcrcd vrltu
parched, ttonted erase, and enclosed by rn* tv Iron
or broken down woodci- pilings, they are the chief
resort of hogs. stray cattle, wandering canines,
nod now ana then a little ragged, shoeless urchin
engaged in equestrian exercise* upon some of the
above named visitants. This state of affrira bis
lasted long enough, and should cite way to some
wholesome Improvement. Near the Cemetcrv
grounds there are sixty acres of land which will
never be need for burial pnrpoaes and ore excel*
lenlly adapted for a pleasant retreat. A cood
growth of fine young tries, a stream of beautifully
clear water, and a bracing. Invigorating lake
breeze, all combine to enhance tbe value of the
spot as a public park, and make it the moat ellgt
b.e site to be found In the city. Let ns speedily
see the conversion of this ground into a Peoples’
Park, which stall be a credit to the city and a boon
to the citizens.
A Specimen or Homs* Art in OUleugo—
Pirat Class Adornment.
Bouse furnishing In Chicago Is too much a work
of hazard, very few consult the artistic and the
apropos. We bare Jumbled together a medley of
carpets, chairs, tables and mirrors, without regard
to barmonyof designer coloring, and a few pic
tures thrown in subsequently complete the adorn-
ment. This is the rule even among oar wealthiest
and most art-lovlng citizens. There are a very few
A cursory call at the residence of one of our lead,
log citizens in the North Division—S. AL. Nicker
son—made a day or two since, revealed one of
these exceptions, so maikwortby that we cannot
retrain from noticing it. We were agreeably sur
prised at the elegance and good taste displayed in
the selection, harmonization and construction
ol the furniture In that mansion: wo certainly
have* not seen Ua parallel In the West,
and we doubt tf New York or Pans can bout finer
furniture, or more completely arranged; It is re
markable ter its richness, combined with that
slmp’idiy which good taate always dictates. We
take a pnde In announcing that tbe house has been
fitted and furnished entirely by an establishment
in this city. We need scarcely mention the name
of Hr. A. Fred In—be Is already well known by tbe
result* of his seven years' stay la oar midst: hut
this Is perhaps his master-piece, which, while it
reflects great credit upon himself; is not leas a tes
timony of the liberal tatto of Hr. Nickerson. We
know well the modesty and backwardness of Hr.
Frcdis, bnt we think It is but Just that our wealthy
citizens should be made aware ol the presence of
such an aitifct among us, that tbcy mav encourage
by their patronage one who certainly has done
very much to raise the standard of household
beauty in Chlcsno. We believe he Is worthy of
tbe most flattering encomiums; bis works praise
him, and their value hat been acknowledged in
the award of two medal* at as many French exhi
bitions, for superior workmanship and taate dis
played in specimens aent out by the house since
its establishment & Chicago.
. The following description will rive a faint Idea
of the garniture of the building referred to.
The ball is fitted with a furniture of a new pit.
tern, In blacked French walnut, polished, with
black marble and severed ornament*.
The sitting room Is finished in rosewood, with
dare half snk silk reps. The curtains are of new
style; the cornices are rosewood carved and gilt;
the frame of the mirror corresponds In style; the
tout ensemble is particularly fine, and shows a
very happy taste.
Then follows the dining room—a model of taste
ful rich simplicity. The mantle piece and mirror
frame are finished in osk with black mouldings,
enernsted with red and green matble, witn bronzed
ornaments. The room contains a French clock of
unique workmanship, the first in use In this city.
The effect of the whole Is particularly good, and
we congratulate Mr. Fredm on the gcnlns and
good taste displayed. The side board and the
center table hannomze bcaatiftally with the sur
roundings and the chairs, of the same wood, and
with the lounges,whichare covered with Fr menma
ragvln and ornamented with steel nails of elegant
design; the general effect is most loiorlou-, and
Invites to that calm feeling of perfect ease which
is so essential to the enjoyment ot a good dinner.
The curtains are creen. bordered with tapestry and
burmonnted with a comlco beautiful in design,
and harmonizing completely with the other (oral
The library la a ttudy in itself apart from the
books it will contain. The bookcases are of black
walnut, ornamented with ebony moulding? and
tcaqilfnlly enernsted. Tne sofas, chairs and cen
ter-table are In complete new style, the latter fur
nished with sniiable fittings lor stationery. We
remark also a card and other table, imitations of
an aucicnt style, quite a novelty iu oar day. The
mirror frame is very finely executed, light and
gracelol, and the cornices complete a tout eneesn
ole of the most attractive kind—rich without os
We were really surprised and delighted at the
beauty and eloquent simplicity which reigns un
broken through the parlor— me most artistically
furnished wo have seen. All the reliefs are in
ebony, with ornaments sprinkled just enough to I
avoid monotony, but not so much as to induce the I
senicof gaudy show. The hangings are of bine I
tilt damask. In the style of Marie Louise. The I
center table la superb; Its top is black French]
marble, of great purity. The curtains are of blue 1
satin, with blue and white pammenterie , ear- I
mounted by a rich ebony cornice, producing an I
admirable effect. The piano is of French mana* I
frcturc. The whole la in inch good taste as to I
reflect the utmost credit on Mods. Frcdiu, and on |
the gentleman who has encouraged such a display I
ot skill. |
The second story Is of course not quite eo ornate,
bottsflnlahidnot less caremlly. Each chamber
has its own style of adornment, each unique and
biantlful, a perfect paradise.
We need not farther dwell. Suffice It to say that
after an msp:ction ot that splendidly famished
reddence, we see no reason way oar wealthy men
should patronize New York or Cincinnati to pro
cure the furniture for their houses. They can
get all they require in Chicago, and will be better
F Diied than abroad. Neither do we regard it as I
jtrei f-at tboto who have bailt up their fortunes In |
Chicago should pass by oar home artists for those I
of other cities, especially when ours arc capable |
ofeuch splendid achievement* as those developed ,
in the house of Mr. S-M. Nickerson.
We have seen otber designs alre»dy prepired by
Mr. Fredin (or the fomitbmg of the rcsioeuces of
I two or three other of onr first citizen*. They arc
all worthy of his talent. We congratulate him on
tbesnccea* of Ids efforts to develop a higher grade
ofhom*urt In Chicago, and osk for him a still
morevhdely extended. piuouagc than that which
he low so ncservedly cijoys.
Important Ballroad DecUion
In the Ciscnlt Court ol the United States (or the
2sorthern District of Illinois.'
David Dow* vs. The Pcort*, Pekin and Jackson*
vlllu Railroad Company.—ln Chancery—For In
This case came on for trid on toe 2d Inst., upon
the defendant-** motion for dissolution of the pro*
visional injunction previously allowed herein.
The complainant appearing by hlB solicitors, Gon*
d; and Chandler, of chlcico, and H. Grove,
of Peoria; and the defendant by Ua
solicitor*. Stone and Marsh, of Chicago,
and Johnson and Hopkins, of Peoria,
and the cause bavins been Colly aimed, the Court
announced that they would take It under exam*
Nation and pronounce their decision at the open*
lug of court next rooming. At that time His
Honor Judco Drummond expressed the opinion of
the Court substantially as follows:
“ i have examined this case, and entertain no
serlocs doubt in regard to U. Toe act of February
llib, 1853, Incorporates tbe Illinois Elver Rail*
road Company, and authorises it to construct a
railroad irem Jacksonville to I a Salle via Vir
ginia. Path, Pekin and Lacon. I understand the
rn'eoflawtobe that wbeu the Legislature elves
the right to a railroad company to counteract its
toad between: termlil, it may select its own
route, provided It touch the various Intermediate
plicea named by the Legislature. In my jodg
tbe charter of tbe saldc mpany and its amend'
ments, give# the right to build bridges over
the IVinola rivet. I am therefore
of the opinion that the company
bad (he right to cross said riven at Peldo, and ex*
teno Its road on tie western side thereof. Tbe
act ot Februarv lltb, ISG3, and Its amendments,
authorize said* Company to condemn land for its
right of way and construction. Tbe seventeenth
section of said act provides that “said Company
“shall commence said work within three years.
•• (which is subsequent!? extended to live), and
“ complete tbe same within ten years from the pas*
“ease of this act." But the act nowhere attaches
anr forfeiture ol powers or franchises In case the
wo'kh cot completed within ten years, and none
o! its powers arc by tbe act made conditional or
depcntirit upon the completion of the work within
the tinic named; and without deciding whether
the State could. In a direct proceeding against the
corporation lorthat purport, prvetue aJadgmcntol
forfeiture, when the charter provides for none. 1
am very dearly of the opinion that no third 1
l erson can set np such forfeiture or determination
of power until the same has been established by
Judicial decision on the part of the State. The
complainant baa no right to question that power
in this case.
But ns 1 view the statute ol Jane 11th, 196 V In*
corporatic; the defendant, it makes no difference
whether tbe Illinois Railroad Company had power
to proceed with the work of construction or not.
That act is a new grant to the Peoria, Fekln
and Jacksonville Rallioad Company of all powers
heretofore given orgnmied to the Illinois Elver
Railroad Company, and whei her the powers were
existing In the Illinois Badroad Company or had
expired or become forfeited, still, if ihy ever ex*
leltd in anv form in that Corporation
they arc revived la the same manner
in which they bad previously cx
leted in that corporation in the defendant-hy the
art earned act t I am of opinion, therefore that
the defendant has a right to construct its railroad
over the premises In question In the cltv of Feo*
rla. and the intonation allowed upon tbe filing of
complainant'* bill Is dissolved.
Istcbxbtimi ConnsspoKDKfCE.—George Oatee,
• private of Company a., Chicago Light Artillery,
detailed as harness maker of the company, latelr
pn tented a bridle and collar to General IV.
T. Sherman commanding the Military Bin-ion of
the Mtts'tslppl. The following is the correspond*
cnee that pasted between them:
Nzab Eektsaw MorxrAiKs. 1
June 25,18GL f
Major General W. 7. Sherman :
Gk?xrai-—AB a private of company A, Chie&so
Light Artillery. 1 respecl'nily rrqnrat that jod
will accept this bridle and collar, aa a slight token
ol the high regard and esteem which the soldiers
entertain towards yon as onr commander. We, as
s battery, have long >erred under von as division,
c*>rps and department commander, and now as
chief In command, and at all times bare felt confi
dent, that under yonr leadership onr final sncccss
would be achieve*). Please accept the bridle and
collar. General, made by me in camp at Larkins
rtllc, Ala., simply as a slight tribute of the regard
and continence reposed in you.
1 hare the honor to be, General, very rcspect
tnUr, your obedient servant, George Gates.
Harness Maker, Batten* A. Ist Illinois Lleht Ar
tillery, let Brigade, Sd Division 15th Army Corps.
UtiDQCj.Trßs or MrjJTABT Division* or the 1
htissi»sirn, In the Field near Kenesaw, >
Ga.,JqLe 10,1*61, )
George Gates, Company A, Chicago Artil
DtacSm: Od reaching camp last «vcnlng, I
found your letterof Jnne uMb, with a handsome
bride, with bit and brldooo, and a hesaufttlly
stichcd breast strap aad martingale, done by vow
hand in the leisure boor ol camp. 1 aiswe Von.
each a mark of your affection and respect t« more
acceptable to me thin money, rich Jewelled eword
or fsccy steed, that are wont to be the token of
military rerard. To feel that thesoldierat his post
mi rke my constant laoor to his safety and sue
cess stLsfles me there aie those witnesses close
by who appreciate the truth of events lar better
than those in the back ground who Judge of bat
ties by the sound of popular clamor, rather thin
by wltcessttc the actual direction given to armies,
and tie dreid misslls of war.
For yourself and associates be assured that!
have witched aid no’cd your career withun
aloyed satisfaction. At Arkansas Post especial y,
at all the movements on Jackson, and into Ml**.*-
sippi, at Vicksburg, wnen yon had not only your
own suns, hut for six weeks lay dose un
der Its walls with the thirty pounder
parrotts, which did more execution than any gnus
at that memorable siege.
I have always borne testimony to the peculiar In
telligence, good conduct and gentlemanly deport
ment of.ihe young men who compose your battery.
And when tnc war does dose. If 1 aomre It, I
will make U my study to give (nil honor and credit
to the soldiers In the ranks, who, though la hum
ble capacity; have been the working hsndbywhich
tbe notion’s honor and manhood hare been vindi
As Battery ’’A” was one of the first to fire a hos
tile shot In the war, in the great valley ot the Mis
sissippi. I hope it will be one of the last, and that
its thunder tones will In due time proclaim the
peace resulting from a war we could not avoid, but
which called all tme men from the fancied security
of a former long and deceitful peace.
. Uh thanks to you. personally,
I am ynnr friend.
Snsmrauex.—A National Convention of Spir
itualists win be held In Bryan and Metropolitan
Halls on the oth, Ifth, 11th, Itth, 18th and 14th of
; August. The reception committee will be in at.
teodance on and after the 7th, at Metropolitan
■ 1 Bali, corner of XUndolph and Laaellc streets.
How to Dispose ot Them.
Important Correspondence on that
a object.
Cnicaoo, 111., July 52, 1864.
To Hok, Ricuaud Vatxs, Governor of Illinois:
fim: A telegram from Washington, ia the Tm
buiix of yesterday, has recalled my attention to a
subject to which, I trust, you will permit me to
direct your own, Tho telegram was that one
making reference to the donation by Congress of
public lands to the several States and Territories
for the benefl t of agriculture and the mechanic arU.
The act making this donation was pasted in July,
1802, andtl entitles each State and Territory to
80,090 acres for each Senator and Representative.
This under the census of 1860. Illinois has In the
Senate and Botue of Representatives, a repre
sentation of sixteen; ana she is, accordingly, en
titled to scrip for 430,000 acres. It is believed that
this scrip will sell readily cnonah at the Govern
ment price. Tlx., SI S3, but it will go offqalckiy at
$1.(0. At this latter figure it would, it requires no
calculation to see, amount to $480,000. This sum
once realized and pat out at the legal rate of in
t crest, would aflord the handsome income of
$16,000. That, indeed, would be a princely endow*
menu One half ot this sum should go for the
benefit of egricDlturc, the other half for the benefit
of mechanics. Certain conditions are attached to
this grant. The chtefof these is that the States,
by their Legislatures, shall accept of the gcanUand
proceed without greater delay than Are ycira to
execute the Intention of Congress In making lU
Illinois has complied to the extent of formally ac
cepting In a Joint resolution of tbs present Legis
lature. passed at the winter session In 1663. Bet
the doty cf providing means of convening these
lasdsinto money, or of raising money upon them,
so as to moke them of practical value for the pur
notes of the law, will devolve upon .tho nest Leg
islature If the next Legislature fails to perform
tbit doty, these lauds will be forfeited.
There came before the Leg alature at ita last
regular session a bDl—but it went no farther than
into the bands ol a committee—that was drawn in
such a way as to confer all thebenefita of this grant
upon a single branch of State Industry. The gen
tlemen who were there to urge tho passage of this
bill having fortbe time failed. It would be ao an
kindness to indnlee in cr.tldnn upon it now. Bat
we all know that there Is In this State another In
dustrial interest beside* agriculture, which Cou
stees5 tees intended to provide for. It intended that
ie mechanics should share, it not equally, at any
rate proportionately, in the advantages to result
from its donation. I believe that a wive and Just
Legislature would dearly see the necessity for
establishing a college for mechanics, aa well as
a college for acrtculturlsts. It would also be sp-
Earenttoeucb a Legislature ibet a college for
istructioo in agriculture should be located in the
center of some rich agricultural district, and that
the college for instruction In mechanic ana
should be located in- Chicago, where that class
In great numbers reside. Nor should there be
any dHUcnlty here. I conceive that it will be
easy foi all who arc interested to agree upon a
desirable plan, if time is but given for examina
tion, and one necessary preliminary step is
taken. That step I recommend to be taken now.
The Governor of Massachusetts—whose Legisla
ture laatyearacceplcdofasimlbr grant■ of lands
from the Government-some time since appointed
a pommlarlon, at the head of which, I believe, was
the Hon. Edward Everett, to examine the various
plans proposed for realizing the object had In
view, and report their conclusions to Gov. An
drew. Before this action was taken in Massachu
setts, I myself bad suggested almost exactly the
same action in this State. In the last days of tho
first session of the present Legislature, I drafted a
resolution which, at my request, was Introduced
by. another member, tor the appointing of a joint
Committee of that body to examine and report to
the next Legislature some plan for the proper dis
position of these lands. The n solution passed
the Honse unanimously; but, owing to pressure
of business, U was not taken np in the Senate.
The Committee was to have conristed of five. I
therelorc rvepec fully urge that you appoiota Com*
millet of fire, or of ary other number which yonr
judgement may approve, to inquire Into this sub*
jeet, and report to you some well considered
method ot disposing of tois property, which report
may l»e by you submitted In > oar nest Message to
the General Assembly, Saco action would accord
with those of the Governor of Massachusetts in a
pieclecly similar ctee. and would folly carry out
tbo idea of my rerolnilon, which, as 1 said, passed
the Horn* of Representatives unanimously,
frllaving bestowed some etudr and thuncot upon
this subject, you whl allow me to say that, in mi
view of public policy and duty, the State should
at the carllcsf possible moment establish at Chica
go, out ot the proceed - of these lauds, a Mechani
cal College, orPolytecbnlc School. The excellent
training at this description ol schools, and their
marked beneficial effect upon the .-kill and well
being of mechanics, in any community where they
exist, indicate clearly what the Influence of this
measure would be here, and tbroaghout the State.
It would go far to put an cud to the division ot
society into the educated and the Ignorant. The
mechanic who would educate bis eon to be a me
chanic, could then dose, and be on equal footing
with the doctor who would make hie sun a doctor,
or the lawyer who would make his eon alawyer.
I do not need, sir, to urge anything more in be
half ol the laboring masses, to secure lor this sub
ject yonr Immediate and easiest attention. The
mechanical class, especially, deserve well of the
Slate. Numbers of intelligent and forcible men
of that class. I know, are preparing to demand
that they be permitted to participate, them»elvea
and their children, m the manner! have indicated,
in this munificent gilt. And the orphans ot thoas
»udp of their fellow mechanics and artisans who
have bravely fallen in the battles o! this war, are
destined to be educated In this proposed Polytech
nic School, or nut to be educated at all. Another
opportunity so favorable as the present of doing a
deed at once so just and so generous, the State
will not probably have in filly years.
1 am, sir, your obedient servant,
Francis A. Eastman.
SrniNoFiEU), lIL, Aug. S, 130.
Francis A. Eastman, Esq.:
Beau Sib—Yocr letter in relation to the print of
lands by Congress to Illinois for certain educa
tional purposes, has remained nutil now, on ac
count ot an unusual pressure of official bus ucea.
Without committing myself to any particular
plan for disposing ot tuese lands, to accordance
with tbe design of Congress, I fully approve of
jour timely so.gestlon that a committee ot intelli
gent and well-known citizens be appointed to con
sider tbe subject and report their conclusions. Tbe
sessions of the General Assembly ate so short,
and legislation necessarily so hurried, that there is
danger that, without this proposed action, a hasty
and injudicious disposition of these mods may be
made. At my earliest convenience, 1 will appoint
the committee which your letter contemplates.
In all that vou so well urge In behalf of the me
chanics and artisans of thu State, I sympathize to
the fullest extent. And lam well aware of the
great ntflitv of the Polytechnic system. But It
must, of coarse, rest with the General Assembly
to determine the question. Speaking for myself,
nothing would give me more satisfaction than the.
providing ihe mechanics of the State, out of the |
funds to accrne from tbe sale of these lands, or In ,
some other wav, a suitable and permanent college
for tic education of their children in the Important
branches of Indnstnr to which they have so nobly
devoted their lives. Truly yours.
Eicon Yates.
The Governor has appointed the following com
mittee to inquire and report some feasible and
proper plan for disposing of tbe large grant of
lands, by Congress to this State, in aid of educa
tion in agriculture and tbe mechanic arts: Rev. W.
W. Evaris. 8.8., lion. John 11. Mohlke,Chicago;
Judge C. B. Lawrence, Galesburg; Keysey U. Fell,
Esq., Bloomington; President J. sf. Suirdcvant,
Jacksonville: lion. Cyrus Edwards, Alton; Gen*
I. K, Hanic, Cairo.
Mcsettm.—“The Duke’s Motto,” a play replete
with interesting sights, situations, sounds and
sceneries, has been the feature at the Museum for
the last week. On Saturday night the last repre
sentation of this drama was given, and with it
Urminaied Col. Wood’s remarkably successful
theatrics! season. The play has had an excellent
mo, and would draw for twenty nights longer if it
were practicable to ccntlnne tbe season. The
company. Just now breaking up fora few weeks’
recreation, has won colden opinions at the bands
of our people. They arc each perfect In their res*
pcctlve lines of character, and a vaet Improvement
upon the ordinary stock actors us*
Daily served np to audiences.—lees given to
theatricals, sod lees appreciative thin those of
Chicago. We congratulate managers and actors
open tbc brilliant success they have achieved.
Members of the company will become widely
separated during tbe coming vacation. Dillon,
Little and Mr?. B’oneaJl go to Cairo, and Aiken,
McManus and Mrs. Perrin will plav in Fort Wayne,
Bradlev has alroadv departed for Massachusetts.
Tbe Lecture Koom will be dosed until tbe 23th
of August, when tbe lull season will commence.
Durirg the interim several improvements will be
Introduced on tbc stage, and theappolntmcntswlil
be entirely rc-modelcd.
Peaks Vamilt.—(his excellent family of sing,
er* and Bell Dingers, will open at tbc Museum on
Mendav evening. They are well known and thor
oughly appreciaiedm Uit* community. They will
remain bat a few davs.
JlcVicßxnV TnxATRK.—Tbe cblei attraction at
McYlcker’sisthe lucumprehecMble, traglcal.serlo*
comical drama entitled the “Seven Sisters,” in
which tbc whole strength) of the compaav, with
outside aid. is engaged. Tbe tcornau of the play
l« J. G. McDouobuh, who takes the part of Mrs.
Pluto, aufl a very good woman he is. But the girl
whcmali dtligbt to honor is most decidedly the
churning CaU'ornlan, Lotts, whose grotesque al
titudes and utterance? arc Irresistibly mirth-pro
voting. The scenery Is superb. The lan scene—
“ The Bower of ferns”—ls one In which the ut
most resources of the artist have been drawn
upon, if not exhausted; it is gorgeous, enchant
ing. The house has been packed full each evening
of the present week, and toe audience have oseh
in ever} case highly delighted. Miss Loita being
greeted with repealed encores.
Mdlle. Angrsta, the charming danaense, main
tain? the hold noon tbe good opinions of tbc fre
quenters of Mcvtcker’s Theatre tbu distinguished
her first appearance. She Introduced a beautiful
Zouave dance, and tbe ditto drill of tweolv ama
teur ladies is worth looking npon.
Vintnm—Last evening an excellent bill was
prtstntvd, and an overflowing house secured.
The old favorites remain and new ones
ore continually added. Tbe Sisters Whitney,
Sallic Cllnetop, Paonv Thompson and Louise Rc
'etie, can?ease?, and Tom Riggs. Pe:e Leo, Tom
Vance. T. L. Fitch, Lew Simmons, T. H. Jefferson,
Tom Poland. Billy Alien and Annie and Warren
Bordwell, comedians and vocalists, are the attrac-
Hons. On Friday night Stage Manager Fitch took
iile benefit. This Theater owes much ol Its pres
ent popularity to his exertions. His benefit was a
I‘Utnpcr. Manager Fitch is to be congratulated
upon this nnmletakable and cntifyin? public re
cognition of hla efficiency and success.
Ibe Honker Kreimcot.
Wc find the following in Peter Sbimp.s Bui etii
ot this week; it needs to be rcnUlattd. Talking
I* all Terr well, and so la display, but those who
wish to eblae should pay the expense:
*,** \fhen the gallant Becker Regiment returned
last week from its three rears campaign it was
met by thooeaods of its friends, and tbe reception
extended it was of the most enthusiastic and aitis
tscioty character, The entertainment
commenced late la the evening and • coa*
•anted the boms until morning. And
there It was proper' the thine mould end 1
V.ot there were a few radical hot-heada who could
not bo satlafled that “ enough la as goods* a feast”
sod so they must bare a “grand bauqnef’at a
later day at whleh the soldiers should be hoaorea
uueeie—each one haring a full bottle of sparkling
wine as bis share in which to drink tbe tosets. and
after defraying the expenses the balance of tbe
funds should go to the widows and orphan* oi the
gallant boys left behmd The arrangements were
perfected, and all outsider* paid their dollar each
to the feast. It required three table* to be laid, at
toe first ot which the brarebova did get their bottle
ot wine: at tbe second tabic the supply ran down
u> a halt a bottle each and at the third the supolv
gave out entirely while tbe arrangements bad be*
come to mixed by this ume that a charge of
per head was leried on the Invited soldiers, is or*
der to make tbe muds hold out. And upon set*
tllnc the blit* the treasury was found to be abort
of tunds, even after the levy upon their guests,
and so tbe widow and orphans get nothing, and
the money wasted In tickets la lost—eaten and
•drankup. This w what the “grand banquet”
amoocted to. and whois the better for HI A few
men may bare bad their love ot notoriety gratified
by seeing their names In print In connection with
dap-trap speeches—and It coat them nothing. It
was the cbeepcst kind of notoriety.
The Tbuott SI..K, Cnrncn.—The Trinity
Methodlat Church building is now entirely fin
Isbed, * Urge proportion of the pews taken, and
Us membership cm the rapid Increase. Tblschurch
has been thns tar under the management of Dr. £4*
dr. editor ot tbe Northwestern Christian Advocolt,
nnder whose excellent care and eloquent preach*
log it baa been blessed with most rapid growth.
We undmUnd that tbe friends of tbe church, with
a view to its future prosperity, will endeavor to
induce the Doctor to continue his connection with
it for ihe coming year. Person* resiain? la the ex.
trcme eontbera portion of theaty, are cordially
Invited to attcndbhia church, Serrlcei regular.
Mostblt Uortautt at Cam* Dooulis.—The
following deaths occurred among the rebel prison
ere at Camp Douglas, daring the two months in*
terventng between June Ist aad July Blst, 18045
George Adame, G. 3d Ky; Amos Ash, 11, GSd N
Sm Allen, K,iQtb Ky t OfoQ AUman, D,
A. 6id N C; Martin
« 5® * Battery; Alexander Bore, citizen °f
n^ ; .k*C; Geo W Brabbln,
C,4th Aik: WmT Belcher, o,lsthTeuu: Ander
r.K ir. t,®»°wn, A, ran N C: Elijah Brace, I,
S* K J ? WU*on Btoln, D. 62d NC; H Bass, BJHh
T « M J /° h “ Coakeo, A. 34ih Mira:Wm Cou
6th Ky: Andrew J Carpenter, b-6id NC;
0 Chamuer, K, 8d 8O; J T Carseo. O, 62d N
C; Bdwtl ChMUlne, K, C3d NC; J k P Chari
ton,F,4thTenn; GWCannon D, Bth Ark; Noah
CoMns, p.frtth Va; J F Cooper, d, Sd Ark: J B
Cornwell, B, G4tU N C; Stephen Drfrcol. sth
Sf£??vL£ “« DcI KH, Bid North Carolina:
lVTDenbam,ll,flihK.T; nenrr Drennon. 8,2 d
K £w Fn, ®PP*3l! 8,l « I> » s WKFJ v J Eggleston, C,
6th Tcnn: A L EMott, v c2d sC; Wm FUnn. do;
J AFieber, B, 10th Tenn; W B Green, A, 8d Ky;
A ?K“ le & «»hN C; JQ Hanna, C, Bth Ky;
C A Hell, G,ssth Ga: Isam Harless, I, OCh Va;
Jmnea N Hanky. D. 2d Torn; B M Uolmea, 1, Slth
Mira; feterHolUr, NC conacriut: Wm A BUI,
K, CSd NC; Asoph W Johnson. O, do; Jnoß Jor
dan, E.Clb Ky: WmDKing,D.auhNC; HfcWy
P Liuba m, KJlth By; Joseph Lam berth, Croft’s
Ga Ratteiy; Wm B Lokey. C, Olh Coaled: J W
Losk, D,SdConfed: J 8 Mihoffoy, C,62d NC:
Peter Hinhan, A, in Qa; David McQatltrey, A, >d
Ky: D O McCracken, a, 62d NO: Wm Moore, H,
frith Va; Thos B McClure, B, Bth ky; John Mura,
11,62 dN C: Henry L Norton, do; P COases.
Haltes' Battery: Thos Price, I, 15th La; John
Price. 11, 29th NC; Wm A Perry, L 55th Ga; Jas
Petrie. A, 4Sd Miss: CbarVe Qttiscnnerry, G, 6Uh
Va: Sl'as P Buff. A, 62d N 0; John Robertson,
C,do; Henry Raider,l,64tu NC; Jaa TReed. N
C conscript: Marshall Bharp. A. Bth Ky; M M
Slek, I,loth Ky; F M Stamy, I, G3d N C; Aipheos
L Slices, C. 64th Nn; Jas AdcnleU, B, do; Jesse
M Shcpperd. E. CSd NU; Jno M Sellers, L do; B
Y Tbompeoc. D, do; Wm T Turley, D, TCth La;
Ice TannenN C conscript; P W Talbert, B. 17th
TeT.nr'Joo wells, B, 55th Ga; Bcnj Wa»ldna, A,
:4th By; Baley Wadllnglon, H. 4th Miss. To*
tal, 64.
MnjTAnr Funebal.—On Thursday afternoon
the remains of captain Lembk, formerly a member
of b&Uery B, Chicago Light Artillery, but latterly
commandant of battery C, Sd H. S. (colored) artil
lery, were Interred at Roae Hill Cemetery with mil
itary honors. The services were conducted at
Bryso Hall fn the presence of a large assemblage.
At;tho conclusion of the services the procession
loaned in the following order:
Band ol T. B. C.
Uilitary Escort of Bth and 16th V. IL C,
Hearse. *
- Delegation of Clerks.
But I erv B, Chicago Ltqbt Artillery.
Svea Society (Swedish.)
The delegation -of clerk, were from Stryker A
Co.’s store where deceased was employed prior to
his enlistment. Tbe burial tot was presented to
the widow by tbe Rose Hill Cemetery Association.
The Young Men’s Bible Class meets every Sun
day sficrnoou at 8 o’clock in room No. 15, Metho
dist Church block. Strangers arc Invited to at
Rev. A. Edwards, associate editor or the Xorlh
icttinn ChrUHon Advocate, will preach ut tbe
Clark Street M. E. Church at 10.80 am.
Rev. 8. A. W. Jewett, of Joliet, will preach at
tbe Wabash Avenue M. E. Church at lO.d) a. m.
Rev. Professor Bann'stcr, D. D., will preach at
the Jefferson Street M. E. Church at 10,30 a. m.
At Trinity M. E. Church there will be preaching
at iO.fOby Rev. Dr. Eddy. At 9p. m. the first
celebration of tbe Lord’s Supper will be held.
Members of Clark street and Wabash avenue are
There will be a meeting at Bryan Ball this
evening, under the auspices ot the Chicago Sab*
bath ttcnool Union. The object of this spec al
gathering is to awaken attention to the Sanbatb
School work, tod to enlist more folly the sympa
thies and active efforts of the Christian Church for
the rescue of the thousands ot neglected children
that fill our streets on the Sabbath. The exercises
will consist o! short addresses tram wide-awake
Sabbath Scnool men, and singing led by a full
choir of Mission School scholars. Let the hall he
Religions services will beheld at the Free
Will Baptist Mission Chapel, on Jacasnn, corner
ol Peoria street, to-day. Preaching at lOjf a. m.,
and IK P- ®«. by Rev. D. J. Brown. Sabbath
School at 3 p.m. The public are invited. Scats
Dr. N. Colvcr will preach the ftmcral sermon
of Corporal Dyer, of the Chicago Mercantile Bat
tery, at the Tabernacle Baptist Church. Sabbath
jnernin*» services to commence at 10K o'clock.
The public are invited to attend.
ff—Elder J. Sweeney, pastor of the Christian
Cborch, on Monroe, between Adams and Raker
streets, will conduct divine services to-day at 10#
A. to., and 8 p. m. Subject for the morning:
“Whom God will deliver.” For evening: “ A
more excellent way.” Scats free to ail. Sunday
School at a. m.
Miss Lizzie Doteo, trance speaker, of Boston,
wtllspead at Metropolitan Hail to-day at 10L," u. nu
and 6 p.m. Some of our beat speakers will speak
in the same place at S p. m.
William Reynolds, Erq.. of Peoria, and Rev. C.
C. McCabe, late Chaplain in the Armv of the Poto
mac, will speak this afternoon, at three o’clock, at
the Illinois street MDvlon, between Lasalle and
We Is streets, on Illinois street. North Division.
The public arc invited.
Rev. Prol. Bugbce will preach In Grace >l. E.
Cbnrcb, ccrner LaSalle street and Chicago avenue,
morning and evening.
Rev. N. D. Williamson will preach at'ths Liv
lngs:oo Reformed Dutch Church, corner of Mon
roc am) Sangamon streets to day at iU:3Oa. m. and
7:U)p. m. A cordlai welcome extended to all.
St. James* Church will be open as usual all sum*
mer every Sunday at 10tf a. m. and sp. m. The
congregations ot Trinity and Grace are invited to
worship at St. James' whilst their churches are
At the BUkon’a Churvh, on the comer of IVath
i&BtoD and Tvorta etrreio. there will be no alter
noonacrvtce for the present.
A Curd.
Mr. S. M. Fassett. baring just returned from his
long tour of the eastern cities, Is now prepared to
wait upon hia customers In person, and with all
the new improvements will be able to give even
belter satisfaction than heretofore. Among other
Improvements is an extra mammoth camera, the
lamest ever brought West, for making the {nomi
nated photograph, a stylo having a great ran at
present in the cost, and believed to be durable in
all climates. . , ~ A ...
Being In the market before the last great rise In
stock and material, and having: bought very
largely, be is enabled to take pictures lor the pres*
ent at price? to satisfy all.
Eymmlon on llio Lake-Txa first-class
vessels will leave Clark street bridge this (Sunday)
afternoon at 3 o’clock. Fare 50 cents.
Dr. James, SC Randolph Street.—The writer of
tbc following editorials bare known Dr James for
n number or year?, and to whom the (skeptical can
reicr. The following it? from the Chicago itol-y
Jlueeumand £• gif ter of Tec. 54.1563:
“ present warbas been the cause of many wonderful
‘rhatipeE&Edbafi developed newaoa startling iheo
“Tie?, as well a? tbc abilities and capabilities of
“men who were before unknown. Those who were
“poor before hare suddenly found themselves rich,
“ andmauy who wereaflluent, have been rvouced to
** poverty, home who were prospering in business
“ m the Sunny South, have been competed, by the
“fortunesof war. to change their residence and
“ tneir bat-iucse location, Amongthls Jailer ciasa
4 may be mentioned s man well known injthe South
“In connection with science ofilateriailedlca, and
“who conducted and superintended one ot the
“largest the country, lor the core of
“ diseases coming under bis specialty. The geulle
“ man is Dr. James, and bis hospital was in one >o
"caiiiy. In New Orleans for tAlr'een years . The
“ writer knows the doctor well, haring been a resi
“ dent of New Orleans at the same time and knows,
“also bis professional success and standing. Know*
“ ing him, then, most favorably, as a physician and
“gentleman there, tbc writer takes pleasure in re
commending him here (In Chicago, i where he has
*■ taken up bis residence (or the future. We cannot
“do better than commend the following, from the
Indianapolis Gazette, of April 7tb,
“Do. Jakes— Wc call attention to the medical
advertisement of *t)r 11>. B. James, which will be
found in linothef part of our paper to-day; and 1
we do so the more readily because we know Dr.
James, and have known him, more or less, for the
last twenty Jyears. It Is rather a dellwc subject
—this matter of secret di6.*9ses—to write about
or speak of editorially. In a dally paper; and yet
we kt.ow no reason why It should be mote eo
than about any other diseases to wbicb the hu
man family are subject—it properly considered.
We fled that our most successful physicians are
those who devote themselves to some one disease
or do*s of diseases: as, for Instance, to tbe trea*-
ment of consumption and affections of tbs throat
and mugs; to diseases of tbe rectum, as pile* and
Cstula; to cancers andcarvcnomatousaffections:
to cutaneous diseases and affections of th * akin:
to diseases of theejo and ear—os well as tbe
DcntM to diseases of the teeth; and, dually, to
wbst arc called secret diseases, or diseases ot
the genital or sexual organs. All this is
very proper. 2?o one man, not in a life time,
can become a thorough and successful pbrslclaa
In tbe treatment ol all diseases, and we would al
ways rather recommend a Irlead who was affilci*
edwith any serious complaint to a special prac
tical physician, «no confined himself wholly or
mainly to the treatment ol such diseists—Jast
as we would, for instance, and as wc have often
done—yccommeudea a person snflering from any
ot tbe secret diseases to Dr. James. tWch tuld
think him more likely to understand and be able
to treat successfully the discue than a phvstciau
who attended to general practice and all kinds of
diseases All this 1s bat reasonable and natural.
“ But as to Dr. James we can speak positively.
We have known him. aa we have said, lor many
years—and being a physician our-eIC would nil*
orally inquire into and know something about
bis manner of treatment and bis success. We
believe be may be regarded as standing among
the foremost. If not at the head ol those devoted
to this class cf diseases, as to speedy and suc
cessful core of the same. We knew him two
years m Xew Orleans, when he was so regarded
there, and, indeed, all through the Southern
country. His hospital on Custom House street,
for toe treatment of secret diseases, was about
as well known as Dr, Stone’s hospital for that
ofgtneraldlseaees—and be teemed to be quite as
popular.and to give universal satisfaction. «*
have also known him In Cincinnati— he
sometimes spent the summer—and we have al
ways understood him to be most successful and
to cite complete satisfaction. Wc regard hipn m
addition .to all this, to be a man of unblemished
character and sound moral integrity* Ue hai to
leave Kew Orleans, we believe, on account of nls
Umonfra and loyalty to the General Govern
ment. which Is certaitlv one thing tn his favor.
“To persons, therefore, who have been so nn
frrtunate as to contract any of these diseases or
lave bad tnch disease or disability entailed upon
them—we sat, andean aiy It with confidence
go to Dr. James. It Is some distance: msofflM
Vs at 8* Randolph street* Chicago; but in? bel
ter. perhaps, to go all that distance, and betreat
ed skillfully, and cured in a short time, and with
remedies that leave no evil effects behind, than
to trust your case to nnskUUul bands, aad sor
ter, perhaps, a life rime.” .
Organic Weakness—such as seminal weakness,
nocturnal and dlornal emissions, brought on by
excess, abuse of tbe system, or entailed heredita
rily, canting loss of memory, nervousness, de
pression, ringing in the ears, dimness* etc. with
all tt* deplorable train of svmp‘oa»-^treated and
radically cured bv an infallible method, saving both
time and expense, and the only sure cure for those
diseases. Thousands certify to tbe cures enected
by Dr. James. Testimony from the medical facui
tv, professors of medical colleges and hospitals,
have from time to rime appeared in the paper?.
Dr. James has been practicing in tbe specialty of
diseases of a private nature in Kew Orleans fifteen
years—thirteen years conducting the largest hospi
tal in the Doited States In specialty, and for
1 tbe la»t three ywra In Chicago. During that tune
I Dr. James treated more diseases of a severe and
• complicated tyre of a private nature.
r than any rf the phyafdans In the United crates.
I Dr. James Is responsible and reliable, and can give
i tbe best of city references to bis skill and success.
I aUK'!*o4{&*3t*s&T.
jar House and Sign painting, Caldmtajag,
Glaring and Graining. Paper Hangings and win
dow Shade* selling at wholesale and retail at >ew
York prices. F. B. Ruby. S3 Randolph afreet.
Box $863, }y£t-n63s*lm
jar Wreaice of the netvoca. SoalnkL Urinary
and Bcxnal Systems.—New and reliable treatment
—in reports of the Howard Association. Sent by
man In sealed letter envelopes* of dfrfge*
Address Hr J. BklUon Hoaghtoa, Howard Asso*
gallon. No, J Booth Klnlh etmoU
Markets by Telegraph.
(Telegraphed Exclusively to the Chicago Trlbnce.J
Aubast. Saturday Evening, Augoat 6. iS5t..
BEEF CATILE—Toe cattle market closci an it
opened, unusually dud aad hearv. Various caoara
ccublnc to produce this result. Tbeexcswuciap*
ply last week, thedeclloe In pnees, and tbedallneas
that marked the trade In New York and Brighton,
and the large frtih receipts b?re nor. Aeereeate
ct lptaforthoweekt.KM.to Thtch mast bo aided 2tf>
(hat were bi-ld out alacs lasl Ssturday. Toe sales
made, la'tcated a decline of K9KC per pound on
befrt grades, and K®sfcoo Inferior, with which de
sertptlon the yaids are crowded. ’ LcMthrn
have changed hands at !d9#c, the outside for 41 very
I time Kentucky. Many of the sales were of ordtna.
ry Michigan and Bute, at SK46*c.
SHKKI’-Blow of »ale at RKfcSKc. Receipts 3,%0.
HOGS-Bcorcoj holders ask native for light to
good Western and Bute. liccelpls. shinned
to New Y0rk, 2,200.
New York Money and ritock Market,
tdixxiai Digpatcbio the Cal cage iTjuoaa.j
Raw Tout, Saturday Rveamg, Aug. fl.
Money Sterlingexoianeo dull at IM. oaid ir
regular and naiettled, opening at ?K>y. advancing ta
qala at Total export* of tpecle to-day.t'it.ooo
eoveromr Dt Hocks a shade lower. O’ 8 es, 1881 (con*
poaa> U6K. 5-2U (coapcna)
Nt« Louis Market,
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.)
Bt. Lons, Saturday, Auguat 8,13 M.
Tonacco— Active. Sales 835 bhda at the fojowlar
rat's: Lugs |io.oo*itOC; comuonshlpplogleaf S'SJI'O
eM«:ntcram do. *nxce2sjl3i |ro.d do, ,25 313
.86 79; common matofacturlec leaf, T27J)Cdli.ooxroad
do, IS6.OIQMI.OOt fine do, $5!.(0&159 W W KO &s
Fioun-Pmu. bales of 300 hrls spring snp*rflne
cotmtry at 18.75; 2JB hrls fall do at $9,(0; 500 hrls cUr
and 100 brie country single extra, at HO 07. The Qiv’
crtmentcontiacU yetterday, though nat oflldally
reported, are nnderMooo to bare bcea aa follow**
4,(01 bags single extra in double sicks, at $8 10 V ICO
As: 5,100 brla alxgla extra at »ioxo; and aooo brla
Ooubla extra at SUJOF brl-aU impeded aad de
Qkaid—Wheat receipts ezeeed 9.0f0 b*s?
and the market was heavy, but price* ruled m yes
terday. Sales ofI.CCO bage good at SZJOi;
prime at s2.(s®3aoj 4,225 o»g* strictly prime and
choice st |r.lsdL3o; extra cholre at 13.33K, and
S(3 Co do at $2.15 W bn. Cora hardly so firm. Silos
of 477 bags mixed at $1.56; MO baza yells v atflAiK:
ICO bags mixed at $’..10. Oats lower. Sales of 4,SCO
bagalnlotaatßSct2Ssbagsdo at 85K. and 233 baga
Paovistoss—Pork; a lot ofS.coo brla mess was tak
en by tbe Ooversmeot at $10.(0 9 brl, delivered. Ba
cen; rale of IS casks prime parkhoaae shoulders at
16KCV&. Lard; rales were reported of Mo tierces
choice steam and S2S tierces kettle rendered at 19c.
V ft.
Gbocxuixs —QoIeU BomeSSorSObhdsprlmesagar
were sold to-day at 24925 c, and -to cr 5a bags ot Coffee,
in lota, at 52c V ft.
WmaxT—Held firmly; buyers reluctantly operate
at tbe quotations. Bales of 25 and 50 bus at $1."5 V
Cincinnati Market*
[Special Dispatch to the Cuwago Tribune.)
CiKcnravri. Saturday Evening, August 6.
FtouE—Uncharged. Demand local. Silt* of fam
ily at $9 SO. and extfa at 19.25.
WmsxT—Steady, but quiet. 2CO brl« sold at $1 S3,
but sales could not be forced at this rate.
Gbatn—Wheat steady. Sales fair white at 11.92,
and red at 91.35. Com firm at 9Ut5 lor ear. Oats—
New sold at Sc; old are held at 9Ce. Rye unchanged.
Demand light*
GBoatbiifr—Quiet and unchiDzed, with a fair del
mand lor coffee at 50Q5SC; sugar,22',»2lc: New Or.
leans molasses, (14231.15.
Pbovtsions—Msrlet quiet for port and bacon.
Sf’.fCO as hulk shoulders sold at and 15 bhds ha*
con shoulders at 16c. Lard u hell at 20c.
fflilrrunkee market,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Uilwaukss, Saturday, Any. 6.
Gbart—Receipts, 35,000 ha wheat, against 9,000 bu
for corresponding day last year. Market opened
lirm—buyer* at f2 UM—sellers at $5.15. Sales at
Smith’s elevator only 5,*00 ha at 32.14K- On’Change
maikctbecame depmted from tee effect of other
markets, and closed weak at *2ll. No buyers at
orer*?.i3js. Bales of l7,pCo*ba at 92.1132 UK, and
1,000 bn at (2.13#. Oats dull at 76j. Cornaad barley
don. Noting doing.
Milwaukee Market*
(Special Dispatch to Dio Cuiraco Tribune.!
MtLWAtnutn, Saturday, August 6, tan.
Later—The market this evening wnbout decided
ch«ge.clotlUEdull atlt.iSKfor No.lsprifl*. Sales
since ’Charge 42.0C0 bu at 9 AlSd2.ll.
Vessels Passed Detroit.
[Special DupatcU to the Chicago Tribune 1
Dxtboit, Saturday. August 6,1354.
Dp-S<bocneis Loomis, Culver, Maple Leaf and
Down-Schooner Mosaic.
Wind cartelly.
Illinois and [tilcbl;an Canal.
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago TntmncJ
BmnoxpOßT. Saturday, Aug. S—o p. m.
CttAttan-Allegheny, Lasalle, 6?,754 ft lumber;
Australia, I.avalle; P. A. Leonard, Labile: Alcona,
LaiaVe,s"‘ l SlMUumber; Lady Franklin, Atheas; D.
Rcci,do: B. G. Loomis, do*. Monlecrlsio, Joliet, 1,075
ttlepraph poles; Torttown.UUca; Polar Star, Otta
wa, 44,251 ft Umber. 4,T00 lath, 700 telegraph poles for
Joilct; Clyde. Henry, 20 brls sait; Sallna. Ottawa,
77,110 ft lumber; Morning Llcht, Ottawa, 71.241 ft {am*
her; Co). Mallican,, Liralle, S2.2NJ ft lumber, 371 poets
for OSawa; J. Harrington, Marseilles, 3,000 ft lumber
1,’0( tbi forulturr.tOhrls salt; Consignee, Athens.
ABiavzD—Tide, Lasalle, 150 Urns coal.
Kew York CBatkah
New Toss. Saturday. An? 6.
rodTos— sc better; *1.75 Ini middles uplands.
Flour-State and.western anil, and without de
cided cbftQhO: *0 50»iC.00 (or extis »»»t*; «to.3oato 73
for extra voted tobr Ohio; ft 0.53013.00 for trade
brands,market cloMoffdoll.
Whisky—Firm; M.7S»l.i3Jf for stale; f1.7J31.73
Gwi3 Wbsatdull; common grades favor buyers.
Winter red wejtero lower; f2.23tf2.il for Chicago
tprlng; 92.33(32.41 for Milwaukee club; *2..’0,3253
fer winter rtd western. Corn heavy • *15531.56 lor
new mixed western; *l7u for white western. Oat*
istb'r mote steady: fl/o for wotero, including oce
loadextracboice western at fits.
wool— Qnietnuo firm.
GtsocxaiEi—Coffee dull ami nominally unchanged.
Ei’ta eucar dab: I3*c for Htucovado in bond, and
2;c doty paid. Molasses unlct and steady; Musco
vado FiH c -
Petkolkum—Quiet j 51c for crude; S3®s4c lor re
fined In bond: 9.c for tefle-ed Oce.
»P*tm«os*-Pofl£ dull aert ucavv. fSS for mess,
fJN'iSSSy.Oefo? newrto.fd for prime, uni • u.y* for
bilmettt**,*lsoEAbxtencwcie*«for Atuuit. buy
t-rt cntion at SIO.JO. B-ef dnil.hcavvand unchang
ed prices. Li’ddecltedlv hlchtr and la paid de
piano at 2!HeLS2>fj ate'* isebri* lor August. baye-M
option 2iHS2Sc. ftutltr wMiout materialchauge at
SJfcißc for üblo, «®s(c lor Stats. Cheese steady.
New York Gold Alarbcti
New York, Saturday, Anc.6
Gold opened at2s9S.*nd grodnallv advanced to
761*, m the afternoon declining to 25!**, but clo'lac
qubtat W r Jf- There is very bule regular demand.
ot Government ho-ms to
Europe. Innsdlilonto this, ft,o , j".tio wu sent out
bv the steamer to-day. Large orders are on hand to
be execute?.
Oswego Market*
Oswego, Saturday, Ansnit 6.
Ftoim—Dull and unchanged, w.tb ta'ea at fU (10
Jl 2ft for 5« I anting: #IIAO tor reu vlater. .
Ovaist—-Wheat toarce and quiet So 1 wtr.ter red
Indiana bald at *2 40. Coni quiet ana held at »l t-0
t.*,. Othtrarainaacarceanunominal.
Fseio uts—Dull.
Buffalo BlarkeU
Buffalo. Saturday Evenlcg, Aust.6,
TLC'Ua—Dull; demand moderate.
Gear—Wheat dull; Ko. t CWcayo Sprtns. f.1.00a
2/A* o;hvr crse»'s nea!ecte«i. Corn dull; S<'. 't ?!.96H
01.'-7. Oats aoll; S3csi£cd for No.l,sad32>[email protected] of*
Dull; nominal at $1 «2£I.»L
rAyALFsaiouTS—Dali totiea Tors: Wheat. 21;
tvrr. oats, i*.
Lake lumETs—llour,s,'sWbbl».: Corn. lAtobna.
Ca>'al KtpOßTa 2/90 bb!«; Wbfat, JUsO
bn*.; Corn,7o,l6tt bus.; Oats.sS,>7o bus.
Railroad Tim* Tablet
Depart. Arrive.
MailTßsscngct. *10:00 mm. *S;IS a.m.
Evimlae Brpraw.***.,—.. • *6:00 pjo. *11:85 a.a
Sight Expresß..**—...*9:Bop.m. *3:15 P.ta
Fulton Past anger..— .... 9:4Ba*B* 9:50 a.m.
Fnltou Pa*?eoccr Pjlsp.ri. Iril p.m,
Freeport Passenger &30an. 3:25 p.m.
Prerpori Passenger... I0:»0p.Ta. 3:10 ft.nL.
Rockiord I’*L-secgcr 4:00 p.n. 11:10 a,n..
Geneva Paaeccger 5:30 p.*L 3:20 a.m.
Detroit Rxpresi *«:S0 an, *JS:3Q a.m,
Detroit Express +9:00 p,m. lb:io a.c,
Ootn.-itExprcs*...—. *+10:00 mm. *9:15 pga.
{Trains for Wwiniwtti ana Dtfttlsvtiis.)
fttomlne Express -*&9o&ai. *t:lsp.m.
Kufht Express. +6,1)0 p.ta. $9:45 a.m.
Oav Express. ...*&BBftjß. *3;lspja.
Evening Exf r*i«*. •*. —. ..+€lW pjn. *ss:3o a.m.
Sight Express *tl(W)fl n.m. $9:45 *.rc.
'rta Adrian *6:50 a,m. *3:45 a.m.
SiiSit Express, vis Adrlac-tPriJO p.m. *13:15 sliu,
mraruse, *oat vbtots atcd cssca*?o.
wrai) and Accommodation. .*4:40 a.ta. *7:10 p.m,
Oav Express *«:9oa.n. *3:15 pja.
Express —.—...tltlo p.m. jß;4sa.m.
Cin. A LonisviUc 3xr?ree»..t9:4*i c.m. JS:SS ».m,
(CPnnecflntfiritt Ftnrjylvcnia Centra? Ji. It.)
LrayePittman;,. &00a.ss. 4:35 p.m. 8:45 pwa.
“ Harriet'e.. 1:90 p.m. tr4Sa.m. fcOOs-ir.
ArrivePMndcl... B:2Cp,n. &59».a. ICcliiam.
“ N. York, )
via V —.
Allcnton 1
N 'S rfc VIIK6 p.n. ISOS m. tHp.lc-
PhlUdcl. i
" Baltimore.. 5:40 p.m, 7:00 a.m. 11:50 B,m.
*• Waeh'ton . fca) o.m. lp:sflam, fcCOp.m.
Day Express 8:15 p. m.
Sight Express 9:<op. m. 8:10 a.m.
Cfbr bxdianapcl’j an* LovUz'lk.)
Day Ezpvt! l , 6:331 bu £ls p, m.
Nisht Srpreas 9:10 p.m. BJj*. m.
.*&lsa. m. •WOp.c.
-TfcS'p. to. •’TrOCa.m.
.*5:15 p. m.
.*6;3sa.nu *7:45 a, m.
“ * 4 *• *4.*00 p. m. *t:SO p. m.
* “ •* ’fclSp.n. •'T.SOp.m.
DiyCrprefls fc&oa.m. 3:15 p.ia
Ntphl Eipre*! 9:15 p.m. S;OC ft. cx.
Acco:mnoiati.oa 5:15 o. m. 9:30 a. m.
Day Pftßsenper
’dank ikec Acc*n.
Ejde Park Tiiln.
£xptv« M*tt 9:80 a. ta. 1:30 p. m.
Nlj?h: Express fcOOp.ta. 5:50 a. m*
Joliet Arrainmodatlon 4:45 p. a. 9:50 a.m.
emcAGO jjti> bock nunn,
Day Snuoii and Man W5 ajn. *BO PA.
Slckl Expreaa ...* 9:15 p.m. S:*Sa.u,
Joliet Accommodation 5:10
St. Psal Express 10t00a.au fclSpjn.
S\cbl Exprer* 9:80 p.m. IKOpXU
Waukegan Accommodation s:Sop.nu 8:40 a.m.
Brannon Special 2:80 p.m.
* Snudija excepted, t Saturdays accepted.
Monday* excepted.
In tblßCltr. on tbetth lest .hr ibe Ber.H L.Bazu*
mood. Ur. GKO- IVALDOBVirH.Of Uaduoa, Wl3„
ltd Ulsi BUILTD.HALL,of Chicago.
C7~Uadl»on, WJ». and herara* Omo, papers
please cooy. . „
la Sandwich. on the fth tnst. br Bar J.
Baltin. tIr.WM. F. M. JOLB«,of6*odwtcb,*nd
U u UABT J- MU22KT, of OeoerMLlnoia,
In this Ctr.Aug. lib, SABAH CECELIA, wile of
?rrice* at the Bishop's Church, corasi■ of
Peons and Washington sued*, at 8 o clock tats (Son*
** * Vth! Maty, on funday, July Slst-atSM Clark (rtrset,
bEni* B.r08STB«. younejst dauihtsr of Walter
E.Tor»t<r.at<dSyeart andiOmoutui.
AUo- at ip* same place, on Friday, Aut-Sth. Mr*.
MnKT FOBSTKB. the beloved • lie of Waller B.
Former,CfßathTaomenet, England.) agedsuyear*
*orßatSmd Chstteabam Oaxette pleaaa co?y.
trVew York City paper* plea* copy.
In M«jo»,Maooa r 'ocn , -T» Qbaota aunday-JnlyJtU,
CHktTKlt FftBCDIK, only sou Of M. r.anlM. B.
Row aid, aged B moutM,
A D. PRADIJtY. Director of Amusement*.
Museomopen Osy and arguing. Uaprccedcnt.d a.
MONDAY, August Sh, C l«S* .Tcaltlyely for one
»Cik on’y Gland Mailnse Wednesday and balar
ouy,3K o’clock. Ibeortfltal
Foals. Family*
Nowrn ezhlMUon, Pilate’s Court, or the Trial of
Cbm*. Cor listing of twenty hfe-ilred flgnrea m wax,
frrm Vaoam Tnsiod’a Great G4llerj, U>adon.
AdtsUi lento Museum and Lecture Bo.m
S3 certs Children nndfr t* y e*jf. 15 c^n ta.
circle and ParqUitte. 25 cent*. Rirate Bozet, *3 «
sed SS.CD. Hoditia charge for Be*etyftd?eaW. Box
Book oocn from 10 a.m. to SP. M t*r»nd Mtuoe
e>try Baiu»d*y at SH o’clock. Tickets 25c.aU .Q
all cart* cf the Douse.
rw’ The Great Moatnm.wilh Its cntl*
cs.t’M] The lurlsiVeLady! The Enoimous Ameri
ca OiantMSl Right Feet high I and, wet«hl*« over
£0 PcnnOal will apotar day and al‘ht. Mils Am r,
t years old. auo3«DChes Hifh I theftnestamall Lady
in tie world.
tisr week or
And SCias Lottn,
When will he introduced NBRT &ONQS AND
M’LLh AOQOBtA ItttWO trasd DatCCI- „
TMe play bat &?*n the most mecciifai nTCdae’lon
C 4 the i9<acn. Davies b-en vts'ied during the last
week by ovas 12,000 persons.
saw ast> Local. acxsMT bt wirrrat..
Grtoa Zouave March and Dnil by 30 yeeng ladles
Sormieg and Capture oi Rebel Forts oy the Female
Zouave?- ~
The fcHowmi artuta will aapeor lu the caat; Mr.
Sir. Mackey. Mr. Mvers.Sltw Johnapn.Mtse
1/anh. Sirs. Myers. The pUy vRI end with the >s#t
pest scene, Tax Bieth ox Cupid in the Bowauor
Yabisty theatre,
115 and 117 Dearucra street. ..
n.w.CHadwicK A CO„ Froprietots «*ed kUiiten.
T. L. FITCH, AeUDX and Atsge li«ma*,M.
Rugae ement ot
Ibe great Ccmlc Vccalii. and Factomlulst.
Engagement ol
Tbs celebrated Danjolst and Ethiopian Comedian.
Doers open at 7Sf. Performance commences at
BcAU»owPatcae;-l*ar*;ucif. » Urea Cir
cle, n cts; Private Boxes, ta.OC. Slagle seats to
Korea- so cents.
And Madison, Wis.
An Fxcureloa to the above naarf.l places will come
off. tinder the aueplcea 01 the Desf.hiai,* street if. E,
Chcrcb, over the
Chicago & Northwettern Railroad,
Wcdacidaf) tho 10th of Aagnst.
Tickets for the round trip, and good to return to the
24ib, with the nrivtlege'oi atoopioie off at
to JsncsvilK fi.so, and to Madison SS.OO: chlMren
hall laic. They can be had at the Methodist Book
repoellorv, £6 Washington street: the Pevere Souse
(North Side), comer Clark sod Kl*-ne streets; Pres
ton, Willard * Kean. Bankers, No. 1 Clark street; J.
G. Conrad, Banker, 47 Clark street, ami of the Ber-E.
M. 80t1ug.290 West Madison street
cars will leave the Depot, comer of Water
and KV zlesUects.at iO o'clock A. si.
au6 oSls-St 4lhp
1864. GRANO 1864.
The Splendid Bide wheel steamers
Wilt make regular and reliable trips durlss the sea
son, leaving uowe’s Dock, first cut Of Bart s-icc.
Bridge, as follows, at 7 F. M.
Tuesday July 5. Friday July 1.
Monday. July IS. Friday JaljiS.
Friday Jnly29. Monday .Aug. 1.
Wednesday ...Aug. W. Tuesday.. au?. 16.
Wednesday .Aug. 24. Wadnesasy Anc.St.
Tuesday Sept. 6. Wednesday .S-pt.l4.
Baturdar...*..... Sept. 17. Tuesday Cept. 27.
Frida*... Sept.Bo. Friday ritt 7.
Thurs'day Oct. 13. Friday Oct, 21.
Wednesday...... ..Oc t. 36.
Thnrsday Kov. 8. _ _ ,
To those seeking health and pleasure the trip to
Lake Superior exceeds that of all others, comprising
a diataare of some 2,C0fl miles, in which distance the
boats make landings at thirty four different points
of in’erert- A good Sand of ilnrlc will accompany
the boat. For futtherloformailon apply to
s w F.A.HOWE.Jb. Agent.Chtcagci
B. 8. DAVIC. Milwaukee.
SAnctUm *alc«.
lO "ft COl. CASIMKUFS. 'Wool BottU*'.. I’all.ma.
“ 4 Sa ‘\f'kSti ION.
On WbDNKSDAv, Aug. reth. Bt9K o’clock, at
Botten’aucilon Booms, laPt-rtiacd Block, corner
of Desrbcrnaud Wasbiniitoa itrefta
auC-orC3-St WM. A.DtJTTEKS «fc CO-. Anct’s.
Auctioneers, 41.16 and <8 Dearborn «t.
On lU>BDAT,Ane. fab. at9S o'clock, we ehall Mil
MOviHUse.ivUteeand epleniia tvs*«y rlaicm ol I’dt
lor euitOturbiu Top ißbie<, sideboard*, Sc'aj, Tew*
te*tete*. Easy cm Rock Jus Ci.aire i'arlor ncd tibam
htrclaln, 1-aiTri.t#. Slants, Kxtenflor. uinlue Ta
ble®, "hsinoia Dlnlue Cbairs, Hefrobrnfiu Table?,
Caro Tablte, Drv-sslnt Bureaus, IN Bed*
#uß(*s,Lsr.eict Box.coj,tfi f ‘. _ .. .
A’so a hobnow atsorlmtnt of Chamber Saits,to
alnch lb? Hitenr.OD of bay ere i* pMt:cularjy Invuva.
Tbo good* all first Clara acdwurrapte-i.
Aleo five doz*-t new Mu*qu»to Nettf. MO pee Wall
Taper rrd.cne Large Desk enltable (ox a baaK, ana is
“mSS I '!'*' nil.BKr.T & SAMFiinS, .V|«H.
{7OR SiiLE— Notary Rablic Com
r mUalhn for sale, with seal. Address F. D-Box
ISli, bu.-^O-J:
Ij'UK SALE-A team of htavj
JL horse*, with barnup and lumber wagon—art in
good order. »u't»ble fur tho lumber trade. DAVID
FDR SALE - Cylinder Printing
Frees, to run by band or steam, for sale at ou>
quarter the rost ot anemone. lain perfect order,
and as good aa new. It will be SJid to. zenko room
(nr a Hoe press. Addrtc? A. C. SANIriOHU, Advo
cate Office, Kactcc, Wfrcor.stn. aufro3t.->:
T?OK SALE -A Vinegar Factory
1? in full cperatlonj wttb sverjftfcg complete for
tbe busicesf, deluding teat cnvelHnt houw, office,
>Tuef ar factory, wood, coat aaa store toasi, (wo «t»*
hies.waconLease &e..ct> a around
per month, having five run. Can be pur-
Jbaiedat acrvatOMEHtn. l’cs?«.vlon Imroo-lmly.
For partitolma apply st store '22(i Wa-ninatoo-i:.,
betwe* n market and Franklin itrecti- , _ „„„
SALE—Tbe Frame Church
dine. KsGO, of ‘he Geiman M.E. Roa'eiy,
situsud on Cljbonrne avenue, on? block nyrth ot
Dlvblo-i street. For purtitulars Inquire of D. \\ \L*
TAD. 3 6 and IS St;tc sre>-t. aar oIW-fit
FDR SALE —Two hundred teas
nrlscd prairie hav, beater prwsed. MOPPFB,
J.CFHthiON A: CO ,iiO MaikC*. atrct-L ouM7i-St
X7OR SALE -Fieam Engine and
J? dr nM« floe Bcllcr. ?» feet long and 40 la
diameter, aad smoke tuck, all in pood order and tas
b.-en ’title uaed; whl sell cbtao Bc'uite (or a f»w
or fiucring mill. For talo by SACKBTT & d* • J-U
South Water Btrcut. jras-iMU
FjR SALK—A Steam Fleur Mill.
The subscriber otfera for sale tbe valuable nror *
ettytn Lc Claire, lowa.kno-auastbe "Swan Mitts."
Tee train bailaiDt. Mb/£0 feet, four ttorte* hich.
eontamt ♦.htee tun ot stoce, sixty hottc eog:ce,aail
other tecss-ary machinery- .
On r»me let. t»a<i front eg tue HisatasirPi river, ia a
two*ftory aarfetiouse, i'CxSO fret, tor atonne acu ship*
ping flour. Tbls property U tf.natsd icone ot Mo
best Rrun grcwiac regtoaam the but?, atJ cum*
“■??hV dfilct*rat , roafi ft and water conmnnlcatlon
withChlcaaoand 6t Loa'amarkatsfcr aty »nrpl(u.
The nbovo property will be sold low for cash, either
ifpa:at»]y or together, a* may b« desired; or will be
•xc? arced lor cood Cblcaco proper:y. Apply ti
DATttJVOTOS* CO..Dartnp .n,low».
lyy, r.TDMtn
3g,tai Eas£&—®si«kv2.
tTOR SALE—Famrs a-d Suburban
X 1 lot« IdTHOS.B 88-iVSßcalEltatj Offloe.
A farm of Uo»cres in DnPsse County, S| miles from
CWe%co ontht oalst * iau»ovi,at.a IH mil« ,roi 2 “S
JuntticnsiaUrn Price ISiftO. Other farms m Cook
and adjoining ccnnilc*. wt^is.w
IT'OK SALE I offer for sale much
X' brlow Ue actual TalmsbetwefniCOanaSCOacms
of h‘avypinctlmc»*reaiauC.Pi Manistee. Mich. to
cinflt atVstste. Caliat SiSouA Wrier street .L a.
vhah. aag 3tS jll
TCI OR SALE -Who wants a farm ?
X' A farm of three hundred acres prairie, timber
a-d button land, well watered ana desirable for
titter Hock or grain, erupted one mile from railroad
ecrot. Jnene ci tbe best r.elgLborboolam Southern
Wisconsin, tor rale at a oarcrin. Address P. O.
Drawsr So. «OSI, or cal! at h*o. 331 Soutn Water
meet, Chicago. anS*o39QU
FJR SALE—At a bargain.
About fOacrts of Improved land, with house,
well, cistern, crchard. Ac. There la also a young,
lb iny pore of lowest trees on tbe premises. I* Is
situated so m to command * line view oi tbe city, la
well adapted to small fruit or Testable culture. In*
untie ot GRATES A IRVINE, 75> Lake street, or
B*ADY A PBRKY at Aurora suSogl’lW
FjR KALE—Farms and Suburban
Homes for sale la Tboe. B. Bryan's Beal Kstkto
Offict.BryanHaU. A valuable Farm, near Marengo,
McHenry county, consisting of 30 acres under plow.
6.". undtr Meade w and n*«tur«. and sof timber. will
be sold low for cash. Other desirable fsrxs »°aja
burbaa home*, cheap and on credit. ita
SALE—Karma and Suburban
r Bernes lor sale in Thor. B. Bryan’* Rs'l
Office, Bryan Hull.
OsiesWc and Buoxvtlic, Knox county, DT. contain*
trg 2toacre* ol idsblyemttvated. lanl,
laixe cw*lllrg bsms. sheds, Ac.
other farm* and ȟburoau homes, rtW M] pn
endit. jytt-ma-m
®c Bent.
TO BENT—A fnrnished room.
mltrttefot.flnjle ,esU:ffi>!l. A;"!/*!
Seuih Car* street. su«*o49»lt^
rpo KENT—Office on eecond floor
X o.ct 9S L.ke meet. cOTjer ot Dtyhor.. For
teims apply atibeoffice at SriIXHA DnT88,93
am 94 cake street. au. oSU-at_
T3 RENTo-The second and third
Btotlc. Id Ite w»! !;or? of Cobb'. niMt corarr
of Michigan avenue ana
for cccu nancy ai*oni AugurilSth. Apply to H* •“i
B, w HI iTb MOBS a CO.. 37 Lake meet.
rpo BENT—Tho first story and
X bismot of the marble front store. So, 333
ifte »«B?App!y to WM. C. DOW. 31 Cl«k st.
tttoCS-tt -
TO RENT—A Cottage containing
Are room*, situated on tbe corner of Monroe
and Home streets. Also, a Public Hall, comer ot
W«»tßandolph aid Clfotoa aweeta. toogrti»f^k.
S. SEALE Y. au>o37a3t
TD RENT —Furnished rcoma to
rent without board at 161 Washington tfrret.
snt*ctt2Si ;
TO RENT- Store No. 19S Ran
folpb afreet; sfrr-Scu«s Wells ajrest; 3 balls
*, T w • “ea e'eb la »tf Uoyd Block, fleor. Apply
to < AETKK e' HAAiiaOh'. K«.« Baadolnt *F«.
CffiCfcba.3, aut 3595*71
WANTED - Twomostitntea, who
are veteran foldlert or foreign ers.at 34 L*
aaße afreet. AI beral bounty will repaid. No ton*
new lor brotcra teed cal.asiho bounty “S 11 *; 1 -? 0
iottcsoicleis. eaiotSiat
K ANTED-Recruits for U. B.
Ouubos* ierv*cc. A f«w a ore yoape men want*
teat ItUucements offered. Licalbor nfrea now
TX7 ANTED- Drafted men of the
V\ rtty ef Chicago aid ftito d Illinois to know
rhat ihey can be faxiuahea rcpnstntafrrfa at ttsmeev
tenre sod vte shortest nonce* hr addle*'
*!nr°LQfk Box GOU3, or *pp.»Ke at tie comer ol
rczffiife*? 11 co.
TXT"ANTED -Substitutes and rep
“fKiSt b °°° i?u,litl *°°Vffbarn'v&’co.
TXTANTED Substitutes. Dear
W «in. art-r yoc bare canvassed the city of
Cblcaco, we would nke for yen to give iD- tbQ last
call,ana it rill tren brrttr Ig* C u™?}
tifsthilimit bounty to Substitutes and Kcpre*
ernutives entering tte U S.eervl fflJrtßel-ffiitt
from one to tl-fee years. Choice of lernce ajare?i
melt given. Gunboat mer taken r^ r °H*»'!f,°
three years If ytu wVh hotora iledeaUac. cIT? a*
a call at the corner of Randolph w d Lb Mil as trt -1,
In tre tia«ecent. WM. Munrfl* • cu.
WANTED - Substitutes for one,
»T two or three yean, service. We w:U pay Imm
tVCto I’M bounty to three yecis lobitlmns we
will psy tte bisi cat price lor mbstmte* or
t»oyear»’ itrvlce. Aroiv to ibe Central western
war cla«m cffice o: TCIiXSON ft No.
4S Clait i trect, Chicjpo. »a>(H73-2t
Wf ANTED— Substitute We are
Tl authorized to procnMsnlHUcates for parties
subloct to diatt. ant will piy frem four hundred and
flftv tc five bonrred dol|«»« to sa.-b one who shall be
rcepred wiLLhON * ME«RIAM,« U&rksaree.
an* 0113 2t
WANTED— 3lfu liable to diaft—
T » cr not-In Chicago cr the state of
befornlJitcd with mbstinres or r»*p?c3sat4«lTc* at
tte me st r»s sonaile t?nu» and on tee ancrtastnotle*.
by fcpltlar to J A COLBV. 53 Clark itre«.*. or ad
dnib Box 23-10. Chicago, Itt anTeSOUt
WANTED— Men lor the army,
V t lor oce.two and three ycxrs. who are not lia
ble to diait. Most fitter be aliens or dis-bsrged
so’.dleiswfco have aeryed two ye*r«. To such I will
pay the blebes: price, roi't go anywhere else unit!
you hare Tiflted me Will also psy the bl/hist price
to aty one who will <nrc'»h n.e wltt an accep able
reiTQit J. A. COLBY, 35 Clark street.
uu» oJOi-2t
\X7ANTED—Two substitutes.
» y Alienor vewraa soidlers.now cxemptfrom
miblmy dutv, wrt receive alihe- »1 rash bauu y wnen
nrnt-tered Into ser vice, together with tt»tnxld bj *re
r,«xtiDaif.nU Apply Vo WEBaTKK ft OAOR. 75*
Lakustrtet.un-sXuira att?-j3jCAV
SAf ANTED—Apt nts, Male or
* ' fete alt. can clear *3O to *SO per week at their
own homes. in alight tranniictann; business. The
arncle c«n he made l n a few minutes, at a cost <t so
e»nts. ata wilUave 120 to *;0 lo any family. Fall
particulars sect to any address oa rvceloi of fi.
Orcnl-rato agents Lee. J, J. BALL, Aurora, 111.
Box 37, North. aaS-oRT-Jt
TA7 ANTED—Employment. ITS a
T T month. Agent# wistea to sell aewlce ma
chine# We will give a commission on a l machine*
Bold or employ scent# who will work for the above
w&crs >i a all expenses pr*d Adcrejs D B. HER
KIWTOy A CO. Pyjoit. Mich. anS-oSim
WANTED—SIO to S2O a day.
t T Agerta wanted to sell the improved Little
Gl»atSewlce Machine. The best cheap machine tu
u>e United State*. W> are giving a commis ioa by
which ;he shov** wares car be made, or we wl:l em
ploy agents at 17- a month and exf enssa pant. For
tnrilcnifcis and t*nra, address, wish stsrrp. T. 5.
FAtiE.GtnT Acent. Toledo, O. anG oS&-6tiAitw
T\7 ANTED—SIO [ er day—Agents
T ▼ who are willing to dovow aiewbaursdilly
to a light,honorable, sod highly prontab e business,
at which any person, mal# or female, wita ordinary
energy. cmdesr a ollar an hour, The article is
urgentlyceed r d-Co9ta He—make in tea minntev—
pav#MX) percent, and will save 15 to *l3 a vear In
nn, ibmiiv. Fall particulars, with circulars for the
business. Ac,, uni to any adcre«s on xweti-t ox n.or
to c uhs cf 12 to one ad?re s, *2 Oou.tv rights on
reasonable tens# toa-entf woo have emo th« arti
er a trial. Adcrciß M. C. MERRILL, Box 3371,
Chicago, auSolL-.T
ANTED.—Agents wonted to
▼ • sell the noetj ‘‘.Woadertul Inrenilou of ft be
Ace’*—an Instrument and full instruciloiis by which
net l*ds *r sen'letnan can take a nertect llkectsa.
bei.t Dee on receipt of 50 2ent«. Aetnts are making
fid a day Every tamily should have one asdUke
their own llkpoesir* Town ard rruntv f or
sale. AddressM. DEGRAKD,t2UB Broadway, New
York. r.
WANTED— Aleuts wsr.ted in
every city and town to take ebsrse of a H:ht,
pleasant, legitimate business, from which any man
o« ordinary enerev can easily realize fiso a mocih.
A specimen “article" welt worth |2 00. with circular
st.c tarns to ficen*#. will b*» promptly sent to any ad
dress on leccip* cf *1 nnd red sump. Tiioso not ac
crj'ied, promptly returned. Adores* PTN* A Co,
itOS Srcadway, New York. ao3-0.30-3t
TAT AN TED—Agentn to sell bj
V t inbserlptlon the "History of L'ncaln’s Admin-
Ittrsilon Price *1.50. sent by mail on receipt of
ac oun. The aulborlxed text book of tut canipulan
sells taplcly. Otter popular works. CLARK A CO.
G-nera West* tu Agents, B’2 Washington street, rhl
c#co. Pox 4731. &u5 0242 a)t
TATAN TED —Good Agents in
? Y cveryconntylntbcNcrthwoit, to »ell Schon
btre’s Siarcard -ttu# of the World—the best Atlas
fox the price in the United Stftte». What one agent
says who h«a tried it: (Mr. K.K. Land dh. Agent. 1
have hrta 00l niKsut two weeks aso 1 have avemacu
sis a day. Bend ma uumcdiauly so more of the Atlas.
JOHN i • WIUIOX ) For terms and a-cnCTftpblyio
tt R LASDON- General Agtnt fur the Wert, 88
Lake street, Chicago, in, anS o2g>lm
TA7 ANTED—lmmediately —1000
7 * Asccts to Introduce our unrtvallod new Sta
tlonrry rnchspes Wc give Dee to every «grot who
boys a case cf lit of these packages a rich and cost>y
gm, consisting of silver lea sets, watches, IcenUch
err, castors, r«ke baskets. Card bsstcets, AC. The In
ducements we offer Intha elegant present* p ven
wi»h every case, make It one of the rarest chancte
tor making morey ever offered to agsuts. Sendtor
circulars.cr call >nC. M. DUNN A CO., IS2 snt ISI
houlh Clark street. Chlcngu. anal-o«.-6t
AT7ANTED—We vurt uutlhgeijt
T T agrnts to fell, bv subscription only. Dr. Boyn
ton’s new aid !tiip<»rtSDt work: •» Kncksh and Frax-eh
Ntulxalliy, aud snmo-Frcach AYI-.cc 3 In their Kola-
Ucnft to tr.e United St?»c-Jind Rnss a " It Is a work
cfmore than ordinary- merit, and Is destined to have
a&VMncniefalebrthinthis toutirv wed .a “uropo;
Std already the rfp:rtj from agents, lust heriaulnz,
shr.w ibst the gr<ater.t Istrrest Is nta--lfest« , d in the
work. Address ft. F VENT A CO.. ruMl-herr. HA
D< arbors streit, Chicago, 111.. Or 38 W. Foanh >u
CluciLla'l, O. aul
V/VT"ANTED- SICO per Mc-ath Ac
» t live and ZMlable Agents In the Army and
everywhere e'.rr.Jn tbnncst bcrlnca? known.
Honorable and noilsk. Address or apply to T. A o.
QACOHAJK, 110Bro&dwuy.N. Y.- ]j n>-n9H:-4a
VST ANTED-Good Agents to sell
t * mv new engraving ectUlsd “IXuma on a Fur
lough.*’ Engraved by John Sartaln, FLlls. One ol
try old aecsta writes me: “1 sever Lave seen any
thing that began to sell like U.*‘ For particulars call
at 16 rortland Uicck P.O Box.V-iAM- Bend eUisp
forterms, Ac., to S AAUTGL FIRE, tAicago, Illinois.
Jyao-nL. u
T\7ANTED —Agents in every
f T cennta in the Hor’Kwffit to sell C. D. Richard*
sou’s soiecaiiEifel Military Portrait or Luct. •Jin.
O.fi.OßtKT Mrs U,B. Grant ears It u
tic cnir '(iictiue *6* l le correctlhat pno
tilled. Emt by maiion receipt of ftootoanv part
0 : the country- Auentt rao*>t edl-y H, K LAwnov,
Gcnctal *e*nt for me Northwest, ?S Lake street.
FcatO-ceß-ix'i?? Sy:<v^?J3tta
SUsl lEstau-CUiE
pOR SALE—4OxISO cn Cmal, be
!, twetn Randolph and Madtwn. to ft ot on Clark
e'rcet—a flee basinets location. A good business
rrcpertjcu s-tate ttnot, rtm« for 1* ner ecu’. A
p»rc« number of residences and unimproved low in
tbedilh-roct Division. Call and look oyer the illt.
J.L LI E, GG (.lark street. an7-oi9) it
■pOR SALE—An ertirely new
* two story frcm*honse,cf XI rocnis.wai lot 13 by
leet. on Park avenue, between Wood and i-luc da
ns nooie is well flushed, witb cai.b it • rooms. Ac.
W:ll be sold |sw. SAHCEL A. SARGENT.
_ Beal Estate Agent, No. 4 MetropcUtwi Block
au.0517 2t
17 OR SALE—Iru ide Property. To
i patties who are able to erect permanent ita*
p cv-ments. I cifera »p end'd chants for luyeutnAut
:ox76feeton West Rarcloloh street, abent vcofeet
wes: of thn nvtr, a conin' front. Anpiy soon at
EhNST PKDSSINU’a, Su. (J LarcoQ Block.
au“ O'.IS-lw
SALE—Business and tesid-
J erce property, at THOS. B. BUYAS'S Real Es*
ta'.e Office.
ill Vt B IX)TS. foil depth to Franklin etreet.
RANDOLPH SIREisT, corner of Wabaih avenue.
C ARK STREET, opposite the Coon House, and
forth er south.
oTaTK aTKBET, etore and lot renlink well. AUo
100 tec' and Ove bouits.
i.MOh PARK.—Several beautiful lota fronting the
Brcses and lots m all three Divisions of the city.
fli,6 ovl6ll
FOR SALE—House and lot No.
y;0 Wabash avenue. SMcetftont, IVO feet deep,
bttaeen Madleoaana Monroe streets. wl:h
Irr-roTcaeLts. Icqnlre os the premises and No.
MlB Kictte street ao6.oS7Mw
T?OR f ALE—Choice residence lots
J? It George Smith's Addition. Thl« *nnerb resi
dence property, ivlne between 20ihand2iat streets,
and fcute street and the Lake. Jrontlng on all the
avenues, ccmpitses about 8; lots ot 30teet front each,
which aie now offered for sale Ibr ca»h. The tract la
about 25 acre* in extent, and Is unequalled as choice
r*sidtnce property by any tract of the same extent in
tne city, tree Dom nulsarcesof every kind, and each
biock substanUally fenced. Ko lots subdivided, and
no lots sold except for inch occupation as shall been*
tuelv unobjectionable. Apply to A. J. AVKItILL,
Real P.siate Office, No. 7 Metropolitan Block.
SALE—A very desirable
Jt? residence, one block west of Pcion Park; lot
30x150. The boDM Is 22 by «, good «nt buildings,
all new, gas and water on both floor. Tula irdlsouv
able. Aacren with real name Box 5677. Chicago
Post Office, or call at the orenUscs southwest corner
of Lake and Pauline sti teta. jySi-oGMw
l?OK SALE—IT. S. Marine Hospi-
SJ tal at Chicago. In pursuance of the act of Con*
grtw. anpioTedOme amtotiziagthe tele
of the V S Marine Hosp-ul and grounds at Chlcaam,
I unoli, situated cm Michigan avenne, between sooth
Wait: stre. tend the Chicago FJver, notice is hereby
given that the above property will te sold a. public
acr-.ioo. on the sth day oi September. ISM. at W
o clock a. 5 . bv the Collector of tbePort of Chicago,
atihaOu?tonillou«e«n that aty. Tbs tcruiofthe
sale aae for read* money. Cpi n the receipt ot the
Durebase money m foil, t£e Secretary of the Treasury
ipIU traic, execute and deliver to the purchaser
thereof a good and sufficient dead for the premises,
conveying all the right, title and Interest o. the uni*
te u» S acrordfttC6 with the act authorizing the sale,
p-weaaioacf the said Hospl’-aWnd srt.un; a wm be
retained, until the new Hospital to be built under the
provisions :f the act sha.l bo ftlly completed and
IC ChTcM atJ&ifactory bid shall he obtained. the sale
will l>e nestrened. wM. r. ffb«»akf»i?hi , i,
»29 nka-gw Secretary of the Treasury,
T> OABDTN o.—Two suits 'urahhed
.El end two suits onfnrnUhe * desirable rooms can
he bad «uh ho.ni at prees. at the bt.
Clone Hold. 112 and 114 FiackUn fctreet,
aul 05512t
BOARDING -Pleasant rooms,
withb.ard. may he had at Ko. 229 Michigan
street. North Side, a short distance west from Kush
street bridge. Also, a Kw day boardmi accommo
dated. au7-oSWMt
BO ABDING—Two very pleasant
ncfurni‘hed front rooms, suitab'a for g*otle
men and their wives, on theerraer ol Ann and Fal
lon streets. West Fide Permanent board err. with
good reference!, only need apply. aui-o.C»lt
TJOARDING—A large bedroom,
X) with elrse*. and two medium §«? d raoms, (for
n!ehef,) with board, cm be bad by ftrat-clasa hoard
er* at 359 oblo lUeet. with « private family Uvrag
In a ccmfrrlable modern baht hrlcx house. Heter
cn-fs recuirea. Nose tot permanent boarders need
apply. au>o«l»3t
■QOABDIBG.— Two or three
18 niestant icons, with board.canhehadatrea
tocabie rates at £95 Indiana atfcet- KoC reoceare
q.airtd au oSrfst
BOABDING, —A veiy desirable
Bait of sapors with folding dao.*.al>oa pleas
a-r jc-t ofroars with t:o fuitrxrefor sale-to let
«.*.h tKardat 51 South C*^eatctei.,T- ei .g-i ß>
au«-c!2S iw
BOARDING •’•Unfuinfelcd roonw
with boaid,for«*euUem%Dand tt!i mfi ....
bwnac cn the Hen Slue, two bine** .r 0!n tor nSt
n»fl.*ne*etbtre are m otter boA-Ctm AiiirSrV
83x4588. eoT-aM «
TX/'ANTED —A boy, 1+ to ig
IT yearsfld.tx male hltD*«Tf generally
If be mlls.ean bare a oe-rme'it situation. Mn»t
able to reaoacd »m* well Add'csrlt. o-*o lunrt
w.uisß- staUarcatue.sge, rsaiuence, Ac*. Box 27 s,
Cnlcaio. an7-0»555t
"TX^ANIED —One or two young
IT ben wlibloe »o obtain beird and a plexus*
oeimaieit oraie tn a p-lvate boose, nay hear of
tucu an o> porloolty or addr-*ulrg, with lo’l na/ne or
i sit rente, ** a C,” Tribune office. au7 oti7-lt
■■*7I7ANTED A sit nation as
v * draughtsman or arehi’ec'nrsl oreneer. by an
architect 01 ibcrcaih theoretical and practical (do*
ctiior test city referenfrs or abiiicy sod moral
craise’er, Add:esS“ WSf,"LciUr.aox273l.
an? ci?i-3t
XV’ANTED -'Wood Cnui pers. 10
* f or 11 good men to go to ‘Wisconsin, will pay
aircprr cord.so* mroiio free p=a«age. Apply to
GEO.E.SUOYILLE, Ogdin aSUp, by Archer Read?
WANTED - A fir, t yl-a} men to
sell float oq ’fThßbat, mKlJdjdbC.K' corre
spondence In r*la-ion t'.JCK^AKiArtlTtfllQg ref'
er> crea. expwlei.ee utdfiuv.KWObi 4715.
TXT ANTED— At Como Mibs, lili
*» noli, a ascend miller. Permanent ftaploymfnt
wIUbcp.TPD. Wore teed aoply but flisi r»tetto.«
flnutri and Rlndera. Apply at 6 Pardee Bat d*ncs.
Bomb Water street. an? o«B-3t_
TX/ANTED —A paitier, with a
IT eepPal of coo, to an established bu>lo«ea
thazyleiotapr-fltofeept per <eat oo_‘,he outlay,
with tjoleic retorts. Addro •“SX H. Box 790,
Pc k Ottca. am-o4l7>at
TX7ANTED - A pa iter, with from
IT SPOOf» to cash cspl'*l. In a safe aad
nrufltao r manofacmilag baslu- ss Rei renc « riven
ana rf qairec Piesse appoint mtemew. by address,
lax. with real slxsatnre. to ** Box 4210.
i*. o. anl.ovw it
\\I ANTED —A airuation, by a
» ▼ Darrlzd mao. as porter ; n say LI d cfbnst*
ref* a knowledge ol brewing. Adire>« 'W
E,'* Trlbnne offlee. aq. olio .t .
TXTANTED> Tti te collars per
1 V week will be paid for a Hitt rats ttrl to do
g.neralhrnrework Ina imall family- Good
nnndatloßs'eoalrtd. Inrjture at No. 1 UcCormlck
Block, toner Randolph and Rearbom su.
TXrANTED -By a young giil, a
ft situation to do Mtchen work. Good
encet given. Call at 177 South iLrket«.re»t.C3r*
uerci Aaams. aaT u tC-lt
TX7 ANTED-Machinists tor tight
f Y werjr, at lIS S. franklin st. aa7-o5C«t
~y\f ANTED -A onng man as por-
T I ter. Bei* o’ city refartEces required Apoly
at 120 Lake street. aaloXOat
TATANTiD —A foreman in a small
Y» frurrtry. Address with real nama and refer
erc©a,“MOlTLDEi:,” Chicago Port Office.
. au7-cH2 It
A \T AN TED—A young man thor-
T T ongbly acquainted wlih the drr coots bad
ness. » situstnaai wlesmai. Jut; from the
H»:t. Cm give the b<*K*. of references. Axdieia
* C H R,”P, O. Box-1333. aaT-otS>-3t
TA7 ANTED A first class sales
** man In awboleaa’e boot and shoe house.
None need apply who lanot well acquainted with
trade and ran kiv«cliy reference. Apply iiSUats
sued. GORE, WILLSON A CO. anSollSgt
"TATANTED - Board in a private
ff fatally, where th«r« ere no other boarder*,
fer a gentleman and wL r c. West side preferred, if
convenient to the street cars. Pleasesdonaa WM,
Bex 1(168, Chicago, UL References given sad re
quired. am*
TA7 ANTED —A situation in a mil-
T » ijcerr store or photograph nailery by a jonne
laor of cxpcrlPro- ■' er=a moderate. Address “H,
Port Lfiles Box 55-J3. auAoS^bt
TAT ANTED—A Situation as as-
T a sisi ant BcoX keeper or fial-staan in some re
spectable isiaMifbmtct. where bcactmnco
tor orottonouK toundwor-hy. Would cot object to
a situation Itt a railway office. Flrat-cias* r ,"‘ e £2. n s. M
tarnished. Address “R," Bex 37*J3. aaS OmS-JS
\|TANTED —A returned soldier,
T » formerly ft teach* racd a thorough Rook keep
er. with rfcomme: daUnns a* a business m»D, one
from ihrProvc*t Marshal of the bib District, being
wi'hcut city influence. adonis tbl* method of anding
some imu.f«nrtetniDloyment, Pleaao addreoa, stal
ing |•ert'ctUarß,• , BEW fOJ*,*’ Tzloune office.
AA7" AN TED—A shadow. Rhoads
T T i Co., at their flue Pbotopaph Rooms. 136
Clsikatr*ei,sha'owforth mere u»an - .y,ln quicker
time, for less moaev than ever before kuo Cartes
de Mrtte and all modern *tjle plctutva chtap?r thaa
can rcsslUj bo baa elsewhere. auG oils St
TA7ANTED -Enruiture tor an of
▼ T flee, to consist cf two or three desk*, a med
ium sized sale, ma* unc. stove, A*. Must be
quality Apply to JAMES A. DICKENSON, 93
Washington street, or address P O. Drawer 3933.
an« ol9>r.
TAT’AN'VED—A second hand two
y y fluehoreraboafitifcct Unp. On® with flte
bc-xand smoke statk preferr, d. Also <mall euetue,
ftoo- sto 15 hone nowsr, without bctl*:r. Acdree*
JOHN B, KlNG.Cblcaco. anG-og96St
TAT ANTED A fi, st-class alto sing •
f* er. l iberal salary will be paid. Apply to u.
A. KIMCARK. 303 »od lUS South Water atreet,
fllßll. Kimbaxk A C 0.,) N.:n- r.erd applybut thoa®
wto cco brlcs best of tcference.aad wlUi. e tocumo
on trial. aui ot3t-3t
TATANTED —Agoodheakhj Wet
y T Nurse wanted. Apply Immediately at 34S
West Waihlngtou street. auSqtCSlt
TAT ANTED —I. ftrmr.tion ss to
T T the attoitey who drew thewjjl of the Tate
ThCS. Dnnr. and oi Jacob Mel-?r and Titomaa Merri
mao, wltnfises. BARKER A TtILEY, n;to*a*ri.
137 Randolph. auft-oam
TAfANTED— A Gen. au Giil to
T* (o general housework In a small nmtly Ap
ply a: lOi 5 S&njamun aireiU au6 oim-7c
TAT ANI ED—Flonrirg Mill. I
T T w?nt to rent for a Pna -M yenr*. ac«-oi Flour,
log Mill wt'h w-.itet peuer and a caracKv o( about
two hundred barrels a day, in lows, HltaoU or Wls-
Ad«Tr«aa. siating location, terms. Ac.. P. a.
Drawer 6317, Chicago. au*-0395-3t
TATANTED —$2,000, in n nice cash
▼ T business, on which a profit ofoee hundred
do lars p*r uioutb will oe gnamMc d, with no risk
of caitui. £r, rythlcgmsde catiafbciury. Adcreea
“R, Box I*J3O. auEo 597-1 C
TATANTED I,CCO tenu cast
T r scrap iron, lor which we will nay the highest
market price Country <j«alen w>ll Jo w*llto tn’p
cin ct to ns. as we bus for our own me and will not
cnarcethnn commission. C. h. BROWN. Iron Mst
clantsand fonndrymtn au6of37-im
V 7L T ANTED.—Having enlarged our
f T manufactory, wocansoweappiyoardemaail,
ind wonla n.Hke atrassemctii* wit a one good man la
evetj county to soil on commission or «»lary, our
‘ Ponared’Bbcre." 1 heuniversal which thl*
Invaluable household article Has received,la unpar
alleled. Our agents are reactor harvests. Bi close
II lor sample and oar agency clrcalar. state your
aze.cccopn.lon,sed if yvo desire a ealary.ctateyonr
expect uiod. We sell only through our '• c-*laf«nts.
and elve exclusive count? rights oYI Vj'.STKU,
COOK A CO., 80x4708. N.Y. P.O. anloffiUt
~\\T ANTED —By the advertiser, to
T T purchaseicpcasb.lalllinoisorSonibernlow*.
an unproved, or pa:*ially Improved, stock and grata
lanu of m»m 100 to SOU acres, good house, ba>o or*
ctaiC, plenty of good water— living water prsferred
—with n proportionate quantity ol tlmbero'flanc.and
within a ehoit distanced a railroad depot oi navie*
a’Ocilyer, possession required in a few weeks. Ad
dress J. AFGTLE, Batavia. Kane Co.. Hi, stating
p*.rtu ol«ra, with. lowest prl-tc. Will receive prompt
attention. au3-«J294t
VITANTED—A Journeyman
> y Ai rod xrMchtepMrtr wiu find
emplcvruetit at or onshaiM.by adlrew
mc Drawer O, Muskegon. Mlcu., with reference*.
City referees pr> ferred. *a?ol3:-lw
VV7ANTED—W-j want every mar
a * ntd pns*n. a-rt-those roymrpunso xu.
BiAce, In the UcucdStvcs. to teed for one of onr
F*ALSDCt«crx* !;e, “lorUie man led only,** which
ccntauK inf nuhtina ot tht utmost Imoonanco to
evrrr trained
b*- obtained fn no other way, and from no other
source Positively so tumbos wlthatamn.
I*r p. FACHELOP, Ksakatee City, HI noli. *
ijtp nas»‘t
\\T AKTKD—At the Peona Boiler
n and Bbet-t Iron Works. Teona ll.afewgood
boiler maker«, to - bom steady employment will bo
given by upnljlner '.m- edl.uely at the Peoria BUler
Works, Peoria, 111. PHELAN A CO. W»g*a four
dollars per
VST ANTED—F er the Government,
v * In the ODartermaster’a Department, at HV
Louis, laborers a; tJS t-cr rnontti: Team«tcrf, »35 oer
montn; Carrenters. *75 per month. Wagon M>k«ry,
*.h per month; Fiscksmlihs, *7O Tier month; and
Blacksmith Ui-Iperr at *SO per month, wlta ration*
icrnlfbed and Dee transportation from Chicago.
For further innuire.
Office. 13*iH Sooth Walertsuesr, Chicago. IR. n. M
BABCOCS. GovarnmentAgent. my-tiS.-fla
\\7 ANTED.—No humbug but the
■ * reMßlon<«trith. I win Inform any lidr or
gentleman hew I made 150,000 m two years time, and
tew shey can make the same. All letters rromptiw
sewered: nostceaj Rttractlve, and no capital r*>
fleadSs cents lor clrcniarj and Information
p '°- B « **• Terre Hants. Vigo
• County. Indiana. . jy?u.* ig7.iot
X\7ANTED—A Poituble Eogine,
• ’ of from lOto is borFe.power, for which 1 win
pay cash. Address J. R.’tDMOSD. care P. o Rot
ms. ausoliagt
\Kf ANTED—Room aud board in a
▼ ▼ nrl .-ate family, for a young gentleman and
wife, where the ccmicrts o’ a home can be Han Lo
cation most be pßoiaot. North or Sooth ora
fitted. Addr.-sa for three darg • BUSINESS,” Trt*
bune office. Thebe*tofreierence<civea entoSSiSt
WANTED -A “gaj and
.7.7 7"Mtt*eny«s»n wj*h-« to cowpoar) «ith
•Jiff* f D ° a*d loria*" jouwt ladles of Aumn.
u win. - ' -“S’ To T? on £coT)s;an»oc»«. Addr*#s
jjrjjj, *«-* B-'aCCi p. 0 Box 357. Chlcajo. HI.
TXTABTED—C orrespondence.
* * Tbree joneg ladlea between ie and 22 wish to
correspond with aa many handsome and Intelligent
young 2Rntl*-mpp as wjsb to r*s»* nd: ohjrc*. run.
ILaPATOS, Macomb, Ul. aui-oCS3U
LOST— On Friday Evanne. Ang.
ftb either on Sfirhlgan »verme, Lave. Lssslle.
Madlscn, Clark or Adams streets a LadUi Cuff, to
witch wat attached a black »cam**b*«l ate- re »tad.
with rec cotal sad pearl at t leg. The fl"d»r »11l be
snltabfy rev ardeo tv r* turning same to D. vr. PK-SIE,
at Boas A Poster’*, 305 Lak; street. an7-0309-lt
LOST —A finall Black and Tan
D.-p Atswerste th« name of Csppo. Haswr
!’ni«cj marked on his collar. Anyone ratatnlnc
< hippo tobisonce haoDThrme, onlndiana avenue,
thrte dootl north of Twentv-ieeond street, yitlbft
sol nably rewarded. MaSTLK HA SLY PIEBCE.
au7-c3lMl • .
LOST —On Fnday afternoon, a
Chased O-'ld Bracelet. The flrdev winpleaae
return it to button £ dorklit'*,4l L»*ail4 street.
auT <xg-lt
LOST —On the 4th inst., item 252
Michigan areiue.alarse red cow, b*th honu
gore, learlug onU short stumps. Tee finder w.ii ha
suitably rewarded by returning her to the above No.
c r It avtag rnfmnatioit where she may be lausd at
the Tribune office. auioUOMt
QTBATIfD—Or stolen, last Tnes
)o day morning, from C- E Msore, on "W*ih"aztoa
avenue.between Wood and Lincoln sta., West i rvt
ilon, rwo horses, both in groo condltlos* and each
kaving a ha-ter. One la a dark aorrei with star in
ferthtad. The ether is a dark bay. with two white
bird lett- A liberal reward will be paid to? their re.
tu*n to thr above aadma, or forlnformitl'D «s to
th»ir whereahonta. an 7 of3T-St
t award.
kjSlrsyedfromTS Lakealreot aTarceblackKow
loncclaad Do* : anewtred to tbotaae of ** frank.**
Aar cue rt tun lug him will receive the above
Ward. ac 6
CTRAYED —From tho town of
C 5 Evanston op Thursday, Sth lusL, six fat Cows
~*hr*e ted. two Mack, and cne yellow—ml one rea
Bull A reward of tweity-ave dollars will c« paid
t*w Uelr return or ;or tsfbmu'loa leading to their
recovery. OBEY A O , CoSNO3.i» audia Hionn
i tutor, or JOAN SiA IS* GrtoSlOft. eai-oißHw

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