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Our Sunday night - news gives us a
'highly interesting summary of intelligence
irom the various theaters of war, and of the
recent operations of the pirate Tallchassec,
received at too late an hour for comments.
Gold opened in New York on Saturday at
264>£fmd closed at 255%.
No news is good news. There is nothing
Inter from Gen- Grant except through rebel
sources. * The Richmond papers state that
ytcamcre are moving down the James River
3a’dcn with Gen. Grant's troops, and as if to
confirm this, they further state tbat Grant is
Removing bis guns from Petersburg and Is
raising the siege. We have little faith, in
-these rebel minors. If Grant is actually
Tnoving troops down the James, undoubted
ly they will be heard from in good time.
Every thing goes on finely at Mobile, and
"the old sea lion Farragut is evidently best
upon a brilliant success. Onr advices have
come at last through Federal sources,and they
confirm the good news already received.
Tort Morgan still holds out, and Fort Gaines
3s occupied by our forces. During the ac
tion the rebels report that Farragut lost one
and one gunboat. The rebel Admi
ral Buchanan and the other prisoners are at
.We print in this I sene & proclamation by
Got. Tates, calling for a fall regiment of in*
X*ntrj to be raised before Sept. S, for State
service in case of rebel Invasion or insurrec
tions incited by rebel emissaries and cop*
ytrrbead enemies of the Government. The
Xegimeut is designed to be a crack one, and
3 iroToet marshals and surgeons are ordered
to be stringent in tbelr 'examinations of re
cruits. The regiment will rendezvous tern*
Voracity at Camp Butler, near Springfield,
and when full is to report to Gen. Htlntzcl
yuan. There will be no difficulty, we appre
hend. in filling up this organization imme
diately. The service is an important one,
■the bounties are ample and the advantages
to be enjoyed are apparent at s glance. Chi
cago must furnish her share of this regi
incut. Let our citizens and military organi
sations fake hold 01 tbs.* matter Immediately
£.ud in earnest.
It is another instance of rebel duplicity
that immediately upon the exchange of tue
Charleston prisoners, the rebels placed a new
lot of our officers under fire. As it torus
out, General Foster has never exposed the
rebel prisoners in his charge to the fire
of their friends. "We hope he will not be re*
miss in this direction in future. Let retalia
tion in kind be practiced thoroughly. It is
the only remedy lor their atrocities.
Fighting before Atlanta on last Satmday,
Sunday and Monday is reported, but no par
ticulars are given farther than that the advan
li ges were upon onr side.
The typographical imbroglio in New York
js likely to be settled by a compromise be
tween the printers and publishers.
The Queen's speech on proroguing Farlia-
Jnent icccutly contains tbe following unex
ceptionable reference to our national
Her Majesty deeply laments that the civil
war in North America has not beeu brought
lo a close. Her Majesty will continue to ob
serve a strict neutrality between the bellig
erents, and would rejoice at a friendly recon
ciliation between the contending parties.
A general Indian war Is anticipated upon
ihe Plains. Rebel cmlssarlce have been busy
/ smoDff tbe'lndiaos, and it is. feared that the
Various tribes irom Texas to the British
possessions have bonded together. If this
Lc so we thflT expect a repetition of tbe Min
nesota atrocities unless prompt means arc
adopted to crush the uprising at the outset.
Jt is an dement of vast power in the hands
£>f the rebels, bnt we are confident General
Curtis will be equal to the emergency. In
ihe meantime it is in firmer for tbe Copper
jituds to suggest the unconstltntionality of
yn&kiog war against the li-dlans.
A private letter from Memphis, dated BtU
3 iitt, states: “General A. J. Smith has at
lost got unde*- way, and that his expedition
Mill be successful, we soldiers have no
doubt. We all have great faith and confi
dence In Smith's generalship. The general
impression here is that it is Ms intention to
jro to Coinmbns, Miss, and there meet a
Vnioo force from Vicksborg. Gen. Smith
-grid here a few days ago that if Forrest could
subsift on army in that country, he can do
the same, and that he would go' and spend
-t\se summer with Mm.”
Mr Memmlnger, ttfc late rebel Secretary
■of tbe Trcasmy, in a letter io Jeff Davis, as
signs as tbe cense for bis resignation the dis
satisfaction expressed at his mode of manag
ing the rebel finances.
Rebel papers ot a late date give tbe most
•encouraging reports to tbelr readers about the
Situation io Georgia. Tbe hopes of the army
#re said to be reriving. Reinforcements are
Treing continually sent to Atlanta. Gens. Joe
■Johnston, Braxton Bragg, Anderson, Wayne
*nd niqdmon were inlHacon on the 31st ult'
Tlic rebel Gen. Dick Taylor is reported
Lear Algiers, La., within six or seven miles
of New Orleans, where be Is fhrowingnp for
tifications. .Gen. Canby will thoroughly at
tend to him and his fortifications.
—Our Springfield dispatch Saturday morn
mt, placing the-deficit of Cook county at
4.020 men, took every one by surprise, and
crtu'.ed tomellilng of a “panic.” as nobody
Lad anticipated any ench figures. Bat as
people began to inquire and reflect, it was
heeu that tbe alleged deficit could not be
post-iblc. We tel graphed to our Springfield
yeporUr lor an explanation, calling bis at
-1 ■ uiion to tbe fact that on the 23d of Mirch,
IbGt, Provost Marshal General Fry'announc
rd that tills Congressional district was cred
i «-(j with an ncrtts of 5,030 men over all calls.
Jit replied as follows;
Si-uiNormn, Aug. is—l p. m.
Fditois Tribune.
The ciedit oi ,096 on March 22d* ISG4, did not in*
elude (he util of £00,(06 of Much il Toere
si«»» filrf been a great Increase of population be*
T»-oeß tlictwo enrollment*. There,te yoj to be
lakes ooKjf the 4.020 some6oo white and colored
»< auu a f> aim eulutmente .since Ja'y Ik.
This explanatlon'daes not cover the case.
There is a“ colored person in the fence”
Geu. Fxy staled* officiilly, that on March
£6, lbo4, Ililtioie bad an excess over aU call*
tip to tli I date ofSO,9GO men. This included
the 200,000 men of the lltu March call.
The excess of each district he stated to be
*6 follows:
}st. Cook
•Jd. I vane, &c
ad. Griuua •' fob
4th. r’2S
stb. Peoria
tah. Champaign yjfif
«h. Springfield. *
9ih. fo?
fiiiih. Jacksonville . s^*
3nb. Cc.UalU ;rf*
3-th. Alton “•*£
ncth. Cairo i*VT'*‘r
It win be seen that the excess or Cook
!*»<(« than double that of any other dis
trict. How happens it then that oar district
.• jr now in arrears doss upon one-third of the
entire Craii?
Adjutant General Fuller has secured a far
ther credit o< 5,000 men* heretofore not al
lowed, making the total credit of the State
vrevious to July Ist* 1601, In round numbers
Iff 36,000 mem, leaving a deficit of 10,182.
The enrollment of Cook county is nearly
-tine tenth of the State. Oor equal share of
the credit should be 8,000 men, hut our ac
tual credit Is or 1,438 more men in
proportion than the average of other dis-
Jncte It Cook County must /disc one
• tenth of the soldiers now called for, her
shurc wtuld be 1,000 men. But the books
pf Geo Fry* at Washington* show that she I
5s largely ahead of the other districts, and
.{jonsequ«*nUy her quota of the present
call would be less than 1,000 men. We are
nware that Adjutant General Fuller’s books,
.£o not give this county so large a credit as do
ihe records in Washington; but we presume
jhat our people will insist on going ■by the
records at the National Capital, kept by the
head of the Conscription Bureau.
we suggest that the Board of
Supervisors lose no time in ascertriningthe
-ruth in respect to the deficit of Cook conn
-v and making the same officially known.
TMfl county stands ready to honor all just
drafts on her loyalty, but she
jfc not quite prepared to pay otter people's
d. bte. AU onr citizens want Is lair play and
jno favors.
« amocclert Ahoy. w
• A dispatch under the above head appeared
50 snr issue of Saturday morning;. “° m
■Washington, sent by the Associated "fess,
■which, if not explained, will convey a false
impression, and do injustice to two popular
3ta3lroa«l lines. Bacgagc passing from the
.'United Stales Into Canada and again into the
United States, as has been the case by the
Michigan Central and Great Western Rail
waye, ■will be treated precisely as it has been
heretofore. Poisons having their baggage
checked in this city to any point East will
meet with no interruption or trouble what
ever. The road guarantees its sate delivery*
to the. point to which it is checked. 'The
process is and will be very simple and safe.
When the baggage reaches Detroit it is con
veyed across the river under the eye ol a'
Custom House officer. It is then put into a
close cor, the railroad officer puts one pad
lock os the car, and the Custom House of
ficer andther, each keeping his key. When
the baggage car reaches the east side of Sus
pension Bridge, another agent of the road,
sod a Custom House officer, each having a
duplicate ol the Detroit key, o{>cos the car,
and the baggage is transferred io the New
York Central Road, without any interrup
tion or examination whatever. Everything
isjnstas free from examination or annov
nnce f.e by any other Eastern line. People
preferring to go by the Canada route need
have no fears In this respect.
Devotion 6fhlH Constituents to Hon.
imyler Collax—A lew Words about
Hon Hittld Xarplc—Charactertatles
oi nr. Colta-X—Arrival at Valparaiso
—His Reception His Remarks—
How tlifj wore Received.
* [From Onr Own Correspondent.]
Valpahsipo, IdO , Aug. 14,18 W.
• The extraordinary dt-votlon of the Union'men
of the Dth CoDCref-tioual District of the State of
Indiana to their Beprescutfitlvc in Congress—
Hon. Schuyler Coltix, late Speaker of the House
of Representative?—has been often remarked.
For ten years, ami, if I mistake not, for twelve,
the Union voters ot the district hove selected bim
a? their etancsrtVbearex. and right royally has he
home It. Tbe Democrat* have in everv instance
flitted against him tbelr best man. bat in every
content cave one he has come off conqueror, by
rm.jor.uet ranging from 230 to BJWO.
don. David Tcmnr. 4
Tbe nearest be ever came to d-.feot wa? two
yean ovo, when Dirty Dave—l beg pardon—Hon.
David Tnrpie was bta competitor. Tbcn be se
cured hi? election by 230 majority. There waa
each a fating ofl‘ in tbe vote irom that of tbe pro
▼too* race that tbe Copperhead* thought, <ritb
Tnrpie as their leader, they should be able this
time to clean him oat* 1 entirely. So. on tbe S-Jd
of was placed in nomination.
Hun. David Tnrpie is by all odds the strongest
man timtcooid have been selected to ran asaiast
Cojtax, with tbe hope ot beating. He is a man oi
great talent—one of tbe most difuugulsbva law
3ere In ihe State—hut a great blackguard In me
manner of connacting a canvass nevertheless. He
is until* niiccrnpuluns and devoid of principle as
a politician, lie can dive deeper and come up
dirtier than any nun io the business, to my no
tion. He has tbe rare faculty ot conveying bis
audience along with him, and compelling thexnio
yield assent to bis proportions, however mons
trous and improbable He ie immense on the
“nigger question.” That subject becomes a burp
of a thousand strings in hie band*, and be can
play any kind of a tone- upon It, He Is tbe bean
Ideal of a politician in tbe estimation of Ul? ignor
ant, besotten aid bigoted Copperhead constit
Ur. Colfax la altogether a dlff« rent sort of a mam
His diction Is elegant, pure and impassioned, tie
seeks to convince tbe reason rather than inflame
tbe passions of bis audience, lie Is a moral, tem
perate, intelligent, Christian gentleman, and Is es
teemed for his talents, and lured for bis virtues.
Tbe Intercourse that exists between him and bis
constituents is more like that which obtains among
brothers, than like tnat dißtlnrnisbin:; tbe ordi
nary relation of Congressman and condiment,
tils speeches are remarkable for their patriotic
ftrvor, and tbe vein of religions sentiment that
peivadcs them. In all respects be is a remarkable
man Tbe country would be s hundred told bet
t»*roff to-da* did nla <eltow-memberr of tbe Na
tional Legislature more resemble blm.
Ms becepziox,
1 b?>d an opportunity ol discovering io vbat ce
t'mailou he is held by bis friends iu U.U bcaatiml
Tillage, yesterday, on tbe occasion of bis coming
u adores? them upon tbe issue* involved iu the
present political struggle. A little before tbo train
reached the dtpot about five hunoira of tbe men
and women oi tbe village, proceeded by the band,
matched to the station, a*jd there in the midst of
a biantlfhl cnvC adjoining, a salted hi* coming.
When be r* ached tbe brow of the bill a fneod
leo him towards tbe groan, while tbe bund played'
In an intpMUce M»d excellent manner, “tiiu tp
tie Cbiei,” Captain Demon, formerly an offi
cer on tbe staff of General Miiroy,
addressed bim in a few words of affectionate
wc)c» a e, and Mr. Coilax replied in a ten mlnctes’
speech, one of tbe most fimus and appropriate it
bat- ever beeu my lot to listen to. Tbe affair was
an Impromptu one, and altogether unexpected by
Mr. Collsx- After ibe speeches the band escorted
blm to tbe bam-e of a Irieud, the entire crowd, men.
women.unu children, uccompatijinctbem and bun.
It was a peitect ovation, ana Mr. C. appeared to ap
preciate fully the kindness and yowl wibhe- oi
iue triends.
xx the rvzxixo.
In tbe evening he spoke Id th .* yard of the Conn
□uiiso, tn tbe glimmer of the beßn'KUl moonlight,
and under tbe shade of the stlU mnro fisantiiul
(uteri tree*, his word* of congratulation and aa
vicetohis pfillticji friends and cnczmc?. Tbere
were at least 3,0 0 persons present— some of whom
had come from tbe prairies many miee i wav to
hear th*s eloquent expounder or rnc rtni'cs ihe hoar
demands of tbe people. There vere
and Democrat* present, as well as Evpttoiican*.
and fron. the ictp'U’fect t.inops.s of hi?
speech below suljoincd, yonr reader? can jnd.'e
bow faithfully be performed bis duty ou this occa
Mr. Colfax s-ald be was gad to meet bis friends
in this numbers on each inoralribt
August nlsbt. tie knew wbaro the
hia:ts oi the loyal men and women standing
about blm were to-i i»ht—uo: with him bat with
tbe brave soldiers baulmg ia the field for the
existence and preservation of tbe nation. Hi?
heart was with them too. Oor only hope of ?nc
cee«intbietemHic war is in thiir satetv and to
their victories. We know not where th»y m«y be
at thrt moment. Some are lying iu ibe trenches
at Pctert-bonr, perhaps preparing lor or repelling a
night attack; some sre storming the tonification?
of Atlanta, some are In hospital suffering anguish
nndpain lor ns and for the country they love
They po It r b with -b ir lives in their hands.
Tbey leave bneinr??. pleasure, borne, society and
aj lor tbelr imperilled country, lie spoke for
their ranee. If we‘do not stand by them when’
they arc ibn? willing to give op all are they un
worthy of tbe liberties for wb’cb tney peril so
Be spoke oi the Democratic Congressional Con
vention that assembled in Valparaiso on tftc ild of
.July, and read from tnelr resolutions, and tbe
record of their proceedings. He had trotted they
« uoio breath the spirit oi patriotism, and an Im
pcrit-hnblc devotion to the Union. WM not tbe
t-oldicrs read the record ot that Convtmioa with
tceUuss of mingled pain and indignation as they
confront the enemy i Will not the tr.iiiors in arms
In-rcre them lejoice a«- th-y read the record of aid
and comfort iLurfor-.-itht’d to their 4 wi'’ked cause?
Whai is this efrugole? It is to maintain oar
p-yvemnjeiii It is government that protects ns
lilife, liberty, and property. It is covernment
that has surrounded us at with an au&csphcre of
hJeeange Wt have theorized about its blessings
in tbe past, bar we have never realized their price
lt>i. worth until,they were endtogcred. It la gov
einmcxit that protects ue from murder by nnrht
.and d.y, cur property trom de«tructiou, and dor
i-ursohs from outrage. With .government toe
weak to permit this protection anarchy becomes
U,p law—piuiM-rty becomes vaiules«, and individu
al 11 cr»y totally Insecure. Witness Mexico. No
man hue would take a firm as a free gift there
upon condition that he and his ftmlly should live
ut»on it, Tbe great question of to -day is, shall we
tana by onr government. . L •
Be then relerred to the rcsointions of the Turple
Oopvcn'ton. which denounced from tbe beginning
’« the end, every act of the administration to
maintain the government, and commented upon
theonc denouncing himself personally, for stand
li«** by the administration. He referred to their
dtnunciatiou of the government ass “reigning
d»BpoUpm,”io their oUusions to the “arrest oi
mioffenfling citizens,'' in which the speaker sup
wostd they referred to Marshal Kane and others;
to their denunciation of the “confiscation of rebel
..roperty without notice of legal process.” He
a.ked li in their tender bollcitudc lor rebel right*
ttev wished tbe administration to send marshals
and constables to Richmond and elsewhere to-
I rme these “legal”, notices, and come hack a head
1 shorter, il they come back at all ?
Tbe President is tbe arm ox the nation, to strike
its enemies abroad andat home. TThose who seek
I to destroy the confidence ot the people in the
I President weaken and paralyze that arm. Is it
I not oar doty to seek to strengthen and energise
Tbs creed of thc*e men who oppose the Admin*
ietraiion cal l<e summed up In a «tngle sentence,
•• Peace with thv rebels, hm war on the Govern
mint.*’ How could they help the reoel cause more
efiectlvily? 11 lie rouiiere believed their argu"
melts, would *bvy not lay down their arms and
re.nrn to their homes) The rebels read this in*
vtciive audit elves them fresh strength in their
parricidal them*, *btt they prudjooice our cause
before the tmli-oElug world, blbiobj to tue pcint of
foreign recognition. The last hope ot treason is
U* me divisions of the North? ill you aid then
hr strengthening these divisions ?
'He thtn referred to The lecMlatlon of Congress,
denounced with equal bitterness by the South, una
tbc opponents of me Aomlnlsmtion st lb j North.
Coercion was firet denouncedby both; confiscatirn
was next attacEed by both, although the rebels at
the very onlbetconnscalcd all projua-ty ol Union
ists in 61U region; arming negro troops was con
dmned by l-oih.althon"b negroes fought at Bun*
SirUUl by tbe tide ol barren, at New Orlemj by
ihctide ol Jackson, and on the lates by the side
of Puny and none oflherc thought tbeanjclvee too
totad to tight with negro troop*.
The suspension of the hahetf corput was de
, uonnrec, although the Constitutton expressly an*
1 thorites Uin time of Insurrection, w hen public
safety requires it. The President has but lo.low*
coin the iootfttp* ol Jefferson, the lather of real
democracy, who ancsted Bnrr* supposed accom* I
plices, ano held them at Washington under the
very eye of the Supreme Court, and of Jackson, :
who was only a commander ot a department, who
suspended the writ at New Orleans, arrested the j
jade® who issued the writ alter its suspension,
and the lawyer who sued it out, and Imprisoned
both within tie lines until peace wa- declared.
The whole Democratic party justified Jackson’s
act, and Abraham Lincoln hi- only followed in his
footsteps. McClellan, too, arre-ted the Legisla
ture ofMaryland, and itnprisomd theta, to pre*
rent their passing an ordinance of secession. Vet'
they eulogize McClellan and denounce Mr. Liu*
coin as aty rant and a despot. Now are they con
sistent in their denunciations. Two years aso
they denounced the S3IA) commutation clause, and
wten It was repefilea they were equally bitter in
thetr denunciations.
After referring to the Niagara Falls Peace Com
missioners, whom it was finally ascertained had'
' no authority to treat for peace, he commented up
on the **To whom It may concern ’ uf Mr. Lincoln,
showing that It was not even slated to be an ulti
matum or that no other terms will be considered,
Whenever they propose to lay down their arms,
disband their armies, and return to their aßegi
ancetothe Conrtitodim and all mo laws of tne
Lulled States, several of which ho enumerated,
tliie war *ill end. The border States are now
riddmg thcmsclr< s of slavery, the motive slave
law Is repealed, and hereafter they must hunt
their slaves themselves, U any remain when tits
rebellion is crash* d. Every slave who fights in the
Tnlon annv is. with his family, en'rancnlsed, and
the slave of every rebsi is confiscated by la w.
Mr. Ooilax U cm clabjrated at length tbe 3®e§*
tfon of the di «t c«*-. demonstrated the anility
tX the ceunttv to pay ths paUlc deni, pnowfaj’
thtl the CrfU b t-tiit, in 1815, eajaated to alp«
Cent on the whole valuation of property, while
oar debt would amount, - Ten if the war were pro
tracted a year.ioueer, to less than 10 per cent.
Mr. Collax concluded by allndng to the soldiers.
h:ave and heroic on the battle-field, bat braver
and more heroic ttill in crowded hospitals,
mangled by rebel bull it* and safleiinc on beds of
p-iin. Prom not one of them would you hear the
appeal to snrjender the sacred cause for which
they Lave suffered so much; hot they would appeal
to you, so to act and so to do, as to show to the
world tbat yon appreciate their endeavors, and
that your unalterable resolve is:
We will fight till the triumph Is won.
Till the States lorm the realm of the Union.
As the stars form the realm of Che sun.
The meeting adjourned with three cheers for
“Schuyler," three for “Old Abe and Andv,” three
frr “Morton.” and three *‘for the brave soldiers of
Indiana in the field.” It was an enthusiastic
affair. Don.
B«d. StbnW.r Colfax lit Bryan Dal>—Word
ing for the Soldiers—Oar Daly te the
Defenders of the Calea.
Tbc announcement that the Hon. Schuyler Col
lax wouldlertore In Bryan HaO last evening, drew
together an overwhelming concourse of people.
Every available and even every possible space was
. occupied both onMie floor and In the galleries,
and not a spot where a foothold coaid be obtained
was left unoccupied.
Tbe mcetlnc was opened by staffing the hymn
“My country. 'Ha of thee,” which was rendered in
bcantitai style.
A psalm was read, and a fervent ’prayer offered
by Uev. Mr. Nelson, ol St. Louis. Auer which
the “Star Spangled Banner” was sung in happr
style by Baxter Stiles, tbe audience Joining in the
Mr Collar was in trod need and said: If It should
appear oneccmly for him, a layman, to apeak on
tnc sabbath, be had only to Bay that his Interest in
the cameo: the suffering soldier was bts Instil! ca
tion. To those who, like him, sympathized with
them, no limber apology was needed. The Sani
tary Commifslon was a noble monument to otxr
bnuiarityandloreor country. It was. be firmly
bettered, in its conception, tue work of God hlm
Toitwooweacordial support. The Christian
Commission was not alone to cany the tract to
the dying suldivrbnt to extend to them that tem
porary aid, which their condition requires. When
tbeSon of God came to ear-hue not oaly brought
t! e of salvation to a dying world, but ’be
mlracnlonrij fed tbe hungry, rave-right to the
bind,ea:stotfaedeaf, and health to tbe infirm.
It Is jnM to follow bis example. Ana what,
though tbe support of this organization cost
money* what arc these pecuniary sacrifices
compared to thofe which oor noble soldiers have
endured i They have sacrificed ties of home and
kindred, and with a valor not exceeded by the
veterans of Napoleon, hurled themselves against
bristling b»rncades. and ehontipg-gloriously for
Union and Liberty, have gone down to death. But
whl t- tbe foldlcr lingersjiud suffers, those twin
angel? of merer, the U. S. Christian Commission,
and tbe U. S. Sanitary Comna*eion, minister to
bis dvinr wants, and receive bis message of love
that will carry weeping to his stricken besrth.
Lively woman has done tbe greatest
$1 arc in this noble work. Goa bless
tbe Sneers that pick tbe 11m, the baud tnat fash
ions tbe ganr-eut, or the head that moved bv gen
erous Imi>n’Bß works in This splend d mission ot
God and humanity. Tnc Amazon who went forth
btn-elf to fight, or the Catibageniaa ladiesw&o
cut their fiowrnc tresses to weave into bowstricits
f r tbelr buatanda were coble, bat our own ladies
fib a not less Joriong mission.
Tbe speaker paid a high tribute to Hr. Stewart,
tbe President of tbe United States Christian Com.
Tue patient, pcral-tcnt, self-sacrificing scents of
tbe Commission have won sn enduring Immor
t ility by tbelr diPlsterebteo benevolence. Tbe
Commission has been very liberally sustained, and
tbey have done marl) to- alleviate, bat maydo
more If they are supplied with adequate meins.
No county has done *o much for us soldiers as
curs, bat In war mneb suffering is inevitable. Bat
when tbe signs, portend a battle, and m«d squad
rons into conflict: when borstiug bom is.
sud smoke and ibe cannons' rattle tell of devasta-
Iron and death, tbltbcr hurry the agents of tbe San
itary Commission, and ihear tender ministrations
n store the stricken ones to life and health. It is
a vast recruiting agency. Every hour it is adding
veterans to our army, by saving them from delta
and placing them again on duty, instead offollow
ing them by tfce muffled dram to tbe city
of iLe dead. Selfish considerations, there
fore, should induce ot to sustain this
institution, evru U actuated by no"moUveof hn
'mtn-liy. * It bar* saved thousands of veterans from
drttb, wbo but for ibetn woo'd now be steering in
sodicrs craves. In every good work where sol
dier** sorrows can be assnared they h iv : ever been
A-rtmori. At Petersburg onr wounded soldiers
were dally dung bom tbe beat and du?t, which
was dreadfully stifling. Something mostbedoae,
Scmeibfog was done. One of tbe agents of tbe
Commission started for Baltimore and soon re
tnrned.wUb afire engine, with which tbe yards and
street! around tbe hoeuitals were hour j watered:
and thus that jurtol our camp has neon rendered
tbemott pleat-ant spot around Petersburg. Tbe
osj> and night? of there men arc occupied in try
ing to devise sometblnxloaiieviaie tbe sufferings
or onr gallant rick and wounded men. *
Mr. Colt&s tbeu spo*c of 11« spiritual effect
npen ihe army The camps under tbelr Influence
L»d become a fruitful fit-id for conversion, tie
was assured that in tbe army tbo percentage ot
co&THn>ioi< waa greater limn at borne by our peace
ful cbnrcbce and firesides, tie related some ind
oet>t*oi bapppy convcr*i< ns, tn which the 'Jurii
tianCotPUUFeionwas. hi tbe hands of God, tue
worthy Insiimucut. If this Commission can give
the con furt- of Chrieitenlty to a single dying
man. no one wifi - surelv grudge tbe mite
he has giic, or withhold lu?' contribu
tions In the future, tie *poke of tbe
n.unriit* in- the modern armies ot Die world.
In thr.anny of the allies at Sebastopol the mortali
ty was frightful. Bn; * i last their gro ids were waft
ed ■cross Tbo ocean and an angel came (mm tbe
tetberland. She flew to tbo hospitals where there
aas siifleriog »nd death, and wlih her own bind
hound up ibe t-pllntcred limb and mioistered to
tbe sicx a:-d tie dying, and ibe army wi? saved
ard hnmacitv everv where rang with tbe nratee of
MorenrcNigbimgale. Ourown coontrvmen and
women are glononriy emulating her cxamole. To
snsLaiotbeznletnsnotcrndge the sacrifice. Let
ns zvmemher tno-e wbo*c bones now 'ttcack upon
•he the PcainsDli, in the Wilder
ness, at Spotisyltanis, or along tbe line oftbegil
tnwt Sherman’* victorious march, -and sorely we
riAjibln&h to speak of our sacrifices. .As we see
u.e sorrowing mother, the tearful wife and beplng
child, wbuse son, bnaband and father baa died to
itscne oar country from dissolution, let os Uke a
frpfh *esolution to labor for the Christian Com
Tbe death oiseoldlernpontbebsttle field, firing
In tbe pride ot his youth, was sad; but sadder
still Is the death of a great nation,* expiring with
all its hopes unfulfilled, its Government, its foun
dries, iu proud flag, all going out in the darkness
of early and untimely dissolution.
Such wa? tbe appalling fate that threatened onr
own loved land. To its rescue sprang amiillon oi
eons, busoatide and tauiere. i'oua*uiastuiveuouij
given their lives, tens of thousands drag their
maimed bool's through life, and tbonsauds more
languish ( n hceplUls, To them we oweahish
and holy duty. God help u« to discharge it. In
conclusion be said. “To-night, fellow citizens, 1
arperi to yoa to open your hearts and purses and
•ruin 'he abnndsnce with which God has blessed
you, from tie moderate means which fortune has
accorded to j on, irom the products of your dally
toil. I Implore yon to contribute to the heaven
m-plo d.work. Tb* sonls tbit have gone to God
irem ibe battle fields, where tbelr mlal<rra in«
imtr i-oou j:iven, look down and implore yon io
give. Th*promptings ot humanity, the impulse
of our better na nre whispers to yon to give
Mid when the Angel of Peace snail salute a re*
deemed, regenerated and restored country, and tbe
hum cl peaceful industry shall succeed the dis
cordant notes of war, yon may look back with a
just and pardonable pride upon tbe act, and claim
a part tf tbe glorious fame that will cluster around
•he memory of the United Slates Sanitary Com
Tbe address was frequently interrupted by loud
manitectatioiis of applause. At the conclusion a
collection was taken and a handsome sum realized
■oi tbe benefit ot the Commission.
*rOLTCfc« of Operations Before At*
Ci>’ClK2«ati, August 13.—A special to the
Cuiiirruiiial, dated Na?hfllle 12th, says:
Pretty h?rd fighting occurred on Saturday,
Sunday and Monday, at the front, but no
general battle. The'advantages are decided
ly jo on? favor Losses not heavy oa either
side. Everything progressing favorably.
WAnzuraTOK, Angust 12.—The following
dispatches are contained lu recent Richmond
AtlattA. Ade. 6.—The*eacmv have heca unu
pqblLt active daring the pout sixteen oonrs. About
4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, a heavy assault was
nude upon the works held by our■ sklrmbhets
unon the extreme lelt, After some stubborn fisbt
me, they succeeded In cainlmr possMslonjol the
TKJMtlon. but were subsequently driven from It,
Maonrlineswerere-cetabUhbed. About 100 clock
la-t night, an assault was also made on our skir
mish extending irom the centre to the ex-
Sane left ; but the movement, having aaUcl
nateo, resaiied in a complete failure. Brisk ekir
misbii'g continued throughout the night up to the
lime. Our lo*e lo both affairs la insignifl
cantT 1 There was comparative Quiet In thedty last
SghU But few shells were thrown, resulting ip
rnTdamape. _
atulvta. August * —Hon. J. A. Seddon; The ,
enemy made two afMUlu to-day on Flnlj’e and
Urn' bneadea of Bates’ dials on or Lm's corpa,
“tli of which were nandsoncly rennlscd, with
loss to them. J. D IJood, General.
New Tore. A thru'll2.—Tho Macon (Ga.) Ttlc
araplttA fate date notices the departure of .600
Snf la from that place lor Athmta. md raja a lUe
tinmbnrwill leave dailv for ft week. The State
troops are under Gen. &. W» Smith, and will form
people while Johnston was falling hack.
New Yoek. Ang. 18.—'The. Stra’tTt New
Orleans corrcßpoodcntoftheCth, ® a y*l I? „
ior Remington, commanding the lit a Ise ”
York cavalry, opposite Donsldscnville, was
attacked bn the stb, but succeeded In cut
ting bis way through with slight loss, ex
cept from 40 to (50 sick men. At last accpunta
be hod concentrated his force, escaping at
another point near Doyals. ’
The gunboat expedition up Grand Lake, on
the 26th ultimo, was a success. It destroyed
a large number of flat boats, and captured
many small arms and accoutrements, and
the next day destroyedtwo saw mills and
two boat loads of valuable lumber.”
Printers’ Strike In Sew York.
Kew YoEK,Aug. 13. —To-d.y all the mem
bers of the Typographical Union are on ft
strike for ft scale of sixty cents per thousand
ems for night work. Trouble was caused by
the Tima advertising for type setters at fifty
cents. The printers in the Tribune efflee left
because the publication of this advertisement
was insisted on. The compositors In the
2V** es obiccted to its publication and it was
suppressed. The Berdld inserted it With »a
advertisement following it from the Typo*
graphical Union, cautioning the printers of
blh*T places against coming to the city
New Tdas/Aug. 13. — The Commnrial says
it is reported that there is a probability of a
compromise between the printers their
ea-ploycrs being effected fo*day.
Rebel Reports from Grant’s Irmy
Reported Movement of
Troops Down the
James River.
The Mobile News Con
firmed—Everything Pro
gressing Finely-
In Extensive Indian War Ex
pected on the Plains.
Betel Forces Eeported Sear New
Draft and Income matters at
ftlere ludlan OTasaacrea lnteresting
irom Gen. Sally’* Kxpedluon- TUc
Location of Fort WadstvorCli.
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.]
St. Paul, Saturday, Aug. 18,1661.
Dispatches were received by the Governor
yesterday from the military post at Mankato
that on Thursday a party of thirty Indiana
fired on two men, haying In a field, near
Vernon, about twenty-five miles from Man
.keto, killing one, named Boot, and wound
ing his eon. The body of another man, sup
posed to have been killed by them, was found.
Some alanr existed in the neighborhood, and
the people collected In a stockade. A scout
reports that tbe raiding party consists of
stven in all, and they had stolen eighteen
torses. Plunder is undoubtedly their object.
They have slipped through or around our
lines, and will move off again rapidly. Gen.
Sibley is sure they will be surrounded and'
killed, as ample troops are in the region.
Msj. Clowney, commander of the expedi
tion to establish the site of and erect Fort
Wadsworth, writes to Gen. Sibley, under
date of Augusts, that be has selected
the site, a finely watered and timbered local
ity, near the Kettle Lakes, about halfway
between Lake Traverse and James River
and Pacotah Territory. The construction of
the fort is being pushed rapidly, and the
health of his command is good. Fort Wads
worth will he one of the moot important
posts on this frontier,
Gen. Sibley also received dispatches from
CoL Thomas yesterday, dated at Fort Rice,
July 16. The expedition of Gen. Sully was
to leave that post on the morning of August
JO, in a southeasterly direction, for the
ralccyLhntts, where he expected to find four
hundred lodges of hostile Sioux. Then they
will strike for Powder River, where it is rix
moied a force of the savages are stationed.
Tue expedition will now enter a wild and
V-slile region, and we will not have any
more communications from them for perhaps
three months.
' Recruits ore coming In pretty fast. It
seems as it most of the districts will fill their
quotas. •
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.’
CntczxsATi, Saturday, Ang 13.
Copperheads in different parts of the Ststc
are calling draft meetings. One was held In
Dajton to-day, at which an effort was made
to induce yallandlgbam to make a speech,
-but he refused. Other meetings of the kind
will be held nest week. Recruiting is going
on briskly in the city, bnt no effort is being
made in the rural districts to avert the dratt.
The Peace Democracy are very much dls
satisfied with McDonald's speeches in Indi
ana and say that he ought not to be elected
because he hesitates to annonncehlmself for
peace and separation. It Is thoagbt he will
back out of his engagements with Morton
after next week.
Airofficer ot high-rank in fhe arm? of the
Potomac arrived here to-day. He says
official figures foot up Glut's, lose
in the campaign thus far at 11,000 killed,
40.000 wounded, 15,000 prisoners. The rebel
:o?s three-fiths of ours. He sajs it is known
positively that Hood has not been reinforced,
«td that Lee’s fighting force does n..t exceed
50.000 men. He also asserts that but for the
failure to cnry out Grant’s errors, Lee
would have been whipped on three different
occasions. Hancock is the only corps com
mander who has not blundered once or
Affairs are quiet in Kentucky. Beb-*I sym
pathizers arc still Acting northward to avoid
One of tbe clerks of the Walnut Street
House, in this city, absconded lust nUht
with SIO,OOO, belonging to an army beef
contractor, who bad just arrived Irom Nash
ville, and placed the funds In the hotel safe.
Tbe police have been notified. - It is thought
be has gone towards Chicago.
from mobile.
The Good News Confirmed—F6rt I®or»
gaa not yet Token,
New York, Aug. 13.
The Ci,mmeTciaT* Washington special 6JJ s:
Government bus official dispatches Com
Dauphin's Island, ""Baying that everything Is
going on at Mobile favorably,"and there is
every prospect of a speedy and brilliant suc
The Richmond Examiner* of the 9th, pays:
Admiral Buchanan's -wound' la doing well.
He, with other prisoners and Federal wound*
ed, are at Pensacola. Fort Morgan holds
out yet. Fort Gaines is occupied by the
Federate. Farrapat lost one Monitor and
one gunboat in the action. The rebel Iron
clad Morgan lies at Mobile wharl hut slight
ly Injured..
New Tons, August 18.— The New York
jji TaW* special correspondent at Southwest
Pass, Angust 6th, sends the following; The
fleet, under Admiral Farm gut, passed the
forts at the entrance of Mobile Bay, at eight
o’clock on the morning ot the sth Inst. The
monitor Tecumseh was blown up by a
torpedo. No other vessel*was lost. X he
rebel ram Tennessee enrrendscqd after an ob
stinate resistance. Admiral Buchanan lost a
leg in the action, and is now a prisoner.
The land forces, under Major General
granger, invested Fort Gaines and with
light batteries opened on the fort slmuUv
neously with the patsage*bf the forts by the
fleet, taking the water' batteries la the rear,
end silencing them.
Our loss is not reposed.
Pott Powell, in Mobile Bav, w as blown up
wind evacuated by the rebels.
interesting Tttllltarr Wcws-Proapectß
of an axccnslvc Indian War-JP«lul*
cal Olattero,
[Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.}
St. Louts, Saturday, Aug. 13.
The rebel organ, the Democratic Free Prat,
baa been retired, and is worse than ever iu
its outbursts of disloyalty.
On Tht&fcUay a squad under Lieut. Mc-
Williams, iftent to the house of Samuel DU* ifgw York, • Sunday, August 14.—The
lard, near Bear Creek, In Clark county. -As steamer Creole, from New Orleans 7th, has
soon as the boys approached the house two arrived. She brings the following partlcu
men were seen running from It towards a lore of the fight In Mobile Bay:- FourMonl
com field. They were commanded to halt, tore went In first, followed by the Brooklyn,
but not obeying, were fired upon. One Hartford, Metacomct and others. Thcprin
proved to be Samuel Dillard, who c ipal fighting was. with the ram Tennessee,
was in the gang that assassinated Lieutenant ineide the bay.’ ’ The Metacbmet, la attempt-
Staples and private Musseter; the other was bg to ram the Tennessee, struck the Hart-
George Standiford, a son of the rebel shot at lord and atom in her side, she will go north
Fairmont .last summer by the militia, hav- for repairs. The rebel gunboat Selma was
ingbeen condemned by court-martiaL sunk by the Metacomet. . •
A scare took place in Columbus a few days The Chickasaw and Winnebago chased two
ago, occasioned by the appearance of Union*" others, the Gaines and Morgan, into Navy
cavalry, mistaken for rebels, though they *Cove, and they .are blockaded without any
came-wlthont any suspicious chance to escape. The dispatch boat Phil
impression was that they were bushwhack- upa r,*a3 burned at sea while the fight was in
ers. Business houses were closed with a progress.
rush, and men who hadn’t mu before in forty, Farragut will posh right on for MobUe.
years made the very best of time. Some ran Kcw Orleans papers or the 7th, hare par
to their homes, some dodged jmd hid, others ticulais ofFarragni’s movements. The Hart,
rushed to the Court Hpnscand were ready 1 f or d, with the Admiral on board, steamed up
to repel the supposed Invasion •of bush- to Fort Morgan, and delivered such a sue
whackers. cesaieu of broadsides that efrectaallT silenced
•James S, Matthews was arrested on Ihe on the rebel guns and water batteries. The
Iron Mountain Railroad, near DeSo.to, a day monitor at the same time engaged the rebel
or two ogo. and while belngsent to thfc city, „m Tennessee. The latter made several at
on Friday last, attempted to escapg find was tompts to run onr vessel down; finally. onr
ehot dead by Ike guard. _ . * ,ronltora closed wtto ker and she was ram-
Cok Wcidjnseyer. list Mlsiwari-yolun- yned by the Mcraongahela, Liekiwada and
tcera, has already enlisted 122 men for his
regiment, and the prospect is good for ob
taining a full regiment during the present
Bt. Louis, August 13.— Information from
the plains indicates concerted action among
the Indians, and prepiriijna for the most
extrusive wax ever jet waged against the
whites. Rebels have been among thorn dis
tributing gold, statug Oat the Federal Cou
f;rcts passed a bill depriving. them of their
and, thatthe Yankees Intend to drive them
from the country, uigiof Them to lake up
anus, and that- the fifuth would-protect
them and give them the West lor. their Spe
cial use. For several-months past the Indi
ans have been moving their, families away
from the traveled routes} and It is very sel
dom that any of theai new are seen. Evcrr
thlug leads to the belief that thdudUus aro
determined upon war, and that the determi
nation bus been brought about by rebel emis
saries. . • ,
Gen. Curtis has returned to Fort Leaven
worth after a trip of ovir 1800 cades. New
stations have been established .oh the Santa
Fe and Smoky Hill reads, and everythlug
put iu trim for vigorous movements against
the Indians. During the late robberies by
these savages, 200 horses were captured from
the Government, 800 irom the Santa Fe and
KanFfiS Stage Componi'fraud from citizens.
New Tons, Ang 13. —The EeraltP* Wash
ington special says; The Commissioner of
Indian Aflhirs la Informed by Gov. Evans, of
Colorado, that he is satisfied that nearly all
the Indian tribes of the Western plains are
combined in a war against tbe whites, and
that it will be the larg-st Indian war this
conntrv bos ever bod. extending from Tixas
to the British Territories
Operations in Virginia—Ru
mors and Reports—Far
ragut’s Brilliant Na
val Victory.
Highly Interesting Summary of New*
from Kcbrl sources.
. [Special DL«patcb to the Chicago Tribune.!
Washington, Sunday. Aue. If.
Wc have th e Sentinel of August 10 and Au
gust 11. That of the 10th treats the ques
tion whether the pirate Scmmes and those
of his men csrrkd off by the English vessel
Deerhound are onr prisoners of war. In an
editorial of a column and a half in length it
says, the decision of the Nary Department
that they are is simply absurd, and It pre
dicts that nothing will ever come of It The
paper has a lengthy account of the exchange
of officers at Charleston. The ladies of that
city presented a beautiful sword to Gen. Ed
ward Johnson, and he made a speech. Jeff.
Thompson, the Swamp-Fox of Missouri, as
the Sn.ihul calls him, also spoke, and the
various officers were generally entertained
bj the citizens.
The Sentinel of ths -Fltb has two columns
of editorial on conservatism and radicalism,
in which it argues that war Is a conflict be
tween these Ideas, and that the people of the
Confederacy arc the only people in the
world who are contented with their politi
cal, social, and religions institutions^
The rebrl papers Lave heard reports of
Averill’s victory over KuCauslnnd ami John
son at Moorfield, but suy it is a little affair,
and remark that every thieg -Is going on well
in the Talley.
They ore with news from Mo
bile, but will refrain from- comment until
further particulars arc known.
At Petersburg they believe Grant U Bend
lug considerable bodies of troops down tbc
Janus River, and wonder where they are go
mg to. They are greatly puzzled over a tre
mendous explosion, that of the ordnance
boat ut City P*»iut, and believe that Graut is
blowing up one of Lis own forts.
Atlanta letter of the . 9th says last
eight and this moving were passed without
nuj demonstrations on tbv part of tbe Yau
ktes, who manifest a disposition to extend
•their right wing toward tbc Campbclltown
A Mobile telegram say s that on the night
of the Bth a soldier train ran Into a land slide
uetween Pollard and Montgomery, and killed
12 and wounded 57 of the Ist'Mississippi bat.
tuiion of artillery.
The local columns of the papers have a re-
■, ort of tbe trial Ct two free negroes and one
dave for a heavy robbery. The free negroes
were sentenced to be sold into slavery, and
• he slave to transportation.
It is stated that the Grand Jury will bring
in about seventy-live indictments for keeping
mrobanks. About a hundred Yankee sol
dierr. white and blick, mostly wounded at
Richmond on Tuesday last, were sent to
Libby prison. From the news columns of
papers wc get tbe following items: The
Montgomery Jilail of the 3d says ilAt corn Is
a drug in. the market at $1 00 per bushel.
Tbc Lynchburg Republican gays that Cap;*
Samuel Rice, 23d Virginia, a brother-in-law
of Gen. Roger Thayer, was killed lu the re
cent fight at Winchester. A Bristol paper
urges the rc-occupaiipn of Eisl Tennessee.
It says the Yankees havc“bnt few troops
•here, audits occupation would force Bher
Inan to retreat from Atlanta. • ‘
A company of hoys ail under sixteen years
'of age has been formed at Columbus, to
auaid the railroad bridge at West Point, In
mat State. The Captain is & brother of
Major General Gordon, of Lee’s ormy.
Advices from Mobile are tbat the Yankees
bad sent their wounded to Feusacula.
Tbe rebel ram Tennessee had two. men
killed and one wounded*
The* Selma bad one wounded and six
killed, and Gaines and Morgan had seven
Vance nas been re-elected Governor of
North Carolina by forty to fifty thousand
majority in a vote of fifty thousand. He car
ried Holden’s own town and and
ran .every where ahead of Lis ticket
the cAimPAiew n isdiaxa
Hod. Scliuyler Colfax In Wlnamac.
Dispatch to tbc Chicago Tribune.]
Wisahac, Pulaski Co„ Ind.. I
Saturday, July 13. f
The Union Mass Meeting at Winamac,lad.,
this afternoon, was the largest meeting ever
held in Pulaski county. A long procession
camo In from -the country townships with
flags and music, and the crowd numbered
thousands. Mr. Coliax spoke two hours, in
his best rein, meeting the Issues made by the
Dirty Dave Turpie Congressional Conven
tion squarely and effectively, and arraigning
his opponents In return^
Mr. Gurucy, assistant elector of this .dis
trict, followed In ahrief and forcible speech.
The Union men are dated, and though this
county has always gone Democratic, we will
curry It this fall. The Democratic mass
turning the week before numbered less than
200. ■
Flrat Federal Acronnt of llio late.
Hartford, which attempted to run her down,
when the Metucqmct, also on the same er
rand, collided with the Hartford. The Ten
nee *ee ran out a 'White flag. She lost three
men, and Pmragut is probably using, her as
one cf bis fleet, she not being greatly dam
aged. The Tecumseb was sank by.a torpedo
and,, it is thought, can be raised. Only
ten of her crew are known to he saved.
The gunboat Oneida had a shell explode
in her boiler, scalding thirty of her men.
' Buchanan, the rebel admiral is not expect
ed to live.
Lieut. Comstock, commanding the rebel
gunboat' Selma, was killed, and his crew
marly sll-kiUed.
The loss on the Hartford is twenty three
killed, and forty-three wounded- Our loss
was two hundred and lorty three killed and
wounded, including Oapt Craven and some
of bis crew.
Fort Powell was blown up on the.night of
the Gib. Troops have been landed, and were
at the forts on Friday night.
Tbe loss to the.rebels was unknown.
All onr fleet arc inside of the rebel obstruc
tion?. -
Washington, August 14. —The Richmond
Examiner has the following:
Mobile, August 9,1801.
Hop. 8. E. Mallory, Secretary, of the Navy •
The enemy steamed in through the miin
entrance with four monitors and sixteen
luuvy vessels. The Tecumseh, commanded
by Captain Craven, sunk with nearly all
her crew. The Richmond, Hartford and
Brooklyn, in line of battle, followed by the
remainder of the fleet, poshed oy Fort Mor
gan under foil headway, when they were
encountered by the Tennessee, the Morgan
Guinea and Selma,
The Examiner gives the list of 28 feder.il
vcesils engaged, having 313 guns, with 4
Confederates, having S3 gnus.
It was a most unequal contest in which
our gallant little navy was engaged and we
lost the battle, bat oar ensign went down in
a blaze of glory.
Up to Thursday night nothing of interest
occomd before Atlanta. Gen. Bates re
ceived a flesh wound iu the leg. The enemy
arc massing on our right and endeavoring to
extend bis lines in the direction of the West
ern Railroad. A few shots werc-flred at the
city ycsterdiy. Shelling commenced at 11
o'clock last night and continued four hours.
No personal casualties are reported.
Pri m the Army of the Potomac—Ru
mored Reinforcement of ifiarly—Hu
mor that he Need* them.
Wasrinotoit, Saturday, Ang. 13,—Six re
fugees end2l deserters from the rebel army
arrived to-day from City Point. The former
left Richmond by stealth on Thursday night.
They tay that on Saturday four cars arrived
at Richmocd, bringing troops from Peters
burg, said to be a division, and they left im
mediately on the Genital Road to reinforce
Early. A large body. of rebel caval
ry arrived ttfe same day ’by rail
road, and departed for the same destination.
Unc of this party worked on Belie Isle, and
states that when he Jeit there were but five
federal prisoners there, the others having all
been sent tenth to; Georgia.. There are few
Federal prisoners in Libby prison, in fact
none hut sick and wounded were there
at the time the Danville Railroad was cut,
when our prisoners were made to walk on
foot some seventy miles before they took the
railroad, and these men beard guards when
.they returned say that many gave oat and
died on the road.
Armt op the Potomac, Friday, Aug. 12.
The filing between pickets yesterday dud lost
night was much sharper than for some days.
Since daylight this morning a regular
duel £has been ' golog on in front
of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Corps
Tbe Herald's City Point correspondent of
the 12th says,'the loss by the expedition will
be less than & and probably not more than
35. Rebel refugees continue to come into
out lines in large numbers, and report that
Early bus been largely reinforced.
The JBeraltV* correspondent near Martins
bare, of the lltb, says a deserter reports
'that Gen. Lee and tbe Secretary of War re
cently visited Atlauti and that BeanregAl
was left in command.
A small force of rebels entered Martlns
buig to-day and drove out onr scouts and
refugee citizens. Tocy took off all the mer
chandise and lienors they found.
The rebel regiments are becoming so small
that a large number have been consolidated.
The 2ftra/d’« Cumberland correspondent of
the 18tb says that the rebels bad all left that
section, except McNeill’s guerillas and rob
bers It Is ascertained that McCauslaml in
tended to barn Cumberland and destroy the
railroad its entire length to tbe Ohio River,
ai d thence torn into tbe Kanawha Volley,
hut hia defeat by Seeley prevented it
• The Herald'* Harrisburg correspondence of
ihelltbsiys that one of our columns en
countered a body of rebels moving from
ilartinsburg. A brisk fight ensued, and the
rebels were whipped and driven
The Ilf raid's Harper’s Ferry correspondent
of the 18th, says that Sheridan advanced via
Charlestown and Bcrrysville to Winchester.
Oar cavalry bad some skirmishing with the
cuemyat various points between‘BerryavtUe
and' Winchester. The? cume upon a party
of fifty rebels engaged in threshing grain,
and surprised ana captured the entire guard.
Early was completely surprised by the ap
proach of our army, and ma'fe but slight re
sistance. He found his position flanked by
t**lrm)6hen>, and fell back during tbe night,
having alternated an artillery daeL
This m. our latest information
{a to the effect that Sheridan passed through,
Winchester yesterday morning. No details.
Our losses are received. There were some 15
or 20 killed and wounded, who are in hos
pital at Berryville,
. A letter from tbe Army of the Potomac,
dated 18tb, says a deserter from the Bth Ala
luma, who formerly lived in Massachusetts
and was conscripted into the rebel army,
came into our lines .yesterday. He says
Harris’ division with Longstreet, bad passed
.through Richmond on its' way to the valley,
accompanied by a large ammunition train at
the head. *
Prominent officers say Lee baa also gone In
that direction. Also reports of enemy
mining in our front.
• see.
Further Depredation* and Vessel
llurnios Suporied--Proznp • Action
vi vnr Navy!
New York, Saturday, 13 —The Captain.of
the schooner Curvall, which vessel was
boarded by the pirate Tallahassee, states
that the mate who boarded him, , reported,
having burned several vessels prior to those
reported yesterday.
' A bark from Bremen, sports that at noon
of the 12th, in lat. 49-24, long. 73-30, she saw
two vessels burned to the watered edge, one
vasaship, and the other was a Jarge vcsseL
A pilot boat alongside stripping them and
picking up floating articles..
• The Commercial'* -Wwhingto n special saysr
“ There Is positive and reliable- Information
'in tbe city, to the effect that Sheridan ha» de
feated Early In every encounter, and that the
Later is retreating down the Valley, closely
pursued by our cavalry and infantry. *
The Brooklyn Union states that within
three boors after tbe receipt of information
of the operations of the pirate Tallahassee,
two steamships were sent in pursuit of her.
Sandy Hook, Sunday noon, Aug. 14—
The boatmen of the Associated Prcsa at this
point, lauded here and furnished the follow
ing report: I have boarded the bark Suliote,
df AngnSta. Me., from Cow Bay. She was
captured off Montauk Point, thirty-five
miles distant, by the pirate TaUahasae. The
Unites bonded her for $50,000 and pnt on
joard her SOO passengers from the ship Adri
atic, the latter having been burnedby the pi*
rat*'. No water or. provisions were gi?en
her. She also.has on board Mr. Callahan,
and the crow of the pilot boat Wm. Bell,
No. 24, which vessel was burned on the kith.
The Suliote reports seeing a vessel burning
on the 12th. The pirates stated to some of
the captured persons that he was coming
Into New Fork Harbor soon.
TVhcn last seen tho Tallabosse wes steer
ing southeast The pilot boat Jas. Funk is
; her tender. The Suliote passed the frigate
- f>upqnehaima on Saturday, bearing Bill! south
of Sandy Hook. - .
Louis Lawson, a pilot, reports seeing, on
the Uth Inst, 25 miles off Montauk, a pilot
biig turned bottom up, no doubt the Carria
Estelle, Capt. Hamburg. At the same time
the pirate Tallabasee came close aboard with
the Union ensign afloa*. and after passing
hoisted the Confederate flag. The same day
she taw the schooner Slrene, a pilot boatwoa
burnt, name and number unknown.
The pilot Vat Ezra Njc arrived here, re
ports on the 12th Inst, off Montiak, siw
pilot boat Jos Fans leave a ship on fire, af
terwards a suspicious steamer took the pilot
boat in tow. The Nye stood off but after
wards went to the turning ship and found it
was the Adriatic from London for New York.
Two foreign barks.were byafc the time, to
whom It la supposed the passengers were
transferred. The Tallahnese was afterwards
seen near a large ship. The double ender
gunboat Siren was cruising off Fire Island
ol The barb Suliote has arrived, with the cap
tain erew. and passengers of the ship Adri
atic’ and tLe crew of the pilot boat william
Belt The passengers lost alUheir luggage.
Snlaracwas the number of persona placed
on board the Suliote, It sunk her so deep
that her deck was on a level with the water.
Had a storm arose probably all would have
been lost. The. Adriatic bad one hundred
and sixty-three paseengerß, and a fall cargo
nf merchandise, the latter mostly on dritfik
account In ronndingto after capture the
Aeriatic collided with the pinto, carrying
away the Tsllshaajce’a mainmast, and had
there been a good wind at the time el",
would tmflousfcdly haye sunk her,
Humored Rebel Reinforcement at
atlaflia-TiiM and Lower ilinlufp
Cairo, Ang. 14.—8y the steamer Oriole,
from New Orleans 7th, wc learn that re
pots, through rebel source?, say:
Beauregard, with 20,000 men, has been
.s;nt to Atlanta.
, All Western Texas, Brownsville included,
bus been evacuated, with the exception of
Brazos Island, and a small force left on the
frontier under Col. Day.
The rebels here are greatly excited over
Mobile news. - - *
The Mobile Alwjof the 15th ult. boasts of
the hanging of two colored soldiers and a
cotton speculator near Vicksburg by Whit
taker's guerrillas. A nmuber more Union
prisoners recently exchanged have arrived.
From Panama.
New Yoke, Sunday,' August XL—' The ZT;--
aW’* Panama correspondent gives the latest
intelligence from tbe Southern Coast. Fern
derives no comtort from Enropem news It
is considered in Lima as a foregone conclu
sion that Spain intends to hold .on to wh it
ebc has seized, approve of Finzons* conduct,
and carry tbe matter to extremes. With this
idea they consider 'W-ir certain, and are
making preparations accordingly.
Bebel DupUcitj,
New York, Ang. 13. —The loot's Washing
ton special says it is reported that rebel offi
cers recently exchanged at Charleston were
never placed under rebel fire by General
Foster, and that a large number of newly ar
rived federal officers have beeh put under
Foster’s fire. Tbe rebel Gen. Jeff. Thompson
says the rebel officers didn’t leave the Fede
ral gpnboat till they were exchanged.
Conflagration at Troy. IV. ¥.
Trot, August IS —The extensive car and
couch lactor> of Gilbert, Bush & Co , was
destroyed by fire this morning. Lose $300;-
000; insured for half.
Petition to Postpone,
New York. Aug IS —The Commercial says
the working-men of that city are getting up
a pit lion to the President, to postpone
ibe draft from the otb of September, in order
to give the city farther time to dll the quota.
IScsn steflHtipnruTOs
l_J ni ao':c{Qds>, Mass . iO miles from Boston, oi
:ba Wot r ester KuKroiO. Cccrses of study tboroarn,
vaito3 fidcemp ota. Trlec anu sMlUalTeacaers la
svrry department. Hopei lor instruction in Music.
Preach and Pah t’rg. LocaiirD.iarroundlorfl,build
ups sc. all that cache desired- Fall terra opesa
September Bth. Aodres»
Dearborn seminary (Daj
School for Tonrr Ladl .fi), at si 4 S3 Wibnb
avetne Theninthyeaptribu in-tltation cpsns on
Monday, tlit- tgtb oi Seattmber. Thwe are three de
par metti—Primary. inttnac-JliUe tnd nolle.ista.
Catsiocnes can be obtained hr addrekouz the Pnnci
pal or calima at tb» SetLfna y, Z. GROvER,
aaU-o6H-5S M w*r Principal,
ST. GEOBGE.—An adjourned
mictlraoftheStGtorco’z Benevolent A«ocla-
■lon ■will be held at ihe:r Hall, corner of Clark aad
Moerce streets, on Mondav evening. Ang.lStb, at 9
o’clock. It Is expect* d that every person wbobu
(lupoid or picnic tickets, or are cthe wlsj Indebted
to the Picnic Canmlt'ee.wl-l make their return* at
this meeting. toots o&int} Bf. GEORGE.
VJ Issue. Havlrz caourcd daring tbe orescnc
r ampni nln Georgia, between ani s3,flio m
xbr btiove currency. 1 will U to tbote wnalns to
pnrebase, a'the lollowmr rates: |2ti to- jt; fioj
• ».*>; JI.OCO let wo address WILLIAM CAiR
OEK.Co. A,2tlh Illinois V. V., InfanUr. near At
larts.Geert la. am* o£Sj.:i-n*t
D rity Directory for ISSI—3.
Will be eadv to comn.eac**deUverv to n»y (Monday*
»x,d » U’ be dellverca as last as the binder cas finish
’b.m. ft is a work o( a<io pazes, cuntaiolnr <7,WO
nmnd or nslcent cltiz-.us, bound in cloth, and gilt
le.Uren. apgij-oKSIt
* lop»ov«dPaMeras. Hay C»**ers,CiderPrwias,
F*ed villi, Kitchen Mills, Co n ShMlers.
Improved Mnsallion Threshlns ittnchlßea,
a..n»t rcwere/Tiucke, Kami implements- All kind*
tMeofUin*. WSU FIEfLORVi* 4 CO.,
aaii-oTW Ist w.yawcet CC. 53 4 W West Late st.
Business. —Tob whole or one
halfof a paylr; ssd 'welt eetablMbod Cash
i.-clftrcu U,i salo TLe wbolt-bsaiaM*
woaid rrqu«r« slvtcea thcn»end dollar*. Cash
crah.rt veil secured paper. Address P.i«tOffice
Box SffU. suU-WiT 3loet
HAT PRESSES.—Dtderiyk’a Pa
tent Portable Psntle! Lever Hay Press?* cf
several slzfK.cnw on baMl sad for »al<* at tbe Cbicsro
Aurteoltaral sod Seed Store. 2 4-L«%e st.
Disc rlpilvr. -’lrcolars ana fall particular* fnrcl»h«d
neon sprllcatloa personally or by le’tei to AoßKirr
T ailcKY. aot3oTTJ6tr-MAWnet
Stride ftulldiDS', machinery, Ac.
We mler a vary flee chance to purchase one of the
tuou compute coc cerni la Chicago.
Tbn •nli.llDt' Irtenttaly located. Is four stories
hJc h .hail7.riiO squire ie*»t of floor room in I'. bu
»l>a«lofl pulleys, drive** by one of the Q es’ ear face,
all In rnnnine o<reiva*d the pmoerly, la flee. Is ux
• v»rr »ss exactly suited for •«< ev>«sfllre isaaa
l»ctonr. B U. KERVOOT * CO.,
Beal Estate Brokers, 71 fteatbora street.
anil oS9M 2trct
O new article oC Family Soap is confidently rec
ommended as the parts; and mon xcovojucax,
fOAPla’he nark ft. I» washes clothes bsauMluiiy
wlrtc and clean witii*'ct boiloto, aad half the
usual rubbles, ibnsiavtag time, labor, fae' and
clothes. >herh ft nothU’R in * hi* soap that can shrink
orlnjarothefin'ictabrlee. 1c cjnulns no potest),
*»lt.io , ln or lime For cleaning paint work.var
il‘h,paper hauinftl, furniture, glass, china,sliver
«-*re. Jswflrv. fl*>ortiJe otUciutb, carbsts. clothe*.
UJ«ucequaled.R* applvine a llula onamo!*t
sponge,i’s nagto toush instantly removes tbe dirt
ft:dgre«o,th-übrwipingdrv tbe srticlM bav3 a
i«ew pmf stance. So <1 ar eight cent* psr*b. Avery
Überaldlicoun* to the trade. J. J. D, BU HAC£>„
I 3 State strett, Chicago. 111. ao!4-oEBB-3t
kSouia. 9 voli ■
quarto, R Rossis. 21 vela.
large octavo.
sheep: large 8 to.
. Tn apT one wleMnr to make up a Political and
Euto teal Library, these works are mvslusbw.
For sale by
.TORN A. NORTON, Bookseller.
No. 2 Cobb’s Building, IKH Dearborn it, CMnasro.
Box IC6. aal3 oRN-CC
Business and reside scs
Tlios. B, Bryan’s
CLARE STREET—House aad lot opposite the Court
Bouse AUo, s>i feet and two Uoo»m farxhptr south.
Also, if 0 it ei and i renting two epeet* at ISO per ft.
WASHINGTON STREET—H.-n*e and lot near Clark
Bire*t. Also, baamhulrendcnci low ea&tsnd west
oi Union Park.
RANDOLPH BTBKBT—Valuable business corner,
very central.
RIVKR LOTS-Centrally located, and yielding
ground rent.
LAKE bTß?Kr— Property yielding 10 per ct onprice
otatr, CANAL, and othenrood business property.
avenues end choicest streets In thacity. A
large Hat and fctu>od«r»te rates Uc tor pa: k iroits.
- Also, laims and suburban aumca ault oe^3-3tnet
A kood Lake Street Store for S’J.y.OOO
Or e on Lake nnd Water sts, for 23,000
Two splendid Water street Ptares.. 65,0(10
Two Caoat sxreec Brick titores 21,000
Water street Warebooseand Dock. 33,000
235 feet River Front at OlatHsoa
Street Brldae 43)000
300 feet Hirer Front at 8-10 per ft.. 20,000
Two One corners pn Late and Randolph sts.
The above sad a rreat variety of property la the
teveral ructions of the city lor tale In car otllte.
71 Heirborn street.
|y|ES.: HOMES*
School for Totmg ladies.
7ti* ipetUntlcnwbfcb inceessfoiooef'
a'ion (or two years, wtll commence its iMra term
Wednesday, Sepl. 7th, ISSI,
Tha regular come ofltstiuctKn include * German
Much rare is Ukan to bavoictolars i;6iKud«a>(
tblSisnsiisße with propriety 'ibe course ot Maths
maUcs is exteoslre and tbcrvUßh. Greet, Latin and
French are rptionai s'tnM-'s Made, Palatine and
other Ornamental brsnebes are the care of efficient
and competent teachers. -
prill be added to tbe other attractions of (be Scbooll
A. limited boarders canoe accomaods wd.
Uoaid and tntilon positively in advance, •'or termi
apply to &LRs. M. MoKoKHOSIO.
. Xaporte, August6.lSSL anlO-otOOt wrAimot
•Which wc offer yen cheap to the Trail.
108 Lake Streets
GMcm gnagntßgmmts.
AT mi
Capac'ons Warerooms
89 Washington
And 93 Clark Streets,
FROM xas
Masses. Kaabx A Co.—Gentlemen: flaviDg_h*d
latelv anoppoittnity to try and teat your new scale
Grand a: Tfell as Paosra Pianos, I cumot re'ratn, be*
itdea reltf ratine aU i bad occasion to say at a former
p'rhft. from cosgia’nlatlDg you on the important
improvements you have Introduced in tbs manuiao*
tore cf Planes. Tour Instruments coabln* all the
au&lit’es which are repaired to make a Plano as per
i(Cieap*pslble.and tally deserve the exeat popular
ity they bare Raped all ovirtho country.
Tours Uuly, . L M.OOITSCHALS.
Mva-aa. Jcxjtrs Bju*b ± Co, Chlcsgo-GeaMe
nen: Uavlnt received my Concert Grand Knabe
Piano, it affords me great ptearure to express to yon
my nigh appreciation of 1*« many excellent qualities,
and with regard to these insu ament* as a class, allow
'me to say that after several years of practical and
pisonal experience. I consider them the most par*
met, combining lathe his heat decree the moat valua
ble and essential requisite of power, evenness of tone
and general accuracy. ,Tbe Ba*s possesses great
c: mpass aid volume, and the higher notes a Clearness
aid richness of tore seldom attained In'other luitru
m»nla- The tench or action appears particularly
igreeable. and In Its proportionate adaptation re*
fie ets great credit open Its macnfac tor er. The intro
duction of yonr Pianos la the Wes: baa created a new
tra In musical circles snd will doubtlessly- crown
effort# with the eminent success yon so richly
merit. Very t?ay yours.
Chicago, Jdne 9, I£6l. * LOUIS STAAB.
- cntciGo, Feb.io,t9«l
UKEBUB. J.Battsr & Co.—Gentlerasn: - Our Opera
Troupe are at present using fonr-of your Ja’.tly cele
brated Enabe Pianos, and, as the exponent of the
views and opinion* ol the various artists, permit me
tosaj,lcociMerthem onsurpaseel InbiUlianoy and
Axctllence, end pre eminent, without a‘rival In this
ci nntry or In Europe. Their sup'rior Quality of tone,
combining great depth and powerful volume, with
uhleb, and a peculiarly clear and evqp treble, to*
cetherwltba magic plasticity of touch.and action,
nnder them superior to other Instruments, which
rarely, if ever, combine these most essential reqal
tliei. Profoundly Impreaiedwith the many valuable
qualities of these pianos, I moat ebsex/hby indorse
the high and meritorious encomiums everywhere
pronounced upon them, •** BTMUZIO,.
Musical Director ItiUan Opera.
Mzssbs. Wm Kjtabs St Co.—Gentlemen: I have
rreat pliacure lo certifying that I hare tried yonr
Square Piaros. and find thernequa),!! übtsuperior,
to any in this country. Among their gren qualities,
* blob distinguish them, lathe evenness of tone, the
agreeable and easy-touch, and volume sf tone
wishing you all the success you so highly deserve. 1
am. sirs, yours very truly, 8, TfIAiBERQ.
VX9BBB. Ww. KKaux & Co.—Gentlemen: Having
rrcentlyhadoppcrtunltles of testing both your new
ficale Grand and Square Pianos. It gives me great
pleasure lo state that 1 have found them to combine
all the qnsllttfß tomaVe'aPiaao a« perfect as possi
ble. and unscpassed by any that I have sees either
In this country or Eurrpe. for great power and round '
nets of tone, combined with that peculiar sweet and
singing quality so often found wanting In Pianos.
They art really nmurpusabl-. and In touch every
thing that can be desired by the meat brilliant player-
Wishing yon every sucre**, I remain yours truly.
Mos:cal*Direct or or the German Opera.
I recommend the Pianos of Mr. Knabe to aver?
boOT who v*ats a really first claa* tastrament
J n stT i
My Kcabc Plano elves the bbthest a»«afactlon-
Tcu have more of-the qb*3d.vobv la year Square
PJatoa than «ny others. BIcHABD ZBLLNE3,
Chicago, Itei. Professor of Mcslo.
1 fn’Jy inbacrlho to the praise I see constantly he*
staved by tl-ePwsa anon the KnabePmnos. Bratr*
ChlcafO, 13C4. principal School of Train.
Among ihe pnmeroas patrons anl admirers of tha
SNAPS PIANO, we mention:
floo. TFOS. B. BBTAFf.
H. E. KENT. Esq.
Prof. J. H. FALK,
prof. MTELtBR-
Prof. J. P. W3BSTER.
Mias A. F. MAONUSSOtr.
And tLoosanis cf ethers. .
Are louiiructed attir oar new aid improved
Overstrung Grand Square Scale,
to bkHkersi
Burglar Proof Safer :
Burglar Proof Safe.
The Great jfawrfeafi Sait.
The Great American Ssrfe.
For GEO. P, LKK.Esq./Treasurer of the -
and Sotthwestero Baimay Contpan/»to baaiaoedß
their Jtr* Proof Vanit, comer of Lake ud awtc
s*re t*. This Is the host and most el<s*nt Bnsslar
Procf Stic ever seat to Chicago.
Whether vou have a rood Safe or oot.shoald seetti»
on Saturday, as mts snsJl keep It m store nattl Mao
day to show, and will tsia Ei»t pleasure la snoots* ,
it to evory Danker sad business man la toera, at ;*•
Great American ?afe Warebace.'
F. -yv. PRATT,
Sul3 c?l3 2taet ILAKILLE MTRVST.
Surely eradicates Dandruff.
Prevents He lalltneoff.
. Promotesltt natural and healthy growth.
Is a neat luxuriant dreaalii*.
Contains no duty sediment to ba shaken ap befarft
Is a clear, transparent fluid—contains so oil—X* bo*
a dye ana has so deleterious properties.
for the hair.
Is dellfchtfußy perfumed,acd does not torn rancid ig
warm weather.
111 the only perfect dressing sod restorer of color
Fo lady’s tollat is complete without It.
Is scientifically prepared, coat only II per battle. aa*
is tars to sire sathj/actlcu-
tfor tale by Drnzglst* generallv la cl tv mad eoiatvy.
t.G CLMtI. Proprietor.
LOBD A PUTTH,Chictao, XUGeneral Agent*.
MhM-tltii w*i-net>
Discharged soed’ers
Soldier* discbvged lor woanda receive! h
Battle, no matter how far hade la the present war*
can do* collect lIC3 ocuuty. through toe war eiat»
•seacy of ig R mTT ACQ
Xo. M Clark street.
Tet&raca wanted as lubstltrtus. Representative*,
wanted for cot subject to thedrafs, Higbdib
boon: lea paid by
ault-ettS Stnet
BISSOTVCTION'. —The ca paitaor. _
ship heretofore ezlitlar nuaer the name off
SAEBAcn A KEIEGH, is this day dissolved &y
mutual consent.
Cble.KO.Anz m. 156.. s p nARHAOH,
anH-esmw D. KRIAQH.
derilened have this day formed a co partner
ship In tha came and style ol D. KRISUH ft CGL*.
Beef and Pork Packers, PiovUtCu Dealers, and Coot*
ml«Btcn Merchants. ,
Chxcaffo.AU«.U,lSW- ,p. '
aull-oWo-tw C. W.KKIgQH.
7-30 LOAN.
' Subscriptions received by the
4th National Bank*
Fiscal Agent of the United State*.
B. LOMBARD. P'esldeAt.
S A. BEIQGB, CaiMer. ani»o®i3.tf-w.p*atr^
Country dea r ers will dad it to *helr advantage to «X- -
amine oar stocn o!
sow Ready for the Fall Trade*
It was purchased and manufactured before the recent,
advasce In .Leather, and we ean affird to sell at*
Our stoeg is the largest in me West, conaUttng
maitly cf thebflsi warrertsd
We mstiaf-.c n-e it> Chicago fo* tecoe who prW.
Western made Boots, and guarantee satisfaction W
snw irclte of BOOT PACKS, SHO*i
- Call and examine.at
29 and 31 Lake Street-
Corner Wabasu Avenue, Chicago.
*u7 etco-sotnet DOSGETX. BAS3BTT * HXLM.
Are now ready to offer tc the trade avery fullac*
well asserted atoclc tor *
Fall and Winter Trade,
Embracing air new and choice styles of
bdbhs, buck, glonks,
All of wMch will be offered at the lowest Suren,
p lets. AIL BUYERS ara solicited to examine oar
a;ocfe retore bojnrg. ami tttrsbv me money.
aulo-cG&3ftnet 10. n a*d u Laks m Chicago
Until the st of August*
aull-oiSIM tnet •
QTEAM TO EUROPE, -t’erronar
lO about to vlal f Europe would Jo well to call anC
see tbo General Agent of the
Liverpool* New lork mad PhlltM-
pbla. StetmaUp Co.
In Chicago he ore icavinx for tbe Bast, ••hetale
*nlßi£ return ticrete to Liverpool and Qaeroatown
a.*, icdnced rates of passage. Steamers wave New
Terr as follows
CTITOPLONEOtt. •• “ 201*
Apply to P. A EUOfiT* ecnfral * seat, corner oC
Clark and Lara itreats. aa>o>oMLt3A Md-waet
Boom No. 13,93 y»Mhtout;a street. Chicago. Bee
4SS7. Pu«( Odets.
411 hinds of copsing nratly jrad promptly don*.
Bills collected. Circulars, Ac., delivered oa moat
reasonable tetzna.
100 000 lbs. ofFine Fleece W#*l.
Inquire of 8388»K63S A BB2AKCT,IU Lakecu
°y^sy&*^l P, “VmTji. sima «c»
Ira eth year opens
AuSUAt 23tiX,
For Crcnlar* address 0. If. *JT. A.
Aarota.CL Iy3t»cfl%t9tnet
Northwestern normal.
Ticafv—J'hm Znwnm, and T-J Cnooa. Protsaeor.*.
j r. Famoo ane H. K Parjtin. Prlaupa s. .
pint tfrm commence* B<pt«nb?r 14tb, ilai. an*
continues four weeka. Turnon tiled. rorclrealmw
e'mtatnlnc parttcelata. pleav* address cittee or Ohm
PrircjpAia incsre ot H.M. SIGOJNA Iftßaadolafe
tiff pt. Chicago, ilitnme. aat oaAi&tnet
n & MAG ED GOODS—Hats, Cap.
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