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‘jßlit* Weekly Tribune—lncrease la tUe
Tl.t- large- advance lu the price of paper, coapb*
Uiop, labor. Ac,, nearly every Item-of which
co-p- twice «f much at It did two years airo, forces
n JnciatiUy to xmtkca email advance in the
•j.r.rc of car Weekly edition, corresponding some
-vLttfo the increase lotiie once of the Daily.
1 ■ ill the prices of paper Ac., recedo, the term: of
v \\ eei-ly edition of the Tk*iil.*b will he as .'ol- !
; owe:
.NLffJe copy, cue yepr
4 * t»lx n.onib- ~*123
< lull? of four cv/’let?, one year *yyi
“ ‘I . ;■ ‘‘
twn-ly ‘ IJ/OS
:r ‘ io ‘by fatter club, one copy extra to the oer-
T-on mrtrrlui: it.
TPc advance guard of the peact; sneaks Is
'.’inning to arrive In this city, and next
N\cck will be made a busy one in their
ndottings and schemes of combinations to
conirol the forthcoming convention, in
■which they will probably have everything
2h(.ir own way, not indeed unopposed, bai
silmost. irf-vitaMy, triumphant as the
tfue will prove.
Tic fitld c- me Uoiou forces on the Sfien
s.iidoali V Idler, aod the Moth ward approaches
■to the Upper Potomac ia a powerful one, and
Ihe force opposed to any rebelad'van.e Is one
abut is rc-d.v for sharp aid determined work.
Slieriduu’s column ol cavalry and flying ar
tillery, as di scribed to us bv a gentleman
vho recently saw It on file through the
istreela ot t\ ashington, is a magnificent one,
and one of the finest and most effective title
yet has yet seen cuttiered. Sheridan cone
5n collision with Early and farces in the
tSheusLCoiib Valley near Strasbnrg, on
ednesday last, and sharp fighting took
5 lace, Which resulted in defeating and
driving Jhe rebels. Among the prisoners
c pin red were a number of Longetieet's
r.-orps. A division of Longstreet's corps
diavc rchileiced Early in the valley, and
longstrcet’s men who were ceptnred on
Sunday by Blrney, above Deep Bottom, on
the noun tiue ot James river, belong to a
.-•Vision Which was under marching orders
aor the valley, when our forces crossed the
river and pot them into a fight. From this
jt will appiarthatthercbels have determined
upon a heavy e inpaien in the valley. Gen.
kirant ia, however, prepared for them, and
shade an excellent choice of officers when he
eent Gen. Sheridan up to keep watch of the
sjDony’e movements.
Ibe U. S Sanitary Commission are about
uniting upon nn efibrt to send down to our
tamps and hospitals, weekly, as much news
paper reading as possible. The Coristi&u
Commission keep the men well supplied with
hvligions rending, and we presume the efforts
“•t thefiaalt ry Commission will not beic
Soldiers not only need letters but
•newspapers, and they should have them.
<omte a number of gunboats, of the mus
'•uilo fleet, are at present patrolling the
ebio Fiver between Evansville and New
-Mbiipy, watching the movements ofgner-
Oilas. Any attempt to cross Into Indiana
ill bean ex ensive job to these maraud
cns. Haweeville and Owensboro, Kentucky
ti?c at prefect garrisoned by a large force ol
colored troops. Ever? precaution is being
2akcn to protect the Indiana and Kentucky
from rebel depredations—the eu
•jJjorities of Indima and Keutncv acting is
coDcert in this matter.
The Cincinnati Gazette of yesterday con*
9i iua in its Washington dispatch the fol-
■wpLuS f ‘ DCC * mwiag of lowing men of
. , LW v- 5Si hD °* R“pnbiicnn", was held Id Boston,
•it which SecrLiar> and Senator (Tilton
%verc pres-m At ibis mectioe thTcondasl!!?
•' ’I I ** war had arrived at that stare
•t ben ~ was absolutely nec.fory that, lu übedl
lo.tbe^\Dera - *entiment olthe people, some-
C Llpl* thouid be oone to indicate a olepo-Uioc on
..in* plot of Government to discontinne the war.
a that lor this purpose npcr-ssarr
r -.- takco to ti-nriet ao annls’icr to the read at.
rOmi-itii* The visit of the Uoo. Henry Wilson to
-(eJ/edldenfa/eir dars elnce Is understood to
lia\e been to nresmt these views and nrce them
sipou him. W hat the result of hie mieaiouwM
- }iue not >et transp red.
Ihe pirate Tallahassee is reported fast
healed in the port of Halifax, with an Union
/ •uiser watching outside by wav of aston
Advices from Mobile indicate Farragot
y-ÜbUug forward hie operations, though the
ii -terc of the obstacles ere sufficiently hint*
<*d at. It will be wise to # expect no very
Fpetdy issue to the s!?ge. but something sub
vtuntlal has been gained in thus dosing the
port to rebel blockade runners.
The United States Telegraph now stands
Sc the consolidation o* all the new lioes of
Vlrgrapfc between leading cities. James
McKay ia its President,
Our Nashville advices report continued ac
tivity in Gen. Sherman's army. Our officers
that quarter do not believe that the rebel
Siriuj &t Richmond has been upon to
juiuforcc Hood, but that the feint to do so
s been merely to mark the real purpose of
lachicp & lorce for a great Northern raid
3 Lip, tall, while raw levies of military, consists
jngol old men and boys, have been swept
3rom all parte ot the Gulf States, into the
7u el lines about Atlanta
A huge gulden nugget, or mass of the pre
rii>us znelul weighing elcbty pounds, and
v« rth in greenbacks some forty-four thou
sand dollars, was on exhibition yesterday at
Vue coiner of the Tblrd National Bank. It
<oae in cn its wav to New Fork,
jor waffled by a mining comp ny in the gold
jcgiODS. Much anxiety was lelt for its sate
-I’. o a xug to the Indian' disturbances on the
Flams which it only barely “scaped The
jiioci apathetic red-skin would have exps-
Tlet rtd an cmotiomit the sight of this hu;e
mars, w- rib a prince's ransom. It is
3be two months product of an
ti'niup mill, owned by the Briggs' Mining
Cuii pa ny.
i-euend Great, in hie recent trip to Wash
jtf ton, made a dying visit to Harp r'e Ferry,
Uo consult and take measures against rebel
Our Springfield reporter says General Sin
gleton was to reach Chicago yesterday, to
«.ntcr upon hie schemes with other Northern
traitors for the coolest oi the Chicago Con
tention ten days hence. In a little week
snore the acts ot these men will have become
Jrstory. Arnold’s lovely shade will welcome
3Le abundant companionships preparing
•for it.
A letter from & Federal officer of high
rui k* conversant • ith the military situation,
j.Ytro that Johnston has been replaced by
jioud, at Atlanta, not because the former
•was not the better man, but to release him
to what the rebel leaders regard a far more
tioipoxtant mission—no less than to head the
invasion into Penn sylvan la. The evidences
sire on the Inctease that give a probability to
tiiis view.
The Secretary of War has decided that all
7i. on belonging to the Missouri State Militia ;
•w ho have rc-cnlisted for three years, on or
subsequent to the 18th July, 1804, or who
may thereafter so re-uilist, are entitled to a
bounty ot S3OO.
The tronMea os the Plains increase, and
siothing but a thorough and final crushing
t.ut cf the red men will restore peace and
pufety to the pioneer dwellers in the heart of
the continent, and this struggle over, the
history cf the aboriginal inhabitants of the
United States is a theme completed and
TCudytobf written up. From all the evi
dences it will be a desperate struggle that
will cost many lives. Gen. Blunt is t iking
active measures to meet the emergency.
Heavy Purchase of Cattle.
The Lafayette (Ind.) Courier, of the I2th
5/»st A notes the sale of 1,500 head o r Ist cat
lie, by CoL Jack Templeton of Benton
county, to R. Bcresford & Co., of this city,
mud says the same parties have bought about
16,000 bead in that market within a week; 600
Oiead of Fowler & Earl, 1,000 heidofM,B
Huger & Co., and small lots of different par
lies to makeup the balance The total pur
chase will amount to about halt a million of
«dollsrt. They deposited over $90,000 in the
Hank of the State to-day, to apply to the
►purchase. • The cattle are for the Army of
.ahe Cumberland.
CiKctKstATi, Friday, Aug. 19.—The steam
t-i- lilcblund Chi»< which was sunk by the
mail boat near Vcvay last •'night, had on
liourd three hundred Government workmen
sor Nashville, and a considerable quantity of
<»ovcmmcnt stores. There was no loss of
iUvis us reported, but a number-wounded
liy fulling bp <te She was at ew boat, and
•valuta at Ss'-:i.(y>o. No insurance'probably;-
ii total ices. '
volume xvm
«£WS W Kum**!
ansi Artiilcr
Ifscls *«ilf k Progr^«.
He Attacks the Enemy-
Longstreefs Corps
. ' Present.
The War in Jeorgia-Latesl
From Shermam's Army.
The Pirate Tallahassee at Qaii
fax—John Bull Coals Her
a Little.
The Kentucky Bald With
drawn—G-en Hoyey on
„ the War Path.
From Washington—Matters
General and Military.
Matters General atid'int]Uat7-Treu«
nr> Items
(Special Dispatch to the Chicago Tribune.!
Wabhdjcton, Friday Aug, 10,
The following instructions have been given
to Provost Marshals respecting naval enlist
Ist. MCT cnlMiDirin the nary or marine corps
as suDßiiiuteb fur orafted men, nm&i enlist as
i-nch yor ihreeyeare. Exemptions will not be
S*sI ed «° fhty brii< xo the Board
or EnrpumtNt certificates from authorized naval
or marine recrm>ln» officers of the fact that the
snbfxituics Uve been actually accepted and re
ceived Tn the navy aud marine corps ror ibre-.*
Decrnltinz officers for the mmlar annv can
principals who are liable m
£* "erecrnltinc. Tneyran-r
repoit credit for dlsiSKt and tub oistrict to th*-Ir
respective Acting Assistant Provost Marshal Gen
4 .2 - Men are txempted who have substitute* In
ite mrvice, weather such substitutes are pot in for
three years In 1563. *63, or *C4.
The infernal revenue receipts from July
let to Angnst 16th, being the first half of the
third quarter of this year, were $25,503,000.
The daily receipts are often over one million
dollars, and often under half a million.
The average for this period is about $63S r
-000. The daily average for tbe last twenty
days, however, is so much greater, under a
more complete administration of law, as-to
induce the belltf that the receipts for the en
tire quarter will be greater than double the
amount lor life first half thereof say not less
than fifty-six to fifty tight millions to this
>teuo TROOPS.
The whole number of persons examined'
for positions in regiments of negro troops
is 2,259 ; 958 of these were rejected, and of
those recommended for positions there were
32 colonels, 10 lientenantcoloaels, 47 au*
jorej 323 captains, and 1 750 lieutenants.
Under the act of July 17,1861, there were
issued three year cotes of data of August 19,
18C1, drawing seven and three tenths per
cent coin interest, amounting to $ >3,043,050.
In pursuance of orders Secretary Fessenden
Is directing the payment in full of interest
to August Ift, whenever presented.
The redemption of these notes has been
going on rapidly for the last month. Last
night only eight million seven hundred thou
sand dollars remained outstanding. The
.-mount presetted to-day, with what will be
presented to-morrow, will. It is believed, re
duce the figures to about five million dollars.
From to morrow the coin interest on this
balance, whatever it Is, ceases, and it will
hereafter be paid in currency. The notes
still remain convertible, however, as hereto
fore, into the six per cent, coin bonds of
1681. '
Of the eighty-seven millions of dollars oj
7 310 notes issued under this act, redeema.
blc Oct. Ist, over sixty millions yet remain
outstanding. This loan also draws coin in
terest to the 4*te of presentation only, bat'
it is believed Mr. Fessenden will, immedi
ately on his return, give directions as in the
rase of that falling due Aug. 19tb, for the
payment of Interest to October, whenever'
presented, in ordtr to hasten the conversion
notes into long bonds.
Tbe following is the correct statement of
the public debt, as appears from \be books
of the Treasury Department on the 10th of
August, ISG4:
Debt bearing interest is coin
amount ouiauafilng $ 885,355,19180
[ bU I Mt. .........53,623,513^0
Debt lietring interest in lawful
Dibi on which Interest baa ceaseu. 3CT,i o).00
Debt bearing lo interest...■..... 5i 5 ,9TC,051.T4
To*el amount outstanding $1,319,114,555.49
If tenet . 76,053,1tfi 60
The tupaii rcqclntione amount
Amocnt It :b< Trea*ary subject to
TV AfiiiU*cto!>% Friday, August 19.—The
supplies ot the aewT-LO treasury notes were
sent to-day to the Assistant Treasurers at
Boston, New York and Philadelphia, TMs
causes no interruption In tilling subscrip ■
lions heretofore made.
Within the last two months eighteen of
the Pension office clerks have resigned, of*
li tto the inadequacy of the compens titan,
considering the high price of living. Their
i-alarics ranged from gI.SCO to sl,Soop;r an
num. The vacancies thus created have been'
Thu subscriptions to the 7-80 loan report
ed to the Treasury Department to-dty, are
Within the past week $40,019,500 of the
* 3-10’s notes ot the issues of 1801 have been
converted into bond’s of 18SL leaving the
amounts yet oatstanding $77,965,400. The
an onnt in the Treasury subject to 'draft his
4-een reduced during same time from
*lB 623,252 to sll 674,359, and- the unpaid
requisitions have increased $33,749 000
.A circular has been issued bythecommls
ear? ol prisoners to thectfect that no supplies
cl any kind will be allowed to prisoners ol
war, by their relatives or fnends, except In
ct>se& of illness, when near relatives wul be
permitted to send them such articles of lood
mb the surgeon of the hospital may approve,
the articles to be addressed to him. Neces
sary clothing furnished by relatives to desti
tute prisoners must be subject to the appro
val of tbe commondlrg officer of the post
where they *re confined; outer garments
must be of gray or dark mixed color, or oi
interior quality. * Only one suit of outer
clothing aooa change of underclothing will
be allowed. Sutlers are to be permitted to
sell tbe following articles only: Writing ma
terials, postage stamps, tobacco, cigars, pt pee,
matches, combs, soap, tooth brushes, hair
brushes, thread, needles, handkerchiefs, to v
t-ls, end looking-glasses.
Prisoners of war will be allowed to receive
clothing or other articles Irom relatives and
friends residing btyond our lines, when for
warded by a-flag of truce, so long as the
prisoners of war held at Richmond and other
Southern prisons are permitted to receive
the same articles In the same manner from
relatives and friends in the loval States.
Washutctok. Thnrfday, Aug 18.—The
Therecords of the Genenl Land Office
show that tbb dem-tod tor and the settlement
if public lands ere faster than they have
-been during any previous season witula the
last three years The receipts of money have
at s consequence ver\ largely Increased.
Tlit-suhscriptions to the 7-30 loan reported
m the Treasury tc-dey amount t051,186,000.
The Indian Bald-Ertlf of t poor
JBjkt-ciil 2>i«pa(cb to the ChJcsi.’OlYjbuoe.l
Sr. Paul, Thi radsy. Aug. is.
Advices from the frontier sho * that tbe*
late li.ctaa raif is over, and that it was at
moot, only e. jiluiid'.tiLg sortie of a small
There “are well founded suspicions
lUtt they arc part of the famous 300 once
condemned to death, and afterwards par
doned and released.
The late draft was not very successful in
raising men. . Only eleven per cent, of the
number drafted was realized in-men, one
fourth commuted, one fifth
one lonnli were exempted for physical disa
Rt cFUPIng, with the high bounties offered,
Is succeeding better. Men arc coming in
F&on APOUti.
Newspaper Chans p—Political and
G.jieral Herat,
i Special Dhpalch to the Chicago Tribune.!
iKDiAhArous, Friday, Aug, 1$ 1551.
The Indianapolis Joun,al Utii been purchas
ed by u company of our most reliable Union
men, who will take po:seesion next w«fc.
Mr. K. Holloway, late private secretary to
Governor Morton, white the general man.
aucr ot the new arrangements. Extensive
additions and improvements arc in contem
plation, and the intcat of the new company
is to print a first class newspaper.
At The Union Congressional Convention,
held at New Albany yesterday, RCv. Wm. W.
Chaplain of the 53d Indiana regiment, was
nominated to represent the 2d district in the
next Cc r-gresa. His opponent is M. C. Kerr,
Eeq. Mr. Cuny will come home immeili
attly Trom the front and cvmmence a vigor
ous canvas.
’ Capt. JohnU Farquhar,' Union nominee
for Congress in the 4ib District, bas resigned
bis commission In the 19Ui regulars, and
MU devote bis whole time hereafter, until
the October election, to the work in bis dis
Dick Dodd, the Grand Commander of the
in,i ■ t Xiibetty In this State, has lonud it
couvinient to take a trip to Minnesota to
recruit his precious health.
An order has been Issued for the prompt
and immediate enrollment of all refugees and
rebel deserters, and skeiLddlcrs from the
drait from other States, and fugitives gene
rally throughout the State, preparatory to
a vigorous enforcement of the craft.
A detachment of the 83d colored soUicrs,
recruited by Indiana agfnts in Alabama, ar
rived in this city this morning, from Evans,
ville They are stopping at the Soldier’s
Home, but will be mastered into-service
soon and iorwarJed to the front.
The workingmen of the city held a meeting
In the Governor's Circle last evening. Mr.
J. C Fincher, representing the Trades* Union
of Philadelphia, delivered an address on the
relation of labor to capital Tlie “meeting
was largely attended.
Mlstonrl Military Matter*.
[Fpedal Dispatch to the Chicago Tribmie 1
St Loins, Mo., Friday, Ang. 1!*, 1851.
Livingston, the rebel spy, was hung this
moruirg at thcconoty jiil.
Gtn. Kosecrats has dismissed from the
service Lieut Col. J. H. West of the 135 th
Illinois regiment, for gross neglect of duty
and breach of orders. Tbe order, of dlsmls
sar calls the attention or officers to their
responsibility for tbe conduct of their men,
and announcing that In addition to prompt
pnnifbment o! enlisted men for disorderly
conduct their officers will be punished
Pauline White, convicted of furnishing in
formation to the rebels and violating her
oath of allegiance, and Annie Fickle, con
victed of conspiracy to release a rebel pris
oner- in cur bands at Lexington, and also of
murdering a soldier to effect said release,
have both been,*entenccd to ten years* im
prisonment in the State prison. Tuey have
been forwarded to that institution at Jeffer
son City.
A large gang of guerillas is committing
depredations in Carroll county. They were
and a fight took place with »ne Cur
roll and Ruy county tnliftfi no Saturday la-t,
la which the rebels were defeated. A rebel
sang seized the ferry boat at Rlchview on
Tuesday and crossed the Missouri Elver to
the south side. Tnc movements of guerillas
defy speculation.
The rebel politicians ia this city are la
great glee at the success of the Singleton res
olutions at Springfield yestcrdiy.
St. Lons, Aug. Ift.—lnformation from
Fort Riley, Gen. Blunt's headq larters,
three ranches near the Little Blue River,
,w*re burned by Indiana, the stock run off,
and the inhabitants killed. Citizens ot Wash
incton, Republic and Clay counties * ill be
armed b* Blunt. Four hunters were killed
at Saliuq, fifty miles west of Fort Riley.
No ranches are lelt standing between the
Big Sandy and Little Blue, and- none are in
habited between Fort Kearny and Denver
Four trains were captured and burned on
the Little Bine! All the stock, consisting ot
450 cattle ard a large number rf mules, were
dnvtn off. The men belonging to these
train* e-c ped. The Indians are well mount
ed. and moat of them armed with- loujr range
O. Thompson, with seventy-five men ba
-1 ttigiog to the icth Kansas cavalry, and one
bowbzer, is pursuing the Indians’who com
milled the outrages.
Little Blue dispatches, dated the 4th, say
th i lodians moved towards Republican River
with a thousand oxen and a large herd of
horses and mules.
Gen. Sherry, Kansas militia, also Joined in
the pursuit, moving northward of Thomp
son's command.
Eight days have elapsed since communlfea-
been had with points further west
than fourteen miles from Little Blue. Within
that distance sixteen men, women and chil
dren bad been massacred and dwellings
burned, and the families of settlers had been
sent to the settlements and the men turned
u: on the Indian trail.
Gen Blunt sent orders to Fofts Lamed,
Strape, Ellsworth and Sallca forthe com
mands of those points to scout in the direc
tion taken by the Indians, keeping ready to
join in a general pursuit when their, trail Is
Get. Blunt is doing everything possible
with the email force at hie command.
millary and General Nears.
(Special Diroatcb to the OnlceroTribune.!
gpniNornxn, Friday, Am;Uit 19, 18W.
A party ot the citizens of White Hall made
a descent on Monday night lost upon a de
pot for rebel bushwhackers on the premises
of a widow Dcyle, about three mites east of
White Hall, for the purpose of capturing a
guerilla believed to oe there. When they
arrived the bird bad flown, nr had been suc
cessfully concealed; but they secured bis
hors?, saddle, and false whiskers, besides
ten pistols and six double barrelled shot
Gen. Singleton and his delegation left lor
Chicago this evening to take part in the pre-
limlnary arrangements for. the Convention.
They stop at the Richmond House.
The furlough of the 29th regiment, vete
ran volunteers expired to-day. Col. Kent
arrived here this evening. He reports that
bo has been quite successful in recruiting,
and wllUcave lor the field next week with
a large Incr ease of men.
important Irom Gen. A. X Smith’*
tixpedUlon—lien. 'Washburn’* ftew
Trade Order.
Mrurzns, Ang. 17, via C-imo. Friday, Ang
19.—0n the 13th a detachment of Gen.
Smith's command, consisting of one brigade
of infantry and two of cavalry, attacked
three brigades of Forrest's command, who
brid a partially fortified position at Harris
cane Creek, Miss. Alter a short bat heavy
fight the reVls were dislodged and obliged
.to retreat, leaving fifty dead on the field.
'Onr less was not more than forty killed and
wcundcd. * ' ,
Gen. Washburn has issued an order regu
lating the prices of provisions in Memphis,
in consequence of the extortionate prices
demanded by dealers.
Gncrlllas Attack Hopkinsville, are Re*
pulsed) and their Leader Killed,
Clarksville, Tenn., Friday, Aug. 19.—A
small scout, sent out from here yesterday,
returned at midnight. They report COO reb
els, commanded by Frank Woodward, at
Garrcttsburg, twelve miles from here, at six
o'clock last night. They were well mount
ed and armed, mostly with navy revolvers.
They were pressing horses and mules indis
criminately, and arc supposed to be an route
for Adam Johnson.
Later, 10:80 A. m.—Woodward attacked
Hopkinsville about 4 o'clock this morning,
rudwas repulsed by a company .of tho 52d
Kentucky and 100 hbn*e guards. Oat Lie sec
ond charge, Woodward was mortally wound
ed sod taken prisoner. Two rebel soldiers
vere killed. No loss on the Federal side.
The rebels are still hovering around the
town. Another attack Is expected.
-Cincinnati, Friday, Anar, 19.—Crittenden
countj, Kentucky, Is overrun by gqeHUis.
On caturduy a bund of «00 made an attack
npun Salem, Livingston county, but wire
reputed bj thirty soldiers of the -13 th Keu
tuck\, wb ) lost one, mortally wounded, sev
cm slightly, tljm* killed aud four captured.
Toe Lutrilla loss was tight killed, fourteen
to lit leer* hudly * ounded and a number taken
A force of twenty or. thirty guerilla? ca
tered Westport. Oidbara comity, last Mon
day, and took pop-ession of the pi ice with
onl oppositions. ‘They robbed the stores aud
the rieldticfs of many citizens.
cf Outer Kirkpatrick, k pilot on the liter,
was robbed of Si,J»OO lu -nuney, and It la estl
n.otcd that they cot SB,OOO In the place.
After two hoars stay they Idt aaa took sev
eral horw.s from the farmers.
X.rfp>t from tl»e Oporationti Before
» # cter* bnts-ltlat.iK m the Slienan*
<lublt Valley.
Fortress Monroe, Aug. 13.—The bospi
tel ftcamer Connecticut arrived at noon to*
day from Deep Bottom, James river, with
4CO •Hounded, mostly from the battle of
Tuesday l&et, and belonging to the 2d ana
301h ntmy corm
B> this arrival we learn that yesterday was
comparatively quiet with the army on both
sides of ttc James river.
The left wing of thi army, on the north
side, rests on Jam:s river, and holds the po
sition gained on Sunday last.
Tie right wing has advanced, and is up
wards of fonr miles from Milvern Hill in the
direction of lUchmodd.
Malvern Hill is In our possession.
While the Connecticut was lying at Deep
Bottom very heavy cannons idiog was heard
np the river, commencing at 1 o’clock and
lasting until 2:30 this morning. The cause,
or result, was not known,
Foutress Monroe, Thursday, Aug. IS— 5
p. m —The mall steamer Vanderbilt bos just
arrived from City Point.
At 1 o’clock this morning the rebels nude
a furious attack on our lines, or rather that
portion of them consisting of Burnside’s
corps on the left. The fighting was chiefly
irith artillery, and lasted two hours] when
the rebels fell back without attempting an
assault upon our works. Our.loss was
- Washington, Friday, Aug. 19.—The mall
steamer which arrived to-dty reports that
there wee a rumor at City Point, yesterday,
that a strong reconnoissauce, sent by Gen.
Hancock, bad reached Fair Oaks.
Fortiless Monkoe, Aug. 17.—'The "mill
steamer bat just arrived from Citv Point. •
At, l o’clock this morning the rebels made
a furious attack on the lines of Burnside’s
corps. The fighting. chiefly with artillery,
lasted an hour, when the rebels fell back
without attempting an assault upon our
Washington, Friday"] Aug. 19.—A letter
from the Army ot the Potomac says: The
SC corps having been unsuccessful m the at
tack on the enemy, on the north side of the
: James River, on Sunday fell oacktoa safe
position, which was occupied until yester
day, when another assault was determined
on, and carried out successfully,- The ene
my was driven from thdr works with heavy
loss. The 2d corps also captured several
hundred prisoners, and gome bcavv guns.
Our loss is quite- severe. We still hold the
Our cavalry under Gregg had an engige
u-ent with the rebels and drove thelii from
some works near the Newmarket Road, bat
we were finally lorced back. Col.
was severely wounded. .
It is is reported that Butl-r’s troops Lave
had a slight engagement, without advantage
on cither side.
Thuipday. 18th.—Atone o’clock this morn
ing, the rebels opened a most vigorous fire
which exttnded u.'oog me whole line, from
the Appomattox to the Jerusalem Plank
Road. It b thought to be the prelude to an
attack. He&w firing was also heard la
Butler’s direction, but nothing is known ot
Gek. Bctleh’? lleadqdakters, Tuesday,
Aug. 1&—10 p iu.—lt bus been a good day's
work—the battle of Deep Bottom Hirer.
We hare four ba* tie 11 igs, over four hundred
prisoners, the bodies ot two rebel Generals,
uud nearly or quite a mile advance ground.
Unices the reader has a wap before him. he
will hardly obtain auy clear notlou of the
geography of the field of operations from
ary written description.
• At 9a. hi.’ Gen. Terry’s-division attacked
from the right of the Une held by the 10th
corps the night before. Part of Gen. Wm
Blrnt-y’e troops were also in this attack, the
remainder of his division bclog in close sup
port. Of the 2d corps, only the brigade com
manded by Col. Crate.participated In the
fight. At about the same time Gregg’s civ
airy, supported by Niles’ brigade of the 2d
corps was engaged lor to the right, on the
Charles City roaa This first roo l line was
earned with little difficulty by 10 o’clock.
«A push was made for the second line by the
same troops. It required an buor*a close
fichllitg to carry It, but it was
dote. The whole affair was in the
woods, and the opposing lines fou.- •-1 at very
short range, so close that a man veswaja
ai&n shot. The principal loss to -’.ay was
here. Col. Craig was mortally wounded,
and Co). Oebcrne, 31th Mass., also command
ing a brigade. was severely wounn-4 lathe
face. ""Tbr second and main line beb-j finally
carried, the men were instantly set to tnrn it
against the enemy. But little had be~j done,
however, when the rebels ebbed baok to re
take It. Four distinct desperate attempts
were repulsed, and the filth would have been
If our men had not got short of ammunition.
Owing to this alone, on the filth trial the
enemy repossessed a portion of tbe line In
one of these assaults the rebel Gen. Grady
was killed,and his body is now la ourlmude.
In bis fight on the 'Charles City road, Gregg
killed the rebel commanding, Gen. J. K
Cbaznbliss, and brought off nls body, and
forced the enemy to retire, without loss. Just
at night, assisted, by two brigades from the
2d corps, Birney renewed the
meet, with the Intention of setting neck
the t round lu» had been compelled to relin
quish earllerln tho day for want of ammu
nition. Your correspondent lolt the field
before the result was known, Meantime
Gtn. Butler and staff had rid-len to Dnteh
Gop, the scene ol Major Ludlow’s canal
cutting operations, to direct a diver
sim by the force there and the force
uider Colonel tVooarer at Deep Bot
tom. It must be remembered Gen. Birney ’s
Hue fjeed the river and tbit the ensiay were
between him and the position atDntch Gap
e* d Deep Bottom, which we lour miles
Hiuitastne river nut, Batter hid made
Ludlow transport half of his command in
boats down to'Aiken’s.Wharf. Five hun
dred of these men were colored. Maj. Lud
low then moved across the isthmus to the
firry, skirmishing on the way and catting
iff and capturing a portion of the pickets
the enemy had left to make a show opposite
bis position. -At Batch Gap he found the
enemy who were pressed by Blmcy had
abandoned the very strong works at Bos
Feny, into wuich he threw his men, and
where be will be by morning too strong to
be easily dislodged. This position Is
considered a very important one, and has
been much coveted. The force at Deep Bot
lom also advanced upon rear
some distance, but met with serious resist
ance at Deep River. Gen. Birney commanded
.on the field, all .the troops of both corps
‘likely to become engaged supporting him,
while Gen Hancock na'i general direction of
all* the forces. Tiie 10th corps stood the
brunt of the •■•ork while brigades irom the
2d went la when required.
The loss tu IhelOibla r&Mmated to-night
at 1,000; loss in the 2d at -100; in cavalry,
100. Colonel McGilvery, BlraeyV chief of
cavalry, lost a finger, and Captain Brisco,
aid-de-camp, suffered a paiemi- coutueicu
from a ball grazing his abdomen. Colonel
Gregg, commanding a. cavalry brigade, was
severely wounded. Captain McCann, 2Sth
MatsacbusettP. killed; Captain .Lewis E.
Woodruff, 6tn Connecticut, killed; the
Lieutenant Colonel of the Bth Maine, arm
amputated; Lieutenant Colonel Fimpton,
3d New Hampshire, - and Major Wal
moutb. 155 th New York, killed; , Cap
tain Hooker, 85th Penn,, wounded. The
Sd New Hampshire lost very heavily. It hud
butlive dsys to serve. Battery D. lst tT. 3.
artillery, Lieut. Sawyer, commanding, and
4th United States, Llent. Doane, command
ing, both of the 10th corps, planted on the
front line, did excellent Service I saw not
Ues than fifty of the colored troops wounded,
and was told by Gen. Blrney thatthenegroes
behaved admirably, equal to any white
troops. Gen. BUI commanded the rebels.
Their force consuls <"1 nearly all their corps.
It is understood That Gen. Warren was en
gaged this evening on the Petersburgllne, and
heavy cannonading in that direction gives
color to the supposition tnat be did so.
The heat on the hatt’e field to day was
greatly relieved by smart showers in tue af
On the person of Gen, Chambliss was found
an elaborate topographical map of the coun
try and fortifications abound Richmond.
Our wounded are immediately placed on
ship board and taken to City Point.
Os tee Field, neab Deep Bottom, Va.,
Tuesday nigbt, August 16.—There has been
hand fighting to-day by the 10th corps and
three brigades of the 3d, detached to co-op
erate with our right, under Blmey. The re
sult has been an advance of about two miles
on onr riiht, while our left, In front of the
rebel fortifications, remained where it was
in the morntc-g. The first thing the 10th
corps did this morning was to gobble up the
enemy's skirmish lire, taking about fifty
j risonerP, to which before noon they added
about SSO more, captured from the center of
tte llr.e of b?ttle, having pressed
hack Ueir Uft About 4 o'clock this af» r -
T.-con, just as tb« 2d brigade, 3d division, 2d
corps, eo-Cipiirating with the 10»hln conjnnc
licnwith Gngu’o cavalry, had succeeded id
taking a third Tire of the rebel rifle pits ou
the right CoL Craig, - IStU Pennsylvania,
I commanding brigade, fell mortally wounded
I with a b»ll through tue head This caused a
niomfntarycoufhsiou and slight filling back,
but order was soon restored, and the ground
wo los‘ retaken, aud po.-sessiou is now a ral
ly btid b; our forces Gen: Blrn-iy thicks
that to mono w he wlllbeable to make much
n»orc dtlinlieand teHbnr progress
Portions bl botu Hill’s and LongsLrceL’s
Corp are massed in. front of us, the enemy
It lly appreciates tin imrortanceiof not beiuTr
dislodged Irom the posMou. °
We are pressing’and will make despente
tfforta uyhulfi it. Onr loss to-day his
some iftjjfee or fourhuud'ed la killed,w moil
ed at(t-n>lfslug. That of the euemvlns
been i»S much or more. About half our loss
was Id prisoners, taken during tht tempo
rary contusion caused in Col. Craig’s bri-.
r.de bj the loss'of their commander. The
S9tb Illinois bulfen d very severely in oSo-rs
ana men. * - ,
LITER. ' .
as yettUs morning. The enemy will be se
verely felt of to-oay, uud, if possible, o|--
edged from his posi'lou. Our wouadid are
D^> B t eD , t a * tt Y -fta rapidly as possible to
Glly rOlot,
The followingis a partial list of wounded
belonging to Western regiments:
CSKepis,3Glb Wisconsin,thigh.
Wisconsin, hand, rie*b.
, 11 Hamilton, 36th Wisconsin, nose.
Jobu McClay, let Minnesota. abdomen.
wSja?' 3iUl Wisconsiu.gun shot
Jacob fi Hesd, Sd Indiana, shonlder.
John J Fuller, 3Uh Wisconsin, thigh,
Tbos M Hagan, 14th Wisconsin, ride; Besh
« Brown. SCth Wisconsin, ankle, flesh.
ft:*f CW Johnson, 3-Ah Wisconsin, Up, fleah.
Lient H D O’Brien, Adjutant Ist Minnesota,
right shoulder, flesh. *• * *
Jas Cary, Ist Minnesota, fracture, right thigh. H
berpt P F Bull, S6th Wisconsin, back.
Lsil s i Minnesota, fracture, hip, dead.
M D Prince, J-6th Wisconsin, left lee, flesh.
Henry Jones, 30lh W;ecoQ»ln. le<*. flesh.
. Fred Rhlnehart, SCth Wisconsin, side.
M C Macf ar, 80th Wisconsin, wrist.
DB Fdnt, Stub Wisconsin.
R M Blaledell, let Wisconsin, arm, flesh.
Lieut Col Miner, SCth Wisconsin, fracture, arm
M Slimman, Ist Wisconsin, fracture, fool.
Jsb B Peterson, BGth Wisconsin, hip.
Thos Corner. SCth Wisconsin, aide, flesh.
Darid Bee], 4th Ohio, thign and head.
The following is a list of the casualties
in the Western regiments in the fight on
John Mcary, 36th Illinois, leg.
R. N. llson, 63a Ohio, toot.
J. Cattrcll, (.7th Ohio. band.
W. R, Gomell, 89th Illinois, leg.
Lem Marsh, 89th Illinois. arm.
Adjutar t Georce Hlret, 63d Ohio, hip.
J. L. Evans. 89th Illinois, neck.
Corporal 11. E Saltell. 39ib Illinois, bin.
O. A. lackscn. 39th Illinois, elbow..
Wm. J. Williams. C7th Ohio. Iracture, badly.
J. J. Carle, 89tb Illinois.
J avid Baker,G2d Ohio. leg.
Fred. Richards. 67th Ohio, foot.
S. Stock, G3d Ohio, arm and breast.
Sam. Wheeler, 63d Ohio, arm.
L. Weekly, 62d Ohio, arm.
J. W. Godfrey, 39th Illinois, Ic*. '
” m. Dewelle, S9th Hlino;*. neck.
B. F. Parks, B»th Illmuif, finger,
J. N. Bosh, 89th Illinois, nead.
Levi Mclntnn. 63dOhio, elbow.
L J. Barr, 63d Ohio, elbow.
Everett J. Morgan,-39ih lllnols neck
Orianro Starkey, 39;h Illinois,* groin.
Sergt. Wm. W. Limb. 39th Illinois, loot.
C. Wardsnm, 39th Illinois, arm, Blight.
Oidcn Meyers. 39th Blinols, elbow.
ii, Newport 89th Illinois, leg.
Capt. S. A. Biker, SJ'b Illinois, leg.
O. L. Olmsteo, 89th HUnoia, breast.
James Hertz, 39th Bl n breast, shell.
James Davlx, :sih 111. shoulder.
Henry Johnson, C7th Ohio, leg.
John Meagre, 6»ih Ohio, enn.
James Maxwell. 63d Ohio, tblsh.
P. Honiand, 89th Ij!.. shoulder, (mortal, dead.)
W. Hoffer, 63d Ohio, arm. ’
Lient. John France, 39ih HI., killed.
Capt. Chsuncey Williams, 39th 111., killed,
Lient. J, P. Lemon, 3D'h Id., langs,
Lient N. C. Warner, 39th HI., right 1«K ampu
fated. ° r * *
LJpul, Cym* F. Knapp. 39th Jli.,«rm.
('apt. Leroy A. Bader, 39th 111., coamaxdlns
reriment, leg amputated.
C a. Jackson, S9tb 111., arm amputated.
Lient. Marlon L. Butterfield, 39th 111., arm.
Jacob Cottrell. t7th Ohio, finger omnntated.
L. J. Hunt, 39ih 111., bead, elignt.
James Oadol*. 33ih IIU, arm, severe
Everett A, Morgan. 39t0 HU shoalder. Blight..
A. J. Tomlinson, 39tn 111,, leg amputated
Kew York Friday, Aug. 19 —The iV'fld'i
special from Washington, 18th, says: News
from the Shenandoah Valley to-day Is favor
able. There is no truth in the report which.
wa» lu olicnlatlon htre and In A*.■ a- Vn?L
yefterday, chat Sheridan f£fd had fallen back
Winchester, and was fortifying thei e. On.
the contrary, he is still pushing Early’s
forces up the valley, aiid has compelled Llai
to retreat from point to point in even* en
counter thus lar ivported.
*- The reinforcement of Early by Long
street’s and Dill's corps most be untrue, cs-
U tse two corps have been proved to be in
Grant’s front, on Janies river.’ : '
The Ne» \ ork Tv’utt has the following,
special from Baltimore,-ISth:. “A b»uie
took place at or near Front Royal ou Tues
day, tne 16th, between a portion of our cav
alry and a heavy force of rebels of Long
street’s command. Portions* of Wilson's
division ana Custar’s brigade were engaged.
The fight was a severe hoe forthenambar
operating, and u charge made by Gustar at
ttie bead of Ida brigade was most brilliant,
resulting in the capture of 258 prisoners and
two stands of colors. The tight is consider
ed an important on?, as it unfolds some of
the enemy's positions.” *
WA&areGTON, Friday, Aug. 19.—General
Sbiridan hid a fight in the Volley of the
Shenandoah on Wednesday, driving the
*netny. Some of the prisoners captured be
long. to Longstreet’s corps. They resort-
P.-at t*«l divisions have joined Early,and
that the Lougstrtet prisoners ciptared near
Deep Bottom belonged to another division,
which whs under marching; orders for-the
‘ HvV.eestown, Md-, Thursday, Aug. IS.—
Tin re are exciting and conflicting reports
from the valley to-day. Avetlll holds*ilar
niifeburg, and at noon to-day was drawn’up
in Hue of battle outside oS the town There
srero rebels in sight, and the IlidicatiOGS
were that the rebels are not moving that
wav, but toward the Shenandoah
Refugees fiom the valley and Jfartlogburg
are beginning to arrive here in large num
bers. All Lave intelligence of a rebel ad
vance. Considerable UDeasimiss.is mom test
ed here, but the rumors are so cocllietlng
that it is impossible to obUititbw exact state
or affairs in the vuilsy*
M ill; ffARH (JErtKfc'lA.
flic Hebei Bald <‘oi*t!nues—Reported
Jbngacrtnczkt at GmyvlUv.
New Yoke, Friday, Aug. ID.—The Sera'.d
has the following special from Nashville,
18lh: “The rebel General Wheeler moved,
round on Cleveland after Ms repulse at Dal
ton, and is lijitg to get on~the railroad
teidlng to Knoxville. It is reported that
General SUadman engaged him ncirGray
vilte on the lUlh, and detected him Stead
man is reported wounded, and Col. Straight,
of T>t 51et Indiana volunteers, killed.
“ \V heeler’s attack ou Dalton during Sun
day and Monday, was repulsed with the loss
to him of 150 men. CoL Lieboldt. com
manding the post, was reinforced on Monday
by Sieadm&n. The 14th United States
colored troops charged upon Wheeler, who
tell hack and finally retreated. Our loss was
about thirty. The railroad track had not
been injured.
- Louisville, Friday, Aug. 10.—A gentle
man just from the. front reports that on
Tuesday Steadman started from Chat
tanooga, and met the rebel force under
Wheeler near Graysvilte, eighteen miles dis
tant. A severe engagement ensued. The
Fcdcial loss is not slated It Is reported
thfitGen. Steadman was severely wounded,
ar>d Colonel Stra'gbt, ot the 51st Indiana,
A rebel forcs is reported at, Cleveland,
TetiD. A brigade for Chattanooga left lor
Cleveland on Wednesday.
•Tue rcbel.cavalry have been divided into
Email parties and. are demonstrating on the
tones of the Northern Georgia ana Tennes
see Railroad. Federal pickets were fired
upon at various points between Chattanooga
and Bridgeport It is probably the Intention ,
of tberebels to Destroy the bridges between*!
Falling Waters and Bridgeport
As onr informant left, Major Moore, G«n.
Steadman's adjutant,
ta'ioi GiavßviUc, with a cavalry force.
The* receipt of official news from Rich
mond of the capture of Motion by the Fed
erals-has created a profound sensation in the
rebel army, and wlUhave an important bear
ing upon flood and his subordinates in the
defense of Atlanta. From information
detmed quite reliable, it is believed that.
Hood has removed bis headquarters to East
Point where ail his army 4s concentrated to
defend the rallnads, Stevenson’s division
and thc'militia alone being left to hold the
works in front of the city.
The rebel papers begin to howl over the
destruction of property in this city by our
fehells, which they now admit are doing
much-execution. Since the mounting of our
jorty and slxtv-poundtre the enemy has
opened very little from their big-gnus. De
serters arc numerous, and are usually saucy,
in^?ota D da? passes in which deserters do not
come into our lines, who asree with many of
• onr prisoners in representing that nothing
but the most Intolerable military depotism
'prevents hundreds and thousands from aban
doning the oinking cause of the rebellion and
cc mine Into onr lines.
Tc«terr*y morale g the pickets established
a truce alone the front ot the brigade .com
mrndtd by Brigadier General .f, Carlin,
King's Division, 14th Corps. Hundreds of
our soldiers and officers mingled in friendly
intercourse with the rebels, and it wte from
the latter we first learned ol the success of
our arms at Mobile. ‘
The rebels having cot the range ot our
lines prettv accurately, do os more ditauge
with their 64 pounders than they did jester
night a heavy cannonading aud skir
mishing commenetd about 10 o'clock, and I
went to sleep with the sound ot conflict
ratine in my cow.
Cmr mvariatlo-shower fell, again yesterday.
tfAßavftLSr mj—AegiitUoaa from
tin* irout save that some 1,01)0 yf W\ 'idler’s
cavalry, und->r Gen. Avery, approach*! Dil
top op Sunday arteruodn,and*dst«Bn<U’d the
surrender of the town. The officer com
! tuunding the garrison promptly refused, tic
Md taken the precaution to place Ids lUvTe
Lend in a strong position, on a-MU- on.ta.e
onti-klrte of the village, and there defied the
rubeis who outnumbered 1 Mm four to one.
hklnnisbing commenced about 6 o'clock
p. m„ and onr pickets -ere driven in. and I
,nf ° rm3n |: left at the be-'inulog
of ibe firing, the rebels were preparing to
ualte <t cashtnto the town v e
o3^°*? Ict T ’? comMond of the post had Hi
curr. d the hatred of tee rebels by banging
the noted gnenUa leader Edwards, not Ton?
ago, and itw«s believed that it was the our
pose ol the rebels to retaliate. Stron*' rem
iummenis were seat to tbe relief of the gar
rieon. aim it believed the rebels would
be held in check till their arrival.
It is impcesiblo for a raid at Dalton to do
us any material damage, as there are neither
B»«*ri s nor bridges there of uny cooseqtiiact.
♦i o °k x which were atDiltpn when
riMf« ebtls brought, ff safely to
Chattanooga. Half an hour later the road
TanneFmu 1 tor “ “ P between Dalton and
V J I iV E v4S g * are rumors to~
the effect that returned to Dalton
l ai ¥ e / orce and engaged Steadman,
and that the fight ended in the occnoatlon of
Dultou ot-d Tunnel Hill by the rebels. No
confirmation of thle, and it is doubtless false.
telegraphic communication with the
front is perfect Cot Truernock, of the 13tU
u. S. colored troops, engaged a gang of An
derson's guerillas, between Waverlv and
JohnsoDviJle, killing two and wounding
eeyeiuL Another gaug of one hundred and
gity tired into transports on the Tennessee
Klver, near Johnsouville,. wounding four
men. This morning’a Times says, a gentle-
who arrived on the Chattanooga train
reports that a sharp fight took pUce at
Gray sville Station, eight miles below Ctmt’a
®n Tae ? da y» between Gen. Steadman
and icbel cavalry. G.en. Steadman is report
jd sever.ly wounded, and Col. A. D,
Sti elgLt klded. From other sources we
hear that tbe rebels were defeated at Dalton.
Two colored regiments were cogged, and
/ouiht with greet bravery. Hebei forcta
were reported at Cleveland yesterday even-'
ing, and tr ops were being dispatched there.
£o trains have gone to Chattanooga since
□aturday except, construction trains and
trains with troops. The rebels-doubtle-s
arc making extraordinary efforts to cut onr
communications with the front, We do not
for a moment entertain a doubt that their
efforts will come to nought.
The foar of artillery yesterday was terri
ble, and incessant along the whole lin*. Su«
demelstcr’s lllb Indiana battery, (20’pound
Parrels) poured a vigorous lire into the city.
Tbe noise of the shells cra-hlng throu *b the
buildings could be distinctly heard ! J
Atlanta has become too hot for Gen. Hood,
‘fid his h-Rdqnanera have been removed to
a point about three miles of tbe
city, immediately In font of that portion of
our line occupied by the 14th corps.
Rebel deserters report that Hardee was se
riously wounded on the 10th inst.
Not more than one sixth of the ordinary
population of Atlanta remains in the city;
pi d these have dug immense caves and holes
m the earth to protect them from the mis
siles which we now continually throw into
the town.
Everything of value to the rebel army (ex
cept their heavy artillery) has been removed
from Atlanta to Griffin and Macon. Even
the machinery from the factories, mills and
foundries hoe been taken to the latter places.
All tbe supplies for the rebel army have
been placed on board immense traiasofcars
and are thence distributed to the soldiers.
Nashville, Wednesday, An«r. 17. Toe
following named citizens, heretofore con
fined in the military prison at CbatUnso<m
ore to be s<nt noitb of the Ohio during the
war: Andrew Brown, Joshua Barton, B H
Clark, John Cain, Wm. J. Collins, Frank
CpilinS; S. M. Copeland, James Denm«n,
wm, Grey, Nelson Grigg, Francis Glascow,
Robert Glaacow, J Helton, Jus. L. Hodgv!
Joshua Horton, Gideon Jackson, Nattiau
Lowe, James Montgomery. Daniel Macks.
Ctas. W. Mills. Rev. W. McNcit, Wil
liam Potts, Lewis Terrv, Abraham
Tate, David Vaughn, Robert J, • Wood.
W, W. Wootan, J. E. R. Young!
Dr. W. B. Simmons, L. A. Doron, Stephen
N. Allas, Alex. G. Bollock. R. A. Gninn, E.
Kasir, John Cook, E. D’Orsey, V, H. Lock
K. V. Blackwell, E. C Ward, J. C. MarbUsi
M. S. Montgomery. J. £L Kinney, W. F. Yar
brough. Joseph Parker, A. M. Davis, W. L.
C. Miller, J. H. Clark, J. T. Lyddcl,
A. P. Kennon, Geo, A. Gerrolds, Jacob Clary,
R P. Harrison, I*. d. Stovall. H. W Rhodes.
Atwtoxi Varner, s, Jd, Turner, l\ui. Jou-*s, I
J. M. Williams, 1
Rev. W. McNutt and James Montgomery
arc Irom Bradley county, TuGnessee; the
others arc-from different portions of Georgia.
Before Atlanta,, August 13.—5 a k.—
Another night of heavy cannonading ban
passe d, and this morning all is once more
quiet along the hue. Yesterday oar pickets
on the center and left fired quite frequently,
but filled to meet with a very vigorous res
ponse irom the enemy. So long have our
pickets confronted the city that-the thick
groth of small trees that hides the city Irom
view are beinghewndownby the ballets of
our men, who can see several honored yards
further than when these posts were at met
t stablisUed.
[From on Officer’s Loiter.!
Will the people keep up their pluck and
fight the toirig ont£ It uli depends upon
t'jcir stiftdfastnrfls of purpose-, if Richmond
does not fall sooner, the army of the West
will finally make .its way to the back door.
If none of the Extern, rebel army come bare,
we will wear this one-out before the close ot
the season, and It is but a mutter of time
. when the entire force, of the enemy mast
waste away. Will the people hold oat
Johnston’s veteran army, by his official
report Juno 25, contained 113,028 arms-bear
it>g men,. Including 0,631 of Wheelei’s cav
ulry. They have lost since that time 5 000
prisoners; and in. their three assaults upon
our works, sicce arriving iu front of this
place,"at least -20 000 menf They have re
ceived from Mississippi 3,500, and are re
ceiving Itom Governor Brown’s proclama
tion about 6,000 militia This gives them
to-day cn army ot about 25,000 veterans, and
8,000 militia; 38,000 in elk. ‘
These figures are substantially correct.
The hope ol being reinforced by Kirby
Smith is ut test given up. Alter exhausting
the militia of Alabama and Eastern. Missis
sippi, which may amount to ten thousand
more, If they have the power to force them
ont, 1 cannot-for my lire, sec ho w the enemy
can make np the wastage of their army.
Nashville, Wednesday, Ace. 17,166 L
I have every reason to believe that a movement
is Ut progress* at the front which will lead to the
most Important resalts: bat of its aatare I sea si
almost wholly uninformed. It ie. however, a bold
cu-e, sue I have no doubt of its success.
The late flpraouetrauoas aloeg the front have
proved tbat the rebel position is a very strong one;
and though. Atlanta could be taken by assault, the
success would be secured at fearful cost, and there
fore strategy will be resorted to, though by tbit
teim 1 do net mean inaction, as once it signified,
during the days of McClellan’s supremacy.
The rebel works are nearly eeml-ctrcular. and
hence their reserves can be thrown to any exposed
point, witbont mnch difficulty. The mHtia of
Georgia, several thousand strong, are kept ia the
trenches conetcntly, while the veterans are la the
rear, ready to be pushed to any exposed point.
- On the other band, oar reserves are necessarily
very distent from ocr wings, and mnch time would
be consumed before they could be thrown aroand
to assist any attacking column. The sltaatioa l«
that of two semi-circles; the rebels occapjlngnhe
inner one; and while oar reserves would naturally
be compelled to march aroand tbe arc of the oaier
one, tbe rebels would only have to make the radios
of-the inner. The advantages, then, of oar antago
nists can be seen at a glance.
Again, I say that I do notknowthe nature of tbe
movement which la doubtless in progress; nut the
object Is to compel Hood to either become tbe as
sailant, or to move oat Into an unfortified position
ana give battle.
hood’s -beikfobcements.
Geo. Sherman does not believe that Hood has
been reinforced from Yirsinla*; but all the Geor
gia militia, all outside garrison?, and ail convales
cents, have been called in, making a heivy aggre
gate. Thete, however, will not make very efficient
soldiers; and If Sherman can get them from be
hind their earthworks they will be or no vsiae
, Our tront is well fortified. Nothing would
.please our men better than to see the rebels march
out and attempt to break onr Hues: the
oi July would be completely eclipsed if they were
to attempt It. f
The last heard of Gen. A. J. Smith’s expedition,
which was derived from rebel source?, reports
him near his old battle-ground at • Tupelo, Miss.
His force lb large, aud I am inclined to believe he
is not going to stop in Mississippi this time, but
push on, sinking at several important pomts in.
Alabama. ... ....
On thing Is certain. Mississippi and Alabama,
except at Mobile, have been divested of rebel
troops, and Che.railroad* aud factories in tboie
States arc at the merer ot any commander who
bae energy and skill, and these qualities, all must
agree, are united in Gen. Smith. I believe there
!? nothir-g to prevent him from push nz on to
Selma and Montgomery, and It is highlrprobablo
those places ate his destinations.
It Is highly Important that the lines of railroad
from Atlanta westward shoald be denrored, and
that the navy vard he burned at Selma, where the
fleet recently destroyed at Mobile was built,
, stokzxan’s men-
of Stoneman’a men continue to arrive-
In onr lines at Atlanta, but the main body are
conbllcsa In Georgia, prisoner*.
»lie la Treed at Halifax— J&lin Bull
Boston, Friday, August 19.— 1t is reported
that the pirate Tallahassee was at Halifax
this morning, ani a United States gunboat
outside of the haruor
Halifax, Friday, Aug. 19.—At noon to
day Admiral Hope sent to the Tallahassee
several boats with crews and an order to
cease coaling, which was promptly enforced.
She intended taking 500 chaldrons for along
voyage* but has less than 800—a weeks sup
ply. She sails during the night beyoal a
doubt for tfio North B>y. It is impossible
to obtain±be names of vessels destroyed.
Boston, Fri6ay,.Ang. 19.—Toe hark Alex
ander, of Harpawell, Me , from New York
£Q- Flclou, WM captured on tU§ IrtS.’h by the
Tallaharece, oil’ Monhegan. was
| desticyed ana ber crew lauded at Monbcgan,
■ arriving at Harpswell on th&lSth: Thefre
port that the captain of the plrat? said h I mini-.*, . ,
s T4po^“:-c,r d ™ tci to ca?!,jre I BUS LEV & TYRRELL.
SeTeial of the captured crcwatate that the ■ ■
caj tain of the pira'e is'one Ruckina, a' Nora
Scotian, who resided' at Portland se«ra:
years _
Gcn ‘ “ OTC T on the 'TPar Path and
Puiitshluj the hmirUlos.
Indianapolis, Friday, August 29. —A dis
patch to Gon. Carrington from Geo. flovey,
conimsndlug,thp forces sent :n pnAnlt o
Adam Johnaou’s guerillas, - cays he had
reached Morganhvld and White G dcSprings,
■Ken ncky, attacked the onemv, captured a
few prisoners, and ecat'ored tbr. ‘balance of
the guerillas in all directions.
Gen, Hovey levied an assessment on the
disloyal citizens of Union County, Ken
lucky, for to coyer the damages sus
tained by Government.
A PPA L).n6;R&|LnOAI)A€.
, CiDßltii'.
AuExcursion Train Thrown T3jron~li
a Bridge. *
2s EW Tors, Friday, Ang. 19.—The Com
hierctat has the folio wing: ft’e learn tbata
ftarlm accident occurred yesterday on the
Camden and Atlantic Railroad, resulting in
killing several persons outright, and wound
ing a large number on the train. Early in
the morning an esenrson train containing
nearly 1000 .passengers, l*ft .Camden for
Atlantic City, to spend the day. About 9:30
the train crossing a bridge, a tew miles
south of Atlantic City, suddenly broke
through the bridge, throwing three of the
care Into the river.
An indescribable seen* took place, and
after considerable time and trouble, the dead
and wounded were taken to Atlantic Citv
and received medical old. Owing to the ac
cident takirg’placeat Bach an out ol the way
place, it is impossible to furnish full partic
Philadelphia, Ang. 19.—There is no truth
in the reported accident ou the Camden and
Atlantic Railroad; it was a malicious report
set afloat here by parties who were unable
to take part in an excursion yesterday, and
is denied by the morning papers.
Fntai Casualty ou a- Blaine Railroad.
Portland, Me.. Friday, Ang. 19.—1t Is re
torted that a serious accident occurred vea
erday afternoon on the Kcnebec and Port*
bind Railroad, near Sevaa-miJe Brook, Vas
ealboro, to the 1 o’clock train from this city
to Augusta, by the breaking down .of a
bridge. The engine, tender and baggage car
passed over safely, out the other cars broke
through, draegiog the engine and tender
after them. Twenty or thirty persons were
badlv injured, but none are rep ;rted killed
outright. The baggage car was entirely de
From the Pariiio Coast.
San Francisco. Ang. 17.—The steamer
Sierra Nevada, sidled '/or Oregon and the
British colonies with a large amount of mer
chandise and machinery. The northern min
im; news is good.
Charles L. Weller has been released from
Alcanas ou taking the oath and giving bonds
in $25,000.
Ncto Ebbertisemetws.
Sanitary Commission,
Parties In the country havir* round lots readv for
sb pn>eot»|il pl«a*equ:tß price. dellvtrwl at ccir-.
•»tl(a|iroaaauUon,packs<ea lacinaM.to
£. w. blatchpobd;
aa3f-p334-8t not Treasurer.
- headquarters of the above dab ere at No it)
ropolitan Bloct.aad are eoaauutlp open to all
pn aen r who areopoosed to tba ra npjiiaatloa or
•« N. Arnold fur Congress,
rracce north oocr Oo LaSalle
„ Hr craer of to« suvcauve Committa*
The tuxt nitacuu o= the c<a*» »ui be n«H on M on
toy evening. Angwt 22d. at IK o’clock: Gooi speak
er-. n ill Jam attendance.
K<pt ON &&M-. la this market is at
Jel btai eojtct 9 iTtmoit Bio.k.
O’ ?_OTO fy JAEfsER —Homobo-
Offlce IXO Bouia LaSalle
ST**.*, wih l»r. Uoardmaa.
Clßce bears—From t to9a m.; 3 a.
:H to 7 p. m. -Jtaor
Bf the bnpdred or dosar, cheap Bwe^t by
the cox. ApoW ano ilornaa Crab'ApnirH; Oa<ou->
and Polat-.ve, at BILLINGS, GOODHICtt A CO..
No. * Mstkstfclrtet, Wlawam 3atlcla*a.
&u3 ■ p.iS-lt
fV/TaSONTIC—Tee nuttbersef Ori-
XTJLentftlLodte. No.as.F.4 A U.are hezoyve-
to ar-->l at M-jairlc Temple.ot 3ao af «r
--uooo.tlst Instat oae o’clock to u' tend the fuaeral
Ot our laic brother, TT. H. Rsccui, o' Lafa/etld
Locce. Memban- of the Craiertur zenera'lv are
cor< ibU? invitettoatUnd. Fer ora-r w.U.
aa» P—St J. A, FAB WELL, gee*/.
X.V EKS.— ol the Jonraerm a
tlaa ertfs Soci-.t, .lieil m icru hall oaTneaday ave
mtx. Ant us-. J6th, it was niuvfcd and anaoimoaily
earned, that on and ati&r Moadap. the 2i i last, oo
jonneaman pUiterer would work for leu wixei
than »35C ncr day. JOHN Q. KOHVON, Prcst.
an2C.paißU JOHN C.HARNSTT,B<cy.
CAL and Cl-sslcat Ac<mlßzst, J7‘2 Cla-lr
Brttet,rblca«o. BsUkasvea admutel. Thlf school
willfcO’er i;a Tbitiaeaih Annual b-wim oa
Mm oay, September i2ih.iS":4. roatb are fined for
the study of tbs profetetons, *'omn l rclal pnraaita,
teacners or adTarcM cia«M9 In CoUega
.. „ w - G. HATHAWAY, A. M., PriMlpil.
aaiepSl3.lt ’ -
To inform sU men that are enrolled In tbenty of
Cblcaito, or elsewhere, that substitutes cache tor
olubtd at the fh-rtest notice ana at moat reasonable
t'xas. We will famish three ycar'a subr.ltntes irom
**ae to fsto • one vear anoetitufes trom *250 to t wo.
AddfrssLockPoxfOCS, Cblcaco 111..0p aoolvaithe
cotter of Knur olph sad Lasa'ls streets, in the base
m»at Oestral acctnltlog Office.
aur-pgs ftaet ~ WM. MUBPEF A CO.
At Marshall & Go’s,
Fext focr to the Piovcst Marshal's OTc-*,
Bf Clark-st., ilp-stairs,.Room 6.
Only two weeks before ths-draft.
i*o p«‘6-lt
Dagttehreuttpe view©
tor btereoseones- ENGLTCU SiiOUFES,
fiEeatamtinent or large and snail Biereoseoptahavj
•gam arrived at
JAMES FOSTER .Pr , 4 CO , OoU-dan,
46 Clark sue.t, near Sberti&n
Raflroad men brlcglns substhnlss fro cat ha coon try
to onr aaeaey will be Caadsomal* rewarded.
134 riaifc Btreet, Room 6. (t/p Stairs) next door to
ihe Prot wt Marsh aU’e Office. an?Q'p4T>lt
100 Substitutes Wanted.
Call Immediately and obtain your money lu your
hand. Th>? verv hlgheil premiums «Uibe paid you
bv giving ns a call. Tos be-.t of reference- siren.
Auer yen have canvas* 1 , d toe city over come and see
nsacidgttthe .
Highest Premiums
Paid you at
**w«hau.& co’a.,
y»jt floor to the P/ovoet iUnbf.l't Office. 13i
O'srk street (up stairs) Koom 6.
autO *7» IV __
New Salt, la bright barrel*, tot sale atthelotrea
market rate by
Wells BUMt.
APPK*»VHD JURE 80th, tsst, '
Compiled ato arracied by C.H Field. Oiler Clerk
AsrtMor’B Office. First District, Illinois.
“ nt have esaaucedtbe tcoan?r In witihtaiseffi
tioaof thel&xLtw is arran-.ed. and cbeerfntly t j .
comm«rd '«t 88 convenient and relUb.e in *verv re
vert •• nrTTIIT , PgTgH PAGE. A»*’r. US Diet. Dl.
One \’cl , Bvo. Pspti, abant 170 pa,res. Snele
copies 13 cents i cloth *1.95, Free f>? ma'.i cn receipt
of price. JOHN R. waISH. ev aLtscm,
auSO pSC-lt 10: Ma. lsona:.. , Oicazo. in.
Heating furnaces for
'worming Dwelling!) Sto;<>, Hharsbei, Schtol
Ho39e»,Poh»cßollolDgS »c
TVr burrtsv Sara or ?ofn*o*i.-v,r Bile and put uo by
BIiTCGBBA PARKER, stven.reir the
bllJge, - ao£p293-lt
14S- Lake street, Chicago,
Have OB hand a wary large itoek, to
which the attend* %€ Uxe trade U
1 hu 16 xuct
Nub &atimis£iK£nvg.
48 lake Street,
la;orteta aal Jobbers of
common waes
A Liberal Dlftconnt madd to
Dealers who pnrehase by the
htt2l pS9’.-&A TUATHCettf
JJaftlsr, !a
205 & Water Street.
Coma cf ’Wells, CHICAGO.
• Webave stall times Ihe largest sad best assort
meat in the Weit ol
canvas, oahuu,
tab, pitch, cff.uvs.
Tents, Awulogt, Ti'sjon Covers.
Tupaulins, Regimental Colors, Standards.
Guidons, Plage, &c., to Order,
c. j. s xraxas, o. 3. CiSriKTia
ALL SlZifS or
Military Warrants
College Warrants n&d Michl
gon Swamp Land Scrlpibrsale.
1020 pSCMS
jewel Boxes, pokadks,
A tall il-ck of finest American and
Forelga Guoua. BLISS ft
au2o i>”sj u Dta*gia*s, 111 Lakc-st.
Al! >!z-e pcrcbaßfd and fcraale.
W. i?. MORSE. Agent
otflre r.t BUXTON * CO'..Eaaken,
Office Bjx CISS. 37 "dark s'rset
AIJG-UST aotb.
Calls hiiuEast until that time.
Jaal9-p?l9 lltcet]
Straightened In one mlntite, Daui&f aa and Dtdcb«*e»
from the Rar careo, and all diseases of Vie Eye and
► nr eontlane as rcr clno vear#. cast tc receive the ea
pfdal auantloa ol DE UNt>EiiT7COD,t’tßandolph
3 reft, Chicago. atn.3-piis.smet
Alargeatrciol both “Jcnlc-rs 11- and “Hanlon ’
nowmstore. Ordcn irom all pnitao! tiecnailry
ililedpromtuy. Address
Cone’ll wrstem An*nt, iSißLabest, Ca’cajo.
VICTOR CASE MILLS Western Depot IS. JSnrduO,
v. en Latr Chicajo.
auW.ptfCA 3A*iraet ■ FA3T3B A G VMMDN.
mm. WILLIAMS & ?1Tj?B
bits, cus, m% eic.
Arc row ready to oTer to the trade. ayery.fullaa*
w r .u assorted atcck tar
Fall aad 'Winter Trade-,
Embraclaj all naw sad choice styles ot
Mil THUS. Ac.. Ac.
All ol which win ba offered at tbe lowett Hasten
p lets. AIL BCTSKRS are solicited to exaadaeco;
suck tsfure bnyivz. sad thereby save money.
anlO-cK63stnet 10, is sad 11 Lake.Ht.,Chjcak;
Banking office
OR PRn ff £B,TX
' W AN^PBX).
.Parties owning piooerty sal able for a Sinking
Tlonse, wishing to s-il orient she sum?, may ador gs
J.o. bos Su.’S, itatiag location, price, sad owner’s,
name. aalS^Ks>laet
i.~ ACADEMY OK MO3IC. Blotfmlaxtcn, TUUMIa
FscnVT—Jonrr ZrsrsL ana T. J Cboox, Proieswra
J V. Fseso sno H. r;Paxsctb, Prtncipa •.
First term commences Stptftnber Mia, ISM* ant
continues fonr weeks. Tnltion ftiOC. For clreolan
containing parttc-slars, pleaei address eit'‘•cr otvat
Pntc'pals Ipcstw oi H.M. RI€»ISM DTtoadofc*
street, Chicago,lllinois. sni orK-15tnei
aboat to Tislt Knropo. woald do well to call at d
»ee the General Agent of the
Liverpool, New ITork an* PMUdel
fhlt steamahlp Go*
in Chicago be ore leayinjt lor the East, sahsisii*
■ales rrtoriL tickets to Llrerpool and Ooeensiown
a - wdneed rates of passive. Siesater* leaye New
Saiarday, Aturart 3T k
».-fNA T “V; 5
£ A EKOBY. tJentiALAcsnt.corner
, and Lake streets. aa.»p.Ws«4*9A
At lew firn-er tc> close r;ck strclc.
r*i p? LAKE ernknr
WOO?. . : :
‘ f v o»n qt?t
<*» :.;"nCoV,'2 „£“*;* * wo*
* t . y-iflC ir:u« *«??ral C8»«a
*.-1 !Ta;u«* m a»u£y «K
ere made on Wo-j: ar n«nai rates <A t’nfirrar
WerrOrtpa B. Blair, E«q , ?-s?Kr ? f5:
yeT. Yield A T»sn>.- 3 *wy* p£ca ,uli 4 sro
£‘*’» r d cr ajyci ;•»- s'av : ii?«y: wea -*f
Cbiujto wir, I;tru.-a ccT
aoISpSK-ttyet ' a: South -*tter Meet..
S_Sa P Of 2 > AST
letwa eai common tease are wvntfal a/*.-
ttet'o teqnmtstub.* ‘aecetwui. aa-i laSJvramfSv
ttec - but noC *U. Ttn rUfo® a
Ticoa—f4i»x SBO CTCT T r«TSOQ CcTJfita't ftniUiiin*
JnCgtsofwtat canard cannot be'cl co Ttarirm
K'iJtfVfJ* *-•*
la pers-ual ei '
iw Tcty 7tl * “•' r9 ODOa
{«n^b'^?»t°p' ;C!l ''i' !st ‘ 1 <?rit tbiw
.»“Cr • J.k Oi ISO PfcL. ;■ coral-! f-f d ai -
, 1"W- •“ I «■■" nappy n «.•«. ..'Smb TI «E
77, VJ n i*V ll i!l cuy ha?p be*a aQaadiatir
ITihS** *o*° a comrao- b? tba rue of my r.e#to?e£
»j.ica fcas d nous..ate »b4Bttb>fv::ti>uoitiina
vlowcie ioituiure!& arocarlop !t?Lat it oerlorma
f4’.i,f%. la,1 ‘* K#^»l l=n cute Ustr. tetolSfS
Irwcec ctd'iosc* from ttas.tai? t*e *<• w “
A »oro «-l!b tr 0 »kf Ptiral and -be »aCT?jril'.n«. and
tbe wo/d-rccowned ib* thbT **V PAMIoY. wby
S.S T3f Bnldatps « «cllu
S* !1 v #, f : blrt . fitM,i Mr ?o. wheauctwesend
fPrapb siciantop'rjcribuartmeay toassiitav.are
Tic mom* at lb- caasoJsre
troT‘d tN- psntnr br ores «eiu- Solti: w:‘ti tto
*hca tal me od’. Ims cecfesarrio a?slu oa
ttrebyetrt Lg»l»tTi.B*ad routubf.ii'iiaroota. Wbcn
U>n* pfsthtaa sbe /-anse* tbe huir to stow. m?B>
itortr)»men!j »a Kent ecolostd toarsiit catnre.
1 do cot pr/tend to ears *n &T rr /•*•«, t« a
»imc:e !Bjpr»*lciU-> but • b*ve asrc.3 vaiuio For
tnlß rt&tca**l Bivtr TirammtDi mo cu olin?Hi*
atorfr without ba«re lully »attsneC teat tus 4:i , 4«N»
ob ectwtnid b«. cb'slr M. aa my tarce cractles will
atcyijtesttt? la all my operaUooaltm br
5 y *rr..Wln* t‘>« Ivwa and r*iinlrau<B» I
tiir b 2T D J e^? |, '' d to,M-flt try filtow mas, and
bSTl_»in«lp»llsr- if Sc dpa o cUltr
to, (be tad tea vyara 1: i» bat fair lotr-rirae tbat I
un«-« itSf.O *bf- HAUSnS that srMuce tbo loii ot bair
and bv rfiDOT'DirihnCt TTAPP.ib<«
p»lr l« cental ?to ro.iow Paracoa <*»n coeeoltme
p«» nally « H leuer tr »bo Utt-p ta«y «boull
wrtte * Pisld stat l taoat o r th'i'r c:iie, •??r'nio'Tii it<*
aoeettnity.V A piMU'S, R 1? . af 5,.
ea«»cf -b. H.lr «rt Scalp.la Saarhcro rt «• Lcor.
Madl on ap-staiM, ? hlcaco. 11l- s^>r.
r?; c-"ni7 PJSSV?v IPM for the Half *O.l 3:al>i can
EtoTraoFSTL 11 ' 110 “ f *“ s WBiI A ™»
r ~ce cf tt*' it I.* cc* B?trp». « po • hr
£XPrf«» **s2 S. r rert:t ’Wash. fcrD!BL»IM .Vwfti
*■s CO ; Plj»p%*a. $« V 5 Fnr*?i*r. Biltn, f-** 'f''»'“-jriat
Wn o-lgliiii color, |5 01; erppeij. 23 " *
sols agents foit
fancy maim croons.
imretbeaSteiGenof Jo»ir.*re * 0 tb-ir sn ., art)
lorcnient cf
Breakfast Shawls.
Skating Caps,
Balmoral Hose, 4c., 4s.
iru/vv 5 ’ York.
L A B O It ,
SiTUBDiT sight; iojajt 30th.
To ccntaltw totbeßiahtawdCnMeeAfLahorimr
Men i-s ibe present terrtbl. cilr-ts. Let erery Wort—
iQjt Mat it tbo city lata oat.
Come Early ! Come Curtate!. Come All f
Let Notliliur Stop Voa.
Py crfter, G.K. lIAZLITT, President Trvln’ *j
sensbly sarj-pm-ataet,
LAW 300X9
126 Clark Street.
21, coDtatolmc n Olaest cl the Decisions l
ol the Courts of Common Law, Equity B "«*
Admiralty In the and In.
England for the year I£Cl.
APil» TAX U.W* BaAed upon the Act of?
Coacrressof Jane 30. IS6-ii Official Kdi—
lion* aal&p-MtrTos
Limited partnership.
Tblslstoc-nl/r that tTtKard
M-fniler. UavJd M Fo* Jan t RorM?,
Un* cay lormt-d a limited partnership QQder Uld Arm
□arse or
I’l'if.l.KK Jfc FOBS,
? or . transaction of a General Manametartow
in the Crvof Chfeaso. That i*ia WllUais-.
M fuller ana David M- ford are the General part.
n*i», airtPeiorT Bards la tha Special Partner, and
gat all of them reside In too City of CMoaeo, CooJc
£^« r '. ty * l l E<, o St4te i o^. l,llnola rbatthesila Peter T.
Bnn.a. the Partner, baa cnatrlba»ed the etna
?S r j£. ,v tJ* > P, aa J Da ,J >oll,ir ' i to CMa to-the eommoa.
that oartne'ahlp U to commence os
ibc Jlih nap of July. A. D. i*d>i, and will terminate «*»»•
tue Uth day of Jala. A. 1) wi K 00
W.LLARD sr. FCLLSB. Frau.]
.'SB* .
7-30 LOAN.
Second National Bank
le authorized by the Secretary of the T real cry s*
rcc» It c subscript! ns to the new
The Notes win be issued is dencalascoas ox pp t
SIM, *SOO, r.IOO and (S.CCO, with tatirest at the rata ad
"I J-V- pgSCENT, or ONE CENT per d»v on each «St
payable semi-onnnaUy.
They will be dated August 15, l?Ji, and will be nr*
able as the end of three yean, iacifrreacfanda, c*
convertible into F!ta Twenty SIX P3B CSST Bonds,,
yeyable. Principal and Interest, In Gold.
On all payments made prior to Ananas lath. tases--
egtwlil be allowed, and after that date-in .treat wDJ
be charerd.
Literal arrangements will be made with Besot
and Baniers. and Bonds forward'd free of charge ta
points on Railroads in Illinois. Indiana Miciuyaa.
low* ana Wlsccnns,
When ec commlifilcn Is allotted, partakes can be
sent ty either express company contract
tec of charge.
Cb'cso, ftogncti, ijge.*
sa TOATHnet
I hereby certify that I am. {iie orlaJoal.lsb
ricaior of the. Perfume. hnowa as-thw Kx>
tract of the flower of tbs Msbc-Blosaimt
L'sreua, and that the formula for the prewar
•Uen of the same Is my dlncovery or laves
tloo. and that I was for twayeoM prerloaw
tojaziusry lait in tbseaplay of Pnaloa «fc
ron.ofNew York City, «ad while-there ln~
traduced thin perfume, and Shat.l am sow la
the employ of C. B. Woodworths Rochester.
N» Y » and that the genuine perfume 1* pro*
pared oily from my formula, all o here
log imiiaitons. JTL3-* a. A'hLI^TISGC.
Rochester* march Ist, I£B£.
Sold, whoh sale and retail, hy a SCO TIL. 73 Ran
dolph si., Chlcayo. ants pIM St-m utu net
Country dealer* ~l’.l ind it to their adTantsje to sT*-
imlpfe oar stock of
iVoy Bud; (or (i« Fill Tradf.
It wia purchased andmanniacmedhercre the raeo*
advice* la Leader, asc we can sffiro to MO si ,
Pdicßo below pxzsaNT sashkn coax-
Oar stocs Is tbe h.rg-*t la We West, coaslsLM
mstcly of the b«r worrit'd wurk- . „ . . '
Weßicute a e m Chicago for t_o»e y_i4ii
Westem toad* boots, sad au-trantee ta.liiscica NT.;
•V.teS'“iS. oi iViSSISiP- «“»•
PACKS. ftD3PB:a6 and KOK trTHfWHOBS.
Call aid examine at '
29 and 31 Lake Street
Comer Wabim Arenas, Cblcajo.
ao7 0460-SCtnet DOGGETT, BASSETT AH'Ufl,
This well known sol doiolat insiitatloa, Aa. \
miles from Clncinniti. wtil befalls next session
September Bth, 1384. s
Orer two P t iT ,, « I* •*t ••’d-'-acs -ha
past jeer, and the Fal>T- - ■ nr.. v ».ni*c/ new
improvements and aioi. • ••: a:-.-. f.r.a erpcrl.
ecced teachers
icqairtes acswercu, c.‘. .ciaii tyaiched and
rooms »*cared ry addresi.L sv. S. y. CARY. Col
leae Hill, Ohio. ty?^L3.iaweA*ytaat
Until the 21 st of August.
anll'OlSUD tnet
1/ and Mffltoer Goods at wholMsfeaadre'aA
Alsoa larfelot oiPnrs. These eoodjwtu sad ew»
bs sold. Kirchaeers will And It to ihelp tnterast w
call and w w .
A* J. HERZOG, 15iUak»wxe*L
$20,000 SI.
On Be«.on»l>lo Term*.
«.rS.“ wE«”h

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