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SAttmnxY Evening, Fob. ic.
Yn connection with (ho kuuoUucomcut In
Washington doapatuhoii, that Secretary Boutwoll
will certainly retire from tho Treasury on March
’4, It may idso bb mentioned that tho Syndicate
eoems.to ho.almoot, If .not. quite, a failure. It
does not seem to ho generally Uuo\m that tUo
call for *100,000,000 o*2oa of 1802 was rescinded
by Secretary BouLwoU on Fob. 7* It ia rumored
that, owing to tho opposition of German bank
ers bud,Gorman, holders s of 6*2Qapf 1802, cidy
$25,000,000 of tho now 5 por cents had boon nub
ecribed for up. Ip Fob. 10*, it ia reported
In ■Washington that," 1 having boon induced by the
Syndicate to overstep the bounds of prudence in
making tho call, ho vrUl now call in tho “oixty
two’s,” only ns tiow bonds hro subscribed by or
dinary subsor,miens, or na a grosu sum shall be
guaranted by \ho Syndicate, and that his way
must bv. perfectly clear before ho will do more.
TUB LOCAL ttotthy aiABKEX. .
r*'Aa compared with tho condition of a week ago
'money is much easier lu tho local market. Tuo
West has marketed the bulk of Us hog-crop, and
the wheat ol tho Northwest is not only coming
4n freely, hut ia going forward to
tho Eastern consumers freely nt remuner
ative prices. If . anything like a fair price
could bo got for corn, the West would fool
rich, notwithstanding tlio lack of transportation
for her products, but the low price and unfavor
able prospects for this important crop has A de
pressing olfoot upon prices of all other articles
of food, and upon tho financial condition of the
WeLt generally, '•
Deposits at the -banka have increased oonsld
wfablylh the lost week, and tho mouey.liaß been
- lentfteely'to grain dealers,, who are now tlio
moßtYmmorous olaaa of borrowers.'
•In tlio open market monby is freely offered at
10 pot bone, on good lobol Stocks for terms of CO
days, to 10 mouUia or a year. First-class grocc*
ry paper la fioaroo and goes easily at 10 to IS per
cent, while that of medium bouses sells at 15 to
18 per cent. , The paper of country merchants
in f air standing, guaranteed by good city houses,
and by them thrown upon tho market, sells at
about 18 por cent. Acknowledged accommoda
tion paper sella at about 18 nor oout.
• New York Exchange la iu large uupply, owing
to largo shipments Eastward during tho past
wook, and sells at 760 per SI,OOO discount; *
,Tho clearings of tho Chicago bunks for the
Week woro;
Clearings, Balances.
$8,540,020.20 $414,570.81
8,111,078.46 823,010,08
2,981,203.55 203,679,03
2,870,932.01 285,108,57
2,980,710,71 934,731.08
2,810,420.65 202,258.07
. Date,
Total * ..$18,300,371.77 $1,802,314.83
Corresponding week last
year 13,485,050.15- 1,678,635.10
The following quotations of local stocks are
furnished by Messrs Hammond & Watson:'
Bid. Asfced.
First National Bank 140 ...
ThirdNatlonal'Bank.., , ISO ‘ ' 135
Filth National Bank . .132 133
Commercial National Bank,... .... J3O 185
German Notional Bank 125 ISO
•’Northweetom National Bank; 205
Com Exchange National Bank 112 : 216
Oily National Bank 145 ...
National Bank of Illinois 108
National Bank of C0mmerce........... ... 100
Chicago City Railway ICO
West Division Railway 178 100
North Division Railway 05 100
Pullman Palace Car 108 ill
Elgin Watch Company 101
Chicago Gas Bight & Coke Company ... 103 ' 110
Chamber of Commerce 05 ICO
Traders’lns. Co .... 98 100
Sales. 9 *
SIO,OOO, Elgin Watch stock at 101
Meoere. Lunt, Preston & Koau quote as follows
this afternoon: • ■ ■
6-205 Of »C 3,
6-305 Of *64.
6-308 of'6s.
6-205 of ’OS, Jan. and July.
6-308 of ’67, Jan. and July,
6-208 of *CB, Jon, and July.
10-409 ...:
U. 8. 6a (Now Issue,) cxlnt 113#. liy#
Nortbora Pacific Gold 7*303 100<fctuf.
ChlcaßO City 7s ■ WJrf&lut
Cook bounty 7s
Illinois, County and Township 10a
Sterling Exchange (largo droits)..
Gold Exohango...; .
Gold and Gold Coupons ]
loo’s Not War lew ...!
ISO’s Not War 1812 :
Agricultural College Land Scrip...
. ■ XtATEST,
Not Tons, 3?eb. 18.—Gold bold at lUft.lUft, 114 ft,
closing at [email protected]?i. Loans 1 to 8 pot* tent for
carrying. Daily clearings were $77,000,000., Specie
•xpoct tor the week. $750,802.14.
Governments dull but Arm,
Bute bonds quietand unchanged,' .
Money was active early Id tbs day, at 2*84 to 1*32 for
call loans, but, in tbo afternoon, the rate dropped to 7
per cent. Late in tbo day, loans were 3 per cent. The
■ bank statement is very unfavorable. The banka made
a net loss of $3,487,150 In tbelr reserve, and are now
$1 {299,000 below the 25 per cent required by law. •
The stock market was weak In tone, and lower prices’
prevailed early la the day; business was exceedingly
small. Prices fluctuated only ftto ft par cent until after
balf-poat 12. An unfavorable bank statement was then
anticipated, A vigorous selling movement was noted,
which carried down prices ft to Ift per cent. The
market closed heavy and somewhat dull, at quotations
lower than those on tbo earlier coils.
Sterling, 109.
aovrtwinun conns.
Coupons, ’6B 110?;
10-403 lUtf
Currency Os IMJX
New 6e ....IWtf
Coupons, ’SI ....118ft
6-20s of ’02.... 115 ft
Coupons, ’6l 116 ft
Coupons, *65 ...116ft
Coupons, ’OS (n0w)...114ft
Virginias, old 45
North Carolinw, old.. .33
North Coroliaao, now. .17#
Uißflonrio Vi#
TermtSßoee, old *79
Tennessee*, new.... ..78#
Virginias, new 00
|Bt. Pool pfd 73#
I Wabash 72#
Wabash pld 84
Fort Wayne ©3
Terre Haute 10
[Torre Haute, pfd 40
‘Chicago 4: Alton Hi
Canton 101 |
W. TJ. Tel 87#
Quicksilver 44#|
Adams Express. OB#
VTclls Fargo 85
AmericanExprees.... GB#l
United States Ex 76
Pacific Mall 73 %
New York Central.... 103
Erie. 63v
Erie pffl 70
Harlem 120 v
Har1empW.........'.125 '
Michigan Central...,.loß J/I
Pltteburgb ox^l
North wee tern.. 81 •
Northwestern pfd..., 00V 1
Pock 151 and..... liav
N. J. Central lOiyl
fit. Paul 51«|
Chicago & Alton pfd.ll6
Ohio k Mississippi... 40#
0., 0. & 0 04
0., D. It Q.... 118
Lhko Shore 00#
'lndium Control 41#
Illinois Central 110
Union Pacific Blocks.. 03#
Union Pacific bonds.. 87#
[ Central Pacific bonds.ll2#
; Del. lack, k 'Wosteru.lo2#
kErie. 0
There hue been an apparent increase of activity ■
in real estate transactions in tbe last week, ,
purchases of ground both for actual occupation
and improvement, and also for speculation are
decidedly on the increase. A, largo area of
ground in the vicinity of the termini of the va
rious horse railways is being taken for actual
occupation, and the greatest activity in building
this spring will bo in thoso quarters. The de
mand for a medium class of dwellings costing
from $3,000 to 34,000, on ground worth from
3100 to 3200 per front foot is considerably in
excess of the supply. Tho unusual severity of
Ibo winter and tho delays that have been experi
enced during tho lost two mouths, in transit
by steam-cars to more distant suburban points,
has made all cheap residence property within the
reach of horse-cars scorn more desirable, and
will probably exorcise a wholesome chock upon
the tendency of tbo city to spread oat too rap
idly. There is a real necessity for the extension
of the lines of every horse railroad in the city, to
meet tho demand for the class of residence
property above mentioned. In the direction of
Central Pork and Douglas Park the city has
grown a mile beyond .the means of transit af
forded by tho horse-railways. Its further, pro
gress In those directions Is seriously re
tarded by the policy of tbe West Side
Railway Company in not extending their
lines. A similar obstacle »«▼«>*»
tbe improvement of all that district of tho South
Division between State street and Cottage Orove
avenue south of Douglas place. The horse
railways wore chartered for tho convenience of
the people as well as for tho profit of the stock
holders of tho railroads, and while tho compa
nies are making over 20 per cent per annum on
their stock, there seems no reasonable excuse
for not extending their lines. The Indiana av
enue lino and the Madison street line should
each be extended at least a half a mile, If not a
whole mile, this summer. Some now lino also
should diverge either from tho Blue Island
line or tho Van Burou street line
toward Douglas Park. Tho lack of
these extensions has forced a largo population
to leave tbe city entirely, and tako up their resi
dences in suburban towns ton miles away, tbo
inconvenience ot which, aa before mentioned,
has been seriously felt this winter. There will
slwoys be a portion of tbo business men of the
cUv who will select suburban towns for rest-
hence, In Wlih tholr, taoto,' but tlio
pre.rcnt'doftek'riOy of horco i*alliTay, fnollUlos ia
drWWft’numy there whooe business wouldba lint*
laf tutted by a iioavbr roeMonoo if they could get
lioii«o-ront nt reasonable rates within ronch of
’ StmunflAK LANDS.
The RpooulaUvulnquiry for properly in ntlll to
a great ojdftufc for ftUmu’bau lands and lots, mid
tho Kvfeatfeat activity ia 'on ■ tho ’ several lines
redialing Wbntwm'd beyond Central Park, la the
vicinity of. tho proposed now. North-,
western car shops, •jOblhwcHlward be
yond the now manufacturing _
trloti and no«(U\VUvd toward the South Park.
In- all tlifiaa directions ami quartern ground. io
held Vil least 10 per cent higher- than last fall.
Northwestward* also, along tho linos of tho now
Chicago d; ratdllD, thoimwMUW&ukoo d; St. Paul,
and tho new Uno of tho Northwestern, as far as
Irving Parle, thoro is active speculating trading
in laud, and prices have advanced 10 to 15 por
cent slnbb last fall.
runs ncBinKNOE9.
A. month ago there was a good demand for
duo residences, costing from 055,000 to *’50,000,
but tho number of customers for thc-j0 is always
limited. ' Homo of them have purchased within
a month, and others have dropped out of tho
market, so tbftb tor tho present thoro oeema
but little Vhqhlry.'
has been quite marked Within tho past six
months, and an average reduction of over 20 nor
cent has been made nmcolnot fall. For stores,
banking and insurance .offices thoro has also
boon concidorablo reduction in' tho list month,
though one prominent corner 'bfilco was routed
yesterday at a full price. Tho. Fifth National
.Bank .talcing tho. fifst lloor office in tho now
“ Merchants’ Building,” northwest corner of
Washington and■ LaSalle (office 03x72) at the
fait lontal of SB,OOO per annum for five years.
■ Among important sales made withlb the past
week, .at, prices, indicative ttf Values in their
neighborhoods; wore i ' .
The four-story block of four stores on Canal
street, next south of the Barnes House, sold by
.Messrs.--Wilson & Montgomery for 9110,000.
The block Is 79 foot front, and Iho lota 175 feet
deep. The property la now rented for $16,000
per annum. ’
• An undivided fifteen afirco, fronting west and
north in the ancle. of Humboldt Park, was sold
by Jacob Weil & Ob. for $88,500.
la more freely 'offered than. a week ago, though
there is no reduction in rates.of.interest-- Dur
ing January, when (hero was n larger demand
than now for loans on real" estate, some
of the .loan agents took . advantage of
tho necessities of borrowers to charge
6 per cent commission for negotiating any
loan for'any sum loss than §5,000 for any term
of years,, thus making the borrower pay from 1
to 2 per cent per annum for money in addition to
the market rate. This is nearly double the rate
of commissions .usually charged, and the attempt
to maintain it how shows that when well-known
loan agents.toko advantage of both (ho borrower
and lender in this way. there is a promising
opening for more oompgt-liion In the loan agency
business. , -**'**' .
In the following letter from Mrs. Swissholra,
at Philadelphia, sho desires to take back some
things said about Chicago til, tbo time of tbo
Chicago fire. After a look around Philadelphia,
she concludes that what she said about Chicago
woe sensational, a conclusion in which everybody
conversant with tbo facts will concur:
To the Editor of The Chicago Tribune:
Bm: My Conscience moves rao to repentance and
■ confession of sins, lu the form of a public acknowledg
ment to the people of Chlcaco, for the many charges I
hare made against them, through your columns and
those of other journals, of being sinners, above all
who dwell ih'Qie Jerusalem of- anointed government.
In thb matter of “ wooden warts” used as architectural
ornaments. Somehow my attention was drat especially
attracted to these excrescences In the proud city of the
West, and, long before her calamity, 1 spoke of her as
being eminently fitted up far a groat fire. The fire
that did come woe not so great as the one 1 feared, and
If It has really (ought yout people that no business
centre can bo so fire-proof as to stand while a mile
square of wooden houses nro burned to windward In a
gale, they bought their experience cheap. If they use it
wisely. Ido not think that at any lime 1 orcrcntlnmt
cd the folly of the people of Chicago la their lavish *use
of kindlings, but 1 did them groat wrong lu assuming
that this crime was local, or, at most, Western.
The fate of the splendid buslncss-centro of Boston
proved that the Jove of cheap finery has not been con
fined to the West, but must have had Its headquarters
in the Athens of America, and extended Its right wing
away down Bast to Portland, else a fire-cracker never
could have sent that alty to the clouds, as a contribu
tion to the family of silver linings. Vet, with all tho
terrible teachings of tbo past, I have taken it for
granted that Eastern cities, generally, were reasonably
fire-proof, and, In my present visit to tho homo of the
Quakers, nave been greatly surprised to notice the ex
tant to which it Is a JI vain show*” There, where brick,
and atone, and marble, and metal ore so abundant as
to leave no shadow of excuse for want of safety, where
there are such eminent facilities for erecting a per
manent city, wo have a grand bonfire all plied up and
ready for a match. For tho wooden floors and stair
ways, there is the excuse of economy; by using them)-
families of moderate means can afford much more
Buying. Hellin'
..ns a n»5
,».nc«; IXS)
...114 114#
...llfl# HO^SIKi 1 ;
„,iifitf no*,'
.114 114#
Wft b int,
• m*
commodious bouses than in flnvproof buildings; but
the wooden bay-windows and cornices, in their beat
aspect, nro to architecture what galvanized Jewelry is
to s woman's toilet, and, of these, -we have quite
enough hero to burn ton such cities as Philadelphia. •
As tbo people of this city were most generous to
Chicago in her hour of need, you owo her a return in
words of warning. Terrible examples need to bo im
proved, and tbo press everywhere Bhould teem with Hue
upon line, andproceptupon precept, against the stupen
dous folly of building such miserable mantraps as our
American cities and towns. There is a great deal said
about tho folly of treating our railroad disasters as ac
cidents for which nobody Is to blame; but aro our
bousc-huraings accidents ? Is a community any less
guilty when it builds a town liable la auyhtgh wlad to
bo swept out of existence, than a company which cra
jdpys defective machinery, and so imperils human *
Even tho economy of wooden floors, stairways,
doors, and frames* is of a piece with that of using
worn-out boilers to save tne expense of getting now,
Tho labor and money which builds Boston and Chica
go twice would have built them once so that they would
have required no second building, and saved all tho
valuable lives and personal property lost in tbo great
conflagrations. Tub cost of taking down the wooden
ornaments which disgrace our cities, replaclng'our
wooden stairways with stone or lion, and incasing our.
pine floors In tile and plate, would boo small Item com
pared to tbo loss likely to accrue from tbeir destruc
tion by their natural enemy, flro. We wonder at the
folly that built cities at tbo base of Mt. Vesuvius I Is
ours any loss In building them so that tbelr existence
depends on an accidental or intentional use of a
match, when wind and weather favor their destruc
tion? lam, • Jana O. Bwisboews. .
satueday’s tbansfebb.
Tbo following instrument!! wore filed for
record on Saturday, Fob. 15:
CITY pnOrKUTT. . . , Jr ,
Lowe av, b of and near • Thirty-sixth at, w i, 48
ft to alley, dated Jan. 31; consideration, $1,200.
Clinton at, bet Carroll av and Fulton et, w f, 73?J ft
to alley, dated -Oct. 1, 1873; consideration, $21,000.
Timothy Wright to Garble Mason & Co. '
‘ -Wallace at, 07 Xft uof Thirty-first at, o f, 25x130>£
ft, dated May 23,1812: consideration. SBOO.
North av, 72 ft'e of Bhober at, b t, 21x130 ft, dated
Feb. 10: coneldcratlou, $3,000.
Bismarck at, 553 ft e of Noble fit, a f, 24x00 ft, dated
Jen.dO: consideration, SOOO.
Bismarck et. 480 ft e of Noble et, n f, 24x00 ft, dated
Jan. 10; consideration, SOOO.
Blanton av, near Thirty-eighth t\,yt f, 2i*{xl2s ft,
dated Feb. 16; consideration, $3,500.
Nineteenth et, 125 ft vr Of Laflln at, n f, 25x121 It,
datedFeb.il; consideration, SI,OOO,
Nineteenth at, 100 ft tr of Lalllu fit, n f, 25x121 ft,
dated Fob. 7 , consideration, SI,OOO.
Halsted at, aof and near Nineteenth at, ef, Lota 3
and 1, dated Feb. 11: consideration, $20,000. Joseph
Fisher to Willard & Zander.'
Thirteenth place, s w cor of Paulina et, uf, Lota 1
and 2, dated Feb. 11; consideration, $2,100.
Sub Lot 1 of Lota 17 to 21, in Block 1, Magoe & High’s
Addition, dated Jon. 01; consideration, $3,030.
Ogdon av: between Polk and Taylor als, a e f, 48 ft to'
alloy, dated Fob. 15; consideration, $3,100. 4
Harrison st, bet Loavllt and Hoyne ala, n f, 25 ft to •
alloy, dated Deo. 2,1872 ; consideration. $1,500.
Indiana at, hot North Clark and Dearborn ate, a f, 20
ft to alley, dated Fob. 16 ; consideration, $3,000.
Mitchell st, 250 ft w of taftla fit, u f, 25x124 ft, dated
Fob, 6; consideration, $l,lOO. , . .... ,
Dashloll st, bet Thirty-fourth and Thirty-fifth eta, e
f,WO ft to alley, dated Oct. 23, 1872 ; consideration,
st, bcl Wood and Paulina ate, a f, Lot 37,
dated Feb. 12; consideration, SBSO. , . T .
Hastings at, bet Ashland av and Paulina st, n f, ix)t
54, dated Fob. 1; consideration, SBSO. , .. • .
Lot 65, adjoining the above, dated Fob. 1; consldora
22: consideration, SOSO. » n <,mn
Cooper st, 288 ft aof Fullerton ov, vr t, 25x130 ft,
dated Feb, 10; consideration, SSOO. n _ ..
Hermitage av, bet Polk and York sts, of, 25x135 ft,
dated Feb. 16; consideration, $3,600.
Dlversoy av, 221 ft w-of Uulsted at, af, 60x121 ft,
dated Dec. fl. 1873: consideration, $2,600.
Lota SO and 37, of Lot 1, in Block a, of Hamblotou
Boo 20, 40,14, dated Fob. 11;
consideration, $1,200.
Lots 4 and 6, in Block 3; also, Luts Itoß, in w part
of Block 8, of Busby's s K a o * of n w X 800 10, 38,
14, dated Feb. 10; consideration, $12,600.
Calumet av, n a corner of Blxty-tWrd at, w f, Clx
100 ft, dated Fob. 10: consideration, $1,700.
Lots 2 to fl, and 40 to 49, in Block 8. of Phare’s o
Bco 12, 38,13, dated Feb. 13; consideration,
Lot 64. in Block 8, of Prout and Oolmau’s subdlvl
glon in aeXf of 800 4, 88,14, dated Feb. 10 ; consider
ation. $2,600.
Fifty-eighth st,‘s f, 6070-100 ft, In Block 31, See 18,
88,14, dated Feb. 12; consideration, SOOO,
The following In tbo total amount of city and
suburban property transferred during tbo wool:
ondimr Saturday Fob. 10; City property, num
ber of Bales, U7; oouaideratiou, $5U5,71)8. North
of city limittf, number of naloa, 0; aoußldomtion,
48 550. South of city limits, number of Bales.
81t consideration. $121,279. Went of city limits,
I number of sales, *4 s opnaldoratiou, $1,011,000.
1 Total salon. Ifift- 'i'olal onunirtwa-Uou. fel.7bfi.fi27.
The following wero the receipts
of produce at this point during U:
four honrs, and for tho oorroopo
1373. 1873T 1873. 1873.
Flour, brlfe,. 4,637 3,801 6.719 1,033
WhCuf, bu 37,080 2.433 10 070 1,050
Oom.bu 109,005 40,745 0,080 21,087
0.1(9. bn...., 80,600 fiO 110 14,300.11,802
Ilye. bu 8,077 1,387 • ui. • i?Q
IHrlcy,bu 29,001) 0,540 . 0.%j h.CiKi
anuCH, 185.,,.. 140, CM 107,200 \%,m oo,m
FlfiX SeM, U»9.v.... 8,460 . .-*•« ....
Broom Coni, lbs.;.. ,70,400 10,050 14,100 4,200
OOKHI Monts, IN,*.: 102,070 42.030 1558,683 2003,070
Jlfccf, br15,»...... ..... - 70- ....
Pork, br1f1.u'....... 70 ' 280 - 825 ‘ .1,018
Lard 1bn....V 107,860 130,010 870,000 200,150
Tflllow, Iho 23,783 1 0,170 21,800
Duller, lbs ... 60,001 85,016 87,540 7,102
Drenned Hogs, No.. 8,507 2,007 2,759 827
Live Ilogo, NO 13,335 11,000 8,043 4,170
O.itUe, N0... 1,220- 1,490 - 807 042
Blieor.No 8(10 1,010 1,027 • 071
lIldM, lbs 111,003 03,210 17,300 81,710
IHglnvlnw, brla..,. 175 60S 403 401
Wool, Iba 55,370 oof 22,270 V ....
Potatoes, bu........ 1,000 1,333 8 ....
Lumbar. St f00t.... 430 678 000 608
Rblnglca, M OCO 600 1,033 441
Latb.M. 112 04 ....
Balt, brls .. . • --425 052 ~057
.-0 yesterday ,fot 6ity
wheat; 1,514 bu corn j
ley. Witdrawn for do
,dll bu wheat; 10,031
J,B3iburyo; 82,167 ba
Withdrawn from etort
conaumptlDU t 0,003 bu «
COO bu ryo ; 2,817 bu bhrli
during tho peat wool;; 42,
bn com; 7,599 bu oats ; t
The following grain he
store this morning, up
a boon hißpcolod into
to 10 o'clock : 109 oars
wheat; 215 cafe‘Corn's 59 cars oats ;12 cars ryo ;
88 carabarlcy, Total, 450 cars, or 180,000 bu.
The following were the receipts and shipments
of breadstuff's and stock at this point during the
week ending with this morning, and for oorre-
opoiiding weeks ending as dated* .
hKomrrft* / .
*Vl>. IS. Ms, Feb. 17.
- 1873. • 1873. 1873. .
.... 30,170 -89,684 17.630
....209,639 > 226,570 .26.474
..043,090 044,100 869,295
.230,875 213,270 113,031
riortr. b'rls.
Wheat, hu.
Corn, hu..i
Oats, bu...,
Ryo, bu............ . 23,00 a 24,010 . . 10,008
Barley, bu 08,070 104,875 38,730
Dressed hogs, N0..39 t s4d ,37,321 31,104
Llro horn, N0.....'. 68,153 131,016 . 63,040
No 7,925 12,160 1 8,030
Flour, brlfl 84,370 00,760 14,092
Wheat, bu 07,040 W,193 13,794
Corn, bu..,.. 91,060 86,307 191,334
Oats, bU...... 75,603. 70,239 69,932
Rye, bu.................. 7,837 2,803 . 0,583
Dttr10y,b«........V....... 64,083 . 36,013 31,054
Dressed hogs, No .. 28,024 . 24,116 14,880
Live hogs, No 41,310 84,607 20,030
Cattle, No . 0,040 6,607 0,990
It is stated) on good authority, that Mr. Bpa-
vornqhahno sulphur apparatus in his .grain
cleaning mill, and uses, no sulphur, as might be
inferred from. an article on grain doctoring,
which appeared in The Tnismts of this morn
ing. Mr. Bo&voms says that he docs not do that
sort of business. It was stated on ’Change to-
day that tho sulphuring process is chiefly carried
on in tho establishment of Howo & McMullen,
and at another placo on Canal street, tho names
of tbo proprietors of which woro not mentioned.
Barley Is sent from other “transfer houses” to
ho doctored at tho sulphur mills.
It is well known that tbo Illinois Central Dio-
■valors aro so full that they can take in but Uttlo
raoro grain till some of that on baud has boon
moved out. It was stated , to-day an offer lias
boon made to bay a largo lot of com on tbo lino
of the Central Railroad, and load it direct
into vessels, If the proprietors of tbo
elevators would transfer it at to per bu. It is
said that they havo refused to' perform the
service for less than 2o; tbo charge that in
cludes tbo right to 20 days’ storage, wliioh they
cannot give. It is thought probable that the
transaction will not bo perfected, if tbo above
terms arc insisted upon, in which case the grain
in question will probably bo bold back till
• spring, for want of storage facilities boro.
The leading produce markets wore loss active
to-day, os is usual on Saturday, there being
very little done before, noon, except in wheat. ,
Prices wore. generally well maintained. There
are no now features in rogard to tho tronsporta- ;
tlon question. Onr railroada have all tbo busi
ness they can do,'and a good deal of produce is
under orders for shipment as ebon os it con bo'
sent forward. If now eopins .’provable that tolls
on the Erie Canal will be decreased 60 per cent,
instead of being advanced 100- per-cent, as was
proposed. '
: There are no now developments in the grocery
market. Pair activity prevailed In all deport
ments, and prices woro uniformly firm.- Busi
ness is not so active as at the corresponding pe
riod last year, but .tbo movement is quite as
largo as could reasonably- be expected, and a
good feeling seems to prevail among the trade
generally. Coffees woro again quoted strong,
and there are indications of. a further advance.
.The weakness so long-prevalent in the sugar
. market has now disappeared, the fooling devel
oped to-day being one of firmness.' Bice, syrups,
apices, soaps, teas, and most other articles in
the list, wore firm at the’quotations. Dry goods
were in good request, both to.. supply local and
interior wants. In prices there .wore no decided
! changes, a slight advance - in one or
i two brands of prints and bleached cot
tons being the only alterations noted.
Stocks ore largo and attractive, and. all things
considered, » very satisfactory business is doing.
No'change took place in the butter market. The
demand continues active, and,- under a light
supply, the recent advance is easily unstained.
Bagging was unchanged. Grain ■, hags were
moving on a liberal scale, while burlaps, gun
nies. and wool sacks ruled quiet. The canned
goods trade was again active. Orders from
country dealers woro numerous and liberal, and
most goods in the list were hold with pronounced
firmness. Peaches and oysters wore exceptions,
though there was no quotable decline in those.
Cheese remains firm. Cool was quoted quiet and
steady at $12.00 for Lackawanna; at [email protected]
for Erie: at 610.00 for Blossburg, and $7.00 for
Wilmington. There was only a email amount of
trading in the hay market, the demand, os for J
Bomo tune past, being mainly restricted to meet
ing local wants. Dealers stul find it impossible
to procure cars ; otherwise there would bo a fair
Eastern movement, and better prices would pre
vail. Hides were again, weak and unsettled.
Buyers are holding off, and, as slocks are begin
ning to accumulate, prices are tending lower.
Quotations to-day wore [email protected] for heavy,
and for light green cured. No
changes were noted in the oil market. A fair
number of orders wore placed at Sfl(®2l}£o for
carbon; at 720 for extra lard; at [email protected] for lin
seed. and at [email protected] for turpentine. Leather,,
wood, tobacco, and paper stock wore without
material change.
Lumber and building materials remain com
paratively quiet, and prices are without essential
variation. Metals, tinners' stock, iron, and steel
were unchanged; the demand continues mod
erate and prices rale steady. The pnward ten-,
deucy in tm plate continues, and an advance will
probably bo made soon to correspond with the
recent nso East. Nails have suddenly declined:
now quoted at SS.B7V£, with 1214 c off for round
lots; this was occasioned by a decline at the fac
tories. Wool, broomcom, and hops remain aulT
and unchanged. The demand Is confined to small
lots for immediate consumption. Seeds wore in
moderate request. The offerings wore liberal,'
and prices ruled weak, though without quotable
change. Choice poultry mot with a good do-
I maud, but the offerings ore largely composed of
| inferior stock, which sells slowly. The receipts
of eggs wore very liberal this morning, and con
sequently prices aro ruling weak, and quotable
XOo lower. 1 Potatoes are in fair local-demand,
and steady at previous prices. Apples, cranber
ries, oranges, etc., mot with a fair local inquiry.
Cooperage was quiet and unchanged, -
Highwmes were more active, and steady at tho
quotation of tho past few days. There was a
bettor demand, tut holders wore unable to ob
tain an advance, owing to continued.dutooea in
Now Vork. Bales woro reported of 800 brio at
Sllio per gallon. . ,
Brosood hogs wove In good demand, both by
Bhlmmrs and packers. The market opened
somewhat lower than on yesterday, in sympathy
with a slight decline iu the price of live hogs,
but soon -recovered, and rongedstoady, as on
Fridav at $6.05 for heavy, and [email protected] per
too lbs for light, closing firm. Bales were re
ported of°23Sneed atl i 2001et,85i.15,71 a
851214 • 214 at $6.10; 1.37 Cat $5.05 ? 214 at
IcoO; 40 at 6-1.95:403 dividing on 200 lbs at
[email protected] i 202 <io at [email protected] Total,
wore moderately active but irregu
lar. Moss pork was in good demand and firm at
quotations, till near the close, when
ft was broken down lOoper brl by imperative
offerings, weakening iu sympathy with an easier
fooling In live hogs. Lard was strong, and
[email protected] per 100 brla higher. Moato wore lu
good roquoot, and generally hold Ao per
lb higher, oxoopt hams, which ad
vanced Vc, being • soared. There were a Rood
manv orders ou the floor for moats at vostordav s
quotations? but Some of the holders wore nnablo
to purchase, owing to the advance. The loading
packing firms are reported to bo on the bro of
closing, owing to the fact that Dm grottier East
ern demand 1b putting Up tbfl price of hogs to a
point at wbb'H ihhy do nob oonaidor it sate to
buy. There la, however, no doubt that oonsld*
orablo quantities of moss pork will yet be made
bore this season, If tho quality of the hbgb yob
to come forward will permit ft* he llib, Specu
lative demand la ih bXcfifts of tbo
proDont suppta ttiir hogs having boon
prloclpallV tnft Into .moats this .CC&SOu.
The InArKofc closed fit iho following range of
prices» Mcsfl pdvlr, cash or poller February,
uo seller March, fcia.SSfol
IW? do. Boiler April. •, [email protected]" 5 .
do .seller May, $19.40; prime monß, '511.25
@11.00; extra prime, [email protected]?5. Lard,
cash, or Roller February, [email protected];
do seller March, [email protected]; do seller
April, [email protected]; do seller May, [email protected]
Green haras at OXQd'Xo for, 10-lb . aver
ages, and B%@BWo for 18-lb avoragbs. Sweet
pickled haraa [email protected]<O above tho price 'of
green. Green shoulders, 8J£o;do rough sides,
do short ribs, GWc; do short clear
0«oj ary salted meals quotable at 4%@dk’o far
shoulders; o)£@Gs<o for short ribs, aud 0)$(f0C)fjO
for short clear. Boxed shoulders, Eng
lish meats, Qk'a for Cdhlborlanaa: QUi for
short ribs | for short blbafj’OW
@loo for long cut. hams'. B&coh IS quoted'at
for abopldoifc', 7>£d fdr clear ribs; 79£0 for
short bleAr, all p&ckod. Moss beef, [email protected]:
bxtri moss do, [email protected]; beef hams, $27.00
@BO.OO, City tallow, 7>[email protected]*tfo; groooo quota
ble at Sales wore reported of 2,850
brls moss- pork seller -March at $18.00; 1.000
brls do at $12.00; 250 brls do seller April;at
$18.25; 1,710 losliirdat,7^o: 100 tea do .last
evening at $7.40 1 40,000 tha shoulders (country)
at 4d100,000 Iba do seller Abril at
boxes shoulders at 4)£a; 100 lbs ■ sweet pickled
doat6‘£o; 200 boxes long clear at 0#o? 150,-
000 lbs ohort ribs seller last half March.-and
UKINO, Fob. Vs. (
; and shipments
ho pant twonty
)uding date one
160.000 Iba do seller first half April, at 0)tfo;: CO
boxes do at 0%0 cash { 20,000 ibs abort clear at
OWo; 1,000 boxes do. part sollor,Slarob, at Ojfo?.
6.000 pea greCeti hams on private terms; 20,000
lbs do [id lbs) at Otfo: .80,000., lbs do (17 lbs) at
0b; 100 tea awoot pickled bams (18 lbs) at dUo ;
100 tea do at 9)fc;B0 tea do (22 lba).at 8)4fo: IDS
tea white grease at
25 tea do at s}{o.
The following wore the receipts and shipments
of provisions in ibis city dunpg the past week:
Received, Shipped.
CO 620
,704,380 10,668,123
Boof, brio.
Pork, brio.
Lard, ILs..
Meats, lbs,
Tho ' Commercial JJultetfn glroa tbo Xoliovfing
alatiatico of hog pacliingto aatoi“
Tottate, To date, Tefal fast
1873. 1872, season.
...,1,230.378 1.113,053 . 1,223,203
... 600 000 • 040,000 • 050,841
... 635,000 405,000 r 410,032
... 011,000 . 802,612 809,612
373,050 281,000 313,118
176.000 160,000 172,100
103.000 05,000 00,228
106.000 80,000 83,000
St. Louia...'..
Konaaa City,
T0ta1.;.... 9,300,428 3,038,405 3,270,030
Honry Milward & Co* write as follows:
'With an advance In the price of hogs, during tho lost
fen days, of fully 600 per JOO lbs, both on live and
drcL-flod. the country has boon scoured far and near,
and the boosted reserves of: the smaller points bavo
suddenly disappeared and been concentrated bore.
Our receipts, notwithstanding, have not been so Jorge
os vro were led to expect, but tboro is no donut tbo
country baa been more closely gleaned than has been
the case for many years. Greatly to the gratification of
tbo shippers of live slock, tbo railroad companies have
furnished them more liberally with cars, and, tboEasU
ora markets promising favorably, they bayo run (bo
market for hogs up to such prices as to prevent packers
from operating, so tho season may bo regarded as vir
tually closed, . ' • < . ,
. The Eastern; Southern, and foreign operators who
have dreaded talcing on stock In view of tbo threatened
largo supplies, aro beginning to regain confidence, and
prices of all products aro legitimately and steadily
advancing. Mess pork Is, perhaps, tbo moat favorite
product at present, for tho reason that tbo quality of
the hogs now being received will not permit of its be
ing manufactured, wbiloit Is well understood that tho
manufacture through the country has been moat lim
ited, many largo points not having packed a single
barrel, and the stock of all being light in the extreme*
AU products, however, share in tho general Improve
ment, and packers begin to look brighter, and oper
ators more confident .than at any time through the
year. The knowledge that tho stocks at tbo opening
of tho season wore so completely exhausted (notwith
standing tho ruling prices from last August on were
from 60 to 75 per cent higher than they are at the
present time, and that tbo first half million hogs wont
Into almost Immediate consumption) leads operators
to regard with carelessness ■ tho much talked of In
croaao In the packing, and to feel (bat there Is but Utile
prospect'of danger to blight their hopes for tho future.
Flour,was dull, but with no particular change
la prices, holders being firm in their views,
though tho demand was very limited, either for
tho focal trade or for shipment. Tho receipts
Wore light, and our stocks aro still small. Bran
was lower,- Sales wore reported of 60 brls white
winter extras dt $0.25; CO brls do on private
terms; 200 brls spring extras (Oriental) at 87.25;
100 brls do (Lookport Hydraulic) at $7.25 ; 300
brls do (Glory) at 87.00 ; 30 brls do at $7.00;
100 brls do at 86.75; 16 brls nuckwhoat at i
88.62k'. Total, 815 brls. Also. 10 tons ; bran
.at 811.00 on track.; 1 car prepared horse-feed at
SIB.OO on track : BO brls commoal at 82.10. - The
following were the closing quotations:
tfalrto choice wliltd'wmtor extras....3 8.00 @10.60
Red winter extras 7.00 @B-00
Good to choice spring,extras. • 0.05 ® 7.25
Bow to medium 8.60 @ 0.00
Good to fancy Minne50ta............. 7.00 r @ 8.-5
Spring .uporflncß. g-M®
Ryoflour. 4.75 @4.00 ,
BuokvrUeaWlour... 7.60 @.7,76
Bran.... 11.00 3
Middlings 12.00 0 10 - 00
Wheat was less active than yesterday, and loss
regular, hut averaged obout %o higher, tho gen
oral feeling being onopf strength. Liverpool was
early reported strong, though all thedeßpatchcs
did not, concur in ,quoting it higher; this was
supposed to ho principally due to sympathy with
the French markets, which have. tended upward
for some days past, especially in ; flour. .This
caused an advance here, which was increased
when it become known that a rather -largo opoiv
atoc on the short side had failed to respond to;
certain calls for margins, os several parties who.
bad sold wheat they expected to: receive from
him commenced to buy in concert, to moke good
the deficiency. This demand was soon satisfied,
and then tho market sagged, especially as Now
York was quoted dull, but again improved
with tho receipt of later advices from
the seaboard, quoting a. stronger fooling
there.' The trading was almost entirely
local, and mostly confined to the'filling in above
noted, there being very little ; business
transacted. Bailor March opened at $1.25%, ad
vanced to 81.26, declined to sl.24Kk advanced to
$1.25X,f0U *o $1.21%. and:closed at 81.245£
Seiler too month,orcoab.No..2 t sold at,81.23%@.
.1.24%, closing at $1.23%,- Seller April sold at
[email protected]&,- closing ot 81.27%. No. 1 spring ,
was quiet at-81.29%; • No. 3-spnng was firm at
and rejected do strong, under; a |
good demand; at [email protected], ‘ according to loca- ,
tion. Cash sales woro reported of 400 bu No. 1 ,
spring at 81.29% ? 24,800 ba No. 2 spring at |
81.24k': 78.400 bu do at $1.24; 10,000bu do at-|
$1.23% j 10 000 bu do at $1.25% ; 5,0D0 .bu do at
81.23%; 0,400 bu No. 8 spring at 81.11%
bu do at $1.11%; 400 bu rejected at 8L00; 400
bu do at 99%c< 400 bu- do at 99%0; 1,200 bu do.
at 930. Total, 141,800 bu.
Corn was quiet and steady at about tbo sama_
range as yesterday. Out receipts wore again
large, and tbis fact, with the scarcity (dike, of
storage room and of money, caused cash.offer-.
Inga to drag, and made saner March quiet, as
there is not much hope of an advance before.de
liveries are duo on that option. On theother
hand, there was a rather bettor, inquiry for the
summer options, which caused tboia to bo rela
tively firmer, especially as they ptow offerod
loss frequently than heretofore., is not
much hope for com, in the minds of operators,
but they seem t6 think that tho best chance for
higher prices is for tbo time whoa the grain be
gins to move. • Seller Maroh sold at 81%@31%0,
chiefly at 31%0, and closed steady at that figure.
Seller the mouth, or cash No. 2, Bold at 81%®
81%0,. closing • firm at 81%0. Holler April
soil at seller Mav aOK
<aoo%o, ana souor Juno at 87%@87%c.
Cash sales wore reported of 43.800 hu No. 2at
81%0 : 85,000 bu ao at 01%0 ; 400 bu rejected at
27%0: I,2oo'bu do at 27%0 j 8,800 bu at 270.
Total, 145,200 bu. - • i
Oats woro dull and %o lower, tho volume of
sales being about equal lo that of Friday. Buy
ers hold off in expectation of lower prices, due
to liberal receipts, as they say tho farmer can
much better afford to sell oats than com at pres
ent prices. Seller tho month sold at2o%@
20%0. chiefly at the Inside.. Boiler March was
quoted at 27%0: seller April at 27%0, andl seller
Mav at 80%0. Cash sales wore reported of 1,200
bu No. 2 at 26%0; 5,000 bu do at 20%o; 11.400
bvvdo at 26%0; 1,800 bu rejected at 23%0 \ COO bu
by sample, white, atSOo, on track. Total, 20,000
was In fair demand at the range noted
yesterday, 65%0 being frooly bid all tbrougb the
session. The supply continues light. Cash
sales were reported of 3,000 bu No. 2 at OQo, and
8,600 bu do ac 05%0. . , .
Barley was steadier than yoslordoy. though
quiet, and at about tho same prices; being, if
anything, somewhat easier. The market was
vorv dull early, but firmer towards the close.
Seller March sold at C7%@080, closing at tbo
outside. No. 2 closed at 680 in ordinary houses.
No. Bdo at 580, and rejected at 4flo. Gash sales
were reported of 1,200 bu No. 2 at opo t 6,400 bu
dofttOaci 0.200 bu do at C7%0; 0,200 uu No. 0
ntß9oj 3,000 bu do atttfd; iOO bn do at BCbr
I,2ool'lirejQotoci nt47o; 400bu do at '4oc;'4oo
bu do at 4fto; 4001 m by 1 aamplo (California), ce ,
01.40 on track | 200 bu dO.M .flOci.W Afrivo \ 400
budo at 730; 400 btt dOjW 70*. , WUI, 32,806 bd.
... . t, Vim cIIOPB.
Tbb At. I'.oulb tiernoCrai baatho, follorrlugi
tfhe load paper# of Mlsspurf, lows. arid ftansul With
those of JUiuoK r.outoli'i pretty: much tUo eatnosloncß
concerning the effect of the recent cold weather on the
coming crop#, it la Yen* generally, agreed that UiO
winter, In Ino intensity of the cold ana 1U Idhg cdfli
tlnuhncp.bagbddn mrtff r«lh4f»ol»l0 tlldti BHykuoWrt
to tbo omcat Millers, in town, and (ho northern tier
or counties of our own Slate, stock has been fedzen to
death under shelter, and while being transported to
market, and. .'ln one Instance, In one of the central
counties of Missouri, no less than twenty hogs pedalled
of a night In a single pen. Farm-work has boon Inter
rupted, and the farmers, blockaded Ih their hordes atid
unable to faco the fatal winds Out on the prairies. have,
InnmnycuAcs/sufferdd fortho necessaries of life. In
lowa the Wlulcr Wheat crop. If the Inajority of onr
changes are to be belloveJ, Is entirely destroyed, white
whole orchards have been so damaged that they, will
not furnish a quarter, of. tho usual yield. “In the cen
tral counties of Kansas the wheat is In a hardy condi
tion. and la new looking aa promising as after 'ordinary
winters. The. peach buds, hoWevoA have been de
stroyed! nUd those Of some of the hardlbr trees. In
Illinois thd Wlntek Wheat la Only . slightly Impaired.'
whllo thorfc Is ah ehcduraglda report from Egypt that
thC pcach ct;op. of southern Illinois promises lobs
largcb thnttovftr before.. In. Missouri tho advices Indi
cate a most capricious, state'of affairs. Although In
general the wheat looks thrifty, and (he prospects aro
oncourAglng, there are oxcepllonal'instancos In unex
pected quarters whore It has been seriously blighted.
The most favored locality. ■is the rich bolt
of rolling prairie extending south and '-west from the
centre of the State, and reaching through Pettis,
Henry,' Johnson, Barton, and Vernon' Counties. Of
tho fruit crop, tuo account!* by no meafas so flatter
ing. Tho prospect of a peach yield Is exceedingly dis
couraging, and It Is thought In some quarters that the
grape-via oa are badly. Impaired. ‘ la Ozark County ibe
peach buds are all destroyed, so'.also- in Orconand
Lawrence, and many other. counties in the southwest
and oast. ,At a recent horticultural mooting in Green
County, it was reported by a well-known fruit-grower
that ho hod not found a sound poaoh-bud in over a
thousand ho had examined. In many coses tho vines,
as well as the buds, wore killed down to tho roots.- On
the other hand, It wAs announced—and this seems to
be the testimony throughout the Blsto-~that the apple
and pear tress are In good order. It Is to bo hoped,
that these opinions are unduly lugubrious, as such
opinions are Apt to bo,; but the unanimity with which
they aro expressed this year gives them an especially
. creditable coloring.
In the afternoon wheat waa moderately active <
and steady. No. 2 spring sold nt $1.28%®1.23%
cash or seller the month, closing at the outside,
and $1.24%@1.24% seller March, closing .at
$1.24%. Cora was in moderate demand and
steady at 81%0 seller the. month, and 81%0
aollor March. Other grain and provisions wore
quiet and unchanged.
Saturday Evening, Fob, 15.
ALCOHOL—Was in fair demand, and steady at $1.75
01.80 for 01 nor cent proof. ; ■ ,
BROOM CORN—The general market continues dull.
Only a moderate demand exists for choice hurl. and
alook braid. The stocks of common corn are excessively
largo. Wo quote: No. 1 hurl, [email protected] pet. lb; No; 1
stock braid, [email protected]#o; No. 3 do, <@Vtfor No. 8 do, 80
3^o; insldo green, 8&o; do rod tip, 804o; do palo
and red, [email protected]#c. . ; , • •
BAGGING—Prices Were again quoted steady and
unchanged; The supply of grain bags is now Improv
ing some, but stocks are sttlTllglilcr-than usual at this
season of the year, and the late advance Is thoroughly
sustained. Burlaps, gunnies, and wool sacks oro in full
supply. Wo repeat our.quotatlons: Slarlr. 370; Bud
low. 85*161 Lowlslown, 350; American,'B3o: Amos
jteag, 330! Otter Crook, 340: burlap bags, 4 and 6
bu/MSaUtfo J gunnies, single, do, dou
ble, 28®20c: wool sacks, 680 < •
BBaNS—A good local and shipping demand exists
for choice varieties, with the offerings of suoh rather
Uaht. The lower grades are In ample supply. TVo
quote! Navies at $2.4002.05; fair to prime, $2,000
2.40! common to medium, $1.80®2.00.
BUMING MATERIALS—The demind continues
Uoht, and • prices are steady as quoted below.! i
Stucco, $2.6002,75; .Now York stucco, casting,
$4.00; superfine do, [email protected]; Rosendale cement,
$3.2603.60! XUlca cement, $2.00 ;pcr brlj
vJUo cement, $2.00: Akron cement.s2.oo I marblodust,
$3.2303.60: lime in bulk, $1.10; Umo (brls), [email protected]
1.60 pec brl: white sand, per brl. $3.7508.00,
plastering hair, per bu,-4O0Mo; fire brick, per 1.000,
*4O 00000.00: building, brick (common), $0.60014.00;
country brick, $10.60011.00: Woodstock pressed range
at $35.00040.00: St. Louis hydraulic’ pressed; $48.00,
del.; Blflwaukec, $33.00, del.; Radno, deM
Hillsdale, $35.00. del; fire olay, • per brl, 54.0005.00.
The foUowlng Is the list of prices per box of 60 feet for
domestic window glass, from which a reduction of 40
and 0 per sonti. mud. to i)ouW „
quality. ttrtnqlh,
fixflto 7xo *®’JS
7xlo to Bxlo 6*75
, Bxll to 10x13 7.23 10.00
1 Bxl4 to 10x13 - B*oo 12.00
. llxll to 12x17 8.76 W.OO
12x18 to 9.26 16.00
14x22 to 10X24 10-00 • }B.OO
18x33 to 18X30...., U.OO iftg
20x28 to g.OO
20x34 to IJ.OO • 20.00
28x38 to JJ-OJ 28.00
28x46 to 80x48 18-00 20-00
30x60 to 32x52 M
33x54 to 34x60 JSfiS
.34X68t0 •••*
*buttcr marWtfwas with-new fea
tures. Receipts continue Ught and short of the de
mand, whichls fairly ootive, both on local ond Eastern,
account. Pxicee wore firm all around, -but- especially,
so for good to choice, grades,. Bu °h wadlly «
24020 c, while for fancy dairy a* high as SOo waa real
• ixod. fae continue to quote! Common
17023 c; strictly choice dairy, packed, 27030cme
dium to good, 200240; inferior common, 0018 c. ■
CANNED <iooS3 AND PICKLES —Activity still
characterizes the trade m this class of goods, and a
firmer tone still pervades the market. Stacks -arenot
large, but most articles in the list are In ample supply,
and orders oro being promptly filled., We quote:.
.$1.85® 9.00
.. 2.85® 3.10
... -2.00® 2JS
.... [email protected]
. 1.60® 1.70
' 3.00® 2.8S
... * 9.860 3.60
'* 8.400 3.60
i.so® 1.30
Small, brls, 2,200 par pkg..
Small, X brlu, 1,100 per pkg . J-JJ.
Medium, brls, 1,200 per pkg . J-gg WjJ
Medium # brls, 600 per pfg. 5® t'ln
Large, br£. 600 pet. pkg. JSg J-g
Large,* brls, 300 per pkg i'S
In 10 gall, kegs, per keg 0.76® 4.23
In 6 gall, kegs, per keg. .. 2.76® 8.25
Ohow Ohow.(Harvev), qls 0.760.6.35
Cbow Ohow (Harvey), pts o.oo® 3.60
Chow Ohow (O. & D.l, O.M®
Ohow Ohow (0. & D.), pis..*. .3.76® 4.00
Pure,*r gall, can., per doz I SiSa’Bmy
Pure, quart cans, per doz.. . 6-609 O.OU
Extra golden, * gaU. can., per dm «.»0» 7.00
Extra golden, quart can., per d0z........ ..000 ».25,
CHEE9E—There was no change worthy of mention
in the general features of this market. Doth the Jocal
and the outside demands ore fair for ihe season, and
quotations are fully sustained for all YnrJ
grades, We repeat our Usfc as follows : Now York
factory, [email protected]} Ohio factory, [email protected] 5 Western
* a nulot and firm.' Followlnff nro
the - prices current: lahlgh lump, <12.50®3.M,
Lohiflu, prepared, $13.60®18.<W; Laclmwanna, $19.00:
Erie, [email protected];.13r1ar IIUJ,$10.50011.00; Walnut
mu. $11.00; Blosshurg, $10.00; Cherry Mine, $9.60 ,
UocWna Valley,- *6.50010.00; Indiana Oannel coal,
Indiana blockTs9.oo; Miuonk, $8.00; WU
’Was nniet and unchanged. Lard-
Uorccs are duU and weak 5 packers are buying only for
Immediate use. Wo continue to quote: 1 ork barrels,
«160123; lard Uorccs, *1.60®1.G5; whiskey barrels,.
42 00fi‘i35' flour barrels,-6U0650; rough staves
(Dorkl [email protected]; do faerco), *i9.00®31.00; do,
/whlahev^' $23.00®35.00 *, sawed and buoied staves
ivemW-TO mo% than’ rough ;• flour staves. *8.60®
0.60; circle flour heading, [email protected]&o per Bo t
poles. $14.00010.00 per m; pork and tierce poles,
rccdnta this morning were very liberal,
at [email protected]; chicken, [email protected], *«!,■»« ti«fl tha
PlßU—'i’ho recent oavanM seemß. to havo ha^
IlMiSrte nnWfdSf B&
K ta?SL..Ic. ."any material eoncee.loa
mo quoM prtec., Oltot WpU™nr. Alan
moving on a litoral ocalo. 2ke d c neral xn t
atoadv andUrm. PdUovvlngareltopri««curn.nl. No.
1 wliltoOell, 6.6000.76: No. 3 do, fO.IHWO, HO. 1
trout, *6.2606.60 : No. 1 aliora inacgocd, 811.00011.",
No. 1 bay, W. 600&.75: No. 2 bay mackerel,
No. 1 aUo'ro kilo, *1.8501.00: kank M.W®
6.25: Qoorgo’aeodllah,Bd,[email protected], box.•iSJiSSSltalUvi
81®3oo ; box herring, scalded, [email protected], Columbia iv v
er ealwon, now, halWurls, tIQ.OO®IO.-d. .
ITltUlTfl Attb NUTS—Apples and begin to
move more freely, and the market la working
llcmcr. Ilululua aud prunes are also n “SS? I ,s r iSSt» rel
the leudouoy being to an advance, fruit
main quiet and unchanged. Wo
eiqm—Dales, o®o*c; tigs, drums, »«*•
box, 14016 c; Turkey primes, lOSW.W
@2.60 5 /.ante ourrautu, «
apples- [email protected]; Michigan do, [email protected]; Ww orn do. O
@Uj<o; Southern do [email protected]*o ; peaibw, 1- red, 18®-£o,
poaches, halves, 6*®7oj do mixed, U ;SVJ.
Lorries. otf®loe
rlcs, 210250. Nuts—iilborie, t “luionuß. i j
ragona, 21022 c; Nspkn walnuts, [email protected];
014ct pecans, 11012'. c; Aftlmn pcami
WUmlnutou iteauuiß. 7utß>; 5 l«uuwib«.o 6UC«.
Peaches, 2 lb
Peaches, 3 1b... • ••
Pears, 3 lb • •
Plums, damsons, 3 lb
Green gages and egg, 2 lb,
Q a1nce8,aibi.........
Strawberries, 2 1b....
Blackberries, 3 lb
Gooseberries, 3 lb
Tomatoes, 3 lb
Tomatoes, 8 1b........
Corn, Elgin.,
Corn, Benton Harbor.
Corn, Yarmouth..
Peas,3lb, p0d....
Peas, 3 lb, soaked
Lima beans, 3 lb
Succotash. 2.1b
Lobster, 3 lb.
lobster, 1 lb
Oysters, 3 lb,
Oysters, 1 lb.
green Mtuits-Applftl, Wcot willl ft moderate
local demartrt; v Pricfcsero unchanged, but scarcely so
ftiteti'ft owing to roofo liberal .receipt, npd the fact
that, inoco: are ft p&)rt mniljv rtfrorlnfr*. In-poor com
flltlbtU ,Oilier JrulW voro MUtolianflod. Wo quote:
Apples (fair to choice) at [email protected];Of) pec brl from
storo { cranberrieU (cultivated) at $10.00012.00 per brl}
wild do ftts7.oo®rt.iK); California pears' at • $4.00®
5,00* Jemofl at [email protected] per box; Valencia oranges,
JU.OOQI3.DO per cobo ; Palermo do, per box, $4.00® 3,50;
Malaga grapes, $3.00®0.00 per keg,
OltOOKUlKB—ln Ibis branch of trade the changes
Were (aw atid unimportant, A firmer feeling In eugat*
In nMrtd. trlfh Which exception the gmiia fentnre.i of
the market were the same u for two or three dn ya pant,
Fair activity prevails, end moat descriptions of olde
goods, as well as aU eUpte articles, wore firm. 'We
quote: •
Bi-OAna 9oiu—flQSWc. •
Coi?mw—Mocha, 80)[email protected]; O. O. Java. 30MQ
!i?Wot Java, No. 3. 23(333m0; fancy Rio, 24>/.324vc;
choicedo,24#Q3*>;o { prime 1U0.3Ji#(2i340; good do,
22X®23Mo} common do, 1 91 M®32c; Singapore, 31®
24#0 ( Costa Rica, fancy. 2fi935#0; do, prime, 24;4®
Maracaibo, 33M®340. -
• Oa«i>£,Eß—Blar, full weight, 20MQ210; elcarine, full
Weight, * do short weight, UMQiICc.
' RtCK—mna, t Rangoon, 7#@aoCaroline,
o®<J* O ; Louißlnnn, TMQSJ^o.
Suoxrta—Patentcutloaf, l3?f®l4^o} crushed,pow
dered, and granulated, A, standard, llJi
@l2o do No; 3, lljiQllJSO; B, ll,*,'@ll?fo ? extra
0, lltfQUKo; 0, No. 2. U’i®nJtfo; yolUw O, lOJi®
fair do; [email protected] • choice molasses ougar. lOyQIOMo j,
f&lrdo,o®2yc; New Orleans sugar, choice, loy® lie;
do prime, 10,‘£®10yo } do, fair, 0y®10o; common,
drips,'ll.assi.lO*, silver drips;
extra fine, 72®76e{ good sugar-house syrup. [email protected]]
extra do', 50®C5e; New Orleans moloesoe, choice, 7o
®80o; do prime, [email protected]: do common, fiOQO.'io; Porto
Rico molasses, choice, 6aoGOo} common molasses, 30
@4oc. ..•-*•
Samsbatoh—Common to best. S®loc.
‘ Brians—Allspice, *170180; cloves, 85®370; cassis,
38®10o; pepper, MMQMWo;- nutmegs, ,[email protected]
ginger, puro,'[email protected]; do No. J, [email protected]; do No. 3.10
French .mottled, [email protected]; German mot
tied, 7k®7Wo; Golden west, [email protected]; White Lily,
[email protected]; While Bose, 6M®oyp; brown ■Windsor,
palm, C®6Wq; Bavonlmpcrial, cy®o*£c.
Stadou—Gloss, oy©lw, com, o®llo j laundry, G®
7c: common, [email protected], . ~ • ' • ...
and for pressed prairie there
was an easier feeling/ The difficulty of obtaining
transportation Is quite as Serious now as at any prqvl
ouo period, and dealers find it impossible to fill thfc few,
Eastern and Southern order* that are received from
day (6 day. There Is a fair local demand, and sales are
being effected at prices that have been current for a week
post. Wholesale dealers were paying tho following
cars (6 contain 20,000 lbs: 05 Tbaok— I Timothy, beat
er crossed, slo.oo® 16.50: timothy, loose pressed, $15.00
® 10.00} prairie pressed, $10,00011.00, On Wagon—
Timothy, loose, $15.00016.00 j prairie, loose, $9.80®
10.50. For delivery of pressed, SI,OQ®WO, according :
.to distance, . ~ ■ .
HIDES—The weak feeling noticeable yesterday In
this market, continues, and prices -wore again » K c
lower, there being few buyers to-day at over lOMo for
heavy, snd at 11 Mo for light. There Is ae yet no large
accumulation here, but unless tho facilities for moving
the slock out are speedily increased, it will be a diffi
cult matter to prevent a further depredation in values.
There was a light movement at tho annexed tango of
prices: Green butchers’, 7os green salted, cured, heavy,
*1034(310*/ o; do light, lltf®n*/o; part oared, [email protected];
green frozen, OQUMo; green calf. [email protected];
vcal ldp, prime, 1m; dry salted, [email protected]; dry Wp, Mo;
dry calf, 360; dry flint, 10®20o; deocono, 60®05o;
damaged, [email protected]: all other damaged stock two-thirds
price: branded, 10 per cent off. . _
HONEY—Was quiet and unchanged. We continue
to quote: Choice white comb at 25®500; medium
grades at 18®220 j Inferior And strained honoy at 11®
180, ■ i .
• HOPS—Tho market is very quiet, and hardly as firm,
though holders arenet disposed to grant any conces
.slons. Slocks here are very light, but it Is said-that
there are a good many Western hops Eaat. and .this,
with the poor English now being Imported, tends , to
weaken the market. New York and Bavarians are
firmer, being very scarce. We quote: Western at 42®
520: -fair to good, 86®10c : common to medium, '2s®
8001 New York, [email protected]; English, .40®B0o; Bavarian,
6 °UION AND STEED—The trade continues moderate.
Prices are without material change. Wo quote: ;
Iron 4 0-10® S'" rates
Uorso-shooiron... 0 5-10® 7 rates
Plate Iron .7 07# mtci
Rhssla 1r0n...... ?2° -S|k
-Russia Iron. No. 1 stained 180 3?}^
• NorwaynaJl rods.... 0 @loo tfjh
Gorman plow atoel 11 S }$
English cast plow steel 12 ®l3#o
American tool stool •••45
Chrome tool steel... 18 *®7o xat^
English tool steel 21 wea
English spring steel., 11 , tflb
T^ATHER—In this department of trade a fair husl
u'bsb was doing, manufaclurcra aa well m interior deal
ers operating with considerable /roodom.-•Prices of
French stock are tending higher, but domestic leather
■ remains steady at present quotations. The fiT/we ami
Leather Reporter says of the Boston-market: M Wo re
ferred last week to the large number of bool and shoe
buyers whose presence Induced the manufacturer* to
lay in stocks of tho various grades of leather required
to fill their orders, but there are fewer this week. ■ The
market, however, te ettU amlalnod, on tho whole, by
the pnrcha.ee .till .maklmt, anddn oome 'lnca bj lho
ahlpmonU to Europe. The ehlpmenlo-ot hemlock
sole Impart quite a healthy lone to the market, and
as them is etlU an active demand from boot
and ‘ shoo' manufacturer*,- prtow are fl^ymam
■ talned. Oak la also in fair demand. In union crop
therehi no falling off. The inquiry
and quotations are upheld;. The receipt of sheep sklna
la the rough are Insufficient to SAusfy the call, and
orices have an upward tendency. 1- All kinds of finished
upper are selling freely at quoted rates, tho inquiry for
bearry aphta being most urgent, owing to the demand
for export to Engliuid. Wo quote:
City harness. V
Country harness
Uno, city, 9
Kip, 9 lb
Kip, .voato
Clty.upper, No, 1, 9
Olty upper, No, 3.N ft
Country upper, No. l
Collar, 9
Calf, city
Calf, country..
Bough upper, 1ight..........
Bough upper, hoary...
Bouguuppor, damaged....*.
Buffalo slaughter sole, nest.,
Buffalo slaughter solo, No. a.
«B, A.” solo..
Calt 1.26® 1.J5
Kip,' No. i, medium
Kip. No. 3, hc»vy ’J® |»
French calf, Lemolne “-“S® B®-™ 8 ®-™
French cal/, 31 to }'K
|| |
trade' ie etiu'
the approach of mild wmdhor dealer. “Uclpate a mot e
active demand. Frlceeare without alteration, «n fcl
to!?. 5 .,.,- V.... 263.00065.00
Second clcir;V inch ii 3 inch SnSlSnm
: Third clear, jihch V. MtS'S
Third’dear, thick v* • • *o.w®«.oo
mrst sad second clear 40 [email protected]'0d
Flwt and second dear elding, together...
Common siding.... [email protected],
Common flooring, dressed, first... [email protected]
Common flooring,‘Urcaaed, second.. ...... [email protected],00
Wagon-box boards, Mleoted, 16 Inch ee end
go^ontoSi'.:’.;::: ■•: • • • •
Jol.t, Icnntllng, .mall Umhor, elo., 10 feet j , 6m
Flekela, KfflSoS'
Picket., Hat— iSmSism
Cedarpoala, epht.. InffiSm
federpoale, round. "I"-*® «»
k£s==::: iSSSIS
• Three d’oUars per car to bo added when transferred,
which chsfae follows the shingles.
Thickness—iftvo shlnglea to be two Inches in thlck
a<LoD{Ttb—Sixteen Inches.
; . aannwooD.
0* W •
Black walnut 14.00036.00
ilWwv ;; *;; *;;; [email protected]
” “ * * ■ /, 35.0'[email protected](»0
DUtt0T0U1........ .••••••••••••••• - fkftfiSi 1 Rft
P°oorinffl ftSlfgroovea'ina nntdnd.. ...
2jS® <•«*»)•• 6Q.00WW.00
oS?p V.V.V so.oo®ss.oo
clail 12.00« u.oo
condition of the market la the same. Trad* ia Jinprov
fug somewhat, and prices for nearly
steady, while a strong upward tendency- la apparent
,0 SIA00! 40. 15x10, »H.»o ;
do, Ux2o, <lß.oodo, rooHiiff. 10, $13.60.
£io Tw-lirce, 4Do j email, Ulo ; bar, 430.
• Suuet 'Zwo—Full casks, \ half casks, lie«
Use quanUty, lltfo ; slab, 00.
brnilera, ov.rlQ
•ySSiSffi ffiTOvSldo.loo; 10t0.., 11c in,
llSos 18 and U,l3Jtfc; 16 and 10, He; 17, 150 :18,
Iflo : io, 19o; 30,: 20a ; full bundle, IB per cent die
count t roue© wire, 7s/080.
NAI^S—A decline In ualle bee occurred, now qunted
At W.mJT With 13tfo Off for 100 keg lots. This eud
den drop ia said to have been caused by a cutting
of m-icee among manufacturers. We now quote.
[email protected], per keg, $3.37# ratoa: 6<Mo, <5.02 jCtl, <lo,
46 87KJ 4d, do, $0.19# ; Sd, do, W.Bf# , 3d, dch fine,
Sa23tf; 2d, do! s3.B3>}; clinch, 17.78 ;12#o off for 100
kB NAVAL STORES—Were In light demand. There
was no further change lu prloee, which range aefol-
Manilla rope, lb * 19 ®
Uctuu bubli cord, vlb ® ft
Marline, 1b.... 20 0 33
Tarred ropo, Mlb _ft ® ft ft
Oakum. V bale 8.00 gO.W
Pllrli M o.o° W'* W
Tar 'Wbrl «.W «?.«»
OlLS—Trading was moderately active, with prices
generally firm. There were sellers of carbon oU at a
coucosuUm from the quoted prices, but lard, Jlnscod,
turpentine, and moat other deecrlptltme were firmly
held. Wo make no change lu our lj*tslCar
bon, aio3lko j extra hid oil. 7!ioi No, 1* 07c; No, 3,
can: Ujuoecl, raw, Mo; do bolted, 070! whole. Mo I
sperm, £2.0003.10 ; ncals*foot oil, Blrlotijjnirc, fuw J
do extra, 00c ; do No, 1,80 c.; bank oil, [email protected], ****••?*
.73073 c 5 elephant, oil. OSo; turpentine, [email protected]*
hlha, 00 gravity, £.'10250 ‘ naphthai common, 18®wa.i
light request, niul prices remain jwltbont :»uy Import*
ant change. ITollowlng are the quotations :
Rlriclly pUro.
Taney brands,
two. , •
Grunina Vclllo M0ntague................. Jj.6o
American.,,, ~u.* k.Vii.i. ♦♦**.*»««*.»♦* [email protected]
Snow white • 11.00
Itallroad colors,
Palace car colors,
Ho' ochre.
English Yen. red
English orange mineral,..,
Pittsburgh orange mineral,
English red 1ead,..........
American red lend
Rcariot vcrmUllou,
In bu1k.....
In bladders..
POULTRY—The demand for good to choice lots con?
tlnues fair; 'The offerings are largo, but consist Chiefly
of common to fair slock,, Sales include 1,000 lbs choice
turkeys at 13c; 1,400 Iba do at 12>tfc; 3,400 lbs at 12o!
1,100 [email protected]; 05 doz chickens at S-3.2508.60 5 4o
dot at $2.5003.00 5 8 doz poor at $1.50; 4 doz good
geese at $8.00; 8 doz do, poor, at $6.00.
POTATOES—The demand from the retail trade corn
tinuoe good. The supply la moderate, and prices ruls
steady. Car lota aro quotable at 70372 c, and retail lots
from store at 6O®oOc. Wo note solos of 1 car poach*
blows at 70c, on track; 1 car Neebannocks at O60: GO
bu Michigan at 00c; 630 bu pcnchblows at [email protected]
from store, ... .
SALT—Was -In fair, demand and firm. We again
quoto: Onondaga and Snglnnw, line, $2.40; ordi*
nary coarse,'s2.4o; coarse Diamond C,52.00; ground
solar, $2.50; dairy, without bags, $3.2303.80; dairy,
with bags, $4.2504.60; Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.00;
ground alum, $2.6002.76 : Turk’s Island, $2.00.
SA6H, COOKS, AND BLINDS—Were unchanged;
Wo continue to quote;
*....* •ix Ob;ox 8....
...V.Sx Obyflx 0....
lx 8 by Ox 8...,
.....2xlo by 0x10....
boons—>TWO PANEL.
...,2x CbyCx C...
~.,2x ObyOx 8....
~..2x CbyCx C...
~..3x 8 by Ox 8...
~ Bxlo
. oxl2
1 3*lo.
1 3-10.
1 3-8 .
1 8-8 ,
1 B*lo.
1 3-10.
1 3-8 .
1 8-8 .
1 340
T»r-irw lUit. HASH.
Size of Thick- Size of flight Priuwr
olasa. tt«u. wlmtoto, i cinaow,
Bxlo 13-10 In 2x 3# by 3x9# 400
oxl3 13-10 In 3* 7 by 4xo 670
oxl4 13-10 in 2x7 by6x3 .... ...,64a
10x12 13-10in........2r10 by 4xo .... ~;.670
10x14 10-10 in 3xlo by Bx3 640
9x14 18-8 in 3x7 by 6x3 ~800
10x14 13-8 in 2xlo by Bx3 800
A discount of [email protected] percent 1b made from the above
—The general market waa dull and weak at
about Friday’s prices.' Timothy sold at $3.0008.90*
prime quotable at $3.25? clover at $5.0505.35 for ordi
nary, and $6.75 for mammoth. White clover sold at
$15,00; Hungarian and millet quotable at $1.0001.10
for tho former, and [email protected] for the latter. We note
sales of 174 bags timothy at $3.30; 230 bags prime at
$3.25: 035 bags at ,$3.10: M hags poor at $3.00,10
bags choice clover at (5.951 36 bajfa at $5.80; 75 bags
prime at $3.20: 23 bags at $6.17# ; 38 bags at $5.16;
. 10 bags at $5.06 ; 1 car Hungarian at sl.lO.
TEAS—Business waa reported fair, and former quo
tations were well sustained all around : Young Hyson*
common to fair, 60060 c; do good, [email protected]; do choice to
extra line, 95c051.15; superfine to lino old Hyson, 75a
6»U.0O: common imperial, [email protected] ; good to choice dq*
Socosl.Os; fine to good gunpowder, 80 c 0 $1.03: choice
[email protected],2oV extra, $1.3001.40; choice to extra leaf
Japan, [email protected]$l,05; fair lo good-do, 70080 c; common
d0T^45(3550• colored■ natural leaf Japan, 65065 c;
common to fine Oolong, 350460; good, 60070 c; choice
to extra, 90C01.00. . ’
WOOD—Bamalns dnll at the annexed quotations 7
Beecb, $12.00; maple, $18.00; hickory, $14.00; Blabs,
SB.OO, delivered. . . . ‘
WOOL—The wool market continues qmet, and an
easy, unsettled fooling prevails. Choice light fleec*
wools are scarce, but tbs lower grades are In fair stock
and dull, A sale of coarse to fine unwashed wools waa
reported, aggregating 9,000 lbs, at a rang© of [email protected],
Tub? washed, extra medium
Tub, washed, fair to do *36©wo
Common dingy
Fleoco, washed, XX, light
Piece* washed, X, light gO«6o
Fleece, washed, XX, dingy •«©«£
Fleece, washed, X, dingy.. SISS
Fleece, washed, mcdiumllght [email protected]
Fleece, washed, medium dingy,.... *[email protected]*3a
Fleece, unwashed, X4XX, in good condition. [email protected]
Fleece, unwashed, X&XX, dingy. 30®^«
Fleocc, imwasbcd, coarse to medium [email protected]
nnwwbodV coarse, and dingy
Super, pulled....
Extra, pulled... »...43050a
' Burry wool 50100 less. - : -
g IVTiatX>icl It Isno
_ longer the Question since the latrodac
tlonof theOentsoplJaloient. When
we meet mold friend who has been
m gholtod with rheumatism, or aeo a pea
sea; mangled underneath a rail ear*
and restored to shape and comeliness,
,-w wo now know that It 1s the Centaur
ketflAfOTn : Liniment that does tho work.’ Nooth*
lameness It will not oare.
.% SO® it
SC® 33
. it® i 3.
. CO® 1,10
. [email protected]
.. 36® 80
25® 37
~ ' 25® 27-
.. 20® 23,
, 3.200 1.10
.. UO® 1.25
.05® 88
92® 35
„ 37® 30
, 35® 37
.. S3® 35
.. 80® 32
Children Cry for Pltclwr’s'Oas-
Advertising Agencies.
w W CHANDLER* 00. ara authorized to receive. M*
,SuamestTfor all Obloa«p dally papora at their lowest
"liT; n!.o lor .njn.w.pw.rorp.riodlo.l loth. U. S,
and foreign ooontrlea. W Msdl*on*»t.
THAIN, PAINE A OO.^mUdlaon^t.
RttOOND NATIONAL, e. vr, cornet Madl«m and Clark.
BlonU Boole 6 > ta,ion » r *’ “ a
CAMERON, AMBBRQ 4 GO., 14 and W W. Randolph.
tOHN II EsSIALL A 00., 157 and 169 Booth LaSalle.
oSS BROS. A HOFFMAN. 67 W. Waahlaffton-at.
J. W. MIDDLETON. 56 Btato-flt.
COAN A TEN EROEKif, colf B Annand W,^Raodolp^*
_ Glocßß. „ .
AMERICAN CLOCK CO., 687 Wabaab-aT.
HENRY SEARS A Sonth Oanal-it.
SAMUEL 8. m«TE? I< “najSSS.! AUillMii.il.
b. BcraHAfi r i’h e u4?tVSd^M C a?«/-‘.t.
Fresco Painters and Stainers*
OTTO JKVNE A CO.. TJ and 81 Doatborn-at.
H M WILMMCfYI 306 wfbtab-ar.
?;WiNStAVE. JR!! *00‘ ,286 Wabaa^-ar.
Hardware iWbolosale*)
MILLER BROS. & KEEP. lOLako-at.^
M ftau^olnh-at.
tJojL*' vi MATO. I&SSd-at. and 165 Madlaon-at.
WM. tSSuiim’ Oil and Tool,.
0. 0. WALLIN A SONS, 63 Somh Uinil-lt. ,
Paper Dealers* , Mre . . A
t W BUTLKU & C 0.,23 8. Jclforaon, and 815 state.
Tp°i K*NIOEKhDOO C KSiK/BU^,nd > 182 l 82 VYll6|Undolpb,
A Cd.. W. wlmintno.
W, w , ThlrteoßthAt
Pin Iron.
A. B. MEEKER * CO., 99 WaaWngton-at.
RHODES A BRAI)LEV. IMWashlngton-.fc.
H. W. AUSTIN A CO., 223 South Wator-et.
u. w-auoi Estate and Loans
JACOB 0. MAOILL.6V and Clatk-st- ,
OEOnaB r. DUlQimi A 00., « bUt. lt,
DIEBOLD A KINZIK. AjSa.lt. ; . „
UEBBINO'S,« Bt.to, and cor. l.th and lodl.na-.T.
8. H. UAIUIiS. 63 South Canid.it.
kaskin, mabtin a w.oihr.En.ll La!»..t.
TITE LIOUT-nSKSteft OOJllft'lTO. ?!
B r.och.. b |ll fiorth CU.k-11,
FINNRY BROTHERS, 2U and 2l« South Wator-at.
GILBERT, UUBUAUb AGO., ItM to£3o GouGiWater
PUUUINtiTON A SOKANTON, 370 * 379 South Water-at,
TIBBALLB, SUIKK A w'lUjillLKAD.nil But Liko-lt
Tabs nml Jewcllere* Mudluge*
OHAS. T. WILT, 144 fluteandSM Wabaih-ar,
fIURLDON * DAVIKs“IW Woat®Rl*adUon-at.
O.H. JORDAN. 119 Clark, near Court llonaj.
JAMES WRIGHT, 19 N. Clinton, near Raadolpb-afc.
Wrought Iron Pipe*
CRANK BROS. MP'Q CO.. 10 North Jofferaon»at.
$5 Packages
.1 11.60
. 10.00®11.00
[email protected]
[email protected]
0.760 1.00
[email protected]
- 4.00
.. 3.00
.. 3.20
.. 3.05

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