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Wo are prepared to demonstrate
to any one. that our Elevators are
SAFER than any other. That they
run FASTER and very much
MORE STEADILY and more qui
etly than any other. That they are
simple In construction, and there
Is very little machinery to get out
of order and need repairs, and that
they can ho operated at very much
less expense than any other, even
If the water is pumped by steam.
If connected with nil artesian well
the cost of operation is NOTHING,
as the saving in Insurance and wa
ter tax pays the interest on the
costof the.well.
AVe cannot afford to • give away
tlio elevators, but wo can prove to
anyone that our Elevator is better
in EVERY RESPECT than any
other, and CAN BE RUN FOR
NOTHING-. This ought to satisfy
the most skeptical.
Shall bo glad to show the Eleva
tor to any one, and PROVE all we
claim. WM. E. HALE & GO.,
Second story, southeast corner
State and IVashington-sts.
mm & m
127 LaSalle-st.
tail lis. CilH
KortH On LaSalle and Monroe-sls.
Capital Paid In, - $500,000.
Surplus Fund, - - - 80,000.
Accounts of Merchants, -Manufacturers,
Corporations, Capitalists, Banks, and Bank*
ers respectfully solicited.
IRA HOLMES, President.
M. D. BUOHANANtVIoe Pres’t,
(Formerly Caahlor Uomraorcial Nat’l Dank of Chicago).
J. A. HOLMES, Cashier.
105 CLAItK-ST.i Methodist Church Block-
Six per cent Interest allowed on deposit*, payable semi
annually, July 1 and Jan. 1 in each year.
„ OEO. SCOVILLE, President.
Wu. Kelset Reed, Csshlor.
NOTE.—Until further notice, any boy or girl calling at
ibo hank will bo presented with a pass book free, and
one dime deposited to his orher credit, which sum can he
Irawn out at pleasure.
Pottloß holding claims will -understand that we adjust
the same la all parts of the world, without charges un
less wo collect. Also, suo without attorneys loos. Gome
and toe as. FRASIER’S Mercantile Collection Agenoy,
US Mbdison-st.
The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm
same of John F. Rathbone A Co.. Is dlanolvod by limita
Albany, Jan. 1, 1873. ORANGE BAUD, Jr,
The undersigned hare formed a copartnership under
kbe firm name of Ratbbouo. Bnrd & Go.
. GRANGE BAUD. Jr.. Chicago, 111.
Albany, Jan. 1. 1873.
CHICAGO 38 & 40 Lalcc-st,
.23 Monroe-av.
.9 & 11 Green-st.
FitzSimons & Connell,
Office, No. 230 South AVutor-st.
W.luncntaWaUm .took of imiDOE and BIIIP
TIMUICII and UIMHSHION J.UMIIUIt, ot ovsrjr dosctlp.
Ui i, wbtob wootfor r.t low pnc;e. •
Timber sawod mid phind to "iaofc slr.es, and up to
eighty foot in length, and promptly delivered.
Yard. Hawmlll, and Flansr, corner West
Twenty-second and llnloa stf.
®f )t (fijjtftuja Palin ®f
81SUTEENTH-ST., near falM-ay.
■ April Ist, A, BEEP & SONS will move to
their Now Building, comer of Tan Buron
and Boarbom-sts, (extension), and, in .order
to save trouble and expense of removal of
'flift largo otoolc of Pianos now'on hand, will
sell them at the cheapest prices ever offered
in Chicago,
. We promise to show any one visiting onr
Wardrooms BOBBLE the number of Biases
from which to make a selection that can he
found in any other establishment in the
Northwest, consisting of
Concert Grands, Spare Pianos,
Parlor.Granfls, Urtlit Pianos,
Spare Grands, UpiM Grids,
Wo call special attention to a few very
fine flrat-olaes Pianos that have had the out
side oases injured in transportation—tho
inaide action and work remaining in perfect
Those will he sold far helow the usual
prices, and will prove very great bargains
to the purchasers,
We also call attention to a number of seo
ond-hand' Pianos—somo of which wo have
taken in exchange, others that have heon
rented ont from 3 to 12 months—the entire
lot to he sold at the very lowest prices,
In a word, we intend to offer the greatest
inducements to Piano-buyers that Chicago
has evor soon.
Every Piano warranted five-years, and if,
after a fair trial, it doea not give outi if action,
the purchase-money will be refunded. '
SPRING, 1873.
Our Spring Importation of
TLEMEN’S WEAR is being
daily received.
during the remainder of this
057 WaLaslx-av.
Portemonnaies and Bill Books,
118 & 130 Monroe-st.
PlioldMtis $2.50 jerte,
170 West UndlHon-at.
T AtfiSS State-st., *
Opposite Hi
And examine out stock of Buda and Mineral Water Ap
In successful operation at Now York, Farit, and London,
curing thousands of patients yearly. Circular*, showing
manner of troatmont. mailed by request. Office hours.
Gentlemen Ba. ro» to Bp. m. Ladloa 10 a. m. to Bp. m»
Heady mado or made to order. Orders loft at Gilbert ft
Hubbard's. Ship Obandlors, 2M nod 230 Water-at., or at
»CKJ North Carpenter-at., will rooelvo prompt attention.
ZFLiEeTT 1 .
. I want occupants for Nos. 44 and 48 South Water-at.,
intersection of Wabasb.ar. Will bo rinUhod br April 16.
The second dividend of 15 per cent against
Will be paid upon presentation of Policies to
lap Daßnllo-st.
Soocltl Communication of Apollo Lodge, No. 613. A. F.
A A. M., tills (Saturday) Dvoalns, at U o'clock, corner of
HUIo and Twunty-olKbtb-slo. Work on tbo M. M. De
gree. All Royal Arob Masons willing to assist In tbo
formation of a now Chapter nro requested to moot at tbo
same uluoo at 7 o'clock sharp.
1 EDWIN OIIEBNB. Soorotary.
A Regular Communication of Win. B. Warren Lodge,
No. VJ. A, F. it A. M,, will bobojd this (Haturday) even
lag, at 1)4 o'clock, atpriontal Hall, 123 Labalio-it., for,
businoss. By order of UioW.M.
iT, R. DUNLOP, Hnoro!arr.
Ames to Giro a Full History of
Credit Mobilicr.
Proposed Commission to Investi
gate the Utah Troubles.
What Will Be Done About the Colfax
Impeachment. ■
Senator Caldwell Concludes He Will
Not Resign.
Proceedings in Congress Yesterday.
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune,
• Washington, D. 0., J?ob. 21.—Oakes AmM I®
preparing a long statement, giving what I®
described as bis whole connection with the
Credit Mobllior job. Ilia friends say it will bo
tho truth and nothing but tho truth, but thoy
do not protend to say that it will bo the whole
truth. Mr. Amos a aye bo can’t apeak boforo an
oudionco, and can't road very well, and further
that hie hearing ia not very good. This being
tbo ease ho haa asked Mr. McPherson, tho Olerk
of tbo House, to bo present on Tuesday next,
ready to road bis statement, if necessary.
Tho report of Senator Carpontor for tho ma
jority on tho Louisiana question will bo called
up somo day next vroolr, but tbo timo has not
yet boon fixed. Senators Morton and Carpontor
woro in consultation on tho subject to-day. Tho
report of tho former, in which tho caso of tho
Kellogg Government Is sustained, although it
was not concurred In by any momber of tho
Committee, is known to bo a reflection of tho
viowsof tbo President. There is little probability
that any 'veto will bo reached on the
Louisiana trouble, as it is confessedly
ono of tho roost serious that has
yet arisen, and it will occasion much debate. If
no voto Is reaohod, tho Kellogg Government
will remain, which will bo satisfactory to tho Ad
ministration and Mr. Morton. Tho latter ex
presses tho belief that if a voto can bo reaohod
It will be unfavorable to bis sido of tho question.
Tho idea is suggested of passing a law provid
ing for tho appointment by. tho President of a
Commission to bo composed of throe or five gon
men of learning and prominence, who aro not
actually engaged in tho political discussions of
tho day, to go to Utah during the recces of
Congress ana make a thorough investigation of
tho whole Mormon question, and report their
conclusions to tho next Congress. It is pro
posed that tho Commission shall not confine
their inquiries to Bait Lake City, but shall visit
all parts of tho Territory of Utah, and report
upon its laws, tho resources of tho people, their
industry, tholr educational advantages and
promises, and all matters necessary to enable
Congress to form an unprejudiced viow of this
groat problem. Senator Morton has expressed
himself in favor of such a Commission, as well
as other prominent men, and it is understood to
bo satisfactory to the Mormons.
It is expected that tbo proposition introduced
Into tho House by Mr. Monroe, to ro-ongravo
and reprint tho National Bank notes upon im
proved paper, as It cannot bo taken up in tho
House, will bo attached to tho Senate Sundry
Civil Appropriation bill, with an appropriation
of $600,000 for tho next fiscal year, to bo paid
out of tho surplus money in tho Treasury,
already collected from tho hanks under tho pres
ent tax law.
Tho Now York World, of Wednesday last,
charged that, notwithstanding tho ovidenco or
the Hon. 0. J. Diokoy, of Pennsylvania, before
Iho Wilson Credit Mobillor Committee, tho late
Thoddous Stovona received SBO,OOO for services
In securing the paasaco of the Pacific Railroad
bills in 1862 and 186-1. It is further charged that
Mr. Diokoy withheld this from tho Committee
in hia testimony, with a view to ascertain what
ground the editor of tho World has for his as
sertion: that Mr. Diokoy hoe caused to bo sum
moned to appear before the Committee, Manton,
Marble, ana William B. Bead. It is supposed
Hood wrote tho articlo in question. Ho is from
Pennsylvania, and woo Minister to China during
part of Andy Johnson's Administration. Mr.
Dickey, who is ono of Thad. Steven’s executors,
will examine tho witness before the Wilson Com
. After a bitter and protracted debate, lasting
two days, the Senate, to-day, by vote of 28 to
26, refused to allow tho Ohio, Indiana, and
Illinois two per cent bill to pass to a third read
ing. Tho closeness of tho vote will probably
suggest to a motion to reconsider to-morrow,
especially as many friends of the bill were not
present, when the final vote was taken.
The House Judiciary Committee, to-day, de
cided to call upon tho Poland Committee for the
evidence in tho case of Vice President Colfax
with view of preparing a report thereon to the
House, as to whether the facts will justify his
The resolution of Boprosentatlvo Kelly, pro
viding for iho impeachment of Judge Duroll,
still remains unacted upon. The Committee
generally concede that neither of tho cases can
bo reached this session.
The House, to-day, .passed Representative
FarwoU’s bill, providing for tho exchange of the
old Post Office site, In Chicago, with tho amend
ment that if, in tho exchange, tho United States
should bo liable to pay any money, then tho ap
proval of Congress to such amount, shall be re
Tho Pomeroy Investigating Committee baa
adjourned until Monday next, to await tho ar
rival of witnesses for tlio prosecution.
Tho Senate Credit Mobilior Committee has
been in scorot eossion to-day, preparing tho evi
dence already taken in tho case of Senators Wil
son, Harlan, and Patterson. Cut one witness
(John B. Alloy) remains to bo examined, whoa
the investigation will close. Alloy will bo called
upon to explain what ho knows about tho Durant
Senator Caldwell has now finally conoludodnot
to resign, having received assurance that it will
he a very difficult thing to get a sufficient num
ber of votes to expel him, when his case cornea
up on Tuesday next.
Colonel John B. Mosby, of rebel guerrilla
fame, is one of tho patriot citizens entitled to
pity. Every day or two ho is sent for by some
of tho hoods of Departments, and offered an
office. Mosby incontinently declines. He is a
modest man, and ho is afraid his acceptance
might bo misconstrued by his friends. Yester
day ho was requested to call at tho Department
of Justice. He did so, and Attorney General
Williams asked him to accept the position of
United Statoo District Attorney for one of tho
Territories. Mosby was overwhelmed. Ho
beggod to bo excused. If he accepted tho placo
his motives would be misconstrued, besides tho
salary was inadequate. It is tho impression
hero that after this, Mosby will bo loft aloue.
{To the AeaociaUd Prtan,}
Washington, Fob. 21,—' Thoro was a long and
earnest Cabinet consultation to-day, the prin
cipal subject of discussion being tho ooualtioa
of public business. At tho end of tho conversa
tion, tho President announced that, after duo
consideration of tho matter, ho had arrived at
tho conclusion that it would bo proper (o defer
the contemplated visit to tho South. Tho con
dition of husiuosu which will bo created by tho
incoming of a now Administration will bo such
ao to require his prosonuo in Washington. For
those reasons, he will not visit tho Southern
Stales in March, rva ho had intended if public
service would admit. It ia also learned that
there was some disousoion in tho Cabinet upon
the question of callings session of tho noxt Con
gress, but tboro woro no intimations that such
call would bo made, though tho now Senate will
bo called to moot in extraordinary session on
tbo 4tli of Morob, and a proclamation will bo
issued probably to-morrow. It seems to bo be
hoved by all tbo prominent ofllcors of tho Gov
ernment hero that tho public business boforo
Congress, that ia tho Appropriation bills, which,
of necessity, must bo passed, can bo completed
boforo tho 4th of March, and thus tboro will bo
no reason (or a called session of both Houses.
Tboro will bo sovoral voir important matters for
tbo consideration of tho Senate.
Tho President, to-day, respited, until March
28, ox-Policoman O’Brien, sentenced to bo exe
cuted on tho 28th inst.
Tbo President has signed tbo act authorizing
and. directing the Secretary of tho Treasury to
cause plans and osiimatOQ to bo mado, and
ablo sue provided, for a public buildiug at Mem
phis, Tonn.: also, tbo act authorizing the con
struction or a fire-proof building at Lincoln.
Nebraska; also, for tbo construction of a Court
Houso, Post Office, and other Government
offices, at Grand Bapids, Mich.; also, the act to
remit the excise tax upon alcohol used by any
university for scientific purposes.
Tho Houso Committee Judiciary have
not *set»mot to consider whether there is suffi
cient cause from o boforo tbo Poland
Committee to prefer* trLloll nß °f impeachment
against any public officers, ilccordmg to report,
the Committee, with one nr Awo exceptions, will
report adversely to cny such proceedings.
Washington, Fob. 21.—Tho Bonato Credit Mo
bilior CommitldO held a secret session to-day, at
■which ihoy examined tho ovidonco taken by tho
Poland Committee, with a -view of making up a
report, poorly all tho evidence is in. Tho Com
mittee wil. 1 . probably proaont a report by tho
middle of n.oxt week. John B» Alloy will bo ex
amined to-morrow in relation to tho SIO,OOO
given to Som-'tor Dorian by Durant, and if Du
rant mado a clivim on tho Union Pacific Railroad
Company for tl'at sum paid.
Washington, Ft b. 21.—The Poland Credit Mo
biller Committee w. HI, next week. report on the
Sioux City and low.* Palls Roods. The report,
under StovousonV will not censure
Washington, Fob. 21.* -The Pomeroy Commit
tee mot this morning. l\ Simpson announced
that the witnesses oxpocto,® had not arrived, and
asked the Committee to adjourn till Monday,
when ho will put In all evidence.
Mr. Horton asked leave toviummon other wit
nesses from Kansas, and r<\idalottorfromT.
J. Dolan, of Atchison,' slatiral ■ that Bacon, a
member of the Legislature. \K IO , kad- gone to
Washington and tostifiod tha£ ho had boon
offered $2,000 to vote 'for PomoiVOV hod three
times offered to sell him (Dolan) ,his vote for
$3,000. Ho informed Pomeroy of BAcon s offer,
but Pomeroy refused to pay anybody Vny money
for his vote. Mr. Frellngbuyson caldvt would
bo highly proper for tho defence to sumhion tho
parties Horton wished to appear.
Adjourned till Monday.
Washington, Fob. 21.—Tho House Committee
on Ways and Moons, m secret session to-day,
took preliminary measures for inquiring Into the
reports that money had boon used to secure a
subsidy for tho Pacific Mall Steamship Company.
A largo number of witnesses have noon sum
moned to testify before tlio Committee of Ways/
and Moans as to money having boon used by,
tho Pacific Mail Steamship Company to procure
legislation. Some of tho witnesses are abroad y
in Washington, Including a member of tho Hoi*, j©
of Representatives, and several gentlemen co n
nected with shipbuilding and transportation..
Washington, Fob. 21.—Mr. ROBEB.TSON
presented tho resolution of the Loglsls .ture of
South Carolina, stating that tho Trithdmwal of
United States troops from that State would en
danger the public peace. Referred.
Mr. STEWART, from tHio on Pub
lio Lands, reported adversely ,'iiho
Bounty Land bill. The report ,\vraa»; ordered
printed. ■
adverse report. TV;
Mr. WINDOM, from 'Comraitto on Public
Lands, reported adversely the bill to Uneorpo
rato the European and Amoricijn Emigration
Mr. LEWIS, from tho Committee onJLDlsabili
tioa. reported a bill to remove tho polil leal dis
obilltios of R. M. T. Hunter, of Virgil da, and
asked unanimous consent to put in onllts pas
sage, but Mr. EDMUNDS objected.
Mr. HARLAN, from the Committee ofl Indian
Affairs, reported without amendment the House
bill relative to private contracts or agreements
made with tho Indians; cflfso, favorably, with
amendments/ the Senate blllito create the’Terri
tory of Oklohoma. .
Mr. RICE, from tho sanpo Committee, re
ported, without amendment, tho bill to provide
for opening a milltary.and post ropd from Wal
nut River, Kansas, to tho main Uaoho River,
A bill was introduced,by Mr. - PEHBY (Mich.),
extending until August 10, 1876, the* time for re
storing to market the lands of the< Ottawa and
Chippewa Reservations in Michigan.
Tho bill to provide for reporting end printing
tho debates was taken up- , .'
Mr. HAMILTON opposed thomill. At tho ex-
Elratloh of tho morning* hour, tine unfinished
usmose, (he
came up.
Mr. ANTHONY moved to lay’it aside,land pro
ceed with the Oldbe bill.
Mr. MORTON urged tho Senate to dispose
first of the Two Per Cent bill.
Mr. FRELINQHUYSEN spoko’Df tho neces
sity for some legislation in relation to Utab,iand
moved to lay the Two For Cent bill' on the tsftdo.
Lost—yeas, 21; nays. 80.
Tho Senate resumed consideration of tho Tvro
Per Cent bill, and Mr. EDMUNDS continued Itis
argument against it.
On motion of Mr. THURMAN, tho House bKI
was substituted for the Senate. bill, and the
Senate refused to order it to a third reading—
yeas, 21; nays, 26. Tho Senate then took up the
Appropriation bill. Tho following amendments,
reported from the Committee, wore agreed to :
Requiring persona receiving their mails by tho
free delivery system to provide receptacles to
facilitate safe and speedy delivery; authorizing
tho Postmaster General to appoint an additional
special agent for the detection and punishmont
of persons sending obscene or otherwise im
moral matter through tho moils •, repealing all
tho laws permitting the free transmission or
any mall mottor whatever.
Mr, SHERMAN moved to strike out tho clause
providing for $500,000 to increase tho compen
sation for tho transportation of mails on rail
roads. Tho railroads now, ho said, received
higher pay, per pound, for carrying tho moils
than for any other freight.
Mr. OGLE said the companies would gladly
carry tho mails at tho rate they now received, if
they could ho permitted to carry them as they
carry other freight; but they could not carry
them at tho present rates, and furnish postal
oars at their own expense.
Mr. STEWART said the railroad companies
wore dictating this increase, and ho would nob
veto for it.
Mr. ANTHONY said tho Government had ho
contract over tho matter. Tho railroads 'could
refuse to carry tho mails at all if thoy saw fit.
Mr. WINDOM said that the Government had
not the power to compel tho railroads to carry
tho mails. That power would soon have to ho
obtained either by finding it in tho Constitution
or by amending tho Constitution. Ho for ono
had no doubt that tho Oovornmont had that
power already, and power to go ov«sa further in
regulating tho railroads. Thoro was, however,
no obligation nu tho part of tho companies to
run their postal oars unices they wero paid for it.
Mr. MORRILL fVt.) sold that tho Postmaster
General had been for twonty-llvo years in • trou
ble with the railroad companies. The companies
woro always demanding increased compensation,
and tho Government was alwayu yielding to their
demands, Ho was in favoi? of coming to tho
aid of the Postmaster General, and If tuo rail
roads desired to raiso a contest with tho Govern
ment, lot them do it.
Mr. SAWYER said that as to tbo postal oars,
It wos demonstrated that v thoy were carried by
tbo railroads at a positive loss. The Adams Ex
press wanted to nay four times as much for tho
accommodation furnished by those cars ns tho
Government pays.
Mr. OASBERLY also opposed the appropria
tion. It woe llmo that tho question should bo
settled whether tbo Government and tho people
woro to bo controlled by the railroad corpora
tions. Tboro was no danger, however, that tho
companies would stop tho mails. Those .corpo
rations, in their greed, often made mistakes,
but thoy would not bo likely to[mako such a mis
take as that.
Mr. CORBETT also approved tho opproprio
tion. '
Mr. BUCKINGHAM called up tho bill to pun
ish and prevent traffic in obscene literature,
which passed.
Pending-further aotion on tho Appropriation
bill tbo Srriato
On motion of Mr. SAWYER tho Senate bill
passed authorizing tbo Northern Pacific Rail
road Company to construct a bridge across tho
St. Louis River.
On motion of Mr. HOLMAN tbo bill author
izing tho construction of a railroad bridge across'
tbo Mississippi Ito.mr afrS’i&Siouia was passed—
•loo to 80. -Vf
Mr. PARWELL introduced a bill to authorize
-tho Secretary of tho Treasury to dispose of tho
old Post Office property at Chicago. It was
Tbo Committee on Elections finished its
business, Lot, of Louisiana, having retired
from his contest for tho seat of Boroman, owing
to a want of timo for action. Maxwell never
appeared boforo the Committee to contest the
seat of Hooper, of Utah.
Mr. HAWLEY, of Connecticut, presented a
report as to tho Centennial exhibition, which
was ordered printed.
The bill was pasootl donating six bronze can
non for the statue of General Phillip Kearney.
On motion of Mr. BURNET, the substitute
for the Senate bill passed fbr the relief of cer
tain Indians in the Central Buporintondenoy.
. On motion of Mr. DAVIS, the Senate bill for
a Government buflding.at Parkersburg, W. Va.,
was passed.
On motion of Mr.FXNKELNBURG.the Senate
amendments to the bill providing for holding
Circuit Court in Western Missouri wore concur
red in.
On motion of Mr. PACKARD, tho Senate
amendment to the House bill to enforce the
stipulations of the Convention with Venezuela,
was concurrcr* in. , ’
Mr. DUNWELL moved to suspend the rules
and pass t no bii). granting the right of way to tho
Atchison, Tqpoka «&- Santa Fo Railroad Com
Mr. FyUNNELL modified tho bill so as to re
duce g;;ant for depot purposes from twenty
to ter* acres.
M-V. H'OLMAN (Indiana) said that the objoc
tioii would bo withdrawn if tho power to mort
gage wore struck out, but Mr. TWITOHELL
rconockod that that would make tho bill useless.
Mr. HOLMAN asked that the rule bo road
whlcl i prohibits members from voting .on mat
ters in which they have an interest.
x no SPEAKER asked Mr. Holman to indicate
thf, members to whom he referred.
• Mr. HOLMAN said ho understood that Mv.
T witohell was President of tho Company.
Mr. TWITOHELL denied that statement, and
/ said that tho bill proposed a distinct corpora
tion, in which tboro was nobodyyot interested.
The SPEAKER intimated that tho timo for
making tho point of order was after tho member
had voted.
Mr. RANDALL —If ho should not voto, ho
should not lobby either.
After some further colloquy, in which Mr.
Twitchoil took part,
Mr. COX said ho had not witnessed anything
more shaming to tho House than tho fact of a
President of a railroad company, for whose
benefit tho bill was under consideration, stand
ing up and arguing in his own Interest. They
might talk about members being interested in
Bessemer stool, and Credit Mobilior, and Na
tional Banks, but ho had never soon a worse
exhibition since ho bad boon a member of tho
House. He hoped tho gentleman would see that
for the public credit of the body ho should
neither voto nor talk for tho measure.
Mr. TWITGHELL —Does the gentleman see
any Credit Mobilier in this ?
Mr. COX made no reply, and. then, after a
somewhat tart interchange or views between the
Speaker and Randall over-the procedure, the
House proceeded to vote ou the motion to sus
pend the rules and pass the bill. The motion
was rejected—yeas, Oj); nays, 71 —not two-thirds
in the affirmative.
Mr. PRICE, from the Committee on Printing,
reported a resolution to print 255,000 copies of
tho agricultural reports of 1872. Laid over.
Tho House, at 1 o’clock, went info Committee
of tho Whole, Mr. Tyner in tho chair, on the
Mr. HALE moved au amendment appropriat
ing $600,000 for tho purchase of an addition to
the site of the Boston Post Office, provided that
tho city of Boston shall widen Congress street
along tho proposed now front of tho building,
to at least eighty feet, and widen Milk and Water
streets. . whore tho buildings have boon de
stroyed by fire, to at least sixty foot.
Mr, FARNSWORTH opposed, and Mr. BUT
LER advocated tho amendment. Tho vote was
taken on Mr. Halo’s amendment, which oamo
from tho Committee on Appropriations, and was
adopted—7o to 56.
On an amendment offered by Mr. FARNS
WORTH. requiring all Government buildings to
bo erected by contract to tiho lowest bidders
after public advertisement, discussion sprung
up, in which Mr. Farnsworth denounced tho
manner in which tho granite for tho Treasury
building, tho Now York aud Boston Post Offices,
and other Government buildings had boon oup
filiod. Ho connected tho contractors for aupply
ug tho Dix Island granite and tho Capo Ann
Company with rings extending into the House
aud Senate. Tho Credit Mobilier Ring was
nothing to those granite and other rings that
were plundering the treasury. Tho Government
had plenty of money, nnd it was being shovelled
out to those rings by millions.
Mr. DAWES said th» contractors whom the
gentleman had alluded to belonged to no rings,
aud wore not represented in any ring in the
House, or Senate, or ba the country. Tho gen
tleman should discriminate in his charges, and
not charge honest and loonorablo men with l.'elng
cheats. If tho gentleman had one particle of
testimony that those contractors had wronged
tbn Government to the extent of one dollar, ho
should produce it or else turn his attention to
.those, if there woro;any each, who;did belong to
the rings. After farthor discussion tho amend
ment was rejected.
Subsequently, however, tho amendment was
adapted in a modified forrro.
The usual annual dismission took place over
tho items for tho Distriotof Columbia. None of
them wore struck out.
Mr. OARFIELD movdd to amend tho item
appropriating $5,000 for repairs at the Naval
Station,» Now London, Conn., making it road:
“ For woak at tho Naval Station, Now London,
Conn, $50,000." Mr. Garfield said the appropria
atlou for Now London was asked for with tho
expectation, that, when the work was suftlolently
advanced, tuo Brooklyn Navy Yard should be re
moved thoro. Mr. Garfield's amendment was
• adopted.
Mr. FARNSWORTH, in the absence of General
Ranks, offered an amendment prohibiting, after
tho Ist of July uoxt, tho minting of books by
tho Government for gratuitous distribution, hut
with tho right of tho Secretary of tho Interior to
' order copies of any hooks or documents printed
for tho Government to be famished to tho De
partment and members of Congress, and also to
allow copies to bo sold to individuals.
Mr. BUTLER (Massaobnsutts) moved au
amendment that no part of tlio appropriations in
tho hill shall bo used to defray tho expenses of
• the Civil Service competition.
In order to r..\ t eft tho debuts on those amend
ments, and to va*»;i tho hill, the Committee, on
the motion c r !■. Garfield, rose, and tho Speak
er having rot...nod tiio chair, Mr. Garfield moved
to suspend tho rules, and lot the hill and amend
ments come before tho House.
reading tho vote, notwithstanding tho order
for tho evening session, Mr. SARGENT moved
the House adjourn.
Tho SPEAKER declined to entertain tho mo
tion, as an ovouing session had been ordered
umlora suspension of the rules, He suggested
to Mr. Bargont that tho evening session was IgJ Is divided Into 2D,ODD shares of SIOO each. Th#
debate only. , • n. first-named gentleman was elected President; w#
Mr. SARGENT remarked that ho underatoi vi! l. Tingle, of Lafayette. Ind.. Vico President;
very well what it was for. It was to advorll c | Daniel Evans, of Lafayette, Secretary, and T.
tho Sulro tunnel I 7* D. Brewster, of Peru, Treasurer, A Committee
Tho House took a recess until half-past 7. H was appointed to raise SI,OOO to defray tho ox*
EVENING session. 3.ponso of a preliminary survey of the route.
Not a dozen members present. ~ Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribute .
The Butro tunnel was discussed, but no actloi g new York, Fob. 21.— Tho last roll on tho Can>
takou. Southern Hallway was laid yesterday, at tho
CunA. ■ ■ jlxtjr-fourlh mllo-post west of Fort Erie. The£
Mr. PANES made a speech bn Cuba. lie rfl- ;ond, with its branches, has a mllcaeo of 2D2, ana
forrod to tho proclamation of a Republic In tonueots Buffalo with Detroit and Toledo by thtf
Bnalu, and said that without doubt Prince - ’ shortest route, with no grade on tho entire lintf
Alfonso would soon bo called upon to rule over of over llftcon foot to tliomllo. Stool rails cover
Spain, and the Republicans bo overthrown, as in the main lino. Tho completion of this now roa<f
18(58, Tho fow Spaniards in Cuba wore in calculated to have an important Influence onr
ruling with tho most barbarous system, transportation between tho West and Atlantia
Tho Cubans had fought their oppressors cities, it having boon constructed for tho special
five years, and lost CO,OOO men, and yet tho purpose of relieving "Western roads whlclj
. President hod sent a message to Congress a are unable now to got freights moved eaotwanf
year ago, speaking of that struggle as being with promptness. When tho western link of tho
limited to an occasional shot. Mr. Ranks do- lino—tho Chicago & Canada Southern—from tha
nouncod tho massacre of prisoners of war, and Detroit River to Chicago is completed an entirely
tho barbarism with which tho struggle Is carried now route will bo made from Buffalo to
on, and said it was tho American Government which will have the advantage of tho shortest
which obstructed tho way of progress and re* route and tho lowest grades and steel rails
form In the waters and Island of Cuba. It was throughout. Tho capital of tho entire lino on
tho United States that enabled Spain to continue which dividends and interest will have to ha
this barbarous policy. Ho believed the colored earned is very much loss than any other com-*
people of this country wouldpartlclpato as a unit poting lino between tho same cities. ,
on this question, and force on the Government Ban Francisco, Fob. 21. —Ground will her
a change of policy. .broken on the Southern Pacific Railroad at Lo»
Mr. SARGENT replied to Mr. Banks, and do- Angelos, next Monday.
-fondod from bis aspersions and imputations the " Special Despatch to Tho Chicago Tribune,
foreign policy of tho Government, Tho policy Detroit, Fob. 21.— Tno Detroit & Bay City
of tho Administration, ho claimed, had boon Railroad has boon completed within ton miles of
. wise, firm, and successful. Bay City’, and ironed. It will bo opened fotf
Mr. BANKS, referring to tho allusions by Mr. business very soon,
Sargent to tho Washington Treaty, alluded to
tho fruitless effort ho had modo yesterday to got
tho House to consider tho bill to carry out tho
fishery clause of tho treaty, which was ono
of tho most important points In It,
and said. that only four Administration
men had voted with him to take up that bill. If
tho President woro unwiso enough to allow Con
gress to adjourn without passing that bill, there
would bo the recurrence of the controversy be
tween Groat Britain nnd tho United States that
had brought these nations to tbo verge of war.
Tho $16,000,000 got from Groat Britain by that
treaty would bo * tho curse and dishonor of tho
nation. It had been wrung from Groat Britain
by fraud and dishonor. Adjourned.
Review of tlio money, Gold) Bond)
Stock) and. Produce markets*
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune,
New Yore, Fob. 21.—T0-morrow being a legal
holiday, no business will bo transacted in bank
ing and financial circles. During tho past week
call loans have ranged from 1-04 to %. At the
close an easier fooling prevailed, in consequence
of tho desire to xnako throe days’ interest on
Foreign exchanges havo boon weak, in conse
quence of tight money and a pressure of bor
rowed bills ou tbo market. Bates have steadily
declined, but at tho close a steadier fooling pre
Gold speculation was strong and higher, early
in tho week, on largo demands for customs, but
afterwards weakened a little on free sales against
sterling. The two extremes for tho week woro
114% and 114%.
Government bonds havo boon quiet and gen
erally steady. Other first-class investment se
curities have boon firm.
Tho stock market, during the week, was gen
erally quiet. There was moro activity in miscel
laneous shares. Cool stocks woro, perhaps, the
most lively. Towards tho close, tho Vanderbilt
shares formed the loading feature. Tho course
of prices was irregular, though, in tho main, to
ward higher quotations early in the week, and
lower at tho close.
Tho bank statement, made upon averages of
five days, is unfavorable, the banks Doing
$1,859,860 below tho 25 per cent requirement.
There has been a largo loss in deposits, with a
corresponding contraction of loans. The state
ment reveals tho foot that tho bonks bavo boon
calling In loans as much as possible, but the
drain of legal tenders for the West, and of specie
for customs, continues to cripple them,.
Money was easier to-day, os oil tho bankers
and brokers loaned their balances freely to make
interest until Monday. Early in tbo day, call
loons wero done at 1-10, bnt tho rate dropped to.
7, and closing loans woro at 3to 4. Mercantile
Kir continues dull, and prime names aro
at [email protected] Private advices from Albany
warrant the belief that tho Legislature will do.
nothing this session towards modifying tho.
usury law.
Tho stock market to-day was more active,’
falling off on the bank statement, but advancing
at the close. Tho rise in Union Pacific is duo to.
tho demand to cover speculative sales, and has
also been influenced by tho fact that tho trans
fer-books closed to-day, for tho oleotion on
March 6. There is no contest, and tho road will
probably continuo under tho management of;
Horace F. Clark. Tho report of the Wilson Com
mittee to the House yesterday, is probably the
thunderbolt which the speculators for a decline
in Union Pacific stock have boon predicting for
ton days. Tho “thunderbolt” has no terrors
for innocent holders of any of the Union Pacific
securities. In regard to Western Union it
seems to no generally conceded, that a clique
has been formed to effect a “ corner ” and that
Commodore Vanderbilt and several others havo
scoured control of about two-thirds of tho stock
for this purpose.
was quiet at
Govemmonta wore quiet end steady.
The inquiry for flour was Tory light, owing to
the heavy rain and snow* Tho market closes
weaker and dull on grades under $lO. Family
grades are steady. Wheat was dull on tho de
cline at Liverpool and bad weather. Prices are
uncertain, and favor tho buyer. Spring closes
oasior and unsettled. Pork was dull; for now
moss $14.87>i) is asked for February in lots of
GOO brla. New moss sold at $14.25. Cut meats
are Arm ; for dry salted shoulders 6c is asked,
and 6%0 bid. Short cut hams, 16 lbs, sold at
[email protected]%o, and do 20 lbs. [email protected]*o. Bacon
was active, with sales of 000 bxa at 8o for short
clear on the spot and 7%0 for long and short for
Comments of JLlborat mormon* on
l*ool’v Uillo-Fauatlc* In the Cache
Coun(rr»iUlnlng- Proap«cta<
Balt Lake, Fob. 21. —The Tribune (Liberal
Hormon) approves tho bill of Senator Pool le
galizing polygamous marriages in the past, and
this is understood to bo tho view of all reasona
ble Gentiles. So far as plural marriages aro
concerned, nothing is desired but tho enforce
ment of tho law for tho future. In regard to
such crimes as tho Mountain Meadow massacre,
and tho disposal of countless victims m tho
hlopd atonement system, there is a stem demand
for justice. The Gentiles hero say thoro is no
contention with tho mass of the Mormon people,
but only against their teachers and the tyrants
of tho Mormon priesthood. Grnsh out the
ecclesiastical dominion over civil affairs and all
will bo well.
• Correspondence from Gaelic County complains
of fanatical and inflammatory speeches against
tho seceding Mormons, the speakers expressing
a desire and opportunity to pull tho apostates
limb from limb.
Notwithstanding tho groat depth of enow in
Little Cottonwood, advices are highly onoour
-aging for tho mining interests, Work la pushed
on ail tho principal mines, and but for the ep
izootic, the returns of ore to the city would ho
unprecedented for such a season. The prospect
for the coming spring and summer from all dis
tricts is exceedingly encouraging.
A sale of mining property has been consum
mated for $300,000 cash, ana payment made.
There is groat hope among tho loading bus
iness men and capitals of Congressional legisla
tion without further delay.
Railroad News*
Special Despatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Laßaltji, 111,, Fob. 21. —The adjourned meet
ihg of the friends of tho proposed Lafayette,
LaSalle . & Clinton Itallroad, hold in this city,
last evening, articles of incorporation were
signed by Milo Smith, 8. G. Magllf and Edward
H, Thayer, of Clinton, Iowa; T. D, Brewster, of
Peru }A. Campbell and Daniel Evarla, of La-
Salle : A.’ L. Whitehall, of Watsoka \ Samuel G.
MagUl, W. L, Single, and H. T. Sample, of La
fayette, lud, The capital stock of the Company
Horrible Accident Two Hundred
]Hon. Ilnrucd to Uualli in n Sugar Be*
finery—The Notv Uluff HucHeanentu—
Tlio murderer of Alice llotvlt»bv*»
The WalUill Bank Defalcation-*
miscellaneous Local Nctvn#
Special Let,patch to The Chicago Tribune.
New York, Feb. 21.—There died in great
agony, at the Jorßoy City Hospital, yesterday, two
brothers, John and Henry Wagner. They wero'
employed to paint the inside of n vat Ihirty-twtf
foot high, at the angar house. The man-hole Isi
at the aide, near the bottom, but there 1b a Uolo
on the top largo enough to allow a rope to
, pass through ao that the men could'
raise or lower themselves during the operation. l
They descended gradually on their platform, os
they finished each round, and whoa htoy supposed
they wore close to the bottom they let go tho'
rope and struck heavily against tho bottom, thole
paint cans and. worst of oil, their lamp, falling'
upon them. Tho lamp exploded and uot thoie'
clothes on fire. A strong current of air rushing:
through the vat fanned the llamos Into a swoop-'
lag blaze. Their cries wero heard and mcar
rushed to their assistance. Buckets of watoe
proved ineffectual. When tho poor foil otto wore
tnkon out tbmr (louh was literally roosted. Both
died before night. •,
The German and Spanish journalists of Now
York aro slightly excited at present over two'
events in which they are concerned. Mr. L«-
Hirech, manager of tho B'cstfic/ie Post, a Gor
man Bopublican paper, has mysteriously disap-;
pearod with a young lady and his paper haw
suspended publication. Ho owes $71)0 to com
positors, ana loaves other debts unprovided for.*
Yesterday afternoon lower Broadway was tbo
scene of allttlo episode between Alberto Fer
nandez, a Cuban resident, and J. Ferrer DeCon
to, editor of SI Cronista, Tho Cuban began btf
striking the Spanish editor with” 1 * cowhide, anti
tho latter attempted to put a speen/. end to thar
scone by shooting the Cuban. parties
had an encounter six weeks ago in'which blootf
was drawn with a pair l of editorial scissors.
Neither skirmish resulted in any serious damage.
Anton Sontag, of Now Orleans, La., has sent
communications to tho Clerk of tho Now York
Common Council, and to both Houses of Con
gress, requesting such aid as maybe necessary
to establish a lino of steamers between this port)
and some available point on the Block
to bring to this country '82,000,000 ofr
Austrian subjects. Mr. Sontag. in his
circular, says that 11 all sneak tho South'
Sclavio language, are beautiful, strong built, and
live to tho ago of 75 or 80 years." Ho adds that
they work fourteen hours a day; that they aro
anxious to become American citizens, and that?
ho Is willing to bring them out boro in commu
nities of 5,000 each, if tho necessary expenses
are defrayed.
To-day the backers of Harry Hicken, of Phila
delphia, and Bryan Campbell, of this city, who
are paatchod to fight on the 4th of Moron, ior
West Virginia, for $2,000 and tho light weight;
championship of America, mot in tho Clipper
ofllco to stake tho final deposit of $250 each*
ipamo a stake-holder, and toss for tho choice of
fighting ground. . >
[To the Associated Press.]
New Yore, Feb. 21. —From information given'
by tho Special Treasury Agent boro it appear?
that tho Treasury Department at Washington
has under advisement as yet proposals for a
compromise of tho case of Phelps, Dodge <fc Co.,
which has been recommended oy the Unitodf
States District Attorney.
To-morrow, being Washington’s birthday, will
bo celebrated in tins city by a partial suspension
of business. There will bo a parade of several
military and other organizations, and bails and
receptions by numerous clubs, and a moro pa
• triotio observance of tbo day generally than on
any former occasion.
Two brothers, John and Henry Wagner, worn
burned to death by falling into a sugar vat in'
Jersey City yesterday.
It is understood that tho now indictment?'
against the old Bing, found yesterday, aro merely
intended to cover any weak points existing in
the former indictments. Tho indicted parties
aro ready to offer bail atonco, so as to avoid any
temporary incarceration.
Three new indiotmouta woro found against In
goreoli and Tweed. Tbo former gave bail in
$2,000 on each indictment. Tweed will' givo
bail in tbo coarse of tho day.
Tho recent statement that Tweed was going to
tako his seat as a Senator has led to the intro
duction of a bill against allowing members ta
take tbo oath of ofiico at any time they may
Bosonzwlg, tho alleged murderer of Alice
Bowlsby, who was recently brought hero from
Sing Sing on a writ of error, and granted a now
trial, though ho had boon sentenced to seven
years, was indicted by tho Grand Jury to-day
for murder in tho first degree, end probably will
bo arraigned on Monday.
Hie Grand Jury bavo returned tho two indict
ments ogainst Thos. O. Fields, on tho charge of
bribery, and they aro now in tho hands of tha
District Attorney.
Thomas Brougham, aged Id, went into a
saloon in Newark, last night, and called for a.
drink, which being refused by tho woman in
attendance, Brougham throw a tumbler at her,
striking her in tho temple, and fatally injuring
her. Brougham was arrested.
Gerry L. Taylor was convicted yesterday, in
tho United States Oourt at Trenton, of having
exacted illegal foes for tho collection of pen
sions. The penalty is five years’ imprisonment
and a heavy fiuo. Taylor was not sentenced.
A most diabolical attempt was made to bum Q
tenement house in Brooklyn, containing twenty
Eorsous, last night. Bags woro saturated with
oroseno and fired in tho collar. There was butt
little damage done. Tho case is being investi
Tho Grand Jury to-day made a presentation in
relation to tho defalcation in the Walkill Bank,
charging A. B. Hurlburd, late Comptroller of tha
Currency, with gross and criminal neglect in as
sisting the President and Cashier of
the bank in concealing its rotten con
dition, which was known to tho Comptroller ou
early as Fob. 14,1671; and also charging Wra.
M. Graham and Charles 11. Horton, President
and Cashier of tho hank, with embezzlement of
Us funds. Judgo Blatomord ordered a copy of
tho indictment to be presented to each of tho
following persons : Comptroller of tho Curren
cy, Secretary of tho Treasury, and lo tho Oh air
man of the House and Senate Committees ou
A Steamer Sunk.
Cincinnati, Fob; 21.— Tho Times* Louisville
(Kr.S special says: Tho Kentucky lUvor packet
boro No. Two was sunk below No. Five last
night. Her bow struck a snag, tearing a largo
hole in her larboard side, causing her to o&rocn
and sink in a few minutes in deep water. Her
cargo, including 2,700 sacks of wheat, will prove
a total leas, She was valued at SIO,OOO j in*
sured In Cincinnati for SO,OOO.
A Murderer Sentenced*
Nbw Yodk, Fob. 21.—At Morristown, N. J.,
Moore has been sentenced to twenty years' im->
prLsonmpnt for the murder of his wife.

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