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{Continued from the Finl JVfffc.)
one ward to hoar from. Mrs. Sarah Mclntosh,
for County Sohopl Buporlntamlant, got 213 ma
jority, with ouo ward to hoar from. J. A.
MuthewHon, for County Surveyor, no opposition.
Reports, from outsldb towns are coming in
tfprpßd to Tim Chicago Tribune,
JoLimvWlll Co., HI., Nov. ■•>—3l:3o p. m.-
.Florence gives Clin 14 majority; Bnoud, 14 5 Mar
lin, 120 5 Mclntosh. 82. Wesley ’gW6B Camp 28
majority'; Jlawlov, 24; Martin, 150; Mc-
Intosh, 83..
. SiiwiahDiapnteh to The Chicago Tribune.
Odell, Livingston Co., 111., Nov. t!.—lkiysoii,
Ilopubllcan, majority, 11: Ooodspccd, Republi
can. • majority, 81; Jonldnu, Republican, 49;
I’ombongh, Anil-Monopolist. 145.
■ Special Dt.nuiteh to The Chieaao Tribune.
Nevada, Livingston Co., 111.’.' Nov. 4. —Wal
lace. Anti-Monopolist, 57 majority. Langford.
Anti-Monopolist, 59 5 Stitt. Autl-llonopollat, 59;
Tombaugh, Anti-Monopolist. (IV
Stmctal Uhmieh to The Chicago Tribune,
•’ Ponti.vo, Livingston Co., lll., Nov.4.—Fayson,
Republican, 217 majority. Owogo gives Wallace,
Anti-MbnopoHcb 73 majority. Tho County has
gone Anti-Monopoly.
' S\*oUill)!ciHiteh h The. Chicago Tribune.
PoKi’iAOj ll!., Nov. 4—ll p. m.—Livingston
County haa gone Anti-Monopoly by at least
1,200 majority.
Peouia, Peoria Co., 111., Nov. 4.—Tho City
md County election parsed oft* to-day with hut
tittle oxcitomouc. In the county, tho entire Re
publican ticket, including Miss Mary E. Whito
lido, for Superintendent of Schools, is elected
by majorities ranging from 1,200 to 2,000. In
Iho city no dcilnito returns are yet received, but
tho indications wo that 001. John Warner is
bleated Mayor on the Democratic ticket by a
handsome majority. Tbo balance of tho Demo
cratic ticket in the city is probably elected, with
possibly a few exceptions.
Special Dinpntch to The Chicago Tribune.
Milwaukee, Nov. 4.—Tho election returns as
far as counted are as follows:
First Ward—Washburn, Fop., 214; Taylor,
Com., GB2 5 Taylor’s majority, *IOB. For tho
Assembly, A. L. Cary,Dorn., has a majority over
Granger, Fop., of 131.
Seventh Ward—Washburn. 305 : Tavlor, CO3 ;
Taylor’s majority, 21). For tho Assembly, J. H.
Tweedy. Fop., has 379; F. H. West, Com., 705;
West’s majority. 320.
Twelfth Ward—Taylor’s majority, 331. For
tho Assembly, Larkin, Com., has 103 majority
over Bechor, Fop.
Filth Ward— I Taylor’s majority, 80S. For tho
Assembly, Larkin, Ccm., has a majority over
Cosher, Fop., of 5.
Second ward—Taylor’s majority, 1,020. For
tho Assembly, Jo. Hamilton’s majority, 680 ; no
Eighth Ward—Taylor’s majority, 422. For
tho Assembly, Fellonz’ majority over Vogel,
Independent, 401.
Tenth Ward—Taylor’s majority, 408. For As
sembly, Severance, Democrat, 285 majority over
Bchuongol, Independent.
' For State Senator from tho southern district
of this county, tho following aggregate vote was
polled within tho city wards included in tho dis
trict : Johu Black, 4,215 ; John Bentley, 1,807 ;
Black’s majority, 9,348. The vote of the towns
will add about 2,000 votes to Black’s majority.
Fourth Ward—Taylor’s majority, 112. For tho
Assembly, Phelps, Democrat, has a majority of
Seventh Ward—Corrected—Taylor’s major
ity, 207. For the Assembly, West’s majority
over Tweedy, 326.
Eleventh Word—Taylor’s majority, 523. For
tho Assembly, Fellouz. Democratic, has a ma
jority over Vogel of 6s.
Sixth Ward—Taylor’s majority, 850. For tho
Assembly, D. H. Richards, Democratic, has u
majority over Sanger of oi7.
Ninth Ward—Taylor’s majority. 654. For tho
Assembly, Semman, Democratic, bus a majority
over Schuougol of 714. ■ ■
■ Third Ward«*-Tayior’s majority, 468. For tbo
Assembly, McGrath, Democratic, has a majority
wer Greenmail, Independent, oi 131.
Total vote for Taylor in tho city, 8,023; Wash
burn, 2.27sTaylor’s majority, 0.318. The
towns will add about 2,000 to Taylor's majority
in tbo county. In 1871. Washburn’s vote in tho
county was 3,596, and Doolittle’s 3,618,
special Jifajmtch Of The Chicago Tribune.
Milwaukee, Nov. si—Midnight.—Returns re
ceived up to 12 o'clock from one-third of tho
•state, ontsido of Milwaukee, show gaius for
Taylor, Democratic-Liberal and Deform candi
date, of about - 600. Tho Deform party claim
3,001) majority.’while the Republicans concede
>,OOO Democratic’.majority iu tho State. Tho
complexion of. tlm Assembly is Deform, and of
she Senate Republican.- A very light vote was
fJb tnc Associated Press. 1
Milwaukee,' Nor. 4.—Tho Firot'Ward of tbo
Dity of Milwaukee gives Taylor, Bora., 463 maj.;
tbo Seventh Ward, Taylor. 207 ; Fourth Ward,
Taylor, 112 ; Eleventh Ward, Taylor, 520; Sixth
Ward, Taylor, 880; Ninth Word, Taylor, 054.
Ml tho Democratic Assemblymen were elected,
it is estimated that tbo Democratic majority iu
the city will bo over 5.000.
Madison City gives Taylor 121.
Janesville City—Washburn, 41. Scattering
returns so far show that tbo Democrats have
gained largely over the voto of two years ago.
Milwaukee. Nov. 4—l) n. m.—Tho City of Mil
waukee, complete, gives Taylor, Democratic can
didate for Governor, 0.2100 majority. The county
is estimated at 8,000. All the Democratic Aa
lemblymcu iu tbo county are elected.
Tho Daily Sentinel, tbo Washburn organ, esti
mates from tbo way returns arc coming in that
Taylor will cany tbo State by 5,000. Many prom
mont Republicans now concede Washburn’s de
Milwaukee, Nov. 4.—On towns representing
i total voto of 28,000, Taylors gain is 3.400, ox
llnaivo of the vote of Milwaukee, iu which Tay
lor gains 6,000.
.S pedal Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Madison, Win., Nov. 4.—Returns from ninety
litios and towns, including Milwaukee and most
Df tho principal cities, show a not Republican
loss in tbo vole for Governor of 8,200 on Grant’s
majority of 18,000 lust year. This includes one
third ot tbo voto of tbo State and tbo localities
where tho greatest loss was expected. Tbo
Democrats claim tbo election of tho whole
ticket. Tho Chairman of tho Republican Statu
Committee does not concede ibis, but does not
regard tbo prospects us encouraging. Tho
election hero was very quiet, but tbo
vote was quite full, aggregating 1,700 ;
and the majority against tbo Republicans Is
about tbo same us usual. Baker, for Lieutenant
Governor, and Johnson, for Treasurer, on tho
Republican ticket, wore cut considerably. Tho
Opposition majorities are os follows: Taylor,
124; Parker, 234; Doyle, 182; Kuolm, 800;
Sloan, 105; Soaring, 102; Ai-gard, 232; Dun
ning, for Assembly, 825. Tbo latter is elected
in the District by a handsome majority.
Special Disoatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Madison, Wis., Nov. 4.—At midnight tho elec
tion of tho whole opposition State ticket by a
majority of somo thousands is conceded, with
tbo Assembly pretty certainly against tbo Re
publicans, end possibly tbo Senate.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune.
Fond do Lao, Wis., JSov. 4.—Taylor carries
thiu city by 97 fmajorily, and enough is known
from the towns to warrant nutting his majority
In tho county at 81)0. \Y. H. ilinor, Re
publican, is elected Senator in tho
Eighteenth District by ODD; Wagner, Dem
ocrat, in tho Twentieth District, by about
500. 0. Hnzou, Republican, in tho First Assem
bly District, is elected by about SCO majority.
Thomas Weeks, Democrat, m tho Second Assem
bly District, has 300 majority, James Rafferty.
Democrat, curries tho Third Assembly District
by COO majority.
]iinpatchto The Chicago Tribune,
Beloit,. Wis., Nov. 4.—This (Fourth) Assembly
District gives Washburn CTO maj. Tho City of
Beloit given him 381 maj.
Special JUepatch to The Chicago Tribune,
Bmiawoo, Wis., Nov. 4.—Bamboo Township
gives Washburn, for Governor. ICfi maj.;
Baker, for Lioutonaut-Govovnor, 1119 maj.
Roedshurg, Wis., gives Washburn 10 maj.;
Baker, 9 maj.
Special JUsvaich to The Chicago ‘Tribune.
AmmTON, Wlb., Nov. 4.—Appleton gives 214
maj. for the Reform State ticket—a gain of 83.
JloumiH received Indicate that Schhehlng, for
State Senator, ami Richmond, for tho Assembly,
both Reform, are elected. Tho vote polled is
very light.
Special Dlavatoh to The Chicago Tribune,
OouKosii, Wis., Nov. 4.—To-day Jms been
bright uud pleaaaut, but, owing to the general
fooling of apathy, hut lllklo excitement was
shown In tho city, Tho result shows that Tay
lor carries tho city by IGB, while Washburn car
ried tho oity lu 1871 by 162 votes. Winnebago
County sends two Republican and two Reform
members of tho AiiHombly.
In tho First District, Gabo Bouelc is elected
by Cl 5 majority over Stephen Bowron. Tim light
In tho city has boon hitter and warmly contested
on either side. Bouch was extremely popular
with tho younger voters, and his supporters
created strong prejudice among all classes
against Bowrou on account of tho latter being a
In tho Second District, William Pitt Peokham,
Lib., ifl elected over Philip Vordook, Rep. lu
(ho Third District. Osrltoa Foster. Ron.. 1a
elected without opposition s ami in tho Fourth,
Frank Loach, Hap., also without opposition.
The vote has noon light all over tho county.
Tho following towns havo reported: Alformv—
Washburn, U7; Taylor. 32. Oshkonh—Wash
burn. 84; Taylor, 14. Finland—Washburn, 80;
Taylor, 50.
Special J)i,ivatch to Thu Chicago Tribune,
Rao ids, Wis., Nov. 4.—Undue City gives
Taylor -114 majority i llorriok, Reform, for
Hcimlor, in tho city, DRI) majority; Bliss. Reform
candidate for thn Assembly, 210 majority. Hor
rlck’u majority hi Racine Comity is about 509.
Kftr/iipJ Uitt))a(eh In Tim Chieuan Tribune,
Kenosha, Win., Nov. 4.—Taylor, for Governor,
Jmo 39 majority In tho - city complete. Houston,
for tho-Avacmhly, Ims 70 majority in tho city.
Tho bnlnnco of tho State ticket m about tho sumo
as Governor.
The Town of Pleasant Prnirlo reported 3(1 ma
jority for Houston. Taylor’s majority in the
Town of Pleasant Prairie is 8.
Special Dispatch to The-i'hieu'fo Tribune,
Grand Rapids, Mich., Nov. 4.— The election
of member of Congress fur thin district, to Ifll
the vacancy caused by the death of tho Hon. Wil
der D. Foster, occurred to-day. Mans meetings
wore hold heyo lust evening hy both parties, the
Hon. William B. Williams, of Allegan, the Re
publican nominee, speaking at Luce’s Hall, and
several speakers addressing a crowd in front of
Sweet’s Hotel in behalf of Charles O. Comstock,
Esq., tho Democratic candidate.
At tho opening of tho campaign it appeared
that tho strength of tho candidates was about
evenly balanced, owing to Mr. Comstock being
put forward ns a People's man. and
an impression that the Liberal party had
a hand in his nomination. But it soon became
understood that tbo Convention which nominated
him, and all tho primary and county mootings
upon which It was based, wore composed entirely
of Democrats. It was called as a Democratic
Convention, and Its resolution to stylo itself n
‘•People’s Convention ” was an afterthought, to
which tho people do not generally respond. Tho
largo proportion of tho Republicans who no
longer felt bound to the old organization, and
othor independent voters, generally viewed it nn
simply a straight-out contest between tho two
old parties, ami with much the name feelings au
those of tho woman whoso husband was lighting
with the bear. Comstock is one of tho old-line
Democrats who boast that they never change. Ho
docs a largo manufacturing business in this
city, mid is personally very well liked. Ho will
undoubtedly carry this city, although it has a
small Republican majority, and may possibly car
ry this county, which ia also Republican ; but
the four other counliou comprising iho district
may be pretty comidcutlv reckoned to givo per
haps half their usual Republican majorities,
which would elect Williams by 1,599 majority, or
Special Dispatch to Tho Chicayo Tribune.
Grand Bawds, Nov. 4.— Tho volo for member
of Congress to-day has boon very light all over
the district. Tho cities and largo towns are all
hoard from. This city, usually Fepublicau, is
Comstock’s residence, and gives him 351 major
ity. Allegan, whore 'Williams lives, gives Will
iams 145 majority. Holland gives 110
majority for Williams; Lowell, 30 major
ity for Williams. Tho majorities for Cora
stock are as..follows.; - Grand Haven, 83;
lonia, 114 ; Muskegon, 173 ; bomdoo tho nbovo
named cities, returns are received from ouo
qimrter of tho country (owns.- Tho total vote, so
far as received, gives Comstock, tho People’s
candidate, 497 majority In tho whole district.
The full vole will reduce this to about an oven
tiling between him and Williams, thoFopublicnn.
It will bo impossible to loam to-night which one
is elected.
•Speoiat Dispatch to The CJiieapo Tribune,
Detroit, Mich., Hov. ‘l.—Tho'niomiial charter
election passed off quietly hero to-day, with a
light vote. Local issues hrokoovor party lines
very greatly, and tho tickets wore so badly
scratched that the counting' was delayed until a
very Into hour. Moffatt, Republican, has boon
ro-oloclotl by nearly 1,50(1 majority, and tho
rcnmimlor of tbo Republican city ticket
was also elected by good majorities, except Po
lice Justice Hnrbaugh, who was defeated by 12.
V. Oicott, ami a Juelico of tho Ponce. A large
majority of those elected nvo anti-park men.
Tho next Common Council will stand ns follows:
Republicans, 1(1; Democrats, 11 1 and tho next
Board of Democrats is also Republican.
Detroit, Nov. -I. —Tho municipal election in
this city passed off very quietly. Twelve pro
ducts heard from give Moffat, Republican, for
Mayor, (580 majority. His majority will probab
ly roach 1,000. The Republicans elect tho City
Clerk, Attorney, and Director of tho Poor. Tho
Democrats elect tho Police Justice, and, probab
ly, tbo Treasurer and Justice of tho Pcaco. Tho
Republicans will have a majority of 1 or 2 in
tho City Council, and a majority of tbo Board of
Meagre returns from the special election in
tbo Fifth Congressional District loaves the mat
ter iu doubt. Tho cities ot Grand Haven, lonia,
Holland, and fifteen towns, give Williams,
Republican, a majority of 200,—a largo Republi
cuu loss from the voto of 1872.
Detroit, Mich., Nov. 4—Midnight.— I Tho voto
in tho Fifth Congressional District was very
light and extremely close. Present indications
are that Williams, Republican, is elected by a
majority not exceeding 200 or 300. Grand
Rapids City gives Comstock, Democrat, 851 ma
jority ; Grand Haven, ‘BB ; Muskegon, 170 ;
lonia, 114 ; Spring Lake, 47. Williams baa 110
majority in Holland ; 145 in Allegan ; 30 in
Lowell ;01 inSangatuck. Other towns in Allegan
County will raise his majority to 600.
lu Detroit, Moffat’s majority for Mayor will
reach nearly 1,500. Tho Republicans carry tho
entire city ticket except Police Justice and Jus
tice of the Peace,
Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'JVihune.
New York, Nov. 4.—Tho returns, though
meagre, indicate that tho State has gone Demo
cratic by a largo majority. Hardly u township
heard from at this early hour has failed to show
largo Democratic gains. Tho revulsion by which
tho immense Republican majority of lost year
has boon overcome is the result almost wholly of
the dissatisfaction inspired by tho panic. The
local forces affecting the contest are trivial, and
could not possibly have wrought this astonish
ing result. It is tho same cause which has
changed all tbo other Slates which
has drawn Now York into tbo
arms of the Democracy. This dissatisfaction
and depression is widespread, and men, seeing
the result of to-day, say that had tho pauio oc
curred a year previous, Greeley would to-day bo
Tho result iu tho city at 0:30 p. m. cannot be
safely foretold,| for, at this hour, the result m
not a single election district is known outside of
police headquarters. About 0:80 p. m. returns
from two districts wore sent out, but those were
evidently incorrect, and then not another item
was allowed to reach tbo papers for three hours.
Grave suspicious that tbo returns have boon
tampered with at headquarters aro already
around and circulated, and those are strength
ened by tbo continued delay.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago Tribune,
New York, Nov. 4—ll p. in.—Nothing like full
returns have yet been allowed to loavo tbo po
lice headquarters, and only tbo general results
uro known. Tammany Hall openly charged tho
Commissioners with doctoring the returns, iu
order to beat tho Democracy out of two Sen
ators, and appointed a Committee of Safety to
watch tbo count. Tbo few facts known show
that tho Tammuuy ticket has swept tbo field by
a heavy majority, that of Connor, for Sheriff,
being full 25,000. All tho Assemblymen aro
Cox is elected Congressman by a heavy ma
Tho Judiciary-elect are all Tammany,
Tho election was quite orderly.
Ti) tint A6<!o<:uUdd J'tMU.
Nuw York, Nov. 4—p. m.—Tho election of tho
Tammany county tlokotiugonoratiyconcoded, with
doubts about Donahuo for tho nupremo Court,
and tho content in exciting only hi tho Assembly
and Senate Districts. Tom Murphy and Col.
Arthur uro said to have charged HUoriuau
Shoox aud Commissioner Van Nort, two otlior
representative Kopubllcans, with deserting tho
combination ticket, and giving their support to
William Walsh for County Clerk against tho Ilo
miblieun uud Apollo Ilnll candidate, Jacob 31.
Patterson. Murphy, in retaliation, in threaten
ing to call off Ida Kopnblican voters from Me-
Cool, tho combination candidate for Sheriff,
hut hu, in turn, is aaid to bo urging hit) follow
ova to defeat Murphy’s plana ami to veto for
Walsh. The light in some of tho Bonuto and As
sembly Districts is bitter, and the Police Com
missioners aro showing their hands. Sorno Tam
many inspectors have boon arrested and Apollo
Hall Democrats substituted. This is in the in
terest of tho comnination,
Nkw Youk, Oct. 4— ti p. m.—'Tho Rtnta elec
tion roturna nro coming in by towns!* p-* and
difitricta. Sixty-four of thoao flbow In. .a Re
publican nmiorltlou of 0,881; Democratic mu
loritica, 2,105 ; not Republican majority, 1,180,
Tho veto for Secretary of State ua compared
with 11 10 name voto in 1871, ia need tw a basin of
comparmon, and shown total Republican gains of
(>&i | total Democratic guine, 2,152 { not Domo
aratlu gains, 1,473.
New Youu, Oct, 4 —9:15 p. m. —No doilnito re
turns received from any part of thisolty. It Is
claimed that tho city has gone Tammany Demo
cratic bv from 16,009 to 20,000 majority. If tho
latter figures prove uorroct, thoro is not much
doubt but that tho State hoe none Democratic
by several thousand. Tho election of B. S. Cos
to Congress la conceded.
Returns from Brooklyn indicate that tho Dom
ocratin candidate for Mayor has boon elected,
ami tho Domoerntio majority of that city for
ticorotary of Btato will probably roach 5,000.
Fifty-seven additional towns from tho,lnterior
of tho Htnto give a not Republican majority of
3,200 ; not Democratic gain, 1,01)3. Not Repub
lican majority in tho 117 towns thus far, 1,080 ;
not Democratic gain, 2.872.‘
Brooklyn-Eighth ward, complete: Fllgor,
Dom., for Secretary of Btato, 147 nmj,, being a
gain of 504 over the volo of 1871.
Bixtv-flvo towns additional to those sent give
a net Ilopubllcan majority of 0,010. Not Repub
lican majority in total of 182 towns ami cities,
5,220. Tiiin iuohuloß Syracuse City, Republican
majority 107, nml Auburn City, Republican ma
jority. 73(1. Nothing up to 10 p. m. from tbu
city election.
Nnw York, 0;3() p. m.—For Secretary of
State—Brooklyn, Twouth-thlrd Ward, complete,
TUoyoi, 730 majority.
Eighteenth Wind, complete, Weller, 775 ;
Thayer, 010, Twenty-drat Ward, complete,
Weller. 1.125 ; Thayer. 1,031.
Rensselaer County gives tho Republicans a ma
jority of 1,000.
Thirty-nine additional towns and diotrlcts give
ft not Republican majority of 0.771; not Repub
lican majority hi 221 (owns ami districts, 5,801.
Poughkeepsie City gives the Democrats tv ma
jority of 870, a Democratic gain over 1872 of
Tho Republicans undoubtedly carry Putnam
County. Hamilton Fish, Jr., is elected to tho
Bt. litvwreuco Gountv gives Thayer 4,000 ma
Franklin County gives about 800 majority for
Sonoca County complete gives Willors 925 ma
Tioga County complete gives a Republican ma
jority of about 709. Heavy Democratic gains in
all the above counties over tho vole of 1871.
New Tonic, Nov* 4-—lO p. m.—ln this city, so
far, tbo vote upon tho Btato ticket is greatly
mixed, owing ta the attempted combination be
tween tho Apollo Hall and Republicans. Despite
tho early closing of tho polls ami tho expecta
tion of early returns from tho most remote parts
of tho city, tho account of tho elections has
been slow,’the delay being duo to tho necessity
tho oftlclaln ate mxdcr of canvassing a
very long list of names embraced in tho
general ticket. At this hour, returns of
votes for Sheriff ore still lacking in a
number of . districts, but tho total iigaros
received so far leave no doubt of the election of
Connor for Shorin', and Walsh for County Clork,
by very largo majorities. Tho veto for Sheriff
tlinu for stands: Connor, Democrat, 21,092;
McCool. 11.518. For County Clerk, Walsh,
Democrat, 15,800; Patterson, Republican, 12,450.
New York, Nov. 4—11:30 p, m.—Fotnvns
from over one-third of tho city, indicate a ma
jority for Connor, for BhoriiT, of *25,001); Walsh,
County Clerk, 18,090.
Ton Electoral Districts in tho Sixth Congres
sional District givo’S. S.’ Cox, 1.103: Wadsworth,
The vote oivthe Judicial Amendment to tho Stato
Constitution there is so trilling ns to fro scarce
ly worth mentioning, certainly not worth can
vassing to-uight.
New Yoitiu Nov. 4.—11:35 p. m.—Tho returns
of half of tho city gives Connor a majority of
14.900. Walsh a majority of 7,553.
Tho Sixth Congressional District gives Wads
worth, 3,151; Cox, 7,027.
New York, Nov. 4.-11:40 p. m.—Returns
from lifty-lhroo additional districts and towns in
tho Slate*show anot Fepublicau majority of 1,134.
At this hour tho total returns from 250 districts
mid towns show a not Fepublicau majority of
0,800, a not Democratic goiu over the vote of
1871 of 7,587.
Elmira gives 205 Democratic majority.
In Brooklyn, Hunter, Democrat, for Mayor, Is
elected by about 7,000 majority.
New Yoke, Nov. 4— Midnight—Additional re
turns from thirteen districts in tho Stale give
1,380 net Fepublicau majority, making a total
Fepublicau majority in 252 towns of 7.180.
Albany County gives 1,500 majority for the
Democratic Stato and county ticket. Dayton,
Democrat, is elected Senator, and three out ol’
tho four Assemblymen elected are Democrats.
Tho Fepublicau candidate in the Fourth As
sembly district is elected by a majority of 23.
Monroe County, complete, gives Thayer COO
majority. Lord, Democrat, for Senator iu the
Twenty-eighth District, is elected by about 2,000
to 3,000 majority.
New Yoiur, Nov. 4.— Foturns from the city aro
fitill incomplete. Tho Republicans elect live
out of tho twonty-ono Assemblymen. Tho Tam
many candidates for tho Judgeship are elected
by largo majorities. Foturns of the State ticket
from tho Sixteenth Assembly District give a
Democratic majority of 20,840. Tho Democrats
and Liberals to-uight claim tho State 15,000 to
80,000. Brooklyn, complete,'gives Hornnel, for
Mayor, 6,950 ; WUlors, Democrat, for Secretary
of State, 1,202.
New York, Nov, s—l a. m.—Eighteen wards
in Brooklyn give the Democrats a majority for
tbo State ticket of 1,035.
New Youk, Nov. 5—1:10 a. m.—Up to this
hour the total returns from 884 towns outside of
this city aud Brooklyn, show a not Republican
majority of 18,201, and a not Democratic gain of
16.130 over tho vote of 1871.
There is a largo city majority against tho ap
pointment of Judges, and an Immense majority
m favor of tho annexation of Westcuostor
Rochester, complete, gives Willeys 778 ma
jority ; Raines, Treasurer, 2,104 majority.
A dispatch Hum Buffalo says that Raines
ran 800 ahead of tho Democratic ticket iu that
New York, Nov. 6—2 a. m.—Tbo Democratic
Stale ticket majority in this city is about *25.000,
and the majority on the county ticket about
Returns from 87 additional districts and
towns, including tho City of Rochester, show
a net Democratic majority of 1.314, which is a
not Democratic'gain of 1,662, This reduces tho
net Republican majority iu 421 towns and dis
tricts to 1,887, and increases tbo net Democratic
gain oulsido of this city and Brooklyn to 17,807.
Kings County, including Brooklyn, gives a Dem
ocratic majority of 8,500 on the State ticket.
A few fights have occurred. In several dis
tricts both tho inspectors and poll-dorks failed
to make thou* appearance at the appropriate
time, but tho vacancies were speedily filled by
others who were sworn in.
A number of Tammany men, with bags of
tickets in their bauds, wore standing ou Third
avenue at half-past 5 o’clock, whou tho lamps
ou tho avenue were suddenly put out.
Guo man was struck from behind with a
sand-bag, and was fiuug to tbo ground. A
struggle ensued for tbo bag of tickets, but tho
Third avenue car. which came along, was hailed,
and friends of tlto wounded mau succeeded iu
putting him on tho car which was driven rapidly
down town.
While some men woro discussing politics
in a liquor saloon in East Fifty-fourth
street, this morning, iv row occurred, and Morris
Sallingcr was stubbed in tho abdomen. Six men
have been arrested to await an investigation.
A Oormau named William Tuber wrh tlitu af
ternoon severely injured by having a bottio of
vitriol thrown lu bis luce while standing at a
polling-place in the Fourth Ward.
Commissioner Davenport sat in tbo United
Status Courts up to 2 o’clock to dispone of ar
rests which wore made during tlio day by Special
Deputy Marshals, whom bo had scut out in largo
numbers to acorn* tbo city. A largo numbor of
arrests wore made. Tbo majority wore bailed
and released at onco. Patrick McGuire, urroated
in tho Eighteenth Assembly District, bad §O,OOO
in his possession.
Aljunv, Nov. 4.—Tho indications aro that tbo
Democrats have carried this county by 1,000
•V/kcM l)UmU'h\io The Chhwjo yVdnmc,
Bui'i-’Ai.o, N. Y., Nov. *l.—At tho city election
to-day moat oi’ tho Democratic ticket >vuh clouted.
Dr. Dowla P. Davton, Democratic, Mayor, by
800 majority; tho lion. Joim Gaoeou waaolouted
State senator. Democratic, by 1,200 majority.
iiDFiMLo, Nov. i.— I Tilts city glvoa Wiflora,
Democrat, for Secretary of State, 7-10 majority ;
oleota a Domouratio Senator and two Democratic
and one Republican Absomhlyman.
New Yoim, Nov. 4.—Returns from Now .Torsoy
nn to 1 a. m. two moro Bouttevmg township ami
district returns, and Indicate nothing as to tho
general result. Tho election is for the outlie
Assembly, aboht half of whom aio renominated.
Newauk, N. J., Nov. 4.—Returns from tho
State are bo scattering that no Baliufaotory ostJ
mato oau bo made ut midnight, but tho Republi
cans claim tho Legislature by a reduced majority.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 4.—Tho roturna bo far
are meagre, hut tho indications nil point to thu
election of tho entire Republican Slate ticket by
a handsome majority. Davis running ahead of
hie ticket. Thoro Ims been a good dnalof scratch
ing. Tho returns from tho city will not be In
until u very Into hour, on account of mixed bal
lots. Thoro will be considerable ebaugo In the
St. Paul. Mian., Nov. 4.—A very few returns
received from tho middio and lower parts of tho
State, and It is impossible it this time to make
mi approximate ontimatn of the result. Davis,
Republican, for Governor, is away ahead of his
ticket, and will havo 1,200 or 1,500 majority.
Tho only place whore ho rnnn behind is in Min
neapolis, and there lens than 200. In many
places the fanners have voted for Davis, and
then turned round and supported tho remainder
of the Grangers’ ticket.
Grinngor, Republican, for Htnto Treasurer, is
behind in many localities, as is also .Tonnluon,
for Secretary of Btato, but not enough to en
danger tholr election, unless they moot with
disasters in tho southern part of the Btato. In
this city tho tickets worn no badly split that re
turns from not a single product are In at this
hour, 12 o’clock.
Special VUpntch /•> Thr Vhicnw Trfbmir,
Boston, Nov. 4.— I Tho voto in this Stnlo to-day
has been u very light ouo, notwitbstamUng tin;
moat favorable weather. Holunm to this hour
(8 p.m.) judicata tho rc-oleotion of Washburn.
Republican, to tho Governorship, by a majority
of about 17,000 against 74,000 lust year. Uotfi
branches of tho Legislature will be Republican
bv about a two-thirds voto, which is In this
Statu a heavy gain for the Democrats. Last
voar tho Luguilaturo was divided as follows:
’Sonata, 09 liopublicau and ono Democrat j llouso,
231 Ropnblioum, 20 Democrats.
Thu feature of tho election to-day ia the reve
lation it makes of tho'teiikncaa of party ties.
Tho Independent tickets have boon tho popular
ones evcrvwhoro, anil no opportunity scums to
bavo boon lost for.rebuking tho trading politi
cians. Gen. Banks is elected to the Senate as
an Independent, Iraaling Ins regular Republican
opponent two to ono in a district .which goes for
Washburn bv a majoritv nearly aa largo. In tho
Tenth and ‘Eleventh Wards of this city Lima,
lud., is elected over. Htovcnson who was nomi
natod bv both tho Republicans and Democrats.
Stevenson- is a Rquoi-dcalor. Ho was beaten
by a majority of Piero than two to one. In tho
Plymouth ‘District. If si.ves, Independent, Is
elected over Coo, regular Republican, by a heavy
majority. ,
In ono Worcester District, George F. Vorry,
Democrat, io olrotod by a majority of over 1,700.
Ho is anti-prohibition. In tho Newton District.
Walter J. Mason, Liberal liopublicau, la elected
over J. K. Pike, regular. Ezra Parraontor,
Democrat, is elected in tbo Cambridge District
over Fuller, Republican. Jacobs, Democrat, is
ro-clcctod In Boston. Except tiio lust, all those
aio in tbo place of regular Republicans in
last year’s Senate. Tho returns for ReproHonta
tlvoM show almost ns astonishing features, Dem
ocrats and Independent being elected in many
towns heretofore considered sure for the regu
lar Republicans.
It is too early to give definitely tho complex
ion of the Legislature. but that thoro is no doubt
that tho regime of tho Custom-Homo party in
local politics bus received a startling rebuke.
Tbo party whip bus been cracked with notable
iiiefiuuoncy. Tho growing disgust with tho pro
hibitory liquor law naa hud much to do with tho
break, but vhoro gia a defiant spirit of rebellion
against cut-and-dricd political work and sot
tip tickets that ja exceedingly promising. Tho
era of independent thinking has apparently
dawned in this Scute. Tbo hold tone of the Bos
ton j-idrcr/isc)* and oilier Republican journals,
when tbo Administration forces wore striving to
impose Butler on tho party, has produced good
results in many ways ; ami tho end in not yet.
Tho fulling off in W nnhbnm’a majority is owing
partly to the light voto and, portly to tho defec
tion of tiro Bailor crowd, who declined to vote.
It is nearly twenty years since anything so un
expected as this collection of Independent suc
cesses has happened iu Massachusetts politics.
Henry Fierce, Rep., is elected to Congress in
tho Third District in place of Whiling, deceased.
No Democrat could bo found to run against
him. Charles Halo, Into Assistant Secretary of
State, is elected to tho House from tho Fourth
Ward of Boston. John Quincy Adams is elected
from Quincy.
This city gives n majority for Gaston of 1,383:
two years ago tho combined majority against
Washburn was but Gil, and bo bad a plurality over
tiie Democratic voto of 712; last year Washburn’s
majority over Bird -was 5.41)8. Worcester gives
Gaston a majority of over 10,000. Tho oldest
inhabitant can* hardly remember the last time
that Worcester ’ gave a majority to a Democratic
State ticket. Lowell also'gives GastOu a ma
, jonfcy.
Some of tho fishing towns on the Capo cost a
considerable vote for Bailer. The Labor-Reform
ticket received, loss than 100 votes iu this city,
and probably not 1,000 in tho State.
Tho liquor question .will ho u vexed ono in tho
new Legislature. Undoubtedly an effort will
bo mado to repeal tho Prohibitory law.
but it is hardly possible that it will
succeed. As to tho railroad and Hoonaio Tun
nel matter ,most of tbo members of tbo Legis
lature are uncommitted .to 'any particular
Bouton sends tlio Lower Houfio 23 Republicans
and 1C Democrats—a Democratic gain of 8 ; to
tlio Senate. 3 Democrats. 1 Independent Repub
lican, 1 Liberal Republican, who was also on
tUo Democratic ticket.
Norfolk County, complete, givea Washburn
4,311 { Gaston, 0,037; pcatcoring, 4; Wash
burn's majority, GIU; majority laat year,
4,574. Two yeara ago, when tboro wore
four candidates hi tbo llold, bin majority was
SSB. Ilia majority over the Democratic candi
date, J. Q. Adama, wan 1,H77.
In tho whole Stntu. two yeara ago, Waoh
buru’s majority was 13.953 over all, and 27,404
over Adams. Tlio Prohibition and Labor party
candidates received together 13,440 votes.
Special Dispatch to The Chicago 'JVibunc.
Boston, Nov. s—l a. m.—Eight cities gave
Democratic majorities, namely, Boston, Charles
town, Lowoll, Haverhill, Nowburyport, Spring
field, Holyoke, and Worcester. The Semite will
stand: Republicans, 27; Democrats, 11; Inde
pendent Republicans, 2—a clear Democratic gain
of 0. To tbo Houso there are elected 155 Re
publicans and CO Democrats. Twenty-two other
districts nro not yet heard from. Tina is a Dem
ocratic gain of 31. Tho Legislature will
ho tho ablest for many years, and the
presence of a minority of considerable strength
and much talent will ho fortunate on every ac
Seven additional towns in Worcester County
add 160 to Washburn’s majority.
Tho following is a recapitulation of tho voto
by counties:
Washburn. Gaston, Scattering.
Suffolk 8,134 D.r.23 C,O
v.mkx y,m v>'j4 is*
MlddlcflUS 14,'2121) 12,095 193
Worcester 9.9W 9.833 1
Hamden 3,372 •!,! 191
Hmmitiblro, 3,042 1,031
PninkUu 2,781) 1,422
Berkeliiro JJ.374 U,2»l
Norfolk 4.5U1 ILGOT
Driutul 4,837 1,832
Plymouth -i.fliy i,&y;t
liiti'UHtuhlo 1,U31 231 91
Dukes aud Nantucket Counties have not hoeu
Xioui'd from. They cast but few votes, and will
not relatively change tbo roault. Sulfolk,
Hampden, Hampshire, I'raukUn, Berkshire, uml
Norfolk Counties uvo complete. In all, Oil
towns have been heard from, and thirty nro
wanting. These returns show a plurality for
Washburn of 11,80(1, mid a majority of 11,470.
The towns to be hoard from may increase his
majority to 10,000,
Gurney, Democratic candidate for Register of
Probate in this county, has 288 plurality.
H. a, Washburn, the only regular Republican
candidate in this conn tv against a Democratic
candidate, lias a plurality of 108.
Mayor Henry L. Pierce’s majority for Con
gress is 5.810 in a total vote of 7,578; last year
Mr. Whiting received u majority of 8,702 m a
total of 8,081.
[To the Aesociate.il /Vrw.J
Bouton, Nov. 4.— Scattering returns from all
pans of the State show rather tv light vote as
compared with 1371 and 18711, nud Indicating
tlio rc-olocliou of Gov. Washburn by from
8,000 to 1(1,000 mnj. Anti-Prohibition was a
power of strength to tbo Democrats. ami tlioir
candidaio, Mr, Gaston, received a heavy vote iu
Hovoral of tbo larger cilioo and towns from tbo
opponent* of probibition. The contest for State
Sonutoriu tbo Fifth HufTuik District resulted
in fbo olccilou of Jonathan A. Laugdon, ou tho
Republican ticket, by over 1,000 majority, over
John L. fltovouson, who was a candidate on both
tho regular Democratic and Republican tickets.
In the Second Middlesex District, Gen. N. P.
Bunks was also oloclod Senator, over tho regular
Republican candidate, by a handsome plurality.
Tloturns from Governor in 02 towns foot up:
Washburn, 11,805? Gaston, 7,005.
Boston, Nov. ■l—lo p. m —Tho vote of Bos
ton, with iho exception of three wards, returns
from which are not in, given Gaston about 1,500
plurality, Lowoll gives Washburn 1,6*34; Gas
ton, 2,170; Worcester gives Waabburn 2,102;
Gaston, 8,780, and also elects tbo Democratic
Honntor and members of tho House. Tho voto
of 122 cities ami towns foots up: Washburn,
83,028 ; Gaston, 80,047. Lust year tbo same
towns gave Watldmrn 40,160; Bird. 2,411. Wash
burn's plurality last your was about 25,000, which
tho returns uo far indicate hoc boon brought
down about ono-half. At thin elocthm tho Re
publican ticket for Ktato otliuorn is elected, and
tbo Republican Counsellor ticket, together with
a Republican majority Iu both branches of the
Banks’ plurality for Btulo Senator is over
Charles Halo is elected to the Agißlature
from Boston by a largo majority.
Boston. Nov. 4—ll p. m.—Tho voto of Bou
ton, complete, wan: Yrmriilmm, 7,7P.rJ s Gmitoii,
; noatlorhig. 0!). Total voto, 10,1)00. which
is ii liltlo more I him half of that of Inst year.
Tho Journal office at midnight had returns
from Oil towns, giving Washburn 00,420 ; Gas
ton, 57,3110; scattering, 420.
Of (ho 40 Wenatom, tho Republicans elect
20. Tho Homo will probably bo throo-fourlhn
Ropublicnna. In'tho Moiuto two to ono aro op
posed to tbo Prohibitory Liquor law.
Simhil JMhjhiMi to The OhiMfio 'Mbune.
Lawiieni'u, Kim., Nov. a.—ln tliirt county tho
Fanners’ ticket In olcclod over tho Republican
ticket by about ROD maiorlly. Harry Bronson, a
lender fn the Farmers’ movomont, ii) elected to
the State Boualo to fill a vacancy.
Miami County also electa tbo Farmers' ticket
by COO majority, including two members, of tho
Legislature. Thoro are no Statn oflieora volcd
for in Kiiiihhh this full. Tho election Is for numi
brrn of tho llouso of Roprosontutivou, and for
county oilleoiu. From nrosout appearances. tho
farmers will hold tbo balance of power In tho
Legislature, and bo üblo to elect tbo United
States Senator to fill Caldwell’s vacancy.
L.vwmiNcu, Kim., Nov. 4.—Tho Farmer’s Move
ment carries this county by about CQO majority
over tho regular Itoimbliean ticket. Bronson Is
olooted Senator to fill a vacancy, and tbo follow
ing members of tho House aro ©boson : Fifty
third District, J. Waits ; Fifty-fourth, L. O. Ed
ison ; FKty-mlh, William iloo. J. C. Ilortou,
regular Republican, iu elected in tho Fifty-soo
ond District.
.s jw.Ud ]){f\)aU’h to The. Chicago Tribune,
Kansas Cm, Mo., Nov. 4.—Reports from
Miami County, Kansas, say that tho entire
Granger ticket, including - two RoproaontaUvos,
is elected. Wyandotte County, Kansas, ns fur
us hoard from, reports R. B. Taylor, Republican,
©looted UoproaonlaUvo in tho Twenty-seventh
District by a largo majority.
Toi'EKA, Kan., Nov. 4.—John Martin. Inde
pendent ; Ira Johnson, Granger; and J. Welch
ana, regular Republican, aro elected Representa
tives in this county. Tho Republican county
ticket la clouted.
Junction City, Kau,, Nov. 4.— Tho election in
lids ytuto to-duy for members of tho Legislature
and county officers resulted Jn this (Davis) coun
ty in tli© ©lection of A. O. BtleUnoy, Independ
ent Republican uml farmers' nominee, for Rep
resentative. John Price was re-elected Troau
mor; B. R. Kioblu was elected Sheriff.
RioitatOKD, Kov.‘i.—Tlio.election in this city
passed off voiy mticUy, Uui.pQlia in every pro
duct cloning without any diaturbanco. TUo vot
ing on tlio pnit of the whites hrw been quite
dull, but the colored vote hen not been bo good.
Some leading Republicans conecdn the election
of Kemper by 10,000 to 20,000 majority. ' Thorn
avo uo returns in yet from tbocity products, but
the indications mo that Kemper's majority will
not loss than COO in Richmond.
Richmond, Vn.. Nov. 'l.—Returns from nine
teen out of the twenty-one precincts in this city
show that tho first cstimatea'Afl to the Conserva
tive majority wore largely behind tho oftlcial re
turns. These products give Kemper over 1,750
majority. Tho remaining two products will not
reduce this majority more than 100. Partial re
turns from thirty counties indicate that the
State has gone Conßorvairro by a largo majority
over Walker's majority in 18C31'
.Tackhon, Miss., Nov. 4.—litre little interest
was shown in the election' to-day. .Prom all
quartern tho vote is reported, one-third short,
tho fulling off in Jadcaon, being from
COO to COO. Amos hnn a majority In tho city
estimated at MOD, which is a small Republican
ions. Thq Independent candidates -for county
olHccs were numerous, ns tho Democrats had no
ticket in this county. Thcro was ■much delay in
counting tho votes.
VicKsmnna, Nov. 4.—Tho election passed oft
quietly, only uhout half the usual vote being
cast. Alcorn bus probably earned this city and
county. Scratching prevailed to an unprecedent
ed extent at all tho polls. Nothing can yet bo
given as to the general result.
Baltimore, Nov. 4.— Tho Democrats in this
city elect their entire ticket, including eighteen
delegates and ouo Senator, by from 10,000 to
14,000 majority. Walford, Democrat, for
Comptroller of the State Treasury, with six
wards to hear from, baa a majority of 11,338.
Nothing definite from tho State.
Little Rock, Arlt., Nov. 4. —Tho election to
day passed off quietly. It ruined nearly oil day.
The entire Republican ticket was clouted.
Views o£ ITEr. liaasem as Co the Ques
tions that Will lilugatfo the Alton,
(ion off Cougrc.vs—Secretary ICleltard
son on Ctnml-boat Regulations—An
Official displaced for the llloca
Use of Stumps—lssue of National
ifiantc Notes—fljll for the Repeal of
tUe Salary-Grab Act.
Special Diapateh to The Chicago Tribune.
Washington, D. 0., Nov. 4.—Representative
Kassou, of lowa, who has boon spoken of as
one of tho candidates for tho Speakership of
tho House of Representatives, arrived hero to
day. Ho is not very hopeful about hlu chances
for tho Speakership, but is apparently deeply
concerned about tho composition of tbo princi
pal committees of tho House. Ho would liko
to bo placed upon tho Ways nud Means Commit
tee. Ho was formerly a member and is fa
miliar with tho business that is usually refer
red to that Committee.
It is probable that bo will bo designed
to servo thereon during tho next Con
gress. His opinion is, that tho questions
which will absorb tho attention of
tho now Congress arc choso of Finance and
Transportation. Tho first named will, of course,
from tho nature of things, bo paramount; but,
next to that in importance, is tho transportation
question, which ho knows tho West will espe
cially demand shall bo seriously considered. Xu
regard to tho management of public alf&irs at
Washington, Mr. Kassou says there is a great
deal of dissatisfaction among tho pcoplo of tho
Northwest. They fool that the Government has
overreached itself in some respects; that affairs
are uo longer openly and clearly before their
eyes, as they should be, and thorn
is a disposition among citizens of that section of
the country to send Representatives to Congress
who will not devote their time and attention to
golf-glorification and aggrandizement, but at
tend to tho legitimate interests of tueir con
stituents and tho country at largo.
A decision has just hoeu rendered by the Sec
retary of tbo Treasury, all other or previous in
terpretations of the law to the contrary notwith
standing, that, under the seventh section of tiio
Steamboat act, ferry-boats, freight-boats, canal
boats, and tow-boats, of lees than lifty
tons, navigating on rivers only, are
equally exempt from the' 'provisions
of that section requiring every vessel, with tbo
exceptions named, to carry at leant one good,
substantial bout, with linos attached, and prop
erly supplied with oars, and kept in good condi
tion at all times and ready for immediate use,
and the metallic fire-proof life-boat, which other
vessels era ryiug passengers are required to have.
Loss interest iu (ho result of to-day’s elec
tions in tbo several Stales is manifesto:! by tho
people hero than for a number of yearn.
Tho general result iu each of tho States
was previously pretty accurately anticipated.
Tito strength of tho Grangers iu one or two of
tho States is ail that appears to excite any inter
ijelknat’s FIANCKR.
Sira. Bower, a sister of Ida former wife, is said
to bo tbo lady to whom Gon. Belknap, Secretary
of War, is soon to bo mairiod.
[To the Associated Press.)
Washington, isov. 4. —A storekeeper in tbo
Fourth District of Kentucky, having written to
Omaha to inquire ns to his success in a lottery
scheme, and used an ofliolal stamp to transmit
Ids lottor os indorsing ono for a reply, baa been
dismissed by the Commissioner of Internal Rev
Tbo plates of the new $lO National Bank nolo
will co to press to-morrow, and tho new note
will bo ready for issue in a week or ton (lavs.
Mathew IT. Fulton lias boon appointed Gauger
for tho Ninth District of Ohio.
will ou tho mlddlo of Docamhor report to Con
fP'Oßs on 2,500 claims, being 81)0 or 400 more than
ust year. The amount involved is upward of
$1,000,000, tbo former award being about $000,•
000. At least one-third of the claims have been
Tbo lion. H, H. Cox, whoso election is assured,
wVB, so bis friends hero say, upon tbo assembling
of Congress, Introduce tbo following:
“WnHUEij. Ottiatt to tbo condition of too
country at present, and iho critical aspect of
financial utValrs, ami na ft bill panned during the
lent session of this body for inn increase of the
salaries of tho members. after duo operation,
has boon found to bo inimical lo Ibe bent interest
of tho puoplo.bo U relinked that said hill for
Iho hioroaao of salaries is hereby rescinded.”
Nouihmtioii of il?omuiylvmiin MiUl-
road Uirccinn.
fijwcirtl Jiinnafch to Tfic f.Vitcsrw Tribune.
Philadelphia, Nov. 4.— At tho Itcpubllcon
caucus or members of the Council to-day for tho
iiomination of Pennsylvania Kaitroud Hirnctorp.
Alexander 11. Pox, <l. Movriaon Coivtoa, ami
.Tolm Anspach wore ro-oloclod after tv heated
eontoßt. Tito requirement for eligibility ia that
each nominee shall have owned titty ulmroa of
stock for ninety days prior to tho election,which
taken place tins month.
Knilroml 'iTroitlricN in 'J’oiincw.sec.
Cincinnati, Nov. 4.— The Commerclal'a Knox
villa (Toun.) special says : Tho strike of (lie
engineers and firemen on tho East Tonnonuenu,
Virginia it Georgia Uuilvoad thveatomi to v\a
mmm a dangerous character. Homo of tho om
fdoyon yesterday pmvontod a freight train from
saving by uncoupling tiro earn, 'i ho night pan*
Konger and all tho freight trains havo been din
continued, Col. Baxter, tlio attornoy of tho road,
is now addressing tho employes, explaining lo
thorn (ho trouble to which they aro subjecting
themselves, and advising a non-inlcrfcroncb
with tho operations of the road.
Knoxville, Tonu., Nov. <1. —Tho tiouhlo on
tho Kant Tennessee, Virginia Georgia Kail
road imfl not yet boon adjusted, ami tho men will
not allow freight trains to move. No freight
bus boon carried over tho road oinco Nriday.
Tho mail trains avo naming regularly. Croat
Ineonvonionce is caused to merchants bv their
inability lo roeotvo and ship goods. SdVornl
thousand bales of cotton have been hero four
Tito CeiJnr FiilSn U&allruad Tax Case
!Deß Moines, Nov. 4. —Tho tax case of those
citizens of Cedar rails who sued to enjoin tho
5 per rent lax voted lu favor of tho Burlington,
Cedar llaplds A Hinucsola Hallway has, after a
long litigation, boon decided hi favor of iho
railroad company by the Supreme Court of the
State, with a penalty amounting lo nearly 100
per cent.
DcNlructivo Incendiary It’iro ;it fjcb»
umin, *»a.
Lejuxox, Pa.. Nov. 4. Ati uttompt wne made
last night to burn thin city. It wan fired in five
different places. The incendiaries, however,
only succeeded in burning tho hams of .losiah
Franck and Hem-y Laudornuloh. The loss of
the former is $75,000, and of the latter SIIO,OOO.
tn .!oUn<, III.; 0.0n5,8:i,.-#mi.
Special Dfomteh to ThiiChiwjo Tribune.
,Tonne, 111., Nov. -1. —A tiro broke oat ia tlio
bnm of Mr. Belt;:, about 11 o'clock this evening,
dcKtroylug tho barn and the dwelling of Andrew
Hollister, adjoining. The loss is about $5),5U0.
At Cnmbrltlgc, BIS*
Pnouix, lib, Nov. 4.—A diw;wl7ons fire broke
out at Cambridge yesterday morning, and pri
vate dittpatchcs received hove indicate an ex
tensive conflagration. No particulars us yet.
The Confessions of nu Invalid.
PabUsbcd nan warning r.j.J for thn hosiollt of young
roon »ml others who imlfur from Nervom Debility, Au.
JJy one who lias ennui hlmsylf. .Supplying tho moms of
(iplf-cnro, mid -out fioo of cbar/;u. Addrcai NATHAN*
IP.!. MAYFAIR,JIosJKt, Ufoobb-n. N. Y.
835.E53 GOOBS.
lorweli & Co.
Invite attention to an unusually
attractive stock of
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tion to a line of ALL-WOOL
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relating to the contrary aro false.
Machines Sold on Easy Monthly Payments,
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The Highest Order of “ Medal n Awarded at
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Ho sewMacUue Received, a Higlier Prize.
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threaded wUlumt patsltu; thread through liolci.
T.—Design Simple, fDiionhmo. Mlerpinf. Konnia? the
oUtch without tlio uwj of Wheel tir.ivva, Rotary Caro*,
nr Lover-Arms. flan the Automatic Drop imed, wliicii
insur'* uniform length of Mitch at any a peed. line our
uav/ Tiuoad-t.’ofttrolor, which allows easy movement of
nurdlt -nap and proventn Injury to thread.
H.—Constniution rao.-ir careful andliuishod. It is man*
ufucturedby tho most skillful nml experienced mechan
ics, at the celebrated REMINGTON ARMORY, Illou,
N. Y.
Address Bomington Sowing-IVTacliiuo Co.,
Western OiUco 2815 Stats-st., Chicago, 111,,
for Agencies or Information.
500 Packages of
and Dress Goods,
Prom Commission Houses and
Auction Booms,
of recent purchases and
. at lowest market prices,
are offered Tby
Tho only known remedy for
Bright’s Disease,
Andu Positive Remedy for
Non-llelentloii or lnconllautioo of Urine, Irritation, lit*
ilummntlim or Ulceration oi tlio
Bpormatorrlioen. Leuccnrrhtca nr 'Whites, Diseases of the
Prubinto Gland,
Calculus Gravel or nrlckdust Deposit, and Mucus, or
Milky DUuharjtos.
Poiltlvoly and iiormancntly ounss nil Diseoaei or Affoo*
limuof the
Krishna In Moo, Women, am) Children,
Price, $1 por Jlulllo, or Six Hottleu fur SC,
Dept, 1. lOOiiwi, New York
Sold by Druggists Everywhere.
Whntoaale DruuHaU

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