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[ L"'" ' FntnATETRKiNo, Nor. 7.
. Financial affairs in this city scorn to have sol-
Wed down into a ink from which there has been
no change for a week past; If it' wore ii6f for
the continued financial troubles lu tho Eastern
cities there would bavo ooon a rapid Improve
monk boro. Our business community and also
tho banks—with, a jfow .exceptions—woro pro
pared ton days ago, and dlspoaod, to reorganize
* business and expand credits again. But one de
velopment after another in tUo Eastern cities
has shown trade aud.crodit to ho much worse
eripplod than wao commonly believed,
and tho effect hero has been depress
ing. Tho downward tendency in tho prices
of all Western products affects tho whole North
west; and people do>pt fool as confident as they
did ten days ago.
Tho rates for money in tho street In this city
nxo still at from to 2 por cent por month.
Tho banks are making some fow discounts for
regular customers, but what they do moots but
a small port of the demand.
The advance in tho Bank of England rate of
discount to tho unusually high figure of 0 per
cent is significant ot the apprehensions excited
there that tho continued flow of specie to this
country will so drain tho bank as possibly to
® v on cause it lo Suspend specie payments,
ns it has had to do on former occasions. No panic
of former,years happening in a country foreign
to -England over affected the resources of the
Bank of England in a more vital particular than
% this collapse of credit in tho. Dulled States. In
the 'panic which occurred in England some years
ago, in consequence of tho failure of Ovorond,
Gurney & Co.,—a collapse of inflated credit sim
ilar to this which was touched off by the failure
of Jav Cooko & Oo.,—tho Bank of England was
saved from’ suspension solely by tho copious ex
ports of specie from tho United States to
iingland. In all emergencies of tho last
twenty years, tho flow of specie from tho United
States has been tho main stay, of tho Dank of
sr England.' In'all tliat timo Micro has boon no
reversal of; the flow of pteoious metals
. OS bos boon witnessed for tho past six-weeks.
• This fact alone would naturally, create Appro
i bonsion, there of the consequences,’ But,' in
, addition to this, there is reason/to apprehend
that tho depreciation in American railroad socuri
ties will cause failures in London. Tho panic
f and collapse of inflated credit in Viomio; and tho
• more recent one in Berlin, together .with tho re
-pont heavy; losses that English aud Con~
- tmoiital capitalists have sustained' froiu
.tto doprtciation.in value of* Turkish and
{Spanish bonus, aro a oombinotion of clrcum
** stances that can scarcely fail to have a powerful
leffoojt to destroy confidence andcauso failures in
■ .•VftJdon. As is well known, tho Banlc of En
gland holds on deposit tho reserve funds of. all
’the banks of London. Tho fear that it.may bo
i called on for these deposits induces the Bank to
Eut up the rate of discount, with a view to mak
>g a stringent money market, and thus do
• pressing speculation 'and diminishing tho do
- msnd for money. The’device is a clumsy ono,
, and it has always boon a queotioti ia tho minds
of many ablo financiers : whether the effect
• claimed for this policy was not, lo a groat ox
. ton fc, imaginary.
At tbo recent monthly mooting of s the Now
• York Chamber of Commerce, a paper was read
suggesting to Congress when it next 'convenes
to cauco tbo purchase of United Slates bonds to be
stopped, and the application of. tbo gold reserve
• to the redemption of Treasury notes, reserving
.the power of reissue/ Wo think - no
pno_ . need trouble themselves - now
about tbo surplus revenue ,-of the
i Government. The day has gone by when the
, Government can collect any such revenue as it
has had for seven years, and there la little hope
- (bat tbo expenseei of tub Government will-be cut
:down sufficient to leave a surplus out of the
. present income. It is not probable that there
wilt bo any more bond-buying unless it is dono
with an increased issue of greenbacks ; in other
words,.an inflation and consequent depreciation
of greenbacks. There will bo no more’ surplus
} coin revenue from imports that could
-bO).* turned into gold to . redeem
, greenbacks,. and tho only thing ‘ that
can be douo now to appreciate tho value of
greenbacks is for tho Government to borrow tbo
.gold on a new issue of bonds and redeem tbo
.greenbacks with the gold so procured, or elso to
make tbo greenbacks,convertible into bonds at 8
•or 4: per cent interest.
In discussing the effects of tho present crisis,
wo often hear people wondering whore the
. money has gono to. ‘-Moat people say, * ‘ There la
fuafc aa much money as ever; whore is
'It?” YTo have commented many times,
tin reply- j ‘to - this, upon ' the ” fact that
;tho great'popular error in this connection ia in
.regarding currency &a the solo representative
*of such 44 money," or funds, as are offered for
doan'in the “ money market.” The fact is, that
.«« currency,’’ bank' notes, and greenbacks, con
.'stllufo but a small proportion of the u money”
•in the market. By far the grcatost.part is hank
{credit, .Below wo print from the Now York
irorW a tabular estimate of the proportions of
.the two kinds of. funds: currency and bank
credit, and tbo shrinkage of tho latter which has
(Caused .the scarcity of money.' The World says i
. On the Ist of September, when the prospects - for
trade were perfectly roec-colorcd, we bad tho following
'estimated legitimate and available capital to trade on:
.Currency.- $ 700,000.000
'Merchants 1 notes, which were bought and
L . sold and reprcflcnJod iLosamsas cur
rency, at tho lowest,estimate 200,000.000
Clocks of all descriptions, on which money
copld ho got ot a moment’s notice, esti
mated at par value, say only,
■ Total; aay............. .$1,700,000,600
' Leaving out all Government bonds, let ub seo what
me have now. Of the currency, half 1b locked up In
savings banks end hoarded j
This would leave available' $ 850,000,000
tfccdhiuta* notea now current would bo
_lc&a than.,; 100,000,000
Stocks In their depreciated value ropre*
; sent less than *
- T0ta1'5...1../..,-. $1,000,000,000
. Thus then prim* facto, It can bo estimated {bat
$700,000,000 boa suddenly been locked up and depre
ciated. Norls this all. The $950,000,000 estimated
stocks are no longer,,even in.their .present' condition,
1o afford (but assTatanoe and. relief to commerce that
the $500,000,000 did on the Ist of September, white the
$200,000,000 of .merchants’ notes that were current
Hast, North, and West 'on the Ist of' September, de
creased now to half, havo become a olog, a bugbear to
commerce Instead of an auxiliary to trade.
; Tboouly criticism wo have to make on the
above estimate is that the amount of stocks and
collaterals :on 'Wbicbbank credit. could bo A bad
two months ago was probably larger than eati-
Jnated above, and ' that therefore the shrinkage
of money or bank credit has been larger.
llosßre.. Preston, Kean A Co. quote as follows
this afternoon:
* Ihiyinfl, Sellinrr. '
ÜB.csorai van?* inv
V. 8. tf-20s'of *02.,, 103tf : 10(5
U. 8. 5-2Qs of ’C4..’ . IWJif • 10CV
17. 8. 5-20* ol'CB 107 107*
17, 8. 6-20b of *66 January and Juiy.lo9*f lOOtf
U, 8. 6-208 of ’67 January and .Tuly.HO’.f . 110^
17, S. 5-20 a of 'OB January and July.llo.Lf
ICWOb. laosjf 110)j
U. B. 6a (new leauo)
17, B. currency 6a
Gold (full vclght).
Gold COUpOQB.,
Gold exchange*..,...........
Sterling exchange (largo draft*)
Chicago City 7s «...
Cook County 7a,..-
JTown, county and city io
per cent
NewYokk, Nov. 7.—Sloi
srling, 106*4.
iNT noKcs.
Coupons, ’02...,,*~,ioo■■
Coupons, ’O4 100W
Coupons, ’66 107#
Coupons, '65{n0w),..11Q..
Coupon*; *67.,.. 11l
Coupons, ’63.........,110%
Currency 05....,.....1t>9
Now 6a,..105
Twmcasees, 01d.... ~.04 :
Tennessee®, now C 2
Virginias, new. 35 )
I Virginias, 01d.33
North Carolina*, 01d,.20
North Carolina*, uow..U
81.Paulpld W
f Wabash.,.. §f*V
Wabash pfdv......... 64
Ft, Wayne..
Terre Iluute... ®
f Terra Haute pk'd A
' Chicago k Alloa §7
ijOlilcago ie Altoir.pfd,, 68
Ohio k Misslsslpi 1... 31#
0.,a.k0 gj
f0..8. kQ *... «
' Lake Shore, £o#
Indiana Central.....*
Illinois Central
Union Pacific stocks.. h 'H
Union Pacific bond*., Co
Control Pacific bonds. 79 •
• Del., Lack, k West;.. 83
U„ If. 4c Erie. 1#
Oantoa <6
Western Union,V...46#
Quicksilver..'. 16
Adams Express...... 78
Wells Fargo 67
American Express,..,,46#
United States Ex 48*2
Pacific .Mu11..,., 26#|
New York Central.... 78#
Erie 80
Brio pfd 87#
Harlem 103#
Harlem pfd. ........ ,100
Michigan Central.... 65
Pittsburgh 73
Northwestern. 64
Northwestern pfd..., CD
Bock Island. 84#
N. J. Central MV
Bt. Paul ‘Ji;i |
orrr morKanr.
The following limtrurnentb wore filed foe
<sn Friday, v . •
fooSo hlmrtoV^u ‘ B ' pot. 15; consideration, ‘
c st, 2M'n nOf Offlion nr, of» BOililwft, dai>
Usd Oct. 28 : conHitlnralloH. $1,500.
Paulina si, 180 ft n of Olnvlnda at, c i ttxioo ft, with
buildings, tinted oA|it« 1H { Consideration, SB,OOO.
Charles st, 1U tl ft of TwtoUy-fourVh at, of, 55x194
8-10 dated Ont, 2} consideration, 1330. ” - s ,
Fullerton nv,lGO ft dill of Lnmbno at. n f,’ 104x141
fUdnted Nov. 01 confildoratlon, 1 3.000. i ' 1 »
Xarrtbee at, UO ft ®of Bolden av. of. 50*150 ft. do
ted Oct; 29; consideration, 14,250, *
Ohio at, 124 ft e of North Wellard,nf. irndjcof 31
95-100x100 ft, doted May 23 {"consideration, SI,W)O.
Emerald av, 239 ft n.of Thirty-fourth et, o A 9U
134 hi ft, dated Oct. 81 { conaldernilon, %*W, } u -
Emerald ay, 103 ft o of Tblrly-foul-m et, a f. 26*124#
ft, dated May#. IBU f consideration, $430.
Lot 5, in Block 8, of EborhArt and Weaker*’ no # of
axv X Bco 0,88,14, dated Nov. fi: consideration, MOO.
Lota (U id 03, in Block' 3, of Front and Coleman's
part ao X 800 4, 38,14, clatccl'Novr A {-consideration,
93,003. . -
Lots A to 6, Irvßlock 10, In Belksvilo, dated NoV. 0;
consideration. SSOO. * ' . • • - •
Lois 1 to X luaomo block, datod Nov. Os consider
atlon, <SOO, ' ' '
• Lota I to 35, In Block 2, of Phaife’a e# " w # Sou 19,
98,13. dat6d Sept. 3; connidcrnllon, $8,500.
Prairie nv,o w cor of Fiftieth at, a?, 08
ft, dated Nov. 5 consideration, SS,OOO.
west'or orry; limits*; • •_ ‘‘ '.‘"V
' Lot 10, )□ Block 1, of s}i Block 3, In Borden’* w V
of«e#Soo80, AO, 13, dated N0v.,7/Consideration,
*350. , ,
Tlip fqllowibg wore the receipts, aud shlpnibula
of tho leading ariiolcs of produce in Chicago
during the past twouty-lour hours, and for the
corresponding date ono year ago:
Flour, brls 8,4151 5,730 1 0,158 0,071
'VVbost, bll 13 5,080 60,330 84,705) 40,131
Corn, bu 115,400 30,C00 100,343 53.473
Outs, bu 57,410 90,400 77,97 a 10,849
Bye. bu 2,007' 3,0C0| 1,050 6,119
Barley,btt.. t 14,390!-30,870 0,837 . 41,730
Grss* seed, co.yooll 43,520' 5.060
-Flaxseed, R>b 127,1001 • 40,070 , 04,000 126,083.
Broom-corn, 1b5.... 30,015* 24,000 91,470
Ourcdmeats, 1b5...; * 98,330 '24,770; 1029,422 446,830'
.Beef,brls . 103 - -.895
Fort, brls | .. 890 886
Lard, lbs; 20,700 - 4.4701 824.180 144,206
• Tallow, lbs 98,830 11,270 41,891 41,000
Butter, lbs --81,743 83,006' > 60,460 83,020
Droßßod hogs, N0... 84
Live bog*, No. 13,010 18,773 0,081 4,789
Cattle, Ho 1,733 1,670 164 103
Sheep, No 1,853 • 1,459 • 852
Hides, lbs...'. 121,470 67,275 108,708 60,010-
lUghwiaos, brla.... 125 202 114 ' 840
Wool, 1b5...,...... 72,808 >90,000 • 60,000 90,180
Potatoes, bu.; 2,780 .4,788 2,240 -2,290'
Lumber, m feet.... 6,894 3,820 1,851 1,717,
Shingles, 1,7fi0 776 1,527 838
Lntb, TO 910 101 102 160.
Balt, ht’B 1.8001 0,882 4,091 2,410'
Withdrawn from atoro yostorday'for 'city con
sumption: 6,47l:buwbeat; 8,416 bu com; 135
bu oats; 405 bu rye; 4,401 bu barloy. s
Tho following.grain baa boon inspected into
atoro tlila morning up. to 10 o’clock: 270' cars
wheat; 224 r cars corn, 80,100 hu. No. 2.d0 aud
8,200 bu. rejected do, by.canal;'2o care oats,
13,900 bn No. 2 do, by canal; 8 cars'rye; 89bars
.barley. Total (608 cars), 273,000,bu...... ,
f -The recent panic baa bad little effect upon the
operations of our iron and stool mllld, except in
the fall department, which has received a rather
.sevoro check, owing to tbo tailing alt in railroad
receipts. .Th'o’North Branch Works shut down
'on the iTrodnotlbn-of rails nearly a month ago,
and tbq South Branch mills will follow salt in a
few days. The Joliet works are still running,
having several orders ahead for railroads' which
have boon least affected by tho panic; bonce,
nono of those orders hare yet booh canceled.
The loading produce markets were again weak
to-day, with a very uneasy feeling, and’a strong
downward pressure aUaround. -’-Xho local causes
at work woro rather larger receipts and a smaller
shipping movement. The latter'of these was
duo to tbo operation of- exterior causes, which
wore tho results of the one primal cause, scarcity
of confidence'in-the future.. This first cause,
like tho demon at tho gates or hell; as described
by Milton, engendered a host of others, each ia
Itself an evil; but every one of them bearing tho
mark of tho boast, which is lack of money. Tho
chief feature of tho situation was Impocunlosity,
actual or feared. ,
The nows came in early this morning that tho
Bank of England had advanced its rato of dis
count to 9 per cent, and it was subsequently ru
mored that the rato had boon farther put up to
10, —tho highest point known in many years.
This was at once recognized as threatening a
cut off in tho English doihaud for broadstuffs
and provisions, aud tho result was apparent in
tbo commorci&l telegrams, indicating lower
prices for produce. Of course, New York was
weak under tboao advices, and that fooling acted
on Chicago, though it was partially a simple re
action from our weakness bf yesterday. Our
markets were weak during tho greater part of
tbo session, with vory little shipping demand for
Tho foiling off in tho demand for produce,
noticed for a couplo of weoks past, was intensi
fied to-day. Almost nothing was wanted where
cosh would have to bo pala therefor, and that
involved a lessoned inquiry for future delivery.
There is some disposition to toko hold at present
low prices, but money is scarce, oven to be used
as margins; banco wo have comparatively few.
speculative orders. Hence the markets are loft
more than ever (o tho control of local specula
tors, the impecunious boars being in a decided
majority, oapedally.ao* they have received large
accessions from the moneyed men, who see littlo
room to hope for a speedy reaction from the
present stage of collapse. ; 1 - -
The scarcity of demand from consuming points,
for both cram and provisions, -is -easily under
stood. . .People must have something to cat;
hard times or no hard times, though consump
tion is necessarily reduced m seasons of de
pression. ’But tbo people who usually buy for
distribution to the consumer see no immediate
prospect of pay, and cannot command money
enough to buy more than they already, holdior
saleiu tbo future. Hence tuoir general policy
Is to buy only from hand to mouth, though they
may be obliged to pay more in the winter (in
cluding transportation) than thoy would have to
pay now.- From this results tho tendency to a glut
at points of primary distribution, like Chicago ;
and it is ro«ay a wonder that our stocks- have
been kept down so*woll under tho circumstances.
Tho reason why .wo havo avoided the accumu
lation of grain, so far, is simply that-lake
freights havo ruled low, furnishing a strong
inducement to forward all that can bo moved
before tho close of navigation. But tboro is a
limit even to this, aud tho limit seems to hava
boon - reached for a while, as, with the present
pecuniary stringency, it is very difficult to com
mand the use of mouoy with which to mako ship
ments, though-this class of: operations la the
moat favored by, tho hanks.;
Indeed, it is next to impossible to obtain the
uso of money with which to carry grain In this
city, and it is this - fact which obliges so many
holders to let go for whatever tho property will
fetch, that weakens prices. • There is really
nothing in the present situation* to encourage
the piling up of stocks; aud it will be found to
bo wise on the part of thoao who do now hold
produce, aiad can afford to movo it, to send it
forward towards a market, to make room for the
accumulations of the coming winter.
Dry goods woro iu fair request to-day, some
Improvement both In the local* aud 'outside
mauds, .being .reported. The movement,bow?
over, is not as active as it should bo at tlua sea
son of tho year, and even at the-recently re
duced prices tho market is lacking in firmness.
Groceries were mooting with a slightly increased
demand, but the change was too slight to favor
ably affect prions, which, as a rule, were again
weak. An reduction iu sugars was the/
only change noted, but tho quote'd price*
woro more or leas frooly * shaded all
around. Old teas' . aro. . neglected and
have a downward tendency, while for new Ja
pans the market retains a' firm tone. Syrups,
molasses, and rice are also tending to lower
prices. The butter and cheesomarkets woro with
out now features. Trade" woo fair and* former
3 notations woro fully sustained. Goal remain*
nil, and soft varieties are still weak and unset-'
tied. No change was noticeable in the market
for bagging, leather, oils, or paints. The; pig
iron trade continues lifeless, with prices weak
and unsettled. . .
Business at tho lumber-yards is not particularly
brisk, but fair, all things considered. Price*
were without .quotable change, though shaded
now and then for cash. Tho wholesale morkot
was fairly active atunchaugod prices. The con
dition of tho iron, motol, and nail mprkots waa
substantially tho some. Building materials were
dull and little bettor than * nominal.
Tho wool market is very quiet, and quotations
aro merely nominal. Hops and broom-corn are
also quiet and easy, Tho receipts of hides are
light, though equal to the demand, prices ruling
tho same os yesterday. Tho trade fn green ap
ples and cranberries was only fair, and both ore
a osier. Potatoes sell readily, on arrival at full
foi* uior prices. Tho poultry and gamo market
woo dull, and prices ruled lower. • _ t .
Lrt\ko freights woro dull ami %o lower, at dj£b
for ct/x’u to Buffalo aud for do to Ogdons
bur«h? both by sail. Wheat to Buffalo.was
.nominal at- IX&Xa. BUlpppm van Indisposed
Ho Uto typist. noUvilliataudiutf tbo doolino m
.107 • 107*
.208* 2t)J> ’
.100* 107*
.100*, - 107*
, .... • *.107*
.... 09 mid tat,
, . , 09 «ncl Int,
950 97#
Phidav EvtntnO,’ Nby. 7,
1872. (
■!RHE, CHICAGO J9AJTLY ;^i^UNEj,, ( Sj^gJP|b4^i
grain, eialtixiby.tlikt tboy bad no onlora to
mo, abu .Wore uot propirpd lQ takoholdou their
bVn acconpt, oxoopt to a Very small extent, j. A
total of three charters WBs,roportod,-.,wliioh;wiU
cany out 40,000.hu wheat ftnd 70j000ibn oom. r , j
Hlghwlues ■ wofOMbro active atlo,l)ol0\V-tbo
asking' brt'ce , "of iii ivUU' i
furtherdecline InNey/York,, whore'tho tijftrkct
was quoted at
of 250brla atß7ojporgullou. Mu) the market.closed
nominally steady at that figure, with none of
fered tSf wanted.- ■- - 1 ■ 1 •
Dressed bogs are' riot offered oh Change yet.
there not boing enough' arriving, to inako a mar*
hot. A fow come in daily, which art sold on the
streot t6;butobere, at $4.26(®4.C0 por 100 Ihn. '
FrovlelonsVsro quiet. Tho general docllnoin
breadstuffs, and the financial stringency. In' the
Eist and In Europe,,caused buyers to .hold off,
either for lower,prices ora mbro favorable out
look, while paokora woro not willing to make con
cessions,’in-vlow of tho’fact that u?o hORS woro
firmer. They say that they; cannot afford to
- make farther roduotiohs without a drop iu tho
price of tho raw material; and tho situation is
so unsatisfaclory’lhal flOmo.who are. how*/ run
ning talk about shutting down for awhile, unless
there, bo a speedy change for the better. Some
of out packers have sold a little ahb&d; but tho
groat majority say that oMors are ex
ceeding . light,* ana that /there is really ho
tndueoment to, work, os . money ,is . ioo
scaroo to permit of their piling up large . stocks
In thoir- packing-houses, in hopes of selling
them by-aml-by.- There is.‘ however, no donut
that oonsidoroblo 1 nnantitlos have been .sold
without being reported, And it may be that the
■ situation is represented to bo moVe gloomy,than
tho case warrants, . Mbu , pork . doclipod about
100 por .brl to-day, and lard was easier at the in
side quotations or yestorday. while future meats
wore'firmly hold at' previous prices; Green
hlcata wore dull,- ■ with ; a / 'downward
pendency, chiefly . because the ;warmer
weather is unfavorable to holding. Tho
market closed at the' following range of price a:
Moss pork, old, ,[email protected]; now do, cash
or . seller > November 1 . $U,[email protected]; do sell
er December, slo.B7>^@io.oo; sellor January.
[email protected] 5 sollor February, .
1 11,75; prime mess pork, [email protected] 2 extra
prime do, [email protected],25. ,Lard, oaah or seller No
vember. for old, and for new,
do, seller December, do, .-seller Jan
uary, GHo ; do, sollor February, [email protected]
Green hams -at
December, 6&}@o>£o; ■ sweet pickled -hams,
Green sbonldors at ’ [email protected];
do rough sides, 60; do thort ribs or long
door,' [email protected]/o'; ‘ do short clear, 5
meats 1(J(S)15 days In salt, - B>tfo for L Bbouldors,
sk|o for short riba and long clear, and 6 %0 for'
short clear ; boxed ehouldors, f seller December,
8“/ c; do Oamborlnn'da, 5 do short ribs
or long clear, do short clear,
5%0; do long cut hams, Meats, seller
January : about K6, more than for December.:
-Bacon is quoted at 5%0 for shoulders; e lor
clear ribs ; 7o for short clear; : and [email protected]
for hams, all packed. Mesa beef, fS.bb
@8.26; extra mess do< [email protected]: beef'
hams, [email protected] for 1 summer,' and $20.00
@21.00 for winter packed. City tallow,
quotable at .Solos
wore reported of .100 brla mesa pork (n° w )'
at $11.30; 730 brls do at $11.26 ; 2,ODD brla do
seller January at $ll.OO ;100 brla do seller Feb
ruary at $11.75 ; 50 brla extra prime pork at
$3.00; 1,050 tea lard at 7%0; 200 tos kottlod do
bn private terms; 760 tes lard sollor February
At $7.10 por 100 lbs 5 100 boxes long clear (light).
At -5%0; 200 boxes do (heavy) at 6%0;
2.000 pcs - green hams (15 lbs) at 6XO;
22.000 lbs bacon bams; canvassed and packed, at'
12Ko ; 0O brls tallow ou private terms ,* 110 pkgs
yellow grease at 4&o. *
. flour was dull and easier. There was some
demand'for. shipment, but buyers insisted on a
further, decline of [email protected] brl to mOot the
drop in - the wheat market, and holders wore not
anxious to make such' a concession, though
most of them were willing to', shade liberally.
There waa-iittlodolngon local account. The
reported shipments ot yesterday slightly ex
ceeded the* receipts,*: Bran was nomi
nally 600 . per. ton .lower. • v Sales . -woro
reported of - 35- l brls '' whilo J winter * ex
tras at ’s9,oot -25 brig do at $3.50; 100 bria
do on private terms ; 60 brls spring extras at
$5.62>£ ; 175 brls do at $5.00; 100 hris do at
$4.00; 100 brls do at $4.75; 776 bria do on pri
vate terms ;-100 brls ryo at $4.40 ; 100 brls do at
$4.35 ; 59 brla’buckwhoat at $9.25 ; 50 brls do
on private terms. Total, 1,670 bris. Tho fol
lowing wore the closing prices : - '
Fair ta good white winter.
Choice d 0,...............
Bed winter...............
Choice to fancy spring extra# 4.00 O.lSjtf
Medium to good do .*.... A.4.00 (s'4.&7ji
Good to' choice Minnesota.... ’fl,37>s
Patent,do... ....."8.00 @12.00
Fair to choice epring, iup0rf1n0........ 3.75 @ 3.87#
Common d 0........ ... 3.35 @ 2.87#
BjeQour 4.33 @4.00
Buckwheat do 7.75 @0.50
Bran.. ..10.60 @ll.OO
-Wheat woa again weak, declining be
low the minimum prices of yesterday, ana: very
dull in cash lots, while tho option trading was
moderately active.' The' telegrams from Liver
pool indicated a dooidedweaisouing on tho other
aide of the Atlantic, and tho Now York market
was very dull; which our receipts wore larger
than tho average, giving,an increase in the vol
ume of cash-wheat offered for sale. There was
a light shipping demand,'but buyers woro, soon
filled up under a weight of offerings, and then
the market dragged, 'though nearly all the cash
wheat on sale eventually disposed; of.
Options were oven weaker than cash lots, there
being free sellers on the short side, in tho expec
tation of still lower prices; but buyers woro few,
oxceptiu settlement, aud a good many trades wore
closed up In this"way, while not many cored to
take hold os au. investment till noar tho close,
when there was a little bettor fooling. Seller
December opened at 000, rose to docliuotL
to 03 Wc7 advanced to 95 and closed at
Ql%c, Seller.the month sold at 03ii’@96>l6, and'
cash No, 2 at sS%@oso, both closing at _o4#c.
Northwestern No. 2 closed at ah6Ut r 050. * No. 1
spring was nominal »fo3o for straight, aud
olosea.nominaUy sfc 99cfor Northwestern. - No.
3 spring closed'at'Bsd, and rejected do at 800.
Cash sales were reported 0M,200 bu No. 1 spring
at 98c; 6.400 bn No. 1 Northwestern at $1.00:
5.600 bu do at 08ov 10,000 bu No. 2 spring at
950: 5,000 bu do at OiMo j 45.400 bu do at 94K0;
10.600 bn do at 94#d; ,20,000 bu do at 940; 12,000
bu do at 93W0; 1,200.bu do at 93#0;.1,600 bn ’
No. 2 Northwestern at 96c ? 0,600 bu do at 950:
4,400 bu do at 91K C i 8,200 bu do at-940j 1,000
bu do at 031<?c 42,200 bu No. 3 spring at- 85o?
8.800 bu rejected at 80o'j\400 bu*.WUito winter by
sample at $1.14. T0ta1,.106,800 bu.
; Corn-was less active, and lo lower, in sym
pathy with wheat, though Liverpool was quoted
strong, aud ldko freights wore lower, while our
receipts woro not unusually large. But tho ship
pers operated very, sparingly, thero being fpw
orders oh hand, thus leaving' the market almost
entiroly-to the local speculators,' who- “ battorod
it down still further/ thore< being a wide-spread
doairo to realize. The demand from tho short
interest was. however, fair, and .this -opened' a
market for the fresh receipts, while some little
baying , was done, by parties who tbeiught that
tho market. muatr have touched bottom, for- a
time .at..least,.-.and that the .chances.:,wore
favorable far selling out at a little higher prices
than those ruling 'to-Uay. ~ A"good' many- trans
actions occurred m tlio way of sottlomout. Seller
December opened at 34#0’,. advanced •to 05#o,
and declined to rose.to 34W0, and closed
at 84#@34%c. Holler the mouth, or regular
No. 2 com, sold at .closing at 83#o,
Seller January, sold at about lo above the price
for December; and for seller May 42c was bid.
Strictly • fresh ■ receipts’ ‘of • No. 2 ‘ closed
at and .high mixed at332(0.
Rejected dosed ' nominal at •
Cash sales were.reported of 6,400 bu high
iniioclat Sic; 4,000 bn do at' 339/ a ; 5,000 bu do
at 332(0 v 2.800 bu do ai
24.800 bu do atSSHor 3.7,600 bu;do at
83>$o,} 85,000 bu do at Q3«q : 26,000 bu do‘at
33>£o} 39.000 'bu do at 88o; 16,000 bu.do at
; 400. bu. rejected at 830800 ■budo at
32J(0 ; 6,000 bu uo at S2o \ 18,000 bu No. 2at
34J(0; 0,000 bu do - at-34}-fo : 0,000 bu do at
310 afloat.'-Total,'2o6,oo6bill <" " - a.- v ; -
Oats wore raodorately‘‘ooliv©rthough' Iqss so
than yesterday, and wore relatively firm, there
being not moro'tban an average declino of Ko
below tho lowest; .quotations of yesterday,
though-an attempt was made early to effect a
further break In prices. Tho shipping move
ment of yesterday was more liberal thau hereto
fore,and New York was reported steady. Sallee
the month opened at 209(0, dooliuod to 26#0,
and olosod firmer at 26>£o. Seller December
sold at [email protected]’o, closing at tho outside. Seller
January was more active at Oar lots of No.
2 woro In fair request for city uuo, and com
manded a premium over regular in round lots.
Cash sales wore reported of 1,200 bu No. 1 at 80o:
I, bu No. 2 at27o; 2,200 .bu do at 20%o:
6,000 bu do at 20%0 s 80,000 bu do at 20)(o:
11, bu do at 20fe{ 17,200 bu do at 20tfo:
1,800 bu No. 2 while at 270; 1,600 bu rejected at
26c; 600 bu do at 230 \ 6,000 bu No. 2 at 200
afloat. Total, 84,000 bu,
Rye was weak, in sympathy with other grain,
falling off 2o per bu. though tho receipts wore
again very light. Tho market opeuod Arm, in
consequence of the light supply, but soon weak
ened. Bales were reported of 400 bu No. 2 at
Glo: 600 bu do at OOo \ 1,200 bu do at 58>(o •, 800
budo at 6 So.’ .Total, 8,200 bu. The market
closed with 68o‘bId, and 606 asked. Other grades
wore entirolyinominal. ■ ■
Barley was dull and demoralised. The spaou
iative grade foil not less than 9o per bu. to
.$1.17,.. but-.closed firmer at $1.22., rTho.otho^
Kos .Wflro hoFfco, xvcaki' N0... B» 'dqly
b’BuO.por‘hu, ‘but closed wogU* No. 2 sol<\
W $1.2fl solldr Dbcombdr. Thoro.wow no! out
side oftfara, and..iobkl' homers -woro not strong
‘ ohbiigh iD.stftlid AgrflnslVlho. Udd;;,oß]jp6lally‘! oq
tbefo ‘H\ a laVgo |iUiaß‘.,‘ who.. Uiihlt, oi
bl-ofess. .16 , . think, "VtfiO:,,,,. barley> has
boon, run. up . far. ikbovb Us merits.
Cash snick woro ronortod of,-5,600 -bu No. 2 at
$1.20 ; 400 bu do at SUB ; 1,600 hu do at $1.17 ;
1,600 bu No, 8 at Sfib : 800 ba do at 840 { 800 bit
do at 320 ; 800 bu do flt 80c: 1,200 Hu rejected ah
ROo } 800 bu do at 550 s 400 bu do ot C3o ; 400 bu
do at COo ; 400 bu by sample at SI.OO ; 400 bu do
at 870 on track. Total. 15,200 bu.
. 'BtmorEANMAnKirM. ‘/•
Tho following is Boorbolm’a dispatch't6 the
Board of Trade in this city to-day t
Nov. 7—London—Tho trade in wheat la some de
pressed on account of Inrgo auppUe* from tho / United,
States. Cargoes of wheat on passage neglected—no
business doing. Good cargoes No. 2 .spring wheat off,
coast'd?* fid. Cargoes of corp off.Const alrong, dp, .on
pasfwgoflrm. 'Fairaverogfl quality Amotirna ihlifld'
com on'passage or for prompt shipment 82s. JMnrk
Xi-mo—Wheat quiet/ com very firm. Liverpool—'WlVeht
'Sluw; California; 12a 9d®l2s lid. Lard 395. Lon
don—Lard 40a fla. ' , * v> - •- 0 ;
, LATEST. . 1 , '
'Wheat was fairly active ia tho afternoon,, and
Xo lower,, soiling at 03j)£@940 seller the month, -
and 94®04^c.for Docombor, closing at the In-'
side. Corn was in fair demand] firmor.for
cash; /soiling at 83X®38><o, closing .at the
outside i and at [email protected] seller December,
closing at 84*)£o. Other grain and provisions'
woro quiot. Two vessels wore taken,—one for
corn to. Buffalo, on. private .terms, and one for
oats to Cleveland at 60. .....
Fjudat Evektnq, Nov. ,7.,
ALCOHOL—Was In moderate request And coaler,at <
-$1.74(91.70 for 94 per cent proof. - . l ’ - ~ ,
BROOM CORN—Remains quiet and not parileu-. •'
:lnly Arm,though dealertoio.seklng the' old - prices, j
which are repeated M follows: .Oho Joe. to /
burl, work ItooH Into ,a cholqoi '
burl broom, flwo7c; for good do, | good to; ,
choice * talk braid, [email protected] 6Xo; Inferior brush, 4®sc.i •
BAGGING—The situation of tibia market was wttU-| '
out change in any particular, - While there. '
la no appearance of. activity in the demand, something I
li doing from day.to.day*,‘ and are .unusually;
' light, dealers do not seem-ioollnoa to force solos at > •
the sacrifice of prices, ■■ Orders for round lots, socom- .
- partied by the cash,' would bo fllled/»i something of a) (
concession, but in s erosil wsy the quoted, prices are
.belng.domapded, /Following are tbe current- rates:,
Stark A, 37c; Ludlow A, 25c; Lewiston A, 34Ma,; 1 '
American, 320; Amoskoag A, 320; Oltor Ofoek; iWb;,
burlap .bags, and sba,.JokC}2Oo;, gunnies, single,
1701 So; do doable, Sdo; wool sacks 63(4>65<v •
BEANS AND PEAS—Choloo beans »re In moderate!
'demand for shipment.to tho-.lumber .regions - and tboi
interior. The offerings are not large, but.ample.!
.Peas were, quiet and steady* We quote Navies,
.$2.6002.60; prime baud picked do $3.7002.76; good to.
prime medium baud picked, [email protected],; common do,
1.6002.00. Yellow peso. $1.26! do. groun, $1.4001.46.,
BOUNDING MATERIALS—Wore did], but not qun
tably lower. We repeats Btuaco, $3.6003,60; Now York; '
stucco, casting, $3.6004.00; Bosendslo oemoat, $3,250
3.60; Utica, Louisville, Manlius, and Akron cement,;
i 52,00 9 bcl; Portland cement, $7.0007.60; marble dust,!
$3.00 ; lime In bulk, [email protected];i.00; lime (brio) $1.1001,16- ■
$ belt white, sand, brl, . $1.5002.00; plaster-!
'lug hair, ' bn, '40o; land plaster, $2.00 t3 brl; Axe
■brick, 9 1,000, • $55.00090.00 ; building brick (com- ,
mon), $6.6007.00; pressed brick, $14.00015.00: sewer
brick, $8.60; Milwaukee andßaclne pressed, $25,000
80.00, del.; do common, $14.00016.00; ludlanaprcaacd,
: [email protected]; do common, $10.00016.00; fire day, Vl '
•bri,53.0004.00. - - ■ • • . ,
BUTTER—Continues In-good request and remains;
Arm at the quoted prices. The demand for good io\
choice grades is sufficient toikoop the 'market .bare of i
such, Willie the poorer sorts aro also kept well sold up,|
■ and at the moment the market Is Arm for sll dfcscrip*. •
tions. Wo repeat our Ust as follows: Ohoica-yeHow,.
36030 c; medium to good, 10024 a; Inferior <to com-:
niou, [email protected]ßo. • - *
' OllßEttE—Nothing new was noted In the condition,
of the cheese market. Orders, though mostly email,
make a respectable aggregate,- and under Ufght stocks t
prices kcop well up, ‘ Thereto, however, *vi easy uu-,
dertouo to’lho market, which promises to develop luto
a decline. We make no change in our quotations :< -
Now York factory/ mild. [email protected]&o; Ohio factory and
Western factory, do. X2013p; lower grades, [email protected] 1 .
COAL—Soft descriptions corjtfemo rather weak, and
the quolitiouof.Minonk was-to-day reduced to $0.00.'
At some of the soft cool yards wllnungtou is selling at
$5.60. Hurd coal continues steady. . Lehigh prepared,'
$11.00; Lackawanna,slo,oo; Erie, $0.00'; .Walnut Hill,'
to.oo I Cherry. Mlue, $8.60;-Bloasteirg, $9.00; Cun
ncl, (9,60010.00; Lick Run,- $8.60- Hocking Val
ley, $8.60: Indiana block, $7.50; KirkJjind Orate, $8.00;
Mlnouk, $3.00 ; . Wilmington, $4,00. -
COOPERAGE—Pork barrels werorin light request
and steady at $1.40. Other quiet. We quote:
pork barrels,sl.4ool.4s; whisky. barrels, $1.9002.00;
lard, tierces, $1.0901.70; Hour-barrels, 48053 c; pork
staves, rough, $21.03033.00; do, bucked, $31.00020.00;
tlcrco staves, rough, S2J.uO4S2UOO bunked or sawed,
$25.00028,00; whisky staves, rough, $20.00023.00; do
bucked, $33.00(335.00; flomr starves,. .$0.60011,00;
circle flour bonding, 7)<oOstfopor sot; flour hoop
joJcs, $14.000152)0 per m ; ipork and tierce poles,
■ £0.00010.00 per m. Sales lucludo ISO pork barrels
atsl.4U. '
EGOS—Met with a light inqniryvat 21033 c, fresh
receipts fringing tho outside price.
EEATHERSr-Were quiet and easy* as follows: Good
to prime livo-gccso leatheve, [email protected] from flrst hand*;
jobbing price, 76078 c; 2 per conk discount for cash;
chicken* [email protected]; turkey, [email protected]
FlßH—The demand for flsh'*ooiJttomc» slack and tbe
general market is.still lacking in firmness, There
was no decided ‘decline In any dcscriptiou, but sll
were more or lees freely shaded. Tho limited charac
ter of the dtocks' In store alone prevents a general
decline. Wo quote; No., 1 white-fish, j^-brl,. $5.40
05,50; No., 3 do, $5.2005.40; No. 1 trout,'
1 5,0005.20; - No, 1 shore . msokoroJ, •- new,
v.brlT $13.60014.00: No. 1 ■buy,. $10.00010.60;
No. 3 mackerel, )tf-nrl, $8.6008.75; - family mack
erel, H-hti; $7.0007.25; No. 1 shore kits, $3,150
: 2.25 ‘ bank codfish, $0.0000.25 • George's codfish, $8.60
. 00.75; Labrador herring, split, brls, $9.0000.60: do,
IJ-brl, $417606.00 { Labrador.bemug. round, brl, $3.00
08.60; -do «-bri,,s4.S6®'4JJo: box herring Ko.J, 30’
@330; box herring scaled, '400430; Columbia River'
salmon, Jtf-brla, $19.00010.26. ,
' FilOlTB AND NUTS-t-Sold to a 'liberal aggregate,
ami, with ouo or two unimportant exceptions, tbe dif-’
fcrcut article* enumerated In the list were Qrtnly hdii, I
The movement hero lu more active than in most other,
departments- of trade, and ' probably exceed*
general - expectations. < -Following aro tbe quota
on*: Fouxiom—Dates, 909xc/flgs, drums, 110
12o; figs, in -boxes, new, 16017 c: jprcnchl
prunes, 130140 ; Turkish prunes, 13X0l4.tfcret
ains, layers, now, $3.6503.76; rafidas, layers, old,
$2.3503.46; raisins,'loose Muscatel, $2:7503.00; rai
• sins, Valencia, new, ia»tfoUc; Zimtecaronntfl, new,,
; old do, 6%@ 70; citron, 36038 c. Pomestio
—Aldeu apples, L7Q200; Michigan,/siloed, 100014 c; (
Michigan.quarters, B%@d}4o; Western r do,
Boutbora do, OxQviVc; peachen,. pared, 23024 c;,
peaches, halves, KI011o; do,
borcles, now, 13^,i40; raeuborrios, 4O043o; .pitted,
cherries, [email protected] ; Nora—Filberts, lff©too; aunoudo,
Tcrragono, .33024; Naples walnuts, [email protected]: Chill*!
walnuts, 23024 c; Breach - walnuts, [email protected];.TlraxllB,;
■ oK® lo X c * pecans, Texas, 14016 c ; African ypoanuts,
.0)407)40 Wilmlugjiott peanuts
jneanuts, 6,[email protected] . ! '
GREEN sro more quiet and deal-i
ojVaro ndlllug to make conceaslonu for cur being,
anxipus to forward them to .tbelr ‘doatluatlon before;
cold (wosthor. Ohplce brands bring $3.3503.4b, and 1 ,
f;Qod,vs3.2s per brl la core. There is a light tabbing
radoin cranberries, and prices are off s Utlib, We
quote: Xembns,sß.ooolo.oo. y box; inferior lemons, :
$7.00; orAugqs: SIO.OO pcr brl; Californiaj>oarfl f
4.00 pel case. Common to choice apples, $2,600 3160 per!
brl fromatore’jdo In car lots $3.7503.50. Catawba grain:* ;
11 Wol2km per lb; cultivated rranborrioe(Oary’s),sU.OO
per brl ; cultivated do. $12.00014.00; Capa Ood do,
*12.00013.00 brlwild do, $10.00011.00. Quinces.
$3.0002.00 per brl. Wo nolo salcti of B cat* (Hennings)
as folIowB: 450 brls at $3.40 ; 310 brls at $3.25; 155 brl*
at $3.20 ( 315 briS>atsJ.oo.' ' •
. GROCERIES—Another >4O decline lu sugar* is.
nolcd/cruabed/gracwlalod, and powdered now being!
quoted at 11J4011MC, and’ standard Aat A)ji01O)|O. ■
Prices are now from a &o to a">4d' lower, fttian at any!
Brovious8 rovious period since JfißO, _ and It is'confidently bo;
ered that they have at last “ touched, botuom.*' The
lojv prices now prevalent cause a largely Increased;
coußun\ption, niql it la by fio menus probable that the,
market-will long remain la Its present duprossed eoij
<UUon. 'Coffees aro dull and unsettled, and, at the!
moment, hayc a - downward movement,' Most -other
good* in the list aro alio quiet and easy. Wo quote: ;
> Bi-Conn. Boca—7>4oßo. - • ■ ■- ’
CorrEca—Mocnß,O4«4o3sc: O. G. Java, [email protected]*40;.
Java, No. 2, -29K029)i0; fancy Rio,: 26M®26J(c
choice' do/ 2665a6K0; 'prime Wo. 25(4025*^0: good
do, 24?f®85tf|“ Common do, [email protected]>fo ; roasting do/
[email protected]\40; -Bmgapore Java, 28038J40 ; ■ Oasts Rica,
25*/02O*/o. ' *•';
OoNntEA—Star, fnU.welgbt. atearlno,fuU,
weight, 141*@160 ; short, weight, l [email protected] - - ;
Riok—Patna, Rangoon, 71407)40; Caro
lina, 909>4 u - : * T ■>
BuoAffs—Patent cut loaf, 13)4012>4q; .crushed and'
powdered, U)4oU)4or granulated. A,,
Standard, lOV40lO?4o*; do, No. 2,lo)[email protected]; B, 100
10'fo: extra O, 10010) Jc; ONo. a, u)[email protected])4o; yclloifi
O, No. 1,. O)4o9>fcs \choice? brown,- DtfftOKo;>
prime do, fair do, choice'
molussßs augar, 9>4oO)^e; fair do, 8;«08o; com
mon do, 7)407)40; NcvrDrleana sugar, choice, 1)0
9)fo* do primo, 8)4(390; do, .fair, 8)[email protected])4o; com-i
mon, 7*[email protected](c,
Binoi'a—Diamond drips, sl/3001.85 ; silver, drip*,
extra fine, 80085 c ;gou sugar-house syrup, 6506U0
extra do, 05070 c • New Orleans molasses, choice, 850,
yoo •do prime, [email protected]; do common, 65070 a; Porto i
Rico molssues, choice, 63006 c; common molasses, -
• SAtEnAToe—Common to best, B*£@lOo. ' Z
- Bpioes—Allspice, 17018o; cloves, 33040 c; cassis,
33040 c; pepper, 280290; nalmega, $1,8001.36'; gin-'
gor, pure, 3803Oo; do No, 1, 20026 c; do No. 2, 16
019 c. . . . • • - - L
Boats—German mottled, 6*400)40; Golden West,
600)40 White Lilly, 0)406Ho; White Rose, O)f0
6)40; palm, Havou Imperial, C0O)4o:
white Russian, 6J40Oo; Champaign, U)406)4o; priub
roso, [email protected])40, ,
Bxauqu—Gloss, fl)[email protected]; corn, O0Uo; laundry, 0$
7o : oommau, 60Gc. I
- HOPS—Were quiet and easy, Theibest Weatem would
scarcely bring 400 cash. RavarianH are uelllug In a
small way at 400, We quote 1 Prime Western, 40045 a/;
New York State, 6O0; Bavarians, 49043 c.
~ . RIDES —Ooulluuo injilgbt roqnrst, iritb moderate
though ample offerings. Below are thu prices current t
(Green city outobem’, 60; green cured, light, 80; do.
; heavy, 7oJ part cured, U07o; groan calf, 13os veal
} kip, Uo; dry calf, 220; dryklp,2oo; dry saUad, 160-
lOo; dry flint, 17018o: deacon skins, 49046 c; grub
'.by, scored* out, or otherwise damaged, two-thirds
HAY—The movement 1* atlff confined chiefly to sup
plying ihe local trade, though occasional orders were
.$ 6,60 ft' 7,60 ;
.. 6.C2*ft 7.00 -
3 •NpyteMßEß) 8, 1873.
rceoWcA frota f tUa East, but. on,, llio whole
f mt*lncM i« very 1 qrilot f ' 'Wo' ■ quote the wrliolo-)
<onl6 iflwilOr*, .*. M', 'follow*
Mini to contain 20,000 lls; .’Him .timothy,,..prime,
[email protected] J-do,—No.-l, $13,[email protected]; do,.
No. % $ll.OO @ia.ooi..tn)x«d, SIO.OO @u.oo;.
prairie, midland, $8.00(3
1.00; do, Plough. [email protected],oo,- Loose ok waook—
Timothy; s».oo(aiaioo,{ prulrloj [email protected] For, de
livery of prosood/ [email protected], according to dlatnuco.
IRON AND STlilJL—Mcrchnritn report n rwvaon&hly
falrtmdej (ho aiinclod rdlea bolng generally main-,
tnlnod 1
Jlorso-Bboo Iron
3 0-10® 4 rttas
Flatolron,'common'iank>V»»..v...' 0 ($ O.tf ratca
Norway iron;, »9 . c 4 OJtfc, lil • fl»
Norway nalkroda*... 9,V 0100 V Jb (
Dormanplowsloel..,.lo& 0120 V
OofltploWitWl..... H.V ftlSe V lb-
American toolsteel...lo 018 c V lb
Chrome tool sicel.. i IS , @2oo lb
: English tool ated..J......^..i.....90 093 rates
-NagUsli spring 5tee1.;..........;..10 ■ 011 I : rates
, American cost spring stool .19 . 013 ..rates
Btefei Uro, k.(o.. ajr @ Uo Jb
IJ3A.TllEU—Continues doltnt the subjoined prices:
. . i. •:. i ■; :.•/■• tikutooK. • i ■
: Oily harness ,i ; * i.......... .$ 380 40
Country harness.* ...» , 330.87
Lino, city, lb. 400 49
Sip, teals..... 1 ........ BS<a 1.20
City tipper. No.’ 1, V 1 270 29
City Upper* No.2,Vft M
Oonotryupper i 930 25
Collar, V ft;*.; 200 23
Calf. o)iy....i4j* 1.200 1.40
.OaUfOauulry... 1.100 1.25,
Bough upper, standard .800 35
BoMhuppor; damaged....' 970 80
’ Buffalo slaughter solo. - 330 37
"8.A."5010..v. L 800 ' 82
jup.V.V.V.V........'■..."’wg ijo
Harncea.................. ...... 40® 45
rxtnchatf,i0d0t...................... [email protected]
French'calf. Lem01ne.....; ...... ...... [email protected]
French calf, 34 ta 36 1ba.,..;.i 1.650 3.20
French Up, 60 to 100 the I.oo® 1.60
.ed Inanylmportanlfeature. Orders, though aroaD,
ere, conuu forward'quite, freely and. on. the .whole,
the . condition of thing* u up to anticipations. VTo
■ Tin Fiat*—lo,loxl4, $ 13.00 \ do, 13x13, $12.60 J do,
14x30, 918«00s do, roofing, 14x20,10, $11.50; do, 30x28,
$25.00. ‘ t.i
i Pin Tw—Larg#. 40cf email, 41c; bar. 420.*
Lkxi>-—Pig, 8^o; bar, 10c; pipe,, full colla, 10^o;
outdo, 11 o, . •
; fiHsrr, Zmo—FoU ektkß, iO)fo; half euka, 10)£q;
.4 quantity, lie*. slabs: B>£c.
Smtrr TaoH—No. rates ;Russia Iron, 220
I stained, [email protected] ratce. • ,
Galvaioskd Ikon—Ko. 16020,16 c ;No. 23034, 10c:
No. 33020,170; rN0.37,180; No, 38,20 c. A discount
of 39 per coni U made from this list. ■ ,
Obrnut—Copper bottoms, 370; braziers, over 12 -lbs,
470; Uunfed copper, ; 36o; planished copper, 46c: do,
cutto sizes, 480, - - ' '
Wmx—Noe, ItoO, 0c;7to9,10o; lOtoll, lie: 13,
liwo; IS sod 14, 13*o; 15_»nd 18. Ho; 17, 16u;
18,19o; 18,19 c; 20,20 c; fall bundle, 25 por coot dis
count • fonoe wire, by car-load,' oxo.
SNAILS —Were steady and' In moderate request, as
follows* 100604, per keg,.54.60; 8d do, $1.76; do,
64,55.00; 4d and 61 d 0..53.33; 8d do, $6.00; 3d do,
(f1ue,57.60; 2d do. $7,60; clinch, $7.00
NAVAL STOREB—Were quiet and easy, as fol
lows: Manilla rope, V'lb, sisal rope, *9 lb,
HX01fl)<fo; sash hemp cord, W lb, 20035 c; marline,
W lb, 30023 c; tarred cope, « lb, 17018 c: oakum,
V ba1e,'59.0006.60; pitch, V Ml, |O.OO0O.6O; tar,
brl, $5.6006.00. . ;
OILS—Wore selling to s liberal extent, and moatl
1 descriptions were firmly held at the quotations. Lard]
. oil Was an exception, being easy, In sympathy with raw,
material. •Wo make no change -in our ÜBt.as fol-,
•Iowa; >Catbon.'l7)tfolßo; extra lard oil; strict
ly winter, 76078 c; . do, cncront.. make,. 730;
No. 1, 670 t No. 3, C3o; linseed, raw, 08c; do boiled,:
11,03; wbale,.BOoß2o; sperm, s24oo2.2o;.nealsfoot
oil, atriclly pure, $1.10: do extra, 00o; do No. 1, 760;,
bank oil, 00c; straits, 650; elephant oil, 950; turpon-'
:tlne, 630 ; naphtha, r 63 gravity, 18010 c; naphtha, com
mon, 15016 c, .i i i •
ITQ'lßON—Business in this department was lifeless. ’
and since our previous report a further, reduction of
$1,0002,001n .Lake; Superior, and chorcoaliron ban
been suffered. Scotch- pig- remains nominally un
.changed,though .cash orders would bo filled at lower
i 1 prices than are quoted. Wc rertso our Hat as follows :
-Scotch, (according‘to brand), $50.00095.00; MnsalU-"
.on;.$48.0O; Tußcncawos, [548.00; Lake Superior,'-No..
1, $60.00 i do, No. 3, $48.00: do, No. 8. $90.00; do. |
No. 4, $59.00; d0,.N0. 5, ,$80.00:. Missouri charcoal ,
coal, $50,00 ; Ohicago stone coal, $48.00,
. POTATOES—Continue la active demand and flrm.
The stock in tho dty ls very light, and peachblowa sell
readily on arrival. Bovobal'car lota of Eastern have
been sold, to arrlvol Prices'range from $1.1001.16
for poachblows,.«pd $1.0001.05,f0r early rose. Sales
Include 1 car peerless, early rose, and russets, mixed,
at SI.OO on track; 1 car Indiana peachblowa nt $1.00,1'
.oar do at sl.lO, noth oh-trafk; 3 cats Michigan peach
blows at $1.16 dlvd; 1 do half peachblowa and half
early rose at sl,o7.dlvd.
POULTRY AND GAME—The market is over
stocked, and though there Is a UtUe more doing, it
being near the close of the week, the supply of every
thing is excessive, and prices favor buyers. Pucks,
grouse, and venison are very plenty and alow of bale.
Choice dressed poultry sells, but live and poorly
dieted are very dull. Prices are reduced a* follows :
Lire chickens, $1.5003.00; do, dressed, $2,0002.50;
- extra do, S3.O<J; ducks, $2,30; do dreaacd, $2.3003.60;
geeao, $8.0000.00; turkeys, 708o; dressed do, 60
' JOc ; prairie chickens, $3.0003.35; partridges, $3.6C0
4.00; quail, $14K)01.25; mallard ducks, $1.5002.00 per
doz; small' ducks, BSo; snipe, 75c; venison saddles,
V2>*ol4c; hama, 13013 MC.
• • SEEDS— I Wore dull and weak.' Timothy sold at $3.20
02.43 for poor to choice, prime quoted ut $3.6002,03,
-Flax was easy at $1.6001.60 for fair to good crushing.
Millet sold at 65o f and a car of the same mixed with
.Hungarian brought 60c. ,We note sides of 18 bags tim
othy at $2.35 ;60 bags do at $3.20.; 63 bags poor at $3.10;
43’bags good flax at T sl.6o;' 130 bags .‘fair at $2.60 ; 60
bags millet at 650 ; 1 car millet and Hungarian at 800,
•.'SALT— I The demand on both local and interior ac
count continues fair, and. the market is .very steady at
the annexed range: Onondaga, Canada, and Sagi
naw, floe, $2.00.; .ordinary coarse, $2.10; coarse
diamond. O, $3.15;' grodnd solar, $3.16 ; dairy,
without bags, $3.25;' dairy, with 1 bags, $4.1004.29;
• Ashton dairy, per sack, $5.0005.25; ground alum,
{51.75. :
TEAS—OId teas wore dull and less firm, tho preeent
{tendency being rather in a downward direction. New
I Japans .met with a steadily -good demand,
• ami are comparatively firm.' We quote:, Youiig
ihyson, common to'fair,* 40050 c; do good, 60
■07Oo; do choice- to -extra fine, ; [email protected]$1.10; com
■ mom to fine old hyson, 05085 c; common Imperial,
;6O0COo; good to choice do, 8Oc0$iaO; fair to good gun
j.powder, 70000 c vchoice Plngsuey, $1.1501.20,; extra
•'Moyono, $1.3501,40; choice t to extra now Japan:
{OOc0$l.OO; pommon to good do, 05076 c ; fair, to good
'old, 0507(10: common'do. 38042 c ; colored natural
i;leat Japan. 630660; common to flue Oolong, 35045 c;
good. 68®06o; choice to extra, 85c0|l«OO,
. TOBACCO—Wo quote tho market dull and easy, as
'follows: 1
' p«ns Obiv-Extrs, 7308Oo; 'choice, 6507Oo; medi
um, 56000q poor to common, 40050 c. :
Pi.ua—Natural loaf, 7COBOo j half bright, 60070 c
-black, aodnd, 46055 c. . (
r • SuoKnto—Good to choice,' 32036 c; medium, 200
i.3lq; common. 20028 c.
WOOL—Is In moderate request at former quota
i tions: Bcorh, $9.60010.00; maple, $10.50011.00;
» hickory, 'sl3.ooslabs, $7.00 delivered.
' WOOL—The - market remains very quiet. Nowsnd
' then a few small lots arc sold to Western mills, but
Ttaslde from this there is nothing doing, andprlcesare
merely nominal as follows: -
Tub, washed, prime.,,.........................60052c
Tub, waoUed, common to good ..400480
,/Common dingy 350406
•!Flooco, washed; XkXX, light, 400430
OTeece, washed, XkXX, dingy .BGO3BO
'Fleece, washed, medium light 400430
'iCoaree, .washed.... 38<at0o
:,;Flcoco, unwashed, coarse to medium .....28032a
.fleece, unwashed, coarse and dingy 29020q
/{Fleece, unwashed, fine ~240230
‘ Super and extra pulled/.., ». 350380
, fair.- No change in-prices was reported, except for
i palle, -which are lower. Stocks are light, and there Is
, net much disposition to ■ shade prices, they being
already 10w,.' though there are Ihstimces; doubt
less,. whore It Uoa been done. We quote: .Two
hoop'"polls, $2.16' per'dor: 3-hoop do, $2.40; 3-’
boon dairy, $4.29; .extra, do, ' $4*.75; extra cheese
• tuba,« 12.60; No. 1 tubs,-|10.60;No. 2 do, $9.90; No. Udo,’
$8,00;-tubs,0 in nest, s2.oopkeolors,s In nest, $1.76;'
•'half-bushelmeasures,, plain,.s3.79 per doz; do, Iron
bound, $4.50; peck/meaaures, plain, $3.60; do, Iron
' bound, $9.79 ; churns, No,. 3. S,JJ.pO; do, No. 2, $10.00;
'do, No. 3,50.03; do, No. 4, SB.OO per doz; headed
olothcs-plns, $1.0001,25; washboards, $2.3502.00 per,
'doe;, barrel -covers, $3.0002.00; kaouakins, $9,000!
-3.60 per rack ; butter-tube, oak, -3 in neat, $1.65; do.-
•oaUJ.3 in nest, $1.10; - broom-handles,‘ $12.00015.00,
perm,.Np. , 1 brooms, $3.00;; No. 2do, $3.6002,75?
do c0mm0n,'51.7002.60. ;
•and unchanged, os follows:
'* • Chicago to
Now York
Philadelphia, • Hsrrisburgh,
sud Baltimore.,..
Wilmington, De 1.....
Washington, D. O.
Alexandria, Va
Pittsburgh* . . SUmbenvUle,
• Bridgeport, 0., amt Bellalro
New Castle, P*„ Yonogstowu
, and Akron, O.
OU City, Oorry, and Yranklln.
Norfolk, Vs
Tdoraburghand Richmond..
FaioiY Evctaaa, Nor. 7,
Thorn vu a fair attendance of Interior merchants
thin morning, and several cargoes wore disposed of at
M.OO for pieCo etuff ; $9.00 for common hoards, and
SIO.OO for good boards and strips; The market was
quiet in the afternoon, and a larga number of cargoes
W ero left at the docks unsold, V>« continue to quote;
Good and choice mill-run boards and strips, [email protected]
10.00; medium boards aud strips, $10.00(319.00; com
mon do. $8.0069.00; Joista and scantling, $8.00;
' shingles. |[email protected],V ; lath. J2.CO.
, iaiuhbu nwotm.
) Manistee, $3.00; UusUogou, SJ,SO; Ludlugton, $9.75:
Grand Haven, $2.50; I’entwator, $9.75.
\ IT tub TABUS.
There Vm no change of ipootal importance. About
the usual number of orders wore received from tbe la*
(erior,'chiefly-for common blmbef, Ulb, and ‘ shingled.
Trices for common grndbs are fllmded'now end tlion
for Cftfch: HatfdWuod 1a In moderate request, jWo
quote , ; '1 -• ;»
Pmiolcar..w< .(50.00 [email protected],00
Rciond'clour, l lurhtoaitich,........ 47.00 ©ROW ,
Third clear, 1 Inch..,.BH.WT @40;00 ,f
Thlrtldear, thick. 40.00 @46.00 ,
OIoAr flooring, Ist and 3d together, <
i tough.. 80.00 @IO.OO
Clear aiding, Ist and Ud together 33.00 @33,00 t
Common elding Ifl.OO @30.00
Common flooring, dressed, fir5t.;,,83.00 @86.00,
Common flooring, dmsod.Bccond..;. 30.00 @38.00
Wagon-box boards, selected, 14 Indies •
• and upward 80.00 @BB.OO
,ABlock boards.... 80.00 @38,00
j) stock boards 27.00 @30.00
Ostock board* 14,00 @16.00
.Common boards...... ,
Joist, scantling, small timber, fencing.
etc., 10 1 cot and under, greenl9.oo 010.00
Joistand scantling, 18 to2l/e0t,.,,,, 10.00 @30.00
Pickets, square 19.00 @IO.OO
Pickets, flat 12.00 @19.00
,Coderposts,split .. 14.00 @IB.OO
Coder posts, round * 17.00 @39.00
Ulh. 9.M @2.M
No. 1 sawed shingles .. 1.60 @3.00
Aor Star 8.00 @ 9.70
ebinalcs on track * 8.13#@ 8.25
- • ’2o @ 1
Ho. 1 f1awed.........'. •’ ** 2 ® ® 1.80,
Three dollars per car to be added whoa transferred,
which charge follows the Bblnßlcfl/ ■ • ■ ....
ThlchntHß—Hvo shinnies to be two inches in thick
new. .... . . ■'
Length—Sixteen Indies.
Black-Walnut —'Counters, $100.03(5160.00 1 clear, 1
pW.oofaßs.ro); common. f36.000C0.00 ‘ cull; $20,000,
35.00; flooring, SBO.OO,
Ash—Clear, $33.00040.00 { common, $10.00073.00;
cull, $10.00016.00; flooring, $30.00040.00. . .
Oak—Clour, $20.00040.00; common, $16,00033.00;
call, $8,00016.00, ■ ■ , •
, Hickory—Clear, $23.00000.UU; common,' $30,000
33.00; cull. $13.01)018.00.
Maple—Clear, $33.00086.00; common, $10.00023.00
-cull, $10.00016.50. ■
Butternut—Clear, $36.00000.00; common, 120.000
30.00, , '
1.200 i.as
7fig 1
Cherry—Clear, $40.00000.00; common, $15,000
35.00 ; cull, f18.00018.00, ,
WhltowOod—Clear, $30.00040.00; common, $30.00'
096.00 ; cull, $10.00016.00. • ■
Wagon Stock—Hickory axles, per set. ft.0001.R9; 1
wagon poles, each. AB(%00c; box boards. $30.00040.00,1
Florida red cedar, 350 per ft | mahogany. 30040 0
do conniere. 60q; rosewood. 60080 c; whits holly, BOo.'
Fmdat Evxsxso. Not. 7.»
The rccelpU of live stock alnoo Saturday nave been
as,follows 5 ■ ,
Rtrna tlma last vraek..18,259 112,621 0,293
Week before Inst.... ....14,798 58,168 6,330:
Shipment* wore as inflows:
CaiXU, Bog*. Bhttr>. ■.
1,010 7/218 . 184;
642 6,603 ....I
020 7,024 426
104 • 6,081 662
Parlies engaged in bualnoaa at the Slock, Tarda vnll
.be Intcrefltodlu the now time-table Just Imuod by the.
tjtVn Shore A Michigan Southern Railroad., The
Stock Yards accommodation trains—ln charge of that
popular conductor, Goorge.Ubcrty—will, until further,
nolle©, arrive anil depart aa follows: ,
From Chicago,
Leave Chicag0.....,......
Leave Twenty-second etr’t.
Leave Twouiy-BlxUt street.
Leave Twenty-ninth street.
Leave Thirty, firststreet...
Leave Thirty-fifth street.;.
Leave Thirty-ninth street.
' Arrive at Stock-Yards
-Leave Block-Yards
Leave Forty-third street...
Leave Thirty-ninth street.
Leave Thirty-fifth street..
Leave Thirty-first street...
Leave Twenty-ninth street,l
Leave Twenty-sixth street.
Leave Twenty-second stc’t.l
Arrive at Chicago..|
It Is reported that the ratos of ;
to New York, by the How York C
duccd ,$25.00 per car, the presen
The competing roads are expect
which event, it Is hinted, the Cent
reduce its tariff. A general m
stock freights 1 would do much tc
market from Its present extreme «
CATTLES Prices were lower t
£ receding days of the week,.the further decline at,the
ost making it necessary for shippers to buy at lower,
figures or withdraw from the market. Holders, though
loth to make further sacrifices,took n sensible view of the
situation, and the demands of buyers for : concessions
of 10016 c were easily acceded to. It was a' fortunate
circumstance for • sellers that tbe supply of suitable
shipping grades was light; had it been otherwise tbe
depredation lu values must have been much greater,'
an shippers are losing heavily on last week’s consign
ments, and would not baVe operated to-day at the
above slight reduction but for the hope that the light 1
receipt* ut tbfs ixdnt will result In some improvement
In the situation of the markets below.-The host droves
on sale—and there were. several that would
properly come, under,• tbe. head, .of ~choicew—
ere taken' by shippers at' $6.0005.10, - bul
moat of their purchases . were at [email protected] for com
mon to really good lot*, averaging from 1,100 to 1,360
lbs. Local butchers took a few. droves at $1.6002.00
for Texans, and »t $2,0009.00 for natives. . There was
a fair number of feeders In attendance, but there was
no competition, and the excessive offerings' enabled
them to supply themselves at prices of their own mak
ing, and sales wore at $2,6003.35 for stOckon of from
700 to 1,030 lbs average. The market closed doll and
heavy at the subjoined prices:.
- . quotations. - , !
1 Extra De-eves— Qradedsteors, averaging 1,400
Ibe and upward.;.............. $5.80®5.60
Choice Beeves—Flue, fat, well fofmedSyear
to 5 year old steers, averaging 1,300 to
1,450 lbs V;.. 8,00®6.8Q
Good Bcevcc—Well-fattened, finely formed
steers, averaging 1,300 to 1,350 lbs 4,15®4.75
Medium Grades—Steers in fair flesh, aver
aging 1,130 to 1.350 lbs. .... 3.7504.35
Butchers’ Stock—Common .to fair steers,
and goodie extra cows,for city slaughter,
- averaging 800 to 1,100 Ids. 2.00®3.50
Stock Cattle—Common cattle, in docent.
flosh, averaging 700 to 1,0301b5.. ,3.6003.35
Inferior—Light and - thin * cows, heifers, '’
(■ Blags, hulls, and scallaWUg 5teer5......... 1.75®3.35
Cattle—Texas, choice corn-fed........ .4.2604.50
Cattle—Toxus, Northern wintered 3.7503.50
Cattle—Texas, through droves 1.50®3.50
32 good steers.,
36 fair steers
US Texas steers....:
Q1 Texas steers.
31 Texas steers.
IT.butchers* cattle.
41 TciflH'cattlo..,.
20Toxtia cattle...-,
10 butcliera* catUo,
SO good cattle..
31 choice cattle.
31 Texaa cattle,
54 choice ulcers,
48 good sieerfl..
SI choice atcore.
if1g00date0w.;......1,309 *.-75 i
31 good steers'. ..,.....,..,.....’.1,357 ' 1.00 ;
20 good steers ....1,013 1.30
SOcboJcoeteorß..,.. 1,150 - 8.00 I
M Texas cattle '.u.......,1,011 ■' Wfji
<0 choice fltecr.i.;, ...,.'.1,235: 5.15. }
. .HOGS—Tbo bog trade opened slick thlr morning,'
andUldnot at apy limo during the ■ day obtain more
than a'moderate degree of activity. ' Holders,*en»'
courngod by the diminished receipts, held tbotr stockj
10015 c abbvh the ‘prices: current and bad,
tbo weather and tbo tone of advices from the East been
less unfavorable they would, undoubtedly, bare bud-!
ceedodln establishing the advance. ' They maintained
tboir position long onovigb to drive packers out of the
market, after which they were unable to'realize oven
at yesterday's prices, shippers apparently being ln- ;
different as to wbether-or. not they operated, at. all.,
Only about half the - offerings were disposed of, and,
Ibo market closed' flat at ;$3.6ft53.C5- for- common to,
.medium, and at {[email protected] for good to choice. A,few
assorted lots wore taken in tbe * morning a) $3.00® 4.00.|
Sales woro'chlefly at s3.(MHjj3;eo, ! ;
fere moderately active'
1 srs
So. Av. Price,
68 280 18.03
71 100 4.00
47 107., 4.00
80 ‘ 439 • 8.85
45 * 801 3.75
•70 . 870 '. 8.80
130 313 9,80
05 - 270 4.00
35 188 9.00
68- 188 4,00
47 231 8.70
174 833 ' 4.00
'4O 237 3,80
30 337 3,85
23 285 3.05
63 229 8.05
83 240 3.00
BUEEI'—The sheep trade was about as dull as it
well could bo, The fresh receipts were moderate, but'
the largo number of stale sheep depressed the market,
sud buyers were enabled to fill their orders at some*
thing of a concession from previous rotes. Wo quota
at $2.0003.85 for poor to choice.
Foreign markets,
Bmespoot, Nov. 7—2 p in.—Breadstuff* quiet.
Wheat—White, 12a 104013s Id. Corn, 30*033* 3d. Best
The quotation of com yesterday Is supposed to bo
a cable orror.
Livciu'ooi., Nov. 7—Receipt*, lost three days—
Wheat, 34,000 qrs, 33,000 being American; corn,'
0,000 qrß, 3,000 American.
LiVRUi’OOL, Nor. 7—4 p. m.—Market unchanged,
Liverpool, Not. 7—Bp, m.—Cotton—Holder* are
pnislng tnlen; middling uplands, 8>;d; Orleans, Od:
sales, 10,000 bales; American. 7,100 ; speculation and
export, 1,000 ; sales of tho week, 67,000; export, B,ooo}
speculation, 3,000; stock, 630,000 *. American, 86,000;
receipts, 61,000; American, 11,000; actual export,'
6,060; stork afloat, 333,000t American, 94.000. .
Hifladstuffs quiet. California white wheat, average
13,00 .010.00.
CaUU. Jlogt, dhttp.
. Itr’ 16, CM • 3,007,
. 1,428 10,013 1,262
, 2*207 '31,600- ■: 1,329.
. 1,763 18,9X9 1,853;
. 800 10,000 450
ids AcooiPn.
If P. XP. M
ts ; 2:80 5:80
8 2:40 5:40
a 2:48 6:45
« 2:45 6:47
16 2:47 6:40
3:00 '6:68
I 2:53 5:67
3:00 0:06
11:00 4:16
ii:00 *4flß
11:03 4:17
11:04 4:10
11:00 4:31
11:08 4:39
11:10 *4:29
11:30 ,4:30
7:12 1
7:10 1
7:10 1
7:31 l
freight from Buffalo
Central, have been re-'
at rate being $43.00.'
:ted to follow salt, la 1
ural will still further,
rutting down of' live
lowaru relieving the
i depression. • - l
than on either of tbe
Av. Price,
~1,330 ' $4,35
.1,284 >-‘- 4.20
„• .781.' . 2.00
.1,010 •"9.00. 1
,1,020 ; a.37jtf
.1,087' 4.12^
. ' 706 :2,80 1
, ' •730 • 1.60 1
.i.aaa *.co
,X,32i . 5,10
.1*05)6 ' 3^60
1,308. . 5.20
.vi.805 4.60
~1,009 6.00
So, Av. price.
LVo. -If. Price. \
163 804 $4.00
1 01 "190 ’ 4.00
; 68 100 4,00
09" 103 4.00
104 105 ;• .'3.85 1
I 61959 Hjtf,
140 -,, JHS 3.85,
169 , 259 3,08
; 67 203 9.90
51 1 815 - -9.00
109 189 4,C0
61 * 303 9.7«
70 196 T '3.00
68 280 3.00
38 248 9.65
61 802 8.70
48 .327 $3,251
Bl 304 3.76 1
89 185 9.R5j
23 250 8.00
87 - 858 - 3.851
03 1 203 - 5.7&1
GO 204 : 8.001
186 278 - 8.801
60 289 3,70,
08 259 3.V5
(14 253 8.70
113 *270 8.05
93 244 , 8.70
61 300 , 8.75
49 819 8.70
135 278 8.00
101 834 ' 8.60
quality, 13a [email protected] Id; red winter, 11* [email protected] 3d.
Corn, [email protected] Bd.; Elmir, [email protected]:
Tito Llre*Bteck Market*,
east x.inr.nTT,-rA.
~ EAetduHmnTT, Ta„ Nov. 7.—Cattm&—The receipt*
of enltte at these yards for (bo week, ending Nov. 8
wore 430 rnra, or 7,763 head, against 480 cars the week
before. The supply for yard.sale* boa been large,
prices dragging, and sales hard to effect. The follow*
ing rales obtained: Extra 1,300 to I.GOO lb ateera, CW
@6j{o; good to prime 1,100 to 1,300 lu elccra, [email protected]|*fo;
common to medium 1,000 to 1,100 lb steern, [email protected]
stoekere. 600 to 1,000 lbs, [email protected]& j bulls and slags, 800
to 1,500 lbs, [email protected]<o. The salea amounted to 3,435 bead
for the week, a good many shipping In first hands.
llooa— I The receipts for the week wore 854 cars, or
98,040 bead, against 325 can tho.wook before. The ar*
rivals of hogs thla week have been large, the market
bad, aad there la no prospect of !(■ Improving as long
a* so many keep coming in. Prices have been dacha*
ing some every day since Monday. Quotations are t
Extra Philadelphia, $4.10; good Philadelphia, >4.00:
light Now York, ISO to 200 !U, (3.15; cough Now York,
(B.CO s heavy coarse hogs, (3.00. The pens aro all full,
and more are arriving.
StrK*p—The receipt* for the week were 57 cars.or
11,400 head, against 60 1 cars for the week before. The
run Is heavy, and up to this time there aro more In
the pons than will be ibid the balance of the week. A
good many common sheep are in, and It is almost Im*
possible to sell them at any price. Extra, OS to 100 tbs,
aoU at‘[email protected]; good, 85 to9o lbs, at([email protected];
Indiana sheep, [email protected] fair, 76 to SO lbs, (3.60©
3.15 * common, 10 to 16 lbs, |3,[email protected],
w»w ron*;
New Year, Hot. 7.—Bkxves—Fresh receipts, 43
c&ni, or 8W head, meting 3.18Q tor font days. The do
mend Is tery moderate! end falr’natlTo steers was sold
'at (bo lowest dgures recorded (a this > market for tbo
laetlen years. Tbo extreme range for natlTo steers,
•nonoof which ware,Terypoor, was Bo per lb, to droeo
68 tbs, to HUtt to dress 67 lbs, and a fair drove of
- Cherokee cattle sold at 7o per lb, to dress 65 lbs. Bales
.Include 6 can of Kentucky steers, 7# owt, at lOVO
11*0 ;4 cars Kentucky steers, 6* owt. at B*olo*o 5
• 7 cats Kentucky ateets, 6* cwt, at 9*c t 8 oara Eon
, tnoky steers, 7* owt, at Oxo; A can Virginia cattle.
6* cwt, at 80 ; 8 can Virginia oatile, 7 owt, at 9o j %
cars Kansas cattle, 8* cwt, at B*o, to dross 65 Jbs; i
- car of Illinois, 6 cwt, at B*6; ana 6of Cherokee alters,
.950 lbs, live weight average, at Toper lb.
’ Bnsxp akx> liAMna—hecclnte, 31 can, or 4,140 head,
‘making 11,000 for fonrdays, against! 13.730 for the
tame Uma last week. ’ The market Is a little Armor for
good atock, and offerings were mosiir sold at 405*0
: per lb for ordinary to choice cheep, and 6070 for poor
tto .prims. Lambs—Sales - Inolnde leaf Ohio aheep,
.TTlbaaveratte, at A*o per lb; 1 car Ohio aheep, 84 lbs,
at 6 Vo; 1 car Ohio fiheep. 91 lbs, at 60$ 1 car State
' sheen and lambs, 07 lbs, at A Vo; 1 ear Canada sheep
andUmM.’B6lba,ats*o: lost Canada lambs, 78 lbs,
at To, and 1 car extra Ohio sheep, 212 Iba, at 6*o,
1 Bwiwc—Receipts, 47 oats, or 0,040 bogs, making
82:070 for four oayis against 26,950 tot the ssme time
list week. Lire'hogs ware quoted at A*o4* parib,
, with 2A cars of Ohio hogs, 178 tt>« average, sold at 4*c.
Srtesed bogs .were weaker' and lowet, closing at 60
6*o per 2b for extreme weight.
Boitaco, Not. 7*—Cattle—Receipt* to-day, in
cluding 1 car reported'to arrive, 81 head, making tbs
- total'for the week Urn* far .7,820 bead, or 460 can.
- Nothing was done to-day. The cattle left oyer from
. yesterday will be shipped Eaetin first hands.
Boxbp and ' Lkto&r-Becelpt* today, including re
potted 'arrivals, ‘2.000 bead. 1 making the total supply
fortiiewAekthnarar 21,000 head,' The market closed
flat at'yesterday* prices. A largo number of sheep
, and lambs < will-be held over here until next week's
market, and the balance bo shipped East in lint hands.
■ The only.sales to-day wero as follows; 250 hcad Gau
ada lambsi .avenging 6G<gß3 'lbs, at $5.00; 160_ bead
sheep and limbs, avenging 114 Iba,atss.6o;
40 Canada sheep, avenging 128 ll»s, at $4.00; 800 bead
' Michigan sheep, avenging 74083 lbs, at [email protected]
< Hoos—Boceipts to-day, Including reported arrivals,
18.800 head, making the total supply .for tho week thus
for of 8,770 head. The market was steady at $3.50®
‘8.76 for light Yorkers: ■ $4-00(34.10 for heavy hogtu
About 4,500 head were disposed of.
• - ’ ‘ ' zasT übebtt.
East linKarr,Pa,, - Nov. 7.—Oaxti.*—Arrivals, 5?
cars,' No wales; •-
: Hoos—Arrivals, M eats ; best Philadelphia,
A3O; Yorkers,*!.6o<a3.7s. . • ‘
Sues?— Arrivals, f cars:
13.7564.251 common, |3,80Q3.60,
The Wool Trade*
•pmr.iTigr.PTTTi, Nov. Wool Is dull and nominal.
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia double extra
and above. 19®81or extra, 100 Wo; ■ medium, 43(3
45c ; New York, Michigan, Indiana, and Western fine,
43Q160; medium, 110160; coarse, [email protected]; comb
ing, washed, [email protected]: combing, unwashed, 40042 a ;
Canada combing, 60o: fine, unwashed, 30032 c;.
-coarse and medium, washed, 81033 c; tub washed, 60
@s2oColorado, washed, 230250 { Colorado, un
wished, 18021 c; extra and Menno, pulled, 85010 c:
sriperflna, pulled, [email protected]; Texas fine aud medium*
[email protected]
New York PryoGoods itlarKot*
Nsw York, Nov. 7.—The Jobbing trade is slowly
but gradually Improving, and orders from tbe country
• are more liberal and generous. The commission
• houses still quote cotton goods lu steady demand for
moderate. lines of all descriptions, aud prices are un
changed. i Prints, worsted drees goods, polka-epos
'poplins,'and printed reps aro iu fair request and firm.
' Woolens for-men’* wear are quiet, but flannels and
blanketa.ln moderate Jobbing request.
PlttaburgU Oil-ItXarKct*
. PiTTSBUson, Nor. 7.—Crude market weak; quoted
at 00005 c. itolluod market depressed ; spot quoted,
nominally 160,., •
The Produce markets,
New Tons, Nor. 7.—Cotton—ln belter request;
•middling upland,l3#o.
Bbkadbtuffb—Flour dull, irregular, and unsettled.
Receipts, 16.000 brls; superfine Western and Slate,.
$4.85®5.6Q » common -to good, J5.75Q0.15 ; good to
choice, $6.20®6.90: white wheat extra, 50.00(^7.50;
•extra 0hi0,V55.00®7.65; St. Louis, [email protected] • Bye
flour and-,corn meal unchanged, Wheat dull and
lower. .Receipts; 88,000 bu ; lowa spring, $1.23® 1.30;
No.- -3- Chicago; $1.370128#; No. 3 Milwaukee,
sl.Bl# ; wintor-rod Western, $1.46; No. 1 Milwau
kee, $1,88; No. 3 spring and Northwestern together,
,$1.25. .Barley, rye, and maitunchangcd. Corn heavy
and lower; receipt*,‘7l,COO bu; prime Western mixed
•afloat,•6Ba88#o;-yellow. -60®w)#o.. Oats dull; re
ceipts; 85,1)00 bu; new, Western mixed afloat, 45®iSo;
white Western, .46® 48c,
'■ Eoos—Dull aad unsettled; fresh-Western and Cana*
-da;250200,,.! . r '
UjiT JUiD Dors—Unchanged.
1 QaOcEßiss—Coff6e dull ami ‘ lower at 19#®21#o,
' Sugar and molasses dull. Rica quiet.
: i*BTßph*DM—-Dull and declining; refined, January.
14#o ; cash nominal,' none offered,
at 30c. ’ . „ .
Phbvmows—Pork dull ;• mess, $17.00. Beet and
ouUxnoats. unchanged;- Middles quiet and a shade
eaaior ;• long clear, T&o cash. Lard Jn fair demand,
and * abado easier; old steam, 7#<37#o; kettle, 7#o.
-Butter awd Cheese— Unchanged, .
■\VuiBKX—A shade firmer 1 at 00091 c,' ‘
New Orleans, Nov. 7.—Breadbiotfs—Flour dull;
XX,s6.fcs; XXX, $7.0008.28;. fami1y,'58.75®9.75. Com
in fair demand: mixed, 73®740; white and yellow, 75
Q76c,->. Oats quiet at;51®530.
1 ißoan—Bull and lower at&[email protected]
Hat—ln moderate demand; -prime, $33.00; choice,
$35.00. ' '
dull-and depressed;. Shoulders,
6#o. Bacon dull and declining; shoultlepaiTi! clear
.rlu t '6#c; clear,,7#c. i. Hama not In deniaia ana nom-
Jnslat9#o. Lard scarce and In fair local demand;
.tierce,-8»;®0c; keg,.lo®l3o.
Sugar-—Bull, especially for low-grades,; /air, 7Vo ;
good fair;Bc; seconds, B#(39#o'; yellow clarified,3#
®9#c: whitest)#® lovic. ..
Mo lashEs—lu good demand; prime, &6®590; strict*
ly prime, 60®03#p,; r '
wuibxt—Scarce: Louisiana, OSa; .Cincinnati, $1.03,
Coftee—Quiet Jt 32®2?iaO.
~ Conn Meau—Dull at 9# e.
Cottoh—Active; salesß,7oohales; good ordinary to
strict ■ good ordinary, 13#®l8#o; low middling to
strict low middling, I3#®l3#c; middling to oood
.middling, 14#®15#<v joints. 6,203 balce : exports
to the continent, 4,009 bales; to the coast, 1,563 bales;
■ atock, 77.150 bales; unsold Inst .evening,' 36,000 bales.
The week’* sales were 30.000 bales; ’•
Bcmi-o, Nov. 7.—BuEAPBTtJvra Wheat very
scarce 1 ; no baloh. Com dull,; heavy,and’imsettlcdj
-Mice, 6,000bu No. 3.1n lota
.Hyo quiet:, ILOQObuNo. 3 Wcß|6m sold at 75ctoar
‘ Barley quiet but' firm ; sales, 10,000 bu sample
Western at, $1.20.- , ■
- - Fanouts—Steady at yesterday's rates,
, CINCINNATI, ■ v ' ■ ••• -
OisonttUTi, -Nov; 7. dull and
lower at $0.4000.05, .Wheat dull and’nominal at $1.30,
Cora Steady V old Ip'eaiy 43043 c. Bye, dull at 7io,
Oats quiet at 32041 c.! Barley dull ana unchanged,
, -OiW—Steady. ’ ‘ •
ppoyißioua—Pork nominally unchanged; old, $13.50;
*•— $12.00. Lard—New kettle scarce, with a good job-
S demand at [email protected]^o: eteam- quiet at 6»[email protected]?<o.
.BhQuldore. steadyold, oc.; new, [email protected]>4c;ole*i
rib quiet; old, BQSk'o: noWt-BjtfO i clear how,
- Bacon—Shoulders Jobbing at 6o; clear rib, Go; clear,
64,' c,
jlda«—Selling at $3.7003.80. *-
■ Whisht—Unsettled; princlpaj sale* at 86c, •
. - • • BETBOIT. •*- , .
Detroit. Nov, 7.—uiWADHTurfs—Flour quiet and
-'Unchanged. Wheat dull and.a'eliude lower { ; extra.
$1,40K ; No. 1, $1.11; amber, $1.33. Com steady, b%
■47 c.
• Louisville; Nov. T.-Diaoipo—Unchanged.
BnJMßJiTorya—Flour held steady; demand confLned
•to small lota; extra family, $0.00.'
Pnovimowa—Quiet; scarcely enough doing to estab
lish prices, which arc.nominally unchanged,
lloua—ln better demand; extreme range, $3.3541
8,$0; receipts. 1,995. ■
v vJ • ’IST. BOUTS, '
, Sr. Louis, Nov. 7.—-DnsADaxurrs—Flour dull and
unchanged. Wheat dull and lower; No. 3 spring,- 000
asked, 950 bid: No. 9 rod Tall, $1.15 ; No. 3 do, $1.40.
Corn dull and lower; No, 3, 820, regular.. Oats dull
and lower; No. 3,2QW030C, Barley dull; No, 2, $1.35;
fancy Wisconsin, $1.50. Jlye dull: No. 3, 010.
WUMKTT-Bleady at 00c.
PnOyisioHa—l'ork quiet at SIB.OO cash. Bacon dull
and Irregular ; clear rib, 60 4 ; clear,' fljtftSO^o,
' Bard nothing noing. ■
llooa—Firmer at $8.3503.50.
t'xiTxa—ln better demand; through Texans, $1.54
@3,50; wintered, $3,5008,75 t good to choice native
Biecit, $4.0005.35. .
Itwuurxß or 8005—9,075.
Philadelphia, Nov, 7.—Breadstuffs—Flour dull;
superhne, $4,5005.75 t-hlinneimU extra family, $7,350
7.75. Whealquiotj rod, $1.4501,60; amber. $1,630
1.66; No. .1 spring, $1.40. Com lu fair demand;
yellow, 6flc; mixed Western, 68005 c. Oats dull;
White, 48040 c ; mixed,4sc. ‘
i’uinoLEiiM—lleflucd, 157,'010c; crude, 10>j'o.
Wmext—Active { Western. t>:toO4o.
' Bai.TXMOh». Nov. 7.—liuiiDSTurrs—Flour dull end
depressed. .Whautdull and lower; fair to prime while,

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